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05-14-02, 04:08
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05-22-02, 00:28
I'm headed to Rio in about a month on business and will be staying at the Sheraton. I've stayed there before, so I already know it's pretty isolated from the action, but my question is about how girl-friendly they are.

I've heard mixed reports about whether they will allow female guests. I haven't tried bringing a girl back up to my room in previous trips.

Can anyone give me some up to date info on how lenient they are on bringing girls to the room? If anyone has done so recently could you tell me if the girl came from an escort service, Barbarella, Help, etc.? I'm guessing that how trashy or classy the girls looks might have a great deal to do on whether she is stopped in the Lobby.

05-27-02, 12:37
Hi Hulk....

Just this weekend I had 3 guys staying at the Sheraton move into 1 of my 3 bedroom apts. However they did say that they were able to bring girls back to their rooms. BUT they also said they knew the Hotel Manager.. So I think they were getting special treatment.. I'm pretty sure the girls came from Help.... Hope this helps...
I can call them if you want...

Kenn... www.EZ-RioRentals.com

09-14-02, 20:27
Kenn & Others,

Can you give me your opinion on what a fair/reasonable price to pay for an oceanview apartment in Rio for 3 nights (December 30, 31, January 1, checking out January 2nd)? I'm looking for a nice, safe apartment, oceanview, near Help Disco, with a person at door 24 hours a day. I've been quoted $120 US to $150 US during those days. I fully expect to pay a higher rate since it's New Year's.

Thanks in advance.



09-19-02, 00:00
could someone who has stayed at the marriott tell me if they have high-speed internet connections in the rooms? one travel website said they did, but the marriott website didn't specify this. i also called them and the two people i talked with at the hotel unfortunately had no idea what i meant by a "high-speed" internet connection.

09-19-02, 03:14
I have found that the hotels in Rio are getting much more strict about chicas. Some such as Debret are cool, but the Meridien is difficult. The Rio Othon used to be ok for altee arrivals - a garota from Help at 2 am was fine. Recently, however I saw an african american gentleman (could have been ex NFL Tackle) hasseled when he brought his wife in at 4 pm. I thought that the guy was going to perform surgery on the security guard. THese guards are not visible later in the night and at 2 am there seems to be a spearate "executive-check in". Personally, given the hassel factor and the outrageous fees charged for a guest I suggest a hotel such as Debret or stick to the termas scene.

09-22-02, 01:53
Does anyone know if you can take 2 chicks at once at the Debret Hotel? And if so, how much is the extra charge?


09-23-02, 08:26
Newbie here, can anyone recommend, a nice girl friendly Hotel in Rio? Planning a trip for late October? Thanks

10-20-02, 07:21
Ipanema Tower Hotel: Anybody have any information on their girl policy? We are considering their 2-bedroom suites, but I've heard no information regarding their girl policy.

Arpoador Inn: I stayed there during Carnival 2001 and 2002. They have an EXCELLENT policy. Girls need to show ID and sign in, but the procedure is quite "relaxed". The folks working the desk at night aren't discrimatory of the ID, and they do not charge a fee. I would stay there again, but I'd like to try one of the apart-hotels.


Robin Hood
10-22-02, 03:20
i am traveling to rio in january. does anyone know of a beach front appartment for rent in copacabana if not does anyone know how i can get one and are they readily available? obrigado

10-27-02, 22:34

Just back from 6 days in Rio .

Debret(130+ 30 for girl single room) sucks big time ... its all right if u want to get ur foot in on the first day ... but i would move to Copacabana Rio(110 Real
for double room) which is away from the beach but has nice rooms and they charge diff of single and double room for a girl .. if u take double room no charge.

Also debret does not allow 2 girls

For anyone who wants to live cheap and is more interested in Thermas ... try out Copa Pria Hostel .. its like 20 R , but the good part is u will live with a lot of back packers and have a good time and u can go to the Thermas where they provide the rooms and the scene is lot better than Help Disco or Barbarella ...

10-29-02, 16:08

A suggestion: Mirasol Copacabana Hotel. http://www.mirasolhotel.com.br A block and a half from the beach, nice rooms (jacuzzi in some of them.. lotsa fun with the right company), about US$50 a night. Girl-friendly, they could care less if you brought a two-headed goat back to your room, apparently no extra charge. And has great views from the roof-top pool.

Tom B.

10-29-02, 23:24
kevin_405, does Copacabana Rio allow 2 girls at once? How far is it from Help?


10-30-02, 00:00
Hi all, does anyone know if Arpoador Inn has a website you make reservations on or how to make reservations with that hotel besides using ipanema.com, Thanks to all that can help with info. t-rex..

10-31-02, 08:07
Hi Gladiator

I would try 2 girla at the Thermas rather than at a hotel as the girls u pick up at Help or other bars are not so into it as the Thermas

I am not sure about 2 girls but they might charge additional 20 Real for 2 girls. i have a feeling they will allow 2 girls in as they seemed to want business.

BTW u should read my exp in Rio forum after 2 nights of bad exp i just sticking to Thermas and thats what i would advice every one.

10-31-02, 13:49

Arpoador Inn does not have it's own website, but they list with a ton of on-line reservation services. Here's one:



Tom B.

10-31-02, 22:26
Thanks tomb, I will check it out. t-rex..

11-01-02, 09:30
Tried Hotel Copacabana Mar 2 years ago and had no problem bringing girls or even calling them via phone. 4 stars located 1 block behind Copacabana Palace Hotel (20 minutes walking from Help), nice view too from the top pool, very clean and new. Charges 160R; check their site www.copacabanamar.com.br

11-03-02, 17:34

i finally got the guide you sent to my email--it is very helpful.
btw that was a good one about the two-headed goat!


11-04-02, 00:59
two headed goats.. twice the fun, bleat your meat...

and you're welcome!

Tom B.

11-19-02, 01:03
Got back from Rio last Thursday. Thanks to Tomb for his guide by the way, very handy.

Quick tips:

1. Forget the Debret. They charged me R$180 for a senior suite & then charged me an extra R$50 every time I took a girl back. I mailed them beforehand to verify it was OK to take a girl back at no extra cost but it seems they have changed their minds. I was not the only one complaining about their tactics as it seems as though quit a few of us had been stung. The prices also went up R$20 in november to take a girl back. On hindsight, I would book a hotel for a night or two them see one of the many touts along Copacabana & get an Apartment. Good value, security etc. Checked one out for R$120 a day right on the front that was excellent.

2. I was picking up girls outside Help for R$120 to R$250 for all nighters, I even went out with them during the day at no extra cost. Most expensive girl (R$250) was an escort. Prices did not change when the US Navy arrived.

3. Try the Termas at least once, the standard of women there are excellent & you can always arrange to see one later if you want to. Went to 4 x 4 & L'Oumo both good.

4. Only once did I have a problem with pickpockets & that was what I think was a Trannie SW. I was drunk but luckily realised what was going on. I felt safe all the time there

5. Try & learn some of the language as it is a must. My pidgeon Spanish helped a little bit but not that much

6. Girls kept on warning me that there is a possibility of getting your drink spiked in Help. Dunno if this true but I suppose it is worthwhile mentioning.

7. If you are from elsewhere other than the US, use an ATM & get cash on your credit card. I took a load of UK Sterling & brought most of it back as the exchange rate is rubbish



11-20-02, 02:47
I apologize up-front to those who are tired of reading what appears to be the same question asked over and over again.

Where the hell should I stay in Rio? I've done my reading.

I just want something that is no stress, no hassle when it comes to guests and security.

Many recommend Debret, it's cheap, its nice, its in a good location. Is it the case that if you pay for a double room that you don't have to pay a per guest fee? And even if you don't you can only ever have one guest at a time (which is probably OK for me, but just not something I want to have to think about).

Arpador (sp) has been recommended but I haven't read much about it, nor the multiple guest or even single guest policy.

Mirasol was just recommended... but I have the same info about it as I do about Arpador (sp).

Then there are apartaments. I once stayed in one in Rio when I was too young to know what was going on around me. It wasn't very nice, but then again, I didnt' make the arrangments. I don't know what the guest policies are with those.

Maybe there should be a little FAQ? Maybe there is one, and I just don't know about it.


11-22-02, 20:01
FYI, Here is information I received about the Debret guest
policy (from Hotel Debret themselves):

> If you are in a double room and your guest is registered in your
> room with you, you don´t have extra costs but if you have
> several guests (even in a double room) you need to pay
> BR$50,00 per time.

11-28-02, 22:46
Hey all,

Heading to rio in mid february.
I've decided to go with a hotel rather than apartment due to getting clean sheets and towels on a daily basis.

I'm swaying towards staying at Rio Roiss. I have a few Qs;

1. I talk no Portugese so can anyone recommend a reliable website I can make a booking in english.

2. Does anyone know if single rooms have double beds amd what the charge would be to up it to double occupancy for the night?

3. How far a walk is Roiss from Help?

Many Thanks!

11-29-02, 22:19
1. I talk no Portugese so can anyone recommend a reliable website I can make a booking in english.
A> do a search on google.They have a website.

2. Does anyone know if single rooms have double beds amd what the charge would be to up it to double occupancy for the night?

From what i heard Rio Ross does not charge for girls if you have a double room.

Single room like the name suggests is for 1 person hence has only 1 bed. It is 30-40Real more

3. How far a walk is Roiss from Help?

A>Rio Rioss is right behind Help.

Originally posted by jetsetter
Hey all,

Heading to rio in mid february.
I've decided to go with a hotel rather than apartment due to getting clean sheets and towels on a daily basis.

I'm swaying towards staying at Rio Roiss. I have a few Qs;

1. I talk no Portugese so can anyone recommend a reliable website I can make a booking in english.

2. Does anyone know if single rooms have double beds amd what the charge would be to up it to double occupancy for the night?

3. How far a walk is Roiss from Help?

Many Thanks!

11-29-02, 22:21
Go for Copacabana Rio or Rio Ross both do not charge for girls if you take double rooms.

Debret Sucks...

Originally posted by stevey
I apologize up-front to those who are tired of reading what appears to be the same question asked over and over again.

Where the hell should I stay in Rio? I've done my reading.

I just want something that is no stress, no hassle when it comes to guests and security.

Many recommend Debret, it's cheap, its nice, its in a good location. Is it the case that if you pay for a double room that you don't have to pay a per guest fee? And even if you don't you can only ever have one guest at a time (which is probably OK for me, but just not something I want to have to think about).

Arpador (sp) has been recommended but I haven't read much about it, nor the multiple guest or even single guest policy.

Mirasol was just recommended... but I have the same info about it as I do about Arpador (sp).

Then there are apartaments. I once stayed in one in Rio when I was too young to know what was going on around me. It wasn't very nice, but then again, I didnt' make the arrangments. I don't know what the guest policies are with those.

Maybe there should be a little FAQ? Maybe there is one, and I just don't know about it.


12-08-02, 09:23
Will be staying at the Rio Rioss until I find an apartment. I will be bringing my laptop. Does anyone know if it will work at the Rio Rioss without blowing up? How about the apartments are they U.S. voltage compatible?

01-15-03, 00:01
I stayed at the Debret recently. The corner room (deluxe) looked quite good but the aircon was ineffective and perhaps contributed to my not so good time with a Help girl. BTW, if you book a room for 2 people, there is no extra charge for a girl. I soon requested and got a change of room; smaller but better aircon. The hotel looks a bit tacky and I don't think I will be staying there again.

Can anyone recommend a better hotel in the area, perhaps a 4 star type place that is not exorbitant and is girl friendly ?

Adam Bomb
03-23-03, 06:47
Every hotel i've used in Rio has been 100% compatible, voltage-wise, with my gear. But, i believe you may need a plug adapter for certain sockets.

At the Roiss, however, you may need an extension cord, as the only free outlets (at least, in the 'Lux rooms) are far away from anyplace you'd want to use a computer.

Adam Bomb
03-23-03, 06:49
Book hotels and such through blameitonrio4travel.com.

The website's in English and/or you can email them in English to set everything up. The owner, Bobby Frischman, is from Jersey, and is a stand-up guy. You're going to meet him at some point anyway....

Jony Vegas
03-31-03, 08:49
Can someone tell me how far Leblon Beach area is from the main action (i.e tax away and what cost)?

I am looking at staying at the "Marina Palace" on Avienda Delfim Moreira 630. Anyone familiar with this place and if they allow female guests or not?


04-01-03, 11:40
Question on Sheraton Hotel in Rio - is this hotel girl friendly? I believe the hotel is a bit far removed from the action places. Anyone who stayed here have any experiences they want to share?


04-04-03, 11:53
Can anyone tell me the difference between the standard rooms and luxury rooms at the Rio Roiss. What is the difference in price? Is it worth it?

04-11-03, 23:31

I have stayed at the Roiss and the standard room was v satisfactory. I believe the luxury rooms have an ocean view (albeit one block from the beach) and are a bit bigger than standard rooms.


DonkeyBoy (Rio bound in Sept 03)

04-24-03, 21:37
Thanks Donkeyboy,

I stayed at the Roiss in Jan. The room I got was a standard that had two small beds. It was around usd 50.00 a night. It was very uncomfortable to operate on when I had guests. Forget about sleeping two people on one of those beds. I was looking for the same room with a larger bed. I was curious if that was considered a luxury room.

Here is my two cents on the Roiss. The location can't be beat. You are at ground zero. It is a 1 min walk to Help. The hotel is kind of run down but the rooms are spacious and clean. I especially like the bathroom. It was very roomy. My thing is I like to shower with my garota and make sure she is totally clean. When I was down there I checked out the Debret and the Savoy Othon. They were newer than the Roiss but the bathrooms and rooms were smaller. All three allowed guests( for a fee around 40 reals ) and were about usd 50.00 a night. Also the staff was very friendly. It reminded me more of a mom and pop establishment than a chain hotel. When I bought my laptop they were kind enough to lend me the adapters to plug into the walls. I would definitely stay there again if I could get a room with a bigger bed.

04-25-03, 08:14

Agreed on the bathrooms - the showers are very roomy - ideal for kicking off a goad shaggin.
Each floor of the Roiss has 3 different rooms - standard single, standard double and luxury double. I believe you stayed in a std single (despite it having 2 small beds).

Book a std double and you won't be disappointed. You could comfortably have 2 garotas in the sack with you and not be struggling for space.


04-25-03, 11:33
I'm going back down in mid May for 3 nights and I may have to stay in a hotel this trip because I understand apartments have at least a 5 night minimum. So I started to think about the Rio Roiss and others mentioned on some boards. I tried the Hotel Vilamar but they are now asking 180reais a night + a 40 reais guest fee. I tried Copacabana Princesa Hotel and they want 180 reais a night + 60 reais guest fee. I hope I can find an apartment !!

04-26-03, 06:28

I stayed at the Vilamar and payed 200 reals a night plus 40 reals if I had any guests. I thought the hotel was fantastic. The Vilamar is 10 times better than the Roiss. I like the Roiss because it is a stones throw from Help. I usually close out every evening at Help and than walk back to the Roiss. If I stayed at the Vilamar I would take a taxi. Even though it is not that far from Help; it is just far enough that I think it would be a dangerous walk. How did you get a price for 180 reals?

04-29-03, 13:14
200reais a night plus 40reais per guest!! I must have gotten my prices mixed-up.

Shit, I may just try an apartment after all. I only paid 150reais a night last trip for a nice 1 bedroom apartment 1 block from Av. Atlantica and 2 blocks from Help.
No other fees and I could bring the girls back 2 at a time. Maybe Kenn will cut me some slack, me being a repeat customer.

