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05-11-02, 01:47
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06-13-02, 00:50
Campo Alegre/Mirage Resort is still alive and kickin' (as of June 2002).
The quality/beauty of the girls has improved IMHO in the last 6-7 months. It's still 3 USD entrance and 30 USD for the girl (USD are accepted but pay in Guilders, that's cheaper). You have a selection of ca. 60 girls. So if you take your time you can easily be with two or three girls a night. The 30 USD buy you up to 30 minutes of private time with the girl in her little apartment. If you want more time (or have any - eerrrr - unusual fantasies) that will mean more DINERO.

I like the girls "recien llegadas" who only recently - in the last 2 weekes - have came to the Campo. They are still "fresh" and are still looking for a "novio" (boyfriend) or even a husband. They usually haven't seen much of the island and if you have a rental car should consider inviting your favorite girl for an island tour for the next day. You will see that GFE's are relatively easily available from the girls there. But be careful when you seriously fall in love with one of the chicas: Many of the girls have kids at home in Baranquilla, Cali, Bogota etc. and you might wind up getting very quickly a big family whether you want it or not.... :-)

If you want to know what girl is in what room and when she arrived, sign up on the Campo's homepage for their newsletter.

To get to Campo Alegre/Mirage either ask a taxi driver, or look up the direction on their homepage (www.campo-alegre-resort.com) or drive to the airport, leave it behind to your left and past the Hotel Holland - about 1 mile away on the left-hand side- you will see their pink neo signs at night. Turn left after you have passed the small hill on the left side. It's a small road uphill maybe 200 feet to the left is the Campo, hard to miss. From the Campo you have a nice view of Hato airport.

The mostly Colombian girls are between 20 and 40 years old, most are in the 4-6 region, some are 7-8. Haven't seen any 10 so far...If you know one pls give us her room number....

They are only allowed to work in the Dutch Caribbean for max. 3 months in a row for a max. of twice a year. That means at best they are 6 months on the Netherlands Antilles. They have to pay between 70 and 90 Guilders per day to their Antillean resort owners for their usually clean apartments where they receive their guests. Since they charge min. 50 Guilders per customer and the campo is open 24/7 they need only two customers a day to "break even". Only the not-so-good looking girls will therefore aggressively look for your business. The rest will wait for you to make the first step.

Those girls who only pay 70 Guilders for their apartments have to take part in the strip-tease shows that are part of the program several times a week I was told...

You can easily spend 5 or 6 hours there: you will find a bar, and a snack restaurant for your other 'needs'. Though the Campo is open 24 hours 7 days a week, most of the guests (70% locals and 30% tourists and others) arrive between 9 PM and 3 AM. By day you have only a small selection of girls and walking around is not very comfy because of the heat. The two restrooms are usually reasonably clean.

The atmosphere at the Campo is usually relaxed, though the other day I've seen a violent fight between a girl and a customer there too. Security is very good at the Mirage - for the protection of the girls and the guests.

If you've never been to the Campo and are planning to go to one of the ABC islands without your wive or fiancee, DO CHECK IT OUT! I can recommend it! IMHO Campo Alegre is at least 25% better than San Nikolas on neighboring Aruba Island (though tastes differ of course).

Regarding questions what hotels are guest friendly: On the campo homepage the folks recommend the Hotel Holland next to the airport. I can't confirm since I've seen it only from the outside. The hotel looks reasonably good and even has a casino. But: On the Campo every girl has a room available. You don't necessarily need to leave after 30 minutes. I stayed about 4 hours with one girl I liked. If you want to take her back to your hotel anyway I recommend to do so by day: If the girl dresses 'conservatively' she should be able to blend in with the vacation guests. By night this can be a real problem with most hotels. The big hotels (Marriott, Sheraton, Plaza) have tight security. Whether 'bribing' security will be successfull or not I don't know.

The policy of the Campo is that the girls should be there at least between 6 PM and 6 AM. However, this is usually not tightly enforced and - if you really want to - you can take the girl out at any time.

I think the resort hotels like Marriott (!) or Sheraton are great if you spent the days at the beach and the nights with the girls. The Plaza hotel in Punda is considerably cheaper (though not as fancy) and they drive you with a courtesy van to a nice beach outside of town. In any case I strongly recommend you to rent a car. They are available over the internet (travelocity.com, expedia.com) from ca. 35 USD upward incl. CDW. Taxis - for whatever reason - are pretty expensive (USD 20 one-way from Punda to Campo at night).

The other options you have on Curacao are either expensive (Club Havana near Holiday Beach Hotel) or slightly seedy (the SWs in Otrabanda on the opposite side of the Kura Hulanda Hotel, uphill, in that small side street in front of the night club and the little hotel in that street - can't recall the name of this hotel - but if you drive coming from the big bridge you wil see them standing right-hand one or two blocks before the big blue building - another hotel/casino which name I forgot...-).


Deep Sea Diver
06-24-02, 10:24
Back 'n' Black and others:

Hope this report, although lacking in mongering detail, proves helpful to the Board!

I have traveled to Curacao several times in the past few years and the nightlife is abundant relative to other Caribbean islands. It is one of the few Caribbean islands I could spend a week on and not suffer from severe boredom. Curacao, being a Dutch territory, is loaded with beautiful Dutch women as well as some beauties from other Caribbean islands, Venezuela, and Colombia, among other South American countries. To the Dutch especially, Curacao is much like Cancun to the Americans—it is the place to go to party. KLM airlines has direct flights here I believe, which fosters the significant Dutch representation. In fact, there are quite a few younger Dutch (college-types) that work there during summer vacation. In terms of the locals, I have not seen and/or met many local girls that I would consider attractive (we all have different tastes of course).

Now, to the evening festivities. Although I cannot provide you with addresses, my memory is simply not that good, I found Curacao to have 1-2 really happening places each night, beginning Wednesdays of each week and ending Sunday night (Monday and Tuesday always seemed pretty dead). There may be others that I simply have never visited, but I think the following is fairly comprehensive. Some of the clubs are comparable in ambience to what one sees in major cities of the US. Most of the clubs close at 2 AM, but some close at 4 AM (you will see a migration from the 2 AM clubs to the 4 AM each night). You may want to check out www.curacao.com for addresses and the like.

I think it is very possible, from my experience, to hook up with a non-pro at any of the following clubs/bars. However, if you are not generally the type capable of doing so with non-pros in major cities across the industrialized world, my guess is your prospects for success will be similar here (local-type non-pros may be a different story though given the modest economic situation here).

“Grand Café De Heeren” (a/k/a “De Heeren”) is the place on Wednesdays. It is a fairly relaxed bar, where all types hang out. Worth checking out, but being Wednesday, the scene is not as robust and exciting as other nights of the week at other clubs.

“Mambo Beach” (a/k/a “Mambo”) is the place on Thursdays (even more so on Friday-Sunday). Mambo Beach, as its name suggests, is located on the beach. It is an enormous beach-type club, with a large dancing area, a stage, booming sound system, and many tables on the sand. This place could have more than 1,000 people in it at peak times.

There will be a ton of beauties here. The demographics are generally 18-40s here, with most in their 20s, and all economic classes are represented. Generally, you cannot go wrong with Mambo any of the weekend nights (Thursday through Sunday). You will find many many Dutch and Latina beauties in there. There is another Bar/Club which adjoins Mambo that could also be quite good--you may not even know you left Mambo if you walk down the beach 200 yards to get there.

"The Living Room" is the place on Friday night (Saturday is great as well). It is a combination lounge and dance club owned by a Frenchman, with velvet sofas/chairs throughout with a nice lighting and sound system. If you enjoy Big-City clubs of this type, you will feel right at home. This place, being relatively expensive for the island, tends to attract a more upscale crowd. I don’t recall if there is a cover charge. Lots of beautiful people here. After things die down here, people go to Zenzurro (2-4 AM), which is a dance club/bar. I have seen some beautiful pros here (2-3), sitting at the bar, if you want that—not completely obvious though. Vast majority of people are “normal”. Zenzurro is perhaps my favorite place on the island.

Mambo and The Living Room and Zenzurro late-night (see above).

Mambo’s biggest night (see above)—a must attend event. Things get started here at 5/6 PM. Also, I would highly recommend Hook’s Hut—located on the Beach very close to the Sheraton hotel but fairly isolated (4-5 miles outside of Punda/Otrabanda town center). You may want to go here first for live Reggae and dinner (food is quite good) and then migrate to Mambo. Hook’s is great for dinner any night.

Late Late Nights:
Cheers, not related to the chain in the States, is the place that people “in-the-know” go very late night (4-6 AM) Wednesday through Saturday. It is kind of a dive bar, but it is a pretty nice social environment—gets quite packed. I was taken there initially by a Colombian girl I met who lived on the Island.

In terms of dining, I would recommend Plein Café for lunch—it is in the center of the square, across from a tiny park. It is good, fast, cheap, and allows you to view the passers-by. Hook’s is always a good dinner option. There is also a series of restaurants on the water just next to the Plaza Hotel, on the Punda side of downtown. All of the options there have been “decent”—no Le’ Cirques on this island if that is your definition of “decent”. Zanzibar is one of the better places on the island, but it is reasonably far from the center of ton.

Rental car highly recommended—a must-have IMHO. You will spend a ton of money on cab fare if you do not—the prices per mile are ridiculous and they do not have meters. You could pay like $5/mile if u r not careful. If you have a car, be watchful for stray goats, dogs, and other livestock (you’ll see this first-hand when down there).

If you are an herb smoker, u will find it very difficult to find high-quality product. But mediocre herb is available. Ask the busboys at your hotel/motel. Also, enjoy the Amstel Bright beer here. If you like Corona, this is even better IMHO and is brewed in the Caribbean (it is effectively a “Corona Killer” in the Dutch Antilles).

Have fun everyone and happy hunting!


Deep Sea Diver
06-24-02, 22:21
Back 'n' Black:

I have never stayed at the Lion's Dive so can't say too much about it. I do know that it is reasonably close to the action--close in driving terms (the island is not that large--30 minutes top to bottom). If you can afford it, I would recommend staying at either the Sheraton or Marriott (located next door to each other) about 4 miles from the center. In fact, these hotels are in-between the downtown and Le Mirage (a/k/a Campo Allegre). They are probably the 2 premier hotels on the island. Both have excellent beaches and are beautiful properties overall. However, I can't comment on how girl-friendly they are (my guess is they are not). FYI, the quality of the beach varies significantly based on island location. A lesser hotel, without a beach but very centrally located, is The Plaza. It is on the water, but it has no beach (just rocks). Holiday Beach would be another option. Not as nice as Sheraton/Marriott, and not as expensive, but it is on a decent beach and even closer to the city center. Let me know if you need additional clarification.


06-24-02, 22:53
If you want additional info on Curacao, try www.k-pasa

Deep Sea Diver
06-25-02, 06:20
Back 'n' Black:

IMHO, the Marriott and Sheraton are well worth it in terms of their room accomodations and the resort itself (beach, food, pools, ambience, more upscale guests, etc.). Both also have scuba diving centers on the premises if you are a diver. I think there is a significant drop-off in quality from those two, from my experience at other hotels/motels, but that may be less important to you than some other things to spend money on. Last time I was there, the Sheraton was $120 US/night and the Marriott $160-$180. I think Holiday Beach was like $90-$100 when I stayed there--and it is across the street from La Havana, a strip club where the girls can be taken out after close for like $100 all-night. The above hotel prices are before the defacto ridiculous hotel taxes and the like. I would recommend the Sheraton of the 3 mentioned above for its price/value ratio--go to www.starwood.com and check to see if they have specials (they guarantee the best rates on their own site or they refund the difference + 10%).

In terms of the Club scene and finding pros, I have never really looked for that given my previous success with non-pros. As such, I cannot give you much information or quote you prices from experience. If I had to guess, based mostly on what others have told me down there, I would not expect that all night would cost less than $100 or more $200. This may sound like a lot, particularly relative to the DR, but this island has a far better economic situation than the DR (not so much a 3rd world environment with average income in US$ of like $8,000). Think of it as more like Mexico in terms of pricing structure.

The only place I could state with some certainty, with my own eyes, that there were pros is Zenzurro (mentioned in my previous post). Again, have never confirmed this so no guarantees they were pros and don't know the prices. I did speak with a couple while at the bar, making small talk with the neighbors at the bar, and just got that sense. BTW, they were absolutely gorgeous Colombian girls. In fact, maybe my radar should be turned on in the future (just for the sake of this board of course--LOL).

Something you should also know is that like other resort locales, the girls are down here to party. So if you are an attractive and personable guy, and on the younger side (under 40 say), I think you will have some luck at the clubs/bars. Women always seemed very approachable to me. It also helps if you can dance.

Lastly, Le Mirage is slow during the day, as many of the girls go shopping or spend the day with customers met the previous night. However, I have seen girls during the day that I never saw in the evening--the best girls are locked in their rooms with customers and you don't see them walking the premises at night. And, you may get a less hurried service (more GFE). I would spend my evenings at the clubs I mentioned and try for non-pros and pros. If all else fails you can return to Le Mirage late night or you can go to La Havana to get a girl for an all-nighter. La Tasca is another place on the Otrabanda side (there are others nearby as well) and the girls can be taken out for all-nighters. I have never brought back a pro to Sheraton or Marriott, but have not had any problems bringing back a better-dressed Dutch girl late at night(no sign-in required of me at either of those).

When are you heading down there? I am sure you will have a blast.

Happy Hunting!


06-26-02, 23:09

I am going to take your advice and stay at the Marriot or Sheraton. I figured if I didn't see anyone I liked at the clubs/bars I would hit Mirage late night especially Mon & Tues night. I did not realize there were strip clubs in Curacao. The two you mentioned La Havana and La Tasca what time do they close? Are the women Latino? I really like latino women. What are the prices like to get in, buy a drink and hang out. I know you said you can get an all-nighter for a $100 afer the places close. Curacao sounds like a fun time. I am surprised I never really heard anything about it. I figured it was mostly a couples spot like most of the Carribean. I will probably go sometime in the fall. Thanks for all the info.


Deep Sea Diver
06-27-02, 09:13
Back 'n' Black:

I think you will be pleased with either the Marriott or Sheraton. If you want to save a few bucks, you may want to do the Sheraton. Having stayed at both, I would save the dollars and stay at Sheraton. It is just slightly below the quality of Marriott, but will save you like $40+/night. However, I would not miss the Sunday brunch at Marriott--$20 for all you can eat including Champagne/Wine and lots of great food and such. It is literally next door to the Sheraton--200 yards away.

I believe that La Havana, across from Holiday Beach hotel, and La Tasca, in the sketchy Otrabanda side of downtown, both close at 4 AM (perhaps even 5 AM). I'm not sure how it works at La Tasca, but at La Havana the girls may not be able to leave until after closing. However, I did not take any girls out at either place--I simply had conversations with the girls about it. I also think that hitting Campo Allegre (a/k/a La Mirage) is a good idea as a last resort at the end of your evening.

The above mentioned strip clubs are just 2 (beyond Campo Allegre) of maybe as many as 10 total. There are others, having driven by a couple on the Otrabanda side, but I do not know there names. If you rent a car and survey the downtown area, I think you will inevitably run by them. I don't know if anything exists on the Punda side--this side seems to be the cleaner of the two and they are separated by a Pontoon bridge. There were also a couple outside of the center of downtown past the Punda side over the big bridge (you will cross this bridge many-a-time while down there). If you're familiar with NYC, it's almost like crossing from the nice parts of Manhattan (say up to 105th) to Harlem--it can get kind of sketchy. You may want to be alert when on the Otrabanda side late at night. There are people who will aggressively follow you around offering drugs and/or girls. I did not take any of those offers, but you may be more bold than I. The prices offered for girls ranged from $20-$50 and am not sure what time period that implied. I never saw anything happen to anyone down there at night, but that certainly does not mean crime is nonexistent. Curacao is seen by many Latinas as an economically robust island with much better economic opportunities than their respective hometowns.

La Havana, at least during the hours I have gone, has never charged me for entry. Beers are like $3/$4 US, and I have purchased drinks for the girls at the same price (highly diluted drinks as you can imagine). All of the girls there seem to be from the DR. In the times I have gone, there are usually like 10 girls who rotate dances. The quality is generally 5-8, with only one or two being an 8. La Tasca is similar statistically, perhaps with 2x as many women, and some diversity in ethnic origin (some from northern parts of S. American and from Central America). I have never "entered" either place after midnight, have never dealt with a bouncer at the door, and thus never paid an entry. It does seem that later in the eveing the door is manned, but I don't know if there is a fee or ID's are just being checked (probably a fee but can't be more than $5-$10). The girls hardly speak English, so hopefully you can speak some basic spanish. If not, perhaps you can polish up beforehand or bring a little dictionary. Of course, they do know basic sexual language. The island in general does speak English pretty well. You will need to negotiate I think to get them for $100 (again, never did this but have had conversations with the girls at both, in spanish, and have been told as much). They may start off at $200, but they usually expect $100 as a minimum and maybe even $150. I don't know if every girl will go out, as some hold themselves out as "good girls" who would never do such a thing, but I would expect that most (80% perhaps) will do so--they earn very little on premises. And, since all have been imported there and typically have some children back home, wherever home may be, they are motivated to maximize what they can send home.

Interestingly, Curacao has never struck me as a couples island. There are lots and lots of single people there from the Caribbean, South American, US, and Europe (mostly Denmark). Of course, there are couples there as well. Another word of advice--you may want to become real friendly with the Latina bartenders at your hotel--YMMV will vary with your age and looks. I have managed to hook up with a couple of them that way, non-paid, and have been introduced to their friends and such. I hooked up with this incredible Colombian girl, a friend of one of the bartenders, who was just an absolute firecracker. If you take these girls out, after hours or on their day off, and treat them well (buying drinks and such), you may be highly rewarded come bar/club closing time. Dancing also helps. As perspective, I am in my early 30s, a successful bachelor who dresses well, am physically fit/muscular, and have never really had a problem getting laid otherwise.

I think you will have an absolute blast--great weather, great women, friendly people, active nightlife scene, Campo Allegre as a first or last stop, great diving, etc. etc. Also, Curacao is below the hurricane belt, much like Aruba, and the weather is 80-90 degrees year-round (maybe even hotter in Summer) with little rain.


Deep Sea Diver
06-28-02, 05:59

Your question seems to conflict with your WSG handle/moniker--LOL.

The two places with the most Dutch beauties have always seemed to be: 1) Mambo Beach and 2) The Living Room (in that order). I don't know about the "Jungle Fever" thing, but I do know these girls go to Curacao for partying purposes. As you also probably know, Europeans are much more sexually liberated than Americans. So, a one-night-stand (or 2 if she is special--LOL) is certainly a possibility. I have never gotten the sense that they racially discriminate in the men they talk with. However, there tend to be as many Dutch-boys as there are Dutch-girls and they often hang out with each other. In general, the Dutch girls are really nice and, assuming you are reasonably attractive, self-confident and not an asshole, are very approachable. If you have the game to go along with your looks, you should have little problem. Of course, you will most likely miss more than you hit, but it's a numbers game anyway right?


Deep Sea Diver
06-29-02, 06:00
Back 'n' Black:

AA from NYC with connection in Miami and then directly to Curacao. AA is also extra spacious throughout Coach so less need to upgrade. If you have some flexibility on departure and return, and are willing to surrender airline preference, you may want to use www.hotwire.com to get a great rate. Of course, you are not guaranteed AA (but 80%+ likelihood based on Orbitz's partner airlines and limited carriers going to Curacao from the States). Otherwise, I would recommend using www.orbitz.com.

Good luck!


Deep Sea Diver
08-07-02, 00:10
Back 'n' Black:

I have only traveled to Aruba with a stateside long-term girlfriend b4, so did not do the research. My understanding is that Aruba has a similar set-up to Campo Allegre/La Mirage, but on a smaller scale (don't know what it's called). Also, I think that the other pro options may be more limited than in Curacao. Aruba is a prettier island, particularly because it is less industrial--Curacao does quite a bit of oil refinery work for Venezuela which in certain areas very much detracts from the scenery. However, for general partying, IMHO, Curacao is far better than Aruba. The diving, if you're into that, is not nearly as good in Aruba. Aruba seems geared toward families and couples. It also has a fraction of the population of Curacao. Lastly, if you're just absolutely torn between the two, you could probably book a round-trip flight between the 2 and effectively divide your time (they are not very far apart). As I understand it, there are daily flights between them (maybe even a boat also).

Hope this helps answer at least the latter part of your question.



08-07-02, 00:20

I thought Aruba was more for families and couples. The one thing that surprised me was the red light district in Aruba. I am going to go Curacao. Thanks for the info again.


08-07-02, 20:15
San Nicolas in Aruba is just a concentration of 10+ bars. If you want girls, you need to hop from one bar to other. Le Mirage in Curacao you will find more than 60 girls in one place. Besides of Le Mirage you have alot of bars/disco, La havana, Tasca, Rode Leeuw, crazy horse, etc etc etc

08-08-02, 16:36

Fred Flintstone has given me a lot of good info. I was wondering if you could add anything to what he provided. My understanding the chicks in La Havana and La Tasca are rated 5-8's. The beers in these places are $3-$4. Whats the cover? The chicks will start off asking for $200 but like anywhere else you have negotiate their price down. What do you think is a good price for one of these chicks $100 or cheaper? What would this be in the local currency? Do you suggest anywhere else besides La Mirage, La Havana and La Tasca? I am going to stay in the Sheraton do you think I can get these chicks in there if not where can I bring them?

08-08-02, 23:27
You definitely need a rental car to explore the island. There are some car rental shops just at your left hand side once you step out the arrive hall. Sheridon is a very nice hotel. Not sure if it is guest friendly or not. I don’t see any security in the lobby. If you still don’t want the front-desk clerk see you, you may enter the casino from the parking lot and walk through the casino ahead to the elevator. No mater of price, safety, facility, choice, etc Le Mirage is better than all other places.


Every female is a possible target. It is the way, how you communicate with her.

09-22-02, 17:56
Notes from a 4 day trip to Curacao, September, 2002:

Hotel Holland - is run-down, tattered carpets, chipped paint, pool not well-maintained. $66/night single room rack rate, $58/night if 4-night stay. All rooms face the sea, but you also see the airport runway in front of it. The staff is very nice. The restaurant menu doesn't have 1/2 of what is printed. $8 for small breakfast with canned juice but good coffee, $15 for a grilled red snapper dinner entree. If you traveled only with a carry-on rolling bag, you can walk from airport, turn left onto Rooseveltweg and go for 15 minutes, slightly uphill grade, it's on your left. I made a reservation by phone, but place was only 30% full.

Campo Alegre - is a 15 minute slightly uphill walk from the Hotel Holland. Go out the front door and turn LEFT onto Rooseveltweg (in other words, continue walking away from the airport). On your left you'll pass a paved road entrance to a development, which then exits after you walk a bit further. You'll pass Hato Caves on your right, which is about 1/2 way there. The third paved road on your left (on the ocean side) leads to Campo Alegre. After you start climbing it you'll see a tall green coca-leaf sign with "Campo Alegre". The place has been modernized, with brightly-painted walls and palm trees. Very nice inside. Entrance is still US$3, no cameras, frisking possible. The grounds outside are dry and dusty, but inside the compound is very clean, and the girls' units are attractive and nicely maintained. I didn't realize it at first, but you are allowed to wander around the entire grounds looking for girls standing in or near their units--you don't have to sit at one of their several bars and wait. As for the names, "La Mirage" is the name of the bar inside, and "Campo Alegre" is the name of the entire compound.

The girls - the majority are black, many from Colombia and Dominican Republic. If you are seeking a white girl, don't despair, this place is big and there's something for everybody. I found a girl from Medallin, Columbia and absolutely fell in love with her. Light complexion, slender, friendly, 22 yrs old, actively tried to please me (massage, oral, the whole bit). We spoke only in basic Spanish, which was a big help in forming the relationship. After my 4th visit, she gave me her real name so I could write to her post office box address (I hear you laughing...oh well, a guy can dream, can't he?) Prices have not changed: $30 for everything, but girls want local currency (Netherlands Antilles guilders, or florin), so exchange your currency with the cashier at the entrance first.

The weather - too hot and very humid. It's fine after sunset, but daytime walking around sucks.

Hope this helps.

09-22-02, 20:19

Its not a joke that you have her address. I bet she meets you in the daytime for just the cost of a meal. These chicas need friends as well as everyone else. Nice description of the distance of the hotel to the airport and place. How much is a taxi? Would you stay at this hotel again?
Does that hotel have a website?

