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05-14-02, 04:03
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05-16-02, 13:55
Hi, any news on Fortaleza?

I', traveling there on the 24th of May

I'd heard that the whole scene has crack down.

Anybody more info?

Max Gilerg
05-19-02, 02:53
Let start the group with a status on Fortaleza. The information below is collected in the beginning of may/2002 during my last visit :

Alô Alô Brasil :

The place is located in the Mirante area. It is located close to Beirra Mar, but it can be difficult to find, the area is not to safe, so I recommend a Taxi, if you don't know the area well. Its a simple open air place, entrance is 10R$. All the tables has numbers and telephones, so you normally call the girls by phone (Difficult to handle if you don't speak portuguese). Beers and drinks are cheap, like 2R$ (beers) to 5R$(drinks). The best time to go is 22.00. The girls are all moving to Desigual (see description below) around 1.30am. The place is open all days (except Sunday, I think), but only tuesday is popular. The level of the girls was avarage (5-6), however a few nice ones.

Iracema area (5 minutes from Bierra Mar area) :

The following 4 places are all located in Iracema area. The area has lots of restaurants and street life.

Zip's :

Local bar on the street near the gas station at Iracema. The place is OK for an early night, like 21.00, most girls move the Africas or Desigual later on. No entrance and beers are 3R$. The level of the girls was very avarage (5-6, maximum).

Africas :

The place is located behind the famous Piratas bar. The place seems the be in short time stop for the girls after they leaves Zip's and before they enters Desigual. The level of the girls was very low (3-4), maybe I was unlucky, I have visited the place two times and the result was the same. I will not visit again.

Desigual :

Desigual has existed for many years. Its located on the see front at Iracema. This place is the final stop for the girls. The place is open from 10pm, but its empty until 1.30am. The place is OK, like a open air disco, no entrance fee before 1am, and the beers are 3 R$. The level of the girls was 5-6 with a few 7'.

Piratas :

Famous Forró (the local lambada stile music) disco. Only open on Mondays, full of people. Turist shows etc. Consider it girlswise as a regular disco, however I will not garuantee that you can't meet pros :-)

Beirra Mar

Beirra Mar is the see front of Fortaleza with all the hotels. The street (and the mainstreet behind), is full of pros after midnight (and often berfore, especially in the north end.

In the south end of Beirra Mar the Mucuripe disco is located. Its a big open air place with 3 dance floors inside. Its a high end non pros (or very high end pros). Open only Friday and Saturday. Sometimes the place has special shows and its open during the week. They will open for WorldCup (Brasilian) games as well.

In Fortaleza, generally the prices on the girls (the nice'st ones) are 50-80R$/night, on the street probably cheaper.

23-26 of July 2002 Fortaleza has a Carneval type of street party at Beirra Mar. I staid some years back, and the party was good (but take care, these places can be dangerous).

Beach front Hotel prices vary from 50-100R$ night. Cesar Park is the high end hotel, but they do not allow in girls in the night, most of the other hotels do.

On the way out of Iracema area (direction north) I saw a new place (dado beer stile) and a new disco called Kiss. I didn't try (yet), as I only staid 3 days this time, but I will check it out the next time (june).

Good luck,

Max Gilerg
05-19-02, 03:02
Just forgot :

Praia do Futuro :

Driving in the south direction out of Fortaleza, you will find Praia do Futuro (Beach of the future....).

The place has several nice seefront bars, worth to visit like Saturday/Sunday afternoon, stay in the sun drink some caipirinhas or beers, but normally with a low amount of pros.

Thursday evening is good as well, places with turist shows, and girls on the street (regular/pros).


J Wadd
05-21-02, 06:49
(This is my initial post for Fortaleza -- it's about 8 months old. While much of this is still useful, please defer to the post by "Max Gilerg" a little below.)


Fortaleza has sort of a confusing scene. It starts at about 9pm, goes 'til dawn, and operates on bar-hop principle. I.e., girls at one place at one time may show up at another later that night.

Soooo, comments such as "this place had X amount of girls, and they were X attractive" don't work as well here as they do in other cities in Brazil.

O.k. -- downtown, starting about 9pm, there are basically two venues: one, a boite (sex-club) and two, an open-terrace bar for working-girls.

The boite is across the street from the large disco "Pirata" (sorry, can't remember its name), and the bar is named "Vip", a few streets away. This area is the large bar-restaurant district on the southern end of the beach.

The boite was lame -- about 10 girls. Vip is o.k., about 30 women, but none very good looking. Prices quoted were about 100 reals. Neither provided rooms.

Boite "Studio Tropical" is another boite way out of town. It's about 25 minutes via cab heading inland. I don't think it's worth the trip. The night I was there it featured about 15 very unexceptional women, the finest of which (and the only one I talked to) asked for 200 reals. No beds on site; must go to a motel.

On the other end of the beach is another small boite: "Sunset." It, as the other two, is lame and not worth your time. 5-7 below average women.

But don't despair...

The main beach promenade, and the large street about one block behind it, are teeming with free-lance girls. Maybe 50-75 on any given night. Many are really good looking. Prices started at about 50 reals. There are many pousadas/quick-time motels in the area.

The best concentration for these girls, in my opinion, were the streets around Sunset boite.

I know many of you avoid street-walkers. This is problematic in Fortaleza -- for many of the girls you see walking the streets in the evening show up at the final meeting-place (the disco I will describe below) at 1:30-2 a.m.

This disco is "Desigual", and is the place where most girls end up at the end of the evening. Indeed, most boites close at midnight, as they know their girls will be taking off to this disco then.

Desigual is a good, packed, low-scale disco on the order of "Help" in Rio. On any given night there're about 150 women -- most (as always) unattractive, but there always seems to be enough honeys to go around.

It's about 10 reals for the entrance, and most girls ask somewhere between 150-200 reals. There are no beds/rooms here, so you must leave with them and go to your hotel (or a sex-motel).

Incidentally, there are a few really big discos that some taxi driver might try to (innocently) convince you are sex-discos, etc. There names are "Muccalippi," "Pirata" and "Africa." As far as I could tell, there are no working girls here.

Pirata, though, might be a good place to orient yourself, as there is a boite across the street, Desigual down the road toward the hotels off the beach, and many free-lancers walking around or sitting in the numerous cafes here.

Lastly, there's a large disco on the high bluff overlooking Fortaleza. The area is called "Mirante," and it's the only disco there. It's a nice place to hang out, and I was assured by my taxi driver that there're working girls here. I didn't go in -- but it looked like it had potential. Give it a try (Max) and tell me.

Happy Hunting,

Max Gilerg
05-21-02, 18:02
Hi JW,

I agree with you posting. The 'Mirante' place you mention is Alô Alô Brasil, check my posting below. Just tried it two weeks ago, its between the best I have tried (in Fortaleza!), however its not SP. The place is not good if you go alone.

The price level of the girls you mention is not valid any longer. Desigual girls are now only 60-80R$, even for the best looking ones.

Mucuripe (high class) and Piratas are regular disco's. Africas is a 'putaria'.


06-02-02, 03:47
Max you are right about Fortaleza, having been there several times all you say is true. However if you get board in the afternoon or early evening I have found some action on Bata Mar in front of Mc Donalds,I sit down at one of the stands across the street and make eye contact with the gatas who walk by.
The thing about Fortaleza is that the real action will not start until 12:00 at night, Also be careful of the girls on the street behind Bata Mar, alot of them are TV"s.

Max Gilerg
07-05-02, 19:58
Just came back from Fortaleza :

Desigual and Zips was closed, I dont know if its temporary or permanent.

Found another place called 'Cafe del Mar' in the Iracema area. Pleaty of girls (4-6). Price levels 40-80 R$/night.


Big El
07-11-02, 19:48
i had a great time in fortaleza and highly recommend it if you like young, fun creamy brown brazilian girls who will appreciate your hard earned $ a lot more than the girls in rio (don´t get me wrong, i loved some of the rio girls too, but too many of them were all about business). i only spent a few days in fortaleza, spending my nights in praia iracema. the previous postings are accurate and the girls do seem to bar/club hop as the night progresses. like everywhere in brazil, things don´t get happening until late. i found a really fun bar with lots of adorable, young working girls in the area behind piareta club named Oporto bar. the drinks were cheap, the dj played good music and the bevey of honies were up for dancing and having a good time. you can´t beat the prices too, anywhere from 50 - 100 real for the girl for the night. i know that each person has a different experience, maybe i was just fortunate, but the girls i ended up with were hot and up for sex as much as i could handle it.

another place is Africa disco. crowded with girls, but few good looking ones, but they´re there, so if you see one you like don´t hesitate, but you can always just walk around that neighborhood and find another darling. there are many and i´m sure there are other bars i didn´t try.

there are also many women wandering the boardwalk with an occassional girl worth catching your eye (she´ll probably end up at Africa at the end of the night) but i found many of the boardwalk trollers to be older and some looked like they were on drugs.

i also met a couple of girls on the beach and had a great time. it helps to speak portugese, which i don´t, but these girls were up for meeting a foreigner and showed me a good time.

in summary, i highly recommed including fortaleza in your trip to brazil. hope you have as much fun as i did.

08-01-02, 14:35
Anybody have any suggestions on girl-friendly, relatively secure hotels in Fortaleza? I don't care where it is (neighborhood), I just don't want any hassles or headaches. Where di you stay, BigEl?

Thanks all,

Tom B.

Max Gilerg
08-06-02, 21:18
Hi Tomb

Try Fortaleza Golden Flat at Beirra Mar. Its a flat service, and they accept girls witd id. in the room. The price level is around 80R$ per night. Check details at www.accorhotels.com.br


09-11-02, 19:57
Hi, i'm looking for news about Fortaleza

I', traveling there on the 1 nov, alone. Is it safe?

I found in internet many cheap Pousada like Pousada Malu, Porto Belo Praia Hotel... Anybody know them? I think no problem to bring girls in the room (> 18)

What "not to do" or where "not to go" alone in Fortaleza?

Anybody more info?

09-11-02, 23:00
fortaleza was great. it's a hell of long trip, but definitely worth it. i'm going to try and write up a punter's guide in this post, and i'll be happy to answer any questions as best i can.

fortaleza is the state capital of ceara state, in northeastern brazil, home of some of the most beautiful beatiful beaches in the country. the city itself has enough, tourist-wise to keep you occupied for a few days, but otherwise is just a jumping-off point to the paradise spots up and down the coast. if you have the time, you can easily hook yourself up with a honey or two in fortal, and then take them with you to canoa quebrada, or lagoinha, or jeri for a few days for fun and a nice "gf experience". back to fortaleza itself, the tourist/rich area is the three-mile stretch of beachfront condos, hotels, bars, restuarants, clubs and beach! from mucuripe on the east (rightside as you face the ocean) across meirelles in the middle to iracema on the west. btw - pronunciation - mucuripe=moo-coo-ree-[CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134), meirelles=mee-rell-ees, and iracema=ee-ra-seh-mah. outside of this strip, the only other area worth visiting is praia do futuro, about two miles away to the south-east, which is the best beach in fortal and is lined with mega-beach cabanas/clubs - imagine club med for daytrippers and you get the idea (a couple of good nightspots too, depending on the night of the week - more on that later). behind meirelles (the middle of the beachfront strip), their are a few rich nieghborhoods (tons of tall condos), centered on the aldeota mall. other than this, fortaleza is essentially one large slum which you'll want to avoid.... yes, i'm making a terrible generalization (and i had a great afternoon at the public market next to "downtown"), but we're not really interested in sight-seeing and i'm writing a broad overview. overall, the beachfront strip has the same look/feel as ipanema in rio, a bit more modern, the beach is narrower, no mountains, more beachfront bars (hooray!), and lots of coconut palms (shade is good, the sun is a killer in fortaleza). as for security (everyone's favorite question), i felt really safe in fortaleza. i had no problem walking around at any hour of the day or night along the bechfront strip and the streets immediately behind it. the area is pretty heavily policed, as this is the tourist area. i stayed in meirelles (right in the middle), so i walked to most everywhere i wanted to go along the strip, i only took cabs when my feet got tired, not due to safety concerns (of course, i like to walk a lot). you definitely want a cab for going outside of this area, if only to avoid getting lost. most of the "poor" areas of town are not really dangerous, but as a tourist you don't know which ones are or are not, so don't risk it, take a cab. there are slums right behind iracema and mucuripe (the two far ends of the beachfront strip) and there are *very* dangerous favelas at both extreme ends of praia do futuro - stay in the middle (it's about 7 miles long), and go by cab. speaking of cabs, a cheap and fun alternative is the "moto-taxi", you ride on the back of a motorbike (with helmet), weaving in and out of traffic, praying fervently. an average taxi ride will cost you three or four bucks (it can add up), but the moto taxi will cost you only a dollar or two - there is no taximeter on a motorcycle, so negotiate the price beforehand. of course, late night, half-drunk, stumbling out of a club, be smart and take a normal cab. the best nightclubs are in iracema, and the most of the "action" tends to happen there too. it's kind of dead during the day, but worth a walk around anyhow, just so you have your bearings at night. a few blocks further west is the dragao do mar cultural center, which usually has some shows and has some nice upscale restaurants and clubs (orbitas is very good). the scene starts happening around sundown, and the "girls" start coming out around 8-9pm. btw, i stayed at hotel marina praia in meirelles, they have a website, they are cheap, friendly and clean, 50 meters off the beach (buit not beachfront which is way too expensive). there are several other small hotels off the beach that are good, jsut walk around. likewise there is hotel brisamar near iracema. not as good as where i was, but a bit cheaper and closer to theiracema action. cost for these places was about $35 a night. on abolicao there are plenty of "flats" - fully outfitted apartments for $40 or $45 a night. generally there is a 3 nuight minimum stay, but you can negotiate. good place to have a "party" ;-)

ok, on to what interests us, the action. things are pretty much as described in previous posts, but i'll give you my views/experiences. the tourist area of fortaleza has a roving band of pros, about 200-300 girls ranging from 1's to 10's, averaging 6-8 that moves around between mierelles and iracema depending on the night and time of night. the girls are all shades and types imaginable, except for oriental. prices are ridiculously cheap, 40-50 reals for all the girls except the fashion models (duno why 3's charge as much as 8's, but i just moved on after hearing the price). the 9/10's are charging 100 reals. at the present exchange rates, that means 13-15 bucks a pop, and 30 for the real high end.... of course, everyting is negotiable, but why not spend a little extra and have an extra-enthusiastic girl? what you do have to negotiate is length of time, usually the going rate is for 3 or 4 hours, but the girls will stay with you all night for the same price if you do a bit of sweet-talking. the night starts out on the street (this is one town where you can pick up decent girls on the street), but not on the beachfront promenade (ave. beira mar/ave jfk, depending which stretch of beach). the cops ahve chased the pros off the beachfront for image reasons and they are now all one block back from the beach (ave abolicao - ah-boh-lee-son). for the most part,the girls are "hanging out" on abolicao from the point behind the othon hotel (the where the street fair is at on the beachfront) on westwards to iracema, from about 8pm to midnightish (slimmer . they are not exactly leaning against lamposts and swinging a purse, but your instincts should be able to detect which girls are the pros - just about every girl you see, except for the ones waiting at the bus-stops. they don't "jump" you, but if you walk up to them and start up a conversation, ("where is there a good bar around here?" etc), they'll be pretty quick about getting to the point. actually just saying "oi" (hi) is enough. you can either cruise the avenue on foot (safe enough) or get a cab to cruise along slowly for you. certain corners are wall-to-wall girls, most noteably the area in front of the "giraffa tour park." there are also a lot of late-night hole-in-the-wall bars along abolicao, the girls usually stop in for refreshments, so if you aren'tthe cruising type, pick a bar and have a few beers till you see what you like. be mindful that abolicao is a "normal" avenue, not a red-light district, so you'll also meet people goign home from work, going out, taking a break from work, etc. nevertheless, any pretty young thing that shows up is probably fair game. as you get closer to the iracema district, there will be more girls, although not neccesarily better quality. (btw, i ran into some working girls in the late afternoon at one of the lunchcounter places in iracema... basically, if you keep your eyes open, you'll always find what you are looking for).

as i noted before, iracema has the clubs. for working girls,there are basically three clubs, and they all move from one to the other as the night goes on. first there is africa's, about two blocks dead inland from the "ponte metallica" pier, at the western end of iracema. the girls start going there around 9-10pm (they can get in free untill 11). all the girls there are pros, i didn't go there but heard (from some of my "dates") that the action there is kind of weak and the street is "better" at that time of night. then, a block east, there is porto bar (or oporto, i forget), which is actually a mix of pros and amateurs and a little more upscale. they are free for girls untill midnight, so that's why the "action" gravitates over there. last, there is the infamous desigual, right on the beach at the eastern edge of iracema (3 blocks from porto bar). there the girls get in free till 2am, so the action reaches a fever-pitch around 1ish and then simmers along all night. however, if you haven't found what you like by 2, then there ain't going to be anything new (and you must be blind!). there will still be some girls on the streets after 2am, but they are mostly desigual rejects, not worth your time... especially as the night wears on. as for the clubs themselves, they are just like regular discotheques - dark and loud, lots of booze, except all the girls are "available." start talking to whatever girl strikes your fancy, buy her a drink (always pays to be a gentleman) , dance with her if you like and then negotiate a price. btw, the drink prices at desigual's and porto are not at all exhorbitant (dunno about africa, but i assume they are ok too), about the same 2-3 reals for a big bottle of beer as anywhere else, ditto for mixed drinks. the entrance fee for guys was 15 or 20 reals (5 or 6 bucks), there was no "exit fee" for leaving with a girl. there is a perfectly good "motel" (village motel) about 3 blocks behind iracema, 30 reals for 3 hours (10 bucks) and the in-room drinks were not overpriced. it's probably your best bet for where to go, no other motels really nearby, and taking a girl back to your hotel is always risky (don't need her to know where you "live", do you?). that's pretty much it as too "how things are done". on a side note, there are girls along the beachfront promenade, but every one i saw or spoke with was a 5 and below (usually waaay below...scary). however, the beach bars stay open late (usually untill the last customer, and are a nice place to have a bit of dinner. if you are eating alone or with a group of guys, you will probably be apporached. for some reason the gals working the beach are much better caliber than there sisters 20 meters away on the sidewalk, go figure. likewise, any good-looking girl alone or with a girlpal hanging out on the beach after about 3pm is a good possibility for a "date." if you are interested, invite her/them for a beer and see what happens. they might not be pros, so don't assume, then again they may be interested in you anyhow, just go with the flow.

a digression, or maybe not, as i wrote up above, it pays to be a gentleman, even with the pros. the local girls are very used to pushy foreigners (especially italians, for whatever reason) flashing money and basically treating them like meat. they'll take the money, but they won't exactly give you a gf experience, or even much enthusiasm. if you've got an attitude, their attitude will be "let's get this over with." however, it costs you next to nothing to be a nice guy, treat all the girls with respect and dignity. ask tehm how they are, where they are from, strike up a conversation, invite them for a drink and a snack, even if you are on your way to a motel with them. they've been standing on the street for hours (or hopping between clubs), and a bowl of "caldo" (soup) or a misto (hot sandwich) is very appreciated. for some reason, all the girls that i was with (pros and non) love campari. i hate the stuff, but let them order themselves a drink (let them drink in the motel too, it's cheap - as long as everyone stays away from the imported whiskeys and chamagne - and it gets them "in the mood"). these girls, for the most part, are very poor, and are turning tricks so they can get a few extra luxuries in their life (or sometimes,unfortuantely just to survive). so give them the few extra luxuries they are looking for. if you go out with them later in the day (a distinct possibility), take them shopping a little. the $20 bucks you'll wind up spending will be amply repaid. the bottom lineis, everyone wants a little caring (ok, so i'm being corny). sure, for you it's about fulfilling your sexual fantasies, and for them it's about the benjamins, but a little caring helps pave the way and make it all much nicer. also, taking the time to have a drink or so with the girl you are interested in will give you a good notion of how your night with her is going to be - generally the girls who were very warm and friendly with me while we were "hanging out" were incredible in bed. on the other hand , a few girls that i initially thought would be great turned out to be cold fish once i was took the tie to talk to them. i didn't bother to go any further than that. admitedly, i speak fluent portuguese, but even without portuguese, you should be able to have some level of interaction (besides sexual). besides which , i wound up spending the night with a few girls "for free" just by bing a nice guy. ok, if you want to be an account, i actually wound up spending about the same amount of money as i did with the pros, once you include food and presents, but it's lots of fun.

back to practical matters, and this is very important. all girls must show their id cards when entering motels, clubs, and/or your hotel. this is to prevent sex with minors (under 18). as has been noted in other posts, do not go on "dates" with minors, it's a good way to wind up in a brazilian jail. all the pros carry their id's and will have no problem showing them to you. ask for them at some point after negotiating a price ("how old are you? can i see your carteira - car-tear-ah?"). check the birthdate (data de nascimento). it's for your protection as much as hers. speaking of which, i saw about a dozen tv's during my stay - hanging out at the same clubs and streetcorners as the regular gals. dunno about you, but no thanks for me! it's actually pretty easy to be fooled - the first one i saw i never would have suspected untill my "date" told me. the tv's were pretty stunning! in fact, that's the easiest way to tell - they are a bit too stunning, to good to be true. also, the average ceara gal is pretty short (5'2") and all the tv's i saw were supiciously tall. not to mention the jaw is a bit too square and you can usually see and adam's apple. however, thanks to the id cards, you don't have to play the guessing game. if the id picture is a guy.... of course, if that is your thang, then have fun! anyway, whatever happens. check id cards! and use a condom.

also, the "normal" club scene. every night of the week there is a "hot" club. piratas on monday..orbitas on thursday...ze do carangueijo (i think) down in praia do futuro on friday. ask around. also, the pro action is kind of dead on saturday and sunday (weekends, most of the customers are out with their regular girlfriends and most of the girls withtheir boyfirends if they've got them). either get yourslef a long-term date on friday or check out the newspaper fo routcall services, and "saunas." there is one gentlemen's club - www.abelle.com.br - dind't try it, but looks good. and kind of dead doesn't mean totally, where there is a will there is a way!
last of all, if you like the girl you just spent the night with (and vice-versa), if you at all went out of your way to be a nice guy, it's pretty easy to set up an longer stay with her. generally al she will want is for you to cover her expenses and maybe a "tip" at the end (the nice way to say tip is an "agrado" - ah-grah-do - a "gratification" - generally $10 or $20 a day, depending on what you all did together). take her to praia do futuro for the day, i saw plenty of "gringos" with stunning locals over there (btw, you won't find any unattached pros over there, the clubs chase them off) . it's fun, the girl makes sure to get you the best food, orders your drinks, plays with you in the surf, slops suntan lotion on you, etc., and then when you are all beached out you head home with her. later on, she won't be at all pissed if you say, "it's been great, see you when i see you" and head back to iracema. up to you. if you really hit it off, invite her over to canoa quebrada, or lagoinha, or jericoacoara for a few days. again, you'll have a great time, and the girls are very easygoing. if you see some other chick you like, they won't be jealous. worse comes to worse, give them a nice tip and a bus ticket back to fortaleza. again, a pratical note, many of these girls have children (the people in ceara have kids very early, 15 or 16 year old mothers is not uncommon). often, that's why they are turning tricks. it's a fact of life, accept it. so the girls may not be able to spend more time with you becuase of their kids. usaully a relative is taking care of the kids during the night, but they may have no other way to take care of them during the day. be upfront about it. ask. offer to help with some "babysitting" money for a relative. use your head. tell her to go home, take care of business, and then meet you later. even so, sometimes practical matters means that she just can't spend more time with you. oh well, move on. (btw, don't go home with her - believe me, it's too grim and will spoil the fantasy - send a taxi to get her, whatever. you gotta be heartless sometimes too).

phew! enough rambling. if you go to fortaleza, have a great time! most of what i wrote, except for site-specific information applies to most anywhere in brazil. remember that there is a lot in brazil besides the working girl action, take the time to open your eyes and live in the place. and use condoms!

tom b.

09-12-02, 20:38
Hi Tom,
I hope to get to Fortaleza in January 2003, but the trip from Rio by bus looks daunting (55 hours). Did you take the bus or fly. I believe the airline Gol is good value at about R 258 to salvador and getting to F from there (20 hours/ $55). Still a hell of a journey!

Originally posted by tomb
Fortaleza was GREAT. It's a hell of long trip, but definitely worth it. I'm going to try and write up a punter's guide in this post, and I'll be happy to answer any questions as best I can.

Tom B.

09-13-02, 14:32

I flew. Do NOOOOOOOT take the bus. After 12 hours you will be cursing yourself, and your parents for having begotten you. Rio to Fortaleza is about the same distance as New York City to Mexico City (Paris to Bagdad if you are Euro-centric). Salvador to Fortaleza is about the same as NYC to Orlando, Florida. No thanks. I don't care how comfy the bus is (the "Leito" busses can be comfy, but pricey, almost as much as the plane), 20 hours in a rolling tin can is still hell. Do yourself a favor, fly. (For a contrarian view, read this: http://www.bootsnall.com/cgi-bin/gt/travelstories/sa/jan00salvador.shtml . I suspect that the guy is short and masochistic.)

Assuming that you are still in the US or Europe and haven't bought your air tickets yet, here's what I did..... I bought a round-trip ticket NYC-Fortaleza from Varig, which cost me about $70 more than a NYC-Sao Paulo (or NYC-Rio) ticket. NYC-Fortaleza means flying all the way to Sampa and then almost 1/2 the way back again (Sampa is Brazil's main air hub). However, what you can do is take an indefinite *layover* in Sao Paulo, and take the shuttle flight ($75, give or take $25) to Rio or fly off to anywhere else in the south of Brazil, and then come back to Sampa later and "continue" your international flight. Works great. However, if this is not an option, then your best bet is to contact a Brazilian travel agency and have them arrange the trip for you - domestic air tickets are usually cheaper when purchased IN Brazil. Also Sampa-Fortaleza may be significantly cheaper than Rio-Fortaleza, so you might want to hop over there first. The cheapest ticket you can find is fine, but avoid TAM airlines... TAM's Fokker 100 planes have a nasty habit of falling out of the sky at the rate of one a week... their AirBusses are OK. If you want to visit any other cities in the Nordeste (you mentioned Salvador) on your way to Fortaleza, then a Brazil Airpass is definitely your best bet. Save up your cash and buy it (you can only buy it outside of Brazil).

OK, if you are staying long-term in Brazil (several months), and you are on a budget, then the bus won't kill you, just make you miserable. Break the trip up in several stages over a week or so, try and stick to overnight busses, take plenty of blankets AND A PILLOW (very important, to wedge into corners and make the seat more comfortable), and pack yourself a bag of road food/drink. Take sleeping pills if you are not good at dozing off in lousy conditions. The buses from Rio, Sampa, or Salvador to Fortaleza do not go along the coast (look at a map) but dead straight throughthe sertao - a huge scrubland desert. I think you'd be better off going Rio-Vitoria, Vitoria-Salvador, Salvador-Recife, Recife-Natal, Natal-Fortaleza, but to each his own....

Whatever you do, have fun!

Tom B.

Jose Marcia
09-13-02, 15:55

Thanks for posting your trip report in such a detail. I also live in New York. I, along with a friend from Atlanta, have plans for a trip to Fortaleza this January. This will be my fourth trip to Brazil and the first to Fortaleza. I am certain that your post will help me a lot during my trip. I will be renting an apartment as I found it better way for mongering activity. What do think?

How about posting some photos of the girls that you met during your trip? If not, Please email me at Jose425@hotmail.com We can swap some photos. Thanks again for so much valuable info.

09-13-02, 16:52

Absolutely, if you are going to spend a few days straight in Fortaleza (I didn't), then an apartment is the way to go, especially if you are going to "party". The only advice I can think of giving is to make sure and get one in the Meirelles or Aldeota areas, as they are closest to the "action." If you don't have a place picked out already, get a "Flat" (fully furnished short-term rental apartment) along Av. Abolicao. Check out http://www.flatshop.com.br/residence.htm - they are a booking service, but you can call any of the flats they list directly (you'll have to hunt around on the Internet a bit for the numbers) - BTW their general Fortaleza page has some good pics, including one that gives you a good idea of what Praia do Futuro is like. January is high season, so you will be better off getting reservations made well in advance. Otherwise, you could just walk around Mierelles untill you find what you like.

I'll have some pictures on CD next week, but only of the non-pros I was with - too "occupied" when I was with the working girls. But I'll post them anyhow.

You've pretty much outlined my next "dream" vacation - grab a like-minded buddy or two (to share expenses and swap war stories), fly to Fortaleza, rent a big flat, stock it with booze and b*tches, and laissez les bon temps roller!

Have a blast and keep us posted...

Tom B.

09-16-02, 20:17

I hear many good things about the non-pro action in Cali, Columbia, although I've never been there. Generally, anywhere that you go and can be charming and reasonably generous will getyou all the non-pro action you can handle. Of course, you need more TIME with a non-pro than a pro, so 10 day s may be a problem.. in other words, even in S.A., most girls don't give out on the first date. Also, in general, I'd go to a smaller city rather than a huge city, just because there is less competition, and a less afleunt area of the country becuase they will be more appreciative of your "generosity". So, in Brazil, head for the Northeast - Recife, Fortaleza, Acaraju, Joao Pessoa, Natal, Salvador, and any smaller towns up and down the coast that you want to visit.

Good Luck!

Tom B.

09-19-02, 03:21

I'm sorry! I had a brain-fart, not Cali, you'll get killed in Cali, don't go there! I meant Cartagena, it's a beautiful colonial town, full of beautiful Columbianas (just stay away from the snow, OK?). Don't know Pasto, never heard of it. But try northeast Brasil instead of Columbia, it' s also beautiful and so are the girls.


