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05-09-02, 03:33
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05-31-02, 21:31
Received this advice from a source that I no longer have contact with. They only speak Spanish here so I was not able to experience it. Was wondering if anyone else out there might want to try it and report back on their experience with it. E-mail me if so.

"Yeah, next time you come to Mexicali
dial this number: xxx-xx-xx, ask for Elba, who is the owner of the house, and tell her the kind of girl you want, be very explicit, she specializes in young, tight-cunted, slim girls, but she can get all kinds of girls.
They stay 2 hours for $120 USD, if they like your company they sometimes stay up to 3 hours. But that comes with
time and trust.
When you call Elba you gotta give her the address of your hotel/motel/house and she'll send the girl over by taxi.
You are supposed to pay the taxi driver $100 pesos. They are good girls, most of them are 17, 18, but you may
find older or younger ones. Be kind to them, they are nice and you can have fun with them."

05-31-02, 23:02
egad - for $120 US I can get HIGH quality in virtually ANY border town. For some reason this FARMING community (that's almost ALL that's there) has higher prices than elsewhere???

06-01-02, 13:31
dinghy - You may have a good point. Although I prefer a "high quality" experience for 2-3 hours for $120 to the more common $40-60 plus $10-15 for the room for the 30 minute quickie with an average provider.

Please share some of your high quality experiences here with us in the CA-AZ border area towns. Thanks...

06-03-02, 12:11
I travel to mexacali all the time there used to be some pretty good strip joints were the girls did extras but I have noticed most of them have went out of business or got shut down. Can you shoot me an e-mail with that number and the info for that house in mexacali i am thinking about going up there this weekend and would like to try it out.

06-03-02, 23:32
Hey Adventurous: Little and slim are my favorites. Like to give them a goodtime also and it usually pays off. If you can, how about the number for Elba's palce. baja45@yahoo.com.

A few years ago, I visited Mexicali and there were several small joints with stages and available girls. Wonder why they shut down. The profession is usually accepted in Mexico as a means of making a living for her family. LE doesn't usually mess with them if they stay in their area.

Thanks and Happy Hunting!

06-04-02, 08:13
Hey Adventurous: I am going to mexicali soon and I was wondering can I have Elba's number too. Do she speak englesh? zzeal2k@collegeclub.com

06-05-02, 23:23
perv45 - Why would LE mess with anyone down there in this biz? It is my understanding that this biz is legal.

06-09-02, 19:48

Actually this is one of the interesting things about "the biz" in Mexico. On the books it isn't technically legal, it's tolerated. And for the most part it's relegated to Zonas de tolerencia.

In TJ it's the Zona Norte, in Nuevo Laredo it's Boystown etc.

Of course there are always clubs outside of the zones you can find "the biz"....but every now and again there's a crackdown.

No payoffs, complaints from neighbors, complaints from "normal" biz owners, a politician needing to make a statement and put on a show. You name it.

Originally posted by Adventurous1
perv45 - Why would LE mess with anyone down there in this biz? It is my understanding that this biz is legal.

06-12-02, 10:28
Redongdo - Okay, thanks for the info...

06-12-02, 21:45
For $120, you can have a nice young thing give you a GFE time. Enjoy the full experience, not just slam-bam. If you are nice to most of these girls, they will make you time veerrryyy pleasant.
Make it good for them too. Most latin girls will give back more than they get in niceness. Comprende?

Originally posted by dinghy
egad - for $120 US I can get HIGH quality in virtually ANY border town. For some reason this FARMING community (that's almost ALL that's there) has higher prices than elsewhere???

06-23-02, 15:09
So........Alcatraz and Perv45, you got the number for Elba, now where are the reports???

06-24-02, 11:20
hey Adventurous1, do you still have Elbas # I go to mexicali on business often, but I'd like to try something different than the usual BSD, plus is more convenient for the girl to come to me since I'm not too familiar with mexicali. I will appreciate it very much, sanjulio@hotmail.com

06-27-02, 09:16
Okay san, it is 563-09-96. Give us a report on your experience...

06-28-02, 05:26
Originally posted by Adventurous1
So........Alcatraz and Perv45, you got the number for Elba, now where are the reports???

Sorry, but haven't had the free time to make the trip. Would like to make a daytime arrangement with her. As soon as the action is complete, will file the report. You earned it!

06-28-02, 10:30
Originally posted by Adventurous1
Okay san, it is 563-09-96. Give us a report on your experience...

Adventurous1---Where are the places to stay at to be able to use this service? I take it that number is a local call from both sides of the border, Calexico and Mexicali? I speak little spanish will I still be able to communicate with this service?

07-01-02, 11:08
Rigger - There are no specific places to stay so to speak to my understanding. Just lookup any hotel or motel room on the web. There are quite a few on most of the hotel online booking services, or just call them direct.

I personally have never tried to dial the number from the U.S. but know that when dialing other countries you must dial 1 plus a country code. Perhaps others amongst us will have more info on this or just dial the operator for insturctions.

Not being able to speak FAIRLY fluent Spanish is of course the rub. This is the reason I haven't been able to communicate with them properly and ascertain whether or not the original information posted by El Hilo de la Poly was accurate and legitimate or not. ..

07-05-02, 23:26
Originally posted by Adventurous1

I personally have never tried to dial the number from the U.S. but know that when dialing other countries you must dial 1 plus a country code. Perhaps others amongst us will have more info on this or just dial the operator for insturctions.

When dialing out of the country, you need to dial 011 first. For mexico, the country code is 52 and Mexicali city code is 65..... then the number. I speak some spanish and hope to call there in a day or two to arrange an "appointment". We'll see what she has. Happy Hunting

07-12-02, 06:25
After getting info from "El hijo de la poly" I set out for Mexicali on June 11. My grandfather has two houses there he stays in one I stay in the other. I'm very familiar with the city and always drive my vehicle in. I called Elba from a pay phone, she must have caller ID because she wanted to know where I was calling from. I explicitly told her what I wanted, young, slender, the young part was emphisized several times(gave an age). She said don't worry we have the age you want, when I told her I wanted the girl to come to my house she said that they don't go to houses only hotels/motels, it was about 9pm.
So I go search for a hotel, ended up at El Indio on the same blvd La Cachanilla mall is on. Charged me 330 pesos($34 US) for the whole night. I called Elba again from a pay phone outside the hotel office, she wanted me to call from my room so that she could see on her ID where I was at, by the way they don't speak English. Finally I call from the room give her my room number and she says ok the girl is on her way, I again remind her about the age, she replies that they don't have any girls under 18 working there.
So by now I'm a bit pissed off, wasted time and money and given false hope, when I could have gone to my usual hang outs in "El Pueblo" Hotel Paris, Hotel Altamirano, pretty girls, 230 pesos($25 US)for FS including the room for 20 min.
After 40 minutes the girl, Cynthia, finally arrived, had to pay the taxi 100 pesos, which she took to him. The girl was about 19, blond(in both areas), 5'7", slender and hot. The price is $125 now, for 2 hours. So I figured I would make small talk before getting to the deed. Turns out, there are about 12 girls that live at the house and another 24 that work for the house. Just then the phone rang it was the front desk saying I have a call, it was Elba checking to see that the girl had arrived and that I was satisfyed, I said yes.

After we were finished, she showered and called the taxi, which she wanted 20 pesos more for the ride home, I gave it to her. She was very nice and talkative but not really into it, would not do CBJ, even after I insisted on doing it on her she refused said she didn't like it. While waiting for the taxi her cell phone rang, it was here mom, asking what time she would be back from clubing, how funny. I asked if her mother knew she did this, she replied my mom would kill me if she found out.

All in all it was not worth the money, but maybe if you use them long enough and they gain your trust, one of you may find out if they really do offer that specialty.

One note, on checking out the guy at the front desk said that if I wanted a girl, I should have asked him first, he said he had much better ones then Elbas or Reginas.

07-16-02, 12:22
Good post. Thanks. If you try the hotel guy's contacts would also appreciate a report.

11-18-02, 17:22
My business partner and I go to Mexicali annually in November (drive across). Have gone to BSD for many years and plan to do so again this year at least for the first night, but since they closed some of the places by the border, we are looking for alternatives that are safe to drive to, where no one minds having a couple "easy going" gringos hanging out. Neither of us speak Spanish and we are staying in Calexico, so the Elba/hotel option won't work....any suggestions not already discussed previously? Does Elba or anyone else have a "house" that we could drive to? Money is not as important as a great time. Thanks in advance.

11-19-02, 01:56
holeinone- As you can see from the posts below, things aren't exactly sizzling with us gringos down there currently. You might try the Motel desk clerk that El Otro Hijo referred to below. He seemed to have some good quality leads.

Personally I think Nogie is a much better alternative currently with a lot of good talent relatively easy to find in the bars and to a lesser degree in the streets and La Conga...and there is always TJ!

11-19-02, 16:57
Yeah, that's what I pretty much gathered......and agree about Mexicali.....but that's where we're gonna be, so it looks like BSD again this year. Maybe when we get there, I'll slip Castillo a few bucks and ask if he knows about any other places. He has always been very helpful, and for a few bucks, who knows? Will post if I find any new or different opportunities. Thanks.

11-20-02, 10:03
Or again you might try the El Indio Motel/Hotel? and see what he meant by his comment to El Otro Hijo below:

"One note, on checking out the guy at the front desk said that if I wanted a girl, I should have asked him first, he said he had much better ones then Elbas or Reginas"

He speaks English and the girl at Elba's seemed pretty good. So maybe the quality is good. My next trip by there will certainly give him a try too.

I am assuming that by BSD you mean Bar San Diego?? If so I can see why you are looking for alternative action. The few times I have tried there the quality is always soso and the girls not very enthusiastic probably due to the high numbers of guys that they service each day...

11-20-02, 16:57
Yes, Bar San Diego. The only thing that I really hate about BSD is the rooms....absolutely austere, last year I actually got a room at the Las Dunas before going into BSD (in case I wanted to use it more than once), and the room was a little better, but still a dump. Been going there for about 8 years, and yes, enthusiasm can be somewhat lacking, but is not always the case. Generally, I'm not in a hurry to rush out to a room, so between Castillo's advice, an easy going smile and making solid eye contact, it's not too hard to find a girl that will make the experience fun. This may sound stupid, but personally, I stay away from the 10's, and look for those 7-8's that really want to take care of me, only because the 10's have way too many guys lined up, and just aren't interested in putting the effort or time into doing it right. Last time I was there, I wound up with a truly beautiful young thing, great bod, great everything....and had a lousy time. Give me that 7-8 who will do a little massage or body wash. Also, probably won't get a chance to try the hotel this trip, maybe next time.

11-22-02, 04:17
Well happy huntin' and give us a report...

11-25-02, 07:56
holeinone lets just say i live in the EC i have a lot of friends that go to mexicali majoriy go to a strip club called meow meow i hear you can get fs.

11-26-02, 23:15
Just returned from Mexicali with my business partner, went to BSD, Harra’s, El Indio, Patty’s Farmacia, Heidelburg Restaurant.

BAR SAN DIEGO (Rio Culiacan): BSD remains virtually unchanged over the years. Not hard to find, pretty safe to park in front of the bar. Wednesday, Thursday not too busy, Friday and Saturday very busy. Prices are up slightly, $17 for the room (basic dump, two towels & bar of soap), $50 for the girl. Girls are plentiful, with most ranging from 5-7, with only a few at 8-9. Carolina is still the busiest one there (9-10). Lilliana (7.5) had her tits done, firmed up the rest and is looking much better. Avoided Lupe (5-6, used to be a solid 8+) looks haggard, almost like she’s been working there too long. Melissa (7-8, blond) young, but didn't really get into it. Cibone (6), Chiapas looks, but works very, very hard for her money. Joanna (8) 22 year old hard body with nice smile, also hard worker. BSD remains the best sure bet in Mexicali. The girls are friendly and know what’s expected.....no haggling, multi-position full service with a smile. An easy way to meet a girl that may look good to you is to give her a few Pesos for the juke box, or just slip Castillo a few bucks early on, tell him what you want, and he'll take care of the rest.

HARRA'S (corner of Justo Serra & Lopez Mateos): Mostly went there just to check it out after talking with a local CPA we met in BSD. Harra’s does not provide rooms, so you need to take the girl to your hotel, and since we weren’t staying in Mexicali, we just wanted to see what sort of potential it had for the next trip. Very garish from the outside with lots of lights, the parking lot seemed pretty safe, mostly because it’s in a mini-mall at a major intersection, and there was a security guard with a metal wand at the entry. Inside, loud music with a small dance floor, girls in “uniforms” that sort of looked like French maid outfits. Girls ranged from 3-6 at best, and Spanish is a definite plus here, as it is pretty much a local’s hangout. I talked with a manger who asked me how I had found out about Harra’s and told me that IF a girl wanted to leave with me it would be $35 to the bar, and $70-80 for her, plus her taxi home. He also said that the girls are very low key and most don’t approach the customers. Overall, I thought the prices were a little high for the girls I saw that night. As we were headed for the car, we decided to check out the massage parlor just outside the bar and up the stairs (“sex y massage”). It was sorta different.....when we opened the door, there were about 15 really great looking young-ish looking girls sitting around the perimeter of a small, dark room, and they waived us into a small room/office, where there were a couple Americanos (who had also been in Harra’s) negotiating with an absolute babe behind the counter (I swear, Bo Derek, corn rows and all). Even after much negotiating, the best we could do was $40 for the house, and $150 for full service (from any girl), and $50 for a BJ. Too high, too late, and the little blue pill was wearing off, so we left.

EL INDIO HOTEL: Stopped by just to see if we could pick up some more information for this board and for future trips, but didn’t have much success because we weren’t staying there, will try again on another trip.

PATTY'S FARMACIA (chain pharmacy): Wound up spending an extra day in Mexicali, so we stopped in for some Viagra (don’t leave home without it) and almost fell down.....190 Pesos (about $19 U.S.) for just ONE Viagra 100. Bought one anyway, wrote it off to “entertainment expense”.

HEIDELBURG RESTAURANT (Ave Madero): Funniest thing that happened the entire trip. My partner wanted to try this German restaurant he had heard about. Great looking place, and we were both really looking forward to some bratwurst & sauerkraut.....but can you believe it? No German food. The only thing on the menu that was authentic was pork knuckles…not exactly my favorite. Stay with Chinese or Mexican food in Mexicali.

MEAU MEAU CLUB (Thanks, bigal280): Didn’t get there this year, but if my tequila soaked brain remembers correctly, there are a number of really great looking girls there, and last year I got a back room private dance/BJ for about $45. I also seem to remember that they would leave with you to a hotel for around $120 $150. The MM Club gets really busy on weekends, but is still worth a stop and only a couple of blocks across the border.

Going to Mazatlan in early December. If anyone has any recent or updated info, PLEASE post in the “Mexico”, “West Coast”, “Other” section. I'll do the same when I return. THANKS!

12-17-02, 13:22
BSD: Still Caroline is the best looking 1. She is not only beautiful, but she is also nice and has a nice conversation. She would settle for 450 (45), plus the rm.

12-17-02, 13:25
Harra's: If you like "gorditas" (overweight) ones, this is the place. I found it funny to lrn that they charge u 100 US + bar fine, as I know that most of the available material would not stand a chance in many parts of MX. Additionally, I found out the Mass place outside is even more expensive with the same quality of available mat'l........

12-26-02, 13:31
whats up fellow hobbiest.. just wanted some info on mexicali... is there a red light district like in TJ... i want to know how far the action is from us border in mexicali... i go to TJ frequently so want a new experience..

e-mail trojanman8IIIIID@hotmail.com

see you in the trenches

02-07-03, 20:51
MEAU MEAU CLUB: Visited Mexical this week and went to the Meau Meau Club. It is only a few blocks from the old entry point in Calexico and sits amongest several other clubs which I did not visit. Girls are above average 7 to 8's. Many have long legs if you are into that. Private dances in the back. Watch the girls who carry small purses back there with them. Extra services available then. BJ $50; FS $100. I got the impression that some of the girls would also leave with you. It helps to know Spainish which I did not. Fortunately several members of my party did. Would repeat back to this club.

05-28-03, 07:23
visited mexicali this friday night. went to my usual hang out in the old part of town locals call "el pueblo" which is roughly a two block area located about half a mile from the main border crossing. went to some of the bars, all the bars are in this two block area, cordobes, tres aces, tio juan, the bar scene was pretty sad, but outside on the street there must have been 50 to 80 girls working that night. the girls usually just hang out on the street, next to parked cars, in the entrance to hotels, or on the corners.

picked up one girl, about an 8 and walked over to oasis hotel, 200 pesos for cbj and fs plus 50 pesos for room (about $25 dollars total). i was surprised because the last time i was here (9 months) the price was about $5 more. i was told by another girl that the competition is fierce so the prices have gone down.

the next night, i was out around10pm and was approaced by a guy (obviously gay) trying to introduce me to his friend, a small petite girl who was obviously **** and who the night before i had seen being hasseled by the health inspectors for not being able to show proof of age. they wanted $300 pesos plus the room, i had this uneasy feeling about the whole thing so i passed. the guy then proceeded to search for someone else for me, i don't know why he was being so helpful, i did not agree to pay him anything for the service. i continue walking and run into him about 15 minutes later. he is introducing me to a fairly heavy young girl who says is 17 but because of her size will not cause suspicion at the hotel. by now this guy is becoming more of a bother so i tell him no thanks and walk away, the girl seems pissed off.
i end up walking over to nuevo palacio(paraiso? can't remember) hotel where there is a buffet of about 12 girls standing in the entrance, most are plain looking but one caught my eye. she looked 18 or less thin, white skin, black hair. total also 200 pesos plus 50 pesos for the room for fs but no cbj and never took her clothes off just pulls up her dress, asked if she would remove her dress, she said for 100 pesos more she would...i was annoyed so said no.

all in all this is the cheapest place to get laid, that i have seen, and you can find some real jems, but all speak spanish, no english and seems like the prettier younger girls have more of an attitude. still alot of fun plus some good chinese food in this town.

07-09-03, 19:11
Otro Hijo -

What's Mexicali like on weeknights? I can't get there on week-ends. 50 to 80 street girls you saw! That's more than/as many as TJ? Where is all the business coming from?!?! It sounds like BSD is the main place, plus the street girls. Any others worth checking out? Someone said the Meau Meau club....but I also heard that it's a transvestite place......or is that some other bar?


- HoMaster

07-16-03, 06:32
On weeknights it is slow and much less girls out, but still a fair amount of women. The area I mentioned has hotels in the day time that have working girls just sitting on the steps (entrance) of the hotels.

Good luck,

07-21-03, 04:38
Adventurous1: Do you still have the number for Elba. Like to call her and set up a meeting with the"right" girl. Thanks, in advance.
Be headed that way this week. probably Thursday.

Happy Hunting! The Perv modelx@intergate.com

07-23-03, 07:43
The number for Elba is 563-09-96 and for Regina is 566-32-18. Please report your experience, as you can see from my past post I did not get what I asked for.

Buena Suerte.

07-23-03, 20:02
I was in Mexicali again last week and stayed over Wed. nite. I went over to El Pueblo to check out las muchachas. I was there at about 8:00pm so maybe it was a little early, but there wasn't much action going on. I did see a couple of attractive ladies hanging around outside a couple of the hotels that were definitely worth stopping for, but the number of Mexican guys hanging around kind of put me off. It just didn't look like a safe place for a lone gringo to be parking his car and heading upstairs. I'll probably be back when I with a couplle of friends. Anyone else have any comments on the safety facto downtown?

I ended up at my old stand-by, the San Diego Bar. I've always felt safe there and in all the years of going there only had one less-than great experience.

07-26-03, 03:04
Thanks for the info. I would make the trip only if I knew I could score the same specification girl you wanted. BTW, to dial now, they have added ladas (area codes) From the states, dial 011-52-686-<number> for Mexicali. So, I guess I'll pass on Elba's since she plays games and doesn't really offer the right merchandise. If anyone has a good lead, I will follow up and report back this week.

Gracias y caza feliz, The Perv

Originally posted by EL_OTRO_HIJO
The number for Elba is 563-09-96 and for Regina is 566-32-18. Please report your experience, as you can see from my past post I did not get what I asked for.

Buena Suerte.

08-12-03, 08:05
I was wondering where is a good place to get laid during the day, and if there are what the deal is there, how are the girls, prices, etc. thanks

08-18-03, 06:04
Originally posted by ccorn69
I was wondering where is a good place to get laid during the day, and if there are what the deal is there, how are the girls, prices, etc. thanks


San Diego Bar opens about Noon. A limited selection at that hour, but available nonetheless. Standard deal is $50 for her, and about $15 for the room.

John RP
08-23-03, 22:17
Kinda off topic but I'am going to San Felipe at the end of Sept. & wondering if anybody knows of any place to find working girls there. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, I've been there the last 4 years with no luck,but maybe I've been looking in the wrong places.


Rico Cafe
08-27-03, 01:28
Report on Mexicali: Meau Meau's Weao Weao, Modona's, Aquarius are the best strip places with great looking girls who rotate in and out from other cities with a couple of locals mixed in. After a couple of moderately priced drinks you can get basically whatever you want if you are willing to pay for it, sometimes you can get a hottie for a $20 exit fee from the bar, $100 for an hour or so of her time and go to a nearby (usually right across the street or next door) for another $25. This is for a nice 8-9 looking chick. I have noticed however that prices are climbing a little and some of the best looking girls want $200 for themselves which I think is too much. For the money you can't beat Bar San Diego, pretty decent selection, very discreet, usually good attitudes, cheap drinks and it cost about $75 for the whole enchilada.

The zona centro hotel girls are much cheaper but there is a dramatic drop-off in quality also, they tend to be "hillbilly indians" from the mountains are although you can sometimes find a good looking one, the sex is fast and cheap feeling...just not my style. But for $40-45 what do you expect?

There is also the Playboy Club in that area which can sometimes have a good looking girl or two but it is 2nd class compared to the other more"upscale' places mentioned before which by the way I listed in my order of preference

Rico Cafe
09-25-03, 19:19
New report on Playboy Club:

I couldn't believe it but they tried to scam me into buying a bottle of champage to sit with one of the better looking girls.

I just wanted to buy her a drink as is the usual way to lead up to other thomgs but then they brought this big bucket with ice and champagne for which they wanted $70 and I said no way, the waiter then tried to get me to buy some $25.00 deal but I got the hell out of there and left for Meau Meau where they charge more for everything but they don't try to scam you. The talent is much better looking and the clintele is safer looking too. I was really surprised at the Playboy thing since I have been there enough times. The waiters even know what I like to drink.

The only difference this time is that sat in the back elevated section so maybe this is the norm for that section. I had observed many people having a real good time with the ladies back there before so I figured I would give it a roll but not at those prices!!
Either a new way to make money ( which is really an age old scam which I have learned to avoid like the plague) or the back section just has a different set of rules that I didn't know about.

I had heard there was a new club named "More Girls" on the corner by Playboy but I couldn't find it. My source told me it was a great place with $5 lap dances and $3 drinks for the girls.

Rico Cafe
10-21-03, 00:49
Meau Meau has had a lot of turn over lately but the quality of the girls for the most part is still good. I did get a hot Venezuelan girl (an 8) to sit with me for a couple of drinks and she was good at getting me horny so to leave with me it was $100 (I paid in the room) + $20 to the bar and $25 to the hotel Reforma across the street. Great time, she did the whole nine yards, french kissing, passionate, BBBJ, 69, she even gave me a back rub and a nice rim job...how can you ask for more? Meau Meau is still my fav, close to the border, excellent customer service ( I have even had tacos delivered to my table) and always lots of nice girls. Very courteous service, once they know you it is easy to have a favorite waiter. Just make sure you tip generously and often, $2-3 goes a long way down here.

The Aquarius Club has gotten some very HOT girls working over there! I couldn't believe my eyes, at the moment Aquarius has the best looking girls hands down! I thought I was in a super model club! I have never taken any girls out from there but I'm sure its possible since there are hotels right across the street. The prices might be a little higher, I find the absolute best girls always ask for $200 which to me is about $50 too much for an absolute 10.

A new place called Mas Morras ( More Girls) has opened up which I checked out and found the talent seriously below the other places but it was early so maybe at another time. The prices are less for drinks and lapdances there. You get what you pay for.
Also went to Weau Weau but I thought the talent wasn't up to past visits. ..maybe an off night?

Checked out the girls working at Carolinas Massage and they looked a little more jaded then usual. A little sad.

Carolina is back at Bar San Diego, I didn't get an appoinment because she is one very popular girl, but she looks as good as ever, the hispanic Pamela Lee. When you see her you want her. I especially love the lapdance she does for you before she gets down to business, none of the others do that and none of them look as good she does. BSD is still the best deal in town, take a tour of the titty bars and then go to BSD for relief!

