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08-14-04, 14:35
I've read several versions of departure tax. I know the entry is $10 US, but the reports of the departure tax seems to vary. Some say $20 US - is this correct?

Its included in your ticket.

08-14-04, 14:36
Hey ******* buddy.

I just got my vacation approved for Oct 04, and I will be in Sousa. I figure given all the years that we have known each other you might be inclined to share the location of these sweet chicas and save me some legwork.



Like you need any help. PM me on this one.

08-14-04, 14:39
I'll finally be hitting the DR in September for the first time. It'll be a short trip, just 2 weeks to check it out and see what its ranking is on the international meat market. If I like it I'll include it on my 'must go back' list.

I am pretty much into rare finds; I definitely dislike hardcores, business-like providers and gold-digger sharks, though occasionally I resort to their services if I can't find anything better, but my target prey is usually a young (preferably 18-21), 7+, low-mileage and relatively new to the scene chick with good attitude. I am after the true gems of nature. I have already had some unforgettable experiences with genuine gems in several countries and would like to see how easy (or difficult) is to find gems in the DR.

I'll start in Sosua and depending on what I see I'll decide on the spot whether or not I should move on to other parts of the island (SD, BC, etc).

I have an off-topic question. I like swimming (you can't fuck 24 hours a day, can you?) and would like to know if it is safe to swim in Sosua beach, I mean, are there any dodgy currents, undertows, jellyfish, etc? There are no life guards here. I have swam various times with out problems. If I was you, I would at least set up beach camp with atleast another monger just in case you do have a problem, so he can yell out "Award to who ever gets the gringo Back!"

I'll appreciate any information on this.

08-14-04, 15:11
Claudia, from Insearchofchicas!

08-14-04, 20:44
Ok fellas, this will be short and to the point. I'm a fellow monger that has been to D.R. three times in six months so yes, I'm familiar with sosua and puerto plata. My spanglish is enough to get by. I will be returing to POP on Sept 18th to 23rd spending 2 days in POP and the remaining 3 in sosua.
Anyone looking to have a hang out buddy while you're there, leave me a message. I'm more into the barrio scene and non-pros. hehehe..you can find real gems there !

08-15-04, 02:17
Damn, Jimmy, Claudia has me ready for my 2nd trip in 4 months, did you take that pic? when was your last visit? or better yet when is your next? Also I heard High Caribe has re-opened, is it any good? when I went I only went to Classico.

08-15-04, 15:37
Damn, Jimmy, Claudia has me ready for my 2nd trip in 4 months, did you take that pic? Posted on my site by a member
when was your last visit? 5 weeks ago or better yet when is your next? in 4 days Also I heard High Caribe has re-opened, is it any good? when I went I only went to Classico.

08-15-04, 20:14
Re: Departure tax. . . .is included in your tix but. . . . .if you stay more thna 15 days there are additional charges etc. Not very expensive just make sure to have some cahs with you when leaving.

08-15-04, 22:43
Re: Departure tax. . . .is included in your tix but. . . . .if you stay more thna 15 days there are additional charges etc. Not very expensive just make sure to have some cahs with you when leaving.

I have been there 24 days twice. I think its more than 90 days.

08-15-04, 23:16
Your are right on the money once again JDR: It is when you stay longer than 90 days that you have to pay some more.

Claudia is a nice chica. Excellent BBBJTC. I give her 5 cocks up for her skill set and attitude.

Some history...I remember when I met her before she worked the Palace. I saw her walking up and down the beach and had my guy call on her the next time he saw her to set it up since I wasn't there all the time. I thought she was a regular girl! LOL. I invited her to go out with me one night and she stood me up! She claimed that she had no ride from where she lives at that hour of the night. There is always something to learn....even for the wisest of mongers.

Good attitude though. A must see.


Puerto La Cruz
08-16-04, 20:36
The law has now changed and its a 14 day limit on your tourist tarjeta.


The Legend
08-17-04, 06:46
Well my first ever post and my first visit to Sosua was a blast met a few of the fellow mongers on the site and I am going to give a full report when I can catch my breath. Word of warning to everyone though always watch your property when the ladies are in your rooms. In just a few short seconds they can scoop up something (like my cell phone) and make your life miserable for your entire visit. Also make sure you get full auto insurance with no deductable on any vehicle rental or you will be calling your friends and family to either send cash fast or spend a few days in a nice cosy Dominican Policia cell. Just some tough lessons learned first hand but an amazing experience to say the least. My bad luck experiences will never deter me from returning to this paradise.

Regard and happy mongering,

The Legend

08-18-04, 06:43
I don't know how many times i hear from newbies in the dr, that this place is not as cheap as i thought. The truth of the matter is that Mongering is a very expensive hobby. The Dominican Republic just happens to be one of the cheapest places on earth to practice it. Don't come down for a week of mongering with $175.00 to spend. You will be one unhappy monger. Lets compare a night with a hot 18 year old escort in both places.

First one night at home: Dinner for two in n.y., $100.00, cover charge at the club, $30.00, taxis or valet $50.00, drinks at the club, $60.00. Pay her in the mornng for about eight hours, $1,000.00 (minimum). Total $1,240.00

Now in sosua: Dinner for two, $25.00, cover charge at the disco $2.00 (50 pesos each), taxi $5.00 (100 pesos each way), presidentes for you and vodka and red bull for her, $25.00, pay her in the morning, $50.00 (2500 pesos) for a "9"+ girl. Total $107.00

You do the math.

Another popular question is what color are the girls. the Following two Pictures give you a good idea of the range. By the way, Both colors were great in the sack!

08-18-04, 06:45
Picture 2

08-18-04, 06:48
Sorry to Beat a dead horse, maybe these questions can finally be put to rest.

R Ley
08-19-04, 20:36
Someone mentioned the "barrios scene" below. Can someone enlighten me about this? I will be in Sosua (and POP) early Septmeber and want to try and get in as wide a variety of action as possible.

08-20-04, 01:03

The pix were much needed today. I had a shitty day at work. Your right about the prices. If you want to be cheap, save some extra bucks and go to Thailand (you spend less there, but spend more getting there). So either way it is roughly the same. Any chances you can give me info on the two pic's (digits would be nice, or their hang out). The photo's helped me decide on DR in October, well 90% sure. There is just something about those Thai chicks. Any more photo's greatly appreciated.

08-20-04, 01:17
Well done Fantasy:

And the pictures of the Blond are outstanding.


08-20-04, 03:19
These $18 massage/BJ combos are draining me. I must stop. Wait it costs $100 in NYC. I must continue!

08-20-04, 05:07
Yes you must continue ******* buddy, and take many pictures.


MJG Dogs
08-20-04, 14:38

I am down here now, where did you find Mildred? Nice rack.

Grand Pollo
08-21-04, 02:12
Quotes from below: The law has now changed and its a 14 day(90+ days....) limit on your tourist tarjeta.

Well no, it is 15 days and is meaningless to worry about. The fine for overstaying 16-90 is 64 pesos, or US$1.50. The fine for FIVE years or more is RD$1,000. So yes play it safe have three dollars handy.

08-22-04, 15:13
Wednesday Aug 18, 2004

Well JJ, Mav and I arrived. We checked into The Palace, converted some money at Rockies where we got 42.5.
It is hot as hell here so I went for a dip.
I headed over to Passions massage at 5PM as planned and got massage and BJ #1 from Santa. They had a selection of 6.
We then headed over tp El Botin for some Mexican food. I am off to a got start.
As I headed over here I saw a few cute chicas as always. One wanted 2,000 for a bang or 1,000 for head. Maybe later

Thursday Aug 19, 2004
Well I am at Rockies surfing, Mav is here surfing, Scot is here surfing and JJ is drinking some juice.
Got massage and BJ #2.

We headed over to Caberete and checked out the Hotel Magnifico, see separate report. Had a nice lunch at O Shays on the beach. I returned to The Palace and hung with Blue and Gdogg. I took a walk to the beach today and it was kinda slow there. Pat came in with his party of 20 mongers. Some are at The Palace, others are at Europa and they filled up the Blue Dolphin. They are having a wild party at The Dolphin and there were at least 15 chicas hanging around there. The peso is about 39 to the dollar.

