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01-01-04, 02:00
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Hobby Fan
01-02-04, 20:08

On a frequently discussed topic, you should never walk between the Border and the Zona Norte at night, and with all due respect a 'first timer' is not really in a position to advise that it is safe to walk. The ramps and bridge area (where you cross the river) are notorious for muggings at night. I have spoken to several victims. Others have posted on this board. A $2 Taxi Libre ride or even a $ 5 yellow cab is a smart investment. If you think the Board is full of garbage, fine, but please be careful when giving safety advice! Perhaps you walked during the day....


Doctor Grim
01-02-04, 21:17
Lee Bog is right wrt the MPs in TJ.

I've been to several and they relatively work out the same way.

However, they always say $30/hr for topless or $40/hr for nude. If you want extras (FS), then don't bother paying for the nude because the girl will have to undress anyway.

The real excitement again is that you get to pick the girl that you like. Of course, the selection and quality depend on time of the day.

These girls, unlike the Bar girls, are more willing and more friendly. I have never been rushed. And the session always takes up the whole hour. Unless you cut it short yourself.

Standard massage with lotion for the first 20-30 min. Then extras if you negotiate. I've always gotten what I wanted for $80. They always tell you $120 or $100 to start.

Once you pop, the session doesn't end there if you still have time. She will clean you up, either work you with a HJ or a CBJ (depending on what you want, and stimulate you for a second pop).

Or you can just tell her to perform CBJ until the time is up and that's a great feeling.

I usually just tip her the $10 that I saved from the entrance fee because they really deserve it for their hard work (on me).

They kiss too......

Sure you can get an escort for $150/hr and that is also a good experience. But I'm in the hobby for variety and excitement so the idea of walking into a MP and have the power to choose is enticing.

01-02-04, 23:00
i found this article and posted here on this forum not to scare anyone, but to make you aware what can happen. you should also read getting tangs, excellent report on the same subject some pages back.

your chances of getting harrassed in tj are still small, and there are a few things you can do to make it safer. one, don't drive in, walk and take a taxi. two, dress down, pair a jeans old shirt, no diamond rings or expensive watches. three, look like you belong there, don't stand out. don't get drunk and become an asshole, also don't argue with the girl, if she didn't give you a bj when she said she would.

there are good cops in tj, protecting the public and not taking bribes, oh maybe a good 1% to 5%, the other 95% are currupt and maybe nice, but do take bribes. if you are asked for a bribe,and its not too much pay it, and yes bargain the price down. you will be scared, but after you get back to the us side you will laugh about it, maybe brag to your friends.

one more thing, do any of you remember the movie "serpico"
same thing here. to the tj cops, there is nothing worst then a cop that will not take bribes. cops in tj make almost nothing, if i was a tj cop i would be hitting up mongers too, especially one that i know you might be in town next week.

more tourists complain of abuse by officials

january 1, 2004

tijuana Ė amid a rising number of tourist complaints about police
misconduct, an arizona man has claimed he was stopped by police
officers friday near the san ysidro border crossing, placed in a
police truck and forced at gunpoint to take money from an atm.

ron terwilliger, 44, said he walked across the border to tijuana the
day after christmas to buy jewelry on avenida revolucion. about 4
p.m., as he was lining up to cross back to san diego, he said, a man
in a police uniform motioned him aside. two other officers soon

"i feel lucky to be alive," terwilliger said in a telephone interview
from his home in arizona.

he reported the incident to san diego police as soon as he returned
to the u.s. side.

at least a dozen allegations by u.s. tourists who say they have been
extorted or assaulted by tijuana police have come to light in recent

over the summer, the u.s. consulate in tijuana sent the city's
internal affairs office complaints filed by eight tourists who said
police officers forced them to hand over money, in one case $600.

in the past 15 months, three u.s. women have filed reports with
california police agencies accusing tijuana police officers of [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123).

tijuana law enforcement officials say they are trying to discipline
corrupt officers. gilberto fimbres, tijuana's assistant police chief,
said nothing will change unless victims report the crimes. "they
should have the civic valor . . . or we will never end corruption."

in november, four municipal police officers were arrested after one
of the alleged u.s. [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) victims crossed the border and identified
them as her assailant. one officer was quickly charged with [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), two
with extortion and abuse of authority, and the fourth with failing to
report the crimes. two are in prison and two are out on bail until
their trials.

other u.s. victims have seen the wheels of justice turn far more
slowly. when tijuana's head of internal affairs reviewed the
complaints from the tourists who said they had been extorted, his
office recommended that 16 police officers be dismissed. but david
solis, president of tijuana's citizens council for public safety and
a member of the commission of honor and justice, said the cases were
too weak to warrant outright dismissal.

instead, the commission ruled in november that only 12 of them should
be punished Ė with 30-day suspensions without pay.

as of this week, however, none of the officers has been notified of
his suspension. solis said he was told they were still on the job
because the department is short-staffed during the holiday season and
is waiting until early next year to suspend them.

terwilliger, a locksmith, said that when he was stopped he was
carrying $200 worth of jewelry he had bought as gifts and $10 to pay
for his parking across the border.

after leading him for a half-block and handcuffing him, terwilliger
said, the first officer steered him around a corner to a covered
white chevy pickup with a siren on top and marked with the
word "police."

"he told me, 'get in,' and i said, 'what have i done?' " terwilliger
recalled. "he put his hand on his gun."

the officer wore a brown uniform, the color worn by tijuana's
commercial police, who are paid directly by banks and businesses to
protect their premises. they have no authority to patrol near the

a second officer arrived in a blue uniform, the color worn by
tijuana's regular patrol officers. later, terwilliger noticed a third
officer watching from a distance.

terwilliger said he was told "the judge wants $400. he's very angry
at you." he said the officers took his jewelry. they pulled off his
shoes, emptied his wallet and drove him to an atm, forcing him to
withdraw more than $200. at one point an officer cocked his gun.

terwilliger said he was released after he said he couldn't get any
more money out of the machine. after crossing the border, he reported
the incident to san diego police.

u.s. police can do little except tell victims to call the u.s.
consulate, said sgt. bob lopez, head of the san diego police
department's mexico liaison team.

"people think that because we're so physically close it's one, but
we're not just talking two different cities. we're talking two
different countries," lopez said.

liza davis, a spokeswoman at the u.s. consulate, said officials are
aware of terwilliger's case.

"we're really pleased that people come forward to us," she said, "and
we do aggressively pursue the complaints with local authorities when
we know about them."

Rabo Verde
01-02-04, 23:57
Gee according to CHORIZO, I am a liar for claiming the cops shook me down in TJ! They seem to be getting brazen again, after cooling it for a while. At least they didn't do me at gunpoint...

Did anyone go New Years Eve? How was it? The hotter Chicas are wandering back in from their XMAS vacations. YUMMY YUMMY!

01-03-04, 01:24
Travlr sez:

"Look for St Louis type arch, walk that way. It is a ten minute walk at most so why would you pay a cab? The walk is through a couple of squares A.K.A. tourist traps, very safe but expect to be asked to go to the pharmacies or have a drink in the cantinas. When you get to the arch pass by it and take the first street to the right. There is two blocks of hotels with girls standing out front."

This is not entirely correct. If you reach the Arch from the border, the first street to the right is Articulo 123. Here, there is one block of hotels with girls in front, but no hotels on the second block. Moreover, I don't know any "Monica" who stands on either block. I think that the writer is confusing Articulo 123 with maybe Constitucion or even the Alley.

Mutha Foo
01-03-04, 04:33
I was not there but I heard New Year's Eve at Adelitas was dead. That comes to me as a complete surprise. Can anyone verify?

Phil #1
01-03-04, 11:09
Anyone noticed chicas changing their appearance to the point you're not sure if you recognize them? It seems like Erica a dark haired Mexican SG has done this.

She almost always hangs out on the east side of Constitucion between Coahuila and the police substation. There are probably other Ericas but this one looks quite a bit bigger without clothes than she does on the street. She's kind of a big girl in the midsection but not tall. She acts very demure on the street and looks like she's just a little part Asian.

I mean I think it's still her but it's a drastic makeover, to me. It's attractive looking like she was before but almost looking like a different girl.

I haven't talked to her since her apparent makeover to find out if she's Erica. Haven't spoken to her since the two or three times I was with her for FS in the $5 hotel over the last 6 months. She's a little too big for me so I've been seeing thinner SGs like Monica and Alondra and a few in AB and the CC. I still go with the bigger ones sometimes.

Guadalupe is another SG who may have changed her looks a whole lot. She's tall, medium build, really nice figure, pretty, brown hair Mexican from Acapulco with one hijo or hija, and stands on the east side of Constitucion.

And another one, Sandra, a Mex SG who stands by Erica a lot (where Pati hangs out too btw.) I think she's had a makeover. I went for FS with her a second time in 2 months and didn't realize it was Sandra until we entered the room. Damn, a little embarassing.

01-03-04, 18:46
Mutha Foo,

I was in SD for the 12/29-1/1 and ventured over to TJ a couple of times including New Years Eve and yes, AB and CC were packed with allguys and very few chicas. Also on Monday evening, according to the cabbie, the entire area had been shut down due to some violence earlier. This may have been a ploy to get me to one of the Mps.

Did anybody hear about the shooting near CC?


01-03-04, 19:39

Cabbies will often lie to get you to go somewhere where they get a commision. Never believe anything they say regarding the status of the Zona.

01-03-04, 21:12
The Zona Norte was NOT shut down Monday evening, your cabbie was clearly being insincere.

Mutha Foo
01-03-04, 21:40
Glad I passed on TJ for New Years Eve. Was in Las Vegas and there was alot of action there. No chicas, just alot of college girls looking to get laid.

Does anybody know when Adelitas will be back to normal again?

TJ Sherpa
01-03-04, 22:46

I don't know about NYE, but I was there 12/27 to 12/29 and AB (during the day) looked like a gay bar (bunch of guys and very little girls). Only a few lookers and they were very busy. I'm keeping away until the end of the month and wait for things to get back to normal.


01-03-04, 23:00
Hobby Fan, You are correct Sir:

I did go in the daytime and posted that I went late Monday AM.
There is always a danger of getting hurt, robbed, cheated, or killed when there is a disparity in income and culture. Safe is always a relative term and you were right to remind everyone that muggings occur. But I did feel like it was safer than some of the small border towns I frequent. The again I felt safe in Rio my one week there even though it is infamous for its kidnappings and armed robberies. I have roamed Paris, London, and Madrid at 3 - 5AM mongering and drinking. I have spent the night in Mexican Zona Rojas and $12 hotels. Part of this is that I have always been lucky in this matters, part of it is I grew up in various trailer parks and dives in half a dozen cities and am aware of my surroundings at all times even in my own neighborhood. I also do not look or act like a tourista, carry only an expired ID and enough cash for my planned activities, and can defend myself quite well and am not above running away :) Street rat survival skills in other words.

As for the garbage comment, nothing personal bro but to get enough insight to go I had to wade through over 100 posts and I read the guide. The garbage is the flaming from little boys like the one who flamed me and the wasted space given to casting suspicion and doubt on each others motives. I have visited dozens of WSG sites when I am in their area and have not seen another site with this much bickering or, "worthless garbage". Most sites stick to the business at hand of locating and reporting on the chicas, LE activity and like you did, remind visitors about safety issues.

Last comment ever from me on this site, (cheers from ya boys no doubt) back home and off to the east coast next week.
My descriptions of location was right, maybe the street is one long block and Monica is what she said. Have fun and be safe.

01-04-04, 03:42
Greeting fellow mongers,
It's the happiest time of the year! No, not Christmas or New Years but rather my annual pilgrimage to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas followed by a weekend in Tijuana. This Thursday to Sunday is the happiest five days of the year for me. If anyone would like to compare notes over a beer next weekend then send me a PM. Mike.

Cruz the Nard
01-04-04, 05:26
Hello and Thank You to All,

I just wanted to recount my first trip to TJ that I took on Friday, 01/02/04, what a way to start off the new year!! If you can't tell by my moniker, I usaully monger in and around Oxnard, at the AMP's. They're good, but as you guys know, variety is the spice of life.
Anyway, I followed all the instuctions given by the fine gentlemen that post here on the WSG and everything went as expected, except for a couple of minor hiccups (I'll expand later).

My first stop was AB, it was about 5PM and the place was full, lots of chicas and lots of guys. Not a lot of places to sit down, except away from the "stage". I was expecting to get mobbed by the chicas as soon as you go in, like they do at the strip joints here in the states, but I was there for a good half hour before anyone even approached me. Then I started to get the hang of it, you have to give them "the look", or just go up and start talking as someone else here put it. It gave me a chance to soak in all of the chicas and figure out who to choose.

I finally chose Raquel (or did she choose me?) very good looking chica, 5' 8" or so, dark auburn hair, a few well placed tats, C-D fakies, from Mexico City. Got her in the room for .50, cbj for 5-10 min, and then 3 positions. While I was doing doggie I noticed she had implants in her ass, I mean I noticed her ass before (kind of a JLO thing goin on). Has anyone else noticed this? Is this new? I've heard of them I've just never experienced them.

After that I went for a tour of the Zona to recharge, went into a "clip joint" against own better judgement, just to see. Won't do that again (hiccup #1). I checked out CC, it was about 6PM and the place was empty.

I went back to AB and had a couple more cervezas, watched "the show" and scanned some more. I noticed this really hot little number (I know what everyone says about the hot ones) but I had to have her, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Her name is Fernanda and she had to be the best looking chica in the place by far. 5'5", dark almost black hair, smokin hot body, and her eyes and face will make you melt, she's 20 and from Guadalahara. She did everything for .60, about the same service as the first, definitely not GFE, but damn.

One other hiccup, I thought I should mention, since I didn't see it here anywhere, but if I had used a little common sense I could've avoided it. I had a pocket knife with me, I carry it everywhere & just fogot I had it. On my way back, a Mexican border guard took it from me and said it was illegal in TJ. I was a little nervous, but he let me go and said he'll meet me outside and give it to me there. Never got it back. Lesson learned.

Sorry for the length, thanks for listening, just wanted to get it down in writing so I know it happened, if you know what I mean.


01-05-04, 08:53
sunday night and the zona is still not up to speed. got a room and cheaped this young looking sg for 200 pesos. i was thinking i would catch some new talent or some regulars later on. not too be with the cold weather. so i paid $341 for the room and $200 for the girl, oh well. a lot of beers at a 2for1 made up for it. since i was a couple hundred richer when i crossed the border, i grabbed a cab from the crossing over the bridge for $2.70 - well worth it.


Country John
01-06-04, 00:55
I'll be in the Alley Thursday afternoon (perhaps 1PM). No beer at AB, just sodas cos I got a long drive home but bucks for the babes. Anyone planning on being there?

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

01-06-04, 01:10
I have a general question for some more of the mundial mongers.

I reside north of TJ, and I'm going to a job interview in D.C. later this week. Thought that, professionally speaking, it would be wise to relax before I talk shop with my prospective employers.

Would y'all suggest unwinding in TJ or waiting for an AMP experience in D.C.?

01-06-04, 02:46
"I'll be in the Alley Thursday afternoon (perhaps 1PM). No beer at AB, just sodas cos I got a long drive home but bucks for the babes. Anyone planning on being there?

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John"

LMAO, I know I won't be there and neither will 22 other regular posters to this forum. By the way CJ, nice email you sent me. You're a real piece of work CJ. All those posts, all that time and your little plan was exposed! This must be about your last hail marry attempt at finding some poor sucker. Anyone who falls for it at this point, probably gets what they deserve.


01-06-04, 03:11
I don't want to present the obvious, but if CJ wants to somehow do bad things to mongers meeting him in the Adelitas Bar on Thursday, there will be about 50 mongers present at AB during late Thursday afternoon, and they are all potential victims of CJ, even if they aren't on this board.

In other words, this Getting Tang guy is overly paranoid, and likely has a fixation on CJ.

Having said that, I may be in AB on Thursday afternoon, so you can all look for my photo in some newspaper on Friday, having been victimized by CJ's roundup of mongers for the benefit of US law enforcement.

01-06-04, 06:31
My God, I have avoided much comment, but this whole thing about CJ is to the point of complete ludicrousness.

Commenting at length about CJ's motives one way or the other is a pointless exercise unless one knows something everyone else doesn't. We call can read his posts--the exact same ones the persons who are commenting read--and reach our own conclusions. The interpretations and suspicions articulated by some posters are so utterly pointless because they know nothing more than what everyone else already reads. We can all draw our own conclusions. Unless you have some new facts, it is just suspicion, guesswork and character assassination.

So you all can continue to go back and forth articulating your opinions pro and con and no one is convinced of anything because it is just argumentative and you don't have any different facts. It is like an endless argument over which is better, vanilla or chocolate. It's childish. We all have the same facts to evaluate and endlessly arguing over the conclusion to draw from those facts begs the question: What is the point?

Please let's get this forum back to relevant matters, like finding quality Mexican chicas.

01-06-04, 08:17
I am out of my geographic territory, but enjoy TJ when I have a chance on business travel to San Diego so I read this forum once in a while. I think that every forum has at least one dweeb that says stupid shit, inflames others, and creates suspicions of LE. We have one in the DC area that I caught flat out lying and pretending to be new to the area after changing his handle. I simply exposed him and the others ripped him a new asshole once they saw through him. We've had several like that who in the end simply dried up and went away. This guy you all have seems to be much the same, one who gets his jollies reading and writing on a board and seeing his posts, but doesn't really fuck at all because he's a wimp or worse. Let his candle just extinguish itself.

Country John
01-06-04, 18:07
Hello again all, I hear it's a three hour wait to get back across the border. Can anyone verify this? TJ is a go for Thursday so hopefully I'll meet some members. PM me if you want to hook up. I'd love to meet GT. My feeling is that if we got together we'd have a hell of a laugh. Maybe not.


Look man, if you get some sort of release from flaming me then I'm glad to be of service. I guess it's either me or Buffy The Vampire Slayer eh?

You are a liar and you don't need me to prove it, you've done a pretty good job of that all on your own (you still didn't post either the name of the software you were "using," the multiple ID's I was supposed to be posting under and I have not had any confirmation from any other member that they emailed you, none have posted an acknowledgement that they did in fact email you (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt by assuming Poki did). You claim to have 22 emails from other members about me - another lie. Do you really expect people to trust your posts?

I'll be in TJ having sex with some beautiful women and you will be checking to see if the back of your head caved in yet. I'm glad I'm not you.

Members from around the world can see you are a liar and to suggest that I would send that contrived email to you is another example of the measures you will take to be believed or attempt to regain some credibility in this forum.

I know I said I would back away from this issue but seeing that you continue to post inflamatory remarks based on lies should at least afford me the opportunity to respond.

Let's get together over a couple of cokes at AB and bury the hatchet - I'll buy. You can come clean, clear your consience and restore your credibility. I'll meet you at AB at 1PM on Thursday.

Any info about the border crossing would be appreciated.

Be Safe And BE NICE
Country John

01-06-04, 19:17
Hey DD,

That one that likes to talk hot and nasty, sounds like Corrina. I had her too. Definitely a good sack. She dosen't rush, didn't have to negotiate to get the little extras, and if you don't speak spanish, she'll tell ya in english!

Street Hoolum
01-07-04, 00:51
Hey CJ:

Just got back from TJ few days ago and crossing the border is a hassle. One thing I did wrong is to drive my car inside and parked on revolucion bl. Not that parking in TJ is bad or anything, but I shouldn't even drive into TJ. Got to TJ around 6pm and CC is still dead only few girls working in there. Those usual girls who work early hours are far from good looking. But, few years ago I tried one of the girl during early hours, she's not good looking but her service is almost 10+. Anyways, CC is dead when I arrived and hop to AB to check it out. AB is kind of crowded with locals with mariachi hats. By the way, I totally forgot your questions regarding traffic back to the border. Well, I left TJ around 8 pm since I prefer to pick up girls in CC but then CC still kind of dead, so I left. I waited at the border for freaking " 4 hours." Yes, it takes me four hours just to cross the border. I sits in my car feeling like shit and by the time US Customs asked me whether I'm a citizen or not, I showed him my driver license and he further asked for other ID's that proved me I'm a US Citizens. Now, WTF is that? I told him that I was born and raised in LA and there's no need to suspect me of illegal immigrant. After few minutes of questioning me and asking me to pop my car hood and trunk, he further asked more questions. He's full of shit believe me !! Anyways, take my advice and leave TJ either during early noon or at night time. Don't bother to drive down to TJ because you'll waste lots of time crossing border. Leave your car at the last USA exit and park there for $7.00 and after crossing the gate, take a cab. It will save you more than couple of hours just sits your car feeling frustrated.

Catch you guys later.

Muff Lover
01-07-04, 07:12
Country John,

I was in TJ on 12/31 and only had to wait about 45 minutes to get through customs. There were a lot of people there as they were setting up all kinds of things for the evening but they kept moving everyone through.

I had a great time in the alley that day, I need to hook up with you guys next time I'm in San Diego. Next time I think I'll stick to the alley since I was lured into a strip bar and everyone in there had their hand in my pocket. The bar was full of pimps trying to get commisssions off lap dances. I got my ass out fast. Besides, the girl that sat with me had a bad odor.

I did buy a few things as I figured out how to get them cheap without insulting anyone, but without the variety of pussy there, Tijuana would be just another smelly shithole.

01-07-04, 08:13
Muff lover,

Every large city has its good parts and bad parts. If want to judge a city that is fine but don't make your judgement off of only 1 area that you have visited which happens to be the worst part of the city.

01-07-04, 08:58
Hey guys, I am heading to Long Beach in 2 weeks and will be hitting TJ. I have read some previous post and have a few ideas of places to hit.

If you could give me a few must go to places and prices. I don't want to pay too much and run prices up on you guys. Also let me know what places to avoid, rip offs or TV places. Thanks.


01-07-04, 16:56
TJ Thoughts

Muff--You're right, TJ is a shithole, primarily because of us Americans who go there looking for drugs, booze, or pussy. We have no regard for the city or the people, and the money we spend attracts people from other areas who also have no regard for the city or the people. The result...a SHITHOLE! I'm not ranting or raving or hating on anybody (hell, I know what I go there for!), just rasing a point. Bottom line: don't pass judgement, just enjoy what TJ has to offer.

Hummer--Just browse the TJ forum and you'll find all you need to know. You can also do an internet search for TJ sex, TJ maps, etc., and you'll get a few more free sites with more info. Basically, you've got AB, CC and La Tropa. AB & CC have the best girls and the highest prices ($40 daytime, $60 nights/weekends). I've never been to La Tropa. A lot of people like the alley behind AB, but I have yet to dine there.

BORDER INFO--My advice for a hassle free time at the border is:
a) PARK ON THE U.S. SIDE!!! -- It's not much safer, but it saves you time coming back and it only costs $7.
b) TAKE A CAB -- This IS much safer than walking and a ride to AB or CC costs $5.
c) RIDE A BIKE INTO THE U.S.-- This is best when the border line is long (i.e. 1/8 mile or more). About 1/4 mile from the border, along the rows of shops and pharmacies, there is a dealer who will rent you a bicycle for about $5. Ride past the line of pedestrians and you will see a separate line at the border for bicycles. Walk your bike through this line and save yourself TONS of time. When you get to the U.S. side, guys will be there to gather the bikes from you.

If you follow my advice will cost you $22, and save you literally hours on a busy day?

Can any other mongers confirm this assessment?


STREET HOOLUM--I was going to rip you, but I'll be polite:
1) We're at war.
2) We've had multiple foreign flights into the country cancelled because of terrorism fears.
3) We're at the highest terrorism alert level in years.
4) ANYBODY with $100 can get a bogus US birth certificate and ID (I got mine in high school for $25)

Given those facts, are you REALLY going to complain about a border guard doing his job?

01-07-04, 17:41
Concerning the long wait at the border, this is due to new procedures implemented on Monday, January 5. Reports of short waits prior to this date are no longer valid, only reports of border crossings after the Jan 5 date matter any more.

01-07-04, 19:58
Where is this "alley" that everyone is referring to. I've been to AB and CC but have never tried the "alley" Can someone give me directions from AB and prices?


Street Hoolum
01-07-04, 20:10

Thanks for the politeness of clearing my thoughts. No, I have nothing againsts the US Customs or INS Inspectors at the border crossing. After the September 11th event, I do respect our borders should be tightly guarded. Few things I need to emphasize is that the questions of these US Customs or INS Inspectors asked when US Citizens coming back from Mexico. I was asked " Can you prove that you're a US Citizen other than your driver license? " Come on, I know that you can get a driver license for few hundreds of dollars or a birth certificate for about the same price, but then if they want every US Citizens coming back from Mexico to present other forms of ID other than driver license, they should've say so on the border or politely tell the citizens to bring them next time they are travelling to Mexico. Well, maybe next time I will bring my US Passport and Birth Certificate and Driver License and Student ID and Social Security Card and Health Card and Local Video Card and maybe I should throw in my telephone bill just in case. I know the border is tight and should've been tight always, but harrassing US Citizens is not the way of doing things. Anyways, just sharing some info among fellows in here, so no hard feeling here :)

01-07-04, 20:46
Question for Boomshaka.

Regarding your advice to always take cab from border to AB or CC, would you advise this even in daytime? I would never walk it at night, but isn't daytime OK? I mean, during daytime, there's lots of visiters and friendly local people out and about.


