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Was in PV from June 18 to 25. Things were lively enough near town but got dead in a hurry away from the tourist center. I dunno if it's the recession or just the normal patterns but we saw a lot of empty looking hotels and restaurants. Went to Quero's - it was slow but there was some good talent, enjoyed the show. Had a dance and drinks with an exquisite seniorita who's name I forget but she was classy and beautiful and sweet and oh so friendly. What a delightful cultural shock for a lilly white gringo who's used to being treated like a disease by arrogant American women. No wonder the Caucatian race is dying out.

On other nights I explored Chica's (across the street from Quero's) and Junior's which I'd read good things about but things were so slow at these places there wasn't even a show. Maybe Junior's rocks at times but when I was there there was only one other customer and about six bouncer goons standing in formation around the perimeter of the joint with nothing to do except glare at me. Very uncomfortable. I felt like I'd been arrested so I didn't stay but ten minutes. Junior's if you're reading this how can you not know you're driving people away? Saw a few beauties sitting around but was uncomfortable in that prison camp environment and there was no show. And this was a Friday night.

Went to the local Boy's town. Very very sleezy. Don't even waste your time unless you speak Spanish. The few girls that looked good had no English and they all seemed uninterested. If fact they all looked to be dispirited and apathetic. There's four houses and they all have a stage and music as if there would be a show but there was no show at any of them. All had lousy atmosphere - music so loud you can't talk and lights so dim you can't see the girls or even count out change for a beer. Won't never ever go there again.

But it wasn't all bad. Returned to Quero's. Again it was dead slow. There was dancing on stage only occationally and I was getting bored. Had a drink with a beautiful chica but she wanted over $600 US for a trip to the room. No way. Then I was approached by a lovely Mexican girl who called herself Laura. She's quite nice, maybe and 8 to look at but she gets a 10 for attitude and friendliness and has a dazzling smile. She came back to the room with me and it was great. Soaped each other up in the shower, smoked a little weed to get in the mood and got lubed up for a some massage action. I had planned to use a raincoat for oral but got carried away and went BB. Hope I didn't catch a bug but it sure was fabulous. Laura acted like she meant it. She did stuff I love like eating my nuts which American girls never do. I paid 2500 pesos (about $260 US) to Quero's for Laura. Yes, one can beat the price I was in the mood and the time was right and Laura was quality. Was told that the club gets $1000 pesos and the talent gets the rest. Next time I'll try to arrange it without the club.

If you're into girl watching go downtown around sundown. Babes like you can't believe. Armies of them - both tourists and locals but lots and lots of American college babes. They dress to kill and obviously want to fuck their brains out. I'm sure lots of guys get lucky in the discos. I never had a talent for that -sob- but if you do you'll be a happy man in Puerto Vallarta.

08-13-02, 06:38
It's a damn shame how all the posts have dried up ever since the new, strict policy on registering came into play.

Anybody know a good place for PV info that has more frequent posts than once a quarter? You know, like it was here about a year ago?

I've posted several times in the past here but I see everyone stopped posting about the same time I did. I'll be headed back down to PV in a couple of months and I'd really like to find out the latest info. Thanks!

09-28-02, 19:45
Originally posted by iguana
Went to the local Boy's town. Very very sleezy. Don't even waste your time unless you speak Spanish. The few girls that looked good had no English and they all seemed uninterested. If fact they all looked to be dispirited and apathetic. There's four houses and they all have a stage and music as if there would be a show but there was no show at any of them. All had lousy atmosphere - music so loud you can't talk and lights so dim you can't see the girls or even count out change for a beer. Won't never ever go there again.

I'm going October 19, and I'll tell you this. After this past May Mexico is history, and I'm hitting Thailand the following month. A few years ago, you could get cheap pussy here, but they think Americanos are stupid. And that we'll pay $60.00 for half hour. Well they are wrong. I know what clubs you're talking about.

Extravaganza(formerly Hawaii Club)
Mi Tren
Las Alansas

I'll post my May story after I get back from this trip in October. I had a fun time, but I don't like bar owners thinking they can charge me $200.00 for 2 hours with girl in my hotel. Heck I can get 4 nights LT in Thailand for that price.

12-08-02, 07:40
Just got back from PV. There were three of us and ended up going different directions several times so we had some different experiences.

We did not try any outcall so I have nothing to say about that.

All prices in US dollar and I am not much of a haggler so you may be able to do better. I also do not speak much Spanish. Drink prices were $3 for water for me and $14 for the girls, I very seldom buy a drink for a girl.

Juniors and Candy’s are the same owner and some of the same girls. Candy’s is up by the marina and is fairly new therefor nicer. The night I went to Juniors I arrived about 1 Am and new girls were showing up from Candies (they rotate depending on how the night is going). The girls will not come and talk to you unless you signal to them or ask the manager to have them come over, I think this is a rule. They will seat you where you want to be seated but don't expect to just walk in and sit down.

Juniors was $175 for an hour and the room upstairs (the room was clean with open air venting). I tipped the guy I was dealing with $20. I chose a slender young girl with un-natural breasts that were very well proportioned. She would be a 9 in most men’s books. She was the hottest in the crowd (about 12 girls), a couple were just below her but most would be in the 5-7 range.

Candy’s wanted $175 for a half-hour and $225 for and hour. They do not have any on site rooms so you have to take them back to your room (which was not an option for me) or take them to Motel Los Angeles. The motel is $30 and the cab to and from another $10. I did recognize some girls in here that were in Juniors but the quality over all was much higher. The 9 I had at Juniors was there and I thought there was one better looking than her (sexier actually) and two right with her. This was too pricey so I moved on.

Hysteria is up by the north hotel district about four blocks off HWY 200. As soon as I walked in the door a girl in her late 20's jumped on me (about a 7), I must have looked like a gringo sucker. Again you were seated and asked if I wanted a drink and if I wanted to buy the girl a drink. There were several other girls in there but I can't tell you much about them because the girl that jumped me knew exactly which buttons to push, pull and twist. I was out of there with her in about 15 minutes. Prices $175 for two hours, no facilities on site so you must take them to your hotel or Motel Los Angeles. I chose the motel for $30 an paid another $6 for the cab ride. Have exact or close to exact change for the guy at the motel, He will claim not to have the correct change and try to get what he can out of you if the girl lets him and this one was. She asked for a tip at the end of the two hours, she was worth it so I gave her another $20.

Bay Watch girls is the same owner as Hysteria but is trying a higher scale version. Don't bother, I was there almost 15 min and not even a waiter came over. There was no one dancing and where the girls were sitting you could not see them where they sat me.

Q'roes has been around for awhile and looks to be around for another year. The pricing and run down is the same as Hysteria but the girl is $200 for two hours and the cab fare is a little more because it is further away from the motel. There were several girls in here that ranged from 6-8 and there were about four above that. I hooked up with a sexy Colombian (there were two there) that was definitely in the above that category. Unlike the Hysteria girl she would not let the motel guy try the change scheme and did not ask for a tip even though she disserved it. The manager was very friendly and spoke good English.

My buddies used Hotel Alamo several times and brought the girls back to our hotel, this is why I could not bring mine back there. The going price seems to be $80 but the over head and headache they experienced we figured averaged about $150 per girl. They actually had a taxi driver causing a seen asking for $50 to bring them to the hotel, they paid it to get him to shut up. Always agree on a taxi price before getting in the taxi when in Mexico. Then they had to register them at the security office of the hotel. They always ended up tipping the girls about $50 each and a couple times weren’t sure of their age. My understanding of how Hotel Alamo works is you go there and tell the madam what you are looking for. She then calls the girls and they show up about 5-15 min later. If you don't like them the process starts over again and again until your satisfied. To much BS for me, I'll pay a little more and not have the headaches.

For those of you looking for the free stuff, it’s there. For a couple nights I talked to a shot girl at one of the bars and then set up a date on her day off. Most will go out with you if you’re a descent person and treat them like a human. We met and had a good conversation over dinner, I love hearing about other cultures and their views of the world. We then went and listened to some Mexican rock, did some dancing and then on to her place. The last night there while waiting for my buddies getting ready for dinner I went to the hotel bar and picked up a hot older lady (41). I dumped my buddies (they understood) and took her to dinner, again another great conversation. We then went walking and window shopping, this lady was so hot a taxi driver ran into another while they were both watching her walk down the street. Later we went dancing and then to her hotel.

My nights were all packed along with my days. This is a great area to visit with a lot to do. We fished, went diving and tried the canopy tour. The locals are good people and enjoy your presence so be kind back and you will have a great time.

It’s long but hopefully useful.

12-16-02, 05:07
The beachfront in PV suffered damage in a hurricane this fall, but reports say they have recovered and rebuilt quickly. I'll be there in March.

I'm the cheapest of the cheapskates, so I'll be reporting on the compound in Zona Rosa. That's the one on the dusty road that turns off the main highway by the bullfight ring. There are 3 or 4 loud open-air bars, Spanish helps a lot, the clientele are working class, it doesn't get going until 11 PM, and it is dirty and not for most Americans. I'm curious if this is the place "eltib" below is calling the local Boy's town.

Anyway, last year the girls averaged about a 5, with an occasional 7. There might be 5 to 10 girls available in each bar. For the first time in many years there, a girl gave me bad attitude. Usually they are nice, and you don't have to buy them a drink, though it's a good way to greet and practice your Spanish first. The "rooms" are right next to the bar, with very basic shower and bed, and the music, uh, floats right into the room. Usually this is where the girl lives full time. Prices have been inching up from $30US, and I expect $40US to be the minimum this year. Bring a condom and a sense of adventure. The cab ride shouldn't be more than $5US from town.

Now if anybody is interested in REALLY CHEAP, post a reply and I'll direct you to the pleasant heavyset mamas behind Av. Constitución.

12-25-02, 10:24
Yes, that's the place I'm talking about. But the price is closer to $60 for a half hour at best at Extravaganza. You may have visited Las Alansas. It's across the street from Extravaganza and El Cadillac. Don't tell me about the hurricane. I was there when it hit. I'm not to impressed being charged like I'm in Vegas for a 3rd world city. Word I've read that local officials are cracking down on ISPs that have access to porno sites, for it promotes prostitution. So what's next? They'll probably close the sex trade there next. Anyway I've been to Pattaya Thailand now, and I'll probably never visit deep inside Mexico again, other than maybe Ensenada on a weekend excursion.

12-30-02, 14:04
This is my first post. I am headed to PV Jan 4 to 11. Which of the places people have talked about it the best strip joint? One to see pretty women naked and have a great lap dance? Not as interested in the back room action (wives will be with us) Second, heard of anyplace where you could pay to watch a couple (man/women) have sex? Maybe join in or just watch them fuck? Thanks!

03-05-03, 18:49
I noticed there was little recent information about this great place, and so I thought I would contribute a short report.

Of note, Puerto Vallarta is not the place to go for a bargain. Prices are only slightly lower than in the US for comparable service. HOWEVER, the quality of girl and service are extrodinary, and there really is very little "attitude" even with very attractive ladies. Save up your money. Also, be very careful about using a credit card in the establishments. They will often inflate the amount they quoted you as a "convenience" charge, up to $100 USD! Carry enough cash to get the job done! Also, I would suggest converting your cash into pesos before visiting these places. They will rip you off with the exchange rate (on the other hand, not usually more than a dollar or two, so not really a big deal -- cab drivers, on the other hand, CANNOT figure out the exchange and usually will end up overcharging you by 10 bucks or more, so have some pesos for them!!).

Acting on previous advice, Juniors was the first place I hit. Very accessable from Sheraton or Camino Real, only 30-50 pesos for the ride (5 USD). All prices in USD from now on...

Juniors: $10 cover, free tequila shot before you enter. Very clean place, lots of staff. Girls sitting everywhere. I would suggest a table or booth at the back so you can look over everything. Often, a girl will come up an sit with you. If you like her, cool. If not, tell her you would like to be by yourself for a now, or you can say "Mejor Despoes (sp?)" (May-hor des-poo-EHS) which means "later would be better". Pay attention to the names of the girls on the dance floor so you can find one you like. The waiters all speak perfect english and will help you with a name if you ask. For a small tip ($2-3) they will be VERY efficient at finding the girl you ask for. The girls will sit with you and talk, and they will often want to order a drink. The drink charge is $13, a bit steep, but it is for their time and that is how they get paid (they get a bracelet for each drink). If you can, order a pitcher, its cheaper. The manager will come over and ask if you want some private time with the girl. Most of the girls (99%) will be available for sex in an upstairs room for about $100 an hour. Tip the manager too. The girl also will expect a tip (I tipped 40 and they always seemed happy with that). You can negotiate shorter times also (15 minutes even). Also, lap dances are available for about $10 for 10 minutes. You can touch anywhere you want, it is private, and often the girl will do extra for more money ($40 hand, $60 oral). One I met would not allow sex but rocked my world with 2 lap dances!!

The girls range from 5-9. They are young, most speak some english. They are willing and have a good attitude. They enjoy oral from you!!! I guess they don't get that too often. Kissing is also allowed by most.

I took one girl to my hotel the second night, for the entire night (1 am on) The charge from Juniors was $600 (for about 6 hours). The girl and I went to a bar, dancing, for a long walk on the beach, and spent 3 hours in bed doing everything imaginable. It was well with the price. Her name was Liliana, and she was at least a 9!

Chica's Girls:
Much like Juniors, $10 cover, Waiters not as cool, girls less attractive. Very nice back room, though, no problem getting what you want. Did not go beyond lap dance there, though because selection was poor.


Good location, easy to find, very clean. Girls are nice looking but still not as good as Juniors. Less accomidating in finding you the girl you request, always trying to substitute someone else (I HATE THAT!!) However, very willing to find you girls ahead of time (I emailed) and 2 girl shows are very easy to find. Two ladies came with me to my hotel for 2 hours and were very fun!!

I recommend Juniors for anyone in Puerto Vallarta. That's really all you need. The other places are not quite the same (kind of like Hertz...not exactly).

03-05-03, 20:15

You are NUTS.

Advice to any sane mongers out there:

1). If you see a girl in Junior's you like, get her cell phone # and call her later.
2). Or, go to Junior's and work up an appetite, then go to the Malecón and sit on a bench looking lonely. The rest will take care of itself. About $60 would be ballpark.
3). Or, ask your friendly local cabbie. $50-$80 for her and $20 for the cabbie is PLENTY.
4). Or be a Dickhead and fuck one of the maids or laundry girls at your hotel. Do NOT approach them. Deal through your friendly bellhop. $50 + $20 for the bellhop is PLENTY.

Again, the minimum wage in Méjico is less than $5 per DAY so use some common sense and don't mess the country up for everybody. I will be there for the whole month of June and I don't need this type of senseless inflation. Have some drinks and some music in your room. Offer to feed the chica. She will hang around for round two for no extra charge or possibly a propinita, IF you are a nice guy, clean, and play your cards right.

Allen Eire
03-10-03, 09:54

even though you are a commie bastard, i totally agree with you on this point.

i've been to pv three times and have never and i mean never paid more than $50 for sex with a hot senorita. i may be a capitalist pig but i understand the value of a dollar.

i got laid at los lobos bar near oldtown a few times. a three song private lap dance in a black curtain enclosed booth at that time cost $33 us. this was of course dec 2000 the last time i was there. anyway the most memorable experience was with a 22y/o chica that had natural d-cups, milky white skin and a great attitude to boot. she reminded me of a young delta burke before she ate herself out of a hollywood career. this gal enthusiastically rode the beejeezes out of me and pratically sucked my tounge out of my mouth. i tipped her $15 extra on top of the standard $33 plus bought her one drink $7 so okay $55 but damn! it's a fine way to start a vacation!

you mentioned never asking the maids or laundry gals directly for sex for $$$ ??? i was almost ballsy enough to do it once to a very cute latina ( i know just enough espanol to get me in trouble.) maid but did not want to get knifed by a potentially upset boyfreind/bellman. is it just protocal and the bellman will know what gals are willing to fuck? do you tell him which one peeked your interest or do you allow him to select a gal? please elaborate

the other excellent spot to get laid was at massage lucy in oldtown. i got an awesome one hour massage for $35 by a early 30's gorgeous girl next door type (i hate excesive make-up.) when it was nearing the end of the massage she seductivly asked me if i would like that problem that has arisen to be taken care of for only $30 more!! hello, why is anyone paying $600 dollars for sex in pv!!??

03-11-03, 19:44
originally posted by allen eire

you mentioned never asking the maids or laundry gals directly for sex for $$$ ??? i was almost ballsy enough to do it once to a very cute latina ( i know just enough espanol to get me in trouble.) maid but did not want to get knifed by a potentially upset boyfreind/bellman. is it just protocal and the bellman will know what gals are willing to fuck? do you tell him which one peeked your interest or do you allow him to select a gal? please elaborate

i do not think it is advisable to randomly approach any type of girl in mexico and my spanish is pretty good. it works in buenos aires but as you say could get you knifed in mexico, or at the very least thrown out of your hotel. and i didn't have any girl in mind. another guy there told me that some of the maids and laundry girls were in play and he told me the right bellhop to see.

ps: i am not really a commie, just more of a socialist or collectivist who believes in progressive taxation and limits on excessive wealth accumulation. i am ok with the concept of private property. i believe the true measure of any society is how it treats its weakest citizens. i just threw in the commie stuff to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off nibu.

Allen Eire
03-12-03, 01:05
Dick Head,

Point taken on both subjects. I am not sure if you know where this is but I have always stayed at the Playa Los Arcos Hotel. It's a bit older but clean, next to the beach and in the middle of all the action in oldtown.

I always got the feeling that extra service could be had there but since my wife was with me I did not want to be to risky especially with Massage Lucy or Los Lobos a few blocks away. What part of town do you normaly stay in? Your going in June enjoy that excessive humidity. Last but not least have you ever propositioned a maid in the USA?

03-12-03, 08:29
I was in Puerto Vallarta Jan1 and stayed at the Rosita Hotel directly on the beach downtown. It was cheap ($40) but a major mistake. The noise level along the main drag at night (8pm til 2 am) is unbearable. Plus way too many Gringos and Canadians. Malls/stores. A Hooters. Restaurant prices at US levels. Thanks but no thanks. Plus it was a little hot and very humid - in Jan. Definitely stay somewhere a few blocks from the downtown beach unless cruising the strip in a car is your thing. Definitely was not my cup of tea and I went back to Guadalajara after 3 days. Then again I'm not a beach person. But different strokes . . .

03-12-03, 17:46
Originally posted by Allen Eire
Dick Head,

Point taken on both subjects. I am not sure if you know where this is but I have always stayed at the Playa Los Arcos Hotel. It's a bit older but clean, next to the beach and in the middle of all the action in oldtown.

I always got the feeling that extra service could be had there but since my wife was with me I did not want to be to risky especially with Massage Lucy or Los Lobos a few blocks away. What part of town do you normaly stay in? Your going in June enjoy that excessive humidity. Last but not least have you ever propositioned a maid in the USA?

I do know the Playa Los Arcos. I normally go down for two weeks and spend one at Villa del Palmar, where I have a time share (that is the place my post referred to), then another week at Posada de Roger on the "other" side of the bridge. This time I have some extra weeks saved up so I will spend all three at Villa del Palmar. The other week I will actually be in Guadalajara.

I have banged maids in the US a couple of times but it has been a long time since I don´t take domestic vacations any more (seen pretty much the whole US except Alaska and Hawaii).

Allen Eire
03-12-03, 21:44
That's funny because I've been almost everywhere in Hawaii and traveled to Alaska twice but only about 25% of the lower 48.

I'm going on a biz trip to Los Angeles at the end of this month.
My hotel is more along the lines of a 3 star, not super fancy but not Motel 6. How did you go about shaging a maid at a US hotel? Did you use the bellman routine?

We were considering buying a time share but we always stay at Playa Los Arcos because we get such an incredible rate (50% off) due a certain affiliation. Check and see if Massge Lucy is still in biz. It's 6-8 blocks east of Playa Muertos in oldtown. Enjoy your vacay!

BTW I wonder if you remember that we got into a little spat about "In GOD We Trust" a few months ago.


03-13-03, 22:04
The maids I went after were in motels so no bellhop. The one that was recent enough to remember was in Portland, OR in a Motel 6. I was there for five or six days and I saw her almost every day and one day she cleaned my room last so I asked if she wanted to go for a beer and that was it.

BTW, I bought my time share when the Dow was at 11,000 and the NASDAQ at 5000 and it was the worst decision I´ve ever made. If you want to buy one I will make you a deal.

And I may not be a communist but I damn sure am an atheist, thank god.

03-13-03, 22:26
A brief post to comment on some stuff I've just read here:

1) Playa Los Arcos is a good choice for a relatively inexpensive hotel in PV. I paid something like $60 a night for a room overlooking the pool and with a nice view of the water. Not ritz but comfortable.

2) Los Lobos was closed down the last time I was there (Nov. 2002).

3) Indeed $600 is NUTS to pay for any Mexican girl. Also lots of vacationing pussy to be had for free.

4) I don't care for PV much. IMHO there's really no reason to go to PV on holiday, be it a mongering holiday or a straight one. It's a run-down version of Clearwater Beach, Florida, but costing almost the same price.

5) The women in this town (professional and amateur) aren't very appealing, but perhaps it's my lower opinion on the beauty of mestizo women compared to other posters.

6) The Mexican food is better north of the border.

7) The tequila here is definitely better than in the U.S. A cool bar where I spent a brain-cell-killing afternoon was the Tequila School or House of Tequila or something like that. I did a tasting menu of pretty much every tequila they had in stock. Then went back to Playa Los Arcos, puked my guts up like I used to when I was in college, and promptly went to sleep for the rest of the night (lost mongering opportunity, boo hoo).

8) Even in November, there was very little visible damage from the hurricane that hit earlier in the autumn, save for some very un-Mexican-like (i.e. efficient and quick) rebuilding efforts down on the waterfront. I'll wager those repairs are finished by now. So don't worry about that.

-Uncle Otto

Allen Eire
03-14-03, 01:23
So sad to hear Los Lobos closed down. The uncle of my former next door neighbor in San Jose, CA was the owner of that establishment. I happened to be talking to him one day and asked him to pick up my mail. He of course was where you going? PV, really! My espousa is from there and my uncle owns a bar there. Hope he did not meet his wife at Lobos which I doubt because they are an educated well to do couple. Anyway I take his uncle a letter and pictures of their new baby. Damn, his uncle rolled out the red carpet for me. I don't know about you Otto but I have always had a great time there. Now Mazatlan that place sucks! PV is not the best place in the world but the airfare was free so I can't complain.

Dick Head,

I'll have to pass on the timeshare offer. I don't plan to go to PV anytime soon maybe in 2 or 3 years.

If you get the chance see if Lucy Masage is still in biz. I actualy went there in 2000 because of an older (1998) positive WSG report.

03-14-03, 02:11
There are more police patrols in PV this year. Someone said it's because of the economy, so some bad elements have come north from Acapulco. But don't worry, it's safe, and indeed some "good" elements (SWs in El Centro) are more evident than ever before. A summary of my pursuits for low-cost action:

Friday - went looking for it up the hill from old town, and immediately found a 7 on Naranjo Street near the corner of Lazaro Cardenas Street. Wanted $30 (US), bargained her down to $20 including room, which was two doors away. This being a neighborhood of fat mamas, I was surprised at the ease of finding a slender pleasant companion.

Tuesday - went back to the same street, found a 6, held firm at $20 offer, mission accomplished. This street/area is not crawling with SWs, but at night you often find one or two standing under a tree.

Thursday - Encountered a young-looking 7 near Colombia & Honduras streets (north of old town). We negotiated down to my $20, much to her disappointment. We got a hotel room on Colombia. Her performance was perfunctory. You get what you pay for.

Wednesday - Up the hill on Jacarandas Street, near Pulpito Street(behind Old Town) met a young-looking girl, pleasantly slim but built, about a 7. We went to a hotel on Naranjo street, paid $10 for the room. Inside the room she asked for $60. I said $20. After threatened to leave she reluctantly agreed. She then said she had to shower, asked for the money, which I gave her (oops). She then said she would only give a BJ for the $20. I said no because she had agreed to full service. Argument ensued, I tried to grab money from her hand, she stuffed it in mouth and swallowed. I grabbed her cigarettes room key & bag and took it to the front desk where I warned the staff about ever letting her in there again. After a mini-argument with the girl at the front desk, the staff were most gracious, and refunded my $10. The girl left without getting her shower, but with my $20 in her stomach.

Figuring I'd better go for a place which sponsors low-cost action rather than risk another pickup, I took a $5 cab ride to "La Zona" out near the bull ring. This place was really deserted at 11 PM. On the left one bar, across the street another, and to the right a "lap dance" place. 15 girls max in the compound, mostly 3-4s. This place used to be dirty and lively, now it's dirty and deserted. Asking price from a 7, $60 (uh, this is the 3rd world?). Asking price from a 5, $40. After walking away three times I got her down to $30 and got full service in the back room, complete with cockroaches and loud music. Girl was most pleasant though.

Bargain hunters, there is life beyond Junior´s...

03-14-03, 02:59
Duke . . .

She ATE the $20?? I'm surprised you didn't tie her up in your room and feed her X-Lax . . .

Otto . . .

Agree with your ideas about PV. Unless you are a real beach nut, I would look elsewhere. But the tequila is NOT better there. Or really any cheaper. Demand exceeds supply and the best is either exported to the US or sold at equally high prices.

Allen Eire
03-14-03, 10:12

You really know how to bargain the ho's down but I would have been somewhere in the middle. I'd want value but clearly let her know I want a GFE for the $10-15 extra. This would be more difficult for someone like me since I am not to proficient with spanish. I would never even If I won the lotto pay Juniors type $$$. At the very least I would get a one hour relaxing massage for $25-30 and score some pussy for the grand finale as oposed to the rip off strip clubs.

Toledo Rocket
03-27-03, 17:20
Recently returned from PV. Most of the hurricane damage has been cleaned up. Seemed to be alot more Policia around though. Skipped Qeros and Chicas, too rich for my blood. Did got to the Alamo, up by the airport. Women range from 5-7 with decent bodies. 50.00 for an hour, no charge for the room. It was no holds barred for the entire hour. Visited all the counties :)
Next day picked up a SW over by the quale bridge, 18 year old. 30.00, 10.00 for the hotel. She must have been new, seemed real nervous. Good time though.
My last day, I was just looking for a relaxing massage, as you come into Vallarta from the south, just after the road splits into a one-way is a little massage place on the corner. I got GREAT one hour massage and an even greater BBBJTC for a finish, all for 20.00 (tipped extra 10.00 for the finish)
Gotta love PV, cant wait until next year.

03-27-03, 21:53
Originally posted by Dickhead
The maids I went after were in motels so no bellhop. The one that was recent enough to remember was in Portland, OR in a Motel 6. I was there for five or six days and I saw her almost every day and one day she cleaned my room last so I asked if she wanted to go for a beer and that was it.

BTW, I bought my time share when the Dow was at 11,000 and the NASDAQ at 5000 and it was the worst decision I´ve ever made. If you want to buy one I will make you a deal.

And I may not be a communist but I damn sure am an atheist, thank god.


I owned 2 timeshares in Puerto Vallarta. I couldn't get the price I wanted, so I finally donated them to charity. I got 14 years use outta them plus a $1500 refund for this prior year and next tax year too. Paid a total of $15K for 2 weeks. I think $3K is not a bad return(Considering I used them for 14 years). Anyway, if you can't get arid of them try donating them to the Christopher foundation. Here is the link.


Allen Eire
04-17-03, 06:14
Gents or Dickhead in particular,

A change of events has occurred and I'll be coming to PV May 9th thru 12th. My better half and another couple that we are going with want to stay at El Presidente or Mizmaloya de La Jolla...this is going to suck because I'm used to staying at the beach in old town thus allowing me to roam a bit a night, get out of the room to smoke a cigar ie get a massage.

Would any of you gents recommend a hotel that is upscale but closer to old town that has a nice swiming beach?

I have not been to PV for 2 1/2 years does anyone know if Massage Lucy in old town is still in biz? Can anyone recommend an actual massage place by name that offers extras?

Update: Wifey wants to stay upscale because the beauty of the beaches south of old town and the security. Meaning The Miz has security that keeps the beach vendors to a minimum or non existent. So what's a monger to do? I definatley want to enjoy the beach & drinks but a massage with a bbbj to finish would be great or just a bj from a female member of the hotel staff. I have been south of town a few times to the remote beaches but never actually stayed down there. Help!

04-17-03, 19:05
Allen, I can't help you with upscale hotels as I am a low-rent kinda guy. But what do beach vendors have to do with security? 99% of them go away after you say "no, gracias" one time.

Hundreds of years ago when I was married I used to always let my wife pick the hotels. I don't really give a shit and that way if (well, WHEN) she complains you can just say, "Hey, you chose it."

You might want to look in the travel section of dub dub dub flyertalk dot com. Those people are all pretty yupscale and they are experienced travelers. There's trip reports and such in there.

