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09-16-19, 19:13
I have decided to post a thread about Montaņita since it has a lot of foreigners coming in because of surfing and drugs every year.

04-01-21, 01:45
It's odd that this thread is still up considering there is so much lockdown amazing how time changes.

04-01-21, 20:22
I'll bite. Is there any action in this town, or just stoners who "would never pay for it"?

08-03-21, 19:00
I'll bite. Is there any action in this town, or just stoners who "would never pay for it"?I created this thread back when things were hoping ohhh how have times changed, to answer a comment from about a year ago, the thing about montanita is that some surfer dudes from CA thought that montanita was awesome for surfing.

"The recent history of Montanita is not far away in time. Surfers a few years ago reached the coast and discovered the tip of Montanita and wonderful and powerful waves, impressed by his charm and unspoiled place, he began to spread the word throughout South America. Sometime later an Irish opened the first hostel / bar at the top. From that started coming more and more surfers and hippies who found refuge in this place, peace, and kindness by their inhabitants. About 15 years ago, tourism is emerging as a more constant, that's when people start having hotels, restaurants, hostels, and craftsmen. "

This is the official modern history of montanita, what's so charming about waves I guess is in the eye of the beholder, as a man who has been in boat and helo units I have respect for air and water because they CAN kill you if you are not careful, I guess from a certain perspective if you like the rustic look and are inclined not to be around a bustling city like Gye it makes sense, but none of that's very important after all you guys are mongers yes you fuckers want to explore; as many vaginas as humanly possible, it's in our male nature after all. COVID did a number on montanita there was never any mongering over here but plenty of locals who are uneducated, stupid, or both that had the dream of finding a foreign man to take them away to another strange land and place where they will be treated as princesses like they feel they deserve, in my opinion, they are watching too many goddam movies.

Most men that come from other areas CAN find locals who are willing to get a "hot girl summer" experience, interestingly enough these same human females, when you are in the city, will have a high opinion or expectations of their dates yet they will get with some broke ass hippie that worked in Mcdonalds all year to save for their trip, female logic for you.

IF you speak Spanish and got some decent game there is plenty of locals and even American, Argentina, Canadian women that come to these "rustic" areas to get their "hot girl summer" experience, if you are a monger however that has zero patience for the BS you are fucked, there is no chongo nearby just plenty of stoned out foreigners and locals, who want to "adventure" all entertainment in regards to that has to be brought from out of the city, this is a fisherman's town after all, so there are not that many even 6 or 7 to pick from unless you hit upon the tourists.

If you have some survival skills, will lower your standards on infrastructure, and love to surf this is the perfect town for you, on a personal level my days of banging starfish performances from high ass stupid women are long gone.