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05-11-02, 01:37
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05-13-02, 07:00
Welcome to this new forum all. I would like to just post that I have removed the MSN site that I had set up for pic viewing;
For the same reasons as before.
Hey Guys ,I am sorry but I have to Close this site ..http://communities.msn.com/CubanPetesDivingRetreat ....too much exposure . Will be opening a new site that is a little more inconspicuous. Soon to be announced ! Thank you for your understanding!

No Fingerprints
You can view the pics of the trip here.
You must join the community to see pics... its free , but I had to set it up that way due to the nature of the pics and Content. I will check my email once a day for new members and do approvals.


"No FingerPrints"

* Jackson .... Did you get those pics?

If you did feel free to post them if you like.

I am working on some annonymity issues.

In anycase I just wanted to post this so that It is not in anyway misleading to anyone.

Thanks for your understanding, And pardon if anyone didnt get to see the pics. I will be creating a new " No Charge " Viewing area soon to be announced.



AKA " No Fingerprints "

05-13-02, 09:16
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say this is a great site and i really enjoyed everyone's comments. As the matter of fact, before going to Havana this Month, the comments helped me alot.

I just wanted to suggest if you ever decide to go to Havana please consider these:

-Bring enough money and leave $20 USD in your passport for the airport fee when you leave!

- Speaking Spanish (at least a little) is great, however, if you don't speak, you will be able to get some action but much less than what you might expect

- I found a boy who was my guide all the time in my trip and he helped me alot showing me all the places and night clubs that a regular tourist would not go.

- I fucked 5 girls ( just like models) during my stay and I didn't put much effort towards that. (2 of them found me on Malecon, one I picled up in a taxi ( the old taxis), and the other 2 (super cute sisters) from a night club.

-food is a nightmare in Havana ( overall cuba), if you plan to stay in Casa Particular, pay a few $ and get the landlord makes you somethin descent)

-Be open to people, they are exteremly nice. I had no problem with connecting with people.

-Havana is exepensive, as a rule of thumb take enough money so you can fulfill your wildest dreams. I spent about $100/day.

-The last thing is don't go to night clubs where Italians are there. They fucked up everything in Cuba.

Have fun!

05-13-02, 20:28
max, thanks for your advice, I find it useful.

What's the going rate for the Cuban chicks at the moment?

Which night clubs would you recomend?


05-14-02, 01:46
Max, given that you stayed in a Casa Particular, how did you stash your cash for a week?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by max

-Bring enough money and leave $20 USD in your passport for the airport fee when you leave!

05-14-02, 22:34

To Explorer8939:

I had a pouch (or a passport carrier if you like) hanging around my neck all the time. I had combination of credit card (Canadian bank Visa, all visas are accepted except the one issued in USA) and 50's and 20's. Don't take 100's. In most of the cases they don't except them.

The best way also to carry your cash is to have a secret pocket in your pants.

To Gladiator:
The prices are now ranging from 15 to 80 USD. But in no way I'd pay 80. For one girl i just paid a 20 dollars for dinner+taxi and the sex was for free. For the two sisters i paid for both 55+a bottle of rum($4)+20 for room rent. For one of the girls on Malecon, I paid $20 + a $10 room rental for 30 minutes. The other one was a kinky teenage girl with super cute ass. I really liked her so I awarded her for the great sex and i paid $35. In China town in Havana, a girl offered me 15.

About your questin which night clubs, I sincerely feel if I reveal that, it may ruine my next vacation ;). but since you asked: TUNEL (read TOONEL) is one of the few. Hint: Do your reaserch.

Hope that helps, if someone has a question a particular area I would be more than happy to answer. cheers!

05-14-02, 23:57
I will be going to Havana on the 24th of May and was wondering if anyone can give any suggestion on where to stay in Havana and in Veradero. I will arrive at almost 2 in the morning so should I have a reservation before? Any addresses for casa particular's would be great.

Also how is the seafood in Havana?

05-18-02, 09:54

There are many places that you can stay in Havana, but i recommend you stay close to Malecon.

visit this site and pick a few. the worst case scenario is you stay in one over night and move on to the next. just take a bunch of addresses and confirm it with landlord if they're available.


Most of the landlords have someone to pick you up around 2 AM and drive you home( for free), but if that's not the case make sure they know you are arriving at that time and take a taxi to get there (if possible) shop around for taxi.

Your worry should be on the first night. Later on, just walk on street and people will find you if you need a place to stay.

I recommend you find a seperate apartment so that way you can have your own freedom if you wanna invite a girl to your place.
There was a place around the corner of 23 and Malecon and it had a great view to the water and the fee was $35. sorry i don't know the exact address, though, there is a sign saying apartment for rent)

In Veradero, I don't think you can rent a casa particular, as it's illegal to rent one.

There are some restaurant that they serve sea food but the prices are $20 and up (based on my experience). Sea food quality is 4 out of 10 (ranking 1-10)

good luck.

05-18-02, 13:38

I agree totaly with Max, some good info' well shared, $35 is a bit on the high side however, go for soemthing in the $15 - £30 range and you will be happy. Here is a little more for you Akhan:-


All give casa info & general help.

Happy to help but please post back your experiences (costs, adventures! Action, the police activiety....).


05-18-02, 20:06
In 2 weeks I'll be in Havana for the first time, and thanks to your good pieces of advice I hope to make the most of my visit.

One more question: what's the best part of the Malecon to pick up chicks? Because it's 7-8 km long...

Thanks in advance.

05-21-02, 08:38

regarding your question, stay close to old havana area and 23 st. and Malecon. around 7 pm and so forth, there are many young girls walking along malecon. Either in groups or single.

Based on what i read on the previous messages, many believe that malecon is dead. but that all depends on several factors. What time of the day you are there and whether you are lucky.

I used to act like a dumb tourist with a camera walking about 3-4 km along the coastline and I always encountered somone who was interested to socialize, specially girls!

On the police activities, right next to the water fall on 23rd (across Air Cubana office) for a few nights I saw some young Jinetera (rating 6 out of 10) around 15-16 years old used to hang around (around 8-10 pm). Everynight there was a new one. One night, there was a police raid and those girls disapeared but a night after some more showed up.

Good luck :)

05-21-02, 23:46
Hi all,
I am interested in visiting Cuba, but am an American.
Have read that traveling there can be a offense in the States ($1000 Fine) but usually not enforced.
I have read on this board (the old one) that if you fly to another location than come in, usually there are no issues upon return to the States (passport issues).
Would like to know if this is feasible.
I think Cuba is good and close to home and might be a viable alternative to other locations.
Any comments/insights/experiences are appreciated.

05-21-02, 23:58
The penalties are a $7000 fine for spending US dollars (or their equivalent) in Cuba; ie trading with the enemy.

Travel to Cuba without permission essentially violates the ban, unless the government of Cuba pays for your room and board. Your passport is stamped with a little black mark when you arrive at the airport. Once you turn in your passport to renew, the State Department will see that black mark and know that you were in Cuba. This is rarely enforced, but who knows what the climate will be like when YOUR passport is renewed?

BTW, no American has answered the question of where to stash your cash, since US credit cards and ATM cards don't work in Cuba. Canadians have no problem, though. I have asked this question many times, and the stock answers have been:

a) I'm a Canadian, I use my Canadian credit card.
b) I carry around thousands of dollars in cash, even at the beach, although I am traveling by myself. I stay in private homes and have no fear of leaving large amounts of cash in the room while I am gone.
c) I was thinking that maybe I would get a Mexican credit card, bet that would work.

Originally posted by clix
I am interested in visiting Cuba, but am an American.
Have read that traveling there can be a offense in the States ($1000 Fine) but usually not enforced.

05-22-02, 01:57
I met the guy who goes by the alias "No Fingerprints."
He has been offering "tout" services to persons wanting
to travel to Cuba. I strongly advise everyone not to
use him.

No Fingerprints lives in Houston. I visited him in April.
He contacted me after he saw the post of my trip to Cuba in
December 2000. He asked me for advice and contacts to assist
him on his trip to Havana and Cienfuegos that he took in March.
On my first trip I met the blonde that he photographed and
raved about so much. Basically, I hooked him up with all the
right contacts so he had a great time. When he returned
he planned to return at the beginning of May.

I travelled down to Houston to meet him to discuss how to
help him get customers for his tour guide business. I also
wanted to get a first-hand assessment of the person to whom
I might be sending some of my friends to. You see, for
many reasons I am not able to travel to Cuba very often so
I would not be able to take my own friends who wanted to go.

While I was with him, I purchased over $200 worth of clothing,
shoes, and a CD/cassette player for him to bring as gifts. Half
were for my novia (including the CD player), and the other half
were for his novia. My novia and his novia are best friends.
I also gave him a 7-year old laptop computer to give to my novia.
It's worthless to me, but it's gold for a Cuban.

After he landed in Havana we spoke, and he complained that he got stuck with HUGE customs duties at the airport, and he asked me to send him money! Later my contacts told me he was lying. However, at the time I smelled a rat, and thought that he was an asshole to even dare to ask me for money after all the help I had given him.

That night, I called my novia and warned her about No Fingerprints, and she warned her best friend, No Fingerprints' novia. This guy was such an asshole and treated his novia so poorly that his Cuban novia refused to accept $100 worth of gifts, and she told him that she didn't ever want to see him again! You know that he had to be pretty disgusting to evoke that kind of reaction from a Cuban desperate for consumer goods.

To make a long story short, he bartered my CD player and laptop
for his personal use (pussy, casa, scuba diving, etc.), and my
novia only gets some of her gifts. I figure that he might pull a
stunt like this so my letter to my novia contained an itemized
list of what she should be receiving. When she saw No Fingerprints was holding back, she complained. He offered to give her the CD player if she accompanied him on a trip to Cienfuegos. She refused. Again, it's not totally because she's in love with me (LOL), it's mainly because this guy is such a revolting terd, he brings out Cuban character traits that actually rise above sheer materialism.

When I called he lied about the reasons my novia didn't get her gifts. However, he got tangled in his web of lies when I cross-checked his facts against the testimony of others.

We expect to get ripped off by Cubans. However, it's a tragedy when other hobbyists try to screw their colleagues. After I posted this warning on another website, he shut down his "Exotic Dive Specialties" MSN discussion group. I'm posting it on this website so that the rest of you will also be warned to avoid contact with this guy.

05-22-02, 04:16
does anyone know if the Cubans use THE SAME PAGE for their entry stamp? (I mean do they stamp the same page for everyone - I have heard that some countries stamp particular pages.

It's easy enough to get to Havana from Mexico City - just want to avoid trouble with US

05-30-02, 15:07
I'm going to be in Havana 29 June through 5 July. Any travellers going to be in the vacinity then? Meet for a drink, share ideas, party etc? email me at sedition2001@hotmail.com or message here. I always go to Cuba in the winter, 4 previous trips but this is my first summer trip.

I see from the older reports that with the colleges / universities being on summer breakes the pickings are very good indeed. We can report back to the forum with fresh facts.

Also any very recent travellers please report back fresh info...

Share and progress...

06-05-02, 23:05
Hi guys,
thanks for this forum it helps a lot.
But I want to go for the first time to varadero und havanna and
I wanted to ask if you can tell me if it is still hard to find good
Looking ladys in varadero for a 20 year old guy?
And if it is possible to rent a casa particular or something like that
In havanna for one week so you can bring everynight some chicas
To your bed without any security guys?

06-06-02, 04:51
I'd asked this question in general info and didn't get a response. since is the most popular area for cuba, I thought I would ask it here. Has anyone enter Cuba by Cubalinda? It's owned by a former member of the CIA. That part makes me nervous. I don't want to get busted before I get there.

06-06-02, 21:37
who nows ore there any direct flights from sdq to cuba, and can you take a domanican girl with you, ( will they need a visum?)i like to go end of june

06-07-02, 02:18
Originally posted by DIY
I'd asked this question in general info and didn't get a response. since is the most popular area for cuba, I thought I would ask it here. Has anyone enter Cuba by Cubalinda? It's owned by a former member of the CIA. That part makes me nervous. I don't want to get busted before I get there.
I was considerign Cuba and using the Cubalinda method also...
I emailed them since thier site suggested in implication that they knew how to get Americans in with no problems, but the site did not provide the informatin. They responded and gave me three cities to fly in from that would not present problems.
However, I don't thing the city I leave from is the problem, iI think the arrival in Havana where they stamp your visa would be issue to be concerned with.
Are there certain cities one can fly from to Havana where Cuban officials will not stamp your visa?
If yes, that would make me more inclined to go for a visit....
Can anyone help?

06-07-02, 22:27
Ok Live in New Orleans! I want to know what is the best way for me to get to Cuba?

06-07-02, 23:11
from new orleans, go to the nearest mexican city, head to the cuban consulate, get a visa, make transit into cuba from mexico.

06-07-02, 23:44
DR i have no clue. but from NYC, i'd hop over to toronto, head to the cuban consulate, get visa, fly direct out to cuba.

06-08-02, 06:34
Hey all.

Was in Cuba end of March through mid April did'nt get visa, bought ticket from netssa.com, a Toronto based company selling tours to various cities in Cuba. with the ticket tourist card was included. If American passport is not stamped, tourist card is. You must then keep tourist card and passport together. when I bought ticket was told that visa was not necessary, Canada and Cuba have good relations, since I was leaving from Canada I had no Problems. Even when I came back and crossed border into US, I told them I was in Cuba and had no problems. They only asked if I had cigars. Toronto or Montreal are the best places to get to Cuba if you're in the northeast part of the country as both cities have direct flights. Americans don't worry they wont stamp your passport. The site I mentioned earlier in the post also has great last minute specials prices all in canadian dollars.

Now for the trip report:

I guess a little background is necessary. I was born in the US but my mother and everybody on my moms side of the family was born in Cuba. My mom had went several times before and finally convinced me to go (No idea why it took her so long) and meet some relatives I'd never met. bear in mind my spanish is not great but if you speak any it is a great advantage, and saves you alot of money. Anyway, I met my realatives and stayed with them in their house in Arroyo Naranga(spelling), a barrio outside Havana. Their hospitality amazed me considering they had never met me before, it was like they knew me all of their lives. my first night there my uncle took me to La Rampa and negtiated two young girls around 19-20 one was a 6 other was a 7 but I grade hard others might grade them higher these girls were definitely fuckable, to come with us back to the house and stay the night. $20 a piece plus cab fare back to La Rampa in the morning (about $7) These girls fucked the shit out of both of us and we pulled the switch half way through. You gotta be able to talk to them make them feel comfortable a couple of drinks maybye, they're gonna fuck you anyway might as well make them feel good about it. First night was a good night me and my uncle got drunk and fucked and I only spent $70 total, drinks, taxi, girls everything. I ve spent more than that drinking by myself back home. The next day my cousin who is a girl by the way, started calling all her girlfriends to tell them that her cousin from the US is here visiting, she might as well have been my own personal madam as I met girl after girl. I should say right now that Cuban people are proud people but they also know how to have a good time. Considering that the average cuban makes any where from 200 to 250 cuban pesos a month they have little if no income for luxuries or partying so a visitor from the US attracts everone on the block at some point during your stay. As they assume you have and can spend a hundred times more money then they can and are right.
Anyway, my cousin hooked me up with this one girl who lived a few houses down the street from my family. my cousin told me to have my way with her and give her $20 bucks when I was done, but a funny thing occurred, she really liked me cuz we talked and drank cristal beer for about 40 minutes before the action started and she was insane, licked me all over fucked me silly and did'nt want the money, I had to force her to take it. she then invited me to her house every night for the rest of my stay and did'nt want me to leave. To make a long story short I was there 15 days and only spent $375 most of it on on beer and rum. get to the real neighborhoods avoid the tourist traps and try to meet someone nice to be with while you're there you'll have a better time and spend less money, and again spanish helps tremendously!!!!

Good luck to all in their travels

06-08-02, 16:51

I may or may not take that as joke depending on what kind of man I'm dealing with. When I was there my cousins asked me to bring some friends of mine the next time I came. I spoke to a couple of guys I know they could'nt go (no passport, no money, etc...) and it would be nice to find someone with similar qualities to myself to hang out and girl chase with. Keep in mind this is my family so I am a cautious, and don't want to bring just anybody, but if I could find somebody laid back and respectful we could probably have a great time.

I'm assuming youre in the city by your handle, I'm upstate 5 minutes from the canadian border. and was planning next trip end of june early july If that time is in your schedule maybye this can jump off. Reply to this post if interested then I'll email you back.

06-09-02, 20:02
Hey Mister_NYC & Mars.

I'm going to be in Havana from 28-06-02 (06/28/02). If you would like to meet up for a drink email me: sedition2001@hotmail.com I'm not looking for anything / selling anything -just a drink with fellow travellers -tell you what, I'll buy the first round of crystal... Nice to compare notes in person....

06-09-02, 23:32
I've just come back from an 8-night stay in Havana. It was my first time there, so my aim was to get a first impression of the sexual atmosphere in the city, rather than to carry out a thorough study, for which a longer stay would be necessary.

I was particularly interested in pros since they'd give me more flexibility than non-pros when it came to changing pussy on a daily basis, which is what I like.

I've found the Rampa (street 23) and surrounding area to be the most active and interesting zone, where you can find chicks during the day and at night till 3-5 am, depending on police activity. There're around 5-6 nightclubs in this area that are worth visiting. Thursday to Sunday are the nights when there're the most pussies in the clubs. The clubs are smallish and uninspiring with an average of between 20 and 60 chicks depending on the night. Many of the chicks in these clubs are hardened pros who put pressure on you to invite them or to take them with you. I preferred to ignore these ones and wait for a while in order to find an outstanding pussy, a pussy that really appealed to me and that wasn't so hardened.

The chicks that walk during the day in this area tend to have better attitude than their night counterparts, and also offer better rates, they are more girlfriend-style, though you can also find well-behaved pussy at night if you spend some time on your search.

I was only interested in all-nighters. The asking price at the clubs for all-night service was USD 50, but you can always negotiate it down to USD 30-40. The maximum I paid for a nightclub pussy was USD 40, but she was a 17-year-old black stunner. As the age of consent is 18 I had to take the usual measures so as not to get into trouble.

The asking rate on the streets is variable and normally within the range USD 20-50 for all night service. I got 2 cousins on the street for a threesome all-night long for USD 40 both. One was 23 years old and average type but the other was 19 and quite cute.

I didn't see any significant activity in the Malecon, the best pussy I saw there was an 18-year-old blond stunner who quoted USD 60 for a 2-hour session, which made me laugh, and she wasn't willing to negotiate. That blonde pussy is one of the biggest financial speculators I've come accross. It's against my religion paying USD 60 in a country like Cuba where monthly salaries are around USD 10-15. Paying such vast amounts would spoil the chicks and ruin that paradise.

I also got to know some non-pros out of El Vedado, in "normal" nightclubs, and I realized that most non-pros are up for grabs too, though they do expect you to spend some money on them with dinners, presents, etc, that is, whether you go with pros or with non-pros you'll have to spend roughly the same amount of money per day.

Morally, I don't see any difference between a pro and a non-pro in Havana: both fuck with you for money or other material goods. Anyway, as I said before, I concentrated this time on pros, I may research with more attention the non-pro world in Havana in my next visit.

In general, I consider Havana to be an excellent destination for pussy-hunting with a good variety of chicks of different races and ages. The scene would definitely improve if the authorities were not so narrow-minded and didn't scare the gilrs all the time with so many ID checks and arrests, but in any case it is still a place were you can't get bored.

06-10-02, 01:10
Gladiator and others:

How about names of the better clubs. I am going down there next week. Any tranquilo forumites plan on being there at that time? Has anyone on the forum had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful brunette in Habana by name of Marilys? She is from Holguin province in eastern Cuba.

06-10-02, 02:45
If you're an American citizen, you can't bring your credit cards. They're invaild there. I don't want to walk around with gobs of cash,especially around the custom agents. Is there anyway I could get around that? Or a website that i can get a disposable card from a Canadan bank?

06-11-02, 06:26
DIY is asking about money.

Aside from carrying cash your options are:
1. Using travelers checks (including american express). However you should purchase them at a foreign airport. Remember checks are always return to the bank where your purchase them.
Charge in Cuba 3% weekdays, 4% weekends

2. Debit card Transcard
This is more expensive but is another option.
You may use it anywhere VISA and MC are accepted.

Caliente del Norte

06-12-02, 20:16
To arecho66,

The best clubs for pros around la Rampa area are: Tikoa, Cheherezada, Amanecer, Karachi, Broquilla (on the 1st floor of hotel habana Libre) and there is also a sort of small restaurant-bar called 'Conejito' where you can find a few pros too, though I found the chicks in this last place were too hardcore to my taste. Most of them open at 10 pm, but the action starts usually later, at around midnight. All of them are within walking distance from la Rampa.

There was also a famous club on the top floor of hotel Habana Libre, but I didn't check it out as everyone told me the pussy there were more expensive, with asking prices of 100 USD and not in the mood to negotiate too much. The entrance to this club was also overpriced at 15 USD.

The best clubs for non-pros are: Tunel, Brindis (both close to Plaza Roja) and Rosalia de Castro (in Old Havana). But they don't open everyday, they were definitely open at the weekend but I think they close on some weekdays. It's best to get in at around midnight too.

If you find some interesting new places I missed please let me know.

06-13-02, 04:15
*American Express* travelers' checks really work in Cuba? You mean, the ones where YOU SIGN YOUR NAME on them, so that American Express andf their friends in the US gov't know that you spent cash in Cuba?

Originally posted by CalienteDelNort

Aside from carrying cash your options are:
1. Using travelers checks (including american express). [/i]

J Wadd
06-13-02, 07:44
O.k. guys -- Gladiator hs given us some very valuable information down below (clubs names). Don't ruin the tip! Negoitiate! If you can afford a 50 USD dollar quote from a girl you can't say no to -- talk her down!

Those of us who go to Cuba often are getting shelled by 1 or 2 time visitors to Cuba who spendspendspend because it's so cheap. Please try to honor the punting code and don't take the first price quoted (if it's high).

Sorry for the preaching -- but I've seen Rio de Janeiro ruined by similar good tips.

Happy Hunting,

06-13-02, 16:08
I've travelled quite a bit to Eastern Europe on business and dipped into the lifestyle at the same time but never down South.

I'm wondereing if anyone can comment on the following strategy:

In general, I'd like to go for "non-pros" since I speak some Spanish. I'm 39 and in good condition.

If I want to rent a private apartment and take a quick trip of a round 5 days to Havana, is it realistic to get daily action with chicas from everyday life.

I also planned on renting a car just in case Havana was "shut down". If so, what beaces or cities make sense if I stay based in Havana.