Allen Eire
04-18-03, 07:54

Let me clarify, by security I meant hotel security keeps the vendors from asaulting you every 5 minutes. Now lets be real a beach vendor may solicit you only once but 50 of his cousins are hot on his heels for your business. If it were just me I'd stay at the Los Arcos in oldtown because everything I want is right there. I think perhaps I will not be able to mix in a special massage this trip, oh well I'll just enjoy the atmosphere, freinds and ocean.

If I am able to sneak away to downtown/oldtown can you or anyone else reading recommend a massage establishment? I am not sure if my old stand by is still in biz.



04-23-03, 08:25

I was in PV in Early March, and I believe Lucy's was still in bizness. At least I saw signs for her place and an ad in the yellow pages. Was not able to taste the local flavor as my wife had herself surgically implanted on my hip. Oh Well...

As for getting downtown without the S.O. perhaps you should tell her you want to go into town to watch some sporting event at one of the "sports bars." No Name Cafe has a bunch of TV's, just pick out a game she won't wanna watch. During mid-May the NBA playoffs should be about to the conference finals, go watch the game, grab a quick BJ, and stop by one of the many Sergio Bustamante jewelry shops for a special present. If she gets nosy, just tell her you wanted to surprise her, and this was the only way you go shopping without her.

Damn! I shoulda thought of that a month ago. And its all yours for free!

Good Luck, and let us know how it goes...


04-26-03, 05:05
I will be in PV from June 11th on. I like to dive, and the guy I dive with is across the street from the bull ring. That said, where are a few good spots for a nice quickie after a day of diving nearby, or a good massage with a BJ finish?

Allen Eire
04-30-03, 01:49

Thanks for the update! Good advice this is one of the few times I am glad the wife is not a sports fan. She does, however, know that I am not a big NBA fan but of course I might realy want to catch that A's vs Yanks game...Go A's!! Cool I'll try to check it out. My only other problem is that we are going to have another couple with us. The wifeys will let us go drink in town one night because they know my buddy is not a big drinker so we could not posibly get into too much trouble lol.

I will try to escape for a relaxing massage since the hotel massage will be to much of a rip off, ya that's the ticket! Hellooo Looocee (Think Ricky Ricardo) here I cum!

05-12-03, 03:44
Evening Gentlemen,

I will be in PV, for the first time late June and over the fourth of July Weekend. And I would appreciate any info on nice hotels that are "Guest" Friendly.

Also, some info on the best beach area would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all


05-13-03, 06:31
I'm going to PV soon. Can you give me more info on where to find Lucy's or other massage places that give bbbjtc?

I once was on my way to meet an American girl I met on the beach for drinks & I was waiting for a taxi on Conchas Chinas & a taxi came by that had a nice looking chica in the front seat. I got in the back & the driver was a male so I didn't think she was a SW but I was kind of hoping. There were no words mentioned & they dropped me off at the girls hotel & as I shut the door the chica gave me a sexy look so I just stood by the hotel & was smoking the cigarette & she kept looking at me & then she waived & I waived back & so I went over to the taxi & then the driver started to ask me if I "wanted her". I said yes & got back in the taxi & he dropped me & the chica off at my friend's condo & I took her into the excercise room & got bbbj & covered fs in the mirrors & even gave her a facial which she tried to take but got really sour if you know what i mean. she had a great body & i had negotiated $100 for 2 pops but then i just wanted to leave after my 1st pop cuz i then wanted the american girl who was black that i met that day. I know I overpaid her but I guess it caught me by surprise since I hadn't seen any SW activity at all in PV. Hope you like this story.


05-13-03, 11:02
AcapulcoHeat; I had good luck with the Marriott. They never seem to bother you in any Mexican city.

Allen Eire
05-19-03, 06:33
Well I was in PV last week staying at the outpost know as the Hotel Mizmaloya. Pretty enjoyable hotel/resort could not check out any local action due to the wife. I did notice that there is a little village next to the hotel and did see girls by the side of the road when I went for a walk around the grounds. The hotel property is fenced in with only one entrance/exit and is manned 24/7. One could probably get a chica in via cab at night if she was with you. Anyway moving right along....

I was able to break away and obtain a massage at LUCY on a Monday evening at 6:00pm. When I arrived a tall decent looking Mex gal with long black hair named Mony greeted me. She spoke very little english and escorted me to my room. I noticed we were the only ones there and she was wearing jeans (Usually always a bad sign.) I showered and made sure there was no towel covering my butt to begin the massage. She proceeded to give a firm excellent masssage but no extras whatsoever at the end, bummer. Cost 350 pesos and tipped her $10 US which she seemed not to pleased with. It would have been more had she at least given me a HJ. Her loss! Don't know when I'll be down next but will scout out other MPs.

06-07-03, 00:58
Thanks Slash for answering me. But I have been travelling to many parts of Mex for many years, and International Hotel Chains like the Marriott are not guest friendly.. (In my experience)..

I would like some info on a nice hotel close to the beach. Guest friendly, Clean rooms, great prices, etc....

Also, any info on places that a monger can go (quintas, bars, etc) would be greatly appreciated!!!

Enjoy Gentleman!!



Hay una persona que puede darme informacion desde Puerto Vallarta??? Espero que si.. Y muchas gracias! Chao a Todos!!!


06-11-03, 09:05
AcapulcoHeat; I have stayed at the Marriott in Puerto Vallarta and had no troubles with bringing home locals. In fact, a few of the workers went to the clubs with me one night. The hotel is on the beach and very friendly. I also stayed at the Sheraton. They were also very guest friendly and on the beach. However, I don't think that hotel is in business any more.

06-26-03, 21:39
Okay, here is my report from my recent visit to P.V. First, me and my buddy, on the advice from this board, went to the cheap red-light district where Mi Tren and Cadillac are located. As our taxi drew near, my buddy begged me to cancel our mission and turn around because the taxi driver kept sternly warning us that we were entering a very dangerous area. But, I insisted we go because I had to see this place for myself, especially since it was going to be the cheapest place where we could find girls. As we pulled up, the place was very seedy looking. .I'd been to Tijuana before several times, so I'm not a stranger to seedy Mexican neighborhoods. Anyways, we walked into the bars, and it was HORRIBLE! I didn't see even one good looking girl there. There was a fat girl dancing on the stage and, well, I took one quick look around the place and told my buddy, "Let's go." We briefly looked at Mi Tren and Cadillac, and both were the same, AWFULL! Okay, then we went to Junior's. Very classy and nice atmosphere, but I'm very picky and I didn't really like the girls there, not to mention it's a long taxi ride to get there, located in the middle of nowhere.
Next, then, we went to HYSTERIA on the recommendation of our taxi driver. Let me tell you, this place was AWESOME! I couldn't tell you where it was, but just ask any taxi driver. It's about a 5 minute drive from Queros if that helps any. Okay, so back to Hysteria. The girls where abolutely amazing and I enjoyed just sitting there watching them dance. Unfortunately the prices are a little high. In US dollars, it cost $10 bucks to get in the door, $15 bucks to sit with a girl for 15 minutes. $30 bucks for a lap dance. And $175 bucks to take a girl to your hotel for 2 hours. I couldn't afford it, but my friend whipped out his credit card and he took one girl back to our hotel room. She was very pretty and very sweet.....probably 19 or 20 years old. Anyways, she slept the night at our hotel and my friend paid her taxi home in the morning (plus a $20 dollar tip for the girl). He was extremely happy with her performance since he had sex with her both extensively in the evening and again in the morning. So, Yes it was very expensive, but there was really no alternative since the cheaper "Red Light" district was so nasty. Hysteria was top dollar, but also top quality.

I would highly recommend that you at least have a drink at HYSTERIA just to see how Hot the Mexican girls are.

06-28-03, 05:45
I was in PV from June 11th-18th. I went out late on Friday to BayWatch Girls. No cover, nice looking women, and a great private lapdance for $30. Sunday Night I went to Hysteria, I agree with Darkside, $10 entrance, and the other prices seemed the same. Over all, I liked Baywatch cause it didn't have a cover, and it was 5 minutes from my hotel. I didn't bring enough cash to splurge on a two hour visit, but next visit I will make a point to bring extra cash.

07-01-03, 09:05
Was in PV three weeks. Only mongered twice due to a tight budget and cheaper mongering in Guadalajara, plus I fucked a tourist for a couple of days. One night I drank nine beers and four shots of tequila and was walking over the bridge to clear my head and save 10 pesos on the taxi. I ran across a cabbie I had met on my previous visit. I even remembered his name which surprised him. We discussed his wife and family and how was work going and then he asked me about pussy and I said I was too fucked up right now but would be interested in a daytime session the next day or the day after. He said I was obviously quite drunk and should probably get some weed to help me sober up. I did this and we chatted. I said I didn't want to pay more than 500 pesos and he said that was tough and most girls wanted $60 US. I said fuck dollars, I don't have any dollars, and let's talk in pesos. He said he thought he could talk one girl he knew into 600 pesos for 2 hours if it was daytime. He wanted 80 pesos for setting it up and 50 for her cab fare. I said fuck that; if I give her 600 pesos she can pay her own cab fare home. So it cost me 80 + 600 + 25 = 705 pesos. She was a little inexperienced and unsure of herself but fun to talk to and affectionate.

I still thought that was steep since I was paying 450 in Guadalajara although not for 2 hours. I made up my mind I would get it cheaper or wait til I was back in Guadalajara in a few more days. A few nights later I was in a bar and a guy I had met was setting up this Italian guy for the next day. He said he wanted to see her first so the Mexican guy brought her by the bar. I thought she was sexy so when the Italian guy left I told the Mexican guy I wanted her that night. So Italian guy ha ha I fucked her first. It was 400 for her plus 120 for a short term hotel in the neighborhood. He wanted 100 but I got him down to 70 on the grounds I had also bought some weed from him. So it was 590. She was a lot of fun in bed but I didn't really trust her and I would not have brought her to my hotel. She did bring up propina but I pled poverty and also lied and told her my other friend was hooking me up for 350. So no propina. But I did buy her a few 10 pesos drinks like maybe 3. Boy, they serve some fucking tequila in this bar (Cactus is the bar; on the main drag of Old Town corner of Lázaro Cárdenas I believe) for 10 pesos a shot and it is so fucking hot (this bar is not air conditioned) that it is like drinking lighter fluid. Stick to the 10 peso Dos Equis and Indio.

Some other local guys I met also told me they thought it was tough to get anything for 500 pesos so I think these prices are pretty legit. I'd say they were both 7s although very different 7s as one was slender and in her 20s and the other was buxom and in her 30s. Maybe 6.5s.

I think Chicas is closed.

09-02-03, 17:59

Sorry about a previous indiscresion while in PV, hope it didn't mess anyone up. I think the matre' D at Juniors spotted me for an easy mark (more money than sense) and really stuck it to me for that girl. I have been reading everyone's posts and I am heading back to PV sadder but wiser, thanks for your input.

I wonder if anyone knows about the Westin Beach Club hotel and their policy on visitors? I will be staying there for 2 nights and really hope to bring in some entertainment!

I will definitely try hysteria this time and try to stay out of Juniors; also, I will keep my hand on my wallet!!!

Any other advice is greatly appreciated!


Toledo Rocket
09-24-03, 02:25
I have stayed at the Westin Hotel and the club and have had no problem getting a chica into either one. They keep a little bit closer eye on guests at the Club Regina, but if the girl sticks close to you, it's not a problem. Another thng to keep in mind, wait for a male to be working at the concierge desk and ask if any of the maids or other staff are "available" to come to your room for a tip. One trip I took there, I found out from one of the guys at the concierge desk that one of the massage girls at the club spa would give "extras" for a tip. Another time I found a maid that was in play.

On a related note, where is this Lucys place located. I am going in February and would like to give it a try.


10-02-03, 05:03
Hello again from your big spending idiot. I have changed my reservations to the Marriot Casa Magna and was wondering who to ask about chicas available around the hotel. Would the bell hop be a source? Would sure like to be able to have it easy instead of having to travel all over for girls.

Any suggestions of other places besides Juniors? Seems like I have the worst experience with that place but don't really know other places. Anyone with experience on the bar scene for "free" hookups with tourists (or locals for that matter). Also, how do you ask for "2 girl show" in mexico, have not had much luck getting 2 girls who are into each other (and me, also, of course). Thanks for your help, experienced people. I am in your debt. If anyone is going to be in PV the weekend of Feb 19-23 2004 and wants to hang out (especially if you know the scene) I could use a compadre (or cabejero!!)

Thanks for any help.


10-06-03, 17:05
Any action in or near Taxco?

10-10-03, 09:58
This thread shocks me.
I'm planing a trip to PV in November. I have not been to PV in about 6 years. During that trip the action was fair but not great. It amazes me about the lack of reports on this thread. I know PV is no Bangkok or Pattaya, but I can promise you there are lots of working girls to be found in this little resort town. Does anyone have any recent reports? I always did my best with the local bars picking up "nice" girls or shopping centers. Not much in the way of organized hookers or strip clubs etc, unless you want to pay more the US prices. This too always got me, when the average going wage in the area is $6 per day, why do these girls think they can get away with charging as much or more then in the US
Any help on recent action would be appreciated.


12-01-03, 00:04
I will be in P.V. from Dec 26 until Jan 5th. Anyone wanting to hook up and go do some fellow mongering. Let me know.

Later Gents


12-05-03, 07:24
Evening Gentlemen,

Acapulco is my usual stomping ground. I have been to many different parts of Mexico. (Mexico es en mi sangre), and while Acapulco is by far my favorite, I am giving PV a first time try. Last week I posted that if any other fellow mongers will be in the PV area during the Holiday's let me know we can hook up and do my three favorite B's. Beach, Babes and Booze. Damn Men, nobody out there who will be in PV to babe hunt??

Have a nice holiday all.. (You too Jackson, keep up the great site)


12-05-03, 10:39
I'm heading down that way late february. Please post your findings. I refuse to pay about US escort prices for Mexican working girls, so if you find any bargains, let us all know. I here it is spendy down in PV and not much to choose from.

El Monger
12-05-03, 19:17
Will be in P.V., Mazatlan & Cabos, in January. Any ideas guys? Now I am use to BT in NL, so I refuse to pay USA prices! So HELP me too!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple, idiotic writing errors. To avoid future delays, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Thanks!

Choosy Guy
12-08-03, 18:13
I have not been in PV for a couple of years and I always had early mornings and did not stay out later than 1am, so ymmv but, here goes.

There were a couple of strip clubs up on the hill at the south end of town. They were fairly expensive, entry fee and high priced drinks. The Ladies ( many could no longer be called girls) would strip (some I wish hadn't) and then wandet the patrons for typical Mexican full contact lap-dances or more.

I did see some SWs in Old Town but never hooked up. (The people I was with were not into the hobby.)

On the north end of town near the marina were a couple of more clubs but they were not even as good as those above.

The apparently little known PV gold mine is a group of clubs on the north end of town near the Marina. This is NOT a tourist place. Little English is spoken here. PM me for details!

My expierence is US $20s get 200 Pesos worth of service. That is a 10 to 1 exchange rate as opposed to the 8.5 to 1 typical at that time at the cambio.


12-10-03, 05:42
Choosy Guy: Horseshit to that! If you have info to provide about this secret jewel, then post it. Otherwise you are full of shit. No PMs. I have been there many times and have posted ALL my info so if you have any then cough it up. Did you GO to any of these "little known" clubs?

Freak Show
12-16-03, 21:29
Hi guys,

I am new here. This is my first post I believe. Anyways I am heading to Puerto Vallarta from Dec 26/03 till Jan 9/04. If you guys have any contacts and would like to share them that would be great. Or if you have any good spots.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

01-03-04, 01:24
Evening Gentlemen,

Just got back from a 12 day (first time to PV) stay in Puerto Vallarta and would like to give my brief report.

Obviously, depending on the time of year and one's own personal experiences I am certainly not going to judge what other's have said about PV. I am only going to give my opinion based on what happened to me. So here it goes.

I went only to two different clubs in PV. This is due to the fact that I have been to many different strip clubs around Mexico. (Acapulco, Cancun, Playa del carmen, D.F. etc) thus I basically compared these two places to the other clubs in those above mentioned cities.

There is absolutely no comparision. The strip clubs for monger action in P.V. SUCK!!!

On a Friday night I went to club Prestige. (It is right next to a Good-year tire center, directly across the street from the hotel
Canto del sol). I went about 11:00 PM and the place was practically empty. There was a $10 dollar cover charge and the drinks were very expensive. ($12 US dollars for a beer) Needless to say I only ordered one beer and was sitting around waiting for some babe action. There were about 8 girls there and for the exception of the two that came immediately to sit on my lap, the other girls did not seem to be very interested in doing anything. Not even stripping.

Now the two girls that sat on my lap I would rate about a 3 in looks. Damn ugly. I was not interested in either of them so it only took about 5 minutes for them to get the message and they left. The other girls like I said showed no interest in anything (plus they were not that great looking either). So I finished my beer and left. I was probably there for a total of about 45 minutes and considering that this was a Friday night, I was extremely disappointed.

When I left I walked north for about 3 blocks and found another club called BayWatch Girls. (Close to a burger king) The Guy at the front door was handing out little playing cards with pictures of the girls. Extremely hot were these pictures. So I decided to go in.

Here too there was a $10 dollar cover, but the drinks were a little more reasonably priced compared to prestige. ($6 US dollars for a beer). Anyway, this place was very small compared to any other strip club that I have been to in Mexico, and it only had about 4 girls for only 5 other customers including myself.

The girls here were better looking than the ones at prestige but not much better. One Girl named Claudia sat with me. She had a pretty face. (About a 8 in looks) and seemed to have a nice slim body. She also looked very busty, (I like big tits) so I was talking to her for about a 1/2 hour. She offered to take me for a private dance, which I agreed to. It cost $20 dollars and was upstairs in a room that was nothing more than a Chair with a bare light-bulb for lighting. Well, in the real light. Claudia was not as busty as she seemed and her body was not that tight.

Anyway, she was very friendly so I let her finish her dance. (No big deal). She then offered sex in a room adjacent to the private room. Like most places in Mexico, she asked for $140 US. I said no and was able to bargain her down to $110 US. Because I have had many monger experiences in other cities I first said that I wanted to see the room. So she took me next door. It was a dump. I would not sit on that bed if I was in all my clothes let alone naked. I told her forget it and that I would be back some other time.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I am certainly no prude but considering the action to be gained in clubs in other places like tabares, and las chicas in Acapulco. I could not believe the lack of quality girls. I have been with Playboy types in other cities. Also, I personally get turned off by a room that looks like a bum has slepted in it.

I did give these places one other chance on a Saturday night. I will report on that later.

Hopefully, my experience was not typical of the types of clubs to be found in Puerto Vallarta.

More to come later.

Good luck Men,


Sure Schottt
01-08-04, 05:09

Did you try Junior's at all? It is overpriced as well, maybe 1800 pesos for the hour, but the girls are very attractive.

01-25-04, 19:25

Will be heading to PV Feb 19, and will be going just to sample the clubs. I will post when I return. I will be there for 2 weeks, so if there are places you recommend or would like to have a report about, please post or pm and I will check them out and report back!


01-26-04, 15:08

I tried Chica's and another place across the street. Prices inside were pretty high and you need to tip everyone and their brother. Got a BJ in the back room but it was rushed. I did better when the girls were sitting with me watching the show and asked for their phone number. All the girls that I asked provided their number but I had a problem dialing because they gave me their cell phone #'s and I needed to enter a prefix. Also, called "Marilyn's massage" (in the Spanish section of the yellow pages, but not in the English section.) Got a real pretty dancer from Chica's that was on vacation from Chica's. I believe it was $150. The girl also gave me her cell phone # and asked me not to go thru the service as she didn't want to have to pay a commission. The hotel I was staying at prevented me from taking one of the girls to my room because they knew she was working, so we had to go to a cheap motel. Taxi's, room charge and drinks started to add up.

Good luck.

Toledo Rocket
02-20-04, 17:47
Just returned from PV last weekend. Tried Lucys massage, this was a bust. 2 friends tried it as well and no joy. Went to the usual haunts, Chicas, Prestige, Candys, Juniors.

Chicas and Juniors have already been well documented in this fourm so I wont go into detail about them.

Prestige: Very expensive, like going to a strip club in the states. The girls are pretty high quality, but man do you pay for it. We didnt stay there long.

Candys: Located across the entrance to the Marina. The bonus of this place is that it opens a 12:00 or 1:00 on weekdays instead of 8 or 9 like the others, so a little afternoon delight is possible.

10.00 USD to get in the door, this gets you a free lapdance as well. If you find one you like, it is 500 pesos for a private room lapdance (no FS) or 1000 pesos for private room and FS which I thought was a little steep for Mexico, but I did manage to get her phone number and made a date for later at a reduced rate and more time.

There are several "massage" places advertised in the yellow pages there that are actually escort services there were two I used.

Juliettes: 160 dollars(US) for 2 hours of anything I wanted. She actually stayed closer to 4 hours with supper and all. Very nice she was a 8-9/10.

Ninfus: 150 dollars(US) for two hours plus the cost of a downtown hotel room. Not as good looking but still alot of fun.

Also asked the concierge about maid staff that worked "extra" for tips and found two that were in play, but didnt have the oppurtunity to partake in them. Hope this helps, good luck fellow mongers in PV.


02-22-04, 22:38
Just got back from Puerto Vallarta last night. Earlier in the week I went to my regular place, Lucy's massage. Like Rocket I got turned down by "Jo". In the past, if the girl didn't do the "special" massage, she would tell me which girl did. Jo said she had no idea and said not at Lucy's. Anyway, I stopped at Luna's massage and "Lily" told me upfront the special massage would be 750 pesos on top of the regular massage. I went for it and received a decent massage with Lily allowing me to feel her ass. Lily is cute with a nice body. On the flip, Lily refused to give me a BJ, but allowed me to get her tits out of her bra and gave an OK HJ.

I returned a couple of days later and had Lopito. Lopito has a couple of extra pounds on her but was very nice. When she saw me laying on the table without a towel, she said that I must want the "special" massage. I told her yes. I was in a hurry and didn't want any oil so Lopito spent alot of time playing with the back of my nuts. On the flip, I had her remove her bra and drop her pants. Again I got turned down for a BJ, but Lopita allowed me to finger her and play with her boobs. She gave a very erotic HJ. She never mentioned money, but I paid her what I paid Lily.

Before I left on Saturday, I tried Asiatic massage (on Mexico Ave) a few blocks from Luna's. Mentioned that I wanted a "special" massage, pointed to my groin, and the lady said "no" only professional massage. I thanked her and left before the massage.

02-25-04, 10:01
Hello Gentlemen,

I have just returned from two weeks in Puerto Vallarta and would like to file the following report. I hope it will be informative.

First of all, I have become somewhat disapointed in Mexico the last 3 times I have visited. Hotel workers (especially front desk) have become more "European" in their attitudes (i.e., RUDE) and the Concierge much less helpful (e.g., three years ago, I am not sure I heard the word "no" at the Krystall Vallarta for the entire 3 weeks of my stay. This time, I received poor treatment from almost everyone including the concierge...no help with transportation, room upgrades, dining, etc). I will not use this forum to complain about the rooms and service at Krystall Vallarta, but it is enough to say I will not stay at this hotel anymore, and PV may be off my vacation list.

I visited only clubs (no massage parlors) and escorts (outcall) so I will give info on these. All money reported in USD.

Juniors: As everyone knows, Juniors has the most attractive girls (in my opinion) but is VERY expensive. However, one advantage is that once they get to know you, you can stay with the same girl through the evening at the club and you will get extra time for no charge. Asking $200 for an hour upstairs (negotiable down to $100, but I am generally a poor negotiator). To take the girl out for 2 hours $300. (Could not get a better price than this). $20 for very good lap dance (three songs).

I have not really learned all of the procedure, but I have learned that sometimes you must be a bit rude to get a girl you aren't interested in -- just tell her you won't buy her a drink and usually she is gone. The language barrier makes it a little tough and I always feel a little bad for them. I am not sure how to explain that I would rather just sit alone and pick someone later (I even tried tipping the "boss" but that didn't work).

--- Met a girl named "Brittany" who was an 8 for looks (very slender, large breasts, nice ass), no English but very friendly. She was lacking a bit in performance, however, and seemed to get passed around a bit too much.

--- Also met "Brandy" who was gorgeous (a 9), spoke fair english, and was very talented (although a bit rushed). She obviously knew how pretty she was and was all about the money. About a 7 for performance but did not want to hang around when there were other lone men around.

--- Melanie also very hot (8-9), blond, great body, small breasts. Would only go for 1/2 hour and then all covered with no real touching below. Pretty mechanical but nice to watch move around. Interestingly, the only dancer I saw all week who didn't strip bare...just to her bra and thong...wierd for Mexico.

---Best was Gracia, a bit heavier, but athletic. By far the best dancer (did things on that pole I have never seen) and very friendly. Really seemed to hit it off with her and she hung out with me exclusively for a couple of nights. Did not plow through the "girl" drinks like all the others seemed to do. Extremely good performance; very responsive to DATY, multiple positions, and anal play (did not do anal "now" as she put it, maybe was having a problem of some kind...YMMV). Really enjoyed her, made it worth the trip.

Qeros: Down a notch from Juniors but the same type of deal...however, I asked my waiter to let me sit alone for a while and I would let him know who to bring over...tipped him $5 and he did the job! Did not really see anyone to take upstairs but got very good private lapdance for $25 from "Maria", "Lilliana", and "Sandra"

Juliette Massage: Used this service twice, saw a girl named "Julliette" -- very good massage, BBBJ, covered FS, all positions. No anal but responsive to DATY. Overall a 7.
The second night saw "Sabrina", pretty much the same, but better response and DFK; anal play but no anal sex. Overall an 8.

A bit less variety than I had hoped for, but my lack of spanish really hurts when looking for something "off the beaten track". I think I will try Cabo or Mazetlan next vacation and try to learn more spanish.

For the money and the selection, I much prefer Canada to Mexico. That might change if I had better Spanish and was a better negotiator. Canada has no great beaches and its pretty cold in the winter, but the girls are warm and the hotels are much more accomodating.

Sorry that this report is just really a rehash of what everyone else has posted. Will try to better next trip.


03-03-04, 23:38
Hello gentlemen,

I visited Puerto Vallarta last month and stopped at the "zona rosa" for a second time. It was an interesting experience.

I have read that many consider this "locals" area too dangerous. I disagree, but you have to be careful. I found a cab driver I trusted and asked him to go with me and wait until I was finished. It is about a 10 minute cab ride from the resort area to the brothels in a cluster of industrial buildings on the edge of town. There are three or four "clubs." I paid the cab driver $15 and bought him a beer.

Went about 11 p.m. and things were just starting. There were maybe 5 or 6 girls, some rather attractive. I ended up paying $70 for FS. It was OK but a little rushed.

The doorman was a pain in the butt insisting on a tip (that I refused to pay). The club had a dance floor in the middle where strippers start performing at about 11:30 p.m. The music was deafening. Surrounding the dance floor are small rooms for private recreation. The cost was more than I wanted to pay but it was WAY better than the clubs downtown. And I didn't feel threatened in any way.

03-09-04, 17:38
Additonal thoughts on "zona rosa":
- It really helps to speak Spanish, both for your enjoyment of the girl and in possibly getting the price down.
- The place is dirty. Cockroaches wander about, and the "rooms" for FS are spartan and unkempt. The surrounding neighborhood gets really dusty in the (dry) winter months.
- You can cut your taxi fare by releasing your driver. Cabs bringing clients in later on often hang around and can drive you back.
- The place is safe. It's a compound with plenty of folks around. Feel free to wander from one of the 3-4 places to the other.
- It's not for your average Joe Tourist. Go to the clubs and pay the premium, unless you really dig going local.
- There is a local price and there is a tourist price. US$70 is too much for this setting. You really should aim for US$40. Locals will pay less, but accept it. Walk away if they don't budge on their first offer.
- Yes, the music is LOUD. Unpleasant, but it's part of the culture.
- If the cab driver is not sure where you mean, tell him its on the road down from the bull fight ring (corrida de toros).
- There is not a lot of pressure to buy a drink for the girl. It's not a bad idea though, to set a mood and practice your Spanish. As in many cultures, getting to know your client first is valued. A beer is fine. I haven't seen phoney "girl" drinks here.
- This place has gone downhill from its former glory days. Fewer clients. I'm not sure why.
- BYOC (condom) and use it. Huge STD problem in Puerto Vallarta. There's a "clinic" on the right side of the entrance for the girls.
- Many of the girls live full-time in "rooms" there and are free to go out for daytime shopping and trips.
- There used to be a public bus that went by the front entrance (via Pitillal). It appears they rerouted it in 2003.
- The quality of the girls is not as good as the average club. I have usually been able to find a 7.
- You normally deal with a doorman/proprietor regarding price. You can point out who you want. He may or may not check with the girl to see if she will accept less than his stated price.
- The Mexicans are a gentle, friendly people. There are hardened pros here, but it's not quite as impersonal as the clubs.
- Almost no daytime action. And evening action, what little there is these days, doesn't get going until 11 PM.
- Bottom line: Skip the place unless you're a tolerant cheapskate like me

Late Night
04-11-04, 05:39
To Local experts,

Can someone name me the name of the two or three strip/FS clubs that are next to each other with one of the clubs that has a shower inside and girls dance while taking a shower. I was there a long time ago with an- anti p4p friend few years ago and had to leave cause my friend did not like the whole scene.

