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05-09-02, 03:16

05-11-02, 18:16
GDLMAN Thanks for the info about Guadalajara. IMAC is one of the schools I am looking at. Also University of Guadalajara, C.E.P.E., this is the launguage school part. About the same cost.

When are you going to GDL again? I'll buy you a beer.


05-12-02, 18:30
hey falcon: no longer gdlman. I will not be goig back to guadalajara for a while. At least that's what I think. I am 24, droped out of college at 19, lost a grip of money in the 2.5 years i lived in mexico. plus another grip of money before i moved down there "livin large" here in the US. I am triying to reach the 100,000 USD mark by the age of 28, so I can go back and live 4ever between guadalajara and PV. I just love it down there.
with that type of money i can live very comfortable for the rest of my life if, and only if, it is well invested. I know a few individuals who live in guadalajara with $ they earned here in the US... young and full of energy to enjoy the beauties of life....good luck with the language schools. Guadalajara can be very enjoyable knowing your way around....

05-12-02, 20:33
I studied Spanish for 1 week at IMAC in Guadalajara back in Feb.
I enjoyed the school. A HUGE number of local english students and only a few Spanish students. Lots of young girls, age 15-22 (?) at this school. They were too young for me, but if you are 25 or less you could easily meet a local girl there. I met (dated) one of the teachers! Each day there is a conversation exchange class in the late afternoon. These sessions are a great way to meet the locals. Also, Valentinos Estetica is only 3 or 4 blocks away, so after class I would take an afternoon siesta there. $35 for a sauna, massage and FS. A good deal. -P

05-13-02, 03:23

Speaking of living in Mexico, what if you had an Internet business in the US doing $100,000 per year could you live pretty good in Guad?


05-13-02, 03:29

Where did you stay while in Guad going to school?


05-13-02, 07:26
I stayed at the Hotel Frances which is very famous and near the Cathedral. An incredible old building, it is one of the oldest hotels in Mexico. And the prices are good - $64 a day for a suite with a huge bathroom. But ... the noise was excessive and for that reason I would not stay there again. Music in the lobby till 10 or 11pm and then a disco until 2 am! Plus street noise. But you can take a chica to your room without a problem. I heard that staying with a family - from the IMAC school -is good and an interesting way to learn the language. But it is hit and miss and you cannot bring chicas home to someone's house! Also I would not waste my time at the various strip clubs. The esteticas are easily the best and cheapest way to get laid in this city. Check the yellow pages and the Old Forum for ideas. -P

05-13-02, 14:33
Originally posted by falcon127
Speaking of living in Mexico, what if you had an Internet business in the US doing $100,000 per year could you live pretty good in Guad?

Are you kidding? You could live like a fucking king! I have friends here in Mexico who have rough but livable housing, indoor plumbing, maid once a week, cable TV, etc... all on $US 50 a week! It has got to be more difficult for gringos like us who will drop $30 on a massage, but living here on the cheap can be done!

05-14-02, 02:03
Falcon, I don't think so.

Speaking of living in Mexico, what if you had an Internet business in the US doing $100,000 per year could you live pretty good in Guad?

05-14-02, 08:46

With that type of money, you can own guadalajara. Well, for about an hour or so, because very soon, and very likely, chances are you would be kidnapped, and held for ramson. And very likely even if your ramson was paid, you would cease to exist.
When I lived in GDL, it was not out of the ordinary to hear of "gringos" being robbed and at times murdered...even for a wrist watch... my intentions are not to scare you, just the reality of a 3rd world country... if you go down there, do not try to impress any body with money. Not a good idea, specially if they know or it's obious that you reside in the US. Keep a low profile, I myself being mexican, having being raised in the US, but in constant communication with friends and family, and knowing how the show goes in mexico got robbed of 5000 USD.... And I am no wimp or idiot I I know my way around...I got family, friends, a house, but people need money, and at times they will do anything to get it... Some of the girls at the massage parlors are students, but there's very little funds to pay for school in mexico. A girl can work as a secretary and have to deal with long hours of work, sexual harrasment and all types of bullshit for 200 USD a month, or she can scew for a living and make 200 USD a day... Most of the girls actually do have goals, and dreams, few are in it for the love of it, most are in it for the need of it (money). Please even if they are SEX WORKERS, be a getleman and treat the ladies with respect....I love women, but I love mexican woman above all....

05-14-02, 08:57
chances are I dated the same teacher you did. I was asked to leave IMAC because during the time I worked there my supervisor had a problem with me being friedly, courteus and simply too talkative.... My time there was very memorable, I was able to develop a very close relationship with my co-workers and my students, and I mean very close. It might have been unprofesional, but I was not in it for the profesion, I was there to meet new friends...I dont know if your opinion or your experience is the same as mine, but I feel that the people overall are friendly and willing to make new friends....their personality is easy going and the envirorment is not as intense, or the people as upthight as it may be in the US...I could be wrong, but thats just the experience I lived...

05-14-02, 16:36
Hi Montes,

"I was asked to leave IMAC because during the time I worked there my supervisor had a problem with me being friendly, courteus and simply too talkative.... " I think what you probably mean is you spent the whole day chasing tail and trying to get laid! ...But you are absolutely correct that people in Mexico are friendlier and more easy-going than in the U.S. On the surface, Mexican society appears a bit more formal, more polite and more structured. But just below the surface, people are very warm, friendly, generous and willing to let you into their lives at a level that is rare in the US. Great hospitality! It seems to me that as an American, I have to prove my intentions are sincere and then ...watch out! Some of the warmest and sweetest women in the world ...

The IMAC school was very enjoyable with several hundred cute chicas learning English. But most are very young, 16-20 or younger. I need a girlfriend in the 28-40 range and hence the staff was more appealing. Language schools are a great way to meet women, whether in Mexico or the US.

As for crime in Mexico, I haven't found any and I feel MUCH safer in Guadalajara than here in the US. Of couse bad things can happen everywhere and I don't want to imply that Guadalajara is completely safe. I'm sure it isn't. But overall, most Americans have an irrational fear of Mexican crime that has no basis.

05-16-02, 17:27
Montes, Prokofiev, others
Thanks for all the info.

My point is I am trying to get educated on how far US currency will go in Mexico, I have only been to boarder towns. I need Montes to meet me in GDL and give me a tour. :)

Well here are some web sites on Mexico/Guadalajara that may interest some.

Air Fare

University of Guadalajara http://www.udg.mx/
Monterray Tech http://www.tecdemonterrey.edu.mx/

Language Schools
U of G http://www.cepe.udg.mx/
IMAC http://www.spanish-school.com.mx/
Spanish Language School http://www.spanishlanguageinstitute.com/
TEFL http://www.teflcertificatecourses.com/

Guadalajara Resources

Real Estate

Take Care


06-05-02, 04:51
To: Falcon,Prokofiev, Montes, and Steve,
My 1st post! Will be going back to GDL in about 3 months. Was there for 1 nite, almost 3 yrs. ago. Went to Lipstick-girls were between 4-6 scale until about 11pm when they all turned into 7-9s. unfortunately i was told from the 1st chic that i had to tip the bouncer $5 for each $7 lap dance. I got pissed and made a stink, as i was probably bigger than the bouncer. Cooler heads prevailed. I proceeded to sample 3 more 8s and 2- 9's. One of the 9's (Jacqueline)had me meet her at 5am, which i did. During the lap dances at the club, she was jamming her toungue down my throat and told me to meet her at 5am at lipsticks, she would come to my hotel and give me FS and sleep with me for $50 plus taxi fare. I really thought she liked me. I arrived at 5am, and then had to wait an additional hour in the taxi before she came out. She then came back to my hotel. don't remember the name. I had 1 condom, which she broke while trying to apply. I had none left. She pleaded for me not to have IC with her, but i did get BBJ. Unfortunately, i passed out and when i woke up the next day she was gone with a lot more than than the $45 we had agreed on. At least she left me with my wallet, albeit no cash.

06-06-02, 05:26

You broke every rule in the book! Fighting with the local bouncers? Only 1 condom? Passed out drunk with a girl in your room at 6am with your wallet out? Ouch!! This time think with the BIG head, for your own sake. Lipstick is a bit of a rip-off in my book. You could do the same thing in any big US city strip club. And you will find the prices are quite a bit more now than you quote from 3 years ago. Try the esteticas and get laid at 8 pm instead of 6 am and at 25% of the cost.

06-07-02, 22:42
thanks for the advice. i did try the same thing up here in us at tootsies cabaret the other day. dropped $250 on lap dances and drinks for a beautiful dominican girl who kept stuffing her pussy in front of my face in the private both and kept telling me how she would love to have sex with me and sleep with me at my place if i would come back at 4 am to pick her up, buy her breakfast and then drive her back later in the morning. of course i showed up, waited another hour for her to tell me that she forgot she had school in the morning. i was furious at the *****, and it took 2 huge, juiced up bouncers to persuade me to leave. i went home dry, sober, frustrated, and another $250 in the hole! i obviously haven't learned my lesson here....anyway, i'm gearing up for a big return to mexico soon. don't know if my stay will be for a few weeks or for upwards of a year. last down there in 99 when i was working and living in aguascalientes as an english tutor. chicks were super friendly and approachable. i had 3 steady girlfriends the whole time there, unlike the states where i had barely bagged a date the previous few months. the girls were quite religious, but not when it came to putting out. unfortunately ags. was a boring ass town with nothing to do, and i returned to us after a few months. anyway, i'm thinking of teaching in mexico again, possibly gdl. i'm getting a tefl certificate this summer, and will be wrapping up my masters degree in exercise and sport science here in florida in august. are there mostly 16-20 yr,olds at imac? are the majority **** or at least legal age? are they very friendly and sociable? i prefer my ladies between 18-25, but do not know the age laws down there. do you know if they're looking for teachers and pay well for someone with my qualifications? if i can't nail a good paying job up here right after graduation, i may lengthen my 'vacation' down there.

06-10-02, 00:49
Imac is an ok place to work. The pay really isnt good, but it just depends on how much you depend on your money. I worked there for a while until I was asked to leave the school because 90 percent of the time I was chasing tail...The girls are young, you will find few over 25. The administrators will be nice to you in the beggining, they will make you feel as YOU are their most valuable asset, but soon they will start fucking you over... Pay starts at 30 pesos an hour, about 2.50 USD, you will not get 8 hours of pay, but you will be requiered to be there all day, from about 8am to 9pm, with a few hours of rest in the afternoon...I am 24 now, I was 22-23 while working there, I did have a lot of girls on my back, from 18 to 23... I am hispanic, so that helped me alot, few girls are fond of older american males, at least from what i saw...but then again, many girls are looking for a way to reach the "American Dream" I did meet an american teacher while working at Imac, he was dating a 17 year old girl, which is a big NO NO... Girls must be over 18, thats the age of consent as well as the age in which they are consider adults. This girl got sprung on him, and he couldnt find a way to tell her, he basically got what he wanted from her, I dont know what happened at the end because soon I was fired as well, again, the administration keeps a very close eye on you. If they find out, or have any reason to think you are chasing ass, they will toss you out. Any one can teach at IMAC, regardless of credentials ...give it a shot, personally I dont think you'll like it. very demanding, very time consuming, alot of overtime hours, for very little pay... if you do get in, let me know...Word of advice, be careful with Cesar Vallejo, and Mrs. Ballesteros, dont ever let them see you talk to a girl....good luck

06-12-02, 02:40
thanks for the info! i think i'll pass on IMAC. Pay sounds lousy, as well as hours. Plus, i don't want anyone looking over my back when i'm trying to line up legal age poo-tang!..Anyway, if you hear of any other schools hiring anywhere in Mexico, let me know. By ther way, i had a friend who taught ESL in 99 at a school in AGS. It was grades k-8. He was at the school 5.5 hrs. a day, and only had to teach 4hrs. for a total of 20hrs., mon.-fri. He made 6500 pesos a month and made $5Us pr. hr. after school, tutoring 2 hrs. at the kids homes. He had no college dgree or tefl cert. He said they (the school), were real nice to him at first also. But the lady principal turned out to be a 2 faced ***** and screwed him over 3 months later; among other things, they wouldn't fix his apt. problems they had promised to take care of. He split soon after...As far as meeting women if i teach down in mexico, I don't anticipate many problems. Though i'm caucasian and a little older , my spanish is descent, and many girls there have said i look puerto rican, and can pass for 26...anyway, are you thinking of teacing in Mexico again??..As far as your earlier caption about safety in GDL. I was surprised to hear that. I was only there 1 nite in '99, but can honestly say that during my few months in AGS., i never felt more safe. It was common to see young school-girls walking home or to a friends home in town alone at nite by themselves at 1am, with no fear in the world. Me not being shy, I actually met a few this way! They were approachable at all times.

06-12-02, 20:45
Gpiper: good for you that you can pass as someone whose 26 years old. Not many people have the benefit of looking young for ever. Aguas Calientes is a fairly safe city. So I am not surprised that people can walk around and feel safe. Dont get too comfortable in big cities. Guadalajara is not as safe as you may think...Mexico city is even worse. Just because you dont see, or hear about crime and corruption in a personal way does not mean it doesn't exist.. Just be careful. By the way, excellent salary your friend was making, not very common in mexico. Only a fortunate few can make a decent amount of money teaching English, specially with such small amount of hours. Other schools you can attend in GDL are Berlitz, Quick Learning, Boston Language Institute, and you will find many more in the Yellow Pages, however, I am not sure on the salary.... Women are always approachable in Mexico, as long as you are a complete gentleman, you will always have lady friends. Hopefully one day I can return to GDL and teach, I really do enjoy it. But first I need to save a large quantaty of money because I also have a business that needs to be taken care of in Mexico. I want to retire by the age of thirty. Live comfortable off my business, and teach English on the side....got six years to see what happens... good luck to all, keep in touch...

06-15-02, 21:06
I take it you're living in the Us now? Hope you don't mind me getting invasive, but what kind of work are you doing now and what kind of business do you plan on running eventually in Mexico?...Liked your idea of working in US and saving 100G over next few years to bring to Mexico and really enjoy the life down there. So does this mean you won't be taking any more trips to GDL or anywhere else in Mexico the next few years?..I may decide to stay in Us and do the same..make some good money the next few years and save, and during that time jet down to Mexico for some R and R ( 7-10 days each trip of strip clubs, esteticas, and outcall service!)maybe twice per year until i'm ready for a more permanent move. Besides teaching or tutoring english can be a grind in the long haul. i almost got burnt out on it after just a few months of tutoring back in '99!..Piper out.

06-19-02, 22:17
Gpiper: I've been back in the US for a few months now. Triying to re-establish my life here has been very difficult. I was gone for almost 3 years, came back broke, and also with some health issues do to poor surgery procedures in Puerto Vallarta's CMQ....and a very reckless lifestyle....the average 21-24 type of lyfestyle.....
I am trying to set up a cleaning business here in the US, but I am taking my time, no hurry. I figure my health comes first. As far as what business I want to set up in Mexico, well it can be a variety of things. I have a lot of hook-ups and know a large number of people who are business minded. Plus most of my family members are profesionals down there, Doctors, Accountants, lawyers, shit like that...basically what I want is the cash... A large sum...100G comes out to be about a Million in pesos, I can pretty much set up anything I want...a few uncles and cousins are business owners and live life 100 times better and much happier, than those who live in the US...plus they dont have to deal with the stress of every day life that builds up in the US...every week end they are able to get away.... come back on monday and the business is in tact...they pay their employees, at times double or triple the amount an average person can make in GDL...keeping them happy....

06-24-02, 16:36

You need to settle down and pace yourself. I did 20 years in the US Military and I'm still kick'n and in pretty good health due to a paced life style. This does not mean I don't like to have fun, I do. I did things I never dreamed of while in the Military. I too would love to spend some time in Guad., learn Spanish and investigate the possibilities of retiring there in the future.

What are your comments/ideas?


Easy Rider
06-26-02, 03:33
Originally posted by Prokofiev

You broke every rule in the book! Fighting with the local bouncers? Only 1 condom? Passed out drunk with a girl in your room at 6am with your wallet out? Ouch!! This time think with the BIG head, for your own sake.

Easyrider horn dog rule no. 29.....Never, ever, ever, argue with a bouncer. If they are rippin you off, politely object, go ask for the manager, but basically get the fuck out of there, and don't come back.

Never, ever, start shit in a titty joint. You might be bigger than that bouncer, but my bet is he can tear your head off faster than you can say Ahhhyy Chihuahua.

Consider yourself lucky......

06-27-02, 06:00
I would recommend that you begin learning Spanish before you go to Mexico. It is a long term process and will strongly affect how you feel about the country. Before learning any Spanish I enjoyed a trip to Mexico, but never would have considered a move there. After 5 years of study I'm just begining to get a feel for the language. It has opened a new world. It would seem that you are around 40? You will find that much younger mexican women - 10 to 15 years younger- will consider you as a mate, if you have a little class and a little money. Treat the ladies with respect and you will be seen as a great catch. - P

07-04-02, 23:58
Hey all, I was researching IMAC to be a student of Spanish and was hoping to go down there for at least 4 weeks but hopefully as many as 12 weeks, depending on money. I consider myself an intermediate student. IMAC seemed like the best balance for location, city size, and price.

My questions:
Do you think IMAC is a decent place to learn Spanish rather than teach English? They won't dog me out for chasing tail as a student, right? Are the homestays an ok deal? I realize I can't bring pussy home to "Mom" but I don't have the budget for a hotel for an extended period. I'd rather have the privacy, but you have to make sacrifices to extend your stay.

That is really exciting to think that there are more Mexican students of English than Spanish learners there, because I had this idea that IMAC (or any other school) would be just me and a bunch of boring white princesses from the U.S. (Not racism--I am white.) I am almost 28 so I don't think the age of the girls should be a problem unless these chicks consistently want men who are 20 years older. But please correct me if I am wrong about age!

Thanks for your inputs!

07-05-02, 03:49

I was a Spanish student @ IMAC this January for one week. I took private lessons, so it was one-on-one at an advanced level. I learned a lot, but if I had taken group lessons there would only have been 2 or 3 students in my class. During the summer there are more US and foreign Spanish students-how many I'm not sure. However IMAC is primarily an English teaching school and has over 1000 English students. Most are female (60% or more) and they range from about 13-22, with most around 16-18. At 28 I would say that the vast majority will be too young to consider, but you will still find 50 or so senoritas 18+. Also several of the instructors are women 25-32. The school is busy from 8am-8pm 6 days a week, closed Sunday.
I don't think the girls want men 20 years older, but they WILL consider older men as mates more readily than in the US. At 28, you could date from 18-30 which covers almost everyone you will meet at IMAC, except for a few senior faculty. I have heard good things about the families and housing. The only complaint was that many of the homes are a good distance from the school. Also it will be virtually impossible to bring SW's ,strippers etc. home to Mom.
I like the location of IMAC, in El Centro near much of the cities action. Two recommendations: First, attend the nightly exchange program from about 6 to 7pm, as I recall. It's the best way to meet chicas at the school. Second, a cheap and reasonable place to get laid is Valentino's, which is only 3-4 blocks from the school! Massage and FS was 350 pesos and you don't have to worry about your home family. Read more in the archives from Feb and March 2002.

07-06-02, 19:30
Thanks Prokofiev. I never knew I would find the best school information on THIS site. At least I am getting the real deal here.

Besides homestay ($98 per week) the 2 cheap hotels they quoted me were Hotel Posada San Rafael for $13-$20 U.S. for night and Hotel Posada San Pablo for 130 to 150 pesos per night. The others were 4-star, so forget that. Do you know of these or other hotels? There is no question that the homestay is cheap, but I like my privacy and don't want to be in the boonies. Even their website says the families are about 30-35 minutes away.

I have read about the esteticas and it sounds exciting, even better than the TJ scene. I have the budget for that, as small as my budget is!

Finally, I noticed on a map that IMAC is a stone's throw from Univ. of Guad. with its ridiculous 180,000 students! There has got to be some tail walking around there, right??!!

07-06-02, 21:43
No, I'm not familiar with either hotel. If you are staying multiple weeks (4-12), then I think I would sign-up for a home stay for the first week and play it by ear. You can check-out your options after you are there in Guadalajara. I doubt that one week in a home is going to cramp your style. The esteticas are reasonable and even if you DO meet a chica or two during the first week, don't expect to score the first few days or dates. Showing respect is VERY important with mexicanas and you should move slow. So no matter how fast you hook-up with someone, the first week won't make any difference. Who knows, you might luck-out with a great homestay and you will be ahead of the game moneywise.
...The school does a good job of orientation the first day - with info, maps, tips about the city, etc. Read the Archives and beware of the strip clubs. I found them expensive and loud. Save your pesos for dates or esteticas. Valentino's is bare bones, but a good deal. Try it at least once. Don't be put-off by the coolness of the entrance. A locked door and a woman in a white smock who will look like a nurse. Once you are in the back, the girls can be as sweet as sugar.
... Th University is a short walk away-about 10? blocks. Look here for a tutor who might meet you an hour a week for a cheap lesson. You can hook-up this way. Also take advantage of the formal introductions so common in Mexico. If you want to meet a woman, find someone to introduce you. She MUST go thru all the motions of meeting you - and you will say "Muchissimo gusto de conocerla" or "El gusto es mio" etc. Getting your foot in the door is the most important part. After that, let's see how much charm you have!! Good Luck. -P

07-07-02, 01:51
Hey Prok,
That is a great idea to go with the homestay initially and then look around if necessary. That way I at least know I have a ceiling on costs and some level of stability.

Overall, it sounds like you can do pretty well if you are consciously respectful to the women, which does NOT work in the U.S. in my experience. Disrespect seems to be the key here. I guess I will see how approachable they are compared to the white American lesbo princesses. My goal would be primarily to have some chick(s) to date and French kiss, and if they want to throw pussy my way it is just a bonus. I can always go to the esteticas in the meantime. In any case it sounds like fun.

After reading the reviews, I will not even enter a strip club. Thanks a lot for your candor.

07-20-02, 01:07
I'm about ready to head down to GDL for a couple of months. A lot of these posts seem kind of old. Wondering if anybody has the recent info on where to go down there?? thanks

Member #4239
07-31-02, 09:17
Without a doubt, Guadalajara has some of the most beautiful women in Mexico. I am about to say the same thing here that I have said in my posting on Rio. The women are very friendly. The way for you to meet some potential girl friends is just to approach them and talk to them. You can practically do this anywhere. I went out with bank tellers, travel agents, students, even girls that I just talked to in Gigante(one of the main super markets). University of Guadalajara(U. de G.) has several campuses where you can meet young women. C.U.(ciudad universitaria)which is the campus for the autonoma (UAG) is my favorite hunting ground. All the malls as well as plaza tapatia are also good places to pick up girls.
Now some more advice:
1. If a girl is not interested, don't push the issue. They may be married or have a boy friend, etc. Don't get yourself in trouble. Just go on to the next girl.
2. Guadalajara is a fairly prosperous city, relative to the rest of the latin cities/countries. Some of the girls are very high class and certainly not as desperate as the girls in Cuba, etc. So you need to act accordingly. You may not always score on the first day, but you almost surely will by the second or third date.
3. Aim high. Go for the most beautiful and attractive girl. Like I said, the people are friendly, and if the girl likes you, she'll go with you.
4. How do you approach the girls? well, I usually just use the line, "hola, buenos dias or tarde, soy nuevo en su ciudad, le puedo invitar a un cafe o refresco?".....transaltion, "hi, I am new in your city, can I invite you for a coffee or soda", and that's it...I guarantee, about 5 out of ten times, you're gonna get a very favorable response.
5. Knowing a few Luis Miguel songs won't hurt either...just kidding...
Again, don't forget the campus at C.U., it is the place for the best looking and classiest girls in the entire city.
Good luck. J.G.

08-03-02, 23:26
I will be in Mexico from mid-Aug to mid-October. I will be in GDL for at least 4 weeks at IMAC Spanish school and then probably travel to other places like Mexico City, etc. I decided on staying at the guest house near the school rather than homestay or hotel.

I have made contact with dozens of girls on www.yupimsn.com. I paid $30 to allow them to contact me for free for 3 months and I have been getting many letters. Before I posted my preference for a girl in the USA or Mexico or someone who can travel to the USA, I was literally getting 15 new letters per day, sometimes from very beautiful women. The problem is that a great number of them are in Peru or Colombia where I have no intention (or means) of going in the near future. Anyway, you guys might be interested in that site especially if you post a photo and write a friendly profile but you really do need to know Spanish to make it worthwhile. I have 2 chicks who want to meet me in Mexico City when I am down there, and one of them wants to take me to Acapulco. We'll see!

I can't wait to talk to some Guadalajara girls! They sound really nice!

09-20-02, 21:38
anybody got any current info on GDL?? i'm down here right now and want to know a cool place for mujeres!

09-21-02, 04:54
You still alive? How are things at IMAC? I have tried the YUPI.com site and I'm quite happy. Thanks for the info. Tell us about your trip . . .

09-24-02, 07:02
hello ups i just returned from guadalajara last night.i rent a house there and have ben working in mexico for 6 years. i have not been every where in mexico but i know there are a ton of beautiful,lonely,approachable,available women in guadalajara that want to meet gringos.if you want strip clubs try nuevo galleon on ninos heroes near the mission carlton hotel or ramses on calle 58 no. 19 also club extreme.you can take a stripper home from one of these clubs for about $120 - $200 depending on her quality,the night of the week,and if she likes you.i do recomend decent spanish skills for nuevo galleon.i do definitely not recomend kaos or the mens club.for esteticas (massage and full sex) i recomend jet set (ave. mexico) [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) or high society(both near each other on lazaro cardenas.make sure they let you review all the chicas before you choose,do not let one girl grab on to you as you enter or let them take you to a room and then send in one of there choosing.all these esteticas are about 400-600 pesos.for meeting amateurs i recomend any of the restaurants in centro magno,especially el arca or chilis,any shopping mall in town is good.the hippos bar in plaza del sol is also good.the old fashioned way is best...eye contact ..a smile and the appraoch.if you are a gringo they will normally be checking you out first.there is a big shortage of men in guadalajara,believe me.check this web site www.mexicanmatchmakers.com for a flavor of the women in guadalajara.hope this helps bueno suerte!

09-25-02, 00:30
Renegade, did you check out ramses 2, I see the new club has been open only 9 months,if so is it different than the first ramses?? do you know the address of club extreme?? Thanks.

