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Joni Vegas

Names really hurt me. Ouch!

Perhaps did you think that some of the Rio regulars get tired of answering some of the redundant questions week after week. IMHO. It's because there is a wealth of informative information on this board.. Now just sticking with this current board I would suggest viewing all seven + months of it. Thatís not even including the two archives!

Maybe perhaps your just to lazy to go back and read all the great reports that have been written.

Itís amazing how you only got one response from your original question? I wonder whyÖ Duh.

01-02-03, 00:20
Hey, anybody know anything about this? Sounds rather tempting:


I already know I don't need these guys to find a woman, I am just curious if anyone here actually knows these guys or someone who has used their "service".

01-02-03, 10:01
Joni Vegas

In defense of Octatron your question was both redundant and too broad to really try to answer.

You said

"Hi Gents - Can anyone tell me a good place to stay in Rio that is close to the action, beach and is safe? What would the cost be in March or April (not during carnival)?

Also, what can a normal person expecting normal things from a lady working at a terma expect to pay. What about for someone at Help or a club? "

Next time you read through the "last five months of posts" try taking some notes. Try to understand and get a feeling for what the board offers and act accordingly. Octa's been a wealth of information for the past eight months and has contributed for over a year and a half. Your flame was neither appropriate nor appreaciated.

01-02-03, 22:19
All points bulletin for Saint of BA - I think I speak for many on the BA board - We're dying to hear a report on the termas and other sights of RIO.

Have the chicas taken all of your energy!!


01-02-03, 22:49
I believe Saint is having internal conflicts.

Thanks, CeJay

01-03-03, 02:31
Maybe he is finding out what a true mongers paradise Rio really is over BA...maybe this trip wasn't such a good idea for him, he seemed to have settled down in argentina.

01-03-03, 04:26
The only thing I will say about the Rio vs. BA debate.

First off Thailand is not in the same league, so please knowbody should have the audacity to bring those girls up.

But back to the point I still believe that Argentina harvestís the most beautiful women in the world! But no women on this earth fuck better than Brazilians. Nothing else needs to be said, in my IHMO.

01-04-03, 07:45
... And I just put down the deposit on the apartment. It's right around the corner from HELP. Oh, what a trip this will be...and during Carnival no less (I have it from Feb 28th thru March 8). Thanks to those of you who gave me tips on apartment hunting...

After what seemed like forever I finally found HELP's website ---> Is there any other site that has pics of the ladies inside? I've reviewed the last few months of WSG and I didn't find one...

01-04-03, 09:57
I know ... but since I've only been to Bangkok as a tourist, I have yet to experience Rio. But from what I've read here, I know I'm in for a good time! :-))) But one qestion continues to haunt me: Do I really habe to watch myself there, or is it about as safe as as Bangkok?

01-04-03, 10:30
Thanks Octatron, for saving me a trip to bangkok thailand, as I heard and read for years that it was a great mongers place, but if you would not even put thailand in the same league as RIO and BA, I can skip that and go somewhere more worthy of visiting, I do not find asian women attractive anyway. RIO is fairly safe even at night but you still have to keep your Wits about you, I mean don't walk around drunk in a unfamiliar city, it can be unsafe at times.

01-04-03, 17:19
Originally posted by Vampyr
Maybe he is finding out what a true mongers paradise Rio really is over BA...maybe this trip wasn't such a good idea for him, he seemed to have settled down in argentina.

Please no more speculation on the Saint Rio Report.

The ultimate Saint Rio/BA comparision post will be out shortly and then - and only then will know the - TRUTH.

Rumor has it that his Rio experience has had a profound impact on Sr. Saint and may effect his future BA real estate ambitions:-)

Please be patient. Report out soon.

01-06-03, 18:25
Hi BlameIt, I have a pic of one girl I met at HELP on the ********** Website. I couldn't post my pics on this site so I posted my pics and reviews with the pics on the other Sex guide site. The girls at HELP are not as good as the girls from the termas. Almost all of them do cbjs so don't expect a bbbj from the discoteque girls. Some are overpriced especially the ones that are there before closing. The girl I was with charged me $130USD (Yes they charge in American dollars instead of Real). The earlier you go the more competition the girls have and some would go with you for $80 if you talk them down from $100 which is the starting rate.

01-06-03, 21:49
Hello All who had provided me with so much useful information on Rio that was most helpful to me during my trip there this past December. I must admit that my exprience at Help Disco was much different from the ones posted here. I speak muito pouco portuguese but I never had much of a problem paying about 200 reis (with an exchange rate of about 3.6 to 1 dollar that wasnt bad for me). also of the 3 gorotas that I had from Help bbbj was not the issue actually the problem that I exprienced was that the grotas , one in particular didnt seem to want to keep the condom on or would attempt to initiate bare back in the morning. actually all 3 turned into gfe's which was great being that I never had that in any other place that I had traveled to. Ironically my 1st covered bj was in monte carlo therma, although I must admit the gorotas tend to be very attractive there. actually I saw some gorotas from help in 2 of the thermas.

01-07-03, 06:20
I'm a bit confused about HELP and Beach girl pricing. Some sites say R$150, others say US$150, and others use currency interchangeabley. I've always heard of quality women at inexpensive prices in Rio. Is HELP just very expensive, or do you find that pricing in all clubs? This is important because I just put a deposit on an apartment right around the corner from HELP and intended to deal in high beach and HELP girl volume... :) During Carnival no less...

Hmmm, do you have to be a member to view those pics?

Originally posted by darkseid
Hi BlameIt, I have a pic of one girl I met at HELP on the ********** Website. I couldn't post my pics on this site so I posted my pics and reviews with the pics on the other Sex guide site. The girls at HELP are not as good as the girls from the termas. Almost all of them do cbjs so don't expect a bbbj from the discoteque girls. Some are overpriced especially the ones that are there before closing. The girl I was with charged me $130USD (Yes they charge in American dollars instead of Real). The earlier you go the more competition the girls have and some would go with you for $80 if you talk them down from $100 which is the starting rate.

Member #1005
01-07-03, 21:49

Following on from your Posts; Please note that information on this board is purely based on the personal experiences of fellow mongers with a particular girl on a certain day at a various place.Do not assume that because X, Y or Z paid XR$ amount that you will get the same service at this price because it really depends on your own negotiation skills.

I have seen this question pop up frequently on a number of boards and to be honest, some of the people here donít know how to negotiate for shit. I could write tons here about some of the things I have seen from guys or all nationality (I donít want to say who are the worst negotiators).

The price you will pay will depend on if itís a sellers market (are there more guys than garotas on the night). Are they very hot and how badly do you want a woman that night?

Or is it a buyers market, 5, 10 garotas for every guy, do you look hot, do they like you? You have to remember that this is purely a business transaction. If the girl likes you and wants a GFE then naturally the price drops but you might be taking her out shopping and dinners etc and it all adds up. If you have a fixed budget then be prepared to walk away if you donít see what you want for the price and try elsewhere. There are many garotas at Help that would take U$200+, or even £200+ from you, if they thought you were prepared to paid. True some women will say they will only go with a guy for no less than R$300 but these girls are usually 9s or 10s and maybe semi pros as for some of the rest are only worth R$100.

So what I am saying to you and others reading this post if you want to pay as little as possible, take your time, donít rush in and have a contingency plan to go elsewhere, if you donít see what you want then walk, if more guy were prepared to do this then we would all be paying R$50 tops. Negotiation is a game and you should learn how to negotiate. Some girls have said to me that they can sometimes see how desperate some guys are and what they are prepared to pay on only a promise of a good time and 20 minutes later, after getting to your room they are walking out counting the money looking for some other dope. Other than that, if you canít negotiate I would suggest you stick to the termas, its fixed price. Remember only fools rush in and a fool and his money were soon parted.

The other question I hate seeing is:

Question: I canít speak the language will this affect me meeting any girls?

Answer: Money speaks in any language. Language is only a barrier if you want it to be.

01-08-03, 05:00
las.. just wondering how much $ i would need to take to have some fun for a week... (rent, girls, food, girls, girls and girls).. ill figure out the plane ticket myself :p

see you in the trenches

Click here to email me (trojanman8iiiiid@hotmail.com)

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Outstanding post Junior!! I didn't quite think of it in your terms, but there are definitely variables galore in negotiating. Here I was trying to be mechanical about things, when you reminded me that what makes all of this so this so great is that it's a game. Games have rules, and rules were made to be broken. <Whew> .. thanx for putting me back on track..

Jony Vegas
01-08-03, 07:28
There should be a new rule added to the board - those idiots whose replies are idiotic and take as much time to complete as a worthy add should be removed. Also, those of you who cannot include a worthy add fro every 4 sumissions should be removed. That would eliminate the riff raff such as yoursleves.

Check out my posts and just read what other intelligent people who understand what this board is about wrote in the last week. My, they answered my question, the same question others asked and cleard up the inconsistencies on this board becasue of morons like you who don't know WTF you are doing and ruining it for worthy individuals such as oursleves.

Enough said!!! I prefer to spend my time more productively helping others whihc you should consider doing yourself. I only hoe that a moderator reads this and considers impementing ideas as I have suggested to remove morons such as yourself.

01-08-03, 15:27
Trojan: US$1000 should keep in you in booze and broads no problem. You can spend more, you can spend less, no problem. Anyway, keep an extra $1000 in reserve (which you can access thru the ATM) just in case, but a grand should do you fine.

BlameitonMo: Junior is absolutely correct. How much you spend all depends on your negotiation skills. As J. noted - it's a business, it's all about supply and demand. Additionally, often there's no apparent logic to it. I've had complete hags say they'd bang me for X reals when I had just finished banging a 9-rated girl all afternoon for 0.5X. I've had the same girl quote me three different INCREASING prices over the course of an evening. Etc. Often, these girls aren't all that swift - cunning, yes.... smart, no. The most important skill in negotiation is your ability to just walk away - there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Tom B.

01-09-03, 00:33
yeah you have to bargain, but without doubt the prices seem to have gone up. These girls know that our dollars and euro are strong now compared with the declined reais.

Also a lot of these girls migrate to Europe during their winter months and they know what we pay in Europe .

Certainly you have to bargain with them and you are an idiot if you don`t . I really believe that the girl will have more respect for you if you do not give her the high price that she asks you for.

I have had a few long term brazilian girlfriends and they always laugh about the first time we met and I cut them down in price.

We all have our own style but i usually say that i like them but i cannot afford to pay 250reais and i offer 150 with a smile and conversation and tell them that i will be good company .

If you act very confidently and have a don`t give a shit attitude if you have sex or not the girls usually like this. I see a lot of nerdy dudes around and these are the guys that the girls will rip off. Iit is very important to talk to the girl for a while first because many of them are just total bitches and I don`t know about you guys but no matter how much i need sex i will not pay some obnoxious ***** for it.

Also it can be better sometimes to operate in pairs because many of the girls operate in pairs, especially in front of the disco.
keep it in mind that you can get a nice babe in rio for about 100 reais but this can be difficult. I met a couple of fine babes in the area around barbarellas.

Also in Franks bar you can get a girl for 180 reais plus the 40 take out charge plus the 30 or so entrance fee that includes 2 drinks. But you can sit down and look at the girls dance sexy (get a good look at their body) then call your favourite girl over and negociate. Tell her you will be in Rio for quite some time so she will be thinking repeat business.

You can also meet one of these girls the following day and get a price for as little as 150 reais without all the bar charges.

Take care you guys and treat the girls with respect - but don`t be a nerd.

01-09-03, 00:40
going to Rio in Feb, i think i read all the posts her over the last week and i cant wait. When i am on vacation i like to get lose and do a few lines of Blow when im out partying.
Is Blow easy to get down there?????
how much does a gram go for down there???
email, subwayartist2000@yahoo.com

01-09-03, 01:12
Even though i havnt been there yet, I have to agree that alot of guys are paying way to much for these girls. I live in nyc and you can bang a good looking hooker/escort in NYC for $150?

I would bet that the guys who pay those crazy prices live in suburban or rural areas where they never see hookers.

Just the fact that they can buy pussy is good enough for them. Just think how much the avg person makes there!! You guys are practically giving them a months worth of their salary.

Just think, would you pay a hooker between $3000 and$4000 back here in the states? NO I DONT THINK SOooooo. Well, thats what you are doing when you pay those prices.

Me personally,when i get there, i will not pay more than R150. Thats about US$50 at this time. and thats the highest anyone should offer them. Dont be a SUCKER!!!!

01-09-03, 02:16
Originally posted by tomb
Trojan: US$1000 should keep in you in booze and broads no problem. You can spend more, you can spend less, no problem. Anyway, keep an extra $1000 in reserve (which you can access thru the ATM) just in case, but a grand should do you fine.

BlameitonMo: Junior is absolutely correct. How much you spend all depends on your negotiation skills. As J. noted - it's a business, it's all about supply and demand. Additionally, often there's no apparent logic to it. I've had complete hags say they'd bang me for X reals when I had just finished banging a 9-rated girl all afternoon for 0.5X. I've had the same girl quote me three different INCREASING prices over the course of an evening. Etc. Often, these girls aren't all that swift - cunning, yes.... smart, no. The most important skill in negotiation is your ability to just walk away - there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Tom B.

thanks Tom

ill keep you guys posted after i visit... im taking my digital camera.. to share with forum... i hope they like to smile :D

see you in the trenches

01-09-03, 06:07

You're welcome. Enjoy!

tmone: I don't know which is worse, getting shot or spending some time in a Brazilian jail. Both are significant risks i fyou are buying blow in Rio. Why don' tyou just enjoy the girls and leave the nose-candy for when you get home? Besides there's plenty of readily available (and way less risky) ganja.

Tom B.

Java Man
01-09-03, 10:01
FYI: Frank's does not charge you for leaving with a girl. franks has no cover also. barbarela and club sensoo have a cover & bar fine: it's R50.

01-09-03, 18:24
hey, has anyone here moved to Rio from the U.S? If so, what do you do for a living?

If Rio is as good as i hear, you never know, i am a single guy with no ties.

I make a good living in U.S. That would probably be the only reason not to make the move.

01-09-03, 18:24
If you try to purchase drugs in Brazil or anywhere else in the 3rd world, you are out of your f***ing mind. You are really asking for trouble.

01-09-03, 21:04
oh man. where do i begin? iím sitting here on kick standís laptop typing this report. i intended to do a ďliveĒ report but our computer in our apartment doesnít work like it is supposed to have. weíve had so many adventures here in rio. today is our fourth day here. for those that read my report knowÖiíve done buenos aires several times this year. this is my first time in rio.

rio is awesome. as uwphoto told me onceÖĒpure decadenceĒ. i hope my dick doesnít fall off from overuse because iím sure using it a lot. iím sure all those guys that provide a service for money showing guys around are great guys but i honestly canít understand why any hobbyist would need someone to show them where the action is. there are more girls here and places to go for sex than anyone could ever see. if you canít get laid several times a day by hotties here than you might deserve to be castrated.

i prefer the european look so rio is a bit of a challenge for me. i knew going in that it would be tough to find those kind of girls. iím not too attracted to the darker girls and rio definitely has a majority of these type of girls. my report follows below:

the first day flying in i was coming from buenos aires. i had spent a week in buenos aires before coming to rio. the flight to rio from ba was quick and easy. the ticket was $379 us on aerolineas argentina. i initially thought it was a 4 hour trip but was happy when the flight attendant was telling us about the final approach. rio is one hour ahead of ba. i was sitting next to a argentinean couple. my spanish is good enough now to converse with strangers.

i arrive and clear customs very easily. a driver is there for me but his sign with my name is very basic looking like he scratched it 5 seconds earlier. i verify if his name is ďjohn doeĒ as the guy that set it up for me said it would be. nope. i get a little nervous but then told me he worked for him. i tell him that i need some cash and need to hit an atm. he takes me to the citibank next to blockbuster. i immediately take out 1700 reals. i love that the receipts here give you the rate of exchange and the us equivalent. my portuguese is very basic. i speak spanish ok and itís getting me by. almost everyone here can understand spanish but i have a bit of a hard time understanding them. iím getting better though. now in help disco all the girls are telling me my portuguese is good. (i took 19 lessons of pimsleur portuguese). i stopped because it was too difficult learning both spanish and portuguese at the same time. spanish is more important to me. iím on lesson 55 in pimsleur spanish.

i get to the apartment and the driver has no clue where my key is. he tells me to wait at the apartment lobby. oh shit. kick standís flight arrived earlier that afternoon around 2 pm. it was now 7 pm. i wait for about an hour. i am curious where kick stand is and i have a bad feeling that he is in the same bind as me. i see some luggage and get curious so i look at the tags on the bag. yep. itís kick standís. now iím nervous because i know heís probably been waiting hours. i reason that he probably is hitting the termas. i guessed right. an american guy finally shows up and shows me the apartment and gives me one set of keys. one? i ask him about the other and he promises to bring it tomorrow. i am anxious to hit the termas for some action but i have to wait at the apartment until k.s. shows up. he does around 9 pm and he is happy to be in. anyone that knows kick stand knows that he is extremely easy going and good natured. that is probably the reason i get along with him so well. i am too. i rarely get angry. he was pissed and i donít blame him.

we shower, eat very quickly then hit monte carlo. the funny thing was kick stand was there earlier that night and tagged a girl. this was my first trip to a terma in my life. i wasnít sure how i would like it. the idea of sitting around in robes with a group of guys didnít sound too appealing to me. in fact, i was disappointed with the quality of the girls at monte carlo. i didnít see anyone i liked until we got up and stood by the entrance. a very pretty girl passed by and i started talking to her in spanish. she wasnít my ideal type and was darker than i like but had a tight body with a pretty face. i had a great session with her. iím not going to give the basics of the termas because so many other rio proís have already done that. monte carlo was 50 r to get in and $140 r for the girl for 40 minutes. drinks were cheap at around 2.50 r i think.

we were both tired. i had spent the entire morning with my novia in buenos aires saying our final goodbyes and her trying to talk me out of going to rio. not sure what exactly it is about her. kick stand did two girls that day too. we decided to hit help disco. iím not sure why i donít read more posts about help. that place is amazing. i love it! i knew from that moment iíd pull a girl out of there every single night iím here. yeah, granted most of the girls iím not attracted to but there are several hotties. that first night we didnít pull anyone out of there but i saw several that i wanted to see.

day 2: we both get up fairly early because the dude that was bringing the keys came over early. i still am not getting much sleep and hobbying at a frenzied pace but iím having the time of my life. we do our normal routine of eating lunch then hitting a terma. we left the apartment by 11:30 am and we usually donít get back until 10 pm sometimes. we hit 4x4 and the selection was a little sparse when we got there. i think it opens at 2 pm and we were there at 2:30 pm. uwphoto told us to go early to avoid the rush. the selection was ok. kick stand saw thaisa and i saw some hottie named anna bel. had a great session. these rio girls know how to please. of course i knew that already because Ĺ the girls i do in ba are from brazil.

we leave and i tell kick stand i need a massage. a professional massage. we were going to go to monte carlo because i noticed they had one. along the way walking, this guy named eduardo bumps into us. he is obviously a jack of all trades that works on commissions. he tried to get us to go to monte carlo where we were going anyway. i tell him of my desire for a professional massage and he says the best one in rio is at luomo. he takes us there. this dude walks very very fast. it was several blocks. i wasnít planning on a session since i just had one. i wanted to save my energy for help that night. ok. ok. we get there and the place is cool. i really liked it. comfortable and the girls there were hot. several to choose from. i got a 40 minute massage for $40 r. oh man. i get several massages in the usa at various luxury spas. manÖthis was the best massage of my life. the ladyís name was ďjackĒ (jacqueline) and was dog ugly but that is better sometimes for just a massage. that way you donít have an urge to screw her. i got done then kick stand got one. he had the same pleasurable experience. iíd highly recommend her for a massage. i know some of you only go there to hit the girls but she will relax you.

we hang out a while when i pull over a girl to talk. a cute brunette. her face doesnít look as good up close but still pretty. now i want a blonde. i ask her if she likes girls. she says yes but depends on the girl. i point to a hottie blonde sitting by the bar. she smiles and says..yes!! she likes the blonde. i ask her if she kisses the girl. yes. i ask her if she goes down on the girl, etc. yep. full blown 2 girl stuff. i get a suite for 1 hour with both of them. crap it wasnít cheap. today was a very expensive day. the 2 girl was really really good. we did all kinds of positions i never knew existed. these two were really into each other. i spent the entire hour sucking and wellÖyou know whatÖ the final bill here was over $500 r just for my bill. i paid with my credit card to conserve reals. they tacked on a service fee of $10 r for each girl so i had to pay $20 r more for a credit card. kick stand also saw a hottie.

one thing i want to point out that i donít think many rio pros point out is that many of the girls in the terma donít shave their legs. some just bleach their hair and you canít notice until they are sitting down next to you. i find this extremely disgusting. many had more hair than i do and many had ďfur coatsĒ. gross. i never have come across this in buenos aires and iíve seen a ton of girls. not sure why they do this. i even started asking girls why they donít shave their legs. i told them american guys like girls that shave their legs. these girls seemed clueless to this.

anyway, we go to eat at this place called churrascarria palace (not sure of spelling). it was great! $70 r total with tip. thatís another thing thatís cool. they automatically tack on 10% on each bill at restaurants so you donít have to leave extra if you donít want to but kick stand and i usually always do. we came back to our apartment just to shower and change. then we hit help. it was rocking. kick stand chose a girl that wasnít too hot but she was cool, nice and spoke english which was the determining factor that night for him. he left at 2 am and i hung around to scout who i wanted. again, most of the girls here donít appeal to me. there are probably 250 girls here or more on any given night. probably 10 or so looked hot to me.

i started talking to this girl from porte allegre. man she was cute. blonde with blue eyes. she was very very nervous though. i asked her if she wanted to leave with me and she said..yes..very much so. her spanish was excellent since it is in south brazil and close to the border of argentina. she looked very nervous but kept telling me she liked me a lot. it was only like her 2nd week doing this stuff. i met her before kick stand left with his girl so he witnessed all of this. she said she was going to the bathroom. i waited like 15 minutes and when she didnít come back i told kick stand he could leave. i waited another 5 minutes and i started talking to other hotties. well, my girl came back and saw this and got pissed and stormed away. ooops. oh well. then i saw this hottie that i was lusting after all night. she was easily the hottest girl in the place (at least to me).

this girl looked european. in fact, her mom was from italy. this girl was my type. i go up to her and iím surprised because she can speak fairly good english. also, spanish and portuguese and italian too. the bad thing is this girl was a pro. she had been working all around the world including the usa so she knew the rates there. she asked me for $100 us for the whole night. i laughed at told her that i think maybe she was mistaken that we were in the usa. she laughed but then told me that she would be at least $300 us an hour in the usa. i agreed but told her that we were in brazil. my comebacks were quick and she liked this. i told her i didnít have dollars. only reals. so she wanted 400 r for the whole night. i told her againÖ.i think she is lost. we agree on 300 r for the whole night. this girl was beautiful. she wasnít too young at 26. we talked a while and actually i felt sad for her. she told me she has never been in love before, planned on working 5 more years, wanted to meet someone nice after that and have kids.

the session with her was ok but nothing compared with the terma girls. but her face was so damn pretty. early in the morning i kept asking her if she wanted to leave. i have a hard time sleeping and even tougher when someone is next to me. finally she got the hint and left in the morning. she gave me her real name and her phone number as every single girl has done. kick stand is getting a lot of numbers too. the girls love kick stand in rio. at the termas they all walk up to him and tell him how good looking he is. same thing in help.

day 3 : we did our normal routine. we wake up fairly early then go eat then hit the termas. while we were eating lunch eduardo is walking by. he asks us our plans for that day. we tell him we are going to solarium. he asks if he can take us there to get a commission. sureÖwe donít care. nice enough guy and hasnít been too pushy with us. we even have been tipping him which he seems pleasantly surprised by. i should point out he never asked for one. we take a taxi to solarium $11 r. the place is pretty cool but smaller. same owner as monte carlo. we both get a 30 minute massage for $30 r each. this massage sucked. a waste of money. nothing compared to luomo massage. there are some hot girls here. again, we got here close to opening around 2:30 pm. selection was good and not a lot of dudes. i picked this hottie named carol. she had blue/green eyes and a dynamite body. she was a spinner. very petite and short. 24 years old. i should point out i have made no desire to get pics of terma girls. itís too much of a hassle with the camera in the robe thingy. i donít care that much about pics anymore. iíll still send some into club ****** from time to time but not like before. had a great session with her. kick standís girl was a knock out too. model face and great body. a brunette. she also gave kick stand her #. i should point out that iím glad we went early. around 5:30 pm it picked up and was packed with guys. tons of italian guys were there. the wait on a room after i got back was 40 minutes. i had no wait at all. we have yet to call any of these girls because weíre so damn busy with other action. a blind man could get laid in rio by a hottie. itís like fishing in an aquarium.

we head to the beach just to snap a few photos. these kids pester us for money. i gave each one real to go away but they kept hounding us. they would not leave us alone. we finally crossed the street to dodge them. also, iíll honestly point out that while the beach area is pretty most of rio that weíve been in is a dump. there is trash and garbage piling up on many streets and it smells. there is a smell in the air. also, many people here smell like b.o. (body odor). i think that mixed with the garbage in the streets fills the air with some odor. rio is a city i would love to visit but i would never desire to live here. i donít get the same feelings as buenos aires. but itís a short 3 hour plane trip to rio from ba.

anyway, in the night we hit help again. i thought it would be better on a saturday night. still hotties worth tagging. we met a few americans and we told them about club ****** and that they should sign up. i always do wherever i go. i hope they are signing up. this one girl has been pestering kick stand every night telling him she is in love with him. she comes up to me about 4 times a night to ask me to talk to kick stand. last night she came up and just handed him her phone number. she pleads to me that she is leaving town tomorrow for curitiba for two months and really is dying to see him. kick stand decides to see her. she ends up being a psycho.