I remember I saw few 9s. I 'm going back soon and would like to visit this region again. I dont think this was the "zona rose" you guys are commenting on. This place was on some kind of hill and private.


Late Night booty!

Toledo Rocket
04-13-04, 02:30
The only one I know of up on a hill is Juniors.


Shanghai Bound
04-14-04, 22:28
For those interested in PV here's some info:

April 1st in PV included a tryst with a beautiful young lady named Perla. The day was going nowhere and I really wanted a sexual message, but couldn’t decide if I really wanted to go looking for it. I finally got tired of saying yes & no over and over and went downstairs to find a cab driver who could help me in my quest.

The cab driver’s name was Paco and he was right outside the hotel, Aventura Palace. I told him that I wanted a full massage with extras. He asked if I wanted a relaxing massage or the other. I said the other. He made a phone call and off we went to pick up my masseuse. She was a beautiful young lady named Perla, and the minute she entered the cab I knew she was something special. She was in her early 20’s, black haired, olive skinned and very petite. She was probably 5’ 2” in her bare feet and perfectly proportioned. She had an engaging smile and rested her hand on my thigh as we drove through the back roads of PV.

We headed to a small motel by the aero Puerto named Marina del Sol, or something like that. Surprised me given that it was inland. Clean little place that charged $20 per hour (though Paco charged $30, course he did hang around for the hour that I was with Perla).

The time with Perla was beautiful. She climbed on the bed and began swaying back and forth and wanting to “dance”. As I held her, she began taking her clothes off and helping me out of mine. The next hour was filled with fucking, sucking, and generally having a grand ol’ time. She even gave a half way decent massage during the last half hour. We finished off with a shower and watching the last few minutes of an old Kiefer Sutherland - Jeff Bridges movie.

Random thoughts on this: Perla was a lovely and charming young lady. I hope that some of what she got for this afternoon provides her with the ability to become self-sufficient and do whatever it is she wants to do with her life.

The Latina woman is the most natural creature in the southern latitudes. No offense to nortenas, but Hispanics have it all over them as far as the ability to look confident and at ease when the mercury is rising into the 90’s.

If people would get over the stereotypical role models that we are shackled with from birth, and just follow their bliss, there would be a lot fewer problems in the world today.

Should have left well enough alone. On my last night in PV I decided to go to a place called Hysteria. It’s a table dance night club near the Sheraton. Once there I was paired up with a chiquita named Roxanne. Where Perla was vibrant and energetic, Roxanne was listless and tired (she said she’d had a migraine for 3 days). She was taller than Perla and thinner. Her time was $125 for a half hour and the drinks and cover was $30. Net effect was that they both cost about the same, but Perla was more satisfying. After my time with Perla I felt rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. After being with Roxanne I was tired and disappointed with the world and life in general.

Better to trust the cabbies and let them find you exactly what you want.

04-21-04, 05:12
At Q*eros, there is a private room where the girls dance while showering. It is actually close to the Krystal Vallarta on the main strip. It is very private. Chica's Girls also has a "shower dance" but it is one on one and costs extra.

Don Tonto
05-04-04, 08:30
Oh my, how things change in Puerto Vallarta: Q'eros is now called Prestige and Chica's Girls has been defunct for awhile (after changing names and owners a couple of times over the past year or two). Did Chica's Girls recently re-open (as in early 2004)?

05-20-04, 02:34
In my two trips to PV....... I scuba dive during the day and monger in the evening. The best place I have found is Candy's. I walk in leaving my taxi driver waiting for me. Go upstairs check out the babes..have a drink ....ask the prettiest one to come back to my room. I speak very little spanish...but the head guy there will gladly translate for you.

The total cost incurred is $180 to $200 US for one hour, this does not include the taxi ride. There are some beautiful women in Candy's. I would rate the top echelon at 8's and 9's.

See my cuban posts and photos to get an idea what I consider an 8 or 9 to be.


05-21-04, 00:25

Wow. They do look great. The Cuban girls I mean. How much did you pay them. I am on a world mongering trip right now (currently in Vietnam). I was in 2 minds about Cuba but those girls are great.

06-08-04, 02:39
ManonsanBoy ...In Cuba things are very different. I paid the Cuban girls between$30 and $40 for an hour. As per my post I met about 10 girls.

However, you must negotiate the ever present police and have a casa paricular to take the girls to.

The polictical scene is a real downer. It began to get to me by the second week.

The scuba diving is excellent in Cuba.

Viking Dane
06-08-04, 20:30

This is my first report so as you can guess I’m pretty new to the WGS, well to be honest I’m pretty new to “the sex for money” scene too! Except for the odd time or two I have found myself on a business trip in some godforsaken town, alone, drunk and horny, I’ve mostly been enjoying the strip scene after the motto “watching is good, touching is dangerous”. After this last trip I probably won’t use that motto anymore even if it’s still true; touching is dangerous, especially for ones valet if you get addicted to playing with beauties in their early twenties!!!

Well on to the report. I spend a couple of weeks in Puerto Vallarta in early April. The first week mostly went by watching beautiful girls from the beach bars all day and partying most of the night! I stayed in the old part of town, that’s south of Hooters (over the river), to the ones of you who are familiar with PV. A nice area with a lot of restaurants, bars and a good atmosphere.

I knew there where strip clubs in PV and had planed to go to one during my stay, but the ones I had seen where all in the outskirts of town and I didn’t feel tempted enough to go that far from my hotel at night. Sunday afternoon before Easter I was exploring the hills behind the Southside of town and suddenly fell over a place called Junior’s bar. I remembered to have come across the name earlier in a good context and since it was in walking distance from my hotel, I decided to go back later. Opening hours where 8 PM to 6 AM daily. I moved on and to my big surprise it only turned out to be a 5 min. walk from the hotel, most of the time due to some pretty long and steep stairs.

Junior’s Bar is easy to find even if you don’t want to use a taxi.
If you are in the old part of town (Downtown South), just find the road closest to the waterfront “Olas Altas” and follow it almost all the way south. Just before it ends (and you hit the hillside!) look left and you will see some pretty scary looking steep stairs going up. The bar is located at the end of the stairs.

On Wednesday I finally was ready, and drunk enough, to go watch some naked chicas so around 2 AM I was entering the bar. Inside there where around 12 babes and I really mean babes. Around half of them where what I would call cover girls and would fit into any magazine! The rest where pretty much around 8´s even though a couple where not my type. I’m not too keen on tattoos, if a girl is too skinny, too heavy or if she looks too fake. Luckily taste varies and to be honest, I would have done every one of them if I had the chance without having to pay! If you are a big breast man the place is probably not for you. There are a few A-cups, lots of B- and C-cups but not many larger. Personally I don’t care about breast size as long as they fit the body aren’t saggy.

I also quickly realised that it wasn’t just another strip club, but that most or all of the girls where working! The place was quite busy with all tables around the stage occupied which is fine with me, I like to have the overview and not too much traffic behind me!

Let’s go over to the interesting stuff, the prices! (At the time I was there 1 USD was approx. 11 pesos)

There was a 100 pesos cover charge, included in that was a tequila at the entrance and a “sexy dance”.

The drink prices where not too bad either, it seemed that no matter if I ordered long drinks or beer the price was around 50 pesos. Ladies drinks where worse but still acceptable, 150 pesos (incl. a kickback to the girl) and again it did not seem to make any difference if it was tequila, a bottle of beer or one of the mix drinks without much alcohol.

Most of the staff (and there are many, waiters, security, floor managers and so forth) speak pretty good English but this doesn’t apply to all the girls. No problem though, the “manager” who negotiates the deals is pretty quick to let you know the options.
They start out with asking 2000 pesos for 1 hour including a room and 3 condoms (which means 3 pops if you can manage that in an hour). The specific on what’s going to happen seems to be up to you and the girl! There is also a half hour option at around 1400 pesos but I don’t know what’s included. Also a quickie option in some booths next to the bar but I didn’t get prices or what was included. On top of the price it seems that the “manager” expects a couple of hundred pesos tip as well as the room manager expects around 100. The girls on the other hand don’t seem to expect tip??? Or at least they act almost ashamed but very grateful when you give them some!

First night I didn’t negotiate a lot, but later found out that it was possible! If it always is possible or it was due to the night, my negotiating skills or the fact that I was a returning customer I don’t know.

In general I like the place and if you behave yourself and act respectfully and straight with the girls, you can spend quite some hours in the bar enjoying the chicas without getting your pockets cleaned out. I talked with a lot of the girls, but friendly declined to buy them a drink until I had made my decision and that gave no trouble! The service didn’t suffer either actually quite on the contrary!

On to the girls I chose.

First night I spend a couple of hours in the bar drinking (probably a bit too much), until I had seen all the babes naked. At that time I was so horny that I forgot my motto and called one of the girls I had talked to earlier over for a drink. She was a rather tall, early twenties Mexican knockout with a perfect face, long curly hair, flawless skin, an almost perfect body (her tits could have been a little more firm, but still wow!) and a great relaxed, laidback attitude! I learned that she was a single mom with one kid and only came to PV from one of the bigger cities up north to work (true or not I don’t know or care).
We quickly agreed on a one hour session and got a hold on the “manager”. I paid the 2000 pesos plus 200 in tip without thinking and went upstairs with my “catch”. In hindsight of course I should have negotiated, but on the other hand if I want a chance at a babe with these looks here at home, I will at least have to spend the double amount in restaurant and bar bills, without even being sure at one pop!

We got upstairs and where shown to a decent room, pretty large and with a very large, good and bouncy bed. A bit dark but most important of all it seemed clean!
We quickly got undressed and started off with her giving me a rather good massage (another rookie mistake due to the time limit!). After that she gave me a very good bj and after a short break and some nice conversation (She spoke ok English), I mounted her in a couple of positions and ended up in missionary ready to pop, when she told me not to cum inside her. Well ok with me so I pulled out, without paying any attention to the condom (which by the way got stuck inside her!). I didn’t realize this before I saw that I had fired my entire load all across her body. She was a good sport about it though, and just complained a bit about the shot that had landed in her hair. After having fingered her to an orgasm (fake or real?), she quickly went to the bathroom to rinse the cum off in the shower. I was pretty beat and began getting dressed since there was only 10 minutes until the agreed hour was up. She came back and actually looked disappointed that I turned down round three! Time didn’t seem to be a main factor to her and I didn’t see the room manager either. We spoke for a while and then I said goodbye and went home to my hotel.

One of my concerns was getting hooked on these hot Latinas and surely enough I found myself back at Junior’s two days later. It was Friday around 2 AM and it was quite crowded. Some larger groups of locals and quite many that looked North American. Again there where around 12-15 girls but today they where spread out, many sitting at the tables so it was harder to get the overview. I sat down ordered a drink and watched the happenings. A couple of very beautiful senioritas came over but sadly none of them spoke a word of English and my Spanish only consists of single words but no sentences, so I turned them down! After two hours the stage was entered by a stunning dark skinned beauty that looked like she came from the south of the country. I was sold but not quick enough! She was almost pulled off stage after the music stopped and went with a young American into one of the quickie booths next to the bar. After a very short time the room manager banged on the door and the babe almost came running out with her close over the arm and over to a local guy that was waiting to take her upstairs for a session. Suddenly I came to think of where she had been the two hours I had been in the bar? Well, probably upstairs with a customer and the thought about becoming the minimum forth known client to jump her that night turned me off!

But ok the decision was made; I had to jump someone by now and as it turned out, one of the earlier mentioned senioritas entered the stage. With close she was almost as stunning as the busy one and after the close where gone she turned out to have a killer body also. I quickly got a hold of my friend the “manger”. I asked him about the girl, the language barrier and we negotiated the price. He told me he would go talk to the girl as soon as she got off the stage and came back five minutes later. The deal was ok and if there where any trouble I just had to call him, great service and even about 25 % cheaper than the first night!

She was a petite, young thing with a perfect body, angel like face, long curly hair and what seemed to be a bubbling personality. I later learned that she was a 21 year, PV local with no kids.
Another five minutes and the babe came out of the dressing room but looked a bit concerned and not so bubbly than when we first tried to talk. I ordered a bottle of water (btw 35 pesos) and a couple of drinks and the waiter brought it up to the room. We got the same room and I found out the she could a few English words since she stated “Me nervous”, well babe me too!!! We had a good laugh, the ice was broken and she turned out to be a volcano!!!
1-2-3 the close where off, heavy French kissing and then she moved downwards via my nipples and ending up swallowing all of my pride. This resulted in the without competition best bbbj I have ever received!!! Lots of tongue, just the right amount of suction and lots of hand and tongue attention to both balls and stomach, WOW. I tried to ask if it was ok to shoot a load in her mouth, but she didn’t understand me so I decided not to. Damn, I’m too polite, should have done it anyway and blamed it on her bj skills! Ah well she kept on working and I had to stop her and put a condom on before I was gonna explode. On with the thing and girl on top, roll around, me on top and fire! Boy I was glad I ordered that bottle of water. We where both soaked in sweat so I also turned on the fan, which made my princess for the night smile because I had just declined that option about 20 minutes earlier.

A bit of relaxation, a little communication and a lot of cuddling, kissing and petting and on we go for the second round. She was just as good a fuck as she was giving head, lots of foundling, kissing and anyway I wanted. I also found another word she knew; “Turn around”! After this second round I had to give up again and we just fooled around for the last fifteen minutes. Again no hurry and I didn’t see the room guy!

All in all this girl took the price, total GFE!!! If I hadn’t just paid her and she had spoken anything else than Spanish, this would have been my dream girl! I was so satisfied that I invited her for a drink in the bar and she gladly accepted. We worked on our language skills the next 30 minutes or so, only interrupted by the security whistling every time she got a little too friendly. It seems that you are allowed to touch the girls and they are allowed to touch you (within limits), but kissing is not allowed! She also asked if I wanted a turn with her friend (another non-English speaking babe I had talked to earlier almost as beautiful) but sadly I had to decline. I was too beat and it was about time to hit the sack so she kissed me goodbye (damn that whistle!). On my way out I meet my new best friend the manager and we had a nice talk. I told him that I had to go home Tuesday but probably would return one more time before that.

Sure enough, Sunday I was back again! My plan was to try out the GFE babe’s friend to see if she was just as good, but she wasn’t working that night or had already left. My friend the manager was not there either, but instead of him there where a younger guy who was more busy talking to his friends than doing his job, also another room manager.

I was there at my usual time around 2 AM after my favourite bar slowed down and the crowd moved to the discos. It was a bit slower than the other days but still a lot of fun. I don’t remember how many girls where working but it was a good selection again! After a while my eyes fell on a bit taller late twenties girl with a great body, even though she had fake tits (very beautiful made and in good proportion to the rest of her body). On top of that she was a phenomenal dancer with some really interesting moves that sent my imagination in overdrive. I had actually seen her on Friday, but there she was busy servicing a table of Mexicans with lap dances. I think there where 6, all of them in turn cashing in their “sexy dance” voucher for her perfect curves.

I was just about to wave her over, as another stunning petite beauty with the most amazing smile jumped down on the chair beside me. Man that smile was just heavenly and she talked very good English so I started a conversation. We talked for a couple of songs but then it was her turn to go on stage, so she had to run off. Right after that the “fake tit beauty” came and sat down at the empty table next to me. Wow she really looked classy and a bit closer to my own age, so I was really tempted but at the same time “killer smile girl” was on stage dropping her close. Naked she was just perfect and with her smile I was sold, sorry neighbour!

Like said she was petite with a perfect body, long straight black hair, a dark tan and an even more beautiful face than my GFE girl.
After a few irritating moments I got a hold on the substitute manager and told him I wanted the same deal I had got Friday, with the girl momentary on stage! Off he went and after the last song ended he talked to the babe, who ran directly from the stage naked and jumped right on my lap with the biggest smile, Wow!!! If I hadn’t been in the mood before I certainly was now! I told her to go freshen up and in the meanwhile I would order us a couple of drinks. She came back and we talked for a while and then upstairs to “my room” with the rest of the drinks and a bottle of water.
She seemed a bit uncertain about the procedure of the house as we walked up and I later learned that she was new to the place. She was a 20 year old student from a city a bit south of PV, who used her spring break to earn some money. She had begun working at junior’s five days earlier and where only supposed to be there during her holiday. She also told that she had only had two boyfriends, but judging by the way she sucked cock I tend not to believe her!

Man third time this week I was playing with a super babe! Again a very good GF experience, lots of cuddling, French kissing and foundling. We started off with a great bj that turned into sex in various positions until I was ready to unload. I blasted off inside of her and she acted pretty surprised until she was sure the condom did hold. It seems that it’s customary not to blast off internally?!? At least 2 out of 3 preferred that! After a break and a lot of talking/fooling around she asked what I would like and since we already had tried most positions, I just felt like leaning back, looking down and watch a gorgeous girl work me over with lips and tongue. My wish was her command and man would I have liked to have that sight on videotape! Almost there it suddenly banged on the door and she jumped up like the energizer bunny. I looked at my watch and damn it, precisely one hour since we entered the room, too much talking! I shouted ok and then turned to her “please give me 2 more minutes”, she agreed even though she seemed a bit uncertain. She gave me a quick hand/mouth work over and two minutes later I blasted the second load into the rubber between her lips. She jumped up and began getting dressed, five minutes later the room manager was there again, damn what’s going on, why the hurry, I want the regular staff back! She was also way more reserved after the session than the previous two girls and in a hurry to get out.

Well to make a long story short, my exit that day was a bit more rushed than the two previous times. If this was due to the substitute staff, the babe’s inexperience with the place or that I’ve just been lucky the other times I don’t know.
On the other hand except for the exit, I had a great experience with a very sweet and extremely beautiful girl!

Man I just realised that what should have been a short report has turned into a short story instead. I just hope that I haven’t bored someone to death but it was quite fun writing it, especially since I had to relive the great experiences in my mind while doing it.

As you have probably guessed by now, I got pretty hooked on Latinas and where very sad to leave but I’ll be back. Next time more ready and with only one goal: to bang as many Latin beauties as my time and valet allows, but you’ll get to hear about it here in the WGS. Next report will probably be from Eastern Europe since I have a couple of trips planned during this autumn and now I simply have to try it out there too!

All the best and keep the reports coming in, its valuable info for all us horny guy’s out here!

06-09-04, 20:16
Viking Dane

First let me welcome you to the “club”. Next, let me be the first to say; great report. I have read many ‘monger diaries’ but yours, by far, was the most enlightening as you provided excellently relative detail. Yours is a guiding inspiration and I will certainly reference this for future travel to Mexico.

I, for one, really appreciate a well-written and substantive report!


Sun Devil
06-10-04, 08:19
Thank you for the report Viking Dane. I have been deciding whether a trip to the west coast of Mexico is a good idea and as to which location.

Your report regarding PV has given me impetus to choose that location.

L V Whitey
06-11-04, 17:50
Thank you for the great report Viking. I had been planning a trip in December to Cabo however I think I will make a detour further down the coast to PV. I visited PV on my honeymoon of all things about 12 yrs ago. Thank go that did not last. This trip is with some buddies here in Vegas. I will look up your joint.



Don Tonto
06-16-04, 04:41
Here are a few 24/7 outcall massage places advertising in Puerto Vallarta. I haven't used any of them, so I can't be of much help. You can find Juliette Massage on the web using a Google search.

Juliette Massage - Escort 224-0339, 224-3638
Musas Massage / Escort Service 225-4987
Justine Massage & Escort 224-7605

06-28-04, 15:53
Regarding the outcall services in PV. It's hit and miss. For those of you familiar with my posts and photos in the Cuban section...you know I look for a minimum of 8's. These businesses send girls ...sight unseen....to your room. The 5 girls I have met , three through Juliettes the rest from other services, have ranged from one 9, two 7's, one 6 and one 5.

As a result, I don't use these services anymore. I recommend going to either Candies or Juniors. I prefer to bring them back to my room. The travel time is not included in the hour by the way.

Gordita Lover
07-01-04, 00:29
Went to PV about a year and a half ago. Looked around the strip clubs, and there were certainly some hot women in them, and like other Mexican cities, it looked like you could get some decent action relatively cheap, or some more satisfying action somewhat expensively.

Instead, though, I grabbed a cab and asked for the zona roja and the cabbie took me straight to the right place. He clearly got a kickback from the places from the way he interacted with the managers.

The place is small and dingy, but it serves its purpose. The first place I went to had the most hot women. I was taken directly to the hottest woman in the room, who asked for $60. She would have been worth it, but a) I don't want to just jump in, b) don't have typical tastes. I don't want a Playboy model in general (not that she was that hot, she was probably a 8.5 to 9). As my nickname suggests, I like chubby girls. Chubby girls or truly petite girls are more to my taste. Most of the hottest women seemed to be busy in the back rooms and would come out and almost immediately get chosen to go back again. Most of the women dancing and hanging out were more like 6s and 7s.

I decided to check out the other places. The next were mediocre. No hotties. The place was darker and dingier. I think there was only one more place, though I can't remember that well. The cabbie insisted that the other place was all gay guys and so no good, but when I asked to leave, he talked to another guy outside (too fast for me to follow) and then took me over. It was about half guys and half girls, most of which were 4s and 5s, some worse. However, there was one cutie that was perfect. She was chubby with a pretty face. Probably a 6 or 7 by most people's standards, but again, just what I was looking for. She seemed to have an excellent attitude, too, which is always very important.

Discussed price with her. She asked $40, I offered $30, and she agreed reluctantly. The house took $10. We went back into a concrete little cube with a bed and sink. She offered a rubber, but I was more interested in a bj and gfe. (I know, my prefs aren't typical.) She had a big set of lovely, soft, chubby breasts and a nice round bum. We made out and I fingered her and sucked her tits. She kissed my neck and chest and stroked me. After about 15 minutes of this, she went down on me and gave me a bbbj which she didn't want in her mouth so I let loose all over her breasts and lovely chubby belly. Man, cum looks better on brown skin.

We cleaned up and I left, quite satisfied. Didn't have another chance, but it was a fun outing. I wish I had my digital camera back then, but I imagine most of you wouldn't have appreciated her the way I did. Could have got a couple pics of the hotties at the other place, though.

07-20-04, 04:05
Does anyone have a clue as to why PV has such a low quantity of WG? It seems there would be more in this coastal town. Lots of tourists with $, lots of poor surrounding villages, yet PV, has little to no action???


Don Tonto
07-20-04, 08:03
Hi GettingTang,

The quantity is certainly not near Tijuana standards, especially with street girls, of which I have only seen a handful. But, there are lots of club girls, especially on Saturday nights. Monday and Tuesday nights seem to be the worst. The quantity does seem to fluctuate throughout the year.

Sometimes, the dumpy "Zona Roja" can be packed with chicas. Except for a few girls, the zona is absolutely dead before midnight, however. It is really a midnight until 5 AM kind of place.

But, to answer your question, I suppose:

1. Tijuana more "tourists" than just about anywhere else in the world. It's border with the U.S. is the busiest border crossing in the world. So, PV will never approach TJ quantity.

2. PV has tourists, but some are:

a. cruiseship arrivals who arrive in the early AM and depart at about 9-10PM, on the same day. They are not there in the PM to partake.

b. male/female couples who arrive together. It's kind of hard to slip away from the Ms.

c. gay travelers. PV is a popular gay destination in Mexico.

d. more interested in the regular nightclub scene, where a little skill can and charm hook you up for "free" with a non-WG. (or maybe a semi-pro WG who is hanging out by the club entrance discretely waiting for some gentleman to invite her inside). Most of the tourist nightclub dollars go to these clubs.

3. There may be some seasonal fluctuations in girl quantity, depending on when you visit. Of course, holidays such as Christmas can thin the numbers out as the girls travel back home. Many are not actually from PV. Also, the "high" tourist season runs from November until April. That is when all of the snowbirds come down from the U.S. and Canada to pass the winter months...and its when all the hotel rates go up!

07-21-04, 06:47
Don Tonto has it exactly right. I would guess Don Tonto has spent alot of time in PV.

The only thing I would add is there really are some beautiful women...8's...9's and 10's in the night clubs.But you have to do a little shopping.

The club where I consistantly have had good luck is Candies. My modus operandi is I pay a little extra so that I can take them back to my hotel room for an hour or so.

The other thing PV has going for it is it's natural beauty. It's an artistic community with many art galleries and facinating and friendly people.

The scuba diving is good also. I have seen 15 foot Manta Rays, whales, dolphins, sea turtles not to mentioned coral reefs and abundant fishes of all kinds.

08-26-04, 03:26
I'm researching my first trip to PV and looking for daytime opportunities to monger, whether massage with happy ending or FS. I've heard of only one place that is open during the day. Antorchas apparently services cruise ship staff on Wednesdays. Can anyone confirm, add details, or suggest an alternative. I'll not have much freedom to roam late at night. PM me please.


L V Whitey
08-26-04, 17:21
I will be in PV in early December. Looks like Vikings post below has the most quality info. If anyone has anymore current info or "hot tips" please advise. I passed on a trip to Cabo for PV. Looks like I have made the righ choice based on some of these threads.


Don Tonto
08-28-04, 04:10
I have seen Antorchas from the main road, but I never went inside because I thought it was a just a local restaurant/bar. I guess I was wrong. Hopefully you can check it out and give us a report.

I think the daytime action in Vallarta is very limited. The Alamo Hotel usually has some girls hanging around in the mid-to-late afternoon after they have woken up for the day. At night, they work down the street at the Rolex Club but some live at the Alamo. The Alamo Hotel is a REAL dump. It's not really a hotel at all - just a place for the girls to live. But it is safe and the girls are very friendly. It's rare to find a good looking girl there, however. They are mostly 2's, 3's and 4's on the looks scale. Maybe you might get lucky and find a pretty girl, but the odds are generally against you. Nobody I know would recommend the Alamo as a desired destination, but if you are limited to daytime activities it's an option at least.

As I said before, the girls hang around the Alamo Hotel bar in the afternoon; sitting, talking and playing board games. There may not be any other customers there, but the girls will be happy to drink a beer with you and negotiate a daytime trip back to their rooms. If you aren't shy and don't see a girl you like, you can ask bartender if there are any more girls around. The bartender will probably take you around to the rooms and introduce you to the girls who are still in their rooms. It's a really low-key kind of place.

Everyone at the Alamo only speaks Spanish and any taxi driver should know how to get you there. There are always a few taxis hanging out in front of the building.

Here is a link to some guy's travel blog that more info: http://homeboys-adventures-in-australia.com/mex/laroja.html
You can get a good idea of the typical girl quality there from the pictures. I hope that posting this link doesn't violate any of Jackson's board rules, since it's just a guy's travel report and not a competing message board.

I don't have much experience with the massage parlor scene. I only went once to a place that is no longer open. After the regular massage was finished, there was a slightly uncomfortable pause in time before the girl indicated that additional services were available. I don't know if she normally provided these services or if it was just all part of an act. The girl keep looking nervously around as if she was afraid of someone else walking into the room and discovering us. It was slightly after closing time and we were the only two people in the building.

Good luck with your travel. I hope you have a good time.

09-22-04, 06:31
I am new at this but very interested in making contributions. I have none now, since my trip to PV to monger (monger light?) will be my first such deliberate attempt. Okay, so everyone has to start somewhere!

I have been to the old town part of PV and seen many signs for MPs. What places and girls (names) would you recommend? I know that visiting a MP is really on the light side, but I am more comfortable starting there. Once I have done this, I will write a report and who knows, I may eventually get good at this.


Don Tonto
09-25-04, 04:43
Hi Reese,

First of all, I don't know much about the MP scene in PV. What I do know suggests that most of parlors on the street are more-or-less legitimate. You might get "a little extra attention" provided conditions are right, but there aren't wholesale sexual services being offered to everyone who walks in the door. Also, your choice of massage girls will probably be limited to the one or two girls that work there. I admit that I may be completely wrong, but it seems that the possibility of disappointment is high.

So, my suggestion would be to go to a place where you know you can receive service and also have a good selection of girls. Junior's Bar, on the Southside of town, would be my recommendation as a good "first stop" for someone getting into the hobby. No matter what your tastes in women are, Junior's probably has someone that will meet your desires. Viking Dane has published a very nice report on Junior's Bar a little farther down the page.

09-25-04, 16:54
Don Tonto,

Thanks for the advice. It appears that I am something of a timid soul when it comes to plunging into this new pursuit.

