View Full Version : Carry small bills in your shirt pocket. Ready to throw into the air.

Bottom Feeder
03-17-21, 17:18
I was walking to the bus from Villa Mimosa in Rio about 2005 at about 1 am. Three teenage thugs stopped me and wanted money. Aw sh- I threw the wad of bills in kept in my shirt pocket into the air and ran. They forgot all about me and scrambled for about $20 USD in Brazilian Reals and about $5 in Mexican pesos.

Also I usually took a cab but they seldom came back into the Villa. I usually walked around with a chicken on a stick stick pointing down in my right hand. Now days if I feel danger I walk the other way in the middle of the street and hail a cab. I do a lot fewer dumb things as I approach 75.

Cali is my first choice but more and more I am attracted to MDE as there are a lot more gringo to shoot the bull with, Next visit in in April and might rent a condo or what ever for a year or so.