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05-11-02, 01:39
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05-11-02, 05:10
I am now posting in new forum. I leave for DR in 5 days and have reservations in BC. I understand quantity and quality of girls is down. What are current prices for all nighters with bar/club/beach girls? If anyone has any recent info about BC please post, this will be my 1st trip to the DR.

05-14-02, 17:47
There are a lot of guest friendly hotels here. Two of the favorites are Hotel Europa and Costalunga, at $35 per night.


Stay away from the all inclusive Hamaca. It is not guest friendly.

Santo Domingo is only a 25 minute taxi ride. Check out Remington Palace while there. The girls go for 1,500 pesos per night.

The Europa:
Economy Rooms $25 with no A/C
Standard Rooms $35 with A/C
Superior Rooms $45 with A/C and Cable
Seaview Rooms $55 with A/C, Cable and a Balcony
(Telephone # 809-523-5721)
(Fax # 809-523-6994)

All rooms have safes.

Listing of many hotels:

I have to agee with Mr Pgapro, from above,the more you go the better the prices become.

Dr Golfer
05-16-02, 02:15
Let me start by saying i am a long time reader here, but no posts in this forum. I have posted a bit in the Rhode Island forum. Reason I posted here today, just to offer what info I can for those going down there. I live in Boca Chica/Andres for 5 months a year. The remaining 7 months i am here in the states. I work not far outside of Boca at a resort, but live in Andres. If there are any questions i can try and help you with, i will do my best. I am fluent in Spanish, English, and French so I am able to communicate with most very easily while down there. I came back from BC March 14th, and just went down for 4 days last weekend.

I am speaking for you all in any prices, because things differ GREATLY for those who live down there and have continous contact with them. You should never pay more than $600 pesos for an allnighter. Short time should be in the $300-$400 price range. Let you understand that if you opt for the allnighter, quite often that 600 will be pushed further with probable price of drinks, food, fun, etc... There are some hidden gems down there, dont believe all the talk about the talent level dropping, they are still there, but maybe not as many as before. Alot more of them are out in the daytime, on the beach and in the cafes, then there was before, say 5 years ago. I have been going there, working there for about 8 years now. Well, any further help I will try my best.

The most important tips i can give you,

Learn their language as much as you can.
Treat them with respect, just like you would a regular girlfriend here, hold that, better than a regular girlfriend you have here.
The littleist things go a long way down there, take that as you may.
Do not buy a drink for everyone who asks you, because a red S will be seen on your forehead, and thats not to signify Superman or Spiderman.
The girls network very well. Not all are friendly towards each other, but when it comes to gringo or dominicana, you lose. Word spreads fast. That works both ways, good and bad.
Most importantly, feel comfortable to venture off the main drag into the town itself, there lies the fun and the REAL hidden gems. I guess it would work better if you knew some spanish, but if not, show some effort and have some common sense, you will be ok.

05-17-02, 13:10
Hi everybody,
I will be in boca chica in august at the dominican bay resort, I know it is not guest friendly (but I got a really good deal), it would be very nice if someone in this forum could give me a cheap solution to solve this little problem : unexpensive rooms to rent for a short time or for the entire night if the chica deserves it : some kind of motels or cheap hotels/bungalows....
Thank you in advance for your answer!

05-22-02, 09:34
Thank you fantasy for your information, this forum is really a great help!

06-09-02, 23:36
I'll be visiting Boca Chica for the first time in September. My question, since I'm only able to stay 2-3 nights, is...

Would I be better off (chica-wise) by being there over a weekend (say Fri. - Sun. nights... or for weekdays (say Mon. - Wed. nights).

Assume that the only objective of my trip is to get together with as many local girls as possible in the shortest possible time.

Looking forward to your advice. Suggestions for accommodations welcome as well.

Macmasher (from Ohio)

06-10-02, 10:40
Hello, I would like to know what is a fair price for an entire night with a chica :500/ 800 pesos/ 1000 pesos? I would like to know the rates so that I can avoid the classic tourist trap!!
Thank you in advance for your answer!

06-11-02, 03:36

I enjoy reading other members post more than writing them.

Anyway, I've been Boca Chica a few times and always had a ball. No pun intend. Boca Chica is not what it used to be, but it is great for point & click action.

Has far getting chica to spent the night. It is pretty much a hit and miss type thing. The chica's will agree to almost any thing to make a quick buck. Once they are in the room and the deed is done. They may walk out with a big smile and your money. Which is fine, let them go.

From my limited experience, if you are looking an all-night stay. I would shoot for one of waitress. The price depends on your knowlege of the game. I'm a Cheap Charlie aka some what experienced *****monger and normally spends no more than 400-500DR max. A newbie can spend up to 1500DR for the same chica.

It all depends on you. NOT THE CHICA!!!!!

06-11-02, 04:38

I agree with what you said about BC. When I'm there, I spend a lot of time in Andres, and normally find some really nice chicas there during the day.

I'm always amazed at the different posts that knocks BC. I guess most people don't understand the ideal of the hunt. During the day is when you will find your gems. I have met so many chicas in local stores, on the bus and just walking around the different areas around BC. It just amazing to me. Also if you do meet a chica during the day, the prices are normally much lower than the meat market at night.

Now remember, I said during the day.

That night in BC, you have nothing but pro's.

I've seem to be pretty lucky at that disco in Andres. It always seems to be chicas there on Sunday nights. I have met some really nice non-pro/pro there.

Anyway, if you get out during the day. You can really find so nice chica here and there. Sometimes, the HUNT, is more enjoyable than the point & click action.

06-11-02, 10:10
Thank you mr lucky for your answer, I will try short time sessions at the beginning.

Mike DR
06-13-02, 03:19


06-18-02, 03:03
Hello Gentlemen,

Hey *******. Long time no exchanging of postings. I have not been to Acapulco in about 10 months. Anyway, I have vacation time coming up and want to spend about a week in Boca Chica. I already got a great rate on a flight but am looking for a good hotel deal. The hotel has to have a great beach, cable TV, Air Conditioning, all the American amenities. The most important thing is that it must be "Guest Friendly". I don't want a hassle with the hotel when I go Babe hunting. Can you give me an idea on rates for late June until about the 5 of July.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

P.S. Where can I find the Babes in Boca Chica. Are they at the Beaches, are there nude beaches there that the babes go to?

Again, sorry to be a pain with so many questions, but it is the first time I will be going there. THANKS A MILLION

06-22-02, 02:33

I normally stay at the Costalung Hotel. It's within walking distant to the beach. For more information about BC try 'www.bocachicabeach.net'.

Anyway, you can sit in lobby and chances are 50/50 you will see a chica walking by or just hanging out in the near area, if not the lobby itself. Point & click action, if you are aware of it.

Mario is the owner/manager of the Costalung and is aware of the ins and out of the city. Also, chances are pretty good you meet an ex-pat or two in the internet cafe in the lobby. A good source of local information.

Normally on the 4th of July there will be a party at Darren's Portofino Seaside Cafe. Darren's Portofino Seaside Cafe is a good place to hang out during the day if you are a newbie or you just want to talk to some americans and watch a ball game.

07-02-02, 17:35
Just got back from boca chica jun1,2002. Well not much has change sence my last trip in jan2002. No new club and very few new girls. I did go the SD and vist the rem place and took me home a nine for 100 us plus cab fare. She was great in bed and also let me take a couple of photo, but only with clothes on. There was nothing above a 6 or 7 in bc, but the price was still about 30 to 50us for an all nighter and the bc girl are very nice. Two of the ones I had said they came from san pedro where ever that is. Can some who been to both sousa and bc give a break of the differents for I will be going back with pal agian in oct 2002. I would like to know if sousa has girl to compete with the rem girls. I assume you fly in pp, so how much for a cab sousa. Thank in advange for anyone who can help.

07-03-02, 01:53
Will arrive in Boca Chica on 7/14 for first ever visit to DR (just 3 nights). Staying at Hotel Europa.

Any advice on finding Chica's for daytime fun (partial to mornings, actually). Any particular bar? At the beach? How best do I make the "approach"?
Anyone willing to suggest a decent "hang out" bar (other than late nite disco) for an American w/ limited Spanish skills and a lust for busty willing beauties.

Also, for a one hour daytime "date" - how much $$ is customary.

thanks in advance.


07-04-02, 01:57

See earlier post.

There is a little rock & roll bar on the strip called "The Mad House".
There always seems to be someone hanging around. No one I would get with. But, you never know! Anyway, it's a heavy traffic spot. That is the sidewalk in front of the Mad House is a heavy traffic spot.

My advice to you or any newbie, would be to give "FANTASY" or "MR.PARTICULAR" a call/e-mail and setup a day trip to Mona Lisa - a night trip to Remingtons.

Stop by "Darren's Portofino Seaside Cafe" ask for Darren. There is normally a english speaking crowd in the cafe. Darren knows BC very well and be more than happy to help you.

I have not met "FANTASY" or "MR.PARTICULAR", but we know some of the same people whom live in the DR so they should be OK.

Having someone showing you around Santo Domingo is a must for a NEWBIE. Beside, these guys live there and know were the best spot are in town. You won't get mugged and you will have the best time possible for a NEWBIE. They also will not take you to the high-dollar tourist spots.

Try the beach. I hear it is pretty nice. As many times as I been to BC it always seems to be the last thing I find time for.

07-19-02, 17:16
Trip Report (Boca Chica)

Flew into Santo Domingo. Pre-arranged taxi with English speaking driver named Rafael Siva. $20 each way (to/from Boca Chica). He was waiting for me outside customs with my name on his sign. Fare was maybe $5 more each way than if I had just shown up and haggled with a stranger. Money well spent. He's a great guy with good advice. Email him in advance (he responds promptly).
His web address is http://www.geocities.com/rasilm/My_page.
His email is r.silva@codetel.net.do -- I recommend him highly.

Stayed at Hotel Europa (their web site is down, but email owner at htleuropa@codetel.net.do). Paid $55 for spacious room with complimentary continental breakfast, sea view, AC, fridge, safe, and balcony (no phone). Guest friendly. No language problems. Great location (1 block from beach, right on main strip). Good people. I'd stay there again, but next time would pass on the $10 premium for the sea view room. View was average at best, and standard room has same amenities (minus view, balcony, and fridge).

Spent most of my daytime hours at a beach bar / hangout named Playa Vista, right behind hotel (http://www.bocachicabeach.net/playa_vista.html). Great little place co-owned by 2 great European guys (Peter and Fleming, both multi-lingual). This place has it all... drinks, food, advice, internet access, and chicas. The owners allow you to visit with chicas if you wish... but get "protective" if they become overly aggressive.

Finally - the chicas. Decent variety. Usually around 400 pesos (around $25) for an hour (daytime). They'll ask for 500-600, but will drop to 400 pretty fast. Hooking up at Playa Vista is easy and convenient. The chicas just stroll by on the beach, pop in for a visit. It's an endless stream of talent, coming to you.

About night action - almost all on main strip (Playa Vista closes at sundown). Chica prices a litte higher. Girls seemed more "hardened". I suggest getting your action during the day.

Overall - I liked BC. For a fist-timer on a short (3-4 day) visit. I'd recommend it. Hopes this helps someone planning a similar adventure.

08-10-02, 19:49
I'm french - i should go 1 week in september in DOMINICAN BAY HOTEL.
I expect to find somone who will give me some info about the place.
I try to read some messages - i believe to understand it's better to find girls during a day (in a beach/in town) ??
I'm not speaking spanish, is it manageable in inglish with the girls ?

I don't find a lot of site about dominican republic, i'm estonished ?

Member #1553
08-14-02, 01:30
Went to BC at end of May for 5 nights. Stayed at Residence Los Pinos, no problem with girls but one time asked for girl's ID. Cost me $32 a night, had a/c, and security box, not too bad for price. 1st trip to DR and wanted to be close to action. Took one back from beach for massage to room during day, I am very picky, about 5.5, but pretty good body, didn't want massage, just bbbj and finished with straight sex. Little bit of massage and this time doggy, not into anal. Cost me 450 pesos after negotiation, about 1.5 hrs total time. Picked one up from Duarte, main street named Victoria, very hot, great body and looks, about 8. Toward early evening, wanted 700 pesos, my spanish isn't all that great but agreed on 550. She understood that I would have to cum twice. Had great time, she was into it I believe, same type of sex as with last woman bbbj and covered sex. I wanted her to stay around so we went to Hamaca. Can't remember how much I paid to get in but around 400 pesos I believe. Left there and went back to hotel, no mention of money. A couple of times of sex and went to sleep. I kept everything locked up by the way along with passport. In morning took her to Costa Lunga for meal. To make long story short spent rest of time with her and paid for meals and such, she lived in Santo Domingo and spent two days there adventuring. When I left, I gave her $80 plus a few items I bought, mariah carey Cd, and meals and dancing. That is all I have to say, I should have explored more, but Victoria was one of best I ever had. Beach was not too bad except have to tell vendors No Gracias firmly. Going back in November and will sample more women this time. Very few tourists in May when there and had several come on to me or ask me for massage, and if I needed una novia, a girlfriend. Most rates quoted to me were between 600-1000 pesos for short-time (1-2hrs) but are very negotiable to between 350-600, depending on the woman. Would like to try out Hotel Europa in November in BC. Would like to stay 4-5 nights. My travel time is flexible in Nov I think it would be fun to have a fellow english speaker to talk to and party with. Hope this helped out some, BC is cheap, nice beach, pretty decent people if you are pleasant as well, and I would have had no problem whatsoever finding action.

09-11-02, 16:26
Wolverine71 or anybody else,
I am going to be in Santo Domingo and Boca Chica Nov 2-9 with a group of guys. If you want to join us in drinking and picking up the ladies let me know.


Member #1553
09-11-02, 18:29
Sorry Back in Black, I am only flexible for schedule between November 20-Dec 1. I want to go though November 21-26 if anyone is interested.

09-13-02, 05:39
Originally posted by FANTASY

nice to meet and hang with you in bc hope we can do it again. did you ever get any of the sisters. the one i left with on the last night was so hot in the sack.... later

09-15-02, 07:46
Boca Chica is a small beach town in the Dominican Republic, about 10 minutes east by car from Santo Domingo airport and about 25 minutes east of Santo Domingo's western edge. Known for its crystal clear, calm, and shallow waters, its proximity to both the capital and airport, and its abundant night life. Not to mention its fantastic accommodations, cheap food, lush mountain scenery, exciting music, Las Vegas type entertainment, and pristine beaches. It's a wonder why more Americans don't travel to the Dominican Republic. The Europeans have discovered this tropical island paradise and flock to this place all year round. The beach is crowded on weekends, especially on Sundays when many Dominicans have their day off and spend the day at the beach with their families. Boca Chica is virtually empty on weekdays. Days in Boca Chica are quiet compared to other popular destinations such as the Bahamas or Cancun. Boca Chica is a small town and the main strip is just a few blocks long, yet the beach stretches for nearly a mile. Getting laid is easy in Boca Chica. Black girls and some Spanish girls dominate the local sex scene. The black girls are extremely aggressive and hardly take no for an answer when it comes to having sex with them.
The expensive hotels and resorts do not allow female visitors, so if you wish to entertain guests, stay at the budget hotels. Some hotels charge $10 or so if you want to bring a girl to your room for the night. You can usually defeat that by taking a double occupancy room (although they is more expensive than the single occupancy, so you still end up paying. At least you get a larger room).
Prices people should be paying are around $15-20 for blow job, $20-40 for short time, and $35-50 for all night. Most expensive hotels and resorts do not allow female visitors. Some will charge $10 if you want to bring a girl to your room for the night. Please don't tip or pay in $ you'll only raise the prices for everyone else
which will royally [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) me off

Boca Chica wants all visitors to know: you will have no problems during your stay, women or otherwise. Any problem with any guest house or girl whatsoever, go right to the police station and ask for the chief on duty immediately he'll solve it.

09-19-02, 19:28
I just got back from DR the first week of September and Boca Chica was one of the places I visited but it was dead. I stayed there Saturday night and Sunday night and there were no more than ten girls on the strip because of an incident involving the murder of 3 prostitutes by a puerto Rican guy and 2 Dominicans. I left for Santo Domingo after that but I will post my experiences at the Santo Domingo thread.
I would not go to Boca Chica unitl this incident clears and the girls start coming back to theis beach. Until then, go to Santo Domingo or Puerta Plata.


10-17-02, 04:46
anyone going to Boca Chica next week?
I will be there 10/19 through 10/24
Feel free to e-mail me at artofnaples@aol.com
Will love to have American company

10-18-02, 22:20
When you get back tells us how your trip went. I heard BC is dead after the three hookers were killed in Aug. I am going to be there the first week in Nov. I hope you have a good time.


10-28-02, 16:24
Greetings everyone. I traveled to Boca Chica back in Nov. '97 and had a wonderful time. Now my buddy and I are trying to decide where we should go for a nice, um, vacation but I am torn between going back to Boca Chica or trying something new, maybe San Jose, Costa Rica. Given the current state of Boca Chica, which place would you guys suggest? It seemes like the Dominican women are more attractive and the prices are cheaper, but if there aren't that many out because of the murders, maybe I should try CR. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

10-28-02, 17:35
I would stay away from Boca Chica for now. Also, Santo Domingo is very expensive for this third world country so I would stay away from that also. Go to CR for your next trip. I haven't tried the other parts of DR yet like Puerta Plata or Punta Cana but I heard they have several brothels and discoteques there as well. You can try Puerta Plata or Punta Cana (North DR) if you still want to go back to DR. Most likely, all the women from Boca Chica fled to Santo Domingo where they make twice as much or they migrate north to these two beaches.

Member #1553
11-08-02, 01:42
Hey all. I am going back for another trip to BC and SD, Nov 20-26. Have heard that number of girls are down. What bar on Duarte St. do most hang out at this time? I am trying to glean some up to date info on where girls are located ( the main places they are hanging out at) and what the girls are currently charging before negotiation. I posted about my trip in May and Boca Chica wasn't too bad at that time. Bringing a digital camera, finally purchased one and hopefully I will have a good report and photos to post when I return. Anyone else in BC/SD at the same time, give me a holler.

Member #1553
11-14-02, 05:17
Still hoping to hear about current conditions in Boca Chica. I know because of what happened there a few months ago, it could be very different from when I was there before. I would appreciate any up to date info since I leave next week. (location of girls now, prices, etc)
Thank you

11-15-02, 01:16
Just came back from BC last week. A couple of nights were pretty good. It looks like the girls are going back to Cosmos (formerly La Noria). It matters what kind of mood the cops are in if the night will be good or not. The last couple of nights there the cops were arresting any chick who wasn't walking down the street with a tourist. The girls must get word and stay home. The slow nights you probably have only 20 girls out. The quality of these girls has gone down also. I have been going there for five years and the quality has gone down and the girls want more money. They all start at 1000 pesos but you have to talk them down. The problem is too many Americans have started to vacation in BC and do not know any better or just don't care. I talk them down to 500 pesos but it is more of a pain in the ass than it was before. I would reccommend going to Remington Palace. The quality of girls are a lot better. The women there also aren't as big of crooks as the chicks in BC. The chicks in BC will pick pocket you or steal anyhing they can. Go to Remington Palace and pay the 1500 pesos you will be much better off.


Member #1553
11-28-02, 05:04
Just got back from BC. Damn the girls were so aggressive and very few of good quality. There were about 30 different girls there and most hung out at the Austria and Madhouse bars and at the Cosmos Disco. All girls asked for 1000 pesos. Paid 700 once for all nighter,(very professional) and one girl after the fact wanted 1000 pesos for a short timer, gave her 400 and she wasn't happy at all. Good beach hangout for girls are Playa La Vista and Isla Playa Bonita, or something like that. I personally will never go back to BC. H..l I saw a few girls taking a few tourists in a day and be back for action later. About the same number of tourists as girls and it was horrible. Met 2 Americans spending crazy money. 1000 pesos to each girl and some were short time. Picking out girls like crazy. I talked to them and said what the h..l are you doing. Didn't take any photos because I didn't have a great time and believe me the girls aren't that pretty. I should have listened to everyone here and went to Sosua or Santo Domingo. Beggars galore and all girls would hound you for drinks, wouldn't take no for an answer, even when saying I don't like you or Vaya. Girls telling me give me money and I will go or buy me a drink and I will go. I don't hit women but there are a few there that I wanted to slap. A couple even spit when they finally left, even had one girl punch me in the you know where when I wouldn't buy her a drink. Had a few women there but had one there for 4 nights, never asked for a dime, from the north but her sister is in BC now working at the Hamaca and went to stay with her about 2 weeks ago and she hates BC. Never asked for a dime but was trying to get me to take her out of that hole though I told her it wasn't possible. When I left I gave her a decent amount of money, never asked once for money and tried refusing the money when I was leaving, I insisted many times. She made my trip halfway enjoyable. And for my 2 German friends I met there, thanks for saving my ass when I had that problem, you know what I mean. By the way, my 2 German friends were hauled off to the station along with the 3 girls they were taking. The police there one night were in a bad mood and were arresting girls and even clients for a short time. Oh and in the bathroom near Isla Playa Bonita, I walked into the bathroom and the police had their pants down, one having a bj by the sink and one in a bathroom stall having his way with a girl. I walked out quickly without even using the bathroom. I know this is a rambling but I will never, ever, go back to BC.

11-28-02, 17:26
I never really liked Boca at night. I like hanging out at the beach during the day.

Boca is much worse now. Few chicas and most not good looking. If you are there for the chicas however, one thing to try is stopping by Darren's portofino on saturday night. Ask them when the girls from Pacos show up.

The owner of pacos will usually pack up a few cuties, dressed to the nines and take em to darren's for an hour or two, hoping to find customers. They are certainly better looking than the typical boca girls.

12-06-02, 05:05
Just made a passing visit to BC, man has this place gone to the gutter since I was last there 4 years ago. The majority of the *****s are crazy Haitians and even on a Sunday afternoon the place was quiet compared to the old days. Definately won't be going back there again!


Villa Don is no more, his ex-wife has renamed it Dahinians Villa.

01-04-03, 08:17
I went to Boca Chica the weekend before Christmas (Coral Hamaca), I wasn't chica hunting this time, was a familiar trip, but one night I walked to main street at midnight. It was closed to traffic and there were tables and chairs on the street. It was peaceful, somo discos with music, restaurants and bars. I estimate there were near 30 streetgirls, but most of them ugly, only 4 or 5 were pretty. The place looks safe but my brother told me it was a better place 7 yrs. ago. Two asked me 1000 pesos but I kindly refused, they were nice and wished me a merry xmas.