09-25-02, 15:47
Hi Tomb,

I will go to fortaleza end of October. I was there the last time in March/April. It was good even when the weather was not so good like in October or November. I was three time in Fortaleza and three times in Rio. Compare with Rio the girls in Fortaleza are much cheaper but also I have to tell it not so pretty. OK, it's possible to find a good looking girl also in Fortaleza but the average girls are not so pretty like a average girl in Rio and all Brazilian citiesen tell you the girls in the north east are not pretty. If you like good looking girls go to Columbia. I saw a lot of Columbian pros in Frankfurt where I life and they are mostly very pretty. But nevertheless I had never a problem to find a pretty girl in Fortaleza too, also it's very cheap, very safe and perfect weather.
Please Tomb tell me how is the situation in Fortaleza now. Somewhere in this Forum I have read that Zip and Desiqual is closed? Is there a new place for finding pros?

Till next time


09-26-02, 03:26

Desigual is still open, Zip's is closed, there are two new "pro" discos in Iracema - Africa's and Porto Bar. Read my trip-report post down below.

As for the quality of girls in Fortaleza, yes the average girl in the Northeast is not a stunner, but neither is the average girl in Rio. Among the pros, remember that the "cream of the crop" from all over Brazil goes to Rio and Sao Paulo. (Likewise, only the prettiest Colombianas make it to Frankfurt, the ugly ones stay home). The pro girls you see elsewhere are the "farm team" or "second division", so to speak. However, there are still more than enough 9+ girls in Fortaleza, you just have to look a bit harder than you do in Rio/Sao Paulo (and pay much less). One girl I was with that I considered "average" in Fortaleza was a spitting image of Debora Winger in "An Officer and a Gentleman" (IMHO). Not a playboy model, but great fun. Another was your typical dark latin beauty, maybe a bit too short. I saw several girls nightly that I'd sell my soul for (maybe I already have...), but already had my hands full when I ran into them. On the other hand, I saw some other pro girls that made me want to take a vow of celibacy so I'd never have to get anywhere near them... It's all the luck of the draw, admitedly there are more stunners in Rio, but there are enough to keep you very busy in Fortal. For what it's worth, everywhere else I've been in the Northeast (Recife, Bahia, Seregipe, Natal), they tell me that the most beautiful girls are in Fortaleza. Go figure.

I've been asked by several friends what is a better "deal" - Fortaleza or Rio. If you are coming from the US, which means that you ahhave to fly to Sao Paulo and then 4 hours more back to Fortaleza, I'd say that if you are going for a short time (4-5 days or less) then Rio, if you are going for a long time (5-6 days or more) then Fortal. Coming from Europe, of course, there are direct flights to Fortaleza, so the equation may be different. Also, lets be honest, if you want the true "Creme de la creme", movie star and magazine model quality pro, then go to Sao Paulo - but be prepared to pay for it!

Tom B.

09-27-02, 09:14
Hi Tom,

you are right of course it is possible to find everywhere good looking girls, even in Fortaleza and yes they are very cheap and also very nice. The most pro's whose I have picked up in Desigual, or Zip, or Africa wants to be my girlfriend after one or two days. But I have to say that the real stunner something like a 9+ it's in my opinion not easy to find in those locations, because I have a similar taste like the Brazil people have. I like women with a European (better to say a mediteranean) look and they should have a butt like Jennifer Lopez and a wesp waist, too. You see I'm very fastidiously and that is my real problem I think.
If you honest you will agree with me that almost all pro's in Fortaleza have native Brazilian roots (Indios) and they are usually small, have no wesp waist have a flat butt and a round belly. Of course there are always a few pretty girls there, but they are expensive and have mostly already a client.
The normal local girls (no pro's) whose you can find in shopping centre, or in normal discothecs or in the culture centre can be very pretty but they are not easy to have if you not speak Portugese.
OK, back to the point, Fortaleza is great anyways, it's cheap, very good weather, beautiful beaches, no much crime, good food and good drinks. So I will spend my next holiday there.
Please tell me there was a waitress in Zip she is a Mulatta with a pretty face and a great butt, do you know her and do you know where she works now?
Is Porto Bar also knowen under the name cafe del Mar? What is the place to go before 12 o'clock at night? Before it was Zip and than Africa and at least Desiqual. Ok, till next time. Btw, I life in Frankfurt and I know many girls from Colombia and in the most cases they are above 8.

Best Regards!


09-27-02, 15:08

You remarks about the "average" girl in Fortalaza are pretty dead on, but there is enough deviation from the norm to keep anyone happilly occupied. Also, this coast of Brazil suffered successive invasions by the Dutch and the French and those influences are still to be found, even if it was 400 years ago (nothing more beautiful than a mullata with green eyes!). As for the best girls being taken, you are looking in the wrong places or too late at night. Yes, the best are more expensive, but that means $R100/night instead of R$50, so what? The "best of the best" do sometimes go to Desigual's but you probably will have better luck at Porto Bar a little earlier, or a regular club. Remember that Fortaleza has one "hot club" each night - Priata's on Monday...Orbita on Wednesday...Ze do Carangueijo on Thursday, etc. etc. just ask around, find out where the night's hot spot is goign to be, and go there around 11PM-midnight. You'll have to use your "nose" to figure out who the pros are, but it's not too hard!

Porto Bar is about 2 blocks inland from the Ponte Metallica, don't know about Cafe del Mar (which I think is right on the seafront). And, no I didn't see any mullatta waitress at Disigual, but then again, I was pretty "occupied" while there, and most all I saw of the waitresses was the beer in there hands. Anyway, I can almost guarantee you that the waitresses at Disiguals won't go out with any customers. And read my long post from about two weeks ago for an idea of the current Fortaleza scene, where to go, etc.

Enjoy your trip to Fortaleza!

Tom B.

09-27-02, 20:26
Hi Tom,

you are true, there is everyday at week a special place to go. On weekend you should go to Mucuripe and on Tuesday to "Halo Brazil" and on Monday of course to Pirata. Cafe del Mar is a small music pub and have two floors is left and than right again from the restaurant Estoril. This pub was Thursday the place to go at a time from 11 to 1 o'clock in the night.
Sorry there was a mistake this Mulatta was from Zip and not from Desigual. You are right again the girls there or better to say the most girls there like to fuck and they fuck usually very good.
It is possible to have a waitress from Africa, Zip or Desiqual as a girlfriend of course, this means that you stay with them a long time.During this time you should not try to sleep with a pros, because she would know that and than you better not more go to the Discothek where she works. Sometimes the waitresses from Africa or Zip go to Desiqual after they have free to find a boyfriend. This means not that you pay for them 50 Reais the night but you will bear their expenses, go shopping with them and to restaurants.
Some of this girls have several friends and they send them letters and money from there hometowns. This girls have to manage that they not come to the same time to Fortaleza.

Till next time!


09-29-02, 08:02
Hi Tomb,

i`m planning to go to Fortal next week so i was checking the policies of some hotels or flat-services, and most of them are quite restrictive on bringing girls back to your room. Tried with finding something through flatshop.com.br and they answered "visitas não permitidas da meia-noite ás cinco da manhã". E-mailed Marina Praia and they answered that it was allowed only between midnight and 5 am, and only if the girl looks and behaves in a discrete way. What was your experience with that hotel? Let`s say you see an apartment house that looks OK, can you just jump in and rent something or do you have to go through an agency which may be further away? I`m asking that cuz my flight arrives in the evening and i want to fix my stay before i start the trip.
Another thing...can i safely rent a car without risking a major crash or are the "cearense" drivers more or less chaotic like the greek drivers.
Did you already post some pictures somewhere on the site?

09-29-02, 22:49

have a great time in fortaleza!

as for a place to stay, i really dont' think you'll have too many problems. there is often a lot of leeway between "official policy" and reality. the only thing that really concerns the guys at teh reception desk is making sure that the girls ar not **** - they are personlayy accountable, by law.


marina praia, as i've written before is convenient, clean, cheap, etc., i'd at least use them as my base of operations for my first night straight off the airplane (use a motel if you have any problems with bringing in a girl) and then look around for a flat that you like (not applicable in january/february when you need advanced reservations for the flats). you'll have no problem bringing girls after midnight - walter, the night receptionist could care less. make friends with him and leo, the day guy, and you'll be fine. you might have problems taking a wg with you to breakfast downstairs, so what, go eat somewhere else.

hotel brisa mar, closer to iracema, is a bit cheaper than marina praia, but about the same quality of room. ask for a room in their annex, which means that you don't have to go thru their lobby, and no problem again, although i doubt that they care about working girls...

flatshop is an agency that books you into flats. they don't actually manage or own the flats themselves, so they are just giving you a blaket statement to cover their own asses. flatshop is good if you can't speak portuguese at all, otherwise, just use their listing of flats to find the names of flats in fortal and then use google to find phone numbers/websites and contact them directly. or use google and yahoo.br to find flats yourself. one suggestion - apart hotel atlandida on av. abolicao (you'll have to find the phone # yourself), a friend of mine is staying there and lovingit - no problems with girls. again, i'd just reserve my room and then make friends with the night receptionist. anyway, flats work a bit differently from hotels, you are truly a tenant with rights to do whatever youwant, except burn the place down. it's a short-term lease. and no, you can't just jump in and rent a normal apartment, incredible amounts of paperwork are involved, check out the fortaleza guide at www.bootsnall.com.

you can safely rent a car, but why? why get lost, why deal with traffic, why go thru the aggravation? cearense drivers aren't as dangerous as greek, but city driving is always a pain, and countryside driving can be dangerous if only becuase high speeds and livestock crossing the road don't mix. taxi's in fortal are cheap, and dune buggy drivers to get you up and downthe coast are all over the place. admitedly, fortaleza-jericoacoara, about the furtherst you'd be goign, in an suv with driver will cost you us$100 one way (which you can split with other people), still better than driving for 5 hours, imho. other, closer, beaches are cheaper - i.e. $50 to canoa quebrada. heck, for short jaunts, take the bus. just my opinion.

tom b.

09-30-02, 17:22

thanx for the information, always clear and efficient!
I think i will try Marina Praia like you said. And it shouldn not be a problem making friends with the receptionists as i speak some portuguese (some chick told me that i spoke like a paulista).

thanks again!

09-30-02, 18:57

You're welcome. Marina Praia is just a regular 2-star hotel, nothing special, clean rooms, parquet wooden floors. Get a large-sized bed for obvious reasons. It's a good "base of operations" but not the ideal "love nest" - go to a motel for that, R$30 for 3 or 4 hours. Not that you CAN'T bring a girl back to the hotel, but why run the risks of having her know where you are staying or going thru your sh-t while you are sleeping or in the bathroom? (BTW, Marina Praia, like most hotels, has a asafe for your valuables). After spending all the time and money to get to Fortaleza, a few more bucks for a motel isn't going to hurt you, and motels can be fun - big round bed, jacuzzi, cheap room service. And as I mentioned, Marina Praia may be a good place to settle in till you find EXACTLY what you want. I also used it to leave my stuff while on 2-3 day trips up the coast, had people leave me messages, drop things off, send mail, etc. etc, it's a home away from home. Tell them Tom, the Gaucho-Americano sent you, that should get you kicked out on the spot ;-) (and good luck trying to hit Lu, the estagaria...). BTW, be careful not to let anyone confuse Marina Praia (behind Hotel Beira-Mar on R. Paulo Barros) with Marina PARQUE, which is an over-priced 5-star hotel way up the other side of town.

Tom B.

09-30-02, 19:19
i suggest this hotel, in Praia de Iracema
Anybody know it???

09-30-02, 19:45
Hmm, if they are really R$50-$60, that's a great price! And it's certainly well located for all the Iracema fun and games. Dunno the hotel, but sure looks good on the website.

Another suggestion: Hotel Olimpio in Mierrelles. 4 stars, beachfront (i.e. expensive, but doable in US$). No problem at all with the receptionists (portaria aberta). Also there's a good flat at Av. Antonio Justa 2324, again in Mierelles, dunno the name, just a suggestion.

In the meantime, I checked the "Diario do Nordeste" for GP's. Prices continue to be R$50 to $100. Two new "boates" in IRacema (to pick up GP's), Vagao Plaza (right in front of Priata's) and Stilus. R$10 to go in. Ask any cab driver where they are. Upscale college girls for R$100. And a new clinica: R. Nunes Valente 2145, dunno the name. R$60/hr, R$70/2hr, "massage" followed by "relax", but no anal.

Tom B.

10-02-02, 10:28
Hi all,
Found this nightlife link for Fortaleza. In Portugesse, but from what I tranlated, details the different quarters of the town along with the rough areas.



10-03-02, 09:33

is it REALY true that brasil girls LOVE it analy?? iow they love to get a cock down their asshole???

I mean in Eastern Europe this is hard to find....

do they also suck dick without a rubber??
would the experts here think Fortaleza SW or semi-sw are cheaper then in Rio/SP??

whatr about the butt-factor?? Do brasil women realy have those fabulous butts??
I mean can they hold up with COLOMBIANAS on this one???


10-03-02, 17:05
Hi Johan,

some of them make it some not. I would say from my experience, 20% do enjoy it, 30% make it after they know you better, so after the second or third night or they make it in the first night but don't enjoy it. Make shure that you do it slowly and with lubricant. 50% don't do it or only when you pay much more.

Yes they suck without rubber, but the most don't like it and make it not very good.

They are cheaper, I pay usually 50-70 Reais for the night, a real Stunner will do it for 100 Reais and there was last time some girls from SP and Rio who wants 250 Reais but you can bargain and get it cheaper, but mostly there are some guys who pay this high prize.

The most pros and semi pros in Fortaleza are 150 -160 cm high, with flat butts and round belly. Look not too good, but you can always find some with a cute face, but girls with a cute face and a great body with a huge butt are very rare and such girls are expensive.


10-03-02, 18:42
I disagree with our German friend on relative beauty of nordestinas, you can find 8-9 with no problem, Rarer than Rio, but cheaper too,about 1/2 price. But he is right, the real native cearensa from the backlands is not much too look at. Ethnically, they are a mix of portuguese and Indian, they don't have much black blood to make them beautiful, poor girls... Still, there is enough variety in Fortaleza to keep you more than satisfied.

As for girls that are "completa" or that give BBJJ, all the girls that I was with did both, but that's ahrdly a statistical sample! ;-)

Tom B.

10-05-02, 15:05
Hi Johan,

obviously our American friend has an other taste as I. But you asked about butts, I can asure you and Tomb if you are objective you will agree, the butts of the Hookers in Fortaleza are not as fabulous like their colombian sisters. Also they has a awful kind of fashion their, the most hookers wear that hip troussers, which is pretty if the girl is slim and tall and have a wesp waist. All that the average Fortalezian girl don't have.
Of course you can find there pretty girls for example in the Pirata disco on Mondays, on Mucuripe Disco on Weekends on Dragao do Mar at every evening, but that are mostly Brasilian Tourists from the South, from Rio, SP or Minas Gerais or the local upper and middle class Ladies. If you want pickup such a girl than it's help when you speak Portugese, can dance the local dance (like Fohor), if you are pretty and rich. If you have not all of them than it will be not more so easy or you need a lot of time before you get laid.
The most Hookers in the disco Desigual, Africa, Cafe do Mar, Zip, etc. are ethnically from that Indio type without much european influence and they have usually IMHO a flat ass, small hips and a round belly like a man with a beer belly. Of course I'm very fastidiously, maybe too fastidiously and you can also find 7's and 8's maybe sometimes two or three 9's Hookers in that places. But if you are a butt lover than it's not the right place for you.
Nevertheless Fortaleza is a very nice place for vacation and the Hookers there are cheap and mostly very friendly girls, the climate is one of the best in the world, it's relatively safe there and the food and the drings are very good.
Tomb if I understand you right, you have with every girl whose you had there anal sex? You must be born under a lucky star. I was in the last 2 years 3 times in Fortaleza. Everytime 3 - 4 weeks. I guess I have slept there with about 30 Hookers and I usually ask before I take them what service they provide, often I reject a girl if she provide no Anal sex. I was there with friends and of course at the day after, we share our experiences, like the girls in Desigual too. I usually rent a private apartment when I'm there and so I know also many expats there, so I can say I know a little the hooker szene in Fortaleza and what they provide and what not. Not all make Anal sex, many girls don't like it and do it only for more money or if they like you very much, or they simple don't do it at all.
BJ are not to important for me, usually I don't ask for and I never force a woman to do that, especially because I don't like to do cunilingus by a hooker too. If she offer a BJ I enjoy it of course, mostly I have sex without a BJ their. From my friends whose like BJ I know that their performance is not the best in the world.

OK, thats all for today!


10-07-02, 16:16

I'm not disagreeing with you - the average Cearense girl is much how you described in looks, fashion, and behaviour. But Fortaleza is big enough that you can easily find girls that are well above average. Also, many of the girls that are visiting Fortaleza from down south have come with their female friends are are on the prowl themselves... Then again, I speak portuguese fluently, so that helps a lot.

And I was much, much less "active" than you were during my trip to Fortal - only 5 girls and some clubbing around. Then again, I wasn't in Fortal purely for 'mongering, so I wasn't able to properly dedicate myself to the task! ;-) So that's why I was "lucky" - pure happenstance. As for oral skills, your informal "survey" seems to be correct - for me one girl was outstanding, three were average, and one was no good. All sans condom, for what it's worth.

10-07-02, 17:26
Heh guys,
Maybe you could post a pic or two, and let the public decide on whether the girls from Fortaleza are hot or not!!


10-21-02, 19:20
Yo Tomb,
came back from Fortaleza yesterday and i must say that your big report about the city was pretty correct. Here are some more things:
- I found the "hot spot" around Africa, Cafe del Mar pretty dead on the sole saturday i was in Fortaleza city, i dont know if it was because of some national celebration or what.
- On every other day i liked moving with the flow of girls that mainly moved from Africa to Cafe del Mar (or O Porto which i did not like cuz it looks a bit shabby inside), and ended up in Desigual. Never went inside Desigual cuz i always found mine before so i did not think necessary to get more drunk and less "performant".
- Before the night you can try the beach promenade in on praia do Meireless/Nautico; you will see some girls in the beach bars, but prepare to move your head sideways from left to right cuz you will get assaulted by sellers of every kind.
- A good thing to try is to make friend with a garcon in one of these beach bars so he will chat up with some of the girls that go suntanning on the Meireless beach; sometimes it works but make sure youßll get like 3 or 4 phone numbers to end up in a real rendez-vous cuz many girls from "good family" will not appear at all....so fill your address book.
- Try to go to the Centro and make some eye contact with the girls working in the box-shops; i tried once and got some positive feedback, but as i was already with my cutie at that time i did not manage a rdv). It is worth trying, and besides you will pay much less for shopping there than near the beach. Take a moto taxi 3-4 Rs to there if you like extreme sports!
- I made friends at one of the first beach bars on Meireless and they took me one night at a place called New Scalibu on the beginning of Praia do Futuro; 20 girls, some 7-8, 20 bucks a pop.....but here comes the shit: coming in at 10pm we were the only customers inside, no music, and all the girls sitting in front of a small television watching a telenovela. Fucking about 30 minutes (negotiable to 45 minutes! wow!) was upstairs in one of the rooms which i did not even want to imagine. Anyway, we returned to Iracema after 1 beer and no fuck. But it is worth the trip if you like decadence and a real dirty ambient.
- About the hotels: first i was in Hotel Casa da Praia which has good matresses, cheap price, good service, individual safe in the room and a very cute receptionist in the morning. Charge 10Rs per guest. Moved to Hotel Marina Praia on Meireless and found them pretty friendly, good service, same price level. A good thing is that the reception remembers you and reaches your key even before you tell them your room number (not like in some big hotels where anyone can ask for the key of your room; may sound a bit paranoid but i hear strange things in spanish hotels...)
- Went with my cutie to praia Canoa Quebrada, about 2 1/2 hours by car from Fortaleza; it is really worth the visit. Nice beach, good food, good vibes from the ragga brothaz, and some garotas of course. The place is a big surrealistic at night cuz it looks a bit like a western scenario; the main street is called Broadway and it is a sandy/dust strip that crosses the village from the center to its east end, with bars and boates on the left and right everyone playing its own type of music. Try bar Todo Mundo, from there you get a nice view on the hot spot of the place. I saw even the receptionist of the pousada i was (Pousada California) hanging around that spot. I could only recommend this place for the weekends which are less agitated in Fortaleza; it is very small but i think if you are alone there you will get your pop for cheap and for sure. Did not try it though, cuz i was with my girl.

Another thing: i dont wanna sound boring or moralistic, but do not treat the girls like shit cuz many of them dont do it cuz "they like it" like some say. Sure brazilian girls are very good in bed, but many of the girls i was with only do it cuz they have a child to support or cuz they want to meet the gringo that could get them out of Brasil. This is not a preach, it is only being a bit gentle and show some respect.

10-21-02, 20:31

Thanks for the props, glad you had fun! How's Lu at Marina Praia doing? ;-)

I'm also glad that you piked up on my main philosophy: treat people right and good things will come your way - waiters, cabbies, girls, receptionists... it's all good. Also, as you saw, it's pretty hard NOT to get hooked up in Fortaleza - my own reports were not more any more comprehensive because I was pretty "busy" from day zero....

Welcome back to reality! hehhehehehe

Tom B.

10-23-02, 19:39

is Lu the "dark blonde" receptionist with maybe 2 or 3 kilos in excess? well, i liked her but as i only was there for 2 days (the rest i spent in Canoa Quebrada i did not have the opportunity to make more of it.
Talking about business, how do you find the "mulatas" from Ceara? I never was in Bahia, but judging on pictures i saw i think bahianas are more african type with a rounder face and thicker lips (yummmm!). Cearenses have a thinner face and look less attractive than those i saw in pics (but, it was only pics...). maybe you can tell me more about that.
Just curiosity: did you "meet" a girl with the name starting with S in Fortaleza?

10-23-02, 21:14

Yeah, that pretty much describes Lu. Cute girl.

I had a lengthy series of posts on this forum about Ceara girls in relation to others (with a german guy, DG). Scroll down to find it, but basically we agreed that in general, Ceara girls ain't as pretty as further south. My theory is that is becuase there is more Portuguese and Indian influence and less black, so the girls don't have the full spectrum of brazilian beauty, but who knows? However, there are more than enough "diamonds in the rough" in Fortaleza to keep you busy. Just because the average is well, average, doesn't mean that you can't look for and get the best. As for mullatas and black girls, Salvador is the heart of the African influence in brazil, it is probably the most African city in the Americas, so if that's your preference, iSalvador is definitely the palce to go. Personally, I'm always more interested in attitude rather than a specific look, so there are great girls anywhere you go...

A girl named "S"? Hmm, let's see, I was with a "Suzy", but not in Fortaleza. In Fortal the only name I *remember*, besides Lu(ciana), is Maria Villani... f- 'em and forget 'em, I'm such a dog.... actually I'm just lousy with names. Why do you ask? (is she pregnant?!? hehehehe). Tell me her name (email if you want) and what she looks like and I might remember.


Tom B.

10-23-02, 21:33

no she aint pregnant, at least i dont think so. her name was Sabri and she has a lighter skin, very pretty girl and she she looked less "obvious" than the usual pros.

Another thing: Guys, try not to pay more than 50 if you look average and not more than 100Rs if you dont look that good....i mean this place is one of the cheapest around so PLEEEEZE do not to inflate prices up to Rio levels.

tanks alot

10-23-02, 22:06

I was kidding about the pregnancy! No, I can't remember any Sabri/Sabrina. Why do you ask anyway? You know there are a LOT of pros in Fortal and the chances of mehaving "met" one you were with is pretty slim....

As for prices, I was paying R$40 in August (it was about US$15 then) and telling girls to take a hike at R$50. The very top girls wanted R$100, whichis fine, but I had my hands full already. All in all, excellent prices, but it's quite a haul to get there (at least from the States), so don't go there to be cheap. The main advantage of going there, besides more bang for your buck, is being able to go up the coast to one of the paradisical beaches with one or two great girls in tow... Like you di dto Canoa Quebrada.

As for price inflation, the problem is not Americans, Canadians or Brits (the main readers of this board, I think), but Italians and Germans. The city is over-run with them becuase they have direct flights. And the girls know that they can take advantage of them. As always, if you get quoted a ridicualous price (above R$50 for most girls, above $R200 for the models), just walk. There are plenty of fish in the sea....

Tom B.

10-30-02, 19:13
Hi Tomb,

i am looking for reports about Campo Grande and Cuiaba, but there are no links here for these cities. Asked Jackson by email how to, but got no answer. Can you tell me how to create a Campo Grande link? do you know something about those cities? i mean about the "business"...

tanks alot man!

10-30-02, 19:33

Your questions would fit under the "other areas" thread in this forum.

Campo Grande and Cuiaba are both relatively small cities (a few hundred thousand pop), nothing special. They're both the kinds of places that girls get away from to go work in Rio and Sao Paulo. I dont' know the "scene" in either, as I was 12 years old when I went to both. But, if you're not specifically interestedin doing something else nearby (visit the Pantanal, Bonito, or the Chapada Guimaraes), then I wouldn't make the trip there.

Tell us about Sabrina in Fortaleza! Inquiring minds want to know... ;-)

Tom B.

11-04-02, 19:07
What are the current rates n Fortaleza for short time and all night. Also, can u take a SW into the nicer Hotels. lik Caesar.

11-04-02, 20:57
was there 1 month ago and did not pay more than 50R for an allnighter and the girls were amongst the best looking around the place (i mean the area around Cafe del Mar, Africa and Desigual). you must not say yes to any price, if you look ok 50R or even less is current rate. If you really want to be charitable then tip her 10 or 20 more when she leaves and only if the job was done well.

have good fun!

11-04-02, 21:57
Prices haven't changed much from August, then. All-night as opposed to short-time really depends on how much the girl "likes" you, the prices aren't any different. Short-time is usually 3-4 hours. Read my Fortaleza report a few pages back for more practical details of Fortaleza girls, but for the most part, "all-night" means that they grab the bus to go home around 6-7AM. They often have kids at home that have to be taken care of, so that explains why the early exit. Nevertheless, if there is mutual interest, setting up a LT is pretty easy to do, just give a few reals tip and pay for a cab or whatever.

Tom B.

11-04-02, 22:04
Hi bubbagump69,

I`m actually in Fortaleza, the usual price for a allnighter is still between 50 and 100 Real. It`s not too difficult to find a girl for 50 Real, but the stunners ask for more. Something around 100 Real for one hour or 200 Real for the night. This depends on the situation. If they like you it could happens that they don`t want money from you. But of course I would give them in any way some money, 50 Real is not much money. An other influence is how is offer and inquires side. In the moment and it will increase until end of February Fortaleza is packed with Italian guys and many girls are now in Europe (mostly Italy and Netherland where the most foreign tourists in Fortaleza come from). Really good looking girls find now in any chase a customer and so there is now reason for them to lower the price. Also if you know some Portugese and you are not a shy guy than you can it have cheaper (50 Real +).
To bring a girl into a Hotel, I don`t know exactly because I only live in private appartments. I know from Holiday Inn and IBIS that it`s should not be a problem as long the girl is over 18 years old, has a ID-Card and look not too ugly.


I know here a girl called Sabrina, but I guess here a some girls with that name. The Sabria I know is with, about 1,55 or 1,6 m high, has a good figure and brown hair. Also, she usuall smills all the time.

Ah, Tomb again you wrote:
As for price inflation, the problem is not Americans, Canadians or Brits (the main readers of this board, I think), but Italians and Germans. The city is over-run with them becuase they have direct flights.

I`m disagree with you in that point. Yes it`s true the most foreign Tourists in Fortaleza come from Italy and the Netherlands, there are also some Germans and people from Swiss and Austrians, but look to countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia, Vietnam in that countries Americans are the main Traveller and this places have very high prices. Areas with not many American tourists like Fortaleza, Cuba are still cheap.


11-05-02, 04:40

Hope you are enjoying Fortaleza. If you have the time, go to Jericoacoara, right NOW! You won't regret it. If not, go to Canoa Quebrada, it's also worth it.

If you are using the Internet Cafe in Iracema (the one that serves Cachaca), there is a good lunchonete for picking up pros in the afternoon right next door. And go across the street to Habana Cafe (orange Building on corner) and smoke a Cohiba for me, will you? ;-)


Tom B.

11-05-02, 18:47
Hi Tomb/DG69,
I have been trying to check out one bedroom/studio flat prices pre arrival. I know local prices are only 200 - 400 a month, but was thinking of staying in the San Phillip Flat Hotel (1,000 R for a full month) - free with coffee, and room service.

Do you have any contacts that deal with flats (anything with 4 walls and a roof is sufficient) or know anything about the San Phillip Flat Hotel?


11-05-02, 19:59

Check out www.flatshop.com.br. Also make sure that you get DAILY roomservice. Dirty sheets in the morning are a pain (and you are planning on getting those sheets messed up, aren't you? ;-) ).

Tom B.

11-05-02, 20:41
Hi Subaculture,

yes Flat Shop is a good tip. Ask for Adriana she speaks English. I got my Apartment for 35 Real per day. Has Aircon (which is not necessary because Fortaleza is on of the most windy area in the world), kitchen, living room with TV, Bedroom with douple bed and of course Sanitary room with shower (hot water). The rooms are clean and there is a 24 h security service. The place is pretty save.