10-22-03, 05:15
I plan on going to Mexicali on Nov. 8. I would like some information regarding where to park on the U.S. side and how much a cab costs to get from the border to Meau Meau's. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.


Rico Cafe
10-24-03, 01:47
You can park anywhere near the border crossing where you walk across. During the day it will cost you for a parking meter but after 6 there is no charge. Park as close to the crossing as possible, I like to park in front of the Jack in the Box. Meau Meau opens at 3 with a shift change to usually better talent at 9.

Cross the border and walk along the fence on your left, cross the line of cars waiting to cross the border and around the Hotel del Norte on the corner you will see some cabs, should cost about $5. You can also cross by going downstairs through the tunnel, you will know what i mean when you see it which by the way is the only way back across into the U.S. in which case when you come back out of the tunnel on the other side there will be taxis waitng for you. You can also buy some Viagra, generic Viagra or the new Levitra in the drug store in the tunnel before going just to make sure you hae some candy to nibble on so you will be nice and hard when those girls at Meau Meau's get hold of you.

Rico Cafe
10-27-03, 21:35
I went to Meau Meaus again Friday nite and had a great time.

A couple of beautys came and sat with me and my partner for drinks and they were as freindly as they could be. Lots of titty and bare bottoms displayed for our viewing and touching pleasure.

They knew me already so they were extra friendly. My partner who had not been there before really profited from this.

I took one of the babes for a couple of lap dances in the private area were my lapdancing friend showed me how much she really liked me by takeing matters into her mouth and gave me a great bbbj. She also did the titty fuck on me, unbelievable!
I didn't finish but thats Ok , it was free! ( well I did buy her a couple of drinks and of course paid the $20 per song lap dance fee)

I can't wait to go back...just gotta save up some more $$$

They offered to take me to the hotel but my partner wasn't up to it and then they offered for both of them to do me...but of course $$ and that I had to get my partner back to the U.S. held me back. I almost turned around and drove back after dropping my partner off but I thought better of it and decided to save it.

Rico Cafe
11-01-03, 01:41
Another report from Meau Meaus. Well I ended up in Mexicali on business and since it was around 6;30 or so I decided to stop by my favorite bar for a cool refreshing drink and to do some follow up on what had gone on the last time I was there (see previous report).

Well wouldn't you know it Meau Meaus has a few new girls in town and they are easily 8-9. After a tequila or 3 they become 10s.

Two of them are sisters Mya and Grecia, they came and sat with me for a drink. Then my old Venezuelan (whose name I have never been able to remember) friend who is an ethusiastic lay showed up and then Monica the lap dancing bbbj'er I was hoping to run into came over.

I had 4 girls sitting with me, all of them drooling all over me in anticipation of me taking them out and laying them good (for a fee of course). Finally Monica dropped out from the competition since I was paying less attention to her and then Miss Venezuela started saying we should have a threesome....Grecia said she wasn't interetsed in that but her sister who is the sexier of the two definately wanted in on that...so Grecia excused herself to the bathroom and I had the two hot and horny ones all over me. Prices were agreed on and then they went to change to street clothes while I downed another delicious Sol beer. They asked for $100 each for an hour which I thought was very reasonable. We got into the hotel easy enough and got right down to business, luckily my hard little friend was up for the job and drilled these two until he couldn't take anymore, lots of passionate french kissing, 69ing, bbbj from both to which I reciprocated happily, smelled good so why not? Lots of moaning and flesh on flesh the girls weren't afraid to touch each other (very cool to see) and we just had a grand old time!!! While Mya was showering me and Miss Venezuela (who is the better lay by the way) did another quick and furious power fuck just for the heck of it. Then we hopped into the shower and left fresh as a daisy. I am getting wood just from writing this message remembering it all!

11-05-03, 19:03
Hmmmm ... the reports about hotels in Mexicali aren't that clear, so let me ask the question: assuming that you are spending the night, what hotels are close to the action (and are not complete dumps)?

Also, is there secure parking on the US side? I can't see leaving my car on the street in Calexico overnight.

Rico Cafe
11-06-03, 02:32
There are plenty of good hotels from 5 star on down with safe secure parking. The best of the best are the Hotel Lucerna and the Crowne Plaza. You can park there and have taxis take you to Meau Meaus, Aquarius, Weau Weaus and of course the famous Bar San Diego. There are always taxis availabel to take you back as well.

A 4 star would be the Hotel Araiza. Now none of these hotels are within walking distance of the above mentioned and previously reported on hot spots . But they are close to nice restaurants and clubs for non-professional scouting. Taxis are cheap easy and central Mexicali is not so big so everything is 5 to a maximum 10 minutes way from everything. Right across the street from Meau meaus is a clean hotel called the Reforma (its on Reforma Avenue)which will cost a gringo about $40 per night for their best room. I know a couple of guys who have spent the night there, some of their rooms are pretty basic but the best rooms are as good as an older Holiday Inn.
The upside to staying there is of course you can bring girls in with you. The downside to the better hotels is that they may frown upon visitors. I don't use the 4 & 5 star hotels so I don't know for sure but that is the case in other Mexican cities. In Mexicali I just go home at night. I don't drink and drive of course.

I don't know for sure where you would park securely overnight in Calexico since I have never done that but there is a parking lot across the street from the Guadalajara restaurant that looks like that is what it is for. It is still a few blocks away from the border entry on a side street.

I hope this helps and happy hunting!

Country John
11-06-03, 19:42
I'm going to Mexicali mid week. I will do the best I can to come back with good data. I'll be there for 1 maybe two nights.

Country John

Country John
11-13-03, 04:15
OK I'm back, with pictures, map, and over six straight hours of honorable mongering and "in depth" interviews with the girls (very interesting) and a solid inside contact for your added convenience -all good strff.

Mexicali was fabulous. I speak NO Spanish and went aross on my own with my vehicle. I had tremendous success, spent a few bucks of course but well below expected.

Tune back in over the next 24 - 49 hours - it will be worth it.

Best to all and BE SAFE!

Country John

Country John
11-14-03, 22:55
report on mexicali mattress monster hunt 11/11/03 page #1

i arrived in mexicali at about 5pm on tuesday evening with my gear (change of clothes, light food stuffs like a salad, an apple and some granola bars, drinking water-a must-, condoms, a joint - using banana brand papers, small penlight (streamlight stylus if you must know) digital camera, lots of smokes, and lots of money).

i converted my dollars to pesos before crossing but in mexicali this was a waste of time. do it in tj though.

before crossing the border (in my own vehicle) i purchased full coverage auto insurance that included medical coverage either inside or outside of the vehicle. an absolute must. use good sense. buy insurance. total cost was $17.00 for 24 hours. usa insurance is worthless in mexico. if you have an accident or hit someone you are in deep doodoo. buy insurance.

crossing the border was as simple as driving over the speed bumps. getting to the location was simple. pay attention when driving in any country. i know that mattress monster hunting can be distracting but you must not allow yourself to become distracted until you at least become familiar with the lay of the land. mattress monsters lurk and hover at all times. get yourself set up at base camp first, learn the layout and then do your re-con. the map (uploaded in pdf format) will get you there. pay attention and be respectful to other traffic. they stop for ambulances and fire trucks but that's it. red light means "maybe" so govern yourself accordingly. they don't even pull over for the cops rolling code 3. very interesting.

read the previous posts about other hotels in the area - a most excellent description of your options if you have issues and a most excellent post over all. i've stayed at the other 4 and 5 star hotels and the description is spot on.

here is the map.

ooopps, can't upload pdf files. . . .email my pm box, i'll send it to you.

moving right along:

report on mexicali mattress monster hunt 11/11/03 (page 2)

the hotel reforma (on reforma avenue) looks approachable from the street and relatively clean. the hotel reforma is about a 1 star hotel. straight up. the rooms (mine was #101) are very basicand are designed for a short stay but i checked in for the
night (cost =$us27.00) cash only-dollars or pesos, no credit cards, and you get a postage stamp size receipt in a very very basic room. what you don't get is a key to the room - they keep the key at the front desk and the reception must walk to your room and open it for you. the receptionists do not speak english but it's not hard for them to figure out what you want, make sure you somehow communicate that you want the room for 24 hours, not 1 hour. i speak no spanish but got my message across. if i spoke spanish i would have pressed for a better room as #101 was a dump. but hey, i'm hunting mattress monsters, you must be willing to rough it a bit when

here is a picture of the hotel reforma from the street.

Country John
11-14-03, 22:58
Report on Mexicali Mattress Monster Hunt 11/11/03 (page 3)

Here is a picture of the reception or lobby area and in front of this area is very secure parking. I had no worries leaving my car there at all. They have secuity guys and the lot is in plain view of the reception desk.

Country John
11-14-03, 23:01
Report on Mexicali Mattress Monster Hunt 11/11/03 (page 4)

You will see this old cathedral at the end of the street and that is a landmark for you. The club and hotel are one block up from this cathedral.

If you get lost in Mexicali and can't find your way back to the club or hotel, just ask for directions to Guadalupe Cathedral downtown - that will get the whitest gringo out of trouble direction wise. Notice the hotel sign on the rightedge of the shot - that is your hotel gringo.

Givern the size limitations, you might not see everything but the church at the end of the street is the landmark you need to watch for.

Country John
11-14-03, 23:07
Report on Mexicali Mattress Monster Hunt 11/11/03 (page 5)

The rooms at the hotel are tiled and VERY basic with running water, a shower and toilet, a small closet and clean linen. Not sure about the TV - this gringo can't understand Spanish anyway and besides that I was hunting mattress monsters not looking for Buffy the fucking vampire slayer.

My wide angle lens makes the room look larger than it really is but you should be able to gauge the size, it is certainly large enough for you and your lady.

Country John
11-14-03, 23:09
Report on Mexicali Mattress Monster Hunt 11/11/03 (page 6)

Another room shot.

Country John
11-14-03, 23:11
Report on Mexicali Mattress Monster Hunt 11/11/03 (page 7)

Another room shot

Country John
11-14-03, 23:14
Report on Mexicali Mattress Monster Hunt 11/11/03 (page 8)

Here's a look down the hall. Interestingly the reception girls do the "times up" knock so when I was back at the hotel after pop1, I heard several of these knocks on other rooms. I should have sat in the reception area for a while it would have been interesting to watch the cummings and goings.

Since it's $17.00 for the hour, rent for the night so that if you do multipops you save on the room - besides when you rent for the night, no worries about knocks or other distractions.

Country John
11-14-03, 23:18
Report on Mexicali Mattress Monster Hunt 11/11/03 (page 9)

Once inside and gear stowed (suggestion: use a bicycle steel rope type locking device to secure your movables to the toilet bowl) it's time to freshen up and suit up for the hunt.

First, let's get the name straight: it's "MIAU-MIAU" and it is directly across the street from the campsite (Reforma). Neon lights, guy outside (should have red shirt on,
the whole nine yards. Here is a shot of the exterior.

Country John
11-14-03, 23:21
Report on Mexicali Mattress Monster Hunt 11/11/03 (page 10)

Here is a shot of the club relative to the Cathedral mentioned earlier. Remember, when you see the church at the end of Reforma Ave., that is a landmark.

As a side note I took 8 bags full of clothing (men's, womens, shoes etc to donate as we have done in the past for needy people) to the church you see in the picture but got the impression they were not interested. It was actually a drag because It took about 1/2 hour to get them to take the stuff and that pissed me off - you either want it or you don't. Fuck it - I won't do that again. Next time I'll find someone else to give it to .

Country John
11-14-03, 23:51
report on mexicali mattress monster hunt 11/11/03 (page 11)

so i'm now all geared up to cross the street and go to the place where the mattress monsters be. my finances are set up (and later destroyed) as follows: $350.00 dollars converted to pesos (a lesser amount due to 11 pesos to the dollar). because i intended to do multi pops as well as research the scene, i actually spent, well, we'll firgure it up later. let's just say that i knew i would spend more now to pay less later - the cost of education is continually rising isn't it.

i kept the cash for the girls and used my credit card for the bar tab. now read the following paragraph carefully.

when you enter the club (especially if you speak no spanish like me), hook up with leo. he knows me as country john and i told him i would hook you up. he is one of the waiters and will take care of you. (he watches your tab, get's the girl you want, handles girl swaps etc. etc.) remember to ask for leo and tell him that country john sent you. he will do the right thing. i watched him like a hawk all night and because he treated me right i gave him a great tip at the end of the evening.

you see, i aready knew i would spend lots but when you're rolling it's easy to get out of control especially if the guy behind the bar fucks with your tab. leo makes sure this does not happen and keeps you up to speed on your tab. if you are a dick head loud mouth gringo with no respect he will probably not take care of you in which case you probably suck anyway and deserve everything you get. you might really get fucked.

the game for them is to get you into a booth or preferably next to the dance floor so you can tip the girls as they dance.

it was about 6pm when i got inside. they have a shift change at 9pm and the average quality goes from 6 to 9. i arrived early and decided to nurse a beer for a few hours. the girls all have these 8" heels on that make them look much taller, thinner and sexier than normal.

don't get me wrong - these ladies (and i say ladies) are world class beauties, short or tall. high heels don't make the dripping fat go away.

leo introduced me to bridget (not her real name) and i think he did that to make me as horny as a half fucked fox in a forrest fire. it workede. she was a perfect 10. face, bod, everything. i mean it. only problem is i couldn't get her to drop from her $300.00 price, and she would have been worth every bit. so i did do a double private dance for $40.00 where i was taken to an un-occupied area of booths in the back and she did the bump and grind until i almost screamed with delight. by the time she was done grinding those perfect tits in my face i was making sounds that only dogs could hear. she is perfectly built, no fat, works out ooooohhhhhhhhooooooooohhhhhh. enough said.

she offered a bj in the back for $100 but never, not even in my wildest moment of ecstacy and afterglow stupor would i buy a blowjob for a hundred bucks - you have to be nuts to do that so we then went back to the booth and she excused herself (when she new i was not going to tumble for a 300. lay or a 100. bj) and immediately after she left i was joined by three of the horniest chicas you could ever meet.

they were sent over by leo whe he saw that i was not going for the $300.00 deal.

i can't tell much about two of them but the one who was massaging my private parts almost to ejac was a shortie, face about a 4, young tight body about 7, lovely large tits said she was 22 years old (i believe her) and from venezuela. she indicated in broken english that she wanted to fuck me so i asked her to stand up so i could see her body. well, she stood up, pulled her top down, bottom up, shoved her tits in my face and rubbed my penis to erection.

it was 8pm and i had found the mattress monster. it was off to the hotel reforma and back to base camp. she went for 100 pesos and 25 peso bar fine.

we got in the room and from there to the moon. this chica undressed be, got me to lay down, started bbbj for about 10 minutes and then mounted cowgirl, shoved her tits in my face and started to pump as only they can. she was tight and had great movement in her hips. her skin was firm and had great muscle tone. loved to fk. multi position etc but no back door please.

sensed when i was near death and stopped, dismount daty during which she (really) orgasmed (i can tell), sweet taste to her pussy, again very firm inner thighs and she quivered when she came, eyes rolled back etc., then she tossed me back over, remounted, pump pump pump yeah yeah yeah ('cmon jackson, sound effects) then she dismounted, tore that condom off and bbbjtcim with continued suction until i was limpdick. kind of strange listening to her burp and gag in the sink but when she finished, she brought a towell in and cleaned me up then lay down next to me for good skin contact and big hugs for long time.

stupid shit me should have taken her for 2 pop but - well, i fucked up.

leo saw the stupid grin on my face when i went back leter after the shift change. escorted me to a booth and told me to wait - he had the perfect chica. he was not kidding. brought "sunny" (not her real name) over. had nine inch heels that made her about 5'-9" she was about 100 lbs, large tits (small implants but very natural looking and feeling), fabulous legs and a beautiful smile and attitude. she wanted $200.00 to go across the street or $100.00 to do me in the back area (not my butt but the booths i referred to earlier - pay attention!).

so i thought ". . i am not paying anyone $200 for fs so i'm gonna buy her some drinks, get to know her a bit, watch her dance...," you know, interview her the whole bit. maybe as the night wears on we could end up in a happy place. shortly after she landed in my booth, the venezuelen girl came buy and told her that i was a great lay. i'm not sure if that helped me or hurt me but she had this grin on her face and, like i said earlier, i should have taken her for 2 pop.

sunny is 23 years old from mexico city with two kids staying with their grandparents in mexico city while she works and sends money home to them. turns out her boob job was $4,500.00us and i can tell you from experience that she had about $12,000.00 in dental work done - really. black light shows dental work up real well.

her smile was dis-arming - really beautiful. how much of her story is bullshit only she knows but i asked her the same question at different times during the night and her answers were consistent. i sat with this girl from about 10 pm until 3am. had one double private dance with those beautiful tits, bump and grind special etc etc. lots of touchy feely in the booth, hugging and stroking, you know, the things we want our wives and gfs to do.

as the night lumbered along, i was struck by the quality of girls walking around the place bare breasted or total nude. one girl from brazil - tall, sleek -a goddess was just too much for most of the guys there. i saw her land at table after table. she must have been priced way out of reach.

anywayz, i sensed the presence of a mattress monster when i moved in for the kill on miss mexico. she came back with $200.00 for the trip across the street (at about 1am). i let her know right away that it was not going to happen. i threatned to leave at that point but she just kept a firm grip on old velvet head so i wasn't gong anywhere. she knows she too invested a lot of time in my booth so it seems she wan't prepared to let me go just yet. had a few more beers and next thing you know jeez - it's 3am and closing time. the mattress monster emerged and she agreed to go for the reforma deal at $100.00 for an hour. bonsai!

leo got me out without an exit fee (which is usually mandatory when a girl leaves the bar with a client) because i took care of him. and the next thing you know i am across the street with this tender lovely lady alone in my room.

remember, i do not speak spanish. leo is an english speaker and he knows who to hook you up with.

i regret not trying to leave earlier because at 3am i was running out of gas. sunny undressed and when she lay on the bed, i thought i was in a dream. very beautiful girl. lovely bod. zero fat, tight abs. got right down to business. mounted cowgirl right away for covered fs (the only way to go). changed positions, i struggle to get old velvet head to do his thing and at the last possible moment he came through then sunny got up, got dressed and slipped back into the darkness of the night - it was now a little after 4am and i was very tired.

i immediately went to sleep and got up at 7 for my meeting. i wonder what that was all about.

during my time with sunny (real name is maria) i asked her about what complaints she might have about american men in particular. her answer was that she wished they knew how to treat women. she asked me if they teach manners in america because so many of the american men are rude and dis-respectful.

(it happens that a group of gringos arrived while i was there. they took a table close to the stage and behaved like complete assholes. they were an embarassment. total buffoons. if you were in that group of gringos on tuesday night at about 11pm that sat next to the stage on the opposite side across from the bar then you and your buddies are assholes and you should not be allowed in to these clubs). {jackson -please allow this post.}

there is no need to behave badly in any country including mexico. i hope you are not wsf members - if so you should grow up or get out.

she sees her role in this game as a provider of what we are looking for and even though we assume great risk in our mongering, she does too.

she said she enjoys good sex that is good for both parties but most men are not looking for good sex but just a good fuck. most men treat them like machines. that's why they are cold and quick to end off with most gringo macho bullshit types. they actually try to avoid them but club management insists that they service everyone equally. all that goes away when they are in the room, however.

having said that let me also say that this is a business. we get to pop most of the time, they do once in a great while.

i treated this girl with the utmost respect all evening and it got me $100.00 off the deal. it was late and hard for either of us to be interested enough to make it exciting and in truth maybe it was because it was so late that i got her for $100.00 but as i said earlier, i should have left earlier. she was beautiful and great in bed -a true mattress monster.

i wish it had been earlier because i know i would have enjoyed it much more.

i spent a total of $200.00 to the girls for 2pops, one $25 exit fee, $27 hotel room and this was cash money, $40.00 two times for private dances that were worth every penny, i had 4 beers, she had probably 8 drinks (of juice by the way, they are not allowed to drink alcohol when they are working) and all that went on my credit car including a tip for leo - all toll about $125.00.

the girls must sell drinks, private dances, table dances and back room fucks to make money for the club. exit fees also go to the club. private dance money goes to the club as does table dance money.

guys in orange vests come around and "sell" table dances and private dances as they make a commission on each one sold - the girls (if asked for a table dance by a customer will call one of these guys over to write up a "ticket" and they collect the money for the table dance and you can tip the girls during the table dance if they bury your face in their tits enough etc., the guys (and one girl) in white shirts are waiters and they keep track of how many drinks the girls sell. they also give the girls tickets for each drink sold that are "cashed in" at the end of the night.

leo is a white shirt waiter. speaks perfect english and is out to please the customer. make sure you ask for him. we got to know each other and he's a nice guy. tell him "country john" told you to look him up.

never lose sight of the fact that this is a business and your money is what they are after. the thing that makes it enjoyable is that they are nice people too. the thing that gets you what you are after is money and being respectful to the girls and the waiters. when everyone knows their place and plays by the rules there is no reason why everyone can't have a good time.

you know it is going to cost money but do not over-spend. if the girl won't go across the street for $100., get another girl. don't be shy about it. they know why you are there.

ok, that's it as promised. ask any questions you like and go get 'em in mexicali. it is worth the trip, the time and the money.

most of all be safe and always wear a condom for fs.

be respectful towards the womem. have fun and touchy feely, but be respectful, not a pig. they will appreciate it and it could reap dividends when you get 'em across the street.

no matter what you think about what the girls do, they are doing you. they might have to do what they do for many reasons but that doesn't make them any more disrespectful than it makes us for patronizing them. there is no reason not to be nice.

oh yeah, before you go to sleep, i noticed that there are a lot of guys using camera telephones in the clubs. they pretend they are on the phone but they are snapping pictures. be careful if you don't want your picture on someones website. the management there is considering banning them inside the club. take care to protect your identity. if my picture made it on a web site it would be big trouble for me. so i am always aware of who is close by with one of those things.

the girls are also very nervous about it. many of them have families that would take it pretty hard if they knew that their girl was working the circuit.

the girls generally do not know each other well. they rotate in and out ever 30 to 90 days. some do not get along well with the others but mostly they are friendly towards each other. they compete for business just like anyone else and from what i could see, it's a tough gig so go easy on them.

be safe

country john

Country John
11-16-03, 00:42
Fellow WSF Members:

Re: The following long multi chapter post:

Start at the bottom with chapter one and scroll up to the last. I should have posted them in reverse order for your easy reading - sorry about that.

The map I refer to could no tbe uploaded because it is a PDF file. I will try to convert it but if you want it, email my PM box and I'll help you out.

I'm also sorry for the terrible spelling but the thing I am most sorry about is not taking my pop1 for a pop2 - read the post.

Don't forget to hook up with Leo. I mean it - he's a solid guy.


Country John

Bachelor Warrior
11-16-03, 20:44
I had a conversation with a gringo truck driver in Juarez last night. For what it's worth, this fellow says he has been to ALL the Mexican border towns and Mexicali is the absolute best by far. I've never been there myself.

Rico Cafe
11-17-03, 18:01
Country John,

That was an excellent report!. It was great to read about your experience and glad to hear that you had a good time.

I know Miss Venezuela as well and you are right ...an enthusiastic lay, great attitude, and a nice bod to boot.

There are nicer rooms at the Reforma then what you had, some have wood panelling large mirrors etc. TV should pick up the local U.S. stations from this side but of course TV is not what we are there for anyways...I usually put it on a music channel since I like my sex with a beat to groove on.

I also know Leo, you are right , he is a solid guy. I usually get attended to by Jorge (hor-hay) but he doesn't speak English like Leo does. When I get Leo I insist that he speak to me in Spanish so i can keep my skills up. Both of them will take good care of you.

I didn't know you could cover the bar tab via credit card. Thats good to know. You are also right about waiting for the $100 mattress monsters because there are a few who put too high a $200 price tag on it but thats too much.

You also need to try the Aquarius which has the Hotel El Indio across the street. Similar set-up but the Aquarius has a nicer atmosphere and a bevy of super models. Pricing should be about the same.

Good advice on watching your bar tab, the girls can run you up at $8.00 per drink but some of them do drink real alchohol, usually a beer or a Tequila but maybe those are the ones who are getting off at 9 and figure its OK to relax a little. ( I usually go early, I'm seldom there real late and have only closed the place once in my life).

I have also noted some gringoes getting stupid but they are usually the young 20 somethings who get themselves drunk...something I avoid. I recommend having a mineral water every other drink or so to keep yourself from getting accidently drunk. I like to sip on a good tequila for the buzz but you have to pace yourself.

Red Bulls are also available to have a pick up. All of the local pharmacies sell Viagra and Levitra for those evenings when one lay is not enough.

It is good advice to always treat the ladies well and tip everyone from the doorman to the waiter to the guy who watches the cars. They will remember you for that and it results in better service very time.

I especially liked the heads up on the picture cell phones, I think that they had better ban those.

