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05-09-02, 03:41
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Just A Guy
09-14-02, 03:11
Hey, did I read something here about a massage parlor in Piedras? Can someone tell me where it is or give me directions?

Just A Guy
10-02-02, 18:30
Anyone out there who's been to Piedras lately? If they can't tell me about a massage parlor--what about the clubs? Any better than the others?


El Putero
11-12-02, 01:56
I was only in Piedras Negras once last June. A cab driver drove me to a small "boystowns," about a ten or fifteen minute drive west of downtown. It was a rainy weeknight, but I enjoyed live music and some of the few girls working that night. The whole area must have been about 1/8 the size of NL.

You should read the archived material.

A Toda Maquina
12-23-02, 00:32
Stopped in BT fri. night , (about seven bars open) . ,so I went to Afrika club and got FS/BBBJ from a gal with huge milkers , for 400 pesos + room.......

12-23-02, 00:50
Chango, a cab driver in Piedras Negras told me the best action can be found around the bars near centro and not Boys Town. Do you have any experience here?

A Toda Maquina
12-23-02, 03:37
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Beavis
Chango, a cab driver in Piedras Negras told me the best action can be found around the bars near centro and not Boys Town. Do you have any experience here? [yes about five years ago met some sw near the park , could have got some gals out of bars ......I was told about the zone @ Nava about 30 miles in , sounds inviting./went to zone in Monclova last year./]I stopped at Pappa g's in Allende for a beer ,

12-23-02, 03:51
Chango, thanks for the update. I think I am going to go check it out soon. Been to NL so much that I need to take a break from there.

A Toda Maquina
12-24-02, 00:06
Hey Beavis, do you think you will go to Nava and check it out? I am really lookin forward to see what its like. / Pappa g's @ Allende is on 57 at the crossroad from Acuna, / there were two other places around Allende neither extravagant,one s. of town about a mile off a paved rd. / I got to get back there sometime in jan. or feb. .the good thing about this area is all rd.s lead to one & you can drive in without permit about 45 mi. see ya

12-24-02, 02:33
Chango that is out of my area. I would love to check it out but need some coaching on how to get there.

12-24-02, 05:52
OK, here's a question for you border guys?

How far can I drive in, and do I need insurance. I've talked with some who drive across with Texas plates, and never bother with insurance if it's just a few miles within the border. Of course they are Hispanic and speak the language, while I'll never pass for anything but a gringo, even though I'm picking up the language a little.

Wanting to get past the immediate border,


12-24-02, 06:20
Most US insurance is good for 20 miles into Mexico which is about how far you can go without a permiso vehicular. There are checkpoints usually about 20 miles into Mexico and you can't get past those without the sticker on your windshield. Driving in the border towns is no problem just be careful and if you plan to drink be cool. The Policia love to stop drunk gringos because that's their payday.

A Toda Maquina
12-24-02, 09:11
hey Beavis, I intend on checkin out Nava soon,it's only about 25 min or so in,I've past by but didnt know of the zone.,until one of the locals @ a bar told me about it/ from houston I can make it to piedras negras in 5.5 hrs.,.....there used to be a French garrison around this area of coah. in the 19th century, they must have fraternized with the locals because there some good lookin gals w/big milkers .Jan. 18-20 I'm supposed to be in monterrey .but, let me know if u want to meet up to check this area out up here........................Chango

12-24-02, 16:09
Very possibly I will be available around that time. Are you sure you can drive to Nava without a vehicle permit. I have a book with every road in Mexico and it shows a checkpoint just before you get there. We need to discover some of these unknown places and keep them to ourselves. There is also a small zone in Ciudad Anahuac just south of NL. I haven't been there but was also told by a cab driver that there is one. I am thinking about going to PN soon. Chango I assume you speak Spanish.

A Toda Maquina
12-24-02, 21:33
yep, Beavis the main permanent checkpoint (para permisos para importar carros y visas touristas ) is at Allende .,Nava is not a problem .. still dont have an exact date ,but hopefully soon .,& my 17th century castilian with 21st century spanglish gets me by fine ... Tear it up!!!!! lets go!! .......Chango.

12-25-02, 01:01
OK Chango that sounds good. We need to find an uncharted area and keep it off of these boards for conservation. As soon as a group of drunk gringos go down there and throw money around it is destroyed forever, I am planning to check out PN soon so perhaps we can incorporate this into one Big Kahuna adventure. E mail me and we will see about setting this up


01-03-03, 03:17
Hey guys, dont leave me outta this, i know im new, but i have the time now since its only me, ill explain late.

What you guys think?


01-06-03, 09:31
The beginning of a great trip

I left home on Friday morning 01/03/02 to go to Piedras Negras. I had plans to meet Chango and we were going to explore Piedras Negras for a night and then to go check out a small zona we had heard of in Nava. We had made arrangements to meet in the park near centro at 8:00 PM and take it from there. At 8 we began touring the bars near centro as we had heard that there are some girls around there and the park at night. After hitting about 7 or 8 bars it was pretty dry so we started to look at the options. It was still early and nothing starts early in Mexico so we basically had some extra time on our hands. The zona in Piedras Negras doesn’t even open until 10 so after some discussion Chango said “let’s go to Nava”. That was the reason we had came here so off we went.

We had no idea what to expect in this very small town of Nava about 30 miles south of Piedras Negras but being the mongers that we are it was a must to go see. Chango had found the zona earlier but I had yet to go there. When we arrived in Nava we began a journey down a series of dirt roads that had several holes more like oil wells than pot holes. Through a residential area that few if any gringos have ever been at night. Finally after what seemed like an hour on a paint shaker we arrive at the zona in Nava. Not something that looked very welcoming to a couple of white men from Texas. At first we looked at each other and thought, “do we really want to go in here”. The zona consist of 3 fair size bars with small hotel like rooms attached. We entered the 1st bar and after receiving some very unfriendly looks from some of the Mexicans inside went over to the bar. Speaking Spanish is a must here and I would by no means ever go here alone. There is no police station, no security, and no place to cry for help here so if you venture into this wilderness proceed with caution. First impression was we have made a terrible mistake and let’s get out of here while we are still alive. There were no girls yet as it is now about 9:30 so we sit at the bar to get adjusted to the atmosphere and decide if we want to stay to check it out or get the hell out of there before we are used as trap bait.

After a little conversation with the bar tender everything seems O.K. so we hang out for a few minutes. I ask the bartender when do the girls come in and he said “ahorita” (very soon). Shortly after the back door opens and in walk 2 girls. Both pretty so Chango and I acknowledge them and think maybe something good might come of this. I asked the bartender how much did the girls charge and he said (in Spanish 500 pesos) 50 dollars. We knew right away that these were gringo prices as there was no way the Mexicans paid 50 dollars. Both of these girls could have done fine in Nuevo Laredo at those prices but I knew they didn’t get that here. Chango talked to one of the girls and she seemed very friendly. A welcome change from the attitude of the normal working girl. After a few minutes we left and went to the next bar. There were about 8 or 10 girls in here. About half pretty girls and the other half was the milk bone gang. There was one very pretty blonde sitting at the table next to us that I was very interested in but Chango had already moved in on her so I began to look some more. We had a very friendly waitress here who smiled and asked if I would like a girl. Still being cautious I figured you only live once so I told her I liked the girl at the end of the bar.

The Game Starts

As the waitress left to go invite the other girl over, Chango and the pretty blonde get up and head towards the door. At this bar the girl’s rooms are attached like a motel so off they go to leave me all alone in this bar where no gringo has ever gone before. I ask very quickly how much she is going to charge and he says 35 dollars. I think this is more like it, this girl would be getting 80 in Papagayos. The girl I had requested joins me at the table. She is 25 from Monclova named Jessica. She even looks better up close, has long curly black hair and a very nice chest. An honest 7 ½ but some people would give her an 8. I talk with her for a few minutes and eventually after buying her a beer and me a club soda I bring up the discussion of how much for the trip to the room. She tells me 35 also. I ask how much for the room and she looks at me like I am crazy. The girls live in these rooms so all you pay is her. Again I ask for how long and she tells me however long I want. Now this is how it should be I am thinking. We go to the room and I pay her as I am not going to do anything out of the ordinary in this location. She undresses and is very pretty and very clean. We spend a few minutes talking and playing before getting down to business. I know this will be like a rocket taking off so I am in no hurry. Especially since I know there will be no asshole knocking on the door. We take care of business and she gets a very good grade on the report card. It is very cold so I pass on the invitation to join her in the shower and just settle for a bird bath of the necessary areas. If nothing else it was worth the trip just to meet this girl. A near GFE as I think she is enjoying the change from the normal drunk Mexican patrons.

When we return to the bar Chango is gone but his girl is back inside so I know he is in one of 3 places. I quickly check to make sure that his truck is still here because I couldn’t imagine be stranded here. I go back in and sit with Jessica for a few minutes then kiss her goodbye and move on. The best thing about these girls is that they don’t know how pretty they are. This proves there are still unspoiled places out there if you are crazy enough to go to them like we are.

I go to the last bar and even while walking the short distance see some more pretty girls. There are not many girls here maybe 30 in all 3 bars but the great thing is there are maybe 18 or 20 guys including us and most of them seem to only want to drink. I find Chango in here already in the process of dealing the cards again. This time with another blonde Mexicana. I can say he has good taste as at this point he has beat me to the punch twice. I sit at the same table and get swamped by about 3 that I don’t want. Chango is about to leave again for the room so I leave here and go back to the 1st bar we were at but this time I am alone. It is an uneasy feeling but I’m O.K. I go back to the bar and notice that there are about 7 girls now. At least 5 of the 7 are keeping the average up on the girls here. I am thinking about who do I want of the five when the door opens and in walks another girl. There is a heater over by the door and all of the girls are gathered around it. As this next girl walks in the others standing around the heater shift a little and obstruct my view for a second. Shortly after I look over and see the back side of what looks like a very pretty woman. It takes a few seconds but when she turns her head and looks over my jaw drops. This is a beautiful girl and as she looks over my eyes lock onto hers. I know it is rude to stare but there was no way I could take my eyes off of this beautiful creature. I think there is no way this is a working girl.

It doesn’t get any better than this

By now the girls around the heater have moved around a little and I have a direct line of sight with the prettiest girl I have ever seen in a bar. I would guess about 5’ 8” with a body that you couldn’t make any more perfect. She was wearing a pair of Levi’s that were designed specifically to fit her. There was not one square millimeter of wasted material here. To go with a perfectly sculpted body from the waist down she had incredible hooters. Probably 36 and stood straight out, this and the fact that she wore no bra with a thin light blue tank top in the cold weather, the headlights were on high beam. I still wasn’t sure if this was a working girl because I have never seen anything this fine in my life. If Hugh Hefner needs a playmate of the year I have found her. We were not about to take a camera into this place but Chango will vouch for the validity of this. This girl looked like porn star Tera Patrick with long black hair that hung to her butt. She was drawing plenty attention but I had not taken my eyes off of her. As I kept staring she finally walked over towards me. I have been with hundreds of working girls but never have had one approach me that made me as nervous as this. The closer she got the hotter she looked. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep from attacking her when she got within range. Enough babbling but when she sat down on the stool beside me I thought my heart was going to beat through my chest. I forgot all of my Spanish and all I could do was just look at her.