Hi Tomb,

yes Fortaleza is great, but also Canoa. I have spend the weekend there. Jericoacoara is only good if you go there with a girl. There is difficult to find one. The beach there is dirty, but the sweet water lakes in the dunes are great. In Canoa it at the weekends party time. Many joung people from Aracati are there. Also some hooker. Unfortunately the good looking girls are mostly no hookers. I hit there a no pros from Aracati. She is 19 years old and very pretty. Unfortunately she was a hard nut. I costs me hours of frenche kissing before I could touch her tits and a second night with hours of french kissing again before she has take out her clothes. She was a virgin and I don`t want to change this and so we had only the Russian style of Sex. Me lips was wound after that session. But, of course it was also very funny.
Good place to meet non pros in Fortaleza are the shopping centres Iguatemi and Aldeota, or the disco Pirata at Monday and Mucuripe at weekends, also good is Dragao do Mar during the week.
Good place to meet pros, outside the discos Desiqual, Africa and Cafe do Mar is the beach Praya Foturo Baraca Chico de Caranguejo and Itaparika. Or at the afternoon the beach road along Beira Mar. Also good are some Massage saloons which are not easy to find but ask a taxi driver to bring you there. Beside the Internet cafe at Praya Iracema is on the side a Sorvetteria and at the other side was a restaurant bar Paulista, but is closed now. The owner, a pretty woman, you can still find in Desiqual where she now works again.
Sorry Tomb I`m non smoker and so I will not have this cohiba. But there are more healthy ways of enjoyment. Yesterday I had a very pretty 19 years old Morena clara. She had a very tasty body, skin smooth like silk but flesh hard like steel. Also, yesterday I had meet a woman from Sao Paulo she wants 300 Real for the night, a absolut rediclious price, but in Sao Paulo is this still Ok I guess.


11-05-02, 21:37

Restaurante Paulista is the place I was talking about, too bad it closed, but looks like you are keeping yourself well "occupied" anyway. Inquiring minds want to know - what is the "Russian style of sex"????


Tom B.

11-06-02, 15:39
Hi Tomb,

the Russian Style of Sex: The man moved his dick between the legs of the girl. The girl press her legs together and so she can have also fun aslong the dick moved along her clit. Sounds not very funny but it is better than the defloration of a virgin.


11-06-02, 16:57

Poor Russians! And why do you think that anal sex is so popular in Brazil? Because it is a strict Catholic country, so there are no legal abortions and girls are (or at least were) expected to be virgins when they get married. Therefore.....


Tom B.

11-06-02, 18:01
Hi Tomb,

to named that kind of sex, Russian style and other kind of sex, French, English, Spain, Greek and Italian style was a invitation of the Danish people. In their Brodells they offer several kinds of sex and all unusal kind of sex must come from foreign countries. I guess in Russia this style is not the most practis style.
Yoy are right Anal sex is popular in Brasil, they call it Coconut, but with that one girl from Canoa it would not be possible. She was too shy and unexpierenced and I had not too much time. If I would stay with her longer it would be possible. But, there was also a other problem, she told me that she is 19 years old, but I never saw her ID. Maybe she is under 18 years and you know what that means. Guys never take a pros under 18 years, with non pros I'm not sure. You can marry her if the parents say yes if she is 14 years old. But if the police catch you with a pros under 18 years than there are three scenarios.

1. You can give the police some 50 real and they let you go.
2. They bring you to the police station and than you have to pay every police man there 50 reals.
3. You will come to a jugde, 2 years minium in a Brasil Jail house. Be sure if you have blond hair, blue eyes and you are not totally ugly you will be the Star under the male loving jail house population.


11-06-02, 23:34
Hi guys,
I have read in previous posts that there are direct flight to Fortaleza from Europe. Can anybody tell me which airline and from which hub (London ? Paris ? Amsterdam ? Frankfurt ? Brussels ?) there are such direct flights ???
Any info would ber much appreciated ....

Thank you in advance, RO

11-08-02, 15:47
Hi Rob,

yes there are direct flights from Europe. From Frankfurt with TAP (Air Portual), via Lisbon. But it`s a pain in the ass, while there is a 6 hours stop in Lisbon. Of course you can visit Lisbon, it`s a nice city. I guess from other Cities where TAP has shuttle flights to Lisbon should it also be possible.
Than there is a direct flight with Dutch Bird (ex Martin Air) from Amsterdam via Palma de Mallorca. And I have heard that there is an Allitalia flight from Milan. Maybe there are some more, but I don`t know them.


sorry for the wrong info. Yesterday I saw the internet cafe you had descript a few posts ago. I thought you mean that in the Av. Mon. Tabosa. But now I know you mean that in that big old white building not far from Zip Bar. The lunchonete is still open, but has not the name Paulista.

Some other info may be useful for all others. At the time when Fortaleza is packed with Italians. That`s in August (When the whole country has holiday) and from November till February when the worker of the Italian tourism industry has Holiday, than is here high season. The price rise up to 100 Real for a pros minimum and much more for a real stunner. I have heard that in December and January it`s not possible to get any pros for less than 200 Real. But I was never there at that time.


11-21-02, 01:28
Currently in Fortaleza. It great! The wowen have a kinder softer look to them and have great thin bodies. Very differnt then Rio. Was in Recife and the wowen also are very girlish. Fantastic beach life in Recife. Excellent SW action!

All the info on Cafe del Mar, Africa and Desigual is still correct. Prices still range from R$50-100. Girls will ask for R$100, just laugh and move on, if she's not a 9 or 10.

I actually like the girls in Fortaleza, due to a slightly softer natural look. Body wise not as buff with the curves like Rio girls, but sleek and thin. I love the fact that the girls, life and the city are very different than Rio (gives me something to talk about).

Mostly Italians, Dutch and Germans, w/r to most foreign tourists in Fortaleza. I am probably the only Canadian in the city.

SW action is as good as Recife, or Rio, but is fare, if you need it quick for a sort time. I found it great to "get off" with a 7-8 SW in Recife, before I would hit the clubs and then the Pro's wouldn't catch me off guard in a real horny and "vunarable" state and I usually then could negociate with a clearer "head" ;-)


PS: Anyone currently in Fortaleza?

11-21-02, 01:39
spidy, let's see a post from you in the recife section! did you hit bamboo or sampa or others?

11-24-02, 15:04
hi, i'm Italian and i was 3 weeks in Fortaleza (1 - 23 nov). I read many times the wsg forum and i can confirm everything. Prices are now very cheap. Girls range are 50-60 r$ (6-7) to 70-100 (8-10). Never more!!!! Remeber: never belive what Brasilian girls say!!!! They say to Americans that Italians pay more, to Italians that Holland pay more, to Holland tha Germans pay more ......
But i knew lot's of people from all the world in Fortaleza and i think the price are ok as reported. ok, there are some stupids, but i don't think it depends by the nationality....
I was at Casa de Praia hotel, in Iracema, very weel located, good service anda quality, very cheap (40 r$ + 10r$ x girl). Next to it, many people told me that Hotel Americas is very good. My friend found "apartamento" very good in "Via Venetto Flat" for 800r$/month. If you prefer apartamento ask to Flatshop (www.flatshop.com/br).
My experience:
"If a girl doesn't want money, she will cost you double!!!"
"What you like, take immediately. 2 min can be too late...."
"A very beautiful girl in Disegual disco after 2,30 pm is probably
at the second time...."
"at cafe' du mar, if you offer a drink to your girl, sign it in her card.
If she goes out whit you, you'll pay her card. If not....Some times the girl with you ask some drinks, you sign in your card and the she goes out with a best offerent".
I was 5 days in Natal, not very good.
"Desculpa" my english.

11-24-02, 17:08
oi hotsam,

what do you MEAN when you say:
""at cafe' du mar, if you offer a drink to your girl, sign it in her card.
If she goes out whit you, you'll pay her card. If not....Some times the girl with you ask some drinks, you sign in your card and the she goes out with a best offerent".

Sorry but I don't get that...what type of card do you mean??

your link doesn't work...it has to be

My experience is that INDEED GF-exp. is far more expensive then just fuck a ho for 1-2 hours...;-)

The Americans TEND to overpay. Everwere were US guys are the prices go up skyhigh.
Look to CR,Ukraine Russia etc....:-(

Don't overpay please.


PS: I'll be there from 11 february till 1 March 2003;-)

11-24-02, 20:35

how' s the girl at the reception doing? i think she owns the place cuz there's pictures of here everywhere behind the desk. She's pretty cute neh? but i don't think that she can be available, what's your thoughts about that?

11-24-02, 23:46
Ola guys,

has anyone good experiences with dating brasil chicks via the internet????

Does anyone KNOW some good (pref. free) sites were to contact those nifty garotas???

I can read some portugese as it looks similar to spanish but from what I HEAR the pronunciation is VERY different:-(

I guess I have to work on that one.

OOO Hotsam before I forget...your flatshop site doesn't mention prices. Could you help us out on that one????



11-26-02, 22:11
to johan007
At Cafe' du Mar you pay when you go out. Before the staff write
your entrance-fee (5r$) and your drinks (Caipirina 3,5 r$) in a card.
She has not entrance-fee and if she writes her drinks in your card
she can go out free!!!!! And you pay for nothing!!!!! Many times i heard it and i can confirm (1 time for me)

sorry, www.flatshop.com.br - price range 40-60 r$ p/day in very
good flat, front of the beach, aircon, tv, frigobar ecc ecc
but in low season!!!! I saw many apartamentos and i suggest to
ask for "Via Venetto Flat". Very good quality and position and no problem at the reception: when they see your garota to go out without you, they call you and ask if everything is ok. If not, she cannot go out!!! :))

wow, but is very hign season, i think it's better to reserve

to Paolino
Yes, she is a very beautiful girl, but i think not available.
But she was only the fist 4-5 days, then only men in the reception

Jose Marcia
11-26-02, 22:19
Hi HotSam,

After five weeks, I will be in Fortaleza. Please share the current scenario that you folks came across while there. A nice lengthy report will be more than appreciated. Besides, if you do not mind, I have a few questions.

1. Which hotel/apartment would you recommend to stay that has security but no hassel with the requirement of the guest registration (just like renting an apartment in Rio).

2. Which bar/restaurent is good to pick up semi-pros during the day time or in the early evening?

3. Which cambio is providing the best exchange rate?

4. I will be arriving Fortaleza on Friday in the evening. Will be very tired after a 24 hour flight. For the first night, please name one good Hotel to stay in and a pick-up place to go to at around 9:00 PM.


11-26-02, 22:39
About the "cards": i was in Africa and Cafe del Mar but my girl never paid...she said that she could get in and drink for free (i guess that she has got a limit though, like 3 drinks and nothing more). i don't know why she didn't pay (i saw her not pay everytime we got out of the place), maybe cuz she looked particularly cute and had a deal with the bars, or i don't know. all i know is that i did not pay for her drinks...

Nibu Raphael
11-27-02, 16:27
Johan so Will you and your German buddy visit this city??? JW what can you tell us more about this city???

11-28-02, 02:39

I will fly off from Amsterdam 10th Feb. and I will stay till 3 rd March.
During this time I want to go to Manaus (or maybe my German friend has some other place in mind?) for trying some jungle puzz.

I hear HIGH season is from December/January....right??
So that means during the second half of Feb. prices for hotels/hooks should come down;-)

Anyway I want to focus on NON-pro action this time.

I hear the PIRATA BAR is a good place to score some SW???

During daytime we'll hit the malls....and centre for "good girls"....

It's well know that hooks are sleeping out late or attend to their kids. So the women you'll meet from 9.00 till 16.00 are probably NOT Hookers;-)


11-29-02, 21:59
hi jose. You have the same flight of mine.
Hi reccomand hotel casa de praia (www.casadepraia.com) for 2 or 3 night. Now it rates about 50 r$/night with breakfast. No problem for "guest" in the room!!! :)))
I stayed 3 weeks in this hotel.
My friend looked for apartamento and i think the best choice is the Via Venetto Flat, in the middle between Beira Mar and Iracema. No problem for the girl here too.
The receptionst ask to see the id.card to the girl/girls but no problem of registration. In your apartamento you can do what you want but i suggest to be carefull about minor!!! Don't go whith them, don't talk to them!!!!
During the day i suggest to go to Praia do Futuro; the best barracas for girl are Itaparika' and Circolo do Carangueiro (probably the real name is a little different).
Many beautiful girl here, but i don't understand the differe between a pros and a sem-pros, but i think here you can find everybody.
About cambio, is better to cash money with credit card. There are 2 banco do Brasil next to the beach that are aible to do it.
With Credit Card the rate is a little less than the official.
In the excange office, when the rate was usd/r$ 3,6 they changed at 3,20!!!!!!
The Casa de Praia hotel accept Credit Card and not overcharge for use it. If you write them email, they can arrage your pick-up
at the Airport. They did it free for me. With a taxy the regula fare is about 30 r$ but if you negotiate it, 20 r$ is ok.

J Wadd
11-30-02, 10:42

Well (as I think my report says), I was in Fort. two summers ago (completely on a sex-vacatation). I spent three days there in the big, spanish looking hotel in the middle of the beach-walk. I had the place to my self.

The sex scene in Fortaleza was a little disappointing for me. It was kinda like Recife w/o the clubs -- namely: a town w/ a good street-scene.

On most nights that main street 3-4 blocks up from the beach was packed w/ young (18+) transient(?) girls all along it. Prices were great (as can be expected), quick-time hotels close and cheap, and crime was relatively non-existent.

If this sounds like your kind of scene, check it out. Read, though, Max's reports below. From his tone, I wonder if even this street situation is still good.

Happy Hunting,

12-09-02, 00:34
Just got back from a short jaunt to Fortaleza. Nice place but pretty crowded right now with European male tourists. No problem, though, there are plenty of girls to go around.
Picked up a garota my first night and linked up with her during the day for some time at the beach. Recommend going to Praia do Futuro (about a 20 reais cab fare from Iracema). Much nicer beach and less people (although you will be pestered by the continual presence of beach vendors hawking everything). Lots of day trip clubs at this beach.
Anyway, price for the garota was 100 Reais which was for about 3 hours (or whatever the going rate at the motel was). Probably could have bargained a little more but is still less than US$30. After paying for her afternoon at the beach, we went to the motel and had sex several times (no charge). Just treat the girls right and they will take care of you.
Normally go for blondes, but this girl named Joana was a perky brunette. Anybody interested, her cell number is (082) 93051735. She is amenable to most activities (threesome was no problem).
Recommend the Shopping Motel (corny name) rather than the closer Village motel. A substantial difference in quality and not much difference in price. They had some sort of contest going on and one time I won 50% of my room bill.
All in all, not bad, although the quality of girls was not what I was expecting.

Jose Marcia
12-09-02, 16:20
Dudeman: I will be in Fortaleza in 3-4 weeks. Thanks for sharing info. I have a few questions. How old is Joana? Does she understand a little english? What was the exchange rate you got and at which cambio? Thanks.

12-09-02, 18:29

IF it's one thing I learned during my trips to SA.....is that people almost do NOT speak any decent english. Fuck...even in my last hotel in Lima most servants didn't speak any english at all!!!

Better learn portugese if you're heading to Forta...;-)

I just bought a book with 2 CD's for 25 €.....and it also practise Brazilian Portugese. (which is pronunced differently then European Portugese).


I always thought those damn yankees ruined it for all of us;-)


PS: Dieter (my german buddy) and I will be there from 10th February till 3 March...that is at that day I have to fly back home.
Maybe He stays a bit longer.
So if any of you want to hook up.....you're welcome. We both speak english.
I have plans to organise a real WSG Gangbang party....:-)

12-10-02, 09:40
Jose Marcia,

As for Joanna age, she said 23 (but who knows). She speaks no english (other than what she picked up watching American porn).

The only time that I exchanged money was at the airport and got 3.35 reais per dollar. I recommend using your ATM card and getting money from the cash machines. The airport had a good assortment of different banks that took international cards. One thing to remember is that ATMs in Fortaleza (and probably all of Brazil) close at 10 PM so make sure to plan accordingly.

Hope that helps.

12-11-02, 19:38
About money in Fortaleza:

As Iv'e written before, and other gusy have too, the ATM machines are the best way to get cash - best exchange rates, least hassle. BUT - finding an ATM that takes international cards and has money in it can be a real pain in the ass at certain times -especially late night and Sundays. The best thing to do is plan ahead, but if you are caught without cash, two tips:

The Banco do Brazil on Av. Abolicao in Meirelles is open very late, I hit it at 1AM. And they have a guard.

On Sundays, when most ATM's are out of money and casas de cambio are closed, a last resort is the ATM in the basement of the Aldeota Shopping Center. It' s behind the supermarket, right by the up escalator, there are 3 ATm machines down there, but the one that accepts international cards is the last one, right by the escalator. And since it's so well tucked away, it usually still has money in it on a Sunday.


Tom B.

Jose Marcia
12-11-02, 19:44
Thanks a lot Tomb. You are great as usual. Hey....where are the photos that you promised me? lol.

12-18-02, 01:21

Today I rented a flat 300 m away from praia iracema in Fortaleza.
R$ 35,- a day..(=about € 9,70).
It has a bathroom,toilet,sleeproom,little kitchen and a living with TV.
besides that it has 24 h guard at the entrance;-)

Is that cheap or is that cheap?


PS: can't wait to get there:-)

12-18-02, 06:07

That's cheap! be sure to check out Iracema in the early morning (7AM to 9AM) when all the cuties are out jogging. Also, be carefull with the favela about 500M behind Iracema (may be the reason your flat is so cheap).

Tom B.

12-27-02, 01:11
From a Dutch site I hear from a fellow monger that "Mucuripe" and "Orbita" (Rua dragao do mar 207) are good places to score non-pro girls.
The guy also told that in the first discotheque "Mucuripe" most girls are upperclass and don't dig (sex)tourists:-(

Anyone on this one?????


12-27-02, 14:30
Hi Johan friend,

yes I know both places. Mucuripe is the most expensive, Disco in Fortaleza. In Dragao do mar are more middle class clubs. There is an other one a bit outside where you can meet lower class women. I don`t remember the name, but I was never there since the most lower class girls have not much European blood, they are mostly pure native Brazil Indians and the Indians in that part of Brazil are really not pretty. If you can speak a little Portuguese and you have not so high demands on the look of a girl than you can have there some fun.
Back to your question Mucuripe is not a good place for mongering. I know some guys whose want to go with there "girlfriends" (pros, or semi-pros from Disco Desiqual) at weekend in Mucuripe (only Frieday and Saturday is good) but the staff let them not go in. Because they don`t want to get a second Desiqual. But, of course you can find in Mucuripe also some pros, but on a higher niveau. The normal girls in Mucuripe are not easy to hunt. It`s not easier than to hunt in a Western European or American Disco, I would even say that it`s more difficult.
First the language problem (if you can speak a latin language than it`s OK, English is not very common there).
Second the dance problem if you want impress a girl, there you should be able to dance the local dances (fohor, samba, pagode..) I hate this Brazilian music. I have no problem to dance on western music but I have seldom saw a western guy who can dance fohor or samba without making himself to fool.
Third the gringo problem. In the most Brazil Cities or areas gringos are most welcom by the girls, not so in Fortaleza and especially at the upper class girls. Don`t understand me wrong the locals are not unfriendly to foreigners but the most or almost all foreigners there are sex tourists and so you will not have a good reputation to the girls. It`s totally different in Rio or SP because there the most foreigner are business men and so there foreigner have a much better reputation. That told me some western guys who life in Fortaleza for a long time.
Dragao do mar is a better place to meet girls, there are middle class people also many students (a few can speak English). But many young girls under 18 years there. Not almost the right clientel.
A good tip is Halo Brazil. It`s a single cafe with telefons on each table. Here you will also find some of the girls from Desigual and Cafe do Mar. Tuesday is Halo Brazil day. Monday is Pirata day. Thursday is Chico de Carangueso day, every day has his special place to go.


J Wadd
12-28-02, 12:03
johan 007 -- Not really. There're all mostly pro bars.

12-29-02, 01:06

So you want to tell me that there are NO ways to meet a "normal" girl in this 2.3 million habitants city???? All are *****s,party-girls or hobby-hookers??
Come on man...you gotta be kidding.
I honestly beleive that there are for sure places were one can meet/hook up with non-pro's!
Sure being able to speak Portugese is essential...but I am trying to learn that right now;-)

ate Logo.


J Wadd
12-31-02, 10:33
...Just in that area. Of course you can meet non-pro girls. These smaller cities are probably even a better place for it -- less tourist-jaded.


Nibu Raphael
01-08-03, 21:15
Hey To Eric S I got your e mail today no I Am not going to Fortaleza AND never have had any plans to go to Fortaleza I think you got me confused with Johan. You can be Johans co pilot. Ask JW too he knows a lot about Brazil. In Feb. I am still in Lima Peru And March I go to Trujillo and Iquitos Peru for a few days. Check out my Peru Posts and you should see. Ok Since I am now posting in Fortaleza Let us have an updated report for 2003 on this city. What newspapers have sex ads for Fortaleza? Any good massage places in Fortaleza? How are the strip clubs in Fortaleza? How about the street*****s? How many ads are in the yellow pages for Escorts and massage places? Any info on Love Motels? How about some good porn shops? To Johan Man I always see the sickest porn videos from SA and they all CUM out of Brazil. I am sure a lot of these Brazilian POrns you find in AmsterDAMNED. Some Really crazy shit thse chicks will do ANYTHING...... JW Have you seen some of thse Brazilian Sex Vids? I can not go in to detail on thse vids. cause they are to graphic. Ok Man Back To Eric S. Yes I Got your E Mail today in my yahoo account But again You got Me confused it is Johan and his buddy that will be there in feb. Shit Man I will have a baby boy in feb. in Lima Peru Well Anyways good luck,,,,,,,,, NIBU R........

01-09-03, 17:06

Thanks for the info. Johann or JWadd, are you are going to be in Rio or Fortaleza at the end of March? I still am not totally sure about my dates of travel, but I need to firm it up.

I was looking for a travel partner; see my post in the 'general info' portion.


Nibu Raphael
01-10-03, 01:12
Hi Again Eric thanks for hooking up with me on mesenger. Lets keep in touch all the time. I hope you can make a comprimise try hitting Brazil in feb. to hook up with Johan and his German buddy and meet me in Peru in mid to late march.... Ok Man Also E Mail my friend John Hanford for info on this Saturday sex Rock n Roll night we will have in Iquitos Peru in march e mail him at johnnyvomit@excite.com The Drummer Bill Sargis you can E Mail at bsargis@yahoo.com I also think Roman the guitarist Has An E Mail too. YEh JV are also known in Brazil. Hey but anyways I heard Iquitos girls are hot and horny just like Brazilian woman. Peruvian and Brazilian women Are fun not like the many stuck up cunts in Argentina. Argentina is a great country to visit for short stays but I could not live there long. I had too many problems with cunts on my last visit to argie late 2002. ... Oh this other sex hound might also make it with us to Iquitos ask him too maybe he can hook up with you in Brazil He is also trying to check out Columbia. This Guy Beer Bong Bill has visited Costa Rica A lot e mail him barflybill@hotmail.com I think he is like my age young 30,s. I hope to you can hook up with JW He seems like a great guy. Hey JW What do you prefer argentenian province girls or the bitches of greater BA??' All in Truth,,, Signing out NIBU R....

01-11-03, 02:56
Hi guys,

I'll bze in Fortaleza from 10 feb. till 3 March.
BUT....there is a big change that during this time me and my german buddy Dieter go and see some of the Jungle ie Manaus..!!(for a week or so)

For cheap fucks,Great beaches, cheap hotels,food,drinks you HAVE to go to Fortaleza..!!!!!
Besides that Brasil girls are BORN with a cock in the bUTT,so they LIKE it from the other way.....;-)

I guess Rio is about 200% more expensive and half the fun.(and much more dangerous)

Besure to book an appartment,and NOT some all-in Hotel. Because in places like that you can NOT bring in GF's...!!!


Jose Marcia
01-15-03, 17:18
day 4, monday: the tour van picked me up, (r$10 round trip) at 9 am, for an hour drive to cumbuco. i asked for a dare devil buggy ride and it sure was fun. my driver drove buggy kamikaze style over the sand dunes. (r$25, not sure). did not go for sand sledging. rather, opted to watch people falling their faces down in the sand. ate pargo fried fish that i shared with another brazilian tourist. the lunch was superb (r$ 17.50). took this parasail (huh) for a while (r$3, i got what i paid for). the van dropped me at my hotel at 5 pm. the receptionist suggested parque recreio churrascaria (bbq). this place is like a huge and pretty garden with 15´-20´ high waterfall, the water flowing on the stones and vines, and is turned into a restaurant. i told them that i am a journalist from new york and got an even better treatment. as per my request, i was taken in the kitchen and i was given an opportunity to select the best juicy steak. they cut into small cubes and grilled them on charcoal, the way i wanted. their freshly baked garlic bread was out of this world. also, they brought the meat on a hot plate with coal burning underneath. u.s.a. rules! how dare could they afford to have a bad review from an american reporter? (yeah right). the waiter wanted his name (nonato) to be included in the report. wish granted! the bad part was that they serve the food for 2....not for one. (r$30-r$40). if one takes a girl with him, she will eat for free. after café cachaca, went to bar do pirata. this place was full of brazilian tourists and it was so hot and crowded that i could not breathe. left in an hour to zip i bar. it was almost mid night and this bar was full of girls. by then, my portuguese had brushed up and i could hold a decent conversation. besides, i was getting familiar with norms. as soon as i got in the bar, i saw this pretty girl. i went to her directly and introduced myself. her name was silvani, an18 year old morena clara, a high school drop-out, and had no kids. she was there with three other friends and did not know anyone there. i bought a rose for her and she got real happy with that. she gave me her home and work phone numbers and told me to call her to make next evening's plan. i gave her my number too so that she could contact me. i was eager to be with her and kept on talking with her. she said that it was her first time at this bar and was confirmed later when she showed me the wrong door for the washroom. tried to get her drunk but she wont drink anything other than soda or water. i tried all the trump cards in my hands, to get into her pants that night. she said that she does not have any clothes with her. i told her that i will buy her some the next day. she said that she does not have anything to sleep in and i said that she could borrow my t-shirt. she said that she does not have a tooth brush. i said that i got one new one for her in my room. she said that her family and her employer would wonder where she was and i said that she could call them from my room the next day. finally, she gave in and we came to my room at 2am. i looked at her id at the time of hotel registration and she sure was 18 years and 2 months old. also, her name was silvani that she told me earlier. she was shy and wouldn't shower with me and that was fine with me. we kissed a lot and she kept on saying that she loves me. i wanted to stay with her for the rest of the trip and asked her that. she wanted to do the same and accepted my offer. (the biggest mistake of my trip, i guess i was too drunk and she looked really great to me). she told me that she will call her home and her employer, the next day. i told her that we will go to the beach park and other nice places. she wanted the lights off and that was also fine with me. after lots of kisses, i undressed her and she gave me a so so bbbj. i made clear that i was cumming and she let me cum in her mouth, though did not swallow. after another round of separate shower, we started again. man, i was falling in love with this girl. had a hard-on all along with just the feelings of being with this young and pretty girl. during the second round, while banging her in missionary style (with condom on), i felt her butts. she had both butts full of pimple like things. all the feelings crashed right then. the towering inferno turned into a sleeping worm. i pretended to cum, got up, washed and she slept right away in my arms. it was 5am by then and i could not sleep. did not know what to do or how to get rid of this girl. at 7am, woke her up and told her that this is the breakfast time. she said she was hungry and got ready pretty fast. once we were ready to leave for the breakfast, i asked her about her butt and those pimple like things. she said that this is a skin disease and that she gets it when exposed to the sun for long. i did not buy that. she tried to convince me by showing her one leg where she had some black marks. she told me that she got same thing there and that the disease cured after 2 weeks after leaving the marks. she told me that i should not worry about that and that i wont get it. i gave her r$100 and told her that she should buy some clothes, that i promised, from this money. she kept the money with some hesitation then kept on repeating "tu pensar para me" or something like that (you think of me) with tears flowing her eyes. she asked me to at least ride down the elevator with her and that i did. after she took her id back from the reception, i said her good bye. she hugged me and left in tears. i got very upset too, but i did what i had to do. came back to my room and stayed in the bed motionless for over one hour. could not sleep so got up, showered, got dressed, went downstairs for breakfast.

day 5, tuesday: i wanted my mind off silvani real bad. at 9am, decided to go for more shopping at mercado central. looked what i wanted and told them to keep that stuff on a side while i go get some money. walked on the back side to the same massage place (house # 100). selected one girl (forgot her name) and took her to a room. she provided an ok massage followed by a very good sex followed by another good massage. i left this place in an hour and a half. spend the rest of the day at beirra mar beach.
tuesday was alô alô brasil night and that was a must. reached there at 10 pm. what a breathtaking view from there. lots of girls started checking me out and so did i. i was loud and made it clear that i am not a brazilian and shot myself in my foot. got only a few phone calls (each table had a phone and the # of each table was hanging from the roof top over each table). the most ugly and the oldest women in the bar at a nearby table, in her late 30's, was determined to pick me up for the night and kept on calling me. a couple of tv look alike girls did not have any tables for them. so, the waiter partitioned my table and had them sit next to me. since they did not have any phones of their own, they kept on bugging me. this bar was full of nice looking "regular" girls but not a single decent girl called me. (i am writing this and my eyes are full of tears. lol). it was almost mid-night. could not take the advances of ugly women towards me and feeling rejected by good looking girls, took a cab to the familiar grounds of zip i bar. did not waste any time there. checked out all the girls within 5 minutes and started talking with the most gorgeous girl there. her name was mary. danced, drank, and talked for an hour. she and her friends were amazed with my digital camera that they could look at their picture right away. they all wanted lots of picture taken and i had no problems with that. after 5 beers each and an approval from her friends, mary agreed to go with me to my hotel. she was quick to ask me if i would give her r$130 and i agreed. asked for her id and she was 22. at the hotel, we talked for a while and then realized that none of us had any condoms. left her in the room, took a cab to nearby pharmacy, and was back in my room within 10 minutes. i knew that a great night full of great sex is ahead of me. while she was in the shower, i opened up a viagra and kept it nearby, so that i could take that later, if needed, without mary´s knowledge. after a shower, we kissed for over half an hour. she had a great curvy and creamy body and a very nice, smooth, and perfect ass. she had nice firm breasts and had no kids. she did not give me a decent bj and that was fine me. we had great sex in usual positions and she added more marks on my body than i already had. it was 4 am by then and she wanted to sleep for a while. she hugged me and slept like a baby. i could not sleep due to this hard on and waited patiently until she wakes up. i kept on looking at this sleeping beauty on my side. she woke up at 6 am. right away, she realized what time it was and jumped out of the bed. she kept on saying something like "she broke her promise to her mom". i gave her r$150. she was very happy with that. she got dressed, gave me her phone number, and left me speechless with this annoying hard-on. i tried to sleep but could not, and left for the breakfast.