Country John
11-17-03, 22:39
Mexicali is a fabulous experience but you are going to spend more money for about the same result as you would get at AB in TJ.

I prefer AB over Mexicali but it's nice to know that you can get the same kind of service and fabulous ladies in Mexicali. Jeez - these Latina women are so beautiful.

Be Safe and Be NICE.

Country John

11-18-03, 05:40
country john,

an excellent report! i have been visiting mexicali for many years and have always ended back at the san diego bar; always a nice selection of ladies and rearely a poor experience. also the price is right.

i have stayed in all the 4 & 5 star hotels and have settled on the siesta inn, down the street (north) from la lucerna. last time i was there, i had just returned from my expedition to the san diego bar and was watching tv in my room when there was a knock on the door. i opened it (after using the peep hole) to find a gorgeous young lady. she said she was looking for someone and apologized that she must have the wrong room. she said she was tired and hot and asked for a glass of water. she came inside to drink it and we sat and chatted. next thing you know we were on the bed together. i mean, it was like a dream come true! i kept wondering if i were going to get rolled or something so was very watchful, but we had a happy ending, she cleaned up, and left. i figure this was a once in a million deal since it had never happened before in any of my global travels. have any of you guys had such an experience? i swear this really happened!

Country John
11-18-03, 17:15

Wow! I've never had that happen before and it is a rarity indeed!

Tell me more about Chicago Club. You can tell from my post that I stayed at one place all evening and I was there for only one night.

Lucky you. Did you get any contact info? Who was this lady?


Rico Cafe
11-18-03, 18:03

Hey you really lucked out on that one, but did she charge you? If she did then maybe she was an outcall girl who really was lost on the room numbers or maybe that is a deal set up between the doormen and a girl where he advises the girl where a single guy is staying and then gets a commission.

I agree with you, the BSD is a great deal. I know where the Siesta Hotel is, maybe I'll try that one since it must be less expensive then the 4-5 star ones and probably lets girls in. Also close to the non pro clubs.

The closest experience I had to that was when I was staying at a Courtyard by Marriott in Sacramento about 10 years ago.

I was on a long biz trip & was doing a little laundry and looked in at the jacuzzi room and I couldn't believe my eyes but there was good looking brunette in the jacuzzi completely naked! (she was about a 7.5..definately doable)

I literally sprinted back to my room pulled on some shorts and ran back to the jacuzzi to hop in, but she was now back in her bathing suit and about to leave. Not about to let this opportunity slip away I struck up a conversation with her and then I guess she liked me because she decided to get back into the jacuzzi, she asked me turn around, she completely undressed again and slid back in where we talked a little more, although the water was making her body look all wavy I could see that she had a very nice body with nice C cup boobs. After some more talking (yeah I was working on this one) We then agreed to have some wine back in my room. Well you know the rest of the story, we got it on about 3 times and it was all free. No strings attached.

Even though I had a business meeting at in the morning at 8 I didn't get to sleep until 4:00 am! But it was a once in a lifetime experience that I would love to repeat.

Call Me Goo
11-18-03, 18:52
Excellent Report Country John!

I think I know where I'm going for vacation!

11-18-03, 21:43
Country John,

Chicago Club is OK. Some guys swear by it. I presume you are talking about the Chicago Club in TJ? I've never heard of one with that name in Mexicali. Anyway, on my last trip to TJ, we naturally hit Adelita's first - most selection and most action in town. We wanted something quieter and ended up over at Chicago Club. The shift seemed to begin at 8:00pm as the selection and variety greatly improved around then.

Back to Mexicali - I've been to Harra's and found the girls to be quite unattractive and unfriendly. BTW - I am fluent in Spanish so thats not the problem. I even checked out the massage place next to Harra's - again not great looking women and pretty overpriced.

There is some street action in old town hanging around outside the hotels. I'm curious, but when traveling alone, I'm a little apprehensive so have never partaken.

The young lady who showed up at my room did say she worked at Cleopatra's. She said its near the border and is listed in the phone book. I may go by there when I'm in Mexicali tomorrow night. Otherwise, its back to the San Diego Bar!

Country John
11-19-03, 00:59
Fellow Mongerers:

Call me nuts but I drive around Mexicali like I own the place and my Spanish is laughable at best.

I don't get (or give) negative vibes. I always look my potential attacker in the eye and smile. Maybe my days are numbered but I've not had any problems with the Mexican people, no more than I've had with white people, black people orange people etc. (Me being white.) Me being ex LE can spot trouble pretty easily and kindess is usually a great neutralizer unless the guy wants to kill you anyway then the fight is on.

Now common sense must surely prevail no matter where you travel and you don't put your head into the lions mouth unless you are REALLY looking for some wild pussy.

Mexican people (especially the woman) are beautiful people rich in culture and heritige. You will look far and wide to try to find a woman as sensual with the allure of the latina, even their attitude towards femininity is sensual. I wish American women were that way. There is so much to love about the latina.

My marathon post on Mexicali focused on one place. The other notable location is the playboy club but I didn't go there because I did not want to dilute the report - I wanted to be as thorough as possible.

AB in TJ is the hot spot for me. Although when I am back in Mexicali (perhaps in a few weeks) I am most certainly going to hook up with Leo at the MIAU-MIAU.

Be Safe and BE NICE

Country John

Rico Cafe
11-19-03, 02:43

Cleopatra's is a massage parlor with FS, maybe she was on an outcall and got lost. I used to go there but at $40 for an unprofessional massage and 100 for a lay with a sometimes good looking girl and sometimes not without cocktails or anything...well its OK sometimes but I prefer going to a bar, kicking back, having a drink, watching the action, chatting up the girls, maybe a lap dance or 4, and then if I want to get into something more to do it..or not.

I think it works like this, the best looking girls start out as strippers, as they get older they end up at BSD, and after that they probably become outcall or just retire to the very crude bars or retire completely.

The street action in old town or zona centro will have some pretty girls sometimes but they are usually from the back hills and the hotels are absolutley the worst of the 3rd world with out even towels. Those girls usually are cheap but ask for extra to take off their top, its a passionless lay and for me very unfulfilling. After you're done they hand you a roll of toilet paper to clean up and get out. Not for me.

11-19-03, 03:04

She did hint around for something after we finished (nothing was said up front) and I gave her $40. My buddies and I have debated this quite a bit and your theory about the stood-up outcall is definitely plausible. The other thought we had was that since I have become somewhat known there from all my previous visits, it may have been a set up between her and someone at the front desk, especially since I have had a lady in the room before. Anyway, I would recommend the Executive Wing in the back - very nice rooms and pretty reasonable. I'm curous to see if the experience will repeat itself tomorrow night.

Your experience at the Courtyard, however, gets my winning vote. Talk about a fantasy come to life!

Rico Cafe
11-19-03, 18:56
country john,

i know the playboy very well. it is not as good as miau miau's, where by the way i stopped by last night just for a drink. they have some new girls, miss venezuela, mya, & grecia were nowhere to be found. bridget wasn't there either but the owner now has a new club where he is circulating his girls. i haven't been there yet but will report after this weekend. its close to the border and called los cazonas or something like that, you probably passed it on your way to miau miaus. leo wasn't working either but jorge was there, tuesday must be an off night.

you really should try wiau wiaus (not sure on spelling but that is the sound) after 9 and aquarius. by the way right around the corner from miau miaus is madonas which i understand is a branch of a tj club, it is also an after 9 place with some nice looking girls, but i seldom go there.

i agree with you on how to handle yourself in mexico, show respect and you will be respected and don't do anything that you wouldn't do in the usa...[CodeWord112] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord112) in the street will get you in trouble in the u.s. or mexico. speeding, running red lights etc with us license plates is not a good idea even if mexicans do it.

latina women are the fabulous, they love to pamper men and are extremely feminine. but if you act stupid don't expect them to like you.

another news flash is that on thurs, fri and sat nite at 12:00 midnite i hear there is a lesbian stage show at mas maronas or "more girls" it is around the corner from the playboy and i will report after i see it.

11-20-03, 18:09
Country John & Rico,

I couldn't agree with you more. I have literally been all over the world and find latinas to be the most desirable females anywhere; their looks, their passion, and all around femininity are what makes them so appealing. I always treat them like ladies and get a lot of mileage out of it. Many have commented that they are surprised to be treated so well after what they are accustomed to.

Yesterday I hit the San Diego Bar and took a chance on a young lady named Claudia. I could tell that under the hooker make up there was a diamond in the rough. Once in the room, I asked her to remove her make up as I always do (a standard precaution) and I was correct. She was most attractive and when the clothes came off, she had a flawless slim body. She is 28yo, divorced, 2 kids, and absolutely willing and anxious to please. No hurry. No clock watching. A very enjoyable afternoon diversion!

Country John
11-20-03, 20:15

My observation on Latina women is that they are very much into being feminine - they wear it much better than American women and the allure is a craft that they perfected.

While they can also be vindictive, (for example my latina wife of 14 years would cut my nuts off and tie them aroud my neck if she were aware of my hobby) their first impulse is to play the role they play so well, that of a whole and complete woman with a passion for being a woman.

Before I take a girl, I always spend some time and decide if I like her and she likes me. Always a worthwhile investment of time.

Thanks for posting the additional info on the other spots in Mexicali. More detail would be appreciated and I plan on returning for another "Mattress Monster Hunt."

Be Safe and BE NICE,

Country John

Rico Cafe
11-21-03, 18:13
ok fellow mongers, i have got my map of mexicali out and the following are directions to some of the other hot spots in mexicali:

wiao wiaos (probably not spelled right but that is what it sounds like)
located on benito juarez past lazaro cardenas. to get there is a little more difficult than miau miaus and other close to the border places since it is deeper into mexicali.
enter mexicali and at the fork as you enter take the left which is a one way street called francisco madero drive several miles (keep your eyes open for stop signs, some are hard to see) until you get to justo sierra and take a right, follow justo sierra to the monument which creates another "fork" go around the monument and take left of the fork which is benito juarez, continue south on benito juarez you will pass several businesses such as tgif and hotel lucerna go past lazaro cardenas
(there is a monument to navigate here so make sure you are still going south on benito juarez after you go around the monument) and then start keeping your eyes peeled towards the end of the block for a two-story structure on your right just before benito juarez intersects and becomes lopez mateos.

in this triangular area between lopez mateos and benito juarez you will find harras, a girl bar which has been reported on here which i don't care for, carolina's which is a fs massage parlor which at times can have a fresh looking squad but i have chosen not to partake there the last 5 times i have checked it, and wiao wiaos which may be spelled with g's instead of w's but it is a two story structure that sits sideways with a white iron rail fence and lots of parking. it looks like it was designed to be a chinese restaurant at one time. there are very nice looking girls, there action starts after 9, and i think the same people who own miau miaus own this one too. very friendly place, great service, its a nice change of pace from miau miaus with less american young uns who sometimes drink too much and get stupid. you see more mexican businessmen here.

directions to aquarius:
after crossing the border into mexicali come to the fork and take the right which is lopez mateos, this is a long commercial street, you will pass many businesses, the shopping mall, mcdonalds, the crowne plaza hotel and bullring, turning right after the crowne plaza takes you to a very good seafood restaurant called los arcos if you want something to eat and a couple of ice cold brews before the club scene. anyways keep going south on lopez mateos and after you pass over an overpass which is independencia you will keep your eyes sharpened for two landmarks, los indios motel on the right and aquarius on the left. there you are, aquarius has a nicely decorated interior (recently remodeled) and is a great place to see some gorgeous strippers who are available for all services, a lot of them stay at the hotel los indios right across the street.

a note here, you can go to aquarius and wiao wiaos in the same night they aren't that far from each other, if you continue past aquarius on lopez mateos you can take a left at lazaro cardenas and then a right on benito juarez (there may be a monument to navigate) you will find yourself on the same block as wiao wiaos.

you can also do the reverse and start from wiao wiaos to aquarius by going south on benito juarez to the intersection and navigating around the intersection to go north on lopez mateos. continue north and you will find yourself at aquarius and then from there you can also continue north to get back to the border. there are plenty of road signs directing you back to the border (garita in spanish)

i hope this doesn't sound too confusing, it's actually easier than it sounds, especially if you have some experience driving in mexico. on the other hand taxis are cheap and abundant and i think better than driving after drinking.

have fun, be respectful, and don't get stupid drunk.

i recommend you take country john's advice on how to treat the ladies because he is right on with his comments and be safe.

Rico Cafe
11-24-03, 18:30
Well another weekend spent in decadent Mexicali, some of the same and something new.

I went with a couple of friends, one who had never been there before so I wanted to make sure he had a good time and another who is very well connected, very large and does not drink, the perfect friend to take with for a night on the town.

We started out at Miau Miaus where we hooked up with my favorite waiter Jorge.

Leo was there too and remembered Country John by name, note to John: I told Leo that if you came back to let you know who I was so one of these days we might share a beer. He mentioned that you had a slight accent that he wasn't familiar with maybe French Canadian?

We had a couple of beers and tequilas to get the end of the week kinks out and before long we were surrounded by a bevy of beautiful latina she devils. My friend from out of town was smitten by "Nadia" who has a fab body.

After a lap dance he had no choice but to take her to the hotel for a $100 + $20 exit fee to the club & $30 for a room and he had an hour of a greaaaat time (his words). He did mention that she only gave oral with a condom and would not French kiss. I bet I could change that. I didn't see anything I really wanted that badly and besides the night was young.

By the way we first stopped and purchased some Levitra to make sure we were going to be up to snuff. You should be aware that some pharmacies will charge as much as $15 per 20 mg of these but we bought at Farmacia Paris for about $10.50 each in a package of four. They even take credit cards and are an upscale pharmacy where many upper class Mexicans shop. It a little farther into town on the corner of Francisco Madero and Calle C or D. (this is actually only one block in from the border fence) they sell top name brand perfumes etc. there too so don't pass it thinking it is not a pharmacy. If you pay cash you get a 20% discount. They also have Viagra and Cialis which I haven't tried yet.

One of the pharmacies closer to the border, Patty's, wanted $15.80 per pill. which was a rip-off. I hear the Botica Fenix also is low priced but it was out of the way so we didn't go there this time.

Miau Miaus was crawling with girls but since it was a Friday night there was a lot of customers too, every lap dance resulted in an offer for oral or a trip across the street, I really don't like getting hustled that much so I passed, besides we had other places to go.

When my friend got back we went to the bar san Diego where both of them partook, I sill didn't see anyone I absolutely had to have and since it was getting late and we did want to miss the Lesbian show at Mas Morronas at 12 we jetted out of there the Zona Centro, we caught the last 10 minutes of the lesbo show and it was all that, a great show and then I hooked up with one of them a 19 year old slinky slender thing with oversized but natural breasts named "Nirvana"

Oohhhh she was a treat but she wanted $130 to go upstairs, where I understand you get FS but this place was a little bit lower class and since I haven't done it there and since there was so many guys in there I just felt like it would be a rush type of thing and maybe a little too dangerous, (I always go with my gut feelings about a place) I decided to pass...besides I was getting a headache from all of the loud music and also possibly from having several lap dances with out actually getting my nut off.

A word of caution.
I also felt like maybe my beer wasn't "pure", both me and my friend felt slightly ill after a beer at Mas Maronas, so a word to the wise, make sure they open your beer in front of you and don't leave it unattended. It may have been a coincidence but we both felt a little ill after a drink there. I puked it out quickly and painlessly and immediately felt better. (I’m an old pro at this)

So we went around the corner and stuck our heads into Playboy, nothing much there, walked up and down the street where Playboy is located, I think it is Ave. ZuaZua I was approached by a pretty hot looking 40 year old but I really didn't want to do the cheap hotel kind of thing so I passed again.

I noticed that there were some Trannys on this street so do be careful if you check this area, depending on what you like. They were congregated at the doorway of the Hotel Las Vegas. which is just a few doors south of the Playboy. Interestingly enough they were the hottest best dressed, best looking "chicks" I had seen all night.of well so it goes.

We then had a few tacos to recover some strength which also took away my headache and then we went to Aquarius and as usual they has absolutely gorgeous girls dancing, bumping and grinding, you name it, it was there and it was top drawer, but alas the best girls were taken, I was getting tired and funds were running low so we checked out after 1 - 7-up, yes I had stopped drinking by them and headed on home.

So my buds got laid, one of them twice and I just looked, we saw a wild Lesbian Show and went home with blue balls but it was still a great time!

Country John
11-25-03, 17:18

Man, I wish I could slip into Mexicali like that, I agree with an earlier post that the girls are much better in Mexicali than at AB but jeez- I think we would be "picking flies out of cowshit" if we were to get into that!

I would love to tramp around with someone who knows the "lay" of the land. Next trip to Mexicali Rico - you the man. I am located in the Pomona area so I'm much closer to TJ ;-(

As for my accent, yes, I have a Canadian slant (certainly NOT French) to my accent and I'm glad Leo remembered me. It shows that these guys will remember you if you take care of them. I think I tipped him a total of $25.00 for the evening. He was very happy.

I've savored pussy from Nova Scotia to Guam (although I'd love to hit Bankok) and I'm here to say the Latina is the most sensual (when they want to me) then Orientals.

The only thing that makes me weep besides a sensual Latina is a sensual Oriental - man they are beautiful.

Great post. Keep "UP" the excellent reporting. It is excellent having this much intel.

Say hello to Leo for me and please check to see if "Sunny" (Maria) is still at MM or did she go back to Mexico City. She was going to give me her email address but she left my room at 4AM and I didn't think to get it from her.

Be Safe and BE NICE,

Country John

Rico Cafe
11-25-03, 17:38
A note on my last report, the tranny spot, the Hotel Las Vegas, was located a couple of doors "west " of Playboy not "south" as I stated in my previous post. I tried to edit this but the web site wouldn't allow me to. Sorry for any confusion.

Rico Cafe
11-26-03, 18:25
Country John,

Thanks for the "attaboy".

As for your friend, you call her Sunny but I thought she said her name was "Sonia"...at any rate I am sure we are talking about the same black haired fair skinned beauty from Mexico City, about 5'2" great boobs, beautiful smile and disposition.

That was bobb job? A pretty well done one I'd say.

I bought her a drink and had a lap dance with her last Friday night, she offered extra services but I declined.

On another night when there aren't so many customers I think I'd like to take her up on it.

Country John
11-27-03, 18:14

Yeah, that's the same girl. Fair skinned with fabulous boobs and yeah, what a boob job. She had more work done on the right boob than the left - said she had a tumor. But I still see those boobs when I close my eyes. I'll never forget them. Look real close around the nipples for the incisions.

What about that dental work? Jeez - what a smile.

How much did she hit you for on the extras? I got her down to 100 I think because it was sooo late. She even made sure she had the 100 $$ and not 1000 pesos (conversion). Said would do a CBJ in the back for 100 but c'mon already, 100??? I don't think so.

I spent a lot of time with her and got to like her. If you see her again tell her Country John from Canada said hi and get her email for me, if she'll give it to you. She'll remember I told her to SMILE when she dances.

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you get those boobs in your face again, do a good blubberblow in 'em for me. Jeez - those boobs.

Actually give her a big hug for me and a peck on the cheek.

Anyone who looks at this beautiful Latina and doesn't fall apart is dead from the neck down.

Hopefully I will get back to Mexicali soon. When I do, you 'da man Rico. We'll hook up for sure.

Be Safe abd BE NICE.

I'm goin to TJ next week - back to AB for an attempt at a 3pop.

Country John

Mexicali Lover
11-28-03, 20:02
Hey guys!

I was in Mexicali last week and I think that I met the same girl that Rico and Country John are talking about.

I also understood her name was Sunny, she has very long dark straight hair (but I think that its not natural, she had hair extensions) and I noticed that she had a tattoo on one of her heels while she was showing me her very-high-heel shoes. Could it be the same girl?

I only got a couple of lap dances and a couple of tekilas. I guess that the next time I visit the Miau Miau I´ll try to get the FS and I'll post my report.

Best regards.

11-29-03, 18:28
hey guys -

What's the best way to get from Orange County to Mexicali? How long of a drive is it??

Country John
11-29-03, 18:47
Mexicali Lover

That's her. Right down to the hair extensions. What a smile eh?

I wish I could have had her early in the evening because we were both ready for sleep when we got to my room.

Do me a favor, next time you go, give her a hug and a peck on the cheek (and a few bucks in the belt) for Country John.

I still can't get those boobs out of my mind - they were FABULOUS wern't they?

Be Safe and BE NICE

Country John

Rico Cafe
11-29-03, 22:22
The best way from O.C. to Mexicali is down the 5 to the 805 to the 8 East then 86 south and you're there.

Depending on traffic and from where you're starting from you're looking at 3-4 hours max.

They use radar on the 8 once you get past Alpine so keep an eye out or your detector on.

Have fun!

Rico Cafe
11-29-03, 22:34
Country John,

I never got down to prices with Sunny, and a cbj doesn't do much for me. Especially at $100 like she quoted you...that is way high.

It is usually $50 for a bbbj in the back and $100 for FS w/cdm in the back room but then again it depends on the girl and how busy the place is that night.

My experience is that it is far better to buy them a couple of drinks and get to know them a little, kinda like actually picking up on a chick ( remember doing that?), clicking personality and physically and then to take them to the hotel across the street for the same price as the back room...this is usually a far better experience.

But then again I have done both since I like the "living on the edge" excitement of a fast and furious power FS every now and then.

A former red head from Miau Miaus is now working Mas Morras and she offered 3 hours for $150 but she is about a 7. If she didn't have the gold filling on her front teeth she would be a strong 8.5...something about gold on the front teeth really turns me off!

Country John
11-29-03, 23:13

From OC take the 5 South to the 8 East and then KEEP DRIVING until you get to Calexico. Probably 2-1/2 hours. It's an interesting drive but it can be a long one.

Watch your driving because there are some strange windings in and out of the mountains.

See my long multi chapter post on Mexicali from a few weeks back and read all of Rico Cafe's posts - they are probably the best source of Mexicali info on the board.

Don't forget to introduce yourself to Leo if you go to MM. And don't forget to be nice to the girls (not MONEY nice, but person nice).

You should really try to hook up with Rico Cafe if this is your first time in. I plan to the next time I visit Mexicali.

Be Safe and BE NICE

Country John

Country John
11-30-03, 23:23

My sentiments exactly. It was all happening so fast!

My first experience with the Venezuelan girl was a spoiler. she was young and tight but she was not comparable to Sunny in terms of looks etc.

I knew the moment I met her that she would be more expensive so I was not surprised when she laid the numbers on me. I just wasn't buying at that price. Next time I'll work the room a bit more and stay away from the Sunnys as much as I liked her I can't afford her.

Be Safe and BE NICE

Country John

12-01-03, 17:38
Thanks Rico Cafe and Country John - for the info on best ways to get from SoCal to Mexicali. I'll be following your advice. I'm 1.5 hours from TJ, so going to Mexicali might sound crazy (less action for higher prices!?) but variety is the spice of life, I guess. Plus, just the adventure of checking out new places.

Yes, I am always very nice and respectful to the girls. Try to entertain them in my half-ass Spanish. But not throw $$ around. I prefer the second tier girls that have slutty or hot looks and attitudes, rather than the centerfold types. But being there and checking them all out is at least half the fun!

Thanks again for the directions and all of the detailed monger-stories.

- HoMaster

Rico Cafe
12-01-03, 18:20
Country John,

Your last post referring to Ms. Venezuela reminded me that her best friend Nadia (who is a hottie in her own right) told me that Ms. V has gone back home and probably will not be back to Mexicali. Our loss! She had a great personality, solid 8 looks and a 10 attitude, what a great lay she was!

Country John
12-02-03, 01:29

Your welcomed. You are right to sample the Mexicali offerings. A different feel to the place from TJ - more laid back. I can't wait to get back there - the women are special.

You might get a better deal than us - I fall apart when these lovely ladies come by - it's all I can do to keep it together. Be strong my son.

Post a good report.

Be Safe.


Country John

Mutha Foo
12-02-03, 03:51
Hey Country John and other fellow mongers,

It sounds like Mexicali is more expensive than AB in TJ. Like to hear if the women cost more and what does it cost to have a beer or some tequila in Mexicali.