i stay there when he leaves and want to do another hottie. while getting my drink this hottie walks by me. she immediately hugs me. i thought she was the girl from the night before at first before i saw her face. this girl was really beautiful. she asks my name. she keeps telling me how handsome i am. (damn these girls know how to make us feel goodÖ). shortly after her friend comes over with 2 dudes. i guess this girl was supposed to get drinks for the group. she obviously was with another guy and her friend. i tell her if she is already with a dude that she is free to go. she approached me so i was surprised by this. she told me that she liked me better. she was asking me all kinds of questions and somehow she knew my sign before i told herÖ. great body. we decided on a price. she wanted $150 r for 1 Ĺ hours or $400 r for all night. i donít like doing the all nighters these days so i told her the first option.

we leave help and there are tons of vendors selling crap and photographers. she asks if we can take pictures. one for her and one for me. we did. $20 r each. polaroids. she is extremely nice. some guy kept throwing roses at her for me to buy. i offered and she said it wasnít necessary. finally i bought one to get rid of the guy. she said not to get a taxi in front of help. this girl was very thoughtful. the taxis in front of help are not metered at night. we walked to a corner and got a 5 r taxi ride to my apartment instead of the 20 r some guy wanted the night before and the 10 r i ended up paying with a different taxi. we arrived at the apartment and kick stand was there with his girl. the door was open and i was surprised he was still clothed with his girl. his girl and mine talked a bit but i quickly showered with mine and we went to my bedroom. she let me take several pictures of her. man she is a beauty. not sure if iíll post them or not.

had an awesome session with her. she left but before doing so gave me her real name and her phone numbers. she is probably the only one iíd repeat with. after that iím eating in the kitchen when i hear k.s. arguing with his girl. i try to duck into my room when his girl starts yelling at me. i guess my girl was supposed to wait for her but i told her i heard her moaning and so did my girl. we didnít want to bother them. she for some reason didnít believe me. she was nuts. then she tells me she wants more money from k.s. she didnít fulfill her time obligations so kick stand was kicking her out. he gave her $100 r for her trouble but she said she wasnít leaving. i wanted her the crap out of our apartment so i went in my room to get $50 r just to get her out. it was worth it to me. i pay her off and tell her to get out. kick stand and i decide to hit help again. so we changed and went back. another $20 r entrance fee. i forgot that after my girl left i took an ambien so while we were there i was dragging a little. it was funny to see some of the same girls there dancing in their same spots. many just hold out for one session of the night.

early this morning kick standís crazy girl was at our door. she was ringing the doorbell. i looked through the peephole to see her there. i didnít answer. i go to kick standís room and he is sound asleep. i wake him up and tell him his crazy girl is at the door and not to answer it. then she had our doorman buzz our room. i was pissed because this was one of the first nights i was in a deep sleep. i couldnít get back to sleep. iím gonna shower than we are meeting sandman at 3 pm.

more later.

ok. kick stand and i have a quick lunch then decide to hit the beach for an hour before we meet sandman and gang. i decide i donít need sunscreen for only one hour. big mistake. iím a little red. at least i put some sunscreen on my face after 20 minutes. thank god. my legs are red. use sunscreen here no matter how short you are in the direct sun. several hotties on the beach. plan on checking the action later in the week. we hooked up with sandman and met mitch, drew, another guy i forget his name (mr. p). all really good guys. sandman was the true gentleman that i knew he would be from his emails and what uwphoto told me. really all those guys were fun. we had a few quick drinks then decided to hit luomo when it opened at 4 pm.

luomo was a blast. many hotties here. i saw a brunette that was an awesome session. these girls in brazil sure know how to make love to a guy. i still havenít broken out my camera in the termas but i intend to start bringing it today after i saw some of sandmanís pictures. and his camera was huge. holy cow. we laughed when we saw the size of it. imagine going to battle in a war and carrying one of those huge canons. well his camera was a canonÖ.literally. ha, ha. we all got massages from our favorite masseuse, jack. sheís great. sandman had a session with a new hottie that had only been to luomo 2 days. she came from centaures. iím definitely checking out that place no matter what you dawgs say. kick stand saw a blonde stunner that iím lusting after. it was a lot of fun. we spent several hours there then we decided to go to dinner. sandman suggested this amazing seafood place. all you can eat place. i forget the name of it but hopefully sandy can post it.

had a great conversation with k.s. and my new amigo sandman. shortly drew joined us. another class act and a great guy to hang out with. also his first time in brazil. not sure if he is on the board yet but he would make a great addition. the dinner wasnít cheap at 80 r each including tip but it was worth it. sometimes you canít look at the cost and just do things. life is too short to worry about stuff like that.

i left my expensive sunglasses in my locker at luomo. i called and had them go check my locker. bingo. still there. these places are honest. these were $300 sunglasses and they could have easily kept it and they held them for me and gave them to mitch. they even put him on the phone. what service. easily my favorite terma so far. we decide to go back and introduce drew to the terma world. we arrive there and sandman has the brilliant idea to ask the lady if we have to pay the entrance fee again of $50 r. after some initial confusion the lady assures us we donít have to. good deal.

we are in the terma and there are still stunners there. keep in mind this is about 10 pm on a sunday night. kick stand goes to get another massage, drew is lusting after kick standís previous blonde, iím lusting after sandmanís previous blonde, and sandman is lusting after my previous brunette. sandman and i do the ole switcharoo. i see his girl and he sees my girl. drew sees the blonde (shayla). i think shayla is easily the hottest girl in there. not a big chest but very classic good looks on a tall, thin body. beautiful.

at this point itís closing time. i finish with my girl. sandman is already done with his session. drew shortly joins us. i walk in and all of them are laughing. i guess mitch was getting a massage and falls asleep and the masseuse canít wake him up! so she gets kick stand to try to wake him up. kick stand tells me the dude is buck naked on a table sleeping and wonít wake upÖ lol. iíll let kick stand tell more about this story as i was not there. funny stuff. drew also sounded like he was happy with his blonde beauty.

at this point itís about 12:15 am. mitch wants us to go to pussycats. we decide to meet at alcazar at 12:45 am after we change. we get back and have a drink or two. i ask mitch how many girls are at pussycats. he says 5 or 6. i almost choke on my pineapple juice. i thought help was a better option with about 400+ girls. sandman, kick stand, drew and i hit help. the place is jam packed. wall to wall people. not as crowded as previous nights. i love that place. i donít care what you rio pros try telling me but there is more action in there on any given night than anywhere you can possible go. many of the girls are stunners.

we are all walking around when i start talking to this blonde cutie. after just a few minutes of talking she asks if i want to leave. i just got there so i tell her i want to hang out with my friends a while. she says she will find me in about an hour. i say ok. she was a real cutie with a pretty face and a tight body. just like i like them. well, shortly after that iím standing with drew and kick stand. not sure where sandman is. this cute brunette girl walks by. i wink at her and zoom. she is over next to me. she asks me for some gum. then we go stand where itís quieter. we kiss a little. then i pull my usual lines in help. i tell them in portuguese that my portuguese is very bad and i need some lessons. i inquire to see how much lessons might cost. they usually smile a lot and laugh. i think itís a clever way of asking them ďhow much for sexĒ in a classier way. most usually ask me how long of lessons i need. usually 2 hour option or overnight option. prices arenít too much different for overnight. usually 100 r more. most ask for high numbers then i counter and we settle on $200 r for 2 hours or $300 r for all night. good deal if you ask me. at least with the cuties iím seeing.

i walk out with this girl and she asks to take a picture. tonight it is 25 r instead of 20 r. then i made the huge mistake of giving a mother holding her baby $1 r. do not do this in front of help. out of nowhere about 20 kids swarmed me. no exaggeration. they all were begging for money. some even tried going through my pocket. yikes. i hate taking taxiís directly in front of help but i had to to avoid this nightmare. itís very sad seeing poor people with no food but i have to force myself not to give them money.

we get to the apartment and she is very affectionate. she goes in the kitchen and gets some grapes i had and starts feeding me them. (a current theme kick stand keep telling each other this trip is ďitís good to be the kingĒ). no different in this situation. ha, ha. i ask to take pictures and she letís me take all the pictures i want. i didnít ask for any nudes but she asked me in portuguese, ďarenít you going to take any pictures without clothesĒ. these brazillian women are not shy with their bodies or being nude. my help stunner from last night even came into the bathroom last night while i was brushing my teeth and went to the bathroom in front of me. ha, ha. then we showered together.

another great help session. those of you that are against this need to check it out. donít worry that it is a ďdiscoĒ. you do not have to dance at all. no matter your race, age, religion, etc. none of that matters here. you will score if you make the effort. granted i think iím having more luck because i can talk to them but stillÖ.shouldnít make much of a difference. iíll also point out that every single terma girl has given me her real name and number. i most likely will never call them. the help girls have also given me this info. i donít like repeating.

itís only like 10 am. been waking up early every morning. not getting much sleep but eating plenty and drinking lots of fluids and water. that is important. iím still averaging 3 girls a day. havenít hit the wall yet but very tired. today i will hit the termas and maybe just relax a little. 3 girls a day is almost too much for a long extended time. 2 girls a day for me is idea. one in the day and a help girl at night. i plan on hitting help every single night iím here. like i saidÖ.most are not in my league. but out of 400+ girls there are plenty of head turners. just gotta make the effort with them.

going to get some money, eat lunch then probably hook up with the guys at the termas. life is good. very good. iím trying to talk kick stand into taking more time off and go back to buenos aires with me after rio. i hope he caves in. more later.


itís about 1:45 am. tonight is the first night i didnít do help. (god i love that place). kick stand and i went to 4x4 and ran into sandman. i didnít plan on doing a session as i wanted to save it for a girl at luomo and a help girl. 3 and 4 girls a day are too much after days and days on end. the quality was mediocre. sandman was hoping to run into his favorita but she was on vacation. kick stand repeated with thalisa. mitch also was there and hooked up with some random girl. i didnít see anyone i like when sandman pointed out a hot blonde. i have a weakness for blondes with blue/green eyes and breasts. oh well. i did an hour session with her in a suite. man oh man. she was hot in bed. at first my camera wouldnít work at all. i was bummed. first time i bring my camera in a terma and no go.

this girl was wild in bed. biting and pulling on my hair. she was very multi-orgasmic. after the session she gave me her real name and phone number. as always i doubt iíll call her but doesnít hurt to have the phone number i guess. i went back down and we headed to luomo along with a guy that sandman befriended and helped out. if you can believe it, this dude shows up to brazil with no cash, no atm card and only one visa card with no pin #. yikes. big time rookie. guysÖ.always bring some cash with you in case atmís arenít working which there is a big problem with now. even the citibank atm was out of cash today.

we get to luomo and it felt like coming home. i really like that place. i think iíve seen like 4 or 5 girls there so far. i didnít plan on doing a session but repeated with my girl i saw yesterday. she seemed to like me or at least was a good actress. sandman also repeated with his girl. kick stand saw 2 girls there. we didnít leave there until like 11 pm. spent the whole day there. we are all dead tired. we went to eat at the restaurant outside of help. it was jam packed. girls everywhere. i saw a few girls that i saw in help the previous nights inside. they remembered me. i went up to a group of 4 girls and asked what time they are going to help. they indicated shortly and asked to hook up. cute girls.

iím so drained right now. today was the 30th of december and iíve been out of the usa since december 19th. the scary thing is that iím not headed back until january 19th. sandman and his buddy drew have been a real pleasure to spend time with. i mentioned it before but true class acts. very articulate and successful individuals. i prefer to hobby with guys like those guys. kick stand as always has been great to hang out with. uwphoto gets in town tomorrow but i have a feeling he is going to be really disappointed because the termas are closed tomorrow and new yearís day. ouch.

i made a date on january 1st with my girl from help the first night. she will hang out with me on the beach all day then come back to my apartment all for $200 r. what a great city. i also called kick standís girl from monte carlo and schedule for january 1st. 3 or 4 hours for 200 r. my portuguese is improving day by day. i know enough to communicate with the girls and all tell me itís pretty good. if you speak spanish you will be fine here.

meeting sandman and drew in the morning at alcazar. should be an interesting day. none of us are really shy (at least iím not) so we always have something interesting or funny happening.

kick stand and i met the fellas for lunch at alcazar. the termas were all closed so we decided to hang out on the beach for a while. i was expecting uwphoto in town and sure enough he called my cellphone while we were on the beach. got some sun and we were told that we had to get to alcazar around 4:30 pm or so to secure an outdoor table for new yearís eve. no reservationsÖfirst come first served. i slipped a small tip two times to the manager so he was very nice to us. also, the guys were eating there a lot. we met up with another guy iíll call mr. s. i told him to sign up for ********** so i hope he does. a really good guy and fun to spend time with. uwphoto met up with him last weekend.
we took shifts at the restaurant to keep our table. sandman hooked up with a terma girl. i hooked up with a terma girl that i told to come to the restaurant. she was with her friend and some dude but she left with me. the dude didnít seem to happy but oh well..thatís life right?? iím damn glad i studied spanish. my portuguese seems to have developed rapidly. iím pleasantly surprised i can communicate with most everyone here. some girls donít believe this is my first trip to rio and one even accused me of living here!!! she didnít believe i lived in the usa.

i had a great session with that girl. iím not too good with names since they all have at least two names (their terma name and their real name). almost all have given me their real names. all so far have given me their numbers.

i had a long 3 hour session. i came back from it and the guys were all at the table. i think sandman and i were the only ones to hook up so far in the day. action was few and far between unless you had a ton of phone numbers. and even then, many girls were with their families. we had a good dinner and watched the fireworks. afterwards, of course i went to help disco with most of the guys. i really love that place. some guys are hard on it and say itís crowded which is true. also, you should note that it takes some game to score with the hottest chics here. i saw hotties shooting down guys left and right. even good looking guys were getting shot down. i think if the girl got a bad vibe she passed on him. i had amazingly good luck there. i think the secret is speaking some portuguese, being dressed nice, having a smile on your face, offering them a drink and not being an ass with them.

no matter what any rio pros say about help, i can assure you that some of the hottest girls in rio are in there. i probably wonít post all the pictures due to privacy concerns but some of the girls i have seen have been the hottest girls of all the pictures in the club ****** site. (at least in my opinion).

last night was no different. i was watching this hottie the past few nights. she always is dancing with her hottie friends. she always shoots down guys right and left and even moves spots to dance in another corner when guys approach her. she was dancing close to the edge so i talk to her. i told her in portuguese that she never has a smile on her face. she didnít really bite then i offered her a drink and asked if her friends wanted any. sure enough..that did the trick. i bought 3 waters and 1 cuba libre and i was in. she invited me to dance with her and her hottie friends. i danced a little and then met her friends then told her i needed some portuguese lessons. she asked for $100 us and i just told her that we are in brazil even though iím american. she told me i can afford it. she said she saw me in there every night and iím always dressed nice. i told her that may be true but i offered 200 r for a few hours. i told her if she didnít accept it i was going to go find my other girl from another night.

while i was buying the drinks the other girl i saw came up to me and said, ďvamosĒ. i told her i was buying drinks for some ďamigasĒ. she followed me over to the girls. she watched me and kept motioning to leave with her. she even was waiting downstairs at the coatcheck area and tried to get me to change my mind again. i hope my reports donít come across as arrogant. true i am a very confident guy but i donít bs in my reports. i only type what happened exactly. none of it is embellished as most of the guys that really know me can attest to.

anyway, i come home with the hottie. taxiís were very hard to get. the only taxiís were in front of help due to the parade and the street being blocked off. the guy asked for 50 r. my girl just said letís walk. the girls are all cool with this and always say either walk or take another cab. i like that fact. this girl had a beautiful face. we got back to the apartment and i see kick stand hooked up with this hottie from help. (he can go into the story about her in his report). i start making out with mine and it was all great from there. the good thing is i can communicate with them. i ask them about their life. about their goals, their flaws, etc. not the normal, what is your name, how old are you, etc. i make them think and i think they like that fact. i do the same things with the girls in the usa that i date.

this girl was amazing in bed. holy sh*t. my best session of rio so far. plus, she was really into me. she told me she wanted to do something with me the next day or night. i already had plans with another help girl to go to the beach all day. anyway, she said she would be willing to skip work to spend the night with me. she wanted to go to dinner and then spend the night. wellÖthat was all fine and dandy. i called her while we were at lunch. she was excited she said. i told her iíd call her back at 7 pm to confirm the place and time to meet for dinner. wellÖ.i was still on my date with my other help girl.

some of the guys were there when my help date arrived at alcazar. this girl is gorgeous. classic good looks. sophia loren in her younger days. she speaks perfect english, spanish, portuguese and italian. she has worked all over the world. anyway, she took me to ipanema beach for like 4 or 5 hours. then we went to a restaurant together, then to the hagandas ice cream shop in copacabana. she originally only quoted me 200 r for all day at the beach and coming to my apartment. but we were on like a 9 hour date. she just told me to pay what i thought was fair. i ended up giving her $550 r and it was well worth it.

i am becoming very attached to this girl after spending so many hours talking to her. she is a lot like me. she is planning on flying in to buenos aires to meet me next weekend. she just asked that i pay for her plane ticket. iíll probably give her some moneyÖbut not muchÖ. we just wanted some time to get to know one another. i know bullshitters and she isnít one of them.

anyway, iím trying to leave and she needs to leave and we are trying to leave my apartment. you need a key to get out so we are scrambling around trying to find it. in the meantime, earlier that day i put out a $50 us bill out in the open. i usually do this with girls i really like. i use a $100 us bill sometimes. i see if itís gone. when she left i thought she took it. i was in a huge hurry to meet up with the guys. i told them i thought she took it. i was gonna go into help and tell her i was disappointed when drew intelligently told me to wait and see at home and make 100% sure she didnít. (iím damn glad i listened to him). i found it when i came home. i didnít think she would do that to me and it made me feel so much better about her.

we all hung out a while and it was funny. sandman spotted a girl he thought was hot. the girl liked uwphoto. i motioned over to the blonde for her phone number. she asked for the cellphone to type it in. then sandman tried giving his and she had my phone and she said in portuguese that it was only for uwphoto. weird. never seen anything like that before.

sandman and i decide to hit help. i think sandman was bummed about the flavor of help last night but i knew heíd get back on the saddle. we walked around a short bit but right when we bought our drinks the girl i was supposed to have dinner with tonight was at the bar. i really liked her but couldnít do it because my other date didnít end until close to 10:30 pm and it started at 1 pm. she was pissed. she said in portuguese that she forgave me but she just was hurt. i felt bad. i think sandman was just laughing in the backgroundÖha , ha.

oh well. we walked around a little while then came upon a group of cuties that i flirted with outside of a restaurant one night. guys, definitely do this. donít be shy. some of you will never see these girls again. anyone, one looked like christina agulara with jacked up teeth, one was a girl totally new to the business and i was lusting after for days, and some random girl. well, sandman and i run into the group. itís obvious that sandman liked his girl. some guy was trying to snake his girl away and sandman was adamant about telling the girl noooooo. the girl listed to sandman and came with us. i got some drinks for the girls then i wanted to leave. my girl canít speak or understand spanish at all. she is only like 19 or 20 years old. cute with hot body! in the club i thought she said $200 r for 2 hours. i thought that was good. when we get out she says itís 250 r for 2 hours. oh well. lesson learnedÖ.negotiate your final contract inside.

the hottie came to my place and she was awesome! the session was non stop. she was a tiger in bed. i couldnít believe the stuff she knew in bed. after the marathon things got a little weird. she was telling me she really liked me. then saying she had to leave to get her friend. it wasnít 2 hours like we agreed. it was more like 1 hour and 30 minutes. i already had my fun but it was the principle with me that mattered. i called her a liar and she started crying. told me her friendís first day (sandmanĒs girl) so i guess i can cut her some slack. she gave me her number and name to call tomorrow. tommorrow is my last full day. iím determined to do termas but many normal girlsd want to hook up too. damn i love s.a.

the guys have been great. club ****** is lucky to have such a talented, intelligence and sophisticated group of mongers. so much more has gone on that i canít remember or too funny to post. i hope my partners in crime will contribute things that i forgot. having a blastÖ

ok. i have some time to kill waiting for a girl to come over. i spent the day with sandman. we met at alcazar this afternoon and hooked up with our girls from last night that we met at help. oh manÖ.both are cuties. we were going to go to sugar loaf with them but it was too cloudy so we decided to go to vipís hotel instead on the recommendation of uwphoto and mr. s and drew. wow. this place is spectacular. both sandman and i got a vip suite. it was 200 r for up to 8 hours. our girls had plans later in the day so we had a 3 hour session with them. i highly recommend this place. the suite we got had a ocean view, big screen tv (not that we used it at all), air conditioning, marble bathroom, sauna, upstairs had a pool with a terrace and ocean view. man oh man.

the girl i was with really was into me. again i donít want to sound conceited but she really was. i know when girls put on an act and when they are genuine. in the bedroom i didnít think things could improve from the previous night. but they sure did. she kept telling me she wanted my baby. kept asking me to move to belo horizontal where she lives. she is only in rio to work for 25 days or so. sweet girl that looks innocent. i canít believe i was strong enough to resist sex without condom. i have only slipped once this trip. i wonít say with whom. the other girl also told me she was at her peak time to get pregnant. yikesÖbe careful guys.

we had a glorious day and i got a ton of good shots. sandman said he got about 75 shots. the guy is a blast to hobby with. one thing i really like this trip is there are no cheap asses. i donít run into it much but i have in buenos aires a little. you know what iím talking about. guys that never offer to chip in or pay for a taxi. i believe that everything equals out in the end but with some guys that isnít true. all the guys this trip iíve been with (sandman, uwphoto, kick stand, drew, et. al ) have been good guys.

i was going to meet up with sandman at 8 pm and go to centaurus and meet the fellas but one of my girls called and invited me to an early dinner with her. i met her at help and she is a knock out! i really like this girl. did i mention that i love help disco?? iím gonna go meet this girl for dinner then try to hook up with the guys at centaurus after my date.

itís funny because along the way weíll meet up with newbies and they are simply amazed at the pace we are all going at. they canít fathom doing 3 or 4 girls a day for days on end. iím not sure how many sessions iíve done in rio over the past 8 days but letís just say a lot. itís easy to drop a ton of money too. originally i planned on a 15 day trip but it will end up being over 30 days. i originally budgeted about $6,500 us for this trip but iíll probably spend over $10,000 us when itís all said and done including airfare and meals. that isnít including the money for the new apartment i got in ba. yikes. makes me cringe a little when i write it down.

i know i could be doing a lot ďwiserĒ things with my money but i play hard. man, this has been the best year of my life. the memories and the friendships iíve made will last a lifetime. iíve already made lifelong friendships with guys like uwphoto and kick stand and something tells me that iíll be hooking up with sandman in the future too.

the hobby scene is definitely better in rio. rio is simply so easy. again, iím sure don is a great great guy. everyone says great things about him. everyone. iíd like to meet him and iím bummed that i didnít meet him. the only thing i donít get is experienced mongers using him. iíd probably recommend rookies to him but guys that are experienced mongers wouldnít need to pay anyone to find action in rio. there are hotties everywhere you look. i still love buenos aires and would like to live there in the near future but i like the fact rio is only 3 hours away. i would love to get an apartment in rio too but have to check into it.

one thing i also want to mention is that although david with www.gringomanagement.com has always been good with emails, phone, etcÖ.weíve had some issues with our apartment. the toilet backed up and the guy we called never answered the phone or returned our calls (asagai). that guy is worthless but david was always quick to resolve problems when i called him. the problem is he wasnít in town and is relying on undependable people to run his business. i know the other guys have had some issues too. would i use him again? probablyÖbut iíd definitely clarify things on the front end. uwphotoís room doesnít even have air conditioning.

ok. my date is at the front door..chau.

where did i leave off?? oh yeah. i never hooked back up with the guys my last night. funny how things happen. the girl that invited me to dinner was amazing. she speaks fluent english. we went to a five star restaurant in ipanema then walked on the beach. she didnīt want to go to work (help). she seemed really tired so i asked her how much she made in a night at help. i know it wasnīt necessary and she didnīt ask for it but i told her to take the night off. i gave her $1200r to just spend the night and relax. i know it is excessive but i wanted to do it. sometimes in life you canīt think in terms of how much is this costing me.

man it was a wonderful night. in fact, she had never been to buenos aires so i asked her if she wanted to take a few days off and relax with me in ba. long story short...iīm flying her in tomorrow. the ticket wasnīt cheap but it will be a fun packed 3 days in my new apartment.

today i just layed out on the roof by the pool with the normal chica iīm seeing. tonight iīll hobby as usual.

i really had a blast in rio. i would have had fun no matter what but hanging out with guys like sandman, uwphoto, kick stand, mr. d and mr. s and crew was great.

iīm gonna really dread going back to the usa. will someone buy me a lotto ticket???

p.s. i just cut and pasted this from another board i'm a member of to save time.

also, i could care less of what you guys think of the amount i paid for that girl. i know it's more than the going rate. she never asked for it. i offered. nye is one of the busiest times of the year for these girls to not even go into work at all. if you follow my posts you know i usually pay the going rates. good luck.

01-10-03, 01:44

Thanks for your detailed post, I didnt want it to End. I felt like I was reading a really good book....

You must have a really good job back here in the states to be going through all that loot!!

Or, are you the guy who hit that lotto for 50,000??