On the light side of mongering, I did notice that others had varying levels of success at Lucy's and Luna's. They even gave names of girls which might help. When I am in PV, I have lots of time on my hands and am very patient. It's my only relaxation time.

I am sure that I will go to Junior's and some of the other places that have been suggested. I will be sure to post my novice experiences. However, I don't think I'll ever manage a report like the one by Viking Dane. He's a great author!


09-29-04, 06:00
A couple buddies and I will be traveling to PV in early November. Based on previous posts I can see that Juniors is a place that we would want to visit. Can anyone tell me if Juniors is open during the day and if so what is the selection like during those times.

I realize that we would be best served going there during the evening house, unfortunately that will not be possible as we will be traveling with the wife’s. We figured we would plan a couple guys only shopping trips or maybe even a fishing trip, if you now what I mean.

Any current info on juniors or other daytime activities would be greatly appreciated.

Be safe,


Dickus Maximus
10-04-04, 00:56
Will be headed to PV mid-october and will do a thorough study and report my findings here. Last time there was about a year ago and tried only the zona rosa. The girls were mostly pretty ugly or pretty expensive, Tijuana is way better. But I was in a hurry.

Did get a good massage, at a place in town but it didn't appear that any extras were offered.

If anyone is going to be down there mid-october, PM me and we'll hook up.


Don Tonto
10-06-04, 08:35
Sorry Hacker, but Junior's Bar doesn't open until 8PM :-(

Allen Eire
10-08-04, 21:05

I will be there 18th-22nd so PM me if you are going to be there during that time.

The Mrs. & I will be staying at our old standby The Playa Los Arcos. Not the best hotel not the worst but we like it because it is in the heart of all the old town action!

I used to have a neighbor in San Jose, CA whose uncle owned a strip bar called Los Lobos about 3 blocks from the Playa LA. This was 4 years ago but I was able to sneak over a couple of times & fucked this Mexicana Delta Burke look-a-like in the lap dance booth for $40. For those of you who don't know Delta was a voluptious & stuningly good looking actress in the late 80's with jet black hair, blue eyes& a nice rack. Unfortunately she blimped up into a fat pig & her career went into the toilet. Not sure if Los Lobos is still in biz but we shall see!

Don Tonto
10-10-04, 20:11
A couple of years ago, Los Lobos transitioned into more of a legitimate late-night "hangout" bar for the restaurant workers, hotel workers, etc., when they got off from work. Last time I went, the place was closed and the bar name was removed from the building. But, businesses are always changing so who knows what goes on there now.

10-12-04, 06:46

In August I stayed at the Playa los Arcos (the one on the beach) as well and took a walks around the area looking for MP's or lady bars and couldn't find S#!@t, I even went across the street of Playa to this place that said "estetica" to my surprise it was a legit estetica for pets! Man was I dissapointed.

Btw, if you want to score points with the Mrs. take her to this nice restaurant called "Le Cliff" (if you haven't been there yet) just follow the main road past Juniors (the strip joint up on the hill) for about 20 mins and you're there, take her at sunset and she'll never forget it.


Allen Eire
10-13-04, 00:18

I did take the Mrs. to Le Cliff but are you sure you are not thinking of Chico's Paradise where we have dined as well?

So I guess Lucy's Massage in old town is closed? I plan if anything to at least get a legit massage from a pretty masseus.

Last time I was in PV was May 03' and noticed Los Lobos was no more.

Allen Eire
10-23-04, 21:35
Well fellas I'm back from wonderful PV!!!

The good news is that there is action to be had. The bad news, this fine Mexican city is one of the most expensive to vacation/monger in.

Unlike TJ (Thank God!) this town does not have a mongering district that jumps out at you and the cops are clean & not to be feared. My first day in town the Mrs. and I checked in at the Playa Los Arcos. She wanted to go swiming and I told her I needed to get my aching back massaged so off I went. I roughly had two hours to select a place & get the massage before I had to be back for dinner.

Massage #1: Went to Damely Massage on Ave. Ignacio L. Vallarta. When I walked in I was greeted by two twenty something chicas who were good looking and wearing skirts (Always a good sign.). I was escorted to a clean room by Patty (A solid 7) who proceeded to give me a good back massage. When it was time to flip she made no effort to cover my semi-erection. She gave me a massage all over carefully avoiding Mr. Cock. Towards the end she whispered that there was only five minutes left and would I like anything else massaged. I placed her delicate hand on my cock that quickly grew to attention. She placed her other hand to her lips & said do not mention this I am not susposed to be doing this....Whatever, she then proceeded to give me a nice HJ while I felt her tits underneath her shirt. Alas, I tried to finger the snatch but as I went under the panties she pulled away smiling & shaking her head. As I came she did not pull away but kept rubbing to get the full ejaculation, which is always satisfying. After I was dressed she came into the room and gave me a card with her cell# on the back. I was informed that she would see me outside of the establishment for a date or a day at the beach. I am certain that sex was on the menu but I was not persistent enough. Also I had enough sense not to because if I had shown up at the hotel smelling like pussy the Mrs. would have had me by the balls! All in all the damage was 300 pesos (less than $30US) plus I tipped her $20US. I know it was a bit much but I thought I would see her again and I wanted to be on her positive side. I will report more later but I have some things to tend too now. BTW one of our newer Forum members Dickus Maximus went even further with our dear Patty. I hope he gives us the details soon! Also please do not ask me for Patty's # because I have already discarded it since I am not going back for a year or so.

Next report soon!

Dickus Maximus
10-25-04, 19:13
I wasn't quite clear I guess. Because I didn't get anything from Patty but a great massage. I do have digits though for FIPs (frequent informative posters). She said no sex, but giggled when I asked if it was just a question of the tip and said "well, how much"

I tried to set up an appointment at the hotel later with her, but instead got her "sister" Evy. She was not as good looking as Patti (I thought Pattie was better than a 7) Wanted $30 for massage, $20 for nude and $20 for the hand job. (300 for FS) Got a shitty massage, ok start to a hand job, but she complained when I tried to touch too much. Said if I didn't stop she would have to go, so I sent her on her way. In sum it was $60 too much. Said she would come back the next day if I didn't tell her "sister". But I wasn't about to take a risk again.

I had much better experiences elsewhere... and will report soon. Including a TWO DAY freebie out of one of the big strip clubs. In general PV is expensive but the service is excellent. This was the exception...


Allen Eire
10-27-04, 07:54

Sorry we did not catch each other sooner and compare notes. I thought you had bagged Patty. Interesting though on our rating system she could pass as an 8 but we all have our opinion. I thought the other girl that was there with her edged her out a bit.

I noticed drunk white US or Canadian gals at Carlos O'Brian's dancing on tables in the early afternoon just begging to get laid. Also amatuer Mexican gals are to be had if you venture away from the beach. They are shy at first but just chat them up with a little Spanish, it goes a long way.

I still have report #2 to compile but it is late & I have to get up early, just wanted to check in.

It may be another day or so before I get time to post the second full report but I must warn my fellow mongerers DO NOT go to Lucy Massage. It really sucks! I will post in detail about it but just giving a preliminary heads up.

11-30-04, 14:52
Here it is almost Dec 1 and I'm headed to PV for some work/fun. Dec 1-5. It seems as if the action changes.

Any recent reports? I'll be single and on the prowl this trip.

Thanks fellow mongerers!

Hawg Dawggie
12-03-04, 01:53
As others have said, the mongering in Puerto Vallarta is poor and very expensive.

That said, I visited Candys Girls over near the entrance to the Marina. 100 pesos cover charge (US$10), but it includes one lap dance plus a shot of tequila, so not too bad a deal.

Not that many chicas available when I showed up around 7, but eventually
a dark haired chica who went by Celeste came over. She did a good job on the lap dance and Willy was eager for more. The "manager" came over and quoted 1,000 pesos for 15 minutes "privada", 1500 for 30 minutes, 1750 for one hour. He was also very pushy for tips....and I was insulted when he said a 70 peso tip for him was too little...SHEEESH...the guy does ZERO work and then complains that he's underpaid! That's the kind of lame attitude you find at all the places in Puerto Vallarta, though.

If I were smart, I'd have left, but Willy was thinking for both of us, and he saw no problem with dropping 1K pesos for a little "hide the log" action, so into the privada we went.

Privadas are lame. Small uncomfortable rooms, harshly lit, with blacked out windows right next to the chairs where other clients are doing lap dances. Only furnishings are thin, dinky little massage tables.

The chica got nekkid faster than me and was rip roarin ready to go. Smallish tetas, maybe B cups, and a little more flab on the stomach than I expected. Perfunctory FS, but she claimed it would have been better if I'd paid for the full hour (yeah right). Said she was 19 years old. Maybe so...

Overall, not a memorable occasion. Got the job done, but Juniors is a nicer club (but also expensive with "managers" who want big bucks for nothing).

As always, mongering in Vallarta bites...


Member #1908
12-09-04, 06:00
These places are not cheap. However, the quality of the chicas is usually pretty good. I have been down there 25 or 30 times over the past six or seven years and have rarely been disapointed. As for the "managers" and for that matter, the "security" people that are always in great supply, I have not tipped them more than a couple of bucks at any time. My personal policy is that whenever someone asks for a propina, they get nada! In my opinion, the only guy worth tipping is the one that is holding the watch for the private time with the chicas.

If you are looking for a GFE, invest some time on your first night and find a chica to your liking and ask her if she wants to go to dinner the next night. I have had this work on several occasions where a night out on the town, dinner at a nice restaurant leads to an enjoyable night back at the hotel, with only the cost of the dinner. Some might even be ok with just room service.

As for the two clubs, I usually find the service a little better and the ladies a little friendlier over at Juniors. I also find the seating at Juniors a bit more comfortable. Juniors also has rooms upstairs that have beds. They have one room with a king size bed and several smaller ones with just small single beds.

Just a little on my experiences, for what it is worth. If anyone is going down this weekend, I am planning a short three night trip down arriving on Saturday. I will be the one in the Alaska hat at Juniors or maybe to visit some old friends at Candys.


12-15-04, 08:56
Well, I am back from PV. Let’s face it, I am not a successful mongerer. Fortunately, I have many opportunities to get it right as I will be going to PV during the first week of January.

Here is my report, useless as it is. But first I have to tell anyone who reads this that I only tried MPs, not places like Juniors. For the present, I have my reasons but will no doubt graduate to these places, just not now.

I tried six MPs – Yin-Yang, Armonia, Damely, Luz de Luna, Venus and one other – the name I don’t remember, something like Healing Hands. I admit that I am timid about asking for extras, but I was sure to not cover myself with the towel thinking that this would make a statement. In fact, in one of the places I told the girl not to cover me when I rolled over. She did not but seemed disinclined to meet me half way. I did get some good massages.

My report is that I did not even get a HJ anywhere. I even had a lead, Damely Massage. A post by Allen Eire told me that either of two sisters would do the deed, but alas Patty was not there, and I just did not care for her sister. The latter did give me a massage of so-so quality. Another girl at Damely also gave me a massage, but no extras. Allen’s report suggested that Patty would at the very least give a good massage and HJ with the good possibility of much more. With her absence, there was no such luck for me.

As I said, I will go back in January. I am going to take Don Tonto’s suggestion and try Juliette, Musas, Justine and some others that I saw including Nifas. I also plan to go to Lucy’s. I will report on my adventure, and this time I hope it will be a success.

If anyone has any suggestions for MPs in PV, please let me know including whether they scored any successes at the MPs that I tried (where and who). By telling me that you were successful, I will know that I just have to be more aggressive in asking for extras. I would really appreciate the help!

Expect a report. Here’s hoping.


12-27-04, 05:10
I was in PV last week, I go at least a week every year. Things haven't changed much.

First night we just window shopped at Juniors.

We visited Prestige our second night. This place is expesive but the girls are all 8's and higher I don't care who's scale your using. Most are from other countries and some will not leave the bar. Several girls speak good english and if your smooth you can get them cheap Sunday night, there night off. They have private rooms and you can get a 5 min dance for $20 US or you can get all out sex for one hour for $265 US. To take a girl out it is $300 for two hours. The drinks for the girls are $26 US each, your drinks are close to normal bar prices. The girls here are good dancers. If you want to go watch a girl get off on stage or drip hot wax all over herself this is a good place to hang out. The girls will not approch if you tell the manager your just going to watch and shop. 10 dollar cover. We did take two out of here (that hit the pocket book) and it was made very clear that we were not to tip and that you paid for everything and anything. My buddy and I both got anything and everything, both of us were happy with the service we got.

The third night we hit Juniors, it did have some girls from other countries this year. The girls range from 5's on up. I took one out from Hungary that was nice (solid 9) , she claimed to be only 25. Body looked 18 and the face looked 30 (very attractive 30). She spoke some english, $200 for 2 hours at my hotel. She liked sex and was disappointed when she had to go back and I was exhausted. My buddy made a deal with a girl from juniors he new from previous years and it cost him about $100 US a night.

The fourth night I meet a local non-pro and went out with her the rest of the time down there. If you can speak spanish (which I can't) you can easily pick up locals in the bars. They would perfer to be wined and dinned by a tourist than treated like property from a local. The girl I picked up refered to local Mexican men as "Mexican Macho". Being a nice guy can actually get you somewhere in Mexico.

I did have numbers from the girls from Prestige and Juniors and both made it clear that side deals were possible.

01-07-05, 05:38
I was in Puerto Vallarta for the New Years Holiday. I got a last minute flight into PV. Went through Customs, (They took an Orange from me that I had packed for my trip) I had planned on renting a car in PV so I made my way over to Dollar Rent a Car. I had made reservations over the Internet before I left, $123 for three days. When I got there they tacked another $39 a day for insurance, which I thought was outrageous. When I wouldn’t go for it they charged me for a days rental. I have never had a good “rental car” experience in Mexico. In the end I was better off with out a car, but I had wanted one just in case I was interested in doing some mongering in some of the towns around PV.

I grabbed a taxi drove in the the southside of town and found a small economical hotel GaViota right on the beach. I would use this place to look for a nicer place for my next two nights. That night was New Years. The place was packed with people, most of them on the “Malecon” which is the main street in town running along the beach. They shot fireworks from huge cannons right at your feet. The one thing I truly love about Mexico is there lack of rules around most things they do.
On to the things you want to hear about…

I had hoped I could pick up a local that night, I smiled at many but could not get very far. I speak fluent Spanish and that was not helping my cause. I think most people were out with friends and family. I got to bed by three am convinced that I would have a shit more luck the next day.

Day Two in PV

I woke up had some coffee and breakfast, I checked into a new hotel Playa de Los Arcos. A decent 4 star hotel close to town and more importantly close to Juniors. Juniors was closed New Years Eve and New Years Day. I called Ninfas Massage, this is one of about 5 different “escort” services offered in town. You call tell them what your looking for and they are at your door in about 30 minutes. What awesome service! I hooked up with a very young shy 18 year old “local” named Sandy. She had a very tight little spinner body. I paid $1500 Pesos for an hour and a half. You could get 1 hour for $1000. Getting her in to the Hotel was a little tricky I asked her to dress like a tourist. She was able to get past the receptionist, and into my room with out a hitch. Total GFE experience. I went twice and enjoyed every position imaginable. She was into it as I found every Latina I hooked up with. They really like to fuck as I do.

Day Three:

Woke up at 10:00 AM coffee over at the Internet Café. (The breakfast places serve very weak coffee for the most part.) Decided to experiment with Cialis so went to Pharmacia Guadhalara (sp) spent $540 Pesos for 4 pills. Talk about a hard on that keeps on ticking.. Called Juilletes, they wanted $1500 for an hour I said I would give them that for an hour/ and half and she agreed. I asked for a round Latina, since I had just enjoyed a thin spinner the day before and they sent over a “classic” Mexican round extremely large breasted woman. Her name was Katrina, she made it to the room. I gave her the $1500 and proceeded to have her once again like anything I wanted. I have never asked for Greek since I don’t like. But I think they would for a tip. I walked her back downstairs to her “driver” and she was off back to her apartment. Evidently she shared with me that all of the girls stay in a single apartment some where in the city watching TV, till the “receptionist” calls with a client. I asked if there was a way I get to that apartment and that is not possible. She did say that you can request as many girls as you want and simply pay $100 Pesos to the ones you don’t want for there taxi ride back to the apartment. Kills me that I can’t get a view of all of the girls in the various apartments in town that function as escort holding areas.

Day three evening;

Juniors is opened finally I walked up the street (Olas Altas) from Playa de Los Arcos (three blocks max) It’s a little tricky finding it. Basically right before the street ends there are some very steep stairs to the left. You climb these to the top and there is it. $100 Pesos to get in includes a shot of tequila, and a voucher for a lap dance. The Place was dead at 10:00 was not till 12:00 that it began to jump. The beers were $150 Pesos, or you could buy a pitcher for $400. The girls will come buy and work you for a drink, just send them on there way with a smile and there is no problem. The Service there is great lot’s of attention from the staff who are all wired with headphones. You can take whatever girl you want upstairs (Where some of them live) or you can take them to your hotel for $200. ( 2 hours) He girls were mostly 8’s two or three 9’s . I arranged for a girl to come back to my room after her shift at 5 AM. Madison was a hot Latina from Veracruz. Ass like you could not believe. I left around 2:00 AM walked back to my Hotel, getting hit on by the hundreds of gays that stay in that area of PV. (Strange that Juniors is right in the middle of gay town PV) Went back to my room slept for a couple of hours and then got a call from Hotel Security saying a girl wanted to talk to me. They wouldn’t let me bring her in so we hung at a local bar for a couple of hours messing with each other and waited for the day shift to come in at 7:00 AM. When they did I took Madison back to my room and she was just incredible. Tight body, her reverse cow girl is some thing she does extremely well. I hung with her for a total of 6 hours gave her $150 US and she asked for the “lubricant” we used during sex. (She said it made her very hot) I walked her back to Juniors. Now it was time to rush to the airport for my trip back to the Bay Area.
I fucking love Mexico

Bang Her
02-26-05, 01:40
Fellow Mongers,

I haven't been to PV since 2002 and it started to suck ass during that time. Back in 99-01 I had great times in the Zona Roja and Juniors. Los Lobos was rocking when I was there in 99, alot of bad bitchs. At the Alamo I hit the Jackpot once, when I banged a young hot ass girl back in 2000. It's too bad that the Alamo turned into a dump, if it wasn't one before.

Anyways, is Cadillac still open? The manager that worked there was good peoples. Never begged for money like ever other place in PV. I hate that SHIT, bastards think you owe them something.

Pics of Zona Roja

02-26-05, 20:37
Stravanganza is the only club in the roja zona that is worthwhile. It can be hit or miss, but ask for Dora as she speaks English. They have new rooms there that are far better then any other club in town. mirrors, air and a nice shower. For thirty minutes 500 pesos for the girl and another 50 pesos for the deluxe room. Most of the chicas don't speak English, but they understand everything else. Every other place in town is at least twice that much. If you want further info pm me as I am in PV quite often and can help suggest bonita chicas.

02-27-05, 15:08
I was in PV last week and returned to Luna massage where I had a nice time with two different girls last year. They were booked up so I returned a couple of hours later when I told her I wanted the "special" massage. The lady told me they no longer do that. Disappointed but wanting some relief I tried a couple of other massage storefronts only to be told that they only give "professional" massage.

Out of desperation, I stopped by Lucy's massage which had been reliable, except for the last two years. Lily was working the front desk and I told her I was interested in a "special" massage and without missing a beat she stated it would be $750 pesos. Lily is an attractive, petite chica. She indicated that the "special" would be a HJ. I asked for oral but she said no. Lily gave an excellent massage. On the flip I started to rub her ass and went for her chest but she said no touching.

Not the best experience but it was the only port in the storm I could locate.

As a sidenote, Lucy's had business cards on their desk for themselves and for Luna.

03-05-05, 09:03
Saw Patty at Damely Massage and all was as reported. This is a one flight up business near a very busy intersection in "old town". Well signed and easy to find. Walked in around 2 pm and asked for Patty. Luckily she was available. Told her a friend of mine had referred me to her when she asked if I'd been in before. She quoted me 300 pesos for the hour and we proceeded. Nice firm massage...no teasing or suggestive moves. At the end of the appointment she whispered into my ear...so close and quietly it was almost funny. I suggested a hand finish and she requested 200 pesos extra. The deed was done, I paid her the 500 total and left a happy man. Touching only outside the clothes. About a 7 in appearance.

Returned in two days, but asked for oral this time. Patty was hesitant...asked if I had a condom...I did...and she held firm to her price of 400 tip for a total of 700 pesos. Also offered her 1000 pesos total for fs, but she laughingly declined. I really don't think she wants to go that far. So the oral was good, nothing special, but I left a happy man.

Patty told me she only does oral for her boyfriend, but she needs the money.

Did not try any other massage places as I thought there was a high likelyhood of striking out, based on Reese27 posts.. By the way, Patty left the room briefly about 3 times during each of the one hour appointments....probably to greet someone in the reception room.

Will write soon about Antorchas (bar across from the cruise ship terminal) and juniors.

03-07-05, 23:05
Price check.

Girls are asking 500 pesos (US$45) in Zona Rosa, a dusty compound (muddy in this winter's unusual rains) that opens its loud bars at 10 PM. Many girls will settle for 450 pesos, like Carlota, a 6, who for some reason winks at you, as though it were sexy, then rushes you in bed in her primitive room. Adriana, a short 7 with a cute smile (cell phone 322-120-1168), accepted 400 pesos + 50 pesos for a clean room. Many others are fat and only 5-6 in looks. Absolutely dead in the daytime.

Girls, through the "manager", are asking 1,000 pesos (US$90!) & up at Juniors, a loud bar where you are required to pay a 100 peso cover for a lap dance that you have to go out of your way to request and then are told you have to pay even more to be able to touch. Opens at 8 PM, only 4 girls available then, disinterested in the customers and NOT the 8-9s described by a previous poster. Cheapest beer is 40 pesos. Basically a rip-off in my view, but YMMV.

Hysteria, on the right side of the road as you head into town via the tunnel, charges a 100 peso cover. What you get for this is a high level of second-hand cigarette smoke and the companionship of about 40 men sitting at tables hoping for a girl to come out and dance. No females in sight, really bad odds, I got out of there fast.

Hotel Alamo, past the airport on the left of the road to Ixtapa, does have girls available in the daytime, most of whom live there. 450 pesos for Corina, a single mother, looks 6, pleasant enough. The 3-4 others are a bit overweight.

The pleasure houses on Jacarandas and Aguacate streets on the east side of Old Town have been shut down. I did find one of the old regulars there who led me to a nearby hotel (50 pesos). She had a vaguely cute face but as I discovered, a horrendous-looking body. 400 pesos.

Bottom line: this town is still in a third world country where you drink only the bottled water, step over broken concrete on the sidewalks, breathe in polluted fumes from the buses, and endanger your health if you eat at the food stalls. I love the people & the views of the bay. However, I don't think the prices sought by the women, a disproportionate number of whom are plus-sized, will lead to a lot of return visitors.

See you in Argentina.

03-18-05, 23:23
I go to PV at least 4 times a year and always find beautiful girls to have fun with. For those of you that want some help finding girls, you can call my friend Dean, who is American and lives in PV, he has an arrangement where he can supply you with a nice, young chica and the hotel for around 1000 pesos. His number is 044 322 121 2213. He used to play with Molly Hachet, so he can help you find the wild scene in PV.

Good luck with the brown chicas.

04-07-05, 21:51
There's an Aussie who actually stayed at this place as if it were a genuine hotel. He's got pictures, excellent directions, a little vocab for the Spanish-impaired, and highlights another joint that is probably just a nice place to have a drink with cute chicas. Anyhow, you can find his musings by doing the following search: "Alamo Hotel" "Puerto Vallarta"

04-21-05, 11:52
Any reports on Juliet? It seems no one has mentioned it in the recent threads.

04-23-05, 01:43
I am in PV this weekend, does anyone know the address for Juniors? A street name or something would help. Someone had provided a rough direction in a past post, but I can´t find the steep stairs he is talking about.

Thanks folks.

John Dough
04-28-05, 03:23
Juniors is on Pulpito. The bottom of the stairs are where it intersects with Olas Atlas.

04-29-05, 00:24
When the cruise ships are in, usually Wednesday and Friday and sometimes Thursday, Antorchas can be a great place. First time I went there were 30 girls. The quantity & quality varies but it is definitly worth checking out. The action starts in the early afternoon until around 10:00pm. Not expensive and they have a place in the back.

Most tourists don't know about it but the locals and ship crews do.

Located just north of Outback Steakhouse before you get to Walmart.

On The Go
05-07-05, 16:51
I am looking for feedback on other mongers views of the outcall or incall services in Puerto Vallarta. Are they good, average, poor, and the quality of the girls.


I sincerely appreciate your reports, but...

Would you please STOP capitalizing the first letter of every word in your reports!

It's difficult to read, it's time consuming to fix, and it takes you more work to write like that.

On behalf of myself and your fellow Forum Members: Thank You!


On The Go
06-26-05, 09:56
I am relocating to Puerto Vallarta sometime in the next 2 weeks so thank you so much for the update on what is going on there. The area behind the bull ring is quite an adventure. I remember going out there one night and ended up back in one of those little rooms with a girl and the next thing I knew it was 9 in the morning as we both passed out. I then could not locate a taxi so I ended up walking that long dirt road that goes by a school and ends down by the bull ring. It was quite the experience with cars going by me and here I am a gringo all dressed up in business attire walking down this road with cars passing by honking there horns as they all knew where I was coming from!. Any more information on other stripclubs e.t.c will be greatly appreciated!

08-13-05, 17:27
Hi Guys,

Going on a cruise with some friends, going to be in PV just during the day. Hoping to get some info on someplace not to far from the cruisehips. Anything will help, been reading the forum, just not alot of info.

Don Tonto
08-19-05, 10:35
Hey WorldTraveler,

Read down through the messages for a place called "Las Antorchas". It is an open-air/covered patio "hooker bar" across the main road from the cruiseship terminal (and next door to the San Javier Hospital). It is only open during the day, with no cover charge and reasonably priced drinks. You can walk there in about 5-10 minutes. Girl quality varies, and is sometimes pretty decent. The girls are independents and don't work for the bar. To conduct business, they use an air-conditioned hotel room located a short walk behind the bar.

A few comments:

1) You will probably spot some of the employees from your cruiseship at Antorchas. They go there to kill time while the passengers are out exploring the town.

2) Don't go to Antorchas when there are no cruiseships in port. The girls don't show up when the prospects of customers are low. Obviously, this isn't a problem if you arrived on a cruiseship.

3) Since the girls don't work for the bar, they don't have specific work shifts. If you enter the place and don't see anyone that peaks your interest, grab a beer an sit back for a while. Maybe the right one will show up after a few more minutes.

4) Make sure you bring your own protection. Why use the cheap, and possibly ill-fitting, condoms typically found at these strip clubs and hooker bars when better, safer choices are available?

5) Don't forget to write about your experiences!!!

08-22-05, 03:31
Don Tanto,

Thanks for the info. it is appreciated, I will definately write about the experiences. We are still out 6 months or so on the cruise.

Thanks again!


Groove Train
09-06-05, 07:51
Hello everyone, and thanks for all the valuable information I have received the past few years.

I recently returned form a week long trip to Puerta Vallarta. After getting off the plane Monday afternoon, I had a few beers and then went to Juniors to spend the evening.

I broke all of my rules on the first night. I guess it was because I was so horny and not thinking straight. At Juniors I got duped into buying one of the girls a few drinks at $18 US per drink. She was also the prettiest girl in the whole place. She had a great attitude and lots of fun. Until I got her in the one of the back rooms. As soon as we got undressed her attitude turned a 180 degrees. Great looks , but not much in the sack.

Total damage: $170 for the girl, $100 for drinks, and $20 tip for the man who handled all the tratsactions and made sure I was well taken care of. I know it is way too much, but I was not of sound mind.

The rest of the trip I frequented a place called Stravaganza. It is locate north of town, behind the Bull Ring. Here the prices were much lower. for $100 US for half an hour. I picked out a really hot looking chica called Rosa. She was willing to do anything. Attitude 8, looks 7, GFE 6. She ruched me a little, but that was because she was quite popular, and wanted to get back and make some more money.

The next night I paid $70 US for a 23 year old chica who had the prettiest face. I told her I wanted anal, and at first she said no. She even told the main man that's what I wanted and we all got a good laugh. I was persistent and she finaly agreed to it. Once we got back to the room, she gave me a nice BBBJ, she then turned over and said she was ready. She is very pettite maybe 5'1" and 105 LBS. I asked here where the lotion was and she said she didn't have any. So I put my jacket on, spit on her ass, and preceded to drill her ass for a good ten minutes until climax . She took it like a sport.

Stravaganza is a low end joint with mostly mexixan clientel. The beers are only $2.00 US. The girls have a great attitude, and I was quoted $60 US by a few of them. This place is highly recommended. See pictures in photo gallery.