Rico Cafe
12-02-03, 18:11
in my limited experience with tj, i would say that mexicali is more laid back. i have been to the chicago club and adelita's more than once and my experience there was that there was a lot of hustle and bustle (whatever bustle means) and more of a hunter-predator feel to the places.

in the mexicali clubs you get more of an intimate encounter since there are usually less customers (most of the time) and the atmosphere is more of one where you can kick back, buy a girl a drink, chat her up a bit and it can actually feel like you are making a connection rather than just a business transaction, although that is what it really is. what i really like is a girl who makes you feel like she just has to have you, even if it is just a good acting job.

in mexicali, if you don't like the scene or tire of one club you can easily move on to one of the others for a change of pace, scenery, and of course girls.

a good buddy of mine who knows mexicali even better than i do did tell me that he went to tj last week and had a wonderful time, that he even picked up a girl on the street for $20, that sounds too cheap to me but then again i think it was the change of pace that made it enjoyable for him. maybe that is what is different between mexicali and tj, they have different speeds and depending on your mood one of them may satisfy you more on any given night. as for me, i think a change of pace every now and then is what makes life exciting.

i like the way that i can slip across the border in mexicali and do everything i want and then slip back across in 2-3 hours. or if i can get away with it, the all-nighter is also possible.

as for the price of drinks, a beer is usually $2 and a mixed drink $3-4 depending on the whiskey. the best tequilas are about $4 a shot. if you buy a drink for the girls, they may or may not order liquor but it will cost you $7-8 either way.

taxis cost about $5 no matter where you're going.

don't forget that the peso is weaker against the dollar these days and it is better to convert your cash to pesos and pay in pesos. you can save about 10-15% on everything this way. but make sure you convert only what you intend to spend since if you have to convert back to dollars after coming back you will lose a little on the transaction, but all in all you're still ahead.

enjoy mexicali and treat everyone with respect, that means say hello to everyone and shake hands, give a friendly air kiss on the cheek to a girl you have met before, and when you say goodbye, they love people with good manners and will treat you the same way. of course don’t forget to tip your waiters and the guy watching your car.

Country John
12-03-03, 00:46
I would agree with Rico on the differences between Mexicali and TJ. Think of Mexicali as the orchard where YOU pick the fruit, and TJ as an orchard where the fruit falls on your head.

Some people like to pick the fuit, others like it falling on their head.

I like to pick the fruit and then let it fall on my head, you can do that in Mexicali.

The TJ girls are (beautiful of course) but they are a bit more agressive than Mexicali but the Mexicali Roses are sweeter and a bit more expensive. Miss V. was a dream - a real dream.

We must all do our part to improve international relations and that includes tipping the guy who watches your car. Being nice is something we be always and everywhere anyway but you get something back for that in Mexicol - not here.

It's all about relationships. The person who thinks that the club owners and employees (and girls) have no idea why he is there and it's a big secret is being foolish.

They will act very professionally if they get the sense that you know what you're doing. You will also be less likely to fall prey to someone with evil intentions.

Mexico is another country but it is not another planet. Good manners and respect for everyone goes a long way there. The good people of Mexico build their relationships around a mutual understanding and respect as part of their nature - not like here. Sure they get pissed off just like we do but are more tolerant in many ways than we are - a very unique culture; one to learn from.

But back to the women - they are lucious, beautiful, know how to please and worth the trip.

Be Safe and BE NICE.

Country John

12-03-03, 00:53
Rico -

All good advice. Thanks. If I were able to get there for a few hours, say 8 p.m. -11 p.m. on a weeknight, which would be the top 7-8 clubs to go check out? Are all the clubs in one area? I would ask the taxista to drive me around for starters, of course. Except for outside the Hotel Las Vegas, which you mentioned, is it 100% girls in the clubs - i.e. do you have to be careful for TV's, or are there certain clubs that cater to them only/mainly?

Regarding TJ, the price for all of the street girls I have ever encountered is $20, plus $5 for the room. There are usually about 60-70 street girls out and that's the only price I've ever been quoted. Very mechanical encounters though. So I prefer the Club girls, where you can spend a few hours talking to them, getting to know them, etc. The club girls pretty much ask $50-70, depending on the girl and how busy it is, but will take a bit less. I've never paid more than $50 for a club girl in TJ or less than $30. That's for about 30 minutes. Plus $10-$14 for the room, depending on the hotel. It's a wonderful place. The people too. The only ones who ever ripped me off there were the cops who arrest you on fake charges and drive you around threatening to throw you in jail if you don't pay their fine directly to them. They really hurt the legitimate businesses of TJ - monger and non-monger. But I still love the place and its people - chicas, hustlers, mongers, sneaky meseros, taqueros, taxistas, etc.

Anyway, Mexicali here I come for a change of pace - armed with all of the great info shared by my monger-brothers here on this board. And if Rico could tell me about all the different clubs to hit, other than the obvious ones mentioned here a lot - BSD and Miao Miao, that would be awesome!

Rico Cafe
12-03-03, 03:05

Ok here it is in the order of my preference:

Miau Miaus - very good
Aquarius - very good
Wiao Wiaos - very good
Madonas - very good
Mas Morras - fair
Playboy Club - fair

The place across the street from Miau Miaus on the corner - bad, so bad I can't remember the name!

A new place not yet rated: Las Canones or Los Cajones or something like this, it has been only open a couple of weeks and its the closest to the border. You should spot it on the cruise into Miau Miaus on the left. Same owners as Miau Miaus so it should be OK, I hear some of the same girls rotate through the two.

As for a straight (no pun intended) pick out a girl and take her to a room place the one and only Bar San Diego is unsurpassed.

As for TV/TS, I have never run into them at any of the above.

I have never had a police problem in Mexicali nor have any of my friends. But I suppose that it could happen, so be respectful.

Happy Mongering!!

Rico Cafe
12-16-03, 18:13
I was able to make it down to Mexicali Friday night for another round of mongering.
First on the list was a purchase of Cialis the new party harder drug that is supposed to last up to 36 hours, I bought them at Farmacia Paris for about $10.00 each and then headed 3 blocks down from there to have a massage at Cleopatra's. I was only planning to have a massage unless there was some new girl there that I would absolutley have to have.

As it turns out they did have a new pretty one called Violemina but there was also a girl named Mariana who knew me from the past and she wanted to give me a massage, not wanting to hurt her feelings and ask for the new girl I just went ahead and got the massage from my old friend. I did not ask for FS though. I just didn't want to.

After I declined Mariana's offer of extra servicios Mariana did ask me if I wanted another girl to come in for the FS but I declined since I had all night to find something exciting.

I then drove over to Meaus Meaus and sat down to have a tequila Herradura Reposado and watch the show...too many customers and not enough talent this night so after having two tequilas I went to Bar San Diego where there was lots of fresh faces and all waiting for their Friday night bonuses. I decided to make quick work of it and selected one I had seen there before but had never actually "dated".

I cannot remember her name but she had long black hair big black soulful eyes, great hooters, nice alabaster skin and was from Culiacan. She was fun and the Cialis was working just fine but I still had people to see and places to go.

I went to Aquarius where they have had some exceptional looking girls the last few months and I had a nice long talk with Bridgett and then a couple of great lap dances, she was OK but I didn't want FS...but then I met Barbara, now there is one sexy woman, she was easily the best looking girl I had ever seen there and she gave me a couple of unforgettable lap dances. I didn't ask her for FS so I didn't get a quote; I figure she would have to be in the $150-200 range though.

My thoughts had turned to heading down to Mas Moronas for the Lesbo show at 12 with Nirvana. Alas the show apparently was cancelled, maybe because Nirvana seemed to have hooked up with a high roller who was keeping her very busy. I got the standard offer from one of the girls to go upstairs for $130 (all costs included) but I didn't really like her that much.

Besides it was getting late so driving back to the border I decided to stop and Las Canones, the new place that the owner of Meaus Measu opened up. It was after midnight on a Friday night and they must have had 5 customers in a room big enough for 200. I didn't see any reason to stay so I headed on home. I literally walked in the entrance scanned the place and walked out.

All in all it was a good night because I didn't spend too much, got a nice massage, had a nice lay, got a few great lap dances and generously tipped all of the workers so the next time I'll be remembered.

The Cialis was a first time for me, I liked it, the response was there whenever needed, no headache, no stomach upset like I get from Viagra and no headache like I get from Viagra and Levitra.

I should add that I stopped twice during the evening and ate a couple of tacos each time; this may have contributed to the lack of a headache. So I recommend having a taco or two sometime during the course of a night out on the town because it gives you some more energy and a break from all of the bars and they are good eating too!!

Rico Cafe
12-24-03, 17:06
Merry Christmas Mexicali Mongerers.

Many of the best girls have gone home for the holidays so the pickings can be slim...however be sure to look into the post Christmas - pre New Years eve nights since the trade usually has a little slow down and the girls haven't made that much if any money for a few days especially if they took time off.

There could be some good deals to be had. That is if you have any money left over from your own Christmas shopping...geeez this season really cuts into my mongering money!!!
Merry Christmas!

01-02-04, 19:31
hey guys- just checking to see if anyone is headed down next thursday and would show a new guy (to the area) the ropes- I am in EC for a class and want to experience some of the local talent- also- if anyone has el centro providers lemme know- thanks! 5

Rico Cafe
01-05-04, 18:16
Sorry, I can't guarantee that I would be available Thursday night but if you will read my previous reports you will do just fine.
I would recommend that you walk across the border, go through the tunnel which goes under the street the cars drive into Mexicali on and take the first set of stairs up on your left. This will put you on the other side of the street where all of the cars are driving into Mexicali. There will be several taxis there, have one take you to Miau Miaus (pronounced meow meow). There you will find 15-25 ladies doing full strip, the service is great and the drinks are top shelf.
You can buy girls drinks to sit with you and buy either table or lap dances. Of course this adds up at $7 per drink, $12 for a table dance and $20 for a back room lap dance. This is on top of your own tab.
If you and the girl click you can negotiate for her to join you at the Reforma hotel across the street for about $150, this should pay for her, the bar's exit fee and the room. This will buy you an hour of great sex and satisfaction if you have chosen your girl wisely. If you are experienced and I am sure that you are, you will know before you leave the bar if it will be good or not.
Another option is to go to the Bar San Diego, they have a stable of girls there of all types, sit down let your eyes adjust and decide which one you want over a cold beer. Once you have chosen have the waiter bring her over for a drink, it won't cost much and then if you have Spanish skills you can figure out if you click or not and then it will cost you $65 for her and 30 minutes in the room which she will direct you to.
Just remember every girl is there to f**k.
If that doesn't do it for you combine the two, go to Miao Miaus for a while then go to Bar San Diego and then if you have all night maybe check into the other top spots like Wiau Wiaus (pronounced Wow Wows) or Aquarius you could also toss in a trip to the massage parlor Cleopatra’s (closes at 10).
Taxis are available at all of the above and it shouldn't cost you more than $5 to go from place to place.
Have fun and be safe.

01-05-04, 19:15
Where to park your car in Calexico that is both in walking distance of the border and safe?

Rico Cafe
01-05-04, 19:26
Further to my last posting you should know that Miau Miaus, Bar San Diego and Cleopatrias are all up and running by 6 pm on weekdays, actually Cleopatras by 11 am.
Saturdays they are open at 3:30
The other places don't get going until after 9 on any day. They all close arond 2-4 am (except Cleopatras) depending on the night and the crowd.
Add another good strip place, Madonas which is right around the corner from Miau Miaus, also a late night place.
If you want to make an early night of it Miau Miaus and Bar San Diego are there for you.
I'll be looking for your report!

Rico Cafe
01-05-04, 19:34
You can park right across the street from the border entrance in any open parking space, make sure to put money in the parking meter or you will get a ticket, they are vigilant. After 6 pm the parking is free.
In front of Jack in The Box or any of the small shops right across from the border crossing is fine or even further east towards the Sam Ellis store is also safe. There is a lot of foot traffic most of the day and evening so just walk around like you know what you're doing.
Between Border Patrol, Calexico PD, and private security there is a lot of L.E. around there so as long as you aren't parking in a dark alley at 2 in the morning and are blathering drunk you should be OK.

01-05-04, 21:22
OK, let me try the question this way: if you were going to stay in Mexicali for more than 24 hours, is there an off-street parking lot in Calexico where you could park your car so that it doesn't get towed?

I am not crazy about leaving my car on the street overnight, since no amount of coins that I could put in the meter when leaving Calexico would give me time on the meter the next morning, and I sure as hell don't want to get up at 7 am in Mexicali to rush across the border to collect my car before I get a parking ticket.

Rico Cafe
01-06-04, 01:59
I don't have any experience with overnight parking in Calexico since I'm a local and I just drive across if I'm going to spend the night and of course any hotel comes with parking....pick up Mexican Auto Insurance though, cheap and easily purchased on Imperial Avenue at several places.
If you check my previous reports on hotels and directions you can get a feel for this.
On the other hand if you want to leave your car overnight in Calexico there are a couple of parking lots in the Yellow Pages that sound like they are close by the border entrance although I can't vouch for them. Here are there listings so you can call and ask them about it.

Calexico Parking & Storage
465 W 2nd Street 760-357-2477

Double AA parking
201 W 2nd St. 760-357-3213

Good luck

Rico Cafe
01-09-04, 19:37
I managed to sneak over to Miau Miaus last night and I am happy to say that the girls are back in town...WOW!! Many new 8-9 rated girls anxious to make up for the money they lost while vacationing!

I did look for Five but the only guy that I thought might be him didn't turn out to be him.
I stayed for just a beer and had a cutie named Carla latch on to me right away. She was nice lean and slim beauty who got real nasty (in a good way) with me rubbing me and letting me touch her nipples and shaved pussy...she even let me kiss her pussy at the table!!!

But I could tell she was going to be expensive and order a lot of drinks etc. and rather than run up a large tab I decided to bail since I had to get home early and I didn't really want to drink.

I hit Bar San Diego for a quick tap, nice selection available. As was at Miau Miaus the vacation season is over and the girls need to make up for lost income.

I hope to go again tonight and be able to stay out longer so I can relax and maybe hook up with a 9 or a 10 and not worry about how I'm going to feel in the morning.

Country John
01-09-04, 21:02
Hey Rico - glad to see you keeping the dream alive in Mexicali. Wish we had some of thos e fine ladies in TJ. They just don't get any better than Mexicali, I was really spoiled when I last visited.

Is Sunny back? Give her a lick for me man.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Mexicali Lover
01-10-04, 02:13
Hey guys,

It is great that everything is coming back to the way it was.

Rico, we both, Country John and I, want to know about the return of our beloved Sunny, pleaseeeee! Any news?

Best regards,

Rico Cafe
01-10-04, 22:58
What a dead night Friday was in Mexicali! There were way too many customers and not enough girls to go around!
Started at Miau Miaus and there were a couple of new girls but so many customers we managed to get only a table dance and there was no way anything else could go down. The girls could make plenty of money just doing table and lap dances and had no need to go out to the hotel for less than $200...that was the quote from a good looking new girl there whose name I can't remember (black hair, alabaster white skin, black leather bikini outfit and all the right stuff…mamacita!) but I will report on it again soon because I am going to go back to get her at a time when the market is more buyer friendly.
Bar San Diego was more of the same, not even an open table or booth to sit down at, had to sit at the bar and most of the girls available were overweight and just not worth it, then went to El Stable and there was plenty of girls there but just not very good looking, mostly 5's.
Stopped at Aquarius on the way back to the border and although there was 2 or 3 model quality girls there was so many customers it was impossible to get anything good going. I saw the best looking girl in Mexicali, Barbara ( she is a super amazon looking woman!) she was sitting at a table having drinks with a guy and then the waiter went over and took her away to give someone else a table dance, that’s how busy it was. The girls were making so much money on table and lap dances they didn't need to put out unless it was for big money to make it worth their while.
Oh well it was a seller's market, that’s the way it is sometimes, especially on weekend nights. I'll go back midweek and see if things haven't changed. Another factor is that I think that maybe all of the traveling girls haven't come back from their vacations yet.

Jaimito Cartero
01-11-04, 00:49
I went to Bar San Diego a few years back and had a great session with a blonde that I wrote about back then. (I normally have bad luck if I take the nicest girl there!). If it's that crowded (It wasn't too bad when I went, maybe 40% full, lots of girls), then it seems like it's not a deal anymore. I guess I'd rather save up all my workouts and go someplace fun like Costa Rica, Thailand or Argentina. I was in CR for 3 weeks and spent about $190 total on 9 chicas. 7 of the 9 were 19 or 20 years old and had great bodies.

I did like Mexicali a lot better than Tijuana or such. Is this just a busy time of year, or have the gringos overrun it?

El Toro
01-12-04, 17:19
Rico where is El Stable? And have you ever been to Escodebos?

I wentt to meau meau on Friday right before it was packed and it was a great time. But I agree there just weren't enough girls to go around.

Rico Cafe
01-12-04, 17:49
I'm convinced that the holidays and the out of town girls going back home was to blame for my Friday night debacle. Most of the imported girls just haven't come back from home yet. There was a nice new hottie from Michoacan but she was just in too much demand.
The amount of customers hasn't changed so the scales of supply and demand were tipped into the seller's favor. Prices go up and buyers must pay the price or go home alone.
I had gone down on Thursday and there were far fewer customers yet the same amount of girls, therfore the girls were more interested, (especially Carla who was nowhere to be seen on Friday) unfortunately I was short on time so I couldn't make the most of it.
I will go down again this Tuesday or Wednesday, or for sure on Thursday to check if the out of town girls are arriving and report back.

Rico Cafe
01-12-04, 18:25
Just noticed that a couple of you are asking about Sunny...sorry no sign of her pretty smile warm attitude and perky firm body yet, but I will report on this upcoming week's outings.
See ya

Rico Cafe
01-12-04, 18:37
Just noticed that a couple of you are asking about Sunny...sorry no sign of her pretty smile warm attitude and perky firm body yet, but I will report on this upcoming week's outings.
See ya

Rico Cafe
01-14-04, 18:58
Fresh report on Mexicali.
After last Friday night's disappointing run I wanted to do a mid week check to see if more girls had returned and if business would be more buyer friendly on an off-night. Since I had the perfect excuse to get out (had to collect on Caliente football bets) me and a couple of bros decided to go on down.

1st stop - Miau Miaus - my personal favorite place but their inventory is still lagging behind customer demand. A couple of sisters there with great bods but not really the Euro looking types I prefer.

2nd Stop - Bar San Diego - Not a lot of girls but I did meet a great one named Claudia who I recommend, 29 yrs old looks 24-25 hard bod, used to dance at Madonas but now has a kid and wants more stable hours (go figure) but that tells you about her beauty/bod which is excellent, I give her a solid 8.5 on looks/bod and a 9 on attitude. Not really Euro looking but from Sinaloa which Mexico aficionados know is a great melting pot of ethnic groups resulting in many exotic beauties, some say the best in Mexico and I must concur.

3rd stop - Playboy Club – Playboy Club is a more traditional Mexican bar with loud music and cheap interior but it is always a fun place to stop by if only for a drink and a look. The same chubbier group they always have, there is a blonde there with long flowing hair who in spite of being overweight is very sexy. Play Boy Club is always friendly, the drinks are always a little on the smallish side so we had a drink and blew out of there.

4th stop - Mas Morras - The only worthy girl is Nirvana who is always occupied, rumor has it she is now about 4 months pregnant but you can’t tell, she does have impeccable manners and if she knows you she will give you a giant embrazo and kiss even if she is sitting with someone else...i have got to get to her by herself one of these days and before she starts to show, her boob to bod ratio is excellent. (Especially now as her boobs are growing - and they may be getting to the lactating stage...very warm & sweet if you have had this sweet experience since childhood)

5th Stop – A new club -open in about 2 weeks I think it will be called the Crazy Horse– still in set up stages, we stopped by and they were interviewing girls (nice looking ones!), the managers were super friendly and gave us the grand tour. The interior and furnishings were very nice and it looks like it will be a classy place with a private VIP section and super nice private lap dance rooms. I’ll be following up on this.

6th stop - Madonas - This is only about the 3rd time I have been here because it is usually not really going until about 10 but this place was chock full of great looking mamacitas I was very impressed and enjoyed it immensely, of course by now I had already gotten laid and had a few drinks but I think my judgment was still serving me well.

Well that’s it for now...more reports as they occur later.

Rico Cafe
01-14-04, 19:16
El Stable is over by the Coca Cola Bottling plant. It isn't that great of a bar though.
Most of the girls look like they are locals who have had some bad luck and have had to resort to selling themselves to support themselves. They aren't usually all dolled up like the other places. I like it when the girls try to look sexy.

Country John
01-15-04, 22:43

Keep 'em coming! You da man. Next time you're in MM, find out what's up with Sunny. I need her. I want her. I must have her.

Country John

01-16-04, 04:32

outstanding reporting young man. The more I read about Mexicali, the closer I get to planning a trip over there. I'm in San Diego, so it's not too far.

Would you be interested in meeting up with a Mexicali newbie and showing me the ropes. Possibly in the next month or so.

I know CJ has been there. Maybe we can talk him into it also.



Eddie Munster
01-16-04, 16:03
I live about 1.5 hours away from Mexicali, but I work all weekend. I get off Thursday at midnight, and I'm wondering if that would give me enough time for a quick one down there? Are things still kicking at 1:30 am at BSD?

How about Mon or Tues day? I have those days off, but I figured it would be dead. Let me know! Thanks a lot!

Rico Cafe
01-16-04, 19:31
Roddd & CJ,
If you want to come on down next month I'm sure we can work something out.
No Sunny sightings so far.

Rico Cafe
01-17-04, 02:09
Mexicali strip joints stay open until 3-4 in the morning, every day except maybe Sun & Mon...you can take girls out of there.
Bar San Diego has pretty much the same schedule, stays open to at least 1 or 2 on weekdays and probably 3-4 am on weekends.
Tuesdays are OK, I had a buddy report that he stayed out until 3:30 just this past Tuesday but he hooked up with a friendly provider and went to a no tell hotel.
Low customer volume on early weekdays could send some of the girls home early.
Good luck Rico

Country John
01-17-04, 19:21
If you can stay awake long enough, get the girl to go AFTER closing so you avoid the bar fine AND I got Sunny for 100 instead of 200 for the hour. That's how Leo at MM worked the deal for me and Sunny (oh Sunny. . . . .wherever could she be). I know that 3:am is not prime pecker time but if you got up at, say noon then it should work. I'm just an old fart who needs to be in bed much earlier or have a creature like Sunny to look forward to!

Rico, ask Leo where Sunny is man. . . .is she coming back???? I'd drive to Mexicali from LA for her for sure! She was THAT good.

Thanks for the offer for me and RODDD, I'll be in TJ the first week of February and plan to do some scientific forensic mongering.

Keep those EXCELLENT reports coming, you 'da man Rico!

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Rico Cafe
01-22-04, 17:54
Went down to M & M last night just for a little while, glad to report that a new assortment of girls has been added. The best looks like Shakira, a curly locked hard bod buffed to perfection.

Dona is also back, she is a chocolate colored beauty from Cancun who will redirect all of the blood in your body to a central location. A tad pricey at $200 + exit fee + hotel so I passed.

I also hit Septiembre 16 Hotel just for a quickie and although the girl I selected, "Martha", a light skinned Guatemalan bleached blonde with a short haircut and blue eyes (probably contacts)...she looked pretty good for that hotel but I made a wrong call, she was a horrible lay.

She balked at everything, continuously wanted more money for extras even though I had negotiated for the extras in advance and had already paid. Constantly stopped while doing a cbj to wipe her mouth complaining about the latex taste.

She just generally made me feel like she didn't like what she was doing for a living. Absolutely mechanical and without any attempt to simulate passion...not even a fake moan or two. Is that asking too much?

Afterwards she asked me if I had enjoyed her so I decided to tell her that her attitude was very poor and that although she was pretty that this would be the first and last time I would ever select her.

I gave her a little lecture on the supplier-customer relationship especially with regulars but I don't think she gets it.

Even after I had diplomatically tried to give her a little advice on cultivating business relationships she told me that I owed her $5 more for an extra position that we had done. I told her that I had already paid for it.

I couldn't believe how dense she was about this business. Either that or just a rookie and will eventually learn what works and what doesn't.

Oh well they can't all be great and if she doesn't learn the basics of customer satisfaction I predict she won't last long. I probably should have gone to the Bar San Diego where you pay a set price and the girls take care of you with passion (well…most of the time)

El Toro
01-23-04, 19:21
Rico, was that your first street girl? Where do you normally go to get street girls, and what was the price breakdown on it. Also do you know any gfe providers?

My guess is that the street scene here is much worse than in TJ.

Rico Cafe
01-28-04, 19:07
I checked into the street scene last Friday night in TJ and it has quite a few providers.
The alley is full of girls of all sizes shapes and looks. However I did get the impression that these are similar to the street girls in Mexicali, bangy bangy f**ky, f**ky for 20 minutes for $20-25 plus extra up to about $50 plus room charge if you want all the clothes off, bj and positions.

Of course Friday is a busy night with a lot of customers out which means the more customers a girl can turn over the more money she makes. A Tuesday night may be a completely different story...like 5 more minutes LOL!!

For me this just isn't that much fun although I have at times indulged just because I needed it.

The rooms are pretty seedy off the alley but then that’s a whole other issue.