01-10-03, 04:19
wow, what a post!!! then again, w'd never expect anything less from saint, would we?? just want to add some comments to saint's journal on rio de janeiro. i have to agree with saint regarding help disco, as he stated, help disco has been knocked around in some of the boards. sure it has its fair share of dogs and sure it's crowded and noisy but after all that's said and done, the sheer quantity of women there guarantee that you can always pull a hottie out of help. during the high season (dec. to feb.) there are certainly no shortage of hot women but even when i went this past july which was supposedly their low season, i was still able to find good looking women in help. that being said, in my three years of going to help i've certainly seen an increasing proportion of hard-core pros in help; this is less of a problem during high season with infusion of talents in the summer from other cities in brazil such as belo horizonte, curitiba, goiana. these girls come a month before carnival and stayed until after carnival to make some extra cash.

as far as termas go, i've said it in the past and i'll say it again. it is the single best invention in the mongervill and we have the brazilians to thank for. i remember one monger from another board calling termas the "sport -fucking center of the universe." there is no more truism to a statement than what you just read!! the termas had been well described here in past but the only advice i have is that everyone should try out different termas as the individual taste varies and the selections in the termas also vary from time to time. i remembered when i first went to l'uomo three years ago it was not that impressive; in contrast, monte carlo and solarium were much better. over the last few trips, l'uomo's quality had really picked up. this one blonde bia in l'uomo is simply to die for. what a [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) she is. i also always enjoyed 4x4 because of its atmosphere and its selection. i am surprised to find that saint was not as impressed. but then again, this is why i said that people need to check out each terma and judge for themselves.

by the way, me and a buddy are going down to rio for 5 days from 1/16 to 1/22 so if anybody plans to be there and wants to hook up, e-mail me at apstar@attbi.com.

01-10-03, 04:50
Originally posted by apstar
Wow, what a post!!! Then again, w'd never expect anything less from Saint, would we??

No question, an awesome report, well worth waiting for.

How does he find the time for extreme mongering and also write these detailed reports?

LA Larry
01-10-03, 04:56

What can I say...You are a class act and know how to do it right. Thanks for the incredible Rio post. It surpased my high expectations....

Look forward to reading about your last week in BA.

Happy New Year--

Life (for you!) is good

01-10-03, 05:19
Bravo! Bravo!
I thought I was well off but I am getting the feeling that the Saint may actually be Bill Gates. what a budget! what a life! the nerve of you asking for a lotto ticket :)

01-10-03, 08:56

An awesome report. You the man!

I have been a regular follower of your posts in the Argentina section. I hope you make regular visits to Rio (and other parts of Brazil) so that we can all benefit from your inimitable posts. I for one truly enjoy reading your reports and thus living vicariously. Keep up the good work.


01-10-03, 17:48
Hey amigos. Thanks so much for the kind words. Rio is a blast and if I wasnīt so busy in Buenos Aires Iīd fly there again next week. (And I still might!!!).

Iīm not sure how I have time for it all too. I know I donīt need to take the time to post but I do it for all of you and I do it for me. I like to keep a personal journal sometimes. If I didnīt it would be impossible to keep track of the tons of girls every day. I have chronic insomnia so that is when I usually just type and type. I can type very very fast so it takes no time to type up 5 or 10 pages of my adventures.

The pictures I got were amazing. Aptstar is 100% correct. The termas are the single best invention in the world. I wonder if I could open some in Buenos Aires??? Iīm not sure itīs possible but here anything is possible with money. I would definitely love to open one here in BA. I think it would take a lot of payoffs but Iīm sure it would generate tons of income. Iīll keep you posted.

I have my Rio girl flying in to BA in less than 3 hours. Man it will be a good weekend. Iīm thinking of pressing my luck and asking her if she will do a 2 girl with me. What do you think??

Life is truly good......

01-10-03, 20:55
Dollar bill Saint you are the man ,a high rollar,big spender and an excellent writer

01-11-03, 02:32

Great Report!

The Termas have been replicated, just with less pleasant weather at times, in Germany in the form of FKK's. Atlantis or Oase around frankfurt are basically the same thing, except maybe even better for you because it is filled with mainly european women. The prices seem similar to the Termas prices you currently quote.

By the way it seems that you are overpaying, because last time I was in Rio it was a lot poorer than Germany and the reltion of monthly wage to what you are paying for sex is absurd. You get great quality half hour sessions in Germany with BBBJ and great service in an FKK for 30-50Ä, and the average yearly wage in Germany is about 28 000 Ä, last I knew the wages in Rio are less than one tenth of that. If you are paying 70Ä for 2 hours then you are ruining it for the locals.

The advantage to german is that the commercial sex customers here are 95% Locals, and the tourists are usually poorer than the locals, so the prices stay stable here, and some generous tourists can'twreck a good thing.


01-11-03, 02:38
saint, thank you very much for your long report, it's been really illustrative, it shows clearly how the psychology of an over-payer works.

I remember when you first appeared in the Rio board informing about your experience in BA and your plans for New Year's Eve in Rio. Then some posters started to feel anxious about your lack of postings during your stay in Rio. I even began to have great expectations of you myself, in view of the general interest you generated.

And now you turn up again saying you have been overpaying, spoiling the chicks, driving up prices: spoiling the paradise. I'm deeply disappointed with you, saint.

There're many examples of spoiling acts in your post, too many to be mentioned.

I almost had a heart attack when you said you handed R$ 550 to a chick for spending 9 hours with you during the day. When I read that I started to ask myself: 'Which saint is this? Saint Sucker?'

But the worst was still to come... The unexpected, something that no-one on this board could have ever imagined that might happen: you paid R$ 1,200 for a Help all-nighter!

At first I thought it was a missprint, I had to read it several times to get convinced that you really meant what was written there. But there was no doubt: you paid R$ 1,200 for a service whose price is usually R$ 200! That is, you invested R$ 1,000 in spoiling the paradise.

It was good news, however, that you were going to take the all-nighter to BA. With a bit of luck you'd also take her back to wherever you came from, and you'd settle with her over there for ever, forgetting about travelling again and spoiling other people's playgrounds.

I hope you don't get me wrong, saint, the purpose of my post is not to offend you, actually you sound like a good guy, someone I'd enjoy having a drink with.

I don't mean to change your overpaying habits either: you seem to have wide mongering experience in BA, so if you haven't learnt how to pay normal rates in all this time I suppose it's just too late for you to learn. But I'm really concerned about mongers that have never been to Rio, get into this board for the first time and come accros your post, showing all those outrageous prices you paid to the Help pros. I'd just like to inform those new mongers that you're an exception, rather than the rule.

saint, if all Rio pussy-hunters were like you, in a few months time it'd be cheaper to go mongering in Manhattan than in Rio: the paradise would soon be gone.

01-11-03, 03:01

saint, if all Rio pussy-hunters were like you, in a few months time it'd be cheaper to go mongering in Manhattan than in Rio: the paradise would soon be gone. [/i]

I don't think one gringo overpaying (and indeed Saint did overpay at times, no question) is going to amount to a hill of beans. Most of the Rio business is with locals and el cheapo tourists (ie Italians and such), so the price structure will remain intact.

As for mongering in Manhattan, my hometown, check out the prices for equal quality (will not exactly equal since American hookers aren't into sexual satisfaction like Brazilians)


It's way and above what Saint paid.

Young & Restless
01-11-03, 03:53

While I'll admit, R$ 1,200 is a bit steep for an all-nighter from Help, I do not totally disagree with your gesture. I do not see what harm one act of appreciation can do to inflate the prices for all of the women in Rio. I posted in here after my trip in August, and was ridiculed for paying R$ 150 for a semi-all nighter from Help... Big deal!! Although, I have not been generous enough to surprise one of the girls with an extravagant "bonus" like that, as long as it's not done too often, you're not hurting a thing.

I do have to express a little disappointment in not seeing anywhere in your post that you actually did go to Centaurus. That place is the heart and soul of Rio if you ask me. The 1st time I went to Rio the year before last, I was hooked-on-Help right off the bat and got in on some of the action at Centaurus towards the end, but on my last trip, I started out at Centaurus and made a trip to Help, just because, and there MIGHT have been less than a dozen girls there that could POSSIBLY compare to some of the beauties that populate Centaurus.

As long as you're having a good time, it doesn't really matter which place you go to as far as I'm concerned, but just keep in mind that the grass is always greener on the other side, AND if you're not having an AWESOME time WHEREVER you are at in Rio, get the hell out of there and go someplace else. No one has any excuse not to be having the time of their life during the ENTIRE time that they are in Rio!!

Great F'n post!! Look forward to seeing more in the future!!

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Gladiator

saint, if all Rio pussy-hunters were like you, in a few months time it'd be cheaper to go mongering in Manhattan than in Rio: the paradise would soon be gone. [/i]


01-11-03, 04:12
Great report Saint...

... but forget the overpaying, grand gifts, and all night porn star sessions. What I wanted to see is action photos of Kickstand's psycho getting thrown out on her ass. You should have made her earn that R$50 you gave her to leave ;)....

01-11-03, 04:31
Originally posted by Bizznich

While I'll admit, R$ 1,200 is a bit steep for an all-nighter from Help, I do not totally disagree with your gesture. I do not see what harm one act of appreciation can do to inflate the prices for all of the women in Rio.

Let me just follow up with this discussion of Gringos overpaying from time to time. From time to time is OK. I think as gringos the garotas knowwe have the dollars and can afford to pay from time to time more ( in some cases far more) that the going rate,so it makes us more attractive, regardless whether we are in fact more attractive, which mostly the guys who monger aren't 10's, if you get my drift.

Overall it makes us stand out from the tourista pack. Of course we don't have to overpay all the time. We still have the option to pay the local price and will be able to do what we want for the going rate but if some gringos pay over the top sometimes it helps us all out.

It states that we are not bottom feeder monger tourists.

My two cents (actually $2, since I'm overpaying for my opinion, gringo style:-)

Young & Restless
01-11-03, 04:39
Originally posted by jamesbond69
Let me just follow up with this discussion of Gringos overpaying from time to time. From time to time is OK. I think as gringos the garotas knowwe have the dollars and can afford to pay from time to time more ( in some cases far more) that the going rate,so it makes us more attractive, regardless whether we are in fact more attractive, which mostly the guys who monger aren't 10's, if you get my drift.

Overall it makes us stand out from the tourista pack. Of course we don't have to overpay all the time. We still have the option to pay the local price and will be able to do what we want for the going rate but if some gringos pay over the top sometimes it helps us all out.

It states that we are not bottom feeder monger tourists.

My two cents (actually $2, since I'm overpaying for my opinion, gringo style:-)

I wasn't exactly agreeing, or disagreeing with your previous quote, although I do agree with your current quote! But hey man... I am a 10!!! Just kidding... Happy hunting! Cheers!

01-11-03, 04:44
let us be easy on MR saint.He has his money and he spends it the way he wants .We may like it or we may not.The guy is a big spender ain,t nothing gonna change him,ya all check this__l,m gonna be off to Rio in March before Dollar Bill Saint and Mongers like him mess the pussy paradise up.Hehehehe

01-11-03, 04:58
Hello Saint. Enjoyed your reports greatly. Definately gonna make my next trip Brazilian one. What is that Club******* you guys talking about? Cause I would like to contibute definately:P
E-mail me at dkzzzz@yahoo.com
Thank you.
Keep up a good work.

01-11-03, 19:07
mohctep, what is the word for man in Spanish?

01-11-03, 20:16
Originally posted by thor
mohctep, what is the word for man in Spanish?

Gringo? ******

01-12-03, 00:13
I said it before and I'll say it again. I could care less what you guys say or think. NONE of you is going to change my attitudes or the way I do things. I'm my own person. I'm in no way going to change the market so relax and quit bitching. The reality is the vast reality of you complaining will never even visit S. America.

In fact, I wasn't going to even post this on WSG at all. I've found there are alot of guys that complain about everything. The **** site is blocked out. It's a private site I belong to. Email me and I'll give you the link. Saintofba@aol.com. I've never had ANY of those guys complain about anything and most of my true friends are on that board.

My Rio girl is here with me now. She is taking a nap after the long day and night we spent. I can tell you that the money I spent on her paid for itself 1 million times over. She has a visa and passport and is visiting me in April for a few weeks. Like I said..I could care less what you think.

One person is not going to change the market. I could have very easily kept my prices out but I'm an honest guy and I'll put what actually happened. For you thankless pikers.....you'll be the ones to blame once guys stop posting on these free sites altogether. I know many I talk to have already stopped posting on free sites.

I'm having the time of my life. Like I said...most of the girls didn't ask for that much money. Out of 25+ girls I did in Rio ...who cares if I decided to spoil one or two of them. The plain reality is that many of you probably wish you could be me right now...and if you don't......you should. Ha, ha.

Good luck....friends and foes.


01-12-03, 00:56
Well, Saint, you may have overpaid, but you had the chicks climbing all over you, apparently. And one wanted to have your baby! Shit, maybe I'll try overpaying next time I go to Rio.

The expression, by the way, is "I couldn't care less". Common mistake.

01-12-03, 02:34
JB, I was trying to help him out with ******! thor

01-12-03, 04:01
Originally posted by thor
JB, I was trying to help him out with ******! thor

Who cares about ******!!!

Long Live Jackson and the WSG!!!

01-12-03, 09:10
just recently got back from a 5 week vacation in brazil and this is my first real chance to post to wsg on rio. (sorry no information on christmas and new years, as i left before the holidays began). since i had an airbus pass, i had the opportunity to visit recife, fortaleza (see post), manaus and salvador. this was one of my better visits, as i was able to compare some interesting facts and trivia regarding rio vs. other cities. will try to post on these other cities.

the moment you fly into brazilian air space, you feel this indescribable feeling. for me it starts with my skin becoming moist and delightfully sweaty and then works it way down to a swelling libido. itís magical and the feeling doesnít seem to end until you leave brazilian air.

so i am back and its great to be back. all sounds, sights and smells of rio, come rushing back, the good the bad and the ugly. iíve been coming to brazil since 1990 (the good ole days), but was committed in a several relationships up until 2000 (the new millennium). thank heavens i came to my scenes.

so i fly down from canada and for me itís a 24 hour trip (vancouver-la-miami-rio). yeah! i know it a ways to come, but rio is worth it, imho (i would have traveled for three days to get here). i hit the airport and there are the usual ďcambioĒ and ďtaxiĒ hustlers, hounding you for some business. if youíre a fugal traveler like myself and want to spend your hard earned cash on the skirts rather than the taxis, youíll make like a veteran tourist or regular brazilian and take the bus. taxis will want about r$40 to copacabana. the bus is about r$5 and takes about 45 min to 1 hour.

as for cash, i used the atm at the airport, with my visa card (which i prepaid prior with a couple thousand, thereby eliminating any interest payments). the bradesco bank atms will recognize an english visa cards and will then use english instructions. depending on what time you arrive, there should be ďcambioĒ hustlers or actually ďcambioĒ exchanges in the airport. i relied on the atm, but also brought a little us$ dollars just in case the atms were down.

note: the airport is a terrific place to find information. they usually speak english at the information desk and tell you where everything is. i usually ask a ton of questions. i also pick up free maps and information booklets of the city and tourist sites.

note: my portuguese, needs work, but is growing and i can manage, basic conversation for the most part. i recommend, learning as much portuguese as possible for the best maximum experience and meeting the best looking skirts for romantic, hot sex or gf experience.

note: basic prices are quoted from memory and are basically all within + or - r$10. you also pay more for long periods of time and luxury rooms.

---rio termas
as much as i love the termas, i have done enough of them to realize what i want, depending on what kind of playfully mood a happen to be in. typically, i am interested in a gf type or non-jaded (semi-pro) garota experience (at least at the price theyíre asking). this can be tough to find at a termas, since most are pros but ever so often there some gems. so i typically attend termas for rest, relaxation and lots of eye candy. with the remote possibility the gf girl of my dreams. at any rate, i personally find them getting too expensive for only 40 min to 1 hour engagements. although i do admit the garotas (girls) in the termas are some of the best rio.

rio antiga (flamingo) was a new termas for me to try. i heard good things (from the guys who i rented the apartment from), so off i went to try it out. enter=r$40/girl=r$100. nothing special your basic average termas. girls were about average that evening, with one or two stunners. they were friendly, as i received a number of hand massages below the belt of my robe. didnít do a session with any girls, as i was content with being entertained in the disco. about 25-35 girls

monte carlo (copacabana) e=r$40/g=r$110. wanted to hookup with one of the twins again, but didnít see any of them, both times that i went looking. 1st time, didnít see any garotas worth having and the 2nd time took a sexy mulata with a butt to die for. she was the reason i missed my flight back to canada. not that i wanted to go anyway.

btw, does anyone know where the twins have gone, that were at monte carlo about a year ago?

4x4 (centro) e=r$30/e=$130. this was the happening place. garotas like you wouldnít believe. about 50 Ė60 girls. definitely had the best girls in rio, out of all the termas i went to on this trip. this place gets packed to the rafters with the business crowd, so get there early. the shows, which i donít usually care for, where for the most part interestingly different, as some audience participation was encouraged. canít comment any girl sessions, but an abundance of 8s to 10s.

rosario 65 (centro) e=r$45/g=r$130. disappointing, since i was so impressed with the caliber of garotas last year. after 1 hour, i was out there and headed for 4x4, which happens to be a couple of blocks away.

centuras (ipanema) e=??/g=??. didnít go this time out. went last year and was not impressed. over priced and overrated. the caliber of garotas here, can easily be found at other termas. not sure why itís often rated as the premier termas.

solarium (jardim botanica) e=r$40, r$90 (wed.)/g=r$110. i love exploring and finding new and different experiences when traveling. wednesday nights at solarium, sure did cum through. hooked up with mr.sob777 for some swingers action at solarium, where swinging couples are allowed on wednesdays. witnessed some very interesting sh*t in the dry and wet saunas, as some gang bang type scenarios took place. i personally groped some t&a, while more serious body slapping doing the wild thing, took place. these free for all sex sessions happened several times during the course of the evening with different couples. if the couple likes you enough, i was told, they may ask you to join them in a room. wow!! i think sundays are swinging couples only, but i didnít get a chance to check it out, with a date.

beach girls formally ?? (copacabana) e=r$20/g=r$50. garotas were below average with one or two above average. only about 8 girls working, as they are trying to build up the business. but they were very friendly and worked hard to pleasure you for the business. would not recommend this termas for the girls. however, i think this maybe the only termas that allows you to get nasty in the sauna with a girl. i had never fu*ked in the saunas before, so i had to try, especially after my semi-sauna action at solarium.

mr. sob777, was with me at the time, so we both, having never done this before, got wild and nasty. we both agreed it was a great experience, as we both got to sample each others garotas, in the wet heat. this termas is worth mentioning for some cheap relaxation and great sauna action if you happen to find a hottie working there. one last thing, make sure you have plenty of energy, before hand, as sex in the sauna will literally suck (forgive the pun) your energy dry.

líuomo (copacabana) didnít get a chance to visit, but i heard good things. maybe next time.

something else worth mentioning was some orgy party action i was often asked to participate in. as we got to meet other men (non wsg members) mostly brasilaros (as opposed to tourists from other countries), they would ask us to grab a skirt you wanted to do the nasty with and come and join them in one of the big luxury rooms. wow!! this happened a number of times where 3 to 4 couples would get into a big orgy. wow!! what a way to maximize your bang for your bucks and fu*k, more than one girl at a time. i didnít partake in the affairs, but will consider this option next time.

i will occasionally, find a garota i like and discretely get her number (assuming youíve developed a connection) and date her outside of the termas. this is a more cost effective solution and often leads to a better gf experience then a quickie at the temas.

thanks to mr.sob777, for the great times at 4x4, solarium and especially beach girls. you were lots of fun to hang with and like myself, you loved to explore new things and venture into new realms.

---help disco
not much to say about help disco, that hasnít alredy been said. iíll say this much though, the garotas at help sure are asking for some premium dollars. i just laughed and reminded the garotas that this was brazil and not america or europe. i had to laugh when quoted anywhere from r$400-r$200. do i have ďidiotĒ painted on my forehead?

i never did take a girl from help. donít get me wrong, i was there almost every night of my stay (mostly because i do enjoy the ďeye candyĒ and love to dance) and there were an endless number of hotties that i liked and wanted to get ďjiggy withĒ. i just couldnít bring myself to pay the premium dollars they were asking. not when there were lots of young 20 year old hard body sw on avendia atlantica, from r$50-r$80 for 1-1.5 hrs. wow!!

what was even funnier, were the ugly girls at help. they were asking between r$300 and r$150. somehow the collective thinking of the girls at help, is to demand premium dollars, just because they are in help disco. not!! i think it was a collective effort too, because none of them, i talked with would go below r$150.

but wait, it gets better. many of the same girls i had talked to earlier that wanted r$300-r$150, often left help alone and then began trying to seek some action outside of help, along avendia altantica. just like the regular sw. but this time they were only asking r$60-150. this is my spiders web, in which i trap my prey. i realize i donít always get the garotas when i want, but i am a patient spider. itís a game, right! and the garotas know this all to well. knowing how to play the game is part of fun.

--- other termas, discos and considerations
one of the things i really enjoyed about my time in rio, was that i was able to explore downtown i lot more. found various underground vendors selling bootleg merchandice and knock-off commercial goods and clothing. several vendors caught my interest selling software cds for r$10 Ė r$20 (microsoft office, windows xp, norton utilities Öetc) basic plethora of black-market activity. needless to say, i picked up some great deals. vendors are located near the carioca subway station. (subway details are on the map that you pick up at the airport)

due to some downtown exploration (and a great deal of luck and happenstance), i found what might be considered to some two new termas. its possible they may have be been mentioned briefly before previous post. so as i explored and found these gems downtown, i started to wonder how many more of these clubs exist. they are not ďrichĒ as 4x4, rosario 65, but still have a very nice charm to them. what i truly love about some of these places was they put you more in touch with the common ordinary man. ok! ok! i know iím full sh*t. the real reason was that it was reasonably priced.

the first is located just around the corner from the florida and scandinavia boites on rua do acre and i think its called 10-10 (10-23) termas. the second is located on the main drag avenida rua branco (on a side street), just opposite the manhattan bank building (close to rua do ouvido and rua do setembro). i forget the name, but it has blue neon signage, which isnít hard to miss. both open around 4pm.

both termases, e=r$10 (which gives you 3 drinks beers, soda and/or juice), g=r$50 for 40 min. or r$70 for 1 hour. the good thing is, no stupid mini robes with your dick hanging out. you get to keep wearing you own street clothes. the girls range from 6s to the odd 9. each termas has about 15 to 20 girls (depending on the night). no saunas or major changing areas, just two bars and rooms upstairs. one slow lounging bar to talk, (which is great when you donít wonít to listen to the loud blaring techno), and the other a fast disco bar. no big sales pressures either.

these were my kind of termas. i had lot of fun at these termas for cheap and the girls were very friendly. i went to each one twice and had several garotas each time. what a bargin at r$50!! especially when you found a real hottie!! since they were in relatively close walking distance (about 6 blocks from each other) once i finished in one i hit the other (take a taxi if your squirmiest about walking downtown). all in all, some great fun to be had at a bargin.

i did get hooked (several times) on this one brunette mulata, named natalie. she was about 4 foot 6 inches, very small and petit, but stacked nicely where it counts. amazingly beautiful body and very agile between the sheets and fu*ked like a minsk in heat. she was even better the second time around, if you can believe that. wow!!

for those of you who like pro/semi-pro older women, also just around the corner from the florida and scandinavia boites on avenida rua branco, but before you get to avendia presidente vargas, there is a disco (not exactly sure of the name), but worth checking out. most of the women, i believe were on the program, however the pickings were very slim. many of the business men snapped up the best older mama senioritas, at about 11:30pm when i strolled in to checkout the place. they wanted r$15 cover charge. i looked around for 5-10 min. and left, due to other arrangements. worth a peek, if this is your thing!

i found a forro dance club (copacabana) near to the apartment i was staying at. located at av. n.s copacabana and rua republic do peru (towards rua paula fretias). entrance fee is r$6 - r$8, depending on the day. best days are usually thursday thru sunday. lots of the poorer local cariocas party here. there were 1 or 2 cuties, but most garotas (about 35 to 50) were mostly 5s to 7s. most girls seemed approachable and were probably semi-pro action. if youíve got game and your portuguese isnít too bad, there are some interesting possibilities for gf type action. i was partially successful as i almost left with one nicely intoxicated honey. this with limited portuguese, a smile and some lubrication. it did work 100%, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

downtown rio was a great experience and has a lot to offer. take the subway from copacabana and exit at the carioca station (which is approximately the center of downtown). best to go during the day and take some time and go on a walk-about and get familiar with downtown surroundings.

---rio commentary
rio, will always be my favorite place to chase the skirts and garotas. however, after comparisons with other brazilian cites (notably fortaleza and to some degree recife), wh*re mongering in rio is getting expensive. i think the garotas, termas and businesses in rio are trying to keep on par with the us$ and adjusting their rates as if they were opec. personally, i think they will eventually price themselves out of the market. but sadly, there will always be gringos who will pay this. so their attitudes invariably turn to one of excessive greed and fast money. brazilians are well known for their quality of sexual hospitality, but in rio i think theyíve gotten away from this.

most of my fu*king came from sw along av. altantic, n.s copacabana, rua prado junior and downtown around florida and scandinavia boites. there were lot of sw, that are dogs, but there were also a lot of gems to found, if your willing to explore a little. i personally thought there were a number of sw on av altantic, as hot as many of the girls in help. of course much of this will depend on how you like to do your garota pussy chasing. i like a good bang for my buck, with the option of potential gf possibilities.

i also thought many garotas, are not only starting to sound like american women (gimme, gimme, gimme), but are starting to look like them as well (at least in one aspect). this year more than any other year (at least so it seemed to me), brazilian women have grown ďbeer gutsĒ. what is with the ďbeer gutĒ? yikes!! i guess when the price of water is about the same as beer, you drink beer because itís just not sexy to drink water.

having said all that, i would like to say that rio, help disco and carioca women, will also be near and dear to my heart. i am only thankful there is enough variety and caliber of women, elsewhere, providing youíre willing to explore a little outside some of the more well known tourist sex venues.

just my two cents worth of thoughts, insights and experiences!!
to each their own and happy hunting!!


01-12-03, 10:00
Good report Spidy.
The twins were working at terma Aeroporto in Centro as of last May.