01-05-03, 20:12
We all keep talking about the old days when Boca Chica had ton of chicks. Where do you think they all went ? Did they die from AIDS? Did the Germans and Italians take them all back to their countries? Are they working in the capital? I am just looking to find out what part of the island is the place to go. It looks right now that the north coast is the place to go.

01-07-03, 00:07
My report WON’T cover pro places. If you are looking for Remington Palace info, skip this post.
Arrived on Friday the 13th. Pay the taxi us$25 to take My Friend & me to Boca Chica. Check-in Hotel Europa for us$50/night. Walk 2 block away to Tricom. Re-activate my cellular. Exchange some RD$ (rd$20=us$1). Ready to hit the street. Call the girls of the last trip. Two of them are back to their bario. Can’t contact Girl01. She is 19 years sister of MF’s girlfriend. Last trip I almost did her. The hotel guard persists to deny her entrance because she was carrying her schoolbag. Not matter she has her ID to prove she is 19. Girl02 has an appoiment tonight with her friends. There is a park midden in Boca Chica. Take a mid-size bus rd$20 with a/c to capital “Sto Domingo”. After 5 minutes driving, you have to switch bus at a sub-station. The total trip is about 40 minutes. Taxi is rd$300~350 in 15~20 minutes. I prefer the bus, because I have the chances to chat with the girls. Remember? Every female is a possible target, the trick is how you communicate. Check the daytime spots like El Cisne, Elegant, Massage center, Monalisa, Casa Michelle and Sueno Real. Nighttime spots are, Remington, Casa de modelos, Casa Rosada, Casa Teresa, Lapsus and Tabu. Maybe I forget 1~2. Ask Mr. Particular for more places. hahaha(joke). Visit Sueno Real for the first time. There is a small bar upstair with 5~6 girls. The outstanding point is all the girls are wearing red hot bikini as uniform. What u see is what u get. The price is a little higher. MF pays rd$900 for a sencillo. If you are staying in Napolitano or Continental V. All these massage places are in walking distance. Let the “tourist guide” in front of your hotel show you the way to all these places above mentioned. Enjoy a presidente, relaxe and hop to the next one. Rember the route and send away the guide with rd@100~200. Never use the service when the giude is with you, because his commission will be added to your bill. You have the route and you have seen the girls. Go for it. The price range is rd$600~800 sencillo, rd$1200~1400 completo. This is the price you pay the house. What the girl really get is rd$250~300 sencillo and rd$500~600 completo. You catch the rules? Yeah. That’s why the girls are more than happy to meet me after the workhours. There is always a hefa “boss” in the place. Mostly the one behind the bar. She decides the price from rd$500 VIP till rd$800 newbie with guide’s commission. Also she keeps eyes on the girls who makes appointment directly with the clients. Remember the tool? Quickly give her your cellular phone #. If you want to play it safe. Pay for a sencillo service. Once you are in the room alone, exchange phone # if you like her service. I was lucky somtimes to receive a completo while I pay for sencillo. Threat them nice and sweettalk. I meet a new Girl03 in Elegant. Chat awhile with her and make sure who is the hefa. Left the cell# and gone. Step out the Elegant and my phone rings. Girl03 wants to meet me tonight. Damn, this is fast!! I gently say no, because I really want to contact girl01. 18:00 time to go El Conde. El Conde is a street with alot of shops both sides situated on the east of the Parque de Independensia. If you have your GPS with you. On the Ave Independensia go straight east. Taxi is rd$50~60. I love to walk. Walking give me more chances to contact girls. More contacts with girls give me more chances to have them. There is an open air cafeteria just in the corner. Pick a table and order presidente. Just want to be lazy. Sit back and wacht. If you have ever been Sabana Grande in Venezuela, the scene is same. ALL KINDS of girls pass by. Tall, short, fat, slim, old, young, morena, blanca, big boob, big ass, uniform office lady, young teens, students. Anyway you name it. While you are walking El Conde. You see young teens in 2 arcade rooms. Nice girls in the lady;s accessories shops. Students with books in arms in nightschool. Nice ladies in jewelry shops. Near midnight you will find some semi-pro’s sitting in the terrace of Hotel Colonial and/or open air restaurant of Hotel El Conde. At the end of ElConde is the Plaza Catedral. There are regular and semi-pro girls. Don’t worry, the semi-pro will eyes-contacted you. Still can’t contact Girl01. MF’s girlfriend has arrived and we take a taxi back to Boca Chica. At night the street is closed for traffic. Cueva is dead. Cosmos has 10~20 girls rated 6~7. Route 66 is the bar in front of Hotel Europa. MF’s girlfriend meet her friend Girl04 in Route 66. Wondering why Girl04 has a Route66 badge and can sit and chat with us. She explains that the turists-police will hassle girls without badge. Girl04 asks for rd$1000, pay her rd$800/night.


to be continued

City of Savage
02-04-03, 18:13
this place has gone down hill considerably over the years. over the last year i've seen pretty much the same worn out faces with just a few rep001tered new ones here & there. i will still return to this spot because of the hotels easy access to a great beach.i recommend (as what i do ) if to t ake a 5 minute walk up the hill at night and check out some of these small bars and bodagas where i've found some pretty good action. i've never had a problem wandering the town at night as far as getting robbed or anything else.ive also had moto conchos take me to small bars just along the main road heading toward the airport right outside boca chica where i've had succes finding some cuties. cosmos disco is the main to hit at night and only about a 30 second walk from the europa hotel. usually about 20 to 35 girls a night, dark skinned , and ugly!!! but there will always be that one or two in there that should grabbed your attention.


City of Savage
02-07-03, 20:43
Last month the Hotel Europa was full so Batrand the operator of Europa recommened the Residencial El Candil which I did stay at.

I must say this hotel is kept immaculate. Rooms are big, very, very clean, safe, cable tv, air conditioning, security guard, good shower preasure...outside there is a fully loaded bar and pool. The ouside is kept very clean and is very tropical loooking. The owner is a great guy. The hotel is near the entrance to the Hamaca hotel and is about a 5 min walk to the beach and night life.

03-08-03, 04:32
If anyone has questions about Boca chica I can tll you this. The Quality is down and the prices are up. I went in April of 02 and July 02 and the girls, who were not very attractive wanted almost 50 a screw. Usually I get it for free or just after some drinks. I'm 25 and speak good Spanish so it helps. Please STOP DRIVING THE PRICES UP! These girls make 100-150 a month if there lucky. Paying to much is ruining things. NEVER PAY 1000 pesos no matter what! Unless you are at a pro spot like Remington palace. Then 1000 or 1500. These chicks are hustlers and will milk you. With all my inner city knowledge even I fell victim to a "amiga" of mine who is usually trustworthy. The ***** took me for 50 $s Stupid me for tusting her though.

03-10-03, 17:41
Please, give me suggestions how to get a local tel. # in DR?
I have a GSM unlocked phone that works with any SIM card.
Regards to all!

03-10-03, 17:54
Thinking about renting a car and driving around country a bit. Anybody willing to make a company? End of March- Beginning April. I speak some Spanish words but that is it.

03-12-03, 15:07
Nobody used a cellphone in DR??!!

03-12-03, 15:15
Originally posted by Mirco
Please, give me suggestions how to get a local tel. # in DR?
I have a GSM unlocked phone that works with any SIM card.
Regards to all!
Ciao Are you sure DR has GSM? If so check its on the same frequency band as your phone -- Ths US GSM uses a different band to the rest of the planet to ensure lack of compatibility

03-12-03, 15:28
The LAST and final time I went to Boca Chica there was a young street walking girl I found on the main street and we went to a short time room together after giving her some money up front for sex, she said she was under 16 and she would call the police and have me arrested for having sex with a minor. She then demanded more money without any sex, or she would start screaming.

These type of girls are the ones left in Boca Chica.

Doesn't sound like anything has changed.

Never trust a *****! At least if you get her from a casa or a night club you can go back and complain and they may fire her if she pulls scams like that. With a street walker you take alot more risks.

03-12-03, 17:37
originally posted by npaul
the last and final time i went to boca chica there was a young street walking girl i found on the main street and we went to a short time room together after giving her some money up front for sex, she said she was under 16 and she would call the police and have me arrested for having sex with a minor. she then demanded more money without any sex, or she would start screaming.

these type of girls are the ones left in boca chica.

doesn't sound like anything has changed.

never trust a *****! at least if you get her from a casa or a night club you can go back and complain and they may fire her if she pulls scams like that. with a street walker you take alot more risks.

it is one of many favorit tricks of bc girls. visitors who are there only for the first or second time (especially americans of course as they are scared to death by le and huge amount of **** laws and various panishments in their country) are usually easy targets.
my best protection against things like this : i sign every bill that i get from atm before spending it!! so, if somebody took money from you and did not do what she (or he) promised you can report immediately to police that she (he) stole money from you. after the search your money is found and your signature is the proof that it was taken from you. in that country police protects honest people (including tourists) and not crooks.
in your case you had no risk at all! you had no sex to her. you could demand a medical examination on her and on you that would prove that. inviting somebody to your room of any age is not a crime. but stealing money from a turist is a big crime and that ***** would go to the prison.
the only person besides her who would have problems is the hotel security guard who is supposed to check girls` id`s and not to let in anybody ****.
you should have demanded your money from her or suggest to call for police yourself.
but i have to agree with you on this place. it looks like our compatriots successfully spoiled this paradise on earth into money-sucking dust-heap.

03-13-03, 08:27

"My best protection against things like this : I SIGN every bill that I get from ATM before spending it!! So, if somebody took money from you and did not do what she (or he) promised you can report immediately to police that she (he) stole money from you"

I wouldn't do that now if I were you. Last I heard, the Dominican Central Bank has stated it will no longer accept any defaced bills. So if you signed 'em, you may as well have burned 'em.

03-13-03, 14:38
I didn`t know that. Thank you for warning.
But I `ll keep doing it. Actually I sign them with a very tiny signature in the corner and nobody ever pays attention unless you point to it in a situation like was described. You can put just a one small letter, but make sure that ALL your bills have it (including those that are still in your wallet).
AMOF all of us constantly come across lots of bills with different ink marks on them. In any country including here. And nobody refuses to accept them because of those marks. I know that in one Eastern European country when you exchange dollars into local currency( in an official exchange place) and dollars have ink marks on them they sometimes refuse to accept. But in private transactions or at supermarkets nobody cares.
So I guess this strategy is safe for us to get a protection against crooks of various kinds.
Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Particular
03-13-03, 15:10
Originally posted by Mirco
I didn`t know that. Thank you for warning.
But I'll keep doing it. Actually I sign them with a very tiny signature in the corner and nobody ever pays attention unless you point to it in a situation like was described. You can put just a one small letter, but make sure that ALL your bills have it (including those that are still in your wallet).
AMOF all of us constantly come across lots of bills with different ink marks on them. In any country including here. And nobody refuses to accept them because of those marks. I know that in one Eastern European country when you exchange dollars into local currency (in an official exchange place) and dollars have ink marks on them they sometimes refuse to accept. But in private transactions or at supermarkets nobody cares.
So I guess this strategy is safe for us to get a protection against crooks of various kinds.
Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can forget all the information you have heard about in other circles. The Dominican government recently instituted an ordinance that forbids useage of any bills with ANY MARKS, big or small. You cannot count on any store, institution etc accepting ANY BILL with even the smallest mark on it. You may get lucky and slip one through, but most places go over the bills with a fine tooth comb. Now, saying that, some places have relaxed and don't bother checking. It is up to you. In this country, it is always better to be safe than sorry. I apologize for being the bearer of bad news. Remember, we at Mr. Particular live and work here.

03-13-03, 17:11
Good idea! Will give it a try-)))))))))))))))))
$$$$ But not in Boca Chica $$$$
Watching dozens of tourists from USA !!! chasing few Dominican prostitutes is not a big fun.
Any recent info on Costa Rica or Venezuela? Very good air fares are abundant.

03-13-03, 22:59
Thank you, Mr.Particular!
It is sad that we have so many bad news about my beloved Dominican Republic recently.
Especially `bout Boca Chica that some years ago used to be a very nice place to stay, relax,to feel oneself a free and respected person.
Why nothing changes for better and only to worse, worse and worse?
Sounds like very soon we`ll have to follow advice of some Forum members and will go to Eastern Europe and Moscow for affordable and high quality fun.

03-13-03, 23:01
But what to do if you get some bills from ATM with any marks on them?
It happens very often.

03-14-03, 00:50
Originally posted by AddictedToWomen
Are you sure DR has GSM? If so check its on the same frequency band as your phone -- Ths US GSM uses a different band to the rest of the planet to ensure lack of compatibility

Yes, I have GSM phone with EVERY frequency. I use it here in the States and also in every country I travel to - In west and East Europe, Asia, Africa. I believe DR uses GSM too like all other countries of the world except most major USA companies ( Sprint, Bell, AT&T, Verizon). Yeah you are right, these companies do it on purpose, so that nobody could switch to a different company using there headset

Some people here mentioned that DR girls called them on their cellphones..
Did you guys buy a DR cellphone plan (SIM Card) or kept using your USA Plan and had all these calls charged like international calls?
Will appreciate sharing the info.

Mr. Particular
03-14-03, 14:50
Originally posted by Mirco
But what to do if you get some bills from ATM with any marks on them?
It happens very often. All I can say is 'good luck'. Ideally, the bank is responsible for that, but then you would have to prove you got the bills from their machine. You would be here on holiday, I presume, and you would likely spend all your time trying to sort that out. Not worth it. Your best bet is to not use the machines at all if possible. Also, you should not be so down on the DR as a travel destination. Boca Chica has been old news for some time now, but there are lots of other spots to choose from. You just need to know where they are. And to do that you need to be able to trust someone to show you around.

03-21-03, 03:15
Originally posted by City of Savage
Last month the Hotel Europa was full so Batrand the operator of Europa recommened the Residencial El Candil which I did stay at.

I must say this hotel is kept immaculate. Rooms are big, very, very clean, safe, cable tv, air conditioning, security guard, good shower preasure...outside there is a fully loaded bar and pool. The ouside is kept very clean and is very tropical loooking. The owner is a great guy. The hotel is near the entrance to the Hamaca hotel and is about a 5 min walk to the beach and night life.

What are room prices? Credit Cards accepted?With a/c? Guest friendly? Any charge for guests? Breakfast included? Their phone #?

Thanks in advance!!! FYI

Mr. Particular
03-21-03, 17:12
Originally posted by Mirco

Check out this site that I put together a couple of years ago. I am not sure if my previous partner is still maintaining the reservations, but at least it will give you an example, with text and photos.


03-23-03, 15:31
Called to "Europa", hotel where I usually stay while in BC. Used to pay $25 per night. Now was told that the cheapest room is $45. Almost 100% increase.

03-23-03, 15:31
Called to "Europa", hotel where I usually stay while in BC. Used to pay $25 per night. Now was told that the cheapest room is $45. Almost 100% increase.

03-23-03, 22:01

I go to Boca Chica in the middle of april for 3 weeks. (Sorry that my english insn' so well, I'mSwiss.) Is it safety in BC? What ar the prices for the chic's now? I've heard that the peso lost a lot against the US$. Maybe somebody can tell me good and safety places there. I don't need chicas for 24 houres there, but sometimes why not. I'm looking for a good time there without any stress. Thanks for actual informations about this place. I'll post when I'm back whats going on there.

03-23-03, 23:24
I usually stay at the Europa myself. I used to pay $55 for the most expensive room. I figure Bertrand is probably hurting financally b/c BC went to shit and no one is staying there anymore so he jacked up the prices. I am going to check out Sosua in a month. I will post my experience and compare it to Boca Chica.

Member #1553
03-24-03, 06:55
BC is not what it used to be, swore in November 2002 I would never return. But met a buddy who had to fly into SDQ on later flight so we spent one night in BC at end of Feb 2003. Girl quality is not that good but I am going to try to help you out. Peso is devaluated so much, all girls will ask for 1000 pesos most of the time. For short term or for all night, a few crazy ones may ask for more. Cosmos Disco is a good place to go to about midnight. All the main activity is on Duarte ST. Madhouse is my favorite bar for the evening and if you sit outside you can get a view of working girls. Zanzi Bar is another good place to sit and watch the girls. Don't worry the girls will approach you or you can wave one over. If you don't like the girl at all, tell her to press on. Austria is another good bar. On the beach I enjoy, Isla Bonita and La Playa Vista bars. Girls will constantly approach you at the beach so it is like shooting fish in a barrell. Many ugly women in my opinion at BC. Now prices, I am using 23RD to 1 US for my figures. For short time: (two climaxes is what I always negotiate: 450-700pesos). All night: 650-900pesos. I paid more than my last two trips here because: pesos has devaluated so much, harder to find a girl I like, girls are getting very greedy and harder to negotiate with. Hope you have fun. Cheap place to stay is across from Costa Lunga called Residence Los Pinos. Haved stayed at Europa, Costa Lunga, and Residence Los Pinos. Europa too expensive now and can be very noisy at night. Costa Lunga is nice and I like this place usually around 40-55US a night. Los Pinos, 32US a night, safebox, kitchenette, airconditioning, tv, refrigerator, security at night, girl friendly. Can work out a deal with Luciano the owner for a stay of that length for 25-28US a night, if interested post back and I will get you the info. Most girls here are very dark(Haitian descent and very aggressive) The rest of my trip, my buddy and I spent in the mountain area of San Jose de las Matas area, the country area in Santiago province. Best trip ever with real normal girls who are predominantly light-medium color.

03-25-03, 05:37
Thanx to AA offer will spend a week in SD and BC end of March- beginning April. Anybody plans to be there at this time? Would like to have some Presidente together. And also with some of our Forum-members from DR.
Contact me at mircoboattini@hotmail.com guys!
We all want piece and love,right, mongeres?

03-25-03, 23:12

Thanks a lot for your tips. I hope that in April has it more pretty women there. The prices are incredible, because a normal worker, has monthly 2500 to 3500 pesos (if he has a job, thats the other question). So I'll not pay 1000 pesos for a lady. Where I can eat good food there? American Steak with (new "friendly fries" french fries? Good italien or french kitchen? Thanks for good tips and have a good time

03-26-03, 02:08
got some warning fther are some girlgangs over here to rob the tourist, dont got this confirmed by 2 source, but still be carrefull. also there is a roomer of a nice new club down here where a lot of the remington old girls went

03-26-03, 04:28
Originally posted by flyingdutchman
got some warning fther are some girlgangs over here to rob the tourist, dont got this confirmed by 2 source, but still be carrefull. also there is a roomer of a nice new club down here where a lot of the remington old girls went

What a beautiful news three hours before the flight!!!

Mr. Particular
03-26-03, 14:35
Originally posted by flyingdutchman
got some warning fther are some girlgangs over here to rob the tourist, dont got this confirmed by 2 source, but still be carrefull. also there is a roomer of a nice new club down here where a lot of the remington old girls went You say there is a rumor about a new club where the Remington girls went. What does the rumor say, and how much solid information do you have? We make it our business to know about these developments. It doesn't sound legit to me, but there are still lots of out of the way spots to be tapped, in any event.

03-27-03, 18:57
Nobody responded. Sad.
First day here. Residence ElCondil is decent but what is real bad is a huge construction works on a new building just in 20 yards. When you go the the beach or to Duarte you have to walk all along this construction. Very unpleasant experience. Manager, guy from Finland, is very friendly. Same as Juseppe, his partner.My first approach to a local girl, and I was rejected. Matter of money was not even touched. Small indor mall close to "Europa". Nail salon. Hairstylist. Nice looking. Pero skinny. 18 y.o. Can I see you tonight? - No,not possible.
Have a novio.
Tomorrow? - No. No possible tampoko.
Had to hire a massage girlf from a bar at the beach almost behind Europa. 500 for complete session. Jennifer. 20 y.0. Nice looking.Acceptable body.
But attitude horrible!! Was watching TV DURING THE WHOLE ACTION! Said has no TV at home, too expensive. Weather is nice. Sea is great. Very decent and cheap dinner right at the corner on Duarte from Europe. Looks rather miserable from outside.I Had to get in to hide from rain. Ordered salad and meat and was surprised by good quality, big size and low prices (30% cheaper than other places). But cheap plastic chairs and tables. Not the place to bring a lady for a romantic dinner. But just TO EAT.
Anybody knows is there a basketball court or a gym/healthclub in this area?Come over guys! I need company for beer and hunt!Ciao!

Mr. Particular
03-27-03, 19:20
You are really pushing it if you think you can get a date with a girl who is working in store etc in Boca Chica. BC is known as hookers haven for sure, and a real touristy place to boot. Most girls do not want to be tarred with the same brush as the 'working' girls who are all over the place, so stay away from inquisitive tourist guys. Got to get out of BC to find the 'normal' girls. And for me, the days of the good selection of working girls is long over.

Regarding a gym, there are a couple in BC. Go to Hotel Costalunga and ask for Randy, he's an expat who lives in the hotel and works out daily. If you can't find him there, go down to PlayaVista on the beach and ask for him there. Or ask one of PlayaVista's owners, his name is Peter and tell him Gregorio says hello.

03-27-03, 22:41
got this information about the new club from a girl who did work at remington but quit, and told me about the new club, but in fact saw all new girls in remington, ore at least almost all.
about the roomer, heart this in a resataurant in downtown at did read it in a other newsgroup thus be carryfull out there, dont be afraid but take caution. and from other post and readings the girls are not that good eather.Myself I GO EVERYWHERE at almost all times but speak good spanisch and drive every where in the country with my rental car. but this should be for experts only.

City of Savage
03-28-03, 09:22
Just returned From Boca Chica & the Stuff about writting on the money is true. I don't know who the hell came up with this rule but it happened to me numeroues times where they were checking my pecos for writting on it and if there is they won't take it. So make sure to check any money you get from the cabio's and play their game right back by not taking there money that is written on. I predict this whole Writting on the money bullshit will pass very soon.

City of Savage
03-28-03, 09:40
Beware of USA3000 Airlines !!!!
I used USA3000 airlines to fly to Las Americas a couple of months ago. On the return to NY when I checked in, the agent requested 200 pecos depature tax which I found strange since all the airlines now include the depature tax in the price of the ticket.I paid the 200 pecos and when i got to the gate i looked at my receipt i printed out on my computer since I booked it online and saw I already paid the departure tax in the price of the ticket.Now I was pissed. I brought it up to the gate agent and she brought me $10 on board the plane... and since I told other passengers whaT was going on she had to go back and give more passengers money. i told the flight attendant what had happened and she ask me to be quiet. It turns out thaT the agents at usa3000 at check in don't even work for the airline....they work for the airport and this guy was pulling some scam,, mother f*cker... I wonder how long he got away with it ..Anyways I think USA3000 only flies to Punta Cana now so be carefull !!!!

