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05-14-02, 04:21
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07-22-02, 21:14
Hi Zork!

I was in Colombia the last years in two cities. Cartagena and Cali. The women in Cali are really more prettier and sensuals than in Cartagena, but Cartagena is a more beautiful city than Cali.

The best zone to meet girls in Cartagena is in "Boca Grande", the tourist distric of the city, with lots of hotels,restaurants. There are a long beach, but is better to go to "Isla del Rosario" if you are looking for a calm beach with clear water.

The nightlife in Cartagena is concentrated in a avenue where is the disco "La Escollera".

I hope to hear from you.


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09-11-02, 15:10

I am emailing with two chicks now....and they are BOTH not from Cartagena. But I heard this is Colombia's savest city and has a nice beach....so....
Any info on decent low profile hotels is welcome and GF-friendly offcourse.
Will travel there in February next year.



PS: Jackson it looks real nice.....!

09-16-02, 22:43
Cartagena, Colombia: July 2002- Part 1

I recently returned from a month traveling around beautiful Colombia (in July). Starting off with a couple of weeks in Cartagena (with a quick weekend trip to Barranquilla), I jumped over to Medellin for a week and a half. This report will be divided into three parts for easy reference: Part 1 will deal with Cartagena, Part 2 with Barranquilla, and Part 3 with Medellin.

Special thanks to Hunter for letting me shack up at his Cartagena apartamento at a good rate. It was a pleasure to hang out with Hunter, BonVvnt, UWPhoto (from TSM and WSA). Also, thanks to Gator and others for Medellin info.

Having a month to kill for my July, 2002 vacation, I was torn between Cartagena and Medellin. Cartagena was a known quantity to me where I had contacts, I felt very comfortable, and I knew I would have a good time; kind of like an ex-girlfriend I keep going back to. Medellin represented the thrill of the unknown and had so much potential upside that I was almost obsessed at the thought of what I might experience there. It was a tough call and after flip-flopping several times, I surmised that it would be “safer” for me to hit Cartagena again because of the recent events with Uribe, FARC, etc.

However, after about 2 ½ weeks in Cartagena (and a quick weekend in Barranquilla), I became restless. I took off for Medellin for 10 days and it was a good decision. I hope this report will shed some light on this much discussed, but rarely documented (at least in terms of potential chica opportunities) city. For specific Medellin info. look for Part 3 of my report in about a week.

For those of you who have never read any of my reports- even though I fully enjoy and participate in P4P opportunities, I usually make an effort to meet non-pros as well while exploring a new place/city. Thus, I will write about both pro and non-pro interactions (most non-pro interactions happened in Medellin), along with anything else of cultural or interesting significance to me. I have taken a few pictures, however, I find the endless pursuit of pictures to be, quite frankly, a pain in the ass.

I flew into Cartagena eager to check into Hotel Las Velas and head out to La Dolce Vita to see if my “old” favorita is still around. A lot has been said about HLV and what a dump it is but for my money, it is the best value in Cartagena at 90,000 pesos a night (something like US $32). The first room they gave me had shitty aircon (a common complaint concerning this hotel), so I simply returned to the lobby, explained my concern, and they immediately moved me with no problems to another room with much better aircon.

I did check out the Charlotte Hotel again just to get prices (I stayed there for a few days last December) and they now charge 130,000 which I don’t think is worth it, personally. Add to the fact that the night manager on duty had an attitude and acted like a complete DICK when I tried to negotiate (and he wouldn’t budge- surprising considering Cartagena was empty of tourists during July), I was happy not to patronize the Charlotte. My biggest problems with the Charlotte, as I have said before, are the “looks” you get as you leave the hotel in the morning. It is such a small hotel that you and your chica are quite conspicuous walking down that stairs into the lobby. But, hey, I know many that prefer Hotel Charlotte so to each, their own.

Anyway, Cartagena has been pretty well documented and the only thing I can really add is that during this latest trip the quantity and quality of chicas were noticeably down (compared to my trips in Dec. 2001 and March 2002). I stayed a couple of days at Las Velas before switching to Hunter’s apartment after BonVvnt (**********) left.

It seemed to me that only the most hardened of chicas have stuck around and I rarely came across a chica who was new in town (which was relatively common my first couple of trips). I hit all the usual places (La Dolce Vita, La Garita, etc.) and hung out at the beach in the day. I didn’t get a sense that there were a lot of college students in town on vacation (or tourists in general) which I was hoping for non-pro opportunities. The “normal” bars such as Mr. Babillas, Barbar, and to an extent Tu Candela were pretty much all (in general) disappointments. Babillas and the bars in that area were absolutely DEAD any night besides Saturday. Tu Candela would get busy late Wed-Sat, however, my observations are that there were a mix normal couples and mediocre (at best) pros.

Though disappointed overall with the “state” of chica-ness during this third trip, I still enjoyed the ambience of the old city and hanging out at the beach, the casinos, and with a few people a have befriended there over my 3 trips. The atmosphere of Cartagena is so unique and special that I know I will be going back there regularly. And I still found a couple of chicas with whom to spend some time (more on them later).

I ran into an old “favorita” (Alexandra- former LDV girl) in Casino La Perla early in my trip with whom I had spent a good deal of time during my first two trips. Previous to me running into her, I had heard from a friend that Alexandra was now “unavailable” because she now had a “novio” in Miami who was sending her (what must be) a shit-load of money (at least for Cartagena). Because of her new-found fortune, anytime someone runs into Alexandra, she tells them that she is leaving Cartagena for her hometown of Barranquilla soon. But, interestingly enough, she never does. She seems to pass her time now by plopping herself in front of the roulette wheel at La Perla at about 10pm and playing until closing time, 4-5 times a week! We talked a couple of times at the casino and she was cordial, yet somewhat cold to me- basically making it extremely obvious that she wasn’t available any longer. How fortunes change! I just hope for her sake I don’t return to Cartagena in a year or two and she is back working at La Dolce Vita after this latest “novio” gets tired of her.

I met one chica at La Garita named Geraldine with whom I spent a few days and with whom I had a pleasant time. She has been in Cartagena for a while, however, I have never gone with her (or even met her) before this trip. She was sweet and nice and I took her out, I think, four separate times since, quite frankly, I couldn’t find anything better.

Funny story concerning Geraldine- The second time I took her out, we were crashed in Hunter’s apartment. Well, Hunter happened to walk by my bed (he wasn’t aware I had brought a chica back the previous night) to see a topless, sleeping Geraldine sprawled out. Fast forward a couple of hours and Geraldine is gone and Hunter says he “fancies” her (to get the full affect you have to say “fancies” with a THICK English accent). So he asks me (the gentleman that he is) if he could “have a go at her sometime”. Now I think I have a very healthy, realistic take on the whole professional scene in Cartagena in that I don’t believe it is my “right” to “claim” a girl or whatever. In my opinion, this is her job and who I am to say “No, you can’t go with her. She’s mine!” Especially, if I did not have any intention of taking out Geraldine every night of my trip (I am more of an “every other day” type of guy). So I basically tell him it’s not my place to answer that question. Well, I returned from Barranquilla a few days later and Hunter tells me that the previous night he had a wonderful time with Geraldine! Shit, I didn’t think he would move that quick. So I’m like, shit, now I have to find someone else since I certainly don’t want her now after Hunter had her (I’m sort of odd that way- I would much rather go with a pro that hasn’t been with someone I know).

I then see Geraldine at LDV a couple of days later and she approaches me immediately. I inform her that I wouldn’t be going with her because of this “policy” I have. But we can still be friends and I feel bad so I buy her a drink. She starts flirting with me and getting touchy/feely. I look around for anything better or even of similar quality but there was nothing (as I said quality was way down). So I gave in and ended up with her 2 more days and Hunter got a good laugh out of the whole situation (since I had explained to him earlier that I was positively, absolutely done with her).


You have been warned. Another girl I met in La Garita was an absolute tiger in bed- I think her name was Isabell (I believe she is pretty well known commodity in Cartagena). The only thing I really have to say about her is that during my evening with her, she said that she wanted to give me a “regalo” and pointed to her very nice ass. Now, I have experienced anal sex a few times in my life and thought, “Cool, let’s go.” So she is on-top of me doing her thing and appears to be really into it (apparently she prefers this type of sex over “regular” sex). She obviously has an orgasm (or faked it real well, all the same to me) and I was a bit disappointed because I wasn’t finished. Too bad because she is finished and she tries to take me out of her without losing the condom up that sweet ass of hers. Well, apparently this move loosened some things up because as I slipped out of her I was SHOCKED and HORRIFIED to see that the condom on my manhood was actually LAYERED with a thick coating of doody. And, the smell was beyond words (I am talking BAD)! When Isabella realized what had happened, she was HORRIBLY embarrassed and immediately brought me to the shower to clean me off. Although I had heard of this phenomenon happening to other guys, it had never happened to me. I was actually laughing about it to try and cheer her up about it since she was clearly humiliated.

One night I took off with a couple of friends to a Colombian discoteca out towards the mall called “Carumba”. There were some real possibilities in there for “normal” Cartagena chicas. I didn’t see any 9 or 10’s, however, there were a few 7’s and 7.5’s who did not appear to be pros. I was (and would continue to be) a little edgy about venturing out into that part of Cartagena with the increased FARC/ELN activity, however, it was nice to go to a place with different options.

09-17-02, 02:52
Cartagena is really a magical city but you missed out on some places - the brothels that cater to tourists during the day and the sailors during the night.

There are a great deal of them but they are not located in the centro like club Dulce Vita and Gavita. The best one is Manila House but there are dozens of others that all the cabbies know about, although some can be fairly rough.

And also there is Escorilla in Bocagrande, a bit past its prime.

Manila house has some 8's but mostly 6's. Inhouse the price is about $40 USD and to take them out it will cost about $70 for all night.

Colombia really is a wild card now. For example the highway between Cartagena and Barriquilla is really dangerous, with FARC, ELA and just plain bandits working it at night. If they think they can make a bit of money from kidnapping you they will, as they have nothing to lose. 93% of murders in Colombia go unsolved, so they can do what they want. There is little risk in crime, particularly with a foreigner.

During the day....the chances are better but you take your chances.

Overall in Colombia chica wise.

All the girls are very sentimental (romantic). Compared to ultra sophisticated American girls (at least the ones I know in New York City) they are almost like children

On the coast - Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cartagena you have your mullato
"tropical" girls and they can be far more beautiful than in say the Domican Republic, particularly if they have that added drop of Indian blood. And they are really nice, sexually and personally.

Bogota - the girls are so so. It's a big city, without a clear cultural identity like Medillion or Cali.

Medellin is know for the winners of the Colombian beauty pageants and you have some really hot girls there but they are kind of reserved and materialistic. And it's really family orientated. That's why you can't get fucked so easily with an amateur in a few days. You have to put in your time, meet the family, etc. It's an agrarian society.

In general everyone is trying to get out of Colombia. The countries is a really bad state - massive violence in the countryside, now spreading to the cities- and there is real danger there - take it from me, someone who has been coming down there to monger for ten years. It's now a war zone.

I suggest you consider other places in Latin America- Cuba, Argentina, Costa Rica (Mc Sexlandia).......

09-19-02, 01:44

Loved your report man.....:-)I myself am still In doubt IF going to Cartagena,BQ Or even Cali.
At all costs I will avoid Bogota. (I spend 2 weks in Lima...dearly missing the beach and the sea)As I also am looking for serious wife. I don't like snobs or high profile attituded wome.
Besides that I like the sea and beach.
Did those street vendors in Cart. gave you a hard time??

wtf you mean with "doody"???blood??? [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) or what??(sorry I am non-native english!)

Any suggestions for cheap (hehe) decent GF-friendly hotels??

Did you travel by land to BQ Zipy???

Keep up the good work.


09-19-02, 22:29

By "doody" I basically meant that the girl crapped on me. Wasn't a pretty sight, let me assure you.

The street vendors (touts) are a pain on the ass in Cartagena and you are better off ignoring them whenever possible.

As far as hotels, I am only familiar with what I mentioned in my reports.

And yes, I took a cab during the day from Cartagena to Barranquilla.

09-20-02, 19:34

that ho crapping on you.....fuck....that is REAL NASTY!!!:-(
Never had that before.
I hear Indians (from India) do that all the time during sexgames....??
I don't see were the fun is.......I just think it's disgusting.


09-20-02, 22:34
Well, the girl didn't crap on me purposely...it just sort of slid out after a little anal sex. It happens sometimes and the girl (who was VERY sweet) was very embarrassed!

10-05-02, 03:15
Originally posted by FANTASY
i have finally worked up the courage to travel to colombia. i need help. i figure the place to go for a first timer in the region is carta.
i am an experienced sex traveler (over 29 countries), i speak fair spanish, as it is my fourth language. can anyone suggest girl friendly hotel on the beach, in close proximity to the action. not looking for a real budget place, or a five star, something in between. also where are some safe places to go for some reasonable hot action. thanks in advance for your help. also cali info would help.

I'm kind of an sexpert on Cartagena, since I've been there about ten times.
In Colombia I would say that NOW Cartagena is the only city that is reasonably safe. It was quite safe a few years ago but with the civil war really heating up now there are about 2 million internal refugees that have moved from the countryside to the relative safety of the city and these people will do what they can to survive.

To start off Cartagena is devastingly beautiful, a completely intact sixteenth century colonial city with a wall around the city- built to keep out the English and French pirates - that the locals stroll up and down at sunrise. It's one of those places that you just have to see one time in your life. There's really nothing like it. Think of the great colonial Spanish cities, Puerto Rico, Havana and multiply it by five. It's a stunner. See the movie "The Mission" shot in Cartagena and set in the sixteenth Century and you get the idea of what it looks like today. And the people are really cool.

If you are on a no budget budget you can stay on one of the el cheapo backpacker hotels in the old city on calle media luna between $6 and $15. A nice cheap fish meal is about $4, beers are around $1.

On a normal tourist level I recommend the hotels in Bocagrande, such as the three star Bahia (my favorite and chica friendly) for around $34....and the five star Caribe, around $60 (but not chica friendly - you have to pay for a double to take take a girl up.)

There are plenty of SW in the old city and the main drag of bocagrande for about $25 or less but some are TV's and the quality isn't great.

Club Escorilla after midnight is where you will meet some great chicas, some from Cali and Medillin, where the most beautiful girls come from, that are around 7 and 8's for $50 or less for todo el noche, sometimes with GFE (YMWF).

Be careful about walkling around the area at night , as there are muggers. I recommend taking a taxi to the hotel with the girl, even if it is just a few blocks away.

In the old cities are several places also, although I can't remember the names as they change often but everyone knows them. One was La Dolche Vita but I'm not sure it it is closed or not.

There are lots of brothels near the port that cater to tourists from the Cruise lines during the day and sailors at night. The most famous is Manila house, run by a really nice Italian guy. Some really nice girls there, for about $40 in or $70 to take out and the place is safe. The taxi drives know about this place and several others.

As for the rest of Colombia....Cali has the prettiest girls by far, and Medilin is a close second don 't go there now. You really have no idea what can happen.

I read a post from Nibu about the emerald district and the brothels there but those areas are like an old West mining town and about as dangerous for foreigners as probably anywhere on the planet.

As for me it seems that all the action now is in Buenos Aires and that's where I monger next.

10-05-02, 04:07
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Nibu Raphael
[i]Saw on the travels with Michael Palin video that Cartegena seemed pretty colnial and nice at least in centro. Yes I would say definetly one beautiful city. Hey What are the newspapers in Cart. you find sex ads in?

> newspapers with Sex ads in Cartagena don't exits. The way to find out about the hobby scene is from posts on WSG and from taxi drivers.

10-05-02, 19:04

As I said My German buddy Dieter and I will travel to cartagena in february 2003 AND TO CALI!!!(YES). This is most likely between 11-feb. and 1 March.
If anyone of you mongers feel to join EMAIL me privately at:


I will try to find more guys that will join up. Canadian Pete?? Forget about Cuba and come to Colombia! US Pete (he is punting right NOW in Moscow....;-)

I am also want to organise a MEGA GANGBANG there with at least 4-6 women.

Jamesbond: 50 US $ sounds ok with me for an allnighter!! But I don't pay 60 bucks for a hotel.....no way Jose..!

******* if ye read this I hope some day we will meet in Colombia because I know you are one of the Greatest Mongers of us all!!!!!:-)

btw An Argintina trip for me in September 2003????(that is if I not get "stuck" in Locombia....) I hear the Argie ho's are willing and pretty.....hehe.



10-05-02, 19:21
[QUOTE]Originally posted by johan007

> I will travel to cartagena in february 2003 AND TO CALI!!!(YES). This is most likely between 11-feb. and 1 March.

If you are going to Cartagena around that time set the days to cover the first week in March. That's when the Cartagena Film Festival takes place and there are lots of parties, with non pro chicas that are open minded and of course, for the back up later in the evening, the standard pro action.

Also it's a bit more lively during the festival, as more people are in town.

