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05-09-02, 03:27
Like all of my trips, this one wasn't primarily a sex trip. I had business in Mexico City, which certainly wouldn't have been my first choice as a mongering destination.

I flew Continental into MEX, otherwise known as Benito Juárez International Airport. It's kind of a crappy airport, especially on the way out since there are few good food options, though there are a few shopping choices if you want to buy ridiculously overpriced electronics or hand crafted souvenirs for five times the price you could have found it for in one of the city's several craft markets.

Anyway, my continental flight was changed to United due to the merger. Other than the bad food and inattentive staff, the flight was uneventful.

Upon arrival you need to pass through immigration, which is normally no big deal but this time involved a three-hour line. After collecting your bag you proceed to customs, where they run your stuff through an x-ray and then have you press a button. It's a red-light / green-light system. So if you get green, you're free. If red, you get a more thorough search. I lucked out.

You can take the metro in to town, it's cheap and fast as long as you don't have too much luggage. But the system shuts down at midnight, so that was a no-go due to my late flight and the delay at immigration. The best, safest bet is to take a prepaid taxi. There are several booths where you can buy a ticket. Mine cost 200 pesos to get to La Condesa, where I was staying with a colleague.

In general D. F. Is pretty easy to get around. The Metro is great. It's cheap and often faster than driving since the traffic in the city tends to be quite heavy. The Metrobus is also good since it has dedicated lanes and doesn't get stuck in traffic.

Taxis are cheap, but you do have to be somewhat careful about unauthorized taxis. The ones that you find at a taxi stand (sitio) are generally safe and less likely to rip you off. But in any event, make sure your taxi has a meter, and make sure there is a license posted in the car and that the photo matches the driver. There are numerous radio taxi companies you can call, they're also generally reliable and safe. Finally, taxis from the airport or from an expensive hotel will be the most expensive.

I picked up a sim card from Telcel that worked with my unlocked android phone, including 3g. There are shops all over the city and in some metro stations.

Mexico City is a wonderful place, it's full of very kind people, great restaurants and historic sites. I enjoyed my time there quite a bit. I'd recommend staying in Condesa or Zona Rosa, since those seem to be the centers of activity for (non-mongering) nightlife.

Because I was staying with a friend, escorts were out of the question. I don't like them anyway, as I never seem to get what I order. I've heard nothing but horror stories about strip / sex clubs in D. F. So I stayed away from those And one place I wanted to try, extreme sports spa, had pretty much the same hours of operation as I did for the business I had to complete. So that pretty much left street action.


I had to see this for myself. Unfortunately my daytime work responsibilities interfered with what I think is primarily a daytime operation. I went the first time on a weeknight about 9pm. There were no girls in the market itself, which had mostly shut down by that time. The street girls were across the street on Anillo de Circunvalacion.

It was an odd scene. There were about 20 girls or so hanging about surrounding a door to a short-time hotel, and just as many men (or maybe more) waiting around as well. I later figured out that they were mostly waiting for a favorite girl to emerge from the constantly-watched hotel door.

Rather disconcertingly, there were also a bunch of cops hanging about. In some cases they were literally in the middle of the action, just standing around and talking and keeping watch over the scene. I was told that the cops are mostly there to keep things safe, and that they tolerate the solicitation going on. I made a point to watch a few girls go back with clients, and return safely with the clients, before I decided to dive in. Despite all this, it was a bit weird for this activity to be going on with so many cops around. Especially with the reputation the D. F. Cops have for corruption. Thankfully, they all seemed to leave about 9:30pm.

After watching for a while, I approached Alexa, a tall, thin girl who was attractive. She wanted 100 pesos and 70 for the room. I knew that must be for a quickie, so I inquired and for completo (nude, oral, etc.) , it was 300 pesos for her. I took her up on that offer. The service was decent for a SW, passable, but nothing special. She started with a decent CBJ (didn't inquire about BBBJ, which is something I don't do with SW's) and proceeded to sex in a few positions. She had a good attitude and was friendly but a bit mechanical.

A few days later I headed back for another go. Alexa was there but I had no intention of repeating. But after a while, I realized that not only were new girls not showing up, but the existing ones were starting to leave. I took a risk with a girl I wasn't sure about. It was dark and the pickings were slim and I had a lot of time invested in getting there and waiting, so I wanted to score. She wanted the same initial price. 100 and 70 for the room, so I figured I'd accept that, see her in room light and decide if it was worth negotiating for more.

Once I got her in the room light, I realized I had made a bad call. She was pretty nasty in the light. She had a huge scar on her stomach, and was chunkier than I thought. I had already paid the 70 for the room and so I did something I've never done before. I gave her the 100 and left. It wasn't really her fault, I should have had a better look at her and she was perfectly pleasant and ready to go. But I knew that there was no way in hell I was going to touch her. I paid since I figured it wasn't worth arguing over that small of an amount.

By the way, the exhange rate during my trip was around 12. 5 pesos to 1 USD, so I wasn't out all that much money and I'm glad I decided to cut my losses.

After that, I pretty much gave up on D. F. As a mongering destination and decided to focus on non-professional activities. I had a few nice nights out with friends and hooked up with a German tourist in Condesa one night, which was fun. To be fair, as I said, I get the feeling that the area around Merced is more of a daytime spot. It seems to wrap up mostly around midnight, which is also when the metro system stops for the night.

But on my last two nights, I had the urge to give it one more shot.


So I decided I needed to try something new. I headed to Calle Sullivan. It's pretty easily accessible by Metrobus, take it to the Reforma stop which drops you at the corner of Sullivan-walk West for a few blocks and you'll start to see the girls. From Condesa it's just a few stops. From Zona Rosa it might be easier to walk or take a taxi depending on your location.

I went first on a Friday night around 10PM. Many guys are in cars but some, like me, were on foot. I waited a while to get the swing of things. And I also waited because, when I first arrived, I saw this hot girl getting in a car with a client and I kind of knew she was the one I wanted.

So again, the scene is a bit crazy. Cars pull over and the girls yell out their prices to the drivers and passengers. Sometimes they almost cause traffic accidents. Do be careful crossing the street as many of the drivers are, uh, distracted. Most girls were asking for 600 pesos.

The hub of activity was at Sullivan and the corner of Manuel Maria Contreras (which turns into Rio Rhin). There was a group of girls on the Southwest corner and they extended a bit East on Sullivan and South on Contreras. There weren't as many as I had expected based on prior reports. Maybe 20-30, though it did pick up a bit as the night went on.

I recommend going on foot. It gives you more of a chance to talk to the girls and inspect them from various angles, which you have a chance to do as they stand there. I started talking to a local who was pointing out some of the best girls and chatting in general about the scene. While we were chatting that girl I saw earlier returned and he happened to say she was a good one. I excused myself and told him she was the one I was waiting for.

She was a tall flacita named Barbara. I like two kinds of girls, skinny girls with small natural breasts and skinny girls with large natural breasts. She fit into the former category, she had a model-type body and was wearing low jeans and a very small top to show that body off. She was light skinned and had light hair with highlights. She had a tiny nose piercing and her tongue was pierced. She wanted 500 pesos for what turned out to be about a half-hour, nude, oral and different positions. The hotel was another 200 pesos. I was thinking with the wrong head and didn't even try to negotiate, though she was already on the low end of what most of the girls were asking.

I turns out most of the girls have drivers, either off-duty taxis or private cars. Once we made a deal, she asked me to wait for a few moments until the car returned (the driver pretty much made continuous roundtrips between the street and hotel, which was only a few blocks away).

In the room, there was no upcharge and she was very friendly. The service was a bit mechanical at start, but she was really hot, just my type. She said she was 20 and from Atlixco. She had cute a-cup breasts with puffy nipples and I believe she really is 20. She started on top and wanted to switch to doggie, which normally I like but I wanted to see her cute face, so we finished in mish. She loosened up in the end and it was a great encounter, but I wouldn't call GFE or anything, just decent sex with a really hot girl.

She did speak english by the way, though she made me speak spanish since I need practice. She was genuinely nice. She offered me a ride back to the corner (which I needed, since I hoped to make it back to the metrobus by midnight) , and while we were waiting we chatted a bit about where she was from, her family, etc. She seemed a little sad to be away from home. I got my ride back (for free) and we said goodbye.

Since the next night, Saturday, was my last, I decided to return to Sullivan. I was seriously considering repeating with Barbara. It's something I don't do often, but there was something about her and she was super cute. I figured I'd make my decision once I arrived.

When I got there around 10pm, she wasn't there. She said she'd be working, so she either wasn't there yet or was with a client. So I figured I'd look around and if nothing caught my interest, I'd take her once she got there. I spent a few minutes browsing, which is super easy in this location since the girls are mostly focused on the drivers so you can stare at their asses as long as you want and since the car headlights are good for illuminating the girls.

I found another tall flacita. I don't remember her name, but she had olive skin, long curly dark hair and a great body. She seemed to have a good attitude and wanted 600 pesos. I agreed and we crossed the street to a taxi that was waiting. The taxi took us to a different short-time hotel nearby. This hotel was also 200 pesos, and the taxi ride was free.

This girl was pretty good for a street girl. She was young, probably early 20's, perky be-cups and not an ounce of extra fat on her. She started with a pretty good CBJ and moved on to cowgirl. Other positions were available but this is my favorite and she knew how to move. She was either enjoying herself or she deserves an oscar, in fact I finished (and told her so) and she wouldn't stop, she kept going for another few minutes until she collapsed and gave me a nice dfk.

Afterwards I got another free ride back to the corner. I thought about waiting and going again with Barbara, but I decided to call it a successful night.

I certainly wouldn't go to D. F. Primarily for the p4p scene. It leaves a lot to be desired and there are far better destinations for sex. But It's an amazing city. If you're headed there for business or to check out the sights, it's a great city. There are first-class restaurants at decent prices, the people are very warm and kind, and the weather is nice. I'll definitely return, and when I do I'll probably blow my evenings (and my extra Pesos) on Calle Sullivan.

Lobo Mex
05-17-02, 15:36
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05-19-02, 05:51
Long-time reader and first time writer here.

Anyone know if the escort service Golden Skin is still around. Haven't been in the DF (Distrito Federal) for a year or so but had fairly good luck with that service after using them a number of times and finding a consistent girl. I will be going to DF in early June and would appreciate knowing what to expect in advance.

By the way, my experiences with DF escort services were varied and overall poor. Golden Skin was the best of the bunch, which was not saying much. They have an English-speaking operator by the name of Allan who took care of me. Only when I specified that I want an "extremely" slim girl would I get someone with a body most of us would be content with--they have no supermodels to my knowledge. I had been seeing one girl from there a number of times, she even spent the night on a couple of occassions, and she was awesome. Unfortunately, I don't remember her name, but she was a brunette, perhaps 20 years old or so (claimed 24 but don't believe it) with blue eyes, very white skin, and was studying at one of the local universities for computers. I would rate her face a 7, her body an 8 and her performance also an 8. I managed to see her outside of the service (she would call in sick that night) for a discounted fee. I would advise others trying this method also. Use one of the escort services and if you like the girl then get her direct cellular number and circumvent the intermediary.

She was willing to do all positions, anal, smoke some buds b4hand, and really aimed to please. I'd love to hook up with her again.

In terms of the clubs, I tried a number of them in the Zona Rosa. Keops was easy to get FS in but the girls range from 2-7 (maybe one 8 in the place on rare occassions). The service was hurried, with the towel girl knocking on the door well ahead of the specified time (guess she needs to be tipped b4hand). I went with 2 girls at once this one time and they literally could not get me off--too baracudda-like if you ask me. I had better luck with Isis and Havana, where the girls were more attractive and willing to leave for the hotel. I never tried any of the touts you see on any street corner, so can't really comment.

Overall, the scene in DF is sub-par when compared to other monger-ridden locales (Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, etc.), but still exponentially better than the States (which is a very minor accomplishment).

Oh, one more thing--the better hotels are very difficult to bring girls back to. At the minimum you will need to sign her in and leave here ID, and at worst they will outright refuse and cause a scene (which sucks in a crowded lobby).

Hope this was somewhat useful and look forward to some feedback as well.

Happy mongering!

06-02-02, 22:45
I visited Cheops in D.F. in late May. I have been to this city 6 times now. The prices have soared since 1998. The cost of getting out of a club is much more expensive than where I live here in the Midwest. The girls swarm you and then try to make you feel bad if you don't buy them some $10 drink.

I did see one pretty girl at the club with nice breasts. But, I had another appointment so I left. I only got an idea what private time would have cost:)

Outside the club a guy told me where to get a massage and showed me the place. It is about a block from Cheops down some sidewalk. After I saw the door and said I had to go. 2 police officers were right behind me. They must have seen him leading me to this place.

Why is Mexico's clubs so expensive or is because I'm from Estados


06-03-02, 18:47
Originally posted by tank

Why is Mexico's clubs so expensive or is because I'm from Estados



That depends in where do you land... not all strips clubs are so expensive (but they are also worse...)

even universitary students with a low budget could find good and decent spots to get fun, you just have to look for the right place.

some people (waiters, girls, etc) could smell a good tip from an american customer and will attend you well, some of them think that for the best service you had, the best tip you'll leave, but sadly others want to suck your wallet by any way possible...

If your look it's 100% gringo and you're alone, you better look for places where other gringos had been and recomended the place, you better change the dollars you want to spend before going to one of this places(inside they want to give you a lower exchange rate), and always ask for the chart of drinks and check the prices, some people recommended to pay every round at the moment, so you just have to leave the tip at the end.

But if you had a mexican friend or another gringo with experience in some of this places you could use this guide, but try to avoid "new friends" you could met in the place, some of this people are very obnoxious when they get drunk.

Hope this help you.


06-21-02, 06:29

I have spent the other evening a wonderful time with Fernanda (http://www.elidasex.com). Thanks for the contact. She is fantastic for everything. She is very sympatic and has a great body. Sex was great. She will definively be part of all my next stay in Mexico City. I fully recommand her. Have you other so good people to advice in the other parts of the world?


06-22-02, 15:03
I will go to Mexico City and Acapulco for some days in July. As
I have not much time to search, I am looking for an escort lady for dinner and good sex. Does anyone have a recommendiation, prices, web sites, ect. ? Thanks for any help.

Big Johnson
07-16-02, 16:49
The massage place near Keops is called Bernalet on 16 Berna. It is relatively cheap (350MP) The talent is older late 20s to 40 ish. Looks hardened. Rooms are pretty shitty normally a single futon as bed. But it will do in a pinch.

There is Leo's Le Club. 446 Chapultepec. About 6 or 7 blocks from Keops. The quality here is better than Bernalet. The cost is higher (450MP). Depending upon the day probably on par with what I have seen TJ.

The last MP near the Zona Rosa is on 31 Dubin. If forget the name. The selection is bigger than the other two. (Normally about 15 or more girls) I think the selection spans the quality of both places and might be a little better sometimes than Leos. the cost is 450MP but there is a price increase at 9PM to 800MP. This MP is related with another in Polanco called Genesis on Rincon del Bosque.

07-17-02, 04:06
I'm going to be in Mexico city in August and would like to know if there are any clubs (Jetset, titanium...) still open for business or they're all closed. Are there any new ones with quality girls? Any help will be appreciated.

07-22-02, 17:44
For niravv -

El Closet, on calle Saltillo in the colonia Condesa, recently reopened after being closed for many months. High quality, in my opinion.

07-31-02, 05:05
I am going to Mexico City in a couple of weeks. I would liketo know if somebody knows some place where you can get young talent 18-25 even though you have to pay a bit more (but no more than $150 USD) for an hour.

I have seen Ing. Norman several times as a provider of nice and young girls. If some body has his phone number please let me know.

You can write me at rkosonom@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot

Big Johnson
07-31-02, 15:33
Ing norman 55749585 y 55748436. But 150 US won't get it done at El Ing. You are looking minimum 220 US.

08-02-02, 03:27
Big Johnson,

Thanks for the information. How would you rate the girls from Ing. Norman from 1 to 10? If they are at least 8s and slim and young I may be willing to go for the $220 or whatever the current rate is.

We will have to see.

Nibu Raphael
08-05-02, 04:20
Does Anyone know if street***** Azalia who worked on Avenida Insurgentes South in 1998 When I lived there Is Still Around? She was one hot horny fuck Her phone number is 011- 52- 5- 643- 6261. I also have a number of a massage parlor ***** Bela call her 011- 52- 5- 645- 2515. Oh Also is Big Titted ***** Muzmet still working at the Porn Theatere At Plaza Garibaldi? There were two porno theateres with girls there when I live in 1998.

Big Johnson
08-09-02, 14:03
I would rate them 7s or 8s and up. It's worth the money, for DF. You'll get just as good elsewhere in Mexico for 1/2 that money but everything in the Big City costs more.

El Closet might present some 7s and 8s for half the price though and you might end up with GFE. But El Ing. is by far the pick of the litter.

There is a MP called Contours that also has great women but again you are looking 180 and up.

Hope that helps.

08-10-02, 19:03
Big Johnson,

Do you have information for these two places "El Closet" and "Contours". I am going to Mexico City soon and I would like to sample them

08-11-02, 01:29
El Closet is at calle saltillo #67 in Colonia Condesa.I have been there many times over the last three years and prefer it over any of the clubs in DF.No taxista in DF will recommend this club because they do not pay comission to the drivers.The drivers will always try to push Queens or the Cadillac Bar on you.The Closet has about 20 girls,with full service on the premises if you wish.There is a 60 peso cover and do not get there before 11.Wednesday thru Saturday are the good nights.Ask for Rachel or Laura they are both gfe if they like you and will also go to your hotel for about $200 if they are comfortable with you. As always in the DF check your bill closely,or pay buy the round,the maseros like to give themselves an extra tip without asking.The Closet is about 10 minutes from the hotels in Reforma y Polanco.Also you don't have to pay for a taxi to wait for you,they have perfectly safe taxis employed by the club that will take you back to your hotel.I have taken 4 girls out of there over the years and still am friends with 2 of them.You will find hard core strippers here but I have also met several students and first timers.Even though I don't recommend DF for clubs this place is one of the best they have,but like the rest of the DF it is not cheap(200 pesos a table dance,50 pesos per beer! U.S. prices) I recomend meeting a girl at the club and then setting up a date with her the next night for dinner at your hotel befofe she goes to work.But even with this plan you're probaly going to have to buy some drinks and dances so she knows your sincere.Good luck,hope this helps.

09-28-02, 23:40
What is going on with all the horny guys in this board? Nobody has posted anything for over a month. I am sure somebody has had some experiences.

I am going there on December. I will post some information when I am there. In the meantime, let's share some information people!

Member #4239
09-29-02, 10:37
to rkosonom:
dude, the only thing I can post in this section is this: watch your ass big time when you're in Mexico City. This is one hell of a dangerous city. Just get your business done and get the hell out of Mexico City. This advice from a guy who was just there 3 days ago. J.G.

09-29-02, 18:10
What happened in Mexico City? Something in particular, or just a bad feeling? -P

Member #4239
09-30-02, 00:59
nothing has ever happened to me personally, but as I said it's a very dangerous city. it has a huge population, many of them poor immigrants from other parts of the world, such as El Salvador, Guatemala, etc. There is a lot of kidnappings and car jackings and all kinds of other crimes happening there. I guess what I am trying to say is just be extremely careful. Even choose your cab drivers with extreme caution because they can end up robbing you.
I know you have been to Guadalajara. Well, let me just say that Guadalajara is about 100 times safer than Mexico City. So just be very careful. J.G.

09-30-02, 01:06
Yes, I definitely agree that Guadalajara is much safer, but your post makes it seem that something terrible happened to YOU. Have been to MC many times and although I hear the stories and see some questionable characters on the street, NOTHING bad has ever occured in any city in Mexico. Many people get scared from stories. Mexico City is safer than my city in the US. Less murders per capita, by far. I agree we should be careful, but I don't like paranoia either . . .

Member #4239
10-01-02, 09:32
I respect you and I don't want to get into some kind of a back and forth argument, but let me just give you a few examples so you know these aren't just "stories": The son of Mexico's most famous Mariachi singer(Vicente Fernandez)was held hostage for three months and had two fingers cut off. Currently two sisters of the singer Thalia are held hostage for ransom. There are multiple car jackings DAILY in Mexico City and you can hear/read about them in the media. The Mexicans themselves will tell you to be extremely careful with the people you choose as your taxi drivers in Mexico City. And again, with all due respect to you, I have been to Mexico City multiple times myself and I can not believe that it is safer than your U.S. city, no matter what the supposed "per capita" crime is.
So again, I believe people visiting Mexico City should be very careful about venturing out at night, going into dangerous areas looking for escorts. You can call me paranoid, but I believe in playing it safe. Like I said, I believe Guadalajara to be an almost absolutely safe city-go to the malls, esteticas, etc and enjoy the girls- but Mexico City is a whole different story.
Lots of people here say, "well, nothing bad has ever happened to me". I think that's to be expected. I mean the poor tourist that got his head kicked in by his cab driver and his buddies and is in a Mexico City hospital ICU is not gonna be posting here.
Peace. Cuidate. J.G.

10-01-02, 15:20
The "tourist who got his head kicked in" will eventually leave the hospital and COULD post here - which is why I asked you what happened in the first place . . . After all, the guys who do post here usually run with questionable characters, in questionable barrios, late at night. I feel we are more at risk than the average tourist. Most of the kidnappings are of famous families or business executives (Mex or foreign) - people known to have big time money who could pay a large ransom. Remember, there are more than 25 million people - maybe 30, in MC. That's 2 or 3 New Yorks. I live in a small city and there is a car jacking every day and an average of 1 murder every day. For MC multiply by 50 or 60 . . . Driving an expensive car or appearing to be rich is NOT a good idea in DF but again, I have never had a problem nor know a person who had a problem there. But I have been robbed several times here in the US. I'm NOT saying I think its safe - just asking for real experiences. The Thalia thing doesn't have much to do with the average person.

Member #4239
10-02-02, 03:24
You got the last word on that topic. Take care. J.G.

10-09-02, 21:50
The family I am staying with in the State of Mexico has 5 members, and 3 of them have been robbed in 2 incidents. Those are bad statistics. One was a bus robbery and in the other they were in a hospital. Both were mass robberies where a couple of guys come in with pistols and clean house with everyone. Pretty good gig if you have no morals. But it IS real! Watch out for stray dogs, too...

10-10-02, 06:58

I have no doubt that it's real and that's why I worry about it - especially in Mex City. But again this is the world's largest city and lots of shit happens. In my lifetime, I've been robbed at gunpoint, had things stolen numerous times and had a guy murdered on my doorstep. Right here in the US. I'm more interested in how I can protect myself, what to look for and if there are any clubs or joints to steer clear of. Any strippers or SW's who run a scam and how it works. With all the guys who have written here, I have not heard any '" this happened to me" stuff. Only "I read in the paper" stuff. With 30 million people, the sheer numbers are going to be huge. Of course, if you live on a farm in Iowa, Mexico City seems pretty damn dangerous- and IS, but if you live in an urban center or especially places like Detroit, New Orleans, Philly, New York etc., this is pretty commonplace. The murder rate (per capita) in MC would not make the top 10 in the US.
More reports please . . . Peace - P

Member #4239
10-11-02, 10:50
As you have heard on the news today, former NY city mayor, Guilliani, has been hired to help fight the crime(I quote "carjackings, murders, and kidnappings")in Mexico City. It is an ESTABLISHED FACT that Mexico City is a very dangerous city-just what I have been saying all along. This is a fact that is widely recognized by all Mexicans themselves. I find it rather amusing that Prokofiev wants to keep arguing to the contrary.
Is Mexico City the most dangerous city in the world? of course not, but it's plenty dangerous. To put it in some perspective, the people in the know say that it is almost as dangerous as Sao Paulo or Bogota. I want to advise the readers of the forum, those who care a great deal about their personal safety, just to be extra cautious when they are in Mexico city. In fact if possible, try to choose other "hobby" destinations to visit in Mexico. There are plenty of other choices, in fact there are dozens of better choices in the Republica Mexicana.
Please read Dylock's post again carefully. Enough said. J.G.

Big Johnson
10-11-02, 12:54
I lived in Mexico City. Yes, it's dangerous Prov and JG say or allude to. Prov says treat it like any other major metropolitan area. This is true. Don't go the ATMs alone late at night, don't go in Pirate (street) taxis especially if the driver doesn't match his permit or if a permit is not displayed, don't walk around with a lot of jewelery of flashing a lot of cash and don't walk around alone.

Other Latin Am countries have "unwritten" laws that promote safety as well. Like If you are driving late at night and there is a stop light but no traffic, you treat it like a stop sign.

The one thing I learned in DF (and some of it is written here) is the peoples concept of dangerous is different in Mexico. Dangerous starts at robbed. I think we think more of Dangerous in dead. This is not to say you won't get robbed and killed or beaten up in DF but it is probably less likely than in a major US city. More likely you will be threatened with a weapon and anything of value will be taken. If it does, give your valuables up. It is better to be a little poorer and alive than dead or injured.

Sorry for the diatribe but lets get back (or start) to discussing hobbying in DF. Thanks.

10-11-02, 20:31
to all,

i hope this is my last post about mc crime. what i want to tell people, especially those unfamiliar with it, is that mexico city is one of the world's great cities. spectacular museums, restaurants, parks, theaters . . . very cosmopolitan, sophisticated. i love it. it's wonderful and you should not fear it. like any large city - and it is the world's largest - it has crime and can be very dangerous.

i live in new orleans. several years ago we had 500 murders in 1 year with a population of only 450k. that equates to over 30,000 murders in mexico city or 10+ times their actual rate. if you are not afraid to travel to no or nyc or detroit or sanfran (and maybe you should be) then please don't hesitate to visit mex city. imagine how they feel about living in d.c. right now, with some clown with a high-speed rifle randomly killing people?

j.g. when i read your original message i thought- "what in hell happened to this poor guy. sounds terrible! i need to find out to protect myself" but it turned out to be nothing specific. the mexico forum discussed this at length 6+ months ago. the perception of mexican crime vs. the reality. compared to my neighborhood, i feel safe on mexican soil - even mex city! but trashing a great desination like mc, i.e. " get the hell out ..." is not fair. be careful there, yes. but avoid it at all costs, no!!!!!!
peace, - p

10-12-02, 06:27
Originally posted by Prokofiev
To All,

I hope this is my last post about MC crime. What I want to tell people, especially those unfamiliar with it, is that Mexico City is one of the world's great cities. Spectacular museums, restaurants, parks, theaters . . . very cosmopolitan, sophisticated. I love it. It's wonderful and you should not fear it. Like any large city - and it is the world's largest - it has crime and can be very dangerous.

