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05-14-02, 04:41
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Nibu Raphael
07-30-02, 12:34
I never saw any info in the WSG or even other sites or in the old forum if sex places exist outside of Paramiribo. Shit Johan would you know? Johan would any of your Dutch buddies know? The way SHIT is going in S.A. I too think I will visit Suriname in 2003 way before Crazy Columbia or Chavez Land in Venezuela.

07-31-02, 10:33
from what I read at some (Dutch) sites is that Suriname is getting a real good sexholiday destination RAPIDLY!!!!
Mainly among Dutch and/or Belgian (Flemish) guys. (both speak Dutch)
Untill now the big flow from North-America has not discovered Suriname YET....

Also it is possible to get easely to Venezuela and to Brasil for tracking tours and jungle tours..
Neighboring French Guyana is hard to enter by land from Suriname!!

Suriname has lots of stunning women...from pitch black untill light brown and even white...!!(creols,hindu's,javanese,chinese and some european people)


07-24-03, 22:00
There are no (sex)activities outside paramaribo, unless you are searching for jungle adventure.


08-08-14, 18:06
There are several clubs in Paramaribo, like Condor, nice Brasilian girls. In the weekend they also give visitors Striptease.

Price is reasonable 100 Suri dollar, about 27 euro.

There ia also a bordercity Nickerie, where there are nice Brasilian girls, coming over land from Belem and Guyana.

And taxi drivers also knows local prostitutes if you interested.

08-01-16, 07:10
There are no (sex)activities outside paramaribo, unless you are searching for jungle adventure.

DutchmanYou wrote this report about 13 years ago. But there is quite a bit going on in other cities. There are lots of sex studies in Suriname. One of them was written in 2001. Two years before you wrote this.

Many areas of legal or illegal gold mining have lots of hookers. But. Really, I don't think members here want to go to those places. I've read a few of those sex studies, and there seem to be a lot of the cities near the countries borders that have prostitutes. Some of the other cities are Nieuw Nickerie and Albina.