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05-14-02, 04:43
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J Wadd
05-21-02, 08:55
(This report is about 8 months old. As this town has almost a non-existent scene, this info might still be highly relevent.)


There's one club that I know of in town: "The Red Dice." Problem is, it's in Spanish -- which I do not know. Any taxi driver can find it if you can find a way to communicate "Red Dice" to him in Spanish. I usually say "clubas con chicas trabajo." Something like that.

It's a smallish club -- prices tend to be 50-ish USD with time and service negotiable on a girl-to-girl basis. I would guess fairly confidently that there'd be 8-12 girls there on any given night. I think sex on-site is possible.

Sorry I can't tell you more. This is all second-hand (though reliable) information.

Happy Hunting,

Nibu Raphael
06-22-02, 18:28
How about info on Ciudad del Este????

Nibu Raphael
07-29-02, 07:49
Hi Sorry ya all I meant to say way back then Punte Del Este not Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. Hey also any info on the sex scene in Colonia and Maldanado? Yeh in Uruguay not Puerto Maldonado in lovely Peru. I think I should be in Uruguay before the end of august. I leave from Lima Peru august 1st and stopping first in Iquique Chile. ThanXXX; Nibu R.....

07-29-02, 14:27
> I think I should be in Uruguay before the end of august.

I'm looking forward to your posts about Uruguay. There's probably a nice hobby scene down there. I think the ideal hobby tour right now is a BA, Montevideo, MDP jaunt. I'm checking on the WSG for the how much and where and will hit these areas in the near future, posting while I do.

Nibu Raphael
07-30-02, 11:09
Yeh dude I leave august 1st to Chile the 2nd week of august I should be in Argentina and the 3rd week in Uruguay the 4th week in Paraguay and the 5th week I leave back towrds Peru Agian tru Argentina then to Chile and visit Southern Peru A little and be back by Sep. 7th or so. Yeh I am traveling with my girl so night action seems limited for me but She is pregnant and When she naps in the daytime I will tell her I need to be busy on the internet B.S. I will do The Masage and incall scene. Heh Heh. Yeh Dude James try to hook up with me in august 3rd week You can also meet my girl but SHHHHHH To her on the ***** **** Hunting. Would any one also have info on these other two cities for sex hunting in Uruguay Atlantida and Parque de La Plata? I heard Punte Del Este is expensive like Bariloche Argentina. Alright so info too if someone knows on Colonia de Sacramento and Maldanado would be great. Yeh I hope to keep on doing sexhunting in South America until 2005 unless Planet X fucks us up in 2003. Ha Ha Who knows. It is posible too that I will take the boat from Buenos Aires to Uruguay. I guees Can some of you guys who post in Argentina like crazy post here some info in nearby Uruguay. I need info also on cheap hotels for around 10 bucks in Uruguay, Yeh I got to Go,,,, Later:::: NIBS....

Nibu Raphael
10-22-02, 20:32
Any new info on Punta del Este and Maldonado???

Nibu Raphael
10-27-02, 03:03
Hey JW Does the Red Dice still exist in Colonia? What other sex action is in other cities in Uruguay? I heard there are a lot of Black *****s in Uruguay. What about in the Montevideo suburbs?What about Love Motels and Porn Burlesque palaces with strippers? With the economy now in Chaos in Uruguay I would guess there are more streetwalkers on the streets now.

Nibu Raphael
11-05-02, 23:16

11-16-02, 19:29
Anybody have any information for Punta Del Este?

Nibu Raphael
11-25-02, 03:32
Yeh that would be great to here some new info on Punta Del Este or Colonia??? I heard the 2nd biggest city in Uruguay is Salto??? What action can be found in Salto??? Yeh Salto is the 2nd biggest city in Uruguay???? INFO PLEASE.. yeh it only has too a 100,ooo population.........

Hobby Fan
12-06-02, 09:23

Apparently there are no 'hobby' locations in town, by cab driver report due to local laws or something. About 6 km out of town is an unmarked place which I think is named 'Midas.' It is an unmarked mid-sized pink building located more or less in the middle of nowhere in a residential area, generally out in the area of the abandoned bull ring. At 11:45 p.m. I was touring around and we drove the place - it was not open yet but the lights were on and my cab driver expected it to open soon. I was not interested enough in making a scounting report to wait around.

Generally, Colonia is beautiful, restful and romantic and you are better off bringing a girlfriend (hired or not) with you.


Nibu Raphael
12-06-02, 22:34
Dude I am in Monevideo now I think I will go to BA directly tommorow and skip ot on Colonia. Salto the 2nd biggest city in Uruguay seemed to boring for action too. I think JW mentioned a place called the REd Dice. I heard more Punter Action in Maldonado and Punto Del este.........

Nibu Raphael
12-07-02, 05:52
Ok I guess I will skip on Colonia Any more info though on that REd Dice Club just to know?????

Nibu Raphael
12-08-02, 15:43
Took the bus to Colonia and Harbor Busquebus Boat to BA,Argentina Customs what A Breeze.... Uruguay Sucks.......