I ask since it seems incredible to be able to hang around a college, school, store or lacal bar and bed these babes!

I also need to stay in touch via Internet, so should I get a room at the parque Central or Nacional and a casa particular, or does anyone know how to get onto the Internet.

Any help is appreciated as this looks too good to pass up!


06-13-02, 21:46

As far as Internet goes when I was there I went to the Capitolio it's in the vicinity of Old Havana inside they have a cyber cafe. No broadband here, were talking 28.8 modem (Hope you're not in a hurry, took me 45 minutes to check my e-mail.) at $5 an hour.

As far as meeting non-pros, renting a car is a good option, Since you speak spanish. On main streets there is always attractive women hitch-hiking, seems thats the norm there. Pick one up a little small talk, Invite for drinks, dinner whatever. Have pen and paper handy, to get a number or an address. Beware, If you're attractive and fun you'll have a hard time breaking free of her.

As far as casas are concerned, I would go to casaparticular.com get a casa for the first night and look around the old havana area and barter, this is the low tourist season.

Have fun

Spotted Dog
06-14-02, 00:15
I am arriving in Havana Sat. night. I am going to stay at the Copacabana the 1st couple of nights. At $110.00 a night it is a little pricey anyone know a less expensive hotel that is of the same quality?
Any hotel info on cienfuegos would be helpful also.

06-15-02, 00:02
Como estan amigos?

I am to spend a couple of days in Havana on my way to Central America. Can anyone provide specifics about:

1) casas particulares: I am looking for upmarket rooms (apartamentos de lujo) in the range USD 20-25. I would like to have 2 or 3 such addresses near La Rampa, with the name of the owner and the phone number. Calling in advance is a good idea to avoid being driven crazy by a cab (pun not intended) at 1 AM!!;

2) Discos: I am trying to ferret out the CURRENT hot discos in Havana. I stress that things change very fast in Havana and the information that is provided must not exceed 3 months of age! Can anyone provide us with 2 or 3 updated tips?

Thank you.

06-19-02, 16:06
I am a complete newbie to Cuba and am thinking about a trip. I wonder if I could ask some advice. I speak a little Spanish, but cannot hold a long conversation.

How do the women rate here? I like tall, attractive, thin waisted but not too skinny girls.

How are they in action? Can one find a GFE like Thailand?

What are the costs of ST and LT.

Can you take them to salsa clubs?

How safe is the scene?

Where are the best pick up places (go-go's, bars , street...)

Any other words of advice would be very welcome.

Many thanks to all

06-21-02, 21:48

I'm not a Cuba expert, but I've recently spent a few days there and can reply some of your questions.

You can find there cute chicks of all colours. They are quite good in action, even the younger ones.

If you read the messages below you'll find the going rates at the moment for LT & ST -always negotiable.

You can take the chicks whenever you like.

The scene (street, bars, etc) is probably the safest on earth: police is omnipresent. However you should be extremely careful when you take the chicks to your room, some of them tend to be light-fingered.

For best pick-up places see below messages on this board, basically they're just streets, bars and discos.

Unfortunately there are no go-gos in Cuba nor sex shows of any kind. Don't expect to find Pattaya there. In my opinion Thailand is light-years ahead of Cuba in the sex scene. From what I saw the only advantage of Cuba over Thailand is the amazing variety of races you can find there. But having said that, I must admit Cuba is an excellent place to enjoy pussy.

You can get girlfriend-style chicks there too like in Thailand; though, in general, I find Thai girls to be sweeter and not as money-minded as Cuban chicks. In any case, I have more experience in Thailand than in Cuba, so I really need to explore better the Cuban scene to get a broader picture.

I hope this helps you.

06-24-02, 08:58
Thanks for the info. I am more familiar with LOS too, but do like latin chicks, I hope to get there soon and will recant my experiences here. In the meanwhile I will read these pages with interest.

06-25-02, 22:04
JWadd, you're right: overpaying is the quickest way to spoil chicks and eventually ruining cities.

I paid an average of USD 30 per chick per night (all-night service) in Havana, which in my opinion is a high rate considering the state of the Cuban economy. The price in Cuba should be in the region USD 10-20 p/chick p/night, so we really need to stick at it and negotiate even harder with the pussy in order to bring down the rates.

From what I saw, most chicks are willing to negotiate and tell you the initial asking price in the hope that you're a real sucker and accept it straightaway. In total, I only met 3 inflexible chicks who weren't willing to negotiate, and I just moved on to the next pussy. With so many pussy around the negotiation game is at our advantage.

I've heard of some spoilt paradises, such as Rio or Santo Domingo, with cute chicks asking for -and frequently getting- USD 100+ p/night. Let's prevent Cuba from being spoilt in the same way.

06-25-02, 22:58
Originally posted by Gladiator
JWadd, you're right: overpaying is the quickest way to spoil chicks and eventually ruining cities.

I paid an average of USD 30 per chick per night (all-night service) in Havana, which in my opinion is a high rate considering the state of the Cuban economy. The price in Cuba should be in the region USD 10-20 p/chick p/night, so we really need to stick at it and negotiate even harder with the pussy in order to bring down the rates.

From what I saw, most chicks are willing to negotiate and tell you the initial asking price in the hope that you're a real sucker and accept it straightaway. In total, I only met 3 inflexible chicks who weren't willing to negotiate, and I just moved on to the next pussy. With so many pussy around the negotiation game is at our advantage.

I've heard of some spoilt paradises, such as Rio or Santo Domingo, with cute chicks asking for -and frequently getting- USD 100+ p/night. Let's prevent Cuba from being spoilt in the same way.


Thanks for your info. Could you provide us with some specifics? Which bars / discos have you been to get the chicas? Do you recommend a particular casa particular? Besides having fun with the jineteras, is there any other / cultural activity one can have? Thank you.

Best :D

06-26-02, 20:11
I just returned from one week trip to Havana. I picked up a reasonably attractive girl on the sidewalk in front of La Copelia across from the movie theatre which is also close to Habana Libre Hotel. This is a good spot for chicas although sometimes it is heavily monitored by police. However, she seemed unperturbed by their presence. Alot of the chicas I have picked up recently have been from "El Oriente" or eastern Cuba. Have any others on the forum noticed the seemingly overrepresentation of chicas from that part of Cuba? Anyways, she initially asked $50.00 but jumped on counteroffer of $30.00 if I picked up taxi as well. The pool at Copacabana Hotel in Miramar is packed with jiniteras on the weekends. However, they are mostly pros and the girlfriend sex aspect is lacking.

I was tempted to go into "Las Vegas Cabaret" near Habana Libre in Vedado. The girl at the door collecting cover charge ($5.00) was tall, buxom, good looking brunette and very friendly. However, the place looks like a dive so opted out. Has anyone checked it out? Also, what's the status with Johnny's (Rio Club) in Miramar? How are the girls there? Are the asking prices as outrageous as those at El Turquino on the top floor of Habana Libre? I agree with comments about negotiating hard to keep the fees down. Given wretched state of Cuban economy, $30.00 should be max.

Has anyone hooked up with knockout chica by the name of Marilis or Marilys from Moa, Cuba? She is exceptionally hot. I lost her contact data and I'm dying to hook up with her again. Keep the posts coming.

06-27-02, 21:10
To LittleDickPride,

With regard to bars/discos names please see below my post of 12 June.

To get a good casa particular I'd recommend booking the 1st night in advance in any casa close to la Rampa, and once there ask around and take a look at several ones. I saw that good independent apartments cost USD 25 p/night and very good ones cost USD 30 p/night. Make very clear before accepting it that you'll take girls now and then, and if you intend to do threesomes make very clear too that you may take more than 1 girl at once. I had problems with the witch that owned the apartment where I stayed because I took pairs of girls a couple of times and the witch said no more than 1 pussy was allowed at a time (luckily she told me that the following day, when I had finished with the chicks). Then I asked around and found out that some apartment owners don't care the number of girls you take, so it's best to ask in advance.

As regards cultural activities, apart from pussy-hunting and beer-drinking, I didn't really have the time to check the scene too much, though there doesn't seem to be too much going on anyway, besides sightseeing in Old Havana. I loved to go to the beaches -Playa del Este- that are just 20-30 minutes away by car, they were great. I liked to take 1 o 2 chicks with me to have some fun on the beach too. A semi-desserted wonderful beach in the Caribbean, a cold beer and 2 young mulattas at my side, it wasn't a bad way of spending the afternoon...

06-29-02, 16:08
thank you to both gladiator and arecho66.

things seem to get hotter in havana now, after years of girls crackdown by the police. i may peek at it in august.

best regards.

06-30-02, 18:23
Who can help this first time cuba tripper?

What are the limits and ways to get around them as far as how many boxes of cigars you can take from cuba to mexico on my return flight?
Can I overnight any from havan to mexico??

The WSG is unbeatable for getting up to the minute pre-trip info! Thanks guys!
long time reader ... first post.

06-30-02, 20:44
You can buy Cuban cigars in Mexico. You just can't bring them back to the USA. When you fill your suitcase full of Cuban cigars in Havana, and unload it from baggage claim in Cancun, you'll pass by a few stores carrying Cubans along the way.

Originally posted by sexxx69
Who can help this first time cuba tripper?

What are the limits and ways to get around them as far as how many boxes of cigars you can take from cuba to mexico on my return flight?
Can I overnight any from havan to mexico??

06-30-02, 21:20
But wont the cigars cost a lot more than in cuba...?

And they could be the fakes i hear are sold in mexico,,,
I heard the ones bought at the factories in cuba are certified .

07-02-02, 23:20
hi guys
i'm considering a trip to la habana next august, so here i am
i've already been there in 1999, so i already have a pretty good idea about what to expect, but some fresh information never hurts
Main point of concern, for me, is the "police hassle", wich was quite disturbing (next to intolerable) 3 years ago
From reading the posts below, it seems things to be much better now, but when I was there that fucking police made so and so an holyday which could have been great otherwise
Finding a girl (either normal or pro) wasn't a problem then (as it isn't now), neither was a problem taking her to your casa particular: the problem was taking her out!!!
I had a couple of girlfriends then, for a few days each, everything was ok, but they were literally terrorized by a law that prohibis cubans (girls and guys) even to TALK with tourists
So, because of "mucha policia", we had to walk ten meters from eachother, we could not go to central havana, neither we could go to nice restaurants and discos (where i wanted to take her)
I felt really uncomfortable, being treated like a sort of "leprous", whose dollars are welcome, but isn't allowed even to talk with local people (and, in fact, allowed just to fuck in a dodgy room, but not to behave like a normal, happy, gentleman tourist, having a good time with his 100% free exotic girlfrend)


If so, tomorrow I'll go to the travel agency to check for air tikets
the police hassle was, by far, the main thing i disliked in Cuba; of course, there were others (terrible food, terrible rooms, terrible tropicola, etc..) but there were many more that i liked (cigars, mojitos, salsa, pretty girls and, most of all, the good heart of cubans, men included)

07-07-02, 05:43

Yes Police harassment is still a problem.
I travel there every 2-3 months

Lately Policeman started to ask for money.
They identify rented house in their patrol area and wait for your arrival or girls departure to hassle you.
However, you may fightback.
Take the officer badge number and say you will report him to the locals.
Casa particular owners are aware of this problem and will report these police officer.
Already some have been sent to the countryside.

Overall I would the situation remain the same - not worst but not better.

Good Cubans are now afraid to go out.
Our days only people having nothing to loose will hit the streets.
I would say the streets are pretty quiet compared to 3-4 years ago.

People are now going to clubs to avoid problem with the police.
Unfortunately, most of them are professionals.
Lately most Cubans cannot afford to go out even to those $1 beer places. The tourism industry is down, the remittance from relatives abroad has fallen and 3 weeks ago a major raise (20-30%) of prices have been applied on all goods.

Here is a report on some places I visited.
* La Macumba was quiet (it was the big salsa night)
*Casa de la Musica (Centro Habana, Calle Neptuno y Galiano) was packed. Its new and cheap -MN$50-US$5- Arrive early.
* Casa de la Musica (Miramar) the old one - was also packed- arrive late
* Cafe Cantante was packed
* Jazz Cafe was quiet
* Amanecer (on a week day) very quiet
* Rio Club was the BEST ONE
* La Canita (Habana Libre Hotel fill after other location close after 2am)
* 1830 was packed on open bar night.
* Palermo remains the place for black girls
* Cabaret Nacional is always fun
* Ipanaema Disco (Hotel Copacabana) is always very popular - $12 open bar.
* La Maison has some very good music but was quiet

Still Cuba have great nightlife and worth traveling to.


Caliente del Norte

07-07-02, 10:47
hi Caliente
thanks for your reply
situation seems even worse than what I thought
whan i was there, 3 years ago, girls were afraid of police, and i was scared by their fear; now, it seems i must be afraid in first person!
I have no problems going to clubs (btw, thanks for your detailded list) also I'm pretty sure i cand find one packed with locals (and not just pros waiting for tourists) and, hopefully, I can find a nice lady wanting to sleep with me
Let's suppose i take a taxi to my casa particular (hopefully with no problems) and have a good night; and then???
Should I put some dollars in her hand and say her adios the next morning? I know myself, and I feel really uncomfortable this way
If i like the girl, i like to take her hand, and go for breakfast, and then maybe to the beach...
Unfortunately, as you write, this seems impossible...

And I'm even more worried about police targeting tourists for dollars; would you suggest to rent a car? what if police stops you with girls onboard? can you tell them they were autostopping?

07-07-02, 14:57
ok I'm new here and planning my first trip to cuba.
Explain what all this is about police getting the girls when they leave and arent we supposed to be seen in public with them???

07-07-02, 16:07
I haven't been to Cuba since December 2000 - the situation changes from month to month but this is my experience....

>Let's suppose i take a taxi to my casa particular (hopefully with no >problems) and have a good night; and then???

You probably won't get into the house...

The owner of the casa particular (like a bed and breakfast) will not allow the girl into the house unless she presents her ID Card and writes the name down in his register. And most girls won't want to do that, since the immigration police check the registration on a weekly basis. If your name shows up in the register frequently you can get in trouble.

So where to take the girls....that's the problem....

Five star hotels don't let Cubans stay but you can bribe your way around it but it's not cheap....

Illegal guest rooms, usually a space in someone's home for a quickie...they exists all over - Havana, Cienfuegos, etc....but the point is that this is all dangerous for the girl (not so much the guest).

In short it's a real police state....with lots of desperate girls and horny tourists, which makes for a dramatic but somewhat unsatisfying experience for both parties.

07-07-02, 23:42

You should not be afraid.
Police will only try to get money.
Personally, you will not get into trouble.
Even if tourist are not anymore treated like kings in Cuba they still have some privileges.

I would say you are right - not only pros are going to clubs. However, since you have experience you know they are always there for some kind of compensation. While a few years back most of the girls going out at nightclubs were to meet a guy and get married, overall it is not like that anymore.

It is still possible to stay with the same girls for a few days.
If she is from Havana, it will be easier because she will not be afraid of being sent back to the countryside or arrested.

Even if from the countryside it might be possible. What you want to do is to avoid walking the streets of tourist spots with her. You should avoid place like the Rampa if going out with her.

Call a cab and go directly to your destination - beach, shopping center, restaurant, club, museum, etc -

Yes, in fact if walking the street better take her hand. Otherwise, "good" police officer may think she is harassing you.

I never suggest renting car. You are better off with taxi - it is cheaper and they always take our side if any problem arise.
Car rental gives you more liberty but raise attention and bring a lot more responsibility. Several countries in their travel advisory recommend to avoid car rental. If involved in an accident you will be stuck in Cuba for several weeks or months - time required for the investigation.
Lately there has been no problem reported if you have Cubans on board.

Still Cuba is worth it. You may know that things are always changing in Cuba. By the time you go it may be more relax since there is fewer tourist.

Cuba has many strange rules and to enjoy your stay you must learn them. Do not worry locals will teach you.

You are right about the ID stuff.

This is why I never share a room with a Cuban family.
I prefer to rent an apartment or part of a house with an independent entrance. These cost from $30-35 per day/per bedroom. They are of 1 or 2 bedrooms.
If traveling with friends you may choose a full house from $40-$200 per day/per room. Generally, you need to rent 2-3 rooms in these home.
This way you will not have any problem.

NEVER NEVER STAY AT UNLICENSED ACCOMMODATION. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS! Avoid short time accommodation locations these are generally illegal and dangerous.


Caliente del Norte

07-08-02, 09:34
Can someone give me a brief rundown of what some of those strange rules in cuba are?? Thanks!

07-15-02, 00:53
i'm planning another trip to cuba next month,on my last trip i did not get a chance to spend anytime in havana i went straight to cienfuegos,can anybody recommend some nice places in havana to stop at.

07-16-02, 11:15
Hi you fellow dawgs!
Does anyone have a pricelist or know what the best cigars sell for from the factory?
Like Cohiba Esplendidos box of 25.
Does cuba care how many boxes you leave with or does mexico care how many you bring in with you?

07-16-02, 19:06
OK. I'm back; 10 days in Havana (end of June onwards…) This was my 4th visit, I've only previously been in the winter and this visit will be my last to wonderful Cuba in the summer. Hot as hell is not enough to describe the climate… So HOT I had to change my name to Mr. Sweatty!!!

So, having had the pleasure of using a lot of the information provided here by fellow travellers I now return the compliment.

Basics: I kept a budget of $100 per day, to include casa (private whole appartment in Vedado, $25 per night, aircon. shower, fridge, laundry, and cleaner included) food and pleasure. Took $500 cash, further monies on credit card (non US) from the hotel nacional. Very simple, no hassles. By the way, I always had change from the $100 at the end of each day, sometimes up to over $40! Bulk of money kept locked in my hard-case suit case, in casa. Money I carried was kept in 2 lots: main in front pocket & reserve in button-down back pocket, bills all £10's and $5's $1's -nothing larger...

Back in December last year I had started an experiment with a sweet little chica who worked as a waitress in one of the bars on the tower side of the Malecon. Basically she was a 7 - 8, worked like a dog and had no time to spend with me back in December (she worked 48 hours straight shift, one day rest, then another 48 hours… and this for the whole month! All for a serious salary of $11 per month!) She has a son (don't they all!). Any way, I left her with a goodbye kiss, a simple rough-Spanish letter and $30 in cash. The letter said that I would be back in June and to spend some time with me if she liked me. Enough said. It has been the best $30 I have ever had the pleasure to invest. I arrive at the bar. She jumps on me, kissing me like I was her long lost husband returning from the mist…. She took the whole week off, and to cut a long story short spent the day light hours with me, returning to her son & mother at about 11pm each night. My days were divided into 2 sections: morning meeting her in my casa and BBBJ, followed by a bit of a tour, few drinks, some lunch, and then late afternoon penetration (pussy or anal) depending how I felt. I took 1 day off from her in every 3, for private reflection and off course future seeding-experiments for December this year, and a recon for some varrity… In all I guess I spent about $150 on her for the whole of my stay. She knows I'll be back and wants to meet again…. I'm sure you will benefit from this if you play your cards right, speak a little Spanish and have a sparkle in your eye!

At nights I visited the usual haunts:-

Casa de la Musica (centro Habana) was totally full, free feels all the way!. I just kept on moving about, just to get a feel of as many breasts and asses as I could...
La Macumba was very quiet indeed and I did not stay long. May be I was too early, will give it another chance in December.
Jazz Cafe was quiet, but the chics were all in the 8 - 9 range. Bit pricey at starting price of $80… I had one down to $20 for BBBJ and dinner: I tell you boys, learn Spanish and its cherry-all the way home!
Rio Club: I have always like "Johnny's" but of late it has gone a bit down hill. The professionals inside ($75 - $100) are between 6's and 8's and really don't like to lower the enrty price… I like to mingle with the chicas outside the place and not actually go in at all…. (you can use the fact that your chica has just saved $10 entry fee as part of your lowering the costs strategy…. I also always add in that I don't want an all-nighter, so she can come back to the Rio Club after for a second try… works every time.). What I don't like at the Rio is that you pay $1 for a Cryastal and if you then go back for another foryou & your chica its $3 !!!

1830 packed to the roof with tourists!!!! I kept out…..
Palermo: The ultimate best place for black chicas, who by the way seem always to be less

For good cheap food (full meals) you can not go wrong with the Italian restaurant on the Prado, (Prado Y Neptuno), about half a block left out of the Hotel Inglatera, actually, the Prado itself is excellent for chica both in the day & night... Hotel Inglatera. For light snacks, say chicken & rice ($4) go to a barr.

Over the years I must confess that my pleasure levels have increased with no end as my Spanish as got better.... Worth every minute of the Spanish class I took! email me for specific tips if your Spanish is poor ( sedition2001@hotmail.com ): trust me you will thank me when you hear what I have to say about learning the language!

Almost forgot: The university! For young, healthy and very dynamic chicas you can not go wrong with hanging out by the university of Havana (left out of the Hotel Habana Libre and keep going up the hill, you cant miss it on your right). Just have a rest on the long, and very impressive steps at the front, and you will be able to take your pick of the HUNDREDS of ripe chicas. This information is worth it's weight in gold. These are young women, over the age of concent (if there is such a thing in Cuba...), and they know the score. Short time girl friends for the price of a meal, dance and a few simple presents (lipstick, brushes, cheap perfume sprays...).

I've prepared 3 chicas for December at a total cost of $70, this time I'm keeping email contact with them and will report back on this method.

Happy hunting, and remember to share information. Specific details if you need can be got from me by emailing me: ( sedition2001@hotmail.com )

Happy hunting, and remember share the information....

07-17-02, 16:39
When does it cool down and the humidity let up?
And can someone PLEASE respond to my other 2 posts?

07-17-02, 19:35

The best time to go for me has always been Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. The temp is cooler (relatively!), but the humidity is always in the high 80's ++

Sorry I don't know about cigars... But you can see for yourself when you go! The main factory is behind the Capitolo building, about 4 blocks to the right of the hotel Inglatera and opposite the cinema... Infact the whole of that short road is full of cigar manufactoresrs... Take care with the numerous touts who are ready to sell you "the best cigars in Habana sir!".... They stand in their large numbers outside the factory....

07-18-02, 02:52
THANKS Havana man
Anyone else know the prices from the "factories"?
Surely someone bought a box while they were there..

07-19-02, 21:05
Hi Mister_NYC,

Thanks for your kind words. We all gain from sharing the info. I'm also going back in Dec. Let you know nearer the time --the possibilities are open ended. I've been recomended to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina, by a fellow WSGer... I may combine the Cuba experience with that in Dec. I need to do some real investigations first....

07-20-02, 02:12
Originally posted by sexxx69
Hi you fellow dawgs!
Does anyone have a pricelist or know what the best cigars sell for from the factory?
Like Cohiba Esplendidos box of 25.
Does cuba care how many boxes you leave with or does mexico care how many you bring in with you?

