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04-21-19, 17:52
Was in Greece in Athens and Thessaloniki back in the beginning of April. Have already written a report for Athens and here is about Thessaloniki. There is an area in Thessaloniki named "sfageia" that has around 40 brothels + studios. The difference between a brothel and a studio is that a studio is considered more upscale and the price you pay is 50 euro. In brothels you pay 30. To find the area just type "Thessaloniki sfageia" on google maps. The studios + brothels are located in 3 streets:

Nikiforos ouranou.

Georg. Andreou.

Upper part of Frixou.

I saw a French MILF in a studio in Frixou and the damage was 50 euros. She was blonde with blue eyes and big natural tits. Good oral and fucked in different position. Overall good experience. Have uploaded a map with the above streets highlighted in red. You can use street view to check the area. You can go there by a taxi or a bus. The stop is "Sfageia".

07-05-19, 19:12
First of all, I would like to thank MorandUK for providing a map of red light district.

FindGirls. Gr. This is a great tool to help you navigate all these brothels. You can clearly see when and where each girl works. In Silver Studios, girls look good, but best offer ended at 45 minutes for all covered action, covered BJ, and condom ending. In Gold Studios, you can get BBBJ, cum on body, jacuzzi bath, champagne, Cuban cigars. Top price I paid was 150 e for all this, and was treated like a true king for an hour. District is lonesome but is perfectly safe, even at night. Street lights work good and there is a strong contingent of police force nearby, next to a nearby hotel. Nearby accommodations are very cheap and are a good starting point even for exploring downtown, especially since there are a lot of parking spaces, which you can't get downtown.

Escortsclub. Gr. This is also something you should look into if you visit Thessaloniki. Girls are at the Holiday Inn, downtown. You can agree on everything via WhatsApp. You can see prices and offer on the site. You get everything that's agreed on, and girls are also very willing to please. Offer of girls changes frequently and there are some that look great. Pictures can be photoshoped, but girls look great, either way.

Most of the girls speak basic English and are from Eastern Europe. There are some that don't speak the language, but you can still have fun with them. Tried a total of 8 girls from these 2 locations, and didn't had a single bad experience. Thessaloniki looks like a great destination for me. Had more fun than in Budapest. Red light district is a huge bonus, as you can't come with dry dick out of there. And girls from escortsclub were available even at prime times.

08-08-20, 12:59
The most bothels and sexclubs in EUrope are cloed, the Greece is the best option to go. Here in Thessaloniki it is good to walk. You can go to erotic massages. You can go to the ladies in the red-light district near the harbor. Costs start at 30 euros for standard sex with a condom. Very easy to find, follow the signs and knock on buildings with OPEN lights. I am here now, can guide you there. Address is Nikiforou Ouranou, Thessaloniki 546 27, near the Media Market.

11-26-21, 15:39
Paid a brief visit to Thessalonika and checked out the area around the Holiday inn hotel where I was staying. Firstly the Holiday inn is very tired and the car parking is a nightmare, the Russian girls from Escorts. Gr are staying there and can be seen sat outside in the evening at the front of the hotel. The map posted earlier in this forum is still good and the studios are all there, if you want to find the area from Google maps or similar search for the Met hotel all the clubs and studios are behind and to the west slightly. Club Sofia is really close to the Holiday inn and is a club with Bulgarian girls obviously, Very old ladies but friendly.

I can't recommend it but it passed a couple of hours, drinks are 5 Euro and a lady drink is 6 Euro, there is a small screen at the back of the room where you can go and sit and have a blow job for 30 euros, they ask 50 but will drop the price, you can also go upstairs if you want to fuck or do it behind the screen. All the women are heavy smokers and the ventilation is not good so I came out smelling like an ashtray.

May the force be with you.