03-30-03, 01:51
It's not just writing on the pesos. Even the slightest tears or rips or even if the bill is just very worn, some people will refuse to take it.

City of Savage
03-31-03, 10:08
From what I can tell the best place to find chicas during the day in Boca Chica is at the Playa Vista Bar on the beach. Its directly in front of the Europa Hotel.The owner , Peter, is from London and is a great guy and won't rip you off.

Member #1553
04-02-03, 04:20
I agree that the La Playa Vista is a great place to hang out for daytime action. Peter and Fleming are great guys and are quite knowledgeable as well. If you have any questions about BC these gentlemen will assist you. Another place I go for daytime action is Isla Bonita beach bar and generally their bartenders/servers are not too bad looking.

Member #1553
04-03-03, 05:28
Originally posted by panafull65

Thanks a lot for your tips. I hope that in April has it more pretty women there. The prices are incredible, because a normal worker, has monthly 2500 to 3500 pesos (if he has a job, thats the other question). So I'll not pay 1000 pesos for a lady. Where I can eat good food there? American Steak with (new "friendly fries" french fries? Good italien or french kitchen? Thanks for good tips and have a good time

There is a good restaurant, can't remember the name it is on the end of Duarte ST with Isla Bonita bar behind it on the beach. The end of Duarte towards the Hamaca. They have Green Heineken umbrellas, a fountain, and painters doing paintings next to it, an open air art gallery. IT IS A MUST PLACE TO EAT. Great German Food and steaks. Another good place for italian food that I like is the restaurant in the Costa Lunga Hotel with the internet center almost connected to it. Good place to eat and then log online without having to go far. These two places I have eaten at, 80 percent of the time. Prices are high now but workers get paid twice a month, the 15th and last day of month/the 1st. Dominicans blow money fast, best time for negotiating are 5 days before their next payday up to their payday because most workers have a child or two and need money more. Usually waitresses including average tips from tourists, Dominicans never tip, make around 5,000pesos in BC, less in Santo Domingo, as I have asked 6 or 7 waitresses. I generally hit on waitresses and store clerks if they don't hit on me first. The capital is amateur heaven if you can speak some spanish and you may not get lucky the first date but always by the second in my experience. Always take the women to dinner, then dancing with some drinks and 90 percent of the time a normal woman will go back to your hotel with you. I always travel to the DR with their pay schedule in mind though.

04-03-03, 21:53
One thing is hard to explain and to understand. DR becomes overpriced. Everywhere: hotels, chicas, restaurantes. And the quality of all this is getting worse.
In the same time: much less europeans travel to DR now than in previous years (confirmed by many hotel owners that I spoke to).
Number of americans increased though.
So, why does all this happen? Any ideas?

Member #1553
04-04-03, 03:26
Originally posted by Mirco
One thing is hard to explain and to understand. DR becomes overpriced. Everywhere: hotels, chicas, restaurantes. And the quality of all this is getting worse.
In the same time: much less europeans travel to DR now than in previous years (confirmed by many hotel owners that I spoke to).
Number of americans increased though.
So, why does all this happen? Any ideas?

I have good ideas why the DR is becoming overpriced. The peso is devaluating rapidly to the US dollar yet the workers still get paid the same. In May 2002, 17.65 pesos to dollar, Nov 2002 when block was on US dollar for 30 days around 21RD to a dollar, In end of Feb/early March, 23 to a dollar. Gasoline has went up, bread, chicken, basic necessities, electricity, etc but the jobs haven't increased wages for workers. Costa Rica and Thailand were big monger destinations for many years and are still. But sex tourism drove prices up there and the DR was cheap. Now DR is becoming a major destination, cheaper tickets than Thailand and usually Costa Rica and less of a flight time with great beaches, etc. But in last several years, supply and demand and tourism has turned a good monger destination into another Costa Rica. Higher inflation has caused hotels and restaurants, etc to raise prices, they have to make money that is to be expected. Sex workers have realized that they need more money to keep up with costs and have raised their prices and have more clients than before. This is my two cents but since I adore latin/black women I am going to check out central america next(Guatemala/Honduras/or El Salvador and try for all amateurs or pick up street girls for all night)

04-08-03, 02:27
Just came back from BC. Fresh news.
Relating to sex, name of Boca Chica soon will have to be changed into Fast Food. "MacDonalds".
Still many girls. On Duarte. On Isla Bonita. In the streets. Some of them are not absolutely ugly. But forget about attitude or personality or anything like that. They rent you the hole to use it for ejaculation. When you first meet she agrees to anything. Whatever you say you want - it is OK. To spend the whole evening, or night or several days with you.
They are negotiable in the range 500-1000 pesos. But when you are in the room she helps you to get a reliefe asap and gone back "to work". Absolute hardcore pros. No exceptions anymore.
Not big fun. Not big difference from masturbation.
More expensive and supposedly of better quality places - salons des masajes. PINK ROOM, SALON BLANCA. More expensive than street ? Yes
Better quality of girls or of service? Not true.
Charge 80-50 dollars for two hours. The only girl with a nice face - Linda at Salon Blanca. But below the waist is far from good. And like all of them is constantly tired of sex. They feel absolutely nothing while you have them. Some of them try to pretend. But...
Nice girl is Sandra - waitress at a small cafe right near Europa. If you like bigger shapes.
The only tru nice girl I saw was with a gentleman of about 60 y.o.
Almost absolutely white skin, curly long black hair. Beautiful smile, eyes, eyebrows. They were having dinner at a restaurant across from Europe. Nice legs and body. About 18-19 y.o.
Another one was on the flight to NY. Black girl, about same age. Tall. Short haircut. Very nicelooking. With a pleasant hyspanic man of about 40-45 y.o. They looked like husband and wife. No wonder officers started to check their papers in JFK. Most of us hate older men with beautiful young wives.
BTW, anybody knows any stories about marriages like that? When an older man takes a very young dominican wife and brings her to his country. How do they live? Are these girls good wives?Are these families happy? Any foul play?
Tell us if you know. It would be interesting.
If somebody has any practical questions about BC- ask. I am here.

City of Savage
04-12-03, 19:31
Just came back from a 5 day stay in Boca Chica at the Hotel europa. At a first glance the girl situation may not seem that good. However you need to look carefully in all the bars. for every 10 ugly ones, theres is one nice one (an 8 or 9) hanging around.They are few and far between, but trust me they are there.Daytime action is slow!! I hang out at the Playa Vista on the beach where I can get cheap drinks from Peter & also some girls comming and going.

City of Savage
05-05-03, 08:23
ATM SCAM in Dominican Republic !!!!!!!
Thieves are putting a thin clear,rigid plastic "sleave" into the ATM card slot.When you insert your card, the machaine cannot read the strip, so it keeps asking you to re-enter your PIN number. Eventually you give up, thinking the machaine has captured your card and walk away. The thieves then remove the plastic sleeve complete with the ATM card, and empty your account.The way to avoid this is to run your finger along the card slot before you put your card in and feel for anything protruding outward.

05-13-03, 05:02
Where is the best country for black street girls? Is DR the best or any out-laying areas are better? Are they safe for a white-guy?


05-26-03, 17:06

Visiting BC for 3 nights this weekend (5/31 to 6/3/03).

Just had an email exchange w/ Bertrand @ Europa (my "usual" BC home). All he has available is "economy" room with no AC or cable.

Hmmm... can someone recommend another property? Here's what matters most to me (in order of importance)...

- must be "guest-friendly"
- must have AC
- reasonably convenient to center of town
- cable TV

Recommendations appreciated (post here, PM, or email to dukieladog@hotmail.com). Thanks.


City of Savage
05-26-03, 18:29
to macmasher,
I'm going the same days as you to BC, Staying at the europa , I've had resevations for 3 weeks now. One time the Europa was sold out and i stayed up the hill a little bit at the El candil. Very nice rooms , guess friendly , safe, tv , air,,for some reason i can't get off work,, i'll tell batrand to give you my resevation,, leave me your 1st name ,,I'll know by wednesday.

05-26-03, 18:49
To "City of Savage"

We should continue this by email (but I don't know yours)... so as not to clutter the board with matters that only concern two people.

My first name is Mark (last name starts with "M"). My email addy is dukieladog@hotmail.com. Let me know about your plans as soon as you know ("go" or "no go"). Thanks.


Member #1553
05-27-03, 01:03
Here is a hotel I highly recommend, Costalunga. Stayed there a couple of times and have 3 trips to DR last year. Moderate pricing and very nice. Don't know current rates but have AC/safe, restaurant and internet center, around $50US a night and very guest friendly, can be anywhere between 40-60US depends on high/low season and airport pickup can be arranged at no charge. About a three minute walk to beach. To find out more about BC, visit a free board: bocachicabeach.net will tell you everything you need to know about BC, restaurants, hotels/(prices, locations, and contact info) also a detailed map of BC. Currently 27plus peso to US dollar.

05-29-03, 05:26

My brother was in Boca Chica last month, he stayed at Europa. He was first in a no A/C room then moved later to an a/c room. He told me that because Europa is beachfront his no a/c room was fresh enough but now summer temperature is higher. Costalunga is also a good choice, girl friendly and a nice small hotel. I saw some nice girls last December, if you are adventurous rent a 4 wheeler or a moto and run all streets of Boca Chica and San Andres, you can easily find more girls that way.

Member #1553
05-29-03, 06:44
Have stayed at Europa and is good hotel. Don't get the streetside rooms, are noisy at night though cheaper, and hotel is on almost on beach. Bertrand is very cool and helpful.
A question for Boricua?
How much a day to rent a motoconcho? When I was there I usually took one twice a day and what kind of action at Andres. Have been by there a dozen or so times but have never stopped off there? What are the best bars in Andres to pick up working girls, girls cheaper than BC, any info would be appreciated. Andres looks very poor so I would assume, pu..y would be even cheaper than BC. Since the peso is continuing to drop, about 28 to 1, have girls raised prices. Sorry so many questions to ask but I can exchange info on BC, Santiago and the countryside around there, but have never been to the north shore. Planning another trip this fall and want point and click action again, too much work with girls I met online and arranging schedules around 3 or 4 girls, lol.
I plan on going in Sept when tickets go down again and after my trip next month to El Salvador, and though I was tired of the BC scene it is funny what a couple of months can do, lol. I like to go to the capital a few time and getting amateurs as well and bringing them back to BC. Was going to try Blackbeards or the Palace but have decided not too.

Am editing my post right now because I was asking for travel partner and am only getting requests for photos of chicas, and information. I don't mind sharing info/pictures but I don't have time/don't want to answer all requests for info/photos so if anyone wants to plan a trip to the DR in September look at WSG under Special interests and travel plans and then contact me. Most of the info you need can be found on this site and if not/ ask the board.

05-31-03, 17:46
I paid 25 usd for an afternoon for a 4 wheeler, but prices varies wildly. We meet the girls in San Andres in front of their own houses, they just smile and if pretty, we approach them.

06-02-03, 06:22
Hi there. Am planning a trip to DR with a male friend in late Oct (I realise this is not the best time for the weather but that's life). I'm not too worried about him. However, I prefer older women, preferrably street ones and I'm also partial to anal, which I believe could be an issue there. These points are not often touched on in the posts. I've pretty much decided it will be either Boca Chica or Sosua. SD sounds good but don't think we'll being staying there due to no beach. Boca Chica is more favorable as it is close to SD and is on the south coast (I understand that mean less rain and warmer waters?).

The other prob is that we are in the UK and not sure how easy it is to get just the flight. I would prefer to book a 'guest friendly'hotel separately rather than stay at one from a package deal which could make probs in such situations. Also, how do u go about making private bookings with these hotels that are mentioned in the posts?

Hope someone can help.


Member #1553
06-04-03, 01:06
Any hotel mentioned has contact information at bocachicabeach.net, click on link under lodging and you will get prices, pictures of the rooms, phone numbers, emails if they have it, etc. You will save a bundle just buying airfare because at AI's you have to pay through the nose to get a girl in the 3 AI's in Boca Chica. Instead you could get a hotel room under 50US and can bring a girl back. I recommend, in order that I like them(mainly by price) and I have stayed at all of these: Residence Los Pinos(air conditioning, safe box, full kitchenette, cable tv, Italian run with owner called Luciano and for airport pickup, an Italian man called Roberto will pick you up who speaks great English) between 30-32US a night and across from Costa Lunga and 3 minute walk to beach. Costa Lunga is very similar to Residence Los Pinos with amneties and a little nicer but have pool with restaurant there and internet cafe, more expensive around 50US. Europa is closer to the beach but if you want to sleep and I like to catch up on sleep, is loud at night so DON"T get the streetside rooms that are cheaper, I haven't stayed there for a while but should be around 45US a night. Older women are easily found on the beach but in my opinion don't look that good, most of them, but are dirt cheap. Boca Chica's professionals mainly have women under 25. Try out the young ones, hell they don't care how old you are. Have fun and don't stay at an AI because it is not worth it.

06-04-03, 06:26
Thanks loads for the info. Just need to be able to find the flight now! Technically Iwon't be going for AI even if I do get a package but I guess the same principles apply with those hotels.

El Bori
06-04-03, 13:08

The Europa hotel that you are mentioning is on BC or Sosua?? is the Europa on the Duarte street on BC??

06-04-03, 13:53
Now that DR has a Miss Universe, any chance of finding that kind of quality down there ?? Seems most of the reports are of hard core pro's with 80% being Black, that's all fine but not my cup of tea.

Mr. Particular
06-04-03, 14:27
Replying to downunder: I would not say you would find one exactly like Miss Universe, but that type is certainly available. They just don't hang out with the hardcore, 80 per cent black types you mentioned. Nor do you usually find them around the beach towns. But to paraphrase an old tune: "The hills are alive with the ......."

Member #1553
06-07-03, 02:13
Originally posted by El Bori

The Europa hotel that you are mentioning is on BC or Sosua?? is the Europa on the Duarte street on BC??

The Europa hotel is in Boca Chica, the one I am mentioning. The owner is Bertrand. It is on corner of Calle Dominguez? and Duarte. Entrance way is on Calle Dominguez. 30 second walk to the beach:)

06-07-03, 18:33
Go to Sosua. I have been to Boca Chica the last 6 or 7 years but just came back from Sosua in April. It was great. The women in this area aren't the freakin thieves that they are in Boca Chica. I banged one chick and I asked her how much and she said whatever you want. The dudes on the motorcycles the same thing. They just said whatever you want. I do not want to make it seem that there not any thieves there but they are not as abundant as in BC. You also are so close to Caberate and Puerta Plata if you want a change of pace. I am afraid that this place is getting very popular with the Americans(I am an American) which is going to drive the prices up but I will worry about this later.

Member #1553
06-09-03, 01:08
BC is not for everyone. It is not my favorite place so that is why I am expanding my horizons to central America. But if people like myself, like amateur hunting in the capital, BC is reliable place to get laid and enjoy the beach while spending time in the Capital cultivating normal girls. Santiago province and Santo Domingo have beautiful women and the only drawback about Santiago area is that you are about 1.5 hour to beach. When I travel to another country, I for sure want to relax at the beach and try to cultivate non pro experiences. Pros for when i need it. Mainly Europeans at BC and that is what I like. In honesty, those Germans and Italians aren't like so many of us Americans/Canadians who pay through the nose. I will say that they are some hard bargaining mongers thus keeping prices low. If I look around and see many fellow mongers, I know I have to find a new destination because there is no way in he.l I am going to bang one of those Palace chicks, if I wanted something used I will go to BC, because I don't want to share a woman that I know has been with 4 or 5 different men in a day and will pay less. If I can get laid by a pro for less than 1000RD for all night, and I search for the best one, in BC why would someone want to go to Sosua and pay 800RD plus for a shot, I bet people are paying 1500RD or more for the chica for the night whether they admit it or not. I don't have the money to waste and am young/good looking enough to get attention from non pros. If I had to pay for play all the time, I would be only be able to travel about twice a year, instead of at least 3 times a year. My two cents, but anyone who has been to Santo Domingo knows that it is amateur heaven, you just have to have courage, be charming, and go into the local bars/discos where you are the only gringo. By second date I always get the cherry. In the meantime I get pros while waiting thus saving me money:) DR is a bargain right now, peso is deflating so much but eventually the girls will raise prices and north american mongers will spoil the trade because they will pay anything to get laid and most have the resources to do it, thus fellow young mongers like myself without the financial prowess as other mongers, will have to find new stomping grounds. Is everyone getting so indifferent that they don't like the thrill of the chase anymore? I live for that. My two cents.

06-13-03, 07:11
Hear hear Wolverine! Very well put. It seems from what u said that BC will be the better place for me rather than Sosua. However, my trip is in jeopardy as it seems that flight prices at that time of year (late Oct.) are going to be too high.

Mr. Particular
06-24-03, 14:55
Just letting everyone know that Mr. Particular will be making the rounds to Boca Chica on a daily basis this summer. We will be available for runs into Santo Domingo massage parlors or nighttime houses and will be checking in with Peter and Fleming on the beach at their bar to see who is around.

06-27-03, 13:13
Originally posted by Mr. Particular
Just letting everyone know that Mr. Particular will be making the rounds to Boca Chica on a daily basis this summer. We will be available for runs into Santo Domingo massage parlors or nighttime houses and will be checking in with Peter and Fleming on the beach at their bar to see who is around.

Spent lot of time at Peter`s recently. Wish I met you there! Hope to be there again beginning of Sept. Did not decide yet between Sosua and BC. Any suggestions folks? Any air discounts expected at that time?

Member #1553
06-28-03, 04:11
Have seen you post for a little while now and have seen you take some heat from other posters. I have spent time in the DR and know Peter and Fleming very well. What great deals do you have for going to Santo Domingo? If they are the usual stuff like Remington's and the more popular houses/massage parlors, any taxi knows where to go. Plus those places can be expensive. A question, if you would answer this? What could you offer me to pass up at the max 1000RD all nighter in BC without the travel expense figuring 32RD to 1US dollar as of today in SD. Are these places local that tourists never go to or what? The girls have to be of above average quality because why spend the extra money and time to go into SD. What price range are you talking? I am actually interested because I always hang out at La Playa Vista and want to know what time of day you stop by so that at the least, I can pay just for the ride into Santo Domingo without having to get a taxi, if you really know places/women that give great GFE with very reasonable rates, (not stupid tourist prices because I know what things cost and have very good success with normal girls as well) you can email me at wolverine7l@hotmail.com I will be spending 10 days in the DR at the end of August-Sept, 26-Sept 4, to be exact. Anyone else going to be there then, email me and then I will say where I am staying and maybe meet for a beer or split taxi fare into capital, etc or just want info about DR mongering and amateur hunting.

07-11-03, 23:44

Do you know of a small steakhouse in Santo Domingo? It is not a pricey steakhouse and it's located in a not so good area of SD. I went there with this chica but don't remember it's location.


Member #1553
07-23-03, 03:26
I'm upset because the bars: Madhouse, Austria, and Route 66 have been shut down. Supposedly for letting minors in there and being a haven for prostitutes. I enjoyed Peter and Didi at the Madhouse bar and had drank many Presidente's and other drinks there. Of course the bars owned by Europeans were shut down. Girls still around mainly around zanzi bar and hanging around duarte street. I hope Madhouse and Austria open up soon , Route 66 is for sale now. Especially if it doesn't reopen, the Madhouse and its owners will be missed by at least myself.

07-23-03, 13:19
Originally posted by backnblack
Go to Sosua. I have been to Boca Chica the last 6 or 7 years but just came back from Sosua in April. It was great. The women in this area aren't the freakin thieves that they are in Boca Chica. I banged one chick and I asked her how much and she said whatever you want. The dudes on the motorcycles the same thing. They just said whatever you want. I do not want to make it seem that there not any thieves there but they are not as abundant as in BC. You also are so close to Caberate and Puerta Plata if you want a change of pace. I am afraid that this place is getting very popular with the Americans(I am an American) which is going to drive the prices up but I will worry about this later.

Do both, a few days here, then Caribe tours over to the North!

07-24-03, 00:49
Originally posted by backnblack
Go to Sosua. I have been to Boca Chica the last 6 or 7 years but just came back from Sosua in April. It was great. The women in this area aren't the freakin thieves that they are in Boca Chica. I banged one chick and I asked her how much and she said whatever you want. The dudes on the motorcycles the same thing. They just said whatever you want. I do not want to make it seem that there not any thieves there but they are not as abundant as in BC. You also are so close to Caberate and Puerta Plata if you want a change of pace. I am afraid that this place is getting very popular with the Americans(I am an American) which is going to drive the prices up but I will worry about this later. Have been to Sosua. Not really interested in going to Boca Chica. But to be honest, in Sosua, last sept. when i was there the few times i didn't nail down the price at beginning, i would be taken. Unfortunately, i didn't bother to review the board much before i went there. Within 24 hrs. of arrival, despite my asking the girls how much it would cost me, both said that it didn't even need to be discussed, to not worry about it, etc...Well, bullshit!.. A hot 'High Caribe' girl tried taking me for $60 for half hour session after we were done at my hotel; and even 1 of the Palace girls asked me for $60 after we were done with a 45 minute session at her hotel. Shit, i felt like telling both of them after to take a hike, but i didn't want problems; and they did provide quality service, even though the 'High Caribe' girl rushed me at 1:30 am so she could return to the club. They both accepted $10 less (which obvious to me later was still too much!) than what they originally stated, and I subsequently learned from the exper..Also, the motoconchos would ask me for double their reg. rate if i waited till end of ride to talk price. But that was just my exper., as they could tell i was new there, and solo, and a 1st timer...Sosua is still the place for me to go my next trip, and the Palace will be where i want to stay the longest...To play it safe however, with all involved, i will get the price cleared 1st to insure less problems later. With Wsg info at your fingertips it all gets a lot easier!