On the way for my coffee at Rockies I met Lazyhorse. On the way back we stopped at Dominos where Gdogg saw his morning chica with a friend and I grabbed at her then saw a chica from the day before and moved on to her. Dominos was very crowded with maybe 12 chicas.

Friday Aug 20, 2004
Here we are at Rockies again, JJ, Scot and MGdoggs. Typing and waiting for some food. I am on coffee #2.

Hung around the pool, its hot as Hell here. Converted Dollars at 39 at Super Super. Moved on to Passions where I hung at the bar then Mav and I headed over here to Rockies for some lunch. Saw a few chicas along the way. Never a dull moment here.

Passed by the Four Roses and there were a few chicas there and this little cutie named Suli. Hung with Lazyhorse then he showed me some of his pictures.

Went out to El Toro for dinner with the guys, then back to The Palace where there was a shit load of mongers there for a bachalor party. Met a few more maongers from the various boards.

Saturday Aug 21, 2004
Mav, JJ and myself starting the day at Rockies.
Hot day so I got a massage at M & M. They are charging 400 for the hour. They have 6 ladies working there now. Headed over to The Shark Bar for a bit then returned to the Hotel and hung with Tattoo. Later on I went to a new masssage place by Plutos. Seems like they are popping up all around town. They have a choice of 2 and are 400 as well.

For dinner, 14 of us went to The Thai Restaurant, Jade for dinner. My novia and myself paid 1,000 for dinner and she liked it but never had it before. I ordered Pad Thai and I had better back in NYC. The spring rolls were good there.

After dinner I took a motor around for 3 hours stopping at The 4 Roses, Merengau Bar and a few other places. I would say there were 40-50 chicas around during my cruise. Some wanted 3,000, others wanted 2,000 for a ST and between 1,000-2,000 for head. I saw Marasol, a chica I know for 3 years so I went back to her shithole, I mean apartment and gave her 1,000.

Sunday Aug 22, 2004
Mav, Gdogg and myself starting the day at Rockies.

They are buiding another disco, right before D Classico.

08-22-04, 17:39
2000 - 3000 for ST and 1000 for head? You must be one ugly, no spanish speaking mofo. Just kidding, but those prices are even higher than Blackbeards prices. What gives last I heard it was 500 for BJ and 1000 for ST. 1500max for all night. Someone tell me I'm right, cause I leave for Sosua in 2 weeks, and with those prices I should have gone elsewhere. I'll be sleeping in the penthouse alone!

Lazy Horse
08-22-04, 19:19
TRIP # 3

I was in Sosua for 7 days, only remeber 4 of them. If you hear anything about a brawl at the Latino disco? I plead the fifth. The fight with the pavement, the next day, well that one I lost, dos mucho "cubra libre"

Met Jimmy DR finally, G Dog and Legend, all great guys. Now Jimmy he dosn't overpay for anything. I heard Jimmy negociating with one chica, he was pointing out all her flaws and by the end of the conversation, if my Spanish was correct? Jimmy was getting paid the 1000 pesos!

On this trip I never saw so many mongers. All the hotels where full. 30 Firefighters from New York all young and good looking staying at my hotel, dam. They came down in platoons to the bar saw some negociating, looked like they wanted it for >free< not happening guys.

Their telecomunications works really well down there because by the end of the day the chicas out numbered the guys again.

Almost found a chica I liked but when she went into the "my mother is sick and needs an operation" didn't want to screw her mother and i'm not a surgeon.

So if anyone knows this girl? Could you tell me which member of her familly is sick this week? Maybe I can start studying to become a doctor.

08-22-04, 21:38
Hi Fantasy!

Your Mildred must be the younger sister of Janet Jackson. Cudos! Good work. Beautiful Lady.


08-22-04, 23:43
2000-3000 for ST and 1000-2000 only for head? That sounds like a fortune in terms of local currency.

Apparently pussy inflation is growing by the day over there.

08-23-04, 07:26
Yeah, pretty good price comparison and sometimes you get what you pay for. NYC is OK these days, but you scum bags know where my heart is.

So what happens when we overstay our 2 week tourist stay since the new law took effect?

Thanks for the pics and updates,

P.s. I'll be back in town sooner than ya think.

Ham Hock
08-23-04, 07:30
I’m just back from my second Sosua trip. My “cherry trip” was mid-July. I’m certainly not a veteran, but I’m not a newbie anymore, and I’m learning very quickly. I’ll share some thoughts on the following topic:


Fantasy said it best when he said: “The truth of the matter is that Mongering is a very expensive hobby,” which leads me to explain WHY I NEVER TIP IN THE DR. It’s to do my part in keeping the price of mongering down, which is in all of our best interests.

I don’t believe that one or two fools who pay a chica RP 5,000 is going to affect the market rate for pussy in the DR. Nor is one lucky guy who gets an “8+” for toda la noche at RP 800 going to affect it either. But the idea that a chica can reasonably get RP 1,500 for short time – which is a lot – and then receive what appears to have become a rather obligatory a tip will, in fact, fuck up the market price for pussy, because there’s enough mongers paying that kind of money.

The point of a tip is that it creates an incentive for a server to provide good service. The server never knows whether or not she will get a tip, so the idea is that she will work hard to please you, in hopes that you’ll be pleased, and will show your gratitude for the experience. In the DR, however, it seems that the chicas have become so accustomed to getting tips, that the prospect of receiving a tip is no longer an incentive to provide good service – many of the chicas EXPECT it, no matter how sloppy their service.

For example: I had my eye on a chica at D-Latino’s; I had bought her a drink earlier at La Plaza Sosua (i.e. Domino’s Bar). In the club, I offered her RP 1, 000 for dos horas. She was a 9, and had probably THE flattest tummy and maybe one of the roundest asses I’ve seen. Some of you probably know her as “Sara,” the Haitian. She demanded RP 1,500. I stood firm at RP 1,000. She rejected my offer. I told her “thanks, but no thanks.” Anyway, after I dismissed her, she linked up with another monger – a wide-eyed gringo – and was leaving the club within 15 minutes. No problem – I found another morena to take home that night for RP 1,000. She wasn’t quite as fine as Sara, but fuck it – it was short time, I was ready to fuck, I had gotten my price, and I would proceed to bust two nuts on her by the time it was all said and done. Mission accomplished.

The next night, I saw Sara at D-Latino’s again. I was digging her, so instead of bullshitting, I paid the RP1, 500 for short time because I wanted to fuck. Her service was very good. She was a morena, clean-shaven, with a soft, soft pussy that felt like velvet to the touch. Anyway, after fucking on her for about an hour, she was ready to leave and I was ready to see her go.

Before she left, Sara asked me for a tip, “la propina” or “un regalo.” I said “sorry baby, but at RP 1,500 for short time, you cannot be serious.” But she was. First it seemed like she was going to whip up some fake-ass tears, but I guess she couldn’t get the tear glands going on demand. Or maybe she could tell I was an unsympathetic bastard. So she decided to try another approach. After about 10 minutes of bullshit back and forth, me being nice and trying to reason with her and keep the relationship on good terms, she tried to pull that “I’m not leaving unless you give me a tip” shit. This was a total fucking buzz kill, because I’ve bullshitted with her for about 20 minutes at this point, it’s 3 a.m., I’ve only got one day left on my trip, and now I see that I’m gonna have to be a real asshole to get her to leave. After a while, I had to tell her sternly “game over – now get the fuck out and stop wasting my time – because I want to go back to the club and find some more pussy.” She had attitude, but she left.

I sat there totally incredulous that I had just paid this chica RP 1,500 for short time, and she had the nerve to get pissed off because I want giving her a tip! The DR is not Asia. The fact is, that PUSSY IN THE DR IS VERY EXPENSIVE. And the chicas are making a hell of a lot of money selling it to us.

