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05-14-02, 04:01
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Nibu Raphael
07-31-02, 08:20
Shit you all this is the capital of Brazil there must be some sex action here. CUM On guys Brasilia The Future city more futuristic then Houston TEXAS USSA,,,,, BYE YA All NIBU RA. P.S. There must be info and sex ads in the local Brasilia Papers. Maybe since it is the head seat of government it has to be squeaky clean. Who knows Someone PLEASE POst on this Future modern city.

07-31-02, 13:38
Brasilia... LOTS of TV's, if that's your thang. Otherwise, plenty of call-in services, pick up any newspaper in town, or just ask the doorman, if you are staying in a hotel. All in all Brasilia is boooooooring, any way you slice it. Unless you have to go there on business, don't waste your time (the fantastic, futuristic, modernistic architectue looks a lot better in photos than in person.. anyway, if you want architecture you're on the wrong forum ;-) ).


08-06-02, 16:09
Honestly, This city is too new to have any places like they have in Rio. I stayed here for a half of a week and found nothing in the papers about saunas or discoteques unlike in Rio where they advertise. This place only just became capital in the 60s and it wasn't built up much earlier than that. If you want action, go to Rio. It is more established. Otherwise the best bet is the ads. Some girls from the ads may also solicit their services in the local dance clubs as well. But watch out for TVs. If you happen to invite one in, call hotel security.


Nibu Raphael
11-17-02, 21:11
Hey Tomb Any New updates on Brasilia??? So The Streetwalker scene is full of TVS???? That Sucks. What about love motels??? Darkseid what about the ads in the local papers? No Outcall Services Tomb??? What about for Amatuer Action? Discotecas,Malls,cafes??? Violence in Brasila? Is that where Lula Lives now. Kind of Confused Darkseid or Tomb if you can answer on this that would be awesome Man...... LaTER,Nibu R......

01-03-03, 04:53
I was there about two years ago, so this information may be out of date. Apple Night Club, if it still exists, is a club where you can take the girls out of and back to your room. That night the asking price was $100 USD ~ R$200, but the value of the Real has gone down since then.

Also, while sitting each evening at the bar/lounge of the Bonaparte Hotel, I noticed some drop dead gorgeous women roll in. I'm talking 10s. These women were model material, absolutely stunning. According to the bar manager, they were pros. If you want one to come over, just make eye contact and motion them to sit with you. I didn't find out their asking price because my hands were already tied with the girl that was chasing me in Brasilia. Happy hunting.

Nibu Raphael
01-10-03, 00:35
Wow Thanks for the update Wiggums. Oh Did you see any massage parlors in Brazilia? How about the streetwalker scene? Strip clubs? Make post 2 here for us,,,, ThanXXX,,,,, NIBU R.....

01-11-03, 10:55
Nibu R,

Please bear in mind that my information is two years old.
No, I didn't see any massage parlors. Honestly, I didn't even look for them. As for the SW scene, it's there. I was staying at the Bonaparte Hotel. At least from my room window, I could see them on the street outside the hotel. I have seen them on the roads adjacent to the Bonaparte Hotel. Sometimes you see them at the Esso Station next to the hotel. They're definitely there. The few that were trying to wave at me while I was walking to the mall were definitely female, but I did see at least one or two TVs during my jaunts.

Also, on the small road, not the highway, that goes by the hotel and from the mall. It takes you down to an underpass. Well, beyond the underpass there are streetwalkers down there. Problem is, it's not very safe to walk. Apparently, while I was there. A group of 6-8 guys were walking back that way and got robbed. Also, I've been warned by buddies that have been there before that you have to check to make sure you're getting the goods that you want, not some ladyboy or TV. I have to agree, Brazil seems to have a lot of those TVs types.

I saw a seedy strip club or two, but never went into any. These happened to be in the shady areas that I mentioned that are desolate during the evening and leave you with a feeling of uneasiness. Perhaps you might want to go there by taxi.

In my previous post, I mention Apple Night Club. Well, that place is a strip club. It is a takeout club and a few of girls are actually dancers. If you choose to take out a dancer, I think you have to wait until her show is done before she can leave.

If you plan on going, you could always go to the mall and bs with the salesgirls. They're always game, if you like to chase.

Like many of the previous posts had stated, Brasilia is a boring place. Not much really to do during the week. You can always catch a movie. The ones I saw were in english and had portuguese subtitles.

However, these are Brazilian women that are more than willing to give you all the pussy you want. They are veral and definitely aggressive. If they like you, they're the ones that try to rock your world. They want to give it up as bad as we want to stick it to them.

Good Luck!!!!

Member #1005
04-14-03, 05:00
There hasnít been any recent posts about BrasŪlia, so I feel its time that I might as well post an update add my two cents worth. This post is current for April 2003. Naturally, before coming out here to work I had read the board and was somewhat disappointed two what I would expect here. Typically, it seems that there are more questions than answers.

I came to Brazil for work but plan to take vacation afterwards for twenty days before returning home, taking in Fortaleza, Manaus, Recife and Salvador. The best way to visit several cities is to purchase an air pass before you arrive as they are not available in Brazil. I had problems trying to buy this from Varig because of the bureaucracy, so after a few days of going backwards and forwards I decided it is better to spend my money with TAM. The other good thing about Tam is that once you have registered on their site you can then book your e-tickets so there is no need to worry about having to find a travel agent and this can all be done 24 hours a day, providing you have access to the internet and a credit card. I have just seen that Varig and TAM have now got together offering a joint service. Check them out on tam.com.br

Last year I was in S„o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and one of the things I learnt was that many of the women I was interested in do not speak English. So I made an effort to learn Portuguese or rather am still learning; I read that with 30 hours you can learn the language but speaking honestly even with Italian behind me I still find it difficult to learn. I ask my Brazilian colleagues here if they could find someone to help me out with some one to one lesson. I have had two lessons and was surprised about the cost because one hour is one fifth of the price I would expect to pay at home with a language teacher, this woman works for some of the embassies based in BrasŪlia and charges only R$20 per hour (U$6)

Another good tip for anyone coming out to Brazil is something I read in an earlier post is that you can purchase a cellular phone for about U$60 (R$350); if you are looking to save even more money and avoid paying out for the over priced hotel charges bring your own handsets Nokia, Sony- Ericsson, then all you need to do a buy a TIM chip and a prepaid service which will cost you altogether R$ 150 (U$47) this is more than sufficient to cover all of your calls whilst in Brazil and if you do need more credits you can purchase R$100, 50,35, 20 cards; which means calls are next to nothing.

I am staying in The Blue Tree Park hotel which is a bit out of town but on the plus side itís a five minute walk to Lulu President of Brazilís residence, not that I was invited in or anything. Compared to hotels in Rio and S„o Paulo it is cheap with adequate facilities and its also girl friendly. Using the front reception bar after 9pm you cannot fail to notice a succession of young, sexily dressed women coming into the hotel and handing over their id cards. However, the hotel is girl friendly but it does cost you R$50 (U$16) to have your friends over, I didnít find out until I checked out and was presented with the bill. Overall, not a bad hotel although you are stuck in the middle of what seems no-where and you do have to rely on taxis to get around unless you hire a car.