Member #1553
07-24-03, 02:09
Don't feel bad, all of us have been gouged a few times, myself included. My first trip I was overcharged and paid the gringo prices and even when I talked to others about the bargain I thought I had negotiated they said, whatever they quote the girls will almost always will take a 3rd of that. There is no way I could afford the north coast prices. I have talked to two individuals that have came back from Boca Chica and both paid less than I do. Both paid between 400-550RD during the day for 1-2hours and for overnight 600-800RD. They bargain better than me. I paid that when the peso rate was 22 to 1. Stupid me. Oh well, currently I am talking to a few normal girls from Santo Domingo and one from BC and I look forward to having some fun next month with pros between the girls. I will bargain better this time.

07-25-03, 02:27
Just came back from Boca Chica and had a GREAT time there. Food was great, Playa Vista was all that the posts have said, and met a BEAUTIFUL girl who stayed with me for the duration of my visit.

I'm going back in October, and can't wait to get there.

That being said, everyone please BEWARE of the Babylon Resorts scam on the internet. There is no such place.

I am a frequent cd Juarez visitor, and Boca Chica is making me rethink my travel dollar plans.

Remsen St
08-07-03, 05:53
I just found out I'll be able to break away from NYC for about four days between 8/15 and 8/24. Anybody else going to be in or around the DR then?

I'd like to stay at a chica fiendly place but also where I could just chill out and watch the waves by myself. I also want to do some non-mongering, vacation-like things like scuba dive, or whatever-basically have some fun. Can anyone offer any advice on how to accomplish all of these and where I should stay to do it? (City and hotel, etc.)

My last experience in the DR was at Coral Hamacas in La Boca Chica. I liked La Boca Chica but not Hamacas. Not chica friendly. But if you know a place in or near there let me know. I'd be willing to try Sosua too.

I'm ready for some flames regarding my non-mongering desires (such desires, however, not at the expense of mongering, of course) but please understand that I've been working long hours, I really need a vacation and I can't visit this board at work-I have to sneak in on it when my better half isn't looking. This is a sort of disclaimer that I know I should be doing more research, but it's hard for me right now and I want to zoom off while I have the chance. So, I'm relying on your assistance in this matter.

Thanks in advance.

08-10-03, 23:11
Remsen St,

I stayed at Azzurra in Boca Chica (en Calle San Rafael), and they were VERY chica friendly,to the point of sitting with mi amiga when I was late getting back to the hotel ,until I arrived. Hotel Europa I believe is chica friendly as well. Both have fairly new rooms, Azzurra's was big,and a HUGE bathroom,which literally made mi amiga laugh.They are 2 blocks or so from the beach,but the noise level is quite a bit higher there (street noise,motorcycles etc). Cost was around 25-30 USD (this was in July).

Hope this helps.

Member #1553
08-11-03, 05:30
Remsen st,
Boca Chica has very calm water so for snorkeling, scuba diving, etc it is very good but horrible for surfing, other water activities, etc. Cabarete in the north, near Sosua and Puerto Plata is much better for surfing, etc.

Europa is almost always sold out and is a little loud for me at night but people have different preferences. I prefer Residence Los Pinos and Costa Lunga for close 2nd. Los Pinos is more quiet and both places are girl friendly with safe/security box, cable, etc except with taxes, Costa Lunga will be about 45US with taxes include, and Los Pinos varies between 30-32US total, but if staying for a while, can negotiate fairly easily. Costa Lunga has a pool as well and is more upscale, Los Pinos is clean, quiet, and more tranquil. Both about 3 minute walk to beach and very close to each other. I have never stayed at Azurra so can't comment on that hotel.

An extra note, have heard from a couple of regular traveler's that Madhouse and Austria will probably reopen after the PanAm games are done on Aug 17th, I hope so. Well that's all I have except than in a couple of weeks, a fellow monger and I will be tearing up the town and SD for 10 days:) Tick, Tick...goes the clock...

08-11-03, 16:40
Only bad question is the one not asked.
Girls in DR pay with US or RD dollars?
Exchange dollars at Airport or Hotel?

Thank you, Frank

Member #1553
08-11-03, 23:58
Originally posted by Strikesfun
Only bad question is the one not asked.
Girls in DR pay with US or RD dollars?
Exchange dollars at Airport or Hotel?

Thank you, Frank

Pay only in RD pesos. Exchange has been hovering around 35RD to 1 US for a few weeks now. For 40 US/1400RD, you should be able to get a short-time girl during the day for a couple of hours and an overnight girl. Exchange rate is pretty good at the airport I have found and usually higher there than at BC. For best exchange if you are in Santo Domingo, exchange there. Western Union in BC usually has the best exchange or the cambio near Don Juan resort, I believe that is the name of the place. Hotels almost always will exchange more in their favor but check out the rates at banks, Western Union, etc and then ask Hotel. US dollar is in high demand so they may be just as competitive thinking of future exchange on your money.

08-12-03, 04:00
why these digits? On my last trip to BC in May I always got short time for 500 plus 50 tip. Why 1400?

Originally posted by Wolverine7l
Pay only in RD pesos. Exchange has been hovering around 35RD to 1 US for a few weeks now. For 40 US/1400RD, you should be able to get a short-time girl during the day for a couple of hours and an overnight girl. Exchange rate is pretty good at the airport I have found and usually higher there than at BC. For best exchange if you are in Santo Domingo, exchange there. Western Union in BC usually has the best exchange or the cambio near Don Juan resort, I believe that is the name of the place. Hotels almost always will exchange more in their favor but check out the rates at banks, Western Union, etc and then ask Hotel. US dollar is in high demand so they may be just as competitive thinking of future exchange on your money.

Member #1553
08-12-03, 07:25
Using 1400RD as a maximum spending for a short term girl and an overnight. When I go down in two weeks, that will be my limit. 550RD max for my short-time during the day for as long of I time I can get them, (2 hours approx) and 850RD max for an overnight girl. So up to 1400RD for two women, short-time and overnight.

08-13-03, 02:35
This is cool! Sorry for misunderstanding, bro!
BTW some of us go in two weeks too, including myself.
Mind to join efforts?

Originally posted by Wolverine7l
Using 1400RD as a maximum spending for a short term girl and an overnight. When I go down in two weeks, that will be my limit. 550RD max for my short-time during the day for as long of I time I can get them, (2 hours approx) and 850RD max for an overnight girl. So up to 1400RD for two women, short-time and overnight.

08-18-03, 14:34
Anybody knows a website with hotel listings for boca chica?

I am looking for a place around US$30/night, A/C. I don't need to bring girls upstairs (not this time, my friends...)

Also, any hotel will pick me up at Santo Doming airport? If not, how much is a cab ride from the airport ?

Member #1553
08-18-03, 23:47
Originally posted by Freedick
Anybody knows a website with hotel listings for boca chica?

I am looking for a place around US$30/night, A/C. I don't need to bring girls upstairs (not this time, my friends...)

Also, any hotel will pick me up at Santo Doming airport? If not, how much is a cab ride from the airport ?

I don't know about posting email addresses anymore but this is free informational site, www.bocachicabeach.net and lists hotels, their description, prices, and contact info. Also has a lot about Boca Chica. For 30US a night, which is cost of Residence Los Pinos, I always stay there, has what you are looking for (AC, safe box, kitchenette, security guard, cable tv, and is chica friendly. Europa and Costa Lunga are nice as well but cost about 15US more a night, have stayed at those hotels as well. If you stay at Los Pinos, an italian man named Roberto can pick you up for free, but I always give tip, he will show you around the town and speaks great English. Otherwise a taxi is costing about 350RD or about 11US, current exchange rate is about 33RD to 1.

Maybe I will run into you but have travel partner and a few friends there at that time.

08-20-03, 03:28
To revisit the pricing discussion, my first day in Boca Chica ,I was with a BEAUTIFUL girl for 800 DR for as long as i wanted (daytime),and that ended up with her staying with me every nite for nothing ( past dinner and drinks etc) for four nites.

A lot of that will depend on how you treat the girls.She admonished me "no mas chicas" when i went to walk the beach,and i agreed, but had no problem with being with me and two of her amigas one afternoon!Go figure.That cost me about $80USD!

Treat them right, and LIFE IS GOOD!

Remsen St
08-21-03, 04:32
Wolverine71, Rear Window, and all the rest,

Thanks so much for your help. Some of you might recall a post of mine describing an experience I had at Boca Chica (I think it was in another thread) at Coral Hamacas that I wasn't crazy about. Chicas there only wanted USD and were getting $ from horny tourists!!! And I'm talking short-term too. The chicas must think that millionaires stay at that place. The info you all provided would definitely have made my next stay there much more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, my travel plans have changed and I can't make it to the Isle de chicas anytime soon. But I again thank you all for your help and hope to use it because I'm hoping to make a go of it in October or near Thanksgiving.

Thanks. You were very informative.

Remsen St
08-21-03, 05:47
International Review of Coral Hamacas in La Boca Chica (Hoping to get senior status out of this)

I stayed at Coral Hamacas for a week with five friends. Coral Hamacas is an all inclusive resort. This was my first time in the DR. After a lengthy check-in we stashed our stuff in our rooms. We had three suites across the street from the main building at the beach. Having a bedroom and a living was pretty cool, especially for entertaining, but later on that. As soon as we could we hit the bar on the beach.

Started to recon the place. Saw that each entrance onto the property was guarded by a shotgun-toting security guard. Not a pretty sight and made us nervous. Also saw that there was a low wall stretching down the beach into the water, dividing the property line. The wall was also guarded.

After dinner it was time for the disco in the main building. It seemed filled with many Dominican hotel guests (noted as such by their hotel wrist bands required for any all inclusive activity). Soon some Europeans came in, some from England and France. Even met some Major League Baseball people who were scouting the DR baseball camps. Saw some hot chicas that were locals and who paid just to enter the disco. Yup, chicas they were.

I started talking to one, me not much Spanish, her not much English but I was able to ask her to come to my room. Right away she says $ USD. I said, quite exclamatorily, what? then a resounding NO. She immediately retorts OK, .5$. This 50% discount given in less than a 1/2 second sent my spidey senses tingling. This chica was giving me the big hustle. I said no thanks, and she moved along but kept giving me the eye all night. She didn't leave with anyone but her friend did. Turns out the staff will have arrested anybody on the premises who do not have a wristband on (i.e., chicas) so this chica wanted her guy to take her down the road to another hotel. So, the chica was getting $ for FS and then the guy was going to have to pay another .25$ for the hotel. We talked this guy out of it, if not for the money aspect for the danger aspect. He sobered quickly and went back to his room with Mary Palm and her five sisters.

The next day I was checking out the wall at the beach and saw that there are chicas working the wall. But it's the same deal. They all want $ and they all wanted USD. How did they get so spoiled?

Later that night took a cab into Santo Domingo. We paid the guy to stay with us wherever we went. I think we filled up his gas tank, gas is very expensive there, plus about .3$. He took us to an all nude place with a lot of Russian women, believe it or not. Then we almost hooked up with some chicas in SD but we didn't want to spend the extra money for another hotel since we couldn't bring these chicas back with us. Ended up dry that night but saw some great sights like El Presidente's Palace, Chris Columbus' place and lots of other great stuff.

The disco was pretty much the same the rest of our stay, although there weren't as many chicas during the weeknights. Mostly tourists. We got lucky with a some of the other tourists. It was pretty neat telling them we had a suite and it also enabled two couples to go at it at the same time with some privacy.

I'd like to go back to La Boca Chica but not to Coral Hamacas. With the help of my fellow mongerers I think I have the info necessary to have a good time when I do go back.

08-25-03, 13:46
How to ask in Spanish if the hotel permits guests?

08-25-03, 14:54
Originally posted by Mirco
How to ask in Spanish if the hotel permits guests?

puedo tener huespedes?

but the day person might say something and the night person could say another thing.

so what you really want to do is make a list of hotels you like and ask a chica, they all know for sure.

since you seem about to go on the prowl, two things:

WEAR CONDOMS - i personally know girls who are HIV+ still turning tricks.

treat the girls right and the girls will treat you right - treat the girls wrong, who knows what might happen to you...(price of a machete, US$ 3)

when you go out at night, arrange your belongings at home in a way such that a casual thief could not take anything of value. in boca chica a lot of chicas are casual thieves. I advise padlocked suitcases, since some things cannot fit in the safe. Also the same places you would think of putting your safe key, they think of.

only go out with they money you are planning to spend. just go out with the money, wallet is useless.

As a rule, if you are the kind of person that goes around with a fat wallet in the back pocket, you should consider not travelling, it's not for you... ;-)

have fun

08-25-03, 16:58
how do I go from boca chica to santo domingo? is there a bus ? how much is a cab ride?

"There is no such thing as too much sex"

Member #1553
08-25-03, 21:56
Originally posted by Freedick
how do I go from boca chica to santo domingo? is there a bus ? how much is a cab ride?

"There is no such thing as too much sex"

This is where you will be gouged using a taxi from BC to Santo Domingo, there is the Dominican price and the gringo price. 500RD should be enough but don't pay more than 550RD, they will quote about 600RD or more. You can take a gua gua to the capital(a small crowded public bus) and it costs less than a dollar. But they only run a few times a day to the capital so in the evening you will need to take a taxi back to the capital paying about the same rates as quoted above. Usually gua gua's are near the park or close to the taxi stand by the Hamaca but best thing to do is ask someone preferably a knowledgeable tourist or Dominican, Donde son gua gua's, por favor?(gua gua is pronounced waa waa) They will probably take you if polite and best to use a younger child because they will be happy with a 20RD tip.

08-25-03, 22:45
Hi there. ANyone know of the easiest way to book a flight between SD & PP? I am planning a trip for the end of Oct and need to arrange this ahead of time. The Air SD site is down.



08-25-03, 23:53
Originally posted by Freedick

since you seem about to go on the prowl, two things:

WEAR CONDOMS - i personally know girls who are HIV+ still turning tricks.

treat the girls right and the girls will treat you right - treat the girls wrong, who knows what might happen to you...(price of a machete, US$ 3)

when you go out at night, arrange your belongings at home in a way such that a casual thief could not take anything of value. in boca chica a lot of chicas are casual thieves. I advise padlocked suitcases, since some things cannot fit in the safe. Also the same places you would think of putting your safe key, they think of.

only go out with they money you are planning to spend. just go out with the money, wallet is useless.

As a rule, if you are the kind of person that goes around with a fat wallet in the back pocket, you should consider not travelling, it's not for you... ;-)

have fun Fleedick: you're 'advice' isn't anything Mirco or i haven't heard before a thousand times. Please feel free to post any pertinent info on getting laid!

Member #1553
08-26-03, 02:00
Off tomorrow to the DR, same as always, have normal girls set up via internet and a couple of phone calls and will use pros/semipros in the meantime, 10 days of bliss. I will try to post a few times during my trip. I will check to see if Madhouse and Austria have reopened and report on local action. Prices, etc. I don't b.s. on what I pay and I for sure won't be paying no d..n 50US for overnight. Optimal goal for myself is 800RD for overnight, and 500RD for about 2 hours during the day. Trying Vit V for the first time and going to get two pros, hopefully I can get some good photos to post. I am also going to stop at La Playa Vista and get the skinny on this Mr. Particular who I feel is gouging others and talk with Peter there. Going to check out my other favorite beach bar, La Isla Bonita and see what is shaking down there. La Cueva Disco is usually shit but will check that out again and see how packed the Cosmos disco is and the type of action there. Usually about 30 girls there at about 1pm. My goal is 25 different women total and I will try hard but if I don't succeed, well I will have made a valiant effort. I will check back in a few days with info. Off I go....

08-26-03, 03:48
What website or service do you use to establish contact with regular girls before a trip?

Originally posted by Wolverine7l
Off tomorrow to the DR, same as always, have normal girls set up via internet and a couple of phone calls and will use pros/semipros in the meantime, 10 days of bliss. I will try to post a few times during my trip. I will check to see if Madhouse and Austria have reopened and report on local action. Prices, etc. I don't b.s. on what I pay and I for sure won't be paying no d..n 50US for overnight. Optimal goal for myself is 800RD for overnight, and 500RD for about 2 hours during the day. Trying Vit V for the first time and going to get two pros, hopefully I can get some good photos to post. I am also going to stop at La Playa Vista and get the skinny on this Mr. Particular who I feel is gouging others and talk with Peter there. Going to check out my other favorite beach bar, La Isla Bonita and see what is shaking down there. La Cueva Disco is usually shit but will check that out again and see how packed the Cosmos disco is and the type of action there. Usually about 30 girls there at about 1pm. My goal is 25 different women total and I will try hard but if I don't succeed, well I will have made a valiant effort. I will check back in a few days with info. Off I go....

08-26-03, 13:10
Going back down to paradise over the weekend of September 11. No ones flying and the fares are extremely low, $303.80 round trip from JFK using American direct flights. I'll be hanging on the beach in Boca Chica during most days with a couple trips to Santo Domingo in order to check out some new massage parlors that have opened. The Peso is back up to 35 to 1 dollar, yet most girls are generally still asking for the same 500-800 pesos, so bargains prevail. Here's a photo of a sweetie that’s always on the beach in Boca Chica. She has a body that is just incredible.

08-27-03, 01:32
Originally posted by Mirco
What website or service do you use to establish contact with regular girls before a trip?
Thanx! Try www.dominicaninlove.com

08-30-03, 02:34
What the H--l just happened to airfare to DR?! Two days ago it was around 480 from my money sucking airport. Now it's 580 and up! If anybody has a travel agency that can get discounted fares, I'd love to get the name. I'm going back near the end of October.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space between sentences. To avoid future delays, please include one space between sentences in future reports. Thanks!

09-01-03, 15:51

Never been to the paradise that the DR is know as but was wondering how far Boca Chica is Punta Cana?

09-01-03, 23:52
It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive. The beaches and town are much nicer there. Not sure on the mongering action there.

09-02-03, 12:32
Yes I know some of my infomation is dated but pretty much on the money

What website or service do you use to establish contact with regular girls before a trip?

Making contact with a woman before you get there. Will you are going to pay way to much. Last time I was there, there were a lot of women. If you met a woman there you liked, ask to make a deal for all week. Most of the action I have seen is around Zanzibar (if its still there) and doesn’t really start till 10pm. Daytime there is action but not like the night time.

Remsen St
International Review of Coral Hamacas in La Boca Chica

Oh ya you can not bring outside women in to there. If you did met women in there (from the outside) you can bet they are expensive. There is a few places near the beach that are short term hotels no tell. If you do get one remember to lock the door. If you are looking at a hotel just say chick-a si (sea). If you stay in a better hotel and they allow women in. The women have to have a ID to come in or they can't. A couple of ways to find one is. There are guys on moto bikes hanging out. Believe it or not they are taxis. Ask them they know everything. Also there is a bar called Darren’s Portofino. The guy who owns is it a white middle aged guy. He knows what is going on around town. Also something to beware of. Right next to Darrens you will see guys hanging out and asking you to come to their bar, skip them. What they will do is sit with you and drink on your tab, bring girls by for you to look at and they will drink on your tab too. What they are really doing is ringing your tab way up.

09-02-03, 13:27
If your question is how far away is Boca Chica from Punta Cana; It’s quite a distance. I’ve never driven past La Romana on the south shore, but I can assume from everything I’ve heard and the mileage involved it would take about 3 to 4 hours by car. Attached is a map which shows that it’s about 150 kilometers apart.

09-02-03, 13:53
Here's a photo of a friend of mine who lives in the Santo Domingo area. She is a very attrative light skinned Dominican girl with the most incredible tits. She does everything! Just one more reason why I love the DR. Going down in 9 days.

09-02-03, 22:38
Just an FYI, Darren's Portofino is closed for renovations. they are supposed to add some hotel rooms up stairs etc.

09-02-03, 23:15

You seem to be the expert on these boards, I really need a hand, some info on anything going on the east side of the island. I'll be down there on the 7th through 14th . Like I said in earlier posts I'll have at least 4-7 hours max and am willing to travel. Thanks for any info you can provide.

09-02-03, 23:57
Hi there. Just booked my ticket to DR (PP). Will be arriving on 19th Oct. I should be in BC on 23rd until 29th. If anyone will be there and interested in meeting up just to discuss mongering etc. feel free to e-mail me at donnylad25@yahoo.co.uk.

09-03-03, 13:13
The photo is a friend I've known for quite some time, I met her in Santo Domingo at a part of town called "El Conde" which is an outdoor mall in the Colonial City. I have had very good experiences with her and all of her friends. There are many girls who are out for a good time and to make a few bucks in the process, the trick is finding them.

Originally posted by DRLover
Here's a photo of a friend of mine who lives in the Santo Domingo area. She is a very attrative light skinned Dominican girl with the most incredible tits. She does everything! Just one more reason why I love the DR. Going down in 9 days.