04-29-03, 16:53
Originally posted by DonkeyBoy

I have stayed at the Roiss and the standard room was v satisfactory. ........
DonkeyBoy (Rio bound in Sept 03)

Could you please post the telephone # (including country code and city code- I will be calling from US) as well as e-mail address for booking for Roiss hotel? Also, do you have any idea what is their rate for a double room during the month of June? I am planning a trip in June and this information will be much appreciated. Thanks,


04-29-03, 18:13
Rio Roiss Hotel homepage:


04-29-03, 19:33
If you email Rio Roiss, they will give you a 15 to 20% discount for double room, 160 or R$170 instead of R$200 with no CC advance.

04-29-03, 20:26
Athos and others,

Thanks a lot. I know, you guys are all veterans, but for newbees, the following guide will be a great help.

Bwana Dik's Rio Guide 2003


I will post the link in Rio section also. Again thanks for your help.


05-01-03, 03:56

Has anyone stayed at the Mar Ipanema hotel?

Mar Ipanema Hotel
R. Visconde de Pirajá, 539
Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
22410-003 - Brazil

any feedback would be appreciated.



05-01-03, 20:37
I stayed at Sol Ipanema. I think it is a sister hotel. I was not impressed with the room. Exterior looked great, location awesome, but the room was kind of spartan and bland. Suggest you see the room before signing up.

PS. In Copa, the Oceano right next to Monte Carlo terma gave me such rude treatment re: a garota, who came to pick me up for dinner, that I left on the spot. Just packed my stuff and split.

Othon Palace charged me a fortune for taking garotas up. Since I only signed them in, they were triple and quadruple charging me for all these guests that had come and gone. BTW, the room was similarly drab. Overall a waste of money.

I heard the Meridien has a special promotion, and that rooms are going for under R$300, which is not bad considering the quality.

Sorry that my info on Ipanema hotels is thin. I believe there are some nice hotels a block or two off the beach front where you can score a decent room with little hassle.


05-02-03, 15:08
Originally posted by dow30
Can anyone tell me the difference between the standard rooms and luxury rooms at the Rio Roiss. What is the difference in price? Is it worth it?

The rooms with numbers ending 01 (401, 501, etc) have two single beds, not for lotsafun! they are on the left as you leave the elevator.

The rooms numbers ending in 03 are rooms with a full size bed that are big enough for lotsafun. These rooms are straight ahead and to the right as you exit the elevator, next to the stairwell door. The room window looks out on the back of the Othon Palace across the street.

The room numbers ending in 02 have two full size beds and have the best view of Copacabana's beach, but still a limited view.

I've stayed in all three types of rooms and recommend either the 02 or the 03 rooms.

The showers in the 02 and 03 rooms have plenty of room for two to play in, BTW. The garotas get to spit it out in the shower!


05-06-03, 17:42
i might be in copa mid-may, 4-7 nights, and i'm looking for a hotel or apartment within 2-3 blks of help and ground zero, offering no problems for hosting garotas.

question on the RIO RIOSS room rate and if there's a garota add-on, as past posts seem to conflict:

do they charge extra if you have a double room and then bring up a girl whose name is not registered?


p.s., any other hotel suggestions? (i am contacting the various apt rental contacts).

05-06-03, 20:40
If you have a double room in the Roiss then you have paid for double occupancy, so there is no charge for bringing a garota up.

You would only pay a fee when you bring a garota back whilst staying in a single room.

The sign-in process is an absolute breeze - the guys at reception are generally very good.

05-06-03, 21:59
If you book a double room, there is no extra charge for having a guest at Roiss or at Debret.
So you can bring a girl at noon, another one at 17:00 and another one at midnight and you'll be fine as long as only one girl stays with you inside the room.
If you do not book a double room, then you would get charged 3 guest fees.

05-07-03, 02:37
Athos is right about the double room but some of the Hotels want you to give them the name of the other party when you check in. If you want to bring in 2 girls for a fun time in most if not all of these Hotels you're out of luck. If you don't need a free breakfast and daily maid service I would recomend an apartment. I found that I was never up in time for the fucken breakfast anyhow. I also did not like the fact that if I was getting laid in the afternoon I would be interupted by the maid wanting to get in to clean.

05-07-03, 16:17
Actually I'm not sure Athos is right about the Deberet. When I contacted the Deberet both by phone and email last month they were adament about charging R$50 PER VISIT for a girl even if you booked a double room.

To me this is just not right and I would never book at a place that did that. I asked the guy what was the purpose of booking a DOUBLE room and he said, "maybe you are coming with your wife?". Yeah right!

Stick to the apartments rented out by Bobby at BlameItOnRio4Travel, Kenn and David at Gringomanagement.

Good luck.

05-08-03, 00:02
Hi guys

I'm new here but not to the Rio scene. I would like to know if anyone has stayed at the Apoadoar Inn in Impenema?
I,m going down this summer and would like to get peoples opinion.

As far as Debret goes, I agree with what Saint says, at least thats what my sources are telling me.


Patch Adams
05-11-03, 04:37
Hello everyone, a newbie going to Rio for the first time, renting a apartment from David, anyone had any experience with him? he seems like a nice guy but since this is my first time there and infact first time renting a apartment in another country, Im a bit concerened. He mentioned about having a safe in the room, are the safes, well safe?? Can the maids be trusted? Should I bring or buy my own towels when Im there?

Any hints or advice would be greatly appreciated.


05-18-03, 16:36
Yo Ad, i just came back from Rio and have rented an Apt from David. As far as my experience goes, he doesn't only seem a nice guy but he is. The safe is cleverly located, don't need any towels, clean apt. good view, and premium emplacement. The only thing is that the elevator is soooooo slow, but that gives you time to enjoy some elevator sex, ayyy?

plus, there's no annoying paper stuff. You get there, he or his assistant are already there to had you the keys, international satellite TV, no cockroaches, everything you need at maximum 1 or 2 blocks.

thumbs up Dave!

for whom is on a budget and still wants ocean view, there's a building between Othon Hotel and Meia Pataca and Help. Offers ocean front rooms for 90 Rs, back rooms towards the street for 80 Rs, and "no view" inner rroms for 60 Rs. The price is fantastic BUT the beds not that much (hard and with only a thin spunge matress), plus some say it's not that clean. These apartments are quite big though.


06-16-03, 21:13
Guys. What is the latest (June 15) exchange rate for Dollar to Real at the Cambios in Copa?

King of Rio
06-17-03, 02:40
Guys. What is the latest (June 15) exchange rate for Dollar to Real at the Cambios in Copa?


Viva O Brasil

06-17-03, 05:39
Hi guys,

I have 2 questions. I plan to go to Rio in July, does anyone know if Parthenon Flats is girl friendly?

I plan to stay in the Parthenon Queen Elizabeth in Av. Rainha Elizabeth just where Ipanema meets Copacabana. Is the location good for Help, Centaurus, L'uomo???



06-17-03, 08:08

(At the Rio Rioss. Pronounced Hio Hioss for Americans ). It is about 150 Rs for a double room. You will be allowed 1 guest at a time with no fee. If she spends the night , you get charged 50 Rs for her stay. I KNOW BECAUSE I JUST LEFT on JUNE 13th 2003 .

Jony Vegas
06-24-03, 05:06
Looking to rent a nice furnished 1 bedroom apartment for a two months. Does anyone have any contacts or hidden gems to rent during the August - October timeframe?

I have already done a search on Google and contacted those companies listed. I am looking for other contacts and/or cut out the middle-man to get a nice place and save a few bucks to put towards the entertainment fund.


Jony Vegas
07-04-03, 16:09
Well, since no one offered any info or assistance here on apartments in Rio to me, I did all the leg work myself. I spoke with and met with over 15 different people. Some offering just one apartment and others offering more. I also have the scoop on most hotels and Apart-Hotels. So if anyone wants to know anything ask away. I am sure I have the answer, especially if it's about one of the apartment companies who advertise on the interent.

Glad I can provide this public service :)


Jony Vegas
07-04-03, 19:15

The area your are staying is called Arpoador. I have actually looked at a couple hotels/apart-hotels and an apartment in that area.

Besides it being very busy and congested, I did not feel safe waling around there like other areas. Therefore you would need to take a taxi any and everywhere at night.

It is typically a very loud area, unless you get an inside room. I did not see one place in that area that I would stay. I did look at a place rgiht across the street from the place you are sonsidering. I recommend a hotel in Copacabana or even an apartment for $45 US a night in a better area that happens to be closer to the action.

I don't know your budget or cost of the room at that place, but I would guess the price of the room there was under $50 US a night, excluding taxes.

To each their own, but that is the bottom end of what Copacabana has to offer.


Doc Bill
07-05-03, 03:53
Hey Jony Vegas,

Thanks so much for responding to my post on the Rio Board and for offering to advise me...I am very grateful! Ok, here's the deal: I arrive in Rio September 4 for one month. During that time I'd like to visit some other places, definitely the Iguassu Falls, Pantanal, and I'm not sure about Salvadore, as many say it is very dangerous (???).

Where and how should I get an air pass, or should I not bother? I booked my flight through Blameitonrio4travel.com.

I'm also thinking about taking a side trip to Buenos Aires from the Falls. Do you have any opinion or information about that?

In Rio should I stay at Ipanema or Copacabana? I would prefer an ocean view and I absolutely must have a quiet room as I am a light sleeper. Since I plan on some heavy partaking of the local action, I want a hotel that doesn't charge guest fees (I understand that Rio Rioss (sp?) is one). I can spend up to about 70 USD per night but of course would prefer less. The more amenities the better (satellite tv, phone, etc.). I assume they all have air conditioning (?).

Again, thank you so much for your offer of help. I look forward to your reply.


Jony Vegas
07-05-03, 15:10

I do not know about the airpasses, and I believe someone else answered your question regardning that anyway.

Buenos Aires is great, however, it is slower there also (winter season) and many hotties have left the action there for now. I see you have posted a few questions on that board. They can give you more insight.

The Rioss Hotel is one block from the beach and right by the action, Disco HELP and the diners near it. It is also close enoguh to walk to or a short cab ride to Termas, Luomo and Monte Carlo. I have walked by this hotel many times but never stayed in it. I suggest you personally call them about their guest policy and tell them that you plan on a different girl every night and what their policy is. I suggest this because policies change all the time and you don't want to get blind sided. The hotel is on a quiet street, but I don't know about the rooms. Through an interent search before, I think I saw it got 2 star rating (whatever it was, it was 1 below what I find acceptable for me). But, I have never stayed there so I can't knock it.

Most other hotels in your price range will charge you between 50-100 reais per night for a girl. I have stayed at 2 other hotels that did not charge for girls, but they were $150 - 250 dollars a night to begin with.

I suggest you stay in Copacabana versus Ipanema. Ipanema is more expensive and you won't find anything in your price range. I prefer the Ipanema beaches, but the action is in Copacabana.

Like you, I prefer hotels, however, in your case, on your budget and not wanting a hotel charge for the girls, I suggest renting an apartment for whatever days you are there. You will be spending good mongering dollars on airline flights that will probably run you close to $800 US dollars, if you go to the falls and BA. For that price you can rent an apartment in Copacabana for one month.

Let me know if you would consider an apartment, and I can give you a few numbers to call (good reliable folks). If you call them, you better be serious, or they won't give you the better choices.

In any event, you are going to need to know your exact travel dates, whether a hotel or apartment. So you need to figure out your itinerary first.

Personally, I suggest an apartment for you, I think you will be happy with that. Even if you stay there a couple weeks, have the apartment people get you a maid service twice a week to do your laundry, etc... it is not very expensive. You can get a 1 bedroom, Air, most dont have cable, but possible, for $45-60 US/night. If you book for two weeks you can negotiate a better deal. They won't have a phone, but you can rent a cell phone for $3 US dollars/day. Remember, with an apartment, there is no hassle for the girls or extra charge. The downside is...many do not have a safe for your valuables.

If you dont mind a 1 star or 2 star place, a bit of a walk to the beach and short taxi rides (or bus) to get to where you want to go (because a bit dangerous). Then Aproader (between Copacabana and Ipanema) is your best choice for saving a few bucks on hotel and not having to pay for a girl. They are old, and grungy looking, but have all the conveniences.

Let me know what you decide and think is best for you.


07-06-03, 02:14
Thanks Jony Vegas,

Well I'm considering that particular aparthotel because my brother stayed there in Feb. and said that it was great, brand new, just opened a few months ago. He told me that the price was like R$120. Besides it's operated by a French chain (Accor) thet I've tried in the past, so I know thaty it's gonna be good. Now is the area that bad? I've been to Rio twice and I remember Ipanema being better than Copa, so I was assuming that this area (the border between the two) was going to be not as good as Ipanema but better than Copa.

About athe apts. please post as much info as you can, it's always welcomed. I'm gonna get to Rio around Aug 1st so I was planning to get there stay in a aparthotel for 1 or 2 days and then look for an apt. If I find something that I like change and if not stay in the Parthenon. My buddy from Miami already booked and apt. from gringomanagement.com but I was not impressed by what I saw in the webpage.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Jony Vegas
07-07-03, 01:34

Let me know how the place is!! I am just speaking from personal experience and my preferences. If it is where I think you are describing, it is in an area call Arpoador (the "r" is silent - damn my portuguese lessons are paying off).

The place your describing was right across the street from one I entered and checked a room out. I did not see inside the place your staying. Anyway, it is very noisey and busy with traffic, dimly lit, no restaurants open at night there ( a few blocks away there were a couple). Personally, I did not feel safe walking around that area.

I have the names of many apartment folks in Rio now, thanks in part to "King of Rio". Anyway, Hakan, an honest guy, helpful and he speaks perfect English has a website and many apartments to choose from. If he doesn't work out let me know, but he should be able to help you if you know your travel dates. He has pictures he can send you of the apartments.

Ask for Hakan or email him with the link on his web site and tell him Jony Vegas referred you (don't take my apt). His Rio number is (21) 2235-7180.


Tell him specifically what you want and price range and he can send you some pics of what's available. I have been to his office and seen a few apartments with his assistant.

David is with Gringomanagement. We traded emails and he seems like a nice guy, but I was looking for a long-term spacious 1 bedroom with A/C and cable (looking for a needle in a hay stck in Copacabana), something he did not have at the time.

The only risk you have is that if you don't reserve an apartment in advance it your choices may be limited when you get there. Who knows, you may end up liking your apart-hotel and want to stay there at those prices.

Good luck - not sure if I helped,


Doc Bill
07-07-03, 01:45
hey jony vegas,

Thanks so very much for the info! Rio Rioss looks good, but the Debret has better rates and includes breakfast and taxes (unlike RR). Do you have any opinion on the Debret? Their guest policy?

As for apartments, I would prefer a hotel and I do want to see the country a bit and not get stuck in Rio the whole time. Other names I've come across, in case you may know about them, are: Copacabana Rio, Atlantico Copacabana, Augusto's Copacabana and Windsor Palace. I'll pass on the Aproadar, I don't need grungy.

Thanks again very much! If you're there when I am (Sept) let me buy you a drink or three!

07-07-03, 19:14
curry and Athos:

Could you clear up the guest situation at Rio Roiss please? I booked a double room for October @170 Reals/day. Now, Curry you are saying I still will be charged per chica for TLN and Athos, you are saying that I would incurr no charge. What is the real deal? Curry, could you also clarify your statement "if she spends the night". What kind of hours we are talking about? I only booked at Rio Roiss, because all my readings about this hotel gave me the impression that you won't be charged at all for an additional guest if you book a double room. I will really appreciate a clear answer. Thanks,


Carlos Primeros
07-07-03, 20:20
I tried the Debret and the Rio Roiss.