Nibu Raphael
12-09-02, 07:49
Hi I know I probably will never go to Uruguay again in my life but I met A Skinny Porno looking type Streetwlker tonight in Centro Beunos Aires A Uruguayan **** With False Titties. She only looked hot cause of the surgery on her still kind of ugly face but Great Nice silicon Tities. She mentions that she returns back to go To Uruguay often in Maldonado on the Beach Topless. WOW Man So is it like in the Maldonado- Punte Del Este Beach area lot of Topless stuff going in like in Europe since Uruguay has the European Feeling? Octatron did yoy check this all out? Oh Yeh Octatron or JW I heard there is a Swingers sex club in Montevideo but is for couples only. Ok this Uruguayan *****s name was Bettina I will try to post all the info on where and What Streets in The Microcentro of Ba To Find her. Hey Havanaman Again I would blow of Uruguay if I was you but if you do go I would love to know about the Nude-Topless beaches in Uruguay. I still say do not go. So Havanaman next sunday in the day I am out of here directly to Santiago then Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar chile no Time for Mendoza. I am sure Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar will be great cities I just hope not to run in to that very snobbish Chilean Attitude. Ok All in All again on Uruguay a Country of 3.2 million really damn boring place. Hey bthis Porno type looking prostitute also has worked in Miami,Vegas,Nyc and Dancing in Amsterdam. Silicone MAMAAAAAA, Ah NIbu........

06-11-03, 02:29
Hi fellow mongers,

Here in PdE. I understand there is a local cathouse in Maldanado, anyone been?

Quiet here otherwise.



02-02-04, 22:16

As far as I could tell there are no professional establishments in Punta Del Este. There are some girls that hang around the bars and casinos but that is it. I am sure it is better in the high season as PDE is a major vacation destination for rich people from Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

There is a place in Maldanado where you can find some decent looking girls. The neighborhood seemed a little shady to me but that might be because I am an American, don't speak Spanish very well and the place is in a small, rural town that is kind of run down. That being said I made it out of the place with Angel, a fairly attactive (a 7 and I am very picky) 22 year old Uruguayan girl.

There were at least 20 women to choose from ranging from 4-8 in looks. I chose Angel because she had a great body and could speak a little English. Don't count on this as she may have been the only one and her English was not even as good as my Spanish. The place is set up so each girl has a little room that she rents and does business in. I chose to take Angel back to my hotel. It is just my opinion, but I think this is a better option for visitors.

Angel was happy to leave work and come to my hotel (The Conrad is a very nice hotel (US$120). I was told that I need to pay for her to leave and then her fee on top of that. I am sure that I paid for everyone involved and the cab driver as well but I would never have found the place without him and he went out of his way to help me so it was no problem. After all said and done everything was less than US$130 for the night. This might seem high for SA but Uruguay is pretty expensive for SA plus I'm sure I got a little bit of the gringo price even after negotiating for some time.

Once back in my hotel room, Angel did not dissapoint. She was very energetic and I think we both had a great time. No problems with the money or anything else, just a fun time with a nice professional girl. I would rate her a 9 on performance.

Overall a pretty good experience in PDE. The place is beautiful and the people are very nice. I plan to go back durin high season and check out the topless women wandering the beautiful beaches.


Doc Bill
07-07-04, 04:41
Which place has better action, Montivideo or PDE? Thanks!

Member #2420
08-08-04, 00:55
There are a number of professional establishments in Punta. They are actually located in Maldonado, not far from the downtown area of the city. They are called whiskyterias. Probably the largest is called Casa de Nana. The Casa used to have a website but I cannot find it now. There are several others within the same area.

09-08-04, 14:46

any updates on Punta del este????????

From what I hear the place even seem to have Russian hookers??? So I recon these ho's are very expensive? (just like the rest of PdE).

Keep us posted...


11-13-04, 13:21
There seems to be no real information on Punta del Este. Does anyone have any updated information???? I'm flying there on business next week for 3 days. I would imagine with all that money there, there must be some kind of P2P scene. I'll report back whatever I find but please PM or post before next Friday (November 19) if you have any information.



LA Larry
11-14-04, 05:34
One of my best buds goes to Punta every single year in the month of January. He absolutely swears by it -- says that its like Buzios and St. Tropez. But he also was admament about there being no monger scene there to speak of.

I found that very hard to believe. But he said that in the 4 years that he has gone -- he has asked around -- from cabbies to friends -- and according to him -- there is very little pay for play action. virtually non-existent. he's seen some girls out of the newspapers who were atrocious.

I've been to Montevideo and found the scene there very disheartening (compared to BA) so I am inclined to believe my friend.

interested to read what you unearth.

best of luck on your biz.


Hot To Cool
11-14-04, 07:10

Relax, Saint, try the Uruguayan equivalent of WSG and you'll some reviews on the Punta del Este area.

Hot To Cool

11-19-04, 01:58
Hey amigo. I fear that your friend is right. I leave tomorrow and will report back what I find. I still find it hard to believe there would be no scene but I guess it's a small town. I'm not sure how much time I'll have to "play" but I figure one of the nights I should be able to snoop around.