01-12-03, 10:03
The correct prices at Monte Carlo are 50reals for entry and 140 reals for 40 min. with girl of your choice in small cramped room. Monte Carlo is So-So compared to other Termas', Centaurus Prices are 290 Reals that covers entry,room, and 40 min. with girl of your choice, and by the way the room is a nice clean big room at Centaurus and the girls are good looking if you don't mind the price. Great Post Spidy, I wanted to post the right up to date prices..

01-12-03, 10:40
I would say that Monte Carlo Termas is more geared to Tourists since in their advertisement they say the front desk girls speak English, Italian, and one or two more Languages,inflated prices for Tourists but to each his own. Spidy I am interested in the two New Termas you mentioned in your Post, do you remember how far from the Carioca Subway Station they are and any walking Directions from the Station?? do you have any exact address' Thanks..

01-12-03, 13:26
I agree with Spidy's comments on Help. I have been to Rio twice. I have just got back to the UK this morning. There are just a few gems in the crowded Help market place and the asking price, in my experience seems to be uniformly USD100/BR300. The two I took out were nothing special.

I did go to Centarus and had an amazing time but of course it was not cheap. I think the whole evening costed me about BR900 for 2 girls plus all the drinks and upgraded room. Both girls were excellent though and outperformed their Help counterparts in every respect. I did speak with another girl - a very cute 18 year old - whom I declined as she was too business like - and she too offered BBBJ. So I deduced that BBBJ is the norm here but worth asking for upfront to avoid dissappointment. The Help girls provided CBJ only.

01-12-03, 17:03
jamesbond69-stop being a jerk!
I was trying to respond to a specific question from mohctep, and help him out, and it had nothing to do with you.

01-12-03, 19:36
Originally posted by thor
jamesbond69-stop being a jerk!
I was trying to respond to a specific question from mohctep, and help him out, and it had nothing to do with you.

The guy who set up WSF (disclosure: I know him and he's a great guy) has provided us all with a great FREE service.

Clearly for his own reasons he has blocked out certain words and I think that should be respected. If someone knows those words and wants to share them that's fine but I suggest you do it privately, in respect to the founder.

01-12-03, 19:58
Yeah, kind of sad to say, but I do have to agree that the prices at Help! have been creeping up. On my next visit I am going to do the termas for sure, which I never have, AND I think I will check out some of the more out of the way places, such as those that Spidey mentions. I would like to see more posts with this kind of information. Regarding SW's, I always thought the common wisdom was to stay away from them, not only because of lower quality, but also for safety reasons, and because many of them are transvestites. Perhaps now there are some decent SW's?

01-12-03, 20:27
I'm going to have to back up Mr Bond on this one.

This is a great site, it's free. if you can just ignore the rabblings of NR with his wasted space then this site is even better.

Besides if you register with Club ***************! You will have to pay. Not to mention NR is on that site as well.

01-12-03, 22:33
There are 2 or 3 restaurants on Avenue Atlantica which appear to have a number of fine garotas. I know that Meia Pataca is a pre Help scene and I presume that the others are too. Spidy, by SWs, do you mean these venues or you referring to more mobile garotas as opposed to the more stationary ones at these restaurants ?

I never tried these but they did look rather god and of course the lighting is better than inside Help, you can see exactly what you are picking. I am going to try this on my next visit.

01-12-03, 23:32
Originally posted by spidy
I just laughed and reminded the garotas that this was Brazil and not America or Europe. I had to laugh when quoted anywhere from R$400-R$200. Do I have ďidiotĒ painted on my forehead?

Great post, spidy, full of useful info.

You definitely don't have 'idiot' painted on your forehead, unlike others.

01-13-03, 00:30
My Rio girl just left today. I met up with a cool dude SFHombre. He is trying to talk me into flying back to Rio on Wednesday. Since Iīm weak for hotties Iīll probably do it even though it wonīt be a cheap flight.

With respect to if the girls were all over me. Yes, they were. Again, not to sound conceited but they were. I overpayed on one girl. So be it. The rest I paid going rates. Especially in the termas where there are fixed prices the girls all were extremely affectionate. Like I said, two were serious when the asked if I would get them pregnant. Several offered sex without condom.

I canīt wait to go back for some more fun. Good luck.Á


01-13-03, 04:02
Saint, your physical description?

I'm guessing under 40, in shape and possibly light haired, but especially blue eyed.

That's always a never go wrong combo in Rio.

01-13-03, 04:55
Octaron, I wasn't recommending CH either. I'm not a member, nor do I want to be, if the SA ranter is as proliflic there, as he is on WSG!
I was simply trying to help out mohctep. He is a big boy, who I'm sure can make up his own mind, as to the merits of other possibilities. Quite frankly, it wasn't any of James Bond69's business to butt in. I'm sure we all appreciate and respect Jackson's efforts on this site.
Jackson has my email, and I'm sure would have responded either on this board, or privately, if he was overly concerned.
I've wasted enough space on this, and will not comment further. thor

01-13-03, 05:44
T-Rex, downtown definately is vast and looks menasingly huge and rather difficult to figure out at first. But its not! But the best thing to do is get a map (free at the airport or about R$6 at a newstand) and head out during the day to get familiar with downtown. Yeh you'll look like a "tourista", but you'll appreciate the "downtown experience".

The termas (with blue neon) is about a 5 min walk form Carioca. And the other termas is about 10-12 min walk from Carioca. Enjoy the sexy office women and downtown ladies.

If you find any other of these type of places downtown, please post.

Athos, thanks for the info on the twins. A must "do" next trip!!

Originally posted by spidy
The first is located just around the corner from the Florida and Scandinavia Boites on Rua do Acre and I think its called 10-10 (10-23) Termas. The second is located on the main drag Avenida Rua Branco (on a side street), just opposite the Manhattan Bank Building (close to Rua do Ouvido and Rua do Setembro). I forget the name, but it has blue neon signage, which isnít hard to miss. Both open around 4pm.


01-13-03, 06:30
HeadGames, I think the common wisedom is to "be careful" of any girl, Help girls and SW, alike. At least until they fall into your comfort zone.

Quite often I will talk to the SW at length, when I find one I like. They are very approachable. Because I usually get an an apartment around Paula Freitas/Copacabana place area (basically the middle of Copacabana), I will often initiate a routine of walking to Help Diso and check out the SW action on the way.

Along Av. Altantica, if I see something I like, I negotiate for short time (or all night if she's a hottie). I then head back to the apartment for some hot Brazilian kitty for about 1-2 hours. Afterwards, there's usually still plenty of time to check out the girls at Help, but without all the tension and build up guys usually have. (Sort of like that scene in "Something About Mary" with Ben Affleck ;-) )

If I didn't see anything I like, I go enjoy the "eye-candy" at Help and hope to find some GF type action. If there's nothing at Help, I can always check out the SW scene on the walk back to my apartment.


01-13-03, 09:31
Thanks Spidy for the info, I will check them out and if I find some new clubs I will post them here for sure.. t-rex..

01-13-03, 13:01

Calling all you veterans for some hints!

Where should I look to get a nice (comfortable and safe) studio /apartment (with no hassle to take girls for the night) near Copacabana at a great price during MGras? What rate should I be looking at? The few apartments I am getting are close to $100 per day! Thats steep!

Any tips is appreciated!

01-13-03, 14:08
Hi Guys

Is Carnival a good time to visit Rio - if your goal is to get laid as much as possible - or should one time the visit after (or before) the carnival?

01-14-03, 11:26
Guys Any pointers on apartments in Rio - and the rates I should expect during the Carnival.

01-14-03, 20:46
I'm headed back to Rio tomorrow afternoon for 4 days. Buenos Aires is a bit slow now with many locals on holiday. Rio is the devil's playground. My plane lands at 6:30 PM and I plan on being in the termas by 7:30 PM.

I'm gonna hit Help everynight too. Although I don't know how I'll handle dodging my girl I flew into BA. She works at Help and has been calling me here in Buenos Aires everyday since she left. I got a ton of phone numbers last trip that I can use too.

I'm dreading going back to the USA but reality has to set in sooner or later. I know I'll be living in Buenos Aires within 2 years full-time.

As far as my decription I like to keep that private but I am younger. I turned 30 years old 3 months ago. Most guys my age can't hobby at the pace I do. In fact, I don't know too many guys that have seen more girls than I have. I might have seen more girls in the last 5 years than some dudes in their 50's has seen hobbying.

Life is good. I probably won't have time to post while in Rio but I'll try to post when I return to BA or the USA.


01-15-03, 02:36
I posted this in the "Other Areas" section but got no response, so I thought I would try here.

Anyone have any experience in Vitoria? It got written up as a hot place in Brazilian Playboy a year or so ago. Was thinking of going there.

01-15-03, 02:45
Originally posted by z_ice_blue

Calling all you veterans for some hints!

Where should I look to get a nice (comfortable and safe) studio /apartment (with no hassle to take girls for the night) near Copacabana at a great price during MGras? What rate should I be looking at? The few apartments I am getting are close to $100 per day! Thats steep!

Any tips is appreciated!

Prices can triple during new years and carnival. $100 sounds cheap for carnival.

01-15-03, 04:05
Originally posted by z_ice_blue
Guys Any pointers on apartments in Rio - and the rates I should expect during the Carnival.

You're gonna hate me but I put a deposit down for a studio around the corner from help during Carnival. I'll actually be able to see the roof of Help from my bedroom window as well as a killer view of the beach and sugar loaf. I'll be there Feb-28th thru March 8th and got the place for U$600 ($75/day). It pays to reserve early...

A few brokers got back to me so I can send anyone the info I received from them. I was quoted anywhere from U$46 to U$220/day. -- most with a 7 to 10 day minimum. ---- > MoJustMo73@Yahoo.com

01-15-03, 07:17
Hey Guys,

Thanks again to all of you and your helpful posts.

Can any of the experts here tell me:

1. Do the SWs/Semi-Pros/Terma Girls/amateurs charge up front, or is the common practice for the guys to pay 'after the fact'???
(In SE Asia, it was practice for us to pay after the session (unless a massage parlor), which actually promotes better service...)

2. Which Travel Agent/web site do any of you more experienced people use that are traveling from the states to Rio? Which one gives you the most reasonable air prices to Rio?

Also, Im still planning to head to Rio at the end of March/beginning of April. If anyone is interested in a copilot, please see my post in the 'general info' section dated 1/12/03 I believe.

Thanks again for indulging me!


01-15-03, 23:11
z ice blue , if you are going to rio before the carnival starts i suggest you book into the cheapest hotel that you find or a good one if it suits you for just one night . you will find plenty of hotels on the net.
then the next day just walk around looking like a lost gringo who looks like he is looking for a room and more than likely someone should approach you to rent you an apartment or you will meet some other gringos who can give you info. you should get an apartment for about 120 reais per night in copa. during carnival. that is about $40 .
i`ll be flying into rio january 27 and i booked the hotel debret for 3 nights . i am then going to search for an apartment.
alternatively the centro district is very cheap for a hotel room.

01-16-03, 03:05

Try www.varig.com for airfare. Their internet specials are the lowest I've seen. I paid U$660 for my round trip ticket through a travel agent (JFK ---> GIG non-stop), but I later saw it on the Varig site for about $550. Take a look and post the deal you got...

01-16-03, 08:57
Hi Gents,

I was in Rio a year or so ago adn went to LíUomo. I met a cute little blond there. It was the BEST I have ever had and I have been with quite a few. I don't remember her name. She had short hair, real cute, great kisser. Does anyone know if she is still there? She did one of the feature dances during the night.

Thanks, Noop

01-16-03, 09:07
For airfare, these days I usually just do a Google search (http://www.google.com) for "airline consolidator". These are travel agencies which buy large blocks of airline seats, then try to sell them. If they're unsuccessful, they will usually sell them C-H-E-A-P just to get rid of them. I've done this a couple of times in my life, and found some great deals. If you have money to burn, you'll save at least 40% on business & first class tickets. If not, you still get a good deal and you'll be able to brag about your airfare to your jealous seatmates on the way to Carnival. And we know it's all about saving money, no? :-)

01-16-03, 19:05
In Rio now. Almost missed the flight here but made it by the courtesy of the nice lady at security that let me and SFHombre cut to the front of the line in Customs. We would have missed the flight. They were holding it for us. We got to the airport early but we were jacking around BSŪng and lost track of time.

Anyway, we make it to our apartment. This time David of www.gringomanagement.com comes through. The apartment is as promised. Big, with 3 air-conditioners and nice. If you deal directly with him you'll be fine Only if he delegates it to morons will you run into problems. He is quick with emails.

We meet UWPhoto at Luomo. Man, it is rocking. Hotties galore. I love this place. I end up seeing the famous Camilla. Man, she was hot. I had a great session. Same deal. Entrance fee is usually 50 R (3.25 R to $1 us now). They cut the entrance fee to 20 R if you see a girl. The session was 140 R for a 40 minute session or 190 R for an hour session in a suite. I opted for the hour session and didn't regret it. She lives up to her reputation. We BSťd afterwards and she is a very sweet girl that speaks and understands English. Smart girl and I highly recommend her.

We stayed there till about 12:30 AM then went to Alcazar to snack. I met the famous "Don" at Luomo. Nice guy that seems to know everyone in Rio. He is a good guy to know here I'd imagine. I still personally don't find myself a need to have a guide but I can see that this guy could probably get you anything you needed. I'd recommend him if you have never hobbied in South America or new to the hobby.

I went to Help as usual and spotted a few of the girls I'd tagged. One was all over me and wanted to see me but I managed to ditch her and I pulled a hottie out at around 3:30 AM. Wait till you see the pictures. Hot blonde 20 years old from Sao Paulo that was only here 6 days to work. Great session. 200 R and she stayed until 7 AM. I'm one tired guy.

Just had lunch and gonna hit the termas as usual. My girl I flew in to BA stopped by Alcazar and was pissed I didn't call her last night. Oops. I'll have dinner with her tonight.

Life is still good.

01-16-03, 20:40

Sorry, your bascially at teh mercy of the vendors during carnival and man do they "jack-up" the prices. Oh Well!! It well worth the $$, if you've never been. Greatest Party on earth!!

For cheaper accompodations:

Tip#1. Try not to get locked into anything too long (maybe 3-4 days), if you can help it. In past years I found the price of accomodations do drop quite considerably, the next day right after carnival.

Tip#2. Get something in an another cheaper barrio, close to Copa (Leblon Leme, Botofogo). That is if you don't mind a 5-10min bus ride for a few days.

Tip #3. Get something that about 3-4 block from the main drag on Copa.

Tip #4. Hook-up with someone for a couple days to share the cost!

Tip #5. Try the hostile Harmonia (Ipanema). Email: hostelharmonia@hotmail.com) www.hostelharmonia.com

Tip $6. Book Early!! Real Early!! ;-)

For Rio apartments you can try, Lars at 55(21)9878.1094 (can't remember his email) or Fernando at tel:55(21)2549.2097 or cell:55(21)9269-4478 (fernando.klein@bol.com.br) Might be a little cheaper but I doubt it or at least not by much!

Also Oscar at tel:55(21)9841-4469, cell:55(21)9781.8342, email: alanfrombrasil@hotmail.com.

Tell them Antonio from Canada, said Ola!


01-16-03, 21:06

For travel plans, places to go and see, I highly recommend "Blame-it-on-Rio". Ask for Bobby (an ex-pat), but his staff is very competent. They saved my beacon, when I need a place for fedex to delivery. Kudos to them. It is located just around the corner (Rua Miguel Lemos, I think??) from Help and Hotel Rio Rioss

There is also a internet place, just 2-doors down from Blame-it-on-Rio and it not too bad. I found it a little price for internet service, but it is great for long distance telephone calls. Less than $0.50 cents a minute (0.98 centavors). Line can be little choppy, due to the fact it "piggy-backs" on the internet line. But cheap none the less!!

The other good thing about that area around Blame-it-on-Rio and the Internet place, is that I think its starting to become a possible day time pickup. Lots of garotas, e-mailing their American and other International boyfriends (or just their good friends). A couple of girls left messages with the staff, to come look for them on the beach and one left their phone number. Also sweet, were the hot local women, heading to the gym, about 2 more doors down. Could be a good hook-up joint for non-pro action? Check this area out for possible day action!!


01-17-03, 11:56

Don't kid yourself. Even in the daytime that particular area is a place no self respecting girl, therefore a "non pro" would be seen in, especially in the company of an obvious tourist.

What those cafes, right around Bobby's place (bobby's main clientele is mongers) and Tudo E Facil have in common is that they are full of are Rio hos who spend time each afternoon sending love letters and I miss you dearly notes to all of their stupid sucker boyfriends.

Then, when they're done with all of their e-mails, they're off in search of the next idiot tourist in the area who might pay them $150 US for a quickie.

Simply keep in mind that your odds of landing a non pro in Rio in that area don't even register on the slightest of Richter scales.

You can get a GFE in Rio, you can even get real life gf during your stay who won't charge you per sex act, but she'll be a hooker that likes you whose rent has been paid by all the fools that paid her $150US for a bunch of quickies earlier that month.

01-17-03, 22:04
Yesterday, after I left internet cafe I ran into Mr. T. (a guy that I met in Buenos Aires in Nov. ....small world). I went to Luomo by myself and I had an awesome session with Shayla. She was great and we had a great 1 hour session in a suite. She is the tall blonde.

Then the girl I flew into BA called. I had a nice double date dinner with her and UWPhoto and his new novia. SFHombre also joined us solo. Had a nice dinner except my girl was mad at me because I didn't call her when I arrived in Rio. She wouldn't drop it. I just ignored her and told her not to mention it anymore because it was over with. Meanwhile, UWPhoto's novia was mad because she was flipping through his cellphone and saw all these chicas numbers. So what does she do???? She starts calling the chicas one by one.

We were all cracking up. These Brazillian girls are the most jealous I've ever seen. Then when she went to the bathroom, UWPhoto is bragging that he wrote them all down on a card anyway. His novia sees the card and grabs it and tears it up. My girl is asking what I'm going to do. She keeps telling me she wants to spend the night with me. I told her to go to work (Help) and she didn't want to. She even offered to spend the night free with me.

She thinks my friends don't know where I met her. She tells me NOT to bring them into Help. Oh well...now she is mad at me because I tell her I want to spend this vacation with my friends. She looked great and in my opinion is probably the hottest girl in Help or at least one of them. So all you guys that were saying I overspent can eat your words. I have a hottie begging to spend the night with me for free.

We go to Help and the quality isn't as good. I get there early around 12:30 AM. Still hotties but just not as many as I like. My taste is still in white or European girls and tonight there are a ton of blacks and mixed girls. UWPhoto has a soap opera going with his girl. Meanwhile, my girl has been just checking me out and comes up to me later in the night bitching me out saying she has been watching me make out with all these girls. Oops.

I see a hottie blond that I know I'll see. My girl comes up to me and starts yelling at me making a scene. She is yelling at me telling me that I caused her to not make any money the last two nights. The first night because she didn't work because she thought I'd call her and she'd spend the night with me. The second night because she couldn't work and had to watch me. Not my fault. The blonde at this point looks scared. Ha, ha. I just whisper to the blonde to meet me down in front of Help in 10 minutes. She says ok.

I tell my girl I'm leaving and she is crying at this point and upset. I feel kind of bad but not my fault. This isn't some teeny bopper. She has been in the business for over 5 years I'd guess working all over the USA, Europe and Brazil. She kept saying I think she doesn't have feelings and isn't sensitive but she is. That she doesn't fall very often for guys but did with me. I don't know if it's true or not but it's a moot point.

I meet up with the hottie blondie 10 minutes and she has a big ass grin on her face. So do I. We go to my apartment and at this point it is probably 4:30 AM or close to it. I paid 200 R and she left at 7:00 AM. Another night of not too much sleep but the session was amazing. It was funny because she wouldn't let me take a picture with my digital camera but when she saw I had another she let me take it with the regular. It's obvious she thought the internet pictures could only be taken with a digital camera. I promised her I wouldn't post her picture to the internet and I won't. If they ask me not to I respect their words.

Pictures aren't that big of a deal to me anymore. I stopped taking my camera in the terma and I don't always ask anymore. This 5 week vacation has kind of changed my outlook on things. I've probably slept with over 75 girls in the past 5 weeks. Life is still good amigos.

I went to 4X4 today and I'm sorry to say it sucked. Not many girls and the ones that were there were not my taste. I was curious to see Rebecca because Sandman is always talking about her but she was in a session with some dude that Don knew. I went to the other terma one block away. Terma 65 but it was even worse. Man I was not impressed. The girls were fowl and that is being generous. I wouldn't sleep with them for free. I left UWPhoto and SFHombre (who just had a session at 4X4). I called a girl I met at Luomo that formally worked at Centaurus. A hottie. She told me she will come to my apartment so she is meeting me after I leave the internet cafe.

I'm tired but of course I'll go to Help tonight. I leave Rio tomorrow back to BA.

01-18-03, 00:27

Your post is pretty cynical, but I do pretty much agree with what you say. I am very familiar with that area, I used Tudo E Facil every day when I was there in November. I saw some cute garotas, not a one of which was very interested in me.

01-18-03, 04:32
Hey Guys,

Just got back to New Jersey from a week in San Fran today (See Trip Report) and I'm on my way back to Rio tomorrow evening by myself.

I would like to hook up with anyone who's in Rio and wants to hang out and do the Termas, Help, Barbarella thing.

Saint if you read this e-mail me your contact information. I'll have my laptop with me. giftedmale@hotmail.com

I get in at 11am and will probbaly take a quick power nap before I start playing. I always go to Help early on my first night in town so that I can see what I've been missing. The finer the better! Must be top model material or better! I probably have on all black, wgich is what I noramlly wear when I go out ot night.


01-18-03, 06:29
Question to the Rio-ologist?

The info I can track down about Rio on the web tends to lead me to agencies and not independents. For example BA has a substantial number of independent site such as Gemidos, etc... But Rio seems to be lacking the independent sites or a more likely explanation is my inability to find them. Any thoughts or suggestions?


01-18-03, 15:40

75 girls in 5 weeks is an awesome scorecard ! You can indeed say that life is good.

With all due respect to your privacy, how do you get so much vacation time ?

It sounds like you did not the chance to go to Centaurus ? I would highly recommend it if you can avoid the ones that want to whisk you off straightaway before you have the chance to look around. I had 2 very beautiful blondes who did not apply any such pressure. I spent time chatting to them before I took them upstairs and they both provided BBBJ and the works in a very passionate manner.

For a guy of 30, you have done very well indeed. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Happy travels and may your mongering continue unabated.


Spin the Globe
01-18-03, 19:08
I was in Rio for 2 weeks over New Years, for the first time and wanted to give a little back--since I received so much great info to help me along on my first visit to Rio.

First, I wanted to say something about the crime situation. As has been previously stated there is a great need to take precaution, but if you watch your back and cab it at night, there is no need to be overly fearful. In 2 weeks I never had a problem. I walked alone most days and nights to termas--and down to Help. It was about a 10-15 minute walk from my hotel to Help. ANd never once had any kind of problem.. Took the city buses to Sugarloaf and other places--and again no problems.
But there are definitely many seedy looking characters on every street--every corner--so you could see that it could easily happen if you don't watch your back.

Next, I have seen a number of questions regarding the availibility of Viagra. It is available in every pharmacy--and you do not need a prescription. I have seen some post that its only available in 50 mg doses. Not true. They have the 100's--they come in packages of 4. The cost on the box shows $R 139--but in every case-after I said in Portuguese-thats too much--they pull out a calculator and punch in a discount --bringing the total to roughly $r125 for the 4 100mg pills. A few of the pharmacies were out of the 100's--but if you check 2-3 stores you will find them--and there is a pharmacy on practically every corner.

Now to the ladies.

The much-talked about scene at Meia Pataca-was almost always horrible. Many ugly girls-old etc. SOmetimes--though right after the end of the day on the beach--at around 6pm--there would be a few hotties.

The beach scene in front of the Othon is entertaining. There are always a few hotties around--though again the number of fat-ugly ones is much higher. But, I did meet one spectaclar gilr there on my second visit--she dances at Barbarella at night. Took her to my hotel--agreed on R200 at the beach but we spent a long time at the hotel hanging out--and great sex including BBBJ--that she started begging mne for an additional 50, saying she would have to pay the guy on the beach who made the introduction R30. She said at Barbarella she Never goes with anyone for less than US 100, and if they are old or fat she charges US200, and said she often earns as much as US 300 at Barbarella. ANyway, She was amazing looking--so I did end-up giving her the additional R 50. She then had to leave to get ready for her night at BArbarella--and she begged me to come see her-and and if I went-she would come back to my hotel with me afterwards.. However I was a litlle tired--and since she had worked me for the extra 50--I was sure she would be hitting me up for alot more to take her home from Barbarella.

Next day went to Terma Loume--saw the beautful Camille. AMazing session. Beautiful body, shaved snatch---BBBJ--and a very passionate session. She is also extremely interesting to talk to and speaks good englisch. The only turn-off is that her long-beautiful dark hair--the first selling point when you see her--turins out to be a wig-or extensions of some kind---oh well. She still has an amazing body!!

Went back a couple days later and picked a petite blonde---greta session--she insisted I take her number. I called a couple days later--and she ended up coming to my Hotel at 2am--after I left help-being dissapointed with the scene that night. She came to my hotel, and had a very good session. She spends the night--then the next day takes me to her apartment to get her bathing suit and we end-up hanging out by my hotel pool,all day--drinking eating--had sex n the hotel pool, and were almost caught by the hotel manager. We go the room for another session. Then she calls in sick to work, and we spend the rest of the day and night together. We had never agreed on any price--so I was worried as to what she would come-up with for roughly 36 straight hours with me. ANyway, she starts by saying 600 R---saying she missed wotrk etc. I tell her I didn't ask her to skip work etc, and we end up agreeing on R450, plus all the food and drinks I had bought during our time together. Altoghter not too bad for 2 full nights and one entire day, with many, many sessions.