The DR has a per capita income of about 6,000USD. In the U.S., we enjoy a per capita income of about 37,800USD. Most mongers are paying the chicas, on average, about RP 1,500, and often much more. Over the course of a day, I’d say the average “8” chica probably turns 2-4 tricks. The chica leaves your room and tells you she’s going home to sleep – and then when you go out for our next hit, you see her at the bar with another monger. Happens all the time.

At an exchange rate of 42:1, a chica earns about 36USD per trick. Assuming three tricks per day, 6 days per week, were talking about 864USD tax free, per week. Assuming a chica takes two weeks vacation and 2 weeks sick time, were talking over 41,000USD, tax-free in the Dominican Republic. That makes her almost 7 times richer than the average person, and, in the US that would be an income of about 258,000USD per year, and I haven’t accounted for the 20-33% that you’d be paying in American income and/or other taxes. Not only are many of the girls damn near millionaires in their home countries at 41,000USD per year; some of them make more money that many of us. And they rarely pay for their own food, beer, or transportation. Add in the money some of them receive by way of ATM cards from their foreigner boyfriends and/or Western Unions, and you’ll soon find that the chicas are doing pretty damn good.

I’m sure somebody reading this is thinking “Ham Hock’s full of shit.” But “rich” is a relative concept. And I’m not trying to make a science out of this shit; I’m just trying to make a point. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate what the girls do, and am willing to compensate them accordingly. The fact remains though that pussy in the DR is very expensive. But in the end, it’s really some of the best pussy in the world! But even so, I NEVER TIP A CHICA.

As far as tipping is concerned, I view it as just throwing money at the chicas for no good reason. Throwing money at chicas doesn’t always – or even often – translate into better “service.” Rather, many chicas lose respect for the fool who’s throwing money around, and give you whatever service they feel like giving you – because they know you’ll accept it and keep paying big money for it. And the chicas are definitely gonna try to work you for all they can when they see you throwing money around. I understand that sometimes we pay extra for certain defined services, like pictures and video. But that’s different; that’s money well spent, if that’s what you like to do. But tipping as a matter of course or habit seems to me to be a bad idea, because it fucks up the chicas’ expectations about money with regard to all the rest of us as mongers, thereby effectively raising the price of pussy, and making negotiating for a low price more difficult.

For pussy in the DR, I pay between RP 700 and RP 1,500 – not a peso more. If it’s a “9,” like Sara, and I wanna fuck bad, I’ll go up to the RP 1,500. But most of the time its RP1,000 – no propina – and I generally get what I want. Of course, I do get rejected at my prices sometimes – no question about that. But there are probably 10 or 20 chicas for every monger. And regardless of what the chicas think, Sosua is still a “buyer’s market.”

Ham Hock

Silver Shadow
08-23-04, 16:48
I'm totally confused on pricing.

On 8/10, VAMPYR was given advice "never pay more than $1500 for TLN", and he beat that by $700 twice.

Then on 8/23, we're told they are asking $2000-$3000 for ST, and $1000-$2000 for head.

Have we screwed ourselves by overpaying, or has inflation gone loco in Sosua?

Obviously we would pay less for a 2 than a 7+, but what to believe?

Also, are salidas common everywhere? Even beach bars? Are on-the-street girls "affiliated" with local bars, and required to check in and pay their salidas?

08-23-04, 17:12

I know I am in the wrong section, but I am looking for chica-friendly hotels in Cabarete. Not getting much feedback in the Cabarete section. Can anyone help?

08-23-04, 20:26
I may have posted that advice on 8/10, but I was there in the second to last week of may. Thats what I payed, I have no reason to lie, also remember I'm in good shape,25 yrs old and well dressed. I don't have problems home in NYC, Miami, or LA getting women, its just a hassle here and I'm like Eric benet when it comes to women. The guys I met have been coming here for years , and when they told me no more than $1500 I stuck with that, and it paid off beautifully, but to be honest when we just got there I did get quotes for $3000 - $5000, but remember they are just quotes. A good comparison is: when you arrive at Jfk and need a car to take you to the city do take the first price given by an independent driver(unapproved taxi)?. They know you just arrived here and are foreign to the area, of course they are going to quote you $75 for a $40 trip, but if you don't know any better you won't feel bad only until someone tells you. With the exchange rate and the overall economy in DR it really is a disservice to the other people of the island to pay more than $2000 for an amelia vega type.

08-23-04, 23:41
In that case the point is that girls are getting used to quoting rip-off prices, so it is our responsibility to negotiate, bring them back to reality and make them understand that we know the real value of their services, which is 1-1.5 k maximum for TLN.

I can’t see the reason why there is high pussy inflation in the DR. I know that their currency has lost value sharply over the last few years, but that hasn’t caused the average Dominican salary to jump, has it? And if the average Dominican rate of pay hasn’t jumped, why should a hooker’s rate of pay jump?

08-24-04, 02:25
Well the peso seems to be gaining ground on the dollar. This is a mongers worst nightmare. The *****s are the last to readjust their prices for the stronger peso. They just cannot see taking 10-20% less for pussy than they did a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the DR when the peso was 16 to 1, but the girls now are spoiled. We must all work together to educate these girls.

Gutter Meat
08-24-04, 03:41
Lazy horse which hotel did you stay in ?

Lazy Horse
08-24-04, 11:41
Lazy horse,

Which hotel did you stay in ?Guttter Meat,

I usually stay at the Europa. I get standard rate 28 usd but for cash I get an upgrade and 5% off. From the Europa I'm two short blocks to the Sosua Palace, Passions, Blue Dolphin. 5 mins to Latino Disco, Classico Disco, Merengue Bar and the beach. I like to walk because I have seen too many scares on some of the girls down here from the motoconcho guys, well could be from their pimps?

From the Europa, your 20 feet to Dominos Bar, Four Roses Bar and the Flamingo Strip Club. A lot of action at these places.

Here is a pic of one of the acts.

08-24-04, 15:34
some of these chicas get western union so they can demand what ever they want because their rent is paid. every night i ride around and starting around 8pm there are dozens of chicas out. when i go it at 11-12 there may be 50 or more out and about and thats not including inside the discos.

i got a newbi chica for 450 yesterday and will see her again later today. they do not base their rates on the fluctuation of the peso.

i met about 30 mongers so far this week. many are at the palace and the europa. some are at rockies and others are rep001tered all around. 99% are on these sites. the chicas know we all know each other. some are paying 1,000 for the night but i think they get them at 2am. the 3,000 prices i am getting is from 9 or 10pm for the night.

paying a chica 5,000 will not ruin it but these chicas getting western union monthly will ruin it. the nightly stuff is their gravy.

08-24-04, 23:30
BURN DOWN THE SOSUA WESTERN UNION! why do men do this? I had one known palace chica tell me that she wasn't going to my hotel because her boyfriend that sends money, was staying there. Don't they understand once they leave, they are still working. What kind of man keeps a hooker on retainer? isn't the reason why we monger is to experience fresh fruits daily!

08-25-04, 03:34

I didn't even see that you were the one I slammed with the price issue. You are the master, and I would assume not a person who typically likes to overpay. If you like it, I am sure that the price varies. But I am surprised, after looking at this board for 3 months now I was under the impression that you never pay more than say 1800 for long time.. and never more than 1100 for ST.

Now that the famous ******* is paying 2500+ for long time, I am beginning to question my destination choice.


Let me begin by saying that I am glad to have found this board. Those of you in the know will know that I am a long-time Internet punter. First with TSM then with WSB as well as many other paid boards. Many of those boards have died and it has been a pleasure to read the reports on this one. Jimmy DR is one hell of a guy who has helped me for no other reason than being just that.

For me, it is all about the quality of the chicas. I also consider price , the price of the pay 4 play as well as the price to get to and stay at the destination. Of the common mongering locations, I have been to all , save one, the Dominican Republic. When I first started this adventure, the DR was the spot of choice, although at the time in the early 90's it was Boca Chica that was hot. I chose to hit Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Thailand, Cambodia, Angeles City, Hainan, Russia, Prague and Peru prior to my latest destination the Dominican Republic.