I quickly came down off of cloud nine and when she smiled I saw the cutest face ever put on a latin girl. As I look around to see several Mexicans staring at this beautiful girl beside me I remember why I am here. I buy here a beer and begin conversation. Her name is Micaela, 24 years old from Ciudad Victoria. I can’t imagine why this girl isn’t married to a millionaire or on the cover of a magazine but am glad she is sitting beside me in this Mexican cantina. I still can’t believe this is a working girl but I know that if I don’t move soon someone will so I ask the question, “how much to go to your room”. She responds with 35 dollars (all of these prices were quoted in pesos). If she would have said two hundred and thirty five dollars I would not have hesitated one second. We leave and go to her room and when she takes her top off I am worried that I won’t be able to pull my pants over the kickstand that I have. I have already been once tonight but this is just incredible. A man that is with this woman needs no Viagra. She pulled down her pants to reveal a black thong that made her perfect ass look even better. At this point I am thinking that there has got to be something wrong with this woman as she is too perfect. I go to try to kiss her and she opens her arms and pulls me to her. This I cannot believe as I have never even seen a woman this beautiful before and she is all over me.

As we make it to the bed I try my best to suck the sheets up her ass but after about 10 minutes I can’t get them up there. She puts a rubber on my dick that is so hard I don’t know if I have enough skin left to blink. I never had made love to a “10” but I now have. Surprisingly I am able to last a while until I explode with a force that I thought would blow the condom like a “Firestone 500”. She removes the condom and comes back with a washcloth. She cleans me and then tells me to lie back down on the bed. The thought crossed my mind that here is where the guys come with the guns but she climbs up on the bed and proceeds to give me a BBBJ. I am thinking I need to wake up when she throws her long black hair over my leg and I realize this is really happening. Micaela puts her heart into this and keeps with it until she finishes me off, then swallows. Again I am thinking something is wrong here but we then get dressed to leave. I haven’t paid her yet so I ask her how much. She responds with Thirty Five like I am not going to pay her Thirty Five. I would have gave her five hundred and thirty five for what she did to me but to be an honest monger I gave her 35 only and asked if I could come see her tomorrow. She told me she was going to go home tomorrow. I asked why was she going home on a Saturday. She said that she doesn’t work in the bars very often and then she goes home. I then told her I would like to come see her early in the morning but she said she would be leaving at 8:30 am and didn’t know when she would be back. I tried for a phone number, or e mail or anyway to get in touch with her. She responded that she lived with her family on a ranch near Ciudad Victoria and that her family did not know that she worked in the bars. I could respect this but I wanted to see her again. I did not push this any further and we went back to the bar. We sat at a table this time. I had not seen Chango for a while but figured he was around somewhere. Micaela and I talked for few minutes and she got up to go to the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom Chango walked in and asked what I had been doing. I told him to wait and he would see. He then told me of his adventures which sounded like he had a great evening also. About that time he looked up and Micaela was walking back to the table. I will let him voice his opinion on this from here. She sat back down and we noticed that we were starting to get some unhappy stares from the locals. I had been sitting there with the best looking girl in the place and it seems that they were not liking it too much. We had no problems at all but thought it might be best if we got our gringo behinds out of there while we still could. We got up to leave and Micaela gave me a big hug and a kiss in front of the unhappy faces so we left Nava.

We were not threatened in anyway and were treated fine in this place but play cool. I will go here again but never alone. This is the last place in Mexico where a large group of gringos with a macho attitude would want to be. If you want to go here go with no more than one or two other Americans and be sure that someone speaks Spanish. We had the time of our lives here. Remember this is their playground so if you go here respect it and you will be fine. If you don’t I would not want to even think of the consequences.

Back to Piedras Negras

By now it is around midnight so we head back to Piedras Negras. Sleep is not on the agenda so we go to the Boys Town there. There are quite a few people here so we start off in one of the front bars. There are only a couple of girls here and no men so we go inside. Unbelievably the girl that I did in this bar last April is still there and remembers me. I sit there for a little while still incredibly high from the session I had in Nava about an hour earlier. We make the rounds and go into a couple of the other smaller bars. Eventually we make it to another smaller bar across from the Cactus Club. There are two girls in here. One is pretty and one is fine. The zona in Piedras Negras is mostly all Mexicans this night but again no problem. There were a few Americans going in and out of Club 54 but I don’t go here. This bar is owned by the same man that owns the Hunters Club in Acuna. I am not going to give any money to a man that charges 25 dollars for a ½ hour in one of his rooms. I don’t know how much they charge in PN but I refuse to give any money to someone that greedy.

Chango has already started putting the moves on another hot girl. We were in the small bar across from the Cactus. He leaves with her and I go back to the 1st bar where we had started. I have charged up a bit by now so I talk to Marta the girl I had been with in April. I ask her how much and she says 40 plus 5 for the room. I know this is going to last a while so I agree and off we go. This is a sweet girl. She is not even a fraction as hot as Micaela but is O.K. After a while I manage to take care of business for the 4th time of the evening but still am not tired. It is around 1:30 AM. I find Chango in the Cactus bar where they have some very hot women. Again not even close to the honey I found in Nava but she is not comparable to any girl I have ever seen in my life. We sit here for a while and decide to go to centro and see if there are any girls around there. By now any more sex isn’t going to happen but we can continue our research. We hit all of the bars walking and there are a few girls but a lot more men and it has been a long day. We made an agreement to meet at McDonalds for breakfast at 10:00 AM and called it a night. Not only that a very good night. I got laid 4 times, once with a 7, once with an 8, and twice with a 10. All of this for a total of 115 USD. Again I can only describe how hot this girl was but had a fellow monger there to back me up on it.


Saturday morning we met for breakfast to decide what we were going to do. I had to drive back to Nava and see if my girl was still there. We ate and I left to go see if my sweetheart from the night before was around. We had left it that if she was there we would stay around and perhaps look around Allende for the night and if she was gone we would go elsewhere. I arrived around 11:00 AM to find that she had indeed gone home. From here we discussed going to Nuevo Laredo or Acuna and finally decided on Nuevo Laredo as the daytime action is guaranteed. It was about a 2 hour drive on Mexico route # 2 which we made hassle free.

We arrive in Boys town around 3:00 PM. We park one vehicle and this time I drive. After about 3 passes we find a couple of pretty room girls so we play another hand. I have a young girl from Veracruz named Maria. 20 years old and good service for a room girl. Nothing great but, well worth 20 dollars. Chango has her friend 2 doors down who is the better of the two. We finish here and go to centro to eat. We park, find a restaurant and eat, then go to the Herradura. There are a couple of girls in there this afternoon and one that I know from an earlier visit. We stay here a few minutes and go back to Boys Town as I want to find my girl Lorena. I went to the bar where she normally is in the day and they told me she would soon be in. I parked in front of Tamykos and walked over to where she normally is. Bingo she is there and happy to see me. We talk for a few minutes and then go to the room. She is fun as ever and after working up a sweat (even though it is about 55 degrees outside) and finishing off twice I am done. I ask her how much as we had been at it for almost an hour. She says “whatever you want to give me”. I told her to tell me something so she said “thirty because I have to pay for the room”(all in Spanish). There is no way I am going to give this girl only 30 dollars for what she just did to me so I give her 40 and I pay for the room. This is a sweet girl. She can be found at the Cosita Bar in the afternoon but again this is a place that is usually just Mexicans. I go here often and they know me just be cool if you go there.

Chango and I walk around Boys Town and then I want to go somewhere and take a shower. We drive behind the Marabu and Carlos is here so I ask him if I can rent a room long enough for a shower. He asks Rogelio the gerente and he say no problem. I take a shower and change into the Beavis clothes for the evening. I don’t think anymore sex will be happening or at least not for a while. I ask them how much do I owe them and they say nothing as I know them all very well. Our plans now are to spend some time in Boys Town and go home around midnight to beat the traffic (a big mistake, more on that later).

We walk around as it is still early but the talent is picking up. We hit, Papagayos, Tamykos, Shamrock, and make several passes by the room girls. Chango finds a cute girl over in the last corner of the compound so I tell him to meet me at Papagayos when he is done. I arrive at Papas and sit at a table alone. There are a few girls in here but I don’t know what I would do with one now so I just sit and talk to a couple of them. No drinks just conversation. A little later Chango shows up again so we leave and go to Marabu. There are a couple of girls in there even though it is early. We wanted to hang around as a group of board mongers were going to show up, Borderbanger, Kosher Cowboy and whoever else showed up. There still was no sign of them so we were just visiting bars and exploring possibilities. Chango found a girl that he liked in Marabu but was not ready yet so we went to check out the Hollywood Nights bar. This is a nice bar with comfortable rooms. This will be the base of Beavis from now on in Boys Town. The girls were O.K. even though there were not a lot of them as all haven’t returned from the holidays. The rooms are very adequate and recently remodeled. For 20 dollars a night you cant miss. AC, portable heaters, hot water and a clean comfortable bed for 20 USD per night. On top of this it is located in downtown CHICA CENTRAL. From now on when I go to Boys Town this is where I will stay. You can bring girls from anywhere here but from what Chango says they still charge you 10 dollars. So what, and I am sure when you become a regular customer this will be waved. A plus is if you take a girl from there and you have a room for the night you are not going to get a knock on the girl. I asked this specifically and got the answer.

The Monger Convention

After leaving the Hollywood Nights bar we went back to Papagayos to see if any of the crew had showed up. We did not know any of these guys but had some descriptions so we walked in to see if anybody fit the profile. Chango and I sat at a table and noticed 3 guys standing at the bar. One of the guys kind of fit the profile of a monger so we went and stood beside them to try to ease drop in on some of their conversation. I heard them talk about a bar named Dallas, which is the name of a bar in Boys Town in Piedras Negras. I butted in and said that we were there last night but discovered this was a different bar they were speaking of. About then one of the guys spoke up and said “hey you don’t know Beavis do you”. I told him “hi I’m Beavis”. This turned out to be the guy who goes by the handle Mic Jagger. From here Mic Jagger said he was waiting for the rest of the guys from the board.