day 6, wednesday: after the breakfast, i could not sleep due to this permanent hard-on. tried frantically to find the lost viagra pill but could not. i was so drunk last night, thought that i must have swollen that viagra pill. i could not take it anymore and at 9am, got up and took a taxi. it was an emergency situation and i needed a massage and some sex right away. gave the driver encontros section of classificados do diario and asked him to start calling for me. he bought a telephone card and started calling. found out that the same massage place (that i had been twice) had more than one advertisement with different phone numbers. after like10 calls, found out one massage place that met my needs. (paradise 226-1477, 426 tenente benevo centro/iracema). it was at a 5 minute drive from my hotel and had 3 girls including one 18 year old that they had confirmed earlier. took nicole to a room while taxi driver wanted to wait for me for free. we took a shower together and she started giving me a very nice massage. i could have slept right there, but did not. then bbbj followed by a good sex in lots of positions. she said she likes everything in sex but when i asked her if she likes completa (anal), she said that anything but that and that was fine with me. i took me over an hour to cum and my dick stayed hard for that duration. she had a nice body and with a little persuasion, she agreed for a photo as long as i don't show this to anyone else and don´t tell others in the casa. total cost: r$ 60 for the casa, r$20 for the tip. taxi driver was waiting for me and i asked him to drop me at iguatemi shopping center. this is located in aldeota and is an upscale shopping plaza. did not find anything of my interest there. took a taxi to the pizza hut near my hotel. i was very relaxed by then. after having my lunch, went to my room and slept for 8 hours. after dinner and internet cachaca, went to zip i bar to cafe del mar to africa and then back again to zip i bar. did not find anything that i liked. too a cab to escaribu boite (praia futuro). several nice girls but, i guess, i was not in the mood. came back to my room and slept for another 7 hours. i just needed a break to gather myself up. i guess i did the right thing by taking a break for that night.

day 7 thursday: after breakfast, i called marry. the lady who picked up the phone told me that mary does not live there and that whenever she will come there, she will be given my message. i went downstairs and asked the receptionist to call mary for me. mary was the best girl that i met during my trip so far and i wanted to spénd a quality time with her. wanted to be with her and wanted to take her to the beach park. the hotel receptionist got the same reply but now i was sure. went out for some shopping and beach (beirra mar). came back to my room and found no message from mary. while going thru my stuff, suddenly found the last viagra pill. yohoooooo. so, after all, it was all in my head and not caused by viagra. slept for a while, got up and went down stairs. they did not hear from mary yet. i asked them to call that phone number again. the lady on the other side said that mary went back to her town and that she does not have a phone at her house there. they also opened up and showed me the file of mary that they kept in my folder. it had a photo copy of her id with an address 2 hours away from fortaleza. the only phone number on the registration card was the one that i had. i changed my mind and decided not to go to her town. there are many more fish in the sea. was fully rested and not drunk at all. went out to praia de iracema and walked around in a very good mood. one neckless vender tried hard to sell me his merchandise. i did not buy anything, though stayed there and asked all the pretty girls passing by to buy some thing from there. i even took off my nike sneakers and tried to sell them for r$10 to a couple of beauties but they just laughed at my face. tried to sell my heart to a stunner but she did not want it even for free. oh well, here goes my career of being a salesman. i never was a good salesman anyway. found a cop standing and enjoying the weather rather than helping the citizens. told him that i am a new york city cop. he told me that i do not look like a cop. i showed him my card that said the word "enforcement" and told him that i am a high level cop. asked him that since this is my last night there, he should help me find a stunner. he told me that it is too early and either i should come here late or come back tomorrow. what a bummer! threatened him with not coming back to brazil again if i don't find any beauty for this night. he was of no help. after a late dinner, internet café, and wasting lots of time, at 11 pm, went to zip i bar. a quick round of the bar revealed two cute girls. flipped a coin and went to the winner. after a quick oi, introduction, kisses on both cheeks, and some drinks, we left for café del mar along with her friends. both levels on this place were packed. did not have any room even to breathe. music was too loud. this girl liliane (22) was very reserve and i started to think that i made a bad choice. she said that she was trying to finish her high school. even though i had bought her a rose earlier, she was still ignoring me. was more interested in her girl friends than me. i thought about dumping her but it was getting late. i did not have enough energy left to bull shit with other girls. asked her to go to my hotel and she agreed right away. no money was discussed and we took a cab to my hotel. once in the room, she turned to be a very affectionate person. she had a great body even though she had a 11-month old daughter. i went to the bathroom and swallowed one viagra pill. we kissed a lot and had a wonderful sex in all the positions. she knew how to use her vagina muscles well. at all times i was fucking her in her pussy, she kept it tight by contracting it's muscles. she was a nasty habit of feeling and fingering my a**hole while giving me a bbbj. i know brazilian girls very well so i did not mind this action that much. after an exhausting session, at 4 am, we slept in each others arm. she turned out to be a real nice girl. we woke up at 8 am and ordered two breakfasts in the room. after the breakfast, we had another great session. while rubbing her clit, i inserted my wet finger in her tight asshole. she did not seem to be bothered with that. while riding her doggie style, i saw her tiny n tight asshole. i was thinking about ramming her ass but was wondering at the same times that how would i be able to fit in her without causing her some serious pain. took my dick out of her pussy and slowly inserted in her asshole. she was totally relaxed and i was surprised that she did not mind at all. rather she seems to enjoy that. i started pounding her in her ass and exploded my load in there. we took a shower together and we got back in the bed. i was looking at the watch and wanted her to leave. i gave her r$100 and she kept it without even looking at how much it was. she still stayed with me. i had already told her that i will be there for another week. she gave me her phone number and told me that i could call her if i decided to spend more time. she also said that it will be all right if i decide not to see her again. she said that in fortaleza, there are so many girls and all the tourists rarely meet a girl again. we were still in the bed and she got me aroused again. i did not have any more condoms but she said that she got one strawberry flavored. we got up and had sex in all the position while standing up, both in the room and in the bathroom. i got surprised when i came in her pussy. she was happy and left at 11:30am. i was already packed since the previous day. within half an hour i showered, packed the rest of the stuff, and was out of the hotel at noon time for my flight back to the old usa. after a 52 hour flight (engine problems with varig flight-md11), i reached home on sunday.

money matters: the trip total cost was us $ 750 including hotels but excluding airfare and gifts. i had sex with a total of 10 girls in 7 days. the cost could have been higher, had i taken a girl with me on a day trip. good restaurants include a 10% service charges in their bill. i would only leave the change. i.e. less than r$1 tip. taxis are cheap. if the bill comes to r$6.20, i would only give r$6. that is the norm there. if you try to give them more, they will take you as a fool. however, poverty bothered me a lot. i did things like waking up a kid sleeping on the side walk and offered him food. this 10 year old kid pointed to his lower lip which was swollen beyond belief. i took him to a pharmacy, got him medication, got him some food, and gave him some money. one should not spend too much money on any single person. we are just visitors and can not change their wealth distribution system. try to give small things like food to poor street people.

shopping: the best place, i found, was mercado central: a multi-story building. nice needle work bed sheets, nice t-shirts (r$5), gold plated jewelry with brazilian stones. i got some familiarity with stones and they were selling their jewelry very cheap. bought this gold plated neckless set that included earing (big blue topaz stones) and paid r$140. gold plated moon stone smaller set for small girls cost r$6 (yes, u.s.$1.70). how can one go wrong at this place. (found florence jewelers the best, among all 3 jewelers in this market).

phone calls: from telephone places, dial 0021 followed by 1 (for the us), then area code and the number. a 3 minute call was approximately r$9.

my next trip: or if i have to do it all over again, i will not need a girl's phone number before going there. i will not try any place other than zip i bar to pick up the girls and i won't go there before 11pm. i like this bar because there is no cover charges, drinks are cheap and you pay as you order. therefore, i won't have to pay the girl's tab when she was not with me. hardly any girl comes there with any date so all the girls are available. also, i won't get drunk until i pick up a girl of my choice. i won't ask stupid questions like "do you speak english". they simply do not. within 5 minute of being there, would approach the best looking girl. will stay with her for 2-3 hours in the bar. will drink, dance, and won't worry about what if she wont go to my room with me. she will go with me. will not pick one up from the street. all the bars do check girl's id before letting them in. therefore, i wont worry about picking up an **** girl. will take a hotel if traveling alone. will take a flat if traveling with a friend. will not commit to a girl unless checking her out for 2 days in a row. there is always a better girl available than the previous one.

safety: brazilian people are generally very honest. nothing ever got stolen from my room during any of my trips to brazil. though, i never brought a girl to my room that i picked from the street. they would even ask you if they could take a drink from the mini bar of the room. however, i was always alert.

getting married: i have seen some interest on this board from folks who want to get married abroad. here is my suggestion. so far, i had 5 brazilian gfs in the us. the relationship with them lasted somewhere from 2 weeks to as long as 6 years. besides, this was my 4th. trip to brazil. based on that experience, i can tell you about brazilian people. i think brazilians are perfect to marry with. they are very loyal, affectionate, will work full time, will cook for you, will provide you with all kinds of sex on your demand. she will even forgive you if she found out that you were cheating on her. also, they are close to american/european in culture and in looks. there are tons of single pretty girls that can not find a soul mate. they have this dream of getting out of their country by marrying a man from europe or from the us. and, fortaleza is the perfect place for your search. man's age does not matter that much and that holds true in most of the central/south america. if you want to take this venue, here is my suggestion.
three months before going there, advertise in their paper for 4 weeks. ask them to put your ad in the back page (1/8th of the page) of their classified section. you may add your photo too.
1. classificados do diario (085) 266-9100 http://diariodonordeste.com.br/classif
2. o povo (085) 254-1010 email: populares@opovo.com.br
you may get a few contacts this way. don´t get discouraged at this time. meanwhile, try to learn spoken portuguese as much as possible thru tapes. once you go there, rent an apartment and a cell phone for 1-2 months. (cell phone rental at fortaleza airport r$11/day, r$60/wk, r$160/month plus local calls r$1.10/min.) try to meet local people (including males and families) as much as possible. invite them for drink/dinner. go to gym. (one is located a block for hotel diogo, next to habib´s restaurent. go to various banks for any reason. talk to them and spread the word around that you are there not for sex but for meeting a nice girl to marry with. start dating a lot and be truthful. tell them that for now, you are only dating and dating many girls. do not settle for an average girl even if you are in 50s and look very ugly. go for the best looking young girl who has no kids. sex comes normal on 3rd. date in brazil. do not spend too much on girls. do not reject anyone until you get to know the ropes. also, do not show these girls that you are desperate. for sexual gratification, you can always go to zip i bar. i am sure that after 3 weeks, you will be dating at least 3 girls of your dream. keep on dating and take it from there. if you end up getting married, don't forget to send me a thank you card.

Jose Marcia
01-15-03, 17:20
Just got back from Fortaleza after one week trip and had a time of my life while there. Thanks a lot to this board and to pay that off, I am writing a very long report. Since this report wont fit in one message, I am posting 2 messages. I apologize for my poor writing skills. English is my second language.
While in Fortaleza, I spent an hour each day at Internet Café and wrote down information before I forget it all. Please feel free to walk on the same path as I did and try not to make the same mistakes. I will not repeat info already on this board, rather would share my own experience with you. I am also including the photos of the girls, I associated with.


Please do NOT misuse these photo. Also, I got telephone numbers of almost all the girls. I am excluding the phone numbers of semi-pros/amateurs from this report. If you need any specific info, please feel free to email me at jose425@hotmail.com with a Fortaleza in reference.

To convert Real v/s peso for this report purpose R$3.35 = U.S $1 or R$100 = U.S.$30.

Booked a flight for from upstate NewYork to Fortaleza for $650. Found the best airfare deal from BACC (800-222-2746). (Thanks a lot TomB). Tried to book a room, for one night, thru Hotel casa de Praia but they did not have any rooms for January 3rd. Booked a flat thru Flat Shop and they reserved me a flat in Praia de Iracema at a rate of R$60 per day. I emailed them to pick me up at Fortaleza airport. I, also, armed myself with a pocket size dictionary and translated general but simple conversation from http://babel.altavista.com/tr?

Thursday (Jan. 2nd. 2003): After blowing the snow off my driveway (at 5 am, for an hour) and working all day at my office, got the Continental flight to Newark and changed the plane for Sao Paulo. The flight was on time but had to stay at the tarmac for 3 hours before the plan could de-ice and then off to Sao Paulo.

Day One (Jan. 3rd. 2003): Arrived in Sao Paulo 3 hours late, got some US$ changed at the airport cambio.@ R$ 3.36 for 1$. Took the Varig flight thru Salvador, Recife and reached the Fortaleza airport at 8:30P.M. Did not find anyone from flat service displaying my name. Did not wait or call them. Took a taxi coupon from the airport worth R$25 and off to Hotel casa de Praia. They did not have any rooms available. After checking 4 other hotels in the area, found Hotel Diogo in Meireles. www.diogohotel.com.br E-mail: diogohotel@diogohotel.com.br Tel. (85) 248-9988, (fax) (85) 248-4633. Fortaleza was packed with Brazilian vacationers at this time. Booked for one night there (R$90) and got a very nice room with safe and A/C at the 9th. floor with a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean. Dumped my luggage in my room and left right away. I was ready for action. Walked down the street and found a nice open air Restaurant BeBelu right across Holiday Inn. Ate a hamburger and soda for R$5. Lots of girls there but all non pro. Walked to Africa. On the way, called Joana at (082) 9305-1735 (Thanks David - DUDEMAN). She did not pick up the phone and I did not understand the message. At Africa, tons of girls but could not get connected with anyone. Language barrier was taking it's toll. By that time, it was 1 am and walked to Desigual. As soon as I sat down, a late 20ish woman came to me and started forcing her toungue down my throat. Had to literally yell and push her off me. Did not get connected with any girl there either. Took a taxi to Boite Estodio Tropical. Asked for a coke and the waitress got pissed at me. Did not bring me my soda. Sorry, I had already had over ten drinks by then and I was stoned. Met Rachel (pronounced HaKail) and did not waste any time to ask her out. She did not speak a single word of English but we managed to communicate with a mixture of English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She said she was 21. She asked R$80 for the deed and no time limits and no bar fine. We took a taxi to nearby Chalex motel (chalexmotel@hotmail.com). Stopped at the gate and the drill was simple as in any motel over there. In order to provide the clients a total secrecy, they won't deal with the client. The driver handed over Rachel's ID thru a hole and was handed over a room key. Each room has its own garage and entrance thru the garage. The room was equipped with 3 condoms, a mini-bar, and some snacks. We talked for half an hour and then proceeded to have a shower together. She had a very cute 1 year old baby girl that she showed me a picture of. Her body was ok with a nice shaved pussy and some tiny hair left off in a nice shape. (Found all pussies, I was with, that way). Vertical C-section marks on her body was a big turn off but she made it up with her attitude. We cleaned each other's body and off to the bed. She asked me that if I would like to kiss her and that she likes it very much. Who am I to refuse a lady in need to be kissed? Lots of deep french kissing followed by a very very very slow bare back blow job while I was playing with her breasts and clit. That is the way I like it and she continued this action for an hour. I made it loud and clear that I was cumming but she continued and I came in her mouth. She swallowed my cum until the last drop dripping from my throbbing dick and then washed down my remaining DNA, left in her mouth, with soda. Heck, If I had to do that, I will need concentrated sulfuric acid. We washed each others body again and talked for half an hour more. By then, I was ready for action again. This time I mounted on her and fucked her in all the positions possible. After I shot my second load, it was 7am and she wanted more. I told her that I was very tired. We got dressed. She called the motel reception and got handed over a bill thru a hole. (R$35). I gave her the money to pay the bill that included the motel rent for 4 hours, 2 sodas, 1 condom and got a receipt. Gave her R$100 and she was happy with that amount. She was a serious person but I managed to get a conversation going. She said that she works at the tropical boite 3 nights a week. She gave me her phone number to call, if I want. By then taxi was there in the "garage" and we left. Dropped Rachel off at her house nearby and reached back to my hotel at 7:45 am.

Day 2, Saturday: Ate a wonderful Brazilian breakfast (free) at the hotel restaurant. Went to my room, took a 2 hour nap. Checked out from the room and left my small bag with the hotel. Did an extensive search for a flat or an apartment. After checking out many places and weighing the pros and cons, decided to stay at the same hotel for the remaining 6 nights. This hotel was centrally located. Came back and asked them if they had a room. Luck turned out to be in my favor. They had already given my room to someone else but another room just got available. The rate was the same R$90 per night for a single person, R$120 for double. I booked a single room. This room had 3 beds. Combined 2 single beds to make a double and stayed that way during the rest of my trip. After a 3 hour nap, went thru Massagem section of "Do Diario paper", noted a Massage Place that offers massage by 2 girls. Called them from my room and they said that I could come over there at anytime. They gave me their address that I could not understand. Asked the hotel receptionist to call 9127-0403 (not sure, I called several massage places before selecting this one) and asked for direction. He called the number and wrote down the address for me. Then he told me to be extra careful and to keep my valuable in sight and that I should not drink anything that has previously been opened up (drugs could be mixed in my drinks). Also, if I have any sort of problems, just call the hotel. Took a taxi (R$ 7) and asked him to stop at a pharmacy. Bought a pack of Viagra. (A pack of 4, 50 mg for R$88 and 100 mg for R$133. Opted for a pack of 50mg. No prescriptions required). Also, bought a pack of condoms for R$2 that had 3 condoms, swallowed this 50 mg pill and reached at this place. This place turned out to be right behind Merrcado Central. Facing Mercado Central, on the right you will see an old and big church. Go in that direction, and before crossing the street, turn left. After a short block, you will see a small park on the right hand side and then a gas station on the left. This massage place is a weird looking one story house (3rd casa, not sure, House # 100) on the right just after the park. Just knock and go in there. DO NOT GO THERE IN THE NIGHT. Kind of shabby place. Walked in and found 7 girls working. I selected 2 girls: 21 years old Loira (blonde) and 20 years old Morena (Brunette). They took me to a room and locked it from inside. After talking for 5 minutes they started seducing me. One started taking my shirt off while the other my jeans off. One was rubbing soap on my chest while the other was busy cleaning my dick. They took me to the bed and started giving me a very nice massage with cream. Four hands certainly felt better than two hands. After a nice 15 minute massage and a nice covered BJ, this morena mounted on me and rode me hard while this loira kept on kissing my neck and chest. I changed to missionary style and loira kept on alternating kissing my chest and morena´s breasts. Viagara was really kicking by then and I changed to doggie style. Asked loira to lick my balls while I was banging morena. Loira licked my balls but when her tounge touched morena´s pussy by accident, Morena screamed at her and ask her not to touch her there again. Loira then moved and started spanking me real hard (ouch). I did not like that so she started grabbing my butt and shoved her tougue where, so far, things have come out. I exploded right then in Morena. We showered again and in 15 minutes, I was ready like never before. This was loira´s turn and morena did not participate much except kissing my neck and chest real hard and added some more marks. After a few positions, while riding her doggie style, I picked up cream and shoved in her little nice n tight asshole. She just moaned and asked me to be slow down and that I did. Hey she shoved her tongue up my ass and, in order to get even, I had to shove my dick up her ass. I exploded in her tight ass in no time. We talked for 10 more minutes and they asked me if I wanted to see them again and take them to beach park or dinner. Told them that I was not sure of my plans and that I will call them if I decided to do so. I asked them for some photos. They declined politely once they saw my digital camera. I insisted but they did not budge. They were afraid of being posted on the net. Loira had an ok but smooth body. She was a true bisexual girl. Morena had a great body and much cuter face, though tiny breasts. She was more straight though could do bisexual acts for money. The bill was R$150 for an hour and a half and that included 4 sodas and 2 condoms. They asked for a tip and I gave them R$50 to share. They were very very pleased with the tip and so was I. Went to Mercado central, shopped for an hour, came back to my room, and slept for 2 hours. Took shower, changed, and left in the search of a beautiful garota. Had a dinner at Portofino Italian restaurant www.portofinofortaleza.com.br (R$35 with a complementary strong wine). Talked to one of the hosts, Augusto, an Italian who has lived in Rio de Janeiro for 15 years and for 5 in Fortaleza. He suggested that I should go to Zip i bar and that I did. Tons of girls there in all sizes, shape, and color. Some girls were the same that I saw the previous night in Africa. Talked to a few girls but could not get connected. 90% of them were very ugly. The good ones were either already had a date or stoned with drugs. Left the place disappointed (my mistake, I was there too early) and walked around on the streets but still no luck. Returned to my room at midnight and called Carine (9131-6561). She advertised in OPOVO daily paper that she is a 19 years old morena and charges R$100. She arrived within half an hour. She was good looking and had a great body. The sex was mechanical though very professional. BBBJ was near perfect. She had no kids and had a great control over her pussy muscles. I had a great time though nothing like GFE. I went to Brazil for a GFE, not for a professional sex. I got my pop in an hour and she left immediately. Asked for her picture and she agreed if I do not show her face.

Day 3, Sunday: After booking a trip for Cumbuco for the next day from Siglos Viagens thru hotel receptionist, took a taxi for Praia de Futuro (R$16). Tens of thousands of people at this 4-5 mile long beach that was lined up with at least 50 open air restaurants. Went to America do Sol and started eying girls. Did not get eyed by any decent young garota. Moved to the next door restaurant Ypioca. Ordered friend fish and the fish was delicious. I ate all the possible meat out of this fish. As soon as I finished my lunch, a 20ish guy came over and asked for the head of the fish and I gave that away. I was offering the left over rice, fries and rice to him and that is when security came over and asked me not to give him anything. They told me that this guy is a thief. I was amazed at this waitress, an Indian woman, in her late 30's, pregnant with full term, but was running up and down like a teenager. Gave a tip of R$2 to the cashier and she started jumping with one bill in each hand showing the waitress who did not waste any time grabbing both bills. Came back to my room, slept for 2 hours, and left for a walk along Av. Abolicao. Met a women named Krytal, 24, a university student of economics, had a baby girl 5 years old, lost her husband two years ago in a motor bike accident and was from a place that was a 5-hour bus trip from Fortaleza. She said that she was on a vacation and was staying with relatives. She took me to a Pousada (R$20 for a room) 3 blocks from my hotel. Krytal was very nice in attitude, talked all the time non stop. After discussing Economics theory X, Y, and Z, we took a shower together. A bareback BJ followed by fucking in many positions. I asked her what she likes and she said anything that I like. I asked for completa (anal) and she said that it hurts but if I want, I could go ahead. I opted not to take that offer. We talked for two hours and then got busy with another round. Managed to cum somehow, and this time, came all over her face. She had nipples that I could hang my jacket on and I did not like that. Otherwise, she was fine with an average body and no marks. She asked me if I liked her, she could stay in Fortaleza for a few more days. I declined the offer and told her that I was leaving the next day too. Gave her R$50 as a present which she accepted without hesitation and I left for my hotel. My energy level was very low at that moment. Lack of sleep for 2 days and 3 nights was taking a toll on me. It was already 7 PM, walked to BeBelu and ate dinner. Man, this place is very inexpensive but, at the same times, very nice. Ate chicken breast with salad in a pita, coke and a double scoop of ice cream.(R$ 8). How could one go wrong. Asked them to make me their best pita sandwich and took it with me. Gave that dinner to the first poor street woman that I saw on the street. I was born and raised in a third world country before coming to the US for graduate studies and have traveled extensively around the world but have not seen such disparity b/w rich and poor anywhere. I get these feeling each time I come to Brazil. Went to La Habana Café and smoked a Cohiba cigar for R$30. Man that was expensive but that was to attribute TomB. Smoked the cigar with cafe con leche e asuca. As I finished half the cigar, I was feeling dizzy even though I am a heavy smoker of Marlboro. During my whole trip, heavy drinking including lots of beers, red bull, cachaca, wine, caipirinha, caipperoska, and vodka could not tumble me but this cigar did that to me. I didn't think I would be able to smoke anymore cigarette during my trip. Half the cigar was enough for me. Vive Qooba (Cuba), Vive Fidel. Walked accross the cafe to Internet Cachaca. Had to write my thoughts along with info for this board that I had on several scrap papers before I loose them. Took a usual trip to Zip i Bar, Oporto, Café del Mar, Africa, and Desigual. Danced and drank a lot but did not find any garota that I could take back. Took a cab to Kiss...lots of nice looking and young lesbos making out but not interested in a 3-some with a man. Left the place and came to my room and slept for 3 hours.

01-15-03, 18:51
jm, excellent report! debt repaid ;-)

but how about more pix? you could cover faces with blacked-circles using ms-paint or adobe or ms-pub...

one question, i'd like to compare garotas to other parts of brasil, how would you rate the mix in places like Zip i, Africa, Desidual, Mar... and the others - %-white/euro looking, %-black, % mix/mulata? i'd say rio is about 1/3 1/3 1/3, while Recife is more black with less white, and about 50% mulata / classic brasil look.


Jose Marcia
01-15-03, 19:22
Thanks Leo and thanks for giving me an idea of how to cover faces.

Those were the only girls that I had sex with and those were the only pictures I got.

Percentage wise, I found the girls in Fortaleza pick-up joints, 10% White, 65% Mulata, and 25% blacks.

01-16-03, 01:21
Hi Jose!!!!

Great report....!!!:-)Many details and much info,just like we all need it.

But I can't see your pics:-(



01-16-03, 11:42
Wow!! Jose M.

Nice report! I love a report that makes me laugh. Some funny stuff, man!! Nothing like sex with a sense of humour!

As for renting phones in Brazil, I think most hobbyist that trek to Brazil, for any long period of time simply buy them. About $US100-200.


01-17-03, 03:00
Jose Marcia - Fantastic report
Do you have any more information about the disease Silvani had?
The name of it? It's total duration? What medicine she used on it if any?

I bet I could cure her permanently if I had more information.
It's probably something stupid and simple and she may suffer her whole life in ignorance. Not to mention missing out on a lot of dollars.

Anyway, just in case you don't have more info and you run into her again. Odds are it's a result of some chemical (cheap detergent, pesticides, fertilizers, etc) seeping into her skin in combination with sun exposure. Sun exposure alone doesn't cause something like that REGARDLESS of what other monkey doctors tell you to get you into their office. Other possiblities are ingested medicines and chemicals (god forbid) also possibly interacting with sun exposure. Finally, the worst case scenario, is that she had AIDS, in which case all kinds of bizarre things like that start happening.

If the lesions where only on the buttocks and backs of her thighs that suggests that her skin is being affected when she is sitting which points towards her clothing. The extra pressure opens pores and grinds toxins into the skin when sitting. She's probably doing laundry with some shit that glows in the dark with toxins.

No medicine in the world would fix a toxic reaction like that so don't feel guilty about not taking her to the pharmacy either. That would just have steered her down the wrong road.

01-17-03, 06:02
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the note Johann. I may try to make it although I was looking to go the end of March. Can you tell me ; if I book a flight to Rio or Sau Pauolo, how much is the flight to Fortaleza from there? Can I get right on a flight to Fortaleza without pre-booking? They have many flights a day?

Also, how much is a good apt? I will be staying alone so...

Thanks again,


Jose Marcia
01-17-03, 14:48
[QUOTE]Originally posted by shiny
Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Do you have any more information about the disease Silvani had?

Sorry Shiny, I do not have any information about her skin disease nor so I know what and if she used any medication.

I bet I could cure her permanently if I had more information.

lol. What are you planning to inject her with?

It's probably something stupid and simple and she may suffer her whole life in ignorance.

You are right. But they are very poor over there and may not afford a decent doctor.

don't feel guilty about not taking her to the pharmacy either.

I later thought about that but I was very very drunk at that time and could not make any judgement except to let her go. I feel bad though but I was not there to marry anyone. I am already married with children and got a girl friend on the side.

Jose Marcia
01-17-03, 17:29
I see lots of emails to me stating that folks are not getting an access to the photo link.

go to http://www.shutterfly.com

email: jose425@hotmail.com
password: jose425

good luck.

01-17-03, 22:20
Here are my ratings of the chicks who let Jose Marcia take photos.
It's good to calibrate the scales now and then.

Rachel = 5
Carine = 6 (body only)
Krystal = 6
Silvani = 5
Massage #1 = 6
Mary (blue top) = 7
Mary (pink top) = 5
Mary (white top) = 6
Nicole = 8
Liliane = 5


01-18-03, 00:51

here a good link for you:


ask for ADRIANA....the woman speaks english.
I pay 35 real a day for a flat. 24 hours guarded.

Most Hotels do NOT allow 'guests"...unless you pay extra money:-( My advise is: take a flat or an appartment.


I still can NOT see your pics allthough I did everything what you told us to do to see em....:-(

did you change the email adress?? password???



01-18-03, 01:59
Hi Johan,

you made nothing wrong. This afternoon I has seen the pictures but now it's not more possible. I agree with shiny that the most girls has an average look, but I would non from that girls give a 8 rating. I know beauty is relative and some may found a girl pretty and the other one not. Also some girls don't look good at photo, but in real live they look good.
Nevertheless it was a very good report from Jose Marcia and he had a lot of fun.

Very good post Jose!


01-18-03, 02:32
Johan, paste this into your browser. It will work.


01-18-03, 15:51

sorry...but again I got this message:-(

We're sorry, the share you are trying to access does not exist.

Either the link (URL) you used was not entered properly, or this share has been disabled. Please check the link and make sure it is correct. If it is correct, you may wish to contact the sharer and request that they share the pictures with you again.