After American Airlines tossed me the special price of $172 RT from NYC to POP, I decided that a trip was in the cards. Hence, on Sept 7th I leave for POP. However, if ST is minimum 1500 and LT is 2500-3000, I begin to question my rational. We are talking $48 USD for short time and $75+ for long time. What is wrong with this picture? As stated in an earlier thread, the average income of a Dominican is about $5000 per year. So take anything you give someone and multiply it by 6x. Now you are talking $300 for short time and $470 for long time. I can get these prices in the USA..!! Hell, jump the border to Canada and you can get top notch tang for $100 USD for short time! Columbia is $35 long time, Venezuela is $50 long time, Cuba $30 long time, Brazil $50 long time and Argentina $80 long time. Angeles City $25 long time, ,Thailand $28 long time and Cambodia $10 long time. Why the hell would or should I pay $75 for long time in the DR?

My trip reports are long and full of pictures, you can expect a nice report mid-September, and I will promise all of you that I will not contribute to this mad inflation for pay 4 play activities in the DR. I will not go over 1000 for ST and 1500 LT.. we will see who I can get for such "cheap" pricing.

Am I crazy to think I can pull this off? Or have I been spoiled by too much fine tang for under $35 long time in other countries?

All the best boys,

Ham Hock
08-25-04, 03:39
Chica Rates:

When I discuss "chica rates," I'm talking about a chicas who are sucking AND fucking. I presume a blowjob only chica should be less expensive than a suck and fuck chica, but I don't know because I've never requested that limited service.

My suggestion to anyone who feels like they've been overpaying is to simply set your maximum price, have some balls, and stick to it. YOU WILL GET PUSSY AT YOUR PRICE - GUARANTEED, assuming your price is reasonable. To me, reasonable is anything from RP 500 up to 1,500 (depending on the chica). I think going over RP 1,500, as a general rule, is unreasonable. The RP 1,500 should be reserved for the "special" chica ("special," that is, for your preferences), which probably happens about once per trip, if that often.

You have to draw the line somewhere. I generally start at RP 500, and allow myself to go up to RP 1,000. You will get rejected by chicas at these prices - expect it, and move on. But stand firm, keep an open mind, and once you get your price, enjoy the pussy, and don't fucking tip. I get a lot of pussy in the DR this way. As for the Western Union issue -- I'm not even gonna address that.

Finally, may God bless you, *******! Where in the fuck did you begin the negotiations - if there were any - to get the chica to bite at RP 450 you smooth bastard? RP 50 (fifty)? Because if I EVER find a decent-looking chica at RP 450, and she's a performer, I'm definitely fucking on her every day based on value alone. None of you mongers will ever see her as long as I'm there! And if you happen to be looking for me at that time, I'll be in my hotel room fucking the 450 chica. Because value pussy really turns me on, almost as much as the nice, round morena ass!

Ham Hock

JD de Moca
08-25-04, 08:05
Whomever is that monger, he should be tossed from the Palace!


Some people never learn


08-25-04, 15:51
I’ve just set up a trip for Nov. to Sosua so I’m looking in on this forum. The info here has already helped me a lot - thanx. Now for my 2 cents. Price inflation is a universal problem. I submitted a post in the “American Women” forum a while ago that was just so brilliant I thought I’d quote myself here.

“I do think American men are a special case worldwide for the same reasons the women are a special case, as discussed ad nauseum here.

American men spend their lives as buyers in a dismally skewed sellers market. More so than almost any society I can think of. If they get out, they bring their baggage. Desperation. Guilt about "paying for it", or even wanting it. A lifelong habit of "yes dear" in the hopes of getting laid.

The result is poor shoppers, worse bargainers, free spenders. Most American guys can't or won't learn they have added leverage with all the women in an environment where sex can be rented without being arrested, even if they don't make use of the option.”

To put things in perspective, the standard quote for ½ hr session in Tijuana was around $40, negotiable to approx $30, 4 or 5 years ago. Today the standard quote is $60, sometimes negotiable to $50. During that period, the peso has devalued 10-20%. In that context, it doesn’t sound like DR prices are all that terrible.

When the word gets out and the tourists arrive, the prices go up. In my opinion, american guys are the worst culprits. How many posts have you seen here where the guy brags about how much he spent. “I knew I should have bargained with her, but she was so hot I was thinking with my little head. I spent 800 bucks to get there & was leaving soon so I just wasn’t concerned about spending 20 or 30 bucks too much on this hottie.” And those are the guys who are on this site and should know better. The ones who don’t use these websites don’t have a clue.

Read about the prices on the Nevada forums. That’s the kind of numbers most of these idiots are comparing against. They just can’t get past a lifetime of conditioning, wherever they are. “More money than sense” covers it. You can see hundreds of these guys in TJ on any given weekend. The supply is endless, there are 100 million+ horny guys in the US alone.

Thanx again for all the good info here. I promise, when I hit DR, I will bargain hard.

08-25-04, 21:23
You guys need to stop going where everybody else goes for chicas and start exploring more. Thats why you're overpaying for the suckii suckii, phuckii phuckii.. Try the different barrios in POP and take a look in caberate..you'll be surprised at what you can find walking along the malecon (beach) or at the car wash in the late morning and early afternoon..lots of nice looking non-pros are out and about. If you hang around where most tourists are, then you're gonna be asked to pay tourists price. It's a no brainer, fellas. Do you really think the dominican guys pay those outrageous prices to the chicas when they're not out chasing after european women? C'mon. I start my day early and stick to my price of no more than RD$700...and if she's a stunner and gives me that GFE, then I'll hit her off with a extra RD$300 afterwards. If you're the type that doesnt want to be bothered with a little scouting out footwork or you have absolutely no spanglish skills whatsover, best advice is to find yourself an english speaking dominican buddy while you're there and he'll take you to where he goes for some action.

Anyone going there between Sept 18- 23rd..feel free to hit me up on here..I'll be there at that time.

Damn..Just found tickets to Venezuela for $270 Rt from JFK..sooo tempting.

08-25-04, 21:40
Guys!! .the best prices are in the barrios. stick with what the native guys pay. Stay whever you like but the non-pros are out there in the barrios. Chicas near the hotels and resorts are looking to fatten their pockets as much as possible and you'de be surprise how many of them have a dominican boyfriend somewhere that gets your cash too..hahah..it's too funny.

08-25-04, 22:24
Skyjuice, I couldn't agree with you more! The lack of structure and the thrill of exploring are two of the things that make the north coast so much fun.

Probably one of the best experiences I've had in Sosua, to date was last October. I was driving around Cabarete with the "Palace Dentist", late afternoon (both of us still pretty ripped on way too many Presidentes at lunch) and we came across these two girls sitting on their bookbags on the sidewalk in front of a frijoles stand, eating from a styrofoam plate of guineo frito (fried bananas) with two plastic forks. They were both 18 years old, both solid 8's, just got out of school and didn't have a blesed thing to do. (Till we met them) ;)

We had a great afternoon with them in the Palace penthouse and I don't really recall, but I think we might have given them 450 pesos each ($10) and they seemed kind of confused, what it was for.

There are real "tesoros" (treasures) in the streets and beaches of the north coast - provided of course that you can speak Spanish and that you are patient enough to look!


08-26-04, 04:00
Ford, buddy..I couldnt have said it better myself..Last time I was in POP, as soon as I got into my little bungalow hotel room, dropped my bags off , gulped down an ICE COLD presidente and hopped on a motor concho heading straight for the malecon. I spotted a 19yr old along the sidewalk sitting down on the concrete barrier...rated at a 7. I told my motor guy to stop and park up the bike. I said hola and gave her my best spanglish..she giggled..10 minutes later, I'm behind her on the motor bike (dominican style) heading back to my room. I dont think I even gave her more than RD$400 at the time...this was like two year ago. She gave that good 'ol GFE and was very surprised and thankful for the pesos. I hope some of you fellas remember this when you travel there....explore, explore, explore...they're are gems around if you look.