Anyway a long story short, Chango, Beavis, Mic Jagger, Borderbanger, Kosher Cowboy and 2 guys who haven’t decided on a handle yet all sat at a table to compare stories. All turned out to be great guys and I did get to meet Kosher Cowboy’s Annabella. He speaks true of this girl she is indeed hot. We have a fun reunion and talk of adventures we have done and are going to do. Soon it is 11:00 PM so Chango and I want to score again. We say goodbye to the rest of the gang and head out to look around. Chango returns to Marabu as he wants to look for the girl he had talked to earlier. He hooks up with her and is off so I go out on one last adventure for the evening. I made a pass by the rooms but didn’t think a room girl would work as this would be the 8th time in about 26 hours. Mic Jagger had told me he had had good luck in Marthas so I figured what the hell I would give it a shot. I had never been in the place because of the hawkers in the street. They kind of remind me of the zona in Reynosa.

Wrapping it up

After entering Marthas I was surprised to find some pretty girls. I motioned to a girl to come over. She did and started to talk. I bought her a drink and asked how much for a trip to the room. She said 40 plus 10 for the room. I asked how long and she said 40 minutes. No question about what to do here. She turned out to be a GFE and even took me up the back door. Unrushed and very good. I will visit this place again also. This girl was named Veronica, 20 years old from Veracruz. I did manage to get it done one more time and it is now time to head out. I return to Marabu as this is where I am parked and see Chango as he is just finishing up. He reports very good things on his girl also. Mic Jagger and one of the other guys then come into the Marabu and I recommend Perla from Monterrey to Mic. He goes off with her so Chango and I call it a trip and head for the bridge. The bridge wait is terrible but it is eventually over. In January you are better off to wait until the daytime and cross the Columbia bridge just for future reference. The end report of this trip for Beavis was an A +.

I got laid 8 times for $240.00. With gas, food, hotels, drinks and all I spent less than $400.00. It would have been worth all of the money just for the time I got to spend with Micaela. Again I don’t have any photos of this girl as I was afraid to take a camera where I found her but this was without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. Mexico is the best for mongering as you never know what you will find. There are still plenty of undiscovered diamonds you just have to be crazy enough to go look for them. I will spend the rest of my life looking for a girl like Micaela but I know I will never find her unless I get lucky enough to run across Micaela again.

01-27-03, 06:42
That was the greatest report I've ever read. I'm planning on being down in that part of the world in May, you just gave me a "must see" destination.

07-13-03, 06:13
I just found out that I will have Monday and Tuesday of next week to kill/monger in Piedras Negras and/or ciudad acuna. I will be walking across the border. Anyone have simple directions to the zona roja from the border in these town or hotel recommendations in Eagle Pass or Del Rio.


A Toda Maquina
07-14-03, 09:38
Hey , in Piedras Negras the the motel 57 is really nice for about $30.00 - $40.00/ I will be in Piedras Negras the weekend of th 18,19,20th / in PN you cross the bridge go west /straight about three blocks and turn right go about a mile to zona. Its too far to walk and lots of loose dogs on the way. catch a cab/ And in Acuna the zona is a long ways from the bridge ., plenty of hotels in town two are the hotel San Antonio & the San Jorge, also Ma Crosby's. all three are on the drag right across the bridge / Have a good trip. later ,Chango

08-20-03, 02:36

I made my first trip to Piedras over the weekend (I posted a small report on NLBTA Yahoo forum) but I was wondering if someone could give me detailed driving directions or the location (cross-streets) of the BT in Piedras. I have a map of Piedras, but am not sure where BT is. I want to go back this weekend, but I really want to drive instead of taking a taxi.

Chango, you said, drive three blocks across the bridge, and then go right for one mile. Do you know the name of the street? Around there (according to my map) is Hidalgo, Zaragos, Moreles, R. de las Casas - is it one of these? (BTW, when in the taxi it seemed more complicated & farther).



A Toda Maquina
08-21-03, 04:54
I think it is Hidalgo,but when you turn right off the main drag, you will drive thru a residential area for about 1000 meters,go thru a low water crossing ,then past a fabrica, and if its night you will see the lights ,(BT will be on the left side of the rd.) I'm not sure of the street name ,just know it by memory.(if you come to the low water crossing your on the right road) . later , Chango

09-27-03, 13:13
I was in Piedras Negras last week and I must say I found the women to be better looking and the prices lower than Nuevo Laredo, Juarez, Nogales, and Tijuana. There are fewer women available, but I was able to negoatiate $40 for everything with very attractive women. There was one gorgeous one that was asking $100 and after two nights of negotiating with her I got her down to $60. Just when I was about to close the deal, my girl from the night before swooped in and convinced me to take her again for $40, which I did.

A warning on driving yourself, the boystown area is down a dirt road on the outskirts of town and is a little challenging to find the first time you go. I think the best best is to cross the border at the downtown bridge and offer a taxi driver $5 to show you the way. After driving around for over an hour looking for boystown, this is the approach I took and I was there is 10 minutes.

Also, I got tired of paying $3-$4 plus tips for drinks at these clubs when you can get it for less than $1 elsewhere in Piedras Negras. So I started bringing my own liquor to the bars and much to my surprise, nobody said anything. In fact one place even brought out a glass for me to poor my 32 ounce beer in.

One last note, stay away from the first bar on the left. This place had a decent looking young blonde girl outside encouraging guys to enter. I took the bait and went inside. Nobody was there exept for one bartender (first sign that something is wrong). The bartender immediately brings over two drinks and asks for $10. I gave him $20. After the girl insults me for not speaking perfect Spanish and also tells me she doesn't have sex, I decide to cut my losses and leave. So I demand the $10 change from my $20 and he just repeats "no cambio". So I calmly ask to speak with him outside (so he's out of his safe haven) and then explain to him that since he's really pissed me off, I'm not even asking for my $10 back, I want the entire $20. A crowd is starting to form around us and he's losing potential customers, so he does give me my $20. I'm reallynot a cheap bastard, but I don't like to be taken advantage of. I encourage Americans crossing the border to stand-up to these rip-off artists so they don't think of us as easy targets.

09-29-03, 03:30
Agreed. I've been spending a lot of time in Piedras lately, and I'm liking it better than NL. I've only been going to Club 54 & Cactus. There are extremely high quality girls there. I can't standing paying the $5 for girls drinks. BTW, I just "discovered" that the prices at Cactus are 10%-20% higher when paying in dollars. For example, if you pay in Pesos, a girls drink is 50 pesos. But if you pay in dollars, it is $6. What a rip off!! All of the drinks and services are 10-20% higher in Pesos (assuming 1:10 exchange rate, so the actual difference is even higher). The girls & I tried to get around the girls drink price, by having me buy the drink for myself and letting the girl drink it. But, it took less than 2 seconds for the masero to notice this and put an end to it.

What other good clubs are there besides 54 & Cactus? Was the rip-off club (first on the left) the Africa Club?

10-23-03, 05:32
Anyone from Dallas want to drive down on Friday and return Saturday??

I am a NL BT vet but would like to visit PN....

11-06-03, 20:44
Directions to BT in Piedras:
The street that Chango was trying to remember must be Morelos because I remember it began with an "M' (I thought it was Madero, but I guess not). In any case, it's one of the first streets on your right, off the main drag, that you want to take to your right. Once you get to the low area described by Chango, you have to jog a little to your left and then back again in the direction you were going, and you'll be on top of the entrance. When I was there last, my buddy and I met some girls that we liked enough to take out the next night to the town's leading steak house, which also has a dance floor and piano bar (name is "Moderno", I believe).

Juarez Defender
01-02-04, 21:10
I will be back in Piedras Negras around March. I will get good directions and a map with landmarks to BT. Can someone post directions to BT in Nava ( I have to visit that place after reading you guys reviews). Has someone been to the bar near Allende just off highway 57, I think its Papagayos. Any reviews?

Also, in PN stay away from Africa and be careful with the bars behind the Africa, many TVs in that area. Stay on the main street where 54 and Dallas II are located.

There are some good bars in PN where action can be found, but Spanish or being with someone that speaks it will certainly help. Some of the bars are Bar 57 and Chagos.

Be safe and happy new year!

Juarez Defender

01-07-04, 05:22
Whereabouts in Piedras are Bar 57 & Chagos? What's the quality & pricing like? I'm also very curious where the BT is located in Nava!

BTW, I think Club Africa closed down. All of the girls (like, all 2 or 3) who worked there, moved to G-Spot about a month ago. The club is dark & there's nobody standing outside any more.

A Toda Maquina
01-08-04, 09:39
Yes ,I went to that place in Allende at the crossroads and the chica just wanted to dance for me .So,I left . Thats been a while back ,it might be worth checkin out. Theres a rough / sod house type place on a dirt road south east of town across the tracks with burlap bags for curtians. But no info . cause the cab driver said "con ciudado" and showed me a scar across his face that would make a WW I Prussian officer go running for the hills.,so I opted to pass !!! he said it happened there.. Also ,you can check out a place on the main drag going west out of town (on the left side of the rd. looks like an old brick block building )used to have a lot of chicas working there in the night. but if you drive to the new bypass you've gone too far. As far as Nava goes you turn off 57 travel into town , west on main blvd into center of town towards the end of the dtwn area ,turn left at almost any major street and go about four blocks and turn right (it will be a long dirt rd.) go about 3/4mile west till you see a group of buildings on the left . or at night the lights (believe me ,they will be the only lights nothing around but darkness)And if you get lost or my info. is not the best then just ask someone.

Later, Chango

01-09-04, 01:00

Since this is my first experience with a forum group I'll have to apoligize up front for any mistake that I might make. I find it quite interesting to read all of your comments. Some I can agree with and some not but in the sexual world it all boils down too one thing and that is, "What ever will float the boat".

I've had my Mexican experiences, good and bad but one thing is for certain and that is, never to be so nieve as to think that life and culture is the same there as it is here in the USA. Trouble will follow you as soon as you cross over the river only because we Americans have a commodity that is desperatly wanted in old Mexico and that being, Money.

It has been a long time since I visited south of the border but the lure of open adult activities still intrigues me. You gentlemen make me proud. Your active forum is keeping the Gringo image alive. Hell, Mexico has always welcomed their rich Gringo friends. Many a wandering cowboy headed south to feel his warm Senorita laying next to him. It's a tradition that has entertained us for at least 200 years.

So once again I applaud you all for keeping the tradition alive. When I use the word Gringo I'm also including our American born Mexican brothers (Chicanos). I'll never forget my first trip to *****z. My father took my brother and I there to get our first taste of a real woman. I think I was about 15 and my brother 18. The "Old Man" really knew his way around Jaurez and it was an experience that is still branded on my mind. Thanks Pop.

Well I've said enough and will speak more in time to come, again Thanks guys for your time.


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Juarez Defender
01-11-04, 04:04

Thanks for the directions to BT. I am taking some time off in March (hopefully March). I will visit BT in Piedras, Nava, and Acuna.

Chagos is located in Villa de Fuente, past the Seguro Social on Hwy 57. You will pass the Seguro, then the bridge, and at the curve is Chagos (left hand if going south on 57).

Bar 57 on Venustiano Carranza? (main road connecting to Hwy 57). It is a small bar next to Motel 57 on left hand in going south on Hwy 57.