Thanks for the good luck wishes. Things are going much better than I expected. Take care and safe travels.


11-22-04, 05:49
I just spent the past 48 hours in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Most people have never even heard of it and couldnít tell you where it is on a map. Punta del Este is located on the Atlantic Ocean only 30 minutes by plane from Buenos Aires. I flew to Punta del Este to explore investment opportunities for myself and my clients. I am often asked about Punta del Este but I have never been there so I couldnít intelligently answer any questions about it.

I expected a small little resort town. I was really impressed with Punta del Este. In fact, I firmly believe it may be one of the most underutilized cities in South America. I have spent the past 3 years traveling all around the world. I have been to most countries in South America, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and throughout Europe.

The amount of wealth in Punta del Este is unbelievable. The majority of properties in PDE are owned by wealthy Argentineans that purchased properties here with ďblack moneyĒ many years ago. I traveled extensively around the city and saw several properties in various price ranges. It was amazing to see almost all of the properties empty at this time of year. Something that was amazing to see is that Punta del Este is currently only used about 2 months out of the year. January and February are the only months that are really utilized. Property owners are charging tremendous rates for rental mainly in January and also in February.

At night it was amazing to look at all the buildings with only 1 or 2 lights on. The quality of the properties were amazing. I have visited very few places in the world with as high a concentration of luxurious properties throughout the city. The apartments I visited were first class properties with amazing views. Property owners are making about 5% to 6% returns on their investment renting just January and February. I truly believe that Punta del Este can market themselves and attract tourists throughout most of the year. The city is immaculate. There is no trash in the streets. Crime appears to be almost non-existent.

The beaches were nice but the major asset of PDE isnít the beaches. There are certainly better quality beaches in other parts of the world. Punta del Este is about a certain quality of lifestyle. Itís an upscale environment and wealth is evident throughout the city. Besides the high season of January and February, there doesnít seem to be a lot to do here. But there are other places in South America to go to stay busy. PDE is a relaxing place you come to with your significant other. Itís a very romantic place that has all the characteristics of becoming a tremendous growth area. I believe that tourism will explode here within the next 5 years. More and more people are finding out about it. 70% of the properties are owned by Argentineans but I firmly believe that more and more foreigners will be buying property here in the next few years.

There isnít much action in town during the off season. One night I was invited to go to a fashion show at the Conrad (owned by Hilton) which is the biggest hotel in town. It is a 300 room hotel with a casino attached. Very nice property. I guess there is a fashion show every Saturday night. The owner of the fashion show was a personal friend of the gentleman that hosted my trip to Punta del Este. Some of the models were hot.

More Americans and Europeans are finding out about this upscale environment and purchasing here. I saw several lots for sale in La Barra, a popular and trendy area and almost bought a lot of land to build on. There is tremendous growth in this area and there were tons of shops, stores and restaurants being constructed.

My favorite spot was a place I visited called Marina del Este. It was an amazing Mediterranean villa type area with about 60 homes and apartments in a closed community. The views were amazing. It was almost like being in the Mediterranean or the French Riviera. If money were no object, Iíd buy one of the places here and live here a few months out of the year when I wasnít in Buenos Aires.

I see tremendous potential in the real estate market here and I will attempt to do the same thing I am doing in Buenos Aires here in PDE. I posted just last week about taking the same principle of what Iím doing in Buenos Aires and making it work in other parts of the world. Many people emailed or posted that itís almost impossible to succeed without spending significant time in the area. I disagreed believing that following a sound business plan it IS possible to achieve results and make money. We will see if Iím correct. This was my first visit to the city. I spent a little over 48 hours in the city and I believe I can take the same principles of how I created my business in Buenos Aires and make it a success here in Punta del Este.

I gave some ideas to the gentleman that hosted me and he was amazed at some of my ideas. I plan on partnering with him in a real estate venture in Punta del Este as a 50/50 partner. I want to revolutionize the real estate market here and bring globalization to this industry. I know it wonít be easy but few things important in life are. In the future look for puntaDE.com puntarealestate.com or apartmentspde.com.

Some of you might not think this has anything to do with living in Buenos Aires but what I want to show is that you too can move to a foreign country and start a business with hard work. I basically moved to a foreign country and started a business that generates income within 3 months of moving here. Iím now making more money per month than what Iím spending. Sure itís peanuts compared to what I was making when I worked in the USA, but itís a start.

I heard there was no hobby scene in PDE. I didn't even have time to look as I was busy the ENTIRE time I was there. I had several business meetings and was busy the entire time, even in the evenings. I seriously doubt there is any kind of hobby scene here. Just not the environment for it. I did see some hotties. One girl working in a furniture store was hot. I flirted with her and got her phone number.

You must have a car here or rent a car. The city is so spread out. Those that just come here for the summer to play probably don't have a chance to see the entire city like I did. It's an amazing place filled with great properties. Very laid back place. I think it is very romantic and the perfect place to fly with a novia. I hope to buy a property in the future here. The flight is very easy and the flight was from Aeroparque so it was very easy. Flight time is only around 40 minutes and relatively cheap at $150 US with taxes. There are cheaper flights but I bought relatively at the last minute.