09-25-02, 07:26
Trex.....Yes I have been to the new Ramses and it sucks.I only recomend the one I have mentioned.I like this one because it is mellow and they don't try to rip you off.The waiters will also tell you which girls will leave the club with you,the last time I was there they no longer were giving full sex in the club.Extreme is at the corner of Avenida Colon & Patria Sur this is about 5 minutes soth of Lalaro Cardenas & ten minutes from the Plaza del Sol area.Not a large number of chicas (12-15) but some high quality.You pat the club direct for them to leave with you 2,000 pesos for 2-3 hours.Taxistas will all know both these clubs,just make sure they take you to the correct Ramses.Both are also safe to go alone if your spanish is decent.I have a novia now but I am heading back to Guad on the 30th if anybody else needs any more info....Good time to travel to Mexico 10.3 pesos for the dollar. . . Be careful everybody & have fun.

09-25-02, 22:19
Hey Renegade,
That Web-site Mexicanmatchmakers is a great looking site. Highly reccomended just for the pictures. But those women seem serious minded - husbands needed inmediatamente! Did you join this site and meet someone? Not cheap but probably worth it to the serious minded guy. Also have had great results using the YUPI.com site. Only costs $2 per woman contacted. Haven't worked the mexican ladies (yet...) but have contacted several women in Barcelona. They have written back and I plan on meeting several next month. -P

09-26-02, 05:45
Proko As I mentioned I have totally been in to amateurs for the last year. I feel this website gives a good flavor of the amateurs in Guadalajara.As you saw they cover the fool rangeof age and quality.The agency has an office/hotel in the Chapalita section of Guad. I never joined but I met many guys who have and are happy with the service. I went to an open house there and met three ladies that I later dated. Many of the women are serious but I got the feeling most would be happy for a quality person for a night out.Remember the scarcity of quality men in Guadalajara is definitely in our favor.I met a 32 year old school teacher at the open house that I had sex with on the second date,and for about 4 months I would call her when I got to town and it was basically a sex only relationship.She never asked for more and I never called her from the US.She has 2 kids is divorced and looks great. But now I want something different.There are also about 5 times as many women available through this agency that won't give permission to have there picture used on the internet.They have these giant albums with profiles of the girls that tell you if they are looking for a husband or friendship,and also the age of the man they will consider.Some guys may be meeting wives here,but I know alot are also getting laid. I read that post from Dylock about YUPI a while back,it sounds like a good way to go.I'm jealous you're going to Barcelona I have wanted to go to Spain and Argentina for the last several years. I to am trying to master the spanish language. Con cuidate siempre

Big Johnson
09-26-02, 18:59
Ramses girls work days at a MP in the Intercontinental Hotel called Deja Voo (the way it is actually spelled.) It looks like a legitimate massage place with aromatherapy. But, owned by the brother of the owner of Ramses and It is actually an estetica. It is expensive though about 120 USD but the girls are good looking and you get a 60 minute real massage, first. Also includes use of the jaccuzzi and suana. Reminds me of Fracebel in Sao Paulo but the girls are a step or two lower. I would appreciate feed back if have any.

09-27-02, 22:57
hey renegade, gracias para la info. Estoy estudianda en gdl ahora. he visto some esteicas and didn´t like what i saw. lots of the girls here seem like they're looking 4 love. what kind of work do you down here?? i´m here for at least 3 more months and just trying to improve my español and look for mujeres!

09-28-02, 02:39
Hey UPS ....Que Paso? I answered a question about myself from Prokofiev a few days ago,the response is in the Mexico Genera Info section of the Forum-check it out. What Spanish school are you enrolled in?I am thinking about taking another week of classes in November.What esteticas did you go to that the girls were looking for love,that is an interesting comment.You can definitely get some GFE time from the estetica girls in Guad but I stiil always felt they were looking for the money.Did you visit the esteticas I mentioned? If you are in Guadalajara for 3 months and you have some Spanish skills you should definitely be able to hook up with some Tapatias. Give me a liittle background info on yourself and what you are looking for and I can probably point you in the right direction. Big Johnson- I heard there was an estetica in that building now.I think they will have a hard time competing at that price,of course some gringos might think that price is a bargain.The only upscale estetica I have been to is named Rincon Real,it has no sign and no phone book listing.A security guard stands in front.You have to be a foreigner or well to do Mexican to get in.It is near Santa Coyote in colonia Americana, calle Lerdo de Tejada No. 2190.They are open 11-8 and 9 months ago it was 1,000 pesos for massage and full service.Very clean,nice ,upscale place.I recomemd if it is in your budget. I am returnig to Guadalajara Monday for the week,can'y wait especially now that the rainy season is over. Con Cuidate,Renegade

09-28-02, 19:01
hey que onda renegade?? I read your info on genara. That´s cool, I need to find a company to pay for me to be down here. On my last response. I didn't mean the girls at the esteticas were looking for love. I was meaning the average mexicana. I haven´t had a chance to go to either of the ones that you had suggested, but it is my weekend now. I´m going to a little extended campus at UDG. It´s ok. Kind of expensive for what you get but I´m learning some. Yeah, i´m here for at least 3 more months. I´ve meet some girls at the clubs but I live w- a mexican family so there goes any chance of bringing em home, thank god for motels! Where would you recommend going out around here?? Oh the estetica that i visited that had nothing but feas was on balboa de balbuena, near americas and mexico. No idea what the name is. I actually was just walking around and saw it. Women in there looked like life had been pretty rough on them. The other is valentinos, I have seen about 4 or 5's there but usually i pass it during the day. Maybe there is a better selection at night.

Member #4239
09-29-02, 10:28
About www.mexicanmatchmakers.com
I have personally used this service. It costs 595$/year. There is also a charge of around 60$/night for staying in one of the rooms in the house. The owner of the service, Terri, is a nice guy and will try to be helpful. I would recommend the service however ONLY under the following circumstances: if you are in your 50's or 60's and not too picky about your girl, then this service will provide you with many introductions. However, if you are more selective or looking for some one younger, save your money. This agency will not be helpful in that case. Before wasting your money, just go to one of the malls in Guadalajara in the early evening and look at the girls there. Then compare those girls to the ones on the web site -actually there will be no comparison. Also the service is not very organized. Many times, the girls(especially the younger and prettier ones) will set up a time, but will never actually show up for the date.
One last thing. You will be responsible for the girls' taxi cost to and from the agency(they will tell you that only after you have paid your membership). They tell you, "oh, it's only about one or two dollars", but in reality, I paid about 10 to 12 dollars for taxi per date.
To sum it up, if you are not too choosy, or are older than 50 years old, then consider using this agency. Otherwise, save your money.

09-29-02, 18:28
Tell us more. Is it that the agency only has older women? - thats not what I see on the website. Or you think younger guys can do better in clubs or malls? Is it a dating service or marraige service? In Mexico it may be one and the same, but to ME they are two different things. Can you only meet the women at the agency? How does that work? What age group are you in - and how many chicas did you meetThanks for the info.
Again, provided you can read and write Spanish, Yupi.com is a great way to go. Very cheap. And I have exchanged letters with 5 women to date(5 of 8 replied), all in my target city. And it helps improve your Spanish as well . . .I'll see if I ever hook-up with any of them next month . . .

Peace, -P

Member #4239
09-30-02, 00:41
Hi Prokofiev
Your questions are all excellent ones and I'll try to answer them the best I can without getting too specific about my personal details.
The agency has women of ALL ages and in fact they have more women in their photo albums at the agency than on the web site.
But again, the quality and beauty of the women available is far less than what you find in the general population.
You can meet as many women as you like. There are no limits. If you like to meet 100 women, they will set that up for you. Initially you always meet at the house, which is located in calle Sacramonte in the Chapalita zone. However, what you do after that is up to the two of you. You can continue the date that same day(go to a restaurant, etc), or meet another day-of course if the two of you like each other. It is an introduction agency, and most of the girls are legitimate(there are a few flakes of course, and as I said a few will not even show up at the time that they are supposed to meet you). I think a marriage can follow, if that's what the two people are interested in.
As far as the younger guys doing better at the malls, etc. Well, it's a little tricky. The women of Guadalajara are the most beautiful women in the world(if some one knows of a city with prettier girls, let me know so I can go there immediately!), but they are certainly not as desperate for gringos as their counterparts in Cuba, Brasil, etc. Mexico is of course a poor country, but the economy actually is not too bad right now in Guadalajara, and people seem to be doing quite well. So picking up girls will take some work on your part.
To sum up: if you are in your 50's and up, or if you're not too choosy, or if you have a very limited time and limited Spanish, then go ahead and use the agency by all means. You'll get your money's worth. Otherwise, I would save my money(your total costs with the agency will probably come out to about 1000$) and try to meet some of the girls on my own.
I hope I answered your questions. If not, let me know. And thanks for the tip about yupi.com; I'll look into it. J.G.

10-09-02, 21:45
Hey guys, yes I am alive. I was actually writing my report in an Internet Cafe in Mexico City when there was a sudden hailstorm and the power went out. Damn!

Anyway, I was in GDL for a month. I visited Jet Set 4 times where they charged me 700-800 pesos. That is pretty steep especially if you are used to Tijuana. I never found the famed Valentino's that Prokofiev mentioned. Does it exist? Jet Set had women between below-average-looking and slightly-above-average-looking, but no stunning beauties. I only went there repeatedly because I knew how to get there. There was one freak tehre who liked to get nasty and do almost anything but I started to feel a little dirty with her and started to rethink my activities. Anyway, I also went to Griego's once (Av. Pedro Moreno) but full service was not offered. 320 pesos for massage and HJ and 500 total to touch her, also. I have had better times in TJ, honestly. I also went to Candy's Girls strip bar in Zapopan (near Wal-Mart on Vallarta and Rafael Sanzio) and lined up a stripper to meet me after her shift ended for $100 U.S. for 3 hours of sex. When I showed up at 6am to pick her up she never came out. I was pissed since I woke my ass up after sleeping only 2.5 hours.

The true beauty of GDL are the common women. Toward the end of my stay I dated 2 girls at the same time who worked at IMAC. They were fairly cute, but there are about 3-5 girls who work there who are just stunning. I am talking about 20- to 25-yr-olds. I am under 30, just for reference. IMAC is full of eye candy, but as mentioned several months ago, many are too young. I also met one girl in a bar who I could have been with (according to her) as a boyfriend but she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was recovering. In any case I went out with her and her friend a lot. I dated a couple other girls. I dated more girls in one month there than I did all year in the USA. The girls in GDL really ARE better looking than in Mexico City or anywhere else I have seen with Mexican women and they really ARE open in general.

Thanks to Yupi.com, I am now in Mexico City staying with a great girl I met through there. I also met one in Los Angeles before I left and have one lined up upon my return in a week and a half. Thank you Yupi! The best way to meet girls on Yupi is to sign up for 3 months for $30. You will eventually get multiple hot girls writing you and it is cheaper than the pay-per-contact option.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything since the WSG was down during my whole stay in GDL and I am just trying to remember everything! Good luck, mongers!

10-10-02, 06:39
Glad you enjoyed everything. Too bad about Valentinos - it's in the Yellow Pages! but is a little hard to find. Only 3 blocks from IMAC!

The Yupi.com link has changed my life. Thanks for that one. I'm leaving for Barcelona next week and have 9 different ladies who want a date. I'm just hoping for 1 or 2 good ones . . .We will see!

But I disagree about the $30 option. Why not just pay the $2 per contact and pick and choose who you want? Otherwise you end up hearing from girls in Colunbia, Peru and Venezuela when you wanted Guadalajara. I wrote to 11 women that interested me and 9 replied! And my Spanish has really improved writing so many letters. Gracias amigo . . .

10-11-02, 16:36
Went to Kaoz the other day. Not too bad of a place. It did not have a cover charge. Beers are 40 pesos each and a lap dance is 150 pesos and to buy the girl a drink is 100 pesos. I think the time the girl stays with you depends on the girl. Fairly good selection of girls there. My friend and I each got a dance. He spent 45 bucks and got a BJ. I settled for one dance and got the usual touching and what not. Girl "suggested" we go upstairs but for 2000 pesos. Yeah right. The place actually wasn´t too bad, i´d recommend it but if you want sex I´d go someplace else. The only major annoyance that I had, was that every fucking person in the club was asking for a tip. Even the people that didn´t do shit. That got fairly annoying. I´d rather not tip somebody to stand and watch me get a lap dance. I´d recommend you know at least a little spanish if you went there. A few of the waiters knew broken english and i think a few girls as well. If an estetica isn´t your thing this place isn´t too bad.

10-15-02, 19:05
Hate for my first message to be a request, not a report, but...

Going to Guadalajara tomorrow night. Will be in around 10pm, leaving next afternoon around 3:30PM. Want to make the best of it.

Most interested in esteticas, but there aren't any direct recommendations on the new forum, and the archives aren't available at the moment.

Staying downtown (I think) at the Crowne Plaza.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I'll contribute ASAP!


PS Message to slickwings@yahoo.com would be fine, too.


10-15-02, 20:24
Jav . . .
I posted a report about Valentino's Estetica back in Feb. Has several locations and are listed in the Yellow Pages. I went to the downtown location which is 4-5 blocks from the cathedral. I liked it because of the price. 350 =$35 for a sauna, massage + FS. A hell of a deal in my book. The women are not beauties and the rooms are small, but it worked for me. If you are looking for beautiful young girls, try some of the others JetSet, etc. Looking at $65-$100 and I'm not sure the women are better since I haven't been there. For me, a GFE is more likely with a 34 yo woman with 3 kids than a 19 yo fashion model. So for me cheaper can also be better. I had a great time at Valentinos, 3 or 4 great times in fact. Good Luck


10-15-02, 21:43
JetSet--I repeat my assertion that Jet Set is fairly expensive for the quality of girls they have.

Valentino's--I looked in the phone book and never found it under esteticas. I asked one group of taxi drivers downtown about it and they did not know of it.

De nada por la información...You are correct that if you have very specific criteria or location it may be worth the $2 per contact option. I bought 10 such coupons and used 9 of them. However, my results were very weak. A couple wrote back, and they took a very long time to do so. I no longer have contact with any of them. It is because you contact them out of the blue when they may have forgotten they even have a profile. Their interest level was low from the start. I only reply to about 5% of those who have written me, so it is not totally surprising to get a low turnout. But I am glad it has worked for you. Good luck with your trip.

I guess I prefer the $30 option because I know that anybody who writes to me is already interested and I do not have to fret about wasting my money on someone who won't write back to me. There were enough responses that I was getting some good-looking ones occasionally. You have to be careful of the visa seekers though. I am pretty excited to meet one of these girls when I return home to the US this Friday. She is pretty cute in her photos. Meanwhile I am spending my last days with my horny girlfriend in Mexico City.

10-15-02, 22:56
Thank you both for the good info.

For some reason, the archives are not available, leaving me feeling quite naked on my first journey to GDL, especially with such a small window of opportunity.

First trip, I'll try jetset, unless I can find Valentinos in the phone book (I'll try "Masages")

See Ya'


10-17-02, 21:06
Actually, look under "esteticas." I heard "High Class" is good but did not go there. Heard it is high price, too, like 1000 pesos!

Big Johnson
10-17-02, 22:39
for esteticas [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and jet set are the only ones worth going to in $60 range. the $30 range brings more choices but spotty quality. i personally love [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123). deja vu in the intercontinental is good but too expensive again $100. the girls of [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) are as good or better.

10-18-02, 05:04
all right, guys. there and back already. did a hell of a lot of recon', considering i arrived around 11pm and left around 4pm...

went to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), per everyone's recommendations and because i could walk there. at 11am, there were roughly 5-6 girls, which was plenty, because i couldn't remember but 2 names after the latin-american curtsi they do for you. i chose tanya, mid 20's, nice figure, pleasant smile.

planned to use jacuzzi, but there was standing water in it, and it scared me. shower was nice. she came in about 1/2 way through. talked as best we could for a couple of minutes, and established that i would like a nice massage and hj finish. no discussion of price or anything.

she gave a nice massage for a while, then i gave her a better one. a very nice, non-rushed 45 minute session. she is a very nice girl, but i would probably try somebody new next time, hoping for a little better massage. but, maybe not, who knows? though we seemed to have a good rapport, she did not seem interested in visiting my hotel next trip.

price 350 pesos to the house, 450 to her, which i thought was kind of steep. it didn't seem like a "gringo cash grab," just the price she charges, but i could be wrong.

thanks to all who gave information on this forum. some information:

deja voo: closed. looked all around the intercontinental, and finally asked conciere. too bad, but too high priced, anyway.

jetset: ave. mexico 2071a, 3615-3451
[CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) lazaro cardenas 2934, 3122-4918
valentino: justo sierra 2642, 3616-6320
colon 238, 3613-1600
ave. hidalgo 1758, 3616-9173

a lot of escort agencies in same section of yellow pages. anybody every try?

thanks again -- happy hunting!


10-18-02, 20:11
question, anybody have the word on Thailand and the prices. the website never works. Just curious if it's an estetica or a escort service and the quality. gracias

10-21-02, 10:34
i checked this place out in april when i was taking some language courses in colonia chapalita.i would definitely stay away. the day i visited in the afternoon there were about 6 twenty year old guys hanging out in the reception area,this seemed unusual to me,since they weren't customers but were just hanging out. this made me feel uncomfortable. every estetica i have been to in mexico only has an older woman or man running things.never a bunch of people hanging out in the reception area.the 2 women working that afternoon were both 2-3 in my book,both overweight,mid 30's and unattractive.i had the manager give me a tour and he seemed pretty desperate for business and the price was 650 pesos for full sex. i think if you are looking in the lower price estetica price range (400-600 pesos for fs) go to high class on lazaro cardenas near [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123),this place always has an arch of orange & purple ballons out front. hey ups any luck with the girls at your schhol? i have always had pretty good success with amateurs under the following conditions,not living with parents,and either divorced or single mothers.things develop alot faster with these women than then the knock-out 24 year old virgin that is only going to give you a case of the blue balls because she has to be home by midnight. there are a ton of beautiful single moms walking around guadalajara. buena suerte,amigos

10-24-02, 19:58
So Thailand isn´t that good huh?? I see ads for it all the time in some magazine called ocio that has all the clubs, bars and what not in the city. I actually ended up dropping the one girl at my school. I am talking to a tapatia right now, except she lives with the parents and that is kind of a pain, but i have plenty of time here. No worries. How was your trip to GDL renegade??

10-27-02, 06:02
Ola UPS, my trip was fine and in fact I am returning To Guad on the 29th for 10 days.I went to Leon and Aguascalientes last time but I would not recommend either for the hobby,the quality of women you see in these cities do not compare to Guadalajara or Monterey.These cities are very industrial and the women are less stylish.A couple of other places you may want to check out for amateurs in Guadalajara: Copacabana is a latin dance club on Lopez Mateos about 1 mile south of Plaza del Sol.I was there with my girlfriend on a Saturday and there were many available Tapatias.The crowd was about 25-45 age group.They have a live band and it is well lit and not crowded so it is very conducive to checking out the ladies.The second place is called Kookookaru and is also on LopezMateos about 100 yards south of the Hotel Intercontinental.This is a Chippendale type club that admits men at midnight,I have had luck meeting several women here.At midnight they have house dance music and the women are ready after watching the male strip show.Good Luck with your tapatia but if you don't score after 5-6 dates move on because there are penty of women in Guad. buena suerte,renegade

11-02-02, 19:34
What is a Tapatia?

11-02-02, 20:20
A tapatia is a nickname for a women from Guadalaja and i think jalisco as well.

Hola renegade! I gotta a question. Which stripclub would you recommend? I have only hit up Kaoz here with some of my friends once. I think that I have read a couple of people saying that they think that place sucks. We´re going to hit up another one before they take off back to the states so since you seem to be the GDL expert, hook me up with some recommendations! Thanks.

11-02-02, 21:22
ups check these clubs out.........NUEVO galleon-avenida ninos heros just north of the mission carlton hotel-NEED DECENT SPANISH HERE SO your friends might not be to comfortable,hotel next store and most girls available for salida RAMSES-calle 58 no. 19 just off of avenida javier mina north of downtown in the zona tolerencia,there are 2 ramses make sure you go to this one not the new one,waiters will tell you whch girls are up for extra curriculars Extreme-corner of avenidas COLON and Patria Sur , normally less selection but high quality,manager speaks English and all thes clubs are very nice to grigos PRICES ARE LOWER AND GIRLS ARE WILDER AND normally younger at Nuevo Galleon Have fun and we'll be looking for your report........bueno suerte,renegade

11-06-02, 23:04
hola renegade! what is the name of the one on nuevo galleon and avenida heroes?? thanks and i´ll fill ya in later!

11-08-02, 07:54
Does anyone know if it ok to have escorts come to your room at the hotel Frances? If not can anyone recommend a hotel. I will be leaving for GDL on 01.07.02 for five days...got the ticket from American Airlines having a sale RT LAX to GDL for $219.00

11-16-02, 06:15
I will be staying at the Crown Plaza in GDL next week. Does anyone have any recommendations for a nearby strip bar or massage parlor? My spanish is weak so I need to be in an establishment where someone speaks english. Also, any good nightclubs where I may have a chance to interact with some hot women?

Thanks in advance.

11-20-02, 00:11
bjordan22, I'm going to Guadalajara Jan 6, 03. want to hunt together? drop me a line supertomcat001@loycos.com.

11-22-02, 22:33
Hey renegade. Where is that one on Nuevo Galleon and Niño heroes?? My friends didn´t want to go the other day to that one so we went to kaos instead but I don´t live about a 20 minute walk from that area of niño heroes and am thinking about checking it out. I walked by that area the other day and didn´t see anything that appeared like a club.

11-29-02, 19:52
Ihate ups- WHEN i posted before i had a really bad computer at a cyber cafe and maybe my info wasn't clear. The clubs name is Nuevo Galleon not the street,the street is Nino Heros and it is a block or 2 north of calle Indepencia,if you are looking up NINOS HEROS from the mission carlton hotel it has a 30 foot high neon sign with the name of the hotel,nighborhood looks a little rough but have been there alone many times with no hassles.Totally different deal from Kaos.Let us know what you think.Sorry slow to respond. GOOD LUCK.

11-30-02, 20:01
renegade - the 'hood in the area of Nuevo galleon can be a bit rough at, say, 2am or so - the manager suggested that I take a taxi, but when he found out I was staying less than 2 blocks away he didn't have a problem. The major problem is that it's about 2 blocks away from the old central bus staion and for whatever reason, most central bus stations in Mexican cities tend to be pretty rough areas.

NG isn't exactly lit up (just the big neon sign on top of the hotel ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET) and you sort of "need to find" the entrada, but once inside it's actually pretty nice and not too expensive (might have changed since I was last there in Jan but I sort of doubt it - a 500ml bottle of liquor and a rignside seat was about 350mn. Some of the girls are reluctant to be touched but a little of "mas tocan, mas propina" helped quite a bit)

12-09-02, 13:45
I lived in Guadalajara for 2 years while I was at UAG. The best places WERE Guadalajara de Noche and Las Juntas. I have heard that Las Juntas is now out but I have never been disapointed by GDN! Just remember, all the girls are working girls so if you see a georgeous girl she WILL fuck you just find out the price!

12-23-02, 20:01
Finally went to Galeon. It was a sunday so it was pretty dead. Can`t say I like that cause i had two girls wanting me to buy them a drink before I sat down. No cover, drinks are 40 pesos, the bottles look like the best deal. Not too many girls, i`d guess 15 maybe 20. I think Xmas being so close had to be it. I really didn`t get a chance to check it out too much cause it was dead and i didn`t feel like having ugly girls bother me for drinks every 2 minutes. I will give a better report the next time i go. Renegade, what is up with the bar next to Galeon?

12-25-02, 01:46
I¢¥m back in Guadalajara and just went to Valentino¢¥s on Colon . . . and the reason you guys can¢¥t find it is cause it¢¥s gone . . . now a clothing store. Too bad because it had the best prices in town 300-350 pesos FS and was the ONLY place near the cathedral. Oh well. Will check out the others and Nuevo Galleon . . . Peace , -P

12-29-02, 03:05
i tried out high class today around 11 am. i was the only client and i thought it was a good deal. total cost is 450 pesos = $45 which includes a shower, sauna, massage and full service. everything was discussed beforehand - important - and there were no extra charges. i tipped her 50 for a total of $50 but it would not have been necessary.
the girl was 25 yo and named julieta. average looking woman but with a nice attitude. massaje was so-so but covered bj was excellent and we screwed in several positions. service with a smile and she got the job done just fine. only negative was no kissing on the mouth. she wasn¢¥t a beautiful woman and had several scars and problems - like most. but for me was just fine. saw two others on the way out and will return to sample them tomorrow. high class is located 1 block from [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123). i stopped there afterwards to check it out. $350 + xtras. will be more expensive and i didnt see any of the girls. will report back . . .

peace -p

12-30-02, 00:49
Went back to High Class today and spent an hour with Maira. Her real name is Lupita and she is a morena, 30 yo and very cute. Nice body and great attitude. Better than yesterday. Cost me $55. Its probably a gringo price but each girl sets her own bargain. She was worth the extra $10. Great covered BJ and screwing in several positions. Im not sure but it seems that both ladies were trying to have me cum with a BJ rather than screw me. But when I suggested we switch, there was no problem. Great friendly service. Want to try other esteticas here but once you find something that works and is cheap it is hard to switch. And there were 5 other women to choose from today. This place gets my recommendation. The rooms are large (- but not exactly High Class), the ladies friendly, willing and competent. Try it . . .

Also went to Nuevo Galeon last nite. Not my cup of tea . . . The prices are cheaper than some other strip clubs - drinks are $4 and for the ladies $7. But that is $12-13 a round. And with lap dances and other come-ons you can spend $100-200 easy without getting laid. Whats the point? Spanish skills? Dont worry, everything is so loud you cannot talk in any language. And the strip show is on a DARK stage. What is the point? Some of the girls were very attractive but at least half were average or below.

For my money, the esteticas of Guadalajara are it. Cheap. Friendly. Total service. Relaxing. Low pressure. And you will get laid for around $50. Maybe I'm just getting old . . . Later -P

12-30-02, 10:31
Hi Prokofiev, wanted to get directions to High Class. I will be in GDL on the 7th of January for five days. What is the best way to get there from the Hotel Frances in centro historico.