A very good alternative is the

Hotel Ibiza Copacabana
Rua Belfort Roxo

It is just 2 blocks away from MABs and Balcony.

They are girl-friendly good people with great rooms.

I usually bood a suite, double. In this way the breakfast is also included for the garota.

They give you allways first their full prices

Suite 340 BR$
Standard room 220 BR$

But in low season the settle for 220 BR$ for a suite. I do not know what they discount the Standard room for.

The suites are great, have everything, and the have also a small roof pool.


Doc Bill
07-08-03, 16:20

I just received this info directly from the Rio Roiss...this should clear things up:

Our rates with breakfast included and payment at Hotel is:
Dbl standard = R$ 200,00 + 5%tax with 20% discount = R$ 160,00 + 5%tax.
Sgl Standard = R$ 150,00 + 5%tax with 20% discount = R$ 120,00 + 5%tax.
If you reserve a dbl standard there is no charge for the guest.
If you reserve a sgl standard it will be charge the rate of R$53,00 for any time you bring a guest.
The Hotel allows only one guest per night.

07-08-03, 18:25

Thanks for your post. You are getting a better rate than mine. They offered me 15% discount instead of 20% you received. May be the rate in October is little high. Thanks again for the information.


Jony Vegas
07-09-03, 02:39

Here is a post from June17th. I called the Augustos hotel before my last visit and they told me there was no fee for a guest if i booked a double room. Wrong!!! There was no fee if an only if one girl (the same girl) stayted with me the entire time. In fact one girl i brought back had her ID stolen from her and they wouldnt let her in with her expired ID. What a bummer, so we went to a Rio motel (they are 6-8 hours for sex).

Anyway here is the post. do with it as you please and best for luck. Hope you don't get screwed (in a bad way) like I did. BTW, I have stayed at two hotels in Rio that did not charge for feamle guests, but they are not always consistent either and cost more money.

Posted by Curry June 17th, 2003


(At the Rio Rioss. Pronounced Hio Hioss for Americans ). It is about 150 Rs for a double room. You will be allowed 1 guest at a time with no fee. If she spends the night , you get charged 50 Rs for her stay. I KNOW BECAUSE I JUST LEFT on JUNE 13th 2003 .


Doc Bill
07-09-03, 06:18
Thanks Jony V! To all you other guys, i'm still looking for a hotel in Copacabana If you've got any feedback on the following (quality, service, guest policy, etc) please be kind enough to share it with me so I can decide. Thanks so much!

Copacabana Rio
Rio Roiss
Hotel Copacabana Mar
Windsor Palace
Atlantico Copacabana
Augusto's Copacabana

07-09-03, 17:23
I just returned from a week in Rio (5th time). I've stayed at the Luxor Regente, the Orla, the Debret, and the Rio Roiss. I really think for cost, friendliness, cleanliness, and location it is hard to beat the Rio Roiss. Because of so many posts on the board about the Debret, I stayed there my first night. The "oceanfron suite" is a joke. Really just two bedrooms with a bathroom, old furnishings, not too clean, and right above construction on Ave. Atlantica which provided lots of jackhammers beginning about 7AM.

Needless to say, I moved the next morning to the Rio Roiss and was quite satisfied for about US $68 per night double (no guest fees). Also I think the location is great because returning at night from Help, the Rio Orthon Palace has its security guys all around their hotel--which just happens to be across from the Rio Roiss.

Doc Bill
07-14-03, 02:33
Being a newbie to Brazil and having been a bit scared off by some reports about Copacabana (see Rio thread), I'm thinking of staying in Ipanema instead. I would appreciate any opinions anyone has about that. Is it any safer? And if anyone can recommend hotels in Ipanema (up to $100) I would greatly appreciate it. I have some info on the following hotels, any feedback?:

Sol Ipanema
Mar Ipanema
Hotel Ipanema Inn

Thanks so much!!!

Genghis Khan
07-14-03, 10:11
Does anyone have any experience with the Rio Internacional Hotel and their policy towards bringing girls to the room?

07-14-03, 23:41

A couple of years ago I stayed at the Arpoador Inn - it's between Ipanema and Copa. At the time, an oceanfront room was around $US65, I'm sure it's gone up since the dollar has dropped against the Real since that trip. They were completely girl-friendly at the time - the girl just had to sign in when you brought her back, but no charge for the guest. It's a bit of a slog on foot to the office (Help) and the rest of Copa, but cabs are so cheap I never had a problem. Do a Google search, or go to www.ipanema.com to check it out.

Regardless of where you stay, you should try to drop in on Bobby at Blame It On Rio 4 Travel. He's got an office just a block off Av. Atlantica (on Rua Xavier da Silveira, I think). He's got access to quite a few apartment rentals, for your next trip to Rio. 8^)

Originally posted by DocBill449
Being a newbie to Brazil and having been a bit scared off by some reports about Copacabana (see Rio thread), I'm thinking of staying in Ipanema instead. I would appreciate any opinions anyone has about that. Is it any safer? And if anyone can recommend hotels in Ipanema (up to $100) I would greatly appreciate it. I have some info on the following hotels, any feedback?:

Sol Ipanema
Mar Ipanema
Hotel Ipanema Inn

Thanks so much!!!

Doc Bill
07-15-03, 17:51
I'm still trying to get any input on the Copacabana Rio Hotel in Copacabana.

Anyone familiar with it? How does it compare with Rio Roiss? Rio Roiss has no pool, but i guess that's not important when you're right by the beach.

Jony Vegas? Anyone?

07-15-03, 19:04
There are so many hotels in Copacabana that have the names "Copacabana", "Copa" and "Rio" that it becomes very confusing. It helps to be specific: give the exaact address of the hotel you want information about. I really can't imagine wanting to use a pool instead of going to the beach, but to each his own.

Jony Vegas
07-15-03, 21:35

I stayed at the Marina Palace in Leblon (right next to Ipanema and about a 8-11 reais taxi ride to Copacabana). It is a nice place right on the Ocean (I had an Ocean view) and the staff is very friendly and they were girl friendly (no charge). I just looked at one of the discunt fare sights and you can get a room there for $56-65 US/night (+ tax). That is a good deal, because they usually go for over $100 US/night. Don't confuse it with the Marina All Suites which is its sister hotel next door and costs more money. Twice while Iwas at this hotel, they filmed scenes for a Brazil Soap Opera (Novel). Leblon and Ipanema are know as the nicer areas. If I were to live in Rio with a family, I would choose Leblon. Being Single, I would choose Ipanema. As a monger, I choose Copacabana. FYI - Av Atlantica changes its name to Av. Viera Souto in Ipanema and AV. Delfim Moreira in Leblon.

Copacabana Rio Hotel - If it is where I think it is, it is at the corner of AV. Atlantica and Rua Hilario Gouveia, right next to the Terma Monte Carlo entrance. It appears to be nice place and I like the area...I would stay there.

Rio Copa Hotel - Is on Av Princessa Isabella. I don't care for that area (Leme) far end of Copacabana and wouldn't stay there for that reason. It is right by all the strip joints.


My two cents worth - Decide if you want ocean front property or not. Then decide do you mind taking a taxi for mongering activities. That will narrow your decision down to Leblon/Ipanema or Copacabana. From there, look at the discount hotel providers or contact the hotel yourself and book it. If you don't like it you can always change...

Doc Bill
07-16-03, 05:39
Thanks guys, for all your help! The Copacabana Rio is at Av. Nossa Senhora de Copa 1256. Anyone know this location?

07-16-03, 14:50
Originally posted by Jony Vegas

I stayed at the Marina Palace in Leblon (right next to Ipanema and about a 8-11 reais taxi ride to Copacabana). It is a nice place right on the Ocean (I had an Ocean view) and the staff is very friendly and they were girl friendly (no charge). I just looked at one of the discunt fare sights and you can get a room there for $56-65 US/night (+ tax). That is a good deal, because they usually go for over $100 US/night. Don't confuse it with the Marina All Suites which is its sister hotel next door and costs more money. Twice while Iwas at this hotel, they filmed scenes for a Brazil Soap Opera (Novel). Leblon and Ipanema are know as the nicer areas. If I were to live in Rio with a family, I would choose Leblon. Being Single, I would choose Ipanema. As a monger, I choose Copacabana. FYI - Av Atlantica changes its name to Av. Viera Souto in Ipanema and AV. Delfim Moreira in Leblon.

Hi Vegas,

I stayed at the Marina twice and it was a bit expensive because I walked in instead of booking ahead. Can you tell me what discount site that you used to get the rate that you mentioned? I have always prefer the beach in Ipanema to Copacabana.


Jony Vegas
07-20-03, 07:16

Here is the website....as of today it is $59 for standard and $65 for luxury room. I agree, this is a very good rate for this 4 star hotel. You won't find rates this low here other than low season.



07-20-03, 15:20

About Copacabana hotels, write to me - tomb@simNOSPAMarchitect.com, without the NOSPAM of course


Tom B.

07-26-03, 14:49
Nodd_N... does this answer your question in the Rio forum about where to find the section on Rio Hotels?

08-05-03, 02:45
I am finding it difficult to rent an upscale condo in Ipanema / Leblon where "guests" are allowed. Does anyone have experience with securing a very nice condo (nicely furnished, decorated) where there is not such a strict guest policy? I've never had so much trouble with rentals. I am not interested in staying in Copacabana or in a tawdry place with sheets pulled over the couches.

Any information you have will be appreciated, but keep in mind that I'm only interested in Ipanema or Leblon.


08-05-03, 09:23
Royalflush , about your Ipanema accomodation inquiries, there is a brand new Parthenon Flat Hotel (Accor chain) on the av Raina Helizabeth in Ipanema ; it opened three monthes ago, have pool and all amenities from what i saw on the net site ( www.accorhotels.com.br ) ; i will surely stay there from 2/3 Sept to 16 Sept ;
Parthenon allow guests every elsewhere in Brasil, so i can't see why it should be different in Rio... i'll report about this anyway ;

08-06-03, 20:16
Pro, thanks for the tip. I checked and neither the Ipanema nor the Leblon locations were available for my dates. I'll keep the Accor hotel chain in mind for future reference.

Edward Appleby
08-12-03, 15:05
Originally posted by Tman777
Because of so many posts on the board about the Debret, I stayed there my first night. The "oceanfron suite" is a joke. Really just two bedrooms with a bathroom, old furnishings, not too clean, and right above construction on Ave. Atlantica which provided lots of jackhammers beginning about 7AM.

Can anyone who has been there in the last week or so comment on the construction on Av. Atlantica? I've always had marvelous rooms at the Debret and would probably stay there again but for the 7am construction. Indeed, the ocean views there are spectacular if you get the right room.

I found Rio Roiss to be tawdry, dirty, and depressing the only time I stayed there (two years ago). Who knows what's lurking in those worn out old carpets? Didn't help that the AC did not really function either. Still, I have friends who will defend that joint to the grave.

08-13-03, 07:52
I like staying at Atlantico Copacabana Hotel in Rua Sequera Campos e Rua Tonelero because it's close to L'uomo, but I've never brought a garota to my room. Does anybody know their policy? Do they charge extra?

Charm City Dave
08-14-03, 00:35
I had a bad experience at the Atlantico. I had a psychotic girl in the room who would not leave and asked for help from security. They would not send anyone but offered to call the police. Any other hotel in the world would have sent up a security man to help.

The fact I was held up at gun point 1/2 block from the hotel does not add to it's attraction for me. As for the charge if you book a double rate they are not supposed to charge you, but they did a friend of mine. Caused a big hassel as he had to rush to the airport and paid.

Doc Bill
08-14-03, 17:11
For what it's worth they told me via e-mail that they do not charge extra for guests.

Hit List
08-25-03, 16:15
I will be going to Rio in early September. I have been calling some of these hotels and asking if they allow guests.

Princess copacabana - 60 reals per guest ( called them yesterday 08/24/2003 )
Rio Roiss - 50 reals per guest ( they are allowing guests once again)
Debret - no guests ( my buddy was in Rio last month )

This is more difficult than I thought it would be. Does anyone have any insight on garota friendly hotels that don't charge for guests? This is absolutely ridiculous charging per guest and not having a flat daily rate. Am I going about this the wrong way by calling these hotels and asking if they are guest friendly?

Owen NL
08-26-03, 19:45
Originally posted by Hit List
This is more difficult than I thought it would be. Does anyone have any insight on garota friendly hotels that don't charge for guests? This is absolutely ridiculous charging per guest and not having a flat daily rate. Am I going about this the wrong way by calling these hotels and asking if they are guest friendly? I stayed in the Arpoador Inn last July and could take guests to my room, they didn't charge extra for that. The hotel is not on the Copacabana but the Ipanema beach, it's like a 20 minute walk to Help. But taxis are cheap anyway.

08-27-03, 06:27
Yes you are going slightly off course.
You need to pay for a double room then you are allowed at any time one guest. So if you bring 1 girl at noon then a different girl at night, you're OK and get charged the double room. If you have single room then you get charged R$50 or R$60 twice.
Well that's the way it works at Rio Roiss and used to work at Debret. But at the new apartment complex near Dominos pizza, you get charged extra for each guest so it does vary too.

Rabo Verde
08-30-03, 05:36
Allow me to make a plug for Ken at
He is an American Vietnam Vet who set us up with a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment 3 blocks from Help and Copacabana beach, nice and clean with Doorman, A/C, and maid service, for $70. He has access to several apartments. ADVANTAGE: NO PROBLEMS TAKING GUESTS INSIDE!

09-25-03, 08:34
Does anybody know of any hotels in Copacabana or Ipanema that have an electronic safe which you enter a passcode? I don't like the idea of carrying the safe key around where ever I go.

10-01-03, 20:15
Stayed at the Rio Roiss hotel for a couple of weeks in Sept. Something of note is that on checking out, I was hit with some mysterious 10% additional tax in addition to the 5% which I was advised about.

They claimed it was some new tax effective 1st September.

Anyone else had this?

10-05-03, 22:48
Have stayed at Excelsior and Sofitel and Marriott and all three have for last 2 years been charging +10% service tax+5% ISS tax+$1.50 room city tax per day. And to answer your next question, no I don't know what ISS stands for!!!

Easy Go
10-06-03, 07:25
i stayed at the sol ipanema last month. it's not particularly cheap (r$ 378/night) but it's a great location right across the street from the beach and i had an ocean view on the 11th floor. girls had to register at the desk but there were no hassles or extra charges. my room was newly renovated and had free high speed internet (not available in all rooms).

ipanema feels much safer than copa and cabs are cheap.

regards, bill

Owen NL
10-15-03, 13:35
Sorry for the late response, but I am in Rio now, not cheking e-mail and stuff every day. But for your questions: No i didn't book a double, just a single. Taxi will cost maybe R$10, can't remember exactly.

I didn't stay in the standard room, but got a room with street view (very noisy). But the room was ok, a bit small maybe.

Ow, and the Airco was very noisy and is centrally operated, so you have to call the service desk to turn it on/off.


10-20-03, 10:02
Hi Guys,

Anyone know of apartments in Rio which have their own private entrance. Kind of figure this will get over the extra charges and I've always been embarrassed having to walk past reception / doormen with a different chica every couple of hours!

10-21-03, 05:57

Your post is contradictory - apartments don't have separate charges for garotas/guests - you only pay rent. If you meant to ask about hotels, then many would recommend you take an apartment to avoid fees. If you are set on a hotel, you'll have to sacrifice something (such as location or lowest room rate like a single) to avoid a guest fee.

10-21-03, 19:44
Concerning the new Rio Roiss tax, yes, I was charged the same.

