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08-30-21, 13:51
Most Northern Cyprus Clubs are located in two main areas. Lapta and Alaykoy. There are also clubs by itself scattered around the Northern Cyprus. Lets discuss these clubs here.

Henri Dufresne
08-09-22, 08:34
Beware of fake comments on Google maps.

West of Nicosia:

Lipstick night club.


Emperor night club.


Crazy girl night club.


Romantic night club.


I don't know if these ones are brothels too:

Dynasty night club.

Harem night club.


Henri Dufresne
08-09-22, 08:44
Kibris Night club.

Ks Masaj Salonu.


All nightclubs always display the same following rules:

Information about the girls you find in their brothels:

* They can accompany you at your special invitations.

* You can set the meeting time.

* They are legally working in the TRNC.

* Each of them consists of carefully selected beautiful ladies.

* Dancers go through doctor checks at the State Hospital on a regular basis.

Terms and Rules.

* There is no harm in going to nightclubs and being in the club.

*Make sure you have your ID with you before going to nightclubs.

*Under 18+ cannot enter nightclubs.

*It is forbidden to shoot video and camera.

* It is essential to comply with the rules of confidentiality, cleanliness and health.

Henri Dufresne
08-10-22, 06:48
A Turkish website lists all brothels of North Cyprus. Open the page in Edge or Chrome and then translate it.


This website has all information about taxi and transport. Read the faq.

All these brothels are presented as strip clubs. However, they have bedrooms in their premises. I guess that most women in theses brothels come from Russia and Ukraine.

On the kibrisnight website, they state that:

Approximately 450 women work in Cyprus Night Clubs. A total of 40 nightclubs are at your service. It is also known that there are approximately 20 Pubs. Pub businesses are smaller than Night Clubs. Here, instead of 12 women like Night Clubs, 3 to 6 women are allowed. If there are about 8 women in a place, that place does not have health checks, does not pay taxes to the TRNC government, it means that their permissions and rights have been suspended, so I advise you to stay away from such places. In any case, the favorite places of pirate taxi drivers are such places. They set the prices themselves, the ladies come from the other end of Cyprus and it takes 2 hours before they arrive. What kind of service you expect from those ladies is up to you.

Is there a Police Raid? They do not give a little peace to these issues in Turkey?

There are police raids in Cyprus Nightclubs, but they do not pose a problem for you, only TRNC citizens, soldiers, people under the age of 21 and students are prohibited from entering and having fun, police do their routine checks. Always have your passport with you so that you can show your passport and maybe border crossing documents if you have one to the police officers and continue to have fun later.

List of brothels:

Nicosia Night Clubs.

Harem Nightclub.

Biyax Nightclub.

Malişka Nightclub.

Playboy Nightclub.

Miss me Nightclub.

Dynasty Nightclub.

Lipstick Nightclub.

King Night Nightclub.

Sexy Lady Nightclub.

Freedom Nightclub.

Rose Aphrodite Nightclub.

Nanes Nightclub.

Tutti Frutti Nightclub.

Mexico Nightclub.

Girl Funky Night Club.

Miami Nightclub.

White Horse Nightclub.

Faraon Nightclub.

Emperor Nightclub.

Red Love Nightclub.

Kyrenia Night Clubs.

Golden Girls Nightclub.

Anemon Nightclub.

Monamour Nightclub.

For Play Nightclub.

Titanic Nightclub.

Sarıtaşlar Nightclub.

Midnight Nightclub.

Maksim k5 Nightclub.

Red Point Nightclub.

Famagusta Night Clubs.

Hasan Baba Nightclub.

Antik Nightclub.

Gold Night Nightclub.

Melekler Nightclub.

Casablanca Nightclub.

White House Nightclub.

Guzelyurt Night Clubs.

Bling Nightclub.

Four Star Nightclub.

Cyprus Iros Nightclub.

Five Star Nightclub.

Yakamoz Nightclub.

12-01-22, 00:16
Finally they are open. It is a brand new facility. They have a good management and great lookşng girls. To my humble opinion, they are to compete with Lipstick to be the number one club.

Door fee is 100, the highest around but it definately worth it.

Great big club. Big clean restrooms. Refresments are great.

Girls are model type as good looking as lipstick girls.

They are pricy comapre to most clubs but one notch cheaper then Lipstick.

The girls rooms are big nice and fresh.

Me and my buddy enjoyed 2 girls for the hour. The girls wanted us take them out for day programme but we had business meeting so we could not do that.

If you are in the area and looking for an alternative to lipstick or playboy then this is your club!



05-13-23, 07:52
Report summary: Girls got fatter and the prices gone up!

Visited 5 clubs in a few days span. The quality of girls before the covid era is long gone. When you walk into the club they used to have 8-9 good looking girls out of 12. And back then there would be 1-2 stunners and we would try to find those. Now they have the same numbers as before the covid but now only 1-2 good looking girls. I know the definition of a good looking girl varies from john to jon but I mean not fat with a decent face. So no more stunners in these clubs except lipstick and princess.

Florida club: 2 fuckable girl. 1 dark hair tall girl and 1 blonde spinner. (back in the Dec. 2022 there were many spinners. Now all fatties).

Imparador 2 spinners. 1 blonde 1 dark hair.

Crazy ugly old fat girls. Avoid.

Tutti frutti all fat ass. Avoid.

Princess all good line up. 8 great looking girl.

I did not go lipstick. I hate the sale pressure from the indian managers. They are too aggrassive and I am there to relax. I avoid lipstick unless no other place to go.