By the way, I speak Spanish sort of and I hang with many chicas in DR for the cost of a meal and all it took was a few phone calls between trips.


09-23-02, 18:57

I didn't take a taxi, but for a 2-minute ride it couldn't be much. My guide book says a taxi charge from the airport to Willemstad, a much longer distance, is about $15. (By the way, there's a local bus into town that can be boarded across the street from the Hotel Holland: 75¢, takes about 1/2 hour.)

I would stay at the hotel again only if financially constrained. It's good for folks on a tight budget, those who prefer walking, and those who only want to visit Campo Alegre. Otherwise I think a resort hotel and rental car is the way to go, especially if you want to tour around the island or go to the beaches.

A website, of sorts, for the Hotel Holland is at http://www.dutch-caribbean.net/hotelguide/hotelholland.htm

Frommer's guide also has a short description: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUrl-g147277-d150659-r213977-e__2F__Hotel_Review__2D__g147277__2D__d150659__2D__Reviews__2D__Hotel_Holland__2D__Curacao__2E__html-Hotel_Holland-Curacao.html

While we're at it, here's the website for Campo Alegre: http://www.campo-alegre-resort.com/html/

Incidentally, girls are allowed out of Campo Alegre for overnights/sightseeing. The Hotel Holland had what looked like a standard list of rules on the wall, including one that didn't allow guests in the room. Even if this is enforced (which is dubious), there's only a $13 difference between the single and double room nightly charge.

Deep Sea Diver
09-25-02, 07:19

I second Fantasy's advice. Previously, I have strongly advocated staying at the Sheraton or Marriott. If these exceed your budget, then the next level down (say 3 star) would include the Plaza Hotel downtown (on the nicer Punda side) and Holiday Beach (just outside of Otrabanda and, conveniently enough, across the street from La Havana). Both are in the $90-$100/night range (may be able to negotiate a better price or better room). Unfortunately, I can't comment from personal experience regarding hotels below that price point. Of the two, I would suggest Holiday Beach because it is on a beach, as its name implies, while the Plaza (high-rise hotel downtown) is on the water but lacks any beach area. However, if you prefer, Plaza is in the heart of downtown and, therefore, within walking distance of many restaurants and shops (all the better social night clubs, IMHO, are not within walking distance of downtown). You may want to read my earlier detailed posts to get a sense for the happening clubs/bars (i.e. Mambo Beach, Living Room, etc.).

Lastly, do yourself a huge favor and rent a small vehicle (can probably get a pretty good deal through Hotwire). I found out the hard way, during my first trip, that taxi fares can quickly exceed car rental rates if you do lots of exploring. Personally, I would rather spend the taxi fees and have the flexibility to come and go where and when I please. Be careful of wild animals scurrying about (goats, sheep, dogs, cats, etc.).

Hope this helps!


09-26-02, 23:59

Was in Curacao in august and went to Campo-Allegre one night. Unbelievable, old army barracks transformed into a state licensed brothel. Great selection. Guys I was with said, better than Amsterdam action. Must admit, had to sample. One chica, Black sugar with long braids from Columbia. One of the guys I was with, had one of the girls meet him at the hotel the next day for midday pool and beach action, followed by bedroom debauchery before she had to go to work.

The world is so horny.

10-03-02, 14:32
If you are looking for a nice hotel for good price. Try The Sea Aquarium Resort, Bapor Kibra Z/N, Curacao An. (5999)-4656699 They have a special deal for limited time US$69.95 a night. The hotel is located in Sea Aquarium area. Next Mambo beach.

A rental car is a must.


10-16-02, 22:39
Will be traveling to Curacao in the next few weeks. Camp Allegre was great a year ago. Any new places worthwhile? Last time I noticed some action each evening on a street corner just outside the Punda. Any one hook up with one of these gals? At that time the Havana club and Red Lion had some below average women. 3's and 4's at best.

12-11-02, 23:49
Visited Curacao in November and found things about the same. Campo Allege is #1. No change in prices and the quality is consistant. Spent so much time there I went looking for some Viagra (the local pharmacy required a prescription - so get it filled before you go).

Spent some time at Tosca or what ever you call it in the Otrapunda. Seedy bar with hotels next door and across the street. $50 for FS. Not much action until 11PM. Outside apprearance is tough, but once you get in things are fine. Never felt uncomfortable as to safety.

One evening went to La Havana. What a waste of time. Gals were 2's at best. Even the local Harley cycle crowd left after a while.

Next year I was considering a vist to the Domican Republic. Reports indicate, Curacao would be better, ie less pick pockets and drugs etc.

01-21-03, 06:52

I've never been to Curacao, so decided to check the posts. BTW, Was in Domincan Republic (Sosua) last March. It was bad, but you have watch out for the pickpockets. I have travelled to CR several times, had read a lot of the DR posts and thought that I knew what to expect. But on my third day there, I packed a bill in my fanny pack, (with camera), to exchange for pesos. An agressive SW just walked up and invaded my space. I never even stopped walking, until she literally stepped in front of me and grabbed my crotch, as I tried to push her away. They know if they grab a man's crotch in public he's gonna focus on that, (either to try and stop it, or to enjoy it.) Either way, the other hand's in your pocket. 35-40 seconds was all that it took.
If your going to the northern DR, then Palace still seems to be a hot spot to stay, but you might check with ******* on that.

02-25-03, 04:53
Driving in Curacao is no different than any where else in the US. Just need to know where you are going, especially crossing the bridge. Worst case, you do a go around. I have driven through some of the seedy parts of the Otrabunda at night with no problems. I believe if you are looking to score drugs you will find problems, big time. Other wise enjoy the locals, columbian and dr women and leave with a big whistle and smile. The Dutch no how to run an island and the people know how to satisfy the tourists.

05-22-03, 02:49
Originally posted by Joe Francis
Any info on Breezes resort in Curacao. How far from the action?
About a half hour drive back to the airport where you will find the Mirage Campo Allegre with 200 women willing to give you a cool aid smile for $30.

Mr Jetsetter
05-31-03, 23:24
Having lived in the Reno, Nevada area for four years in the glorious early 1980s before virus scares put a damper on the scene, and having done some mongering in Indonesia, Amsterdam and Prague, I can honestly say that I have never encountered a better brothel than Curacao's Campo Alegre -- also known as The Mirage. You pay the equivalent of $3 U.S. to enter, and all the ladies charge a standard fee of approximately $30 for their services, which basically provide you up to a half-hour or so to get your rocks off. In my 30 to 40 visits to this club over my four visits to Curacao in the last two years, I have never felt rushed or timed. If you want, you can pay $80 for a full hour, or even take the lady back to your apartment or hotel for an overnighter costing $200. My usual pattern was to get laid twice every visit for an amazing price of $60!
Campo Alegre is basically a huge, open-air, brick-paved courtyard anchored by a central bar area that features live nude dancing and sex shows a couple times a week. The ladies will either be hanging around this area or in their clean, private rooms. You frequently will have up to 60 or 70 ladies to chose from, all Spanish-speaking from Latin America or the Caribean. If you take a little time to check out the scene, you can almost always discover a breath-taking, unforgettable beauty. I once partied a few times with a lady from Columbia who closely resembled Penelope Cruz, only a little better-looking. I also spent quality time with another Columbian who I swear closely resembled Brigitte Bardot. What impresses me most about this establishment is how cheerful and good-natured the women almost always are; they seem truly happy and fortunate to have this opportunity to make some good money during their strictly-enforced three-month stay on the island. The women are medically tested before and during this period.

Campo Alegre is located near the airport. I strongly recommend renting a car, as cab fare can cost as much as a visit with a lady. Curacao is a surprisingly interesting desert island with some quality dive sites, great bars and nightlife, and some nice, inexpensive apartments (circa $45-50 per night) featuring kitchenettes -- I recommend the Flamingo Park. Once again, I strongly recommend renting a car.

07-14-03, 00:19
Strip Club scene is limited with Club Havana located across the street from the Holiday Beach Hotel and Casino, (Denny's) and Crazy Horse located in downtown Willemsted.

Club Havana - all Dominican girls (not a Cuban in sight) girls can be had for 60-70$ all night but negotiating could be tough. Get there at 11:00 pm for first show, pay 3$ cover charge and your in. Make a selection (remember prostitution is legal) so be persistent for your price but I think the girls have to remain at work till about 2 am. Tips to the girls as they dance are pathetic so its hard to believe that they are working for any other reason but to exit with a client.

Crazy Horse is not recommended as it is big $$$ with apparently some Eurotrash willing to pay it. I'd pass if I were you.

The street scene is fairly active with girls hitting the pavement all around the downtown Willemsted area as early as 9:00 PM, all are Dominican or Colombian and I am sure that all can be had for reasonable $.

I'll leave you however with one scary thought that was passed on to me by a local when I was last down there. Campo is the best game in town. It is legal, safe, clean, comfortable and offers a good volume of girls and customers to keep everyone happy. Why would any girl work anywhere else on the island??
Answer: Every Monday the girls are given blood tests to screen for HIV and STD's. Any girl who fails her test is removed from Campo immediately! I got from a good source that many of these girls, who are broke and were prepared to work in Campo for their three month stint take crumby apartments in Willemsted and try to earn on the street! Don't be stupid, be safe! When in Curacao hit Campo like a drum, and whatever you do don't take a chance and "eat the yellow snow".

07-24-03, 04:10
i will be at the hilton in nov. other hotels i have stayed at have been 20 mins from town. the hilton is on the beach and similiar to the marriot. the hj is in town and not on the beach. more for use on business as opposed to the [CodeWord118] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord118). both hotels about 15 minutes from mirage. enjoy our adult disneyland.

Goga Fung
08-08-03, 04:30
Originally posted by Ford286
Don't be stupid, be safe! When in Curacao hit Campo like a drum, and whatever you do don't take a chance and "eat the yellow snow"...I got similar information from a local guy in Curacao. Be careful with other clubs, they maynot be safe, since they do not check girls as well as Campo does. I visited some other clubs a couple of years ago, Campo was always the best.

Regarding hotels - I usually stay at LionsDive, they have good deals($90) at travelocity. Rent a car right at the airport. Never use a taxi - you'll pay almost as much as one day rental just to get somewhere.


08-08-03, 20:40
No matter where you stay, you need a rental car. A single trip from Hilton to Mirage can run you us$20~us$25. A decent rental car costs us$50~60 per day. Driving is easy and safe.


Mr Jetsetter
08-10-03, 22:51
If you are willing to settle for a subcompact, Budget offers the Yaris for $192 a week offseason and I think about $230 during peak times.

Also, Curacao offers numerous "apartment" complexes that offer quality accommodation, local flavor, and full kitchens for prices much cheaper than the Marriot, Hilton, Lion's Dive, etc. ($45-60 per night).

I have stayed at the Flamingo Park and Limestone Apartments and recommend them both. The Flamingo Park is somewhat isolated in the center of the island and offers bright, new, clean apartments surrounded by fabulous landscaping featuring tons of cactii and tropical birds, the occasional iguana, and a neat little swimming pool. It is five minutes away from two of the nicest beaches and dive areas on Curacao (Porto Marie and Cas Abou), and an easy fifteen minutes from Campo Alegre.

The Limestone Apartments are located near the southern tip of the island right on the Spanish Water, offering free kayaking and close proximity to the famous Tugboat snorkeling/dive spot. Check out Curacao.com and Curacao-Tourism.com for more info about these apartments and others.

In my humble opinion, the major hotel chains are way over-priced, are often located in relatively unattractive settings, and provide no indication that you are actually in Curacao!

08-22-03, 22:55
To luvdapuss,

I have been to Curacao 3X and let's see if I can sum up my experiences for you. First time, I had a great time! Second time, I had a great-great time! Third time, I had a great-great-great time! In my opinion the odds are looking pretty good for you. ;)

Lion's Dive is a fairly small, but very comfortable Hotel with a reasonably good sized beach and stylish rooms, you will enjoy it. Its near a large diving center but a decent drive from Campo so drive safe those Suzuki's can be challenging to drive on curves and such.

However, doing the "walk-around", as a hot Curacao evening turns into a baumy, breezy caribbean night and the sun sets and paints the sky orange over Campo-Allegre, and scores of gorgeous women "style for a date" in every corner and in every room of the complex is something every red-blooded male should experience before he dies! (Wow, that's Hemingwayesque)

I would say that by about October 1st, you start counting down the time before your flight in hours and minutes you'll be so impatient.

Have fun,



08-30-03, 01:16
Originally posted by Vagringo
i heard the island is a poor mans aruba so what are basic girl prices at that famous ------house there The prices are basically one dollar per minute with a posted minimum of 20 $ or 20 minutes per turn. Many of the girls have this note posted on their bathroom door. I thought it was ridiculous to remind patrons of such a nominal charge until several girls told me that some "locals" (Curacao men) will ask to go 5 minutes for 5 bucks, or 8 minutes for 8 bucks!

Yes, I have been to Aruba and I have to admit Curacao doesn't have the glitz or glamour and has a much higher percentage of "white-trash looking" Dutch travelers - but it also doesn't have the high price tag for most fun.

To *******, I have read and enjoyed your posts from the D.R. for a long time - I hope we meet someday. :)

If you are going to Curacao you should consider the Holiday Beach Hotel & Casino. Its website is www.hol-beach.com.

It has its own beach (good-sized), a pool, a great beach bar, a casino, is right next to Denny's (Curacao's only 24 hour restaurant - also great inexpensive eats for chicas), has a dive site, very large comfortable rooms, is right across the street from Club Havana's (catch the show every night at 11:00PM), 10 minutes from Campo and is currently running a %20 off "Dutch Treat" special on its already reasonable price. I have seen ALL the hotels in curacao and $ for $ Holiday Beach hotel is the best for OUR activities.


(And pass me the bottle of Jameson's and a little ice)


09-13-03, 22:12
Hey JDR - sorry for the delay to answer. Name of the site is gocaribbean.com. It helps to spell caribbean correctly! Click on the "Travel Packages" and it does all the work for you. Pretty slick site but there are probably a hundred others and I'm not promoting this one, just sharing experience.

Only about 68 more days - I can't stand it!

09-20-03, 04:05
Do not worry, Campo Alegre is alive and kicking! I am going back on October 30. I posted a couple of reports on WSA, I have no strength to repeat them, just remember - this is INCREDIBLE value, and the senoritas are HOT.

As always, knowing a little Spanish helps immensely, as does being nice to the girls.

Goga Fung
10-15-03, 07:37
Hi all!

Campo is rocking!

It looks like overall quality of girls have increased compared to the last 2-4 years. There are much less disgusting girls in Campo as it used to be. And many hot ones! You can also find some girls during day time. We did this two hours before the plane on the way back - at 12 noon. Maybe I post more fun strories about campo later here or on my website.

During day time we also checked LaTasco disco, there was a Poster - "Club For Sale", but I don't know if it was opened in the evening. Club Havana was working with several good looking girls inside, but we did not bother stay there, since campo is better. I'm attaching a foto of a colombian girl from LaTasco - it was 3 or 4 years ago. She said in Colombia she is working as a clothes designer.

Goga Fung

10-16-03, 17:44
Glad to hear Campo is rocking. I just made my plane reservations for February. I will post a detailed report when I return. I hit the DR in Nov and Curacao in Feb things are looking real good.

10-18-03, 04:02
A further confirmation that the Campo is still strong. $3 at the door, $30 for the experience. There's also a place to watch TV and play slot machines. A few things:

1. If you go before the sun sets, the pickins are slim.

2. Wear comfortable shoes, as the place is big and takes awhile to walk around.

3. I think you save a small amount if you exchange your money. Not much, but a little (especially if you have Euros).

Have fun!

Goga Fung
10-21-03, 11:17
Greetings from Goga again,

This will sound strange and make no sense but here are the facts.

I also always believed that it is a good idea to exchange money and pay in Florins, since most people would think that 50 Florins is $28 which is supposed to be less than a 30 dollar fee for "the experience".

Last month my friend was "negotiating" the fee, but the girl would not go down a single florin, she insisted on 50(as most others would do).

Then we asked how much in $$, she said $30, and then with no hesitation agreed to $20!

After that we found out that while many girls would not bargain in florins, they would happily make you a dollar discount. For some reason they get very excited about dollars, so that the actual amount is not that important. I don't know and don't care either, what logic stands behind that.

Old advice: do not show them more money than you wanna pay. Never open your wallet to count money in from of them.


Mr Jetsetter
10-24-03, 06:52
I find it quite pathetic that any tourist who could afford to visit Curacao would even attempt to seek a price reduction from the incredibly reasonable $30 dollar (or fifty guilders) flat fee charged by the ladies at Campo Alegre, one of the world's greatest bordellos. This flat fee, a fabulous bargain in my humble opinion, prevents these same ladies from asking absurd prices like $100 to $300 per 30-minute session so frequently demanded in Nevada's bespoiled brothels, and saves us gents from having to undergo this unseemly bargaining process. These girls are only allowed a three-month stay on the island and are mostly non-pros from troubled and/or poor areas in countries such as Columbia and the Dominican Republic, struggling to support their families or to put themselves through school.

I STRONGLY suggest that anyone visiting Campo Alegre display some class and happily pay this $30 flat fee; the chances of having a GFE with a stunningly beautiful Latin lady will be greatly increased, and she will likely welcome you back if you decide to return. I have mostly found the ladies at Campo Alegre to be incredibly good-natured and fun to be with, and I don't hesitate to lay a $10 tip on them if satisfied, although this is hardly necessary.

My message to Goga's friend: "Shame on you!"

10-29-03, 08:53
I could not agree more with the jetsetter. Yes, getting the best deal is indeed the American way, but come on! Show some class! If you can afford to come to Curacao, pay the airfare,hotel and rental car/cab, I cannot believe that 50NAF is a great deal of money for you.

Like the Jetsetter, if in my opinion the chica has provided a good experience I leave a tip. They are greatly appreciated.

I am going back on 10/30 - in 2 days, actually, and there are a few chicas there I firmly intend to spoil a bit. They deserve it.

Goga Fung
11-04-03, 13:04
Mr. Jetsetter and Tbird, I could not agree more with both of you either! Right, compared to what you spend at home, this is aleady a fabulous bargain. But there is also a different view to this.

Not everybody is fortunate as you are. My friend works day and night to pay for his rent and school. The trip to Curacao for him was not just a matter of buying a ticket, as for many others.

It's not the amount of money which makes it a "GF experience" if you wish to call it this way. I guess you'd be surpized that the girl(who agreed to $20 only) was all over him afterwards, and was saying how much she loved him and how much she wants to marry him.

We did not come to Campo for one-two-three GF only, we were spending for at least 3 mamasitas each eveninig. Many others come there just for one max, so they could easily show "some class". For us what we did was classy enough - supported 19 chicas total. And they loved us - many GF experiences.

All of that was very individual, here is the most important part. I believe that when in another country, one should not judge by his home standards. If you do this, then think what can happen: tomorrow some guys will think "well, at home we spend 100s and 1,000s for some skunk, so why don't I give this hotie extra $20 or $100 or something". To make sure high quality services are provided with good prices, people should bargain at least once in a while. If you go to another Curacao club, you won't find much bargain, they'll expect you to pay $200. Now think about a local Curacao guy or a salor with much lower salary then yours? We saw them there, they were not able to afford much. They often really need a bargain. $30 is too high for many people. If every tourist is gonna pay "flat fee" plus tips, then the other people will be out of favor. Tomorrow the management will think, well, lets make it $50 or $60. Will you pay? Of course you will. But not others.

See what happened in Holland? It used to be a flat guilder50($30) - almost everybody was happy, now its flat e50($50), I don't think everybody is as happy as before. In Paris, one local said, the prices were reasonable several years ago, but after awhile, girls realized, thre is no point to do it for $50, when there are a bunch of gentlemen who'll pay $500. The same is for Thailand, where the tourists rose prices a lot. And unfortunetely higher prices do not mean better quality, it depends only on the local market. In the USA you get probably the worst experience for the most money, because people pay for it. Please do not apply the same home standards to other places, people should keep prices as low as possible, it's good for all of us.

I did not mention that before, yes we tipped girls with good performance and were buying them drinks too, so hopefully now you will not put much shame on us.

I'm attaching a Campo pic.

11-04-03, 18:02
I have just returned from Curacao. If the girl was happy to receive $20 (which is NAF35) - it must have been a really, really slow night for her, or there must have been some special chemistry involved. It happens.

Generally, if a girl really likes you, she may ask you to spend the night in her room. Just sleeping, that is. It happened to me, and AFAIK is considered moving up the ranks at Campo.

Just wanted to add that chicas generally begin to make some $$ with the third client of night, when you factor in the dailry rent, laundry, clothing, food, etc. These expenses run about 100 NAF per day for each chica.

When you bargain down, you are asking the chica to operate at a loss. This is not the American way, as far as I am concerned.

Like your friend, I work hard every day to make my salary and commissions. I just tend to put quality over quantity and enjoy delicious, slow, GFE-type sex.

Mr Jetsetter
11-05-03, 05:24
As a school teacher making a salary in the neighborhood of $35,000 a year, I was somewhat amused by Goga's assumption that I am economically "fortunate." And my heart bleeds for his poor friend who has to "work day and night to pay for his rent and school," yet somehow has ample money to jump on a plane and journey to Curacao. I was also amused at his assumption that just because I was more than willing to pay this absurdly reasonable $30 flat flee, I must have contented myself with going to Campo Alegre each night "just for one max." Yes, us "classy" guys are also more than capable of handling three "mamasitas" in one night without cheaply and crassly trying to seek a 33% reduction in the fee, at the lady's expense (however much she subsequently said she loved him and wanted to marry him).

For the record, Goga, I don't spend ANY of my money "at home" on such an experience, because the absence of a similar, set flat fee here in the States -- excluding the fact that it is also unregulated and illegal in 49 states -- enables "ladies of the evening" to demand outlandish prices. Also, having spent considerable time in Costa Rica, Prague, Amsterdam, and Indonesia, I can assure you that Campo Alegre's prices are incredibly reasonable on a world-wide scale.

I also find it ludicrous that you think that by somehow bargaining an individual lady down from the flat fee, you are somehow keeping the prices down for everybody. And that you somehow equate your bargaining practices with those of the locals who show up and engage in a similar process. I don't care how "impoverished" your friend might appear to be to you, he is immeasurably wealthier than 90% of Curacao's locals, who will likely NEVER be able to afford the plane trip your friend took to get to Curacao.

Goga, I am in no way saying that you or your friend is a bad person, but I do think the logic you have applied to this particular situation is faulty and lacks an important degree of empathy with regard to the ladies/individuals who have traditionally made Campo Alegre such a fabulous place. And I have frequently counted my money in front of them without any incident or a hint of them wanting more.

Robert St
11-06-03, 07:08

Caribbean islands and Curacao must be hot and humid even at night. I wonder if the rooms with girls at Campo Allegre are air-conditioned? Curacao climate is like Honolulu, Hawaii? Never visited Caribbean islands, but I know Hawaii well.

Sorry for stupid questions, and thanks for answer.

11-06-03, 07:37
i would just like to add a few words to my posts and those of mr. jetsetter.

you can approach the setup at campo in 2 ways. one - and most men, especially the local curacao men subscribe to this one- would be to regard the chicas as filthy *****s not worthy of anything even close to human emotion, who are only there to make a quick buck.

the other one - and i am firmly in this camp - is to take a look at why these ladies are at campo. behind each chica there is a story of unemployment, an abysmal economy, a throughly corrupt country, and a child that needs food.

goga, have you even made an attempt at talking to these girls? do you realize that they are students, secretaries, nurses, etc. that have to make a choice between starvation and providing sexual services to strangers? they are not in this business because of the need for drug money, like the skanks on the streets of baltimore. and you know what? even in a situation such as this they manage to behave with dignity, and look great.

i had never been so close to the third world before, and i fully realize that curacao is rich compared to many places in south america. there is a horrible world of poverty out there which we fortunate americans do not know about while we speed along in our 5-liter suvs.

i am not in the least concerned about making campo services more affordable for the locals. these guys are widely known at campo as "cochinos", and deserve it. i am not wealthy but will not hesitate to provide additional rewards to a chica who deserves such rewards. i am not going to humiliate myself over a laughable $28.

for the record, my base salary is $37,000. i am not bill gates.

Goga Fung
11-07-03, 02:34
Robert St,

The rooms in Campo are air-conditioned, sometimes it's very cold inside, so you can ask the girl to turn it down. Outside is not hot at night at all, the weather is just perfect.