08-26-04, 14:21

I didn't even see that you were the one I slammed with the price issue. You are the master, and I would assume not a person who typically likes to overpay. If you like it, I am sure that the price varies. But I am surprised, after looking at this board for 3 months now I was under the impression that you never pay more than say 1,800 for long time.. and never more than 1100 for ST.

Now that the famous ******* is paying 2,500+ for long time, I am beginning to question my destination choice. When I started coming down in 1997 it was 110 a night. I learned the ways and got bargins. I am telling you of the prices being asked around town. I have asked 2 dozen chicas their prices. I paid a friend 1,000 for ST because her kid is living with her. I have gone to Passions 3 times at 900 pesos. Most of the time I am with my novia. Please do not confuse what I am paying with the prices I am given. I had a white blonde Santiago Chica in December for 2,000 but I only saw 1 like her here. I had to have her.

08-26-04, 14:31
Finally, may God bless you, *******! Where in the fuck did you begin the negotiations - if there were any - to get the chica to bite at RP 450 you smooth bastard? RP 50 (fifty)? Because if I EVER find a decent-looking chica at RP 450, and she's a performer, I'm definitely fucking on her every day based on value alone. None of you mongers will ever see her as long as I'm there! And if you happen to be looking for me at that time, I'll be in my hotel room fucking the 450 chica. Because value pussy really turns me on, almost as much as the nice, round morena ass!

Not all chicas are *****s yet, they see us and the go about their business. I end up in their shacks from time to time. 400 was for the salon and 50 was for motoconch and pepsi.

08-26-04, 14:33
It seems that are ruining - at least part of the scene - for ourselves. If a guy evotes an everlasting love for a puta and wires her & from time to time, if he kidding himself by thinking she is not boning every guy who comes her way?

Unless she needs $ for support, or for her kids or family, why should she not go for the big spenders?

I like the phrase, "Soy Nortimericano, no Japanese". Strippers in New York tell me how they scam these oriental businessmen.

That would be the phrase I would use if I were quoted 2mil or 3mil for an all-nighter.

I don't like to negotiate a menu beyond "todos" with a SW or independent, but I would want to make it well understood before I ever took her "home" with me. I would also specify there would be no "propina" unless she did everything well, and more.


Nothing will stop them from falling for the lines.

08-26-04, 14:39
I will tell you one thing for sure. Basic food prices went up 400% and motoconches have doubled.

I use to get a big bag of rice for $1 now its $3. Motors were 25 cents but now they are 50 cents.

Last year when you gave a chica $10, it feed her family. Now for $20 they still don't all eat. At least 20 % really do live with their mothers, brothers and kids.

After the night is over their family expects to eat. They can't come home with half a meal. So where you were paying 500 now its going to be around a 1,000 pesos. They may have trippled their prices so just back out a little of their increase.

On top of it, we paid 2 cents a peso and now its 2.7 cents a peso.

You can prove it out yourself, go home with the chica, buy the groceries and see what the true cost is. Hungry people will begin to steal to eat.

Dom Wolf
08-26-04, 17:56
I agree with *******, economy here has gone to shit, even if the dollar rate has gone high you may get a bit more bang for your buck, but chicas have had to raise there prices in order to live, remember the work at this for a living.

But even if they have raised there prices, when you convert it to dollars it is still cheap.

Think, about 4 years ago a monger would pay $1,000 for TLN the dollar was 17 to 1 so that $1,000 was $59us.

Now a chica asked for $2,000 to $3,000 for TLN, the dollar is 40 to 1 (many times more),
So that’s like $50 to $75us.

Fuck I remember getting a CBJ for $100rd from a SW just like 2 years ago, now its $250.

So in short, always keep in mind what the exchange rate is, and calculate the pootang in Dollars; never pay more than $100 for TLN, the cheaper the better. I know this comment is trochal but try never to over pay.

08-27-04, 01:42

The ultimate warrior. Negotiator par excellence.

My hat is off to you buddy.


08-27-04, 04:32
we should all hook up in Sosua and have a forum on economics and its effect on mongering, and maybe we could engage in some price fixing. Just a thought. I still didn't here how high caribe since it re-opened? also anyone try to take a waitress from the bologna bar, my friend had one on his last trip for free. I was interested in the one with the huge rack and braces, any info?

Ham Hock
08-27-04, 05:45
******* said: "Not all chicas are *****s yet"

In my opinion, if the chicas is not "for sale" yet, then fucking her for next-to-nothing is not mongering -- that's just straight Mackin'. Only YOU will enjoy that low price you achieved, and your experience doesn't in any way factor into what a monger can reasonably expect to pay for pussy in the DR.

Sure, Mackin' is great fun if you have the patience, good fortune, and Mackin' skill -- but the reality is that most of us who visit the DR don't. We just want to fuck as many pretty "for sale" chicas as we can for as little money as possible, plain and simple. So with regard to the "for sale" chicas, fellow mongers: (1) DON'T Western Union; (2) DO negotiate hard; (3) DON'T ever pay over RP 1,500 for anything; and (4) DON'T fucking tip.

That said, I think I might try my hand at Mackin' a bit on my next trip.

Ham Hock

08-27-04, 15:03
Hey Lazy Horse and others, watch out for the girl pictured --she is loco. Ask john, he banned her from the Palace.

Zip Head
08-27-04, 17:46
Fantastic idea! Why not organize a bit and use the group mentality to control prices? This would be similar to union negotiations. I like it a lot. It is certainly a start!

08-27-04, 19:38
Silver Shadow

Do me a favor buddy and edit your 8/27 post to eliminate all of the white space.



08-28-04, 06:20
Ten signs that you might have found a regular girl in Sosua:

1. She has no cell phone.

2. You offer her a drink in the disco, and she chooses a presidente.

3. Mimos does not know her.

4. She has no cheap condoms in her purse.

5. You ask her how old she is, and her answer is something other than "diez y ocho".

6. She doesn't know what a "quick collect" form is.

7. She hates shrimp.

8. It's been more than three days since her last salon visit.

9. Her mother is in good health.

10. And the best sign, All her hair is real.

MJG Dogs
08-28-04, 20:30

be very careful of a chica named SARA PEREZ. She works at Flamengo.

This one stayed with me for a few days. she was ok at first, but got exceedingly greedy as last night went on. after putting up with buying shots of tequilla, compari etc... I had finally got to the end of my patience and left her at club latina. I realized finally that the scam was starting. at 3 AM i went back to the europa. at 4 am the chica is at the front demanding her clothes. no problem. i tell the security to get her out of here now. i gave the lady at the desk her clothes. at 5 am, i am awakened by the security guard and the policia. this fucking piece of shit was extorting money, she damands 4000 rdm peso per day x 3 . i say no way i show recepits of shit that i bought etc. and tell the policia no way. Policia is ok, security guard is telling the policia the chica is crazy. so policia says to me go back to sleep. ok, 8 am this morning there is a screaming yell and loud knock at my door.the ***** is back, and she looks wired.. demanding more clothes, more money, at this point she reaches into her bag for a small shank. i wrestle the bag away, she screams for help. again the security and staff call diego the owner, and diego moves me for my own safety to another room. Before this some fucking cholo guy shows up trying to extort money to pay her. i do not budge, he threatens me with the police and a lawyer. what bullshit. i stand firm. finally at 10 am all settles down.

a shitty way to end the day. tonight is my last night here.

lessons to be learned.

1. kick them out after day one, no exceptions.

2, stand firm with the cholos. it proves that many domincan men are worthless low-lifes.

3. stay way from flamengo under all circumstances. mafioso type of place.

4. sadly to say about sosua, keep you eyes open and go with your gut instincts, when something is starting to go bad, bail asap. i let this go to far. I WILL POST HER PICTURE. I DO N0T ANYONE ELSE TO GO THROUGH WHAT HAPPENED TO ME.