FYI: NYT 10/12 reports Mexican gov't has hired Rudy Guilianni for a one year contract to consultant the mayor of MC on handling crime and reducing corruption in the police force. The hope is he can do in Mexico city what he did in NYC.

10-12-02, 06:38
Originally posted by Prokofiev
To All,

I hope this is my last post about MC crime. What I want to tell people, especially those unfamiliar with it, is that Mexico City is one of the world's great cities. Spectacular museums, restaurants, parks, theaters . . . very cosmopolitan, sophisticated. I love it. It's wonderful and you should not fear it. Like any large city - and it is the world's largest - it has crime and can be very dangerous.

FYI: NYT 10/12 reports Mexican gov't has hired Rudy Guilianni for a one year consultant to the Mayor of Mexico city. The hope is he can do in Mexico city what he did in NYC.

10-13-02, 14:40
I never thought I'd go to Mexico City with all the other destinations out there. I met this chick online a few months ago and she invites me to be her date at a big fiesta in Mexico City next weekend. She wants me to stay in the same hotel as her but I'm gonna try not to so I can get in a little hobbying.

I don't see too much information on this board. Anyone have any recent information on the chica scene in Mexico City? Escorts, clubs, anything? If so, please email me at saintofba@hotmail.com.

I will post a detailed report either while I'm down there or when I get back. I'm just down there for the long weekend.


10-14-02, 07:23

Does anyone have any new stuff on Sullivan street? Whenever I got to the DF, I always check out the Sullivan girls. I don't know if there is another place at Mexico City, but for me Sullivan girls are a good deal. Many of them are real secretaries.

Anyway, hope to hear any updates.

10-17-02, 23:28
Attended meetings in MC this last week. First time in MX. Stayed at Maria Isabel Sheraton. Found a nice place nearby, in Zona Rosa: Keops on Hamburgo street.

Nice looking girls. Friendly, but socially agressive first time I came in. Loosened up and left me alone to look around after I was persistent on being alone.

Met extremely sweet and sexy girl second time there. Got to know her quite a bit.

Table dance in back room. Allowed to touch and feel, including getting fingers soaking wet.

Sex available in another room. Not cozy, but she was both wet, smelled good and did everything I wanted and needed.

Third time I took her to cheap hotel for the night and almost missed my 10AM meeting, got there at 0959.....

10-17-02, 23:57
Some info about the prices and such:

Table dance was 250 pesos each, or 2 for 450.

Drinks for the girl was 150 each.

Tipping was expected from pretty much everyone and beyond... isliked it the first 2 times, but realised it had paid of the third time. Everyone, including the manager seemed to have adopted me, and took real good care of me, even though my tipping had steadily been going down to more "normal" levels.

Fucking in the back room was 1400. BBBJ and more.

Having her as girlfriend from 4am and the rest of the night was 2000 pesos. Then she did everything that a real girlfriend ever did.

I thought the prices were too high, but with her being her 100% it was a real quality experience.

She is 20, ca. 155cm, beautiful fac , good body very pretty b-size breasts and nice ass.

Anyone have any recent secrets from DF?

10-20-02, 01:11

Anyone know the phonenumber and e-mail to Keops in Mexico City, on Hamburgo Street?

Met an extremely sweet girl there, want to make sure I can see her again.

Best regards

10-21-02, 22:31
mexico city- bring your wallet

i was gonna try to go to rio this weekend with one of my buddies but i just couldn’t take anymore days off from work. i was bummed but determined to go out of the country on a journey. early last week one of the girls i met from the internet told me that she was going to be in mexico city on business. she told me there was a party that she would like me to go with her too. essentially, she asked me to be her date. i have chatted with this girl online several times via msn messenger and the phone a few times. she is not a “working” girl. she is a very pretty, educated, laid back girl. i thought to myself “why not”.

it was very short notice but i booked a ticket to mexico city. the ticket wasn’t too expensive. mexico seems to have a higher tax rate than other international destinations. originally my ticket was $290 but with all taxes and fees it was $385.00. i’m including extensive prices for everything. some guys might not care about prices for things other than girls but many do so i’m including them.

you should also note that my original intention of this trip was not to “hobby” but i was fairly certain that i could get in a girl here or there. there is very little information on mexico city. (especially for a city of it’s size). the only thing some guys told me was it was very expensive there. they were not lying. do not go to mexico city and expect to pay next to nothing for anything. everything there is expensive. i have gotten spoiled going down to buenos aires, argentina.

i am already a member of several message boards but didn’t see too much info on them so i signed up for wsa hoping to find some newer information. there was a little information but much of it was dated or old. the great thing is that i read a post from this guy called “chilango chilaquil”. he included his email address so i emailed him. i can’t tell you what a class act this guy is. he emailed me back extensive information on girls and the scene there. he gave me several sites to girls. admittedly, many of the girls were not my type but it was great nonetheless. his english is very good. he offered to pick me up at the airport. if you get the chance to go to mexico city definitely hook up with him. cchilaquil@hotmail.com

i don’t mean to skip around so much but i’m typing this fast. it’s very busy at work and i’m on my lunch break. my amiga wanted me to stay at her hotel but i went online and it appeared to be a 2-3 star hotel at best. i need a good bed so i decided to go with a 5 star luxury hotel. i’m a member of the leading hotels of the world (http://www.lhw.com/). i went on their website to check out which hotels they recommended for mexico city. they gave high marks to the fiesta americana grand chapultepec hotel. it was a new hotel. it is only one year old. i booked a suite at a rate of $180 us a night + 17% tax. (yeah…very expensive). all the great hotels in mexico city were expensive. even the hotel my amiga was at was almost $90 us a night.

everyone and their brother were telling me how dangerous mexico city is. for that reason i called the hotel directly and asked them how much it would be for airport pick up. they quoted $80 us for a limo and $60 us for a nice town car. i decided to pass and just take airport transportation. i was sure i’d be able to find something for cheaper. it was around this time that i continued to email with chilango. i also talked to him on the phone and he again offered to pick me up. i decided to take him up on his offer. i told him that i’d pay him the rate a taxi would charge.

i flew down and the flight was uneventful. it was interesting to see that almost all of the passengers were mexican citizens. i was on a super 80 airliner, which holds about 125 people and i was probably one of only 10-15 americans. most of the passengers around me didn’t speak any english. the flight was very short at around 2 ½ hours on a direct flight.

as the plane was making it’s final descent, i looked out my window and was somewhat awestruck. mexico city is huge. the city is unlike any city i’ve ever been to. it’s apparent when flying in that you notice just how big the city is and how many people are living there. (an estimated 23 million people). it was truly amazing to see the vast city below me.

i arrived at the airport and it was crowded! clearing customs was a breeze and my bag was waiting for me when i got to the baggage area. i went to the area where everyone is waiting to pick someone up. again, it was very crowded. i looked for chilango in the area we talked about but i didn’t see him. i waited a little bit and figured he didn’t show up. i arranged airport transport in a big van at a rate of 200 pesos (or roughly $20 us). the going rate right now is about 9.9 pesos to the us dollar. to make it easy i just rounded 10 x 1. i didn’t bother to convert dollars into pesos as the rate was very easy to calculate and everyone took us dollars. in fact, at most casa de cambios the mexicans had to pay 10.20 pesos to get $1 us.

traffic going to the hotel was horrible. the driver told me it was especially bad because there were several protests going on and it backed up traffic. he told me without traffic it’s normally only 15-20 minutes. i got to my hotel and was very happy. it was a very nice luxury property. the lady at the front desk was very friendly. she upgraded me to the executive club level floor. my room was great and had a great view. it included a nice breakfast upstairs in the executive lounge and use of the business center. after arriving in my room i went to the business center and checked my email. sure enough, there was an email from chilango. he was emailing me from the airport. he was there but i missed him. i had to go back to the airport to meet my amiga who was arriving that afternoon. chilango offered to pick me up and take me to the airport. i told him my room # and he was there in 30 minutes.

we chatted on the way to the airport. traffic again was horrendous. he was a really good guy. his english was very good and he was the type of guy that asked for nothing in return. just wanted to help out a newbie in mexico city. i told him i wanted to pay him for the journey to the airport. he refused. while we were in traffic i stuffed a $20 us bill into his dash compartment while he wasn’t looking. (later in the day he saw it and laughed because he didn’t know i put it there). we arrived at the airport and couldn’t find my amiga. the flight she gave me was either cancelled or changed. at this point i was starving. i had not eaten breakfast or lunch yet and it was past 3 pm. i told him that i would just email her and hook up with her later.

we went to the zona rosa (pink zone). it was not that far but with traffic took a while. do not even think about renting a car in this city. traffic sucks and you don’t want to be driving in it. i asked chilango how he got his screen name and he told me a chilango is a citizen of mexico city. we drove through all these parts of town and he would tell me a little history as we were driving. we made it to the angus in zona rosa. a nice restaurant that had open air seating. also, some of these waitresses were hot and most had revealing dresses on. he told me it was kind of like their version of “hooters” but an upscale environment. we both had lunch on me. to give you an idea about prices… again things aren’t cheap. the lunch with sodas, soup, steaks for each of us and 1 alcoholic drink was $100 us and i left a $20 us tip because our girl was so good and a cutie. that same meal in buenos aires would be less than $30 us with tip probably. also the steaks in mexico can’t even compare with argentina.

chilango offered to take me around to some of the strip clubs but i wanted to get back to the hotel and see if my amiga called. part of me was hoping she did because that’s the reason why i flew down there in the first place. and part of me was hoping she didn’t because i wanted to hit the clubs. we get to my hotel where i don’t hear from my amiga. i had chilango call her parent’s house to let her know that i did try to meet up with her and left her my hotel room #.

then i was horny so i told chilango that i would call some of the girls that i printed out. he told me about some websites before my trip. the best prospects seemed to be from : http://www.sexyservidoras.com/mex.html i thought it was kind of ironic that the hottest girls from the site were some brazilian girls and girls from argentina. we called a few of the girls and i settled on faira was 2000 pesos ($200 us) for 1 ½ hours. she was one of the girls from brazil. i wanted to see another girl from argentina but she wasn’t answering her phone even though she had emailed me telling me she would be available that day.

faira says she can be over in an hour. we agreed on meeting at 8 pm. i was pretty happy to have set something up. chilango left but we talked about going out to the strip clubs if my amiga didn’t call me. about this time faira called my hotel room back to confirm and also to tell me that it would be better if i called the front desk and told them my friend was arriving at 8 pm. she gave me her real name and i called the front desk and told them to let her up at 8 pm. no problems whatsoever. right after booking my amiga calls and tells me that she is sorry. her flight got changed and had to take an earlier flight. she was there and wanted me to come over to the place she was at. i couldn’t back out on faira at this point. i told my amiga i was meeting my friend for a drink and i would be there at 10 pm. she said she was excited.

meanwhile my room was hot and the air-conditioning system was hard to decipher so i called the front desk. they sent someone up. it was funny when i answered the door because there was this hottie along with the guy fixing my air-conditioner. he had this look on his face like “you lucky bastard!!!”. he shows me how to work the system and i give him a few bucks. then i ask the girl who she is. she is obviously not faira because faira looked older and had a bigger body frame. this girl was very cute though and had a booming body so i didn’t mind. she told me that she was [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901). faira was her cousin. in fact, the other girl there is her cousin too. all 3 of them are in mexico city for a while making some serious dough than going back.

[CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) did not speak any english nor spanish either but she could understand everything i was saying in spanish. i started pimsleur portuguese and only could say basic things but she was very impressed that i was trying to learn. then she starts asking me all these questions. was i married, did i have a girlfriend, did i have kids, etc. all the bs type questions we usually ask the girls. she flat out told me that she wanted to live in the us and wanted to find someone to marry her. she told me that she thought i was really handsome and kept telling me that she didn’t believe i wasn’t married. she was very passionate. she did ask for her “regalo” (gift) before the session. i told her that i was disappointed that she didn’t trust me. i told her that i would put the $200 us on the table and she could take it when she was done. she agreed and was very happy. she called someone on her cellphone to let them know she was there.

i snap some photos of her and then we start making out. this girl loved to kiss. her tongue was all over my body. she was dressed very nice and i started stripping her. she was totally gfe. at first she wanted to do a cbj and i politely asked if she could do a little bbbj which she agreed to. she was new to the business. she had only been working 23 days (or so she said). i believed her. she was 19 years old. we did multiple positions, deep french kissing the whole time. even when i was going doggie on her she would snap her head back to french kiss. she was very sensitive. she came almost immediately while i was going down on her. while we were in the mish position, all of a sudden it felt awesome and i could tell the condom broke. i thought about just going on but stopped after about 4-5 minutes and told her the condom broke. she asked if i wanted to go on and i told her no. we changed condoms and were back at it.

after the sex, we were just talking. it was about 9:30 pm. she was in no hurry to leave but i had to shower and go meet my amiga so i told her that i needed to meet a friend. she seemed kind of offended by this. she told me that usually guys only get one hour with her and that was it. she told me that she had no other customers that night and was willing to stay longer on her dime. i would have loved it but i needed to get going. so we get dressed. her tits looked so fabulous i had to ask her for a picture to which she totally let me.

she was excited that i was gonna be in rio during new year’s eve. she gave me her number and email address along with her real name. she asked me if i wanted to hook up with her in rio. i will definitely try. she was just a really sweet sweet girl that i had a wonderful time with. we said our goodbyes and i jumped in the shower.

my amiga gave me the address where she was at but it must have been far because the driver at the hotel didn’t know where it was. he kept trying to look at a map before we left. i finally told him that we needed to go. i told him to get another driver if he didn’t know where it was. he called my amiga and got directions. it was on the outskirts of town. it took about 25-30 minutes to get there. the cost he explained would be $30 us. i told him ok. it took a while and he had to ask for directions about 3 times but i made it there. then he told me that there were no taxis out here so he asked if i wanted him to pick me up. yeah, i did. no way i wanted to be stuck out here. he gave me his number and told me to call him 30 minutes before i wanted him to pick me up so he could come out. again, he said it would be $30 us for the return trip. (yeah, ouch. i would spend over $100 us in taxi fares my first day in mexico city).

when my amiga opened the door i was very very happy. she was just a really sweet girl that was pretty on the inside as well as the outside. we really clicked! she was a “nice girl” though and i knew i’d most likely not score this weekend. she might even be a virgin?? we talked till 1 am and then i called the driver to pick me up. i was very tired at this point. the driver asked me if i wanted to hit the clubs but i just went back to hotel. i couldn’t sleep so i called up one of the girls on the sexyservadoras site again. one of the girls answered but it appeared to be an agency. she told me she had a “very pretty girl from argentina”. perfect! send her over. it was $250 us for 2 hours. the girl’s name was dora. she was a very pretty brunette from buenos aires. it was perfect since i love argentina! same routine as before. i called to the front desk and let them know i had an “amiga” coming to my room. no problems at all.

again, another great session although she wouldn’t let me take any pictures. it was hard paying this much money. it has been a while since i paid these kind of rates. i had spent $450 us in one night on only 2 girls. yeah, cheaper than the us top escorts but admittedly still very expensive. i have no idea on the club scene but i hear it’s expensive and not all the girls are a sure thing.

the rest of the time i spent with my amiga. i’m sure you mongers could care less about that info so i’m ending here. we did a lot of fun things together. i will post some pictures of my room, [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901), the hotel, along with some pictures of the city. also maybe some more detailed info on the city but i gotta run now.

good luck fellas.


p.s. i would also like to point out that i found the city to be very beautiful in the area of my hotel. yeah, the city is polluted and has many bad areas but the people were all very friendly. i never felt unsafe.

also, the city is full of these green/white vw beetle taxi's. they are less than 1/2 the price of a private car from the hotel. if you use these taxi's just make sure you use the ones that have a license plates that start with the letter l or s. they will also have their "taxi #" on the side of the car. only use the ones that have an l or s.

the other ones without a license plate or don't start with these letters are "irregular" taxi's. they are not illegal per se but they do not pay taxes or a permit fee and many are dangerous i'm told. i had an interesting conversation with a taxi driver.

taxi's here are expensive. a trip from the zona rosa to my hotel which was about 1 mile was $10 us in a private car. it was only $4 us in a green/white beetle taxi but i only used one of those taxi's once and that was only because i didn't see a private car.

i woke up early one morning and walked around by myself in the zona rosa. yeah there is crime there but if you use common sense and don't look scared i think you'll be ok.

i was reading the local newspaper and they said on average there are about 497 reported cases of crime each and every day. the vast majority of it is petty crimes. it was interesting that the mayor of mexico city just hired rudy guiliani's consulting company to help clean up mexico city and it's crime problem. they are paying him $4.7 us million for a one year contract.

if you're going to mexico city and aren't too worried about money than i'd recommend the hotel i stayed in. also, i walked by the four seasons in the zona rosa and it was absolutely gorgeous. i think rooms there run about $300 - $400 us per night. there are many less expensive hotels too.

mexico city isn't a city that anyone would go to specifically to hobby but if you're there on business or any other reason there are definitely some options but you'll just have to pay more than many cities.

here are some pictures of [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) and the city. enjoy!


10-22-02, 02:41
Originally posted by saint
Mexico City- Bring your Wallet

She told me that she thought I was really handsome and kept telling me that she didn’t believe I wasn’t married. She was very passionate. She did ask for her “regalo” (gift) before the session. I told her that I was disappointed that she didn’t trust me. I told her that I would put the $200 US on the table and she could take it when she was done. She agreed and was very happy. She called someone on her cellphone to let them know she was there.

Great report SAINT. I haven't done MC DF yet but have it seriously on my mind. I have been doing the TJ scene which I like a lot but want to visit that large town in a big way since one of the chicas I like up here is from down there.
Those Brazilian chicks seem to have the same MO all over the place. There are a few that work the scene in TJ. All very hot and intense in bed. The only thing I do not really like is the way they ask for the "regalos" up front. When this Brazilian chick at Adelita's asked me for a "gift" I really didn't catch what she was saying since I had never heard for the money up front in that particular manner.
Again, good report.

niggy nag
10-22-02, 02:55
Bravo...muy excelente!

niggy nag
10-22-02, 03:01
Originally posted by anonjohn
FYI: NYT 10/12 reports Mexican gov't has hired Rudy Guilianni for a one year consultant to the Mayor of Mexico city. The hope is he can do in Mexico city what he did in NYC.

Yeah.. like close down all the strip clubs and hooker bars. Like I really need this while I am in the middle of a sexual feeding frenzy. What a fucking rip!

10-22-02, 03:16

We're waiting for you back in Bs As. Es mejor aqui. By the way, unfortunately, Sandy is out of town for several days, so I won't get a chance to meet her. We talked for 3 or 4 minutes on the phone--she sounded special, not hardened. My misfortune, but thanks for the lead.


10-22-02, 03:19
Originally posted by niggy nag
Yeah.. like close down all the strip clubs and hooker bars. Like I really need this while I am in the middle of a sexual feeding frenzy. What a fucking rip!

From a NYC victim of the dishonorable Rudy Guiliani

Guiliani is getting 3. 5 million for basically a few months of "consultation" in Mexico City. It's fairly ridiculous. His salary as mayor for a year was $251,000 but that was pre-9/11, when he became a folk icon.

What is he going to do with his Mexican consultations? I doubt Mexico City has the money to put in the sophisticated computer systems that are needed and were used in part in NYC to cut down on the crime.

But I doubt Guiliana will impact the hobby or even crime for that matter. The hobby in NYC had nothing to do with crime but was crime against people living in Manhattan by a mayor from Queens with a political base outside Manhattan...and also the money from Disney and other real estate interests who saw a goldmine in Times Square.

So I won't worry. It's a scam and whatever Guiliani does it will have no effect in a situation as complex as Mexico City.

10-22-02, 04:36
Thanks for the nice words guys. I totally agree about the Guliani thing. In fact, there are many people upset with the mayor of D.F. for agreeing to pay such a huge sum. I don't think there is much Guliani can do to help. Mexico and the USA are like night and day. It is two different cultures and you can't change some things no matter what you do.

There is so much culture and history in Mexico. It's truly amazing. I never knew Mexico was a city built on lakes. For the short time I was there I learned so much. I went to the Pyramids and got a great tour and history lesson. I recommend it for anyone that goes to Mexico City. (especially if you're with a chica. It is very romantic).

Also, I thought it was very funny how Mexicans have outright disgust or disdain for Argentinians. Apparently there is a large base of Argentinians that live in Mexico City. I would talk to many and tell them I went to Buenos Aires a few times this year. All of them would tell me how the people of Argentina are getting what they deserved. They told me how arrogant they have been for years. I actually thought it was kind of funny listening to all these stories. Every single person had some joke or story to tell. I'll write a few of them below:

One tour guide told me that Argentinians run outside when there is a thunder storm. They all run out and look up at the sky. They do this because they think God is taking a picture of them and the flash is going off. LOL.

Another told me that there was this guy from Argentina on his tour of the pyramids. These pyramids are located about 45 minutes outside of the city. It's quite amazing to think about because they built these thousands of years ago. They had to carry all these rocks to build it and the structure is solid. They estimate it took 100 years to build. It wasn't slave labor but people that most likely volunteered to build it. Anyway, back to the story. This guy from Argentina was saying how stupid the ancient Mexican civilization was to build this. How it was a waste and what morons they were to take so much time to build this.

My tour guide was hilarious. He responded that yes it did take many years to build. But than he says that maybe "these dumb people" envisioned that thosands of years in the future there would be even dumber people that would pay to come out here and see this "waste of a structure". LOL. You gotta love it when one is quick like that with a response.

Oldguy, sorry to hear about Sandy. She is truly special and sweet. Have no fear...I'll be back in Buenos Aires in 4 weeks then again 3 weeks after that. Hold down the "fort" for me.

** Something else that I thought was really noticeable was the flight down there was completely full of Mexican's. The flight back was almost all Americans. It may not seem like a big deal and it's not but it was just really something that stuck out to me.

niggy nag
10-22-02, 12:55

yeah... it is sometimes amusing hearing jokes centered on ethnic rivalries, especially when they are unexpected. Many us us tend to lump all Latinos as one bug race. Mexico, by itself, has an extremely wide variety of distinct cells of social/cultural/ethnic affiliations. The term "chilango" is used affectionately by those from the DF but the rest of the country often time uses it as a derogatory term. There is a widely used expression: "Haz patria, mata a un Chilango (do your country a favor, kill a Chilango." And, I've herd a few cuts aimed at Argentines by Mexicans too... there's one that goes something like this: you can't trust Argentinians because they cook in the same room as they shit.
Al rato amigo!

11-04-02, 00:48
What is going on with this board? Mexico is the largest city in the world and judging by the lack of posts it would seem there is nothing happening in this city.

I will be visiting the city during December and I will post some information but in the meantime, if you have visited recently or are living there share the knowledge with us!

11-04-02, 02:05
Originally posted by rkosonom
What is going on with this board? Mexico is the largest city in the world and judging by the lack of posts it would seem there is nothing happening in this city.

I will be visiting the city during December and I will post some information but in the meantime, if you have visited recently or are living there share the knowledge with us!

A Chilango Pocho told me last night that he heard they were cracking down on the industry in DF. Does anyone know if this situation is true?

11-04-02, 17:20
Originally posted by Syphillis
A Chilango Pocho told me last night that he heard they were cracking down on the industry in DF. Does anyone know if this situation is true?

The authorities' chasing around providers has been steadily in decline. However, and specially in the Cuauhtemoc demarcation, there is activity from the authorities every now and then, mainly directed toward massage parlors and table-dance bars. Right now, as an example, the Foxies bar at Zona Rosa is closed. I think it will will be open next week, or even perhaps this Friday. Other than that, I would say that the scene in Mexico City is pretty back to normal. We are even enjoying an influx of Argentinas, no doubt due to the shitty situation at their country. I am hoping that we do not fall in that at least for another while.

And, as an aside piece of conversation, a chilango is someone from Mexico City; furthermore, a chilango is one proud to live and crave in Mexico City... Pocho is northern lingo (obsolete, I dare to say) to designate the mexican national who is prompt to adopt or awe foreign attitudes, particulary those of north-american nationals. I have some trouble imagining a Chilango Pocho...

Best regards,
Chilango Chilaquil

El Mojado
11-06-02, 08:32
Regarding Mexico City...

I was there about 2 years ago and I checked out an in-call and got a young woman for 1 1/2 hours to come to my hotel. It was quite nice, but I did have to pay for a second person in the room. The hotel was Hotel Prim, an older hotel just at the edge of the Zona Rosa. They were one of the few, cheaper hotels online at the time and actually they had good service and rooms, except for the noise in the room I had from street level (cars parking, it was close to the internal parking lot they had... but I wasn't there to sleep).

Anyway... I'll have to look up the service cards the woman left with me when she left. She was not that attractive, but she was quite loving in bed and very happy that I could speak Spanish. She also seemed pleased that I was clean, had just showered and had some snacks for us to share as well as bottled water and some light booze, wine cooler like drinks (she liked the idea of booze, but didn't have any).

Anyway... we were at it for a bit over an hour and I still had some time left so we talked and hugged and cuddled. She actually fell asleep! I stayed awake and then the phone rang! Oh no... she got in trouble with the agency that sent her. She ended up telling me that if the worker overstays it's her fault and she has to do some services for the agency for free... She said she'd quit and go to another agency. I offered to give her a tip on top of what the agreed price was but she would NOT accept it. I offered it twice but she said no and thanked me for the offer. I gave her one of my cards with my email address on it, but I don't think she was sophisticated enough to use email.