12-26-02, 10:13
hey realy like what i hear it isa beach town has it been safe there for gringos. I realy dont want to fly to bogata or cali but miami has a direct flight so how about march there how is it

01-04-03, 11:49
I will be in cart near carnival any one been to baq for it staying in a apt a few days any interesting places I should go feb25

01-04-03, 15:09
Cartagena Film Festival
28 February-7 March 2003
Baluarte de San Francisco, Calle San Juan de Dios, AA 1834, Cartagena, Colombia
Tel: +57 5 664 2345/660 0966
Fax: +57 5 660 0970
Email: festicine@telecartagena.com
Website: www.festicinecartagena.com
Festival director/programmer:
Victor Nieto
Competition: The Catalina Indian Award
Previous winner: At the Left of the Father (Luiz Carvalho, Brazil)
Entry deadline: 30 January 2003

01-23-03, 17:37
how is cartegena scene lately disco tec s and the clubs plaese give details

01-30-03, 20:53
Well here is how my first day in Columbia.

K11, Dave and myself arrived in Cardegena yesterday at 1:30. We were the only tourists on the plane. We went through customs which was pretty interesting. They searched everything we had, it took almost 40 miniutes. We decided to stay at the Almirante Hotel, which is very nice. We got a travel agent rate of $60.00 per night for a double room with a king size bed.

After unpacking we decided to hit the streets. The local area of BocaGrande is a long strip with hotels on the beach. The area is full of "touts" that bug the hell out of you every 30 seconds. I was very unimpressed with the girls walking the streets. The Columbian girls in Panama are 10x as beautiful. Around 5:00 we decided that we wanted to find here the chica´s were. We hired a local to take us around for the night. (cost $20.00).

The first place he took us was terrible. I believe the name was Aeropostale. The girls were gross. There wasn´t a 5 in the place. About this time I was really getting pissed that I made the trip. We decide to go eat and return to some other places later hoping that the selection would be much better.

After dinner the second place we went was the Pleyboy club (yes the spelling is correct). We arrived at about 9:00. There were about 6 or 7 girls there, with the quality being much better. I would say that out of all the girls there were 4 or 5 that were 6-7 range. Still very unimpressed we headed to our third place. At this point I was ready to head to the airport to change my ticket back. By the way the cost quoted at Aeropostale was $50.00, on site for 1 hour ( I wouldn´t have paid $5.00 for a whole month). The quote at Pleyboy club was $130.00 for the whole night at your hotel.

The third stop was Manilla (sp?) house. The place was kind of interesting. There was a room up front, then another samll room, a bar and a patio with tables and chairs in the back. There were aprox. 10-12 girls there in every different color, size, and shape. We decided to sit for awile and have a couple of drinks. The girls are very shy in Cardegena and can come off as very cold. Not one girl came up to us at any of the stops. All of the initial contact has to be made by you. K11 started doing his magic tricks which actually broke the ice and warmed the girls up a little.

I was still not impressed. There were a couple of "cute" one´s there but nothing you would travel all this way for. Then Viviana walked in. She was AWESOME. She is a beautiful 20 year old form Baraquilla. This was what I was looking for. I smiled at her and she asked me to come sit by her. After talking with her for awhile, we started to hit it off. It wouldnt have mattered how beautiful she was if she was a "cold one".

The next thing that happen was probably the highlight of the evening. While Lonnie was doing his magic trips he lost his "magic" pen cap. He started to freak out. He offered a $50,000 peso reward for whoever found it. It was histerical, there were 10 girls, our guide, 2 guys who worked there and K11 looking for this thing. It is amazing what people in these countries will do for a little money. They looked for a good hour before our guide found it. When he found it you would have thought that he won the lottery.

After this "circus" we decide to leave. Dave took a girl with him and I took Viviana with me. Total cost was negotiated at $20.00 for the Salida and $50.00 for her. This was for all night and all morning. We decided that we wanted to have some fun before heading back to the hotel. We went to Mister Babilla´s. This place is a blast. There were alot of people there for a Wednesday night.The crowd was mostly tourist´s and a few "working " girls. I would highly reccomend taking a girl here if you are looking for the GFE.

The girls had an absolutly great time. We ended up closing the place and heading back to the hotel. Viviana was great. She was a blast last night and was ready again this morning. So after a slow start the night turned out to be great. I was tempted to have Viviana stay with me today since I didn´t see very much last night, but I didn´t want to lock myself in in case things got better. I told her to call me later and that I would have her come back tonight or tommorrow. We are headed to the old city today to check things out there. I will email you later and let you know what we found.


01-30-03, 23:19

Go check out La Dolce Vita in Laguito or La Garita in the old city. But make sure you wait until AFTER 11:30. The casas you visited are hit or miss at best.

01-30-03, 23:37
Originally posted by Zippy

Go check out La Dolce Vita in Laguito or La Garita in the old city. But make sure you wait until AFTER 11:30. The casas you visited are hit or miss at best.

Also check out the Casa de Munecas and the International Club (although I doubt you will find anything you like at the International Club) Both are in the same general area as the Manila House.

My opinion: the Manila House is the best house in Cartagena. Also curious to know if there is any action anymore in Escollera in Bocagrande? Is it still open?

01-31-03, 03:24
I checked out La Escalera twice in December and it was pretty dead, pro-chica wise (1 or 2 very poor looking chicas). If it weren't for the chivas putting this bar on their nightly schedules, the place would have had to close months ago.

Oh, and street action Calle 5 is dead now also. They arrested all the pros, pimps, and drug dealers a couple of months ago and are now making an effort to keep the streets quiet. Not sure where they moved...

02-01-03, 11:27
I have been following you guys since panama and you are very detail oriented but the prices are cheaper in cart not saying you should be with dogs but keep in mind panama is very high to me but you guys had such a blast i will go there soon keep postin much appreciated

02-08-03, 01:04
Heading to Cartagena next week, are there any WSG members there the same time?

02-14-03, 00:52
I know about manilla and ldv from other post yes stay away from touts so any other options for pickn chicas up will be there for fim festival and then to baq for carnival nedd a game plan.

02-14-03, 20:44
Dave and I arrived at from Miami at 5:15. We flew Aces Airline from Miami. It was beautiful. It is about a two and a half hour flight with a decent meal and a ful movie. The planes are new and have plenty of leg room. We decided to rent 2 one bedroom apatments from Eddy.Eddy had his driver, Gustavo,and Gustavos brother Peter waiting for us at the airport. I was in the condo Eddy owned (503) and Dave was in another renter´s (403). My condo was nice. It was decorated nice, had a good bed, and safe and hot water. Daves condo was terrible. It was dirty, no safe, ugly as hell and no hot water. We decide to stick it out one night and look the next day for an alternative. After getting settled I was feeling a little frisky so I agreed to let Freddie the cabbie outside find me a women. We agreed that I would pay 10,000 pesos to him and 50,000 pesos to the girl if he found one I liked. After about 20 miniuted he returned with a beautiful, but very young looking chica. I asked her how old she was and she sadi 18. I asked Freddie how old she was and he said 18. I did not believe either one, but decided to take a chance. We agreed to a one hour session, since I was headed out in an hour. When we got upstairs she started with a massage, which I needed terribly after the flight. After about 5 miniutes she started to grind me. Well that was it I flipped he 98lb body over and had my way with her. The session was solid, a little mechanical but very good never the less. The session ended up taking an hour and a half so I was late meeting Dave downstairs. When I got downstairs I apologized to Dave and we headed out for the night.

We decided to use Peter as our guide/taxi for the evening. I asked him how much and he hesitated to anwser. He told me taht he would figure it out later. Well I am smart enough never to go anywhere with agreeing ahead of time on the price. I told him I need to know how much. He said that he would take us to a place and if we liked it he would charge us $10.00 us each. I laughed, I told him I would give him 10,000 peso and hour and that was it. He tried for more and I told him we would find someone else. He quickly agreed and we headed out. The first place he took us was The International (casa). We got there about 10:00 and there were aprox. 15 girls there. We decided to sit have a few beers and check out the talent. After about 10 miniutes a girl from Madellin came and sat with me. A few miniutes later she got her friend to sit with Dave. The place had some decent talent but mostly 6´s & 7´s with possible 1 eight. The girls who sat with Dave was the eight, from Barranquilla. My girl was very friendly, but did nothing for me. Daves´s girl was beautiful, but as cold as it is in Michigan right now. After about a hour my girl tried to coax me back to the condo with her. I told her I was tired from the trip and couldn´t do it tonight. For the hell of it I asked how much it was for the night. She told me $70.00 us (way to much), and since I wasn´t interested I did not try to negotiate. She gave me her phone number and we headed out. We told Peter we didn´t like anthing there and wanted to head somewhere wlse. I content on looking at this point since I has just released my urage earlier, but I wanted Dave to find something. The next place Peter took us was Manilla House. Well any of you who read my last report know that I have a girl here that I really enjoy. I had promised Dave and myself that I would not go there until later in the trip since I would end up keeping her for a long time. Well when I got in front of the place I cracked. Dave told Peter to go somewhere else, but I said wait. Dave begged me not to go in by I didn´t listen. He refused to go in with so I went by myself and told him I was just going to say hi and I would be right back alone (Who was I kidding). When I got in there everyone remembered who I was. I have only been there once but the people here have great memories. The owner came up and said hi and asked if I wanted Viviana, I sais yes and he sent one of the girl´s for here. When Viviana turned the corener she screamed and came running up to me a kissed me until I almost fell over. Talk about an ego boost. Here is this beautiful 20 year old gril estatic to see me. At that point there was no way I was leaving alone. I asked her if she wanted to go back with me (Gratis of course) and she screamed yes. I sent her for her stuff and went to tell Dave. I know Dave wasn´t going to be happy, but Viviana agreed to go with us to looke for a girl for Dave. Well Dave took th news a lot worse then I thought. He screamed, yelled and called me every name in the book. He told me that I was ruining his trip on the first day and that he would never have came if he knew I was going to get her the first day. I explained that she was goin to he us find Chica´s for him but he didn´t care. He yelled and screamed some more and took off with the cab. I waited for Viviana and took another cab back to the condo. You have to understand that Dave doe not know anyone here and does not speak a lick of Spanish. At this point I am feeling like crap. When we get back I went to Dave´s room but he was not there. I went back upstairs, wrote him a note, and slid it under his door. At this point I had done everything I could and headed back to my room for Viviana. I proceded to have an incredible night with Viviana making everything else go away. I was falling farther into lust.

Pictures are being posted here, so far about 15 new ones:

Day 2:

Well I woke up in the morning with a huge smile on my face from the night before, but I felt really bad about the altercation with Dave. After dragging myself out of bed I went down to Dave´s to talk. He was awake and we both cleared the air and decided to start over. I went back to my room and told Viviana that I was going to hang out with Dave for a fews days and then come back and get her so we could hang out. I explained everything to her and she was sad but understood.

Dave and I decided to look at other condos in the area to see if there was an alternative plan. Eddy also said that he was going to talk to the other American in his two bedroom to see if he would move to the one bedroom. Well in our travels we say a complete array of condos. You can rent a condo here for as little as $20.00 a day (really nasty) all the way to $100.00. The common factor is that almost every condo does not have hot water. After looking all day we decided to see what Eddy came up with. Eddy was able to move the other American to his one bedrrom and we took the two bedroom(801). The condo is Ok. It is clean, has two double beds in the bedrooms and has HOT water. We decided that it would work.

After wasting half the day looking Dave decided that he wanted to take a nap. There was no way I was wasting more time in that condo, so I headed for the beach. While I was walking to the beach I was stopped by this black guy asking me where I was from. Turns out that it was the infamous beach tout Tony. He told me that there were a couple of other American on the beach that were staying in Bruces condo. He walked me over to them and introduced me. They were both TSM vets and two of the nicest guys you could ever meet. They had both been there several times, so I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon picking there brains. It was very educational. Tony brought over a couple of girls to are cabana. One ws from Barranquilla and the secon one was from the other city in Colombia that starts with a M ( I cannot pronounce it). Two very nice girls that hung out for awile and lets us take a couple of pictures.

After the beach the two TSM guys were headed to the old city to a steakhouse and invuted Dave and I . I accepted and we headed out. This steakhouse was Awesome. We all had filet´s that were incredible(I will post the name under the food section of the Colombia board). This was the best meat that I have had outside the US. After dinner we Dave and I made a plan to head to La Doce Vita.

We headed up to La Doce Vita around 10:30 that evening. The place was pretty dead with a few girls. Within an hour the place was hopping. This place is great. The owner is Aldo, an Italian, and he make you feel completely welcome. I introduced myself and he told me if I needed anything just to let him know. La dolce Vita is a disco that is full of freelancers, similar to High Caribe in DR... but better quality. By 11:30 there were over 30 girls in the place with aprox a dozen Very Very nice prospects. Of all the places I have been so far this is the best combination of atmosphere, quantity, and quality. After about an hour I decided to make my move. I saw a girl that wasn´t the best looking girl in the place , but had something about here. She was very tall (which normally I do not like, being 5? myself), with great looking rack. She came over and sat with me for about 2 hours. There is no salida at La Dolce Vita, but the drinks are pretty expensive. After having a few to many drinks I negotiated with my girl. She asked for $150,000 pesos ($50.00US)to start but I was able to get her down to $100.00($33.00). I told her for the whole night but she said that she had to go to school tomorrow and could only stay until 5:00am. I agreed. This girl was incredible erotic at the bar. She danced incredible sexy and was totally turning me on. The one thing that she lack was affection(clue number 1), but I was willing to overlook this. I was ready for a wild night. After we left we headed to the condo, on the way she ran into some Italian´s that she knew really well(clue number 2). When we got up stairs she agreed to a couple of photos, but only with here cloths on. I didn´t push the issue and started to shoot. After a couple of miniutes she asked for the money for the night(clue number 3), I thought this was a little strange but gave it to her. When she put away the money she started to become a little agressive, I liked this. She got undressed and started to do her thing. She had an incredible body and her tit´s were even better then I thought. She gave a very nice blow job, but stopped fairly quickly to move on to sex. When hitting the bed I started to caress her body and found out that her tit´s were too nice. They were fake(clue number 4). Now I am all for fake tit´s , but you never ever see this in these countries. They don´t have enough money to eat let alone spend $5000.00 on new tits. Well then things started to change, she started to rush me big time. I hate to be rushed and this was a huge turn off. I tried to get her to slow down and relax but she just kept pushing and pushing. At this time I started to get really pissed. I told her that we agreed until 5:00 in the morning at that it was only 2:15. Out of the blue she jumped up, told me that I was a big problem and stormed out. After this I was about to explode. After venting with Dave for awhile , I decided to go back and talk to Aldo. Even though he doesn´t have anything to do with the girls there, he does screen them to let prople know who is good and who isn´t. He was very apologetic and said he would talk to the girl. I thanked him and headed back to the condo. Needless to say this put a really bad taste in my mouth and left me saying...... Where is Viviana? After doing all this so Dave could have fun, he ended up going home solo. I am starting to wonder......

Day 3

Well after my bad experience the night before I kind of woke up with an attitude. Dave and I went to the normal bakery(El Pandora) for our two cappachinos to start the day. After a little roaming around the city we decided to hie the beach. Dave has quite smoking this trip and it is really killing him right now. He has been a sport and gone everywhere I have suggested, but it is really affecting him. When we got to the beach we meet up with Tony and got a cabana. I was really looking to jump back into the ¨fire¨to get the experience from the nght before out of my head. I told tony that I was looking for a chica and wanted her ASAP. He brought over a attractive(aprox. 7) girl that seemed very friendly. I was not Wowed by her beauty but was intrigued by her energy. After having a couple of drinks I asked her how much for an hour. She started at $70.00 us. I just laughed. I told her to quote me in pesos. She then said 100,000 pesos($35.00) I said too much. Well after some negotiating we settled on 60,000 pesos($20.00). At this point I was ready. I left Dave with my chica´s friend and headed for the hotel. When we got there I started with my usual massage setup. She was not going to have anything to do with that and flipped me over. From there she went to work, she was great in the sack. Willing to do whatever and truely enjoying it. She had a little ¨mala¨streak in her which I loved. After a full hour of service and two completetions, she was in no hurry to head out. So the next step was naturally bringing out the camera. This girl was not camera shy. I got some great up close and personal shots that I will post tomorrow(when the internet here is working better). After the photo session I got her number and sent her on her way.

After a quick nap and a shower Dave and I headed to Riquisimo for dinner. This place has been posted about before and is a complete steal. The food is great and it is one of the cheapest places I have been to. After dinner we headed over for some cappachinos and talked with Eddy. We decided that we were going to hit La Dolce Vita again that night. Even though I had a bad experience there I loved the place and knew there was quality there.

We headed to La Dolce Vita about 10:30. I like getting there early so I can see all the girls as they come in. It is a great place to relax and start your drinking early. When I started to gaze over the crowd I noticed that the girl from my bad experience was there. At this point I had already moved on and wasn´t going to say anything. Well as I was looking around she caught my eye and put her face in her hands. I just shook my head and the next thing I know she was headed over. When she got there she apologized and told me that she was having problems. She tried to explain to me but as she talked quickly I could not understand. I told her no problem and thanked her for apologizing. She then offered to go back with me ¨gratis? I said thank you but that it would not be neccesary. Now I don´t know if this was Aldo´s doing or her true feeling, but it was a nice gester on someones part and very much appreciated. As I scoped the room I was feeling a little out of it. I´m not sure if it was the little amount of sleep catching up with me or some bad news I got from home that day, but I was really feeling down. There were probably 30 girls there again and about the same quality. thre was a group of Italians that came in about 12:00 and wasted no time in scouping up the five best looking girls in the place. Dave had headed out at 11:00 to meet a girl back at the apartment and at 1:00 I decided to call it a night a head back. When I got back to the apartment I was really feeling like shit. All I could think was I don´t want to feel likes this on vacation. At that point I knew that there was only one thing that was going to get me out of my funk... Viviana. So I went down stairs and got a taxi and headed for Manilla House. When we got ther (about 2:00) the place was closed. The taxi went up to the door but the manager told him that they wern´t open. I sent him back and told him to tell them that MAV was there for Viviana. Well that did the trick. The opened the doors let me in and went for Viviana. It is amazing how well they treat americans after they get ot know them. Viviana came down we headed back to the condo and all was GOOD. So times you need that little extra special feeling to get you back in the groove. I will post the pictures of the beach girl tomorrow (I think that you will like them).