01-18-03, 20:01
Johan, make sure you registered..then sign on.... then use copy and paste the url from the previous post, it worked for me.

J Wadd
01-20-03, 09:39

Well done with the ladies -- there're some cute ones in there. I zapped about 15 girls in Fortatleza about a year ago and took picutres, too. Gotta get them up. I'm planning a trip in a few months, and your pictures have really whetted my appetite.

Thanks again,

01-20-03, 11:51

finaly i was to see the pics that Jose had taken from some chicas in Brasil.
Here are "my" results....
Carine....only body 7...alas no face.
Krystal=5.5 (sorry just not enough for a "six")
Silvani=4 (Yikes!I personaly never would have taken this one....but that's personal)
the MASSAGE garota was IMHO 7.5 (!)
Mary definately a LOOKER with an straight 8
Liliane also a 7

Alas NO real stunners as to my taste......
personaly I like em a bit chunky with a big round ass,nice tits and a small waiste.
Real skinny or FAT ones I simply don't do:-(
Color makes no real difference allthough I have a slightly preference for tanned/darker colours.But I'll do a "white" garota that rings my bell any day as well LOL.

I guess no girl would go naked on a pic??? I'll try that next time.
Also I will try to organise a Gangbang with several chicks.
Together with buddy Dieter and maybe some other Dutch/German guys there,we could possibly set something up.

Let you guys know by then.(will post pics)


01-20-03, 11:57

please keep in mind that the figures I gave for the girls are MY personal opinions.
I appreciate your work and your posting!!!!

Could you tell us MORE about the sexual activities that these garotas preformed and your opinion???
Did they do anal??swallow come?? Suck dick without a rubber??
Please inform us if you want.

I definately will look for MASSAGES parlors and things like that!!!


Jose Marcia
01-22-03, 15:19
Sorry, I was away for 5 days. I had a big smile after looking at the "rating". Thanks guys. I agree with the ratings. I was very very drunk during almost all of my trip. At any given night, the girl I was with, I thought was a perfect "10". LOL. I disagree now for sure. The whole idea of giving you folks all the details is that you do not make the same mistakes I made. Have fun if you ever end up in Fortaleza. LEARN PORTUGUESE and your milage will almost always be better than mine.

johan, we can not generalize with "all". However, here is my opinion. Also, it depends on how old are you, how do you look like and how much does the girl like you?

Did they do anal??

Some didn't like anal sex but most were willing to do it to make me happy. I only want this activity if the girl wants it. Also, depends on the size of your insturment too. LOL.

swallow cum??

Again, some will do it.

Suck dick without a rubber??

Almost all. I never like that from a pro. Sorry, but that is my personal thing. Also, I do not french kiss them either. However, with any semi-pro, I do it all. During this trip, I did not meet anyone who won't suck my dick without a rubber. I did not even have to ask. This is a normal sexual act with Brazileras.

01-27-03, 09:07
Jose, yah there are a few good ones! As long as you were happy to bang these chicks, good for you. How does Fortaleza compared to Rio? I've been to Rio before and will go Forteleza after Carnaval(Salvador) this year. I would have to agre with the previous posts that the highest raking girl in your picks is an 8. Are there any places to find 9's or 10's in Fortaleza? What about local non-pro sluts who like to hook up with white guys? My portuguese is basic.

Jose Marcia
01-29-03, 15:48
How does Fortaleza compared to Rio?

amjeck: IMHO, Rio costs twice and Sao Paulo costs three times as much as Fortaleza. However, the quality is also better in Rio and SP.

Are there any places to find 9's or 10's in Fortaleza?

That was the best, I could do in Fortal.

What about local non-pro sluts who like to hook up with white guys?

I am not sure. If I knew, I would have had some for myself. hehehe.

01-30-03, 11:38
Jose Marcia:

RIGHT again!!!

IN Forta I hear you can do a garota for about R$ 50-80 all night!!!!
The GF-eperience will be a LOT more $$$$$ ....so I don't do all nighters. 1-3 hours is just fine with me.
better rent a GF-friendly poussada or an appartment.(which I did)
Most Hotels do NOT allow GF"s!!!!!:-(

Try this in Rio or SP.....FORGET IT!!!

You will spend more money on garotas/hotels there...that's for sure.


02-12-03, 17:49

if you are in fortaleza check out the DEL MAR cafee.....iracema area.

Africa is closed.
Zipi bar is good for starters.

This place ROCKS!!!

no time to loose on to the next garota:-)


02-21-03, 19:43
I was in Fortalezain dec. There was an abundance of SW a block frm the beach ln Ave Abolicio?sp starting at the point near the flea market going north towards Iracema. I had notrouble findnggirls for 50 Real o take bck to my Hotel. Ihad ne7 and a9. the 9 did bbbj and would have stayed all nit if I let her She ao let me work sans condom, which, while n advisble, sureid feel nice. The action strts at 9 pm ands goes past idnight. Girls n nearly every street corner.

02-24-03, 20:03
Johan, Dieter, Boyz! What is going on here? I mean, You have some responsabilities here! Where's the report? Those garrotas can't be THAT good!!

I hope you didn't get overdosed on Viagra!

Jose Marcia
02-24-03, 20:09
Originally posted by Burnie
Johan, Dieter, Boyz! What is going on here? I mean, You have some responsabilities here! Where's the report? Those garrotas can't be THAT good!!

I hope you didn't get overdosed on Viagra!

I second to Burnie. I know that those garotas are really great but come on. Where is the report? and the photos?? he he he. I am waiting along with many others.

02-25-03, 17:25

TRUST ME here it is a real waiSte of time to hang out every day for an hour or more in an internetcafee....!!!!!

Everywere are many pretty garotas.
If you speak decent portugese a GF is quickly made. However I think when looking for marriage m,aterial this city is LESS suiteble.

I allready asked 4 Hookers if they allow me to make a pic. They all said NO....:-(

Form the 8 ho~s I did so far 6 turned out to be good to great.(regarding the sex activities).
2 ho~s were down right a complete waiste of TIME,MONEY and EFFORT!!!:-(
I so far found out that most ho,s that are quite and not very spontaneous are usualy a bad fuck.
Another Ducth guy how I met here confirmed also this "theory".
If you meet guys that had girls before ask them for more info. Students who only are "weekend-hookers" are usualy bad fucks...and not into it.(i did two of them...so I know)

Another bad thing is that even IF you have a real (non-pro) girlfriend they ALL turn out to be very un reliable.
If you set a date for 19,00....they show up at 20,00...or don~t come at all!!!!!
In the last case it,s "bye-bye" and on to the next garota. So many to pick from...so you don,t have to take any crap from them.

Italians here are a real pain in the azz. They overpay the girls and also threat them like shit.
Normal price for an all nighter is about 100 Real...(€ 26,-)
If you look good and not too old and speak good portugese you can have em for 50-70 Reals....

An hour in a ***** house is about 60-80 Reals. I was twice in a *****house and twice very satisfied with the supplied service. However with the girls working in the *****houses is NOT possible a BBBJ...everything is with condom....and that is understandeble.

However two girls I had from Zippi bar or Desegual gave me a bare BJ....:-)

Here is a Cel phone number of a hooker which is realy realy good. Her name is TATJANA,she is about 160cm,blonde (not natural)a bit chubby but great looking 9BIG TITS AND GREAT AZZ) and gives a 100 % sex activity:-)
When in Fortaleza call :

BUT...she does NOT speak any english...!!!!!;-)

That is a cell number....outside fortaleza you have to dial the 085 number city code before.

She is a real sex animal. If you like good sex...take her.


02-26-03, 03:10
Guys, this afternoon me and Dieter tried out a real sleazy *****house. I loved every fucking minute of it....

Guess what??? About 10 girls are working there 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!!!!!

From two girls i know they also fuck in the azz (Susanne and neima) Susanna is a morena 170 with big tits and large azz. Neima (the one i did) was about 165 with big tits also but a smaller azz.....Both were pretty girls imho and friendly (no attitudes)

Prices are 60 reals per hour...!!!!!

Blow job without condom:-)

Nice relaxed atmosfere...no hussle.

If you don,t bring your own rubbers they charge 2 reals per rubber.

The adress is


tHEY ALSO HAVE A PHONE NUMBER FOR TAKE OUT GIRLS.(but I don.t have that on me right now)

Most ho's are between 18 (!) and 25.....:-) If you oder them there for take out they cost 120 Real per hour. My advise is to go there once and ask the girls (private)cell number....;-) That saves money..

Have fun....
greetings from the brasilian front.


02-28-03, 17:45
Hey Johan007,
Glad to hear your enjoying Carnival in Fortaleza. Are you and Dieter, going to Manaus? If so don't forget the report...

Don't forget to try Canoacebrada (sp?) on the weekend ;-)


03-20-03, 01:23
Johan or any others with information,

How did you find appartments in F.? How much do they cost?

03-21-03, 02:08
try this


they have cheap appartments GF-friendly,no hussles.

paid 35 real a day. (that's about € 9.50)

All-nighters are about 100 real....1 hour in a *****house abut 60-80 Real (depending on your 'wishes")

Streetworkers.....20(!!) Real for an hour.

Brasil indeed is hooker heaven.


PS: Brasil is much cheaper then peru...also with inlandflights.

Jose Marcia
03-21-03, 20:45
I was in Fortal just 2 months ago and getting an itch to take another mongering trip to South America. I need help of you sexperts.

I have a few free tickets that i can use to travel to South America (frequent flyer miles).

I can not make up my mind b/w Fortaleza and Cartgena. I have been to Cali before. Prices seem to be the same. Any ideas there?? pros and cons???

I had a GF from Cali, Colombia to whom I almost got married, Therefore, I know their culture too.

Hey Johan...how you doing? I hope you are having fun. Got any report/photos.

Thanks to all of you.

03-23-03, 02:06
do both!

if you have aa miles, that is.

aa allows a stopover (not layover) on all their award trips. thus, you could go xxx/mia/clo, hang in cali, continue on tam clo/gru/for, then home by combining tam/aa - for/gru/mia/xxx.

you can do it the other way, also, going to fortaleza first. and you may be allowed a layover (multiple nights stay) in the hub city of sao paulo...

and, on aa it's only 40k miles (vs. ussual 60k miles) during parts of mar/apr/may and again parts of aug/sep/oct/nov.

i did this last year, 40k miles for 2.5 wks in recife and 2 wks in argentina.

03-23-03, 21:12

My newest Fortaleza yahoogroup Monger list!!!!

Postings can be done in English,Dutch,German and Portugese.

Pics,info's,stories etc are WELCOME!

Jose: Avoid Colombia right now imho.

Go to Fortaleza!!!! it's saver,cheaper and MORE *****s then you'll even can handle!!!
Just learn some Portugese...and you'll be fine.

just my 2 € cents


Jose Marcia
03-25-03, 17:06
Johan, thanks for the tip. I think I would go to Fortaleza again. It guess you are back from your Brazilian trip and looks like, you had a blast there. It would be nice to read your experience down there. Photos will also be appreciated. You can email me the phtos at jose425@hotmail.com


How about making a trip to Fortaleza during May??? Anyone interested???? Would be great to rent a nice apartment there and share the cost.

03-27-03, 19:18
Oi to all Fortaleza insiders,

as the crackdown in Cuba still seems to go on, I am looking for an alternative travel destination.
Now I am undecided between Venezuela and Brazil.
Fortaleza looks pretty attractive to me, but still I've got some questions for you guys:

- is it ok to go there during April, is it not too crowded then or rather quiet ?
- is it possible to find there brighter skinned garotas like in southern Brazil ?
- what airlines are recommendable for direct flights from Europe ?

Cheers, scorpio

(PS: Johan, I saw some of your pics through your Fortalezafans-group at Yahoo, not bad !!!)

03-28-03, 03:17

1) April is fine. Not over-run with tourists, but it 's the tail-end of rainy season so you may still get shitty weather. Who cares? Spend more time doing "indoor activities"

2) Blondes are hard to come by (at least real ones), but plenty of light-skinned girls (well, olive-skinned anyway). If you look hard enough, you'll find whaever you want. However, why be picky Inside they are all pink! ;-)

3) KLM from Amsterdam is pretty good. Dunno about any others. There are also some cheap no-name charters from Holland.


Tom B.

03-29-03, 01:13

From Europe several charters fly DIRECTLY to Fortaleza.
From Amsterdam it's DUTCHBIRD. They fly once a week.
Cheap. But don't expect too much from the food. Aldoholic drinks are not free.
From Italy,Finland and Portugal (TAP) also go direct flights.

KLM does NOT go directly to Fortaleza.

OO one thing about April.....it's rainly season,so if you go go in the END of April!!!;-)

Blondes are rare indeed. But then again if I go to the chinese restaurant i don't order Pizza....!!!;-)
If you realy like lighter skinned girls go NOT to Fortaleza!
However southern Brasil will be more expensive and the girls there seem to have more "attitudes"...:-(

If I would choose between venezuela and Fortaleza I didn't think long.
Venezuela right now might be a bit unsure and more dangerous as Brasil with Chavez still arround.

It's up to you.


03-31-03, 20:08
Hi Tom and Johan,

thanks for your reply. The weather shouldn't affect me too much, there is always something to do while staying inside... right ?
My last longer journey to Brazil was 3 years ago (Porto Alegre) and I enjoyed it.
Then 1 Real was about 1 Deutsche Mark and there was a nice private brothel where I paid 50 Reais per hour, with very nice and friendly charming girls.


03-31-03, 23:37

Where was this in POA? Camen's?

Tom B.

04-01-03, 19:24
Hi Tom,

I searched my old files and papernotes to find the address in question, here it is:

"Rua Gen. Camara no. 52" (5th floor, appartment no. 9)
It is in the middle of the bloc between Av. Maua and Rua Siqueira Campos.
Their phone number used to be 224-9123 but consider I was there 3 years (!) ago.
(They didn't speak English, basic Portuguese or at least some Spanish was sufficient)
I found them in the local newspaper "Zero Hora" under classificados, Acompanhantes.

I found the small private places like the above more exciting than all those hangouts along Av. Farrapos (i.e. Gruta Azul etc.)

Happy hunting, Scorpio

Rio Nut
04-13-03, 22:03
I'm confused about Fortaleza. Someone said that the most of the girls (pros and non-pros) in Fortaleza are ugly indian girls with flat asses and round bellies.

Another guy said there are enough good looking ones to keep you busy.

Which is the truth?

For example, when I go to 4x4 in Rio, I always find 4-6 girls (sometimes more) who are really attractive and I can fuck.

Help on the other hand, I sometimes find 1-3 girls out of (300+??) who I can fuck. Sometimes I feel like throwing up seeing the kind of girls guys stick their tongues into. Nasty.

Centauras again has 4-6 girls (sometimes more) that I can fuck.

I like girls who are dark, european features...like the novela actresses you find on t.v., except obviously darker and not as good looking.

Will this be the case at the Fortaleza bars, or are we talking really really bad quality here?

Does Recife have more of a european influence?

04-14-03, 22:14
Hi everybody!

Me and some friends are planing a trip to Fortaleza in the near future, but we could use som tips from you guys.

How is fortaleza in July.

1. girls
2. weather
3. hotels (3 bedroom apartments)

I also wonder about the language, got a little bit of spanish, will it do me any good.

This is our first trip to Brazil and we dont know if it´s the right time or if we should wait until later this year.

From a cooooold Swede

04-15-03, 13:03
Hey 3Amigos,

July is high seazon. (June,July and August and Decmeber/January!!)
Nice warm wheater...much sun and LOTS of garotas.

Prices however will be HIGHER.....;-)

My tip would be NOT to go to a Hotel....mostly they are not GF-friendly.
Go to a flat or rent an appartment. During that time a decent app. would be between 15-20 € a day.
On this board we discused many times cheap,decent appartments. SO watch the files!!

Fortaleza also has prety girls.
It is what you like.

If you like white European types go to Rio or to SP....and be prepared to pay MUCH MORE for hotels and girls as well. Besides that those cities do NOT have such nice beach as Forta!!!! Many cariocas come to Forta for their holidays......;-)

In Fortaleza it is a good combination of all sorts of action: Streetho's at Beia mar,the centro or Iracema. Club hookers in the numerous *****-houses....and even many call-in services...
You name it Forta has it:-) Learn Portugese,buy a newspaper or ask a taxista and let the fun start.
Or try to "warm up"yourself a garota which should NOT be too difficult if you are white and speak some Portugese;-)

In Canoa Quebrada I saw many Scandinavians. In Forta most forreign tourists are Dutch,Germans,Swiss ...ooo and tons of Italians.
But the most tourists come from Brasil themselves.......;-)

Have fun.


04-16-03, 04:49
A couple of questions to those that know the Fort well.

I am a frequent Copa visitor and have never gone to Fortaleza. Of course I have heard the stories. but my concerns are as follows:

1) Are the girls hot and are there enough hot girls to go around? From what I have read the girls don't compare to those found in Rio. Cheaper yes, but are they hot?

2) Is it a big city? There is a girl I met in Rio over a year ago and she still calls me to this day. I want to make sure that I won't see her when I go to Fortaleza (she lives there-and she's a stalker, absolutely crazy), will this be a problem to avoid her or are there enough people that the chances would be slim. Any HELP would be appreciated.

Member #1005
04-21-03, 00:44
Friday 11 April I arrive in Fortaleza at just after 2pm in the afternoon after my two and half hour flight from Brasília. Just as I had expected, it was hot very hot indeed. On the domestic flight generally it was OK with the exception of the airport which had poor facilities; there were no seats or rather a few limited spaces.

In Fortaleza I am surprised to discover that my toda (all) Brazil telephone coverage service that I brought with my Tim chip does not work in Fortaleza; this was after I had got someone to call Tim to check on my behalf, and they are Brazilian, that the service I brought would cover the four cities I am planning to visit and also get the numbers I would have to use if I was calling from there. Despite Tim being advertised practically everywhere by Ronaldo (Football/Soccer player to the uninitiated) holding a TIM cellular; unfortunately, I cannot buy another chip here in fact I cannot purchase any phone chips here, all you can purchase is a whole telephone and none of them are TIM.

Still, I am not here just to speak on the telephone I am here for one thing and one thing only, vacation and some mongering having as much sex with as many women as possible.

I am staying in the Hotel Beira Mar and on my arrival I was a little disappointed in that this hotel was not the one I expected when I looked on the internet. The second thing is that the so-called High band internet access (LAN) does not work in the rooms, therefore I am now forced to use the additional charged dial-up service to access my account. The good thing about the hotel is that I have noticed that there are many single Brazilian women staying here, I keep bumping into them at breakfast and in at reception, although I have only got as far as saying good morning.

After unpacking and a brief walk along the beach it feels as if everyone is engaged in either jogging, walking or some sort of exercise along the beach. I get something to eat in one of the bars along the beach and whilst sitting at my table a attractive looking girl, about a 7 with nice slim body and big tits, about 1.60m tall; the type who could do with a good fuck, walks around my table instead of direct to her’s and sits there facing me, she looks at the menu for ten minutes, then gets up and leaves. I am a bit slow here, I think I was being picked up by one of the garotas, I should have asked her to join me so I miss out, after only a few hours here, stupid me. This being my first night I decide to use the advice of one of the earlier posts and visit one of the biotes, Rua Alfonsocelso #70 in the Aldeota neighbourhood. I take a taxi and head off down there. The only problem was that whilst I had brought a map of Fortaleza the taxi driver found things by stopping and asking for directions, at one stage we asked the same people twice for the directions only to be told two different places for the place, which was some two blocks from them. Eventually we find this rather unassuming place which looks like a typical home in a residential slightly rough neighbourhood. The taxi driver then takes a nominal fee and not what is on the meter because he realised that we spent 30 minutes going back and forth on ourselves.

Once inside there are four girls and an older woman watching television and the older lady acknowledges me after a few moments and directs the girls to look after me. Two of the girls there get up and show me to a table, not my type, and ask me if I would like a drink, I take a Spirite. The girls then try to make small talk but with my poor Portuguese I gather that they ask where I am from and if it was my first time here. I can only count no more than 10 girls, who are overall average and the ages are from what looks like 19 to 35.There are only two girls I have seen that I am interested in and fortunately for me one of these girls speaks some English. Andreia, is her name tel:224 0786, she is a 6. I find out the prices and decide on a take out option which cost R$70 (U$21) at my hotel for two hours. The three hour option costs R$100 which is not so bad, but silly me, I should have asked my taxi to wait for me to take me back to the hotel assuming he would have found it.

Andreia and I get back to the hotel at around 10.30pm and just walk in, the reception does not ask for any identification from her. Andreia has a nice body with nice tits, which are a handful. We take separate showers because for some reason, despite being initially loud and giving the impression of being outgoing she is shy, maybe because she had dirty underwear or something. Then with the television on we get down to the action, she lick my dick then has a half hearted attempt at oral before declaring she doesn’t like doing bbbj, so I persuade her to continue after handing her some tissue to clean up any pre-cum. Following this she puts on a condom and starts with fucking with her on top then me from behind. She is also affectionate and plenty of hugging and kissing and the Matrix is on television dubbed in Portuguese, it helps me to learn the language. On the side of her leg I discover a nasty looking wound and she tells me that a friend put a cigarette out there, and I am thinking with friends like that do you need enemies? Anyway, I drift off to sleep and so does she because when I wake up later the Matrix is long finished and something else is on, she has to leave and asks me for money for the taxi so all an all this three hour session has cost me R$140 (U$42) including taxis. I would do Andreia again but would like to try someone else beforehand, she leave me her contact details and asks me to get in touch, its only a pity about the bbbj. Andreia allows me to take some photos on my digital camera.

The following day having found my feet I look through the newspaper at one of the massage place, despite the advert being placed in English, little or no English is spoken. But after a few days here I am very proud of the fact that I can now make myself understood and got the address of this establishment all in Portuguese. I asked how many garotas are there and was told 15 girls. So it’s the afternoon the street are deserted because of the heat and I take a taxi near to Praia de Futuro I get to the location in quick time and I found the address on my map, Av Renato Braga #65, tel:234 7309, next to a petrol/gas station on the way to the beach. However, despite arriving twenty minutes later, there was nowhere like the 15 girls I was expecting, I saw only four, then another one came along to make five and three were sleeping, of which I was shown, after being woken up by the boss, and who didn’t do anything for me. The girls I did see all had long faces as if they were thinking “Oh no, here’s another dick to suck. I said to the boss: on the telephone you told me there were 15 garotas but I can only count seven, he said that the others had gone to lunch. The swimming pool was something else more like a hole in the ground filled with water. I am shown the rooms as we walk past some underwear drying in the sun, bras and panties. This place was very rough a run down like a crack house, being honest it was dirty, I have seen cleaner garages, still I was here so I thought I would try it out for the experience. The room was something else a dirty plastic covered round bed, the boss must have seen the look of horror on my face when I asked him if this was the room where I would do the business, he told me there was cover of some sort which goes on top.

The prices are R$30 per hour (U$ 9) take out R$50 (U$15) plus taxi so expect to pay about R$20-30 (US30) on top. This place is open 24 hours so you can get a girl or come down any time. I would suggest you come down and have a look at the girls then decide on which ones you like then in future you can order them to your hotel or motel.

I settled for one of the girls Claudia, who has a decent pair of tits and is not so bad looking. It turns out had only been working for three days earlier and I was her first customer, lucky me, it seems I am having luck with new-ish girls here in Brazil. I make small talk with Claudia and she has a nice body, I would say she is about a 7 in my books, very willing and eager to please, but this may have been due to her being new. Claudia gets a bed cover of a drying line, which strikes me that all they have done, is just dried them off after the last customer. I didn’t want to think what had been on this before me.

I take off my clothes and attempt to take a shower, but the shower is about six inches from the toilet and its basically a pipe sticking out of the wall, no shower head nor hot & cold water. The water smells rancid, like its recycled rainwater because this is the only reason I can think off why it would smell this way. I had to buy two condoms, at R$2 each, so it wise to bring your own.

Despite the dire surround and looking up at the broken ceiling where patches of sunlight is coming through I question myself, what am I doing here? Claudia was very enthusiastic with the sex and it is good, bbbj with come in mouth no problem, once again she is very affectionate and we make small talk, she tells me her family doesn’t know she is a garota de program and that she only works until 8pm and had to take three busses just to get there and back. I am not able to come a second time within the hour, despite Claudia’s best efforts. It may be due to the poor conditions or the heat is beginning to get to me, sweat is literally dripping of Claudia as she trying to service me with some hard oral, as there is a knock at the door when the hour is up but she insists that I must come a second time and after 70 minutes I say she can stop. I am pleased by her performance and would definitely do her again but not in that location.

Claudia does not have a cellular phone and I said that I may call her again because she was very good, she remind me that she only work until 8pm so I should call up early. Overall, a very good experience with the girl, it just the facilities are very poor. I found the owner very willing and helpful who said any time in future I wanted a girl, no problem I asked for a card but he didn’t have any but wrote down the address for me. This establishment is geared towards Brazilian clients but is very happy to look after the foreigners.

After a couple of hours rest in my room I opt to try one of the night clubs I have read so much about so I head off to the Pria de Irecema to Africas. I had dinner earlier and thought if I got to the club at around 11pm, then things would be just kicking off. I arrived at 11pm and there were 18 girls and 6 guys and three of them worked there. I must confess that I was surprised that many of the girls there looked very young, although aged around 20 they looked like 15year olds to me and I am not that old. Anybody who has been to a Termas in Rio like Centaurus cannot compare these girls on offer. It not that I am fussy but I stopped chasing girls like this when I was 11, needless to say I was disappointed after expecting to find better. Speaking honestly, there were only five girls I saw that I would have been slightly interested in. I spent around two & a half hours in there just basically observing the scene, I saw a few other guys come in and a couple just sat alone drinking and watching the scene I watched two guys, Italians, call over a couple of girls to join them and then twenty minutes later the party left the club. I don’t know what happened because 30 minutes later one of the girls was back in the club hunting around for someone else. The few guys that were there were very scruffy, with the exception of the two Italians, and I would say they should be wise to fix themselves up a bit, a t-shirt, rough shorts and flip flops would be described as being Eurotrash on the beaches in southern France.

A few of the girl were making eye contact with me and gyrating provocatively, but to be honest they didn’t do anything for me. Then after about 20 minutes of hard staring at me, whilst turning her chair to face me directly this one girl came up to ask me why I wasn’t dancing. It was not until 12.50am I saw one girl, who actually looked like a woman, I called her over and brought her a drink. As I was talking with Jose tel: 8816 1601, a couple of the girls came up to speak to her, one of those dancing in front of me. It felt as if they were saying to one another, you are so lucky at least you’ve got a customer tonight.

After some small talk with Jose, she told me she was 30 of which I commented that she only looked 24, her two friend she came with decided to leave and go elsewhere, leaving her with me. In our discussion she said the place was no good because there were so many girls in there; I said that I liked women not young looking girls because I found many of them too young looking for me with little or no breasts or booty (bum bum). Anyway, after about 30 minutes I said let’s get out of here and go, she agreed. Because I had been getting on so well with her it slipped my mind that she was a garota because just as we were getting into the taxi she said to me do you know what the price is and quoted me R$100,(U$30) I didn’t negotiate and just said, OK. On our arrival at the hotel, at just after 1.30am, the night receptionist said that I would have to pay extra for my room because I was only being charged a single room rate.

In the room no time was wasted we took a shower together, and then got down to the sex, with a poor attempt at oral, with her saying something about her mouth being very small (?). She was affectionate, it was more like poor acting a change of positions, and the sex was purely functional and to be honest I was not enjoying it that much compared to the other girls I had tried. As soon as I came she was off to the bathroom, I thought to brush her teeth, but she was getting dressed to go home, this surprised me but in the end I just gave her the money and let her go, but she still gave me her number and said to get in touch because she said she liked me, more like she liked the money. My experience with this girl was very poor I wouldn’t put myself out to try this again. Overall the session would have been rated a 3, the session lasted around twenty minutes and for R$100,(U$30) not worth it.

After this, I decided to avoid the clubs in favour of a different approach, the reason being that the scene starts late, the choice of girls, IMHO, is not that good; then after investing all that effort it can still be rather hit or miss.

I notice in my hotel that despite the relative poor facilities there seems to be many single Brasília women (well this is Brazil) or in pairs. These tend to be middle class Brazilian girls. I notice a couple at breakfast, one with a very fit body but I didn’t speak to them because they were heading off to the Pria do futuro beach but I did let her know I was looking. Anyway, I decide to have a day off and rest up to write up a report. The one thing I enjoy about Fortaleza is being able to jog along the beach early in the mourning. However, I don’t know if it is because of the heat or what because I have come up in a heat rash on the top part of my chest this will teach me to try jogging without a top on.

The following morning I spot the woman, I saw at breakfast the previous day, she isn’t stunningly beautiful, but she’s one of these women who has a great body that is, sexy, and she has a great pair of tits on her and has an allure to her. Mind you, all the other guys at breakfast notice her as well, single or married, but I am on vacation and decide that what the hell, why not speak to her. So I made some feeble excuse and then ask if she speaks English, she apologizes and says no, I ask why and she starts laughing so I said they she was very beautiful, in my pigeon Portuguese. If that’s one thing those Brazilian women like and that is flattering comments. After some small talk with the aid of a dictionary and many wrong words I invite her to dinner. Sadly for me she is leaving that day anyway we took a stroll to the beach and spend about two hours together, we exchange addresses tel no’s etc and it turns out that Fabiana, is journalist for a radio station and had a three year old daughter, she is single. She says I should visit her home city, which doesn’t have any beaches but many swimming pools. Naturally, when she asked what I was doing I didn’t tell her everything, she kept saying that it’s a shame we couldn’t have met earlier. Then we part, I have a bit of a tour in the city and then later on in the afternoon the receptionist give me a note that Fabiana left for me, saying she really enjoyed the short time we had and thanks me for making her happy and is looking forward to seeing me again. All I did was just talk to her and tell her she was beautiful.

