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01-24-04, 02:09
Why bribe the guys? Most of them have mustaches that kind of tickle down there, and few are THAT good looking! Sheesh!

Don't forget, they (chica ballerinas) think you are the sucker in the room, when in fact, this is the time to take advantage of them! They do not want to let you get out of there with THEIR money. YOU get all YOU can when you dangle your, er, money, in front of them!

01-24-04, 08:22

I don't know what your tastes are but there is a new girl staying at La Conga that I rate as a 7. Friday was her first night and the early bird gave the worm. Her name is Maria, up from Jalisco. Very pale skin and European, rather than Mexican-Indian, features. Wears a D cup. And what makes her really stand out among the typical Congaese is that even barefoot she stands 5 foot 9. With her 3" heels on, her and I are the same height. A very nice change for me. Of course, as with everything, YMMV !


PS. It was a very good hour. If I didn't have a tee time in Eloy and tickets to the Red Wings game on Saturday I would be at the Granada with her instead of home posting this note, :) .

PPS. Say Jackson, where does the period go when using an emoticon at the end of a sentence?

01-24-04, 19:15

Bribing is a spin on negotiations. What I intend to accomplish is to get good service, they unfortunately watch the action coming and going, the middlemen.

I speak enough Spanish, communicate with body language, know the ropes.

My recent trips to Amsterdam and the FKK clubs in Northern Germany have me spoiled.. The hunt is part of the fun, I do not have any financial restrictions,but don't get me wrong, I did not just get off the Turnip truck. Negotiating with the girls is my strong point, I have a good presentation, well manored, groomed better then most, and don't mind paying alittle extra if I like the girl.

Hell, I spend more money every night going out to dinner, wining and dining, etc.. This is such a fun hobby, it's only money! Having a sweet young chica for alittle sport nooky has replaced my 20+ over par average at the Links in Scottsdale :-)

Will post my experience shortly.

01-26-04, 04:09
It was a joke. Re -read your post and you'll get it. This time try with your nose a little lower.

01-26-04, 17:20
Just returned from a Saturday night in Nogales. Made the trip down from Scottsdale in about 3 hrs total.

Checked in to the Americana Hotel, three S's and off to the border. Parked at McDonalds, walked thru the deserted entry to the gate, very surprised it was so slow at the entrance on a Saturday.

Once across the border the typical shit with the border troll's began.

Walked down to Obregon, had some dinner, then up Obregon to check out the Saturday night scene,, some interesting clubs, etc.

Made it over to Bolero around 9:00, much more crowded then last visit. A few decent looking girls, but way to many guys and shit service.

Wandered over to Lipsticks, Placers, Lord Black,etc. Told the bouncers that I wanted to check out the scene before I paid to get in, no problema since they recognize me from past recent visits. Not much doing, average girls sitting around chatting with the locals.

My friend wanted to check out Fernis', which I usually do not like. Went upstairs, great choice, 2 to 1 ratio of girls to men. Not many stunners but I wanted to have a few beers and we figured sitting next to women in lingerie was better then sitting next to a bunch of guys.

After a few minutes, a women ticket seller named Yesenia asks me what I am looking for. I tell her I like petite younger girls, no fake boobs, she laughs! She promptly returns with a very nice looking young slim girl with long black hair and with beautiful eyes. I agreet to do a test drive, two private dances for $20. She is nice looking, but very mechanical. I thank her and return for some more beers. After a while, I notice a girl wandering around the club in street clothes, nice tight jeans, auburn complexion, gourgeous IMHO (I am a picky SOB). I watch her for a while, she looks like she may work there, sits down next to the dancers for a while, gets up, moving around the place. I ask Yesenia if she is available, she laughs again and tells me that the girl is one of the Waitress' not a dancer. I ask if she the girl would consider entertaining me for an hour in the private room. She walks over and talks to the waitress, they both giggle! Yesenia returns and tells me everything is a go. I ask for a test drive first, $20 for a private in the booths. We get in the booth, she takes her clothes off and exposes one of the finest young bodies I have seen (since my trip to Amsterdam and FKK land over New Years, heh heh heh). She has the matching thong, bra outfit, hot pink. She jumps on me and starts moving like a wild vixen, I get rock hard in about two minutes flat. "Me gusta, muy bonita, chinga!"

Knowing that I have not fucked anything in a few weeks and did not want to finish early I pop a Levitra for extra endurance. Both girls are anxious to get my money, I tell them to give me 15 minutes to check with my friend so he knows what the hell I am doing, AND, to give the levitra some time. I do not need the shit, I am 41 and in great condition, usually Levitra and Viagra are for fucking girls your own age, these hotties get me going, just like to last the full hour of sport fucking.

15 minutes later we are off to the Private room, actually quite a few of them to my surprise, nice layout, queen size bed, mirrors, etc. She strips down, oh my god, yum yum. I have her take my clothes off for me, really enjoy that process :-)

I will skip all the details, BJ, multiple positions, etc. Just can tell you that this girls fucks like a tiger in heat. Full on sexo, I am not big on kissing, but she is, so what the fuck. I stop a few times just to look at her, spread eagle in front of me, she winks, smiles, giggles, etc. Total cost for the hour, inclusive of the house fee is only $150. Compared to the falling dollar oversees, it is now a bargain once again in Mexico. I find out she is 20, works 6 days a week, mainly just as a waitress?? She has a two year old son, I give her an extra $20 for her nino and walk back to the bar to find my friend.

After about 5 minutes she returns and plops herself back on my lap, kissing my neck, grabbing my crotch,etc. We chatted for another 20 minutes or so, laughing, groping, etc. A great time! I tipped the Mammason for the great intro, the bar tender gave me a free blunt to enjoy during the long walk back to the border. We arrived back at the Hotel around 3:00 A.M.

Drove back to Phoenix early the next morning so I could be back at work by noon. I was spent, 12 beers, 5 shots, etc..

The only bad part is that the food I ate is kicking my digestive system to death,

No pain, no gain

Lanrac (Carnal)

Sorry but for some reason my home computer fucked up my normal posting procedure so I had to get another handle

Heading back soon! Just before I fly over to Prague and Germany to "Czech" out the Club scene, FKK land, K-5, Atltantis, etc, in March.

01-28-04, 07:49
Lanrac AKA Carnal1,

One of the best reports I have seen in Nogi - ever. Thanks.

Six days...


Blue Sterling
01-28-04, 23:39
I am looking to visit Nogales in Feb. I haven't been there in 2 years & I have no idea what to expect at the border.

I am told by friends who go to TJ a lot that going back into the US has gotten to be a much bigger pain in the ass than it used to be - can anyone tell me if this is true of Nogales?

01-29-04, 00:11
Thanks, Carnac,
I hold in my hand a hermetically sealed envelope...
I believe I been with the same waitress, as I would describe her the same way. Freckles maybe, great behind? One thing I remember most is how she quivered and flinched big time when I touched her "other" hole! This after settling on 60 bucks for a half hour of "anything" goes. (plus the $50 room fee). Wasn't going there anyway, just was taken back by her reaction. Some of the best lays, and best looking, as well as lower mileage, in town are the waitresses.

Los. Tues night in Nogi?

01-29-04, 22:02
Crossing the border is no big deal for ( white?) US citizens now with a photo DL. Expect a modest line weekends mid-morning at worst. The TJ lines are much, much longer. When the terror alert is higher mabe you'll get another question or two. The Canadian border can be tougher, with getting out of Canada from Canadian Customs the hardest part!

01-30-04, 03:55
I concur with ED that crossing at Nogales has been pretty straight forward, at least for us white guys with government issued picture ID (DL, etc.). Sometimes they don't even ask for ID but I always have it out and showing just in case. Easier than digging for it after they ask.

Long lines streching a block or two can sometimes be seen between 1500 and 1700 on weekend afternoons. Not always but sometimes. Another long line time is Sunday morning, nine or ten-ish. Entire families on a Sunday-go-to-church-and-then-shopping outing. Neither of these are typical punter return times. It is flat quiet after midninght except when a busload, literally a busload, of students hit La Jungla and such.

Occassionally I am asked, "What was the nature of your trip to Mexico?". I really have to bite my lip when asked by a female agent. I want to make some smart-alec comment but finally just reply, "Pleasure!".

01-30-04, 21:25
Paola was at La Conga Thursday night. If you like skinny, tight, small-breasted girls she would be worth investing an hour of your time. A strong 7 or 8 in anybodies book. Our hour together left us both with a "sonrisa". Not necessarily for the same reasons.

The La Conga experience can best be described as a hit-or-miss crapshoot. A lot of mediocrity and an occasional hottie. Three factors will determine your opinion about your time there: 1) Your taste in women (subjective), 2) Your expectations (subjective), and 3) Your comfort zone (totally subjective). There have been times when I have walked all the way up there, had a couple of beers, watched a baseball game, walked back downtown, and paid 2 or 3 times as much at one of the TD bars. But the vast majority of the time I leave with a few less condoms, $130 less in my pocket, and a big smile on my face.

The girls and the club owners will charge what the market will bear. Guys, WE ARE THE MARKET. It is a classic "Catch 22" situation. We go downtown because that is where the best girls are. The best girls go downtown because that is where the gringo dollars are. Nogales didn't change overnight and it is never going back to what it was. But the guys in this forum should at least know that there is an alternative to the closet. And not just downtown.

01-31-04, 09:48
Good analysis of the Nogi scene. Mongering does tend to have the risk/reward/value for $$ equations that are completely subjective. Being knowledgable about the market only works to our favor.

Questions about LaConga, as I have only been there once - you mentioned a few (more than one) less condoms and $130 (which is $65 x2). Thus you apparently often indulge in two rounds with the chicas, correct? Is this usually with the same chica twice, or do you opt for variety. If the latter, any tips on dumping #1 so you can scoop up #2?

BTW - "Pleasure" comment had me LOL.


Tue. Yes, that is the plan. Care to share a beer? PM me.

01-31-04, 17:24

Some guys bring their own condom and some buy them when needed. If you have ever had one break, slip, or whatever and had to replace it, you would know how inconvenient it is to ask the girl to get another. I try to always have spares. A second thing is just something I do. The first condom I offer is flavored. Fresa, platino, vanilla, or naranja. (Strawberry is most often asked for.) But the latex is much thicker so I will change to a thinner Trojan at some point later.

To more directly answer your question, the grandkids are coming to town in a week and we will go skiing up at Sunrise. Every time I go my knees remind me that they are not 27 years old any more. Used to remind me after lunch, now they do it much earlier. In different ways all parts of my body remind me they are not 27 anymore. I contract for one hour and tell them, "No tan prisa" ahead of time. It usually takes me 35 to 50 minutes to cum and the recycle time is more like 2 or 3 hours. So, no, I have not dealt with "What if there are 2 girls and I want 30 minutes with one and half an hour with another?" I have noticed that the girls hang out in little cliqs and if both girls were from the same cliq you could probably make the arrangement ahead of time. Do understand that they will see the contract as 30 minutes or when you "finish", whichever comes first. And if you are looking at 2 girls from different "gangs" then you're probably asking for trouble.

On a Tuesday night the pickings could be slim. I would suggest not going out to La Conga until after 2100 and even then there might not be anyone worth the time or money. Or there might be. Often you have girls fresh up from the south and their first job is at La Conga, until they learn about the better money downtown. And then they don't like the dancing and stripping on stage and in a slow week they don't make much money. A "seven" is often queen of the hill at La Conga but can't get anyone's attention downtown.


PS. "Ficha" drinks are $7, 3 for the girl and 4 for the club. I think beers are $5 but I sip a cola so I'm not sure. And quarters for the jukebox always give "face" to the girls.

02-01-04, 07:19
Thx Rag,
That's a help on how to play there...

Are there still 2-for-1 deals at some of the strip clubs on Tuesdays? Especially for booth rental, which needs to be much much much lower...


02-01-04, 15:52
The booth rentals are a joke. Of course I am preaching to the choir. Even the Kamers in Amsterdam are larger then these closets.

Fernis had the best deal at two for $20, just a good old fashioned tittie dance/test drive. There 1 hour in the private room for $150 is a much better alternative, just be selective with who you bring back.

02-02-04, 02:05
Obsession's has the two fer if you ask/insist. Lord Black, Placer's and Boleiro's have the same owner or some kind of arrangement. Your admission to one will get you into the others with the hand stamp. They run periodic two-fers. The admission ticket is worth a beer, BTW, so they really don't care if you pay or not. It's just another opportunity for dollars in the doormans hands. The booths can be cool you have the right chica, (Samantha), want a BJ, or just be squeezin some naked chick waiting for a recharge - or you buddy to puke. Fernie's normal charge for a bed and a door is $50 for a half hour. Obsession's price is $65. Placer's is similar but I have only paid for the package there, $150 I think. Of course, Granada is less than forty for up to twenty four hours, and has a TV and shower!
I always carry condoms and lube, but have not been so kind as to offer the flavours. Most vastly prefer natural to latex, and I wouldn't want to confuse anyone with too many choices!

Mystic Pimp
02-04-04, 02:08
Visited Fernis and Lipsticks for the first time last Thu. Talked to a latina-looking "gringa" by the name of Valerie (or Valeria). She seems to be worth the visit. She speaks perfect English (shocking for a dancer in Mexico), but she admitted to me privately that she's an American. She seems to have the hookup on all kinds of stuff in Nogales, so if you guys ever go to Lipsticks, look her up, and tell her you heard about her on the internet. If there's any interest, I may post more on her later.


02-05-04, 02:32
quiet in nogi tues night. fear of amazing winter storms, i guess.
hit every bar but rios and obsession's for a beer and a peek. a friend and i where the only guys in fernie's around ten. the girls were amusing themselves dancing around. if i could dance at any higher level than putz, i would have took a waitresses suggestion and got up on stage for them. what could have been if i wasn't such a loser! lipstick, boleiros, placers, lb's all dead but hold a gem or two none the less. paid no cover as usual. still got a shot of tequila at b's. got over to tecolote (fairly busy, but nothing on the menu looked appetizing) to meet lovelos a couple hours late. no matter, he walks in a half beer later! we went to obsession's where two dollars to get in got another shot of tq. busiest place of the evening. los steals the hottest chica in the room. hey! this is my place! she looks pretty worn out later but my buddy takes her for a ride just the same. these girls just can't stay faithful. i get kicked around and drug through the mud, as usual, but leave satisfied. we wander over to rios to complete the tour. looking good in here as well. decent crowd. specials tonight, holy crap, imagine that! los steals the hottest chica in the room. (cut and paste). girls all around, two for one privado, 50 bucks to straddle the ottoman, now that hit the spot! most places have bumped beer to four freakin dollars, they where three here and obsession's, i believe. would have been a great night to stay as picking a bed cover would have been the classic buyers market. gotta get back home by one. right. at two thirtyish we all get stateside, los is parked same lot, next to my car. "i can read" he says. gotta love the power of this group.

Sun Devil
02-05-04, 04:03
The way I am hearing it Tuesday night is a buyer's market, unlike the weekends. Maybe I'll try Nogi next week, just for variety sake. I haven't been there since last February.

02-05-04, 11:15
Please excues minor missellings in this report. went out with friensd and got pretty shit faced. Here is what I can rememeber from the Tue tour of Nogi,.

Got there laate as Ed mentioned. I had Two agendea, Fuck a couple of chicas and meet and pary with WSG Senior member Ed..

Went to Fernies first since I knew where it was. Nothing dead, glad there was no cover. Had a beer and split. found a tout to take me to Tecolote. Walked in and located the Gringos. Nothing worth glancing at, so we moved out. Ed and friend dragged me kicking an screaming to Obsessiosns. Well OK I went willingly. Poor Ed has a problem, he is known by the chicas. He walked in and was immediately accosted by a rather fine young lady to be accosted by, but he had plans for other things I think... Such is the life of a monger. Sorry to snag the babe, but shit it is amazing how much our tastes parallel. Other buddy found a fine young thing there, but she was not his cup of tea. Ed continued to be attached by his lady. I had spotted this creature heading to the privados, so I watched and waited. After forever and enduring two table dances that new-found friends were partaaking of, SHE finally came out and I flagged the guy to bring her.

I got a table dance and she was indeed a hottie. Caroline soon convincesd me a privado was in order and we moved back... I was asked $50 for BJ and $100 for FS. I negotiated $65 for sexo with the condom plus the $20 booth.

As mentioned by Ed, this girl was worth the trip. First time in a while for me so the doggie did me in quickly, but Caroline was
one fine fuck. I think that Ed did leave the establishement with one load less than he arrived.

Now here is where I really feel bad, Ed and friend were to head out and they decided it was prudent to walk me to Rios, so I would be safe. I thank them of course. I feel bad because they also escorded me in and seemend to have a simply abissimal time sitting idly with me. NOT.

We were seated and, unlike Fernies, Tecolote or Obcessions, we were soon greeted by several fine chicas. Ed, correct me if I awrong, but you were greeted by one fine object of beauty, and I was greeted by another. Actually, it is probably a tossup as to which was the hottest chica in the room, but there is no disagreement that we had each done very damn well. Your friend found no lady and we had given him up for puritanical.

My lady, Mylana (right Ed?) had a fine pair of hooters and was not ashamed of placing my hands on them or hers on little LoveLOS., whose attention she got very quickly. As noted, both Ed and I wnd for privados. I agreed to $60 for FS with this goddess and thruly enjoyued the second round of doggie for the eveing. This dollie seemed to get off in being pounded while having her tits worked manually. Oh, need I mention that I was rewarded with something like 38D's that I believe to be all natural. Wow what a mouthfull for a monger who rarely takes more than B to C cup.

Keep in mind we are supposed to be in a rush, since Ed and friend are supposed to leave by 12 to 1am. So why the fuck is friend going INTO the room at 2am? I guess, why not?

I have to say I really enjoyed the level of customer service that we enjoyed at Rios. Even when we told them no more ladies drinks, they stayed and even let us play with the goods. a good time was had by the mongers and we soon departed and got stateside with little more to report.

Mongers viva la Mexico,

02-05-04, 12:40
And Wednesday night was not bad either.

After three days with the ex and the grandkids coming Saturday for a week of skiing, I figured I'd better drop down to Nogie and get in some mongering while I had a chance. Walked up to La Conga to see what was available at 9 o'clock and found about ten girls there. Mostly 5's and 6'es, a couple of 7's and, lo and behold, there was Paola. A cola for me and a Tecate for her and I was ready. It was a full hour with about as many positions as a Queen-sized bed can allow. A smile and a kiss and I was headed back toward "la linea".

On the walk back I decided to stop in at some clubs across the railroad tracks, just to check them out. Boleiro was first so I went there first. I paid the cover and got my hand stamped. I figured I'd stop in at all three. I don't drink much so the shot of tequila or ticket for a beer do me little good. I got my cola with the ticket and sat down to watch the show. About a dozen girls were there, dancing and working the floor. After about half an hour a skinny little thing sat down on my lap and started her spiel. It had only been about forty-five minutes sinced I'd kissed Paola goodbye and I didn't think I was ready. But a privado couldn't hurt, could it. Well, it showed me I WAS ready, at least for a blow job. And it turned out that Bebe was pretty good at it. Bingo.

Went back to the table and watched a few girls dance and then it was Bebe's turn on stage. You know, it's one thing to watch a girl dance and strip and dream about doing her but it's another thing to watch someone who just sucked you dry 10 minutes earlier. That of course is literary license because it was a CBJ. Nonetheless, she sucked, I came, and now I am watching her strut her stuff. Makes you feel good all over.

Next comes Placer's. About a dozen girls but I never see the dancers work the floor. On the stage are the skinny girls, 8's and 9's all. On the floor are the chubbier girls. One sits on my lap and asks if I want a privado. I tell her no and immediately she is up and gone. A little while later another sits down and is less aggresive. When I tell her no thank you she still rubs me and places my hand on her breast. Even though I know I'm not going to be doing anything with her, I like the fact she just kept trying a little harder without being overly aggresive. We end up playing grab the bare breast and rub the pussy for the cost of one privado but it lasts about half an hour and is right out at the table. I bought one "ficha" drink, and, instead of buying another one, I just gave her the four bucks she would get for the coupon. Place a dollar here and a dollar there and, all in all, a pleasant way to end the night. By now it's 2 o'clock. Time to drive back to Tucson.

One of these days there will be no one at La Conga for me and I will be back downtown and I hope I can remember all the good advice given by Ed..., LoveLOS, and others.


02-06-04, 01:05

Nice report, it is quite amusing to read how one day Rio's has the babes, the next its another place, and so on. Half the fun is finding them. I am going down south of the border again this weekend, saturday night fling from Phoenix. Going solo, if any of you are in Nogi, let me know,


Lanrac (aka Carnal1)

02-06-04, 10:09
Hey Rag or others,

Planning to be @ nogi tomorrow nite. Since I won't have time to check PMs again, I'll just let you know how to find me. I plan (may be late) to arrive around 11pm & to go to Rios first, as that is where I have been treated quite well most consistently.

Just find the gringo and ask if he is LL. After play there, I am open to suggestions from any brothers that may hook up with me... Looking to party.


02-11-04, 07:44
Carnal, Sorry I missed you. This is a FRIDAY report:

Sorry for the late report. I only had one night left in Nogi, and so I was determined to have an exceptional time. Arrived at 11pm as planned and had the look in my eyes that even the touts avoided me. My first destination was Rios, but I did not count on seeing a rather attractive chica standing in a hotel entrance way right on La Linea. What the fuck? I walked over and she asked me if I was looking for a woman, and I then knew I was not mistaken in her intentions. We negotiated $40 for sexo and $10 for the room. She tried to add on the $5 condom, but I drew the line. Her name was something that started with a C or S, but my memory fails me. Fair looking woman, about a 6-7 on the SW scale (I grade SWs on a curve). She was into getting off as she had me work her pussy with multiple fingers for a good ten minutes. She wanted me to do DATY, but there was a moderate odor, so no way. The CFS, mish, was good for both of us. She offered to spend the night, but I wanted other prey and so I dressed and split.

Around the corner to Rios and upstairs. Morelana (correction from last report) was there but she didn't seem to understand when I didn't want to head straight for the closet as soon as I sat down. She said she would return, but it seems she got busy. Not a problem because so did I. I went thru about five girls before a real hottie came along (and some recharge time had elapsed). She was black haired like a Hispanic girl is supposed to be, about 5'4" b cups and a solid 8-9 on the dancer scale (which is not graded on a curve). Again, too much tequila and too much time have passed, but I think her name was Sharon. I bought her a drink and she was very playful and soon I was in the mood for a privato, for which I got two for one, probably due to the nice tip I gave the ticket guy. She was tough and we settled at $70. Good CBJ and she climbed on cowgirl. She worked for a while then she turned and we went doggie to completion. We went back and finished our drinks. I chilled for a while then thought I needed to tour a few other places.

Next stop was Bolerios. Again, for some weird reason, the touts totally left me alone tonight. Paid my $4, noting the cover was also good at Placers and Lord Blacks. Bolerios is the nicest place I have been in Nogi, with comfortable chairs, good sound system and large stage. I settled in with my free tequila and thankfully was not hounded for at least 15 minutes. The the ticket guy I recognized from Placers a year ago settles in a tells me the charges. SHIT. $10 tables. $71 for the closet, but that is for like 20 minutes plus the girl's charges... $235 for the bedroom but that includes the girl for 40 minutes. I thanked him and figured I was done for the night, but I was enjoying the dancing, some of the chicas were exceptionally hot. Then Chaina (this may be totally wrong too) sat down on my lap. I had noticed her dancing and walking around later and she was an incredible stunner, easily a 9+. She has short streaked (blonde/brown) hair, A cups, wonderful tight ass, lots of legs (tall) and a pretty face. I bought her a drink and she was playful, but again she did not hound me, she was just a nice companion. The ticket guy finally came over after she was sitting there for half an hour and we negotiated $121 for everything. Too damn much money, I have to admit, but this was one fine fine catch. She did not disappoint in the closet. Being this was the third woman in two hours, I managed a tour of most of the possible positions in a closet. Incredible body. As I rested upstairs, I noted that she had three more closet dates in the next half hour. I finally kissed her goodbye as she was leaving with the third guy after me and decided to tour the other bars.

Placers was a two minute effort. I walked in, looked at the talent (nothing on stage) and left. Moved on down to Lord Blacks and there was reasonable eye candy there. I sat and ordered a tequila. I was soon accosted by a rather attractive girl whose name escapes me. She had long black hair and wire rim glasses, which caught my eye. She was built quite well and so we talked a while. The ticket guy asked if I wanted a private or a dance and I thought a dance might be a good chiller for me. She would have none of that. Grabbed little LL and definitely gave me a three song mind bender. Somewhere she asked if I wanted her, but I informed her (decent English) that I had three women already and there was no way she could make me cum. I think she took this as a challenge and talked to the ticket guy who just walked up to me and told me I could have her and the closet for $60 until I was finished. I had the $60 in his hand before he did the math. She was planning to fuck, but I knew that was hopeless and opted for BBBJ. Gentlemen, it took a good 15 minutes of serious work on her part, and was one of the better BJs in my fuzzy memory, but the lady pulled off the impossible, I tipped her an extra $5 for effort. Closing time was upon us and I was wiped out, so I made my way to the border and home.

Hope you enjoyed the read, I came for a bender and that's what I got. I know bar fucking isn't for everybody, so there is no need to make some stupid comment to that effect. I enjoy fucking two to four different beautiful women in an evening - so call me something my friends haven't said about me... Spent about $300 with drinks for the three bar girls and $50 for the SW, which, in my mind is about the right value split. Is Nogi too expensive? Yes, just a bit when compared to TJ and very expensive when compared to BKK, but when in southern AZ, one does not have those options. You still spend less there for more return than anywhere in the USA.


02-12-04, 00:14
Sounds like a damn good night, indeed! Lord Blacks holds a couple hotties that can do when others can't. Dirty, dirty girls! Good show, chap. I noted the girl with the streaks last trip, but she seemed too aloof to play a good slap and tickle, my bad. (buddy dude got no good lovin from her). Some of these cars can only perform in the hands of a pro, I guess. Next trip make plans to hit Conga for a change, spend the night in a hotel, and diddle bar, street and semi pros. Mabe let a cabbie show the sights not seen elsewhere. Then wake up to the US trinket hunters and the surreal life in daylight. Thanks again for the visit, I look forward to another time!

02-17-04, 08:26
Next time I hope I can arrange the overnighter. Sounds interesting... LL

Blue Sterling
02-17-04, 18:55
I am going to be getting into Nogales in the Early Afternoon on Thursday. Any suggestions about places to go before 4PM?

Thanks for the tips about the border crossing as well.

02-18-04, 10:38
Blue Silver,
One of the bars across the tracks is open early, Cherries if memory serves. La Conga is open then also, but the choices are not great in the afternoon - RTFF about how that one works. Consider the street scene if you know how to spot a hooka. Read Ed's comment to me - taxi may work for you.

Border crossing: Walk across, don't carry weapons or illegal drugs, and be polite. Have ID in case you are asked and especially if you are Hispanic descent. Never had any hassles.


02-19-04, 01:58
Blue Sterling,

Cherries would be a good option. I believe Rios is also open. The Sensux massage parlor south of Cherries should also be open.

If you have not crossed in two years, the incoming and outgoing lanes of the border crossing now have a divider, so you will have to walk south for a block before turning left towards the tracks.


Blue Sterling
02-19-04, 12:25
Thanks for the advice. I am going to try Cherries & Rios today. I have not read any field reports on Sensux, so I am going to pass on that one, unless I strike out, in which case I will be taking one for the team. Expect a field report Sunday when I get back to the Midwest, sooner if I can get a computer.

02-20-04, 15:46
I am in El Paso and am heading to Nogales for the second time in my life. Will report to you guys soon. If by chance you will be in Nogi tonight, I will be wearing glasses, so say hi to any American looking dude with glasses. Maybe we can use a signal like maybe the "Little Rascals"he-man woman haters club signal. Dangling fingers in a downward motion off the chin.