Day 4

Well after my incredible night with Viviana we decided that we were going to hit the beach. I took Viviana shopping in the late morning for a new bathing suit. We strolled the streets through Boca Grande and I caught quite a few eyes watching us as we walked the streets. Most of the local ¨good?girls are always intruqued when they see Americans with girls shopping. It is a great ego boost and a great way to make that girl that is with you really appreciate what she has. Well after we bought the bathing suit we headed back to the condo. We we got there Viviana was going to show me what she has that all thoses girls looking didn´t have. WOW. I would highly reccomend any jelous Colombian women in bed (as long as you arn´t the one who made them jelous). This was a whole new girl. Viviana is sweet and elegent and shows in the beedroom. But this time she was a little bit nasty and I really liked it. Well so much for the beach we ended up spending the whole afternoon in the bedrrom.

Well that night Dave, Viviana, and I decided to have dinner at Santo Domingo Square in the Old City. SDS is a area in the old city thta has restuarnats, cafes, and performers. It is a great place to sit and watch people. There are different street performers about every 30 miniutes that perform for tips. They are also girls seeling flowers and guys sell pictures of you and your someone special. It is completely romantic. I would highly recommend taking a girl here for the total experience. After dinner at Paco´s we had a couple of cappachinos in the sqaure and enjoyed the talent. As far as mongering goes, there are always plenty of beautiful women roaming the streets of the old city during the night. Some are working girls and some are regular girls alll looking for the ¨someone special¨for the night. HA HA HA . Well after SDS we decided to walk to city and head toward Tu Candilla Disco. Walking the city is a really different experience. You really get the feeling of what a cityin the old country looks like. The only problem is the young kids that will come up to you and beg you for money. This is more depressing then annoying. After the walk we got to Tu Candilla. It is located near the big clock tower. Now I had heard about this place from other mongers, but didn´t know what to expect. The place is located upstairs and is very small. It is not really a disco, but more like a small bar. It has a mixture of couples and ¨single¨girls. It was fairly early (10:30) and there were about a dozen girls there. The quality was not as good as La Dolce Vita, but the girls seemed different. They seemed more like reugular girls. The were dressed more conservative and were a bit more shy. After about an hour there we headed to La Equerquilla (sp?) Disco. This is located in Boca Grande. When we got there they had a $5000 peso cover charge. Some of the more popular regular discos have cover chargers on the weekend. This place is HUGE. They have a dance floor in the middle and a bar at the far end with tables everywhere. It was Saturday night and the place was packed with locals. Usually Friday and Saturday nights have a ton of locals and the good discos. From what I have heard this place has quite a few working girls there the rest of the week. I will confirm this later in the week. For our last stop we headed to La Dolce Vita. I was the only guy there that walked in with a girl and boy did I get a few looks from the girls. Even though this place is more of a ¨working¨bar, it is very comfortable to just hang out drink and watch the scenery. A lot of ¨date?girls would be uncomfortable here, but Viviana is great about that. She has no problem letting me look at the ¨merchandise¨as long as I don´t buy. We ended pounding a bottle of rum and staying until close. Total again there were about 30 girls there when we got there. At the end of the night there were easily 12 - 15 girls that left alone and would have gladly paid for 5 or 6 of them. This place needs Americans bad. Guys.... the country is full of Italians who are cheap here (very dishearting to me being a Italian American myself), a few Germans who seem to look more then purchase, and locals. It is amazing how many of these girls just love you if you are American. We are the ¨savior¨here. Most american that come here come to have a good time and the girls know that. This is something that we need to take advantage of now. Well enough of that. After La Dolce Vita, Viviana and I headed back to the condo for another night of pure pleasure. Sorry no photos of this night (I forgot my camera), but I will have plenty more in the next two weeks.

Day 5

Sunday. Sunday is pretty dead here. The best bet by far is to head to the beach for the day. The beach is loaded with locals that come from all over. You can find all sorts of girls here. After a very long days and night Viviana and I decided to lock ourselves in my room for the day and watch DVD´s. Dave headed to the beach with the two other TSM guys in town. About 3:00 I decieded to head down to Riquisimo for some grub. While I was waiting Dave walked up with ¨Robhay¨who had made the trip over from Barranquilla. Well any of you who read his post here of his first day in Barranquilla probably thought that he headed bach to the states. Well it turned out that he had the time of his life in Barranquilla. Almost the same thing as my first day ever in Cartagena. We talked a bit and he came up to the condo for a while. He had meet a girl in Barranquilla and was really into her, but I will let him post about that. After he left I locked myself in my room again with Viviana for some TLC. Pretty boring days post wise... , but very enjoyable for me.

Day 6

I decided to take it easy again today as the long nights were starting to catch up. Being here for three weeks you really have to pace yourself. Dave, Viviana, and I headed out in the late morning to exchange money and get some breakfast. We went to Lloyds bank to exchange money. They give the best rate here, but it take for ever. You have to hve your passport with out an fill out a million forms. Unless you are exchanging a lot of money I would suggest using the exchange house iit takes about 5 miniutes. I was in Lloys for about a half hour. The difference in exchange is about $2.00 per hundred. After this we headed to Crepes & Waffles. When we got there we found that they did not open until 12:00. Breakfast is not very big in Cartagena and the best place to find it is the nice hotels (Almirante and Hilton). After we finnaly found a little whole in the wall for breakfast we headed back to the condo. We were moving today from Eddys condo (801) to Bruces Condo (802). What a difference. Bruce´s condo is twice as much as Eddys per night , but is incredible. It is easily the nicest I have seen here. I has an incredible ocean view with a complete glass window wall. There are three bedrooms (one is Bruces private and not availble for rent), three bathrooms, four TV´s, a DVD player, all new appliances, a washer & dryer, and the best HOT water I have found here. Now I am normally not into ¨touting¨another person place, but if you number one goal is comfort and not price this is the place to stay. After moving our stuff it was about 2:00. Viviana and I decided to take a shower and head to the ¨mall? Well after the shower and a little ¨fun? we headed out about 3:30. I posted before about the ¨mall¨here, which is more like an open shoppin area then a mall in the states. Again there were a ton of women here. I decided that I wanted to flirt a little so I sent Viviana here way and I went my way. I was very curious to see if theses girls were approachable. They were, I was able to strike up quite a few conversations (with bad spanish) and I got two phone numbers. I also had a very interesting experience of a girl in a women sotre modeling underware for me. After about an hour and a half, I meet back up with Viviana and headed back to the condo. That might we decide to try CIN-CIN Italian resturant. The food was good and the prices were very cheap. After dinner Viviana and I decided to stay in since it would be our last night together for a week or so. Viviana is heading to Barranquilla a week or so ahead of me to spend time with her little girl. It sounds like my posts will start to get a little more interesting. HA HA HA

02-19-03, 08:08
WHAT I HAVE LEARNED my pre trip knowledge is stay away from the beach touts dont pay over 40 bucks all night, but with the peso almost3000-1 is 40 bucks still fair or lower don,t want to make this costa rica .i have learned dont OVER pay I will be there feb 25 any pointers please post if i start singing i wish they could all be columbian girls then you guys better get down here

02-19-03, 16:36
Originally posted by *******
Viviana is heading to Barranquilla a week or so ahead of me to spend time with her little girl. It sounds like my posts will start to get a little more interesting. HA HA HA
Repor [/i]

Nice posts. Keep them coming. Cartagena is really a beautiful place. Hope you make it to the film festival. It's starts on Feb. 28th and goes on for a week. There are lots of wild parties. The best ones are outdoors in the plazas of the old city, such as Santo Domingo.

You can check out the local talent at the festival. If that doesn't work out there is always LDV and Manila House.

Be careful walking around late at night around Escollera in Bocagrande. Some of those kids on the street will rob you if they see an opportunity.

02-21-03, 02:28
Great report, Mav! Please keep them coming!

02-21-03, 03:31
Day 7

I spent the morning in my room with Viviana saying ¨goodbye¨. After we had lunch she headed back to Barranquilla about 1:00 and I started on the prow. I headed to the beach and it was completely dead. Tony wasn´t even there and that is amazing. Next I decided to take a walk through Boca Grande, on my way back I ran into Tony. He gave me a big sob story about how dead the beach was and how he didn´t have any money for food. Then of course he tried to ¨borrow¨money, I told him no chance but I would let him go find a girl and he could earn that way. He agreed and told me he would be back in 30 miniutes. I headed up to the condo and realaxed a little.
About 45 miniutes later Tony showed up with two girls. The first one was one he had brought to the beach the my second day here and the other one was a girl I had not seen. We sat around a little a had a couple of beers and I told tony that I would take the new one. I litterally had to kick himm out of the condo and send him on his way. Tony is not a bad guy, but you have to be forceful with him or he will eat you alive. Nini, 18 and I went down to my room.We negoriated 60,000 pesos($20.00) for one hour. After a quick shower she started to give me a massage. She seemed very timid and shy. I asked her if there was anything wrong and she said no, she was new at this. Well I took that as a good sign and decided to be very gentle. We had a very nice hour and a half session with two completions.Next it was on to the photos. She loved the camera and let me take a dozen different shots.(I will post these later, if you guys don´t want me to post all 12 of them let me know). After she said that she really liked me a wanted to see me again. I am not planning on having any repeaat sessions this week, but got her name and number just in case. I sent her on her way and took a afternoon nap to recharge my battery.
That night Dave and I headed to San Diego Plaza in the old city for dinner. We went to a wonderful Italian resturant called Fellini. I highly reccomend this place. It is expensive in Colombiam terms, but is truely authentic. The chef waited on us himself and told us his specialties. After dinner we talked with a fellow American working there (conversation under general topics in Colombia forum.) We had a couple botlles of wine adn decided to head to La Dolce Vita around 11:00. I was pretty mellow from my afternoon session and was not sure if I was going to take anyone back with me. Dave headed back to the condo about 12:00 and I started some heavy drinking. I meet some Italians in town that worked for Versace and spoke English. They invited me to join them and I accepted. Aorund 1:00 I started to get frisky and called over Maria, 19. SHe was a solid 8 from Cali with a beautiful body. We agreed on 100,000 pesos($35.00) until the morning. I made sure that she knew about my bad experience before and understood that I wanted her for the whole night. Around 2:00 we headed back to the condo. I had a ton to drink and started to worry a little about performing, but she took her time and made sure this was not a problem. She was great. I only wish that I would have cooled it a little on the drinking so I could have enjoyed her over and over. After a wondrful hour session I passed out and that was it. I was so out of it I didn´t even take any photos. Oh well maybe I break the no repeat rule with this one and get photos the next time.
I will post the photos of Nini in the morning.

Pictures are being posted here, so far about 20 new ones on top of the 15.:

Day 8

Woke up in the morning and sent my chica from the night before on her way. I was really feeling like shit (bad hangover), so I decided to take it easy in the afternoon and get ready for the night. I orderd in myself
a pizza from Pizza Hut and watched a couple of DVD´s. About 4:00 I started to get a little dose of cabin fever, so I decided to head to the internet cafe. while I was there I overhead another American and went over a introduced myself. Randy is from Colorado and left Costa Rica and decided to come to Cartagena for 6 weeks. Spoke with him for a while and heard some interesting stories. He is alone and does not speak much Spanish, so I invited him to dinner with Dave and myself.
Randy, Dave , and I headed to Carbon de Pala in th old city for dinner. This is the place I wrote about before that has great beef. The have a HUGE filet for 24,000($8.00) that is awesome. After dinner we decided to head over to Tu Candella an La Garita. We got to Tu Candella about 11:00 and thing were just starting to pick up. Within 30 miniutes the place was jammed. This place is very small and is mostly ¨good¨girls not pros. There was a group of six girls next to us that were really ¨nice¨. Dave headed home about 11:30 and Randy and I decided to stay and work the room a little. I the group next to us I noticed an incredible chica that as absolutly beautiful. I was having a hard time catching her eye so I sent over the Camera girl to ask her if it was ok for me to get a picture with her. She said no problem and came over. I talked to her for a few miniutes and found out that she had a boyfriend and believe it or not she was loyal to him. Of course all this did was turn me on more, but I figured taht it wasn´t going anywhere so I moved on. At about midnight Randy and I decided that we weren´t in the mood to ¨work¨regular girls so we headed down to La Garita. La Garita was dead with only a few girls inside. I believe that this place is a Friday or Saturday stop. After that we decided to head to old reliable La Dolce Vita. There was the typical 25 - 30 girls there and very few customers. When I walked in I saw a girl that I had been eying for awile and sat and talked with her. She said that she was waiting for a guy to return from earlier so we decided to meet up Friday or Saturday. Randy and I sat at the bar and scouped the room. A girls that I had seen from a couple of nights before caught my eye and gave me a big smile. With a bg smile back she headed over to talk. She is not my typical type ( I like them very small and pettite), but there was something about her. It may have beed her large rack or the fact that she couple give little jabs as well as recieve them. WE had a couple of drinks and started to break the ice. Meanwhile Randy was talking with a girl he had the night before. Aldo came over and I asked him how my girl was (Rosario 25, from Barranquilla). He is very honest with the customers and will tell you what people had said about different girls. He told me the reports on Rosario were great and that some people claim she gives the best service. I was really starting to get intrigued. When Rosario heard us talking she asked Aldo what we were talking about and he told her. Her response sealed the deal for me. She told Aldo that tomorrow morning I would know she was the best and that I would tell Aldo personally. I love a girl with confidence. We negotiated 120,000 pesos for the night, but she wanted to leave at 6:00 in the morning. I tried to get her to agree to 8:00, but then I figured who cares I am goin to be dead anyways. Randy took the girl from the night before and we headed to his Condo to party a little before heading for the bedroom. Randy rented a HUGE penthouse condo, that is not narly a nice as Bruces, but is very adaquete for $28.00 a night. When we got to his place e broke out the rum and started to dance and have a really great time.Rosario was amazing, she was incredible erotic, affectionate, and a total blast. At about 3:30 I decided that I had been teased enough and took Rosario back to my condo. Randys girl (name -? , 27 from medellin was really starting to get trashed and was ready to hit the hay). When we got to my room Rosario headed for the shower while I got ready in the room. When she came out she took CONTROL. This girl was incredible. She completely wore me out. Her oral skills were second to none. We really meshed well together in the bedroom and were really starting to like eacj other. We spent two solid hours of straight HEAT. Needledd to say she never left at 6:00. In fact when I woke up about 8:30 we went for round two. WOW is all I can say. She was right , she was the best i had here and I will tell Aldo tonight. After round two we spent the morning and early afternoon together until 1:30. What a night. Pictures to follow.Day 11

Day 11

Well my ¨virgin¨Ha Ha left at 9:30(two and a halk hours late) after a quick morning session and I decided to hit the streets. Dave an I headed to the old city to pick up a few gifts for back home. One great non mongering thing here is the character and history of the old city. After spending most of the morning and early afternoon there we headed to Crepes an Waffles for a late lunch. This place is great, the food was great and the women that eat there on the weekend are incredible. We saw a group of five that were amazing, but they also had the wicked ***** of tyh west attitude. My money was on them working in COsta Rica or Panama. They all had huge racks, small waists, and big egos. I also saw the girl of my ¨dreams¨, she was a regular girl that was eating with here mother and father. I gave her some nices looks and she gave me a big smile. I could tell that her father was not pleased with my interest, but oh well. I did not have the gumption to go up to there a table and ask for her number and I will probably regreat that for a while. After lunch we headed to the pharmacy for some little blue miracles. I have not need anything up to this point , but I felt that I would need a little boost pretty soon. The are able to sell the generic equivilant here for only $3.50 per 50mg pill. Next I headed back to the condo to meet Headhunter who was coming in at 5:15.
When Headhunter arrived I showed him where his condo was and gave him a quick tour of mine. I asked him when he wanted to head out and he said he was ready now(you got to love it). We decided to meet up with Randy at 7:00 at El Pandora. Randy was at El Pandora waiting for us with his girl for the night Rosa. We had a couple of capachinos and headed to Santo Domingo Plaza for dinner. The plaza was pretty busy but lacking the single female quoto. After dinner we decide to head to Tu Candella and La Garita. Both places were pretty dead at 11:00. We hung around at La Garita until about 11.30 , then Headdunter and I decided to head to La Dolce Vita. I was going to make sure that he did not have a bad first night in Cartagena like I did my first trip. When we were leaving La Garita, the bartender came running out and told me that my new regular girl , Rosario was going to be there later, I told him to tell her I went to La Dolce Vita and we left. When we got to La Dolce Vita it was kind of slow. There were about 20 girls there but a few lookers. Headhunter saw one that intrigued him a he headed in for the kill. In the mean time I wasn´t really interested in anything I saw. Just as I was thing of bolting to look for my sex slave I turned around and there she was. Rosario had tracked me down and was ready for more. I had wanted to try something new but also could not get away form the great sex, it is like crack. I headed over to see how headhunter was doing. After taking to his girl for a while he had decided that she was a ¨*****¨and had problem written all over her. He pulled away and scouted the room for another victim. This time he found a very attractive 20 year old from Barranquilla, Valentina. We were interested in all heading cback to La gartita for a little parting before heading back to the condo. We sent Rosario in to feel out Valentina to make sure she was going to be game. She was and we headed out. When we got back to La Garita the place was jammed. There were about 20 girls there and some real lookers. About now I was upset that I didn´t give this place more time earlier. We meet up with Randy who was still there and had polished off a full bottle of Tequilla with his girl. We all strted to ¨loosen¨ up at have a good. Next thing I knew Rosario was up on the bar with Randys girl showing everyone how she could move. About this time I remembered why I had spent a lot of time with her. We closed La Garita and headed to Randys condo. All six of us preceeded to drink more , which was probably not a good idea. Headhunter couldn´t wait any longer and headed to the other bedroom with Valentina. I proceeded to have a unnecessary long conversation with Rosario. At about 4:00 hHeadhunter came out and Rosario and I headed to my condo. When we got there were jumped right into some hot and heavy ¨make-up¨sex. Now I hate to have to have ¨make-up¨sex when I am on vacation, but this may have been worth it. The worst part of the evening was that I had forgot my camera. This will never happen again. More to come soon......