So why is the cuba board so slow???
Is it cuz its the hot time of yr there?
Come on now.. surely some of you dawgs have hit the cigar factories and remember what it cost.. !!
Help me out here, Please!

07-23-02, 12:50
Can Any body awnser these questions.....

1. How do I get a room or appartment at a fair and cheap price at a private owner, where the girls are allowed to come home with you?? And what will that cost me!

2. What are the prices for the girls and how do I pay them (gifts, or just monney, right away and how much)

3. What are the prices for food (breakfast, lunch, diner)

4. Where to eat and where NOT to eat..... ( a bit of shakespeare there for you.... ;o)

5. Any tip usefull for my (adult) trip to Cuba!

Please let me know a.s.a.p., cause I am leaving for Cuba In about a week and just found this site only yet.... so plz help me out!


07-23-02, 16:33
Hi Jochie,

I have an information file which you will find interesting as it answers all of your questions. I created it a couple of years ago for a fellow traveller and it covers just about every basic issue including contact names / numbers for casa's (legal ones anyway...) for Havana.

email me for the file, it's too big to post here: sedition2001@hotmail.com I can get the file to you the same day you email me....

There is a price to pay for the file. The price is that you share your information on WSG when you come back ("Gentlemans agreement....")

Regards, Havanaman

07-24-02, 09:09

Dont worry about the sharing part. I already thought there where to little pictures of these cute chica's so I already bought myself a mini digital cam to bring with me.... ;o)

But sorry for asking , but what is your e-mail adress, this may be a dumb question, but I have not a clue what so ever....

08-07-02, 15:29
I am spending a week in Havana in early September. It is my first time in Cuba and I would appreciate any advise. I am going with another buddy we are both in good shape and in our late twenties and speak decent spanish, if that matters.

From everyone I have talked to Cuba is the best for finding hot women. I was wondering if anyone had recent news on the situation in Havana, we want to meet Latinas and preferably not hard core pros,

is this still possible on a first trip? for instances if I go to the University how much can I speak with a local before her getting harrassed?

Or is it best to rent a car and go to a smaller city?

Appreciate any help

08-13-02, 03:40
i just got back from spending 9 days in cienfuegos and 1 day in havana and i have to admit the girls in cuba are getting hotter and hotter,the temperature in cuba is pretty hot right now so i would recommend anyone going over there now to get a casa with some a'c,fellas if you have a girl over there do your dirt before you go to see her because when she does see you trust me it may be a little difficult to get out by yourself this is where i went wrong,in cienfuegos there are hundred of hot young chicks to choose from that you will be trying to get rid of the girl that you just went with,cienfuegos is much cheaper and more laid back than havana but i'm sure anyone will find a good time in any of these places,i will be going back in december can anyone tell me a nice place to stay at in havana.

08-13-02, 12:17
Hi Sino,

Thanks for the Cienfuegos information; very useful. email me and I will send you my Havana file with lists of places to stay / phone numbers etc. Can you include a list of places in Cienfuegos in your email, prices for + A. C. casa / private etc. What was the maximum / minimum you payed for mongering? - email me on: sedition2001@hotmail.com

Regards, Havanaman

John Dough
09-11-02, 17:32
Does it matter how old a guy is? I am pushing 50. Can I expect to get any under 30?

09-11-02, 21:05
Hi everyone

I will be going to Havana for 7 days in March 2003. First time. How far is the other place? Is it far to travel?

Not a lot of info but are hotels girl friendly? I will be staying in a 5 star one, do not know which one yet.

I have never been to the Carribean.

09-12-02, 03:30
John Doe

No problem getting chicas under thirty. I am in my late 40's and just returned a of couple weeks ago. I was with 3 different girls the oldest was 19, the other 2 were 18.


Yes the disco at the Commodoro is closed as of two weeks ago, but still a nice place to stay. It is a distance from most things though. watch for a trip report soon


09-12-02, 23:19
Just returned from Cuba and want to thank Havanaman first for all of his great information, not only his posts here but all of the e-mail to answer my specific questions. With all of his advice I didn't have to make a lot of mistakes that I would have otherwise. Here's the report:

I used Cancun as a point of entry into Havana. There are 3 fights to Havana from Cancun, but not all 3 run daily, so be certain of the flight time for the day of travel. Aerocaribe has fights at 12:50PM & 7:10Pm, Cubana has a flight departing at 2:00PM. Each flight takes 1 hour, but Havana is an hour later than Cancun, so arrival time is listed as 2 hours later. The return flights for Aerocaribe are 7:10AM & 3:50PM, Cubana is at 12:45Pm, because of the time differential, the arrival time is the same as the departure time (depart 7:10AM-arrive-7:10AM. Since I was only going to be there for a few days, I opted to stay at a state run hotel, against the advice of few people. I just wanted to check things out and get a "feel" for the place, and make a decision if it was somewhere I wanted to spend more time. The hotel where I stayed was the Comodoro Bungalows, they are small apartments adjoining the Comodoro Hotel. The advantages to the Bungalows were several including: in room safe, evening entertainment, cable TV (w/ESPN,CNN,& movies), breakfast buffet included with pkg., a 24 hour snack bar, and easy access to cabs. I assumed I would need to rent a nearby casa for sex, but that wasn't necessary. I arrived late at the hotel and by the time I checked in and got ready to go out it was after midnight. I was thinking it might be difficult to find a driver, find a girl, and find a casa where I could take her, all at this hour of the night. In my very limited Spanish I asked an ever present security guard if it would be a problem to take girls to my cabana, he nodded affirmatively that it would be a problem. I then asked if it would problem for $10 and he indicated that it wouldn't be for $50, after a little negotiation we agreed on $25. My thinking was this is the price for a casa, but hadn't considered that there were 2 shifts 7-7, so I limited my activities to evenings. This situation worked well except for once, for reasons I didn't understand security called and said the girl had to leave now and started banging on my door a few minutes later. On the first night as I mentioned it was late and after negotiating with the guard I was considering my options when he asked if I wanted him to find a girl for me. I told him yes, but that I was picky, only 18-23 years old and small. I like Pequeñas, Large breasts aren't a necessity but large asses and thighs are a definite NO. A girl shows up 10 minutes later a 19yr old @ a 5 or 6, but hey it was 2AM in a strange country, so what the hell. She asked for $50 so I offered $40 and she immediately accepted, I know I should have negotiated more, but remember the time and situation. Actually of the 3 different chicas I was with, she was the only one who brought up the subject of money. This girl was definitely a pro and the session was disappointing and I was troubled by the fact that she obviously didn't care if I used a condom. I know some guys like that, but for me a professional prostitute + no concern about protection is not a turn on. I didn't ask all the girls but got the impression that bareback sex wasn't a problem, maybe it was the age of the girls I was with, two 18 year olds and a 19 yr. old. I fell in love with the city of Havana and spent the next day sight seeing with a guide that my security guard buddies lined up for me. My guide spoke perfect English and was at my disposal 24 hours a day with car for $30 a day + expenses, which amounted to gas and a few meals. That evening we went to some Disco called Mucumba or something like that, I think because that is where my guide wanted to go. The place was very expensive and didn't have a lot of single girls there, I really didn't like the place. I was about ready to split when in walks this natural blonde 18 year old movie star and within a few minutes off we go to my hotel, no price discussed. At the hotel she strips and she is fucking perfect, The best looking women I've ever been with. She is definitely into the sex and I don't even have to reload, just change rubbers and keep going. When she inspects the condoms after and sees I've filled two, she high fives me, ya gotta love that!
The next day I hooked up with another 18 yr. old that I thought was a pro and turns out she wasn't. I treated her very nice, took her to a paladar, gave her some perfume and in return got an extreme she now thinks we are married, she wanted my cell# so she can call me every day until I return, collect of course. My guide was a hell of a nice guy, but wasn't particularly good with hunting girls and I made the mistake of not looking in the daytime. I think upon my return I will get a casa or both a casa and hotel, because of the hassle that one evening, I don't like being interrupted. Over all Cuba is a great place, with the possible exception of the food, I am very particular and found the food not to my liking. Well the great thing about Cuba is that just about any girl is gettable. Like anywhere else in the world, it all comes down to you and your skills. It wasn't a problem to walk up to any chica and strike up a conversation and ask them if they would like to go out, even with my limited Spanish. I spotted this hottie with fishnet stockings in a Mercado (upscale market for tourist with dollars) and asked her out to dinner. She was playing a little hard to get, but was smiling from ear to ear and following me around the store visiting, until her supervisor called her over and scolded her. She told me she got off at nine and I thought about going back but by that time I had found another 18 yr. old downtown. I am in my 40's and I like young women, and believe me that is not a problem in Cuba, no one seemed to care that I had a girl almost 30 years my junior on my arm. The girls could of cared less and truly seemed to enjoy the sex (i.e.. DFK, seriously wet pussy, not wanting to stop fucking as soon as I did). The girl on my the last night, I literally had to pry myself lose, she kept begging me not to forget her, to call her, when was I returning?, etc. I have traveled extensively in Mexico and the Caribbean and Cuba is unlike any where I have been. Cuba isn't for everyone, there is definitely an element of adventure, but it the easiest place I've ever been to find friendly, sex loving women.

09-14-02, 06:29
Here is a few update on Cuba.

A very good friend and experienced fellow traveler to Cuba went to Holguin and Camaguey 1 week ago.

According to him Camaguey is like the good old days.
Some will remember 5 or 6 years ago.
Total liberty and no police.
Camaguey's casa particular owner are at first a little cold but there is always a way to come to an agreement regarding guests.

Camaguey is very cheap. Meals run from $4 to $8.
Casa run around $15 to $20. You may imagine as for other good things...

Altough its not Cuba's nicest city, it has its charm. Beach is 1h15 min. from the city. Tourists are warmly welcome.
Girl are very nice, a little darker than in Holguin - but not as dark as Santiago.

As for Holguin, it was packed of very nice girls but he had to do the first contact. They will wait for your first move.

Regarding Havana. I would like to share with you one of my contact for casa partiular (rooms, apartment and houses).
For several years I have used the services of Marilin.
She is a serious woman who have establised a network of casa particular owners. They are very serious, I know a few of them. They charge standard street rate - no rip-off here.
They have launch a web site you may visit at http://cubabudgettravel.com
If you do not know where to turn this might be a good option.

Personnaly, Cuba is still the best destination for single guys. After 3 years, this summer I return to Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic. It was not a happy trip. I found most girls pros and they do not care about us. I am fluent in spanish so comunication was not an issue. DR girls are so different from Cubans... I was happy to go back to Havana 2 weeks ago.

Best regards

Caliente del Norte

09-16-02, 05:47
Caliente del Norte,

what's the guest policy of the casa particulars at http://cubabudgettravel.com ?

in other words, can we bring chicas there? or do we have to pay extra?



09-17-02, 04:01
Hey, I discovered the site a couple of days before it was shut down for renovation and before I could post. Good work on getting it back up.

Was down to Havana for my 3d time this past July. It was hot, but as always a blast. Stayed at a casa p. in Vedado near Habana Libre.


Second day (of two weeks) had to head to a technical college/institute in Havana for business. Met a female student there. Not stunning but attractive and sweet and funny. Dinner, drinks, Malecon, and off to bed. Great sex - - lots of sweating, groaning, and laughing. We hung out for the next three days until she had to head to her Mom's place west of Havana for a visit.

Two days later had a great time flirting with a female policia on the Plaza Anti-Imperialismo. Should have closed the deal - - just the idea of bedding down a female cop was a turn-on - - but had to move along.

Next day , trucking down the Prado to meet a friend at the Palace of Fine Arts and bumped into this sweet mulatta. We chatted, arranged for a hook up later. Got together that night. I had a couple of Cristals, she must have downed five mojitos. Back to my pad for the BJ of my life and some quality doggy style. She asked for $40 in the a.m. I gave her $50. Hooked up again that night - - dinner, drinks, and more "ay, papi" sex. She must have been around 20, tight, dark-skinned, lovely face. Must be why they call Cuba the pearl of the Antilles.

Beginning of my second week, strolling down the Malecon 'round 11 . . noticed this hottie, made eye contact, thought about stopping but kept going. Stopped couple of hundred yards down to light a cigarillo and here comes the hottie. I offer to buy a drink at the patio bar across the Malecon. Head back to the casa p. and have a great night together. Gave her my CD player and $30 in the a.m. We hung out for a couple of days. 19 y.o., slender, long curly hair, nice brown eyes. A real sweetie. Headed out to Cojimar to visit a friend at a local bar. Spent the night at his place.

Finally, my best Havana sex story. Couple of days before I left, stopped by a cafe on La Rampa for a cool drink in the midday heat. Noticed a stunner dressed a la Santeria - - white robes, white headdress, etc. The perkiest, most luscious set of tits I'd seen the whole trip; short but slender body. Big eyes. She was sitting across the cafe from me. Eye contact. Smiles. I pay for drink and head over, sit down. We talk. I ask if I can take her picture. She says no - - she's in her santeria dress and if I take her pic, I'll steal her soul [rough translation]. I say okay, sorry. Some other time. She says, wait. If I take her back to my place and she takes her clothes off, then I can take her picture without messing with Legbu. I laugh. She smiles. We end up at my place. No amount of money or plastic surgery could ever manufacture the beauty of that chica's tits.

Those are the highlights. Gotto love Cuba and those Cubanas. Socialisme O Muerte! Like others on this board have said: avoid the pros, get to know the locals.

Peace out,

09-17-02, 04:51

As you may know when you rent a casa particular, youe rent it per room - not per guest.

One of the best thing of casa particulars is to be able to have guests, whatever the reason. Owners know about that.

Since each house is independently owned and managed rules vary from place to place. But I belive most are open minded.

09-17-02, 06:14

Great info at the perfect time.

I leave for Cuba in October for one week in Havana on a little business trip with lots of free time. My room will be provided for me at the Melia Habana and I was thinking about a casa near by for other activities. AND I had been pondering the Comodoro Bungalows.

I was weighing the options of a casa or renting a nice place in the Bungalows if it was easy to bring guests back. Did the guard need a "tip" just once for the entire visit?

What is the area like between the Melia Habana and Bungalows? Would it be a 5-10 minute walk?

Lots of questions.

I'm a 50 year old that was in Cuba last year for a week and had a great time and will return in both October and November. So all info helps at this time.

More details about Macumba. Likes and dislikes.


09-17-02, 17:01
Well just got back from my first trip to Cuba and figured it only right that I repay the favor with some information.

I stayed at the comodoro Bungalows, sounds like Sman and I might have been there at the same time.

The disco at the Comodoro and Johnnies have both been shut down I guess a lot of drug problems, I found this out my first night there I arrived around midnight, on a Saturday. The hotel people told me club Ipanema was a good place to go to and in the area. I was not impressed, no chicas waiting outside and inside only 1/3 full and all the chicas already taken, although a gorgeous black girl did manage to slip me her number. after walking back to the hotel with my buddy we were approached by 2 girls right outside the not very attractive, security guard then offered to hook us up but we figured we would wait and try again the next day. Things really picked up then.

During the day we were by the pool when our security guard brought over 3 of the hottest girls I have ever been with. they all said they were 19 but I am not too sure. We paid the security guard 50 to get 2 of the girls back to the room and then paid them 40 plus a few gifts for the best sex of my life. 100% girlfriend sex. Unfortunately like S-man said the security came banging on our door a few hours later bc their shift was over so the girls had to leave.

That night we went to a bar called Emerald's just down the street from the Nacional. We were basically the only 2 guys in their with about 30 jineteras, the majority of them were mulatas. No real beautys but all good i would say 6-8. No cover charge, but drinks cost $4 and they really push hard to get you to buy them a drinnk. Then one stunner walke in we immediately made eye contact and went to another bar just down the street where we met up with her friend for my buddy also beautiful. Both I would say were 9s. Went back to their place and paid $50 for great sex. Great girls we hung out with them a couple of days at the beach.

Nights 3-5 we rented a 2 bedroom casa in Vedado for $25, If you are going to Havana looking for women I believe this is the only way to go, it was nice having the safe at the hotel, but other than that it was a big waste.

We went to a place called cafe Cantante, very close to the Plaz de la revolucion. $10 cover and free drinks. Great live music and tons of chicas. My buddy and I each picked up girls every night, average of 8 and price average of $50 but at least their drinks were already paid for.

hanging out with our girls from the first night was great after that first time we didn't pay but picked up all their expenses and gave some nice gifts equalled roughly the $50 picking up a girl at cafe cantante would cost, but in my opinion when at the point of entry it makes it a lot better not to exchange cash.

In genereal other than Cafe Cantante, I found the clubs to be pretty dead, I don't know if it is because its low tourist time or police crack down. Club Amanacer in Vedado was dead on a friday night, we went to Chevere cool club but not much action during the week.

If I could go again which i would tommorow if I could I would spend more tmie during the day trying to work chicas in local places to get more of the gf feeling. I actually chatted with a couple of girls on the internet before going and met up with one but she just wasn't hot enought to compete with the other girls I was getting. Spanish in my opinion is very important especially if there is any gf chance. I speak pretty well I have had a mexican girlfriend for a year but I still had trouble understanding the cuban accent when they would start rolling.

Finally, I think renting a car would be a great wasy to meet non pros, all day long you see gorgeous girls just looking for rides. however, being a US citizen I was a little nervous about renting a car and dealing with a possible accident. I found a great alternative, in finding a great guy outside our hotel that had a car and served as our guide for a couple days. For $25 plus a couple of beers and a sandwich he was wherever we wanted him to be and he was more than capable helping us with our spanish and picking up chicas for us. Renting a car will cost you at least $55 plus gas.

09-17-02, 20:46

I am not sure of the distance between the Melia and Comodoro hotels. but think two hotels would be a waste of money. Pick one hotel or the other if you want a hotel. Havahopeful is correct a private casa is the way to go for a fuckpad. I like hotels for the amenities, but will have a casa nearby for sex next time and I believe it will be cheaper than bribing guards in the long run. I did not like Macumba, too expensive, not enough girls. Havahopeful has another good point get a car or hire a guide with a car. In Miramar cruise Ave 5 or head back to Old Havana on the Malecon and look for chicas. If you don't speak Spanish hire a guide. To answer your other question, the bribe at the hotel was for each shift, so potentially $50 each day, almost enough for a casa and guide. There are several casas in Miramar, just ask a taxi driver to help you, drive around till you find one you like. Make sure it is clear that you want to have girls there and it is no problem, then pay one day at a time. If you want you can e-mail me at cochehombre@hotmail.com for more info, Havanaman is the guy to talk to, his e-mail is posted further down and he knows a lot more than me.

09-18-02, 00:48
Having not been to Cuba before, I was wondering what the best way for an American on the east coast to get there? Would I have to get there via Canada? Is it a real problem if I don't speak Spanish or could I make do by learning a few phrases. Finally, can anyone recommend a place to stay and play for a first timer where I can get a maximum of action with a minimum of effort.

Thanks in advance

09-19-02, 05:09

Your options are:
Montego Bay
Santo Domingo
Cayman Islands

Its better to speak spanish but you'll be fine even if you don't.

Go to Havana its easier for a first time.
Rent at private accommodation since guest are not allowed in Hotels.

See my post bellow for references on private accommodation.


Latina Crazy
09-20-02, 01:30
Hi Poturu!
I travelled a long time in all latin america and had girlfriends in almost every country, from Mexico to Argentina.

In my opinion the best places to pick up non-pro girls (I mean to find a real GF or just to have some dates with girls who aren't *****s) are Colombia and Brazil.

I have a special preference for Colombians, who are very attractive, really hot when they have sex, and passionate lovers.

Brazilian girls are easier, great for sex and fun time and, if you like blondes, in south Brazil you can find many...

Other countries with wonderful women are Venezuela, Chile and Argentina. But, especially Chilean and Argentinian, these girls are not so easy like Colombians and Brazilians, they must trust you to let you fuck them, it this can take a long time.

Speaking spanish and portuguese it's essential if you want meet good girls, if you don't, go to a language school and learn them.

Something about Cuba: I have been there twice, fucked a lot of non-pro Cubans, but even if most of them didn't ask for money, I always had the feeling that, if they weren't gold diggers, they were often just looking for a BF who bring them out of Cuba.
Be careful.


Java Man
09-20-02, 04:22
i was in havana about 4-5 yrs ago. it was my second trip, right before the crackdown. i had made arrangements for a casa with the people i had met on my previous trip. i had no idea where the casa was located.
upon my arrival, cuban immigration checked if i had hotel reservations. i had none so they forced me to get a hotel. then it was off to a side room for an interrogation, & thourgh inspection of my belongings. they were very professional, btw. after about 2 hrs i was let go.
has anyone had similar experiences? upon arrival, do you tell immigration you're staying in a casa? what if the casa has no license?
i had a blast my last two times i was there. i'd like to return, but would like to keep the hassles to a minimum.

a question for the recent visitors: do you think they've let up on the crackdown? or do you still have to sneak around with a hottie?

09-20-02, 05:22
[QUOTE]Originally posted by chingon
[i]i i had none so they forced me to get a hotel.
The worse thing you can say in Havana when you arrive at the airport is that you don't have a reservation at a hotel.

The hotels are run by the government. The casa particular are private and tolerated by not welcomed by the government. You should have said you had a reservation at the Havana Libre or another hotel. Just make something up. They won't (can't ) check (they don't have the computer connections) and you would have passed through without a problem.

Once you left the airport you could have stayed wherever you wanted or stayed one night at a hotel, then moved to a Casa.

Bond, Jame Bond 69

09-20-02, 05:41

Few people know that since they have legalized the Casa Particular you do not require anymore hotel reservation.

However, you are required to write down on the tourist card the address of the house you will be staying at. You are also required to provide owners name. License number and phone number are also a good thing to have.

You are required to stay at a registered house to avoid a hotel reservation. Do not provide false information they check it. I know it for a fact...

Caliente del Norte

09-20-02, 06:50
ever since my first trip I enter any hotel in the area I can think of And Just go thru . They have no computers and really dont care much . I have never stayed in a hotel In 3 years but last time we had a problem at the airport and she was warned at having me stay at her house . Next time we stay at a different house and I also fly into a different city just to be safe . better than Immi.. getting to know my face

09-20-02, 15:58
Just came back from a week in Havana and although it was great I don't it was close it the heaven people are thinking it is. Mind it off season now and the non-pro girls are back in school. I'am picky about food so stayed at the Nacional, a funny thing about this place the girls were all scared of it and wanted no part of going there sometimes no matter how much I paid them. Also the best bar I liked was Hemmingways ( I think that's not it'a real name) which was 5 mins walk from the Nacional. The drinks were average at $5 and they push HARD, meaning watch out. The chicks were 7 and 8's but back to my pet pvee's

1) The police, since the girls are scared to be seen in daylight walking around on streets with a toursits it's hard to get a GF type of relationship
2) It's pays to know spanish as it's hard to talk really about anything other then sex and the price
3)Most guys especally now are over paying $20-25 should the max and get por manana (until the morning)
4) The selection and quality of Blondes is wanting if that's what you like, as most blondes there are the tourists or transvistits
5)Alot scam artists trying to prey on you but that no different then most places

09-20-02, 23:06
To chingon:

I visited Havana 3 months ago and the police was everywhere, however they seldom stopped couples.