Laters dudes.

02-22-04, 04:30
Heading to Nogi tomorrow night and wanted to find something different. Is there a place or provider that can hook me up with a submissive female for a little BDSM action?

Joe Blow
02-23-04, 05:30
I just read a news article that says that the Nogi policia are clamping down on those annoying guys that harrass you the minute you cross the border trying to get you to go to their strip club. It's because the local chief of police was just fired for letting drug smugglers go free, and the new one wants to make it better for Americans, or some such nonsense. If a guy gets arrested, he has to spend 36 hours in jail! Jeez! I kind of like those guys, though. Even though they are annoying, they get $2 for every guy they bring over. Plus, I usually give them a couple bucks as well. Oh well.

02-23-04, 06:46
Joe Blow,

I found those annoying guys especially annoying this second time I have been to Nogales. So they get a couple of bucks. Does this mean we pay extra in these cover charges?

The Filthy one

02-24-04, 01:28
Well after a 6 hour drive from El Paso arrived in Nogales at about 3pm Friday and got a room at the Motel 6. Kicked back took a shower and headed downtown at about 7pm.

Rather than going straight to the clubs I took a nice little half hour walk down that main drag then headed to Obsessions. Not to crowded and a few hotties. Talked to a few of them but I can only remember one of their names. A chunky chica by the name of Cielo. Cute but chunky. Then headed over to Rio. A bit more lively. The overall quality took a step down but still a few cuties and one big titted chica and she scared me.

I then took another walk and walked into a club Bora Bora. Not much there but the waitresses were cute. Any info guys?

Time to head over to the other side of the tracks. First place I went to was Lipsticks and met a gringa named Valeria. She looks like an older version of my MariLu at the Queens in Juarez. Too bad she spoke English. I didn’t go into Fernie’s, I hope I didn’t deprive myself of anything.

Then next 2 places I went to were Bolieros and the Massage Parlor next to Lord Black. 40 bucks for 40 minutes is what I was quoted. I didn’t stay, I was just curious. Bolieros had some hotties and the place was hopping. They seem to have an action hole downstairs.

Well I decided that the sight seeing tour was over. Time to get laid. I was saving this for the 2 places I liked the last time I was in Nogales. Lord Black and Placers. Lots and lots of hotties at Placers. I picked an aggressive girl named “Escarlette”. I paid 71 bucks for 3 tickets, one condom and 25 minutes in a cubicle. I paid her an additional 30 bucks for straight sex. She didn’t seem serious about it and kept messing around. She laid back in the chair and I started hosing her. One of her friends was in the next room and she called for her to come and look. I felt like a freak show, but still. I didn’t get a look at her but lets just say I got a free spanking. Ouch. Can someone tell me more about Escarlette?

It was still to early to go back to the hotel so I thought I’d relax for a bit at Lord Black. I was a chica there named Baby. She looked real familiar, I may have seen her pic on the net somewhere. She sort of looks like Nicole Ritchie. I am not into fake boobs but the novelty of an internet chica got the best of me so I bought 2 tickets and headed up stairs. I told her I didn’t want to fuck, I just wanted to see her dance. Decent dance but I had to test the limits on this chica. I pulled my freshly fucked tweeter out and told her to put her Knees on my lap and play with her pussy. She did and she must like to be watched. Well guys I got horny too and she noticed and for the price of 2 tickets I got laid again. By Juarez standards I paid too much at Placers and this 2nd lay of the evening evened things out. I just hope that in a couple of months she doens’t head over to Juarez looking for me. I’d hate to ruin it with MariLu.

So guys help me out. I spent 145 bucks on chicas and maybe 18 bucks in cover charges. What did I do wrong (or Right)? I can’t wait to go back again but It looks like that won’t happen till summer.

The Filthy One

Blue Sterling
02-24-04, 03:11
Ah Nogales,

Here is what I found, I got into Nogales at about 5PM local time on a Thursday:

Rios: I got to meet Monserat. I got a table dance & she was less than friendly to me. I am sure this is a YMMV situation. Great looking woman. Well worth a look.

Cherries: I met a lady name Abigail or Abby. She was exactly what I was looking for that day - $20 for the up-stairs & $30 for the fs. It was fantastic. BBBJ, DATY, CFS, Multiple Positions - this woman was hot! She gave me a cell phone number that is, no doubt, bogus but I loved being with her.

Would I have preferred a full hotel room? Yes. Was I happy to have a hard body with an enhanced rack? Oh yes!

The "Guides": I met a guy named Julio who tried to tell me I needed to buy a permission from the Mexican Gov. to be there & to visit the girls & the pharmacia. When I explained to him in Spanish what the law said, he just left me alone. AVOID THIS GUY LIKE DEATH!!!!! He is lying to you.

I met another guy there who helped me with a pharmacia that had great prices. Before anyone asks, NO - I did not have hard drugs in mind. I actually wanted a good deal on some medication I take for blood pressure back here in the US. I got a kick ass deal. I have his name & will be happy to share it PM to anyone who wants it. (My thinking here is no one will really give a damn about it.)

In closing, I would like to thank the members of this forum. Your information was a great help to me.

02-24-04, 08:02
If you venture down to Nogi for fun several times a year, those "annoying" guys can actually be helpful. That is, if you find the right guy.

I ran into a guy who I thought, at first, was going to be just another street punk, but he turned out to be a pretty straight up guy. He even declined tip money from me several times. Once I felt I could trust him, I even invited him for a beer to get caught up on the Nogales action (of course it helped that he spoke good English). He has suggested certain girls he knew were available and has offered to translate and negotiate for me--hooked me up one time for a date and I have no regrets. Whenever I'm in Nogales, he's the one tout I don't mind running into. Goes by the name of "Roberto" and usually works the Taxi stands at the the border or around the front of Club Rio.

02-25-04, 01:25
MM - Sure Roberto was a local, and not a fellow monger? Just curious. The news Joe Blo is talking about is in regards to licensing/registering the street guys. They are all required to have and ID card with them to work the visitors. I'm sure it's a corrupt set up but the intention is to eliminate clowns like BS's Julio. Seems like they aren't flashing them as much as when it started a few months ago. Just the same, it may be a good idea to ask to see it if you feel jerked around.
Bora Bora boring is more of a local place. Some guy said there were chicas working in there in school outfits one night back, but I never seen it and believe that to be a schill. You can find girls in there but it is more like the bar scene in your hometown.

Big Fat E
02-25-04, 04:40

I spent the night in Hotel Regis with a girl from BB. It helps if you speak some Spanish or have a friend help you out.

The school girl outfit is the BB waitress costume.

Personally, I think the place is too loud.



02-25-04, 19:39
Hi Ed.

I've been to Bora Bora also. It really helps if you can speak spanish. you can get some really good deals there, full service for $25 on a slow night. But I noticed that it really helps if your a regular there.

02-26-04, 00:07
BFE, Ha! That explains the "lined up along the bar comment!" I never though of the outfits as schoolgirl though have had success of that type here as well with what I call "regular" girls. I like it best with the live entertainment since they take breaks to allow a bit more conversation.

02-27-04, 03:26
I will be going to Nogales this Sat 2/ 28 & was wandering what strip are worth checking out and which ones aren't. I may want more then just a dance. First time there.



Big Fat E
02-29-04, 18:52
Visted La Conga last Saturday night, and spent a few minutes with Paola. Her voice has that scummed-on throatiness, and those slutty Sonoran accents always turn me on. It was the first time we met, and she spent a little too much time trying to get me to buy her more tickets.

She has a find bod, but those of you who prefer a solid rack will be disappointed. She gave an energetic CBJ, but doesn't really get into it with anything more than her mouth. Like most chicas, she seems to like it from behind and has the hip action to really emphasize the experience.

She's above the La Conga average, but doesn't rate a solid eight. If she's around, I'd do her again.



03-07-04, 00:48

I note nobody gave you any help. Here is the reason. Look around near the top of the screen for the link to Terms & Abbreviations. Click on it. Hunt down the list for an abbreviation for RTFF. Follow the instructions there. If you don't understand, then I have posted detailed instructions at this link:


Hope you did well and hope you choose to post your experiences here.


03-08-04, 14:34

Another possible influence is that he posted at about 6:30 Thursday night that he was going on Saturday. With the delay that a regular member's posting has, it means the post comes up Saturday night. Too late to give any suggestions, even RTFF. By the way, I read your oh-so-polite post and I agree with the spirit.


Ps. Have you noticed, it's been a week and still no report. What's worse than not RTFF, going down anyway, and having a bad experience? Going down, having a bad experience, and THEN rtff. Something about salt in the wound.

Big Fat E
03-08-04, 15:24
Hi Gents!

Have any of you met Mariella at La Conga? She is a real treasure: probably 4ft and 90 lbs. dripping wet. Very cute and willing!

One of you mongers w/ those didgital cameras could probably get a few photos to show that those of us in Nogi have a few girls worth seeing.

She doesn't have a lot of experience, but I think she's worth a visit.



03-09-04, 06:00
Didn't do the math on the posting delay. Poor sod. Well, if he is still lurking here, maybe I could make a suggestion:

If a regular member makes ten valuable posts on different days, then he basically qualifies for senior status. Once requested, reviewed and granted, his posts will hit the board immediately. Yep dude. That was a hint. ;)

Salt! Ouch! ROTFLMAO!


Chef Dude
03-10-04, 02:58
Thursday March 4, 8 PM

Crossed Border with no hassles. Entertained by the locals trying to hustle me for anything they can. Walked up to the first street and cursed down it where I found Rio’s. Remembering some favorable reports started looking like I was looking and Juan (the guy at the door says come on in, no cover. I’m game so I walk upstairs and Jose takes me to a table but the table is right next to the speakers, a little loud, ya think? So I ask him if I can move. I order a drink and he brings it to me. He asked what I was looking for and I told him show me what ya got. He parades a couple of 6 or 7’s by and I don’t bite. I ask him if that was it, he said no and he brought over a blond with 38’s, a solid 7. He said table dances were $8 and the room was $20. I told him I would take a table dance. The dance was just O.K. So I ended up leaving that club.
I would rate the club this was Comfort (seating) 5 only because they had seats (they were chairs you would see in a banquet hall.

Service (beverage) 8
Service (ladies) 6
Ladies 6 maybe 7’s

I then walked around a bit and remembered one monger saying he found a lady at of the Hotels. So I walking around and this guy say’s he got some great ladies for me and he will bring them over, I tell him go a head. He shows up 5 minutes later with this 3 or 4 and I politely tell him and the young lady I’m not interested. He asked if I wanted something younger and I said how about something around 20 he tells me to follow him. We walk down the street, me in the street not on the side walk and he stops at a Hotel and walks in and I watch from the door. There is a solid 7, standing and ask if I want a date in Spanish. I negotiate full service and the room for $100. We are in there for 2 hours and 2 pops later I’m walking out very happy. BBBJTC, GFE, Anal.

All in all a great night.

03-16-04, 23:29
How much does it cost to date a girl at Bora Bora?

03-18-04, 04:26
Chef d'la Dude,
Great report! drool.

[sarcasm mode]
Great first report.

Lets see, If your wife catches you, or you don't wear a raincoat during a serious date, the cost could be astranomical...

Other than that, let us reason together, for all of the following factors come into play when considering this question:
Do you wish to chat, play with her tits, get a BJ, fuck her brains out, pop all three holes, or spend two weeks with her in the Canadian Rockies?
How beautiful (or ugly) is the girl?
Is she 18 or not? (again that could get expensive if not)
How much are you willing to pay?
How well can you negotiate?
Are you horny?
Are you drunk?
Are you stupid? (no offense implied) [/sarcasm mode]

Since BB is in the "strip" it can safely be assumed that the prices are in line with the area for similar services. Try not to pay the chica more than $60-$80 for everything, and the house is gonna want their piece, be sure you get a value in line with other prices others have paid and reported about. I assume you have read the forum...

Check it out and report back.

03-18-04, 06:19
About two years ago I made my first trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I fell in love with the city and the people there. It broke my heart to see so many people less fortunate than us. There are many children that don't have adequate clothing or food. Shortly after my first trip I had a goal of starting a non-profit foundation or charity to help out these people. I was surprised when Jackson (owner of WSG) was at my apartment in BA and told me that he was in the final stages of starting the same type of charity. I was amazed and touched that we had the same idea. There really was no need to redouble my efforts.

The news media likes to talk about a side of the hobby that the majority of us aren't a part of yet they don't talk about the other aspects. I'm not quite sure how much WSG Charities has raised over the past year but I'm proud to say that many guys have contributed. Some have made very generous donations of $1,000 or more. I think that's wonderful! There are so many guys that receive benefit from WSG. Directly and indirectly. I posted the following below and I would ask you to read it and make a contribution.

Maybe Jackson will decide to branch out and help feed the poor of other cities. There is so much good we as a collective group can do. There is nothing better than helping someone less fortunate than yourself. Please give generously.

I know some of you will have the response, "yeah, I already donate to charities in the USA" or make up some other excuse. Many of us donate to charities in the USA as well but I'd ask that you consider helping out this cause.


"Hi amigos. Some of you may be aware that Jackson has taken the time to start a charity to help feed the poor of Buenos Aires and the surrounding communities. It's ironic because we both had the same thought about trying to do something to help the poor of Buenos Aires. He was much further along and took a lot of time and effort to put it together. Several of you have emailed me over the past several months asking if I still had plans to start something like this. There is really no need to double my efforts as we have the same goal.

I am asking all of you that have received benefit from my posts in the past and all of you that have received benefit from WSG to make a donation. This probably includes just about everyone reading this forum. Even if you have no plans to visit Buenos Aires you have probably received an indirect benefit of living vicariously through members from this forum. I'm not asking you to contribute a huge amount although if you could that would be great. With the sheer number of guys that read this board all it would take is a small donation of $10, $15, $20, $25, or $50 a year to make a big impact. If you can afford it then donate a few times a year.

I'm sure many of you could care less about the poor of Buenos Aires. If that is how you feel than so be it. I strongly feel that everyone can afford to contribute AT LEAST $10 or $15 to this cause. Several of us at the Thanksgiving Dinner last year contributed money to help with this cause. I hope that in the next few months I see more and more people with a designation under their handle that says they have donated. I didn't even know Jackson was doing that but it's probably a good idea. I would personally feel offended if I'm down there and out hobbying with some of you and you didn't contribute at least a little to this charity.

I feel like I've taken time to contribute through my posts and I've never asked any of you for anything. This is the first time and I hope you can find it in your heart to help out. You can make a donation with Paypal.com and that is probably the quick and easiest way. (To make it easy for him you might want to include your handle with your paypal.com donation). Please keep in mind that this is Jackson's project and he is the one that took the time to put it together. I know he probably didn't want to solicit donations and he never asked me to. I'm asking on my own behalf. Thanks in advance for your generosity!"



03-22-04, 18:45
I was driving in Nogales later Saturday (around 1:30am) and saw a couple of streetwalkers. Was on Obregon by the Blockbuster video store. Saw three of them. One dressed in high heels, fishnet stockings and short shorts, I would rate her around an 8 on the drive-by scale, her friend was dressed in what looked like a school girl uniform but she was obviously around 25 years old. Also saw a blond with big breast but did not get a good look at her since I was focusing on her breast on the drive by. Went around the block and on the second drive by the Blond was gone. And only the first two gals were there.

** WARNING ** Be careful of picking up streetwalkers on Obregon between Victor Hugo street and Cinco de Febrero. This is where the transvestites hang out because it is close to the restaurant where the transvestites do their show on Saturday nights. Yes, that’s right the transvestites have their own restaurant show in Nogales.

For those of you that are not familiar with Nogales, Victor Hugo street and Obregon is near the VH supermarket and Cinco De Febrero is the street that goes to La Conga. Once you pass Cinco De Febrero then you are out of transvestite territory.

03-23-04, 03:29
hi -- you folks were very helpful to me last year when i visited nogales, and i hope you can help me again (i generally post on the chicago area boards, although i haven't been active lately -- if i can be of any help to anyone dumb enough to come this way, let me know).

when i posted here a year ago, the general consesnsus was that there wasn't much street action -- but after my trip i posted that i had seen a bit. looking over recent posts, it appears that the street scene has improved further. any suggestions for the best area, and what the rates are? (i saw los posted recently that he saw a girl just as he passed the border and paid $50, but i was looking for some more possibilities).

when i was there last year, the street girls seemed to just be rep001tered around the border area near the clubs -- that may still be the case.

what is now cinco de febrero used to be called canal street. it was the red-light district -- had maybe ten clubs, pretty hot. that's in the 70s and 80s.

which side of febrero/canal is non-transvestite? north or south on obregon? have others seen street action there?

another style change -- growing up in arizona, we always said "nogo" -- i notice the style on this board is "nogi". not that it's important -- just an observation.

i notice some talk about a crackdown on street touts -- here's an arizona daily star article about it i found while doing due diligence on nogo prostitution:

thanks for any help you can offer.

03-23-04, 17:02

Non-transvestite territory is south of Febrero / Canal on Obregon. But I would recommend you still be careful just in case a transvestite wanders to the other side. But from what I've seen they pretty much stay within those three blocks between Victor Hugo and Febrero / Canal.

Also if anyone wants to see or meet a table Dancer outside of work. Well, they usually hang out at La Jungle dance club when they are not working.

I have also seen some of them work out at Gym's. Gym's is located on the corner of Victor Hugo and Obregon, upstairs. I usually workout here about 4 times a week. If you go there, you can easily recognise me since I'm the only American working out in the gym.

03-26-04, 08:20
I am new to the Nogi board and I was curious if there was anywhere on the web that has a map of the general area with all the clubs so a first timer can get around a little easier. I used to hit up TJ quite often and the maps on line for TJ made things fairly easy. Thanks for any info you can provide.


Vitamin V Boy
03-26-04, 16:56
Foofighter, these site should help you.


He has good reviews for his "guided tours".

03-29-04, 00:03

If this works (I've never attached a picture before on WSG), I'm attaching a map I found elsewhere. I don't know how old it is, but it seems reasonably up-to-date.

I hope this is helpful.

03-29-04, 00:28
Hey, it worked!! Amazing.

Jester -- thanks for the clarification on the TV's on Obregon.

I'm still interested in further street girl info if anybody has some to offer.

On the map, I saw a place I had never visited, Tecolote. I did a forum search, and all the mentions came up as variations on "I stopped into Tecolote, and then went to (fill in the blank)." Nobody mentioned scoring there. Is it worth a visit?

Thanks for any help.

03-29-04, 04:05

Tecolote is not a Topless Dancer bar. They have a stage with some dancing and some singing. Ladies hang around for ficha drinks and more. Although Spanish is not absolutely required you would be more comfortable with a conversational ability. It is more oriented towards locals than toward gringos. Rest assured that if you go in and sit down you will be approached by both meseros and by ladies. Using that old, tired 1 to 10 scale you will find mostly 4s, 5s, and 6s. They are not as organized as the TD clubs, or La Conga, or even the Bora Bora and other bars. Probably their biggest claim to fame is after hours. But that is only hearsay from me. By that time of night I am snuggled in with lady at a motel or on my way back home.


PS. Mr Bill's map is a little out of date. It does not have the new Boleiro, just south of Placer's. Also he could never expand it enough to show La Conga.

PPS. The map is from another forum. Let's be careful not to bend Jackson's rules too far.

03-29-04, 04:10
The Mr. Bill Map! Thanks. I sent the link to Foo (PM- did you get that?), too bad I wasn't smart enough to post it as a pic . Good Job! Tecolote is someplace I like to hang out when resting or looking for the odd party. The quality is pretty ruff and spotty, the floor show "unique". Plenty of girls to date, many are very low key here. Spanish or help is a must, and there is the occasionally cutie. Good spot when you are spending the night but it's to early for a pre arranged bar girl, but bring your beer goggles and/or your sense of humor and don't count on finding that special one every time.

I may be wrong, but Canal is about a mile or so from the Border. The TV's stay South of the intersection, not North. I would say it is best to be very cautious with anyone you meet away from the main bar area, only because they are obviously not working in the best area and may be more of an opportunist.

03-29-04, 05:05
Ed sed,
<< snip >>
I may be wrong, but Canal is about a mile or so from the Border. The TV's stay South of the intersection, not North.
<< snip >>

I always walk to La Conga and in the evenings almost always see a couple of TVs on Obregon North of cinco de febrero and South of VH. I don't always take Obregon. I've never seen them on any parallel streets. I've walked further south (there is a good steakhouse called Las Brasas) and have not seen any but that may be just the timing.

The show starts at 11pm in the bar at a good (IMHO) Chinese restaurant. The bar does not open until 9pm. If you are looking for good Chinese food think about giving Tai Wah a try and don't be put off by the sign advertising the Travesti show.


PS. I had heard so many wild guesses at how far it is to "Canal Street" or to La Conga that one night I took my GPS and measured it with the odometer. From the turnstile to Obregon to cinco de febrero to La Conga is 1.4 miles.

03-29-04, 23:04
Hey Ragman,

Seems that you and I have the same taste in food. I love Las Brasas, and Tai Wai (for the food only :)

Have you tried Marcos Grill near the bus terminals? it is way out of Mongering territory but worth the trip if you want to impress a date.

03-30-04, 08:41
Thank you guys for the map and the info. I have a little "free time" next weekend and was looking to make a trip down on either Friday or Saturday. I have read through more than a year of posts and had a few more questions. I know things can change from night to night, but any suggestions on making the drive for either Friday or Saturday?
Also, I am a little picky when it comes to the chicas and some posts say that the women at La Conga can be less than average (is this the case?) I know we all have our own scales, but I am not into banging some ugly chick for the point of banging. How many 8's and 9's are there here?

And finally, for those of you who made the trip in the past few weeks, which are your favorite clubs in terms of overall ratings, attractive girls, etc.?

Sorry for all the questions and again any advice will help me out. I will make sure to post on my adventures. If you have any questions as to the scenes in TJ or SF Bay Area I will be glad to help


03-31-04, 13:23

Marcos is on my SNF list to do soon. I have heard many recommendations, all of them good. Will be there soon.

Have you tried Casona del Patron. It's in the tourist area but the courtyard is isolated from the street. A bit pricey but pleasant if you like outside with out the noise.


03-31-04, 14:08

<<< any suggestions on making the drive for either Friday or Saturday? >>>

Lo mismo. Both good nights. If you have to choose, pick both. Spend Friday night in a hotel. If you need something to pass the time Saturday before hitting the clubs again, there are 3 golf courses just north of the border. Palo Duro is right in town, Kino Springs about 4 miles NorthEast and Rio Rico a few miles due North.

<<< some posts say that the women at La Conga can be less than average (is this the case?) I know we all have our own scales, but I am not into banging some ugly chick for the point of banging. How many 8's and 9's are there here? >>>

You will not find any 9's or 10's at La Conga. 8's would be very rare. Mostly 4's to 6's. Now and then, 7's. This is by my scale in which ugly is 1 to 4, 5 and 6 are plain but okay, 7 and up are various levels of attractive to bombshell.

<<< which are your favorite clubs in terms of overall ratings, attractive girls, etc.? >>>

Cherries closes early. Lipstick has seen better days. Ferni's is not for everybody. The eastside troika are your best bets(Lord Black's, Placer's, and Boleiro). On the westside I like Obsessions, some don't. Rio's is upstairs and a bit small, but many have success there.

What will make a big difference is if a chair in a closet is all you need or if you want a full size bed in a separate bedroom. But you have read the posts and know where they are available and have a rough idea of their inflated price at the clubs.


04-01-04, 05:37
Azil et all,
The street action is plentiful near the border. I noted about twenty waifs running around the streets near Rios and Obsession (Calle Campillo). Some are with touts, but that can work in your favor too if your Spanish is poor.

Face it, if the single girls are running around that area after 10pm at night, you are looking at 90% chance they are working. I didn't poll them all, but my rocket science mind and nose for hoes tell me this has got to be the case...

Ed also pointed out to me that a number of the "regular" bars on Ave Alvero Obregon (on the way to Tecolote) serve nicely as pickup joints for street girls (Spanish would be a must). An observation I did not investigate personally, but considing the source, I would bet $$ on it.


04-01-04, 20:16

I have a suggestion. You are familiar with and comfortable in the massage parlor setting. A few months ago a full service MP opened in Nogales. Sensux, between Lord Black and Cherries. Their hours are something like 11am to 11 pm. I have been there once and was satisfied. But since it was my first time in an MP anywhere I wanted to try it a few more times before writing about it. There were only 2 girls the afternoon I went there. Both were 7's which is fine with me. I went with Wendy.

Even for someone experienced with our little hobby, going to a new city can be, if not intimidating, then at least awkward. Finding a setting in which you are comfortable can make a big difference in how the trip turns out. And how you feel about it afterwards. Besides, your whole attitude and expectations change if you start with a good experience, for a good value, with a good looking girl. The rest of your evening is a bonus rather than a quest.


04-02-04, 01:28
I wandered over to Sensux last night around ten. I had a bite to eat a Mar****os or whatever and just didn't feel like the bar. The gal outside the door was the attraction of the day. When I went in she followed, I thought for sure she was an employee. and agreed to the 40$/40mins with the desk dude. The she walked out. Errr, I don't like this as many time the selection is not of my preferrence. The line up hadn't come out of the back yet when she popped back in and sat down. Cool. Let's go. Lana is the best I see here yet, young enough and thin, very pretty girl. She gave a decent massage as I encourged, then performed admirely 1/2 and 1/2 for the still outragous 100 more. Considering the nice conditions and low key hustle. I find this place to be superior to the bars if ya just want a quite place to get laid. I actually left the scene right after and returned to the States. This does not happen often! By the time I walked to my car and headed home, I just had to stop in at VIP stateside. Got so so service from the older gal, but she did get the job done once again, and I could casually head home.
Ragman - you should consider giving an AMP a try, be sure to go were there is a table shower. All in all. massage joints are my favorite form of the game. VIP is a good place, the talent the past year or so not the best. There are several (understatement) in Phoenix.

04-04-04, 21:28
I am back from my mongering trip to Europe, spent 10 days in December in Amsterdam, again in March starting in Prague, then Frankfurt for some FKK recon, then up to Amsterdam for some fun my last few days at various coffeeshops and cafes.

I am back to my local jaunts for a while, some of you may recall some of my reports from the fall. I am heading down to Nogales next weekend but I want to stay on the Mexico side, in a nice place, not a 2 star hole like the Americana Hotel. Any suggestions would be great,, need a place that is conveniant to the Clubs.

Thanks in advance,

lanrac (aka Carnal1)

04-05-04, 00:07
Thanks to all for their advice. I have one more question, and then I promise to be quiet for a while :-)

I've seen a lot of mentions of Bora Bora, but I haven;'t seen anything saying where it is (and it's not on the map). Is it across the tracks, or on the Fray Marcos side?

There seems to be disagreement about whether it's a good place for finding a "date", but nonetheless it sounds interesting (especially the waitresses in schoolgirl costumes) and worth a visit.

04-05-04, 05:24
Bora Bora is west of Rios just off the NW corner. I'll bet Ragman can specify quite a bit better!
There is a single fairly nice place to stay in Nogi, bout five miles from the clubs, I can't recall the name but any necessary cabbie would know. If we are comparing the Mexican hotels to the Americana on the US side, there aren't any stars left after the exchange rate! You may prefer to bring your own shampoo, soap, towel as well as the usual stuff. My favorite is Granada, a short walk to the clubs and most importantly, they are monger friendly. Many in the area are not. I like it enough, but then I spend a lot of time sleeping on the ground or perhaps the luxury of a tent.

04-05-04, 07:53

Congrads on 100 well-written, information-filled posts!