09-04-03, 13:36
This is about my 7 time to dr 6 to bc and once to pp. I miss my
flight at 9am so had to wait to 6pm to leave from newark nj. I
usually stay at the eroupa fro 55us a night nice hotel, but can be
very loud. This time I took wolvine advivce from the wsg board and
stayed at the los pinos. The los pinos is small only 20 rooms, but
for 30us a night you can't beat it thandk wolvine. It has no pool,
no bar or place to eat, but cable, ac and safe with guard at night
and yes chica freindly day or night. I took a cab for 15us from the
airport to bc. Check in with night guard n co owner who aslo lives is
the hotel. ok 1st night tired, but took a shower and hit the strip.
It was about 1am on the strip on durate street the only spot in bc.
There were about 15 chica at the 2 little bar in front the disco la
maria. I went into la maria and the crowd was nice about 30
chicas. They were a couple of 7s and a bunch of 2s very hard core
chicas and i knew a lot of them. Well took my time and hook up with
the bar maid she was about 6 nice body and good lay the oral was
not to good, but she stay from 5:30am to 11am. She didn't ask for
money but, I gave her 1000dr about 30us and 1us fro her ride home.
She was 30 i really like them 18 to 25. 2nd day went to eat
lunch at darrien the only american restruant in bc and saw a from
rent sign. This place was a land mark for us monger to watch sports,
eat, share stories, and get advice. His worker fernado told me
darrien went bact to boston with his to kids and his dominican wife
stayed in dr with her new gringo from philly. I ate at the china
place. Them walk around and found a chica 19 lite very rare in bc
most women are dark. Gave her 500 dr(15us) and she stay 2 hours. Now
there are women who only cum to bc during the day because the cop
mess with them at nite. They only cum out at nite to your hotel and
stay with u the night without a problem. That nite i wanted to go to
sd so instead of calling my dominican friend i call MR. particular.
He pick me up in bc there were 2 other guy in the car monger from the
us and we went to a club don't recall the name the girl were nice
some 9s n 8s most 6 or 7 in my book well the 2 guy pick to girls n
were good i wanted to see some more spot first. HE took me to a
hole in the wall with 3 girls n another club where the girls were
stright out the woods hair not done and the outfits were bad. Then
we went back to the 1st spot and i took a girl to the cabanna. She
was a 9 in look but suck in bed left her in bed sleep as mr
particular pick me up in the morning to go back to bc. Mr
particular is a nice guy and is good for a 1st timer, but he is not a
monger and is there to make money off of tourist like any other
guide, cab driver, tiger, or chica. He can show u clubs u might not
find on your own and some u don't want to find, but if u use him or
a dominican for this serivce u are getting the same chica and
treatment except the dominican guide is much cheaper. I also went to
the infamos casa de las modeles and the remminton place and a some
other clubs is sd. The club called monaco is a strip joint where the
chica dance nice but don't look to great never to a girl out of there
just went for the show. The rem place is ok not like it was 4
mounths ago and the place has change . The policey use to be u pay
the house and tip the girl if u wanted to. Now they allow the girl
to set a price and u still pay the house went there once this trip n
the girl were 5s with a couple of 8s nothing more. Hands down the
casa de las modeles has the best looking chica in sd. I took 1 night
and 1 another night for 2 night 1800dr about 60 us for all nite. I
took them afther 1am and the stayed to 11am. Sorry the other guy i
met had a bad time, but i had a great time. I worked a deal with me
dominican friend he is a cop in the day time and at nite he huscles
he took me and a friend to sd from bc for 40us n that included
taking the girls back in the morning so we gave him 25 us a piece.
Last words if u go to bc u need no cab or guide the only a couple on
bar n two disco plus the hamaca disco and 2 massage parlors all in
walling distance from any of the the hotels in bc. There are also
chica on the beach in the day time and at peter bar in back of the
hotel euroupa. 500 dr {15 us} for a short stay during the day. I
didn't hit the massage plaors but the chica are always out in front
so u can take your pick my friend had one name furva from the pink
house and she was great well she look nice. bottom line in bc just
walk around in the day time and any girl u see say hi n take it from
there. Now if you want to spend a little more money and get a 9 or
10 u have to go to sd. And fellow monger remember this disney world
u get on the ride n if u like it u get on again. I like to try
different rides, but dont cum home and write, call, or send any money
to mickey or donld duck chica. Just look at the photo until next. I
will be back the dr for a short one yes i am hook oct 10 to 13.
dont know if i am going to bc or sousa thinking about renting the
penthouse in sousa place.

Member #1553
09-14-03, 23:57
Well back from the DR but haven't been able to report. Spent 9 nights there, some in Boca Chica and some in the north(Santiago province). Stayed at Los Pinos again, still 30US a night and arrived late but met my traveling partner who came all the way from California.

Before I go any further, I will not request a travel partner to the DR again because I only spent 4 days with my travel partner and he was a great guy but I let him down when my steady(a normal girl and our child came to visit). So I basically pushed him onto the back burner and didn't do much mongering after that. I apologize sincerely Ming.

Anyways, all of my girls were from the Cosmos disco and Duarte street. One at a little restaurant(La Criolla) took a liking to me and asked if she could spend the night with me for 300pesos. I couldn't believe it, it was only about 9US and in the morning after some of the best sex I have had in the DR, paid her 500RD. I had her for another time as well for 500RD again. Had one for all night from Cosmos, wouldn't quote me price, saying what I wanted to pay. She was light skinned and hot. But in room after getting undressed asked me for 1500RD and it got heated then. I called her a lying piece of s..t and she better leave. I said I would spread the word about her lying practices and she was trying to appease me, anyways I shouldn't of done this but since she was hot and I was mad said 500RD for one shot deal and I tried to f..k her as hard as I could and she didn't enjoy it, that is for sure. Feeling much better and after finishing basically tossed her out of the room. Went back downtown to cool down and have a coffee and that is where I met the one at La Criolla Restaurant for 300RD a night.

Tried out two more different girls from the Cosmos Disco during my stay and paid 1000RD one time and I can't remember the price for the other for all night, approximately 850RD I believe. I couldn't suck her tits because she had given birth to child about 2 months ago and she was 25 but gave very good service and liked to ride. Austria and Madhouse were still closed when I was there but are expected to open soon. Spent time at La Playa Vista and were girls there and talked with Peter and Fleming. Met a few other people I knew there and then on my fifth day my baby's mom came down with our child and then I spent the rest of my time with them and we went up north. Once again, I don't think I will be going to the DR except to see my son and limited mongering when I can squeeze it in, the DR is the best country so far I have been to for mongering for prices, etc but so I don't kind of let down a monger partner again like I did with Ming, I will have to leave my hardcore mongering to other countries outside of the DR.

09-15-03, 01:12

I would hope you continue to post from wherever you are, and go whenever you can because you have been a wealth of info for myself and countless others new to the DR scene. TY.

10-02-03, 04:05
I'm back to Boca Chica in 6 days , and could use an update on the BC scene (last visit was July 2003). Hopefully Playa Vista is still in business,as I saw a for sale ad on DR1 a week or two ago. I have an amigo meeting me there this trip, so I need advice about the discos/bars. I didn't do any of them last trip as I met a girl who stayed with me my entire trip.

Also, I could use some ideas about going to Santo Domingo ,and looking around there. It would probably be a day trip for the two of us mongers, so info would be great. Can ya hep a brotha out?


10-18-03, 02:35
Just back from Boca Chica, and with a few observations. My overall experience for this, my second trip, was good...maybe great. Stayed at Europa for about $45 USD per nite. Staff was very friendly and helpful. They actually warned me that they had a group in who were being quite noisy on my floor, and offered to move me away from them. After the first NOISY nite, I accepted the move, and they gave me an ocean view room for the same cost. Big room, very nice. Hot water is apparently a luxury there, but after a few hours in the sun and heat, a cool shower felt really good.

On to the girls.

IMHO, the girls in BC at nite are mostly snakes. Disingenuous, conniving, and Thieves if they can get away with it. This is not to say that i didnt enjoy their company, but you REALLY have to watch them, and let them know you will not accept any @#*% from them. I had three girls on various nites, and each was a headache at times, from money, to time, to attitude. I threw one out (after a first round), and came close with another. And I am a very laidback person!

In the daytime, I met 4 at different places, and they were all very upfront, honest, and into the game. Two were REALLY into my digital camera, and gave me a pretty interesting chronicle of my time with them. The day girls were also far cheaper than the others, (and younger). 6 day trip this time, and worth it.

BTW, I did NOT pay an exit fee at the airport this trip. Did they do away with that or just forget?

10-24-03, 16:01
Yes, I agree you have to be careful at night on the strip. Most of those girls have grown up in that disco and they just go through the motions to part you from your pesos.
Oh, but those sweeties along the main road on the beach and around Boca Chica during the daytime hours, now that's livin large. Tight fresh honeies at resonable prices. Keep your eyes open guys, you'll be suprised who will drop to their knees for a few extra pesos in their change purse.

As far as the departure tax goes, it's been including in the price of the plane ticket now and has gone up to $20.00 U.S.

Member #1553
10-27-03, 08:31
When I was in BC two months ago, Madhouse and Austria were closed. Are they currently open, just curious?

11-15-03, 01:12
Sorry this is a little late. Hope it is worth the wait.....

23/10 - Arrive at SD around lunchtime. Get a taxi to BC and meet up with the Italian guy Roberto who has arranged my apartment. He takes me there and I get set in. Find out they have the adult channel available - bonus!! The Haitian lady who co-owns the place with her older Italian hubby told me she could arrange girls etc. She took me for a drive and saw a hot looker on the streets. She was Haitian too and apparently had complimented me. I later asked her to get her for me. It turned out she charged $100 minimum so out went that option!

End up walking along Duarte and get accosted by 2 young, black chicas but manage to shrug them off. Saw a short, lighter skinned girl nr the bank opp. the main square. She offered a 2-hr session for 400 but I didn't take her up. Nothing happened until dinner time when I was at La Criolla and this gorgeous young Haitian girl came and sat with me. Said her name was Natasha and we got talking. She said she worked in one of the bars etc.

By the time dinner came around, she had agreed to the usual session for 500. Got her back to my place and all the formalities went ok. Like most girls I saw, I shaved her and we had a shower. She was a great performer and passionate with the kissing etc. Not bad at oral either. Sex was great but she refused to let me cum on her face. I did so on her wonderful tits anyway.

24/10 - Had arranged an all-day tour of SD with a tour company. Was pretty good value. Found my way to Playa Vista in the evening and met up with Peter and the gang. Had some drinks and had dinner b4 walking along Duarte. Ended up chatting to this amazing, older looking tall lady with fair skin and lovely brown hair. Turns out she is a 39-yr old Argentinian livin in SD. Eventually agree to the works for 500 I think.

She wasn't well endowed in the chest area and didn't kiss. Still not a bad performer and I came on her tits too.

25/10 - Had planned a daytrip to Saona but missed the bus due to a stupid misunderstanding. Ended up spending the whole day by Playa Vista and the beach. Met quite a few chicas on the beach thro' a local guy who worked there. Couldn't reach an agreement really.

In the afternoon, I met this lady who called at me from across Duarte. She was sat in the doorway of a place on a side-street going up the hill. She seemed a bit older and a little tipsy. B4 I knew it she was kissing me openly. Didn't take too much persuading to come back to mine for 400. Back at mine she had a pretty nice figure for a 34 yr old. We were all over each other as soon as we got in. Man could she kiss!! The usual followed and she was very accommodating indeed. She kept on about how amazing I was etc. I rashly arranged to meet her later that nigh for drinks & dinner. She agreed to come back to mine for an all-nighter. I later decided against this as I don't like all-nighters. I did see her again at the same place but just got away with giving her the odd kiss.

The incredible thing happened later that evening at Playa Vista. There was this young-looking black girl at the bar chatting to the barmaid. She was dressed to be out. I thought she must be a regular chica. Soon we got chatting and it seemed to be not the case. She was Rudilenya or Rudi. She later said she was 23. Used to work at Muchachas but now not working with 1 kid in SD. One thing led to another and we went to dinner and we kissed there but she seemed to be shy. We ended up back at my place innocently. She then realised that I had been watching the porn and she seemed engrossed by it! She actually told me she was excited and b4 I knew it she had my cock out and was giving me a blow-job. I returned the favour but we couldn't go futher as neither of us had protection. She left for a friend's place for the night.

26/10 - Another relaxing day by the beach. Had arranged to meet Rudi later on at Playa Vista. Caught a soccer game and lazed about. Decided on staying an extra day here and 1 less in PP so that I could do the Saona trip on the Wed instead.

Met up with Rudi and had dinner again and back to my place after getting protection. A long night ensued and she stayed with me and eveything was fine.

27/10 - I had arranged a private driver to take me to San Cristobal. The trip was of mixed success. Arranged the same guy to take me back to the SD bus terminal on the Thurs.

I went prowling in the late afternoon and found some talent around. There was this mixed-caste girl with v. short hair lazing about totally out of it. Said she was 19 and had amazing tits. Agreed to do the biz for 300 but I declined. Another regret of mine in BC. Saw this facially awful slightly older looking lady and I figured there was no way she was working. I couldn't believe it when I started talking to her!! She seemed a little dim and explaned she had been in an accident and her face had been smashed up. She also explained she was on her period.

I still cant believe I agreed to do her for 300. She was pretty good and kind though. Kissing etc was a little difficult. The sex was incredible as she was really petite and could ride cock like nobody's business!! The blood didn't matter and I came on her tits too.

Had arranged to meet Rudi and she appeared at my place as I was leaving. She tried to talk me into taking her to the Hamace disco. This apparently costs $20 pp. Maybe this is what she had been after all along. She did seem to accept my refusal and said she would come around the next evening.

Later that night I felt the urge and got hold of this one motoconcho guy. He took me all over to Andres etc. and we even run out of gas!! We saw all sorts of the seedy parts of BC as I wanted cheap girls - mainly those on drugs. Unfortunately saw the disgusting sight of girls who are solvent abusers (looked no older than 12) sellin themselves. Anyway, ended up with this chunkyish 27 yr old from Barahona. She loved to drink beer and had some b4 we got started. She was pretty enthusiastic too - especially after I made her come multiple times. Not a bad experience.

28/10 - Went fishing in the morning. Pretty expensive boat ride as we didn't catch a whole lot!

Hung around Playa Vista at lunch time. Relaxed back at the hotel b4 going down to the square late afternoon looking for some action. Met this young, well-spoken Haitian girl who was slim and without any curves. Got talking and she started working her hands on me. We were soon kissing in the shadows too. Agreed to come back to mine for 300.I refused, holding out for a better deal. Yet another regret. Had dinner on Duarte and also met this other young Haitian (19 and by the name of MIckey) who had sat with me at dinner b4. Had a pizza together at Muchchachas. She tried to get me to take her back but I refused. Also met this older Dominican lady I had seen a few nights ago. She was perfect and agreed to 500 but I still refrained. Another regret.

Walked down Duarte to the disco at the other end. LOads of rowdy girls out and I was approached by a loud, short, chubby black woman. She spoke good English and was offering it for 100 pesos. I should have smelt a rat but decided to negotiate. She agreed to everything I said for 100 pesos. Then the Haitian from the park showed up and she was annoyed. I quickly agreed with the chubby one, thinking I can always come back for the Haitian. We left on motoconchos to a surge of cheers from all the women. I seriously thought this girl must be desperate enough to just charge 100 pesos.

To cut a long story short, the owner took her ID card. We got down to business and she wasn't the most co-operative. I decided to cut it short and the trouble started when I tried to pay her the 100 peso note. She went beserk and got all threatening. The owners were involved but couldn't do anything as she insisted we had agreed on $100. The owners knew what she was doing. They suggested I pay her $20 to call it quits but I got stubborn and even suggested getting the police involved - big mistake!! Even when I did back down and agree to $20 this was scuppered by the police arriving. I couldn't believe they were willing to lock me away till I paid and luckily they eventually settled for $50. To make matters worse, I had let my guard down with my property that day and she sneakily stole my sunnies. The annoying this is that they are prescription and useless to anyone else but rather valuable to me. She made all sorts of threats to me b4 leaving. Needless to saying going back to Duarte was not an option. I had needed to get some more cash for the next day but left it till early morning. The moral is to make sure u let the owner know what price u are paying b4.

29/10 - Early start for the Saona trip. Was fun with loads of French and Germans. Got drenched though.

Had not planned to do anymore mongering but the owner didn't seem to mind as long as I made sure they were aware of the amount I was to pay. Enlisted the help of the motoconcho guy again. Not much luck but found a nice young Haitian girl who agreed to everything for 500 except for facial. She said to go back and send the motoconcho back for her as she had to get ready etc. Should've smelt a rat as after a while the motoconcho guy came back with a different girl saying he coukdn't find the other one. She was light-skinned, Dominican and young too. Seemed friendly enough and agreed to the same deal. The owner was ok with this. In the sack she changed complete and was the most unresponsive and unenthusiastic girl I had there bar none!
Wouldn't even let me lick her properly let alone kiss. Oral was dire but sex was ok and I did come over her tits in the end.

30/10 Left BC slightly relieved after the dodgy experience. Few girls I should've had but didn't. Back in SOsua by lunchtime.

REgarding the incident I had, I just read a report from a guy who stayed at Costalunga 2 yrs ago and he was robbed at gunpoint in his apartment!!

Hope this was of some interest and help,


Member #1553
11-15-03, 03:54
Hey Donnylad,
Sounds like you had a good trip to BC besides the one real unfortunate incident. From your report, I take it you stayed at Residence Los Pinos, where Roberto does booking for numerous hotels, and owner is Luciano and his young woman run it. Peter and Fleming are awesome at La Playa Vista. I asked this earlier in post but is Madhouse or Austria open now? I read your other report as well and sounds like you had an overall great trip.

11-15-03, 22:09
Mike does Boca #1

11-15-03, 22:22
Mike does Boca #2

11-15-03, 22:29
Mike does Boca #3

11-15-03, 22:32
Mike does Boca #4

11-15-03, 22:35
Mike does Boca #5

11-15-03, 22:37
Mike does Boca #6

11-17-03, 23:25
Wolverine -

Hi there. Yeah, the trip was good on the whole. No, I stayed at a new place called Tropical Gardens. It's on the same road as Hotel Mango that cuts across Vicini. It's on the other side of Vicini from Mango. It's run by another Italian guy called Luigi. He's quite a bit older than his Haitian wife Michaela. I guess that's pretty much the same with all ex-pats in BC!!

Roberto and his wife were cool too. Tobe honest, I didn't really notice any places called Austria or Madhouse. R they on Duarte?

Member #1553
11-18-03, 00:56
Yes they are on Duarte. They are very close to La Cueva disco, and they are on the same side of the street, before you get to the Cosmos Disco or the Zanzi bar. You would notice because there are women hanging always in front and around the Madhouse especially at night. I am not familiar with the hotel you stayed at, must be a newer one/renamed, or off the beaten path. How much did your hotel cost per night?

Member #1553
11-18-03, 22:19
Just called Peter at La Playa Vista. Madhouse and Austria still closed but are expecting to open anytime. Possibly under different names though but same owners.

11-20-03, 23:06
Heading back for my 3rd trip to BC in three weeks (12/13-17). Can't wait.

Staying (for the second time) in the spacious apartment at Playa Vista (the beach bar). I don't know for sure if Peter and Fleming rent the apartment to those they don't know... but it wouldn't hurt to email them (playa.vista@codetel.net.do) and ask.

On the plus side... it's located right in the middle of the BC beach action, is guest-friendly, has cable TV, a kitchen, and a huge living area. The only real minus (for some) is no AC - but there are plenty of fans and an awesome ocean breeze.

I don't suggest it for those who want to get loud and crazy late into the night (unless it's on Duarte Street), but it's ideal for those who want a bit of solitude after dark. The price may vary depending on seasonal demand - but I seem to recall it being in the $30-45/night range. Sorry I'm not sure about rate/night... but my bar tab and lodging bill get sort of intertwined when at Playa Vista.

Just thought I offer yet another affordable BC lodging alternative...


11-29-03, 02:01
Wolverine - Hi there. I think I know where u mean. Sounds like where that trouble maker chica collared me that night!!

It is a new place I stayed at. More like apartments really. Cost was $25/night.


Rus Luv
11-29-03, 23:04
I'm heading to Boca Chica Dec. 18 through Dec 31. This will be my first trip to the D.R. My uaual stopping ground is Brazil. But I wanted a change. I'm traveling solo. If anyone has any intel. Please give me some. I want take a day trip to Santo Domingo. I'm looking for the fine chica's. 10's if possible, but I will settle for a 9 if I have to. If anyone will be in BC during that time let me know.

12-01-03, 03:20
First time travel to DR, would like to know for a first timer which will be better? Boca Chica or Sosua I've done plenty of research and want to travel to both. For a 3 day trip in Feb 2004 I choose Boca Chica, But I would like others input, fellow members who have been to both areas.


12-01-03, 20:13
Arriving in BC in 12 days! And although I'm in my mid-forties, I find myself anticipating the trip like a six year-old anticipates Christmas morning. Am I the only one who's like this? Perhaps it's the 60-hour weeks I've been working.

On past trips, I've limited my mongering to day-time encounters to chicas I've met on or around the beach (usually Playa Vista). This time - I plan to try "fishing" after dark. Is Cosmos as good a place as any to start? What's likely to different with the night-time mongering experience?

Any chicas anyone can recommend by name (since I plan to at least meet all the BC "regulars"...smile)? I met an extemely busty (all natural), yet slightly shy, sweetie named Lucille on my last trip. Hope she's still around.

So please, if you've got names of chicas to recommend, please share. Thanks.


Member #1553
12-01-03, 22:15
I can recommend Mariela, she worked a short-time at the Zanzi bar but doesn't work there now but she does free-lancing, she lives in crappy house with her little boy and mom and can't give you directions, I would have to be in the town and even though not 100 percent sure I could find her house. I have seen her twice but don't have no contact info for her except she looks a little asiatic and originally from the north. If you ever run into her, she is awesome in bed and cheap. The girls at the Cosmos always change, always several regulars that I have seen in a few trips but names always slip me. I would rather not get the hard-core pros, in BC it is all business and if I can get a newbie worker, the better for me. There is difference in attitude between night girls and free-lancers, semi pros in the day. Some night workers are very hard-core. Since you have been to BC before the next paragraph will tell you more about the Cosmos disco and the last paragraph is warning to all on my experiences.

I would stick with the day-time chicas, less hard-core and much cheaper. Keep them for overnight at good price. But if you are like me and a butterfly, get short-timer during day and pick the best you can at best price from Duarte ST and/or Cosmos disco. Usually about 30 girls around 1am. Don't go there before midnight, it is kind of dead at the Cosmos before then. Music is very loud, various types of techno/hiphop, etc. Very hard to communicate with girl and very smoky, I am a smoker and at times my eyes burn. Small dance floor that is raised up a couple of feet and you can watch girls dancing. I can dance Bachata and Merengue but I don't even attempt to dance there. Always a few drunk tourists up there dancing away and some look like fools. Have seen male tourists try putting on a striptease show because they are hammered and getting rowdy and you will be asked to leave. Leave around 2 or later with chica, that way the girl will be more inclined to get business from you at lower price and not try to get a rush f..k in, so she can go back to the disco. From my experience, if at midnight, a girl quotes you 2000RD, hoping you will pay that outrageous price, if she is still there after 2am, you should be able to get her for 1000RD with no problem. I always tell a girl at the disco, 700RD plus good tip in morning if she is good. With devaluation at 43 to 1 right now, I would probably say 800RD with tip. They work harder for it and if no good or bad attitude, I don't tip anything. Most of my experiences have been good but I have good grasp on Spanish language, late 20's, and don't take crap from any of them. I have also got two female tourists staying at the Hamaca during trips to BC so I have options and so should you. Play the girls like you are not overly interested and towards the end of the night at the disco and downtown area, they will be wanting to go with you for a lot less. I am very critical and most girls at the Cosmos are medium/dark complected, most under 25, and a lot of 5-7's. Usually a few 8's and 9's there as well. With the night girls make sure they understand you want bbbj, bbbjcim, etc because some will refuse and/or want extra.