I also checked into Adelita and Chicago Club, AB was very crowded , nuts to butts and standing room only…but there were some very hot looking babes there. I selected a Paris Hilton look a like who rushed me upstairs and then proceeded to give me a 1 minute cbj and then want me to hop on and ejac as quickly as possible. She kept on saying come on come on…I hate that. I turned her over for a doggy style and pounded a bit while she continued to tell me to hurry up. I then turned her back over just to get it over with but she was holding my unit down there as if it were in her but actually it wasn’t…since I had only had two beers I certainly could tell the difference and I told her so. This pissed me off a little so I then took matters into my own hands, held her hands down over her head and them just drilled her good…I got off but I don’t think I will ever do TJ on a weekend night again and never agin with her…although I think she kinda liked that I took over and just f**ked her until the door knock. But that’s not really my style, I much prefer for the girl to at least act like she is enjoying me not like she is doing something she doesn’t want to do.

In Mexicali the girls hang out in the Zona Central in the doorways and lobbies of cheap hotels and offer 30 minutes of the same as above. I have had a couple of GFE but not usually. I guess it just depends on the girl. There is girl named Miriam who does an excellent job at the Septiembre de 16 hotel but I haven’t seen her there since before new years eve.

I have found that the best time to be had is to connect with a Meau Meau girl and pay her $100-150 for an hour at the Reforma Hotel after a tequila or two. With this you can get stripper quality girl fro a GFE with French kissing, 69er, cbj and sometimes bbbj and 2-3 ejacs...in other words with the right selection you can have a girlfriend-like

My personal recommendation at the moment is a girl named Amy at Meau Meau who looks like Shakira and is absolutely wonderful, but she is only there until about February 10 and then she will be off on the circuit to another town.

The other option for about $75 total is the Bar San Diego where you go in have a beer select the girl of your choice (quality varies from 5-8 (like Claudia) with the occasional 9-10 (like Carolina) and take her back to a room on the premises for 30 minutes of usually pretty good sex with a girl that you like the looks of.

Mexicali Lover
01-28-04, 20:29
Hey Rico,

Any news on this Sunny girl at Miau Miau? I am also into her, as much as our Country John was.

Best regards.

Rico Cafe
02-02-04, 17:37
Sunny has not been back...but many new girls are on the scene.

Phil #1
02-03-04, 03:51

I can't wait to drive out to Mexicali, it's only about 2 hours or so from SD. That way I can have a chica in the bar (back room part of Bar San Diego) and not have to tread up to a hotel, see the clerk, etc. Which is fine but I have to try one of those little back rooms. It reminds me of the little rooms in Amsterdam. I saw your reply over in the TJ forum.

Rico Cafe
02-04-04, 02:08
Phil T,
A little bit on the Bar San Diego.
It is actually a motel called Las Dunas with a bar in the front called San Diego. (taxi drivers know it by San Diego bar) You drive into the motel parking lot through the gate and park pretty much wherever you want or if you're not driving have a cab drop you off.
You go into the bar, let your eyes adjust, find a seat, order a beer and look over the talent.
When you see a lady you like ask the waiter to invite her to your table for a drink.
If your Spanish is good you can chat a little to get to know her a little which is always nice.
Once you have decided that you want to have sex with her ask for the price and she will tell you the price (about $50-60) plus the room charge.
She will then ask for the money for the room (about $15.00), give her the room money and she will go to the bar and get a room assignment come back to the table and tell you what room to go to in the back.
She will then go to the bathroom to freshen up or whatever and go the room she told you to go to.
They seldom walk out to the room with you and prefer that you wait for them at the room although they will sometimes walk back to the bar with you.
Unless I'm with a buddy or two I don't even go back into the bar.
Some want the money up front which is OK but most will wait for it afterwards.
Always be couteous, tip the waiters and anyone else working there who helps you.
They will remember someone who respects them.
Good luck

Desert Dog #2
02-04-04, 08:37

There's a nice gentleman working at San Diego Bar name Castillo. He's been there for ages and he speaks English well. If your English is limited, just tell him what you want from the girl and he will do all the communicating. Don't be shy. Make sure to let him know what you're after. He knows basically all the information about the women.

Being friends with Castillo has saved me plenty of headaches. Make sure to tip him well.


02-08-04, 00:49
Hey Rico,

I was wondering what type of services can be had at the San Diego Bar? I have been there a few times and have been with a few girls and have had FS, and CBJ. Is that the norm or do any of the girls provide extras?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

Rico Cafe
02-09-04, 18:02
Big Al,
It is not uncommon to receive a bbbj but that is in my experience up to the discretion of the girl since I have never really asked for it, although it is always a pleasure to receive it. Thats the only extra service I have ever received.
I suppose there may be some girls who may provide anal but I have never requested this and I am sure that would entail additional costs.
You may also be able to take the girl off-premises with a fee paid to the bar and a price settled upon with the girl but I haven't seen that done at san Diego Bar either.
This can be done at Meau Meaus and other strip clubs.
Usually when you take a girl off premises it is for a minimum of one to two hours and it is more of an adult "date" where anything goes between consenting adults type of deal with french kissing, 69, bbbj and although I have not attempted it ...anal. Maybe I should.

Rico Cafe
02-11-04, 18:46
Had a nice little excursion to my favorite haunt Meau Meaus last night.
They have a few new girls in town "on contract" and they are eager to please. One particular bleached blonde hottie named "Jessica' with a great bod and natural large boobies decided to call me her own and sat with me for a couple of drinks...she was drinking real tequila. Nothing like catching a little buzz with a hottie.
We got along really well, she was warm and soft and affectionate. A real warm and fuzzy type. I soon realized that this was going to be a good one so after much fondling and necking we agreed to go across the street, she quoted $100 for her, $20 exit fee for the bar and an hour at the totally acceptable Reforma Hotel across the street was only $13.50. For some reason every time I go to this hotel the price is different, this being the lowest price yet.
This was an awesome GFE...totally better than the rush I got from a girl at Adelita's bar in Tijuana a few weeks ago.
I am convinced that those of us who have Mexicali in our backyards have the best of all possible worlds.

Mutha Foo
02-12-04, 04:37
Hey fellow Mongers. Can you help me out. I will be going to Mexicali for the first time this weekend and can someone tell me what is the equivalent of Adelitas in Mexicali or Chicago Club in Mexicali. What is the PLACE to meet some hot chicas. TIA.


Rico Cafe
02-13-04, 19:25
Mutha, read my reports, they are all current. As a matter of fact I went to Meau Meaus last night and will probably be there again tonight.
New selection of girls and most are very hot.
Fresh report on Las Casonas is that it has reopened under new management and the chicas are extremely eager to please.
Don't forget this is not TJ, if you want a GFE with a stripper quality girl it will set you back $200 all expenses included...but for this you will have an hour of a great time no doubt about it (providing you know how to make a good selection)
I haven't been to Bar San Diego in a few weeks but my experience is that it is always a good time although weekend nights can sometimes be a little busy.
You still get your 30 minutes in the room for about $75 total and you don't get the hurry up and finish routine that TJ girls give you. (unless you stink and are ugly as sin then you're probably used to it anyways)
Good luck, if you're going to Meau Meaus tonite describe yourself to me so that maybe I can spot you and possibly help you out if you need it. You can PM me if you like.
Good luck

Rico Cafe
02-16-04, 17:18
Wow, what a long weekend. Thursday night ended up at Meau Meaus with a client and had the spectacular company of Amy. We didn't go for any action further than lap dances but it was a pleasant diversion since I hadn't planned on going in the first place.
Friday, 3 others and me went on the tour starting at Bar san Diego so certain pressures could be relieved before heading off to the other haunts. There was the usual bevy of talent there, I passed but one of my buds needed it real bad and since an aggressive good-looking one approached us, he took her.
We then jetted off for La Cabana, a place I haven't been before but I understand had been there for several years. It was a typical south of the border place with some very sexy young things but as it was Friday night the girls were greatly outnumbered and our seats weren't very good so then off we went for Aquarius. Aquarius was more of the same lots of pretty girls already picked up by an abundance of customers but with very pretty girls dancing.
We all wanted to go to Meau Meaus though so once again we jetted off into the night and found ourselves at my favorite haunt, Meaus Meaus. The same bud absolutely had to get laid again so he took off with Jessica, a beautiful blonde who is in town for about a month. While he was there Monica came up to me and complained that I had not said hello to her the last three times she had seen me there...which is true, I had completely forgotten about her since she had left before we had ever gotten to know each other more intimately and it was only then that I recognized her...my bad! She gave me a hard time and although I offered to take her to the hotel she was quoting $200 and that was too much so we agreed I would come back on a slower night.
While my bud was doing the nasty with Jessica and after Monica went on to table dance for others we decided to leave a note for our bud that we would be back after we checked out the newly re-opened Las Casonas. This turned out to be a great idea because it was full of babes but with hardly any customer, or at least it seemed that way since the place is huge.
I wasn't planning to do anything until I saw Alexandra, a statuesque shorthaired brunette with the largest boobs I have seen in a long time!
We went for a private dance in the back and after she stripped down to nothing and pulled open my pants and saw my gigantic woody she asked me if I wanted to f**k for $50...there was no way I was passing that up so f**k we did for three dances at the price of two, it was a power f**k with the idea of just getting off but it was great! I loved manhandling her gigantic boobs and slamming into her from behind and then flipping her over and slamming into her standing up until I exploded. She was a tall big woman who could handle it and I loved it!
Of course when I came out there was the lovely Donna who I have always wanted to nail but have never had the right chance...the next one will be her or Monica
Saturday we stopped by M & M again for a cold one and just watched the show and then did it again on Sunday...just table dances, no sex. A long weekend of viewing female beauties.
I think I need a break!

02-17-04, 22:41
Mexicali vs Tijuana

After spending Friday night in Tijuana (TJ) at Chicago and Adelitias, I decided to check out Mexicali on Saturday. Got there early and as it was my first trip, I moteled it on the American side of the border on 4th street (four blocks from border crossing).

Compared to the streets of TJ, I immediately felt safer and walked around a bit. Not having a sense of scale, I took a cab over to Meaus Meaus (could have walked given how close it was). It was basically dead (4:30 pm on Saturday). A few OK girls but by 5:30 I had lost interest and took off knowing I could come back later when more women would be added.

I walked around a while but could not find a cab so went back to Meau and asked the door man to get me one. Unfortunately, it was a gypsie cab and ended up over paying for the LONG ride to bar San Diego. I was almost getting worried because after being in TJ where everything is right together, it seemed like we were going a long, long, way. But the guy could speak very good English (clearly he had lived in America for a while) and we got along good. He recommended another place (called the Stable I believe), but I had my mind set on trying bar San Diego from the post here.

The bar was dark and the women huddled on the far side and hard to see from the actual bar. Yes, I should have gotten up and walked over, but I was the only American in the place and locals pretty much were at the bar and a few tables. No one seemed to be going for fun so I could see how it worked. Crap.

If the women were good looking, my old eyes could not tell either way from across the room (double crap). Finally, a girl came in from the back and seemed to be a OK. I kind of flirted with her for a minute and she walked over to talk to me (that did not work with another girl). Again, you have to understand that I did not see anyone else with the women, so I was unclear as to how it would work. I am who knows where, my six foot white face adveritising I was not in my element. Despite my best efforts to screw things up, she spoke enought English for us to get by and off we went.

As others have noted, I paid ($65 girl and room) and she got a room number and told me to go to the room (like a little cottage/room). I went in to #22 and was instantly disappointed. It was cold and dark and although I guess it was clean, it was really grungy looking. The lady arrived and as she openeded the door, with the last of the sunshining on her was not nearly as good looking. Still, she was more than good enough.

We took off our clothes and she begin with a very nice BBBJ. I was caught off guard but man, she was good so since the damage was already done, I had her finish that way. Whatever she gave up in looks (and I am still talking at least a 6 or 7 here), she made up for it with that BJ! At the last minute I had her stop and blew on her chest. Vety nice.

I had the bar call a cab (this time an official cab, nice new Toyota at 1/2 the $8 price of the gypsy cab) and went back to Meau, Meau. More women were there and there were three pretty good ones (9 or 10 depending on your taste). More gringos were present and the show was better, but no one seemed to be hooking up with girls for take-out. The couple of women I was interested in were always busy hanging out for drinks with other Gringos, so I could not hook up with anything I was interested in. Darn!

My last visit was Las Casonas but they were having trouble opening (it was kind of an odd experience). They did offer me a few free beers if I would come back later, but even at 8:45 (yes, early for Mongering, I know!, I know!), they were still cleaning up and no girls were around. I walked back across the border to eat and take a nap and that is all she sang. I woke up early Sunday, not a good time for club hoping and rode on home.

All in all, the TJ scene has the selection in one easy to get to place. Compared to bar San Diego, TJ rooms were actually cleaner/nicer, but I really felt safer in Mexicali and would not hesitate to just drive in next time. I am going to try both Meau, Meau and Las Casonas later at night and make sure I read the scene correctly as both places seem hot under the right conditions

Also, if my Gypsie cabbie is right, looks like I have to find a place called Stable (or something close to that) as he claims they have a lot of younger (18 to 23) women available...


Rico Cafe
02-18-04, 00:11
Mc Rider
Hey so you got down to Mexicali..excellente! You did get taken for a bit much for that ride to Bar San Diego.

I was there around the same time as you on saturday. I was sitting on the east side in one of the booths with another guy, since we were only going to be there for a little bit and not looking for action we both had our legs up on the cushion so no girls would come over and make us feel like we had to buy drinks.

You should have tried Jessica, the long blonde haired one...she is a good roll and a real sweetheart.

I agree that the rooms at bar san Diego leave much to be desired…TJ rooms like the one attached to Adelitas is better.

As for the girls at Bar San Diego I haven't found a great one there for a while now. I have been stopping by and only buying in maybe 1 out of 3 visits. Although there are a couple pretty good ones (6-7 range) they do need a talent upgrade. A BBBJ is hit or miss but most of the time you can get it without asking.

The way it works at Bar San Diego is if you like a girl just tell the waiter to bring her over….don’t be bashful, they all know what they are there for. The better looking girls come in around 6 pm since they will work until 3 or 4 am.

As for Meau Meaus the girls there basically work on tips and commissions from drinks, lap dancing, and the occasional trick in the back room or by going out with a client.

If you really like one you make arrangements with her to go to the hotel across the street called the Reforma, which is very clean, has an hourly rate (or overnight) but it isn't really a sexy place.

If you really want to have a good time take the girl by taxi to one of the sexy hotels, El Moro or Samil...but this will cost you more in the girl's time, taxi and hotel fee.

The arrangement is usually $100-200 plus a $20 exit fee to the bar. Reforma charges $13-15.00/hour, the more posh sex hotels are $35-40 for 3-4 hours.

Madonas is right next door to Meau Meaus around the corner, I’m surprised you didn’t check it out, they usually have some nice looking girls, as a matter of fact many come from TJ for a break from the frenzy of the TJ zona.

At Los Casonas you can get a lot of service these days because they have just reopened with some very good managers who really want the club to succeed, they have some great looking girls but it is more of a late night place (after 10) I really scored big time there last weekend but by then it was already 2:00 in the morning.

The Stable which is deeper down into Mexicali by the Coca Cola plant does have some younger girls but not necessarily better looking ones than Bar San Diego. They also tend to dress more casual instead of getting dolled up like the San Diego Bar girls usually do. The hotel rooms there are 100 times better.

Another place is Los Cabanas which is a locals place.

I think you will agree that Mexicali is much more laid back than TJ. As for the taxi rides everything is within 5 minutes of each other.

There is a new place that will be opening up soon called the Crazy Horse, also within walking distance of Meau Meaus.
I'll keep you posted.

02-18-04, 17:18
>>As for Meau Meaus the girls there basically work on tips and commissions from drinks, lap dancing, and the occasional trick in the back room or by going out with a client. <<

So will the hot ones leave with you? The better looking ones seemed to be more interested in hanging out, but except for a few Americans that came in and kind of having a wild time, I can't see how the girls were making very much money...and no body tips on the stage (at least while I was there), is that the norm there?

>>Madonas is right next door to Meau Meaus around the corner, I’m surprised you didn’t check it out, they usually have some nice looking girls, as a matter of fact many come from TJ for a break from the frenzy of the TJ zona.<<

I was there, but I was way to early. It looks like mid-night is a much better time then the early evening on Saturday...

>>At Los Casonas you can get a lot of service these days because they have just reopened with some very good managers who really want the club to succeed, <<

I talked to a couple of the managers and they sound like they have their act together. They told me Friday they were open early, but Saturday they were just not quite ready for action. I would have really liked to have seen the place in full action and plan to get back there next month.

>>The Stable which is deeper down into Mexicali by the Coca Cola plant does have some younger girls but not necessarily better looking ones than Bar San Diego. They also tend to dress more casual instead of getting dolled up like the San Diego Bar girls usually do. The hotel rooms there are 100 times better.
Another place is Los Cabanas which is a locals place.
There is a new place that will be opening up soon called the Crazy Horse, also within walking distance of Meau Meaus.
I'll keep you posted.<<

I can't wait to get back and check it out!


Rico Cafe
02-18-04, 17:46
To answer your question on the hot ones at Meaus Meaus leaving with you...the answer is absolutely yes!!
If you like a hottie have the waiter bring her over or get her attention yourself, either way. Buy her a drink or two and get to know her a little, this way you can get an idea if she will be a good lay or not. If she is stand offish or cold then odds are she will be that way in the hotel as well. If she is rubbing you in all the right ways (you know what I mean) and purring in your ear... the odds are she is going to be tiger in bed!
The prices vary per girl but for example a very vigorous hour can be had with the long blonde haired Jessica for $100 + $20 to the house. The Shakira looking Amy is $150 + $20 to the house. They are both excellent athletic and enthusiastic lovers with all of the perks including french kissing, oral, 69 etc. etc. and you will feel like it was money well spent.
Quite frankly I have never gone wrong with this method at Meau Meaus, every girl that I sat with and had a tequila or two with and got to know a little bit before deciding has turned out to be a great lay.
Good luck Rico

Mexicali Jack
02-23-04, 18:58
Miau Miau is a good strip club, however, I prefer to hit the bars in the vicinity of Playboy Club. For newbees cross the border at old Calexico POE and head right. Go to Morelos and turn right and park after first block. Yes, it is safe to park in the area although I would leave my new Mercedes at home.

Hotel Lucerne has a good weekend rate of $70 ($78 w/tax) and your date should not be hassled as long as you check the two persons box when you check in. BTW, excellent breakfast bar for $11.

Back to the bars. Try 3 Aces and other bars in the area. I noticed that the women make the rounds i.e. go to different bars looking for the men, yes, that's right, looking for men to buy them drinks. I love Mexicali.

Rico Cafe
02-24-04, 18:06
Mexicali Jack,
Tell me about the bars around Playboys. I know the area and occasionally go to Playboys and Mas Moras around the corner. They are O.K. but the quality of the ladies is usually below Meau Meaus, Madonas, Los Casonas, La Cabana, El Estable, Aquarius and Weau Weaus or even Ole Ole which I avoid.

The Crazy Horse, which should be opening soon, also looks like it will be first class. That is on Lopez Mateos, I think it used to be called Cristales.
I must be missing out on something, which bars are the good ones in the Zona Centro that you are talking about?

I notice that a couple of the bars around there are either gay/TS/TV bars or the ladies there are older and heavier women.

I have stuck my head in several but they look pretty run down and the ladies look pretty run down too...am I missing something?

I might go tonight, so I hope you see this and can post some info right away.

As for looking for amateur ladies who like to have a drink, dance and maybe get laid I understand the bars around Molcajetes are pretty good...those are close to Lucerna but that’s a single scene and late night.

Thanks Rico

Mexicali Jack
02-24-04, 19:22

Have been going to Mexicali since '87 and things have not changed that much. Friday night is best as the eagle flies on that day and all I mean all the women are out. In the spring I just hand out on the corner and watch the crowd. Ask any hottie for a cerveza and the show begins.

I like the bar directly south of Playboy, Gira Galla (sp). In any event, the girls generally come from the west side fo town and march east toward the bars adjacent to the border, the bars on the street if one heads right and then takes the first right.

If you want younger stuf try the Nortenda(sp) but any bar in the area is a good starting point. Besides, if you buy a few beers and pay the ficha you get laid cheaply, the sex is longer and better.

Good luck

Rico Cafe
02-25-04, 18:31
Did another tour of Mexicali last night with some bros...started at M & M, pretty dead, on to Bar San Diego and great news...Carolina is back!! The bad news is that she was booked solid...so off we went to La Cabana, one of the girls there was one who had been at M & M earlier, we left for lack of talent, the guys wanted to stop at Aquarius although I didn't but we stopped anyways...a couple of lookers but I have never scored there..on to Madonas, some very nice looking ladies there but it was getting late and I really wanted to go to Los Cabanas...that place is HOT!! They have the sexiest most exotic chicas in town right now; there is a hot blonde from Argentina who needs some lovin! I Found Alejandra there so off we went and my wallet was emptied but all for a good cause.
Mexicali Jack, I have heard of the Nortena before, I will have to check it out, thanks for the info, I didn't see your post until this morning but I will get a another chance soon.


Mexicali Jack
02-26-04, 20:19
Went to BSD and things are looking up. Saw Carolina and she still looks good. Went with Alicia although I saw a few neebies that I definately want to do.

I sarted out in Zona Rojo on MOrales and went to 3 aces then El Cordoba. 3 aces had a few I might do if I had more time for drinks and dancing.

Has anyone had any luck at Bar Gato Negro (Black Cat). Have been there a number of times and never really found anything tempting.

Rico Cafe
02-26-04, 20:39
Mexicali jack
When were you at BSD? I was there with 3 other guys Tuesday night around 8-9, maybe we know each other?
The beautiful Carolina was there but busy, her appointment book was solid.
I know Alicia, she is a nice one.
You should apply for Senior Member status so your posts go on immediately.

Desert Dog #2
02-27-04, 08:51
Mexicali Jack,

How was your time with Alicia? Haven't seen her in almost a year. Despite her age (mid 40's), she sill looked great and provided a great service. She's been there for ages, probably at least six years.


Mexicali Jack
02-27-04, 18:01
Desert Dog II and all fellow mongers,

Alicia is a treasure to behold. Although in her mid-forties she knows and enjoys her professions. I have referred my friends to her and she takes care of them in exquisite fashion.

For those not in the know, Alicai could suck a golf ball through a garden hose! She is the best and I like to frequent her about once a month. In fact I am thinking about having her teach some other women the fine art of taking care of a man, a 2-some could be fun.

I saw a new on at my last visit and I am thinking about doing her tonight.

Enjoyment and pleasure to all.

Mexicali Jack
02-27-04, 18:13
Rico Cafe,

I was going out the door with Alicia about the time Carolina arrived. I saw Carolina in the women's restroom brushing her long and beautiful hair. She does look good, her arms stroking the length of her thin body with those enhanced massive breasts.

I did her shortly after she first started working a few years back. She was a novice although she did try to please and is a nice person. I think her "head" is in the right place but she lacked the experience of Alicia. But then few women are as good as Alicia - a master of her craft.

Carolina had some work done, posed for pictures, went to Adelita's in TJ and then came back. She is off and on at BSD. I hope she is good after a few years of experience.

I generaly arrive about 6:30 p.m. , may arrive with a friend and drive my cycle. I like to get "in and out" quickly.

Mexicali Jack
02-28-04, 23:09
Hit Mexicali around 6 p.m. Friday and the small clubs were great. Started at Bar LaRoca on Morales (across from 3 Aces, three blocks after the border veering right ) and hit on a short stacked MaryBell. Picked up on my regular at Bar Giro Galla who followed me to the EL Corboda. I'll have to be more careful in the future. Then hit some other places with my friend Richard.

Try the Bar Norteno which is an old hang out. It was packed and it is a good drinking hole for old timer Mexicali types and couples.

I then went next door to the Taberna a massive bar, actually 3 bars. One bar has classic mexican music, the other current music and the other a hard rock band. Many women there although not the hooker type. The women are just looking for guys to buy them drinks, my kind of women, or dance. I learned the protocol is to buy a few or more cervezas and then split for the room. All they want is a little respect. It sounds corny but it works.

Viewing the number of women at all of the bars I believe that the dollar rules - all you need is a few $$$, treat the women respectfully and they are yours.

Friday night is best in Mexicali.

Mexicali Jack
03-01-04, 17:48
Sunday evening. I went down to Mexicali for a few beers not expecting too much. To my surprise things were jumping at 3 Aces on Morales across from Hotel Kennedy.

I realize that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There were some 7's in the bar although the majority were 3-4, overweight eating too many tacos. Two, three and four women were sitting alone with no guys wanting to dance or drink, amazing. Easy scores.

Also, Bar Gira Gallo, next to Playboy Club, was jumping. Everything from grandmothers to girls in 20's with a few lookers there. Bar GG is a drinking hole. The farm workers go there and dress up (clean wranglers) and shined boots with a new hat to pick up women. That place jumps and beers are cheap and they sell Bud Lite for 16 pesos. 1-hour FS for $20 after buying a few drinks with the ficha @ $2 per beer.