Anyway... the 1 1/2 hour cost me $500 pesos and it only cost me another $75 pesos to get her added to the room as "second person".

In USD terms that was about $55 USD for the incall woman (she was 22 years old) and another $9 added to the hotel bill.

I'm shocked at the prices people are quoting on here for Mexico City. I found a number of listings on a website that lists pro's and independent incalls and that's where I got my first list of numbers and the agency I used. Have the prices skyrocketed in the last two years? As far as I saw, Mexico City had the LOWEST prices compared to other cities... but I wasn't interested in a quality back rub (though the woman I was with gave me a decent backrub and helped calm me down after a hectic day --- more so after the backrub ;) But there were ads and independents quoting prices of $400 and some offered "2 women" for $400 pesos! I will look for that website again and if I find it I will post it here.

I was always sad that I hardly ever had a reason to go to Mexico City... Otherwise, I could score for $30 USD a night easily and if it was with the same gal I could probably get a better GFE going and she would also feel more at ease.

Anyway... I have to admit that I do not like Mexico City that much because of the crime and because I stick out like a sore thumb. I may be Mexican American, but I look very GRINGO. (well, that's what I get for having a father from Atotonilco el Alto where a lot of light skinned Spaniards settled).

I am just shocked at the prices ... I mean, you can find ANYTHING in Mexico City and the prices are cheap (from merchandise to mechanics to shiny polished stones for jewlery and other things I used to bring back to the U.S. and sell)...

El Mojado

El Mojado
11-06-02, 09:13
O.K. check this link out. Found the place I found the info from before... It moved from sexoservicio.com to this site:


Sexo Guia Mexico is the place and this is the "periodico" or "newspaper" and there are all price ranges here. Being the economy minded monger I was and that it was my first try for Mexico City at that time and I was on business and was only going to be there for 1 day, I went ahead and called one of the $400 or so peso places and upgraded to 1 1/2 hours.

You can spend $1,500 a pop for an hour if you like ($150 USD)

Check out the telephone numbers before you go down to Mexico City or go through them while you're down there to pick the one you want. If memory serves me, they'll typically only work in a certain "zone" or "area", sort of like Pizza delivery here in the U.S.

Calling ahead and asking the Madame (or woman answering the phone) what hotels they prefer or have some arrangement with, reading that the hotels won't "raise eyebrows" or force you to pay for a 2nd person, might be the best way to set this up for trips. I don't recall the service I used. But I did have to call more than one because the first telephone number I called was disconnected I believe and the other never picked up the phone. I also spoke with a chica fogosa who was an independent woman but she wanted $600 pesos for 1 hour plus taxi fare. I did very well with what I received and really enjoyed the genuineness of the young woman that they sent me. She wasn't great looking but she was young and refused extra money and she fell asleep in my arms after all of our wonderous activities :) I really liked that, that she could feel safe enough to snuggle and doze off with me. Now I may be old fashioned in a way, but that's also some great GFE.

Enjoy Mexico City! I sure wish I could go down there for a little R&R (Raunchy Relaxation)... but I don't really enjoy being in DF. I love other areas of Mexico -- especially Michoacan :)

El Mojado

11-06-02, 23:09
Has anyone else had experience with any girls featured on sexyservidoras.com, recommended by Saint in his great post? Or any other good web sources for hotel outcalls?

I love Mexico City but have had terrible experiences with the clubs, and mixed results at best from calling blind ads in Tiempo Libre. And on two occasions, I've had ladies stopped downstairs and was unable to get them up (at Marquis Reforma)--very insulting. Is there a secret to passing muster at the door? And can anyone recommend a lady or ladies in particular, likely to pass the test?

Many thanks for the great info...and both points of view of danger/attraction in the DF are right. It's a great city to visit, AND you need to watch your ass. Personally, I'd never get a taxi off the street, only (1) authorized airport cabs, (2) hotel cabs, or (3) a taxi called from or located at one of the authorized stands around town--usually blue. I never had problems when I used the green&whites, years ago, but stopped doing so after my father and a close associate were "diverted", robbed, and in one case driven around to loot his ATM account for several hours. Even without dressing or looking rich, American tourists and businessmen are attractive targets there.

but I love the place.

El Mojado
11-08-02, 06:32
Hi there Westex!

The website I posted right below your post (the one below this one) has the information you are looking for but it is only good for Mexico City.

Try the number out, call them up and verify that they still work and talk to the ladies or the outcall service that sends the ladies. You will need some proficiency with Spanish, but you should have a blast! (in more ways than one! ;)

I don't like being in Mexico City too much because of the traffic and other problems I've encountered there before, but the chicas are easy to get with these numbers and there's never an issue of having to deal with getting to the strip club or getting the lady up the stairs. These women come to your hotel and the service that you call or the ladies that you call can tell you which hotels they can work at without a hassle. What could be better!?!?!?!

I think that everytime I'm in Mexico City I'll use an incall unless I have a steady girlfriend (in which case, why go to Mexico City without her? -- Or better yet just stay with her at home ;)

So good luck. The website is current but some of the listings will not be. Best to test them out before getting down there to find a few that work and planning ahead with some of the independent chicas would probably be appreciated. Just stick to the price and it doesn't hurt to tell them you found it on the internet. I did that the night I got the chica and I was given a discount.


El Mojado

11-08-02, 18:42
originally posted by westex
has anyone else had experience with any girls featured on sexyservidoras.com, recommended by saint in his great post? or any other good web sources for hotel outcalls?

the place is a venue for girls to be announced, and there are some scams in the site, like linda (who is not the girl in the photographs), deborah (of whom is said uses drugs and is accompanied by two big bodyguards and a stinky attitude), etc.
there are some jewels, however. drica and [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) over there are just great!

as with always, be careful with what you do and how do you do it.

chilango chilaquil

11-20-02, 08:51
Hello guys: I am thinking off visiting either MExico or Argentina. I believe that from what I have read the price for a girl from a club in Mexico city is 400 -600 pesos per hour. I was wondering whehter this is true? I would appreciate any recomendation waht other places in Mexico one should visit from hobby and cultural point of view. Besides the ladies I would like to learn more about Mexican ancient civilization. I was also wondering whether someone should show me around the Mexico city due to the fact that I don't speak spanish and I am blind. If you want you can contact me at: vopat@sympatico.ca Thank you and happy hunting.

High on Hobbyin
12-20-02, 13:19
Maxim (Dec 2002) had an article about having fun in Mexico. Just curious if anyone has heard of any of the following places: El Closet (I believe its a Strip club); the Saint Angel Inn (they claim you'll 'get hit on by a constant stream of chicas'); Area in the Hotel Habita ( 'a bar with model types and coeds'?); Mama Rumbas ('a club with Cuban Bands where women out number men 2:1' ).

Just thought I'd throw these out so that someone feeling daring could do a little research.

12-22-02, 14:12
As a street girl fan, I finally had to see D.F. for myself. I figured the reason I found so little written about the DF street
scene was that no one on this board or any of the others I checked out had taken a serious look at it. Most mongers scan
the street scene only as an incident to club and other mongering venues, so I went this week to give it a good, hard look,
with backup plans to take a quiet non-monger trip to Cuernavaca.

As it turns out, the thin reports I had found were so thin for good reason. I was on Sullivan Street on a Saturday night and
there may have been a total of thirty-five women to choose from. They were spread out in roughly four sections, and the
quality varied but was pretty good overall. There were several spinners, and I was quoted from $30 for a half hour to $40 for
15 minutes, both from very hot specimens. I had already been twice a little earlier, and still had an appointment for later so I
didn't take any up. The competition was intense. I was walking and standing around because my hotel was only a block
away, but the men were lined up in cars, two rows deep for about 150 yards. When one approached a girl, she would shout
out her price first. If he didn't immediately make up his mind, she would move her attention to the next car. It was a frenzied
seller's market and there was no time to contemplate whether her tits were good enough or whether the one next to her
might be better because they were both gone before you could blink.

This went on from about 10pm to 6am. Never, ever try the Sullivan thing in a car. Park at Hotel Muy and walk over. That way
the cars behind you aren't honking to get you to make up your mind, and you can walk behind the girls to better check out
their asses.

One of the most bizarre things I ever saw was at the corner of Sullivan and Rio Rhin where the top talent stood. There was a
guy with what must have been lighter fluid or kerosine in a can, and he was maintinaing a 10 inch high semi-ring of fire on the
curb of that corner between the girls and the cars, almost like a firewall. It had an incredibly exotic effect as the girls stood
illuminated only a few inches from the fire.

As for the hotel, it was a really clean and comfortable fully mirrored/flush mounted speakers with stereo, remote control TV
and all for the price of 160 pesos ($16 with an exchange rate of 10pesos per dollar). It was Hotel Muy (dumb sounding name,
not a typo) at Antonio Caso #144 and the corner of Col. San Rafael. Phone 57-03-20-60/57-03-20-24.

Earlier upon my arrival to DF, I took the metro straight to Merced. You come up in this enormous marketplace and it is total
shock for someone who has never seen anything more crowded than the streets of Manhattan at rush hour. For about forty
minutes, I couldn't extend my arm eight inches in any direction without finding a person. It was the first time I ever felt
claustrophobia in a crowd. Concert and bar and sporting event crowds have a beginning and an end and you know it will
come soon. This was much more intense and had no beginning or end. It seemed infinite.

I finally found and fought my way inch by inch to Anillo de Circumvalacion and started finding women at Gomez and on up to
around Miguel Negreta. There were probably 200 on my side of the street alone, and not a single one came close to the
slimmer type I look for. Not even close. Finally as I was giving up to head out for Sullivan Street in the Zona Rosa, I saw a
lonely little figure that seemed to be just what I was looking for. She was standing in front of a store along with her plumper
cohorts. As I got closer, I realized it was a mannequin in front of a clothing store. It struck me as sort of funny that the
hundreds of young women making a living satisfying the lust of the local male population looked absolutely nothing like the
ideal body being employed to sell them clothes.

Now I was really ready to go, but there was suddenly another one and this time not a mannequin. As I got closer, I thought
the city's 7300 foot altitude was messing with my perception because this girl looked just like one of my all time favorite,
recently MIA, TJ spinners. And it was. She had left TJ in October to come here to be closer to her family. Twenty-five million
people and it takes me less than two hours to find one of my favorite girls in what is otherwise a poon-tang wasteland. I was
so happy to see her that I took her up twice before leaving with her in a cab to her other late shift on Sullivan Street, where
she introduced me to my hotel. For the record, she cost me $20 for 15 minutes whereas she only charged me $15 in TJ. My
next round with her was for an hour and much more reasonable. The chunky chicks had quoted me $10 and $15. As we rode
in the cab down Jose Maria Izazaga, there was about another mile or two of short, chunky girls on both sides. The SGs are
there if you like 'em squatty.

So the DF street scene was awful overall. There are spots I didn't check out, but I had seen enough. When I got to
Cuernavaca, the cabbie stopped and got me a copy of the local paper with a "Professionals" section in the classifieds. I
started making calls around 5pm and arranging to have the girls meet me at a popular outdoor restaurant for an ice breaker drink. One no show, another hot but total ***** who I gave cab fare and asked to leave after she introduced herself with "I'm giving you ten minutes to decide and then I'm leaving", then
another no show who assured me over four cell phone calls during three hours that she was just "20 minutes" away. I finally called a cheap operation (500 pesos per hour), ordered the skinniest girl they could send me with
the promise that I would send her back if she was not "como Aly McBeal- muy, muy flaca". I know this does not exist in
Mexico outside of heroine dens or crack houses, but I hoped my threat would get me something at least a little less
voluptous than, say, Roseanne Barr.

But I had waited long enough for one day and expected her to take hours if she showed at all. After making this call and
brushing my teeth, I went to bed. Before I could get my head comfortably settled in my pillow, there was a knock on the
door. I had scored. They had sent me a Courtney Cox clone for $50. She was stunning, and slim enough for me. It was her
third day in the business and she was nervous and scared, but I walked her through it very gently and had a fantastic time. So it did work out with a LOT of perseverance.

Sorry but I can't remember her name or the service. But the horrible attitude girl I sent away was Kimberly, and the second no-show was Yenny.

12-22-02, 21:31
Hello, fellow hunters!

having followed the conversation going on, I´d like to check some things with you: Can anybody of you recommend the Mision Hotel (Napoles 62, Zona Rosa). Or warnings of any kind? Anybody knows if you can take girls up?

Having enjoyed thoroughly the GFE´s in Cuba, I am a little spoilt for Mulatas muy flaca. So are there by chance any recommendations into that direction telefone numbers greatly appreciated)?

Has anybody taken the Mexicana flight from MEX to HAV and is knowledgeable about the price (qutes in the net are around 475 US$, but I seem to be unable to get more than a quote for some reason).

Thanks for any helpful hint you might be able to give here or to snarkhunte_r@yahoo.co.uk - thanks a million!


12-23-02, 22:19
Snark- You need to call AeroMex or just drive down to the border to an AeroMex travel office on the south side. I don't think US outlets can sell you a ticket to Havana yet. And you might get a better deal with some kind of Mexican travel office package.

12-24-02, 02:10
Hi Pitbull:
I am glad, finally, that someone else has posted an extensive and comprehensive note on Mexico City streetwalkers.

I agree with and respect most of your opinions. However, I surmise that you have not taken (or wanted to take either) what Jwadd called the "indigenous plunge". Typical local women dont really look like what you were looking for and that I understand. But hey, they are really worth giving them a go -- it is a very different experience from what you might expect. For more detail, please check my long-winded post on the same theme from March 25 2002 (anonymous), in the "2001 to April 2002" archives.

Now, a cautionary word: you explored the two largest, most commercial, and in many ways, the worst street sex markets in Mexico. All sex workers in both Sullivan and the Circunvalación-Merced areas are controlled (means charged, watched, managed, located, and even given a dress-code!) by pimps and cops. Regardless of your personal likes or dislikes, the service you will receive in these 2 places is strictly commercial and the girls will only be looking at their watches. I am a very frequent user of Mexico City SWs and I havent been at either venue for years now.

But cheers! You are a brave man! I hope someday you will be back...

12-26-02, 20:56
Pitbull, thanks for helping and your pointer. I seem to have been able to get a reservation done to travel from MEX to HAV for 450 $ without any problem (as I live in Europe, neither Mr. Helms nor Mr. Burton have a direct impact on my travel-itinerary :-)). A travel agency in Europe did it, made the booking, a reservation and for a mere 20 $ left the tickets to pick up at the ticketing counter of Mexicana (which even is a staralliance partner meaning I pick up miles on the fly). Debited to my credit card-no hassles.

As you seem to be quite knowledgeable about the place D.F.: Is there any comment or advice you might be able to give on the Hotel "Mision", Zona Rosa? I´d appreciate comments about taking up girls and quality, maybe some tip on any beauty nearby? I have read horrid stories about girls showing up unsolicited and bringing their pimps, and about people getting robbed or ripped off (I don´t think there is a lot to be taken from me, but the little I have I really got used to owning it).

Thanks for all the good comments I have already found in this forum so far!


12-31-02, 10:44
Que hongos Chilango Chilquil,

Hey, have you heard of "pieles extranjeras" or foreign girls at DF? Someone told me that I could find at the Cadillac in Zona Rosa, but I don't know if it still exists, or if its true the "pieles extranjeras" stuff.

Yo voy para alla a cada rato, pero ya chole con puro sullivan. Que otros lugares son buenos?

01-02-03, 23:30
originally posted by tochtli

hey, have you heard of "pieles extranjeras" or foreign girls at df? someone told me that i could find at the cadillac in zona rosa, but i don't know if it still exists, or if its true the "pieles extranjeras" stuff.

hi tochtli.

you may find foreign talent at the cadillacs, certainly. it is still open, but then i never have been a great fan of table dances and similar venues. the chicks have a tendency to be... er... really obnouxious for what they are. i mean, sure you can find some gorgeous babes, but they usually come with an attitude. at cadillas i do not remember much foreign girls, exception made for an argentinian, named angela, who is superb. please note that not all girls at cadillacs will be available for "salidas".
the cadillac is at the se corner of circuito interior and leibnitz or eje 3. sorry, i do not have the exact adress, but any cab near the zone will direct you in the right direction.

if you have a taste for foreign girls, then the solid gold, the mens club or even the golden club are the places for you. again, please note that not all the girls will do salidas (in fact, until very recently i thought that it was imposible to fine a girl from the mens club). however, if you are nice to them they will you their number, and you can see the girls before they go to work, or in they day off. a valuable advise (i think) is to learn some simple phrases in chesck, hungarian, russian or slovak. the girls will really apreciatte it, and it can be a very handy ice breaker.

recently, i had an intense experience with a very beatiful brazileira here in mexico. name is [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901), and perhaps santo will recommend her also. she had some problems with her cell phone recently, but if you e-mail me i'll answer with the current number. cchilaquil(at)hotmail(dot)com. [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) is very young (19), and has a sweet mulato type, cost is 1,800 (pesos). other foreign girls i have meet in mexico are natasha, a young, very pretty, blond and sweet girl from rumania. phone number is 5176-5552. this is a cell number, so remember to dial 044 55 if you dial from mexico city.

i hope you find this information useful.
feliz caceria y que las guayabas sean dulces en tu huerto!!!

chilango chilaquil

01-24-03, 06:15
hey chilango!

i haven't read this section in months. i've spent the past 5 weeks in buenos aires and rio. mexico city can't compare with those two world class mongering cities. i definitely can recommend [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) even though i'm not into the mixed look. she was very sweet and very intense and gfe as you say.

you gotta head down to south america if you can. i'm going to montreal in two weeks to hobby up there with some buddies. not sure if i'll return to mexico city anytime soon but if i do i'll email you.

i dated that one normal girl for a few months but ultimately had to break up with her. sweet girl.

have a great new year amigo.


Nibu Raphael
01-25-03, 01:50
Sorry SAINt but the girls in Mexico City have a way better attitude then the girls of BA Argentina. Man When I lived in Mexico city in 98 I got the best great deals on streetwalkers and masage parlors. I sure in the hell miss Mexico City It is definetly better then BA Argentina....

01-25-03, 05:29
Originally posted by saint
OMG. I did a double take when I read that quote about Mexico City. I just shook my head and laughed. Hey, to each his own. Maybe it's good that Nibu likes Mexico City better.

From reading his posts it is clear that I really have NOTHING in common with that guy. I don't mean that in a negative way either. Everyone has their own tastes in girls, clothes, hotels, and cities. Personally I would never stay in a hotel that was like 40 pesos ($12 US) or whatever he paid.

I've met enough of you guys in person and emailed with enough of you to know that the majority of all men in the world would prefer Buenos Aires over Mexico City. But again, if you're into streetwalkers and the like...you might like Mexico City better. I've never done a streetwalker and I never intend to.

Good luck all.

01-25-03, 17:50
why are you adament in dissing Nibu? Is it really necessary? And how does your post contribute to the forum?

(not that this post is really contributing either, but I think your trashing is not needed.)

Nibu Raphael
01-26-03, 07:08
Yes Mexico City I prefer to BA Argentina any day. I lived in Mexico City in 1998 for over 8 months.. Yes I lived in a 5 dollar hotel with cable and two porn channels and it kicked ass. Mexico City rates up with Lima Peru as one great sex hunting city Yes I got a lot of action from Sex Workers on Sullivan St.,La Merced and a lot of other places. The massage places were always cheap. The strip clubs are rip offs in Mexico City. I even visited a Swingers place in Mexico City and like 6 of them existed in 1998 when I was there. I sure Do Miss DF A lot. Hey also there was action outside of DF in Nuacalpan and other outskirts. Octatron is just jealous that his shop can not sail in to Mexico city. Mexico City is a great Cheap Latin kick ass destination. I worked with Heavy Metal bands also in DF and traveled all over Mexico. The Mexican groupies ruled. This is no BS stories... All True DF like Lima Peru are my two favorite big Latin Sex Destinations,,,Regards,,,,,,,, NIBU R.......

01-26-03, 07:24
Hey Nibu: so you work with heavy metal bands. That's what I figured. Hey we were in Mexico City, Mexico at the same time. Sullivan Street, Mexico City Mexico sucks man. Big time! Why you go to top dolar places like Sullivan? Merced rules, 30 pesos I would pay for one shot, though I used to hire a regular opposite the station in Merced, Mexico City Mexico and do 2 bonks for 50, later gave her 60. Hotel cost a bit more. The security guards and their batons are assholes, BIG TIMe man.

How much did you pay in Sullivan? That'sright behind the Bolsa right? Sucks man.

Did you do the walk in bonks there, saturdays and Sundays, inMerced up to 11 pm? Great man. 30 pesos, straight in and straight out. I used to time them. Some guys only lasted 30 seconds. Plenty of pussy down there, walking on either of the main roads

Did you ever go to the market near Merced? Heavy scene man but luckily I was a knife instructor when I did my service. And so were my Mexican buddies. Dn't go alone there man or you will be one dead guerro. Ok man. You hear me?

Ever been to Zona Roza in Acupulco Mexico? Great place man. 30 pesos goes a long way there man. Some great pussy, real wild h houses. Time of my f-g life. Go check it out man.

Piece (of ass) to all

01-27-03, 00:59

No problem. Like I said on the Buenos Aires board...everyone has their own tastes. It's good that not every guy is interested in the same exact things or the same girls. I had fun in Mexico City. It's a huge city with alot of culture. I just found it very very expensive. I didn't have any interest in chasing the low cost scene.

But again, to me it's nothing compared to Buenos Aires but that is just my personal opinion. I went to Mexico City two weekends in a row last year. I did alot of things there but again, overall I found the city to be very expensive for a high class hotel, taxi's, and high class girls.

Luckily I had a good tour guide in Chilango. He is a great guy that speaks good English and I had a good time chatting with him, getting a mini tour of DF and having a nice lunch/dinner with him at The Angus in Zona Rosa.

Have fun amigos no matter where you are hobbying.


01-27-03, 02:18
Hey Saitn, Nibu: Whats up man and men. Let me set the score straight. Around Merced subway stop there are 1000s of streetwalkers, world's biggest open air market outside of good ole Addis Abbaba in Ethiiopia Africa. They are beauties, mui guapa - and Nibu - many of them have much leche, big headlamps!!!! At first go there around 12 noon on a weekend, dressvery casual, don't take watches or any of that shit. Try to go with a compenero/amigo. BUT DON'T GO TO THAT MARKET OR YOU ARE DEAD MEAT!!!! Even tough Mexicans won't go there.

The price is 40 pesos for the younger chicas, 30 for the babes in their 30s, some more chump change for the hotel. And Nibu man, lots cheap hotels, no problem with chicas but lotsa rats in that area, like millions of them man.

Saint, Merced is only 30 pesos a bonk, the main drag is 300. Some fantastic looking women, movie star in Merced. Dressdown and you'll be fine.
Zona Roza Acapulco Mexico should not be confused with Zona Rosa Mexico City Mexico. Rosa is upmarket, Roza is bottom on the barrel, about 10 minutes taxi from the cathedral. Roza is where th locals go. Great dancing but hit the cantinas instead.

Merced is also a big cut price shoping area for locals, only about 10 minutes' walk from the Zocalo, the main square. Checkit out during the day but Saint buddy if you ain't a street smart guy, better pass on it. They mug Mexicans in the midle of the day too with 100s of witnesses. But if you are a street wise, street smart, street fightin man like Mr John C Skinless it is pussy heaven.

And Nibu: don't use the head medicine in Acapulco, blow or coke or you will pass out. maybe they use those things too in Lima Peru.

Now if you are going to visit Merced, Zona Roza or any of my Latin hideways, please ask questions when you arrive there and some of the guys will help out.

Ok brothers, later, Peace unity and brotherly love.

01-27-03, 08:53
Hi Skinless, brave man! I'm a local but I look foreign though. I try to avoid La Merced, its just not really my thing, too aggressive.

You want fine, personal, low-price action, go for the Tacuba market plaza, the Zócalo iself (next to Templo Mayor Museum), La Soledad Church area (between Zocalo and La Merced), the Alameda Park, and the Metro Hidalgo - Metro Revolución area. Youll find great daylight action, low prices, and mostly safe, man, SAFE. You know its safe when the action ends at 8 PM. Also, many Merced girls are closely watched and managed and you really don't get a chance to do your thing in peace. Also, I'm not sure of your price, you must haggle very aggressively... I've been at it for 10 years and I find I get the best unrushed, personal and special services for 80 to 150 pesos.

Peace... of ass to you

Nibu Raphael
01-29-03, 20:15
Hi Skinless,Saint and others. Yeh Skinless great post. Yes I picked up a ***** once or twice in La Merced yes you must be very careful but nothing happened to me. I do not dress like a Rich Yupppie I blend in with the people even though I am A gringo. To Saint and Jackson too I do not figure out How You guys figure Mexico City is expensive it is a very cheap big City destination Expensive Big Cities are NYC and London. Mexico City is pretty damn cheap The massage parlors I used to go to were very cheap so were the streetwalkers. The food is very cheap in Mexico and Rules. The hotels were very cheap and you always had a Tv usually with cable free of charge in your room. In Lima Peru if you want a TV in your room you must pay a few more soles for it. HMMMM Is Peru cheaper then Mexico a little bit but I would get better deals on hotels in Mexico then Peru. I also lived with a Mexican Rock band for a couple months in a Northern Mexico City barrio for like 40 bucks a month great place the lady who rented out the place to me gave me full use of the kitchen and everything. Shit Like I said I can not figure it out to Me Mexico City is very cheap Many Buses Always plus the great kick ass Metro that rules Just beware of Taxis Expensive,,, Ok Man I got to go my Babe is here looking,,,,,, Regards,,,,, NIBU R....