I read in some of the last few posts that a few people mentioned that they did not know where to find any action in BrasŪlia? To be honest I donít know how they could not have found any action. After a few hours of arriving I looked in the local paper to find out whatís going on. If you look in the Correio Brazilienese or Jornal De Brazilian and Tribuna do Brasil you will find in the classificados sections for Acompanhante inside, there is around 50 plus available on any given day including Domingo (Sunday).

BrasŪlia does not have a great deal of information but if you know where to look you will find what you are seeking. OK, so this is not as sophisticated as Rio but donít be fooled there is plenty of action here. Whilst I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel watching many 9ís and a couple of 10ís coming in going up to reception and signing in with their ids and one or two girls definitely left guys with their tongues hanging out, definite model like qualities.

I had a look through the news papers and called up a few of the girls to get an idea of the prices, which averaged around R$ 100 (U$31) plus the taxi, with the location of the Blue Tree Park hotel I would budget for R$160 (U$50) The program runs for two hour or more. If you have a basic Portuguese write down your key words beforehand because many of the girls do not speak English, but are still prepared to come over to you if you make an effort.

As for myself I tried one of the web sites that covers BrasŪlia the first one is ellitemodels.com on this site I choose Dani tel:274 4898 I asked her to come over, she was my third choice as the otherís telephones were switched off and I prefer women with a full breast. Typically for 90% of Brazilians she was late, I arranged for her to come around at 9.30pm but she arrived at 10.20pm after about five telephone calls. She was about a 6 and the face a 5 but the body a 7. Although my Portuguese is poor she kept on talking away and to be honest could only understand about 40% of what she said. We took a shower together with her commenting on my nice body and then got down to the business which included BBBJ. After a couple of sessions she decided to spend all night with me rather than try to get a taxi home. Dani could talk despite me only understanding a limited amount of Portuguese she spent most of the night talking. I did find out that she has to pay R$ 45 a month to have her details published on the web site but when I asked how many clients she gets from this she told me maybe one or two a week if it was good and she didnít think the web site was that good because her friend, also on the web site, was in a similar position. However, Dani was a nice girl but not one that I would want to have a relationship with; she was looking for a GFE programming my number in her mobile and also put her number into mine as well. She called me the following night and said she wanted to come and see me but I was already out after a couple of calls I heard nothing more.

A couple of nights later armed with my new found knowledge about the site I decided to call another one of the girls Monique tel:9559 5597, please note she doesnít own a cellular phone, who looked like she has a nice body. Originally, I called up early since the call the night before was constantly engaged, on the telephone she was very eager to come over but as I have said typically with Brazilian girls, she was 50 minutes late, time is something that that is there but donít worry about. Later on the telephone she kept trying to up the price after first telling me a lower price to R$250 (U$79) but I stuck to my guns and said I would only pay R$150 (U$ 48). She was a very attractive girl with a nice body, I was initially concerned on her arrival when she said that if I could give her some money for the taxi waiting outside, since I never pay for anything in advance and she left her handbag and I loaned her R$30 for the taxi. Once in my room she was again trying to up the price claiming that normally she would charge R$300/400 (U$ 96/126)for an overnight stay; I though she was a bit shy at first but once we got down to the business she was very much into it.

If there is one thing I can say about the Brazilian girls is unlike some other places I have been too around the world, one thing that cannot be disputed about Brazilian girls is when it comes to the sex they are into it. This girl Monique like Dani before her, sucked dick like their lives depended on it, trying their hardest to please, both BBBj. During the sex were very affectionate with lots of kissing and hugging. I felt a bit sorry for Monique because she told me she had only been in this job for a couple of weeks, and I must have been one of her first clients. I think she was desperate for the money because the next morning her friend called me to ask me how much I had paid her but I just played the stupid tourist who couldnít understand the language. She didnít own a mobile and uses her friendís. She also told me that her family didnít know she was a garota do program but I expect thatís true of 99% of the girls that do this.

Monique was a little bit naÔve or inexperienced because she allowed me to take whatever photos I wanted on my digital camera and was very happy to pose. I mean most hardened pro with photos on the internet would be a little cautious, your average girl should know that anyone armed with a digital camera and laptop can publish these photos quicker than they can get the pants back on. I would definitely hook up with Monique again. We exchanged addresses and numbers and she said she would write to me once I got home, I wonít hold my breath on that one but who knows.

I tried one other company called relaxbsb.com.br that also advertise in the local newspapers and spotted a girl that was definitely my type Gisele tel:946 1761. One thing I have learnt about Brazilian men is the type of girls they prefer tend to be blonds,(loiro) thin with small pert breasts and nice arse. So if you are like me and like darker women (Monreno) or muattas, with nice arse and nice tits you will have a wide selection to choose from.

Anyway with my pigeon Portuguese I was able to spell out my room number and details to Gisele and discussed prices, R$80 per hour (U$25), which suited me down to the ground, but just as I was on the phone my work colleagues called up to take me to some function. So I had to cancel with Monique, I said that I would call back later. But she must have been eager because I had only given her my room number and said I was staying in the Blue Tree because she called me up twice to say she could come over. I was disappointed to have to miss out as she had a very fit body and I am sure it would have been an experience. Still I can always call again.

This may not be Rio ore S„o Paulo but overall BrasŪlia does have some good sex action here, I did not check out the street scene because I didnít have time and it was too far away, but someone did inform me that 90 of the street walkers were transsexuals anyway they try to get foreigners so be warned. Also on the elite website Suza is very suspect because look how she/he covers her/his neck and the tits look as fake as hell. In BrasŪlia prices are better and hotels are relatively girl friendly despite having to pay R$50 (U$15) for your friends and Acompanhates will show up on your bill, so be warned. I would definitely visit again if in the area and would hook up with Monique and Gisele.

I am now off to Fortaleza so look out for my next report in that section

Cash Works
03-04-04, 13:29

The time difference with Brasillian women:

They call it "Tiempo Brasilleira" verses "Tiempo Ingles" or Brasillian time verses English time.

If stating English time, 8:00 pm means 8:00 pm.

If stating Brasillian time, 8:00 pm means sometime between 8:30 pm and midnight. I'm pretty sure that it is intimately tied in with the novellas on the television. I think that they believe that if they're on time, they may come across as looking desperate, while arriving "fashionably late", they can make a "dramatic entrance".

I had a girlfriend in Fortaleza once, who had 5 roomates. 4 or them were absolutely stunning, the other one had a great body, but, to me, a rather unattractive face. Before I found out about the room mates, I would arrange to meet my girlfriend at a restaurant for dinner at 8:00 pm. After the first couple of times waiting for her to show up before I ordered (she would typically show up around 9:00 - 9:30 and wouldn't want to eat), I finally started ordering my food shortly after I arrived. Then she would show up, I'd pay the bill & we would go elsewhere.