Sun Devil
04-05-04, 15:44
i went to nogales for the first time since february 2001 last week. i tried sensux, which is next to lord black. the massage cost $40 for 40 minutes.

used to the prices in juarez, i had expected that this included sex. well i was in incorrect in this matter. the therapist, a girl from obregon, wanted $60 for a blowjob or $100 for full service. i balked at this, since this was us prices. what was the point of me going to nogales when i could have the same thing at the same price in phoenix.

needless to say, i did not partake in this thing, even though i would grade the girl at least a 7 in looks in both face and body. i did get a good massage for the $40.

afterwards, i went to lord black. the entrance fee was $5, which included one free drink. i sat down and immediately a dude went right next to me. i asked him what the deal was and he said that one could go upstairs and enjoy some company for 6 minutes with a girl for $22. in addition one needed to tip the girl in order to get either a blow job or full service. the price depended on the girl.

a girl then started draping herself all over me. i asked her what her price was if i took her out of the place. she said that it would cost $300 for 3 hours at my hotel room! again, this was us prices. i could have gotten an escort for this amount of money.

then and there, i decided to go to la conga. walking down lopez mateos, which turned into obregon, i turned right on 5 de febrero. la conga is on the right hand side of 5 de febrero and the walk took less than 15 minutes.

the girls there cost $65 until you come, thus no one is going to knock on the door. be sure to bring your own condoms, otherwise it is going to cost you an extra $2. drinks for guys were $3 and $7 for the girls. i took a fairly good looking, slim girl named paula into one of the rooms and had a good time.

afterwards i went back to my hotel, which was the hotel fray marcos de niza. the cost was about $45 a night. the good thing about this place is that it is across the street from obsession, rios, and bora bora, plus a bar called chives, which had some pretty good looking waitresses.

i met a dude on the streets near my hotel and he indicated that if i had gone to nogales on a friday or saturday night (i was there on a tuesday night), he could have hooked me up with a street chick at $100 for 3 hours.

my conclusion with nogales is that the strip joints are way overpriced. i don't know what is the reason for this, unless tucson has no p4p scene whatsoever and all the mongers have gone to nogales to do so. a monger from phoenix certainly would have no reason to go there unless he is totally into latin chicks.

however, if you go to la conga, prices are more reasonable, although there was only one good looking chick there at the time that i went. someday, i'll try going back to nogales on a weekend night to check out the street scene.

Big Bubba
04-05-04, 17:13
To many hard up morons with money going to Mexico over paying and screwing it all up. You saw for yourself first hand man. Cuba is the same way cost more and more everytime . I rmeber a few years ago Juarez was $50 for partying, FS, and dinner. Hell now $50 is nothing I don't even like going anymore because of that. and yes I know if you shop around you can get a good deal on FS but if I stay in the USA and shop around we can get good deals also. Lets make these Ho's starve a little.

And you over paying DING DONGS stop it because they wont treat you any better for $100 than they will for $40 remember these girls are screwed either they suck you off for $40 or less or work at a factory for $200 a month. so you can see pull ot the $10 and your cock and let the ho suck away.

Damn I am crewd hello


Mass Monger
04-05-04, 17:25

This is my first post. I have been a lurker for a while and enjoying the comments from others. Now maybe I can give back something. I visited Nogales for the first time last week. From the previous postings I was forewarned and very leery of paying the usual excessive room charges in addition to the girl’s tip. At Lord Blacks I met a very attractive 8-9 lady named Jasmine who quoted me $60 for FS plus 3 tickets for the room. I declined, saying that her charge was OK, but I objected to the 3 room tickets at $66. Her response was that I could have her for free, but just needed to pay for the room. I asked her how she would earn money, and she said she would earn enough from the tickets. I agreed, and we had a great time. Jasmine was so good that I gave her a $20 tip. The total cost for a great time was thus $86, a decent value considering the great head she gave and what a good fuck she was.

Another way of looking at the excessive room charges in Nogales is that much of it already goes to the girls themselves, and therefore they should be willing to accept a much lower “tip” for her services than in other cities in Mexico. In this case Jasmine was willing to do it for “free”. Now this may be an exceptional incident since business was very slow, but I think we should all be able to negotiate a lower “tip” knowing that the lady gets additional money from the three ticket sale. [By the way, Jasmine did not agree to FS for “free” because she was attracted to me. I am personable and in good shape, but I am 65 years old and she was about 23. It was purely a business arrangement; she wanted the ticket money.]

On a second trip to Nogales I saw an 8-9 girl at Rios named Cindy. She had great stick-up natural D boobs. They were so huge and well shaped when I first saw her, I thought they were silicon enhanced. However when her bra came off, they sagged just enough to show they were natural. What a great body and tit sucking fuck we had! In this case I did not pay specifically for tickets but negotiated a $80 fee for everything (FS) including the room. I stipulated that I needed 20 minutes, and after some hesitation both she and the ticket guy agreed. I have an advantage of speaking fairly good Spanish, but I think they all speak enough English that if you are persistent and STICK TO YOUR GUNS, you can negotiate a similar deal. After all, $80 total is a lot of money in Mexico. Also, business was slow and they would rather have $80 than nothing.

I found Cherries to be a great early action place for nice women. It opens at 1:00 PM and closes at about 7:00 PM (unfortunately). There is significant action by 2:00 PM with a very good selection of friendly sexy women. I found them to be a little less “anglo” looking (more latino) than many of the girls in Lord Blacks, Pacers or Bolieros, but on the whole, quite attractive, more friendly and less aloof than these latter three places. I happen to like exotic latino or even Mexican looking women. I also liked the upstairs rooms better at Cherries than Lord Blacks or Rios. They are larger, have a door and have a nice 2/3ed size leather bench that allows a wide variety of reasonably comfortable fucking positions. You have to pay $21 to the ticket man downstairs for the room plus $5 upstairs for the upstairs guy to close the door. This entitles you to 10 minutes. I told the guy upstairs that I needed more time, at least 15 minutes. The room time in Cherries apparently goes by the clock and not by the number of songs. I gave him $10 instead of $5 and we did not get a knock for about 15 minutes. He was happy, and I was happy. This was not a bad deal because the beautiful dark skinned latino 8-9 slim B-cup girl named April, I went with, agreed to FS for $40. Thus the total cost was $40 plus $32 for a total of $72. I tipped her $5 because she was very nice, and we had a lot of foreplay and did 3 great positions. I should have given her $10 but I was running short of money, however she was perfectly happy with the $5 (why not, it beats getting nothing).

Bottom line of this Nogales post: Don’t pay $66 for the room AND $60 for the girl. That is WAY too much. She already gets a lot of money from the room tickets. You can negotiate a much lower price (bundled with the room charge or not) and still have sufficient time/privacy to do your deed, and the girl will still get a significant amount of money for her work. Lower prices do not mean less service. In my experience once the negotiation is over, you will get the same quality of service independent of how low you negotiated (as long as you are clear up front what you want and paid-for). Pick one of the beautiful, sexy Nogales club girls and negotiate a complete price for the time you need. Be bold and don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal, they will probably pursue you as you start to walk away. If more of us walked away, the ticket prices and minimum numbers of tickets might decline.


Massachusetts Monger or (Mass Monger for short)

04-05-04, 17:41
Nogales prices are what they are BECAUSE gringos will PAY it. I guess I've gotten jaded by Asia - but after the airfare, the prices in Asia are so low as to let you forget. I USED TO go to Nogales when I went to PHX and I still do when I need med's - otherwise, it's becoming a rip-off.

04-05-04, 20:08
Wow, suddenly some damn good posts! I have been stressing the over pay for a while, and still succumb to less than a deal now and then. SunDevil's conjecture on Tucson's situation is correct. Tucson is the largest city I know of with a miserable sex scene. My personal "problem" regarding Nogi is that I need not play where I live, and it's a short hop on the road for a diversion. Comparing Nogi to other places doesn't change anything in Nogi, and it's not like anybody wants to hold off sex till they can fly someplace else. That the prices may be in line with US is indeed ridiculous, but that doesn't mean I won't pay 300 in nearly any city in the US at SOME time. ( and why I paid 140 in Nogi for the better than avg US masseuse girl a couple days ago), There are more uninformed dudes from the school here and visiting than we can ever get to help control prices. Like Mas Mongo (Latino version) says, just don't pay the price. This is why I prefer to negotiate in the closet when inclined to go. She is willing to get whatever she can, and incurs no shame as no one knows how much she did NOT get. I love watching people lose to the casinos in Vegas and over pay in Nogi, cause someone else is gonna win some bucks and get a deal from the girls. Thats where we come in.
If you really need to save a buck and stay in the area, try Agua Prieta. Just a little longer drive, real hoe bars ect. It's just that the selection is gonna make you question the value of your money.

Thanks for the kind words and inspiration LOS!

M Joee
04-06-04, 00:58
Need some advice on a local/clean hotel in Nogales (mexico side) I can stay for a weekend. Planning to meet for a weekend with a girl I met in San Carlos last winter. Would greatly appreciate any input you guys could give. Also any idea of the drive time to Nogales from Phoenix?

Thanks for your help.

04-06-04, 04:23
>Tucson is the largest city I know of with a miserable sex scene.

You haven't been to Chicago lately, have you, Ed?

Thanks again for the info, and congrats on the hundred (now 103) posts.

Kash Flow
04-06-04, 05:42
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained absolutely nothing of any value and thus constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

04-06-04, 07:07
m joee,

at least a couple of us like the hotel granada, in part because they are monger friendly. just pay the "doble" price (420 pesos) and no questions asked.

however, there is no parking except on the street and even that is usually full. if you are driving across you might try the granada's sister hotel, marques de cima. it is up by the bus station, away from the action( translated: quiet).

if you are parking on the us side then i suggest the granada. restaurant on site and others nearby. oxxo conveniece store nearby and the vh supermercado 2 blocks south. retail stores and even a cinema are right at hand. about 4 or 5 blocks from the downtown bar and club scene. clean rooms with two large beds, in case you need one for action and want a clean one for sleeping and morning action. cable tv has 3 latin music video "canals", which is good since there are no radios in the room. some rooms have only a shower and some have a combination bathtub/shower. some people prefer a bathtub to soak in. ask for a room "con tina" (with tub) if you or your friend want a bathtub or you will likely get a shower only.

just my 22 centavos worth,


ps. drive time from phoenix is 2 and a half to four hours depending on where exactly you call phoenix(ahwahtukee, chandler, peoria, buckeye, deer valley, apache junction, or sky harbor) and whether you drive the posted speed limit or plus 5 or plus 10 or whatever the tarot cards say is safe for you today.

M Joee
04-07-04, 01:06
Thank you for the information Ragman, very helpful. I'm driving across, so think I'll try Marques de Cima or Hotel Granada.

Nogales sounds like a fun place, only been through there on the way to San Carlos. Should be a fun weekend. Ever spend time in San Carlos? Small town, but we had fun there.

04-12-04, 00:12
Hello Again,

I just returned from a saturday night in Nogie and had a great experience again at Ferni's. I stopped in at the Americana Hotel and got a "Pool View" room for only $50 instead of the $70 weekend rate. I had just returned from a 10 day mongering trip to Amsterdam, Prague, and German FkK clubs so I was not that optimistic about getting a model quality session like the ones I had just enjoyed. After checking in we drove over to Mcdonalds and walked across the border. Quite slow, not alot of foot traffice even once we enterd Mexico. First stop was at Fernis to check on the scene, they were just opening so we headed over to Bolero, Placers, Lipsticks, and Lord Black. Loud music, very few girls, not much doing. I was starting to wonder if the Easter Holiday would make the evening a bust. We decided to head back over to Fernis to see if the scene was improving. Within a few minutes of sitting down I notice that the waitress that I fell for last visit was working. She is not a dancer but does some occansional private work. I asked the manager if she was available and he asked me,, do you know that she is just a waitress ? I told him that she would remember me and to call her over. I tipped her well last visit and that really helps on the return visits. She came over and immediately sat on my lap and asked "do you want sexo? " Absolutely I say,, she smiles and gives me a couple kisses. I work out 1 hr for $100 for her, $50 for the house to use the bedroom downstairs. Decent pricing since some of the other clubs were quoting me ridcuoluos prices of $150 -$230 for 30 minutes, which I laughed at.

As soon as she got me in the room she went right into undressing me,, I like that! She started with a very sensual stand up BBBJ followed by some mutual DFK and DATY,, sweet young latin pussy,, nothing like it. We spent almost an hour fucking in various positions before I finished. This girl can move her hips like a freakin porn star. Unbelievable for only 19 years old.

She sat with us for about 20 minutes afterwards out in the club, great post coital smooching.

If it was'nt for her I probably would not have entertained a session last night. Shortage of nice girls raises the prices, less negotiations, and take it or leave it attitudes by the managers.

Not bad for a Pre-Easter present,,

Will return soon,

Lanrac (aka Carnal1)

04-13-04, 01:24
Hey Guys,

Gonna be in Nogie on Business on weds, unfortunately cannot stay til night, looking to have a bit of fun in the afternoon, looks like cherries might be my only option, can someone give me directions about where cherries is?? if anyone has info about somewhere to go from 2pm-5pm, please let me know.

Also, Lanrac, glad to here you had some mongering abroad, I have been to the FKK clubs in germany, PM me with Prague info if you wouldn't mind.



04-13-04, 22:42

Also open during daylight hours is the massage parlor just before you get to Cherry's. 1100 to 2300, I think. Do a search of this forum for Sensux and you will have good, recent info from a number of us that have been there.

Also open for afternoon delights is Rio's. It is a smallish, upstairs TD club. The selection could be hit or miss but it is there for YOU to decide. It's 1 block south of the border along the main tourist route. Follow the tourists and look up towards the second floor signs. You can't miss it. Or ask a tout to show you.

One thing about afternoons is that you never know who is going to show up early. At either Cherry's or Rio's. At least they do not have a cover charge. Both places are in-a-closet-on-a-chair-for-x-number-of-songs-plus-the-girls-negotiated-fee. With the right girl and for the right guy this is enough. Cherry's even has rooms(over-sized closets) up stairs. I've never heard of Rio's having one.

IMHO, check out Rio's first. If nothing absolutely must be had there, then cross the tracks and check out the talent available at Sensux. I think you will see something, but again if nothing absolutely must be had then and there, check out Cherry's. While sipping your beer (or cola or water) and viewing the eye candy you should visualize a chair in a closet. A small closet. Then think about the massage table. You should be able to find a suitable choice.


Copy and paste this address for map >>> http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/attachment.php?s=&postid=196857

04-14-04, 03:38
Thanks for the info......unfortunately, pic viewing has been disabled.....

is Rio's to the right or left after crossing the border???

Sun Devil
04-14-04, 03:52
Rio is on the right side of the border as you cross. It is not on the same side of the railroad tracks as Bolero and Blacks.

The tallest building in that part of Nogales, the Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza, is across the street from Rio, about a block to the left, so you can use that tall building as a landmark.

04-14-04, 14:22
Thanks for the help, we will see what kind of daytime selection there is.

Will report findings.

04-15-04, 00:44
Since there is so much discussion on the financial aspect of Nogie-mongering lately, I thought I would share a bit of a different experience that I had a couple of weeks ago at Placer's during a busy Saturday night.

Was downstairs and finally picked out my "beloved for the minute" Chica who was gorgeous, about 21ish and very petite with a killer bod and agressive to the point where she had both hands in my crotch out on the public floor while we were drinking.

Well of course had to retire upstairs shortly and when we reached the top of the stairs there was another Male employee sitting there with a table and making entries as people came and went.

He announces with limited English that the charge is $75 and I told him no way that I'm used to getting 2 for 1 $20-22 room tickets and paid him the $22 current charge. So the girl takes me to the room and then announces that the $75 is a complete price for 25-30 minutes for the room and the girl with no restrictions. So of course I thought that was much better than the 6 minute sessions and paid the balance to her which she took to him. Wow it was a great time with nothing rushed and actually went over 30 minutes a bit. That is like 6 room sessions which would be about $120 plus the girl's charge also. Must have been bargain night I guess but maybe they are just doing it there that way now.

Since I only get down there every 1-2 months perhaps someone else here could see if they can get that same deal and post it. Thanks all.

04-15-04, 02:31
Adven - Thats some pretty big news! I thought maybe a year or so ago we'd see that kind of pricing, but no sign till now. I can't get down till next week, but sure look forward to some more experiences on this. thanks

04-15-04, 03:54
Well, for some reason Rio's was closed today.

I went to Cherry's did not have to pay the posted $3 cover charge, there was 1 girl there when I got there, I will say that it was NOT busy at all in there and maybe 4-5 locals were drinking, that was it, She came over, her name was "April" (wonder if it will be May next month?) She was fairly skinny, not too bad actually. Pulled her titties right out and pushed them in my face, then the ticket sellers came. I bought 2 table tickets and a ficha's drink for her. She stuck my hand in her g-string all the while reaching up my shorts. Long story short, I traded the 2 table dance tickets +$22 back in for 2 private tickets, which gave me 20 minutes in an upstairs room. They are a bit bigger than all the closets I have heard about. 2 padded benches and a padded chair, well lit with a ceiling fan, tv and a/c unit.

Horrible excuse for a bj, got past that, multiple positions, she was very eager to do about anything. Had a great little hardbody, nice cute pussy with a 1" landing strip right above it. I did get the whole 20 minutes (noted time when I went in), as I was pounding away doggie, the knock came, I finished, she cleaned up and we went out. She NEVER asked me for $$, I tipped her $40. She told me next time I come in, ask for her and she will do 2 songs for NO tickets,not sure how that works?

When I came out with her, there were at least 5 girls there I almost wished I had waited before taking her upstairs, there were several that I thought were pretty hot. I only had an hour to spend so I hadda get out, I left at 3pm. All in All, I was in and out of there including 1 ficha, 2 beers, Tickets and FS for under $100. I didn't feel that was too bad.

As I was walking to Cherry's the "doormen" at bolerio were shouting to me that cherry's was closed and to come in there, I ignored and continued on. (I noticed the sign inside their door that said $44 cover charge, is that for real?)

Will be back in Nogie on friday afternoon, will plan another trip to the other side to see what is happenin.


04-16-04, 07:39
the "$44 cover charge" at Boliero would have to be PESOS, I hope, and not $$$......

44 pesos should equal $4 , which is the cover charge for most of the strip clubs in Nogales....

Ususally the cover charge will include a beer...

04-18-04, 19:21
I was back in Nogales on friday again. Rio's was still closed in the afternoon.

I went to Cherry's again, there were maybe about 6-8 girls there, about 8-10 customers, varying about 50/50 locals/americanos. There were 2-3 girls that I would say were high 8's (My scale rarely goes all the way to 10), extremely hot hard bodies. There were in such high demand that as soon as they would come back down, one of the ticket sellers would take them by the hand and lead them to another table and off they would go again.

I bought a couple of private show tickets and sat and waited while drinking my beer. Another girl, a little chubby, not so hot (maybe a 5 in my book) came over and started dancing for me and grabbing my dick. I have always been a firm believer that the 5-7ish rated girls usually work a little harder to please you, and usually don't have the attitude that the 7-9ish girls do. In this case, she was pretty nice, working it real hard, I decided to take her upstairs. She spoke very little english, said she had been in Nogales for only 3 days. I speak a bit of spanish so we were able to communicate fairly well. Anyway, get to the room, she strips starts giving me a BJ, pretty soon I was ready for more, I told her, she said no. This kinda took me by surprise, so I figured, ok, I will just settle for the BJ. After she finished and I was dressed and sitting there, she sticks her pussy in my face, I couldn't understand what she was saying even after I had her repeat it a few times, I just shook my head and told her no. This blew my theory about the working harder scenario. LOL

I went back downstairs, had another beer and left.

Something was going on at the Border, they had closed it both ways, completely shut it down to traffic and to foot traffic. There was a crowd of people that were kinda starting to get verbal with a security guard at the closed gates, they were trying to get back to the US. I decided not to hang out there or get involved in the crowd that was gathering and wandered around through some of the shops for awhile. I went back an hour or so later and everything was open and flowing.

My experience was not so hot at Cherry's this time, but I will be going back to check out the hotties that I did see. One of these times I will have to go just for mongering rather than for a sidetrip from work.

04-18-04, 21:47
I stopped by Placers last night to see if I could get the smokin' deal that Adventurous1 got on a previous Saturday night. Regretably, $75 for the whole deal (girl & room) for a half hour was not the going rate last night. I had arrived at around 8pm, the place wasn't particularly busy, but not dead either. There did seem to be fewer dancers than customers though. I'd been drinking and watching the stage show for about a half hour before a cute, young (probably 19 or 20) thing plopped herself down in my lap and started fondling my bits and letting me fondle hers. She wasn't the best looking material I've seen there, but she was attractive enough; brunette (of course, it's Mexico--though one does see the occasional blonde), smallish titties but a really cute ass and nice legs. I don't remember the lady's name. I got a $10 table dance from her to test her out so to speak. That experience was very favorable (it very nearly resulted in a completion for me), so I immediately agreed to the private dance she offered. That's when the experience stopped being pleasant.

She summoned one of those white-shirted guys, and he, the girl and I tromped up the stairs to a room with a bed, which had it's own bathroom with a shower. He announced that $340 was the price for 1 hour. That included the girl and a condom. I was flabergasted and said no way, hoping that he would follow up with a much more reasonable offer having established that I wasn't a fool with a thick wad of cash. No such luck. He offered $150 for a half hour in one of the closet type rooms, with the girl and a condom included. I countered with an offer of $75 for one half hour with the girl and a condom. I didn't care what kind of room I was in. He countered that $75 covered the time in the closet, but that it would only get me a blow job from the girl. I was noticing that the more I disagreed with his pricing, the worse his English got, and the less he seemed to be able to understand my (admittedly limited) spanish. I decided I was being hustled and walked out.

I moved on to Lord Black's next. They had a much better selection of girls. There were in the neighborhood of 12 or so pretty hot young ladies roaming around and only a handful of customers. I had only been watching the stage show for a few minutes when a gorgeous young thing named Jasmin who I'd been making eyes at from across the room asked if she could sit with me. She's a 7 or 8 in my book. Actually had fairly light brown hair for a Mexican, and it didn't seem to be dyed. She was slender, great legs, great ass, flat tummy, nice handful sized tits which looked marvelous in a push-up bra. Here features were somewhat anglo and she had light bronze skin. She sat on my lap and we just smoked and drank and groped for a while. I was finger fucking her, sucking on her tits and kneading her ass cheeks while she rubbed my cock thru my pants. This went on for a good 10 minutes before a waiter asked me if I'd buy the lady a drink. I did buy her an $11 lady's drink, which stung a bit till it dawned on me that I was having an awesome grope and grind session with this girl, without a time limit, and without having bought a table dance ticket. We sat there for around a 20 minutes to a half hour doing the heavy petting thing before I decided to take her upstairs. I'd decided that I would during the first few minutes that she'd been sitting with me, but the point is, she let me get my fill of her with my hands on the main floor of the club and didn't even mention the private dance--she left it up to me to initiate the move upstairs. I only wish that that selling technique were used more commonly. I suppose it was because there were a lot of girls working and not that many customers.

At any rate, I paid $66 for a half hour in the closet type room, $60 for her, and $5 for a condom (they wouldn't let me use my own, which I'd brought with me). $131 for the upstairs activities, ouch! Well, I don't regret it at all. She was one of the best fucks I've ever had. First was a lot of groping and making out while we undressed each other, then CBJ, then DATY with her spread-eagle in the loveseat and me on my knees on the floor. Then, she indulged my ass fetish by assuming the doggystyle position in the loveseat while I worked on her pussy, butt-cheeks and asshole with my hands and mouth. She seemed to really like that part and did a lot of moaning and groaning, and my god her pussy was wet. After that, a whole lot of fucking in every position the room and the loveseat would accomodate. She was great, and gave me her phone number. I hope to see her outside the club sometime.

So, though I did not get a break in pricing as others have recently, I had a fucking great time and got a phone number. Oh well, YMMV.

04-23-04, 22:00
A little off topic, but I'm headed to Tucson for business and will be running down to Nogales for fun. I would like to get a round of golf in between my adulterous activities. Any recommendations on courses Ragman listed on 3/31/04? Rio Rico looks the best on the internet, but you never know. Any input is appreciated.

04-24-04, 00:40
I don't golf, but thought I'd answer in case you are playing today. Rio Rico is very close to Nogi, more than three quarters of the way there from downtown. A bit cooler too, if that matters on the day you go.

04-24-04, 14:13
Green Valley is full of nice golf courses. About half way between Tuscon and Nogales. In Tucson, your in heaven if you like nice courses.


In Nogales,, there is only one course, lots of holes :-) Only need to bring your driver between your legs along with your travel bag.

04-25-04, 13:44

Rio Rico is level and forgiving.

Palo Duro Creek is half narrow canyons and half level wetlands with water in play.

Kino Springs starts level and wide, then runs along the ridge tops and over or through the canyons(narrow and UN-forgiving), and then comes back down to earth for the last 5 holes.

If you only can play one, then Rio Rico it is. If you have multiple days, then I'd suggest all three. One per day. In that order.

Did I mention that on the drive down you will pass 10 more golf courses in Green Valley, about half way between Tucson and Nogales. And of course Tubac, where the scene from Tin Cup was filmed. That pond has 2 of my balls.

The boys here will string me up by my balls if I spend any more bandwidth on golf in this forum. PM me if you need more.


PS. I'm up and posting at 5:30 in the morning because I have a tee time with my brothers today.

PPS. There are some good restaurants on the Sonoran side if you need to keep up your energy levels.

Merlin P
04-29-04, 00:16

I will be going to Juarez in June, can anyone give me some suggestion's on the clubs to check out the ladies?

(directions too from the bridge or a map of their location)

What should I expect to pay for 1/2 hour of romance? The room?


Merlin P

04-30-04, 06:14
Merlin, dude, you have got to be kidding.

04-30-04, 15:19
I am trying to find nicer accomadations in Nogales,, have stayed in the Americana and Best Western on the American side,, checked out a few places on the Mexian side. I like to party and have a few friends coming into town for a Nogi trip over Memerial Day.

The Americana has a good open Pool area and is quite accomodating for my smoking and drinking habbits BUT the place is gross. The Best Western is too much like a motel,, no common areas except the pool by the street. The Mexican places have no common areas and are too crowded with locals that probably would not appreciate a loud party not to mention the smoking.

Are there any nicer hotels in the area? I noticed a few newer places just before you get into Nogales off I-19, anyone stayed there or have any other suggestions. I am looking for a little higher standards and don't mind paying for it. Would prefer to stay close to the border.

Thanks in advance,

Lanrac aka Carnal1

Sun Devil
04-30-04, 17:02
Carnal 1:

I have stayed at the Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza, the tallest building in Nogales just across the border. It was fairly decent and the cost of $45 was not bad either. It is closed to the P4P areas around downtown, plus there is a restaurant at the premises. I noticed that the guests were fairly upper middle class Mexicans due to the clothes they wore. They have a bellhop who takes care of your luggages as well as man the elevator.

04-30-04, 18:48

If you are talking walking distance close, then you are S.O.L. There is no Embassy Suites in Nogales.

If you are talking 10 minutes or so, then check out the Rio Rico Resort. If you want to avoid driving after drinking, a good idea IMHO, there are taxis on the US side next to the Duty Free shop and they will take your group back to the resort if you do not have a designated driver. Talk to them on your way into Mexico while you are still sober to get an idea of the going rate.


One of Arizona's best kept secrets, Rio Rico Resort and Country Club... offers 180 guestrooms with 15 suites, each with its own private patio or balcony... . Without leaving the grounds, you can play tennis, swim in the heated oversized pool, enjoy a whirlpool, workout in our fitness center or relax with a soothing massage.
In addition to the on-property golf, tennis and horseback riding,... of course, Mexico which is right at our doorstep.