08-29-04, 01:59
Rumor has it that the government official that was being paid off by a certain airline to corner the market in POP is history. Now lets see those airfares come down. It did seem strange that Santo Domingo, La Romana, Punta Cana and Santiago all have several U.S. carriers, while POP is a Monopoly except for a token Continental flight or two.

MJG Dogs
08-29-04, 15:00
Ham Hock;

Sounds like you had the same experience with Sara as I did. At least she did not come at you with a shank, as she did with me.

The best part was last night, giving away six pairs of her pants, a pair of shorts and a pair of sketchers of hers, to the bartenders that work at the bar next to Dominos, all while she was upstairs working at Flamengo. The bartenders knew of the problem I had with her the night before, when I told her to get lost, once and for all, so they were happy as hell to get the clothes. They cannot stand her, nor can the owners at the shark bar, nor can she go into the Europa anymore. She is banned.

Again, I had her hanging around me for 3 days, bought her breakfast, lunch and dinner, a blouse and a pair of pants ( one of which i gave to the bartenders), I never gave her ONE PESO.



Dom Wolf
08-30-04, 18:45
"it proves that many domincan men are worthless low-lifes"

Many are, but be careful some of these chulos will put a shank in your side before you can say "help".

Always stay clear from them, have the security guard keep an eye out for you. Give him some pesos, and for the cops , keep them happy too. If you see them in the street offer them a beer.

The last thing you need here are some "enemigos", that can really spoil your vacation time.

08-30-04, 23:45
Lazy horse I like the cut of your jib buddy.

Nice pics, you are a man after my own heart.


08-31-04, 04:00
Looks like more of Yenni. What a story: found in the car washes of Santiago and brought to Sosua where she works the scene.


Silver Shadow
08-31-04, 04:47
Does anyone who knows more about economics than i do, tell me (1) is the US dollar falling, or (2) has the new goverment in DR strenghend the peso?

I'm trying to send a message without a lot of extra white space.
If anyone can tell me how to do this, please tell me.

MJG Dogs
08-31-04, 19:42
Dom Wolf,

Exactly. I had given the security guard at the Europa 200 RDP, plus bought him some dinner the first night I arrived. It was nice to know that a $ 6, would get you somebody whom would point a shotgun at a crazy puta and tells her to get the fuck out.

Also I did exactly what you said for the cop who came by and rolled his eyes, I ran into him at the sosua car wash on saturday afternoon, and basically got him fucked up. He told me kick them out after one night. No shit.

As a follow up: The Puta SARA had the nerve to call me this morning and ask me where her clothes were? I told her somewhere between Los angeles and sosua. She explained she was drunk blah blah blah. I think now I am going to have some fun with this and play her a little bit.

As a question to all others: Does anybody know the name of the bartender jefe at Flamingo. he is a dominican with a mike tyson gold front cap. anybody who can e-mail me his name, I would appreciate it.

08-31-04, 20:27
Try this.


09-01-04, 01:23
When you look at the historical data you'll see the point of contention here. I look at monger reports from 2001 - 2002 and you will see that Long Time was between 500-800 pesos. That does fall in line with the chart below. Since 2 years ago the value of the currency vs the dollar has almost halved. March and April of this year was the time to go, as it represents the weakest that the peso was vs the dollar.

Here in lies the problem, since the switch in government the peso has gained vs the dollar and will according to my NYSE brother, it most likely settle just above 25 to 1 which is the average. It is now at 37 to 1 and falling quickly. My borther points out that it is an election year and that the economists (from a dollar value standpoint) do not like Bush (highest deficit in history etc. etc.) The dollar will most lilely fall running into the election and then rebound if Bush is ousted and possibly fall more if he is re-elected. So a trip in the fall may not be the best for value-minded consumers.

The root of the problem is that this has never happened in Dominican history (on such a large extent), when was the last time you saw prices go down by one half in the DR? So if the peso gains value to lets say 28 to 1 or 22 to 1 by election time, do you think the girls are likely to go back to taking 800 pesos for long time? Ender thinks not, So as the dollar decreases in value, so will your value in terms of pay for play activity.

Sad to say but unless the number of newbie's decreases or the number of punters who will not budge from the 1500 peso limit increases, the Dominican Republic will end it's reign as a value location for said activities. It is currently at the limit with Cuba and Columbia far better values even considering the extra cost in airfare. If the currency gains to 25 to 1 vs the dollar, and prices stay at 1500 (for those that can get it) that would then be $60+ for fun. Costa Rica which is a far nicer destination, the same price or less in airfare but historicaly horribly over-priced is $50 for long time. We'll see if I see you all in San Jose or Jaco next summer.

I call this Ender's first law of supply and demand. I will work on my thesis in under a week and have a full economic report ready upon my return from Sosua on September 14th.



Silver Shadow
09-01-04, 04:40
Sorry Hardbang:

The address you gave: http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic

took me about 15 minutes to get off my screen, because they were selling other crap.

Anyone interested in this route, be my guest.

My question was vis/a/vis US$ and DR peso. Anyone who has a real answer would be appreciated.

09-01-04, 10:10
re Silver
Yes the Peso has gone up, not only against dollar. A very good Sosua site is www.sosuanews.com. They also have a link to a good moneyconverter (yahoo) Just click on currency.

Rush 2112
09-01-04, 13:23
Remember one thing about the Dominican peso: In 2000, the exchange rate was 16.5:1 against the US dollar. At that time economists considered it to be way over-valued, and were pushing for it's weakening against the dollar.

During the next 4 years, the peso was gradually brought into the value that the money markets thought it should be, about 40 to 50:1. This represents an increase in value of the dollar against the peso of about 240 to 300%.

In 2000, a peso was about 6 cents. In September 2004 a peso is worth about 2 1/2 cents US.

There has been some volatility in the market for the past few months, as there usually is in any free democracy (including the US) leading up to and right after an election.

Of course to understand how far the dollar (or any currency) will go in any country, you would have to buy something comparable to what you would buy at home, a Big Mac for example.

Silver Shadow,
I go to the oanda site all the time, including this morning. I've never seen other things being sold there other than banner ads. I've never gotten any pop-ups. Obviously not of their doing, most likely an ad-bot.
Click here for Currency converter (http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic)

09-01-04, 16:04
<<<<Does anyone who knows more about economics than i do, tell me (1) is the US dollar falling, or (2) has the new goverment in DR strenghend the peso?>>>>

The dollar has lost about 30 per cent of its value, since Dubious, er, Dubya got into the oval office.

The new Dominican Administration should be better for the economy. Rejoice, not everything is pussynomics.


Dom Wolf
09-01-04, 18:36
I'll make this short.

1) The Dominican Peso will strengthen but the economy is still bad and will take some time to get better = There will still be some very cheap pootang around.

2) The new Government has a high interest in tourism, so travel to the DR will get better and cheaper. See all the new airlines coming down. = Cheaper flights and hotels.

3) The Dollar exchange rate will not fall below 35 to 1 for a while= your dollars still can do a lot here.

09-01-04, 21:13
Ferolga asks:

<<<<Does anyone who knows more about economics than i do, tell me (1) is the US dollar falling, or (2) has the new goverment in DR strenghend the peso?>>>>

The euro exchange rate is going down too, meaning that the peso has gained strenght vs foreign currency, but not because the goverment but because of local and foreign economic forces that are trying to influence the new goverment .

Also you can notice that electric shutdowns have almost dissapeared after new goverment. Private electric companies are telling the new goverment: pay on time and not shutdowns will come.

Some bad news are new taxes coming soon that affects tourists: a 5% additional tax in hotel rooms, an increase on itbis tax to 16% or 18% and a new tax increase to airfares to DR. Taxes paid on airfares to DR are among the highest in the world.

JD de Moca
09-02-04, 06:20
According to the Dominican Republic's Central Bank Governor Hector Valdez Albizu they want to stabilize the Dollar-Peso conversion rate at between 35-38 to 1. For those interested here is a link to his remarks (En Español):


Happy Hunting,


09-02-04, 16:26
I've read about La Passion Massage in Sosua many times, but have not seen any mention of their rates and tipping policies. AND, the 'search" funtion doesn't seem to be working lately. So can anyone fill me in?