01-04-03, 01:42
high class is at 2913 lazaro cardenas, about a block from [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123). you can take a taxi for 30 pesos (gringo price might be 40 or 50). thats the easy way. or take the tur blue-green bus on ave. juarez for 6 pesos. it goes past los arcos and turns left at the minerva fountain. get off at la eptampida sculpture (fountain) ave niños heroes and walk 2 blocks. the neighborhood is quite good.

went there again today at noon. i asked for maira and she was just arriving. great session for 550. shes not a fashion model but is cute and gets prokos highest recommendation. pure mexicana morena with a very nice body. no scars, burns, tatoos, piercings, nada. great skin. short but not fat. great attitude and smile. playful. put her to the test and screwed her in every position i could think of. no problema! a real trooper who never complained or told me to hurry up. if this type of woman is not for you, then you are in the wrong country my friend. were 5 others to choose from. no english but that really isnt a problem.

remember that at almost all esteticas you can request a certain woman or choose from the available ladies. you dont have to go with the first woman who grabs you. of course if you dont know any of them, it can be tough to reject the first one. it is her turn and she wants the money. and no matter what they say, it stings a little bit to be rejected. but if you go, ask for maira (after 12 noon) and see if it works out. she looks better in her birthday suit than dressed. good luck, - p

01-05-03, 11:38
Thanks Prokofiev, I will definitely check out this establishment. I do prefer the women in Mexico and like them a little gordita con pechos grande! Being a Southern California resident I am excited to get a change from TJ and try out something different, hope GDL will be as good as I read not only for action but for cultural and historical experience.

Bone is Hard
01-15-03, 05:17
no time to spare so i looked in the book and chose an escort service that advertised they spoke english. the first one “prestige” couldn’t speak english. the next, manhatten could. i ask for a young, thin, pretty mexican girl and got an old, fat, ugly mexican momma. do not use manhattan escort service in gdl.

she could do a mean blow job but i had a hard time keeping it hard. when i looked up and so her and not what i asked for, i couldn’t get mad at her only the service that paid no attention to my request. again do not use manhattaan escort service in the yellow pages.

the next day i went to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and had a good time.


01-15-03, 05:37
how much was the escort and how much was [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123)? give us some details about [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123)... prices and whats available.

did you go to high class? what happened? info please ...

Bone is Hard
01-16-03, 00:23

this misadventure took place before christmas and i have just gotten around to posting.

the escort from manhatten was 1000 pesos. she did take us$ at 10 to 1 luckily. most definately not worth it. i cant really be mad at the girl as she was only there because she was told someone wanted her. the guy that answered the phone should have his nuts removed. nothing i asked for was delivered.

the [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) experience was redeeming. as for the cost, i had the son of my agent pay for everything as well as do all the talking. i went around 4:00 in the afternoon and was there nearly an hour and a half. told later that it cost around 800 pesos. basicaly the reviews from other posters are accurate. that's why i wanted to go there. being the senior member of my group, i was given first choice of 5-6 girls that were there. my girl was sweet as an angel about 24-26 years old. not thin but far from chubby. mara, maria, mary, maybe was her name. of course i treated her like an angel so she probably returned the favor by acting like one. she is the type you just couldnt keep your hands off. i wound up doing the most massaging. i get a bit tender hearted with young pretty girls that are in the industry because i can imagine how they are treated by some and i feel sorry for them so it turns out i work for them but i do the paying. there's just something about those pretty white smiles and dark brown eyes of mexican girls that melt my heart.

although being in mexico about 30 times over the past 7 years, i never tried anything this close to home. most of my adventures are in europe and china. i will admit that as beautiful as the girls in gdl are, i have been tempted more than once to break my mexican virginity with a gdl girl.

hang in there,


Nibu Raphael
01-29-03, 20:29
Great Report Bone I was in Guadalajara twice in 1998 and found the girls of GuadalaJara one of the hottest in Mexico I also found Mexico City for me was the best plus Veracruz and Acapulco HOT. In The Markets the Guadalajara girls were hot in the two line metro that I rode the girls I saw were hot. There hot bodies,Cute faces and very bonita green eyes had me going. I never did check out any strip clubs in Guadalajara but did check out a few Estetica MaSSage places but did not find any girls to my liking I could not find any streetwalkers the 2nd Time around on my visit to Guadalajara I guess Due to a lot of Rain when I visited. The hotels were a little bit more expensive then Mexico City. In DF you find great deals on hotels but anyways Guadalajara is a bargain. Great food too. OK LIke I said I was only twice in Guadalajara each time for one night only so man I would like to know Since 1998 How has all changed in this city. Did they ever add on a 3rd line to the metro? Are the Taxis safe to hail down in Guadalajara??????? In DF Too many of the VW taxis are dangerous I mean very damn dangerous. (I have heard about brothels in Guadalajara with three floors and I think a very famous strip club I think called Lipstick and the Mens Club which is probably a very expensive Rip Off,,, OK I wait for replies on this by other WSG guys or the Bone man himself,,,, BYE ;;; NIBU R...

03-09-03, 06:19
hey, been out of GDL for a couple of months. I am going back this week or so. Anybody have any suggestions on hotels?? gracias

Big Johnson
03-27-03, 20:21
Was in town recently. Went to Kaos for the first time. Normal full nude strip club. Went with a bunch of guys and bought a bottle. The range for the bottle was from 36 to 100 USD but it lasted the 4 of us all night. Probably dropped another 20 USD in mixers and ice. Ladies drinks were in the 10 USD range.

Tickets were 150 peso each. 1 ticket got you a Mexican Lap Dance. First dance wouldn't get you much downstairs action and no touching downstairs. Things got more intimate by the ticket.

Ten ticket get you a very private 30 minute dance up in suite and a hand or blow job. 17 tickets gets you the suite and sex.

Typical Mexican strip club and every one wants a tip. Girls ranged from a 4s to strong 9s. 50% in the low numbers, 40% in the 7s and 8s.

I'd say stick to the esteticas, unless you are looking to spend 4 hours getting frustated.

03-31-03, 10:04
I was in GDL for five days in January.

My experience in GDL was great! Not only is it a spectacular city it has some of the most gorgeous Latina’s in the world. The city takes you in with its old world charm that can only be Mexico.

I stayed at the Hotel Frances on Calle Maestranza. Great hotel very reasonable, great food, and fantastic nostalgic lobby with bar. I had no problems with ladies paying a visit to my room. My room was located on the top floor which is nice because at night you can sit at the patio furniture and enjoy a cerveza y un cigaro de Cuba.

The women..... I was there for five days and tried a estatica and three call services. The estatica High Class on Lazaro Cardenas was by far the best deal and service. They take you to a room where 6 to 10 girls parade by for you to choose. The one I chose was great I think she called herself Lana. Big natural breasts kind of light brown hair. She was great! I actually came back to High Class a couple of more times because of their prices and service (650 pesos).

Call services....suck! Thailand massage sent the most gorgeous woman I had ever been with...swear to god! She was an absolute 10++ She was however the worst sex I have ever had in my entire life. Not only expensive 1100 pesos but lousy. I tried a call service called Hot Ladiez nice looking 20 y.o. but she was also lousy. The best call service I found was not in a phone book but in a local newspaper that I picked up at one of those magazine stands. Just look in the classified section and you will see a few. The one I tried did not have a name but they sent me a nice looking girl who was very enthusiastic for 900 pesos.

Overall my time in GDL was grand. So many places to see and the city has a lot of history to offer. People are nice and friendly and the food is great. I would recommend taking one of the guided tours offered by Panamex, they meet near the main cathedral on ave. corona. Very reasonable prices with multi-lingual tour guides. Try to find a hotel in El Centro. The area is much nicer and historic.

I hope this contribution is helpful. I will be going to Peru shortly and will post another on my experience there.

03-31-03, 21:43

Why did it take you almost 3 months to report back????

What time/day did you go to High Class? Sounds like a lot if girls to choose from. I usually see 3 to 6 there during the day and I have never had a "line up".

The Hotel Frances is great, but the disco that goes to 2am really bothered me. Might depend where your room is. But their live music trio "Los Amantes" is excellent and fun.

I think because the esteticas get more repeat business, the girls try harder and hope you become a regular and ask for them. Also any problem or complaint is handled right there, where an escort is never near the management of the agency. If a girl gives bad service at an estetica, she gets booted out a lot faster.

Enjoy, -P

04-08-03, 09:49

Sorry for the delay in my report on GDL.

I visited High Class in the early evening after I finished with the tours. When you first walk in most of the girls are sitting at that long table with the manager. On each of my visits I was taken to a room to the left and the girls would parade by for me to choose. They would then take me to a room upstairs where there is a jacuzi.

Have you been to the state of Monterey. I hear it is nice like GDL.


Big Johnson
04-08-03, 15:36
There seems to be a large open air bar or restaurant next to High Class. Is this part of it or a different business? I would say GDL is nicer than MTY. MTY reminds me of the US, more strip malls, fast food, etc. GDL is more colonial. More Mexican. Downtown MTY is older and has more flavor. IMHO, GDL has better looking girls, especially in the high end MPs but the price is 20% higher also.

Roberto Burns
04-08-03, 18:28
Hello all, this is my first time posting. I am going to be staying in Lake Chappala area for the month of June. Does anyone know of any places to have fun down there. Or do I have to go to Guadalajara to have fun?


04-11-03, 22:02
Does anybody know of a good online service to meet University girls from GDL or Morelia.

I want to post an add for a travel companion…

Looking for more of a GF experience with a great Spanish and English speaking woman who would like to enjoy travel to some great exotic Latin locations with a great guy…

Any suggestions would be appreciated…


04-13-03, 22:01
The former Yupi.com is now comunidaddelamor.match.com and is bustling with latin women worldwide. Unfortunately the cost has gone up to typical Match.com prices, but it is one avenue to find non-professional women. I have met several from there and it is a great resource. You get better response rates there than on US sites. Good luck.

04-14-03, 15:35
Hello everybody, i have been a user of the guide since 98, but it's the first time I've posted. I live in Guadalajara and i pretty much know how to move in the city, I can help you in any questions you might have about the places to go in the city, I also have several contacts in the massage parlors, and I also could give you a tour of the strip clubs, Anything you wanna do.

All you have to do is send me an e-mail at rockdriguez@hotmail.com with the subject as Guadalajara, I'm a native of this city and you know that is an advantage when you visit a city.

i'll post a review of a girl in my next post

04-15-03, 10:56
Thanks Dylock...

Ran the web site with the ie auto translator and I could actually understand 98% of it...

The city specific selection was prety limited... e.g. morelia, gdl...

Are there any sites that specialize in gdl? or is it just not the way latinas go about looking...


04-17-03, 18:26
Went to Nuevo Galeon last night, not a lot of girls, beers are 40 pesos for yourself, for the girls 70, I just wanted to chill a bit, but this girl came by to offer me a lap dance. I said no thank you, but she said down, real frendly, her name was Sandra, said she has only been working for 3 weeks, she was an 8. We chat a little bit, and after she offer me to go up-stairs. I asked how much, she said 350 pesos for EVERYTHING. I said good deal.

We went upstairs, she gave me a bbj, which was really good, she got undress and ask me if I want to use the rubber, I said hell yeah. She moved ok, we lasted 3 songs, there was no rush.

Girls lately at the Galeon are frienlier than before.

04-18-03, 00:29
Was in Gdl last weekend and went to Kaos and it totally sucked. If you are looking to go to a place that is designed to suck money out of your pockets, then this is the place to visit. Everybody has their hand out for tips, the private dances are completely lame and it is a waste of time.

If you are looking to spend $200 to get a hand job in some cappy room, then this place is for you. I have visited several of the esteticas and they are a lot better values and a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Also the girls at Kaos are also not friendly. They immediately want you to buy them $650 peso ($65 USD) jarros or pitchers of drinks which they can finish within two drinks. My friend totally go hosed on these drinks and then went to a private room with a girls where nothing happened. Some of the girls are OK, but the majority are within the 6-7 range. Waiters are also annoying with their hands out - I watched my friend get followed by six waiters as he went with a girl for a private dance and each one wanted a tip.

My advice - visit the esteticas and if you are into the club scene, save your money and go to Buenos Aires where the girls are much hotter and about 1/4 of the price.

However, Guadalajara is a beautiful city with great food, nightlife and tons of hot, non-pro women. I will visit Gdl within the next month and I met a taxista that said he knew of some semi-pros that can make visits during the days only because they still live at home. I will follow-up with a report for next time.

04-19-03, 20:52
TJ Max,
I don't know of any GDL-only sites, but that is an interesting question. Maybe a search on Spanish Yahoo would turn up some classifieds. There are also mail order bride sites all over the internet, but again, that is not localized.

04-19-03, 21:54
Thanks for the info Dylock....

Seems like i have reached the city limits for research... :)

Time to start turning all the info into a plan....

You guys have been great.... great info... great attitude....

The only area I am still looking into are the names and locations of the disco's where the university girls hang out in GDL and Morelia...

Any and all help would be appreciated...


Originally posted by Dylock
TJ Max,
I don't know of any GDL-only sites, but that is an interesting question. Maybe a search on Spanish Yahoo would turn up some classifieds. There are also mail order bride sites all over the internet, but again, that is not localized.

04-23-03, 02:15
Tj Max,
I went to one disco with my ladies but I can't remember the name. If I can, I will let you know later. It was cool.

I do know that Bali Bar in Zapopan is pretty good. This is where I met my aforementioned ladies (one of whom I am still enamored with). It is a bar with great live bands. Just don't go on weekdays because it is a sausage-fest. Fridays are good though with much tail.

Good luck.

Bone is Hard
05-20-03, 02:18
[CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) estetica
2934 lazaro cardenas
guadalajara, mx

a little over an hour ago, i pulled my limp, sticky, condom-covered dick from the wet pussy of alejandra at [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) estetica. the smooth thighs that engulfed that wet pussy were quivering as were mine. let me tell you some details of this encounter. i hope to be as informative as possible about this so that when you go, you will feel as if you had been there before.

this was my second trip to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) so obviously i liked it the first time about 5 months ago. [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) is on lazaro cardenas at the intersection of chapilta (sp?). looking at a generic map, it’s on laz cardenas between lopez mateos and mariano otero. the next big round about walking toward lopez mateos away from mariano otero is where it is. if you are walking on the south side of the street it’s before you get to the big roundabout. there’s a small 10-12 car carpark in front of it with a guy that guards your car while there and would love to wash it while it’s there for a tip. walking toward the door, you here the electronic magnet lock click to allow you to open the door. directly in front of you is the reception desk. there were two men sitting there when i came in and they will ask what you want. they speak fairly good english but speak slowly so they understand. when i got there, there were 4 people ahead of me. take a seat on one of the 5 green leather love seats. there are plenty of mexican newspapers rep001tered about and a tv playing mexican soap operas to take your mind off the deed you are about to do. it’s air-conditioned with an extra fan blowing to help out. it’s quite comfortable in the waiting room. occasionally one of the chicas comes out to cash in her takings. the best seat to take is one of the 2 love seats on your right as you walk in. you get the best view of the tv, but better yet, the door to heaven is on your right as you sit. they sometimes open it for extended periods of time and you can watch the girls parade by as they audition for the newest customer. it gives you a good idea of whom you might want when your time comes up.

ok, it’s show time. one of the gentlemen up front takes you back to the room. mine was to the right and fairly good-sized, about the size of a large hotel room. there is a jacuzzi, about 5’ x 5’, across the room. a full bath, toilet and shower are on the other side. a large mirror hangs on the wall next to the bed. a wooden pedestal bed with a 2 foot mattress is what you sit on, clothed, for the girls to come in and introduce themselves to you. i had the choice of 8 girls. there were at least 4 other customers in there at the time so i guess there were probably 12-14 girls there on a monday afternoon at 5:00. each girl comes in and tells you her name. when you see one you might want to do, have her repeat it and repeat it back to her. that way you blaze her name in your upper head, although your lower head is doing the thinking right now. i chose alejandra since i like thinner legged girls with large breast and a pretty face. there were all types to choose from so if your taste aren’t like mine, don’t despair, they have them all.

alejandra walked in and asked me to “disrobe”. i had already pre “disrobed” so i could get right in on it. i was asked to lay on my stomach while she lathered her hands with baby lotion. the massage was average, more like a rub-down. whenever my wandering hands were able to come in contact with dress or flesh, i took advantage of it. when she asked me to roll over, she “disrobes”. most of the massage turns to the groin area at this point. a slow hand job followed by a bit of titty fucking and then some ball sucking. on goes the raincoat and the blow job starts. i stopped her at the critical moment. having played with her tits, legs and pussy, she climbs onto the table to mount you on top. here’s where she needs a little help as the table is barely wide enough for me so hang onto a cheek to keep her from falling off the table. shouldn’t be that hard to do, now should it. pumping for several minutes with the appropriate moans and groans, while watching the action in the mirror, makes me lose the load. could have done a few more positions but i questioned the size of the bed. alejandra has one of those porn star bodies. long legs, small beautiful round ass, size d natural boobs and blonde highlighted hair, with a really pretty face, great straight teeth, full lips and perfect complexion. watching the mirror you kinda have one of those out of body experiences.

the place is perfectly clean. the choice of girls was good as well as plentiful. the action in the rooms suited my requirements so i give this place a full recommendation. two thumbs up. 4 out of 5 stars. the cost was 900 pesos, 90usd.

after taking a long hot shower and drying off with a full sized bath towel, i left and decided to check out the surrounding area. crossing the street (2 lanes, a median, and 2 more lanes), turning right, you walk about two blocks and the estetica “jovi” is on your left. coming from the direction i just did, be prepared for a dog about the size of a small horse to leap out at you from behind his fence. you know you are close. there was only one car in the carpark and i didn’t go in. it seems to be much smaller than [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), and judging the book by the cover, i didn’t have a good feel for the place. i reversed my direction and passed [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) on the other side of the street. went around the roundabout and about two blocks down is estetica “high class”. it has an arched entrance of green and yellow balloons. looking in the door, i saw some damn fine legs and 2 other good looking girls. didn’t go in since i’d blown the load just 15 minutes ago and my recovery time is a little longer. i will return there, matter of fact, i may go there as soon as i file this report as i feel life down there in the old member as he thinks of his last experience.

hope this helps,

05-21-03, 16:10

read our reports on high class. several reports from jan and feb. i paid 450 and 550 pesos. someone reported 650. i think each girl sets her own price and it is negociable. but once you have paid a girl a certain amount, she will expect the same the next time - if you like doing the same woman several times during your stay. high class is definitely cheaper than [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and to me, the girls were the same quality.

also the "routine" is pretty much up to you. the whole massage thing can be avoided and you can get down to work immediately if you like. everyone knows why you are there. but it´s usually worth it to let her work on you a little - cost is the same. but don´t go and pay 800 or 900 at high class. the cutest girl can be had for 550. sometimes it is better to ask the price right up front at the desk. once your pants are off, you have lost all bargaining power . . . along with the power to think . . .

good luck and report back . . . p

05-21-03, 21:47
bone, thanks for the great report it all sounds great except the price. i assume the 900 pesos was for an hour session.i have been at [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) twice and each time it was 450 pesos for a half hour and 650 pesos for an hour.i have also been to high class twice and the prices were 350 and 550.these visits were all about 18 months ago. i prefer high class,but both places are better than anything stateside. i prefer high class because [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) gets much more traffic and this definitely affects the selection and waiting times.the rooms are much nicer and more modern at [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) if that matters to you.the girls seem younger and more gfe at high class imhop. the price is also important. maybe with the economy slow the esteticas are charging more,i hope not but that is the mexico mentality.i also recommend jet set ,it is at 2071-a ave mexico near the intersection with chapultepec.same prices of 450 and 650 with 6-8 girls,nice house with parking in the rear.met a girl from hermosillo hear and took her out twice for dinner and free sex,she was staying at the aurora suites and working at jet set for a month .usually it takes 2 visits but i have had good success in getting dates outside the esteticas with these ladies and have never offered or payed them.especially when they are from another town which is normally the case.also,when visiting a new estetica i always tell them i only want a half hour "complete service" ,when i get in the room with her i get more specific about what i want and also check out her body,if you like what you see and her attitude they will always be more than happy to upgrade you to the full hour. the negative with esteticas is that you can't check out there bodies beforehand,this helps with that negative a little.buena suerte,renegade

05-25-03, 02:14
i'll be in gdl for four nights 6/3 thru 6/7. plenty of experience in the country but never been to this city. i have the first three nights "free" (no marginal cost anyway) at the hilton and am looking for a hotel recommendation for night 4. hotel francés has been recommended but how much does it cost? any other recommendations for $35-$40 us? i'll be back in gdl for one night only at the end of the month and so i'd like to stay in the same place both nights if i can. less brain damage that way.

i'll probably try [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) during the day and nuevo galleon sounds good at night. any new updates? anyone going to be there at the same time? my spanish is pretty good and i am street smart so if there are any recommendations off the beaten path, that would be good.


05-25-03, 09:15

try www.hotelfrances.com. prices $55-$70. i stayed in one of their suites and it was very nice. large and with a great bathroom and only a couple bucks more. a little noisey at night with a disco downstairs. lots of charm . . .

make sure to check out high class. only a block from [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and you will save $20-$25 a pop. i have never found a reliable sw area. they must exist somewhere. street girls are available next to nuevo galleon, but were neither cute nor cheap. for me, the esteticas are the ticket. really, they are friendly *****houses where you can usually choose between 3 and 10+ girls and pay $35-$90 for an hour session. try several and report back. as you can tell, although i´m not poor, i am cheap and like value for the money.

good luck - p

05-25-03, 17:13
yep, high class is on my list. i think i meant high class when i wrote [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123). high class seems to have a bit better reviews. i suppose i could try them both and report.

i don't want to pay quite that much for the hotel, though. after three nights at the hilton i can down scale for a night and i have to get up early anyway to catch the bus to pv. but i don't really want to stay at a hotel out by the bus station cuz it's a ways out of town and i don't think there's any action out there.

05-25-03, 18:57

also be aware that there are no esteticas in the downtown district. my favorite, valentinos closed about a year ago. [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), high class and several others are in a residential area about 30 or 40 blocks from the cathedral. too far to walk. take a bus or cab.

nuevo galleon is walkable - maybe 15 blocks or so, but late at night it is a little spooky. didn´t bother me but opinions vary. tell us if you like the place. i didn´t. very loud. lots of smoke. girls stripping on a semi-dark stage (huh?). but i noticed several backroom areas - private dance rooms. and an upstairs where i think there are rooms for serious business. if you like the hustle of a strip club, maybe it will work for you. but it will cost a lot more.

enjoy, - p

05-25-03, 19:16
pk: i have been researching this morning and the hilton isn't downtown. it is in the hotel district near the plaza del sol. that is west of town ( by the expo world trade center) but the hotel is right off lazaro cardenas so i will try to use your bus instructions i copied from a previous post. also i can walk 5 miles with no problem. i always walk a ton on my trips. so i will try high class one day and [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) the next.

i have a low threshold for loud, smoky strip bars but i will go to nuevo galleon and drop 500 pesos or so just out of duty to the board. dickhead is the ultimate team player; it comes from having been a utility player my whole career.

hotels seem expensive to me based on my travelocity and orbitz search. $61 isn't so bad if (since) it includes all the taxes so hotel frances is a definite possibility. i get in at 6 am so the first day i will explore downtown and see if i can find some cheaper places on a walk-in and haggle basis, although i don't like to haggle. i have to get used to it though, since i'll be spending 65% of the year in latin america for the foreseeable future. i'll also walk into frances and see if i can haggle a better rate there.

thanks for the info.

05-26-03, 05:59
Dickhead: There is a hotel named the Mission Carlton on Ave. Ninos Heroes about three blocks from Nuevo Galleon.I have never stayed there and don't know the rates but it is in a good location but not right in El Centro.I have been working and commuting between Guadalajara and the US for four years now.I am currently renting a house in Guadalajara and will be there 6/2- 6/15.Another hotel I have heard good comments about is the Hotel Bosque.You may want to check these out on travelocity.If you have any other questions or I can help you out let me know. The esteticas in Guadalajara are great but the problem is none are opened after 9 PM. Buena Suerte,Renegade

06-01-03, 04:15
Renegade: I will be there Tuesday morning until Saturday morning. If you want to get together for a beer, backchannel my hot mail account: Richardhead41. Or any other mongers in the vicinity. I am working my way down there right now (but still in the US right now).

06-02-03, 07:19
Originally posted by Dickhead
Renegade: I will be there Tuesday morning until Saturday morning. If you want to get together for a beer, backchannel my hot mail account: Richardhead41. Or any other mongers in the vicinity. I am working my way down there right now (but still in the US right now).

06-09-03, 02:05
Board was down while I was in GDL. I had two sessions at High Class, both very good. First with Andrea, give it a 6, good attitude, mestizo tending towards India, short, lots of curly black hair, big aereolas, firm ass cheeks, two kids but no C-scars and not fat, 23 years old. Took it and liked it. No bullshit involved, no pressure, place itself gets a high rating, clean, etc.

Then Nuevo Galleon. Loud and dark but not particularly smoky. Good as far as a strip club goes. One 70 peso beer gets you all you can touch until the beer is gone. Not too much pressure although some. Everyone´s gotta make a living. Made an appointment for the next day with a Dominicana; she said there was her and one Panameña and the rest were Mexicanas. Gave her a time to meet me at my hotel and told her I would wait thirty minutes and no more. Waited forty and she didn´t show so I went to High Class again.

This session was better. Diana or Reyna, whatever you prefer. Very nice looking, 7.5 in my book and very cooperative and INTO IT. Wanted to cum and did and it was a very good session. I like this place.

I did have a message from the Nuevo Galleon girl when I checked out the next day but staff was too lame (Hotel Francés, not really recommended as very loud and no AC for 550 pesos = marginal value) to say when it was from.

Your loyal servant,


Oh yeah, both sessions at High Class were 450 pesos plus I tipped 50 since they DIDN´T ASK for a tip.

06-19-03, 18:16

Didn't think about AC at the Frances Hotel. Have always been there in winter . . .

"Wanted to cum and did . . ." Are you talking about you or her??? Sounds like the price was right. Did they offer you 450 or did you negociate?