Some time after I stopped waiting for her to order, I started getting these beautiful women joining me as I finished my meal. They would flirt like crazy, I'd tell them that my girlfriend was on her way, but they would continue trying anyway. By the time they had their hand up the leg of my shorts, making mr. happy very happy, my girlfriend would show up with her dramatic & fashionably late entrance and (very dramatically - just like in the novellas) make a big scene of chasing off the beauty that had just been stroking my member. I would calm her down, take her out somewhere, then we'd go back to my hotel or apartment and have very passionate "make-up" sex (make-up in that we had just had a fight due to me "fooling around"). Eventually, I came to realize that these beautiful women who were flirting with me were her roommates & my girlfriend would orchestrate the whole show! Needless to say, it was fun for a while, but I had to dump her eventually as her truly psychotic nature became more prevalent as time went on.


Member #1005
04-23-04, 11:41
As there doesn't seem to be much information in the Brasilia threat I might as well add the photos from a couple of garotas I met up with last year.

Sorry, its taken so long; I would have posted these last year but as we all know you could post photos back then.


This garota originally hails from Belo Horizonte, Gisele, but she told me she saved up for two years to get her breasts enlarged but in bed she was very so so, nothing exceptional. I went out to club with her afterwards but her personality was very flat.

(more details below in my post)


Member #1005
04-23-04, 11:43
More from Belo Horizonte garota

Member #1005
04-23-04, 11:44
Final photo from Belo Horizonte garota

Member #1005
04-24-04, 06:33
This is Dani, a reasonable girl she stayed with me all night, but for the next twenty days, I was in Brazil, she kept calling me every three days to know when I was coming back to BrasŪlia. But thatís Brazilian garotas for you.

Member #1005
04-24-04, 06:35
This garota Monique was one that came from an agency she had a wonderful body and was willing to please but a little too grasping for the money. Although she had told me she was a new in the business when she arrived at my hotel she didnít have enough money to pay the taxi, second she kept saying that for an all-nighter she wanted more. I would certainly have done her again

Member #1005
04-24-04, 06:37

Member #1005
04-24-04, 06:38
Monique 2

Member #1005
04-24-04, 06:41
Monique 3

Member #1005
04-24-04, 06:43
Monique 4

Member #1005
04-24-04, 06:47
Monique 5

Peter P
04-22-05, 16:32
In view of the scarcity of report on Brasilia, I will like to share with fellow mongers my recent experience there.

As with most people, I was in Brasilia a few days on business. Brasilia probably not really a place for any long tourist stays, except to see the architecture and layout of Brasilia that has been designated as a Unesco site.

I stayed at Blue Tree Park, which is pretty nice hotel, great pool. Do ask for a lakeview/pool view as its very nice. I had wanted to try some of the internet girls but I never got down to doing it. Turns out, in the evening, I think around 10pm onwards, working girls start to stream into the very large lobby area where there is bar. On my second night, I was just there with my colleague at around 10pm when these 2 girls walked up to us and offered their namecards. They were about 6-7, and I politely declined their offer, being used to 8-9s in other places. After about 30 min, they come back again, this time, with 4 more girls. There was a young morena that looked really cute. I smiled at her and she came over, we talked a bit and she was very friendly and nice. I bought her a drink and closed at BRL 300. Her name was Suzana. Without going into too much detail, she gave great BBBJ, would have TC, but I requested to blow it on her breasts, which she gladly obliged. I would rate it as GFE, no rush, all in stayed about 3 hours. We showered togehter, talked, watched TV. Turns out she was from small city in Minas and was in Brasilia to visit her relatives and was hoping to find a job.

The next day, which was my last, I got a friend to bring me out to see the regularly places. The dance clubs were very good and lots of hot young regular girls. Only problem was my very short stay and still yet to be perfected Portuguese. However, I was told girls in Braisilia are quite 'practical' and being a foreigner in Brasilia usually means good financial 'prospects' as a girlfriend. Indeed, the girls there were very friendly and not one rejected my offer to dance. I did not end up in bed with anyone that night as I had to leave early the next day. I was also told by my Brasilian friend that it would be safe to consider about 2-3 dates before a regular Brasilian girl would go to bed with someone.

Some useful infor that I picked up as well :
- Blue Tree Park allows guests but charges an extra BRL 50
- There is a bar at the Bonaparte hotel where working girls gather.
- There are only about 4 pick-up joints in Brasilia, and entry is around BRL 70. Heard there is a new place that is supposed to offer good selection, but again, my stay was too short to allow me anytime to check out the place.

Finally, Brasilia is building a new convention centre that it hopes can be used as a means to attract more visitors. With more businessmen coming, lets hope the mongering scence also gets livelier.

Hope the above is useful,


05-26-05, 10:37
In April I stayed in the Zona Hoteleira Sul. Many girls at night around the hotels, the one I met asked 60 BRL ! You have then to pay your hotel 40 BRL or more to bring her in.

Unfortunately the Gol night club was closed for repairs, and the bar under the Napoleon closed on week-ends (businessmen stay in Brasilia mon-fri !). The Parthenon was closed for unknown reason (WE ?). Hope to have more luck next time !

11-13-05, 23:32
I spent 2 weeks in Brasilia in October and it was a lot of fun. Beautiful, safe and interesting city, lots of interesting sites to visit. Very good night life in terms of going out and things to do and to meet regular girls. I stayed in the Zona Hoteleiro, Asa Sul. At night, it was full of street workers, some hot, others less. I didn't partake in any mongering as I was with my gf there and well, she was with me all the time and was quite satisfied. :) Whenever I was able to, I would go to the Patio Brasil as I was staying right beside it, and it was a sight to see all those hotties stroll by. I found girls there usually very friendly, approachable and a few speaking english. If one has the time, knows some portuguese and well mannered, they could very easily get one of these hotties in Brasilia. But the main thing is time and the language. Very doable.

I'd like to know if in Brasilia there are day time places to have fun, like say a Terma or incall places. I enjoyed Brasilia and I'll make sure to stop there again on my next trip to Brasil.

02-21-06, 05:32

I am going to Brasilia in a couple of weeks and it seems information is scarce.
Can someone help me out with a little information on the following subjects?

What hotels can I stay in near the action for a bargain rate and a descent stay; what is the price?

Where can I find some action for under $50 and get some young not very professional talent? I hate the pros!!!

Are there any disco's or such places where I can get the freelancers or something like that???

I have always had good luck in Thailand and Mexico, where I found some very nice non pro's at the discos.

Any restaurant tips appreciated.

Much appreciated.

03-23-06, 01:19
Sorry this is a late one.

Spent a week in Brasilia in November. A lot of street action going on, but seems to be mostly TVs. Not my thing.

Stayed at the MeliŠ Brasilia, which was a very nice hotel...The lobby has a cigar bar, and there are always pro's hanging out there waiting to be picked up.. Some very nice ones too! But the gem is right across the street in the Gol night club. Very nice selection of pros who can be bargained down to a reasonable price. One hottie wanted $100 for the night and into the next day...whatever I wanted to do. If you look at their website, I can testify that those chicks were really there when I was there (especially Natasha). I highly recommend this club for these services.

