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04-21-19, 17:49
Was in Greece in Athens and Thessaloniki back in the beginning of April. Have already written a report for Athens and here is about Thessaloniki. There is an area in Thessaloniki named "sfageia" that has around 40 brothels + studios. The difference between a brothel and a studio is that a studio is considered more upscale and the price you pay is 50 euro. In brothels you pay 30. To find the area just type "Thessaloniki sfageia" on google maps. The studios + brothels are located mainly in 3 streets:

Nikiforos ouranou.

Georg. Andreou.


I saw a French MILF in a studio in Frixou and the damage was 50 euros. She was blonde with blue eyes and big natural tits. Good oral and fucked in different position. Overall good experience. Have uploaded a map with the above streets highlighted in red. You can use street view to check the area. You can go there by a taxi or a bus. The stop is "Sfageia".