10-21-03, 21:32
Just came back from Rio, spending 10 days at Rio Roiss. Yes, the 10% extra tax has recently been instituted. But the management was so nice that without any effort on our part they reduced the room rate by 10% from the price we agreed back in June. I can not say enough good things about the staff. This will be my hotel of choice to stay whenever I visit Rio, unless of course they are sold out. It is a very small hotel (only 30 rooms), so reserve well in advance.


Nasty Que
10-22-03, 14:54
Hi guys,

I'm headed to Rio for the first time November 13-18. I am staying at an apartment set up by Blame It on Rio. If any of you have had any experiences good or bad with them please let me know. All of your posts have been helpful, so any info on Blame It on Rio would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and keep mongering!


10-27-03, 23:19
Am right now staying at the new Parthenon Flat Hotel on Av. Rainha Elizabeth in Ipanema. Very nice hotel and friendly staff. Girl policy: 45 reais per visit.

10-28-03, 18:36

The Parthenon hotel Queen Elizabeth has the kind of safety box with code, that you are asking for.

Al Kikuras
10-30-03, 02:14
Greetings---- what are the latest recommendations on garota friendly hotels? (ex. Rio Roiss, Debret)

I'm looking for something in the budget range. About 2 years ago I stayed at the Debret which had a great location [one block from HELP, across from the beach], comp. breakfast buffet and garota friendly. The night desk when bringing up a girlfriend late would just compare your room number to verify that you had already booked the room for 2, then let you by. The safes in the rooms were small key (sorry, no keycode).

Please post your most recent pros and cons. I'm open to all opinions. The information provided lately has been rather scarce...

10-30-03, 08:16
I used Rio Roiss back in september and highly recommend it. For me the only real con is that it is not a luxury hotel. It is clean and safe, but the rooms and furniture could sure use an upgrade.
However, everything else is perfect. The location is very central on copa, the staff is very friendly and have absolutely no problems with you bringing guests ( they all know why we are there ), the breakfast is ok (be sure to check out the view from the restaurant), roomrate is approximately R180 (depending on room and how long time you stay) and the staff is very helpful with arranging transportation and sightseeing tours or with restaurant or shopping suggestions.
In the evening there is a bald english speaking guy who works in the reception - he is very cool and even had some suggestions as to where I should go to have fun. Then upon my return he would ask if i had a good time.

In conclusion, a reasonable hotel for the ordinary traveller and more or less the perfect hotel for a worldwide monger.

11-01-03, 15:08
Al Kikuras!

Why not go with an always garotafriendly apartment instead? I am staying in one hotel-like apartment provided by rioapartments.com, but there is also rioapartmentservices.com to go with. Some have pool, safetybox, doorman where you can leave your keys when going out - and cost the half of a similar hotel.

Owen NL
11-01-03, 20:59
Member #1310,

I stayed in an apartment set up by Blame It on Rio. No complaints whatsoever. They were also very helpfull with getting my tickets for Salvador and Fortaleza.

Long John 200
11-01-03, 22:11
I will be going to Rio for a weekend Staying at the Rio Rioss from November 7- 9 th.

How safe is my Laptop computer in my hotel Room ?

Should I leave it in Sao Paulo ?

11-02-03, 23:59
Long John 200,

I just spent 10 days in Rio Roiss during October. You should not worry about a single thing there. Staffs are wonderful, so are the maids. I left my digital camera, camcorder and other staff in open view and nothing happened. Say hello to Luiz at the front desk for me.


J Wadd
11-03-03, 01:44
I agree. Rio Roiss is great. It's perfect for the sporting man and totally safe. At 60 USD a night, it at least is competitive for Rio.

Not affiliated with Rio Roiss at all,

P.S. I'll post the new URL when I get there in a few days -- a web search never seems to find it.

11-03-03, 20:29
The options for renting an apartment in Rio are several.
I want to give my recommendations to www.rioapartments.com.
They are not cheapest, even though the prices are reasonable. But they are very reliable and serious. They offer clean, well-furnished and safe apartments in Copacabana, Ipanema and Barra.
Single-apartments as well as luxury coberturas.
The manager, a Swede, is very serviceminded and helpful if you need any advice.

11-03-03, 22:36
Rio Roiss is at www.rioroiss.com.br. Current rates w/ breakfast are:
Sgl standard = R$ 150,00 + 15% taxas c/ 15% desconto = R$ 125,00 + 15% taxas
Dbl standard = R$ 200,00 + 15% taxas c/ 15% desconto = R$ 170,00 + 15% taxas

FKK Newbie
11-13-03, 02:09

I will be visiting Rio shortly. I have a question about which hotel to stay in at? My requirement is as follows: I am looking for a hotel that is the main action area (near the termas like Solarium, HELP etc.) so that I can walk back to the hotel at night or take a cab. Basically so that I am not very far from action.

(BTW, which is better walking at night to hotel or taking a cab. I heard even the cab drivers might rob you. Is that true?)

I am not looking for a hotel to bring in the girls to the room. I just want to go out and have fun and then return safely to my hotel without getting robbed. What would be the best hotel for me?

Considering this is it better to book hotel in cobacabana or in ipanema. I heard both places are not very far so either should be fine. But please tell me which would be safer to get back to at night from the main action areas. I am pretty apprehensive about getting in trouble at night while returning to hotel.

I will greatly appreciate you help. Thanks.

Night Crawler
11-14-03, 17:42

I was wondering if there are any good short stay motels on Copacabana close to Ipanema or on Ipanema close to Copacabana. I´m staying just in the intersecton and would love to try an outcall girl.. Unfortunately I can´t take her to the place I´m staying. Would be greatful far any advice and please include rates if you hapen to know them...

There is a place called Vanity that would be perfect but it does not seem to be a short stay but a regular hotel.

Does anyone know how much in advance one has to book the outcall girls? I usually don´t know i have a free moment until very late and maby the can´t show up within two hours.

Thanx for some good posts.


right on
11-17-03, 23:59
Hey Guys,

I will be in Rio 11/29 through 12/7 and was wondering if anyone had any good hotel suggestions. I'd like it to be a nice place in Ipanema and Garota friendly. I was thinking Marina Palace. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Member #1121
12-22-03, 21:18
Right on,

Try Hotel Leblon Palace in Ipanema. I got a girl there and was not charged anything for it. Of course I disguised it in such a way that they never suspected anything. PM me if you need more information. The hotel is about US$75/night, decent room and close to terma Centaurus.

But I personally prefer staying in the Copacabana area as that is close to everything.
Hotel Debret for example is close to HELP and other termas, but they have a strict guest fee policy.

FKK Newbie
12-23-03, 19:57
Member 1121, Right On,

I would suggest that you get a hotel in Copacabana and not Ipanema. Taxi drivers do not know any ways around Ipanema and Hotel Leblon Palace is not well known. I almost missed my flight on the last day as this idiot taxi driver did not know where hotel Ipanema was located. I had to return to my hotel and then leave for the airport but this driver was taking it easy and reading maps and whatever. Finally, I had to leave the cab, walk around, use my navigation skills and get to the hotel myself.

Member 1121 suggested Hotel Debret. I would say go with that. Very good hotel, nice breakfast included, close to all action areas and well known by taxi drivers.


Sterling V
12-27-03, 07:44
The Debret stopped being guest friendly a couple of months ago. They were included in an article about prostitution and reversed their stance to appear "upstanding". The Rio Rioss was also included in the article too. Fortunately, they went back to allowing guest after a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the Debret still is "on the wagon".

The Princess Copacabana is where I'm staying in January. It's newly remodeled and guest friendly. Although they do charge a R60 guest fee unless you register as a double.


12-30-03, 03:34
I would like to update the information on the Debret. I stayed there for a week at the end of October and a week at the beginning of December. They are not quite as good as they used to be. I talked to a guy at the front desk for their current policy after having an awkward situation bringing in a girl from Help.

It doesn't seem to matter whether you have a room for one or two. The first girl you bring to the room is the one that can stay as long as they want. Any other girls that come to the room must leave by 6:00am in the morning.

If you have a single room the price is 70 Real for each visitor each time. If a double room then first girl is the second person and all others are 70 Real per night extra.
The first girl I brought wasn't that great, and the second was a true GFE, so I wanted to make her my number one guest, but they made her leave at 6:00am which was a real pain.

Also, the hotel locks its doors at night now, and the front desk guys sleep in the lobby, so you have to wake them up to be let in. In general there seemed to be a bit of an attitude about the girls this time, both coming in and checking out.

The next day I checked the Rio Roiss and found they have similar rates and a more relaxed attitude. The location of these hotels is great, but next time I am going for an apartment instead of playing mother may I? With these people at the front desk.

Rio Bob
01-01-04, 00:23

I used to stay at the Debret and it was great the people working the front desk were great during the day. The guy at night recently had such an attititude when I came strolling in at 3 in the morning with a friend from Help. Hey the reason why I stayed there was because it was close to Help. The last time I stayed there they made a mistake on my bill for $150 and would not take it off until I smeared there name all over the internet and then people started to cancell reservations and then they contacted me and gave me my money back.

Now I stay in an apartment and it is better. Plus you can bring friends in as many as you want at any time during the day or night.

01-08-04, 20:01
Hey guys,

Happy 2004. I am going back to Rio at the end of January. From the posts here in this forum. It makes it look like there are only two hotels in all of Rio. The Debret and the Rio Rioss. Aren't there any other choices? I have been staying at the Atlantico Copacabana for the last few trips and never had a problem with bring a girl back to the room. They never charged me but of course I was there usually with another monger who booked the biggest suite in the hotel so maybe I got preferred treatment.

Anyway, I want a change of scenery this trip. Anybody know anything good or bad to say about the Parthenon chain of hotels/apartments in Rio? There is one in Ipanema that seem reasonable. Any one can recommend any other hotels in Ipanema, Leme, or Botafogo? Credit card preferred.

Thanks a lot,


Rio Bob
01-14-04, 04:26

A real nice new hotel in Ipanema is the Ipanema Plaza. In Copacabana there is also the Luxor Regente or the Orla hotel both nice and located well. Take a look at Bobby's site at www.blameitonrio4travel.com he has these hotels listed and more. Also the above hotels are user friendly.

Doc Bill
01-20-04, 20:58
Rio Bob, do you have any prices on those hotels? I'm considering the Sol Ipanema. It's a bit pricey, though. Does anybody have any experience with that hotel, or would recommend a better one?

Doc Bill
01-21-04, 08:04
Will do, Rio Bob, thanks! I guess whether to stay at Ipanema or Copacabana each has it's pros and cons. Copa is "ground zero" for all the action, while Ipanema is safer, cleaner and all around nicer.

Do you think 10 days in Rio will get boring? I mean there isn't all that much to see, and it's my second trip. I'm thinking of a side trip, maybe to Buzios?

Travel Capt
01-21-04, 19:11
Hi fellow mongers,

I have a trip plan for Rio April of 04. This will be my first trip there. From what I read here the Rio Roiss will be my choice of hotels.

Wanted to see if I may get a few questions answered.

Frist foremost, Can I walk the Copa area at night? From help back to my hotel safely? One guy says he was held up at gunpoint.

I'm American working in Nigeria, but Rio reads bad next to Nigeria. If I cannot go for a walk at night, whats the point? Can you find girls at help in daylight hours?

Second can I expest the rates to be around 60.00us at the hotels? I'm going to look at www.ezriorentals.com later. How much are apartments running per week?



Rio Bob
01-22-04, 22:22
Doc Bill,

I usually like to stay where Im going to end up on most nights and that usually is Help so I stay near Help in Copacabana. But during the day I go to the beach in Ipanema or Sao Conrado and I go to the restaurants in Ipanema for lunch and dinner and sometimes I go to a place to listen to music in Ipanema and Lagoa. Most nights though I find I am leaving Help at about 3 in the morning and at that time I like my life to be very simple which means I only like to walk a block or two to get to where I am staying. After midnight I like to keep my exposure on the streets to a minimum just to be safe. My next trip to Rio I am also staying 10 days but I don't get bored believe me. Yes you can go to Buzios for the many beautiful beaches and the tourists from all over Latin America and Europe, maybe you can get lucky with a tourist if you can speak their lingo. I did meet a nice girl from Argentina once but it was a struggle speaking Spanish, my Portuguese is better now. There are also some women who live in Buzios who will be in the bars they are sort of semi pro types, you can give them a shot. The night life is better on the weekend, during the week its very dead during off season. Once I got there on a Monday night and it was so dead I left the next day and back to Rio. A bartender told me it was hopping on the weekend so the next year I went on a weekend and it was much better.

Travel Capt, the only thing I don't like about the Rio Roiss is that it is on a back street. After midnight I don't like to go back there, thats inviting trouble and gives the muggers good cover, all that darkness. I would suggest to get a hotel on Ave. Atlantica like the Debret which is in the same price range as the Rio Roiss or for a little more money check out the Luxor Regente which is a very nice hotel but about $100 US a day and in walking distance to Help.

The Miramar Palce used to be nice to stay but the last time I stayed there on my first night they refused to allow my guest from Help in my room. I checked out immediately and checked in to the Debret at 2 in the morning.

The Orla is real nice in Copacabana but you would have to take a quick taxi from Help.

Travel Capt
01-23-04, 03:48
Rio Bob,

Thanks for your reply to my post. I'm going to go for ten days in April. Will this be the off or slow season? I want to stay in a hotel or motel on the main road, like you I will avoid the hotels on the Back streets. Can you tell me the best near Help?

I get discounts with Sofitel and Le Meridien, I have a petroleum club membership. Can I walk to Help and other places from these hotels?

Thanks Again


Easy Go
01-23-04, 08:40

i stayed at the sol ipanema last september. they were in the middle of refurbishing the rooms although it never created a noise issue. i had a refurbished room at the front. the room was a bit small but was nice enough. high speed internet, plenty of hot water, good shower, good bed, mini-bar, good breakfast, and a terrific view of the beach. would have preferred a safe with a keypad rather than a key.

everybody was very friendly and there was no problem with bringing back a guest. they have to register at the desk and the desk checks with you before they are allowed to leave. i didn't get charged for my guests but had booked a double).

i don't pay that much attention to prices but i call that it was about $110/u.s. per night. that was a winter rate. the day we left it jumped to about $140. that was for the beach view. i think the back was about $30/night less.

it's a terrific location right across from the beach and i feel much more comfortable wandering around ipanema than copa. i'm likely to stay there next time i'm in town.

Joey Kid
01-23-04, 23:22
Hey guys,

Need help finding a hotel, like to stay along copacabana beach? But seem to be having trouble finding one I can afford, or a place to book it online.

Was thinking about Rio Othon Palace or Savoy Othon but not for sure they are guess friendly? Also a safe in the room would be nice for valuables?



Rio Bob
01-24-04, 02:18
Travel Capt

I will be in Rio the last week of March into the first week of April myself and I believe that all the mayhem from Carnival will be over but this will still be a real nice time in Rio. About 87 - 92 degrees everyday and somewaht less crowds but still a good time of year and somewhat considered not high season. I like this season better now as I find most of the girls in Help are more of the local variety and will take their time with you. During the real high season you get a lot of out of towners looking to make a quick hit and as many as they can at night which means they will spend less quality time with you.

The Sofitel and Meridian are great hotels but Im not sure how girl friendly they are now, send them an email. The Meridian which is all the way on the other side of Copa you would not be able to walk at night you would need a taxi both ways. The Sofitel is a little closer, you could walk to Help about 6 blocks but you would need a taxi to get back for safety reasons.

Close hotels would be the Luxor regente about $100 walking distance to Help and the Debret get the front Luxo room for about $75, real close to Help 2 blocks.