I highly recommend going if you're looking at a spot to take a girlfriend with but save your hobby money because I seriously doubt there is a P2P scene here.

11-22-04, 06:44
There is in fact a legendary bordello, but located not in PdE itself. It's in Maldonado, the scrappy little town inland that was there before PdE was invented. The establishment is called Nana's, and every taxista knows it. There are also a couple of lesser establishments in Maldonado. In the summer Nana's attracts not just full time pros but also Argentine hotties who look in for a night or two, in order to repair the damage that summer prices do to the wallet. An interesting scene for you to research on your next visit.

Hot To Cool
11-22-04, 07:04

That's a nice play on words, Murilloa. There's even a third meaning if you let punta mean punter, a British term for hobbyist. You couldn't be looking forward to returning to Uruguay from Europe if there weren't no hobby scene, right?


As I said, there is some way to relax, even in Punta. The key word is "relax."
Of course, the area near La Rambla in Montevideo is more fruitful, and it's not that far away.

Hot To Cool

11-22-04, 13:05
Hi Murilloa,

I thought if there was action it probably might be in Maldonado. It's where the normal service workers live. I toured Maldonado but I didn't really see any bad areas of the city. I'm not sure if there are any. I found the city extremely clean and the people seemed very happy. There was a tremendous amount of new constructions of residential property, commericial property and expansions of city projects.

I never even took one taxi but it was interesting that most of the taxis are Mercedes Benz's like in Switzerland. I heard they weren't too cheap. I'll probably be back in a few weeks so I'll try to check out the scene there. Thanks.

LA Larry
11-22-04, 17:23
Hey Saint--

thanks for recon on punta.



Hot To Cool
03-09-05, 14:17
Saint, Mur, et al,

I passed through this area on the 8th of March, but since I was pressed for time, I didnīt actually partake of the mongering scene here. However, looking at the ads in the Montevideo newspaper El Paisīs Sunday edition, there were quite a few ads for PDE.

Hot To Cool

Doc Bill
08-20-05, 06:43
I will be in PDE for my first time for two days in October. Sounds like the mongering scene is minimal to nil, but I'd still like to see it. Can anybody recommend a hotel, in the US$100 range? Thanks.

Be There
08-21-05, 01:54
Personally have checked out the Conrad and will vouch for it, chica friendly and very upscale. Look up some of these other hotels as well. Contact Saint that has been there as well. Punta is a great place - if you golf as well as flog, take your clubs and you will not be disappointed.

Be safe,

Be there

Art Fartzalot
01-22-06, 06:22
Goin to Colonia/Montevideo/Punta Del Este in Feb and want to know is it best to hire a Remis in BA to take one to the Harbor Busqebus to get to Uruguay, then get off boat and then either get driver or take a bus to Colonia/Montevideo/Punta Del Este.

I understand there are demonstrators land wise near bridges near Argentine/Uruguay border and don't want to deal with this, could fly BA/Montevideo, of course but doin a lot of time in airplanes and would like to go via boat/ferry/hydrofoil.

How far is it/How long should it take to get to Busquebus Boat as Going to be staying near Galeria Maill in BA/Orleans?

If one is leaving out of BA with a 5 pm flight midweek, is it best to avoid border/customs/aduana hassle to go back to BA the night before or can one leave either Montevideo/Colonia say that morning and safely make it to the BA airport in time without missing their flight?

Thanks for your time and help, will post when done.

05-04-06, 12:58
It's been a few years but there are two boats to from BA to Colonia. There is a hydrofoil that makes a regular fun and the trip takes about an hour plus if I remember right. There is a regular ferry that takes about 3 hours both are pleasant trips, the ferry is much cheaper.

08-22-06, 18:48
I just realized I had written this report but never posted it, from my Uruguay trip of March-April. But since there is nothing on Salto here, I think it is still useful.

To start looking around Uruguay, I crossed from Concordia, Argentina into Salto. The trip is $ar45 by taxi. I prefer to cross the border in a taxi when possible, because it is much faster. Also, there are few options for crossing the border by bus. For light travellers, there is a bus from Concordia's terminal to Salto.

I was going to stay in Salto possibly until after Semana Santa(Easter) so I could go on to Paysandu. Paysandu was full for Semana Santa. Instead, I left early and went on to Montevideo directly(see below). I stayed here 6 days.

Salto is a city of 50-100,000. It is located near the Salto Grande Dam, which forms a large artificial lake. It is also located near 2 or 3 areas of termas in Uruguay. The termas are natural hot springs. The water rises from deep in the ground and because of this arrives at the surface with a temperature of 95F to 110F or so, and contains a variety of minerals and ions. This gives them naturally heated swimming pools. There are claims of health benefits from lounging around in this water. If you want the touristy details, look around in www.salto.gub.uy/turismo and www.termassaltogrande.com.

There are nice resort hotels in the termal areas. On the bus from Salto to Montevideo, we stopped at one just south of Salto, Termas Del Daymen. It looked quite elaborate, with several hotels and a waterpark called Aguamania. But I imagine that most of the guests are older people 65+, and can't imagine many opportunities for finding women.