Don Tonto
09-18-05, 11:13
Sounds like you had fun, Groove Train. For you guys that haven't been to Stravaganza within the past year or two, they have added a nice section of brand new rooms to do business with the girls.

On my last visit, I was talking to the doorman and he was so proud of the new rooms that he wanted to take me back there for a quick tour.

For you old-timers, or readers of ancient postings, this place use to be called the Hawaii Club.

Don Tonto
09-25-05, 09:20
The Puerto Vallarta “Zona”

Ok, Groove Train’s post has inspired me to write a bit about the Zona in Puerto Vallarta. First of all, this place is off the beaten tourist track. It consists of a dirt parking lot encircled by a collection of old brick and concrete buildings. The Zona primarily exists to serve local Mexicans who are out to drink a few beers and have a good time with the ladies. As a tourist, you shouldn’t have any problems as long as you aren’t looking for one. You might be the only non-Mexican in the place, but most of the patrons are friendly towards gringos.

The good thing about the Zona is that it is cheap. No fancy laser light shows nor smoke machines that are common in the high-end tourist clubs. There are no high-pressure sales pitches, nor waiters in fancy suits. Just music, inexpensive beers and nice women. None of the places have cover charges, so you can just walk from place-to-place as you feel necessary. On Saturday nights, however, the Stravaganza Club sometimes wants you to buy a beer at the door when you enter for the first time. Finally, all of the clubs have private rooms to conduct your special business with the ladies.

Where is this Zona? First, locate the Walmart / Sam’s Club shopping center along the main road through Puerto Valalrta. At the next traffic light to the north, you will find the “Las Palomas Plaza de los Toros”, or “The Bullring”. Next to this bullring is a small paved road leading east, away from the ocean. You just follow this road for 0.9 miles and the Zona entrance will be on your right. Be alert, because it is possible to drive past the entrance to the compound without even noticing it.

Here is a brief rundown of the clubs:

Stravaganza: Without a doubt, this is the best club with the best looking ladies. It also has the biggest clientele. The ladies take turns stripping to music on a central stage while everyone looks on. After their sets, they sit and drink at the customer’s tables and try to interest them in a trip next door to the club’s new suite of private rooms.

Cadillac Club: This is hit-or-miss club. Sometimes it is open and sometimes it is closed (for no apparent reason). Sometimes there are several good looking women working there and sometime there is only a solitary, homely one. The format is similar to Stravaganza, except the stage show is very intermittent: a girl will dance a couple of songs and then the stage will remain empty for the next 30 minutes. This club is more for drinking with the ladies and then going to the private rooms.

Las Alansas: This club is interesting in that it sometimes has live musical entertainment. At other times, there is always the trusty jukebox . A large dance floor allows you to waltz the night away with the lady of your choice. The women are usually not as good looking as the Stravaganza or Cadillac Clubs, but everybody has a different idea of beauty.

Mi Tren: This place used to be a complete dump, but has improved a little bit over the past year with some construction. It is an open-air patio environment, where the ladies sit around and wait for an invitation to join you at your table. A central dance floor lets you take your lady for a spin, if you desire. On rare occasions, they have a stripshow, although, the strip show they had a few years ago featured a post-op transvestite that looked so much like a chica he/she could have fooled almost anyone. Fortunately, the waiter warned me beforehand so I wouldn’t make a fatal error! In general, the women at Mi Tren tend to be a little plumper and a little older than at the other clubs. Sometimes, this place can be lively and at other times it can be completely dead.

Travesti: This is a transvestite bar. If you enter this place and have a really good time then you are probably reading the wrong sex board!

Some Useful Notes:

1) Don’t Plan on Going To The Zona Until 11 PM (midnight is better). All the clubs are dead before then. The good news is that they stay open until the crack of dawn.

2) There are always a few taxis stationed in the parking lot, so don’t worry about getting home.

3) Saturday night is the busiest night, with the most women. Some of the local semi-pro women will arrive to make a little money on their “day off”. Monday and Tuesday nights are the slowest nights. Many of the girls take these days off. (Good to know if you want to take your favorite lady out for a night on the town).

4) Be wary of anyone soliciting you in the parking lot as it is probably a transvestite. They are not aggressive, or anything, but I wouldn't want you to have a little surprize. The girls seem to only go after the guys in the clubs, or they wave from the club doors (at Mi Tren and Las Alansas).

5) Do your restroom duties at the hotel before you leave. Believe me, you won’t want to sit on the toilet seats in the bar restrooms. If you absolutely have to go, use the Stravaganza Club restrooms, or maybe the Cadillac Club if it is open.

6) Very few of the girls speak English, and except for at the Stravaganza Club, most of the waiters don’t speak it either. A knowledge of Spanish would greatly improve your fun, but it isn’t strictly necessary.

Allen Eire
09-29-05, 08:56
Excellent post DT!

Don Tonto
09-30-05, 09:42
Thanks Allen Eire,

I have some fond memories of the times I visited Puerto Vallarta. My all-time favorite Puerto Vallarta chica was named Fernanda. Two or three years ago, she worked at Stravaganga, and later at the Cadillac Club when she had a falling-out with the former club's management.

Fernanda was a very busty 26 year-old lady with thick, curly black hair that fell midway down her back. She wore ruby-red lipstick and black mascara that highlighted her deep brown eyes. She wasn't fat, but her larger frame was accentuated by her sexy, low-cut evening dresses and elegant 8-inch spikes. Her dresses only managed to cover half of her ample cleavage, at most, while the shoes boosted her height from around 5' 5" to about 6' 1". One felt like he was displaying a showpiece as she took his hand and gracefully led him back to the private rooms for an enthusiastic performance. She was definitely not the typical Zona dancer.

Unlike a lot of working women who drink as fast as they can at your table, Fernanda would take her time. She preferred beer to mixed drinks and would often pour some of my beer into her glass while the waiters weren't watching. This saved me a lot of money, because the guy's drinks were a lot less expensive than the chica drinks. Fernanda was smart, however, because she knew that some of the money she saved at the drinking table would later be paid back to her with a visit to the private area: the difference being that the money was in her pocket rather than the club's.

As with some of the girls in the Zona, she actually lived at the clubs where she worked. To get out of the club, Fernanda was quick to accept an invitation to a night on the town during her nights off. Outside of the club, she was more conservatively dressed and enjoyed talking about current events and music. She had a very good sense of humor and one might never suspect her occupation from such an outside encounter.

On a later trip to Puerto Vallarta, I learned that Fernanda had moved farther north to Mazatlan. I have never seen her since, but I hope that life is treating her right, wherever she is. I miss her!

Don Tonto
09-30-05, 11:42
While I'm at it, here is a strange event which happened to me at Las Antorchas one afternoon. I think I have a post farther down that describes Las Antorchas as a little open-patio cantina that attracts independent working women interested in welcoming the cruiseship employees and seeing that they have a good time during their Puerto Vallarta stays.

So, I was sitting there quietly drinking my beer and surveying the surroundings. There were girls, trees, girls, cruiseship guys, girls, Captian Stubing of the Love Boat and, of course: there were girls. I was hoping to see the pretty little chica that I had spotted the day before, as she had been occupied with other customers for the duration of my previous visit. Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found on this day.

Over a period of time, a couple of ladies dropped by my table and asked if I wanted their company. I was more interested in one than the other, but I said a polite, "No, thanks", and continued to drink my beer. The one I liked more, who had long, blond "Shakira-style" hair down to her rear, told me to just call her over if I changed my mind.

As I continued to drink my beer, a new woman entered the bar who I had never seen before. There are always women entering and leaving, as these independents don't have the fixed schedules of an employee. I really didn't pay too much attention to the new lady, but after a while, she just came over, sat at my table and started talking to me. She was a tiny bit heavy, but her typical women's bathing suit let you see that some of that weight was top-side, in a pair of nice breasts. Oh, and she was also a tiny bit drunk.

She told me her life story as she sat, including that she was a widow. Then, she told me how much she had been immediately attracted to me. I mean, this really started to get "gushy" and uncomfortable. Now, I'm only an average looking guy, so this sort of thing doesn't happen to me on a regular basis; especially with a reasonably attractive woman. She asked if I would buy her a drink. "The drinks here are the same price for everyone", she said.

So, I bought her the drink and she continued to gush about how much she liked me. I was really feeling awkard, but I still enjoyed the attention. Then she started begging me, "I want to have sex with you!" "Let's go to the hotel room behind the bar", she said, "I won't ask for any money, you just need to pay the doorman $10 dollars for the room". "I really, really like you", she added.

I know that this story already sounds unbelievable, but I felt very, very uncomfortable at this point. She was a sweet lady, maybe a little too nice a person to be working at that particular establishment. I had some small degree of attraction towards her, but she was implying that she wanted a real relationship rather than a business transaction. I would have honestly felt guilty if I had led her on under false pretenses. I don't know how things had gotten to where they were in this 30-minute instant romance, but I wanted out.

To escape this rapidly escalating situation, I told her I had a dinner appointment to make with my traveling buddies back at the hotel. She and I would have to meet up at some other time. She gave me her phone number and wanted me to call her the next day, so she could cook dinner for me. She even offered to drive to my hotel and pick me up.

To end the story, I didn't call her and was too much a whimp to show my face in Las Antorchas for the remainder of my week-long visit.

Don Tonto
11-12-05, 09:04
I'm not trying to pimp girls, but if any of you guys specialize in new mommas, go to Junior's Bar and ask for Dairé. She just returned to work after having a child 7 months ago. Her 100% natural breasts are still VERY large, although she is quite self-concious about her slight tummy bulge that is slowly disappearing. She has a very pleasant face, a nice personality and is an enthusiastic performer.

12-03-05, 20:47
The rest of the trip I frequented a place called Stravaganza....Here the prices were much lower. for $100 US for half an hour....The next night I paid $70 US for a 23 year old chica who had the prettiest face....Stravaganza is a low end joint with mostly mexixan clientel. The beers are only $2.00 US. The girls have a great attitude, and I was quoted $60 US by a few of them.I realize this was your first post, and it contained good detail and description. Thanks. So I'll try to criticize the message rather than the messenger:

To set the record straight for future visitors, the compound where this "club" is located, La Zona Rosa, is a dirty scruffy place, and aimed at a Mexican clientele. Many of the women are overweight and barely reach a 5 on the quality scale. The music is obnoxiously loud and cockroaches abound. Far better for the typical American to visit one of the tourist-oriented clubs mentioned in this thread.

That said, Zona Rosa might be tolerable for those who have a reasonable amount of Spanish and don't mind sub-standard conditions. You can bargain for a reasonably good-looking woman for 500-600 pesos. Much less if you're Mexican. Thus, seeing the prices mentioned in the above quote makes me sick. Under no circumstances should you pay $100 or even $70 at a dump like this. If you do, you fall into the category of rich, gullible Gringos who communicate by throwing their dollars around. This unnecessarily helps to eliminate Mexico as a place to get laid cheap.

01-08-06, 05:58
A couple of blocks south of the cruise ship dock on the main road is Antorchas. The city bus will take you right by for 4 and one-half pesos. From old town it is about 50 pesos by taxi.

TJ Bob
01-12-06, 09:33
TJ is a shithole, but PV sounds even worse. Mexico has to be the worst country for "legal" prostitution.

01-16-06, 04:11
TJ Bob,

I'm not sure what your refering to when you say PV must be a shithole. If your simply refering to the activities around sex I must say it can be expensive unless you realy know the city. I still wouldn't classify it as a shithole. PV has some very good looking ladies in some of the clubs aimed more at the tourist and wealthy Mexicans. Most of the girls in these clubs are imported, mostly from other parts of Mexico but some from Columbia, Venesuala and other countries. As for the city and surrounding area it is not even close to being a shithole. It is a great place to visit and enjoy a vacation. Great people, alot to do, nice weatherm clean and safe. Definitly not a shithole.

01-21-06, 01:10
Well, one thing you have to admit...... nobody seems to post anything about PV.......

01-21-06, 07:55
Hello guys,

I currently live in PV. I'm actually Mexican though brought up in a very non-mexican way. In any case. I currently live in PV. And I LOVE to go around bar jumping at night. Any information you need. It will be my pleasure to share with you up to date info on the places where we can go and enjoy the company of women. And if you're ever down here. Well go out and say hello to the girls ourselves. I know a great deal of them. And most of them know me, or heard about me. I'm excited to have found this site. And look forward to messaging with you guys.

01-22-06, 07:04
The strip club/hooker bar candys girls used to have a pretty good website. Seems like it no longer exists... the club close or just their web provider?

01-22-06, 13:36
The strip club/hooker bar candys girls used to have a pretty good website. Seems like it no longer exists... the club close or just their web provider?I don't know about their website. But the place is still up and running. And I don't think theyll be closing anytime soon. Anyone in particular you want to visit again? ; o)

01-23-06, 03:50
I don't know about their website. But the place is still up and running. And I don't think theyll be closing anytime soon. Anyone in particular you want to visit again? ; o)

Perhaps Ferananda the big boob blond, she works down there few months a year when she takes working vacations from TJ. After a month or 2 of not sessioning her the idea of banging her again down there pops in my mind.

01-24-06, 00:20
Well. Senior frogs is a disco/bar. Where you need to actually PICK UP a girl. The advantage with a strip joint like junirs is taht you simplo go. And choose. Pwer of your pocket is the only limit to the situation. And yes. I agree there are some very cute girls there. And its been proven. Usa and canadian girls like dark mexican guys. Just like dark mexican girls like blonde and blue eyed USa and canadian guys. So. Just focus on those main points. And youll surely get laid.

01-26-06, 02:35
Perhaps Ferananda the big boob blond, she works down there few months a year when she takes working vacations from TJ. After a month or 2 of not sessioning her the idea of banging her again down there pops in my mind.Ok. Lets see. Big boob Blond. In a strip bar. Even if it is in mexico. I think I know about 6 or 7 of those! But pls. Let me know if she was any good. Will surely look her up or find out when shes back in town.


01-28-06, 01:10
Thanks to Dafinestra & Don Tonto for their info about Las Antorchas. I´ve been looking for a daytime place like this since the 90s, when most places moved away from the center of town.

I went there at 1:00 PM. The location is exactly as Dafinestra & Don Tonto described. There was one cruise ship in port. There were three girls, a chubby 5, a chubby 4, and the object of my desire: Pauleta, 29 years old, a slender 7 with brown eyes (what else?), straight streaked medium-length brown hair tied in a pony tail, medium height, and a pretty smile.

I smiled, offered to buy her a beer (20 pesos), and we sat for 20 minutes and chatted with my limited Spanish.

She asked 500 pesos for FS, I offered 400, and she said ¨We´ll see.¨ She finally relented on the price, but said she wasn´t in the mood right now...perhaps in an hour or two. Ouch! I asked what the problem was: me, the money, another man (there was one other gringo and 3 Mexicans waiting), and she said she was just tired. I really wanted her and showed my disappointment. What was really galling was that she called over one of the other girls and chatted with her while I drummed my fingers in frustration. She let on that she usually goes with only TWO men per day and is very selective. I guess she is also a bit shy and likes to take her time sizing up a guy before going with him.

Finally she agreed to go to the hotel. 110 pesos for the room. It´s a 5-minute stroll on a newly-cemented path out in back of the bar. She took off her outer garments and proved to be my ideal body type: indented waist and precious A-cups. We hugged, she sat on my lap facing me, as we rubbed our privates, and she moaned as though she was getting turned on. Probably not, but it was a huge turn-on for me. We quickly shed our underthings, and she was gentle and affectionate in bed. Nice personality, nice body...I´m going back soon!

I don´t recommend this place if you don´t speak Spanish. It´s a daytime gig. Reportedly the most girls are there at about 4 PM, on cruise ship days only.

[The following Friday]
I went back. Paulette was there. Same preliminaries: she chatted mostly with her girl friend. But after a beer she agreed with no hesitation for another go in the hotel. She was energetic and affectionate. Afterwards, another beer and some English lessons for her. A good experience.

On this Friday there was only one ship in port, but my visit was at 3:00 and there were 8 or 9 girls, one nice 7 dressed in yellow, a somewhat cute but chubby 6, and the rest 4s and 5s. About 10 guys were playing pool or sitting with girls.

This place beats Zona Rosa, but as I opined recently, new gringo visitors should go to a place like Juniors for a show or a lap dance or a hot babe or an English-speaking opportunity to get laid or a chance to impress with your dollars.

Mass Monger
01-28-06, 15:07
Afternoons and Early Evenings in PV

I just got back from Puerto Vallarta. Several of the times of business listed in previous reports are in error. I would like to help others schedule their times to monger in PV if they cannot do it late at night. Candy’s Girls near the marina is open only from 6 PM to 6 AM, not during the afternoon as stated in earlier posts. The only place I could find girls during the afternoon was at Antorchas near the cruise ship terminal. They were there from about noon on. Earlier reports said that the girls were there only when the cruise ships were in port. That may be true since there were cruise ships every day I was in PV. However, two of the girls said that they were there everyday, whether or not the cruise ships were present.

Hotel Alamo just beyond the airport had only one ugly girl at about 3 PM on the afternoon I visited. It is difficult to get there and I do not recommend the trip. It is quite a dump, even by my standards. I went to Stravaganza and the Zona Rosa at 3 PM and later at 7 PM. I finally asked someone there, and they said that they opened at 10 PM, thus the previous reports of (limited) activity during the afternoon seem to be erroneous.

There were about 5-7 girls present at Antorchas all afternoon. They ranged from 4s to 7s. Their demeanor was quite nice. They were very friendly and accommodating. That’s worth a few points to me since I would much rather have a medium pretty girl who was sexy and nice than a beautiful one who was very cold and businesslike. I liked the place went with 3 or 4 of them over a period of several days. I strongly recommend Pauletta who is quite thin with small but very firm A or B cups. She was very well dressed and accommodating. The costs were reasonable, 400 to 500 pesos plus 120 pesos for the room (plus 10 pesos for a tip for the room). Thus it was $53 to $63 US. To get to the room you have to walk out back about 120 yards through a jungle like area.

I was at Candy’s Girls only one time, about 6:20 PM (open 6 PM to 6 AM as mentioned above). 100 pesos entrance fee which entitles you to a shot of tequila which you must drink there. There were 4 or 5 very beautiful women plus about 4 others who were prettying-up in the back. They were absolutely outstanding, as pretty as the most beautiful girls you see in a high class US strip club (and you can do everything with them too). The beers were $4 (40 pesos). I don’t know how much the drinks cost for the girls, probably expensive, but I usually turn-down drinks for the girl unless I am uncertain and want to get to know her better before I decide. I almost immediately went with tall, dark, slim and buxom Leticia, a drop-dead beautiful 10 in my book. There appeared to be no room for negotiating the price. The cost was 1560 pesos, which you pay up front to a manager for 30 minutes. I gave him 1600 pesos and that seemed to be a good enough tip for him. I know that $160 is a lot for Mexico, but the quality of the girl and the service was outstanding.

Contrary to what I read from previous posts, the room was very clean and spacious. It had a clean layer of cloth covering an 8 foot long flat leather couch in the shape of an “L”. They also had an attached bathroom. It was somewhat dark, and next time I would request raising the light level so that I could see the girl and the action better. Leticia stripped down quite rapidly and gave me a very nice CBJ. She wanted to start having sex right away, but slowed down when I asked her. I proceeded to suck her absolutely outstanding C or D breasts which were firm and erect, possibly the second best pair I have ever seen in my life! I stroked her body all over and she let me slide my finger up and down her juicy crack (but not enter her). Leticia was so high class and beautiful that I offered a “propina” to do oral sex on her. It was long, slow and delicious, and she seemed to get quite excited. We then proceeded to do several different positions. I was not hurried. Her moans were good, but probably not quite believable, but what the hell! I gave her a $20 tip. Thus the total cost was $160 +$20 or $180, a lot for Mexico. (I don’t want to spoil it for other mongers either, but I don’t think I did. I think that is the price at Candy’s Girls.) To me it was worth every bit of it since the quality was something that is almost unattainable in the US for probably less than $500 or $1000 (a really high class lady). The other girls there seemed to be of similar, very high quality.

Enjoy your daytime/early-evening mongering in PV.

Mass Monger

01-31-06, 03:40
Ok so so this past Saturday, not minding the fact that I was very tired (which never gets in the way of a couple of beers and a girl). I went with a very good friend of mine to the Zona Rosa. So here is the update.

The extravaganza is the only bar that is worth having a look into, unless you're into big tub looking women, or transvestites. So I wont get into that.

If you go to Extravaganza. Ask for MARIPOSA. Translation in english. BUTTERFLY. Shes a very nice 8-9 with balck hair, always smiling, along legs and a firm set of boobs. Since I knew I needed to pass on the information accurately. I asked for the full service which cost me 700 pesos, roughly 70 USD. She took me right next door where they set us up in a nice enough room with bathroom, shower and all. WORD OF ADVICE. Don't go around barefoot here. Trust me. So she lay in the bed. Talking and always smiling while I got undressed and lay down in bed. Cit chatting and non-chalantly she went straight to give me a CBJ. And well. Basically. And in understandable terms. If you're ever in PV. GO FOR HER.

Shes got a very nice body, attitude. She never ONCE presured me into finishing. Let me touch her. And even did a great job of faking she enjoyed it. We each took a quich shower afterwards and left and went back to drinking.

WHICH takes me to the next event. My friend and I had always liked this waiter girl. Who TODAY happened to dress as a dancer and work. I asked around and someone told me she did it on and off. After the great experience I just had. I got all excited and decided to go for her too.

Well. Again. Word of advice. If youve hired a hooker. And had a great experience. LEAVE IT LIKE THAT. Leave a winner and call it quits. I ended up with the other girl. Paying twice the price (foolish me I thought itd be more enjoyable to spend some more time with her and have seconds). Well. She turned out to be a real mess. Unshaven legs. Slight mustache. Flabby tits. Oh. And PLEASE don't EVEN THINK about touching them. No change of positions. Misionary. And that is it. Complaining all through the session. Kiss on the neck, shoulder, hand, cheek. ANYWHERE. Very Frustrating. So. Just like I recomend MARIPOSA. Write down. NEVER go for MAGALI.

I ended up going back home and leaving the girl with a whole hour payed off in advance. Alone.

Take care. Will keep you up to date.

01-31-06, 23:34
Hello guys,

I currently live in PV. I'm actually Mexican though brought up in a very non-mexican way. In any case. I currently live in PV. And I LOVE to go around bar jumping at night. Any information you need. It will be my pleasure to share with you up to date info on the places where we can go and enjoy the company of women. And if you're ever down here. Well go out and say hello to the girls ourselves. I know a great deal of them. And most of them know me, or heard about me. I'm excited to have found this site. And look forward to messaging with you guys.Myself and 2 buddies are heading out there this Thursday Feb 2nd through Monday for Superbowl weekend. It's an annual trip we take. Last year it was Whistler, Cananda and Vancouver the 8 years previous Vegas. Figure we wanted some sun and hot local women to hook up with!! Anyway we would love to hook up with a local guy to show us the local hot spots. One of my buddies is from Mexico and speaks perfect Spanish.

As mentioned we are looking for great hook up spots for local girls. Of course plan B is the spots listed on this thread. Also a hot spot to watch the game is much desired!

Let me know, we are interested on our end!

01-31-06, 23:41
Hello guys,

I currently live in PV. I'm actually Mexican though brought up in a very non-mexican way. In any case. I currently live in PV. And I LOVE to go around bar jumping at night. Any information you need. It will be my pleasure to share with you up to date info on the places where we can go and enjoy the company of women. And if you're ever down here. Well go out and say hello to the girls ourselves. I know a great deal of them. And most of them know me, or heard about me. I'm excited to have found this site. And look forward to messaging with you guys.Myself and 2 buddies are heading out there this Thursday Feb 2nd through Monday for Superbowl weekend. It's an annual trip we take. Last year it was Whistler, Cananda and Vancouver the 8 years previous Vegas. Figure we wanted some sun and hot local women to hook up with!! Anyway we would love to hook up with a local guy to show us the local hot spots. One of my buddies is from Mexico and speaks perfect Spanish.

As mentioned we are looking for great hook up spots for local girls. Of course plan B is the spots listed on this thread. Also a hot spot to watch the game is much desired!

Let me know, we are interested on our end!

02-07-06, 02:46
The only place I could find girls during the afternoon was at Antorchas near the cruise ship terminal.... two of the girls said that they were there everyday, whether or not the cruise ships were present.I can confirm this. I was there today, Monday, a Constitution Day holiday, with no ships in port, and there were 7 girls & 6 clients in there at about 4:30 PM. I had walked by the day before (Sunday) and it was closed.

My favorite, Paulette, said she was having her period. (So why was she there? I guess she likes the atmosphere & talking with her friends.) She sat with me, and I asked if she would be pissed if I went with another girl. She said no.

I hooked up with Rosa, a short cute 20-year-old with a pretty smile. She`s extroverted and chatty, so knowing Spanish really helps here. 20 pesos for a Coke, 110 pesos for the room, and 400 pesos for her. Frankly, I think she would have turned me down for that amount if Paulette hadn`t said that`s what I had paid her last week.

She asked for the money up front. Undressed, she had perfect A-cups, and a slender body. She kissed my neck with a light biting action, showing she`s done this many times before, and rubbed my member, but rather mechanically. Because of the price and the fact that she was leaving to go shopping after my trick, she was a bit rushed, but she was willing to do what I suggested in bed.

Bottom line: She´s not 100% client-focused, but I recommend Rosa for her bubbly personality and cute looks.

02-12-06, 23:24
i visited la zona rosa on saturday. at 6 pm it was completely dead, although a guy wetting down the dust was nice enough to take me to the proprietor of las alazanas bar, who took me to the rooms of two 5s and what appeared to be a transvestite. i declined and said i'd be back later.

at 10 pm i returned. i looked into el tren bar, the first one on the left as you enter, and there was only one 6, who smiled pleasantly. i then went to las alazanas, which is straight across the courtyard. there was blaring music and about 5 girls, including maria, a tall, slender 7, with curly brown hair, b-cups, and a pretty face, who was doing a sexy dance at the door.

avoid her.

she asked for 700 pesos, confirming earlier reports here of this outrageous asking price for gringos. i said no, had a beer (15 pesos), and then left. as i passed maria on the way out, i asked if she was sure about refusing my 400 peso offer. this time she agreed. yes, you can bargain here, and no, it's not worth paying us$70 for any girl in this dumpy, dirty complex.

maria has either a drug or a mental disorder. as we engaged in sex, she grimaced as soon as i barely touched her. then unexpectedly she would burst out laughing, and then show pain again, even before i penetrated. she kept complaining that time was passing fast. she refused to keep her bra off after giving me a peek. she tried to use her hands as a pussy to keep me out. a real bad performance.

afterwards i told her bluntly that her behavior was terrible and that she was in the wrong business. she said she was married, and only enjoyed sex with her husband.

when we left, she went into another room with two girls, probably to partake of some substance. i told them also (and the manager on the way out) how bad her service was.

get to this place after 11 pm and you will likely find enough decent-looking girls to choose from other than maria.

Gallo Ingles
02-13-06, 13:08
I expect to be visiting some small towns north of PV next month. Does anyone have any info on Los Ayalas, Guayabitos, or anywhere else in the area?

Don Tonto
02-15-06, 06:31
The Zona in Puerto Vallarta doesn't really get started until 12 midnight, although as DukePV said, the opportunity exists to grab an early arriving girl before then (some of the girls live on-premise, while others arrive by taxi).

For action earlier in the evening (like 9 PM), you could try one of the fancy "tourist" places; like Juniors, Chicas, Prestige, etc.

02-17-06, 00:05
I struck out at Las Antorchas this afternoon. At 3 PM Paulette was leaving as I entered, and Rosa said she was having her period. The latter didn´t want to engage in oral sex. She was a bit snooty in her attitude, so subtract one point from my positive report last week. The other 4 girls were either fat or unattractive.

So I got on the bus to Ixtapa, which passes the Hotel Alamo. There were 5 girls in the back, 4s and 5s, and I said I wanted a slender one. They presented Rosa, who had a vaguely cute face and wasn't all that slim. She wanted 600 pesos and we agreed on 500, including room. She was nothing to write home about. She insisted I wash my hands, then applied lubricant to the condom and did the job with a bored look on her face, never smiling. Not a place to go out of your way for unless you're horny.

Speaking of mediocre sex, I can reveal the location for bargain-basement sex near the center of town. It´s in a family neighborhood, with kids running around, so it´s perfectly safe. Walk up Madero or Aquiles Serdan street (with the bay to your back) until you reach Naranjo. On the far (mountain) side of Naranjo between these two streets is the Hotel Erendira, where the streetwalkers take their trade. There are 2 or 3 regulars, and they hang out on Naranjo between Madero & Cardenas, usually by a tree or telephone pole. I had one for 200 pesos a few weeks ago, including hotel. But you get what you pay for: most are fat and have stretch marks. They are pleasant however. Spanish helps. Don't pay the 400 pesos they are asking.