Mr. Jetsetter and Tbird, thanks, I got your point except this: "When you bargain down, you are asking the chica to operate at a loss". The only way for a chica to "operate at a loss" is to not have any clients. If she provides discounts and better services she will make more money in the end.

I talked to many these girls and know about their situation.

I still see nothing morally wrong when a guy who makes $8/hour bargains a $28 flat fee. It is his hard-earned money. The fact that he was able to buy an air ticket does not make him richer.

I hope this won't happen soon in Curacao, but don't be surprized if the price will go up next time you are there. This always happens when people readily pay what they are asked. Aruba is already messed up - almost twice as expensive and 20 times less choice. Another example: There is one place in asia, $50/month is a good salary there. Girls were charging $10-$20 per night which was also good money for them. The problem began when "fortunate americans" start arriving there during last 1-2 years.

They did not have problems paying the "poor" girls, so now these girls are asking $50 and more per hour!

Mr Jetsetter
11-07-03, 02:39
I would like to welcome Robert St to our increasingly lively Curacao forum. Robert, I am delighted to inform you that Curacao in general and our beloved Campo in particular cools down considerably at night, aided by steady 15-25 mile-an-hour breezes coming in off the ocean. I frequently wear sports coats at night and have even then felt a little cool. Because Curacao is invariably hot and sunny during the day and the ladies must get their rest, every room is equipped with an air conditioner. From what I can remember, it was used perhaps half the time during my visits. Yes, the intensity of certain activities sometimes makes a little AC desirable!

11-07-03, 06:16
Robert St, all the rooms at Campo are air conditioned. The girls keep them very clean. Do not worry.

My suggestion again would be - take some small items as gifts with you. Inexpensive cosmetics from CVS, calculators, flavored condoms, cassette players from Wal-Mart (as low as $5) - are perfect ice breakers and will help make encounters with chicas much more rewarding.

To put things in context - in Columbia it costs about $8/hr to browse the Net at an Internet cafe. This measly sum is a luxury for the girls.

J Stem
11-07-03, 09:22
Greetings to all, and I have my input being that I've been there as well.

Was there a year ago October, and everyone has to go to this place once. It's truly a miracle. After reading the posts, I have to agree with the others, "it's $30 bucks! pay it, and don't cut the girls." I know, "I'm not rich, blah, blah, blah." Most of us aren't but after going to the Campo and mongering there every night sometimes twice, it was the deal of a lifetime, and possibly not to be repeated. 5 of us were there, and the girls were amazing. Yes, there were some pigs, but there were like 200 girls, so there was something for everybody including some 10's. I like strip clubs. Very thin, very pretty, very big fake boobs. I went with a girl named Milena from Columbia every night my last 4 nights, because frankly she was perfect. Had the face of a runway model, and as I'm doing the deed, I just couldn't believe this unbelievably hot chick was $30 bucks! And there were tons of them. Go to Curacao, it's the bomb. I like short term mongering so we all stayed at Breezes Curacao all-inclusive resort. The best! Oh, by the way, the rooms are all air-conditioned, and you can take the girls out. We took them back to the all-inclusive for a day rate for them for like 40 bucks. Hope this helps. I'm going to the Dominican Republic in January for the first time, so I'm more than happy to exchange info with you guys.


J Stem

11-07-03, 18:37
Robert St


Caribbean islands and Curacao must be hot and humid even at night. I wonder if the rooms with girls at Campo Allegre are air-conditioned? Curacao climate is like Honolulu, Hawaii? Never visited Caribbean islands, but I know Hawaii well.

Sorry for stupid questions, and thanks for answer.

Curacao has to be one of the hottest spots on this planet! It is continually 87 / 92 degrees every day and humid as hell, rarely drops below 80 at night. All the rooms in Campo are air conditioned for the girls and "guests" comfort. Don't worry! I have been to Hawaii also and no Curacao is much hotter and more humid. (Only spot hotter on planet is Barranquilla, Colombia)



11-08-03, 05:19
I was just in Curacao (guess I should write a report) and it was bloody hot (and I am an Arizona boy.) Guess I am not used to high humidity. I echo Ford's comments about Campo. There is A/C in the rooms but I still worked up a good sweat during my sessions with the Columbianas. BTW, I was told that there are no more Dominicans at Campo and the reason given was that they never wanted to dance on stage.

I stayed at the Marriott. Every night I would came back late and in the lobby there were always women sitting outside the casino. One night I said hi to one of them and she followed me down the hallway. She gave me a big smack on the lips and asked if I wanted company tonight. She wasn't that great (after a hot Columbiana session.) Out of curiosity I asked how much. She said $100. When i hesitated she quickly got down to $60. I did not partake but thought it was interesting that Marriott openly allowed this.

I do recommend Campo. Very safe place (in addition to the private security, local police drop by every couple of hours to make sure everything is okay) and Columbianas to suit almost any taste all under one roof (so to speak.) As reported here, a little restaurant on site (had some good pork chops there one night.) One of the locals gave me a Polar beer from Venezuela. I liked it a lot... better than Amstel IMHO.

I recommend walking around past the different rooms instead of staying at the bar. Most nights there were only a couple of white gringos (Dutch and americanos) walking around. May be different at other times of the year. So if you are one of these like me, you will receive lots of attention (kissing sounds from the women as you walk by.) Some espanol is helpful also. Some of the columbianas spoke and/or understood zero ingles.


11-08-03, 19:40
With Jackson's permission, this is a reprint of my most recent Curacao-related musings... (11-04-03)...

I have just returned from the island. I spent four days there.

I am not going to repeat the basics. Many have reported on Campo, including myself. I will just try to update a few things and share some thoughts.

First of all, have any of you stopped for a moment and thought about how good-natured the chicas are considering what they have to do and the general quality of the clientele? I am really amazed that they are still willing to talk to you and not try to get you out. Not that it never happens, but it has not yet happened to me.

I have found that a little ice breaker works wonders. This time I brought a selection of flavored condoms with me. Upon entering a chica's room after some small talk I would pull out a few of those and say "Today on the menu we have banana, chocolate, mint and cola!". They would chuckle and pick one out. All chicas I was with warmed up even more after something like this. A tip works wonders too.

Yes, you can budget for strictly 50 NAF encounters. However, local people are generally NOT in the habit of tipping. News travels fast in the compound. I guarantee you that within a couple of hours all of them will know who to avoid and who is really nice.

Another item to consider is why the chicas are there in the first place. They are there because for many there is really no other work whatsoever. Many of them are students, or secretaries, or nurses in Colombia. Those who are lucky to have jobs are not paid anywhere near a living wage. It is literally spread your legs or starve.

Ok, back to chicas. Management at Campo seems to be catering more to local tastes. The last time I was there there were maybe a few chicas that were pleasantly round but no fat ones. That is changing, there were a few that were really heavy for their height. But there are still so many others to choose from!

I may have mentioned this before, but the chicas really do not make that much money. They have to pay 70 NAF daily rent. There was (I was told) a period in October when business was really down, and a bunch of them were sent home to Colombia. Then there is laundry. And food. And clothes. Also, they are forced to purchase their first bunch of condoms from the office at inflated prices.So, generally they start actually making some $$ with the third client of the day.

If you are on the island not only for Campo-related activities, it is great to hook up with a chica and take her out for the day. Many of them have no way of getting out of the compound. Yes, this means an additional expense of meals, etc. but it pays off big time! I hooked up with a girl a friend of mine had recommended, and took her out to the beach and dinner three days in a row. These investments paid very rich dividends indeed. Our last session went on for almost an hour and a half and she was a real sex panther. Absolutely wore me out.

In conclusion I would like to state that Campo remains a gem. You only fully understand its possibilities to the full on your second trip or even later. It needs to be cherished.

Spanish is a must. The first time I went I had essentially no Spanish whatsoever. This tiem I brought a pocket translator and it was a lifesaver. Just from practice I picked up quite a few words and, even though I butchered all grammar and syntax mercilessly I was able to carry on conversations on a caveman level. What a way to learn a language!

The entry fee is changing, it is going to be NAF20 starting 1/1/04. This will include some casino chips and some "Campo dollars" - you can use them to tip the ladies or simply pay them. I wish they would take plastic there....

And that's all, folks!

11-08-03, 19:52
Quick reply to Goga:

Let's assume a Campo Chica has three clients during a night, and they all pay the standard fee. Total intake 150 NAF.

Next morning the chica has to go to the office and fork over 70 NAF rent. Laundry is about 10 NAF. She has to eat - another 10 NAF. They are not allowed to cook in their rooms or have any electrical appliances except TV/CD... She may need to buy some work-related items -paper towels, wipes, condoms, etc.

So, before the next shift has begun, the chica is down to 60 NAF. That is $35. For a night's work!

I am using the 3 clients per night as an educated guess. There are some chicas who service more guys.

The girl I hung out with showed me her proceeds for the night. She would make, on average, 300 NAF before expenses but ONLY because she had a select group of clients, who would treat her well and tip her.

In conclusion, I do not regret taking care of my special chica throughout these four days at all. I reaped major dividends on my investments and achieved sensual delights that blew my mind.

11-09-03, 20:36

So, before the next shift has begun, the chica is down to 60 NAF. That is $35. For a night's work!

I have traveled to Curacao three times for a total of 37 days....so here is my semi/experienced two cents worth.

Amen, Tbird you are absolutely correct!

Don't forget the price of taxi's to the Maduro bank twice a week to Hato Airport to send money to her family in Perriera, Cali, Bogota etc. The price of clothes and the price of the weekly visit to the Campo Salon, both are also necessary in her business. The price of cleaning supplies because they also have to keep their rooms clean up to government standards. The price of her international cellular telephone, because afterall she had to travel out of her unsafe country and take up new residence in a different country so we would all feel comfortable visiting her. etc etc etc.

When things are so inexpensive to begin with I agree its pretty crumby for some people to try to bleed that last nickel out of someone just because they feel they can.

In the words of Dennis Miller "But that's just my opinion I could be wrong!"



11-10-03, 05:27
No, Ford, you are absolutely right. While I understand that a poor guy from Curacao may want to bargain at Campo, I feel very strongly that for a citizen of an industrialized Western nation it is an absolute disgrace to try to weasel out of paying $28.

I probably will not change the minds of those who do, I just have voiced my opinion and will stick to my habits.

Hit n Run
11-10-03, 06:11
Can someone recommended cheapest airline/route from Miami to Curacao, or Dallas to Curacao? Thanks in advance.

11-10-03, 17:47
A bunch of airlines fly to Curacao from Miami, namely American and Dutch Caribbean. Since I fly from BWI, i tend to fly AA - I have a freq. flyer acct with them.

Fares vary widely, I would subscribe to a service like Travelocity and put your destinations on Fare Watcher.

Now, if you can find a cheap flight TO MIAMI, from there it is only about $220 to CUR.

Now that I have written this I realized how much I want to go back.

By the way, a basic, but cheap and chica-friendly hotel is Hotel Celeste.


They want a cc deposit but the rest you will need to pay cash on arrival. USD 50/day.

11-10-03, 18:16
I am a DR reg. but will be in Curacao for the first time on busniess. I'll have my son with me most of the time and be staying at the hilton or Marriott on Jan 9 to the 12. I will be with a group of 8 and 5 of them are women and the other guy is a pastor. Is the campo open during the day for Its will be hard to get out at night. I am looking for short ones at daytime clubs or cabanas. BTW Ford are you the one who left the comdoms in the safe in the Sosua palace about a mounth ago. I had a bunch of my own so I left them for the next monger. I like taking photo do the girls in Curacao like taking them any information will be greatly appreciated.

Goga Fung
11-10-03, 22:44
Hit n Run,

There are several choices:

American Airlines: Miami - Cur
DCA: Miami - Cur
Prices: about $300

If you are not flying from Miami, sometimes it's cheaper to take a flight through:
Jamaica, Aruba, Santo Domingo.

Airline prices are always changing, so you need to check with every airline for specific dates.

Here are most of the airlines flying to CUR:


11-11-03, 02:55
Ok guys, I'll weigh in on this since I'm going to be there in 9 short days. Afraid I have to side up mostly with Tbird and Ford. The posted price is $30 so pay $30. Is that too much? Not from what I have heard. Can you get a better deal by going in mid-day? Say $40 for 2 hours or more? Maybe, and if so, why not. Its like a senior citizen special at the local Denny's. 75% of full price in an off time is better than 100% of nothing. And if she is really talented and works hard, let go of an extra $10 for crying out loud. Especially if you are fortunate enough to have it to give. About a year ago I was out of work and was one cheap SOB monger but now I can let go of a little more.

Speaking of which, I just went to the local department store cosmetics counter with a somewhat contrived story. Told the Latina gal a little white lie that I was going to Venezuela to see my little nieces and wanted to bring them some of the perfume samplers. She handed over about 20 of them and some other lotions and potions that the chicas love to have and I pitched her a $10. What a deal. According to some of the postings here they really go for that type of thing.

Hey Hit n run - try gocaribbean.com for a package deal. Worked out good for me but YMMV.

J Stem
11-11-03, 09:02

I went to Curacao last October, and it is the bomb. Stayed at Breezes Curacao which is an all-inclusive, but you could buy a day pass for about $40 for the girls if you wanted. They had no problem with that. The Campo is a dream. I love chicas that look like girls from Playboy, and the Campo has them! Some of the Columbians there were mind blowing. This one chica Milena had the perfect Playboy body, and large fake boobs and the face of a model. And any of them for 30 bucks?? Don't skimp. Pay the girls, it's so amazing. Take them out too, because it's rare they see the outside of the compound that makes up the Campo. Our day visits weren't productive. Best ones are coming out around 9 p.m., but if you meet that special someone, arrange to take them out for the day, and you get the GFE many look for. American Airlines generally has the best rates because they fly there more than anybody. A great site to go to for anywhere in the world really, is www.qixo.com It's a website like expedia or the others but it compares 28 airlines side by side and you can find the best deal. What I always do is find the best price from the particular airline, then go to that airline's website and can sometimes find an even better price. For the record, Breezes Curacao is a fantastic resort. All the food, booze, and beach included you can stand.


J Stem

J Stem
11-11-03, 18:51
Hey K Dog, haven't been to Columbia before, although I love their imports to other countries. I have been to Curacao and Costa Rica. Costa Rica has the edge as far as the beauty of the country and surroundings, but Curacao has the Campo Allegre. Spent 6 days in Costa Rica, and was disappointed in the chicas there especially after going to Curacao 6 months before. Have a great time regardless.

J Stem

11-12-03, 01:18
I'll be at the Hilton curacao and my room is off limit for my sister and son will be in there. I want to hit the campo in the daytime but will try to hit it one nite. Should I rent a car or take a cab? From the Hilton to the campo how much should a cab cost and the distance? Just quick hitter this time. PS: 30us for a chica and guys are complianing. The airfare from NY to CURACAO is 768us; my group got a rate of 538US per 7 adult and 328US for the child. I pick up 10 bottles of perfum from the 99cent store.

I'll post my trip and find away to take some photo the gallery need help. My are jan 9 to 12 and thank to the board for your great information.

11-12-03, 02:52
Thanks J Stem.

It seems from the posts that the Costa Rica women act more like pros (fewer GFE's) than those in Curacao. From your experience J Stern, it this true? Also, are the prices about the same in Costa Rica and Curacao? Thanks.

Larry C
11-12-03, 06:32
Hey kdog,

Costa Rica has some attractive woman. However the cost is somewhat high. Also, a lot women from DR, Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia, etc, etc, come to Costa Rica because they make more money there.

If you ever find good airfare to Peru, you must go. Women are nice and the prices for women are awesome.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

11-12-03, 06:42
I would like to add my $0.02 to this question: there are some chicas who will act in a completely pro manner at Campo but with many of them this can change depending on your attitude. The chica who will try and get some guy off and out ASAP could provide GFE to you .

Yes, there is money involved at Campo, but the chicas are still women and greatly appreciate tokens of attention. Small things, such as offering to get something to eat at the restaurant, holding the door, trying to find out a little bit about her (do not press this issue right away though: many of them REALLY do not want their families at home to know what they are doing) will score you major brownie points.

Case in point: during my last visit I took a break from my regular girl (I like variety) and walked around Campo for a while. Then I remembered a chica from the day before, tall, blue-eyed blonde. Beautiful. Went by Cindy. I knocked on her door, chatted with her a little bit, and we got down to business. Before it got hot and heavy I pulled out my usual selection of flavored condoms, and she picked one out. The service was good, and I gave her an extra 10NAF.

About an hour later I was walking past the bar when Cindy and a friend of hers who spoke English stopped me and the friend translated " She says you have a good soul"... All I could do was thank them both.

Why did she say something like this? Because I showed - to a small extent - that I cared about her pleasure as well as mine. That is very rare among the clientele.

So, in many cases, whether you get GFE or not depnds on you.
Enjoy Campo! May the force be with you! :-)

J Stem
11-12-03, 09:21
Hey K Dog,

In response to your post let me proclaim this from the rafters: Curacao and the Campo Allegre beat hands down Amsterdam or any place I've ever been! You've got 200+ girls, light skinned, dark skinned, big boobs, small boobs, thick, thin, tall, short, you get the picture. I banged so many hot chicks that week I was there it spoiled me against regular girls in the states. And no matter if she was a pig or a knockout, it was 30 BUCKS US!! Costa Rica at best was $60. Most were asking $75-$100 US. I never like returning to two places twice. I still have way too many places to visit, but if I did, it'd be Curacao. I'm off to the Dominican Republic in January, so I'm looking forward to that and would appreciate any info from the board.


J Stem

11-12-03, 15:55
J Stem,

Have to agree with you, Curacao is great. Loved there for 6 months, spent hell of a-lot of time in Campo. Yer, treat the girls right and you get twice the benifits. Guys don't be cheap and haggle, trust me it'l be the best $30 you could spend!

J, quetion where is the Breezes, got a website or contact #

Stay cool and wear a glove.

11-12-03, 17:24
J Stem
I went to Curacao last October, and it is the bomb. Stayed at Breezes Curacao which is an all-inclusive, but you could buy a day pass for about $40 for the girls if you wanted.

Don't need to buy a day pass! Stay at the Holiday beach Hotel & Casino, www.hol-beach.com.

Hotel has a great casino, nice pool, has its own beach, is only 15 minutes from Campo, has large comfortable rooms, with snack bar and beach restaurant. They permit absolutely anything in the room with you that you want to bring in, free! Bank on it!

If you don't go too crazy, you can have any kind of guest that you want and it is livre! Plus it is right next to to Denny's, Curacao's only 24 hour restaurant. Cheap eats for you and chica after fun time.



J Stem
11-13-03, 09:22
Referring to your post Ford, you are exactly right. If you want, there are many possibilities to be right there by the Campo. I think it's the Lion's Dive that is practically next door. The only reason I sang the praises of Breezes is that all-inclusive thing, in my humble opinion, is the way to go. No matter what time of day night, all the food you can eat, all the booze you can drink, and it's all paid for tips and all. I'll never do anything else. Very convenient is all. The only time I carried anything but a bathing suit was when we left for the Campo. By the way, on their buffet every night, strip steaks, lamb chops, grilled salmon, and tons of other stuff. Amazing. And rent a car. Cabs are outrageous, and we got a SUV for 5 of us for like 40 a day. You can get little ones for like 20 a day. A couple of cab rides will be over 20. Breezes website is www.breezes.com. Click on the Curacao one.


J Stem

Bunda Blast
11-13-03, 22:51
I am so glad to see that the reports on Curacao have picked up. For such an amazing place, it was really dry for a long time! I will be sure to write as soon as I go, until then, could someone answer some questions for me. Are there cute girls at the resorts that one could hit on (non pros, and tourists)? How much is anal at Campo? How much do the girls ask to spend the day with you, or do they do that?


11-14-03, 05:55
Anal has no fixed price at Campo. Depends on the chica. Some will not do it, period. Talk to the one you like in advance.

As far as I know, to take a chica out for a day will cost you NAF750 plus additional expenses - food, drink, etc. The girls do not like this very much since they only get about 1/3 of that and there is no security outside Campo. However, if a Chica really likes you then the "multo" will be from whenever she gets up until 6 pm the next day. But you really have to establish a good relationship with the girl you like.

Also, some advice: rent a car! Do not pay the ourageous cab fares!

11-14-03, 05:56
As to cute non-pros, I saw some very cute Dutch girls at Mambo beach enjoying themselves topless. Tall, blonde, and tanned. However, YMMV.

J Stem
11-14-03, 09:10
Hey guys,

To answer a few questions, the rate we paid for Breezes a year ago was considerably lower because Breezes had just taken over an existing resort, and wanted to build up business. Me and my buds got 6 days, 5 nights with airfare and everything for $850 from Chicago. A good start would be to go to www.applevacations.com and figure out some prices that way. You can't book a package online through them, you must book through a travel agent, but you can find out how much it will be. Also, the old standby www.expedia.com is great too. Now on to the girls. Anal can be had. One of my buds had this really hot Columbian girl with an amazing body and real boobs, and an adorable face for the standard $30. He then brought up anal, and she said for an extra, get ready for this, 10 bucks! Also, you can 3 way with two chicas for $60. I'm telling you everytime I walk into a strip club since I've been there, I always say "at the Campo, you have this atmosphere, but instead of getting a lap dance for $30, you can bang any one of them for $30!" The talent is just that great. As for spending the day, we found the right ones, and they came with us for free. Well, not free, but we bought the day pass at Breezes for like $40, and they were extremely happy to get out of the Campo for a day. Sex was included in the day pass. Not every girl will do this, but even though they're working girls, you can still establish a rapport.

Hope this helps,


J Stem

11-14-03, 15:19
After reading many reports I am heading to curacao in Dec. for a few days. I plan on visiting Campo. One question I have is transportation between Campo and hotels By taxi? Or rent a car?

If by taxi How much and how far?


Goga Fung
11-14-03, 18:45
For Donbuc:

The taxi price is $20-25 one way. This is not a good idea.

Car rental: about $40-45/day with all the insurance from Budget, National, etc.. You can reserve it in advance on travelocity.com for example.

There are some local car rental companies where the price would be only $20-25 per day. But I had a problem reserving once, they had limited number of cars.

For Bunda Blast:

Usually I did not see many tourists, also most female tourists are nothing compared to chicas in Campo, so don't waste time and money for tourists.

Anal pricing: Most girls who do it will quote FL100 ($60), then you may get it down to FL70 . This september there was a real photomodel type chica who liked it in the culito for FL70. Many other chicas first also look like photomodels, but once they take off their high heels, they have a very different, sometimes kinda dissapointing look.

Very few girls will do anal for the same FL50, or for an additional $6-$10. There was one very hot chica, who quoted only FL60 !, so I had to ask her to repeat the number to make sure it is not 160 or something. She did a great job and she got extra FL20. Then everyday she was saying "I lyave you I lyave you".

Some others will quote FL150-200, usually meaning that they hate to do it, but in case you wanna pay, then it's ok.

The rest will just refuse it at all, but most likely everybody will do anal in case you pay high enough. Their decision sometimes will also depend more not on the price, but on the size of your unit, they can ask to show it in advance, and some girls will refuse it after they see the unit.

Some tips for anal, when communicating with the chica mention these words:

"amore en el culito" instead of "culo", you may see a smile on her face
"suave", meaning that you'll be slow, this is very important
"con lubricante" - with lubricant
"no grande, pekinio" - the unit is not big, but rather small, does not matter if it's true, in case she asks about this.

This often helps a lot, the chica will see that you are experienced and already was with other chicas here.



J Stem
11-14-03, 19:03
Greetings gents,

To echo T Bird, absolutely rent a car. From the beach area around all the resorts should you choose to stay there, is a 30 minute ride to the Campo. Cars are cheap to rent there, and you'll save a ton. As for non-pros, Curacao and Aruba is to the Dutch what Cancun is to Americans. So, at Mambo Beach as mentioned, which is the biggest club on the island, there are tons of hot chicks who are partying. But, we went there one night, and immediately after a few beers went to the Campo. It's great: no attempted pick-up lines, no hoping after many drinks and lots of dancing that you get laid.....nope the Campo for just $30 you can pick any girl to do just about anything for a half hour. All while strolling in the beautiful weather....it's great. Go there quickly young men.

J Stem

11-15-03, 03:48
To Donbuc,

Don't try to take cabs thinking that it will help you save a (Don)buck it will not! Cabs can get real pricey, charging 15$ US or more to take you from campo back home. Be smart and rent a car, there are some good rental deals out there and they will save you money, I promise.