Also went to a few traditional clubs, Filů Club and also another club next to Pier 21, but I can't remember the name of that one. Filů was pretty good, and there were plenty of women there to 'get to know'.

Links to the clubs:
Filů Club: www.filoclub.com.br/
Gol Night Club: http://golnightclub.com.br/

Bubba Boy
04-05-06, 17:22

The nations capital. Home to 2m people. I believe it was built in the 1960's from nothing and almost bankrupted the country at the time. It is a spread out city, a city that would be very difficult to live in without the access to a car. It is not compact like Rio. Like most cities in Brasil it has paid for options. I stayed there for a couple of days and think that for pure mongering activities it would not be worth the trip. However if you have to go there for business you may as well grab a bit of ass.

*Accomodation*: I stayed at the Melia Brasilia complex in March 2006. It has a 5 star hotel "Melia Brasilia" and a 4 star hotel "Tryp Park". Basically they are the same complex operated by the same company built in 2003. The Melia will set you back about USD$120 and the Tryp about USD$80. I found the hotel to be out standing, I believe there are no problems with guests, although I did not bring anything home. The Mercure is not far away and accor hotels are always a good option in Brasil. The location of the hotel is great, the Gol Club is directly across the road, and the Patio Brasil Shopping centre is 200 yard down the road on the right if standing in the foyeur.

http://www.solmelia.com (for Melia and Tryp)
http://www.accorhotels.com.br (for Mercure)

After doing a lot of research I came to the conclusion that the Gol Club is the place to be at the top end while in Brasilia. It was located directly opposite the Melia, next to a quite large service station that curiously had cars lining up 24/7 to fill up, kind of inefficient but I digress. Anyway, from the outside the club looks tiny, this is because the entire club is underground and it is quite large and well appointed. Entrance was R80, which was broken down to R30 for entrance and a minimum consumption of R50. Beer was R10 and whiskey from memory was R20. I went on a Monday and there was about 30 girls there, it was dead before 11pm, hence do not go before. It looked like the full complement of girls were there more or less by midnight. I didn't ask what the price was to take a girl out or what there bar fine was. The girls that were there were all, by my high standards, quite nice. They were all about 7's and maybe an 8 or 2. As I had just come from Rio and was "well fed" I declined any action.

I believe working girls gather in some hotel lobbies after 11pm on some nights. I personally did not see this at the Melia but it was a Monday night, I have heard a few do hang there. You may see this at Blue Tree Park which is down by the lake, about 2 miles from the Hotel Melia and The Bonaparte hotel, which is 2 blocks down from the Melia, just past the Patio Brasil shopping center.


*The Patio Brasil Shopping center* This is by Brasilian standards a large mall. It has decent shopping and a food court on the top level. Hence, I found the Melia hotel a good place to stay because you can always eat at the Mall for R12 or so and there is always something to do, I would think in other parts of the city it would be a cab ride to get anywhere. It also has a large cinema complex. It is a couple of hundred yards down to the right from the Melia if standing looking at of the foyer.

08-20-06, 07:03
I may be going to Brasilia in the next couple of months or so and I'd be looking for some tips on any recent places for the hobby in this city. Also, I found a few nice looking sites and I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with the garotas of these sites and how much is the cost of these hot pieces of bundas.





05-29-07, 05:43
Was in Brasilia in April. A local friend took me to an area known as the hooker area with SW lining up the entire block. There were some lookers and other gostosas as well. After chilling there for an hour in a bar, while checking the talent, we went for another round and dthere, we spotted a very pleasant mulata with a great personality. The price there was 60 for 30 minutes and 100 for an hour, either in a nearby motel or in their own place which was right there for a 10 reais fee.

The name of the street where the SW were gathering is Quadra 314 in Asa Norte. My friend also mentioned of a more upscale club called Star Night, but due to time limits, didn't have the chance to check it out.

While driving in BSB, specially in the major W3 line, at one section of the road, at all times of the day and night, there are SW standing and or sitting on the edge of the road. Some of them look quite hot. Didn't partake again due to lack of time but this city deserves some more time to fully explore all the options. And again, lots of ads in the local paper and again, asking the cabbies is a good bet to get to good cheap casas.

11-05-07, 18:49
Heading to Brasilia this week on business for a weekend stayover and going to try my luck with the local women for some fun. Staying at the Melia. My first trip to Brazil and don't speak any Portuguese so I suspect these will work to my disadvantage, but I'll report back next week on how things go. Any advice on where to go and what to do to steer clear of troubles would be greatly appreciated.

02-18-08, 12:23
Final photo from Belo Horizonte garotaI have knowledge of this girl, she says her name is Cristiane. She has bigger breasts now and she was taking hormones to gain weight.


Autumn Lover
11-28-08, 11:56
Was here for a conference in late Nov., and it seems that things have changed greatly in the area of the Melia Hotel.

I couldn't find the Gol nightclub, and suspect it was in a building that is now being redeveloped in front of the Melia, between it and the gas station. The website is also down.

In addition, the bar in the lobby of the Melia has, on each table, cards explaining why tourists should not frequent prostitutes in Brazil. That might explain why there were no girls in there at all.

I couldn't find the Bonaparte Hotel, which from Google Maps lies very near the Melia. There's a fair amount of redevelopment going on in the area, so perhaps it's disappeared because of that, along with the Gol.

Further, I could not find any girls in the general area, as was mentioned previously. Nor did there seem to be anything in the local newspaper.

I went to the Blue Lake Park, whose lobby girls were said to visit, but none there.

So, all in all, a disappointing visit to this city. Perhaps there's been a clamp down on sex workers?


Marcelo Gomes
05-04-09, 03:24
As a Brazilian citizen living in Brasilia, I feel myself comfortable to give some useful information about what is going on. In downtown you can find women at night on the sidewalks close to most of the hotels of the Asa Sul Region. If you are in the Asa Norte side, there will be any of them. Almost all good bars for this use are closed, but in the Star Night you can find good stuff (http://www.starnightboite.com.br/). But the prices would be muche higher, specially for foreigners.

The websites mentioned before are still a very good option. But there is no guarantee that the lady will speak something else then portuguese. But they are criative and can handle the situation.

09-21-09, 14:43
Was just in Brasilia last week, stayed at the Melia 21 Brasilia. Club action is very slow only found one open named Star Night Boite. Has beautiful Brazilian ladies, although very aggressive.

Great shows but very expensive, perhaps because there's no other competition. Many of the girls were asking for $300 reales, plus waiters are crooked, charged us for 8 drinks when we only had 5. Streetwalker scene near all the major hotels in Brasilia. Many girls hang out in the hotel lobbies and get clientes there. I did two (2) of the ladies from the lobby of my hotel (Melia) and paid $100 reales ($55 US) for a one hour session. Included BBBJ, and anal. Most brazilain girls love anal.

01-30-10, 20:32
Do any of you know how much the bsbsexy.com cost and any review for the girls on there?

01-31-10, 10:43
Well the website is www.bsbsexy.com.br. Without the br at the end, you will get another kind of website.