01-30-03, 02:25
PeterPaul (and Mary?): It's been a few years but Merced was great, great to stroll during the day but kinda dangerous. Some fantastic looking women. I never saw much at the Zocalo (great place to look at the Chiapas dues and catch the history) but did all the other areas. The main drags you mention were 10x the Merced price. The market you mention, if it is the very big one near Merced, really tough Mexicans (hatchet fighting was their past times and others, friends, who worked as bouncers in low grade brothels), told me not to go there unless I had serious back up (guns, not blades which are my specialty). I took their advice.

Zona Roxa, Acapulco was similar. A dirt track about 10 minutes taxi from the cathedral. I was drawn to it like flies to shit. There is a little police station there where the police kick the shit out of their prisioners in full view. A big coke scene (Nibu watch out, don't indulge or they will roll you), some TV bars, lots of dancing and bonking bars and straight out brothels. Only guys going out for a few drinks/snort and a bonk go there. I did well there, bonking and carousing till 8 am and still getting laid. When I went back for more, I knew I was being set up so I split, ran out and jumped into a taxi. Best go low key but with some serious back up if you must. Some lovely meat there. The nicest was the coke pusher's babe. Why I didn't fuck her I don;t know. Maybe I wanted to stay alive....

Happy days

02-08-03, 02:56
Well... here I am in Mexico City, trying to find a decent escort and so far nothing. I hit a couple of numbers on this site: http://sgmx.com/

It seems most of them won't come as far south as I am staying, near the Stadia Azteca. I hooked up with one, though, who promised to be here "en 30 minutos." An hour later I left. I come back, there's a girl's voice on the room voice mail.

Geh. My crappy Spanish? Es posible. Also possible that she was simply late as hell. I made out the word "trafico" in the voice mail, which I could barely understand.

Anyway, tonight I'm going out with some locals who claim to be big studs and know where all the action is, and say they can help me find a decent girl to come back to my room for under 300 pesos. We'll see. To be continued tomorrow or the next day.

(I would have tried Jackson's friend, but I couldn't view her site in the browser I have on this ancient "travel" laptop.)

02-08-03, 12:17
Well, @ 2 a.m. I finally connected with a service that would send someone as far south as Boulevard Gran Sur. I thought I had one girl coming for $100 (mil pesos) but two showed up. Confusion from my bad Spanish? Intentional bump? Who can say. $200. At least I had that much. I do *not* keep a lot of cash handy when playing with unknown talent.

Anyway, Azumi & Vanessa were young, nice, pleasant, well-shaped, blue-eyed and blondish -- and restrictive. Their theme song could have been "Don't touch me there."

It was a decent experience. I think it would have been enjoyed more by a younger and healthier guy. I take high blood pressure meds that make it a little hard for me to become fully hard (and make it dangerous for me to use Viagra), so it's really better for me to have one somewhat older, slower woman more completely than to have two really young, bouncy ones only part of the way.

I'll give this pair high marks for cleanliness and professionalism, but GFE not. You can reach them (their agency) @ 56-74-74-76. Don't even try English (or, apparently, anything but Spanish). It'll get you nowhere.

Tomorrow maybe I'll try to find an older, slower woman. I don't really need the Euro-ideal coloration or build (which both of tonight's girls certainly had -- between 7 and 9 on most of your scales, for sure). I am happy with the little meztizo or Indio girl, and that crowd is all over the streets if you head up toward downtown a bit -- not all the way, but an area near UNUM (big University)

And my local buds drank a bunch at supper and flaked out. Young whippersnappers! Fah! :)

02-10-03, 07:35
Hi Skin:

Well, no, the Tacuba market I mention is on the west of the city, sort of in the north, at the confluence of Marina Nacional and Mexico-Tacuba avenues. Its been a major commerical venue since Precolumbian times, and really has a flavor of its own... I'm pretty sure the other places I cited, Alameda, Metro Revolucion, and Zocalo carry the same price tags as La Merced, at least in the DAYTIME. Nightly prices go up 3x at least and its a wholly different ballpark.

Agreed, most of la Merced and closeby markets not recommended for those armed with less than Uzis. The rest is largely safe if certain basic precautions are taken.


PeterPaul (and María)

02-16-03, 23:56
I'd like to post the following message in regards to my recent experience in the Mexico City scene.

I spent a few days at the Marriot Hotel as I am a business traveler. After looking up and being lied to in the newspaper ads, I spoke to the hotel taxistas and they have plenty of "business cards" from different girls, they were so nice as to give me a couple card with sites addresses to take a look at what you'll be getting. This is the best alternative to most newspaper ads as most pictures that I looked at were (at least seemed) real.

I looked at www.divasmexico.com and they have a couple Brazilian girls which were awesome. I contacted Bruna and she's an educated brunnette with great ass and tits but who goes well beyond the call of duty. She does everything (with condom) and really enjoys sex. She's exactly the girl as the pictures show in the site and maybe even prettier. She' charged 200 US for an our and was well worth every penny. She speaks some English and as unbelieveable as it may seem, she's good to talk to about current topics.

A few days later I called and Bruna was busy, so the receptionist reccomended Eduarda, another Brazilian, only this one is blonde. She's is a stripper and her show is worth paying for. Believe me, this one can really turn you on!!!

After a day's work, it was great to have someone stripping and giving a massage, not to mention great sex.

After some dissapoinments, Bruna and Eduarda helped me regain my faith in the Mexican sex scene!!!!

Editor's Note: I received an email from a friend of mine in Mexico City who saw this post and wanted to advise me from his own personal knowledge that the report is a fake written by the owner of the website mentioned in the report.

The Bottom line: Buyer beware, as always!


Mill Just
02-18-03, 06:46
200 bucks for a Mexican escort? 2000+ pesos? Man, they saw you coming....I usually avoid Mexico City because service is probably the worst that I've experienced in Mexico (but still better than the USA) and the prices are always jacked up. Having said that, though, the few times that I've "hunted" in Mexico City, I never paid more than 800 pesos for a quality escort. They always stary out at 100 or 200 US dollars, but they'll settle for much less. Next time, don't let them give you the "Gringo price" or better yet, go to mid-sized cities like Morelia, Queretero, Leon, etc...Here in Morelia, 2000 pesos would get me 2 great escorts, a hotel room, a good meal, and a newspaper for the flight home...

Fred Gold
03-09-03, 17:34
Well, I took Jackson`s recommendation and saw Fernanda.

I am sorry Jackson, BUT she was FAR BETTER than you said!!!!!!

She was by far the closest I have ever experienced to a 100% total GFE experience.

I could go on and on, but will just say, I am here on business (paid for by others)--- I might come back to Mexico City just to see her.

She might be doing an HBO documentary on women of the night. I asked how she felt about her family seeing her picture on TV, she had no problem and will tell relatives that they get no discount. lolol

She is worth every peso. I even tipped her!!!

One last point, she is even better looking than her pictures, which are great!!!


03-11-03, 21:44
Has anyone had any experience with mexicosensual.com?

Cupido Morboso
03-30-03, 00:57
Mexico City is not so dangerous, I think it's not as dangerous as I've read in this forum,
MC is safe if you compare it with New Orleans, NYC, LA or Miami, BIG US cities have higher crime rates, MC doesn't make it to the top 10 (US crime rates)....
you'll find that murder rates in US cities are higher...(Internet research)
I've been visiting Mexico city for 35 years, NEVER ANY problem...( luck?)

Mexico City is the World's biggest city and all big cities have a lot of scary and wonderful places, MC has some "dangerous zones" just...avoid them, stay out of ANY tourist area (Downtown, Airport, Polanco, Zona Rosa, Del Valle, Roma, Insurgentes, Doctores, Tepito, Zocalo, etc. ) and you'll be 99.9% safe, I mean GO TO THE SUBURBS...
If you are looking for some 'company', avoid the Zona Rosa, it's a tourist area and a ripoff (outrageously large bar tabs),

If you want to go to the 'danger zone' (or if you just want to avoid any problem in MC) my advise is: leave your Rolex (any jewelry even the fake one), debit/credit cards, large amounts of cash, camera, cellular, passport, plane ticket and hard to replace documents in a safety deposit box at your hotel, carry a photocopy of your passport (just in case), and the cash you will spend that day, NOTHING ELSE,

If possible, leave your credit cards at home or don't use them at all, Mexico City is famous for "cloned cc's", use traveler checks, you can cash them at almost every corner (any bank),

Leave the expensive clothes/suits at home and bring the 501's, better yet, buy local clothes, foreign brands/clothes/colors will 'mark' you as a tourist,

the MOST IMPORTANT advice is: get lost in the crowd, you will be 99.9% safe if you dress casual, don't have anything in your hands (briefcase, camera, jewelry, etc.) and ACT 'NORMAL', like any other chilango, tens of thousands of foreigners live in Mexico City, 'act' like one, don't be/look afraid, don't act as a rich tourist, walk fast in the street, with a destination in mind, etc.,

by the way, if you ever have a problem with a mexican official tell them that you will call your embassy, they are VERY afraid of this, if you and your embassy complain about them the government will probably fire them,

I'm convinced, Mexico City is p***y paradise, also has some of the most beautiful girls in the World, example: several Mexico City girls are married to rich/royal europeans (Genoveva Casanova, Adriana Abascal, Cristina Hanna, etc., etc.), you need to know where to find the beautiful girls, they are not in the "danger zone", smart chilangos don't live/work near this area anymore, go to the new, hidden, upper middle class areas like Interlomas, ...they NEVER go downtown...they stay in the suburbs...

When I go to MC, I always stay close to the Interlomas Mall, you'll find anything you need in this area, a Hotel, escorts, amateurs, restaurants, a Mall, etc., the Interlomas area is the 'Bel Air' of Mexico City (but it's not expensive), some young amateurs/semi-pros look for customers in the Interlomas Mall, hang outside the Cinepolis Interlomas on a weekend afternoon and you'll know what i mean (look for the "lost" girl walking alone and wearing very small clothes),

I recently was in Miami/Miami Beach.... comparing MIA with MEX, I've found that:

- Miami has a higher stolen car rate,
- Miami has a higher murder rate,
- Miami escorts are expensive $350 US+, similar escorts charge $80US in MC,
- you can find a few streetwalkers in Miami, most of them are fat, ugly or both, you can find younger, prettier and inexpensive girls among the thousands of Mexico city's streetwalkers, Sullivan street has 200-300 streetwalkers at night (10-11pm), and the area is 99.9 % SECURE (heavy police presence) with many cheap hotels within a walking distance,
- Downtown Miami (and NW from there, where the streetwalkers hang) is very dangerous, especially at night,
- Miami has a lot of "antros" but most suck, you will NOT get laid,
- I love thin and tall latin-european and latin-american girls, i don't like 'most' blondes, fat or chubby girls, for that reason, I LOVE Interlomas Mall, has more beautiful/gorgeous girls (weekend afternoon) in the Cinepolis area than Aventura Mall Miami, since I love to look for "lost" girls in Malls....Interlomas is my favorite mall in the world....(Santa Fe Mall a few miles away is second place)

Mexico City has 428 table dance "antros" (quoted from...http://www.aeropuertosmexico.com/Cd_Mex/vida_nocturna.htm), many massage parlors, hundreds of escort services (check the newspaper ads at http://www.aviso-oportuno.com.mx under Servicios>Masajes), World Class discos, Malls and restaurants, great 'underground' *****houses (like Ing. Norman's house), some of MC's best kept secrets are easy to find if you ask the right people.... (not the taxistas, they don't go to places like Norman's...),



03-31-03, 10:25
Originally posted by Cupido Morboso

When I go to MC, I always stay close to the Interlomas Mall, you'll find anything you need in this area, a Hotel, escorts, amateurs, restaurants, a Mall, etc., the Interlomas area is the 'Bel Air' of Mexico City (but it's not expensive), some young amateurs/semi-pros look for customers in the Interlomas Mall, hang outside the Cinepolis Interlomas on a weekend afternoon and you'll know what i mean (look for the "lost" girl walking alone and wearing very small clothes),

- Miami has a lot of "antros" but most suck, you will NOT get laid,
- I love thin and tall latin-european and latin-american girls, i don't like 'most' blondes, fat or chubby girls, for that reason, I LOVE Interlomas Mall, has more beautiful/gorgeous girls (weekend afternoon) in the Cinepolis area than Aventura Mall Miami, since I love to look for "lost" girls in Malls....Interlomas is my favorite mall in the world.


CM, Can you enlighten young gringo with respect to finding, dating non-pro girls that want to date gringos w/o being paid? Are they're any major things to look out for? Is Mexi culture too strict on dating Gringos w/o pay? Is the trade-off for no money exchange a disproportionate investment in time? Is this possible to find "good-time element" in places outside of DF, like border towns? I have similar tastes incidentally. Would consider LTR with non-pro if I could find them in condusive situations?

03-31-03, 22:12
Fred... I know you like Mexico City a lot, but you should come and check Monterrey Mexico too.
It is not as wild as MC, but we got places that are not to be seen anywhere... maybe TJ.
We got a place in Monterrey called the Matehuala. I've got friends form the WSG Forum that have not seen a place like this before in all there travels.

Originally posted by fred_goldxxx
Well, I took Jackson`s recommendation and saw Fernanda.

I am sorry Jackson, BUT she was FAR BETTER than you said!!!!!!

She was by far the closest I have ever experienced to a 100% total GFE experience.

I could go on and on, but will just say, I am here on business (paid for by others)--- I might come back to Mexico City just to see her.

She might be doing an HBO documentary on women of the night. I asked how she felt about her family seeing her picture on TV, she had no problem and will tell relatives that they get no discount. lolol

She is worth every peso. I even tipped her!!!

One last point, she is even better looking than her pictures, which are great!!!


Mill Just
04-02-03, 08:29

If you want to go to the 'danger zone' (or if you just want to avoid any problem in MC) my advise is: leave your Rolex (any jewelry even the fake one), debit/credit cards, large amounts of cash, camera, cellular, passport, plane ticket and hard to replace documents in a safety deposit box at your hotel, carry a photocopy of your passport (just in case), and the cash you will spend that day, NOTHING ELSE,

If possible, leave your credit cards at home or don't use them at all, Mexico City is famous for "cloned cc's", use traveler checks, you can cash them at almost every corner (any bank),

Leave the expensive clothes/suits at home and bring the 501's, better yet, buy local clothes, foreign brands/clothes/colors will 'mark' you as a tourist,

the MOST IMPORTANT advice is: get lost in the crowd, you will be 99.9% safe if you dress casual, don't have anything in your hands (briefcase, camera, jewelry, etc.) and ACT 'NORMAL', like any other chilango, tens of thousands of foreigners live in Mexico City, 'act' like one, don't be/look afraid, don't act as a rich tourist, walk fast in the street, with a destination in mind, etc.,

by the way, if you ever have a problem with a mexican official tell them that you will call your embassy

-----Not to beat a dead horse, but this doesn't sound like the preparation needed to travel to a city safer than most US cities.

Any place that needs so much precaution isn't worth the risk. Go to Morelia, Queretero, San luis Potasi, Guanajuato etc...and take your passport, credit cards and as much cash as you like with you. You don't have to blend into a crowd. Walk alone at all hours of the day or night, venture down side streets. The hotels don't have safes because they don't need them. You'll have a great time, meet people who aren't trying to cheat you out of your money, and come back with an idea of what Mexico is really like--not just what they want the tourists to see.

Visit Mexico City for the historical places and get the hell out ASAP.

Of course, YMMV

Big Johnson
04-02-03, 14:56
I lived in DF for a year and half. I travel there at least 10 - 15 times per year for the last 10 years. Here is the key:

Don't do anything you wouldn't do in any other large city. Most of the people I know that have had problems, did something stupid. Case in point, my roommate was robbed twice in the year and a half. I have never been robbed directly (Stupid moves with Chicas leaving large bills at the end of the night in the Zona Rosa clubs excluded.) My roommates experiences involved too much alcohol, going to ATMs at 4 AM on Reforma, taxis waiting in front of brothels, etc.

I think most other have had simular experiences. If you are alone on a dark street or parking lot, you are a target. If you dress and look like a Gringo, you are a target, because they think you have more money than a national. If you are drunk and walking the street, you are a target. If you go to the ATM early in the morning on a deserted street, you are a target. If you take unassociated (non-sitio) taxis, you may not be a target but you are increasing your risk.

But would you do any of these things, except in an emergency in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, or any other large city? We have done this discussion over and over again. The place mentioned in the suburbs below are safe. 99% of the people are wonderful people not looking to rob you, kill you, or do any harm to you. I have gone to clubs and had complete strangers bring me to their tables have me share drinks from their bottle of rum or wiskey and when I offered money, it was flatly refused.

Stay in areas with people at reasonable hours. If you do the worst that might happen to you is that you might be pick pocketed, but this is something that might happen in any of the cities mentioned above.

Let's keep this forum on what it needs to be where to find the best female companionship.

04-02-03, 19:43
big johnson... i am from and i post on the monterrey mexico board, but i've been reading the mc cause am going down there.
i agree that the forum should be for looking for sharing know-how, but also to know where to step with out being beaten sensless.
mc is a very dangerous city, not because of widespread crime, but of the violence of said crimes.
mugging can cost you your life in mc, getting caught in an atm gets you what is called an "secuestro express" (express kidnaping), where they milk all your credit cards in a period of a few days.
a traffic stop can be a carjacking.
all that because the local authorities do nothing to stop them or catch the criminals.
it is very wise to be not just careful, extreamly careful for tampered drinks with narcotics at discos or mens clubs, an activity that the local goverments do not put a stop.
how about the recent cases of shootings at supposedly safe night clubs at the zona rosa?
you were not around when a girl was raped and killed in plain sight and in daylight at the bosque de chapultepec. you were not around when an american tourist was shot point blank when she refused to give the mugger her watch.
you might be safe cause you are not a casual tourist, you know your way around.
but even for me as a national, it is not wise to move freely in mc.
and let me tell you guys, that i've been for the past 9 years going to la and nyc like 10 times a year and nothing has happend to me at night or day.
but iam like the big j in mc: i know fully my way around those places. am not gonna go to the wrong place at the wrong time of night.
guys: if you are planing to go to mexico city, just play it more than safe.
ok, no more....
sorry to have barged in guys... carry on.
nice work anyway what we do on the forum, that's the main idea of sites like this.

originally posted by big johnson
i lived in df for a year and half. i travel there at least 10 - 15 times per year for the last 10 years. here is the key:

don't do anything you wouldn't do in any other large city. most of the people i know that have had problems, did something stupid. case in point, my roommate was robbed twice in the year and a half. i have never been robbed directly (stupid moves with chicas leaving large bills at the end of the night in the zona rosa clubs excluded.) my roommates experiences involved too much alcohol, going to atms at 4 am on reforma, taxis waiting in front of brothels, etc.

i think most other have had simular experiences. if you are alone on a dark street or parking lot, you are a target. if you dress and look like a gringo, you are a target, because they think you have more money than a national. if you are drunk and walking the street, you are a target. if you go to the atm early in the morning on a deserted street, you are a target. if you take unassociated (non-sitio) taxis, you may not be a target but you are increasing your risk.

but would you do any of these things, except in an emergency in new york, chicago, los angeles, miami, san francisco, london, hong kong, or any other large city? we have done this discussion over and over again. the place mentioned in the suburbs below are safe. 99% of the people are wonderful people not looking to rob you, kill you, or do any harm to you. i have gone to clubs and had complete strangers bring me to their tables have me share drinks from their bottle of rum or wiskey and when i offered money, it was flatly refused.

stay in areas with people at reasonable hours. if you do the worst that might happen to you is that you might be pick pocketed, but this is something that might happen in any of the cities mentioned above.

let's keep this forum on what it needs to be where to find the best female companionship.

04-06-03, 08:14
Hi Anyone have any info on Toluca? I travel there frequnetly and have not been able to find female company for a hotel visit or club?


04-14-03, 23:56
I usually have lousy luck with the escort services in Mexico City, but here is an exception. I found X-Massage in the yellow pages (1997-4348 and other numbers). They sent over Carmina, who was a 6 or 7. She was tall enough, great breasts, not fat, and very friendly. The cost was only $105 for an hour, but a tip got me a second go round. We started with a back massage, then I loved how she put lotion on my cock and balls and worked on them. The BJ was covered, but at least she sucked on my balls. I came rather quickly on top, and the next time we did several positions with me finishing off doggie style. I will sample another of their staff this evening. I had no hassle whatsovever from the JW Marriott in Polanco. I was just so pleased not to have a short pig show up at my door.

Big Johnson
04-15-03, 14:56
Try this site:


Can say whether it is good or night just happened to find it one date. The first three choices say they have service in Toluca.

I'd be interested in a report.

Of course you can always ask a taxi driver as well. That normally works well.

Good luck.

05-02-03, 00:40

I dont know if someone put this information before...

Here are some escort service web pages that may be helpful.


Most of the information is in Spanish, but at least you can see some pictures, phone numbers and prices.

Have fun!

05-12-03, 21:17

any of you fellow hunters know where to buy Vitamin V similares in DF? Weightlifters stuff (I know it´s off-topic heres, I am really sorry, but you guys have the best travel-knowledge that is to be found).



05-13-03, 21:45

if you are still tuned in here, let me know, if there is a recommendable (4-5*) hotel nearby to stay for 2 nights? Preferably with gym, if you are aware of any...

thanks for your help...


Originally posted by Cupido Morboso

When I go to MC, I always stay close to the Interlomas Mall, you'll find anything you need in this area, a Hotel, escorts, amateurs, restaurants, a Mall, etc., the Interlomas area is the 'Bel Air' of Mexico City (but it's not expensive), some young amateurs/semi-pros look for customers in the Interlomas Mall, hang outside the Cinepolis Interlomas on a weekend afternoon and you'll know what i mean (look for the "lost" girl walking alone and wearing very small clothes),


Big Johnson
05-19-03, 17:51
by interlomas, there is a hyatt in a part called santa fe.

some of those websites are reliable, particularly the ones showing argentine girls. they are asking 4 times what they cost in argentina though. i would trust playtinum the most.

you can get most perscription drugs otc, except for barbituates, speed, and opiates in mexico. i will help you a lot if you know the local brand name vs. the us brand name. generic names work well most of the time.

hope this helps.

05-30-03, 04:21
I was in MC recently and there was no streetwalker scene of any kind in the daytime or at night near the Zocalo, whoever claimed that made me walk miles and miles at all times of day and night.

One of the newspapers mentioned did have small ads for apartments with ladies, some had addresses, I tried two. The women were so so, attitude was better.

Went to Merced market in the evening, nothing really unusual there, just a big market for Mexicans.

05-31-03, 17:28
Originally posted by Big Johnson
By interlomas, there is a Hyatt in a part called Santa Fe.


Hope this helps.

Yes, it does. Thanks a million, this forum is unbelievably good.


06-02-03, 06:49
Hi Charlus,

I'm truly sorry I made you walk miles and miles in the Zocalo area. Yet I must again make my point about daytime streetwalkers in Mexico (check other posts, please): they are not flashy dressers, they look like regular women, and they fuck like regular women. You have to wait for them to take eye contact, or carefully follow single women walking slowly or aimlessly, or sitting in benches, before accosting them. If you are in the area from 12 to 7 pm. you will find from 10-30 SW's.

About Merced. If you say its just a "regular market for Mexicans" (I suppose you mean johns), well, I dont know what else you're looking for. I humbly propose that if you want to sample the sexual flavors of the world, you have to go where the locals go. My only complaint of the Merced sex market is that it's pimp-managed and rushed.



06-02-03, 20:48
Originally posted by Big Johnson
By interlomas, there is a Hyatt in a part called Santa Fe.

Hope this helps.

Sorry to come back with this, I don´t seem to be able to find it. Any addtl info would be greatly appreciated.

-- and if you need some info on Frankfurt, let me know --

el snarko

Big Johnson
06-04-03, 20:11
Sorry, its a Radisson: Here is the address

Radisson Paraiso Hotel Mexico City


Sorry for the delay, been too busy. Unfortunately, never do Europe, unfortunately. But if the need arrises, I'll let you know.

06-04-03, 23:07
OK I know this is a dumb question but.can I assume that every stripper in the Mexico City strip clubs is a hooker?? I met a stripper there named Lina, a.really sexy short girl with huges tits and she said she was only a dancer! I was sort of floored assuming that they all had sex for money.

06-04-03, 23:33
Thanks a million again!

well, try to do it once, we have good latinas :-)

Serious fun starts at 25 $US, so it´s recommended....

Nevertheless, after a very quiet first time in D.F. I might be able to report here in August, when I´ve been there again, if I was able to enjoy...

ciao, snark

Big Johnson
06-09-03, 18:26

Be happy she was up front with you. I had this explained to me once and it made sense. Girls in strip clubs are about money. First of all, they want to separate you from your money. Normally, they will do least amount they need to do in order to accomplish this task. What they will do depends upon their need and your will power. If they need it bad enough, they will probably do what ever you need. If you are in a bar with 200 patrons and they are getting 50% of $15 table dance, my guess is you are going to have make it worth their while or they might not do it at all. I had one girl tell me that she didn't do any sex on premises but we could negotiate the following day. Her reasoning was once she crossed the line in the bar, the management would expect it from her.

One last factor may weigh in this scenerio. And you have to remember these girls positions. They can really like you and want to spend time with them. But remember, these girls here all the bullshit in the world, so don't expect that this is true, no mater what they say. If a stripper likes you, you can meet her later (during the day) and get what your after for free. You can test this and see if she shows up a prearranged place. If she does, your in. But 95% of the time, plan on getting stood up.

06-09-03, 18:58
I was in Mexico City two years ago for business. Our local guy took me to a place for sex. The place is called Scorpion. I don’t know the exact location. We took the taxi. About 3 minutes ride from Marriott/ Inter-Continental. It appears to be a hair saloon with big metal door. I was told that I could select any girl to fuck. Many Mexican businessmen go there for lunch break. This must be a popular place. When we took the taxi, I saw the taxi driver having a deck of business cards for this place under mirror. I was young and innocent then, so I did not do any thing. But it was interesting to take a look.

06-12-03, 04:53
Thanks. Maybe I had bad luck. I specifically looked at people on the park benches. And I stayed in this hotel called Honduras, I think, for $10 a night, a really junky place with a mirror ceiling, and the reception behind plate glass.