To Bunda Blast,

I think the reason that the Curacao board can get so slow at times is because of the logistics of how the fun on the island is set up. Everything on the Dutch run islands is very organized, very structured, very safe and very much fun. God bless the Dutch!
It doesn't take alot of advanced info to figure out how to have fun in Curacao. Drive your rental car to Campo...pay the entry fee....walk over to the bar.....buy an Amstel....walk around the camp and enjoy! Day two, rinse and repeat! Day three, rinse and repeat! Day four, rinse and repeat!

There I have just summed up in a nutshell how to have an awesome time in Curacao, in other countries that I have traveled to (Honduras and Nicaragua come to mind) things are so unstructured a great deal of advanced info is a must so you don't waste time, money or both.



11-15-03, 08:02
I am thinking about going to Curacao from 12-22-03 to 01-02-04. Will there be plenty of women at Campo Alegre, even though it is the holiday season? And is this period the high season or low season for hotel room rates?

Thanks in advance to any helpful comments!

11-15-03, 16:50
<<One of my buds had this really hot Columbian girl with an amazing body and real boobs, and an adorable face for the standard $30.>>> (J Stem)

The thing is that describes at least 50% of Campo Chicas..:-)

Bunda Blast
11-18-03, 03:44
T-Bird and J-stem and others who answered my questions:

You guys are awesome! You guys are so cool to answer the questions I had. Sometimes you write a quesiton and no one answers it at all, so thanks. I am confused thought, Tbird, you make it seem difficult to take girls out of campo for the day. What was your experience with that or did you do that? Jstem, you sound like you had no problem with this and it was pretty affordable. What gives? Is it easy or not? Is it expensive or not?

Thanks a million guys.

11-19-03, 04:42
Hey Jaz,

Checked out the end of December real carefully and they were booked solid even in August! So I opted for T-day and happy to say I leave at midnight tomorrow. Xmas is definitely the peak of the peak season, probably mostly for the Europeans.

Any other mongers going to be there this month 20th to the 27th put up a post on here and we can hook up for a brew and some laughs at the Campo. Even better if you shoot a good game of 9-ball. Full report to follow.


11-19-03, 06:53
Bunda Blast, in response to your question about girls out for the day.

If you are taking them out on a friendly basis, to the beach, for a meal, some shopping, etc. and they trust you and like you, then it is easy. They need a break from Campo, and they may need to go to a store, etc. And who does not like swimming in the pristine blue water?

However, this just elevates your status. You may get sex in your room, but not necessarily. You WILL definitely get super-preferential treatment back at Campo, where they need to be by 6 pm sharp. Management is strict about it, and they get in trouble for being late.

If you are going for a "multo", that is officially hiring a girl for a whole night, that is different. First off, it is 750 NAF. That's 400 USD. The girl gets about 1/3, the rest goes to "the house".Is it what you want? Do you really want to be with one chica for a whole night, with the infinite variety that Campo provides?

The girls do not always want to do that. Remember, they have the right to say no. There have been situations where the chicas on an all-nighter have been treated really badly (mostly by local Curacao men), not fed, not allowed to rest, etc. The girls are VERY careful. Remember, at Campo there is security on call. Who knows what you may turn out to be in your hotel room?

BTW, here your value as a gringo skyrockets. The chicas generally know we treat women far better than the locals and/or their fellow Colombians.

On the other hand, if a chica likes you, she may try to go for a multo, since she is guaranteed some money and a good client for a whole night.

Hope this answers your questions. Enjoy Campo quality responsibly! :-)

J Stem
11-19-03, 09:52
Hey Bunda,

Again, the only experience I can post about is my own. I was in Curacao with 4 other buds. Any of us that wanted to take someone out the next day we could. We treated the girls good, gave them a little tip for a good session (5 bucks), treated them like a friend not a hooker, and when we brought up going out the next day, it happened. I only did it 2 times, but we would take them to the Breezes Resort, pay the day pass, and they'd hang until about 6 or 7 pm when it was work time. Hope it helps. If anyone has been to DR, I've posted under Sosua with a question as it will be my first trip this January.


J Stem

11-25-03, 02:40
As an experienced Curacao traveler, I found that I had the most fun when I "turned day into night" - reversed everything, give it a try you'll love it!

At night, hunt. Walk around Campo and scout out what looks good and what peaks your interest. First, I would grab a can of Heinekin from the bar and pull out the little pocket pad that I took with me. As I walked past the girls rooms I would chat with them in spanish and scribble down the room #'s of the girls I liked. By about 10pm I would make a selection for the next day, and tell her I'd be back to pick her up around 8:30am.

The next day I would spend the entire day with her for a totally awesome GFE! First off to Willemsted to purchase a (little bikini) something I liked her in, then to Sea Aquarium or Jan Thiel beach for sun and photos, then to the beach bar for Amstel Brights, then to hotel pool for splashing and kissing, then to my room for a long, unrushed session and then finally to lunch (girls all ask to go to Denny's for american food, if not they ask for Pizza Hut (honest) and never crazy expensive) then I would bring her back to Campo around 5:00pm. Awesome!

I did this about 20+ times would always pay her about $120 total and I have pictures and memories that last and last. Every
girl I ever took out told me at day's end that they would "love to do this again tomorrow!"

I would then take a two hour siesta, grab some dinner and then return to Campo for the evening "hunting". Sometimes grab the same girl sometimes grab something different. Try it for a completely different experience!

J Stem,

I am also an experienced Sosua traveler. Stay at the Sosua Palace. It definetely is somewhat austere compared to the Breezes Resort (I know both first hand) but "Dominican" John has something for every price range in his hotel and you will be most comfortable there. High Caribe and Latin Club are both cool but don't get going till near 11:30pm, so plan on real late nights. As your fellow Curacao mate you can trust me on this one. I figured if I squeezed this info in on this board you had a better chance of seeing it.



11-25-03, 06:04

This is great. You cover an important fact: if during this all day outing you also expect sex make sure you let the girl know she will not go unrewarded. Sometimes they will even refuse money but make sure you give her some. It is well worth it.

The only disagreement would be the time of pick-up. Most girls try to work at least until 4 am. They need their sleep. I would not start a day outing earlier than noon.

11-26-03, 02:05
T bird,

The only disagreement would be the time of pick-up. Most girls try to work at least until 4 am. They need their sleep. I would not start a day outing earlier than noon.

*** Yes, but experienced Curacao traveler I am , I am! I already thought of this.

When the girls get to know me they knew that I was an honest person and I was offering them a much better deal! If I selected them for an "all-dayer" they knew I wouldn't let them down and they were going to earn $120 for the day which is the price of 4 - 30 minute sessions in their Campo room. Since it is usually real slow by 12 (medinoche) and the odds are not great to bag 4 customers in the last 4 hours of the night (unless it is Friday or Saturday night) and considering the fact that they actually "ENJOYED" spending the day out of Campo with me - they would usually "call it a night around 11:30 pm and get their sleep. "Having" to work till 4am, as opposed to earning the same pay for a relaxing day hanging out at the beach, and having fun with a easy going guy who is pleasant company is no real comparison. Turning in early is no problem. All they have to do is lock their door and turn their red light out.
Who really wants to stand in the doorway of their room till 4 in the morning anyway?

J Stem
11-26-03, 04:08
Greetings boys,

Ford and TBird both have valid points. You can experiment for yourself for sure. And what they said about giving them $$$ even if they don't ask? Absolutely. Don't ever take advantage of a magical situation like the Campo. These girls have bills and a life outside of their work, and when you take them out for a day and they almost feel like they're regular girls on a trip with their boyfriend, you could easily do this. But when you take care of them the word will spread, and you'll have plenty of takers.


J Stem

J Stem
11-26-03, 04:11
Hey Ford,

Thanks for the great Sosua advice. Unfortunately, I have already paid in full for an AI, so if you could give me some advice on short term hotels, that's what I need. You know what I mean? Girls I pick up at Latina club, etc. I'm sure with greasing the right palm you could get a girl in, but I posted on Sosua page, and haven't gotten an answer.

Much thanks,

J Stem

11-26-03, 06:56

It looks like you are right. It just seems that I have been hanging out with really popular chicas, who managed to get some business even on a slow weeknight.

In any case looks like we are on the same wavelength. I am hoping to get back to Curacao in May. Perhaps we could meet.

11-26-03, 17:29
Tbird and J stem,

Tbird what you say is true if the girl is real popular and all she is, is a "cash register with legs" than she will stay up for every buck she can grab! These girls all need to earn its just a break for them from the normal tiresome grind. It gets real depressing at Campo during the day - its real hot, some chicas are lugging around their laundry, some are moping, some are carrying around a styrofoam plate of patacon and rice, who's on the pay phone to Colombia talking to their kid(s), mother etc. A day out is a welcome break.

Bon Bini Curacao mates,



11-26-03, 23:39
J stem I just privated you, check your messages.

11-30-03, 22:06
Greetings all, from the fabulous island of Curacao!! Got back T-day evening and still can't believe the place, Campo especially. Which strangely enough is the only place on the whole island that is not overblown by a factor of 10X.

Let me explain. The refinery there is huge and the smell is always present in the air within a 5 mile radius which includes most of the downtown area. The locals that work the hotels are rude and borderline hostile. Gas is $6/gallon. The casinos, even the best at Breezes are dumps. The Dutch tourists are as rude as the locals and that is coming from someone who has lived in LA for 30 years!

And would I go back again? Absolutely!! Mainly for Campo and the snorkeling. The water was pristine and warm with no crowds at all on the north side. The roads were ok, for an island. Oh, should I skip the travelogue and go to the part about Campo? OK!

Picture yourself in a candy store with all the good candy from childhood. Mountains of it and it is only still just 5 cents. And you have $50 in your pocket! That is Campo in a nutshell.

The facts - probably 160 little rooms in the compound, small but clean and with a/c. Reminds you of an apartment complex with a community center. As you walk around the place there are women also walking around making eyes at you and kissing noises. Like a complete role reversal, them hitting on you for a change, and I mean hard. Also available women are lounging in their rooms with the door open cat calling at you to entice you inside.

And the women - regardless of your own rating system, it is fair to say all in the 5 to 9 range. Every type you can imagine, from darkest chocolate to almost vanilla. Almost all very nice, pleasant, accomodating to your needs and wants. Of the 5 ladies I sampled, only one time did I break off from her as she was too pushy on the money side of things, and even that was fairly cordial. The first 3 were Columbianas, next one from CR and the last from DR. All wonderful in their chosen profession.

The first two times was just on my own strength. The next three were with the aid of vitamin V. First time I've ever used it. Holy cow, the last three girls got more than they bargained for. Even when the room is too hot to continue junior stays rock hard. Trouble is it takes that much longer to come. So after 45 minutes of extreme deep hole drilling, the sheets are soaked with sweat, their pussy is totally stretched out, they will do anything to get you out of there and still no grand finale! I think the trick is to get the right dose and that comes with practice.

Yup, will definitly go back but not for a while.

11-30-03, 23:43
LDP, I am sorry you experienced rude locals. I did not. In fact, everybody was really nice. But, as always, YMMV.

As to Campo, I am really surprised they have started recruiting talent from DR and CR. I had heard that they considered Dominicanas trouble and had stopped their recruitment from that country.

Yes, gas is expensive, but compared to the USA it is expensive everywhere in the world. So that really should not surprise anyone.

Any updates on Campo? Did you see any additional info on their new admissions system? Thanks.

12-01-03, 02:04

The refinery there is huge and the smell is always present in the air within a 5 mile radius which includes most of the downtown area. The locals that work the hotels are rude and borderline hostile. Gas is $6/gallon.

***** Amazing isn't it - the island is the primary oil refinery for the entire country of Venezuela but gas prices there are always through the roof.

You forgot to mention that the entire island has the vague but unmistakable funky smell of petroleum. When you get home you can still smell the island on whatever shirt you walked around Campo in, two weeks later.



J Stem
12-01-03, 06:22
Hey luvdapuss,

Glad you had a great time. My experience was the same down to the smells and all. Would I go back? Heck yeah!

J Stem

12-02-03, 02:29
Anybody know how long of a cab ride it is from the main airport in Curacao to CAMPO? Sometimes I have a few hour sit there on my way to Venezuela and would like to make a quick visit if possible.


Hit n Run
12-02-03, 03:16
You could literally walk if you wanted to. Go back thru the reports for about 9 months, someone posting walking directions, 20 minutes or so. For perspective, the whole island is only 38 miles long by 5 miles.

12-02-03, 03:28
Just back from a week with 8 daily visits to Campo. It will take me weeks to recouperate. Totally drained. Those Columbian women are the best. Some thing for eveyone, I saw two guys leaving one gal's place with big smiles, double penetration no doubt, plus another guy with his girlfriend along looking for a threesome. My highlight of the week was an ass to mouth experience. I only wish I could last longer. Two hours in Campo and a drive and almost crawl to my 'hotel.
As to the air quality, only one section of the island gets the refinery smell. The West end has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As to the locals, the best, they bend over backwards to help you out. Frankly I get better treatment in Curacao than I do in the US. At the hotel, dive boats restaurants.
My only complaint is you can not take pics at Campo.
Also advice from the locals stay away from Tosca in the Otrabanda, too many bad guys to rip you off. Safe at Campo.

As' to the distance to the airport, 5 min's.

Noting in the Caribbean that compares to Campo.

12-02-03, 03:33
(Ricker wrote)
Anybody know how long of a cab ride it is from the main airport in Curacao to CAMPO?

**** Campo-Alegre is right next to the Hato International Airport - not more than a two-three minute ride. (In fact, you can see the Campo-Alegre "palm tree" in the distance as they turn the plane around and taxi it to the gate)
When you exit the airport parking lot you make a left and the entrance to Campo is a sharp left just up the road. If you have a short-time layover, I think it would be an ideal place to kill a couple of hours. Always chicas around even in the middle of the day and can't imagine it would be more than a few bucks in a cab, although I can't say exactly - always rented cars.

12-02-03, 20:26
FORD ... you just made my day!

My little waits in Curacao may be a bit more fun than before.


Goga Fung
12-10-03, 07:54

I'd like to summarize a few recent issues:

1) The refinery smells is only on the way from Wiliamstad to campo while driving near the refinery. If you stay in a hotel near the Sea Aquarium or other resort there won't be any smell at all.

The smell is only near the refinery, there is no reason to say that the smell is all over the island.

2) Gas prices are expensive, but you won't be able to spent alot of gas, the island isabout 10 by 50 miles size. If you drive for hotel to campo it's only s few kilometers each way,so do not worry about gas price. You pay about $20 in gas for 3 days driving. Rent an economical car if yo are gonna drive a lot.

3) Local people are not rude. Maybe there were some misunderstandings. I've never seen any rude person there. There are some people who look odd, but they are no different from those in NYC or DC asking for change.

Mose: which guys tried to rip you off in otrabanda? I've been there many times, but nobody every tride to rip me off, except girs.

Just having another opportunity to say this: while realizing that the campo is an incredible place with fabulous prices, please do not behave that it is darn cheap for you. People there are businessmen too. So sooner or later the prices will go up, and it is upto the consumer(you) who'll have the influence on the prices.

This has happened to many places in the world. Campo has not been popular among americans as it is now. Please do not spoil this place so fast.

Sincerely yours,


12-11-03, 03:20
When I was at Campo one of the locals warned me about Tosca in Otrabanda. I never got ripped off. I was told the pimp may pull a gun on you and rip you off. When I was there last year, the area was tough, you know when you walk in to a bar and get the vibes. No one bothered me but you could sense trouble in the area. The local that recommened me to stay away told me Campo has every thing at a reasonalble price and there are no security problems, hell the government runs it.. His point was why take a chance.

12-12-03, 16:28
hola mates,

i am writing this from the internet cafe in sosua, dominican republic. i thought i would throw something on this board that you all might find interesting considering the recent posts and conversations about girls and how to treat them and how the government treats them etc. etc. etc.

i have a serious gfe now here in the "dr" and yesterday it was actually time to visit the family. we drove three hours across the north coast of the dr from sosua, past cabarete to this little dumpy town called sanchez (sp) just about 15 minutes from samana. if you have never heard of these towns don't feel bad i never had either before this trip. now picture this, i am literally three hours from the nearest international airport, so there are absolutely no tourists here at all. just a bunch of locals looking at me like "what the heck is that very lost gringo doing here"

after meeting the family i took my girl shopping for clothes and there in the window of one of the womens clothing stores i saw it! a sign in the window that said (in spanish of course) ladies - excellent opportunities to make big money in the service industry, working primarilly as maids or waitresses on the beautiful island of curacao. if you are a women **** 35 -call this number and get a job working for the government of curacao in the service industry, make money, get a netherlands antilles visa, good on all of the abc islands, leave the dominican republic and enjoy the beautiful island of curacao while helping your family financially!

now in a country where unemployment in certain areas runs at about 40% and higher for women this all sounds real attractive!

when my girl came out of the clothing store (leaving me 2000 pesos poorer) i asked her about the sign. she waived her hand, and said (in spanish) "that is all garbage!" " its just a front for putas" she continued. i played dumb, "what do you mean"

she explained "what they do is grab about 8 to 10 girls from this city every year. these girls are driven to the airport in puerto plata and loaded on a plane, hoping to land a job as a waitress or a maid. they are then flown to willemsted, driven to a hotel and they are put up for two days. they feed them and they all hang out together while the person who brought them alledgedly is out looking for those great servive jobs that were promised. a day or two later, the man returns and tells them that none of the hotels are hiring, they are all booked up and we can fly you back home now if you would like. however, there is another option. they are told that there is a camp where the girls can earn big, big money in a clean, safe place working as putas. the girls talk together and since they already told their family that they would be away for several months, they already have a few friends that will be at the camp with them, and since returning broke is not a good option, many decide to stay. some return."

my girlfriend told me that most people know about those "curacao trips" and what they are about. some girls are real young or not very smart and they don't find out until they arrive.

i'm sure all of the guys on this board only know about curacao from the perspective of having gone there and having talked to the people there and the girls working there. i just thought i would give you some information from a different perspective. you don't see these curacao signs in "tourist" areas. i bet nobody in curacao ever thought that a former patron of their island would ever see their sign posted in the window of a women's clothing store in a little dirt poor, dumpy town called sanchez - three full hours from any international airport. the word for the day is... deception.... can you say it boys and girls i know you can!


12-14-03, 20:54
I'll be at the Hilton for a weekend jan 9 to 12 2004. What time do they start at the campo for I won't be able to get out at night. I like to take photos of the girls and read that you can't. Can photos be had for a extra tip to the girl or house owner. Should I rent a car for the airport or near the hotel.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

12-15-03, 15:29
To Scotch,

If you scroll down about 14 posts ago and read my post dated 11/26, I pretty much set the Campo scene for you during the day. Campo never closes its just that since most of the guests are around at night things usually pick up around 7 pm. During the day the girls take care of chores and bank runs. If you arrive at 10 am you will usually find someone around that is looking for fun, but your selection will be low because most girls sleep late.

Campo does not permit cameras or photos on premises. All bags are searched to insure that no one brings in food, beverages cameras or weapons. The "house owner" as you put it is the Government of the Netherlands Antilles and in this case can't be "juiced".

Rent a car at the airport - its fairly cheap, its convenient and they offer some very attractive deals on sites like travelocity.

Photo Time
12-29-03, 17:54
9/02, Day 1 (from my archive)

Found myself destined for a business trip to Curacao. Nautrally I wanted to investigate the hobbying opportunities and began scouring archives on several sites to get the "lay of the land" so to speak.

Curacao is an island off the coast of Venezuela and is part of the ABC (Aruba Bonaire and Curacao) Netherland Antilles chain of islands. It is predominately Dutch but there are a lot of Spanish and local natives as well who inhabit this island. It is not very large and one could drive it's 60 Km length in about an hour. A vast majority of the people are multi lingual speaking, Dutch, Papamiento (local dialect), Spanish and English. This is not only true of the socially elite and well to do but the vast majority of the people. They can switch from one language to another with ease and many times carry on conversations with multiple people in multiple languages.

Quick two and 1/2 hour flight from Miami and slept most of the way after having to get up at 0 dark 30 to make and early flight out. Arrived in Curacao. Small airport. Absolutely no problems with immigration or customs. Had reserved a hotel off the Internet and will not recomment this place for others. I plan to move tomorrow if possible.

Campa Allegre/Le Mirage:

Mongering haven.....? Yes! 100-130 Colombian and Dominican girls who live on premise and are there strictly for your hobbying pleasure. It is a literal comound surrounded by a 10' high brick wall. Inside are over 100 small apartments in about 16 different buildings where the girls reside and ply their trades. Cost is $3 US or $5 guilders entrance. You do go through security screening and a pat down. No cameras allowed (damn). Inside is an open parking lot, an open air dance and stage area with a couple of bars and big screen TV's. Beers are $3 for a small can and mixed drinks are more.

Programma is to walk around the various buildings and see the girls in their rooms until you like something you see. many are walking around, geting something to eat at the small restaurant, sitting on or near various planter areas or in and around the bar area. Most are Colombianas or Dominicas here on very strict 3 month visas. They pay the management $40 per day for the rooms and average 3-4 customers per night.

I can tell you there was every shape size and color. Very few 8's-9's; even some 1's-2's. Above average was a 7.5 and I found 2 I would consider an 8 (did both of them too within the few hours I was there.) It is a strick 30 minute session or until you pop, no second pops unless you want a second half hour extension. One girl wanted money up front in the room, the other waited till we were finished. Guess which one got the propina?

I would suspect if you were a regular and frequent customer you could probably enjoy a GFE experience but for the most part I got the impression this was a "slam, bam thank you mam" kind of place. If you finished before 30 minutes, session was over.

Not the greatest sex I have ever enjoyed but still better than some. Covered BJ's, cowgirl, Reverse, Mish and some doggy. Little massage afterwards and out the door looking for another.

I have one coming to my hotel on Sat for the day but their rules are very strict. She must be back by 6:00 or she is fined $40.

Will keep you posted and try for some photos. Little 24 yr old from Cali. 2 kids but still tight and semi-firm breasts.

Only "caution". Might want to consider renting a car here. Taxi's are atrocious. $15 for 6 mile ride from airport to my hotel. $20 each way from hotel to Campo. If I didn't have business partners driving me everywhere else, I probably would have rented a car.

Would not put Curacao in my top 10 mongering destinations and certainly would not select it as a place to just go mongering. If you find yourself here on a business trip or want some of the finest diving, it would be a nice little diversion.