My last night in Fortaleza I decide to do something special, after the previous experience at the club I decide to give that scene a wide berth. I decide to hook up with Claudia again, but not at the same location I was considering my hotel but after meeting Fabiana earlier, I had this feeling that I could walk into the hotel and find her waiting there, so I opt for a motel. I went back to the owner of the Massage parlour tel:234 7309 and do a deal with him, he doesn’t haggle and gives me Claudia and one other girl, Erica for R$100 for two hours (only R$25 each p/h) which is less than I had expected to pay. I decide to indulge myself with what most guys fantasize about, two women and wild, wild sex, some thing I would recommend, every guy should try at least once in their life. Once again Claudia doesn’t let me down, we try different things; the other girl Erica, wants to perform oral on me under the running shower, whilst Claudia is rubbing her naked body against my back, I try this for about five minutes and decide this is not for my liking standing up. Being 100% honest, I am unable to come twice in the two hours, I don’t know if it through too much sex and combined with the heat but despite trying various positions I make it only once. I guess I am satisfied by the experience, which was much better than the previous garota. In terms of the cost it actually comes to less than I had expected; the two girls work out at R$100,(U$30) for two hours, the motel R$38, (U$11)the tip for the girls R$30 (U$9) and a bite to eat at McDonalds, R$20, (U$6) taxi trips all around R$ 50 (U$15) thus giving me a grand total of R$238, (U$71) the time I am with the girls actually works out to around three hours but no one is complaining and everyone is happy. I also arrange for the taxi driver to take me to the airport at 5.45am the following morning.

So summing up FORTALEZA, IMHO I would have to say reading some of the earlier posts that this is not Rio or São Paulo, the girls of Rio and São Paulo are far superior to what you will find in Brasília and Brasília is far superior to Forteleza. Whilst a few of the girls in Centaurus could grace the cover of Playboy, I saw no girls that would even come close to getting on the back or any pages. Anybody who believes that they are going to find these types of girls at only a fraction of the price of what they would pay down south will be sadly disappointed. Many people have said this is a wonderful place for mongering, maybe it is in terms of the price but the quality is not the same as you will find down south. This is a much cheaper place to visit compared to southern Brazil in terms of hotels, garotas and eating out I am also impressed by the way the city administration runs the place, beach and sidewalks are clean and it relatively safe to walk around at nights. But in terms of the girls this is as close as you can get to the bottom end of the market, so if you happen to be fussy about girls in Help or Centaurus then I would suggest you are wasting your time up here. You may find regular girls in hotels who are far more superior, but you will have to invest much time and effort with these women.

I don’t agree with an earlier comment that if you are white you will meet lots of girls Loiras, Morenas, Mulattas I met the lot and I am black and all the girls commented that they found me handsome and the ones that own a cellular phone gave me their numbers and were happy for me to take photos. So don’t be fooled, meeting girls here has nothing to do with your race but on how you present yourself. As I have said earlier many of the guys really need to take pride in their appearance and wash more frequently and use deodorant.

I grab a few hours sleep and I am up early, off to Manaus and had to catch the early flight 7am, via Brasília, I don’t know why there are not any direct flights, but this is Brazil and the airlines operate in strange ways.

J Wadd
04-21-03, 13:56
Thanks for the great, detailed post, Juniour. Sounds like the scene in Fortaleza has really diminshed. Did you even bother to look in Desigual's? Sorry you had such a mixed time.

Happier Hunting,

Member #1005
04-24-03, 20:36

In response to your question about being disappointed with Fortaleza, I would say that maybe my expectations were too high. I had low expectations for Brasília but was pleasantly surprised, likewise the same for Salvador which I am currently enjoying On Manaus I am 50 50 I will post a report later. I would certainly visit Fortaleza again but adopt a different approach. I didn’t visit Desiguals because as it has well been documented here that the same girls visit several clubs on any given night, so I made an assumption that I am likely to see the same level of girls, just at different venues.

I would say to anyone planning on visiting that its still worth going for a break, but don’t expect to find the same level of garotas as you would in Rio or São Paulo. I can only assume that any garota worthy would have already made her way down south where she can earn three or four times the amount than in Fortaleza.

04-26-03, 04:49

Great post. Gald to see guys tell great stories again. Thanks for the laughs. Your stories remind me of the my wonderful experiences in Fortaleza. Pity you didn't check out some of the small beautiful resort beaches. They can be excellent party places on the weekends and the beaches are fantastic.

To bad you didn't check out Desigual. It a sort-of "mini-HELP" and the garotas are much better. In someways I liked Fortaleza, more than Rio, for the beaches, cheap food, cheap booze and cheaper garotas and better GFE. Plus it was more tranquil, than Rio. It will never beat Rio, but its a great get-a-way destination, if your looking for something uniquely different.

I see your heading to Manaus. This is another one of my favourite get-a-way destinations for something uniquely different. Check out my report on Manaus and enjoy this sites and very, very unique opportunity for great GFE. I look forward to your report and would love an update on anything extra mongering activities, as I will be heading back to Manaus in November/December.


04-26-03, 13:59

I going to Fortaleza in Jully, for my 1ª time. I´ll stay in a Flat, on Av Beira Mar, near to Meireles Beach.
I need some tips about, where I can find some garotas. There is any site with acompanhantes??

Can anybody helps me?



04-27-03, 15:58
Louvad, i guess that in Fortaleza the girls prefer to show themselves on the beach and in the boates at night than paying for adding their pictures on an internet site.

just ^check out the block where the action is, near Pirata bar and Desigual, you'll find the girls can check them out instead of being cheated with photos that maybe have been modified to hide some "defects".

if you want i can give you the phonenumber of a girl that's really nice (gotta speak portuguese though).

04-27-03, 22:46

Tanks to respond. I´m Portuguese and the language isn´t problem :).
I´ll stay in Iracema beach, in a flat.

What is the phone number of a girl that's really nice?

Can anybody give more tips?

Jose Marcia
04-28-03, 17:30
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Louvad
There is any site with acompanhantes?? Jorge

You can check this newpaper site that gets updated daily.


04-28-03, 20:26
about the phone number i'll give it to you via e-mail, if you don't mind. Hope you'll understand.

ok, it's: bruspocat@hotmail.com


04-30-03, 10:54

love to read your post about Forta man!!! It's accurate imho.

First off all I want to make some comments as I wrote myself some postings about Fortaleza.

1) I never ever said Fortaleza is to be compared with Rio or SP. Sure I admit the girls there are MUCH prettier...BUT they will cost you 300 % MORE!!!
I am European and don't make so much money as the average US guy....so??If you look GOOD and speak Portugese you will find availeble women that are 8-9's...even in Forta!!!:-)

2) Not all europeans are low lifes Juniuor.
I myself shower every day...use deodorant and even after shave!!!
LOL I also reguly change cloths;-)
YES...and I brush my teeth as well...lol.

3) I think that in every country you have TRASH......so maybe there is also US TRASH???

4) I enjoyed my stay REALY GOOD. (yes Realy!) And I am back in November for another tour of 3 weeks with some of my buddies.



05-11-03, 04:18
I'm headed to Fortaleza in late August. I've never been to Brazil, and speak absolutely no Portuguese. My sister has given me her timeshare for a week at this place called Aquaville Resort in Porto Das Dunas about 19 miles from the airport and that's all I know about it. Has anyone ever heard of it or that area?

Also where should I go? Is there a place that I can hook up with other experienced mongers? I know in Costa Rica you go to the Del Rey, is there a place like that in Fortaleza?

Any info would be appreciated.


05-12-03, 02:24

Friend, you're in for a wild time. Read some of the report already written here, and be aware that Fortaleza is highly seasonal - what one guy experiences in April will be totally different than what another guy experiences in April. Fortunately for you, AUgust is a "high-season" for mongering. Unfortunately, the reason for this is because the town is over-run with Italians.. but they're not to hard to shake off and the locals will be so happy to see that you're not Italian that you'll do fine.

Anyway, let's start with your timeshare. Porto das Dunas is a place that you're average monger should avoid like a herpes-ridden toothless 3-dollar *****. Basically, it's an extreme suburb of Fortaleza where some bright boys decided to build a huge American-style water park. Why someone would want to do that right next to a beuatiful Ceara beach is beyond me. Be that as it may, it attracts upper-middle class Brazilians on holiday (WITH their families) from all over Brazil to come and say they've "DONE" Beach Park - in other words, it's a Brazilian Orlando (ironic considering how many Brazilians have invaded the real Orlando). In other words, it's over-run with middle-level managers from Sao Paulo and their broods. The park has a US$60/day entrance fee to keep out the riff-raff (including any fuckable young girls). So you've got yourself a week in a condo in the Brazilian Orlando. On the other hand, Fortaleza girls will be VERY inpressed that you have a condo in Porto das Dunas - then again, they'll be impressed that you're not Italian, so who cares?

My not-so-humble opinion - get a modest hotel room in Fortaleza (US$40 a night or less) and use the Condo for daytime or occasional nightimte getaways- all the mongering action is in Fortaleza, and mostly late, and you dont' want to be driving home to Porto das Dunas at 4AM. Alternatively, flip day for night, monger in Fortaleza all night and sleep in the condo during the day. Or find yourself a nice longtime girl in Fortaleza nad import her to Porto das Dunas. Suffice to say , there is NO action in Porto das Dunas. However, it's halfway to Canoa Quebrada which has some nice nightlife (no mongering though).

As for the "epicenter" for action in Fortaleza, that's the IRacema neighborhood - but there is no "monger's bar" like there is in RIo or C.R.. As I wrote, check out old posts here.


Tom B.

05-12-03, 02:43

Thanks for the info. I kind of like the oasis away from hubbub and party in Fortaleza. I kind of like the hooking up for the week kind of deal but I'll definitely have to do some serious interviewing. How far is Porto das Dunas from the mongering points in Fortaleza.


05-12-03, 16:58
45 minutes by car

05-13-03, 16:15
Is there any termas like solarium in fortaleza?

Jose Marcia
05-13-03, 16:17
Originally posted by nordboer
Is there any termas like solarium in fortaleza?

The simple answer is "NO"

05-13-03, 21:57
Originally posted by jose marcia
The simple answer is "NO"
Maybe is it?but its difficult to find?
If not then we have to start one

Rio Nut
05-14-03, 04:14

What is the best time to go to Fortaleza for maximum pussy variety? I am spoiled by Rio and Sao Paulo, and am afraid to find mostly dogs and italian tourists.

I am also wondering how hard it is to fuck non-hookers in Fortaleza? It is hard, but not impossible in Sao Paulo and rio. Is it even harder in Fortaleza, or easier because they are poorer?


This report was edited by Jackson for punctuation and capitalization.

06-16-03, 22:25

here's the scoop:

You are right...there are many DOGS BUT there are also many goodlooking women.
However their sex performance is good.
From the 14 hookers I did only 1 (one) was real LOUSY. (I kicked her out with cab fare)
Best times are april- may,september-november.
The rest of the time it is HIGH saizon and expensive or bad wheater. (rain saizon).

IF you want to fuck 9-10's be prepared to pay extra $$$$$$$$$.
You are right the place is LOADED with Italians. Little arrogant flashy punks:-(
They overpay the bitches. And that sucks.

On the other hand it is real EASY to fuck non-pro's IF you speak Portugese.
My bet is that your changes to fuck NON-Pro's are much better in Forta then in Rio,because in Rio or SP many women have jobs and money.(and attitudes....)

have fun!


PS: I trather fuck a HORNY Dog,then a bad-attituded Babe;-) But that's just MHO.

Rio Nut
06-17-03, 02:24
Thanks Johan. I do not like the sound of arrogant Italians overpaying the girls. I heard that the Italians who come to Brazil are from the lower classes, so lack manners and are rude.

Are there Italians all year or do they just come during European vacations? How many did you see when you were there?

I speak Portuguese okay...did the non-hookers seem open to meeting foreign guys, or do they run away from us because they don't want to be seen as a *****?

I am really excited to check out fortaleza, especially to go the beaches in ceara. they look beautiful from the pictures.

have you been to other cities in the north and northeast?

06-17-03, 19:43

you might be right about italians being arrogant, about overpaying them hos i don't know, most of all they have a tendency to talk loud....and i mean really loud with an explosive voice....well, nobody's perfect!

the funny thing is that they don't like to say that they paid for getting laid, they rather sa that the girl invited them to see the most beautiful beaches and they didn't even have to pay the gasoline for the car....

i don't know if some of you experienced that travelling alone you easily get bugged by some ugly reject of a ho, especially in those moments where you sit alone at some beach barraquinha....that's why i try to get me some pals amongst the local folks right at the beginning.


06-18-03, 23:08

Italians also reali like to show off with expensive designer clothes etc.etc.
But what was surprising (or in fact not surprising) was that they drank on a whole evening maybe 2-3 cokes or 1-2 beers.
Most Italians ONLY went out there to score pussy,while Germans,Dutch or Scandinavian guys also drink a lot. (well most of them). Usualy I don't drink till my brains went pop....I like to stay clear when being "on the hunt".

I* know Italians payed up to 200 real for ho's in desegual. For those I paid 100 of 120.
In fact many ho's simply asked what nationality you had. If you weren't Italian they simply walked by looking for an Italian (ie looking for more money!)....!!!
Another factor is that Italians learn quickly portugese and many hookers allready speak some Italian. So they have a small language advantage above Germanic language speakers like me;-) I mean my Portugese sucks.....my spanish is ok. But also spanish most hookers didn't understand!!!(realy)

On the other hand I hear several stories that most hookers realy don't like the attitudes of the italian macho guys and more liked Dutch,Germans or Scandinavians.
But ONLY because the Italians paid much MORE they often had the best ho's on the spot:-(
So it's simply a $$$$/€€€ matter.

Did see NO Americans at all. Only 2-3 UK turists,and they were NOT into mongering.

(just one "n"..)

06-26-03, 21:41
i'm italian and i never drink less than 5 caip. every night :)
but, it's normal:
italians think germans are stupid
germans think the same about scandinavian
ecc ecc
but the brazilian girls are not interested in it....
only money!!!!!
99% what they speak is shit.
But i don't think italian pay more.....

06-30-03, 16:38
Im going to fortaleza in july is it many italians people there in july?
How much you pay for a girl in desugual?

07-01-03, 15:21
No nordboer, most Italians have their vacations only on August.
I'm italian and I was in Fort last year from the end of July (25) till 13th of August and I can confirm you that things changed in whorse only the last ten days of my trip.
abuot the second question I used to pay abuot 70-80 R for the night (girls usually didn't talk for the money before, it just was natural that the next morning when thy left, I gave them the money)
have fun and don't forget to report

07-02-03, 17:59
Recently came back from Fortaleza.

Some advice:
Learn some Portuguese (or Spanish). Absolutely imperative.
For quick and easy (hell, too easy) action go to Desegual or Cafe del Mar. You'll find pros and amateurs there, although I never figured out the difference, which is quite common in these places. If you're just into sex, pay the girl the next morning max 80 R$ and throw her out. You'll notice there is no other way to get rid of them. If you're into GFE, lots of opportunities here, but, remember, when you go back home, there'll be a bunch o guys waiting in line, and she does not see the difference.
If you really want something special try some local party. Its a lot cheaper and results can be the same. The satisfaction of achieving something in these places is much higher, because you're definitely not dealing with pro's. Problem is that normally these places can be quite a long way from Iracema.

07-02-03, 21:54
I am going the Fortress at the end of July. I liked to know some clues (nightclubs, girls), of who was recently in Forlaleza.

A Hug

07-04-03, 00:25

there are not so many nightclubs in Forta.
However if you like sleasy fuckmotels,parc-hookers or disco ho's you will be in heaven.

Also LOTS of hoorhouses. Just take a newspaper,read the ads and phone for adresses.
OR ask a cabbie. Hell even were I stayed were INROOM hookers!!!

It's handy to buy a cheap cell phone there (fe OI). I buyed one for 300 Real (a SIEMENS card cell). Don't have a minute regret of that action. Works like a charm when in Brasil.
Many "freelancers"use cells......just ask their number. They will give it to you with hapiness;-)

I am sure I posted somewere some numbers and adresses of places were you can get laid for peanut money.
The best *****s are the club*****s,but that's mho.


ps: OOO but JUST learn some Portugese. IMHO also nobody understood even spanish. Besides that Brazilians don't like if people speak spanish to them.
just my 2 e cents;-)

Rio Nut
07-04-03, 02:12

How good looking were the non-pros generally, and did you find that they run away from foreign guys???

How far away are the regular clubs from Iracema, and how filled with foreigners and Italians does Fortaleza get?


07-09-03, 23:55
Hello all

I´m going to Fortaleza from 20-30 July.

I have been lots of times in Cuba (not in Varadero), I mean the real Cuba: Cienguegos, Camaguey, Havana - not-for-tourists-zone, etc.. I´m very fluent in Spanish - much more than in English.

Can someone suggest me a place were to found young girls (18+, of course) for a nice trio with my girlfriend ? How much should we pay ?

I´m not in one hour scenes. We want to dinner with her and spend the night in a hotel the 3 of us . Is that acceptable for Brasilians standards ?

We can speack very well Portuguese.

Thanks in advance.

After my retur I will report every thing.


Patata Chips
07-12-03, 12:03
Every place in Praia de Iracema is full of young girls at evening, and if you are lucky you can found a non-pro (just 1 a week). I don't remember the name but the best place for young is in front of pirata club. The girls in Iracema are pro or semi-pro, no normal girls, the only place nearly the Iracema club, more quiet is Orbita in Dragao do Mar, and the cafe too. Some know about a whiskeria whit very nice girls, is a 1/2 hour out of downtown.

How know Adriana? Is easy to found her in Zipy or Cafe del Mar or Desigual.

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On The Road
07-28-03, 19:06
I'm italian, of course I like some italians guys, I don't like some others.
As well as I like some German guys, I don't like some others.
As well as americans. As well as all the other nationality of the world.
So all the post 'bout italians sounds very racist to me...
I'll be in Fortaleza, for my first time, next week. I have to go there in August, 'cos I have my vacation only in August. So I have to overpay my plane, to overpay my stay... to overpay everything. And I have to meet italians everywhere all around the world...

08-07-03, 08:51
Hi everybody,

I will be in Fortaleza (from Asuncion) at the beginning of September. Any recent reports about Fortal and the scene in general in this period?

Thank you for reporting


Jose Marcia
08-14-03, 13:27

I am in Fortaleza right now.

This is high season over here and good-looking semi-pros are hard to come by. They are preferering Brazilian tourist over Foreigners. If you dont know much Potoguese, you will have a tough time here.

At this time, in my opinion, Massagens Classified newspaper ads are the best option. I hope this helps.

08-22-03, 03:18
I'll be in Fortaleza from 8/30 to 9/6 anyone else going to be there?


08-22-03, 09:07

I'll arrive in Fort 9/4, why don't we meet for a beer: a good appiontment could be at Mcdonalds of Beira Mar for example on friday 9/5 at 6 PM.

Let me know


Jose Marcia
08-26-03, 15:30
just got back from fortaleza after having a 6-day trip. if you want to make more sense of this report, please read my january 2003 report posted on this site. i simply don't want to repeat myself.

unexpectedly, i got some time off and had only 2 weeks to make reservations for the trip. i tried to use my frequent flier miles. called continental airlines and they could only take me to sao paulo for 35,000 miles. united air needed 50,000 miles and i was short by a few thousands. i tried other south american destinations but all the flights were full for the desired dates. with a broken heart, i called "niece" of bacc, and she offered a r/t e-ticket (nyc-fortal) for $561. i gladly accepted her offer. how could i let this opportunity slip away?

also, i emailed flatshop@truenet-ce.com.br and inquired about a one bedroom apartment at via venetto flat, with an atlantic ocean view. leila replied promptly and offered me one at 14th. floor for r$ 70 per day. i gladly accepted it. but after 2 email, she won't confirm my reservation. after 2 days, she replied and asked me to send her an email in portugese. meanwhile, i had already booked a one-bedroom flat at blue ocean flat (pria de iracema) for r$75 per night (including their fees) thru http://www.hdn.com.br . here is my long report.

if you need any specific info, please feel free to email me at jose425@hotmail.com with fortaleza in the subject.

to convert real v/s peso for this report purpose r$2.85 = us $1 or r$100 = u.s.$35.

thursday (august 14, 2003):

in the varig flight, my seat was right in the middle of a guy and a gal. both were americans. they were the best company, i ever had on any flight. all of us looked 10 years younger than our ages and all of us held respectable jobs. incidently, all of us were going to brazil for sex. we talked all the way and mostly about sex. it was an open conversation. when the girl found out that i was married, she said that she lost 65% of the respect. lol. she was upset that by the time she will arrive in fortaleza, i will be gone. we promised each other to be in contact through email.

our flight arrived in sao paulo on time. i got some us$ changed at the airport cambio.@ r$ 2.85 for 1$. took the varig direct flight to fortaleza and reached there at 1:30 p.m... took a taxi to blue ocean flat, only to find out that they did not have any rooms for me. they had a reservation for me at hotel classic. they sent me to this place with their own driver. hotel classic was a few blocks away from blue ocean flat, right next to the holiday inn. my room was at 9th. floor with a nice view of atlantic ocean. it had a queen size bed, hot water, a small living room, a small fridge, and two balconies. their free breakfast was also great.

within half an hour. i was off for what i came here for. looked in the classified section of "do diario", came downstairs, took a taxi and asked the driver to take me to monica e lidia. he called the telephone number that i provided him with (9124-1466 or 9942-4355), and got the directions. their apartment was in centro. (rua sena madueiro no 961, apartment 104). they were not that good looking. i just wanted to unload myself and agreed on their price of r$70 cada (each) for 3 hours. they tried anything to please me and kept on asking for everything. they were afraid that i will get offended by certain sexual acts. come on ladies, get real! i like anything and they went for it all, except they did not like anal and bisexual act. as per my request, they ordered beer for us and we had fun. they asked me if i was interested in forro. i sure said yes. they told me that the morena is a forro professor and if i would like to tag along with them. they said that saturday is great for clube do vaqueiro (parque do vaquiero catinho do ceu, about 30 km from centro. also, sunday is great for sitio siqueiro which is not too far. they told me to call them if i was interested and they will take me there just for fun and of course no charges for their time which is normal in brazil. had i had time, i would have had called them. they were fun, kept on laughing and gave me a royal treatment and an excellent time. came back to my room and took a brief rest.

in the evening, walked around and found out that not much changed here except this new place elos bar (next to el gaucho restaurant, and close to africa). this place had some obvious action but i was not interested in those girls. reached zip i bar at 11pm. it was full of tourists and not a single good looking girls was available. i picked this girl named carollyna or something. she was nice but could have used some dental work. bought her two red bulls and, at midnight, asked her to go to my hotel. she asked that if i would pay her r$80 and that she could stay with me until noon the next day. i had no problem with that.

i brought her back to my flat and we went right up. the receptionist just kept her id and i did not get frustrated with the whole process of registration, as they do in a hotel. i had already stocked the fridge with all sorts of drinks. she wanted champaign. she loved to kiss and be kissed. we made out in the living room, showered together, and went for more action in the bedroom. she was great in the bed but i was very tired and was not ready for another round. besides, her nipples were too long for my taste and i did not like that. at 2pm, i told her the if she would like to leave. she was getting the message anyway and she left with a smile on her face and r$s in her purse.


woke up briefly for the breakfast and then back to sleep until noon time. i felt very relaxed by then and wanted a massage. took a taxi and handed the phone number of anita massagem (223-9276) to the driver. it was a little far and the fare was r$9. this place was in a residential area (rua jose carndido # 394 monte castilo na rua do restaurente, caico da bezerra de menezil. there were 5 girls and i liked this 18 year old morena. her name was joyce and had no kids. their rates were r$40 for 1 hour in the casa. i asked for 2 hours at motel and they wanted r$60.

after paying the money to the casa, we took a taxi and off to chalex motel. her body was just superb. she did not like to kiss, otherwise everything else except anal was ok with her. i asked her for a massage after round one and she gave me a lame massage. she told me that casa will keep r$10 and the rest will be hers. i asked her to ditch the casa after a few days and bring her friend with her to go for movies, dinner and a 3-some later. she said that she would love to but have to have permission of the casa otherwise she will loose her job. the motel bill came up to r$40. gave joyce a r$10 tip just to see her reaction and she was happy with that. took a taxi, dropped her at her casa and came back to my room. she asked me if i could mail her the photos. i promised and i have already fulfilled my promise. if anyone of you ever get a chance to meet her, tell her that you are a friend of mike from new york and she will treat you better.

in the early evening hours, while having dinner to la marea restaurant steak house, two young and very cute girls were trying to convince patterns to come to their church thing. unsuccessful there, they saw a friendly face and came to me and started convincing me. i told them that i don't
speak much portuguese and told them ´tu que bonachia``, motioned my hands to my chest and clamped it by saying `delor el corasao, necessita boca-e-boca ressucioa. they got the message and did not get amused as much as a couple of pretty girls sipping soda. meanwhile some folks were going around drumming this loud samba. i gave them r$2 and asked them to drum next to the girls and that is what they did. girls were laughing and that is when their dates showed up and that was the end of this game.

it was11:30 pm by then and i left for zip i bar which was a few blocks away. the place was at its peak. i tried to speak to at least 5 girls but none was interested in me. a girl in her late 20´s came to me and asked for the time. since i never adjusted my watch for the local time, i wrote down the time on a piece of paper. she was like you are a brazilero, why don't you speak. i told her that i am from new york and pointed her to my nypd shirt. she told me that i am lying and kept on arguing. i told her that if i prove, would she give me r$20 and she agreed. i showed her my driving license and she immediately came up with the bet money. i refused but she insisted but i stayed firm. she asked me if i want any girl there including her. i said no. she was determined to hook me up with someone. she took me to a man and told me that he is on the game. she annoyed me for a good half an hour. oh well, i had to leave this place. walked a couple of blocks to café do mar and did not like anyone over there either.

took a cab to boite estudio tropical. lots and lots of girls and but most were un-doable. this woman danielle (22) came right over and sat next to me. i was not interested in her but as the time passed, we got along very well. asked her to go out with me to my hotel and she said it would cost me r$100. further, she asked me that if i would like to wait for this deborah soft show. i agreed. i had already seen debra´s photo on the posters that were posted all over the town.

the show started and boy oh boy, let me tell you.....she was a goddess. her slow seductive dance movements were mesmerizing. i was having hard time keeping my eyes off deborah. i asked danielle to take a few pictures of her and she took some. the show ended and as we were leaving, the security asked danielle to come to their office. i knew there was trouble ahead. after a few minutes, they came and asked for my camera. i gave it to them. they came back after good five minutes and asked me to step into the office and asked danielle to stay outside. deborah was very upset. mannnn, she was so ugly and old up close. (i suggest all of you to go see her show but do not attempt to see her that close, you will puke for sure). the bouncer was not listening to me and was asking me how to take out the film roll. he ripped the battery slot open and kept on asking. i told them that this is digital camera and needs batteries. now the batteries were not working and their frustration was at the peak. finally, they brought a new pack of batteries and asked me to get the roll out. now i decided to talk to deborah directly. showed her the photos and none of photos came any good. i apologized to her and told her that i did not know that i could not take pictures but that she is very pretty. she cooled down with the owner´s help and told me that it was ok. now, she apologized and gave me a customary kiss...ewwwwwwwww. she was the owner´s girl/wife. the owner and the bouncer apologized, over and over again, for being rude and came to say bye to me at the door. told me that if i decide to come again, they will waive the r$10 entrance fees. asked me that if i will marry danielle and waved me off. we took a cab to my hotel.

at the hotel, this time, the receptionist wanted her to fill out the forms and asked me for r$20. i did not argue. they did the same to me for the next four nights. i guess, only the first night was free. in the room, we took shower together. she was a tigress in the bed. she got rougher and rougher and so did i. she started spanking me real hard and i sure returned her in the same way. after an hour, her brutality was constantly on the rise and little jose junior was not happy with that. it was afraid of getting mauled and chewed. i even rammed her ass but she was determined to make it even rougher. after about an hour and a half in my room, it was almost 5:00 am. i gave her the money but she wanted more sex. i was drained but she insisted for one more round. we took another shower and i showed her to the door.


i called liliane in the morning. i met her in january and had a great sex. she still remembered me. i asked her if she could meet me at around 6-7 pm for the dinner and for the fun later. she agreed. she called me an hour later and re-confirmed our meeting time and told me that she was excited to see me again. having a bird in hand, went to beirra mar beach and spent several hours there. as soon as i would see a nice looking young girl, i would go to her and ask her to take my photo and would try to converse with her. my charm did not work there. i had to delete about 20 photos of mine later that evening.

oh well........came back to my room in the late afternoon and rested. got ready for the meeting with liliane and kept on looking at my watch. did not want to call her to show her that i was desperate. finally, at 8pm, called her house. she said that she can not meet me that night and that she was sleeping. oh well.....here goes my happy mood! somehow, i did not get much upset and rested one more hour in my room.

at 10 pm, went out for dinner and at 11pm, it was time for zip i bar. met a girl named carla (25). she spoke a few words of english, divorced, and had a kid. she told me that she has 2 years of college in philosophy, and works at a flower shop (mon-fri). she was very intelligent and would behave in an educated way. we had lots of conversation with each other. she was nervous being at the bar but i calmed her down. later, she told me that her real name was not carla. i told her that my real name was not mike either. sex, with her, was sensuous and romantic, anything but mechanical. this girl was fun to be with and to talk with. something was telling me that this girl really liked me a lot. i liked this girl a lot too. carla asked me that she, along with her four friends (all girls), is going to pria de futura the next day and if i would like to tag along. i agreed with pleasure. we had sex several times that night and hardly slept much. in the morning, we had one more round and she left. she had to go see her kid. i told her that i wanna give some present to her kid and asked her to give me her purse. i discretely put some money (r$100) in her purse and returned her purse to her. she did not have any objection with that.