NEVER GO TO LA CUEVA DISCO. A bunch of robbers, the girls that hang out in the front of there, and the bartender serving drinks. No one goes there, I have been the target of pickpocketing once there, and one of the girls on previous trip took stuff from my room, and a few hundred pesos that I had stashed. For example, last time there, 4 girls followed me in and sat next to me and ordered Presidentes, and two of them had another drink as well, and when I attempted to pay my bill had a very high price, the bartender said they thought I was buying the girls drinks and the girls said that outside I told them I would buy them a drink/s, a lie and I didn't pay because of the aggressiveness towards me and the principal of the matter, was trying to negotiate a price when they threatened me with the police and because of the yelling two Politur officers came in all of a sudden. I ended up paying only for my drinks at the real price when I gave them my contact/friend's name and number from Santo Domingo who is military officer and well connected, and the ring leader of the aggressive girls was taken to jail. So it does one good to make friends with someone who has connections. I have also been short-changed there before. I have been at La Cueva 3 times total and the 3rd time was the police involvement. I don't post negatively without a reason and I don't want anyone to have a bad experience there if I could have prevented it somehow. Some of the girls working at night are hard-core and will try to scam anyone if they can, so be careful and don't give an inch or they will take a mile.

12-02-03, 01:22

I made the mistake last trip, first nite, arriving late, to get hooked up with a #&%$# from there.

Good sex,but she stole a lot of money. BAD TIME AND MY FAULT.

I have now gone to a sonic motion alarm so if anyone gets near whatever you have it on, they have five seconds to disarm it with a dual code.

To continue, I didn't realize where I was the first nite, and went back to the area two nites later, and hooked up with a hottie on the street near the bar. BAD attitude in the room.

Now, here's the dichotomy. (sorry about the spelling, I have nothing but Spanish / English dictionaries around here!). Cruised the area on a Thursday nite, and went by la cueva. A girl grabbed me and took me into the bar. Started at $800RD per hour, but I declined. After four offers she got down to $100RD. She was nice looking but SO desperate for money. I just gave her money and left.

I have a "regular girl" there that is very trustworthy, so I keep my mongering down a bit,
but there are more than a few that I can't resist.

12-06-03, 04:19
2 more months and I'll be in Boca Chica. Can't wait, best believe when I get to BC it's gone be on. Will be there in Feb 04" If any body is going around that time let me know. So I can kick it with you when I'm there.

One Tree Hill
12-07-03, 19:14
Fellow Mongers,


Anyone needing help with airfare to DR or anywhere for that matter should PM me with particulars. As long as you are traveling by the end of March. Holiday travel is unlikely I can help.

Cant guarantee anything, but you will want to check with me before laying out any cash for your trips.

By the way. Hope to make it to DR early next year myself. It has now been exactly one year since my last visit, however I have been to BA twice this year!

Private Message (PM) me for any inquiries. Please include as many details as possible.


12-09-03, 00:07
Just stumbled across a URL that anyone who's been to, or is planning to visit Boca Chic will likely enjoy. It's...


The site (blog) is self-described by its author(s) as follows:
"The true life tales of two guys living and running a bar on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Take a look inside the lives of Peter & Flemming as they bring you the 'real deal' and all the local Boca Chica happenings"

Not chica-specific, but a fun read regardless. FYI.


macmasher_(will be arriving in BC in 5 days now!)

12-09-03, 11:11
Greetings to all,

I have been to BC twice before, stayed at the Garant and had a good time. I would like to avoid main strip. Like everyone one else who has been there the girls downtown suck except the few that stray from the barrio that you can find.

If anyone has any information that I can benefit from it would be greatly appreciated. I will be there Feb 13-21.

12-19-03, 04:02

Probably the best thing to do would be to go to Santo Domingo and check around if you are sour on BC. A lot of the girls on the weekends in BC are from SD , but i'm not sure what the weekday scene in SD is like.

I will be back to BC Feb 19-26 and hanging around Playa Vista during the day. I always like to meet fellow enthusiasts. Good luck and have a great time!

One Tree Hill
12-20-03, 00:23

Avaiable to DR mongers!

Puerto Plata/Santo Domingo from the US $850 incl taxes.


Anyone interested, I might be able to hook you up for the New Years Eve of your life.

Very limited:

For example:

JFK - Puerto Plata on Dec 30 and return Jan 6

JFK - Santo Dom. on Dec 30 or 31 / return Jan 4

regular F class fare = $1458 incl taxes

Many holiday travelers have paid over $800 for COACH.

PM with contact info if interested.

I hope you guys dont mind me posting this here. As a sort of fraternity least we can do is help each other out!

Seasons Cheer!

12-30-03, 02:55
Hello everyone,

I'm a newbie (posting anyway), but I've been following this Forum for a bit, and now I'm looking to take a trip(business and pleasure) to the DR early next year. I've learned a lot from you all, but here's my one question: Will the fact that I'm 28 years old be a problem? My impression from this forum is that many if not most of you guys are much older than I am, and I've never hung out with older dudes before. I'm just asking cos this is all new to me, that's all.

*******, you are a wealth of info. Thx a lot in advance.

As I said, I'll be travelling to the DR in about two months, and I'm hoping to have a blast(with your advice and help, of course).

As the time draws nearer, I'll be posting more to get better advice and directions, dos & don'ts, etc.

Ciao todos

Member #1553
12-30-03, 22:21
You are one year older than me. I have 5 trips to the DR since May 2002 and had a blast each time. For amateurs, you will have a leg up on the older gentleman if in Santiago province, Santo Domingo, etc but for pros, it usually doesn't make a difference what color, size, and age you are. Boca Chica is all pros/semi pros so you will do fine. Don't worry about hanging out with people older than you. I have always been one of the youngest mongers wherever I go and I have partied, chased women with mongers from around the world up to about mid 50's in age. No problem whatsoever and a good buddy to hang with is very cost efficient for taxi's, safety in numbers, etc regardless of age.

12-31-03, 03:47

Sounds good. Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. I look forward to mongering for sure come next year. I can only imagine what New Year's Eve would be like over there. Party nonstop!

Dr Golfer
01-01-04, 05:23
A long time lurker here in the BC reports, a poster from the RI board. I am here living in BC, where i have been for about 7 years now. I guess I can be considered of the snow bird variety. I will try and help any newbies on here in BC and elsewhere in the DR. I have traveled most of this country from the mountains of Constanza to the Samana Bay. If I can help, I will do so. I saw a post earlier about Darren and his former restaurant Portofino's. Its closed, will be closed, and never will reopen. Darren flew the coop back to Bean town, rumors are all over the place on why, so I won't add to them. I was not here when he left so I am not sure for certain why. I have confirmed though that it will not re-open. I wasn't a big fan of the restaurant nor of Darren's, so no loss here. His ego was worth a few laughs now and again. I might miss that. Drop me a line here if you need anything answered. Biggest thing that can help those who come here are two things. First and foremost, LEARN some spanish. You will go a long way with just a little bit. Secondly, treat the gals with just a little respect, that will put you one up on most down here.

Gutter Meat
01-01-04, 19:30
I don't know what has happened to Boca Chica over the last 2 years but I hope the town can start fresh in 2004. In the mean time I'll be hitting Sosua.

01-04-04, 16:08
PGAPRO, you seem to have the scoop on Darren's. Darren was a character, but there were usually some cool people hanging out there. Did he own the building. Did he rent it. That place has a great location for daytime crowd.

Darren never seemed to focus on attracting new customers etc. I think that place could do very well if the rent was the right price etc.

I'm thinking American menu, but good food, amrican tunes, and cute girls in bikinis as waitresses etc.

Buffalo wings, Beer and Bikinis. . . . .a great combo.

Member #1553
01-08-04, 05:27
GREAT NEWS. The Madhouse and Austria bars have reopened but with different names. Ahhhh, the memories. I have been following this for a while now because I really enjoy the Madhouse and the proprieters, Didi and Peter, two crazy Germans:) I don't know the new names of the places but they are in the same location and maybe PGApro would let the board know, I have all ready asked Peter and Fleming at La Playa Vista while they were still closed but hate to bother them while they are doing business at their beach bar.

PGA pro, I wonder if I have run into you before. When in BC I always hang at La Playa Vista or La Isla Bonita during the day, I don't like to use names but sometimes talk quite a bit with the older gentleman who lives in BC from Boston who spends much time at Playa Vista and know someone who goes to BC several times a year from Canada and hangs out at Playa Vista all the time as well.

Gutter Meat
01-10-04, 07:18
I just got an E-mail from the Batrand who used to run the Hotel Europa and he has imformed me he has left the Hotel and turned back over to the owner becuase of all the receant problems in Boca Chica. Its a shame because he was a great guy. He is now living in Margarita Island with his wife.

Can anyone who has been in Boca Chica in the last 2 months tell me if the Hotel Europa is still open or closed?



01-11-04, 17:29
I used to stay at the Europa all the time when I went to BC. Batrand is a good guy but I guess he got sick of dealing with all the BS in BC. I also think more mongerers including myself started to go to Sosua which probably hurt his business. I would like to know if he is running a hotel or business in Margarita Island so I can stop by and say hello next time I am there.

Dr Golfer
01-12-04, 00:42
what info i have:

hotel europa is open, was at least up through last night. seems everyone who stays there is happy with the scene. i just think it is a bit pricey, but we are not at all talking american standards pricey.

yes, the three places that were previously closed due to having **** gals, which is a farse, are now all opened. the third one, not mentioned and my hangout, the former route 66, is now named after the owner's son and is open also. back to normal in those regards anyway. i do think the politur have eased up alot from last year in the number of arrests, sure, they are still walking up and down the beat, but not often do you see one of the "ladies of the night" in tow.

wolverine, i am not a daytime monger, so playa vista is not a hangout of my own. the older gentleman who you are referring to i believe is richard. a man who has more knowledge of this island than anyone i have met as of yet. a great guy to boot, but he is getting up there in annuals. my only hangout is the former route 66, which is now open again, and back to normal.

my understanding with darren's portofino's is that his wife's family is a "green" title owner for the property. which doesn't help good ole darren much i guess. nothing is there as of yet. it would be a bad investment for anyone to open up here now. things are not good economically, and won't be for the long run. the dollar is again yielding about 43 pesos on the street.

Dr Golfer
01-14-04, 03:00
Just to let anyone who is thinking about heading down here anytime soon, the peso has hit an all time low to the dollar, or is that high, 47:1. Tougher times are coming for the home fans, so I am sure the nightly show will get even better. There has not been alot of Americans or Canadiens down here this year, as I have stated previously. I am not sure why?? Is it a post 9/11 effect? There isn't a better place to spend a week in the sun, with a whole lots of fun, than the country I am in now for the price. For all you longtime mongers of BC, if it has gotten old to you, it is a big country, with some real beautiful areas to tap into, so to speak.

01-14-04, 03:32

Are you getting 47:1 on the street, or at cambios? I monitor DR1 , but have noticed that they no longer have the RD-US posted on the rail at left.

I will be back to BC in about 30 days for my third visit in 8 months, and am wondering about the political climate there. Most are not happy with Hippo's policies,but I guess he's got a respite from the Summit.

This will be my longest stay yet, and a quick BC climatic synopsis (ie are prices increasing to offset the falling RD) would be great, if you could.

On a much brighter note, if the nightime pickins ramp up from what they were, I may not leave. (brighter for me, anyway).

To your post 9/11 question, I have never travelled as much as I have post 9/11. And I never worry about it, except that some a-hole might inadvertently close down an airport, thus negatively impacting my mongering time.

Dr Travel Man
01-15-04, 04:41
Looking for some advice. I am coming down January 29th. I am planning on staying in BC at thr Europa through the weekend. Is the scene worth it for 3 days? I like to have an afternoon scene as well as a night scene. I can always just stay in SD like always but I wanted the beach. Has the reopening of the 3 places helped the scene?

01-16-04, 13:49
thoughts on recent postings:

a) ******* needs a new set of contact lenses because what is a sense of perfect proportion in his eyes, looks severely distorted to me. (and I think my eyes are fine)

b) people that need to lose 30 lbs plus shouldn't post pictures of themselves without any clothes on

but c'est la vie.

I am no expert on cameras and at least I post pictures. Thanks for your useless input. The pictures I post are free for all to look at. If you don't like them, don't look at them or post better ones.

01-16-04, 16:44
Jimmy DR,

Brah, I have never been to DR and don't plan too, but I have to say that I do enjoy your photos! Keep it up!



A Toda Maquina
01-17-04, 19:25
Hey Pilgrims, Jimmy DR posts some great pics ! I 'm used to seeing chicas in a dark bar type setting anyway !

Keep sending in the pics ******* !
(try posting those scratch & sniff pics)


Dr Golfer
01-18-04, 21:14
What I have to offer:

Prices that I saw in the change houses in downtown BC, were 49-49.60 pesos for 1 dollar. I use ATM's for withdrawing funds, have for the entire 7 years of me coming here. It use to be the way to go, maybe a point, point and a half, over the existing bank exchange rate, but last year and earlier this year it went the other way, I was losing the same amount, roughly. I withdrew some funds on Friday, got the same rate as Banco Popular was giving it's walkin customers, 49.50. So times are good on that end.

Prices for food, and especially gas, maybe other essentials also, have gone up in the past week also. Not sure what the going rates are in the hotels, restaurants seem to be asking about the same though. Girls, I guess it depends on the who, the where, and the when. There is no one out there that should be paying more than 1,500 pesos for all night stay. It even hurts me saying that high. I would never pay any girl here, not as of yet at least, more than 500 pesos. Let me state, I am far from a "cheap charlie". Alot of the girls know me from over the years, and they all know I am a decent guy, who buys them a beer from time to time, a pizza, or whatever. I guess maybe thats why I get away with the 500 peso fee. I never would pay them 200 pesos either, if thats what they ask for, not too often, I will add a couple hundred pesos tip. If I am riding a heart streak and they don't ask for anything, when they wake up, I will be gone, but they will be left with some money to help them along. I am no Tom Cruise look-a-like either, just a decent guy with a good attitude towards them. That goes a long way down here.

There are tons of girls out each night, plenty during the day also. I think it will only pick up more as the times get tougher, and they are going to, assured. Tourism is way down though. I have no idea what the numbers on tourism are these days, but from my eyes, its about half the numbers it was 3 years ago.

The Route 66 and Cosmo's disco is the side that has the action after 12 midnight. The other side, Madhouse, La Cueva, etc. becomes very near barren after the dinner crowd leaves. Between 1AM and 2AM is still the time to get the best look at what you have for the evening, grab a chair, a cerveiza, and let your eyes do the work. Enjoy!

01-21-04, 04:51
Report deleted by Admin.

01-22-04, 02:00
I set 1000RD as my max for all night my last trip (@ RD32-1) , and went to that only once, and was with a hottie with no inhibitions. Saying that, I don't think I will ask for an all night again , as it might just be easier (and cheaper) to negotiate 2-3 hours, since there is no need to pay for their sleep time (as nice as that is sometimes). My overnite experiences have been mixed, two great girls, one thief, and the thief really got my attention about falling asleep. Caveat emptor.


Thanks for the money/price update. I got back to the DR1 thread and saw it as good as RD 52-1 in Santo Domingo. Hopefully BC will follow suit. Fortunately, the hotels seem to be the same as before, as I'm now pricing them out for my trip.

Can't wait to get back! 21 degrees here and falling.

01-23-04, 01:18
I'm planning on visiting Boca Chica soon and have compiled the following list. If you have suggestions to add or subtract to the list, please post.

I have the prologue, intro, chpt 1, and chpt 2 or a very large report posted so far in the Sosua section. I'll be posting a Santo Domingo and Boca Chica report later, so any assistance will be really appreciate and paid back with a quality report.

Boca Chica Hotels:

Boca Chica Bars/Pickups:
Austria (new name?)
Cosmo Disco
Duarte Street
La Cueva
Madhouse (new name?)
Route 66
Zanzi Bar

02-02-04, 00:13
I hate to ask questions on these boards, but I'm gonna ask this one.

Isla Bonita. Are the girls legal or not? I can't tell, so obviously I don't touch. They are hot, but no quiero problemas.

02-02-04, 01:27

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


Luv Ass
02-02-04, 16:52

Were there any riots or unrest in Boca Chica? Is everything cool now?

Thanks, going this weekend.

Luv Ass

02-03-04, 00:11
Delta has Just started to Fly to DR only SD for now I just book a flight for my friend for Aug only 365us compare to 561us on aa. This is from JFK ny to SD.

Dr Golfer
02-03-04, 03:21
There was no problems in Boca Chica over the "strike" period. I have not seen one yet to carry over into BC. Everything is back to normal here.

02-03-04, 04:20
Why would there be strife in Boca Chica? they are one of the places with ready access to tourist dollars and since everything is priced in dollars, devaluations don't affect them. In fact, they make off like bandits.

In places like Boca, among those with avenues to idiot tourist dollar access there would be celebrations, not protests.

Dr Golfer
02-04-04, 02:14
Just my two cents,

First, Everything here in BC is NOT priced in dollars. Yes, for sight seeing trips, taxi rides, etc., there sometimes is a dollar price. Goto all the supermarkets, most restaurants, bars, etc., you get the price in pesos.

Secondly, I guess why it was asked if the strike had any effect on BC is because we are only 30 minutes away from SD. Many times I have been present in countries where strikes do carry over into local areas, ie. BC. Not unreasonable to ask, in my opinion.

Thirdly, most of Boca Chica habitants, excluding the tourists, foreigners, etc., live on pesos. They either work in the capital or don't work at all. Yes, there are the *****s who make a deal for dollars because some tourist had not a chance to change any money before, but thats not the common.

Lastly, the peso has devalued, without a doubt, from about 28 in Octoboer of 2003 to about 54 today, but the prices for everything has followed suit. Gas was 66, now 99. I think you get the idea. For me, I am still doing financially well. The "Boca Chica" dominican I cannot say the same for.

02-04-04, 03:40
Catire: I'll have to agree with pgapro. You seem to have gotten it all wrong again! Many tourists are not idiots; and since when is everything priced in $ in the BC?! BTW, I want to congratulate you! You're the 1st guy that has ridiculed me for being a Charity Benefactor, and for having a lot of posts! You're also the 1st guy on WSG who has ever stated that I don't know what I'm talking about. I guess the thousands of members that have viewed my posts all felt exactly like you but were afraid to post their opinions?! I don't thinks so! May I give you a simple suggestion?! Hit the search button on this post, and do some reading. You will be amazed at how educated you may become. The main difference between you and me is not about quantity of posts it's about quality. I like to be informative, share my mongering knowledge and experiences, and occasionally ask questions; whereas you like to criticize fellow board members and share nothing but your lack of knowledge and innate hostilities!

WU Warrior
02-04-04, 18:13

For the April fest, is the Palace sold out? And, how many quality chicas are expected? What is the itinerary of that weekend? What's the name and calle of the massage spot that you always talk of much to my jealousy?


02-10-04, 00:04
pgapro, you are correct, I was over-reaching.

Perhaps it would better be said that many in Boca and the environs have better access to the tourist economy and tourist dollars that say an average Dominican living in a Dingo barrio might not have?

(which is essentially what I was saying, by stating the Boca would be the last of the places to riot)

Though let's make an important distinction, shall we?

Many Dominican residents of Boca Chica do not live in Boca Chica. They live in the town of Andres on the other side of the highway.

Of course, the local prices in the store, etc are all in pesos. And of course, those prices are rising (many are) to keep up with the devaluation, especially for imported products.

I guess what I meant to say is that at least some of Boca's residents are luckier than other Dominicans. THough, even with that, for example, the hotel owners whose prices are dollarized no matter the exchange rate, the large majority of those owners are foreigners.

DItto with many of the restaurant owners around the village.

Gpiper, you are obviously looking for a pat on the back for your charity and overwhelming knowledge as well as biting insight.

You are truly a legend in your own mind.

Now let's see, a quick search perusal indicates your most recent posts seem to focus on "comparing" the stable of all inclusive pimped gringo hos at the Sosua Palace.

Like I said, come back to me when you get a clue. Stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours and this way you can amuse yourself and others with what you think you know. Of course, I can also stay thoroughly amused, although for different reasons.


forgive me if I keep my hand by my side.

02-12-04, 02:37

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


02-13-04, 04:52

You have mentioned "Andres" in a few posts, and I have heard San Pedro from a few of mi amigas in Boca Chica. Where are these neighborhoods in relation to BC? I think San Pedro is about a half hour by gua gua, maybe east (?) but I am not sure. This is just for my curiosity about this coast. And that mi amigas keep trying to get me to go back with them.

I arrive in BC in 5 days. Let the games begin.

02-13-04, 16:43

1) You said you pay max. 1.000.- for all night. How much did you pay for 2-3 hours and for 1 hour?

2) What is Isla Bonita? A Bar in BC?

Have Fun


02-14-04, 07:16
I have paid 500 - 600 for one hour , but I haven't tried the 2-3 hour quote yet. I'll certainly report back if it works out.

Isla Bonita is a bar in BC behind Plaza Isla Bonita, the art gallery shoppe on the beach side of Calle Duarte. The waitresses wear sailor outfits (swear to god!), hats and all, and are very petite and generally pretty. Had a few questions about the place, but have had those answered now.

I have been nervously watching the RD strengthen now rather quickly , and it looks like $60 is a pipe dream. In fact I'm getting worried that it will dip below $40 when I get there. Never thought I would have so much interest in daily exchange rates, or the NOAA Hurricane Center.

02-15-04, 11:48
Bear with me here.

My first trip to BC, I was left high and dry by a certain resort, that claimed "blah blah blah.". Thought I was totally screwed.

So I had to improvise. Grabbed a cab ( actually they grabbed me) from SDQ. Got to a hotel. Grumbled to myself at the bar, and realized that grande beers were about $1.40 us, if that. Things were looking up. In fact , looking up, I see two lovelies at the casino machines.

So I sidle over and turn on my 10 watt charm. I ask one lady how do you play this, and proceed to throw money away. After about an hour of this , I ask one of my "friends" about...ahhhhh...fun? She grabs me and off we go to my room..Overpaid for sure,and you don't want to know... But she stayed all nite, as she said she would , (no gotta get back to the kids) ,and f****d my eyes out both that night and in the morning.

This rambling post is meant to say that there are no rules about price when mongering. If a woman is caro, but you think you have to have her, then DO IT. Don't live with the regrets of " if only I had done(insert name here)". . I'm not talking about stupid expensive, but these girls vanish in a blink of an eye.

02-15-04, 15:49
I will probably come to BC on 2 March. Plan on staying in Hotel Rimini (cheap and girl friendly). I want to stay for about 2 weeks. Is anyone planning on being there around that time? I know what beauty on the beach gives the best massages. Her name is Naomi.