09-02-04, 16:35
I've read about La Passion Massage in Sosua many times, but have not seen any mention of their rates and tipping policies. AND, the 'search" funtion doesn't seem to be working lately. So can anyone fill me in?


Its 1,000 pesos but you can join their yahoo club, with pictures, and its only 900. You get 1 hour with head and no tipping required. They will go to your hotel for 200 pesos more.

09-04-04, 00:56
Hi everybody,

Just booked my flight for December. I will be staying for about 5 days. Would 1500 be enough for those days. I will try to date 3 times a day. And also enjoy the sights and scenery. I will also try a couple of threesomes. I hope. Is this a good time to travel to DR.

09-04-04, 16:08
My buddy Stone just called me from Sousa and he told me that he tried LaPassion massage and received sub-par service from the light skinned chica there.

I was thankful for the heads up because I am going to DR next month and she was on my to do list.

A definite pass now.

Silver Shadow
09-05-04, 02:10
Not clear on the "Yahoo Club" at La Passion. Does that include any service, but just put you on the price list for future service?

I figure it's worth a try, if recommended by *******, even if the previous poster wasn't happy with the service.

09-05-04, 03:04
Silver Shadow you are not reading my post correctly. I have not sampled the chicas there yet. My buddy from college is in Sousa right now and he knows that I am arriving next month so he gave me a heads up on the action in Passion.

Period point blank.

I am a member of the yahoo group and I am still going to the massage parlor, I just will avoid this particular provider.

I want and deserve an enthusiatic bbbj, anything less will not get any cash from me.


09-05-04, 14:44
WSJ3 wrote:

My buddy Stone just called me from Sousa and he told me that he tried LaPassion massage and received sub-par service from the light skinned chica there.

-I was there last month and also was not pleased with the chica on the left in the photo. She wasn't into it, very mediocre. I thought it was just me, since another chica had wanted to go with me, and I kept asking for that one instead, because I liked what she had up top. I sometimes forget to weigh attitude over pure looks.

I will definitely try the place again, but will just pick another.

09-05-04, 17:30

Has anyone seen this chica lately. She is a keeper, a definite GFE/PSE.

I lost her home number, and I wanted to know if she was still working the neighborhood.


G Dog
09-05-04, 21:56
I was there August 15-22, didn't see Veronica. I wish I had!

09-06-04, 05:38
Does anyone know about short-time apartments(a few hours) in Sosua near Domino's or esewhere? What is the loation and how much are they? Do they charge more for 2 chicas?

09-06-04, 09:50
You have Hotel America 50 meters down the street from Dominos, and Calypso just around the cornerfrom Super Super. Don't know the prices, but they are cheap.

09-06-04, 16:24
You have Hotel America 50 meters down the street from Dominos, It was $10 in August and Calypso just around the cornerfrom Super Super. Don't know the prices, but they are cheap

09-06-04, 22:19
Thanks G Dog:

I guess I will have to walk over to Charmicos and find another chica to replace her.

Damn that was one nice GFE/PSE.


G Dog
09-06-04, 22:30
She may be around, just not there when I was there. There were a few girls I saw for the first time as I was leaving.

09-06-04, 23:22
Ender Pre Trip Report

Leaving tomorrow (most likely today by the time you get this report) on American Airlines direct from JFK to POP. Paid $223.73 with taxes included! Going to stay 2 days at Blackbeards in Puerto Plata before transfering to the Penthouse at the Palace for the remainder of the trip. I will be excited to compare and contrast the two accomodations as well as try out my never over 1500peso rule. I have a buddy who is supposed to fly in on Friday. We'll also be playing a few rounds of golf (if the weather and the heat allow it) so I'll report on that as well.

Problem is that Hurricane Ivan (yes another one) is due to strike the Dominican Republic Thursday through Saturday. I might be mongering in the dark, underwater and alone. Anyone been to Sosua in a hurricane? Should I bring extra food? Seriously, I got stuck in Central America when Mitch hit, it was not fun at all.


09-07-04, 17:37
I am flyingh into Santo Domingo at 3 pm next Wednesday. The last bus to Sosua leaves 5 pm. I'm carrying one piece of checked luggage. Am I likely to make the bus or am I dreaming?

09-07-04, 20:42
I am flyingh into Santo Domingo at 3 pm next Wednesday. The last bus to Sosua leaves 5 pm. I'm carrying one piece of checked luggage. Am I likely to make the bus or am I dreaming?

As long flight is on time you should make it.

Member #2128
09-08-04, 20:09
<<You have Hotel America 50 meters down the street from Dominos, It was $10 in August and Calypso just around the cornerfrom Super Super. Don't know the prices, but they are cheap>>
Calypso was 300 DRP last time I looked. About 8 bucks USD for ST?


09-09-04, 09:44
In Calypso the girls get a return commission for bringing customers, think it's about 50 pesos.

Rocky Mtn Man
09-10-04, 04:25
I was planning on a trip last March but work got in the way.

Now it looks like Xmas will be the time. I want to go for two weeks. From the 22nd to about Jan. 5th What is the Chica action that time of year like?

Are the bars open? How about the resturants? I emailed John at the Palace and will try and get a room there for the duration.

Anything else I need to know? It will be my first time in the DR.


09-10-04, 09:52
All the bars and restaurants will be open. Some of the girls travel home for cristmas thoug, but there should be plenty left.

09-14-04, 09:29
Has the police started to harassing the girls again ? I found this in another newsgroup:

"from what i hear there's a new police chief in town...and some sort
of curfew is being imposed to curb single ladies from walking the
streets..true???? "

Does anybody know something about this ?

09-15-04, 04:01
Vagabond, it's true.

I did my first trip to Sosua from 9/3 to 9/6. I was talking with a chica at a bar when she saw the local police. She told me that since she was with me, she had no problem. She advice me that if I took any chica to my place, to make sure that when we finnished I escort her back or be with her until she takes a motoconcho, to make sure she was allways acompanied by a man and had no trouble with police.

I think that this is imposed after midnight.

Until next.

09-15-04, 17:24
long time monger's first trip to the north coast of the dr

keep in mind that this posting is just my personal opinion and that everyone has their individual tastes. i would like to think that i have a neutral opinion and outlook on things, and that hopefully this post will add to the experience of those of you thinking about traveling, or returning again. i prefer to write verbose stories with many details. i hope that you enjoy my point of view.

1995 was my first "adult" trip, at the time the hot spots in the mid to late 90's were located in se asia. since then i have traveled to thailand, the philippines, cambodia, bali, malasyia, china, costa rica, argentina, columbia, brazil, venezuela, cuba, prague and russia.

the dominican republic was last on my list. this was limited that although there have been and continue to be posts of 7's and the occasional 8, the majority of posts from the dr were not my preference or "type" of woman. i like lighter skin, slender body, no kids. but as the posts grew and the raves grew stronger and bruce (those in the know will know who i mean) said that my experience was not complete without a trip to the north coast of the dr, i chose to take american airlines up on their splendid deal of $218 round trip from jfk direct to pop.

on this trip i must have spoken to about 25 different guys, 2 whom post on this board and a few others who are lurkers.

got to jfk with time to spare, sat at the bar outside of the security check (although i did check my bags) and had a two hour conversation with a guy from south africa who was taking a flight to puerto rico to work at a resort as a dive instructor. my flight was not till 11:30am so at 10:15, sitting at the bar chatting i had not thought i was in any danger of missing my flight. needless to say, i did not re-check boarding times. next thing i know, in the faint din of the airport, i hear my name being called for last boarding call.

it was o.j. simpson's avis commercial in full glory. many of you know that security in the new york airports can take far longer than in other places. for some reason they gave me a break, cut the entire line, bounded through the metal detector without a peep (rare for me) and they let me grab my carryon instantly without a word about my lead-lined high speed film case. in retrospect, this is a horrible example of a breach of security but it did allow me to get to my gate just as they were unloading my baggage from the belly of the plane.