Photo Time
12-29-03, 17:54
9/02, day 2 (from my archive)

finished my business on friday, had a nice leisurly dinner at the hotel and decided to take a nap. since le mirage does not really get started until around 10:00-11:00 i thought this might be a late night.

grabbed a taxi around 9:00 and headed out to the compound. yep, another $15 taxi ride. this was really beginning to irk me. i was paying $30 for a session; $3.75 for a mixed drink and $15-20 for a fricking cab ride each way. oh well, entered the place with the usual $3.00 cover grabbed a beer and started a conversation with another gringo. poor lad, worked for one of the oil refineries and had been there two years. said lm was about the only place on the island worth going to but told me about a couple of others. he suggested i not go alone or to hire a taxi driver to go with me. he told me not much talent but an occasional jewel. it didn't sound too exciting but i said i would check them out.

as we were sitting there this petite little mulatta with a rack to die for was leaning up against a column giving me the eye. she was wearing a very flimsy see through top that displayed her ample assets rather well. i called her over andf got her a drink. i asked if they were "natural" and she said yes. looked fake to me because they were so firm and standing straight up without any sag. told her i had to check them out. sure enough, they were as natural as they could be. she told me they were firm because she had not had any children. we finished our drinks and off to her little room we went. nice (but covered) bj. seems to be the norm around here. hot session with multiple positions. quick shower afterwards and back to the bar.

well satisfied now i continued my conversation with the guy i had met earlier. he told me i went too early. i told hiom i wanted them when they weren't already worn out for the evening. he just chuckled. he did tell me there was a constant new supply of girls every week, mostly from colombia. since they only have 3 month visas i could see how this could be very true. he told me they usually arrive on fridays, get indoctrinated by management as to the programma, rules and regulations and start work right away. firday night is the busiest night since all the locals come there to check out the new talent. i got the impression he had done quite a few of the girls here and a number of them came up and hugged and kissed him.

anyway, the crowd began to grow and promptly at midnight they had a little strip show. must have been mandatory for all the unoccupied girls to attend because suddenly we were surrounded by about 100 of them and about 100 guys as well. sort of turned into a big party. only three strippers but went fully nude before exiting. my friend told me there was a sex show the next evening where a volunteer out of the audience fucked a girl on stage. sounded interesting...as a viewer, not a participant!

spotted another cutie and my friend said she was brand new today. he called her over and we all met for the first time. we chatted and he asked me if i wanted her. being the nice guy that i am i told him to go ahead if he wanted to. he countered with, "i can have her anytime in the next three months. you only have a couple of days...go for it if you want". i took him up on his offer. cute little girl from cali, 20 years old, don't remember name and it wouldn't matter anyway unless you will be there within the next two and one half months because she will be gone.

anyways, easy to tell she was new as she was a little timid and wanted the lights off. i told her lights on or no deal. she agreed and removed her clothes. another nice rack that were very firm, tight little ass and what a kisser when she finally came around. no kids yet and very tight y. had to lube up twice during the 30 minute session and she had what appeared to be a real orgasm. at least it seemed so because she did not want me to touch her pussy or her nipples because they were too sensitive. we finally got around to some nmore groping when our time was up. i was thinking i might just visit her again on sat. night.

went out to the parking lot and started talking with a taxi driver. asked him about the places my new friend had suggested and he agreed to accompany me., for a slight fee. taxi $30 plus his drinks. sounded fair to me for the ride and a little protection.

we went to a place called la tasca. very quiet for after midnight on a fri. had a decent bar and a raised dance floor but very little action. i asked if possibly the girls were all with customers. my driver told me not and they only usually had 10-12 girls. i saw eight and none of them were over a 5. one drink and out we went. he recommended a private house called crazy horse. i agreed and off we went. literally in a private neighborhood like the casas in cartagena and there was no outside indication this was anything but a regular residence. he rang the bell and a little peep hole door opened. he said something in the native dialect and the door opened. looked like we were walking into someones home. living room and dining room furniture, tv's throw rugs on the floors. i was beginning to smell a set up and started back out the door when a lady came out of another room and motioned me to follow her. i looked at my taxi driver and reminded him i knew his name and taxi number. he grinned and said it was ok. we went into a back room that had been converted into a small dark bar area. music was playing although at a very low volume. there were 5 girls there. none under 30 years old or over a 4 in my ratings. i took one look and told my driver let's go. i asked him if he knew the other place my friend recommended and he said yes but did not recommend i go there. lot of fights and shootings. back to my hotel we go.

Photo Time
12-29-03, 17:55
9/03, Day 3 (from my archives)

It is Saturday morning and overcast looking like rain. That is unusual for this island as they only average 26 inches of rainfall per year. Wouldn't you know it would happen when I was there. Had a great buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant and read for a while during the drizzle. About 11:00 AM it stopped and I headed for the beach. There are numerous beaches in Curacao but I suppose the most frequented is Mambo beach next to the Sea Acquarium. Paid my $3NA and found a chair in front of one of the little bar/restaurants. Beach chair cost $2NA for the day and was very clean and comfortable.

There was a professional lady photographer there taking picutres of some people playing in the water. She had some pretty impressive equipment and it was interesting to watch her. A guy with her came over and asked me something in Spanish. I asked him to repeat it and he waved another guy over. The guy told me they were taking photos for their new brochure of the beach and Sea Acquarium. He told me I looked like an executive and asked if I would pose for some photos. This was a different twist! I agreed.

I met the photographer and she was from Medellin, there on a photo assignment with a Colombian advertising agency. She also spoke very good english as she had attended a photo/journalism school in Boston. Had a lot of fun asking her about her equipment and even clicked off a few of my own. She asked me if I would do the photos and I agreed but jokingly told her it would cost her 4AA batteries for my camera (mine were dead. I use rechargeables and had forgotten to change them before coming to the beach) She laughed and said OK. I told her in earnest I would buy them since the little store didn't have any. She just shook her head and said no problem. She took about a dozen shots and said she was happy with the results. We'll see if I make the cover of the Cuarcao Sea Acquarium brocure next year. Ha ha!

There was still a cloud cover so the sun was not too intense. I went for a little walk, took some photos and got a few eyefulls of some of the local blond Danish girls sunbathing topless. Some really cute girls here but absolutely not approachable. I tried twice and was waved away both times. Might have been my age or nationality or they may have had local boyfriends but it was a no go. Now, the local darker skinned natives was a different story. Remember, almost the entire population speaks Spanish, English, Papimiento and Dutch. I struck up a conversation with one well toned and very fit 30 something lady. She was very cordial and began telling me all kinds of stuff about the island. She even warned me to stay away from a place called La Mirage and that it was a bad place. I asked her why? Seems a lot of the locals go there and fall in love with the Columbians then divorce their wives. Happened to her, ouch! Well, I asked if she was free for dinner and she accepted. She even offered to pick me up at my hotel and I agreed.

Supposed to meet me in the lobby at 7:30 but typical "island time" and influenced by Spanish culture she showed up at 8:00 in a brand new Mercedes 500SL (nice divorce settlement I guess). Visions of a $250 dinner started spinning in my head. Fortunately, it was not the case. We went to a little seafood restaurant that was one of her favorites and we both had a very nice meal for under $30 US. We decided to go dancing at a local club. She was impressed that I knew some of the latin dances and I taught her a few American moves as well.

I went for the close at around 10:30 but it was not her style. She suggested I come back sometime and we get to know each other. Just what I need! We danced some more and at around 11:00 I told her I was tired and had a long day on Sunday. She dropped me off and I did get a very nice good night kiss and embrace.

As soon as she was gone, I hailed a taxi for La Mirage. Tonight was show night. Went in and found a table in the bar/ stage area. Place was filling up fast and I wound up sharing my table with three other guys. Saw the little Mulatta and she was giving me the eye. Also saw the little Calina and she was looking hot as well. I must say the sights this night were improved from my first night. I saw a lot more 7's and 8's but the 1's and 2's were still around.

Show started a little late with a striptease to full nude and off the stage. Second girl had a real nice body and included a little audience participation in the form of a pseudo lap dance. Third girl out got real funky with the audience but she was way overweight for my liking.

Next, they put a matress on the floor and a clean sheet over the bed. Girl starts dancing bottomless but never took off her top. Small tits anyway. Before I knew it a tall slender black guy is running up on the stage and volunteering. She teases him a little and makes him take off his clothes. Guys it is true, he was hung like a horse. Damned condom would only cover about 1/3 of him. She gave him a short covered BJ to get him hard and he plowed into her. I was certain she would wince but she just laid back and took it all in. They went at it for a few minutes and she pushed him away and left the stage. He was no where near to being finished but I'll bet there was another girl there that night who did finish him. He could give away 2-3 inches and still cause a gasp from a girl.

I grabbed the little Calina and made a bee line for her room. The mulatta saw me and I just shrugged.

Nicer session than the previous night and went right up to the 30 minute mark before busting a nut. She seemed to enjoy it and asked me to come back again the next day. I tried to get her to go to the beach with me on Sunday but she had some kind of meeting to attend at the Campo.

Got home around 2:00AM and got a good nights sleep. Decided to go back to Mambo beach again for the day and do some reading. I forgot to mention. On Sat upon entering I went to the left when I hit the beach. While wandering and taking photos I went in the other direction and found a real bevy of beauties sunbathing topless. So today when I enter I make a bee line to the right and find a chaise positioned between three lovely topless lasses. Soon 5 more joined them. I am reading, taking an occasional walk to the water to cool off and just enjoying the sights. I finally ask one of them a question and she answers me in perfect English. Turns out she is from Minnesota (blond/blue eyed) and lives with her family in Curacao. Her dad works for a big engineering firm. She is in her third year at the University and wants to come back to America for Grad School. She introduces me to her friends and I try like hell for a group photo. No dice. Damn...might have been an ****** Award winner! 8 blond haired, blue eyed firm bodied 20 something beauties topless on the beach.....Oh well, maybe in my next life or next trip to the Riveria! Had a fun afternoon, bought a few beers, played paddle ball on the beach (and that was quite a site watching all those tits bouncing up and down).

Finally went back to the hotel, had some dinner, read for a while and hit Campo again. Did a repeat with the Calina and called it an early night. I did have business meetings early the next morning.

When I got back to the room the 500SL had left me a message to see if I wanted to come over to her place for dinner. I tried to call but no answer. Oh well, shit happens!

Had business meetings and went to the airport. Easy departure and right on time.

Photo Time
12-29-03, 17:57
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Photo Time
12-29-03, 17:57
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Photo Time
12-29-03, 17:58
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Photo Time
12-29-03, 17:59
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12-31-03, 01:32
Hey Photo Time,

Wow, absolutely fantastic report!! Your report really made me nostalgic for a return trip.

I have also cruised around the entire island several times and came to the conclusion also that Campo is the "only game in town."

Sorry you don't think that Curacao would make your top ten list but thanks again for a great recap of your experiences!


"Amstel Bright" FORD

12-31-03, 06:17
I realize everyone is entitled to his own opinion but to me Curacao is still a dream destination. I am planning my third trip in June.

Every time I leave I do so with a heavy heart thinking of that special caleña who showed me again life is worth living. I try to keep in touch with all of them... It takes me a few days to get back into the swing of things at the office.

I just think that of so many monger destinations Campo is one where it is easy to blur the line between pro and GFE. Honestly, it does not take that much effort!

J Stem
12-31-03, 06:58
Thanks Photo Time for great detailed reports. I have to agree with TBird in offering condolences on it not being a top spot for mongering. I thought it spanked Costa Rica, but I'm off to the Dominican Republic in 3 weeks so we'll see if it can be beat!! And always RENT A CAR!! (sorry Jackson, had to add caps for emphasis!!) I also loved in the selection of girls at the Campo that there were lots of chicks with fake boobs. I love that.



01-03-04, 08:48
Curacao and the Columbian girls at Campo certainly are a treasure.

Some suggestions: Use the local currency, just make an ATM withdrawal from a local bank. I saw one American show up at Campo with a fist full of $100 bills, not realizing that you can have any gal you want there for about $35. Another suggestion: Make sure to treat the gals nicely. Buy them a drink, make them laugh, give them a massage. During the week, I easily turned the 30 minutes I paid for into a hour each time. Most of them also wanted to spend the next day at the beach, some even demanded / begged that I take them to the beach the next day.

After sampling a few of them, I found a gem that I stuck with after that. My times with her soon turned into GFE. Cannot wait to go back.

01-04-04, 15:29
Nothing agains Curacao, either Campo. I am wondering why people looking for colombianas in Curacao and not in Colombia. The same quality of girls who work in Campo can be found easily in Colombia for less than us$20!


Every female is a possible target, the trick is how you communicate.

01-04-04, 22:55
I must agree with Elmo on both counts. First off, the local merchants will "conveniently" accept USD but round up the price a bit. Over the course of your stay these "roundings up" will add up. Pefrect example is the base price at Campo. NAF 50 is NOT USD 30, it is USD28.6. Repeat that a number of times and soon you have $20...30 gone.

I am not greedy and USD 20 is not that much but it is an annoyance. I ALWAYS withdraw NAF at the ATM. You essentially get the interbank rate. Make one large withdrawal to avoid ATM surcharges.

Sercond and most important, TREAT THE CHICAS WELL!!!! If nothing else, consider it an investment on your part, you wil get GFE. Sometimes even more than you bargained for. For example, I was playing around at Campo with a chica from Bogota and had had a relaxed session with my special chica an hour before. I kid you not, literally the moment I was putting my pants on my cell phone rang - it was mi chica especial wondering where I was and if I wanted to go get smth to eat....

I can't wait to go back!

BTW, does anyone have any info on the new entry fee structure?

01-04-04, 23:00
Dutchman, the reason why us gringos go to Curacao rather than Colombia to sample Colombianas is very simple: a better developed infrastructure and safety. There is no FARC kidnapping tourists in Punda! ;-)

While reports of dangers in Cali may have been overblown it is still 100% safer on the island. Thank God it is still run by the Dutch.

If you are really Dutch, then God Save Queen Beatrix! BTW, even the Crown Prince of the Netherlands married a Latina - a lady from Argentina. Goes to show, doesn't it?

J Stem
01-05-04, 07:20
I very much agree with TBird. I've only been to Curacao 2 times, but the safety factor is considerably better there than Columbia. It's a great place to go. The girls GFE very easy there. Just treat them good, and above all, rent a car. Taxis will make you go broke.



01-11-04, 01:09
J Stern is right. I should also have mentioned that renting a car in Curacao is a must (in addition to using local currency and treating the Campo chicas nicely). For about the cost of round trip cab fare to and from Campo, you can rent a small car for a day. The island is easy to drive around and, since most of the cars are small, no one can drive real fast or crazy. Check expedia, travelocity, priceline, etc, for rental rates.

Plus, with your own car, you can go back to Campo during the day, collect your favorite little chica and then hit Mambo, Jan Thiel, or one of the little bocas in the northern part of the island with her. After some beach time, maybe a little shopping, and a bite to eat, you can look forward to some late afternoon GFE back in your hotel room. Can't do that if depending on cab rides.

Here is 22 year old Ana from Bucaramanga. Spent a great day snuggling with her on the beach. After grabbing some BBQ with her, I enjoyed GFE. (Sorry, but the photo is really dark and does not do her justice). She was definitely an 8.

01-11-04, 01:24
Here is another cutie from Campo I spent the day at the beach with, 24 year old Alisa from Cali. She was nearing the end of her time on Curacao and was very grateful to spend the day at the beach with me. After lots of cuddling and kissing on the beach, and a little shopping, I was rewarded with some great GFE in my hotel room before taking her back in time for the 6 pm deadline.

Treat the chicas at Campo nicely, and if you make a connection, they will be enthusiastic about spending the next day at the beach (or shopping or dining) with you.

One Tree Hill
01-18-04, 23:11

Guys anywhere in the US to Curacao for $350 plus taxes.

Travel must end by Mar 27th. I am getting rid of some perks. I have helped several guys from the DR board save some $$.

This is limited and once gone its gone. BTW, Campo sounds interesting. I have mongered in Thailand, Argentina and DR, perhaps Curacao is next. Could use a little sun about now.


01-21-04, 16:17
Just had a 2 hour sit time at the Curacao airport so I grabbed a cab and ran over to Campo. About 3 minutes in the cab.

What a cool place. Even though it was about 3pm, there were still chicas walking about and some in their rooms.
Found a real nice Calena in her room and chatted with her for a bit ... then she gave me some excellent service ... told her I'd be back soon ... great GFE.

I really need to see this place in the evening when there are even more chicas available.

Colombianas are awesome!

01-24-04, 23:08
Hi Guys,

I've just booked my plane ticket over to Curacao from the UK for May, can anyone recommend a really good apartment to rent on the island? A pool would be good, and a laid back attitude to visitors is essential, but other than that just good old value for money is the important thing.

Also, what are the opening hours of The Campo?

All the breast,


01-25-04, 03:21
Tomster, in May inexpensive lodging should be opening up.

Try Landhuis Daniel for rooms, or search Curacao Association of Small Hotels and Apartments. Hotel Celeste is not bad albeit a bit spartan. www.celeste.an

Very, very chica-friendly. These are not apartments, rather budget hotels.

Campo is open 24 hrs a day but, as posted many times before, the real action is normally between 7 pm and 3 am. HOWEVER, do pop in early at least once and you may run across a really popular hottie who is normally busy at night.

Rent a car. I repeat, RENT A CAR! :-) Taxi fares on the island are highway robbery.

And, above all, be nice to the chicas! We all work hard for the money but PLEASE don't try to bargain them down from the already low 50 NAF.

Remember, Campo is unique since it is very easy to get GFE. In fact, if you find a chica muy especial I can guarantee you GFE.

When you get back please report on the fee structure. They were going to change it but it seems have reconsidered.

Oh God, how I envy you...can't get out until June...

01-26-04, 12:43
I understand safety is what we are concerning when we travel. So am I! That's why I keep postpone my dream trip to colombia. Last year december I decide to give Colombia (Barranguilla) a try. I regret why I didn't do that before. DON'T LET FARC SCARE YOU. IMHO Colombia (at least Barranguilla) is safer than Rep Dominican and Venezuela. Ofcause nobody tells you to go up to the mountains.


01-26-04, 19:31
I had a short bussiness trip in Jan 2004 stayed at the hilton mostly families. Went to to the Campo twice and enjoy both times. They charge me 6us to get in and the girls charge 50 guldens about 29 USD no rush at all matter of fact the 2nd girl I had didn't want me to leave. BTW both girl were Columbian and wash you off afther the deed won't get in DR but DR is still more for a monger. Curacao had no action other then campo and the natives I met in the casino were talking used car prices. Its a very nice safe small Island and the campo alone make the trip worth while.

02-05-04, 05:36
Any action during the day? Going there on a cruise..docks 8am departs 5pm. I'd like to hook up with some dutch girls if possible :)

Dashing Don
02-26-04, 08:01
Just booked my first trip to the island from 3/6-3/14. Thanks to Ford, Tbird and others, I know to:

Rent a car

How to arrange a 'day date' with a Campo girl.

Pay my $35 with a smile :)

Being an antsy monger, I try to pack in as much as possible and am investigating the possibility of a side trip to perhaps, Quito. Aeropostal Air serves the island six days a week via Caracas. Reports to follow.


Scotty Monger
02-27-04, 01:44
Dashing Don,

I'll be very interested in your reports. I was in Curacao in August of '02, with my now ex-wife so I wasn't free to monger at Campo. Now that I am free to monger as I please, I was considering a return trip. I like to combine my 2 passions, mongering and SCUBA!

Let us know if the fee structure, quality of girls, etc., has changed.

BTW, I was there for 2 weeks and have a lot of non-mongering info. if you need it.


Scotty Monger

Dashing Don
02-27-04, 18:06

Its interesting that you like to combine mongering and scuba. I also like to do something besides banging one girl after another while on these trips, which I take about three or four times a year. For several years, scuba diving was my excuse to travel to distant and exotic locales. In time, I tired of the early dive boat thing and the heavy equipment so I usually snorkel now. Also, my wife has accepted my mongering, although she doesn't like it and I never openly admit it, and thus I don't have to go through lugging the divebag half way around the world.

I am planning to attend the Thailand Open (tennis) in September for a great combination of tennis and mongering. Another passion is jetskiing and there are surf championships in north eastern Brazil, a great mongering destination, but getting there is a problem. It seems like you have to fly all the way south to Rio or Sao Paulo and then backtrack thousands of miles north. Kind of like flying from NY to Honolulu and then back to Denver.

I wrestled for several days with trying to arrange a side trip to French Guiana from Curacao, to see Devils Island and all that. Many hours spent navigating the websites for Surinam Air and Dutch Caribbean Air and trying to reconcile them, as there are no direct flights. Finally, after getting through to Surinam Air by phone, I was told that the schedule had been changed and that everything was screwed up. Also, Suriname requires a visa which must be arrange in advance, with fotos and all and a $60 fee. After many calls to the Suriname consulate in Miami, a five-page application was faxed, complete with questions like whether I am married; a widow; or a concubine ( I kid you not ). Finally, I gave up and anyway, I was worried that I would n't get laid in French Guiana. The WSG section is almost bare except for Nibu.

I will write reports on my trips and and as always, thank WSG for the ability to go anywhere in the world and hit the ground running.



Scotty Monger
02-27-04, 20:55

I am currently trying to work a Curacao-Caracas or a Curacao-Cartejena trip. I believe Avainca has flights to/from Curacao, probably from Bogota though. And, I know there are many flights between Caracas & Curacao, but I'd hate to miss Cart. when I'm so close!

Also, DCA is notoriuos for poor service. They are hard to reach, change flight times constantly, etc... So, you might have more luck with Avianca's service. Having said that, Avianca is currently close to bankrupcy & may be bought out by Continental in the near future (just a rumor).

I know what you mean about the "irregular" routes. I live in Texas, but usually have had to fly thru Miami to get down south. However, I have recently had success flying out of Houston with TACA Air (El Salvador) in getting to C.A. (Belize, Roatan).

Scotty Monger

02-29-04, 18:51
Just came back from Curacao and it was a blast. I rented a two bedroom condo through INTAC which cost $950 for 7 nights and included the use of the owners car which was big. You definetly need a car on this island to get around and explore. The beaches I liked the best were Playa Portie Marie and Klein Knip. Both had full service facilites for food and booze. They also had plenty of shade b/c the sun on this island is the strongest I ever felt. You better bring sunscreen 30 or higher.

Ok now to Campo Allegre. The best bang for your buck anywhere in the Carribean. I just hope people do not get stupid and start throwing more money than is neccessary at these girls. This place had some of the hottest chicks I have ever seen and I have been to the thermas in Rio. They are all from Colombia. The price for admission was 10 guilders. This comes out to be $5.55. I was getting an exchange rate of 1.80 at the casino in the Marriot. They did not let you exchange more than $100 a time. That was a better rate than at the bank which was 1.77. The cost of a can of beer 4.25 guilders. The women were 50 guilders for 1/2 hour and 100 for an hour. I usually would go for a 1/2 hour but wound up being in there longer. I only was charged once for staying longer. You should definetly do a walk through the whole complex b/c some girls just sit in there room with there door open or just sit in their doorway. Some are just walking around the complex advertising there assets. They do have a stage by the bar area where some nights they do strip shows. They also have an place where you can exchange your dollars for a rate of 1.75. I paid one girl in dollars once and she wanted 30. The price was rounded up a little bit but at $30 who can argue. I read earlier posts about giving $20 and these girls accepting but that was not the case in this instance. She did gave me change of $10 when I gave her $40. Unlike a domincan who would have tried keep the money or went on with some bullshit story about her mother or kid being sick.

All said a great trip. I went to Campo every night had 2 or 3 girls. The girls were all very pleasant and did not try any scams like you see in the DR or other places. Just be respectful and you should not have any problems. You also were not bothered by the locals at all at the beach or anywhere else like in the DR. They did not try to sell any crap. The locals were very nice and respectful and so were the Dutch that were there also. You can find a q-pasa magizine that tells you the happenings of the island like happy hours. Usually Weds-Sunday at least one place is the place to be among the Dutch and locals. I know Weds-The Music Factory, Thurs-Bananas, Fri- Tu Tu Tango and the Living Room, Sat- Living Room and Sun- early happy hour at Mambo Beach and Wet and Wild. After having the pleasure of meeting Colombian women I would definetly love to go to Colombia but will probably stick to Curacao for now.

If anyone has any specific questions email me and I will be happy to provide any assistance.


Dashing Don
03-08-04, 18:25
Greetings mongers,

Its Monday morning and I arrived on Saturday afternoon, so, first impressions of the island, and then Campo.

Arrival is at the decidedly small and laid back, Hato International. The island is hilly and covered with scrubby vegetation. The soil is sandy and this gives the streets a dusty quality. The infrastructure is good, testament to the Dutch who run the place. The locals look black although they are apparently a melange of many races. They are courteous but lack the jocular way of the Dominicans, for example. The standard of living is high and you can expect to pay US prices for food and drink. Its hot so sunblock is a necessity. No poverty that I can see and I don't get any sense of danger. Everything is well-organized.

Previous reports were 100% correct about needing a car. I have done quite a bit of driving in just two days and I can't imagine having to depend on a taxi to get around.

I'm staying at the Holiday Beach Hotel, previously recommended by Ford, I think. Its about a 3 star. Cost including taxes: about $140/night. Large pool; on a cove; restaurants, gym and casino. A Denny's is part of the complex and its open 24 hours. This is more of an advantage than you might think. Service is fast unlike other eating places here in Curacao which take forever.

Cons: my room faces a lagoon and if I open the sliding glass door to the terrace, the room is invaded by mosquitos. Its not possible to call from the room using a calling card. You have to go to a single phone located in another part of the hotel. A purely personal anecdote is my inability to get a remote for the TV.

OK. So on Saturday night at about 9pm, I went to Campo. Its on a back road near the airport and about 15 minutes away from the hotel. Usually there is a big electric sign in the shape of a palm to guide you, but it wasn't on on Saturday night and I had to ask four people the way. Everyone was courteous and there was not wink wink stuff. Its a dutch island and its quite normal to want to get laid.

Campo looks like a resort complex. There is a wall around the complex and it it about $5 to enter. Upon entering, there are many single-story, motel-like structures with numbered rooms. The girls live and work out of these rooms. There are very nice plantings, pavings, lighting fixtures etc. It feels like a nice resort. There is a dance floor and bar and a place to eat.

The problem is that even with, I'm guessing, 300+ rooms, there were very few girls in evidence. Some scantily-clad girls were making their way from their rooms to the cafe, and a few had their doors open, but maybe there 20 girls there, tops! There were about 20-30 men in various groups, at the bar or sitting at tables, chatting. Loud music was playing. The place had the feeling of going to see a show at an arena which is only 10% full.