For those with limited Sapnish the following technique works. Ask to dance. Just say "Bailar". Dance a number or wait until a slow dance if you fel uncomfortable. fter the dance just say beer (cerveza) and pick out a table. The waiters will find one for you. Tip the balance i.e. if a beer is 14 pesos (Tecate) or 16 (Bud Lite) just give a 20 peso note. You wil get good service from the waiter.

Down Side. The line was exceptionally long. Many coming back from San Felipe. For Sun afternoon quickies park on US side and walk or a four block cab ride ($3) to the bar areas.

03-02-04, 01:15
M J and DD II,

I want to say Gracias for the tip on Alicia at BSD and second your recommendation.

I was in Yuma on account of work and had to be back early so I drove over late Saturday afternoon and back about 2100. Nogales, Sonora is my usual neighborhood so it was easy to slide the cursor to Mexicali and check out some recent posts before visiting. The brief nature of my visit suggested going straight to BSD, buying Alicia a drink, chat a bit, spend an hour in the motel, and returning ASAP to Yuma. I parked on Third Street and walked over and glad I did. I think the wait in line to cross back by car would have taken as long as the drive to Yuma. I did wander around near the border for half an hour and saw some of the places M J talks about(By the way, is the place with the big sign that says 3 Ases the same place you call 3 Aces?). It was about sunset and the climate was changing from families shopping to mariachis waiting to play. Still saw a couple of hookers(NOT lookers) in the doorway of a hotel and stopped to ask,with a quizzical look on my face, what was going on. One told my the rooms rent at $25 for twenty minutes. I said 'muy caro' and wandered on down the street. Having an agenda has its advantages and disadvantages. I enjoy checking out the path less travelled when I have the time and will be sure to return to Mexicali when I have the whole night.

I caught a taxi to BSD, ordered a cola, and asked if Alicia was here tonight. The mesero said yes and looked around to point her out. Then with a little grin on his face said, 'Ocupado". Although I would have preferred instant gratification, the time waiting for Alicia was a good time to check out the scene. The booths were all occupied with local men in groups of 1, 2, or 3. The bar stools were occupied by more local men waiting for a booth to come open. There were maybe one or two other gringoes in the bar. I sat at an empty table in the middle and the other tables were occupied by the girls chatting with each other. It is the kind of laid-back atmosphere that many newbie gringoes find intimidating. We have a place like that in Nogales called La Conga. Same atmosphere, same 5's, 6's, and 7's, and in fact the same prices. The distance from the border and from the TD Showclubs keeps many punters away. Their loss is my gain.

I bought Alicia a drink and we chatted for a little while. She has good English and I practised my poor Espanol. The time in room 22 was a pleasure and a good value, IMHO. For those who want to know more about Alicia, check out Mexicali Jack's post. All I can say is "DITTO". And as that worn out saying goes, 'I'll be back!".


Mexicali Jack
03-02-04, 01:42

Yes, it is 3 Aces. I just did the translation from spanish. The front sign has three cards, three aces, so it is a no brainer.

I am glad that you enjoyed Alicia. She is a treasure. You will not get that kind of service in TJ. She should be a teacher to the women of the world!

BTW, I got a BBBJ from a girl across from 3 aces for only $20! It was not as good as Alicia but the girl did swallow.

As for rooms go to the Hotel Kennedy, again across from 3 aces, on Morales. The cost is only $8 an hour and they don't knock. I have stayed as long as 1.5 hours with no problem, but then again, they know I give them all of my business.

Good luck!

Rico Cafe
03-07-04, 21:18
Went to BSD around 5 on Saturday, I was in town so I thought I might as stop by to see if there was anybody interesting.

The selection of 10-12 girls was mostly 5-6 but Gemma and Guadalupe were both there and I would rate them 7-8.

I wanted Alicia for her experienced way with a man but she wasn't there. I love the way she has you sit down on the bed with your back to the wall and then she mounts in reverse....I've never seen any other girl do that position on her own. She controls the action and you have a wonderful view of her gorgeous behind sliding up and down on your shaft and still have your hands all over her.

Gemma has a great bod and nice attitude but for some reason I just haven't felt like doing her lately although I have twice in the past.

Guadalupe was looking perky and in a good energetic mood so I called her over, talked a bit and off we went.
(Does she always wear that same black dress with the cleavage?)

I was pressed for time so we went right at it, she gave me a great bbbj and then a nice long slow screw with french kissing. She smelled so sweet!
It was a nice way to spend a little free time. $50 + 15 for the room.

By the way went to rm 25, it's the largest room there with a well positioned mirror.

I want to try out Mexicali Jack's Norteno, Taberna, and Giro Gallo places one of these days.

Mexicali Jack
03-07-04, 21:27
Went Friday night and tried to do Dina at Bar Girro Gala. She said it was a bad time. I always wonder why women work when it is that time unless they like to give good head and Dina does not like to do that. Dina does need work for go to the Gira Galla and ask for Dina, donde esta Dina. She works cheap, say $30.

Anyway, picked up on another at 3 aces. Worst lay of my life. Settled on Vicki.

Saw Alicia at BSD. She is now a Blonde and she does stay busy.

Mexicali Jack
03-08-04, 17:18
Friday Night. Also went to a bar called Harra's. It is past WALMART just before the last turn to San Felipe toward the end of town and located is a shopping center. The women there were unbelieveable. I have been there before on a few occassions. The women wear uniforms and are available for all-nighters.

I did see a 10 there that was as good as anything I ever saw at Adelita's. My undestanding is the total cost with bar fine for the night is around $150 and you should have some command of spanish.

Does anyone have any experience there, and if so, please report.

There is also a massage parlor next door.

Mexicali Jack
03-09-04, 18:39
Pictures of a spot to frequent.

Rico Cafe
03-12-04, 00:52
I've been to Harras a couple of times over the last 5 years but I have never seen a girl there that suited my tastes.
I go for the Euro looking thin, athletic and busty type rather than the short chunky type which is mostly what I have seen at Harras.
Carolinas is the massage parlor next door and it used to have excellent looking girls but the last 5 or 6 times I have stopped by the standards have slipped with some hard looking girls there and the place is starting to show some wear. The place needs a remodeling.
I went to Cleopatras on Sunday and was very disappointed to find a poor selection of girls.
However they are remodelling the place so the owners at least seem to realize the place needs to be kept up to remain in business.
They might have better looking girls on other days.
I noted that although they offer a $25 special for Sundays that once you get in they tell you it is only for a half hour. A little misleading but then again who am I to complain?
I have heard there is a new massage parlor caled "Fix" but I haven't been there yet.
I have seen the Giro Gallo many times when I have gone to Playboys and even had a few tacos at the stand in the picture but I have never gone inside, is it really a good place to score? My Spanish is about 90% fluent.

Desert Dog #2
03-12-04, 08:26
Mexicali Jack,

Harra's is probably one of the tackiest bar in Mexicali with its multicolor lighting, styrofoam and aluminum foil decor. I've been going to that bar for years. As far as the chicas go, it's a hit or miss deal. Once in a while you'll find hottie, but for the most part the girls range from 5 to 7. To avoid the barfine, I usually make a deal early in the evening and pick the girl after they close at 2:00 AM. The normal asking negotiable price is between $120 to $150. But since I'm a cheap, I mean frugal bastard, I usually get laid for as little as $50 to $100, but no more. The turnovers of chicas there is very frequent.

The massage parlor on the second floor, Carolinas, and Harra's is owned by the same man. I've spoken to him many times in my broken English. Very nice guy. According to the "rules", the girls at the massage parlor cannot work at the bar, but can come over when business is slow and relax with the customers and perhaps do some "fishing". However, a massage girl cannot earn money through drinks as per regular bargirl. It's something to do with conflict between earning money from drinks and massage.

The owner told me once that if you're interested on a bargirl, you can also arrange for her to give you a "massage" at the second level (Carolinas).. go figure. In any case, there's a gray area as far as the rules are concern.

Getting laid at Carolinas can be expensive, depending on your point of view, size of your wallet, and and how desperate you are. First, there's the regular massage fee of about $35. The normal asking price for a FS is $120, but will usually go down between $70 to $100 because of your "guapo" discount.

Rico Cafe
03-14-04, 02:24
I hit the Mexicali scene last night without planning...just happened into it. Went down with a buddy just because it was something to do.

First stop was BSD and we had a nice time. On my recommendation, my bud went with the lovely & warm Alicia with the fantastic smile and the killer bed moves. I went with the legendary supergirl Carolina.

Carolina's bod is a feast for your eyes and of course everything else! She was in a great mood, probably since I'm so sexy, she gave it all to me including french kissing, and lots of her licking me and munching on me all over, it was almost like she liked me! We had such a good time we walked out of the room without me even paying her...but then she quickly remembered. LOL we had both actually forgotten to care of the financial details!!

We then went exploring a little, Meau Meaus has some celebrity girls in and were charging a $12 cover plus $35 for a lapdance with the celebrities who we heard only would dance half the dance and no touching allowed. We said the hell with that and went to Madona's right next door and had a great time.

There is a gorgeous creature there called Jenny, but I hear she will not have sex with anyone. She is fresh-faced, has great dance moves and dresses in a sexy, naughty schoolgirl way...MMMMM yummy! She has a beautiful body and looks like breeding material!!

If any of you know how to get into Jenny's pants let me know (I’m sure she has a price but probably too high to make it worth it!)

We then drove around the Zona Centro to check out some of the bars that have been mentioned on this board. Quite frankly the standards in those bars is pretty low, so many of the girls are overweight, cheap looking and used up looking it borders on sad. There are a few diamonds in the rough but you have to look hard for them.

The men in there also look kind of suspicious, I don't think a gringo would feel comfortable in there. I can blend in but many gringos probably stand out and might be a mark for a disreputable type.

I also heard that at the Taberna there was a shooting last week and that it was the 3rd one in a short period so if that is true then that area is not that safe.

There were many more working girls out though and some of them aren't bad looking, we window shopped around and there was quite an assortment but beware that some of the best looking ones aren't girls at all but are Trannys...if you aren't sure just ask and they will let you know.

There was a super cutie from Sinaloa (which produces the prettiest girls in Mexico including super hot Carolina) at the Hotel Kennedy, porcelain white skin, jet-black hair, red lips, lots of make up and a nice slender bod. She quoted me $80.00 for an hour which was too much for the area but I think that she did that knowing I was a gringo because my buddy obviously is.

They think if you are a gringo you can afford to pay more! Heck, not as many times as I go down there I can’t! If I was by myself I'll bet she would be less.

Mexicali Jack
03-16-04, 19:00
I need some help. A friend fixed me up with a young thing. She is attractive and I estimate under 25 years of age. Nice B cups and big lips. She did a real good job on little Elvis. My spanish is limited and I paid her $40 for a 1-hour session which was quite good. Her hoover action was exceptional, something that would approach Alicia in quality. I was amazed that a young thing was so motivated. Desparate people must do desparate things.

I have one problem. She wants it every day or week or whenever I am in the area. I believe that variety is the spice of life although I do have my fall back positions such as going to the zone or BSD.

In return she wants a house, abode, etc. or some $$$ for food for her kids. I estimate $150 a month U.S. would handle all anyone with a few extra $$ and the time could handle.

I have enough liabilities and do not desire any excess baggage. She is young and attractive and has much energy.

Any takers let me know via email at [Email address deleted by Admin]. If I go this week I will try to get a picture but then again, I will have to give little Elvis a work out. Difficult decisions in difficult times!

I truly appreciate the kind words many have expressed.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

Fan Palm
03-17-04, 21:44
This is my first post here.

I walked to Mexicali Zona Norte in the afternoon a few days ago. I walked to three hotels and saw girls sitting just inside the door on the stairs. I stopped to speak with them in Spanish but they all seemed so distant. They seemed as if they did not want to make eye contact or small talk. I was so turned off that I decided not to partake. On hindsight, I think the girls must have either been on drugs or too tired from the night before (this was about 2 pm).

I am a very healthy gringo, btw. IOW, I am not ugly and I was not rude. So why would the girls seem so indifferent?


Fan Palm

Fan Palm
03-17-04, 22:02
Me again. I have another question. I am only able to get to Mexicali in the afternoons. I need to be back early and cannot stay for the night scene.

Consequently, I need help learning the day scene. Where is the best place to pick up girls in the day? I am thinking zona norte. Are the girls in the hotel entrances? Or in the bars?

I talked to one girl at the hotel entrance and she said $25 for vaginal sex. I said I wanted oral. And she said $50 because it's more work.

I would have paid it but she was a 2.7 on the 10 scale.

After being dissapointed by the Zona Norte, I went to Ole Ole at about 3:30. They have a place in the back for "privados" that cost $20 per song (4 minutes). There is touching but that's all. The bouncer would not allow sex or oral sex. I was dissapointed because in my one and only trip to MiauMiau I got oral sex in a "privado" 2+ songs.

All in all I had fun in Mexicali. I got good exercise. I enjoyed seeing the life and smelling the smells. I had fun practicing my Spanish (also 90% fluent but I learned a new Mexican word "jainas" sp? What exactly does that mean? I know it mean girl but what is the connotation?)

Sadly, however, I cam home with all my spermies still inside me.

Please help me plan a better trip during the weekday afternoon.


Fan Palm

Fan Palm
03-17-04, 22:18
Please excuse me as I am not familiar with all the street names and landmarks in Mexicali.

I was driving south on Justo Sierra, veared left at the fork in the road (first statue), then turned left at the next statue, I noticed "Delerium Massage" on the second story of a crowded strip mall. I knocked but they were closed in the afternoon. I looked in the window and it looked clean and interesting inside.

Anyone ever seen this place?

Also I discovered a link on the internet (link did not work today) for a massage at "The Fixx" near Anahuac in Mexicali.

Anyone know anything about this place?

I drove by Carolinas recently and decided to pass on the talent. The girls looked like they had scum on their teeth. Sorry, that is not sexy. A year ago I found a cutie in Carolina's.

Anyway, this time I decided to go to Cleopatra's Massage and had a wonderful time with Mariana.

I am looking for something less expensive for my next trip.

Fan Palm

Rico Cafe
03-18-04, 02:40
Fan Palm,
Welcome to the Club for Sporting Men.

You're right about the hotel entrance hookers...they do seem to have a blank expression most of the time. The night-time ones can be better on the blocks south of the Playboy Club as I found out the last time I ventured down there on a weekend night but you mentioned you’re limited to daytime excursions.

Over time I have discovered that some of them are a little more friendly once you become a familiar face and chat them up a bit. I suppose they become more comfortable with you and like anyone else warm up a little if you’re a nice guy and tip well.

I have not had the best experiences with the hotel hookers though because as you mentioned they start with a basic "insertion" fee of $25 and work it up to $50 for everything but still without any enthusiasm for the job. It’s just a cold wham bam thank you mam type of thing.

I have had a couple of decent lays there but nothing to get excited about. I hate to say this but I usually feel cheap and dirty after doing one of them. Of course that’s better than no sex at all, que no? LOL!!

As for massage parlors I have heard the new one, the Fixx is pretty good but I haven't been there yet. Carolina's used to be good but has gone into a downward spiral.
Cleo's is still decent but I haven't really liked the action there lately and frankly FS is expensive going the massage parlor route. It costs $150 before you get out of there.
The best bet for a daytime score is to hit Bar San Diego around 4-5 in the afternoon, there should be a couple of providers there at that time and you get everything for $65.

Having said that you should try taking one of the Meau Meau girls out to the Reforma Hotel across the street, they will do it usually for $100-150 fee depending on the girl and the amount of business that day, a $20 exit fee to the bar, and $15-20 for the room, so you’re looking at spending almost $200 including a drink or two but you usually get a more satisfying experience because it can last more than an hour with a multiple pop and it’s more like girlfriend action.
The best part about this is that they are strippers and lets face it strippers are usually the best looking girls or else they wouldn't get hired by the clubs.

Lets call this Sporting Man's Logic 1A

The drive back at that time will be long because of all the commuters getting off work so you might want to spend the extra $10 to use a taxi to and from the border.
Heck you can even buy some V, C, or L in the tunnel and have it going on within the hour.

Que tengas suerte!!!

Fan Palm
03-18-04, 15:29
Thank you Rico Cafe for answering many of my questions.

However, please comment on the following:

1. I drove around and could not find "The Fixx." Where is it?

2. Do you know anything about "Delerium Massage"?

3. In the "Voz de la Frontera" yesterday there was an add for a new massage parlor at Panama y Bogota 898, Col. Cuauhtemoc.
Where would that be???

4. I learned that the owner of Cleopatras also owns a "Geisha Massage." Where is this parlor?

Thank you very much for your help,

Fan Palm

Rico Cafe
03-18-04, 17:42
Thank you Rico Cafe for answering many of my questions.

However, please comment on the following:

1. I drove around and could not find "The Fixx." Where is it?

Answer: I only just heard about the place last week, that it’s in a Shopping mall for one of the big stores like Ley, I’ll find out and post the info

2. Do you know anything about "Delerium Massage"?

Answer: I have never heard of it. I’ll do some intel.

3. In the "Voz de la Frontera" yesterday there was an add for a new massage parlor at Panama y Bogota 898, Col. Cuauhtemoc.
Where would that be???

Answer: Bogota runs North –South from the border it is the first street east of Justo Sierra. You can drive east on Madero (this is the one way street that is on the left of the fork right after you enter Mexicali – runs parallel to the border) to Bogota and turn right, drive south until you intersect with Panama, this is about 9-10 streets south or two south of Ave de Los Americas. Another route would be to turn right at Justo Sierra, left at Ave de Americas and right again at Bogota.
All of the streets east of Justo Sierra are named after Latin cities, the cross streets, which run East-West, are named after Latin countries.
I haven’t been there either; let me know how it is.

4. I learned that the owner of Cleopatras also owns a "Geisha Massage." Where is this parlor?

Answer: Yes it is the same owner. I have been to Geisha’s about 3 times, the quality of the girls is less than I like although I still have had a good time there. There was a girl there named China (Cheee-Na) who was about a 6 but was a great ride with all the right moves and attitude (she is very naughty - and that is very good :)). She wasn’t there the last two times so maybe she has moved on. The facilities are nice and clean. It is on a small side street that branches off right off of the Benito Juarez near the intersection of Benito Juarez and Lazaro Cardenas; it is on the north side of Benito Juarez so you have to approach it from the south. You may have to search a little but it is there, about two or three houses in, if you keep your eyes open you will find it.

Thank you very much for your help,

Fan Palm

Mexicali Jack
03-18-04, 18:14
Hit the zona last night with some drinking buddies. LaCorboba Bar had the regulars with no honorable mentions. I saw Dina at Girro Gala but she was taken. 3 Aces had two I would do but they were occupied.

We rode to El Establo which is next to the new Coca Cola plant. Nothing doable there. Price there is $70 for everything and they claim 1-hour with the girl with full gusto in their words. Things do not jump there until later, it has always been an after hours bar.

We then rode to Harra's and many girls although I do not like the tacky old Las Vegas style bar. They do have some hot looking women there but the price seems a little high.

Did the fall back and Alicia is always fantastic. She appreciates me or more likely my money.

I am checking out San Felipe next week and will post upon return.

Desert Dog #2
03-18-04, 18:26

Hooked up with a chica last night - face 6 0r 7, body 9. Gym rat into body beautiful. Does everything with much enthusiasm: French, Greek, CIM and lots of acrobatic - a true blue GFE for $100 and no rush. Part timer, non pro. She lives close to the FIXX, which is in Anahuac, about 3 miles west of Wal-Mart, past the Chrysler dealer, southwest corner of an intersection, second floor. (Don't know cross street). If I can recall, a few years ago, there was a glorieta there.

Fan Palm
03-18-04, 22:04
Unfortuneately "The Fixx" web page has not been working. I found a cached copy of it and grabbed the address:

Blvd. Lázaro Cardenas y Anáhuac #782 Altos Citas al: 558-09-84

I actually tried to find this one day but was unsuccessful. I found Lazaro Cardenas and I found Anahuac but I didn't see any sign of the place. I think my error is interpreting "#782 Altos."

Any ideas?

Fan Palm

p.s. Here is a link to Google's cached copy of "The Fixx." The page was always just a single page.

Fan Palm
03-18-04, 22:11
I've got a few more questions.

1. Does Mexicali have any adult bookstores, video arcades, or adult stores that might sell vibrators etc?

2. I wonder what I should expect to pay at "Geisha Massage" compared to Cleopatras?

I have been to BSD in the daytime and have never found more than one girl there at any one time. I wish they would get an afternoon business going.

Fan Palm

03-19-04, 02:21
Hey Fan Palm!

In case you dont have a map of Mexicali you can pick one up for free at the Mexican auto insurance place on the southwest corner of Grant Ave. and Hwy 111 (Imperial Ave.) in the city of Calexico.

Rico Cafe
03-19-04, 17:39
OK...if The FIXX is at the intersection of Lazaro Cardenas and Anahuac the ez directions would be to go south on Lopez Mateos and turn right at Lazaro Cardenas, drive several blocks and you will run into the inetrsection of Lazaro Cardenas and Anahuac. You mention 782 Altos...this may mean it is on a second floor.
You could also turn right off Lopez Mateos onto Anahuac but you might find it confusing since you have to drive a ways on Anahuac before intersecting with Lazaro Cardenas.
The name of Anahuac on this route changes from Av. Anahuac to Calz. Anahuac to Blvd. Anahuac so it may be easier to use the first suggested route and look for a two story or more building, I undertstand it is in a Ley or Gigante supermarket mall but don't hold me to that.
The price at Geishas and Cleopatras is approximately the same within $5 of each other...unless they are running a special but beware a special might mean less time.
happy Hunting Amigoes the weekend is here!!! Feliz Fin de Semana!!

El Toro
03-20-04, 01:37
Can someone post directions to Three Aces? Also I heard there is a new strip joint a few blocks near the border and it is near a hotel. Anyone have more info?

03-20-04, 03:36
To fellow mongerers that like to combine exploring new environs with our hobby, here is a URL to a map that will show the main streets in Mexicali. With it we can follow the directions given by Rico and others. I am not degrading those that park in Calexico and have taxis take them hither and fro. Indeed, if you drink and party the "leave the driving to them" is a good plan on both sides of the border. But if you have the time and inclination, this map gives you a "lay of the land" feel for what is being talked about.


The site is in frames and in the left frame you will see a link "City Maps". Click on it and in the main right-hand frame will be an overview map. At the bottom will be buttons to click that will give you a map of the downtown streets, or a map of the valley, or some city locations like the train station or the zoo, and one that shows the US approaches to the two border crossings.

Buena suerte !


PS. Remember that forum rules don't allow for active links so you will have to Copy and Paste.

Rico Cafe
03-21-04, 00:14
El Toro,
Three aces is a block further south than the Playboy and Gallo Giro. I think the street is Morelos or it's the one next to it. Why do you want to go there?
The new strip place you probably heard about that is open is Los Casonas which is right on Madero. It's only about 3 blocks after you cross into mexico on the left in an old bnk buiding, you can't miss it.
It is owned by the same people who own Meau Meaus...usually incredible girls, take plenty of cash. Keep track of the drinks you buy, they ran up a tab on a buddy of mine the other day that he was complaining about.
The other one that I have been waiting on is Crazy Horse on Lopez Mateos which I have heard is stalled due to construction of apartments/rooms on the upper floor for the travelling talent to stay in.
By the way the map of Mexicali on that web site is pretty basic and doesn't seem to go east of Justo Sierra. Maybe I didn't use it right. There must be a better one on the internet somewhere.

El Toro
03-21-04, 04:46
I walked past the Crazy Horse today but I don't think it has opened yet. One thing I was impressed with though is the size of the place. It could carry loads of people when it opens up.

I also noticed the Dollar Bar seems to have reopened in the locals zona near the 13 Gatos Bar. I went there last summer and had a great time. It is interesting to me that after a couple of years of seeing places shut down or go out of business, there seems to be a resurgance in strip clubs here in Mexicali.

Mutha Foo
03-22-04, 02:41
Can anybody recommend any providers at Cleopatras? I'm looking for black hair, 20 y.o. (or younger) skinny build, B-cups. Can anybody recommend a girl there and what day she works. TIA.


Mexicali Jack
03-26-04, 17:02
Need some help and advice. Went to the web site for la voz, the local newspaper in Mexicali. I did a yahoo search and the search results indicated that the pages would be translated.

It actually worked! Went to "services" and noticed about 15-20 massage listings including outcall, incall advertisements for Cleopatra's and the FIZZ, a listing I noticed in this section.

Question. Has anyone had any luck with any of the outcall girls. Many looked tempting although some respectful knowledge of espanol would be required.

Fan Palm
03-28-04, 18:42
Hey Mexicali Jack,

I tried to figure out how you did your search. Would you please post a link?