Day 12

Started the day off with my usual morning session with Rosario and sent her on her way at 12:30. headhunter and I decided to hit the beach since it is really the only thing going on Sunday. We ended up hading to the beach around 2:00pm. The place was packed for so late in the afternoon. Eddy joined us and brought three regular girls with him. One of the girls was really cute , but I did not have the time to put in to make it worth my while. We saw a lot to look at and really enjoyed socializing with all the girls. Around 5:00 we decided to talk to Tony and see what kind of girls he could come up with for some afternoon fun. The picking were kind of slim this late in the day and her brought over the girl I had earlier in the week and her friend. Headhunter liked her friend so I decided to take another afternoon shot at the one I had earlier. We negotiated the usual 60,000 pesos for one hour and headed out. I headed up to the condo and proceed to fullfill my needs. The afternoon girls here are nothing like the evening girls. The total purpose of them is to get you to the evening. For $20.00 the session is pretty quick and robotic, but well worth it.
That evening we decided to have a quick dinner at Riquisimo and take a tour of the casa´s. Headhunter, randy, Dave and I headed to Manilla House as our first stop. Thee were only 5 or 6 girls there and only one was anything worth looking at. After having two beers each we headed for stop number two. Stp two was Casa Del Marino, I never made it here on my last trip and now I know why. The place is very big, but very dark and the quality is terrible. The girls need the dark light to hide there large boddies. We didn´t even finish our beers and headed to The International Club. There were about 25 girls here, but again the quality was pretty bad. Randy was looking for a specific girl but she was knowwhere to be found. All in all I have to say that this place SUCKS. I have been there three times now and have never seen any quality. The next stop was The Pleyboy Club. The quality of the women here was much better. The girls also seemed to much more interested in getting you interested. The problem here is the price. The ¨salida¨alone is 120,000 pesos ($40.00), this is the price that you can get any La Dolce Vita girl for the night. The girls price for the night is 180,000 pesos for a total of 300,000 pesos ($100.00), which is just not worth it. After our beer here we decided to stop messing around and head for La Dolce Vita. I was really starting to feel like shit about right now. 12 straight days of 3 or 4 hours of sleep was starting to catch up. When we got there Randy saw a girl he had a couple of other times and decided to take her. Headhunter found Tatiana, 23 (pretty damn hot)and decided to take a a shot at her. I was going to actually take the night off and rest , but Rosario was there and said she would come home with me and take care of me for FREE. Being a smart man there was no way that I was goin to turn this down. Randy, his girl, Rosario, and I headed out and got a late dinner and Riquisimo and decided to head back to the condo. I was really feeling like garbage, but was feeling much beter with Rosario there. We ended up having a little bit of fun and falling a sleep at 1:00. Headhunter seemed to have a really good time, but he will tell you all about that in his post. I will give you a sneak peak and tell you that you will not ant to miss the photos from Day 13.

Posted 15 more pictures on Yahoo.

02-21-03, 05:32
[QUOTE]Originally posted by *******

Keep it coming.

Tony el tout is in every Cartagena post. The guy is a legend.

The thing about Cartagena is that its a tourist place, where Colombian girls go to have a good time and make some money, so that equals semi-pro.

Very few girls from Cartagena are pros; hence your experience with the girl in Candela who said she was with her boyfriend. It's probably true. Check out Sr. Babilla in the centro near the Convention Center.

There it is all locals and non-pros. If you have success there let me know.

02-21-03, 10:27
hey guys keep them cuming the reports and girls ha !!!hey i will be there wed are you guys gonna be there i am staying at eddys place soy solo

02-22-03, 18:39
Originally posted by jamesbond69
[Check out Sr. Babilla in the centro near the Convention Center.

There it is all locals and non-pros. If you have success there let me know. [/i]Never had even a sniff of success at Mr. Babilla's. Others have though :-(( Lovely girls though, least at the weekend. Can be dead midweek.

La Escollera looks a better bet. (I was always there accompanied, so never tried it out). (Don't think the mgmt let the pros in unaccompanied though: there's always a group hanging round outside looking for someone to pay for 'em to get in.) Though sometimes that's empty too. Or "sellado". Guess they ain't paying their taxes.

And do watch out for those kids. In an absent-minded moment I had the young lady on my shoulders, and one tried to pinch my camera. And failed. I ain't *that* stupid. I went for him and he drew a fork on me. That's right, a fork.... Admittedly it had its middle prongs bent back so I suspect it might have done some damage, but I didn't rate it. Had the little f*cker on the floor 5 seconds later. Back on the street the following day of course.

02-24-03, 20:18
I´m here in Cartagena with Mav. The chicas here are incredible.

Day 1: Arrived in CTG Saturday evening. Immediately headed to La Dolce Vita with Mav. Left with Valentina. Very cute and very sweet. She said she would stay with me until 4AM but wound up staying until 1PM the next day. Definitely got off to a good start.

Day 2: (Sunday afternoon diversion) Tatiana from the beach--one of Tony´s girls. Later that day, checked out the Casas but they were slow on Sunday night, so wound up back at La Dolce Vita which is quickly becoming from favorite place. Left with Angie. Another solid performer.

Day 3: (pending...) Hey, I just woke up!

I have to thank Mav for talking me into coming here to CTG. I´ve been talking about Colombia for a long time, and he really kicked me in the ass to buy a plane ticket and come here. I absolutely hate traveling but after my first night I already knew it was worth it.

Over and out, HH

02-26-03, 21:45
hey guys i am here itis hot and the touts evan follow you to the banos where can i find yall

03-01-03, 19:43
pesos 2800 -01 usd i speak some spanish or bring a translater bookok day 1 went to the beach picked up a chica 40,000 pesos from tony skinny for 1 hour later mi casa went to manill house i met lilyanna about 5-5 125 lbs nice rack bbbj and reg sex about 100,00 on site but qualiy is real good here colombinas like to snuggle and shit after sex .she wanted to meet later no way then went to a place on the main drag a rip off but got a number from lizbeth we will meet thursday .this place about 120000 or higher on site beer is to hi here then didnt have a chica here. last but not forgotton ldv is la dolce vita i think it is a disco meeting place for working girls beer about 5000 pesos the local beer is good so i danced some ofthe girls act like they never seen a gringo dance to latino music the girls do not approach you or make eye contact about 130 i felt like making a move to early to know who. i met patrica and bought a drink talked some aranged 90,000 pesos till 5 so off we went right across the street to a cheesy apt for 25 usa haffta leave here in the morning so it is thursday tony calls me wakes me up i am pissed i am gonna kick his ass so i go to hotel international 50,000 pesos big mistake i call lizabeth we meet at kokiricos at 11 we walk around and go back to my hotel oops not chica freindly so we got a cab and he took us o casa grande on the beach 60,000 pesos but no one speaks ingles me and this girl have some of the best sex i ever had till 3 she only charged 60,000 till 4 so we get something to eat felt the gfe thing with her we kissed and she left would see each other before i leave ok took a nap and now it is night my cab driver picked me up and we hit the other houses prices about 110 pesos at the place said fuck that we went to eat and he dropped me off at babillas it was dead but got to drunk and that is not good at 1 went to ldv still buzzing i met a fellow poster name we can call him bill so bill and i head to ldv la dolce vita we talked and started eyeing some girls so he leaves at 2 i am better looking ha but has game ha i struck out no one was into 90,000 pesos so i started walking home stupidoto and this skinny street girl said 30000 pesos since i was drunk what the hey a 100 lbs soaking wet checked her id it said 20 off we go i am a big guy did not want to hurt this girl remember i have 2 hotel rooms so i go to intrnational the night guy said no off to casa grande so after 20 min with her she said no mas and tightend her legs up my body exploded like a m-80 ears poped like 16 years again first nut ha get the picyure she actualy bled so felt kinda bad but felt like a stud to gave her money for cab fare and she left

03-01-03, 20:26
Originally posted by jamesbond69
Tony el tout is in every Cartagena post. The guy is a legend. Where can one find Tony?

03-03-03, 21:10
day 3 in cart amigo find tony but why in front of hotel velves near la dolce vita iam feeling allthe crazy sex need to slow down take a tour of th city i meet acool guy ingles good he is a local very mellow looks like mike tyson offers his tour services marcos310-6544916 so he shows me arond rest of old town introduce me to some college girls very fine about 50000 not hookers but need some extra money .we hung around old town got their numbers and rolled out had a date with a local gir at 8 went back to boca grande struck out this girl went to see my amigo cab driver i wanted to go to manilla he told me about navigater near play pen this place is cheap that is when i see alexandria blonde latina big teetes we arrange 80000 for 1 hour on site she made me relax so much felt the gfe thing with her but the night is young back to babilas met a girl from bogata we danced real hot woul this be the free pussy have been looking for she started kissing an thank god she spoke ingles we go back to casa grande and had sex with her she wanted money to gave her 50000 and she rolled out getting tired bed time

03-05-03, 06:45
there are several casas rep001tered around cartagena. the quality of the girls varies widely.

"pleyboy" - some cute girls here, but too goddamn expensive. the bar-fine is 120,000 and the girls ask for 180,000. 300,000 pesos is just ridiculous, especially when who consider that you can get equally cute girls from la dolce vita for 1/3 of that.

"las navigantes" - this place caters to sailors. the bar-fine is 60,000 and the girls are cheaper and a little older. nothing to my liking, but i negotiated a deal for another gringo named dave who spoke no spanish. he gave 2 girls 100,000 pesos each. the deal was for them to perform a lezzie show for us to photgraph, then they would both have sex with him, and spend the night with him. the girls really got into performing for us, licking each other's pussies and assholes. we took our photos then left dave alone. i was afraid he might have a heart attack, but the next morning he had a big grin on his face.

"manila house" - this place is a more relaxed atmosphere. this is probably my favorite. i think the salida is 60,000.

"noches de america" - i know why they call this place "american nights"--all the girls are fat are the beers are expensive! no fucking thanks! ran out of there after 2 minutes!

"manuecas" - all the girls were kind of thick and wearing just bras and g-strings. the problem was it is so fucking dark in there you can't see the girls. for all i know they may have been transsexuals. take a flashlight if you go there!

there are others too but i can't remember the names. all in all, i prefer to pick up the girls from "la dolce vita" or "la garita." at these places there is no bar-fine, you just negotiate directly with the girl.


03-08-03, 20:20
day 4 in cart last day totaled about 10 chicas 3 days no mas i thought so i spend day at beach then to las negatintor near pley boy or whatever see a new chic there 80.000 pesos then head to babillas to dance that is when i see the big clock tower some how that reminds me of a place i saw on the net la gargatia and la candelierea so i walk over there and want to dance i am seduced by this short but darkskin chica vivanna no way she is a pro i buy drinks and dance kissing touching etc we head to my place casa grande and have some great sex then when she wants to leaves at 4 with no english skills she says 100.ooo pesos i start to flip but then i notice she has red hair streaked on some other boards they have pics then i relize this is the girl i beat my dick over a few times in the states so what the fuck a get to fuck a girl i drooled over on the net. broke tired and crazy i head to baq

03-08-03, 22:39
Hi Vagringo,

Viviana is well-known and hangs out at places like La Garita and ocasionally, La Dolce Vita. She is very nice and has huge tits, though. I've never been with her but I know many who have taken her for a ride and she is supposed to be fantastic in the sack.

03-09-03, 19:26
yes top 2 in cart seduced me and it was the gfe thing i liked very good and she knows it

03-11-03, 19:55
forgot i have vivanna number but her ingles is bad must have some spanglish skills 310652320 or e-mai viviana0402@yahoo she seems to know she is well known on the forums i do have a pic of her and me if it comes out i can send it --top 2 for me in cart hangs out at lagargitoa chica freindley hotel casa grande 60 pesos

Jose Marcia
03-21-03, 20:49
I was in Fortaleza, Brazil just 2 months ago and getting an itch to take another mongering trip to South America. I need help of you sexperts!!!!

I have a few free tickets from different airlines that i can use to travel to South America (frequent flyer miles).

I can not make up my mind b/w Fortaleza and Cartgena. Any ideas there?? pros and cons???
Besides, the prices seem to be the same.

I had a GF from Cali, Colombia to whom I almost got married, Therefore, I know their culture too. I have been to Cali once.

Thanks to all of you.

Member #3447
04-07-03, 19:56
I'll be in Cartagena for two weeks staying at the Almirante Hotel. Are there any action near that hotel? Thanks.

04-08-03, 16:47
For my money the Almirante is the second-best hotel in the city. That would be secod-best only to the spectacular Santa Clara. Only the pool(s) at the Hilton are better.

Closest action to the hotel I guess would be at the thatched bar on the sea road, La Escollera. But don't sweat it, the city centre's only about 5 - 10 mins away by taxi, so if nothing there takes your fancy jump in a cab.

Originally posted by ho_chaser
I'll be in Cartagena for two weeks staying at the Almirante Hotel. Are there any action near that hotel? Thanks.

Member #3447
04-08-03, 20:27
AddictedtoWomen, thanks for the tip, but what is going on at the La Escollera? I am sure I'll hit all the good ones in the city center also, but it is nice and convenient to be able to pick up at a nearby establishment when one doesn't feel like taking a taxi anywhere.

Does La Escollera have quality chicas? How much are the rates if I may ask. Lastly, is it walking distance from the Almirante Hotel?Again, thanks for your quick response, amigo.

04-09-03, 14:58
Its rather variable. Take a look back in the forum, its been mentioned a few times (most recently by me 02-22-03).

Left out of the A, one block to the sea road, left about 3 blocks. Huge open sided two story construction with a thatched roof. Sometimes its a carry in, other times the girls are inside. Other times its closed. YMMV. Considerably.

Welcome to Locombia.

Originally posted by ho_chaser
AddictedtoWomen, thanks for the tip, but what is going on at the La Escollera? I am sure I'll hit all the good ones in the city center also, but it is nice and convenient to be able to pick up at a nearby establishment when one doesn't feel like taking a taxi anywhere.

Does La Escollera have quality chicas? How much are the rates if I may ask. Lastly, is it walking distance from the Almirante Hotel?Again, thanks for your quick response, amigo.

Member #3447
04-15-03, 13:12
Anybody knows if the Hotel Almirante is girl-friendly or not? Thanks. I'll be in Cartagena this Friday...will start chasing ho's once I get settled in.

If the hotel is not girl-friendly then I am gonna have to arrange something to facilitate my hobby elsewhere. Please advise...

04-16-03, 22:16
when you get there you will see a millon guys selling you things including ocean front condos 25 bucks the hotel you seek info is exspensvive for my tastes 60 and up-- the most you should pay is 25 all you do is sleep and fuck there is also the casa granda about 20 bucks i brought a few there----------------------------- pay every thing in pesos

Member #3447
04-19-03, 18:57
Well, I spent my first night (Good Friday) at Cartagena at the Almirante Hotel thinking where to pick up girls since La Dolce Vita and La Garita are both closed.

The cab driver ended up driving me to this dive called the Venus Club...about 20 minutes away from the Almirante...in some neighborhood...away from the Old City and everything else. According to him, it's the only place that's open due to Good Friday. I felt uncomfortable at first because there were no tourists in there--strictly local folks. I am glad I didn't get rolled, but then again, I am not a white gingo also. (-:

Anyway, there's about 15 chicas that work there... "okay" quality. I ended up picking up a 19 y.o. named Lucia (nice big tits). Took digital photos and will submit them to the WSG Photo gallery once my stay in Cartagena is finished. I believe I paid the gringo price for 180,000 to take her to the Almirante. I learned my lesson last night, but I was horny and had the cash to throw away...so what the fuck, I said!

The answer to my last question on Almirante being girl-friendly is a "yes". The hotel staff will check for ID's to verify the chica is 18 and older, and will require the guest to sign her in at the front desk...no problems! No extra room charges.

Tonight is the second night and I believe La Dolce Vita and La Garita is open. So, that's where I'll be at! Is La Garita located at the old city also?