I started walking the walkways between the buildings. A few girls made come hither gestures but I didn't see anything I liked. It took only about 5-7 minutes to walk the whole place. I returned to the main area and bought a bottle of water and waited. A few hotties were walking from their rooms to the central area but short of intercepting them, I wasn't sure how to meet them. The place was built to handle about 10x the current activity. It had an empty feeling.

Getting bored, I decided to walk the place again. This time, I saw a dark-haired, very attractive, though overweight chica in her room and went in. Maritza is from Medellin and we hit it off immediately. What followed was the longest, slowest, most pleasureable bj I have ever had, and I have had many. After, we talked. She verified everything that Tbird and Ford and others had posted earlier. The three month contract, hours, prices etc. She also told me about the competition among the girls and how they were companeras, not amigas. We got along so well, so that when it was time to leave and I asked to see her the next day, she naturally said yes. At this point, I have to pause to thank the other mongers who posted here, because I knew exactly how the script would read and felt comfortable at every step.

On Sunday, I picked up Maritza and we went exploring the island. She repeatedly referred to the Campo as a prison, although in a light-hearted manner. She said that many of the customers don't even have sex, but like to talk, have a massage, or even do drugs. Her take on the different nationalities was interesting. Apparently, the Latinos are the worst for the girls because they take so long. They take forever to come and seem to want to just keep on banging.

Other posters were correct in assuming that the girls would welcome a day out to explore the island with a friendly guy. We spent Sunday afternoon driving to different places including the spectacular national park, lunch and then back to my hotel. No problem bringing a chica back to the Holiday Beach btw. I returned Maritza back to the Camp a 5:59pm and headed back to my hotel. I was in bed by 10pm and didn't have the time to go to Campo again. We'll see about today.

More to follow,


Dashing Don
03-09-04, 19:29
On Monday afternoon, I once again picked up Maritza at Campo at about 1pm. She wanted to bring another girl and that was ok with me. But I told her over the phone that I wanted to bang her before we left Campo to avoid a situation where we might have to rush back to Campo to beat the 6pm deadline. If the girls are late, they have to pay heavy fines that run to the hundreds of dollars. So, having completed the deed, we set off.

Along the way, the girls were discussing the Campo situation. Apparently, they have to pay $55 per day, regardless of whatever. They are not allowed outside the compound unless they have first paid the $55. The girls pay their own airfare and can leave at any time. They must also purchase their food at Campo. Later that afternoon, we went to a Fridays restaurant by Mambo Beach, a fifteen minute drive from Willemstad. The girls wanted to doggybag some of the food, but insisted that the waiter put it in aluminum foil and thus make it easier to smuggle into Campo for later consumption.

I inquired of a hotel employee about other venues on the island. He mentioned 'Moulin Rouge' in Fuik, which is at the eastern end of the island. I asked about opportunities for banging the local Curacao girls and he said that some of them were on the program and could be found in discos and casinos. I haven't followed up on this as I don't like to have to hunt for pussy. It should be noted that many of the local girls are seriously obese just like their cousins in the US. Though friendly and courteous, they are notably slow-moving. If the Dutch left Curacao, the place would look like Santo Domingo by Christmas, that's for sure.

Monday night I go the urge again and went across the street to Havana Vieja, a strip club. There were three desultory-looking girls hanging over the bar. I looked and left immediately. It was about 8:30pm so perhaps it was too early.

Continuing on this monger quest, I returned to Campo. This time there about 50 clients and many more girls in evidence than Saturday. Guys were just walking around, checking the merchandise. I stayed at the opposite end from Maritza's room. Knowing what I now know, I noticed a touch of desperation on the part of some girls.

Finally, I selected Diana from Barranquilla, a striking dark Colombiana. She asked for the money up front--a bad sign. Her contract was up on Thursday and she was returning to Colombia. She told me that they have to stay away for 6 months before they can do another 3 month tour, and she definitely intended to come back. She was distant and obviously not into it. Pretty soon, neither was I. Covered, listless blowjob, and she was positioned as far from me as possible. She wouldn't suck on my nuts neither. Now I believe in treating the girls right. Take them out to dinner and have fun and all that. But when I meet a ballbuster, I know how to act too. I told her that if she would lap at my nuts, I would jack off. She readily agreed, knowing that this would be over real soon. What she didn't know was that when I shoot, as punishment, I make sure that some of the leche ends up on her face, hair or both. Sure enough, when I finished, she leaped up from the bed and ran to the sink, coughing like crazy. I laughed and laughed, which she didn't appreciate. It was a great monger moment. Buena suerte Diana.

Been doing some tourist stuff. Willemstad has beautiful old houses in Dutch architectural style, and in many exotic colors. Narrow steets, very quaint. At night, the sky is lit by the fires from the huge refinery which make an incredible backdrop to the old town. All in all, a very nice island.



Scotty Monger
03-10-04, 02:46

Excellent reports, and please keep them coming. There are very few up-to-date reports of Campo Alegre. You had me worried when you mentioned that there were only about 20 girls there on Saturday night. I'm glad to hear that you saw more the next night. Most guys have stated that there are usually about 100 girls on site, on any given night.

BTW, I highly recommend the Cas Abou beach if you want to take another chicka(s) swimming, etc. It's on the south shore about 15 miles west of Willemstad. Costs a couple of bucks per person, but they have a bar/grill, restrooms, showers, palapas, etc.

I'm about to book my 2 week diving/mongering trip to Curacao for late this summer. Enjoy!

Scotty Monger

03-10-04, 03:36
To Dashing Don and backnblack,

I am very glad that you both had/are still having a great time in Curacao! It is very nice to hear that this island has remained largely unchanged since my three trips there in 2002. Thank you also Don for giving me some credit in your report for helping you on your trip. re: day trips and the Holiday Beach Hotel. :)

I feel certain that Iwill return to Curacao again someday soon - but my dance card is full right now with other locations to put on my resume. So many places so little time. ;)

BTW you forgot to include your review of Amstel Bright and Polar beer!

03-11-04, 02:01
Yes I did forget to mention Amstel Bright. I loved it very much. It reminds me of Corona. I was pissed off Campo did not have any.

Dashing Don,
I agree the Dutch do I good job with the island. I hope they do not leave and it does not become a banana republic. I know Aruba left the Netherlands Antilles a few years ago and have had no problems. Aruba is a lot more commercialized so I would think Curacao would have to be also if they were to be as successfull. I think that would ruin the island.

Does anyone reccommend any other Dutch islands to monger on?

Scotty Monger
03-11-04, 02:23
Check out St. Martin/St. Maarten, which is 1/2 French & 1/2 Dutch. You get two different European cultures on one island. I know there are brothels on the island, but don't have any specifics.

When I was in Curacao in '02, the only beer I would drink was Amstel Bright. It's a perfect light & refreshing Caribbean beer, and definately reminds me of Corona, which is all I drink here in Texas. The native Dutch were bitching at the time that they couldn't get Amstel Bright in the Netherlands. They do make an Amstel "Light" there, but they said it wasn't the same.

Aruba, IMHO, is just another Cancun, full of American tourists and windsurfers. It has lost most of its "native appeal". The Arubans made a conscience decision to go this way, when they sought their quasi-independece.

Bonaire has no P4P action to my knowledge. It's the least developed island, geared almost totally toward the SCUBA diver.

Scotty Monger

03-11-04, 04:01
Good recent reports on Curacao. I was also glad to hear that the chica count went up the next night that Don was there (makes me wonder where they were the night before?) I was there last fall and had a great time. Lots of Columbianas to pick from and being americano I think places you in demand at Campo vs. local guys. I am thinking about going again this spring, or maybe trying St. Maarten. Sure do like the one stop shop format of Campo though.

One of the locals turned me on to Polar Beer from Venezuela. I thought it was better than Amstel Bright IMHO.

FYI--Got an airfare alert from Travelocity that fares have just dropped for spring travel.

Thanks to Ford and Tbird for turning me on to Curacao. Amo Columbianas! If I learn some more espanol, I will try Cartagena.


03-13-04, 01:13
You guys make a good point. Where do all women go on the slow nights? I know Fri-Sun were the rocking nights. I never saw twenty chicks like Don. It was at least fifty or more. I think they were just staying in their room and chilling on the slow nights. I talked to a couple of them and they said they just watch TV in their room. Does anybody have any inside scoop of what they do on the slow nights?

03-13-04, 02:35
I have been to Aruba, Bonaire and of course Curacao and I think Scotty Monger's review of these three islands is pretty much right on target! I have never been to St. Marteen but from what I have heard from people who have gone I think it ranks as a solid #2 behind Curacao as far as "fun" spots to explore in the Dutch Caribbean.

I went to a beach party once at Mambo Beach and they advertised Amstel Bright as the "Corona killer" because the taste was so similar. Really enjoyed Polar Beer thought it had a kind of Beck's beer vibe to it. I thought most amazing is that the regular Amstel Beer sold in Curacao is made right there on the island is billed as a product of the Netherlands Antilles and is made of distilled sea water. This always amazed me - great beer too!
Meanwhile I'm up here in the northeast and they're calling for snow tonight.......depressing isn't it?! :(

Dashing Don
03-13-04, 18:21
I'm happy to report that on subsequent visits to Campo, including last night (Friday), there were plenty of girls around. The Curacao local/caucasian ratio was 70/30, down from 90/10. Every girl I've talked to complains about the Curacaolano 'cochinos' who don't wash and want it all for 25 guilders. The girls are happy to meet the gringos and I'm ecstatic about meeting them.

Like the other posters have said, there seems to be a girl for every taste here. Big, small, fat, big culo, little titties etc. Last night, I saw a monger's jaw drop. I turned to look at what he was looking at: this huge, tall black chick with the biggest butt ever, wearing a tiny pair of pink panties and a small top. It was so over the top it was funny. It was f--ing outrageous. If that thing rolled over on you in bed, no team of surgeons could put you back together. But thats Campo.

Took a day trip to Bonaire yesterday. A day or two previous, one of the Campo girls told me that she 'worked' there for 5 days a couple of years ago. She said to ask a taxi driver where to go. Went by her room, #154, last night to ask her where the action is, now that I am somewhat familiar with the island. Her door was closed and I could hear a lot of 'pappi pappi' stuff going on, so I moved on.

Although the flight from Curacao to Bonaire is only 15 minutes and they are both Dutch islands, one must line up to pay an airport tax ($6 approx); wait in a long line to go through security; produce a passport, ID etc. A real pain in the ass. Dutch Caribbean Air's twenty three-year-old plane had technical problems etc. so, more delays. The nosedive descent into Bonaire had the entire plane screaming, except the DCA flight attendant who was laughing.

For all that, Bonaire is an incredible place, expecially for snorkelers and divers. 13,000 population according to Lonely Planet and it does seem that way. The main town, Kralendijk, has waterfront bars with water views that rival those South Pacific ads with unbelievable water clarity. One of the bars had a Colombian bartender and two Colombian customers. So, where there's Colombianas, there's......fun to be had. I only had a day so I couldn't really check it out.

Regarding those Amstels, it should be noted that the bottles come in 8.5 oz, not the 12oz we get in the States. This means that the $3 beer in Campo is really $4.50 or so. The alcolhol content is 5%. I think that the max allowed in the US is 3% or 4%. Maybe this is what is behind the rave reviews of Amstel :)



03-14-04, 14:21
Dashing Don wrote:
this huge, tall black chick with the biggest butt ever, wearing a tiny pair of pink panties and a small top.......If that thing rolled over on you in bed, no team of surgeons could put you back together.

:D ROFL .....ROFL (You have me in stitches!)

03-14-04, 19:56
A few possibly annoying details:

I do not think the girls MUST purchase their food at Campo. It is simply that they may not have a choice. There is a small Colombian place called La Cascada very popular with the chicas which is a couple of miles down the road. But the girls do not have cars. Just a few minutes in an air-conditioned car, but try walking this distance in 90-degree weather. I sure wouldn't. So if a chica does not have a ride for the next day she has to buy food at Campo.

I just remembered an amusing detail from my last trip -as we (yours truly and "my" chica) were getting into the car at la Cascada to go to the beach two other chicas came out and asked for a ride back to Campo. Before I could even open my mouth my chica rather angrily said "No, we are going to the beach!". At this point I had to intervene, because the thought of the two lovely Colombianas walking up the dusty road just broke my heart :-)

My chica was quite pissed and only relaxed when we unloaded the other two and she was sure they would not be "leeching on to us" for the remainder of the day.... LOL

Dashing Don
03-15-04, 07:09
Back in NYC tonight, Sunday, and I'm already reminiscing about the trip.

An amazing thing about Curacao are the Trade Winds that constantly buffet the island. The winds cool the island considerably and keep the humidity down. One moment its cloudy and cool; the next, the sun is beating down relentlessly. But thats ok because a minute or two later, the wind will blow more clouds across to again block the sun temporarily. If you are in the shade, whether its shining or not, you'll be cool and pleasantly massaged by these winds. Nights are perfect; windy and fresh. I never used the air conditioning, day or night. Before going to Curacao I thought that the climate in Southern California was the ultimate, but I have to rethink that.

Not too many americans in Curacao. Thats fine by me. Mostly all the caucasians appear to be Dutch. But we look alike. Several times I was spoken to in Dutch by people who assumed that I was one of them. I am-----in spirit.

Some thoughts on Campo:
The girls have a $55 nut to cover every day, exclusive of food and other expenses. These means that they have to turn tricks and when you finish, they expect you to leave so they can get ready for the next client. This may or may not appeal to some guys. I have mongered in Thailand and the Philippines where time isn't much of a factor. Campo is different. If you want to hang with a girl, then a day date is probably the way to do it.

Saturday night was my last night so I swung by and saw Maritza, the paisa from Medellin. Surprisingly, she told me that Fridays and Saturdays are often slow because many of the clients go to the 'camisa mojada' (wet tshirt) contests at Mambo Beach and other places. This probably explains the lack of action on my first night, which was a Saturday.

Tbird--you'r probably right in correcting my statement that the chicas 'must purchase their food at Campo.' Its more correct to say that they cannot bring any food into Campo that they purchased outside. I had brought two of the girls out during the day and we had lunch. When the waiter doggybagged the girls food in styrofoam containers (which would be hard to conceal), the girls had him put the food in aluminum foil, which is easier to smuggle.

All in all, a great trip. I'll definitely go back, perhaps doing a midweek side trip of two or three days to Bonaire, where truly, the water is an incredible shade of blue.


03-15-04, 10:23
Don you are correct. Not too many norteamericanos at Campo. And that's fine by me, too. We generally have a good reputation with the girls there. Especially when compared to the locals.

As to expecting you to leave after the session, well...I would disagree somewhat. A chica with a good business approach will actually want to keep a good client happy and wanting a second round. .. I would go in for a quickie with some other girls but generally had multiple sessions only with two...

03-16-04, 00:23
Are you aware of any price cut during off-peak periods, such as Fridays, Saturdays & daytime (noon to 6:00)?

03-16-04, 06:52
There may be some... I would expect a discount if negotiating a longer session.

I personally would never ask for a discount at Campo. I engaged in this discussion back in November and have already given all the reasons why.

However, this would not apply if I were negotiating extras.

03-17-04, 05:28
Oh Dashing One

Sorry I couldn't be there with you. Sounds like you had a great time. The way you have carried on about the Paisa makes me believe you are up for a trip to the Motherland in the next few weeks. Medellin that is. If you loved the Colombianas at Campo, just imagine what Colombia has to offer. Had a trip booked for today actually but I just couldn't get away without tying up all the loose ends. Anyway, enjoyed your reports, the case is settled, the new house closes Friday, April is looking good from my perspective. Join me in Medellin amigo.


03-19-04, 01:37
Fellow posters,

As someone who was a lurker for about the past month or so, I can comment directly on the Camp. I live in Curacao, and this has to be the one of the weakest lineups they
have had in a long time. There are only a handful of girls that are really talented, most are not doing well at all. Most are really not into it, with no personality so to speak of. It is strictly business and I understand that, but I do not like to be rushed or given a half-hearted effort. Hopefully the next rotation of ladies will be a more vibrant bunch.

04-01-04, 22:19
Well my thoughts on my last post actually came to fruition. The lineup the last week or so of new imports has been inspiring.

A few of the girls have been very willing and definitely able to handle myself and my fellow Campers. Hope this trend continues in the near future.

Chapin Polvo
05-04-04, 11:07
Hi There,

This is a great site. I want too ask how much do I have too pay for entree at Campo becauce I heard the price has gone Up.

Planning to be there in July.

Chapin Polvo
05-05-04, 01:56
Hi There I have heart that the price too entre Campo went up?

Hope to be there in july and do all my 69 examinations and actions.

Before I forget is there someone who knows silent beaches too take my new Mamasitas.

05-05-04, 04:22
It costs 10 guilders or about $6 bucks to enter the campground.

Once again, the talent level is very high right now. I have been wearing myself out judging as much of the talent as my little guy can bear.

05-07-04, 01:23
>>>>>NEWS FLASH<<<<<<<<<

As of Wednesday night May 5th Campo Allegre has been closed by the Curacao government because up to 9 of the girls applying their trade there are illegal immigrants, without the proper visas or papers. We will keep you updated on this situation and pass along as much information as we can get

05-08-04, 05:33
That should say 90 girls.

05-08-04, 14:07

05-08-04, 14:22
REUTER NEWS: - May 7, 2004
CURAÇAO — Campo Alegre is starting a summary court case against the government in connection with the possible deportation of Colombian and Dominican prostitutes who are working in the brothel without a visa. Since yesterday evening Campo closed its doors to the public out of protest against a possible deportation. This was stated by the eldest brother of the detained Campo-owner Giovanni van Ierland, Fatuchand van Ierland.

They decided to close down Campo when the police appeared at around 10 o’clock wanting to check for stay-permits, as published in the morning papers. This morning the police wasn’t available for comment and the Lt. Governor was also not available. It is therefore still unclear why the police didn’t enter the premises. The DA was not involved in this action, stated the Justice spokesperson Ludmilla Vicento when asked.

The board closed down Campo because “we don’t want the girls to go through the traumatic experience of being locked up in a barrack at the penitentiary”. The prostitutes, who normally have to pay a daily rent, can’t work but won’t have to pay rent. “We will cover all the costs”, states Van Ierland. The other daily activities will continue today, for example delivery of merchandise.

....... oh, brother! No Campo till further notice. The "stubborn" Dutch owners are now angry so I hope this doesn't drag on.
I strongly suggest that everyone show their disgust by bringing your travel $$ elsewhere. :(


05-08-04, 15:11
Oh Man I hope this gets resolved soon. I had a good time at Campo and after Beast74 reports I am dying to go back. If Campo is closed I would not go back to Curacao, too many other destinations I would like to try like St Maartin, Margarita Island ...etc.

05-12-04, 02:39
Here is a Camp update, The camp was shut down for approximately 3 hours the other night. None of the girls were arrested or sent out. About 60 are scheduled to leave on Thursday morning the 13th. We will keep all the posters abreast on what is happening.

05-12-04, 02:47
Here is a Camp update, The camp was shut down for approximately 3 hours the other night. None of the girls were arrested or sent out. About 60 are scheduled to leave on Thursday morning the 13th. We will keep all the posters abreast on what is happening

05-14-04, 02:35
Took a visit to the Camp last evening and it was business as usual. The majority of the girls mentioned in my last post have been given a 15 day reprieve to leave the country. Hopefully they will not all try to leave at once, I hope that ownership willl systematically rotate them out. Thios could be a blessing in disguise, as we will definitely see a new lineup in the not too distant future Anyone coming to Curacao can pm me anytime
for info or to get together for a drink at the camp Will keep the Forum posted on any and all new developments

05-14-04, 13:48
To Beast74,

Hey man, thanks for being our eyes and ears down there in the beautiful Netherlands Antilles! Great reporting and great updates!

I'm glad to hear that the Campo mess got straightened out quickly and you are right if the girls are cycled out of the camp over the next few weeks it could work out great for the guests. A whole new lineup could cycle through before mid-June. :)


05-14-04, 23:57
Glad to hear the good news! Thanks for the updates and please keep them coming. Next time I am down there which will probably be early 05 let's meet up for a beer.


05-15-04, 02:22
Thanks guys,

I'm sure that you would do the same given the area where we live. Will keep everyone updated with any new devolopments.

05-15-04, 15:56
Hi Guys,

I am a scuba diver and enjoy being in the water during the day and mongering in the evening.

I prefer white and/or hispaniic women. As such I have scuba dived and mongered in Habana,Cuba, Puerto Vallerta, Cozumel, Costa Rica and I intend to visit Brazil next year.

This summer I am thinking about a visit to Curacao. I know there used to be a website for Campo. Does anyone know if it is workng?

Also, I am interested in any new scuba/mongering sites you guys have experineced and recommend.

05-25-04, 17:43
Took a journey to the camp last evening, back to business as usual. Good line-up with a few fresh faces.

Chapin Polvo
06-08-04, 20:39
What"s happing in Campo? Did they kill it? I don't hear any new report.

"Me da mucho gusto echar mi polvo"

06-12-04, 22:18
To Rickster,

If you have never been to Curacao/Campo I think you should definitely pencil it in on your "to do" list ASAP.

I am not exactly a scuba diver (sometimes I think my bathtub is alittle too deep for my taste) but I understand Curacao is considered one of the top diving destinations in the world! They have a natural coral reef below the island and blah, blah, blah and alot of stuff you (as a diver) would understand and appreciate.

If you go check out www.lionsdive.com, I have checked this place out - its a real nice little hotel and has all sorts of dive special packages and boats that pull out right from ifo the complex. Small pool, usable beach, stylish rooms, good breakfasts and divers heaven!

Campo used to have a site at www.campo-alegre-resort.com but it now appears to be in domain transition. Don't know what's up. It wasn't much of a site, just alot of chica "bling-bling" and they posted the restaurant menu as I remember.


06-13-04, 01:20
Hello mongers,

This is my first post of many but I will be in Curacao next week. I was wondering how I can arrange a visitor to my room during my trip. I think an escort is my best bet. I will be travelling with my boss and can't/won't risk going somewhere outside of my hotel. I am very picky so quality is a must. Any help from some fellow mongers is greatly appreciated and needless to say my journeys will be explained in great detail in the many trips around central/south america aswell as the Carribean.

Thank you!

Scotty Monger
06-15-04, 02:44

Ford is right about Lionsdive, as they offer decent accomodations and are near the top of the list for dive resorts on Curacao. IMHO, the best dive resort is Habitat Curacao. It is about 20 minutes west of Willemstad, in an "upscale" subdivision. I rented a house in this subdivision in '02. Habitat has a website, where you can check out both of their resorts (Curacao & Bonaire).

I actually prefer Curacao to Bonaire, because there are other things to do than just dive. Having said that, the diving on Curacao is excellent. Like Bonaire, you can just buy a shore diving package from a dive operation, and drive around the island to the numerous shore dive locations. Or you can go the all inclusive route, and dive from the resort boats, etc...

I'll be on the island the last 2 weeks of August for some much needed R&R.

BTW, you must rent a car, as the taxis are expensive. I have numerous website links for hotels, dive shops, etc.... if anyone needs them.


06-16-04, 06:59
Took a ride out to the camp last evening, and boy was I UNINSPIRED. The girls rotated in the past two weeks have not been the quality that I am used to. I'll chalk it up to a bad batch of imports and be cautious with who I will go with.

DR Monger II
06-29-04, 04:08
How is the new line up? Is Campo back to normal? Can someone describe the experience?

Chapin Polvo
06-29-04, 21:51
Please let me know name or room number of the good ones at Campo. Because I hope to be there soon. PM is also ok.

Mi polvo esta listo.

06-30-04, 03:18
I was in Curacao a couple of weeks ago, and as Beast has noted the lineup was not as strong as the time I was there last year. A lot of the ladies I spoke with were just starting their tour of duty but the lineup changes all the time. Last year, I had a different Colombiana just about every night because there were so many hotties to pick from.

This time I found a Domincana that was pretty hot with a tight little body, and of course very good in the sack so I stuck with her every night. I think her name was pronounced like "Arieley" (I am sure a different spelling.) She offered anal (without any request from me the first time I was with her) and several positions for about an hour for the usual price of 50 guilders (I think that is about $28!) Of course I gave a good tip. As noted by others here, it pays to know a little Spanish because some of the girls here know almost no ingles.