>> http://www.rioricoresort.com/ <<

Joe Blow
05-05-04, 05:03
This is sort of spam, but not really - I saw that Cheerleaders Cabaret in Phoenix is having a Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow, like everyone else, but they are having a contest where the winner gets to travel down to Nogi to Cherries with the owners where they will "take care of him" Sounds like a good thing to me!! I wouldn't mind a little free session down there! :)

05-25-04, 04:49
Tentatively heading to La Conga this weekend. It's Memorial Day here, but a regular weekend there, I think. Had the urge to see Paola but I heard something nasty from a local. He told me that many of the girls at La Conga are infected with STD's that they pass on orally. He "claims" that some of them have Gonorrhea, Syphillis or Herpes of the throat due to BBBJ/CIM. Supposedly it made the news locally in Sonora. I really enjoyed Paola and her two best friends <wink> the last time I was there, but this makes me a little nervous. Any of you regulars heard something about this???

05-25-04, 15:54
I live in Nogales Sonora and I have not heard anything about this.

Rick the Dick
05-26-04, 19:05
Heading to Noggie either this weekend or the next. I haven't been there for serveral years but, I hear that some of the strip clubs have additional rooms with a small bed or love seat aside from the small closet that most have. Does anyone know which clubs have these rooms and how much? If their not too outrageous I may be interested, since to me a bed is better than a chair, my prefrence. Also I'm heading down there kinda early since I want to do some shopping and I imagine that I will want to hit the strip clubs about 7:00 or so. Are they even open at that time?



05-31-04, 18:47

Just returned from a Nogi trip on Saturday night with a few of my pals that travel the Amsterdam, Bangkok, and German FKK Club scene. We are all experienced mongerer's so this weekend was quite interesting to watch. We arrived in Nogales around dinner time, checked into the Americana for a special rate they give me of $50 per night (usually $79 on weekends) After a light rest and some smoking we headed to McD's, parked, ate one last American meal and walked over to the Zona Roja. First stop was at Placers where the special for the night was two for one drinks, one free beer, all for the $4 cover that allowed us into Bolero, Lord Black and Placers.

Placers had a pretty decent lineup of chicas but the scene was kind of dead so I took them over to Ferni's where I have some fun with their management and a couple of the waitress's.

My favourite little waitress was working along with a couple of stunning darker, more traditional latina looking hotties. I was recovering from some complications I had with a surgery so I had to act as Pimp Daddy for the night. One of my buddies snagged my little auburn chica for a round in the private rooms, $150 for 45 minutes including the girl and the room. She is a tiger in the cowgirls position and did not dissappoint my friend at all. My other buddy found a new girl that I had never seen before, maybe 80lbs total, long dark hair, 18 yrs old with some perfect tits and an ass that could not have been more than 12" wide from hip to hip. She rocked his world in the private room, even without a BJ he rated her one of the best fucks to date and this guy does the FKK circuit in Germany so it must have been good. She only charged him $100 total, room for 45 minutes, everything included (except the BJ).

After they both had there first session we headed over to Bolero to check it out. Man, what a fine selection of hot young Latinas. I had been to Nogales about 6 times in the last half year and can tell you that the selection this night was top rate. At least 30 girls working at Bolero, many rating 8 or higher and some great erotic dances going on the main stage. One of my friends took a really sultry slutty looking dancer down to a private room for a romp while I watched the shows and variety of girls parading around. After about 20 minutes the guy comes back upstairs and tells us that right after he finished the Federales bursted into his room while he was removing the condom, some funny shit. The Federales had something going on this night, to much fun going on I guess. They actually closed down Bolero and kicked everyone out around 2:30 A.M.

After leaving Bolero one of my buddies tried to pick up some skank hanging out in the street. Ended up going to some hotel and getting screwed out of $50. She promised him one hour of full service for $50, went to get a condom and never returned. I told him to stay away but he is young so live and learn. My other two friends went back to Fernis and closed the joint down around 4:00 A.M. I had returned to the Hotel by then to get some sleep so they had to walk back to the Hotel, stumbling all the way.

All in all a very good weekend considering this trip is a short 2 1/2 hour drive instead of a 5000 mile flight. They did enjoy the Mexican Chicas. Nothing like the Wallen in Amsterdam or Fkk Sex Clubs in Frankfurt but the girls were very eager to please and were quite beautiful in general on this saturday night in Nogales.

Girls at Bolero were quoting some ridiculous prices, ranging as low as $100 up to $250 for the stunners. Way to much for a short session, whatever ?


Carnal1 aka Lanrac1

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Rick the Dick
06-01-04, 23:55
Went to Noggie this past Saturday some things have changed and some stuff seems like it never will. Parked at McDonalds and walked across about 7:30 or so. It was still light out so I walked around for about forty minutes.

First club I hit was “lipsticks” used to be an old favorite back in the day but, wasn’t impressed when I sat down. It was probably too early which was my fault but ended up staying there for about thirty minutes and decided to leave since there were only two girls dancing. Next stop was “lord blacks”

Many many hot chicas and the place was pretty packed for as early as it was. I got a dance from hot young thing named Lola or Lalo, who the hell knows but, stay away. I asked her for a “privado” and of course she says yes, we walk up stairs and one the ticket takers explained that for five tickets I could have a blow job in the small closet plus he would require a tip. I laughed and said no. Each ticket was twenty one dollars and there was no way I was going to spend that for a BJ. I told no thanks I’ll just take one dance, paid for the dance and to the closet we went. The dance wasn’t that bad and it was the normal duration.

Now a little about me I don’t consider myself a sucker but, I enjoy the girls and if they are nice and don’t have attitude and seem like they are having a good time I will give a dancer a tip even if its just for a plain old closet dance with no sex involved, and it usually consists of a couple of bucks to maybe five at most depending on my cash flow. Some times I used to give no tips it just depended on the situation.

So once the dance was over I was planning on giving her a couple bucks, however all the bills I had were twenty’s. So I asked her if she had change and all she said she had was a couple of fives. So I thought what the fuck she was damn hot, I got a really good dance from her, and it was my first dance of the night and I still had plenty of cash. So I took her two fives and gave her my twenty and explained that was her tip. Keep in mind that she did not ask for a tip and I was just trying to be nice and generous. As soon as we walk out of the closet she starts explaining to the ticket taker that she gave me ten dollars and that I was supposed to give her twenty and I never did. I politely explained to the ticket taker what had happened that I did give her a twenty dollar bill and she gave me ten and that some where in between the thirty seconds that it took for us to walk out of the closet that she magically forget that she took my money. After about five minutes of bickering I got pissed and told her that “fuck fine here is your ten dollars back, you just got yourself a twenty dollar tip hope your happy” which she was, but I wasn’t. Started to walk down stairs and the ticket taker that first asked for a tip had the nerve to come up to me and ask about his tip. At this point I said very sternly that if you want your tip get it from that chick, she has all my money. I then proceeded down the stairs and out the door. Lord blacks will not be at the top of my list.

Next stop was “Placers” purely out of convince since it was right next door. Decent looking ladies not quit as nice as the “lord black” chicas but, defiantly not bad. At this point I was pissed and wanted to get laid but I wanted to have a few more beers so as soon as I sat down I ordered two beers to get caught up. Again another dilemma with money, I give the bartender a twenty for my two beers and he asks me if I have anything smaller and I tell him sorry but that’s all I have. He then tells me that it may take some time getting back my money. Ok whatever I tell him just go. Twenty minutes later and still no change. “What the fuck” I ask him and he politely says that he’s having a hard time getting change, yeah whatever I tell myself, so I begin to pester him ever time he walks by me. Not to my surprise the guy sitting at the next table must have been having the same probably. Maybe they didn’t have change but, it’s hard for me to believe a place like that, that close to the border, with as many Gringos there we’re that night that he was the only bartender that couldn’t find change. After about a half an hour or so of me pestering him he finally came back with my change. At this point I had scoped out most of the chicas at that bar and couldn’t really find one to my liking and decided to walk back around the corner just to see if any other girls showed up at “lipsticks”.

Got there and there were a few more chicas. Decided to have a beer and see what walks by. I see a hot little nice thing about a 7 and I ask the ticket taker if she is available. He says yes. I then ask if there is a room that we could have “sexo” since the VIP rooms doesn’t have doors anymore. He then explained that up stairs was a little more private. The upstairs private dance was twenty six dollars and fifty dollars to the girl. I agreed. Went up to the small closet up stairs and stripped down and went at it. CBJ and CFS not bad but only so many positions that you can do in a small chair. It lasted about ten minutes and afterwards I gave her a ten dollar tip. One thing I noticed since the last time I was in Nogales is that it seems that they have removed all of the doors on the VIP rooms even the curtains that I remember such as in lord blacks. What’s up with that, how do they expect anyone to do their business without them. I mean I guess you could but I don’t think that I would feel comfortable looking across at my fellow monger while I get my BJ.

So all in all it wasn’t a complete waste of time but, could have been better. I think next time I’m going to try and take a stripper maybe on a hotel date. I’ve heard of some people in the forum suggesting that’s possible. I would rather have time with someone without having someone knocking on your door telling you your time is up. If anyone has any suggestions on strip clubs that allow hotel dates let me know.

A few things I will do before I make another trip down to Nogales. Learn a little Spanish, even if it’s a few phrases. I can only imagine that it would have made my trip much less stressful and two, bring plenty of ones, and fives. When ever you can give exact change, I know that it’s hard to plan; but less of a chance to get screwed over.

06-02-04, 15:13
I posted a full report a few days ago but somehow it never showed up so here we go again.

I took a few friends of mine down to Nogales on Saturday night to check out the chicas. Both of them are very experienced in hobbying with me in places like Amsterdam, Alkmaar, FKK Clubs, and Thailand so it was interesting to see them negotiate with the
various club managers and girls themselves.

We arrived in Nogales around 7:00 P.M, checked into the Americana for $50 a room (good deal on a saturday which normally is $79). After a rest we parked at McD's, had a bite and then walked across the border around 9:30. First stop was at Lord Blacks where we paid the $4 cover which included two for one drinks all night at all there clubs along with no additional cover. Lord Blacks had a pretty good selection of chicas but the place was dead, girls sitting around bored, no striptease, just loud music. We then headed over to Fernis to see what was doing at my home base. My little waitress was working along with a couple of other stunning petite girls. They had a special that night, $100 for 30 minutes including the girl and a private room with a bed. I was recovering from some complications I had with a minor surgery so had to let my waitress know that I was going to let my buddy take her for a spin. What are friends for? My other friend located a new slim hottie that rocked his world. She is about 4"8 and maybe 80lbs, enhanced c-cups, latin/oriental looking, long dark hair. After his session he told me that she was one of the best sessions he had ever, even without a BJ! Go figure. This girls ass could not have been wider then 12" with a waiste that was well under 20". "The tightest and sweetest pussy he ever ate". I teased him about that for a few days! DATY on the border is just a tad more than I normally do but I could see
how he could not help himself.

We headed over to Bolero later on which had a fine selection of Chicas, best I had seen to date. In fact, the selection this weekend was the best I had seen in the last 5-6 trips to Nogales dating back to last summer. I am somewhat particular and just
returned from a trip to Prague, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt (FKK Land) so I had a good persepective of what was good looking in the pay for play dept.

While in Bolero I watched some serious Erotic striptease, again, better than I had seen over many visits. Something happened at the club and all of a sudden the Federales entered the place and closed it down around 2:15. We did not hang around to ask why and just as we walked out a truck full of Federales pulled up to the front entrance and walked inside. One of my friends got caught with his pants down right after he finished his session and was rudely interrupted with all the lights on and flashlights in his face.

I was exhausted by now, it was almost 3:00 A.M so I excused myself and headed back to the hotel, leaving my friends to search out there last session. They headed back to Fernis and closed the place down around 3:30, walked back to the Americana and called it a night.

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves considering our vast experiences. I reminded them that this was about as good as it gets in the Southwest and last I checked the trip to Amsterdam was about 5,000 miles away. They would return!

Adios for now,

Carnal1 aka Lanrac1

06-03-04, 03:53
I have had similar experiences lately, some different. Lipstick's usually has a guy that brings a hottie to me before the beer arrives. When in the mood that works nicely. They are also pretty cool on the price after negotiations. Lord Black has tried scams last two times in. They have not returned change, over stated numbers of dances (I did the never do buy more as I go plan once), and chased me down for a tip after though one was given at the time. Only thing that brought me back is a chica that likes a good spanking and back door bangin, and another that does all the dirty things and never asks for anything but a good pop. Always been treated well at Placers but it can be dead in there.
You sure got the plan with plenty of small bills. I am amazed you even got the ten to begin with. Change from a working girl is one tough , tough trick. Separating the wads also makes a convincing case when you show her she is getting "all" of it. As far a bar dates go, all places charge you to drag the girl out, as far as I know. You have to wait to closing to get her for no bar fee. Knowing the girl from a trip before or getting the OK from a friend of hers or a tout is often necessary. You can get an early date with a Cherries' girl between shifts, as they do close early, with no fee if you keep it between you and her (as all negotiations should be). Hotel Granda works for me. After several trips, it gets easier to get a new girl to come by as they recognize you and have seen you go with other girls.

06-03-04, 04:33
I had the same experience at LB last Thursday. Paid the waiter $20 for my beer and never got the change. Had some fun at the Rio's, paid only $10 for a private dance and $30 for a BJ, (but the condom was $5)

06-03-04, 06:46
Also consider the full size rooms with queen or king sized beds that are available, if pricey, at some of the clubs. Obsessions is the last one I was in, and that was a while ago. The clubs don't advertise the fact that they have the room and sometimes will even tell you they don't when in fact they do. The price range used to be $150 to $200 for 30 minutes, all inclusive.

Can't tell you if that is still true. I've been spending my time, and money, in Mexicali lately. And when in Nogales I go to La Conga first and usually that is enough. But if staying up till 3 or 4 o'clock hoping to score a dancer cheaper is not worth it, then think about negotiating a price for the on-site rooms and having your sex during prime time.


PS. As mentioned by Ed... Hotel Granada is a friendly place to stay if you are staying the night. Just pay the "doble" rate upfront (only a few pesos more) and no "problemas".

Mystic Pimp
06-04-04, 01:47
To all:

Is it just me, or have the doors/curtains been removed from the private rooms in the strip clubs? Also, if you know you're going to Nogales, it's best to have small bills (ones, fives and tens).


06-04-04, 06:54
Just some info I picked up while in Guaymas, Empalme and Nogales this past Memorial day weekend.
All the strip clubs in Guaymas have been shut down and the only hotel that I know which has girls outside waiting for you to take them in (hotel Ana) was dead.
On my way back to Tucson stopped in Nogales to visit a friend who just started working at La Conga, Jazmine. She told me that all strip clubs are being closed due to President Fox new policy, no sex in "los tables" strip clubs. If operativo catches you with your pants down, you will be arrested, if the girl is performing acts, she will be arrested and the club will be closed. She said that due to this most girls are now working on there own, but La Conga does not fall under these new rules since it is not a strip club.
I don't know how accurate this info is but Jazmine is working on the side, and gave me her card, says she has several girls working for her and they will come to your place, hotel, etc. If anyone wants the number send me a message.

Be safe.

06-04-04, 15:26

i don't like the sound of what you reported. i have a hard time believing that after all this, one mexican president is going to attempt to clean up the dance clubs in mexico. i don't doubt that something is in the air since the last couple of visits to nogales i have personally witnessed the federales bursting into bolero and fernis looking into the private rooms. i assumed that they were looking for ****d drinking or ****d working girls. i hope this is not the beginning of change, the escalating prices are enough already, this surely would not help!



06-05-04, 00:08
Nogi has gone thru this type of change before. It just might help. If it is the dance clubs being targeted - since they are operating against the rules - mabe the Brothel bars scene will grow. Perhaps the Nogi scene will become more like the rest of Mexico. More Independants, bigger street scene and some Conga comp might be cool. Next weeks trip is going to have to be more aggressive in collecting contact info!

Don Tonto
06-06-04, 09:40
In Mexico, the president is elected for a single six year term. So, in 2006, Mexico will have a new president and maybe any policies put in place against the table dance places will go away.

06-07-04, 15:50
Hey El_Otro,

In Guaymas, did you check out the strip club that is near the power plant too? It's a purple colored building about a mile or two out of town.

BTW, If anyone is going or passing through Navajoa, They just got a new strip club on the left side of the road just as you enter the town. I can give a little more info if anyone wants it.

06-10-04, 21:59
It was business as usual at Fernies last night. Obesession's has quit the private dances area as private dances, but sells 70 buck blow jobs in the back. Topless dances off to the side only are twenty bucks, usual groping allowed. Sex is at the next door hotel, 180 for the half hour. The manager here has long wanted to get out of the brothel biz and be a strip club in the traditional way, but has to play along, I suppose. The girls say it's been slow lately. The street got me four young, street wise types' propositions. That would be ladies, of course, I only mention that as a couple of other than ladies had ideas too! A walk to Conga showed it was the same. I was hoping for dancer types, passed on the first offers and ended up with a real cutie. 65 bucks total, half hour, so much fun we went around twice. (another 65 and a new clock)

06-14-04, 15:55
Hey Guys,

I was working out at the gym on Saturday where I was talking to this very attractive gal who mentioned she was a "dancer" at someplace called Boleros or Baleros. Anyone ever hear of this place and know where it is located in Nogales? It sounds familiar but I can't place the location.

06-16-04, 19:47
Jester - Lots of info on the board here on Bolero's. Just go to forum search and type in "bolero".

06-17-04, 04:41
Boleiro is the name. Opened last year around November.


06-17-04, 15:44
Anyone know exactly where Boleiro is located? The only places I hang out at in this order are Bora Bora, La Conga, Rios and Placers.

P.S. if you want to meet some dancers for a 'free date' you can meet them at La Jungle dance club (mostly on Wednesday night) or at Gym's gym.

06-19-04, 02:35
Bolero is located between Placers and Cherrys on the main strip across the border. You can't miss it unless you head towards Obsessions and Rio. Very nice looking girls, just be carefull on Saturday nights since that is when the local Federales like to barge into the private rooms.

06-19-04, 09:00
Yes the club next to the power plant is called Passion, and it was also closed up. Will be going again to Guaymas tomorrow 6/19, will report any news.

06-19-04, 22:05
"Bolero is located between Placers and Cherrys on the main strip across the border. "


Boleiro is not located between Placers and Cherrys. Cherrys is the northern-most club. Boleiro is the southern-most. In-between are Placers and Lord Black. Between Placers and Cherrys is the SenSux massage parlor. If you stand facing Placers then Boleiro will be to your right (South) about three blocks on the same street. They used to have the cover charge at one be good for admission to all three.


06-21-04, 00:55
You are correct Ragman. For some reason I had Cherrys and Placers confused alittle but there all in the same general vicinity. Last trip I paid one cover charge of $4 which included entry to all there clubs in addition to two for one drinks all night long.

06-21-04, 06:27
i guess what is happening in the strip clubs is that sexo is provided, but you need to shell out at least $50 for the room and anywhere from $30-$100 for the dancer, depending on what she will settle for...
So far, lord black, placers, bolierio, rio, obsessions offer the private room for $50.... anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on the ticket seller....
most of the dancers want at least $50 min for sexo.....
the best deal was fernis, which offered $100 for 30 min sexo with a dancer....

I did find a good deal at cherrys on sat afternoon.. two dances for $44, in the upstairs privados.. and $40 for the dancer for sexo... $84 total for about 15-20 minutes...

all of the clubs were about half full on sat nights..... i know its summer, but the clubs usuallly are packed on the weekend nights... actually lord black, bolierio , rio, and fernis, obsessions, looked about 1/3 full, between 10pm and midnight on sat night.. pretty sad...

06-24-04, 14:16

I agree with you about Fernis, it has the best deals on Sexo for
only $100 for 30 minutes including the girl. Not alot to choose from there but there are a couple that float my boat. The only problem I have with Ferni's is their managers are like flies when it comes to buying girls drinks at a whopping $10 per drink. Good thing is that the girls get half of the $10.

Bolero has some nice talent as well but there prices are over the top for the nice lookers, some wanted over $200!

Did you notice any Federales roaming around on the Saturday you visited? I have seen them the last two Saturdays I visited, meandering up and down the street, searching the rooms and creating a general nuisance.

Will be on a mission soon,


06-25-04, 08:18
i didnt see the federales roaming around, but the word is on the streets is that they like to to "sweeps" at the strip bars, and if you are caught in the act with a dancer, you may be arrested... the waiters and managers at the strip clubs have a system going down if the federales storm the area, but be careful...
i think during the weekdays you may be able to get better deals for 30 min sexo, like for $60 ..

06-25-04, 15:02
The managers do have a warning system, they flash the lights on and off. One of my friends was in Bolero last trip, just finished and still had the condom on when the girl abruptly ran out of the room as the lights flashed, he was drunk, laughing, and was standing there butt naked when the Fed's walked into the room, good thing the girl was gone or else. They did not do anything to him but they did shut the place down for the evening

Kool Klyde
06-28-04, 07:05
Trip report from 6/26/04 to Nogi with a friend of mine.

First stop across the border was the infamous La Conga. After hearing so much about it, my friend and I decided to check it out for ourselves. Should you wish to visit this establishment, be sure to take a cab, especially if it is after dark. Upon arriving there were about six guys and three women (?) out on the steps. Now after being in seventeen different countries and most of the states, I have learned to listen to my hackles, and they were standing up like the quills on a pissed off porcupine. Two women greeted my friend and me and escorted us to a table for drinks. The one talking to him was by far the best in the house, and giving her the benefit of the doubt, I would give her a solid 1.2 on a 1-10 scale. Now the one that decided to sit down and rub on my leg was definite -233.9. (Yes, neg ratings do go that low) Truth is, I got laid right there on the spot. You know the saying “Go F$%k yourself”, well I did because KK Jr. crawled right up my own ass looking for a place to hide. There was no amount of Beer and or Tequila in all of Mexico that could have gotten me drunk enough to do her. Despite the fact that her clothes hadn’t been washed since the Spanish American war, that her tits were flat and sagging down over a beer belly larger than mine, that she looked as if she had just finished pulling the engine on a Mack truck, and that she looked worse than the north end of a southbound ******* with hemorrhoids, she was more willing than I was. Had to get out of there fast before any more of the La Conga babes came out of the wood work. If you decide to check this place out, do it in daylight or make it your first stop of the evening before you start drinking. Don’t ask what $$ were, she quoted to my friend, and I didn’t ask

Kool Klyde
06-28-04, 07:06
Part 2/2

The next stop was Fernni’s, no cover was charged here. Went upstairs and wound down from previous stop. After pm’s with another member, I have to agree with his assessment of this place. I saw two there that I would give a solid7+, and a couple of 6’s. Yes my friend, you were right about the handlers pushing you to buy the girls drinks. What is stupid is they want you to buy girls drinks that are sitting on the other side of the room and never even come over and speak to you. Not bad and worth a visit to compare other places to. On a positive note for the club, the music wasn’t so loud and distorted that it hurt your ears. Negative note for the club was no titties on stage, they kept everything on, just danced around the pole.

Bolero’s was the next stop, as this was a fav of mine since my last trip which was on a Monday night. By far the best looking girls and a good supply of them, at least 3 that were 8+, and about 3 that were sub 5. Had a table dance from one that rocked, she was chewing on kk jr right through the jeans! $$ are higher than Fernni’s, but much better quality and selection. 50.00 for 20 min private + what you work out with the girl. (Didn’t ask about the bedroom) As I was on limited funds this trip I had to decline. (Also, the fact that the Mex Feds are doing sweeps worried me) Two down sides for the club were the handlers asking for tips for doing nothing and music too damn loud and distorted. Clean club and the girls more than made up for this.

Lipsticks at about 0130-a waste of time, in n out in 5 min.

Placers was way too loud and distorted, and no girls in site so we didn’t stay.

L. Blacks was about the same, but had a couple of dancers. One had to be an aerobics instructor, worth the drink to watch and the tip at the stage.

Next trip hope to be better funded and with more time.

07-01-04, 06:15
big article today in a nogales newspaper, diario.. i translated it in babelfish.. it sounds like ALL THE TDS BARS ARE CLOSED!!!!!!

The calls "reservados" of all ` Taibol I danced or dance halls, went ` clausurados' when being discovered supposed practices of prostitution. Operative special an originating one of the capital of the organization stated that in spite of the new state law that prohibits ` privados', these were continued using reason why Thursday was closed all the TDS of this city. Operative the state one which Pear tree was accompanied by elements of the Alcohol Subdivision in charge of Alexander, also reviewed different points where presumably alcohol is sold after the established schedule. The Alcohol Main directorate in Hermosillo, concretely Inspection and Monitoring that Arnoldo Salazar Coker directs, maintained complete hermetism, nevertheless the fact was conformed by different proprietors from these nocturnal centers. In this one last office it was asked for to call to the Direction of Social Communication of the Secretariat Property of the State, but they declared there to lack the required information, when not even sending it the mentioned office of Inspection and Monitoring. The reserved ones are small cubículos where each dancer dances in deprived form the client, nevertheless, she is known who practices prostitution in a change of nonauthorized turn by the competent authority there. Operative presentá after the controversy that untied the Giovanna case presented/displayed by this mass media. As one remembers this news article began with the history of a baby left by a alcoholica mother and drug addict. Soon the information went towards the expendios that are causes of this kind of problems, until deriving in that several of them were closed. Today it seems to render fruits the efforts of the Newspaper.

Sun Devil
07-02-04, 00:46
So what is the repercussion of all this. Are we going to see more bars like La Conga or massage parlors like Sensux opening for business?

07-02-04, 18:06
SuperDick, I noticed that things were really quite around the TD bars last night (thursday night) as I was driving to get something to eat. At first I thougt it was just a really slow night for everyone but I also noticed that some had been pad locked shut.

Later today I will try to call one of my dancer friends and see if they can give some more info. I'll keep you guys in touch

07-02-04, 18:33
Hey SuperDick,

I found the article you mentioned and from reading it, it sounded like only the Private rooms are closed. Still not sure but will fill you guys in.

Merlin Magician
07-04-04, 04:47
I have been reading about governmental crackdown on WG's and P4P stuff in the clubs in Mexico. The Federales all seem to be busier than ever before.

Presidente Vicente Fox says he is going to crack down on crime in Mexico. Looks to me like he needs to clean out his own Federales first. Then too, cleaning out the graft in the state and local police forces is lot like attacking a huge ant bed with a just a wet Q tip. About as effective as Hans Blix looking for WMD.

I still remember the videos of stolen late model American SUV's parked by the Tijuana Federale offices by Federales who were driving them.

07-07-04, 17:59
Any news from Nogales lately on the status of the TD clubs? Is Fernis still open?

07-08-04, 06:26
it looks like the closing of the strip bars was a temp thing, because they were being fined for allowing sexo in the clubs..... From what i heard from friends, the bars are now open, and you can still get sexo, but you have to be kind of discreet about it... forget nogi, i am just going to TJ....

07-13-04, 06:02
I've got a couple of days vacation time coming my way in Aug, thought I'd take them in Nogales. What's the best way to find a dancer, Conga girl or other provider that I can hook up with for 2 or 3 days straight? Ideally would like to pay her a flat fee, plus meals to be with me full time. I know many of the bar girls will offer their version of "all night" and I've seen one or two postings about someone who managed to get a deal like this. Any suggestions?

07-13-04, 10:01

La Conga has a "bar fine" and a fixed rate for the girl for "toda la noche". Last time I checked it was $50 to the bar and $250 to the girl. I don't know about paying the first night and then having her call in sick the next night or two, thereby cutting the bar fine out at least. Others are going to tell you cheaper ways to get the toda la noche but they often slide over the fact that their all-nighter doesn't start until the girl gets off work at "0 dark thirty".