Uruguay has the oldest average population age of any country in the western hemisphere. And you can see it on the streets of Salto. During the day, people over 40 dominate the main streets, with many over 60. It is very striking. Later in the day, after 5 PM, one begins to see more younger people. But these tend to be very young, under 18. There are not many people in the 20's and 30's, relatively. I suppose they must all go to other countries or cities to work.

Everything is more expensive in Uruguay than in Argentina. A 500ml Diet Coke is $ar150 in Argentina but $ar225 equivalent in Uruguay, 50% more. This is typical. Many things, though more expensive, are also lower in quality. Like restaurant food. A Chivita in a restaurant is about $ar11, but is not as good as a Lomito Completo in an Argentina cafe for $ar8. Again, almost 50% more, but less cheese, no fried egg, and inferior meat. The hotels are expensive for a small city, but generally not as nice as similar Argentina Hotels.

The city of Salto is quite symmetrical, centered on a river port. The main street, Av Uruguay, is an E-W street in the center of town, from the Western port to the eastern edge. There is a very long costanera and river highway along practically the entire riverfront of the city, extending both south and north equally from Uruguay. From what I can see, the part of the city immediately south of Uruguay is more prosperous than the part north of Uruguay.

The Omnibus terminal is located at Av Batille and Av Blandengues. Av Blandengues is a main 2 way N-S highway that defines the eastern border of the main city. The city is growing into the other side of Brandengues, but there isn't very much over there. The taxi fare downtown from the terminal is about $ur60.

I stayed in the Hotel Los Cedros, right on Av Uruguay in the center of the business district. I had a nice large room with a frig, a special. It had a queen/king bed and a balcony, on the 4th floor. I paid the rack rate, $ur890 for a single. The catch is that if I had a visitor, even for an hour, they wanted to charge me the double rate of $ur1280 for that day. An almost 50% increase! I had a big discussion about this with the desk clerks when I found out. I refused to enter with the woman, and took her back to the street. I told them I was going to leave Salto early because of it, and did. I never did bring in a woman. Basically, I told them that they were exploiting men and I didn't like it and wasn't going to reward it.

The silly thing is, the room as a single is worth more than the $ur890. The rate for a regular room is $ur810 double, a much smaller room. So they really shouldn't rent this room at a single price. The $ur1280 is too high. Given the area and rates, this room should be priced at $ur1000 for single OR double. I stay frequently in larger rooms, and am used to paying a higher price for the larger room. It is ridiculous to charge less for a single person, since the value is all in the limited no. of rooms. For a couple, the increased cost is basically breakfast and towels. If they had priced it correctly, I might have stayed the full 3 weeks.

I mention this because this type of pricing seems to be common in Uruguay. I found it in other hotels where I looked at rooms. For this, it is necessary to negotiate for the right to have visitors when you get the room. Also, I have found other examples of a type of pricing with a too low minimum level price, but then price all the options until it is overpriced. It seems that they really like the upsell. I have heard they use this technique in many apartments/wiskerias in Monevideo. The SW also use it on the street(see below).

Possibly the best hotel option is the Gran Hotel Uruguay on Brasil, the next block N of Uruguay. It is 3 blocks from the Los Cedros. It was full when I arrived, so I didn't get to look at the rooms, but they also have friges. I may or may not have been able to negotiate for guests. I didn't have much choice because of Easter. Another option is Gran Hotel Salto, on Plaza Artigas at the far east end of the business strip. It looked OK from the outside, but I don't know if it has friges in the rooms, and didn't look at the rooms. There are other, cheaper hotels around the strip on Brasil, Uruguay, and some of the N-S streets within 1 block on both sides of Uruguay. The El Dorado was very nicely located. Most of the hotels are located near the center.

Salto is a clean city, and does not have much of the extreme poverty areas of Argentinian and Paraguay cities. In general, it would appear that the socialistic policies that Uruguay implemented early in the 20th century have had many beneficial effects. There are many poor people, but not so much extreme poverty. Generally, I was able to walk all over the city center for 5 blocks each side of Uruguay with no problems, from the river to Plaza de Deportes. I did not walk all the way to Blandengues, about 4 blocks further. I now wish I had looked at Blandengues, just for completeness.

The restaurants generally do not serve food between 3 PM and 8 PM. This is common in the smaller cities, but is very strong here. I could find nothing in the town center where I could eat at about 5 PM, my favorite time. I began eating cold premade sandwiches from the supermarket. I would have loved to find a good chivita or hamberguesa completa, but I never did. So I wasn't picky. Several restaurants don't open their kitchens unitil 8:30 PM. There may or may not be something for cafe food open on Blandengues around the bus terminal area, but it is a bus or taxi ride. I did not see many options for breakfast, but the hotel breakfast was barely sufficient. I had to buy my own fruit.