06-19-03, 19:39
More on Nuevo Galleon. No cover charge,40 pesos a beer for you -70 pesos for her.Lap dances are 250 pesos.There is a hotel next store to the bar, I have never taken a girl there but the price is 1,500 pesos for an hour. You pay this at the bar as you exit for the hotel with your girl and the 1.500 includes her fee,bar exit fee,and the hotel room fee.I didn't try to negotiate this price because I wasn't lookin for a date this night. I am sure the price could change depending on the usual supply and demand principals. There were also some comments in the past about this being in a scary neighborhood. It is 2 blocks from a huge new Wal Mart and Pemex station.They are both lit up very well. This is a business neigborhood in the day and the only places open in the evening are the Nuevo Galleon,hotel and another little bar.This is definitely not a scary area in my opinion.I have been there 6 times with no problems. Buena Suerte,Renegade

06-19-03, 20:59
Originally posted by Prokofiev

Didn't think about AC at the Frances Hotel. Have always been there in winter . . .

"Wanted to cum and did . . ." Are you talking about you or her??? Sounds like the price was right. Did they offer you 450 or did you negociate?


Well, I always want to come. I meant Reyna wanted to cum and did. The 450 was offered and I did not negotiate. I didn{t think the Francés was that hot with the ceiling fan on, but some Canadians got pissed and left. BTW I thought the beds were good. Next weekend though, I think I will just stay near High Class at this place I saw for 450 pesos, since I don't think I'll go downtown.

Dollar Bill
06-23-03, 19:17

Visited Guadalajara last Thurs and Friday. Went to High Class on Thursday and there were about 6 of 10 girls not occupied. They introduced me to them and I asked about if there were more. They said they were busy, so I waited for about 15 minutes until I saw another. I decided to make due with what I had already seen. (I saw one 8 in the group so I picked her). Can not remember her name but she had a nice body (clothed) and redish/blond hair. She said she was 24 and had a 9 year boy and a younger daughter. 1/2 hour massage cost me $450 up front. She took the money downstairs and I showered, moved the mirror (so I would be able to see her while I was getting my back massage), and laid down on the table. She came back in, told me 10 minutes massage, then we could have more fun. I asked her to take off her clothes from the start. Her body was a little loose because of her kids, however, she had a great smile and beautiful eyes. After about 10 minutes, I rolled over and got some hand action. She then gave me a pretty nice CBJ. I noticed that because of timing, I needed to move this along. I had her sit on the table with her legs hanging off the side. Her kitty looked a little used and not very tight, but I entered her anyway. I started to pump away when the smell of old fish hit me. My "little buddy" lost interest and there is no getting him interested once it encounters a "fish" market. So I told her that we should just take a shower and get dressed. Once in the shower, she gave me a hand job w/o condom till I got off. Overall - not the best experience.

I left and took a taxi to the Men's club. (around 5:30 pm). Shows were like every 15 minutes. Alot 7-8's walking around or sitting by themselves. The 9's were occupied so I just had a drink and left. Normal drink (normally $3-4 US somewhere else) cost me $11 US with tip.

Will report later about an experience in Jovi (estetica) the following morning. Much better and had a chica rating a 9 to boot!

07-01-03, 06:56
went to high class again on saturday and had selene. not bad but not as good as the first two times. not as gfe plus i was kinda distracted for some reason. but, it was fine. she is very slender and has no scars, tattoos, or burn marks and definitely does not have the stinky pussy problem the previous poster referred to. again was quoted 450 and gave her 500. i like this place. no hassle, no pressure, just good clean fun. never did make it to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123); maybe next time.

Injun Bro
07-01-03, 18:00
hey gents,

first time to post, but have been an avid reader of the board for years. don’t know why it has taken so long for me to get my ass in gear and register.

anyway, i’ve had many experiences over the years and will do my best to share those that are still relevant.

in gdl every other month or so, so i’ve taken the occasional opportunity to survey the goods here. i agree that gdl has some very beautiful women and what more does a red-blooded man than that to take a sample or two, or ten?

strip clubs-
kaos- have been 3 times. each time have had the typical lap dances (3 for $45 usd) and then went on to have fs upstairs. the first time, to my surprise, the gal(cassandra) offered up the option. didn’t even really know “upstairs” existed, as it was my first time. so i said what the heck and went on up. my buddy was with me as well and the gal he was dancing (mariana) was friends with cassandra so he ended up coming upstairs as well. i figured we were going to have a group thing.

the one on one fee was $250 usd for half an hour, didn’t ask about the group thing. the price seemed steep but with a bac of about .5 and some urging by my buddy, i didn’t really care. besides, the laps were the best i’d ever had. full contact with a little french involved.

basically here’s how the process works:
1.) pay your $250 at the bar downstairs. if you pay by credit card they take id, fingerprint, etc. the name on the credit card slip is something like “guadalajara espectaculos”.

2.) they take you to a “secret” door guarded by a mean looking mexican dude and he opens it up and you and the girl upstairs where there are a couple of other manager types that assign you a room and take drink orders. don’t buy any drinks for yourself or the girl; i’m pretty sure they are about 2x the price when you’re upstairs. i learned that the hard way the first time around.

3.) now you’re in the room. it’s a decent sized room with a bed and a tv, no bathroom though. there’s only one and it’s a larger shared type facility for both men and women.

4.) before you commence, a bus boy will come around and sell you a condom if you don’t happen to have any. i didn’t come prepared so it was another 70 pesos for 2 jimmy hats. the bus boy graciously gave himself a 30 peso tip after i handed him a 100 peso bill.

5.) then it was on. cassandra, a brunette with a nicely trimmed beav, is about a 7-8 until she takes her top off. she’s had a boob job and unfortunately the doctor tore her up pretty good. she’s got a huge scar under each areola that are akin to frankenstein’s scars. without the scars, her melons would look pretty good. anyway, she didn’t rush me or care if i went down on her, a big turn on for me, so i gave the session about a 7.

since the first time, i’ve been back twice. the second time was with mariana, the gal my buddy was with the first time. i call him my blood bother now. mariana is about a 7 as well, slender, nice c cups and a great little ass. my buddy says she let him do her greek, but when i tried to play down there, she wasn’t having it. she also let me daty. her patch is nearly bald and she had a great taste and well formed parts so it was especially exciting. i chowed till she came; “terminar” is what she called it. after that she started in on a little bbbj. i’m not sure what she was doing, but her talent was incredible. if i wasn’t on a budget or time schedule i would have opted for the full oral monty and then went a second round for good ol’ penetration. i give my experience with her about an 8.5. the only way it could be higher is if i wasn’t paying for it.

the last time i was there i asked for mariana again, but she was on vacation. bummer. i had to settle for a new gal, can’t remember her name though. she was about an 8 with a body to match but was less into the whole thing. i had to beg her to let me daty and once she finally gave in i’m sure she didn’t regret it. i gave the session about a 5. mariana is definitely the ticket. if i spoke better spanish i might think about getting her number for some dinner/movie/free action.

just a couple of observations:
out of all the laps i’ve gotten from all the different girls, only one offered the “upstairs” option.
of the three times i’ve been upstairs, there has never been anyone else partaking, except for my buddy the first time.
as everyone else describes, everybody in that place has his or her hand out. it does get annoying.

using tips gained from the board i decided to try out high class last night. this was my first try at a mp in mexico. i grabbed a cab about 6:00 pm and told the older cabby that i wanted to go to high class. he had no clue what i was talking about. i told him that it was an estetica so he went to check with his cabby friends on the 411. he came back a few minutes later and said that we were on our way. not having the address was a mistake. we ended up at [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123). rather than trying to argue and say that it wasn’t high class, i settled and went on in. there were three guys at the front desk. i never really said anything except hola, como esta and they took me back to the screening room. just like the brochure said, they had a line up of about 8-10 gals. they ranged from about a 4 to 7. i chose leti, about a 6. she had a nice body, cs and a medium back end. from there the “lot boy” took me upstairs to another room and collected the non-negotiable fee of 900 pesos. about three minutes later leti came in and asked me to remove my clothes. i did and she started in on the baby oil massage. started face down and worked her way from the bottom up. she was rushed so there wasn’t much enjoyment in it. once turned over, she basically went straight for the cbj. then she got on the massage table for a little missionary then finished off from behind. she wouldn’t let me play with her love button whilst in the act for some reason. not sure, maybe too personal for her-whatever. for the money it seems like high class is a better option. i might try to give it a go before i leave.

hope this helps out on your future endeavors,

injun bro

07-15-03, 04:38
Went to this massage parlor on Manzano st. and Montenegro, just behind the Sears store en 16 de Septiembre ave. close to the Nuevo Galeon. The name of the place is Geisha Massage Parlor, average girls, price was 390 pesos for full service, there were like 5 gilrs working it was early on the day around noon and on Monday. So you figure, I picked this blonde girl with the name of Sonia I will give her a 7.5 maybe and 8 the place is clean, she is a realy friendly woman, what stunn me was that she was not wearing any underclothes, once we got to action she told me she is a single mother, but her breast not saggy and her tummy jus a little bit but not really noticible. She gave me a great cbj and down to action did several positions and she kept asking me if I was close to cum so she could stop, because she wanted to cum first, great attitude, I told her if she would go to private parties, and she said yep, I'll try to get her phone number soon.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-18-03, 16:36
In October or November, am going to GDL for the first time, so I really appreciate what you guys have posted. I'll probably spend a week or so there and be able to wander around and explore. There seems to be general agreement that High Class is the best place to start in sampling the esteticas. Dickhead's description of his experience with Reyna sounded good. I do have a couple of questions:

1) Can you bargain with either the desk people or the girl at an estetica?

2) I like being able to talk (when I can get my breath) with the girl I'm with, so I'm wondering whether anyone can recommend a book or website with Spanish words and phrases for getting intimately acquainted and playing and getting it on.

3) DollarBill, you made an interesting comment about a place named Jovi and said you would tell more later. Is there more to tell? Has anyone else been to Jovi?

4) Has anyone else been to GeishaMP, the place near Nuevo Galeon which Rockdriquez described? It sounds as if he had a good time.

Thanks for any comments. This Forum is a great resource.


07-20-03, 16:16
Originally posted by Deicer
I do have a couple of questions:

1) Can you bargain with either the desk people or the girl at an estetica?

In Méjico, you can bargain with anyone, at any time, under any circumstances, for any reason. Bargaining ranks right up there with soccer and baseball as national sports. Now whether you will be SUCCESSFUL in your bargaining is another story.

Tell Reyna 'El Toro Rojo' says hola.

07-20-03, 18:24
Originally posted by Dickhead
In Méjico, you can bargain with anyone, at any time, under any circumstances, for any reason. Bargaining ranks right up there with soccer and baseball as national sports. Now whether you will be SUCCESSFUL in your bargaining is another story.

Tell Reyna 'El Toro Rojo' says hola. Reyna sounds like fun. Of course, she was into it for a GFE with you (congrats). I will ask whether she is there, and see whether our chemistry together is good. Will also pass on your warm praise if all goes pretty well, you should get a warm return reception :).

By the way, is there a website where I can download a map of GDJ? I need to get the lay of the land, locate High Class and other spots, and review the directions you guys have previously posted.

I like exploring on foot and by local buses, looking for eye contact, trying to use what little Spanish I know, trying to figure out what's going on, etc.


Dollar Bill
07-21-03, 16:39

Posted by Deicer

3) DollarBill, you made an interesting comment about a place named Jovi and said you would tell more later. Is there more to tell? Has anyone else been to Jovi?

Sorry Deicer - I forgot that I need to write more about my time in Gdl.

Jovi is an estetica about 2 blocks west of High Class.

I stopped by Jovi after my time in High Class (see my last post about High Class). Even though I had just gotten a release in the shower by what’s her face, I figured I would do a little scouting for my next days activity. I walked down the street (on same side as High Class – going west), and entered the establishment. He asked me if I wanted a message or a hair cut. I told him message. He took me into a very nice room / suite with message table, Jacuzzi, and shower. He had all the girls come in and introduce themselves. The first one in the room was a HOTTY named Daniella. About 10 other girls must have come in also, but I knew this chick was the one. After they left the room, the guy asked me which one I wanted. I said that I had forgotten that I had a meeting (it was a little lie – I went to The Men’s club to see the talent) and that I would come back in the morning. I asked about the time they opened and if Daniella was going to be there. He told me 10 AM and yes, she would be working.

I returned to Jovi the next morning at about 11:30 AM and immediately asked for Daniella. They lead me upstairs and advised me to wait for her to come up. About 5 minutes later, she came in looking very "delicious." She asked if I wanted a regular message (around $400 pesos) or a full service ($850 pesos). Even though I was a little tight on cash that morning, I had enough for that and a taxi. I got the full treatment.

She took off my clothes and I did the same for her. I asked her if she would mind taking a shower with me. She did not have a problem with that but just wanted to keep her face and hair dry. She had her make up on and looking GREAT! I said no problem and got a good soapy message and nice little hand job. I soaped up her breasts and her puss.

We got dried off and moved to the bed. I had her lay down started to play with her pussy. I moved in to help and got to DATY for a while. She then pulled my hips towards her face, placed a rubber in her mouth and put the rubber on with her mouth and continued with a nice little head job. Once I was feeling really good, I moved around and on the table for a little missionary position. This was really nice but was a little difficult staying on the narrow table. She had me lay down and while squatting over me, entered me and did her job very nicely. She was really a beautiful girl. She got me off within 5 minutes of her pounding me. What a puss! Nice and tight and a hot body. If she lost 5 –10 pounds, she could have been one of the hottest strippers in the Men’s club. She had the face and body for it. She was all natural beauty!

I left there with one big smile on my face.

I recommend Jovi and really recommend Daniella. She is about 5’ 4" dark hair, dark eyes, 34 big B - C cup tits, very nice smaller round ass.

Dollar Bill$

07-22-03, 01:18
I recommend Jovi and really recommend Daniella. She is about 5’ 4" dark hair, dark eyes, 34 big B - C cup tits, very nice smaller round ass.

Dollar Bill$ [/i][/QUOTE]You just put Jovi and Daniella on my to do list, and made me wish I were rolling in there right now.

Has anyone else been to Jovi?



07-24-03, 23:57
Hi, I live in Guadalajara, so I can give information if you need any.

You can find a map of Guadalajara at www.guiaroji.com.mx.

I have read some of you guys like the Nuevo Galeon so I went to try it.

First there was a rat crossing the near door. I consider it a dangerous zone. The place was very dark. I saw a few nice looking girls, but we didn't stay.

I would recommend to you other places like:

-The Men's Club: One of the best places, girls from countries like Hungary, Cuba, Republica Dominicana. Lazaro Cardenas Avenue

-Golden Club, near Howard Johnson hotel. A new place, they have nice looking girls but not so many as Men's Club.

-Candy's Girls. I like this place very much, but I like to go on Friday, because in Saturdays the girls go some other place to have fun on their own.

I'd try to avoid Kaoz. I think it's very hostile environment. Everybody asks you for tips, and there have been cases of guys beaten by the bouncers.

08-03-03, 04:10
recently went to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123). they wanted 900 pesos for an hour with a girl. i had to catch a plane, didn;t have a lot of time so i said 800. they would not budge so i said fuck it and did the deed. nice looking girl, fake tits, ok massage and ok lay. i hate those damn massage tables. anyway, it had been about a year since i had been there and i think that the prices have doubled and that the quality of the girls is not quite as good. i think too many gringos know about it know so i guess that i will try high class next time and will give a full report.

also, a taxista gave me the number of two younger (18-20) girls that are supposed to be hot and will do the deed for $700 pesos at your hotel. he said that they are married, but do it on the side during the days so there husbands/boyfriends will not find out. said that they were from the campo and did a good job. will try next time i have more time and publish the number if it is worthwhile.

Massage Lover
08-04-03, 05:05
I arrived in Guadalajara on Tuesday July 15, 2003 and stayed at the Mission Carlton Hotel at Av. Ninos Heroes No. 125. The hotel is “first class” with fine food and great service. Most of the staff speaks English. Also, the hotel does not allow visitors to your room after 8 PM or so, especially if your lady guest looks “professional.” Using tips and information gained from this board, I decided to try out the “Estetica High Class” in the late afternoon. This was my first try at a massage parlor in Guadalajara. I grabbed a cab about 4:00 PM and told the cabby that I wanted to go to the “High Class Estetica.” He looked puzzled so I gave him the address on Lazaro Cardenas and he still had no clue what I was talking about. I wrote the address on a note pad and after the cabby read it, decided to give it a try. We found that the No. 2934 address given in previous posts was a garage and house. Luckily, High Class was across the street from this address. On arrival, I obtained a business card (tarjeta de negocio) from the desk manager. The real address is:

High Class Estetica
Lazaro Cardenas No. 2913
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Tel: (01 33) 3122-0540

One of the girls (Reyna) took me back to the screening room and a parade of 10 great looking women introduced themselves with their name. There were so many pretty women it just blew my mind. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember any of their names when it came time to choose. I would rate all of them between 5 and 9. I had to go into the office area to make my final choice. After careful consideration and reviewing what was said on previous posts, I chose one of the more mature women, Maira (a 7 in my book). She is 30 years old, very pretty with a nice slim body, B tits, great nipples, no scars, and a firm (tight) rear end. In conversation I found out she was divorced, had 3 kids ranging from 6 to 11 years of age, and appeared well educated. We agreed on 750 pesos for the hour (tip included). She came in after I showered and asked if I wanted something to drink (I accepted the invitation and asked for a Pepsi).

We both disrobed and asked me lay face down on the table. She started in on the baby oil massage and worked her way over me from the top down. She was not rushed and a lot of teasing occurred around by thighs, balls, and ass. She took my hand and rubbed against her very wet pussy several times. Her pussy tasted great. She must have known I was very interested in her because I asked very direct questions about her life and education. I tried to get to know her a little, thus making the mental tie that I was not just interested in fucking her, but wanting to “make love” to her. I treated her with the utmost respect and kindness. As we started, I starred into her brown eyes. She then became very compassionate, and me likewise. As we started, her response was in the way she touched and stroked me all over.

After giving me a BBBJ for a while, she slipped on a condom and really went to town bringing me to peak and then slowing or stopping. I asked her in Spanish if she liked oral sex and she replied “Si.” Maira then planted her wet dripping pussy right on my face. Pressing hard and rotating her hips in all directions, she just couldn’t get enough of my tongue. It seemed as if I had her whole pussy in my mouth. She really went ballistic when I teased her anal area with my tongue. When she came, her whole body shuddered and she moaned passionately. She was dripping with sweat and after cooling a bit, she hopped on top and proceeded to fuck my brains out. We did several positions with the last being “doggie style.” I came (mucho esperma) filling the condom pretty well. After I got a little soft, I pulled out, but the rubber came off. Maira skillfully pulled the soaking wet condom from her tight pussy, tied it in a knot, examined its contents, and announced “uno litro.” We laughed a bit, and showed again together, cleaning each other off.

I would rate this experience a solid “9” with a great young woman who truly knew how to take care of her customer. When I return to Guadalajara, I will surely seek her out again. I hope any who visit here has the same (or better) experience.

Montana Realty
08-12-03, 18:57
I'm going to Guadalajara on the 21st of August and had a few questions to ask. First of all, is it pretty easy to hook up in Guadalajara? Do the girls there find particlarly more interest in Americans? I've heard in some countries Americans get the royal treatment. I was wondering if this is true in Guadalajara and the surrounding areas? One last thing, where would be the first place you would go if you went to Guadalajara?

Thanks guys!

08-14-03, 02:40

Sounds like the same Maira I did there several times in January. Thought she was great. But try to hold the line on prices. With so many reports that High Class costs between 450 and 550, you went a little high at 750 pesos.


The girls have more interest in Americans only if you promise to marry them. Good luck. And read all the previous reports . . . thats why we post the info.

Peace, -P

08-14-03, 08:20
proko coulnd't agree with you more on holding the prices down at the mp's in guadalajara. you can actually walk between high class,[CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and jovi mp's ;review all the girls available and get there prices and return to the one you prefer in 20 minutes that is how close they are on lazaro cardenas. i think i was the first guy to post on high class so don't make me regret it. another mp i saw recently is luigis at lopez cotilla 1882.i have never been there so can't recomend,but maybe a fellow monger can check it out.proko- i have dated many different women in mexico without the promise of marriage.americans are very popular with women here in guadalajara,and i have found them very approachable.like all places some are looking for husbands,but there are many just wanting to go out and have a good time. there is a shortage of women to men in guadalajara,according to my friends here.i am talking abot amateurs of course. maybe your experiences with mexican women has been different.also interesting is that friends i know in there thirties all talk about how much more permiscuos the 18 & 20 year olds are now in guadalajara.buena suerte,renegade

08-15-03, 02:14

I think all girls in Gdl think different. Maybe you can find someone who is particularly interested in you because you are american, buy I think that most of the time girls want good looking or fun guys, american or not. There can be some girls who may discard you just because you are "gringo".

But if you go to the strip bars and massage parlors, you will surely get a good treatment because of your dollars.

I recommend a small downtown bar called "Meridiano 60", maybe you can find some promiscous young ladies there, or "La Copa de Champagne" for thirties-ladies who are promiscous too.

And you can ask me about prices.

High Class price is $450, don't pay more than that.

08-15-03, 06:51
Correction to last post. There is a shortage of men for the available women in Guadalajara. Buena Suerte,Renegade

Montana Realty
08-17-03, 00:53
When you guys go to the MP's do you ever skip the massage and tell the girl that you want to get straight to business. Sorry if this sounds dumb but I'm new to this scene. My buddy told me that he's never really gooten a good massage from any of the MP's.

08-18-03, 17:09
It depends on the place, there are some MP where the girls do a lousy job and they have no knowledge about giving a massage.

And there are some places where the girls have studies on reflexology and some kinds of massage. For example the estetica that used to be named "Zeus" (no sign on the door) in Vallarta avenue near Fiestamericana hotel.

I met a girl named Dafne in "Diamonds", who was wonderful. She used to give me an almost 1 hour massage rubbing my feet, my butt, and after that, BJ. It's a shame she got married. (I miss her).

And another girl at the same place gave me a lousy massage, so I cancelled the whole thing. I payed only the massage and I left.

08-19-03, 20:50
Originally posted by Montana Realty
When you guys go to the MP's do you ever skip the massage and tell the girl that you want to get straight to business. Sorry if this sounds dumb but I'm new to this scene. My buddy told me that he's never really gooten a good massage from any of the MP's.

I always do that and I've never had any problems with it. I am not interested in massage as it aggravates my neck problem.

08-20-03, 17:56
If you have reasonable skills and good hands, I suggest that you give HER a massage on the table. A lot of guys do this, although very few do it well. The advantage is that you can easily check out the girls body without her becoming nervous or embarassed. All body parts are yours. And if you are good at it and put in a decent amount of time, at least 15 minutes, you can have her relaxed and purring like a kitten. Trust me, she will get more pleasure from the massage than anything you are going to do with your dick - despite all the moaning and fake orgasms. It also gives you a good time to chat with her and get some sort of friendship going.

Most women will respond to this and pay you back big time. Also the time you spend working on her usually doesn't count - the meters not running. Although that depends on the place and whether it's busy. A good way to extend the session and please the girl. Develop some skills and put some real effort into it. Worth it

Peace, -P

Montana Realty
08-20-03, 19:39

So what's the best way to do this? What do you tell them?


Thats a great idea. I need to learn to give some great massages, would definitely pay off with the ladies.


08-21-03, 22:31
I say, "Con respeto no necesito masaje y prefiero empezar con las relaciones." (Respectfully) I don't need a massage and would prefer to start the sex. Or I say "El masaje no me interesa mucho." Massage really doesn't interest me. Then they usually just start with the blow job.

09-19-03, 13:46
I am arriving in GDL on September 26. I have been trying to make appropriate plans while there. Hopefully, I can add something meaningful to the previous posts. If you have anything recent or particularly helpful.

Thanks to all of those who have submitted reports. GDL sounds magnificent!

El Mojado
10-24-03, 09:10
Hello Everyone, sorry it has been a while...

I just returned yesterday from a 2 month long trip to beautiful Mexico and I am much closer to realizing my dream / goal of living full time in Mexico. I was able to get a house south of Guadalajara in a smaller sized town. The town has a "table dance" club but it is horrible and not worth mentioning. Thankfully I only wasted $80 USD before realizing how bad it was. So I will spare you the details of that dreary dump.

But I do have a travel update and a very positive report on High Class Estetica in Guadalajara.

High Class, as many of you have reported on here, is at 2913 Lazaro Cardenas between the streets of Lopez Mateos and Mariano Otero. My taxi driver had some trouble figuring out where it was with just the physical address. The cross streets were extremely helpful.

It was my last day in Mexico and I got a late start in the day due to a lot of last minute events in Mexico (including picking up my nationalized truck's insurance at the insurance office and getting a final chance to see a cute chica there who I bought the insurance from... ;)

I arrived to the airport in Guadalajara exactly 3 hours before my flight and checked in my bags and saw that I had a little over 2 hours left before my flight left. So I went ahead with the plan to go to High Class and I took a cab from the airport to High Class. It is not that far, but it did take about 20 to 25 minutes to get there from the airport. For those of you traveling via bus, it would probably take 15 to 20 minutes in the taxi from the bus station. For those pinching the pesos, you could probably figure out how to catch a local "Pesero" city bus from the central bus station area that costs about $3 pesos (currently about 27 cents US) that will take you down Lazaro Cardenas but it would take a lot longer than 20 minutes.

So I arrived to High Class in great timing and went in and I was whisked away quickly by a young woman named Jazmine. She took me down a hall, through a door, past some legitimate looking haircut stations with wash basins and had me sit down and told me the lowdown on the services.

I was told that for $500 pesos I could have 30 minutes with a woman of my choice for massage and sex. This is $50 higher than previously posted but it seemed very rehearsed so I guessed that the prices had changed (inflation and the recent devaluation of the peso). She also told me that I could have a "double" for $1000 pesos and have the woman for the entire hour. She noticed my carry-on luggage and I told her I was heading out so that the 30 minute service was fine.

As others have posted on here, I was asked if I wanted to have the service with her or see the girls first and I agreed. She had the available women come in one by one and briefly introduce themselves. There was a wide range of women, a few blondes, many brunetes. A few very attractive women and some that looked a little "weather beaten", but probably the most "fun". I ended up staying with Jazmine, though there were a few girls more attractive than she is.

Anyway, the session was great... We went upstairs to an available room (It was about 4PM and it was not busy) and she asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I was thirsty and asked for a coke and she told me to undress and she would be back in a moment. I undressed and waited on the table. They are basically raised "slabs" of cement with tile on them with a cushion and a hospital style fitted sheet on them. It was not uncomfortable, but it was very spartan. She returned and I drank some soda and lied on my stomach and the massage began...