A word of caution. Most of the girls at La Conga have kids at home that they can't just leave for a 2 or 3 day GFE. Some have the kids with relatives out of town and some have a freind that can watch the kids for a few days. But some will say "toda la noche" but, later, will make an excuse to leave and be home before the kids wake up or before the babysitter goes home. So much for the GFE. Let the buyer beware.


07-14-04, 06:46
RE: setting up all-nighters

You could let one of the local street hustlers do the footwork for you. Can't miss em; as soon as you cross the border they're all over you. Tell a couple of them what you're looking for, let them humor you, and you just might be surprised. They are very eager to make a buck and you can bet that they know girls who are just as eager.

Matt Mark
07-15-04, 07:43
Does anyone want to go to Nogales here in the near future? I've been to a few strip clubs, but I want to know more about the area (sexo) and go with someone else and not some street hustler across the border.

Vitamin V Boy
07-15-04, 21:37

There is a guy that will give you escorted tours of the clubs, etc down there. Check out theladiesofnogales website for his contact info.

07-16-04, 02:41
The site is www.ladiesofnogales.com.

07-16-04, 17:04
I live in Nogi, I'd show you around for free if I wasn't so busy.

07-16-04, 17:07
Is the guy that owns the site www.ladiesofnogales.com still around. I noticed that his web site is for sell and I sent him an email around a month ago and got no reponse.

07-19-04, 03:22

I've always been a little leary of the street hustlers. One's gut instincts only go so far when being led somewhere on a whim and a promise. There was a report sometime back about one of the hustlers who would call someone and about 30-60 minutes later an SUV would pull up with 2-3 latinas in it. You negotiated the deal and went to a nearby hotel. That sounds moderately safe.

07-19-04, 14:40
Regarding street girls,last trip one of my friends went to a hotel room with one, he gave her the money, she went to get a condom and never returned. Lesson learned. No management to talk to, no recourse, no sexo.

Caveat Punter


Wild Wind
07-20-04, 04:49
Our hobby is great because every hobbyist can freely indulge his own personal mongering preferences, and change them whenever the mood strikes him. Cause no matter what you like, there are always willing girls if you hunt. My current favorite high mileage scenario with TD's starts with DFK and unrestricted FOB, and ends with BBBJTCIM. In terms of girls I look for the prettiest possible face and a warm and friendly attitude with a willingness to please. Beyond that I am pretty open to body type, just not REAL skinny, not totally O-freakin'-BESE, and no bellies or boobs that sag badly - those are my only deal killer turn-offs.

In my Mexican TD club experience (Nogi and TJ) a lot of the chicas will do FK, FOB and will give some BBBJ, but getting one to do all three and go all the way TCIM for a reasonable price is the challenging part of my search, especially keeping within my desired chica-type - no ugly fat old skanks, nasty bony crack-heads, or baby-ravaged saggers. But the more challenging the hunt, the more satisfying the find, right? And of course the colorful characters we all come across in the journey are a vital part of the whole mongering experience.

I hit Nogi on a recent Thursday evening and since I only get to Nogi about once a year I wanted to maximize this trip by having a plan. My goal was to get at least 2 pops in my favorite way and to apply some of the bargaining wisdom picked up here on the forum. I figured I'd get one pop right away in a familiar place to take the edge off, then take my time getting the other one in some way I've never done before. Any other interesting filler adventures that came along with the quest would be a bonus. I'm happy to report that I succeeded. Details below.

ACT I - Cherry's
After a couple large cans of brew en route from my Tucson hotel I pulled into Nogales AZ about 6 PM. Parked my rental car, as usual, on the uphill street outside the back end of the Burger King parking lot, and used the free and very clean BK bathroom. Cut thru the UETA lot to the border crossing, blew past the cluster of touts, and having never had a good time at Rio's, I headed right to Cherry's where I have had success on other trips.

Medium crowd, about 20 girls. I asked Benjamin (the older ticket guy with curly receding hair) for Abby who I knew would gladly meet my needs, but she was off that night. I sat down and started on a $3 beer and Benjamin reappeared with a slender pretty young thing with long dark hair and big doe eyes. Nice stuff! With Benjamin translating we determined that she'd do CBJ, but not BBBJTCIM. Was tempting to settle for less but I had a plan, so Adios to her.

Benjamin's English is pretty good so I told him I was looking for 30 minutes upstairs, FOB and BBBJTCIM for $65 total. He said that’s not possible because the upstairs room by itself is $44 (two tickets @ $22 each). Bolstered by forum negotiation war stories I stuck to my performance spec and my price and asked him to go looking.

A good ticket guy always knows his stable, and Benjamin came back a few minutes later saying a chica named Cassandra was willing. So I walked over to where she was sitting to see if she was acceptable quality. She's young, decent face, nice smile, taller and lighter coloring than usual Mexicans, long curly hair, heavier than ideal but firm, with what looked to be nice firm B cups. To my taste she's a 7, and certainly no skank in anybody's book. I was feeling hopeful.

They're talking in Spanish as I make my assessment, then Benjamin says she wants $75, plus I have to pay $10 to the guy upstairs. I remembered the good advice found here that you must always be prepared to walk away from a deal, so I said "$65 is the total price and I'll be over there if she wants to do it" and walked back to my seat. Benjamin talks to her some more then to some guy behind the bar and returns to say ok at $65 but I have to buy a $5 condom from the guy upstairs, even though I was getting BBBJTCIM. I probably could've kept insisting on $65 all-in but figured WTF, close enough, lets go, the stupid condom will be a souvenir and maybe I'd find a productive use for it later.

The upstairs at Cherry's has bigger closets than the doorless hovels on the main floor so we were actually pretty comfortable and were the only ones up there. Cassandra gave me all that I wanted in a nice, unhurried session. She was sweet, playful, friendly and eager to please, and stayed on the job all the way through the download, not one of those prissy lightweights who pull off the instant the eruption starts. So I was fully satisfied. Although Abby is my Cherry's favorite I'd definitely do Cassandra again.

I tipped Benjamin $5, so I was out $75 total with a condom in my pocket and was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Hope you other Nogi lovers don't think I contributed to the inflationary spiral while getting my particular freak on this time at Cherry's. I'm open to your comments.

BTW, after Cassandra I got a $10 table dance in the back with the doe-eyed sweetie just to play with her cute B cups and check out her attitude. I enjoyed it, although I could tell she wouldn't be very passionate in a privado.

Hung around til 7:30 drinking $3 beers and watching the dancers then figured it was time to eat and hit the nighttime places: Placers, Ferni, etc. So I step outside, and that’s where I met George.

ACT II - George

George is about 50 and looks like a leftover SFO-style hippie. Kinda like Country Joe MacDonald of Country Joe and the Fish if you're ever looking to find him. Anglo-ish features and bright blue eyes. Good English learned on the job, selling donkey tourist pictures by day, touting at night. George is bright, reads a lot and is a great conversationalist. Did 7 years in Mexican jail for a 2 ton pot bust. Has some stories about that. Been out almost 10 years and staying clean. Married for 17 years with 3 kids. One conceived during weekly conjugal visits.

Feeling comfortable with him I invited him to have dinner with me so I could learn more about the Nogi scene and enlist his help in figuring out an innovative way to get my 2nd pop. He took me to Leo's on a corner in the tourist area. Clean, reasonable, bi-lingual and tasty. He only wanted coffee so as I ate a $4 plateful of chicken tacos I learned about the owners of the various TD clubs, the local hotel scene, and the extremely corrupt cops. Seems that the latest TD club shakedown was from a new Lieutenant in town. George told me that when a bank in town was robbed the staff locked it up afterwards and wouldn't let the cops in, because they'd steal whatever money was left.

Along the way he mentioned that some cab drivers know local girls who are not professionals but are willing to do it every now and then for the extra cash. I said that sounded interesting. True local flavor. Chica-next-door thing. Different experience than with the typical TD, many of who are pros from all over Mexico according to George. He said the non-pro girls usually want $100. I said I'm looking for the $60-$80 range and asked him to find a cabbie who could get me a nice-looking non-professional that would do my trilogy: DFK, FOB and BBBJTCIM. Off we went into the Nogi night.

ACT III - Pedro

As we reached the cabbie area by the border George sees Pedro, a friend who has just gotten a cabbie job (it's his 3rd day). Pedro's a little heavy with short curly hair, looks about 30 and has a lot of energy. The kind of guy you like right away. He was born in Nogi but raised in Oakland so his English is perfect. He got busted for pot and was deported. Now he has a Nogi wife and 4 kids to feed. Hearing what I wanted and my budget he asked if I'd been to La Conga. "$65 'til you cum, Man". I said I heard the pickings were slim there and anyway I wanted to try a non-professional tonight. Pedro said he knew a girl named Fabiola that might be willing. Sister of one of his wife's friends, or something like that. Cleans houses and does laundry for people. She had told him she'd be interested in some action with an ok guy. Pedro has no cell phone so I gave him a few bucks for a phone card and he, George and I piled into his taxi and headed south. He stopped to call her and came back saying she is willing to meet me. We can go pick her up and if we are both ok with each other then he'll take us to a hotel that rents a decent room for $10 for a few hours. If not, then we can try to find someone else, no problem.

Thus began my excursion into the backstreets of Nogi. The cab went further out of town, well past the Titanic TD club. Eventually we turned left and headed up into the hills where the narrow roads immediately turn to dirt with foot-deep flood ruts up the middle. Skinny dirty dogs skulking around. Tiny huddled structures crammed together. Old cars parked every which way. Small groups hanging out on stoops checking us out. A few streetlights here and there but mostly dark. Didn't feel dangerous, just reminds you that Mexico's a poor, 3rd world country. Pedro can't find the house so we twist and turn all over the place, up hills and down hills, u-turning in impossible spots, stopping, getting out, walking around, asking people. He gives up and calls Fabiola again, and we finally arrive at the pickup spot about 9:15.

ACT IV - Fabiola

Pedro had been low-keying Fabiola's physical attractiveness, probably so as not to over-sell and under-deliver. So frankly I feared the worst as she slid into the back seat next to me, and was wondering "How the hell will I get out of this gracefully?". But I was pleasantly surprised. Late 20's, medium height and slightly meaty build, dark Mexican complexion, long black hair pulled back. Pleasant face. Clean and well dressed in tight jeans and T-shirt that showed off her good set of C cups and decent ass. And definitely not hooker-looking. Someone that you'd admire passing on the downtown street, but not really dwell on.

Pedro asked me what I thought. I smiled approvingly and, nearly exhausting my Spanish vocabulary said "Hermosa chica". She and Pedro spoke in Spanish and he said "She wants $80". Again I figured WTF, I'm here, she's here, we've got a ride to a cheap hotel with a couple of bi-lingual guides, and she supposedly knows what I want to do when we get there. I said "Lets do it".

She was clearly very nervous as we drove to the hotel. I liked this because it reinforced the non-professional experience I was looking for that night. Pedro and George were making small talk in the front seat. I held her hand and she looked straight ahead. When we got to the hotel George said goodbye. I gave him $10 and he was happy. Pedro did the deal at the desk and I paid the $10 there. Then Pedro took the key and led Fabiola and me upstairs to the small room with the double bed and private bathroom with shower. Low-end for sure but good enough. It was now 9:30. Out in the hall Pedro and I settled on $25 for his finder/driver fee and he said he'd be back at 11:00. Now Fabiola and I were alone.

We each used the bathroom then I switched off the single overhead bulb and left the bathroom light on with the door slightly open to provide a soft glow in the room. I stepped to her and hugged her. She said something as I held her and I picked out a word that sounded like "nervous" might sound in Spanish. So I repeated it and we both laughed. Neither of us spoke ANY of the other's language so we would have to improvise communication.

Amazing where this hobby takes you. Here I was in a Mexican sex hotel with a good-looking, well-built chica who I couldn't talk to, but who someone else had recently explained his interpretation of my deepest sexual yearnings to, over a pay phone, and she had agreed to satisfy them, at least I think so. There was only one way to verify this, so I sat her on the bed and we started kissing.

The room was warm (no AC) so as I visually urged her to disrobe she was happy to get her clothes off pretty quickly. She was somewhat modest about it and this enhanced my enjoyment in watching. My traditional mongering outfit of sandals, loose shorts/no boxers and T-shirt was off in a flash.

I smiled broadly as she turned her naked body toward mine, and she began kissing me warmly. Through the next hour I enjoyed LFK (she wouldn't do DFK), unrestricted FOB (nice ones with wonderful nips), and a long strong wet 'n noisy BBBJTCIM. To borrow an old phrase, this girl could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. I had put the Cherry's condom on the nightstand just in case, and she reached over and picked it up a few times during the session with a look that asked if I wanted to go to FS. But I would just point down, smile and say "chupa, por favor". At the end she pulled off before the download was finished but not enough to take away from an otherwise heroic performance of duty.

We dressed and I put the appropriate papers in her purse. Then she started asking questions in Spanish, pointing to her mouth and my crotch. I guessed she wanted to know my satisfaction so I said "muy bueno" which I hope was the right thing to say. Then we sat on the bed and made out for another 20 minutes. I kissed her very hard and squeezed her chest as hard as I could for a very long time and she seemed to enjoy it. Made me think she might like it rough. Got me hard again but I passed on going for a twofer. It was time to go.

We went downstairs into the cool night air and held each other comfortably til Pedro showed up about 11:15. Dropped her off with a kiss and Pedro took me back to the border. I gave him another $5 and told him I'd write about him on here so Dear Readers, be sure to ask for Pedro down at the cabbie area if you want a great guy to help you. The 2nd pop had run me about $130 all-in. I know that's almost 2 La Conga's, but I had really enjoyed it and it was a helluva foreign urban adventure.

So it was almost midnight, I'd had my two pops as planned, I was a short walk from my car, and I'd had some adventure. But is there ever enough adventure? Of course not, so I started off for Fernis to see if I could have a little more nasty fun.

ACT V - Ferni's

Ferni's is funky. That’s all there is to it. The slum end of the TD club social scale. But I love it for that. As many others here attest, I never pay attention to the dancers there, it’s the waitresses that provide the sporting action. And it never takes long to get one going. I always sit at one of the small tables along the long wall and do the same drill. I start overtly flirting with whichever waitress catches my eye (never matters if it’s the one serving you or not). She will quickly sit with me and another will immediately pounce to ask if I want to buy her a drink ($10 nowadays). If she's cuddly and frisky in the first few moments she's probably a good investment. So after that for 5-15 minutes (YMMV depending on the girl) I make out with her like crazy. I kiss her everywhere she'll let me, squeeze her chest, try to get inside her clothes as much as possible while she actively rubs my equipment, sometimes opening my shorts to get skin-on-skin (that’s where the tablecloths at Ferni's come in handy to keep that HJ action out of sight). Its wicked fun, either as a way to start the evening or after you've had a couple pops elsewhere and are just looking for some outrageous behavior. If you're having fun, keep buying her drinks. If it cools off, let her go and try another one. Of course eventually any of them will want you to buy a privado and that’s your call. I did it on one trip and enjoyed it ok. But often the Ferni's waitresses are not your top-shelf honeys, and they can be more fun to play with semi-clothed than to see and have sex with fully naked, if you know what I mean. Again, it's your call and the talent varies from night to night. Others swear by it.

This visit was true to form for me. Ordered a $4 beer (incl tip) and got it going with a well made-up, heavy-ish mid 30's Mexican gal with a good face, big lips and high-riding D cups. Pretty frisky, although not as free-wheeling as many have been. But it was fun to neck, fondle and be fondled for one drink, about 10minutes. TIP: If you enjoy kissing them its better because it keeps them from finishing their drink quite as fast. So I'm up and out after having had some fun with only $15 invested (incl $1 tip for the waitress' drink) and I'm off for a talent check at Placers and Boleiros.

ACT VI - Placers

Placers used to be my favorite b/c of the pretty young chicas and the mileage they gave me in a $22 privado. The girls are still cute, but now they're all trying to limit you and upsell you and its not as much fun. But I met Frederick, a personable young ticket guy who spent time in US and speaks good English. He showed me the upstairs bedroom and quoted $230 including the girl. A particularly aggressive one of those had tagged along with us for the tour and was now kneeling on the bed gnawing my equipment through my shorts. As Fred and I talked I nonchalantly slid her hands up my shorts legs and she fondled me madly skin-on-skin in hopes of getting me to spring for the honeymoon suite right then and there. Not tonight, my little vixen. Certainly not at that price.

Went back downstairs and drank 2 more $4 beers while chatting with Frederick about his background and asking more about the TD club business. Being totally honest with him I explained I was already 2 pops into a late evening and only wanted a table dance where I could FOB freely the whole time. He found me the right girl, I paid the $10 and enjoyed it thoroughly for all 3 minutes of the song. I liked this chica's chest and attitude enough to spring for a privado and took her upstairs for a $22 session. In the old days I always immediately dropped my shorts before sitting down in the (then-curtained) cubicle. This almost always led to interesting skin-on-skin activities for the basic privado price. But when I tried it this time the chica made it clear it wasn't allowed, so she fondled me through my shorts occasionally while I FOB and played a little with her shaved puss for 6 minutes and longed for the good old days. Near the end she offered BJ for $40 to get me to also buy another privado, but I passed. My gut told me she probably wouldn't do the BBBJTCIM anyway. Back down for another beer at ringside.

The Placers cover had been free with a hand stamp that also let me in to their new place, Boleiros. I'd read here that the décor is upscale and talent is good so I wanted to check it out. Up and out after $32 invested in 9 minutes of pretty good FOB. Not a great bargain but a highly focused experience and a better price/value ratio than available most places stateside (possible exception of Houston).

ACT VII - Boleiros

Boleiros was a disappointment. Kinda' bright lighting, sorta' snazzy looking, overall feeling of what Holiday Inn would do in the TD club business. Felt like your basic mid-range stateside "gentleman's-club-near-the-airport" kind of place we've all been bored to death in too many times. I go to Nogi for high mileage in dark corners with exceptionally frisky women. This didn't appear to have ANY of those attributes. May be some guys' cup of TD, but not mine, at least not in Nogi. So I did a 180 out the door and headed towards the tracks figuring my interesting night was over.

Of course another tout immediately flagged me down and wanted to know why I was leaving so early (a little after 1:00AM). He was a large guy with good English. Another drug bust veteran who now makes his living touting for gringos. Fairly beer-buzzed by now I cut right to the chase and told him I wanted to s*ck on t*tties and he said he knew just the girl. (Don't they always?)

ACT VIII - Obsessions

We walked fast to Obsessions where he blew past the doormen with no cover. Moments later we were at a ringside table, each drinking bottled water (I knew I was at the tipping point where another cerveza would make me empty my wallet on the next chica). He has a cute little honey come over and I pull her onto my lap and begin free-roaming to see how frisky she is. She's reasonably responsive and the tout says something like "She's the one I was telling you about, Senor", and a waitress starts asking me if I want to buy her a drink. I figure a drink is $10 more than I need to spend to get my FOB freak on with this pre-qualified chica and announce I'm ready for a privado. Off to the back where we wait to be assigned to a room. The privado guy shows up, takes my $22, and then asks me for a tip. I look him in the eye, smiling, and ask, politely: "What for?". Fortunately he smiles and disengages. She leads me to a dark little booth with no door and a suddenly a little green light comes on inside the booth above the door opening. Ghastly glow lighting up what you want to be an in-the-dark experience. Turns out it’s the timer and you leave when it shuts off. Exactly opposite to the way it should work! I don't know if it would have been different if I had tipped the guy. Somehow I don't think so.

I can't remember her name, but she's got a nice tight petite bod with firm B cups and taut nips, willingly gives me all the FOB I want and fondles me appropriately through my shorts although won't let me slide her hands up the legs. She watches herself a lot in the mirror on the side of the booth. When we finish she asks for a tip (what is it with this place?) and I give her $2. I rejoin my friend and say its time to leave. He accompanies me out and keeps trying to get me to stay, saying he knows more great ladies whose t*ts I can s*ck as long as I want. I'm sure he does but now its 1:30AM and I'm ready to call it a night while I still have a few bucks left and a smile on my face.


So I got my 2 pops the way I like them, had several interesting filler activities, met some colorful new characters, and expanded my horizons into the realm of cabbies, Nogi backstreets, non-professional nookie and the local sex hotel scene. All in all a good way to have spent 7 hours in Nogi.

Although I always seem to spend more than I intend to in Nogi, and I sometimes have mixed feelings afterwards about the overall value received for certain parts of the experience, it still beats any stateside location I know of for dense-packing variety and color at reasonable prices. And I always want to go back.

Don Tonto
07-20-04, 08:09
I could be wrong, but I seem to remember reading that the www.ladiesofnogales.com owner had relocated away from Nogales. Too bad, he was really into setting up his website and collecting chica photos to post.

07-20-04, 13:55
Any new Intel on the club scene in Nogales? No recent posts on the issues from closing down the TD joints a few weeks ago.

Would like to know what the "new" game in town is. Between the Monsoons and the bad Press, hard to justify the trip right now. Too bad ! Phoenix PFP sucks right now! Need a few options.



07-22-04, 06:50
wild wind, great post.... sounds like things are back to normal in nogi regarding the table dances and privates...

I agree about Abigal... Nice personality, cute face, a great , big bubble ass, and an amazing sex drive.... She loves bbbj, ball sucking, missionary, doggie, everything, all for a great price... usually could get it all for about $84.... for 15 minutes....

Other recommendations would be Monserat at Rios... Angelica at Rios... Catia at Fernis....... Samantha at Bolierio.(sometimes waitress)...

Do all the private dances and rooms have the doors open?? just wondering...

07-22-04, 09:23
Wild Wind, that was the best post I have ever read in this fourm!
You had good luck, and the right attitude. I personaly would not have gone across the RR tracs and up the streets, very dangerous indeed, I know I used to do that. I am very familliar with Nogi, and your post had zero BS! Good Job! The Nogi situation is at a record low in every aspect, so you really did well.

I am suprised that you did not do the Massage deal next to Lord black? It is worth while deal.

Happy Hunting


07-22-04, 09:30
I recomend Wild Wind be advanced to senior member even though he only has four posts, he is a great asset to those that will listen. He also can write?

Wild Wind
07-22-04, 18:01
Thanks to everyone for positive comments on my post - I love this hobby and enjoy sharing my experiences with other devotees

SuperD - its sad but true that all the cubies I saw were doorless -


Thanks for recommending the promotion to Sr - I'd like that

07-23-04, 14:59
Nice post WW, good to hear that there is still some action to be had in Nogales. The prices you paid are reasonable for Nogales standards but still have me holding back for some much needed return trips to Amsterdam and the German FKK Clubs this fall.

You seem to like BBBJTCCIM,,, that is a mere $ 25 extra at the FKK Clubs and the girls wander around naked, about 40-60 Eastern European, Brazilian, Spanish, Dutch, German, African, etc.

I do the same route, Placers, Fernis, Lord Black, Bolero, Cherrys, and find that indeed Bolero has the quality but there prices are way over the top. Even those BJ's you got were very close to what I pay for a whole hour at Fernis with a couple of those nice waitress's you mentioned.

I am very tempted to head down there but the impending monsoons and uncertainty of the quality has me sitting tight.

Good to hear that things are still somewhat back to normal.


07-24-04, 09:05
Let me add my compliments also to WW for your excellent post. Daddy - We actually agreed on something!! :-)

07-24-04, 18:57
Forget aout senior membership status for WW, how about we just make him President? Awesome post, WW.

07-27-04, 01:28
Wild long Wind, somebody needs to be an ass to you or as President you'll start thinking about fucking my favs. and not paying! (thats MY job)

The best I can do is, what the fuck is "unrestricted FOB"?
Forgive my newbieness, I assume it is a 'Russian" term!

A related pet peave "BBBJTCCIM". Doesn't CIM kinda cover the TC part?

No real offense intended. In fact, I liked the post so much I'd like to recomend Samantha at LB. Messy, messy girl!

There's a girl in Tucson you may like too, only you'll have to pull her hair and call her names while you do your stuff!

07-27-04, 01:50
I believe he was referring to a physcian-like digital examination of the WAWA's, headlights, mammary glands, boobs, knockers and the like.

Wild Wind
07-27-04, 02:08

FOB is "Feasting On Breasts", a wonderfully descriptive term for something I truly love to do, and the "TCIM" part is "To Completion In Mouth", which I admit may be overstating the obvious - I picked up both of these terms from The Ultimate Strip Club List (www.tuscl.com) Place where I cut my teeth on all this monger acronym stuff - and not a bad site for basic overview and user ratings of TD clubs

I don't think I'll get back to Nogi until October at the very earliest but if I do I'll look for Samantha at LB - I like messy!

07-28-04, 11:09
After hearing about local crackdowns in the clubs I began to wonder if other border cities like Mexicali, Juarez, TJ, etc were experiencing the same thing.

When I reviewed those boards here I think the answer is apparently not as there is no discussion regarding it. Also the more openly "pay for sex" La Conga operation in Nogie apparently hasn't been hassled, or have I heard of any tighter restrictions on street ladies and hawkers of such. Further it also looks like after these closets were shut down, that these clubs have been allowed to continue their operations under different formats, IE bigger rooms, more flagrant activity on the main floors, etc.

So I apologize in advance for stating the obvious but it appears as though this is a local thing targeting just the closet operations of the dance clubs. Very interesting.

07-29-04, 16:12
first time in nogales: i crossed the border pretty early in the day, around 1:00 pm, last tuesday. as i walked through to where all the taxistas are standing, a couple of them asked me, “la conga?” i guess it was pretty obvious what i was there for. i was also immediately asked by a gringo (middle age, completely bald, light mustache) if there was anything in particular i was looking for. i found that strange and declined his services. i walked down obregon and had a few tacos at columpios, as well as a couple of beers that were served with limejuice and salt. a little different taste and not too bad.

anyway, after sitting for awhile, waiting for the fucking torrential downpour to end, i slowly made my way to the zona. on a side note, the thunder, lighting, and rain was quite the spectacle. people were soaked in a matter of seconds. i could only sit there, nursing a beer, as i realized that i had left the windows cracked on my car, which was parked across the border at mcdonalds. oh well, it was a rental. after the rain stopped, the streets were still ankle deep in water, with trash and all flowing downstream. i had to stick to the sidewalks and cross streets only at high spots. crossing the railroad tracks was interesting, having to jump between rails, as the rest of the area was flooded. i’m lucky i didn’t slip and bust my ass. in this area, another street pimp (thin hispanic, lots of tattoos, bloodshot eyes of a druggie) latched on to me. it took me several minutes to get rid of him. the zona was completely deserted. i don’t know if it was because of the recent rain, or the day and time i was there. by now it was approximately 3:00 pm.

i strolled north, avoiding the door hawkers at bolieros, and worked my way up toward the end of the street. i entered the massage place between lord blacks and cherrys. a young guy explained the rules and prices and told me three girls were working. i went to take a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) while he corralled the girls into the lobby. i walked back to the lobby and was somewhat disappointed at first. alma had the prettiest face, but the biggest ass. if theres one thing i can’t handle, its those giant thighs and rotund assess. one girl had that fucked up orange hair that latinas get when they try to dye their hair blonde. that also bugs me. i travel to latin america to fuck a latina girl, not some wanna-be gringa. anyway, i picked the third girl, melody, and was taken back to the room. the dude brought in some clean towels, i undressed and waited.

melody came in with a medical technician’s white smock. i had to laugh, were they trying to give the impression of a legit establishment? i got a pretty standard massage, front and back, then moved on toward the therapeutic part. after a little hj, dfk (surprising), bbbj, and general rolling around, i had to slip the condom on myself, causing the tip meter to go down. fucked in a few positions and i blew sooner than i wanted to. i also had to remove the condom and clean my own dick, tip meter really getting low. there was also no soap in the small, cramped bathroom. i wanted to wash my face, hands, and dick, but couldn’t. i dressed, took a right out the front door, and crossed at the conveniently located crossing right there.

melody is about 5’4”, shoulder length hair, light skin, med tits, and a little on the hefty side in the ass. the massage was better than some i’ve had, she tried hard, was very friendly, and her pussy wasn’t overly stretched out. however, she didn’t offer the extra customer service, including post-fucking clean up, that i expect. i’d repeat in a pinch, but will look elsewhere first.