There is some action in town. There are no ads in the local daily. There may be apartments, but I don't know how to find them. I know of no internet site. One thing different in this town is I never did try to ask cab drivers about finding women. This is strange and very unusual for me. It was just that the whole arrangement did not seem to be set up to make it useful for a taxi tour. Also, on the 1st night I talked to 2-3 guys in the hotel and they marked up a map for me. Everything was in walking distance. Also, when I realized I couldn't have a room guest on day 3 I basically lost interest, and began feverishly researching hotels in Montevideo until late at night, preparing to leave.

There are 3 bars with women working in town. They are located within 3 blocks of each other near the port, Albiso N-S and Brasil and 19 de Abril E-W. They are 1-2 blocks N of Uruguay. They are:

"PK2(pronounced Pe-KU-dos)" on Albiso. Supposedly has 2 rooms available, one woman told me. I went in, there were about 4 women, 4-5 range. I just left immediately.

Leonas, around the corner on 19 de Abril, is supposedly a more strip type bar, lower level than PK2, with 1 room. I didn't go in. Citi, also on 19 de Abril about 3 blocks E of Albiso, is supposedly lower level also, with 1 room. I didn't go in there either. They didn't look like much from the outside, and I was told they were low level. After PK2, I didn't need to go to a lower level.

There are some disco/dance bars in the area of the Plaza de Deportes, at 19 de Abril and Morquio. I walked out there, and there are a few bars, but also a lot of locals hanging around them. It looked like they were regular local places. There are at least 2 discos, one well out on the Costanera Sur and one well out on the Costanera Norte.

There are some SW working in El Centro. The hotel guys marked the map. I also walked around an awful lot of the centro area and didn't spot any others. Since I didn't talk to the cabbies, I can't be sure there aren't some out on Blandengues or another area.

In the center, they are around the corners of Dr Soca and Osmani N-S and 19 de Abril, Agraciada, and 8 de Octubre E-W. There are also sometimes some on Av Barbieri between Zorilla and Herrera, but one woman told me they were all TV's on Barbieri. I only saw several on Wed night but they didn't look like TV's to me from accross the street. None looked interesting to me at that distance, but I am picky. I probably saw a total of about 15 people the 3 nights I looked, with the most Wed. They start at about 10:30 PM, and a couple were in the 6-8 range.

I did find one woman I wanted to session with. She was quite pretty, 24 years old and slim. I did not like the fact that she worked all night, while smoking pot and drinking beer. I had the impression it was almost as much of a party to her as that she needed the money, and she would probably not stop working for me. Also, when I got her in the light, her clothes were a little dirty. I figured I didn't have time to clean her up in 1 week, and wasn't terribly unhappy that I had the problem with the $ur400 hotel charge for a guest in my room and so never sessioned. I had negotiated a price with her of $ur600 for 2 hours. I did give her $ur200 for all her trouble when it didn't work out, since it wasn't her fault. We had spent an hour on the whole room charge business. She was very pleasant. I feel a little regret it didn't work out.

On the street, the price is $ur150 for "simple", and $ur300 for "more complete". This is a classic upsell situation, as the "simple" is too simple and cheap. I don't know exactly what "more complete" means, but had the impression it involved kissing as well as possible full service and maybe completo, probably about 40 min. I had negotiated the top level in the $ur600 for 2 hrs, but I was primarily interested in kissing.

Overall, there is no good reason to go to Salto. If you are going thru there, it can be an interesting stop.

09-08-06, 05:48
If one is staying in Punta Del Este, an inexpensive place to get laid costing 400 to 500 Uruguay Pesos is Casa Nana's. Went a couple nites this week, gals were 6+ not 10īs but decent, eager to please, no bs. Opens 8 pm in eve , not B4, gals say they stay til 3 - 5 am, though I was done by 10 pm in my case.

Different than transito in Buenos Aires where one has to walk at least around corner or a bit, instead one walks into club which is in MaldonŠdo area, each chica has her own room and one bargains with her, once price agreed , I did pay 500 Pesos for head and fuck approx 45 minutes, one gets down to business, girls each got me off good, one pays the money, a little nice bar area outside if waiting for a buddy to finish with selection of booze or cokes, no pressure to buy, park cars in enclosed guarded area.

I don't think I would walk around the streets surrounding counting my money as might be rougher area but had no problems, Punta Del Este approx 15 minute drive off season as now, Piriopolous approx 30 -45 minute drive.

The street behind is another place called I think Champaign's, it does have red lights outside and opens I believe 8 pm, gals there seemed a bit older but was with one for 500 Peso's , gave great head, BJ, and very nice massage after, felt safe.

There seems to be another Whiskeria just down street from Nana's they may have chicas but did not go in as was satisfied with Nana's though did venture in one other day at the other Champains.

I'm in Montevideo now and nice city but just hanging out. So don't rule Uruguay out. Take care.

Rock Harders
05-06-07, 01:41

Made the trip to Colonia Easter Sunday in what was the first and hopefully last time. Very poor planning on my part, as there were many Argies / Uruguayos travelling as it was the end of the Semana Santa holiday period, and I got stuck in Colonia overnight as there were no return tickets available that day (which I failed to realize until I got to Colonia) Took the slow boat $66 AR one way to Colonia, and the fast boat $50 AR one way on the trip back to Buenos Aires. My guess on why the slow boat was actually more expensive is that the holiday price came into effect for Easter. I do not recommend the slow boat, it takes forever, although it is reasonably comfortable.