Tom 33
04-20-03, 01:22
LaGarita is in the old city just below Tu Candelas. I heard a rumor that it had closed permanently. There are several clubs in that same general area. Nothing happens until midnight. I had nice luck picking up chicas in the courtyard outside between 11:00 pm and midnight. The going rate is 70,000 to 100,000 COP for all night for hot chicas.

I believe that La Dolce Vita is in El Laguito. Any taxi driver should know it.

Also try the Pleyboy and the International.

04-20-03, 16:48
Glad you're having fun!

Don't know what neighbourhood you ended up in, but you might want to take a bit of care venturing out of the main city areas... last time I was there, even with a Colombian girlfriend, we were BOTH advised not to by locals, taxi drivers, hotel staff, you name it.

If you had just got rolled, you would have been lucky. Kidnap, murder, drugging (nothing you want, believe me) are par for the course.

Enjoy... but come home safe, eh?

(180k? You made *someone's* day! Bet it wasn't the girl's though)

Hope we'll see those fotos soon!

Member #3447
04-20-03, 17:33
Well, I finally got to see the famous La Dolce Vita. It's somewhat close to the Almirante. Anyways, I picked up a 26 y.o. babe with huge tits named Camilla for 120,000. She said her tits are natural, but when I felt them they were somewhat kinda hard at the bottom parts, but otherwise soft on most of the areas...telling me that they are good quality transplants...no scarring that I can detect. She provided good service, not in a hurry to finish and, although my spanglish was kinda bad, we were able to conversate quite a bit, and took pictures as well.

I am here not on an official vacation, but work. So, although tomorrow is my first work day, I'll try to hit LDV again tonite and see if I can get a chica named, Natale for an early session.

Happy Easter to my fellow mongers! Keep on having fun!

04-20-03, 22:03
My first night back in CTG wasn´t so great. I went to LDV and there were only a few mediocre chicas. I then headed to La Escollera. I had never been there before but I saw it mentioned on this board. No chicas there either. I later found out that there was a big concert last night and that´s why all the whoring venues were dead. I guess the entire week preceding Easter, Santa Semana, is dead mongering-wise. I am hoping it will pick up again now that it´s over.

After La Escollera, I headed back to LDV and picked up Carolina, 20 years old. Not great looking, but the best thing I saw on the slow night. I got her back to my apartment then I realized where I recognized her from--she was one of Tony´s beach girls when I was here in Feb! That kind of turned me off so the session was only mediocre. Hopefully I will do better tonight.

04-20-03, 23:49
Thanks for the updates, guys! Keep 'em coming. I have a couple of months until I return so I'm living vicariously through you guys...

Member #3447
04-21-03, 01:34
Headhunter, hey man, where the heck do I find this guy, Tony? What part of the beach? As mentioned before, I am staying at the Almirante and that strip of the beach goes a long ways...What does he look like? Thanks in advance for the info.

04-21-03, 02:57

Tony can be found every day on the beach in front of Las Velas hotel. Just walk around and he will probably find you! He is dark-complexioned and speaks good English.

04-21-03, 04:01
Originally posted by Headhunter2000

Tony can be found every day on the beach in front of Las Velas hotel. Just walk around and he will probably find you! He is dark-complexioned and speaks good English.

Trust me, you don't want to get involved with Tony or guys like that in Cartagena that survive by hustling the tourists on the beach.

All you have to do is go to to La Dolce Vita or Manila or Escorella.

Also....I was attacked in Bocagrande near Escorella at about 3am by some of the kids around there. They came behind me, pushed me to the ground and went through my pockets.

I didn't have much money on me but they put an arm around my throat and as a result I lost my voice for a few weeks, because they damaged my vocal chords.

It wasn't really violent - they didn't have guns or knives or anything like that- but my point is that as a gringo you have to be careful walking around alone at night in that area.. These little kids that you see on the street and probably older kids regard you as a mark and will mug you if they see an opportunity. You can't depend on the police to keep an eye on the area.

That said, I do think Cartagena is a great place, to monger and just to hang out but you have to be careful. Like Rio there is an element of danger.

Member #3447
04-22-03, 00:46
Thanks for the heads up guys! Due to the nature of my duties, I have traveled extensively around the world...lately both Eastern and Western Europe and had also punted in those areas, and I am an advocate on personal "force protection" issues; I always watch my back, although sometimes I force the envelope by going to bars like the Venus Club when I know I shouldn't. (LOL)

Indeed, your local knowledge and advises are greatly appreciated, especially in this forum.

Knowing that I had to go to work this morning, I showed up at the LDV early and immediately picked up Natale. She asked for 120,000 for 1.5 hours at my hotel. I didn't complain about her arrangements since I do need the sleep for work for the next day. This chica was kinda freaky; did a short truncated sexy strip dance and started to suck on my fingers...yeah! Then the disappointment: she refused to give me a BBBJ...covered. Nevertheless, it was a so-so session. Natale was kinda aggressive in bed...doing all the work, albeit all the moans and dirty talk sounded kinda fake. LOL To her credit, she looks fuckin' good, nice ass, cute face, and has an active jolly personality. She informed me that she works at the LDV every night, and seems to be there early (based on the two times I was there).

Next project is the La Garita. Based on past reports, I gather this establishment is located in the old city? I'll try to hit it tonight.

Next report pends...

04-22-03, 02:34
Originally posted by jamesbond69
Also....I was attacked in Bocagrande near Escorella at about 3am by some of the kids around there.

Same time, same place, same brats... Only mine had a *fork* :-) And I got him rather than vice-versa.

If I'd known they were regulars...

By the way the police will kick you off the beach if they see you there late at night. I guess I found out why.

04-22-03, 03:49
Originally posted by AddictedToWomen
Same time, same place, same brats... Only mine had a *fork* :-) And I got him rather than vice-versa.

If I'd known they were regulars...

By the way the police will kick you off the beach if they see you there late at night. I guess I found out why.

My God. You were on the BEACH at night in Bocagrande. Now that is REALLY dangerous and tempting fate.

I got mugged across from Escorella, near the main street San Martin....there was an area that was a little bit dark...and that's when they made there move and jumped me. I actually didn't expect it. I've been going to Cartagena for years and never had any problem in Bocagrande....but it's becoming a dangerous place, as the economy gets worse and worse each year.

04-22-03, 21:49
I did a little better at LDV last night. I met ´Viviana.´ I had never seen her before but recognized her from a pic posted on WSA. She has been positively reviewed there as well as here on WSG so I decided to give her a try. I can now vouch that she is indeed very skilled sexually and generally fun to hang out with. After leaving LDV, we went to ´Tu Candela´with her friend ´Joanna´and another Gringo for a little dancing and drinking. Viviana used to be a regular at ´La Garita´but now that it is closed I suspect she will be at LDV most nights. I recognized a couple LDV girls at Tu Candela but I wouldn´t recommend going there alone and trying to score since most of the girls were already with guys. Viviana pissed me off a little bit by pressuring me for more money as she was leaving, but I suppose that is the nature of the beast when dealing with prostitutes--they always want more, more, more.

Member #3447
04-24-03, 01:05
Headhunter, is La Garita permanently closed? Where is it located?

04-24-03, 22:19
La Garita used to be downstairs from Tu Candela. My Spanish isn´t good enough to figure out exactly what happened, but it seems La Garita is permanently closed.

Member #3447
04-24-03, 23:52
Thanks Headhunter. I guess I´ll just target LDV during the remainder of my time in Cartagena.

Well, last night I picked up a 23 y.o. named Rosario for 100,000 at the LDV. I could have picked up a lot more better looking chica, but there was something about her that made me chose her. Whatever it was, it was not worth it. This Rosario was a lame lay...didn´t even suck dick...oh well...neeexxxtt!

Will probably try again tonite. Same bat cave, same bat hour.

Member #3447
04-25-03, 23:25
I stayed in LDV until closing time, and I didn´t realize that the place closes at 2:00 AM. Somehow, I thought everything closes here at 5 or 6 am...European style, but I guess not. I was able to meet Aldo and informed him that I was a WSG member. He also informed me that La Garita is indeed closed.

I got a 21 y.o. chica named Yenny (that´s her real name) from Medellin; I can´t seem to remember the name she uses at LDV. Anyway, she was pretty sweet...gives BBBJ´s and has a body/ass that I prefer. I am going out to a regualr disco tonight with a bunch of people, but I told Yenny to meet me at my hotel´s lobby at 2:00 am for another session. LOL.

Yenny (pronounced Jenny) also has a cousin who works at the LDV named, Angie. She´ll be my next ´project´. Interestingly, I ask Aldo about Viviana, and he seem not to know which one since according to him there a few Viviana´s who work in LDV. So, the hunt continues for the elusive Viviana.

04-26-03, 17:18
hi --ho vivanna has red streaks in her long black hair with big tits and a sexy smile look at my posts late march i have her phone and e-mail posted the goin rate is 100--120 with her but she is best of the best a real pro

04-26-03, 23:20
Yes, that is always a problem. There are only about 5 different female names in this whole Goddamned country, so when you ask for so-and-so, nobody knows which one you are talking about.

I took ´Angie´ home one night alone, and another night together with her cousin for a threesome. Angie is a great fuck, but she is also a hardcore drug user and will only stay with you one hour unless you don´t mind her indulging in a little blow in your apartment (or hotel). Of course, this may not be the same Angie you are refering to, who knows... The Angie I know is short, has long straight black hair, and big tits. I am not saying you should avoid her necessarily, I am just warning you of the baggage that comes with her. YMMV.

I took ´Olga,´18 years old, out of LDV the other night. She gives a really half-assed BBBJ but the straight fucking was good with her. She only likes to fuck once though, then she wants to go to sleep. I can´t see paying for an all-nighter if the girl is just going to sleep. Maybe I´m just hard to please, I don´t know...

Over and out, HH

Member #3447
04-27-03, 19:37
Met headhunter last night at the LDV. I talked to Angie´s cousin, Yenny last night, and she informed me that Angie is ´booked´ throughout the week with some Italian guy...what a fucking hoard! Not to mention, he definitely needs to consider some variety in his punting lifestyle, LOL.

Headhunter, I came out empty-handed last night. Those girls rapidly dissipated as the night approached 2:00 AM....took me by surprise. That girl, Kelly, (the one we both priced) left too quickly before I can consummate the deal...oh well, I guess she didn´t need the dinero that bad. The other one at the bar was asking 200,000...too much.

I´ll hit LDV early tonight mainly because of work tomorrow. I am hoping that I´ll be just in and out so I can finish my ´business´ and get ready for a heavy workload at work on Monday. What I am really looking for is a chica who will do BBBJ´s with CIM like they do in Eastern Europe...love Russian girls, man! Anybody knows of any girls in LDV who meet these requirements?

Same bat cave, same bat channel at 10:30 PM .


04-28-03, 00:39
These LDV girls that ask for ridiculous prices crack me up! The going rate has been 80,000-100,000. I don't even discuss prices with a chica before I leave the bar with her. In the morining, if she was good, I give her 100,000 CP, and nmediocre or less 80,000 CP. Also, if I take a chica out several days, a sliding scale is involved.

Tourism is down and it's a buyers market. I hope you guys laugh at these chicas who artificially inflate prices.

04-28-03, 02:47
Originally posted by Zippy
In the morining, if she was good, I give her 100,000 CP, and mediocre or less 80,000 CP.Zippy, that sounds fair to me, but have you ever had to drag a puta out by her hair? I almost had to last night...

I left with ´Camila,´26 years old, from Medellin. She was wearing a sexy outfit, and ´Ho_Chaser´ told me she was a good fuck, so I decided to give her a try. I prefer to do all the negotiating upfront, and we agreed on 100 kilo-COP for the night. Things went downhill from there...

We go to a disco called ´AfterParty.´ This place turned out to be different than the other discos I´ve been to in that it is open all night, there are a ton of gay guys there, and much open drug use. Camila sucked down about 10 beers in 30 minutes, which I got to pay for, of course.

Next, I get robbed by the taxi driver. I give him a 10k bill because that is the smallest thing I have, and he refuses to give me any change. Back at the apartment, Camila manages to consume every drop of alcohol in the place in about 3 minutes.

Finally, we get to the fucking and it was pretty good. She starts with some nice bareback deep-throating and ball-licking. Then we proceed to straight fucking. She has a huge clit, and is very orgasmic. On the downside, her ´chochita´smelled like maybe a mid-size sewer rat burrowed inside and died a few weeks ago, so definitely no pussy-eating on the menu. I manage to cum despite the stench, and things proceed from bad to worse.

She starts demanding 120 kilo-COP and refuses to leave. I´ve never struck a woman in my life, but I came damn close to slapping this burnt-out alcoholic cokehead. I yell ¨Cien! No mas! Intiendes?¨in her ear and she finally gets the point. Then she starts crying, telling me what a hard life it is being a prostitute. At this point, I really wanted to drag her out by her hair. Instead I just grab her by the arm and lead her out semi-forcifully. The shit I go through to get fucking laid...

If I sound a tad cynical, this is the second time I´ve had to throw an LDV cokehead out in the middle of the night. There are some nice girls there too, but they are lousy lays. And the good lays come with so much baggage and unwanted drama. Oh well, I´ll go back tonight and roll the dice again...

04-28-03, 15:32
I *knew* there was reason I didn't like Medellin chicas! :-))

btw the taxi driver stunt is bau. It happens *so* often I've decided its probably sincere. If they ever have to go buy gas when you're in the back, check it out: they never put in very much. I suspect, given the fares, that its a hand-to-mouth existance for em.

And $3 aint so much. But on the other hand if you even suspect they're trying it on then make them come into the hotel with you and make change at reception. Or given them your room number and tell them to come back when they've got change. I've done both. Change has *never* suddenly materialised.

04-28-03, 17:23
Went back to LDV last night. I´ve been there so many nights in a row now, I get the VIP treatment. Aldo, the Italian owner, shakes my hand and talks to me a few minutes when I get there.

I didn´t see Ho_Chaser, but I didn´t get there until midnight, so perhaps he had already found his companion for the night.

Picking were slim since it was Sunday. I left with ´Claudia,´23, from Cali. My first Caleña. Agreed to 100 kilo-COP which she later told me is the lowest she will go. She is getting ready to go to Costa Rica where she ¨can make $100 an hour¨ in her own words. This girl speaks very good English--the first one I have met here who does. She told me all she has to do is go to Bogota, pay $600 for a visa, then she will head to CR. It is a shame Colombia loses all it´s quality girls to CR and Panama. Claudia was the best overall I have had so far on this trip.

She has 2 kids but her body is in good shape--no C-section scars or stretchmarks on her stomach like so many of the girls. Nice soft skin and large sensitive nipples. She only does CBJ, but the straight fuck was the best I´ve had so far.

My mongering may be over now--my Barranquilla novia is coming to visit me and I´m not sure how long she is staying. Perhaps I will make it back to LDV for a few more rounds--we´ll see.

Member #3447
04-28-03, 23:21
Yep, I was pretty much in and out...got a 21 y.o. named Dahian (Medellin)...big tits...no ass...CBJ...so-so robotic fuck....her pussy also stunk like a motherfucker...neeexxxt; still waiting for the famous Viviana to show up.

Headhunter, that's one of the reasons I just want a short time session with these ho's. Too much drama, too much baggage...no GFE for me. I can get the romance and the rest of that stuff with my esposa at home. For me, it is all business, LOL! Plus, I have so much valuable stuff in my hotel room...laptop, digital camera, etc.

I am trying to ask around about the possibility of a FS in local MP's if they even exist here in Cartagena, similar to the AMP's we have in the States. If none of these ho's will give me a BBBJ with CIM, then maybe I can just pursue this instead, LOL!

I have a light day at work tomorrow, so I can spend a little longer time at the LDV tonight. On second thought, there's this waitress at the Almirante who looks like Vanessa Williams! I am tempted to offer her 120,000 and make some 'real' dinero for a change, he, he, albeit I'll probably get slapped. Oh well...

Same bat cave, same bat channel, same bat hour.

04-29-03, 00:25
Shit HeadHunter! What a fucking drag with that nutsy chica! I think you handled it well under the circumstances. I would have said "Cien o nada! Es tu eleccion!" And if she still was getting crazy, threaten to call la policia. Thank God you didn't pay her the extra 20,000 or she would keep pulling that stunt!

I guess I've been lucky with my choices (knock on wood since I return to Cartagena in late June!)...

HoChaser...I've looked around Cartagena for MP and have been unsuccessful at finding a decent one. I found a pretty good one in Cali but not Cartagena. If you find one, let me know!

Member #3447
04-29-03, 19:15
Well, I got a break and got Angie last night (100,000 COP). Her real name is actually Kristina Mazo. I guess her Italian regular decided to take a break from her. Needless to say, I took advantage of this opportunity. Headhunter was right on...that chica can fuck like a duck. Good technique!

Unlike, Headhunter's experience, Angie did not pull the cocaine stunt with me. So, it was a pleasant experience for me last night. Even let me took some cool digital pictures.

Member #3447
05-01-03, 00:39
I was hangin' around the sidewalk in front of the Almirante at around 7:20 PM last night and two streetwalkers just happened to walk by...one was black and the other one was your 'regular' brown-skinned chica with the biggest tits I've seen in my time here! Beatrice, the SW, was not pretty at all, but she wasn't coyote-ugly, either...but her huge titties were her best asset.

She was asking for 50,000...deal! All I wanted from her was some oral sex anyway. In my room, she asked if I have condoms, I said I wanted it bare-back...no problem for her. So, FINALLY, I got my first Colombian BBBJ with CIM, albiet from a SW rather than from someone from LDV.