I read in the hardcopy "Voz de la Frontera" that the Fixx is located Blvd Anahuac y Lazaro Cardenas #872 Jardines del Lago arriba del Enemigo del Silencio."

I guess "Jardines del Lago arriba del Enemigo del Silencio" will make more sense when I get in the vicinity.

Fan Palm

Mexicali Jack
03-28-04, 23:03
Fan Palm,

I sent you an email and after reflectioin thought posting on the board for all to see.

I went to yahoo and entered the words "la voz mexicali" for my search.

The first hit worked and I hit the translate page. To my surprise the entire page was translated. The wonders of technology!

I next did a search for "massage" and got a number of hits. My next step is to make some call or better have someone with a better use of espanol make the calls for me.

Good luck

Rico Cafe
03-28-04, 23:20
Check my post on Fixx's location, it will get you there.
I haven't been there but a friend confirmed the location.
BSD was great last night, both Carolina and Alicia were there; it was my turn to go with Alicia and I am so glad I did, it was a GFE!
Also present were Guadalupe and Gemma, both troopers.
My ranking for the BSD girls whose names I know are
tied at No. 1 - Carolina, because of her porn star bod and great attitude if she likes you
Alicia - beautiful face, great disposition, and sex with passion, best bbbj in Mex.
Gemma - A girl with all the physical attributes and a pretty good attitude
Guadalupe - has the looks and the attitude but bod seems to be softening. Still slender but not as firm as she used to be.

03-29-04, 00:43
After years of Tijuana experience, I made my first trip to Mexicali. I was very favorably impressed. My initial reaction is that it blows away Tijuana given what I want, which may not be what others want. Admittedly, I checked out only a couple of places and so don't have a broad view yet, but I will definitely be going back often.

First, the city itself is much more pleasant that Tijuana. Not nearly as gritty, way less traffic. Also, Calexico blows away San Ysidro on the other side of the border. On the down side, taxis are not nearly as prevalent so it is more difficult to get around.

I have been a frequent visitor to Madonas in TJ, and it is probably my favorite strip club there. But Madonas in Mexicali is significantly better in my opinion. The overall quality of the chicas at the Mexicali location is much better. The place was full of young, gorgeous chicas, and there was less silicon, which is a good thing. The girls were young, fresh and seemed to me to be much less jaded than TJ. It's almost as though TJ is the major leagues and Mexicali triple A, not in terms of the beauty of the chicas, but in terms of the level of manipulativeness of the chicas. Once the chicas become more "skilled" at the stripper art of manipulation and making money while doing the least amount possible, they are sent to the big leagues in TJ. Also, chica drinks were $7 at Madonas Mexicali, and they are $10 in TJ.

I went to Meau Meau, and thought it was great. Chica quality was excellent. You can get a high mileage lap dance for $20. You can also get sex in the lap dance area, or you can take a chica across the street to a hotel for a session. Prices are high compared to AB. I was quoted by one chica $50 for a BJ in back and by another $150 for full service in back and $200 at the hotel across the street. I negotiated her down to $160 for the hotel. This chica has one of the most stunning bodies I have ever seen. This was 3 days ago and I cannot get that body out of my mind. Went across the street at closing time and had a great session.

Granted, it was more expensive than AB and CC in TJ, but well worth it. The Meau Meau advantage is (1) you can try out the chica with lap dances and so forth before committing to a session--there is not immediate pressure to go to the hotel based upon a quick conversation. The odds seem much better of picking a chica who will give good service; (2) the chicas are gorgeous, but unlike the gorgeous AB chicas they are not going to the hotel with 20 guys a night and the service reflects this, and, unlike AB where there are some heifers, all the chicas meet a good standard or attractiveness; (3) you can have a great time with just lap dances if that is all you want, and sometimes it is all I want.

If you don't mind spending more money, I certainly recommend Mexicali over TJ by far. If you want or need to spend less, you should stay in TJ. Unfortunately, this means a far greater likelihood of assembly line service.

03-29-04, 18:52
Finally went to Mexicali last Friday. The information on the forum helped a lot. I obtained a map at the Mexican auto Insurance on the corner of Grant and Imperial in Calexico.

First I went to the bars in the area of hotel Kennedy. Went to 3 ASES, Giro Galla, Playboy club, and a few others. In 3 ASES after a few beers a sweet senorita cought my eye and I bought her a few beers. I would say she was in her mid to late 30s. My Spanish is limited but we were able to communicate well enough. We went across the street to Kennedy. $70 for one hour of FS and the room. Good BBBJ and all positions. I would say she was a 5 on looks and 7 for service. Money well spent

After the exercise I needed to relaod so I took a cialis and walked to Meau Meau. Wow some real beautiful chicas. Had a lap dance and then decided to head to El Establo.

The Taxi was $5 to El Establo. I entered and there were alot of chicas. Mostly 5,6 and 7. One 8. I had a couple of cervezas and was shooting the breeze with the bar tender. I then bought a cute chica a couple cervezas. She was very sweet and had some nice long legs. Then asked the bar tender quanto cuesta. He stated $120 for one hour of FS . That included the room also. The chica was a 7. She was around 25 years old and had long legs and was 34 C. Good GFE. Great BBBJ and was very athletic. $ 120 was a little steep but was money well spent. I will return here.

Overall I was well pleased and plan on returning soon. The next time I plan on driving in and staying at a Mexican hotel. Don't want a 4 or 5 star. I heard Hotel Indio was pretty good. Anyone have any suggestions.


Amigo 69

Mexicali Jack
03-30-04, 00:28
Friday was jumpin' in Mexicali. The pussy was all over the place. To all fellow mongers, it is relatively safe to drive in Mexicali. Mexicali is not TJ. But be forewarned, temperatures are starting to rise and Mexicali Jack will be patrolling TJ in such an event!

Rico Cafe
03-30-04, 03:59
I agree with Mex Jack and I'm very pleased to read the great reports from the newbies. Let's keep the info mill rolling.
By the way Jack, TJ is exciting but the observations written here are very true. The girls in TJ are way too business like, it's a wham bam thank you m'am type of town.
Not as fun especially after experiencing the warm attitudes in Mexicali.
On the other hand, variety is the spice of life.
You are right about the weather getting warmer. It does make mongering more of an indoor sport. I took some of your advice and hung out in streets of the zona the other night and you are right once again, there are a lot of girls out there!
Viva Mexicali!

Rico Cafe
03-30-04, 18:27
That was an excellent report! You called it right with your TJ - Mexicali comparison.
TJ strikes me as a jaded city where no one gives a hoot about you and usually acts that way too. Mexicali is a friendly town for the most part where the people will make you feel welcome.
Of course they want your money after all business is business but at least they are not so cold about it.

Of course you know I will still go to TJ every chance I get...LOL!!! (right Roddd?)

Amigo69 - If you want a nice hotel there are a lot of decent hotels on Justo Sierra that are more on the quality level of a Holiday Inn Express or Comfort Inn. Lucernas would be 5 star, Araiza's would be 4 star but there are many others on that street where you would find U.S. level at reasonable prices.

I have heard the Hotel Indio is substandard and usually used for housing the travelling strippers and for hourly stays but I haven't been in one of the rooms.

I have seen some decent rooms in the Hotel Reforma right across the street from Meau Meaus if you want to be close to the action. They are probably reasonable for an over-niter, about $30-35. Not to mention you could take chicas back with you. Just tell them you want the best room in the house.

If you go back in the reports to those posted 11/14/03 there are lengthy well written reports from Country John on his Mexicali experience that included pics from inside Hotel Reforma but I know there are better rooms then the one he had.

03-30-04, 23:58
>>>>>Of course you know I will still go to TJ every chance I get...LOL!!! (right Roddd?)<<<<<

Butt of course! Let's see, Evelyn or Jessica, Jessica or Evelyn. Decisions, decisions.

And yes, a trip to Mexicali is still on my list.


Rico Cafe
03-31-04, 00:50
Next time I get Evelyn!

03-31-04, 04:26

03-31-04, 06:07
Rico, you hit the nail on the head, business is business, but one never wants to feel as though a chica is trying to extract from you as much money as possible for crappy service and the least amount of effort possible. It should be like any other business. In running a business, if one wants to stay in business, one would not want one's customers to believe that one was trying to sell them goods or services for the highest price possible without regard to the customers' wants or needs, or the quality of the services.

The best chicas are the ones that make you want to spend money on them. It's all an illusion, but that is what I am paying for. The jaded cynicism that is all too prevalent especially among TJ chicas destroys this illusion. I found Mexicali to be much better, and I hope I continue to find this as I visit Mexicali more often.

Admittedly, I too still will hit TJ often, but primarily because of its proximity.

Mexicali Jack
04-02-04, 01:56
I want to remind all mongers that Friday is coming and that it is still a good day i.e. the weather is not that bad and the nights are cool and nice. MJ will be on patrol. Maybe I will be lucky enogh to post a few more pics.

I also need those brave souls who want to meet the 23 yr old on a long-term relationship to email me via private messages. I will provide a number to make contact. It generally takes 2 days to make contact in Mexico so be patient this young thing is serious.

And no, I am not a pimp. Just trying to help the deprived in a third world country. Isn't life great and we a truly blessed to be able to afford this lifestyle.

Mexicali Jack
04-03-04, 12:38
Friday Night. Went to Mexicali Friday night. It was raining and I did not follow the rule - do not go to Mexico when it rains, the hookers do not go out.

I should have followed the rule!

Rico Cafe
04-04-04, 22:32
Absolutely correct...if I did business like those girls at Adelita's I would have gone out of business by now.
Repeat business is what works in my world and good service is what gets repeat business.

On the other hand in the world of the TJ hooker (wasn't that a TV show?) there are so many new customers coming of age every day and getting stupid on Tequila that they can make a career out of ripping off the newbies.

The veteran mongers have good memories of when we were green behind the ears and even still we occasionally make the wrong choices because sometimes there's that new girl that is just the type who stiffens your rod and then picks your pocket....it just doesn't happen very often as we get wiser, but it still happens.

I just had a Mexicali one the other day that had the looks I like but once we got to the room she was so horrible and took so much time fumbling around with the condoms and then had to use the restroom and etc. etc. etc. double condomed my dick before a bj (that was a first in Mex) and also she would stop during the double condomed bj to examine my balls for the longest time as if she was looking for bugs or something which was starting to insult me since I consider myself pretty well groomed not to mention ruining the pleasure of the bj, but she took so much time in getting down to actually fucking I really got frustrated, once we finally started she complained so much that I finally became disenchanted so I decided that I wasn't enjoying my time with her, that it was time to cut my losses, quit trying to come, pulled on my clothes, told her she was a lousy lay and left.

She then seemed saddened and confused that I didn't like the lay....OMG never again with that one!!!

I think she may have been stoned or something and I didn't pick up on it until after we got to the room and she started acting like she was slightly disoriented and didn't know what she was doing or something like that. I think she was on some tranquilizer or something of that nature. Either that or she was rip-off artist who gets the cash and then doesn't actually do much for it hoping that the john will finally do as I did. Heck if she would have acted like she liked it and got right to sex it would have been over faster..LOL!!!
I think she must be a mental case and I just didn't notice it because I was staring at her breasts the whole time before going to the room...LOL!!! There's a lesson there boys, take a deep look into her eyes not just her cleavage!!

At any rate I left and went looking for another one. Found one that turned me on, took her up the Kennedy, had a great 30 minutes, got off and called it a night....chalk it up to experience and another night in the Zona.

The moral...even a veteran can make a mistake every now and then!!

04-05-04, 01:29
Rico, we analyze things similarly. Great minds think alike, I guess.

I have written before exactly what you wrote about the AB chicas, which is that at least the more attractive ones conclude that customer service does not matter because there is a constant supply of fresh customers and most people who visit there are not regulars. Also, I think the emotional toll of the profession tends to deaden their emotions and lead to detachment, cynicism and contempt for their customers. Moreover, I think when they start working they are a little apprehensive, but eventually they lose any fear they may have had about their customers' reactions if service is bad. They learn that the customer really can't and won't do anything and has to just take it. So, in sum, they can still make money without putting forth real effort and they have no feeling of obligation to the customer.

I do think that the best rule of thumb is to seek chicas, in TJ or Mexicali or anywhere, who have not been involved in the profession for an extended period of time. As you point out, this is still no guarantee, as even new chicas can be terrible. Also, there are some very good experienced chicas. Still, as a general rule of thumb, not knowing anything else about the chicas, I would always take the less experienced one.

I also agree with your point about chicas under the influence of drugs. After a few bad experiences, I have had exactly the same realization as you, which was that the chica was probably high or interested only in obtaining money for her next fix. There is very definitely some percentage of chicas, especially in TJ, where this is a real problem. If the chica's bad service is really brazen--not just passively bad--such as by blatantly lying and reneging on promised services or behaving erratically, I think drugs are often the explanation.

04-08-04, 01:23
In the past I read about a woman named Elba who kept a stable of girls. It was said that you could order up about any type from her. Anyone have her contact info? Mi preferencia es joven y delgada. Like to see if she has an apprentice. Another item of interest is the live sex shows. You used to be able to find those in border towns. A few of the clubs had a stable of girls, of course, and some would perform with another girl or a male staffer.

Thanks and happy hunting.......

Mexicali Jack
04-08-04, 22:00
Heard the bars may be closed on Friday (Good Friday) as well as Saturday. Mongers may have to wait the do SG's if any available.

I will be hunting as usual.

Rico Cafe
04-09-04, 19:50
Are the bars closed down this weekend? That is a very good question because I want to go down too.
Jack are you going to be around?

Mexicali Jack
04-10-04, 06:35

Went to Mexicali Friday afternoon and bars were open. Girls were about but few cars. Gallo Gira was packed with usual people.

Some women on the streets and I saw a SW I did a few years ago. Cannot remember her name but she has breasts like bullets.

Anyway, the zona was not crowded apparently most leave for San Felipe or other parts for Easter. BSD will probably be packed.

Mutha Foo
04-11-04, 22:45
Any of you mongerers got a phone number for Cleopatras? TIA.

Mexicali Jack
04-12-04, 16:17
Went to the one Sunday night. Not too many guys yet plenty of women. Few women in 20's, mainly the usual crowd with some new faces. Ended up getting a pretty good BBBJ for $20 using Hotel Kennedy.

Mexicali Jack
04-14-04, 14:20
Went to zone Tuesday night and it was good. Things are starting to pick up. I was amazed to see a "9" in one of the bum bars. Looked like she should work at Adelita's, young and very attractive. She left and went to Playboy Club.

Mutha Foo
04-15-04, 03:18

Would you recommend Meau Meaus?

Rico Cafe
04-15-04, 16:25
Mexicali Jack,
Did you say that you were able to find a "search" section on the La Voz de la Frontera web site...I can't seem to find it.
I wanted to do a search on the classifieds.
I know that in the hard copy of the La Voz there are listings for outcall and incall masajistas and you know what that means.

Mexicali Jack
04-15-04, 19:26
Rico Cafe,

In response to your inquiry. Honest, once I did a search. I attempted to repeat my efforts and failed! I played with their web site once from Yahoo, hitting the translate button ( my espanol sucks) and I was able to find the massage parlor sites translated in english. I did some type of search in classified and found massage using that word in some type of search. Again, I could not repeat my effort and any help from fellow mongers would be appreciated.

I go to Meau Meaus on occassion. There are young, beautiful women there if you need to see some eye candy. I take clients there. The girls are expensive and according to those in the know (Mexicali bussinessmen) many women who work their work the "circuit" meaning strippers and other various types who travel from Guadalahara up to Mexicali to TJ and all points in between. You can get table lap dances, "private" dances in a small room (basically you sit on a chair and after a dance she sits on you.) OR other service in the room. Many are available for outcall for high and outrageous fees plus a bar fine. I leave that decision up to the individual. I did a girl there once, paid much money but had a good time. I generally only go there in group activities such as bachelor parties, taking business clients from out-of-town, etc.

My preference is the zone. The women are older and cheaper plus I can get tanked up cheaper. By way of example a quart of Pacifico cerveza is only 20 pesos, less than $2 at today's rates.
I leave each person to their own preferences. Mongers in their 20's to 30's like MM.

My fall back position is BSD, El Establo or wherever.

Good luck to all

Rico Cafe
04-16-04, 18:41
I hit the zona last night since I was bored and didn't have anything else to do...I didn't really want to do anything and I didn't want to drink since it was a work night but I thought maybe a relaxing massage and then a further relaxing trip to BSD and a hook-up with Alicia might be cool.
So what do I do? I go to M & M where the super sexy Amy zeroes in on me and shows me her new set of $3500 boobies. Well I was smart enough to get out of there after buying her two drinks and tipping all the help but of course I was already $40 lighter. I had a couple of tequilas so I no longer felt the need for the relaxing massage so I went to the zona and headed straight for Playboys...and what do I find? 2 old acquaintances who I haven't had a beer with in almost 20 years. So we sit and have a couple of beers and then one of my buddies who knows the zona well took me over to the famous watering hole El Norteno where we had a couple more and I tried chatting up a nice looking young lady but I didn't get anywhere since my heart wasn't really in it and then we left there and went next door for a tour of the cavernous Taberna...wow that’s a huge place and I understand it is wall to wall people on weekends, not many on a Thursday at 10:30. May have to check into this place on Friday or Saturday.
My friend had to go home but I was still thinking about the lovely Alicia so I went to BSD only to find that she had checked out earlier. Not wanting to go home unfulfilled I decided on Lupita who was a gamer but no match for Alicia.
I got home later than I should have and spent more than I should have and drank a couple more beers than I should have but all in all it was a fun night thanks to my friends.

Mexicali Jack
04-19-04, 01:26
About massage searches. Did a search using "lacronica" and "masaje" and after hitting translate on yahoo.com went to classifieds and got a hit.

Mexicali Jack thought he lost his sanity! The brain still works although the rest of the body may be slowing.

Number listed was a Mexicali cell and I have had nothig but bad luck trying to call TO a cell from US!

Rico Cafe
04-21-04, 19:44
Mexicali Jack
Didn't make it to Mex this past weekend. It will be a couple of weeks before a weekend sitrep on Taberna is available.

Mexicali Jack
04-28-04, 18:37
Went to Mexicali Tuesday evening. Losts of SG's about with many at Hotel 16 Sep. Am seeing many just walking the streets so things are looking up.

Rico Cafe
05-03-04, 20:54
I went to Mexicali Saturday night and hit a few of the hot spots.

The Bar San Diego was full of guys and the girls were way outnumbered, so my buddy and me split. The regulars were there but by 10:00 they looked pretty well used up.

It was around the best time to check out the non working girl party spots so we went to Lucerna's La Capillla since we had heard it was a good spot to meet women who just want to have a good time and maybe meet someone. Well there were a lot of women but none of them really were my type. Most were late 30s to early 40s, and overweight. Just not my type. My buddy ran into a girl he knew from before who was pretty nice looking but her partner was not my type…too many tacos.

We then headed over to Molcajetes and its adjoining club, which is a high-energy dancing place. Now these places are full of beautiful people!! We spent sometime there, looked over all of the sweet young things who were probably too young for me, nursed a beer or two. There was a couple of girls in there who were wearing next to nothing dancing around and drinking that were as much fun as watching strippers…more fun actually!

But they were probably out of our league so we then decided it was time to hit the zona.
We walked around and there really weren’t any good-looking SGs around even the hotel hotties seemed absent.

We went into Playboy and Extremo but there just wasn't the right feel in the air. So then we went to Casonas and there was also a shortage of girls there...went to Miau Miaus and there wasn't even a place to sit but yet not that many girls working. Oh well by then it was 3 in the morning and I was tired…too tired to wait around for the girls to get off at 4 and then try to talk my way into bed with one of them, so we called it a night, saved our money and went home.

I got a good night’s sleep and so on Sunday afternoon I realized that I still had needs that had to be met so I decided a massage was in order and it was time to find The Fixx massage parlor mentioned in this forum and I found it….and it was good!

It is on the corner of Lazaro Cardenas and Anahuac on a second floor next to a car stereo place across the street from a Cali-Max supermarket. Parking is in the back and you go up a narrow spiral staircase to get upstairs.

There was nice bleached blonde looking sweet yet with a nasty look in her eye 20 year old named Martha there who gave me an excellent massage, she touched me in all of the right places so I would know that "extras" would be available and then we had a great S**k and F**k for a C-note. By the way when they give you a massage they are wearing sexy lingerie….I like that.

I don’t know if she always goes by Martha because when I asked her real name she told that it was but that the receptionist had accidentally used it rather than her working name

I recommend this place, it was clean, the showers are in the room, the mirror is strategically placed (yeah baby) and there was another girl working there who also looked very do-able.

I don’t go the massage route too often because it is expensive but I will probably go here again.

Colorado One
05-05-04, 16:03
I am planning on spending a few night in Mexicali and wonder if there is a map somewhere where I can see where the girl friendly hotels are and where the nightspots are. Can I find a hotel and just part and walk to all the bars? Any help would be nice since I have never stopped in town, only driven through it coming from Encenada.


Mexicali Jack
05-06-04, 19:05
Colorado One and Others,

There are no specific maps makring the zone like some stes in TJ.

For newbees.

1. When crossing border reset odomoter to zero and proceed to the left. You will see an Aeropuerto sign. Proceed for 3.6 miles to Rio Culiacan (sp) and take a right and go for a little less than .5 miles. This takes you to Bar San Diego. They have a site by the same name and also have directioins but those given above are easier.

2. After crossing the port of entry go to the right and go for 4 blocks or so and turn right on Morales. Go for 1 block and park. That is the zone and try any bar there. If a woman is inside she is game. Watch for those eating too many tacos!

It is safe to dirve and park and if paranoid get insurance on Imperial & 8th in Calexico or anywhere where insurance signs are displayed.

Good Luck!

Mexicali Jack
05-10-04, 16:10
Went to the zone Thursday night specifically the 3 Aces on Morales (about 4 blocks from the port bearing right) and there were about 12 extra women looking for you know what. 9 p.m. would be a good time and they were waiting.

Also went Sunday afternoon and it was Ok but not great like in the evening.

Country John
05-10-04, 22:12
I have a map that I've offered to members, it has the route to the Hotel Reforma (and Meau Meaus) from the boarder marked out. There are a lot of other clubs in the area so once you get to the hotel and get your bearings you'll be OK. PM me with your email address if you'd like a copy in PDF format.

Country John

Rico Cafe
05-11-04, 23:09
Country John...I got your map which I thank you for but when I tried to share it with the bros. on here it would not load up since it is in a .tif format which this site isn't set up to accept.

Country John
05-12-04, 16:33

Sorry about not being able to upload to this site, I think Jackson would prefer not to have the site do file transfers so I will email it to you in PDF file format. This way all our brothers (and sisters) will need is adobe acrobat. I have your email address and will send it off right away.

If anyone wants the map, PM me as I said earlier. I'll send it off. I can also upload to a ftp site as soon as I get a minute to set that up.

As an image, it will not display well in low-res so you NEED the PDF file.

Country John

Rico Cafe
05-14-04, 16:38
I had some late business in Mexicali last night so after wrapping that up around 7 I decided to make the rounds, but frankly I didn't see much action.
I hit the Bar San Diego just because I wanted to see Alicia and have a nice pleasant roll in the hay and then scoot back across the border but she unfortunately she wasn't there.
Even more unfortunately an aggressive sales minded chunky girl from Vera Cruz decided to adopt me, she was very nice personality wise but just not my physical type and I'm so darnned polite I don't know how to turn one away and then go on to another. Not that there was really anyone else there I wanted in particular.
So I just decided to leave and try El Establo but that place was absolutely muerto...at that time only 2 girls and neither met standards.
So then I turned around and headed for the zona centro because now I was totally committed and felt that since I was in Mexicali, and it was after 8 that there was no turning back.
I made the rounds of the Playboy, Gallo Giro, but nothing., zero, zilch!
However and this is a big however there was one shining nugget at the Bar Tres Ases, a beautiful young girl with blonde hair that had a little flip on the ends. She had baby face and cute body and you name it she was nice...she looked way above average at this particular dive. She may be new on the scene..
She was being chatting with an older apparently gentleman of means and so although her and I were making some serious eye contact she didn't seem to want to break away from what appeared to be a sugar daddy ace in the hole for a possible fling with me.
I decided to have a beer and see if I could wait the old boy out but he didn't by the end of my beer so I left...as I was walking out the blonde gave me a look that said, we will meet again...I can only hope.
If anyone knows about who she is...I'm interested!! I may check again tonight.
I went around the corner to the Bar Norteno, nothing there, and then the Taberna, also nothing.
Oh well, I called it a night, saved some money and got a good night's sleep.