As such, I had to spend about 24 hours in Colonia, and half of that time was Easter Sunday, so the place was extra tranquilo. I stayed at the Hotel Esperanza located at General Flores 237 (the main drag) www.hotelesperanza.com. The price was $130 AR / $40 USD per night, which seemed reasonable enough, the place had a nice pool and the room had a / c, a tv and fridge. The interesting kicker here is that the place is also a "spa" meaning they have a masseuse available on-call. Naturally, with nothing better to do and confident that I would not be able to find any action on Easter Sunday, I ordered a one hour massage. The massage took place in a dedicated room down in the spa / pool area. The girl was a very cute, 100 pound late 20's girl from Colonia, and she gave a very good, though not too firm massage. About 40 minutes into the massage I inquired whether a "relax" was available, and she giggled a bit and informed me that would not be a problem. I also inquired if any "servicios addicionales" were available and she made it clear that she was only a masseuse and that only her hands were fair game. At about minute 55 she oiled up her hands again and gave a very nice two handed "relax" which was deposited directly on the towel that she conveniently placed in the appropriate position. Total price including no extra charge for handjob $79 AR, paid at the front desk afterwards.

I ate at the "le drugstore" place that somebody recommended and it was decent food, nothing spectacular, I had Salmon in an almond / sesame sauce, the best part of the whole dining experience was the hot waitress lurking about. I also rented a moped the follow day for an hour ($20 AR) and cruised the 5 mile or so coasted strip down to the Sheraton Resort just to check it out.

All in all, an inconvenient waste of time and money (except for the massage / handjob, which was well worth it) There were some hot non-pro Uruguayas around, and I would possibly consider coming here during the summer sometime for a few nights just to try and fuck some of the regular girls.

Rock Harders

06-20-07, 18:31
Since Nibu posted complaining that noone ever posted on this city, I will make this belated post here.

I stopped here for a few days on my tour of Uruguay. I went here from Montevideo, on my way to Cordoba, Argentina.

I originally didn't post on this city because I didn't want to pile bad news on Uruguay, and was sort of hoping someone else would report. But since they didn't, I will render this service to the community.

Paysandu is a small city on the border, about 50,000 I think. It has a nice beer festival once a year, I understand. I couldn't get anything here aound the time of the festival. I was in Salto and tried. Other than that, it is a really boring place.

The biggest problem with Paysandu is the lack of hotels. The city apparently understands this, and is trying to address it somehow. There was a huge hotel in the center that looked to be about 5 star, but it was closed, apparently some years ago. The best hotel, Mykonos, is very small, with 26 rooms. It seems to be always booked, and I stopped and talked to them. No luck. The Casagrande has only 10 rooms and was also heavily booked. After that, there is very little.

I stayed in a fairly large place with very worn rooms on Bulevar Artigas near Florida. It was cheap, but I didn't even save the name.

There is some street action on Calles Uruguay and Florida. They parallel the main drag of Av Brasil. I walked both streets several times in the night, and saw very little. I talked to one woman who was working(maybe a 7) and she was friendly but said there weren't very many women working.

I looked for bar action or other things. I saw what looked like a bar with action on a side street toward the port end of town, but it didn't look like a good place for a stranger to enter. I was able to walk all the center streets until 2:00AM with no problem. Uruguayan web sites don't have any more information that I can find.

In summary, if you go, either make sure you have a room booked or be prepared to take slim pickings. And don't expect much interesting in the place.

07-21-07, 10:23

I do know this sea resort place is packed with uppa class argies and Brasis....thus making it NOT a very cheap place to stay.
Lots of PY hookies arround.....


12-29-08, 04:18
I recently paid a visit to Nana's. It seems this place is very well known and was certainly very popular when I was there. I was thinking of going and a guy at the hostel I was staying suggested going so we ended up going together which was good because he spoke fluent spanish and had transport so I saved on a cab which is apparently about $10US each way. But could be more.

When we got there it really reminded me of the flats near Frankfurt station for those that have been there. This is much smaller, cheaper and the women provide far better service.

There really were lots of guys and it was hard to talk to the very best chicas there though there were still lots of other hot ones around. We had a look and I saw a few cuties. But then we decided to check out another place around the corner. I'm pretty sure its all run by the same people. The women here were cheaper and uglier so we returned to the first place. This time though it looked like the better women that id seen before were now booked so I ended up with the next best one I could find. She provided CBJ and multiple positions. Prices were 500pesos for 15mins but I opted for 700 for 20mins

On the whole the value was very good. I quite like the quick bookings. Sometimes. And it means you can have multiple pops with different chicas for a small amount.

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04-17-09, 23:17
I made really a bad experience at Nana's. Paid 1000p for a stunner. Her whole room was full of photos of her and even on the TV there was series of photos of her. I seems that she is at least in love with herself

Girl was really good looking but extremely cold. Like a robot. After 20 minutes she told me: "Finish or you pay more". I did not want to spend more time with a robot and was happy to leave without having finished my business. Probably the worst mongering experience ever.