One of my Colombian counterparts, is bringing an escort named, Isabell to the Almirante at 8:30 PM tonight. I'll see if she's good to go. I got three more nights in Cartagena; I plan to make all three nights memorable!

Member #3447
05-01-03, 17:20
Two more nights and a wake up. I got 20 y.o. Kelly last night at the LDV. Kelly seems to be a nice girl, but a so-so lay...nothing to brag about.

The escort named Isabell never happened. Apparently, she has a 'manager' named Clara, and Isabell is also a college student of some sort. She calls me at the hotel, and through my translator, told me that she'll be an hour late because of school. I may be a little too spoiled, but with the state of their current economy and considering it's a buyer's market right now, I would think she'll do anything to earn that 120,000 that she's asking for. Nevertheless, I canceled the deal; it was just poor 'customer service' in my opinion.

The MP scene in Cartagena is a no-joy. Not even the locals here are aware of any. In fact, I was recommending to some of my local friends here to start considering that idea as a future business venture. They'll monopolize that service market for a time and earn good money, LOL. -Absolutely no competitions! They can start with 2-3 girls and expand from there...

05-01-03, 20:15

I was approached by two SW´s while walking along Cra. 2A in the same area you mentioned. But the two I saw appeared VERY young and I´m not a ¨lollipop and trenchcoat¨ kind of guy, so I passed. See ya at LDV.

Member #3447
05-02-03, 03:10
I invited Yenny in my hotel for a quick afternoon session since I am enjoying my Colombian labor day off from work. Lately, I`ve been doing some reconaissance on the SW scene around the Almirante. So far, the quality is not good as the LDV scene, indeed beside for Beatrice, the big titty SW, I haven`t seen anything worth even a BBBJ session.

I am not sure if I`ll even swing by the LDV tonight since I`ve already gotten my `nut`for the day, but I am interested in doing some more surveying of the SW scene on a more later hour tonight. I`ve always been intriqued by SW`s. I only wish that I have my personal car here so I can pick èm up like I do in the States and get my regular BBBJ`s in some dark street corner some where---that represents a thrill for me!

If I ever get busted back home...that would be my m.o.

Member #3447
05-02-03, 20:54

I am finishing my stay in Cartagena and I am submitting this report to summarize my time mongering in this beautiful city. Total days in Cartagena was 15 days. To date, I've fucked 8 different girls in LDV...some multiple times, one girl from the Venus Cub, and a straight oral only session from a SW. Indeed, it has been a very 'productive' two weeks in Cartagena.

I have verified that the Almirante Hotel is girl-friendly and that I paid an all-inclusive rate of $96.00 per day. The rate is within the published max lodging per diem rates.

Through Headhunter's keen attention to detail (and his astute negotiating skills), I was able to finally meet the 'famous' Viviana for 120,000 last night. So here is my 2 cents on Viviana:

Viviana's jolly and very friendly personality made up for her
lack of command of the English language. No wonder several
of our fellow punters enjoyed her services; she's definitely GFE
material for those who are desiring that type of treatment.

However, Viviana's hype did not match her performance in bed.
She did not give BBBJ's nor did she adequately gave a quality
CBJ. I would recommend Angie for a much better fuck and a
better all-around package althogether...good value for your
money! Also, Viviana was quick to ask for 'taxi money' after
our session; a definite no-no in 'customer service'.

All in all, it's my opinion that other than a GFE experience,
Viviana is not worth the hype that our fellow mongers had
given her. She is over-rated and average at best. I rate her
two stars out a posibble of five.

The SW scene around or near the Almirante Hotel is dismal and disappointing. I surveyed the area both in the afternoon and at night, and can safely state that other than for a cheaper rate (50,000 COP), you are better off spending your gringo budget at the LDV.

My quest for an American-style (or Asian-style) FS MP resulted in negative results. Thus, I would highly recommend to any business-oriented investors to seriously consider this venture in the near future. The financial possibilities stemming from this new niche market can be of enormous monetary gain and business success as one can quickly monopolize (zero competition) this service area...there is a demand for this service in Cartagena, especially from the Americans (and the Asian tourists as well).

Finally, I don't see myself coming back to Colombia in the near future, but from time to time, I will read some of your postings (just in case). I appreciate all your past reports, advises and the local knowledge that all of you had posted in this board. I, for one, had use those valuable data to successfully plan my nightly mongering activities for the last two weeks. Thank you.

Adios to all!!!

Ho_chaser...signing off

05-04-03, 06:06

I ended up standing up Headhunter on this trip as I never got out of DR. From his report as well as ho chaser's, it sounds like things have gone down hill quite a bit. On our last trip in Feburary, Headhunter and I had nothing but good experiences. I had quite a few women on that trip and always got the bbbj.

05-05-03, 00:55
Thanks for the updates, guys! Now how about those pics???

05-06-03, 08:17
My last night in Cartagena I decided to do something a little different, so I walked around and talked to the SW's, pimps, and coke dealers who come out late at night, along with the rats and cockroaches. My kind of people, heh heh.

The SW's in CTG range in age from about 15 to 50+. Most of them are too old, too young, or just plain too ugly to work in a club like La Dolce Vita. 'Danielle,' 20, was one exception I found though--she is easily on par with the LDV crew. So naturally I asked why she chose to work the street. She said she used to work LDV but it was boring just sitting there every night waiting for a guy to approach her. And what's more, she makes more money on the street. Less yield per capita times greater volume equals larger gross. *****nomics 101. I also found out that the SW's do get hassled by the Policia from time to time although I didn't witness this personally. The only thing the pigs were copping were a few Z's on this particular night.

Next I talked to a "candy man" with a used-car salesman grin and an admirable command of the English language. He quoted me US$20 for 1 gram of fine Colombian cocaine. He even offered me a free trial sample. Mighty white of him, no? Now I just happen to know that a gram of quality blow in my hometown of Orlando sells for $100. 500% markup--one can see the appeal of smuggling, da? Fair warning: the second I got off the plane in MIA, I was met by a Customs officer with a K-9 pooch. Better to be poor than incarcerated, I suppose.

Over and out, HH

05-06-03, 08:58
The gameplan was as follows: 15 nights, 15 discrete vaginas...

But it didn't quite work out for a couple reasons:

1. My novia spent 3 days with me.
2. I repeated with 2 girls due to lack of any viable alternatives.

I did 9 LDV girls, listed in chronological order for convenience:

1. Carolina AKA Nini Joanna, 20
2. Viviana, ?
3. Olga, 18 [3x]
4. Valentina, 20
5. Camila, 26
6. Claudia, 23 [2x]
7. Aura, 22 [Nini's cousin--they're all fucking related...]
8. Paola, 23
9. Jane, 21

It is worth noting that Claudia speaks excellent English, and that is the main reason I repeated with her. I rarely repeat, and the three-peat with Olga is totally unprecedented for me. Obviously, these two were my favorites, and I also spent some time with them during the day. GFE shit, ya know?

It is also worth noting that girls can sometimes be found next door to LDV at "La Perla" Casino. This is where I introduced 'Ho' to the famous Viviana.

In addition, I booked one girl through Tony. Another 'Carolina,' this one 18 (she claimed). I may also have had one street girl. My memory is a bit sketchy on this...

That is only 12 vaginas [vaginae?] (including my novia's) so I fell short of the goal. It's all fucking MAV's fault. He's a closet homo for sure.

This trip was a let-down overall compared to my first. None of the girls were spectacular in looks or performance. All the really beautiful Colombianas set sail for Panama or Costa Rica in search of highroller Gringo greenbacks.

What you get in Cartagena is average girls at an affordable price.

Over and out, HH

05-06-03, 23:13
A closet Homo? Too many people know better then that.

05-07-03, 04:36
Originally posted by Zippy
Thanks for the updates, guys! Now how about those pics???Zippy, my pics can be found on:


05-08-03, 03:12
HeadHunter and Mav,

Thanks for the link for UMV Club. Looks like a very promising site and I'm surprised it took me this long to come across it!

But I just want to let you guys know that I was browsing through the Colombia section at UMV and lo and behold, I see someone with the handle, Shaggy2D, has stolen 2 of my pictures from WSA or TSM, uploaded them there, and subsequently, tried to pass them off as his own! Even claimed he met her in CR and that she was from Bogota!

I took those photos of Kelly (the chica with the nice rack) on my Medellin, Colombia trip in July of 2002. If anyone wants proof, check out my Medellin report in the archives of WSA (posted August/September of 2002) or TSM (under "reports of distinction" - 12/2002). Run a keyword search for "Zippy" and you will find a comprehensive Medellin report along with Kelly's smiling face.

I'm quite shocked and disappointed that my photos were swiped (plagiarized) by Shaggy2D. I guess I should be flattered but doesn't this break the "monger-code" (swiping another monger's photos and claiming as one's own)??????!!!!!!!

I have nothing personal against Shaggy2D but I feel he should explain himself and set the record straight so I get proper credit for my contribution. Shit like this makes you think twice about posting photos at all...

05-08-03, 06:07
Originally posted by Zippy
But I just want to let you guys know that I was browsing through the Colombia section at UMV and lo and behold, I see someone with the handle, Shaggy2D, has stolen 2 of my pictures from WSA or TSM, uploaded them there, and subsequently, tried to pass them off as his own! Even claimed he met her in CR and that she was from Bogota!Shit, that does suck! I met Shaggy in person in the DR and he seemed like a great guy. I am surprised he would do something like that. He definitely owes you an apology.

05-09-03, 03:06
Ok, Shaggy and I settled our issue and he apologized. It's water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned.

Looking forward to contributing more on UMV- I think I'll be ditching WSA since the Colombia info. is lacking...

07-18-03, 09:27
what the fuc%$# no one has been there since may I am probaly going to dr with no one posting is the scene dead in cart

07-23-03, 23:01
I need help on this one.
I am mailing with this pretty 24 yo girl from Cartagena.(mulatta)
She sais that she is venezuelan and studies at the militairy university there.
She allready sended me several emails with detailed info about her with pics:-)

I mean I heard of thousands illegal immigrants from Colombia in venezuela.
But a venezuelan chica that studies IN Colombia???

What say the experts??



07-31-03, 15:04

can anyone give me more info about private appartments in Cartagena!!!

I will be there between 25 oktober to 21 November.

I also will be visiting Santa Martha.

What are the price levels in Cartagena regarding appartments??
Is it wise to fly in via Miami directly...or fly in Bogota and there take an inland flight??

Any suggestions???



08-04-03, 22:35

make that 23 Oktober till 19 November.



08-22-03, 19:19
from mia to cart airlines avianca has a deal 261 check it out-- later

10-11-03, 21:41
Any odf you mongers got the latest update on the XXX scene in Cartagena???

I love street girls.....but also club *****s are my game:-)

My new GF seems to be somehow catholic (go figure!!) and she told me that she could not stay the night with me.
WEll...that;s fine with me. Then I'll do her during the daytime....and in the evening I just go and discover Cartagena;-)
hehehehe It's a cruel world outthere;-)

Im will try to make pictures and write tripreports aswell.


10-12-03, 00:49
Cartagena, Colombia is the last place in this world where a girl should leave her boyfriend alone. You will have lot's of fun. Instead of telling you where to find the girls it would be easier to tell you where not to find them. Have fun.

10-12-03, 03:27
La Dolce Vida had better looking girls at cheaper prices. LDV is in the commercial center in front of Las Velas Hotel.

Nevertheless, here are the adresses of other P4P places:

1. Pleyboy
Bosque, Cj. Del Nilo Dg 21 #48-04 Tel 662-0717
The girls are for the most part cute. This is the second best option. It's twice as expensive as taking a girl out of LDV.

2. Manila House
Bosque Transv. 49 # 21B96 Tel 672-2794
I was unimpressed by the selection.

3. Rosa del Mar-Casa del Marino
Nuevo Campestre Calle 10 # 56B51
(According to the cabbie that took me there, this is where the sailors and oil company workers are taken to. The mayor decided to clean up the old city, so, he ordered all the ho houses out.
The girls are in bikinis.)
This club is far, about 25 minutes by car. The taxi driver told me that foreigners become alarmed when he takes them there the first time. It's one lonely stretch of road.

4. Penthouse
Bosque Av. Buenos Aires # 53-74 Tel 662 2215
More unspectacular girls.

10-13-03, 03:05
Some pics from my Sept. Trip to Cartagena.

10-13-03, 03:07
A Penthouse Club Girl

10-13-03, 03:10
2 girls who I found on the Beach

10-13-03, 03:11
Maritza of LDV

10-13-03, 03:12
Another LDV girl (Sandra)

10-13-03, 03:14
Girls who were procured at International Club.

10-13-03, 03:16
Girl from Pleyboy Club. I do NOT recommend this place. The girls are double the amount as LDV and not as good in the sack. The room was not air conditioned and I was sweating my white ass off. The drink prices are also outrageous.

10-13-03, 03:19
Chica from Penthouse Club

10-13-03, 03:21
Chica who was found wandering about near my apartment in el Laguito. Her name is Kelly and is really good in the sack. She also hangs around LDV at night.

10-13-03, 03:22
A sweetheart from Medellin. She said it was her second day working at LDV. Whatever!

10-13-03, 03:23
Contact information for Pleyboy Club (if yo actually want to go there), International Club, and a casa.

10-13-03, 03:25
Another one of Maritza

10-13-03, 03:27
Pics of La Dulce Vita (LDV) Club in the day. It is to the left of the casino, in the corner of the complex. It is kind of secluded, so just walk up and head toward the casino. The place doesn't open until 11pm, and doesn't get really happening until about 1am.

Oscar Luis
10-19-03, 20:38
PROFESSIONAL bilingual tour guide and business man provides gringos with beautiful latin chicas with warm friendly attitudes, sensual bodies and a non-stop desire to party your away.

Also gets you excellent and reasonable accomodation in one of the nicest area in Cartagena, lagito.

REMEMBER: You are gringo that means you're in big demand in CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA. Speaking Spanish helps, but I can even help you get past that.

On top of that I can get you the services below:

1. One free cab ride checking the wildest chicas in the most fascinating casas in town (Cartagena)

2. Excellent simultaneous translation during first and second base, so you and your chica can reach a precise and awesome understanding.

3. Crash spanish courses

4. Reviews and suggestions for major establishments (bars, restaurants, hotels, jewerly shops) and smaller ones as well.

5. You can get anything to party on.

6. Detailed suggesstions and guides to make your adventures more safer, more enjoyable and more fun.

Please contact me through the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system.

EDITOR's NOTE: The above report, while technically a SPAM advertisement, constitutes an exception to the Forum's No SPAM rules in that I generally permit what I call "Local Tour Guides" to promote the availability of their services in the Forum. Thanks!

Oscar Luis
10-20-03, 22:44
If you're a sailor on a coast guard or a navy boat sailing all over the atlantic coast and happens to arrive at CARTAGENA port, do not hesitate to contact me.

YOUR trustworthy guide and business man who can take you to nice bars on weekdays or weekends where you can meet nice young ladies willing to spend time with you, know how to treat you and make you feel like a man.

Beside, reviews and suggestions for major (restaurants, hotels, jewerly shop) and smaller ones as wells.

One free cab ride checking the most fascinating discos and bars

Please contact me through the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system.

10-21-03, 02:18
Oscar, you need to enable private messages before you can recieve them on this site! or you can get a hotmail or yahoo email and post it here.


10-25-03, 04:16
another chica who I found roaming around el Laguito.

10-25-03, 04:26
Another one. This is the last one I will post of Cartagena unless some more people post some. I have over 200 pics and will be going back next month. I have no problem matching chica pics, but I don't want to be the only one who is posting pics. I know many of you have pics, it's time to share!


10-25-03, 13:56
As a "special request" for Nibu, here's your big titty chica.

11-14-03, 20:45
Hey Fellow Mongers

After the reports from this board and a few chicas I have met at amigos.com. I'm canceling my plans to go to the DR, and I will come to Cartenga instead.

Can somebody recommend a good safe and cheap hotel. I don't want to pay over $50.00 a day. A chica friendly hotel, but of course a hotel I can bring normal chicas to as well. In a location that is good as well of course.

I probably will spend more of my time goinging after normal chicas, but I'll at least try a few establishments.

I should be there between December 11th through December 16th.

Happy Hunting

11-15-03, 02:15

After visiting Cartagena, I guarantee you won't look at the DR the same, ever!

In Cartagena, I go through a real estate agent whose name is Juan Ventura. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service for his email address.

He is a good guy and a shitload of mongers use him. He has a vast list of girl-friendly apartments with security. He will give you an apartment for the same cost or cheaper than a hotel room. I highly recommend an apartment versuses a hotel. It is like home! Tell him JT from Ohio recommended you to him. He will know exactly what you are looking for.

I will be in Cartagena next weekend.

Good luck!


11-16-03, 10:41
JT, good to see you on here too.

I'm in the planning stages now to make my 1st trip to CTG. I was hoping for 9 nights or so in early January, but the ticket costs about $1,050 from JFK to CTG using aa.com or orbitz.com.

Anyone have any less expensive options?

Many thanks,

Mister_NYC :D

11-16-03, 18:11
Updated prices...

Quoted $700 if I leave onJan. 19th and come back on the 29th. Better itinerary.

See all of you soon! Many PICS to come.