Didn't check out any other termas---went to Help most nights I was in town.
The scene at Help is unreal. But it can vary greatly. Although there are at least 200 girls on any given night---many are butt-ugly-or old etc. Of course there are always a few beauties. However it can be alot of work trying to get to them. The place can get extremely packed--and there becomes alot of competition for the real beauties. Its so crowded that its hard, you have to push throught he crowd to get to the bar for more drinks.
You have to fight -off the odler-ugly ones who beacome more agressive as the night wears on.
Then when you pick and finally get to one of the hotties--they often quote some outrageosly high dollar amount. SOme start at $200US. I noticed this a few times from the beauties from Sao Paulo. They will start at $200 US or at best $100 US. I normally wouldn't even stick around to bargin--I would just laugh and walk away. ANyway. as Saint said in his post--I am into the more European type of looks--with a tight hard body--and the pickings at help are somewhat limited. Many big, fat, old , and a high percentage of black girls. So, it becomes alot of work-at times. Then once you find one--the cabs out front always try to charge R20 for a cab ride that would cost $r 4.50 with the meter on. I alwats negotiated the cab down to $r10--or would walk to the corner and catch a cab For R5. But my hotel would then charge $r25 for brining a girl back at night- Because at night the door is closed and the doorman would have to let us in--and register her etc. During the day--I would just tell them I was brining her up to the pool----and would go and have a couple of drinks poolside before going back to my room--thereby, getting around the $25 for bringing girls back--but at night this was unavoidale. So all in all HElp can be expensive--with a $R 20 cover charge, plus, howver much you spend on drinks-- payment for girl to enter hotel, and the cash for her--it all ended-up being much more expensive, for generally less quality girls than the ones in the termas.
The terma girls will almost always offer their phone numebrs--and are available for work outside--so next time I will spend more time on these pursuits--rather than dealing with Help.
However, the ggod thing about help--is that it has a much more natural feel. Almost like picking up a girl in a normal bar here is the States. Drinks-dancing, and a wide variety of girls--soemthing for everyone's taste. So, it is worth checking-out--I just felt at times it was alot of work to track down the one's you wanted--and then to bargain them down on pice etc---while the termas are all fixed pricing.

ANyway, Rio was a blast. The food-drinks and EVERYHTING was extremely cheap. Beers were roughly US $0.85 everywhere. Cigarettes were roughly $0.75 for a pack of Marborlo's. The food at mid-range places--clean place, good food --dirt cheap.
Finally, the women are extremely passionate, and there are some beauties. A wide-range of mixes, body types etc. But-all-in-all
there were some beautiful women.
And with the beaches, and the natural beauty of Rio---it was a great trip--and I will return soon.

01-18-03, 20:10
Prufrock, for independents in Rio(so called) online you can check out http://www.hotside.com.br/hotside.htm and if you like some 10's , not sure if they are independent try http://www.goldenamanda.com.br/

01-19-03, 02:35
riodreams.. great post.....

can you e-mail me at

01-19-03, 04:58
RIO JAN 28 TO FEB 27. hi all i will be in rio this time alone staying with gringo management. any mongers who will be in town, or old pros who will take me under their wing, please email me at wilsafris@yahoo.com. i am 36. thanks, will

01-19-03, 08:30
RIODREAMS nice handle! Also that was a great post, I will be in town in March.


Java Man
01-19-03, 09:58
regardinging rio dreams post:
i found a four pack of 50 mg of viagra at the pharmacy by the corner of Rua Miguel Lemos and Rua Domingos Fereira, (thats the street east of Ave. Atlantica) in Copacabana. i think this pharmacy is behind Help. 50mg cost me around R85. this was in december before christmas.

01-20-03, 01:06
iím sitting at the airport now in buenos aires. the flight to the usa is oversold and they are offering $800 us to give up my seat. i am so tempted and even volunteered my seat. we will see how it goes. last night was amazing. after i posted my last post i met up with uwphoto and sfhombre and we had some good food at a charriscarita. uwphoto and sfh had a session at luomo. it was only 9:30 pm when we got done eating so i suggested we go to luomo so i could get a massage and wait for help to open. (god i love that place!). we said our goodbyes to uwphoto. i had a great time as usual with my partner in crime. itís not just the hobbying together but we always have good conversations. a true friend.

went to luomo and i had an excellent massage by ďjackĒqueline the masseuse. 40 r for 40 minutes same as usual. i must be getting jaded from doing so many girls this trip. i didnít see any girls at luomo that i wanted to do. iíve already done about 7-8 girls from there. still my favorite terma. sfhombre got lucky and scored a newbie on her very first day on the program. thanks to a helpful trip from rich (gcl). a really good guy who is always willing to offer his help.

we went directly from there to help. man, it was packed. there was some good talent there. i saw another dude that i met during thanksgiving in buenos aires. a really good guy. we said our hellos but i was off to find ms. right. i spotted this really sultry garota. man she had a hot body and i loved her eyes. she was walking around with her friend. i told sfhombre that she was mine. i did end up going up and talking to her. i was surprised that she spoke fluent spanish. turns out she lived in buenos aires for 6 months before the economic crisis. i asked her where she worked and she told me only newportís (a bar that freelancers work at). she told me she made about $200 - $300 us per session. wow. she liked the city but more money in rio. she is from sao paulo and is only working here one month.

she wanted $250 us to which i only laughed at and gave her the usual line of taking away her smirnoff ice telling her i thought she was drunk. i used my other standard line of telling her i really needed portuguese lessons and inquired how much they cost. she smiled. i told her to get realistic though. i could see all these guys staring at her and ready to pounce on her. she countered with $150 us. i told her we were in rio not miami and i had no dollars. she asked for 500 r . i laughed again. she said 300 r was her minimum. i didnít want to risk not seeing her so i agreed. it was for 3 hours.

even though iíve only been to rio 2 times i went to help disco about 13 nights. i pulled a hottie out of there every single night. there are 3 main types of groups of girls there. (1) the hottie that surprisingly will hold out for only one guy the entire night. she will dance with her friends, blow off guys she isnít interested in, never approach guys only waiting for guys to approach them, she will want top dollar and probably can get it. she is hot and she knows she is hot. a true pro but could be awesome in bed. (2) the pretty girl that is trying to make as much as she can. her main goal isnít to score a huge amount in one ďscoreĒ but to get several sessions per night. she isnít the hottest girl in there but she knows it and tries to make up for it with volume. sheíll arrange one hour sessions and quickly come back to the club. (3) the dog ass ugly garota that most likely conned some poor guy into paying their 23r cover. she desperately hopes some drunk guy will get beer goggles and choose her. she is past her prime or never had a prime time.

there are several other types but those are the main types i observed. i only went for the hotties i was attracted to. most of them only went out 1-2 times per night. it really really helps to speak at least some portuguese. my spanish is decent and many could understand me. by the end of the trip i could understand a lot of the girls and they understood me.

anyway, the girl i brought back the last night was really different. she was a little shy at first. not shy but she was holding back and kept shaking her head. i guess her ex-boyfriend in sao paulo looked a lot like me. i could tell something was weird so i kept asking her and she finally told me. we talked a lot because she could speak spanish. we got home earlier around 2:30 am (that is early for a help night). she stayed until like 6 am when i desperately needed to go to bed. she let me take pictures and seemed to know about the internet but never told me not to post. i think she didnít care because she didnít live in rio. not sure. she gave me her real full name and even let me look at her id which most of the girls did. most of the girls asked to look at my id because they all thought i was younger than i am. i think i look my age but every single garota in help and the termas kept saying they thought i was younger.

i got her phone numbers. i sure hope to travel throughout brazil because i have gotten phone numbers of girls that are only working in rio for a month or so. from curituba, sao paulo, belo horizontal, florinopolis, etc.

i passed on giving up my seat. they couldnít get me out tomorrow night. iíd have to wait till monday and i desperately need to get back into the office. i hope i still have a job. i hated giving up $800 us in travel vouchers but i canít risk it. also, my mail is piling up in the usa. iím in the miami airport now typing this.

i woke up the last day in rio early and had breakfast with sfhombre. iíll miss spending time hobbying and chatting with him. another good guy that you definitely should hook up with if you can. i made a new friend which is always nice on these international trips. i flew back to buenos aires and by the time i cleared customs and made it to my apartment it was 5:10 pm. i had to rush because i had a 5:30 pm meeting. before i went to rio i had a meeting in the morning with an owner of another apartment. i couldnít see the one she wanted to show me but i saw another with the same floor plan. i told her that i flew out saturday night but i arrive from rio and we could meet at 5:30 pm. i told her to have a full contract ready to sign in case i liked it. she thought i wasnít serious but she did know that i already had two apartments and i had the ability to close quickly. long story shortÖi liked it. not luxury like the other two apartments but very quaint and charming. i really like it. it is in the middle of the other two apartments and is Ĺ block from patio bullrich shopping mall. it has a big balcony. i told her to buy an air-conditioner for it and i want cable and high-speed internet access like the other two. this one will probably only be like $35 us a night. also, there is a cafť below and they can deliver breakfast or lunch up to your room for like 5 pesos. ($1.50 us)!!! that had to be the quickest closing on an apartment in ba ever ! ha, ha.

afterwards, i had to rush home to pack. i was very very sad to leave buenos aires. iíve been out of the country 5 weeks now. i have no desire to return. iím in love with south america and it already feels like home. iím not sure how long i can stay away. so far the most iíve made it is like 1 Ĺ months. my next ticket that iíve already bought is may 16th Ė may 26th. i doubt i can wait that long. i have 3 apartments in a month. iím looking at yet another in two weeks. same owner. if i like it they will let me close from the usa.

i want to personally thank all of you that iíve had the pleasure to meet the past 5 weeks both in buenos aires and rio. iíve met a lot of good guys and i had a great time with all of you. i spent a lot more time with some more than others. i hope we can hook up again in south america or another destination. cuba is calling my name and i hope to hit it soon.

p.s. i could care less what guys that are supposedly "rio experts" say about help. i didn't overpay. there is no way that the super hotties will go for less than 200 - 300 r for a few hours. riodreams is 100% correct. the super european looking hotties (especially the ones from sao paulo) will ask for $200+ us. don't get discouraged...just negotiate if you can but be mindful that most will hold out. there are a lot of guys interested in them. i feel very fortunate to have slept with so many of them. my super hottie from help called me today already in the usa.

i miss south america already.


Member #1698
01-20-03, 02:38
Guys, one thing I've been wondering about is the absence of many references to mulatas and/or dark-skinned morenas...

I'll be back in Brazil this spring for the first time in 4 years and I must say that that in my 25 years of staying and travelling in Brazil (from Bahia beaches to Belo and down the Paulista coast to Campinas and Sao Sebastiao Ilha Bela), the greatest fun and pulchritude plus no-holds barred sex has been with the dusky beauties.

I usually rent a villa or apartment (eg/ Porto Seguro, S.P.Jardinas) and keep a couple of bi-tendency morenas/mulata types who looked like they had just hopped off the pages of a Jorge Amado novel...

I also notice that most of the upscale listing services and escort agencies don't seem to have a lot of dusky morenas or beautiful mulatas...

Any explanations aside from "we're Europhiles"?

...in my opinion, you're limiting yourselves to about 40% of the available Brazilian pussy pool...

01-20-03, 04:52

Beats the hell out of me. Personally, I'll hop in the sack with any girl with a nice round ass, a big smile (on a nice grill), and a killer attitude. By the time I hit that trifecta, she could be colored green for all I care.

As for the tastes of our fellow mongers, who knows? everyone has there own hangups. Still going to Rio and not hitting mulatas is like going to Paris and not hitting the Louvre....

Tom B.

01-20-03, 08:00
Ok, I'm a long time lurker and a second or third time poster here. I finally had to post again, if for no other reason than to thank the long time posters here for letting me know I'm not alone in my love for Brazil, and especially Brasileiras. Also the running commentary about Help, the termas, the beach...has helped me stay connected, in a way, to a place that I fell in love with a number of years ago.

First, a call out to Rio residents and soon to be visitors. I'll be arriving in RJ on Feb. 7, and I'd enjoy meeting some fellow, uh, travelers while I'm there. I'm leaving Rio on the 24th. Yep, that's right, I'm intentionally avoiding Carnaval. Chalk it up to old age. At any rate, I'd like to be able to hang out occasionally with some folks who speak English as a first language. I can string together enough Portuguese to function, but it does wear on me after a while. I'll be staying in an apartment on Rua Miguel Lemos - if you'd like to get together for lunch at Meia Pataca, or better, Alcazar, send me e-mail at c_ivyl@yahoo.com.

I'd like to thank tomb and saint. Your reports and responses to others' questions reassured me that the city I last visited two years ago has not changed so much.

I suppose I should contribute something, even if the information is a couple of years old. I'm not what you would call a world-monger; I happened to be sent to Brazil about six years ago on business. Little did I know at the time that I was entering a world very unlike that to which I'd grown accustomed.

As it turned out, my first several visits were to Sao Paulo. Now, this was before the Internet got big; to find some entertainment, you checked out these little tourist magazines that were distributed in the hotels. In the back, there were pages and pages of independent "scorts". I called one ad that claimed "English Spoken", chatted with a charming gal, and ordered up one Ivone to go.

Wow!!!! I've never looked back. For a while, I had a namorada from S.P. who _wasn't_ a working girl, and damn near married her.

Ok, I digress. Here's my $R0.06 from my several visits to Rio. First, termas, termas, termas. From L'Uomo to Centarus to Solarium to 4x4, you owe it to yourself, if you've not experienced this, uh, experience, to, uh, experience it. Yeah, the robes take a little getting used to. But about the third time a linda garota grinds her perfect ass against your crotch, you'll be wondering how you can export this concept to the rest of the world.

Second, what the others write about learning some Portuguese is quite true. I landed there knowing only that Portuguese was something like Spanish, another language that I hadn't bothered to learn. I found something interesting, though. I picked up some English/Portuguese dictionaries, and concentrated on the basics. I made a point of saying bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite, obrigado, de nada, trying to pronounce the phrases like a Brasileiro, and trying to learn words without trying to learn grammar. You'd be surprised how soon you can string together enough words to make some sort of sense. (Mine apartment you come?)

You'll also be surprised how much difference it makes while interacting with cab drivers, doormen, waiters, etc. (let alone the girls) - when you just _try_ to speak the language. The Brazilians I've met have become effusive when I try my best to communicate in Portuguese. If I mispronounce a word, or say something stupid, they'll cut me slack. Besides, it's an interesting head game, kind of like working on a puzzle.

Ah, Help. I can't really say I've had a lot of luck (as though you need any) in the famed disco. The girls I've met there and taken out were fine. I've just liked the termas girls better (they'll give you a phone number, generally, if you ask.)

However, I was in my late 20s/early 30s during the heyday of disco, and coke, and when S.T.D.s didn't mean you could D.I.E. There's something about a big hall, loud music, mirror balls, and loads of estrogen in the air that arouses my interest. So despite the hustle, despite the hard core working girls, despite the fact that you can get rolled outside if you're too drunk, and despite the outlaw cabbies out front, I doubt if I can refrain from sipping from the pool a few more times.

Yikes, I've written too much and said too little. Again, if any of you punters out there would like to hang out with a bald, cherubic forty-something (think how good you'll look next to me!), fire me a line.

BTW, gotta agree with you, Hhomeboy; I like coffee tinted women myself.

01-20-03, 09:39
[QUOTE]Originally posted by HeadGames
What are the dates for carnival this year, and who is going?

I will be. My first time in Brazil. Hook up with a couple of rookies?
We have an apt on Copacabana Blvd. Give us a shout!

01-20-03, 11:18
Is Copacabana Ave Street a good place to stay for the carnival (how far is it from the beach?) -or should one look for something closer to the beach?

What are the gr8 neighborhoods for the girl action?

01-21-03, 12:50
The Carnival parade is not on Av. Copacabana, in Copacabana.
It's downtown, near Av. de Marco and Rua Frei Caneca..

01-21-03, 17:55
Originally posted by Vampyr
Prufrock, for independents in Rio(so called) online you can check out http://www.hotside.com.br/hotside.htm and if you like some 10's , not sure if they are independent try http://www.goldenamanda.com.br/


Thanks for the leads.


01-21-03, 20:51
Travlr, thanks for the invite. I've dilly-dallyed so long, now I think I will not make it for Carnival. But you guys have a good time!

01-23-03, 06:50
Here, I found some nice Brazilian sites that really bring back good memories of Rio. I can't wait to go back for Carnival:




See ya down there :)

Robin Hood
01-23-03, 19:11
hello everyone
i am going to rio today and will arive friday. i am traveling alone and would like to meet up with any fellow WSG user i am in my early 20's and speak fluent english, spanish and conversational portuguese so if anyone is down there right now and would like to hang out e-mail me conductor@hotmail.com
thanks and i will report when i get back

01-24-03, 00:43
Another great site is www.ihopepeoplewillgotomywebsitesoiwon'thavetogobacktomyoldjobsellingcars.com

01-24-03, 05:07
Headgames-your sarcasm is refreshing, and probably accurate! thor

01-24-03, 16:07
Yeah, I'll be surprised if we ever actually get a trip report from "Fernandinho".

01-25-03, 07:15
LONGTIMERS--anybody know if home test rapid hiv tests are available in brazilian pharmacies or sold anywhere? those 20 minute tests are a huge relief to me and i usually carry them with me when i travel, but brazil is very up on hiv testing...anybody know the availability of those awesome 20 minute home tests? thanks in advance, will


01-28-03, 07:46
Rio has got to be the monger capital of the world! Thank you for the information that has been posted on WSG! I had a great time, knew where to go and what to do because of all the information posted! I enjoyed Help but loved the Termas. Centaurus was okay but I liked Monte Carlo and Luomo the best. Then again, I am partial to the hispanic type which is the majority at MC and Luomo. Thanks again to everyone who has posted here and a big thanks to Jackson!

01-28-03, 21:36
Hey Everyone,

FYI... I went to Monte Carlo on Wednesday and they have changed there policy. Now they will only except cash for the ladies, but they are willing to put everything else on credit cards, entry fee, drinks, etc.

The owner said that too many people were using credit cards and he has to pay the commission fees to the bank but the ladies still get there full pay and it's starting to be too much.

But I will say the place still has some super fine ladies and i went to all the spots on the trip except Centuras.

My full trip report will follow in a few days.


01-29-03, 01:11
l need some information from RIO pros.Do they have places in RIO that l can go to get custom made suits?lf yes , can anyone supply me with the names and locations/addresses?Thanks.

Small Smiles
01-29-03, 06:09
Need Tour Guides in Brazil.

I need to hear from anyone that has experience with ďLove TourĒ type ventures. My group can pay a good guide $100-USD per day to guide our clients. You must be experienced, resourceful, cautious, and speak some English, and of course be fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. You should be open-minded, and know where/how to find most anything that is legally available.

Write, and tell us about yourself.


Editors Note: This commerical message is being allowed in the regular section of the forum by special permission.


01-29-03, 20:45
In Rio now . arrived 4 days ago . this is my fifth tour and i have to say the women are as fine as i`ve ever encountered . the prices have gone up . you can expect to pay 300 reais for an all nighter at help but she will be gorgeous . 200 reais to stay with you for an hour or so.

The women are very affectionate too, I will post a more detailed report of my experiences when i have more time. Every girl I have met kisses with extreme passion which is important for me. I am not too good looking but the women here seem to like me because i have a certain carefree style about me that they seem to like and i treat them with he utmost respect.

There is too much choice here. difficult to decide sometimes where to go . Centaurus was my best experience so far but they give a shit rate of exchange from dollars to reais. talk to you guys soon .

01-30-03, 02:07
us$100 are you crazy???!!! how about 10-20? read up on the archives!

01-31-03, 03:22
What's the weather and talent like. Will be there next week. Thanx!

01-31-03, 08:49
I just got back from the local health clinic after going to Rio de Janeiro's termas and Help disco. I went to Solarium, Centauras, Quatro e Quatro, 2 girls from Help, and a girl outside of Help.

I don't know which girl gave it to me, but I noticed 4 blisters near my pubic hair area at the base of my penis. I got nervous and went for a free STD checkup. Turns out they are herpes blisters. I wore a condom, and even washed myself with soap after every encounter. So I'm still trying to figure out how I got it.

Luckily (if you can call it that) they are not on the penis but in the pubic hair area, so not really noticeable. But I am told I can still give to to other girls, even when the blisters do not flair up.

The question is this. I have another trip planned to Rio soon (already bought the ticket). I'm leaning towards going anyways. I know I shouldn't, but I'm a little mad and I don't care anymore.

I don't even know why I'm writing, except I guess I didn't think it would happen to me if I played it safe. But there's no way I'm stopping now.

01-31-03, 14:47

I believe the girl from outside of HELP gave you the Herpes. The girls from the Termas MUST be clean to work there. The girls that don't work in the termas and work in the beach strip are the ones that can't get employment in them BECAUSE OF THE DISEASES that girl may carry. If you infect the girls from the termas, you'll make tham lose their jobs there because you'll give THEM Herpes and make them ineligible to work in the termas due to the fact that any girl working there must be clean of ANY venereal disease to work there. You'll ruin the lives of these girls there and make me have fewer choices when I go to the termas. If that happens, I get pissed off and believe me, you DON'T want to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) me off. I will ask you nicely, if you go back to Rio, STAY WITH THE BEACH PROSTITUTES. I don't do those anyway because they are unsafe and the beach girl was perhaps the one that gave you Herpes in the first place. Just stay out of my territory -the termas and discoteques. DON'T INFECT THE TERMA AND DISCOTEQUE GIRLS, PLEASE!!! If you step one foot in those places, I hope they will throw you out because I don't want Herpes.

01-31-03, 15:37
Frankly, at this point, I could care less what you think. But I thought about it more last night, and I think it was probably a girl from Quatro e Quatro. I met her at my hotel after she got off work, and distinctly remember asking her why she had what looked like pimples near her vagina. She said because she is 19, so I assumed they were pimples. It could have been someone else, but I don't know.

I believed that farce about Terma testing. That's bull. I have spent the last 24 hours learning everything I could about STDs and herpes, including looking at countless photos. They don't even do a blood test for herpes in the U.S. free clinics because it is too expensive...they just look for blisters. And herpes blisters and genital warts are sometimes barely noticeable like mine. I am told they will soon scab over and be barely noticeable. But that they are still infectious and may even carry a low risk of transmission even when there are no blisters at all. So NO, I won't get "caught by the girls."

I decided to go. A girl who knows she has it but is not in the middle of her herpes outbreak (or barely noticeable) would still work. So I'm still going to enjoy myself. I will still wear a condom.

01-31-03, 17:21
Zoomzoom, I wouldn't have done the girl from quatro e quatro if she had pimples or any type of bumps. I practice eating them out with a dental dam which gives me a great look at her pussy before I go on with her. If she has any blemishes, I stop the session and call the front desk for another girl or just tell her to leave. However, Herpes is very scary in the hidden stages because this method won't work in that situation. I would suggest that you buy the condoms in the states and bring them with you. I never caught anything using our condoms especially the Trojan brand. The American product is known for safety (especially the ridiculous safety laws for toys where they can't shoot spring missiles or even squirt water because the kid might drown) so I trust American condoms. Braziliian condoms break and won't protect you as well as US condoms.

01-31-03, 17:34

Why do you want to knowingly spread STD's into the community? Don't you think that is sick? Obviously ladies working without clean health cards don't have those cards for a reason.

Because you didn't realize to check a lady out ahead of time (the ladies check the guys out), why punish other people?

Please use common sense here. This hobby is risky enough without having people intentionally spreading STD's.

01-31-03, 20:28
Zoomzoom, if you knowingly have Herpes, I wouldn't suggest you infect our pool of pleasure with it. I don't want to find ALL of the women in the termas infected and none of them to be doable. I hope that you don't get admitted into the termas and that you stay away from non-infected women. The infected ones like the one you met at 4X4 probably don't have much time before her clean health card gets revoked. I would not go to 4X4 after hearing what happened to you. They probably don't require the clean health card. If 4X4 is where you caught it, stay there and don't go to any other termas and I hope you are not there for Carnival because if I catch you in the same terma as I'm in, I'll have to beat you silly with my 10 years training of kung-fu for intentionally spreading the disease.

01-31-03, 21:58
Originally posted by zoomzoom
I met her at my hotel after she got off work, and distinctly remember asking her why she had what looked like pimples near her vagina. She said because she is 19, so I assumed they were pimples. It could have been someone else, but I don't know.

I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV. But I would bet a paycheck that she was the culprit. Personally, once I saw "pimples" or anything else near her vagina, the session would have been over right there.

That said, the fact that you caught it with a condom is certainly scary. I've read that this is possible, it stands to reason that it is certainly more likely to occur if the girl is having an outbreak, as this girl obviously was.


01-31-03, 23:02

It's kinda like when people catch a cold, right? Misery loves company, so I've come to believe that some people ACTIVELY try to get others sick.

Frankly, what you're doing is sick. Just because you were naive enough to accept those blisters as acne doesn't mean that you can go around spreading your misery to everyone.

If there's any way you can get treatment, do it. Who gives a good god-damn if a doctor has to poke around your privates? Your vanity isn't worth the risk of speading STDs further.

01-31-03, 23:57

The dental dams you use, are they store bought or just a piece of Saran Wrap.

I personally won't DATY because of what a dentist told me he has seen as a result of that activity. Because of hearing of oral complications of "name that disease", I just abstain and am learning to prolong my endurance using my penis in many different vagina rubbing situations.

However if a dental damn does provide the lady some stimulus, and isn't too awkward, then maybe it's worth trying. Do you think the ladies enjoy it, or are they just acting like it is pleasureable?

If store bought where in the US can you get them? I am goingto CR soon and might try that. I am definitely bringing pocket rockets for the ladies, as I can use that and inspect the private areas ahead of time.