02-15-04, 22:12

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


Dr Golfer
02-15-04, 22:15

I think the San Pedro you are referring to is San Pedro de Macoris, if it is, it is about 30 minutes by bus to the east, before La Romana. Andres is a town just before Boca Chica, about 2 minutes to the west, if you are coming from the airport or the capital you go right through it. Alot of the people of Andres migrate back and forth from BC for work or living. I lived there the past 2 years. Not a bad place to check out if you know some spanish and don't need to have your hand held to cross the street. If you are looking for the "non-pro" here in BC, thats your best bet in finding one. Not a lot of tourists stays, just some tourists passing through usually. The peso is now trading at about 40-42 to the dollar, it won't go much lower than that, and I think in a week it will be back where it was. I still don't see alot of dollars flowing into this country like i did in years past, via the tourism.

02-15-04, 23:01
Thank you pgapro.

I guess it is San Pedro de Macoris, I believe that Jose Rijo has a baseball school out there, if I remember correctly. I have seen a bit of Andres briefly then, en route to SDQ. I do know some spanish, mas o menos,and un peu francais, and do enjoy the challenge of dropping into a new place.

Is there a central area to Andres, or is it spread out?

I'll be in BC on Wednesday , and will probably use a day, or so, to see SD and any other places the honorable members can recommend.

I am a bit surprised that tourism is down , what with the favorable exchange rates. Unless they view that as a sign of instability. I was hoping for $50 but budgeting for $40. Still a great rate.

02-15-04, 23:33
The reason the exchange rate has dipped is because of an agreement between the FMI and DR called "Stand By". The agreement calls for DR to bring the ratio down to $40 per US dollar before the FMI gives the government any more money.

Andres is the towan right before Boca Chica.

One thing I do want to warn you guys about do not walk around with little kids. Last Friday (2-13-04) they almost killed two Austrians who had a little 6 year old kid in their vehicle.

Seems the locals thought they were trying to steal the child to sell the organs.

They burned their SUV and the police had to show up to save them from getting killed.

02-17-04, 07:31
Dotado's story is correct. There is an urban tale going around about white tourists stealing Domnican kids in cars, organ stealing , etc. It's really undertaken a life of its own.

Don't have any Dominican kids in your car. The poor Austrians were giving a Dominican friend's kid a ride.

San Pedro is a place you don't really want to be. Neither does a BC working girl, especially if they're there trying to catch a bus for example. Everyone knows she's a BC girl and probably has money. Means she'll surely be attacked and robbed, if not worse.

Peso/dollar rate was down to 38 to 1 on Sunday and Monday. The reason it went down/up in the first place is because the IMF gave the DR a big chunk of dough to begin with. Yes, there are restrictions if they are to get any more money though.

but the exciting news I have for the membership is the following:

Seems the Boca sexual menu is expanding!

At 5 am on Saturday night on Calle Duarte, there was a white tourist male, about 40 year old, wearing a long brown haired wig, a 5' o clock shadow, a pink tutu dress and brown boots to match casting amorous glances all around.

A Boca first (in my memory anyways)

"It" was joined at the table by a Dominican boy wearing a platinum blonde curly blonde wig which made for an interesting contrast against his dark skin. His dress also wasn't nearly as good. Just can't compete against whiteys with money.

Of course, that hot tall and lean black girl with the short cropped black hair, big earrings and toned almost muscular body some of you have probably sampled (the tallest by far among all the girls) was also there.

Too bad "her" name is Alexander. But he's been around for a while. Seems the new white competition was tolerated.

No word on pricing, unfortunately.

Perhaps the next BC traveler can bring us up to date.

02-19-04, 03:31
Hey all,

I just arrived in Sosua but here's the latest on Boca Chica. Never went to Cosmos, but checked out Zanzibar next door a few times. Nothing great. The chicas there will not leave you alone. I was having dinner on some patio bar on Duarte and 2 chicas came up to me while eating! Stayed at Calypso ($40/nt) which was good. Originally planned for El Candil but was full. El Candil looked better but Calypso had an adult channel on TV! My chica loved that. Anyone paying any exit fees for anything is nuts. The best is just head down to Duarte and chase the chicas in the plaza at the west end. Or rather, they will chase you. I might head back to BC at the end of my stay, but will probably stay in Santo Domingo until my return home to Canada on Feb 29. Anyone planning on BC, Sosua is better for las chicas ricas!

One more thing, BC is full of massage centres! Just walk north between Duarte and the Highway. I never checked any out but am tempted to return to BC just for that. Send me a PM if you plan to be in BC at end of Feb.


Andy S
02-19-04, 20:01
I just arrived in Sosua but here's the latest on Boca Chica. Never went to Cosmos, but checked out Zanzibar next door a few times. Nothing great. The chicas there will not leave you alone. I was having dinner on some patio bar on Duarte and 2 chicas came up to me while eating! Stayed at Calypso ($40/nt) which was good. Originally planned for El Candil but was full. El Candil looked better but Calypso had an adult channel on TV!We had a two-day trip during our last visit in DR to Boca Chica. The same impressions as Flec99! Chicas are very ver aggressive.

Staying at El Candil at 2-bedrooms appartments. I found bed very small after really big bed in Europa in Sosua. There is also porno-channel on tv. And the pool in El Candil is very good.

Best regards,


02-20-04, 00:22
question for Flec99 (or others who may know)

How was the Calypso? Any problem at all with guests? Reasonably clean? What's the going rate/night? The location looks good (and the adult channel's a plus).

Calypso's listing at bocachicabeach-dot-net has phone # only (809-523-4666)... but do you have a fax # or email I can use (if your report's favorable) for reservations?

I like being close to beach and Duarte... and am a bit wary of Europa (have stayed there before, found it decent, but a bit pricey) in light of recent management change.

Look forward to your response(s). Will post trip report after my 3/7-11 visit. Thanks.


P.S. - would also appreciate info from anyone who's stayed at Europa recently.

Dr Golfer
02-20-04, 02:32
To whom it may concern,

I would not recommend trying any of the massage places. Yes there are a ton of them that have popped up around town, but it's not worth it. They will cost you about 2000 pesos or more for full service, which is much more than should be paying for picking someone up on your own from Duarte. Remember guys, times are very tough down here right now for your average to below average Dominican. Yes, the one or two "lookers" will get whatever they are asking, and then some, but not from me. I have seen some of the girls sitting out in front of the massage houses from time to time, sure, there are some decent looking gals, but you can find the same level on your own for much less.

I live here, in a house, so I have no first hand knowledge of the hotel status, but I have always heard the Costalunga is about as good as you can find here in BC. It's no more than down the hill, cross two streets, and theres the beach. I guess, if thats a bit to walk, try somewhere on Duarte. I think the prices are as competitive at Costalunga as anywhere and probably a bit less. I have only heard negative reports from visitors on the Hotel Europa, but this is second hand of course. Problems like changing rooms mid-vacation because they rent THAT room out to someone pre-arranged. There is a new hotel that opened up recently on the land that ex-pat Ronny owned and had a bar, I think its called Hotel Don Emilio, but I have no contact info as of now. This is one of the few hotels that are "on" the beach.

Dr Golfer
02-20-04, 03:31
Just a couple things to add,

The peso to dollar exchange today was 47 to 1$. Just like I mentioned here about a week ago, the peso would go back to where it will be for the time being, about 50 to 1$. While this is the case, the best way to exchange here in BC is NOT by ATM's, not by checks, but by the old fashion green back. Bring dollars down here for the best exchange rates. Exchange just what you need to at the airport, you can get a better exchange at the cambios on the main street. It has become a big time business these days here in BC. It never really was until this year. If you are here and the cambios start dropping there prices drastically, use the ATM's, theres always a lag before they catch up to the drop, so it is not a bad idea to bring one down here to use if need be. Another thing, change your money in the early part of the day whenever possible. When the banks close, all the prices drop somewhat.

02-20-04, 15:56
Bonehead mistake.

I posted below asking a bunch of questions about Calypso hotel - hit the submit button, then realized I had it concused with Azzurra hotel. Duh!

Anyway, about Azzurra... anyone stayed there?

cleanliness? rates? AC? cable or satellite TV? If so, adult channel(s)?
Guest friendliness? Fax or email contact info?

Thanks in advance for feedback.


02-27-04, 16:56

Just got back from BC and I am exhausted. 9 days of cervesas y chicas.

To the hotel questions:

The Azzurra is nice. New rooms, chica friendly (they must have an ID , which is always a good idea for our safety), quoted $35us per nite. They were sold out while I was there these past 9 days, but I think that was because of Independance Day (which is today).
Very clean, cable (no adult channel). They don't have an email , but the fax is 809-523-5000. It is rather noisy there at times, due to motocochos zipping up and down the street from Calle Duarte.

I stayed at Villa Marianna (formerly named Villa Don, which is the name people know down there) and it was nice. $30us p/n ,cable, Air, pool, guest friendly,very inexpensive restaurant and a bar, maybe three blocks from the beach on Juan Batista Vicini. If you mention it's near the park and the cathedral , most will be able to direct you there.

Also stayed at Casa Coco, which is up the hill on Dominguez. $33us p/n. No air (but wasn't necessary there for some reason), , pool, restaurant , no TV, very secure and guest friendly as well, and across the street from a bar/brothel..rather convenient.

Both of the above places are very servicable, if you tend to be out of the room a lot anyway. All of these places are very clean, BTW.

Chica report to come as soon as I can get my thoughts in order.

Booty Licker
02-27-04, 18:58
Greetings from DC to the group. A brand new member here with a question about the DR.

Taking my first-ever trip to Boca Chica with a big group of 16 or 17 guys in mid-April and would love some insights on:

1) El Candil -- how is it? Read some posts that it's ok for mongers, but would love some further insights. Most of us have made reservations here, but if someone has a better suggestion, please share.

2) Haiti -- is any of that situation in Haiti affecting things in the DR, especially as related to Americans traveling to the island?

3) 16 guys will obviously take up a lot of the human "real estate" in Boca (hahahaha) -- are there enough chicas to go around to accommodate all the combined monger traffic? Might be a dumb question, I know. :-)

Thanks group! Appreciate all the great info I get on this Board. Keep it coming!

02-28-04, 08:59
Booty Licker,

Welcome to paradise! Look back a few pages on this site, one of the other members had a list of chica friendly hotels, and that was included, if I recall correctly. The rub is , if you are looking for a US "quality" (think Holiday Inn) hotel, chances are you can't get a local in your room.

I really can't guess as to the political scene re Haiti in mid-April ( but I would'nt worry too much about it ), but I can tell you that you 16 guys won't make a wave in the available pool of talent there. Go into the Cosmos disco..there are probably 75 girls,at least , looking for you.

One important thing: take your own condoms from America, and take more than you think you'll need. The quality, and hence, protection from the local condoms is bad at best. And, the beauty I had on my last night noticed that I had US condoms and gave me a bit of bonus loving for two of them. A decent trade,I thought.

El Austriaco
03-01-04, 05:10
Stayed at the Candil recently, and it's definitely a good hotel. No problem with chicas whatsoever, as long as they have ID (the Spanish keyword is "cedula"). The chicas know it, too. The pool is great, too, and the restaurant is reasonably priced. For a minimum stay of five days, if I remember correctly, they will provide a free-of-charge airport pickup (double-check with Peter, the Finnish guy, or Giuseppe, the Italian. Both speak great English). It's located away some two blocks or so from Duarte, up the hill, at Juanico Garcia, at the corner with 20 de Diciembre, just across the street from a massage parlor (never tried it, though I once saw someone there pick up girls and bring them to the hotel). Also, a very short walk or drive to the Hamaca casino/disco. Very clean - no problem. Pretty quiet at night. Motoconchos to/from the main action on Duarte should be no more than 30 Pesos (February 2004). Cable TV in all the rooms (including one porn channel, though reception is sketchy at times). AC only in the apartments, fan in regular rooms and studios. Phone in the rooms, but you have to go through the front desk for outgoing calls. Once, I stayed in a one-bed room apartment, which had a safe in the room (according to their website, all rooms do, but personally, I don't remember with the studio any more). I suggest you double-check with Peter or Giuseppe, and what the charge might be (never used it). They can also arrange all the common excursions/side trips to Saona, Catalina, Los Haitises, trips into Santo Domingo with a private driver, etc., at reasonable rates, and are very helpful with any kind of questions you may have. Beds are a little bit small for my personal taste when a girl is staying overnight, but that would be the only (minor) quibble I have. Can't really compare it to other hotels in BC, because I've only stayed at Candil. Also, check out their website at www.comdata.nl/hotel-boca-chica-candil for updated information regarding prices, etc. Hope this helps, and happy mongering!

El Austriaco
03-02-04, 05:20
just read through most of the bc thread, and i wanted to add a few observations, confirmations, updates, recommendations on bc, based on my own personal experience, of course, and as always in the spirit of possibly helping out some newcomers with some useful tips:

1. avoid the massage parlors. some ask for usd 100 for full service, and the girls would ask for tips, afterwards (since they only make about usd 25.00 of out the total). definitely not recommended, and don't trust any guy who promises you that it's so much better an experience than with the regular girls on duarte. it’s not, unless you like walking into a place and getting fondled by 8-10 girls at the same time, all of them using their high-pressure tactics to pick one of them. not my cup of tea. in other words: a rip-off.

2. during the daytime, you will see several girls hanging out at the park right down duarte from zanzi bar/cosmos. was told by several girls that i’ve gotten to know in zanzi bar that most of them are ****, some as young as 15, and that they are only sitting in the park because they can't legally parade down duarte, past the politur officers at the intersection with the colmado (which makes sense). be sure to check ids, and if they don't have any id, hands off. stay out of trouble, ok?

3. night time is all pros, no exceptions that i have come across. so if you are convinced you have come across that hidden gem that is the one glaring exception, use your brain. and then think real real hard again (i know, it’s tough sometimes with so much blood flowing down south). the ones you encounter during daytime only seem to be mostly semi-pros, a bit less hardened, but semi-pros nonetheless. this includes all the waitresses, shop attendants, pretty much everyone. my impression was that with current wages as they are in the dr, anyone working a regular job and doing tricks on the side part-time to supplement their income pretty soon comes to the conclusion that it would just make so much more sense to dump their low-paying job and do it full-time, anyway – so much more income potential, so much better a chance to find a rich foreign bf. still find it hard to distinguish between the real pros and the semis, at times – you’ll hear the same story about being a single mom (almost all true), medical bills (who knows?), sudden emergencies (i’ve met girls who had more emergencies in a week that i’ve had in a life-time), etc. from all of them. one good way for me to figure out who was a seasoned professional and who wasn’t was just to observe who was gambling at the slot machines all the time in the different places in bc. these girls have money, sometimes quite a bit, and they are not sending it to their kids or family, plain and simple, or very little of it. i can also confirm what’s been said about chicas in the hamaca casino – looking for major bucks from perceived millionaires, quite a chunk of money, and like to gamble. for these girls, it’s obviously a choice of life-style, way beyond mere necessity. keep in mind that if they accept the odds there, gambling on you might actually be a better proposition.

4. most of the girls don’t speak english, or very little. if they do speak it (or some italian, or german), chances are they didn’t pick it up in high school or college. much more likely they learned it through their "dealings" with foreigners, had or currently do have a foreign bf, or several of them, sending them money every month, or even lived in these countries for a while, married to some foreigner who took them away. guess why they are back.

5. unfortunately, i also have to confirm the numerous reports of con artists and thieves in this thread. i have been around quite a bit (in thailand, malaysia, indonesia, brazil, cuba, and venezuela, among other places), and i am very sorry to say that i have never come across a higher concentration of dishonest girls than in bc. it's either that or just an incredibly unlucky streak of money that simply disappears into thin air, cross-cultural misunderstandings as to why money jumps from one's pocket into somebody else's, and personal objects that just must have walked out of the room by themselves. if you're in the habit of leaving things or small sums around to test girl’s honesty, be mindful of what and how much you're willing to lose. if your room has a safe, use it, and make sure you know where the key is at all times. don't test these girls, and don’t give them any chance - the threshold for temptation may be a lot lower than you think. opportunity creates thieves, remember? don’t set yourself up for an unpleasant surprise.

6. one thing you might consider (i just figured this out myself now) is writing down the number of the id (cedula) of any girl you bring to your hotel. just as a security precaution, to let them know your cautious. you can latter check ids online at http://web.jce.do/consultas/ced2002.asp, complete with real names and photos, should something happen. might be a bit exaggerated for your personal taste, but might be a deterrent, too, and hey, we all wanna be safe, right?

7. skip cueva disco. nobody’s there, anyway, and the girls in front are the worst. just going to the bathroom can be a nightmare at times as girls would not leave you alone. just gross. as far as i am concerned, cosmos is the only club around worth spending any time in bc.

8. i am only going to mention drugs as a possible security issue. was offered some a few times on duarte (marijuana, cocaine) and by chicas. quite a number of girls use them, from what i heard, though i wouldn’t be confident enough to say the majority of them (the drugs of choice in rd still seem to be presidente and brugal). just be aware of the issue, because it is an issue. you might just think that she’s a hot-blooded latina with incredible mood swings (and she’s just so confused about her feelings for you, of course - experiencing real love for the first time). might be that if she smokes something and acts like a cocaine addict, it might just be… ok... let's see... right… crack. kicked one out of my room one time i was there. believe me, it’s real.

9. still, overall, bc appears to be pretty safe to me, as long as you take the usual precautions.

10. in case, talking about prices, a girl tells you "just give me as much as you want", don't take it. this almost certainly guarantees that regardless of how much you give, you will get a sob story afterwards, at best, and a vicious fight at worst. nail down prices beforehand all the time. won't make that mistake any more, either. do you research on current pricing here on this board, keeping in mind current exchange rates (which change a lot), and you won’t get fleeced. be firm – tourism is down, way down, and times are tough in the dr right now.

well, that’s all that i can think of right now. will post more if i get creative again, and possibly some pictures, too.

03-03-04, 01:27
got my thoughts together, so here's my trip report from 2/18-2/26. i'll try it in two parts.

arrive at sdq around 1430hrs , get my waiting car and speed (well careen is more accurate) to bc. throw my crap into my closet, change, get money, and off to playa vista. i had brought a picture of a girl who's name i didn't remember from my last trip, figuring i would have to use it to find her (she's one of the posted photos in the photo section). i get to the rear entrance to playa vista , and she is sitting right there at the curb. couldn't believe it! she sees me with a kiss and a big hello hug, and into the bar we go. to shorten this, after greeting some old friends, we get another girl that we have had a threesome with a trip before, and off to the room for bbbjs, cfss. this is my first hour in boca chica. great to be back.

later that nite, i pull a hottie out of cosmos , name not remembered, nice ass ,tits, straight hair, lighter skin. had a nice time , typical costs.

2nd day: visited with my friends at the bar during the day, cruised around town , hit the beach, etc. chilled for a few hours, and went back to duarte to cruise later that nite. after fending off a bunch of undesirables on the street , i head back to cosmos. i am there about an hour and i get grabbed by the arm, and it's the girl from the night before. we have a few drinks, and head off for fun. everything is going fine, and we're banging away , when she comes. i haven't yet, but she stops and says she's done!maybe i am misunderstanding that relationship here ( i thought i was paying for my nut), but she's insistent that she's finished. so i tell her "sorry, no money for that" and we go thru the usual noise about police etc etc. so i go down to the security guard who has her card, tell him my problem, and inform her that i'm keeping her card. that changed the mood pretty quickly. we boot her out. adios, puta. and she does manage to steal my sunglasses. rrrrrgh. more to come.

03-03-04, 01:52
part two:

third day, i'm sitting in zansibar, noonish, i think, just watching the scenery pass by. there is a heavier but attractive girl sitting on one of the stools near me, giving me the eye. after a while i smile at her , and she comes over to talk. she knows some english, and is very entertaining. we gossip about people passing by etc and generally have a nice time chatting. she wants to walk the beach a little so we head down to isla bonita for a drink. she teaches me to dance a bit (no small feat , i should add),and again , a lot of fun. we finally venture back to my hotel where she wants to give me a massage.

in the room, she suggests we take a shower together, and i agree. so she turns the water on real hot, and gets down on her knees and gives me an amazing bbbj. this goes on for a while and i try to push her mouth away, and she won't let me pull out. i finally gave it up , cim, and she swallowed it all, very happily.

we towel off and go to the bed , where she gives me an amazing massage. if she doesn't do that for a living ,she should. very professional massage, strong where you need it, soft when you need it. used her elbows and all with a body creme. and i thought i was relaxed after the bj! once on my back she starts on me again with her mouth, all over me. great screw, in more positions than i knew, no hurry, and was really enjoying herself too. paid her 1200 ( including a tip she didn't ask for) for about 4 hours, feeling generous cause she really worked me over. i may get flamed over that price, but that experience was well worth the money. got myself some dinner , and was just wiped out, so no mas chicas.

fourth nite, out on calle duarte again, some real lookers, but waaaaaay to young. in fact, i made the mistake of buying one young lady some food, which guaranteed me a stalking for the rest of my trip. she would show up everywhere on the street, disco etc. she kept trying to get me to go to san pedro with her each nite, which i'm sure would have been the end of me at worst, and the end of my wallet at best. so no dice ,sister.

so back to cosmos. had a few, and started talking with this girl from santiago who had to be six feet tall. very friendly, rosi is her name. i have recently taken a great liking to tall women, (probably because of mexico), and she was all of that. so we dance for a while ( thanks to my previous lessons) and off we go. i was a little worried about her body but once out of clothes, she had a very firm ass and legs, and flat belly. and braces! (no, she was not anywhere near ****, and i met another woman who had braces later in my trip). she was a fairly lively screw, and moved her hips in a circular motion while i was pounding her. did her doggy too, and i must say her ass looked great in front of me as i did her. on to part three

ps. my good deed for the trip was teaching rosi to say "fuck me" in english. that should get me out of about, ummmm, a millisecond of purgatory.

03-03-04, 02:11
Part Three:

I actually couldn't remember what day it was by what turned out to be Monday, so my days are incidental past this point.