The average is about 7, 8, and 9 on a scale 1 to 10. The best is Chagos because you can get the waiters to point you in the right direction. You have to make your own arrangements, but they are all-nighters. At Bar 57 you have to wait until they approach you.

I will post pictures of both places next time I go.

I can't wait to go back. That area PN, Acuna, and Sabinas are the best.


01-19-04, 05:24
Are there any hotels in Eagle Pass near the border. I don't really care about the quality (the cheaper the better). I would like to visit Bt Piedras Negras, but I don't want to drive across the border, because I have never been there before, and I don't like driving in foreign countries until I have been there a few times.

Cheap Thrill
01-19-04, 07:37
In following with baby huey's question, Is piedras safe to make a go alone during the week or anytime for that matter. Whats the Odds of getting a Cab out of there at all hrs of night, If its out in the boonies, I dont wanna get stuck. Would like to go this week. any response appreciated.

01-20-04, 04:37
I go to Piedras (BT & around the city) during the weekend & during the week regularly, and do silly things like ATM withdrawals at 2AM (all this as a solo gringo) and never had any problem whatsoever. It is MUCH more calm than Laredo.

I don't know any hotels in Eagle Pass near the border. Actually I recommend staying at Best Western (Rio Autel) in Piedras, which is maybe 4-5 blocks from Bridge #1 (and also on the same street as BT, which is about 3-4 miles due west). I wouldn't recommend staying on the Eagle Pass side, because Bridge #1 closes early (11PM, I think, or maybe midnight) so you will have to cross Bridge #2 when are done in BT (which is very far away, and doesn't have a parking lot by the US side, so you will have to take a Taxi all the way from BT to your car or hotel on the US side - VERY expensive!).

A Toda Maquina
01-20-04, 08:59
Hey Pilgrims, Its just as safe as anywhere else late at night ( use caution and be observant ) . I have been there many times by myself in car , cab and never had any problem. I tend now to get out of BT before midnight. Once we arrived in Eagle Pass at around 3:00 am and walked from our hotel to Piedras Negras and didnt see anyone on the bridge as we walked across , but did find a cab on the Mexico side to take us to BT. Usually , there are plenty of cabs there in the zone. (we got one out of there around 6:30 am) Hey Huey , there are plenty of hotels etc. in Eagle Pass , From 5 star to flophouse.

Hope this helps .... Later , Chango

01-21-04, 05:06

good to see the recent posts on the pn scene.

i'm planning a double heading with some friends. friday night in nl, then drive up #2 to pn for saturday. we will be on motorcycles and plan to enjoy the lack of speed limits.

does anyone know of hotels in pn that would be safe enough to park motorcycles? some hotels have a 24 hour guard.

what would be the best scene for finding girls to bring back for the night ? bt or bars ?

i will certainly post the adventures upon our return.

thanks in advance


A Toda Maquina
01-22-04, 06:08
Hey Bubbles , The motel 57 is really nice or the la quinta(not the same La Quinta as in the states) rooms vary $ 30.00 - $ 40.00. As far as bringing a chica back from BT , the earlier you do it the more it would cost (salida)etc. , if you wait till around 3:00 am the chica might be ready to throw in the towel for the night ,that is if you like sloppy 25 ths or more(joking). Or you could pull from a disco or bar for a non-pro .There's also a bunch of friendly riders that hang around a place on the main drag Saturday nights (if you see a biker in town ask him where) they might be able to hook you up with some chicas . Note : chicas dig scooters.What kinda bikes ya"ll going to be riding?

later, Chango

Juarez Defender
01-23-04, 10:18

I am glad you like 57. That is pretty safe and last time I was there they had a guard at the gate. That might be a plus for the bikers. I'll be waiting for the post. You guys be safe in PN.


Juarez Defender
03-02-04, 02:25
Hello Gentlemen,

I took an early trip to PN last week. I went to BT in PN. First club I hit was the Cactus and the girls were ok, but on a scale of 1 to 10, the highest rated an 8. I got a table dance where anything goes for 10 bucks a song. Asked a girl the rates and she said 75 for 40 minutes and 15 for the room. I passed and went to Rancho 54. There are many girls at that place. Many 9s. I got several dances, they are 15 bucks a dance or 2 for 22 bucks. I saw a beautiful girl by the name of Cynthia, she is from Jalisco. Nice enhanced top and beautiful rear. This girl looks like a model. 90 bucks for 40 mins and 15 for the room. She also said that on her day off she can go out for 24 hours for 250. Nice time I had everything you can think of except Greek. I had a good time and looking forward to visit Nava on my next trip.


03-03-04, 05:03

I finally made it to PN to explore the sexcapades in this lovely border town. I have indulged myself in NL’s scene on past tours, but this was my first time in PN.

Thanks Chango and Juarez Defender for your help encouraging this visit and the info on Motel 57. The motel was 300 pesos. Hot water, clean sheet, relatively comfortable bed. Definitely worked for me, just don’t expect too much and you wont be disappointed. The Best Western looks like the nicest Motel in town. I think it runs $80.

Checked into the hotel at about 7:30. Showered up and headed out for dinner. I asked a local at an ATM machine where he recommended a good dinner and he pointed me to a place ?? It was across the street from a disco. Real nice place with English speaking waiters and English menus. Next time I will look for some place a little more local (just a little). Dinner with 2 beers and one tequila was 35 bucks. Not cheap, but was good.
After dinner I walked around the central downtown, looking for some bars that may be gringo friendly. I saw quite a few bars. What does “Lady Bar” mean ? I guess I was not adventurous enough, as I did not go into any of them. If I was with another person I probably would have checked them out.

Enough of that! Taxi to BT! $3 cab fare. As expected, the compound of debauchery was on the outskirts of town. Maybe 10 minute cab ride. The cabbie dropped me off and immediately to my right was? 54? or something like that. As I walked in, there is a 9 up onstage dirty dancing. I guess I got there just at the right time. I Sat down in a beaver seat close to the stage and ordered a corona. 29 pesos. $3 if paying in greenbacks. Lady drinks were $5. Just as I took my first sip, the lovely on stage, drops her laundry. The site of her nicely sculpted vaginal area was too much. The shape of her pelvic area was just soooo… She must have been 22 and just did it for me. Did I mention a great ass!! I had a ¼ tablet of Vitamin V. I realized that tonight I was going to be as lucky as my budget would allow, so dropped the bluey (I enjoy flirting with the girls when I have a table leg in my pants). She never took off her top though?? Mexican beauty was in high demand, so I ventured off to Cactus club ? The scene there was a bit more “hands on”. The girls were more aggressive (nice), and there were naked monkeys grinding on gringos laps. There were about 30 guys to 10 girls. 3 of were 7-8, the rest 5-6. One beer there and I walked around. Lots of local looking bars. I checked out the Africa club. The girls were very aggressive there. I did not get a good feeling, so pissed and left. Back across the street to ??54 ?? It was about 1:00 now and Mexican beauty was on stage again. Great timing. Once again, hard to get, so I set my sights on #2 girl. Don’t remember her name. She was from Durango. Tall slim, young innocent, sexy, great ass, B cubs (maybe A). She had a big nose and had a slight Indian look to her. #2 asked for $80 + $20 for room. WOW. Not what I was expecting. I offered $70, and we settled for $75. I still think that is too much, but this was my first time here. We went through a door next to the DJ booth. She asked me to wait, while she went to a room and came out with a rolling suite case. We then walked into a room where someone else lived. Nice room though. Better than any I’ve been in, in NL. No towel girl to tip. I can’t remember #2’s name, but she was real nice and friendly. I got naked and lay in bed, while she got herself ready. We stared laying side by side with her rubbing my stiffly, while I played with her sweat delicate pussy (OK, OK, I was eating it, but it was so nice). I was so hard, and did not mind that she slipped on the raincoat, before starting to suck on Mr. Happy. I was now ready for entry. She lay on her back, applied some KW and ahhhh. It was GFE all the way. Someone knocked on the door after about 40 minutes, but she did not seem to care. I was just having a hard time not cuming. Her pussy was so tight and felt so good.

BTW: I was in bar ??? 54 ?? starting at 11:00 for 2 hours, then left for an hour and was back again. Mexican beauty, and #2 never went into the back the whole time. After I was finished with #2, Mexican beauty was entering with her first gringo. Maybe they were asking too much $$ ?

Looks: 8
Body: 8
Sex: 9
Overall satisfaction: 8.5

To compare my first night in PN to NL. NL seems to have more girls and a better ratio. If you don’t mind sifting through the masses to find what you’re looking for, then NL is the place. I like to checkout new places, so enjoyed the PN adventure. Next stop Acuna.


Juarez Defender
03-09-04, 02:50
Hello Bubbles,

Did you see the girl with the enhanced top ? You can't miss her, she is the one with the tattoos near her right breast. This particular girl was at the Rancho 54.

Let me know.


03-09-04, 04:30
I made a trip down to Piedras over the weekend. I stopped by Nava BT (actually, my second time, but the first time I chickened out and left before the girls entered). I have to say, that is the most prescious little spot on earth. Elderly gentlemen slow-dancing the cumbia with weekend bar girls, local guys drinking it up, great relaxed atmosphere. I felt like I was an intruder, but everybody there made me feel welcome (first girl I talked to asked me in fluent English - "Are you lost?", but did a great job of calming me down and getting me into the groove). Excellent time. Although the police presence seemed quite high - I saw two different police pull over cars on my way in along the dirt road (going the opposite way), and another on my way out (again, the opposite way), along with the requisite police shakedown while inside the clubs.

I also stopped by Papagayo's mentioned here. Really nice little strip club (bathrooms are nicer than Danash!), with some really attractive girls, though some not so attractive. MX$50 cover, cheap drinks. AFAIK no sex though I still enjoy watching. Would make a good night-cap (or warm-up) to Nava BT - it's only about 15 minutes away. I was surprised that there were quite a few gringos in there when I went. Does anybody know any other good strip clubs (even w/o sex) in the Piedras/Nava area?

I also of course stopped in Piedras BT. Nothing has changed, but it's still an awesome spot.

One question I had (for Chango, or anyone else who could answer) was about two bars mentioned here, Bar 57, and Chago's. I went to Bar 57, I don't think there were any working girls. At Chago's there were some attractive women one night I was there (though not the other) - this was all Friday/Saturday around 10-11PM. Ok, I'm new to this, how do I pick up a working girl from a bar? How do I identify one, is there some magic word I can say to her, or to a mesero, to find one?

03-14-04, 02:54
Hey JD,

I do recall a young girl with a boob job. She had tattoos right under each breast. Looked weird to me. She was a favorite with the regulars.


03-14-04, 04:08
Can someone recommend a bar in the city center area to engage freelance girls.

I was in PN two weekends ago and walked around. The bars looked pretty local and I did not see any with other Americans.

Thanks in advance.