02-01-03, 00:53
If you think I am the only one with an STD going to the Termas (or that the girls are all "clean"), then you are really dumb. I specifically asked the STD clinic doctor whether I would infect people even without the blisters, and he said while the risk was low, yes it is possible. So even if the girl has no pimples, she could have still have been the one that infected me.

As for getting caught, last I checked, no one was checking my genitals before entering Help or going to the Terma. I've noticed the Terma girls check you penis, but I always wear a condom and as I said, my blisters are covered by my pubic hair and barely noticeable (hopefully they will soon be gone).

Don't even talk to me about infecting program girls. They're already infected, and I bet many of them know it as well. I just wish I had gone bareback and caught Syphillis or Gonnorhea. Those you can cure. This I now have for life.

02-01-03, 02:32
Did I even mention you were the only one with an STD going to termas? Here's what's dumb: (a) your assumption that the girl had acne in her groin area (if everyone had this problem, then they'd have acne medicine for the genitals, genius!), (b) the fact you admit to having an STD, and (c) that you intend to go back and continue spreading it around.

I have absolutely zero sympathy for you and your predicament. I once learned something in college long ago: Never assume, because when you do, you make an ASS outta U and ME!

Congratulations on your efforts to get attention on this board, as well as the fact that so many of us now want to meet you face-to-face.

02-01-03, 02:46
Well, look, in the guy's defense, he is coming on the board and telling us something useful (he caught herpes even with a condom, and had a visual warning that he ignored). Also, he isn't saying that he is going to intentionally infect other people, but only that he is going to return to Rio for more action, and he said he would wear a condom all the time.

Ok, now everybody flame me, I guess.

02-01-03, 03:35
Hey guys, it would be beneficial for most of us to look at the STD/safe sex section in the special interests section on the main board. It can save you a lot of grief, and prepare you for your hobbying adventures.
zoomzoom has been honest, and it should be a wakeup call for us. It would have been easy for him to not even to post this, as so many others before him haven't.
This is by nature a potentially dangerous hobby. Some 25,000,000 in the US are supposed to have genital herpes. Is anyone really surprised that outside the US it may be worse? In Brazil, as in most places, there is usually an inverse relationship between price and quality/safety. Not always, but usually! Sometimes, it just isn't worth the risk to save $5 or$10 in the long run.
Be safe, but have fun, and always think with the big head!

02-01-03, 06:03
Interesting thread. Zoomzoom, given her age and her social position and that she has genital herpes, she might be HIV+ as well. What Zoomzoom does will hardly change the overall odds for all of us. One major poster on the Thai boards says he got two separate doses of the clap during his recent TOD there. And that was being careful. The STI rates both among these working women and their clients (us) are much higher than we would imagine by reading of each other's conquests here. We are a very high risk group and the "Safe" Sex and Aids section should be much more active than they are.

Another point: someone posted here about ID and health cards. Is that a joke? They can get as many fake ones of those as they wish. They are fucking us for money and our money spawns many spin of industries, one of which is fake IDs and medical certs. Those women are mostly totally ignorant of safe sex practices (they are largely uneducated and they do include a lot of coke/crack heads)

02-01-03, 06:43
Realthrill, the dental damn I use are really cut condoms that I split down the middle. I put the lubricated side on her private part and lick the dryer side. The heat from the tongue and the lubricant is good enough to stimulate her. Just be sure it glides over her parts.
As for zoomzoom, although I am afraid of having you in the same terma as me, I respect your honesty in coming out in this board and have no anger against you. However, they should invent condoms that cover the pubes and balls as well so that it would be possible for even a herpes infected guy like yourself to not infect the girl or to prevent the girl from infecting us. Actually, a female condom is closest to that because it covers a bigger area. It flares wider at the opening so that the girl won't lose the condom inside her twat. You might want to buy those instead of the male condoms. Perhaps you should also cover your pubes and balls as well. I can't tell you not to have sex because you are stubborn about doing it but you should follow these suggestions. I also think you you go on the safe sex forum and ask how to prevent the spread of Herpes.

02-01-03, 08:46
Believe me, you do not want to go through what I am going through. I am learning that I can self-infect other parts of my body. I must be careful to always wash my hands, change towels, clean my clothes, etc when the blisters flair up. Then there are the emotional turmoils. I called a friend of mine, who I know had complained of contracting molluscum from his last trip to Rio. Luckily, that is fairly easily cured by burning the warts off. His advice was to wait until the blisters scab before I go.

When I was installing cable at a porn star's house in the Valley, she warned me about Brazilian porn stars having a lot of STDs, and that many of them work in the Termas. I should have seen that as a warning, but I thought condoms and washing myself with soap would be enough. I guess not.

I do not know how many girls in Rio have STDs. But after interrogating my free clinic STD doctor, he said that genital warts are much more common than herpes. You may think it doesn't matter, but I don't want herpes AND genital warts...so I'm still going to be careful. But if I should spread herpes by accident, so be it. They take the risk, as do I.

02-01-03, 08:55
zoom zoom.

I have done some exhaustive research in this area.

First of all, I'd bet dough that you caught it from the terma girl with the vaginal "pimples", she was clearly having an outbreak.

The funny thing with herpes is that it indeed is possible to get it even though fully sheathed. Not common, but possible. You were unfortunate.

What's interesting is that by your definition of your condition, it almost sounds like you are getting a recurrent outbreak, rather than the original one. The first one is the longest lasting, the longest to heal and the most painful. Did the clinic not give you acycylovir or some derivative thereof to deal with the outbreak?

Your blisters will break, scar over and completely go away to be completely unnoticeable within 2 weeks. It will be interesting to see how recurrent your oubreaks are. This is highly personal though generally they diminish in intensity and severity with time.
Some people never get a recurrent outbreak after their first one.

These are the people that the medical community says are out there unknowingly spreading the virus. However, the incidence of "viral shedding" - meaning possibly infecting others though not having an outbreak oneself is actually quite low.

Science pegs it at 1 in 25, or 4% of the time. Which of course is still far higher than anyone would want it to be or risk playing with.

If you are going to be outside of a single relationship where your partner is aware of the condition - and clearly you are - then you go and see a doctor about going on so called "suppressive therapy".

This is usually meant for people who have frequent outbreaks. However, research has shown that being on suppresive therapy reduces the so called "viral shedding" by as much as 90%. Therefore the odds of you infecting people even without a condom while NOT having an outbreak drops to a miniscule percentage. If you wear a condom, aren't having an outbreak and are on suppressive therapy - your partner will get run over by a truck faster than get infected by you - statistically speaking.

Suppressive therapy usually means taking a pill of acyclovir, once or twice daily even when not having an outbreak (the dosage changed when you are having one - it's much more intensive). Acycovir is now avaiable in generic forms and isn't expensive. Newer version, of that drug, in much more powerful forms are now also available.

You'll need to learn to distinguish what I believe they call the prodrome period - which is just before you have a breakout. Your skin will tingle and perhaps be slightly red in that same area where your blisters are now. Studies indicate that people are highly contagious in that special little time period - and of course they are not exhibiting the symptoms yet.

Armed with the above information, you should become a fairly responsible monger and not fuck anything up for the rest of us, or any of the girls. Let's put it this way - though I might not willingly fuck someone that you've been with - I won't lose any sleep wondering if she had if I don't know anything going in.

You other guys need to fucking educate yourselves really fast.
First if all - anywhere from 20 to 25% of the adult population in the US has genital herpes. Among the so called "mongering" community of *****s and johns, I would bet that the figure would easily be higher, and probably much higher. I would almost guess it might be as high as 40%, perhaps even 50%.

This crap about the terma girls being completely clean shows complete ignorance. The only tests that I would rely on for them, or anyone else in these situations would be HIV. Normal tests for herpes can NOT distinguish between the presence of the antibodies for Herpes1 (coldsore variety which 90% of adult have) and Herpes 2 - the genital kind. Currently there are some very new and specific tests which can distinguish and catch this but if you think they make up a part of some terma girls tests, you are out of your fucking mind.

Btw - I'd bet about 65% or higher of active prostitutes also have HPV, which in layman terms are genital warts. Odds are you might catch one of those too.

I was given some frightening stats about herpes and warts in the American adult film actor industry by a friend who has many contacts in it.

but getting back to the matter at hand - mr zoom zoom you now have some important information, use it, research it, verify it and act accordingly.

and to his ignorant attackers , though i can understand where you are coming from - you guys need to get a clue. For your own sakes as well!

02-01-03, 17:21
Catire-very well reasoned post! Thanks.

02-01-03, 21:22
you guys are worried about herpes, i am worried about HIV, herpes you can live with, but hiv will kill you. i posted a question about anyone knowing about the availability of rapid hiv test kits in brazil and i received no response. think about dying before you ***** about herpes. i an now on a quest to find rapid hiv tests in rio. if and when i find them i will post back the prices and exactly where to buy them.

02-01-03, 22:04
>> I was given some frightening stats about herpes and warts in the American adult film actor industry by a friend who has many contacts in it.

Excellent post. I've always suspected that a certain psychology accompanies infection with the pemanent STDs like herpes and warts. First, shock, then, resignation with having become infected, and then finally resignation with the certainty of infecting other people. You can see ZoomZoom moving right along the spectrum, can't you? Of course, in the extreme, there is the pathology of intentionally infecting other people, and I believe most people don't reach that extreme.

Now think about it, suppose you started working in the adult porn industry, and after a few months, you became infected with these two STDs. How long before your attitude would be, "Hey, everyone in this business either has it or is going to get it, the person I'm working with next knows the risks, and besides, it's not that big a deal, once in a while I have a flareup and I take some pills to make it better. It's not like I'm going to die".

I think this is a much more common mentality than everyone is letting on, and not just in the adult movie industry.

02-01-03, 22:06
I will just add to my last that I once did a pro in Brazil without a condom, and I now feel very lucky to have not caught anything. (I just have a lot of trouble feeling anything with my dick wrapped in an inner tube). I also slept with a non-pro without using it, but I was not too worried about that one. I wasn't worried about making kids because I've had a vasectomy.

As long as we're baring our souls today...

02-01-03, 22:36
So I added a few items to my luggage for my trip to Rio including an electron microscope, lie detector, body condom, vat "o" rubbing alcohol, and a time travel machine so I can go back to the past and stop myself from hanging out with that beach\terma\help girl. While I have never contracted an STD, the point is that you can never be too sure about the girls if you do hobby. Education and the practice of that knowledge is the safest bet. Thank you for the informative posts...

Member #1698
02-02-03, 00:23
Naivete and STD denial syndrome...

Anyone who has been whoring in third world countries (eg. Brazil) for many years and/or over sustained periods of multiple-partners activities is either lying, denying or incredibly lucky if he has not contracted at least one STD once...

Bordello, Boliche and termas girls (unless they're fresh newbies) are more than 60% likely to have warts and herpes plus chlamydia...that's why Daty/DFK at termas or asian' MP's is really self-destructive behaviour.

Also if a girl has been working for an escort service for more than a few weeks and does duplas or group sex, she's for sure got something or sveral things her lovin will pass on forever! DUH!

The HIV+ rate in the termas girls is certainly a measurable percentage (ie. 10% or more)...I remember seeing club girls I never chose (especially the kind who do 2 or more "dates" per day/night) in Sampa and then on a return trip a year or two later being told that so-and-so has Aids now and was let go by the club...but still works when she can!!!

With Herpes, there are some signs (and odours) both in the mouth and genitals but HIV can and most often does go undetected/unsuspected for 9-10 months to 4-7 yrs.

Girls who have had from dozens to scores or even hundreds of recent sex partners--esp. teenaged local men and 40 plus yr. old foreigners--are basically STD vector path purveyors.

Homo Aids had one of its first vectors via the gays bathhouses in SF in the early 80's...Brazil had the highest hetero Aids rates in the western world in the late 80's thru mid-90's...just as in Thailand, everyone in Brazil has a close friend or relative whom they visited while s/he was expiring from Aids.

Now perhaps you can see why local everyday women treat sex tourists with such fear and loathing--because it is the 3 bagger termas/brothel types who are themselves the biggest STD vector agents passing thru Brazil/Thailand/China/Russia, etc.

The biznizman/male mongers are the analogues/vector buddies of African truck drivers...

Also, add in anal sex, BBJ's and rimming with girls who do 2-10 customers per day at termas or Asian MP's and you have the formula for a burgeoning
cheongster infection rate...

Finally, those who end up HIV positive usuallly first contract herpes, syphillis, gono, etc. and then repeat the same behaviours...et voila AIDS arrives in an already underpowered immune system.

Some guys thought I was a little nuts when I said that in Sampa I had a gyno nurse advance scout for me but having survived as a monger for some 30 yrs now and having picked up but been cured of 3-4 STD's (plus amoebic dysentary, crabs, Dengue, etc.) along the way, I usually advertise weeks ahead of my trips for university girls and then vet them and send them off to clinics which they can't bribe for tests before I engage in any wick dipping, DFK/Daty or receive BBJ/BLS/AR.

For travelling companion chicas I plan to hang out with--especially my favourite 2-3 girl live-in combos--I don't mind forkin over $1-$200 USD per head for tests...I would have to say that even after plenty of pre-screening, 2 out of 5 girls usually flunk these rigorous health exams.

I won't use any names here but the BA/Rio sexual gourmands who have been entertaining us with their recent FS festas & blow-by-blow sexual swathe cutting are quite likely to soon discover (or have already and refuse to fess up as so many people know them in real life already) the perils of P4P!!!!

So, when I read all those posts about vaginal juices flowing across the eyes/nose/throats of the writers, I shiver with appalled sympathy--for the girlfriends and wives back home!

02-02-03, 01:00

Though I find your post a bit over the top I won't argue with your basic points and message at all.

There are a couple of things I will challenge, however:

"Finally, those who end up HIV positive usuallly first contract herpes, syphillis, gono, etc. and then repeat the same behaviours...et voila AIDS arrives in an already underpowered immune system."

The immune system is in no way undermined by the other STD's. In the case of herpes, it is actually even stronger, which is why subsequent outbreaks after the first are less severe and their severity and occurrence diminish with time. That's because the body fights it much more quickly and effectively. It just can't get itself rid of the virus.

Medical science says the odds of catching HIV double with the existence of the other STD's - and this is true - because in their manifestations, nothing with the genital area is at it should be, glands are swelled up, sores, etc- this is all conducive to easier passage of HIV. If you actively have an STD or herpes in the middl e of an oubreak - your risk of catching HIV becomes much much higher. Double.

However, once the STD is cured via antiobitics or in the case of herpes you are not in the midst of an outbreak - then they are not a factor in HIV transmission or catching in any way.

You also talk about odors being present in the case of herpes.

I haven't seen anything in any medical literature to justify that claim.

02-02-03, 04:07
Enough of this disease crap!!! What's the weather like. More important. Is there an abundance of beauty there now? i.e. 1-10

02-02-03, 13:49
Can anyone give some information about non-pro clubs and in particular ones that are near the Roiss. Are they busy all week long, what kind of music do they play, what are the chances of scoring with a local bird bearing in mind that my Portugese is limited to asking where the beach is, entry and drink prices,etc.

Can someone also tell me which nights of the week are best in Help.
By the way zoomzoom, its hard to imagine someone adopting a more selfish narrow minded attitude. I m guessing that youre not over furnished in the brain department. Dont know how you can sleep at night mate.

Also, Saint, in future can I suggest that you endeavour to concentrate on the provision of facts rather than using the message board as a forum to massage your apparantly already inflated ego.
That aside the information on this site is most helpful and entertaining.


02-02-03, 16:31
I'd like to add a few comments to the STD discussion that some of you might find helpful. I'm not an M.D., but I have tried to inform myself as well as reasonably possible. I admit I might be mistaken in some of the points I'm about to list. However, I have pretty thick skin, so feel free to post any followup comments to the points below either in the form of a flame or in the form of constructive criticism. I have tried to limit my comments to things some of you might actually find actionable in you own mongering activities.

1.- I know that contracting HIV is a very real possibility given the number of girls I have sex with. If I get HIV, I want to know it ASAP so that I can begin a treatment that can delay the development of AIDS for as long as possible. To that end, I get tested for HIV frequently. Unfortunately, most of the tests available in our local communities is the ELYSA HIV test, which is the one that doctors believe will indicate if you have contracted HIV 3 to 6 months ago, but will supposedly return a result of negative even if you have contracted HIV within the last 3 months or so. The "best" HIV test our there, one that supposedly indicates if that you have contracted AIDS within 2 weeks of actually contracting it is the PCRDNA HIV test. Unfotunately, it is difficult to find clinics that perform this test. Sadly, some doctors I talked to didn't even know about the different types of tests !! The best way I have found to get tested using the PCRDNA test is though the porn industry's medical organization: AIM (http://aim-med.org). They work with clinics across the US that will draw your blood and send it to AIM for testing (http://aim-med.org/testbymail.html). It's expensive and you have to give yor real name (so future politicians who don't want to be labeled as former porn stars might not want to do this).

2.- If you are going to have condomless sex, some people believe that lubricants help for two reasons: A.- they reduce the possibility of any skin breaks during sex that might expose partners to each other's blood. B.- It is believed that some lubricants will break down the cell walls of some of the diseases out there. I remember reading that there was some circumstantial evidence that Astroglide had that effect, but I can't refer you to a specific study. So take this as only a rumor. My conclusion is that lubricants might help reduce the risk of transmission but they are unlikely to increase the risk of transmission, so I use them in the rare occassions when I have condomless sex. And I always use a condom with working girls.

3.- I used to have a girlfriend that had frequent yeast infections. We had condomless sex and when she had a yeast infection, I would get something called "Balanitis" which I guess is the male equivalent of a yeast infection. Basically the head of your penis breaks out. It will go away rather easily and permanently with an antifungal cream. When I was dating this girl, I went to a doctor and he suggested that after sex I apply a pretty good amount of the over-the-counter Lotrimin AF cream (the one used for athlete's foot) to my penis to kill any bacterial infection. That did the trick! Once I started doing that after sex with my girlfriend I never got Balanitis again. About a year after breaking up with my girlfriend I had sex with an escort using a condom, but after sex I saw the tell-tale signs of a yeast infection on her. I washed myself thoroughly but didn't have any antifungal cream to apply. Sure enough, even though I had used a condom, I got a Balanitis infection a few days later. Now I always carry Lotrimin AF with me and apply it to my penis after sex, even if I've used a condom.

I hope the some of you find the points above helpful.

02-02-03, 23:54
Ha, ha Thunderthust. If you think I have a big ego so be it. I could care less what you or others think. I'll post my experiences as they happen and how I want to write them. Yeah...it's good to be the King...

My advice is to not get medical advice from strangers on a message board. Go to factual medical sites or talk to your personal physician.

However, I can tell you that there are a lot of dudes having unprotected sex down in South America. With these gorgeous girls it's easy to get carried away. I've never contracted an STD in my life and that is after sleeping with literally hundreds of girls (girlfriends, affairs, providers, etc.). I've been really lucky so far and I hope I never come down with anything.

I get an HIV test regularly along with the other STD checks. The thing that guys have to remember is that if these girls are having unprotected sex with you they are with other dudes too. Don't be so naive to believe that you are the ONLY one. I try to be careful on each trip but I've "slipped up" each trip. Yeah...it's idiotic. I'm gonna be more careful.

I just talked to this provider girl I know. The scarey thing is that her friend is a provider in Sao Paulo and just discovered that she has contracted HIV. I think that many posters are correct that often times we shut our eyes and don't want to listen or think about the risks of STD's and HIV. It's not smart.

Most of the girls are clueless about how STD's are spread. Many girls in S.A. are willing to have unprotected sex me because they tell me that I am "clean" and healthy. I'm sure if they are offering it to me then they are offering to other "clean and healthy" looking dudes. I can tell you that there are probably a high percentage of girls that are selectively offering unprotected sex. During my 5 week trip in December/January I'd say that probably 15%-20% of the girls I saw I could have had unprotected sex and again.....3 of them asked me to get them pregnant.

All this talk might be a wake up call. Stay safe out there guys.


02-03-03, 00:17
I've been reading this board with great interest, particulary since I'm going to be one of the revelers in Rio for Carnaval.

Quick question: Is there some kind of sexual antiseptic lubricant out there? You'd think with all the worry about STDs, and with technology the way it is, that someone out there would market this kind of thing

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it. Muito obrigado!

Cambodia Pro
02-03-03, 01:02
Originally posted by lookr
I've been reading this board with great interest, particulary since I'm going to be one of the revelers in Rio for Carnaval.

Quick question: Is there some kind of sexual antiseptic lubricant out there? You'd think with all the worry about STDs, and with technology the way it is, that someone out there would market this kind of thing

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it. Muito obrigado!

Try a simple water based lubricant.
The problem with antiseptics is that they irritate the skin, and make more susceptible to breaks, specially for women. Breaks in the skin are an entrance for viruses and bacteria. The skin itself is a shile dagainst diseases.

Ironically, one of the best available antiseptics that will even kill the HIV virus is baby shampoo which contains a chemical(the name scapes me right now) that breaks down the chemical shell of the virus.
Regular soap will also kill viruses/bacteria, so taking a shower before the fun can go a long way towards reducing the risks of contracting something. Of course, wearing a condom is your best bet to stay safe.

02-03-03, 01:16
Many thanks, criminal (seems strange to call someone that, heh).

Yep, the same chemical (benzylkonium chloride?) is also found in baby wipes.

I can imagine the fun to be had with the Customs Agent as I try to explain I'm in Rio for ten days, and he finds both condoms and baby wipes in my luggage. "Uhhh," I stammer, "I'm looking for the ultimate GFE?" :-)))

Cambodia Pro
02-03-03, 07:36
Originally posted by lookr
Many thanks, criminal (seems strange to call someone that, heh).


Hey lookr,

I am not a criminal, just making fun of my illegally elected president that did not win the majority vote, yetl stole the presidency. But enough of politics.

Have fun in Rio, Help Disco should be packed with gorgeous pussy. And the best therma in Rio that I experienced was Luomos (bbbj is standard if you're not sick of course, the girls will check your dick for sores and whatever. Also, in Rio you can get jailed for transmitting a venereal disease if you know you have it. I know of Johns that were refused service, and the police called at the same time.)

Post a report, I plan to go to Sao paulo as the pickings are greater there. take a look at www.contatos.com.br for the sao paulo delicacies.

Damn , I wish I was in Rio! maybe after I go to Buenos Aires.

02-03-03, 17:38
I am going to Rio for Carnival soon and I hate to think of the diseases now. I will just play it safe and avoid all the hassles while having a great time with those gorgeous Brazilian boom-booms. I haevn't caught anything and I've been doing this hobby for 8 years so I must be doing something right. I just hope I don't hit the disease jackpot. (God, this thought makes me shiver!).
Anyway, I will post the latest updated info about the termas after my trip. Everyone else going to Rio, have a great and safe time and ALWAYS play it safe and use protection. Zoomzoom, I'm sorry you weren't so fortunate and caught herpes in spite of practicing safe sex. I hope this same thing won't happen to me. Anyway, I liked your honesty and you are better off than people who do have it and but DON'T tell anyone and spread it anyway. I still suggest to you to take your medicine AND use protection if you decide to go. DON'T EVER GO IN WITH AN OUTBREAK!!! You'll end up in a Brazillian jail and you don't want to go there!

02-03-03, 20:01
All this talk about herpes...

Aren't you all aware that herpes has been dealt a death blow by the over the counter cream Abreva?

Applied when you first feel the tingling of lesions, it will flat out wipe out the virus so fast you barely get a lesion at all (I don't even get them at all if I pay close attention for the tingling/itching feeling that comes beforehand)

For an extra measure of safety mix some Abreva with petroleum jelly or KY or strawberry jam etc. to "cut" it and spread it on cock before any bareback action.

No, it isn't a 100% safeguard against infection but it helps.
Yes, it can be a 100% safeguard against your OWN infection being transmitted if used properly. Flame away.

02-03-03, 21:32
Great idea, shiny! I'm going to have quite the kit assembled when I arrive in Rio at the end of the month. I need to make a midnight trip to a 24-hour pharmacy.

02-03-03, 21:32
All I want to know gents is, whats the talent and weather like down there right now. Will be there friday. Tchau!

02-03-03, 23:45
I did some very brief research (read: Google), and apparently Abreva hasn't been officially tested on genital herpes, but in fact people are finding that it does exactly what you say, Shiny.

02-04-03, 06:28
I saw "City of God", set in the slums of Rio, this evening. Is gang violence still a significant problem?

02-04-03, 17:52

I didn't see this movie but don't worry. People always talk about how dangerous Rio is. To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous before my trip but there is nothing to worry about. Just be smart and don't do anything stupid.

Also, you will NEVER be in any slums. (Unless you're an idiot and decide to go "exploring"). All the action is in Copacabana and the termas. Copacabana is usually always crowded with people so I never felt unsafe. Some nights I walked home late at night alone a few blocks. Probably not the smartest thing to do but I didn't feel nervous.

You will most likely spend all day in the termas. The first one opens at 2:00 PM. (4X4). Others like Luomo open at 4 PM. A good schedule is to eat lunch, go to 4X4 and have a session. Hang out a bit. If you're still horny...go to Luomo at 6 PM. Have a session or two...hang out till like 10 PM or so. Go eat dinner then go to Help Disco for another session..ha, ha.

That was pretty much our schedule for days on end. You should note that you should go to Quatro y Quatro (4X4) before 5 PM. It fills up by then with local businessmen leaving work. That place is unbearable when it's packed. Go around 2:30 or 3 PM and be out of there by 6 PM.

ALL the terma girls will give you their phone number if you ask them. They have to be sneaky about it but will slip it in your robe pocket before you leave. This is good for some daytime action if you don't want to "live" in the termas. Also, if you want to spend a quiet day with a girl on the beach.... take her to Ipanema. The beaches in Copa suck. They are crowded and dirty. Ipanema is cleaner and the girls are hotter. The water is also cleaner.