I'm into 3-somes, so I even walked sometimes with 2 chicks at once when we were going to the apartment and the policemen on the way just looked at us but didn't say anything.

I did see on one occasion a cop stopping a couple, checking the pussy's ID and taking her away, so it pays to be on your guard.

Anyway, Cuba is desperate for $$$ and I guess that's why the government has relaxed the control of pussy activity, after all tourism is Cuba's main earner of $$$, and pussy is the aim of many visitors to Cuba, so the Cuban regime is surviving thanks to the healthy supply of pussy in the island: it's the most successful national industry.

Latina Crazy
09-21-02, 01:41
To poturu

Cali is best choice in Colombia, especially if you like morenas (mulattas).

If you prefer white girls, I suggest you Medellin.

In south Brazil a nice place to stay is the zone near Florianopolis (but it's better during the south emisphere's summer, I mean after November). Other nice place is Porto Alegre, near the border with Uruguay. The biggest city of Brazil, Sao Paulo, is overloaded with every kind of nice girls, from morenas to blondes, but it's a bit dangerous because of the crime, more dangerous than Colombia (In Colombia just avoid to travel out of the cities, urban areas are much safer, countryside it is very dangerous because of the guerrilla).


09-22-02, 04:46
Tried to submit a report a couple of days ago. Spent several hours writing the report. I guess my computer dropped off line. So when I hit the submit button my report went to cyber space hell. I'll try again. This time I will only do it in parts so that if my info is lost it will not be as painful.
To start with, I'm not a writer. But, I feel that I should at least try to give back some of which I have received from this site. So, after saying all that, here goes. I've been to Havana 3 to 4 times a month for about 4 years. I was working as a contract pilot for a European airline. I'm guessing I've been there maybe 40 to 60 times. These were usually only one night layovers. On top of that I've never left the city of HAV. All was well until 9-11. The airline required a reduction in crews. So, guess who were the first to go? You guessed it the contract guys. The last time I was there was Nov 2001. So, some of my info will be dated. I spent about 10 days there on this trip. I used my United miles to get to Cancun and then on Aerocriba to HAV for $185 RT.

TIP#1 Misplace your current passport.

Get a replacement passport and then find your old passport. Use your old passport to go to and come from Cuba. The Cubans will not know you are using a lost passport. Do you think they talk to the US? They can stamp the shit out of your old passport and you will not be spending sleepless nights worrying about your return to the US. Iknow for a fact this does work!


09-22-02, 05:18
Like I said, some of info will be dated. Especilly with the Chicas. I have found, over the years, that the majority of the contract #'s I have for the Chicas are outdated. Some of the girls are "on the inside"(doing time for prostitution), another one was a school teacher and was in HAV only for a couple of weeks. Some other ones moved houses where they were renting a room without giving a forwarding #. You will find alot of the girls are not from HAV> They are from one of the providences and are in HAV for a short period of time to make a quick buck. And, if they are lucky, they may mary a rich Italian.

TIP#2 My best pick-up line in HAV is "HELLO" in english.

It just goes on from there. I don't speak any spanish. You know how, english is the language of aviation. Some say it severly hampers my activities, but I have never found it to be that big a problem in HAV. It has never been that big a problem in other parts of the world.

TIP#3 The Chicas don't get offended if you ask them if they want to "Shag".

You do have to be a little more tactful than that. You just have to chat them up a bit, then ask them if they have the time. Case-in-point. One day I was riding in the back of a car with my guide and a driver in the front. We passed by a 9 walking down the street. I said something like "Wow, did you see her" to my guide. He said something in spanish to the driver and the next thing I knew we stopped and had backed up to where the 9 was walking. The guide spoke to her in spanish and then turned to me and said "she is available. Do you want to go with her now"? I got her # and did her a couple days later.


09-22-02, 05:33

TIP#4 Do not use the taxis outside the expensive hotels if you have a distance to go.

Use Havana taxi #?/ Pana taxi 55-5555/ Taxi OK 24-0000/ Micar 24-2444. The airline that I used to work for put us up at the Melia Cohiba (one of the most expensive hotels in HAV). I used to just go up to the bell captain and say "taxi". He would always call one of the Mercedes that were standing by. I thought they were all the same price. Not so! One of my girlfriends told me the other taxis were much cheaper. So, now on I ask for a taxi by company name. Who knows, The money you may save may add up to the price of a Shag.

TIP#4a Do not use the yellow-orange bubble scooters or the bicycle rickshaws.

They do not have meters and are way over priced for the distance you travel.


09-22-02, 05:54

TIP#5 Do not eat at "The Bearded Ones" restaurants (Gov owned restaurants).

As a general rule, the food taste like SHIT. When possible eat at Paladars (privately owned restaurants). I've got a good list of Paladars that is a bit long to post here. Email me if you are interested in a few of the names and addresses. B747 plumber@hotmail.com. The best info I've seen on HAV and Paladars was in the June 2001 issue of CigarAficionado. You should be able to get a back issue at www.cigaraficionado.

TIP#6 Do not pay the Crooked Security Bastards, who work at the hotels, $50 to get your Chica to your room.

If it is your first time to HAV, stay in a hotel (email me for the names and #s of a couple of real jewels) the fiirst night and then spend the next day looking at the casa particulars (rooms in private houses) that you found the info about here on the net. Do a search. There are at least half-a-dozen sites that show pictures, give addresses and #s.


09-22-02, 06:12

TIP#7 Do not buy cigars for $25 from someone off the street. You will get F***ED!

I have friends who have bought these cigars. They found all kinds of things rolled inside the cigar wrappers such as banana leaves, rope ect. I've gone through about six guys before I started to get a steady supply of good cigars. I've been dealing with the same guy the last couple of years. I know for a fact that he would not want me to post his name and # here. Email me for that info at B747plumber@hotmail.com. Speaking of cigars, on a previous post Sexxx69 asked about the price of Cohiba Esplendidos. They are $383.75 in one of "The Bearded One's" stores. Also, speaking of cigars, email me for the name of a guy who builds and sells Humidors. He speaks english and also has some rooms for rent.


09-22-02, 06:35

Now for the Chicas. Sorry to hear that Johnnie's Club Rio and the Comodoro Disco have been shut down. They were some of my best "fishing holes". I've found Macumba to be expensive and some what plastic. It will cost you about $10, depending on where you are staying, each way to and from Macumba. Money better spent else where. After saying that- I've gotten some real nice stuff from Macumba.

TIP#8 Going to or coming from Macumba by-way-of 5 Ave, DO NOT stop for Jineteras.

You will find something between their legs you hadn't bargined for! During the day is OK. Enough said.

TIP#9 Go see the fashion show at La Masion.

About 10 minutes after the fashion part of the show is over, the "stage door" is on the side walk out front. Find something you like during the show, ask the waiter her name, and then work a deal out front. In my past experiences, I have found that these girls do not speak much english. Maybe they are less educated. I'm not sure. Some very good looking ladies. Does anyone else have any info about other fashion shows and "stage doors" in HAV? How about at the Tropicana or the caberat at the National Hotel?


09-22-02, 06:55

TIP#10 Do not expect to take nude pictures of the girls in HAV like you would in other parts of the world.

"The Bearded One" has the girls worried that they will go to jail. Speaking of that, how about an email from the guy who posted the pictures under Cuba ( B747plumber@hotmail.com).
Someone on a previos post asked about domestic travel. Try
www.nashtravel.com/domestic.html for schedules and prices.

How about it, Havanaman/ ConorOC/ Sman, would you care to trade some #'s? I've got a tag-team pair of non- pro 7s and a 9 that appears to maybe have some Chinese in her family tree for one of your 9's or 10's? Also, can someone post some good info about Isle of Youth? I might plan a trip there in the future.
Will post more soon.

09-22-02, 08:00

Wow, what a great post to read before I leave on my trip in October.

Thanks for posting the info.


09-22-02, 17:53

thanks for the 411....especially the tip on the passport, that's clever!

09-22-02, 17:57

Your Havana post is an instant classic.

Have you considered a career writing? How about "My Life as a successful HobbyMan" ?

At any rate...thank you sir.

And Jackson.........YOU DA MAN. I tried other boards...some for pay....but this is one is the best I've seen.....and free.


09-22-02, 18:20
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Peterman

Thanks Peterman...great post...

You covered Havana very well, so there is not that much to add but some slight enhancements and clarifications...

1. Taxi's and Coco cabs. There are three kinds of taxis (4 actually if you include the Coco).

Hotel taxis - Very expensive, waiting out side the nice hotels and airport to take your money.

Taxis you call on the telephone - There prices are more reasonable.

Non hotel taxis - They cruise the streets and you pay in dollars. About the same as the telephone taxis but sometimes they will turn off the meter and you can save a few bucks.

Coco;s- they're really fun but they can end up costing as much as a taxi. The trick with the Coco's is to set a price before getting in.

Peso taxis - There are incredible CHEAP and usually are more like buses, picking up cubas here and there....Sometimes if you hail them, get in and they realize you aren't a cuba they will ask you to leave....but sometimes they won't...and sometimes they will drive you around for dollars...they are taking a risk to pick some dollars...you aren't taking any risk, as the tourist is king in cuba. Some of these taxis are vintage 50 American cars and really fun to ride in.

Casa particular - They are hard to find in Havana - I think they are technically illegal in havana although quite common in other parts like Cienfuegos and Trinidad. You have a slightly better chance of getting a chica into a casa than a hotel (bribe required), but casas are highly regulated and immigration comes each week to check the register. All guests - including a chica - must register. The problem is that the girls are reluctant to register, since they don't want the police to put their ID in the computer and the owner of the casa doesn't want to allow an unregistered guests in to his place and risk losing his license to operate.

Private apartments - the best bet, with a private entrance, for about $25/night. Here you can take a chica, no problem but they are illegal and hard to find...in fact you really have to know a Cuba very well to find one. I did, so was able to take chicas back to my place.

The costs: in the really nice clubs in Havana the quoted prices start at $100 and go down...for all night....In Cienfuegos the prices can be as little as $20, even $10 for short stay. Then there are the SW's and the prices are negotiable there, about the same as anywhere in Cuba, very little

And there are the amateurs - really all the action is amateur - but it's not so easy to pick up a girl in Cuba...if a girls is talking with a foreigner the police might find this of interest...and you don't want to attract the interest of the police in Cuba, as they can do what they want.

In general there is no real organized hobby in cuba...the police really do keep in under control...it's more that the girls are dying to meet foreigners - out of genuine interest (curiousity) and possibly a bit of money. ..any money is good, since the average monthly salary is between $10 to $20...

If you are going to Cuba for the hobby it's really the wrong reason, as there are far easier places.

If you are going to Cuba because you are interested in the country and want to see it before it surely changes in some way after the death of the "bearded one" I highly recommend it, as it's a fascinating place to visit- beautiful old homes, nice beaches, very friendly and intelligent people, great music scene....

The problem with the hobby in Cuba is that it changed radically around 1995 but many people haven't caught up with how it is NOW.

From say 1992-1995 when the Russians pulled out and the economy started to go toward the dollar there were prostitutes EVERYWHERE....as the country was in worse shape then probably even Argentina now. It was the only way to survive. You would go to a place like Veradado beach and the streets would be lined with young girls that had traveled there from all over the island...

And of course that attracted the pauncy middle aged middle class Italian sex tourists who took full advantage. It was really out of hand....and frankly the economy needed less of this type of tourism and more the big chain all inclusive vacation tourists, with some family vacationers in the mix.

Also it was very bad for the society, as it was so extreme...with only the girls feeding their families...so the "bearded one" really cracked down, with massive sweeps, sending the over 18's to jail and the under 18's back to their families or should I say, the families were notified their girls were hooking and told to pick them up and take them home.

So that's a little history on the hobby there....it can be fun but really requires some good street smarts and a knowledge of Spanish is essential to know how it works and understand the "cat and mouse" game that exists.

That was a really good suggestion from Peterman about two US passports, as they do stamp the passports sometimes, contrary to popular opinion...and there is a very small risk of a serious fine for an American traveling to Cuba although that may change, as the Congress as approved travel to Cuba and now the Senate must vote but of course Bush will veto any bill to appease his supporters in Miami.

If you get th stamp my suggestion is to mail your passport home and enter the US just with your drivers license. It will work and you will save yourself the anxiety...

09-22-02, 23:10
Peterman had some good insight but may I add.....
Taxis- Get a flat rate. I paid $15 for all evening and night. Try to get driver that speaks english it can make a world of difference, one drive (Hector) took me to a great bar in old Havana that only charges $2.50 for the mojhito's that go for $5 in most places.

House of Music is the HOTTEST place right now. I mean real model types, expect to $100-200 for quaility

Also a good friend or driver can get you good deals on food. I paid $2 at a nice air conditioned place for a excellent cheese pizzi that can feed 2 people

09-23-02, 04:51
I agree with most of what JamesBond says. His history is right too.

About finding a Casa P. - - the best bet to find the right casa suited to your needs is to know somebody local. I found a nice Casa P. - - private entrance - -thanks to some friends who have been visiting Havana for a decade. You must be careful about cold calling Casa P's, and you should know some spanish to understand what's going on.

In one form or another, women are plentiful in Havana. But . . . my experience with Cuban women is that they're not pros in any simple sense, but as JamesB points out amateurs. I've hardly ever traded money for sex up front, except under exceptional circumstances. More usually, money and/or gifts come later. I remember the days - - now no longer true - - when women would hang around the Habana Libre looking for tourists. You'd see plenty of them, having met and dallied with tourists, loaded up with trinkets from the gift shops surrounding the HL lobby and giggling with their girlfriends. They didn't want money, they wanted the consumer goods only available either in $ or in the dollar stores. My last trip this phenomenon had almost completely disappeared. In fact, the organized sex scene was really low key except for some tourist hotspots - - where the quality of sex and beauty was pretty low by any standards.

Cuban women are great . . .not just in bed but elsewhere as well. My advice - - as others have pointed out - - is to chat up the local women you meet in local contexts. Like anywhere else in the world. The difference is two-fold: Cubans want dollars and a shot at getting out of Cuba; and, Cubans are just generally more sensual and sexual than many other folks. The key to this kind of approach is to read the signals. Like other places, nightclubs are where men and women go to find some fun. But, my best experience has always been in much more mundane or common places. Take a bottle of rum to the Malecon, for instance, and you're bound to have a good time.

Going to Cuba for sex probably won't turn out to be as fulfilling as you might want. Going to Cuba for romance and adventure - - which might include sex - - is probably a better way to land at Jose Marti International.

Conor OC

09-24-02, 22:01
Just wanted to respectfully disagree with a couple of things posted earlier and amen others. Or, better yet, add my observations. I am by no means an expert.
I have found there to be lots of casa particulars in HAV. Because I have never stayed anyplace other than HAV, while in Cuba, I have no way to judge, as far as #s go, how they compare with the ones in other parts of Cuba. I've stayed in about 8 different casas before I found a real SLEEPER. Now, I stay there exclusively. I just checked a few of the casa particular sites I know of on the net and there seems to be many casas. And, I don't think they would be advertising if they were not legal. Here is a partial list;



09-24-02, 22:42
As far as Cuban only taxis (old yellow and black Russian cars) go, I've never even been able to get in one. I look like a fuckin tourist and on top of that my girlfriend could pass as a european. She has blond hair and has a fair complexion. So, they usually will not even stop for us. Also, I have rode in many old 50's vintage cars. Everyone wants $s so you can just flag them down and ask for a ride. Every damn one of them reaked of gasoline. Not sure why.
I do believe the current prices ($100-200) quoted for professional jineteras to be accurate. When I first started to go to HAV the prices were in the $20-40 bracket. The last time I was there (Nov 2001) the beginning prices I was hearing was $80. They do have great pussy, but, I have not found them to be gold plated! Get real girls! If these girls are not careful they will price themselfs completely out of the BALL GAME! A long time hobbist of Cuba once told me "back in the days immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union you could get laid for a bar of soap". Oh, how I long for those days to return!


09-25-02, 01:03
As far as, "Cuba not being a place to go to hobby"' I disagree with that. Mind you I am not the expert. Cuba is a different kind of place to hobby. If you stick to pros it will cost you some $s. I believe HAV was something like the 3rd most expensive city in the world in 1955. I think the true hobbiest should at least check out Cuba before it changes any more. And it will change. Especially when it is officially is opened up for American tourist. The place will explode when that happens. Prices will skyrocket. I do agree that you should at least take in some of the culture. I know I can't shag 24/7. I do need time to recharge the ole batteries. Maybe that is just me. There is so much to see and do in HAV. There are the cigar factory tours, the museo de la Revolucion and the meseo dela aire. One place everyone go see, just once, is the show at the Tropacana and the caberat at the National Hotel. A great way to kill a Sunday evening (6-9p) before the clubs get going is to go see the band called the Kents at El Chevere (years ago used to be military officers club).

will be back need to charge battery one in computer.

09-25-02, 01:20

It will cost you $1 to get in. I understand this band was the best band in Cuba during the 60's. They play music from the 60s and 70s. I saw them in Nov 2001. They were great. The first song they played was American Woman. I loved them-my girlfriend (early 20's) could not get into them. After an hour we left. Better yet, save your $1 and go around the corner and up the hill (calle 16 #504) from El Chevere to the hotel called El Bosque. Set outside the bar on the deck that over looks El Chevere. Drank mohitoes, smoke cigars and listen to the band.

more tomorrow


09-25-02, 01:20
>A long time hobbist of Cuba once told me "back in the days immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union you could get laid for a bar of soap".

I've heard the same things. Even heard stories of girls having sex for a banana. People were really starving.

That's was a terrible period and Cubans will tell you stories that are fairly amazing. One story I heard was that there was no gasoline, as all the gasoline came from Russia, that traded gas at ridiculous low prices for sugar. Everyone had bikes to get around., even if they had a car because they couldn't get gas.

One day a Cuban friend of mine was really sick and had to be transported to a hospital on the back of a bike.

So its difficult now but nothing like it was.

I love Cuba, it's a special place but don't go there just for the hobby, as it has so much more to offer. The hobby is difficult and you will be wasting your time there if that's the only focus of your trip. It's not like Thailand or Costa Rica. There is so much more there....

09-25-02, 02:22
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Peterman

>I have found there to be lots of casa particulars in HAV. Because I have >never stayed anyplace other than HAV, while in Cuba, I have no way to >judge, as far as #s go, how they compare with the ones in other parts of >Cuba.

The Cuban government makes money (dollars) on hotels, not little casa particuars, which are basically family owned private bed and breakfasts.

They exist in Havana but there really aren't that many compared to other places. The general rule in Cuba is that where there are lots of government or foreign operated hotels, like in Havana and Veradado casa particulars are rare or outright illegal.

in places where there are few hotels like Trinidad and Cienfuegos there are quite common. In any case, bring a chica into a casa particular is problematic. The best chica situations are the illegal apartments with private entrances, and they are in Havana and eveyr city but you really have to work hard at finding them...

09-25-02, 02:46
There are plenty of legal Casa Particulars in Havana. You can find them on the web or in guidebooks. There are also plenty of illegal casa p's in Havana. You can find them by hanging out in busy places and looking like a tourist, or by asking someone local - - a good place to ask is at a local paladare or private eating establishment. Have some dinner or lunch and ask the waitress about casa particulars. One great irony of Cuba, especially Havana, is that an officially socialist state, economy, and society has generated an intense, everyday, street entrepeneurial culture. People will help you find what you want so long as they get a cut of the action.

When you find a Casa P - - and the best bet is to find a private apartment or room with private entrance - - you need to be clear about whether you intend to bring Cuban visitors. You might for instance tell the owner that you have a novia and want to spend time with her. If that's okay, then you're set. (If the owner talks about an exra charge, take a walk. There's plenty of competition.) My experience has been that most Casa P owners are happy to accomodate you one way or the other, so long as you're not going to cause trouble or inconvenience for them. If you have or find a girlfriend, ask her about Casa P's.

The "Special Period" was hell for Cubans. Everyone suffered. Best not to return to that time.

Conor OC

09-25-02, 03:02
>One great irony of Cuba, especially Havana, is that an officially socialist >state, economy, and society has generated an intense, everyday, street >entrepeneurial culture. People will help you find what you want so long as >they get a cut of the action.

yes. Exactly. That's what's fascinating about Cuba and made me really understand capitalism and - for the worse sometimes - basic human nature.

Cuba is officially socialist but in reality everyone is hustling. On a street level it's more entreprenuial then the states. Everyone seems to have their scam, whether it chicas or guys stealing a few boxes of cigars from the state factory and selling them on the street or taxis turning off their meter.

And on a higher level you have mansions in the Miramar district that no one really knows who is living in but you can surmise that it's very high level communist party members.

It's really a fascinating place to go because of the contradictions between official ideology and reality. Of course in America this exists like Enron, Adelphi but it's just not so damm obvious.

As for "the bearded one's" residence. Cubans tell me that all roads are blocked in the area. Eventually it will become a tourist attractions, like
Stalin's palacial dachas in Russia. One can only imagine.

09-25-02, 22:05
continuing from yesterday.....
For the guys that can shag 24/7. There is a cake shop next to the Hotel Inglaterra. I have been "approached" there while having my afternoon cup of cappuccino. Also, around the corner between the Hotel Inglaterra and the Capitolio on San Martin are a couple of outdoor bars/cafes. One called La Calesa Cafeteria. I have "fished" a couple out of there while having an afternoon beer. One said she was a dancer that worked the National Hotel caberat. Who knows. I do know she had a hard body with nice big cha-chas! Reasonable priced at $25. She had a room around the corner for $15. I believe I still have her #. I hope it still works for next time. Still another way to kill an afternoon is to check out one of the crafts markets. I have even been "approached" there. One is about 2 blks east of the Melia Chobia next to the Melecon and the other one is one blk off the channel or entrance to HAV harbor on Cuba Tacon.