Merced, I mean, was just a big Mexican market, nothing like what some people wrote, "Don't go there without a grenade launcher," or something like that. Maybe they were joking.

Big Johnson
06-12-03, 22:50
Scorpus is the name. It is in Polanco, just off Maseryk and Achemedes. Good selection. Cost is normally $40 - $45. Another is Genesis. Closer to the Camino Real. Same price. Same quality. These are the two best quality MPs in DF.

There are better casa de citas but your cost is in the $200 range.

06-13-03, 03:52
I'm going to Mexico City on Saturday and I'll be staying at the Hotel Krystal in the Zona Rosa. Any suggestions on some good action near by? Also is it true that the hostesses from the Black Angus Restaurant near the convention area are available as escorts? Any help would be appreciated.


Big Johnson
06-16-03, 15:28
What kind of action are you looking for Street, MP, Casa de citas, escort? You are located well. DF is expensive to hobby in but there are lots of options.

Big Johnson
06-16-03, 15:34

With the Angus, anything is possible but as general rule, they are just really good looking waitresses.

06-18-03, 19:08
Hey Big Johnson,

Could you please be more specific about the casa de citas deal? Where are they located, how do they work (is it the type of place where you can have a few drinks, look at the girls, and make your choice?).

Personally, I've done SWs (not a very satisfying experience, cause its almost always rushed), MPs (Scorpio is the best, update: service will cost $600 PESOS ), and escorts ( this is more like a blind-date type of deal most of the time, you never know if you're gonna get something good, unless you visit one of the sites featuring Argentinean, and expensive girls) and strip joints also... (like you mention very accurately in your posts, these girls are all about money and it's a very difficult, time and money consuming task to obtain a GFE with one of them) but I've never donde casa de citas, at least not in Mexico City.

I'll be very grateful if you can provide addresses / phone numbers.

Thanks in advance !

06-22-03, 15:07
With the Angus at the airport, I had the feeling that the mos tbeautiful one of the waitresses was really interested in accompanying me, she wouldn´t go away whil i was eating, chatting me up and being downright nice - anyway, as I hadn´t had a nights sleep in days I choose not to try to get her. Got her telefone number - maybe in August, when I´m back. Anyway, I´m not sure what made her tick, could have been anything between kindness, the wish to leave the country for something else or the wish for a quick $ as a companion for a stranger for a night...


Big Johnson
06-26-03, 13:35
The high end casa de citas will run you 200 - 300 USD. But, you will find a trophy in these places. The most famous is

Ing norman 55749585 y 55748436. This place moves and I have heard you must be with a current customer to get in. My experience with this place was not like that but it was 3 years ago.

There is another called Contours in Colonia Roma.

A great place to check out some very specific info is


One that has consistently been highly rated is Sophia from Argentina. But take a look at the board and see what you can find out.

Please report back any success or lack there of you might have. Thanks.

06-30-03, 07:35
I´ve been a couple of times with Ing. Norman. Usually they have nice girls (8-10), the place is clean and safe, the downside is the service and the cost. Girls are usually rushing you, no kisses, a mediocre CBJ, only one time game and a cost starting from US$200.00.

What I prefer nowadays is an escort web site which is pretty reliable: www.divas.com.mx ; girls photos are real, and the quality is excellent.

My favorites girls are: Kelly (speaks english); Dalila, Sammy and Kary. Other great web site will be www.preciosas.xxx.com where I will reccomend Dalia.

All these girls have great bodies and an extraordinary attitude; all except Dalia make Deep Kisses and all you can do in one hour. Escort fees ranges from US$200 (Kary, Sammy and Dalila); US$300 (Dalia) and US$350 (Kelly)

Enjoy yourselves.

V Karamazov
07-09-03, 02:13
Big Johnson,

That Sophia you linked us out to looks absolutely ideal. Good call on that one.

I'm a little a surprised at the prices you all are posting, though. It sounds like it's no different from here in the US.

Anyways, I'm off to Cuernavaca soon, and since it's so close to DF, I figured I'd post here. Anyone have some pointers? From what I gather reading your messages, I guess that a casa de citas is safer/ cleaner environ I should shop for?


07-09-03, 15:51
Tequila...would you check the address: www.precioasas.xxx.com, I copied it directly and pasted into the browser and got nothing...I tried some variances and couldn't get anything to come up..thanks

07-09-03, 15:53
oops, preciosas, anyway exactly as you wrote is what I used.

07-12-03, 23:30
Just curious but has anybody had an experience with a woman from sexyservidoras.com and how was it? thanks

07-23-03, 21:44
Regarding Mexico City, I have been looking into some of the internet ads lately, and have been very actively visiting some of the girls. I recently visited a place called "Spa Lomas" located behind Sanborns Palmas. The deal is $500 pesos to get in and a $200 pesos minimum tip. You can get either a regular rubdown or one in a steam room. I visited last week, there were about 8 girls working there , range 6-8 (matter of taste). Besides a very good massage, you get a manual release, and apparently, there is no room for anything else. The thing is the place is very nice, steam room showers, big screen TV are included.

Hope it helps.

V Karamazov
07-27-03, 14:28
Things are going well here in el DF. We partied like rock stars last night. I haven't had a chance to go over too many old messages, so maybe some of this sounds familiar or is common knowledge.

We were pretty dumb and let some guy on the street in the Zona Rosa approach us. He claimed to have different places for chicas that we would like. The first place was a few yards from a big bar called Carrousel. I think it's set in what used to be a gay bar, now it's a pretty clean strip club. He waived to cover to let us look around, but it didn't look like much action.

So, he offers to pay for a taxi to this other place, and we get in. No cover, and the place is jumping with people. We decide to stay (he hangs around for a tip). As it turns out, though, the drinks were $20 american! So were dances (one song), and you had to buy a bunch of tickets for anything more private. No other services on the premises. We decided to leave, but the bouncer wouldn't let us until we tipped him. That really pissed us off.

Anyways, as one of you recommended, we ask the taxi driver for a casa de citas. It was a nice looking place, kinda reminiscent of strip club, since they expected you to sit down and offered you a drink (even had those little writing pads they use at bars to tally your account). But the girls were not brand name. The taxi driver said that we might like a "massage" place instead of casa de citas, and we eventually found one (one was closed). This place turned out to be great. I think I might have fallen in love for 1200 pesos. Exceptional service, shower optional. The driver was very good about either walking into the places with us, or hanging out outside-- we hadn't expected this, but it sure was convenient and worth the money. We kind of crisscrossed the Zona Rosa, but never really left it.

Big Johnson
07-28-03, 12:42

If you are looking to go the MP route, two recomendations.

1. Chapultepec Ave 446. This called Leo's Le Club. Walking distance from the west side of the Zona Rosa (The side with the Men's club.)

2. Scorpus, near Archemedes and Mazerik in Polanco.

Both are hit in miss but the best MP quality.

Stay out of the Zona Rosa SCs. They are there for no other purpose but to separate you from your money.

You can try some of the SCs in la Condessa or on Insurgentes. You'll have better luck but still can be a waste of money.

Good luck.

07-28-03, 14:22
Hola Big Johnson,

Gracias for all the info. I certainly agree with you regarding the clubs in the Zona Rosa. Too much dinero for too little action.....por favor....poco consejo?

Are you familiar with hotels in or close to the zona which are "guest friendly"? I have not yet used this avenue of mongering, but would appreciate knowing of a hotel where no hay problemas.



07-29-03, 16:33
Was passing thru the city for a few days and checked out some of the MPs I read about here.
Went into Scorpus and maybe I was there at a bad time but the best looking girl out of about 10 girls was a solid 5 ... for $60 for a half hour ... I ran out of there.
The other place near the Camino Real, called Genesis was much friendlier ... they didn't mind if you hung out a bit to check out the ladies (at Scorpus they were very rushed about it ) ... and the selection, though not much better, was a little better.
The sister club to Genesis that's in Zona Rosa on 31 Tokio street (moved from Dublin, but it's right next to the old location) ... had a couple chicas in the 7 range and it's share of 3's and 4's.
Visited a couple MPs that were advertised in the classified section only to find butt uglies working ... I ran out quickly.

Bottom line is: maybe I'm a bit spoiled from spending a lot of time in Colombia but the MPs in Mexico Ciy seemed a bit over-priced for the quality and for 30 minutes ... give me a break.

As far as Sante Fe mall and Interlomas mall someone reported on here. Checked them both out at prime times ... weekend afternoons ... and though nice malls ... and some hot chicas were walking around ... definitely not the paradise it was made out to be. Trust me ... hit any mall in Colombia or Venezuela ... way way way better quality and quantity.

07-30-03, 01:39

I drive by that Sanborns on Palmas in Mexico City every day and have never seen this spa. Is it located on the street next to the park? If so, can you share the address as all of those buildings look like offices. I will share a report if I can find the spa.

Big Johnson
07-30-03, 13:09

df is probably the worst mongering city in the world. mps are hit or miss. if you thought the talent at the 2 places you visited was bad, check out bernadett at 16 berna (1 block from the angel). it's cheap but the talent is pretty poor as well. leo's le club at 446 chapultepec sometimes has better talent and the price is about 100 pesos higher than genisis or scorpus.

what you see in the mps is often the same talent you get from the lower end escorts (the 600 to 1000 peso price range.) you might get a notch or two above, but you will need to be specific and make certain the agency girl thinks you will reject lower end talent.

to get premium talent you will pay like you are in the us (1500+ pesos.)
these girls cater to foreigners and are normally not frequented by locals except by the upper class. these include ing norman, the escort sites (where they actually show their face or say the pics are real) and a place called contours.

when you think about it, you could probably buy a rt ticket to gdl and pay the cost of high class or [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) for 2 hours for the same price as the local df talent.


most zona rosa hotels are relatively gf friendly especially if you walk up with the girl. i do know for a fact that the sheraton and the galaria plaza is no problem. although they are in the $100/night range. security is normally pretty lax for any pretty and/or young girl.

hope this helps.

V Karamazov
07-31-03, 14:28
About hotel accomodations, I knew that the Zocalo area was a little cheaper in general, but most were all booked up for the weekend (I think it's the season). I wandered around looking for a place to stay, and ran into a place that asked if I was going to stay the night or only for a couple hours. The price posted for a single was about $15 american. We were looking for a real hotel, and so ended up in one of the $30 range hotels in the zona rosa, named Hotel Viena (avenida Marsella), and were very pleased with the service.

08-01-03, 01:28
Does anyone know anything about this site:


I went to it, a lead I got from perusing the want ads of el Universal, doing some preliminary research for a week in Mexico City in about a month or so...says it is a swingers place, but only has a phone number...the pictures are gorgeous women..I suppose it is just a front for an agency, but if anybody knows anything it would be nice to know more, just for the info and education here...


08-01-03, 18:26
Leo's Le Club at 446 Chapultepec sometimes has better talent and the price is about 100 pesos higher than Genisis or Scorpus.Sorry to inform you guys, but the Leo's has been closed for a while. The facilities have been closed for a while, and as far as I know (kast time I was in the neighborhood was two weeks ago) is our for sale.

Most of the girls however are still available, at the same phone numbers. The only one I have is 5514 4773.

These girls cater to foreigners and are normally not frequented by locals except by the upper class. These include Ing Norman, the escort sites (where they actually show their face or say the pics are real) and a place called Contours.Sorry to disagree, but the Countours is by not any means superior to to the Scorpious or Leo's. That is a matter of taste, of course, but I can assure by certain that currently there is not a single girl in Countours that provides services to foreigners, and certainly it is a MP, not a "casa de citas". As a matter of fact, the Countours main clientele is made of nationals; the price is $400 for standard trick. It is just in the same league as the Imagen, Roxis or similar MPs.

As for hotels near Zona Rosa, one that comes in quite handy is the "Rincon del Bosque" at circuito interior, or the small hotels on the other side of circuito, in colonia Cuauhtemoc. The hotels at Sullivan are ratero hotels. Or, just try the Plaza Belices, a very nice hotel in Sullivan, very close to circuito interior. Prices for these are in the $180-350 range.


Chilango Chilaquil.

08-01-03, 23:27
Hi guys,

Well, just to contribute to the Mexico City forum.

Yesterday I stopped by Imagen (MP). It was my first time there, and I found it very convenient, with good talent not too expensive. As chilango said, it is $400 pesos (less than 40 US). Found this place thanks to Big Johnson! Thank you man!

Address: Division del Norte 32 (not far from Insurgentes and Viaducto). It looks like a regular house, no signs outside, no guard at the door. You ring the bell, the door opens, you walk inside and notice a huge dog. (careful there !) A guy approches you, tells you the price and you enter the living room. Once there, you can sit comfortably, and you're offered a drink (I just had a coke, and that was on the house by the way). While you're sitting there, the girls introduce themselves one by one (there were only 4 when I went, all good looking, 7-8 s).

I had Natalia (girl in her early 20's). Short, slim, fair skinned (this is not very usual), nice butt (the only thing is that she has two nasty scars in her rear end because she attempted to have some silicone injected and something went wrong, thats what she said). Very friendly, nice face, very nice medium sized tits. Good CBJ, she let me kiss her all over, put my finger wherever I wanted, didn't rush me at all and was very gentle. In fact, I came twice, once doing doggie style, and the last time in her mouth (another CBJ using a new condom). Didn't ask for a tip or anything.

The rooms are clean (wooden floor), the bed is in good shape, clean sheets, all in all, very good value for the price.

Hope you find this one useful.

El Gringo II
08-06-03, 18:45
My Spanish lessons are very close to where I think Scorpious is, but I can't find any sign on any building!

Could someone please tell me the address?



08-09-03, 16:36
Hey guys,

What is the best and safest suggestion for a white, non spanish speaking person in Mex. City?

Will be there on business, and I would like sample the talent while there. However, I am smart enough to know that without the language, I won't be able to sense trouble.

What can you suggest?

08-10-03, 03:25

I'd recommend you just use a dial-a-date internet service like
http://www.sexyservidoras.com/index2.html If you're there on business, I imagine you're staying at a nice hotel. I went there 2 times last year. I stayed at a 5 star hotel and had no problems bringing girls up. The only thing I had to do was call the front desk and give the name of my "guest" and I had no problems.

Some of the hottest girls on that site are from Argentina and Brazil. It was ironic but when I was there the only girls I saw were from Brazil and Argentina. Ona listed on that site is from South America. She is a total hottie. She worked in Buenos Aires and Chile last year but moved to DF for more money.

I just talked to a girl I know from Buenos Aires. She spent a month in DF making a ton of money but just returned back. She loved making the money but thought DF was a dump compared to Buenos Aires. That is the thing about most of these girls from Argentina and Brazil. They love their homeland immensely and only will go to DF for periods at a time then go back. The one I know works at a club in Buenos Aires and she is planning on returning with her amiga in a few weeks. I have a feeling her friend will clean house in DF. Those Chilangos love rubias with big tits!!

I'll ask her the name of the place she was working in Mexico City.
Good luck all.

P.S. Hey Chilango! I hope you're doing well amigo. Long time no talk but I hope to hook up with you again sometime.


08-11-03, 06:57
Horndog, My first mongering trips in Mexico were always in the company of local Mexican friends and associates.This was because I could not speak spanish and did not know the customs.Hopefully there is a local person from your company or someone you do business with that is bi-lingual.I would be very direct with them and tell them the type of club or massage parlor you want to visit. Tell them you want them to be your guest for the night and pay for there drinks and whatever else.These clubs are very expensive for the average executive in Mexico so they will appreciate the offer. Many Mexicans want to take americans to the Mens Club or others in the Zona Rosa. But tell him you want to go to a club for locals,this way you will see Mexican girls not imports from Eastern Europe. The Closet in Colonia Condesa,Saltillo No. 67would be my choice,but not before 11 PM.This is a 15 minute ride from the Polanco hotels. For massage try Scorpius at 341 Ave. Lamertine in Polanco,private place with a security guard and dog on the sidewalk in front.Should be 550 pesos for maasage and FS for half hour and 1,000 pesos for 1 hour.They do more business from 4-10. Open 10-10 seven days a week,8 rooms with normally 10-12 girls in the afternoons,5 working in the mornings. Buena Suerte,Renegade

08-11-03, 22:28

Do you have any other suggestions besides The Closet? I am bilingual and can get around just fine, if I know some places to try. I am not a fan of the "import, high price, fleecing machines" of the zona rosa...

Masaje places just don't have the ambiance I like, and I will try the closet, but wondered if you had the name of a couple of others. I will be spending a week in the city, and need to dig up some R & R companions.

Mil gracias,

08-12-03, 06:29
Thanks for the info. I will probably try the incall services since I would not want to bring this up infront of business associates. What happens on the road stays on the road, but....

Forgive my ignorance again, but what are some key words I should look for in descriptions? ie, with condom, without condom, oral, anal, etc.

Also, is this activity illegal in Mexico?

Thanks for the spanish lesson.

08-12-03, 07:40
VT Sorry there are really no other strip clubs in DF I can recomend.Asyou probably know,other than Cancun Df is the worst place in Mexico for mongering.I live in Guadalajara and things are much better here. Since you are bi-lingual there is a local place called Club Gema.I do not know the exact address but I know it is on Insurgentes near Reforma check with your bellhop or hotel taxi drivers.This is a place that you go in have a drink look at the girls and tell your waiter who you want to buy a drink.Then you take her on a date outside the club for the evening.The girls the night I went were all very high quality 7-9 You pay the bar for there services and then give them a tip if you want.The cost was 2,000 pesos and she was with me for the whole evening.We went to the Sheraron Isabella bar for drinks and talk and then to my hotel for several round of sex-about three hours unrushed.One negative at these type bars,you don't see the girl naked like at a s trip club.My girl had some tatoos and piercings that were a turn off for me.I have had numerous dates outside the club with many strippers from the Closet.There are alot of students and new girls always there.Make afriend and ask her out for dinner befofe her shift the next day. Buena Suerte,Renegade

08-12-03, 19:25
Horndog, in doing some research for myself in the want ads of El Universal, I came across this. I will translate for you:

Sexy lady, discrete, 30 years old, bilingual (meaning english) call me..cell phone number. Might be worth a shot.

MARCIA, dama sexy, discreta, 30 años, bilinge, _llámame!, 044-55 1281-88-04.

08-12-03, 19:30

Thanks for the tips...since I will there several days, setting things up for later is exactly on my list. I am not sure I am up for a 2,000 one time hit like the Gema, but would have to go see first before passing judgement. Since you say several rounds for a few hours, the 2,000 is less of a concern than those wham bam how did that happen so fast type of things. I will certainly start out at the closet and see what that brings, who I can interest for the next day or two to set some things up. Since I will be starting on weekday, I should get a few more responses; my experience is that weekends are better money and girls hate to miss out the club on those days (or consequently set their compensation accordingly to that day). Ideally I want to work out a multiple day package, but like you say, can't be sure until the goods are uncovered and experienced...don't want to have multiple days with a turnoff in some fashion...


08-13-03, 02:40
I am staying one night in Mexico City and decided to check out the recommendation at 341 La Martine, or Lamartine, in Polanco. It is actually walking distance--10 minutes--from the major hotels like JW Marriott, Intercontinental, and Nikko. The name of the place is Scorpius, which has gotten mentioned earlier. It is a straight massage parlor, but not too shabby. I showed up before 8 PM and had 5 girls to choose from. There were no great beauties, but I took Vereniece. She is 24, nice face, good sized breasts, great personality, but a little chubby. The cost went up slightly--gringo tax--to 600 pesos for 30 minutes. You start with a quick massage followed by one full service. We began with a CBJ and finished missionary style. There was no objection to my oral, kissing, or finger insertion. I plan to upgrade later tonight to a selection from divas.com.mx.

08-13-03, 07:11
VT A couple other things about the Closet.The Closet does not pay comission to the taxi drivers like most clubs in the DF,so they will resist taking you there and recomend some tourist trap in the Zona Rosa.They may even tell you it is closed,but don't fall for it and insist they take you to the address I posted. Also check your bill closely like all clubs in DF they like to add tips and extra drinks. If you meet a girl that likes you there shouldn't be a problem setting up a date outside the club.If you take a girl out during her shift it will be a minimum 600 pesos exit fee,that is why I prefer a date before her shift the next day. I have also taken all of these girls out to dinner without even mentioning money and never paid them anything.Always back to my hotel for sex after dinner.For me about 1of 3 have stood me up,I think this is pretty normal for these type of ladies.Also if you are looking at classifieds check out the newspaper "HOY" classified section. Don't use the classifieds from any of the English language dailies,you will pay tourist prices. Buena Suerte,Renegade

08-13-03, 15:29
Buenos Dias,

I wanted to report on a recent brief visit to Mexico City during which I visited one of the infamous strip clubs in the Zona Rosa. Arrived about 8 oclock.There was no cover, but regular beer almost $10 so remember to drink slow. Hostess immediately arrived with chica in tow but I stood up and very politely declined stating that I wanted to rest and drink my beer but thank you very much and maybe later. In other words, I'll call you, don't call me. I got a table in the back with a table cloth. I speak spainish fairly well which is a real help. I watched the dancing which consists if 3 songs per chica. They all strip to thong during the last song and some show a little of the downstairs. While sitting occassionally a chica would come by and I would again give my spiel very politely. After 2 slow beers , I have seen most of the talent and can make a choice if so inclined. I chose a cubana not so much for looks but personality and inquired how things work. As stated before, $20 (american) per ticket for one song. Songs last 3 minutes more or less. I have never opted for one song but would guess that takes place in main area. 2 to 4 song dance takes place in semiprivate area with other participants. 5 song dance takes place down stairs in so called privada.($100US). I asked my chica what is included in the 5 song and she said everything. I knew for a fact that the rooms are very small and expressed some doubt as to the feasibility and she promptly sat on my lap facing away. She also stated that oral was in the deal and that i could touch and probe anything. She did not have condom but suggested I send waiter out for one. To leave the club cost $80 to the club and $100 to her. Immediately after she sits down the waiter shows up wanting to take a drink order for her. I told her (privately) that I would give her $20 just to talk. That got me a lot of mileage. Her hands were very busy under the table cloth. I opted for $40 dollar dance. I tipped the guy who watches the door $2. She had my willy out in no time and we went for a long time. Not full sex but as close as you can come. I was probably fortunate in that we were alone in the semi private area. We definitely went longer that 2 songs. Got her phone number for next visit with no problem.

So, my bottom line is that you can have a good time in the strip clubs without breaking the bank. I kind of like the enviornment and the variety. It certainly helps to speak spainish and I believe the real key is to be polite and interested. The chicas really respond usually to being treated in a polite and respectful manner. I tipped the waiter $2 and the guy who lets you out the same. I spent about 2 1/2 hours and a little more than $100. Walked out satisfied.

08-13-03, 18:02

Thanks for the additional info. Thoroughly understand the 'stood-up' ratio, is part of the culture, industry..And, also know from past experience, if can make the right connection with the right gal..money can become secondary, if a guy plays it correctly. Obvioiusly, can't be your standard toruist or even ugly business traveler...

Have you ever been to or heard of Bar Diamante? I understand it is something along the lines of the Closet, a bar where girls may be picked up (even if have to pay a fee) more than a strip bar.

Just curious.


08-13-03, 23:36
Hey all,

I'll be coming to Mexico City in the next few months for business. Problem is I don't speak spanish could anyone give me some ideas of good places to go and what the usual prices are. I had some girl e-mail me a quote of $200 which seems a bit steep, since that's almost as much as you would pay in the states. Any help would be much appreciated.


South Star
08-14-03, 17:07
Two or three years ago, there was a "casa de citas" in Dublin street one block from Reforma avenue. There were several girls 7-9. Somebody knows if they are still there, or where have they moved? There was a specially hot girl named Kazzandra.

08-15-03, 07:12
VT Diamante is one of the newest clubs in the Zona Rosa.It opened last fall and all the taxistas were trying to take everyone there .I went once and left after 2 drinks and finding out the prices from one of the girls.Typical Zona Rosa rip off joint.Would not recomend.......Idao- Your right the prices are high in Mexico City,it is your typical big city where everything is higher priced than the rest of the country. But read the posts and archives and maybe you can find something in your budget.Things would be much easier for you if you can hook up with a local or someone bilingual,especially if this is your first visit..........Buena Suerte,Renegade

Big Johnson
08-15-03, 12:26
The casa de citas on Dublin moved to Tokio street. (nearby.) It kept the same number 36 I believe. Don't know about Kasandra, though.

08-15-03, 19:49
Okay, D.F. is dangerous, they said. Now I was walking around in the smog of circumbalacion esquina San Pablo in D.F. col centro, Pl Meave and all kind of other places without any problem at all. Took a close look at the SW, some offensively young and probably on drugs, some very old or ugly (-10 obviously exist on the mongering scale).

The SW on circumbalacion seemed to have some sort of dwelling in the houses they stood in front of.

I say "seem", because I simply couldn´t imagine myself getting my dick hard enough on these sad sights to do anything useful with it.

The well - known sites didn´t contain anything for me either and so the few days passed without the hobby.

Nevertheless, I made some shop-owners pretty happy buying lots and lots of stuff you don´t get here. Pharmacies, streetpeddler of spanish software-packages (works like in Thailand, they show you only the picture, you order and they run away, bringing you some unidentifiable CD-R sometimes with serials on them, sometimes not. All SW worked fine.

So, I was pleased with the stay, and satisfied my hunger over in Havanna. Best experience there in 5 years. Read more in the proper section.

Nevertheless, I want to thank all contributers in this one for helping me prepare my trip.

08-23-03, 01:10
Renegade said it right that DF is the worst place in Mexico to hobby in next to Cancun if you're talking about prices. Cancun is even more than Mexico city for the super hottie girls. Both cities have cheaper action but for the super hot foreign girls they charge close to US prices. I liked the internet sites because I didn't have to go wandering around and it was very safe having them come to my hotel.

Not sure when I'm go to DF again but I'd like to take more time to go exploring. Good luck all.