After the beach, take her to get some ice cream at the HagenDas store in Copacabana. Garotas love that place! Another good bit of advice is to have a drink/snack outside of the restaurants in front of Help Disco before you go in. If you see a smoking hottie (which you most likely will), go up to her or invite her to your table and chat with her a little. Even if you can't speak Portuguese. Ask her if she will be in Help later. That way if you see her inside..she'll remember you and it will make it easier.

Good luck.

02-05-03, 03:39
Shiny, I googled your product a la headhunter and all I found was several testimonials on a herpes site claiming it works with genital as well. Hardly a reliable sample of public opinion.

Nonetheless, it's great there's another possible product that might help those who need it.

the impressive thing about suppressive treatment with acyclovir is the suppression of non outbreak viral shedding.

You make a claim that topical usage prevents the infected (or prevents to a significant degree) the passage of said virus to an uninfected partner.

Can you steer me to some URL's that back up your claim? preferably medical ones.

I also find it curious that a topical cream could have such supposed effectiveness, over a pill.

If there is something to this cream, perhaps pills comined with the cream could provide the best treatment.

I'm always interested in learning more, so feel free to send whatever extra information you might have.

02-05-03, 18:37
Thanks to all for the info on Abreva and its effect on Herpes. I fortunately haven't been afflicted, but it's good to know there is a product to use to guard against it.

Since we're exchanging health info, I thought I would warn everyone of the Dengue Fever warnings that have been posted on the O Globo website. I've been to Rio and other cities in Brazil three times, and last year I caught Dengue in Recife. There is no cure, and can be fatal if you contract Hemorrhagic Dengue. It didn't hit me until I got home, after the regular 7 day incubation, but when it did, it was horrible. Severe headaches, fever, sweats, aches and pains, hence its other name, Breakbone Fever.

It usually comes in two phases. The first softens you up, and the second, if you are unlucky enough to get it, can be the fatal strain. Fortunately, I caught the non-fatal version. There is no cure, as I say, and it just has to run its course. But it has left its mark. My face is somewhat flushed after shaving now, something my doctor has commented on. Not Rosacea bad, but redder than it was before.

The best preventative is to use a sunblock with mosquito repellent. Off is available in a plastic tube that is easy to pack and contains a 30 spf sunblock as well. Make sure you put it everywhere, including around your eyes. I was bitten under both eyes, almost in the very corner, in the delicate membrane that makes contact with my eyeball. Avoid pools of stagnant water or riverbanks with bushes. Rio had a severe outbreak last year and had to mobilize thousands to exterminate the nesting areas and pools of water throughout the city.

02-05-03, 21:52
I forgot to recommend the addition of one of the (acyclovir, valcycolvir, etc.) creams to the "prevention kit". Hey, every little bit helps. They have a diffferent mechanism of action from Abreva, but they also require prescriptions. You can get a large 50g? tube though, just call the pharmacy and ask what they have then ask your doctor for the size you want.

Many medicines penetrate skin effectively, especially when the whole infection doesn't go any deeper than the superficial nerves anyway.

Pills, in my opinion as a doctor, are an overkill. Why subject your whole body to the side effects of drugs?

As for links. Sorry, too lazy. But if it was approved by the FDA you should be able to find tons of supportive research.

High on Hobbyin
02-05-03, 22:15
It's hot and muggy! In the 80s-90s with high humidity. Check out www.wunderground.com for a weeks forecast.

Man is Help one hell of fun place! Just a hint- ask someone to dance and dance well. Everyone's watching and you'll get alot of the chicas approaching you afterwards.


02-08-03, 12:17
Hello all I'm going to down to Rio during Carnival for the first time and have some "newbie" type questions:

1. During the actual Carnival dates (March 1-4) are the termas open? (if yes same business hours as on normal days?)

2. Right before and during Carnival do the Termas raise prices or are they the same as quoted on this board?

3. Since there are so many more tourists during this time I'm guessing the girls (especially the Hot ones) will try to raise their prices. Even though its a personal issue any thoughts on "fair" price ranges (Ex. Don't ever pay more than $XXX you rookie!!!)? I don't want to be a "sucker" tourist that ruins the fun for everyone else :)

That's about it, if anyone else is going down there for Carnival (looking at the last few posts it looks like Darkseid, Lookr, and Travlr) and wants to hang out drop me a line at


The more the merrier!!!

02-08-03, 13:15
Have a question? Need some help?

Are you looking for a certain kind or restaurant or do you want to find a club the tourists don't know about yet? Are you looking for something to do in Copacabana besides going to the beach??

We are now offering a telephone 24 hour Hot Line, for the answers to just those sort of questions... we will have someone available on the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to try and help you with just about any question you might need an answer to. Or, you might need an instant translation from Portuguese to English or visa versa.... we can offer you that kind of service also.....

For just a small fee you can call us whenever you need us while you're in Rio....
1 week, 2 weeks .....

Do you need someone to call a 24 hour drug store for you that will deliver? Are you trying to get a pizza delivery and can't get your point accross?? Have you locked yourself out of your room and need someone to call a 24 hour locksmith?? Is the girl in your room giving you a hard time?? Is she demanding more $$ than you agreed to?? Having trouble asking for what you want with the escort agency?? These are just a small sample of the help we can provide to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.....

02-08-03, 14:39

scrool down until you see the photo of the girl, then right next to the photo of the girl click on the small camera, Confira a ginga de Raquel Blanc sambando


02-08-03, 16:36
Originally posted by kenn

scrool down until you see the photo of the girl, then right next to the photo of the girl click on the small camera, Confira a ginga de Raquel Blanc sambando


Oh my God Kenn ... she's gorgeous. I've seen stills of her before, but never dancing... She will be at the Sambadrome this year, won't she? Since I will be in Rio for Carnival, where can I find the best deal on really good parade tickets?

02-08-03, 16:39
That's a tough one.. most of the tickets have been bought up by scalpers already and you can only buy them from them now...

02-08-03, 19:53
Originally posted by kenn
That's a tough one.. most of the tickets have been bought up by scalpers already and you can only buy them from them now...

I had the opportunity of buying them earlier online, but chose to wait. I hate it when I buy expensive seats to watch the Mets at Shea, only to have people with tickets to cheap seats move into the good seats as the game progresses. I trust it's the same in the Sambadrome, so I figured I'd try it. Does security prevent you from moving to better areas at the Sambadrome?

High on Hobbyin
02-08-03, 19:59
Am in Rio now. Yes, Termas will be open. Many of the girls work 7 days a week depending upon termas rules. Donīt know if prices will go up. Much of the influx is from Brazil, so I donīt know if such increases would work.

Help prices depend upon your personality, the ladyīs preference in men and her need at the moment. It costs most of the gals to get in, just like you and I. R$300 for TLN is pretty standard asking price. You decide from there. I just had a short cute sophisticated looker named Diana ask for US$300 TLN!!! She was so sweet until it came time to talk price. Wouldnīt negotiate. Said sheīs been to the US. Short time US$150, demanded cash in advance and wouldnīt specify how long the session would be. ...othat she doesnīt leave until youīre happy. What ever that might mean. I passed and she explained over and over why she had her rules. I didnīt care. I just didnīt have a good feeling about the negotiations. She was a darling and may have been worth every penny, but....Iīm not that much a gambler.

Good Luck

02-08-03, 21:25

you're smart to go with your gut feelings. Too many guys don't and get burned.....

$150.USD is waaaaaay to much for any piece of ass here in Rio. and in advance to boot.... what a racket.... well maybe if she had 2 pussies and would let you eat and fuck at the same time?

02-09-03, 00:16
US$ 300 for TLN? What a rip-off! No doubt Diana was a con artist.

It doesn't matter if she's been to the US, it only matters where she is now, as someone has pointed out before on this board this is not the OPEC and rates are not fixed around the world, that's why we travel where cheaper pussies are on offer.

Also, if the asking price is R$ 300 for TLN our bid must always be much lower, so that we get to an agreement with the pussy in the region R$ 200-250, which is a fair rate for a hot Help all-nighter. If she's not hot, the final price should be lower.

Let's not ruin the Rio meat market.

02-10-03, 06:04
Thanks for the info HH, just a few more questions for everyone:

1. I heard it wasn't safe to exchange too much money at the airport as you can be jumped at the airport/going to your hotel. Is this true (sounds like crap but some Brazilians are poor...)? Speaking of money I heard the ATM has the best exchange rate but is broken/runs out money frequently. Do the termas/Help take U.S. $, ie when I get to Rio should I exchange all my $'s or do I not need to worry about it.

2. When inviting girls back to your hotel room are there any procedures to follow (for Example in Thailand the girls usually take a shower first, giving you plenty of time to to stow away your valuables). Just asking because I read an article saying some of the girls have "hot" hands, especially if you have cash in your pants pocket (when your pants are on the floor of course). Anyone have bad experiences like this, or am I just being paranoid?


02-10-03, 13:04
you guys have to see this girl, she was in O Globo newspaper a few days ago.....



02-11-03, 16:36

I would not exchange money in the airport because they charge you a lot of hidden fees. In addition to that, you worry about being jumped so I assume you don't know any type of fighting art. I would use the citibank ATM to get cash because they give you the going rate instead of the lowered airport rate and they only charge you a $3.00 foreign exchange fee. In the long run, you save money. However, you can't take out more than $500 US currency (or R1500). Hey, Rio is cheap enough anyway so who needs more than $500 a day. If you are carrying US currency, you can also go to Banco do Brasil which will also give you the going rate or you can always shop around for a better rate. There are also currency exchange shops that give you much better rates than the airports.

Also I would rent the room safe if your hotel offers it and stash your cash, IDs, and passport in it then hide the key in a pants pocket in your luggage. I never had any thefts from professionals happen to me in Rio but it's always good to take extra precautions. I always tell them to take showers so I have time to put the rest of my money in the safe and would only leave out the money I would pay her.

02-11-03, 18:01
all this talk of exchange - guys, listen up.

use your atm card to do a withdrawl from your acct (not your credit card). don't use citibank atms, use the local ones.

negotiate/confirm so that you have no bank fees from your bank, and all you will have is a us$1-2 fee per wdl. you'll get the interbank fx, and no fx fees.

it's so simple.

sure, bring some emergency us$'s, but don't do fx unless you have the emergency.

unless you like paying banks for charging you more than others?

02-11-03, 19:36
Not all credit cards work on the local ATMs but if your's does, you'll get away with the $1-$2 withdrawal fee. If your ATM or credit card doesn't work on the local ATMs like some Mastercards, then you would have to go to the Citibank.

02-12-03, 09:33
I just went to one website last Thursday and ordered 1,400 Real ($500):


They didn't charge me a lot for it, plus I got it the next morning via FedEx.

Damn, a well-paid university professor in Brazil makes 1,400 Real a month. :-(

02-12-03, 14:33
What!! 1,400 reais for $500.USD...

If you went to the ATM here and got 500.USD out, you would have gotten 1,750.reais not 1,400....

if you took the $500.US into a Cambio you would have gotten at least 1,600.reais...

can you say ripped off.......

02-12-03, 15:18
Geez, that scam at ordercurrency.com is another example of how agencies or Cambios rip you off. That is why I prefer to go to the ATM or just pay by credit card. The going rate for Real to US currency is 3.2 to 1. 1400 for 500 is much less than that (about 2.87 to 1).

02-12-03, 19:40
Oh well, live & learn. :-)

In the grand scheme of things, it's not that big a deal.

02-12-03, 20:16
Lookr, What really matters is that you are having a great time in brazil. Living expenses like food is cheap anyway (way cheaper than in the USA). Enjoy your stay in Rio!

High on Hobbyin
02-13-03, 00:54
On my second to last night in Rio I visited Centaurus (Damn, I really like that place and wish I had gone there earilier in my trip). Was really bummed out to learn that Centaurus is closed on Sundays as I had planned on spending the whole day there. Anyway, one of the girls there tells me that Centaurus will be closed for Carnival. My prior post was based upon info from a chica from LīUomos. So I canīt give you any concrete info. It appears that many business will close for Carnival. Guess itīs up to the owners to decide if itīs worth being open... Sorry.

For me Help was alot of fun, especially since I made friends with some of the local chicas. They in turn introduced me to all their friends. I love dancing and had a blast dancing with all my new amigas. Didnīt take many home but would buy them drinks or spent afternoon visiting Christo, etc..
So on my last night in Rio I made arrangements to get together with a one of the friends of my many new dance partners from Help. She was genuinely nice, says sheīs attending school in her home town and travels to Rio to work. She talks the talk well and I believe her. We did dinner at Mauricios in Leme (expensive at R$70 per person, but itīs all you can eat seafood - and quite good). Itīs a seafood version of a Churissco (spelling?) where you go to the buffet line to select what you want. Waiters come around with skewers with of various meats (pork, steak, prime rib, chichen, roast, bbq pork,...) in this case it was plates of crab, lobster, baby lobster, clams, oysters, salmon filets, some types fo local white fish, etc.. it was very good! We then went dancing at another disco (didnīt want to see here friends at Help). It had a live 3 piece band -not bad, not great. Upscale decor and only about thirty people so we were able to snuggle up on a sofa and enjoy our drinks when not dancing. I think the name was PEOPLES in Ipanema. Back to the hotel (Luxor Regente- they charge R$50 to register a brazilada for the night) And except for the fight, we had a great time. Would see her again.
Paola - 24, French/black, model look:tall, thin, long legs, big expressive eyes and a great smile. Iīm not typically into black women, but she was probably the most normal woman I met in Help - and she spoke English quite well ...once she decided if she would like to get to know you or not. (She left me stuggling with my few words of Portuguese and poor Spanish. At one point she answered in perfect English and I was still trying to answer her in my brokenSpanish/Portuguese when it dawned on me she could speak English. We had a good laugh. She pulled a few more of those on me too!). She has class, gentlemen. She said she would prefer to go out with me in a nice black dress, but typically doesnīt bring them to Rio with so little need. She did come appropriately dressing in a nice dress. We got a few looks but not have as many as I got when I was hanging around with Iris. But thatīs another story Iīll tell ya all about when I get back to the states.
Bye from Buenos Aires,

02-13-03, 01:03
i returned from my trip to rio de janeiro 2 days ago and had sex with 6 girls from monte carlo, luomo, 4x4, and centauras. i was a little afraid of the girls noticing my herpes sores, but luckily all the rooms in the termas had a low level of light available, so no one noticed a thing. during my trip the sores scabbed over so i was probably not overly infectious. i am going to the doctor's office today to pick up my medicines.

i also took extra time to really examine the girls pussies, and noticed at least 2 of them (one from 4x4, and one from centauras) that appeared to have either genital warts, molluscum, or herpes. i couldn't tell because i've only seen pictures of molluscum and warts, but they were definitely not normal. they did not look like my blisters though. but really, they were barely noticeable, and you couldn't even see them once you dimmed the lights. i had sex with them anyways, and just made sure to wash myself thoroughly afterwards.

anyways, i wore a condom and washed myself all the time so hopefully i won't pick up anything else. i went to help, but did not find the girls very good looking at all. i was pretty nervous about having the girls discover my sores and refuse to have sex with me, but this was not a problem at all. they barely check, and the lights dim quite a bit where you would not notice a thing.

02-13-03, 02:00
You are an unbelievably sick and disgusting fuck.

You went to Rio and fucked girls while still in the midst of an outbreak. This defies all bounds of decency. You went to the doctor and picked up your medicines today!! after your trip and after all the help provided to you on this board that would have made you a more responsible person without resorting to having to whack off.

Then, looking at your post, your SOLE concern is YOUR catching anything else rather than your infecting someone else.

The only person who was definitely carrying something was YOU!

I'm the next guy that might fuck a girl who you infected you flea ridden scumbag. At least you wore a rubber but an active herpes outbreak is not something a rubber will completely fix.

I can't fucking believe that you couldn't wait with your trip until your outbreak was over. I can't fucking believe that you didn't take your medicines to deal with your outbreak before going.

You are a sad fucking excuse for a human being.

May you turn into a big herpes sore, pus up and rot over.

02-13-03, 02:59
Well, zoomzoom, let's hope these girls get their infectious outbreaks discovered and they all get canned from those termas. Exactly how long does it take for herpes to manifest itself, anyway?

Zoomzoom, I'm sure you've been upgraded to a mansion in Hell by now.

02-13-03, 04:06
Well said Catire and Lookr. ZoomZoom, I really can't believe you're so nonchalant about fucking things up for all of us. Since I'll be in in Rio for Carnival, I really wish that I could have gotten to meet you. I would be honored to beat some sense into you.....

02-13-03, 04:43
I am 100% with Catire on this issue.

On the upside we now have a list of termas to avoid based on ZoomZoom's selfincriminating report. On the downside, these potentially infected girls (whose lives will be wrecked as the result of any transmitted disease) may stray outside the termas to places like Help and other bars, and unknowingly pass it on.

ZoomZoom, I find it particularly offensive that you seek to deflect attention from your own perverse behavior by casting blame on garotas. Those girls are generally very considerate of others, get checked all the time, and know that their livelihood is severely threatened if they don't stay squeeky clean. Are you implying that it is OK for you to infect them because you in the capacity of amateur doctor have decided they may already have something? You are a sick, pathetic figure. Time to get some help.

What a sad excuse of a human being you are. In my book you are guillty of criminal intent. You knew what you were doing but seem to care not in the least. In some countries they would castrate you and lock you up for good. Take a trip to Africa next time. Maybe you'll catch AIDS.

I move to bar this misfit from the board. Any support?


02-13-03, 05:15
Interesting thread guys. Anyone ever read And the Band Played On, about the bath houres in SF at the start of the Aids boom. Dim lights and that French Canadian pretty boy infecting them all. If you believe the uneducated women we screw take any but the minimal precautions, you are a dangerous fool. They are bath houses of disease make no mistake. Zoom zoom is probably just a troll but heed the message anyway. Much more dangerous than Zoom Zoom is you guys who think that Zoom Zoom is the only one bad apple in Paradise. If they do not check your dick, they do not check anyone's dick. Howdo you think diseases spread anyway?

Dr John H Skinless, uroligist to the ignorant and unenlightened.

02-13-03, 06:29
Thanks for the info HH,

if I go to the Termas it'll be a few days before Carnival. Sadly I'm reminded that scum like Zoom Zoom also go to those places, making them a bit less appealing. Thanks Zoom Zoom, can't wait to hear more stories about you infecting other women who are simply trying to make a living (oh oops guess they were all "diseased" anyways right? Scumbag)

P.S. Hope those herpes really hurt, and that you have years of pain :)

02-13-03, 09:56
And to think that I felt bad for him and actually tried to help this sore ridden dregs of society when he announced it here that he caught it. There was another guy who quickly picked up on the fact that Mr. zoomzoom was en route to nonchalantly spreading the shit around. Smart guy, I wish I had picked up on that same thing.

Unfortunately, I tend to trust in innate human decency. Apparently, such trust will get me infected with such shit one day since skinless is dead on right. There are hundreds of such fucking idiots running around, only this one was stupid enough to actually publish his crimes.

Maybe I'll have to start fucking the lower end girls who aren't pretty enough for Mr. Sores all over dick.

I still can't believe that the fuck didn't take all the advice given here, done some of his own research, waited for the outbreak to clear up (this is always critical) and only then ventured back with medicines and rubber in tow.

I do believe it - but I really really do not want to.

and the tone of his post is the double dagger. The sole concern is whether he might have caught something and whether the girls would actually fuck him.

Hey - no worry. The lights are low!

I wish you many painful outbreaks with whatever complications possible to boot!

you fuck!

02-13-03, 15:08
Zoomzoom, which girls did you fuck? I must avoid these women for being so careless not to check you for sores. They should make it a requirement for all guys to shave their pubes before entering so that it would be easy to spot VDs in that region so that people like you cannot hide their problems.
Skinless, how long does it take for the Herpes blister to manifest itself. I don't want to catch it from the women that unknowlingly got infected from people like zoomzoom. I have to protect myself. Please provide me with info because I will be in Rio for Carnival from Feb 27 to Mar 10.

LA Larry
02-13-03, 17:51
hey everyone--

we should probably move the zoom zoom slams off the rio board and move the STD stuff to the std board--however, i'd like to add just a tiny thought about this guy zoom zoom.

it seems to me that he's a fraud.

look how many times he's posted.

read between the lines of his story. he sounds like a clever joker that is spreading STD propaganda.

i truly don't believe that he is legit at all. he posts just enough truthful shit to sucker you into to buying his story. its a smart creative writing ploy. psychologically effective.

that said--the message he communicates (while fradulent) should give us all pause.

this hobby is like playing russian roullette. take all the precautions you may, but if you are a sexual promiscuous person you run the risk of being infected with something.

one last thing about herpes that has always scared the shit out of me.

i have friend who is a male nurse in the Marine Corps and he told that it has been empiracally proven that there is a 5-7 day period before and after a herpes outbreak--in which the disease shows zero signs but can still be transmitted.

This--he emphasized--was the period when most infections occur. (most people who have herpes find it too painfull or embarrasing to engage in sex during full blown outbreaks, they spread it during the incubation period or the post-break out period.

He also mentioned that many carriers and transmiters of herpes are asymptomatic--meaning that they do not even know when they are having a breakout (nor do their partners). That is, the disease does not outwardly manifest itself on their bodies.

furthermore, herpes is a skin on skin disease. Condoms only protect your johnson from getting infected---but not your nuts, pubic area, legs--or face for that matter.

the advice that Marine Officials give their troops who are about to go on leave in a place like Asia or South America (and bang hookers) is

1) do not bang hookers!

but if you have to, well then

2) always wear a condom.

3) never eat a hooker's beaver (she's not your girlfriend, you are paying her to pleasure you) if you are orally fixated, focus on her tits...Herpes can be spread directly from a beaver to your handsome kisser.

4) always, always have sex with all the lights on. For the purpose of inspecting the provider for outward signs of herpes, needle track marks, lessions, etc. (a good idea is to kiss the girls knees and thighs while keeping your eyes riveted to the beaver)

5) use lubrication so that the woman's vagina and anus is less likely to chaff or bleed

6) always carry rubbing alcohol in case of an emergency (like a condom breaking, or a girl's vagina bleeding)

7) do not finger hookers. (if you need to finger an orifice, choose her mouth)


8) always, always, always ask the provider if she has any std's and if she has been tested. its a mood killer but it may provoke an honest answer. More importantly, it forces you to remember and to follow the above rules.

02-13-03, 19:49
Thanks for the response Larry. It's more scary to be in the dark than to know the truth about incubation periods and stuff about herpes. I will take every precaution when I'm there. I will also write about my sexperiences as well when I cum back.

Thanks again

02-13-03, 21:11
First, I don't mind if all the STD posts (including mine) get moved to another board. Now here are some random thoughts about herpes and warts (since zoomzoom brought up warts)

1. Having herpes nowadays with Abreva is almost like having no infection at all as far as showing symptoms.

2. Many people are inherently resistant to infection or showing symptoms of herpes infection. I have seen immuno-compromised people who were exposed to infected partners their whole life and never got sores.

3. Larry- the words "can still be transmitted" are misleading. The virus lives within the highly innervated regions of the mouth and penis where your body pummels it into hiding. When your body's defences are weakened by things like (solar radiation, stress, sickness, forceful abrasion, or even high quantities of ascorbic acid) the virus is able to come out of hiding and breed on the skin surface. So yes, there are live viri around before a lesion shows up, but you would literally have to cut through the skin to get at it. I think the military uses scare tactics to disuade the soldiers from having sex with the hos.

4. A person who is susceptible to herpes infection will probably get infected at some point in their life regardless of how safe they are. The virus can live outside the body for a short time and all you have to do is touch where someone else smudged his puss then touch your mouth or penis. If your one of the 30% or so unlucky people who can get infected and develop sores then play it safe but don't be surprised when you get it anyway. This is why most people who have it don't remember getting it. Because they didn't get it from direct contact with a sore ridden infected person.

5. There is another virus called Herpes Zoster which can infect skin anywhere on the body but the Herpes we are talking about only infects the highly sensitive skin of the lips and penis. Though, if you get some viri on your balls it would be easy for them to make the trip to your penis...so...it's a good idea to take a sudsy shower after fucking. It doesn't matter what type of soap you use. The mechanical action of soaping is what does the trick.

6. Even if you can't make a "cock"tail medicinal cream to spread on your penis, a good amount of KY jelly can actually form a pretty decent protective coating against a lot of microorganisms as well as reducing abrasion bleeding.

7. One important note on pussy eating. If you have herpes on your lips make sure that you shave before eating your healthy woman or your stubble will tear her tender flesh up like a blender on a microscopic level, making it easy for her to get infected.

8. If you both have herpes then ROCK on! You can't get it twice!

9. As for intentionally spreading a disease. Well, that is truly evil. Knowing how easy it is to live with herpes I wouldn't really care if I got infected with it, but if someone gave me something like HIV I would spend the rest of my life hunting them down for revenge.

02-14-03, 22:21
i truly don't believe that he is legit at all. he posts just enough truthful shit to sucker you into to buying his story. its a smart creative writing ploy. psychologically effective.

This occurred to me. I'm not sure what this guy's motivation would be, but his earlier soul-baring does almost come off like a setup for his bold statement that he is out there screwing our favorite girls while having an outbreak.

02-14-03, 22:28
If zoomzoom is a fake and is just trying to scare us, he is doing a great job at that. But if he is for real, he's the type of guy I want to hunt down and use as a target dummy for my martial arts for knowingly and intentionally trying to spread the disease to us and for putting all those women that he screwed out of work.

02-14-03, 23:57
Hey, notice how he is very careful to point out on his second trip that he can detect blemishes on the girls, but yet the lights were so low, they couldn't detect an active outbreak on him! (Double implication: you might not detect it on them, and this is proof that they never check the guys who came before you).

Not only that, but they are not, in his suddenly well-trained medical eye, even herpes blisters, but something else! (Nevertheless, the presence of these does not deter him from proceeding!)

