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05-11-02, 02:14
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07-17-02, 16:28
I met 2 guys from here in DR. They said that it was a small Island and no pro action whatsoever. They did say that the regular girls are into white tourists, and that you can go to whatever clubs you want and meet up with them.
Another fact is that one of the guys was a professional An accountant), and earned about $50,000 a year in US Dollars, so they are not poor here at all.

Black Man
08-04-04, 23:42
Any suggestion on bars or night clubs to pickup the locals? Is there any chicas from DR here? I'll be in Providenciales a few days and looking to score!

Zip Head
06-09-06, 06:16
Just returned from three days of diving on Providenciales in Turks and Caicos.

The diving was SUPERB but the night life and mongering are as close to zero as you can imagine. I was kind of prepared for this but the place really is dull. I stayed at the Comfort Inn Suites, decent place, but nothing special and still $104/night. Just a few restaurants in the area and half empty this time of year.

I was there solo and obvious that you had to "bring your own" if you wanted any female fun.

Met a couple bartenders who claimed DR girls were available but very costly. I did see and meet a few DR girls working in various bars and restaurants. Also there are a couple of dance places (one called "Familia") that are supposed to be good for meeting the Latin ladies, but I hadn't rented a car and you really needed one to get there.

Found out there are a couple of small interisland airline companies with direct flights to Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo most days of the week in a Beech 1900; only a 45 minute flight. So off I went!!

Sosua report to follow tomorrow in the DR section!

Wu Shao Bai
11-20-06, 22:58
Darn. Actually visiting Providenciales if I'm lucky. Maybe I'll catch a flight to Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo for the night =)

JP Yank
11-26-06, 13:35
I have a place in Provo and while diving is great there is no action at night even remotely close to what is available in the DR. Remember these islands do not have a large local population so any WGs are from elsewhere and immigration is tough because the place is a rich developed island compared to the DR. You can fly to Puerto Plata on Sky King, the local airline, and it is short 45 min flight. It is not cheap and only goes a few days a week so be careful.

08-30-07, 15:51
Is T&C still weak? Going end of nov as part of a cruise. Guess I'll just have to try an bone the chix on the boat LOL

Chris H
04-30-09, 04:55
Just an FYI, there is action on this island....it will mainly be with the Domicans that are on the island. You have to go to a Dominican night club, and all the working girls are all over the club.

Chris H

Chris H
08-25-09, 03:57
well I witnessed the action this time while on the island...I was at a bar called Danny Buoys and there was about 10 working girls amongst the regulars looking very obvious. I did not partake, since I was already with a female, but I was told by my female companion that there are several spots with working girls willing to satisfy for a decent price!

Chris H

04-02-11, 11:38
Does anyone know if there are massage places in Turks & Caicos where HR is on offer?

Many thanks.

JP Yank
11-01-18, 01:49
A long time with no comments on Turks and Caicos. Anybody know of any action in Provo? Hearing could be some clubs with Dominican girls but have not seen anything yet. Any suggestions?