09-25-02, 22:20
It never hurts to hire a guide. I had accumulated a list of clubs/bars/fashion shows and paladars that I wanted to check out so in Nov 2001 I hired a guide to take me to these places. I made some notes and over the next few days I returned to the ones that showed promise. Two guides I've used in the past;
Gustavo Hm 995760/ Office 963939 says he was an english Prof at the U of HAV.
Cristobal Leon Padron 792655 Freelancer I met outside the hotel.

If you ever have the need to call Cuba, you know to tell your Chica you are on your way, ask questions about a casa or even make a reservation, try using www.nobelcom.com for calling cards. I've not had very good luck with the normal calling cards from the states. My MCI cards don't work. These cards seem to have the best min/$ and always ring through.

09-25-02, 23:13
I've had a big response on my email for info on paladars. So, instead doing individual emails I'll post here;

La Esperanza, Calle 16, #105, Miramar, #2024361
My favorite. A gay guy (he's harmless) owns it. He speaks excellent english.

La Guarida, Concordia, #418, Centro Habana, 637351
Queen of Spain and Jack Nicholson have dined here.

La Casa, Calle 30, #865, Nuevo Vedado, 817000

La Cocina de Lilliam, Calle 48, #1311, Playa, 296514

La Chansonnier, Calle J, #257, Vedado, 321576

Sushi Sakura, Calle 18, esq 3, Miramar, 242209
Go figure, sushi in HAV!

Most of these require reservations.

If you must eat at one of "The Bearded One's" restaurants, try;

El Aljibe (Cuban food), 6th Ave, all taxi drivers know it.

Raul Real Trelles (Polynesian), lower floor of the Habana Libre Hotel (hilton before the Revolution) Decor has not changed sense late 50's.


09-25-02, 23:46
>Sushi Sakura, Calle 18, esq 3, Miramar, 242209
>Go figure, sushi in HAV!

Figure that's illegal. Paladars are not permitted to serve seafood to keep them competing with the "bearded one's restaurants.

09-26-02, 00:10
I believe it is just steak and lobster that are illegal. Not sure. Never had sushi lobster. Had several fish meals in paladars. I've been offered steak and lobster in paladars. Who knows. I guess it is whatever they can get away with. I also understand they are officially limited to 12 seats. Most of them I saw many more than that.

09-26-02, 01:07
Great information, I am going to print out your posts and take them with me when I return next month. I agree with you, anyone who has thought that they might like to go to Cuba should be doing it before things change, or as a friend of mine says "before they build a bridge to there from Key West." I really appreciate the list of places to eat. the last time I was there that was my major complaint, the food. Hopefully I will learn some new things this time, so I can share them with the board when I return.

Member #4239
09-29-02, 09:45
Back from Habana. I would like to make two posts, the first one being about the apartment which I rent when in Habana.
The location is "el edificio super cake, calle Belascoain No. 452, esquina Zanja, piso 7". The owner is Jorge Luis and you can reach him at (537)-879-0432. His own apartment is actually two doors down the hall.
This is a two bedroom, completely independent, extremely comfortable and well decorated apartment. You can have it all to yourself or share it with friends if you like. You can bring 100 girls there if you wish. No one will care. It is pricy for Cuba. I was charged 50$/day, but I can assure you that it is worth every penny. In fact, the apartment seems to stay occupied all the time. Every thing in the apartment is functional, and it gets cleaned every day. Anyways, check it out if you're interested.

Member #4239
09-29-02, 10:07
Now to my second post.
If you breathe, you can score in Habana. Talk to any single girl that you're interested in. Just ask them up to your apartment for a drink. No one will turn you down. Most girls in Habana are black and average looking at best, but you will find a few stunning beauties from time to time, especially in dance clubs(my favorites are Oasis and Casa de Musica). The reason of course for the ease with which you can pick up a girl is Cuba's immense poverty. And understandably most girls, although not all, will be interested in what you can do for them "economically". Most of my girl friends seemed more interested in smoking, drinking "mojitos", listening and dancing to Salsa, going to restaurants,etc, than having sex with me. Also because of Cuba's liberal sexual culture, most of even the younger girls, have had at least dozens of partners and possibly an abortion or two. By the way, the police never bothered any of my girl friends, but they will most certainly hassle them if they suspect them of being prostitutes. However, I do not recommend initiating a conversation with a "cubana" when the "policia" is nearby. Also, do NOT even think about having sex with some one below 18 years unless a stay in a Cuban jail is part of your travel plan.
Cubans are a fine and patient people, but they are also very gloomy and depressed secondary to living in a society where there are no freedoms, no opportunities, and no hope. Habana is a city stuck in the 1950's, with degenerating buildings, and HUGE holes every where in the streets and side walks. A visit to the so called "markets" with their limited supply and selection was enough to make me depressed every time. One word about the "paladares": make damn sure that you ask the price or see the menu BEFORE you eat or you can get ripped off big time as I was once.
Also as you have recently heard, hurricanes frequently rip through and devastate parts of the island. You may want to avoid visiting the island during the hurricane season if your travel plans are flexible.

09-29-02, 20:08
hey peter have you ever been to cienfuegos?because if you have does universidad de cienfuegos ring a bell?

09-30-02, 23:36

If you mean Peterman instead of peter, no never been anywhere in Cuba other than HAV. Universidad de cienfuegos does not ring a bell. Why?


10-01-02, 02:23
JG was pretty accurate about the cuban women, about half are black and most are average (7's). The interesting thing was I was actually turned down by a few of the real hotties (9 's). I 'am 32 and average looking, I guess they were waiting for the 55 year old Europe guys who are willing to fork out $150 a night. In fact that's my prob.with Cuba, it's like a all you eat buffet- it's for those who perfer quantity over quality.

10-02-02, 16:55
Hi all,

after 4 years of absence I will be again at Habana at the beginnig of november. For me and my 4 friends I'm searching to rent a house or spacious flat to avoid all these problems with the hotel security.
Who can help me?
Please write me an email spassundabenteuer@hotmail.com

Thanks a lot

10-05-02, 10:14
Something I've never seen on any of the Cuba boards is info on a place to get a good massage and maybe a little "extra service". A few years back there was a great health club that was about a $3 taxi ride west of the Melia Cohiba. There was a lady that worked there that gave a fantastic regular massage. Could never get her to do anything else. Anyway, I hadn't been there in a while and I ended up deciding to go one afternoon. The place was closed down and was being remodeled. I just remembered the place was close to La Mason. Maybe some one might know where this lady is working now? Or can anyone give a good recomend on a place to get a good massage? And, if "extra service" was available that would be a plus. (email B747Plumber@hotmail.com)

Thanks in advance,

10-05-02, 14:01
I will be making my first visit to Cuba in a few weeks.
Can you tell me if I am likely to be able to get 'guests' into the Inglaterra Hotel.
Also, am I likely to meet girls around that location or where would you suggest.
Finally, is it fairly safe to walk around at night, or should I taxi everywhere.
Any help appreciated.

10-05-02, 15:13
Massages: Most good hotels in Havana offer massage service, at least those that also offer fuller amenities like exercise room, pool, etc. The massages are above board and not sexual. They are however extremely satisfying. Just ask the hotel front desk or the person at the tour desk about massages.


10-05-02, 15:27

You won't get Cuban guests into the Inglaterra. It is always possible, when stopped trying to accompany a guest to your room, to suggest that you'd be willing to "tip" whoever is stopping you. I don't think the Inglaterra is one of the places where you'll have as much luck with this.

You'll meet plenty of women around the Inglaterra, especially in the streets surrounding the hotel. And, especially, in Parque Central across the street from the Hotel. Personally, I like the Prado - - a couple of blocks toward the harbor - -as a place to meet interesting people - - especially women. Or, the Malecon after dinner - - around 9 or 10 p.m.

Havana is a very safe city. But, it's still a city. I've walked all over Havana into the wee, wee hours of the night and never had a real problem - - at least not of the personal-safety-in-jeopardy type.



10-05-02, 15:34
I'm thinking about switching Casa Particulares next time I go to Havana. Anybody got any suggestions for good CP's? In fact, I think we should start a list of novia/girlfriendly CP's. Email me with your candidates: conoroc2002@yahoo.com .



10-05-02, 15:50

Congratulations in picking one of the best places to vist for your holiday. You will enjoy the city, the people in general and specifically the chicas. The mighty dollar in your pocket will go as far as you can take it with your negotiations, without a doubt it will go further than any other latino country.

I reply to your questions:-

1. Very difficult to take chicas back to the inglatera, and indeed 99% of hotels in Cuba (I was there in June -July this year: the risk to the hotel satff is too great and even for money they can be reluctant, which is a real ***** if you have a chica on your arm....). (But then where there is a will, theres a way... be careful with this, you do not want to have to answer the door, with a hard-on and butt naked to a group of security and mangers....). If you are comitted to stay at the Inglaterra as part of your travel-deal then you might have to take a casa on the side (lots near the Ingaletrra). However if you are still free to pick a place to stay, I would say spend a couple of nights at the Inglaterra to "find your feet" in Havana and at the same time look for a good casa....

2. Exactly opposite the Inglaterra is the central park, that is acorss the road, (read small city square here: the kind you get in Rome, but smaller). At all hours of the day, and especially when its dark, there are lots of chicas who hang out there. So no problems there. (In the day, just go sit under a tree: I promise that you will be approached by a chica with 15 minutes: have some good chewing gum ready to break the ice....).

Like wise, and with your back to the Inglaterra, turn right and immediately right again (about 5 meters form the front enterance of the hotel Inglaterra) go down that road for a further 3 meters (yes, its very close....) there is, on your right a small, but very well lit door to the Caboret Nacional. Nice little club, very easy, very laid back, no preassure: any evening of the week. Wednesday nights is for locals but you will still get in, but the "prices" will be VERY cheap indeed. I did a 3 chica marathon on one Wednesday night here.... (not at the same time unfortunately, I took one back to my casa, poped her in the mouth, sent her away, went back for some drinks... got another etc...: slept most of the following day!)

Now, if you trun left out of the Inglaterra and walk about 30 meters, you will be at the begining of the prado. This tree lined avenue is a nice (and very cool walk during hot days). You get a good asortment of chicas here also (both in the day and night).. Take care here when you approach the chicas, as back in June-July, I saw about 5 police officers, every day, just standing right in the middle of the walk-way, spaced evenly along it..... At night there were no police (after 10pm), and the place was full of chicas. In the day, just sit on the marble benches....

3. Safety: Listen, this place is safer than wherever you live. Trust me on this. When the police catch a theif or rough tourist-molester, they beat the living day-lights out of him, then send him to do hard time in a Cuban jail. (Have you seen the film "Midnight Express"? The jails in Cuba are a lot tougher than that!) this is not from personal experience you understand (!), I have a doctor friend in Havana and he works at the jail.... You will be safe in the day and also at night. However, even when chasing chicas can I suggest that you first think with the head on your shoulders, before using the head in your pants (no insult intended, but you get my drift, right?). At night, the lights and number of people on the streets keeps you safe.

Any specific questions you can email me: sedition2001@hotmail.

Hope it helps and good luck: remember to post the latest information.

Regards, Havanaman

Member #4239
10-06-02, 04:47
Thanks to Castro's police who are in every corner, Habana is extremely safe. Do not worry too much about crime. I walked the city even at 4 AM and felt completely safe. The only thing you need to worry about is not falling into one of those HUGE holes in the streets or side walks, and of course hurricanes(two of which hit western Cuba within the past 10 days).
I do not agree however with the other post saying that this is one of the best places to vacation, and it is not that cheap by any means. Habana is a poor, depressing city, and most of the girls are quite average. But, you'll see for yourself. J.G.

10-06-02, 08:43

I must respectfully say, " I didn't fall off the tomato truck yesterday"! I know about "legit" massage places, in HAV, and I know how to find them. I guess you missunderstood me. I was trying to find out if anyone had any "personal experiences" with any masseuses, in HAV, that will go-the-extra-mile.


Give Fatboy a chance to see for himself. Different strokes for different folks! I know guys that hate asians. What sick bastards! I've shaged all over the world. IMHO HAV is a great place to visit and shag! HAV has some real beauties and, also, some real dogs. It can also be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it.


Spend some time and read back over all the previous posts.

Just my $.02.


10-06-02, 19:26
Fatboy, I would urge you to listen to Peterman, myself, and the past few hundred reports here and in the old archive.

You pick well if you pick Havana IMHO. Besides anything else, it's a life experience. Just go for it and enjoy. I'm willing to say you will have a wonderful time in Havana, as long as you stay as laid back as the Cubans. Leave any seriousness and reservation at home, go with the flow, dance like no one is watching..... Thats exactly what I do and I have been twice a year for the past 4 years...... Think about it.......why would he keep going back.....? Point made?

Regards, Havanaman

10-07-02, 03:17

Got to thinking. If you must stay in that area, try right next door at the Hotel Telegrafo. Much nicer hotel. It was completely remodeled one year ago. I know one of the bellboys. He gave me a tour. Very, Very, Nice! You can get girls into the rooms. It will take some work and cost some money. It can be done, but why give yourself gray hairs? Get yourself a casa P. Besides, most of the working girls know of a short-time room. For what it is worth.


10-08-02, 03:28

I was so busy trying not to fall of the potato truck that I misread your post.

I really need to get back to Havana soon. . . warm air, sea breeze, good booze, good friends, and glorious chicas.


10-08-02, 21:29
A guy i know flew to Havana via Canada a few years back. Supposedly about 2 months after they returned his whole group got letters from the treasury department fining them for spending money in Cuba.

Has anyone else heard of anything like this happening?

Having just returned I am a little nervous

Thanks for any help

10-08-02, 21:54
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Havahopeful
[i]Supposedly about 2 months after they returned his whole group got letters from the treasury department fining them for spending money in Cuba.

Has anyone else heard of anything like this happening?

Supposively over 60,000 Americans go to Cuba each year without permission and return without any problems.

There have been a few cases where fines were issued but very very few. There is a risk and you never know if the government will pick you to set an example. You can read about the few instances when fines were issued in the Lonely Planets Guide to Cuba. Most of those cases involved illegal tour operators to Cuba.

Of course the Bush Administration is particularly interested in the travel restrictions to Cuba, so there could be more examples now then before. I think if you were to be fined you would have known about it at US Immigration or customs when you re-enter the States.

One thing that is VERY important. When you arrive in Cuba ask as firmly but poliltely as possible that your US passport not be stamped. They stamped mine but thankfully I had no problem returning.

Good luck

Member #4239
10-09-02, 07:57
My passport has never been stamped. I never buy anything with the big "Cuba", or "Habana" logo on it, in case customs looks at my stuff. I don't fly back to U.S. in a T-shirt with a big "CHE" picture on it....lol....I get to Cuba and back from Mexico. I pay everything in cash. They don't accept U.S. credit cards anyways. So personally, I have never had any problems whatsoever. Having said that, now I guess I jinxed myself and will have a couple of treasury agents outside my door tomorrow morning! J.G.

10-09-02, 09:01

Look on page 16, 17 or 18 of your passport. Look for a small aprox. 3/4 inch square stamp that says BANK with maybe a building in the center of the stamp. If not, you are home free. Also, if there is no stamp there is no way to prove you were there unless you tell them.

My $.02.


10-09-02, 14:59
Peterman, Havahopeful, Gentlemen,

I do not have these same passport stamp fiascos to contend with travelling from Europe, but due to the fact that I visit the USA regularly, I'm careful about what goes in my passport. From my experience I must agree with jamesbond69's last paragraph, where he discusses about asking the immigration officer politely not to stamp the passport.

This has always worked for me, especially when combined with actually talking to the officer, in a joking manner, about how the USA government does not understand…. People should be allowed to go wherever they like…. My being here is good for the economy…. Wouldn't you agree…..
After all these poorly paid officers are just like you and I, having their own opinions. They are undoubtedly bored out of their minds the whole day, stamping passports. The immigration officer ends up happy at having "won" a minor victory and just stamps my tourist card. Win ~ win.

The idea is not to illicit a political debate, its simply to bring out the human side. It does seem to work.

I do recall an earlier report (I forget the author) that discussed multiple passports and the like. I would recommend caution with this really illegal (in any country) practice.

Regards, Havanaman

10-09-02, 18:57

on what dates are you travelling to Cuba?....I´ll be going there on Thanksgiving week, it would be nice for two Havana newbies to hook up.

Your moniker is very similar to one of the stalwarts of the CH board, are you the same person?

10-13-02, 13:48
I'll be heading to Havana in a few weeks... except my wife will be travelling me as well (well, nothing's perfect). Can someone suggest some day time places that I could try my luck at? Or know someone that can hook me up with someone during the day?

10-14-02, 17:51

From all the previous posts you will have gathered that Havana is one of most easiest places (on the planet) to find a chica.

At any time of the day, if you sit in the Parque central (opposite the hotel Inglaterra) and act like a tourist, you will be approached within a few minutes. Guaranteed. Then its up to you, either have a casa ready, or better still for a single shot, get the chica to sort out a short stay casa ($15 - 20).

Other places include the Malecon (walled beach front), just take a stroll… however of late this has become a difficult pick-up area. Best of all, I have found great success with "regular" non-pro's by simply chatting to women in shops, on the street etc. in fact anywhere and with chicas I like and then arranging a meeting with them on another data / time. Trust me it is very easy. Good Spanish will help you.

All the best.

Regards, Havanaman

10-15-02, 01:07
I read today that Castro has imposed a max 20kg (44lb) limit on anyone entering the country. A tax of $25 per kilo over, and a maximum 10kg over per year also applies.

Sounds like Castro is trying to make his people poorer (by taxing friends, relatives and the generous) in the hopes that an outcry will bring an end to parts of the embargo.

Anyone know if it's true?

10-16-02, 22:31
i have been reading a lot about cuba on the wsg-forum and similar german websites, so i decided to go see it. immigration at jose marti airport only took me about 10 minutes, they didn't even stamp my passport probably because it has many old us-immigration stamps (i am european by the way, so why bother...).
after getting my luggage over an hour later, i passed customs without problems.
my casa was located in calle l halfway between "habana libre" and "colina hotel", i had an appartment on the 3rd floor with one bedroom (airco), a small kitchen with gas furnace and a large refrigerator, living room, tv (two channels) and balcony with view to the east. and of course private entrance. (there are more casas located in that area.)
reservation was made through marilin diaz (www.cubabudgettravel.com).

during my first day i checked out the area to get streetwise. saw the police check ids of girls and young cuban men but sometimes they seemed to close an eye or even both regarding street action. whenever i walked with a girl after dark (but then always hand in hand !) up "la rampa" to my casa the police never interfered. i only picked up bright-skinned girls (chicas blancas) because i'm not into dark coloured or black girls .

"la rampa" (section of calle 23 between calle l and the malecon)
when walking la rampa later in the evening you will hear the usual "ksss, ksss"-noise behind you. but in the dark it is sometimes difficult to check the "quality of the offered merchandise". be aware of the transformed ones.

cafe sofia: (corner of calle 23 and calle o)
some chicas (pros) are sometimes already there during the afternoon. make eye contact, start talking and here we go. price around 50$ for all night (always to be negociated). met lili from cienfuegos (on two occasions), and yamelie from santa clara.

emperador: (corner of calle m and 17). this bar has no entrance fee and you will be approached by the girls (hard pros). in this bar all the negociating action with the chicks is not really hidden and everybody knows what's going on there. i went there with one of the locals, we had some mojitos and he explained me the important details there. don't start offering more than 35$ for a whole night because there will be enough other girls approaching you. and from a starting point of 35$ you may still go up a bit if you think the girl is worth the money. (i.e. never start negociating at a too high price level) do not go before 11:00 pm.
i went there 3 times but never found something to my taste. too many black girls and very pushy. some white chicas even dared to ask 50$ for just 2 hours what i always declined. but, surprise, when the brighter lights were turned on in the bar around 1 am, the asking price suddenly seemed to drop...

el conejito: (other corner of calle m and 17)
similar procedure as for emperador.

malecon: (section between calle 23 and paseo marti, i.e. between "la rampa" and "la punta")
i walked there at 10:00pm with my local guide all the way up from calle 23 to paseo marti. there are available chicks as well, and regardless of the police presence.
in the early evening (sunset) of october 10th (independence holiday in cuba) i picked up yuslay, a student girl (4th year at university), we talked a lot, had dinner and then back to my casa for 30$. some days later i saw her again.
(beware of the big hole in the malecon pedestrian walkway at the non-lit area, it is deep !)

paseo marti:
after doing a nightly malecon walk i went into paseo marti and saw an open houseentrance with an old women and two girls.
my guide just made a "ksss, ksss"-noise and the prettier girl of the two (a real cutie) came to us.
she (non-pro) agreed to stay all night with me for 40$. we secretly fetched a taxi and drove to my casa. these 40$ were very well spend. i picked her up at her home a couple more times and also met her family (nice people).

i was also approached at paseo marti during the afternoon while sitting there and drinking refresco.

amanecer: went there during the week, didn't like it (no chicas blancas available).

sherazade: a bit better than amanecer, but i stayed solo that night.

i didn't get bored in la habana, did some museums and other cultural stuff (yes) as well, walked a lot. didn't check out the discos, because i rather prefer hunting off the beaten track.
i am already planning a next (second) trip at the end of the year, to one of the smaller cities (maybe cienfuegos)

internet: i checked my emails at the capitolio's cybercafe.
they charge 3$ for 30 minutes (5$ per hour), and their computers are very slow which is not a surprise considering all the crap-utilities running in the background with active desktop and all window animations enabled... maybe they do it on purpose (to get more $$$)
did some tweaking to speed things up at least a little bit.

10-17-02, 01:24
Hello Scorpio,

Good to see your excellent trip report! You provided lots of useful info. This is the kind of info we all need. It would be great if some of others would give something back. I know thousands of hobbyist are getting info here and then never giving anything back. I'll get down off my soap box now.
Some comments. The reason that it took so long to get your bag is because they go through x-ray on the way in and on the way out. On the way in they are looking for "gifts" with power cords (ie TV, VCR, DVD player, iron, ect.) so they can charge you duty. On the way out they are looking for more than 2 boxes of cigars in your bag.

next page....

10-17-02, 01:35
Something I have found with the police-they will usually not bother the tourist. They know how they are being fed. The police will usually not bother a fair skinned chica that is seen with a tourist. I think this is because they may believe the chica could possibly be a european tourist. And again they would not want to screw with them. Something that happened to me a few years back-one afternoon I spent a couple of hours at the open air cafe across from the Melia Cohiba with a mulata chica I know. I left before her. Apparently there was too much "touchy-feely" because when she left she was picked up by the police. It is a good thing that her uncle knew one of the higher-ups at the police station-she was later released.

next page.....