carla arrived to my hotel at 1:30 pm, half hour later than she promised. she had a beat up car. it is customary in brazil to offer for the gasoline. i offered her the gas and she got happy with that. i put r$15 worth of gas and this money got a little less than two gallons of gas. then we went to pick her friends up. her friends were eating lunch at their house and they offered me to eat with them. i refused but each one of them would feed me a spoon full of baiao de dois. this is a typical brazilian food that is chicken, rice, and some beans. as a matter of fact, it was very good and tasty. after the lunch, we decided to go to the beach. now, the car won't start and we had to push a few times. it stopped at least five times before it finally took off. therefore, all along, we kept on chanting: no para, no para, no para no. once there, carla told me that she likes to be held tight and caressed.

once at the beach, the girls left us alone and we stayed on the beach for hours hugging, kissing and holding each other. it was dark by then and we left for a disco (opens only on sundays and only one there, the other one is a gay disco) by the beach (pria de futura) and there was a bahian group singing. the music was something like a combination of forro, lambada, and macarena. about 200 people were dancing including several 5-8 years old kids. this music was different but very sexy. i was in the middle and all those 5 girls were grinding against me, some against my knees, and some against my dick and butt. wish i did not have camera in one of my front pockets, and wallet and cigarette in my other front pocket. oh well...... we danced there for over two hours and left. girls bought their own beer and so far, i did not spend any money on them. i, only, bought 2 cocos, one for each one of us. then we headed for my hotel. all along, all of us were singing and having fun by driving along with other cars and teasing them. one girl asked me that if i would take them to pizza hut and that translated into r$200. carla yelled at them and said no. i told them that i was hungry too and invited them to habibi. this restaurant is next to diogo hotel, where i stayed in january. total cost for pizza, desert, and drinks for 6 of us was r$60 that i paid for. all along we had fun. it was more like a bunch of close college friends out on a saturday night.

she said that she has to go to her kid that night. i asked her if she would like to go out with me again. she promised to come to my hotel the next day after she ends her work at the flower shop. we were together for over 9 hours and carla, even while driving, just kept on looking at me and holding and caressing my hand as much as she could. she really loved to hug and hold me and be hugged and kissed. i had a great time with her and almost half of the time, she kept my dick erect. i was starving for sex but she left the sex part for the following nights.

i came to my room, took a quick shower, changed the cloth, and reached zip i bar at 11:30 pm. bought a beer and looked around. one girl, sipping caprinia, looked ok to me. without wasting any time, went to her and started talking to her. she was a great dancer. she told me that she is a professor of forro. looks like all the girls here are professors of forro. up close and with glasses on, i found out that she was not that good looking by any means. there were many other good looking girls around by then, but after drinking two caprinia, she was looking sexy. at 12:30 am, after sizing each other up, asked her to come to my hotel. no money was ever discussed. her name was mara. she told me that she is 27 years old, and has one 9 year old kid. ironically, she worked for a flower shop too. she was an animal in the bed. she was too much for me.

sex with her was more pain than pleasure. i felt as if she was [CodeWord125] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord125) me. her movements were too fast. i was wondering what if she would break my dick into two pieces. luckily, jose junior survived her sexual assault too. after one round, i gave her r$80 but she won't leave. i told her that she was suppose to pay for the sex. we had another round and then, she wanted to sleep with me. she wanted to go to canoa quebrado with me and i wanted to get rid of her. after promising to call her the next day, i told her that i like to sleep alone. she reluctantly left at 4am. later, during my stay, she called me a few times to ask that if i would like to go out with her again. each time, i told her that i will call her the "next time".


as soon as i finished my breakfast, at 7:30 am, the canoa quebrado tour van arrived. it was a 3-hour ride each way. i used that time wisely to sleep and got much needed rest. trip to canoa quebrado was great. this place is something like cumbuco (see description in my previous january report) only bigger and better. the van dropped me at my hotel at 6:30pm and called carla to let her know that i was back. she said she was working and she will be right there. for brazilian, 8 means 10 and here she was. our pre-arranged time was at 8:30 and she wanted to come at 7. not bad at all. at 7, front desk called me that carla was there. i asked them to send her upstairs. i opened up the door and here she was in florist uniform, looking so cute, and was there to drop me a flower. i took her downstairs to say bye. she had me meet the flower delivery truck driver. she told me that she will come back by 9 pm and, after a few hugs and kisses on the cheek, left. the folks at the reception were happy for me.

carla came to my hotel at 9:10pm, wearing a nice dress. we went to drago do mar. it is a cultural center that has, among others, a museum and a planetarian. we ate there and came to my hotel at 11. all night, it was like two lovers meet after a long time. without me asking for anal, she tried hard to insert my dick in her ass but it did not work. after a few tries, both of us gave up. we hardly slept that night. i asked her to call her work and tell them that she was sick but she told me that she could not do that. at 7am, she told me that she had to leave for work. she asked me that if she could see me again that night. i felt uneasy by giving her any money. i sure wanted the same and agreed. did not give her any money for this night and she did not ask either. we definitely had some sort of connection. she never said that she loved me. rather, she kept on saying in english that she likes me. good enough for me. i would tell the same. she had this nice habit of screaming "oh mike, oh mike" while having sex and i liked that.


went to mercado central for shopping and came to my room at 2 pm. found a telephone message from carla. i called her back and she told me that she was on her way to my hotel to pick my up. i agreed and she was there in 15 minutes. this time, she borrowed her coworker's car. this car was not in a better shape either. she was in the work uniform. she had forgotten her earing last night and asked me that if i found them. i gave her those earing along with a chinese neckless and earing set that i bought earlier that day (r$32). i told her that it was inexpensive but would look great on her. she said that it is the feeling that matters. she was very happy for that and wore it right away. we hugged and kissed for 15 minutes and then decided to go to the movies. she took me to iguatemi shopping center where we saw the movies. i waited for her to show me stuff that she would like me to buy for her but she did not.

it was 6 pm, and she told me that she is getting very late and had to return to her work. we went to her work and she introduced me to all of her coworkers. they showed me their huge freezer that had all sorts of flowers flown from all parts of the country. after half an hour we, along with her girl friend and the guy she borrowed the car, left. first, carla dropped the car owner who lives in the favela right behind the southern end of ave: abolicao. we spent half an hour at her friend's house and left to drop her girl friend. i offered to buy dinner for them but the other girl refused. after dropping her off, i asked her if she would like to eat churrascaria. she said that she sure would and know a great place. she took me to fogao a lenha restaurant (av. bezerra de menezes, 1966 a - sao gerardo). this restaurant was near boite estodio tropical. food was good and cost me r$26 for two including service charges. i think that is the advantage of having a local pick the restaurant. we came back to my hotel, drank a bottle of white wine and enjoyed each other as much as we could. we stood in the balcony, watched people walking by, and had sex there. initially, we were concerned that people will see us making out but as the emotions flared up, we did not care for the world. we had a great round of sex in the balcony. i came all over her face but she did not swallow.

another shower and another round. this time she wanted anal sex. we tried it but it won't work. i strongly assume that she is not much experienced (even could be virgin anally, though she disagreed) in this area but just wanted to appease me. frustrated, she asked me to use some lubricant. i somehow managed to get my dick in. but after a couple of minutes of pumping, the condom broke. i gave up the idea. she did not know how to use her pussy and anal muscles either. she was not an expert in sex by any means but she was a brazilian. however, i had a lot of fun and the sex was like a gfe. that is what takes me to brazil.

both of us did not sleep much that night. it was such a romantic night and none was us wanted this night to end. however, the wine helped us sleep for a couple of hours. both of us wanted to stay strong but, at times, we lost it. both of us knew that this would be our last night together. it has happened to me several times before. i know this won't be the last time either.

i asked her if she could take a few hours off from her work and drop me off. she was holding her feelings real hard and said that she could not do so. she was leaving early in the morning real upset. i took her purse and put us$100 and gave her the purse back. she wanted me to promise that i will be back after 4 months. i told her that i won't promise but i may come back. i called her back the next day before leaving for the airport and she was kind of cold on the phone. the flights were on-time and i reached back home safely.


i had no problem using my atm card at the bank next to hotel diogo. however, the maximum permissible withdrawal amount was r$600. my total expenses excluding airfare, hotel rental, and personal gifts were us$ 650 for 6 days. it was a busy season there. lots of tourists there both brazilian and european. at any given moment, girls were outnumbered 1.5:1 in any bar. however, pretty girls were 1 to 5 men. as soon as a cute girl would walk in, several young and handsome guys will go talk to her and would pick her up before i could even think of approaching the girl. on several occasions, good looking girls in zip i bar simply ignored my hello and did not even want to talk to me. i knew that those girls had better options on hand.

several people told me that fortaleza is empty during the months of january, february, and march. in the future, if i go there, i will go during those months.

folks, it pays to write a trip report. please do it in detail with factual information and lots of fellow mongers will get a big help out of it. one day, it may be you who may get benefitted in-return. i know i did from my previous report.

Rio Nut
08-26-03, 23:27
Hello Jose,

Yes Fortaleza sounds very bad with young guys outnumbering good looking garotas and filled with tourists. Maybe it is because it is August, I hope so.

One thing I have to wonder if the quality of garotas there, as I saw your pictures and I do not want to offend but did not find any of them attractive or doable at all. I do not think I would do them if they paid me. So I wonder if there are attractive girls at all there who are putas in Fortaleza or if they are all ugly, or at least majority of them are ugly.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Jose Marcia
08-27-03, 16:04
Originally posted by RioNut
Hello Jose,

One thing I have to wonder if the quality of garotas there, as I saw your pictures and I do not want to offend but did not find any of them attractive or doable at all. I do not think I would do them if they paid me. So I wonder if there are attractive girls at all there who are putas in Fortaleza or if they are all ugly, or at least majority of them are ugly.

I agree with you. I have been to other cities in Brazil and found the quality much better. As I said, I will not go there again in August. I guess you get what you pay for. Besides, with my limited Portoguese, I had a hard time finding any half way decent looking girl.

In general, Rio and Sao Paulo girls are way better looking. Oh, BTW, are you Asian? I was born in South East Asia.

08-27-03, 17:51
Originally posted by RioNut

How good looking were the non-pros generally, and did you find that they run away from foreign guys?

How far away are the regular clubs from Iracema, and how filled with foreigners and Italians does Fortaleza get?

Thanks. Sorry RioNut, for my late reply

As in all populations, some places attract lots of beatiful girls, some don't. But if I tell you the places I'm talking about are filled with over 10.000 people, there's bound to be some beautiful girl there.

The girls in these places can be either very interested in foreigners, or despise them, so yes, you'll meet girls there that run away at the sight of you, but, luckily, not all of them do that.

Distance is around 10 to 20 km from Iracema. I didn't see many foreigners there, only some die-hard immigrants, but this can change rapidly, as I'm posting this, and because Fortaleza is rapidly becoming a popular destination.

Anyways, I'll give you 1 example, as information is precious, and I don't want these places flooded with foreigners. About 10 km north of Iracema you'll find the 'Parque do Vacquero'. Go there on a friday night and be surprised. But, as I said earlier, you HAVE TO speak Portuguese. People might have heard of this place already, or might even have been there, as I saw some flyers on Iracema promoting bus tours to this place.
My experience there was unforgettable. Just 5 minutes after entering the place, I saw this gorgeous small girl, dancing on the table. I went down towards her, and before I knew it I was kissing her, in a way only Brazilians can kiss. Etc, etc, etc.

Have fun


08-28-03, 21:16

I was in this Clube de Vacquero, it's between Cumbuco and Iracema. It's true there are some good looking girls but the most are very young most probably under 18 years old. But in general the average girls in Fortaleza are not good looking. See also my reports from 10.05.02 and 09.27.02. You may find some good looking girls at the big shopping centers, but that high class girls or middle class girls. It's not unimpossible to get laid with them, but in this case you need time, pick up skills and you should looks good, too.

@Rio Nut
The pros in Frorta are mostly really ugly and yes also very obtrusive. Many guy with no pick up skills may end with them into their bed and maybe they are happy with them, but I prefer to f*** with light in the room and then a good looking girl is better :-). There are some good looking girls in the scene, but even in the low season they always are surrounded by customers. Good time to visit Fortaleza is from February to August and from middle of September until middle of October. At August Fortaleza is packed with Italians, because at this time whole Italy is on vacation. Also, after middle of October when the tourist season in Italy is finish all the Italians whose work in the tourist sector in Italy start their vacations and go to Brasil, Thailand, East Europe and other monger places.

@Jose Marcia
Thank you for your report, I have enjoyed to read them and it's good that you had such a plenty time there. If I should be honest I also found that girls on your photos not very pretty, but you had fun with them, that is most important.

09-02-03, 14:54

I've heard about this 'Clube do Vacquero', which is not the same place as I'm talking about, although the names are partly the same. Anyway, from the sound of it, I think the places are more or less the same. And it is true, a lot of very young girls are there, but there are plenty of girls in the age of 20-30 too. And whether they are good looking, that's a matter of taste. I can find my dream girl there, although I have to admit, that 99 % of the girls doesn't come in my 'dream girl' range. But 1 out of a 100 is an OK score, comparing it to other places on this earth.



Jose Marcia
09-15-03, 13:20
I saw your pics and posting to WSG. I was very interested in Joyce. She's the type of girl I'mlooking for, very cute indeed. Were there many girlslike Joyce (age + looks)? I'm thinking of taking a 2 week vacation next winter in Fortaleza and wonder how much a long time with Joyce would cost. How much was it for all night? Any more info about Joyce? I don't know Portugese, so how much of a problem will that be?

Hi Larry,

Thanks for the kind words. However, please don't ask general questions through back channel.

I asked Joyce if she was available in the same way as you asked. I also asked her if she could ditch the brothel. She said that she could not. The agreement has to come though the brothel. I would suggest as follows:

If you go to her place, take her out for a couple of hours. If you get connected, bring her back to brothel and asked the owner. They are open 24/7 and she was available 24/7. My suggestion is to take her out for the whole night and it should not cost you over R$250. If they like you, they may ask for as little as R$150 for all night.

Yes, there were like 7 gals at that place then. Joyce was the most appealing to me that was avaiblable at that time.

As far as the language is concerned, I do not know much Portugese and that is a problem. The result is apparent if you look at the quality of the girls, during my current trip, I was with. Please look at the current availability of hookers and the prices.


I am surprised that the asking price is even as much as R$300 for a couple of hours. I will not go there again during the high season.



09-15-03, 14:51
After a few days in Rio, me and my buddy flew to Fortaleza for a little quieter place. Its a town of good beaches and food (the langosta, shrimp and fish are great) and frieendly people many of them from Portugal.

As far as the nightlife is concerned it seems to be concentrated in the Iracema district, with alot of nightclubs bunched within a square block of each other. To name a few: there's Dom Angelo, African, Desigual, Zipi, Europa, Holanda etc.

They're filledwith young girls mostly 18-19 year-olds. Many are too shy to even approach the guys, let alone talk about sex and money. The guys have to do all the initiating. It was a big turn-off to me.

But we did find some street action in El Centro at Praca dos Martires on Rue Dr. Joao Maraira, close to the fort. The girls hang around a couple of hotels and snack bars. There were a couple of cute and friendly ones among some dogs. The prices for the girls were around R20 + R5 for the room. You get about a 1/2 hr. of time. We had alot of fun talking to the girls in the snack bar after we had sex. The praca can be dangerous at night.

We got a good massage at a massagem at Rua Dr. Atualpa Barbosa Lima 603, apt 102, close to the Ibis Hotel. The massage was R50 + R20 for sex. 3 friendly girls wre working there. We got about an hour of service.

Take care

09-16-03, 15:30
Hi all, I am in Fortaleza now, updating on a couple of new things.

Anyone coming for the first time should go straight to the oldest page of the thread, for all the orientation you need. The long post from tomb is especially comprehensive and flat out good.

The hot spot right now is Dom Angelo, which is at ground zero of the Iracema strip on the same corner as Cafe del Mar. It is probably the most classy looking of the clubs (think Ikea decor and lots of space). Big downstairs section with live forro on stage, tables for eats. Upstairs a large lounge with pool table, joining on to a separate discotheque room. Probably about 120 girls in here on the night I went. Entrance is 10 reais, free before 23h30 for guys. Drinks from about 4 to 8 reais.

Desigual was not quite what it used to be, according to various people. Then suddenly last night was the opening of the new Desigual which is a few doors down from Cafe del Mar walking towards Africas. Downstairs is a dancefloor area and bar, upstairs is karaoke and sandwich bar, which was not very full later on in the night. This place was pretty OK, with lots of people coming in and out to check it out. I would say, not as good as Dom Angelo though.

Zipi Bar is still busy and gets going from around 23h00.

There are enough tourists around to make sure that all the hot girls get taken, but its still reasonable.

One unhappy memory from my time in Fortaleza. A few days into my trip I discovered some kind of red spot and rash, right where you dont want it to appear. It all turned out to only be some kind of yeast or fungus, and using a cream for a few days cleans it right up. Still, makes you think twice.

So guys, enjoy the life but also take care!

09-17-03, 18:57
I'll be in Fortaleza from 6 oct to 18 oct: Anyone else there?
Second time for me in Fort.
The last time i spent lot of time in the Zipi bar and Cafe du Mar.
Very happy that new disco/bar are coming.

J Wadd
09-23-03, 23:04

I should be there in and around that time. Let's talk a little more about it closer to the time. Looking forward to it.


J Wadd
10-04-03, 00:32

I've been here for a day-and-a-half, now, and this place if fucking going off bigtime! It's out of hand. Last night, Thursady, in that half-block run of the street where all those bars/clubs are (in Iracema) there must have been about 700 girls to choose from. At least.

Prices are great, too. I got this Gisele look-alike with an Eastern--European-porno sized natural rack (that's BIG if you don't know) and her roomate (a solid 7.5) for 150R at their apartment (!!). Crazy. The girls in that menage-a-trois were the third and fourth of the day. I got out for about 300R for 4 girls.

Are any other of you sportsmen here right now? We need to get together and do some serious phucking. I should be here through Tues. Drop me an email.

Peace out,
JW (jwadd88@yahoo.com)

J Wadd
10-04-03, 21:20
O.k. -- maybe not 700. But lots. Hundreds -- and really cute, too. As for the high season -- high like Everest.


J Wadd
10-11-03, 23:18

I`ve attached my old report to the bottom of this one. Not much has changed over the last two years, so this update should be comparatively short.

The place to go -- unequivocally -- is Iracema. This is the strip of beach a little to the south of the developed strip to the north (Beira Mar). All the discos/clubs/venues seems to congregate here. While there are other boites around town, I never had occasion or reason to go to them.

The Iracema scene concentrates around disco Don Angelo. Across the street is club Europa, and down a little is the newly-moved Desigual.

None of the places in this block have facilities. Take the girls either to the nearby 30R/3hours sex-motel Village, to the pousada Europa (20R) in Beira Mar, back to your hotel, or to any of the other (only) lower end pousadasmotels in the area.

Some of these places, also , do have an entrance fee (Club Europa, Don Angelo), varying from 5-10R. Drink prices are a little higher than average, but not too high.

On any given night Thurs.-Sat., the girls flock here by the hundreds. What really consistantly surprised my about Fortaleza was just how cute, cheap and attitude-free most of these girls were. Lotsa 7s and 8s, and many 9s can be found in this pussy-herd.

Prices are within the 100-150R range, depending on the girl, the day and the time of night. Everything is (of course) negotiable.

The places gets going every night of the week. It`s slower, but still decent, on Sun. and Mon., picking up steam the further advanced the week gets.

Daytime action primarily (as far as I could tell) happens around Beira Mar. The girls (often the same ones you saw the night previous in Iracema) seem to congregate around the beach-bars in front of MacDonalds. Can`t miss it.

That`s it. Pretty simple. One thing -- sometimes one place is happening over another on a given night. Desigual, also, seemed to be the place everyone went to for the last hour (sometimes). Haha. Wish I could be definitive. Just walk around.


While this scene is happening and by-and-large bullshit-free, there were enough girls scamming here to make it worth commenting on. No big deal -- but expect that the classic scams to be in effect.

One girl pointed out a friend of her`s who is notorious for drugging gringos.

Another friend (a gringo) got ripped off by the old, pay-first then emergency (pre-arranged) phone call from friend who then shows up with taxi and boyfriend, scam. Can you believe this same shark showed up the next night, with another gringo on her arm? The fucking temerity.

And finally, some (of the barfly-ish) girls will latch on to you and not let you go. If you disengage yourself at one place, go to another and start up a conversation with another girl, the first will step right the fuck over to you and start talkingtalkingtalking -- ruining your mack.

Most of these pariahs, though, hang out at the bar at the end of the non-beach-side of the street with the red chairs. Can`t miss it.

Incidentally, this is where the after-hours party starts up when the other venues (sadly) close at 3 or 4, depending on the night.

Happy Hunting,

P.S. I found the Zipi Bar to be dead at all times of day or night (see below).


Fortaleza has sort of a confusing scene. It starts at about 9pm, goes 'til dawn, and operates on bar-hop principle. I.e., girls at one place at one time may show up at another later that night.

Soooo, comments such as "this place had X amount of girls, and they were X attractive" don't work as well here as they do in other cities in Brazil.

O.k. -- downtown, starting about 9pm, there are basically two venues: one, a boite (sex-club) and two, an open-terrace bar for working-girls.

The boite is across the street from the large disco "Pirata" (sorry, can't remember its name), and the bar is named "Vip", a few streets away. This area is the large bar-restaurant district on the southern end of the beach.

The boite was lame -- about 10 girls. Vip is o.k., about 30 women, but none very good looking. Prices quoted were about 100 reals. Neither provided rooms.

Boite "Studio Tropical" is another boite way out of town. It's about 25 minutes via cab heading inland. I don't think it's worth the trip. The night I was there it featured about 15 very unexceptional women, the finest of which (and the only one I talked to) asked for 200 reals. No beds on site; must go to a motel.

On the other end of the beach is another small boite: "Sunset." It, as the other two, is lame and not worth your time. 5-7 below average women.

But don't despair...

The main beach promenade, and the large street about one block behind it, are teeming with free-lance girls. Maybe 50-75 on any given night. Many are really good looking. Prices started at about 50 reals. There are many pousadas/quick-time motels in the area.

The best concentration for these girls, in my opinion, were the streets around Sunset boite.

I know many of you avoid street-walkers. This is problematic in Fortaleza -- for many of the girls you see walking the streets in the evening show up at the final meeting-place (the disco I will describe below) at 1:30-2 a.m.

This disco is "Desigual", and is the place where most girls end up at the end of the evening. Indeed, most boites close at midnight, as they know their girls will be taking off to this disco then.

Desigual is a good, packed, low-scale disco on the order of "Help" in Rio. On any given night there're about 150 women -- most (as always) unattractive, but there always seems to be enough honeys to go around.

It's about 10 reals for the entrance, and most girls ask somewhere between 150-200 reals. There are no beds/rooms here, so you must leave with them and go to your hotel (or a sex-motel).

Incidentally, there are a few really big discos that some taxi driver might try to (innocently) convince you are sex-discos, etc. There names are "Muccalippi," "Pirata" and "Africa." As far as I could tell, there are no working girls here.

Pirata, though, might be a good place to orient yourself, as there is a boite across the street, Desigual down the road toward the hotels off the beach, and many free-lancers walking around or sitting in the numerous cafes here.

Lastly, there's a large disco on the high bluff overlooking Fortaleza. The area is called "Mirante," and it's the only disco there. It's a nice place to hang out, and I was assured by my taxi driver that there're working girls here. I didn't go in -- but it looked like it had potential. Give it a try (Max) and tell me.

Happy Hunting,

10-21-03, 17:06
Canoa Quebrada

This is the beach resort one and a half hour's drive from Fortaleza. I was there a couple of years ago, only stayed a few days though. Nice place to enjoy the beach, but not many girls, four or five that looked unengaged, at most. Some hippie action, plenty of dope around, very hazardous because it's a small place where people are easily located and the Feds like fishing there to net strangers.

I stayed at Miguel's and he himself agreed that Canoa is not a place to pick up girls. In fact, if you want to go there, bring your own girls from Fortaleza or elsewhere, and avoid week-ends or bank holidays because Brazilians congregate there in droves for short trips.

Regarding the Ceará and maybe other places to the North, the quality of girls is not what you get down South. I was told by a Brazil connoisseur that you should not cross an East-West line that goes through Recife if you want to find girls whose beauty is representative of Brazilian womanhood.


Rabo Verde
10-22-03, 01:51
All Brazil destinations from LAX JFK and Miami
I am goooooooooooooooing!

10-24-03, 09:27
Hello Folks,

On the 5th of November I will arrive in Fortaleza and will stay there for 1 Month.

My App is Vila Costeira at the Beira Mar (12th floor).

Who wants to hook up with me (The first beer is mine).

Please send a private message via the WSG Forum's Private Message system.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed because the entire report was entered in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING and had to be re-written. To avoid future delays, please do not type in all capital letters in future reports.Thanks!

J Wadd
10-29-03, 19:31

One of the staff members (presumably the maid or the night manager) got the key to my safe, wrote down my credit card numbers, and made DUPLICATE FUCKING COPIES of them.

This/these fucks have been running around town for the last few days racking up about 3000USD in charges on my cards. Fraud protection will hopefully take care of it -- but I've had to cancel the cards and I'm not sure I'll be able to get replacements. Sigh. I still have 22 days left in my trip.

I've traveled/sported through almost 40 countries and have never had a single money problem in the past. I guess fate was saving up for a big one.


10-30-03, 10:25
JW, i'm really sorry to hear about that : i strongly hope that you'll be able to finish your trip in good conditions ...

Take care


J Wadd
10-30-03, 19:16
Thanks, man. Are you going to be in Sao Paulo anytime soon?


10-31-03, 10:08
JW, i will not be soon in Sao Paulo, arriving on 26 December ... to experience Love Story on New Year's Eve !! :)



11-02-03, 11:47
Report - 2 weeks in Fortaleza
hotel Casa de Praia - Iracema - very good, next to nightlife, no problem with girls
beach - the last time most of "barracas" in beira mar wr closed.
Praia do futuro is better. Atlantis is very good but working girls
cannot go inside (only with man)
nightlife: All bar and discos are in Iracema area - Zippy bar free entrance - Cafe' du mar 6 rs with free drink - Dom Angelo 10rs no free drink - Disegual free - Europa 5rs (not sure)
My opinion: walk around the free bar until 1am and then go to
Don Angelo (2 floor - disco) - I think it's a very funny place and many times i stayed inside until 4 am dancing with girls, drinking and....
Since 2002 prices increased about 15% in reais (and more the
Many girls ask for 150, but never pay more then 100 (range is 50-100)

11-02-03, 14:54
Hotsam, in comparison to your trip last year, do you thing things are better or worst in terms of mongering action?

I have heard the local mayor is beggining a crackdown on prostitution, and that might be the reason all those barracks are closed in Beira-Mar.

Do you think Fortaleza is still a highly recommended place to mongering activities?

Thanks in advance


Owen NL
11-02-03, 17:40
I was in Fortaleza 2 days ago, and indeed most barracka's on Beira-Mar are closed now, because of this crackdown. The two barracka's across the street from McDonalds are still open though, most girls go there after a day at the beach.

On Praia do Futuro, since the girls aren't allowed to go to Atlantiz now solo, they all go to the barracka next door, called "Coco Beach".

11-02-03, 21:19
I can comparise Fortal only to Natal, and i think Fortal is better.
No problem with girls, the number of them is more higher than the last year, and i enjoy the new discos and bars. This year i think nightlife is better than the last.
Only one problem: too many tourists for a low season!!!!!
Someone tell me about last august: 15.000 tourists (9000 italians) - 1500 girls!!!!!!

Henry R
11-05-03, 04:15
To Salomon69

I will be leaving for Brazil November 6 and will be there for four weeks. I plan to spend the 3rd week in Fortaleza, about November 21 to November 26, give or take a day. Would be great to get together with you for a beer or do some sightseeing. You can contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

Anyone else in Fortaleza at that time can also contact me.

Also, I will be in Salvador about November 26 to December 2, and Rio the nites of December 2 and 3, if anyone is there at that time and wants to get together.

11-06-03, 17:42
Dear all,

Reading the posts seems to me that picking up girls who are not pro is not a problem in Fortaleza. Is it correct? Sorry, if this question looks like a naive one to veterans, but I never was in the country and there is a real chance for me to travel over there next Frebuary. So I need a little help to answer to my question from some friend more expert than I am.

Thanks a lot.

All the best.


11-09-03, 16:10
Ola folks,

I have been here for 4 days now and it´s toppie here a lot of garotas and the food is excellent and cheap . Till now I didn´t need to go to bars liuke zip ibar (99% of them are ugly and pro I have heard from my taxidriver) If you are young and have the beauty like me you can get garotas everywhere , till now I have had 6 of them in 4 days and all of them are 9-10 , yes believe me they are everywhere on the street shops I just walk alone and they can see I am a foreinger and they ask me for phonenumber and they call me , it´s unbelieveble but it´s true.

For anyone who will visit For soon you can pm me and we can go take some drinks at the praia de futuro.



11-10-03, 00:16
Salomon69 (and other guys that went there recently).

What about safety in the streets ?

Have been hearing constantly how safe things are in Fortaleza, but recent news (with the kidnapping of a Portuguese diplomat, and assassination of a teenager this weekend both situations connected with ATM cards), have created me some doubts.

What has been you general feeling ?

I see reports that people stay in the discos and bares until 3, 4 am, and i wonder if it is so simple to get a cab to go home (or eventually reach our rented car.

