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Stinky Squid
04-05-22, 19:44
I am amazed there is no thread here on this topic which I am sure is in the minds of many a fellow colleague here.

My experience is from Brazil and Colombia and I see it is very often advertised on the pages, but whether or not it is done, and done correctly, depends usually on verbally confirming it first and also then taking enough of a lead to keep her on the task. I have gotten my share of rage-quits and blocks from the introductory conversation. It is important to push the subject because saying a vague "yes" to a vague request is easy for her, and most working girls know they can make the sale by agreeing to something they can later find some reason to get out of their commitment.

There are some specialists who, as specialists do, specialize in this practice. The nice thing about specialists is that they are specialists in this because they actually enjoy it. One in São Paulo told me it was actually her favorite sexual activity to be face-fucked.

Yesterday I had a session with a Colombian in Bogota who was also clearly agreeable and enjoyed it. Those who enjoy it are usually OK with CIM and more often than not they swallow.

As an alternative to the specialist, there is an interesting aspect about finding a girl with less experience in this but willing to try it. This can offer the opportunity for a special dynamic. But be careful when an unknown girl agrees to everything over the chat, and is too eager mirroring your predilections. This could be a trap as it happened once to me with one who ripped me off on taxi money and tried to get me to pre-pay the session. Just saying.

But now to the perils of this hobby. I have found that the risk of getting some infection is very high. This can include both tonsillitis and urinary tract infection. Why tonsillitis? If you are like me and like to kiss her slobbery mouth and and slurp the slobbery slobber -- which, I found, has far less taste or smell to it than I thought it would -- then you will swallow or pass in other way by your tonsils the stuff that has been loaded by tonsils and throat, and can be everything from dormant streps, or, more likely, other unspecific bacterial flora. She may not have any symptoms, and they always (say they) tested fine, but the tests are often false negative (because they're not collection the swabs with deep throat stimulation.).

And in the same way you are very prone of getting that stuff up your pee pipe, especially when she gags, I think that can push her slobber a few inches up your pipe, from where you have a hard time stopping it from moving up further. There are some obvious post exposure prophylaxis you can do which includes (1) drink a lot (a lot!) of water and some alcohol is fine, anything to get to to pee like a madman. (There are some specialists who even let you pee during the act, which might be good for you in more than one way.) After peeing you can then (2) apply the providone iodine (the brown disinfectant stuff) either pure (that burns somewhat) or in a 1:2 to 1:10 dilution with clean water. Washing the outside with the iodine is also certainly good to reduce the bacteria in general, that could perhaps lead to skin infections. But whether that is effective to really prevent UTI I am doubtful. The same way, (3) use Listerine gargle, or even the diluted iodine solution to mouthwash and nose rinse. So these two things are something you should learn to do and do always afterwards.

As a man very intent of pursuing this special predilection of mine, I am nevertheless getting discouraged by the fact that almost every time when I get into that activity, I end up feeling unwell the days afterward. Recently in São Paulo, I lost an entire week running an actual fever. Gladly I had the antibiotic combination ready to go, and took it the night my fever rose, and it was that miraculous jackpot feeling when after the first dose over night your fever goes down. But I had to continue the treatment for 7 days to really get to the point where it was gone. Usually in the morning I was sort-a fine and in the afternoon fever went up again.

A word of great caution, please: DO NOT take antibiotics in prophylactic ways, and when you have caught somethin and are on treatment, do not engage any further in any activities where you expose someone to your infection. Even if you treat yourself, chances are that you pass on just the little more resistant mutants. Also, when you take prophylactic antibiotics you act as a filter to cultivate just the resistant ones. Bacterial resistance is a huge problem with STDs. Gonorrhea has in some places become an untreatable super-bug.

I am contemplating ways in which I can enjoy this activity with a condom on, because if not, I might just lose too much time feeling unwell afterwards.

I am interested to hearing our fellow colleague's experience about this subject.

Stinky Squid
05-09-22, 01:17