10-17-02, 01:44
I do think you are missing the "full-flavor" of Cuba by sticking with just "chica blanca's". Some of the black and mulata chicas can be so damn hot! As Dirty Harry says,"you owe it to yourself to live alittle bit". I guess that will just leave more for the rest of us mongers!
Care to share any contact #s? Also, did your casa P have a private entry, chica friendly, how much $, was clean and did the owner speak english? If so, I would interested in the #. Thanks.


10-17-02, 02:27
Let's set the expectations of Cuba strraight right now on this board. CUBA is unique.

Unlike every other country in Latin America the Cuban government does not actively promote sexual tourism, either directly like Costa Rica or indirectly like all the rest.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 the country was in despair. The only way to survive for most cubans was through prostitution and they were everywhere and the government couldn't control the situation. There were flights directly from Rome to Havana, full of horny Italian running rampant then and it was well worth the trip.

The tourism industry has matured since then, with European chain hotels catering to famliy tourism (far more lucrative than sex tourism). The government no longer needs sexual tourisms and it's not tolerated, like ZERO tolerance, far more than in the USA.

Of course there is still prostitution (it exists everywhere on earth, even in the USA), as the economy is terrible: if a woman can make $50 a day when the monthly income is $10 a month she's going to go for it to feed her family but Cuba is a total police state, with far less corruption than in most countries, certainly most Latin American countries, which isn't saying much.

Therefore, there are no brothels (at least I don't know of any), SW but always with pimps and under the eye of the police, and no way to enter hotels with a chica unless you want to pay a steep bribe, which even then may not work. There are certain clubs you can go to where women will sell themselves but where do you take them? Casa particular? Difficult. Private Apartment. yes if you can find them and there is a cost. It's cat and mouse game. I had sex in Cuba but it wasn't easy to find a place to have it.

It's just not hobby friendly, right now, so why go there for that when there everywhere else in latin america is EXTREMELY hobby friendly?

If you want to go to Cuba for other reasons - a country that is different from any other on the planet, totally safe (zero street crime) and free of American commercial interests/propaganda - no Starbucks, no McDonalds, etc, than go now because it won't be like that forever and NOW is the time. Maybe it wil return to the lurid red light country it was during Batista but I doubt while Castro is alive or at least in control.

My 2 cents, from someone who really loves Cuba and the hobby and this is why I highly recommend visiting Cuba but do not recommend it at all for the hobby.

10-17-02, 02:34
Dear Peterman,

I've just posted my report a few hours after my return home. I prepared the report in La Habana during some quiet afternoons (can't shag 24/7 ... you know), took my laptop-computer with me for that. And now at 3 AM local time here in Europe the jetlag keeps me awake and I'm reading your (just posted) posts with a smile on my face.
I fully agree with you that all the hobbyists should share their experiences here. First of all MANY THANKS to you Peterman, to Havanaman who mailed me his information-file a while ago and of course to everybody giving useful information back. All these informations helped me to have a good stay in La Habana. To avoid misunderstandings regarding "chicas blancas". I know that expression from Mexico where these chicas have a brighter skin colour called "color cafe con leche" and I'd die for them. I am sure I'll get more full flavour because this first trip to Cuba shouldn't be my last one. (more answers tomorrow night)

Regards, Scorpio

(Jamesbond69 you are right when recommending to visit Cuba now before it changes, but hobbying in Cuba shouldn't become too easy for just any sucker, otherwise that paradise would be ruined quicker and forever IMHO)

10-17-02, 07:38
Hello jamesbond69,

I must respectfully say, I think you missed the boat when you were in Cuba.
Yes, you are correct, "the Bearded One" tries to stop prostitution. But, when he pays his people as little as $5/month it is impossible to stop it.
Yes, you are correct, it is a police state, for the Cubans!
Yes, you are correct, Cuba is very safe. But there is MUCH corruption. How can "the Bearded One" expect a person to live on $5/month without them subsidizing their income?
Yes, you are correct, there are no brothels. There is no need for them. There is plenty of SW action.
Yes, you are correct, there is no red light areas. The whole country is a potential red light area. You just need to know where to look and the correct questions to ask.

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10-17-02, 07:52
Yes, you are correct, there are steep bribes to be paid to get girls into hotels. That is why a seasoned hobbyist stays in a Casa P. I've stayed in 6 to 8 different ones and never had a problem with having a chica staying over night.
Yes, you are correct, it is a cat-and-mouse-game. For me, that is some of the attraction or intrigue for HAV.
Yes, you are correct, go to Cuba for reasons besides solely for the hobby. Cuba has some of the nicest people I've ever met and some very beautiful places.
But no, I think you are wrong, the hobby is there- BIG TIME!
Sorry to come down on you so hard, but, I think Cuba is a great place for a holiday and the hobby!
Anyone else?


10-17-02, 14:08
Peterman, jamesbond69, Scorpio, Gentlemen,

Firstly let me begin by thanking Scorpio for an outstanding report, some very nice information indeed. By the way I am also into the chica balanco / blanco mulata scene. Some nice tips for me for my December trip tanks again; I have not tried the EL CONEJITO nor the EMPERADOR, so they go on my list.

Now, jamesbond69 is very right about the historical issues, however I disagree with his conclusions sir. Peterman had the right answer all-round IMHO. Cuba is one of those places where everything and anything is available for the hobbyist, however you need to look (once I saw a squashed empty carton of Macdonalds shake on the ground: proably the only one in the whole of Cuba!..... admittedly there is no Mac's in Cuba, go figure!).

I come from the hunting school of hobbying, and so like the chase as well as rewards: prefering the non-pro action. Cuba offer this. Admittedly the hunt is not as difficult as it would be here in Europe, but nonetheless it is very fulfilling. The non-pro scene is very nice: I must say that over the years I have lost count of the number of times that I have excellent "service" without having had to part with a penny: it was never discussed and never expected. However, we all know the score in Cuba, and so I always gave very ample "taxi fare".

Cuba is a paradise. Do all the previous reports not show this? Off course they do (the most recent excellent report from Scorpio shows that). If you want wall-to-wall lazy mans hobby then Thailand / Bangkok is more appropriate. Cuba is without a doubt a connoisseurs place: and I'm not necessarily talking cigars!

I hear from my friends in Havana that "the brearded one" (nice, very nice Peterman) is very sick. Does this mark the start of the end as we know it? ~ I think not. It has been suggested that he has groomed his brother Raul Castro (five years younger than Fidel, and currently head of the military) to be the next in line to continue and perpetuate the current state of affairs. Indeed, it does not end there, there is still the remaining elder brother Ramon castro: who knows a dynasty potential? Not forgetting that Castro has a son (I forget his name....) who is also on the polit ruling committee.... but then I digress.....

Scorpio, Peterman: I am back in Havana from 23 Dec to 3 Jan, after my Buenos Aires trip . If you can make it lets hook up, spending NY in Havana will be real blast!

Regards, Havanaman

10-17-02, 18:31
Hello Havanaman,

I would dearly LOVE to hook-up in HAV and see a pro in action, but financial obligations will not allow me to go until maybe MAR or APR (may have to work a hadj or maybe BUSH will have me activated).
Never heard of Emperador (which is now on my list) but, I have been to El Conejito for lunch. I don't speak spanish, but I believe El Conejito means something like "lil rabbit". Somebody help me out. Their speciality is rabbit. Go figure! It was just O.K.-nothing to write home about. Just another one of "the Bearded One's" restaurants.
It just so happens, after lunch, I met an excellent 19yo mulata freebie across the street from El Conejito. I used my favorite HAV pickup line "hello".

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10-17-02, 18:44
You are correct, Cuba is a different kind of place to hobby. Then again, everywhere in the world I have been was different, hobby wise. You just have to adapt or go with the flow. You know, "when in Rome..."
You are correct that Raul is being groomed to replace "the Bearded One". One of my well educated HAV friends told me that he is afraid if that happens. He says Raul is a real lunatic. I could see the fear in his eyes when he said this. Let's hope, for the Cuban people, this doesn't happen.
Long live paradise!


Havanaman, between you and me, what where you smokin when you saw the "Mickey D" shake carton? It sure wasn't a cigar!

10-17-02, 21:58
Hi Peterman, (continuing from last night)

Regarding my casa, the owner Sr. Reynaldo (speaks English) lives in a different house a few blocs away, some of the neighbours must certainly have noticed my (changing) visitors. But it never became an issue maybe because I acted discreetly. The house has a common entrance and there is about 6 appartments on every floor. It can always happen that you come across somebody else living in the house while walking upstairs to your appartment. I and the owner never talked about bringing chicas to my appartment.
But he may have known about my activities (by the neighbours). He came every fourth day to collect my payment. The price was 30$ the first 4 nights and from then 25$ per night. Every two days an older maid came to clean everything and she was happy with me because I kept all very orderly (not like many other guests, she said). The owner can be reached at #8327945 (+53 7) but my particular casa is already rented for the next two months as he told me (btw he may have more for rent). A disadvantage of my casa was the loud traffic noise, to sleep long I used earplugs. (P.S.: Conejito means Little Rabbit)

Hi Havanaman,

I like the idea to meet "on the site" at the end of the year, but at this time I'm unable to give a positive answer. We'll all stay in touch through the WSG-forum anyway !

Regards, Scorpio

10-18-02, 01:16
Hello JamesBond69,

In your last post you mentioned pimps. I have not come across what I would classify as a true pimp in HAV. But, I'm sure they are there. What I have seen was this; while at the Comordoro Disco a (gay) guy gave me his card and told me he was a dancer at the Tropicana and he told me he could introduce me to other female Tropicana dancers. Pimp? Not really.
Another time after a night of shaging, on the way back to the Melia Cohiba, we stopped by the cafe across from the Melia Cohiba for a night cap. Got the # of a cute lil chica that didn't speak english. Called her a few days later. Talked to a "male friend" that spoke english. Met her for a shag. It was not very good (no kissing, no eating at the Y, etc.) Saw her a few weeks later hustling an Italian tourist in the piano bar @ the Melia Chobia. Saw her, again, a few weeks after that go by on the back of a motorcycle as I was having an afternoon beer @ the same cafe where I met her. The guy (probable the same guy I had talked to on the phone) dropped her off in front of the Melia Cohiba (taking her to work). Pimp? I think not. Probable just her boyfriend.

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10-18-02, 01:31
Another time, I met a girl working outside the Habana Libre. I had shagged her several times at an "apartment of one of her friends" that I rented for the hour. Weird thing; she seemed to know where everything in the apartment was at. The "light bulb" never came on until this old lady that lived upstairs that I had befriended, told me after she had a falling out with this girl; this girl was married, that was her apartment and her husband had cleared out so I could rent the place for a shag. That was the last time I saw her. Pimp? I think not. Just a-low-life-dead-beat-husband!
Just my $.02.

Hello Scorpio,

Thanks for the info. I'll take note of this place and check it out on my next visit


El Colorado
10-18-02, 01:50
Just got back from my 20th trip to Havana. I have been going there since 1995. Tourism is way down right now and the people who rely on it are suffering.
Johnny's (El Rio) is open and flourishing. I went there twice over my eight day trip. There were over 100 girls, many 8-9 and one or two 10's. There were only about a dozen foreigners (men); 11 Italians and one American (me). I was beating the women off of me. Since there is a $10 cover there, the girls ask for more. The usual asking price is about $80 for the whole night. I usually settle for $60. All the girls there are pros.
My driver scouts out chicas for me while I'm away. He had two non-pros who were pretty good. The non-pros never ask for money. I gave them $60 each for the whole night and some small gifts which I had brought.
During the day, I like to take chicas to pools throughout the city. Macumba is particularly nice.
I went to check out El Conejo (yes, rabbit) and Emperador at the Fosca Plaza. The girls at both these places are controlled by a single black pimp who was disturbed when I didn't find any of the girls up to my standards. Two of them gave me their phone numbers for action beyond the pimp's view for another day.
The hottest new place is the new branch of the Casa de Musica in Central Havana. It quit letting people in at 8:00 PM one evening. This is three hours before even the most eager chica ever shows her face in a club. There were a number of beautiful non-pros waiting outside for their knight in shining armor to pay their way in.
I also checked out the disco at the Bosc pool (I forget the name of the hotel). $10 cover for all you can drink. Most girls were with male Cuban friends (necessary to enter many places). All seemed to be non-pros.
Rodeo in Parke Lennin is also very good on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Mostly non-pros, and there are hundreds of them with very few foreign men to go around.
I stayed at my usual casa particular in Vedado. It is beautiful, on the 14th floor of a high rise, with shared living, dining room and kitchen. It has a large balcony overlooking the ocean and city skyline. $35 per night including private bath. The owner, Marta speaks English and can line up a driver for you. Her number is 53-7-32-64-75 and her e-mail address is martavitorte@hotmail.com. She has internet service available, but it is dial-up.
I pay my driver Emilio $35 per day plus gas and a tip of about $20 per day at the end of my trip. In return, he negotiates everything for me, buys groceries and booze and shuttles the girls around, so I never pay for cabs. A good rental car in Havana can be $85 per day and up, so a driver is a real bargain. Plus, these guys know where the action is, so I never waste time.
Cuban women have none of the sexual hang-ups American women do. Having sex is like shaking hands. It's expected. The biggest problem you'll ever have in Havanna is getting rid of a woman.

10-18-02, 02:24
One quick ?,

from reading posts on experienced travellers it seems that the Cuban women are readily available to be picked-up by us tourists.....and in order to get into clubs they need to be accompanied by males.

My question is - do the Cuban men get jealous over us tourists picking up their girls? Has anyone had a problem like this?

I'm Latino and I wouldn't take it to kindly to have strange guys accost my female friends........maybe my thinking is warped and it's different in Cuba.....



10-18-02, 03:11
Hi EL Colorado,

Excellent trip report!!! Got some good up-to-date info. I took notes and I've been to HAV maybe 50 times! Speaking for myselt, this is the kind of stuff I like to see here.
One question; does Emilo speak english and how can he be contacted? Sorry that was two.


I have never seen this to be a problem. I think it is part of the culture. Anyone else?


El Colorado
10-18-02, 03:46
Peterman - Emilio speaks a little English. My Spanish is only fair and he understands me fine. The landlady can translate if necessary or provide an English speaking driver if you need one.

Panchero - Back in the old days you could take a daughter from her father's arm. It's not a problem. If a girl is accompanyed and doesn't make eye contact, I have my driver approach her. Sometimes her companion is a brother or a cousin. They need the money.

El Colorado
10-18-02, 03:51
Peterman - Contact Emilio through Marta. 011-53-7-326475 or her e-mail.

10-18-02, 04:48
Great report Colorado. Gracias. I'd sensed when I was last in Havana - - July 2002 -- that the lid was coming down. Glad to hear that my intuitions were wrong.

I visited the Emperador with an amiga Cubana while in town . . . we were there early in the p.m. and not much action. I hung around till things started heating up . . .but didn't see anything to compel me staying.

Haven't heard before about Rodeo in Parque Lenin . . .have to make a visit next time.

About Peterman's recurring girl episode. I had a similar experience. Bumped in a voluptuous, lovely Cubana in one of the less glamorous hotel nightclubs . . . .we had a nice time together. Couple of days later, passed her on the street when she was with a couple of girlfriends - - all off to do some shopping. Then, a couple of days later, walking down a street in another section of town, bumped into her with her husband and kid! Needless to say, we exchanged glances but not much else. She wasn't a pro, just another Cuban trying to get a little bit more out of life by hooking [no pun intended] into the dollar tourist economy.

I'm trying to head back down this spring. Question: should I wait 'til the high tourist season is over? say around late April? or head down more toward the apex of high season - - say, February/March? Opinions? [Damn with all this crazy stuff going on in the States - - I'm ready to pass the whole winter in Cuba.]


10-18-02, 22:12
Thanks Colorado for that great info in your report. I have my own comments and questions for you "experts", since I just came back last month. First the comments......

1) Emperador- I first got to know of this place by the way of a scam artist who hangs out in front of the nearby Hotel Nactional. He told me the place was called "Hemmingways" and he worked there. Once I got and he started ordering drinks expecting me to pay, I understood the scam and left. I returned a few times afterwards but Colorado was right the girls are average at best (6 and 7's). Interestingly, I didn't get any sense of a pimp there but he may be correct as most of these pro girls lived across the street from the club and I may have seen the guy.

2) Paying - I thought Colorado was paying way to much. I mean $55 per day ( including tip) plus gas to a driver is only cheap if your comparing it to the States. Guys since this is off- season I had no problem finding taxi drivers willing to do for $25 per day including gas (unless we left Havana). Colorado I would be interested in knowing if your driver bought your supplies for at the peso stores, there by saving you some money ??

My question for Colorado, Peterman and other experts
1) Are many true blondes there ? I didn't see any many (except the tourists). I'll have quality over quantity any time.
2) Is it possible to hang out near the unversity to get choose to the smart young ones ?? Has anybody tried this ?? I didn't get a chance

El Colorado
10-18-02, 23:44
ConorOC - Tourism is way down right now. I'd go sooner rather than later. The weather starts to get pretty hot in late April.

downunder - Indeed, my driver does shop the peso stores and the fruit market (also pesos) for me as well as the black market for shrimp and lobster. A day for him starts around nine in the morning and doesn't usually end before 2:00 AM. He knows when we shouldn't be hanging around a place and when to swoop down on a target of opportunity. Also, after 7 years, I trust him. The tip is always up to me, and my driver has always been worth it.
Most of the girls I go with down there are fair skinned blondes. Alas, none were real blondes. I have had one blue-eyed Cubana and several green-eyed girls and one real red-head once.
There is a small outdoor snack shop directly across from the Havana Libre hotel. If you hang out there in the afternoon, most of the co-eds from the university pass by on the way to the bus or Cupoella (for ice cream). Personally, I've never tried out any university girls.

10-19-02, 03:15
Some corrections:

Item: Cubanas pay $10 to get into Club Rio.

Most likely:

Cubanas pay $2 to get into Johny´s - ut you as the stupid tourist in one of the more mercenary hard core ho Havana hangouts will get charged the "stupid tourist" price. Expect to pay no less than $50, probably for a quickie. Of course, YMMV. Youth, looks and Spanish ( and combos thereof) can negate what I wrote above.

Item: Rodeo full of non pros.


Most likely:

Yes, there are many non pros to be found but those won`t be interested in your old tourist ass. The ones that are all fairly regular Havana hookers and I have seen many "old school" faces at Rodeo mingling with tourists.

10-19-02, 09:21

True blonds? I don't recall ever seeing any that were not tourist. Saw some old B&W footage on the tube recently dealing with the Cuban missile crisis. I studied them well and didn't see any blonds among the masses in HAV.
Also saw some short segment (think CNN) on the tube recently about blonds. It said all blonds are originally from the Scandinavian countries. It also said in about 200 years there will be no true blonds in the world because blondness is a recessive gene and as we all know from our 4th grade biology class it takes 2 recessive genes for it to come out in the offspring.
What does this mean? It means you better hurry if you want to find your true blond, you only have 200 years!
My bit of biology for the day.


10-19-02, 16:43
Someone (Scopio) has mentioned that internet is available at Capitolio's cybercafe. Can anyone tell me where Capitolio is?


10-19-02, 17:02
Originally posted by AlLostInSpace13
Someone (Scopio) has mentioned that internet is available at Capitolio's cybercafe. Can anyone tell me where Capitolio is?


The Capitolo is the Capital building. Can't miss it. Huge building downtown, that looks like the US House of Congress. Near the Inglaterra Hotel. Everyone knows it.

But cybercafe is stretching it. more like a few extremely slow computers that are down as much as they are up. You enter a room, hand over your passport, pick a number and wait and wait with a bunch of backpackers. Only good thing about it is that I met a Swedish girl who fancied my one eyed snake.

Best bet is to use the internet services in the better hotels like the Nacional. Far more expensive - around $10+/hour but worth it in my opinion.

The bearded one is a bit conflicted about the internet. The tourist demand it and Cuban scientific and business community need it to prosper - a good thing.

On the other hand you have unrevolutionary information - free and uncensored - a bad thing.

10-19-02, 17:50
Downunder: I went to the University (Alma Mater) located calle L a bit higher than Hotel Colina during an afternoon, strolled around in the gardens and also inside the Buildings. Some people (male students) asked me if I were of the student exchange program. There were some cute chicas but I just looked, didn't chase. After class many of them go down Calle L to Coppelia Park for Helado (icecream) as mentioned by El Colorado. I think icecream makes every cuban chica weak.

El Colorado: great report, I should have had it before going to Havana :-)

(After reading the recent posts concerning Emperador, I get more convinced myself that the action there is controlled.)

Regards to all, Scorpio

10-20-02, 03:24
Regarding blonds in Cuba (and elsewhere in Latin America for that matter)

Seems people forget that many Latins are children of blonde Europeans, which for one reason or another either emigrated or mated during their Latin stays. In the case of Latin America, keep in mind that there are SOME Spanish and Italian blonds, though not many.

In the case of Cuba, I have seen plenty (well, perhaps not plenty, but enough?) natural blondes and it is no BIG surprise??

Almost every blonde Cuban has an Eastern European, typically Russian parent???

or has everyone forgotten the Russian presence there for 30 years?

10-20-02, 03:39
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Catire
[i]Regarding blonds in Cuba (and elsewhere in Latin America for that matter)

Cuba before Castro was a much whiter country. Same could be said of the DR during Trujillo. And if you look at the photos of the Cuban revolution most of the revolutionaries around Castro were white and middle class.

The fact is that the white Cubans had more money than the blacks and were able to leave the country after Castro. If you look at photos of Miami Cubans the vast majority are whites of European origin.

And yes you are correct. For thirty years there were thousands of Russian soldiers and technicians in Cuba, mostly single men, so yes you have the Cuban blond phenomena, sometimes with very exotic looking olive complexions and with Russian names like Sonia but there aren't that many.

Also the people in the east, particularly in Santiago, tend to be darker than in Havana, as that area had more sugar plantations and slavery.

10-20-02, 22:48
Thanks guys for all the response to my last post. I have a few more questions.

1) Is it possible to have a couple of "kept" women in Cuba ?? A rather wealthy buddy of mine wanted to keep a couple of women down there for himself (pay for their rent, and other expences) and even start a concubine. I said it will never work because the women will never be faithful, especially since he can only visit them 2 or 3 times a year.

2) How does Havana compare to the other great cities of S. America (Bueno Aries, Carcas, etc) in terms of the overall experience (prices, quality of women, food, etc) ???


10-21-02, 00:22

> > > > I am PUZZLED as to WHY your friend would even want a "KEPT" woman out of the country in a depressed country where the sex industry is the business of choice and profit.

.... I am very "CURIOUS" .... I know if your friend has a lot of bucks to spend he can have his choice of the best of the BEST.


. (((( WORD )))) .


10-22-02, 13:04
This is obviously a newbie question, but here it goes anyway: Where can I buy protection in Havana? What is it in Spanish?