Nobody talks about Goiania. Does someone has got some infos about this city ?

Goiania is very close to the capital, about 2 hours by bus...And nearly as many inhabitants....Life must be a bit less expensive as in the capital....

Marcelo Gomes do you have have some infos that you could share with us ?

02-02-10, 11:32
Been there and Caldas Novas saw street some action at nite in Goiania that was pointed out to me [ druggie and trans ] and some small sex shops could not recon as I was with "family"

Mr Enternational
02-04-10, 01:55
Anyone have the scoop on accommodations besides Melia and Mercure?

02-07-10, 06:11
Anyone have the scoop on accommodations besides Melia and Mercure?Try in the Seitor Hoteleiro and you'll find a ton of nice hotels. I woud also suggest to stick with the south side of the Seitor Hoteleiro as they have much nicer hotels. If you're looking into budget, then North Side would be better.

I have stayed at the Hotel das Nacoes and the Vernon Palace, which are besides each other in the South Zone, very good location, nice accommodation, at a reasonable price (around 80-100R/night for both). The Vernon Palace is much nicer. As far as girl friendliness is concerned, I have not tried as I was there with a non pro, but I'd think the Hotel das Nacoes is GF while I'd have doubts about the Vernon (but again not impossible with a little jeitinho) specially late at night if you were to befriend one of the porteiros there.

The area beside these 2 hotels is filled at night with SW, some very nice ones and some ok ones. Again, haven't tried any as had my hands tied so to speak each time in BSB. Also, both of these hotels are right in front of the biggest shopping centre/mall in BSB, Patio Brasil which is a great place to kill time in a hot afternoon with lots of eye candy.

Hope this helps, Enjoy. BSB is a nice city. Some like, others don't. I liked it. Oh and a car is a must there. Since this is quite a wealthy city (and an expensive one too), it's not too difficult to find a nice non pros with her own car, which makes things a lot more enjoyable!

03-15-10, 08:01
Hey gents,

This will be my first time in Brasilia. Seems like I'm getting some conflicting reports, but basically, I will have the choice of staying at one of these hotels. Which one do you reccomend to maximize exposure to finding women (pro and/or non-pro)? And where is the best place to go to for some action in this city?

The hotel options are:

Comfort Suites Brasilia
Metropolitan Flat Brasilia
Mercure Brasilia Eixo

Many thanks

06-04-10, 18:56
I've seen the gpguia.net website. Lots of addresses of clinicas. Can't read Portuguese, so not sure which of these are open on Sunday (if any). I'll get someone at the hotel to call and check, but wanted to ask if anyone knows of a place that will definitely be open on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks in advance

06-19-10, 01:01
I arrived on a Sunday. The city was pretty much dead. Stayed at the Melia - nice hotel, not much going on close to it. Staff is ok, not very helpful. There are many places to eat, drink, party at in Brasilia - just need to know someone who is local.

I went to Bar Brahma - good beer, nice crowd, very good looking women. This is a regular place, mostly frequented by the after-work crowd. I don't speak Portuguese, did not try chatting with the local women (I should have at least tried).

Was with coworkers who decided to take me to Star Night. I walked in to check it out for 2 mins. Place was somewhat blah, lots of women, but not very attractive. All sitting their beautiful bundas at the tables. Wasn't feeling it so we left and went to Gate's Pub. Before entering, stopped by a small shop right next door and downed a beer while waiting for the line outside Gate's to get smaller.

Inside, the club/pub is cozy. One of my coworkers who is from Brasilia was drunk and subsequently started approaching many women. At one point, he grabbed me and took me over to meet this tall, big, blonde chick, forget her name. She spoke English well and had traveled to the US and Europe. She was nice enough and chatted with me for a while after realizing I was not as drunk as my buddy. She then introduced me to her friend who was standing right next to her. She was 26 and spoke English as well. Perfect smile, very sweet voice and a really, really nice bod. We hit it off immediately and ended up on the dance floor making out. Here's the deal. At this club (and at other clubs I hear), if your advances are not completely thwarted by the object of desire, chances are they'll make out with you within 15 mins. This happened to me and another person in our group. Random stuff - walk up to a girl, see if she is amenable to chatting, then dance a bit, next thing you know your swapping saliva.

Anyway, back to my girl. My friends had left by this time (3am) and she told me she'd drop me off in her car. We got it, and on the way back to the hotel, she asked me if I had seen anything in Brasilia. A short tour followed. We stopped close to the govt. buildings (with the white inverted domes), made out some more, danced on the grass with our shoes off. She dropped me off and had to use the restroom. I suggested she come up to my room and she did. We made out some more, but I was somewhat drunk by now and sleepy. She decided to leave and gave me her phone number. I called her the next evening, took her out to dinner at this French restaurant and had a really nice evening. She was even more hot that I rememberd her from the night before. We went down to the Pontao and walked along the lakeside. No hassles, no issues, no attitude, lots of kissing and cuddling. She said she had to go back home since she was tired, but I convinced her to come up to my room and spent the night with her. Nice. Very nice :)

I am truly amazed by how much fun I had in this otherwise crappy city. Pure chance meeting with a nice, regular, educated, employed Brazilian woman. If you've nice, polite and don't look like you're a child molester, all you have to do is walk up to a woman at a club or bar, ask her if she speaks English and take it from there. Most times, they'll at least chat with you for a bit. If she speaks any English, she'll want to have a conversation (my observation).

Anyway, I was sad to leave and hope I can get to Brazil sometime soon.

Chris Gomez
10-02-10, 04:46
Was in Brasilia for the first time, and given my difficulties finding some action, I thought I'd post this. Stayed at the Melia Tryp, which is right next door to the Melia 21. Tried calling a few girls that I fancied through several websites...


My Portuguese is pretty bad, so no luck through this avenue. Decided to walk around in the area to see what I could find. I figured, with all of these hotels around here, there's bound to be some action in the area.

Well, I came across a bar in the Melia 21 lobby and decided to get a caipirinha. It was about 9:00 pm or so at this point. Slowly, as the clock turned 9:30 pm and then 10:00 pm, a few hot girls started to come in. At first glance, I thought they were just normal girls getting a beer. The tipping point was when I went outside to smoke, one of the girls was out there just walking around as if she was waiting for a taxi. She saw me looking at her and she walked right up to me and gave me her business card! I was like whoa! First time I ever had a prosti in Brasil come up to me with a business card! I spend most of my time in Sao Paulo in places like Bomboa, where no business card is necessary.

To cut a long story short, I made the deal right there and then. Priced me up at 300 BRL for 1 hour. I was desperate, so I took it. Fairly decent chick with see size tits, and obviously grande bundha! Attached is her business card, a bit blurry, but you can make out the number if anyone wants to try her out.

Steve Naive
11-20-10, 00:42
Brasilia, as a city, is about as interesting as an interstate interchange in suburban Dallas, at least to visitors. Searching with google, there are articles about prostitution that say there are at least 30 private/brothel type places. The previous poster gave some information on call girls.