02-15-03, 02:33
Enough time spent on zoomzoom, who'll be in Rio for Carnival besides me?

Jerry P
02-15-03, 04:28
Hey Guys,
Just out of curiosity has anyone to their knowledge gotten anything from these girls from the Termas in Rio. I'd like you guys to be completely honest if that is at all possible.

I'm giving serious consideration to going to Rio in December of this year and I would just like the straight facts - no scare tactics if you please!!!! I'm a working stiff & it takes a great deal of my resources to save up for this trip, I'm just asking for an honest profile of the risks and any advice for those who have already (have been there and done that!!)

Responsible posters only!

02-15-03, 04:40
okay, today i began getting my carnaval kit ready. thus far, i've bought:

* pocket-sized pack o' baby wipes
* abreva creme
* disinfectant foam (think foamy bactine)
* kodak 800-speed film for fast dark environments, heh

does anyone have any suggestions for the piece de resistance -- condoms and lubricant? i've been looking all over the web, and the selection is enough to make my head explode. heh.

t-minus 18 days and i'll be in miami with an hour before boarding time to rrrrrriooooooo!! :-d

02-15-03, 16:36
Condoms? Check out your local Costco/BJ's or other large warehouse distributer. I just picked up a 40 pack of trojans for $13. That should last a few days, right? You're right, I'll pick up another pack... :) Come to think of it, they're also selling Viagra 100mg tabs 12 for $104.77.

02-15-03, 17:42
Originally posted by BlameItOnMo
who'll be in Rio for Carnival besides me? [/i]
I will be! My first time in Rio and we have an apt in CopaCabana As time gets closer lets make a meeting place. Suggestions?
We leave on the first!

02-16-03, 01:02
Originally posted by Travlr
I will be! My first time in Rio and we have an apt in CopaCabana As time gets closer lets make a meeting place. Suggestions?
We leave on the first!

It'll also be my first time in Rio, but I tend to fly solo in my adventures. I've got an apartment right behind Help tho, so we'll definately run into eachother. I'm leaving to Rio right from work on the 27th. I don't know how I'll be able to work that day....

02-16-03, 03:50
I'll be arriving in Rio on the 26, staying right behind Help. Anyone wants to get together email me at bbig12@hotmail.com.

02-16-03, 04:11
excuse me, did you say BJ's?

02-16-03, 05:01

this is just the first article i turned up with an internet search. it from the journal of the aad (dermatology). ie. it is a professional publication by and for scientists and physicians.

the following is from the concluding portion of the article:

"to complicate the issue, there is evidence that n-docosanol is an antiinflammatory agent. based on observations in murine models of arthritis and the antiinflammatory activity of a related compound, triacontanol, the manufacturers studied the effect of n-docosanol and stearic acid for the treatment of phenol burn wounds in mice.12 n-docosanol and stearic acid reduced mean lesion severity scores 76% and 57%, respectively. recently, studies in an animal model13 and a clinical trial14 have shown that topical corticosteroids may be a potent therapy for herpes labialis. indeed, the pattern of clinical findings in our corticosteroid study and the n-docosanol trial have similarities: the effect on lesion healing time was greatest when normal skin (absence of inflammatory signs such as erythema and swelling) was the healing criterion rather than loss of crust (wound healing). if the results of the n-docosanol trial are to be believed, an antiinflammatory activity has more supporting evidence as a mechanism of action than the claim of antiviral activity.

in summary, the use of the drug vehicle as a control in clinical trials of topical medication should be maintained as the ďgold standard,Ē the n-docosanol trial and the apparent approval of the trial by the fda notwithstanding. before clinical trials of treatments for herpes simplex virus infections are performed, the mechanism of drug action and drug efficacy should be clearly spelled out by appropriate tissue culture and animal model experimentation, establishing biologic plausibility. positive clinical trial results may then be greeted with a measure of comfort, even anticipation, while the odds that they have occurred by chance or artifact are considerably reduced."


this drug's efficacy for genital herpes has not been established in clinical trials.
any claims you hear are probably wishful thinking. although i don't have herpes, i too would be very happy if an easy method of preventing outbreaks and transmission were found.
however, consider the downside to extrapolating what has been proven to this point about this medication. that is, if in fact it is not effective, then people may be lulled into behaviors that will spread this permanent (although non-fatal) disease to a greater extent.

my impression is that a person with some education/training/exoerience in the health or parahealth professions is engaging in some overly optimistic conjecture about the potential benefits of this drug.

i can't imagine that it will be shown to have 100% efficacy (there is virtually no such thing in the field of pharmacology). however, if that day does come i will be a strong proponent for it. in the meantime i think the best policy is to continue standard safe sex measures (which i believe are common knowledge).



02-16-03, 06:29
OK guys, why don't you post all this shit about STD's on the STD section (Special interest-Safe sex) of the forum? I'm getting fed up with all this bullshit about herpes and zoom zoom!

Anyway, zoom zoom fucking chicks in Rio doesn't make any difference to the scene: I'm sure all those chicks have been fucked before by tens of guys with herpes, so what's the problem?

To zoom zoom: all right, we all know you've got herpes and you've fucked a lot of pussies in Rio, it doesn't make any difference, you're just a drop of water in the sea, no need to repeat once and again your message. In any case herpes isn't the end of the world.

02-16-03, 10:08
i am ok with wherever this is posted.

my only concern is that someone is posting misinformation that could be very harmful. i felt it called for a response.

hooky :)

02-17-03, 21:34
Hi BlameitonMo,

I will be in Rio for Carnival also. I rented an apartment in Copacabana. My trip is from Feb 28 to Mar 9. Thanks guys for all the advice on what to pack for this trip and where to get it.

02-18-03, 04:13
I'll be in Rio, too, arriving on the 28th in the morning & staying in Copacabana till Sabado e Oito (Saturday the Eighth). I'm sure we'll all run into each other at the termas, discos, carnaval parties, or the Internet cafes. :)

02-18-03, 04:16
I will be in Buenos Aires in March.I need information about obtaining a visa there for travel to Brazil.Thanks for any help.

02-18-03, 10:41
Hi ppl

Can we do a quick check list for things to take to Rio, so that we dont miss anything. (Sorry but this is my first one, and I want to be all prepared!)


02-18-03, 10:50
Can someone point me to a good quick HIV test kit, and where to buy it from, and its cost. Also, is it multi use, or for single use only.

02-19-03, 16:30
Hi guys,
Arrived in Rio this morning, if anyone wants to met up for a bit of mongering, (or a drinK) they can email me at tournafolla(nospam)@yahoo.co.uk

Delete nospam


Don Quixote
02-19-03, 23:11
I'll be there, too.

Any more details on which termas are closed/open during the Carnaval holiday?

Also, doesn't HELP sponsor a Carnaval - ball -- any info/feedback?

Are any of you doing any Carnaval activities -- other than hobbying, of course?

I know that hotel accommodations in rio are scarce during Carnaval -- does that mean that the lovel motels will be booked up, too?

Hate to post with just questions -- a report to follow, as I was in Rio about 3 weeks ago and enjoyed 2 girls at Luomo and a dupla at 4x4.

There is certainly a monger community here -- i wasn't at luomo for more than 15 minutes before i met a group of cool guys from this board and other (pay) boards. -- don't worry, there were plenty of girls to go around.


02-20-03, 17:11
At Carnival, I am planning to take Samba lessons the first day and rent a costume (Mar 1), then the second day is the Samba Parade at the Sambadrome, then the 3rd day, I will go club hopping for the Samba Parties (I'm sure HELP might sponsor one too since they are open every day of the year), and then the fourth day, I will enjoy the free Samba festivities around the beach. You might be able to buy tickets from a scalper for the Samba parade which is about $150USD. Or if your hotel or apartment owner has connections, he or she could get it for less. I will not do much mongering during those days because I might meet a horny non-pro woman. But the rest of the trip I will go mongering.
And hotels, if you haven't booked one already, be prepared to pay $150+ per night even for a 1 star hotel.

02-20-03, 19:26

anyone who wants tickets for the sambaparade, don't buy them in copacabana or the touristic zones, they will peel you. i was there last year and i bought my ticket for the first of the 2 parade-days only the day before the show. i went to the sambodrome, you'll have a counter open where you will stand in the libe for tickets or you can get them from a vendor right in front of the sambodrome (of course these will be a bit more expensive than those from the counter).


02-20-03, 19:33
Ooooops i forgot,

if you are looking for flats during the carnaval period take a look at the agency or ask via e-mail at riotropicalsflats.com.br
i found an apartment (kitchen, TV, 1 bedroom, 24h doorman) in rua Barata Ribeiro (which is the next parallel street to Av.Copacabana). I paid for 1 month 1000R$ and it covered the days before, during and after the samba-parade, that's $270 for a month! don't know whether they changed they prices since then, just try!

again, cheers

Don Quixote
02-20-03, 20:21
Thanks for the info.

I already have hotel arrangments; I was just curious about the "love motels." Also, I may come into Rio a day earlier (Friday morning) than my hotel reservations start, so I might need a place for 24 hours and was planning on using VIP or one of the other red-light hotels.

Also found Sambodromo tickets online -- 450R, which is a bit steep, but they are in a good section (7) and I prefer to have them in advance.


02-21-03, 06:05
Originally posted by Paolino
Ooooops i forgot,

I paid for 1 month 1000R$ and it covered the days before, during and after the samba-parade, that's $270 for a month!

Wow, I got a great deal at US$600 for 8 days during the Carnival period only to hear about your score. Good for you. What's the range of prices on Samba parade tickets if one stands on line at the Sambadrome? Is security tight inside the Sambadrome, or can you move your way to the front where all the action is?

02-21-03, 09:14
Yep, mine was $540. But I figure that for what I'm staying in at Copacabana beats the pants off the tiny studio apartment I got in Waikiki in December.

I was lucky enough that the guy who I'm renting my place from already got my ticket for the Sambadrome. Heck, for only US$50, I'm paying a lot less than I paid just to go see Tom Petty at the Shoreline Ampitheatre here in the Silicon Valley. :)

02-21-03, 18:11

actually i didn't stand in line for the tickets, i bought them from a vendor at the Sambodrome for i think R$60 each; i guess you could get them for 40R$ standing in line (of course if my memory don't screw with me.....you know during Carnaval you gotta keep your eyes wide open if you don't want to get mugged too much, so with all the prices in my head i may confuse). My place was in the last part of the Sambodrome where it opens up; i was in the lower seats near the samba-strip. Security wasn't that tight, i could easily walk down to the barricades and be at 4 meters from the dancers and feel the baterias in my belly without any problem. Behind me there were the cheap places far away from the action but filled with common people that made big noise when their favourites were passing. about 100s of people die during the parade must be one of those senseless urban legends, like the killer bees invading in the US and Elvis still alive. Here again, very common and friendly people all around...

02-22-03, 02:47
Thanx for the input. I'll see you all at the parades :).

02-22-03, 03:06
Paolino, Sorry but I have been going to Rio for 4 years and have always stayed in an apt. but I don't believe you.
I think you should post again once you have seen this place you got for a month for 1,000 reais including Carnival. I think you might be shocked once you actually see it for yourself. A normal studio for a 1 month rental could be 800 - 1,000 plus utilities but not during the high season and especially not during Christmas/New Years and Carnival.

If it's too good to be true!!!!

02-22-03, 16:18
checked it out on my bills of last year....actually i paid 1090 R$ for that apt. on Rua Barata Ribeiro during very high season (Carnaval) and it WAS really too good to be true, but it was! maybe speaking some portuguese and making the uncomplexed tourist helped me. hey, just send an e-mail to that agency and check out the rates for a similar apt. luckily they did not change their price policy for high sseason....


02-22-03, 19:43
Hi, It's me again!

many things coming back to my mind these last few days, so i thought that maybe they are useful to some of you...

As i was looking for an apt. to rent last year i met this french guy and he showed me where he had his long-time rental apt.; i found the address; the card says Edificio A.Atlantica, N.3196 (so just look for the number 3196 on the beach avenue, yeah, right in front of the sea you lucky bastards!!!); Airco, furnished, colour TV and fridge. I jumped in and asked the dorrman directly but of course last year in the middle of Carnaval they only had "pacotes", meaningly overpriced, but the prices "hors saison" were ridiculousliy low. I tried again to phone them on the number (21) 255 0681 or (21) 255 0493 (only weekdays between 9 and 16 o'clock); anyone passing by can ask and tell me about the current prices, it would be a supercool favour guys!


02-23-03, 01:57
Woo hoo! My "kit" is complete! Let's just hope I don't have to open my bags at the gate or at customs. That would be seriously embarrassing. How do I say "I have nothing to declare" in Portuguese?

Dear God, where were we before the Web? :D

02-23-03, 03:09
Z Ice Blue-What you need is Ora-Kwik, a one time test kit taking 20 minutes and with an accuracy rate of over 99%. JUST approved for use in US but you can't just buy them here. I have a few extra I'd sell you (I bought them in Thailand where they can be legally bought over the counter). I'll be in Rio on Wednesday the 26th so drop me an email (XTNsurfer@hotmail.com) if interested.

02-23-03, 16:33

I tried staying there a while back and if you like roaches, beds with wooden mattresses and shitty furniture you'll love this place. 3 night minimum, and they don't accept c/cards.

rates back then, about a 8 months ago, 70.reais a night... not sure about monthly rentals and they might be booked up for carnival..

02-25-03, 20:43
Jeez, the news over here in the (Western) US is that there have been a few gang-related bombings on the beachfront stores. :( Hopefully they get this under control in time?

02-26-03, 16:30
that trouble was over as fast as it started. I was told it was in retaliation for the police kidnapping of a drug lords relative.
I was walking around Copa. on Monday and I did notice the closing of a lot of shops but I did not see or hear anything that would lead me to believe there was any trouble. If someone did not tell me what was going on, I would have thought it was just another Holiday.

02-26-03, 18:51
Greetings Gentlemen,

Last year, I stayed at the Pestana Rio Atlantica Hotel in Rio. It was a very good experience, as the front desk would actually call and let me know that a girl was in lobby requesting me and "should they send her up" .

Next month I am headed back to Rio, and my question is:

Does Leme Othon Palace Hotel ( Av. Atlantica 656 Rio De Janeiro Brazil) or the Olinda Othon Hotel (Av. Atlantica 2230 Rio De Janeiro Brasil) allow girls up to the room?



Cambodia Pro
02-27-03, 07:29
Originally posted by Surfer
Z Ice Blue-What you need is OraQuick, a one time test kit taking 20 minutes and with an accuracy rate of over 99%. JUST approved for use in US but you can't just buy them here. I have a few extra I'd sell you (I bought them in Thailand where they can be legally bought over the counter). I'll be in Rio on Wednesday the 26th so drop me an email (XTNsurfer@hotmail.com) if interested.

How much are these kits in Baht in the pharmacies in Bangkok??? I did not see this overthere partly because I was not looking.

I would love to do bareback some of the girls, and this would be a good test to give them. However, I believe this test has sensitivity of 6 months or greater. Only catches infected women that have been infected for 6 months. So you can still get the slammer virus if you are not careful/unlucky.

02-28-03, 07:47
Okay, after all the good tips on what to bring.
Can you buy viagra in Brazil on a walk in basis for recreational use? I know they don't ask what you use it for but no prescription is what I am wondering about. We are there Saturday Night! And yes HELP does have Balls (pun in there somewhere) look under the balls link here: http://www.brazil.com/menu/carnival/2003/rio/sambadrome/carnival_sambadrome.htm

02-28-03, 17:08
Rio violence spurs drug lord transfer


02-28-03, 21:22
Originally posted by Travlr
Okay, after all the good tips on what to bring.
Can you buy viagra in Brazil on a walk in basis for recreational use? I know they don't ask what you use it for but no prescription is what I am wondering about. We are there Saturday Night! And yes HELP does have Balls (pun in there somewhere) look under the balls link here: http://www.brazil.com/menu/carnival/2003/rio/sambadrome/carnival_sambadrome.htm

Travlr, I'm in Brazil right now and I just bought 8 100mg tabs for R$280 no questions asked. Just ask around because the first guy quoted me R$800 for the same...

03-01-03, 07:32
Surfer, Ice Blue, Bush

Using fast test kits on the road for prescreening providers for bare-back sex is discussed in a post in the safe sex (under special interests) section.

03-02-03, 05:23

thanks for referencing the posts in the safe sex section. i didn't know those were there. you seem fairly knowledgeable, since you understand what we call sensitivity and specificity. just curious as to whether you are in the health professions.

btw, i heard something recently on the radio about the relative risks of various unprotected sex activities. the numbers compared the risks from those activities. well, maybe i will try to find those numbers on the net.

sorry if this is off-topic, but i appreciate your efforts to educate, as i tried to do in this topic area last week as regards herpes.



03-02-03, 06:38

Thank you. If you find the numbers for the risks of different uncovered sex activities, it will be very helpful to post them in the safe sex section.

By the way, I am not a health professional, but I play one on wsg :) .

03-02-03, 22:58
I ve just come back from a 2 week holiday in Rio and would like to make a contribution to this site given that some of the information I was able to get from WSG was invaluable and undoubtedly saved me precious time in finding my feet on arrival, and that time was put to good use in the form of shagging stunners.

Very briefly, by way of a prelude I would like to say that the quality of information being provided of recent( since around the time of the now infamous zoomzoom post ) has significantly deteriorated. The zoomzoom report has been analysed to death and quite why Lookr has felt the need to give the world a blow by blow account of his suitcase packing progress is beyond me.

A word of advice for UK travellers and probably all other Europeans, I had some difficulty in finding a bank which would allow me to withdraw cash. The only bank which came good was the CityBank. It should also be noted that the ATM s are closed between 10:00pm and 6:00am, which caused me a problem because I arrived at midnight with no Brazilian currency fully expecting to be able to withdraw cash and head off to Help. As it was I spent the first night in Rio in my hotel room pissed off and very frustrated.
By the following night my cash flow problems had been resolved and I made a bee line for Help.

Expectations were high and I was not dissappointed. There were gorgeous women everywhere strutting about in sexy outfits and whats more, they were all available to shag! (subject to price agreement of course). There were some fairly average chicks there aswell and even one or two who were ugly as a box of frogs, but on the whole I was impressed. Walking about the place was great. It felt like being a film star, gorgeous women desperately trying to catch your eye, pinching your arse, etc.

As others have pointed out before, I formed the view that there were two fairly distinct types of garota in Help. There were the real seasoned pros who were probably looking to fit in at least two customers a night, and then there were the birds who were out to have a good time and earn some money into the bargain. I pretty much ignored the former and with regard to the latter I found that most would initially be asking for about R$3or400. There was plenty scope for negotiation and in general was paying about R$200 to spend the night with a great looking chick. On a couple of occassions the girl wasnt prepared to budge from R$300 and I just decided to move on. It definitely helped if the girl liked you, and I found that if you treated them with respect and did a half decent job of chatting them up then they would want to spend the next night with you as well, often just for the price of their taxi home. My mate even had one bird that he had not met before offering to go home with him for nothing just because she fancied him.

By the way, these women really know how to fuck! And when youre not fucking them they oblige with massages. They are pretty extrovert as well. I asked one Mulata if she would keep her high heels on while I fucked her and she proceeded to put them on, dance round the room naked for several minutes and then sucked my cock until I just had to stick it in her. As I climaxed, I whiped off the condom and jizzed on her jugs. Fucking magic.

I also went to three different termas while I was there - Centaurus, Luomo and Quatro y Quatro. They all had their fair share of fantastic looking women and were all good although Centaurus was a bit pricey. I enjoyed Quatro most although it is a bit out of the way. I went there twice and had the same girl on both occassions. She was a stunning blonde with a great tan and she was wild. She really seemed to genuinely enjoy the sex, and whether or not she actually did, it was a big turn on. She wanted me to spank her and even asked me to fuck her ass, which I m not usually that fussed about but thought it impolite to refuse.

Afterwards she gave me her number and told me that she wanted to marry me. She even took me upstairs to where the girls change and get their hair done. There were naked women everywhere and she was introducing me to them all as her boyfriend. It was ace.

I could go on all day about my various experiences but I m sure you all get the picture. Rio is tops!
I am going to finish up with some comments which some of you may not like, but this forum is about opinions and I m going to exercise my right to express mine. My comments concern Americans and obviously I am generalising to an extent, and I would wish to qualify what I m about to say in stating that I did meet some great people from the States. However, generally I found a large proportion of Americans to be exceptionally arrogant and obnoxious. Some of you appear to think that when you go into a retaurant you have entered a "who can talk loudest" contest. This is not the case. Some of you appear to think that waiters/hotel staff, etc are sub human and treat them accordingly. This is not the case. Some of you appear to think that style involves wearing horrendous Hawaian/Ralph Lauren shirts tucked into chinos. This is certainly not the case. I suppose I shouldnt complain too much. It just makes us Europeans look good.

Be safe

03-04-03, 20:09
Hi fellas, me and a buddy are going to Rio next month, and I can't wait.
I've got some real good info from you guys about the monger seen there, but I have one question.
Where is Villa Mimosa located, specifically what street is it on? Is it safe going there at nite?
Obrigado for any info you can give me.

03-04-03, 22:13
Oi Thunder,

i guess you are right about the Hawaiian style clothing...most tourists think brasilians wearing shabby clothes, dirty, etc....not at all, most dresses fit, and the clean white t-shirt is a must for them. But if you want to attract more garotas de programa you have to go on and dress up ridiculously, otherwise you'll run the risk that they confuse you with brasilians (which pay less than tourists), hence less attractive to their eyes...although with those nice rednecks 'o yours it's impossible to look like a brasileiro!

Has someone of the later mongers in here visited the disco NUTH? i read that it's the place to be, sometimes famous people, no patented putaria as Help though, but apparently nice people...the only hic about which everybody complains is the fact that if you're not member of the club you'll have to stand line in front of the door....a long line most of the time! check it out at nuth.com.br

what' s the matter with the Photo section in this site??????? no more new pics since february 2002! it's about time someone updates it....


03-05-03, 00:55

about last september or so someone posted here about NUTH (apparently it is pronounced something like "nootchee"). i wanted to go there also after reading about it. but it is kinda far from the copa scene, isn't it located in or near barra da tijuca?

the posts said there were lots of incredible women. but i think a later poster, or someone i met down there at alcazar said they had gone to NUTH with a handsome-as-hell american guy who also spoke decent portagee.

the problem was the woman are mighty wary of tourist types because 1) they are well aware of the hobbyist nature of many tourists there, 2) they know the guys won't be around too long.
so anyway this handsome fellow was struck out left and right.

maybe it was in the mens' journal magazine article that i first heard of the place--some have said the article was a whole lotta hype, which i believe. but at least it did get me to brazil for my first time!

so check back in the previous posts, i know it was posted there prior to my first trip to rio at thanksgiving 2002.


03-05-03, 08:47
hey sabio

still looking for those numbers. it was something i heard on public radio i think about 6 months ago. no luck so far finding it on the net.
obviously any numbers like those are going to be someone's ballpark guesstimates, still they were very interesting for me to hear. included were giving and receiving oral and all other types of sex for both women and men.


03-05-03, 09:52
Thanks hooky.

I took the liberty of copying your message to the safe sex section, so people who are interested can be updated.

03-05-03, 16:30
Gentlemen! :)

I'm totally loving it here in Rio right now!! I don't think I've ever been in a place like this in my life! In fact I'm sure I haven't. I've got to get back here one of these days. Went to Help last night for the first time. As much as ppl say it sucks, I had a great time there. Most of the women (in fact, pretty much all) were lookin' fer moolah. Still, a great time.

OK, I gotta jam for now, but I'll catch you all later.


-- Lookr

03-07-03, 07:59
sheesh lookr, rub it in why don't you--that you are there and we are not!


03-08-03, 07:23
I just posted the following question in the general section but I will repeat it here:

A question to anyone who has stayed at either the Sheraton Tower or Luxor Regente in Rio. Are the hotels girl friendly and what is your general impression of the hotel in terms suitability for mongering? What other business class hotel can you recommend that might be better then the two mentioned - comparing value for money and of course no hassle with guests?

Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.


03-09-03, 00:48
Planning on going to Rio for the first time this May, and after going through this board for past few months, I still have a couple of questions:

1. I'm thinking about staying at the Rio Othon (because of its location and amenities). I've heard conflicting reports on this, so does anyone specifically know whether the hotel is girl-friendly? Also does anyone know any of the higher-end hotels that are girl-friendly?

2. I know that everyone recommends going to the ATMs to take out cash, but do the Rio ATMs act like a real ATM where you can take money out of your bank account, or are you limited to taking money out of your credit card account via a cash advance?

Thanks in advance to any seasoned vets that can assist.

03-09-03, 00:48
I've stayed at the Luxor Regente twice. The place is nice as long as you get the ocean front rooms. The others are small and depressing. The hotel is "friendly" only in the sense that they will allow you to bring girls in. It's "unfriendly", in my opinion, because it chages $50R per admission.

Last time the bellman advised me that he had a "book" of ladies that he could call to come to my room. I didn't follow-up, but I presume there would still be the room charge.

It is a great location.

03-09-03, 02:20
thunderthrush: i, too, often rag on the "ugly americans" but we yanks do not have the exclusive on loutish behaviour. in most of continental europe it is your countrymen that are mostly responsible for loutish behaviour, amsterdam's rld being the paradigm.

rude, culturally insensitive conduct can comre from any nationality and i am not sure i agree that we yanks behave any worse in rio than other nationalities. that being said, i detest the type ofd cobduct you condemn as well and tend to prefer places where less americans frequent and thus avoid help & terma l'uomo.

on the issue of "fashion", brits have no business lecturing anybody on that issue. italians or french yes (except for waering the much dreaded speedo's on the beach-yuk!), brits noooooo!

fyi-help itself will change foreign currency for reals at a reasonable rate (albeit less than the rate given by atms).