Stayed at Casa Coco for the remainder. Met a guy from Belgium and a brother from Barbados at PV, and we decided to pal around for an evening. So we spent most of the nite teasing the girls on the street. Barbados brother wanted to go to this bar/brothel he had been at the night before, which was conveniently across the street from our hotel called La Sala Cafe Bar . El Austriaco might have been referring to this place (or something like it ) .There were about 15 girls there, and the girls pole dance there. I met a rather petite girl in there and after hanging for a few hours, hit a room with her. Long BBBJ to start ,very spirited, and she was soon licking me everywhere. She had an ass that would fit easily in my hands, and was a joy to fuck. Pretty much did anything you could ask for except anal.I guess I had too many beers during the day, cause I didn't get off screwing her, but asked her to finish me "por la boca", and she did to perfection. Every drop. She only left the bed to spit.
Gave her 1200 including a tip for an hour and a half .

Hooked up with my original twosome the next (?) day for some more trio fun with Giselle and Jacqueline. Jacqueline was usually the most reserved of the two, but this time she was absolutely fired up. Wanted it deep and hard, and she had that tiny little ass as well that I love to hold as I .....visit. Trip finished the last nite with my meeting this absolute knockout from Santo Domingo. The other with braces. Very hot and really passionate (to me).The rest of that one I'll keep to myself for now.

Had a GREAT trip. No real problems. Money a bargain, food fabulous, beer cold, and the girls hot. I should be back in May, I hope. After the elections.

03-03-04, 23:01
rearwindow - you are the man. thanks for all the good info.

just wanted to say that i'm grateful to all those who take time to post reports... and to promise to do the same late next week when i get back.

i get so pumped in the days before departure that i check this forum a couple times a day... like an excited little kid!

now a question. has anyone found anywhere in bc with high-speed 'net access (with or without computer, since i travel with a wireless-equipped notebook pc)?

for mongering, i do the usual... playa vista by day and cosmos, zanzibar, etc. at night. la sala cafe bar sounds promising. is it a late night place?


El Austriaco
03-03-04, 23:39
i was thinking about traveling with my laptop the last time, but then the keyboard went nuts just before i was ready to depart, and it became a non-issue, anyway. there are several places in bc that offer internet access (all of them dsl or cable-based, it seems to me considering speed; definitely not dial-up). had to work a bit while i was there, and there wasn't any problem. there's a place in the gallery right next to zanzibar, another one across the street from the swiss place (don't remember the name any more), and another one across the street from the german "hexenkessel", in a small alley. there might be more - most phone places have internet access. hope this helps!

03-03-04, 23:50
Heading to Boca Chica Friday.

I haven't been lurking here too long, but the Dominican Republic seems like the place to be. I'm in DR for 5 nights, so send me a PM if you are going to be in BC. I don't know if I'll have enough time to head North.

Thanks for the reports and pictures. I hope to contribute soon.


03-04-04, 03:38

i am the tired man. i'm not sure how late la sala is open, i think till 3am or so. i was there fairly late one other nite, but didn't partake as they were trying to "last hour tourist- price" me.they wanted 3000rd, which i laughed off, and i countered with 1200 since i had that before. mamacita says "no never that cheap" , i tell her yes it was and politely start to leave. the girl i am sitting is grabbing at me to get me to stay and negotiate , but i really was tired. she was very attractive, with a tiny ass i am so fond of. there's always next time.

i just saw something about high speed access in the last few days, but cannot remember where..... it may have been on another site. i cannot remember seeing anything about wireless capabilities, if you are using an air port or wi-fi.

i live to monger now, and i do the same thing before i leave for rd. i read read read, and now i even know how to read the hurricane probabilty charts!

have a great trip.

El Austriaco
03-05-04, 00:18
A quick question - last time I was there, I heard a rumor that BC girls get taken out for three-month stints to work in clubs in St. Martin (St. Maarten), Aruba, or Curaco. Couldn't confirm that, but I still wonder. Anyone care to comment, or having further information?

03-06-04, 06:40

Great posts, mate! I had that similar surreal feeling where you don't even know what day it is. At some point you don't even care anymore. I was in Boca Chica for only 3 days a couple weeks ago before heading to the north coast.

Chicas in Sosua are much nicer than BC and not as agressive. Most chicas in Sosua just stay in the bars and don't harrass you as much. Not many chicas in the streets.

Just got back 3 days ago and I'm already thinking of heading back to Isla de Chicas in a couple weeks from March 28-11. Don't know if I'll be heading down to BC since I'll probably be hanging with the gang in Sosua.


03-06-04, 17:46
El Austriaco,
I just came back from Curacao and they were all Colombian. I remember reading a post a while back saying that the dominicans were barred from Campo because they did not want to do any the stage shows. I do not know if that was true but asking various girls at Campo they said all the girls working there were Colombian.

I also agree with Flec 100% with his assestment of BC chicas vs Sosua chicas. I will say I was very impressed the Colombian chicas in terms of looks and attitude.

El Austriaco
03-09-04, 06:24
Regarding Isla Bonita (and to confirm RearWindow):

It's true, they wore sailor outfits in February. In December, they were donning Santa Clausa garb. I am serious. Talk about a strange pre-Xmas leadup (at the same time, you can complain about not knowing where you are). As to whether they are legal or not, just like anyone else in BC, they are certainly no strangers to advances. In any case, check ID, though - as cute as they may be, they still seem sort of young (but I might be wrong). Met one of my favorite waitresses in February who worked there in December, walking on the beach. As to my inquiries why she wasn't working there any more, she told me they had canned here. Regardless, even though she repeatly told me she had a Boricua BF, I would still see her with tourists. In other words, for the right offer, it seems like anything can be had in BC. Business as usual.

03-19-04, 01:05

just came back from a 2 week vacation. the us$ was about 48 dop. stayed 4 days in higuey at hotel naranjo (1700 dop/night). you can find action at: "la cascada", bajaita, d'caballero, el presidente, disney, el rincon de las palmas, disco naranjo and some more. all is reachable with moto-concho for 20-30 dop. some places have non-pros girls and the most only speak spanish. for the pros the prices ranges 1000-2000 dop. usually the girls (even the pros) expect you to make the first step.

the rest of the time i stayed in boca chica at hotel europa. price for room without a/c is about 30-35$. they don't accept dop. while the rooms are big and nice, the staff at the reception is terrible unfriendly and ask always for "propina" (tip). in the past the owner seemed to be french and there has never been any problem, but now the owner is dominican or puertorican and it's not anymore what it used to be. they wanted me to pay always in advanced, but they never had enough money for the change. so i've had to wait 2 days to get my money back, and had to ask 2 or 3 times a day.

talking about the girls: some are nice, others are very agressiv, but almost all are available for money. price can be as low as 400 dop, general rate is about 1000 dop for short time. if you get a girl at the early morning, chances are good that she will stay the night with you. if you want her to stay all night, talk to her in advance. some stunners sometimes might ask you for 2000 or even 3000 dop. usually it's not worth the money.

always make everything clear in advance (price, what you get, how long...), never accept something like "up to you", this means generally "problem". don't leave anything around, which the girl could take, while you shower. the girl should have an id (ask for cedula), otherwise she could be ****d.

i've had 12 girls, only 1 girl made real trouble. with some i've had real great experience, others are just ok. to find out, you have to "risk" the money. my advice: take a girl the first night only shorttime for small money, if you like her, spent more money on her the next night or make appointement at daytime.

but: don't fall in love with one of these girls. all of them are terrible in need of money, and that's all they want from you.

if you're looking for a non-pro: go to the beach away from the tourist-bars. especially at the weekend you can find many girls from the capital.

03-23-04, 01:12

My buddy Stone just called me from Boca Chica and gave me some disturbing news. Not only are the massage chicas charging $80 U.S. for a massage and full service but if you want some chupa pinga (bbbj) this service is no longer on the menu. The chicas that my buddy Stone spoke to are saying that there is a unprecedented rise in SIDA/AIDS and the woman are now protecting themselves against this epidemic. This kinda takes all of the fun out of going to DR.

If you can't get a BBBJTC in a DR massage parlor then what is the point of traveling 1300 miles when you can stay home and get that in NYC.

That's just my opinion I could be wrong. What do you think ******* buddy?


03-23-04, 01:22
I am assuming he is refering to Santo Domingo, because there are no MP's in Boca Chica worth going to. I had not heard of any rampant health problems (ie aids,) when I was there in late Feb 2004, and got bbbjcim from two chicas, and they were both from outside BC. In my experiences in BC , bbbj is the norm.

03-23-04, 01:31
That has been my experience as well RearWindow and there are 2 low rent massage parlors in Boca Chica De Blanca I believe is one of the names the other escapes me. I have never tried any of the massage parlors in Santo Domingo. And yes I agree that BBBJ should be the norm in DR otherwise whats the point.


03-25-04, 04:09
trip report, first time in the dr:
recently spent five nights in boca chica, staying at el candile. it's a nice boutique residencial hotel. i got a free pickup and dropoff at the airport and a $45/night 1 bedroom apartment w/ac (bathroom with narrow but 7 foot long shower/tub), bedroom with full size bed and in-room safe, kitchenette, small living room area, and a balcony. everything was clean and neat and good value for the money but certainly not a luxurious room.

across the street in a run down looking house is casa la rosada, a massage center that also provides manicures, pedicures (they asked for $10, but accepted $5 for a pedicure), and "special" as well as therapeutic massages (1,000 dop). some gringos i met there said they paid 2,000 pesos for a fs hour. at one point one of the chicas ( several were quite doable, none truly ugly) was talking to a van driver out on the street. one of her cohorts yelled from the house cinquante, no trente, meaning get $50, not $30. they had a menu going to $100 for a special massage. the menu prices, guys, are a starting point for negotiations, not the final price.

first day, a sunday, i went to playa vista and got a number of "$500 pesos for sucky-fucky" offers from some chicas 3-7's. i was quite charmed by hearing the first thing out of their mouth "500 pesos for sucky-fucky?". i passed.

in the evening i spent time and had dinner on duarte, and flirted with a very cute waitress named jolanda, or something like that (slim and trim, coffee colored skin) at the zanzibar ( next to cosmos disco). at one point she told me that she gets off work (all in spanish) at 2:30 am. i gave her my hotel info and, sure enough she showed up right at 2:30. we joked around a bit, she's a sassy, sarcastic type, and eventually she took a shower and came out wrapped in a towel. she jumped on me in bed and started with some hot and passionate kisses, practically tearing my clothes off. she went right to a bbbj without prompting, very nice it was. i switch to kissing her lovely b/c breasts and down to daty. she really moved around while i was munching away on that shaved panoche. she eventaully went for the cover and we went through several positions before finishing up missionary. after a little rest she went to leave (nino at home) and asked for money for moto concho i gave her 50 pesos and she asked and money for me? well i whipped out $500 pesos and she wanted more. when i got to $1,100 dop she was satisfied, and so was i. excellent value for money and a very nice gfe experience. she left for home (andres) and i fell asleep. by the way, nothing was taken. i felt very secure with her.

next day, at playa vista, same thing. that evening i stopped by zanzibar and arranged a second visit from jolanda. that night was similar to the first except that she finished with a bbjtc (no cim, though). by the way, playa vista has rooms for rent, although i didn't check them out.

the next day, more playa vista, same thing. that evening i stopped by zanzibar again and made arrangements, but she was a no show. i went down to duarte about 3am and there was nothing worth taking back to the hotel, so i slept alone.

next day, more playa vista, same thing. replay with the noshow, so i went to an all night massage lucy's massage center as earlier i had met the owner (an italian) at dinner with his wife. he'd taken several of the chicas out for a stroll with him and his wife. one i saw was absolutely terrific looking. so when jolanda didn't show up i went to lucy's with 2200 pesos in my pocket. they advertise themselves as a 24 hour place. in reality, the girls and everyone else was asleep. they got up and the negotiations started. they wanted to stick to the $100 special massage price, but all i had was the 2m pesos. i said fine, i'll leave. they asked for some time and talked with the girl i wanted. she wouldn't accept the amount that would have beene her share, so they offered another girl (my third choice of the three there). i decided to accept her and we went off to the bedroom where the girls had been sleeping.

she started with a bit of bbj but the cover soon went on. she kept sucking, and sucking, and sucking. i got even with them all by taking a loooong time to come. at one point she said "i need your orgasm". well, i finally let go. she has some tongue though, and really went at it. there was no hint of gfe there, though. so unless you're willing to spend a $100us, don't figure on having anything like a gfe there. at that price, given the daytime prices i was being quoted, its not good value for money, even if that one chica was a lovely looking young lady.

one of the evenings i went to la sala with a gringo at about midnight. if you take a left out of the europa hotel, cross duarte, and go a block and a half, you'll come to la sala. its a big house cum brothel. they charge $70 pesos for a presidente and you also get a pretty girl to sit with you that you get to buy drinks for. if you choose to have her, its $2500 pesos down stairs for an hour of fun. the gringo i went with managed to negotiate with the madam a $110 all nighter until 6pm the next day with a very pretty young lady. i didn't see him after that so i don't know what finally transpired.

so, boca chica is the macdonalds of mongering, lots of fast and cheap "food". it was a low budget vacation, fer sure.

oh, if you walk down to duarte from el candile, when you hit duarte watch out for the "el presidente" scam. i was approached by ramon, a smiling guy who spoke reasonably good english. we got into a conversation (he said he's lived in the bronx and that he has a girl friend in manchester, nh) and he suggested we go to a local bar and i could buy them both a beer.
well, he ordered a large presidente for each of us (normally $70dop) and when the bill came the waiter presented a $495 peso bill. well, i got pissed. they gave me a serious look. not wanting to start a pissing match i paid it and left. evidently there's several guys at that point that will try that. just tell them los bandidos de los presidentes. i used that on a number of them, including ramon the next time we talked. while they tried to deny it they all had to chuckle a bit at that one.

so if you run into them, just say no to "los bandidos do los presidentes".


03-28-04, 10:42
I too fell victim , on my first trip to the RD , first day , to Ramon. And amazingly , that was his story then...lived in Bronx etc. Gotta give credit to the guy for consistency. But it will cost you a fortune. Generally, if anyone speaks good english, you probably should avoid them when your money is concerned.

03-28-04, 21:04
WSJ3: re BBBJ, don't be dismayed! If Boca Chica doesn't work for ya, there are 1,000s of chics ready to perform that service for a reasonable price in Santo Domingo!

03-29-04, 02:47
Does anybody have Betrand's (the guy who used to run the Hotel Europa) email address? I read an earlier post from GutterMeat that he relocated to Magarita Island. Please PM me, I used to stay at the Europa all the time and am thinking of heading to Isle de Maragrita. I would love to run into him and his wife again. They were very nice people.


03-29-04, 16:49
Really Gpiper when I go to Boca Chica I usually stay in the area. Do you know any hot spots in SD that I can go to for BBBJTC?


04-03-04, 03:09
I just returned from a quick three day hit and run to BC and I wanted to post a quick report and say thanks to the guys who took the time to answer my PM'S!

BC is still alive and well! The lookers are a little harder to find but they are there.

Most of the bars are pretty slow, but if you go to Cosmos disco after 1:00 or 2:00 AM there will be plenty to choose from.

I was hitting Playa Vista during the day and there were always a few lookers walking around. One hint is you will definitely need to give them a little smile or pisssss so that they know your intentions (Unless ofcourse you wear some bermuda shorts, sandals with socks and a fanny pack! Then they'll know that you are definitely a tourist LOL). By the way, Peter is a great guy (Playa Vista).

Another nice place (that is new) is the american bar. It's run by a great guy named Curly. He's just getting started but the girls are starting to trickle in. His place is located out on the main road just down the street from Hamaca. Even some of thr moto conchos dont know it yet, but if you get out on the road and head towards the airport. You will see his sighn on the left (A huge sighn, more of a billboard). Curly can also make a call and get you a couple of girls from a local strip bar. The're a little more money but definitely worth it!

This leads into something else very important. I stayed at the Azzura. I can't really complain too much about the Hotel, but I don't think that I'll stay there again. I had ordered up 2 girls and headed back to the hotel. When we arrived I was told NO WAY WITH 2 GIRLS!! Now I already had them and had agreed on a price with thier boss so there was know way that I was sending them back. So it took me about 20 minutes to smoothe over the owner but I got them both up, but I had to pay for another room!!

This leads into something else important. I had arranged another 2 some on the beach. They both assured me and I believed them, that they were over 18. When it came down to making the deal, no cedulas!! I had to pass. I had asked early on and they said they had them.....

I never had a true all nighter, the late nights would start at getting home around 3 and she was normally gone by 6 (AM).
I would start negotiating at 500P (Everyone of them thought that was funny) and always ended up paying 700 to 1100P.

I had no problems with any of these girls!

Thanks Again For The Help Guys!!

04-03-04, 16:48
Hotel Review: La Zapata, El Candil, El Caucho (El Gaucho)

I spent 5 nights in Boca Chica four weeks ago and stayed at the La Zapata, El Candil, and El Caucho (El Gaucho).

NOTE: Star(*) rating is not relative to hotels in the DR, but all hotels.

Hotel Zapata: **

1 night (Friday)

PRICE: $45 a night ($35 online deposit + $10)

UPSIDE: Chica friendly (no guest charge), on the beach, room safe, A/C and fan

DOWNSIDE: Very small rooms, no pool, 13” TV (handful of channels), no fridge

COMMENTS: I initially booked 5 nights at La Zapata, but changed my reservation to 1 night based on advice from a friend. Although, I had reserved a room on the second floor over looking the beach, this room was not vacant when I arrived. The knobs on the A/C were broke, so I was unable to adjust the temperature or airflow. The bathroom does not have a closing locking door, but two swinging doors that are hinged to the side of the doorframe. I was very disappointed with condition of my room and spent 2 hours the following morning looking for better accommodations.

El Candil: ***

3 nights (Saturday – Monday)

Price: $45 a night + $1/day for key to room safe (optional)

Upside: Chica friendly (no guest charge), clean elegant pool, room safe, large rooms (living room and bedroom), A/C and fan, 13” cable TV (adult channel, and programming in English and Spanish), mini kitchen with fridge, management is cool and accommodating, balcony with a view, door w/ a bolt, 1 bar and a restaurant, 5 minute walk to the beach, electronically gated

Downside: Security is tight, but this may be a plus for some

COMMENTS: I really enjoyed my stay here. Guiseppe, is a good guy and will take good care of you. Book in advance, because this place can fill up.

El Caucho (El Gaucho): **1/2
1 night (Tuesday)

PRICE: $35 a night (I was charged $30)

UPSIDE: Chica friendly (no guest charge), clean elegant pool, A/C, 13” cable TV (didn’t have time to browse the channels), management is cool and accommodating, mini-mini kitchen with fridge, 2 bars and a restaurant, 5 minute walk to the beach

DOWNSIDE: No room safe, small room, no bolt for door

COMMENTS: I was really impressed with the hospitality and service at El Caucho. The hotel has been under new management since Fall 2003 and these guys seem to really care about satisfying their customers. There are a couple of places at the hotel to lounge around in and get a drink. One of the hottest chicas [dark, tall(5'9), very thin, huge breasts(DD), tight ass] I saw in BC works the bar there (never got her name).

Although, when I return to Boca Chica, I may stay at another hotel, I highly recommend El Candil. The staff and management at El Caucho are young, cool, and accommodating, but I would only return if some of the room accoutrements were upgraded, or if that hot chica is still there. I do not intend to return to Hotel Zapata.


04-03-04, 22:10
I sure do! Check my extensive 1/11 and 1/25/04 reports for sex 411 and 1/18/04 post on taxis that'll get you to these hot spots!

04-08-04, 04:35

I have stayed at Azzurra, and enjoyed it, but I do think they are very concerned about their image. I had no problem taking mi amiga there, but I only had her with me each time, meaning no one else different. I'm not sure how much resistance I might have had trying to take a different girl (or two) in with me.

I have yet to try to get two girls into any hotel in BC. I would imagine that could be a security nightmare for the hotel, and the monger. If I have a trio, we usually head off to some 200rd rooms near the beach, just off Duarte. Same rooms that are in a few of my photo postings. Nothing fancy, but a bed and running water.

They are in a labrynth to get to, but the girls know them well,and after my first very apprehensive trip there, I'm cool with them. You pay the money to a man, and that's that. No time limit, nothing. But it is not for the weak of heart initially. The alley and stairs are pretty much litter filled, along with a few chicken parts for added effect. BTW, You need to have your own condoms. Other than THAT, I found it to be quite relaxing.

It is amazing what memories come to mind with just a simple keyword here ( Azzurra , for instance). I hope I didn't bore anyone here.

There were also two hot young things hanging together at Playa Vista on my last trip (feb 2004). Dressed to the nines most times, and always around a few geezers at the tables. I am curious if anyone knows them. And if you do, what is the 411?

04-08-04, 14:52
Rear Window,

I had made reservations at Azzura ahead of time by phone and I asked the owners wife about guests and she told me "No problem with Cedulas". Again, I really can't complain, it's a good hotel for the money and they are actually pretty tolerant. They had a noise complaint my first night (She was a screamer! And the bed was smacking the wall.) and didn't even mention it untill the next day. I had 7 diffrent girls up there in 3 days, I would call that "Chica Friendly".

My 2 at the beach were younger, both 18/19 and Dominicanas. Not dressed to special. It seems to me that the haitans usually dress much better. Those 2 did offer to take me to a 200p hotel but I passed. Now I regret it.

Back to the subject of hotels. About a year ago I stayed at Candil (Twice), the second visit I was pretty much kicked out! Me and my GF were in the pool early in the evening (She was wearing a sheer body suit) and guiseppe accused me of nailing her right there!! It probably would have blown over but her dominican pride wouldn't allow it (The I'm not a puta syndrome).

I had paid a week in advance and lost at least half of my money! So here is a bit of advice for newbys, Don't pay in advance!! I normally pay day by day but we had been there before and I was comfortable!


Rear Window,

I should have mentioned to you in my PM's that I had been to BC before but never solo, always with the ex. I have been to the north coast at least 6 times, mostly at BB'S.

04-08-04, 23:09

It's always more convenient for us to pay day-by-day, but you also risk the chance of losing the room to another customer. You should definitely keep your options open, but the good hotels can fill up.

I was surprised that I found a room at El Candil, because I had just lost the last available room at the Residence Los Pinos (just up the street) within a hour of having viewed it. I was bit put off, because the chica working the desk there was beautiful.

When I arrived at El Candil, there was one available room and another that would be vacant within a few hours. I decided to wait for the unvacated room, because I had a good balcony view of the pool and the street (like to check out the chicas coming and going). So to kill some time, I left my suitcase with Guiseppe and took the gua-gua to El Conde.

On another note, are you saying that Azzura does not check cedulas or did they just strech the rules a bit for you?