07-01-04, 21:42
I was at Campo Alegre (CA) in early May. I was lucky to find a chica that had the EXACT body type that I find extremely sexy. I was very lucky because CA HAD closed down for 2 days. I couldn't post early because my membership was only just approved this past week. I strongly disagree with what has been posted recently about CA and its future.

The chica I was with explained to me that the Curacao government is trying to close the camp and are looking for any legal, and maybe illegal, means to do so. The island wants to appeal to the cruise line set and having the island be a sex tourism destination is hampering that effort. There is a disoute over the work requirements for the girls at the camp. Previously, the government let in girls for 3 months as long as they had at least a tourist visa and an employment letter from the camp. This was (I think) a favor to the camp because officially the girls need a work visa. Well, the government threatened to raid the camp and deport the girls that didn't have work visas stamped in their passports. Frightened, the girls left the camp and stayed in hotels for 2 days, May 5 and 6. The camp closed on those 2 days. Most returned on May 7, after the government rescinded the threat.

I arrived on May 7 and found the camp nearly empty of men. It was FAR less crowded than I have seen it in previous years. In between sessions with this lady, I sopke to other ladies who gave their take on the situation. They gave the same story about the government and added that the number of men coming to the camp has been very low and many ladies get NO clients whatsoever on some days. Saturday had more men, but Sunday, my last night, was almost deserted. And there were few ladies to seen as well. I found my chica in her room, she said she was taking the day off. She further complained about the camp saying that there are no longer enough men to make it worthwhile working there. She let me have a session with her, but I think I was her only client that day.

This attitude seemed to be common among the women that week-end. Few women seemed to be putting in reasonable effort to attract the men that were there. Most were just sitting on their stoops talking with each other. Very few were walking around making themselves visible to the men. I think the quality of the camp is lower now that in it was 2 or 3 years ago. In addition, the whole island is now just WAY too expensive. Every other place has lowered the value of their currency in the past 5 years except Curacao. DR, for example, is a much better bargain than Curacao for the same or better quality chica. Crime is also higher now. And it is reported that there are gangs or one gang, that is targeting CA clients as head to the place. There have been robberies on the road between Roosevelt Weg and the CA entrance. If the Curacao government has its way and the florin stays at 1.78 to the dollar, I don't think CA will last the next 2 or 3 years.

07-06-04, 17:21
George90 wrote:
The chica I was with explained to me that the Curacao government is trying to close the camp and are looking for any legal, and maybe illegal, means to do so. The island wants to appeal to the cruise line set and having the island be a sex tourism destination is hampering that effort.

..............Wow, this is scary plus you said the quality is WAY down and crime on the island is up!! Is this really true, Hey Beast74 are you monitoring this board anymore? What say you? As a 3X visitor, I always got the impresion that CA was a major draw to the island and many people made their travel plans accordingly. There are SO many other islands competeing for cruiseline dollars that are so much nicer (Caymans, Bahamas, P.R., Bermuda, Aruba, B.V.I, U.S.V.I, St Maarteen) that closing CA could be a "back-breaker" for them.

Just my opinion,

Dick Dawson
07-06-04, 23:39
I went to Curacao back in August '03. CA was the only reason I decided to go. Even though the island is expensive, I was planning on a return trip in the future but after reading George90's report I'll probably scratch them off my list permanently.

07-07-04, 07:00
I just came back from the island and Campo Alegre is alive and kicking. I spoke to the sales manager and also to the owner's wife. Nobody is trying to shut down the one and only campo Alegre. There was this mishap with the visas but it is over now.

I was also told that due to the continuing Revolucion Bolivariano they are expecting to see some Venezuelan chicas also, even though the manager complained they tend to have an attitude.

Fear not, amigos!

07-07-04, 07:30
Fellow Posters,

Sorry I haven't posted for a few weeks on the forum, but I have received numerous PM's about Curacao and the camp. I was there last night, and unfortunately, not much change.

IMHO, the lineup is about a 5-6 at best, maybe it is because I have been spoiled at times by a great rotation, and am always trying to compare those times to now Whether that is fair or not is argueable, it just is the way I see it. I am sure there are a few quality girls there now, but as a whole, it is lackluster at best Once again, sorry I have not posted, I will do so in the future on a regular basis


Mr Jetsetter
07-07-04, 09:19
I have to take exception to Dick Dawson's claim that Curacao is expensive, lest he scare off potential newbies from visiting this unusual desert island. Having visited Curacao on five seperate occasions -- most recently last December -- I can assure you it is one of the most inexpensive destinations in the Caribbean IF you avoid the tourist trap hotels (e.g., the Marriott, Lion's Den, Breezes, Holiday). I mostly stay in what are called "apartments," units that feature fully-equipped kitchenettes that allow you to do your own cooking. By far my favorite is the Flamingo Park, located in the center of the island near the beautiful beaches at Porto Marie and Cas Abou. The Flamingo Park features extraordinary landscaping, a nice if small pool, and extremely clean and attractive apartments with large, private patios where you can even grill your dinner. Prices range from 45-50 US dollars for a single (with two beds) to 70-80 for larger units that can comfortably handle 4 guests. Combine this with the fact that Curacao offers dozens of different and excellent shore diving spots where all you have to do is rent your tanks if you have your own equipment, AND the incredibly cheap, generally fixed rates at the fabulous Campo Alegre ( around $30 a pop) -- you have a wonderful destination for those of us operating on a limited budget!

Dick Dawson
07-08-04, 02:53
Well it was expensive for me because of the way I booked the trip. I used AAVacations and booked it as a package. It came to about $950 for the flight and hotel alone. I flew out of Newark Liberty Airport, which included a layover in Miami as there are no direct flights to Curacao from Newark. I stayed at the Howard Johnsons which is across from the moving bridge (the name of which escapes me at the moment)

I only found out after my trip that I could've stayed at one of those apartment units for about half the price of the Howard Johnsons. Being it was my first time and I was going alone, I wanted to book everything together and I wanted to stay in the heart of Willemstaad.

I did rent a car a traveled around the island which I did find to be very beautiful in many places, however my main reason for going was to see CA.

Maybe it wasn't fair to label the island expensive. I just came back from a trip to the Dominican Republic last month so I was comparing the two. I wasn't trying to scare anyone. I was just reacting to George90's report.

07-08-04, 16:53
Hey Guys,

With NO disrepect to anyone - there are alot of conflicting reports about the action in Cuaraco.

Depending who you believe, Campo is either closing or it isn't..... the selection of girls is either poor or it's good...... the island overall has gotten expensive or it has stayed cheap.

There are more disagreements on this board than there were at the last NATO summit!! (lol) :D


07-09-04, 02:59
Ford, as I said, fear not. Only the most spoilt monger can have a problem with Campo Alegre.

07-09-04, 03:49
I have to agree with Mr Jetsetter about Curacao being expensive. I think people tend to compare the prices of Curacao to the DR like George90 did. The DR is a banana repbulic and Curacao is not. The prices are more expensive in Curacao than the DR but you also do not have to worry about no electricity, not being able to drink the water and people constantly screwing you out of money. I think for the Carribean, Curacao is probably average or slightly above in terms of cost.

As for Campo, I hope they get everything straightened out b/c without Campo I really do not see the point of going to Curacao not unless you are into diving. The divers also want a little action at night though, especially if they are members of this board.


Mr Jetsetter
07-09-04, 08:21
Dick Dawson does raise a valid point with regard to airfare -- the cost of flying to Curacao is often quite expensive indeed, in the $600-700 range. On three of my trips, I was able to purchase tickets out of Chicago for under $400, but this was always in the summer, Curacao's low season. I also confess that what one considers "expensive" or not is highly subjective, but I will say that Curacao is much cheaper than the Virgin Islands, the Cayman islands, Aruba, and Bon Aire (all places I have been).

I want to thank Dick and everyone else for posting on this board. I really hope that whatever problems the Campo might be having recently dissipate soon, because I have had some fabulous times there.

Even though I am an avid scuba diver, I would not even consider returning to Curacao if the great Campo Alegre were to go under. I have even emailed the Curacao Tourism Board with my concerns regarding this matter!

07-09-04, 21:55
Yes, it is quite expensive to fly to Curacao and you will have to fly through Miami to get there which on the way back can be a pain in the balls.

I think we should all email the Curacao Tourism Board to voice are concern over Campo. They should be aware that they will lose a lot of tourists.

Hit n Run
07-09-04, 23:20
I'm considering staying at Breezes. Anyone with experience of this place. Is it walking distance to happy hour beach clubs, like Mambo Beach Club. What other clubs are must see for 6-10pm fun prior to CA trips.


Scotty Monger
07-10-04, 03:49

Yes, returning to the U.S, via Miami is a *****, especially if you have to make a connecting flight. A minimum of 1.5 hours is needed to clear immigration & customs, take the various trains, go through security again (which is idiotic!), and make it to the next gate.

I flew A/A in '02 from Dallas-Miami-Curacao, and had to sprint through the Miami terminal both ways. We were the absolute last passengers to board our flight to Curacao. Because I am returning to Curacao around Labor Day, and wanted to avoid Miami if possible, I have researched other options. I have found 2 other viable options from Texas, but they might also work from other parts of the U.S.

1) Air Jamaica: I can fly from Houston to MoBay to Curacao, and it will take about 1 hour less than the Miami route. The price is about $50-$100 more than A/A through Miami, but I'm hoping they will re-run a special that I saw earlier in the year which was $100 less than A/A. By the way, the A/A price from either Dallas or Houston generally hovers around $600 during the summer months (off season). Also, both of these airlines offer packages with the major hotels if you are interested (Marriott, Hilton, Avila, Floris). I've stayed at the Marriott, but prefer the Hiton (formerly the Sheraton, formerly the Curacao Casino Hotel, formerly the very first international Hiton Hotel).

2) Continental or Delta: Both of these airlines offer daily non-stop flights to Caracas Venezuela (Houston & Atlanta respectively). The cost has remained steady for both airlines at about $500. Aeropostal (the largest Venezuelan airline) offers several daily flights to Curacao. The roundtrip cost is exactly $104. So, the serious monger could fly to Caracas on a U.S. carrier, spend a night or two enjoying the scene (they have great spas for the day action, and numerous clubs, with take out, for the night action), then fly to Curacao on Aeropostal, returning to Caracas for a night or two before flying home. This, of course, would add some time to your trip, or shorten the amount of time spent on the island, but it would also open up many more mongering opportuinities! BTW, I know A/A flys to Caracas from DFW daily, but it usually costs more than $500.

Which option have I decided on this time? NONE! Because I learned from my trip to Curacao in late August of '02, that time is on my side. Because it is the off season, I can wait a bit longer to make my final decision, but I'm leaning toward the Caracas route.

Regardless, I just returned from a dive trip to Roatan Honduras, and experienced the immigration & customs process at IAH. There is absolutely no comparison, entering via Houston was 1000% easier and faster than Miami. The wheels of our plane touched down at 2:00 p.m. sharp. I was out of the terminal, with my bags and climbing aboard the parking lot shuttle at exactly 2:35. I pulled out of the parking lot and hit the road at 2:50. Try that in Miami!

Finally, regarding the overall expensiveness (is that a word?) of Curacao. The major difference I found between Curacao and the other Caribbean Islands I have visited, is the relatively high cost of airfare. This is mitigated somewhat by travelling there during the summer, when fares are at their lowest. Trust me, Curacao is hotter than Hell 12 months of the year (thank God for the constant tradewinds) so summer isn't that much hotter than any other time of the year. I also choose to go in summer because it is a Caribbean destination that is USUALLY safe from Hurricanes. I'll save the eastern Carribean travel for winter.

I found the lodging costs to be similar to other developed Caribbean islands. The rental car rates are higher than in the U.S., but in line with other islands I have been to. In regards to overall prices, you simply can't compare Curacao with 3rd world islands such as the D.R., which is comparing apples to oranges. I found the prices to be similar to U.S. prices for food, cokes, etc...As with any island, buy as many locally produced products as possible to keep expenses down. Curacao has the largest port in the entire Caribbean, and receives a lot of boat traffic from the mainland and other islands. As such, the selection & price of everday products is reasonable, not cheap, but reasonable.

For those who haven't been, Curacao is a very unique Caribbean island experience. My 2 favorite things about it are: 1) There are very few fatassed American tourists complaining that the food tastes "different" than back at home, they all go to Aruba! and 2) because the island is not "impoverished" compared to many Carribean islands, there are no hassles from locals constantly trying to hussle you or sell you something ( I spent a month in Jamiaca one week, and this shit ruined my trip, plus the diving sucked!).

Oh yeah, there is a third thing I love, Amstel Bright!


07-10-04, 19:19
I did not write my previous post to be alarmist and I don't think I am a spoiled monger. I was writing from the perspective of someone who has been to Curacao several times and noted deterioration from one visit to the next.

My problem is not with CA but with Curacao the island. My very first trip there was in 1988. I didn't know about CA then and didn't visit it but there were plenty of women outside the club near my hotel. La Tasca and another club were nearby and tons of Colombianas were available. I returned in 1994, 1995, 1998, twice in 2001, and then this trip in 2004. The island was very nice in 1988 but there were many closed restaurant, closed hotels, streets needing repair, and worn out buses in 1994 and '95. I had not been concerned with any crime in those trips but in 1998 the van that the dive shop used to take us to dive sites was broken into while we were under on two occasions. The police and the insurance comany both said that crime was rising.

In 2001, the island seemed more run down than ever. Outside the Punda and Otrabanda areas, and another well-to-do area northeast of Punda, more and more houses seemed to be in great need of repair, including some of the older plantation houses (landhuis) where former slave owners lived and some of which are museums. I used to walk to CA from the bus stop nearby and the CA staff would tell me to take a taxi because I could get robbed. I thought they just were trying to drum up business.

This past trip I found that the Emma Bridge was torn up. There is now only the ferry to go from Punda to Otrabanda. That bridge was a real attraction and its loss is another indication of deterioration. They finished building a new shopping mall/area in Otrabanda new the former bridge but it is so upscale that it is clearly only for tourists. Then, when I was walking to CA I was robbed at gun point by one guy. At the camp it turned out that other patrons had been robbed on other occasions in the very same area by a guy with the very same description. The police said there is a gang that is targetting CA patrons. Apparently one of them has a nickname in Papiementu that means "rabbit" in English.

I dived in Curacao in 94, 95, and 98. I decided to stop diving there because the construction of the piers for the cruise ships had so damaged the coral that there was nothing worth looking at under water anymore. Bonaire is a MUCH better dive site anyway.

For a person whose first trip to Curacao was less than 5 years ago, things probably seem OK and very acceptable. For a person who was there 10 or more years ago, things today are not OK and not acceptable. Prices have gone up, taxis for example, and the quality of the island has gone WAY done.

07-10-04, 20:48
Scotty Monger makes some excellent points on Curacao - I agree with his comments on the island, prices, renting a car, etc.

Here is another option on getting to Curacao - it is real easy to go between Aruba and Curacao - Dutch Carribean airlines has about 4-5 daily flights between the two islands. The flight only takes about 40 mins or so, and costs about $100-120 round trip. Since many more US airlines fly to Aruba than Curacao, you have a more competive market and thus get somewhat better prices. Book a round trip to Aruba. Then book a seperate Aruba-Curacao round trip based on your arrival and departure dates in Aruba. The airline website is www.flydca.net

U.S. customs is located in Aruba, so regardless of where you are going in the US, you go through U.S. customs there - not once you land in the U.S.

I have looked into this route, but then always ended up finding a good deal to Curacao and just gone directly there. I had only looked into this route a cost cutting measure. Customs in Miami is a pain, but in my opinion it is not worth going out of one's way just to avoid it.

Cannot say I would recommend the Caracas option, unless both your spanish and self defense skills are very good. With all the political turmoil and violence going on there leading up to the recall election on Aug 15 (3rd most violent city in N&S America - see A.P. story of 07/0/04), it is not a very safe place.

Scotty Monger
07-10-04, 23:26

Thanks for the reminder regarding Dutch Caribbean Airlines. I explored the possibility of flying to Aruba, and then taking DCA to Curacao ($92). Strangely, even though Aruba has more flight options from the U.S. than Curacao, the cost from Texas was at least $100 more than the other options I mentioned in my previous post. I noticed that United services Aruba, so if you live in one of their hub cities this might be an option. I would have to fly to Chicago or Charlotte to fly them. no thanks! The A/A prices were even higher than United's.

I do recall that DCA also has flights form Caracas to Curacao ($108), so this is another option to Aeropostal.

Frankly, I have a pathological aversion to Aruba. I don't go there for the same reason I don't go to Cancun.


07-11-04, 23:38
I have been to Campo a number of times over the past few years and always had a great time. I should be back in Nov. Checking the yellow pages in Curacao I noticed several listing of adult clubs: Cheers, Desires Mens club, LT Nightclub and Races. Has any one tried these out?

Scotty Monger
07-12-04, 02:48

"I feel your pain", as Slick Willie once said. I have been diving throughout the Caribbean since '91, and have seen the slow gradual decline of the reefs on many of the islands. It has pushed me from Cozumel to Belize, and now to Roatan. Better hurry to Roatan before you miss it. None of these reefs have been decimated, they are just showing the signs of being stressed.

Having said that, I dove for 2 weeks on Curacao in August of '02, and saw a very healthy reef system, at that time. In fact, the only "environmental" damage I saw were the hundreds of golf balls covering the reef off the coast of a major golf course. At that time, the only new cruise ship dock I saw was just outside of the harbor entrance, near the desalination plant. We did a dive on an old aircraft wreck near there, and the reef was in excellent shape. Nevertheless, I'm sure you have seen an overall decline in the quality of diving since your first visit.

Taxis have been "out of line" with their pricing for some time now. It is a must to rent a car, if you intend to visit CA or sightsee around the island.

Scotty Monger
07-12-04, 02:55

Caracas is not for the faint of heart. If a person thinks Curacao is unsafe, then they should definately not go to Caracas. Chavez is an idiot, but that's a rant I'll save for another post. There is a lot of anti-Amercan sentiment in Venezuela right now, and it's probably prudent to wait until after the election to see how everything shakes out.


DR Monger II
07-12-04, 09:52
They never caught this rabbit guy? Do you only get robbed while walking there? Is it possible to get robbed in a car?

07-21-04, 02:59
Based on WSG reports, myself and a friend visited Curacao in April. We did all the tourist things, and, of course, went to Campo almost every night. There were so many good looking women, it was hard to choose. I had sessions with several girls, but kept going back to Lina from Medellin. She was cute, petite, and, an absolute sweetheart. Apparently, she didn't only catch my eye. On different occasions, guys came up to me to ask what her room number was. Unfortunately, Campo doesn't allow pictures. Here's a picture of a Campo girl hanging out in the Punda downtown area.

07-28-04, 06:29
Took a run out to the camp last night, and unfortunately, things in my opinion have not gotten much better. There also seems to be more of a bad attitude amongst the ladies. The line-up is just so-so. Maybe it is because I have been spoiled by being here so long. Anyways, stay safe and enjoy yourselves


08-06-04, 05:16
Took a jaunt out to the camp and a new rotation is in. However , I am sad to report that things have not gotten any better. There seemed to be alot more black girls than normal. I am not opposed to that, except this bunch is not good PERIOD!

Rabo Verde
08-12-04, 00:34
What are the current prices in the Campo?

08-13-04, 05:35
The admission fee at the door is 10 guilders, or about 6 dollars

The going rate for the women is still 50 guilders. Check out the
restaurant, it has great sandwiches.

Goga Fung
08-16-04, 03:51
Beast74 or anybody who knows,

We are going to Curacao in September. We have not been there for one year.

Is the quality in campo still worse then before( 1-2-3-4 years ago)? Are there still many colombian girls?

Are there any new or old other places except Campo worth to visit?

I believe LaTasco was closed long time ago. How about Havana and Red Lion? What are the hot night clubs now where you can meet girls?

Thank you in advance.

08-17-04, 04:10
I just came back from Curacao last week after a three year hiatus. The Campo is still going strong. The renovation wasn't completed when I was there so now its looks very good. They have lingerie shops and other stuff for the girls. Everything is very nice. The girls are still there although I think the place was only half full. Saw a lot of cute Colombianas and some Dominicanas. All shapes, colors and sizes. The best time to go is early in the evening around 7pm when most of the chicks start their evening. You can walk around and see the ones with the doors open. Late at night a lot of the girls are sleeping, having already made their quota for the day. I talked with a lot of the girls and they said there are not a lot of customers. I remember before the girls being very aggressive with the clients. Now they just sit back and wait to be approached. still 50 guilders

There is another strip club formerly known as the Crazy Horse and Lovers Saloon on the way the Landhuis Brevenhut. I understand they have some fine Colombians dancing with private rooms downstairs. I didn't make there this time but next time for sure

You Love It
08-18-04, 00:38
Goga Fung,

It is always worth going to Campo. In my opinion it is the best bang for your buck! As Beast said, the sandwiches are good too. LaTasca is still there but why bother, not the friendliest and it is more expensive. As for Red Lion, it can be expensive and is a little bit of a cruise to get to. For safety and amusement, while at Campo ask around for Ancelo (angelo) and he might be happy to go with you to red lion. Tell him "el gato caliente en su pantelones" sent you and he will take care of you. Red Lion is very expensive as you have to pay the house a fee to take them away or to use their room (100-200 nfl). Best bet is to go to red lion and give your phone contact to a chica you are interested in and be paitent while u wait for her to call on her days off. Then go back to campo and have a 5-SOME with the money you saved!

As for Campo in September, I am planning an exlusive trip where you can ACTUALY STAY at campo itself in your own room. This in itself puts a whole new exciting expierence on a campo trip. Think of it...the chicas knocking on your door instead asking if YOU want a "fiesta!" Our trip will include accomadations at Campo with no door / admission charges, a Mambo Beach tour excursion and an all you can drink Booze Cruise with meals and transportation. If interest, we can include a red lion and la tasca group night out as well. Myself, I have been to campo about 9 times in the past 8 years and have a nice personal relationship with the owner and management. This is what allows me to offer this exlusive arrangement. If the interest is high, I will be offering this opportunity bi-monthly. Space is limited so PM me if interested asap.

T-Bird, I believe we met on your last trip to campo, and hope you can make one of these group trips!


Num Nutz
08-31-04, 15:32
Any new updates on the Campo? Is it still open 24 hours?

08-31-04, 22:31
Took a run out to the holy ground last nite, and was pleasantly surprised by the new rotation of talent that has come aboard. This is the first time in 6 months that I can actually say that it is above averagej just hope the trend stays that way.

You Love It
09-01-04, 20:36
Check out the Beautiful girls of Curacao. All photos taken at Mambo beach! Here is the Web address:

[Photo Link deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of a hot link to photos on another site. If you have photos you would like to share with the other Forum Members, then please post them here. Thanks!

09-07-04, 22:47
A hurricane "watch" was just issued for the entire Netherlands Antilles incl. the island of CURACAO and the northern coast of the countries of Colombia and Venzuela. At 12 degrees latitude!

"I've absolutely seen it all now!" :(

09-08-04, 06:50
It looks like Curacao is going to get "hammered" by powerful hurrican Ivan! First hurricane to hit the island sine 1877. It is an absolute freak storm at this latitude.

Good luck to all the residents and guests!

09-13-04, 17:35
God bless Curacao! Curacao and his Campo is intact. Once you are in Curacao, try Race Cafe too.

09-14-04, 04:02
I am looking to travel to Curacao to dive in February and fully intend on visiting Campo. I have a few questions I would like to ask of the regulars or those lucky enough to be living on the island.
Where is Campo? It sounds as if it is just outside Willemstad?

Where is a good place to stay that is good for diving, resonable price and is clean and safe?

What action is there outside of Campo? I read of the Red Lion (unsafe?)

What is the best place to pick up the tourist women, it's always fun to try?

Any info is appriciated.

Mr Jetsetter
09-17-04, 09:30

Spend the time to read this forum and your questions will be answered!

09-20-04, 07:14

I will try to answer all of your questions.

1. After going to the camp, you will not want to go anywhere else.

2. All of the smaaler places have not as good a lineup as the camp, and you will pay more.

3. The bars in Salina---Living Room and TMF are the two of the best party places.

09-20-04, 08:42
I'm now comparison shopping for Caribbean destinations that combine good scuba diving and womanizing. I know that there's already much information here already about Curacao diving and mongering. I'm just hoping to choose which place is best in this part of the world to combine these 2 noble pursuits. I'll have about one week so I can only go to one place.