Country John
01-07-04, 23:19

As of right now according to Border Patrol, the wait is 40 minutes with 19 of 20 lanes open. I'll be taking my vehicle due to the amount of running around I need to do.

Country John

01-08-04, 00:26
Who the hell needs a border patrol when we just keep granting the illegals amnesty and legal work programs?!?! I'm a staunch supporter of our president and have agreed with 99% of all his political moves up until today. 77% of Americans are adamant about steering the curb of illegal aliens into this country, yet the politicians ignore their demands time and time again to do something about it. I cannot conceive why they continue to roll out the red carpet for all these foreigners into America. Oh I forgot, it's to pick strawberries out in the fields. Give me a break! Enough is enough!!


01-08-04, 00:49
Getting Tang:

It would appear that you need to spend some quality time down in TJ with your chica friends. I am sure that they miss you.

New reports from you would be greatly appreciated, we could do without the political tirades and the personal attacks.

01-08-04, 01:13

1. I must presume this applies to yourself the also? I was merely responding to your complaining about the border wait and new procedure changes taking place. Sure I added it to it, but so what? Your post as most others was no-more off topic then mine?!?

2. If you read the last 150 or so reports on this thread, less then half (about 40%) pertain to a specific report. So you really need to take up your complaint with everyone who posts to this forum. Yourself included.

3. Your response to me, was "a typical hypocritical response" Judge yourself, before you judge others my friend!

TJ Sherpa
01-08-04, 02:37
WTF! These personal attacks, bitching about the border wait (because people don't keep up w/ current events) and generally do not following the advice already given here is getting OLD and has NO value added. Let's keep it to useful Tijuana info.


01-08-04, 04:37
I sort of agree that without 1) Chicas 2) Booze 3) Framacias and 4) touristy junk TJ probably wouldn't exist - or at least not in it's current incarnation. OLD (1940s) reports indicate that TJ was a much different place before mass transit - casinos and brothels were common (not that AB isn't essentially a brothel, but.. I digress)

01-08-04, 09:17
Fellow Mongers,

A heads up. Driving while talking on a cell phone is illegal in Mexico, not that a ticket would be any big deal, but its just a reason for the "Propina Police" to pull you over and shake you down. Seat belts are also mandatory, this one I experienced first hand, the ticket was $30 payable by mail, the cop told me I had to go to court on the spot and it would take a few hours, I said OK, he soon produced a ticket.

01-08-04, 09:30
Most people who are opposing the new Busch immigration proposal are people who have never owned or run a business.

The reality is not an issue of "cheaper" labor, its one of human resources. Although I admit the work ethic of the Mexican immigrant far exceeds that of his caucasion counterpart, in most cases these individuals are taking jobs our own citizens are simply not interested in. In my business the pay is exactly equal regardless of country of origin, but the truth is I am so desperate for warm bodies (at $14 hr) I will hire just about anyone who is clean shaven and even remotely express's motivation. All of that said, when was the last time you saw a Mexican Immigrant with a "will work for food" sign. These people come here to work, dont buy into the myth that they are a liability to American Society, it is just not true and there is little evidence to support this philosophy.

Sun Devil
01-08-04, 10:21
Here is a newspaper article that voices the opinion of the Arizona business community regarding Bush's plan to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Guest-worker plan welcomed in state

Business groups like prospect of dependable labor supply

Jane Larson
The Arizona Republic

Arizona businesses needing low-cost labor are hoping that President Bush will propose a guest-worker program that gives them a broad, dependable supply of workers.

Trade associations for home builders, produce growers and restaurant owners said Tuesday that their industries support plans that would make it easier to legally hire workers from other countries.

Some small businesses also showed support.

Larry Nunley, who owns Arizona Lawn Maintenance in Glendale, says the guest-worker program is a good deal.

"Hundreds of thousands are working illegally and getting paid cash," Nunley said. "If we're able to pull taxes out of their paychecks, the city, state and federal governments are going to get back the money that the state keeps putting in."

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday called for a guest-worker program that would help businesses verify employees' legal status, allow workers' immediate families into the country and give workers the chance to apply for residency within three years.

Arizona's housing industry supports plans that would bring it a broad base of skilled employees, said Allyson Austin, spokeswoman for the 900-member Home Builders Association of Central Arizona.

"We are constantly trying to bring new people into the industry because there is a shortage of people with skilled labor and who want to do it for more than a summer during college," she said.

The Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association has been talking with the state's congressional delegation about guest-worker proposals and is cautiously optimistic about the current plans, said Steve Chucri, president and chief executive officer.

Western Growers, with 3,000 member agribusinesses in Arizona and California, supports plans that would give legal status to farm workers who have been in the United States for many years, Executive Vice President Jasper Hempel said.

High on business' wish list is a consistent, inexpensive way to verify prospective workers' immigration status.

"There is no way now to know if documents are legal or illegal," said Harry Garewal, president and chief executive officer of the Hispanic chamber. "It becomes costly to verify them, so one mechanism would be perfect."

Many of the chamber's 600 member businesses would like to hire workers but say they can't because they don't want to take the chance of hiring undocumented immigrants, he said.

Verification is also important to the restaurant industry, where workers are needed for dishwashing and other less desirable jobs, and immigrants are willing to fill them, Chucri said.

"The labor force is the linchpin to running a restaurant, and if owners can make it run smoothly and not worry if (workers are) legal or illegal, it will put them in a better position," he said.

Businesses are concerned, though, about how such a program would work.

A bill proposed by Arizona Sen. John McCain and Reps. Jim Kolbe and Jeff Flake seeks an electronic registry in which employers would post jobs. How low-skilled workers in the United States or abroad would find out about those jobs is another matter.

"We think technology is the cure-all for everything, but if the reality is that only 50 percent are using technology, there are some fallacies there," Garewal said.

A guest-worker program would help Arizona growers fill jobs that few want, Hempel said. The growers association has tried to hire welfare recipients and other unemployed persons over the years, but "frankly, it is hard work," he said. "They don't last very long."

Even if a guest-worker program meant a legal workforce that commands higher wages, most industries doubted prices to consumers would rise accordingly.

The sheer number of home builders in the Valley mean there still would be competition, Austin said. The free market would determine the acceptable price of a restaurant meal, Chucri said. And the produce industry takes prices rather than makes them, Hempel said.

Garewal said the social benefits of workers with more disposable income and closer family ties would offset any higher costs to consumers.

An Arizona State University economics professor who has researched migration issues said a guest-worker program would benefit the economy.

"It would be an important step in regularizing the flow of workers," Jose A. Mendez said. It also would reduce the huge profits that smugglers now get for bringing workers into the country illegally, he said.

Mendez said numerous studies have shown that immigrants are net contributors to the nation's economy. Problems arise because, while much of the tax immigrants pay goes to the federal government, many of the social services they receive come from state and local governments, he said.

Porn Star King
01-08-04, 16:18
So does Jane Larson put out?

Cali Supastarz
01-08-04, 20:38
Hi fellow mongerers,

A friend here who has been reading this board for several months now, and has been to TJ a couple of times now and was looking to take another trip sometime in the next week or two. I have been reading alot, both here and on the *** board and I feel that I have a pretty good handle on the TJ chica scene. Both times I went, I was with a friend who drove us, we parked on the US side and walked over. I don't have a car at this time, and was looking to travel by train down to SD from Los Angeles.

I have mapped out my trip pretty well, but was looking for info/advice from anyone with experience. I will be taking the Metrolink to LA Union Station, from there again the Metrolink to Oceanside. From Oceanside I will be taking the Coaster to the Old Town Trolley Station, and from the OT Trolley Station taking the Trolley to the San Ysidro Trolley Station.

I was wondering how far/difficult it is to walk to the border from the Trolley Station. I also was planning on spending the night in TJ in a nice hotel and returning the next day, so I will be carrying a duffel bag with clothes, etc.

Finally I guess my last question would be one of opinion for the members of this board. Like I said, I was planning on spending the night in a nice hotel, so I am looking for info about TLN's. I have never had one (both times I went to AB & CC and had 2 chicas which was fun, but maybe looking for 1 really good one to have all night). So my question is which girls are the best (prettiest and give the best service) for TLN's? I am a little leery of taking a SG for a TLN, especially if she is giving quickies all night long, I figure she just may give me the quickie service. Taking a AB or CC girl would be cool (pretty & decent service), except paying the $100-200 to the club. I have never been to a MP but my understanding is that many of the girls that work at a MP in/near a hotel are allowed to go to the hotel without paying a fee (or at least an exhorbitant one). Any info/experience that you guys have is very welcome and appreciated.

Thanks alot and monger on!

Mutha Foo
01-09-04, 01:35
Golly. I thought this was suppose to be a forum on TJ hookers? BTW does anyone remember the TV show called "TJ Hooker" I wonder if the producer got the idea from being at AB.

01-09-04, 05:50
Hey Faggs,

Well all the politics stuff is great but, let's get back to what's important: the ladies! I was feeling a bit sick all last week thus, I decided to go to a massage parlor instead of AB or CC. I thought, I'd check out all the parlors. I went to Luxor first, next to Pueblo Amigo. I must admit, I had not been there in a few months. The last time I was there they had about 5 girls and they looked like Chorizo's sister. Ha! Just Kidding Chorizo (P.S. nice burn on Chupononsense). Furthermore, it was expensive. Well things have changed somewhat at Luxor. I went there on Tuesday the 6th, and they had about 15 girls. Some of the girls are okay but, they still have lots of ugly. Some of you though would be in hog heave. Pig Fuckers! Ha!ha! I took a girl who looked good in the waitting room but, was not all that great once the stuff came off in the room. The massage was terrible and the "services" were not that great. The cost: $50 for a 1hr nude massage + 100 for the extra services. The massage parlor charges as follows (non negotiable): $40 for half hour, $50 for an hour in bikini, $55 for an hour nude, $90 if you want the VIP room for 1 1/2 hr., and $120 for the VIP w/two girls. The Girls charge as follows: $60 for a hand job, $80 for a BJ, and $120 for full service. But you can try and get a better deal with the girls. All and all I recommend you all check it out, if you are interested. I will go back to the usual CC, AB, and La Tropa. You pay less and you get more for your $. Well that's my report for this week.

By the way has anyone been to Anthony's in Ensenada lately? How's the selection?

01-09-04, 12:03

Too much is bad and enough is enough.... these people come from a third world countries. With that they bring their third world ways and habits... California is turning into a third world country if you havenít noticed,,,, just take a drive around San Diego County to the various cities and you will see it... I live in Escondido and all I see on my way to work or way home are little Mexicans ladies who are pregnant, pushing shopping carts around with 3 little kids in tow, there is no way that us Americans can compete with them breeding machines... this is not a good thing. 34% of legal Mexicans are on welfare in this country and I think its 20 something % of Illegals Mexicans are also on welfare. And guess who is paying for all this. Yep you and I and all of us. If this continues we can all kiss this country good bye... hell Fox must be happy about all this and think we are idiots for taking all his citizens who canít make in Mexico and letting them stay here. Mexico will benefit from all this while we will be paying for it. if this passes its pretty much opening the flood gates for even more and telling everyone south of the boarder that if you cant make in your own county and if you make here youíll be able to live here and use are benefits and system and bring your wife kids, mother, uncle who will all produce more kids and just add to the problem. I donít see this as a good long term thing unless you are Mexican... with all these people swarming here it creates less demand for workers and drives down the wages which hurts Americans who have to compete... these Mexican donít just work on farms.... they are also welders, machinist, mechanics and so on... they work for less and this makes the living standards go down for the average American. None of this good. In the short term it may be good for the business man but it will bite us back real big later on.....

Oh and I disagree with you on the work ethic thing... most work done by Mexicans is very shabby quality at best... yea they can pull weeds all day long but you try to get quality work you can forget it... just let one work on your car or your house and youíll see what Iím talking about.


dont buy into the myth that they are a liability to American Society, it is just not true and there is little evidence to support this philosophy.

01-09-04, 12:55
I am for anything that brings down the price of "Pussy In the U.S." In Mexico you can get an girl rated an 8 for $50 to $60. In the U.S. the cost of of a blond rated an 8 is $100 to $400 dollars.

I think Bush really pissed off his Conservative and anti-immigration base. But, what can they do? Vote for Dean?
I think it might only hurt him with fund raising, and the mad as hell, Conservative voters might even get their Representives in Congress to vote against this reform. I think Bush faced up to the reality that the current system wasn't working anyway, and he was listening to his big business buddies. He also believes this will help him with the Hispanic vote, but I doubt it will. Latino's do not vote as a monolithic group, and most of the Mexicans who live in Southern California, are against this immigration reform act.

The thing that the Latino's do hate is when they hear racist comments, like some of them on this forum. When that happens, then they support bills like this, and vote democrat.
Opps, I thought I was on the Opinion forum not the TJ one.
I better talk about TJ.
I went to TJ last week before the holidays were over, it was kinda dead.
I did go to one of those obscure bars in the alley. I tried to get a girl rated only a 6, upstairs, but she wanted $80, $60 for her and $20 for the barfine. I like to do the Chica's who don't go upstairs that offen, but $80 is too much. I walked out and just picked a SG, because I had to get back home. I picked the girl in the black boots, who I always wanted to do again. I paid her $40, for CBJ, mutiple positions, and sin-ropa( nothing on) She took off her boots, even after I told her not too. Oh, well she was fun, but I won't do her again. I just like a new girl each time.

P.S. I want to hear all those wonderful reports from Thursday's OperationAlleyKatII.

01-09-04, 17:03
One thing I LOVE about being an American is the value we put on individual freedom and opportunity...as long as you're from Cuba or China....All other foreigners need not apply.

Right, GettingTang??? FlapJack???

You'll have no problems during the day (other than a few people hounding you to buy stuff), but do keep your wits about you. TJ is still not the safest place.

Country John
01-09-04, 18:09
Hit the alley on Thursday at about 12:30. Left around 3PM, had a 5 minute wait at the border on the way back so no drama there. AB was normal for that time of the day, no shortage of chicas really depending on your taste. Decided to stick to the alley. All the other clubs were DEAD and the barkers were begging people to go in. No thanks.

The Alley was noticable thinner than normal but there were plenty of nice looking girls to choose from, they were all hungry and were doing the normal grab routine. Noticed a lot of California plates on parked vehicles but didn't meet up with anyone because of such short notice.

Hooked up with the chica from the previous visit (the one with the health card etc.). She goes by the name of Gabriella, about 5', petite, perky "C's" with an ever-so-slight thickness, 27 yrs old from Pueblo. Face 7 body 7. Didn't get a picture for 2 very good reasons. She indicated during our talk that she would NOT want her picture on the internet and I didn't get my James Bond Camera yet.

She recognized me from across the street and as I was walking I heard "OOOOLLLLAAAAAA!" and when I looked I noticed it was her, she said she was yelling to me. I had such a good time with her last time I decided to go with her again so I trekked across the street and we negotiated FS for 1 hour for 60 plus the room.

Total GFE experience starting from when we met on the street. I think she is much younger than 27 just from her feel.

After we entered the room she rinsed her pussy and climbed into bed. Started with a sensual massage and lots of talk, got the old feller nice and stiff and started on the 1st pop (convered of course) which took about 20 minutes. She prefers cowgirl which is just fine by me. She has a tight pussy, almost as tough as her hand grip. Even through the condom I could feel her well.

She moved slow and easy but firm - just the way I like it. After the 1st pop we talked for a bit and she was working on the old feller but was having trouble restoring him to glory but she kept at it. I knew I was running out of time but wanted to get the 2 pop done before I crept back across the border, and decided to arrange for another 1/2 hour with her. She was very happy about that and agreed right away for another 20 plus the room (10). So off we went searching for 2pop trying various positions etc. Interesting that there were no BJ's during our encounter, I was so wrapped up in the sex with her that I didn't go there at all.

Anyway, in the end she ripped the condom off and she finished with a HJ to get me off after another 30 minutes of various positions.

Overall, a very satisfying experience. The quality of this girl was every bit as good as those at AB and the experience was far better IMHO. Tight body, nice soft skin, sweet smell -jeez, why can't American women do this? I believe that if you treat the girls right and are fair they will return the favor.

Normal number of shoe shiners and hustlers out, nothing to fret about, low threat level (especially during the day when I prefer to go).

It's important to remember to bring your good manners with you when you visit this part of town. Don't bring your sucker side, be on your toes but always be polite. These people are so used to be treated like shit that they actually appreciate courtesy. Fact is you do not have to get your fucking tennis shoes shined, you don't have to give anyone any money, you don't have to go into the clubs etc. If you are polite, they'll respect that. I'd be glad to demonstrate (as I already have) to anyone who wants to make Operatin AlleyKet II at the end of January/1st of February if needed.

I'll be back either the last week of January or first week of February and plan an all nighter. Gabriella said she'd like to spend the night so I'll be looking for her after a drink or two (cokes) at AB.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Cali Monger
01-09-04, 23:49
I'd bet when my relatives came to New York 100 years ago from Europe there were some 'Americans' talking shit as well.

01-10-04, 00:32
Thursday night (8Jan) a buddy and I went down to TJ for a little dinner at Sr. Frog's and some casual oogling at Bolero. He'd never been to TJ, so he wanted to check it out before he moves out of town.

Our little adventure began with a wild goose chase in a Taxi Libre (TL)--the driver was a rookie, and didn't even know where Pueblo Amigo was! We finally escaped the rookie (no charge) and jumped into another TL. This guy rescued the reputation of the new taxi service by getting us to the restaurant pronto.

Despite mediocre service, Frog's had pretty good food--delicious fajitas. Unfortunately, Bolero was about as exiting as doing taxes. What a drag that place has become! Too much like Deja Vu in San Diego--a typical clip joint.

Bored, I suggested we head over to the Hong Kong club, where I'd seen some really hot dancers and banged a chick several weeks ago.

We grabbed another TL and got to HJ in good time. No sign of the bandito-cop on the corner, but I suppose they rarely try their scams on a pair of full grown men.

Inside the club, we got a seat at the end of the keyhole-shaped stage and sat back for the show. My good god, that place had a bevy of cute chicas, and were they keeping busy! We stayed there for several hours, and at no time were there fewer than five girls dancing onstage and along their long bar. In fact, it's fair to say that even during a lull in the action, Hong Kong is busier than any other strip joint I know, on either side of the border.

At one point, my buddy focussed on a petite cutie in a see-thru black lace nightie. He got a lap dance from here for $20 bucks that must have lasted twenty minutes, and afterwards he said she was all over him with her sweaty body (the nerve of that little tramp!). Meanwhile, my buddy missed the first shaving cream show of the night, which happened next door at the Miami club. I was surprised, because I thought Miami was strictly a local dance hall.

My next surprise came when a waiter asked me if I wanted one of the girls sitting on the divan nearby. I shook my head, saying I didn't want to leave while my buddy was getting a lap dance (he was still in there!). Then he pointed to a lucious wench at the end of the bar, asking if I wanted her instead.

I was puzzled, because previously I had assumed that some of the girls were dancers, some were hookers, and some were both. I asked him about it, and he laughed. They're all prostitutes, he told me. Every one of them.

I was surprised. "You mean, I can fuck any of these dancers?" It seemed too good to be true.

He smiled and nodded, adding that I could also get a blowjob. Then I asked him how much getting laid would cost. He explained that it depended on the girl, but the price was between $60 and $70 dollars. Even for the best looking ones.

Wow. Some of these girls were really babes. I shook the waiter's hand and got his name. Sergio.

"Sergio," I told him, "I'm going to fuck every pretty girl in this bar. It may take awhile, but that's what money is for." He laughed again, as I pressed a fiver into his hand and clapped him on the shoulder. If I wanted a girl, I need only talk to Sergio and point a finger.

I felt naiive. I felt wonderful. I didn't poke any putas that night, but I did tuck in about sixty bucks in one's, at one point tipping every girl dancing, which was about fifteen at once. And later, they had a second shaving cream dance, where the girls really got into some serious lezbo action--sixty-nining and the works. My buddy got to see that show, and he loved it.

When we finally left, we did so with sweet sorrow. You don't always have to get laid to have a good time, and this was the best strip club experience I ever had. Part of it was knowing that, soon, I'll be back, and every one of those girls is gonna get a shot a the old salami, my summer sausage of love.

When I compare HJ to Adelita's or Chicago, the other two clubs really don't measure up. Getting laid is one thing, but if you can watch a sexy babe dance for a couple hours, get a lap dance from her, and then take her upstairs for a nice creshendo, that's hard to beat. The entertainment value of watching a bevy of babes dance is emotionally far more satisfying than watching a bunch of girls just stand around as they do in AC and CC.

Maybe AC, CC and the other bordellos should take note: Putting on a sexy strip show takes effort, but customers find it very enticing, and those one-dollar bills start to add up over the course of a fun evening. A good strip show is a fine way to warm up the customers for heavier action. In contrast, seeing girls just standing around waiting to get laid is actually kind of a downer.

Right now, Hong Kong is the most entertaining club in TJ. I will definitely be back there quite soon.

01-10-04, 01:03
This is not a ho report, but just some info on the wages in tijuana to give you perspective on how much someone is worth for buying their sex services. I have not used hos in TJ, I am always just passing through. I have used them in other places.

I just was down there and picked up a guy hitching from ensenada to tijuana, I speak spanish, and the subject came up. This year, the mexican govt. raised the minimum wage just 1.3 pesos, it's about $4 USD per day now. A good factory job in tijuana pays $75 per week. These are the highly coveted jobs the mexicans all come up from the south like ciapas and oaxaca to find, but often don't. Therefore, they sometimes end up hooking.

As a rule of thumb, paying someone 2x what they would normally make in one day should be sufficient. Very attractive women may become inflated in price of course. So, paying from $10-40 seems enough. I was talking to a mexican guy once who checked out the girls on the street. He asked one of them "so, how much?" She answered "100". He said to his other friend "wow, this is expensive!" The other explained "she means pesos, that's $10!"

A teacher makes $150 per week in tijuana. Other bonuses are possible to get that base figure higher.

Good luck, and hang on to your wallets.

Dash Riprock

Country John
01-10-04, 01:22
A short note to say that I have many Mexicans in my circle of friends from my wife, employees, relatives and friends from all levels of the economic scale. These are people I am close to.

I will tell you now that I have great respect for their work ethic and willingness to work. I've hired and fired so many white workers over the years that I actually prefer Hispanics. Shit on it if you want to, I'll understand but I sign the paychecks. I know what I'm talking about.

I get more production per square day from my Hispanic employees I ever did from the "American Workers" who do nothing but [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) and moan and watch the clock. When they are not dripping with toxic remarks about our country they are bashing everyone from their employer to the president of the United States -a place they know very little about. They have no consideration and no respect. I hate that shit.

I welcome these people. They pay their way, sometimes more than their share and they are happy to have a job that pays a decent wage. They give back and are very well mannered and treat others with dignity and respect, something we could all learn from. I hope they do allow them in -they deserve it. If I can help the process I'd be delighted to do so.

I don't have all the answers and I won't pretend to but the best the slackers can do is what they always do and that's [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) and moan about it. They created this situation, not the good Hispanic people. If we gave them the same break that we give the slackers, they would most likely fourish and many have.

The only "way of life" being threatened here is that of the slacker who collects his welfare or other "benefits" from monies collected by the hard working people of this country. They wouldn't last 5 minutes in Mexico.

Let 'em in and let's see if some "American Workers" can out-perform them. We all know the answer to that one - even the slackers.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

01-10-04, 02:39
CJ, are we perhaps stereotyping people here?

True there are many lazy Americans as you put it. And true there are many hard working Mexicans, as you put it. However, CJ, to somehow imply that all white Americans are lazy and all Mexicans are not, is a very immature and juvenile way at assessing the situation! I could asses your judgment in many other ways, but I'll save it for my own thoughts.

I know of many Americans who can work circles around the average Mexican worker, this includes myself!

You're crazy if you think you can sit here and say all Mexicans are hard workers and never complain. I used to work for a major union in the USA. We had over 50 Mexican workers in our department, many were first generation Mexicans, some here on permanent residence status and were not even citizens. Well, to make a very long story short. The Mexicans had a 2-1 rate of workers comp claims, called in sick on average of 15.5 times per year, over double what us bad eveil white folks did, had countless complaints of filling discrimination, filed grievances with the union at almost a 2-1 ratio over the non Mexican workers!

True they might work harder then most "Americans" in the field picking strawberries, if their fortune lands them in that spot, but place them in ANY situation where they think they can grow a backbone and scream and yell, complain and use the system, AND THEY WILL DO SO AT TWICE THE FUCKING RATE AS US SO-CALLED WHITE AMERICANS~!


01-10-04, 08:56
Anyone been down to TJ lately?

Mill Just
01-10-04, 09:20
I originally erased my post on the immigration issue because I didn't want to take up board space, but I feel the need to say a few things.

The current immigration system sucks and even when offered a solution, the usual bigots step up and whine. That just establishes the fact that some people aren't looking for a solution...they're looking for a reason to express their hate. We are all the products of immigration and our families came here for the same reason that most of the Mexicans do...they want to make a better life for them and their families. The only difference is that Mexico is right on our border and that leads to easier access. You can bet that if Ireland or Germany were on our border, then those immigrants would be the "wetbacks". Then we would see who opposes illegal immigration when it comes to people without dark complexions.