After a few minutes (the massage wasn't great though I sure could have used one for my neck and legs) I started to reach back and touch Jazmine and she removed her towel and exposed a very beautiful, young body and proceeded to ask me if I wanted to proceed with the "relaciones" part of the "massaje" and I said "Si, gracias"...

She proceeded to do a covered BBJ with a condom I brought from the U.S. instead of the cheapo Mexican condoms these places tend to have (I like Lifestyles condoms -- never had one break and they feel pretty good). After a little of that she changed positions and started to ride me hard... it was very nice and she had a good rhythm to her movements but she was a bit rough on the ride. That and the padding not being as thick as a mattress may have been what affected me. Anyway, I just held her on me and ground into her and she got the message and just continued grinding her hips gently and passionatly into mine... very nice indeed!

After doing this for a little while, we switched to "estilo perrito" and finished off in the missionary position. I made very sure not to put too much weight on her and she did seem to appreciate that. I'm not super heavy, but I have been eating more quesadillas and tacos than I usually do. We finished a little before the half hour was up and I was very surprised to see that there was a shower there with a sink as well. I thought they may not have hot water but Jazmine told me they did so I showered with Jazmine and we talked a little bit and I found out that she was 22 years old!!! I knew she was young, but not that young. I asked if she had any kids and she said she didn't. Her body was very nice and her tits were natural C's...

I didn't offer her a tip and she didn't ask for one either. I'm not "cheap" but I am conscious that we need to maintain the prices or they will go way, way up. I did tell Jazmine that I would be back and though she may not remember me when I got back that I would remember her if she was still there. She told me I would probably forget her, but I won't. I just hope she is still around for when I get back. I asked her, somewhat jokingly, if I were to come to the estetica once a week if she would forget me and she laughed and smiled and said, "no...". I told her that I didn't expect her to remember my name because of so many clients that come in, but that I would try to "jog" her memory next time I was there if she was around and available.

And so I asked her for one more thing. I needed a taxi and I asked if they could get a taxi for me. She said she would go and stop a cab for me and asked me to get dressed and be down for the taxi. She went down and came back up quickly and told me she had stopped a taxi but saw that I wasn't ready and said she would stop another one. I got down the stairs and a taxi had arrived to bring a client in but that he was paid to wait for the client to "finish". Unfortunately this taxi didn't have a radio in his car for some reason but he went outside to hail a cab for me while I waited inside. Jazmine invited me to sit down on the couch and wait and I sat there and it was a strange experience after having had some passionate sex to be sitting amongst the "working ladies". But Jazmine soon sat next to me and we talked a little as I finished my coke. I made a few light jokes and looked at my watch and hoped that a taxi would stop. Apparently there is a glorieta very close to this estetica and the taxis coming through there don't tend to stop in front of this place.

Fortunately, I got a cab and then said bye to Jazmine and the girls and left. I made it back to the airport in plenty of time and didn't even have my carry on luggage searched. I know I had a "perma-smile" on my face from Jazmine and all I could think during the taxi ride back to the airport and walking around in the airport was Jazmine's nice butt, tits and face and big brown eyes... She was definitely a nice image to have in my head for the flight back.

My only regret... I didn't go to High Class at the start of my trip! I hope to be a repeat customer. It only costs me $8 USD to catch a bus from the small town to Guadalajara and once I figure out the city bus system I hope it won't cost much more than another 1 USD to get to the Estetica and back via bus. And with the $500 peso fee (about $45 USD) the total cost for my "adventures in latex" would be about $62 USD. I also hope that if I do end up going a few times a month (probably not once a week, but who knows?) I would get some "extended sessions" if I go during their "off" times. I will let you know.

I have definitely spent a LOT more money on chasing after women in the "standard" way and come up with nothing. Eventually I hope to have a girlfriend and be in Miller's condition :) But in the meantime when I get back to Mexico I will be making lots of regular trips via bus to Guadalajara.

Anyone have any suggestions for decent restaurants near High Class?

I hope to return to Mexico sometime in February 2004 to stay for at least 8 to 10 months :) Hasta pronto!

El Mojado

10-24-03, 19:16
EL Mojado,

I recently returned from a trip to Puerto Vallarta which is about 4 hours drive to the coast - big tourist town. There I met a young woman from Guadalajara and boy was she smoking.

But not to digress - I wanted to ask your opinion regarding the cost of land/housing in the greater Guadalajara region. I'm thinking that I'd like to one day (soon) retire and move to Mexico where I can buy about 20-30 acreas of land, build a small ranch and live out my charro (mexican cowboy) fantasy. I'm totally clueless about the cost of real estate so hopefully you can help.

Please contact me via the WSg Forum's Private Messaging system.

Also for those interested - in PV I stopped by two titty bars... ended up taking two brasilian sisters from Prestige for $300US for a short time for me and a friend. Was fun but if you want brazilians. Go to Brazil!

Rico Cafe
10-25-03, 00:38
I thought I should add my report on Guadalajara although it has been about 6 months since the last time I was there.

The Men's Club is definately the best t & a club, I have had two girls lap dancing and doing lesbian stuff right on top of me. The service/atmosphere is first class, the talent is incredible and international and all of the liquor is top shelf. They also take credit cards for everything so you can run up a big bill if you are so inclined. The girls will go out after they close but it can be costly and of course that can be pretty late at night. I tried one of the escort services listed in the Yellow Pages under "estetica", I called a couple but settled on the first one with the largest ad. They told me that a girl matching my request would be delivered to the corner across the street from my hotel in 30 minutes and they were right on time. I paid the driver and walked into the hotel as if she was my girlfriend...no problem. She was dressed like a business woman and in we went.

We had a great time for about two hours, it cost about $150 and we did it every which way. Luckily I had stocked up on the little blue diamond pill so I was ready to go over and over, these are good but the new one Levitra seems better. A little easier on the cardio sysytem it seems and costs about the same and lasts about 36 hours!! (of course I don't know that for a fact) Guadalajara is my kind of town!

El Mojado
10-28-03, 09:31
Hey Gimmedub, yes, the latina women in Puerto Vallarta are quite hot... Anyway, I tried to send you a message via the private messaging system but you have it shut off so I could not send you anything. I saved it in text format so when you get it turned on (go into the options section of the User Control Panel) I can send it out to you. Mine is now turned on (it was off before) so you can send me a message to let me know you are ready to receive it.

The Junior's Table Dance bar in PV is expensive but tends to have better women. The other one next to it is cheaper and if you climb the stairs instead of arrive by taxi you do not have to pay a cover charge (at least that is how it was 2 years ago or so, but it probably has changed). I think that is your reward for climbing up a god-awful number of stairs. My brother and I went there that time and we called it "The House of the Rising Stairs"... They charge less for "take out" than Juniors, but it is still a lot of $$$. It is cheaper from what I've read on here to just have them there onsite. Anyway, PV is expensive... After having gone to High Class for $45 USD most places are going to be Expensive. ;)

Hey, regarding that Rancho you want to make in Mexico... too bad a bunch of us from here cannot get together to make our own "brothel"/"Table Dance" / "Estetica" for ourselves and U.S. tourists! (For WSG Mongers) Shoot... we could even teach the ladies English! Now that would be something I would be willing to invest in :) ;)

El Mojado

World Wise
10-30-03, 17:50
Hi everyone.

I am visiting GDL for the first time next week. I have read reports about High Class and other spots, and am looking forward to checking it out, and reporting back.

Are there any other locations I should hit? I'm not really looking for dance bars, or specator sports, but more for available ladies who are interested. Not speaking Spanish is a limitation for me, I know. I wil locate High Class Estetica, and that part of town. I am staying out in Tlaquepaque. Are there any areas I should check out in that part of the area? Does a taxi into GDL make the most sense, or is the bus just as fast and reliable?

I've heard that GDL is safe on the streets, and crime is low compaired to most cities in the country. Correct? Can I operate with dollars, or should I change into the local currency?

Any help would be appreciated.

11-13-03, 05:54
El mojado,

I pm'd you but still no answer :( - you're probably down in GDL rounding up some beautiful girls for your stable! When you do read this drop a line, please send me a PM.

11-14-03, 17:54
Hi all:

I'm going to Guadalajara for the first time too in 2 weeks. I'm into the SW scene... any ideas where I can find women in the streets, particularly in the daytime... markets, park, throughfares, etc? Any help would be great!


11-14-03, 19:08
World Wise: Do NOT operate with dollars. Not speaking Spanish will be enough of a limitation and operating with dollars will just tattoo "Rip Me Off" on your forehead. Furthermore there is no need to operate with dollars as ATMs are widely available. If you are flying in, use the ATM at the airport and not the money changers.

El Aleman
11-15-03, 17:28
Well, friends in carnal desires, some facts, observations and comments about the city of Guadalajara.

$ always means peso, unless otherwise specified!

Work left me exactly one day for tourist stuff - including the exploration of local talent, a Sunday. So I decided to first pay a visit to a location that has often been mentioned on this board, High Class Estetica. Things were as previously described, I was led into a small room by a lady, that looked like the archetype of many of the women you see on the street in Guadalajara - latin with quite some indio in her, black hair, dark tan skin, a very feminine figure packed into a bit too narrow jeans. Lorena. She explained the options: $ 450 about half hour, one pop, $ 780 about an hour, 2 pops. That might explain some different quotes some guys have heard, I also have the feeling it helped that I established at the beginning not to be a norteamericano. There might be a two tier (or multi tier) price system. I opted 2 pop.

When she got out of her too tight jeans, it became apparent that those play y vital role in keeping things together. Also, gravity is the natural enemy of the femnale breast. That said - good CBJ, a ride, and finish "estilo gatito". Solid sex, nothing spectacular, definitely no GFE.

After a shower and 10 minutes in a too cold sauna, round 2. I must admit, I overestimated myself, El Alemanito went limp again, but Lorena has a sort of hooker's honour - If a guy pays for twice, he is supposed to come twice. Hard work on her side, but - yes.

Finished, dressed again, she came with my change (I prepaid $ 1000, and she correctly gave back $ 220). As Dickhead previously observed, no tip requested - so she got one.

After dinner, I decided to check out the t&a club scene. not necessarily to get laid again, but to get an idea of "look and feel" of these clubs. I asked a cabby to take me to Men's club. It was closed. According to the driver not because of the Sunday, he said it was always open. He then suggested another place ,"Palm somethoing" - also closed. His third suggetion was a place called "Ramses" - open. Interesting, he never mentioned Kaos. Maybe that place sucks so much that they don't even give decent kickbacks to the cabbies...

Ramses. a rather dark room, maybe 60 * 30, in the middle a long stage / dancing table, decorated like Hollywood's perception of ancient Egypt. Had a 21st century (a.C.) spotlight exatly opposito of me.

Moderately pushy. takes about 5 minutes for three guys to introduce themselves as your waiter, your personal care - taker and I forgot the third one (means: potential tip receivers), another 5 minutes for a girl to sit beside you, and 5 min. more for her to order herself a drink. Prices moderate for that kind of place, $ 40 a beer for you (they come in 3 - packs), $ 130 a ladie's drink, Tequila (who would have thought?) something.

On stage a sequence of admittedly beautiful girls. some really great performances. And, plastic surgeons in this city know their jobs. (I mean it - I played with a pair of tits which were feelable, but certainly not visibly enhanced). You can buy "private dances" - separate room, she sits on you wearing nothing but a g string, your hands wherever you want, theirs squeezing what they get through your pants, $160 - and "very private sessions" for $ 480. This gives you 15 min with the chica of your choice in a room decorated with a nice sofa.

I did not pursue this any farther, because a) it was getting quite late, b) I already had run a significant tab, and c) I had not much confidence in the performance to be expected from Alemanito, considering the afternoon's events. I hope to read ongoing research results soon at this place. If you get what I suppose and would appreciate, a good strategy for the night would be, nurse a beer defending all approaching chicas until you know what you want, buy her one drink and proceed directly into a double or triple time session.

So many facts. Now some observations:

Somebody wrote, that the women of Guadalajara would be the most beautiful of the world. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and my eyes are still recovering from an extended stay in Buenos Aires. OK, there are some real beauties on the streets of Guadalajara, but my observation (and I may err) is, that a very frequent vita of a women here goes like this: At age 15 she is a real beauty, with 17, pregnant, with 18 married. Age 25, she has 5 kids, and with 30 she weighs at least twice as much as with 15.

The esteticas provide good service, but they are in my opinion not able to give you anything like a GFE you could have elsewhere. As I said, I am spoiled by Buenos Aires, and beeing there with a club or internet girl for one or several hours in the privacy of your room is in another league. I would thus consider Guadalajara (and maybe Mexico) not as a "mongering destination", especially not for an European, who can find similar (or better) closer to home.

What I missed (or maybe just did not find) was a place to get laid during the night. The esteticas close at 9 pm, and calling an escort service to get a girl I have never seen before is not my thing. The internet addresses I found in the Guadalajare phone book (www.thailand.com.mx, www.caos.com.mx, www.intimoo.com) all don't work.

El Aleman

11-15-03, 18:33

I can't disagree with any of your observations. From my experience with the esteticas, they will adhere to the 1 pop/ 2 pop rules but not the time limits. I have always paid between $350 and $550 pesos (450 and 550 at High Class) and I never spend less than an hour. Of course if you start banging her immediately, 30 minutes may be her limit. But if you talk a little, get a massage, give her a massage . . . it usually takes 30-45 minutes before anything sexual happens. Depends on if she is busy and how you treat her.

As to attitude and GFE, well the ladies of Buenos Aires have that big time. And I know of no other place that equals it. But you can improve the GFE in Mexico by seeing the same woman a second or third time. They will open up alot more. And you can arrange from them to come to your hotel room. Easy for them because they get off at 9pm (or day shift). But they will get fired if the owner finds out that they are taking HIS money. So she must trust you.

The aging of Mexicanas has been noted and commented upon frequently. And is quite true. Why? Genetics, Mexican food and social customs. Only among the wealthy class will you find older women working hard to keep slim, unlike Europe or BA. And with various amounts of indian blood and a high carb diet, it is a tremendous effort. My best advice . . . enjoy them all!


El Aleman
11-17-03, 12:36

As clearly stated, these were observations made within very limited time, which singled out all the "repeat" and "again" etc. options. Given more time, I certainly would have found some more opportunities, taking out the estetica girls after hours sounds like one.

Also, I could imagine that it might be possible to date strip club girls during their off hours.

El Aleman

12-18-03, 04:45
I need an answer to an important question ASAP. I would like to travel in January and can go to GDL or to Toronto. Which, in January, would offer the best time and best experience with providers (Strip club, escort, etc)? Anyone with an opinion please PM or post.

Thank you,


12-19-03, 18:52
Boxing Rule 222

What is racist about Miller's post? I don't see one word of racism in it. IMO this post you may find racist but personally I don't give a shit. Most mexicans resent Americans because we make more money, and live more comfortably than they could ever dream of. I am sure this post will be removed, but what the hell, it is 100% true.

Boxing Rule 222
12-19-03, 22:39
I respect your opinion but I enjoy this board and I do not want to see anything happen to it because some "men" enjoy teenagers for companions.
He can keep his thoughts to himself and not jeopardize this wonderful forum.

It is just my opinion.

12-19-03, 23:32
>I respect your opinion but I enjoy this board and I do not want to see anything happen to it because some "men" enjoy teenagers for companions.

What a load of judgemental BS. For the record, I am 46, my girlfriend is 26. I met her when she was 19 and I was 38 and we have been together, and having sex, for 6 1/2 years. And is just happens that in MY state the legal age of consent for sex is 16 years of age. Meaning if I had been 35 and she had been 16 I probably would have gone for it. Not that the circumstances that brought us together would have been as favorable at that point, it is just for the sake of argument.

The legal age of consent for sex in Mexico is, as I understand, 16 years of age. At least that is what I have read. The same age as in 36 of the 50 United States. Many countries and some of the United States is older, and some it is younger. FL and NC it is a LOT younger. So what is the problem with a fellow having a younger girlfriend? Is it that YOU can only land an old hag and not a sexy young honey 20 years your junior?? Maybe you have a 16 (or 19) year old daugher and can't stand the thought of a grown man sticking his dick in her?? Whatever your hangup about a man having a younger girlfriend it is YOUR hangup, don't pass your baggage on to us.

12-20-03, 04:25
The age of consent in Mexico is 16, BUT only if both parties are under 18, If you are over 18 and get caught with a 16 year old, your ass is grass.......

12-20-03, 04:33
guys, i am not an advocate for **** sex, but as an american if i went to another country and banged a girl under 18, i am subject to u.s. laws and prosecution when i return to the u.s. it doesn't matter if the age of consent in the country that i visited was 12! as long as i am a u.s. citizen, i am subject to the laws of the united states.

fyi: www.ageofconsent.com
very informative
go to the chart

Mill Just
12-20-03, 06:55
(I posted this in the Mexico Info section as well. Although there is no need to defend myself from the one man crusade of "Boxing",I still feel the need to clarify myself to the people who have never read my posts or met me in person)

Wow. Go away for a few days and people are calling for your head! (Or at least one person is).

For the people who know me and have read my posts over the years, I obviously don't need to explain myself. But for "the challenged few" such as Boxing, I would like to make some things clear.

First, having a girlfriend and having a lover are sometimes two different things. I met my girlfriend in a store and I never even suspected that she was 16 until it happened to come up a couple of weeks later. For those who know, Mexican girls often look much older than their age. I was naive about this too until I moved to Mexico. And, as Bill Clinton once said, "I never had sexual relations with that woman." When I found out her age I did everything I could to end the relationship ASAP despite the efforts of the girl and her parents to keep us together. So, you are the perverted one if you just assumed that I was porking this innocent little girl.

Second, I AM of Hispanic ancestry and I speak from first hand experience. The women will almost all tell you here in Mexico that they want an American man who will be less of a sexist than the typical Mexican man. In my three years of living here in Mexico, I've never heard a Mexican woman sing the praises of Mexican men. Does that mean that ALL Mexican men are bad? No. It just means that Mexican men tend to be more traditional with regards to gender roles and many of the modern Mexican women want careers and the sharing of houselhold chores that many American women have. Once again, from first hand experience I can tell you that the Mexican women that I've met find American men more sensitive and supportive. (Although I visit to Mexico from "Boxer" may change their impressions). They may not have had personal experience with American men, but this is their impression. And I have to say that, in general, it is a correct impression from what I've seen. The married men that I know treat their women as maids and the majority have lovers on the side. Is this a racist statement on my part? I don't care because racism is in the eyes of the beholder. I know that I'm not racist against any race, especially hispanics (since I AM a hispanic and I've chosen to live in MEXICO, moron.)

Finally, Boxing, I don't have to answer to you or anyone else. My previous posts speak for me. Obviously you were either too lazy or stupid to check them out. I just feel the need to clarify myself to any other lunk head that chooses to get his panties all in a bunch over some imagined violation. This is the last that I will comment on this because it is a waste of time and space. If anyone should be banned from this board, it should be Boxer for starting a flame war and wasting everybody's time. ( I strongly suspect that Boxer may have had a problem with me before when he used a previous handle and just wanted to lash out at me once again. )

Take care all, Merry X-mas and stay safe.

Despite the lunk heads of the world, I am still:
The Happiest Man Alive :)

Boxing Rule 222
12-20-03, 08:44

since you are of hispanic ancestry that means your dad (according to your racist theory) treated your mother like a bad person. remember this is your theory of personal experience not mine. i pity your mom.

(this is the best one)miller2k stated "i did everything i could to end the relationship asap despite the efforts of the girl and her parents to keep us together." yes i am sure it was hard to break up with a 16 year old baby. lol

a pervert is an old man and a 16 year old period. you used the word girlfriend not i.

if you read my post about personal experiences it is just the opposite. but unlike you i did not post them on this board until i read your racist rhetoric.

miller2k stated "i know that i'm not racist against any race, especially hispanics (since i am a hispanic and i've chosen to live in mexico, moron.)

excuse me did not strom thurmond speak about seperation of the races yet he had a black daughter. hmmmmm.
i think you chose to live in mexico because you have the racist concept that i am better because i am an american. i pity you. what a way to live thinking you are better than others because you are american.

miller2k just for your information i have never met you before or had any problems with you until i read your racist **** post.

you and the michael jacksons in the world stay out of this board please.

12-20-03, 18:47
>FYI: www.ageofconsent.com
>Very informative

That is a good one, thanks. According to this site the legal age of consent for sex in Mexico is 12. That sounds a little young to me. I would not advise getting caught porking a 12 year old down there. You might end up as someone's girlfriend yourself.

And it looks like Florida has been shamed into raising their legal age up from 12 to 18 (16 if you are under 25), which is a little extreme and out of line with most of the country where it remains 16. Looks like FL is no longer Club Ped, so Boxing Rule will have to find somewhere else to play chicken hawk. How are things going there on Neverland Ranch, BTW. NC remains 13 though, as long as you are no more than 6 years older than your honey and 16 for the rest of us.

And before Reverend Boxing Rule starts calling ME a racist, since all of his other arguments have been exposed for the unalloyed bullshit they really are, I am half Spanish and half Irish, and by girlfriend is African-American.

12-20-03, 22:52
just fyi, guys, i don't support **** sex either, but if you are a legal visitor to a country (on your passport, etc) you are subject to the laws of that country only unless you are on a us military base or embassy property. for instance, sex work is legal in amsterdam, but not in the most of the us. if you visit a brothel in amsterdam, you aren't subject to solicitation laws in the us! only if you transport a lady under the age of consent in the us (particular state) for the purpose of having sex, you haven't broken any us laws by engaging in sex with her in her country (as long as it was legal there). now, you may still be a sick jerk, but you are not a criminal. of course, if you marry her in a foriegn country, majority is conveyed if you bring her back to the us regardless of her age. that is ins statute and not subject to state law.

winston (j.d.)

12-21-03, 21:32
winston569 said:

"just fyi, guys, i don't support **** sex either, but if you are a legal visitor to a country (on your passport, etc) you are subject to the laws of that country only ......"

you forget that you live in a country where the slime politicians just love to pass unenforcable, feel-good legislation just so they can get up on their hind legs and crow about it come election time in an effort to perpetrate their power structure. and unfortunately most of the time it works.

it is a crime for a us citizen to travel abroad for the purpose of having sex with a "minor", minor being defined as someone under the age of 18. it is also a crime to conspire to do so, therefore if you are in the business of organizing overseas tours to foreign countries where the age of consent is quite young, and there is the implication that the purpose of the tour is to have sex with minors, the government can prosecute you under this statute even if you keep your dick in your pants.

now someone tell me how the fuck the stupid government is going to enforce such a ridiculous law?? as if they did not have enough other shit out there in this world to worry about. are they going to follow every traveller to every country in the world and check the id of everyone the stick their dicks in?? probably not. and even if they did and even if the traveller did fuck someone who would be considered a minor in the us, they still have the burden of proving that the purpose of the travel in the first place was to engage in sex with minors and not that it just happened incidentally to the travel. another utter waste of your hard earned but easily confirep001ed tax dollars.

this law is far more problematic if the folks like mac horn and others who organize tours to thailand, the phillipines, ect, where the age of consent is young and the girls are plentiful. they don't need much of a connection to at least haul them in and force them to empty their bank accounts defending themselves, even if the prosecutor knows that he really doesn't have a case. and no recourse or recovering expenses either, so they are effectively put out of business without anything actually resembling due process. so much for that pesky innocent until proven guilty thing. another good use for your tax dollars there, putting legitimate, tax-paying businessmen out of business.

Mill Just
12-22-03, 08:12

just ignore "boxer". obviously, he is obssessed with ****philia even when confronted with the truth. his fixation on **** sex is very shocking and quite sad. i can only pray that he doesn't have a daughter. he's the type of pervert who runs to church sunday and molests his daughter that same night, only to somehow justify his actions with his holier than thou attitude. he reminds me of the freak preacher jimmy swaggart who was screwing everything that walked while, at the same time, being "outraged."

he sent me a private message where he obssessed about how my father probably raped my sister. what a freak. let's be patient, though. he was probably molested himself and has yet to work through the trauma.

this is a board and a community where, while we don't always agree, we are still united in many aspects. he is the only person fixated on this imagined violation and he deserves to be alone with his perverted fixation.

12-22-03, 17:13
How about some reports on some lovely tapatias? This arguing is boring and very repetitive. I will soon be in GDL and will file a nice report regarding some semi-pro girls that a taxista is going to set me up with. he said that they are young housewifes looking to make a little holiday $$$.

To all concerned when I say youg I mean > than 19 years old.

12-22-03, 21:40
Ok, yes that is correct. However, it is based on the assumption that you "conspired" to do this and planned your trip while you were in the US, and therefore subject to US laws. If, in your travels, you "conspire" and have sex with a minor while in a foriegn country, you are violating no laws. Again, it is not illegal to have sex with a "minor" (under 18) in a foreign country. It IS illegal however to conspire to do so and to travel abroad for this purpose. It is a fine point, but goes to the enforcability issue as you bring up. Your internet company based in the US for example can't advertise a trip etc as you state. Again, your point however is well taken re: politicians and goverment. My advice as a lawyer is to follow the laws in the country you visit, and be discreet enough not to flaunt any US laws you happen to "bend" during your trip (don't hang yourself with your own rope, so to speak)


Mill Just
12-24-03, 07:08
i promise this is the last:

yes, boxer, i pmed you first: to say that we shouldn't continue this on the public board. obviously, you aren't very good at following instructions. you are the sick freak that focused on child [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) in your response to me.

if you think that going out on a handful of dates with a girl you didn't know was 16 and breaking it off shortly after finding out her age is ****philia, then you are either retarded or obsessed with child molestation from personal trauma. you are more of a **** than i am for your bizarre private message to me which involved your demented fantasy about my sister being raped. (and, yes, i have the copy also.)

****philia involves going out on purpose with an ****d girl and having sexual relations. it isn't ****philia if you simply date a girl and never ask her age based on the assumption that she looks well in her early 20's. boxer, do you ask for proof of age from all the cg's and sw's you "date"? if not, then go to hell and stop being such a skid mark on the underpants of life.

to all the others on this board, i apologize but this moron is constantly making very serious allegations against me. anybody with half a brain knows that i have come out in defense of women and against ****d mongering in the past. boxer and his imagined brigade of fellow lunk-heads need to get over themselves. you are the one who should go to another board if you can't get over your own stupidity. all you've contributed here is cracks about bo, penis size and moral outrage over absolutely nothing.

boxer, you should change your screen name. you give a bad name to those of us involved in the sport of boxing. and you give a bad name to mongering and the male species as well.

go back to the dirty, kiddie porn mags that you have stashed under your pillow and stop projecting your perversions onto this board.

to everyone else: have a nice x-mas!!!