08-01-04, 20:55
Hey dude,

How much did you pay for the massage?

08-01-04, 22:53
i think there are two older gringos that live in nogales, Bruce , (bald guy) and archie (long brown hair).. .. they have a deal with some of the ladies where you can bring them to their nogi house, $150 for the hour, pretty good deal, ..

08-02-04, 15:41
Regarding the massage price, I paid the house $40 for 40 minutes. I then made the mistake of not negotiating with the girl before the service. When it was all over and I was getting dressed, she asked me if the guy up front told me her service fee. I should have said yes, but I said no, so she told me she usually gets $100. I just laughed and told her I only had $60. She agreed immediately, telling me I could have said an even lower number. I opened my wallet, pulled out three of the several 20s I had in there, and handed them to her. She just smiled, took the $60, and didn't say a thing about either of our obvious lies. Next time I'll try a lower number and negotiate before the massage.

The Glove
08-09-04, 03:19
I went there Saturday night. Skipped the usual (Lord Blacks / Placers / Bolero) as it was too early so I went to cherries. 1 hot girl and about 4 ok ones, 1 ugly one. Got a lap dance with one of them and it was pretty long. She asked if I wanted 'sexo' but it was too early for me so I declined. Then I walked around to the other side of Nogales, was asked by this prostitute if I wanted to have sex. She looked about a 6 but my standards are pretty high so I declined. Then I ran into this guy named Jose(?), but he said his friends called him Nigaro(?) Anyways, he looked cuban/puerto rican or something like that. His deal was to help me find a girl to have sex with (His offered one girl he knew for $60 but she was about a 4 or 5 so I declined). We walked around as he was looking for other girls he knew. If there was a guy to hook up with, he was it as he knew just about everybody there. Well most of the girls seemed busy or out (it was about 8pm). We must of walked around for a good 1/2 hour, going into hotels, bars, etc. Ended up going to the massage parlor next to Lord Blacks. There were about 5 girls available, 2 were 7s the rest were below 5. Hooked up with one of the 7s. The charge was $40 for the massage/room + whatever you negotiate with the girl for other stuff. Gave Jose a $10 tip and I was off. The was actually nice. The girl wanted $100 for sex but that was too much. I tried to bring it down to $60 but she wouldn't budge any lower than $80. So I gave in and gave her $80. Don't know her name but she was ok. Not the best I had but wasn't bad either. So after the mission was accomplished I decided to head off. One thing to note is that the strippers in the club don't go nude anymore on stage. It seems that the MPs are the way to go if you want to have FS.

08-21-04, 01:05
I used to have fun in spring with a slightly older chica, Tommy, redhair from Cherries, which was willing also to go out occasionally on extended exercises after her work. She is a 7-8 bodywise, slim, georgeous, although fake tits, but great job. For some reason she quit working at Cherries, does somebody has an idea where she is?

(I know that the pro's in these clubs travel constantly over Mexico, from club to club, but not her, she has a house in Nogi, so I would be surprised that she moved away.)

Any clues?

08-23-04, 19:22
i am thinking about going to nogales soon. wanted to try the action in mexico city, some very inexspensive flights out of phoenix. somtimes a new city is difficult though. went to lima peru a few months ago, and it was a pain because its huge and unfamilar.

i thought there may be better looking girls in mexico city. probably going to nogi though. all the clubs and very close together. in mexico city, i imagine them being more rep001tered.

08-23-04, 19:36
Why not fly to TJ from Phx?

Nogi was pretty good Friday nite.

Several street girls in the $20 - $30 range.

The bars are bending back to sex, though if they do not recognise you as knowing better they will jam for high cash.

If you go to Conga, tell them what type you are looking for if you don't see her. There are all out babes about there but you may have to hold out!

I found my best deal at Fernies with yet another different cutie.

08-25-04, 04:33
frankfurter, i heard from friends in nogales that Tommy now is currenly living in Tijuana, possibly working.. take it for what its worth..

08-26-04, 01:26
Had one of my better trips to Nogales on Tuesday. Got there around 5:00 pm after stopping in Tubac for some sight seeing. Checked into the Granada Hotel, after checking in, I noticed the Colonial Hotel very close to the action (near Bolero's) and wondered if that would be a good place to stay as well.

Anyway, started out at Placers, and Jacklyn approached me almost immediately, I had been with her before, 2 years ago at TD Obsessions, she is still a great looker and has a cheerleader personality about her. This seductress with the centerfold body from Nogi, sat on my lap and jerked me off for so long, while she drank one of my 2 for 1 beers, that I blew a load before ever making it upstairs.

So, I left to go get some Viagra. Went into the massage parlor next to Lord Black's on the way back from the pharmacy and thought the selection was good for the price, at least 2 doable 7's.

Then, on my way into Placers, I saw a '7' standing outside with 5 of the normal below average street girls. She agreed to go back to my hotel for $60.00 bucks. What a deal, for a girl slightly less than 20 years old.

After doing everything possible with her, including shower, walked over to La Conga. This is very easy to do, simply go over to Obregon, make a left going away from the border. When you get to the Burger King, make a right at the next light. Then go about 1/4 mile.

Paid $65.00 dollars for a hot looking, around 25 year old lady, that said her name was Paola. This was one of the better mongering girls I have ever been with. She had a tight little perfect ass, with a pussy to match. Did her for the entire 40 minutes, until she came at the end. Lucky for me, I had the advantage of Viagra, without it, I would not be able to make her gush.

Still in the mood for mongering, and only having spent $125.00 so far, I made my way over to Bolero's. There were 2 incredible looking girls, one blond, one with dark hair. And another very good looking girl. The management wanted way to much for me to go into the Dungeon downstairs and have sex for 20 minutes. So I decided to call it a night.

08-26-04, 15:41

First let me say "Bravo" or rather "Olé". Your performance merits the awarding of both ears and the tail. And you already got the tail.

"I noticed the Colonial Hotel very close to the action (near Bolero's) and wondered if that would be a good place to stay as well."

It is too bad the search function is broken on this forum (yes, Jackson has been told about it) but I think I remember others saying in the past that the Colonial was not monger friendly. That's a shame because although the Hotel Granada is very accommodating I still would rather not have to parade my lady through the lobby, past the front desk, and up the stairs.

"Jacklyn ... sat on my lap and jerked me off for so long, while she drank one of my 2 for 1 beers, that I blew a load before ever making it upstairs."

¡Olé! The definition of a cheap date.

"So, I left to go get some Viagra."

It has been said that LeVitra has less side effects and that Cialis lasts longer although you have to take it earlier.

" a '7' ... my hotel for $60.00 ... slightly less than 20 years old."


"After doing everything possible with her, including shower,"

One of the advantages of a hotel room is the shower or bath tub. AFAIK none of the places in Nogales has a shower. Not the clubs, not La Conga, hell not even SenSux. The on-stage shower at Obsessions doesn't count.
PS. Some ladies prefer a bath tub to soak in and Granada has them if you ask. The phrase is "Con tina".

"... her name was Powela."

¡Olé! Your description sounds like Paola and if so I agree whole heartedly. La Conga is a real hit-or-miss kinda place but when Paola is there you can't miss.

"The management wanted way to much ... So I decided to call it a night."

¡Olé! The Mexican business plan is to squeeze the turnip until it bleeds. If more of us would walk away from their exorbitant prices then they would come back down to earth. Of course it is much easier to be noble when you have had TWO good lays already.


08-27-04, 02:51
Colonial Hotel wasn't monger friendly a couple years ago, I would doubt that has changed due to the recent climate.

You can get a room at Granada with an outside entrance to the street. It can be noisy and I suppose there are better rooms , but I love the access. One step out and you in the game, kind of like the coveted ski in/out rooms!

My expeirence with cialis is that is works even quicker than the others, is cheaper (india generic) and lasts 36 hours or more!

There are a couple fine ladies at Conga, I said it before, you have to sit tight, not buy drinks for those you are not interested in (politely) and wait till "she" shows.

I'm in Nogi till monday, hopefully things will work out as well for me this trip!

Smooth TX
09-09-04, 22:40
Two weeks ago, I went for a RECON of Douglas and Agua Prieta (Black Water) during a Wednesday evening. Stopped by Shooters on Douglas side for a couple of beers, a few nice ladies that showed up for Karaoke night, but I was on a mission. One of my objectives was to Tit fuck a nice busty Latina and give her a pearl necklace in appreciation. Drove across the boarder to the ZONA, not a problem for me during the day I speak the language, just watch your back.

I found Flamingo, Patio Club and Paraiso all of them within a rock throwing distance away from each other. Stopped in at the Flamingo, only saw a chunky woman about a 5 but not my type, so I went to check out the rest of the Bars across the dirt lot. Still early in the evening, hopped between the three bars for an hour looking for any Chica’s to my liking.

Tauras Club if I remember correctly is about a block north of The Flamingo and it was dead. I sat in my car, waiting for 8:30pm to come around for Scandalo’s to open. Checked it out for a few minuets when it did open. I had one of my favorite cigars, so I lit it up to pass some time. I saw a couple of 6-7 walking in and out of Patio Club.

Then I spotted this nice chica to my liking, passing her by a couple of times to get a closer look. We made eye contact and she decided to head my way to the door where I seen her come out from earlier. We made some small talk, I asked her if she knew how to give massages, “Poqito” (a little) she said. I told her that I knew how, then she asked me if, I would like to go to her apartment. I asked how much for a massage and full service. She quoted 50, I said 30, she agreed. I followed her back to here apartment, as we entered the open forum to all the apartments, more like single bedrooms, she told some guy not to say any thing to the bar owner (guess not to pay the 10 for the room fee), better for both of us.

We stripped down naked and she kept her Brazilian panties on, No can do! I remedied that while giving her a full back massage, nice ass, and sweet pussy lips. I gave her some pointers of my massage technique which she later returned the favor. I slip on the glove and while still massaging her back, planted it between her sweet lips and ass, she responded by lifting her nice ass up. I ram it in slow and hard still massaging here back and shoulders. I turned her over on her back to massage her nice full C’s breast, I mounted her, and tit fucked her, she wouldn’t suck my dick, so I gave her the pearl necklace. Thinking it was over, I asked her if she was paying attention to my massage technique, lay down and will so see she said …hum not bad, I might say. Take your time and treat them nice… it will go a long way, more bang! for your $$$$$

Mr. Smooth TX

09-21-04, 06:18
Here are some snippets from an article that some may find interesting:

I remember the first time I had sex - I still have the receipt.

I love prostitutes and everything about them.

The great thing about sex with *****s is the excitement and variety.

What I hate are meaningless and heartless one-night stands where you tell all sorts of lies to get into bed with a woman you don't care for.

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less.

Lust over love, sensation over security, and to fall into a woman's arms without falling into her hands.

Here is the link to the full article:



Woken Home
09-21-04, 09:11
Hello my fellow adventurers!

I have been reading these posts for many years but have never contributed and I guess I must now give back. I have been going to Nogales for many years and I must say-alot has change.

For those who have traveled to Nogales already know of: Cherries, the massage parlor, Lord Black, Placers, Boleros, Fernis, and Lipstick on the side of the railroad tracks. While on the other side where we enter Nogi, we have Rios, Obssession, Bora Bora (not really a strip club joint), La Conga, Titanic, and Tecolate.

Even though there are alot of clubs to choose from, some do not get busy until very, very late. So if you decide to venture early, you will be sitting there by your lonesome self enjoying a drink with 10 or more songs before any lady decides to take the stage.

If you are there before 4pm, nothing is available. If you come after 4pm, I would rate Cherries then Placers then Rios. Cherries would have their drink specials, more people there, more dancers, and a constant flow of dancers using the stage (girl dance for two songs, then wait about 2-4 songs with no dancer before another dancer comes on). Placers would be the same as Cherries (perhaps having the same owner, they have the same format), but its a bit more expensive and less crowded. Rios just sucks. I use to love Rios back then, but every time I've been there, 2-3 girls working and you'll have to wait for 10 or more songs before a dancer takes the stage.

After 9 pm, all clubs will be open and some more filled than others. I am guessing those that opened early tend to have more people in them than those who open late. By this time, places like Placers, Rios, Tecolate, Lord Black will have more people.

Usually by 10 pm or after, places like Fernis, Obsession, and Lipstick will be good to venture.

That is the gist of everything and I would love to write more of my own adventures, but that should be enough input for those new adventureres. Some clubs are more expensive than others, and those who do charge a cover fee (drinks will be free). Paying no cover and paying $3 for a beer or paying $3 to get through the door and be given a beer and whatever the gimmick, prices come out to be equal. I personally like the no cover because I like to step into a club to see if there is alot of people there or girls there, before I decide to sit and relax.

Next time I will get into more detail of the clubs. I am tired and headign to bed.

Woken Home
10-02-04, 08:59
I have reread some of the post because I got bored and there is alot of questions in regards to Bora Bora. BB is located on the same side as Rios and Obssession. Keep on walking pass Rios, pass Obssession, until you see that Mexocan Restaurant called Leo's. I believe the stree name is Obregon and if you make a right, you will see a sign for Bora Bora. If you go left on Obregon, and keep walking you will reach Tecolate.

Bora Bora is not a strip club but more of a hug and kiss bar. Basically, a bar to sit and drink with a girl or girls. Instead of paying the 10 or 11$ fee for fichas (drinks for the ladies at those strip clubs), drinks for the girls and for yourself is $4. Those drinks for the girls are in those little shot glasses and depending on the girl, some will be drinking alcohol and some will be drinking water.

All girls speak Spanish and know minimal to no English. If you do not know how to speak Spanish, it really sucks. I had arranged for two girls to go with me to a hotel for 200$, but they told me they cannot go with me until the bar closes. I did not want to wait there because they were drinking me dry and came back later and waited for them outside. Once the bar clase, I do not know if they forgot who I was or we has some very bad miscommunication, but they drove home. They were so cute. Made me very mad. Maybe for those who say they got them for a cheaper price or able to take them out knew more Spanish than I did.

Some may think I am rediculous to want to spend that much, but this was to be all night. Not the 30 minute closet deal. They were cute, had great personality (perhaps just wanted me to keep buying drinks for them), but still so cute.

Apparently some has gone further than I have with getting a girl, so please provide us with some pointers. I leaving some vital info out because this is all the info I have from my experience. For those who has gone further, reply back so I know how to have a date with that super cute chica.

10-04-04, 22:58

Please believe me when I say I mean no disrespect but, WAKE UP ! They remembered you as long as you bought them drinks. Once you stopped buying you were forgotten and they moved on. A couple of foxes (or should we say wolves in sheep's clothing) can make a tidy sum on commissions and still go home with their pride intact. It's a little game that women have been playing with men for a long time.

Now, it is understandable that you want to learn the rules of the game so that you can get off the porch and run with the big dogs. The problem is that there are NO RULES. Everybody plays the game a little different. Men and Women. For some, the hunt is the most important part and the sex is a reward for a good hunt well done. For others, they want it to be just like going to the supermarket. Walk in, make your choice, take it home. For most of us, the hunt is a necessary part of the game that we are not particularly good at but do our best to get the best sex possible at a fair value. Language skills are a plus but are not an absolute requirement for success nor a guaranteed protection from failure. IMHO the only real SNF is attitude. And this is from a man's point of view. Remember, men are from Mars and women are from who the Hell knows. In your little example, you wanted sex and they wanted money. You feel that you were at best mis-understood and at worst cheated. The girls do not feel that they mis-understood you or cheated you in any way. There is no polite way to say this but you let the little head interpret events to the big head. You got scammed because you let yourself be scammed.


PS. Your directions are a little confused. If you stand on the corner facing Leo's Cafeteria and look to the right you will see La Junga. If you go to the left you will find Bora Bora and El Tecolote.

10-05-04, 03:06
Hi folks

I have been to nogales twice, the first time, i went to lord black had a private dance for 22 bucks. she asked me for sexo, I told her 100 is all that i have, she was alright with it. i got like about 20 min, very little oral sex. in all spent about 122, for a lap dance and 20 min in a decent room with decent girl. she wouldn't do BBBJ had to settle with CBJ.

the second time i went to la conga had a decent time with a girl called maria for 30 min, i didn't like the selection of girls or the beds and room their. ended up spending 65 bucks.

anyways i was thinking of going to nogales again. But this time, i want to pick up a girl, take her to a hotel and have a nice time for atleast an hour and half. No hurries. I am looking for a BBBJTCIM and regular FS.

I guess hotel gernada is the hotel to go, how do you ask in spanish if chicks are allowed. how do you ask a girl if she would give a BJ without condom or if she is okay with CIM. all in spanish, or is there a code language to ask them. if anyone knows names of any girls and places that cater to the requirements please PM me


Woken Home
10-06-04, 08:33
I was in Nogales yesterday and apparently a new club has opened. The club is called Fiestas Palace but the neon sign says VIP. I think most "Nogales helpers" refer to it as the VIP.

It is an OK club, music is a bit too loud, but I guess a more fancier club for that particular owner. He also owns Fernis and Tecolate while the other guy owns Boleiro, Cherries, Placers, and Lord Black.

It is located on the same side as Boleiro but further down, next to the Hotel Continental.

$10 lap dance, $20 private, $150 for you know what. It is a bit much or a raise for one of the girls, since I did meet her under cheaper terms at Cherries.

8 girls were dancing, 2 I met from Rios, 2 I met from Cherries, and some others look very familar, just don't know from where.

I was bored and this is the first for me to go down on a Monday, many of the clubs were closed--Fernis, Rios, Lipstick, and Obssession. Secondly, the clubs seem so empty and not many girls that the wait to watch girls dance just too forever.

10-07-04, 20:21
Woken Home, Fiesta Palace is not new it has been around as long as I remember. It might have just reopened, but I remember it from back in the early 80's. It was a variety show with strippers, singers and a live band. Just a little history on the place.

Woken Home
10-08-04, 09:01
Dear Bear21,

Back in the 80's ehh. Thanks for the history lesson. But I guess it has transformed into another Nogales strip club with no singing, live band, or variety shows.

Is it me or Nogales is just not as fun as it use to be. I know nothing from the 80's and have only been going to Nogales for 4 years so if it was much more fun back then, I will not know.

I love American clubs with there music, ESPN, and affordable lap dances That is why I use to go to Rios on Tuesday nights for the added Nogales bonus (free to touch and roam). When they had there 5$ lap dance and 10$ private room (when the room was still close). I like lap dances and like it when I could afford variety, or sample many before finding the one that I can connect with.

I feel the competition to open more and more clubs has cause less and less girls to work at the clubs. To see all the girls, bar hopping can get expensive when entering each establishment.

At an American club, I would not mind spending for 2-3 songs for each girl and many girls, yet when I go to Nogales, I just feel more thrifty and picky with whom I like to have for a dance. I am curious if any of you feel the same way as me. I can understand each go to Nogales and have set objectives, I guess I go there to waste time and look at pretty girls dance, and find the right girl to spend the money on.

Many in here suggest Hotel Granade, but I like the hotel behind Hotel Continental. It cost 30$ for all night and it is nice, clean, has a shower, a tv in spanish, and owned by that guy who owns Fernis. So definitely girl-friendly.

Well, ever since all the doors had to be remove, many of the establishments have different ways for you to go with the girl for sex. At the VIP, you go into this one room (very similar to Champagne room in American clubs with the long sofa) for $150. (you might be able to bargain) At Cherries, it's $120 or less (depends on who you bargain with) and you go to a hotel. At Boleiros, you go downstairs and I do not know how much for cost (I never asked). At Rios, I think you go behind the DJ booth and had never asked how much it would cost. I think Placers has beds for over $200 and Lord Black, I think you go upstairs, not really sure. I do not know much about Obsssesion and Lipstick. At Tecolate, they have a hotel next door you can go to for $100. At Fernis, they have a room under the club where they store their alcohol. But they also have a few rooms at a hotel, which they will drive you to. That's how I knew about that hotel behind Continental. Cost is $100.

This is total price to take girl for 30 minutes and do your thing.

Hope that helps. Girls who work in the club will not rob you, but be careful of those SW.

Now I will complain of those girls who don't move around. At least in America, girls move around and we are able to know who we want to get to know better or have a dance. But in Nogales, some move aorund and some don't. Some stay under the dark and some live in the dressing room, so the pickings are getting slim. And especially when it takes like 10 or more songs for them to go on stage for us to decide if she is the one. Time is precious.

10-09-04, 15:58
Woken Home asked:

"Is it me or Nogales is just not as fun as it use to be."

The prices will never return to the prices of 10 years ago but then, it seems to me that the price of gasoline is quite inflated from what it was ten years ago. There may be some moderation but you will never see cheap gas or cheap sex (in a Mexican border town club) again.

But what has really inflated the most is ATTITUDE. In the TD style dance clubs immediately close to the border the targeted market is the Gringo tourist. The pricing is predicated on what it would cost in the US for the availability of full contact with the dancers. This has resulted in an inflationary spiral to the ego of the owners and the girls. In Nogales there is no check and balance to control this "squeeze the blood out of a turnip" mentality.

For the last six months I have been able to directly compare Nogales, San Luis RC, and Mexicali. All three have the TD clubs immediate to the border with the same pricing and the same bad attitude. But San Luis and Mexicali have P4P scenes away from the border that keep the pricing in check. Nogales only has La Conga and it is not in the same league as the TD clubs so presents little competition to the Gringo oriented clubs next to the border. San Luis has a couple of clubs 2 blocks from the border but also has a TD style dance club three miles from the POE complete with girls from 6 to 9, chrome poles, private dances, and an apartment off site, all at La Conga prices. Mexicali has a very diverse P4P scene spread throughout the city, not just concentrated at one POE. To get a taste of Mexicali you would need to read the first 10 pages or so of that forum. It is what you wish Nogales could be. You will wish that it was as close to you as Nogales but then you would be living in El Centro with temperatures that make Phoenix seem temperate and Tucson down-right Canadian.

There is an old saying that goes, "Do the best you can with what you've got." If Nogales is all you've got then you will have to find what works best for you. Many of us have said for a long time that the only way the pricing will moderate is if the silly Gringo stops pay the inflated price. Since that is not likely to happen very soon then you need to develope a different strategy. I think, though I cannot prove, that many mongers have cultivated a regular that they see outside the bar thereby reducing the price and extending the time and quality.


PS. In fact I am going to go have a GFE with Solidad today. She told me a little "chiste" a couple of days ago.

When people die, some go to Hell. When they are greeted by the Devil he asks "Where are you from?" When you tell him that you are from Mexicali he calls to one of his demons to get you a jacket because it is too cold down there for someone from Mexicali.

10-12-04, 02:24
The small "hotels" right behind the "pharmacias" just as you cross the border are well worth a look.

10-12-04, 16:28

Thank you for your excellent comments on the border scene. I couldn't agree more. From six years ago when I moved to Tucson to now attitude and cost has changed significantly.

10-13-04, 00:42
Merchant asked -

"I guess hotel gernada is the hotel to go, how do you ask in spanish if chicks are allowed. how do you ask a girl if she would give a BJ without condom or if she is okay with CIM. all in spanish, or is there a code language to ask them. "

That code would be in Spanish. See if Samantha is still at Lord Black. I havent been around for a while.

You'd be asking for "Por la boca sin condom" (by the mouth without condom)
or even just "acabar en tu boca" (finish in mouth) as a question.

You wont need to ask Samantha.

Granada is girl friendly, no need to ask. I do pay the two persons fee as it is just as couple bucks but that wont matter.

10-13-04, 01:02
Woken Home said

"Fiestas Palace "

- I hadnt noticed dancing in there, more of a hang out, thanks though, as I needed a reason to stumble by.

"but I like the hotel behind Hotel Continental"

Seems to me there is a hill of rock behind Continental. How was the bed? Remember any of the name? A hotel right there for the street girls nearby would be cool.

Stimpy said

The small "hotels" right behind the "pharmacias" just as you cross the border are well worth a look.

Those are the ones that the ruffer street types seem to work out of. I wouldnt want to stay there any longer than it takes to come and go.

The hotels in the west club area are getting more monger prone as the bars are using them. Woken mentioned most bar/ hotel arrangements, and they are similar for Obsessions(80 bj and 150 sexo at the hotel next door) and Lipsticks,(110 todas sexo for the hotel next store, a nice one at that!) This hotel is to the right of Lipsticks and used to be OK, then not. Perhaps the next one I will check on the an all nighter.

"The worst things in life are free." Funny shit

Mystic Pimp
10-16-04, 04:05
From a recent visit to Nogales in the past week, it seems that it's not the same as it used to be. Prices are up for less "service" and everyone seems to want a tip just for breathing!! I am going to assume it's better to go down on a weeknight, as the weekends will just drive prices up for those stupid enough to pay to be dickteased like they're in the USA.

10-31-04, 04:30
After gleaning info off the forum, I finally felt ready to give this border town a try. A friend and I went last Saturday to Rios paid no cover and sat down to get a first hand impression of the place. Prior to arriving we were stopped by a couple of corrupt cops who seemed to be trolling for something. It had been 25 years since my friend was in Mexico and his first impressions seemed intimidating. In Rios we were immediately set upon by a tout whom wanted to make a quick sale. I told the guy to back off as I knew my friend was going to bolt. We stayed about 30 minutes had two beers and a TD. In my experiences in Nogales a table dance is more of a lap dance and it cost $11 at Rios. The tout doubled my time when I paid $14 which was OK with me. FS was some astronomical price which I flatly refused to pay at which time he began to bargain with me. With my friend about to bolt all I could do is get a room and the girl for $100. I passed on the idea, and hauled my friend back to phoenix sans sexo. Perhaps this is not a good team sport.

Two days later I returned solo about 2130, arranged a hotel room at Grenada with an outside access for $400P. Before setting up my hotel I had a strained session of bargaining with an attactive SW, whom would not bargain to $30. I had no idea what she wanted as she spoke nada english, and I loose track around Cincuenta(50). It was about 2300 Monday night before I got to exploring, starting first in the area around Rios. It was already closed, as were many of the bars on this side of the tracks. It took about another hour to discover the bars around Lord Blacks(dead), Placers, Bolero, fernies(closed early) and another place called VIP beside the colonial hotel. By this time I had picked up a tout who spoke pretty good english. I settled on VIP as the other establishments seemed quiet and/or I've heard negative comments on this forum, so I thought I'd try out the new place.

I sent my tout packing with a small tip in lieu of cover and decided that the waitresses looked better than the dancers, to me. I had a good look at both of them and had one sit with me for a while to determine the mileage factor. To my surprise she spoke rather good english as she was raised in Tuscon. She seemed a little shy about what she could perform, and I was a little shy in the cash dept. Anyway after a couple of beers thinking I was sure I was going to get a BJ and another beer for all my cash on hand $62 providing I return the next night to pay my waiter for the beer and to have another spin at a higher price. We didn't go into a private room, but we had the TD section to ourselves(long couches) for about 20 minutes. In that time she performed a pretty good BBBJ, a little russian, and I'm sure FS if I had a condom. I thought the price was pretty good but I was wary of the strings attached. The waitress agreed if she could get off at 3am to visit my hotel room, but I recall no knocks in the middle of the night.

In the morning I went off to find a better hotel, noting that the Colonial seems like an upscale place for the same dinero. The manager seemed pretty pleased until I inquired about having my girlfriend over. So I went to the place behind the Colonial and had someone show me a room there. It was a windowless hovel with fridge and TV for $30. Pussy, no problem. I suspect marginally better rooms existed on higher floors, but I decided to retain my room at the Grenada, as I was really trying to avoid going to the same row of bars that night, especially VIPs.