My great grandfather was an undocumented alien and he came to live in the USA because he wanted a better life for him and his future family. He worked his ass off and eventually became an American citizen. In the process he established a good business and raised an honest, hard-working family. All of his children became professionals. His son served in WW1, his grandson died in Vietnam. Yes, I am the indirect product of illegal immigration and I am so happy that he didn't listen to the bigots and morons who didn't think he was good enough to come into "their" country. (And, no, nobody in my family has ever been on public aid and none of us were ever in jail. )

The fact is that the immigrants are here to stay whether you like it or not and the same thing will happen as when the Irish, the Italians, The Germans, The Polish, etc came: They came to this land and brought their own customs and ideas, but over time they blended into the American culture and made the USA even stronger. Then, unfortunately, they eventually turn against the latest group of immigrants.

The only sane thing to do is to regulate whenever possible so that we can get some control. The real villains are the American companies who choose to hire illegals in order to pay lower wages and fewer benefits. But nothing is ever said about them because its just a lot easier to pick on the immigrants. The Mexicans who come to work aren't the bad guys. They're just trying to make a better life for themselves. I suggest that the bigots start thinking straight and realize that their common sense is being clouded by racism. Illegal immigration needs to stop, but we have no alternative but to try and regulate it. Bush's plan is just plain common sense. What are we going to do: deport 12 million people? Are we going to put the military on the border? (What happens when a family is gunned down by US soldiers just for trying to enter the USA?). What we need to do is get tough on the employers and allow the honest immigrants who demonstrate a will to work stay and continue to contribute to the American society. All the while, we should be putting pressure on the other countries to provide a decent economy for their own people. Hell, if we can re-order and turn the Mid-East upside-down, then we can "encourage" Mexico and Guatemala to change enough. Just like prostitution, undocumented immigration can't be stopped. The only way to get a handle on it is to regulate it and then we at least have some control.

Remember, Mexico is not just a place for you to get laid. It's a real country with real people. They have hopes and dreams just like us. There is good and bad. Since I've been living in Mexico I've seen the great respect that many have for the USA and I've also seen the hardships that they have to endure just to put food on the table. Do you think that it's an easy decision to pack up, leaving everything and everybody behind, and move to a foreign country knowing that there are people there who hate you just because of your skin color, language or nationality? It's a hard decision they have to make...the same hard decision that our relatives had to make when they came to the USA in pursuit of the American Dream.

Even though I now live in Mexico, I can say: God Bless America because I love my country and I love the fact that we are a beacon for freedom and opportunity all across the world. As an American, It shames me to have to read racists writings from fools who can only see hate.

I'm sorry for going off-topic, but some things just need to be said. Now, back to the sex...

01-10-04, 09:28
Well, it seems the TJ Board has lost its purpose of providing reports that relate to Chica's and finding sex in Tijuana. Guys like Getting Tang and Country John addressing race, politics, labor and economics issues that don't belong to this forum anyway. Perhaps those topics should be addressed in a chat room. I think I may quit WSG and sign up with Club ****** that seems to provide serious reports strictly about mongering.

On a different note, Dash makes a good comment re Chica prices. The $50-60 + $11 for the room that the club girls demand and obtain are too high in comparison to prices charged in other emerging countries. And these prices are for just 20-30 minutes. Contrast with Thailand, Buenos Aires, Brazil where even the Mexican girls do not compare in girlfriend experience and like it or not we are over paying for similar quality in similar emerging markets. My guess is proximity to the USA has a lot to do with it because the guys just pay. For 1/2, the prices should be around $25 and the 50-60 should be at least for 1-2 hours. That is my opinion. The Dominican Republic, Argentina & Brazil where less buys more looks attractive. Yes, I am aware of the air fare, flight time and distance provided but so what if you have a nicer time.

01-10-04, 09:31
panocha panocha panocha;

that's what this board is all about. There are other public forums to discuss the pro/cons of the immigration between the USA and Mexico. Most of us, including myself, don't know enough about it and are forming opinions.

I hit the zone last night and scored a dancer from the Krauss bar, Nelly, for 800 pesos including bar fine. Took her to the Cascadas and banged her good. The tacos and beer, and Monica to round off my evening,


01-10-04, 18:49
cali - you are AT the border at the trolley end-of-the-line (San Ysidro) BUT - you can't cross there - you need to follow the crowd and go up and over the freeway to the other side and enter Mexico there. (Turnstile) (turn right at the bottom of the ramp and continue to follow the crowd. - alternative - get off at "Beyer Boulevard" and take a border shuttle bus for $1.50 or so

01-10-04, 20:50
Wait, so based on DASH's post on 1/9/04, and COUNTRY JOHN'S post on 1/9/04, I can get girls in Tijuana really really inexpensively, as oppose the girls in AB or Chicago where $60 for a short period would be the norm.

COUNTRY JOHN, $100 for an hour? Is that common? Now where are you finding these ladies or is it just that one girl? I think you mentioned the alley. Are there any drawbacks by trying to find a girl there? Nice, I think I'll be planning a trip soon.

Country John
01-10-04, 21:05

I can only base my opinion on first hand experience as a business owner in a manufacturing environment and being connected closely to the culture through marriage. I believe that qualifies me somewhat to a)have an opinion and b) post it. (I agree that this might not be the proper forum, but it is the closest to matters Mexico as we can get.)

I'm not going to suggest that you are wrong or incorrect in your opinion. Others have had experiences similar to your own.

I do however stand behind my post. Any system or situation has imperfections and the Mexicans who come here and do the same thing that whites do are in the same category as the whites IMHO, I'm not talking about them. they will as the whites have, in the long run lose out to the more abitious. The vast majority are not like that though and we can't condemn the many for the actions of a few.

Now back to the sex.

Be Safe and Be Nice
Country John

01-10-04, 23:02
When going to Tijuana what's a good amount of money to take? I guess the more the better, but what if I don't have that much? Acorrding to a few posts of 1/9/04 as mentioned taking about $200 should show me a good time, right? Cause that's all I have now and I really wanna go, but I'll wait if it's really not worth it. I'm leaving from Los Angeles.

01-11-04, 08:18
To Hunter:

How much money to take to TJ depends on how many chica's you wish to do, how many chica drinks you will buy & how many days you plan to stay or go to TJ?

Your $200 is a safe amount so go and you will have a good time.

I will do the math for you:

Parking on USA side $7 for 24 hours.

Taxi Libre $3 (if you take Yellow Cab it is $5) - Return trip $6-$10

3 at $3 Drinks (Beer, water, soda) all same price = $9

3 at $50 AB Chica's (if she quotes you more reject her) = 150

3 at $11 Trips to the hotel to do the dead = $11.

OK: $7 + $10 + $9 + $150 + 11 = $ 187.00 less than $200!

Don't you love Mexico for under $200 you can screw 3 nice girls?

Yes sir, but if you buy Chica drinks, Viagra, drink alot, tip alot or eat in a restaurant, you may have to make do with only 2 chicas!

I hope this helps....been doing this over a year myfriend.

By the way, I don't recommend carrying pleant of cash! If you need more cash, better use ATM in a safer department store i.e. Sanborn or Tourist Bus Terminal on revolution.

Of course Bank charges International service fee per withdraw!

01-11-04, 08:23

Oops! The math prior is off as 3 trips to the room @ $ 11 = $33 not 11 okay? So add another $27 to your $187 + 27 = $189 still within your $200 budget. Not bad even with number's off ha?

01-11-04, 10:54
Working on a pair of nice Mexican girls for Sunday. They are by word of mouth providers only and are known to work well together. Will report back when the deed is complete! I'm sure most of you mongers already know this, but there really is no need to do the touristy AB bar scene in TJ? There are tons of indoor private, by word of mouth providers littering TJ.

It's a whole nother world out there away from the bar scene. there are some very, very nice GFE girls to be had for .4-.8 and trust me they top anything the bars can offer! these girls are looking for a few regular sugar daddies and don't like playing the bar drill.

Have a look around and see what you can find. Just don't bring CJ along!


01-11-04, 15:59
Thanks to Irishman for the report. I have a couple of questions.

What is the Mexican law regarding coming across the border to purchase medications? Is it OK if you have a prescription?

Do you reccommend lying and saying that you are a cop or policeman? What do you think it would take to do so credibly?

What would the TJ cops do if the only thing you had on you was $20 and your ID. Thats it, no ATM card.

01-11-04, 17:25
Getting Tang, how is your Spanish, or do your special friends speak English?

01-11-04, 23:11
Wow, the shakedowns and searches seem to have put a damper on my activity. I like to go down to monger and also fill legit prescriptions.

A couple of times in the last year I've been stopped, searched, and questioned. Both times at the same location--just going up the hill from AB on Constitution. One time they just cut me loose even though I had a couple hundred cash and a wallet that included ATM cards. I'm legit, and I think they should know it. Anyway, the second time I got hit up, the same thing happened, and they found legal US prescription on me.

They questioned me about it and after pausing and really making me sweat, they said although it might be legit it probably requires "seeing the judge." I thought to myself that that would really suck given the fact that I was down there to go to AB and secondly to get a refill and save a few bucks.

He sweated me so long I began to worry. Humm..it was Friday afternoon, and maybe a judge wouldn't be available until early the next week, I thought. No good. I asked if he could help me pay the fine in advance as I had to get back home and he agreed.

Bottom line is that my mongering coupled with other legit activities puts me in jeapordy. The guy at the pharmacia says many drive to avoid the policia preying on them. Anyone do this?

I always take the bus or taxi, but anything to be safe and enjoy all TJ has to offer. Don't get me wrong, the place is fun and offers much more than we have here in the US, but any advice or experiences would be appreciated.

Have fun and be safe as everyone says!


01-12-04, 00:58
Hola Putos,

New Tip: That $5 Cab Ride may be costing you $20+ :

One thing I forgot to mention on my last report(e) re massage parlors is that you can save $$$ if you do the following. As I indicated before the girl at Luxor asked me for $120 for full service but I negotiated for $100. The reason was not because, I'm a great negotiator, but simply because I was not taken there by a taxi. According to the girl the taxi driver gets $15-$20 commission for every paying customer they bring. Thus, the girls are told to add that $20 to their rates. The club pays the cab driver the minute you leave to your room with the girl. Thus, never have the cab driver drop you off at the location. Have them drop you off at a nearby business and walk to the massage parlor. If you are going to Deja Vu or La Tropa have the cab drop you off at Chicago and walk to the parlor. If you are going to Luxor ask to get dropped off at Senor Froggs. Some taxi drivers will wait in their cars and when they think you are in the room they will go to the front desk and ask for their commission which ultimately you will pay for without you knowing. Thus, ask the taxi driver to take you to a nearby business and never have them drop you off at the actual massage parlor. According to the girl at Luxor this is a common practice at all massage parlors she has worked at in TJ. Well I hope this helps!

P.S. to all you racist: Don't worry immigrants only take jobs no one else wants. Thus, don't worry no one is going to come to your job and slapp the dick out of your mouths.

Rabo Verde
01-12-04, 06:51
I have recently completed an exhaustive investigation, using sophisticated software, satellite surveillance, and my Magic 8-Ball. Conclusion: Country John and Getting Tang are the same person! For proof go to:


Mr Speed
01-12-04, 06:54
Hmmm now i'm worried about goign down there.. getting pills and just plaing walkign on the street with all these new posts about corrupted cops.
I was shaken up one didn't take anything .. but i did tell the police I was from ..... and they let me go with apology. That was a while back. Dunno if it will work now. I read some where if u say ur a lawyer on some reports it clamed to work on some report .dunno
give feedback
peace out

Mr Speed
01-12-04, 06:55


01-12-04, 18:07
ewe are all nuts! (especially gettingtang, fn wacko)

first, of all lets use this site for what is important: "the ladies". all this crap about shakedowns and corrupt police is getting old. furthermore, it is blown completely out of proportion. i'm an american citizen living in rosarito mexico. i've been doing the tj scene for about 15yrs now and only twice did i have to bribe a cop. both times i was acting like (speeding and running red lights while intoxicated) and ass and deserved to be pulled over/arrested. i payed $20 the first time and $40 the second. about a year ago i was pulled over by a cop for speeding and i tried to bribe him but, he refused to take my $$$. instead he gave me a ticket and took my driver's license. when i drove to the police station they had my id at the reception desk and i paid a $10 fine (not bad considering i was traveling at 110 on a 65mph zone). i used to hit the zone lots when i was stationed in camp pedelton and the only people i know who ever had any problems with police basically highlighted themselves by walking around drunk and acting like complete jerks. i've also, seen tourist yell at police and attempt to hit police in the past. lets' just say that if you are going to be a dick you will get what you deserve. thus, i think country john put it best when he said, "be nice and be safe". be low key, be respectful, use commonsense, and you won't have any problems.

in closing i would just like to say, hey lets use this site for its intended purpose and keep the focus on the ladies, not on politics or any of this other crap.

back to business/ the ladies:
for those of you who like to go to luxor in publo amigo they have new hours. mon-tues. 11am to 11:30pm; wendsday-sunday they open at noon and close at 4 in the moorning the next day. i've been there a few times in the past few weeks and the day shift is better than the night shift. the night shift girls (15 to 20 girls)start at 8pm and work till 4am the following day. the day shift only has 5-6 girls but they are better looking (in my opinion).

hope this helps!

Simple Man
01-12-04, 18:40
I recently went to Ba Da Bing's Gentlemen's Club on the free road just south of downtown Rosarito. In my opinion this is a classic "clip joint." First when you come in there is a $5 cover. If you pay with a larger bill you receive your change in Ba Da Bing Bucks. The second you sit down and order a beer ($6) the waiter starts bringing girls over to sit down next to you. There were approximately 10-15 girls on the night I was there and from what I saw only 3-4 were attractive to me. Eventually, the waiter brought me a girl that I thought was attractive. (He continued bringing girls despite the fact that I repeatedly asked him to stop.) So I bought her a drink. ($11) I talked to the girl at length, she said that the majority of girls and the owner are there from DF and that they rotate out every few weeks. She says that the house guarentees them a certain pay every night and that she thinks that some of the girls are available for outside services but that she was happy with her pay and did not do so. She said that she thinks that the girls that do charge between $100-200. The girl I was speaking with didn't push me for a lap dance or another drink and in fact told the waiter no when he asked if she wanted another drink. She sat there and talked to me until the waiter came and took her to another table. It seems to me that the owners of this club have tried to bring a DF style clip joint to Baja. I have only been there once and do not plan on going back.

01-13-04, 01:19
Went down to the Alley in TJ yesterday afternoon, during the football games. It was dead as a doornail, many chicas are still not back from their holidays.

01-13-04, 12:34
hooked up with 3 dudes this past saturday. darenesq from new york, another from l.a. and another from s.d. sd will meet us at ab. we stop at a carl's jr for a psst break in carlsbad. since we're there, decide to get a little bite. i take a kid burger to go along with the vitamin la shares with us.

arriving at 8:30pm we taxi libre to the zn. mongers were in a frenzy swarming the bait ball of available women. it was going to be pack no matter where we go. cc was already showing signs of life. ab looked like it was already 10pm before its star performers arrived. the alley girls were beaming. securing rooms took priority. amazingly, hotel cascadas still had rooms available for all of us. got stuck with room 48, 2nd floor, above the club and closest to street. very noisy but had no problem falling asleep when the time came.

went back to ab. already packed, hard to walk through. la takes first bite going upstairs. darenesq and i decided to go to mermaids. we found bar seats in a full room by the restrooms. girls were dancin but it wasn't working for me tonight. decided to go back to ab and look for brenda, a favorita, leaving darenesq behind.

brenda is 5'1", b cup, short blonde hair, stands in the back by the men's room. i find her buried against the wall. i do the idle chit chat, no negotiating needed. i tell her vamanos. she tells me frijio (cold). i start rubbing her arms, then her legs for a little while. we're sitting on the bed, making out, i'm caressing her breast, softly pinching her nipples. laying her on the bed, pulling her up, i position myself partially atop her. licking her ear, petting her flower but no penetration. i mount her, my salmon has a little urge to swim up river but doesn't. just a little nudge, massage, to warm things up. i roll over on my back. she covers me with the ribbed glove i brought. there is no rushing. moving into cowgirl she starts. there's the first knock. she screams something in spanish. i mount her breaking into a quick deep, stride. grabbing my hips, she pulls trying to increase my speed. another knock comes causing her to say some spanish phrase. she tells me time to finish. i say okay. picking up the pace. i feel it coming. she encourages me tighting her legs around me, gripping my arms. i finally release. she says we need to hurry. i kiss her again but she says theres no time. we walk out back into the bar. la is done standing right there at the entrance. i tell brenda it's time for me to go but will come back to look for her. la looks a little impressed but tell him let's go get darenesq and grab some tacos. i'm hungry now.

do i recommend brenda? sure i do. but i gotta warn you, some of my other amigos have been with her on previous trips and have not recieved the warm fuzzy that i have. don't let that deter you from giving her your biz if she's your type.

we grab darenesq decide to check out the other bars. this is, after all, tj101 for mr. la. we sit in la tropa for 1 round. it's happening here but i don't see anything interesting. it could be that i'm feeling too good to give a darn what's there. i know i'm not done for the night. finishing the round we head to botana 2000. it's dead and jam out of there walking over to la chavalas. the hunt for helen begins. i walk around the room slowly taking a good look at every chica. they're just not my type here. helen is not here but i'm not giving up the hunt yet. i am hungry and suggest to get some eats.

we walk back into the alley from the west side taking another look at the chicas. there's monica, yasmine, fabiola, marisol, veronica. give the boys a peek at hong kong and miami. walk into the bar valentina for a tour then continue walking down. we sit down in los toro for tacos.

we start our rounds again at cc. we walk the room and hang out for a little while. we're by the bar crowding one seat that was available. darenesq tells me they told him to leave because he didnít want to order anything to drink. that's fine because there was nothing there that interested me anyway.

we go back into the alley heading for hong kong to watch the show there. on our way there i spot a dude half drunk wearing a aloha shirt. i ask if he is so and so, he is. this is sd. i introduce my amigos. i tell him we were on our way to hk. he joined us. sd is telling me how he loves this place and describes the action that happens there. there's one girl dancing on top of the bar. sd gives her a dollar but not until he finger banged her. sd offers her more. he puts the dollar in his mouth, turns around, bends backward so his head is almost touching the bar table. she comes sits on his face, sd just pulls her down eating her sushi. me and darenesq are taking our turns too. darenesq loves this pouring the bills out. i'm impressed with the amount of sushi you can get here for a buck. other girls come on and we continue.

a 4th girl comes on. didn't catch her name but sd tells us this girl is nasty. that's all we needed to hear. this girl enjoyed serving her sushi. must've been fresh too because it didn't smell bad at all. we enjoy her for a little while before someone decided to get a private session with her. she's on my hit list now. letty comes out to dance in the center stage. she's gorgeous. guapa. needs to learn to smile. the bills are being handed to her but not a lot. dancing is okay, mediocre for me. after, 2 brunettes walk up. they do the strip. they're not bad looking, bodies are okay, definitely doable. spray cans appear in their hands. i continue to look and participate with the girls dancing in front of me. i'm watching the tv as the broadcast the action from center stage. they've got all their clothes off now. i notice one of the chicas climbs on top of the other and starts kissing. alright. dfk. kewl. this has got everyone's attention reaching a frenzy for a good spot to watch. i look for darenesq to see if he's catching this. i don't see him at all. she moves down between the other girls legs. i can't see but the tv offers a better view anyway. she's munching. that's starting my blood flowing again. polaroid cameras come out. a few dudes cough up the sinco dollars to get their pic taken with the girls. the girls are grabbing beers around them washing off. the show comes to a close. i tell darenesq i'm going for an sg. speaking with sd, he says he's going to hang out a little bit more then take off. i tell him i hope to see him later but we don't.

marisol is smiling. we walk into my hotel room. she's cold. i warm her up rubbing her down. i'm glad i got the room because i don't have to be rushed. she doesn't take her top off, i look at her firmly saying sin ropa. she obliges but tells me no sucking. yeah right. she slips on the ribbed glove i handed to her. i get the bj but it was weak. i mount her interlocking our hands. i let her use the rest room while i lay there watching the tv with no sound. the remote works but not the volume buttons. she comes out and ask her if she wants to rest here a little bit. she sits down to straighten some things out. i don't say anything. after a little while, she says she needs to work to get more money. i dismiss her telling her gracias. i go ahead and wash up. i'm feeling tired with 11hours of sleep in the past 3nights. too much work.

i walk over to la to see if he's in his room. no answer but i hear his voice behind me. i turn around to see he has veronica with him. good choice. i don't know her, never been with her but know who she is. a cutie for sure. la introduces us we say olah. i chit chat a little with la telling him to meet us at mermaids. veronica cuts in speaking to me in spanish. she asks me como si llama. guess she didn't catch it the first time. i tell her. she continues asking other questions and answer her in spanish. as we continue this conversation, i feel a little proud that i could carry this in the native tongue. la buts in wondering wtf is going on. he says its his time and time is a running. veronica and i just smile as we say good bye.

right when we get on to the sidewalk i see maria wearing her red pants. i'm impressed how beautiful her face is. never been with her before either. i ask her como si llama? i tell her maybe i'll be back. she looks disappointed. we move through the gauntlet having our shirts pulled on. we sit at a table this time. 2 chicas from miami sit at the table next to us by darenesq. this girl is bubbly and has a lot of energy. darenesq enjoys this, i tell him i think she would be good trying to encourage him to go up. i give him the key and tell him to meet me in ab.

ab is still crowded. i'm thinking my 3rd pop, i'd like it to be from here but i can't seem to get maria's face out of my head. with brenda out, and i don't see any of her friends, i'm thinking of maggie. evelyn comes by and tells me olah. pass maria again but i'm not sure now. darenesq sits by the bar. i tell him i'm gonna take maria. i tell him i'll come get him after and we can turn in.

i approach maria with the normal negotiations. i ask for besa. she says si. i ask are you sure. si. we'll see about that. many of sgs say they will but don't. shoulder length black hair, a cup, 5'2", speaks some english, wearing red pants with a think black belt. she says no suckee. she puts the ribbed glove on while i'm sitting with my stiffy. the vitamin is working. i grab her and lower her down. i get on the bed and start at her neck lightly kissing, moving slowly to her nipples while petting her petals lightly. she's okay with this. i mount her. my ribbed covered shift penetrates her slowly and deep. rolling over i get her to cowgirl. i stand up lifting her. she looks scared unsure of my intentions and ability. she moves her hands to the side of her, i grab them. holding it in 4th her legs are tigtening around me as she becomes one with my motion. her forehead squints, eyes closed, lips grin and teeth bite down. i think she's enjoying this. letting go of her moisten hands, i get up on my knees. her legs suggest to bring it up to 5th. she is going to explode. she tilts her head back a little, closes her eyes, squeezes my hand. believing she came i smile. going into a roar she gigles lifting to my knees again. the checkered flag is waved. i drop back down gently kissing her on the lips for awhile. both making sounds of satisfaction we smile. i'm satisfied, and for the night too.

i've been wanting to try that bakery close by. can't remember the name. we walk in deciding to grab a few for breakfast. i love the cheap prices. $2 will buy you half a dozen assorted doughnuts.

caught taxi libre again to the linea. no problem crossing the gates at 10am. back home before noon. another successful adventure across the border. the waiting is going to be almost unbearable till the next trip. i'll be looking forward to it as i hook up with more mongers for the first time. this time i won't be the tour guide but hope to make some contribution to the group raising the experience level.

01-14-04, 20:04
Does anyone know of any sites where there are pics of the girls in Tijuana? Other than the ones posted in the photo gallery here.

01-14-04, 20:11
On a 1/11/04 post, "GETTINGTANG" discuss word of mouth providers.

So how do I find out about these girls?

01-15-04, 01:22
Any info on the strip clubs? Read a previous post that said Hong Kong was good, and you can do any girl there. Is this the same with all strip clubs? I'm thinking I need to hit up a strip club when I'm down there.

01-15-04, 06:58
Hey Hunter360,

Hope this gets to you in time for your next trip (not a senior member posts take several days).

Well as far as stip club girls being available for services. Most places in Zona Norte (CC, AB, Tropa, ect.) there is a hotel conviniently located next to these places for that specific purpose. However, my experince has been that the girls at other Strip Clubs in TJ and nearby towns either charge too much, claim they do not provide outside services, or simply charge too much. For Example, Lord Blacks on Revolucion and Galeana, near Jai Ali, its runned like your average american clip joint. Almost all the Girls I've talked to in that club denied providing outside services. Some said they would arrange something the next day if I was interested but, wanted $200+ per session. Bolero's in Pueblo Amigo, ext to Senor Froggs, was ever worse. It was as expensive as any Strip Club in Los Angeles and all the girls I talked to said the did not provide these services. Also, the Lap Dances suck because, there is no touching. If I want to experience that crap I would stick to clubs in the USA (where a man is free to do what ever he wants except be a Man or act like one). Sorry, for the bull, getting back to business, Madonas in the Downtown TJ area was also expensive and the girls gave me the same !*#$% as the girls at Lord Blacks. Bada Bing in Rosarito is also another clip joint where some of the girls, according to the one I talked to did do outside services (for details on Bada Bing read my reporrt on this club). Thus, save your time and money and avoid these places. If you are looking for a goodtime stick to the Zona Norte clubs or if you want to go somewhere where there is less traffic go to one of the massage parlors (DejaVu, Paris, Luxor, Tropa, Monte Carlo, ect.).

PM me if you need more info on any of these places.