08-26-03, 00:15
a bit earlier on i was given the hint to stay at the radisson, southerly but still inside the perimeter of df. it is a very good place to stay, but nowhere near the interlomas mall, but near pedregal shoppping mall plus a walmart nearby. the action of scarcely clad girls didn´t happen there, although i wnet looking there quite a number of times during day and evening.

maybe next time i will find the place near interlomas. nevertheless, the radisson is a brilliant choice, got very good rates booking early via their internet site. very quiet, safe and good food, nearly 100% business-people, gym inhouse, 24 hrs room service, business centre with internet connection (speedy) and nice and amiable staff.

had no opportunity to check the "girl-friendlyness" as i was hesitant to order any girl from the internet to come there. even the highly recommended ones didn´t appeal to me, really.

anyway, everything else i was looking for was found with no problem at all (pharmacies with similares, weightlifters stuff etc, so it was´nt a loss of time at all.

thanks again to everybody here for your valuable input!

08-28-03, 23:14

Responding to your post of 8-12, just to let you know Bar Gemma closed more than a year ago.

El Ricardo
08-29-03, 00:34
Originally posted by Saint
I'd recommend you just use a dial-a-date internet service like

Saint [/i]

Una pregunta: I went to this site, and low and behold, there was a girl (Fernanda) I had been seeing for some years in BA. I lost track of her (ie she didn't answer her telephone in BA.) Now I know why! I want to give her a call and make sure its her, but I don't understand the numbering nomenclature for the telephone ther. If I look in the telephone directory here in Chicago, it says I should dial 011 + country code (52) + city code (5) + the number. Fernanda's page gives this information about the number to call: (044 55) - 1144 - 9935 Do you understand this difference?

08-29-03, 03:00
ElRicardo: phone (044 55) - 1144 – 9935, it’s a cellular phone. To dial from another country you have to dial 52- 55 - 1144 – 9935.

There are a lot of Argentinean girls working in Mexico City… Check www.platynum.com.mx


08-29-03, 03:35
Originally posted by ElRicardo
I should dial 011 + country code (52) + city code (5) + the number. Fernanda's page gives this information about the number to call: (044 55) - 1144 - 9935 Do you understand this difference?

044 is the cellular phone prefix.

the number is probably 011 52 55 11 44 9936.


08-30-03, 07:52
usually only dial the 44 from inside the same area as the phone is registered. However, several Mexican cell phones aren't equipped to handle calls from outside the country.

Generally, if the phone is equpped, one would dial the country code, then the three digit area code, for Mexico city cells that is probably something like 551, then 7 digits.

Often times I work the numbers backwards, take the last four, then the next three, then that leaves me with the area code, and of course before that, the 52 for Mexico.

It could be that even if you have the number right, it just won't take calls from outside. Is very common...lgood uck

08-31-03, 04:48
Originally posted by ViajeroTropico
Mexican cell phones aren't equipped to handle calls from outside the country.

Actually, the deal is that if a cell phone is called from a regular land phone within the city (except a pay phone) the *caller* pays about US $.25 per minute - and the cell phone doesn't get charged. If the cell receives a LD call (outside the city, outside the country, it doesn't matter) the cell is charged and the caller gets charged regular LD rates.

Most girls don't have a service contract - they just by a card that gives them X pesos worth of calls of credit. A lot of the times, the girls leave them without credit for days or even weeks at a time, so a LD call won't go through (can't bill the cell for the call) but it can receive local calls (caller pays).

Anyhow, way off topic, but now ya know.

El Ricardo
08-31-03, 12:41
Hola agus, Diablo y Viajero
Thanks for the input. I haven't tried the call yet, but will give her a try tomorrow...can't remember whether she resonds to Sunday calls or not, so I'll wait.

And to agus, thanks for the Platynum suggestion. I am a frequent traveler to BA, and usually review Platynum and Escortbaires before I leave the US and make some arrangements for my arrival.These Argentine women have me captivated! Ilve gome to Costa Rica and Tijiuana, but never mongered in Mexico City...what's it like there (comparison)?

09-04-03, 01:14
El Ricardo,

The girls from Argentina are charging around US$ 200 an hour, this is the big reason they are in Mexico City.

I haven’t been in Mexico City myself but I know a girl that works in Mexico City and Cancun.


09-20-03, 20:38
What would be the best bet if I were to stay at the Hotel Nikko? Are there any women that troll the bars there or nearby? I am not spanish literate, so wandering around is not a good option. Are there other quality hotels that have more action?


09-23-03, 21:04
Hey AlexDude and Big Johnson,
I went looking for Imagen at 32 Division del Norte, and I'll be damned if I could find any bell to ring. Has the place shut down. There was a beauty shop a little further north (#6, tal vez), but that was strictly an above board operation. If Imagen is closed, any other tips, particularly for the area south of the Viaducto? thanks

10-01-03, 03:35
Can anyone give me information on Activities happening in Taxco?

Thanks! Dave

10-09-03, 18:23
Here's the latest on the casa de cita on calle Tokio #42:
7-8 girls on call (in the B- to B+ range), 500 pesos for single shot (including wrapped oral), open till 3am, look for the bouncer outside the locale to let you in.

A Toda Maquina
10-24-03, 05:21
Have not seen many reports on the Xochimilco area . Does anyone have any info on MP's (the 200 peso FS type) or old cantinas/bars there ? Later, Chango

10-28-03, 07:02

Within the Platynum Escorts website for Mexico City, some girls advertise full service.

Does full service indicate oral, vaginal, and anal?

Thanks in advance.


11-05-03, 09:14

In Mexico City, what is the typical protocol for payment to a garota or escort..."after basis" or "before basis"?



Big Johnson
11-05-03, 13:18
My experience in DF is that they at least want to see the money before. But, I would say 75% actually want payment up front, in fact the angencies ask if the have been paid when they do their front end check in call. I make certain that I pay after our get aquainted discussion. This extends the time a little because the clock starts ticking when she makes the call to her agent.

11-08-03, 00:05
And here's a place that appears to offer a sensuous massage and handjob. Just guessing, but check out the website: centrorelax.com.mx Anyone know anything about this place?
I'll take an up-close look next time I'm in the D.F.
The website is loaded with images and detailed
explanations on things like the positions favored by the Kama Sutra, 5 techniques for learning how to delay ejaculation, etc.
All very scientific, but titillating nonetheless. It's located in Insurgentes. You have to be able to read Spanish, though, to appreciate all the elaborate sex science palaver. They also have a branch in Playa del Carmen.

A Toda Maquina
12-02-03, 07:12
Hey Pilgrims , I checked out Xochimilco and found nothing .,Only two bars with about 3 chicas in each one and a ratio : of four BSD to each chica. So no score.

A Toda Maquina
12-02-03, 07:25
Heres what I observed in Mexico City (near the bus sta.) asked about five taxi's where any action could be found .Finally was taken to a place off of Oceania "a speak easy " with really fine looking women. And check this out ! 150 pesos about $15.00 for FS in a nice enviroment .No knocks on the door ,no rushing ,and a nice restroom too ! The chicas averaged from about 23yrs - 35 yrs .

Sure Schottt
12-04-03, 06:44

Would " A Speak Easy" be the name of this place you enjoyed? Did the area around the bus station seem pleasant to you? You know, of course, that it is often implied that areas around bus stations are usually quite seedy.

A Toda Maquina
12-04-03, 19:11
Naw, "speak easy"an old saying. A place where you have to knock on the door ,no signs ,name , etc., it was near Marruecos & Oceania actually about two miles from Tapo bus station. ,the bus sta. was'nt that bad however,theres seedy areas around bus stations even stateside. I would'nt reccomend roaming the alleys at night on foot .I did walk around in the day and encountered many helpful smiling faces & interesting places. As anywhere be observant and dress to your enviroment. Ciao, Chango

12-08-03, 20:45
Circumstances put me in Mexico City for about 5 days before xmas this year. I’m a seasoned traveler and speak moderate Spanish. This will be my first trip to MC, DF. I’ve done some research on this site and some others but I’m looking for some up-to-date information. Also, not only am I a cheap bastard, I’m also on a very limited budget. Most of the info that I’ve found is for businessmen with quite a bit more disposable cash than I. Hence the focus of my questions is for the budget monger.

What recommendations do you have for hotels in the $30 USD range? Yeah, that means that the Marriot and Four Seasons are out. I figure this puts me in a 2 star local hotel, which I am comfortable with. Ideal: allow you to bring girls to your room, reasonable safety factor, close to metro, and close to SW action.

Any specific current SW information?

Any specific current outcall information? Many of the websites are in the $200 USD range… Hey, I can stay home for that! Found previous post for local classified in the $50 - $60 USD range… Anyone tried these?


Any specific current in-call information? MPs, casa de citas, clubs, etc.

Any general recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your help and time. Feel free to send me a personal msg. if you want, but a post would obviously be helpful for more people.


12-09-03, 18:37
Hi Randy,

I've posted a lot on SW in Mexico City over the years, you can check in back posts or in the archives as "anonymous". I think you are in an ideal position to enjoy Mexico's truest and (in my opinion) finest. The best street walker action is daytime, as you get the semi-pros, i.e., girls that work part-time and have families to come back to at night.

Fortunately, decent, low budget hotels usually coincide with some main SW venues. First, you have the Tabacalera neighborhood next to the Monumento de la Revolución. There is a decent low budget foreigner hideout there, I think its name in Carlton or something similar, right behind the Museo de San Carlos there. There are also many other medium-priced hotels in the area surrounding the Monumento.

Second. you have the Zocalo area downtown. Its bustling right now with the Christmas shopping season but its great moment to get lost in the crowd and get the feel of the city. Many good low budget tourist hangouts are right behind the Cathedral in the back streets (Brasil, Donceles, Cuba, Belisario Dominguez, 5 de Mayo- a bit higher- ).

Now a bit of anti-advice about SW's:
Forget the main nighttime SW strip, in the Sullivan area. The girls are many but they are all super-pros, overpriced (30-50 dollars a decent pop), rushed, and under constant (and potentially dangerous) supervision, plus quickie hotels (hoteles de paso) are very expensive there (20+).

Also, forget about La Merced, the main day/night SW venue. Although they are agreeably cheap, the area is isolated, extremely dangerous for a lone foreigner, and there is also supervision by pimps and cops that are just sizing you up. It is a very agressive environment.

Another word of advice. I suggest spending in 5-10 dollar quickie rooms in small hotels or bathhouses next to the SW action, because I hardly believe you'll get a decent and budget-priced all-nighter from any authenthic SW. The pros are too expensive, and semi-pros will not stay over for obvious reasons, unless they are living in the street or are desperate for some reason (obviously not recommended).

Now, for the SW's themselves: there are three basic areas to check out ( on foot I assume).

One is the area near Tabacalera on Puente de Alvarado and Metro Revolución. It extends to the Alameda Park (now largely vacated of SW's by high rise projects and added LE) and the Metro Hidalgo /San Fernando church area. This area is good for SW's from 1PM to 10 PM. The Mina and Regio bathhouses are strongly suggested experiences (you take a girl in from the street). Recommended quickie hotels: Santander, Miño, Regency.

(This area is good now, no shopping crowds).

Another is the Zocalo- Moneda- Guatemala- Jesús María- Soledad corridor. In the Zocalo, SW's are only located next to the fountains and the Templo Mayor Museum. In the streets mentioned, they walk around and sit on benches or lean on walls.
This is a great area, but its a bit of a walk to quickie hotels (Tuxpan in Colombia Street -mirrors on the roof-, or Nevada in Soledad Street). Women are found 1 PM to 10 PM.

The other is the Tacuba market plaza and surrounding areas, (Metro Tacuba). This is a bit of a hike and might be a bit dangerous if alone. But its most certainly worth it if you are adventurous. Try the Baños Caleta (bathhouse) or Hotel Valencia.

Now, please check my past posts... I'll resume here: straight sex will cost from 5 to 15 dollars. Plus 5 to 10 extra for oral or even anal (some Indian women prefer anal to oral). Expect to spend 20-25 for a decent score. Be kind, gentlemanly and courteous, particularly with older women, and this will take you miles. Dont expect to spend more than 10 dollars for quickie hotels or bathhouses (including condom).
Rules of the game: wait for clear eye-contact first, although you might have to stare or hang around a bit. If they respond with eye contact, make a head gesture, like "lets go someplace". Then contact verbally. Daytime SWs usually look and dress like regular women. They might carry light shopping bags (never heavy ones). They usually loiter around or walk slowly or aimlessly. They often hang around newspaper or shoeshine stands. A comic-book reader is certainly one. Sometimes they are given away by their response to other men's approaches. They are often delightfully shy. If you get an angry or clear no, then excuse yourself and walk away.

Carry only essential money and an ID.

and report when you're back!


12-10-03, 06:41
I am going to be in Mexico City around Christmas for 3 weeks. I am wondering if somebody has updated information or knows about some good "Casas de Citas" (Brothels) or massage parlors that provide full service and have decent quality. I speak Spanish natively so even if the place is frequented by locals it will not be a problem. I do not mind paying something extra for some good quality but I find $200 outrageous for a city like Mexico City (that is what some of the girls from sexyservidoras or similar sites seem to be charging)

12-10-03, 13:22

I'm going to be in Mexico city for 1 day & 1 night. Staying at either the Aeropuerto plaza or the one opposit the airport (Hilton?).

I need some information about incall & outcall services please, preferably in the locality...

Regards, Havanaman

12-13-03, 22:39
Hey Havanaman,

Read my report from last year. I'm sure very little has changed. I'm not sure where your hotel is. I stayed in the Zona Rosa and I had no problems having girls come to my hotel. This was at a 5 star hotel so I can't imagine any of the hotels having a difficult time. Have fun in Buenos Aires and I'll see you in Cuba.

Hey El Ricardo,

Sorry I didn't answer your post but I don't read this section too often. I went down to Mexico City twice last year to meet up with a girlfriend that was there on business. Some of the hottest girls there are from Buenos Aires and Brazil. They are very expensive at around $200 US per hour. They are making a fortune there. Good luck.


Mexicali Lover
12-14-03, 01:58
Hey guys!

You gotta be careful with the newspaper ads, some of them don't send you the girl that you ask. It is better to check out some of the web pages that include photographs and, at least, you can have a slight idea of what you are asking for.

I totally agree with Peter Paul; PLEASE, PLEASE stay out of the La Merced area, it is dangerous even for guys like me that are used to be in Mexico City.

I'll be glad to post some links for you guys to check out, but I am not sure if I can be banned from the forum for posting competitor websites.

Best regards.

Mexicali Lover
12-14-03, 02:06

Basically the FS include oral and vaginal, some of the girls will charge a little bit more for the anal service or won't even give anal service at all. It depends on the girl.

Mexico city is becoming populated with foreign girls, specially from Argentina and this girls will usually have a 200-250 US fee. There has been some debate about the prices, but in the end the people who has a higher income in Mexico City won't mind at all.

Best regards.

12-15-03, 20:11

Thanks for all the tips. I am going the end of this week and will check it all out. And not to worry, I will definately post reports.

Thanks again,

Member #1507
12-27-03, 16:25
I noticed a while back some mention of the Interlomas area and Santa Fe.

Does anyone have any additional or more current information on where to find some action in the Interlomas area?

The previous report mentioned the Interlomas Mall for amatuer and semi-pro action. Does anyone have any experience with this place? Specifically, where would these girls generally hang out in the mall, and where one can go to do "business" without having to go to one's personal home?

Any info would be appreciated.


01-22-04, 20:46
Hi all,

I've noticed that activity in this section is almost ZERO! This is not good.

Anyway, here's my two cents:

I've noticed that there's a new "spa", where one can get massage services, plus "sensual gratification". The name is Extreme Sports Spa, located in zona rosa, Hamburgo street I think.

Website: www.extremesportspa.com

There you can get the exact address, look at the girls, find out about prices, etc.

Haven't been there yet, but I definitely intend to. I'll be posting when I do.

El Bori
01-22-04, 21:03
I'll be in the Mexico City area soon and I was wondering if any of you guys had any idea of good massage parlors in the area. I'll be at the Royal Plaza.


Big Johnson
01-22-04, 22:15
Does anyone know about a place called Extremme Sports or Spa de Julian. It seems to be popular on a Mexican Sex forum. It is located on Hamburgo 327.

It say it has hot girls and it seems like you need to register first.

01-23-04, 18:49
Hey Big Johnson,

I hear that it is not necessary to register to go to Extreme Sports, but you can get a discount if you do.

The "Premium" service will cost 1500 pesos (about 140 dollars, without the discount that you can get if you register in the forum with Julian), and it includes massage, covered oral, intercouse, and driks (non-alcoholic). At least that's what I've heard.

The forum is in spanish:


But you can post anyway, just pick a username and post the message " Julian: Solicito registro a Extreme Sports". Wait for confirmation, and when you arrive, mention the forum and your username / nickname, and you'll supposedly get the discount.

Luck a few posts down for the website and address.

Good Luck

Big Johnson
01-23-04, 20:07
Here is a web site for that Extreme sports. Still anyone?


T Latoani
01-25-04, 04:10
Good experience: "casa" without specific name in Mexico City, Polanco. Always around 7-10 nice and friendly girls. Standard service 400 Pesos. Open from 1 p.m. until 3 a.m.
Adress: 31 Rincon del bosque (small street crossing Campos eliseos, in walking distance from Hotel Camino Real). Have fun!

01-25-04, 07:32
I spent last week in Mexico City. The place on Burna in the Zona Rosa is closed down. Fortunately, the guy that used to work the door there directed to a new place on Venetia 3. I don't know if it is the same management.

Anyway. Venetia Street is near the intersection of Liverpool and Insurgentes. Venetia is a very small street. Look for the 3 on the red door. In fact, I think it is the only red door and walls on the whole street. There are no evidence of a business here. No signs. It is very discreet. Just ring the bell and mention yourself as a former customer of the the Burna location. You should be good to go.

Once in, there is a bar on the third floor. Ask for Nacho. No. Not the appetizer. That's the guy's name. Nice guy. Unfortunately, on my Wednesday at 7pm visit no ladies had showed up yet. No problem. I nursed a few Corona at 30 pesos/apiece and talked to Nacho. Nacho says the ladies are not committed to a schedule, so it can be a crapshoot at times.

After about an hour, the ladies started to flow in. Five in all. After chatting with a few of them for a while, I settled on one.

The rates:

The standard rate is $50MP...but goes up to $60MP if someone referred you there. nacho initially set it at $80mP for some reason, but I insisted $60MP was more like it since the guy on Burna referred me. No problem. Make sure you get one or two square red business cards from Nacho to use on your next visit.

The hours:

They're close at midnight. They open some time in the afternoon.

01-26-04, 01:23
My bad. Make that 500MP and 600MP.

El Mojado
01-28-04, 00:23
Hello Everyone!

I'm heading to Mexico for about 6 weeks at the end of this week. I'll be in the Guadalajara area most of the time (Going to High Class first chance I get ;) and I will be in Mexico City itself around the 20th of February for a few days.

I was curious about the Call-In Hotel girl scene. I have done this once a LONG time ago (about 4 or 5 years ago) and I had pretty good luck with a call service I used then. I still have their card but I called the # to see if they were still around and it's been disconnected :(

Anyway, the service back then was great - very friendly, agreeable 23 year old who was a little on the heavy side, but hey... she had a 10 for attitude and she really liked having sex. Plus she fell asleep in my arms with me and ended up getting in trouble for overstaying her time. Plus she refused a tip saying she'd rather I keep my money and then gave me a big hug and kiss when she walked out the hotel room door (amazing!).

So though I hate traveling in Mexico City, I focus on that fond memory when I have to. So I'm curius if anyone has any active telephone numbers to these services or can tell me of a publication that's easy to get hold of in Mexico City that has them. There used to be a website with really great info on this and what appeared to be amateurs, pro's and semi-pro's advertising for cheap (1 hour for as low as $300 pesos to about an average of $500 pesos). I last checked that website about 4 months ago, but now it is gone.

So let me know... Mexico City is the Mongering Capital of Mexico aside from being a HUGE bustling metropolis. You can private message me on this, thanks!

El Mojado

Big Johnson
01-28-04, 14:08
El Mojado,

I am heading down to DF next week. I am planning to try an escort I have been sending emails to for the past couple of weeks. Her site is http://perlamxdf.freehostingpeople.com/. She is sticking firm at 1000 peso per hour even for multiple hours.

The best resource for info on escorts or MP in DF is http://boards4.melodysoft.com/app?ID=SEXOMEXICO. It is a forum in spanish but is fairly accurate.

My intention is to also check out some of the Casa de Citas/MPs while I am there. My plan is to go to:

D'Scorpius on Calle LaMartine in Polanco
Extreme Sports on Calle Hamburgo in the Zona Rosa.
Venetia 3 in the Zona Rosa
Genesis in Polanco (Rincon de Bosque 31)
Genesis 2 in Zona Rosa (Tokio 42)

Spending more of my free time in the Casa de Citas because you get to chose and it is more cost effective. For the most part any out call to your hotel is going to run you at least 700 pesos. The quality of what shows up varies greatly. If you are willing to turn away girls you don't like and pay taxi money, my suggestion is use El Universal (the paper or the web site http://www.aviso-oportuno.com.mx/ao_varios.html [Select Servicios and Masajes]) and dial and smile. Good luck but you can find a winner. Do not call the ads in the English news paper (The News.) The agencys are the same but charge a premium because of the source. Remember to negotiate any price/time arrangement given to you. The agencys will always come down in price.

GDU is a much better mongering destination. Have fun.

Big Johnson
01-28-04, 14:08

GDL not GDU.

Mexicali Lover
01-28-04, 20:41
Big Johnson,

This girl Perla is well known in the escort circuit in Mexico City. She is very nice girl, about 5 ft and slim body. She usually does a cbj. She can also do anal but with an extra fee. But she told me to be careful on the anal because she said that I had a big penis and I could hurt her. I personally don't think that, but the same thing might happend to you.

Best regards, and have a great time.

Big Johnson
01-29-04, 19:14
Did you actually have meet her and/or do a session with her?

Big Johnson
01-29-04, 19:15
If so, more details would be great. PM if you'd rather.

U Turn
01-31-04, 02:47

I'm a 40's fat balding gringo who may be visiting Mexico City in the summer of 2005. (Yes, I believe in doing research as early as possible.)

There's a lot of good information in the previous posts about daytime hook-ups and such that I'm sure will change over the next year. I'll keep reading.

However, I only speak english. What spanish do I need to know (based upon my openning description) to get around down here? Also, where can one go to find spanish translations for "monger words & phrases" that no typical spanish course will teach?

Be safe.

El Mojado
01-31-04, 11:24
Hey, thanks Big Johnson for the information on Mexico City! You certainly have your "work" cut out for you on this trip you have coming up ;)

I found an outdated listing of advertisements from the Sexo Guia Mexico website that is no longer active. My list is from July 2003 and I have found that some of the agencies listed are active by calling them one by one... The prices range and I am sure the quality does too. There are also some supposedly "private" listings and those are pricier (600 - 1000 peso range from July 2003).

I'm curious what you mentioned about GDL though... I have not found ANY agencies or outcalls in Guadalajara that are anything like Mexico City's listings. Some of the Mexico City listings are as cheap as $400 including taxi. The standard time I like is 1 1/2 hours and most of the agencies I called charge $500 plus $100 for taxi (Mexican Pesos) for that amount of time.

I am planning on getting a nice "massage" at High Class in GDL sometime in February before I head to Mexico City. I just like having more time with the ladies since my Spanish is great.

Anyway, let me know on here or PM me regarding your discoveries with the MP's and Casas de Cita. It's hard getting around Mexico City, so I'm pretty sure I'll be staying with the in-calls unless there's a really great Casa de Cita close to the airport that someone knows about on here :)

Thanks! and Happy Mongering!

El Mojado

El Mojado
01-31-04, 12:23
Hey, that site you sent me to, http://www.aviso-oportuno.com.mx/ao_varios.html does have the very same list that the Guia Sexo Mexico website had! I was happy to see some of the same people listed on the old list I had that are on the current list from today (Saturday!).

I jotted down some numbers and names and added them to my list that I'm taking with me. Hopefully some of them will work out. And I still saw one for "in call" hotel women for $250 pesos! They must sock it to you with the taxi fee but I'll call them later today and find out the real deal. They were the only place priced that low, though, so buyer beware!

Still... for $750 plus 3 taxi costs of $100 a piece if that's the charge it is definitely more cost effective than a one time, one hour $1000 plus taxi gal. I don't think there's much GFE with any Mexican Chica de Cita. But if they're going to be around for longer than an hour, it is definitely good to know enough Spanish to enjoy the convo.

Thanks again for posting that link for us on the site! I'm glad I can get those numbers readily again. Is there such a thing for Guadalajara???? (private ads like this from a newspaper website?) The only newspaper I know of on the web for GDL is "El Informador" and I have never seen this kind of service advertised, though I have looked at their Aviso de Ocasion section for apartment and room rentals and used car prices :)

Hasta pronto :)

El Mojado

02-01-04, 20:47

I used this same resource last October when I went to DF for a week; my biggest disappointment was that many of those that listed themselves as independents were, in fact, working for an agency. It was a big come on to get people to call who don't like to use agencies.

In making arrangements for one to come to my hotel, I specifically asked her if she was an independent, and she said yes. When the girl came to the room, she immediately had to call someone. I said, "wait a minute, I thought you worked as an independent." She said that someone had called her to come (obviously she was not to whom I had spoken on the phone I told her to tell the people on the other line that they lied (like that is something knew in Mexico, Ha!) and the deal was off, which she did. However, then she whined to me about taxi fare, that she was caught unaware in the middle, etc.

I said, tell you what; here is for a cab, and if you want to get it on tomorrow night just you and me, without them (and cutting out their fee), then give me a call.

SHe did, and the next night we got it on together...However, the agency pissed me off. They sent another girl that same night without my calling and tried to act like I ordered up a second girl. That girl was pissed off too, since she thought there was a deal...so more cabfare whining...part of my reason for not liking agencies.