My friend who was disappointed in Acauarela in MVD was very happy though.

It's always the same: It depens on the girl.

Hope you are more lucky at Nana's than I was.



Art Fartzalot
06-04-09, 00:31
This is off season and went in Wed eve around 11:30 midnite, a few gals were occupied, on the weekends, think a lot more guys going round talking/nailing the gals but during the week, during off season, there was several good looking gals, one may have been the robotic one mentioned, she wanted 500 pesos for 15 minutes was not flexible in prices, she was younger gal, though down the hall found a bottle type, large tit that were real, blond from Montevideo who first gave me nice massage with oils, and then let me tit fuck her, come into her bunghole for a visit, and then I left, I gave her 1000 Pesos was with her an hour, at McDonald's in Maldonado square, five minute drive away, gave me 23.5 Pesos to a dollar.

There are some like streetwalkers in the area, but no locals and I am not a local and they told me to avoid, Nana's has a nice well lit parking lot with security, that is much safer to go if your a gringo vs some of the Whisketeria's nearby potentially as your parking your car out on street and when you leave, not saying you will/would have problem with folks outside, but never know.

Have friends who are Uruguayan, native to Maldonado, and tell me, that though yo hablo espanol un pocito, is safer to go to Nana's where they have approximately 30 girls working most of the time , most of the year.

Art Fartzalot

Green Lizard
01-02-10, 23:24
Hi guys,

I'll be working in the Durazno area from the 11th of jan for three weeks, I know my way around Montevideo but this is a new area for me and I was wondering if any fellow mongers had tips for web sites bars or newspapers for leads for some action during my stay. Any tips or hints would be much appreciated. My only hope is after the job is over I may get a night in monty and there is a chance I may get a couple of weeks work in Brazil, on another job.


Green Lizard
01-20-10, 04:14
No problema. I know the local guys well, so when I broached the subject of chicas they were only to happy to take me to the whiskera oaklohoma. One of four one night. There I Got a good time but the attitude sucked, but for 15$ us its a winner will try again before I head for brazil. The puntang is cheap but the quality is mediocre you pay you're money and you take you're choice, So as are all provincial towns in Uruagay Duraznos is alive and kicking, but be warned, I wouldn't go near any of the Wiskera without some local knowledge.


Art Fartzalot
06-05-10, 17:47
Will put report out if anyone can give me some places to go, I am real familiar with Nana's and the area around and will visit B4 next Sat but going further North to Chuy and hope to find.


Art Fartzalot

08-10-11, 19:10
Spent four days here. Concur with much of what Lexton said but don't take a taxi from Concordia. Take the boat. 100 p Uruguay or 24 p Argentina and takes 15 minutes. There were only 9 people on the boat although it holds 90. I stumbled across one privado, run by an old queer. It is in the 300 block of Brasil and there is no number but if there were it would be about 331. It is a light green building, a single doorway next to a vacant apartment with a large picture window. Two women, both ugly. He quoted me 1000p for an hour and I laughed and started to leave and then he said 500p, which is reasonable but he made me uncomfortable and like I said, ugly. I also stumbled across an escort service."Ser Salto AcompaŮantes. Dr. Soca 60, telephone 099 737 001. Forgot to write down the land line. Guy showed me a book of six gals. Four were quite cute but three of those were mysteriously unavailable "this week." Quoted me 2000 pesos. I left. Went to Leones around 11:15 PM yesterday, Tuesday. Place was just getting started. I think maybe they open at 10. The street number is 220 on 19 de Abril. In general 19 de Abril is your street for sleaze, both by the port and up by the bus station. Three women in there, all ugly. Do you see a pattern here? Wanted 100p for a beer and I said "demasiado" and started to leave, at which point it became 80. Drank it fast, chatted a bit with the fuglies who wanted drinks@150p before they would discuss price. Left.

The cutest woman I saw was the swing shift desk clerk at my hotel, Hotel Tia, Brasil 566, 500p a night with fridge, recommended. Wi fi doesn't work outside the lobby, though. I took a hard run at this woman. Made out with her Monday night when it was slow, after she became very interested in my Kindle. Took her to lunch Tuesday. But, by the time I got back Tuesday night I was completely drunk and she was getting ready to leave. I suggested we go dancing and she said I was drunk, and nobody goes dancing on a Tuesday night, and gave me her e-mail for if I am ever back in town. Which, I won't be.

Lexton complained about the restaurants being shut during the day but I did not see much evidence of this. One that is for sure not, and was okay, is La Trattoria in the 700 block of Uruguay on the even numbered side, probably right around 750. They have wi fi there as well, but I didn't have my computer with me so I can't swear it's any good.

Nice town, friendly people, ugly women. 30% higher prices than Argentina. I looked at a two bedroom house for $65k that was actually in decent shape. But, it's 115 degrees Fahrenheit here in the summer, with regularity. No. It was around 20 degrees C during the day and people were all bundled up.