I hope this helps!

Kencal MD
01-15-04, 07:04
I'm going down to TJ next week. Does anybody have suggestions if it's worthwhile to go during the day? If so can I get a better deal during the day?

01-15-04, 08:08
Hong Kong is my favorite strip club, right now. It is hit or miss on revolution. Too many chicks with dicks. As far as Strip Clubs go, no they are not all alike.


01-15-04, 18:22
Hong Kong is attached to Miami Bar, which is more of a "normal" dances-with-putas club. And it's on Callejon Coahuila ("the alley"), full of street girls. So you won't go home frustrated.

Country John
01-15-04, 22:28
Kencal MD:

Others may differ but I stick to daylight hours in the Zona for mostly safety reasons and also to work the Alley. I get a much better look at the girls during the day so I can choose wisely. You can get a decent deal early in the week, I've done well on Thursdays. I avoid the Weekend nights as much as possible -too much noise and people. I like to get in and out as fast as possible (while enjoying a coke between pops).

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

01-15-04, 22:56
Hong Kong , is my favorite bar in the zone to sit around and have a beer. The girls don't bother you there, if you want one you tell the waiter to bring her over to you, but you can also walk over to the girl, and ask her to take you upstairs for $80-$50.( bargain for $50) You can also get private dance in the booths, I think 2 for $20, full nude, put you fingers anywhere. ( I don't usually do this I rather just take them upstairs)

Regarding Revolution strip clubs and the entrance fee. They are two prices, one they can get away with and charge $5 to $10, and free.
If you want the free price, just walk away, and they will call you back, and let you go in for free.

I think you can get in free at most places, but I'm not really sure, I hardly go to Revolution anymore, because they do try to rip you off, with high prices, and you have to try to figure out, who the real women are.

CJ, TJ is safe at night. What are you afraid of, you being ex L.E.
TJ, comes alive at night, days are kinda boring.

Travel Time
01-15-04, 23:53
So Hong Kong is a strip club in Zona Norte? What is the alley? Is that the area around Adelitas?

I'll be in TJ in a few weeks. I'll be sure to report back.


01-16-04, 00:43
Can anyone name a Revo strip club that has a cover charge (except for Lord Black's at the south end)?

Country John
01-16-04, 01:11

I am "afraid" of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not having the odds in my favor. Besides that I'm usually ony in town during the weekdays and mornings are spent driving to TJ and business meetings until about 1PM. By 5PM I should have done a 2pop and be ready for the run home.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

01-16-04, 02:04
Divas across from Jai Lai palace. They charge a cover.


01-16-04, 03:09
If you're workin' the alley, it doesn't matter what time you're there. At night, it is well lit. You can hang out at Hotel Casacadas and watch the chicas go up. You'll find a row of chairs that mongers sit at hooting the girls on as they go up. Very well lit there. You can watch the HK and Miami girls go up too getting the louder yells. Alley girls are $25 including the room. Pretty tough to get it lower than that unless its one that isn't going up often enough. If you can stoop that low power to you. If you don't go when the sun goes down what do you miss. The better looking women that come out to play. You snooze, you lose.

01-16-04, 03:45
Madona's, Pent House, and Amnesia also have a cover charge.

01-16-04, 04:58
Guys, where can I find an okay hotel/motel to stay at in TJ?

Mutha Foo
01-16-04, 06:00
Hummer, Try Hotel Zaragoza ($40 US) but if you want the best hotel stay at Camino Real, it will cost you $100 US.


CC Train
01-16-04, 06:48
It was such a fluke how I discovered TJ back in July 2001 and thats because I live in Orlando Fl.

My first trip report as I just recently discovered the board.

Me and some friends went to Vegas for 7 days. I planned a trip to LA for the last 3 days to meet a friend I knew.

So toward the end when I was ready to go, 3 of the guys(who stayed at a different hotel) had to leave the room early.

So I told them I was going to LA for 3 days if they wanted to come along. They said sure and they also knew 2 guys in LA that we can meet up.

So as we were driving to LA, the 2 guys said they were going to TJ and asked if we wanted to party down there.

We said sure. We have never been down there so we didn't know what to expect.

So we got down there, walked across and drank at a bar.

We were there drinking for about 3 hrs and it was about 1am and the 2 LA guys were talking about prostitutes down the street and such and how cheap it was.

We kinda laugh it off as we have never had prostitutes before.

But after a few more beer, we were all ready to go.

They took the 4 of us first to AB.

I was just in awe of the atmosphere there.

There were so many girls there and they told us and pretty much any of the girls would have sex with us for the right price.

So I'm wondering around, nervous and shy as hell just drinking away. I finally spotted a chic I found very attractive and I was too nervous to approach her.

So one of my buddy went up to her as asked her for me.

He told me $60, and I was like "thats it?" so up to the room we went.

Man I was so damm nervous as I have never been with a prostitute before.

I was wobbling around like a virgin.

We took off our clothes and for some reason I went down on her.

I did that for about 10mins and I went missionary on her.

Did that for another 10mins she wanted doggy.

As I was doing doggy, my wang wang went jello on me, I was kinda of embaress so I pretended I was done. (now remembered I've been drinking like a camel all night).

I gave her another $20 and again I don't know why.

Went down stairs and sat in the bar for a while sobering up.

(Needless to say I was quite disappointed)

Once all the guys got their turn, we decided to leave.

Just as we were leaving, I saw the hottest petit chick coming from downstair. But we were leaving so I was kicking myself.

So as we were on our way out, the 2 LA guys said they would like to stay a little longer but didn't have any more money.

I didn't hesitate and offer to lend them the money even though I only met them that night.

So we headed back to AB but the HOT chick were going back up there. Damm there goes my disappointment again.

I sat there patiently waiting her to return. It seems like forever but she finally returned.
Being a dumbass like myself, I was to shy to approach her right away. I finally got the courage to approach her but some older guy got to her first, damm I am a dumbass.

Luckily, she brushed him off(don't know why) and I went to her and asked her about going upstair. She said $60 and that was NO PROBLEM.

Man, that chick rocked my world.

I think I blew the biggest wad that night.

I was now forever hooked on this TJ scene.

So I finally left shortly after that and all I could think of was when I can return as I live in Orlando.

01-16-04, 09:36
Here's some of the hotels I'd recommend in the order I'd recommend them. All are safe and haven't had problems leaving stuff behind.

Hotel Cascadas in the alley is $35.00 for single, $40.00 double right in the heart of Zona Norte. If you need the quiet rooms, as for rooms on the 4th or 5th floor. This is where I stayed last time. Good hot water, decent rooms with working TV.

For a little bit more try Hotel Villa de Zaragosa on Madera between 7th & 8th St. behind Jai Lai stadium. Excellent rooms with working TV, spacious bath room w/ hot water and nice tiled bench, and heater, very spacious. Has a little restaurant for okay food. Or, you can eat at Ricardo's which is a little bit better. Walking distance to Zona Norte is about 7min.

Also, I think its on 7th, there's the Hotel Paris. Stayed there in the summer, can't remember if there was a working heater. Rooms are clean with spacious shower.

01-16-04, 18:23

Re Hotel:

If you are looking for a good, clean, quiet, safe place to stay for about $25 a night in TJ. There is a Hotel next to the Jai Ali parking lot in Zona Centro. I forget the name of the Hotel but, you can't miss it. There is a restaurant called Ricardo's next to it. Ricardo's is on Calle Galeana one block off of Revolucion. You can see Ricardo's and the Hotel from the AMPM Minimarket that is next to the Jai Ali on the corner of Galeana and Revolucion. Thus, just ask the Taxi to take you to the Jai Ali and drop you off at the AmPm Minimarket and you will not have any problems finding it.

The place is clean, safe, and affordable. If you are crossing over in your car they have their own parking lot and a security guard on post 24hrs a day. There are plenty of restaurants near by and clubs aswell. Also, Zona Norte (Chicago, AB, La Tropa ect.) is relatively close (about 10 minute cab ride). There are some places in the Zona Norte, Hotel Nelson, but they stink like vomit and they are dirty and noisy. Your Choice!

Hope this helps!

Country John
01-16-04, 21:08
AAAHHHH CC TRAIN, The newbie days. Brings back some fond memories.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John


Looks like I'll be in the Zone on Tuesday or Wednesday with my "James Bond" camera, so this time I promise to get some pics. Anybody else going down this week in the afternoon hours?

01-17-04, 02:37
"Just as we were leaving, I saw the hottest petit chick coming from downstair. But we were leaving so I was kicking myself."

I thought this only happened to me. As soon as I check out of cascadas and about to jump into a taxi, I always see something that would be fun to do.

Oh well


01-17-04, 02:54
Ahhh baby's 1st *****, the memories,

CC Train,

Let me just say, Welcome. I still remember my 1st time in TJ about 16yrs ago. Back then even the Clubs on Revolucion were good. Next time you are coming down post a question on this board and we'll share some current info to make your trip to TJ better. You've only just begun. Next time I suggest you visit some of the massage parlors and the Lesbian Show at Hong Kong Club is also a must see. As for Orlando well what can you do. I suggest you look at Travelocity for any deals to TJ or San Diego, I was told that sometimes you can go coast to coast on Jet Blue or Southwest for about $200. It might be worth your time to look into it or look into hitting Costa Rica (I've seen flights leaving from Florida that are about $200. I've hit lots of places in Latin America feel free to pm me if you need any info.

Well good luck Amigo.

01-17-04, 05:12
I like the Hotel Leyva myself, super safe parking, very close to the action, lots of the girls live there, get a room in the new side, some have kitchens. Approx $22, it helps if you speak some Spanish. There are some 24hr services on the block. Weekly rates prepaid are pay 5 get 2 free.

01-17-04, 07:42
"Just as we were leaving, I saw the hottest petit chick coming from downstair. But we were leaving so I was kicking myself."

Actually, you see the hottest chicas coming down the stairs when you are going UP the stairs with another (not so hot) chica. It never fails.

Country John
01-17-04, 19:13
It's called "MongersLaw." You she the one you should have gone up with when you are going down the stairs.

Pernel, where is the Leyva in relation to AB? I'm going for an all nighter and it sounds like this is the place to be!

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

01-18-04, 02:24
Country John

Hey CJ,

I hope all is well with you. Hotel Leyva is next to Chicago Club. Some of the girls use it for work others live there. The rooms are nasty and its noisy. I recommened Hotel Villa de Zaragosa on Madero Street behind Jai ALai Stadium parking lot. It is one street off Revolucion in Zona Centro. There is a good restaurant next to it on the corner of Galeana street & Madero called Ricardo's. The rooms at the Hotel are clean, quiet, and it is safe to leave your car at the Hotel (24 hr security). I was there early last year and all I paid was $25 for the night. If you are willing to pend $80 a night you can always stay in Zona Rio at the Hotel Real Del Rio (it is very nice and it is safe). Or you can always slummit by staying at the Leyva or Hotel Nelson, both suck! Its your choice amigo.

Good Luck!

Ho Down Man
01-18-04, 19:17
Hey Guys,

First time post long time onlooker and reader of this forum. I unfortunately have never partaken in the TJ experience but feel like I would have a great time down there. I am planning a trip on January 31st, would anyone be interested meeting up to show me the ropes?

Let me know,

HO Man

01-18-04, 23:25
The weather is great in San Diego. The warm air has the juices flowing. Seems like a run to TJ is in order this week.

Has anyone tried the Jacuzzi rooms in Cascadas? Worth the extra $$$? I'm tired of the 4th floor. I used to get the 5th and 6th flr. Those floors enabled me to catch some on the floor pussy. Cheaper, no time pressure - they were usually Miamai or Chevalas girls.


Bend It
01-18-04, 23:40

Yes, I've used the jacuzzi rooms twice. Once was with a pair of daytime girls (Pati and her cousin whose name I can't remember). The other was in the evening with Kenya, giant natural tits (she actually had them reduced!), GFE, multiple pops, OMG.

FYI, I spent two nights with Kenya (her Adelitas name), went to a couple of discos, had a nice dinner, etc. She is a diamond in the rough, unbelieveably sexy and *nice*.

I wouldn't do the jacuzzi room with just any girl. I would wait until there's a really good vibe, and by going to a nicer room, you help move things along for that extra mileage, for a better experience.

But all of that requires more $$, as you suggested.

By the way, I am *so* jealous that you live in San Diego and close to TJ. I've been fortunate that I've been able to travel to San Diego frequently, but that is now coming to screeching halt, and I'm deeply depressed by it. I love TJ (especially today, when its friggin 7 degrees outside here in my northern habitat). But I really love the chicas, and there is just no substitute for that here in mid-america. Damn.

Bend It

01-19-04, 02:56
The jacuzzis are no good. You can't get the chicas to leave, once they get wet.

01-19-04, 03:45

The Jacuzzi rooms are great. Bigger than the normal rooms too. A little advice, bring some bubble bath with you, works great. Explorer is right about the chicas not wanting to leave, especially in cooler weather. You also may get some phone calls during the night from girls staying there looking for some company.

The boys working at Cascadas are a good way to get a toda la noche from the girls staying there. I usaully describe what I'm looking for and the amount I'm willing to spend. They will parade chicas until I'm satisfied. I've done this about a dozen times without problems.


01-19-04, 09:06
Howdy again,

Awhile back, I posted a question: In light of an upcoming business tirip to D.C., should I spend my quick $$$ in TJ or at an AMP in the nation's capital? Had I known what I do know, I would have opted for D.C.

But before my message had time to get posted, I crossed the border to TJ. Must've had a full sack.

Anyway, I went to Deja Vu massage, which seems to have relocated temporarily due to construction. Thought it was a bogus story at first, but the voice of the manager sounded the same at the place as it did when I called earlier.

I took some advice that I'd read in forums long ago: Consider attitude ahead of stellar looks. So I did and picked a girl by the name Gina. Gave the house $40 for the massage.

Gina had a nice ass and natural B+ size tetas. Took another tidbit of advice from the board and offered her a massage first, and I enjoyed doing it and speaking exclusively in Spanish.

Only I should have paid more attention to the conversation. See, one reason I went the massage route is that I'm taking medicine that prohibits me from drinking. And I know my limits; get me in Adelita's, and I become a beer-swilling huero.

Gina understood. In fact, she spent New Year's sober because the medicine she was taking for a urological infection also barred liquor.

I thought nothing of this until after an $80 session of CBJ and FS began. Then in doggie, my pecker fell out and instinctively reached to put it back in. That's when I noticed the smell, like something long past its expiration date.

That's one of the beauties of alcohol, you know. It numbs the nose.

Anyway, it was still nice getting laid, but I doubt I'll ever go to TJ again.

My business trip went well, enough that I got the job. Didn't sleep well the night before the interview and wished I would have spent $160 at D.C.'s infamous Downtown Spa.
In my limited dating (no cash) experience with Asian women, they always seemed very clean.

Too many TJ girls are gutter thigh.

Donkey Punch
01-19-04, 18:51
Fellow *****monbeeists,

Sorry for the long post. I've been wanting to post for about a year now and have finally been able to. Thanks to Jackson, I am now able to share. Hip, hip, Joooooorge! (pronounced "whoooooore-hay" for you non-speakers, learn.)

Explorer is right about hot tub hotels like Cascada and Mermaids (not the one across AB, but Mermaid's at Calle Ocho and Ninos Heroes and New Body [same owners]) sometimes it tough to get a girl to leave your arms after you have treated them to a nice F-ing in a hot tub and then once again on the bed, couch, floor, etc. Especially "once they get wet".

"Just as we were leaving, I saw the hottest petit chick coming from downstair. But we were leaving so I was kicking myself."

The grass is always greener on the other side, my friend. (I know, cliche)

Read Frijole's post on strip clubs.

It's all true. F Lord Black's (where Yellow Taxistas will try to take you to get their crappy kickback - GO, TAXI LIBRE!) Lord Black's SUCKS. Unless, of course, you like an attempt at an 8 doller cover and USA prices. Trust me, some of these women end up at ABs after their shift at LB and other clip joints.

It's nice to run into them at ABs at about 5am and smirk when they still don't get any business. At least in my humble / bitter opinion.

Regular Member
Posts: 23
"Hong Kong is attached to Miami Bar, which is more of a "normal" dances-with-putas club. And it's on Callejon Coahuila ("the alley"), full of street girls. So you won't go home frustrated."

Are you trying to be witty? If you are, you have achieved. If not, Kevin Costner, than maybe you should re-think your "dances-with-putas" comment. How dare you? Not all these women are putas. Some only dance. Please don't make blanket statements. Maybe you should have said: dances-with-dancers, instead? Katanka!

Apologies, little things set me off.

Thanks for the 411 on HK bar. I used to go there about a yr ago but it was never as you have described it. I'll, be, baaaaack. Go, go, go lesbo show! Did anyone see The "L" Word last night? It would have made a great 20 min. short!


Donkey Punch

01-20-04, 00:31
Aztec massage:
Sirs: I have a friend who went to aztec massage a couple of days ago, and the masseuse let him fuck her, no extra charge.
Does anyone else have any stories about aztec massage? are the girls working there generally only doing massage, or has anyone else been propositioned by one of them?

Mutha Foo
01-20-04, 01:50
To the Veteran TJ Mongerers, I am curoius about the pimps. Do all of the girls at Adelitas have pimps (I know that at least some do). Do they beat them? Do they get them hooked on drugs? Do they take all of their money? It doesn't make any sense why a bar girl would need a pimp. Really, how often do you see a TJ cop arrest a bar girl? I have heard some horror stories and wondered about how much of it is true? There is one girl I really like, she is sweet and cute and I think she has a pimp but of course she denies it. How do I know for sure if the bar girl has a pimp?

Country John maybe you have some insight into this matter since you are former LE.



01-20-04, 04:13
"I have a friend who went to aztec massage a couple of days ago, and the masseuse let him fuck her, no extra charge."

I'll bet your friend is an astronaut jet pilot stuntman porno star, too. Instead of clogging up the web site with random comments, how about some specifics, does your 'friend' remember her name, her shift, what she looks like, what day he was there, etc?

ChiMan II
01-20-04, 07:17

I went to TJ this weekend. There were police everywhere. Not many girls out. I counted about five at 4pm. People told me there was a big clean up there. The police saw me walking around and stopped me. They searched me. I had $500 in my back pocket and $300 in my wallet. I also had about 4 condoms on me. I thought for sure they would rob me but there were so many people watching they let me go. I went to Chicago payed $60 for a threesome and $22 for the room. A cab was outside and I got the hell out of there. I know I shouldn't of had that much money on me there but I was hiding my money from my girlfriend back at our hotel. Very unfriendly feeling in TJ.

Mr Speed
01-20-04, 09:02
aztec fucking that woudl be a first ... i kinda doubt that but ... what you all think

01-20-04, 10:52
TJ is picking up. By the end of this month it should in full swing.

Promoted to the 5th floor at cascadas. Lots of Chevelas and Miami chicas there.

I got caught between two chicas tonite and it was no fun. A dancer from Hacienda said she would leave early and meet me outside to skip the bar fine. I'unded her good a few weeks ago. I waited for 20 minutes and went back in and she's giving a lap dance. I said no problem, I'll just grab my favorite spinner. Well as I'm talking to her, the dancer comes out and wants to go. I said no not now, I'll be in the bar later. She starts screaming "bitches this and bitches that". I turn to the spinner who has tears in her eyes and she says "NO". I walk away with nada. I go back to the spinner about 20 minutes later and she's pouting, but leaves follows me back to the hotel.
As we get to the room, the phone starts ringing. I don't answer.
The spinner wears me out for the next 2 hours!!!

As I run to get into the taxi and close the door, the dancer pokes her head into the window. She'd been waiting the whole time.
She asks "where are you going?"

Loca Chicas


01-20-04, 12:50

This is my first post in this forum, as a local I try to get to TJ once or twice a month. I used to only frequent the revo clubs since I had no knowledge of the clubs in the Zona. Now I know what you are all thinking, (what kind of retard is this guy?). I assure you, I have all my faculties, but never had a like-minded friend to steer me in the right direction. Now that I have found the real action, I'm never looking back!

Now for a question for my well-informed mongering friends out there. I have had a few encounters at AB, one had a decent body and the service was ok, the second one's body was ok but the service was pretty good, and the third's body was kind of ok, so I was hoping the service would be great, but it was the worst of all. Now I know that any new experience with a chica is a crapshoot. But what I want to know is, can you really find that truly hot chica and still get good inspired service? I find myself settling on my 4th or 5th choice instead of going for the gold, hoping that the service will be worth the sacrifice.

Does anyone have any recent names and locations of hot chicas that are track tested and monger approved? (I prefer them a little busty, fake or real, doesn't matter)

Also I have read on here about the Hong Kong Club. If I remember correctly they said that it is located in an alley? Does anyone know a link to a map that would better discribe the location of all the Zona hot spots. Speaking of Zona hot spots, aside from AB and CC, what other clubs are worth while? To give a time frame, I am usually there Friday or Saturday nights since it is the only time available. But of course AB is packed and I never find what I want at CC.

I hope you gentleman can give some good recommendations for future adventures as I could use the help!

Happy Mongering and Be Cool

01-20-04, 19:19
mr speed

it's been awhile when we takin' a trip again?

with anything you hear or read anywhere, you almost have to take it with a grain of salt. if you wanna find it the truth you gotta investigate it yourself. most of us believe aztec is straight from our own experience.

i didn't believe you could bag cuties down there for so cheap. then, i checked it out myself. i believe now.

Ho Down Man
01-21-04, 08:46

What are the names who let you have the threesome for $60. Pretty cheap. I would like details as I am going down on the 31st.

TJ Black
01-22-04, 04:29
I got the same offer (2 for $60) at CC at about 4pm on Jan. 2nd. The place was totally dead. About a half dozen chicas and 3 or 4 mongers. I took a single for $30 instead of the double.

Survey Says
01-23-04, 05:33
I'm headin down to TJ with several friends for a bachelor party. I frequent at least 6 times a year. We're interested in finding a large hotel suite that would accomodate 10-12 muchachos and a couple of chicas for a show.

Any recommendations on the hotel? We'd also get at least a couple of other rooms to crash in or 2 suites.

Any clean service providers that would be available for an all nighter?

Please PM me if you choose not post on the board. I'm used to AB, CC, and the SW's. We want a closed session show this time.



Rico Cafe
01-23-04, 20:37
I have a chance to visit Tijuana tonight....how exactly do I navigate the area if I walk across? Where do you park in San Ysidro?
I know it's probably the busiest night but its the only night I have available so i want to make the most of it!
I know there will be a lot of competition for the best senoritas but any tips will be appreciated!
Are there taxis that can just take me to AB and CC?
What about the best massage place?
I appreciate any info and check the mexicali posts to see the kind of info I post there.

01-23-04, 21:03
there are several places to park close to the border - most are easy walking distance to the gate - for simplicity, oyu might want to park in the lot behind Mcdonalds because it's the closest to the exit (RETURN TO US FROM tj - the border crossings are on different sides of I% from each other. It sounds cryptic, but when you see it it will become clear) it's easier to walk sober (but then you wouldn't get drunk and drive, would you) Anyway - follow the crowe from the trolly stop up and over the bridge" and then turn rigt the bottom. gothru the turnstile and "poof" you are in Mexico. Taxis are at the end of the corridor - IF you go as a carload, it's $5 if you go individually it's $5 (share the ride) - oyu COULD walk but I won't bother describing. Adelita's is known by every taxi and tout in TJ so you won't have any trouble finding it

To get to the alley - exiting Adelita's, turn right and go to the corner. turn right and go a block. turn righ and you are in the alley

have fun

Rico Cafe
01-23-04, 23:15
Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to post my experience(s)

01-23-04, 23:27

I can help you out if you like. Check your PM inbox.


Rabo Verde
01-24-04, 00:07
I don`t know much about the street girls, but I have had some nice friendships with the bar girls, and a few have confided in me. Most of the girls at AB and CC are independent, no pimps per se, but of course, some have leech "boyfriends", who are practically pimps.

The bar deal as far as I can tell is each girl has to turn in a number of drink tix per shift or pay a fine. This is why they appreciate it if you buy them a ($7) drink before "going upstairs" The bars make the money on drinks and on room rentals which is why the girls are reluctant to meet you off-premises. They are supposed to take you to the on-premises hotel, which is why the guy at the door with the clipboard checks them in and out. The reason prices are more or less standard is, if a girl starts charging less than the going rate, the other girls gang up on her and tell her to go work the street.

As for the poster who wanted a recommendation of specific SW`s, boy that is difficult. I know some but other than telling you they have brown hair and brown eyes and were using X name last week, I can`t think how to identify them, LOL. I have seen a lot of descriptions here, like "Monica who stands by the bathroom and wears a red dress", but heck that describes half the SW`s in there, LOL. We should chip in and buy them all name tags!

01-24-04, 00:12

Look out, coming down from SF next Wednesday. I'll be the guy drinking Negro Modelo with a shit-eating grin and a hard on.

01-24-04, 13:26
I will be traveling to Tijuana on business the first week or March.
I have not decided whether to stay in San Diego or Tijuana.
Any advice?

The place I am going is on Colinas and in the 22680 zip code.
I have not been there before, and am only providing that info in case it helps someone give me advice.

I definitely want some fun while there, so any advice would be great!

01-24-04, 18:19

there are many places to stay in San Diego that are close to the trolley, which will drop you off right at the border crossing. If you are up for staying in TJ, there were some good recent postings on just that a few days ago.