Anyway, I had to make about 10 calls from this list before I found one I was pleased with (that was truly an independent, that wasn't overpriced, that I liked). One advantage of la casa de citas or club where you can find them to take them out is that you get to inspect the goods in advance.

Yes, some of the club girls are high priced, and some don't want to go out; it is all what you want to pay and how good looking you are seeking. I also agree with some other members who have hypothesis that some of the better looking ones aren't really good at the deed, re: GFE, because they think that just looking at them is going to get you off; whereas some of the less gorgeous ones have really learned the craft so much better.

Good luck, and let us know how those want ads work out for you...

02-02-04, 22:12
I'll be in D.F. next week and I need a recommendation to a good hotel. It's a business trip so I won't be footing the bill for my stay, so money is almost no object. I need to stay somewhere nice where I won't be hassled for bringing girls back to my room. I've researched places like Galeria Plaza & Gran Melia Reforma Hotel. I plan on mongering when I can get away and promise to provide a full report. I'm fluent in spanish so i'll be using the spanish board mentioned on this forum previously. Any other suggestions / advice / recommendations are greatly appreciated. The trip is tentatively scheduled for 02/09 - 02/13 may even be stretched out by a another week.

Thanks in advance.

02-03-04, 15:11
"Gran Melia Reforma Hotel"

Very good hotel and you will not have any problem.

02-03-04, 16:08
The Gran Melia at 1 reforma is a nice hotel. Ask for a corner room on the higher up floors for a great view while enjoying the entertainment of a chica. Also, they have nice whirlpool baths.

I had a girl visit and the trick there is to ask her to dress conservatively and there will not be any problems on getting her upstairs. In fact, the few that I called just came right up without having to escort her upstairs or sign her in.


Be There
02-10-04, 02:27
Just to confirm previous posts: If you have an escort come to your hotel, have her show up BEFORE 10PM. dress conservatively and there should be no problem. I have done this at a few of the top flight hotels - Nikko, Sheraton, Grand Marquis - and had no problems. If you want you can also meet them in the lobby bar and take them upstairs with no questions asked or ID check.


02-10-04, 03:27

I glanced back at some of your posts and was very interested in your approach to this in Mexico City, especially vis a vis the semi pro SW scene.

Unfortunately, the archives seem to be down and I can't access the post you recommended as anon from March of 2002.

Taking the indigenous plunge sounds quite interesting.
If anything, it would have to be a new experience!

I've been to DF but am not familiar with anything much outside of the Zona Rosa and the Zocalo areas.

Language won't be an issue.

PM me please.

02-12-04, 08:39
Hi Catire:

Sorry I'm not meeting your request, but incredibly my email is not private and I hate the hassle of checking an alternative one or loggin in for the PM's. Also, I'm really a lone wolf in this hobby.

Also, I rather like my musings to be available to others... I know the files are down, but hopefully not for ever, and I feel there is nothing really important there that is not available in my regular forum posts. Maybe a bit more detail maybe.

Now, if there is any specific or general info you'd like, please shoot. I'll be very glad to help you out here, you seem to be in a good position and frame of mind to check out the native stuff.



A Vida LQ
02-13-04, 19:51
Can anyone recommend to me some "Casa de citas" o "Casa de masajes" near to Mexico international airport?

A Toda Maquina
02-15-04, 01:47
Hey A Vida LQ, Check my report on page 2 from december, Theres place is on the southwest corner of Oceania y Marruecos ,next to to some kind of automotive shop. Its a facade with a door (just knock or ring bell). And Igor will invite you in and fetch the FINE AZZ chicas. The chicas are more than friendly ,smiling and ready to please. rooms are nice and the place had a nice restroom.

Later, Chango

02-16-04, 18:22
To answer your question A Vida LQ the place that seems to be buzzing with the DF locals is Xtreme sports spa. It's about $600 pesos total and it's full service with an actual good massage from what I hear. If you speak spanish go to this board and post a request for registration with a dude called Julian.


He'll subscribe your 'nick' and then you can show up and he'll take care of you. He can also provide the address and any details you might need. Also for others lurking the link above has been a great resource. I'm not the first to post it and I want to thank those that did before me. I'll be traveling to D.F. in a few weeks and I plan on doing some mongering at my hotel and at the massage spa's. I'll write up a full report from each encounter and include any info that may prove valuable. In the meantime if anyone has any suggestions on where the regular girls are i.e. clubs, bars, disco please post here. I want to attempt sampling a regular chica as well. Thanks in advance.

Big Johnson
02-18-04, 13:45
Alex Dude, Chaplin and others,

Tried to go to Extreme Sports a couple of weeks ago (On the Wednesday before the holiday) found the place closed. The location is as far west on Hamburgo as you can go before Chapultepec Park. The Web Site makes it seem nicer than what I found. It was located inside a walk up apartment building on the second (Mexican Second, Third to most of us) floor. Im not certain it is worth the premium. But again didn't get inside.

Went to Tokio 54. Closed. Doorman sent me to Rincon del Bosque. (was headed there anyway.)

Rincon del bosque had 7 - 10 chicas. Again in the 6 to 7 range. Cost 550 pesos. The was something unique this time. They had a German Girl working there. She was a hair dresser with dyed blond hair in braids. Good service. Good CBJ, Cowgirl, Perrito, ect. No kissing. Tipped here 100 pesos. Body 8 Face 7 Service 8.

Never could hook up with Perla. Tried


From the El Universal. Says independent but is really an agency. Cost 800 pesos. Girl that showed was 27 from Tijuana. Had a 17 year old daughter. Said she never worked TJ but it wouldn’t surprise me. Good BBBJ but changed to covered. Nice tits. Large C-section scar. Body 6 Face 7 Service 7.

I hate the hobby in DF. Overpriced. Ugly girls in the service. Too many Portenas and Brazillianas charging 2 to 3 times what they charge back home.

Alexander P
02-18-04, 21:02
Hi Big Jonhson,

The Extreme Sport, it's a nice place. If you want to go there you can call to 52 86 3615.

I like so much this place. They have a masagges and other things. Very comfortable.

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Member #3401
02-20-04, 14:37
Could anyone give me a contact to a girl friendly hotel at or near La Merced subway station. It seems to be the place to be? Going there in April for the first time. Any good advice? I am very much a SW type of guy. Would there be any chance for LT and if so how much would that be for a decent girl?

Big Johnson
02-20-04, 17:41
Alexander P

Describe your experience there. What is the place like? Why is it so expensive compared to other Casa de Citas?

Alexander P
02-21-04, 20:58

Well, I was there two weeks ago, in the morning 11.30 am, they have 3 girls Vanesa and Paola I dont remember the name of the other girl, I think she is Daniela, because in your page www.extremesportspa.com describe 3 girls in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

Well Paola is a nice girl, black hair, green eyes, more and less 1.60 size 7 a think 25 years old, I taked the five star masagge 900 pesos incluide all, 35 more or less of masagge and then kisses, body by body, all desnude, a sex complete its a nice experience convinated masagges and sex its very comfortable.

Well the last week returned with Roxana 4 pm she has 23 years old, but she has a very big bubies 38C has natural, her masagge its better than Paola I taked one more time five star masagges. She talked me about one kind of masagges, extreme masagge its a five star masage but with two girls she said, Are a Bomba!

1,500 pesos I think about that, may be next week.


Member #3401
02-23-04, 22:57
Could anone describe the SW scene in Mexico City. The prices seem awfully expensive in general. In Aus where I come from the ST SW thing in a motel room is approximately 1100 Mexican Pesos is it really cheaper than Mexico City. Where is the best SW scene?

Big Johnson
02-24-04, 15:03
The street walker scene in Mexico City is 150 - 300 pesos appox. You can try the Zocalo during the day or Sullivan street at night. You then need to add the ST hotel around 100 - 200 pesos. You can do an MP for as little as 150 mp and as high as Extreme sports listed below. You can find these listing in the El Universal. You will need to speak spanish for any of the low end options.

02-26-04, 21:57
Well my travels are over and I now have time to report in. First off, thanks to peterpaul for his great post and advice.


I was in Mexico just a couple days before xmas, so many of the market places and regular SW hangouts were just overrun with shoppers. I did have good luck near Tabacalera on Puente de Alvarado. I walked from the metro Hildalgo stop west to the Revolucion metro. It was quiet till the last block before the Revolucion station then there were about 15 girls out in the 5-8 range. Around the Revolucion station there were also 8 -10 girls in the 5-6 range and a few TVs. I selected an 8 from the previous block (blonde, D+ tits, late 30s). We settled on 280 pesos and went to a great hotel around the corner (sorry, forgot the name), 90 pesos for a clean nice room with live porn, and had a great time!

Due to the holiday crush, and good hotel rooms, I decided to try some of the outcalls from a web page, http://www.preciosas.xxx.com/ . Before I left I had emailed a few of the girls that I was interested in and 4 had replied. The first one I called was Estefania (about 2 rows up from the bottom of their page). I spoke with her “friend” (male), confirmed the info from her webpage and set an appointment. They arrived, and we met in the hotel lobby. The girl was not the one in the pix and they informed me that she wanted another 1,000 pesos. Although she was different than the pix I was stupid (horney) and figured what the hell. I was firm on the amount, they said ok and she went to my room. Of course we did the oh I wont do that, I want more for that, etc. It was BS. I again was stupid renegotiated the whole deal, stuck to my prices (the ones on “her” page), and knocked one out, lousy!! I had 2 chances to through her out and learned from them. Never again for me and as for you, I’d pass on this one.

The second one I called was Melanie (5th row down page). Spoke with her directly and made an appointment. She was on time, MUCH better than her pictures (9) and a total nympho! Yeah, jackpot! She is European, so that may not work for you if your looking for Latina, but if what you want is hardcore raw sex with almost no limits (all covered) this is your girl. She is hot and would do anything I requested, no up sell, no BS.

My first night I went to a bar, Miramar, near my hotel (see places) to wind down and what do you know that had take out! There were about 10 girls in the 6-8 range doing the hostess thing I had a drink and then selected one (8) for my table. Second drink with her, lots of gfe there in the corner, made the deal (2hrs); paid her (1,000pesos) and the bar fine (250pesos) then walked to my hotel. Very pretty and very gfe. Lots of dfk, etc. went for the works starting and ending bbbj, second pop cim. Good time.


Hotel San Francisco, Luis Moya #11. Near Alameda park, the Sheraton and Miramar bar. 3 star, clean, nice “Best Western” style room. Found “Honeymoon special” on internet $36usd per night. Recommend.

Bar Miramar, on Independencia between Balderas and Luis Moya (on corner). Has nautical, pirate theme. Live music, drinks $3usd ($7 ladies), no cover. $25usd bar fine.

Hotel Del Angel, Rio Lerma #152. Near Sheraton Maria Isabel, Monumento de la Independencia, Zona Rosa. 3.5 star, clean, nice “Holiday Inn” style room. Found special on internet $42usd per night. Recommend.

Thanks to everyone who posted here for their help. Have fun out there.


03-01-04, 15:49
Alright, finally my plans are concrete. I'm leaving to D.F. on Wed morning. Thanks to all the previous posters for all the great info. I'll be staying at the Hotel Nikko until the 12th. I would appreciate any and all info with regard to this hotel. Including the area where it's located such as nearby street action, bars, or disco's with extra service (wink wink nudge nudge).

I'm not much of a street walker connosieur but if an opportunity arises I will take advantage of it. I also plan on posting full reports of each experience since I'll have my laptop and internet access in my suite. Thanks in advance posters, I'm counting on you for some last ditch advice.

Si alguno de ustedes prefiere aconsejarme en espanol por favor mandenme un correo a [Email address deleted by Admin]. Gracias de antemano a todos los foristas.

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03-01-04, 21:34

Since you are staying at the Nikko, I'll assume you will be there on expense account. If so, give the Cadillac club a try. I've been meaning to post a note on the place since I was there in Jan. It is in the Reforma area, can't remember where exactly, but I stayed in the Sevilla Palace and if was only a few minutes away.

It is your typical over priced MX strip club, cover and high priced drinks. Private dances are 200MX and three dances gets you alone in a booth. Expensive, but perfect if you are entertaining clients on expense account, or better yet, you are a client being entertained.

The selection and service of girls is the best I've ever seen. I was there on a Fri night after midnight and everything was 8-10. I think the owner must stand at the front measuring each to insure the are of exceptable size. All were built identically, nice C to DD tits, rounded heartshaped asses, long full legs, and small waist. It even seemed they were all the same height. I've yet to see a better or more consistent selection of gorgeous women in one place in my life. The most amazing thing is the service. Every, and I mean every girl in the place was so "carinosa." No pushing you to buy them drinks or a dance. They would just come and sit with you and flirt with you as long as you wanted. Even my MX friends said the were the nicest girls they'd ever seen in a club.

You can get a "salida" but I'm sure it will be a couple hundred bucks. I opted for the 600mx three song dance and made sure my girl understood that I wanted her to at least get me off in my pants. I was suprised when she took it out of may pants and gave me a continuous hand job while she moved from position to position. She got me so hot I got off right in the booth and let it drop on the floor. Watch your step if you go.

Needless to say I left satisfied, drunk, and wrote it off on my expense account (a collegue went with me and agreed to back up my "lost" dinner receipt story for my expense report).

Good luck. Let me know what you find.

Alexander P
03-09-04, 21:19
Hi everyone,

Well tha last Friday March 5 I took the Extreme Massage with Extreme Sports Spa. Its a terrific experience, because two girls with me in 1 hr, more and less 30 minutes of massage and then some show lesbian, kisses with them and with me, i coudnt with both. If you want or best expression if you can two penetration with condon change, but I coudnt, its a very very hot experience.

The extreme girls were Marcela and Roxana 20 and 23 years old. All about 1,500 mx pesos.

This Friday met to Alexa and Hilary. Extreme girls in the hall area. They are a beatiful girls, white girls with green eyes I hope all girls you can see in there web page

See you next experience with Alexa or maybe Hilary.

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03-15-04, 18:16
alright! i'm back and what a trip. i'm sorry i didn't post while in country but if i wasn't busy with work i was busy with some poontang. it was not stop action for me. from working girls to regular girls it was crazy. crazy fun.

alright, i'll start from my first experience. it was my 3rd day there and i had been busy with work so i was ready to get started. i was in the polanco district at the hotel nikko as my previous post stated. i didn't realize how strategic my location was until i got there. there are apparently two mp's in close proximity. d'scropious on lamartine (next to ferrari) which i confirmed and the other i heard about from cabbies called rincon del bosque' which i didn't visit nor confirmed. alright, i take a cabbie to d'scorpious and realized i could have very easily have walked there. polanco is a nice enough area during the day and i saw no risk. anyway the cabbie points to the house and as i approach the door a security guard in uniform welcomes me in. as soon as you walk in the receptionists asks you if you are familiar with the pricing (she assumed i knew where i was and what i wanted). i said no and she told me 600 pesos for 1/2 hour with the girl of my choosing. i say o.k. and she points to a living room area behind her to her left where i can see about 7-8 girls sitting on couches and chatting it up. this was a bit akward because the reptionist rattles off there names and leaves it up to me to do the rest. i hate this because i'm sure to offend someone. anyway from what i remember girls ranged from 6 to 10. really, one was a 10! i don't throw around a 10 rating very easily. so you guess who i chose. her name was linda and man oh man. she was 5'5, 110lbs, small but proportioned boobs. blonde streaks in her hair, great make up job, beautiful hips and great ass accentuated by her low cut hip hugging jeans (with her thong strap peeking out at the top). beautiful! on occassion god really does get it right. what an angelic face. alright her service was good also. i skipped the massage. kissed on the lips no tongue. cbj with some skill, three positions in total (her on top, missionary and doggie) and overall good attitude. i rate service with her about an 7. for $60 dollars i couldn't be happier.

i have at least 2 more posts in me from my visit but i'm busy so i'll leave you with this for now and will return later this afternoon to post again. later guys.

03-15-04, 22:30
Okay post # 2.

So after a great romp at D'scorpus on thursday afternoon that evening I ventured out to a Bar across the street called Bar Karisma. It's across the street from all the hotels (intercontinental, marriott, and nikko) in the Polanco district. This place was busting at the seams, standing room only and no tables available. Great mix of locals and tourists from the area hotels (also rejects who got denied at Club W one block down). Lot's of girls of all ages, shapes, and colors. My partner and I ended up hooking up with two locals who made our weekend memorable. Anyway this place as a meat market is great for meeting normal non-working girls. So on to Friday. Friday we hit the Hard Rock hotel then a club called Xit with the locals met on the previous evening. Also a phenomenal pick up joint. Lot's of hot local Mexicanas. Got drunk, got laid, had fun. On saturday remembering my promise to the board I called on of the #'s on Aviso Oportuno> http://www.aviso-oportuno.com.mx/pls/despliega/buscador_varios.resul2

Go to "Servicios" and you'll get a plethora of places to call. I called one place and as you know I can't post their # here but anyway use the link above you'll find what you want. They offered me 4 girls with descriptions and I requested the youngest one (20yrs) since i'm relatively young myself (27). She arrived 10min late and called me when she got to the hotel lobby. I came down to get her with no problem and she was pleasant and as described by the service. Which reminds me. These are all services for the most part even if the ad seems like an independant provider wrote it. The girl was cute and shy but really got down to business when we were alone. I asked her for a BBBJ to which she obliged without an additional cost or tip. she had great technique and could deep throat. Very Nice. The cost was 550 pesos but all in all I rather spend the extra dough and walk to D'scorpious for an angel. I would rate this girl a 6 of 10 with service about an 8 because I convinced her on the BBBJ. Alright I have anther massage and visit to D'scorpious to write about but I'll post those later. See ya. Oh by the way D'scorpious accepts AMEX for you business travelers

03-18-04, 06:18
About two years ago I made my first trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I fell in love with the city and the people there. It broke my heart to see so many people less fortunate than us. There are many children that don't have adequate clothing or food. Shortly after my first trip I had a goal of starting a non-profit foundation or charity to help out these people. I was surprised when Jackson (owner of WSG) was at my apartment in BA and told me that he was in the final stages of starting the same type of charity. I was amazed and touched that we had the same idea. There really was no need to redouble my efforts.

The news media likes to talk about a side of the hobby that the majority of us aren't a part of yet they don't talk about the other aspects. I'm not quite sure how much WSG Charities has raised over the past year but I'm proud to say that many guys have contributed. Some have made very generous donations of $1,000 or more. I think that's wonderful! There are so many guys that receive benefit from WSG. Directly and indirectly. I posted the following below and I would ask you to read it and make a contribution.

Maybe Jackson will decide to branch out and help feed the poor of other cities. There is so much good we as a collective group can do. There is nothing better than helping someone less fortunate than yourself. Please give generously.

I know some of you will have the response, "yeah, I already donate to charities in the USA" or make up some other excuse. Many of us donate to charities in the USA as well but I'd ask that you consider helping out this cause.


"Hi amigos. Some of you may be aware that Jackson has taken the time to start a charity to help feed the poor of Buenos Aires and the surrounding communities. It's ironic because we both had the same thought about trying to do something to help the poor of Buenos Aires. He was much further along and took a lot of time and effort to put it together. Several of you have emailed me over the past several months asking if I still had plans to start something like this. There is really no need to double my efforts as we have the same goal.

I am asking all of you that have received benefit from my posts in the past and all of you that have received benefit from WSG to make a donation. This probably includes just about everyone reading this forum. Even if you have no plans to visit Buenos Aires you have probably received an indirect benefit of living vicariously through members from this forum. I'm not asking you to contribute a huge amount although if you could that would be great. With the sheer number of guys that read this board all it would take is a small donation of $10, $15, $20, $25, or $50 a year to make a big impact. If you can afford it then donate a few times a year.

I'm sure many of you could care less about the poor of Buenos Aires. If that is how you feel than so be it. I strongly feel that everyone can afford to contribute AT LEAST $10 or $15 to this cause. Several of us at the Thanksgiving Dinner last year contributed money to help with this cause. I hope that in the next few months I see more and more people with a designation under their handle that says they have donated. I didn't even know Jackson was doing that but it's probably a good idea. I would personally feel offended if I'm down there and out hobbying with some of you and you didn't contribute at least a little to this charity.

I feel like I've taken time to contribute through my posts and I've never asked any of you for anything. This is the first time and I hope you can find it in your heart to help out. You can make a donation with Paypal.com and that is probably the quick and easiest way. (To make it easy for him you might want to include your handle with your paypal.com donation). Please keep in mind that this is Jackson's project and he is the one that took the time to put it together. I know he probably didn't want to solicit donations and he never asked me to. I'm asking on my own behalf. Thanks in advance for your generosity!"



03-19-04, 19:49
Okay sorry it took so long but post # 3 So for those following on the sunday of my trip I actually called a massuese from aviso oportuno and i really was looking for a massage (no seriously). It was $500 pesos, and she was on time. She was short but had a very pretty face and body about a 5. Not bad all I was expecting was a massage. The massage was full body and it was like for 50min. She stripped down to a thong and asked me to remove my underwear because according to her it got in the way and she used a lot of oil. I'm not shy so I obliged. When she got through working my back and asked me to turn around I did all I could to not get hard. She was really playful and knew how to create a relaxed atmosphere so when she actually grabbed a hold of my package and asked If she could finish me off I almost expected it. As an experience I rate it a 7 because a hand job just doesn't do it for me, but i had fun anyway. O.k. so the following wednesday I returned to D'scorpious with a friend (who is black) and the girls went nuts for us. I'm not really sure why because I didn't get that reaction when I visited the week before by myself. The only thing I can think of is that we were dressed to go out to a club before we detoured and my friend a tall good looking son of a ***** (the only black person I saw my entire trip) looks like a pro athlete or R&B artist. So the girls immediately perked up and it was great to hear them argue about who we should pick. I was already in heaven since half of them were about 8 to 9 on the scale. All young too. So I pick this famous Michelle who I read a ton of reviews on in SexoMexico forum. Beautiful face. skinny body but wow face of like Selma hayek. Anyway she leaves me waiting in the room we were assigned to run my AMEX and while she's out girls start coming into the room and flirting and asking if i'll be back and just acting aggressive. Again, not a common reaction to me at all. So Michelle comes back and asks if I want a massage. I say hell no and we start kissing on the neck fondling she's strips to her panties that match her bra and man is she hot. She a really sweet girl too. I still can't believe girls that look like that work there. Anyway, she gave good service. I think she was shy with me so she held back a little and I couldn't loosen her up. We did three positions, her on top, me on top and ended doggie. I rate that experience an 8. I highly recommend that place. So the real kicker is that my bud hits if off w/the girl he chose and they make plans to go clubbing the next day. Well to make a long story even a bit longer. They hook up and she brings a friend. A hot friend. With whom I spent the rest of my trip. I'm actually back in mex this week and she's laying on my bed naked as I type this. I can't f'ing believe my luck in this place. The story between me and her is a novel in itself. All I'll leave you with is this advice. Dress Well (no jewelry), Be polite, and be chivalrous. I bought this girl roses (11dollars here in Polanco) and she nearly cried dudes. Apparently men here don't treat their women so good so If you display a little class and charm you'll get laid for free. Well and often. I'm not going to monger this visit because I'm really into this chick (I know what a sap) but If I stray I'll post. Laters dudes.

03-22-04, 19:02
Hi guys,

Got a room from Priceline at the Sheraton Maria Isabel for 70dollars a night, about the only bargain I have found anywhere in DF. Dang, things are expensive here.

Phoned a chica or two I found listed in the Classificados of a local paper...700 to 800 pesos. A guy on the street tried to hustle me into a chica bar in the Zona Rosa...he explained that table dancew were 200pesos, so I passed.

Dinner at a less than glamourous restaurant cost me 35dollars last night. Phone calls are 2.dollars from the hotel.....and a Mexican beer is 4.oo....wow....

Yeah Baby
03-23-04, 14:44

Thanks for the information. I recently moved back to Mexico after a 3 year absence and its nice to know where to go. By the way, if your around this weekend let me know and I would love to catch up with you and hit the bars. Intereseting side note, I've recently rented and apartment in Polanco which happens to be on Lamartine, what luck. Also, I'll be in B.A. during the 1st week of April for anyone who will be around. Have fun shagging.

Best Regards,
Yeah Baby

Member #3401
03-24-04, 12:45
I am going to Mexico City 27 to 29 April. I prefer the local SW scene. Don't know why but the idea of Zona Rosa or escort services does not do it for me. I have looked at a few hotels around Zola does anyone have any information about those?

Holiday Inn Mexico City.
Hotel De Cortes.
Best Western Estoril
Casa Condesa/Extended Stay Mexico

Are they guest friendly. Is it safer to book a double room or for two person (not that much price difference). Any advice regarding the SW scene in this area? I will not arrive before 8 to 9 pm is Mercedes unsafe at that time?

Hopefully good advice will lead to a good travel report upon return. Any advice regarding pixs of SW?

So Busy
03-24-04, 13:34

I am an American from New York who will be visiting Mexico City this Friday through the weekend into early next week. I was hoping to sample some of the local wares. Does anyone have any advice? Are there bars where the girls hang out? Any references? Areas to go visit to find some nice providers? Let me know.

Thank you.

03-24-04, 23:44
Hello all,

Well, I have a new contribution to make, in the low end of the MP price range.... for the low price, I think it was OK. Wanted to try this a long time ago, and I finally did (and it was good, always an option when you're on a budget). Price is 250 MEXICAN PESOS. That's about 22 USD, for 30 minutes of action.

Ok, I'm talking about Estetica Claudia in the Colonia Roma. It is located on Jalapa street (don't remember the exact number, think it was sixty something.... however, it's located between Queretaro and Zacatecas streets). To get there, you can get on Insurgentes, going North (towards Glorieta de Insurgentes), make a right on San Luis Potosi St. Go straight ahead 5 blocks, then make a left on Jalpa St. walk one more block in that direction, and after the light, on your right side, you'll find the place. There's even a small sign that reads "Estetica Claudia".