Mister_NYC :D

Hit n Run
11-16-03, 21:18
Get a flight to Miami, then a roundtrip to CTG from there. Check Amer. Airlines site for "Netsavers Rates." One week in advance trips, right now the Miami to CTG roundtrip is $329.

11-20-03, 01:12
American Airlines does not fly to Cartagena. Only Avianca.

11-20-03, 10:14

Yeah Beavis is correct AA does not fly to Cartagena, they only fly to Bogota and Cali. From there it's another $115 - $200 on the average to fly from those cities to Cartagena.

Although I could of saved between $40 and $50 dollars booking online, I booked my airfare through an agent. I paid $634.00 for roundtrip air from Miami flying Avianca.

Here is the bummer though. Lowestfare.com has a posted fare from Delta nonstop for $533.00 via Miami. So I would recommend everybody to always check out Delta as well. Wish I did. The times are the same as the Avianca flight I'm taking so perhaps Delta is in partnership with Avianca.

Happy Hunting.

11-20-03, 15:09
Regarding Delta & Avianca...they have what is called a "code share" agreement. Not really partners per se...but DL has block of seats on avianca routes. So yes, you can book Delta via Miami
to CTG, BOG, and Cali. All these flights from Miami carry a Delta flight number, but are operated by Avianca using their equipment.


11-22-03, 04:06
Ok Fellow Inmates! I am a veteran of Panama City wars but am going to make my first visit to Colombia. I am going to the Cartagena Hilton from 12/17 until 12/22. Here are my questions:
1. How is this time of year for chica hunting?
2. Should I venture out to the beach and find Tony the Tout or hang around the Hilton pool in the day?
3. How are the clubs like Mr. Babillas, La Escollera, and Te Candela for semi and non-pros?
4. Does anyone want to hook up and go hunting?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Cowboy1.

11-23-03, 02:46
There is a dude who lives in Ohio most of the year who when he isn't in Cartagena, he rents out his condo, which is located near the heart of the city. His website is http://www.cartagenacondos.com. He has some pretty decent prices. You can view the condo at his site.

I Love Sluts
11-25-03, 04:36
All Cartagena Experts,

I need some information on Cartagena, I am interested in finding really hot Colombianos who are excellent in many ways. What is the p4p action look like and what about the non-working girls? If someone could give me a breakdown of the best pro-places with the hottest chicks and also with regular clubs with normal non-pros, It would be greatly appreciated. In return I can give you a breakdown of either Panama City, republic of Panama / Paris,France / South Florida-from west palm beach to Miami. Someone give me a thorough update, thanx.


Guapo Gringo
12-09-03, 03:28
Hi all, I'm new to this site.

I'll be in Cartagena from December 21-28. Can anyone recommend a condo with an ocean view for around $40-50 per night? Mark's condo is occupied for that time already. Or do you recommend I just look once I get there at 9pm?

If anyone's in town then, I make a pretty good wingman.

Guapo Gringo

12-09-03, 19:52
Hey guapo gringo: You are asking for trouble arriving over Xmas with no reservation. The person to book with is Mery, manager of Torre Centauro (3 buildings down from the Hilton and MUCH nicer than Conquistador or other Laguito rental buildings). You can email her through TSMtravel@aol.com (ask Bruce to forward the email to Mery). BOOK SOON!

12-15-03, 05:01
Hey fellow inmates. I will be switching from the Panama Board to this one for the next couple of weeks. I will be arriving in Cartagena on Wednesday and will be leaving on Monday. I am hooking up with some TSMers on Wednesday and Thursday, and my Mexican buddy will be with me the rest of the trip. Thanks to all of the advice, I picked up a 2 BR apt. in Torree Centaura with Mery.

Since I have thoroughly enjoyed Colombianos in PTY, I am heading to the source. My plans are to go to La Dolce Vida, La Escollera, Tu Candeles, and Mr Babillas. I am also going to work the beach with the infamous Tony the tout!! I have 3 amigos.com girls set up and 2 dancers from PTY who will be in town to see their families. How will this all end up, stay tuned.

Any last advice form anyone? Surfe? Yeaa, I promise not to pay not a cent more than 30 for anything including a TLN. Cuidate mucho y portate bien.


EZ Does It
12-16-03, 07:57
Long time, First time. Heading to Cartagena over Xmas and New Year. Been here several times but never over the holidays. Anybody wants to hook up send me a private message. From my experience it is not that difficult to meet slightly above average women who will fall in love with you, but you have to be decent looking and willing to wine and dine your lady.

To meet the 9's and 10's is very difficult because they already have their rich Colombianos taking care of them.

Also in my experience, not that many vgl pros. I mainly go for the relaxed atmosphere, warm climate, good food, and the occasional amateur that comes your way.

Far better pro action in Costa Rica and Brazil.


12-16-03, 20:18
Hey EZ,

I respect anyone's opinion ... but if you think Costa Rica is better for mongering than Cartegena or any part of Colombia ... we definitely DISAGREE.
Costa Rica is great for the guy who doesn't want to mix the potential danger aspect of Colombia with his mongering ... but Colombia absolutely blows away Costa Rica and the over-priced, largely egotistical chicas from the 'Gringo Gulch'.

Brazil, yes, is awesome but from what I hear it's turning into a "Puff Daddy" wannabe convention ... in Rio that is.

Every man has his opinion I guess ... take care.


12-17-03, 00:02
I got to go with Ricker here. Been to Costa Rica 19 times and have spent almost 2 months in Cartagena since August. I was there during the Miss Colombia Pageant and never in my life have I seen so many beautiful girls. If you pick out the best looking girls in the Blue Marlin where are they from........................................................ Colombia. If you want a drink of water go to the head of the stream. Ray Charles could see that. The girls in Costa Rica are looking for their clothes as soon as she thinks you are ready to come. In Colombia you have to kick them out.

Costa Rica vs. Colombia not,

thats like fresh Lobster vs. Mrs. Pauls Fish sticks

12-17-03, 00:19
I got to go with Ricker here. Been to Costa Rica 19 times and have spent almost 2 months in Cartagena since August. I was there during the Miss Colombia Pageant and never in my life have I seen so many beautiful girls. If you pick out the best looking girls in the Blue Marlin where are they from........................................................ Colombia. If you want a drink of water go to the head of the stream. Ray Charles could see that. The girls in Costa Rica are looking for their clothes as soon as she thinks you are ready to come. In Colombia you have to kick them out.

Costa Rica vs. Colombia not,

thats like fresh Lobster vs. Mrs. Pauls Fish sticks

12-17-03, 03:59
Ok time for my two cents.

First of all I work on a cruise ship, and I’ve pretty much mongered everywhere. I could modestly say that I think I am in the top 5% of all the members in terms of quantity of countries that have been visited.

Now a week ago I would of told anybody that wants to get free sex from local girls the best place was Peru. In Peru it is so easy to pick up girls from anywhere with no effort. You would just have to sit at a park bench or go to a normal disco or bar or a mall, and you would have bites in no time.

Well my friends after visiting Cartagena this past week. No discussion, no debate Colombia is numero uno. Anybody who disagrees with this statement is frankly either a lurker or has not been to Colombia.

Although I did not hobby in Cartagena, I can’t provide information on that aspect. But you will have no problem in Cartagena. I also felt reasonably safe, of course I was super cautious, but nonetheless nothing in Cartagena scared me.

Now my plan was to do all the popular pfp spots along with going after local girls. But I had a change of plans. I met this girl from amigos.com, and I spent all my time with her. She was drop dead gorgeous. In fact I have never had better sex with any prostitute ever in my life, not Argentina, not Brazil, and definitely not Costa Rica or god help us, Thailand. But this girl had a heart of gold, great since of humor, danced better than Shakira, and again was a fucking machine. She was just a normal girl, who is sick of Colombian men and wants out for a better life. The scary part is that I think my mongering days are going to get scarce, as she will be visiting me next month. The point here is that amigos.com is one of many great sites to make contact with girls from Colombia or any other Latin country for that matter.

I did have a chance to stray around a little without her, and I can’t count the times a normal girl would approach me, or wink at me. I’ve heard that Cali is debatably the best city in Colombia for hot Colmbianas but Cartagena deservers a look, I also understand it is considered the safest city in Colombia. Don’t let what you have heard about Colombia keep you away! If you stay smart you will be fine.

Happy hunting!

Exacta Picker
12-17-03, 20:44
I loved Cartagena when my ship made port there back in ’92! Found a really pretty 18 year old roaming the beach and in chatting with her I found out she was available for a small contribution. I brought her back to my beachfront hotel, much to the consternation of the staff and she was a real GFE at the incredible price of $20, plus a small increase in the price of my hotel room. We played, showered, screwed, showered again, played some more and then screwed once more. Totally pleasant girl, as were all the women I met in that lovely city.

12-17-03, 23:18
My buddy hooked up with a chica on Amigos.com last month when I visited CTG. She was a tight little 18 yr old spinner from Barranquilla. She came up during his first night there and banged the living daylights out of him. The next day he told her a bullshit story about how he was going to the Rosario Islands for two days and couldn't take her with him and she had to go back home for a few days. She left, but the next evening we went to LDV and guess who we saw working there.....lil Ms. Barranquilla. These girls are really sweet, but be careful what you believe.

The one below is my LDV girl, Yulie, from Cali. Soooo sweet! Soooo passionate!

12-17-03, 23:19
Yulie pic 2
This girl rocked!

12-17-03, 23:40

No I truly believed I have found a jewel. We pretty much chat from like 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM everyday. Sometimes much later. She has a good family, and a repectable job for a Colombiana. I've have talled to her many times at her work, and I visited her work. So I know that she is sleeping through the night and not on any programs.

She is the ultimate GFE! She even closed her amigos.com account for me. So I have her eating out of my hands. heheheheh.

But of course I know there are many amigos.com girls that are players. But it's always a good option to get contacts before you arrive. With that being said. Anybody who comesd to Cartagena will in no time be enjoying that great GFE or hard core sex.

Damn, I love Comumbia!

Happy Hunting

Guapo Gringo
12-18-03, 02:01
Hey EZ,

I'll be down there late on Sunday night. If you'd like a wingman, let's get in contact. I can assure you that I hold my own. I'll be working the amateurs and what ever else comes along. I'll PM you as soon as I can figure out how to edit my profile.

I already rented an apartment in El Laguito, which is supposed to be right next to the beach and LDV. It set me back a bit, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Guapo Gringo

12-18-03, 04:13
I just read your private message to me from November! Sorry man. I rarely check my messages here. I know, I need to get my head out of my ass and check it more often. I respended to it, so you may want to read it.


12-18-03, 04:16
This one is "Monica". She is a Club Int'l chica and is another sweet heart!

12-19-03, 03:44
JT dont you know that as a MODERATOR you are not supposed to post on other sites. This could result on your moderator status being removed.

12-19-03, 19:28
Monica 2

12-19-03, 19:33
Monica 3

12-20-03, 07:03
This is my buddy's biggins.

12-21-03, 04:39
Scoot over GW, JT. for President!

You're going to cause me to make some early travel plans.

Thx for the fotos!

EZ Does It
12-21-03, 21:35
Hello friends,

Can anybody advise if it is worth it to stop over in Panama City for afew days on the way back from Cartagena to the States or if it would be a complete waste of time and money.
I have been to Colombia several times and enjoyed not only the pro action but also meeting some very lovely ladies in everyday situations (like hanging out near a University or shopping areas or the beach).

Could anybody comment if Panamanians are equally friendly and curious to meet gringos as Colombian ladies? Or have they been corrupted by years of heavy US presence and adopting the attitudes of the ladies in the good old USA?

12-22-03, 19:28
Mac, thanks for the compliment. More pics coming soon.

EZ, I have not been to Panama, but have friends who lived there. They all said that Panama is a wast of time if you are going there instead of Cartagena. IMHO, Cartagena is the best place that I have mongered so far. Beavis can attest to this too.

12-22-03, 22:30
To my Norweigian buddy I met on my recent Cartagena trip (December). Hey dude, this is the guy who hung out with you (at the Israeli cafe, the beach and LDV). I hope you are ok and still enjoying yourself. It was blast to meet you. You are one cool ****** and it just brings home another reason why I enjoy meeting traveling, meeting other like minded souls.

BTW, that snobby chica that I was dancing with my last night turned out to be a total affectionate TIGER at my place. Just a fitting end to a wonderful trip. Hope the weather is better.

I've already bought a return ticket and will be there the end of January until the beg of February. I have an apt arranged in Laguito and will be in Cart a minimum of 10 days (maybe more).

PM me dude. I want to chat!

12-22-03, 22:32
That's weird, it starred out the word 'h ombre'. Wonder why?

12-23-03, 01:07
poobah, that "H" word is a competing website. That may be the reason why it is not allowed here?

12-30-03, 04:33
This is a chica from Medellin who I took from LDV. She is HOT! Very nice girl. 19 yrs old

12-30-03, 04:34
Another of my Medellin Sweetie.

12-30-03, 04:35
This is Liz, from LDV. She loves anal! Incredible GFE too!

12-30-03, 04:36
This is Karen from Los Navigantes Casa (AKA: Carmello's Casa).

12-30-03, 04:37
This is petite Alijandra from LDV.

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines requiring the deletion of any photo in which the subject of the photo has requested that the photo be removed. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

12-30-03, 04:39
Meet a chica from www.cartagena-hot.com
18 yrs old from Barranquilla.

This escort service's pics on the web are NOT accurate, but every one of my 3 chicas from the service rocked. Great personalities. 100K per hour (no rush, one stayed for 3 hours and charged me for one!). The guy you call for an appointment speaks English.

12-30-03, 04:40
Meet Dayanna from www.cartagena-hot.com

Great GFE!!!

12-30-03, 04:42
This is Jannys from LDV. Little petite spinner! One of my personal favorites there. 22 yrs old

She's a Cartagena native.

12-30-03, 21:31
JT: Good work & thanks for posting the pics. People paying 100K per hour in Cartagena is NOT something I support or encourage, but it is hard to argue with the good results you are getting. Keep up the good work!

12-31-03, 02:42
JT, thanks for the great pics.

I like them slim and petite as well.

Seems like most are beautiful and personable as well.

Seems like the total package is not so rare in Cartagena.

I would have a hard time saying adios to some of these lovely chicas.

As much as I like variety, I often have a hard time saying adios, no mas, and vamos.


12-31-03, 03:59
Thanks Surfer

Meet Shirly from www.cartagena-hot.com

21 yrs old from Medellin
Great Ass!

12-31-03, 04:00
Shirly Pic 2
Don't you love staring at ass!

Nyc Expat
12-31-03, 11:38

Very nice pics of extremely attractive and sexy young women. The posts regarding Columbian girls as one of the prettiest (knockouts) in SA seems to be true. The offers on the website are highly desirable. I booked a trip to DR for Easter. Perhaps I should have given my travel plans more consideration. Will reciprocate with pics at that time.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Have a good one. Have many.

12-31-03, 16:46
Thanks NYC Expat,
I am looking forward to seeing your pics.

From past experience conversing with fellow mongers who, unlike me, are experts in the DR, they all have one thing in common. When they visit SA (i.e., Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, etc...) they ALL say that these countries smoke the DR. I am not bashing the DR, I haven't been and don't want to prejudge, I am just stating what my monger buddies have said.

Happy New Years Everyone!

Monger Forever!!

01-01-04, 22:50
SHHHHHHH! The more guys who go to the DR, CR, Mexico etc the less there are to go to the GOOD places!

01-04-04, 06:02
Ok fellow inmates, here is the promised download from my first trip to CTG and Colombia. As usual, I thank the many who gave me great advice beforehand.

1. Awesome place!!!! CTG has my highest recommendation. I will go there again in late January.
2. Safe. The Colombian Navy is based about 2 miles from the tourist areas. I never felt unsafe even though I was careful.
3. Chicas Everywhere. Gringos are walking rock stars in their world. There was not a chica that didn't smile at me or give me eye contact the whole visit ( I am average looking on a good day)
4. Not many gringos. I stayed in the El Laguito area which is the upclass area on the beach and only saw a handful of Americans at best.
5. Cheap. Everything is cheap. The best looking chicas from Medellin go for $ 20 for 2-3 hours and $ 50 for all night. The hardest part is getting them to leave. They will try their damnest to latch on to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Non-pros. Very easy to find if you have the time and patience ( which I do not).
7. Bocagrande beach. Full of vendors and chicas trying to latch on to you. I like the private beaches attached to apartment buildings a little better unless you want some action.
8. Old City. Alot of history here to see. This place is gorgeous. Full of discos, restaurants, and chicas trying to latch on to you.

What else can I say? I am working on my return. Cowboy1

01-04-04, 06:38
You hit the nail on the head Cowboy1.

CTG is one of the great places in this world to monger. With the exception of the damn touters chasing you around to buy crap from them, I have no complaints what-so-ever! The chicas are among the sweetest on Earth!

Have fun and rock on!! I am looking forward to reading your reports!

Nyc Expat
01-04-04, 15:17
Change of plans - I'm convinced.

I had no idea CTG was only an extra 45 min. flying time from MIA compared to POP in DR. From your pics and posts on this thread, I will try to cancel my flight on AA and re-book on Delta for CTG instead.

I would like to find a girl friendly hotel close to the beach. Found Caribe Hotel on Bocagrande, but they want $125 a night for standard. Any recommendations for similiar quality more affordable. Is El Laguito area near or same for Bocagrande?. Thanks.

Of course, a full report to follow. I use a Canon G3 for digiphotos. Read my posts for Copenhagen if interested.