As far as having fun while there, read this forum. Most everything you will want to know about having fun and being safe in TJ is right here in these more than ten pages of posts. If you need to know anything more specific, just ask.

I don't know of the place or zip code you mentioned, but I do know the best and cheapest way to get around is Taxi libre.

Have fun!


Dirty Sanchez
01-24-04, 23:51
Is anyone familar with a T.J. strip club by the name on the Penthouse? It is located at the top of a highrise building right next to Peanuts & Beer. I hear that they have some of nicest looking girls in T.J. working there. Does anyone have more info. about this place?



The Wizard
01-25-04, 03:21
Headache, sorry to hear about that. I thought the limit you can take out from an ATM was $200 from one account.

Also what ATM did they take you too? When they gave me the "shakedown" they dropped me off at the liquor store(7-11?) across from San Souci or Bambi. Then I had to walk back to them (since they had my wallet and license.)

I've also stopped going to TJ as much since I was robbed. The best Los Angeles prices I can find (price+quality) is $150 at a nearby massage place. Which is what I used to spend in TJ for a fun night

$50-60 for poon
$100 for drinks, hotel, gas, food misc.

My greatest loss was $400 in one scam. Involving several cops.

01-25-04, 05:40
Motel recommendation:

I recently stayed overnight at "La Mansion" with a non-professional chica friend. I was surprised and quite impressed by how nice it was. A huge, very modern room with A/C and heat, jacuzzi, a large bed, two very comfortable chairs, a large TV, etc. It was also very quiet. It is in Zona Rio, about 5 minutes from the border (not sure of exact address, but it is on the other side of the Fiesta hotel, which is on Paseo de los Heroes). It was about $60 for the night (this was a Friday night), which is somewhat more than your average motel on Revolucion ($35-40), but the room and amenities were better than any place I have stayed in Tijuana, which includes the Grand Hotel. There are cheaper non-jacuzzi rooms at La Mansion for I believe $30-40 but I do not know what those are like.

The rooms all have an open garage attached, which leads me to believe that perhaps the building might have originally been contemplated as apartments.

01-25-04, 10:28
So are the rumors true? Country John's wife caught him playing on the side?

01-25-04, 13:04
Is La Mansion this place:
La Mansion del Quetzal - Mexico Honeymoon
2630 Esteban Cantu, Colonia Davila
Tijuana Mexico
01152-66-863351 (p)

01-25-04, 15:57
Headache, I seriously doubt your post. You are trolling in my opinion, especially this being your first post. What was the charge? Also, your description of a back street south of the Hong Kong club and Adelitas makes no sense as well nor do the directions.

Most ATM cards allow a max of $300 or somewhere in that neighborhood to prevent things like this from happening. Your story stinks. Oh, they were nice enough to pay for your parking?

Guys are right. there is no need to ever carry an ATM card into TJ. If you are smart, wear a money belt or other device and carry extra cash in there. You can also stick Viagra and other questionable pills in there as well.

01-25-04, 19:19

ATM maximums are initally $300, but the bank will increase it without your knowledge. Mine started at $300 and is now $700. I found out when my old card expired.

I thought about the validity of that post, but whetther fake or not it does bring up a good point. Leave the ATM's at home.


01-25-04, 19:25
You can set the ATM limit to whatever you want - just tell your bank.

Most banks default it to $200 initially.

I keep mine low $300 so I don't go nuts in a strip joint. Of course if you really want the money just wait till midnight when you can take another $300 out.

Never bring anything to TJ except the cash you are going to spend and your drivers license (to get back into USA).

Even without getting shook down, you could lose it while doing the deed or taking a shower afterwards.

01-25-04, 21:32

I am 99% certain that is the same motel. To find out with 100% certainty, if you call, just ask them if they are located in Zona Rio near the Fiesta Inn. If the answer is yes, that is your 100% confirmation.

Mutha Foo
01-26-04, 01:58

Is it a good idea to make reservations beforehand if you are planning to stay at La Mansion on a Friday night? Also, do you feel okay giving them a credit card number to secure the room?

01-26-04, 03:10
Yeah - that's right!!! Has anyone seen the drunks almost fall into the holes. That would be a "priceless" event.

01-26-04, 07:52
Explorer, who knows where he's talking about? Hong Kong is in the alley and the entrance of Adelitas is on Coahuila. By the way, they are letting traffic through some nights in the alley on the side they are not repairing. It makes it very dangerous as it's easy to get hit with a car or truck sideview mirror or get your foot rolled on by a tire.

I still seriously doubt the guy had a $1,000 limit on his ATM card. I say the post was pure BS but the point is to leave your ATM or credit cards at home or well hidden.

01-26-04, 10:15
Id like to note that in all my years of going to TJ, I have been searched by the TJ police maybe 3 or 4 times total over a 10 year period.
During these searches they took my money, keys and ID out of my pockets, questioned me and each time they gave me back all my money, keys and ID and let me be on my way. Maybe Iím just lucky or thereís allot of BS floating around this board.

01-26-04, 17:02
Explorer - even more than that - the back street NORTH of AB is so bad even he locals don't want to be walking there

ASSUMING the block north of Pollo, it get pretty rough up there in the druggie zone

I've never been searched in 15 years of going to TJ - but I've never looked like I was hunting for drogas either (not to mentoin that I don't look the least bit Hispanic either) BTW - After trips to the local farmacias, the policia don't even look - they figure if it's from a farmacia, it's OK

Mr Speed
01-27-04, 02:53
Well went down there I believe it was last thursday night it was a very slow nigth. Nothing really exciting was goign on . THe Alley where the sw were seems depleted it seems they all went home or something. GUYS IT's pretty much SAFE over there I didn't get robbed or put in a back of a car nor did I see anybody gettimg screwed over. BUt I did ran into GEKKO suprised ALso Met a bunch of other monger from other web site . It's still safe jsut do't run into truble u will still be safe
safe hunting

Late Night
01-27-04, 04:02
Dear gents,

I have been to TJ many many times and this is I think my first post here. I'm hoping to get few answers and share my 2 cents.

I personally, think Chicago is a little calmer club than Adelita. However, Adelita has more inventory and of course more good looking girls.

Here is the big question. I have never had an experience in the TJ massage joints and I was wondering if anyone had and had a good experience. What are some names and of course with large and good inventory??

Anyone checked out Club Amnesia? big ripoff. any good experiences out there from here??

Again, thanks in advance for suggestions on good no rush massage/jacuzzi joints.


Late Night 420!

01-27-04, 04:07

We did not make reservations, as this was a last minute thing caused by my chica friend not wanting to stay at the Grand Hotel (don't ask), where I actually did have reservations. I certainly do recommend making reservations rather than leaving it to chance that there will be a room available when you arrive. This is especially true because one should try to nail down a jacuzzi room, and I don't know how many there are. Can't speak to their reservation policy, though.

If they were to ask for a credit card number, I personally would not have a problem giving it to them. It is a legitimate place. Moreover, while I know credit card scams might exist in some of the rip-off joints on Revolucion, I do not hesitate to use my credit card in Mexico at legitimate establishments. Even if some establishment tried to rip me off by making an unauthorized charge, one can always dispute the charge with the credit card issuer. Unless the establishment is very careful in obtaining your signature showing consent to the exact charge, you would win the dispute and the charge would be disallowed. Actually, this is why some establishments in Mexico actually insist upon making a copy of your driver's license when you use a credit card. They actually are probably at more risk of being ripped off by an unscrupulous foreign customer who disputes a legitimate charge than a customer is of being subjected to a bad charge.

01-27-04, 09:42
tj sucks! in every way. after studying these posts my friend and i decided to fly down for 5 days, last tuesday through saturday. we were sorely disapointed. do you guy's really get your nut off in 20 minutes??? is this possible?
$60 for 20 minutes. and not a second more. $8 lady drinks!! barely livable rooms for $45. all this stuff is cheaper in the states!
had a good time in 2 mp's but that costs an even hunsky for 1 hour.
to top this all off i was put up against a wall by the fuzz and questioned, luckily let go. saw another tourist taken away the same day. we both are in our mid 40's and look nothing like druggies. my friend was thrown up against the cop car the next night after leaving a mp up around calle 5 or 6 and constitucion. the cops took everything out of his wallet, q'ed him and were giving him the shake down when the owner of the massage parlor came out to rescue him. after he talked to the cops they let my friend go. when he checked his money afterwards there was $100 missing!! he also looks in no way like a druggy nor does he use them. cops in riot gear hanging out of van doors was a common sight driving the streets. i really don't understand it. it made us not even want to go out for fear of the gustoppo.
i'm left believing the wisdom of a regular poster on the tj board who said he no longer go's to tj. girls are cheaper in san diego and there are no hassles. you young bucks that can miraculously walk to the room, pay the door man, get undressed, and doink the girl all in under 20 minutes can have that s..t.
on a positive note i do have to say that i don't believe i have ever seen a finer collection of girls the world over as i saw at adilita's. :) i love big hooters and they all seemed to have them.
we ended up going south to rosilito for the last two days where we had a truely fine room for $30 " villa de lis". bought some fishing gear and fished off the pier (caught two).
and will leave off with a humorous note. my friend and i were walking down the street after leaving a massage parlor and he had to take a leak. luckily we were just passing a gas station so he ducked into the mens room. as i stood outside waiting i heard a very angry shout and cussing from inside the mens room. running inside to help my friend who i thought was being mugged or something i found him standing in front of the urinal still cussing. i asked what was the matter. he say's look at this! look at this!! i peered around front of him and saw the funniest thing i have seen in my life. he had forgotten to take off the rubber after the mp and had filled up the rubber with [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)! oh my god1 when he tried to take it off (full now) it squirted out all over his hands and clothes! that's when the real cussing started.

01-27-04, 10:40
Hi Guys,

First time posting on this thread. I appreciate all the informative posts. I will be heading to TJ for the first time this Thursday to checkout ABís. I have mongered for the past couple of years in South America, mainly Peru. Iím looking forward to comparing the talent at ABís to other places Iíve visited.

I have a question. Since partying all night at ABís is not financially prudent, my friends and I would like to go to a good dance club. A club where one could meet some hot latinas (semi-pros and off duty strippers). Does such a place exist in TJ?

Anyone who would like to hangout with us and chase puss, send me a private message.

Thanks for the help.



Mr Speed
01-27-04, 13:09
WAnderluct that is some funny sh#@$t
Wonder where did you walk to when u had the shake down ?

01-27-04, 17:22

i'm laughing WITH you and not AT you! That is hilarious! Not to make light of your situation, but, you have to admit, it's one of things that you look back and say, "Holy Frijole! How'd I make it through that?"

On a serious note, you've learned what I've told people for years: TJ is a sketchy town - get in, get out, and get on!


PS--Being white, 40s, and NOT an obvious druggie makes you MORE of a target for TJ cops...they KNOW you're American and they're guessing you've got money. ALWAYS go low profile and try to blend into the crowd as much as possible.

CC Train
01-27-04, 23:26
Wander, I will agree with you on the thing about getting your nuts off in 20mins. I don't see how can some of these guys get a street girl and blow their nuts in like 10-20mins.

I finally did get a street girl and although she's a pretty girl, after she took off her clothes, I was not at all turn on so I just gave her the $25 and went on my way.

Even the very attractive girls, sometimes it takes more than 20mins to POP.

01-28-04, 00:52
i was shook at the top of the hill on the corner of constitucion. my friend was shook and "relieved of $" by the cops in front of a massage parlor near calle 5? and constitucion about 9pm. some very fine girls there by the way.

that is some fine advice. although i don't intend on returning to try it out. i'll have to be content with the lesser buxomed girls of thailand! woa is me.

you really had to be there to fully appreciate how funny that was. i was in literal tears. a true classic moment. :) i still bust a gut 1 week later. he musta had a half quart in that thing.

ChiMan II
01-28-04, 01:17

You went to TJ at the worst possible time.I also learned the hard way. There are very few nice looking street walker now because of some big clean up. The cops are everywhere. The girls used to ask for only $20 now they are asking for more. But you can easly negociate this down to $20. Make sure you agree before hand exactly what you want before hand. The girls will add on all kind of extras like taking their top off or other positions. I am going to wait 2 months before going again. I want all the bs to cool down. Any american that dresses like they have alot of money in that poor town deserves to be robbed. I do love TJ and latin woman. I can not wait until my next time there. I do think that now is not the time to go. I do not speak spanish and when the locals tried to tell me what the police were up too I did not fully understand. Anybody with more info would be appriciated.

01-28-04, 01:38
Police Searches:

Perhaps we all should read TIJUANA GUIDE BY BROCTON O'TOLLE, a comprehensive guide with all THE abc's you need to know to Monger safely in the Zona Norte. The guide points out that Mexican Law permits random searches even of patrons in bars. Be sure to carry ID and if you have a weapon and narcotics on you, you will be fucked. The law was not intended for you to be fleeced of your money. Keep a law profile while in TJ and avoid interacting with the Policia if you can!

01-28-04, 03:21
For non-working chicas in TJ, go to the Pulgas disco on Revolucion.

01-28-04, 04:54
This was my second trip to TJ. I went with my friend Sunday Night, we arrived at the border parked near the US costumes before the 5 North entrance, we got a taxi to Chicago :) the driver wanted to take us around to show us better bars, I said gracias amigo last time that toor costed us $20. So we paid $5 Chicago was almost dead at 10, we had a bear and Julia aproched us and asked us to go upstairs, she asked $60 for 1/2 and 1/2, so I said cinquenta $50 she said ok, she is 27, 5.4, 130 pounds .
Service was ok no Kissing and no BBBJ, had a great time will visit again :)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the extra spaces before commas. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not add a blank space between the end of a phrase and the comma. Thanks!

1. There is ALWAYS a single period at the end of a sentence.
2. There is ALWAYS a space after a comma or a period.
3. There is NEVER a space before a comma or a period.

Rico Cafe
01-28-04, 19:10
I checked into the street scene last Friday night in TJ and it has quite a few providers.
The alley is full of girls of all sizes shapes and looks. However I did get the impression that these are similar to the street girls in Mexicali, bangy bangy f**ky, f**ky for 20 minutes for $20-25 plus extra up to about $50 plus room charge if you want all the clothes off, bj and positions.

Of course Friday is a busy night with a lot of customers out which means the more customers a girl can turn over the more money she makes. A Tuesday night may be a completely different story...like 5 more minutes LOL!!

For me this just isn't that much fun although I have at times indulged just because I needed it.

The rooms are pretty seedy off of the alley but then thatís a whole other issue.

I also checked into Adelita and Chicago Club, AB was very crowded , nuts to butts and standing room onlyÖbut there were some very hot looking babes there. I selected a Paris Hilton look a like who rushed me upstairs and then proceeded to give me a 1 minute cbj and then want me to hop on and ejac as quickly as possible. She kept on saying come on come onÖI hate that. I turned her over for a doggy style and pounded a bit while she continued to tell me to hurry up. I then turned her back over just to get it over with but she was holding my unit down there as if it were in her but actually it wasnítÖsince I had only had two beers I certainly could tell the difference and I told her so. This pissed me off a little so I then took matters into my own hands, held her hands down over her head and them just drilled her goodÖI got off but I donít think I will ever do TJ on a weekend night again and never agin with herÖalthough I think she kinda liked that I took over and just f**ked her until the door knock. But thatís not really my style, I much prefer for the girl to at least act like she is enjoying me not like she is doing something she doesnít want to do.

Thanks to Roddd for meeting me and showing me the ropes.

Foe a better experience I personally recommend Mexicali to all of you.

In Mexicali the girls hang out in the Zona Central in the doorways and lobbies of cheap hotels and offer 30 minutes of the same as above. I have had a couple of GFE but not usually. I guess it just depends on the girl. There is girl named Miriam who does an excellent job at the Septiembre de 16 hotel but I havenít seen her there since before new years eve.

I have found that the best time to be had is to connect with a Meau Meau girl and pay her $100-150 for an hour at the Reforma Hotel after a tequila or two. With this you can get stripper quality girl for a GFE with French kissing, 69er, cbj and sometimes bbbj and 2-3 ejacs...in other words with the right selection you can have a girlfriend-like

My personal recommendation at the moment is a girl named Amy at Meau Meau who looks like Shakira and is absolutely wonderful, but she is only there until about February 10 and then she will be off on the circuit to another town.

The other option for about $75 total is the Bar San Diego where you go in have a beer select the girl of your choice (quality varies from 5-8 (like Claudia) with the occasional 9-10 (like Carolina) and take her back to a room on the premises for 30 minutes of usually pretty good sex with a girl that you like the looks of.

01-28-04, 21:39
Wanderlust, I'm sorry you had a bad experience in TJ. I tried to warn people about those SG's the time limit is usually 15 minutes one position, straight sex, stare at the ceiling . You have to negotiate if you want anything else. Since the holidays are over, you are right about Adelita's that place is looking good, with 6-9 rated girls, packing the place. I usually skip this place because you can sometimes get the experience that Rio Cafe did, but he handled it right, just hold her down, and show her who's boss. In Mexico, it's common in this macho society to abuse women, and get away with it. I'm not advocating beating the girl, because that is wrong, and you'll get your ass throwed in jail. But, by being assertive you might remind her of her father, and she might comply, in Mexico, girls don't talk back to their fathers.

Anyway, next time I go to TJ, Im going to AB's again, I already have my girl picked out, she is about 5'7' 115, 38, 23, 36, long darkhair, about 20yrs, nice face.

If you think that was bad up the hill at Constitution and 1st, keep going two blocks to the east next time, beware.

01-30-04, 09:14

Had a great time showing a friend the ropes of TJ. Also took my first trip down the alley. I have to say, I was surprised by the quality of SG's, I really had expected worse. Enjoyed the company of a couple of girls over the course of the evening. Total cost was $50. Purely mechanical sex, of course what do we expect for that price.

Also I had a question about the Hong Kong club. What time of the night is the best time to catch the Lesbian Show. I walked in a couple times throughout the evening and really didn't see anything special. I had looked forward to checking the place out since it usually gets such good reviews here.

Thanks in advance and happy hunting.

01-30-04, 13:00
Rico Cafe, is Carolina still at The Bar San Diego in Mexicali? What's the story on her? What's she charge and what does she do in the session? I assume she is or was extremely popular since her pics are around the Net.

Poon Searcher
01-30-04, 14:53

After reading this topic from top to bottom I decided to make my pilgrimage to TJ on Wednesday.Got up at 11:00 am,called in sick,and went to the ATM and got $500 . Left L.A. around 1:00 pm and got to Adelita at around 3:30 pm . Went in and scanned the place,walked around then decided to sit at the table for a beer. The place was half packed with about 25 girls. About 3 were up to my tastes but I just left it and that. About 1 1/2 hours later,I picked the one that I liked and asked the waiter to ask her to come over.Bought her a drink(Jack and Coke) for $13+1$ tip, ***** sure know how to spend my money.lol . Took her up to the room,second disappointment . She had a tatoo(I'm not into that) below her belly button and something like a scar that ran across her bladder which she later told me that it was from a surgery for child birth.She looked really hot when she had her clothes on but when they were off she was a big dissapointment.

Went back to Adelita and had another beer for about half hour and off to Chicago . Pretty much empty. Had a beer, then left.

Went to the alley to check it out the scene and noticed a good looking SG and we agreed for everything for $25 including the room. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.

Next was HK, went in had a beer. Nothing in there caught my eye so I left over to Miami. Dead at around 7:30 pm. Walk over to Las Chevales. Same thing.

Back to Chicago. This time there was a few people in there. Grabbed a beer and watched this girl danced. Petite around 5'4",110 pounds,black hair. Took her upstairs and it was good.

After that,I was a hungry and stopped by the taco place next to Chicago. I don't remember if I was too hungry or because of the beer but those tacos were good.

Then off to the bar across from the pharmacy. Nothing much in there so decided to check out the message place behind it. Went in and sat on that leather sofa. It was soft and nice. The place looked very clean and very professional. About 10 ladies came out and introduced themselves. I left after that. They were around 3s-6s. Most were chubbies.Nothing worth mentioning.

Cruised down that street again toward Adelita and back to HK . And this was around 10:00 pm.Got a beer and one the girls caught my attention. Imitation blonde with secretary glasses,and tall (around 5'10" without those pumps they make them wear at HK). God ,I never knew they make heels that high.:) She looks like that chick from that sit-com "Third Rock". She probably has the nicest skin in that area. Couldn't find any imperfections.In the sack,she was alright.

After that ,I decided to check out some of the bars across the street from Adelita. Most of them were pretty dark so you can't see much of the girls or how exactly they look so I left.

Back to Adelita,more beers and this time the place was packed.Lots of chicks there. Saw a gorgous one and stood around to check her out. For the duration that I was there I saw her went upstairs 3 times within an hour. I decieded to pass for the fear of not knowing if she showered after each of the last 3 guys and god knows how many more before I got there. I rather not see that before I dive in.

It's getting toward 1:00 am so I strolled back over to HK . Got more beers and sat down to watch the girls dance. This time the place was really hopping but not as crowded as Adelita.Watched this one particular girl danced that I passed up earlier because she was sitting in a dark corner. Now,there's some light. She doesn't look bad at all. She doesn't have huge knockers but she has a decent face and body and absolutely smells wonderful from head to toe. Maybe a 7 or 8.Bought her a couple of drinks(no she didn't order the expensive stuffs like the first one I encountered at AD). Took her upstairs and it turned out that not only she smells wonderful but she was also great in bed. We showered afterward. Will go back for her again on my next trip.

Now it's 4:00 am. Time to head back to the land of "freedom and democracy". All in all, I think TJ is a safe place to hang out. I walked all over the 3 blocks surrounding Adelita. Always scan your surroundings. Be aware of who is in back of you while you're walking. If somebody is too close to you while you're walking, move faster or slow down so that person can pass you. But don't let your eyes off of that person while passing you. Keep your hands out of your pockets while walking just in case you need to make a quick reaction.

Twelve hours of fun, 15 beers, 5 ladies, 6 tacos, and out $450. I left TJ a happy man. Might go back next week. Thanks to all the posters for all the great suggestions and advices which prompted a TJ rookie like me to go.

Thanks again!

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1. There is ALWAYS a single period at the end of a sentence.
2. There is ALWAYS a space after a comma or a period.
3. There is NEVER a space before a comma or a period.

Late Night
01-31-04, 03:54
Dear fellow Tijuana lovers,

I will be going to TJ this Tuesday during the day and want to have someone help me with some translations por favor.

"I know the prices, I'm just looking for a girlfirend kind of time"
"I want BJ without a condom including licking my balls"
"anal/backdoor/upstairs" whichever sounds nice for the chicas.

Thank you in advance.

01-31-04, 05:41

Good report. For all you lurkers out there who have never been to TJ, read this report again. This is exactly more the rule rather than the exception of what you'll encounter on a typical TJ excursion: Lots of available chicas, a few 8's and 9's to keep your attention, good brew, good times, lots of loud music, and a minimum of hassles (police searches, etc). In fact if you're really paranoid, always travel in numbers and never leave the confines of Adelitas or Chicago Club.

01-31-04, 08:38
The lesbo act in Hong Kong runs about 11pm and 1am. Get there a little early and sit at the bar towards the right side. While you're waiting you can give your dollars to the girls dancing on the bar. Put the bill in your mouth, bend backwards so your head rests on the bar, then enjoy as the girl sits on your face for the bill. When the show starts, stay where you're at and turn around to watch. However, if you want to get in on the act, by all means proceed up to the runway taking your shirt off. If they like you, they'll pull you up with them. They will try to take your clothes off and it's up to you how much you want to take off. I've seen guys take everything off. Not a pretty sight and all toasted. For $5 you can get a polaroid shot of you and the girls. While all that is going on, they also video it to show it on the TVs in the room for everyone to see. When the girls come on they're lookin' about 7 to 8. By the time they're getting heavily into the act, both are lookin' like 10s. The transformation is incredible, or I've had a couple more cervesas through the show. This is the best show in town, and it's FREE!

Phil #1
01-31-04, 20:05
Got all excited about reading Rico's post mentioning the Bar San Diego having little rooms right in the back. No having to go to outside to some other place for a room. Always wanted to do it in the bar even if in the back. Couldn't find it elsewhere on the net and I didn't have time to ask the forum for the street location because it would take a couple days to see my inquiry. Haven't applied for senior memership yet.

So, really eager, I went to TJ last night, Friday 1/29 and asked all around, Revolucion and La Zona Norte, taxi drivers, bar employees and even a couple beer delivery drivers for the where the Bar San Diego is. They never heard of it. Just the Hotel San Diego which has no bar. So I went to AB and had one chica (see below). Then I went home to SD and reread Rico's post - the Bar San Diego is in Mexicali. Didn't notice it at first, I saw the bar mentioned at the bottom of the post, had to laugh at myself.

At AB last night, what a gorgeous Mex brunette, Malena, around 20. Average height, thin but not rail thin, bare tummy outfit, not large breasts but shaped nice. Decent English too. She acted kind of wild upstairs in the hotel, saying 'f... me' a lot. It may sound a bit crude describing it like that, but that's the best way I can tell it. And I rarely hear a chica say that repeatedly and it was a turn on. There was some GFE, and a good lay. Didn't even ask me for money up front or at all. I finally gave her the $60 after half my clothes were back on & she didn't ask for a tip.