The Rio Othon Palace is close too but I don't know if they are girl frinedly either as they weren't years ago when I stayed there and I would never stay there again as I had to go to a motel every nigh and then finally I had 2 hotel rooms going, one in the Othon Palace and one in the Debret.

Rio Bob
01-24-04, 02:29
I stayed at the Sol Ipanema many years ago and it is in a great location right in the middle of Ipanema beach. I think you are paying for the location. The hotel is older and I would hope they have refurbished it since I stayed there. I think it should run about $110 off the top of my head. The Ipanema Plaza which might be about the same price, nicer hotel and new but in a good location but not as good as the Sol Ipanema. There is also the Ipanema Inn but cheaper but not as nice but from what I hear it is ok for the money. Why not take a look at the Orla hotel which is new and on Copacabana beach front 1 block from the Sofitel, good location and good price, its on Bobby's site.

Travel Addict
01-24-04, 04:11
If you want to spend a little extra, i.e. a luxury high end very clean 2BED 2 BATH condo with hotel service (doorman, daily maid, bell captain) for about $110-130 per night, I highly recommend the IPANEMA TOWERS


One block from Ipanema beach, 5 minute ($4) cab ride to Copacabana, and is MUCH cleaner and safer and quieter than Copacabana! This is a classy place like a Manhattan doorman bldg., up to American standards, with a small pool restaurant, barber, and gym on premises. Lots of good restaurants and strores around.

The front desk staff speaks some English and no charge or problem for bringing in guests. We had a roomy 2 BR apt, with 2 tv`s, a stereo, fridge, balcony with small ocean view for the price of a double room in this same area, and we had private rooms, could cook, keep beer in the fridge, etc. I have stayed many places in Rio from $40-200, and this place is my new favorite. If you are going first time, don`t be afraid to stay in Ipanema or Leblon. The action IS in Copacabana, but you don`t necessarily want to stay there, as it is a very Times Square type of place, touristy, noisy, trafficy, and somewhat dirty and dangerous.

Poon Searcher
01-25-04, 10:30

I'm new to this board and this topic. I have traveled to Thailand and Vietnam a number of times and this year I decided to try something new and travel to Brazil. I'm planning on being there from March 13-March 27 . I would greatly appreciate it if some of you experienced Brazil travelers would give me some suggestions or advices regarding.

1. Flights-where to book one at a reasonable price

2. Accomodations(close to all the actions off course)hotels,timeshare condos,etc..in the$30-60$ per night range and are guests friendly. Preferably timeshare condos with a/c .

3. Are they receptive of Asians?

4. Where are all the actions at?names of places.

5. What are the hourly rates and nightly rates?

6. What to do during the day (hopefully I will have enough energy to even crawl out of the room.) :)

Thanks for the help gentlemen!

Doc Bill
01-26-04, 09:46
Travel Addict,

Thanks for the info. I checked on their website but it's about $150 per night. Although I like the idea of a two bedroom apartment. Any others in Copa?

Poon Searcher
01-27-04, 10:43
Thanks for that info Bob.

Iron Mike
01-29-04, 13:07
Rio Bob,

I read this in another forum about your friend Vanna. I would advise everyone to STAY AWAY from her.

I rented an apartment from this woman. Her name is Vanna and she is CRAZY. Take my advice and stay away from this woman. She is always walking around Avenue Atlantica handing out her flyers. She speaks English very well and also calls herself a Translator, Guide and a Portuguese teacher to foreigners.


How about her just walking into the apt. using her spare key. When the girl I was with asked her what the hell she was doing, she slapped her. When I tried to calm things down she called the police. She kept saying that Brazil was her country and we Americans are fucking it up by coming down here and corrupting their women.. When the police finally showed up she told them we had drugs in the apt. which prompted them to tear the place apart. They could not find any drugs. I told them she was insane and that she just walked into the apartment we rented from her with her pass key. The girl I was with pressed charges against her for assault and that I was her witness. That's when they took us all in. My girl and I were finally released after nearly 3 hours but it felt more like 3 days. They held the crazy *****. I could not move out of that apartment fast enough when we got back. This was no joke guys, she went crazy for no apparent reason. I was scared shitless that she would get some of her favala friends to come after me since we had her arrested. We took off for Buzios as fast as we could.

This Photo was attached. Maybe it is not the same women?

Doc Bill
01-29-04, 23:23
I don't know why I even bothered contacting Bobby at Blameitonrio4travel, after they proved to be so flakey and unresponsive in the past. Well, I just want to let you all know that nothing has changed. My advice is to stay away from them.

Iron Mike
01-30-04, 11:25
You can also try Ken and Sandra at www.ez-riorentals.com

I have used them in the past and they have a lot to choose from. They are usually pretty good with answering their emails.

Doc Bill
01-30-04, 21:25
Thanks Rio Bob,

I'll try your contact. I just got a response from someone at Bobby's office, almost a month after my inquiry, apologizing and saying the server was down. Sounds like an old and tired line. They are clearly just flakes or don't care about business.

Nasty Que
01-30-04, 23:20

I'm by no means advertising for Bobby at Blame it on Rio. But I used him this past November, and I had no problems at all.

Rio Bob
01-31-04, 02:16
Doc Bill,

I remember Bobby before he started up this travel agency he has in Copacabana, he used to work for another travel service company. When you sent an email then it was Bobby who responded and he responded very quickly and he also sent emails pushing you to reserve a hotel room. He was very aggressive. This lack of aggression now I believe is a result of the Cariocas working for him. Its not their business and they don't care, so his business suffers and you suffer too. But fortunately there are other people now renting apartments and reserving hotels. Here is another site to check out: http://www.rentaflat.com.br/

Art Fartzalot
02-06-04, 07:09
Hi All,

I'm a new posting monger to this board, have been Mongering on my own in past couple years to Costa Rica, Habana, & St. Maarten, live in Orlando/Daytona FL area so will try to make some contributions as I find the posts on this board REAL accurate including unfortunately the ones from the Central FL area.

Going to Rio for 1st time,I speak decent Spanish ,I or others can go from Miami to Rio and stay at Cocacabana Pria Hotel in a Varig package including transfers for Mon-Thurs for $620 + tax have 5 yr VISA and shots and am wondering what type place this is, can I bring girls back to room, is area rough, is it by HELP etc & would appreciate anyones imput and/or suggestions, I'm not down to my last dollar but like to save when I can.

Thanks for your time.

02-06-04, 23:44
When to use Credit Card?

Need some help. First visit to Rio, Termas, girls, etc. pay reals. What is advice for hotel pay with credit card example. Roiss, Luxor. I have been to DR and payment for everything is in pesos, hotel etc. Also, for hotels close to Help ok to walk back?

Thank you, Frank

Sterling V
02-07-04, 05:53
I used my credit card to pay my Hotel (Princess Copocabana) and at all the Termas. I also used it at a couple of higher end restaurants and for shopping at Rio Sul.

I did it in order to get FF miles and had no problem with erroneous charges. Of course, I made sure to keep my copy of the credit card slips in the safe in my hotel room. The slips in Brasil have all 16 numbers and expiration date on them so don't throw them away or leave them laying around for a maid or garota to see.


02-07-04, 15:03
I suggest that nobody walks back to the hotel from Help disco in the middle of the night. Always take a taxi, but NOT a taxi that is waiting in front of the disco. Go into the side street on the left and take a taxi there. The real sharks are waiting in front of Help!!

Doc Bill
02-07-04, 20:14
Be very careful using a credit card. Do not ever let it out of your sight. Read my old posts in the crime section for more info on this. They often scan the card and produce a duplicate which they then use to run up charges of their own. I will be relying a lot more on cash this time.

Rio Bob
02-08-04, 02:28
Yes be carefull about using your credit card, I have never had a problem but I don't use my credit card that much. I have used it to pay the hotel and certain restaurants which I frequent and know the staff. I have read reports where even in Centaurus somebody got the numbers and abused the guys card. I don't like to bring cash either since if they get their hands on it then its gone for good. Lately I have been relying on ATM cards where you get a good exchange rate and the whole process is a bit more secure. One thing I did learn on my last trip is that the American Express office in the Copacabana hotel will give you the same exchange rate as cash for Amex travellers checks. As far as walking back to your hotel late at night from Help, you must be carefull, I usually have stayed at hotels very near Help so I can walk like the Luxor Regente, The Miramar, The Debret and The Othon Palace. These hotels in my opinion are walkable but if you are a distance from Help then take a taxi as the poster below states.

Sterling V
02-08-04, 03:01

If your ATM card is stolen, you are liable for the amount of money charged against it or withdrawn. If it's a credit card you are only out $50.00. In that instance, the credit card is more secure.


02-08-04, 13:27
I always tell our clients NOT to use their credit cards in Brazil. If you feel uncomfortable bringing a lot of cash with you to Brazil, then use the ATM machines to take what you will need for a few days... Nothing could be worse than to arrive here in Rio and after 1 or 2 days have your card cloned and maxed out by someone here. Then you could be here in Rio with no money and no pussy for a few days or the whole trip, while you attempt to fix the problem......
Play it safe, just use the ATM's..........

Kenn, (EZ-Rio)

02-08-04, 23:31
As long you're careful it safe to use credit card in Rio

I used my credit card at 4x4, solarium, siquiera grills (spelling), japanese restaurant across 4 X 4, several stores in NS copacabana and centro, even buying a phone in Oi vendor table in Iguatemi mall Fortaleza - only one draw back - on Saturday and Sunday do not use your credit card on small stores - it happened to me once - I bought an umbrella and the exhange rate I found out on my credit card is 2.0 instead of 2.8.. (yes we can challenge that but it's just wasting your time)

Anyway the best way is carry some cash, atm, and selectively used your cc - atm has always given me the best exchange rate)

Rio Bob
02-09-04, 00:10
Sterling thanks for the tip. What I usually do when I go to Rio is make a copy of each cr cd and atm card I take with me front and back and the telephone numbers of each cr cd. If stolen I have all the info to call the companies and immediately cancel the card. Hopefully they didn't get all my cards because I usually have 2 atm cards with me, one I carry and one I leave in the room safe. The same with cr cd, 1 with me and 1 in the room. So if I get hit on the street I have backup in the room and vice versa. Plus I usually bring enough cash for 4 days of garotas just in case. Try to have all the bases covered.

Doc Bill
02-09-04, 10:14
Speaking of ATMs. is the one at Blockbuster Video the only one in Rio that will take my Bank of America card?

02-09-04, 15:19
Just my R$0.06 -

I'm another of the lucky ones who hasn't had a problem using my credit card (looking for wood to knock).

I get some added piece of mind because I can and do look up my current charges online every day. If I see any charges that I haven't made, I'll be on the phone to my company five minutes later.

Rio Bob
02-10-04, 04:08

The ATM at Blockbuster video is a Citibank and they have 2 branches in Ipanema also. Your ATM card from the Bank of America should be good at most ATM's in Rio especially the Banco Do Brasil's branches all over N.S. De Copacabana Ave. I recently opened up a Citibank account just so I can have a branch in Rio this way I have access to 2 accounts, one my regular account and a back up which would be my Citibank account with 3 branches in Copa and Ipanema plus more in Barra and Centro.

02-16-04, 23:26
Hi All,

I'm thinking of going to Rio for a couple of weeks sometime this year, I've been doing some research and found a hotel that sound interesting, the Praia Lido Hotel.

I've been on their website and the rates and location seems great. The reason why I'm asking is because I've seen it listed in the motel section of several escort sites so presumably they should be guest friendly?

Any info would be appreciated!

Rio Bob
02-21-04, 15:08

The name of that hotel rings a bell especially when you say it is on the sites for motels and escorts. This may in fact be a Love Motel, Im pretty sure it is. May be girl friendly but the question is do you want to stay in a place like this? May not be so bad I guess, you can hang out in the lobby and fish for future prospects.

02-23-04, 06:04

I am travelling to Rio soon and I am wondering if the Hotel Debret still has a "guest friendly" policy. I have heard they do not anymore. Would someone please let me know what the true story is here?


Art Fartzalot
02-26-04, 07:31
Will be in Rio March 12, 13 and maybe 14 as heading to Iguazu Falls then depending on plane schedule and plan to sample the termas, etc. anyone wanting to meet up , pm me.

About 10 years ago there was a Terma Airopuerto or something similar that got high marks does anyone know if this is still around.

Does anyone know if the Lancaster Othan is GF as have reserved a double room?

Carlos Primeros
02-26-04, 22:11
Aeroporto is/was still there by October 2003 and it is/was still very good. Not expensive as Centaurus and it has a lot of nice chicas.


Sterling V
02-27-04, 09:35

The Debret is NOT guest friendly anymore. I stayed at the Princess Copacobana instead and was very pleased with it.

Sterling V

Art Fartzalot
02-28-04, 09:04
Gracious para su informacion, yo pienso visitar Aeropuerto Terma when I come to Rio in less than 2 weeks, and several of the other spots mentioned.

This boards seems to have good info and will try to contribute when I can as haven't done the amount of mongering I want or need last couple years, Except for a good visit to The Seaman's Club in St. Maarten last year which my experiences were extremely similar to what is posted on that board.

I lived on Avenida Sexta (6th Ave) in Cali, Colombia from 1976-77, Cali was/is called City of the most beautiful women in the world, though Habana definitely might give it a run and I'm hoping Brazil will also. Cali was fantastic in the 70's though haven't been back since and seems a little more peligrosso now than back then though often no walk in park then.

In 01 Habana, I was staying in a nice casa particular down the street from the Riviera and Melia Cohiba in Habana in 01 haven't been real active but think I will pickup the pace and will update this board with my encounters

In Habana, I did find the Havanna Club by the Hotel Commodoro in Miramar a decent place after 11:30 - 2ish to always find a nice hottie to come back to my casa particular with.

Macumba located on a like a plantation was a little further cab drive away, girls a bit younger maybe, was quite excellent also, much rather be there than cross water in Miami though interiors of clubs in each city can be very similar.

Course us Americans like me,
or ones not belonging to maybe a special elite bunch "wonder if the Rockefellers etc still get to go" aren't supposed to go Cuba any more which is why I am visiting Brazil as honoring our leaders wishes.

I look forward to my trip and appreciate the info.

Cash Works
02-28-04, 16:53

I haven't beein to Brasil in about 15 years, but back in the day, the Lido was primarily a short time motel (rented by the hour), but daily rates were available. I usually stayed at the Hotel Acapulco in those days, but a buddy of mine who spent a lot more time in Rio than I did (I generally preferred Fortaleza or Natal due to smaller crowds, fewer tourists & more laid back attitude) would either get an apartment while he was there or else he stayed at the Lido. He would say something like "If you pick up a girl at Help, she'll probably want to go to the Lido anyway, so why pay for two rooms? Staying at the Lido is more efficient"

I had a room at the Lido once, in 1985 or 1986, for about 4 hours. I was pretty drunk and don't remember much about the room except that it was very clean. The girl was fantastic though.

As Rio Bob mentions, though - you may not want to stay in a place like that - after your holiday, your friends & family may want info. on your vacation - how was your hotel, etc. If that's not an issue, then, by all means, go for it.


03-01-04, 18:22
At my next visit in April i plan to stay in Barra.

Do somebody know a nice and not too expensive hotel there?

(Maybe with website)

How secure/criminal is Barra?

What´s the cost for a taxi to Copacabana/Centro?

Thanks in advance for your answers

03-02-04, 04:28
ATMs in Rio that accept a Bank of America visa ATM card are few, and the damned machines all pretty much close up early. The ATM in the Casino on Copacabana is open late, though.