WARNING: This is by no means a "fancy" place, although you're not in any danger, it's pretty safe. Don't expect a five star hotel, actually, the rooms are ugly... not dirty , but old and no bed, just a massage table.

Most of the girls are in the 5-7 range, you can even find an ocassional 8. Hell, don't expect Miss Universe, or else don't even waste your time.... but if you just want to get your rocks off... ok

When I took the service I had Yazmin ( 5"6 tall, big, nice butt, big tits, acceptable not so flat belly, a tatoo on her left shoulder). She will let you play with her, will give you a mediocre massage, and then, GREAT BBBJCIM for the regular price, no extra tip, plus another BBBJ, missionary, cowgirl, and doggy. This girl is a nympho and sucks like a vaccum cleaner. Deep throat and everything.

Well, there's another option that you might want to try. Excellent attitude, and if you don't mind the looks very much. Very good value for the extremely low price. Some co-worker of mine had recommended it a long time ago, but I had never wanted to give it a try. I did, and I liked it !

Have fun

Carlos Gardel
03-25-04, 08:15
So Busy,

Here are some suggestions:

VIP, High end-type Club:

Av. Industria Militar, acceso 2 del Hipodromo de las Americas, grada 3, colonia Lomas de Sotelo.
phone: 53 87 06 22.

A good strip club option would be Envidia. Good selections of girls, waiters usually don't try to rip you off.
It's located on Insurgentes avenue somewhat close to calle La Paz, within the zone San Angel. Alvaro obregon park is also close by.

If massages w/o sex are within your interests, you may want to check extreme sports. Check their website at:


Giovana, Marcela, Alexxa are nice, pleasing señoritas working there.
Site includes phone, address, availble services and corresponding fees.

If you'd like to give a try to available escorts within Mexico City area, try this site:


This site hosts argentinian chicas mostly, (they charge triple what they would earn in their hometown) plus some brazilian and national talent. More or less photos are real, not airbrushed, fake or too dated.

Good mexican muchachas (less expensive also) on that site are Nancy, Vanessa, Susana, but there's more, so you should check according to your taste. Check divas site to see their profiles and fees.

Check D'Scorpius (house on Lamartine 341, I'm not sure abut address... very to close to POLANCO subway station anyway. Check El Universal newsaper or WSG forum for address and phone) price is $600 pesos, I think.

You can allso visit Imagen, address is Division del Norte number 32 phone is 55 43 16 02. $500 for 30-40 min.

Never walk the streets carrying all your money and/or credit cards. Be careful when you're making use of ATMs, just check no one is there spying or tying to offer ¨assistance¨, don't hang around needlessly after you've finished transaction.

If you take a taxi, always use red stripped cabs. They're the newer cars, legally registered. Ask the driver to show them Driver's ID (¨TARJETON¨) and take note of car number. They shouldn't take offence if you tell them that you're doing it for your safety. If problem arises, you can call LOCATEL 56 58 11 11 quejas y sugerencias, and report the cabbie. Unlike NYC, cabbies aren't tipped in Mexico City.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask if you need more info.

Good luck and safe & fun adventures.

03-26-04, 07:03
Question for users of Extreme Sports Spa

Carlos calls this maasages wo/ sex. Other messages previously claims massages w/ sex. Can anyone clearly tell me which it is, with or without FS.

Also, has anyone seen Giovanna or Daniela there.

Finally, for regular users of casa de citas and MP's there. Which would be more recommended. D'Scorpius or Extreme Sports.


Carlos Gardel
03-26-04, 17:59

Sorry, my mistake, you're right.

Extreme Sports Spa DOES have massage WITH FS (SEX). They call it ¨five stars service¨. So you can have massage, massage & relief (HJ) and massage & sex. There also the option of having two girls at the same time. (Extreme massage).
Giovana and Daniela are still working there. Yo should also ask for Marcela and Alexxa. In fact, I've had one five stars service with Giovana during my first visit to extreme Sports. web page is


D'Scorpius is worth a visit. (current fee is $600 pesos). Although they offer mediocre massage, I believe there're a couple of very lindas señoritas working there, but I'm not sure.

Bear in mind, tough, that the prettiest chicas aren't always the best at servicing and providing FS.

Hope this helps.

03-27-04, 08:05
Thanks for the prompt reply Carlos, and I could not agree more with your statement regarding looks versus performance. I've been with lovely ladies in many US locations, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, and Manila. Of all of them my three ATF's included two ladies that were pretty, but were 37 and 31 with kids. So their bodies showed their history, but their service was outstanding. The third was at the K5 Relax club in Prague. The lady was probably considered the "plain jane" of the choices but her service was tremendous -- one of the only times I was served multiple cups of coffee.
I will be in Mexico City next week staying on Reforma near Zona Rosa. I checked out sexyservidoras and divas.com. The problem is that there are few reviews of most of these ladies, yet most want $2000 P. I don't want to drop nearly two Franklins for possibly mediocre service, even if they do look stunning. I can pay that price here in the States where the labor rate in general is much higher priced.

So that's the reason I asked about the casa de citas and MP's. It seems the risk/ benefit ratio is much better. I could have a mediocre experience but yet drop less than a Franklin. Or I could have a great experience for less than a Franklin -- both more acceptable than the escort scene. The ladies clubs in Zona Rosa also sound like "cash-suckers" with high risk of no payback.

So really I am probably looking for the best recommendations of Ladies currently at local MP's or an escort that provides great service, looks nice and decently shaped, but reasonably priced. It sounds like you recommend Marcela and Alexxa at ESS for the best experience there. Anyone have any individual recommendations for D'Scorpius or escorts?

Keep in mind that "Hablo muy poco español". I realize this limits my options, but I'm not seeing the ladies to have a debate on social issues. The language barrier has never stopped me in other countries, and I don't think it will slow me down in DF.

Any help appreciated.


Member #3401
03-28-04, 08:10
Sorry I do not want to be a pain in the a... but could any one give me any info on the SW situation around Centro and Zocalo.

Also any information on the following hotels or other sugestions would be greatly appreciated. Are the guest friendly etc.

Holiday Inn Mexico City.
Hotel De Cortes.
Best Western Estoril
Casa Condesa/Extended Stay Mexico

03-29-04, 17:17
Hi Blik:

I might be a specialist of sorts in the Mexico City daytime SW scene. Please check my previous posts for more info.

I didn't understand your question about "Mercedes" but maybe you were asking about nighttime SW activities. Nighttime SW's are located in Sullivan Street, Puente de Alvarado, and in the very dangerous La Merced neighborhood (although a friend with a car could render it pretty safe indeed). I dont really go for night SW's, as service is almost stereotipically rushed and professional-- not to mention the higher price and added danger.

About pics, my experience is only with semi-pros, which are mostly willing to be photographed. Some will do it for free, others for money, some nude but faces covered, some completely nude, some clothed only.

About the hotels you mention, I dont have a clue if they take more than one companion for your stay. Probably not likely unless you give a hefty tip.


04-02-04, 21:33
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to pass onto you some info about Sullivan Street at night. It is safe to walk there and around there at night. Mostly a residential area and hotels. I walked over from where I was staying- less than a mile away.

There are about 20-30 women on the right side of the road who want to be taken to the hotel. There is a bank with an ATM on the right behind the first of the girls. There are tons of taxis that slow down to check them out and talk to them but you do not see many getting picked up.

The women range from 3s to 7s, 20 to 45 in age. Mostly dark hair, a couple of fake blondes.

I assumed after talking to one about `going to the hotel`that she wanted to go to mine, so I walked 2 blocks over and got a cab and joined the procession by the girls. When I got back to the one I wanted, she said - OK, I will meet you at the hotel- and pointed across the street. The cabbie went down and did a u-turn and pulled up in front of a hotel where I could see Diana was waiting for me. He said he would wait for me and take me back to my hotel after.

I paid 140 pesos (less than 15 dollars) for the room and she wanted 350 pesos. We went upstairs to a clean room with TV and nice bed. She gave me a nice CBJ and 3 positions, the last was (her choice) me ramming her from behind while she was standing. Diana was a 6 with nice ass and slightly small tits. She was the classic dark haired Mexican with a hint of Oriental in her face. She fucked like she had a stick up her ass and was very unemotional. That is the only thing that has bothered me time and again about Mexican workers, whether it be in Tijuana or Mexico City. They are very wooden!

If you have nothing else to do, give it a shot. It wasn´t bad, just not one of my best experiences, which would be, say, all of my experiences in Sao Paolo and Lima.

Florida Perv
04-20-04, 03:22
I was at one of the strip clubs in Zona Rosa last month. I don't remember which one. I got some lap dances from a Chilean girl -- very pretty and a great body and excellent dances. When I suggested about going out of the club, she gave a noncommital answer. Has anybody had success with taking the strip club girls home?

I'm heading back soon. I'll be at the Camino Real hotel. Does anybody have any suggestions on nearby action? Are there any good bars nearby with good amateur or semi-pro action?

Carlos Gardel
04-21-04, 17:50

Strip club girls will charge regularly from $2000 pesos to $5000 pesos for sex at your hotel. Way too expensive, and quality service not guaranteed. You can have Argentinian girls who are currently working in Mexico (some of them also dance in clubs). They charge at least triple what they earn in their own country, so expect to see their numbers increase. Check their site at:


(there're also mexican girls there)

Strips joint I'd recommend:

ENVIDIA in San Angel
Solid Gold in Zona Rosa
Solid Gold in Toreo

STAY AWAY from other strip joints in Zona Rosa. They almost always try to rip off people plus expect tipping for every stupid reason.

Casas de citas:
Check D'Scorpius (look for address/phone en El UNiversal newspaper)
Imagen (Division del Norte numero 32, cerca esquina Xola)

Massage parlor (sex included)
I don't know if it's near, but you should check this site:


You can have massage, massage & sex, even have two girls at the same time.

Hope this helps.

Have fun and play safe!

04-21-04, 18:33
I was in a taxi driving on Insurgentes going south in Col. Condessa. At around Aguascaliente intersection i saw two very attractive streetwalkers. One was about an 8 on the scale and the other about a 6. Dressed very sexy and the only reason I didn't stop was because I was on a date. Has anyone had any luck or experience with SW's in this area?


04-21-04, 20:37
Anyone know of a good place where you can meet amateurs or nonpros?

04-21-04, 20:53
Does anyone know of a good place in D.F. to meet local amateurs or nonpros?

Florida Perv
04-22-04, 12:25
Carlos Gardel

Thanks for the info. We went to Solid Gold but I wasn't wearing a jacket and tie so I couldn't go in. The place I went to was the Men's Club. Truely beautiful girls but 250 peso lapdances. Your right, way too expensive.

You do have a point about the other clubs there. I went to one in 2002. Before we knew it, the bill was up to 3500 pesos for just drinks.

I'll check out the places you mentioned and post how things go.

04-23-04, 05:06
many thanks to my friends on this board for the useful info so far, making it unnecessary for me, a mexico newbie, to reinvent the wheel. i recently returned from a (very) short visit and would like to reciprocate by sharing my experience.

i arrived in mexico, d.f. late in the evening, and by the time i checked into my hotel in zona rosa and had dinner it was already midnight. i then started to walk around the area. it was amazing. it was impossible to walk for even a minute before being hustled by someone for a “table dance”, pretty girls, peep show, etc… it was obvious that just about all were complete scams.

not having done my homework well and not having realized that most “casas de citas” are mainly daytime places with no obvious signage, i decided to go to polanco and visit d’scorpius on lamartine 341. well, the next day i realized i was an idiot for 1) having walked the streets alone at 1am, and 2) not noticing the above. for the time being, however, i kept looking and looking at the non-descript building telling myself “i must be missing something”!

not having been murdered so far, i seriously decided it was finally time for some “amor”, and concluded that i should try the previously reviewed bar miramar (by randy 2001). this is a bar on independencia, at or very near the corner of balderes intersection. there was no cover to get in, but that is where the good news ended. all i can say is that there are sometimes diamonds to be found in the rough, and randy must have found just such a gem on his visit. as of just a few nights ago, on 2am there were about 15 chicas in the bar, 3 customers (drunk as a skunk), and a band playing live music. the chicas were universally overweight; i would give them an overall grade of 3 to 5, and that is even considering that i am a generous grader. i sat down and a very friendly chica took my order for a beer for 30 pesos. i then sipped the beer and kept looking for that diamond in the rough. no chance! after about half an hour i decided that the little sexplorer can no longer tolerate being without company, and the “job” had to get done. so i summoned the one who served me the beer, whose face was a 5, and her body, under the control of tight hosiery, was still not more than a 4.5. in her defense, she was as nice as any working lady could be, and was very affectionate. we made the deal for 850 pesos for 2 hours, 250 pesos for the bar fine and she asked that i buy her some drinks. since my spanish is not great i think i inadvertently agreed to buy her four, which arrived one after the other with almost comical speed. still, the bar tab, including my beer, her 4 drinks, and a mineral water for me was only 230 pesos. she then changed into plain clothes, and we left the bar.

i thought we were going to get into a taxi and drive to my hotel, but she then said she cannot come that far, and we should go the quickie hotel next door. at his point, i just wanted to introduce her to the little sexplorer, so i agreed reluctantly and we got a room for 170 pesos and two condoms for 15 pesos. she didn’t have condoms on her, btw. in the room, she began to strip out of her body suit, revealing a much more overweight figure than i had initially imagined. again, she was very nice, wanting to dfk me with great passion and started to give me a bbbj. by this point, however, i am 1) turned off and 2) seriously concerned about the risks of being with this chica and therefore did not want any part of that. i asked that she put on the condom before the bj, and every time she wanted to dfk i politely directed my face towards her neck, giving her a small peck there. i asked her to get on top and boy, was she “loose”. after a few minutes i changed positions a few times and she seemed to be very much into the act. suddenly i felt that i am much more easily sliding in and out of her, and wondered if the condom was broken. i withdrew to inspect the condom, which thankfully was completely intact. however, it was covered by blood!!!! i was annoyed, to say the least, of course mainly because of the risks involved and her negligence in not disclosing it. i kept my cool and remained polite, excusing myself to the shower, and cleaned myself as thoroughly and as humanly possible. i then returned and she offered to finish me with a bbbj, but i just wanted to get out of there. i asked her for a hj, blew a load, and very unceremoniously left with her thinking of the risks i put myself through.

the next morning would be much better! that post will follow in a few hours.

Mill Just
04-23-04, 21:25
wow, sexplorer....that WAS a very bad night...I hope things got better...it would've been comical if it wasn't real....that's why I avoid Mexico City for mongering at all costs...it's way too expensive and the service is surprisingly bad...of course, there are diamonds to be found, but wading through the lumps of coal is just too expensive and time-consuming...American prices in Mexico for low-level performances? No way! Mexico City is great for the culture, but the mongering is just way too iffy...

04-25-04, 05:31
A better day…

Last night I had returned to my hotel room at approximately 3:30 am, with a frustrated feeling. This morning I woke up with the same, which is quite rare for me. Perhaps aside from my less than optimal adventures the night before, part of the reason for this continued feeling of frustration was that I was returning to “sex prison” in the early afternoon.

Well, things were about to change! I went to the business center and got on the computer, reviewing the WSG one more time. From there, I followed the following link as was suggested by a few of you:


Scrolling to the middle of the page, there are a few establishments listed, starting with “Centro Relax”. Once you click on them, the address appears. My intention was to cut my losses and go to Extreme Sports Spa, but somehow the phone was continually giving me a busy signal and the web site was not operational. Trying to avoid a repeat of my unsuccessful search for D’Scorpius, I was not about to just show up without first verifying that the place was open. So much for that! Then it hit me. “Napoles 50” was simply within walking distance of where I was staying in Zona Rosa! The ad mentioned 250 pesos for a session, so I figured what could I loose?

I walked along Liverpool (where my hotel was located) towards Napoles. Within five minutes I was there, having evaded death one more time by avoiding an accelerating VW Beatle intent on running me over while I was crossing Insurgentes. Turning left (North) on Napoles , Number 50 was right there. It is an inconspicuous building with a white screen fence in the middle, and again, no sign. At first, I didn’t even notice the establishment, thinking that this too was a “miss”. A minute later a local guy came by, stopped along the fence and appeared to be looking in while talking to someone, and shortly thereafter went in. At that point I realized that the spa is very discretely behind the screen fence, and would certainly escape attention if you did not know exactly what to look for. The store front is set up as a beauty parlor, with a receptionist desk. The giveaway was that there were a number of black and white pictures of scantly clad women behind the receptionist. I walked to the fence, and the Mexican equivalent of the Mamasan came up to the fence. She asked “Que quieres?” (What do you want?), acting surprised to see a non-local guy. I said “ Massaj”. She slided the fence open, and all of the sudden I was inside the “beauty parlor”! There were three chicas there. Two were fake blondes, and frankly only just a step above the chica from the night before. However, one was certainly doable. This was a black haired petite local girl with a 8+ body and a conservative 6 for the face. I chose her, and she led me into a massage room with a massage table in it. Her attitude was perfect, always smiling and flirting. She collected her 250 Pesos, and asked me to get comfortable. Not knowing the drill, I got naked and got on the table, face down.

She returned, and very nicely and passionately started her act by rubbing her tits on my back. Her breasts were of perfect Size (Sexplorer likes B and ¾ cups), and very perky. There was no DFK, but lots and lots of caressing. She then slipped a condom on and started giving me a soft BJ. For 250 Pesos this girl was surely giving me a solid value! Sensing a little hesitation on the part of the “little fellow”, she momentarily switched to a HJ before going into FS. We started the FS by cowgirl, which I thoroughly enjoyed, given the excellent view courtesy of the full length mirror by the side of the table. We later switched to doggie for a few minutes, and finished in missionary as she was gently caressing my back.

Overall, this was an excellent experience for a requested price of 250 Pesos (I did give a good tip, but felt that it probably was completely unnecessary). Although there was not even the pretence of a massage, no BBBJ or kissing, the girl was very responsive and willing; she exuded sensuality by the way she conducted herself. What really impressed me was that at the end she offered a shower and joined me in it. They even provided an individually wrapped soap bar, and a very large towel. Again, the place was in no way fancy; sort of like a 1970’s style beauty parlor, and not all the girls were doable. While there was no rush, this was not a honeymoon experience either and the focus was on accomplishing the “task”, so do not get your hopes up too much. I would say I was there, from the time I entered until the time I was out the door, for maybe 40 minutes.

I returned to my hotel satisfied, packed my bags and headed for the airport in anticipations of reconfinement to the sex prison. I had had a much superior experience with a much nicer girl today, for about one sixth of the price of the night before. It never fails to amaze me! Time and time again It has been my experience that there is very little correlation between the quality of service and the price of the P4P sex.

In summary, highly recommended: Napoles 50 (between Liverpool and Londres), open 10 am to 9 pm, 250 Pesos for short time sex for approximately 30 minutes.


04-26-04, 23:53
Guys I need your help!! I need to know if any of you have been or are planning a visit to D'scorpious soon. I went 4 weeks ago and had a great session with a girl with bright red hair. I mean really intensely red hair. Went by the name Rebecca (but I might be wrong) She blew me away but I haven't been able to find her there since. Can anyone please post if they see her. Or if you know where else she might have moved to please help.


BTW D'scorpious is in Polanco L'martine 341.

04-30-04, 19:46

I want to commend PeterPaul on his excellent tips. He really knows his way around Mexico City.

I was there a few months back and was staying close to Monumento de la Revolucion. I was following this tip that PeterPaul posted earlier:

Fortunately, decent, low budget hotels usually coincide with some main SW venues. First, you have the Tabacalera neighborhood next to the Monumento de la Revolución. There is a decent low budget foreigner hideout there, I think its name in Carlton or something similar, right behind the Museo de San Carlos there. There are also many other medium-priced hotels in the area surrounding the Monumento. ------------->>snip

I just want to expand on that area bit. Here's what you do. During the day, go to the Museo de San Carlos and stand at the main entrance. Then, look across the street (a little right, too) and you'll see about 10 SWs. They stand in front of a long wall. It's a busy thoroughfare for pedestrians, so you join the normal folks going about their business and walk right by a few times and scout out the territory. I did this a few times and narrowed my choices down to two delicious, brown-skinned hotties that were 7-8 or so that I wanted to approach. One wanted 1000 for an hour and a half, so I passed, and the second wanted 800, which I took. Actually her smile and amazing cleavage closed the deal. (Man, Mexican women are so hot!!) We hopped into a cab, went back to my hotel and actually had more like two hours of great GFE. Whew, I would do that again...and again...and again....

The next day I wandered the various streets behind the Zocalo just to check out the scene, but I wasn't finding anything. The streets are so full of people, noise and stuff that it's hard to make sense of anything. It's an amazing feast for the senses, but I didn't spot any amateurs on duty in the chaos. I could very well have been on the wrong streets but am not sure.

Anyway, Museo de San Carlos during the day is confirmed as a prime spot.

Carry on, boys!

05-01-04, 19:11
Response to Chapin on 4/21:

Careful with those beauties on Insurgentes around calle Aguascalientes. Most of them are transvestites.

05-10-04, 17:10
I will be traveling to Mexico City next week. I am staying at the Nikko Hotel, and was wondering the following:

1. Is the Nikko girl friendly?
2. Recommendations for MP or Escort and what is the going rate?


05-11-04, 16:09

I stayed at the Nikko a total of 7 weeks since February so I'm in a perfect position to advise you. The Nikko is great, a very classy and safe hotel that won't give you shit when it comes to having escorts or 'friends' come up to your room. Shit, I met a regular chica who stayed with me for 3 days and they never harrased me at all. Anyway you're in what is probably the safest part of town. It's still no reason to let your gaurd down but you can breathe a little easier.

The best MP In Polanco I can recommend is D'scorpious. It's got the hottest women out of any MP I visited, but depending on who you get you might sacrifice a little service. These girls know their hot and act like it.

For service the fabled EXXTREME spa is the place. You're treated like a king but you give up a little on looks. Depends on what you're in the mood for. D'scorpious is withing walking distance of the hotel but on your first trip take a taxi to show you the exact place. They'll try and talk you out of it and pitch a place called Rincon del Bosque but avoid this place. It's expensive if you show up in a taxi ($1000 pesos). Rincon is a place best suited for locals and people who are fluent in spanish. Even then I don't recommend it.

Also there's a place called Claudia's. Also great on service just not looks. Escorts are plentiful but they can be just as expensive as the U.S. See the following links, and do me a favor. Let me know if the Redhead is working at D'scorpious (see my earlier posts)

Sex Board w/ D'scorpious, Extreme, and Claudia links


Aviso Oportuno Escorts (hit or Miss) do a search for "SERVICIOS"


Rio Regular
05-12-04, 01:51
Fellow Mongers,

I am a regular in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and fairly regular in Mexico. I do prefer the Brazilian ladies both for the value and for the effort they put into every session.

I will be traveling in Mexico for a few weeks with a few Brazilian girlfriends. (Not girlfriends as in mine personally just friends I know from Rio/Sao Paulo that want to see Mexico and happen to spend some time in Kilt, Coctail, Vagao, and an occasional Cafe Foto.) I plan on doing this the first few weeks in June or possibly late May.

Is anyone interested in meeting up for some fun in DF/Acapulco/Cuernavaca?

I am NOT brokering for these girls just know they are more then I can handle every night for a few weeks.

PM me if interested.


Great One
05-19-04, 05:04
I've herd that there is street kids everywhere in the city even as young a five wondering the streets? I've herd that evryone there is very poor and the city is real dirty with packs of wild dogs running around someparts? I've herd that familys live in small home all packed in there together? Is this stuff true?

Mill Just
05-20-04, 07:15
Hi great one...I'm writing this response assuming that you're serious.

Everything you said is true but to a much smaller degree. Yes, there are street kids, but by no means are the streets over run with them.... There are some stray dogs on some streets, but there are not packs of wild dogs terrorizing the people. On the contrary. Most of the stray dogs are relatively timid and passive....
Yes, there are many poor people, but not everybody is poor. Comparing the average income of Americans to that of Mexicans would make Mexicans appear to be poor, but remember the cost of living is also lower in Mexico. There are many, many rich and upper middle class people who have just as much money to burn as us... Finally, It is a Mexican custom for families to live together regardless of age or marital status. It's not unusual to see mom, dad, 3 bros, 3 sisters, grandparents, an aunt, and a couple of brothers and sisters in law all living in the same house. They don't see it as being "packed together", they see it as having a strong, close family. Many Mexican people wonder why us Americans don't value our families as much since we are in such a hurry to get away from them and live alone. For them, a person who lives alone is either an orphan or a little anti-social...

Hope I helped...

Great One
05-21-04, 04:04

Yes you did, thank you. I was tld those thing by a SW I met where I lived she told me she stayed their for a while. It's funny how she over told things, she told me the packs of dogs would run in restraunts and eat food and then run out and they people would do nothing, she said one should be scared if they ran into the pack while walking the street, LOL.

05-21-04, 22:02
I just returned from a very quick visit to Mexico City this week. One of my non-business objectives was to visit D'scorpious on the recommendation of Chapin.

I actually arrived after a very short walk from the Nikko Hotel. There were two girls working. Lucky for me that one was an 8 while the other was slightly south of 4. The time was about 11:30 AM, so maybe the ealy hour had something to do with the small selection. I selected Norma, a tall beauty that was at least a 39+ all natural. My only turn off was her tatto's (one fresh on her stomach that was covered by a band aid).

Once in the sparce room (complete with a matress on the floor) we both proceeded to undress. She covered the matress with a sheet and asked if I wanted a brief massage. The massage was very brief ... as she started rubbubg those wonderful natural tits all over the right places. The next thing I knew shew had the little Woodman covered and gave an above average CBJ. She hit all the required positions: missionary, her on top, and finishing with doggy.

Overall, I would rate D'scorpious as a solid 8. I will have to pay a return visit when there is a larger selection. One real plus is that the accept American Express! Ver discreet billing, and I get the miles!

05-22-04, 09:36

Try calling the ads in El Universal. I had 3 hours with a girl for about 240 dlls. Even if you cannot speak Spanish, you could still try. It might be worth it.