02-01-04, 06:26
I'm gonna be in the Zona on Tuesday and Wednesday (January 3 and 4) with some buddies celebrating the Patriots win(hopefully). If anybody wants to have a beer or two then PM me.

Sam Miami
02-01-04, 14:57
I had the great good fortune of living within driving distance of TJ for a few months. I can't begin to express how much I miss not only Adelitas (que marvela!!) but the whole streetwalker scene there. Is there ANYPLACE in Mexico or elsewhere (short of Amsterdam or Thailand) that is anything like TJ? Juarez isn't even a dim second.

02-01-04, 20:01
First time post here, filing my good news report from AB.

Saturday, Jan 31. Left my house at 11:45 AM and was crossing the gate at noon, hopped a cab and was at AB by 12:20. I knew from a few previous trips that Sat noon trips can be hit or miss, this one turned out to be a big hit.

The chicas outnumbered the men 2 to 1. Went in the door, took a left and went up to the bar and ordered a XX. Before I even got my beer in my hand, a beautiful 8+ chica was on the stool next to me wanting a drink. After talking to her about 30 seconds, I passed on her, but another was quickly in her place, on her too, I quickly passed. Both seemed to pushy and in a hurry, and I new I had the numbers in my favor today.

I looked down towards the mens room and spotted a beautiful chica looking like she was trying to blend in. She looked at me and I nodded at her and over she came. She slid onto the stool and shyly said 'hi, my name is Maria." I intruduced my self and launched into some small talk. She said she was up for a few weeks from MC. She was hot, had a great chest and a nice, round butt. She asked me if I wanted to up and I said yes and offered 50 and she agreed. Less than 5 mins after sitting down, I was off with a hottie and only drank half my beer.

When we got to the room, she went to the mirror and quickly touched up her make up, as I sat on the bed and removed my shoes. She came over, stood right in front of me and undressed doing a quick little strip show. Nice, natural rack and a tremendous, round ass which I loved, probably the best ass I'd ever seen on a chica. She then undressed me and led me down on my back onto the bed

She quickly covered me then gave a great bj, then climbed on top, cowgirl. She rode for awile, excellent technique and rhythm, then slid off and offered herself doggie. The view was incredible. After a good 5 mins, we switched to missionary and we banged hard. I slowed up as I was nearing the pop, she asked me if I liked her, and I said yes, very much, ecpecially her ass. She said "Oh really?", then pushed me off, put me on my back, and the proceeded to climb back on reverse cowgirl and put a show on for me. It was too much for me and I popped in about 2 mins.

She climbed off and layed next to me for a few mins, rubbing my chest, the the knock came. She kissed me on the cheek, got up, we cleaned up, and got dressed. We settled on 50 at the bar, but this was the best experience ever had, and I noticed it went 40 mins, so I gave he 70 and she thanked me and kissed me. We talked on the way down and I found out she is heading back to MC on Feb 9, So I will definately be back next saturday to hook up with her again.

I have found my experiences on saturday noontime to be the best times I have had. The girls are fresh and business is slow so they seem to go the extra mile. Plus the border wait coming back is usually only 5 mins or so. I am usually down, done the deed, and back home in under 2 hours. Anyone else interested in weekend day trips, let me know.

Lee Bog
02-01-04, 20:58

If a policeman complains about getting $300/mo., how about a worker who assembles stereo equipment during the night shift at $60/week? That's about $240/mo. A local I talked to was getting that.

Were wages always like this, or did they only get bad recently?

02-02-04, 06:01
I see Mr O'Toole has updated his classic report. I want to say thanks again to you, Mr O'Toole. The "old" days of picking thru the alt group are long, long, gone and hard to even imagine now. Your report was an instant classic, and has been an internet legend. Very cool.

02-02-04, 07:38
Been a while since I posted here because It's been a while since I've been to TJ.

Made a bombing run Saturday with some friends and had a great time.

Interesting stuff:

* The place has changed a lot since I was there nearly 9 months ago. I don't like the new median and the fact that the taco stand was moved away from Adelitas. The place seems less seedy and that kind of takes away from the experience somehow.

* Two girls with whom I previously had bad experiences have obviously suffered due to their bad service. One, a Beautiful Chicago Club Beeatch whom I posted about was seen in Adelitas and I never saw anyone take her upstairs. The other, a girl who just laid there, refused to do bj, etc. was seen back in the alley. Shows that service counts :)

* Had one street girl in the alley start bargaining at $20 for "sucky/fucky" and then ask 'How much?' as I kept walking. I wonder how much I could have talked her down to?

* Most of the girls wouldn't budge off of the $60 range, but my friend did get one girl at Chicago Club to offer $40 earlier in the day.

* Maravilla: Sexy, 20yo Adelita with tight, soft skin, natural (if a bit saggy) b-cups. I saw her as she entered the place, her figure stood out in relief against the backlight of the outside. She was wearing white jeans and a white bikini top with a red hearts. I immediately summoned her to our table and chatted (tried to chat) a bit. She speaks virtually no English, so I beleive her that she's only been here a little while. Her service wasn't rushed, but the session wasn't great because she was a little hesitant, and the lack of English made it difficult to explain what I wanted. Still, a good fantasy fuck and she's got a really sweet smile.

* Laura: 22yo Chicago Club'a with black hair and nice, supple a cups. Caught her attention as she wandered past our table. She sat down and I bought her a drink. I was pretty tired as we had been there for a while, so I really didn't think I'd end up taking her to the hotel, but she gave me a hand job through my pants while I played with her tits and pussy (through her underwear) and got me hard; up to the room... Like Maravilla, she didn't rush me, but she was definitely business like. She is a trooper though, I banged her doggy for quite a while and she never asked 'done yet?'

* I ate way too many bacon-wrapped hot dogs and tacos :) I think I'll start a bacon wrapped hot dog stand stateside because those are so fucking good :D

I have some pics of the zona, but won't bother posting them as they are just club exteriors and a pic of the Taco stand where the bandito overcharged for tacos :). If someone wants to see, pm me and I'll send them to you.

Rico Cafe
02-02-04, 17:43
Phil T...
Sorry to confuse you with the Bar San Diego reference. It is in Mexicali which is my usual stomping ground.
I recommend Mexicali for a visit...it's a totally different atmosphere from TJ.
Mexicali is more laid back but still offers the same quality of beautiful women. Not as many as TJ's zona but then again there are a lot less customers as well.

Mutha Foo
02-03-04, 02:24
Has anyone tried Rosa at Adelitas. She is usually there on Thursday nights. Saw her but I was busy with another girl. PM me if any of ya mongers got some 411 on her. TIA.


02-03-04, 05:08
Rico Cafe,

Tell me more about Mexicali. How far from TJ? What are the best clubs to go to. How much for the chicas? do you drive or take a taxi from tj to get there?

02-03-04, 06:31
Mr. Flapjack:

For answers to your questions, please check out the Mexicali section of this BBS.

Rico Cafe
02-03-04, 17:19
Check out my postings in the Mexicali section of the forum.
All of the information is up to date and I will continue to do my best to keep it current.
What a sacrifice! LOL!

02-06-04, 06:55

Your report sounds amazingly similar to an earlier report on the same subject, except that the location of your encounter has been amended to take account of the construction in the Alley, and now your ATM limit is mentioned for the first time (these were both issues in the earlier post on this subject).

Late Night
02-06-04, 07:36
Ok guys, here is my report for Tuesday.

Took off from work and just decided to relax and enjoy the day. Went to the ATM, took out some money and jumped on the 405 Freeway from Los Angeles.

Got there in less than 2 hours, I think most people on the freeway knew I was in hurry for something important. Got to the border around 2:30 pm. Drove with my car to my favorite/safe lot and parked my car.

While I have been to TJ many many times on busy nights like Saturday or Friday nights, I thought I would have a better time during the weekday and during the day.

Visisted Mexico Lindo, and there was no action. Took the cab (of course, Libre) to the Zona. Visited Chicago around 3:00pm and there was maybe two or three girls with maybe couple of customers. Went to Adelita and I was shocked by the amount of girls during the time. Now here is the interesting part, most girls were trying to find customers. Unlike the busy fast Saturday nights where the girls have many customers to choose from. It was total opposite. There were many times that I had to turn down girls' offers and I could see that most of them were trying to catch my attention. I loved it!

Went to the alley and saw a cute girl. Price $20 for the chica and $5 for the room. The price was very good so I got my feet wet with. I negotiated a CBJ with the price.

Went back to Adelita and found the special girl. She came up to me and said "you want to go upstairs?" Then I replied "30 minutes is not really my thing". She countered with 60 minutes while the price was not mentioned. I told her I like to spend more than 1 hour with her and she said it would be a little extra than regular $60. Her price for 1 hour was $80! Vamanos to the room.

Went upstairs and paid for 1 hour. Took a room all the way in the back so those hombres would leave us alone. Asked here if she was fan of 420 and she said that she was dying to smoke some. Rolled her a fat joint and smoked it together while we got ready to get down.

Started the finnest BBBJ I have seen in a long time. Sucked about 15 minutes and asked if I was ready to go inside. "you are clean, I want you without a condom!" Then I said "Mija, lets play it safe!"

So went on for 30 minutes or so in almost every position you can think of. Busted a huge load, then after maybe a minute she said "its my turn to come!". Started the BBBJ again for another 15 minutes and then another condom and another 30 minutes of pure harcore sex. Total GFE, kissing on the lips(she wanted French, but I just stayed on lips).

After the hour, the famous knock came and the girl told the guy to get lost. Smoked the remaining joint, then started on another round of fuck with legendary BBBJ. Ended up coming in her mouth while she kept on going and squeezing out every drop of pleasure.

I spent maybe 3 hours with this girl ($85 for the chica, and $23 for the room, and $3 for the guy cleaning the room).

Took a shower, smoked another joint and called it quits and went downstairs with her. She gave me her phone number and said I can see her anytime in or outside her work.

Feeling like superman, I walked around for few minutes and went back to Chicago. It was pretty dead so I went back to Adelita. The girl that I spent 3 hours went and told all her friends about our session, so almost every girl in the club was trying to convince me to go upsatirs with her.

A beautiful girl passed by me and introduced hereself to me. "Want to go upsatirs?" I said "nah, I can't anymore!"

She said "why can't you?" I said "Too many chicas, no more juice!"

she replied "perhaps if I go get my friend and have a 3some?"

"um. I'll think about it!"

I think you guys got my point. If you want real sex and real GFE go during the weekdays.

Good luck all!


02-06-04, 10:09
Explorer, you are right. There are many trolls around these type of adult websites. Sometimes it's hard to tell the truth from the BS.

Mr Speed
02-06-04, 13:47
I'm young and dress ok . I been there since leagal to drive. I always go tehre with a buddy Or GEKKO . HAve yet to see any prob or any hassel by the police. SO ... dunno I might have good luck. Jsut don;t screw up down there and you will be safe

Happy hunting

02-06-04, 17:13
The zone was the same last night, except the alley is fixed, but contruction has started on Ninos Heros. Last night would have been a good AB night, but I already had the room at Casacadas. I grabbed this really short sg that I've always wanted. She stands near cascadas with nice tits and a pretty face. I just wanted to bang her hard and suck her tits. Well, she started bleeding after 1 minute of pumping and that was it. I opted for head, but she was terrible so I sent her on her way. When I went outside she was gone, but she was back 2 hours later - yuck. I will do her again but maybe not so hard!

None of my favorites were out, so I just grabbed tacos and beer at El toro. The pork tacos are 2 for 1, but the beer was Tecate in a can which I don't like. I usually get the plate of tacos and take them into a 2x1 beer place for Pacifico or Modelo Negro.

I'm avoiding the hustlers like the plague since Double's report. I take down $200, I will leave $$ hidden in room and oly carry $20 on the street. NO ATM crosses the border.


02-06-04, 20:53
Hello Faggs,

I just got back from my trip to Colombia. It was great. I wanted to see if anything new was up in TJ where, I plan on hangging out this weekend. All I've read since I got back was the same crap about cops and other meaningless garbage. Please focus on the ladies!!! The rest of the crap you guys keep yapping about is starting to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) me off (and it's old news).

Thus, if you guys have any updates on the gals and the places please, post something on that. A friend told me that the gov shut down several of the massage parlors in TJ, does anyone know if this is true? Please FOCUS on the GALS!


I Luv Emall
02-06-04, 20:54
Not sure whether to put this here, or under the AB forum, so I'll post both places in hopes it's appreciated.

Tijuana Adelitas Bar (AB) Trip Report Feb. 3, 2004

Traveled out to San Diego on business, and having finished up early in the afternoon, decided to head down to TJ to take care of some more exciting business. This was my first trip to Tijuana, but thanks to the TJ board (you guys are great!), I already had a leg up on what to expect and how to handle myself. I headed out about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, parked just before the border, walked across, and took a cab to Adelitas ($5), and was there by 3:00. As forewarned, the cabbie tried to tell me about a massage place he had heard about, but I told him thanks but no thanks. As I stepped out of the cab, a street girl tried to proposition me, but was hustled away by the door man and some others. Went to the bar, ordered a beer for $2.75, and sat down with a view of hottie central, as recommended. For a weekday afternoon, I was very surprised at the selection of beauties, as I had read that the selection would not be very good. Well, my eyes were popping at all the gorgeous faces and bodies. It was probably about even girls to guys, and this seems to me to be a pretty nice ratio for this business to me, as it's not too crowded, but just enough to keep it lively.

For someone who has never experienced this, let me say that this is the way it should be. I think the setup at AB offers a near ideal solution, especially for the beginner types like me. No worries about being ripped off or mugged, or paranoid about cops, or having to sneak around. Everything is up front and open. The girls take turns stripping in the center stage, so you can have a good look without the clothes. What's great is that you can have a drink, window shop for the girl you fancy from Playboy type beauties, and if you can get past the language barrier, you can talk with them and try them on for size before taking them upstairs to a room for a reasonable price. If you like, you can buy them a drink for $7, but you're not obligated. If they seem in a hurry and want to hustle you for a drink immediately, I wouldn't waste much time on them. No real pressure to buy drinks for yourself or the girls, and a bar-like pickup approach for the girls themselves, except of course they want money, and not just a good time.

After 5 minutes in the bar, I was approached by a tall, lovely, dark brunette named Fernanda. Beautiful face and a nice body to boot, so I was quickly talked into going upstairs with her (mistake! I recommend browsing for at least an hour first to observe the girls and how they act. Take note of how often they go in and out with customers). She wanted $60, but we settled on $50. We went outside and up the stairs, where I paid $11 for the room. The room was not the Ritz, but I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and overall decent appearance. Fernanda asked for the money as soon as we got in the room, and not knowing if this was usual or not, I didn't haggle about it and paid her. Do you guys normally pay before or after? I'm never sure about this in the US either, though my experience says if they insist on the money up front, look out! She started with a half-ass CBJ, then immediately applied lube and gave a hand job before moving to missionary. I didn't appreciate the rush too much, but I took her cue and obliged as she rared her legs back over her head. As I slammed her, she kept saying "Fuck me", which combined with her looks and previously somewhat reserved demeanor, was a turn on, as it gave her a sort of "saintly housewife, but **** in bed" aura. After some time of this, she began to rush a little and try to get me to cum, but I pulled off and turned her over and finished her off doggie style. Afterwards, she gave me a hug and said she hoped to see me again, but then hustled out of the room while I was still cleaning up. To be quite honest, outside her looks, she wasn't very memorable, and I would not repeat or recommend her, unless you just want a good looking fuck. Even then, the same quality can be found with a much more pleasing attitude if you're patient and observe. Tipped a buck to the room cleaners on the way out.

After heading back downstairs, I decided I would check out the Chicago Bar, so I headed across the street. The place was completely devoid of customers, with 3 or 4 girls at the bar vying for my business. The girls there were not bad, but didn't compare to the selection at AB. I probably could have negotiated a good price there, but having just finished the last session, I wanted some time to knock back a few without being pressured. I walked out and noticed some not so prime girls standing on the street corner, but didn't feel comfortable discussing with them in the open there. I walked down the street from Chicago's, away from AB, to see if any other action was to be found. I never found the famous "alley" with the selection of street girls that I read about, but I didn't waste much time, as I just loved the setup at AB anyway, and it seems much safer for just a little more $. After this, I headed back into AB, and sat at the bar and observed while I had a couple more beers. Saw one bronze-skinned, orange-haired blonde stripping on stage, that looked like she was having fun and would be a lot of fun, so kept my eye on her. Meanwhile, noticed another blonde, fair-skinned with huge, firm melons (had to be fake), and tried to catch her eye to talk. She gave off a very snotty air, and I never saw her make eye contact with anyone, even though she walked past the bar several times. Decided she wouldn't be much fun, and then noticed the orange-haired blonde was finished stripping and was now working the bar. She was all in some guys lap, and appeared very friendly. She noticed me looking and gave me a killer smile, and I responded. A few minutes later she came over to me, stuck her tongue in my ear, and we chatted a bit. She said her name was Andrea, and wanted me to take her upstairs. After talking with her a bit, I told her I would be interested later, but needed some time first, and she went on her way.

Meantime, I noticed the Barbie type blonde was on stage, and let me tell you, this girl was smoking. She put on a pretty good show, and with some tipping, rubbed those luscious boobs in a few faces. One small, young Asian-looking guy jumped back when she threw her tits at him, and it was hilarious, as it looked like something you see in the movies where the inexperienced virgin is scared off by the town ****. After her work on stage, she had me reconsidering trying to hook up with her. Meanwhile, I spotted a young, dark beauty in the back, and caught her eye. She motioned me over, but I didn't want to give up my bar seat, so I waved her to the bar. She came over, and I bought her a drink as we talked (the girls collect tickets for their drinks, and cash them in at the end of the day). She was a beautiful young thing, and said she was 22 years old. She had braces, and nice tits that didn't look real to me (she said they were, but I didn't believe it). Her name was Alejandra. We made some small talk, and as she propositioned me, I cupped her tits and confirmed my suspicions. She wanted $60, and I was tempted, but countered her offer. She acted insulted, and said "No, $60 for me", and so I said "Adios".

Andrea then made her way back over to me, and after some more talk, we went upstairs for a negotiated $50. Same procedure where I paid $11, and they gave her the handbag containing her stuff. We got to the room, and she smiled as she undressed and revealed her large natural breasts and shapely J-Lo type ass. Nice, healthy girl, but not at all overweight. She had a tatoo of some kind on her back, just above her butt crack. She had me lay back, and she began a long, slow, very sexy, CBJ. Little Joe very much appreciated her skill level at this, and began to show it soon enough by morphing into Big Joe. At this point, she climbed on top and rode me cowgirl for a while. After she began to tire, she suggested doggie, and I obliged, alternating between jack hammer and oil rig rhythms to keep from cumming too soon. The beds have small mirrors on them, so I was able to watch her face and tits sway as I nailed her. She kept moaning sexily, and after working up a lather, I pushed her down flat on the bed with her legs together and me straddling them. This gave me a great view of her ass bouncing, and she arched her back so that I could still see her tits and face in the mirror. Now she really began to squeeze my dick tight with her pussy, and I could hold out no longer and exploded as she softly asked me "You come?" She asked not in a hurrying manner, but in a way to be sure that I was satisfied. A much better experience than Fernanda, and I can highly recommend her. It seems the ones that look like they are having the most fun, really are the most fun! After my experience in TJ, I looked back through the boards to try and match names with the girls I met and see what their reviews were like. Seems I may have missed out on Alejandra, as she had some good reviews. Andrea looks just like one of the girls posted in the TJ photo gallery board, and I'm guessing she is one and the same, although I'm surprised they work in the same place for that many months. I would point out exactly which picture, but I'm not sure if that's cool to do or not (you guys can let me know).

I'm not quite over the hill yet (40 this year!), and I've never really seen the need for the Viagra stuff, but I tell ya boys, if I had some then or knew how to get it, I would have taken it for the first time just so I could have another go with another of those beauties (or maybe Andrea again!). I'll have to figure that out for my next trip there. I'll be back in San Diego on business in a couple of weeks, and plan to do my best to work in another TJ run then. If I can, I'll try to post ahead and see if anyone is interested in meeting up for a trip. For a guy like me that's limited on time, but doesn't want to pay full US prices, this setup is just about as perfect as it gets (only thing better would be if it were in the States-course then you wouldn't get all the Mexican beauties). You can find the quality of escorts, near the prices of SW, but without the ripoffs. Heaven!

Thanks to everybody for their helpful input here,

i Luv Emall

02-07-04, 08:32
I'm new to this forum and I've only been to TJ once, some time last year. Since I don't parlay the lingo, my paranoia was high. I wanted to dress down and not look like a target, but not look like such a scrub that I would get barred from the clubs or scare away the working girls. I did this by wearing a button-down shirt with a wifebeater underneath. When I was on the street, I had my shirt completely untucked and unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up. Then when I hit the door, I buttoned and tucked and looked presentable. In my standard strip club setup, I kept a pocket full of ones so I could tip wait staff, drivers, etc. without having to pull out a wad and count. Just reach in, grab a bill, hand it over. Same with a pocket of fives, for drinks or food. Larger bills I had in these little pockets sewn on the inside of my pants waistband, so I could reach reach in a yank out 60 bucks, looking like I was going for my pocket. Again, no counting, and that way I'd still keep the lion's share of my cash if I got my pocket picked or mugged or whatever. At least, that's what I hoped. I also had my license in my shoe, with my social security card, and left my passport at home. It seemed to be good enough for the border guys, and I didn't want to risk my passport being stolen.

I have a bunch of questions.

Being new to Tijuana tourism, I would like to know if my paranoia regarding my passport was justified. I know that in some countries a US passport has a high premium, but I don't know if Mexico is oone of those places. Should I be worried about it?

My primary source for info when I went down the first time was Brockton's FAQ. It's great, but it leaves out a number of things which I'm curious about. I have read some places that, while the girls in Adelita's and Chicago and Hong Kong are relatively safe, the SGs are risky and should be avoided. Obviously, they are a good deal cheaper, and I have seem the SGs mentioned a bunch of times here, so I'd like to know what you guys think.

Another question I have is regarding Cascadas. I've run a search here, read almost every post that mentions Cascadas, so I have some idea of what it is, which I'll summarize here, and I invite you to correct me if I get something wrong. I'd also like to know if there's a FAQ covering this information. I get the idea that Cascadas is a hotel, located by Adelita's and Hong Kong, right? And you can get a room there for all night instead of by the half hour. But the clubs like AB and CC have hotels associated with them (I assume they get money from them or are owned by the same company) which the girls from these bars use exclusively.

Does Hong Kong operate this way too?

Do these bar hotels also rent rooms for the night, so maybe you could get a room there instead of paying half hour by half hour, if you plan to go back to the same bar repeatedly?

I understand that even if you got a room in Cascadas, you couldn't go there with an AB or CC girl because they're not allowed to. Are there girls in the hotels like Cascadas and Coahuilla? Are there packages, say, girls who come with the rooms?

I read someone's post that, if you tell the guys working in Cascadas what you're interested in, they'll bring 'em by until you find what you're looking for. How does this work?

One thing I'm interested in is spending time with more than one girl at a time (more than the standard 30 mins). If I have to explain why, then you'll never understand. When I was at CC, I asked around and the general reaction was bemused giggling and telling each other in Espanol. (At least that's what I assume they were saying.) In short, the reaction seemed to be that this was an unusual request. I found one girl who didn't seem to mind the idea, and asked her who she'd pick as the second girl. I figure, women always have these rivalries and factions, especially when you have this many women working so closely together, and you never know who hates who else. The last thing you want to do is waste your money going up to a room with a couple of women who are mortal enemies. Not a good time. Anyway, she was hot but the girl she liked best was not. So I figured I should forget about it. Anyway, these girls seemed to act like it was an unusual request, and I was some amusing circus freak for asking. At least they didn't chase me with torches and pitchforks.

Do any of you have suggestions for negotiating such an encounter? I don't want to offend any of them. Should I be asking in another bar? and any tips on negotiating the fee and the hotel price (at least an hour) would be appreciated.

Guys, I appreciate any advice you can give me.

Thanks and good luck!

02-07-04, 18:34
Messy10 - OK for starters - Just take your driver's license for ID (unless you look Hispanic or have an accent- then you might consider the passport) SS card? waste of time and with the paper they used to be made out of, risk of damage is sort of severe as well (I sweat, you might not)

Avoid SGs? Maybe - but prices are much lower, many or most speak little english and the time is pretty much fixed by the room (the hot bunk "hotel") You want more time, pay more, double the room charge and go for it (does sort of need a minimum spanish capability, though) Frankly, unless you WANT more time you might be better off with a SG for $20 (which is what THEY ALL WILL TAKE - if you speak spanish, you can negotiate down somewhat - can also negotiate for longer time for a bit more money - remember, though these girls pull down their skivvies and plop on the bed - that's it - naked costs extra) Your major problem will be "good service" - assuming you don't want a "starfish". SOME will go to your room, but an "all nighter" will be a bit expensive - nothing like "north of the border", though.

