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02-13-19, 15:21
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02-26-19, 22:05
We are pleased announce the launch of Smooci London.

Smooci is a genuinely live escort booking platform and next generation directory. Clients can use our site to make live searches and see results of Escorts who are live and avaialble to book with a few quick clicks.

As well as being the first fully live escort booking platform, smooci also offers verified escort ratings and comments, age and photo verification, and a live chat featire.

The booking system is very simple, booking requests are sent direct to the escort's app. The escort has 10 minutes to accept the booking, with most bookings confirmed within 3 minutes. You will be informed once your date is on her way, and when the booking is deemed complete and genuine you have the opportunity to rate and review your date.

Smooci is free to use and we don't take any fee or cut of the booking payment, with booking payments paid direct to the escort. The way we monetize is through offering a low priced premium membership option (with no rebilling). Premium members get a few extra features which can be seen here https://smooci.com/premium.

Smooci London is now officially launched and we are offering free year long memberships for clients who help sign up escorts to our London platform.

We welcome questions, queries, and constructive criticism from users.

03-11-19, 10:55
We'd like to offer 3 month for the cost of 3 days (9. 99) for London Smooci users.

To get this offer, please purchase a 3 day London membership. After making your first booking please leave a review and email us (contact@smooci.com), afterwhich will will extend your premium memebrship by 30 days. We will also offer the same the following 2 times you make a booking a leave a reveiw, adding a total of 90 days of free premium.

This premium access will be for global use of Smooci, not just London. Please contact us for more details or with any other questions you may have.

03-13-19, 23:09
I look around the Top European escorts / models. Many are from Latinamerica and charge 5 times more than in their home countries. I just wonder how they get into GB, Spain, Germany and manage to stay there for a semester, a year or even several years.

A top 9-10 Medellin Babe can be had for 150 mil COP. In Brazil you can become a BF to a young roantic girl (offended when end when I wanted to give he my last Reis before going to the Airport) And she she was a 10.0 knockout, while I have been tricked in various ways during 11 years. But the normal standard os that you get what you pay for. Europeans then have a 3-5 favour. And we can live in Medellin from 90-180 days to to2 years on different visas.

But muy latindreamgirls, can of course to the reverse; live economically in Madrid, London, Berlin and earn 3. 5 times / hs a home.

But once caught by the migrant authaurians, they are never welcome back. So with such many Latin girls on this escort sites; how fo they stay in London, Barcelona, Rome for 5 years. Off course corruption and false student doucement can hide some part, but not much, and then you have the competition from the European escorts.

How do they make it? Also taking in consideration that I focus on the Top9/10 girls with good English and even better, German, Italian. These luxury escorts can make a fortune in 5 years, while there equally hot, but without contact friends, will still be poor.