03-22-04, 19:04
I was told that there are zonas in Sabinas, Monclova, and Frontera. Has anybody ever been to any of these & are they any good? A girl I know from Piedras offered to take me to them, but I'm not sure if it's worth the drive from Piedras. What other zonas are in Coahuila besides these (+ Piedras & Nava). Does Allende have one?

Mic Jagger
03-23-04, 03:00
I've been to the zona in Sabinas about 1 yr ago. Its a couple of streets outside of town when you first get there the main bar is at the entrance. We were there around 10:30 pm and we told that the strippers don't start dancing till after 1:00am. Around the corner is a bunch of small bars that were packed with the locals mostly guys getting dances with the girls for a buck or something like that. If you're in the area its worth checking out but I would not make a special trip for it. GL. Mic Jagger.

04-13-04, 05:03

Sorry for the late post. I had another adventure in PN 3 weekends ago. This was my 3rd dirty weekend in Mexican boarder towns in 4 week. It was only my second visit to PN and I really like this place. I find it cleaner, safer, and friendlier than NL, and Acuna. PN does not have near the variety of girls in BT, but I certainly managed to find what I was looking for.

I traveled down from Houston with a friend. We arrived at the Best Western at about 8:00 PM. $45 bucks for a room. Nice hotel. Security seemed good. After we checked in, we headed for a baby goat feed. Great meal for 2 with 4 tequila’s and 2 beer for $40. Taxi to BT was $3. First stop was 54. We arrived at about 10:30. The place was pretty quiet. There were at least 4 girls over 8. We had a few beers, before I made my choice. IMHO, this was the hottest ass in the place. She wore the US flag bikini top. She was so hot looking. A serious 9, but she never showed her tits when stripping. This is never a good sign, but her ass, pussy and the rest of her looked so tasted when she was teasing me on stage.

After her dance, I bought her a lady drink for $5. She asked for $100 to fuck her. Two weekends ago, I got her friend for $75. I was able to get her down to $70 without too much effort.

We walked back to her room. Man these rooms at 54 are the best fuck rooms in Mexico. I did not waist any time and started taking off my cloths before the door even closed. When she took her top off, I could see why she did not take off her top on stage. Here tities were a bit spongy and saggy. This did not bother me a bit, as I love tits (big ones, small ones, long stringy hangy ones). I stared sucking on her nipples right away, like the baby goad I had for dinner earlier. By the time I got to the second nipple, I had a hard-on bigger than Florida. I’m not embarrassed to tell you that my next move, was face deep into her sexy (but weathered) pink clam. After enjoying her pussy for about 5 minutes, I rolled over and she gave me an amazing BBBJ. She sucked it so good, while I played with her wet snatch. I could not hold my load much longer, so rolled her over on her back in preparation for entry. She slid a johny on my tallywacker and I entered her. This was absolute GFE. We fucked for about 15 minutes in 3 positions until I could not hold my load any longer. I lay on my back, took off the condom and she sucked me to climax. She pulled away as I was coming, so I finished with my hand. I washed up, kissed her on the check and walked away with a huge smile of satisfaction.

We then headed over to Cactus, where my buddy found a tasty. Then we called it a night.

Hotel: $43
Dinner $20
Drinks: 4 X $4.00 + 1 lady drink + tips = $27.
Taxi: $5

Overall experience 9.


04-14-04, 01:10

Do you remember the Club 54 girl's name? There's this girl there, Jessica, who I think wears American Flag clothing, who I've wanted to go with for a while but she's always busy with another client. (I might be thinking of another girl though - I definitely remember the American Flag girl but forget exactly who it is).

I've been in PN each of the past several weekends but have mostly only been getting action in nearby towns, not in PN itself. If anybody's curious about the floods, the zona was completely untouched. The part affected (Rio Escondido / Villa de Fuentes colonia) is in the southern part of the city, right at the point on MX-57 where it divides into 2 one-way roads - right where Chago's bar is. As of Sunday, the southbound in that area was closed (since the bridge is damaged), and the police are redirecting traffic through the Bridge #2 road. That neighborhood looks really grim (much worse than you see on TV) and mostly all closed down, with the Army patrolling all the side streets there off of MX-57. Tons and tons of police in that area directing traffic and helping people get where they need to go.

Juarez Defender
04-16-04, 22:47

Have you been going to Nava. I have not been to PN since Feb of this year. I heard Chagos got flooded pretty bad. Too many tragedies happened in the Villa de Fuente area. A friend of mine is a firefighter in EP and he went to Villa. Nothing he has ever seen before. Is it true the water was over the bridge near El Seguro?

Well guys Chagos is one of the places to get local action with newbies and amateurs. The guys that asked about the bars near downtown here is my answer stay away from the Cantinas. Too many fights and criminals, not a very safe area.

Some of the hot scenes besides the zona are the Ladies bars in the four and five star hotels. Bubbles 70 is a good deal. My buddy told me 100 is the asking price and 80 a good price. I went for the asking price last time. I was thinking with the wrong head.

Be safe,


Juarez Defender
04-17-04, 05:53
Just an idea how about a gathering at BT in Piedras Negras one of this days. If you guys are interested post your interest on one of your next regular posts.

The zona in Sabinas is ok but like someone said before not worth it unless you are nearby. The best club is the one by the entrance next to the closed club La Zorra. I can't remember the name, but as soon as I do I will post. They have "variedad" same as 54 in PN. Nude dancers on stage.

Be safe,


04-18-04, 23:53
Yeah, I've been making a few trips to Nava. I also went to Monclova about a week ago (that place was awesome!). And Allende. Some places in Monclova are fine for gringos, but the others are much harder so I'm trying not to become a regular but they're Ok in moderation.

I was in PN yesterday and wanted to see what was outside the Zona so I had a taxista drive me around (really the main thing I wanted was to see if there are any casas de citas, massage parlors, or SC's in PN - there aren't, and where SW was). I didn't really get any new info but he showed me all the ladies bars on Zaragoza - he said that the best were Pullman, Nuevo Cairo, and La Margarita. He also showed me a few places on 57, one was Oasis bar, Bar 57, Chago's (most of these I knew about) I forget the others. Anyways I went in to a few of these places.

It seems like pretty much all of these bars (and this includes those in Nava and most of the other zonas) are pretty much the same. 90% of the girls are old/fat/ugly and are very crowded and any girl who is half-way decent is busy dancing with a sweaty drunk local the whole night. I've scored in the smaller zonas like Nava but never in the bars in PN. Quite honestly I don't understand the protocol in the bars. Is every girl approachable as a prostitute?

I also spent some time, though early, cruising 57 for SW, and came up empty. The problem is between about 11PM-2AM this road is a parking lot, and there is very often a police barricade. Are there better places/times for SW? I saw one very attractive one right downtown once, but never more.

Now for my sad story. Everyone knows that Africa Club in PN is bad news. There is that gorgeous blonde who works there - who I have in fact fantasized over while having sex with other prostitutes. Over the past 6 months I've sat & talked to her (but never went to the room) several times, a few times at Africa, as well as in G-Spot where she worked while it was open. Then the previous time I was in PN (a couple of weeks ago) I was surprised to see she was working at Cactus, and I talked to her there. She said Africa was closing down because they couldn't pay the electricity so she moved to Cactus.

So yesterday I went to Cactus to find her (since I wanted to go to the room with her), they said she went back to Africa. I went to Africa for her, of course I was the only customer. She even danced on the stage, you would never know it but the place has a DJ and fully functioning dance stage which is actually pretty nice. Since there is never any customer there I don't understand how the owner can pay her (and the other 2-3 girls who supposedly work there) MX$300 daily, as well as the DJ, mesero, water, electricity. Whenever I talk to the girl she says she hasn't gone to the room in almost forever, which seems in line with the complete lack of customers.

Anyways she was looking particularly fine (school girl clothes and trendy tennis shoes instead of porn star shoes - how cute) and was very affectionate as always, so I definitely wanted to go to the room with her. She said something about how the $12 room fee was for 15 minutes but nobody would knock on the door, and it didn't matter. I was looking forward to 45-60 minutes of GFE. It was still very very early and I left and walked around and came back and we went straight to the room.

We got to the room. First problem, she won't turn the lights off. She said it is her policy that all the lights have to be on. Ok, I'm not happy about that, but fine. Then she drops the bombshell. I've only paid for 15 minutes, that's all I'm getting. I don't understand the logic here, it's not like there's a long line of customers waiting for her or for the room, so why completely [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off a customer you've known for 6 months over nothing. I don't know if she wanted more money or what. I walked out of her room before we did anything at all.

I have no idea if she's always a fraud like this. She's so fine, she could work any where, even Danash, but maybe now I understand why she's at Africa instead making no money. I wish I had gone to the room with her while she was at a reputable place so I could have somebody to complain to instead of the Africa owner who will do nothing to his little prize.

Thanks to this, I've come to the conclusion that the PN Zona really sucks. Almost every girl at Club 54 has been there 2 years or more, and there is almost no turnover. Also most of the girls are rude and the service is bad. That leaves only Cactus, which is actually one of my favorites any where, and as good as any place in Laredo (besides Danash). There's nothing bad I can say about it, but one club can't anchor the whole Zona. That said, I plan to not return to the PN Zona. I will still go back to Monclova, Nava, and try to explore other places, as well as continue to try other places in PN outside the Zona.

04-19-04, 20:17
Better late than never to post I guess. I hit town saturday before the flood hit. Got to the zone a little before 10 and was just about the only gringo there. Had a beer at Cactus and saw couple nice dancers, but told my waiter I would like to look around and come back later, which is just what I did. Looked into 54, Afrika, Country Club, Montgerey, and Laredo. I ended up back at Cactus for a great time with the Blond chica with nice boobs. This was my first visit, and was imprerssed with the quality, but not the rooms. Small, dirty, cats everywhere. After a nice 30 min session ($70 total) I had just re entered the bar when the local gestapo came in, well armed, the lights came up and the place went quiet. I just kept walking out and was not harassed. Outside, I was told they were looking for drugs. Wasted no time heading for the taxi stand . I hope to return sometime as soon as I can arrange another trip. Thanks to all the posters who made this possible. Nemo

04-20-04, 00:59
The army guys in Piedras are nothing to fear. They never give gringos a second look or any trouble at all - no reason to leave when they come in. I think they usually do their inspections on Tuesdays and Fridays. I remember one time when they came into Cactus, for some reason one guy was not in uniform (was wearing an old White Sox jersey or something) but had his gun and was shaking down some local, who had his hands up and everything. It looked like a robbery straight off of TV. Also some times they come in to watch. When I went to Club 54 on Saturday they had their ATV parked outside and I thought they were doing their search but when I entered they were just standing watching the girls (in full uniform with guns of course).

I also pass through the Army checkpoints on MX-2 between Laredo and Piedras. They almost always search me, but never give me any trouble except laughing at my Spanish.

04-22-04, 04:14

Yes, Jessica was her name. I recommend her. BBBJ. Tits a bit spongy, but OK with me.
I also recommend the tall girl with the big nose.