"Yah pays yer money and yah takes yer cherce"

Just my 2 centavos worth

1. driver's license in the sock - an old one if you have it (oyu might want to invest a few bucks in a "neck wallet"
2. larger money in the socks don't carry more than oyu expect to spend
3. put a few rubber bands around your 1's and it makes them easier to KEEP and less likely for a pickpocket to TAKE
4. also - Watch out for some VERY light fingered TVs on the street. Highly annoying
5. stay sober, take a cab to the border if you don't feel confortable walking or travel in a group of 2 or 3 minimum - less likely to have trouble

Hard Stock
02-07-04, 21:22
As a veteran of TJ let me offer Iluvemail and others a hot tip about vitamin V. You can buy a bottle of 5 for about $35 at the pharmacia next to Casteneda's as you walk in. It is over to your right as you walk in. I usually will take 1/4 of the 100mg pill and wrap the rest in plastic wrap. Lol, you will definitely take longer to get off and you will probably be bigger than you remember.

Buenos cojemos!

Hard Stock
02-07-04, 21:24
Forgot to mention this: Isn't there a South American Viagra knock-off called Vimax? Same ingredient, but not paying the US maker's patent fees.

Bend It
02-07-04, 21:53
Messy and Gentlemen,

Doubles are pretty easily attained in my experience, but you have to invest a little time and $$. By the way, this only relates to Adelitas, since I haven't been to Chicago Club in over three years.

Two reports on doubles in Tijuana:

1. I had spent time with a day shift woman whose name is escaping me now. She has huge enhanced tits that are rock hard, dark hair, a little older (mid thirties). She has immigration papers, so we had spent the night in San Diego. She was just okay. But that's not the point of this report. So, a few weeks later, I'm back, see the first girl, sort of blow her off, and sit with Patty. Now, Patty and the first girl know each other, ask me if I want to be with both of them and I say "hell yeah". Patty then suggests a sauna/massage place she knows. I pay to get them out of the club, we go to this place, sauna and fuck for an hour or so, then get a great massage from a professional masseuse (non-sexual).

2. A few months later (this was last November, 2003), I'm back in TJ, see Patty again (also in the daytime). She introduces me to her cousin (!) and says lets do another three-way. This time, we go upstairs to the new jacuzzi room at the hotel, order cervazas and food. This was great. We fuck around three times (little Bend It got his work out!), real gfe, dfk, etc. Apparently, Patty and her cousin grew up together and it just seemed like such a freaky thing to be doing them together. Wow.

Now, you've got to know that in neither of this instances, did the girls get into each other. In other words, I didn't lie back and watch them do each other. Rather, they both worked on me. One sucking balls and the other dick. One riding on top of me while the other dfk's me. That sort of thing.

IMHO, its fun to do, but not better than a *really* good chica that you connect with. My all time favorite is Kenya on the night shift. Two, three or twelve women would not be better than her alone.

Hope this report helps, Messy. Best wishes,

Bend It

02-08-04, 12:03
Hotel Cascades is located in the alley by Hong Kong and Miami. You can get a room there for $35.00. You are allowed to take one girl from Hong Kong, Miami or an SG in close vicinity of the hotel without the room charge. Any additional girls after that, then they will charge you $5.00. That is the standard but not the norm. The advantage to getting your own room avoids the dreaded knock on the door. It is possible to get girls up to your room without paying the additional fee by taking advantage of the shift change of the hotel clerks. Speak to Arturo for TLN. He speaks english and will bring girls by to your specs. You negotiate with the girl for your TLN, and be sure to tip Arturo regardless if you get hooked up or not. He tries.

I recommend an SG for your first bombing run. It's best to crack your nut overeasy then go for the hard boiled.

02-08-04, 19:14
I went to Mermaids, across the street from AB. Had been thinking about going for awhile, as the unique concept intrigued me. It has a bar environment, with dancers on stage, chicas dressed in schoolgirl uniforms, and massage.

My beef with AB and Chicago is that there it is far too often rapid assembly line type service even when the contrary is negotiated, and Mermaids' option to get a massage from the chicas you meet in the bar seemed to offer better chances of avoiding this. I mean, if they have to give at least some massage, they can't just immediately lay there and tell you to hurry up and finish. And being able to sit, have a drink and talk to the chicas before picking one for the massage made it a possibly better choice than the pure massage parlors, where you are presented immediately with a line-up and must choose.

The place is small and when I went on a Friday night at about midnight it was fairly crowded, but I did easily find a place to sit. The chairs and couches are very comfortable. I found the staff to be friendly. There were five or six chicas there and most were busy with other customers. There was no pressure from the staff for me to get a chica. I had a couple of beers and eventually asked a chica to sit down next to me and I bought her a beer. The chica was fairly average looking. One disadvantage to the place worth noting is that it is fairly dark so assessing the looks of the chicas is not always easy.

This chica--whose name I cannot remember--was very new to Tijuana and spoke no English. Literally. Not a word. I actually took this as a very good sign. One of my personal rules is that the less time a chica has spent in Tijuana as a prostitute, the better the service is likely to be. The longer they do this, the more jaded and more manipulative they become and the more they realize they can get away with bad service.

I was fully groping this chica in the bar and she was not resisting, another good sign. And the darkness of the place helps in this activity. She took her time with her drink, and I was enjoying myself even though there was little conversation (my Spanish is fairly limited), so I bought her another drink. All signs were positive, except I was concerned about she might be slightly heavy, which is a turn off for me. In her schoolgirl outfit, one could not really tell if she was a bit heavy as those outfits hide that fairly well. In groping her, I could tell she was carrying a little extra.

Anyway, I did decide to go for the massage. It was $40 to the house (typical for a massage parlor) for the hour, paid in the bar. I negotiated with the chica for $60 more for full service. So the $100 total is certainly more than one would pay at AB and the equivalent places. But in my experience is on the lower side of what one should expect to pay for full service at a straight massage parlor in Tijuana--they usually will ask for $100 or so for full service, but can be negotiated down to less.

We went upstairs to the massage area. She gave me a passable massage for 20-30 minutes. Then, as I expected, the full service was very good. She was into it, did everything I asked (note: my tastes and requests are fairly mainstream) and was very responsive. The disappointment was that naked she did not look great, as I had feared.

All in all, I will go back to Mermaids. It is different and is more expensive compared to AB and Chicago and other clubs. But the atmosphere is good and the service was good. I want to try other of the chicas and see how they are before I reach any firm conclusions.

Mutha Foo
02-09-04, 03:39
Went To Adelitas on Friday night (2/6/04) and saw Claudia (black hair, cute face, 23 y.o.). She was wearing a tight red top and white pants. She usually stands near the men's room. At first I thought her service would suck because she is very good looking but when I got her upstairs the service was better than expected. She says she works from Thurs - Sat nights. The best thing is to buy her a drink and get her a lil drunk. She also did BBBJ and didn't mind a shot to the face. Also saw a 19 y.o. by the name of Carla (black hair, B-cups, tattoo on her ass). She claims to be new in town from Mexicali. This girl gets 5 GOLD stars. Highly recommended! I know what you guys say about overpaying but I didn't give a shit. She was well worth it. I paid her $80. Total GFE, BBBJ and DFK. She treated me like a boyfriend and NEVER rushed me. I spent about an hour with her downstairs and almost an hour upstairs. Those f-king cleaning boys almost had to break the door down because she didn't want to stop. So far this chica is the best. All in all, it was a good night.


02-09-04, 03:47
Hard Stock,

the bottle of 5 V for $35, is this Pfizer V or generic? Also, the pharmacia next to Castaneda's, is this place in the small group of pharmacias just across the border, after taking the very first right turn while walking? Do they offer the same deal on Cialis or Levitra?


Pure Power
02-09-04, 04:45
Whats up,

I visit the Atlanta board usually, but I'm going to be making a trip to San Diego on March 25-28th and will DEFIANTLY be hitting up Tijuana Friday and Saturday. Was curious if anyone will be there the same time? If so shoot me a PM. I defiantly want to hit up AB and the CC and maybe a Pharmacy to get some medication I have a mild case of anxiety, if you know what I mean =-)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

02-09-04, 05:11
Roddd = hate to tell you but it really doesn't matter (but I don't remember seeing imitation V in TJ. The Indian variety, works just as WELL (experienced the Indian variety in Thailand - effective for the purpose intended.) cialis might only be available in "real" - haven't tried it yet (and not in TJ - but another poster said it was available in TJ)

Also never seen a south American "Vmax" prduct. SUDENIFIL CITRATE is the active ingredient and if it's there, you will have the effect (assuming, of course, the product is REAL)

02-09-04, 09:02
I gotta wonder about the mongers that are just plain negative about going to TJ. Have they ever been acutally down there? It becomes very questionable when a trip report hasn't been posted. You worry about the cops, the muggers, getting ripped off. Hey, it definitely happens, no question.

Then, there are those that go down frequently, some go every week. I know many of these people. Some I've met through this board. Others through other boards and just hanging out in the ZN.

What do these guys have that allows them to carry their mongering habbits safely, year after year, week after week and not get into big trouble?

For myself, maybe my number hasn't come up yet. I do take precautions and go frequently by myself.

Open for discussion.

I Luv Emall
02-09-04, 18:49

I appreciate the tip about Viagra. Will remember that next time I'm there. This pharmacy is to the right just as you pass through the gate (before getting to the taxi area)?


Krypto Knight
02-10-04, 05:53
To call Cascades a "hotel" is like calling Mcdonald's a luxury Resteraunt.

Cascades is a short time hotel used by prostitutes that will also rent you a room for the night.

I took advice on these boards a couple weeks ago and stayed there.

The positives were that you had a place to chill and clean up right in the middle of the action. It was great to have a shower to hit after sessions.

The negatives: Most street girls refused to go to my room and insisted I use their own short time hotel so what was to be a money saver turned out to not pay off.

The rooms were, shall we say humble, lousy bed, questionable bedding. Was almost more like a jail cell then a hotel. I layed my clothes over the sheets when I finally went to sleep because I was afraid of sleeping directly on the sheets.

Very, very noisy. Between the street band that played on into the morning, and the residents and cleaning boys talking loudly in the echoing hallway I barely got a wink of sleep.

Next time I will A) bring my own sheets, B) Bring ear plugs and C) Possibly purchase something to help me sleep.

But to tell someone questioning about this place that it's a "hotel" I think is more then a little misleading.

That is what I would recommend to anyone considering Cascades.

02-10-04, 08:02

I check into Cascadas at the front. I've taken four girls up in one night. Two bar girls in the front, one from Chevelas and the other from Kauss bar. Two steet girls in the back way. Never once have they said anything about extra $$$. Maybe I'm lucky or just too ugly to mess with.

I always get the key for $10. I tip the clerk half when I turn it in. It assures me I have cab fare home.

Always empty the trash can in the hallway between chicas. It's the funniest thing about working girls having jealous fits.


KR Man
02-11-04, 01:15
Hey guys,

I am a French guy currently living in Austin, TX, I wnated to know if any of you know if I need a visa to go to mexico ? And can I just travel there like that?

Also can anyone advise the best place to go, apart of Thailand and Asia, to monger? I was thinking to go to Dominican Republic but the travel tickets is way too expensive. I am looking to a place that is a good value for not a lot, especially the plane fares?


Krypto Knight
02-11-04, 05:16
The implication I got from the street girls about not going to Cascades was that they had some kind of arrangement with the short time hotels. One girl agreed to go but asked for 5 extra dollars. When I said no she finally agreed.

The session only lasted 10 minutes, when I complained she said it's because I payed her less by going to my own hotel. Obviously a big turn off.

One other street girl flat out refused. She said we could either go to her short time hotel, which was 20-30 feet away from Cascades, or she would not go with me.

SDCruiser, how did you manage to sleep with all the noise? Or was sleep not on the menu?]

02-11-04, 14:41
Krypto Knight

No sleeping. Cat naps in between, but I haven't woke up in that Hotel in a long time. I've had one street girl, freckles and crocked teeth refuse to go to Cascadas. She's a doll, but too many tortillas over the last 6 months.

No more skank hotels for me, the crab thing is a bit scary. I even take my own linens to Cascadas.


02-11-04, 17:48
KR Man,

I had a problem getting across the border back into the US with my foreign wife (not Mexican). You don't need a visa for Mexico but you definately need a resident alien card or passport with a US visa to get back in.

Rico Cafe
02-11-04, 18:49
The difference between Tijuana and Mexicali:
Report on Mexicali for you Tijuana mongers...

Had a nice little excursion to my favorite haunt Meau Meaus last night.
They have a few new girls in town "on contract" and they are eager to please. One particular bleached blonde hottie named "Jessica' with a great bod and natural large boobies decided to call me her own and sat with me for a couple of drinks...she was drinking real tequila. Nothing like catching a little buzz with a hottie.
We got along really well, she was warm and soft and affectionate. A real warm and fuzzy type. I soon realized that this was going to be a good one so after much fondling and necking we agreed to go across the street, she quoted $100 for her, $20 exit fee for the bar and an hour at the totally acceptable Reforma Hotel across the street was only $13.50. For some reason every time I go to this hotel the price is different, this being the lowest price yet.
This was an awesome GFE...totally better than the rush I got from Paola at Adelita's bar in Tijuana a few weeks ago.
I am convinced that those of us who have Mexicali in our backyards have the best of all possible worlds.

You guys have to come on down one of these days.

02-12-04, 00:30
KR Man,

I don't know much about needing the visa, but as far as 'good value' places to travel, come on out to San Diego and visit TJ and/ or Mexicali. You can get a cheap airfare from Austin on any airline that has regional flights around the "southwest" US.

Speaking of crossing the border back to the US, the last few times I crossed, they naturally asked me my citizenship, and the usual other questions. A couple of times, they asked me if I had a passport. I said sure. Then, I asked him why, and he said because a Ca. drivers license is not proof of US citizenship. I started taking the passport, and they almost always just take one look at it, don't say a word, and wave me through.


02-12-04, 01:22
It had been a while since I visited the zona for a daytime run, so I went down yesterday, arrived at AB about 2:30. The last time I went during the day was a Thursday, which was a little more busy than it was yesterday. Not bad though, grabbed a bar stool at the upper bar and just watched and waited. To my surprise, they actually had girls dancing floor shows, one after the other. It did stop for a while around 4:00, but picked up again around 5:00 as more people and chicas started showing up.

Just like the last time, all the girls I talked to actually 'talked' for a while without jumping right into the sales pitch, which was nice. I hooked up with a girl I had not seen in there before. Mayda (sp), 23, went for $40 without a word of counter offer. No rush on her part, and the knock did not come untill a good 35 minutes had passed. She was fun, liked to hug and cuddle, just no kissing on the lips. We finished and she left the room first. I left, and normally I would have grabbed a taxi Libre and headed back. Instead, I figured it was still early, so I went back in AB and decided to have one more drink before going home.

I was almost done and ready to leave, when I look over toward hottie central (I was standing by the entrance to the men's room) and I see a face and a figure I thought I recognized. I'm looking and looking at this chica, and finally we make eye contact. We're looking at each other now, with that 'do I know you stare'. She starts smiling, I start smiling, yeah, we know each other. Before I take a step, she's walking toward me. Sure enough, it's a GFE chica I had not seen there since last year some time. Patricia de Guadalajarra. Big hug, chica cheek kiss, bigtime smiles. Now I have never got this kind of reaction from a chica that I have not seen in a while, but we did have some good times together. She just got back into TJ this week after being away for six months. She was looking good, had lost some weight, not that she was fat before, just a little slimmer. I told her I really wished I had known she was back, and that I was leaving for the night soon. She told me when she was working, and I told her I would be back. She walked back over to hottie central and I stayed where I was, as I had a few sips of that last beer left.

Here we go again, looking at each other and smiling like a couple of friggin' high school kids. OK, check the funds. Damn, not enough, and did not bring the ATM card. I did have a few dollars left, so I went over and bought her a drink, and we sat and talked for a while.

I learned a few things on this trip.


02-12-04, 01:50
Interesting report on the AIDS rate in TJ:


I'm not preaching, this is purely info.

Also for what it's worth, when you get screwed by the TJ cops you can now report it to the SDPD:



Mutha Foo
02-12-04, 04:26
This article is basically telling me to stay away from pregnant women and gay Mexicans. I think I can handle that.


02-12-04, 10:09
SD Cruiser,

As I said, regarding Hotel Casacades, they lay down this rule about how many girls you can take up up, but, it's not the norm. I've heard of several other guys taking many girls up without paying the additional fee. I hear this happens as they get to know you. I'm working it and hope to report soon I will be a member of this elite group.

02-12-04, 10:31

Let's see if I can clear a few things up here.

The Better Rooms:

There are the okay rooms that are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. These rooms are loud with the music from Miami and Hong Kong bar below. These are the rooms the chicas use to conduct their business. These rooms are not well maintained.

The better rooms are on the 4th & 5th floor away from the loud music. These are the rooms they rent out to the chicas for them to live in while in TJ working. These rooms have been totally refurbished, and maintained, to hold their attractiveness to the chicas. These rooms can be used for business but hardly and only when the rooms on the other floors are busy.

One bad thing about these rooms, there is alot of foot traffic. Because the chicas where those painful shoes, they make alot of noise walking around. To turn this around and apreciate it, you can remedy this by leaving your door slightly open or have your window blinds open so you can see them. If you see something you like, invite them in. Sometimes, they'll try to get you to invite them in. It's all the same. You can even negotiate for something if you're that interested.

How To Get The Better Rooms:

When you check in, just let them know you want a room on the 4th or 5th floor. If they tell you not available, just let them politely know you will only take a room on the 4th or 5th floor. If it's a busy night, the best you may get is the 3rd floor. It's not as bad as the rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor, but not as good as the floors above.

My favorite room is the double, Rm#508. Yes, a double. One bed for me to sleep on. The other to take care of business, or if you really do go down with a buddy.

Bring your own toiletries, and a bag to dump your trash in.

I hope this helps to extend your pleasure while enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of TJ.

Donkey Punch
02-12-04, 14:12
Fellow *****beeists,

RE: Cascadas.

If you want a good nights (Knights) rest I don't think this is the area for it. Just remember, if you get a hotel, even if it is walking distance, please take a cab (Taxi Libre: 625.7410) It is so inexpensive that it is not worth walking. Have a bartender call you a cab or just look out side if you are by Adelita's. Please don't give the PoPo (5-0, you know, POlice) a reason to shake you down.

Most girls in the Alley do have a working understanding with the hotels that they stand in front of. Would you, as a business owner, want someone standing in front of your place of business that was not bringing you business? I would. But then again, I am not the smartest businessman. I would probably eat all my profits. Am I at least entertaining, or just annoying?

I have stayed at Cascada and after about 5 trips up (I was not aware of being able to give a deposit for the key until the last day, why don't they tell you this right away?) I was asked to for a "room fee" it pissed me off and I refused. Of course, this is one of those headaches that I did not need. As you may have noticed, little things [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) me off. Why can't it just be easy?


Donkey Punch
The Pope of Quohwila Village.

02-12-04, 21:33
Iím heading down Friday around 4 - 5 PM. If anyone wants to meet up, contact me via PM.


02-13-04, 00:51

tempted fate and I lost. I broke my rule never take more than 2 per side. The 3rd street girl in the backdoor got me popped for $5 extra.


Donkey Punch
02-13-04, 12:30

Please don't take this the wrong way. I guess I should start posting my adventures, it's just that somehow, for now, I like adding and trying to clarify posts, etc. IMHO, I feel like there are enough people already telling others where to go and what girls to hook up with. As soon as one of these girls blows my mind I will be more than happy to let everyone know.

I'm really glad that your number has not come up. I think I got too cocky. Cocky! TJ started to feel like my own personal playground. For the record, I have only been going down to TJ for about 3 yrs now. Maybe about once a mo. on the average. So, please just be careful and continue to take precautions. Now I feel like I am overly cautious. I no longer am willing to motivate my friends in LA to come down with me. Especially the ones that have a lot to lose.


Donkey Punch
The Pope of Quahuila Village

Donkey Punch
02-13-04, 13:15

You tell us to FOCUS on the subject of girls and then you ask us about the Gov. shutting down massage parlors? Make up your mind. Do you want post about girls, the Gov. or smart ass meaningless posts like this one? Please know that I am only having fun.


Donkey Punch
The Pope of Cuaohilla Village.

02-13-04, 20:27
Its official! Hotel Cascadas now has a new rule that mandates that guest pay extra $$ for every chica taken up to your room, regardless of room type. You must pay $5 for every Cascadas SG taken up to the room, and $12 for every other chica. No exceptions, except you may register a chica when you first get your room, and that chica is free. But, she has to be with you for you to get the "free" guest.

So, guys who take 3-4 chicas up to the room, expect to lay out an extra $48 per night to use the Cascadas hotel.

This is not a joke.

02-14-04, 04:15
Typical Tijuana business - not getting enough customers - so rather than lower prices to compete, we raise prices to make up the difference! Boycott Cascadas.

02-14-04, 04:35
Donkey Punch (Hey Puto),

I am tired of all the crap that is posted daily on this site because, most of the posts have little or nothing to do with the "ladies". For those of you needing examples, please read all prior posts by the above mentioned dickwadd. For those of you that are apparently a bit slow (like Donkey Puto), let me clarify my prior query. Whether the massage parlors are closed or not directly affects the ladies, gals, women, opposite sex, ect. I just wanted to know if some of my favorites were open or closed. I just got back from Colombia (for those planning a trip there you should see my posts on Cali & Medellin. Also, will do same in a few weeks when I return from Brazil). Well I was planning on doing the TJ massage thing prior to my next trip. I figured that I would not waste my time and gas driving to Monte Carlo or Luxor if they were closed. I am not concerned with anything that doesn't have to do directly with the ladies (for example: quantity, quality, price, ect.).
I am especially tired of reading mind numbing crap like the stuff Donkey Puncjh loves to yap about on this board.

For those of you who are interested in the ladies. I drove past Luxor on Tuesday, on my home to Rosarito, and it looked open. I will visit this fine establishment on Saturday.

02-14-04, 05:37

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


02-14-04, 11:35
Get the advise you can out of this board to prepare for a safe trip. But, remember it is advise. What one monger experiences can be different from another. Don't take everything you read here, or anywhere else, literally. Check it out yourself, then come back and give us a report of what you experience.

I tried to open a discussion on what makes some of the mongers I've met who go down very frequently, get drunk, have a good time and not get harrassed. No responses thus far.

So, I'll tell you what I believe it is, and yet the information isn't anything new that hasn't been said before many times. What gets me is are the posts that make TJ a scary place. I wonder if these posters have even gone down.

As you're starting out, get to the Zona Norte by cab. Stay in the area and don't wonder out. As you get comfortable here, then venture out slowly into the surrounding area. Do it by day first, then by night. A little at a time you get familiar, your sense of direction is oriented, and you know where to go. Go with comrades. Go with other mongers who've been there, go frequently and can give you a short tour. All the comrades I've met have been very helpful, and enjoy meeting every single one of them. Some, have become good friends, that we now do other activities together as poker, outdoor stuff, etc.

Anyways, you do your little recon missions every trip familiarizing yourself with the lay of the land. Watch the stuff going down. Oh, you'll see the policia taking people down. I see it about every other trip. Be direct where you are going and don't stop.

This is what I've gathered from talking to the several mongers that go down practically every week, some are there 5 days a week. It's a fun place. Do your research, don't be scared, have fun, stay safe.

Bend It
02-14-04, 16:16
Gekko and Gentlemen,

That's basically my experience, too, Gekko. I've been to Tijuana about a dozen times. Now, I go all over the city, speak my bad espanol to everyone, etc. and have a great/safe time.

Last time I was there, my new best chica and I stayed at a nice, regular hotel for two days/nights, had dinner, went to discos, etc. No problemas.

Nothing like a gfe w/a fun and beautiful chica and getting to know a new city. Not everything is in the zona or on revolucion (lol!)

Best wishes,

Bend It

02-14-04, 18:08
Hello Guys,

For those of you planning a long trip to the TJ area this weekend I hope the following is helpfull. I went to Bar Cuatro Caminos, in Rosarito (this place is located on Benito Juarez Blvd., 1 block from the toll road). A mutual friend of ours had recommended this place to find ladies in Rosarito. I was told that they had a nice selection of young gals from Mexico and other latin american countries. Thus, I decided to give this place a visit. Well let me just say, don't waste your time coming to Rosarito. The night I went to Cuatro Caminos the place was dead and they had about 4 or 5 gals all who looked to be about 40+, and not very attractive (in my opinion). I was told of a house in the middle of town that opens only during the summer months when the turist are here. I will visit this other establishment as soon as it opens later this year and post a report.
As for Club Bada Bing please read my prior post on this establishment. Thus, if you are looking for a place to hang with your family or favorite chica I highly recommend Rosarito. However, if you are going to go out to look for the ladies this weekend your best bet is TJ. Some of you may want to check out Ensenada. However, the last time I was out there about 6 months or so the scene looked terrible. Anthony's was busy but, the quality and quantity of the ladies was terrible. I know a close friend of the owner's, and he basically told me that the owner just dosen't actively recruit anymore. Apparently, in the old days, the owner would charter a bus and drive all through Mexico recruiting ladies to work in Ensenada. I've been doing the Mexico scene for over 15 years now and the quality and quantity in Ensenada has dropped dramatically in the past 5 years. All and all Ensenada is a great place to relax with your family and friend however, if you are looking for P2P action I recommend TJ.

02-14-04, 18:40
Thanks for the support, Bend It.

My espaniol SUCKS!! But, I still enjoy going out to the other areas. Seeing a movie, eating at the better eateries and watering holes, talking to the people who I find for the most part welcoming, experiencing the whole culture.

This is where you want to get to once you conquer Zona Norte. Conquer your fears but be careful bad things can happen. And so they can here stateside as well.