03-02-04, 06:49
Most major banks (and their ATM cards) are members of one or more of the following financial services networks - Cirrus, Star, Maestro, MAC, and others. Look on the back of your ATM card. Virtually all VISA type cards are member of Cirrus at least.

All ATMS at HBSC banks in Brazil accept ATM cards with many of these symbols. There are several HBSC branches on Av. N.S. Copacabana alone, plus many more in major areas of Rio.

Some Banco Do Brasil ATMS will accept ATM cards with these symbols - approximately 1/4 of the ATMs in a Banco Do Brasil branch will accept foreign ATM cards with these symbols - just look for the ATMS that have the symbols posted above or to the side of the machine screen. There are Banco Do Brasil branches all over Brazil and I have made ATM withdrawals from at least 4 different Brazilian cities using BDB machines.

The procedures for a withdrawal vary slightly between Banco do Brasil and HBSC machines. On HBSC machines - you insert and withdraw the card, do the transaction and then reinsert and withdraw the card to verify the transaction. On BDB machines, you insert the card, do the transaction, withdraw the card and then re-insert the card to verify the transaction. Both banks have instructions in English once you get started on the transaction by inserting your card.

You will have to pay a small fee for using a different bank (for me it is $2 on a $300 withdrawal limit) plus you are getting a great exchange rate. I never had any problem quickly getting money from ATMS at any time of day or night, and would then walk past long lines of guys waiting at the Blockbuster Bank of America ATM.

Jonny D
03-02-04, 15:09
I'd recommend the Royalty Barra hotel. It's very clean and modern, and a lot less than the Sheraton.

It's at the Pepe end of Barra, right on the beach. try to get a room with a sea view, it's very nice.


We often put clients up there.

Barra is (IMHO) one of the nicer parts or Rio to stay in, although it's certainly not central.

The beach is safe to walk around, there are plenty of restaurants - make sure you go to Porcão, for my money the best Brazilian barbecue restaurant (Churrasco) in town. Other say Marius in Copa is better - it's certainly good, but it's a long way from Barra!

Otherwise, the Praia linda hotel seems OK, it's almost next to the Royalty. Haven't been there, but people who stay there say it's OK.


The last laternative is to look at an apart-hotel. This is a furnished apartment in a fully enclosed condo, with kitchen etc. You cater yourself, although most of them have some kind of restaurant. Definitely less complicated if you want to entertain guests . . .

Some of the bigger ones may well have girls working there already - try http://www.ipanema.com/hotel/b.htm - look at Barrabella. Again, right on the beach.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

03-02-04, 18:19
Jonny D et al,

I second your recommendation to stay in Barra. It is a really nice and virtually tourist free area. Totally safe at night and at day.
Recently staying in the Sheraton which is very nice with good facilities. I think the rooms start around US$150 or so.


03-04-04, 09:00
If one stays in a hotel in Barra, is there local action? Thermas, etc.? Without having to go into Copacabana?


Jonny D
03-05-04, 15:39

In a word, yes.

Termas - there are a couple out towards Recreio, one I have recommended before, Ancora do recreio. There is also one called Pigalle, which I have no experience of. There is at least one in Jacarepagua, a 15 minute taxi ride, but that's probably not a good idea for a tourist / non portuguese speaker.

The escort agencies are also very active, and there are dozens of motels around.

If you stay at a big aparthotel like Barabella (don't confuse with Barbarella!), you'll almost certainly find girls working IN the hotel.

There is a SW scene at the pepe end of the beach, but I guess you need a car for that.

There is also (it seems) a new whiskeria open at the Pepe end of the beach, saw it the other night. For sure you can find something there.

So you've got just about everything. Copacabana has more, for sure, but getting some action in Barra is not so hard.

BM Rio
03-07-04, 03:08
motels in rio

i have used a lot of motels all over the city however standards vary considerably with copacabana having some of the poorest value for money in my opinion. it’s worth taking a r$10-15 taxi ride elsewhere to get much more comfortable accommodation for your hours of pleasure. rooms can cost anything from r$25 to over r$250 depending on what you want and for how long. it’s usually best to get a “pernoite” (overnight) if you’re going to be more than a few hours which usually includes breakfast. below i’ve listed the best and worst of those i’ve personally tried.


diplomata, on the square where avenida princesa isabel enters rua barata ribeiro. poor facilities with no mini-bar meaning you have to call for water and beer to be brought up. can’t think of much to recommend this hotel although it’s convenient for the clubs in rua prado júnior.

praia lido, avenida nossa senhora de copacabana 202. reasonably good accommodation but expensive in comparison to other motels of a similar standard in the city. this is more like a normal hotel (and also functions as one) with a few short stay rooms. the friendly staff are quite unfazed and offered us breakfast in the dining room when we left in the morning.

copa linda, avenida nossa senhora de copacabana 956. cheap option for a couple of hours but that’s all you’d want to spend here as there’s no mini-bar and facilities are basic. near to meia petaca and the beach if you’re looking for somewhere close but no other reason to come here in my opinion.

vanity, avenida nossa senhora de copacabana 1079, corner with rua djalma ulrich. probably the best motel in copacabana and convenient for help. i was quite blitzed on caipirinhas with a mulata hairdresser in tow, who i’d met at a nearby forró. i can barely remember the details of the suite and price but an overall favourable impression remains from that evening!

copamar, rua barata ribeiro 509. i wasn’t impressed with the suite i received here (no mini-bar) which only had a shower, mirror and a sex sofa. it was also very expensive for what you get and offered a very basic breakfast in the morning at a stand up coffee bar in the reception area.


bambina, rua bambina 65. this is regarded as one of the best in the city but i didn’t think it was any better than a normal good standard motel. on arrival my girlfriend and i had to wait for a suite to be cleared so complimentary cocktails were brought to us in the car which was a nice touch.

panda, rua são clemente 298. pretty good standard of rooms and facilities but definitely a drive in place (need a car or taxi to bring you here). reasonably expensive but not much extra to justify this price in comparison to other motels in the city.


diamond, rua da glória 46. i wasn’t very impressed with the facilities of their standard suite although it was clean. there are apparently some themed suites here including i believe a futuristic one. unless they are full however i would use the following motels in this area first.

magic, rua santo amaro 11. this is one of my favourite motels with a variety of different rooms and excellent facilities. it’s convenient to walk in and also near the metro station which can cut down on taxi costs getting home in the morning. standard suites are good with sex sofa – jacuzzi and dry sauna are available for only slightly more. there are a number of oriental suites – arabian, japanese and indian with four poster bed (which my passista companion used to give an impromptu pole dance), drapes, themed pictures and sculptures.

love time, rua do catete 63. across the main road from magic hotel and easy to spot at night with its large neon sign. you can walk into reception here so no need to have a car. good quality standard suites with sex sofa and all the usual facilities available for a few more r$.


villa réggia, rua sacadura cabral 136. supposedly has a sadomasochistic suite as well as suites with swimming pools (all untried). i went for a suite with a jacuzzi which was good but of a similar standard to other motels. worth considering if you happen to be near praça mauá.

lips, rua senador dantas 46. convenient for cinelândia and a reasonable standard in the best suite they had available (jacuzzi, mini-bar, dance floor) but otherwise a bit old fashioned (you’ll wait forever for the lifts to come).

snob, avenida henrique valadares 150. this motel is near cruz vermelha and an option if you happen to be in lapa. it has a walk in reception as well as drive in along with a good standard of rooms and service for a reasonable price. lots of space around the bed if you feel like wandering around the room!


palácio do rei, rua haddock lobo 331. probably a bit out of the way for most although the rooms and service are fairly good. if you’re in the area then fine but i wouldn’t make a special trip here.


mayflower, estrada da barra da tijuca. lots of drive in motels around this area so take your pick. this one has good facilities but isn’t as modern as some others in the city. jacuzzi was large enough to accommodate me, my friend and her huge breasts. there was a normal sofa which made a change from the bed. a free lunch or evening meal is thrown in as well which helped replace some of the lost calories. the room had satellite tv with the playboy channel as well as a movie channel (good feature films rather than porno).

03-17-04, 18:29
I stayed 4 days at the Love Time Motel in Flamengo that offers bedroom hidro equipped at 133 reais (45$) and suites at 186 r$ (65$)
good location and facilities and also good and cheap food if you want to eat

03-21-04, 21:37
Hotel Biarritz - Copacabana

I had the occasion to stay 3 days at Hotel Biarritz which is located next to the Hotel Rio Roiss (Rua Aires Saldanha behind Rio Othon Palace) and very close to Help.
I choose it because the price was cheaper than Debret and Rio Roiss at 113 Reals per night for 1 person in a room with double bed. Unfortunately, there is a 100-Real "Taxa de accompanhantes" when you bring a girl. The girl has to register and give her ID but no special negative reaction from the staff.

Overall a fair deal compared to other hotels I had in Brasil but the value for the money is much below the one for Hotels in Thailand.


PS: the reception does not call you when a girl leaves your room. That was not a problem this time because I knew my Garota but I would have appreciated a call if the girl had been just a new catch from Help.

Big Poppa
03-22-04, 15:19
Is the Rio Rioss still guest friendly and at what price to bring guest if any?

Also what do they charge for a Standard Single room?

White Shark
03-23-04, 16:37
Othon Palace #3

White Shark
03-23-04, 16:38
Othon Palace #4

Big Poppa
03-29-04, 03:30
White Shark,

What are the prices at the Othlon Palace, is it chica friendly?

03-31-04, 21:45
The hotel Marina Palace in Leblon was robbed yesterday, at dawn. At around 3:30am, four armed men invaded the hotel, tied up the employees, and proceeded to the rooms where they robbed a Canadian tourist. They took the weekend's cash receipts, approximately R$ 4 thousand, two computers, a telephone, and a radio transmitter. Although the band destroyed the camera security system installed in several points of the hotel, police were able to retrieve images of the assault since they are sent to an outside center where they are stored.

The cameras registered the moment when the four entered the building pretending to be guests. According to witnesses, they were young and well-dressed. At the reception desk, they asked for two rooms and checked in paying R$ 785 in cash for two nights. They went up to the 14th floor and then returned to the reception area, where they tied up the five employees, including the security man. They kept the floor manager as hostage, forcing him to open the rooms where the security equipment was kept. The other employees were placed in another room, where one of the thieves watched them during the whole robbery.

04-03-04, 04:19
The Hotel Debret is not girl friendly at the moment. There policy has changed since I was there in December. I was there for a week at the end of March. I had a room for two with my girlfriend. They didn't want to allow her in---period. It seems that their glass front door has been shattered by a girl that someone brought there from Help. So now they are very strict in their policy. I finally talked them into letting my girl be with me, but they said I couldn't have any other girls over. I also saw some other guys being shocked at being shut down with their girls in tow. Maybe this will change in the future, but it is very uptight right now.

The Rio Kid
04-04-04, 16:02
Hi Guys,

Anyone ever rented an apartment from Marina? She's been at it for a long time, but I haven't heard much about her. Advice, comments would be appreciated.


Spin the Globe
04-04-04, 19:59
Hello All,

I’m heading to Rio for my third trip. Since most of this thread seems to be dominated by the Debret vs Rioss choices, I just wanted to share another option. The only reason I found out about this hotel is that Tomb gave it a brief mention in a post prior to my first trip. So, thanks Tom!

It is the Mirasol Copacabana Hotel
Rua Rodolfo Dantes 86
Tel: (21) 2542 8787
website www.mirasolhotel.com.br.

Here is a rundown on the place. Nice, clean newly renovated place, much nicer than either the Debret or Rioss. 2 types of rooms standard was R$ 160 which is a clean room with a/c, in-room safe, etc. For R$ 190 they had larger rooms with a big jacuzzi tub and a dry sauna in a room inside the bathroom. The place is totally girl friendly. My first trip they only charged R$ 15 for guests. By the second trip they charged R$ 30. I called to confirm yesterday and the guest fee is still R$ 30. However the rooms are now R$ 190 for the standardl room and R$ 220 for the rooms with sauna. They have an awesome free breakfast. Not a continental set-up, but a full on eggs, sausage, bacon, many juices, different styles of potatoes, coffee, full assortment of breads, cheese and many fruit options.

The biggest plus is the rooftop pool. The pool has a view off the beach, Sugarloaf etc. There is also a large wet-sauna on the sundeck above the pool. I know many of you will think, who needs a pool when the beach is a block away. But, it was a great place to bring girls from the beach, Meia Pataca’s or call-in Termas girls previously visited. They loved hanging by the pool, we would order up room service pool-side, which was dirt cheap, a couple of Caipirinhas for the girl, a bucket of beer, and it was a great way to have fun and led to better sessions in the room.

As for location, no it is not right next to Help, so for those of you who have to be right by Help, this is not the place for you. But this location did have MANY advantages. To give you an idea; when you exit the hotel, ½ block to the left is N/S Copacabana Ave. 1 block further and you are at Avenida Atlantica and the beach. There are a couple of really nice, expensive hotels, here to the right. Help is about a 15-20 minute walk to the right. I made the walk everyday, and many times at night to Help(always took a taxi on the way home), and never had any problems. There were always many people milling about until midnight or later. There are several nice restaurants on the way to Help. A taxi from this are to Help or Meia Pataca was only R$ 3. At ave Atlantica if you went left a few blocks down are The Balcony and Mabs, I never went but I have seen posts of the places and may check them out this trip.

The locations advantages are: 1 block to the right of the hotel is the Metro(subway) station. This will quickly take you to the Termas downtown, such as 4x4 and others. The termas L’uomo and Monte Carlo are very close to the hotel, both are walkable in under 5 minute. Barbarella’s is near by, very walkable, but that street gets a little sketchy at night, so I would suggest a cab. There are several dirt cheap Termas on some sidestreets towards, Barbarella’s that my bellmen kept suggesting, but those normally aren’t my style.
All in All a very solid hotel, and again very girl friendly. Sorry for the long ramble, I just wanted to give another option outside of the standard Debret, Rioss choices.

04-15-04, 18:35
Big Poppa, re: your post in Rio Reports section:

Depends on what you consider "girl friendly". The 5-star hotels generally don't allow guests at all. (Feedback anyone?) Quite a few hotels will allow you to bring a girl, but you'll pay between 40-100 reais per visit. That's the main reason I try to rent an apartment when I go.

If you must stay in a hotel, I can highly recommend the Princess Copacabana. It's fairly new and very nice, if a bit pricey. I booked a suite on the back side overlooking the pool, and I never heard a sound, the bed was great, and breakfast was included (when I could drag my ass out of bed in the morning :^) ) I first stayed in one of their "studio" rooms, and though nice, it was quite small. The hotel is easy walking distance to Ground Zero, but you should take a cab if you grab a garota from Help.

I got a rate of R$216 for the week, and R$165 for the weekend through Bobby at blameitonrio4travel.com. NB: their "weekend" is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Normally their guest rate is R$60 per visit, unless you pay the "double" rate, which happens to be R$60 more than the single rate. While I was there, they had a promotion running where the R$165 WAS the double rate, so I could bring a girl back for no charge on the weekend - go figure.

Come to think of it, the Arpoador Inn doesn't charge extra for guests, AFAIK. However, the oceanfront rooms, which are the main reason to stay there, were about US$90 the last time I checked, which is more than I wanted to pay. It's between Copacabana and Ipanema, so you'd be cabbing it most of the time. But boy is it nice to have the breaking waves chasing you to sleep.

Hope this helps.