There are also SW around. Driving through Setor Comercial Sul this evening, I saw an obvious SW. One needs to keep in mind that they can be trannies, and something about this one's face said she might be.

I don't have the sense that it is abundant here. I have heard that officials frequently go to nearby cities for evening's entertainment. That might just be discretion, or it might be because of better selection.

Local contacts should be able to help, if you have some you can ask and trust. Obviously speaking Portuguese helps, in this city where most people do not speak English. If I had more time, I'd ask a taxi driver for help.

11-20-10, 01:16
Brasilia, as a city, is about as interesting as an interstate interchange in suburban Dallas, at least to visitors. Searching with google, there are articles about prostitution that say there are at least 30 private/brothel type places. The previous poster gave some information on call girls.
Brasilia isn't reported much in this forum. A bit strange as Brasilia being the capital.

Personally I dislike Brasilia and try to avoid the city, but what I heard from buddies the city has quite a lot to offer.

It would be much appreciated with more reports on Brasilia.

11-14-11, 04:20
The name of the escrt girls in Brazil is Acompanhantes,

A good escort site to add to your favs.


Good luck!

Mr Enternational
04-28-12, 04:14
This is an article from CNN. You can read in the article that the girl said,"she worked for three years as a call girl and stripper at Apples nightclub." It may be worth looking into for mongers in Brasilia.


Card Boy
09-18-12, 07:31
Just want to give you a heads for of my first mongering in Brasilia tonight: There is some club action in B and the girls charge 300 Reais per hrs- initially. WOULD HAVE ONE GAROTA settled down for 200 / hrs.< 300/2 hrs But I wanted to stick my dick away at her friend and she was reluctant to 250- Maybe tomorrow. Best club so far: Napolean Bonarparte. All boys ant.

Card Boy
09-18-12, 12:11
Just came back from a mongering night from the Bonaparte hotel in Brasilia. A lot of talents inside with going rates initially starting at 300 Reais. Negotiated down to 200 with a beautiful garota. That rocked.

Card Boy
09-22-12, 13:20
Went to Taboo Bar on Wednesday but the girls were. Even a lot of had been there. Were not of my taste at all: Too old / to much weight / no sympathy. There are for sure better places in Brasilia which I explored during the course of the week.

Details to follow in the next report.

Card Boy
09-22-12, 13:25
Went to Apple's bar which has a lot of eye candy. However all girls instantly asked for a drink and always a glass of champaign. I found it a kind of rip off and was not willing to pay 200 Reals just for a champaign so I left and went back to Hotel Bonaparte.

Very good decision!

Card Boy
09-22-12, 13:51
As said per my previous post I went back to Bonaparte on Wednesday night to see if the cutie from the night before was in. Bad luck, according to her friends she was not in for the whole night, since she wanted to relax from the night (with me) before. Told her friends to send best regards to her just in case I could not see here anymore.

The next day my girl sent me an SMS in the morning and we made an appointment for the night. Initially we scheduled 7pm but due to business reasons (meetings, dinner) I had to postpone twice to 11pm. Finally I entered the bar in Hotel Bonaparte and there she was: WOW! Very lovely dressed in white, with a beautiful smile she was welcoming me. We just got a drink and after 15 minutes we decided to go out to a regular disco "Garota CarioCa" for some entertainment. It was around 11. 30pm when we entered. And around 4. 20am when we left the disco. We had a lot of fun inside. What followed I do not have to explain: We went back to my Hotel, had great sex and.

Unfortunately she had to go to work (at 7. 30am, which she told me before). We were both a little bit sad, but paid her 200 Reals for the night. And it seemed that she was not expecting anything.

During the course of the morning (after she left) we text messaged a little bit and she asked me to go out on the night. Now I felt even more sad, since I had to leave Brasilia in the evening and thus the hotel at around 4. 00pm. I asked her to come to my hotel around 1pm, but she was not able to do so. Due to her job. She asked, when I had to leave, cause she wanted to make everything possible to see me once again. And she really did: She came over to my hotel around 2. 15pm and we proceeded with the interruption from the night / morning caused of her work. Very nice girl and I really regret not being able to stay some more days.

My recommendation for all fellow mongerer:

If you are in town, give Hotel Bonaparte bar (sideways, underground) a try and ask for Danielle (23years, blond / brown hairs, height: 160cm, very nice body). She is really sweet and if you treat her well she is really easy going and very pleasant.

09-23-12, 12:59
Best club so far: Napolean Bonarparte.Card Boy, what is the overall atmosphere in Bonaparte? About how many people party there on weekends? Is it busy even weekdays, or semi-empty? Is the crowd in wild party mood? Also what about the garotas level, the type of music, the ratio M / W, ect? Is there a table bottle service, and at what cost?

I've had a great time in Goiania but never pushed to Brasilia. Would be interesting to do so one of those days. Centro Oeste (Mato Grosso, Goias and Distrito Federal) has IMO the best ratio of hot meninas in Brasil.


Card Boy
09-24-12, 19:21
Card Boy, what is the overall atmosphere in Bonaparte? About how many people party there on weekends? Is it busy even weekdays, or semi-empty? Is the crowd in wild party mood? Also what about the garotas level, the type of music, the ratio M / W, ect? Is there a table bottle service, and at what cost?

I've had a great time in Goiania but never pushed to Brasilia. Would be interesting to do so one of those days. Centro Oeste (Mato Grosso, Goias and Distrito Federal) has IMO the best ratio of hot meninas in Brasil.

ThanksHello Prosal,

This club is not a nightclub but just a let's call it small cafť/bar where garotas are sitting and you can talk to them. I would say there were about 30 ladies and probably 10 men. It is nothing to dance the night away but you can talk / try to talk (as I did with my limited portuguese) and the girls were all very friendly. And as posted: You can simply ask them to go out for fun with you (with open end). Enjoy it.

Squirrel Sniff
12-15-12, 10:52
(I am not one to read back 10 pages because all the people fighting about petty BS on this forum makes me aggravated, so forgive me if all this posted already.)

My Portuguese is rudimentary so, appearance is kinda gringo, so of course these are all tourist prices.

I was in Brasilia and went out for a couple of beers at Apples Club (they pronounce it more like "Epos", any taxi driver will understand immediately if you say the name). There were about 30 garrotas and 20 locals. Atmosphere seemed basically safe and comfortable.

Entry was 100 reales, but you don't pay up front. They give you a card for the tender to mark drinks and they total it at the end.

Girls: about 2 9's. 5 8's and the rest ranging from 6 to 7. The top girls wanted 500 for two hours and 700 for the night. Of course there was room for negotiation, but it was earlier and I didn't dig in. Nice eye candy, had a few beers and left. The driver also told me there is a place pronounced "Swinjy" (rhymes with Benji). It sounds like a hotel full of garrotas and you get a menu in your room or something. I didn't go as I had to leave early the next day. Not much info, but there it is. Hotel was one of the Bittar hotels and it was clear that you could bring a girl in, even though I didn't.

10-24-13, 15:23
My buddy and I are going in two weeks. We are not businessmen types but are professionals. Anybody know a Brasilian guy with rudimentary English that knows the scene and might want to hangout? Contact me private message if you do.