Thanks in advance

11-10-03, 17:32
Henry: Today I have talked with Adrina ( she works for Flatshop) about you ... If you call her (you can find her number and link in the last post ) you say that Michael has introduced me than you will be helped quickly ( I have asked my Vila Costeira flat ) they have an apartment free from 17th Nov so you can call them it´s vila costeira av belra mar 3620 (By the way Adrina looks very sweet and I have kissed her 3 times, just to thanks her for giving me the best apartment with see sight ~etc )

Monto: That can happen everywhere dont hesitate Fortaleza is very safe in my opinion till now

Yesterday night I was in Domingo, a top night with a lot of garotas many of them are under 5 but I didn´t have time for them I only talked with 9-10 or 10+ there were maybe 4-7 of them. I think I was the most lucky or handsome guy that night all of the 9-10 are only interested in me :) all the other guys only look .

Henry I have given you my nr in pm message you can call me when you are in Fortaleza and taxicabs are very safe and cheap a trip from airport to beira mar is 15 R$

See you in For guys

11-11-03, 00:45
I don't remember any safety issues during the time I was in Fortaleza.

You can find an enormous choice of hotels just 2 or 3 blocks from the Iracema bars. Remember to ask for their best room rate at any hotel, they will probably give you a discount immediately.

The streets in Praia de Iracema felt safe to walk at any time of day or night.

Of course I cannot guarantee you it's 100% safe. There are a few easy precautions you should take. But this is the same all over Brazil.

Bull Dozer
12-06-03, 05:22

Is Forteleza dead, no new reports, would like to go there 1st week of January6-10, any one headed to Forteleza, please send me a PM. I'll be in Rio from Dec.29th till Jan 6th for the new Year.


12-10-03, 01:16
Some Fortaleza photos from this July will show up when administrator pass them.

12-14-03, 02:28
Just returned from Fortaleza.

Things are the same as previous reports.

The place to go is definitly DOM ANGELO, you my whish to visit the other bars like, Desigual, Africa, Cafe Del mar, but if you haven't found the right girl, then and before 2.30 am, you should enter Dom Angelo where you will find at least 100 available girls.
Pros of course.

The amateurs can easily be found but then things won't be so simple (cheap).

In terms of lodging, flatshop is really the place to go, they have a lot of flats which are the most suitable option for mongering activities. They are also very cheap (12-15 Euros).

Security was a pleasant surprise, a lot of cops in turistic zones, so nothing to be afraid of.

The most disapoiting thing was the average quality of the girls, perhaps in south things are better.

Overall a nice experience, R $ is really cheap against the Euro these days, even guys whith limited budget will feel like kings.

Last thing, despite the fact they have reasonable quality you should avoid the Iracema Restaurants, because they are terribly overpriced. They are cheap, but if you look for other options you will see some of them are charging the double of other similar restaurants.Perhaps you must pay a fee for dinning in the center of action

Rio Nut
12-16-03, 13:34
I am curious how overrun with tourists from Europe Fortaleza is, and how the normal girls compare to the rest of the Northeast?

I like hookers, but only good looking ones. So I was thinking of trying my luck with the non-hookers, but it sounds like this will be difficult because foreign men have such a bad image in Fortaleza.

Also, do almost all tourists stay in Iracema, and is it like Rio in that only sex tourists and hookers stay there, and no normal people will go there?

12-16-03, 19:51
You can find the hookers in 2 places (there of course more zones, its a 2 million people city). In the afternoon in Fututo beach, and at night in the Iracema zone (bars and restaurants).

If in the beach you can find "common people" at night in Iracema, its really more difficult, despite the fact there are some bars (Lupus, Pirata) that are not connected with prostitution.

For common girls, the shoppings are a good option (Iguatemi, Aldeota). There is also another important zone which is the area between Iracema and Beira mar, where dozens of people go for walking and running, you will find pro´s and also common girls, but you must be well fitted start a conversation since most people is running!

Henry R
12-19-03, 23:52
Re the quality of garotas in the Iracema bars in Fortaleza. I spent 9 days in November in Fortaleza and found the quality to be pretty good. Many 7s and 8s, some 9s. I expected worse, after reading all the negative stuff on this website. But I think I figured it out. A number of these girls in Iracema bars are darker skinned, and that is probably why they are being knocked by the posters (although there are many light skinned goratas there also).

Similarly, posters were knocking the garotas at Bamboo club in Recife but praising the garotas at Sampa Club in Recife. I went to both and I think the ones at Bamboo were underrated and the ones at Sampa were overrated. And I think this also had to do with skin color, since many of the Bamboo garotas were darker and the Sampa garotas were all light skinned bleached blonds. I have nothing against that, but the ones at Sampa were generally all 7s. I saw some really hot light skinned bleached blonds in Fortaleza. So please take these judgments on the looks of these girls with a grain of salt.

12-21-03, 21:26

I'm from the Netherlands and I'm going in april to Fortaleza for the first time.

Are there any other guys who are going in that period? We might go 'haunting' together and drink some beers

I'm 25 years and for more info just send me a message.

Oh, and I'm also looking for nice pics of girls of Fortaleza. Who can send me some of their private collection? ;)



12-22-03, 00:03
About Henry R comment, i reafirm what i said about the average of Fortaleza girls being low.

I also found many 7's 8's and some 9's in the Iracema zone, the problem is that there were more than 100 girls in a disco a just some very few looked good.

Obviously you can find stunners, but i think in other places in Brazil (or in the world), it will be easier to find them.

My comment really hadn't anything to do with color skin, its just my humble opinion.

12-24-03, 03:59
I agree with Montecristo the 'average' of fortaleza girls being low.
The non pro in the pirata bar (rate 7) will act/look like she is a 9. IMHO fortaleza is a good place for non pro but you have to know where to look- Iguatemi mall is a good place to hook up with non pro - though 'basic' portuguese is necessary, you'll be surprised that some of them can speak english.

12-28-03, 16:11
After 2 weeks in Fortaleza in October, i travelled in Asia, from
Bangkok to Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam) in 3 weeks (most of the time in Cambogia).
Now i feel "saudade" but not for Cambogia.....

01-18-04, 19:05
Has anyone ever been in Fortaleza over the Christmas/New Year period? What's it like? Is there still a lot going on or are the chicks at home with their families? I suppose it won't be as hectic as Rio but is it worth going in that period?


02-03-04, 21:51
I was in Fortaleza last November. A lot of beauties, especially from 11.00 pm in Iracema in the bars like Bikini Bar and Europa Bar. Later everybody goes to Dom Angelo (a disco). If you can't find a knocker for R$80 or even less, there is something wrong with you. Most hotels do not allow "non residents", so I suggest to rent an appartment. If you need any advice, drop me a line.

Tip: at night, always take a taxi or motorcycle taxi. Don't go wondering the streets by yourself, you have a great chance of being mugged.

02-07-04, 16:34
Hi guys,

I'm a new member and I can report my experience in Fortaleza.

I was there in last august and in last New Year's Eve. The better place were we have to go to meet pro is really Dom Angelo, that now has a glass roof too, so it's possible to go in wet season too. Other places, like New Desigual, Cafè do Mar or Africa, offer a quality of girls very worse. Before going to Dom Angelo, I suggest to go to Zipi bar, Europa or Desigual, but sometimes it's difficult to find a very cute girl, IMHO. I agree with Dutchie in safety; the brasilian boys became very persistent asking for some tip or money around discos, and around petrol pump in Iracema you can be mugged if ypu're alone, so be careful boys!

Range or price of girls is almost the same the we can read in other reports, it depends on what you're looking for.

It's difficult (but on impossible) to find non-pro in Iracema; if you prefere, don't believe in posts like Solomon69 (that I felt absolutely incredible: nodody wrote stories like him, so you can undestand who's lying.); you have to speak some Portuguese and go to clubs like Amazen47 (near Dragon do Mar), PirataBar, or go in Aldeota during the day, hand above all have a good luck.

Happy hunting.

02-11-04, 15:11

Personally I think Iracema lost its charm. So many places along the waterfront are closed. Standing there empty and dark.

Two blocks inland it´s quite convenient to find so many pro´s at one place. Café del Mar, Desigual, Europa Bar, Bikini Bar and Kapital. Zipi Bar and Africa just nearby.

Here you can enjoy an over-priced beer and get hassled by beggars and people selling crap. Kapital is definitely the best place to pick up a pro. They ask for about 80 reais.

I tried to find some nice brothels without succes. Up in Aldeota there are several small casas, none worth mentioning. If you want to experience a really ugly brothel, head to the brothel in front of Croco-beach, in Praia do Futuro. 30 minutes cost only 20 reais, including the room. About 20 girls working. Several of them are locked inside their rooms, just like a prison. The standard on the girls are extremely low. Worth a visit just for the experience.

If you like forró you will have a great time at Clube do Vaqueiro (wednesday and saturday), Parque do Vaqueiro (fridays) or Sítio Siqueira Clube (sundays). Great music, lots of nice women (some pro´s as well) and easy to pick up girls.

In the Iracema-area you find nice non-pro´s at the bars at Dragao do Mar, Armazen 47, Orbita and Mucuripe. On fridays Mucuripe is crowded with beautiful girls. On saturdays there are less people and a lower standard on the girls, although the saturdays-girls are much easier to pick up.

In Fortaleza there are a lot of girls that fit the description cabeca quadrada sem pescoso. But surely you´ll also find lots of beautiful women.


02-26-04, 16:32
Can anyone provide me with some solid information on visiting Fortaleza around the end of May, or beginning of June.

I just got back from Rio de Janeiro on 2 nights ago, and although it was FIRST trip to Brazil, it was VERY ENJOYABLE one.

Mongering was prestine, although, many of the most beautiful morena women I met in Rio, were from either Fortaleza or Recife..

I'm planning on going to Fortaleza first, because the things I have read about Recife weren't too promising, both here on this forum, and on another forum written by people living IN Recife currently.

Has anyone been to Recife in the past 30-60 days, and can anyone tell me what the mongering is like during the month of May. Is that the rainy month? Is it cold there? Do the girls hibernate.

All information would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Thanks fellow mongerers.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

03-04-04, 19:04
I have been in Fortaleza (again) since Sunday. The scene is still the same as last November.

I stay in a small pousada on Praia do Foturo. As I am the only paying guest, they are quite happy with me. It is right across the street from the beach and it s a very quiet neighbourhood. Late at night you should be careful, so I always take a taxi, though the bus system works fine for me during the day.

At Praia do Mereiles it is easy to pick up girls. On Av. Beira Mar coming out of McDonald´s, go to the left (the beach is on your right). In the beach joints (barraca´s) you will find them.

From about 7pm till midnight you will find lots of pro´s sitting on the street side of these barraca´s or simply walking up and down that section of Av. Beira Mar.

I will check out Praia de Iracema later and report on that.

Iracema is still the place to be at night. I recommend Zippi Bar (near the petrol station), no entrance fee, reasonable prices and lots of girls. Also the Bikini beach bar above the Europa Bar has no entrance fee but European prices. The owner is Dutch. Plenty gorgeous girls.

You can also stay at 1 place, because the girls tend to move from bar to bar. From about midnight everybody still goes to the Kapital disco (formerly called Dom Angelo). The girls here are pro´s...all of them. You should get a girl to come with you for R$ 50-100, but there are some that ask more...up to R$ 300. My advice is NOT to give in. A girl told me that some foreigners pay that price and now she regards it as normal. I don´t even pay that in Holland and the prices there are up to 5x as high. So if you pay tose king of escort prices, you are spoiling it for everybody else.

In the weekend I will check out the non pro scene at Mucuripe disco and will report on that.

Remember that not all of the hotels allow guests in your room. My pousada does. So check it out before you check in. There are a lot of motels around where you can stay for an hour or so for about R$ 30.

Is anyone in town right now? Pm me. Maybe we can do some hunting!

03-10-04, 20:41
Still in Fortaleza. I did not make it to the Mucuripe disco yet. There is another one called Azalem on Drago do Mar. That seems to be a non pro scene. I might check it out.

At Kapital disco I got a few pro´s. One was definately a 9 and asked R$ 100 (US$ 35). Can you believe that? She stayed all night and wanted it again after she woke up.

Another one insisted on R$150. She was very beautiful as well but worked on the clock. After an hour she was gone.

So there are pro´s and pro´s. Keep that in mind.

The first one I will call again for sure. I made a pic of her and will try to post it later.

03-10-04, 20:46
One more thing,

I checked out the street girls in the Praca dos Martires. A friend said het got a beautiful chica for only R$ 20.

I did not see any beauties there. They looked to me what they charge...cheap. Some were pregnant!

But you might want to check it out for yourself. The park is near the Mercado Central, behind the military compound.

The Mercado Central is a nice place for non pro´s. I saw some beauties working or shopping there.

03-19-04, 04:21
Hey Dutchie,

Thanks for the great reports. I am about to book an apartment on Beira Mar tomorrow, along with my flight. I will be going to Fortaleza for 12 days in late May and would appreciate any information that anyone has to offer.

After reading your report, now i'm not too skeptical about getting an apartment on Beira Mar right infront of the beach. I am going through FlatShop for the apartment, and the idiot i'm emailing is trying to run a smooth move on me, but i'm going to escalate above his head, and call the young lady you all have mentioned here that speaks english and quite possibly get a better rate, but he has personally taken pictures to send me and everything looks to be in order.

I'll defenitely give my report upon returning and will continue to check here for further Fortaleza Reports.

Thanks again!

04-11-04, 05:37

Well I'm heading a small tour to Thailand (Pattaya Beach) in August and I just got back from Cuba. (check post) April 13th I'm leaving from San Diego to Fortaleza, first trip to Brazil. and it seems Meirelles is right in the middle of all the day time action? Any way, it would be nice if someone could give me a number of a inexpensive cool flat (meaning one where you can bring the mice in and out with no hassle) close by the beach. Doesn't have to be on it. Other than that?

Thank you all for your helpful posts. I'm sure I'll be making Brazil one of my new hunting grounds.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

04-12-04, 09:31
Hi Sunday,

Try the site fortaleza-online.de: it has many good appartmens for reasonable prices. I've been in Fort last summer and I stayed in a house in rua Alves, in Iracema, very good, with AC and security 24 hours. The owner is a german guy who lives in Brasil.

Hope it helps, have a nice time,


04-13-04, 23:36
A little help here please!

I am having trouble finding an apartment/flat that allows guests to be admitted up to the apartment without an extra fee.

For anyone who has been in Fortaleza recently (within the past 6 months) and who stayed in a luxury (emphasis on luxury) apartment, please give me some options.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

04-23-04, 01:24
Oi Silent,

Try Via Vennetta instead.

Google a bit on the net and you might find what you want (or shall I say NEED?)


Rio Nut
04-24-04, 20:35
Fortaleza is GREAT! I went recently I was very impressed with the hundreds of *****s, nice prices, and the beautiful city. The *****s are everywhere, and even in normal beaches like Futuro, you can propositition semi-pros and have them sucking your dick without a condom the same day.

Fortaleza is the Rio de Janeiro of the North, and the cheap food and cheap women is wonderful. Rio de Janeiro has become much too touristy, and with dumb videos from people like Snoop Dawg, it is attracting too many obnoxious American tourists who overpay and turn the place into a cheap diseased version of Bangkok. Rio de Janeiro now even has American porn stars spreading STDs and AIDS there...although most of the STDs probably has come from all the international mongers who come to spread their diseases in Help and the Termas...and probably picked up in Bangkok, India, and other disgusting places in the world.

I would recommend renting a private apartment in Iracema for a few months, and you will have so many non-pro girls to fuck it will not be funny. Just hop from bar to bar like Zippi or Europa. The girls are also from the interior of Ceara and much less hardered like the Rio *****s, so they will be happy to get meals, stay with you.

I picked up a 18 year old beauty from the interior of Ceara, and I would open her legs and fuck her whenever I wanted, and then she would suck my dick after I came into her just as a sort of 'desert'. Waking up every morning with an 18 year old sucking you dick was a great experience. You will never get such service in the south of Brazil, like Rio de Janeiro, and NO WAY in places like Curitiba. I paid this one 300 reais to stay with me for 7 days, but I fed her and took her to vacation spots.

Member #1005
04-26-04, 06:57
Come on guys where are the photos…..? You guys are always raving about the top garotas up here so where are they? Anyway from my 2003 tour here are a couple of photos to get you started.

The garota with her faced concealed is because she asked me to, and I have kept my word to her, but she was one of the best girls I have ever had in Brazil always wanted to please me and sucked dick like her life depended on it.

Enjoy !!

Member #1005
04-26-04, 07:00
Girls of Fortaleza

Member #1005
04-26-04, 07:04
Girls of Fortaleza #3

Member #1005
04-26-04, 07:05
Girls of Fortaleza #4

Member #1005
04-26-04, 07:06
Girls of Fortaleza #5

Member #1005
04-26-04, 07:08
Girls of Fortaleza #6

Member #1005
04-26-04, 07:13
Girls of Fortaleza #7

04-26-04, 16:33
[Report deleted by Admin]

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Rio Nut
04-26-04, 20:55

Thank you for that very nice review of Fortaleza. Are you a jealous black man or something?

04-26-04, 23:56

I rather enjoyed your report...not sure what Rastaman's problem is.

04-27-04, 00:55
[Report deleted by Admin]

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Rio Nut
04-27-04, 01:54
One thing you must be careful about with Fortaleza and Ceara non-pros. If they like you, they will very easily let you spread their legs and fuck them without a condom, especially the young naive girls. So if you are not careful, it is easy to get them pregnant. Well, haha, there are worse things than to empregnate a beautiful Brazilian girl, but then you will have problems with her parents, alimony, and things. Many see you as a white knight, so be careful that they do not try to hang onto you for dear life.

You will notice though, the non-pros are a step up in beauty from the prostitutes. The prostitutes however will do anything, and basically be your sex slaves for very cheap. My friend hired two for 4 days as we rented a buggy and went riding in the dunes. He paid each one 100 reais per day. He fulfilled his fantasy of having 2 teenage girls (19 years old) giving him a wet blow job at the same time every night and every morning. I have never seen him so happy. Again, something like this would NEVER happen in Rio, Sao Paulo, and any city in the south of brazil, where it is like Amsterdam in terms of GFE...in other words, no GFE, at least compared to naive Ceara girls.

One thing I would recommend because many have asked about non-pros. The girls in the interior are very desperate and naive, and almost certainly see foreign men as some sort of saviors. In Fortaleza, because of charter flights from Europe, they are getting more and more used to foreign men and becoming a little bit pickier. Try the interior and you will not regret.

04-27-04, 20:14
Ciao Rio Nut,

Thank you very much for precious information; I was in Recife last year,everybody there told me that in Fortaleza much better, so I would like to try,but what do you mean with "the girls of interior"?

I have 2 friends married with Brazilian women and not deny a relationship with Brazilian Woman, so thank in advance for your answer.



Rio Nut
04-28-04, 04:46
Ciao Luca,

The girls of interior are the girls who live in the medium cities inside of Ceara, far away from the beach and Fortaleza. The girls there are very naive, and very desperate, and meeting a foreigner will be the highlight of their lives. Many that my friend and I met, were very excited and wanted to take pictures with us. After buying them some gifts, we were fucking them very soon, and soooo tight!! They would whimper and get so wet, quite different from hardened prostitutes. The girls start fucking very young, maybe 15-16 (or younger) in the interior and marry young too, so you will have to be careful since they are very beautiful at that age.

Also, you will notice that there are many young beautiful girls who hang out near the truck stops. They are there to maybe make some extra money by having sex with the Brazilian truck drivers, and charge 10-20 reais. Very cheap, so if you come and offer them 100 reais, they will stay with you forever and give you their bodies with much enthusiasm.

But really, you must at least speak some portuguese in the interior, because it is not as easy a thing as just pointing and paying like in Fortaleza.

Fortaleza is 10 x better than Recife. Recife is ugly, dangerous, and the girls not so cute and very hardened. No body wants to go to Recife anymore.

For places with very few tourists, Joao PEsso and Maceio are it. There, you got and find girls who have never talked to a foreign man, much less had sex.

Cash Works
04-28-04, 05:42

The girls may not be as naive as you think. Years ago, a friend of mine who lived in Fortaleza (may still live there, haven't heard from him in about 5 years) tried to explain to me why there were so many young mothers. He said something to the effect of "For some reason, they want to check that the plumbing is all fully funtional, once they're satisfied that it works, they try to avoid getting pregnant." So, when they first start having sex, a lot of these girls do it with the intention of getting pregnant. Once they have a kid, they have sex for pleasure and take precuations to avoid having a second child. So go after the ones who already have a kid, they may be less likely to get themselves knocked up (this, of course wouldn't be a problem if you always wore a raincoat).

On the other hand, some of these girls from the interior are just not very well educated - an English friend of mine was working in a village in Bahia (this was about 15 years ago). Every evening he would get his evening meal (usually cerveja, but occasionally he would get some food too) at the one bar in this village. For the first two weeks, he was getting laid by a different girl every night, said he wasn't even trying to pick them up! He thought it was too easy - even for Brasil - so he asked what was going on. The girl said "We want our babies to be able to speak English, since you're English, if you make us pregnant, our babies will be able to speak English". Obviously, he thought this was hillarious, so he told the girl that he had had a vasectomy years before (claims this was just a joke) - she told all the other girls & for the next two weeks that he was there, he couldn't even buy a piece of ass in that town. The life of a sperm doner, it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!


04-28-04, 20:21
Ciao Rion Nut,

Thanks for informations. Last March 03 I was in trouble if Recife or Fortaleza. For me the same, but I choosed Recife and it was a little disaster. Yes the sea, cheap food are great and I had big saidade LOL! But no night life with exception of Bamboo and Sampa, so surely I will choose Fortaleza next time.

My friend was in Maceio, little turist as you told me and quite good, but in January, last march 03, the third week of march, 2 italians, (I am Italians too, and you?), went to Maceio and stay there 2 days. Nobody's was there they told me, so I don't know. Joao da Pessoa I know nothing. How far are these cities of interior of F.? You went there by bus? I wish you a beautiful weekend, I go to Bratislava until Tuesday, my little Brasil here without Ocean LOL.

Take care,



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Rio Nut
04-28-04, 20:42
hehehe Cash Works.

Well yes the girls are not naive in that they are stupid. They all want something.

What they think you give them is a better life and more status. Brazilian women, more than other women, always want to marry up up up. So a foreign man, even if you are 40-60 years old, would be a great catch to get empregnated by for a 16-25 year old girl.

Cash Works
04-29-04, 17:02
Rio Nut,

Yeah, I remember having that sort of conversation with the girls at the barraccas when I was living down there. They all wanted to marry a foreigner, since "all the foreigners who managed to travel to Fortaleza for a vacations were RICH after all." Of course, after they got hitched to this foreigner they had known for a week, they would move away from Brasil to "live the good life" in whatever country their new spouse hailed from. Some Fantasy, eh?

Being the nice guy that I am, I tried to explain economics and the idea that wealth is a relative thing, but I really don't think that I got through to any of them. It was fun trying though and usually wound up with a session back at my apartment when they got really confused - sex was the one thing these girls knew a lot about, so if their idea of reality was ever in doubt, a vigorous sex session would put things back in perspective for them.

I remember this one girl - she was one of my girlfriends roommates - named Teca (I never actually had sex with this one, just a lot of flirting). She was absolutely beautiful, but dumb as hell. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling her dumb because she was illiterate and uneducated, I know some very intelligent people who have that same unfortunate condition. I'm calling her dumb because she was too proud to ask anybody for help with things she knew nothing about like reading and writing. She actually managed to snag herself a Swiss tourist (without getting pregnant, I might add). When he got back to Switzerland, he arranged a visa for her and even sent her an open plane ticket to use whenever she got all the paperwork finished on her end (getting a passport and getting the visa stamped in it, etc.). A week after I heard about her "good fortune", she showed up at the barracca where I was spending my afternoon. She said she had thrown everything in the trash because she couldn't fill out the forms to get the passport and she was too embarrassed to ask anybody to help her. I reckon, if she's still alive, she's still in Fortaleza but I doubt that she's still hooking since she'd be pushing 40 by now.


05-01-04, 23:32
RioNut and Cashworks,

You guys have provided me with motivation. I will be going to Fortaleza the end of this month for about 12 days and then moving on to another place. I was supposed to be accompanied by 2 of my friends, but one of them just pulled out on me TODAY, and the other is still in the air about it (but I think he's going to pull out on me also), while I have already booked my airline ticket.

So, as it turns out, I JUST MAY be in Fortaleza all by my lonesome self, with limited portuguese (on the 2nd Set of the Pimsleur 30-CD Lesson) I reckon I may have a hard time, but I fared pretty well in Rio during Carnival, but alot of the pros there spoke some (if not much) english.

I have an apartment in mind now, i'm just not sure if the guy is trying to scam me or not. I have thought about just getting a cheap hotel for one night and use the time to go and view apartments and find out about their guest policy before I commit to anything, and i'm afraid to try and call someone because the minute they hear that i'm not a fluent portuguese speaker and guess that i'm an American, i'll get the "American Price".

In any event, i've heard a few stories, and I have some buddies in Miami whom have been to Fortaleza and made a little video about it (which I have yet to get). I hope there will be plenty of things to keep me busy, and my other friends are telling me that i'm CRAZY to be going to a city in Brazil ALONE, and not knowing that much Portuguese.

I say "what the hell, you only live once", and they start talking about safety. I'm a 6'4, 250lb black guy with a linebackers build and i'm from a city where crime is no stranger. I fared well in Rio, I played it smart, no flashy jewelry, inexpensive (looking) watch and kept my head on a swivel. I'll do the same in Fortaleza, even though all the reports I read on Fortaleza state that crime is not that big an issue as it is in Rio, and I didn't ever feel uneased in Rio during my whole 8 day stay. Although, i'm no dummy and I know size can't beat a gun, if I ever were in a situation where some brasileiro attempted to rob me, I think I could stomach giving them what was in my pockets at the time, and still feel pretty good about having an extra credit card stashed somewhere in my apartment. LOL

Thanks for the motivation guys, and if there's any more information you all think might be useful to me on this trip, then i'd love to hear it. This will be my 2nd time in Brazil, but not my first time doing a trip alone. I did Puerto Rico, Cozumel, Belize, and The US Virgin Islands alone all for 2 weeks at a time, so i'm sure i'll find the company of some beautiful girls. No GFE's though, i'm spoiled and if i'm paying to play, I want to wake up with something different every morning, as opposed to having one stay with me for 5-7 days. Plus i'm sure i'll do alot of doubles in Fortaleza.

Anyway, thanks guys and I look forward to more advice/info/stories before I leave in -- 25 days!

05-03-04, 16:16
To Silent,

I will just support you and wish you good luck and a happy travel, even if you are travelling alone. I was there in july 2003, travelling alone, and felt none problems. am going back in late June this summer, because its so easy to fell in love with the people and their "manjana-atmosphere"!

Have a nice trip!

05-03-04, 23:25
Oi Silent,

Nice to hear that you are going. Nice friends you got, thought. I bet the trip was all their idea.

Where do you stay anyway, have you tried my tip?

Hope you'll have a fabulous time in Fortaleza.


05-04-04, 04:24

I absolutely have tried your tip and it's proving very fruitful, I'm just skeptic about everyones guest policy.

Via Venetto looks rather promising though. Right now i'm going through this online company that is giving me good rates, but I don't think they're promising airport transfer, but i'll get around that, or either hop a taxi.

This WILL be a good trip. I will see to it.

I'm listening to, and practicing dancing forro as I type.

(well, I'm not exactly dancing as I type, but i'm listening to forro)

Rio Nut
05-04-04, 06:53
Yes, Fortaleza is NOTHING like Rio de Janeiro in violence and murder. Actually, there are favela like areas, but you have no need to go to such places. Besides, you will be too enchanted with the gorgeous beaches and sand dunes to even notice, Rio de Janeiro city beaches are nothing compared to these.

As for prostitutes, there are large roving bands of hundreds of girls everywhere. It is no problem switching one 18 year old girl to another every night, or better yet, have 2 or 3 on the same night! The only thign is that you will be fighting it out with Dutch and Italian men, who come every week on charter flights to also fuck the pretty girls. Actually there are many many Italians, Dutch and Portuguese who never left and now live in Fortaleza.

I have never taken 4 *****s, but I have once taken 3. I woke up with 3 nakes teenage girls, one sleeping near my penis, and the other two wrapped around my arms. I felt like the king, and it was a fantasy come true watching 3 young women fighting over my cock with their tongues. Actually, the best part was when I was really fucking hard the youngest one who was whimpering and very wet, and the other two started saying "eu quero tambem" (I want it too). hehe They all want to be fucked!!

In my opinion, the night life of Fortaleza is the best in ALL of Brazil. And yes, even better than Sao Paulo because anywhere in the South, you have stuck up people who are reserved. It is like partying in London. What is the point? But in Fortaleza, you have a club, lots of crazy people, and of course, many many semi-pros you can fuck.

Do not forget the beach of Jeri, which is worth renting a boogy and taking a few bitches too. It is almost like paradise, swimming in very clear blue waters naked with women that you fuck all day, then buying cheap crab and having it fed to you. Yes, the Nordeste is the besT!

Cash Works
05-04-04, 22:14

Unfortunately, I can't give you any current information. I've been meaning to get back down to Brasil for quite a few years, but fate seems to be working against me - every time I get close to going, something comes up that screws up my travel plans. One of these days though - It's still in the plans!

If you're 6'4", the locals will think you're a giant. I'm right at 6', and I was at least half a head taller than most of the men and a full head taller than most of the women in Fortaleza - folks in Rio, as I recall, were generally a little taller than the folks in Fortaleza. I had one girlfriend who used to call me "Grandao", I'd like to say that it was in reference to my member, but I think I'd be lying.

People in Fortaleza were much more laid back than the folks in Rio when I was living down there. I'm sure that this may have changed a little though.

Just relax, be polite and have a sense of humor - the locals will see you're happy & that will generally lead them to treat you in a friendly manor (this actually works just about everywhere - even Lagos, Nigeria).

I envy you. Have a great trip. Give your buddies hell for whimping out.