04-18-04, 05:24
I need to say a few things about hotels in Rio. I have now been to Rio nine times in the past few years and intend to keep going back as long as I can. I used to stay at places like the Debret because there is a widespread belief, which I myself once believed, that it is impossible to bring a girl up to your room in a 5-star hotel. I finally said to myself that, since I can afford to stay at a luxury hotel I'm damned well going to do so, and if I'm not able to bring a girl up, well so be it, I'll just make other arrangements. Since then, I have stayed at the Caesar Park, the Meridien, and the Sheraton, and I have had no trouble bringing girls up to my room in any of these hotels. To do so successfully, however, it is necessary to use a little common sense and to follow a few rules. I think if you do all of these things, you'll have no problem.

The most important thing, from which everything else I am about to say will follow, is not to be obvious or ostentatious about what you are doing. Sublety and discretion are the keys. So here are a few tips on getting your garota to your room with minimal difficulty:

1) Make sure the girl doesn't look like a prostitute! This is the most important rule of all; after all, the hotel has a reputation to maintain. Casual is okay; most of the girls I brought up were wearing jeans. Even beach attire works; after all, this is Rio. A few looked like they were going out to dinner or to a casual business meeting. But none looked cheap or slutty. What this means, guys, is don't try this with the girls you meet at Meia Pataca or Help. They just won't fit in. Most of the girls I brought to hotels were ones I met in the Termas and then made private dates with outside the Termas. This is quite easy to do, and I warn her how to dress.

2) Never bring the girl directly through the front door, through the lobby, directly to the elevator. If you do this, you will be stopped and not even allowed to enter the elevator, no matter how nice she looks. (Exception: If your hotel has a restaurant or bar on the top or upper floor, just say you are going to dinner. They'll let you pass. They may watch the elevator floor indicator to see that you actuall go there. The one time I did this I just took the elevator to the restaurant floor, got off, then got right back on and took it directly to my floor.)

Your best bet in a luxury hotel is for you and the girl to go directly to the bar and have a drink. Better yet, have her meet you there; that way they don't see you come in together. But even if you enter the hotel together, if you go directly to the bar they'll quickly forget about you. Then go from the bar to the elevator. Many of the luxury hotels have someone guarding the elevators, especially at night, so you may need to work around this. If the bar is on a different level that the lobby, as it is at the Sheraton, this won't be a problem; just get on at the bar level. At the Meridien, the bar is on the opposite side of the elevator from the lobby, so they're generally not looking for people coming from that direction. If they do stop you, just use the restaurant ploy.

3) And now for the best suggestion of all, although it may not be a popular one with night owls: do as much of your trysting as you can in the daytime. This just makes it a whole lot easier, because the hotels don't usually get their guards up until after dark. But even then, go to the bar first. Always remember, it's best not to be obvious and don't ask for trouble. If you are a real night owl, just remember that it will be nearly impossible for any of this to work in the wee hours when most things in the hotel will be closed. All eyes will be on you, so there will be very little choice but to go through the lobby to the elevator, and you won't make it. If you really must fuck somebody well after midnight, better to take her to one of the motels on Avenida Niemeyer. Shalimar and Sinless are the best.

So far I haven't had any trouble following these simple rules. I haven't tried this at the Copacabana Palace yet, but I intend to do so in the future. I'd like to see how others do at the 5-star hotels. BTW, I should mention that I am well into middle age and look like a businessman, so they probably don't suspect me of being a *****monger. Little do they know!

Big Poppa
04-21-04, 15:05
Is it better to rent an apartment while in RIO or a hotel? I want a place that's not going to give me hassle to bring in girls no matter what time is. I don't particularly like to idea of playing the game that my date is registered guest.

So can anyone give me some recommendations on places to stay that are decent?

Also how do you find a apartment in RIO for rent anyone have some places they have stayed and who the contact person is, what are the rates and are there any minimum stay requirements?

Big Poppa

Rio Bob
04-22-04, 00:27
Ok, I have been going to Rio since 1980 and I have had it with hotels. Lorenzo below has alot of good tips on how to get a girl up to your room and sure I have done many myself too. Now I will only stay in an apartment, no hassels, no problem plus you can bring up as many as you want any time of day any day of the week. To the poster below take a look at www.gringomanagement.com. I have used him and everything has been good.

04-22-04, 03:37
Any help anyone could give me is appreciated. I have a room booked at the luxor regent hotel and am worried about them not allowing guests. I also booked an additional room after reading the posts here in hopes that I could bring in a chica any night I wanted and simply register her in that room. Has anyone stayed at the Luxor Regente recently or has anyone tried booking an extra room and do you think this strategy might work?

It is my first time in Brazil and I have found all your posts very helpful.


El Mujerista
04-22-04, 14:34

I can't speak for the Luxor Regente in particular, but my experience with other hotels in the Luxor chain leads me to believe you won't have any problems. I've had guests at both the Luxor Copacabana (my usual place) and Luxor Aeroporto with no problem whatsover. The desk clerk at the airport hotel even offered to find me some company, but I had already arranged my own (courtesy an earlier visit to Termas 65).

They will probably ask the garota to fill out a registration card and leave her ID at the desk, but this is a good thing -- when she leaves, they will call your room to make sure everything is OK before they let her go.

Happy Hunting,


Rio Lover #2
04-24-04, 00:37
Hello paradise lovers,

I just booked my fifth trip to Rio. All of my other trips I stayed in various hotels, this time I booked an appartment in Ipanema, Has any of you stayed at the Parthenon Aparthotel. How are the rooms (is there a safe?)? And how is the policy about bringing in girls.

Thanks for your help

Rio Lover

04-24-04, 20:59
>>They will probably ask the garota to fill out a registration card and leave her ID at the desk, but this is a good thing -- when she leaves, they will call your room to make sure everything is OK before they let her go.

I stayed at the Luxor Regente 2 years ago and this was the procedure. They do charge you extra for the girl. (Between that and the taxes, the bill starts adding up).

04-25-04, 06:29
El Mujerista and Head Games,

Thanks for your help. You certainly relieved some stress for me. I will be in Rio next week for the first time and will be sure to let you all know what is going on there.

Thanks again for everyone's posts

El Mujerista
04-25-04, 10:34
>>I stayed at the Luxor Regente 2 years ago and this was the procedure. They do charge you extra for the girl. (Between that and the taxes, the bill starts adding up).

Yes, I suppose it adds up, but it still doesn't equal the cost of a separate room, which was what Mr. Stymie was asking about. The main point is that the Luxor chain, which is Brazilian based, seems to understand their customer's needs, if you know what I mean.

Happy Hunting,


04-26-04, 23:34

Just wanted to make a recommendation on apartments!

I have always used wwwDOTrioapartmentrentalsDOTcom and have found the guy Marcos to be very helpful and give great service. He will sort you out with an excellent apartment no matter your budget - he has a huge range! Also has airport pick-up service and various tours etc.

Check out the web site and drop him a mail - he has always responded with various options the same day.

Good luck and have fun in Rio.


04-27-04, 11:00
The one experience I had renting an apartment in Rio was a negative one, but that may be an anomaly. I rented an apartment for 2 weeks in July 2003 at an apartment building called the Sevilha on Avenida Atlantica in Copacabana. I found it at a website, www.latelet.com; the contact person was an American in California named Brad. They didn't take credit cards and required an advance deposit of $250, the balance of $400 ($50/night for 13 days) to be paid on arrival. Well, the apartment was a dump. Nearly all the lighting fixtures were inoperative, none of the ceiling fans worked, the plastic on the shower enclosure was cracked, the toilet seat was cracked, and there were no screens on the windows, thus allowing muito mosquitos to get in, plaguing me throughout the night as I tried to sleep. I realized too late (isn't hindsight always 20/20?) that I had been stupid to pay for an apartrment sight unseen. If I rent an apartment again, I will first go to a hotel, then check out apartments first so I can at least see what I'll be getting. But avoid www.latelet.com and sleazy, unethical Brad at all costs. Also avoid any apartments managed by someone named Filomena. The upkeep is nonexistent, and she doesn't speak a word of English.

Rio Bob
04-30-04, 02:07
Lorenzo, thanks for that heads up on the Sevilha apartment. I know that website and that apartment as in the past I had sent emails to him and inquired about that apartment. Luckily I chose another apartment and everything was almost perfect. The apartment in the Sevilha looks good on the website but I guess these pics can be decieving. The truth about the www.latelet.com is they just post apartment from many different agents as the agent that I finally used I got off that website and he was fine.

Rio Bob
05-02-04, 14:10
Stymie, I used to stay at the Luxor Regente hotel all the time then they raised their prices to where they are now and I started to stay at the Debret. But the Luxor Regente is a fine hotel, very nice newer furnishing and the hotel has been refurbished in recent years. The staff is friendly, the restaurant is great in the back and they will let you bring guests in. One time I met 2 blonds in Barbarellas 19 and 22 they were great I was dancing on stage with them and I brought them back to the Luxor Regente about 1 in the morning and the desk clerrk gave me a little bit of a hard time but he finally let me take them both to my room. I offered him money but he didn't take it. You'll like the hotel plus it is in walking distance to Help and HO beach.

Rio Lover #2
05-17-04, 22:38
Hi Guys,

Does anyone have information about the Parthenon Topapart hotel in Leblon. How is their girl policy and how about inroom features such as room safe (electronic?) and minibar or fridge.


Jonny Hit Run
05-18-04, 00:04
Greetings Rio enthusiasts,

Can anyone elaborate on apartment rental procedure? Is it best to fly down and get a hotel for the first night then go scouting for a suitable apartment. I'm not too fond of the prospect of prepaying for the entire stay without seeing what I'm in for. Thanks,


05-18-04, 12:41
Hi Jonny Hit Run, I do not know of anyone renting apartments in Rio asking for the entire rent before you actually see the apt. and accept the keys. Some usually ask for a 1 night deposit.

Eric Emp
05-29-04, 12:54
I will be visiting RIO, Need help to choose Hotel

I have option of

1- Atlantis Copacabana ( Rua Bulhoes De Carvalo,61)
2- Rio Othon Palace ( Ave Atlantica)
3- Luxor Copacabana ( Av Atlantica )
4- Lqncaster Othon Travel (AV ATLANTICA 1470 )
5- Premier Copacabana Hotel (RUA TONELERO 205 )
6- Luxor Continental Copacabana (Rua Gustavo Sampaio 320, End of Copacaban)
7- Ipanema INN ( Ipenama)

Please let me know which hotel are
- Guest Friendly But charge Extra for Guest
- Guest Friendly But NO Extra Charge for Guest
- Not a Guest Friendly Hotel

If there is any other Guest Friendly Hotel in the area some one can recommend will be appreciated.

06-04-04, 06:10
I just wanted to post a thanks to the person that suggested to stya at the Marisol Copacabana. I stayed there two weekends ago and it was great. As I was on a business trip I know I could not stay at the JW and the Sol Ipanema was sold out but I got a suite (large bed room and separate TV room) with jacuzzi and sanau for approximately $100 per night. The place was in my opinion a good place and no other gringos around just in case you want to be reserved about your hobby. Will post my experiences in the Rio nightlife section.


Jonny Hit Run
06-17-04, 04:08

I stayed at the Rio Othon Palace this past Carnaval. Although it was decent(not great) as far as accomodations go, it was not guest friendly at that time. I'm sure it could be possible if you played your cards right for daytime visitors but there were some beefy guards discouraging guests at night. It is very convenient because of it's proximity to Help and Meia Pataca Cafe. As soon as you walk out your door the atmosphere is ripe with talent you just have to go to a love motel. There was one I'd frequent almost daily around the corner from Help, I believe it was called Vanity. It was clean and the staff was accomodating and all the girls know about it. Apparently it (Rio Othon Palace) is also favored by working girls for the beach location across the street because it is the tallest hotel in Copacabana and it casts a large shadow on the sand which can play hell on Gringo skin like mine.

Love Rio Women
06-19-04, 19:21
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Lover Boy #2
06-21-04, 06:26
They have other websites for advertising. You seem to be very happy with the company you advertise for. If you look around this site, there are a lot of guys NOT very happy with the service afforded by "your" company. You should spend more time on customer care than writing on this site.

Rabo Verde
06-21-04, 07:34
Anybody got a lead on an apartment or condo for rent in Sao Conrado?

06-23-04, 01:36
Hows the Savoy Othon or the California Othon Hotel?

Are these places girl friendly?

Para Sur
06-25-04, 09:45

Over the years I have stayed at the Othon Rio Palace, Hotel Debret, Hotel Copacabana and one in Ipanema, which I can't remember the name. I have never been to a hotel that doesn't allow girls. You don't have to worry about that unless you go to a 5-star hotel. I've heard that they problems with it but no first-hand experience.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

06-25-04, 21:43
Joe Francis,

Why all the hate! Not everyone feels the way you do about Bobby. You stated your opinion, why not give it a rest.


06-27-04, 20:39
Planning a 1st trip down the 1st week in Sept., was just hoping to get some more feedback on hotels.

Looking at either the:

Premier Copacabana Hotel
Lancaster Othon Travel

Wanted to stay close to Help, and within walking distance to most spots.

Is Debret still chica friendly? I saw an earlier report that they are no longer chica friendly? And I assume regardless, there will be the guest fee for all hotels that are chica friendly?

Would hate to get down there and have issues bringing chics back to the spot.

Thanks for any input.

Rio Bob
06-27-04, 21:51
Smirk53 - the Savoy and the California are 2 good 3 star hotels. The California is beach front while the Savoy is not, The California is next to the Marriott so it is in a good location and I believe that the rooms in front facing the beach have big balconys.

Rio Bob
06-27-04, 22:03
MSJ44 - go to the Debret website www.debret.com and send them an email and ask them if they are chica friendly. You also might want to check out their prices for a 7 day package you can save some money. They were for years the biggest hotel for Mongers so they will understand your concerns. I used to saty there but stopped for 2 reasons, they made a big mistake on my bill and they wouldn't let me bring in 2 girls at 4 in the morning one night, I had to go upstairs to my room and get my condoms and bottle of franjelico and walk around the corner to Vanity motel and pay again for the night so that I could be with the 2 garotas, such inconvienence. Now I stay in an apartment, no mistakes on my bill and I can bring in 6 garotas if I want but 2 has been the max so far. Out of the 3 hotels you mention the Debret would be the closest to Help. Happy huntin

06-28-04, 02:12
Rio Rob -

Thanks for the input on Debret. Will definitely fire off an email to inquire ahead of time. Are there any sites you use in particular for finding apt in Rio for a week? I have heard of latelet, but that is about it. Any Apt in particular that you would recommend?



Genghis Khan
06-28-04, 09:44
When traveling to Brazil, I like to spend the weekdays
in Sao Paulo and the weekends in Rio de Janeiro. Finding
an apt. for rent during weekends only have proven
difficult. Does anyone have sources where this might
be arranged?


Member #2113
06-28-04, 15:08

This is my first post. I have been on this site for some time, and think that it is wonderful. Here is my question. I am coming to Rio for 5 days with the wife (the only way I can come, damn) and want to know if there is a dayspa that I can send my wife to while I run off and have some fun!

Has anyone came with a wife, and snuck off to play? Any ideas?

06-28-04, 23:35
Just tell her you are going fishing, playing golf, or hang-gliding. The usual stuff that wices hate to do and you now have a 4-6 hour window to screw off.

06-28-04, 23:58
Reporting from Rio - "Girl-Friendly or not" hotels.

I stayed at the designer Hotel Portinari which I found out about from an earlier post. The decor was great, the in-room internet access was super but the hotel was not girl friendly. They wanted $R150 for an overnight guest and she would have to leave by a certain time in the morning ;-( I paid $R270 per night for a suite. I found out later that I could have paid $R390 per night as a double occupancy and then I could have a girl stay over each night. They did not even let my local monger friend (a guy) up to my room just to go over some photos he had for me on his laptop computer - we had to have our meeting in the reception area. I would not stay there again.