Next I decided to follow instructions found on this forum to find La Conga, maybe a little longer than 15 minutes from downtown. I walked past twice scouting out the area and not to look so keen. I was waived in by Gary the short bartender. "You like Girls?" I asked him what type of bar this was, TD? and he replied that this is only a "sex bar, you come here for business".
Immediately I was set upon by a dark petite named Marybelle who was all over me kissing and rubbing my back, nuts, and Roger my brain. Roger was all for it, but I wanted another beer or two at least. Beer (Tecante) is only $2.50 at La Conga which translates into $1 less with tip than most other bars.
I asked if he had any bottles instead of cans and I was given a small bottle 170ml instead of 355ml can. These bottles I found out later were what the women receive when you buy them a drink. I think they were $7 or $10 per here. After going back to cans, the can, and mild debate with Gary who wanted to make a sale. During this time Marybelle's price had gone from $65 to $55 (Gary tried $50 but was rebuked). I enquired as to whether I'm obligated to servicing with this one girl who has been rubbing me constantly for 3 beers. He said of course no, and asked whom I'd like to see. Marybelle went off getting some lunch, surprisingly bearing no ill will at her sale being lost. While Marybell was entertaining me several other girls of different physique had caught my eye and I had two paraded over. Nice looking but no personality as Marybelle, and no discount. I must state at this time that this was mid day and I had been putting Gary off saying I'd be back that PM. It turned out that Marybelle, whom I've decided was going to be the best candidate was soon going home to return tomorrow at 1145. I dropped my $55 and got my best performance of the trip. She is one eager beaver. If you tip $1 your girl will get a roll of toilet paper in which to clean you up if it gets messy (money well spent). La Conga is laid back, good value, tout free, and worth visiting. 40-50% of the women were worth doing, the others were washed up.

Later that night, I went back to Rios and was immediately set upon by the same tout from Saturday night who somehow remembered me (must have been my ATM features). He had the same frigid dancer from Saturday sit with me. Despite desperately wanting to make a sale I told him of my experiences at the other club for a fraction of the price, with twice the friendly service. He wouldn' budge on price significantly, but he did sent over a outrageous dancer who gave me 3 dances for $15. She was a little older, had some roadwear, but did put on her best performance. Still no way was I going to invest more into RIOs that night. I went to Bora Bora in hopes of meeting an independent, however the male crowd and I were mostly sedated. On the way home I spied my SW of the previous night, and now having understood her price was $60 dragged her off to my hotel. Maybe not so much for her looks as I was paying for 2 people and by God I was going to get my money's worth out of my sex hotel. Stubborness can be folly and indeed the performance paled to my previous two. I'd like in future to meet up with a $30-40 SW and take her back to my hotel.

All in all it was a good trip. I'd still take Cuba, a $20 girl in a $20 house anytime, but variety is the spice of life. Thanks to all the posters whom made it easier for me to wade through Nogales nightlife.


Woken Home
11-12-04, 08:08
Over the past month, I have been to Nogi 3 times and it has been crappy. This guy I thought I knew well, met him a few times and he had always found me a decent girl,... ripped me off. It was late, I was about to go home, so I decided to take another round of walking around to see if anyone fancied me. Met a decent looking girl who needed money to pay for rent, so I decided to go with her. She was with another guy , so we 4 ventured to a hotel and I paid my 25$ for the hotel and asked the guy I knew "well" to go get change. One of the guy stayed back with me, talked to him for a while but thayt guy I met on five different occasion who never ripped me off, ripped me off. He never returned, nor did the girl, and I guess the guy who waited with me did not get his cut. Since I paid to stay over night, I decided to just go sleep and head back home tomorrow, that one guy who waited with me came back and told me he couldn't find the girl or guy. Oh wells. My wallet was already empty.

Then, this other guy that saw me already staying in the hotel came into my room with a girl and the girl started stripping. He told me to give him money and the girl is mine. Kinda freaky, seems like some mental guy on drugs or something, I gave him my wallet, he search and no money was to be found. Good thing I put it somewhere else.

But I still got ripped off, so still mad. Total cost...25$ for hotel (since already paid) and another 40$.

At least nothing worst happened. Hope this can enlighten some and make some laugh, I hope none of you guys get too mean.

Sencond week, came down, had a few drinks, bar hopped, and met this girl who I knew worked at a club which I frequent. She told me she quit the place and now decides to work the street. She is with some bald headed guy. I really liked this girl and have been so nice to her and bought her drinks (you know how you like someone and they still drink like fishes cause they make money off the drinks, yet you still buy them drinks...that is how I was with this girl). I, this time, decided to book a room at hotel granade, kinda wanting a nice hotel room, a tv to watch, and girl to snuggle all night with till I go back home in the morning. Well, got the room, tip the guy, and she was with me, in my room, and started undressing. After five minutes of snuggling, she said she heard someone outside...(how stupid can I be), she put her clthes on and went to "check". For some reason I knew she would not come back, yet I trusted her. have probably bought her hundreds in drinks everytime I go to that club she use to work for.

Total lost
36$ for room, 10 $ for tip, 80$ for her.

Later that night, I went to that club where she is suppose to work, yet it was closed. I was good friends with that security guy who work outside the bar, told him what happen and asked him to return my key. Cause I did not want to walk all the way to hotel granada. I was so close to the border and too freaking lazy, that I had asked that guy to return the key for me. I later found out he lost the key and never returned it. Damn... makes me so mad. I do not think it is a bi problem, but no one here can be trusted.

Only ones can be trusted are those in the club since they need to fullfill their obligations to get paid, a regular gf or yourself.

I hope that you will not be taken like I have, I have been to trusting of people, and got takened for my own stupidity. At least, it is not way too much money.

Yesterday was a crappy day, all the clubs are so empty and since I've been takened, I have come to the conclusion, those dance price are out of whack. What the heck is the deal with 10 table dances or 20 or 22 VIP dances, and Cherries has 35$ to go up stairs. This is for a good, long 4-6 minutes. This cost, makes me picky and thrifty. You want to pick the right girl, yet still have enought moola to do other things. I can see why I like American clubs, I get to see and test before doing VIP. I can't do that here, since the damn table is already VIP pricing in the US. ANother thing about these clubs, there are way too many guys. They freaking outnumber the girls.

I think one reason many girls do not partake in this profession is because once you work there, you are expected to sleep with a guy. Many girls, I bet would work there if that is not one of the pre-requisite.

ALot of times I go to Nogi because I jut want to do more there than in the US, but not necessary to get laid. I hope they will soon realize that and get some more girls working in the clubs. It is an ugly sight to see so many guys work there. And cut the damn prices. For some reason, if the price is like 5-7$ like the US, I would actually spend more than what the prices is there currently. Yesterday, I only spent a little over 40$

4$ to park, 4$ for drinks times times 5 places I went to, 1$ when the girls dance and a few lady drinks. Damn fishes.

Woken Home
11-17-04, 20:31
I must have been really tired for my last post. Hope it made sense. Most of us go to Nogales for one reason and that is to have a good time, while some of us may go down to buy cheaper perscription drugs, and others to deal and bargain for some household decorations. I went down to Nogales early (like around noon) and none of the clubs has yet opened. I decided to walk and venture around Nogales, to see more of the city, and feed my tummy. I like tamales and they had some pretty cheap and good tamales near that nice church. I actually went in (kinda scary why I was in Nogales for when the clubs did open).

Furthur into Nogi, they had an Italian, Japanese, a few Chinese restaurants, and I saw a Baskin Robins soon to open. Wow. I guess it was still early, but there are many night/dance clubs in Nogales. I wonder how they are or how fun they may be or how crowded they get. This one guy took me too Chico's, but it was still early so the dance portion has not opened yet. He told me that many Americans come down to party, how true its this.

I do not know much about the Nogales city on our side, but what do they really have other than stores and Walgreens. Do many people really go over to the Mexican side to party? WHo ever knows, infor us.

I know the food in Nogales is just as expensive as the US, but they may give bigger portions. I went to this Hong Kong restaurant and spent over 6$, but th portion was like for two people. It was OK, eatible.

Well, I have never really walked to La Conga...could someone give me directions. I have taken a taxi, but they go round and round that when I do come back like a month later, I forget.

Now, hope I won't hurt any feelings but I need to vent about these clubs. Rio's, they are just getting pathetic. When you go in, no girls are dancing, no girls to be seen, they're all in that room, and I tihnk only two girls are working. Monserate is always working, but is there like no one else.

While many others do not open till 8-9-or 10. Cherries has a decent selection, I guess if you go early and like to watch, Cherries is the place to go. But I guess it is when it it is after 6pm, Lord Black has cute girls and so does Bolero's.

11-19-04, 07:26
I will be in Tucson this coming Thanksgiving to visit some old friends. I used to frequent the bars in Nogales a few years back when I lived in Tucson. I understand these days, the bar scene in Nogales is not what it was anymore. Is it still worth a visit? If so, which bar has the best looking girls?

11-20-04, 00:46
[QUOTE=Woken Home]Well, I have never really walked to La Conga...could someone give me directions.

Obregon south to "canal street"/Cinc de febrero, then go right/west, about a quarter mile. Ragman reported a while back the total distance from the border to Conga is 1.4 miles. Daytime is cool, but I have heard it to be hazardess at night though I have never had a problem.

Mystic Pimp
11-20-04, 04:19
As far as Nogales (MX) being a party and club town, it is for the younger crowd. Lots of people that can't legally drink in the US will go down there, and the streets and nightclubs are full of life on Fri/Sat nights.

11-20-04, 06:09
Ragman reported a while back the total distance from the border to Conga is 1.4 miles. Daytime is cool, but I have heard it to be hazardess at night though I have never had a problem.

Yeah, measured it with my GPS one time. Held the Garmin out to get the signal and I must have looked like the iPod commercial.

And to second Ed's comment, I have walked there and/or back at 2 PM and at 2 AM and times in between. But that does not mean that the streets are safe at night. If you have any doubts, take a taxi.


PS. If you are looking for good food away from the tourist area, try El Marcos near the Ley and the old train station.

Woken Home
11-21-04, 06:46
Do you guys frequent the ladies of nogales website. Well, some there advertise that they have women in Tucson. Here is what they wrote:

Hi! I can help you find a plus sized ladie I have one for my neighbor and she is really nice, loves to go out to dance too, Her name is Mari so let me know if you are interested she is here in Tucson Arizona but is Mexicana!

[Link deleted by Admin]

I'll let you Tucsonans check it out first. Update for us ok.

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Woken Home
11-23-04, 17:39
I did not mean to advertise anyone or promote anyone. I guess I was just curious about that one yahoo forum and asking other memebers for their opinions.

Well anywayz, is anyone going to Nogales this Friday?

2nd Chance
11-27-04, 05:16
I heard from some friends that the Nogie clubs are almost "back to normal". So, I am planning a trip down there in a couple of weeks.

If not, I'll try the whole "hotel thing" and hope I don't get ripped off like the previous poster. I guess it's better to bring a lot of small bills. : )

Just in case it's still crap, I may just buy some smokes and go home.

A little off the subject: Does anyone know how many cartons of cigarettes I can legally purchase and bring across the border?

11-27-04, 14:27
One carton is the legal limit although I usually have several in my luggage. Don't know about Arizona, but bringing them into Texas, you have to pay a state tax of $4.41 a carton

Woken Home
11-28-04, 12:01
Thanks for the direction to La Conga. It was quite an adventure. I kept walking and walking on obregon, past the Burger King, until reaching de febrero. I pass this new club, talked with the security guy for a bit and to my amazement, it was a trans type club. The club is called Swinger and it is very near that tai wah place. He told me many trans operate in that area. I did not go in, just trying to get a feel for what is in nogi or if there were any other places to go other than the original close border joints.

Walking is fun, you get to see alot of stores, teenagers with kettles asking for money (is there a salvation army in nogales), and so many people. I have never seen a street so crowded. It was as if I was at some shopping mall plaza with many vendors trying to sell stuff.

When I reached La Conga, got myself a drink ($3) and bought Paula a beer ($7) cause she kinda just came up to me. I was not interested in taking her to the room and decided to leave. Then the old lady told me a price of $65 and I refused. She later asked for my offer. A first. But I just did not have a vibe with Paula and said no. La Conga has many girls whom I just did not feel too comfortable with. When I went out for a smoke, I talked to Marybell and she seems really cool so I decided to take her offer. We joked around for a bit and I told her I need money for a taxi to go back. She said she can do it for $60 (all three holes).

I guess they do not have much customers (around 7pm) and willing to go that low. When I was done with the deed, two cute girls was standing outside the step. Darn. La Conga is just a hit and miss, you never know who or what will be there.

I walked back to the Border and went to Rios. I have not been to the clubs in Nogi for a long time and surely around 9pm, they had more girls than I have seen in my past visit. Monserate is always there, but there is this one really cute girl (all others I have already seen in my past visits). Some guy was hooked on her, but I guess Rios can still muster up some cute girls. Was bored and went to Fernis, since Fernis is my favorite place to hang out.

We all have our favorites, and Fernis is mine. Most other clubs I go in, girls are nice, music not too loud, but I just do not have the same feel for it as in Fernis.

The majority of the girls know me and know my name. I know some of them by name and like to kick back and talk to them. I usually talk to the waitresses. If you guys frequent the place often, or have been there, these girls sit in groups. Whenever I come, they're always sitting in the same group, and if they're not in their original group, there was some bickering that took place.

This time I was spending most of my time with Nageline or Nagelia (very unsure, since the music is so loud and her name sounded unique). She is that cute waitress who does not really do waitressing work but usully sit very near the dance stage with this other girl with dark black hair name Brenda. Well, that's her sister. These girls smoke like crazy. One of the cute, blonde girl who is getting chubby from the last time I saw her is pregnant. Well, I bought her a drink earlierand I guess I must have been there for many hours, she came to me again later that night. She said I can just buy her a beer, I shook my head (meaning yes) but I guess she though "no" and left. I ask Nag what she said and she called me cause she was laughing and I guess she called me an SOB. What a cute girl. Girls get so cute when they are mad.

I must say, today was quite busy. I spent more on drinks for the ladies and probably could of have taken a girl out, but I guess for thirty minutes of fun, the amount I used did last me till 2:30am.

I guess at 3am all places closed, I was walking around Nogi for a while and all of a sudden all these people poured into the streets from all those late night bars and strip joints who were still open. it was an interesting site to see. You also get to see guys waiting at the doors of these strip clubs to pick up a chick to bring back to their hotel for an all nighter.

Jimbo Rawson
12-01-04, 17:34
Howdy all,

I will be visiting Tucson in January and plan on making a trip or two to Nogales. I have no idea what to expect. I am a young good looking guy and I am looking for younger, hotter girls. What do I expect to pay and where do I find them? Do these girls work near hotels, do they have hourly rates, are the girls very attractive, etc? Any help would be appreciated greatly.



CP Toad
12-09-04, 18:59
A few weeks ago I made my first trip to Nogales. I need more practice at getting good deals, but I left satisfied. I got nice bbbj for 0.4 and later on I paid a $180 for a full service session upstairs at placers included room and girl. I tried negotioting down lower but wasn't getting anywhere. Anyway, next time I will write down some better details before I can't remember them. I am thinking of using one of the runner boys to find me some good looking SW. Has anyone tried this. Does anyone recommend it?

12-12-04, 02:46
We all know that everything became much more expensive here (well, it's not rocket science, since we are all willing to pay what they ask!)

So today's new rate for the upstairs "rooms" at Cherry's was $44 (!!!) for twenty minutes. That is $24 more than it was, say, two years ago.

The closets still don't have doors, both downstairs and upstairs, but on the second floor the guy brings one in after you and the girl are in. They just lean it on the frame to quickly remove it in case of the police showing up.

On the pleasant side:

I went with this good smelling blonde girl Melba from Cherry's, she is not the youngest anymore, petite, very firm ass, tits and legs -she says that she does a lot of exercise in the gym, well, that's probably no lie.

Downstairs at the table she gave me a good, long massage on all my prominent parts, and although I thought the $44 are a complete rip-off we finally went upstairs and she provided excellent service. Extended deepthroat BBBJ, really good. She asked me not to CIM, which is OK for me. She had to throw up once because of the real deep BJ, but it was ok for her, and for me as well.

Overall: Very good, I recommend her. She does not work at night, only from 3-8pm. YMMV

12-19-04, 00:59
Nogi has been slow as far as Gringo flow . Clubs showing a glut of girls. Most everywhere now has a hotel hook up, bar fines usually 50 bucks, 10 for room and then the girl. Some are negotiating in the bar for you at 110 todas. If your paying more, cut it the fuck out, this is way high enough. I believe the bar fine will move lower and we can be doing the TJ thing fairly soon.

If you're a young, good looking guy you are still in luck. You can get screwed twice, at least, by the younger, hotter girls. They will work your naiveté to the max so, RTFF.

CP -just look for girls near the south end of the tracks across from Placers and the other bars there. Tip a dude to translate if necessary, but many girls are there to pick from. 10 bucks for a room, 20-30 for her is plenty generous. Some of the runner guys can be very helpful, just stick with one you get along with.

Jimbo Rawson
12-22-04, 01:40
Where are these younger hotter girls you speak of? I am headed down that way in early January and this IS on my to-do list. Oh yeah, I am a first timer to Mexican women.



12-22-04, 22:24

the 'best' girls will always work the clubs.

street girls can be great. you may get lucky as far as young and hot, just take a peek...and
rtff from a couple days ago -

"just look for girls near the south end of the tracks across from placers and the other bars there. tip a dude to translate if necessary, but many girls are there to pick from. 10 bucks for a room, 20-30 for her is plenty generous. some of the runner guys can be very helpful, just stick with one you get along with."

there can be good picks in the non-dance clubs.

the youngest, hottest, "american" style girls can be the biggest duds in bed, but, you'll need to find out for your self as we all have!

we are you from? any experience with this at all? do you get drunk till stupid in public? do you know what rtff means?

i'm not trying to be an ass (i dont have to), just willing to help get you on the right track here.

12-23-04, 04:23
ok, i checked out Cherry's for the first time tonite. Not bad at all. But i gotta say, those little closets are a waste of time for $20.
Where can you get a bed inside a strip club? La conga? Please point me in the right direction where you can actually get a decent size room/bed...
Also, how much should a taxi cost to conga?
cjNot necessary. Easy walk in daylight. Bed on premesis. Pay the extra $1 for toilet paper and your date should clean you up just fine.

The Glove
12-23-04, 20:22
Not necessary. Easy walk in daylight. Bed on premesis. Pay the extra $1 for toilet paper and your date should clean you up just fine.I would still take a taxi, it's not that safe to be walking in that area.

12-23-04, 20:49
If you do ride, and I sometimes do, 5 bucks is what I've paid. Kinda high for a short ride though. The thing I don't like is the cabbie walks you in for some kind of a stipend, and then ya feel like a gringo greenhorn.
Always verify the amount before getting in the cab. I didn't, and had a guy tell me ten bucks for a late night ride to the border. I told him I don't understand and gave him a five while leaving.

Jimbo Rawson
12-26-04, 03:36
We are you from? Any experience with this at all? Do you get drunk till stupid in public? Do you know what RTFF means?

I'm not trying to be an ass (I dont have to), just willing to help get you on the right track here.Ed, I am from the Missouri board. I am new this action this year, I've got 2 SW's and 3 AMP experiences total to my name. These are ALL in the midwest. So, as far as Mexico goes I am completely new.

You can PM or post to me here, but I would like to know more precise info(on hot young sluts) if possible. I do NOT know my way around Nogales at all. Also, I do NOT get "stupid drunk" nor do I know what RTFF means. I am a very traveled and educated, young, good looking guy, lookin' for a good time on my trip to Tucson. Thanks, Jim

12-27-04, 18:39

Sounds good enough.

Mexico is no big deal to deal with when sober. Too wide eyed or drunk(unless you do it often!) will get you broke. Just like in a bar, act like you don't need that pussy. I havent seen all that many posts about getting strung out for cash, but I witness it often.

RTTF = Read the fucking forum

Go back and browse the past posts. Not a lot changes for the most part. There really isnt ever a lot of accurate current stuff except for a few girls here and there that come into town and leave.

That area near the tracks has held the youngest and one of the hotest I have seen. It can also be TOO young and not so hot, so, use caution.

You crack me up with the 'young, good looking guy ' stuff! They don't care. I assume most of us don't care. Just bring american dollars.

Big Kev
12-27-04, 18:48
I believe proper abbreviation would be RTFF.


Sounds good enough.

Mexico is no big deal to deal with when sober. Too wide eyed or drunk(unless you do it often!) will get you broke. Just like in a bar, act like you don't need that pussy. I havent seen all that many posts about getting strung out for cash, but I witness it often.

RTTF = Read the fucking forum

Go back and browse the past posts. Not a lot changes for the most part. There really isnt ever a lot of accurate current stuff except for a few girls here and there that come into town and leave.

That area near the tracks has held the youngest and one of the hotest I have seen. It can also be TOO young and not so hot, so, use caution.

You crack me up with the 'young, good looking guy ' stuff! They don't care. I assume most of us don't care. Just bring american dollars.

12-28-04, 02:30
I believe proper abbreviation would be RTFF.

Wouldn't that be R.T.F.F. by your rules then?

Better yet, let's refer to the "The WSG Forum Glossary" and drop the dots.

This is why I like Mexico - my grasp of English is better than most, or at least some, of the people there! (humblely apologizing for ALL errors typing or otherwise, including the use of humblely)

12-28-04, 02:40
By the way Jimbo, if you'd like to meet up there I'd be happy to show you around if time permits.

Jimbo Rawson
12-30-04, 04:17
Jimbo rawson [Email Address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

01-02-05, 05:23
What are the hours for La Conga? I was thinking of lurking there for one or three pops with something decent looking, which may take time.

JimmBoy, There is a little link in the upper right of your screen that says "Private Messages," which are the WSG approved method of contacting other members rather than posting your email address. Another method of sending a message is by clicking on the recipients screen name beside every post--that brings up a cool little dialog box that includes sending a PM to that member. Very nice feature! :cool:

Ed, Check your PMs for party dates... :D


BTW- happy new fucking year to all. :eek:

01-03-05, 21:08
Been to conga 3-4 times in the afternoon. Not good. Asking for a known hottie gets me nowhere. Was offered 41 bucks for a massage and fuk a couple days ago there around 1, but just couldnt respect myself if I did.
I was blessed by later walking into a dancer near technico rd or something south of there. Had car and an empty home. Saweet!

The night before I was robbed of my hotel date by a possesive boyfriend showing up at closing. A back up had already bailed for another reason earlier. A regular date wasnt feeling well. Couldnt locate either of two old friend dancers as they had headed out of town for the holidays. Nogi never looked some cold!
Fortunately, I had a choice of three decent street girls on my way back to the room around three. Two were friends, so, one had decided to watch and drink what was left of my room wine while the other had to get to work.
Not bad, not great. I did spend 80 bucks overall, sheesh, what a cherry!

01-13-05, 06:58
Yeah, yeah, I know. Eat poo LoveLOS.

Nice Guy. Scuuuuuuzzzze me fer offering a newbie a hint on how to navigate WSG. You mayest want to rethink your offer Ed... Jimbo sounds like a lot of fun to be around.

Just one question: What type of poo--"Doggie poo", "Kitty poo", "poo-poo platters" or maybe "sweetie poo"? :p


02-04-05, 11:58
Night 1 WED:
Arr late -12am. Went to Rios. No chicas worth wasting hard earned American currency on... Heading around the corner to Obsessions and encountered a nice looking SW that I almost approached, when the Federales drove by. I walked on but managed to pick up a tout.

Bastard was sticky, talked his way into Obs, and sat down with me. WTF? Oh well, he's better than nobody for conversation so we communicated as best we could. There were three hotties in the whole place, but they weren't doing their jobs well. I finally called one over and got a dance with an attractive but unenthusiastic girl whose name is forgotten- $20. For the knowledge base, price I was quoted was $100 for room and girl all inclusive, which is worth consideration another time. Bar closed and we walked out. I finally handed the tout $10 to leave and sure enough, the feds saw me do this and called us over for a search. It seems this joker is a known drug dealer, which is why they were watching him. Fortunately he had none on him and naturally I did not either. I stuck to my story and the Feds actually took the $10 and gave it back to me. I thanked them and left the country rather than push my luck getting spotted picking up a street girl.

Night 2, Thur:
Arr 10pm. Taxi ($5) straight to La Conga. 5 ladies on tap. Unfortunately, four of them were probably to Ed's standard, but not to LL's. The 5th one was sitting with a guy at a table, but she sure looked good from 30ft. I decided to give her time to finish with him and become available. LL is not to proud to take sloppy seconds. Three tequilas later, I was rewarded with CARLA. Guys, she is a doll. 34yo, but I guessed her younger. 4'11", brown hair, chocolate eyes, natural B's, and a satisfyingly tight twat. She kissed and slow stripped, enjoyed titty dining and DATY. Wonderful BBBJ and cowgirl to finish. Closest thing to GFE that LL has had in this wonderful country ($65 + $5 for good service).

During my long wait for this darling, I befriended a local who was not destitute. I was introduced to Carlos, the owner of La Conga. Straight up guy. I we decided to check out a few bars with my new amigo since we had bought each other drinks all night and the conversation was "enlightening."

We first went to Cayote (sp?). Three problems with this place. First they only had two girls, and one was substandard. Second, they had no heat, third, they had no change for $ since this is basically a non gringo place. Still, I was treated well, but we left after 1 Dos XX.

Next stop was Lord Blacks. This is not the place I had in mind, because while the girls are top shelf, so are the prices. Oh well. My amigo was greeted by a close friend and she sat with him, yada yada. I was fortunate in my draw. Maria(?) is about 5'1", black hair, brown eyes, nice Curvy body and natural B's. Sound familliar? I took a $22 "dance" and had I packed in my own raincoat, a CBJ would have been available, but it was a hell of a dance. She tried selling me a repeat, but I was firm and negotiated another trip after she procured a raincoat. Here is the tip guys: If the ticket guy thinks you are going for "Sucky Fucky" then he wants $60 for the closet as opposed to $22. We worked it out so this would not be collected and I paid her directly. Math was as follows: the room was $22 to the house; dance, CBJ, and 2 position CFS was $40 negotiated + $5 tip for good service to the girl on the side. My amigo was absolutely shit-faced by the time I returned so I bid him good night and retruned to the land of no sex.

Total tab for the night was $159 for rooms & companion services for two FS sessions with two above average ladies. Drinks and tips were not included because I cannot recommend that anybody drink as many shots of tequila as I did.


Ed... Let's hook up, check your PMs for my digits. 3 nights left. Any other seniors free? LMK via PM.

02-05-05, 11:58
Night 3, Fri:
Arriving at my usual 10pm I crossed the border. I'm getting pissed about the touts, so without a word, and using only my demeanor and one hand gesture for a persistant one, I made it thru the gauntlet un-accompanied. Walked over to Rios and walked up. Assessed the potential and decided fuck the TDs, this was a La Conga night.

La Conga was rocking. In addition to the four ladies that were there the previous night, Friday night was bolstered by about six extras, most of whom were quite fuckable. Did not see Carla :( The waiter guy (hearafter "w-g") seated me, asked if I would like a shot of tequila and Carla :D Si!

Carla was called. At he table beside me two fine ladies came sat and left with the guys. All the girls knew I was waiting for Carla so nobody approached & w-g kept me up to date on her imminent arrival. Ebala finally came over after about half an hour to keep me company. Another 15 minutes and she had little LL's attention due to the attention she was paying him. OK, Carla will get sloppy seconds. As my fucking luck was, Carla pulls up and gets out of her car as Ebala and I are walking thru the parking lot to the room. I assure her that I would also like to be with her. Here is one situation that I was damn glad that I was not in Thailand, what a fucking nightmare that would have been getting caught red-winged butterflying in the same bar...