Brasilia has awesome pfp, but its the language issue. I once went to a bar next to a hole-in-wall hourly hotel that had tons of the kind of chicks I like (more natural looking chicks) ; but I'll be damned if I can find it again. It was in an industrial area and it was a Brasilian that took me there. Anybody know name?

Most Brasilians instantly assume that you are looking for high-end models, and contrary to gringo misconceptions, high end Brasilia might as well be Manhatten.

Heck, as active as this thread is, it'll be next year that I get a response.

11-07-13, 20:20
I should have put this on months ago but forgot. I have not seen a lot of reporting on this but there are massage places on the second floor of the Garvey Park Hotel. The massage girls are very liberal. I do not remember the prices but as I recall they were not bad. I am going back this weekend and will try to find out. They seem to only be there Monday to Friday. I have only been there on a weekend once and that town is dead on a weekend. I do remember that my massage girl wanted to back to my hotel when she was done for more time but I did not have the time.

Hope this helps some.

11-24-13, 20:51
Just an update on the Garvey. The massage places are on the second floor. You have to go in the lobby turn left and up the stairs. The price structure I got was 60R for massage 100R for massage and CBJ and 150 R for full service. I speak no Portuguese so if you do you might do better. The girls were only so-so but on one or two occasions have seen some that were kind of cute.

03-14-14, 09:58
Just an update on the Garvey. The massage places are on the second floor. You have to go in the lobby turn left and up the stairs. The price structure I got was 60R for massage 100R for massage and CBJ and 150 R for full service. I speak no Portuguese so if you do you might do better. The girls were only so-so but on one or two occasions have seen some that were kind of cute.Thanks for the info! I'll try that one next time, maybe in a month. When I went, I visited a club in the Melia (can't recall the name). There were many hot chicks, but my Portuguese is quite limited, so I didn't do very well, LOL. I spent a good amount of time speaking with an average looking 36-40 why-o non-pro that was willing to go to my hotel but I balked. It was getting too late and I had appointments early the next day.

My two experiences were with escorts I called to my hotel, one good and one bad. I think it is hit-or-miss. The first one was probably 7-8 in looks, but was very pleasant, no clock watcher and enthusiastic both times we did it, including BBBJ. She even offered to take me to a Japanese restaurant for dinner afterwards, free of charge, as she noted I was new in town. The other experience was much more professional. A very hot, young, blonde, about 22 yo, but who rushed through BBBJ, two positions and immediately dressed up after the first cup. I didn't like the attitude, so I sent her away. But in terms of looks, it was a 9 at least!

Hope to have more to report after my next trip, in about a month.


06-28-14, 22:46

Sorry for the slight off topic, but any good sports bars to watch WC games? Everything I read about Brasilia just sounds like it will suck. Just landed here, and I'll be here a bit so any tips will help. Just arrived at the hotel we got put up in, and it just looks like it's completely next to nothing, sounds like taxis to nightclubs it will be. Any tips? Anything that's actually worth visiting?

03-18-15, 04:00
Staying for a couple nights in BSB at Melia 21. By the way, if someone wants to make a shitload of money they should open a hotel here. The service in this city simply sucks. There must be a mound of red tape as I don't see why Marriott of some other American chain hasn't come here.

Anyways, got in late and as I was checking in there were clearly 3-4 working girls in the lobby. A couple not bad, a couple not my type. I couldn't tell if someone had called them or if they were just hanging out. Two of them were chilling on a couch right next to a security guard. They clearly knew him. Seemed fairly out in the open.

03-26-15, 08:13
Staying for a couple nights in BSB at Melia 21. By the way, if someone wants to make a shitload of money they should open a hotel here. The service in this city simply sucks. There must be a mound of red tape as I don't see why Marriott of some other American chain hasn't come here.

Anyways, got in late and as I was checking in there were clearly 3-4 working girls in the lobby. A couple not bad, a couple not my type. I couldn't tell if someone had called them or if they were just hanging out. Two of them were chilling on a couch right next to a security guard. They clearly knew him. Seemed fairly out in the open.All the girls I met from there in SP were really pretty but really cold also. Get that sense too?

03-26-15, 14:48
All the girls I met from there in SP were really pretty but really cold also. Get that sense too?Definitely. Different vibe in Brasilia.

Member #4366
12-13-15, 18:58
After having spent 10 days in Rio, I decided to check out Brasilia. Some guys on this forum have been saying: why limit yourself to Rio when there are so many other good places in Brazil? Well, I guess that they meant to say: excluding Brasilia. This is the federal capital of Brazil with more than 2 million inhabitants so one would expect some decent action. Unfortunately, I did not find much. There are a few night clubs but I found at least one of them underwhelming.

Last Friday night, I went to Alpha club, very close to the hotel I'm staying in. The place is a joke. There were two blonde GDPs inside when I got there at about 11:30 pm and no guys at all. I ordered a beer and sat down trying to make eye contact with one of there girls (the one who looked half decent). However, she and her friend were only interested in the contents of their cellphones. So, I waited for more girls to arrive until about 1 am, drinking a few more beers but nothing happened at all. And that on a Friday night! Perhaps I picked the wrong place but I didn't feel like going to find out and decided to go back to my hotel room to get some sleep. "Apples" is another place mentioned both on this forum and on GPguia but the place does not have a good reputation even among locals. The club seems to charge a high bar fine when you want to take a girl out.

Next day, Saturday, I went shopping in the nearby Patio Brasil. Lots of very cute girls working in the shops and having lunch upstairs in one of the restaurants. Perhaps Brasilia is a good place to find non-pros, who knows? But I guess that I won't find out as my Porto is too limited and I don't want to make a fool out of myself.

In the afternoon, I did a few Internet searches for "acompanhantes Brasilia" and found a nice one named Luiza, who according to her ad speaks English. So, I called her and what do you imagine: no English at all! With my very limited Porto, I then tried to get her address and make an appointment. Costs are 250, she said. Okay, I took a quick shower and then got a taxi to her place. However, the driver had no idea where the place was because I probably misunderstood. So, I called Luiza again and asked her to speak to the driver. After that, he at least knew where to go. She lived in a kind of vacations complex, quite far out of town, on the shore of a lake. Nice environment but the apartment was very small. Taxi ride costed me 40 BRL. The girl opened the door naked and still wet from the shower. Big smile, like on her photos. Really a very lovely girl but I could see that she was a few years older than the 19 yo she mentioned in her ad. More probably 25 and her photos on the Spartanas website had been photoshopped, although not that much. Another girl, also a brunette, was in the room and she looked very good as well but she had her clothes on. I guess I could have done a dupla with them. Luiza took me into the bedroom and started kissing immediately. Then she said that I could leave my 'present' for her on a shelf. But when I presented 250 BRL, she said that it should be 250 dollars. WTF! I thought, never in my life I'm going to pay 250 US for one hour of pussy. I told her that I understood that it was 250 BRL and she said no, 250 dollars or 500 BRL (not the correct exchange rate either). I told her that I only brought 250 BRL (which was true) and that she could accept it or I would go away again. She immediately accepted, so I guess that it was a all trick to 'squeeze the gringo'. In any case, the session was not influenced by this. It was a very good experience, almost like making love with a girlfriend. Lots of DFK, BBBJ and multiple positions. She wasn't rushed either and spent a full hour with me. When I was ready, the taxi already waited for me downstairs. My only good experience over here so far.