01-04-04, 17:31
NYC Expat,

I highly recommend Hotel Las Velas. It is across the street from Monger paradise (LDV). It is only about $35 low season and $45-ish high season. I also have an email for a real estate agent who is honest and can hook you up with a great apartment for $35-65 per night depending on size. All these are located in El Laguito.

Email me or PM me if you want his email because Jackson doesn't want emails posted in forums anymore.


01-06-04, 03:19
NYC Expat: Can't beat THE LOCATION of Las Velas, but the 4 star rating is a cruel joke. Imagine an older Howard Johnson, with OLD airconditioning units, but with a VERY central location. Caribe is MUCH nicer, as is Almirante (my favorite, but several blocks further away), Hilton etc.. And Las Velas location is NOT a plus at all if you want to avoid running into chicas you have already patronized (if you get my drift).

That $125 rate for Caribe is likely from travelocity or something and you CERTAINLY will get a better rate calling hotel directly IN SPANISH! Or just book for one night then ask around. I've seen the Hilton for $80 on travelocity before, and can get that down another $10 or so. The upscale hotels are a tad stricter on guest policy, but still not too bad really.

If you like to invite MANY chicas (like more than 1 at a time), apartments are the way to go. Do NOT rent from a Belgian scumbag named EddySalence, however! HIs exwife Mery, a SWEET colombiana, runs Torre Centauro, about 3 buildings down from the Hilton. I can give you her email (and a link to many pictures of the apartments) if you private message me.

01-06-04, 03:21
NYC Expat: Just saw you are going at Easter: DO BOOK IN ADVANCE as that is HIGH season!

01-06-04, 04:46
Actually, Eddy the scumbag's ex-wife is Iranian, and yes she is sweet.
I just rented an apartment from her in December ... she wanted 120,000 CP per night ... high season. Since the place was having AC problems ... the unit was always breaking and people always coming to work on it ... we halved the price.
I will definitely always go thru her.

By the way, Eddy actually came to my apartment trying to lure me away from Mery.
And ... two other Gringos I met accidently over paid Eddy a bit and could never find the guy for the refund ... he just disappeared ... when before they said they could never get rid of him.

01-06-04, 04:57
I have also heard negative things about Eddy, although I we haven't met. I did meet Mery. Bruce introduced us back in September. She translated some things for me. She is a very nice lady. I haven't rented from her because I usually rent from Juan Ventura. I used him originally and had great experiences with his apartments. When I find a good thing, I usually try to stick with it. If Juan ever had problems accommodating me, I would definitely utilize Mery's apartments. Mery does look hispanic, but she is indeed Iranian.

Nyc Expat
01-06-04, 21:21
Thanks guys, esp. JT and Surfer.

Lots of helpful info here. I originally purchased flight on AA for DR but I changed my mind. Prefer CTG instead. Got a problem now with non-refundable ticket on AA. AA flies to CTG from MIA via BOG. 4 hrs. extra travel time. Delta is non-stop saving over 4 hrs. ea. way. Will sort out asap.

In the meantime, searched the net and came up with a good deal in an apartment very close to the Hilton. Only $35 a night in a 2 room apt. I must admit it looks good.

Also contacted JT's recommendation. Thanks. As stated, I must battle the airlines and fares before deciding how. I know when.

I'll get there one way or the other. First trip south of Key West so I'm looking forward to latinas. I was in Casablanca last July. Gorgeous gals, but it got expensive since hotels get piece of the action (she must register, buyer pays).

More soon.
Have a good one. Have many.

01-06-04, 23:48
I was also in Morocco last year. Trust me, the girlies in South America smoke anything on Earth! (IMHO of course). $35 seems awefully cheap for a 2 bedroom apartment. Do you know which building it was in? I have a feeling it is in the Conquistador. If so, you may want to pay a little extra and go to Excelarus, Torre Centauro, Torre Marina, Carib Real, or another apartment building.

As with your airline ticket. If you cancel it, you may be charged like $100 or so to have the remainder as a credit on that airline. If that airline flies to Colombia, take it. I can give you a phone number where you can get a good rate from point A to point B within Colombia. For example, I flew from Bogota to Cartagena for $99 roundtrip, and the published fare was $400.

Happy C
01-06-04, 23:53
Can you please post the phone number for this contact re airfares within Colombia?

Thanks in advance

01-07-04, 01:26
NYCExpat: Neither Delta nor AA flies to CTG (MUST be a code share with Avianca). The MIA-CTG nonstop is MUCH more convenient than routing through BOG.

JT: $99 BOG-CTG-BOG is a GREAT deal (NEVER buy domestic tixs outside Colombia, but even on aerorepublica $99 would be a GREAT deal). Please PM me the contact if you do not mind.
Guess my ability to determine Colombiana isn't as good as I thought as I had NO IDEA Mery was Iranian. She could be Osama's daughter but I would still trust her WAY more than the Belgian dwarf! And she is a hell of a lot better looking than 99.9% of American women near her age.

Nyc Expat
01-07-04, 15:25
I missed your post in time regarding cheap flight from BOG-CTG. Next time will be different. It’s a done deal because I’m limited on time. I’m only in S. FL. this trip for 14 days with 7-11 April in CTG. If I enjoy myself, I’ll spend more time in CTG another trip. I bet you guys agree I will.

I knew about Avianca flying MIA-CTG which I now have confirmed reservations on. Couldn’t see changing AA flight, pay $100 service charge and use extra 4-5 hrs. travel time via BOG. As stated, time is more important than money. AA flight from MIA leaves 8.20 AM for BOG. Roundtrip on website today is $501.50. AV leaves MIA 2 PM arriving 3.40 PM. I like that. Also return to MIA, AV arrives 12.30 PM. AA from BOG arrives in MIA 5.30. I have Easter Sunday afternoon to enjoy in South Fl.

I’m impressed JT. You know your stuff. I booked in El. Q. The photos look good and owner’s sister will pick me up at the airport (for a small fee). It’s OK. They have indoor pool, a little grocery, security and the price is affordable. While I’m there, I’ll check around the other locations you suggested for future reference. You didn’t say in your last post why the other locations were worth investigating.

I feel really optimistic about CTG as they have a website full of info. Sosua has gotten much negative postings the past few days. I choose it first only as a matter of convenience to MIA. I would have preferred Sao Paulo, but I will need more time in FL. to relax after jetlag from Europe, then another long flight to SAO. Not this trip. CTG is just fine. The website with HOT escorts are knockouts and reasonable, if I need company. Expect to find her locally though. Cross your fingers, maybe she’ll be sitting next to me on the plane.

Mucho gracias amigos. I’m starting lessons early next month. I’m buying in CTG if we meet.

01-13-04, 04:31
Meet Laura.
She was found wandering the beach. She is the sweetest girl you could ever meet!!

01-13-04, 04:32
Laura Pic 2

01-13-04, 04:34
Laura Pic 3

01-13-04, 04:37
Meet Yulie

01-13-04, 04:47
Yulie 2

01-13-04, 04:48
Yulie 3

01-13-04, 04:49
Three Hotties

01-13-04, 04:51
ahhh, the great Maritza

01-13-04, 04:51
Maritza 2

01-13-04, 04:57
Two Hotties

01-13-04, 04:59
My sweetheart from Medellin.
Guys, these pics don't do her justice!!

01-13-04, 05:00
Pic 2

01-13-04, 05:02
Pic 3
I just love that smile. She reminds me of Jessica Alba ("Dark Angel").

Nyc Expat
01-13-04, 10:23
Your sweetheart is very pretty.
Are these pics recent?.

Hope to find similar beauty in April.
Have a good one. Have many.

01-13-04, 12:53
They are from November-December 2003

Fast Eddy
01-14-04, 11:19
I am curious about the climate in Cartegena at this time. Is it safe. I am reading reports by US State Department that it is not. Please advise me, as I wish to travel to Cartegena and or CAli in March. What are the do's and don'ts for gringo travelers ? Is it Safe?

Fast Eddy

01-17-04, 04:55
Fast Eddy,
You are talking about two extremes. Cartagena is touristy and is completely safe for the American tourist. Cali has FARC runing around the mountains just a few miles away. I am not saying not to go to Cali. I would venture there in a NY minute, but you have to realize that it is a little more dangerous there, especially if you want to go to the beach (Buenaventura).

01-17-04, 04:57
Dayana from Medellin. She was found at CTG beach.

01-17-04, 04:58
Dayana 2

01-17-04, 04:59
Pic 3

01-17-04, 05:01
Meet Alijandra from Club International

01-17-04, 20:56
Eddy: Cartagena is VERY heavily policed because it is the one place in Colombia with signifigant numbers of foreign tourists. The tourist areas are likely safer than where you live. Not so in Cali. While FARC-EP, the urban group (ejercito poblacion) is in Cali, being kidnapped in the city itself is highly unlikely (unless you flash lots of wealth and act like a stupid gringo). As JT notes, however, leave the city and all bets are off. The road to Buenaventura is NOTORIOUS for trouble, even many locals won't use it, and the beaches are rough and NOT very nice (seen pictures, but I aint going in that tunnel under the mountain-no sir!).

ESPECIALLY if you are not fluent in Spanish and have LOTS of third world travel experience, stick to Cartagena. The inexperienced or non Spanish speakers that DO go tend to go on organized trips through marriage agencies and they rarely (ever) leave the Hotel InterC).

EZ Does It
01-19-04, 07:28
Gentlemen, regarding the safety in Cartagena, I agree that is the safest city in Colombia. However, this does not mean you should venture around at night in dark places, especially alone!

I have been there several times and with some common sense precautions your trip should be enjoyable.

I cannot say the same thing about Cali. Several of my friends have been held up at gunpoint in the city and robbed very recently-and this is in very good areas. Please don't let your guards down in these big cities. Always take cabs where ever you go and stick to the busier areas of town.

Regarding the women, I find Cali has the prettiest ladies if you are into a little bit darker skin tone. To land a non-pro girl will take some effort and time, however.

01-20-04, 04:15
Three Hotties
Fanny, Alijandra, and Natalia

All from LDV.

Fanny was my chica de la dia. Total Sweetheart!!

01-20-04, 04:17
Fanny and Alijandra 2

01-20-04, 04:18
This is Fanny solo

01-20-04, 04:19
Natalia solo

01-20-04, 04:21
Ass shot of Natalia

01-20-04, 04:22
Natalia's jewels

01-20-04, 04:23
The beautiful Fanny again.

01-20-04, 04:24
Cartagena Beach with two other buddies and our chicas. It was a blast!!!

01-20-04, 04:25
Fanny's tatitcas.

01-20-04, 04:26
Fanny "surprised" in the shower.

01-20-04, 04:27
My buddy and his chica of the day.

01-20-04, 04:40
[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines requiring the deletion of any photo in which the subject of the photo has requested that the photo be removed. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

01-20-04, 04:41
[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines requiring the deletion of any photo in which the subject of the photo has requested that the photo be removed. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

Cachaca Lover
01-20-04, 21:52

Glad to see that Fanny is still in the biz. I hooked up with her for a couple of nights back in September. Tried to get both her and her friend Jenny up to my room, but Jenny didn’t have a valid cedula and they wouldn’t let her go up, so Fanny and I went solo. She called me a couple of night later and came by for a couple of hours. Still in contact with her by email every once in a while. She was very very good.

Have fun

01-21-04, 00:32
Alijandra! Wow, very very cute. I am going back in two days and have an apt. in Laguito. Can't wait!!

Tonight have to break it to the stateside GF that I'm leaving for two weeks. Hmmm.... wonder if I'll be gettin' any! :(

01-21-04, 03:18
Poobah: WHY eat a last meal at bland Mickey D's, when you will soon be at the muliticultural rodizo (all you can eat meat buffet!). Save your energy man.

Also, having "been there and done that", IMHO you are better off waiting until the day you leave to break the news or she will use the next two days to guilt trip you.

01-21-04, 04:20
Meet "Cata"

01-21-04, 04:28
Catalina Pic II

01-21-04, 04:30
Catalina Pic III

This girl was one of the sweetest and best GFE's that I have had in Cartagena! I picked her up at LDV. I highly, I mean HIGHLY, recommend her! Great personality and awesome performance!

Bez Bezarra
01-21-04, 04:34

Cuantos $$ por Alijandra?

ST or TLN?

Are most chamacas also little mamas who need to earn money for bebe?


01-21-04, 09:19
Kinda wild. I actually told her after the movie tonight (we saw 21 Grams, a pretty cool movie by the same guy who did Amores Perros) and we ended up having a great slam anyways. It's kinda funny because you get that 'I'm going to get laid in two days' attitude.

Considering our relationship is probably going to have the lifespan of a Mayfly I'm not going to sweat it if she bails by the time I come back.

But yeah!! Colombia here I come!

Estoy Negro
01-21-04, 09:24
Great work JT, looks like you had a ball.

Nyc Expat
01-21-04, 13:31

Wouldn't mind meeting Catalina in Cartegena. Exactly what is LDV abrev. for and where?. Thanks

01-21-04, 21:55
LDV is the great MONGER HEAVEN of Cartagena. It is purely the BEST place for P4P in the area, PERIOD! It stands for La Dolce Vita. It hides under the classification of a discoteque, but is actually a pic up joint. Kind of like a computer mouse, you walk in, point and click! Doesn't get easier than that! It is one of the best P4P places I have ever experienced. So many hotties from all over Colombia in such a compact place.
Damn, I miss that place!

01-21-04, 21:57
Alijandra cuesta ochenta mil pesos para mi amigo.

Nyc Expat
01-21-04, 22:01
Thanks JT.
"The Good Life" (it certainly must be) will be my first visit.

01-21-04, 22:04
NYC Expat: LDV is in the same shopping complex as La Perla Disco. Cannot miss it right as you enter Laguito (once you pass the CLASSIC old style Hotel del Caribe there will be a Y intersection-or get out as Hotel Las Velas and cross the street).

Do NOT got before 11pm (better from 12-2). Word is there are currently TONS of chicas, but there are also TONS of paisanos (Italians) in town.

Nyc Expat
01-21-04, 22:15
Excellent advice Surfer.
I hear though gringos get preference.

01-21-04, 22:32
Anyone with $$$ get's preference. YMMV

01-22-04, 22:56
Gotta disagree with JT here. The chicas do NOT like going with the "ugly American" types who act like convicts seeing their first women after long prison sentences. And if they don't like you, you WILL pay more and get less. Not suggesting you are "one of them", NYC, but act like a respectful ADULT and you will do fine.

Nyc Expat
01-23-04, 11:14
Re.: Talk about convict behavior.
Have you read some of the other threads on this forum?
Some reports are highly disrespectful and not self-critical with their use of language.

I can assure you I am a VERY respectful adult and treat women with utmost respect. I know what you mean by "ugly" individuals and their behavior. I live in Europe and see it all the time. Not just US citizens but also from other countries. I am also "home" once or twice yearly to re-charge my batteries. I see some things I am amazed at.

Anyway, I am quite confident I will not encounter problems. I dress also accordingly. I am starting spanish lessons in 2 weeks for 18 intensive hrs. I don't expect to speak fluently, but some ability must be an advantage. Do you approve?

Finally, there are a few latinas here I visit periodically. They are very sweet and they approve of my visits.

Have a good one. Have many.

01-23-04, 19:18
NYC: Sounds like you'll do just fine. Have a great trip, but keep your wits about you AT ALL TIMES.

01-24-04, 01:06
Meet Andrea from LDV
18 or 19 yrs old. Nice personality.

01-24-04, 01:07
Another "angle" of Andrea

01-24-04, 01:08
Yet another angle

01-24-04, 01:10
Oh yea, Andrea spreads!!!

01-27-04, 04:34
Meet Yurani from Medellin. I plucked her from the fields of LDV. Great "crop". Very sweet. Great body. 18/19 yrs old. Nice personality and performance is about a 7-ish. Not bad for roughly $28.

01-27-04, 04:35
I just love Yurani's ass.

01-27-04, 04:36
Another of Yurani

01-27-04, 04:38
Last of of Yurani

01-27-04, 05:23
Nice fotos JT. Keep up the good work.

01-27-04, 09:00
JT now that Yurani is one primera chica. From Medellin you say? Can't wait to get to that city.

Keep the pics coming,


01-28-04, 03:54
Yurani is from Medellin, but was working in LDV in Cartagena. LDV is a "meat market" where you will find the hottest chicas in CTG, PERIOD. Anyone who say's otherwise is trying to cover up their " secret paradise".

I mongered in just about every discoteque and casa in CTG and LDV is where it's at. Since LDV has the hottest chicas, I recommend only staying there for about 5 days. You will soon get bored if you stay longer. I was there in Sept for 3 weeks and fucked damn near all the hotties in LDV. I returned in Nov/Dec for another 3 weeks and did the same. This time I had to bang chicas more than once because LDV ran out of 7-10's. I shit you not. If going to Colombia, you should hit CTG for a few days then check out other cities and return to CTG in the end for a couple days. This is my recommendation.

Happy Hunting

01-28-04, 03:58
Meet Mila with yours truly. If there ever were a chica who should be in Porn, Mila would be her! She has a great open attitude and will do virtually anything! She even broke my buddy's dildo in her!

01-28-04, 04:00
Mila again.

Believe it or not, she's 29 years old!

01-28-04, 04:01
"Fake Tatas" courtesy of her Italian exboy-toy. Thanks Italian dude!