I was once told your fears is what holds you back in life from the better things. It doesn't mean throw caution to the wind and just go for it. Push the envelope to the edge a little at a time and eventually you'll start living. Think out of the box and make the TJ, and the world, your playground.

Vamanos!! I'm on my way to give some of the chicas a bit of my world.

G Dog
02-15-04, 21:10
Hello Gents,

I was planning to visit Mexico in the spring. A prior post said that it's best to bring bags for your trash with you. Why is that? Apologies in advance if that is a dumb question. Thanks for all the info.


02-16-04, 00:13
I'll try to recount this with as much details as possible. Hopefully this will help others who plan on going down to TJ.

I've been to TJ numerous times, and actually have a vacation home in Rosarito, but my first TJ monger experience was in November 2003 with my cousin and a friend. We got a hotel room at Hotel Alaska. I don't know if anyone has ever stayed there before, but it's pretty primitive. The beds were really lumpy, sheets were clean, NOT TOO MANY cockroaches, kinda reminded me of the barracks in my earlier days.

Anyways, we left on Thursday morning because, as my cousin put it, "I don't like my fish to taste like sausage." I guess Fri and Sat nights must be super-busy? We started out at a club (Iguana's, I think) that has a strip bar in the back. We pounded a few drinks and watched the paddywagons driving by with cops just looking for fun. We then went to Peanuts (by this time I had a good buzz going, and think that was the name!), and watched the strippers dance on stage. The 'mama-sans' kept bugging us to go private with one of their girls, and they did look good, but my cuz said to wait, it got better.

By now it was about 7 p.m., and my cuz went to buy some Viagra. We hopped into a cab and told the driver to take us to the Red Light District. We hopped out of the cab and went to Adelita's. The women were beautiful, but there were only maybe 12-13 girls. We had a few more beers and my cousin started chatting with this one girl. She was pretty, light brown hair, slim, and he asked her if she would do a threesome. She said yes, and shit was I shocked! So we went up, each of had to pay $11 for the room. After slapping on the rubbers, she laid him down on the bed and started giving him a BJ doggy style. She turned around to me and told me to fuck her doggy style. We did this for a while, and when my cuz wanted to switch so she made us put on new rubbers. Well, the damn knock on the door came and she pushed us both away and said time was up. We argued for awhile but she said we had to pay for more time. We gave her the money for the 1/2 hour and left. None of us busted a nut yet.

Went back down to AB and we saw the Mexican version of the Hilton twins! God they were hot, and they were twin sisters! Blond/brown hair, tall, slender, small tits. Has anyone else seen them recently? We immediately started talking to them. But my cuz still had more planned for the night, he told the Hilton twins we would come back for them and we left.

Went to Chicago and saw a Latin goddess. Short, built everywhere...big tits, nice round ass, full lips, pretty, the perfect sex machine. She was too bitchy though, first thing she said was, "Let's go upstairs and fuck." Didn't spend much time here as it was extremely dead.

Hopped into a cab and the driver said he would take us to a hot strip club. I think it was called Bolero's...remember it was my first time and by now I'm really walking a straight line with all the liquor in me. Well the women there were top-notch, but it was strip only. We sat at a U-shaped table and the girl would dance at your table. This was the most boring part of the night.

The cabbie waited for us, and as we hopped back into his cab he said he knew of another place. Fuck it, we said. He took us to a hair salon, and the owner (a male) greeted us. He said we could get a haircut and a massage for $80. We laughed, then with a piercing yell and a clap of his hands, he called the ladies from the back. Instantly 10 girls lined up, putting one leg forward, and each girl said their names, one by one. It was so rehearsed, we couldn't help but hold each other up laughing!!! The ladies were OK, we just thanked the guy and ended heading back to AB in the cab.

Once at AB we searched for the twins and wasted no time. We each grabbed one and took them upstairs. We got one room, so that we could switch off. Used rubbers again, and I was fucking one twin long and hard while my cousin fucked the other. It was kind of cramped on the small bed, but I didn't mind having the other sister's bobbling in front of me. We wanted to switch off fucking, and the girls raised a stink. Ended up putting on new condoms, and went at it again. Well, here comes the fuckin knock on the door again, and by this time, the girl was giving me a blow job. She kept telling me "Cum! Cum!" and jerking me furiously. The guy knocked a second time, and she ripped off the rubber, spit on her hand then continued jerking me off. A third knock comes, and she says, "Bastard, you took Viagra, didn't you?" (I didn't, probably the liquor). She tells me we need privacy, just her and I, to give her another sixty and she'll take care of me. So I do, my cuz and her sister leave, and I pound her missionary (new rubber). Fifteen minutes later....the victory trumpets blew and so did I!

Drained, I went back down where my cousin and friend had big, shit-eating grins on their tired faces. We pounded a few more beers, and it was then that I noticed how PACKED AB was. We recharged our batteries for about a half-hour, then went to CC.

We saw the Latina goddess, but she was all alone, just like the first time. I guess others saw she was gonna give lousy service. After settling in and ordering yet another beer, I glanced across
the room and saw an average-looking latina. Dark black hair, brown eyes, full lips, not slender, but not fat, just right. My dick needed CPR and there was no way I could go again, or so I thought. She smiled, sat down next to me, and we chatted. We got along really good and I felt my buddy down below resurrecting.

I asked if she wanted to go upstairs, and she said yes. After undressing and pulling on a rubber, she started giving me a blow job. She was very caring, not rushing like the other ladies. She said she liked it doggy style, so I started pounding her doggy. What a view!

I got tired of this, so we went missionary. We went for a really long time, 45 minutes, and not once did we receive a knock. Maybe because of the time? By now it was 3 a.m. She said I was a tiger, but to keep going. I finally came after an hour, and she gave me a nice, soft kiss and said Wow.

We went back to Hotel Alaska and crashed, a total night of debauchery. Total price tag: $500.

The final girl at CC was a GFE and I hope to see her when I go back on Feb. 28th.

Does anyone know if the Hilton twins are still at AB?

02-16-04, 06:34

How the hell are you man? Nice to see that you've been active on the board. I hope to be back in LA area within 1-2 months (practice/work is consuming my time) so I am assuming you'll plan another adventure down south?

02-16-04, 17:44

Some time back I recall seeing a English/Spahish decoder for common monger terms and phrases. If you have a cc: of this useful document could you either post to the group, or e-mail me directly?

Thanks much,

[Email address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum's Private Messaging system to communicate directly with other Forum Members. Thanks!

Mutha Foo
02-16-04, 22:49
Coroner7, the Hilton twins are infamous for very bad service. They are there all the time after 8 p.m. Weds - Sun nights. BTW in lieu of viagra have you tried a 4 pack of RedBull? It works for me even after drinking several beers, I can still get 4 pops in one night, of course if funds permit.


02-16-04, 23:57
If I don't use the Cascadas, what other hotel can I use to take SG's in, has porno on the tube and feel comfortable?


Good Fun
02-17-04, 06:34
I am planning on traveling to TJ, March 26 Ė 28 from San Francisco. If you are interested in traveling together please send me a private message.

Good Fun

02-17-04, 08:52

You know I'll be there for you buddy. It would have to be something major to stop me from going... like my trip to Hawaii or to Malaysia later this year.


Yes, the twins are still there. They've been there as long as I remember. One is called Myra, forgot what her sister's name is because I've never been with her. Once was enough anyway.

02-17-04, 22:17
Thanks to this forum, I took the plunge. For years I had been tempted to visit some of the mexican border towns, but couldn't quite get over the hump and do it. Reading this board the past couple of months, I decided I would try TJ on my trip to SD the end of Jan.

Drove down, parked, walked across. Had read the reports about the street girls and Adelitas. I had decided to go down on a Sunday afternoon and walk to the area, following the directions given in previous posts. Felt quiet safe, but not sure I would attempt it at night tho - lol. Went into AB and found there was not a large crowd of girls or customes. Was approached a couple times and did not accept their offers - most were 40 and a couple said 30. One was very persistant, but did not find her attractive, and had to keep telling her no. Decide to wander the streets and alley for awhile. Lot's of girls. In my opinion, you will see 1 in about 7 or 8 that is attractive and you wouldn't mind spending some time with. Stopped to talk with a few, and had difficulty because of the language - their limited english and my limited spanish. Also noticed that the shorter the skirt, the uglier the face and body. Finally went back to AB and ordered another coke (very watered down). Walked around and enjoyed the scenery. Approached one pretty and thin young one. After limited conversation, determined she was not really interested in me. She walked away, I sat down on a bench and continued to observe. Shortly a very good looking brunette approached me and walked up close and between my legs. I reached down to feel her leg and she immediately pulled my hand up to her naked shaved pussy. Wow. She said she was horny and wanted to go upstairs. Bought her a drink and we continued to talk a little while I played with her. Her name was Tonya and she said she only worked on Sundays.

Proceed to go upstairs with her, paid for the room and we began. She was quite pretty, said she was 26, was very cooperative and seemed into it as much as I was. She enjoyed the kissing, the bbbj and multiple positions of cfs. I did not feel rushed and feel we were there probably between 30 and 45 min. Never a knock. As we left the room, was asked for a tip by one of the room cleaning guys there.

Tonya was as good as any I have had anywhere, and a better attitude than most. Her fee was 60.

Am glad I went, and even more glad I didn't rush to find just anyone.

Left AB and walked around the streets again before walking back to the border. All in all, a very pleasant experience and left me wanting to go back again.

Travel Time
02-18-04, 02:19
I wish that I could give you guys am ore detailed report but here goes nothin'.

Went to peanuts and Beer on Revolution. Got totally screwed on the exchange rate and annoyed at the waitresses pushing lap dances. A BJ is $60.00 which we all know is high in TJ.

In Zona Norte. I partook with a couple of hotties both around 19 to 20. I can't remember the names but got anal for $40.00

The cops did ask me what I was doing down there. But they did not shake me down for any cash. I was more than worried that they were going to rob me.

Hope this helps someone.


02-18-04, 05:01
mutha foo == red bull? sounds good, the one time i went mongering i drank so much i was seeing double and feeling single, didn't think i could get it up again, but i guess once my one-track mind starts, my dick hops on that track and takes off at runaway speed!

mutha foo and gekko == from what i remember, the twins were pretty fuckin mechanical, but i hadn't busted from my first screw, and i needed to bust a nut bad. it was bad service in that they rushed us, and kept holding onto our dicks, but i did like that when the knock came, she didn't jump off right away and walk out. she tried to finish me off, but i just took too long.

anyone going down the weekend of feb. 28th? planning on arriving in tj around 8 p.m. or so on friday. i may be going with 4 friends or so, first night will be in tj soaking our sausages, next night will be in rosarito picking up the drunk college coeds in the clubs and taking them back to my house (in rosarito) for a weenie roast. let me know if interested.

check out the pic from papa's and beer, rosarito, (their pic, not mine) this is what i'm after!

Survey Says
02-18-04, 22:29
I went to TJ with 2 other friends on Saturday late afternoon. We had to do some homework for a bachelor party coming up in a few weeks. The first problem was getting a room. It was Valentine's Day and everything was booked. Finally found a place called Motel Riviera past Baja Inn and the TJ Country Club (Golf course). The worst place ever, but only needed it to crash a couple of hours and shower.

Went to Hong Kong to see the Lesbo show at 11pm. Didn't see it happen, nor at 1am. Did enjoy one of the better shows in town though. Previous postings said that there are Lesbian shows?! Both CC and AB were packed and the guys outnumbered the girls 20X1 easily. Got a pop from a girl at AB and a SW named Jacqueline.

We took a cab back to the Motel and arrived about 4:30am and just as soon as we exited the cab in front of our Motel, 2 cop cars swarmed us and 3 officers began to question us. Unfortuneatly, I was holding an empty plastic cup that I didn't want to leave in the cab. It had the remains of Guava juice/agua in it. The took all of our ID's, frisked us, and questioned us at length. They did not ask us for money, but they wanted to be sure that we didn't have any illegal drugs or weapons. I was frightened since I had won about $1,000 more than I came with earlier at Pala Casino and didn't want to leave it in the room. Wow, were we lucky?? We explained to the officers that this was the ONLY availability where we could get a place. The were okay with our stories.

I'll be back in 2 weeks!!

Any recommendations on hiring 2 strippers for a private show? We're throwing a buddy a bachelor party. Also, any suggestions on where to have the party to accomodate 10-12 heads? We tried several hotels and asked cab drivers, but not much luck. We were referred to La Mansion and Premier, but nothing. I could really use some advise.

Member #1655
02-19-04, 07:59
Would you reccommend that a young male say age 19-25 use viagra? I know it gives you a hard on for quite some time but are there any dangerous side effects for younger males taking this?

Queer Juan
02-19-04, 22:39
It's not necessary or recommended for someone your age in my opinion based on my experience using it over the last several years. I'm not a doctor.

I run around with guys your age all the time and they simply don't need it. I don't even need it, but use it when I'm going to do more than one chica in a short amount of time. Also, it does not go well with alcohol, it has a desenstizing effect that sometimes makes it difficult to cum and alcohol makes it more so.

It probably won't hurt you, but why use a drug when you don't have to?

Q Bert
02-19-04, 23:30
Report from 01/24/04:

I live RIGHT next to the trolley station in San Diego so I took it down to TJ around 10:00 pm. I got to the border about 10:45 dressed in jeans, long sleeved T-shirt and jacket. I had a wallet with only about 150 bucks and one ATM card (looks like a visa only though).

When I got to the border I walked across then looked for the arches on the right-hand side. Eventually I made it to ABs after about a 15 minute walk. I had no trouble until turning the corner to AB when I heard some one ask me to stop and I kept walking thinking it was someone trying to hassle me about going into a club or something. The guy ran after me and it was the Polica! He asked why I didn't stop and I told him that I didn't hear him. He questioned and frisked me then let me go with all my cash too!Can't believe he didn't go for the bribe.

I hadn't been there in about 2 years and it's changed quite a bit. A lot busier and less women in my opinion. The ratio was about 3 to 1 guys to girls. Not to sound conceited but I never worry about competition from other guys whether it's a bar in San Diego or ***** house in TJ. Looks probably get you no where with the latter but it may help get services a little faster if anything.

Most of the girls where over-weight, old or both. There was one really cute young one who I saw turning several guys down. My guess is that she was asking too much. I was getting ready to leave and I saw this hotty! I don't remember her name but she was thin and had long hair. She wore a half shirt, nice tan, and a very very nice fake rack. She also had a tattoo just below her belly button.

I talked to her for about 5 mins. She didn't know much English but I don't know a LICK of Spanish so you can imagine how this went. Just a lot of smiling on my side. Anyway, without buying drinks or any of that nonsense I asked how much and she offered 60 bucks so I am good to go.

She took me upstairs and I paid for the room (I think $10). She asked for money upfront which I paid. Then she stripped down. I have to admit being ever so slightly disappointed at some mild (very mild) stretch marks when naked because I couldn't see them at all in the club where she was bearly wearing anything. Geeze, I am picky though because she was hot with a nice thin body and face with a bubble butt popping out all of the place! I popped missionary after about 20 min and a CBJ warm-up to begin things. I usually take a long time so she is hot. I only had 20's so I couldn't tip here but I told her I would when I got downstairs.

I couldn't find her downstairs so I left and went to HK. It was about 12 and the place was kinda dead. I cute blonde when I first walked on then she left.

I walked to a corner bar (forgot the name) and saw a cute little girl in a corner with a bunch of other girls. I talked to them for a while and she started to flirt and hold hands etc. I was getting horney again so I took her to the upstairs for agreed 40 bucks to a room right next to the place. When I got there I couldn't find my wallet!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I walked out looking for this chick's friend who was sitting next to us. It seemed too suspicous. I walked back into the bar and talked the bartender to ask if they saw a wallet because I did buy a beer there. I even suggested asking the Polica to help me to the bartender and the chica upstairs waiting for me. When I walked back up the guys operating the room next to the bar mysteriously found my wallet!!! Anyway, I was pissed and fucked her anyway. She was very cute and tiny but more stretch marks! I hate that!

I have been pick pocketed by a bar girl before in TJ and got it back then too. Usually the best thing to do is go to the bartender or manager and ask then to help. If you even mention the Polica to "help" you then you'll find your wallet again. This is the moral to the story.

Good time anyway, I will probably go back this weekend and if anyone wants to join me then let me know.


02-20-04, 01:01
There was an ad in the San Diego Reader today about a place in TJ. The place is called "Real Spa". Their web site is www.realejecutivo.com. Is this place new, and does anybody have any 'real' information? It looks nice on the website, and there are several pictures of two chicas in different areas. Has anyone taken one for the team here yet? Thanks!


Simple Man
02-20-04, 01:43
Dear Member 1655:

After extensive consultation with Dr. Frijole, we both would recomend that you not use viagra as it may have the unwanted side effect of you reproducing which could well lead to widespread headaches for the rest of mankind.

Travis Bickle 2
02-20-04, 02:09
Member #1655, I've never heard of a young male between the ages of 19-25 needing viagra. When I was that age I was a walking hard-on.


02-20-04, 08:26
Re Member 1655 about use of Viagra.

I'm not a Doctor but Viagra is intended to help those men who have difficulty in getting an erection or holding an erection.

Now, if I remember between 19-25 my erections were as hard as a rock and I could keep rocking for quite sometime.

Dude, do you have a problem getting or holding an erection? Due to mother nature, as men get older, the erections are not as hard as when you were 25 and after you bust a nut, it takes long to bounce back. That is where Viagra comes in handy for us, you get a a rock hard on and can rebound very quickly too.

At your age absent a medical or emotional problem, you should not have to resort to Viagra in my opinion but I'm not a Doctor!

02-20-04, 10:12
Tried Hotel Rizo de Oro tonight. They are connected to Cascadas, hence the Cascadas price board and Cascadas linens. The guy at the desk said. First girl free, second $12. I got the double for $40 and two girls free. The upside to this is that there a bunch of FINE tropical girls roaming the halls. Also the rooms are great. The showers were so hot and powerful I felt guilty taking 3 showers. The bad thing is the Chicas were tapping on the window and giggling as I was banging the second street girl. No problem. The beds are very hard. TV works great. I think I'll try it again. This time hitting the local hallway talent.


Q Bert
02-21-04, 13:50
Report on 2/20/04.

I did the usual and took the tolley down from downtown San Diego to San Ysidro crossing. I walked across and headed towards the arches on the righ hand side.

I got to Zona Norte about 10:45 or so and noticed a really hot SG on Constitution about 3 blocks before ZN. Since my plan was to experience one SG (for the first time in TJ) and one BG I almost made the move but it was much too soon.

So I head into AB looking for someone a.) young, b.) petite, and C.) nice tight body. After a couple of beers and being picky as usual I settled on Kaila. Nice spinner with curly black hair to her shoulders, a nice B cup rack, and beautiful face. In the dim light it was hard to tell if she was young but she turned out to be 22. I always worry about babies and stretch marks but I felt safe with her. She also said that she would do a "good job" in her limited English.

Anyway, she takes me up to the room without much conversation. She is quite mechanical standing above me lying naked on the bed doing some kinda dance with only her g-string for a sec then gets down the the CBJ for une momento. I have to admit that she was tight though with a nice tight rack that almost looked real. I had to queeze them a few times to even know for sure but they were indeed fake but not too big. She is how I like them. About 5' 2" 105 lbs and a beautiful face. After I was done I asked her if I could take a picture using my camera phone and she refused at first then agreed to if I promised not to put it on the internet. That surprised me. She must know about WSG! If someone is really curious then send me a PM and I'll send you a picture. Her family doesn't know she is doing this she said. I have to say that the hotel that AB uses must be remodeled. It is upgraded and really clean. This was Kaila's supposed 2nd month on the job.

After I was done with Kaila then I went back down to have another beer in AB. I guess it was about 11:30 at this time. Because this is my second time since first going to TJ 3 years ago, I headed to Chicago Club which as THE place at the time. My how things have changed. It was dead. The funny thing is that I recongized a thin bleach blond that I did three years ago. She looked VERY worn out and older. I was amazed since I barely recongized her. She couldn't be more then 28 now but looked older then me (33). These girls have no idea how long there shelf life is I bet. I hope they save de niro!

I left CC and looked for my SG about 12:00am now going in and out of bars on the way and even into the Tropicana Hotel bar for a beer where it seemed like no hot girls where working. The SG action around the Zona wasn't very good at all and I got a little lost admittedly trying to find the first SG I ran into when I first got there. I finally found her but the Polica was standing right next to her so I decided to move on.

The next stop was the Miami Bar. OH MY GOD, I saw the craziest thing there about 1:30! They had this pretty thin and hot chica with another fat chica with a huge rack doing a lesbian act with shaving creme all over themselves. The thin girl was a top sliding around on top of the fat one then the fat girl got on top of the thin one. If this wasn't crazy enough, a patron (some fat Japanese guy) gets into the mix. He must have been drunk and walks on the stage with them. They strip him down and get all crazy on top of him. They both were on top of him licking, feeling, sliding around, etc. etc. Not to critic any man's package size, but he had have had the smallest unit anyone had ever seen! The whole place was going crazy and this Mexican in a tux with a camcorder was filming it all. After this craziness was over I noticed a hot hot chick who seemed like she didn't belong there. There were a couple of guys who worked there talking to her and I wasn't sure if I could approach her. I lost sight of her for a second and could find her even with the help of one of the waiters and I finally saw her in the front of the bar. Wow. I know the next was supposed to be a SG but I had to do it. I even bought her a $7 drink for us to sit down and not talk. This girl new NO English. Her name was Alexandra and she was defintely a newbe. I finally get her to the room in Bienvenido a Las Cascadas (which is nice by the way) and the first thing she does is take a shower beforehand!! I started getting flash backs to BKK!!!!

Alexandro had not a perfect body but it was close and she was young (23) with a very very nice REAL rack. She didn't do a CBJ or even have any KYJ on hand which is very odd. This is when I knew she was a fresh one. I took it slow and licked her breasts and stomach as she laid there naked after her shower. It took me a while and missionary since I don't reload that fast but it was just before the knock which made me happy. Afterwards she took another shower and told me that this was her 7th day and I believe it!!

Finally I take a cab for $5 back to the border only to find out that the trolley closes now at 1:00 am!!! I was screwed since it was now 3:00 am. Luckily for me I found a couple to share the cab ride home and only cost $25.

Man I love TJ!


Survey Says
02-23-04, 08:10
Is the Lesbian show at Hong Kong or Miami? I know they're both connected but did not see the show on Valentine's weekend.

Krypto Knight
02-23-04, 09:43
Went down Saturday evening.

This time stayed at Hotel Rizo de Oro because Cascades was sold out. Brought ear plugs and this solved noise problems once it was time to sleep.

Took street girl first, Jacquelyn .Very beautiful 8-9. Laid on her back and looked bored the whole time. Becoming disillusioned with street girls. Litterally looked at her nails during "the act",almost mocking me.

Explored Les Chevales and Tropical for the first time.

Took two girls from Tropical, sorry don't remember names. Two very different experiences. One a complete GFE. Because I was in the hotel Tropical, no time limit except for the girls own limits.

Girl A was like a girl friend party. We did shots of vodka, took our time, sex was GFE effect all the way, she was an 8, overall great experience.

Next Chica was a porn star type. A bit of a nasty girl, dressed very sleazy, I asked how long she said "no problema" and she wasn't lieing. Seemed to really want to just get it on. Lot's of dirty talk, lot's of encouragement, totally porn star no GFE. Many positions. BBBJ for an extra 10.

Actual sex lasted over 1/2 hour and not only did she not complain, she encouraged. She really seemed to want it,no rush, no complaints, lots of noise and encouragement.

Both sessions lasted over the 1/2 hour advertised time.

Did not do Adelitas this trip and may not again.

Draw back is it is hard to crack the code at these clubs. Little English spoken. Girls are not aggressive you must do the work. LOt's of Ugly, fat women that may after first make you head out the door...sit, relax, have a beer,watch. There are diamonds in the rough and they are well worth the effort.

I may be done with Adelitas. I was one of only 2-3 Gringos in Tropical.

Lucky me.

Q Bert
02-23-04, 19:51

How often do you go down? A bunch of us should go down together and use our collective experiences. I've thought about getting a room but have always been a little leary with the whole scene.

In fact, anyone interested in starting TJMA similiar to what Jackson has in BA? That would be interesting!

I am thinking that I would ultimately save money getting a room and negotiating a longer time like you did. I am very poor spanish speaker (taking classes) and it's hard to get exactly what you want.


The show was at Miami and not HK and on the small dance floor in back in front of el banjos.

02-24-04, 01:21
hey K Knight
"Took street girl first, Jacquelyn .Very beautiful 8-9. Laid on her back and looked bored the whole time. Becoming disillusioned with street girls. Litterally looked at her nails during "the act",almost mocking me."

Was this the flaca chica from the alley? She stands on the south side of the alley in the middle close to the blue hotel? Very pretty, but the worseattitude.

If you can get her doggy and reach around and grab her clit... she's powerless and you can can have that panocha squeezing you like a vice grip. I hit that about three times when she first hit the street a few years back. She's a busy hooker snagging all the gringos that like the skinny ass. I'm sure she's seen 1000 dicks a year.

What was your room number at De Oro?


Sterling V
02-24-04, 03:04

I saw a lesbian show the last time I was in Miami. Both girls got covered in Shaving cream and were rug munching. One cute little flaca, one mediocre gorda.

Sterling V