She does seem hard to get though. I have not seen her go back with a lot of guys though. But lots of talking, groping and drinks.

I'm sure you can just ask one of the waiters to get her to come over to buy her a drink.


04-22-04, 22:11
Hey guys,

I've been lurking for a while but haven't made it to La Zona in a long time. I'm planning a trip to PN before long but am curious about Nava. Can someone tell me how to get there and am I safe by myself? I'll be leaving from Austin

04-23-04, 03:45
You can get to Nava as follows: from Piedras Negras take MX-57 approximately 30 miles South. There will be an exit for Nava.

You take the exit and drive straight. After 2-3 miles the road will curve left and you will get into town (keep going straight). This road is called "Allende". Keep going straight about 1 mile and you will see a sign for MX-57 on the left and a sign for a Hotel on the Right. Take a Left on this road for 1 block, and there will be a Pemex station. Then turn right (this is the main road in Nava) and go 1 block (there will be a building with a "Cemento Monterrey" sign), and turn left. Now you will be on an unpaved road called "Padre de las Casas" (easy to remember since it's the same street name that PN Boystown is on). Drive straight about 1 mile through a residential area and then suddenly there are no more houses (you will notice it), and to the right there is a long bumpy dirt road. Go straight on this road about 2 miles and you will be in Boystown.

WARNING: Don't drive in Nava in the rain (if you can help it, don't even go in the rain). I was in Nava just before the floods (during light rain) and my car got stuck in a muddy unpaved road in a residential neighborhood near Boystown late at night, and it took 4 strong Mexican men to push me out.

You can also take a taxi in (just park your car downtown) which will cost $5. But getting back can be somewhat difficult as there is not a taxi stand so availability is not guaranteed and you might have to wait a while, especially if it is early. Best option may be to pay a taxista to let you follow him in your car to Boystown so you learn the route.

It is perfectly safe to go alone, but not necessarily comfortable.

BTW, there are 3 bars there, called Salon Las Carinosas, Salon Las Playas, and Salon Carta Blanca. They are all pretty much the same; they all play cumbia and the guys pay the girls $1 to dance with her for one song. The price for sex is $40; it's not clear to me if all the girls will have sex or not, but supposedly they all will. In my opinion 80% or more of the girls are dogs but some of the rest are extremely attractive. Also there is a very high turnover rate; the girls are for the most part not professionals but many (most?) have regular jobs and just come for the weekend.

Juarez Defender
04-24-04, 03:49

You have to try the rooms at the 54. They are nice, very nice. The ones at the Cactus are typical of most of the BTs I have been to. The ones at 54 are nice because most of the girls live there while they work at 54.


05-12-04, 19:27
Thanks for the detailed info and directions Blourghus. I am definitely going to head to Nava next time I'm in PN. Hell, part-time ho's are usually better than the "pro's" anyway!

05-13-04, 14:07
BTW, there is another small zona close by and in the border region, about 10 minutes south of Nava, in Allende.

To get it you drive further south on MX-57 and immediately before the Aduana there is the main road for Allende. You take this road for 4-5 miles all the way past town. Right where you see the sign for Villa Union, on the left there is a long, unmarked, bumpy, dark dirt road which you take straight about 2 miles and will lead you to the zona.

This past weekend I found an unbelievably gorgeous girl there but for whatever reason she couldn't go to the room.

BTW, there's one thing I've never understood about these small zona's. 80% of the license plates are Texas. Then maybe 10% are Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, etc., with only about 10% being Coahuila. I never understood that, and who's actually going to these places, as the majority of customers look hardcore local.

Juarez Defender
06-18-04, 04:57

I might make it to PN sometime during the month of July. I am looking forward to the Nava scene. Have fun in the 57 area (PN, Nava, Sabinas, etc).


06-26-04, 22:07
Will be in town weekend of 9-12 July Anybody want to cross the border & run the ho's? Would like to split a taxi and or rental car.

I'm thinking:

Fri nite: Nuevo Laredo, arrive about 9:30 pm.

Sat nite: Piedras or Acuna.

Sun: Back to Nuevo Laredo.

Early morning departure Non. morning.

Let me know if you want to meet up for part / all of the trip. There is safety in numbers. I might drive up the Mexican side if I don't have to go it alone. I speak spanish pretty good and have traveled some too. Your advice / comments / suggestions.


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06-28-04, 00:04

While it is true that there is safety in numbers, a huge group is a dead giveaways that you are tourists and thus may become a target. I think it is best to try to blend in with the locals and perhaps get a local guide or friend to show you around the place.

Juarez Defender
06-29-04, 04:56

Thanks for the invitation. I also agree with safety in numbers but no more than four unless its a gathering. I will be in PN the following weekend and a weekend after that, too.

Be safe,


06-29-04, 22:16
Just looking for one or two to watch each other's backs, and split costs; safety in numbers meaning not alone :)

Juarez Defender
06-30-04, 23:36

I agree with your thinking. Maybe next time we can hook up. If it is your first time in this area I would go to Ciudad Acuna because you will probably have a better time there. PN is a hit and miss town.

Be safe,


07-12-04, 04:11
Anyone heading down to PN area this weekend (7/16-7/18)? I've never been to the PN area, just to NL and Acun. Thought it'd be nice to visit the area w/ somone who knows their way around. In exchange, I'll buy a few you a beers and pay for the cab rides?

95 Vette
08-20-04, 02:30
I guess no one has been going down to PN lately. I hadn't been there in a very long while, about 3 years or so, and when I went recently, about 3 weeks ago, the place was jumping!!!
Still outrageous prices for drinks, beers, pussy, etc., but overall not too bad.

The Afrika is open and had 3 girls in there, not bad looking ones, and one pretty aggressive broad was in there, I'd say she was a 7 or so, asked for some $$ and I was like nah too much, so she says she'd give me some suction and a nice jerk in this little area behind the stage, sort of a booth type thing back there, for $35.

I didn't go into the 54, seemed way too packed, and i know the drinks would be very pricey. Alot of the bars that used to be closed, now are open, you know those little shitty ones that looked abandoned a while back are open and seems doing good too.

I walked all over the place, I had never seen so many people in that place since the last time I had gone. Some very very VERY fine ass women in the local bars, I don't see why you guys are scared to go into them, I go into them with no problems, well I'm not a "guero" so that might help some, but i see alot of them in there, so it's no big deal. The one place to avoid, well of course is the gay bar or 2 that are out there, but I must say, there are some real WOMEN in there, not the TS that are in there, so try your luck, all you have to do is ASK !

08-20-04, 03:48
95 Vette,

Glad to hear PN is still going; I haven't been there in a long time, maybe about 4 months, kind of been missing it and thinking about going down again. Anyways, did you find any good looking girls in any place besides 54 & Cactus (and Africa)? Is G-Spot (next door to Cactus) still closed down? BTW, did you see a girl in Cactus named Linda (name may be different) with braces?

95 Vette
08-26-04, 02:17

Yea, I did see MANY fine ass women, maybe not so good looking in the face, but very fine from the back(as in very nice, big asses) with nice bodies.

I saw them in all the bars pretty much, even in the hardcore local ones too. About the G-Spot, I think it was open, can't really remember, but it seemed ALL the bars were opened up. One damn hard thing to get there though, is PARKING!

About Linda, not too sure as I was getting kicked out(sort of) for not buying a $4 beer as I had no place to sit, so I was only in there for about 10 minutes. Now that I think about it, I should have taken that one girls offer at Africa for some suction in that one little private area, since no one was in there, just me and some drunk guy, I don't think she would have only sucked me for 20 mins. and told me to hurry up or finish myself, seemed ok for $35.

08-26-04, 02:46
Thanks, 95 Vette, you have me really tempted to take a trip down there soon. I'm feeling less welcome in Nvo. Laredo lately, but new talent is still constantly showing up, and a weekend is not a weekend without at least one night in Nvo. Laredo, so I'll continue to go. I'll probably do Piedras on a Friday night and head over to Nvo. Laredo the next day, since I hate to "waste" a Saturday afternoon/evening plus Sunday morning/afternoon on Piedras since there is absolutely nothing there until 11PM. Trying to learn Monterrey also but Piedras does not fit well as it is very far. Argh!! Too many cities, all too far apart, & too short of a weekend.

Sneak Perv
10-07-04, 07:08
I was down around the New Year and I met a bartender at a little bar across from 54. Thick girl with big full breasts and chunky butt, said she was 19, recently divorced, and had a kid. Her name is Carolina, if memory serves, and I was hoping that someone might let me know if she plays for pay. I played while there, but you know how it is when you want and don't know if you can have. I was with my boys at the time and didn't feel like getting shot down in Boys Town in front of them. : ) I hope to be back in the area sometime after this coming New Year (maybe March or April) and I would definitely try that on for size if available.

Thanks for any answers.

Sneak Perv
10-07-04, 07:22
Another question from someone who really enjoyed the area and is wanting to go back. Is there any kind of hotel/motel in Nava? I read some of the reviews and was really thinking of heading out there on my last trip, but a taxi from PN seemed like it might be expensive, and I didn't want to drive back from there to my hotel after drinking. I just need to have a bed, a pillow, and some a/c(spoiled American LOL). Oh yeah, and fairly safe parking because I really don't want my truck to become a Federale vehicle! I am mex-am, and speak / read / write the Spanish language fluently, but I still fear the police there from my time living in the Valley and dealing with the cops in Reynosa, Matamoros, and even Nuevo Progreso. Well, thanks for any answers and keep up the great reports, as they keep me looking forward to some fun.

Texas Man
10-15-04, 18:17

BTW, there's one thing I've never understood about these small zona's. 80% of the license plates are Texas. Then maybe 10% are Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, etc., with only about 10% being Coahuila. I never understood that, and who's actually going to these places, as the majority
of customers look hardcore local.

That is because the locals go to the north and work and buy a car. Some times on credit and then come home and bring the car. ( and if they bought it on credit never finish paying for it.) If they don't take the car past the aduana then they don't have to worry about tags. At least that is the way it was when I was there several years ago.

And a lot of guys will have papers for the U.S. (permanent resident types) and work in places like San Antonio and then come home (to Mexico) on the weekend. That will explain a lot of Texas tags.

TX Horn
02-26-05, 23:55
Are there any updates on PN. I plan on making my first trip there on 3/4-3/5. I'll do BT thing, but I'm wondering about the doorgirl action. Also is there any freelancing going on in areas other than BT? If anyone is interested in going next weekend PM me.


95 Vette
03-06-05, 01:13
Are there any updates on PN. I plan on making my first trip there on 3/4-3/5. I'll do BT thing, but I'm wondering about the doorgirl action. Also is there any freelancing going on in areas other than BT? If anyone is interested in going next weekend PM me.


Don'w know about anything else besides BT. Might see you there, if the weather isn't so bad. Hopefully others will want to go. Shoot some PM's.