02-18-06, 02:04
As a resident of PV, I wanted to report on Damely Massage...the 2 sisters Paty & Ely (Elizabeth) are both pretty but not 10's. They are are not consistent in their treatment of customers but are usually very firendly. Ely will now do the massage nude for me now but it took a while. She has a nice body. She gives a good massage and a good experience once you know her. Once they did me together 2 on 1 and I can tell you I really enjoyed it. It is worth going to and it is not expensive.

Another place in Vallarta that has never been mentioned is the Ballena Azul (Blue Whale). It is downtown just off of Insurgentes near the Bahia movie theater. I do not remember the street. It is for locals and normally the ladies are not that great, but one time I got really lucky with a beautiful thin morenita girl and we had a wonderful afternoon with the GFE. I will never forget it but unfortunately I never found her again. The place is not great but if you are in the area, stop and check it out.

PV is not what it was inthe 90's but you can still have a great time. Candy's if you have the cash will not disappoint.

02-18-06, 18:58
Candy's if you have the cash will not disappoint.If you´re browsing your PV map, here are the addresses of Candy´s and two other top-end places, as advertised in Vallarta Today. The girls at Candy´s (in the hotel zone) and Juniors (in old town) have been highly rated here.

Candy´s Girls
Blvd. Fco. Medina Ascencio #2840-A

Tanzer Beach
Carret. a Tepic Km 146.5 No. 200
Nuevo Vallarta - Mezcales, Nay
(329) 296-5257

Púlpito No. 180 Col. Emiliano Zapata

The good news is that they take American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.
More good news is that they´re advertising two for the price of one on all international and national beverages every Sunday!

02-19-06, 08:50
My friend said she was working a place called Guerra or something like that, mostly doing lap dances and stuff. She also worked at candy's during a working vacation down in pv. Never heard of Guerra club in PV.

Don Tonto
02-21-06, 08:56
My friend said she was working a place called Guerra or something like that, mostly doing lap dances and stuff. She also worked at candy's during a working vacation down in pv. Never heard of Guerra club in PV.
Was the place called "Armageddon"? This relatively new place is along the main road, near Candy's Girls. I have never been inside though.

02-21-06, 23:25
There are a couple of reports here with some excellent directions to good sounding places. Information on prices, even if dated, would be appreciated.

I am currently living in Coloso and have set up a BBBJCIM with a 6 if you like skinny ones (I do) but so far is about a four on performance. I am hoping she can learn before my patience runs out. At least my money won´t run out as this is $$100 pesos, about $10 US. Comes up to the apartment when I schedule it. There is also a house across from my favorite watering hole. Hàve not bothered to check it out as it appears to be very inexpensive which usually means low quality all around.

Look forward to prices on other sources of varied price level services.

As a resident of PV, I wanted to report on Damely Massage...the 2 sisters Paty & Ely (Elizabeth) are both pretty but not 10's. They are are not consistent in their treatment of customers but are usually very firendly. Ely will now do the massage nude for me now but it took a while. She has a nice body. She gives a good massage and a good experience once you know her. Once they did me together 2 on 1 and I can tell you I really enjoyed it. It is worth going to and it is not expensive.

Another place in Vallarta that has never been mentioned is the Ballena Azul (Blue Whale). It is downtown just off of Insurgentes near the Bahia movie theater. I do not remember the street. It is for locals and normally the ladies are not that great, but one time I got really lucky with a beautiful thin morenita girl and we had a wonderful afternoon with the GFE. I will never forget it but unfortunately I never found her again. The place is not great but if you are in the area, stop and check it out.

PV is not what it was inthe 90's but you can still have a great time. Candy's if you have the cash will not disappoint.

02-23-06, 22:05
The questionsabout the Armageddan place. I went there once and promised never to go back. It is a ripoff. The drinks were much more than at Candy's and they did not bring what you asked. The girls OK but not great. Avoid this place especially when there are good places like Candy's nearby.

02-25-06, 18:45
Another place in Vallarta that has never been mentioned is the Ballena Azul (Blue Whale). It is downtown just off of Insurgentes near the Bahia movie theater. I do not remember the street.Thanks for the tip, Dafinestra.

I walked by the place on Wednesday night at about 7:30. The address is Madero 332. From Insurgentes walk down Madero 1/2 block towards the bay and it will be on your left side, just past the Hotel Hortencia. It´s your typical Mexican bar with cement floor, tables, TVs, and loud music.

At the door I got the eye from a droopy-titted 4, who was definitely looking for a customer. Inside there were several men and couples, but no other likely prey.

Don Tonto
02-28-06, 09:57
If I remember correctly, Ballena Azul has a big sign on the wall specifically saying that prostitution is not allowed there. I guess nobody reads the signs :)

Soft Beard
03-06-06, 20:33
Hello All. Thanks for all the great information posted so far.

The wife and I will be visiting in the first two weeks of April. We are booked into the Royal Decameron complex, and while we are visiting we'd like to visit some places for some "adult" entertainment, perhaps have some fun with another woman or couple, and receive some massages with extras.

Does any one know of or can recommend couple friendly places to go to, or massage out-call people to contact? Has anybody had any experiences with the Royal Decameron complex in regards to extra-curricular activities?

Thanks in advance for the replies

Soft Beard

03-11-06, 19:49
Quick report on Candy´s, which I wandered into at about 11:30 on Friday night:

Cover charge - 100 pesos (includes a shot of tequila, which you must drink in the lobby before entering)

Drink charge - 40 pesos for beer or soda (includes a cup of peanuts)

There was one slender, hot 9 and several 7s. Two girls in bikinis (a lot of ass showing) were doing a pole dance on stage. A couple of girls came over to my table on their own to chat. (This did not happen when I visited Junior´s last year.) Of course, the waiter immediately appeared to see if I wanted to buy them a drink.

The rate for FS that I was quoted was US$100 or much more, depending on the length of time. I would have paid that for the 9 (who was with another guy), but not for the others.

I left without sampling the menu, but I found it to be a clean and friendly place. And not smoky or overloaded with men, like Hysteria. On the other hand, like all of these places, the music was much much too loud.

03-14-06, 02:15
I have been to candy's manytimes. As a local they know me and waive the $100 pesos cover. I have never had a bad time there. The environment is customer friendly. You can have a slow night, but otherwise the place is good.

Stay away from armagedon. The opposite.

03-14-06, 02:19
Can you give me any info on how to contact your slender friend?

I am currently living in Coloso and have set up a BBBJCIM with a 6 if you like skinny ones (I do) but so far is about a four on performance. I am hoping she can learn before my patience runs out. At least my money won´t run out as this is $$100 pesos, about $10 US. Comes up to the apartment when I schedule it. There is also a house across from my favorite watering hole. Hàve not bothered to check it out as it appears to be very inexpensive which usually means low quality all around.

Don Tonto
03-14-06, 07:47
Like DukePV, I'm not too hysterical about Hysteria. The place is small, with mirrored walls to make it look larger. If you arrive too late, all the best looking girls are occupied with customers. But most importantly, the music in the place is just too freaking loud!!!!!! Bring your earplugs, or you will be in pain.

03-14-06, 08:14
Hello All. Thanks for all the great information posted so far.

The wife and I will be visiting in the first two weeks of April. We are booked into the Royal Decameron complex, and while we are visiting we'd like to visit some places for some "adult" entertainment, perhaps have some fun with another woman or couple, and receive some massages with extras.

Does any one know of or can recommend couple friendly places to go to, or massage out-call people to contact? Has anybody had any experiences with the Royal Decameron complex in regards to extra-curricular activities?

Thanks in advance for the replies

Soft BeardRoyal Decameron will be a hard place to get someone into, id recommend you go too DUNAS motel, prices range from 25 dls to 60 dls or so.. depending if you want jacuzzy and all that. The simple rooms are good enough. A suite will be around 35 dls and youll have a big bed to play around in, its clean and sanitized, plus AC. As for call out massages, I dont use them myself, put im pretty sure I can dig up some info in the next days, For the time being, try Linda at Candys, not from personal experience but ive heard shell go along with a threesome and likes behind action for a little extra. Ill keep in touch whith whatever I can find out.

03-14-06, 08:22
Quick report on Candy´s, which I wandered into at about 11:30 on Friday night:

Cover charge - 100 pesos (includes a shot of tequila, which you must drink in the lobby before entering)

Drink charge - 40 pesos for beer or soda (includes a cup of peanuts)

There was one slender, hot 9 and several 7s. Two girls in bikinis (a lot of ass showing) were doing a pole dance on stage. A couple of girls came over to my table on their own to chat. (This did not happen when I visited Junior´s last year.) Of course, the waiter immediately appeared to see if I wanted to buy them a drink.

The rate for FS that I was quoted was US$100 or much more, depending on the length of time. I would have paid that for the 9 (who was with another guy), but not for the others.

I left without sampling the menu, but I found it to be a clean and friendly place. And not smoky or overloaded with men, like Hysteria. On the other hand, like all of these places, the music was much much too loud.I believe the girl you're talking about (the 9) is Evelin. SHes brand new on the job, and has been putting out for money only recently. She does have an absolutely beautiful pair of nice big natural breasts though. Cesarean scar puts her down a bit. But still very attractive. As for Armaggedon, its closed. Didnt make it. They had ONE good week with awesome women. One of them is one of the best I've seen in a long time. But the place was so burnt out allready that no one came and it cost them dearly. To my good luck, that week I spent it all there, so I had all the girls for myself and the buds. And as for Hysteria, they have a couple of good looking women around, just stay clear of a few vampires who want to suck you dry and youll have a good time. The loud music thiing is thrue though, so if you're not ready to put up with that. Stay away. And as for extravaganza in the zona roja. I'll INSIST in having a go at Mariposa. VERY good in bed. Natural breasts. Smiling all the time. Take care y all and keep the fun times rolling.

Soft Beard
03-20-06, 06:46
Thanks for the info Serinar.

Any others have any info? Any "Adult shows" in PV, or just the girls dancing at some of the clubs?

Pity about the extremely loud music. I avoid places like that trying to save what hearing I have left.

Soft Beard

Soft Beard
03-22-06, 04:45
I noticed on the Bulenet site that they list two clubs called Candy's. The first is Candy's Girls with a location close to the marina. I assume this is the Candy's that are in the reports. The second is called Candy's VIP. The address for Candy's VIP is listed as "Corredor Trutístico Nvo. Vallarta - Bucerías". Does anyone know if this "second" Candy's does exist or has anybody been there?


03-23-06, 22:20
I noticed on the Bulenet site that they list two clubs called Candy's. The first is Candy's Girls with a location close to the marina. I assume this is the Candy's that are in the reports. The second is called Candy's VIP. The address for Candy's VIP is listed as "Corredor Trutístico Nvo. Vallarta - Bucerías". Does anyone know if this "second" Candy's does exist or has anybody been there?

SoftbeardIn answer to your question, YES, there WAS a Candy`s VIP just off to the entrance to Bucerias, it was no good. It closed down and is currently another table dance bar called TANZERS. No good from what Ive heard, but cant confirm it.

03-25-06, 07:26
Is $100, one hour is $200, hand job, table dance etc. Sorry girls but this is fucking Mexico and we rich Americans pay that in our own country and we get white girls that dont talk with a fake Euro accent and we also dont have to worry all the time about getting ripped off.

Common sense lost to dick thinking and I agreed. Mind you, I'm not afraid to shell out $200-300 for an escort but this isnt going to be the same experience. I know better but I still do it.

So I hand over my credit card.

We have agreed to $200 for one hour. It comes back with a charge for $331. The pimp at the place says there is a 20% service charge since I'm using my credit card and his math says $80 is 20% of $200. Also, the 2 beers I drank and the 1 drink the girl had, without mentioning this to me, are $17 each.

At this point I knew I past the point of no return. I was going to get fucked no matter what happens on my credit card. I am thinking in the back of my mind there will be a dispute forthcoming.

So I go upstairs with my Mexican **** and I get TF for about 1 minute, miss for a few more and then she tells me that she is tired and can I cum soon. WTF? She rolls over and I fuck her from behind and in 15 minutes fellas, I have shot my load. She dresses and leaves.

I find a towel to take a shower and there is no hot water. I dress and complain to the pimp that I got 15 minutes instead of 60. He argues that if I had a good time, what am I bitching about. Then he really crosses the line. Not that he didnt already. But he crosses the line where I look him in the eye and want to fuck his stupid face up. He tells me if I cant go for 60 minutes, what did I expect. He says most guys can go this long.

I walk out. I've spoken to my credit card company and I'm not liable for any of the charge. Fucking worthless piece of shit.

For my money, I thought Playa De Carmen was a better deal. I got chicks for $40/hr there and there were very good. I never felt like some giant scam. Fuck off Puerto Vallarta. Good riddance.

03-25-06, 17:23
Sorry girls but this is fucking Mexico and we rich Americans pay that in our own country and we get white girls that dont talk with a fake Euro accent and we also dont have to worry all the time about getting ripped off.

Hmm. So that is what you think about Mexico. And obviously you think so highly of yourself. Plus all this referring to "white girls" and "Rich Americans". Instead of having a good time you came down to help yourself into feeling superior. No wonder you shot your load so fast! It is very obvious you have issues. I'm glad you got screwed and I am happier that you didnt like it, perhaps youll stay away and wont come back. Oh. And FYI, AMERICA is a continent. So " rich americans" applies to anyone from Chile and all the way up to Canada. And I'm pretty sure, that if you had a bad experience, its because you had a lousy attitude since the beggining.

Fayce Paynter
03-26-06, 04:35
I second his thoughts.

Don't come to Mexico and be an asshole.

You won't win, we're all Americans and brown pussy is better than white pussy any day.


Soft Beard
03-29-06, 05:57
In answer to your question, YES, there WAS a Candy`s VIP just off to the entrance to Bucerias, it was no good. It closed down and is currently another table dance bar called TANZERS. No good from what Ive heard, but cant confirm it.Thanks for the info Serinar, but what do you mean by no good? Music too loud, drinks/door charge to expensive, girls not friendly or pretty enough, the place is a dump? Can you tell me what you felt or heard wasn't good?

We're leaving for PV in 4 days, and really looking forward to it. As we're staying within walking distance of Bucerias, we will probably go and check out TANZERS, unless you know of a good reason why we shouldn't do this. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Remember: one person's beauty is another's dog, the beauty stops at the skin while the good inside glows through ugliness, and it's that great variety that makes this big large world so interesting and wonderful!

Joe B Cool
03-29-06, 17:43
fellow mongers,

my first trip to pv and it was awesome! i stayed at la hoya and didn't realize how far the hotel was from downtown. anyway, the 2nd night there i stopped at a local farmacia and picked up some generic viagra, hung out downtown and found local girls wanting to flirt and talk, but couldn't reel any in. headed back to the hotel and checked the phone book for escorts. got a young, hot latina for 160 plus cab fare and it was total gfe! i twisted and turned her hot lil ass in every position imaginable and she was really into it. we took a shower after the first pop and headed back to the bed for more. we laid on the bed naked and she wanted to spend the night. hell, i even dozed off for a minute until reality set a bomb off in my head! i didn't even know this chica and i wasn't about to wake up the next morning with my stuff missing. i told her i'd call her again (which i didn't) and got her a cab. the hotel desk was a little snippy about bringing her up to my room, but i told them she was my professional therapeutic masseuse and if their fucking beds weren't so hard, i could get some sleep. they backed off and we went on our way. the 3rd night i hung out downtown and this cabbie asked if i needed anything (x, chiba, coke, chicas). i told him i needed some chiba and he takes me up the side street from carlos o'briens and into this little storefront bar. the guy plops out a big ass bag of weed on the counter! i peek out the doorway and there's a cop two doors down. i tell the cabbie this shit ain't cool. he looks out at the cop and says "don't worry about him he won't do anything, how much do you want?" being nervous i ask him how much and he says i have to buy a minimum of 50 dollars worth. wtf! i tell him to hurry up and we do the deal, get in his cab, and as he's driving off he flips off the cop! now he asks me if i want chicas and i say sure. he takes me to juniors and gets me a table right up front. i'm sitting in front, drinking free shots, with a bag of weed in my pocket, and the most absolutely gorgeous piece of ass with perfect fake boob showing me her "beefy" clit. the guy comes over and tells me she's mine for 250. letting the big head do the thinking, i pass, tell him i don't feel comfortable with a bag of weed in my pocket and i'll be back the next day (i lied. she was hot, but i needed to stretch the monger dough). i head back to the hotel, light up a doob while sitting on the balcony, and listen to the ocean. the next night i go to zona rosa and party it up like a king! ( i did avoid the shemale bars.) i met this one chick at stravaganza who lived in la, but got deported because her boyfriend had her delivering drugs. she had some big ass chi-chis and got into some lesbo shit also! later on i started feeling like the locals were getting jealous, so i left. i did go back the next night because there was this tall amazonian looking chick that i just had to fuck. she was like 6'4" 220 with fake boobs and i wore my mountain climbing boots! i now know what a midget feels like when fucking a normal size chick. she was real cool and since it was my last night i gave her the left over weed i had. we sat in the deluxe room smoking one, went back to the club, and i bought her another drink so she could chill. now i'm back home and stare out my office window daydreaming about pv. i gotta get back there!

03-29-06, 19:03
[QUOTE=Soft Beard]Thanks for the info Serinar, but what do you mean by no good? Music too loud, drinks/door charge to expensive, girls not friendly or pretty enough, the place is a dump? Can you tell me what you felt or heard wasn't good?

I heard it was expensive and the girls wherent worth it. But if you do check it out. Let me know.

Email me at same name at hotmail if ou guys want to hook up to go out while you're here.


Dollar Bill
03-29-06, 20:20
...Anyway, the 2nd night there I stopped at a local farmacia and picked up some generic viagra...

Hey Joe...

Do you remember the name of the generic V or where it was from? Also, if you remember the price.

I have lived in Mexico for 6+ years and I did not think that they sold the generic version here. I have seen it in El Salvador, Panama and Colombia, but never in Mexico.

Do me a favor and let me know the name. It will save me $$$ since I am spending over $10+ US per real Viagra.



03-30-06, 22:03
Hey Joe...

Do you remember the name of the generic V or where it was from? Also, if you remember the price.

I have lived in Mexico for 6+ years and I did not think that they sold the generic version here. I have seen it in El Salvador, Panama and Colombia, but never in Mexico.

Do me a favor and let me know the name. It will save me $$$ since I am spending over $10+ US per real Viagra.


$BillI didnt know we had that here in Mexico, and I'm a physician, so watch out and make sure theyre not selling you some crap in the name of another one. In case you mongers need an extra boost, I do have a urologist contact with a Testosterone shot that will light up y our rocket for a whole month and make the señoritas happy. Risk free as long as you don't have any prostate problems.


Joe B Cool
04-03-06, 17:26
I don't know what the name is. The pill is blue with no markings on it. I went to the farmacia at the corner before you turn to go to La Hoya. I also got the same thing at the farmacia near the Hooters downtown. The girl that worked the counter was really friendly (asking if I had a girlfriend or wife). I asked her what time did she get off work and if maybe I could buy her a drink. She just giggled and I knew I was heading to Zona so I didn't waste much time cultivating. I never saw her working there after that though, because I wanted to pursue it during my "down" time. Maybe it was Cialis or something???!!! I do know it worked, but not as good as Viagra since there was about a 30 minute intermission between action. With Viagra I'd be stiff as a board if a mosquito landed on my crotch! And I would be in game shape 5 minutes after shooting my load. Thanks doc for the heads up, because I never thought about being sold something dangerous. (Gullible American here.)

Passion Promise
04-25-06, 20:15
Greetings from Alberta, Canada.

We will be coming down and staying at the Royal DeCameron on June 10th and needless to say rather excited about the adventure. I had the pleasure of reading this thread from one end to the other and look forward to exploring a few of the suggested spots. My question is, is there a place that favours "couples"? Here, we live the alternative lifestyle (BDSM) and were wondering if there are "specific" clubs that feature this? Also, are there must see things that we should check out while we are there and are there anything that we should definitely avoid?

Also, I suffer from migraines and am on an ongoing prescription of demerol. Yes i will ensure i bring some with me, but i was curious as to what the protocol is to having prescriptions refilled when you are down there, in case i run out? The last time we came down we were in Manzinillo and the two weeks we were there, i only suffered one day. That alone makes coming back to Mexico something to look forward to.

Any help you can share would be greatly appreciated

Don Tonto
04-28-06, 11:37
Hi Passion,

Since you will be with your wife (or husband), I would recommend a high-end place like "Junior's Bar" or "Candy's Girls" (which are owned by the same people), rather than a sleazy dump (which can also be fun in other circumstances).

At Junior's (southside of town) and Candy's (in the Marina area), all the waiters speak English. Just say what you are looking for and they can help out in both locating an interested girl and doing any initial language translations that you may need. You can also take the girl to your place for a couple of hours (if the hotel accepts visitors). I have specifically read about couples being "entertained" by the girls at Junior's, but I don't know if any are into BDSM.

Unfortunately, the Royal DeCameron is located about 20 km. to the north of Puerto Vallarta, and its classier action spots. There is another place much closer to the Royal DeCameron, which is/was another, less successful Candy's Girls location. I think they have now changed ownership and are no longer Candy's Girls. I went there once, but there were no other customers and only two girls to select from. It wasn't a very exciting experience. If the place is still open, you will see it on the left side of the highway as you are heading towards Puerto Vallarta. I guess it would be about 3 to 5 km. from the Royal DeCameron.

As far as medications, things like painkillers and even common sleeping aids are usually sold by prescription only, in Mexico. My recommendation would be:

1) Get your prescription filled in Canada, before you go. If you want to get a prescription filled in Mexico, you will most likely have to visit a doctor first (a waste of your money and precious vacation time).

2) Take only a reasonable amount of the medication with you (i.e., as directed by your doctor, or a quantity that a normal person might use during the course of his stay).

3) Bring a copy of your prescription with you to Puerto Vallarta, just in case an issue is raised by any authorities. Also, it might be a good idea to keep the medication in original container that has your name, the medication's name and your doctor's name. Perhaps, this is all going a bit overboard, but it is simple to do and it might prevent some problems.

Passion Promise
04-29-06, 15:03
Thank you so much for the information Don, its greatly appreciated and seems very informative. Will be staying in PV for a couple of days just to see something different so will definitley be checking out Junior's. As none of U/us speak Spanish it would be a definite plus to have some one that translates. As far as the meds go, i just learned a lot by reading your text.

Wishes for a wonderful day.....~pp~

P.s. I'm the subbmisive/wife :). Nice to meet you.

05-14-06, 17:08
Greetings from Alberta, Canada.

We will be coming down and staying at the Royal DeCameron on June 10th and needless to say rather excited about the adventure.Hello, I live in Puerto Vallarta, I hadnt visited the site in a while so I kinda lost track of what was going on here. Anyhow, Juniors and Candys girls are both table dance bars. You can get a girl for a couple of hours yes, but You sound like you're looking for people like you that will participate out of their own interest. I don't know about other places. But I'll gladly look into it. I'll keep you posted.

From PV


05-14-06, 17:13
Greetings from Alberta, Canada.

We will be coming down and staying at the Royal DeCameron on June 10th and needless to say rather excited about the adventure.Forgot to tell you. I'm a physician, in answer to your question, there is no demerol in mexico nor do we have an equivalent. If you end up going to a hospital or dr. With a migraine, they/we would end up giving you a triptan style drug. So I recommend you bring enough of your medication.


Passion Promise
05-15-06, 22:24
Just wanted to say thanks Serinar, the information is truely valued, i will make the necessary arrangements prior to my leaving. Only a short few weeks away and can't wait.

Furthermore to your astout reading of the message, yes looking for more like minded individuals then the table dancing sort of thing, been there done that, only it was me on the tables. lol.

Thanks again for the info, and if you find anything else out, it would be greatly appreciated.


05-20-06, 01:36
Does anyone have Paty's or Ely's cel phone number from Damely Massage? I have lost my copy and need to make an appointment.

Ampdude 2003
05-29-06, 18:52
Hi All,

Just got back from PV and wanted to report my humble adventure.

I know this is NOT a travel site (LOL), but have to mention that PV is definitely in my heart and soul as one of my favorite locations to travel to. PV is incredibly charming. Would love to buy a place down there and am looking into it, but for now have a timeshare which a love.

Anyway, back to the good stuff. As I am married, I also like the hobby so getting out can be tough. I did manage and checked out Candy's Girls, Massage, and the non-prescription pharma thing for viagra, cialis, etc.


Yes, alive and well and valid. Many pharma products do not require a prescription as they do in the US. I ventured into the local pharma near "Hooters" and "River Cafe" in the downtown area and bought myself both some Viagra and Cialis. You can get products in most drugstores. Yes, it is the real thing - Viagra in a sealed Pfizer package, each blue pill machine stamped correctly, pkg of 4. I bought the 50mg package - 4 pills @75.00 / pkg. I also bought Cialis (20mg). I have not tried either before, so wanted to have a little fun. I personally preferred Cialis, but watch out for this one - it so nick-named "the weekender" because has longer term effects than its blue pill competitor, which is designed to last 4-6 hours.

Refering to a past post on this board, a local PV doctor / member responding to a question on "generic" Viagra. Sildenafil Citrate is a generic form of Viagra, and is available alongside Viagra in most pharmacies and is well-documented in pharma reference guides everywhere. Do a search for the above, or keywords Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), generic.You'll get lots of fake ads (to your point, buyer beware on internet!), but you will find legit buying information on respectable sites.

Candie's Girls:

Beautiful women and great place. You need to know how this club works to appreciate it. First, everyone wants to be tipped from the doorman, the host that seats you, of course the waiter, and the "closer" that will approach you several times from the moment you sit down to offer to introduce you to any girl and to make sure you know that anything goes with the girl you select. Be prepared for the multiple approaches and the expected tipping. I generally throw a token 10 pesos and appropriate tips to the waiter. Just a note that this paragraph is just to prepare, not to criticize. Like I said, I like the club.

When you first sit, a girl will immediately come and sit on your lap and strike conversation. The waiter will ask what you will have for a first drink, and also ask if you would like to purchase a drink for the lady. Cost for the ladies company is $150 pesos (~15.00). I may suggest to consider taking the lady up on it, especially if she is good looking which is a safe bet! It may be a good idea to break the ice. If you decline, you will be left alone for the most part, except for the visits from the "closer".

Pole dancing by dancers to showcase each girl is done throughout. There does not seem to be much / any tipping, and the girl will not really attempt to make lots of seductive eye contact to any onlookers, per instruction from management I believe (speculating).

If you are ready, you need to approach or accept from the closer who will set it up. Several private rooms on the floor will be ~$100US for 15m, ~$150US for 30m. This is anything goes, and is pretty much standard pricing and given to the closer. Once paid, the girl is yours. I selected a gorgeous girl named Claudia with D breasts, a real hottie I would give an "8" to. I pretty much had the run of the house, CBJ, titty f., FS in a couple of positions. I had fun.

I understand there is a larger room with a bed, etc., upstairs, but did not partake.


Went to Damely Massage for my massage trip. Damely is just beyond the bridge after River Cafe on the corner, clearly marked. I was there last year so had met Eli on a previous visit. I did get a great 1 hour massage and a handshake at the end. As a previous poster mentioned, it is not a free-for-all with these sisters in terms of extras. Eli was wearing shorts and a low cut short, but was clothed. I did have some roaming but wanted to be respectful of boundaries. I sense I could have gotten to the nude massage - maybe next time. I mainly went for the massage, which was most excellent. I always want the trip on the erotic side, so got that to.

Hope this posting helps. Take care all.

06-07-06, 20:54
I went and got Ely on a bad day. Same thing happened a couple of times with Paty. No touching, very mechanical. It is too unpredictable and not that great. Have crossed it off my list.

Straight Shooter
06-15-06, 02:51
What is the cheapest way to call back to the United States from Puerto Vallarta?

Straight Shooter
06-17-06, 19:50
Does anyone have any information on translation services in Puerto Vallarta. I want to have my resume translated into Spanish from english. Your help will be greatly appreciated!.

Straight Shooter
06-24-06, 23:07
I am just checking to see if there is a pulse in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta since I made post a couple of weeks ago and have not received any feedback?

07-20-06, 04:31

I'm planning a trip to PV and have some questions. After going thru the forum, I think I understand Candy/Junior. However, I have some questions on the followings:

1) are there any escort websites I can use and how accurate are the pics.

2) What is the spending power of a US dollar. How much would a "good" seafood dinner cost w/o drinks.


07-20-06, 21:41
I am just checking to see if there is a pulse.

Hello. Yes. There is a Pulse. What kin of translation is it exactly? An I'm sure we can find someone here to do it for you.

07-21-06, 04:49
A "good" seafood dinner will depend on your definition of "good". Puerto Vallarta has alot of very good restaraunts in general. Vitea, Trio, La Palapa and Vista Grill can easily go $30-50 US before drinks and appetizers. But you also have The Blue Shrimp, El Brujo and Joe Jack's Shack on the other end of the price scale but still with good food. Don't worry about the food there is something for everyone in Vallarta

As for the escort agencies there are several in the phone book. I used one several years ago and was very satisfied but I just prefer to visit one of the clubs. You may want to do a search on the board to see what comes up.