12-24-03, 23:29
I try to stay away from personal bashing as much as possible. But, for this case, it's way too difficult.
Boxer: I hung out with Miller several times in Mexico. He is an honest guy just like many of us. He was an experienced monger and gave tons of useful tips for many guys. It was sad news when I heard he retired from the mongering business.
Merry X-Mas.

Country John
01-09-04, 21:20
Hello fellow mongerers. I'm looking for info on the scene in Guadalajara. I'll be there for the big show in March and I'd love to sample the local flavors.

Lots of flaming in this forum, makes me feel right at home. If someone can direct me to a post of USEFUL information however, I'd be forever grateful!

I like the SW scene, I'm gringo with no Spanish (no disrespect) and am interested in numbers ($$) and tactics. I treat the ladies right and have no quirks (that I'm willing to admit to anyway).

Maybe a member who knows about the show and can help with the scene via contact.


Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

01-10-04, 07:05

Go back a few months to a year and read the posts. The Boxing moron has polluted this thread recently, but there is plenty of info. See my posts (and Dickhead's and others) about the esteticas (massage parlors) and how to get there. FS for 400-800 pesos. Not a strong SW scene. Other posts on escorts. Strip clubs over-rated and over-priced in my opinion. Guadalajara is a nice over-all destination with your best bang for the buck at the esteticas such as High Class . . .


Pitching a Tent
01-10-04, 08:05
you guys are throwing around the word **** like you actually know what it means. the dsm-iv, which the the manual psychiatrists and therapists use to diagnose mental illness defines ****philia as having sex with or being sexually aroused by prepubescent children, generally under the age of twelve. a man having sex in mexico with a sixteen-year-old who appears to be older does not even come close to being the same thing.

take those millions of guys who were jacking off to traci lords in new wave hooker's. were they all ****s because they thought she was eighteen when in actuality she was only fifteen? of course not. get a grip.

if some guy is in his own country having sex with a gal who is over the age of consent then let him be.

01-10-04, 23:28

I assume they are ALL accurate, but tastes and styles vary. Neither DH nor I like to spend a lot of money, so High Class is a fine option. Others report about out-call at higher prices. And some guys just like the strip club vibe. It won't take you long to read it all, compared to the time and cost of a trip . . .

. . . and the "muckraking" is just one clown for the last month - not the normal situation.

Cheers, -P

01-10-04, 23:32
Hello Mongers -

According to this site the legal age of consent for sex in Mexico is 12.

I just want to let everyone know, and I have posted this in several threads in the Mexico Forum over the past few years - the Age of Consent site is *wrong*.

Someone who is 18+ cannot legally have sex with someone under 18 in Mexico.

The confusion seems to arise in that the penal code specifically makes the exception, the age of consent between two minors is 12 - 17.

However, this statute is enforceable if the parents or legal guardians of the minor were to file a complaint with the district attorney.

It is common in Mexico for people to avoid prosecution in criminal cases (such as vehicular homicide) by "paying off" the family.

I personally would not want to be in the situation of being a "rich" foreigner trying to negotiate a cash settlement for avoiding a very serious jail sentence.

Also, in 2000 some very specific federal laws were passed concerning the corruption of minors and sexual exploitation, pornography and prostitution, part of the penalty establishes cash value on "moral damages" to the minor.

No thanks, I'd rather be accused of murder, at least there's no death penalty.

01-11-04, 18:56

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Instead, simply use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of the report to send me an email alerting me of the problem, and I will take the appropriate action, which usually means that I will remove the entire report as I have so obviously done here.

Thank You,


Boxing Rule 222
01-13-04, 00:24

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding women for sex.

Please refrain from posting personal attacks, or from engaging in discussions of subjects such as race, religion, politics, etc. except as it may specifically and directly apply to the subject of this Forum.

If you have any questions, please review the Forum's SPAM Policy at http://www.wsgforum.com/forumfaq.html#Q40

If you should observe reports that constitute or include a personal attack, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE POSTER, even if you are the subject of the attack. All you will be doing when you respond to a personal attack is ensuring that your carefully typed response will be deleted along with the original report.

Instead, simply use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of the report to send me an email alerting me of the problem, and I will take the appropriate action, which usually means that I will remove the entire report as I have so obviously done here.

Thank You,


Mill Just
01-13-04, 06:47

I live in the same general area as Guadalajara (just outside of Morelia). The high temp is usually in the low 80's and the low temp is between 45-55. Almost always sunny and bright :)

I lived in Chicago also and I can't even imagine going through another winter.

01-13-04, 06:58
Hi Country:

I was in Guad a few weeks ago and I do agree it has a weak SW scene, but its there alright. The big street that runs to the left of the Degollado Theatre sort of dips down to an underpass behind the Theatre, and in the corner there is a cheap hotel, "Hotel Paris". There are a number SWs walking around and in the stairways going up to the main plaza. I had two in mid-afternoon. A young mulatto local with a big, frisky ass ("Marta"), and a very friendly and shy Indian girl, can't remember her name. Both told me the scene was active only during the day.

Also, behind Plaza del Mariachi there are several sleazy hotels in the small streets with SW's obviously lurking in the lobbies. Didnt check that out.

Thats about it, I think.


Merlin Magician
01-13-04, 15:45
I find that the normal age of consent is age 18 in most areas of Mexico. Some states do vary on this.

Mexico is struggling to modernize its antiquated justice system, all of which still gurantees absolutley no rights to a woman of any age to have that justice when it involves sex matters.

Country John
01-13-04, 16:48
I'm interested in info about GUADALAJARA for a change. A quick question, what would you say the difference (if any) is in the cost of living between Guadalajara and Tijuana? Are wages the same? Housing? What would be considered a decent wage for the average white collar worker there?

Many thanks. Now I ain't shooting at anyone here Boxing, just an observation OK? For the record, I don't do kids.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Revised to delete the reference to Poki.

Travis Bickle 2
01-14-04, 00:12
the age of consent laws in the u. s. and elsewhere are very confusing. just because the age of consent is sixteen does not make it legal to have sex with a sixteen-year-old. in washington state the age of consent is sixteen, however, patronizing a sixteen or seventeen-year-old prostitute is a felony. in addition having non-paid consentual sex with a 16 or 17 year old is a gross misdeanor called "communication with a minor for immoral purposes." i believe a lot of states have similiar laws. i would not advise having sex with someone under eighteen anywhere, but particularly in the u. s. and not to preach here, but just because its legal in some third world countries to have sex with minors does not make it right. to quote jackson from the editorials page in part:

"1. as men, it is our responsibility to protect women and children.

2. young girls, as the most vulnerable members of the human race, are especially deserving of our protection.

3. regardless of the specific age when a girl has passed biological puberty, young girls are not emotionally capable of handling the emotional turmoil of prostitution. if you have any teenage daughters yourself, or if you have any friends with teenage daughters, this observation is self-evident.

4. as educated, intelligent, civilized men, we are expected by our peers to operate on a higher moral plain in these matters than other cultures may tolerate. therefore, we do not participate in the exploitation of emotionally **** girls, regardless of the behavior of others."

i agree with him entirely.

now anyone who has mongered extensively has probably at one time or another unknowingly picked up an **** gal. many look years older than they actually are. making this mistake might get you locked up but it does not make you a **** or sick as some seem to think. but i would rather err on the side of caution than share a cell with some really sick individual in mexico or elsewhere.


01-15-04, 16:26
Civ2000, I think you are probably on the right track to err on the side of caution, especially given the confusing nature of the age of consent laws in the US as well as abroad.

There was an interesting case in Indiana a few years ago which involved a Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts who was buggering some of the scouts in the troop. This chicken hawk was, however, very sly in his approach and very selective about the scouts he engaged in "activities" with. None were under the age of 16 for one thing. When his deeds came to light he was arrested and the prosecuters tried like hell to find something to hang on him but were unable to do so. There are laws in Indiana as in most states which make it illegal for anyone in a "position of authority over" someone, such as schoolteachers and others I would assume to have sex with someone under 18 even though it is consentual. But being a Boy Scout is a voluntary thing and not covered under the letter of the statute as there was no real irrevocable "authority" there which could stand the test of the courts.

Then it came out that he had taken one scout to Chicago on some sort of trip and the Illinois authorities came after him. And Federal authorities came along and tried to bust him under the Mann Act too. But neither IL or US officials were able to even prove that any sex act occured so the cases were dropped. The Scoutmaster was never convicted of anything.

BUT, he expended his life savings on lawyer's fees keeping himself out of the slammer, even though he had broken no laws and was never convicted of ANY crime. So what good does it do to make sure you are obeying the law if the government is going to come after you anyway and de-facto fine you your entire life's savings because what you did seemed immoral to them. Just being on the correct side of the law isn't enough anymore, especially not when there are so many aggressive prosecuters with political aspirations out there just looking for something to be able to crow about at election time.

For what it is worth it is also illegal to have sex with a retarded person regardless of their age. Makes it kind of tough for THEM to get any action, doesn't it? So in addition to checking IDs I guess we must now also start administering IQ tests to anyone we plan to stick our dicks in to make sure they aren't retarded. What a country we live in, and what "leaders" we have who have developed such a talent for finding new and inventive ways to lock up the citizenry and strip them of their assets.

Black Dak
03-21-04, 06:53
It's been some time since I was in Guadelajara, but I thought I'd post my experience anyways. I was in towm for a week and El Cartier Club was the best that I found. Dance club atmosphere with a hotel attached to it. The bar manager takes care of all the negotiations for the girl. Here's the routine; about every ten songs or so all the available girls get called out and put on pedistals. You then choose the girl you want and take her next door to the hotel. Total cost for me was; $10 to the manager, $10 to the hotel, and $40 to the girl.

I don't remember the name of the girl I chose, but she was a solid 8. Nice almond complection, sandy blonde hair with green eyes. Seems the girls in this part of mexico are more Spanish or South American looking than the border chicks of baja. Anyways this girl was 5'6" and about 115 with an athletic build. 32B and a nice tight butt. Our session started by her taking a shower. She then proceeded to put a condom on me by mouth and gave me a very nice cbj. After some time teasing me we proceeded into fs in multiple positions. She didn't seem rushed at all, after all was done we even sat around trying chat. She was very interested in where I was from and learning english. It was a VERY pleasant experience and probably the best $60 US I have ever spent!

03-30-04, 16:59
Any recent info on Guadalajara? I was thinking about going down in that area to practice my Spanish. I see there isn't too much recent information on this area. I did scroll back a few pages but just seems like people are fighting with one another. Not cool. Anyway, If I make it down there I'll post what I find out.


03-30-04, 18:32

i go down to guadalajara pretty often... there reallly is not too much new going on there. it is a great city, restaurants, etc. but i think the p2p scene is a little overrated. nothing like the value in ba, and the girls are not as gfe as in most countries in south america.

lately, i have been using the esteticas and have had ok results. sometimes in estetica [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), the girls are hot but its tough getting gfe from them. even when i invite them to my hotel for some after hours fun it is usually the same. i cannot recomend the strip clubs (chaos & the others) as they have way too much pressure, everybody is holding their hand out for a tip, which gets annoying after a while. see my 4-17-03 report about this.

what i have had success with more recently is the non-pro scene. if you go to some of the after-hours clubs, when the other bars close, you should have some luck. the past three times i have done this, i have taken home a nice looking girl.

i have also had some luck with asking some of the taxi drivers for some recomendations. i had this one hook me up with some university students for around $600 pesos or around $55 us. last time i was there, i could not get in contact with him but i had offers from other taxistas.

regaring the restaurants and nightlife, i love guadalajara. good food in some hip new places plus the traditional mexican fare. my favorite hotel is the fiesta americana as it is more mexican than the u.s. chains and you are in a good location at the glorieta minerva. i have never had any problems bringing girls in if you are quiet about it.

anyway, the esteticas are probably your best bet for quality and value p2p. the out call stuff has been dicey at best as i have had to send back as many as i have kept. also, you should not have any problems at all with the non-pro scene if you are there for more than a few weeks. buenos suerte!

ps i also agree that the bickering on this board has made me totally lose interest in posting new updates. also, i will be checking out cali this may due to your excellent reviews.

04-08-04, 01:41
ok so everything i heard about guadalajara is true. but, i have to go for business anyway, so i’ll see what i can find. i read everything i could, and was not encouraged that i would find much fun.

taxi driver said high class eteticas was good. i asked about kaos, and men’s club, he said men’s club was closed, but said kaos was open. hardly a ringing endorsement.
i see a place next to where i am staying; big sign says ladies club, the bellman says it’s name is cucu. but it’s closed. bellman says maybe open at 8pm.

so, i get a cab and say high class, and show him the address. well he has never heard of it and can’t seem to find it. i saw the place on the way from the airport, and knew about where it was. high class was painted on the side of the building in huge letters. but he never found it, but dropped me at [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) esteticas.

i was met at the reception desk and said that i wanted massage. i was taken to a back room and was told full service was 1,000 pesos. ok, do i know which chica i want? i didn’t so, the chicas all walk to the door and say their name. none are knockouts; but none are dogs either. i hardly got a chance to see them, so certainly remember their names.

i chose a full bodied chica with nice round tits. after about a passable 20 minute massage, we got done to the real reason i was there. cbj and sex in several positions until i was happy. then a shower with my new friend. i got her name later, vero, maybe 30 years old with a great natural rack, and round tush. her complexion was not too good up close, but from behind, she looked great.

later i got a cab to kaoz, and what a disappointment. i got there around 9:00, they said they opened at 8:30. well i was the only one in this huge room. about 100 table cloth covered tables, and a large stage. the guy that shows me to my table has his hand out for a tip, i give him 10 pesos, and he says that is nothing. what does he expect, i can find a empty table, since they all were empty. at least there was no cover charge. i ask, where are the ladies, 10 minutes was the reply, i get a beer for 55 pesos, and wait, and wait. two groups of other guests arrive, and now 40 minutes are gone and i ask the waiter where are the ladies, 10 minutes was the reply, and get another beer. shit, i can drink beer by myself anywhere, wtf. then around 10:00 the waiter brings this chica to my table, and plops down in my lap. we talk in my poor spanish and her poor english, she gets a fishe for 110 pesos. and still no dancers. she gets another beer and does a little grind on my lap.

finally a dancer appears, and she was a little on the hefty side, does three dances and barely uncovers the kitty before she is done. then this women appears asking if i want a ticket. for what? private dance is 15 pesos for 3 mins. full service is 2700 pesos! i say maybe later, and the chica leaves. i go to the head and there is a guy there that wants $$ for handing me a towel. ok, i give him a 10 peso coin, he smirks, but there isn’t anything else in his basket, so he should be happy i gave him anything!

i spot a hot number in a green outfit. get back to my table, and the this guy comes up and tells me he is security for the area i am sitting in,. great now i know that none of those empty tables will attack me. and he wants $$. i act ignorant and thank him. i have the waiter bring the chica in green over. kelly was her name. we chat and watch another dancer that never gets nude. i look around and realize everything i heard about this place is true. i get 2 tickets and take kelly to the private area.

so, a private dance is topless, but bottoms stay on, flash the kitty but no touch. titas ok. so, 6 minutes, and that’s all!!. ok, then the guy that stands in the door way, asks something for me? what i tip you for making sure i keep my hands off the kitty! i h him 20 pesos and he acts like i stiffing him. so, now i have been there almost 2 hours, and have seen 3 dancers, none any better than a 6. there are a few more chicas sitting around, and now there are a few more customers; maybe 50 altogether. no sense wasting any more money. i head for the hotel.

next day, i get better directions to high class and finally, i direct the driver there. once inside, i am greeted, at the desk. there are 4-5 ladies in the reception area around 5pm. i am told the service is 450 pesos, and double service is 780. sexo and sauna. the ladies parade by door in a flash, none are knockouts, none better than average. one seemed to glare at me, one seemed like she had been doing this for a long, long time. one chica, with a belly and a smile, looked more eager the than the others.

so, i chose america, find out she is 21, and she acts like she likes her job. we go to the room i give her 800 pesos and she asks what i want to drink, comes back with my water, and we get naked and hop in the sauna. we do some mutual groping until it get hot. then we hop out and i get a massage. not great but, i really am not there for a massage. she starts with the cbj. i have her get on the table and i get to explore her body. nice and soft, little too much fur for more me, but she seems to really like playing hide the finger, so we hide two, then a rub the magic button while she is stroking mr happy. she starts, si, si, and then some quick breathes and opens her eyes with a big smile. she gets on her knees and we do it doggy, then regular, then she on top, until i was happy. then into the shower.

now this is a chica i wouldn’t have looked twice at, but she really worked me over. she enjoys her job, and made sure that i was a satisfied customer. a few more years, and she maybe jaded, but she was well worth the money. and to think, not much more than i spent at kaos. i left with a smile on my face.

later, i went by cucu again, and still dark. don’t waste your time.

overall gdl is not the place to monger; but if you find your self there, try eteticas.

they are not open late, so if you want action go before 8pm.

04-29-04, 17:48
hi guys,

i am headed to gdl soon for some fun in the sun, a spanish course at imac... and lots of action of course. just want to let you in on a little research tip i found, which was possible due to all of the great previous input from the pros.

i went to the mexican yellow pages, i.e. paginas amarillas, and was looking for high class, est. [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), etc. turns out all of them are listed under "plastic surgery" of all things. crazy, eh? have a look under:


and type in "cirugía plástica" after choosing to search by category (seccion). i believe there are several esteticas that have not been mentioned in this board yet.

good luck!


04-30-04, 19:16
Sorry but I just want to add one more comment about using that Paginas Amarillas site that I just mentioned. Guadalajara is in the state of Jalisco, so you have to choose that in order to restrict your search to GDL.



05-02-04, 23:41

Sorry about the visit to Kaos, but unless you experience it, you will not believe it. I don't think I have been anywhere in the world quite like this place. I actually think it is more expensive than most strip clubs in the U.S. I hate that place, and like you wrote, the thing that pisses me off more than anything is the constant requests for tips, and then when given, they smirk or ask for more.

Kaos sucks, and if you want to pay a lot of money, get crappy service and see OK girls then it is the place to go. You have to be a total asshole to everybody in that place not to be taken advantage of. How much fun is that?

05-10-04, 22:16
About Cucurrucucu

Years ago it was a very nice place. There were some really beatiful girls. Some of them have become TV models.

(They danced in bikini, not topless)

The last time I was there it was a place oriented to girls, most of the time the show is men stripping.

05-31-04, 12:01
I believe most of the strip clubs straight out suck. Save your money and get a hooker 100 dollars for about an hour is about right for most agencies. However, a friend of mine knew a person and you could get a gir for as little as fifty dollars. I went to a massage place called Mens World and had a threesome for about seventy dollars. I will be going again in about three weeks and I will post again when I can.

06-11-04, 06:50

A threesome for $70.00!!! I was in Guad. 4 years ago at World Men's (the place on Pedro Moreno?) and I remember it was about $70 for one, did you get a two for one deal?

I plan on going back in Aug. (visit relatives) and there is another place I have been going for years called Jet Set on Av. Mexico, hopefully it's still there. That place always has a nice selection of senoritas.


06-15-04, 22:36
Actually it was 50 dollars for one plus the house fee of like 20 bucks. It was worth it altogether I spent 90 dollars. I will be there on the 24th. Maybe we can meet.



06-17-04, 07:29

That would be cool to meet up and do some Mexi-Mongering but I'm going the first week of August, I'm also planning to get away to Vallarta for a few days to go clubbing and hook up with some tourists and hopefully locals too.


06-29-04, 08:23
i've been to guadalajara a couple a times, and a good place is jovi on lazaro cardenas. i went there pick a real hotti. it was 700, plus a tip of 150, for letting me cum in her mouth. i've gone there several times. there is no rush job unlike the place one block away thats called "[CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123)". they are hotter there but they'll always rush you.

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07-06-04, 07:00
Found this website during my research for my upcoming trip to GDL, lists most strip clubs and massage parlors. I've probably been to most of these, enjoy!



Country John
07-06-04, 21:55
alleykat and dantheman in guadalajara

dantheman and i arrived in guadalajara in the evening hours of tuesday june 22. as the canadair jet broke through the clouds and decended on final approach i was once again struck by the rugged terrain and beauty of the landscape of guadalajara. i was finally back in mexico.

the city sprawled before us, all i could think about was these fabulous women. they are goddesses. beautiful. they have heartbreaker bodies and know how to move them. i recall sitting in a little strip mall enjoying an awful cup of coffee one afternoon and having my jaw drop every 5 seconds. guadalajara and girl watching. bring the neck brace.

dantheman and i decided to avenge the "el galeon" clip experience of a few months ago. i knew we would spend money (we did) but we were going for quality and quantity in as best a balance as possible without mortgaging the church property again.

we decided to use some common sense, do business and get laid. we were to try the locals, visit some clubs, troll for sw's, you know; the usual stuff.

i had read a lot about guadalajara and made a few contributions myself. we were landing in a tough town for mongering so if we were going to do anything for the average mongerer (limited funds/time) then we'd have to keep our eyes open and or wits about us.

dantheman lived in guadalajara for three months. besides helping me in my business by researching the market and establishing contacts, he was charged with the additional responsibility of scoping the scene out and establishing some intel on the pussy situation so we can have an enjoyable trip. he was working on a mistress situation for me but it didn't work out.

he did both brilliantly. he is also my translator, tour guide and body guard. i am his monger mentor, a sort of father figure. (but this guy gets more ass than anyone i know, i learned a lot from him.)

dantheman (hereinafter referred to as "dtm") knew that from the moment we arrived he was going to have to take charge and make sure i got from point a to point b. i just wanted to look at the women. i was like a fucking zombie - they're everywhere, they are amazing.

we touched down on the runway with a deliberate thump at sunset after a brilliant flight and i was brimming with enthusiasm, i had a good feeling about this trip. i refused to accept leaving without boinking some prime gdl stock. little did i know that i would fall in love completely. little did i know how lucky i would be. i would be totally surprised. we stepped off the airplane into the muggy humid and hot guadalajara night. i could smell the chicas over the jet-a. all through the airport it was one heartstopper after another. jeez i can't stop talking about these women.

dtm got the taxi, loaded the bags and off to the serena hotel at antigua carretera a zapotlanejo. this is in old town guadalajara. you must stay there and check out the historic properties. some of these structures were constructed in the 1550's. absolutley amazing.

the serena hotel is a large structure, a 2 star hotel, similar to la villa de zaragoza in tijuana but a step up and two steps up from plaza del arco in monterrey. the room was a suite at $40.00. nice big big bed, clean bathroom and the service was outstanding. a very unique restaurant attached to (but not part of) the hotel. food is world class. service outstanding and cheap.

got checked in (dtm lives in an apartment next door to the hotel) and freshened up. it was about 10:00 and my idea was to take a stroll and see what kind of trouble this alleykat could get into on night number one.

the hotel is close to the plaza de los mariachis. the mariachis hang out there (hundreds of 'em) waiting for walk up gigs. there is also a police station in the center of the action with a sentry posted oustide sporting a mossberg 500-a shot gun and body armor. no place to take the kids, especially at that hour. strolling calzada indepencia to gigantes, we saw the clubs and a few sw's.

there is a dance club on the second floor of a building on the corner of alvero and indepencia right across from the plaza de la mariachis called "tropicalisimo" where the beer and the women are cheap. $150 p for a "bucket" of beer, $50p to have a chica join you, then you negotiate with her for service at your place. service (according to the waiter) starts at $400.p. he said a tln will run you about $600.p.

dtm and i strolled in, went upstairs in the elevator, took a seat, listened to the band, ordered a beer and scoped the place for chicas. lots of ugly ones. a few eligible ones already occupied. they looked pro to me. we waited for fresh stock to arrive but the wait was turning out to be longer than either of us wanted so we decided to pass and come back some other night.

back on the street, we walked passed a sw that looked badly worn. she propositioned us through dtm but he pointed out that the gringo with him was looking for something younger. she told him to have me wait and she would bring someone.

now i'm no fool and when anyone in mexico says "wait here." it usually means they want you to stay put while they make some kind of escape. she quoted 200p for a "nice girl." by that time, not seeing anything interesting on the street we decided to hang and give her a chance to come good.

it was approaching midnight and the street was full of some very seedy characters. we were told by 3 different people that it was very unsafe to be walking the streets at that hour. lots of kidnappings, shootings, robberies etc. even a bouncer at one of the street level clubs (named adrian, spoke perfect english, lived in sacramento for years, dressed in leathers and a guy i would not fuck with) told us to go home. especially me. he said i was too obvious and a good target.

the fouth person to tell us this was a guadalajara pd officer. he and his partner were patrolling on bicycles and decided to check us (me) out. the approached us, wanted to know who we were, where we were from and what we were doing walking the streets that hour. he told us the place is very dangerous (he not wearing a vest). he patted us down for guns/drugs and cautioned us again to go home.

two words about the cops: nice guys. they spoke to dtm in spanish and to me in broken english. they were genuinely concerned. as he was going through my pockets, he handed me my wallet, all of the cash in my hip pocket, all the change; everything. no games, no fooling around. he said that many whites come there to buy drugs and they have guns, they were not taking any chances. i told him i was looking for chicas. he pointed up an alley and said "that's where they live, but i would not go up there if i were you, you might not make it out." sage advice. told him i was exle and we back slapped and high fived for a bit. tough gig for these guys.

dtm and i decided to take his advice but only after country john got laid. our sw returned with a delightful 24yr old named lucy. no english, 5'6" about 120 lbs, b cups, shoulder length brown hair, great body, nice smile, white teeth clean fingernails etc. very clean girl except for the tattoo across her shoulder blades that read sergio in olde english script like the kind they do in prison.

she wanted to go for 200p but dtm told her i was a long timer (and that i had a 10" cock after which she said she was not interested in big dicks so we had to back track on that). i told dtm that i would go 300p for the hour. she agreed, of to a hotel (50p one hour including condom and towels). the hotel was very clean. very rustic. even had a ceiling fan. porno tv etc. very comfortable.