Old Rebel II
06-10-05, 00:40
Have not been there in a couple of years. It is a small "Zona Rosa". Dirter and smaller than most. I went about 4 times over an extended period, never saw a girl I wanted. The club with shows on the right is owned by the same rip off artist that owns Hunters in Ciadad Acuna. It appears to have mostly Mex customers with a few from North of the Border.

Acuna will have better girls but prices are higher. Believe it or not, last time I was there the Hunter wanted $25 for a room. I walked out and left the girl standing at the counter. I felt kind of bad about that as she did not set the room rate. With most girls that will run the total price to $100, plus or minus, depending on the girl and your neotiation skills.

I usually go to NL when in the area but getting nervous with all the dealers/suppliers/trafficers there.

Have fun.

Old Rebel

Old Rebel II
06-10-05, 00:54
Have not been there in a couple of years. It is a small "Zona Rosa". Dirter and smaller than most. I went about 4 times over an extended period, never saw a girl I wanted. The club with shows on the right is owned by the same rip off artist that owns Hunters in Ciadad Acuna. It appears to have mostly Mex customers with a few from North of the Border.

Acuna will have better girls but prices are higher. Believe it or not, last time I was there the Hunter wanted $25 for a room. I walked out and left the girl standing at the counter. I felt kind of bad about that as she did not set the room rate. With most girls that will run the total price to $100, plus or minus, depending on the girl and your neotiation skills.

I usually go to NL when in the area but getting nervous with all the dealers/suppliers/trafficers there.

Have fun.

Old Rebel

TX Horn
09-13-05, 21:18
I have another trip planned to PN on 9/23-24. Boy do I love the hunting season! If anyone plans to be in the area, PM me and we'll meet somewhere in the region. I plan on doing both PN and NL, but I don't have any real itinerary. Either place on either night is fine with me.


09-19-05, 07:19
It seems the posts for PN has slowed down. Thank you for the previous ones since they are a great help to those who have never been. I am planning a trip shortly to PN and will post how it went. For some-one who has never been key questions are most importatly Safety, how much does it cost, and how to get there. Allready I can see there are two different cab fares one from eagles pass to BT and one from PN to BT one is about 10 and the other is 3 to 5 dollars. Dances seem to be at 10 and anything goes which sounds pretty good I am sure a BJ or HJ will cost a bit more for a total of about 30 to 35 dollars also sounds good. The clubs and the rates for the rooms and the ladys seem to vary the most but I think a PoA for a total of 60 from a girl that is a 6 to 8 is pretty worth the drive. It sounds as if the Cactus club is the best I will be sure to check it out. I also gathered that as a Gringo you will surely stick out but have not heard of any horror stories but seen both advice from going alone is o. k. but also not to go alone. It also seems that the action does not start till around 10 or 11 pm and is better to go during the weekend. Well I planning on going during the weekend with a buddy after that I may venture alone. Anyway thanks for your Posts.

10-05-05, 00:45
I live in SA and I thought PN was much closer but acually it is only about 10 miles further to NL which is straight down 35 which seems much easier and sounds like there are alot more girls and cheaper. But I have not been to NL either but plan to go soon and will be sure to post updates.

11-15-05, 04:42
Come on guys. Its hunting season and I know there have got to be a lot of people crossing over to visit PN in the evenings for the bigger kill! I'm curious to see if PN is flourishing due to NL problems. Anyone have any updates? Was in NL 2 saturdays previous and the quality at Papaguyos was somewhat lacking. But the normal quantity of women was the same. Didn't go to any other clubs. Some of the independents seem to be missing, but quality seemed to be the same. FYI-did not see any problems when I was there. Police presence in the compound was very evident, more than I'd ever seen before. Local told me to just stay away from the police and troops as much as possible to avoid getting in the crossfire. Enough of that. How about some current reports on PN and directions from the border!

Super Gato
11-22-05, 05:46
This was my first time at the PN boystown. I went to PN a few weekends ago [whenever NachoFest 2004 was]. For one thing the boystown it was dead until about 11pm. No chicas. No hombres. Nada. When the chicas did show up they tended to be gorditas or not so easy on the eyes.

There was a guy working at 54 that grew up in Houston and spoke perfect English. He showed me around the place and said he wanted the customers to be comfortable and pointed out prices for drinks and girl drinks.

Most of the girls were a little thicker than I'd like. About 1AM found a girl at Cactus that was sort of hot and she took me back for privado. The odd part was the privado areas were full, so she took me to an area behind the stage. I was just waiting for the girl on stage to come through the door while I was enjoying the dance. The price the girl quoted to go back to her room was a little steep [$120US]. I said it sounded sort of caro and she didn't budge on the price.

I went back to 54 and saw a girl that was quite hot told her to visit me at my table while tipping her while she danced. Five minutes were were in her room. Very good indeed.

The other bars in the compound were either closed or empty playing loud music with no customers or girls.

I didn't realize the bridge I took over to PN from Eagle Pass closed at 10PM so the cab driver let me off at other bridge which I walked across at about three in the morning. I got the third degree from the customs guy as I appeared to be the only walk-in that night. I then had to walk through Eagle Pass over to my car parked conveniently next to the other bridge. I wish I knew this when I left boystown or I would have found a taxista that could go across the bridge.

01-11-06, 05:03
I was in Piedras Negras BT last Thursday. It was pretty slow. However, I took my little Garmin Geko 201 GPS receive and made note of the coordinates. They may come in handy if you're not sure how to get there. They are:

N 28 43.977
W 100 31.202

Hope it helps!

I also have the coordinates for Boystowns in Laredo and Acuna. Check out those forums if interested!

Colonel Marvel
02-13-06, 21:54
I live in San Antonio and plan a DAY trip to either PN or Acuna next week.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

02-18-06, 01:46
Well, I've never been to Piedras during the day, but Boys Town Acuna is dead before night-time. At least last time I went.

Old Rebel II
04-29-06, 04:47
Be3n about 2 or 3 years since I was down. Found it DEAD on a Friday or Saturday night until around 9PM. Not much going by 10: 00 to 10: 30. I gave up and took the "back road" to Acuna. That is an "interesting" two lane Mexican Hwy that runs parrralel to the Rio Grande. Actually a quick way to get to Acuna boys town. Road not too bad, just lonesome on a Mexican road at night. I think there was one little village that I went through.

95 Vette
05-20-06, 21:05
Be3n about 2 or 3 years since I was down. Found it DEAD on a Friday or Saturday night until around 9PM. Not much going by 10: 00 to 10: 30. I gave up and took the "back road" to Acuna. That is an "interesting" two lane Mexican Hwy that runs parrralel to the Rio Grande. Actually a quick way to get to Acuna boys town. Road not too bad, just lonesome on a Mexican road at night. I think there was one little village that I went through.Have they worked on that highway to Acuna? Damn, I was on that road in January and it was horrible as hell. Its very dangerous, and shitty(at least when I was on it).

The little "villages" that you passed was a town called San Carlos. Very small town, but when I was there, a TON of hotties. Don't know if any of them are pros though.

09-19-06, 19:14
I've been to PN once, about a year ago. It was on a Friday night. about 11p.m and it was dead. I ran into one girl. She had me buy her one drink.

Wanted $70, I laughed, got in my car and drove to Nuevo laredo, 2 hrs. away and had a blast. Maybe I was just there on a bad night, I don't know. It didn't have anything for me. I may try it again in a couple of years.

95 Vette
08-05-07, 15:17
More than a year, and nothing on PN.

Caution 711
10-30-07, 23:06

I'm from Piedras and can show you around any time you want. Just call me when you come to [Personal contact information deleted by Admin]. I'm male 26 years old. Well since we can not give no more info. [Personal contact information deleted by Admin]. You can find me there.

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Caution 711
10-31-07, 20:02
If you want to go down town Piedras or to BT either here or in Acuña just let me know (I'll show you areound I also know some perty chicks) Mamasitas.

Caution 711
11-09-07, 22:40
Hey I'm a good translator I know english perty well. And spanish is my native language. So if you need a translator just let me know. I live in Piedras Negras.

11-13-07, 12:59
I am thinking about being in the area around Dec 8-11. It seems that area might be kinda dead without someone knowledgable. I am into pregnant women and was wondering if you might know one or two. I am not sure how we could get into contact, but we probably could find a way.

10-25-08, 03:10
I apologize for not remembering the exact date.

This was to be a "get the hell out of town mission" which went very well considering I brought my keychain pocket knife into the country. Jesus-H! That was a bone head mistake!!!

I stayed at the Autel Rio. Their internet access sucks. This turned out to be a good thing because I had to go poolside in order to make that connection. While I was there, there was a family whose son and daughter were getting married. The hotel brought our their weekend free drink cart, and then the Marriachis showed up. They were good musicians but their guitars were in deplorable shape. I wished that I had brought mine. The father of the bride told me about the Ladies Clubs and how all that worked. I drank with them for a while and then decided to go to BT.

I arrived in BT, with my pocket knife (dumb assed mistake but was not found). I went into the main club and was treated well. A very very hot 22 year old Latina sat with me and I bought her dancer drinks. She danced for me and I did not know if I was allowed to touch her or not. She wanted to take me to her room but I was not really in the mood, tired from shopping, and basically too drunk to jerk off, as George Carlin would say. She was royally pissed off! I left and ventured down to another bar down on the left and had one beer. I then went into no man’s land…..

Holy Jesus-H! I entered a deserted bar that had one man and two women. One of these older skanks was rubbing on me but I just wanted quiet and some beers. I almost got into it with the guy because I would only buy the ladies beers. I quickly decided to buy the man a brew. WTF. Cheap insurance. So I left and went home without getting laid.

I do plan to go back.

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11-02-08, 20:44
I have a chance after severals years to get to BT. Is it worth the trip on a Monday night? If I make it, I will post a report from my stay.

12-03-08, 02:48
I tried to respond but as you can see, that would not work. Best of luck brother.

I have a chance after severals years to get to BT. Is it worth the trip on a Monday night? If I make it, I will post a report from my stay.

12-26-08, 05:55
It has been about 3 yr since I have made it to Negras. Would love to here reports maybe some pic about the action there. The last time I was there every thing about BT there was better and cheaper than Acuna.


They also had a good taco stand.

Just would like to know if it is still that way.

Hope to go soon not getting much at home.

01-07-09, 23:36
Have not see any new post in along time is any one going to BT any more?

01-08-09, 14:23
Just wanted to know if any one has been to Acuna across from Del Rio lately? What about the DRUG WAR there

Would like to go to BT there next week.

Param Ahmad
04-19-10, 07:02
I walked across the bridge from Eagle Pass to Piedras Negras a few days ago. After exploring downtown Piedras Negras I took a taxi to Boy's Town. Approximately 9 in 10 bars or clubs in Boy's Town appear to be permanently closed. Only three or four were open, and all but one of those had no customers, and the other had only one customer. I saw a total of about six women in all of Boy's Town, none of whom I considered good looking. Half of them were sitting at a taco stand or whatever it is. I asked them why almost all the clubs and bars were closed. One of them replied "no business". I asked why there's no business, and she said the news reports of violence. I was there fairly early, at 9 p.m., so maybe there are more customers and girls later, but I wouldn't count on it.