10-22-02, 16:50
Hi AlLostInSpace13,

The obvious thing to do would be to take a good supply with you. If you hook-up with a pro, she will have them.
There is a pharmacy in the Habana Libra Hotel in the shopping mall that you enter on the side of the hotel. There is another one at the Comodoro Hotel located in the bungalows.
Sorry, don't know the spanish word.
I hope this will help to cover things.


10-22-02, 18:33

The word you are looking for is: Condón or Preservatif.

Easiest places to find such covers, and at least have some selection is at the hotel pharmacies as mentioned by peterman.

I would urge you not to use the local brand ~ unless off course you are looking to have zero sensitivity, in which case you may as well use a bicycle inner tube. Taking your own is the best policy: they are easy to hide from your wife or girlfriend…

Regards, Havanaman

10-24-02, 02:16
yeah, condon or preservativo.

rubbers available locally are all Chinese.

and JamesBond - your analysis is correct. Ever notice how Miami Cubans are quite "white" , especially comparted to the mother isle?

10-24-02, 04:11
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Catire
[i]yeah, condon or preservativo.

rubbers available locally are all Chinese.

I can tell you from experience that the Chinese condons are incredible. I had a fairly funny horizontal moment, when I complained to my Cuban friend about using the Chinese condons and I insisted in using the American Trojan, so we did a test.

I put my full fist in the Chinese condon and it didn't break. Then I did the same thing with the American trojan and it ripped immediately.

I have to admit that the Chinese condon technology is superior. It's like a tire. Very durable.

10-24-02, 04:53
Haha, I actually have one in my bag from my last trip to the cuba, the brand I had were called "Twin Lotus" and yep, they were made in China. I would Recommend using instead of the trojans, the extra sensitives hold up real well, better than most extra strength condoms. I packed 2 24 packs on my last trip, sorry to say I still had some left over, I got the local condom as a memento.

10-25-02, 17:27

I got an email last week from friend who is in Havana right now. It is directly pertinent to this condom thread and I have copied the following passage for your consideration:

"…as you said the pickins are easy. I must tell you I've been offered full service without a johnny 3 times now for extra $$ one time tthis was for $5 on top of the $40 we agreed. I know what you think, I didnt ask for it they offered it. You know I said NO. I'm not bringing back anyhting more than a few cigars!…."

(sensible words, even if he is paying too much!)

Fellow hunters, we can read into this whatever we like, but the message for me is clear. Uncovered, is clearly being offered (an indication of the current financial state / or were they just skanks?). This is news to me as I have never been offered this in the past in Cuba. Uncovered, for BBBJ, is one of the ultimates for me ~ and that's as far as it goes uncovered.

Without being patronising, it does need saying because of what happens to a man when we mix desire, alcohol and freedom: stay covered for penetration (for front and rear entrance). Best always to take your own condoms, condón, preservatif, whateveryoucallit, or indeed as the British say "Johnnys". I have long since taken a lot more than I needed and always given a couple to the girl I was with. Strategic planning on my part; who knows, I may see her again on my next visit ~ she will remember me!

My friend is right about bringing back more than cigars as shown by Explorer8939 (Havana, General Info. Board) and his URL recommendation. Worth checking out IMHO.

Don't flame me: no patronising, insult or medical advice is intended here. Just good common sense (hunting instinct).



10-28-02, 03:37
Hey all,

I've been using the board for a bit now, but haven't been able to post anything since WSG verification msgs weren't getting through to my account. Anyway, everything is fixed now and I'm looking forward to making my own little contributions where possible. I just got back from a four day jaunt to Santa Clara and Cienfuegos. I'll try and post a report sometime soon - nothing big, just an update on the situation.

Roger the Surfer

10-29-02, 05:57
Hi you all!

First, let me thank everyone who's posted advise on this board. I'll make good use of it the week of November 24th when I'll be in Havana for the very first time!

Now, is anyone else from this board going to be there at the same time? Maybe we can hook up?



10-30-02, 23:00
Hey pachangero,

If you want to talk about meetings and whatnot, drop me a note at rogerthesurfer@hotmail.com We can talk that way, the board isnt really for that kind of stuff (although I've been thinking we could plan a nice big get together sometime - wouldn't be such a bad thing). Its doubtful we would all be in the same area at the same time though without it be for the same reason. Anyway, I'll have my post on S.C. and Cien up later this week.


11-01-02, 22:49
I had posted a message a couple weeks ago regarding someone I know being contacted by the treasury department weeks after returning from Cuba. Well I spoke with the source and wanted to post what actually happened.

This guy went to Cuba and like the rest of us had the time of his life. He had a great guide down there and kept his contact info.

Some time later he faxed the guide's info and specifics on Cuba to a friend who was going to Cuba. Well the friend (for what reason, i don't know) got caught comming from Canada to the US and had in his possession the fax.

When the Customs saw the fax, describing Cuba comming from my friends business, they pursued my friend a little with threatening letters and phone calls, (he made the mistake of admitting he was down there) but after some effort and a corroborating story of the guide in Cuba that my friend didn't spend a dime while down there, it went away.

11-09-02, 04:42
Can anybody tell me how can I go to Havana from Mexico City. Do I just purchase a ticket from the travel agency in Mexico City? or can I buy the ticket in the States. How frequent are the flights from Mexico City to Havana.

El Colorado
11-09-02, 05:01
Mexicana/Aerocaribe have flights. You can get the schedule from their website. You need to call Mexico to make the reservation and pay for your ticket when you get there. Cancun is a better gateway city.

11-09-02, 08:13

You can also try Dan Snow @ www.cubatravelusa.com. I've used his services before. He can make reservations on Aerocariba and I think he can give you a little better rate on Aerocaribe. Give it a try.


11-09-02, 12:05

you may need the tourist card, don't forget it.

Regards, scorpio

11-10-02, 02:34
Thank you guys for all the info.

11-14-02, 21:38
Marinero, Gentlemen,

I agree with El Colorado, the best gateway city is Cancun. I have done that route a couple of times and it was by far the best route. Enough Americans holiday in Cancun to make you “invisible”… And the jump to Cuba is easy. I would get my ticket from MEX in the current climate, however Peterman’s recommendation will help you. These days, I would envisage that a number of agencies supplying tickets / assistance for Cuba may be under scrutiny.



11-18-02, 05:30
Pachangero (or others) - I will be going to Cuba over Thanksgiving as well. This is only second trip and I'm trying the Toronto route this time. I am going to rent a car and drive East to Camaquey as part of my quest to cover the entire island. I will be arriving in Havana on Tuesday and will be driving East the next day sometime. If you or anyone else wants a ride I would not be opposed to going a little out of my way. My email is cuddhot@hotmail.com please contact me.

Additionally: Casa de la Musica has been misrepresented on this forum so far as I have read. There are two shows there. One show begins at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and closed at 8:00 (which is probably why one of the postings said that they couldn’t get in). I I would quite often go there and meet someone during the day only to go somewhere else at night. I also tried the evening show at 9 or 10 and it is substantially less interesting for a young man (20-30). It appeared to be more 40-50yo Cubans and Diplomat types and it was certainly not a fun. The weekends there are much more quite and is probably not the best place to go. Going to the Casa de la Musica at 5:00 is a great way to end a day of exploring before you go out on the town at night.

Also, I’ve had much more fun in Ceinfuegos and non-touristy cities than I’ve had in Havana. It is the equivalent of NYC vs. Athens, GA. The people are even more laid back and not pushy at all. Also the food is better outside of Havana but the selection is often limited.

11-19-02, 20:54
November 13 2002
First time in Cuba, visited end of October.
Thanks to Havanaman for his email with useful advice.
Turist card: at custom control non problem indicating address of legal casa
particular, the policeman asked nothing about it.
About population: half of them are cops and are everywhere (it is very good for turist safety, they don't molest you, only the local and expecially the girls), the other half will try to sell you cigar as they state to work in factory where they product it (!).
Walking around you will be frequently approached by swindler, but also from interesting peolple that wants only talk with you.
However people are very friendly and I like them.
About weather, from october to april it is very hot but dry and tolerable; I think in summer is unbearable, even if easyer to meet girls at beach due to stop in university.

Good action at disco "Rosalia de Castro" few blocks from Capitolio, entrance only 5 $, cerveza 1,5 $; packed with young and non some professional pro.
Disco Jhonny (Rio Club): was very good in the past, but recently closed by police, for the moment little action, check in the future for improving.
Bar "Emperator" at Vedado (near hotel Habana Libre), packed with pro, some good.
Disco "Almanacer" at Vedado, reported good by locals, but little action, may be the wrong evening (best at week-end).
Good place (but only for pro, no GFE): place and bar surronding hotel "Inglaterra", and the near Prado walking area (good in afternoon and evening).
In nearly every casa particular I've asked for, you can pick girls (chica) for one night without problem and without registration (better to ask in advance); they need to registate her for long staying due to evntual police control.
Of course it is better, for privacy, to get indipendent casa, or casa with indipendent entrance (price 20-30).
Price for girls range from 20 to 40, never give more than 50, non even for top model.
In general life cost is much expensive for turist in Havana than in surronding area.
During the day, for not boring, you can take the bus (name is "uaua") number 400 to go to GUANABO where there is a wonderful beach (about 25 km.). The bus-stop is near Cenral Station, about two hundred meter south from "Jose Marti" historical house. Price is inexpensive, less than 1 pesos (1$=26 pesos); by taxy will cost you 15$.
When you will reach the bus stop, ask loudly for the last in queue and follow him for boarding the bus (ask loudly: "ultimo?").
In Guanabo there is little action due to cops everywhere, but whit caution it is possible to find. The nearby place "Santa Maria" it is nice but there are only tourist, no local, no girls.
I think Guanabo it is the best for the day, Havana is the best for evening and for cultural things.

I've made also a trip to CENFUEGOS (3 hours by car, 20-30$, by bus 15$)
Very good place is disco "Costa Sur", packed and inexpensive; if you enter alone and wait you will be approached by a lot and young.
Also good it is disco "Benny Morè". Good action is, at evening, at walking area from city centre to Punta Gorda, in front of sea. But be caution for cops (for girls, not for you).
I've meet some guys, that have lost their girlfriends: the cops follow their, stopped it and carried the two girls to police station; I don't know their fate, but may be they are in prison now. No problem for the guys, one was driving withot license, but after some talking were released.
The problem in Cenfuegos is during the day, if you rent a car or a scooter you can go at beach "Rancho Luna" (about 15 km.), otherways the city is small and too hot during the day. I was lucky because I've meet that guys with car and I was travelling with them.
For any question, write your e-mail, I'll answer.

11-20-02, 03:03

check your hotmail for details!

11-22-02, 01:38
The Cuban/Spanish name for bus is "guagua"

El Colorado
11-24-02, 23:12
Pippo01 One of my good friends got back from Havana on Nov 21. He spent 8 days there and visited Johnny's. It is open and fully stocked.

Adam Bomb
11-26-02, 19:15
Does anyone here have any comment about "Email/Joe Cuba"'s warning post in the General Info section? Sounds rather foreboding, yet no one in this section has mentioned any changes in perceived policy.

I was seriously contemplating trying a first-time visit (Havana) in February, but now i'm quite wary.... Please, convince me it's all okay....

Also, i thought i'd be able to get in through Cancun, but i found out that my milage program doesn't go there....Any other recommended portals from the US? I'd rather not have to go north, first, to Canada.....


11-26-02, 23:37
Adam Bomb, Gentlemen,

Like you I am VERY disturbed by that "Email/Joe Cuba’s warning post in the General Info section”. Worried, but not overly harassed. I’m in the process of making a few calls. Due to the backward nature of the “Cuban communication process” it takes a few days for me to make contact with my contacts… I will keep you posted.

Jackson, not wanting to offer any insult whatsoever to the author of that email: if he can send you an email for posting, why can’t he join the forum, wait for acceptance and post for himself (unless off course he is in the process)?

I guess I’m disturbed not only because of my own forthcoming trip, but also because Cuba has been in my heart for many years now. I need to confirm these “new revelations” before I can believe them. Right now, they are still in my “in” box and thus unknown quantities.

Can I please ask any fellow Cuba enthusiasts who have contacts over there to start a discrete investigation…



11-26-02, 23:57
Adam Bomb,

Wow…….. hold that cancellation thought! I am looking into this, and should be able to give some initial third-party feedback in the next few days. Please excuse this delay; it takes ages for me to make the contacts. The problem is at the Cuban end….

Also, regardless of the “state of the nation” I have my tickets booked and my usual casa reserved… so without doubt I WILL be on the ground very soon: 11 – 13 Dec (just 2 nights), and then also 23 Dec for 10 nights. I will report back as soon as I hit Havana, you can count on it.

How can one convenience you? Simple:-

* Read the all the glorious WSG report. That should be enough.
* If “that” email is bothering you, wait for me and the other Cuba mongers to find out…
* Go anyway! Add to the adventure… LOL …but seriously you will enjoy it, first trip or not.

About your mileage programme: I should still go via Mexico. Hop to Cancun and skip to Havana. Best route possible in my view (but then I travel from Europe…). A lot of my USA friends take this route and love it. The number of USA travellers really does make you disappear in the crowds. You next best IMHO is Canada. I’ve never had a need to try this route and so can offer you no opinions… sorry.



El Colorado
11-27-02, 06:00
I e-mailed my casa particular landlady the other day to verify this new policy about guests begining Jan 1st 2003. She said she hasn't heard anything about it. She plans business as usual.

11-27-02, 07:05
Fellow Forumites:
Pay no heed to "Cuba Joe" aka, "Gusano Joe" because he is a steaming pile of monkey shit playing into the hand of the right-wing Miami mafia. "Methinks he doth protest too much" as Bill would say. He first emphasizes that he is not a Miami gusano but then mimics their tantra. Believe me, all is cool in Cuba! Numerous trips to Cuba as recently as October lead me to say with certainty that nothing "Gusano-Joe" muttered comports with reality. Also, phone calls this evening to friends in Holguin and Habana confirm this assessment. But then he couched his apocolyptic epistle in term of pending events Besides, Cuba survives from money derived from tourism so it is counter-intuitive for the government to harrass tourists. Even a rock-stupid gusano can figure that one out. So please, any forumites planning on traveling there, do not be daunted by this sub-cretin moron "Gusano-Joe" who simply can't accept the fact that the embargo will collapse next summer and the shit-eating gusanos in Miami will be stuck with worthless deeds to property in Cuba they'll never recover. Eat shit and die Gusano-Joe!!!!!!!

11-28-02, 17:43

Monkey shit indeed. I have now managed to contact 4 different people, in different cities: Havana, Varadero, & Cienfuegos. No one has heard / seen anything about what Joe Cuba was posting. Make your own conclusions about this.

I full agree with arecho66: Gusano indeed!

I’m still going on my trip. Nothing that has been posted by joecuba123@hotmail.com has put me off. If my contacts are wrong, then so be it and I will take my own risks… However it should be mentioned that Cuba’s economy is so reliant on tourism that joecuba123@hotmail.com must be wrong.

For anyone wondering what the situation is “on the ground” I will post regularly from there (my first stay is for 2 nights, second stay is 9 nights). In fact anyone who is in Cuba now, PLEASE post and update us all.

I believe this forum was intended for the sole purpose of sharing mongering information. I do not feel that this forum is appropriate to espouse ones political views…. Anyway: live and let live…



11-29-02, 03:48

Regardless of how shit the book is, I thought I'd better mention the fact that JoeCuba posted exactly the same message on the Lonely Planet Thorntree web forum.



Green Machine
11-30-02, 07:48
Hello fellow WSG-ers,

I'd like to visit Havana for New Year's Eve. My initial plan is to meet up with some friends in Jamaica on December 29th and then fly to Havana, stay in a casa particulares and tour around.

I understand from some readings that this time of year is a heavy tourist season. How difficult will it be for me to fly to Montego Bay and then purchase tickets to Havana that same day? Should I purchase tickets in advance? If so, how can I arrange that? And is Air Jamaica a recommended airline?

My concern really is with getting my flights and tickets into and out of Havana. My friends are arranging our accomodations and some of the other details. I just need to get to Havana on the 29th.

Any suggestions?


Green Machine
11-30-02, 07:59
Hello fellow WSG-ers,

I'd like to visit Havana for New Year's Eve. My initial plan is to meet up with some friends in Jamaica on December 29th and then fly to Havana, stay in a casa particulares and tour around.

I understand from some readings that this time of year is a heavy tourist season. How difficult will it be for me to fly to Montego Bay and then purchase tickets to Havana that same day? Should I purchase tickets in advance? If so, how can I arrange that? And is Air Jamaica a recommended airline?

My concern really is with getting my flights and tickets into and out of Havana. My friends are arranging our accomodations and some of the other details. I just need to get to Havana on the 29th.

Any suggestions?


12-01-02, 02:09
I forgot to mention in last post that all Cuban laws are identified and promulgated via a disciplined, codification process. That is, each law has a unique ID number with similarly identified sub-components such as articles and decrees.

For example, Article #17 of Law #87 was promulgated in mid-1999 and it delineates various penalties for varying levels of involvement in the "delito" or crime of "proxenetismo" or pimping. It is only logical then that a new law going into effect January 1, 2003 (as "Gusano-Joe" alleges) would have a similar codification ID and implementation date readily verifiable. This is especially true for any law that would have such a profoundly negative impact on the economy and more importantly on the informal sector which includes casas particulares and paladares which are often run jointly esp in places like Baracoa and Santiago. Moreover, with less than 30-days before the alleged date of implementation, owners of casas particulares would have been informed by now of this drastic change and attendant penalties for non-compliance. Owners of casas particulares I have contacted have heard nothing of this "new law."

I suspect Gusano-Joe is unaware of the fact that "El Codgo Penal de La Republica de Cuba" is posted on the internet. Gusano-Joe's big problem is that he thinks everyone on the internet including this forum is as stupid as he is. The null-hypothesis concept can be applied to the verbal-vomit spewed by Gusano-Joe. Once a single element of a therorem is exposed as crap, then by extension it can be inferred that the entire theorem is bullshit. So again I say to forumites, ignore this sub-cretin moron and go to Cuba and have the time of your life. Just be nice to the girls because I promise they will be nice to you. Peace.

12-01-02, 04:02
I will be in Cuba just after Christmas and then for 3 weeks. Is it hard to find hotel rooms in Havana around this time of year? Should I be booking now? I am looking for a place close to the center of town that is not too expensive. What about the Hotel Lido? Of course I would rather have a private room, but I am under the impression that when arriving at the airport you need show that you are staying in a hotel and not at a casa particular.

Anyways, I hope it is as fun as it sounds!

12-01-02, 04:03

I'm not sure who is talking the most crap, you or him. But I do agree with your final sentence, treat the girls well and you will get the best from them.


12-01-02, 04:33


12-01-02, 09:25
Now you're making sense :)

12-01-02, 21:50
Why is an ad for overpriced, pimping, ******* involved Sosua Palace being put up on the CUBA page?

Shouldn´t this spam go where it belongs?

El Colorado
12-03-02, 04:44
Green Machine - I entered once via Kingston. It was a prop plane in the afternoon. I made my reservations by calling down there and then purchasing my ticket the same day I arrived. Virtually no hand luggage is allowed because of the small size of the aircraft. The flight took 2 hours. I'd allow at least 2 hours in Kingston to get your luggage, clear customs, pay for your ticket and clear security again. Personally, I really prefer Cancun as my gateway.

Foosball - Tourism is way down right now; I doubt you will have any problem getting a hotel room. You may show a licensed casa particular on your visa. I show the license # and the address. If you need a casa particular, e-mail martavitorte@hotmail.com and mention me. If she's full, she'll know someone with room. Ask for the license number and address. Casa particulars are far cheaper than hotels and are chica friendly.

12-07-02, 04:51
Just got back from Cuba on Tuesday. Girls were plentiful around the Havana Libre Hotel but you have to play cat and mouse with the police. Get the girl into a taxi and have it follow your taxi to your casa particular. Some girls want $40 but reduced to $30. Met a nice girl at the Jara cinema on La Rampa across from Havana Libre. There are some transvestites also on this corner who look cute. Look for an adam's apple to see if she was a he.

No action along the malecon.

Also tried Cienfuegos, but the girls and casa owners are very fearful of arrest, so I left the town after 2 days. Bennie More's was dead but I was there on a Monday night.

Recommendation is Gerona on Isla de la Juventud. Still laid back and the girls outside the disco are waiting sitting on the street curb. YOu can have any of them for $15 each. Casa particular is $15. Many casa owners will come to the airport to meet the flight from Havana, so no lack of casas.

12-09-02, 22:41
npaul, were there many girls in Gerona? Are they available every day of the week or just at the weekend? When you say you can get them for $15 each, is that for short-time or all-night service?

Thanks in advance.

12-10-02, 04:51
Every night at 10:30 the girls sit on the curb outside la Rumba. Sundays, MOndays, what have you.

There is also a fried chicken place across the street and another restaurant open a block away. The main street is 39th street at about 23d avenue.

$15 is for all night, some girls want $20. One natural blond with freckles and pink nipples demanded $40 and she was well worth it. The italian guys pay only $5 I have been told. I tried to pay a girl $3 once because she wanted to stop before I unloaded and she looked at me funny. Some girls only want you to buy them some clothes the next day for $20 or so. Each girl is different.

The last girl I met spent a week with me. I only bought her a dress for $38 and she was happy with me. I plan on seeing her again in January.

12-16-02, 22:34
Hello guys, (especially El Colorado and Havanman),

Within 3 weeks I will leave for Cuba, and after reading the whole message-board, I cannot wait to go, after all the information from all you guys.

And I want to thank El Colorado and Havanaman for their regular updates.

I will send a nice and detailed update after my visit in january 2003.

However, I do have a few questions:

Colorado, please, can you send me an email (my adress is " out-there@planet.nl "). It has something to do with Marta.

Can anybody give me a quick update on the situation in Varadero? Where to go, is there a gf-friendly Casa Particular wich I can send an e-mail? (Or do they have telephone?) My plane arrives in Varadero, so I have to stay there at least a few nights.

Can anybody give a brief update on the global situation in Cuba? I read some news in this forum that there might be problems with the police etc etc.

Well, that's all folks, greeting from The Netherlands

12-18-02, 01:42

12-26-02, 22:10
Question about US Green Card Holder & trip to CUBA

I have a buddy of mine who has been a US permenant resident for over 10 years. He is originally from PRC (People's Republic of China).

He told me that he has been wondering if there is any law that he maybe breaking if he visited Cuba. He has just put in his papers for natutralization.

But wanted to Visit Cuba before becoming a citizen. He is also into Hispanic chics in a big way.