A cab driver recommended the Atlantis Copacabana Hotel. It is located about 5 blocks away from the beach behind the Sofitel. The cabby called ahead and got me a $R150 per night rate for a single and totally girl-friendly and I did not have to pay the double rate. The driver was really selling the place to me, he told me about the roof top pool, free buffet breakfast, etc. The front desk guy, Edison was very nice, spoke good english but a little too smirky if you get my drift as he talked about my possible 'guests'. The room was tiny and hallways was not air-conditioned. The room had only a 13" TV as well. The two nights I was there I did not feel comfortable enough to bring a girl there. The staff was just a bit too helpful always only three steps behind me where-ever I went it seemed. I think the hotel was only probably 25% full. In the end, the best thing about the place was the local phone calls was very cheap! Two calls for only $R0.28! I would probably not repeat.

For $R225 per night for a corner suite, I returned to the Atlantico Copacabana Hotel. The Hotel is on Rua Siqueira Campos and Rua Tonelero. I feel very comfortable there though it is not close to HELP. The staff never charged me for guests - the girls do need to sign in at the front desk though. And even though I have gotten bored with their rooms decor, the hotel is clean, well-lighted and air-conditioned throughout. A pretty good choice for a budget hotel.

Rio Bob
06-29-04, 03:40
Member #2113 - What hotel are you staying in? It could be that the hotel your staying in has a spa or beauty parlor for women or even a big pool, let her sit by the pool and feed her drinks so she can fall asleep. There are several termas in the Copacabana area that you can sneak off for about 2 hours at a minimum, you need about an hour there and an hour buffer time, have fun.

J Wadd
06-29-04, 04:18
You could also say that you're doing a favela tour. Doubt she'd want to go. You could also say that you want to go shopping for her (Rio's best shopping center is close to a few of the better massage clubs).

Personally, though, I think she'd see through either one of these. There's a tennis club on the north end (sorta) of Ave. Atlantica. For some reason I remember hearing that there's a good spa in there. Dunno for sure.

Rio with a wife. Sound like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Happy Hunting,

Member #2113
06-29-04, 15:16
Yeah, it is the only way that I can go. We don't know what hotel yet, I am looking at one with a spa. I see that the termas don't open until 4:00, right? It typically takes me 4 hours to play 18 holes, so the golf excuse is out. If I send her to a spa, it would give me a 4 hour window. Anyone know one close to Luomo terma?

06-29-04, 20:21
Rio Bob - sorry for that question: is it possible tell me/us the name of the hotel in image2.jpg? It really looks a nice place to stay!

Thanks a lot,


Rio Bob
06-30-04, 01:19
Member #2113, I have another idea, if you can't get away alone then just take her with you. Yes, take her to Solarium on Sunday when they let couples in this way she can join in on the fun. You can do one of the Modelos del casa alone while she waits for you in the boate or you can invite her into the cabine to watch or participate. There even may be other couples in there who may like to participate with you and the whole group. Or take her on Saturday night to Ele E Ela at Solarium where it is only couples night and share the evening with other couples. Then another night take her dancing in Help. Happy hunting.

Member #2113
06-30-04, 15:38
And then the alarm goes off, and I realize that it was a dream. Right Rio Bob. Thanks, though. Ha ha

Rio Bob
07-01-04, 04:10
Pyjama, that hotel in image2 is the Rio Sheraton hotel whci is right outside Leblon right near the Love motel Vip off of Aveinida Neimeyer. It has a great pool, nice hotel and only a 15 minute taxi ride to Help.

07-01-04, 08:13
Rio Bob,

Muito obrigado for your information.


07-07-04, 04:05
My best hotel recommendation in Rio is the "Luxor Continental". It is fairly inexpensive, has nice sized rooms, with great showers, a safe box, and a minibar. They serve great breakfast buffets in the morning.

No pool. Who the heck needs a pool in Rio? Certainly not the mongers who frequent this board.

Here are the two biggest advantages of the Luxor:
1. It is located in Leme, one block away from the beach, and only three blocks away from the end of the Copacabana, where many of the strip clubs are located. So you can walk where some of the action is.

2. They let you take the girls up to your room without an upcharge. The girls have to leave their passport at the reception desk while they are up in your room. This is a generally accepted practice and will not deter the girls.

In one case the receptionist even translated for me and the girl as we tried to work out the price. This was quite a show: she told the guy what she wanted, he translated, I counter-offered, he translated, and back and forth we went.

Only once did I have to pay for the girl to stay in my room. But in all fairness, the girl intended to stay all night and even came with her backpack. So it was ok. We f...ed all night and then had the great breakfast buffet together, then f...ed again until it was checkout time for me.

Luxor Continental: Ideal for the monger! Go there, you'll thank me for it.


Turf Builder
07-07-04, 18:02
Has anyone stayed at Marina Palace in Leblon recently? Are they girl friendly? One posting mentioned a robbery there over a year ago. Has this effected their guest policy? Is the place safe now?

Can anyone recommend other guest friendly hotels in Ipanema or Leblon?

Thanks in advance.


Big John 55
07-08-04, 01:38
Does anyone know if the Excelsior Copacabana Hotel in Rio is girl friendly?

Will be in Rio this weekend and hope to check out a few of the CIAPLUS Garotas.

Doc Bill
07-08-04, 17:10

How much are the rooms at Luxor Continental?

Rio Bob
07-09-04, 02:54
Doc Bill, google it, The Luxor chain has a website with prices. Its a good chain, I used to stay at the Luxor Regente which is their best hotel in Rio.

Member #3427
07-11-04, 19:42
To add a bit to what you were saying about Paying for a double and then you can bring women back with you. I caution this approach!!!

Here is why: For one thing, the girl needs to register and the they will ONLY allow "that girl" back in the hotel with you. So if you bring a different girl the next evening, they will charge you for a guest, or will not allow her in the hotel period. I am speaking from experience!!!

Therefore, I caution paying extra for a double if you plan to bring a different girl back each night. It may or may not fly. Always ask the hotel and be very specific in what you ask them. Give them various scenarios, or you may be surprised when you show up at your hotel late in the evening, expectng to have some fun, only to find out you have to pay a huge fee for her, or you have to go to a love motel becuase they won't allow her to enter, not to mention the embarrassment factor.

Two hotels, both very nice and on the beach, I have stayed at that a girl friendly with no fee are Marriott (rio) and Marina Palace (Leblon). As always, call before hand to make sure they haven't changed their policies.

The Chacal

Jonny Hit Run
07-13-04, 05:14
I stayed at Marriott Copacabana last week for 10 days and they were very girl friendly.Daytime or night no problem. The hotel was not that crowded and I got the impression that they are they are down with the program and willing to please. A lot of business men Americans, and english most of which appeared to have local talent with them. The hotel is a bit pricey, I spotted pros in the bar in the evenings and one rooftop but your key must be programmed for access to the appropriate floors.No key no access. I brought damn near a different girl every night, they were required to register in the nighttime only. Daytime I just walked right thru. As mentioned on this board previously I believe appearance (dress) has a lot to do with how easy it will be. All in all an easy pleasant hotel stay with no problems bringing in girls. The guys I know who live in Rio seemed a bit surprised by this, but I've got a feeling that policy changes during New Years or Carnaval.

Rio Regular
07-13-04, 16:49

Mariott is always my choice when traveling alone. I have met the GM there and they did fluctuate on their policy when they first opened due to an incident they had during carnaval a few years ago.

My experience has alway been FABULOUS there. The staff help you with ANYTHING they can. Even running out and getting you condoms or whatever you want.

They can not let two girls up to your room unless you have a buddy that is flying solo for the night and is willing to register the 2nd girl for you. Then you can take 2.

Daytime is very nice to bring a girl up to the pool for a bit of sun then a nice shower in your room followed by a zesty session.

I personally like an apartment when you travel with friends due to the fun "fraternity house" feel you get when you have trtaveling companions. The morning chats about the nights adventures and the happy hour pre-games are priceless.

But when traveling alone or with newbies the Marriott can't be beat.



07-16-04, 04:24
Joe Francis,

I think I paid $65/night. In my opinion this is cheap for what you are getting. But even at the $78 that ipanema.com is listing, this is still a good deal, if you compare this to other hotels I have stayed at. It's clean, it's safe, it's spacious. I recommend it.

For comparison, the Marriott is much more expensive, so is the Meridian, so is the Palace, so is the Sheridon.

Sure, you can get a lot cheaper. I have to admit that I also stay in some of these places. But you get what you pay for.


Rio Fan
07-19-04, 00:51
Hey Turf Builder,

Would you believe I was staying at the Marina Palace Hotel in January during a robbery? They shut the elevator down and as I was going up the stairs two officers drew their weapons at me. Then they checked my passport (copy I always carry with me) and let me go. There were at least 40 cops and several news vans. It didn't affect my stay at all. I actually enjoyed staying there quite a lot. It's so close to the beach and downtown Leblon. I payed for a double room and registered one girl who stayed with me the whole time so I can't say how girl friendly they are.

Last August I visited Rio and stayed at the Leblon Palace. Another nice hotel. I had to pay additional 30 R per night for my guest.

Rio Fan

Papi Muy Rico
07-19-04, 19:13
This is my first post although I have been reading this forum for more than three years.

I think is a great site with a lot of useful and relevant info for travelers in general, not only sex travelers.

In have visited Brasil every year since 1996. Last Carnaval was my last trip and went with some friends and had a great time in Rio, Recife, Salvador and Manaus, thanks in great part to this web site and its contributors.

I have used the info over and over and has made me a well-informed traveler to anywhere in Brasil. It was a lot of fun ,for exaple, to visit Recife for the first time and find that I knew more about local places to get pussy than most locals! I already knew the places to look for action. My friends ( and a Brazilian one too!!) surely appreciated it when I took them to Carnaval in Feb.

However the reason for muy 1st post here is to give Member #2113 advice:

Get your wife a FREE TOUR of the H Stern or Amsterdam Sauer Jewelry shops and museums. They take quite some time and, as all women, she will love it!!! And , at the end they push visitors for the sale. So you are talking 3-4 or 6 hours of free time.

Just my 2 cents

Happy hunting

Jammin Joe
07-24-04, 18:21
Heading to Rio for the first time in October, I will be staying at teh Pestana Rio Atlantica Hotel, could anybody offer info on this in terms of bringing girls in??

Also what about street action in the area - can it be had? Can anyone also give an average price for all aspevts of mongering in Rio - street? Escort? Club?

Thanx for the help,

Stay safe!

Big Nana
07-29-04, 17:21
Although I believe the way to go in Rio is APT. I'm in the mood for a little style and comfort: THE DEBRIT HOTEL near HELP.

I understand it was recently renovated as well.

I will be in Rio for Carnival. Where do you get the best deal for tickets to the SANBRADONE?

07-30-04, 01:03
Can somebody recommend an affordable apt co. to use in Rio.
I'm getting quotes of about approx $175-180/day USD(appears to be ridiculous. I want a two bedroom but want to pay about
60USD/day. Any recomendations would be useful.


07-31-04, 05:58
Has anyone had any experience with the Apart-Hotel Princess Copacabana? After reading some of the challenges of normal hotels in Rio (non chica friendly, fees, etcc) would like to know I'm not going to get a hard time, but get the benefits of staying at a hotel. Any other Apart-hotels in Copacabana? Or even better, a sense of which hotels do not charge for bring guests to the rooms?

If I'M correct, the Marina Palace is one?

Thanks for any feedback.

Sterling V
07-31-04, 07:20

I've stayed at the Princess Copocabana and thought it was great. It's newly renovated and garota friendly. The staff is also respectful to the lady, which is nice. They charge R60 guest fee if you don't register as a double. But, I recently heard that they don't charge the guest fee in low season.


07-31-04, 17:20

You should talk to Hakan Olsson of Rio Apartments (www.rioapartments.com). I rented three apartments through him and found him to be honest, dependable, and well organized.

He has an office in Copacabana and rents out units all over Rio. You should be able to get a 2-bdrm in Ipanema, Leblon, or Copa for less than $100USD/night short term, and might get a discount for a longer stay.

07-31-04, 19:21

i can give you 2 addresses of good apt. companies:

- check out the apts on www.gringomanagement.com. I had a good experience with him, 45$ a day, clean, right next to Help (and i mean RIGHT NEXT to it!), a good matress, i think he keeps up to the normal prices even on very high season bookings like New Year's Eve and for Carnival which is pretty fair i think compared to the "hotel-pacotes" with a 500%+ price increase for these particular periods.

- last time i was there i asked the airport-busdriver to drop me in front of that green apartment-house that's situated some 20 meters on the right (i mean in the direction of Leme beach) of the big dark Othon near Meia Pataca. Paid 90 R$ for a room with 1 double-bed and FULL front ocean view, but they also got 2 roomers i think. Pretty clean with 24/7 doorman, i saw 2 cockroaches during my week's stay but nobody got ever killed by one, a 2 minutes walk to Help, 1 minute to Meia Pataca, if you don't give a shit about ocean-view you can get inside views for even less (i think 60R$), your neighbours will be full-time residents as well as mongers like all we bloody bastards are!

Big Nana, watch out with hotels prices during those big event days in Rio cuz they tend to rise them drastically. Check out on their respective sites for "pacote Carnaval" and you'll soon find that maybe there's better ways to spend your cash.


07-31-04, 19:25
Hello Again Gents,

I forgot another question I sought to ask some of you seasoned veterens:

If money were no object, where would you suggest a monger go to find the hottest, highest-quality pussy in Sao Paulo? This can be any place, a website, a number in the phone book. I really don't care. I want simply the best.

Thanks, again.

07-31-04, 21:40
So you are coming to Rio to have some great times with the girls. You are choosing between hotel and apartment, but neither seems ideal...

Here's another idea to consider. Why not stay at one of the motels (yes, the love motels).

- 24 hour room service, room is cleaned every day
- No problem about bringing the girls back. This is actually the proper place to do it, and the staff are very discreet
- Good value
- No reservation required, just show up

07-31-04, 22:27

You're joking, right? About staying full time at one of the love motels? Just in case you're not, everyone should be aware that these places, although great for short term rendezvous, charge by the hour. So staying at one fll time should cost you US$400-500 a day, minimum.

Bad idea!


07-31-04, 22:55
Anyone stayed at Ipanema Inn? I am interested in staying there since they have lower price compared to other hotels in Ipanema. Are they a decent hotel? Do they allow guests?

Replies to my questions will be appreciated.

Young & Restless
08-01-04, 01:35

You could stay at a love motel, but I wouldn't really recommend that to anyone. The ones that I have stayed at did not have room safes (that is a must). Another thing is that usually none of the hotel staff can speak English.

I have contemplated staying at a love motel like Cachorro mentioned, but I really think the cons outweigh the pros here. I know there are exceptions to every rule, so if someone can recommend a decent love motel w/ room safes and English speaking personnel, it may be worth considering.

I'm going back to Rio later this year and will be staying at the Rio Roiss for the first time. I hope this place is decent!!

Have fun!

Y & R

08-01-04, 11:47

Ipanema Inn is alright, friendly staff, i was there during carnaval and had no problems bringing in girls and i had no extra-charge (but of course, that was 2 years ago, maybe now...).

As far as love-motels go, i think most of them don't have windows (except the upscale like Vips) so the idea of spending my holidays in a dark box when you know you're in Brasil isn't that apetizing...of course, if you have the money to spend for booking a week at the Millennium-suite at the Vips motel you'll certainly get the most spectacular ocean-view in Rio, but then again the Sheraton hotel isn't that far away and has the same view....