So far I'm looking at Roatan, Curacao and Cartagena in Colombia. I guess Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic are also possibilities. I hope to hear from people who have been to some or all of these places. I've only been to Grenada and I can say it's definitely not a good mongering destination.

So I'd like to know about places where I can find the best of the following:

Diving Scene:

Accessible diving (as in can go out, dive twice, and be back before 4 pm or so)

Affordable (no more than about $75 for 2 dives with my own gear)

Good, meaning not Palau or Maldives good. But not a total waste of time looking at nothing. An occasional quality sighting, like a sea turtle or colorful nudibranch, will do.

The mongering scene is mostly covered already on the respective boards so I won't ask for much detail about that. Just want to hear about the best places to combine watery diving with dry land diving.

09-20-04, 17:18
I have visited Campo Allegre last month. Very easy to find, close to the airport. I was impressed by the facilities, as I heard it was an army camp before. Now, it looks more as a vacation resort.

On the other hand, I was disappointed about the quality and the quantity of the chicas, as well as the general atmosphere. May be I just expected more. I still prefer St Maarten (see my report on that section).

Mr Jetsetter
09-22-04, 08:41

The diving in Curacao is very solid -- healthy reefs, good visibility, decent abundance and diversity of underwater wildlife (generally, no large pelagics). There is a ton of good shore dives available, so if you can buddy up with someone, you can dive very cheaply, as tanks go for about $5 a tank, weights included. One of my favorite sites, Porto Marie, boasts a very beautiful beach, a nice open-air restaurant/bar, a free area for divers to stash and wash their gear, and a pristine double reef easily accessible from shore.

Because Curacao is quite small, it is likely the easiest place to combine quality diving and quality mongering. I have visited this interesting desert island five different times from the USA and always had a great time. A rental car is a necessity.

I mostly stayed for about $45-50 a night at the Flamingo Park, a VERY nice, quiet and clean place in a rural, quite pretty area of central Curacao, only 5 minutes from Porto Marie. The Flamingo Park boasts incredibly beautiful landscaping, full kitchenettes, and quality ownership.

My last visit was in December, 2003, and the Campo was rocking with some high-quality ladies. I confess to being disturbed by some of the more recent reports on this board, however. My guess is that you will always be able to find a hot babe or two.

I have not been to Rotaan, so I can't comment. I have been to Costa Rica, but the diving is far away from the monger scene in San Juan, and isn't all that great unless you can make it down to the Osa Peninsula and Cano Island.

10-01-04, 23:29

We have both the two same hobbies: diving and mongering.
as I travelled a lot here my experience, scanning through the world best diving spots:

- Red sea: in my opinion, the world best diving, but surrounded only by moslin conservative countries, exept the little town of Eilat in the southern end of Israel. There seem to be a few escorts there, but it is worthless to travel for it.

- Austalian Great Barrier, the second best diving. There is quit some good action in Sydney, but there are still 1500 km between Sydney and the Great Barrier. Difficult to combine both.

- The Indian Ocean (Maldives, Seychelles, Maurice). Very good diving, but forget about mongering.

- The Pacific Ocean (Polynesia, Micronesia etc..). Very tiny islands, indeed very good diving but nearly no action.

- The Carribean has four main action islands: Cuba, Dominican republic, St Maarten and Curaçao. Action is different between the four, but for diving, Curaçao is by far the best in the Carribean, together with Bonaire.

Curaçao is a very good choice to combine both diving and mongering. But not the only one.

The two remaining world diving areas are:

- Central America (Mexico, Guatemala...) wich combine both, but I have no experience

and last but not least:

- South East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia...) I've experienced very nice diving there, and you don't need me for having information about action in Thailand. In my opinion, for combining both hobbies, head for Phucket!

10-06-04, 12:50
I'm going to be visiting Curacao on business from Nov 9 - 13.

I've read all the posts on this board from the last year. It seems like CA is the (obvious) way to go -- simple, cut and dried, reasonable prices.

BUT... I'm a dreamer.

Is there any possibility of hooking up with one woman for most or all of my stay? A low-key GFE-type situation?

Being in my 50s, I don't need a 19 y/o honey. In fact, I prefer a woman with a bit more experience, and to me 35 - 40 is still a "cute young girl." I'm not picky on color, with a slight preference for black or dark latina women. I prefer slim and small-busted to heavy/topheavy, but none of these are absolutes; attitude means more to me than appearance.

I don't know which hotel I'll be in. It'll be someplace the NA government puts up mid-level official visitors, I suppose, since that's what I'll be, there to do a little computer training.

Anyway, does anybody have any idea if the kind of arrangement I'm mentioning exists in Curacao? I've never ha any problem setting up this sort of thing in Mexico, and I spent most of my off-hours during a delightful 4-day stay in Port of Spain (TT) a few months ago with a 30ish Columbian woman who wasn't locked into a CA-type arrangement and was happy to accept (approx) $50/evening (plus meals, drinks, and a few small gifts) to be my multi-night steady companion. The hardest part was negotiating in my horrid Spanish and her non-existent English, but we managed...

Please either post or PM me... a post might be best since I'm sure at least a few others have desires similar to mine.



10-31-04, 07:10
Any updates on Campo would be apprecated. Quality the same? Any new places to try out?

Happyness is 7 days of Campo walking away with a big smile.

Goga Fung
11-06-04, 08:02
Hello All,

Here are fresh updates from Curacao - the trip was in the middle of October 2004.

The most important: Campo is still there.

The Entrance fee now is 10 Florins ($6). Chica prices are the same - 50FL($28)

They also now allow women visitors on a certain day (thursday?). The entrance fee for women is 30 or 40 florins.

They advertise that if you buy some coupons for 25FL for Campo services, then they'll wave the entrance fee. But I did not try that.

It looks like the action is slower now, if you compare it to some previous years. I think there are less girls and the action starts later - 9-10 p.m.

However there are still some good quality girls with great personality and outstanding service. If you are there before November 23, stop by the room 155 Angelina, very young, slim, beautiful.

Also try Kamila, she's blond, great body, long straight legs. Her room is the closest to the restaurant area. She's usually standing outsdide her room.

Spanish is very necessary(as always). Some girls speak good English, but many of them do not speak at all, especially Dominican Republic girls.

Dining in Curacao
There are many restaurants advertized in their restaurant guide you find in hotels. Some of the restaurants are really good, but also many of them are overpriced or have bad quality. The worst I tried - Surf and Turf - they say a lot of nice words in their ads, but it is dirty, the food is bad and expensive.
For inexpensive and good food Campo is better than many other places on the island. They make good steaks and barbeques on sundays.

So far the best hotel I stayed was Hilton. You can find very good deals on Travelocity, if you buy hotel+air together. It is also one of the closest to Campo. Marriott also should be good. Other popular hotels such as Aquarium Resort and Lion's Dive are good, but not as good as Hilton, they are also very far. There are also hotels I would not recommend such as Holiday Beach. Read hotel reviews on TripAdvisor.com before booking.

Don't forget to rent a car. Taxis are expensive on Curacao.

Not everybody who visits Curacao is very excited about chikas. During several trips I was asking occasionaly some people about their opinion about Campo, I think this is interesting:

- An American Guy (~35-40 y.o.): "Campo? Uh no. I'm here with friends. We just go to the beach. There are topless women, we can watch them, this is so cool!"

- A guy from Holland (~30 y.o.): "Campo? I've been there once. Will never go there again. Amsterdam red light district? No, never go there."

This was a pleasant surprize:
- A local old man, about 60-70 y.o! He works as a barman: "Campo! Oh yes! I love it! They got now young girls, not like Cuban girls in old times in 1960s... Sorry cannot go there tomorrow, gotta work, but look me up in December when you're next time in Curacao, and I'll be glad to go to Campo."

Have great time in Curacao!

11-15-04, 20:06
As of 13 Nov 2004, there were only 25 women at CA according to an article in one of the local papers. The plan is supposedly to import fewer women from Columbia and the Dominican Republic and open the place to locals. The reasoning behind this move is the poor local economy; local girls need money too.

However, one of my local friends says this effort is doomed; that while many women on Curacao can be bought in a subtle way -- they go to casinos and hotel bars with friends and might accidentally end up in a tourist's room for a while, and money might accidentally change hands -- this does not mean they are doing anything they can't later deny. But if they sign up at CA, according to my contact, "This officially makes them *****s, and that just wouldn't do."

Most of the CA clientele seems to be local. In fact, while wandering around the place with my friend, we ran into his mother's next-door neighbor. Curacao is not a large place. The island's total population is only about 120,000. So a woman who decides CA is the best place to make a little side money will not be able to keep her income source secret for long.

I tried one woman at CA - she was young, attractive, and enthusiastic, although not greatly skilled. She was Colombian, and it was a good thing I could speak to her in (awful) Spanish, because she spoke no English. In fact, all the women I met at CA were Colombian, and I met quite a few because aside from the brothel function, it has a nice view and the drinks are cheaper than at the hotels. Even if you're not in the market for sex, it's a pretty nice place to hang out and meet locals -- men, at least.

The second night on the island I ran into a mid-40s schoolteacher from N. Carolina who apparently hadn't had sex in 10 years. Between her and my business duties, I had no more time for CA, and I didn't miss it a bit. Mongering is nice, but a woman who really *needs* sex and is away from home and in the mood to indulge is better than all the paid girls in the world, at least in my opinion.

I'd go back to Curacao and enjoy it, but would probably do my female-hunting on the (Euro-style topless/nude) beaches and in hotel bars. I am not attractive or young, but women seemed to like my company while I was there who would probably sneer at me in the States.

11-17-04, 07:41
Only 20 chicas at Campo because the gov sent them packing with expired 90 day Visas. I was told they would go back to the 150 chicas in 10 days. Slim picking with many more guys looking at the merchandise. Gals love it. Past years much more enjoyable. Had one who was on her last night before heading home, she decided to sniff some white powder on my chest. We were in to a threesome and the other chica looked on with amazement. I was surprised also. Her joy ride did not help matters, she lost focus and experience was poor. Waste of money.

Stopped by the Havana club and found 20 plus DR Chicas. According to a local with a bar fine it would cost at least $100 for take out. Mostly locals in the place. Felt some what out of place. Nice looking chicas, would consider returning.

Drove by Tosca, looked like the badlands. I have been warned by locals to avoid the area because of drugs etc. Campo is much safer, just need to fill it up.

Dick Dawson
11-19-04, 17:35
When I was there back in '03, I found myself being attracted more to the local women than to women that were staying at CA. Being a tourist though, I didn't think that they were approachable.

Hit n Run
11-24-04, 00:01
Some CA girls informed me the Campo's insider connection for arranging the work visas turned up dead, and the columbian owner was in jail. Can't verify this firsthand, however in reading how few girls are left there, it seems someone is taking it over. No one would want the local girls if that's the idea...sad to say, could be the end.

11-29-04, 23:50
As I reported earlier, the local newspaper reported the 90 day work permits were not in order and they deported over 100 gals. Considering the type of trade I am sure within a few weeks things will be back to normal. I never so a cash business in this trade go bad, only LE can close it down and the Dutch give this business a green light. Be patient with Campo or head to Havana club on the temp.

12-03-04, 14:02
Campo is still viable. There were maybe 40-50 chicas there, with more trickling in each day I was there. A bartender there was very friendly to me during my visits, and he assured me that their problems were temporary. He also though some of it was seasonal, as most Latin chicas want to be with their families for Navidad. Being my first visit, I can't compare or state quality was "up" or "down", but there were 5-10 chicas who were hot as hell, with maybe 3 of them stunning in my book. Great place to hang out, met a lot of great guys, would go back if the airline price is right.

12-04-04, 02:28
Nice to hear Campo is getting back on track and customers leave with a kool aid smile. Number of good looking chicas is normal. Just remember one thing, never pay until the service is given. If they insist it always means no GFE. The best of the best never ask $, they are confident they will earn it.

12-09-04, 06:57
This text actually belongs to a friend of mine, who cannot openly join this esteemed forum. However, I can assure everyone here he knows what he is talking about, and has been to Campo at least 6 times. In fact, that is wheree I met him during my first visit in August 2003. Jackson, you said this would be OK with a disclaimer; and the disclaimer is right here for everyone to see. So, without further ado, here is the update. Hopefully everyone will find this useful. This is three days old.

General warnings: Currently, there are many fewer girls in Campo than usual (to be sure, those who are there are definitely worth the long trip from the US or Europe). Therefore, one girl has many more customers than normal; girls say that 14 customers a day is not rare, with up to 25 on a good day. The girls are very tired. Therefore, when you are with a girl and see that she is dead tired, offer a brief period of rest or massage. She will be happy and you will be happy, too. Alternatively, make (and keep) an appointment for daytime hours.

The most popular girls work non-stop and are virtually not seen at night. If you want the best come to Campo during daytime hours. At the very least, show up by six o’clock at night and not later.

Do not be a swine. Girls have to take a lot of abuse from the locals whose notion of sex is rather strange by anyone’s standard. Be a gentleman; leave a positive legacy. Foreigners generally have a better reputation than locals and are welcome. Try to keep it that way.

Yes, Campo is the home of GFE; it is very much the standard for most girls. However, in order to get a GFE you should be prepared to give the girl a BFE; it is impossible for a girl to show a good time to an animal.

Yes, it is all about money. However, there is a lot that you and a girl in Campo can do for each other. You can make her forget that she is a prostitute and remind her that she is a beautiful, sexy, attractive and desirable young woman; she can make you forget that money is involved.

If you are interested in a quick impersonal fuck a la street scene in the United States, stay away from Campo. It is a waste of your time and money. Try the Philippines, India or Cambodia for much cheaper sex. If quality does not matter to you Campo should not matter, either.

Now, specific recommendations. If you are into a slow and dreamy kind of sex with a lot of foreplay and afterplay, you are in luck. Not only are Paola (Room 118) and Yamileth (Room 122) neighbors; they also share the same incredibly sensuous style of lovemaking. They are somewhat similar in appearance (coca-cola figures and legs that never end). Paola is a stunning slim blonde with an angelic face. Yamileth has perfect, Madonna-like Latina features. Do not rush anything; they will not rush anything, either.

Lina, a voluptuous blonde from Medellin (Room 126), is into more adventurous and athletic pursuits. Do ask for any special service that you want; be prepared to bargain long and hard. She is very accommodating, provided that you are a gentleman. As with most others, good behavior on your part has substantial rewards – more substantial with Lina than with many others. For a brunette version of the same style, try the much slimmer girl in Room 222.

However, the absolute gem (by the name of Diana) from Cali, Colombia is to be found in Room 160. I would not call Diana striking, although her distinct Latina features would clearly grab your attention. Her somewhat fuller figure is absolutely impeccable. However, it is her manners that really make her special. She is every inch a lady in and out of bed. There is a lot she can do for you, but good behavior on your part is a must. Please remember that Diana is one of maybe the top five percent of girls who have their choice of customers.

Diana is wonderful company (her English is extremely limited; speaking Spanish helps). She looks wonderful when she is bed, naked and next to you; she looks even better fully dressed when she holds your hand in the street, at the movies or in the discotheque. She is a queen of multas (leaving Campo at night to go with you to your hotel or wherever else you wish). If you want at least one multa, Diana is it. She says that she has had some multas of more than one day. I believe her; the smiling, cheerful and highly personable Diana can keep a man entertained, busy, and horny for days at a time. If you can imagine the exact opposite of an American ice queen, it would have to be Diana.

Good luck and best wishes to all visitors of Campo.

12-10-04, 04:24
Would have to agree with the assesment of Diana, apparently I'm not the only one to fall under her spell. Spent my first session at Campo with a hottie from Medellin, (Camille, I think room # 154?) then met Diana the next night. Spent the rest of my Campo visits with her exclusively, also some time away from Campo. A real sweetheart and the definition of GFE.

12-11-04, 23:04
Hey Tbird,

OMG!!! Girls at Campo are entertaing between 14 and 25 men a day! That's insane! With all due respect to your friend and his observations - there is no way a girl can keep up that volume and still offer GFE.

I love Campo/Curacao and thoroughly enjoyed my 3 trips there but anyone reading this should seriously consider skipping the military-esque setting of Campo and take a trip to the "motherland". I have been to the DR 7x and also to Colombia. Have the "bolas" to spend 10 days in Cartagena and you'll never look at Campo the same again!


12-12-04, 10:12
Ford, you are right, it is a somewhat unusual situation at Campo from what I hear. But the problem with work permits seems to have been resolved, and new chicas are coming in. Soon Campo will be full, and the insanity will stop.

I recently returned from Colombia myself, and am planning on going back in Feb. Campo is still a great place but just does not have the same lure after going "to the source".

12-12-04, 12:38
Hi Tbird :)

I wasn't flaming you - it was just a comment on the concept of a girl being able to offer GFE when she spends 16 of her 18 waking hours a day "horizontal".

I would steer clear of Campo until the numbers change in our favor!

12-13-04, 04:24
I also prefer Cartagena over Curacao, that's a no-brainer.
In my case the airfare just happened to be about 500 dollars cheaper, and one non-stop flight instead of a whole day shot traveling. Also wanted to do some scuba diving and snorkeling, etc.
I agree that the concept of being the 6th or 7th customer of the day isn't too enticing, although there are ways around that.
But Curacao is a viable destination, all things considered. I'd go back (and may soon) if the price is right again...

12-13-04, 05:23
This is a perfectly normal exchange of opinions. We tend to share a lot of them, too. I personally am going back to Colombia, and then will explore Argentina, before I return to Campo. I have discovered that a mix of touristy things and the hobby on a trip is the combination that works well for me; I am a little tired of Curacao, although I do enjoy the beaches.

12-13-04, 20:42
This is a perfectly normal exchange of opinions. We tend to share a lot of them, too. I personally am going back to Colombia, and then will explore Argentina, before I return to Campo. I have discovered that a mix of touristy things and the hobby on a trip is the combination that works well for me; I am a little tired of Curacao, although I do enjoy the beaches.

The beaches are nice, but I think I got alittle tired of Curacao because I grew alittle tired of the "Dutch" ;) The indigenous Curacao locals however, are absolutely awesome people!

I'm muy celoso (very jealous), I've never been to Argentina - now is definitely the time to go as December, January and February is their summer! Enjoy! I'll scan the Buenos Aires board for your report when you return. (I must put BA on my "to do" list)


12-14-04, 07:42
Work will not let me go until probably May;that will be their winter.

01-11-05, 15:14
Hey guys ... had a stopover in Curacao a couple nights ago ... on a Sunday.

Went to Campo with a buddy ... entered at about 10pm ... about $6 (US) to enter.

Seemed to be about 75 chicas or so hanging out either in the main bar area or near the rooms.

Most of the chicas are OK looking and pleasant but only saw maybe 10 who were of real quality ... depending on your taste of course .... I happen to dig the flakitas ... (thin ones).
Sometimes, as we know though, the hot ones are not the best in the bedroom as far as attitude and performance goes.

I had 2 sessions that night ...

The first one, I have to say, probably with the hottest pro I've seen ... at least right up there with the best of em ... and I've seen muchas.
I was thinking she would probably be a dud in the room, because she was absolutely HOT and not very playful or flirtatious outside the room ... but to my surprise she was excellent ...

... Lots of kissing and she was most excellent at the oral skills ... never had one pay so much attention to the ball sucking ... aweswome with her looking right at me with those big eyes ... GREAT time with her.

... After the session, she's not one to hang out and be your "girlfriend" ... I'm sure she's very popular and is obviously looking for her next $30 (US) ... that's OK though ... I know they need the cash.

Her name is Michelle, Room 222 ... not the kind that's going to fall for a guy, she's professional, a great actress in the cama (bed) ... but a great fantasy Colombiana. If she's still there, I'd definitely visit her again.
I rewarded her with a small tip and a little box of chocolates which she seemed very happy for.

By the way ... I had my cell phone camera with me but she absolutely refused a foto ... even for cash ... said if the management found out ... she'd have problems ... a fine she'd have to pay.
She said she knows guys love to share fotos and hers would eventually get around ... she's a bright chica.

Second Session ... first I'll say, I was chatting with a hot looking blonde (fake color of course but nice) Colombiana ... I speak pretty good espanol.
She was beautiful too but damn if she didn't have a bunch of rules for the session ... no kissing, no oral, etc, etc ... had to pass. Might as well jerk off to a foto of her.

Anyway, I met this friend of the chica my friend was spending a lot of time with. A Dominican chica with a nice little body and a cute face ... probably a seven on the scale.

Since I already had a great, full session earlier with a 9.999 chica, I was a little spent energy wise ... I told her that ... and told her I just wanted to relax and lay for an easy massage / oral ... and let her do all the work.

She was cool ... nice and sweet but very skilled ... not a fantasy session like the first, but more of a relaxing session.

Overall, it was fun ... great place to visit if you're in Curacao.
I wouldn't select it as a place to plan a vacation around personally ... I enjoy much more going to the source ... Colombia, Venezuela, DR, etc ...
But when I stop in Curacao ... I'll be visiting the Campo.


Mr Jetsetter
02-27-05, 12:49
I would love to hear how things are going at my favorite Caribbean retreat. I have visited Curacao on five different occasions but haven't been back since December, 2003. I have been concerned about just how this fabulous place is doing after reading about some of its problems in 2004. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

03-09-05, 15:41
By the way ... I had my cell phone camera with me but she absolutely refused a foto ... even for cash ... said if the management found out ... she'd have problems ... a fine she'd have to pay.
She said she knows guys love to share fotos and hers would eventually get around ... she's a bright chica.

You know its kinda' funny when you go somewhere like Colombia or Honduras and separate these girls - you can get them to pose for photos but when you go to a "one-stop" shopping center like Campo its real tough.

They sit around in the restaurant or in the common areas like a little "sewing-circle" and compare notes and experiences and one of the taboo subjects is photos!

With the dawning of the age of the internet these photos definitely get around, and when 4 out of 5 of these girls tell their families that they're in Curacao working as a waitress or in the food service industry, none of them want anything to leak out.


03-16-05, 04:28
Was out at the stomping grounds last evening and I can say that things are relatively normal. However in the past week a couple of the
"favorites" have run out of time and had to leave. number 170 back to the Dominican and 222 back to Colombia.

Guess it is time to explore the new talent arriving, and checking out who is left. Great mix of girls for this time of year, usually right after Easter
things will actually get better---more talent.

Safe hunting.

03-17-05, 21:12
What is Cambo like in the Summer (selection?, number of girls, etc..).

What countires are the girls from? (DR, Columbia, Venzuala?, anywhere else?)

I know Curocoa is not Amsterdam (but what is the situation with pot there?). Can you find it easliy (like from a taxi driver or hotel bellhop, etc..)?

Thanks in advance, Travel

I just returned from Europe (great girls but it was soooo cold I'm only dreaming of warm places for my next trip).

Goga Fung
04-19-05, 17:49

From my experience Campo has been great in summer. You can always find something you like.

The girls are from DR and Colombia.

Everybody in Curacao knows about Campo. It is next to the airport, you can see it on the local map (Campo Allegre). At night you'll see lights from the road going to the airport from east. Do not hesitate to ask locals, they are very friendly and very positive about this:-)

You will be pleasantly surprized of how the girls' attitude and performance is different from Amsterdam where you usually get a very "business-like" service with a list of restrictions (you got only 10 min 30 sec, no touching, no boobs, only one position, only one kind of sex..:-) And I think Germany is even worse than Amsterdam.

In Campo the price is twice lower, everything is included, no rush, girl-friend experience, real-like love, mucho amore... The girls are trying to enjoy as much as you do! You also need to know some nice words in Spanish.

Check out previous posts in this forum, there is plently information about Campo.

Beast74, could you please provide us with some updates? How is the Campo now? We need info about new talent for this may. Thank you.

04-22-05, 05:18
...the forum is back up, and has been moved here! Just found out the new domain. Anyway, I am all set to go to Curacao in July, and will be happy to report upon return. If anyone is there at the beginning of July, let me know.

Love Seeker
04-24-05, 10:38
What if you wanted to spend one week in Aruba and one week in Curacao. Both Dutch Islands. From the map they to not look far apart. What transportation is available? Boat, Air? Does anyone have information about cost and schedules?

Goga Fung
04-25-05, 03:22
What if you wanted to spend one week in Aruba and one week in Curacao. Both Dutch Islands. From the map they to not look far apart. What transportation is available? Boat, Air? Does anyone have information about cost and schedules?

I'm not sure if there are boats (there could be some). The popular way is to take a plane. I've done it several times. They fly several times a day, cost about $120+/-. and takes half an hour.

Dutch Carribean Airline website: