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05-14-02, 04:21
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05-22-02, 21:58
I`ll be in Bogota in a few weeks,anyone familiar with the apartment hotel "Suites Gold"? I just am trying to find out if I will have any problems bringing chicas to my room for the night..

05-28-02, 03:24

Just be careful with the girls in the sites placing ads in El Tiempo,
must of them are pictures taken from other sites... FYI, such as www.e-extasis.com and www.muyardientes.com.


08-08-02, 23:36
Originally posted by Nibu Raphael
Is All the Chaos done now in Bogota? Shit the other day like 17 deaths during the Presidents inaguaration.

Bogota is a great venue for the hobby, particularly for Americans. Even better is Iraq. They call it suicide hobbyist.

Good luck.

B Player
08-11-02, 18:40
NEED HELP! going to Col. for the 1st time,only Bogata, Iam looking for information on where to find the best working girls. Any info. on clubs,bars,hotels,restaurnts,parts of town,WEB SITES etc... would be of great help.I have had no luck finding web sites with pic. phone numbers,prices etc..of girls in Col. like I have for other latin countries.Is this not the way its done in Colombia?

09-19-02, 20:56
Hello All,

I have been to Bogota frequently since 1981, and the best way
to find or locate a provider is to speak to the Doorman at your hotel. However, there are many beautiful ladies in Bogota; and there is no reason to pay for something that can be obtained free.

I would suggest visiting some of the upper-scale malls in the north part of the city, and the bars and restaurants close by.

You will do alright.


09-20-02, 19:39

is it true that Bogota is more expensive with everything in Colombia???
Is it true that the women there having more an "attitude"...iow are more snobish??
And besides that they ca't hold a candle with calenas??

If so.....now I understand why you horny mongers all go to Cali and some other places!!!!:-)

I myself go to Cali,Cartagena and maybe another city in February 2003.
I want to see,smell,taste and FEEL Cali pussy arround my DICK......;-)
If anyone of you has plans for a mega Gangbang arround that time,Please let me know and....count me IN!!!;-)As you guys know (or not) I LOVE real sleasy *****s....as trashy as can be...:-)


PS: are Colombianitas also in for the "up-the-culo-thing" as Brasilians are??

10-23-02, 11:37
Today I heared that Farc bastards put a bomb inside a POLICE-OFFICE in Bogota!!!!(which infact was in a "save" area)

Anyone up for details about this????

Hell even in a safe area as in Bogota you could get bombed!!!

Fuck that.


01-02-03, 20:09
Excellent article on Bogota 2002 nightlife here. I ddnt want to reproduce text without author's permission. Its a free site with no ads, with good info.

I will be Bogota in late February for 2 weeks. Any body else there during late Feb, early March.


02-20-03, 09:44
Bogota can be fun but the clubs are completely crazy with prices I have checked out most of them and the girls are nice but not worth the money to me($150 for 30 min plus the room$50). My opinion is get the cabs to bring the girls to you at your hotel where you are safe and you can check them out . Its half the price of the clubs. Yes it is dangerous in Bogota and going out has its problems at night. The girls have to register at the hotel and that keeps the riff raff out (at least the hotel I stay at) All the cabs know girls just ask them.

Hotels, I stay at the Capital, for me it is the best. It is in between the embassy and the airport on the main road in to the city. It aint cheap but I aint paying so........... But it is safe. Stay in a safe large hotel (Hilton, Sheraton,Marriot, Intercon) dont stay anywhere questionable,trust me. If you do go out dont go alone.

Oh I almost forgot dont buy any fake green glass! If it does not have flaws its not emerald.

02-20-03, 14:40
Bogota - Colombia, Feb 2003

Guys ...this is an exiting city to stay, money is like a joke ( 1USD = $2900COP ), places are great and nice as in America or Europe, here I spend the same than in a cheap vacation to Florida but here I am the king including the king's lidies !!! ...lots, thousands of the most beautiful women in the most luxury places!!

Recently here they had some problems with a bomb in a club but the police has taken high control of the city, the North of Bogota is very safe, rarely something happens, you can walk into the rumba (party) ditricts feelling very safe, if you dont have colombian partners, you can take one of the Hotel Taxi cabs and the driver surely will take you to the most exiting places to meet as the normal girls or the hookes you want.

Let start with the hookers ...I dont recomend downtown or South unless you go with a local one, it is cheaper there ($10 bucks to fuck!) but in the North clubs like Lido and Porkis Cabarets are the most famous ones and they use to give well care to the "gringos" ,but there are many others by Carrera 15, there you drink enough by U$25 and it is used that they will introduce you like 10 diffrent beautiful women one by one, then you chioce the one or the ones you want to scort you, after a time of streaptese, drink, chat and dance in the club you go to fuck by $50 including the room, they will make you whatever you want by the same price during 1/2 hour, at the end your driver takes you back to the hotel, if you decide to take out the girl, price doubles.

The normal girls are concentrated in the discos and bars around the brand new Atlantis Mall (Calle 85, Carrera 15) where the Hard Rock cafe is located, go into the disco then you check the girls without couple and simply say (keeare beailar) wanna dance?, if she accepts, done! ...they love "gingos" and if you are able to speak some spanish, faster! ...get her telephone and now it is up to you for the rest of the trip. If you want to meet more mature women, you go to Parque de la 93 (calle 93) where lots of European style cafes are located, and the same story....but this time you say (bebe konmigou), dink with me?

If all of this is very stressfull for you, buy the newspaper EL TIEMPO in the Adults ads you find like 30 diffrent massage places where they charge around $20 by the regular 1 hour massage, but as always every extra is availiable like nude $10, oral $15, fuck $20, some of these are special for "gringos" and they speak english, the ladies are the most lovely ones, you always choice among 10 or 15 and your one will massage with her hands, teets, mouth and all her body all of this before to fuck you at the very best colombian style.

Wanna come? ...if you pass here for business, then you will know things are diffrent than in the news and if you want to make a tour ...look for a contact or marriage agency (you get the good girl and you fuck the bad girls). ....Hey!, wear casual NON tropical cloths, Bogota average temp is 70F but if still you want to extend your vist to las hot caleñas in Cali or the beautifull paisas (Medellin) bring something tropical.

See ya.

DIEGO, Toronto - Canada

02-22-03, 18:56
I'm looking for a good place for a stag night in Bogotá...

Anyone got any experience of La Mansion (116 & autopista)?

04-06-03, 07:24
I will be traveling to Bogota shortly and am interested in outcall service to my hotel.

Price and contact info would be appreciated. Only interested in attractive and sensual women.


04-06-03, 17:50

Your sure you're not interested in unattractive, cold women??? :-)

04-08-03, 16:32
My favorite left the country for that happy hooker hunting ground up north. And to make videos as well, I believe. Sweet, sweet, girl, how I miss her...

But pick up a copy of El Tiempo, the local daily, and check out the classifieds, there's loads of ads.

Price used to be 100k ($30) for a hour of which she got half. The girls were usually quite happy to return privately for the entire night, for which I'd split the difference with them 70-90k depending on my mood. They're generally happy to be taken out to dinner too, for which none expected payment: In truth most would never to able to afford to go to a restaurant you'd be likely to take them to, so its a good way to start the evening with a nice girl.

My suggestion would be to start the night in the Zona Rosa (Mr. Babillas, Charlottes, the Cerverceria, or anything in that little stretch) and save the outcall for later on. The local girls usually like foreign men, though they probably won't sleep with you on the first night -- they never did with me anyway! Second night would be usual. If nothing on the third, they're not going to, ever.

Best nights for the Zona Rosa would be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

And they're ALL attractive and sensual :-) Give them my love.

Originally posted by Daty1
I will be traveling to Bogota shortly and am interested in outcall service to my hotel.

Price and contact info would be appreciated. Only interested in attractive and sensual women.


04-09-03, 23:34
Addicted to Women:
Thanks for the info.

Big Johnson
04-11-03, 17:49
Saw the building on the outside on the way to an appointment. A local business contact made a point of showing it to me and recomending it. He said the quality was great and has known of it for years but not with the name La Mansion.

It's easy to find. 116th and the Autopista is a bridge and the building is at the base of the bridge on the side going to the city, not the suburbs.

I think it is worth a try. I may have the opportunity to do so over the next few months.

But your report is welcomed.

04-12-03, 21:41
Thanks BigJ

I think it goes by a number of names That's the only one I was sober enough to remember!

"Quality was great", eh? Sounds like we've got a date then!

Did your business contact happen to give you any idea of what the rate there might be?

Big Johnson
04-14-03, 14:16
Expect to be in the 40 - 60 USD range for a couple of hours.

04-15-03, 17:49
And thanks again!

That's cheaper than the outcall rate (at least per hour, anyway).

05-18-03, 07:30
The good thing about Bogota, is that you will find PLENTY of gorgeous colombianas from all parts of the country. The atitude all depends on where you go. I would skip the ultra expensive places, but there are some mid-price range places with some truely gorgeous women. This is one of the few destinations where I have encountered women who I would truely rate from 9.5 to 10. And with good attitudes despite their stunning looks. I have a feeling that all of the "best of the best" working women eventually make their way to Bogota, regardless of where they are from.

I remember one particular place that stands out in my mind. It's a "polished brass and mirror" type of strip club joint with nice bright lighting. There was at least 15 women there at the time. Most of the clients were upscale colombian men, many of them wearing suits and ties. There was at least 4 girls there that I would rate 9 or above. I would guess that the oldest one was 25, and the ugliest one was probably about a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. This place has choice of short time rooms. You can get a simple bed and bathroom (with cool mirrors all around including the ceiling)
for about $12. Or you could get a full suite for around $45 for 3 hours I believe. This is just for the room charge. My negotiations happened to be with one of the most stunning, and she was asking $50 for 45 minutes, or $75 for an hour and a half in the suite.
Despite being gorgeous, the girl was so friendly, and very fun. She gave me her cell number and we chatted a few times and also made outside arrangements. She even invited me to visit her parents for dinner, which I declined.

I know that there are much cheaper places, but the quality in this particular place was just amazing.

by the way, the place was called Whiskeria 49. (it's on 49th street)

It's been a year since I've been there, so if anyone else checks it out, I would love to hear about it... And I would be curious to know if it stlil has the same caliber of talent.

It's been a while since I've been there, but I remember the more low-key "casa de citas" in Bogota were going for around $20 for half hour. The quality in may of the places is quite impressive. I also would like to hear if anyone else has more recent up-to-date info.


05-27-03, 13:17
Off the beaten track question:

I have a bi-curious female friend (and maybe her boyfriend) who'll be visting Bogota shortly and wants to know if and where she can buy (rent?!) something (female) for her whilst I'm having my fun.

Any know if and where there's a pay for lesbian scene in Bogota? The only time I had two girls there they weren't exactly rushing to put on a show for me: they told me later it was their first time with another woman. Did I just draw the short straw?

Dollar Bill
06-25-03, 22:19
I visited Bogota in April. It is the Best City in the world (IMHO). There were 2 casinos within a stone throw from my hotel. (stayed in the Zona Rosa area) There were also 3 bars that offered the Monger plenty of action. I went to the first one (Casablanca) on my second night down there. It was filled with about 25 women and a couple of tables of men. There really was not a floorshow (though they said there would be). Drinks were about 6-8 bucks for the guys. I did not buy any drinks for the ladies because I was just in there to check it out for future nights. I had tons of eye contact, and a most of the women came up to me and introduced themselves. There was a range of a couple of 5's to mostly 7-9's. Nice firm bodies with lots of chicas wearing the "hip huggers" that makes Colombia such a wonderful place to scope. I ended up leaving after about an hour of dealing with a couple of aggressive "hags." I told one of the 5's that I just wanted to relax by myself but she would not get the hint. She said she wanted to practice her English. After about 5 minutes of her "talking" to me, I finally just told her to please get up and leave me alone. I had another black chick try to leave the bar with her. I said no to her because I was still trying to be faithful to my wife. She gave me her cell. phone number just in case. I left the place feeling tired of the high pressure that some of the women were applying.

On the way back to my hotel, a guy in the street got my attention. He said that he had knew another house a block away and that the selection was pretty good. The house was not marked and I was a little paranoid about going in, but I figured that sometimes in life, you have to trust people and be adventurous. Anyway, they put me in a private room and the girls came in to introduce themselves. There was one that got my attention, and I asked the guy to get her back in to see what the terms of the "rental" was going to be. It was about $70 US for the hour. I figured I was getting the "Gringo" price so I declined and walked out with my "guide" I had given him a tip for showing me the place. He said he could go get me whatever I was looking for. I told him I wanted a small-framed woman with a small ass, beautiful face, and nice tits. He left and returned with Maribel and her friend. Maribel was a black girl of about 21 years old and tight body. Her friend was about 30, blond, and looked used up. I chose Maribel and paid the few dollars for the taxi to get the used up blond out of my way.

Maribel and I went to my hotel. It was late and the hotel staff (at night - just guys) just looked at me and smiled. No problem with allowing the girl up to my room. I had the girl take a shower with me and I washed her pretty well. She had some "smoke" and this helped us relax before going at it. 5 condoms later (and about 3 hours later) she needed to go. I did not use a viagra. It was my first time with a black chick of that quality (about a 9 with her "reddish weave" on, about a 7 without it). The smoke and the tight body were all that I needed. She said she need to get f****** hard and I did my best. She was HOT. Paid her $100,000 COP (about $36.50 US or $12 US per hour) A GREAT HOURLY RATE AS IT TURNED OUT. I got her cell. number if anyone wants it. (I am new member to WSG so I am not sure if I can post it or not - let me know please).

Anyway, when we finished, I tooked her down to the street and walked with her to one of the main drags to get a taxi. The whole time in the room it was like a GFE, but once we hit the street, she was more passive.

Anyway, I had another experience with a Non-pro woman that was selling gum and cigs. on the street. Another Black Chica and 27. I will write the details in my next report.

Yours respectfully,

Dollar Bill$

Dollar Bill
07-10-03, 21:52
Fellow hobbyist:

Finally I am back to being able to take time to write my next report. As I wrote in my last report, I had an experience with a "Non-Pro" my last night in Bogota. Here is the report. (Again, this happened to me in April 2003, so it is fairly current).

Anyway, it was my last night in Bogota (Saturday) and earlier in the day, while sightseeing, I met a woman that was around 30, very nice looking with a nice body, with her son, aunt, cousin, and cousin's kid. The aunt pushes for us to trade numbers and contact info. I asked her to be my tour guide that night and we could go dancing etc.

Anyway, I went to the Hard Rock Cafe (where we were supposed to meet) and waited for an hour for her to show. She was a no show, and after getting my hopes up of possibly nailing this fine piece of ass, I left the Hard Rock with a Hard Cock. I was a little bummed but knew many places by now that I could satisfy the needs of my little buddy.

Without hesitation, I made my way near this new mall (Andrino something - I think) and spotted this black girl selling gum and cigarettes on the street. She was there a few nights before when I was buying some Colombian bracelets for my step-kids. She and I had made eye contact that night and I thought it might be a possibility. I went up to her and bought some gum and then asked her in Spanish "Quieres ir a mi hotel conmigo?" (Do you want to go to my hotel with my?) She smiled and said yes but she said that she need to store her box full of gum etc. She said she would be back in a couple of minutes and walked away. After just getting blown off by the girl from the afternoon, I figured that I was not going to take any chances with this one; so I followed her about 100 yards back. She walks rapidly around the block and got to the place where they store their gear. She stowed it away and started heading back to where I was supposed to be. I just walked up to her and said that I followed her. We turned around and made our way back to the hotel.

We got back to my hotel (very close to this area) and walked through the reception area, got a few smiles from the guys working, and made our way up to my room. Once inside, I offered something from the minibar, and told her to make herself comfortable.

As we were sitting there having a beer, she asked my what I wanted. I told her that I wanted to hold her and touch her for a while, then we could take a shower, and then go to bed for some fun. I told her that I had money if she wanted it. Even though she was not a "Pro," I thought that since she probably does not make much money selling gum etc., she could probably use some extra money. I am not rich by American standards, but I would be making the same as a VP in a Colombian company.

She said that she wanted $300,000 (COP) ($100US). I told her that I had another friend that would do what I wanted for just $100,000 COP. We agreed on $200,000 but that she needed to stay till 1 AM. (I had to be up at 4:30 AM in order to get to the airport for my flight at 7:30 AM).

Anyway, she moved close to me and I got to play like I wanted. She had a nice little ass. (She was 27 but looked like she was 18). She started removing her clothes (she had a bunch on because being outside at night for many hours at a time in Bogota gets cold). After getting her down to her bra and thong, I got to see exactly how hot this fine young black chick was. Nice tits (32 C) and a fine ass.

She was shy about taking a shower with me so I told her to go shower alone. After a few minutes of her being in the shower, I disrobed and joined her. She got use to me being there very quickly. I soaped her body and washed her off. I started playing with her pussy and it was very wet. A BIG TURN ON FOR ME. She gave me a nice soapy hand job, and then after rinsing off, proceeded to the bed some action. I had gone out and bought myself some rubbers in case the chick in the afternoon worked out for me. (So I was prepared). She had a sweet little pick box that looked especially beautiful compared to her dark skin. Sex was great but after blowing my first load, had trouble getting my buddy to 100% stiff for the next few rounds. Everything worked but she wanted me as deep as possible and since I was not completely stiff, my cock was a little shorter than normal when completely stiff. (You guys know what I am saying here).

Anyway, we had a great time. GFE all the way. She ended up staying till about 2:30 AM then we went out and to get something to eat. We parted company at about 3:30 AM with a big kiss. She was definitely into this experience (as was I).

I packed my bags, got in to bed, took a half and hour nap, and at 4:50 AM, the phone rang telling me my taxi was there. (10 minutes early).

Got to the airport, made it though all the checkpoints and made it to my plane about the time they were calling final boarding call. It takes forever in the Bogota airport.

Anyway, to clarify something, in my last post, I said that I was married and did not want to "cheat" on my wife. While that is true, I had just turned 40, I had never had been with a black girl, and the excitement of having a chick playing with you dick, I lost my ability to say no. I saw in another post somewhere else on WSG, that great sex promotes great sex. I had 2 of the best experiences, sexually in Colombia. After getting back home, I had a few weeks of great sex with my wife before things got back to the normal married sex life returned. I was always a monger before my marriage 2 years ago, and I will always be a monger. I think that if I tell myself shit like this, then getting a little pussy on the side might be ok as long as I still take care of my wife's and family's needs. What do you guys think?

Take care and wrap that rascal!!!


Dollar Bill
07-11-03, 17:08
The home phone number for Maribel (that I reported on my 6-25 post) is:


You will need to speak spanish.

Tell her a gringo friend of yours gave you her number. Tell her that you hear she is beautiful and you are looking for some fun. The price you should pay is $100,000 Colombian Pesos (COP) or about $35.00 With me, she was not rushed for time, but if you go over, just give her a little tip and she will probably be cool with you.

Have fun and enjoy. She had a shaved beaver and loved getting oral. Her pink pussy in contrast with her black skin was beautiful! I used a thin plastic shower cap to eat her out since she is a "Pro" and because I was paranoid about tasting someone's elses spunk!

Dollar Bill$

07-16-03, 14:31
Has anyone used the following sites:

1. www.muyardientes.com
2. www.e-extasis.com

Not many sites out there unless I missed one? They blur the face, so they can send over anyone.
How reliable are the escort sites in Colombia?

Not much info about Colombia.


Big Johnson
07-21-03, 18:13
Here one that will give you many options


Heres more www.tusdeseos.col.mn, www.colsex.com, www.latin-angels.net, WWW.EROTIQUE-FEMMES.COM, WWW.CHUSCAS.COM

I've tried the Chucas and Jolie Femmes (from guia sexo latino) sites. There was a some of bait and switch. But, the experience has generally been favorable. Good looking girl. Clean. Unrushed. The prices seemed to be higher than the next option.

My best luck has been through the adds in the paper without sites. The youngest best looking girls are coming from here. I had two here that were to die for.

I have used the adds in the yellow pages as well with mixed results. The girls seem to be pretty and young but my most recent experience seemed like most seem to be out making rounds. In other words they may be getting laid 10 times in a night.

I would be interested to hear your results.

07-23-03, 20:23
BigJohnson: going to Bogota next week and would appreciate knowing which paper is best for ads. Also, if you have any numbers of chicas you recommend I can reciprocate with numbers from Cali. My email is XTNSurfer@hotmail.com and would enjoy sharing info with you privately. Ciao.

Dollar Bill
07-29-03, 22:29
Antifreeze, Aussie Greg, Surfer, and all other mongers in Colombia!,

I have talked to Surfer, and it looks like he has convinced me to hit Bogotá, Cali, and Medellín.

I will arrive in Bogota on Aug 6th and try to hook up "mi amiga - Vicki" while there.

Aug 7th, fly to Medellín, and stay till Sunday. Surfer advised me to not try to buy a plane ticket until I get to Colombia. He says it will cost me 1/4 - 1/2 of the price doing this vs. using the internet to purchase a ticket. How much was your ticket from Cali to Medellín?

Aug 11th - Aug 15th - work in Bogotá during the day, while doing research for WSG at night.

Aug 16th - Aug 20th - take a early flight to Cali and spend 4 nights in paradise! I am still a little unsure about which hotel, but I think that I am leaning towards "Hotel Don Jaime on Avenida Sexta" since it is Surfer's recommendation. I want to be close to the action.

Aug 20th - back to Bogotá

Aug 21st - Back to México

Is getting Vitamin "V" difficult in Colombia? Does it require an medical exam or prescription? I tried it once (stole one from my Dad's stash while I was home visiting) and it work for like 14 hours. I do not remember any problems with headaches, just waking up with a stiffy and putting it to my then-girlfriend a few more times. I figure if there is going to be a "stud" convention in Medellín, then I better take some performance enhancing drug to get me in the competition. (ha)

I look forward to meeting Freeze, Aussie Greg, Surfer, and anyone else down there.

Dollar Bill$

07-30-03, 04:30
Forget V, I hear that Cialis should be on sale there by late July!

07-30-03, 21:27
Bill, Look forward to seeing you in medellin on the 7th (I arreive on thre 6th and Freeze will already be there). You know which hotel. See ya.

08-04-03, 22:36
I probably have one evening alone before my GF joins with me in Bogota...so.....jajajajaja;-)




08-05-03, 06:16
Hey Fellas,

First time poster, I'm a member of UVM Club and have seen the guys mention this site quite a bit.
Bogota street action can be located on Carrera 15 between Calle 90 and 100, although the greater concentration will be between Calles 97 and 99. For thos staying in the Zona Rosa this very convenient.

The prices are anywhere from $35-60. Although if you are a foreigner the price might go up. Most foreigners (execs and embassy staff) hit this area and the rich Colombians, but it's the only safe street scene in the north of the city.

In the Chapinero district there is a lot of street action but the quality of girls are generally not good and its not safe at night.

A good place to look for pro would be in the El Tiempo Classifieds "Srevicios para Adultos". It will also have info on stripclubs and casas de citas(burdellos) and escorts.

I hope to Continue to be able to contribute more info , I live in Bogota . So if anybody has any questions I'll be glad to help.

Big Johnson
08-05-03, 15:05
Had a Colombian friend turn me on to a hot new place in the north. It is a very elegant casa with hot girls. Full bar and a small sitting/waiting area. I went on a Monday night at about 10 PM and there was only two girls but both were solid 8s. Took to my hotel a spinner named Laura. 18 y/o (confirmed on her cedula), long black hair, brown eyes, probably 105 lbs, nice B sized tits, trimmed bush. Totally a nice package.

Laura (I later found out her real name was Aracely) told me she was from Pareda and only in Bogota for 18 days. She also showed me a card that she is registered with one of the local television companies to do work.

I took her back to my hotel for 2 solid hours of fun and really great conversation. Aracely was genuinely a nice person. My only complaint on her service was no BBBJ (she said that was the rule of the guy that ran the casa.)

The guy at the casa said the best hours to get there is between 3PM and 8PM, maybe 9. The selection then is normally between 10 - 20 girls. Some live on site (my girl did.) Some are university or college students looking for extra cash and go home.

Aracely was open to returning without going to the house. I didn't discuss price because I really wanted to check out a larger selection early there today.

My friend told me the cost would be 150K but I think I got the Gringo price of 200K. The price normally includes 1.5 hours in a room on site or 2 hours at your hotel. Here is one strange twist, on site you are allowed 2 "relations", offsite it is unlimitted.

The place is called Estrato 6. It is located at Transv 33 #123-30. Tel 620-0700. The do work like an escort service if you'd rather just call from your hotel but it's worth the trip to head over and pick out your own girl. Their business card reads "Entendemos la imporancia de una excelente Y discreta compania elegante sede", translated meaning "We understand the importance of an excellent and discrete elegant company." Hope this helps.

08-08-03, 09:51
Hola, piratas!

I went to the area of 86 and 15 in Bogotá. On that street there are a number of clubs. I walked into Extasis, there was a monger sleeping on a couch. There were about 8 girls dancing listlessly on a dance stage. They all had their clothes on and none were above a 7 in my personal scale. [Others might think them doable.]

I left Extasis and went to Copabana, right in front. There I saw a few 7's, 8's and one 8.5. [Once again, personal scale. I like them busty, tanned, slim, with a nice haircut and no wrinkles nor stretchmarks.]

I hooked up with Tatiana. I'd say she's a 8.5 in looks, I don't know. I got a hard one when I saw her.

Long story short, I paid her two hundred thousand for two hours. I paid 60 thousand for the bar fine. I took her to a motel where I paid 56 thousand for a room with Sauna.

The girl rocked my world. A twenty something year old woman improves my mood significantly. I think I overpaid. I'll try to pay less in the future.

Clubs can now stay open until 3 in the morning.


08-11-03, 08:11
!Hola, Piratas¡

Bogotá Report

First of all. Bogota is not a monger destination. But, if you are here you might as well know where to obtain some poon so that the night doesn't seem so goddamn uneventful.

Sunday night in Bogota, if it isn´t dead, then it's in critical condition. Went everywhere, everywhere was closed or dead. Ended up in Casanova, on carrera 15 and calle 86. This club is better than Extasis or Copacabana. Also more expensive. The girls are, on average, prettier. There's a giant screen showing semi-soft porn. There's a stripper that comes out every whenever and prances on the stage.

The drinks are 20 thousand pesos for an imported beer. The girl drinks are 35 thousand pesos. I chose a spinner, a brunnete. She charged 200 thousand pesos. The fine was 80,000 (in copacabana the drinks are 16 k and the fine is 60 k).

I purposefully forgot her name. I don't want to call my wife "Chupito" by mistake. 8-}

There's something about a twenty something year old woman that improves mein mood. Took her to the hotel because I now know that motels are riskier, plus most do not have a thousand mirrors, so that I can admire my hairy derrier from multiple angles.

08-19-03, 18:43
a few quick reports.

1) la mansión
address: 116 con autopista norte

this place is located in an old mansion. it is closed on sundays.
ten p.m. i walked in and got searched. i was led to a living room with a number of couches and tables and girls. next to the living room there´s another room with a pool table. a few nocturnal femmes were playing with the sticks and the balls (all the innuendo is on purpose). a few gents sat talking to girls. one classy joint.

the romper rooms are upstairs. i was sitting next to a tall brunette who reminded me of mira sorvino (others might have been reminded of paul sorvino. what do i care?)

i talk to the girl. we order drinks: red bulls, nine thousand each. she seems off. excuses herself to go to the bathroom. comes back, her nose and speech give clear indications of a severe coke habit. we get down to business and she quotes me 600 thousand pesos for one hour on premises, plus the price of the room. i haggled her down to 200. then told her that i don´t sleep with santa´s niece.

the girls were no better than at casanova.

address: carrera 14 no. 83-23
they advertise in el tiempo.

this is a massage parlor. it´s open till 10. went in at 7:00 p.m. chose a curvy girl. got a therapeutic massage. her uniform was quite impressive. all my sore muscles received treatment. $125 thousand for an hour of full therapy. she was pretty but inexperienced and bitchy. i have a way with the femmes.

3) lido
address on calle 95 near carrera 15. (this is zona norte.)

a girlie bar. every twenty minutes a girl takes her clothes off. not as fancy as casanova. fine is 55 thousand. a drink is twenty thousand minimum for the guys. i don´t know how much for the femmes. this girl was asking me for two hundred thousand for 1 hour. i haggled her down to 150 for one and a half hours. she rocked my world.

i take the opportunity to ask posters to make an effort and write down the addresses of the places you go to. i try to ever since i read someone say that an address is not, "all the taxi drivers know where it is".

address all pertinent questions to the group.


08-20-03, 22:55
Just back from Bogota and while there IS ample action to be found, prices arte higher and attitudes more businesslike. NObody should confuse it with Cali (mongerwise). Will post details soon, but IMHO if you spealk passable Spanish and mongering a priority of your trip, other cities in Colombia are much better IMHO.

08-31-03, 00:04
Yes, this is my first but not last posting.

I was in Bogota for several days last week. I'm not one to go out much so I used the chuscas.com website and tried out three, all very good (young and beautiful) GFEs. I don't consider the rate (120,000 pesos/hr) to be that bad, especially with their promo of buy 2 hrs get one free.

All three gave me their private numbers and I worked out lower rate. I am fluent in Spanish and treated them very good so that helps.

On one ocassion, the service called me back to tell me the girl was running late and offered me another comparable one who would be only 20 minutes. I took them up and have no regrets and yes, she was on time.

Next time will try Cali. But I recommend chuscas in Bogota.

09-13-03, 19:14
Hello. I went to Bogota with a friend of mine about 2 weeks ago. He
was telling me how dangerous Bogota is so he insisted I only go with
him. To make a long story short I was only there for one night and
not being super fluent in Spanish I had my man have the hotel get a
girl for me (I know-big mistake). Anyway I figured if I told them
specifically what I wanted that would help. I was looking for a dark
skinned Colombiana with a fat ass, kinda like one I saw in Costa Rica
at Blue Marlin two weeks prior (a girl I wanted to fuck but she was
already with some a middle age dude), I'm young and black myself so
the fat ass part you can probably understand. Anyway the Bogota
hotel guy sent a girl that was light brown kinda petite which I took
as a warning. But I needed nude photos for school project as well as
a good fuck. We negotiated the photos which turned out great it was
the sex that sucked. As well as the fact that the time with the
agency is bullshut. It was like s
he was counting the milliseconds. I felt like I was fucking the
agency not the girl. I couldn't believe how wack this girl was in
bed. Pussy was loose, no anal, the blow job was covered. I was like
Got Damn. The best thing she had going was the hand job which was
fantastic as well as when I came all over her body or should I say
exploded because I was incredibly horny. This week I'm going to Cali
because people have told me it's better as well as the post I've been
reading here have suggested Cali. Also a guy on the plane trip back
told me the black girls are on the coast. I told him I plan to hit
every city because I do like the morena girls too but I was looking
for a clone of that girl I saw in Costa Rica. In Bogota I saw
several fine ladies but also I see the internet sex scene in Colombia
is very limited. Well I'll have faith that what I've heard about
Cali is true, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.


Big Johnson
09-17-03, 13:09
Read about Casablanca or Casa Blanca on another board. Anyone with experience with this place? Near 24th and the autopista?

Im going to be there during the week of Sept 29.

I am going to try Estrato 6 at Transv 33 #123-30. Tel 620-0700.

I'm going to try this place out. Anyone game?

10-30-03, 03:13
the rabbit is planning a trip to BOG(JAN or FEB) to see a chica friend, looking for a safe hotel in the $30-50 range,.... she's coming from outta town to meet me, since her area is muey peligroso!!!.......any recommendations, 'cause i ain't havin' alot of luck on the WEB finding a place........BTW, what's going on in BOG the 2nd week of FEB, cause almost all the hotels are booked up!!???($80-400 range)wtf...............the rabbit

10-31-03, 01:13
think i'm gonna try Suites Real 85, $37/night.......anyone know the pros & cons of this place, looks good on the website??!i'm only gonna be there 4 or 5 days............RAB

Cachaca Lover
11-27-03, 19:34
I’ve been a lurker around here for quite some time and finally decided to register so I can join in the conversation about Colombia. Actually, what I really want to do is describe a situation I find myself in, and see if any of you have had similar experiences and can offer me some advice.

My credentials for being here are this – I’ve been traveling for business to Latin America for 20 years, with the last 10 years mostly focused on Colombia. It wasn’t long after my first arrival in Bogota that I discovered that Colombian women are the best looking women in the world. It wasn’t long after that that I started discovering places like Copacabana, Casanova, Exstasis, Lancaster Club, the Lido (my personal favorite), and the various massage parlors on Carrera 13 between Calles 82 and 83. I’ve been a regular in all these places – the waiters know me, the girls know me, and I get treated well. My own personal record is 7 different girls in one 10 day trip.

When I was in Bogota recently, I paid my usual visit to the Lido. There was a new girl there who immediately attracted my attention, so we started talking. It was just her second day there. We hit it off, went to my hotel, and had a great time. I gave her a call 2 days later and she came by for another visit. The time we spent together was one of the greatest sexual experiences of my life (sorry guys, she’s no longer working at any Bogota club).

I returned to the US from this trip and we started a regular email correspondence. Turns out I needed to return to Colombia again a couple of weeks later, not to Bogota but another city. I asked if she wanted to join me there and she said yes. I bought her a plane ticket and she came and stayed with me. What I found out was not only she the most exciting sexual partner I had ever had, but she was smart, intriguing, complex, and a wonderful person to spend time with. We kissed goodbye at the airport when I had to return and have since been in constant email contact.

Yes, you guessed it – I have fallen head over heels for her. For all the other beautiful and interesting women I have met in Colombia, there has never been anyone who has so totally captivated and enchanted me like this. Now here’s the rest of the story. I am married with kids, but almost feel like I’d be willing to toss everything to be back with this beautiful and compelling Colombiana. She is considerably younger than I am. The fact that I exchanged money for her favors of course complicates the whole situation for me – are these real feelings I have for her and she for me, or is this just the illusion of another GFE that I’ve let overtake me? Believe me, I’ve had more than my fair share of GFEs with beautiful Colombian women, but this time it seems very different to me.

Her financial situation is that she is considering leaving Colombia to work in another country sometime in the next few months. That is, unless I can convince her otherwise.

So – am I crazy or what? Have any of you had something similar like this happen and what have you done about it? This is a new kind of experience for me, and I think I would benefit from anyone who was any advice to offer.

11-30-03, 05:02

It's great to find someone who rocks your world! ...

You seem to be an experienced guy ... here's the question ... is she asking for $$$?

If she goes to this different country to work ... you can't see her anymore?

Enjoy this chica, get to know her better ... with time you'll get a better feel for her feelings or if she's just using you.


11-30-03, 06:47
<<So – am I crazy or what?>>

Yes you are. In the way that all men are. Here's the setup. Don't get rid of your wife. Your kids need a daddy and a mommy. Plus divorce can be so expensive.

Instead, you rent a nice apartment for your girlfriend in Colombia. Give her a nice monthly stipend. Don't go overboard.

Now, be French about the whole thing. She might be unfaithful to you while you are away. That's okay. You say to yourself, hey, no biggie.

Always let her know far in advance when you are going to show and always wear a condom for vaginal or anal sex.

You are not the first, you won't be the last.

Good luck,

Rabo Verde
12-01-03, 03:48
This is an old old story. Been there done that. The girl always "just started" and isn't really that kind of girl. Blah blah blah. She may be the nicest, most sincere person in the world, and make a big point of not asking for money at first, but believe me, you will end up sending money. No matter how much you send, it will never be enough. If she is playing you, she will want the money for herself, if she is really nice, she will care about her family and will ask for more and more money for them. As soon as you take care of her problems, her relatives will start hitting her up. They don't really need to make up stories, they usually have legit problems, Uncle Jose is a diabetic who can't afford insulin, etc. Your girl may have no intent of "using" you, but Colombianas are very family-oriented, so they can't say no to their families. There is a never ending chain of family tragedy which only you will be able to fix. If you do not come thru, she will have no choice but to go work the bar scene in Costa Rica, Panama, etc., even tho it breaks her heart to do it. Do NOT abandon your U.S. family for this pipe dream. You have an addiction. At least set a monthly limit on what you will send, and stick to it no matter what. No matter what these girls say, they are NEVER able to send home more than $500- $1,000 a month from the "other country", so if you are sending $1,000 a month, she is doing better than she would otherwise. Set her up in an apartment if you want and go see her there. If you still feel the same in 3 years, maybe do something then. You are no doubt 20 years older than her, so be aware that the girl will probably see other guys when you are not there, no matter what she says. You can easily verify this for a few hundred dollars by hiring a Colombian private investigator.

I Love Sluts
12-01-03, 04:47

These colombian girls are all the same, they are so desperate because they are so poor that they will do anything for there survival. I agree with many of you that you can find a sweetheart out there, but most of these colombian girls do the same thing, they try to get two to three boyfriends with the same attributes,(suckers with money), they get three to four guys to pay them monthly dollars and it adds up very nicely. I see it all the time in Panama City, these girls get apartments for free and they are escorting on the side when the American is in the United States. I know many girls in Panama City that have Americans paying for there apartment and they are fucking on the side for money. I know this because i am the one fucking when they are out of the country. Remember

1. Would these girls support you if you were the one with no money?
2. do you really think they would care about you if you were poor?
3. if they were the ones with the money, would they give you the time of day, or would they be looking the other way,I guarantee they would be looking for more money, not interested in paying you jack shit

I might sound cynical and rude, but come on guys, these Colombians are only out for your money/ a better life for themselves. I AM ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR MY FELLOW AMERICANS AS I WRITE THIS, if you want to throw your money away, fine, but these girls see you as an investment, not a person, these girls view us like we view the LOTTERY, it sure would be nice. My experience has been that it is great to hang out with these girls, they are great sex, nice people, but i would not get to involved, soon you will be paying for her cousins cousins whom you will never meet. Keep your money and just bang them. I have seen to many stupid Americans paying for these girls in Panama City /apartment/food/utilities etc. , and they fuck there clients in the apartment that the American has paid for, I know this because I am have seen it first hand as i have banged girls that i did not even know had American boyfriends. Just my 2 cents, but I believe is the truth.


12-01-03, 05:21
A question for those in the know, so that our friend Cachaca Lover can get an idea of how much to send his mistress in Colombia. Let's say that she lives in Bogota and he wants to make her a reasonable offer. How much per month should he send her?

Oh, by the way. Whenever I start having feelings for a working girl I go and bang someone who looks like her from behind. In other words, I agree with those that think developing a relationship with her is a mistake.

Rabo Verde
12-01-03, 06:02
Well if she got a full-time job as a secretary she would earn about $200 a month.

12-01-03, 06:49
cachaca lover: Caution is required, and don't act hastily, but your idea IS doavble in my opinion. Yes there are snakes in the grass, but Colombia is also full of sweet, honest young lasses in economic distress who could use some help but will treat you like a king in return. US women will drain your wallet even more efficiently and without giving back the sex & love which Colombianas will give you.

Simple Man
12-01-03, 09:21

I won't presume to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, your a grown man and capable of making your own decisions. I will, however, share some actual personal experience and my opinion.

I did support a 21 year old woman from Medellin, her mother and 3 year old sister for over a year. My situation did not end the way that I hoped. I am not bitter or angry about that, only disappointed.

I still think that it is possible that the situation that you are describing could have a happy ending. The complication with yours is your existing family but you know your situation and feelings there better than anyone else.

I would agree with the people that have advised against rushing into the situation. If there are pressing needs which are causing her to go to work in another country then maybe you could offer to take care of these immediate needs if she postpones her new employment.

I would think that to support the girl it would cost at least $500.00 a month. If she is supporting other family members then be prepared to pay more.

If you do go forward with this, then I would recommend that you make sure that you spend time with her on at least a monthly basis. I think that a large factor in the failure of my own relationship was that we only saw each other every 2-3 months. It made it hard to keep the fire going in the relationship. No matter how much you talk on the phone or e-mail its not the same as being there.

I would also advise to keep other people out of your business and make sure that she agrees with that philiosophy. I had the misforune of having a friend of mine meet a girl that knew mine. The ensuing meddling was the source of most of my problems in my relationship.

Finally, take this board with a grain of salt. There are some posters that actually put some thought into what they write and offer advice based on actual experiences. There are others that seem to talk out of their asses and offer expert opinions on issues that they know nothing about and claim a myriad of experiences just to read their own posts and feel important. I am sorry if this insults anyone but I know for a fact one person posting in this chain is full of s***.

Whatever you decision is best of luck and always pursue what makes you happy.

Cachaca Lover
12-01-03, 13:12
Thanks to all of you for helping me to think through this situation. Some of the postings were like a bucket of ice cold water thrown in my face, but the net effect was that I got a better night’s sleep last night than I have in a while, like since this whole thing began.

I realized I might have come off making some unintentionally naïve statements in my original posting, especially after reading Chuponalgas and ILS’s comments, so I want to add some more info to this mix. I said that the night I met her at the Lido it was just her second night. What I meant was that it was her second night working at the Lido. She had already worked at other places, including a stint in Panama. She was a professional and knew what she was doing. I don’t have any illusions of an innocent little girl having been forced into the Lido and just trying to get through her second night on the job.

As to the Same Old Story/Colombian Sex Trap syndrome – I have also been there and done that and know the drill. I had a regular “friend” at the Lido a couple of years ago, a very cute Calena. Our little thing went on for probably about a year. It got to the point that she didn’t want me to reimburse her for her services, and she also regularly procured another girl for the two of us to enjoy together. Then one day she needed to pay her mother’s rent or else her mother would be thrown out of her apartment. I was surprised, but helped her out. Shortly afterwards, she needed money or else the telephone to the apartment would be cut off. I was kind of annoyed and gave her some of the money. Then there was some other emergency. I was feeling used and abused. End of the story.

I’ve had a couple of other friends since her. One of them (from Exstasis) told me her mom needed an operations and could I help out. I knew this was the Same Old Story syndrome so bye-bye. The next one (from the Lido) – by the way, a drop-dead gorgeous blond in that to-die-for Colombiana way – called me one day to tell me they were going to cut off the water to her mom’s apartment if she didn’t pay her water bill. Bye-bye again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

I just wanted to have all that part of the story out there so you’re not thinking this is some dumb American just getting initiated into the Colombian scene. The current object of my attention has some different and unique qualities that I see. I am generally a good judge of character, although I’ve also made some dumb mistakes in my past. I see a light in this one that I have not seen in others, which was why I wanted to know of others’ experiences. I wanted to know if my previous experiences (Chuponalgas’ Same Old Story syndrome) is the way it ALWAYS turns out, or if anyone has had different experiences, ever.

In any case, you’re comments have helped me to think more rationally about this. I still am turning it all over in my head about what to do next, but I have more food for thought thanks to all of you. If you think of other advice to add to what’s already been given, please go ahead and let me know.

Out of curiosity – most of you sound like you spend lots of time in Colombia. Do you live there or just go there a lot? Would you be interested in meeting up sometime if it turns out we’re there at the same time?

And to Surfer – your comments about the sweetness of Colombians is appreciated. I have traveled and worked all over Latin America and have never met any group of people nicer, friendlier, and more open than the people of Colombia.

12-01-03, 19:33
Cachaca Lover,

I was at a similar situation like this, my girl studies full time at an university, but was working temporarily at a massage parlor to make some quick cash for a sudden financial crisis when I met her. Since then, I have been to Colombia to see her every month, and get to know her family as well. Our relacionship didn't involve money, at least not yet. A few time I was gonna give her money at the airport ,she refused. This and from other oservation made me think that she is not in this relation for money. The whole time we were together, I can feel she is not a hardcore pro, and money has never been a subject. She always returned the changes when I gave her money to pay for something. But in reality, one way or the other thay are all looking for financial security.

Even if yo can go down to Colombia every month like I did, most of the time you are still apart, and that is not very healthy for a relationship. I called her, and she writes me every day, a lot of misunderstanding still occured dued to the distance. In my case, language was not a problem. If you can't move down there and live with her, the relation will be very difficult. I know many Colombian girls live on the support of their "Amantes", either a local man who can afford or a foreigner, and in return they provide sex in demand. For these girls, love has a very different definition than a regular girl. If companionship and sex is what you are looking for, they can be very passionate and romantic. They are the best lovers. For a serious relationship, I would avoid a working girl or these amantes.

I also travel to Latin America a lot for business, let me know and hope we can meet up somewhere sometimes.

I Love Sluts
12-01-03, 20:24
Cachaca Lover,

You are a smart person and i think you see the truth . Just put yourself in her position,HER LOGIC IS get some american guy to pay for my life and fuck him a couple times a month , or fuck everynight for no money with some colombians. She is looking for the easy way out and why not, but if she has worked at various clubs in the area including Panama City, then she is a money hungry ***** looking for your American Dollar. Just beware and I would make a spreadsheet on your computer and put down everything that you have given her in regards to money.

If you want to see if she really cares , do not give her any money and see if she stays in contact, then you will get the real person. Just my 2 cents.


12-02-03, 04:48
hey Cachaca Lover,.... you know you've got a "keeper " when she tries to give some of your money BACK TO YOU!!!.......hope it works out?!..........RAB

Rabo Verde
12-02-03, 05:00
I have seen probably 100 of these situations in the last 25 years and never saw any work out in the long term. CATCH-22: If she is just a user, you will spend money and get hurt. If she IS a really nice person, she will be crying all the time about family tragedies, and you will have to "volunteer" to help or watch her cry about her family. Many of these girls are real sweetie-pies, but that means they will be totally devoted to their families. I have seen these girls literally go hungry so they can send every penny home for Uncle Charlie who needs a penis transplant, or whatever the "tragedy of the week" is. I have also sat and listened to these girls compare their American "boyfriends" and brag about how much money each is sending... They call them "Western Union Girls". But hey you only live once!!!

12-04-03, 18:42

I will be in Bogota the night of the 18th of December.
Anyone for a beer? Send me a PM is so.

Of course a report about this trip will follow soon.

Mr. Chencho

12-05-03, 17:08
Hello amigos,

This might become handy when visiting Colombia (Bogota)


Mr. Chencho

12-13-03, 08:13
Also this just appeared on news wire.

U.S. Embassy in Colombia Issues Terror Warning

Friday, December 12, 2003

BOGOTA, Colombia — The U.S. Embassy warned Friday of "a high probability" of imminent terrorist attacks in Bogota (search) and said Americans and U.S. companies may also be targeted in the coastal city of Cartagena.
The warning urged Americans to avoid major commercial, entertainment and nightlife centers for the next several days.
Bogota's two trendiest shopping and dining districts continue to be off-limits to U.S. Embassy employees, their families and embassy contractors.
Colombia's main rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (search), known as the FARC, has carried out bomb attacks in this Andean capital in which dozens of people have been killed.
A FARC commander said on Nov. 29 that it would also attack U.S. military personnel, who have been training and advising Colombian government forces battling the 40-year-old leftist insurgency.
On Nov. 15, a rebel tossed hand grenades into two Bogota brewpubs frequented by Americans, wounding 72 people, including four Americans.
The United States has spent some $2.5 billion, most of it in military aid and training, since 2000 to help the Colombian government battle the FARC and a smaller leftist rebel group. "

Be safe


12-23-03, 14:36
Hola Gents,

As planned I arrived to Bogota for my one night stop before continuing my trip.
It was 17:00h and I didn’t have any problems getting into the country. I changed US$200 at the most farther exchange house before getting out of the airport. The exchange rate was of C$ 2,610 so I ended up with a little fortune.

A driver was waiting for me.

No news from the airport to the hotel, with the exception of traffic. People in Bogota drive like maniacs.

I arrived to my Hotel, the Windsor House in calle 95. They don’t have their own web page, but you can make a search in Google and find information about the hotel.

The price is right, C$130,000 (approx. US$ 50) for a single room and C$ 250,000 (approx. US$ 100) for business, breakfast included. No problem calling/bringing up girls to the room.

The format of the room is of small apartments, small living room and kitchenette, on big bedroom with a king size bed and a big restroom (the business room with Jacuzzi).

It was 18:30 and I called the agency http://www.e-extasis.com , of course I had done my little research of the site before and I was very clear of whom I wanted.

I asked the attendant that I wanted 2 services, Sol at 20:30h and Yadira next day 10:00h. Prices agreed are the ones on the web page. It includes 1:15m of services, as much intercourse as you can take during the time. Each service is priced at C$ 150,000 (aprox. US$ 55.00)

I called the reception and announced that I will be receiving a female visitor, and I got a “no problem sir” (magic words) from the receptionist (all males).

I just chilled down, relaxed, tried to shake off my jetlag (arriving from Europe) until show time.

21:00hrs the girl arrived, the porter escorted her to my room and made me sign a document accepting the visit. That was it, not a single penny.

So this tall, copper skinned, full of curves introduced herself as Sol. She was not Sol, but what the hell she was beautiful, sexy and she was IN MY ROOM. Looking in retrospective at the web site, she looks more like Fernanda.

We had a small chat in the living, I offer her some drink and she saw a bottle of whiskey I had on the table so she asked for it.

I pour her whiskey with some ice, and wow. It just magically disappeared in her throat. I poured her a second one and we move to the room.

In the night table I had placed the money (this is a tip by the way), so she doesn’t has to ask for it and I don’t have to pay her. It makes things more smoothly and helps the girls relax.

She took the money and we got that out of the way.

We started a friendly conversation, and she was very relaxed and fun. I asked her to get comfortable so we striped out and she lay flat on her back in the bed.

I started to kiss her neck, arms, chest, and she reciprocated kissing my chest.

Sorry guys, no sex details. I keep those for me. I can tell you that she was enthusiastic, fun, very hot, and I almost believed that she liked it. Just the sight of this monument naked in bed, giving herself to me, was extremely arousing.

We had two good rounds, with cuddling and laughs after each round. Watched some TV hugging in bed. She has the softest skin.

I was starting to feel tired from the trip so I invited her to leave, so she got dressed (sexy outfit) I escorted her out, she kissed my goodbye and left.

That was it for the night.

Here is the link for two pictures of her.

More to come tomorrow morning and the visit of Yadira ( or whoever they send).

Next day’s morning. At 10AM Yadira (her other artistic name is Veronica) ringed my door. Looking in retrospective to the web site, she is there as Alejandra.
She is 21 years old, colleague student trying to make some extra money for studies. She is a complete knock out, 1.70m, thin, full of curves, beautiful long black hair and honey coloured eyes, breast firm and tender. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt like the Big Bad Wold about to eat the Little Red Riding Hood.
Beautiful feeling.

So I invited her into the living room and offered her something to drink. She asked for a Coke so I went to the mini-bar. We starting chatting she told me about her studies, and that she is in the final years in a private university. Her father lost his job therefore she is into this business for a short period, enough to finish studies.

Then we went to the room, cuddle a little in bed, and I invited her to get comfortable.
We strip down to our underwear and I started to caress her sexy body as she also caressed mine. I told her how beautiful she was, and she liked the compliments. We both were very relaxed with each other, so after a few moments we went down to the hanky panky. I just can say that she was very sweet and tender, and she really treated me nice. We took two rounds on the roller coaster.

Afterwards we chatted for a while, just relaxing and enjoying ourselves… beautiful feeling.

My taxi came to pick me up so I had to rush, get dressed and get the hell out to the airport.

She allowed me to take pictures of hers as long as it doesn’t show her face.

So I took one and my fucking camera ran out of batteries, and I didn’t had the spares with me, so I only took one picture. I promise her not to show her face so I altered the picture.

Here it is

All and all I had a great time in Bogota, and I will come back again in March2004, as I have already planned Jan2004 to Caracas and Feb2004 to Mexico DF.

Next time I think I will adventure out into the streets and try to pick up a chick on a disco, defiantly I don’t think it is too complicated.

Ahh, one more thing: Some level of Spanish speaking is fundamental or you are out of the game. When you call the agency they speak some English but the girls don’t.

Yours truly,

Mr. Chencho

Cachaca Lover
12-31-03, 18:46
Will be arriving in Bogota on January 10 and I'll be around on and off until the end of the month. I'll also be up in Cartagena for at least part of the time. Anyone else going to be in Colombia then and want to get together for a night on the town?

01-22-04, 16:56
I will be in Bogota the night of the 20th of February/2004.

If any fellow monger is in town, we might hook up for beers and to explore the mongering scene.

PM Me.

Best regards,

Mr. Chencho

Nyc Expat
01-23-04, 13:48
Hello Mr Chencho
We’ve PM a bit late last year.
Nice report/pics you uploaded. I’m looking forward to my departure for Cartegena in early April.

BTY, you described her body as a monument. I think sculpture is more appropriate, don’t you agree?

Have a good one. Have many.

01-23-04, 14:52
NYC Expat,

I am glad you liked the report. I will be in CPH the week of the 2nd of feb, but I will go with a girlfriend. Something Interesting happening in town those days?

Best Regards,

Mr. Chencho

Nyc Expat
01-23-04, 22:29
Mr. Chencho

Things here are uneventful the past few weeks with the darkness and either very cold or rainful days and evenings.

If I see/hear anything for that week, I'll PM.

Keep in touch.

01-27-04, 01:01
Hey fellow mongers!

I'm finally getting out of friggin' cold Canada and will be in Bogota for 2 nights before heading off to Cali. What I need help with is. Can someone tell me where I find a "bloody" good brothel with quality chicas and where I can do the shagging in house? Might be frowned upon if I bring her back to where I'm staying. Oh and what time do these places close? My flight gets in at 21:30h I hope It's not too late by the time I shit, shave & shower.



PS. Anybody wants to meet up for a beer and check out the local talent, I'll be in Bogota Feb 9 & 10. Send me a PM.

Big Johnson
01-28-04, 13:49

For good quality but at a high price try:
Transv 33 #123-30 6200700 150,000CP or 53 USD for 2 hours

For a good value try

!!A_BARBYS!! Calle 116 19-57. 6200586 $50,000CP 18 USD for 30 minutes.

I had a good time at both.

01-28-04, 19:57
Big Johnson ... are these two places you mentioned daytime only places or are they open at night also ... thanx

01-28-04, 21:05
Rufus: IF you speak good Spanish AND you don't mind being the only gringo in the place, try Whiskeria La 49, Cra 13 No. 49-77 (288 8773). Best after midnight (open until 5 or 6!), do NOT buy a bottle (just order beer unless you got $$$), and BARGAIN to no more than 100K INCLUDING habitacion. NOT an area to stroll around, but there is ample security at the door to safely get you inside from your taxi.

I could tell you some cheaper locals only places near La Candelaria, but better you try La 49 first.

Big Johnson
01-28-04, 21:48

Transv 33 was OK at 10 PM but it is best from 5 PM until 8 or 9 PM. I think if you call ahead, there will be at least a few to pick from later at night. You may have to tell the guy what you are looking for but he should accomidate you.

Barby's gets better at night. They get talent from the downtown area after 5 PM. The only problem here is there are only 2 on site suites. You may have to wait for your room.

You won't find many Gringos in these places either. Most of the Gringo traffic can be found in the strip clubs. Places like Porkies, etc. Even then it won't be like the Blue Marlin in San Jose or the Termas in Rio.

01-29-04, 01:45
Thanks Big Johnson.

Techie Guy
01-29-04, 03:42
Man let me tell you cra 13 - 49 THAT'S one place i will not recommend to walk around just go in and out ASAP.

There is a LOT better places to go than that...

I'm a Colombia guy, living outside now ;)

01-29-04, 09:38
Thanks Big Johnson and Surfer, quality!

Surfer, I don't speak Spanish but I don't mind being the only gringo in a place either. Do the local lads care if gringos hang out in these places? I think I'd rather be in a place where the chicas don't see many gringos too.



02-04-04, 00:48
It is great to be back in Bogota. As soon as I reached my hotel last night I called Chuscas (www.chuscas.com) and ordered up some company. My place at the World Trade Center, Hotel Bogota Royal, was somehow hard for the girl to find--it took her over an hour to show up. I had Vanessa, 20 years old, slim, friendly, and cute looking. We got right to it. No french kissing or fingers were allowed, but she enjoyed oral and gave a nice CBJ. After she finished me by getting on top I was pleased that she did not want to rush off. We cuddled and stroked for awhile until I got another hard on, then it was my turn on top. Colombian women have this unique talent to basically raise their legs in the air almost over your head, which is fantastic for pumping away. The other thing I love is the price, 120,000 pesos or less than $50 for everything. I look forward to a few more samples this week.

02-05-04, 01:32
on tuesday i called up extasis (www.e-extasis.com) and requested alejandra. she was recommended earlier, but i am not sure that i got the same girl. anyway, she arrived promptly and could not have been more friendly. she has a pretty face but is a little heavy. i would say that she more than made up for this with her enthusiasm and cooperative attitude--fingers, kissing, etc. were no problem. (however, it was strange that she had no condoms of her own.) she liked oral and we had two vigorous sessions. it was only supposed to be for an hour but it ended up more like two. in between she gave me one of the best massages i have ever had--she has some training as a physical therapist. the 110,000 pesos was a bargain and i added a generous tip.

Sir Hades
02-05-04, 21:15

I will be there from next week and stay at same hotel.

This is my second business trip over there.

Do you know Hotel Bogota Royal charges for a company coming over the room?

It is so embarrasing when you check out with a receptionist.

But have a good time and write more information over there.


El Chavo
02-05-04, 22:52

Thanks for the reports and links. Your skepticism about the pictures is well founded. I recognize a couple of chics from Argentina mixed up amongst the pics.

02-08-04, 18:43
Hotel Bogota Royal does charge 70,000 pesos for guests. Maybe you can build this into your room rate. I had them put it on a separate bill. Show no shame! As the receptionist told me, you have to relax after all the hard work.

FYI, avoid Jadira on E-extasis. She's worthless.

02-10-04, 03:35
A hottie from an escort service in Bogota. She's originally from Cali.

02-10-04, 03:38
Another view of my beautiful Calena, Vanessa.

02-10-04, 03:39
I have done many P4P's last year and this Calena is on my top three list. She had me shaking afterwords! She's only 18 years old too! I am still flabbergasted.

02-10-04, 03:41
My favorite one of her!

Sir Hades
02-10-04, 20:02

What is the name of the escort service?

I am staying in Hotel Bogota Rayal.

Give me some advice.


El Culion
02-10-04, 22:45

I'll be in Locombia in April and would love that 18-year-old Caleña!

Where can I meet her?

02-11-04, 22:19
To be honest, I don't recall the escort agency. It is something like "chuco . com", but I am sure my spelling may be off. Or was it "chulo . com" or "chucho". Hell, I can't remember. Sorry guys.
She was definitely on my top 10 all time best lays. Totally amazing coming from a 18 year old hottie!

Cachaca Lover
02-11-04, 23:35
Maybe it was chuscas.com? Tried them once and it was very satisfactory.

02-12-04, 02:28
El Culion

Try www.chuscas.com

Take care


02-12-04, 02:33
Bingo!! Thanks!

El Culion
02-12-04, 08:12
Much obliged guys.

I'll give her a try.

El Culion
02-12-04, 20:30

Which one of the girls of chuscas is she? Can't find her. What's her name?

02-26-04, 14:48
Saturday 21st of February.

It is 10:00 AM and I’m sitting in a small café in El Dorado Airport, zipping a glass of “Red Bull”, “salsa” music is playing, “El Jalala” from the 70’s. I’m waiting for my flight to my final destination. My computer is in front of me and I start writing this report.

My mind is wandering about what I have experienced last night. I know I have to put it in words, to share it with you all, but honestly, I don’t know where to start.

Maybe the best starting point is the actually the beginning.

Yesterday, I arrived to Bogota at 5PM, changed US$300 into pesos (rate 2600) and took my taxi to the Windsor Hotel in calle 95 and 9a (more info about the hotel in my previous report).

People at the reception remembered my face and welcomed me in the best of possible ways.

I checked in to the best suite in the hotel, it cost about US$100, breakfast included.

By 6:30 PM I was settled.

I started to wonder what to do. If to call a girl I have been with before, Alejandra (more info in my previous report), or if to call Jimena.

Jimena is a “chica” recommend to me by a fellow monger, who claims that she rocked his world up side down. She is a Semi-pro, working on a bank during the day and escorting during the nights.

I was also jetlagged from my long flight from Paris, so I was even considering not calling anybody.

I had a copy of “El Tiempo” in my room, so I had a look to the ads about escorts.

One ad catch my eyes. It was from the agency chuscas (http://www.chuscas.com)

I remembered some good reviews posted here about the agency so I decided to give them a call.

A very nice girl (Andrea) answered the phone, and we started talking about services and prices.

I asked her about one girl for two hours, etc… and then she made me a proposal.

She said that they had a promotion, 2 bi-sexual girls for 1:15hrs at 315,000 (US$120).

Mmm… interesting I said.

I know myself so in order to take it easy and have no rush, I need two hours.
I asked the price for the same trick for two hours. She went and asked somebody (the boss I assume) and came back with Pesos 450,000. Not bad… considering the prices paid in Europe.

However, this was Bogota so I decided to bargain. I said Pesos 400,000 (US$153) and we close the deal immediately. I also told her that it was the first time for me with this agency and that if the service was satisfactory for me, they could count on a loyal customer, with a good network (all of you) to recommend their agency.

Well, the answer was YES. So it was a done deal.

Then we started talking specifics. Which girls I wanted from their web page.

Actually I hadn’t look at the web page so I told Andrea to choose for me. My only requirement was for them to be slim, and that they had experience working together already. I wanted them to be “comfortable” with each other and fun.

She said that she would call me back.

Five minutes later, Andrea called me back and told me that she got me the best duo the agency had to offer, that the girls were very close friends, and that they mostly work as a couple.

So I had a date for 8:30. I decided to be good to the girls (and protect my mini-bar) so I went out for a store nearby and bought, half a bottle of Wiskey, a six pack of beer, Peanuts, M&M’s chocolates, a bottle of water. This actually proved to be one of the smartest things I did.

At 8:30, I received a call from the reception; Maria Fernanda was downstairs. I asked the guy to let her in, and 2 minutes later they were at my door.

I was fucking shocked. There they were. Two of the must beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life.

Maria Fernanda is a real blonde, blue eyes, 1.60mts, slim/Atletic body, white skin, short hair, Beautiful big boobs (fake), Her stomach is the kind that you would expect from an Aerobic instructor.

Tatiana, is a “Piel canela”, 1.60 mts, long hair dyed dark blonde, brown eyes. Her body is a “walking sin” and exudes sensuality. She is voluptuous curvy. Natural breasts.

I can continue describing the girls, but everything I say will be short from the truth.
An image is worth a thousand words, so by the end of the report I will post their pictures.

I walk them into the living room, and offered them a drink. Maria Fernanda went for the beer and Tatiana for the Wiskey, I did the same and served me a Wiskey.
Maria Fernanda went for the peanuts and Tatiana for the Chocolates.

We started chatting, and we definitely made good connection from the beginning. We started laughing about our sex lives and the crazy things we do.

Maria Fernanda is studying Journalism, and Tatiana is working as a Bank-teller.
In fact they normally escort together. Both of them had boyfriends.

They asked me what I wanted and I told them that I was told that they were the “hottest and best show in town” and they started laughing like hell. We were having fun.

After a few drinks, all of us got a little tipsy, so I suggested we moved to the room.

So we did. I asked them to get comfortable, I played some slow music in my computer and they started to do a strip show for me. It turned out that the girls were really into each other, so the show was one of maximum quality, lots of wet kisses, breast rubbing, ass grabbing and pussy licking.

They jumped into bed and I took my camera. Since they were tipsy, they were actually thrilled by the fact that I was to take pictures (specially Tatiana), with the only condition of no faces.

The fun was getting hot in bed and I jumped in for a kissing and licking session.

My friends, this was an explosion for my senses. It got really hot and I felt like in a porno movie.

I won’t get into explicit sexual details, but I can say that I fucked two times each of them, and every time while I was fucking one of them, the other was active, either playing with me or with the girl. Tatiana got very excited about the camera, so while I was fucking Maria Fernanda, she started to take pictures of us having sex. It was as hot as it can get.

I had to do a condom switch every time I switched girls, but I actually didn’t mind doing that.

DATY, BBBJ, Finger fucking, wet kissing, ass touching (no anal sex), and all the positions you can imagine. For Tatiana my favourite position was Doggie Style, so I could enjoy here sensuous ass. And for Maria Fernanda, missionary with me kneeling, as I was able to enjoy her pretty face, beautiful breasts and rock hard stomach.

We all had fun. At one moment, Maria Fernanda started laughing when I was having sex with Tatiana, as she told, me “I know the face she is making, she is having and orgasm”.

We kept having drinks and snacks during the short breaks. We went like this for 2:30hrs, but I was only charged for 2hrs.

It has been the best sex of my life, so far (hey, there most always be room for improvement).

The girls asked me for copies of the pictures so I made them a CD on the spot, they were very happy about it.

Guys, if you are in town, call chuscas and ask for the girls… you will have the time of your life. However, I believe it is necessary that you speak some Spanish to connect with the girls.

I have decided that it is not elegant to show the pictures that Tatiana took when I was having sex with Maria Fernanda, I believe you are not interested at my “Mr. Chenchito”.

So here are some pictures of the girls.

Mr. Chencho's photos posted in the Photo Gallery.

Next month, I will travel via Quito. I have a fellow monger living there that has the “appropriate” contacts to have serious fun. I also will visit Prague and I am planning to visit the famous K5.

Cheers mates.

Mr. Chencho

Free Sex
03-04-04, 08:59
OK, here goes nothing. I will be traveling to Cali Colombia on March 16th. But before I get there I have a layover in Bogota for 2.5 hours. Im sure by now you guys know what im thinking. Anyone have any ideas on how I can make the best of this 2 hours while in Bogota? I would not mind going to a nearby airport hotel or motel to bang out a cute chica. So if anyone has any numbers of cute inexpensive girls that would not mind keeping me company in bogota for my 2.5 hours send me a PM or post the numbers or ideas.


03-05-04, 21:31
I had a 5 hour sit time once in Bogota and grabbed one of the official cabs from the airport to a casa de chicas for a quickie.
I don't know if having 2.5 hours is enough time:

putting luggage away and find cab = 20 minutes
getting to a casa = 20 minutes
selecting chica, etc = 20 minutes
having fun with chica / clean up = 60 minutes (or more)
back to the airport = 20 minutes
getting your luggage/security = 20 minutes

Uh oh ... you just missed your flight.

Advice: sit in the airport, check out the hot chicas, do some flirting, you never know you may get a number from someone.
Save your $$ ... Cali is much better and cheaper than Bogota.
You'll find that hot chica in Cali in just a short time.

That's what I would do anyway.


Free Sex
03-06-04, 02:03

You are a funny dude. Your right, the last thing I want to do is get stuck in bogota on my way to Cali! I think I will take your advice and just flirt and practice my spanish in Bogota. I cant wait!

03-06-04, 05:55
Senor Free Sex ...

With the $$ you save from not wasting your time in Bogota ... run over to Kaliente or Flores Frescas and buy yourself a high quality chica your first night in Cali ... those places are little more pricey than others in Cali but top quality.


03-07-04, 00:25
Bogota experience on March 2nd. Was staying at la Boheme, a smaller place in zona rosa. Asked the guy working the door if I could bring and lady back, and he said yes. I had already checked out the internet sites of Chuscas and Xtasis, but nobody seems to get the chick they ask for (not that they aren't as good), but I have something about wanting to see the lady before making a commitment. It is hard to describe, since I like all types, but there is this essence or combination that tends to make me desirous or not.

Anyway, I asked the door guy what is his advice, and he said let me get you the right cab guy. He went over to the street and found a cab he liked, who drove over to me and took me for a ride. I tipped the doorman, by the way, not much, but a tip.

The taxi drive took me to a video bar. Wasn't that far away, went down inside (no cover charge) and the place had about 20 chicas. I was early, only one other guy there besides me. They all stood up on the dance floor and some grooved a bit, others stood and talked, all trying to make me want them.

One in particular, who looked good, but not THAT good, made an effort to get in front of the others and make sure I saw her. It reminded me of the prettiest girl in high school who was the cheerleader who just KNEW she was the best one. Not my type. Instead, there was another that I had spotted on my way in, who had very nicely said HI, but was hanging to the back. I asked the waiter for her. The waiter had brought me a beer, which wasn't that much 8,000 pesos ( just over $3). I tipped him 2,000, or 10k for the beer, about $4. He charged me the same price for a beer for her.

We talked the issues at hand and she told me that the bar fine was 30,000, ($20) and she wanted 150,000 ($75). I asked her time limit, and she said 2 hours, but if she was having fun, she wouldn't be sticky on time. I had one more beer while she finished hers.

We went back to the hotel (the cab had waited for me and didn't really charge me for the service) Hotel guy didn't say anything so we moved on up to the room.

Once inside she wanted to take advantage of the hot water shower, which we did, and then got down to business. It was a great first round, with her loving my eating her the precious fruit and she gave me a decent bareback ride. Then time for the condom and she we rode it out for awhile, until johnny couldn't muster nore hardness. She claimed to have gotten off twice, once with the tongue work and once with johnny working. I didn't though, which was okay for me. Up until this point she was a really good GFE. she had two beers from the mini-bar and I had two Chivas.

We got a breather and back to work, and she got really excited again; and even commented that this was rare for her, that she normally works at getting the guy off, doing the work etc. (typical ho fashion, no?) This time she wanted to ride on top, and we did that a while and then rolled her over for some doggie style, but alas, johnny still didn't cough up his goods before relaxing. She said that she couldn't beleive it, I still hadn't terminado, but she had cummed three times. That this was a bit hard to believe. By now the truth was coming out; which was that she really was a clock watcher.

It was obvious that finishing me off was going to take more effort than she was interested in and went to bathroom to get cleaned up. I rolled over and thought about snoozing since I was tired, it was late, and I was pretty enebriated from having had three cocktails in the bar before sharing a bottle of wine with a friend before even going out to chase pussy, beers at the bar and the scotch...it was late.

Anyway, she started hounding me about taxi money, and I told her I didn't argue her price and (without telling her directly, I hate winers). She wasn't that happy, and I wasn't that sympathetic. I don't like it when they change their minds in the middle of the event. I know they all like to get in, get out and have the $ in hand, but she wasn't living up to expectations, one of the things we all take a chance on.

Everything else was nice, and in a normal evening, had I not been tired and pretty liquored up, I probably would have popped a lot sooner, and the amount of sucking and fucking we did was really quite a bit, much more than an average turned trick.

She was very attractive, and for the price of $75, I could't complain. I could have done her there, but the bar fine was the same as the room, so you do the math.

I understand that there are many of these video bars around and one could have a taxi driver find as many and whatever type you like.

The nicest thing about any Colombian city is the incredible number of just really attractive women walking around on the street. I hope my need to conduct more business in the country increases so I can have more experiences, regardless of their outcome.

Stephen Gibson
03-23-04, 05:31
Please welcome me as I have grown up from a lurker to get info to a full grown monger, where I can post info to you good fellow folks. First, to those that have been to Rio, Termas as they exist in Brazil dont exist in Bogota. The city isn't a traditional monger city, but it is not dry at all.

I need to tell you all about club Lido: Address on Calle 95 near Carrera 15. (This is Zona Norte). I had the best monger experience of my life here with a gorgeous Colombian, 5'7" with blonde streaks, D-cup tits, and thighs you can backstroke in. Club Lido in general tries to have you spend all of your money on liquor- Don't buy a bottle! Any of the beautiful girls will come up to you in this place, that is basically a girlie bar with an occassional show. The girls in here are stunning and you can pick your flavor as if it was ice cream. The pretty girls will ask if you will buy them a drink too. Don't be a sucker guys, that's not what you're here for and these chicks start building expectations-Don't ruin things for the rest of us. That goes for paying too. I've found that in Bogota, the women generally know their worth and in Lido, she started out with $100 US. I got her down to $60 and know that I could talked her down to less if I had pushed. She was so breathtaking that I was sucked in and didn't haggle as I should have. You have the room for 2 hours for $30 US and you pay for the girl separately. Go late and get the best deals and if your johnson can handle it, use the 2 hours on 2 different girls. It was not determined how long the $60 for the girl was for but I was with her for one hour until I got bored. It included BJ, titty smash and yummy doggystyle. These rooms don't have sex so we did the deed standing and on the couch. Knowing Spanish goes a long way in Bogota and I should note that I don't know what I would have done if I did not speak Spanish. You can definatey handle your business, but you will be charged gringo prices. Bring a mini-calculator too for all of the converting of money (about 2500 pesos - $1).

Lover Boy
03-30-04, 18:40
Hey, Guys next week I am off to Colombia.,

Did anybody use this site or their service.


Member #1226
03-31-04, 17:09
Bolivia pussy,

Save your money, there are other web sites that will do you a better service. This is the only one who wants you to pay to see the models! And when I finally got to see the pics, they were copied from argentinean escort sites.

I might suggest to do this:

Go to http://clasificados.eltiempo.terra.com.co/varios/index.php

select on Tipo de negocio: "Servicios"

and then, select on Sección: "Adultos acompañantes"

You will find direct providers, other escorts sites (people around the board seems to have experimented with www.chuscas.com with satisfactory results), and incall houses.



04-04-04, 02:04
Folowing the board recommendation I want for www.chuscas.com. Big mistake! Called the agency, they told the price is 130 for a hour, and that the girl will be with me in 40 minutes. One and a half hour later, still no girl, I called the agency to cancel the order.
They said that they will pass message to the girl.

Another hour later a call from the reception, the girl has hown up.

I said ok, she can come in. The receptionist said that there is a surchage of 70.000 pesos if the girl enters my room. I agreed.

The girl comes in, and she is obviously intoxicated. She also has bad breath. I sad no, and she starts demanding 60,000 pesos for the taxi. I gave her 30,000 just to get her out of my room.

Bottom line: I am poorer 100,000 pesos, no pussy and evenig lost! I will not recommend this agency.

I also used in the past Stars Escorts (advitesed in El Tempo) they charge more 170.000 hour but the service is more reliable.

Toby Gru
04-15-04, 13:04
Hi fellow mongers,

I went to Bogota in January and had four dates with three girls:

1. Sofia, a well hung lady from e-extasis.com. I doubt that she is the one from the pictures, but her dimensions are quite similar -small frame, big, beautiful bust- D-Cup. Her face is just a 6. I booked her for an hour, and it turned out to be quite disappointing. No kisses, no breastjob without condom, CBJ, but she didn't like MISH, at least she was quite talkative and knew a lot about music. Paid 130.000
Not recommended

2. Alejandra from e-extasis.com, fellow Mr. Chencho recommended her, so I asked him for her private phone. That turned out to be a good idea, because like this she got all the money and I got all the fun. She was blond now which in the beginning kind of irritated me, because, as a german, i am not really looking for claudia schiffer lookalikes in south america - I have enough of them at home and they bore me like hell. Anyway Alejandra was nice and sweet, with a very sweet face with full lips and a well curved body. C-Cup breasts, a bit saggy though and a wonderful latina butt. She very apreciated the beer I had bought before (heavily recommended to offer latin ladies a drink!) We agreed on two hours for 200.000. She stayed half an hour more. On the menue were DFK, BBBJ, 69 and a lot of differnet positions. Alejandra is highly recommended

3. Jimena. My first and last experience. I booked her via escortsbogota.com. a service I don't recommend (see below). they ask you 20 dollars to see faces of pictures that are -in parts - stolen from the internet. Jimenas pictures were indeed fake. I changed a lot of e-mails with a lady from the agency that made sure that jimena would come to my hotel (tequendama). she arrived on time. A petite beauty, 26years, white with black straight hair, a very very nice face, slim, but curvy, very well manered, a bit shy, which was because she is just a part-time pro. she is a university-trained accountant and works in a big bank the whole day. but when it finally came down to things, she changed into a real tiger. no details here, but beleive me that this lady was clearly my best lay in three or so years of hobbying, real fantastic kisses, real orgasms, sweetness, tenderness, and no holes barred!

It may have been chemistry as well, but I think, this one deserves very much to be highly recommended.

After our second round we talked about money, I asked her how much the agency gives her for these two hours. she said 120.000 pesos. I paid 130 US-Dollar to the agency, which was about 350000. I got angry about this rip-off, so I proposed that she could visit me another time without the agency involved, which she did four days later.

But the agency must have had some informant in the hotel and afterwards they kicked her out of their service and menaced her and her family, which in colombia is something to be taken seriously. So, it happens that jimena is out of escorting since january. In a recent e-mail she told me that she would be interested in meeting somebody from time to time again, because her income from the bank just doesn't pay for the living of herself, her daughter and her parents.

So, if any of you should be interested in her mobile number, send me a pn.

Note: I am not her pimp or anything, I am just a monger from germany who had a very positive experience with a rather bitter aftermath for the lady. So, please understand my intention to help - the lady and any of you who wants to have a hell of experience in Bogota.

BTW. Jimena just speaks spanish!

saludos toby

04-16-04, 02:36
Toby Gru,

Thank you for the report. That sucks for Jimena. It's a standard thing that if a girl tries to get rid of the middleman the middleman will drop her. Let's hope that she gets can get work with a different agency.


Member #1226
04-16-04, 14:38

Good reports, in all.

I share your preventions on the people of escortsbogota.com, as I stated on a previous report. I might ask you via pm for Jimena's number in a month, when I come down to Bogota again.

For all of you other guys, I do understand your need of finding good web site escort sites, but my advise is to better go out to the night clubs and find yourselves someone who you have chemistry with, and who you can see has a good attitude. Over my 15 years of mongering in Bogota while I lived there (I was born there), I always found someone to spend the night with at Lido. I still do when I go there. ANY cab driver knows the location.



04-16-04, 18:36
This is the update on Bogota.

A taxi driver suggested Extazy club, so I went at about 9:00pm. There were about 10 girls, and I was the only customer.

A beer was 18.000 pesos. All girls were smokers. I asked the price, they wanted 200.000 pesos to go to my hotel, and bar fine was another 80.000. All the girls were smokers. I left without sampling.

Went to Estrato6 at Trasv 33 #123-30 Tel. 620-0700, as someone recommended the place earlier on this site. This is a private house, looks ordinary from the outside.
They also do outcalls. On the phone they told me that there were 15 girls on site, and that the cost is 200.000 pesos for an hour.

However, when I came there, only 3 girls were available. Picked a cute 18 year old from Antiocia. Turned out that this is her first day in the place. The service was so-so, and very fast. She only blowed me for a minute, and would not carry on. Sex in doggy and missionary. It was all over in less then 10 minutes. Ater this she got up and dressed. I felt ripped off.

I can recommend the Abijitas massage parlour close to zona rosa, see www.abejita.com for details. This is the best value for money I have found in Bogota. They charge 26.000 for a very good massage on the table and extras are 40.000 for blow job or 60.000 for sex. This is an incall place. Higyne seems to be very high, losts of paper towels and alcoghol dispencers. As for girls, Pilar is highy recommended.

For the outcall, the best was Angels Escorts, that advertize in El Tiempo newspaper, they charge 170,000/hour. But they insist to talking to you AFTER an hour to verify that the girl has performed all the services that were promised, and to ask whether you are satisfied with the service. Nice touch.

The Man
04-20-04, 04:16
Hello amigos,

I want to ask you a few questions regarding Bogota. I want to visit this place, after reading all your reports. I'm from California and seems that all flights are pretty expensive, but seems that it would be worth it. I will be going on May 30 to June 6, if anybody wants to join me, please let me know.
Well my question is

How expensive is the transportation?
Has anybody tried regular night clubs?
Whats the exchange rate nowadays?

Thank you for your help and I hope I can see some of you soon.

If you need any help or information on Tijuana Mexico, let me know...

My email is guapo_t@yahoo.com

Take care

The Man

Member #1226
04-20-04, 16:16
The man,

Here's the info you request:

1. Transportation is very cheap, but you need to make sure you ALWAYS call for a cab and are picked up by the cab sent by the company you called. The best thing you can really do is make friends with ONE cab driver and stay with him all the time.

2. I have been visiting night clubs all my life, since I am originally from there. There are all kinds of night clubs, but some I can reccomend are:

a. Lido (Cra. 15 Cl. 95)
b. La Mansion (Av. Pepe Sierra close to the North Highway)
c. the group of night clubs on Cra. 15 Cl. 86 (Extasis, Casanova, others)
d. Casa 123 (look for previous references on the forum).

When you get INTO the places you will be checked for weapons. Generally speaking, when you go out, if you are leaving alone, you will be offered by a lot of people the chance to go to private houses. Depending on how adventurous you are, that could be a nice option, but again, always use the same cab, even if you have to pay him to wait for you.

The best exchange rate you will get is right after passing customs, BEFORE leaving the doors. I usually find the exchange houses at the RIGHT to offer better rates. It should be around $2.550 pesos per dollar. As a reference point, you should expect to pay anything between Col. $100.000 and Col. $300.000 on night clubs for the girls, depending on the club, the night, the girl and your negotiating skills.

As with anything, do your research on the forum befire going, there are some chica friendly hotels, and others that will charge additional.

There are cheaper places for quickies, like Abejitas (Cra. 14 Cl. 83). There is a bunch of other places, which I would advise to avoid if your spanish is not good.

Any other questions, I'll try to be of help.

04-21-04, 03:26
Better NOT to use the exchange services if you can help it. Loads of ATMs all over the place give a better rate, though they'll only give 300,000 - 400,000 a pop.

Current rate of exchange is at http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=USDCOP=X&d=c&t=2y You'll only loose 1-2% on this.

Member #1226
04-26-04, 16:34
I will finally be in Bogota from tomorrow to next tuesday. If someone wants to share experiences, PM Me.


I PM'd you for the phone of your girl, but no response. Did you check your private messages?



The Man
04-28-04, 20:02
I will be in Bogota in from May 30 to June 6, unless you guys recommend some other city in Colombia. How about Barranquilla? Keep me informed on Bogota, since I need to buy my airline ticket soon.
Also, I was wandering in hotel intercontinental, has any of you guys been there? Thank you for all your help. I will post pictures and experiences once I come back.
I might bother you with some more questions regarding Bogota, but I'm kind of nervous going to solo to Colombia.

04-28-04, 21:08
The Sofitel in Bogota is a very nice Hotel. I was there with my G/F so i dont know what their policy is on bringing girls to your rooms.

04-30-04, 03:45
Note an error in my previos report. The agency is called Stars, not Angels. Phone number is [Personal contact information deleted by Admin].

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of personal contact information in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post personal contact information in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to obtain personal contact information. Thanks!

Super David
05-01-04, 23:52
The Man,

The Intercontinental is a rather large corporate hotel. It is near downtown, where it is noisy and busy.

You would be better to look for a place in the northern area of Bogota. Try the Embassy Suites, 101 Park Place, or the Cosmos.

Good luck and enjoy!

05-05-04, 20:39
April has been the wetest month in YEARS in BOGOTA according to locals. It has also been VERY cold so any visitor expecting a tropical climate should be forewarned to bring a jacket. Also, dressing tropical will make you stand out EVEN MORE increasing your risk of being targeting by criminals. The risks are real so use GREAT caution when venturing about, ESPECIALLY outside the Zona Norte.

The Man
05-06-04, 23:42

Here I am, getting ready for my trip to Bogota. I'm a little nervous, since is the first time I'll be in Colombia. This is my plan and please tell me if I'm making a mistake, since I'm new in this hobby. I met a girl in the internet, I have seen pictures of her, and spoke on the phone for a few times with her. She is from Cucuta, she is willing to travel to Bogota and stay with me for a few days. I want to see her, but I also want to know other girls, but I don't know how hard would be to get a non-pro in Bogota. I'm in my late 20s good looking, I speak spanish, I have no trouble picking up girls in Mexico, US etc. Well you might be thinking "What is a guy like this doing in Colombia?" Well, I'm married but still like to go out sometimes.
Thank you guys for your advise on the hotels, and I guess I want to stay in la Zona Norte. Are there any regular Discos in zona norte or are there more in zona centro? Your advise will be appreciated.

The man

05-07-04, 00:14
I'm going to give you my silly regular advice. Get the Footprint guide.

All the good clubs are on the zona norte. I hope you are aware that the days to party in Colombia are Fridays and Saturdays, with Thursdays being not bad. The rest of the week is a lot quieter.

There's the malls for meeting women during the day.

Do yourself a favor and take your girl to the gold museum. You'll thank me for the idea, if you didn't already have it in your plans.

Finally, google the words "rumba" and "bogota" and you'll get a few links that tell you the latest about the nightlife in the Athens of South America.


Member #1226
05-10-04, 20:15

I completed my trip last week, but only now I've managed to get my backlog updated. Here is the report.

If you look at a previous report from Toby Gru, you will find his experience with Jimena. I was intrigued by it, and he was kind enough to provide her contact information, so I called her while in Bogotá, and we went out.

Gentleman, she is exactly what the doctor ordered in terms of a sweet GFE. As she works and studies, don't expect to meet her during the day; we met at night, on a friday, at a restaurant. We chatted for a while, and then we went to a good, quit place (not my place).

After a point, it becomes unnecessary to describe in detail what a session is; for those of you into that kind of thing, read Anais Nin; suffice it to say that you are in for a very intense experience with her. We never discussed any money, nor did she ever mention it; I chose what to pay, and did so at the moment of saying good bye. I gave her the equivalent of US$75. Believe me, very well deserved.

For those of you more into the bang for the buck, I went also to Abejitas (cra. 14#83-23), in the zona rosa; a long selection passed before my eyes, and I selected Carolina, a very nice girl; an hour of a very unrushed service, light massage included, for Col $100.000 (USD$40). Abejitas is open on business hours, until 10pm, 7 days per week, and in my different travels, I have always found someone to my liking there.

The two experiences will be enhanced if you guys behave as gentleman; it is people you are dealing with, don't forget that. If you treat them like your girlfriend, they will behave precisely as that.

Super David
05-15-04, 23:06
I wanted to let everyone know that the Embassy Suites is chica friendly. The only thing required is that the lady has to register with the front desk.

I recommend that you book a " double" instead of a single room, so that they will not charge anything. Another way to get around the system, is to go to the bar or the restaurant first, and then go upstairs.

I have taken several to my room without a problem.

Red Cork
05-21-04, 18:04
What are the safty concerns regarding travel between Bogata and Medillin and or Cali? Should one fly or is it safe to drive?

I understand Cali is pooners paradise? Was going to go to Cartagena but the touristy style or ambience and the touts have made me change my mind and try a more real Columbia and probably less expensive.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to separate the paragraphs in your report by a single blank line. To avoid delays and increase the readability of future reports, please consider using a blank line to separate the paragraphs to increase the readability of your reports. Thanks!

05-21-04, 19:14
Will arrive in a few days. have so many questions I'd be happy to get answered
1) How much is a plane ticket bogota-cartagena return? good place to buy it? is it dangerous to go by bus? price?
2) How much is a plane ticket bogota-Rio de Janeiro return?
3) Good recommendations for discos or bars to meet freelancers, that is not bars with barfines etc. anywhere in Colombia.
4) For mongering. I am 27 Y O and have got 2 months to pass in Colombia, where should I go? I am not interested in the brothel scene or other "in house" sex parlours.
5) Best cities and places to meet non-pros who are possible to have a fun time with even the first night?

There are so many experienced guys on this forum. Please give me some advice so my first time in Colombia/South America will be great.


05-21-04, 21:11
BOG-CTG flights: Aerorepublica is cheaper than Avianca. Do a google search to find their website. Generally, you can just buy the ticket the day before except on holidays etc. Buying domestic tickets BEFORE arriving is stupid, you'll pay through the nose. Taking a bus is BEYOND stupid (just by you asking makes me wonder if you are prepared for Colombia-this is NOT Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic or Mexico). Cost of airticket should be about $100-$140 RT.

Flight to Rio will be close to $1,000; MUCH cheaper to return to Miami THEN fly to Brasil (or use FF miles-25,0000 and Varig is a partner with United); BOG-GIG Flight is NOT nonstop.

Regarding where to go, depends on your Spanish ability, Third World travel experience and risk tolerance. I CAN say that Bogota is NOT the best choice (more costly, more hardened attitudes, cold climate, LOTS of stret crime etc.).

Finally, despite but some guys here may claim, "good" girls in Colombia do NOT put out the first night except in extraordinary cases. This is why the wise monger uses hookers late at night (after taking good girl home) during the mandatory waiting period. By the third night, however . . .

Good luck (which you'll need more to stay safe than to find friendly chicas).

1226: I was VERY bummed I had to cancel with Jimena (had a good reason). She seems VERY sweet (we spoke on the phone), and she is VERY cute (she emailed me some pictures).

Toby GRU: Send me an email so I can send you some pictures. Danke.

Member #1226
05-21-04, 23:03

You missed it :-)

Toby has been very kind in being the one who initially found Jimena and in sharing with us.


I received your PM regarding other locations and additional info on Bogotá. I DO have such information, let's put it on the board when you actually are going back.

There's a lot of other guys who in my humble opinion are doing the wrong use of PM'ing me for detailed info that can be obtained here in the forum by a simple reading of the posts ... I'd be glad to answer specifics, bit not to write complete manuals on PM.



05-22-04, 13:54

Thanks for the quick reply. Well I have travelled extensively in Asia and Africa for years and I have done a lot of overland travelling although considered stupid in some places, but I guess when the plane ticket is so cheap there is no reason to take a serious risk.
Places I usually like are typical pick up discos like Nana disco in Thailand, or new florida in Kenya or martini in Cambodia. or bars where frelancers come to like LA cafe in The Philippines, Al's bar in Uganda etc. It seems like LDV in Cartagena would suit me. When I read through all the posts here there is seldom any info about good discos to find freelancers or bars where they hang out, but instead a lot of info about "brothels", expensive bars where you choose a girl and pay an expensive barfine etc. Nothing wrong about that but I usually don't like that very much. Maybe it is that places like LDV are few and far between in Colombia. I guess I will find out soon.

Dollar Bill
05-24-04, 14:52
ALL - FARC is out bombing the hell out of different areas of the country (Northwest Colombia (normally safer)). Many dead and many wounded.

This to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their start of the "war."

Please see the link below for the CNN story:


Good Luck and please be safe. Gringos are easy to spot and although that might help you with the ladies, it also makes you an easy target for the FARC.


Dollar Bill
05-25-04, 13:49
Here is some more info on the attacks:


Please be safe!


05-26-04, 02:57

Member #1226,

Or everybody else, please if you know please PM me Jimena's phone number.

Thank you!


06-02-04, 04:33
Hi fellows:

I will be working in Bogota in the 2nd half of June, but with plenty of time available for rumba. If any gringo is around at that time, he may let me know so that enjoy some good time in Bogota.


06-03-04, 19:36
Hi guys!

I have my first trip to Bogota on July, it’ll be a business trip so I’ll be free only at night, I prefer the room service than going out, I’d read the reports about Chuscas.com and e-extasis.com, both agencies have good reports so I’ll give them a try.

My questions are about payment:

1-How do you pay them, with a credit card or cash??, how is this process??

2-I’d read that every body change dollars for Pesos, don’t they accept dollars?? Or it will be more expensive if I pay with dollars??

Any other suggestions are welcome, but remember that I prefer the in room service.


06-06-04, 16:05
hawk --

i've never tried paying with a cc but i'd be very surprised if it was accepted. or maybe i just need to go more upmarket! :)

if you try exchanging cash you'll pretty quickly learn you're being raped by those guys - you can get much better rates from the atm, though you'll be limited to 400k per transaction.

it used to be the case that colombian nationals had to pay an additonal tax for money exchanges, but this may have been abolished.

but either way your dollar will go further for the girl if you do the exchange yourself: if you're just reluctant to venture out then hotel reception will usually do the exchange for you too: just keep the lube handy to lesson the pain.

06-06-04, 16:14
On flights...

Avianca regularly have special fares to major Colombian cities from FLL, MIA, and NYC. Details are at http://www.avianca.us/ and you can sign up for a newsletter if you wish. The booking process is a real PITA, but worth it.

If you're coming from elsewhere hold a reservation with them then book a connection -- it'll usually work out cheaper than a single ticket. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time to make the connection even if your flight is delayed.

Internally try Deskubra -- I got a flight plus top notch hotel for less than half of the price of either alone. Recommended.

06-07-04, 00:48

I'll be in Bogota mid june/july let me know and we can have a aguardiente.

There are some interesting places downtown which I would like to check out.


06-07-04, 01:58
Addicted: Any more details on Deskubra are appreciated.

06-07-04, 19:58

Thanks for the information, it looks like the better way to go is the ATM.

Any other recommendation about "in room" services will be appreciated.


06-08-04, 21:20
Hawk, ATM is the way to go; there are several in the airport. ATMs in shopping malls often have lower limits than 400K though.

06-09-04, 03:49

Cash from ATMs is the way to go. The general limit has just been reduced from $400,000 to $300,000.

There are no ATMs in the international arrivals area in El Dorado and it´s not really a good idea for a first timer to exit and enter the departures area.

I would suggest that you acquire a small amount of Colombian pesos before you arrive. The cab fare to most hotels is less than $15,000. (Just as you exit the arrival area is an office which will issue you with a piece of paper which states where you want to go and how much it is in a taxi, the tip is included). When you arrive at your hotel they will tell you where the nearest ATM is. There are thousands, so there will be one very close to your hotel, possibly within your hotel.

Here, I am assuming that you speak spanish. The Bogota newspaper El Tiempo has hundreds of ads every day and most offer outcalls. If you look further down in this section you will find the URL. Expect to pay about $140,000 for a minimum of two hours.

Although You say you prefer incalls, club life in Bogota is a lot of fun. But do be careful. Never, I repeat never, trust a taxi driver.

PM me if I can help further.

Take care


06-09-04, 16:23
Beavis will be here tonight.

06-09-04, 18:55
There are still some ATM's from Servibanca and ATH which dispense up to $400k at a time. Anyways, you can still make multiple withdrawls up to your banks limits.

It was great there for awhile, some ATM's could dispense up to $800k at a time. It made for some good profits in the currency market.


06-09-04, 23:31
Hawk: Maybe I've been lucky but I have NEVER had a bad experience with a taxista and have made friends with several. Use good judgment of course, but not every taxista is a ladron IMHO. Sounds like Latin Traveler has had bad experiences (though he gets good prices-15K is a good deal unless your hotel is close to airport. To Zona Norte Hotels or Tequendama is generally about 20K (including tip).

Going back inside to departures area at El Dorado Airport to use ATM is no big deal IMHO. I also have asked taxistas to stop for a moment while I run to an ATM on the road-there are TONS of them! But LT's point about paying the service fee and changing $50 or so at the currency exchange booths in arrival area is not a bad idea either.

Guys suggesting repetitive withdrawls miss the point IMHO; you get hit for $3 for EACH transaction by your US bank, plus the Colombian bank will tack on a service fee as well. These fees DO add up. Second, walking around with more money than you expect to spend that night is NOT really too wise in a country with a HIGH crime rate. Why carry excess cash? MY MO is to take out 400K per day as needed but I use my credit card wherever possible. And when you go out at night do NOT bring your wallet! Bring your cash and a photocopy of your passport; while TECHNICALLY you are supposed to carry the original, I have passed DOZENS of checkpoints and NEVER carried my original passport. The risk of loss/theft is MUCH higher than the risk of being arrested for not having the original of your passport.

Also, there are LOTS of agencies cheaper than 140K in the classifieds of El Tiempo. The ones with English speaking receptionists, websites or large advertisements will OF COURSE charge more. IMHO, taxistas often know cheaper agencies not frequented by gringos where the range is more like 60-80K (plus 10K for taxi fare to & from your hotel). Some hotels make you come downstairs to meet the girl creating some "walk of shame". Tequendama does this.

I agree with Latin Traveler that nightclubbing can be quite fun in BOG but, again, the gringo friendly places like Extasis or La Mansion are at upper end of price range. I much prefer Whiskeria La49 (details should be below in an old post of mine) but NOBODY will speak English and you will be the only gringo (and it is in a DICEY area so go STRAIGHT from taxi into club and do NOT walk around in the area).

ALL of this is predicated on you speaking at least passable Spanish. If you don't, I STRONGLY suggest going to Cartagena instead. SAn Andres is the other area where you can get by with English alone, but it is a place to BRING a chica, not a good place to FIND one.

Sure wish some of the guys who post in the Cali folder would read this helpful and civilized thread; ANY discussion of ATM/bank fee issues (or anything besides where to find chicas, what acts they perform and how much they charge) is "off topic" to them.

All of this is, of course, strictly my opinion which all are free to disregard.

Dollar Bill
06-10-04, 14:01
Surfer -

Great Post! Very informative and nicely presented.

I agree that newbies to Colombia need to read this kind of information in order for them to safely navigate in Bogotá/Colombia.

And like you said, those that know Colombia and the ATM situation, can simply skip your post if they choose so, but that should not stop anyone from posting information that can help at least a couple of mongers.


06-10-04, 20:47
DB, Que paso ******? RIDICULOUS airfares are causing me to avoid Colombia until they drop on September 1. But the trip you MUST make is this November for a VERY special event. Call me to discuss it.

Beavis in Bogota? Is this the SAME Beavis from the private boards?

A la orden

06-10-04, 20:49
I wrote the Spanish word for "man", but it got censored because it is also part of the name of a somewhat similar website. Oops.

06-15-04, 06:26
Anyone been to "Free Women " lately on caracas and 61. I hear they have a live sex show?

I mention this place because is so accesible, since it's right in front of the Transmileneo station.


06-15-04, 08:45
Thanks a TON for the information.

I am heading to Bogota at the end of August and I have to admit....I would like to do some mogering - visiting saunas, massage parlors, etc. - but as a very blond American, I am more than a bit scared!!

Is Bogota worth the risks???

Thanks to anybody who has tips and wants to share!!


06-15-04, 18:30

I was in Bogota in late December. I walked every where without any incidents. I was with my G/F'S family though,usually with 6 to 8 people. I did see many clubs, but was unable to check any of them out. Bogota has a great bus system. I plan on returning on July 5th for 2 weeks. I will also be going to Bucaramanga,which i liked alot more than Bogota. I observed many beautiful women there. It is more like Central America in its climate and scenery.

06-15-04, 21:54
The guy who takes buses around Bogota has cojones (balls)!
Bucaramanga does have a reputation for lots of hotties (known a couple, but never been to Santander Department). Might go next month.

Foss asked "Is Bogota worth it" to which i must ask "Compared to what"? Compared to ANYWHERE in North America, I'd say Yes. Is it the best place in Colombia for hobbying? I'd say no.

If your Spanish is SOLID, and you are risk tolerant, then there are LOTS of better cities. If NOT, and if you LIKE to see other gringos once in awhile, I'd opt for Cartagena instead. BOG is cold, crowded and less friendly, and GFE from PROS is harder to obtain, but there are TONS of options and lots to do. And there are lots of non pros who LOVE blonde gringos. The Paisa (people from from Antioquia, where Medellin is located) are often blond, so worry LESS about pigmentation and MORE about language skills and dress.

Dollar Bill
06-16-04, 14:47
info deleted - see "General Info" Section for news info on killings

06-17-04, 03:33
Foss said

"I am more than a bit scared!!"

I wasn't going to say anything and leave you to your own abilities, but I grow weary of the terror campaign.

Bogota is not Switzerland safe. It's Colombia safe. Chances are that if you stay in the zona rosa you'll be as safe as any wealthy Colombian.

You will stay at a fancy hotel, you will go to the expensive chica clubs and call the expensive escort services. You will not care about the price. Why? Because it's safer!

DO NOT go out walking at night. If you need exercise tell the hotel and they will get you a temporary membership at a health club. I walked out everywhere at night. But I'm big and crazy and no one will miss me when I die.


06-17-04, 07:06
thanks all for the info!! good to know that blonds are popular as i have blond hair. yipee...

i'm don't subscribe to the terror fever either - but just being careful...

perhaps i will just go to a club and buy drinks for people and hope for a nice non-pro gfe. who knows....

i will report.

any massage places worth a look?


06-20-04, 22:50
I will be in Bogota the middle of August, is anyone else gonna be in town that same time ? El Conejito

06-22-04, 01:30
Thanks for all the useful information.

I’m going on a business trip so there is no option, it is Bogota, that’s why for this, my first trip, I’d prefer the outcall services, Spanish is not a problem for me, but I’ll wait for other time, I would like to make some locals friends before I can go and explore the night in Bogota.

I already know that my Hotel will be Hotel Capital, near the airport, I think somebody report something about outcall services at Hotels near the airport???


06-22-04, 03:08

The capital is indeed very close to the airport and vry far from the action.

If you can change, I would recomend the Casa Dann Carlton (94 con 19) or the Dann Carlton (15 con 103). They are in a much safer area and possibly mopre interesting.

If you need more info; pm me

Take care


06-22-04, 07:41
Hotel Capital is QUITE nice and not in a bad area safetywise. There isn't anything nearby though. If you are using outcall services, who cares if it takes an extra 15 minutes for the girl to arrive? Taxis are cheap. The issue is more about restaurants, bars etc being far away. Just my 2 cents.

06-22-04, 23:26
Just got back from a week in Bogota. After 10 years of traveling to Colombia, I still believe Bogota is the best city for ladies of the night. The Lido is still great. Chuscas.com was the only honest web-based outcall service. I always stay at Charlies Place for my hotel. Try Bogota Beer Company, a microbrewery in Zona Rosa for hot babes hanging out.


06-23-04, 01:25
Hi all,

New to the forum. And learning so much, despite the fact that I have been to Bogota 8 times and spent over a year there.

I originally went down there to find a "nice" girl, but lo and behold discovered the "finer" establishments, mostly the clubs. I got pretty adept at them, but must admit I know nothing about the web outcall services, or the massage places or picking them up on the street, or any of that.

One thing I discovered amazed me vs the hookers here. Many are just part time and many many of them you could convert to your girlfriend in a week. In fact, a buddy of mine is marrying one of them! Down there they don't really "choose" this line of work, they simply turn to it out of desperation, because of not finding a job, because of having a kid, or because even if they found a job the wages are on average around only 300,000 pesos a month! I maintain that after meeting ten of them a person could find a great wife out of this endeavor. I realize most of us aren't looking for that, but just threw out the comment.

Now, to show my naivity, can I ask a few questions from you experts?

1) I see you all talking about the cost of incalls, outcalls, etc etc.. I see the hints you talk about about not buying them drinks and about how it is better to deal with them late at night or after the club closes, and on and on. But my question is: What if you find one you like and want to keep her around? Do you or can you just pay her for a week and have her on-call just for you? And how much for this option generally? I suspect you would want to do this personally with her and not thru whoever they might work for or through.

2) Is it better to pay her up-front in the room or afterwards?

3) Do most guys like in-call or out-call?

Thank you for your input on my 3 questions.

By the way, a little something I learned on my recent trip...again, maybe of no use to you, is: The girls seem to get paid 20,000 a nite in most of the clubs, just to be there. A little more if they dance on stage. They also make a percentage of the drinks they sell, usually 10%, but only on the individual drinks and not on the bottles. Many of the clubs REQUIRE them to stay til closing, but not all. And as I said, I know nothing about massage places or anything else. I go in and drink slow, since I'm not there to make the club rich on overpriced drinks.

I'll be down there in September if any of you want to be shown around.

Thank you very much.

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06-23-04, 03:31
Capital and Sheraton 4 points in Bogota are next to each other, and own/run by the same owners.

Both are located in a nice residential area, and there is a shopping mall near-by.

But there is no bars/club/etc in the area, and Zona Norte is 14.000pesos/20 minutes taxi ride.

Be prepared that if you want to take a girl into your room, both hotels would want to regester the girl's ID at reception and charge 70.000 pesos for an extra person in the room.

Nyc Expat
06-23-04, 11:21
It was mentioned on this thread the average wage is 300000 P per month.

Question for the experienced members living in Colombia. Can I survive and/or possibly support a wife (GF) and 2 teenagers with a minimum monthly income of (USD 1450) 3.6-3.9 million pesos.

Can an American find a job with his english fluency as an advantage on the job market. My spanish is limited today but I am learning.

Thanks for any serious reply.

06-23-04, 18:59
As to your post, yes, it is possible to support a family on that amount, but it would be better to have more. The main expense is rent and rent runs all over the map in Bogota, depending on the area you want to live.

Knowing english is not necessarily a help. Getting jobs there is tough, especially with no spanish. Jobs with multi-nationals are highly coveted by the locals. Basically, as in this country, the only way to get a good job as a foreigner is to be able to offer a skill that can't be had locally.

Most Americans seem to gravitate toward teaching english.

06-23-04, 20:29

$300k a month is not the average wage in Colombia. But, $360k a month is the MINIMUM wage allowed by the government to an employee. So the average earned, obviously would be more than $360k.

You can easily find a decent place to live for about $600k a month not including utilities and the like. I would say for less than a million you can do ok. The rest of your money can be for expandables.

Anyone else mongering in Bogota now?


Nyc Expat
06-24-04, 10:13
Hi guys.

Thanks very much for your response. It is CTG that's under consideration since she lives there. I'm aware extra income beyond the min. I already receive would be helpful.

Will check it out while I'm there 2 weeks from today.

06-25-04, 02:47
Ok, I will agree that maybe the minimum wage there is 360,000 pesos, but the reason I said average is because SO MANY PEOPLE are making this wage, or no wage at all. A very high % of people there make this wage. It is an economy with a huge population of poor and a small middle class and an even smaller upper class. But you are right, the average is probably a bit higher.

And it all goes back to my statement I made before of why so many girls are attracted to this kind of work, especially the ones with kids to support.

I am still shocked that my best friend chose one of them as his fiance, but I wish him luck and my best!

El Brujo
06-26-04, 16:27
This is my first post and I hope you may find it helpful. I found a new website (www.adorenet.com) which is really good. Pictures are actually real. Most colombian web sites use fake pictures downloaded from the internet. I recommend Carol, very nice, sweet and friendly. Not in a rush. (PM for her mobile number) Avoid Katerin, Exactly the opposite.

Massage parlors: Abejitas is allways a good choice. They have two places. Ask for Erika in Av Suba No. 102-73.

06-27-04, 00:15
Anyone willing to venture beyond the Zona Rosa, will find that in El Centro you will find exactly the same girls and even better and younger talent.

Im talking about places like "Las Paisas" "El Castillo" and "La Piscina." Piscina was the top about a year ago, it's on a decline now, but the whole area is attracting better operated businesses, and safer too!

Still, I wouldn't recommend for a newbie as it can appear to be a little dangerous around this area. Don't get too drunk, don't act stupid and you'll be ok.

I'll be going to Pereira in a few days if anyone can give me some info I would appreciate.


06-27-04, 06:56
Went to the Adorenet site, seemed kind of spendy.

I have read all the posts for Bogota, and I am surprised that you missed this club... it is called Juan Pablo's, but I think it also goes by the name of Zhivago's. In the north. Very friendly place. There is a take-out fee, but if you leave the girl can follow in a half hour or so and no fee is collected. It is at Cra 18, #93A

Look for a blonde, her name is Lucia, not her real name. Speaks perfect english, no lie. Say hi to her from William from Portland. If not interested in her, pay her a few thousand pesos to help you translate with another girl. If your spanish is weak and you want help.

Also, by the way, I have tons of Delta miles leftover from my business travels. If any of you want some. It takes 35,000 to get to Colombia, let me know and I'll make you a great deal. Since flying to Colombia can be very expensive from some cities in the U.S. I just don't need all the ones I got.


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06-28-04, 00:28
Sorry guys but I do not have Jimena's fotos or pictures, sorry. Toby GRU has her email & phone number.

06-28-04, 04:39
Another way to monger there is to go into some of the so-called normal bars that cater to foreigners. Several in Zona Rosa. They may look like normal bars, but they are full of working girls, and not too hard to spot.

Member #1226
06-30-04, 19:41

Several of you have been PMing me asking for Jimena's contact information. I would not have a problem in giving it away, but I sincerely consider it is Toby Gru who must decide who to give it to, since he is Jimena's friend and he was kind enough to introduce her to me.

On other notes, I visited Bogotá again last week, and had two different experiences to share:

First I went to the area of Cl. 86, where Casanova and other clubs are located. IMHO, Casanova has always been the best of them, so I chose it.

I met a girl (of course) there, which made me spend a nice time; we spent a couple of non rushed hours talking and having fun; it is my experience that if a girl is asking you what are you going to do after only 5 minutes of conversation, she will probably be a rushed experience. Also, my personal method of deciding who to go with is to let them come to me, since if I have to call a girl, she probably will not be interested in me at all, only the rushed money.

For all of you who are asking yourselves the girl's name, to be honest I don't remember; we went upstairs and the total cost of the night was Col$80.000 for drinks (4 beers), Col$100.000 for the room and Col$200.000 for the girl.

That for those of you who don't know the numbers, that's Col$380.000, which equals about US$140. I probably should have called Jimena, but you all know that we are suckers for variety.

Also, following recommendations of previous posters, I called Chuscas.com the next day, and was told there was a new girl, for which no pictures were available just yet; her name is Alexandra, so I got her for $160.000 for 90 minutes.

Alexandra showed at the agreed place with some delay, she is a nice girl, who also happens to work at Lido (an old favorite site of mine since 12 years ago); she was featured on one of HBO OLE's documentaries about sex in Latin America. Her performance was not up to par, though.

So, there you have it, guys, this hobby remains hit and miss even if you know the territory well.

Keep posting!

06-30-04, 23:00
#1226: Agree with most your points but you are paying WAY too much at Casanova's man. ST should be no more than 100K +room. Seeing as you have been going for 12 years, I asume your Soanish is good so no reason to pay gringo price. Try Whiskeria La 49 sometime instead of the ZonaNorte clip joints.

07-02-04, 00:31
#1226, WTF? You'll probably admitted, but you're paying way too much.

All the places in the northern part of the city i.e. Casanovas, Casablanca, Zhivagos cater to the "gringo" crowd. Veteran (not in age) girls with attitude and many foreign boyfriends. Not GFE type establishments unless your willing to drop a lot of $$$$.

I always balk at paying $20,000 for a beer, most places will make a second offer but still, it's crazy how much they gouge customers for.

Girls generally don't get a cut (ficha) of any of the drinks even $300k plus Buchanans, so obvioulsy, for the girls is not in their advantage to get get hammered, if anything they laugh at the fools spending so much money.


07-02-04, 03:08

I posted on the general board earlier about finding place in Colombia for some crazy mongering, like four guys and five chicks, for a week in the sun. Lezbo action, swing and swap, the works! The idea was originally my friend's, but it sounded so fun I got on the bandwagon too.

One guy suggested Brazil. Well, I did find a place in Colombia, in a resort town right outside of Bogota. And cheap. With a pool and privacy.

So solved that problem. Now I need the girls! And suggestions on how to best do this? We want to offer them a weekly rate. Thought about just finding them in the clubs. Don't really want to deal with an escort agency. I have no experience with SW.

Any ideas or other suggestions? Let's just say, I'll have a great trip report to show you guys later!

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07-02-04, 09:54
Mamey, disagree a bit with you. I talked with my friend from Zhivagos. She says the girls get a 2,000 peso commission from the drinks they pump. Not the bottles, but the regular drinks. They may consider we're chumps for buyin' drinks, but they do seem to make money from it. I fight this B.S. by making sure I sit at the bar and not at the chairs away from the bar. I buy a beer and sip on it...slowly. And if someone hits me up for a drink, which they don't do at the bar that much, I say NO.

07-02-04, 23:46
Bill12: finding a PLACE is easy, but finding 5 good looking chicas who are up for festinha like party is going to prove to be a MAJOR challenge IMHO. I wish you good luck because I think you'll need it. Not impossible, of course, but MUCH more difficult in Colombia than Brasil as most chicas (even putas) are NOT that open like the Brasileras.

Member #1226
07-05-04, 21:13

i see some of you are disappointed at me for paying too much; i admit you are probably right, i should have asked in advance for the price; maybe i am getting rusty from not being on the hobby very often now.

on the other hand, i tend to disagree with the proposition that negociating too much with the girl is a good idea. i do prefer on a one week trip to have two good quality experiences (which most of the time i have) instead of three or four mechanical performances; there comes a point where you can guarantee you are going to get just that is you show you are a cheap guy. i am not saying that i don't get a fair price; just that there's a balance.

also, i tend to go to the places that cater to the "gringo" crowd, as you say, mamey, simply because that is where the best girls go! see, being colombian by birth, you can not amuse me just by having a round beautiful ass; i take that as a given. to have an elegant face and more important, more than 5 minutes of speech, is important to me.

off course, this time i was not lucky, but most other times i have been; that is the risk of the hobby.

regarding the 5-some proposed adventure, well, probably it is not going to be easy, but it does not mean it can't be done; yet, i would advice finding the girls in cali and flying them, since caleñas tend to be a lot more open to the idea. alternatively, to get to know them on clubs independently of each other might be a good idea too.

07-05-04, 23:20
Thanks. Good responses on my five way party idea. I think, after hearing all your responses, both on and off the board, that we will tone it down a bit and have some regular fun, or semi-regular!


(If anyone is interested, I have a ton of frequent flyer miles leftover from my business flying. It takes 35,000 miles for a round trip flight to Colombia. I can offer them to you cheaper than you can get a regular ticket, PLUS they are good for a FULL year and any changes are FREE. If you have flexibility in booking, feel free to "private message" me for details. They are especially valuable for those who live in the north or who want to be able to change their flying dates)

KW Kids
07-06-04, 01:57
Hey guys,

I am bill12 friend with this crazy idea. I agree with you that it is the best idea. What if the girls called someonne in Bogota toattack / rob us in our vacation home? Do you think it is dangerous, and I have traveld thru 1/2 of Colombia with bus. What do you think?


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07-07-04, 02:27
Member 1226 said:

<<To have an elegant face and more important>>

In case this matters. I do believe you are Colombian from your word choices. That gets you points on my book, whether it matters to anyone else or not.

In case I missed it. What are the places that you prefer for a good time?

Thank you for your contributions,

KW Kids
07-07-04, 04:00

In Bogota I like Unicentro for non-pros, Charlets in Zona Rosa for semi-s and pros. I usualy stay at Charlies and do all my shopping at Pomona, but I am also looking for better ideas.

KW Kids

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

07-08-04, 00:58
Went to Charlotes on Saturday at 22:00, but could not see ANY "semi pros" or "pros", many regular Colombians thought, from young to old age. Waitresses are beatiful, bud do they semi-pro?

07-08-04, 15:29
I lived in Bogota from 1997-2000 and returned last year August again to teach again. I usually hit Piscina maybe once a month, prices are resonable, but some of the girls work at other clubs two blocks away for almost half the price and then they go to piscina after 6pm to earn more money.

Charlottes is good for semi-pros and regular(but gringo-hunting girls), I've picked up a lot of girls there. I usually hang out in Zona Rosa , for regular girls but living here I have the time to invest .

I'm a member of ******* and act as the informal Bogota liason for that site since I live here.

Anybody heading down let me know , we'll tear the place up!

07-09-04, 19:31
I have to agree with Nick. They were everywhere when I was there at Charlotte's. And no, I don't think the waitresses are pros at all.

Have to disagree with Nick a bit though, a bit. Most I met in there were more than semi-pros. In fact, one worked at the the "finer establishment" I go to!! She was just slummin' that nite!! Probably trollin' for higher paying dudes in there.

But he is right as to the fact there are a lot of gringo-hunting girls there. I met one, but she had a kid, and was kind of strange. For all I know, she probably wanted a "tip" !

07-10-04, 17:26
Bill is right that there are some pro's who go there to try and pick up clients.I'd say about 3o% on a Friday or Saturday. I've had a few situations when the girl said she was a pro, usually I blow them off. If I want pro , i'll head to a club or casa.

There are usually enough gringo-hunters who you can take home who are interested in dinner and snagging a gringo husband. I live here so some of those girls are interested in trying to get a "real" boyfriend who'll take them out of Bogota when their time is up. (yeah right, but it does happen) Many of them are secretaries , or bank tellers etc.
A lot if the foreign guys who hang out there happen to be working in Bogota with a multi-national company and some time with an Embassy(watch out for the French Embassy guys , those bastards will hit on your girl the minute you head to the bathroom ha ha !)

Ryck II
07-13-04, 08:34
Hello fellows,

I was in Bogota a month ago and tried the massage parlor abejitas in carrera 14, calle 84. It was very good, a nice massage and then complete service. I went in the afternoon, about 4 pm and seems this is the best time to go because as they close at 10 pm (they seem to have shifts) so if you go in the morning not so many good looking ones are there, the best ones come at 1 pm for the afternoon shift.
I picked Ivonne, she was beautiful, very nice black long curly hair. She did everything except BBBJ or CIM. However we fucked in several positions, and I even did DATY, she had a small, shaved pussy. I CUM in her gorgeous breasts.

She was also very kind and really wanted me to have a good time. She gave me her cell phone number but didnt have time to call her.
The price 120.000, all inclusive. (45 USD)

I have tried many other places, even the ones in the center. There is a red light district in calle 22, carrera 14 (avenida caracas). There is plenty of places there, a big one near avenida caracas called "La Piscina". In la piscina a singe shot (30 min) will cost you between 40.000 and 60.000 (14 USD - 22 USD) depending on the girl. The place is clean but lately not so many nice girls are there. There is in fact a pool in the center where there is striptease in teh night (after 6 or 7) depending on how many customers are present. I tried a few of them and sometimes it was good, sometimes not so good, i think that rather depends on the girl and on her mood.

A kinda better place nearby doesnt really have a name. To find it go in calle 22 direction west, two streets and turn right. The place is in a yellow garage door. Right in front there is a parking place. You can't miss it. There are lots of girls inside for all kinds of tastes... There are also different kind of rooms. If you go to the end of the bar, looks much better (near the entrance is just an old house) and the rooms are clean and new. You just sit down, have a beer (3000 pesos) and look around. Most guys there wont go for the very pretty ones because they are locals and just want cheap sex. I have been there several times and the best time was with Johana, she was gorgeous, 24, 1.65, 50 kilos (or less). She had very nice made breasts implants and she was willing to do everything. She gave me her phone number and we organize a whole night thing in my place for 150.000.

There are places in Unicentro, right in front there is a small shopping center and in the mezzanine there is a little massage parlor. There are few girls and they change all the time, sometimes really good looking ones can be found. However service isnot that good, rather go to abejitas, you will for sure have a good time there.

The night clubs are mostly a rip-off. Expensive drinks and expensive girls. Often many of the girls in those night clubs can be found in the center (calle 22) during the day.

Another option for a strip tease is a little place in carrera 15, calle 95. It is called Aroma y Tanga. Very nice girls will do a sexy striptease, you can talk to them and if you are lucky maybe get an appointment for next day. They seem to be kin on foreigners.

OK, hope this helps, I have used this forum for a while and this is my first posting.

07-13-04, 16:41

Thank you for your informative and substantive report.

What are the good places to look for non-pro action, if you know?

Thank you for your assistance,

Member #1226
07-13-04, 19:17

I am indeed, Colombian. I just don't live in Colombia anymore, which does not prevent me from going regularly on business. The thing is, I STILL know LOTS of people, so I have to be careful with the hobby, since even when Bogota is a big city, the places are really not that many, and they are usually near places of high traffic.

Since I was a teenager I have been a customer of Lido; I am talking about 15 years here! sadly, those are times which are not coming back, and I am not talking nostalgy; back then, you would simply not believe the beauty of girls that could be met there; since that time, though, it has become very common that scouters from Japan, Europa and other places take the best girls very fast and when they are very young, to make money from them there.

I have been to most of the other places many times, though I don't go to the center or the south; nowadays, the best deals are houses in the spirit of Abejitas, but located in Chapinero; you can get nice young women (18-22) on those places, and cheaper than the known places; YOU can pm me if you need directions.

The zone of Cl. 86 east from Cra. 15 has always been active, as well, but quality (for my particular taste) is not always the best. Please understand, I don't mean you can't get a good lay there, it's just that, as I said in a previous post, some girls can't hold a 5 minute long conversation; of course, they ALL say they study at a University, but 90% of the time that's false. Lido used to be different, somehow.

Also, places in the north tend to have more distinguished girls (again, for my particular requirements), but cost is higher. La Mansion is typical of this.

In order to have dinner, depending on your taste, Bogotá has VERY high quality cuisine, and you don't need to limit yourself to Harry Sasson; by all means, I challenge you to find sushi to the level of Hatsuhana, French cuisine like at San Isidro (in Monserrate).

In order to have a night out, any place at Parque de la 93 will do, as will any place by Cra. 5, close to the Plaza de Toros la Santamaría.

If you want to party with your girl, and she is presentable, places on the north, outside the city, continue to be the norm, particularly Andres Carne de Res.



Ryck II
07-14-04, 08:34
Hi Ferolga,

There are many places for non-pro action. Colombian girls seem to be very kin on foreigners.

One of the best places is "San Angel" in park 93 (north east corner), there is a cafe and disco. Girls are gorgeus and if you look not too old or ugly you can score something. Off course those girls are just party girls, so, no brain and just party. If you want to have some "close encounter" with someone more interesting try to enrole in some group activity like GYM, or walks, even ciclovia on sunday in calle 116 or carrera 7a.
The best GYM (with the best girls) in carrera 19 calle 103 (in front of block buster) i can't remember the name but there are several branches of this gym around bogota.

Another good place is "Andres Carne de Res" more known just as Andres. It is in Chia so you need to find a way to go there. This is about the best place in town, open th, fr and sa only but until 6 am. I have seen the most gorgeous girls there, even the waitresses look great. To find it, take autopista norte and in "puente del comun" go direction chia. You will find a bridge, again take direction chia. After the bridge you will be in a boulevar, just drive straight and in the first traffic ligth go left. This is a big cross so you will not miss it. Drive about 5 km and you will find it in the right side. If you go on Fri you can miss it, it is very crowded and it has plenty of lights and those old style windmills with lights.

Another good oportunity is to go to bars where university students hang around. Again there is plenty near most known universities like Andes (calle 5 carrera 2, or Javeriana calle 40, carrera 7a).

Zona rosa is kinda going down these days, not so many nice chicks around but still if you are lucky you can find something. Anyhow is a good place for dinner, try Wok has a very good sushi menu or Di Luca has very nice pasta and italian food.

Well, good luck and see ya.


BTW where are you from?

07-14-04, 17:55
By that I think you are talking about "good" girls. I have met many in Bogota. Thru the agencies and around town. They like foreigners. The trouble is that you never really know if they like you or whether they just want a ticket out of there. And if it wasn't you, it might be the next guy that comes along. I moved one up to my city a couple years ago, but it didn't work out.

I always wanted to offer money to a non-pro and see what she says. Just a little fetish of mine!

A great place to eat. Huge amount of food, cheap prices, quiet atmosphere, is a place outside Zona Rosa called. It seems to have two name: either Palmetto's and/or Bermudas. You must try it, it is GREAT.

07-16-04, 00:46
The Place Ryck is talking about that's 2 blocks west of Piscina is called Atunes. It's the best place to go (after Piscina), but it closes at 9pm and many of the girls head to Piscina. The cost is between $25,000 and $40,000 pesos , depending on the room/time. (20 minutes or 30 minutes)

I hit there about once a month with a buddy of mine .

About "good " girls in Bogota , if the girl has a good job and makes good money , she's interested in you for you. My girlfriend here is 26(I'm 32), blond , drives a SUV and makes more money than i do , there's no doubt that her interest is emotional.

Marriage agency girls are defintely looking for a way out of Colombia. I 've messed around with girls who I knew were only interested in me because i'm a foreigner(like many at Charlottes).

But I just play along for 2 weeks or so and kick em to the curb(diplomatically if possible).

There are many places to find regular Colombian girls who are straight-up, usually a good bet are the upscale clubs (Nabu, Syldavia, el Sitio), home to Bogota's young upper-middle class and wealthy. These places won't even let in some girls if they don't look like they belong. These are great choices for the younger traveller.

Charlotte's ,Bogota Beer Company and Mr.Babilla attract the "gringo-hunters" . Although most "good " Colombian girls would not evev consider entering Charlottes. BBC and Mr. Babilla have a mix of "good" girls and "grindo-hunters because a lot of foreiners who live here hang out there. The gringo-hunters won't even go near the Colombian guys(especially the upscale guys), because they know the Colombiano can spot their bullshit and will just screw them and dump them , cause they're very class-conscious.

07-17-04, 19:13
To Nick26: Greetings!

I may very well start working in Bogota soon. If so, it would be downtown (El Centro). So, I consider renting an apartment in this area.

As this area is itself rather large, can you recommend particular sites to live. For example, is it better in the North of El Centro (at the border with Chapinero) or in its South? I look for something with all amenities next door (shopping centers, gym...).

Can you recommend a real estate agency or give any tip to find a suitable place? (I have already peaked at El Tiempo' ads). Thank you.


07-18-04, 20:22
Stay in a guesthouse first for awhile and then look around. It is the best way. I can direct you to a guesthouse if you PM me. Another choice is to stay in one of the extended stay places, but guesthouses are cheaper.

Then you have plenty of time to look for a furnished apartment.

If you want to find an apartment now, or later. Check El Tiempo, or


Ryck II
07-19-04, 08:53
To LittleDickPride

Don't even consider to live in el centro. It is dangerous, dirty and by all means not recommendable. "Chapinero alto" could be better and there is a highway ring (Avenida Circunvalar) that will take you downtown in 15 minutes.

Still best place to live will be rosales or around andino in calle 82, i can't remember the name of this area but it goes from calle 76 till 90 and from Carrera 7a till 15, very nice place.


07-19-04, 15:16
Hey LDP,

Stay away from living Downtown, it's not safe and it sucks. I'll PM you and give you more input.

Hey I live here and I don't like going downtown at night, and during the day I never take my wallet.

People at your company will recommend somewhere further noth, .I`d reccommend north of Cahapiner as many parts of Chapinero are also dangerous. Chapinero Alto (above the Septima , Carreras 6,5,4) is better choice.

I'll be in touch.

07-23-04, 21:57
So happy to be back in Bogota. There are beautiful women everywhere!

Last night I had a life altering experience with one of the women from adore.net. (It seems that the site is not working right now.) She was listed as Carol, but her real name is Jacqueline or Jacky. One of you other guys was kind enough to provide her direct number.

Anyway she is 26, petite (around 5 foot 4 inches), long light brown hair, with no body fat. She claims to work out daily. IMHO just the greatest body ever given her implants--I love large breasts on a slim woman. I would give it an 11. Did I mention that she is a part-time lingerie model? Not only was she fashionably attired, but her bra and panties were right out of Victorias Secret.

Her face is at least an 8 and she is a great kisser. She has braces but I could not have cared less. All in all she was even better looking than her pictures on the web.

But the final straw was the true GFE treatment: Talking, hugging, kissing, sex in various positions, massage, all without any rush.

Naturally this unbelieveable experience comes at a steep price--about $100 per hour. I will definitely be spending some more time with her before I leave town.

For you guys who have not made it to Bogota yet, you really should.

07-24-04, 21:00
On Saturday night I called Jacky too late (I do not think she was busy with another client), and decided to test out www.e-extasis.com. A woman named Carla answered the phone and she spoke some English. Based upon her pictures and price (about $80) I asked for Celeste. Compared to a poor experience in the past, Celeste did arrive promptly and she was the girl in the picture. On the other hand, even at only 22 years old, she was pro all the way and could not be done fast enough. She has great tits, an OK figure, and a few weird scars. I would not recommend her services.

07-24-04, 23:18
FYI, there are a number of services advertised in the local paper El Tiempo. Just go to the back of the classifieds. This afternoon I checked out Class Models. Marcela on the phone spoke good English. The cost is only 120,000 pesos per hour (under $50) and she sent over two women. They were definitely not up to the top quality in Bogota, but I had a quick session with Karin. I have better hopes for www.intimatescort.com after dinner tonight based upon my conversation with Camila and their website photos.

KW Kids
07-25-04, 03:47
Hello to All,

A friend of mine on the forum has recently asked me for information on Bogota via PM. Instead of sharing my limited knowledge of Bogota with one, I thought I might open new discussion about information.I have been to Bogota 3 times for an average of 1 month each time.

First, lets answear the obvious questions. If you use common sense and speak travel-spanish you should not have any more problems in Bogota than any other S.A. Capitals.

If you have the touch then the malls will get you the non-pros. If you are looking for a wife try a marriage agency. I have met more than one girl who has a visa and will go to the U.S to visit you
and more.

Lookig for pros,SW, or just a fuck; Its out there! Bill12 help me, please.

KW kids

07-25-04, 05:53

Can you shed some light on something. On that same site, they list that one you had at 200,000, but several others like Nidia, Alexandra and Melani at 130,000. The latter ones looked hot too. Why the difference in price? Also, can you get them a future night without having to go thru the agency?

07-25-04, 19:11
I cannot explain the price discrepancy. If your Spanish is better than mine, then I think that you can always negotiate future sessions directly with the girl and cut out the agency.

07-25-04, 23:09
I finally made it to Abejitas. The one in zona rosa is less than 10 minutes by taxi from the world trade center. The entrance is only a numbered door with no sign. You walk up one floor. I would say the place is not the best massage parlor I have seen in Latin America (some very fancy ones in Costa Rica, Guatemala), but not close to the worst. What I like is that there is no gringo pricing, just 120,000 pesos (around $50) for anyone for full service for an hour.

There were only 6 girls on Sunday afternoon. I chose Patricia because she was so friendly and spoke some English, but in retrospect Johanna was better looking. The massage was just excellent--no rushing, light oil, complete front and back, sensual, with hands and breasts. We then progressed to a CBJ and finished with her on top.

I would rate the place worthy of a return visit.

Hoof Hunter
07-26-04, 04:01
Need some help here Bogota vets. Will be my first voyage into Brasil's twin sister, but will only have one night alone here. Will be in BAQ for the weekend, then laying over in BOG for the night before I return back here.

I have read through this Bogota thread, but need direct info. I do not have much time to waste.

What would be the best bets for one Sunday night for both one quickie (about 6:30-7:00 p.m.), then for a decent early-night pick-up spot for TLN? I'm staying in Zona Rosa.

I speak decent Spanish, so I do not want to go the high-end places where they quote the ridiculously-high gringo prices. I know how to negotiate, and when to move on to something new.

Just need some help from the experts here regarding the right spots to hit on a Sunday night.

Thanks in advance.

07-26-04, 04:48
I forgot to tell you guys about Restaurant Andres Carnes. It is legendary in Colombia and throughout South America. An earlier report describes how to get there--it is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Bogota. I went with some of my colleagues on Saturday night.

We arrived early to get a table in the center of the action, and ended up leaving after 2 AM, drinking more beers than I could count, buying drinks for everyone who sat down with us, and still spending less than $100! The place is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I won't even go into the decor, which is mind blowing and unfathomable. Around 9 PM it starts to get crowded and probably contains several thousand people at its peak.

What distinguishes Andres Carnes is the unending stream of beautiful women parading through. This is not at all a pick up place--or a hookers convention like Cyclone in Dubai--but the average woman there is at least good looking. We saw local television personalities and numerous models all night long. I suffered from my poor Spanish, until I met a near 6 foot, rich, 10+ in looks, English-speaking 20 year old girl studying communications. As an American it is just unimaginable that these women will talk to you, dance, have a drink. My buddy refers to the really gorgeous ones as extra-terrestrials. They just don't suffer from the snobishness in most other countries.

This is a long way of explaining my extreme depression upon waking up this morning and wondering why I didn't visit Colombia 20 years ago, helped only slightly by Lance Armstrong's victory. The afternoon visit (below) to Abejitas didn't help much.

Thank God for www.intimatescorts.com and Juliana. This girl is from Manazales (famous to those of us who patronize the Golden Door in Panama). She is cute and petite, with long black hair and green eyes. She could not have been friendlier and is one of those rare treasures who just loves sex. Her response to intense DATY and other activities was impossible to fake. When it was my turn I got a ball cleaning better than when I take a shower and a CBJ to completion. Another session ended with me on top, and I was in serious danger of getting bucked off.

To Juliana's credit, the girls that run this agency are her close friends and she won't go around them. But the asking price is a very reasonable 140,000 pesos (around $60) per hour.

My depression is completely gone, and we have a return engagement scheduled for tomorrow. Can you believe that Jacky called me (also see below) and I'm blowing her off?

07-27-04, 06:56
Last night in Bogota. I started with Juliana at 8 PM, short break, then Jacky at 10 PM. Sex with Juliana (real name Johana) is completely out of control, but Jacky was superb, too. Jacky has the greatest body (IMHO) known to man and always beautiful lingerie. Jacky is not big on any type of BJ, but excellent GFE attention. Juliana is the real deal in every way sexually, just not as good looking/figure as Jacky.

Given my advanced age (40's), Juliana is a bit young to parade around in public. Jacky looks closer to 30 so I plan on partying with her next time at Andres Carnes.

I will now officially die happy...

07-28-04, 02:08
I've been through MIA one time on AA(to CR), but this time i'm flying out on Avianca, 1 website says Avianca is in terminal "A", another site says they're in terminal "F", who knows the real deal? Where is the currency exchange located? i'd like to have $50-100 in COP when i land in Bogota. The Rabbit

07-28-04, 05:12
Sorry, it is:


07-28-04, 23:20

There are no pics on that site, not that ya can rely on pics anyway! Especially since the other sites seem to have their faces blocked out! But just inquiring.

07-29-04, 04:16
Avianca in MIA ... terminal A ...
Exchanging $$ ... big rip off ... plenty of ATMs in Bogota airport and money exchange there too.

Nyc Expat
07-29-04, 10:26
Check in EARLY. Long lines and thorough security check in MIA.
Don't exchange dollars in MIA. Do it in arrival airport or ATM's.
You'll need at least 2-2½ hrs. to check-in and security checking of baggage upon return flg. to US in addition.

07-30-04, 09:54
I am a mongerer in Colombia, and post here often, but have excess miles in my frequent flyer account.

If your ticket is over $700 to get to Colombia, consider buying miles instead. It takes 35,000 frequent flyer miles to get to Colombia from the U.S. and Canada.

I have collected enough miles for 7 tickets, but please do not contact me unless the regular price of your ticket is $700 or more. Also, you need to be flexible on your travel dates, preferably booking a month or so in advance.

If you meet this situation, feel free to contact me, but please, only if you meet these requirements. If so, buying miles is a great way to travel and a real cost saver. Also the ticket is good for a full year and can be changed for free, making them much better than regular or bulk tickets.

If you are interested, drop me a note at [Email Address deleted by Admin] or PM me.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

08-01-04, 22:10
Again, i'll asked this question.....where is the currency exchange in MIA? (i only want $50-100)...i'm not worried about the rate on this amount....I LIKE HAVING THE LOCAL CURRENCY WHEN I LAND!! thank you to whom ever will answer this. the rabbit

08-02-04, 05:46
There are numerous exchange places in the airport in Miami. Rates are bad though.

I myself don't bother, just using some leftover pesos from my last trip or hitting an ATM in the airport when I arrive. I have even had the taxi driver drive me to an ATM on the way to where I am staying in order to get my first supply of pesos, and end up paying him out of that.

08-02-04, 15:13
Rabbit ... if you insist on exchanging money in Miami airport ... there are several locations.

Near the international ticket counters for AA, around the C concourse security checkpoint and also in front of the Domestic ticket counters for AA near where you have to turn to go to the E concourse ... both on the non-secure side of security.

Very easy to find ... any airport worker can show you.


08-03-04, 02:31
Thanks Ricker, that was great info!!! the rabbit

General Custer
08-06-04, 00:46
Hi folks,

I'm hoping to get some information/recommendations from those of you familiar with the Bogota scene.

I'm flying Avianca to Buenos Aires via Bogota, which involves a stop-over in Bogota on the way back (a Saturday night). I went on Orbitz and placed a reservation for the Dann Norte Hotel (based on price...$42 for the night). Do you guys know if this hotel is ok? Are there better/safer/more convenient options than this?

The second question is, of course, about mongering. Where's the best place to go for my first time in Bogota? Are Casanova and Lido really to be avoided? I want to see the most beautiful working women Bogota has to offer. While I don't want to blow a wad of cash, I'm not out to pinch pennies either, since I'm only there for one night and want to make it truly memorable.

Thanks for any assistance,


08-06-04, 18:37
Custer: Dann is a fine hotel and $42 is not a bad price. I like Windsor Court (affiliated with Travelodge) which is in PERFECT location. You DEFINITELY want to stay in that area (near Atlantis or Andino (shopping centers).

If your Spanish is good, I'd suggest Whiskeria La 49 (details in one of my reports WAY up in this thread).

08-08-04, 06:46
If you want the best, and in person, try the Mansion. Not cheap, but they are the best as far as the club scene goes. Any taxi can get you there.

08-08-04, 21:32
Custer --

I concur with Surfer -- Casa Dann Norte is ok. Nothing spectacular, but ok. Its my preferred value for money hotel there. (4*, I believe). Astonishingly its cheaper to book it via one of its agents then direct. Make sure you book for double occupancy.

If you want to splash out a bit more for something better, try the Casa Dann Carlton (5*?). This is *much* cheaper to book directly.

CDN is closer to the Mansion; CDC to Lido, Zona Rosa, Parque 93. About 20 blocks in it. But unless you're travelling in the rush hour thats only a few minutes in a taxi.

*SURFER* -- What's the best deal you've wangled at Windsor Court?

08-08-04, 23:35
DollarBill turned me on to the corporate rate he gets at Windsor Court, but I would not give out the company name without his permission. It is about 90K including taxes but rooms are LARGE, no guest fee BS and the location is simply the best IMHO.

General Custer
08-09-04, 04:17
Thanks fellas. I guess I'll stick with the Dann Norte and just taxi around. Given the recommendations, the tentative plan will be to hit La Maison in the afternoon/early evening and then bring a girl from Lido back at night. My Spanish is tight, Surfer, but I'm looking for knock-outs in my one night in Bogota, so, like Willie Sutton, I think I'll have to go where the money (gringos) is. If I had more time, I'd definitely hit Whiskeria 49.


08-09-04, 19:16
The Mansion is the best and most costly though so hit there.

As far as housing, I have generally tried to stay away from hotels, except on very short stays.

For longer stays there is a rich assortment of guesthouses and with those "extended-stay" places, which they call aparta suites. They (the latter) are cheaper than most hotels, especially for longer stays. But more than that they have kitchens and are a more homey experience than a hotel.

The problem with guesthouses is that you usualy have to ring a bell and have someone drag themselves out of bed to let you in late at night. And maybe no kitchen privileges.

08-09-04, 20:26
La 49 is patronized by UPSCALE locals and there ARE some knockouts. Never gone there personally, but from what I hear La Mansion employs many opf the same girls that work at the Zona Norte gringo clubs but charges even more ridiculous rates. Personally, I think I would try high end escort services rather than Lido or Mansion but YMMV.

08-10-04, 00:01
General Custer

The Clubs on carrera 15 and calle 86 have girls that are as pretty as at La Mansion or at Lido. The best club that I was at last year is Casanova, on carrera 15.

Monger on, dude


08-10-04, 23:44
Yes, but doncha hate it when they attack you from all sides when you get there? I'm talking about those clowns outside.

08-15-04, 05:07
Surfer -- Thanks. I'll see what they can do for me :)

On another matter --

Anyone got the correct address for Whiskeria 49? Remember trying to find it a couple of trips ago with no sucess. Is it hidden away?

08-15-04, 17:39

Whiskeria 49 is on Carrera 13/Calle 49. Haven't been there in about a year. Too expensive, and the girls are not worth it generally.

There are better places. Try place next door, to the south of "La Fortynine."

08-15-04, 19:34
I am now thinking of Bogota to add to SA tour.

At first I thought the girls posted were not really my type until I had a look at the www.chuscas.com/escorts.htm site.

Can you just tell me if the pros you find in the pick up club/bars are the same quality as these?

Do any speak any English?

I am thinking of Bogota as well as Buenos Aires and maybe Caracas.


08-16-04, 03:23
To Bill12:

Hola amigo!

Can you please provide a couple of addresses for extended-stay apartment suites? Thanks.


08-16-04, 03:34
The fotos on www.chuscas.com are fake. They are taken from US porn websites, and the faces are masked off. If you look attentevely, you will see that skin of the many models is too white for colombians, also hairstyle, clothes ets are so USA.
Look to detail of furnuture, wallpaper, wallsockets, etc. These fotos were NOT taken in Colombia.

Also SURFER or some other bogota experts can you please post addresses and prices of LaMansion and LaWiskeria49?

08-16-04, 08:16
To LilDickPride,

There are lots of extended stay places there. They are called apartasuites.

One is Fontana Plaza

Another is Apartaclass

Both should be easy to find on Google. Both are in the north. I have found that the price for two bedroom is generally the same as for one, so it is a lot cheaper to have a friend along and share the costs.

You could also stay in guesthouses, but they are a little too uptight for bringing bad girls in I have found.

The places I mentioned about are SUPER NICE.

Ryck II
08-16-04, 10:08
The price in whiskeria 49 or "La fortynine" -as it is known nowadays- depends on the girl and it goes from 100.000 Pesos (32 EUR) to 150.000 (46 EUR) for one hour. If you look too much like a foreigner probably you will be charged more. Please don't spoil the market overpaying and do not tip them.

I had two great experiences with two young girls there. A lot of kissing, DATY, but no BBBJ. The ages were about 18 - 19 or probably even less, you never know. Some of these girls have fake ID's in case of police control. In any case both look great, smooth skin, nice faces, fit bodies.

I paid 100.000, but mind that I am 29 and I have a very fit body. I guess the charging also depends on how old/fat/ugly you are ;)

In "La Mansion" prices are from 250.000 onwards for 1 and a half hours. That is from IMHO too much for Bogota.

And yes, all pictures in chuscas are not real. The girl you get depends really on your luck. Once i got under the name Alejandra a really nice looking girl, she make BBBJ and CIM with no extra charge. Young, fit, nice attitude and very willing. In another try I got a old fake blonde with a ugly flat chest who claimed she was 21. it is a matter of luck. In any case you can just give her 10.000 and send her back.

Enjoy yourselves.


08-16-04, 17:28
La Whiskeria is on Carerra 13 with Calle 49.

Le Mansion is on Autopista Norte with Pepe Sierra (Calle 116)

08-20-04, 23:50
Questions for the experts,

Is there a resonable, comfortable chica friendly hotel in the Zona Rosa? Casa Dann Norte mentioned in earlier posts is 20 blocks away,

Is this my best bet?

Also, Traveling solo 7 nights, How many nights should I spend in Bogota, and how many in Cartagena? I do speak spanish, and have experiace in Nicaragua, CR and DR. Yes, I know they aren't the same as Columbia.

Finally If any one is in town who'd like to meet up, The first beer is on me.

Any advice is welcomed,



08-20-04, 23:54
I'll be in Columbia from Sept 2nd thru the 9th.

08-22-04, 17:37
Arriving September 2 for 7 days, first time in Colombia. Since I have to arrive in Bogota via Continental Airlines, I'll spend at least my first and last nights there.

Two questions for the experts:

1) Are there any resonable and comfortable hotels in the zona rosa? I've read of the Dunn norte 20 blocks away, is this my best bet?

2) How many days should I spend in Cartegena, and how many in Bogota?

Finally, anyone who will be in town who'd like to hook up for liquid refreashments and mongering activities PM me, first drinks on me.

As a first timer to Colombia, will appriciate any advice,


08-22-04, 18:37
Arriving September 2 for 7 days, first time in Colombia. Since I have to arrive in Bogota via Continental Airlines, I'll spend at least my first and last nights there.

Two questions for the experts:

1) Are there any resonable and comfortable hotels in the zona rosa? I've read of the Dunn norte 20 blocks away, is this my best bet?

2) How many days should I spend in Cartegena, and how many in Bogota?

Finally, anyone who will be in town who'd like to hook up for liquid refreashments and mongering activities PM me, first drinks on me.

As a first timer to Colombia, will appriciate any advice,


08-24-04, 03:40
Belmont, i just got back Sunday from 6 days in Bogota, i'd try to stay at least 2 days straight, i used suites real 85, can't complain its with in walking distance of Zona Rosa or quick cab ride. I felt very safe all over Bogota. the rabbit

08-24-04, 15:22
I am looking for a city with good night life that has some girls that speak English.

Cali sounds out and CTG does not sound too relaxing.

I love the lighter skinned types.

Do you think Bogota is worth the trip, or am I better off just skipping Columbia and going to say Brazil?

Please help!!

08-24-04, 15:54
Yes. Skip Colombia. Dead serious.

Simple Man
08-24-04, 21:13
In my experience, you won't find many colombianas that speak english. So if that is what you're looking for, I agree with Ferolga777, you should skip colombia.

08-25-04, 14:14
I thought some in Bogota would speak some, being a city / university etc?

So even there you think no luck?

So basically for me to make a seperate trip to Bogota/Columbia is not worth the effort?

Thanks for your help, it could save me a waste of time and money.
Plus, maybe being killed :)

Could any of you compare Caracas or Sao Paulo for what I am looking for, perhaps?

Tom 33
08-25-04, 16:17
Caracas is a pretty rough town, and you won't find any English spoken.

Canadians, except in Quebec, speak fair English and the women are lighter-skinned.

08-25-04, 21:04
Lots of people speak english there, but not many working girls do. I speak enough spanish to get by, but have only met one working girl that spoke english, and even with her I couldn't stand her attitude.

08-26-04, 01:48
Belmont stay at Charlies Place in Bogota. It's close to the action, they speak English, party as a group, other Gringos stay there, local women hang out at his bar, and they will help you get whatever you want.

08-26-04, 02:49
TravelMen, i just got back from Bogota sunday, i felt safer there, than some places in my town of 80K people!!!!! Bogota is great, but yeah, you need medium level spanish, other than that, it was the best trip i've ever had, i did have my "favorita"show me around for the entire trip! that was what made the trip! Sandrabbit

Master Monger
08-26-04, 14:26
Dear Fellow Mongers,

Just finishing up in San Jose and ready for something new.

I am looking for a spanish speaking city where Massages can be had for cheap ($5) and the hookers do overnights for less than $50. Also a place where it is easy to find a girlfriend, that has cheap apartments and good cheap food.

Does this sound like Bogota?

Thank you for any help,

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

Tom 33
08-26-04, 17:53
Sounds like Bogota to me, MM.

08-26-04, 22:20
Sao Paolo is QUITE pricey and not many people speak English. It also suffers from lots of street crime, though Avenida Paulista area is pretty safe. Rio is much easier to get around with just English. Fair number of lighten girls, but a real mixture.

If you can afford it, consider going to the FKK clubs in Germany instead. MANY white babes (from Eastern Europe mostly) and more English is spoken.

08-27-04, 04:40
Is Surfer racist or bitter?

Your posts tend to show a racial bias against tanned chicks. If you are into white supremacy, isn't it paradoxical that you have to pay to get laid? Why not mingle with white American females, as easy to date as other nationalities? Is it because you are butt-ugly or you are crippled, such as dwarf or bald?

Take it easy!

08-27-04, 05:04

I'm not here to defend Surfer. I just want to exhort you to read the questions that were asked before you jump in with your sarcastic remarks about Surfer.

He has answered a question that was asked. You reward him with you useless statements.

No wonder he wondered why I bothered.

The right thing for you to do is to apologize and delete you post. I will delete mine.

This is my last comment ever regarding anything you may ask or say.


08-27-04, 12:23
Thanks Surfer

I did try a FKK once which was great fun.

I just wanted the Latin experience.

The FKK girls are nice but I think they lack the Latina passion.

Would you concur?

Agree with Ferolga, good of you to defend.

Dollar Bill
08-27-04, 13:34
I agree with Ferolga777 that LDP must read the forum. Surfer was just responding to what had been asked.

I know Surfer outside of this board, and I know that his preference is for Morenas. (Latinas and Asians) (beautiful ones at that). And by the way, he is a white guy, and his ex-wife is an Asian. (so what does that say about Surfer the racist - NOT!!!)

LDP - say your sorry and stay off the thread for a few weeks and I am sure that Surfer will forgive your ignorance.


Simple Man
08-27-04, 17:08
If you read our past posts you will see that I am not a defender of Surfer. But I have to agree that he is not a racist and that is a pretty heavy word to be thrown around lightly, especially in today's politically correct world. LDP, you should read that whole string before you react to one small comment. Surfer was just trying to share some expience and information, which is what this board is supposed to be about.

08-27-04, 20:31
This thread is amazing. Some guy asked about a place to find "lighter skinned girls" who speak English. I do not think Colombia is the best option for that combination, nor anywhere in South America for that matter, and suggested the guy perhaps try the FKK clubs in Germany. I have never made a secret of the fact that I STRONGLY prefer brown girls (Asian or Latina) to white ones. If anything, I suppose that shows that I am prejudiced against White people (yet I AM ONE of them!)

Somehow, LDP has concluded that I am a white Supremacist who is bald, ugly and crippled. He then seems to suggest I should try and date White girls in America.He even PM'd me his post in case I missed it.

My take is that LDP has either smoked too much angel dust or is a glue sniffer (brain damage). Yes the American educational system has declined, and yes reading comprehension scores are down, but PLEASE! The guy can neither read NOR write [his post is replete with snytax errors and lack of logical cohesion.

Travelmen: Really the best place for what you seek, blonde Latinas with passion, is SOUTHERN Brasil (Florianopolis, Curitiba, Porto Allegre). But few speak English down there, and Portugese is more difficult than Spanish so that may be an issue. While Rio & Sao Paolo have some loiras (blondes), the South is PACKED with them. Many look more German than Latin (many Germans and Italians fled to the area in the 40s). In Parana, there is even a German town, called Blumenau, that looks like it was transported directly from the Bavarian Alps.