lucy undressed and her body was great. dtm told her to "take good care of me" and she said she would. (this is a nice trick, mexican telling the girl in spanish to take care of the gringo because he is a nice guy etc.) large nipples crowned thos delightful b cups and she was tight and lean. started with cbj for about 10 minutes. then the positions.

she knew she was with a long timer but didn't seem to mind. she told dtm that she had to be back to take care of her baby. no stretch marks on the bellie, a few on the behind but she got herself back in shape nicely after child birth. she was very good in bed. took her time when she needed to, her favorite position was on top. she leaned back and stroked up and down slowly, i could feel her g spot on the head of my penis and she was short stroking and moaning.

she wanted it hard in doggie. she also wanted me to slap her butt. (lots of fun.) but glam slamming doggie wile watching that tattoo with sergio on it was a bit disconcerting so i rolled her over for a bit of mish before mr happy lost his focus. she broke a sweat which thrills me. i love the sweet smell of the latina as she sweats during sex. a fabulous sensation. sorry sergio, nothing personal.

she had a very well controlled pussy. something american women could learn from. she would grab and pull with it (like alicia de monterrey). after about 40 minutes, i felt the pop on the way.

she sensed i was about to pop and really started to work the snapper. it's a cool chica that does this. maximizes the sensation. i popped big time. every ounce of energy went into blowing the load. i collapsed on the bed, shivering. she was quite amused. i told her (in sign language) that she was responsible for that. she had this proud look on her face like she did me right. she did.

i told her that we still had time and i wanted to lay next to her and cuddle - again using sign language. i muttered something like ¿abrazo diez minutos? and she said ok. so we lay in bed, me stroking her very nice young body and her resting her head on my chest. ten minutes later, she slowly got up and went to the shower. i watched her clean up and jeez, these women. for a 300p lay, she was as good as anyone you will find in the alley in tj in looks and performance (except my diana de culiacan).

turns out that dtm got laid at the same time but i didn't get to see the girl and he was a nopop. he complained that she just was not into it.

we trecked back to the hotel and went into a little tittie bar close by the hotel for a "night cap." and that is when my life changed.

not unlike the 2-bit tittie bars in the zona, the place was small, cramped with a postage stamp dance floor and a brass pole to wrap pussy around. our beers were a buck and beers for the girl were 7. it was past midnight, we had a long day but pussy control had us firmly in her grip. feeling quite safe after my 1pop i decided it was safe to have a beer or two when seemingly out of nowhere i had this (bottle) blonde bombshell land on my lap, (can't remember her name but she had a fish net body suit on with nothing under. she was a tiny bit chunky but on a normal night i'd do her in a heartbeat.

dtm had a delightful creature decend upon him as well. classic latina looks, short, curly long black hair, braces, beautiful titties big lips etc. very fuckable. when she got to know us she told dtm that she worked at ab in tj under the name claudia and left about a year ago. i'll try to locate her picture because i would recognize her if i saw her.

time was rushing by and the beer tab had hate written all over it so dtm and i decided to cut it short. lots of touchy feely with the girls though. claudia had her top down so dtm could fondle those lovely titties. looked like she was making a deal with him. just then the music started pounding and the lovely ***** took to the stage. my heart almost stopped. a perfect 10. (ok, deduct .005 for the little titties) but a perfect 10. she danced and my heart climbed to my throat. i gawked at her and placed my hand over my heart (they like that). it seemed as though she ignored me though, like al the attention didn't mean anything. i wondered why.

when she was done, she walked off the stage and i wanted to wait to see her emerge from the back room so i could kneel at her feet. she came out, walked by and scratched the back of my neck with her long fingernails. then took a beer at the bar and talked with the manager. by this time i am almost insane. claudia told dtm that she was "out of bounds" and "hands off" because she was private stock. the girfriend of the owner and a non pro. she dances for him, that's it but she will sit for drinks.

upon hearing the news i announced to dtm that it was time to go (almost 2am at that point - a very long day). no sooner did i have the words out of my mouth when the blonde split. no goodbye, no rub on the penis no nothing. hard as a *****s heart. very bad attitude. i would not have her again.

when it was time to pay the bill, the fucking credit card machine would not work and i was staring down the business end of an $80.00 bar tab, and some very concerned waiters were watching closely. i had no cash, no availability in my atm and now no credit card access. you'll love this.

dtm asked if he could borrow their telephone line for an internet connection and when they said ok, he left me as collateral and went to his room to get his laptop. when he returned, i logged on to wells fargo and transferred $$ from the church account to my personal account. then, i had to run to the 7-11 and wd the cash to pay the bill. we didn;t get out of there until 3am. unbelievable but true. very interesting doing this on the bar. i just sang sinatra and worked through it. only country john. only in gdl.

while waiting for dtm to return with his laptop, i befriended a little blonde number sitting all alone next to the bar. another claudia. very white and very sexy. tight bod and she knows how to use it. somewhat petite but built for speed. very sexy lady, about 22 yrs old and very willing to go. i was working my alleykat charm on her when dtm returned with the laptop.

while transferring the funds, dtm took a liking to her and she to him. i had dtm ask about ***** only to learn that it was true she is "hands off", doesn't go with anyone and has a personal driver to take her home after the gig. strictly non pro.

bar tab paid, sinatra numbers done, dtm and i left. dtm had a solid connection with little claudia and the deal was they'd hook up perhaps tomorrow. she really likes dtm. a real connection. dtm is learning the ways of the alleykat, an excellent student. i was still smarting for *****.

back at the hotel my bed was beckoning me and when i hit the pillow, the last thing i remember was seeing *****. so close but yet so far, for now that is. i was also still thinking about the fabulous alicia de monterrey. what a week it has been so far. it could only get better.

wednesday was filled with meetings and gawking at the beautiful women of guadalajara. i just can't say enough about them. on every corner, in every shop, in every office. beautiful women. the streets of old town guadalajara were alive. the noise level is very high. busses everywhere. you have to shout on the sidewalk to have a conversation. the parks in front of the historic buildings were filled with vendors, students, and lovers of all ages embraced and kissing. what a place. amazing.

wednesday night found us back at the "tropicalisimo" dance hall. some of the chicas we saw there looked good so a return visit was in order. we got there around 9pm so it was way too early. we took a stroll and ended up back there at about 11pm. same story. there were a few nice looking girls there but they were already seated. no quick action here. you have to arrive early and stay late. neither of us had the time.

just as we were leaving, dtm got a call on his cel. turns out the blonde claudia was up for a party. dtm asked her to pick up a friend and meet us at 7-11, next to the hotel. she was game and we were on.

we trecked back to 7-11 and waited for what seemed to be an eternity but was only about 10 minutes when claudia pulled up in her little red chevy -alone.

turns out she could not get her "cousin" (the bottle blond from the other night) to join us as she was not feeling well. just as well, i had bad vibes from her and i remembered how she behaved the last time i bounced her on my lap. she wanted 1000p for an hour anyway. claudia wanted some beer and she wanted some of dtm for 500p. dtm was in no position to refuse. she was looking good man. real good.

dtm's apartment is not appropriate accomodations to do a latina beauty in grand style so being country john, the alleykat, i offered my room and a grateful dtm took the keys, took the girl and i said i'd meet him at the ******* when he was done. off i went to the ******* for a few beers and to wait to see a silly grin on dtm when he came in to get me. it was around midnight and i had some sleep so i was ok and i knew dtm would be ok too. claudia would fuck the shit out of him to be sure.

i arrived at the ******* and was immediately greeted by the manager and waiters. turns out they are all big sinatra fans. i told them i was just hrere for a few beers to wait for dtm. they sat me close to the bar, dropped two beers and i was settling in for an hour or so of girl watching and beer drinking. i was the only gringo in the place, but the manager spoke english (as did the bouncer, a real nice guy).

i took a drink of xx lauger and when i looked up, my heart almost stopped. the fabulous ***** came over to my table and sat down and looked right into my soul with the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen. she placed her hand on my knee and said "¿cerveza para mí?" i'll never forget it. i ordered two for her, just to keep her in front of me for a while.

now i'm thinking that i'd better be good because the manager and bouncer were watching her closely. i needed an ashtry, she snapped her fingers, ashtry appears. i needed more napkins, she snaps her fingers, more napkins appear. magic. she was running the show. no doubt about it and their job was to make her happy.

she spoke no english. she didn't have to. the manager was filling in for dtm as my translator so i was limited as to what i could say. i didn't want to come on too strong. next thing i know, it's 5 beers later and she is now sitting on ly lap when dtm appears with this huge grin.

claudia had fucked the stars right out of the sky. dtm likes 'em hearty but this spinner stole his heart. sounds like she was a real pro. dtm was satisfied, just the way it should be. he needs to learn to clean up the fucking room when he's done!!!!!!

dtm sat down next to me and *****. i had him tell her that she is the most beautiful creature i ever laid eyes on. she leaned over and talked to him in spanish then she wispered in my ear "my name is ***** and i am 19 years old." in english. i almost collapsed. she was perfect. a perfect face, a perfect body and a little tipsy. she kept repeating that and trying to improve her english. i wrote the alphabet out on a napkin and taught her the english pronunciations. we were having a blast man. dtm told her i was exle because she made a comment about my clean-cut looks.

when she found this out, she jumpped up from my lap and ran to the dressing room. i was about to choke the shit out of dtm when he told me she went to change for her next dance. i calmed down a bit and when she emerged for her dance, she was wearing a plastic skin tight mini police uniform. fuck man. fuck!!!

aftet her dance, she promptly returned to her place on my lap. i was, well, what can i say. i told her i wanted to take her picture. she said it was ok with her if it was ok with the manager. i talked to him and he said if it was ok with her, it was ok. my plan was to return the next evening for pics if it worked out.

i said no way am i walking away from this delightful creature. we laughed, drank and fondled (manager looking on) until about 4:30. i had to go to the restroom to drain the main vein and as i was getting up i said to dtm "i must have her." in a wishful sort of way. i then proceed to walk directly and completely into the womens dressing room.

the next thing i saw was ***** walking in and taking me by the arm out of the dressing room and leading me to the mens room. before i went in she gave me a big hug and a wet kiss. i was spinning. big time.

i got back to the table and she was gone. i was heart sick. the place closes at 5am so i had another 1/2 hour coming to me. where is she????

dtm saw i was stressing big time. he had caught the eye of another chica in the club who was already sitting with him. she was very cool.

dtm got up, walked over to me and said the following words: "i have some good news for you my friend. ***** wants to meet you at the hotel but you have to leave now. she is the girlfriend of the owner and doesn't go with guys but she wants to go with you. she is changing and will meet us there at 5:30. leave now so there is no suspicion, she will get into a lot of trouble if anyone finds out. this is her first pro session and she is thinking about going pro to make more money."

well, the world stopped spinning for a while. i was to have her. 1000p. all to myself. first time pro gig for her. could this be real?

i ran back to the hotel (1 block away) and settled in the restaurant with dtm making sure nothing happend to me. i watched the clock. 5:30 came. a taxi pulled up, waited then left. no one gets out. 5:40 comes, the same taxi. the driver gets out, walks to the rear passenger door, opens it and out steps the fabulous *****. looking as beautiful as could be. i could tell she was nervous and having a blunt conversation with the taxi driver.

the taxi driver was hired by the club owner to ensure that she goes straight home after the gig. i gave him 100p and she gave him 100p to wait (and keep his mouth shut). she gave him a story to tell the bf when he calls him. he agreed to keep it hush hush and parked his cab. me and ***** walked through the lobby, dtm in tow and to the room where dtm kept her occupied with light conversation until i cleaned up his fucking mess from the night before.

laptop booted up with my translation program, i bid dtm adieu and had a brief conversation with her via my laptop. she is a beautiful girl. i could write volumes about her.

we moved to the bedroom and i undressed her. her 19 year old body glowed as the sun was stealing the last bit of darkness from the room. already you could hear the hustle and bustle of activity on the street below but for me, it was all about her. her lips were sweet and her skin was soft.

she looked like and angel as she lay on the bed. i began by kissing every inch of her body. from her feet to her forehead. all sweet and delicious. i then began to eat away at the most fabulous shaved pussy anyone could ask for. she had multi pops that were genuine. i could feel the contractions in her abdomin. after she rolled me over ond mounted on top. i could tell she was inexperienced. very little attention to foreplay. (she'll have to straighten that up if she turns pro) but none was needed. i wanted to fuck her.

her pussy was tight and well controlled. she leaned into and back (like riding the mechanical bull) and i penetrated her deeply. slow and easy, taking our time. the condom being the only barrier and i hated it because i could only imagine what it would be like doing her bb.

first pop is about 40 minutes. i filled the condom and she enjoyed the warm spirt of sperm in her vagina even feeling it through the condom. by this time she was moist with sweat and i kissed her forehead and lips while she lay on my chest. but she did not want to go.

after about 15 minutes of embracing and kissing her, the old feller started to re-emerge and she looked surprised. we ran out to the computer and she said that she had a wonderful time and wanted to do it again. i said "right now?" she said "si." now i could write 100 paragraphs more but i think you get the picture.

she went to the bathroom, washed her pussy real good and slipped back into bed with me. we're going on 1-1/2 hours now and i knew that even if a 2pop was going to happen it would take at least another hour. she turned on, i turned on and a repeat performance from start to finish ending in a 2pop. country john felt like he had arrived.

it was pushing 9am by the time she slid out of bed. i took a shower with her and watched as she covered that beautiful glowing body. it was bitter sweet. knowing i had done a first timer and that she was a beautiful 19 year old princess born and raised in guadalajara was just toomuch for this alleykat to digest. i told her (via my trusty laptop) that i want to see her again, maybe take her to dinner but she pointed out that it was very risky for her and me. things woud be very hard for her if she got caught. i slipped 1000p into her back pocket and walked her downstairs where her driver was being a bit impatient, checking his watch etc. he promptly wisked her away. session over.

dtm was patiently waiting too - for the details. i wept like a ***** over breakfast, painfully recounting the details. her soft skin, her pouty lips, her deep brown eyes that saw right through me, her creamy thighs, her smell, her taste. i was one fucked up ******. he knew it. it always happens to me. (dtm is getting sick of it.)

got some sleep before our 5pm meeting and freshened up for my last night in gdl. i was spending it at the *******. no two ways about it. country john was going to buy her beer and claim her on his lap for the evening and get some pictures with her consent - in the club!! very exciting. after our meetings (ending at 11:30pm) i, dressed in my suit and looking fine crept my way down the block to the *******. warmly greeted and promptly seated i took my position in front of the stage where ***** was about to dance. i looked on with amazement at this beautiful creature. camera in hand. i was informed by the manager that i could not take pictures until after closing. ok. fine. all i wanted was ***** on my lap drinking beer.

she could move and tease. she spun around the pole her neon orange thong and bra glowed under the black lights of the stage. removing her top and looking my way, she smiled at me. she then tossed her top to me (which i still have in my office nicely sealed with her smell) and i motioned her over to the table when she was finished with her dance.

she promptly arrived, assumed the position and dtm and i enjoyed the evening filled with hugs, kissed, english lessons and the look between us of a fabulous session the morning before. she again told dtm to tell me to not user her name or her images on the internet, nor the name of the club. i promised i would not.

time slipped by too fast. before i knew it it was time to go but not before taking some pictures of this princess in uniform on stage in the club. probably a first in the mongering world in mexico where they are very protective and very aware of camera phones etc. i got some great shots. jtull2 loved them.

with all the pictures i could take, it was finally time to leave. i embraced ***** for the last time, all choked up and eyes filled like a fool. i would miss her. she knew it. it was friday morning and i had a plane to catch back to the usa at 11:30. it was 6am - fuck sleep.

i finally let her go and was making my way to the door with no sign of dtm, i decided to wait outside, i couldn't bear to look at ***** again. i'd stay in gdl if i did.

dtm emerged from the club full of lipstick. everywhere. he looked like bozo the clown. then he did something amazing. he leaned into me and said these words: "***** wants to see you at the hotel before you leave. she wants you to take some pictures in her uniform in your room. she will bring it with her and meet you in 15 minutes in the hotel restaurant. but this time she wants 1200p. well, our last session worked out great for a bargain and i would not be denied another sesson with *****.

i bounced back to the hotel, told dtm to have a cab standing by at the appointed hour to get me to the airport on time, got back to the room and threw my stuff in the suitcase and ran downstairs to meet ***** who was just arriving and bribing the driver again. he was giving her a hard time this time so an little arguement ensued. no matter. ***** would have her way and i would have ***** again.

***** was as delightful as the previous session. a repeat performance against time. i 1popped in about 40 minutes and we lay next to each other and wept for about 30 minutes. she did not want to leave, neither did i. i snapped a bunch of pics (no nudes). got her showered and dressed and we embraced in the hotel room like two kids. she openly wept and told me "i love you" in very bad english. ripped my heart right out of my chest. i get all choked up recounting it. me a 48 year old fart.

here is this 19 year old princess, knowing i was catching a plane, maybe never to return, in tears in my arms. what is this alleykat to do?

i gave her a bottle of my aftershave and told her to open it once in a while to remember me. she clutched it like a prized posession and wept as i walked her to her cab. another long embrace and kiss. she was gone. i was running late for my flight.

dtm did a fantastic job getting me to the airport and on the plane. he was flying to tj the next day where we would meet up for alleykat in the zona and hook up with jtull for the infamous tour.

on the way back, i booted up my trusted laptop and gazed at the wonderful princess *****. my heart was heavy, my eyes filled up again and i wept quietly to myself thinking that this girl is too beautiful to go pro. she has so many years ahead. the pro road can turn her heart and she is standing on the threshold.

dtm has her number and calls her on my behalf to see how she is doing. she still works at the club but does not go with any men. (this according to her and verified by claudia.)

someday i will return to gdl. i might fly her to tj for a weekend. i don't know. this mongering experience changed me somehow. i'll never forget her.

be safe *****. i miss you.

country john

07-07-04, 09:02
Truley a wonderful tale AlleyKat, gotta love them beautifiul Guad. women, I'm counting the days till I depart, 26 days and counting...

Any chance you can PM the name of that club?

I'm kinda familiar with that area but not really sure about the one you're talking about.


07-08-04, 18:20

Ok you can't mention the name of the club, but at least give me a clue, please.

You should try Esteticas. I like Nefertiti that is located on Manzano street in front of the Mission Carlton hotel.

Ask for Jessy

Country John
07-09-04, 06:48

The clue is in the PM.

Thanks for the message too. Seems like I might have some directions crossed up. My hotel might have been at a different location since I got the address off the stationary brought back from the trip. I don't remember taking a cab to PD Mariachis.

I've emailed DTM since he lived there for three months to sort out any confusion. I'll post the clarification as soon as I get it straight from him.

So many taxis, so little time, soooooo many beautiful women.

Here is view from the hotel window, if that will help with my location during my stay.

Be safe and Be Nice

Country John

07-10-04, 00:17
I am a very hard core Dickhead but Country John's posting gave me a woody. I still miss Mexico sometimes even though Buenos Aires is much better overall. There's a lot more fuglies in Mexico but the most beautiful Mexicanas are THE most beautiful women anywhere.

Suerte, CJ

07-12-04, 20:33
Why can't you mention the name of the club? I was in that area a few weeks ago and missed the tropical club.

Sounds like you guys had fun... congrats.

Massage Lover
07-15-04, 04:00
I will be visiting Guadalajara from July 20th thru 27th, 2004 and staying in Lago de Chapala. Buses run regularly to the city from there, so there should be no problem getting around. This time while visiting, I will hold the line on Estetica prices per suggestions from the guys who post reports here. As always, a report is due after the trip. My intention is to use past experience with the information gained here to make my stay more comfortable. From Guadalajara, I will be visiting Piedras Neigras and Juarez if plans don't change mid-trip. My schedule is open for anyone who wants to join me in town.

Thanks guys!

Country John
07-22-04, 18:38

I got some clarifications to the issues you raised in my GDL post. I emailed DTM who was living in GDL and here is the response. I hope this clears things up - I was paying attention only to the girls. The answers are straight from DTM.

>>>Catador wrote on 07-08-04 13:35:
>>>I'm really confused. I live in Guadalajara.
>>>If you hotel was in Carretera a Zapotlanejo, that is near the new bus terminal, and veeery far from Plaza de Los Mariachis.


(there is another hotel "serena", is one of the two towers that use to call "Aranzezu" now the tower on the corner of revoluicion & corona is a "serena" hotel, just like the one in the bus station.)

>>>I don't understand how did you manage to check in at the hotel and after thath be in Independencia.
>>>Did you take a cab from Hotel Serena to Tropicalisimo zone ??


( reading the avobe, you will agree that the hotel is a few blocks from there)
>>>Can you give me tha nema of the hotel you were with Lucy ( the chica on the first night?, the one with Porn TV)


( tha name of the hotel is "Vigo" is located aprox 3 block from AVE. Juarez in the Avenida independencia. tordwards revolucion ).

Guys, I can't name the girl or the club because she was private stock and it would not go well for her. I promised her I would not let the "Cat out of the bag" so I'm going to hold true to my word.

I will confess that I did show pics and give details to a few close monger buds but only in person and one very very trusted monger bud via PM because I wanted to make sure I had backup as far as the legitimacy of the post was concerned.

Suffice it to say that you can score if you have the time to invest. I got clipped BIG TIME in GDL when I was there in April. Very messy.

I can't wait to get back to GDL. Jeez those women.

Be Safe and Be Nice
Country John

07-27-04, 19:48
I just got back from GDL,including a great Spanish course at IMAC. I was hoping to monger more, but I had some digestion issues that sacked my libido for most of the time.

Regardless, I did have one monger experience which was not with the hottest woman in town, but it was certainly enjoyable. I was feeling adventurous, so I tried out a new estetica that I hadn't seen on the board before. It is called Sagitario, which is on Federalismo Sur 376 (west side of street), about 3 blocks south of the main east-west street Juarez (where the park and subway station are located).

So I arrived at Sagitario and rang the bell. A short 40-something answered the door and I told her I was interested in a masage. She said fine, and let me back to a decent, clean room, not too fancy but complete with massage table, couch, sauna, shower, etc. Cheesy love songs piped in as well. She then asked me what I wanted, and I told her full service massage. I asked if I could choose the girl I wanted, but she said she was the only one working. The woman, who goes by Rebecca, was maybe a 5-6 but very kind and friendly. I asked how much the full service was, and she said 550 pesos (about $50). Since it was my first time in an estetica I was a bit nervous, my Spanish is still kinda rusty. Normally I wouldn't have picked her, but it was awkward to back out and I was pretty horny so I just figured I'd give it a try.

I took a shower and Rebecca came back in and proceeded to take her clothes off. Sex first, then massage, she said. Even though she is a bit older, her body actually wasn't so bad, and her attitude was excellent. She seemed to truly enjoy herself. The general came right to attention upon seeing her shapely, perky tits. She also let me explore and play with her body, which she liked. I played with her nice tits for awhile while she lightly massaged my growing cock. Then she turned around and stuck her soft, ample butt cheeks into my member and I toyed with her big pussy lips and erect clit. She was moaning and saying "que rico, que rico" over and over. I asked her if we could actually have sex on the massage table, and she said that anything in the world is possible. Alright then, let's get it on! So we started with some missionary, which is my favorite and I spent a long time just laying on her and pumping her slowly and holding her closely. She came pretty easily, and I just kept right on pumping. I was surprised how turned on I got - I guess good attitude can go a long way.

After awhile I suggested some perrito, and you'd think she won the lottery! Si, me encanta perrito! (I love doggie style!) I inserted my rod into her now juicy pussy and pumped her some more - then I reached around to caress her gigantic clit. After awhile she shuddered and came again, even more intensively than the first time. That finally put me over the top, and as I split open her butt cheeks to see her juicy pink asshole, my swollen member raged uncontrollably and I came like a madman and collapsed on her back. Needless to say, we both enjoyed ourselves very much.

So, that was the sex part, and I thought well, that's probably about it, but then she got ready to give me my massage. Which was actually an excellent massage, full body for about a half hour. It included some nice little teases on my asshole and cock as well. By that time, my dick was so worn out, it didn't respond, but it felt very good nonetheless. If you are looking for just a decent normal massage, Rebecca is also a good option. Her hands are very skillful.

I also want to mention that there is a new estetica even closer to the centro that I didn't have a chance to try. It is called Alexander, and it is on Morelos (an east-west street just north of Juarez), on the first block west of Federalismo. They have a sign in front advertising massages, so I assume they offer FS. I walked by and looked in, and the chicas looked pretty good overall.

07-28-04, 06:56
Good Findings Tubular,

Head out to Guad. next Tuesday & will definately check out these two places you write about.


07-29-04, 06:09
greetings from chapala (lakeside, about 40 minutes outside of guad).

i'm usually on the cuba board as i have been there once and really enjoyed it and plan to go again in november.

i loved the report by country john and i can see how easily one can fall for some beautifuly chica in guad or cuba.

i live permanently in the lakeside area so maybe one of these times i'll scoot over to guad though i have heard in the last couple of weeks, it is very unsafe for gringos.

one thing i have noticed here and that is for the most part, the young and even middle-aged mexican girls and women have great bodies, enough to revive the imagination of a dying hermit. wish there were some action here but this is "seizure city" for the most part. bummer.

anyway, have enjoyed the peek into this section.

take care.


07-29-04, 17:52

I spent two weeks living right in the centro historico and had absolutely zero problems, even late at night. I've heard that you want to avoid Plaza Mariachi and Avenida Revolucion late at night due to some scary characters, but that is isolated. Otherwise, you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. If you don't go, you're missing out on an interesting, lively city, packed with some of the world's most lovely chicas who know how to accentuate their luscious curves. There is life on the street around the clock, and the tapatios & tapatias are welcoming and gracious to all visitors. I feel safer in GDL than most US cities.



07-30-04, 16:32
Wow, Tubular!

Way to go! I think you hit the nail right on the head with your incursion at the Guadalajara MP. You found a basically decent person who works a hard trade but is open to a good experience. This is what attitude is all about, and what I like of Mexican women. I wouldnt normally check out that kind of establishment, but the woman you met is proof that this kind of experience can be found in all venues of sex work.

If I may be allowed a little philosophy, this proves the ultimate benefit of prostitution: you had a red-hot "GF" sex experience with a woman you met 15 minutes before, you might never see again, who belongs to a different world altogether, that you might not have even turned to look at in the street. She also had a fantastic experience, yet you probably wouldnt have been ever able (or wanted) to pick up this woman in any other circumstance of her life or yours. Still, the miracle did happen.