07-21-06, 20:16
Mucho gracias....I'm practacing my spanish already. Now back to the good stuff. How are the girls at Candys and Junnior compared to Miss Mexico 2006. I know everybody has there own perferences but some people has a loose definition of the word hotties (please nobody get offended). Its just like cars. Everybody has their own likings, but everybody can differiate between a Poshce and a Honda.


Member #2041
07-23-06, 23:56
It's just like cars. Everybody has their own likings, but everybody can differiate between a Poshce and a Honda.

In fact, I traded up from a Porsche 911 to an Acura NSX.

Not really sure what a "Poshce" is, though.

To The Point
07-24-06, 00:59
i want a nice hotel in a good area that isn't a rip off.

thanks, i promise i'll give a detailed report when i return.instead of paying up your ass for a hotel check out this link to a condo for $50.00 dollars a night. i am very familiar with the property as it is a very popular condo complex in puerto vallarta situated directly on a beautiful beach. in the same complex i just rented a penthouse condo for $55.00 a night for my father and it has 2 bedrooms with 3 baths, and all the amenities you want including high speed internet. it also has 2 levels as you can see in the pictures. attached is pictures of it. send me a p.m and i will give you the owners contact information. i also know of another property for $45.00 u.s. dollars a night that is a half block from the main beach in old vallarta and that is a nice property as well. i have personally seen these properties and would highly recommend them. for the record i am not an agent and do not even know one. i found these while checking out places for my father to stay.

i also want you to know that kickboxer is a great guy who is my friend. next time you are in medellin open your eyes to other places other than the mansion, and you will see there is life outside of the aussie and it might be better. vip is a great place and you should check it out, as well as contact kickboxer for a drink so you can form an honest opinion of the man instead of running at the mouth about someone you do not know.


07-26-06, 04:43

There are some Poshces to be had in Candies and Juniors but in my opinion if you want the best and are willing to pay there is a (at least was) place called Prestige. In there a Poshce would be the average but you also have to pay premium for them.

Barefoot Chap,

If you hablo espanol then your in. I speak only the very basics and have met several young ladies (25 to 30) and have had a great time with them. Some like American and Canadian men becouse of the way we treat them. They will not make the first move and may be shy around other locals so be patiant. PV is also a big tourist area for Mexicans and other Central American countries so it is likely you could meet up with one from Mexico City or elsewhere. Go to the bars on the Malacone and also try Christines Disco, they start later than we do so take a nap and head out about 11 PM, 10 if your doing dinner.

08-20-06, 18:58
This revised report supersedes the original report contributed by Chivas 1 on 08-20-06

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful beach resort city that still has its Mexican culture, with cobblestone streets, taco/food stands in the streets, music blaring every place you go, and the nightlife still going strong up to 5am in some areas. The people are very happy and the life in Puerto Vallarta is very tranquil. It is not a major mongering destination but there is still a lot to be had if you want it. Here is a breakdown of some facts and my thoughts and experiences.

Currency is the peso and at this time it is 10.50 peso's to the US. Dollar.

Customs and Immigration: It goes relatively fast to pass through and is hassle free.

Dress: Wearing shorts preferably with a nice shirt is appropriate here when going out at night.

Car Rental: I was able to rent a SUV from Budget for $60.00 per day booking online with unlimited mileage.

Accommodations: Nice hotels and condo's can be had for between 50 to 60 dollars a night and they are all guest friendly and are located on the beachfront or very near. If anyone is interested I can provide you names of condo owners you can contact. A couple hotels are Hotel Roger which is a short walk from the beach and connected to it is a great restaurant and bar named Freddy's. The breakfast there is excellent and Freddy is a great guy and will greet you at the door when you enter. Hotel Los Arcos and Hotel El Pescador are a couple other hotel properties in this price range that are clean and decent hotels in great locations. I stayed in a beachfront 4 star condo community named Girasol Sur. The condo was 2 levels, it had 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, air on both levels, refrigerators on both levels, a beautiful ocean view off the terrace for $55. 00 dollars a night. The condo sits on one of the nicest beaches in Puerto Vallarta and across the street from it is the mountains so the views are fabulous and it is a very impressive place. It also has 24 hour security, and all the amenities a 4-5 star hotel would have. The down side of it is it is about a 10 to 15 minute taxi ride to the tourist district of Puerto Vallarta. The cost of a taxi ride is $7.00. You can also take a public bus for 5 pesos which is less than 25 cents. The buses run every 10 to 15 minutes and it arrives in Puerto Vallarta about 5 minutes later than a taxi.

Restaurants: Restaurants and taco stands are everywhere you look. In Puerto Vallarta I ate at Café Ole which is located in what is called Old Town Vallarta and the seafood I had was very fresh and tasty. I also had a steak there that was excellent. The cost is around 10 to 15 dollars but is well worth it. I also would recommend a restaurant a few blocks away if you like ribs as they were excellent. The restaurant is called El Toritos. It is like a sports bar concept. They have many TV's and you can request to watch any event you want as they have a satellite and provide great service. The owner is Felix and he is also a great guy. The staff all speak excellent English. As I mentioned taco stands are everywhere and they serve everything from steak tacos, to fish tacos, and seafood cocktails. If you have never tried a shrimp cocktail while in Mexico I would certainly encourage you to do so as they are excellent! . My favorite stands are "Mamo's" which is located about 2 blocks from what is called the tunel, and about 2 blocks from streets named Insurgents and Baldillo. Another stand I would highly recommend is located by the big Farmacia Guadalajara. Anytime you pass there at night it is filled with people standing around it eating. All the taxi drivers know where it is at. Taco's at these stands are around 7 pesos or 60 cents approximately. I ate most of the time in Pitell which is like a suburb of Puerto Vallarta and fresh seafood dinners were about 9-10 dollars and were well worth it.

Transportation: Taxi's will take you anywhere in the actual city of Puerto Vallarta for 3 or 4 dollars. Make sure you always ask the cost of the fare upfront as the taxi's do not have meters, but the taxi system that is in place has set prices. You can negotiate with the drivers if you go outside the actual city of Vallarta. Buses are everywhere, pass by you every few minutes, and the destinations are all written on the front windows. I think the cost to go most anywhere is 3 pesos or about 25 cents. As far as taxi drivers go contact me if you are going to be needing one, as I can provide you the name of a great English speaking one who knows the mongering seen in Vallarta like no-one else!. He will also party right along with you if you desire.

Shopping: Puerto Vallarta is full of shops every where you look and everything is negotiable so always bargain them down. It actually has what I would call a huge indoor flea market located in the main strip called the Malecon across from the new parking ramp. There is also a Walmart and Sam's Club in Vallarta

Internet Cafes and phone rooms. They are located everywhere and most offer phone use if you want to call back to the United States or anywhere else for that matter. You can call the United States for as low as 3 pesos (20 cents) a minute from these internet cafes.

Money exchanges: They can be found everywhere but do check around for the best exchange rate. I generally use the one near the cross streets of Insurgents and Baldillo. Banks and ATM'S can also be found everywhere.

Mongering: P4P and non-pro's. There is so much to be had of both I do not even know where to begin! . I had great luck at both. I found several non-pro's who were working as waitresses in the bars the local people go to, just ordinary small bars that my personal taxi driver I spoke of above took me to. A couple names of these are Mar y Tierra, and the bar located across from La Paloma bull ring, Monchie's which is located very close to the restaurant El Torito I spoke of above, and the Monchie's in the suburb Pitell. I also had a non-pro I actually met and asked out from Walmart. Mexican women are very friendly so if you have the ability to communicate and have a fun outgoing personality you should have no problem with meeting them. It is all about the conversation with the non-pro's. Another local type bar that is good to hang out in and has nice looking non-pro's as waitresses is Brando's and it is located in the Vallarta Marina. The cost of a beer is only 10 peso's or one dollar. They also serve appetizers.

The P4P scene I took in was at the following places:

HYSTERIA: was formally called the La Montana Club but it is now an upscale club staffed with people I knew from Juniours many years ago. This is a strip club and the women are some of the most beautiful women I have seen anywhere in the world. BREATHTAKING BEAUTY! . My last night in there almost all the women there were Mexicans with blond hair, just stunning. They have an area available for private dances as well. These women can also women be barfined. I am not sure of the cost but I am sure it is expensive. I actually was able to take 2 of the girls out of there at closing time, 5am for nothing. One of the girls I have had a friendship with for many years, and the other was a girl I just bought drinks for and had sit at my table. This particular girl was a stunner and was just an awesome fcuk! . Her name was Abril and she was actually from the Mazatlan area but was working in Vallarta because she was visiting her family there. After she got off work at 5am my taxi driver friend and I took her to my condo and then the next day I took her to buy a new swimming suit, had lunch, and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the pool and the beach. At no point did she ask me for money. She did however walk away with my 2 disposable camera containing pictures of her and others! The cost of beer is 45 pesos or $4. 50 cents. Women drink prices are very high!

STRAVAGANZA: PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR BUSINESS TO THIS PLACE! This is a low level bar *****house 15 minutes from Vallarta where the women are all working girls and you just kind of hang out drinking, listening to music, and if you want to fcuk one of the girls they have rooms right in the place. You negotiate your price with the girls and you can usually get full service for 40 dollars or so. I got ripped off here because I paid for 2 girls to have girl on girl sex then to have a 3some with me, but after we got back to the room the one girl would not go for sex on sex with another female. I was not even undressed yet when I said forget the whole thing then, and I immediately went to the manager there to get my money back and he refused. A beer was like 20 pesos or 2 dollars. No cover charges.

LAS ALASENAS: Located across the street from Stravaganza and is the same type of bar. I actually like this place and stopped in there almost nightly as I am always on a bar hop tour of some sorts, hitting on the average of 7-10 bars a night. Chava (waiter)is the main man in there and if you see something you like he will hook it up for you if you want The place usually has about 10 to 15 girls working depending on the night of the week it is as many of the girls come from Guadalajara to just work the weekend. The quality changes daily. I would highly recommend Sonia. I have known her for years and she is petite and very attractive. This place really does not get going until at least 11pm and it closes at 5am. The cost for the girls is the same as I stated above for Stravaganza. The cost of a beer is the same as Stravaganza and there is no cover charges.

TREN: Again this is a bar across the street from the bars I just mentioned above, same concept and prices but the bar is really lame and very few girls working.

RODEO: I think this is the name of the bar even though there is disco of the same name in Pitell. This bar is located along with another bar next to a river again about 15 minutes from Vallarta. These bars are lower level strip clubs but have same concept and price structure as Las Alasenas. Quality is low but I have seen a few nice ones that stand out. Prices are the same as the above bars I mentioned. I will confirm the name later and correct it if I am wrong.

ROLEX: This is a strip club located about 20-25 minutes from Vallarta. It is a good time but has a 3 beer minimum as a cover charge. Across the street is the Hotel Alamo which has P4P working there. I stopped in a couple of times to check it out but found nothing worthwhile to look at.

JUNIOURS, PRESTIGE, AND CANDY'S: These are all high end strip clubs with beautiful women but the quality of the girls do not compare to Hysteria. Very very expensive to hang out in these and they have I believe a 10 dollar cover charge.

LAS ANTORCHES: I stopped in this bar on 2 occasions in the afternoons after reading about it here on the Vallarta thread. A few perro's is all that I saw in here. It is located off the main road that goes to the airport next to the Nissan dealership? There is a bar directly across the street from the bar Mar y Tierra which has P4P girls working in it and the girls start work at 6pm. It is all free lancers and you take them out of the bar and go wherever you want. Prices are 50 dollars or so. I only stopped in here 2 times and my memory was pretty much gone during these times thanks to the great beer Pacifico and the tequila bottle.

Last comments: Stay away from Vallarta in August and September as the heat and humidity is ass kicking and it seems no places other than the high end places have air conditioning. Traffic is a real pain in the ass on the road to and from the airport as construction is going on. At night at least on weekends stay away from driving along the Malecon as you will be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Serinar (Fernando) I am sorry about not checking the thread after I was already in Vallarta, but I will most definitely be in touch soon as I will be returning permanently at the end of September. Last but not least Vallarta can be an expensive experience if you let it be, so don't. Enjoy the food at reputable food stands where you see groups of people eating or in local restaurants a couple blocks off the tourist zones, drink away from the tourist traps, and monger in area's like I described above.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for more information.

09-10-06, 05:45
I have a group of guys going down to PV in a few weeks. A couple are very much into the clubs. We are gong for fishing during the day and drinks at night. We go to TJ quite a bit for golf just out side of town and find alot of the girls that are on the street are as nice or nicer than the girls in the clubs. Are there any streets to walk down to see a few girls just hanging out?

Chivas 1
09-13-06, 05:50
I have a group of guys going down to PV in a few weeks. A couple are very much into the clubs. We are gong for fishing during the day and drinks at night. We go to TJ quite a bit for golf just out side of town and find alot of the girls that are on the street are as nice or nicer than the girls in the clubs. Are there any streets to walk down to see a few girls just hanging out?You will not find any particular streets where you will find P4P girls hanging out to my knowledge. It is far from being a Tijuana. I actually do not believe I have ever seen any working girls walking the streets that were even close to anything a normal guy would be interested in. The best advice I can give you is read my report and select what you want to do from that. Have fun and be safe.

10-28-06, 23:34
P.V. can basically be divided into 2 categories:

1. Day Prostitutes

2. Night Prostitutes

In the day the only place I've found that has cheap hookers is Hotel Alamo. It's about 15-20 minutes outside of Town.

There's usually about 3-4 medium quality women working there. They will try to charge about 800 pesos, but will back down real easy when you start negotiating. About 500 pesos is a fairly reasonable price. I always get lots of BDJ at this place. The next day the same one you were with the day before always starts hanging on you like glue. Just tell them to beat it because you like variety.

At night, the best place to go is La Zona. It too is about 15 minutes outside of town. The cab drivers always try to talk you into going to Hysteria because they get a commission from your entrance cover. Just tell them to be quiet and take you to La Zona. In my opinion Hysteria costs way too much.

La Zona is great! Theres about 4 ***** Houses all in one parking lot. Estravaganza is the most luxurious one. A woman there costs about $50 U.S., and all the other ones a woman can be bought for about $40 U.S. I always buy about 4-5 women a day every time I go to Vallarta. The beers at La Zona range from about 15-20 pesos ($1.50-$2.00). The price to buy a hooker a drink is about $5-$7.

The only other thing to mention is to make it REAL clear to the cab drivers that they will get an ass beating if they follow you around like a lost puppy. They are always hoping that you'll buy them a Chica for a tip.

Good luck, and happy Mongering!

11-18-06, 03:56
I'll be in PV on Dec. 14 for a month. Any one who want to go out and hit some of the clubs please contact me.

Member #4239
11-18-06, 23:13
During recent visit here, I was able to get away briefly for a massage. As you are coming from the hotel zones towards the Malecon/down town (Malecon is that walkway near the ocean where they have put some statues every 20 yards or so), you will see some signs for massage places. I went into one. 30$ for one hour. There was a woman dressed all in white, I thought maybe she was a dental hygienist! The massage table has a hole at one end, which is where I guess you are supposed to rest your head. I didn't like that and I refused to stick my head in there. She was kind of bossy. She kept the door a little open for the first part of the massage and then closed the door. She wasn't using a lot of lotion and my skin was being bothered by the friction from the dry massage. Anyways, then she asked for a total of 70$ to include HJ. I talked her down to 50$. Unfortunately I was so horny that I came after about one minute of stimulation. She quickly left the room. I hadn't been very happy with the experience, so I just paid the 30$ to the girl that was sitting at the table in the lobby and left.
There seems to be a lot of massage places available, charging between 30 to 50 $ per hour, but I didn't have time to try any other ones.

11-20-06, 03:10
I'm trying to get into contact with Fernado. I'm visiting PV in Dec.

Don Tonto
11-22-06, 06:19
La Zona is great! Theres about 4 ***** Houses all in one parking lot.

Just don't go to the fifth ***** House in that particular parking lot. It is called Las Abejas (The Bees), but it is easier to see the word "Travesti" painted above the entrance. The "Girls" there have a little extra something hanging between their legs that you don't want to know about!

12-22-06, 01:48
I will be in PV for three days in January. I will let you know if I have anything to report upon my return. Thanks to those who have made such good posts in the past.

01-17-07, 19:31
With any city that hosts as muh tourism as PV, the locals can be incredulous about any out of town visitor. I am fluent in Spanish and managed to find a nice friend in PV. Required a great deal of listnening and effort.

Also, I visited a bunch of massage places. Not much to be had at Del Mar massages, along Avenida Mexico, the street that leads into the Malecon, but I understand that two blocks down, maybe where J.G., went, a more complete menu is available.

I visited a number of other places, and I was not convinced that much was on the menu.

Food, on the other hand, in PV is splendid. I ate at Ocho Tosadas, De Santos, and Las Palomas, among other places. All are recommended. Azul 69 and De Santos have some pretty cool clubs. La Bogedita del Medio is a good place to have some drinks.

01-22-07, 19:22
"Clausurado". If you see that word on a tape sealing a door, then the authorities have shut a place down. Two daytime places, unfortunately, had this sign on their doors last week:
1) Las Antorchas--this is the bar near the Marina previously reviewed here. They were completely locked up. I climbed through a fence next door and went in. Apparently authorities had caught a girl there that morning without papers. The lady inside said the girl was of legal age--18 years old--so they hoped to reopen the next morning. I went back two days later, but they were still closed and nobody was inside. Stay tuned.
2) Hotel Alamo--on the way to Ixtapa, also previously reviewed here. Nobody was there. The guy at the store next door didn´t even know they had been closed. No great loss, the "girls" there were not great anyway.

So I went back to town in the Naranjo & Madero neighborhood and found a 300 peso (plus 100 for room) quickie. 4 in looks (too many tamales) but what the hey...lowest price I´ve found in a couple of years.

Unless you´re adventurous, I´d recommend you stick to Juniors & Candy´s. I prefer to save pesos and practice Spanish, so I´ll try to stay up past my bedtime and go slumming in the Zona Rosa soon.

01-23-07, 22:59
I walked by Las Antorchas on Tuesday at 2 PM, and they have reopened. Their location is on the main highway from the airport to town, between the Marina and Outback Steak house, across from the Hacienda Hotel. The place exists mainly for the crew from the cruise ships. There were 5-6 girls and 4-5 clients. I ordered a Pacifico beer (20 pesos) and studied the ladies. They were all pretty hefty, perhaps 4-5 in quality, but one, Laura, caught my eye. She had the typical Mexican full-size figure, but a cute face, with sparkling black eyes and a nice smile. Overall 5 in looks.

She said the hotel in the back was still closed. There is a problem with their paperwork, and she didn't know when it would reopen. So the charges for FS would be 500 pesos + 150 for a local hotel + taxi fare. I said I only had 600 pesos to spend, so she went over to consult with the others for a good 5 minutes. Finally she said, OK, 450 for her, 150 for the hotel, and one of her friends would drive us over and back. Nice of her to accommodate me.

We drove towards the Marina and turned right on the road at the bullfight ring. The hotel was on the right, just before you get to the entrance to Zona Rosa. Laura is 22 years old, lives in Nuevo Vallarta, divorced, with two kids. She was quite friendly and had obviously done this kind of thing before. Sensuous kisses, light touches, and I basically lay on my back to gaze at those nice eyes while she did most of the work. She was unrushed and accomodated my wishes. Because of the good attitude, I would possibly see her again, but actually I'm hoping to find a 6 or 7 in quality next time there.

Anyway, the good news is that daytime sex is alive and well in P.V.

01-31-07, 20:18
Took a cab out to Zona Rosa (50 pesos from town) at about 10:30 PM on Tuesday. It´s about a mile inland from the bull ring on the airport highway. The place has been going downhill for several years. Now El Tren, the first place on the left as you enter, is no longer open. Too bad--it was less noisy, less fuss, and less pricey than the others. Here´s what´s left:
Stravaganza. On the right side as you enter. 50 peso cover, or 100 if the show has started. (Or, it appeared, free if you´re Mexican.) One drink minimum. 800 pesos for FS. Good-looking, slender girls.
Las Alanzas. Across the way from Stravaganza. Very loud. Mediocre-looking chubby girls.
Las Abejas. To the left as you face Las Alanzas. Empty inside. Three transvestites soliciting out front. Yech.

I decided to leave the compound, probably for the last time ever. La Zona is a dusty, dirty, crumbling setting, with workmen hammering in the yard, men blaring music from their radios, and chickens and cockroaches wandering about. Nothing wrong with a third-world atmosphere if you charge a third-world price. Asking $80+ US to get laid is something you might expect in the USA or even at a nice club in PV, but not in this dump.

On the way back, closer to town on the highway, on the left side, I stopped into Mirage. Nice, clean setting. No Spanish needed. Good-looking girl on stage, not crowded. $10 US cover, $180 US for 1/2 hour FS including girl, room, and condom.

If these prices don´t bother you, then help yourself. I guess Puerto Vallarta is now a full-fledged (overpriced) resort. FS in a modest Mexican setting with a good-looking girl for a reasonable price seems to be a thing of the past. I hope someone can come on here and prove me wrong.

02-07-07, 05:16
Had 2 no extras. Sol & Luna was just ok massage. Monica at Venus Sunshine gave a great firm massage. She was cute and I would have enjoyed extras with her, but alas. There was an Asian Massage Parlor on Basilica Basillio but I didn't have time to try it. I suspect that was a mistake, given prior Asian experiences.

Oh well.

Happy Travels,


02-13-07, 04:32
I visited Junior's out of boredom during my stay at PV recently after attending a friend's wedding there.

PV is a nice resort town on its way to become too expensive for all but a few Americans. And Junior's is certainly a prime example.

I got there on a Friday night at around 11pm. The door fee was 100 pesos. The place is reasonably well furnished and clean. There were about 10 customers, a dozen girls and probably close to 20 staff members. Most of the girls don't speak English and don't look interested to interact with any of the customers. The only ones that do are more likely to be on the ugly or heavy side. After spending about 45 mins looking at the pathetic dances these girls put up, I got a tap on the shoulder from a very typical looking Mexican girl with double chin, who asked me for a cigarette. I provided her that and she sat down next to me. From her I was able to gather that the cost of doing her on-site, behind the stage I guess, is $150US. The cost of taking her out for 2 hours is $200US. I was never able to figure out if there is an additional fee payable to the club for the take out because of the lack of a common language. At about 2am, I asked for the bill and for 3 Coronas I was charged 135 pesos. During the entire time, there was never more than 15 customers but there was a group of four Mexicans and another of three Americans that had sort of monopolized all the good looking girls and the rest of the customers just got ignored.

In short, Junior's is a pathetic place for anyone except those from the US sex prison.

02-24-07, 00:48
Updated info on La Zona. Went there 11 PM Thursday night to test the high prices I was quoted on my last visit. On a hunch, I walked right by the cover charge guy out front of Stravaganza as though I knew it was bogus. (The sign this time said 30 pesos, not 100...go figure). It worked! Then I walked around the room checking out each of the girls. A guy kept offering me a table, for obvious reasons, but the collection of girls didn't look great: a couple of fives, 4-5 fours, and a couple of fat threes. All friendly and smiling, mind you, but not erection-inducing. So back out I went.

Next door, to the left, one additional "club" was open since my last visit: Cadillac. Went inside, and there was blaring music and NO girls. A five with cute face and square body was standing outside and suggested a visit to the hotel for 600 pesos. We agreed on 500 (room included), and off we went. Nice enough, but very perfunctory sex. On the way out I checked out the girls at Las Alanzas across the plaza: 1 slender(!) five, 2 fours and a three.

So the bottom line after two visits: Roughly 14 girls available in the whole (dusty) complex. None were good looking (i.e., 6 or more). Cab fare is 100 pesos roundtrip from town, so mediocre full sex can be had for a total of about US$55. And you have to wait till 10-11 PM for the action to begin.

02-25-07, 23:15
Updated info on La Zona. Went there 11 PM Thursday night to test the high prices I was quoted on my last visit. On a hunch, I walked right by the cover charge guy out front of Stravaganza as though I knew it was bogus. (The sign this time said 30 pesos, not 100...go figure). It worked! Then I walked around the room checking out each of the girls. A guy kept offering me a table, for obvious reasons, but the collection of girls didn't look great: a couple of fives, 4-5 fours, and a couple of fat threes. All friendly and smiling, mind you, but not erection-inducing. So back out I went.

Next door, to the left, one additional "club" was open since my last visit: Cadillac. Went inside, and there was blaring music and NO girls. A five with cute face and square body was standing outside and suggested a visit to the hotel for 600 pesos. We agreed on 500 (room included), and off we went. Nice enough, but very perfunctory sex. On the way out I checked out the girls at Las Alanzas across the plaza: 1 slender(!) five, 2 fours and a three.

So the bottom line after two visits: Roughly 14 girls available in the whole (dusty) complex. None were good looking (i.e., 6 or more). Cab fare is 100 pesos roundtrip from town, so mediocre full sex can be had for a total of about US$55. And you have to wait till 10-11 PM for the action to begin.Thanks for the updated info Duke. It's a shame that PV has gotten so expensive. I noticed that the last time I was there and have been avoiding it like the plague, in order to find new Mongering spots. Mostly everyone else I've talked to here back at home feels the same way. It is good at least to see that Cadillac reopened. It was closed the last time I went and I was totally bummed. I wonder if it's the same owner? It was a woman that owned it when I banged my very first hooker ever there about 6 years ago or so. I went back there about 6 months later and by mistake got some chick that wanted to try to charge more in the room after we were already set on a price. I went and reported her to the owner, and she gave me another woman for no charge. Every time I went back to PV I always bought her a beer. Oh well, too bad that PV has gotten so out of hand now with prices. The last time I was there I noticed that even at Hotel Alamo (where there usually isn't anything better than a 3 or 4 or so the girls were trying to charge a lot. I asked one fat chick why she felt justified in charging a higher price, and she said that it was because when the Cruise Ships come in, that guys would pay her up to 80-100 dollars. Thanks to guys like that it is now a horrbile place to monger.

04-12-07, 00:08
Checked out all strip clubs. Talent was very average. Take out prices for 2 hrs range from $200 at Candys, $250 Hysteria &Mirage, to $310 at Prestige. I managed to get one dancer to meet during day for $100, others wanted alot more and were not that hot. Estravaganza wanted $200 for take out and will try to charge $10 for entry to foreigners. Talent overall here is weak, but they did have 3 hot ones.

04-17-07, 05:20
Was in PV the third week of March.

My wife prefers Candy's Girls by the Marina because of the exceptional number of great looking women and overall quality of the place, and hey, if one's wife is willing to spend the money for quality, I say go for it.

Just want to people to know that there is a beautiful girl there named Star (that's how she spelled it, but she pronounces it "Strayah"). Just gorgeous and very willing to please, though little English. She's the one my wife picked for me.

Think she could be had for less than the price at Candy's (btw-if you look closely at the sign on the front, it says Girls underneath in little letters), and from what we gathered she lives in an apartment in the old part of PV. Phone # she gave us was 311-220-52-07

Good luck, and treat her well.

04-19-07, 22:20
Wife and I looking to have some adult fun on this trip and love to meet a hot female for wifes first time. What can we expect at the club and any suggestions for us? If you knwo of a bar/night club that would be a good option let us know as well.
email me at [Email address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

04-19-07, 22:35
Looking for a hot escort fro the wife. Is Candy's a good place to start? What is the quality and waht can we expect at the club?

05-08-07, 23:19
Went to the ZDT outside PV and most of the chicas were overweight with flappy chi chis. If you look them over, you might find a diamond in the rough.

05-27-07, 06:37
I will be in Puerto Vallarta arriving on May 31st. Anyone have anything they would like to update me on?. Your kindness in doing so will be greatly appreciated!. What is it like out by Cadillac, Tren, e.c.t?. Any new local stripclubs I can checkout. I am not talking the high end places, but low end places?.

05-30-07, 03:52

Is anybody out there?

06-02-07, 17:43
Dear Monger community in PVR

I'll be in PVR first two weeks of July - please PM me if alguien want to venture out for non-pro->if unsuccessful->pro action. Also looking to learn to surf and do some fishing.

Dicks out

06-03-07, 02:20
I'll be in PV on 6/7/07 for 10 days.

06-17-07, 03:37
I have visited this place in old town south of the river perhaps 8 times in four visits to PV. Never any extras, but always an outstanding massage by whoever you get. As in the past, it's 350 pesos for 75 minutes. I've been massaged in many places around the world, but this place is right there at the top for consistency and quality. Again no extras...don't even ask.!

06-17-07, 03:52
Took a bus for 5 pesos to Antorches from old town around 11 pm Friday night. After I got off the bus, discovered the place was closed!