The good news is everybody I talked with in Piedras Negras thinks the town is a safe place to be, and everywhere I went appeared to be normal and safe. My only concern was as I walked through the ghost town Boy's Town has become, and a pack of about five dogs barked at me, apparently because I scared them, disturbing their sleep, as I walked by. Fortunately, they didn't attack me as I slowly backed away.

I paid 50 cents (U.S.) to walk over the bridge from Eagle Pass to Piedras Negras and 25 cents (U.S.) to walk back. U.S. dollars are widely accepted as money in Piedras Negras. Taxi fare to Boy's town from the Mexican side of the bridge was $6 US dollars (after I refused the taxi driver's initial offer of $10). There was only one taxi in Boy's Town, so I paid his initial price of $10 US dollars to take me back to the Mexican side of the bridge. Boy's Town is too far to walk.

Other than asking for my 50 cents to walk across the bridge, nobody said anything to me as I left the U.S. side for Mexico. On my way back, a uniformed U.S. Border Patrol or Immigration or Customs official who checked my passport told me a passport is now required to walk from Mexico into the U.S., so getting back into the U.S. might be a hassle if you walk into Mexico without your passport or lose it while you're there.

07-21-10, 19:00
Just wanted to know if any one has been to Acuna across from Del Rio lately? What about the DRUG WAR there

Would like to go to BT there next week.Check out the post in the "Other Area" Section

10-15-10, 03:12

I stopped visiting border town Mexico after my last trip to Matamoros. Does anyone still frequent any of these towns anymore? If you do, then you are certainly braver than I.

I am choosing Colombia for my future adventures. The weather appears to be much better and they appear to have things under control.

Given the above, can anyone recommend a safe Mexican town or city these days?


Black Sheep
10-18-10, 14:25
Have lived in Oaxaca for the last 8 yrs and I would say that it qualifies as safe. One has to accept that the girls will be, in the majority, short, dark and plump, but if you are not seeking fashion models, Oaxaca might fit the bill.

95 Vette
10-26-10, 00:47
Pn safe?!!

Maybe its a joke? Last I heard there was alot of "levantones" in PN not too long ago. I've heard from pretty reliable sources, but not too reliable with the info, as to specifics. Have heard it was CDG v. Z, and even Z v. Z. Don't really know.

I for one wouldn't go to PN anytime soon. Acuna is still a pretty safe option.

95 Vette
03-27-11, 19:57
For those wondering about PN and surrounding areas.


06-19-11, 15:09
Okay, below is a map, and photos of Piedras Negras boystown. Looks like it's off a road called Padre de Las Casas. It sounds like business has been a little slow, lately. I don't know what the current status is, in terms of business. I don't know how many available chicas there are. Sounds like most of the action, what little there is, is available only very late at night.


06-19-11, 19:36
Okay, below is a map, and photos of Piedras Negras boystown.Looks like it's a little over 2 miles from the bridge.

95 Vette
03-08-12, 00:11
Recent huge shootouts between narcos and the army / marines / gafes / gates.

One as recently as last night.

Looks like all the shit is coming up the border now.

God damn it!

04-24-12, 01:29
Does P. N. Still have a pulse in B. T.

El Patron24
09-21-12, 23:49
eagle pass cops get partial list of piedras negras escapees:

http://www.dallasnews.com/news/nationworld/mexico/20120918-mexico-132-inmates-escape-from-prison-across-border-from-eagle-pass.eceyou can see them all here.


02-15-13, 04:16
I've heard that the Sinaloenses (and their government allies) have won.

I drove through Piedras Negras in December. And go caught in the front of a car chase just outside town. Spikes everywhere on the road, and the cartel member got away. Looked like local police were doing the chasing then.

I traveled back through town going to the border about a month later, and the Marines had a lid on everything. Things were so locked down that folks in Texas were saying that the government was going to pull the Marines back out, that they weren't necessary.

Look out for shootouts, car chases, etc, as you always should at the border, but I don't think crime is up these days.

Kumsuraj 06
02-22-14, 14:22
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01-21-15, 23:37
Five gunmen were killed and a passerby was wounded in a shootout with police in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, state prosecutors said Tuesday. The shootout occurred Monday afternoon in the city of Piedras Negras after police received calls from residents reporting that several armed men were sitting in vehicles in the Luis Donaldo Colosio district, the Coahuila Attorney General's Office said.

95 Vette
01-22-15, 22:45
Five gunmen were killed and a passerby was wounded in a shootout with police in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, state prosecutors said Tuesday. The shootout occurred Monday afternoon in the city of Piedras Negras after police received calls from residents reporting that several armed men were sitting in vehicles in the Luis Donaldo Colosio district, the Coahuila Attorney General's Office said.True story. Its getting worse and worse and worse.

05-11-16, 07:37
Hi 95 Vette, Bbond asked me to contact you? I sent you 2 PMs but you have not answered. Can you? Thanks.

Steven Smith32
06-12-17, 04:50
With all the laws about the bars changing in Nuevo Laredo is Piedras Negras worth a trip? Looking for escorts to spend the night.


06-21-17, 17:54
I'd be interested in 95 Vette's observations on Steven Smith32's inquiry. The same thing has crossed my mind as I read the NL postings.

95 Vette
06-26-17, 02:05
I'd be interested in 95 Vette's observations on Steven Smith32's inquiry. The same thing has crossed my mind as I read the NL postings.Sorry guys haven't been on these boards in a long while but I think I did reply to the pm's.

I haven't been to PN in over 15+ years so I can't even begin to even make anything up about the place.

Way back in the day the BT was great out there but once the wars started happening I just stayed the hell out of PN because it had got bad there for a while, you can google things that happened in nava and Allende as well as PN.

I wouldn't go since I live across from Acuna.

07-26-17, 03:29
Hit up Centro as there are ladies working from about 8:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. Some decent talent out and around those bars.

09-19-17, 02:52
Had been working a lot, and hadn't been laid since July. Been making side money on weekends with Uber / Lyft. Wanted to shack up but also thought about something different besides Reynosa and NL.

Read up on Piedras Negras, with limited info found that there might be SWs in the few blocks south of the bridge around Hotel Santa Rosa and that 500 might get you some extra services like CIM or whatever. Made some Labor Day / Gameday jobs so figured Monday being a holiday the Mex side would stay out late Sunday night. Made it a chore to be in PN by 6 or 7 pm.

Doddled. Doddled some more. Left late. Got there at 10 pm. The entire town was in bed asleep. Gave up, checked into Hotel Santa Rosa for the night. 200 pesos, rooms have no A / see. Door locks fidgety. Forgot to give me towel (s) so next morning snuck into main storage and swiped 2.

Monday, Labor Day, about 12 pm drove around and walked around in search of something, anything. At this point was half contemplating driving to either NL or Acuna. Made one more walk toward the main bridge plaza. Ran into a dentist / pharmacy guide who pushy asked me what I was needing. The line item GIRLS was mentioned. I asked.

Guide dude showed me some pics of Mex girls on his phone, said it's 1:30 pm, they normally don't materialize until 6 pm but if I want he can have them here in 30 minutes they would have to be shuttled in from their homes in the burbs way south of the Centro. Asked him if they do trio and if at least one of them would do CIM. He said yes, but it might cost extra.

At this point, while waiting I probably should have done a quick drive by of the Boystown that was dormant last night, maybe there was daytime talent that I missed while waiting. Sorry about that.

45 minutes later still no girl (s) badgered for an update. Said they're coming hold on 15 more minutes. 25 minutes later, find him he says bad news one of two girls backed out. But the one is coming might be one more hour.

Checked back in 1 hour. It is now 4 pm. This has been stringing since 1:30 pm. He says "she'll be here at 6 pm. " I looked at him square in the eyes and said "I could have been in Nuevo Laredo by now. " I turned around and walked away. Hopped in car, drove south of town, linked up on Hwy 2 southeast to Nuevo Laredo. Long straight FM road with maybe one quarry to see and that about sums it up.

To be continued on NL page.

01-05-18, 02:11
Back story: I have a kinda sorta lady friend in Nuevo Laredo I come down to the border once in a while, take her in for the night and am taken care of by sunrise. We're kind of on open terms. My predicament is with Boystown dried up, when I've done my thing with her, I've pretty much run out of things to do in Nuevo Laredo. And I didn't want to say anything to her but, within last few years she's been kinda stale, I know she's trying but it just hasn't been doing it for me. She's a nice lady otherwise. Hence why I've been scouring the interwebs for other sources of fun times while in NL. If anything, a weekend of NL on Friday and Reynosa on Saturday has been the routine for me.

So she's all out texting me as of late "When you cuando Mexico?" so I guess my fate for Friday is sealed.

As for Saturday night, I'm on the fence of giving PN a second (third) chance. What's really fueling that is.

-supposed bad stuff outbreak in Reynosa not too recently.

-those NL civilians that moonlight on Twitter and FB are NOT returning my attempts to contact. I just flat out don't get it. Even one tweet I replied feebily to no avail, if you look you might see me failing to get a reply.

As far as making adjustments to my approach, my friends counseled me on what did me in last time, which was my on-demand attitude. There are ladie's bars and there are SWs. What goes into play is most of the talent / prospects available work / house sit / go to school during the day, but ALSO, some border towns that are not Laredo or Reynosa, like Piedras and Progreso actually enforce a curfew so by late night, all businesses are closed, everyone's home asleep and you shouldn't have a reason to be driving around late at night. So realistically your monger window is limited to a few blocks of the zona centro slightly south of the PN / EP bridge, with a time window of 6 pm-9 pm Mon-Sat esp Fri and Sat. The good ones go fast so be there by 6 pm.

Those are the rules to play by, not the anytime I'm used to. Not sure if it's worth jumping thru all those hoops crossing my ts dotting my is but, I guess I can take one for the team once in a while.

02-19-18, 07:35
There was NOTHING.

Did exactly what other users on this forum and the ECCIE site said and still found NOTHING.

Pretty much my only real hope for sampler plate P4 P sex is Reynosa, Tijuana, and Athens GR.

That or break down and start meeting women here in Texas.

Thunder 01
07-27-20, 05:56
Was there for an extended weekend about a month ago. Lots of cool things in town, but didn't find any action at all. Much of stuff closed for the Covid. Some. Nice restaurants, but kinda boring. I do have some tinder stuff working for he future. So we will see.

08-14-21, 00:05

12-16-21, 04:57
I am going to be near Piedras Negras in a couple of weeks. I've read the forum back to 2013. One page. Is there a boystown there? If so, where and is it still alive? Any SW or massage places? Is mileroticos the hit and miss shit show it is everywhere else?