There are several massage places in Brasilia, according to GPguia but most of them seem to be closed over the weekend. Brasilia is not a place for pedestrians: the place is very much spread out and places are hard to reach if you don't have a car. Taxi's are possible of course, but then you have to know exactly where to go. The whole sex business seems to be more hush-hush over here than it is in Rio. Even GPguia does not list the addresses of nearly all of the massage places. Monday is my last day in Brasilia and I'm going to find at least one massage place. More later.

Member #4366
12-15-15, 01:06
Today, I explored two massage places. The first one, named Valquiria, is frequently mentioned on GPGuia and got good reviews. I took a taxi to the "Comercio Local Norte 207" and arrived there at 2:30 pm. However, when I got at the apartment where it should be, nobody opened the door. There was no doorbell and no sign at all of anyone being there. I knocked on the door several times but nobody opened. I guess that they closed or perhaps moved to another address. I understand that this happens quite frequently with prives. Calling them would have been a good idea but I can never follow their directions over the phone. Damn Porto is so difficult to understand. Then I wanted to go back but there were no taxis in sight in this remote corner of Brasilia. Fortunately, I found a bus stop and the bus took me right back to the hotel district.

After a cool drink, I headed for the Garvey Park hotel. Back in 2013, TodoJetLag posted on the ISG that there was a massage place in that hotel so I wanted to check it out. I did not have to go into the hotel because, as I walked past, I saw a sign advertising 'massagem' on the second floor level of the hotel. The massage place is one of the several small business that are located on the second floor of the hotel and that can be reached from the outside using a concrete staircase.

This time, I had more luck. The massage place was open and there were two girls: a brunette and a blonde. The brunette looked just ok but the blond one was really hot. There were three options: massage with handjob: 100 BRL; massage with CBJ:120 BRL and massage with CBJ and sex: 150 BRL. I chose the last option and tried to get a BBBJ but the girl refused. She even didn't do it for a 'propina'. Nevertheless, I had a really good session with this 19 yo hottie. In this case, I really believe that she was 19 yo because she had the tight body one would expect of a girl of her age. Cute face too, though not beautiful. The massage was ok, not really good but also not bad. She knew what she was doing and did not just provide a back rub (as some of these 'massage' girls do). The CBJ was really good as far as CBJs go. While she sucked my dick, she was looking in the huge mirror all the time. I told her that she was a pornstar and she liked that very much. Also during the fucking, she could not stop looking at herself in action. All in all, it was a satisfying session.

When I asked the girl, she told me that there were several more of these places in the two central hotel sectors of Brasilia and she even mentioned a few of them but I have no idea where they could be. One of them is in or above a shopping mall, apparently. Another one also in the Garvey Park.

04-05-16, 01:28
So I was in Brasilia for a short stop over and decided a good Massage will be good. I followed the advise below and ended up at the Garvey Park Hotel. To my astonishing there are several "Massage Palours" all around the second floor. All with a Garita or two two standing out side. I was immediately invited into the firs one with some moaning behind the door. Quite awkward! The initial prise from the beginning was set on.

Are $ 190.00. I gave a laugh and went on.

I ended up in a quit room with a 7/10 Garita that offered me 1 hour for are $150.00.

She really had a great body and did not take long to get me completely horny.

The massage was really not that good. Rubbing cream on your back - I had better. Se offered me the BJ with a condom (As is the practice) and made some moves I have not felt receiving a BJ. This to quickly passed.

And she got on top of me riding my dick deep in her. WOW! A great fuck.

What can I say? I Think my experience was worth the effort.

Good luck and remember to stay safe!!

10-27-16, 05:33
So I found myself in Brasilia for a few days and very little time. Only had time for 1 visit to Garvey Park Hotel. Arrived on a Friday Night about 8 PM. Walk in the hotel, button hook left up the stairs and walk out into the hallway of massages. Seemed very dead. First one I see has 4 spinners standing chatting in the door way. I move past an down the hall. Place was very dead. Most had doors closed, a few open, but no one in the entrance. 1 BBW. I took a pass and headed back to the first one. Picked the shorter, cute one, a dark haired spinner "Mara". We go back to the room, which was like a tiny closet with a small massage table and a shelf. Cramped as hell.

We negotiate FS for 160. My Portuguese is passable, but she also understood Spanish, which I speak pretty well. She starts with a heavy cream lackluster massage. I asked for her to go as hard as she could, but she didn't get it. More of a semi-sensual rub. Oh what the hell, she was cute, so at about 20 minutes, I ask to flip. As soon as I do, off comes her clothes, on goes the Tophat and it is straight to business. She rode me like a epileptic donkey. All over the place. Wasn't doing it for me, so we switched up positions. Nice tats on tummy, a little loose on the skin, but tight and enthusiastic. Had to change hats 3 times. Finally took her "4's" and had her finish me by hand so I could get good eye contact for the ending.

Room was terrible. No privacy, small. Could here people talking in the entrance way. She was cute, enthusiastic and responsive. As tight as the room was, and I am average. Experience wasn't a complete loss.

Happy Hobbying.


03-19-17, 00:07
I was in Brasilia for a few days this week for a conference and wanted to take advantage and get in some hobbying. I took the path of least resistance and went over to the Garvey Park Hotel. As other reports have noted there are two rows of shops on the 2nd floor level, including a number of massage parlors. I went to the one at end of the row furthest from the street. I was greeted by Jessica. She wasn't the best looker of the three providers but seemed friendly so I decided to give her a go. Well it turned out to be a good choice. I ended up seeing her three times during my stay. First session was good and the second an third were even better, almost GFE service, particularly after I warmed her up with some DATY which she was really into. First and second times I let her start off with a massage, which wasn't bad. Body to body on the second visit, during which she got really hot when she was rubbing her pussy on my chest. Third visit I dispensed with the massage and spend the full session on the main event. BJ was covered each time as was FS. Her BJ technique was good, using both her mouth and hands. FS was great; multiple positions each time. She was very responsive, with lots of DFK. She is 25 and has a cute figure and bubbly personality. No English and limited Spanish but we managed to communicate in Portanol.

I didn't bother to try out any of the other shops as I figured I'd stick with a good thing. I did notice quite a few SWs in the
evenings all around the southern hotel zone. I didn't partake as I wasn't sure whether my hotel was girl friendly, but there seemed to be quite a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available.

09-24-18, 21:56

Just got to Brasilia today. Decided to check out Garvey Park at around 4:30. Numerous places opened and decided on a cute spinner at the place directly up the stairs from hotel. Massage was lackluster but she made up for it on the flip. CBJ and multiple positions finishing in her ass. RS150.