If this kind of stuff doesnt open one's eyes wide to life, then nothing does.

Hope you had time to check out Mexico City.



Okey Guy
08-10-04, 14:31
Hi there!

I am new to this forum and I am exicted. I would love to be able to report back to this group.

I will be visiting GDL this August 23rd thru August 26th, 2004

I would love to "hook up" with a more seasoned Monger in GDL if any of you would be in GDL duing those times. Please let me know.

You can reply to this board or to "[Email Address deleted by Admin]"

Thank you

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Massage Lover
08-22-04, 23:07
On July 21, 2004, while vacationing at Lake Chapala, I took the opportunity to check out some of the sights in GDL. Aside from visiting the Plaza de los Mariachis, San Juan de Dios, and Zona Centro, I took the pleasure of an afternoon massage at Geisha. This estetica is about 3 blocks north of the Mission Carlton Hotel on Manzano. Geisha is behind the Sears store as reported in earlier posts. You would also pass up the Nefertiti Masculina Estetica about 1 block north at 489 Manzano. However, on this trip I did not stop and experience Nefertiti (maybe next time).

I was met at the door by a fine looking young woman named Selena. She is 24 years old, stands about five feet five, soft spoken, and kind. The full service fee was 350 pesos with a 50 peso tip for 1 hour. She asked if I wanted anything to drink before I proceeded into the shower. After showering, Selena came into the room and promptly disrobed showing her smaller, but pert breasts. After a tender and stimulating massage, we then started on each other.

She seemed to enjoy french kissing and vaginal stimulation (but not anal). After about 15 minutes of foreplay, she came suddenly and passionately. Her vagina was very wet by then and wanted my cock right away, first from the front and then from behind. She just about wore me out, but I finally came. We both then took a shower and finished up. She was very pleasing and I would return to her again. For me it’s as close to GFE and personal as could be.

Massage Lover
08-23-04, 03:11
Please see the attached picture (for reference) of the Geisha Masculina Estetica behind the Sears store about 3 blocks north of the Mission Carlton Hotel. This was taken during my trip to GDL the last week of July, 2004.


08-23-04, 23:35
Is it possible to purchase Viagra in Guad without a prescription?


Massage Lover
08-24-04, 00:45
Please see the attached picture (for reference) of the Nefertiti Masculina Estetica (about 1 block north of the Mission Carlton Hotel) at 489 Manzano. Manzano runs along side the Hotel where the taxis are standing. I would have liked to visit this establishment, however time did not permit. It's on the list for next time though. The picture was taken (on the way to Geisha Estetica) during my trip to GDL the last week of July, 2004.



08-24-04, 07:02
Massage Lover,

We must have crossed paths, I was in GDL the first week of Aug. enjoying some of the city's finest ladies and by far my favorite and best selection has to be "Jet Set" on Av. Mexico, a little more pricey than Geisha but always has nice young ladies to chose from, recomend it to any fellow monger.


08-24-04, 20:12
Yes, I have been buying it for a while and no problem.

I have been to Farmacias abc.

Kev Dog
08-24-04, 21:49

I am a long-time viewing member of the forum, but this is my first time posting, so please go easy.

I am an avid traveller to Mexico; every chance i get I go. I am fluent in Spanish, which really helps in the business discussed in this forum, as most who offer the service are poorly educated. I am not insulting, that's just the way it is.

This post is in regards to my novia. We've been together for almost two years, and see each other as much as possible. I'm just graduated from college and she's still in college, so times are tough. But anyway the last time I went down there (about two months ago), was our best rondevous to date. We only had two days together, but we did make the most of it. Everything except for anal was performed, I didn't want to finish, because we're not ready for a kid frankly. I have asked her if she would let me CIM but she says not yet. Plus she has brances which can really hurt when she gives BBBJs if we're not careful. We have a really good thing going...

I arrived July 4 to the bus station. I called her house to come get me, but she was still at work, so her mother comes by. She's a really nice lady. I don't know if she knows I'm doing her daughter, but she probably does. But she treats me well in any event. Anyway, we head back to the casa and my novia just got back from work and greets me with a deep passionate kiss. She takes me by the hand and leads me to her room where I leave my suitcase. It's about 5:00PM at this point and she offers me something to eat and drink, which I accept gratefully. She brings it to me shortly and sits on my lap and feeds me. After that, we lay on the bed together and hold each other and watch TV while talking and kissing. Later on in the evening after her mom goes to sleep the freak comes out and so it begins. We're still discovering each others' likes and dislikes, so we tried many different positions. The thing is I'm 6'6" and she's 5'2", which makes for interesting sessions. But we manage. Our favorite is "spooning" (I lay behind her and she curls up into the fetal position). We also did regular and reverse cow-girl, did it me sitting on a chair and she mounting me, and missionary of course.

The next day was great because everybody left except for the two of us. That day we nade love a total of 12 times (during the daytime!). Later we went to a movie and sat in the back and she serviced me (BBBJ) as best she could. It was nice. She has a beautiful face and a great chest. I think I may marry her soon. My babies will definately eat well!


08-25-04, 18:53
yes it is

MW Travler
08-26-04, 04:00
Greetings from GDL

I was fortunate to meet this lovely 24 year old lady by the name of Carla who came to visit me at my Guadalajara hotel for as true a GFE as one could ever hope for. I called one of the escort services I found in the yellow pages and for 80 US we had a terrific time together. I hope you enjoy her photos I’ve attached.

Good hunting all

Massage Lover
08-30-04, 03:51
On July 23, 2004, while vacationing at Lake Chapala, I revisited the estetica “High Class” on Lazaro Cardenas about 3 miles SW of the Mission Carlton Hotel. The hotel is a very good landmark because it is one of the highest buildings in GDL. When lost, just look at the skyline and you should be able to tell where you are. A cab ride from the hotel is approximately 35 pesos.

High Class Estetica
Lazaro Cardenas No. 2913
Parque De Las Estrellas
Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

I was met at the door by a fine looking young woman whose name I cannot remember. In any event, she did not appeal to me. A parade of women ensued and I chose Carla. She stands about 5 foot 6 inches armed with 38D’s. She provided fairly good service and she seemed to enjoy making me comfortable and happy. The full service fee was 370 pesos with a 50 peso tip for about 40 minutes time. She seemed to enjoy the massage I gave her but did not want to do anal, BBBJ or CIM, only straight sex. After about 10 minutes of foreplay and 5 minutes of missionary, I finally came. We both then took a shower and finished up. Although Carla was very professional, she was not as good as “Maira” (last year’s trip) or “Selena” (from Geisha Estetica). I probably would not use her services again. Her style was not too exciting for me, but for others she may just be very pleasing.

See the attached file for a picture of the “Mission Carlton Hotel” for reference.


World Wise
08-30-04, 17:53
Any other reports on Jet Set or on Nefertiti Estetica?

Is High Class still doing business?

I am visiting GDL in Nov, and trying to plan my visit.

Massage Lover
08-31-04, 04:11
Just 1 block north of the San Juan de Dios shopping plaza hides the famed "Hotel Paris," a place frequented by the SW's in the area. The plaza is approximately 1 mile north of the Mission Carlton Hotel. While there on vacation in July 2004, two street walkers approached me and wanted to give their services for a small fee of one-hundred pesos.

They were poised under the stairs leading down from the plaza area and underneath the roadway bridge (looking north). Since they looked rather "weathered" (and hungry?), I gave them each a few pesos for food. Both were grateful and still asked if I wanted sex play at the hotel, but I declined. However, I did manage to get a picture of the area for reference.

Please see the attached file!


Massage Lover
08-31-04, 23:28
To All,

The Plaza de los Mariachis (PM) has been mentioned in previous posts as a zone of business for GDL SW’s. While on vacation to GDL in July and August 2004, I had the opportunity to stroll through the San Juan de Dios Plaza area. Just to the south of the plaza and east of Calz. Independencia Sur is the PM. A leisurely stroll in and around the plaza found some interesting observations. Yes, there were mariachis getting ready to perform and some very beautiful women (maybe some of them were SW’s). Yes indeed there are a few seedy hotels around the Plaza. After walking around the plaza for about an hour, I did not get approached nor did I notice any SW activity in the late afternoon of July 22, 2004.

However, for all you mongers who may encounter some activity there, attached is a picture looking south (towards the Mission Carlton Hotel) for reference.


09-01-04, 11:54
Kev dog,

What was the reason for your post? It had absolutely nothing to do with mongering.

Kev Dog
09-03-04, 17:11
I am planning a trip to GDL for Christmas, 2004. Anybody wanna arrange to get together for drinks and what-not?

Country John
09-07-04, 21:53
Kev Dog:

The arc made by the arrows of love shot by cupid can be high indeed. Especially when it comes to Mexican women.

Sounds like you and your girl have a great thing going. Who can be critical of love. Do you live in the USA? Will she move to the USA?

12 pops in one day - jeez. What must that be like.

You can take the latina out of Mexico, but you will never get Mexico out of the latina. Remember those words.

Enjoy your time. The women of Guadalajara can be heart stoppers. My all time favorite sessions were with a dream princess in Guadalajara. I miss her still. I'd love to go back to Guadalajara. A fabulous place.

Good luck.
Country John

Kev Dog
09-08-04, 18:24
Country John

Thanks for the props. I've been mongering for some time in Mexico, started in 2001 in the city of Puebla. I have been to many "table dances" (strip clubs), and sampled many of the girls there. The best to date was Jan. 7, 2004 at a place called Rouge. I was chillin at a table with my boy and his cousin and I saw this flawless ass bent over the bar. I called her over and invited her to a drink. I found out that "Kelly" was half Jarocha (mother from Veracruz) and half Cubana. It does not get any better than that gentlemen. She was maybe 5'5", plus the platform shoes which help a lot (I'm 6'6"). She had the perfect body...a great ass, huge natural tits, an absolutely flawless face. I was in heaven. She worked me in a private lap dance, and asked if I wanted to go to the reservado. My mind had been made up for a while. There she worked her magic passionately, and sincerely (as far as I can tell) enjoyed herself. I gave her great pleasure and she was moaning and clutching my hair, as I was fucking her in all positions and enjoying that great body. No anal, but I left more than satisfied. I believe she was visiting, so she is not a regular there. If my flight out was not the following day, I would have taken her out of there for a three-day weekend, paid the price, and had the best time in Acapulco. I also highly recommend "Manhattan" in Cholula, just north of Puebla. I was last there in June, 2004 and had a great time. In one part of the show the viewers are invited up on stage, max. 4. I was lucky enough to get up there quickly and took a seat on stage, around the center pole for $200 (pesos). Three other men quickly occupied the remaining three seats (so one seat facing each direction) and it was on. The chica who was on my lap before I went up followed mr up there and was my first dance. For four songs the four chicas danced on us, changing chica every song. So for around $20USD I got four lap dances full-contact from four different beautiful chicas. Great times had by all.

PM me if you want any more advice/stories.

Kev Dog

Oh yeah the pic attached is my novia from Guadalajara. It is the only one of the "questionable" photos that fucking Wal-Mart would develop.

09-19-04, 09:45
To the "sexperts" in Guad, I have the following question:

In Thailand, you can select the talent from a "fish bowl". In the Philippines and Costa Rica, you can check out the talent at the bar prior to "employment". Is there something similar in Guad? That is a place where you can mingle, pay a bar fine and then take the talent to your hotel for LT?

Kaos is a waste and much of the times the talent the agencies send you must be returned.

Would appreciate help with my "outcall" question. I checked the Guad forum but did not find the info.

Thanks - firebird

Monger All
09-21-04, 04:13
Just got back from a quick two-day trip to GDL. Went wandering around looking at the shops and the beautiful chicas y mujeres de GDL, when I stubled upon a nice little place to spend a quick 15 minutes of mongering. It is on Ave 5 de Mayo just off of Calle Gigante. No sign, simply a dark orange painted facade with two very good looking girls standing outside. I said hello, went into a room off a courtyard and met 8 girls. Not one over 25 and all a sevens or better. I chose a nice curvy girl (not fat) named Nancy a 7.5 in my book. I paid the abuela 150 pesos for a room, girl, and condom. We stepped inside and went at it TJ style, with the clothes still pretty much on. After a few minutes I was spent and with another 50 peso tip, I was out the door. Went back later that evening, chose a different girl and after another 200 pesos I was on my way.

I speak fluent Spanish, but a few do speak survival English, so I think anyone could get by. This is not for those wanting a GFE, but for anyone wanting a quick tumble this is definately the place for it. But the girls are young, pretty, and cheap. I will be a repeat customer here.

Don Tonto
09-21-04, 21:29
Here is something I ran across in on the Guadalajara Reporter website. The event will be held on the 25th and 26th of September - this Saturday and Sunday.
Sex comes to the city
By Brian Levinson

Something is heating up in Guadalajara and it’s not the weather. This September, the topic of sexuality has become increasingly visible in the public sphere. The city saw the opening of its first condoneria (condom shop) just weeks ago and, later this month, Tonala will host a large exposition called SexShow Guadalajara 2004. The SexShow, according to its Web site (www.sexshow.com.mx), will be “one of the most talked about events in Guadalajara in years.” Some of the exhibits will feature exotic dancers, strippers, and mud fighting. But the event will also focus on sexual health, information and disease prevention.

Don Tonto
09-21-04, 21:36
The full text of the story can be found at


MW Travler
09-23-04, 04:02
I’m in Guadalajara again for the week and do I adore the lovely ladies here. They are truly beautiful. I contacted a local agency out of the telephone book for a massage and after agreeing on the price of 100.00 dollars for and hour and a half. They sent over this lovely 24 year old gorgeous, long legged beauty. Her name “Monserrat”.

We made some small talk then I asked her is she would like to pose for some digital photos for me. She was hesitant at first but then agreed so long as I didn’t show her face. I took several pictures both clothed and of course nude in various poses. She really knew how to play and tease the lens and of course me with her very sexy poses.

She then insisted we get to know each other better. She really know how to treat a man. First she started with BBBJ then she rolled me over and gave me one hell of a massage all the while sitting on me naked and rubbing herself up and down on me as she rubbed my body. I’m not sure who was getting worked up the most.

Then she rolls me back on to my back and sits on top of me sliding JR in and slowly rocking back and forth just teasing me enough that I was about to explode right then. I held off and told her to turn around and we did it doggie style for a few minutes then missionary to competition and exhaustion.

She and I just laid there for a few minutes holding each other and kissing then she starts rubbing JR to full attention and wants to go at it again. So we did it doggie style this time. I was able to talk her into giving me her numbers for an out of agency visit later during the week before I head back home.

If anyone is planning a trip to Guadalajara, PM me for her digits. I can attest to the quality of this young body being all real and willing to play what ever game you want. Make sure to bring a digital camera she seemed to enjoy it once I assured her no facial shots.

I’ve included two pictures for your viewing pleasure I would rate her a SOLID “9” !

Enjoy and be safe.

MW Travler
09-23-04, 04:03
Here is another photo to enjoy.

Kev Dog
09-27-04, 02:52
Finally got the pics developed! Here is my beautiful novia dancing for papi.

Kev Dog
09-27-04, 02:53
More of my tapatia hermosa.

Kev Dog
09-27-04, 02:54
Here I am going to work on those great chichis.

Kev Dog
09-27-04, 02:57
She looks so satisfied riding me. Sorry I had to block out her eyes fellas. She has typical beautiful Guadalajara girl's eyes.

Kev Dog
09-27-04, 03:01
Sorry guys, this is the first cowgirl pic.

Kev Dog
09-27-04, 03:04
Sorry about the un-centered quality of this one guys, but I must include it b/c spooning is one of our fav. positions. She's 5'2" and I'm 6'6", so it's among the most practical.

Kev Dog
09-28-04, 13:08
I forgot to attach the pic of me sucking on her titties.

Rico Cafe
11-16-04, 17:59
hey Mongerers,
I'm going to Guadalajara today for tonight(probably no time tonight) and then again on Friday night( I have time on Friday night..LOL). Any up to date advice is appreciated!
Rico cafe

Mill Just
11-17-04, 07:14
Hey guys,

I post in the Morelia section, but I'm just letting you know that they have been advertising the Sexotic Expo in Guadalajara from the 19th to the 22nd at the Salon Fiesta Guadalajara. It appears to be some sort of convention for sex shop retailers, but they also announced that there would be strippers, oil wrestling and other surprises. They also gave a web address, but it doesn't work (www._sexotico.com.mx).

If you are in Guadalajara, you may want to check this out just for the heck of it. Report if you do.

World Wise
11-18-04, 23:25
Just returned from two weeks in Mexico. Spent four days in GDL area, and enjoyed sessions at Ghisha Masculina, Estetica Jovi, the orange door at Ave 5 de Mayo, and also caught a cheap one on the street. Ah, I do love GDL! Ghisha was a treat at $400, and the young lady was special. I also visited High Class, but their price has gone up, and the quality has not followed suit! This was my first visit to Jovi, and I did not feel the high price ($900) was reasonable. The lady was nice, and the session was good, but I have had equal sessions at High Class in the past at half the price.

In hindsight, the real treat of the visit to GDL was the cheapie I caught on the street. After I had visited the Orange Door, I was just exploring the neighborhood, and caught "the look" from a waif near the corner of Ave 16 Sept and Jaurez. Area was a little shakey, but at 2PM on a beautiful day, I felt safe. Anyway, after we agreed upon $100 for her and $50 for a room, we visited the Suburbia Hotel near that corner. I insisted she take a shower, and we had a fine session, followed by a nap. We finished it off with another round, and parted friends.

I love Mexico!

11-19-04, 23:02
Hey, all. I went to Guadalajara for a 5 day trip Halloween weekend, and stopped by High Class on a Sunday afternoon at about 5. You really can't miss it, it's just off of the roundabout and they put balloons outside all around the doorway (neighboring residents must love that). You walk straight down a hallway where a man sitting behind a desk and girls are sitting on chairs throughout the reception area. I very attractive blonde (say an 8) with a nice body (about a 7 but the tits were a 10) stood up and asked me to follow her. I imagine that you can negotiate for different women, but I liked her looks and obliged. You walk past the pseudo hair styling area and into a hallways of various massage rooms. The room is simple with a room for a toilet, a shower, a sink, a hottub and a relatively small narrow wooden massage table (I stand 6'2'' 220lb and was a little uncomforable there) with decent padding.

Immediately, she asked what I wanted and I said everything and how much? She said $50USD which sounded good, and then she asked if I wanted to shower, but I just had at the hotel so denied the offer. I gave her the money, she left, and I stripped down. She began with a really horrendous massage on my back and then asked me to flip over. She then massaged my front and started playing with little AL, which led to a BBBJ and then the always lovely condom came on. She rode my reverse cowgirl for awhile and then we flipped to missionary to completion. I'm used to the AMPs so was a little disappointed when I had to clean myself up while she showered. She escorted me out and that was that.


11-19-04, 23:22
A couple Tuesdays back, my friend and I went to the bar mentioned in an earlier post, called Tropicaliso. It's across from the Mariachi plaza and depending on the night you might need to pay a 25 peso cover. Tuesday we didn't but Sunday I did. We were flying out the next morning and had drunk a lot of tequila earlier in the night watching the election results come in, so we opted for single beers and not the buckets. I hadn't really checked this board before we went so I didn't really know the deal beyond that it was late and this was open. More or less, women are sitting at tables in groups as a live band plays. At the beginning of each song, the guys, mostly mexican, will walk up to the women, ask them to dance, and as the song ends they all return to their respective tables. The next song starts 30 seconds later, the guys re-approach usually the same women and then ask them to dance again. This goes on and on and on. I just thought this was a really bad mexican pickup place.

Well, at the table next to us there was a 35-40 year old woman who was about an 8 with a younger friend who was about a 3. She was completely lit and as she walked back to her table from one of the random dances, she approached me and said in Spanish that she loves me, which she then changed to she likes me. Well, my spanish is quite good, but she mostly spoke in horribly drunken spanglish so the conversationly was at the same time overly entertaining and overly frustrating. She said she liked to dance but didn't 'work here' like the other girls. We spoke for a while, danced a few times, discussed why my friend wouldn't even look at her friend, etc. It was getting late, so I told her I was going to leave. She said ok, $30usd for me and my friend. I said my friend wasn't interested in hers. She pointed out that she meant $30 for her, her friend, and me. $30 for a 3-way!? But her friend was so hideous that I settled for a $10 blowjob in the stairs.

Overall, the women were relatively attractive in general, but the layout and procedures were just a little too odd for me. Might as well hit one of the esteticas and get it over with and then hit a real bar and try for a real Guadalajaran.


Rico Cafe
11-22-04, 07:03
Well chalk it up to experience...I asked what there was to do in Guadalajara and I didn't recheck the boards before actually going. So what did I do? I and an associate celebrated a successful business trip with too much excellent tequila and great Cuban cigars at The Mens Club which is a really nice place but expensive. Beautiful women, great atmosphere, all first class...but I should have read the boards....a sex expo at the same time I was there? Oh that would have been a treat I'm sure...damn!!!

Fuzz Nutts II
11-27-04, 12:02
Have any of you run across a girl named Naomi? I know, common name, but here is a pic. Let me know where I might be able to fing her.


Country John
11-28-04, 01:00
The deal I got there was if I bought a bucket I could get the girl for $500p at my room for one hour (or however long I could further negotiate).

It was late, I was getting a bad buzz and the music was so fucking loud I opted out. Also, the selection was something only the locals could appreciate. Not a "must see" on your tour but if you speak Spanish and have the time you could luck out and find something interesting to drag around for the evening.

I'm still not over my last trip there. Jeez. I miss Guadalajara big time.

Country John

CA Traveler II
12-15-04, 20:49
It has been close to one year since I have visited GDL. Can someone give me an update on the best massage parlors (of coarse inexpensive) and Table dance clubs.


CA Traveler II
12-15-04, 21:14
Besides the MP and Bars. Does anyone know of any good "room service".


Bone is Hard
12-29-04, 06:42

Boys, did I ever find another Aztec treasure here. I called the agency Modelos Galilea and the man that answered, Ramon, spoke good enough English so I selected the number of the girl I wanted. He told me to pick two more in case she wasn’t available. He called back in about 5 minutes saying that he had a special girl for me. Yeah sure, sounded like a hustle to me. He explained that none of the girls that I picked speak English and that this girl he has chosen speaks very good English. We agreed that if I didn’t like her, he would go get my first choice and bring her back.

He called when he arrived the hotel with his choice of girls and out stepped one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in GDL. He introduced Daniella to me and asked if she was fine. Of course she was and I’ll see you in a couple of hours as I grabbed that cute little ass and walked away.

Daniella is about 5’1” tall, maybe around 100 lbs. Big beautiful Guadalajara eyes and perfect smile and face. A handful of tits and a double handful of ass. Oh Lord, was I gonna enjoy this.

We got to my room and ten minutes later our conversation led to the bed and she promptly raised her blouse and removed her bra, exposing the cutest set of perky nipples that hardened on touch. Rubbing her back and pawing her tits, I just had to see that pretty little ass. As I removed her pants and then her panties, she unzipped my pants and pulled out an already pounding hard on. Her lips locked on and commenced one hellava BBBJ. Wishing not for me to blow my load in her mouth, she asked if I would like a massage.

Later on, I returned the favor, as I couldn’t keep my hands off her smooth soft skin. Diving between her legs, once I turned her over, my face was covered in sticky wetness. I had her begging for dick and could have fucked her bareback but common sense took control. On came the coat and various positions later I filled the rubber as I tried reaching her navel from inside.

With that, she rolled off and curled herself into me as if we were one person. Kissing my arm and purring like a kitten, she didn’t want to leave. We lay there for several minutes like teenagers and my dick got hard again. Saying it was about time to leave, she pulled the already used rubber off and gave me a quick hand job that ended with a splash all over her tits.

Daniella attends a local university studying English. She told me that I was the 5th customer since she started working. Daniela is 21 but loves ya like she’s more mature.

When you call, ask for Daniella, the English speaking girl, because she isn’t listed on the website yet. She cost just alittle more ($250) but she is certainly worth it. I had to wait a few weeks before I posted this, contemplating whether I wanted the rest of you guys to know about this treasure but realized that it’s my duty to report both good and bad. I better not hear that one of you mistreated her and made her leave the business. What a loss that would be.

Have fun,

12-29-04, 15:02
was that 250 pesos or $250 US dollars! I cannot believe you paid that much in dollars! You must work for the agency.

Bone is Hard
12-30-04, 05:17
No I dont work for the agency as you can see my post from many places all over the world for the past 3-4 years. You dont become a senior member by working for some agency. Read the rules of the forum.

And it's not unusual to pay that much money for top shelf escorts in Mexico.


Sunny Kalla
12-30-04, 22:00
I have been searching the whole forum for information regarding girl-friendly hotels in Guadalajara and mexico city without much success ! Can anyone help ?


Sunny Kalla

Country John
01-02-05, 22:23
My experience in GDL is that every hotel is girl friendly if you handle it right. To have the girl show up unannounced or unescorted is a mistake especially if you are in a strange land.

Upon check in, tell them that your girlfriend is arriving later and when she does you will meet her in the lobby, and you will call from your room with her name etc.

Meet the security guys, shake their hand, say hello and tell them the same thing. It only takes a minute and it's a good idea anyway.

If you are ordering out, get a name to give the front desk people. When she arrives she will call you. That's protocol. They don't like letting girls go up the elevator alone.

When you go to the lobby they will NOT hassle you or the girl if you are cool. Now they know the real story, you are just taking the matter in hand so they don't have to interrogate the girl or worry about who she is. If they give you a hard time, tell them to check you OUT. I've done this and it works.

Bone is Hard did not overspend. He would have easily spent more at a club buying ficha drinks, paying a bar fine etc. He actually saved a few bucks so WELL DONE based on your trip report.

I find Mexico different from other places in that they expect you to behave yourself and act with dignity and respect. When you don't do this, are an asshole or some other kind of undesirable they will tend to "clip your wings."

This is more the case at the nicer hotels. The 2 stars could care less in most cases.

When you act as though you know what you're doing they are less likely to worry about you getting strung up in your room by some criminal chica, or getting ripped off after you leave the hotel.

Having a chica come to your room discreetly is nothing new in Mexico. It's how you handle it and how you behave that will determine what kind of treatment you'll receive. Try it next time. You might be surprised.

Country John