Then caught a taxi to Zona Rosa. Driver recommended Club Stravaganza which sounded very familar to me. He honked his horn as he dropped me off. That was the clue to the door men that he was due some pesos from the club and I was to be charged extra. Learned that later.

Walked into the club like I'd been there before (thinking I'd avoid a cover) and was shown to a table. No cover so far. Ordered water and was charged 50 pesos plus 100 cover. Wasn't sure if that was normal, or if the cover was a rip off.

Watched the so-so show. One girl on stage at a time. They start the first dance clothed, and by the third or fourth number have stripped. About 10 or 12 girls sitting around at tables. Selection actually fairly good. Eventually selected a chica. She asked 1000 pesos for 30 minutes including room. Explained she had to pay the taxi 200 because I had come by taxi so not much room for negiotiation. The waiter had placed a little sticker on my table top that identified me as a taxi arrival!
We went down to 900...she collected the fee when we went to exit of the club...exited and reentered the room place immediately next door. OK room with shower..no towels...ok session, but not great.

She agreed to meet me later in the week to help me practice my Spanish and whatever. Has an 8 yo son. Nice girl with good English skills, so hoping that this will work out. This is the low season. BTW most of the patrons were Hispanic. Probably slow time of year. Have her number and will report back if the daytime hookup is fruitful.

06-18-07, 17:15
Nice report, Xdentx. You have provided the kind of details that are helpful. I'm dismayed at the off-season asking price, but it looks like you may have made a nice contact for your stay there.

06-22-07, 18:13
Making phone calls successfully in PV can be a challange for a gringo. I tried calling each of two numbers the lady had given me about10 times. Thank God for Skype, as I would not have had the perserverence if using a public phone. Kept getting an error message in Spanish which I couldn't understand. Finally got a message in English that you need to add a "1" after the country code if calling a cell phone. Duh! Who would have known?

Reached the lady, but my communication/phone skills failed me miserably. Although we set up a time and place to meet, I knew it probably wouldn't happen. And it didn't. In person, I think we had great communication. In reality, most of that was in "body language". Alas, body language doesn't come across well on a phone.

06-22-07, 18:26
Antorches is alive...but in questionable health. Did a follow up at 4pm on a week day. The place was open with 5 women present...all but one grossly overweight. One customer was occuping the one decent puta's attention. No other customers present. There is now a 6' or 7' tall concrete block wall shutting off access to the concrete trail from the patio to the "casa" in the back. This impediment was probably required/demanded by the authorities to discourage easy access to the rooms. The girls get around this by taking the customer out the front door and around the side into the back where you eventually join the old trail. The customer now pays the casa 120 pesos for the room, and the puta usually asks for 500. There are probably more women present when a cruise ship is in port, but more competing customers as well. If you like riding the colorful city buses, as I do, it's a 5 peso adventure to have a look. (agua is 20)

06-23-07, 19:53
I go to PV quite a lot and agree totally that Venus Massage is the best for a massage, but as Xdentx says there is no more to be had than the massage. The other place I had a great massage was Harmonia with a woman named Lus María, again no extras.

07-15-07, 17:16
I'm wrapping up a 1-week trip to PVR, and thought it may be beneficial to other people to distill the information that I've gathered and processed here.

Daytime Action:

This was where things required a lot of work. I was aiming to do 2/day. I'd tool around town or beach during the day but I'd want some action mid-afternoon (or even early AM). I called Juliette's massage at around 3pm when I first got down here (224-0339) - when I asked for someone quien habla ingles, I was directed to a lady whose english was barely adequate for this kind of transaction. I asked for someone who's younger figuring I'd cut down on the chance of landing a gordita - she said the youngest they had at the time was 25 - she was in my place in 45 minutes. Her looks were major f'd up. She had a big tummy going that hung down along wiht her breasts in doggy style, a big C-section scar. Her teeth were yellow. Her face was not too bad (6) but had plenty evidence of ravages of time. She did have a tongue ring and gave a very good cbj with great tongue action. 1800p for 1hr or so and gave her a cab ride. BTW, bring your own condoms as these mexican condoms are very thick.

I was walking around the marina one day and these touts approached me about selling me anything, including a chica. I didn't have much going on that day so I got suckered in talking to the "dealer" who also sold tour tix etc. Again, I asked for someone younger, he said he knew a girl who's like 27 w/ a great bod, I said OK. 500p payed to the dealer (who's there all the time) and another 1000p to the girl. She had a card - "Massage Katy 24 hrs. 044 322 205 4604" Again, she was at least in her early 30's w/ face with plenty of crow feet and with absolutely no vibrancy but did have a decent body, floppy tits notwithstanding. Wasn't bad performance, I was able to pop.

Basic lesson from above 2 experiences: it's such a gamble to pick a girl without seeing them yourself I was basically 0 for 2 (hard enough with pics off of the net) This point has been iterated by many posters before me.

The other daytime action I've had were from chicas I met at clubs. There were a few flakes and looking back, I'd wished I had tried to get phone numbers from as many chicas I talked to at the club (all of them at least attractive enough for me to buy them a drink), so that you're not putting all eggs in one basket. Just make sure that they write and give you the number "con discretiva," at the club with managerial staff present. Plus some of the girls sleep until 4pm or so that you won't get any action until 6-7pm, at which time Candy's opens. At Junior's the girls keep 1000p of the 2000p for the 2 hour take-out, so you can negotiate from there.

07-15-07, 17:47
Night Action at PVR is good. May be because it was the off-season, but when I was hanging out at the clubs (typically from 10pm-2am or so) there were only a handful of guys and I didn't see anyone taking chicas out/upstairs. I went to Junior's, Prestige, Mirage, Candy's and Hysteria. I'll start the list from worst to the best. All places charge 100p for entrance, with or without free shot of Tequila at entrance. The "closers" expect a tip and when I gave $2 to one at Candy's he threw it back to me saying it was too little and felt insulted! Generally 100p tip has been enough to keep these mofos from irritating you too much.

5. Mirage

Across the street from Prestige and reportedly owned by the same people. Take out 2500p according to previous reports though I did not partake. Somewhat dirty club with large central dance place. I would not say this place is upscale. I got there around 8:30PM and I was the only customer and there were around 10 chicas milling around - no free tequila. By the time I left at 9:30PM, maybe 20 or chicas, but none looked that great. The waiters weren't too annoying but the closer was, though once I said "not so soon" he backed off. Essentially, less than hygienic place with no good looking girls, though I was there for only 1 hour.

4. Prestige

THis was the cleanest and most upscale place in PV. However, teh girls were prudish and I didn't think they were any better than the ones at Candy's or Hysteria. On Thursday night (MN-3am) there were two 8's and one 7. I bought drinks for the 7 (great slender body but somewhat f'd up face) - I took her upstairs for lap dance and she was restrictive - I'd get more milage at some strip clubs in U.S.! She kept on pushing for the 2 hour take-out, which was quoted to me as 4100p - uh, no thanks. I bought some one more drink for her, which she gulped down in a minute, and when I said no to more drinks to the waiter who was hovering, she quickly got up and left. There was an 8 who remininded me a bit of Catherine Zeta Jones's. I nudged her in the leg when she passed by and she didn't even acknowledge that. I asked one of the waiters about a bj from her and they laughed and said that she didn't do "nada." I saw some notties there 5-6 range Overall, a slick place which will wring your wallet dry if you let it.

3. Junior's

I went once. I saw the two hungarian and one Czech dancers that other posters have commented on. I talked to two of them and their faces weren't that pretty and they all had a bad vibe. They've been in PV for 2-3 years and spoke great spanish - you have to wonder why they are here. I took out a sweet 20 year old with very small tits I think I saw some genital warts near her pubic bone - i made sure I didn't do the "mesh." - probably a 7 but a sunshine pussy. 2000p/ 2hrs.

Tied for first place are Hysteria and Candy's


Reasonably clean. Chicas are overall 6-7 range with a few 8's and 9's. Got a good kid named Alex who moved from U.S. 6 mos ago who directed me to some tasty morsels. We narrowed it down to two and I took them both for a 3-some lap-dance. One of them had nice soft tits and got aggressive right away (tongue in my ear and hand on my schlong) probably because of the competition present and eventually won my vote. I sessioned with her a few more times after that and she ended up being a nice gfe (without too much clinginess from her part) for the rest of the trip. 2500p/2hr take-out. I negotiated the price down a bit for our meeting later though I didn't drive a hard bargain.


You get a good tequila shot at the door! Talent similar to Hysteria - they had some sexual aggressors who'll come up to you and grab your hand and put it on their crotch right away. This would be a good place to start your trip (when you're the horniest). I sessioned with 2 girls from here and was generally satisfied. 2000p/ 2 hour take out. 2000p for 2 hour takeout. I'd say girls 6-8 range with enough 7+ to 8 chicas to keep things interesting. I can't say I saw a 9.

07-15-07, 18:27
Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us, and updating us on the club scene.

Guys, I recently purchased a small bar in Puerto Vallarta across the street from Senor Frogs, and 2 doors down from the El Torito Restaurant, which is also 2 blocks from the beach, beers will be $1.25 cents, drinks $1.50, and I hope to have some reasonable entertainment for all of you in the very near future. I am presently in the U.S, but will be permanently relocating once again to Puerto Vallarta taking over the cantina in August.

I will publish more details after I get things established. Again thanks for the report Dickfer.

07-16-07, 04:52
I will be in PV from July 23rd thru the 30th and am looking for some quality info like Dickfer just reported on. I have been reading posts on this site and the info will be very useful. Thanks to you all. If anybody has any info, feel free to let me know before the 23rd.

UrbanWildlife--what's the name of your bar and who do we ask for when we come in?


07-16-07, 16:56

Pay Jackson his $20.00 dollars so you can get and receive personal messages. It will be well worth it to you.

The bar will not be open until approximately August 10th. My name is Eduardo. I will not be in Puerto Vallarta until August 3rd, as I am closing out my businesses here in the United States.

As I stated in my previous post, I will publish information when I have things all in place. Thank you for inquiring!

07-18-07, 02:13
Guys, I recently purchased a small bar in Puerto Vallarta across the street from Senor Frogs, and 2 doors down from the El Torito Restaurant, which is also 2 blocks from the beach, beers will be $1.25 cents, drinks $1.50, and I hope to have some reasonable entertainment for all of you in the very near future.Sounds like Monchies to me. Same place, or next to it?

J Garcia
07-23-07, 02:37
I visited PV in August of 2000 for two weeks. We (my girlfriend and I) were at an all-inclusive resort if Nuevo Vallarta and every time we went into two, we passed this one strip club. It was past the airport and marina and was on the main drag going into town from Nuevo and located on the right side. It had a huge sign that read “Gentlemen’s Club”. It was my birthday, so my girlfriend told me to go enjoy myself..so I did. I recall that there was a cover charge; I believe 100p, and other than a few US sailors, not much in the way of customers. There were a lot of ladies and one caught my eye in the dim lighting. Negotiated with someone from the club for 1,000 pesos for full service. We went out through the back and cross what appeared to be an auto repair shop of even a junk yard to a room. Outside was a club employee with a walkie-talkie who kept watch. Inside the room was a make-shift bed and I rec’d a bj and then doggie style. Upon finishing and exiting the room, the club employee led me out the gate in the adjacent courtyard. Like I said, it looked to be a business during the day time hours.

My questions to you all are; what was the name of the club? Is it still around? (assuming that the description is accurate – I do believe it was just past the marina heading into town) And is the going price of full-service ON SITE around $150/US in the greater PV area? I will be arriving in PV on the 30th and staying through the 7th. I have read some posts and the information is great, I just need information about stuff close to downtown because that is where we are staying. My travel companion this time is not as liberal as the last one I took. Also, I smoke a little weed and am thinking about bringing some, however, I do not really want to risk it. Is there a for sure place to score down there, like the beach of anywhere?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all and to all, good mongering

08-17-07, 17:29
I am looking for information on Damely Massage in PV. Has anyone visted the MP recently? Can you tell me something of your experience? And specifically did you see Patty one of the two sisters who run the MP? I would appreciate any information.


09-08-07, 03:52
Did you manage to get the bar up and running? If so, expect some visitors this coming week ;)


Pay Jackson his $20.00 dollars so you can get and receive personal messages. It will be well worth it to you.

The bar will not be open until approximately August 10th. My name is Eduardo. I will not be in Puerto Vallarta until August 3rd, as I am closing out my businesses here in the United States.

As I stated in my previous post, I will publish information when I have things all in place. Thank you for inquiring!

09-08-07, 04:49
Although I hadn’t planned on going to PV again because of the inflated prices, I ended up getting a last minute deal for the Weekend.

Probably most of my information will be repetitive with other reports, however I will still try to provide as much informative information as possible.

On my first night, I went to La Zona. My first stop was Stravaganza. They charged me 30 pesos for a beer, so I was already pissed off. The place was dead, and has been remodeled to an unnecessary, luxurious level for that area. I then saw the waiter charge 20 pesos for a beer to a local, so I left. Went next door to El Cadilac. Although it had reopened since I was there last, it was a different owner. There were about 3 women, and about 4 transvestites (which was never the case before). So, I left before I finished my beer. Then, I went across the parking lot to Las Alanzas, which always kicks ass. As usual, it was the best place. It was packed with hookers, and only charged 15 pesos per beer. I ended up banging one of the putas for 500 pesos. By the way, always tell them that your price includes everything (including the room), or they always try to jab you for an extra 100 pesos or so. Then, I would have gone to El Tren, but it was closed. As I was leaving, I saw some really thick titted woman getting out of a taxi, about ready to go into Stravaganza. I ended up nailing her for 550 pesos.

Afterwards, I took a taxi to the strip club that’s across the street from Hotel Alamo. They charged 30 pesos for a beer, and one of the hookers said she charges 900 pesos. I got pissed off and left, with intentions on going to Hotel Alamo. Much to my surprise, Hotel Alamo is still closed. The cab driver said that it had been closed for about the past 6 months. So, I just went back to my room.

The next morning, I went to Antorchas. Besides the bar tender, it was empty. I just drank one beer, and then when I left, there was a so so woman waiting outside. We agreed on a total price of 450 pesos. We had to take a dirt trail from behind the building to a house that had 2 rooms for sex. Afterwards, I went to Pitiyal because I was told that a place called Las Ranas had women for hire. All that was in there was the Bartender, who was kind of hot. I asked her if she was for hire, and she said no, and that it wasn’t that type of bar.

Later on in the evening I went to Tierra y Mar where I always like to drink before going to La Zona since it is just within walking distance. Per a report here on the site, and a taxi driver, I decided to go to the bar across the street from Tierra Y Mar, in order to look for Prostitutes. There were several waitresses, however they were occupied with customers that were buying them drinks and dancing with them.

So, I went to Las Alanzas (which by the way opens earlier than the other places in La Zona). It is normally open by about 9:00 PM or so. Ended up buying a woman that I run into just about every time I go to Vallarta. She never charges much, and is always pretty wild. This time, we agreed on 500 pesos, and as always she was worth every peso.

Although I diddn't have time over the weekend to go to El y Ella, a cab driver told me that it is still open. I forgot to ask him if Conejitas (which is right next door) is still there, but I'm sure it probably is. The last time I was there, there was also a bar down the street from the two that although was not a strip joint, it still had working women inside.

Hope this info is informative, as I have always found the other reports on this site to be extremely helpful for my mongering purposes.

09-13-07, 04:14
Good report, Skug. You gave helpful updates on some of the old haunts and info on places that I don't remember being reviewed here before.

If you got your last-minute deal to PV at a place other than Priceline, I hope you can reveal it.

I'm glad Las Antorchas is still open, for those of us who like daytime action.

As you exit La Zona, which side of the street and in which direction is Tierra y Mar?

And where is El y Ella?

09-16-07, 01:58
Good report, Skug. You gave helpful updates on some of the old haunts and info on places that I don't remember being reviewed here before.

If you got your last-minute deal to PV at a place other than Priceline, I hope you can reveal it.

I'm glad Las Antorchas is still open, for those of us who like daytime action.

As you exit La Zona, which side of the street and in which direction is Tierra y Mar?

And where is El y Ella?Hey Duke,

I always like your articles because they’re very informative.

I got my last minute deal to Vallarta from Travelocity believe it or not. I was checking for prices to go back to either El Salvador or Colombia, but couldn’t find any competitive prices.

As you leave La Zona, you go to the right, and then it’s about an equivalent of 6 blocks or so, and then you’ll come to a street where you take a left, and Tierra Y Mar is just straight ahead a few blocks. I realize that this is very vague, but I don’t know the name of the street since I’m always really drunk when leaving from Tierra Y Mar. I usually get there about 5:00 or so, and it is always hopping. I’m never quite sure if the women at Tierra Y Mar are for hire or not, and I’ve never really tried since my immediate plans are always to go to La Zona. This was the first time that I went to the place across the street from Tierra Y Mar. It appeared to be a very cool place. The women were really hot, and obviously seemed for hire since I noticed lots of customers rubbing their asses and what not while dancing with them. Plus, not only a Cab Driver, but also one of the posts here had said that the waitresses there are hookers.

El Y Ella is in an area called La Curva. I don’t know exactly what part of town it’s in, since I had always gone there after drinking a lot in La Zona. In years past, I remember it being about a 40 or 50 peso cab ride from La Zona. Last time I was there was a few years ago, and the price for a woman was about 600-700 pesos. It was a tad bit more upscale than La Zona, but not to the point where it is ridiculously expensive. You also have lots of negotiating power there, since Conejitas was (and maybe still is) right next door. They are both strip clubs. As you leave El y Ella, Conejitas is to the left, however if you go to the right, and walk about a block, there was (and maybe still is) a pool hall bar where the waitresses can also be easily bought. They charge about 60 pesos to buy one of the waitresses a beer, and full service (although they don’t have rooms at that particular bar) is about 500 pesos.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Some waiter at a restaurant told me that Antorchas has the most amount of women there on Wednesdays, since apparently that is the day that a Cruise Ship comes in. He said that most of the women that go there are from La Zona, so La Zona is normally dead on Wednesdays.

Hope this info helps, and happy mongering.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for more information.

10-01-07, 04:27
i am a canadian, and very much tired of the cold ass winters. i don't have a passport, so that really does limit my potential destinations. mexico seemed to be the easiest, as its not too long of a flight, the climate is right, and it suits my needs...i hope. i don't actually have anything booked yet, but was thinking around december 1 would be perfect.

my first question is a little bit unrelated to this forum, hopefully someone has some ideas. i want to stay longer than 1 or 2 weeks, which seems pretty typical from these online travel agents. i am thinking like 2-3 months, maybe longer. i have the time off work, the cash in my pocket, and the canadian dollar is doing the best i've ever seen it, so i can't think of a better opportunity. problem is, paying a hotel like 60+ dollar a night over 3 months is way too expensive. i would like to rent out a furnished apartment that won't bust my wallet. i only plan to sleep there, and spend my days and nights going out, so i don't need anything fancy. all of the rentals i have found online have been luxury condos that go for $1000 us dollars a month or more. these are usually 2-3 bedrooms. i just don't need that much space. i was hoping to find a place that is no more than $500 us a month(utilities included if possible). if anyone can help me out with that, i'll get you mad drunk if you're in pv the same time i am. the way i'm looking at it, is the less i spend on living expenses, the more i can spend on fun stuff.

now, onto the mongering. the reason i have chosen pv is that it seems to be the safest place for gringos to walk around. i've never been anywhere in mexico before, so i don't really know for sure, only what i have read online. thanks to this forum, and reading 16 pages, most of my questions have already been answered.

how strict are the clubs about making sure a girl is atleast 18? i've read on various sites that pv has a problem with **** prostitution, and i don't really want to spend any time in a mexican prison for having sex with a minor. on the flip side, girls in there 30's and 40's don't really appeal to me(i am 22) i'm sure that if i'm careful, it's nothing to worry about, but i would rather be too careful, than not careful enough.

last question; marijuana. i am from bc, and all the stereotypes you hear are pretty much true...we're mostly all stoners. i myself am a daily toker, and usually smoke 1-2 grams. by the sounds of it, the taxi drivers can hook me up, and i noticed in one previous post, the guy had to buy 50 dollars worth at one time. my question is, how much do you get for that money? here, 50 dollars will get me a quater ounce, or 7 grams.

thanks in advance for any information or hints you can provide me. i know i am probably going overboard with this, but it will be my first time out of country, and i'd rather be overly prepared, than under prepared.

10-02-07, 20:33
Sorry guys for not having the opportunity to log on for several weeks but work has overwhelmed me to put it nicely. Puerto Vallarta is a very expensive city and not really the mongering destination, but there are girls to be had like in any other major city. At this time there is little tourism so the nightlife is not really happening, but that should be changing in a few weeks. I have my bar open so if anyone wants to stop in for a free drink, have some good free Mexican botanas (appetizers) drop by and ask for Eduardo. The hours are weekly from 12pm to 2am.

There is no bar, cantina, or discotec in Puerto Vallarta, or the surrounding communities that has better looking waitresses working in there establishments than I do. I do want to clarify that these girls working in the bar are not putas but normal senoritas. I do have some contacts for nice putas as well. The best time to see all the chicas working in the bar is from 6 to 8 pm, as the day and nightshift is working together at this time.

I am now in the process of getting a caberet license that will permit me to open up a bikini bar where there will be table dances on the first floor, the second floor will be topless that will have a pole where the girls can slide down to the first level. On the 3rd floor will be a sex novelty shop. In the meantime, while I am still getting the proper license to go ahead with my plan, the bar is a normal type of Mexican Sports Bar that is small, clean, and confortable. It is located in front of Senor Frogs Disco, and next door to Los Amigos discotec, and a couple doors down from El Torito Restaurant. The beach is one and half blocks away. Any taxi driver will know this area and more than likely know where the bar is located. As stated in previous posts it is called the Original Monchi Sports Bar. This area is in the heart of the main entertainment district.

If you are seeking condos, tourist tours, english speaking air conditioned taxis, airport pickups, wingman, or need any other information please get in touch, and stop in the bar for your free drink or cerveza. All my prices are very reasonable. A drink is about two dollars and a bottle of beer (cerveza) one dollar fifty cents.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for more information.

10-03-07, 00:58
Just read on another board that Junior's is going to be closing. Guess the owner sold the land to a developer that is going to put up condo's there. Been to Junior's a few times and overall found it to be an OK place.

10-03-07, 01:06
Can someone tell me how to get to Zona Rosa?

Also, is there any daytime action to be found? If so, where?


Don Tonto
10-03-07, 08:23
Will miss that southside Puerto Vallarta icon. The last time that I was there, the best looking girls were only dancing or drinking with customers. Only about half of them were available for private services.

One really hot dancer was sitting all by herself after her dance set. No one was approaching her, yet her drink glass was never running dry. The reason: she was the bartender's girlfriend.

Another hottie was sitting with some gringo customers. She was giving American stripclub-style table dances (i.e., no touching, no grinding). They finally left, but I found out the dancer was married and her husband only let her do non-sexual things on the job.

Fortunately, one of my favorites walked in the door just when I thought I had wasted 100 pesos on the entry fee!

Don Tonto
10-03-07, 09:15
can someone tell me how to get to zona rosa?
the best way to get there is by taxi. you could probably ask him to go to stravaganza: the best club there. there are usually taxis waiting in the parking lot, so don't worry about getting a ride home. don't plan on arriving before midnight, or you will be disappointed.

if you want to drive there yourself:

1. starting at the walmart/sam's club/vips parking lot.

2. exit the parking lot to the right and follow the frontage road (alongside the main highway) north about 1/4 mile to the intersection where you will find the "la paloma" bullring and an oxxo convenience store.

3. from this frontage road, you will turn right onto a small road at the la paloma/oxxo intersection.

4. you will follow this road for about 0.9 miles, going over several speed bumps along the way. after you go over the last speed bump (maybe the 5th one if memory serves correctly), take an immediate right turn into the gates of the zona rosa dirt parking lot.

the entrance is not well marked and one might drive right by without good directions. note the the road you have been following will end a short distance further when it hits a small highway. if you reach the end of the road, turn around and go back to the last speed bump.

also, is there any daytime action to be found? if so, where?
las antorchas, next to the san javier hospital and across from the marine terminal (where the cruise ships are docked), is probably the best daytime bet, but it is really hit-or-miss with the girl quality. also, if you don't see a cruise ship in port: don't go because the girls won't be there.

Don Tonto
10-03-07, 17:33
Sorry, I've driven through Mazatlan a few times during the day, but never really made it my final destination. Once, I slept there overnight but was too tired, after hours of driving, to do anything :(

10-03-07, 17:49
Thanks for the info. Since I will be arriving via cruise ship, I think I'll check out Las Antorchas. They day we are there in port, I believe there will be another 1 or 2 cruise ships there, so I would think the chicas would be working. I"ll report back.

10-03-07, 23:24
Right now the fishing is very poor because of all the rain and the warm water. Come November the water will be colder which makes a big difference. We also have a Big Billfish Tournament that pays out very well for Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi Mahi (Dorado). Anyone interested in fishing I do have several boats available in different sizes, and great captains/fishing guides for them. I have fished Mazatlan on several occasions and it is a great place for that but the same holds true of the water there at the moment.

10-04-07, 22:46
Right now the fishing is very poor because of all the rain and the warm water. Come November the water will be colder which makes a big difference. We also have a Big Billfish Tournament that pays out very well for Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi Mahi (Dorado). Anyone interested in fishing I do have several boats available in different sizes, and great captains/fishing guides for them. I have fished Mazatlan on several occasions and it is a great place for that but the same holds true of the water there at the moment.Hi There,

I will be in PVR Nov 28th-Dec6th. Would really like info on your boats. I went to PVR in April and loved it. Need to learn the language to be able to easily find the Monger Zones. I am in the Pro Sports business and am bringing clients down with me. so Please let me know how to get ahold of you to schedule up some fishing time.



10-05-07, 16:20
Pendor and others, it is necessary you turn on your email box permitting others to send you messages, or to provide me contact information so I can get you the information you have requested. Thank you to the several members who have inquired about mongering, fishing, and other services.

10-16-07, 01:51
i was recently in pv and decided to give damely massage a try. it was right were everyone said it would be. there is a sign that i missed the first time but caught when i turned around. i went up and the woman said she was busy. i asked if there was anyone else and she called someone. i waited a few minutes and a woman showed up and took me to a room. she had me undress and gave me a towel to drape over myself. i got a nice hour massage but with a towel draped over me and absolutely no signs of extras. after the massage i asked the girl from the front if she was available. she said she was for a 30 minute massage. i opted for it and she came in. it turns out this was lily. she got rid of the towel and gave me a nice massage brushing against my privates a couple times. when she was done i pointed to my erection and asked if she would massage that. we agreed on 200 pesos and she did a nice job, then cleaned me up and i took off. she was also much better looking than the first girl. all in all i had a good time and would go back for another.


10-20-07, 16:10
Just spent 4 days in Puerto Vallarta and managed to get over to Eduardo's new place near El Torito.

What a great guy! He has help about the "lay" of the land. Too bad I'm not into fishing because he knows lots about it.

Friendly, cute bartenders. Locals drop in - it's the kind of place that really feels authentic.


10-21-07, 16:24
Thank you for your kind words Tony and I look forward to seeing you stop by again on your next visit. Not sure what you mean by the "lay of the land", but maybe you can explain it to us so we all know. Thanks again!

Just spent 4 days in Puerto Vallarta and managed to get over to Eduardo's new place near El Torito.

What a great guy! He has help about the "lay" of the land. Too bad I'm not into fishing because he knows lots about it.

Friendly, cute bartenders. Locals drop in - it's the kind of place that really feels authentic.


10-27-07, 20:22
Whats up guys,

I need some help here. I have read the prior reports and it seems PV is not that cheap anymore. Anyway lucky for me I speak spanish fluently and pass for mexican. So la zona is great right, any recent updates would be appreciated. I wanted to know specifics on price their, I mean if I act like a local will I get local prices? I would like to be "armed" with this vital info because it seems we "americanos" inflate the prices all the time. I am frugal not because I am cheap but if you can save money and use that money for more fun why not? I believe I have narrowed my stay at a couple hotels near muertos beach. Can anyone tell me how far that is to the Zona? I do like the beaches so this question may sound gay but is the water warm during late Feb/early Mar times? Villa del Mar is probably the hotel I am going to stay at--2 beds/ or for 2 people room that I am going to rent. I have done this in the pass in Dominican Rep. And San Jose, C. R. w/o any problems-what I mean is that I rent a room with 2 beds or king size bed and when I arrive alone I tell the hotel that I will be meeting my gf/Friend later (I do this because it is fairly easy to p/u a GF and spend a couple days with her) and they never gave me any problems. Anyway I tried this in Quito and the ***** receptionist told me if I did not arrive on the 1st day with my gf no one will be allowed in except me. Anyway any info on la zona (hours of operation, prices, location in relation to muertos beach) would be greatly appreciated. If anyone would like info of Boca Chica-D. R. , San Jose, C. R. Or Quito, Ecuador I will answer any that I can.