05-14-04, 21:53
Rico Cafe,

I went to the Fixx last Sunday afternoon and had a fine session with a skinny young thing. Saw two others in the lobby. One with that "nasty" blonde look that says I can show you a thing or two, maybe a 7. The other was a less enthusiastic 6 or so with stronger Native Americas blood. The short, skinny young thing seemed a little timid. I'm new to the MP scene so I can't say if the massage was good, better, or best. I certainly enjoyed all of it except where that skinny elbow went in just below the knee, pushed the calf off to one side, and made contact with the bone while cramping the muscle. Not my idea of "hurts so good". I played dumb gringo (OK, so it wasn't all acting) and let her finish the massage. It wasn't until she had done both sides that she mentioned extra servicios and I responded "Es posible?". After the financials were taken care of, we took care of what brought me out there in the first place. I will go back again. And thank you for the easy directions. For a while I was wondering if the place really existed but your report gave me the assurance that it was there, somewhere. Now that I've been there it seems like, "How could you miss it?".


PS. The maps say there is a city park and zoo just west on Cardenas. Have you any info about it as a tourist venue, not P4P.

PPS. I missed the bullfight in February. Do they have any during the long, hot summer?

PPPS. Converting a pdf image to jpg is straight forward in Windows. Adobe has a "Snapshot Tool" button that copies the image and then just paste to Windows Paint and then "Save As" a jpg file instead of bitmap.

05-14-04, 22:20
Country John,

"Hey Country John, how 'ya doin' jeez ... ."

Thank you for the file. It gives me a good reference for my next "walkabout". I went down Wednesday night and roamed the area south of Mateos around Morelos to see the places and people that Mexicali Jack talks about. While wandering I saw a large billboard advertising the Hotel Reforma and thought about you and hoped your map would be in my mail when I got home. I must admit, however, that while kissing the one latina goddess that night, I never thought of giving her another one for you. Maybe next week when I get another chance.


Sun Devil
05-16-04, 01:16
Thanks to Country John and his map, plus another map from a Mexicali web site, I was able to navigate Mexicali this past couple of days. I used Greyhound to get from Phoenix to Calexico because I was not about to drive due to the current price of gas in Arizona, which is $2.29 per gallon, plus there is no flight going from Sky Harbor Airport to Calexico CA.

For those thinking about using Greyhound, when you go out of the Greyhound station, go to the left and at the street corner go right across the street in order to cross into Mexico. It took me approximately 10 to 15 minutes to cross the border because I could not tell where the border gate was since there was not a bridge to cross like in El Paso-Juarez.

Mexicali has about 750,000 people, but it seems to be a fairly easy town to navigate. It is one of the cleanest, most modern cities I have seen in Mexico. The streets are wide and not at all congested. If I had a car, I still would get Mexican insurance, but the chance of me getting into an accident here is fairly remote. Other than the main drag, Lopez Mateos, the streets had hardly any cars. The center part of town is a little bit older than most, but overall the city seems to be very safe. In addition, I did not see any police wagon patrolling the streets like one does in Juarez.

In addition, I have never seen such a phlethora of Chinese business establishments except for San Francisco and Honolulu. I talked to a person from Mexicali and he said that there are approximately 200 Chinese restaurants in the city. In addition, when I went to Plaza La Cachanilla Mall, a mall whose size rivals that of Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, I would say that half of the restaurants in the food area were those of Asian cuisines.

With regards to the P4P scene, this place is a better deal than Nogales for those living in Phoenix. The girls at Bar San Diego are a lot better looking than those at LaConga and they charge $60 for a session. All you do is grab a waiter and asked him to get a girl for you. The girls here do not go to the customers. You can wait forever and they still will not approach you, unlike some of the bars in Juarez. Also, the girls here don't ask that you buy them drinks. They will immediately ask if you want to go to the room, which kind of floored me since I have not seen that aggressiveness in a while.

Also, the female bartenders are available to take to the rooms, something I did not know until one of them hinted that she would like to go with me while I sat at the bar. In addition, the rooms, which is outside the bar, have bathrooms, with showers, AC and heat.

During this trip, I stayed at the Hotel Reforma, across the street from Mieau-Mieau, and the cost was 300 pesos a night. Some of the girls who work at Madonas and Mieau-Mieau stay at this hotel. I realized this when I saw some of them getting breakfast at the lobby one morning. It is amazing how women without make-up can look the first thing in the morning, not a pretty sight. By the way, the members of hotel staff hold the key to your room and if you want to go in, you will have to asked them to go with you so that they can unlock the door for you. Kind of scary because a secondary person has access to your valuables.

It seems that the taxi drivers here know how to get some girls for you. I talked to some of them and they told me that they can hook me up with a chick for about $70. I still have their cards so I will probably call them up when I go to Mexicali again. In addition, one cannot walk this city, unlike Juarez. The city blocks are a lot longer and, until one knows the bus system, one needs to use the various taxi cabs driving in the city. These guys are very helpful. A couple of them even asked their office through their radio system which sex establishments are available during a certain part of the day. (Sorry if I cannot remember the taxi jargon here)

If you are looking for really cheap sessions, the Hotel 16th de Septiembre as well as various other hotels around Altamirano and Lerdo de Tejada are available. What they do is sit around the entrance of these hotels and you approach and they will charge you $25 for sex and $5 for the room.

They kind of remind me of the room girls of Nuevo Laredo's Boystown. They will just remove their panties, lay down, and stay still while you try to pop a nut trying to have sex with them, sort of like having sex with a manequin. I would suggest that you try one of these girls only if you are trying to prove to yourself that you can make it as a porn actor or haven't had sex for a while. It was that discouraging.

I had a nice looking girl from Guadalajara named Rosa and all she did was what I described above. She didn't even want to change positions. Not a good deal, even though it was cheap.

Unfortunately, Harrah's Bar, Gieau-Gieau (sp?), and the massage parlor near that corner were closed when I was touring the city with a taxi driver. Unlike Juarez, the drivers don't get a cut from the clubs, so, for newbies, I would not hesitate to use them when trying to learn this city's P4P scene.

Also, I talked to one of the girls working at Madona's, who is from Mexico City, who indicated that the strippers work a circuit where they go around Mexico working as strippers and sex workers in various cities, such as Nogales, Cabo San Lucas, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, etc... Indeed, I saw a girl at Mieau-Mieau who was at the Joker in Juarez about a month ago.

In conclusion, Mexicali is a fairly nice city that has no traffic congestion whatsoever. I would not be afraid driving here. I felt fairly safe and the city is a lot cleaner than any of the border cities that I have encountered. I would not hesitate go here again to try out some of the other clubs mentioned on this board.

Rico Cafe
05-17-04, 18:19
We hit the town running on Friday night, first a med stop at the first pharmacia for Levitra, which we prefer over Viagra and then 1st stop La Casonas (The big house) had a drink and a table dance, Amy from Miau Miaus is now here, then we went to find a particular girl that my friend wanted to see at Extremos. He found her and took her upstairs and based on how sweaty he was he had a pretty good little romp up there. There wasn't much of anything else to choose from there so from there we decided to go to Aquarius, which historically has always had the best overall girls.
Proving history correct Aquarius came through with lots of girls to choose from. We all had our pick, had the dances and the FS good times to be had upstairs. We also had several drinks and spent way too much money here but one of the guys was feeling flush from a big casino win and was sharing big time. I owe him one.
It was getting late so it was back to Casona where one of the guys had left his car.
There was a new night club for civilians upstairs that we checked out but it seemed to be a younger crowd (18-25) from the U.S. side, besides it was already about 3 am so we checked back into Casonas which was still going pretty strong. Its a big place not as intimate of a setting as some of the other places but more of a huge room where you can see people from across the room, sometimes that’s good and sometimes its not.
We left moneybags there since he was ready to score again but we were cash poor and ready to call it a night. The wait at the border crossing at 4 am is about 45 minutes if you can believe that!
Lots of partyers (payday crowd maybe?) and people going to work in the U.S.
All in all it was definitely a night to remember.

Pancho Z
05-23-04, 00:29
Went to Las Casonas Friday night around 9:00 pm. My first time there. I liked it, lots of fine chicas. If you go ask for Pilar, she is indeed stellar. You can have table dances for $8. Lots of fun there. We just had some table dances and cervesas. There is also a girl with red hair in a pony tail. Very nice body, strong legs, good ass, a little small up stairs but lower torso made up for it all. She had ab muscles that are defined when she dances. Sorry I don't have a name, yet.

Mexicali Jack
05-30-04, 12:48
Went to Mexicali Firday night and things were jumping. Started at Gallo Gira then 3 Aces and finally Los Cordobes. Have been seeing a few girls on a semi-regular basis. Interesting events. When I was with one the other gets on the dance floor and dances up a storm trying to get the other jealous! I know this from the stares of both the girl on the dance floor as well as the girl I was with. Life is good!

So what is the moral of the story? The point is that Mexicali is still excellent. If you are consistent, buy them a few drinks - they live off the ficha, literally the cap of the bottle, the $2 or $3 depending upon the bar, and then pay a reasonable price ($20-$40) the world is yours.

I always like to count the boy-girl ratio, how many men there are to women. In most bars in the late afternoon to early evening its 3 girls to 1 guy. Later the ratios change with more guys showing up. Remember the girsl often walk in, check out the bar, and if there are too many women present they go to another bar with a better ratio.

The lesson here is that I do bar hop but not too much as just standing on the corner is often a wonderfulway to get something hot.

Friday afternoon starting at 6 or even slightly before is still good. The weather is changing and it is starting to get hot so you may want to adjust times.

Also, starting to see some fresh meat. Younger hard bodies are starting to appear.

Good hunting to all.

Rico Cafe
06-02-04, 22:56
Friday night in the big city. 3 buddies toasting a night on the town at 6 with cocktails and then off to Lucernas for a corporate paid dinner.
After a delicious meal, lively debate about local politics and several more toasts to the good life it was time to check out the mongering scene.
A stop at BSD around 10 and it´s not pretty.
Whats happening with this place? This place has been in decline for at least a month now and could use an injection of fresh faced talent.
Maybe it´s a combination of the hot summer months coming and the finish of the fresh market vegetable harvest (The $$ it brings) so all of the nice looking women are headed to the coast or something.
So it was off to Giaous Giaous ( wow-wows), I can never get that spelling right. The girls were Ok but it didn´t feel right , so then we headed to Aquarius where we found the same girls as last reported...well who wants the same girls all the time?
Off to Madona´s and it was well stocked with plenty of lap dancing talent but especially Jenny the fresh faced white half bloused plaid skirted school girl, damn she is frigging cute....but the word is she will not put out. My friend is working hard on this and may change it sooner rather than later, he made very good progress but it was time to go, heck it was 2:00 am by then and this puppy was tired.
But we got sidetracked into Miaou Miaous and well what do you know if I don´t get an instantaneous hug from behind from Ms. Venezulela from last fall, Venu. She says let´s go and I said OK, so its off to the hotel Reforma for a great GFE. Returned about 3:30 just in time to catch my buddies headed out the door with 3 girls, 1 for 1 and 2 for 1.
So I went back into the club like a good buddy should to wait them out and watch the show but the club had to close at 4 so I had to wait in the car in the hotel parking lot for them to finish up around 4:30 ( guess who was driving, I´m such a nice guy), we ended up back across the border as the sun was coming up....oh what a night!

Pancho Z
06-08-04, 05:22
Hello all,

Well I finally made it to Miau Miau's last Saturday night. My first time. First we went to La Casonas, but they were showing the De La Hoy fight so we left.

Miau Miau's is a little small which could be a good thing. The dancers were very good looking, especially 4 of them. I do not know names but they were fine.

My buddy went for a privado for $20 and got a touchy feely from a young beauty. She offered oral for $80 for 3 songs. too much.

We went to Sandiego bar instead to get the real action. I met up with a girl named D****** and he met up with a girl named L*****. Mine was a little business-like aggressive, but she promised me an excellent time. I played like I had never been there before and she was all into explaining the process to me.

I asked her how long the session was and she told me 30 min for $55 + room, but she told me that she would give me xtra time.
She was holding my hand at the table and her hand was warm and her thighs were very, very smooth and creamy.

That was good enough for me. Overall I had a great time with her and she did not hurry or rush the session. Basically i got to do whatever i wanted to with her. I think she may have dug me a little. But, hey who could blame her? :)

At the end of the session I asked her about private dates outside the bar and she gave me her cell number and told me to call her anytime, and that she will be waiting for my call.

I will call her in a couple of weeks to try a private date to see how that goes. She was real Petite and I felt like a giant around her. I hope this post is enjoyed. I have read so many and wanted to attempt to attribute to this forum.

Mexicali Jack
06-19-04, 14:15
Hit Mexicali around 6:30 p.m. Friday which was a little too early. At that time around 1 out of 10 met Jack's high standards. One interesting event. I should have taken my camera as three fat chicks sitting abreast were eye balling me and all three ate too many tacos. My friend stated they wanted to dance with me. It would have been an interesting shot!

I drank some beer and watched. Around sunset things started to jump. All types were going from bar to bar. I say this as there are plenty of women yet few guys. Many followed me out of the bar wanting to do the wild thing. I saw a few that I did and photographed before.

Of the bars visited 3 aces looked the best.

Mexicali is still good as well as cheap.

06-22-04, 00:06
I made my first trip to Mexicali last Saturday. I had printed out 80 pages of reports here - thanks to all for the advice. I drove across the border, my first time driving outside the US, and found the Fixx MP mid-afternoon. I entered and the chicas there were stunning. There were four of them sitting around. I speak no Spanish and they speak no English, but they did have a "menu" in English. I selected the massage with shower at the end for, I think, $60. This young, hot blonde was the masseuse. I probably could have picked one, but there was no bad choice among the chicas (8's and up). I undressed and lied on the table. She came in wearing a bikini top and jeans. She gave a nice massage and then we "negotiated" FS. I think I paid about $150 extra. I spent more than I planned here, but it was worth it IMO. I didn't get her name due to the language barrier.

After tooling around Mexicali and having dinner, I went to Miau Miau's around 8 pm. It was packed. A cute girl named Najila, or something like that, came and talked to me shortly after I entered. I noticed she was carrying a small purse, as others mentioned. She asked if I wanted a private dance, and I said OK. So, I paid her $20 and we went back to the private area. The "dance" was mainly her feeling me up under my shorts, and me rubbing her. It was nice. I wish US strip clubs were like this. She offered FS for $100, but I declined. She did a CBJ for $50. It was nice, though I prefer uncovered.

My only hassle coming back was with US Customs. I am not sure why. I have very "Anglo" features and have no crimininal record. One guy thought I looked "nervous" so they interrogated and detained me for 10 or 15 minutes before finally letting me go.

All in all it was a nice experience. I probably spent a little more money than I should have, but much less than I would have spent for a comparable time at home.

Mexicali Jack
06-22-04, 12:32
Have been going to Mexicali for a number of years and am constantly learning.

My modus is to buy a quart of beer and eyeball the bar. Once I see a chica I ask to dance (just say Bailar [bay lar]) and if she dances well I ask to sit for a beer with ficha (Saigon tea or a drink for her with commission). Learned that one should pay 10 pesos (about $1) per dance.

Remember Jack's rule - if she dances well she f**** well!

Some chicas are there just to dance! Some bars have a ringer, good looking chick just there to draw in the drinkers. Watch chicks sitting next to the band as they are often either with the band or hired by the band as a draw.

One item of mongering interest. I was talking to one of the chicas who is bilingual. I was shocked at the number of guys asking the girls to dance without paying anything OR buying them a beer. The chicas are there to make money and hate those guys, cheap skates. Thus, it makes it easier for us the ones with a few bucks. Again, it does not take much to get laid in MXL. She was looking for $10 a day to live, is a good looking chick and was really pissed that guys were taking advantage of her.

Good luck to all.

06-22-04, 15:35
Scrodie said: "All in all it was a nice experience. I probably spent a little more money than I should have, but much less than I would have spent for a comparable time at home."

This is an ongoing debate but I agree that if you (not somebody else) feel you got good value for your money then you did good. One thing I like about getting my fix first at the Fixx is that the rest of the evening I am able to think with my big head since the little head has been placated.

I am not comfortable with the haggling for a couple of dollars but realize that the first price quoted at the Fixx is a higher figure so that they have room to come down to what they want. What I do is offer 1500 pesos. That is close to $130 USD. We both seem happy.

One thing I like about Mexicali is that it has a wide variety of venues. Massage Parlors, Dancer Showclubs, fixed price at BSD, and local bars in the Zona Centro. Hope the memories stay with you until your next visit.


Mexicali Jack
06-23-04, 16:20
Saw a really attractive 30+ year old blond at 3 Aces Tuesday evening. She came in around 8:30 p.m. and was dressed in a solid black dress and looked real hot. Was already occupied yet I wanted to play. I seldom see such an attractive woman there. Looked better than a movie star. Such is life.

Mexicali Jack
07-01-04, 00:00
Did a google search for La Frontera Mexicali and went to their web site. Clicked on clasificado (classifieds) and searched for massages (masajes) and got a few hits. Has anyone had any luck with any of these?

07-06-04, 04:57
Anyone have directions to Giaux Giaux? Can you walk from the border?

Joe Arturo
07-06-04, 22:54

It would take a lot of energy and a lot of time to walk from the border to Giau Giau (pronounced Wow Wow). The easiest way to get there is to go straight when you cross the border (follow the sign for Aeropuerto). This is a one way street named Madero. You will have several stop signs and signals. Eventually you will get to streets that are named with letters, such as Calle A, Calle B, etc.

After the stop sign at Calle K you will come to a signal and there will be a big sign on the left for "Corona Agencia". Turn right at this intersection. You will now be going south on Justo Sierra. At the first rotunda veer to the left and you will be on Benito Juarez. Keep going straight and you will go around another rotunda at Lazero Cardenas. As you go around the rotunda keep going straight and stay on Benito Juarez. Giau Giau will be on your right a little bit before you get to Harrah's.

Rico Cafe
07-07-04, 07:01
I am about due for a another Mexicali excursion. The last few weeks I have been out of town and pre-occupied with work etc but the need is real and Rico is ready for the weekend!
Jack, I think I saw that blond at 3 aces about a month ago, she was a hottie! I may have to check that out!

Mexicali Jack
07-15-04, 18:22
Was in the zone around 9 p.m. Wednesday evening and women were all over the place. Much young stuff for the younger mongers. Sun was down and heat was tolerable. In other words it really looked good. Guys in the bar were just getting s*** faced, ergo the women need servicing!

Many of the regulars i.e. the girls on tour are going to Ensenada for the summer to beat the valley heat.

Mexicali Jack
07-23-04, 16:57
Hit the Zone in late afternoon Thursday. Was surprised at the number of young, attractive women walking the streets. Even saw one of my picture girls parading around. Temps are high and the men inside drank beer until they were s*** faced and they then left leaving the women just sitting there waiting. They want to drink, dance then then f***. Suggest arriving 7:30 p.m. or so for any future show and today, Friday looks real good.

Rico Cafe
07-23-04, 18:03
What's happening in Mexicali these days? I haven't been down in a while but I think this weekend is a must.

Rico Cafe
07-26-04, 06:56
Hit the town Friday night. First stop Mas Morras, Angelique was looking pretty hot as were a couple of other slinky young things especially the one with all of the tattoos, nice offers extended but it was still too early to commit so we headed off to Playboy where we stayed for about 10 minutes...nothing but cows although one of the thinner cows came over and surprise lip locked both me and my buddy. She just came over and stuck her tongue down my throat ( I think I might have had a chance with her...LOL). After we spit that out and wiped our mouths clean we got the heck out and went to Miau Miaus for about 5 hours.
There were lots of nice babes there but it was still the same old buy me drinks and lapdances routine and I am finding that tiresome. At least with some of them. Personally I don't like to be sold, I prefer to pick one out if I'm in the mood.
The nice thing about Miau Miaus is that the service is excellent from Jorge our favorite waiter, the girls look sweet and aren't overly aggressive. You can chat them up and go further if you like but we didn't. Its still my favorite place to just hang out.
Then we went to Madonas for a little while but we were getting strip clubbed out so it was time to grab some tacos and head back home. It was about 4:30 when I threw my buddy out on his lawn.
I didn't see a single "must have" chica, I think the heat has driven the best ones to cooler climes.

Mexicali Jack
07-29-04, 12:25
I constantly check out the market in Mexicali and often wonder if there are a number of girls in the bars with few takers. By this I mean why are there 10-20 girsl with the local guys merely sitting and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. I realoze we all have standards with some being high, some being low with all standards being substantially lowered the more one consumes cerveza. Many of the women have eaten too many tacos yet the young stuff is still present so where are the players? Jack cannot do it all and I only rarely do double headers, my days of triple headers are rapidly fading.

The weather? Things are a little slow in the afternoons and early evenings due to the weather. temps are high until the sun goes down.

The wait coming back? Border crossing times are now only a few minutes, I guess many of the crossing ag workers have moved North with the crops.

The price is right! I have noted that the bar girls work for less with the going starting rate being $20 or $$200 for girls working in the bars i.e. they have cards. I realize that us tourists may have to pay more, $30 is fine for FS. In any event, an economist would say that there is plenty of supply or excess inventory.

BYW, I see the sex police checking cards about once a week in the bars. If a girl doesn't have a card she is ejected to work the streets! The bar owner/manager controls girl entry so there may be some give and take there. I noted that some of the girls get upset when a non-card person is allowed entry. The girl-fights may start at that point. I see more card checks in Mexicali that TJ.

An interesting side note. If a girl doesn't have her card she often works the streets. Further, some of the bars away from the zone such as BSD never get checked and is another reason for girls to work there. Possibly the bar owner/manager takes care of local LE. I have seen the policia enter BSD and then leave in 3 minutes, enough time to obtain there just do.

Was at Bar Gallo Giro Sunday and Tuesday. A newbee (a real cow and taco eater) was dancing topless on the bar. Another girl named Cecilia joined her stripping down the her bra. I say this as the bartenders wanted to get things going and some of the girls joined in. While watching a cow dance topless is not much "eye candy" it was a noteworthyk attempt to get things going.

I took some pics and will post to this site when I have the time.
The more I learn about Mexico the better I like it.

Can anyone post a SITREP on BSD?

Mexicali Jack

Joe Arturo
07-30-04, 01:07
Mexicali Jack:

What is a SITREP?


Mexicali Jack
08-03-04, 18:01

SITREP, an intelligence term meaning Situation Report

08-03-04, 18:10
Jack - is the liquor comment like the old joke about "I've never gone to bed with an ugly woman but I've woken up with a few!" ?? :-)

SITREP - sure have a good idea what you either DO or DID (MIL-SPEAK)

Mexicali Jack
08-05-04, 12:46
Regarding the liquor comment. No, I just like to drink. Further it helps to break the ice with the women. I would prefer to just walk up to the one I like and say. "Let's go f***", that has never worked for me in Mexicali, it works at Adelita's in TJ. Different town, different game.

Mutha Foo
08-07-04, 02:54
Does anybody have any rec's for Cleopatras?

Rico Cafe
08-07-04, 07:10
I walked around the zona Wednesday for a little while looking for something to lift my spirits, checked into the Playboy but it wasn't really my game. I checked into Gallo Gira and I think I saw one of your girls in there. One of the ones you've posted pics of, she was sitting with another girl and a guy so I moved on. She looks better in person.
I didn't get into anything but it was actually kinda fun to just walk around and window shop. There was a breeze and it felt pretty good. I think I have been in the desert too long..LOL

Mexicali Jack
08-08-04, 13:45
Bar San Diego. Went to BSD Saturday night arriving around 6 p.m. Here is the SITREP. Over 10 girls, the same crowd. Have not been there in about 3 months so I had two drinks to watch the crowd. Again, same old faces. Alicia was sitting with some dude so I waited. Saw another that I did a couple of years ago but she approached a tall gray-haired gringo so I had to wait. Saw two more that I did some time ago, one had enormous breasts, the other is real cute, I forget her name but she looks like the Elvira witch lady with her long, black hair and dynamite time figure.

For those in the know Alicia is world-class. She should give clinics and train the other workers, she is that good. Alicai told me that things have been slow and we both speculated it is due to the fact that many of the workers have "gone North" following the crops. It is either that or the heat.

In summation things at BSD are the same, the same, the same. I also talked to Castillo, one of the waiters. He confirmed that things don't change much there. They have a web site in their name so just type in the words. As for directions once the POE in CLX is passed follow the sign for AEROPUERTO and go about 3.5 miles to RIO CULICIAN and turn right. BSD is 1/2 mile on the left.
BSD is not Adelita's. It is a good place for those either in the Valley or travelling between San Diego and Phoenix on I-8.
I will post some pics.

Rico Cafe. Hang out at Gallo Gira as the drinks are the cheapest in town. $$20 pesos for a quart of Pacifico, Corona or whatever. That is why the bar is packed - a true to heart Mexican bar. Introduce yourself to Dina, she does look good in person. Further, she knows everyone at the bar and is a good point-of-contact.

Mexicali Jack
08-08-04, 19:16
Here at last is a pic of Alicia at BSD. She looks much better in person.