Ebala is 37yo, with two bebes, but does not show it. Face leaves somewhat to be desirable, but the body is soft and sweet. Nice natural C's, a moderately loose pussy, excellent oral skills and a gentle slow fuck; I was pleased to have had this woman.

Carla had left again and I had to wait another 20 minutes before she returned. During this wait, a tall and very hot chica came in with a guy who kept her at his table. I found her name was Paola. Finally my Carla, the stunning little pixie was again at my table. YMMV, but Carla is just the right everything for LL. Wonderful long oral session and very pleasing multi-position sexo.

Back at the table, I was starting to get some good natured teasing about the butterfly effect and Carla noted my wandering gaze at Poala and suggested I take her for numero tres. Good idea.

By the time Carla left my table and I had recouperated partways, Paola was chatting up a guy. W-g even asked if I wanted to pull her away from him, but I respected his stake and waited again. Paola had been advised by both Carla and w-g of my desires. She must have poped that guy in five minutes because the wait was not long.

Paola is a taller slim girl who is dancer quality. 21yo with smart hairstyle a thick pouty lips. Natural B's accentuate her long lean build and olive skin. She must have has a bebe since minor stretching has occured in the tummy & tits, but she has kept both nice and firm. As the third woman in as many hours, she had her work cut out for her, so she may have come off a bit rushed to me. Her oral skills were magnificent and it still took three positions to accomplish the desired outcome. Back at the table she was the perfect flirt and we even slow danced a live number.

Tip of the day: If you don't see the girl you want at La Conga, have them call her!!

uno = Ebala
dos = Carla
tres = Paola
Ocho = Tequila

A good night in Nogi.

02-07-05, 14:14
Night 4, Saturday:
Mission = Carla. Arrived @ 10:30 and there was a tenative meet with Ed, so I checked out some of the haunts he outlined for me. Not there so I grabbed a taxi to La Conga. Upon arrival, w-g seats me, and I place my standard order, Tequila and Carla. As uusal, she is not there, and I am descended upon by Paola, who I think I neglected to mention has one of the most stunningly gorgeous faces on the planet. It takes this hot thing just a few moments to seduce me. She was third round last night, so I reasoned that it was only fair that she be the first dish this night. Damn fucked up how mongers reason things out, isn't it?

In the room, the pace I had been keeping must have caught up with me, because I barely got off again with Paola. Don't get me wrong, this woman is an absolute stunner, hot as hell, has a nice twat and excellent oral and athletic skills designed to achieve the desired result. I don't know what the fuck happened, it was good, but not great. I vow I would resist her charms in the future.

Went back into the bar and finally seated with Carla. We talked & drank until I was recovered and then hit the room. This girl is always full of surprises. Each session is different from the previous one. Highlights here were some serious 69 and a doggie finish that left LL in awe. I have to admit I was somewhat smitten, and I vow I will hit this one again...

After my return from this session it is obvious that Ed was not gonna show. Taxi back & I roamed Bolerio, Lord Black & Placers. In LB I hoped to pull off my bonanza of night two. I was dealt the blonde that wears the super short cutoff jeans. She has a rockin body and so-so face, which, after Paola, just didn't cut it with me so I ditched her. My attention was soon drawn to the girl with long reddish hair in a school-girl skirt who hangs out sprawled on the stairs. She is muy hot and obviously smashed, so using my amazing reasoning capabilities, I figured she would be a spinner. Test-drive in the closet proved that theory was shit. On to placers. Dealt a hottie there with whom I negoiated FS on the side for $40 with a room rental, or so I thought. The guys upstairs wanted some ungodly amount of money if anything happened. Fuck that, not the girl.

Bars closed so I roamed around and got offered several substandard ladies, so I left Mexico before I did something stupid.

Night 5, Sunday:
Met Ed in Uleta parking lot @ 10:45 and I twist his arm with stories of these sex goddesses at La Conga, so we start there. I think he believes now. He met Carla on the stairs, and she was engaged with her cell phone. Moments later, Paola embraces me and plants those wonderful lips on mine. There is also a new blonde there that almost caused Ed to break his neck when he did the double take. Paola bee-lined for the table and blondie and another girl were coming also. Then w-g stopped the "new" girls, informing them we would be taking Paola and Carla. Shit, poor Ed; I think he was heart broken. Blondie newver made eye contact and soon left. My immediate plan of the moment was to hook up Ed with Paola and so I requested Carla when w-g took my order. The phone call had taken her home, so I was again cooling my heels waiting for Carla.

My plan unraveled for several reasons. Carla was absent. Ed wanted the blonde (I think) and Paola had set her sights on me. She slow danced with me, and finally broke my resolve when she teared up and started crying. I did the math and figured out, that despite the "no problema con mas chicas, Carla es mi amiga" dialog, her pride was on the line here. I was helpless putty in this seductresses power. I took her.

Unlike the previous experiences, this session with Paola was amazing! After she wasted me in short order, she noted that I did not go limp (thank you, Dr Pfizer). She managed to HJTC me twice more in before we finished. Fucking blew my feeble little mind.

Returning to the bar, Ed had vanished. W-g informed me (against Ed's strict instructions) that Carla had returned five minutes after I left with Paola and Ed had bagged the babe. Good job dude. The four of us sat and talked, drank, and flirted for about an hour before I decided it was time for Carla, so we left. Ed had basically decided the swap was good and settled in to seduce Paola. I found later that this did not happen because she went flako on him and split. Damn dude, nice job sweet talking the lady. I guess your version of this tale needs to be posted so others can learn how to FAIL to get laid in a *****house.

Back in heaven, er, I mean our room, Carla did it again. Another twist. I was probing her ass with little LL, expecting another doggie session when I was guided gently into the third hole. Hells bells, four perfect toe-curling sessions. I'm in love (or at least lust). FFF is simply not appropriate for this one-thankfully I did not get her address or phone number.

Back on the TD bar strip, Ed has his guns set on a little spinner one of his tout buddies had hooked him up with before. We hung in a bar for a while and then wandered to several TDs without being impressed or paying a cover. In desperation, we went back to Fernies. Ed noticed her first because I was in no physical condition to consider another girl by this time. Perla was a flirt, and a fucking stunner. Zero English, 19yo, natural A cups, virtually flawless waiflike body, and a fabulous attitude.

Agreed on the house plan: $50 for house private room with a bed up to 1.5 hours and $50 for the girl. No fuss, no muss, who wants the $100? She is just new enough in the business that I really do believe it when she it the big O during DATY. Oral skills remain without complete testing. Lots of cuddling and (DFK!!!) kissing and a twat so tight that little LL had some challenge getting in there, but no problem blowing another load into that sweet hole.

Back to the land of no sex. Ed and I spent another hour swapping mongering tales, and here I am before I fucking forget this shit.

Thank you ladies of Nogales.

02-11-05, 05:26
LoveLOS said:
"I guess your version of this tale needs to be posted so others can learn how to FAIL to get laid in a *****house."

Although I am not the 'trip report' type, information of THAT type would be precious! You neglect to recall my typical nasty activities only moments prior to my return with my-then best girl Carla. How DID that panoche taste?

As LoveLOS (referred to as only los when in Mexico) noted, I intended to pass some notes, beers and babes with the legendary senior member from the far east. In spite of my suggestion to avoid spending a lot of time at Conga, Los proved his savvy and worth -something I can only guess comes after such a long, long time mongering - by introducing me to a couple 'new' chicas and asserting his will over w-g and the Conga Curse.

His first couple nights I was busy with a couple Puerto Rican girls in Vegas, then Saturday night I was busy stiffing my regular and Los at the same time. Wheeee!

Sunday night with Los was indeed a good time, and I am happy to clarify a couple things for you buddy.

w-g's announcement that 'we' only preferred 'your' two girls was crap. I really didn't have a problem with it though as I was not about to upset your play. I mean, come on, you were IN CHARGE!
I did make eye contact with the Blond,but when she walked her ass over so-as I could have a look, Paola then moved her chair next to me and between us. Hmmm. Then the Blond walked back, took a brief seat, a pout, and no doubt headed home huffy to count the days till I get back and drill for her precious resources. Then there's Paola. Those tears, those pouty lips, that 'fuck me or I will feel worthless' passion. Sheese, you got problems, man. That and her big feet made me decide there it was not gonna happen.
You gotta admit, till the last time with you she really didn't get the job all that done. I just didn't like the package in spite of all those weapons.
Then again, there is that 'grudge' thing I mentioned.
I can not imagine how busted she was after what she did for you and you STILL smacked her down and bit on Carla.

I truly did not feel worthy to be in your shadow.

Had I known what happened I wouldn't have asked Paola why, in spite of her beauty, did you have to come back into the bar and look for Carla. Ouch.

BTW, Carla and I didn't sit five freekin minutes before you were taking your best babe back to the room. Nice job, dude.
I am disappointed I couldn't roust Blanca/whatever for you, but three am on a Monday wasn't the best of times for that stuff. Trust me truly, you missed a real tasty morsel. (not that you needed it after all those sweet cookies!)

Had I been staying the night we coulda done some real damage.

02-23-05, 03:55
Had I been staying the night we coulda done some real damage.

I have been here in the land of no sex for long enough now that I would love to figure out how to get back there and take you up on the "real damage" sort of challenge. It's a blast being the mongering buddy of a WSG board legend, my hats off to you, sir! You are just sick and twisted enough to make moi want to follow in your shadow for an all-nighter! Another thing for the ole To-Do list.

Got some questions from others about Carla vs Paola thing. Just to clarify: Paola is one of the finer looking Latinas I have enjoyed in terms of overall looks, which is why I kept hittin it. Carla was a fine lady and just what the LOS likes in almost every respect, including the click between us. YMMV!!!

The LOS is so lustsick of the Carla thing that he is a bit too focused for his own good, if you know what I mean. Ed, keep me posted on the ladies of LaConga (including that blond thingy - yum)...unless, of course, my luck there really was a fluke.

Be well & lookin forward to that all-nighter.


Member #1961
03-28-05, 20:37
New to this arena I am a traveling healthcare worker who will be in Poenix 9 May till Aug. Looking for advice from the pro's. About travel to Nogales or wherever is closer. Also how to find the best deals. Thanks HLT

Lars 58
03-29-05, 02:02
I live in Yuma now, but when I lived closer to Nogales, my modus operandi was this. Drive to Nogo, park at the 24 hour lot for 3 or 4 bucks and walk over.
Hit the first street hang a left, and cross the tracks. On the first street passed the tracks hang another left and you will see some clubs. Lord Blacks, Placers, etc. I preferred the little bar Cherry's just in the middle of the first street and next street right facing the line. I also stayed at a Hotel on the second street down named Hotel Andre (I think). Its a hotel where many of the dancers stay at too. I would hang out at Cherrys and find out when my little favorita was off work and ask for the todo noche. It was usually a 100 bucks and worth it because I never liked those short rides in a booth. Never ever went todo noche though, these girls usually say they have kids they have to go home for. But IMHO, it beats a quick deed in a booth.

If you go in from the border, hit the first street and turn right, then turn right again, be wary as all get out of the girls in the hotels there. They are strung out crack ho's. I learned the hard way. Be wary of the guys that steer you somewhere that is not a bar. Do your research. Know where you are going and brush these guys off. They spot Americans looking for pussy and will take you to places you don't want to go if it is off the beaten path, don't do it. Don't let someone ask if they can bring a girlfriend with them. One will suck you while the other steals your wallet.
Nogi is a fun town, but stay in the clubs till you get your feet wet and know what you are doing.

There is a bonafide cathouse in Nogales. Just hail a cab and ask for boys town or la zona roja. I forget what the place is called. It is cheaper but it is also a little dump if you ask me. You get a bed instead of a booth, but the pickins are slim. Do not walk there, it looks like a bad part of town fairly far from the border.

Just my little info based on my trips down there. Have fun, stay safe.

Mystic Pimp
04-03-05, 02:44
I visited Nogales last weekend, and I think the prices to do "extras" in the private rooms has gone up in the last couple years. At least from visiting Rio and Lord Black.

Vitamin V Boy
04-24-05, 03:32
Can someone provide me with directions to Boleiro from the border.


04-29-05, 01:22
Just hang a left when you enter, across the four lanes of traffic, across the RR tracks, you should run right into it.

You wont be able to make it without being offered 'assistance'. Since you are new, don't fight it, just tell them where you are going and give him a buck when you go in. Be firm about being left alone at this point, if that's your preference.

Member #3235
04-29-05, 13:31

I am going to nogie during the day. Are there any places to find relief during the day? It will likely be a Friday.

Also, do I need a passport to cross.

Please let me know.


I have been here in the land of no sex for long enough now that I would love to figure out how to get back there and take you up on the "real damage" sort of challenge. It's a blast being the mongering buddy of a WSG board legend, my hats off to you, sir! You are just sick and twisted enough to make moi want to follow in your shadow for an all-nighter! Another thing for the ole To-Do list.

Got some questions from others about Carla vs Paola thing. Just to clarify: Paola is one of the finer looking Latinas I have enjoyed in terms of overall looks, which is why I kept hittin it. Carla was a fine lady and just what the LOS likes in almost every respect, including the click between us. YMMV!!!

The LOS is so lustsick of the Carla thing that he is a bit too focused for his own good, if you know what I mean. Ed, keep me posted on the ladies of LaConga (including that blond thingy - yum)...unless, of course, my luck there really was a fluke.

Be well & lookin forward to that all-nighter.


Member #3235
04-29-05, 13:35
Hey guys,

I will be heading to Nogie during the day. Anything to be had before 6:00 pm. I will have to be back in Tucson by dark but wondered if there was any place to play during day.


Rue Kraft
04-30-05, 03:40
Cherrie's is the only place that really seems to cater to the day time crowd.

05-04-05, 18:46
If you have a little time, check Conga. Friday afts are OK. Doesnt hurt to ask for someone or even a type while getting a beer.

If you are into it, you can always hang around the street area near the bar motels and do a little shopping, there is ALWAYS someone willing to show girls for a buck.

Of course, for the bar scene, Rue Kraft is correct. You can get what you what there.

05-06-05, 23:26
Visited Cherries this week in the afternoon. Only three girls working, but one was tall, hot, and thin. Make sure you wait to see them all. Can definately negotiate to have sex fo $75, maybe lower.


Member #3235
05-09-05, 19:46
Hey thanks guys.

05-15-05, 15:02
Stop by the massage parlor next to cherries $ 40 for massage. 3 girls work all 5-6. girl i picked wanted 100 for fs 60 for oral. tried to get her to go down on price she wouldn't budge. However massage was good so i gave her a 10 tip for for that. Next time straight to cherries. guess i'm just fond of the jarez prices $40 all inclusive for a massage.

05-16-05, 22:55
guess i'm just fond of the juarez prices $40 all inclusive for a massage.

Yes, we certainly are spoiled by the MP scene in Juarez aren't we? Juarez is the best place for resonable massages but I have had great times the 2 times I have been to Nogales.

This past weekend I had a so so time in Agua Prieta. Nice but it sure is on a slow pace there.


06-12-05, 04:54
Hey my man,

kinda a mid-year thing, but I was wonderin if you have been over to Conga lately to check on my darlin Carla? Or check INto my darlin... :p

Don't check WSG much, but on USG about every week.

looking fwd to 2006

06-12-05, 17:50
I'd like to go to Nogales next weekend and have some fun, but I do not know the scene down there and trying to find an honest hawker is a 50/50 shot. My goal is to meet a d/d free, non-pro/local who can provide me a few hours of fun. Ideally I'd like to meet my own Fabiola as WildWind talked about on this board a while back. How can I find a hawker who can introduce me to such a person, without being taken? Anyone know an honest, reliable guide and how to locate them?

06-13-05, 21:17
LoveLos, dude, havent been there lately, or to Conga since that last time with you! WTF, I know. I had a teeny, tiny, problem with a couple tough guys once (I refused to smoke da weed with them LOL) and havent been back.

I have been more in Agua Prieta lately, due to family obligations and a new hobby that takes me that way.

But, since you asked, I'll sacrafice greatly and make a trip this week or week end. A reason to live, Yea!

What do you want to bet I get abused on making a choice this trip?

06-14-05, 22:49
Anyone know an honest, reliable guide and how to locate them?[/QUOTE]
Hola, Soy Ed...lol

Good Luck! I am sure a request for a 'non-pro' falls to the ground after smashing into the language barrier. Jose' Hawker is only interested in getting you to bite on whatever bait he can dig up.
I find them all honest, but reliable is another word that doesn't translate in spite of the best of intentions and efforts.

I have rented some of the same girls several times and have been treated like a boyfriend by many. Usually, this is a nuscence as I mostly enjoy the rooting about part!

Try walking north and chatting it up with whoever, just like you would anywhere while looking for fun. (this has NOT usually worked for me, but sucess twice in countless tries keeps me going)
If your in the zone, let the dudes display their wares, if you have a good time ask her to get somthing to eat. Many have jealous boyfriends (Bambi at Obsessions -YIKES), and many don't want family or friends to see them working, so don't get bummed on a no thanks.

I'd be happy to meet up there sometime, but I am somewhere between 'marginally reliable' and 'who knows what he's doing now!'

06-18-05, 23:17
Oh you guys won’t believe the beauty we saw there. Being an ass freak myself, I was in heaven as Nogi is just full of bubble butts. I almost got whiplash scoping the ladies out. I was afraid I would offend a local for looking at his novia so I had to control myself. We toured the area and I took notes so I could make a map for my members of www.**************.com to be prepared.

There are some fantastic tourist markets in Nogales. Lots of real nice merchandise but not as many velvet Elvis’s as I expected. There are some very small patio restaurants throughout the market place. Touristy but very nice.

Some interesting observations. Drivers in Nogales are very considerate. They will stop just to let you cross the road. Many Nogales residents speak English. The topography of the area is very hilly. They will build houses anywhere and they area may not be prone to landslides.

There are many “helpful” people in Nogales MX. And a pain in the ass. Everyone seems to know where the best deals on pharmacies and such are and want to take you there. There were even a couple of guys who wanted to take us to see the girls. Imagine that. I told one guy that I know where everything is because I live there. He challenged me by asking what street I live on so I made something up and he left. What luck. One guy wanted to take us to the ladies and I asked if any of them were Korean and he said no and left promptly.

We checked out a massage parlor by Lord Black (Sensux Spa) and they had 7 or 8 ladies on duty ranging from a 5 to 8 on my scale. A guy who works there showed us the rooms and they have a room for hydro massages. You sit up on a table and the lady washes you down with a water massages and cleans you up real nice. Cost for a massage is 40 dollars and they hydro is 60 both for 40 minutes of service. Extras are, well, extra.

On back to eat, freshen up, change into my **************.com t-shirt and cargo shorts and head back to hit the night scene.

Upon our return to Mexico we hooked up with Dragoncelt of www.ladiesofnogales.com fame and his partner, GringoLoco. (screen names of course)

First bar, Obsessions. Not much going on as the fight was on TV and the Ladies of Nogales were bored. But then it was all over and the dancing began and the ladies started to mingle. One hottie, Melodie, really caught my eye. We were soon joined by a buddy of theirs LatinLover. Next stop was Rio just around the corner. This place is the most “Juarez like” of all the bars there. A little dinjy but nice.

VIP Fiesta is a very plush bar and the seats are very comfy. There is a section marked off by greek pillars and tables inside for private drinks with the ladies. There is a small private dance room and another room with a revolving door.

We then headed up the road and passed a massage place we noticed in the afternoon but we thought it wasn’t open. Well half is open. They are building new rooms and had about 5 ladies on shift. I was given a tour of Eros Spa. The massage tables are interesting. They are the size of a twin bed and elevated to massage table height. I don’t know why.

Bolieros. One of the newer bars in Nogales by my perspective. A nice long dance floor in the middle and comfy chairs all over the place. This place must be popular, there were even some gringas checking out the ladies. The DJ announce a private dance special, double time for regular price. I immediately snatched up the cutest shorty in the place and headed downstairs to the booths. Boy was it fun, especially the part when my zipper “fell” down and as she was grinding her ass into me she felt something hard and fleshy. She looked really surprised and zipped me back up.

Placers is my favorite from my previous 2 visits. This time the place wasn’t as crowded as before but there certainly was no shortage of lovely ladies. They just kept coming at us, enticing us to buy drinks or private dances. And try they did, that is 3 quarters of the fun in Nogi.

We didn’t spend much time in Lord Black even though it is a great club. They also had a double time special but I didn’t hop on it this time, I was saving myself for Zury at Rio. One lady was taking phone pics of her sister dancing so I got into the shot just to show off my t-shirt (I’m such a ham).

We then went to Fernies. Not the best club in Nogi but I liked it. One cutie almost got a private out of me, but Zury was waiting.

Back to Rio. Damn it, I got 4 private dances from Zury. She had me under a spell, highly recommended. He private dance was great, lots of moaning and groaning and pathetic whimpers of pleasure. Not much out of Zury but it was great.

What a great time we had. It had been over a year since my last visit and it was about time. I really missed the place and must make more trips. If you ever plan on a trip to Nogales look up DragonCelt at ladiesofnogales .com and arrange a tour, you will have a great time. He is an excellent host and a blast to hang around with.

06-30-05, 03:36
I went yesterday about 530 and Cherrie's was lame. Good girls either busy or not wotking. Did the spa next door but prices too similar to America. Girls in the 5-8 range. Session could of been better. Happy Ending. Will give it another shot some day.

07-16-05, 21:30
I went to Nogales with some buddies of mine about a month ago. I got a couple of nice looking dancers phone numbers, with the idea of getting some private action on the side in a month or two. One was from Obsessions (I think) and the other from Bolerio. I specificially asked both if they do work 'outside the club'. They said yes. One spoke very good English and the other didn't, but I can get by in my broken Spanish ;)

Both of them had good attitudes (or I wouldn't of asked) and I enjoyed their private dances very much!

Question: When I do call these ladies for some FS on the side, what should I expect to pay? I figure perhaps $100 + (possible hotel) is reasonable. I can see the flames coming as I say this, keep in mind this is just a guess. Thanks.

Bachelor Warrior
07-17-05, 23:37
i went twice to nogales recently; a saturday night and a friday night. i checked out rio's, boleiro's, placers, lord black, and the la conga bar.

first the not so good news. the gals at la conga were almost all older and between a 4 and a 6, but they still want $100 for 40 minutes. they were friendlier than at the other places. i bought a few drinks ($7 each) for one of the more "attractive" "babes" and we danced quite a bit. she was good to talk to and didn't gulp her drinks down like some of them. a guy playing a keyboard (one man band type of thing) there was good. imho. the gal liked to dance and so did i. i enjoyed my time there. even so, being new to nogi, the lc seems far from the border and there were no other gringos in view. so i was not comfortable there. i try to cultivate a healthy paranoia when it seems appropriate, so maybe that's all it was.

the really good news is that at the other "bars", the girls were between 8 and 10! and that's without exception. the only difference between the 8 and 10 would be your individual preference. that is, do you go for the body or the face or both? do you like then very young or just a little older? if you like wide-bodies, you're probably screwed. i didn't see any. otherwise, these girls were gorgeous, dressed well, and clean looking. it was impressive to see 15 or so girls onstage at one time and all of that quality. and that was before i started drinking! i prefer placers to the others, but to each his own. there's usually a cover of about $4 to get in any of them.

it's been reported here that the prices are almost as high as stateside and i found that to be true. maybe your negotiating skills will be better than mine, but the best i could do was about $170 for an hour for bj and fs. for that money, i want a gal that seems interested and i didn't find one in the short time i was there. so i passed. i did get a private dance upstairs at placer's for $22. it was pretty much routine. i didn't go for an encore.

most of the bars are immediately to the left of the border crossing, across the rr tracks. they are all in a row with some other bars in between. one of those has a horseshoe on its sign that one of the locals told me is kind of a singles bar. he said that any girl in there would go with me for $50 or $60. i said fine, but they're all with somebody already. he said that was not a problem. he offered to go in and pick out the prettiest girl in his opinion and bring her out. i said ok. she was very nice, but looked too young (risky), so i said no.

there are two massage parlors that i investigated with girls between 7 and 9. both places want $40 for the room for the 40 minutes and then you negotiate with the girl. "sol angel" at the massage place closer to the border wanted an extra $60. she was youg, slender, and very good looking. i went for that, figuring i was saving $70 or so. she was very good, so she got a tip.

rio's seems a little different than the others. if you go in the daytime, watch your step because it's as black as hell in there. you have to go up a spiral staircase and you can't see a damn thing. once you're upstairs, the floor is uneven, so you still have to be careful. air conditioning, be it swamp cooler or refrigerated, is non-existent there! damn, it was stifling! it was hot enough that it really messed up the experience. the girls were all wearing the "traditional" one piece black dresses. the mexicanas could make thing so much more interesting if they thought about it. how about a sexy nurse or school girl? oh well. i saw fewer girls here than at the other bars.

as soon as you cross the border, you'll be accosted by cab drivers who want to take you to la conga (apparently nogales' only ***** house) or "locals" who want to "help" you find a strip bar. i tried and tried to shed myself of these guys, but it seems impossible. if you let him take you to one and give him a tip, he'll be waiting outside an hour later when you come out! i don't want to be a prick, so i try to be polite, but that doesn't seem to get the message across.

when you're driving down highway 19 from tucson, just keep going straight to the end of the road. ignore the exit signs for nogales, az. pretty soon the speed limit will be reduced to 45 or whatever mph and you'll see a big arch. that is obviously the border crossing. right in front of you will be a guy waving a flag for a parking lot. $4. an easy walk from there to the border, just follow the pedestrian traffic.

nogales is hilly. and, thank god, it's usually 5 or 10 degrees cooler than tucson. the hills give the town a different character in many ways, so that's interesting.

when asked if the girls in these bars were clean one cabbie replied "mas o menos" with the appropriate accompanying gesture. wow! an honest man! btw, lots of folks in nogi speak english fairly well. except for the cabbies!

finally, i think i saw a guy giving a monger's tour of nogi. it was funny because he was charging up the sidewalk with his clientes in tow just like a mother duck and her ducklings! darn, it made me wish i had signed up.

all-in-all, i hope to go back. but only when it's cooler!


07-21-05, 10:32
I went twice to Nogales recently; a Saturday night and a Friday night. I checked out Rio's, Boleiro's, Placers, Lord Black, and the La Conga Bar.


Great report BW! It's the kind of concise info I was looking when I first headed south of the border. My best experiences have been at the massage places. Chicas are decent and pretty straightforward negotiations.

Depends on whether you're heading down to bust a nut or an eardrum...


08-19-05, 20:19
100 bucks isn' too bad a guess. Lots of girls will pitch higher, and they aren't the good ones anyway. They get all of the money and figure they'll just be making a stop on the way home.
'Toda la noche' usually means till you've popped, I don't pay ahead for that. Usually an 'uno mas' for a reduced rate gets her to stay and play till you want her to leave so you can sleep anyway.
Go get something to eat with her first!

Bachelor Warrior
What did you end up paying at Sol Angel? The experience seems to vary wildly there.

Conga its self is quite safe and friendly. I've walked at all hours but it is better to pay 5(max) for a cab, unless you like checking out the trannies! Don't pay more than 60 for a half hour. Many times the girl will chase the door knocker away. BYOC. I hate to keep saying this as it seems no one else finds them, but there are young and cute girls there, as well as a couple very passionate women, and I'm not willing to slum it either.

"$170 for an hour for BJ and FS.."
Fernies, Fernies, Fernies. It is always worth a trip and a beer. You can find real fresh cuties in there amoungst the average locals. The waitresses are always very friendly and at least one is English enabled. 100 bucks gets the room and the chica, unless your too wide eyed and still in 'school.' I don't know if it's good to praise this place or just shut up and take advantage with no other gringos in sight. Last time I am mentioning it for sure.

Sounds like you saw Ben of L.O.N. Now there's a well informed monger!