Guys please post if you have heard anything as the guy is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Jose Marcia
12-27-02, 21:49
I have been to Cuba three times so far. My first two trips were during 1996 and 1997 and then I was a Green Card holder. On my first trip, I asked the Cuban immigration lady not to stamp my passport. She winked at me and did not stamp it. I did the same at Pierson Airpot (Toronto) and they told me with a smile that they knew where I was coming from and they wont. Same happened during my second trip. I hope that will help your friend.

To stay with the topic: I agree with paul.... don't go near Veradero. No action there.

Stay either in Habana or go to Guanabo which is a 35 minute ride From Habana. Try to pick girls from beaches at playa del este or pinar del rio. Otherwise rent a car (the best and the most rewarding way while in Cuba) or rent a car with a driver and drive in between Guanabo and Habana. You will get many young and great looker non-pros that way and will cost next to nothing. Also dont forget to take T-shirts, chewing gum, soap, shampoo, chocolate, and toilet paper. I hope that will help you.

12-30-02, 11:01
npaul can you please e-mail me. I want to chat about Cuba with you


12-30-02, 17:39
Thanks, Catire, but for all I know you could be a US Treasury dept official who wants to track my email address and IP address and collect a fine. Please ask your questions on the board. No offense.

12-31-02, 08:14
No, not an official of any kind, especially the govt.
e-mail me off a friend's e-mail then or do it off a yahoo or hotmail account which are completely private and protected by strict privacy laws.

I want to discuss something with you but this board isn't the proper place for it. That discussion could be more worthwhile for you than for me.

01-02-03, 12:55
I am going to cuba soon. What is the latest latest on:

1. where to stay in havana. A casa particular that is at most 20 dollars.

2. where the girls are. Where the thick big breasted black ones are. I mean what cities and what areas in the city (streets, bars).

I am going alone. I am latino so I speak spanish with ease.

3. How much money is enough for 20 days. I am super cheap and simple. No luxury please. Just simple bed and food. No diving, hiking or museums. Just be around the people and T/A at night.

4. what cities are least tourist-full?

5. Do the banks help you break US dollars?

6. internet access?

How are Havana, Baracoa and Vinales? I was told those are "a must" by a married woman. :)

Any help will be appreciated. email me at vze2wvqz@verizon.net

I will absolutely post a long report when I come back. ANY information is welcomed.

Wish me luck guys.

Doc Bill
01-03-03, 02:53
Hola, fellow cubaphiles and wannabee cubaphiles...or perhaps i should call myself an ex-cubaphile now...ive used a lot of the information ive gotten on this board in visiting several countries, and now it's time to give something back.

Ive been to cuba eight times over the past three years and have had several cuban girlfriends...i want to report one incident here, though, as a warning to fellow travelers. In May I met who I thought would be the next Mrs. ! A beautiful 29 y/o mulatta schoolteacher living in Vedado in Havana...I was sure that she was not a hustler (jinitera in cuban) because i actually pursued her and she was standoffish at first...also because she always ordered the cheapest items on the menu and did not ask me for anything....well, let me cut to the chase...a few months and a few visits go by, we get engaged (do i ever learn?), and i discover, thanks to my many good cuban friends, that she is still living with her boyfriend or husband who is a violent drug addict alcoholic, that he forces her to go out with foreigners to get their money, that both he and she are violent, and basically that ive been the victim of a very elaborate scam to get her and possibly eventually him out of the country....whew, i got myself out of this situation just in time....my warning is, she reportedly works this scam a lot and both she and the boyfriend are very dangerous...he is known to have killed at least one person already, possibly more...unbeknownst to me until later, the buzz around the neighborhood was how long the americano (yours truly) would last before the boyfriend got too jealous and hurt or killed him...

i don't need this shit, i just go to have a good time and i happened to fall for the worst person i could have...anyway, if you meet a beautiful mulatta with long hair named Yamilet that tells you her "ex boyfriend" is violent and that she can't be seen with you in her neighborhood, GO...do not look back! Ok, you stand warned.

In general, Cuba has become a real pain in the ass for hobbyists...the cops have increasingly been cracking down, and while they never used to bother tourists i myself was detained and questioned while walking with one of the girls...they are all afraid of the police and it's just more trouble than it's worth...yes, it's a little more pricey in costa rica but for the peace of mind and no-hassle you get there, for me it's worth the extra cost...im gonna give cuba a rest for awhile.....

but i hear brazil is really happening!?

01-04-03, 17:31
1. for a $20 casa particular, go to the havana libre hotel on 23d and ave l. walk one block to the hotel colina. diagonally across the street is an apartment building. go upstairs to 310 and ask for daisy. she has nice room with ac and semi-private bath for $20, and she is guest friendly. you can swim and hang out by the pool of the havana libre at no charge. simply go up there and ask for a towel. tell them you are in room 1105. if you forgot your room key you give them a $10 deposit for the towel. no problem. there is high speed internet access at the business center of the havana libre, on second floor.

2. you can change your us money everywhere. it is their second currency. there are banks, etc. only your us bank credit cards will not work.

3. if you hang out in havana you will find more than enough girls of all kinds who want money and love sex!

4. try to bring $100-150 a day to cover every thing, including a girl overnight. in havana you may need to pay $40-100 for a girl.

5. i recomend you go to isla de la juventud. things are about half price. take the domestic flight from havana to gerona for $24. it goes 3x a day. girls are $15 overnight there.

01-05-03, 01:02
docbill449's good post inspired me to relate my cautionary tale. Like docbill, I too have been to Cuba 8 times, except within a two year period. The motivation was a gorgeous, white 24 yo Cubana from Holguin Province in eastern Cuba. I met her on La Rampa (Havana) and while it was not a straight-up jinitera transaction, nor was it a Norman Rockwell romance. I sent her money regularly and of course brought her tons of gifts and merchandize on my numerous trips to visit her both in Habana and Holguin. On the second trip, she introduced me to her "parents" and other "family" members who turned out to be her husband's parents and family. The whole rancid lot were in cahoots to fleece the "yuma" (foreigner). In my defense, she was the only Cubana who had any effect of this sort on me and I have had more than 30 Cubanas. Ironically, one jinitera I picked up my last trip in front of La Copelia on La Rampa was also from Holguin Province. During our session together, I inquired if she had a boyfriend. She replied "todas tenemos novios" or "we all have boyfriends."

So be forewarned, they all have husbands and/or boyfriends who tolerate the foreigner for the money. This is the rule, not the exception. I know most of this falls under the "Duuuuhhhh" category and I realize most foreign guys, esp Americans do not travel to Cuba looking for a girlfriend much less a wife. However, you might meet a Cubana who is exceptionally nice, well-educated or just a joy to be with besides in bed. But do not, I repeat do not even think about bringing her home because Cubanas are notorious for ditching their benefactors within months of touching foreign soil. Luckily, my situation did not progress to this point. As with docbill449, some very good Cuban friends enlightened me to the truth with regard to my "girlfriend."

In short, the Cubanas are fun to play with but do not take them seriously for one second. Nonetheless, treat them nice because they will definitely be nice to you. Just remember that there is always a boyfriend or husband lurking in the shadows.

Doc Bill
01-05-03, 05:14
thanks so much, arecho66, for your story...it really helps to know i'm not alone...i thought after so many trips that i was hip to it all in cuba, but this one just blindsided me, i mean it wasn't just the sex, i really fell! but you are right, unfortunately the idea of bringing a cuban girl home is a risky long-shot...too bad, my problem is that i don't do well nor like very much american women...

anyway, i appreciate your counsel....and i wonder, if like me, you find cuba not worth the hassle these days?

stay strong & prosper!

01-05-03, 13:03
to arecho66 - a clarification

foreigners are called "extranjeros".
"yuma" is a very specific term and it means American. or America
It is very United States specific.

And your general point about bf's and gf's are correct, thought it is possible to find a nice and good gf without a guy lurking in the shadows who is looking to rip you off. Btw - that kind of girl would never accept money to give you a blowjob, etc. They aren't working girls, period.

The problem really lies in the challenge of the long distance aspect of the relationship. Do you expect her to sit there and play with herself while waiting for you to come visit her for a week once or twice or even thrice a year?

And are you sitting at home in the US, or Canada, playing with yourself for the other 49 weeks or so at the same time?

01-05-03, 13:56

First of all, I don't recall saying or inferring that my routine was cool so back off. Note that I prefaced my post as a "cautionary tale." Nothing more, nothing less. Also, you don't know the frequency of my travels prior to the truth emerging so your bit about LD relationship is off-base. Finally, who the fuck would think that her fucking husband was essentially pimping her off? The mother-fucker went with us to Baracoa and stayed in the room next to ours in the casa particular while I fucked his wife's brains out day and night for several days in a very loud fashion. They had me thinking he was her "cousin."

I've come to the conclusion that Cubans are straight-up, across the board fucked in the head. I lived in Bogota for almost four years and even those fucks aren't as degenerate as Cubans.

01-06-03, 01:26
Hello gentlemen,

This is my first post in a long time, however I have lurked for quite some time prior to my first visit to Cuba. I just returned Dec 21, 2002. I had a wonderful time.

Cheap flights from my hometown to Cancun, then purchaced a ticket from Cancun to Havana, $300. Airfare was in total $600.00 R/T. Havana was great. I did take a trip to Varadero, and what a mistake that was. It was like going from the forest to the desert. Very few girls, and muchas policias. I did hook up, but she was just average. I met one gal (in Havana) who I spent 4 of 7 days with and had the most incredible GFE ever. She didn't even ask for $$$. After the first night, the next morning I awoke to her ass grinding into my lap, she initiated sex almost every time. The chemistry was awesome. She was 19, I am 35. She did exhibit a little jelousy from time to time. One of the best fucks I have ever had. I even had to check myself back into reality, as I was fantisizing to bring her here. It just takes one head check to kill that notion, so don't worry I wouldn't follow through, but what a fantacy. She was mulatto, with muscular legs, medium tits, and a pussy that was beautiful to eat and fuck.

I had the help of a fantastic guide who saved me so much time and trouble I would recommend him to anyone staying in Havana. He negotiated for me, kept the Jinateros (males) away from me. Since I went alone he became a buddy, but he was so respectful of me, he is a humble guy. He found me a great casa.

If any are interested I will post his photo and tel #.


01-06-03, 03:59
In8 I am hoping to land in Cuba soon. Can you pass me the photo and number of the guy. Who should I say referred me? My email is down there.
Thanks alot in advance.

01-06-03, 22:00
His name is Jorge. Actually it is Juan Jorge, but he goes by Jorge. Tell him that his friend who scuba dives sent you.

driedup3030 - I already sent you his picture and gave you his tel number. I am the same guy that you have been e-mailing.

Here it is again:

Jorge hangs out in front of the Hotel National, in Havana. He usually wears a baseball cap, and he is 25 y/o. He drives a moto taxi that is yellow and looks like a big tennis ball. His tel # is 8301396. Just tell him his friend the buseodoro. He'll know who I am. I spent my birthday with him his girlfriend, and my chica in December.


01-08-03, 21:39
Originally posted by arecho66

I've come to the conclusion that Cubans are straight-up, across the board fucked in the head. I lived in Bogota for almost four years and even those fucks aren't as degenerate as Cubans.

I think you have to try look at it from the Cuban's perspective. Colombia is fucked up in its own obvious ways but certainly NOT communist. I see the same sort of attitudes in Cuba that I recall seeing in East Germany and Bulgaria way back around the time of the collapse of Communism.

It would seem to me that living under Communism would drive anyone squirly! You have nothing and the gov't takes care of everything and many things don't work or make sense but you must simply accept it and learn to work the system. In comes a westerner that defies all these realities. Now, insteading of having to work the system to get what limited possibilities are available to you, you just have to work the westerner and the possibilities are much more open. I can't even imagine what must be going through their heads but I do know that their reality is MUCH different from ours.

01-12-03, 01:57

Thank you for posting up all the great info..I'm interested in visiting Havana..maybe in Feb 03'..Please send me the number of your contact guide. thanks!


01-12-03, 01:59
In8...Whoops!..I didn't see that you already posted the info.

thanks again.

01-14-03, 13:25
I found a site on the internet, or rather I may have got the link from here of a site that has girls wanting partners. Tehy range in age from 17 to about 32 and most have downloadable pictures, sometimes several. Some nice looking women. But what I found strange was that some of them were nude or nearly so as if they had just had a session with the webmaster. Take a look.


01-14-03, 20:48
Thanks to everyone who's posted in this section--i've learned a lot.

Couple of specific questions tho:

1. Is this Jan 1st crackdown really significant if you're going to have fun, and only get laid as a side effect of enjoying the place? I'm not into pros, and I'm happy to shower the non-pros with whatever money and gifts, but I'm not looking for some purely transactional relationship. However, at the end of the day, if I get naked at some particulare, I want to know I'm safe.

2. Is it possible to prearrange a smart, cool woman guide who will take you around, cook a few meals, and generally make your life easier? Does anyone know someone who is truly bi-lingual and who you can pre-book rather than having to take your chances down there. I really want to have it done before I go so I don't have to worry.

I'm thinking of a last-minute flight from Montreal this week, so any info would help in my decision.

Any contacts would be fabulous. BTW, I am extremely generous when someone is genuine and helpful. In the Caribbean last year, I had a really cool chick who took me around, and I paid for everything and gave her a nice bonus at the end.



01-16-03, 23:08

Taking off a month was excessive I know, but it had to be done. My only regret now is that I’m missing the travelling. I’m at day 4 of the post-holiday blues. Shit happens.

I’m not going to repeat any of the usual information myself and others have posted, suffice it to say that Havana is still Havana and for me very little has changed ‘general people’ and chica wise. All the popular clubs and bars are still open and mongering is as easy as ever if youve been before.

HOWEVER: Please note. In all my years of visiting Cuba, this visit (Christmas period) showed the highest police presence it have ever been my misfortune to see. They were everywhere. Unlike previously, where I have seen single policemen standing on street corners, this time I did not spot a lone officer; they were always in groups of two or more. I can not explain this. My friends in Havana told me that this started at the end of October, virtually overnight: go figure. The mind of the bearded one works in mysterious ways…

The only respite from the overwhelming police presence was during Christmas eve, when I say about 5 officers the whole night (mainly outside the caboret nacional (right, out of the Inglatera hotel), and at the beginning of the Prado de J-M. It was the only night I hit the city centre due to an invitation from a couple of German dudes (no names, but thanks guys for an excellent meal! I’m still up for the Munich trip…). The Prado had about 15 chicas (mainly professional). Lack of police meant they were very forward indeed. That’s when it happened. I saw her, she saw me. She gets up, comes towards me and takes my hand.

I’m not going into the very specific details, but in 15 years of mongering I experienced a first. I now have evidence that this 20 year old mulata (from Santiago) was the prototype used by Mr. Hoover when he created his vacuum cleaner. This chica could suck a boiled egg through a straw. I said a first for me because when she finished the first BBBJ, she gets off me, walks to the bathroom, I hear her spit my population-juices down the pan. She comes back into the bedroom after a few seconds, stands watching me as I wipe off the remainder of my spilled gene pool, then proceeds to BBBJ me again! The second coming was holier than holy, I thought I might pass out! Being a gentleman I returned the compliment. Call me weak, but I doubled her ‘taxi fare’ to $40. Worth every one of those greenbacks.

OK, some practical information: In Europe cell phone are 95% SIM card driven (I say this to set the scene because of the hassle I subsequently experienced when I went on to Argentina…). Anyway If you need cell phone (mobile) access while in Havana, and your phone has a SIM, you can get excellent coverage (local and international!!) (but with a new temporary number) from C_Com. They have 2 offices in Havana: one at 3rd Ave Y 94, Playa (Miramar) (tel. Number 2642266), and another in old Havana, Tte Rey #19 Esg. (tel. 2642288). This last one is very near Benny’s Bar (an excellent hangout for semi-pros by the way). If you know floriditta, keep it to your right as you walk down the road.

Costs: $3 per day for the SIM. Call charges to Europe were $5.85 per min. A bit heavy but when you need to stay in touch you need to pay…. By the way, there is also Cubacel, but its shit all the way: service, personnel and coverage…

I hope the above is of use to fellow Havanaphiles. I have a confession to make. Regardless of my love for Havana, this post marks the end of a long and very happy love affair between me and Cuba. I have discovered Argentina. I have no doubt that I will be back here one day but for the near future this has now become my last visit. I just want to say what a pleasure it has been and if I can be of any help to fellow Cuba enthusiasts please don’t hesitate to email me. You can still get me on the Argentina board.

Regards and much pleasure.


(no, I’m keeping the name!)

01-16-03, 23:26

The answer to your questions is yes. There are a number of such guides available. You can either sort one via one of the hotels, indeed for the right negotiation you can get one of the female reception staff…. I have done this. Please be very discrete, as they might get into problems…

I also have a contact for you, please email me for the details, you understand I don’t want to make this public…




01-17-03, 17:35
Thanks Havanman!

By the way, discretion is my middle name :)

There is a great last minute flight from Montreal this Sunday for $250, and I'm having a hard time turning it down, despite having nothing arranged.

Someone suggested to me a very respectable particular in Vedado, and the couple certainly has some steller recommendations.

But here's my problem: it says right on their faq that they won't allow chicas into the place. Reasonable, I suppose.

So, should I book with them for peace and quiet and security, and then negotiate another place on the side for any action that might come my way? Again, I'm not interested in pros, but I'm definitely interested in hook-ups, but I don't want any hassles or trouble.

Suggestions appreciated once again!


01-18-03, 07:54

I was there a few days back and had a terrific time.

I suggest you to contact http://cubabudgettravel.com/
I used them a couple of times.
The lady in charge of this site is reliable.
She knows many houses, apartments and B&B types of accommodation.


01-18-03, 14:48
Yo! CubaCurious. if you have a cheap flight, just go and check into Hotel Colina for the first day and it's only $50 (for 2 people). The hotel has a single public computer for internet access ($6/hr). I believe it's the cheapest state-run hotel. When you have checked in then go to http://cubabudgettravel.com/ to look for cheaper accomodation. Ask for casas that have private entrance.
Do not check into casas that have no chica policy. Why bother?

Go have have some fun! NOW! (Don't forget to bring US$)

01-18-03, 15:00
Warning & recommendation:

Just came back from a brilliant stay in HAV. To all fellow hunters here´s my 2c worth: Keep your eyes open (and possibly doors closed) when in Quinta Avenida. There are "chicas" on 5ta that are not at all what they pretend to be. Males dressed up, and interested only in robbing the cash, watch and other items you carry. Having the strength of a man, they shouldn´t be underestimated. Although if you are interested in their service, they might as well give it to you.

Second, in one of my prevoius stays I had three ladies waiting, and once I stopped, they were in my car before I couldn´t even ask the prce. Well, it was 20 $ each plus 10 for the casa particular, and well worth it :-)) but if you don´t trust ending up with more than one keep the doors well shut before any agreement.

I might add, there is an excellent Paladar, that I hadn´t come over before, El Gringo Viejo, on eof the very few places thatt don´t serve food of the pollo/congri quality, but do have spices and red wine for the interested few. It´s a little hidden, but ok, located in Vedado, calle 19 entre E y F.


01-19-03, 07:13
Are condoms easy to obtain in Havana or is it best to bring your own?

01-19-03, 20:30
Bring your own condoms, you will thank me. The condoms available in cuba are chinese ones, that couldn't fit, and were slightly thinner than an inner tube, bring some durex and you will be happy

01-20-03, 00:26
Is there any known punishment for john's in Cuba when caught with a known working girl other than the obvious harrassment?

01-20-03, 04:20
When I was stopped by the police with an obvious working girl in tow, the girl told me to give the cop $10 for his family. I was afraid to do so in case I would be arrested for bribing a cop. So I gave the girl $10 and she gave it to the cop. The cop left us alone.

Money talks, especially in Cuba where the cop probably made $10 a month salary.

01-20-03, 05:07
...do it off a yahoo or hotmail account which are completely private and protected by strict privacy laws.


Hi fellows -

I spent about 3 1/2 hours today reading the entire Havana forum, I am thinking about taking a vacation from Mexico....

But I just wanted to let Catire and everyone else know that an email account from Yahoo or Hotmail is not as anonymous as you might think.

Any email you send from these accounts will log the IP address of the computer that you are using to send the email. Anyone with a smidgen of technical knowledge can figure out quite a bit by looking at your headers, and then law enforcement could get a warrant to get your ID from your ISP....

Example email that I received from a friend (real identifying stuff has been stripped):
Return-Path: <emailaddress@yahoo.com>

Received: from web20205.mail.yahoo.com (web20205.mail.yahoo.com [])

Message-ID: <20030111151858.95953.qmail@web20205.mail.yahoo.com>

Received: from [XXX.233.135.75] by web20205.mail.yahoo.com via HTTP; Sat, 18 Jan 2003 07:18:58 PST

Anyhow the headers log your IP address - your IP address will lead someone to your Internet Service Provider, and then if someone were motivated to request a warrant, for instance, then AOL or whomever would have to say, "hmm, 135.75? let's see on the 18th of January, that was assigned to Bob Jones, living at 123 Elm Street."

If you want to be truly anonymous - you'll have to use one of the remailing services, or set up a free email acct and always use your acct at public access points - ie internet cafes, libraries, what have you.

I am not trying to make anyone paranoid, just thought that you should have a little less faith in a supposedly "anonymous" email account.

01-20-03, 10:24
Hey, it seems that it is about time for driedup3030 to have returned, and give a report like he promised...well 3030, you back yet? Let's hear your report.


01-20-03, 14:32
re- emails etc.
If you're an a mass IP like aol or msn.com - all I can say is good luck tracking down that IP address to any person. But whatever, if the guy doesn't want to e-mail me, that's his prerogative, and perhaps his loss :)

btw - re www. cubabudgettravel.com or whatever it is.

$15 hr for salsa lessons?

You've got to be shitting me.

Most Cubanas would be [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) happy to teach you for $5 an hour.
Many will even teach it to you for free - though it can be difficult and learning it will require some time and dedication.

In a place where most people make $10 a month, or where $50 a month is considered better than who most can get their hands on (true, though every third Cuban gets money from abroad, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc)

to charge me $15 an hour for anything takes a lot of chutzpah.

Like I said - $5 is quite generous, whether for private salsa lessons or private Spanish lessons. Everyone in the neighborhood will line up to teach you whatever the hell you want at $5 an hour.

Also, since this site surely gets a cut off the rate, I think I'd actually prefer to have some jinietero or another local make a couple of bucks for finding me a casa (IF I'm going to pay a middleman AT ALL! ) - rather than some foreign Internet operator.

Of course, most people will follow the path of least resistance, which is why such "businesses" exist.