as the months of not going to the gym were showing on my flushed face and wheezing gasps for air a strong voice beckoned from behind me “going to the sosua palace eh?”. here i was with several flight attendants leering at me and there is a big black guy with a shit eating grin on his face. i was speechless, how in the hell did he know i was going to the palace, did i have pussy monger written on the back of my skull?

turns out he was late for the gate as well and when they started paging me on the intercom, he had recognized my name from a few private e-mail’s we had sent to each other on wsa. this stranger became my brother immaterially. he told me that he told the gate people to wait a little extra and that i was most likely stuck with an enormous pre-flight bar tab in one of the jfk café’s. for the first time since i can remember the plane was empty and we both stretched out in the center 3 seats to grab a few hours well needed rest before the chaos.

i mention this because i think it makes for entertaining reading but also and more importantly to illustrate two main points: 1) always check your boarding time twice, this particular flight had a boarding time 30 minutes earlier than my original tickets had stated. and 2) mongering brothers are indeed something that can make or break a trip for you.

we arrive at puerto plata (pop) airport in about 3 hours. one of the best flights i can remember as “e-man” and i were the first at the exit door. while on the flight we both learned that we had almost identical plans. this was his 5th trip down to the dr and he had decided to check out blackbeards (barbe negros) resort in puerto plata. actually it is in costambar, which is about 10 miles northeast of puerto plata. i had chosen the same thing. 2 nights stay at blackbeards and the remainder in sosua.

the airplane door opened, i was nearly knocked flat from the oppressive humidity and heat it was 82 degrees in new york, it was 92 degrees in puerto plata with a sticky 82% humidity. i am not a novice traveler by any means, i’ve been to columbia during it’s hottest season and to se asia during the same. this was just as bad or worse. i was sure i would get used to it. how little did i know.

the cab fare from the airport to costambar (which is farther than puerto plata) should be between $25-$30.. we got an air-conditioned van and split the $25 fare. blackbeards will send a cab for you and they are very good about it. in fact there was a driver waiting for us at the airport because eman had arranged for it earlier but it was without ac and we decided that the van would be better suited for two guys who were both over 6’3” and 230lbs. as a note, the peso when we landed was 37 to the dollar, way down from eman’s last trip when it was 45.

as you exit the terminal there is a bank near the small shops to the left of the exit. ask for el banco or quisero un cambio and they should point you to the right direction. their rates are fair and you can get you better rates later in your trip. however, if you are going to costambar and blackbeards you will need to find an atm or bank before you get to blackbeards. do not exchange money at blackbeards as they have a horrible exchange rate there. also, they give a 10% discount on rooms if you pay in cash, so that might be something to think about as well.

you go through puerto plata to get to costambar, actually costambar is a gated area just north east of the main city. this is important to know because not all taxi’s at the airport will know where blackbeards is. if not, tell them costambar and have them get directions once they get there. we arrive at blackbeards at about 4:30pm first impressions are positive to say the least. the grounds are impressive, a nice restaurant area, big pool, fountain and pool table. eman was a single deluxe for $45 per night. i opted for the deluxe jacuzzi suite for $55 per night. the regular rooms are $39 per night. our upgrade choices were a very wise and lucky choice. my room was spectacular, huge two rooms, a bar and a massive bathroom with a 2 person jacuzzi, eman’s was about 25% smaller but equally well appointed with ice cold ac and tv as well as a fully stocked minibar. we were both impressed. we arrived on a tuesday and the hotel was about half filled (12 guests). we went down to check out the action. we hit the perfect time right on the nose as most of the girls show up at 4:00 and stay till about 10:00. make sure you check in with the office as well as the reception desk. the office is around the pool. the senior manager is a white haired ex-pat from the us who has been in the dr for about 25+ years. he will bend over backwards to accommodate you. the girls working behind the bar are not working girls although they have been known to play with some select guys on occasion but never on site. one of he hottest is actually the manager’s daughter, there’s plenty of others available. i would say at any given moment the number of chica’s to guys is a solid three to one. they know when the hotel will be full and they know when it will be empty. if the place is half full as it was when we were there, there will be about 30 to choose from.

there is a map of costambar in the office sadly he did not have any others to give out so i could not get one. but within walking distance is not much. some small bars, a few shops, this is the only con to staying at blackbeards. but there is plenty to do. one day about 8 guys went down to the beach and rented quads and took them for a spin on the beach and through the barrios. i highly recommend this, it’s expensive about $50 but it’s an all day trip with food included and it takes you through not only beautiful scenery but also gives you the chance to check out where the real people live. i chatted up this little honey before finding out that she was only 15 but the possibility for non-pro action is there, and had i had more time would have most likely been lucky.

the food at blackbeards restaurant was fantastic, apparently this was not the case a few months ago as in the last month they got a new foreign chef. i was impressed as was the return mongers who noted the difference. also, i had no problem with charging food and drinks to my room, they were honest and there was not one mistake on my bill. also note that the bartenders and the waitresses get a 10% tip that is automatically attached to any bill, whether on your room charge or not. this tends to keep all of the staff very honest.

the electricity problem in sosua and puerto plata is worse now than before. all the expats agree that there is more downtime now then there was in the summer and spring. this is a consideration not to be taken lightly. blackbeards has generator backup but the airconditioning only works in the main building. if you can request it. request a room with a “d” notation. i met 4 mongers spending lots of money for the penthouse in building “b” who had the misfortune to freeky freeky in 95+ degree weather. not the most pleasant experience in the world.

another interesting and absolutely true fact is the fact that all of the girls at blackbeards are tested before working there. however this does not continue throughout their work while there. but something’s better than nothing.

you’ve got flat rate pricing at blackbeards, i the champion of negotiation was not able to budge any of the girls on this save one. 1500 pesos short time and 3000 over night. the quality of the girls i found on average to be better than sosua and not quite the standard of the big budget places in puerto plata (el boheim, cristals). but on the whole not a bas selection. while i was there i found that the waitresses especially the older one who obviously would not be taken by any of the guests were very kind and helpful and when i was indecisive they pointed out the real gems. i prefer a good attitude with an average girl to a hot chica with a bad attitude, but that’s just me. the first night i chose poorly with just an average lay the remainder of the nights i chose wisely (based on both management and waitress recommendation) and wound up with a great skinny dark chica on the last night that more than welcomed the greek language. i don’t mention names in posts but she is at blackbeards often. tall and very dark with long dark cornrows. she lives in costambar (while most of the chicas are from puerto plata) so she it there in the day often. she’s been working for 6 months but the management tells me she’s not that popular because she is quite shy which i also found to be the case. i also found that the more aggressive ones were the least good in bed, this has been somewhat of my experience in the past, just another word of personal opinion. met tons of guys there most who return 3-4 times per year. there are also about 5 expats who hang at blackbeards including one guy in his 60’s with a wife formerly a working girl. she was just about the only 9 i saw on the entire trip. if you hang there you can’t miss her, and him. let me stress something to all of you out there. it is possible to find a 9 in the dr and for her to be your girlfriend with little or no cheating on her part. this is only possible if you live there full time. no western union or long distance relationships. i met more than a handful of guys who came down to see their “girlfriends” including eman who had been sending his novia her rent money for months now. not something i expected from an experienced monger and something by trips end, he would find out in spades.

simply stated, if blackbeards was in sosua, there would be no other place to go. there are two british guys who live in costambar who go to blackbeards often. ian and lee, both are trying to make some extra cash by serving as drivers, they are not a bad deal at all. i personally prefer the more slender of the two i think it was lee, who’s an honest guy just looking to make some extra cash and help some guys out. he’s a little more green than ian but i’m sure he’ll catch on fast. these guys charge $50 for their service. get a bunch of guys together from blackbeards and you’ll find this to be a very good investment. because of it’s location, blackbeards is an expensive distance from puerto plata and sosua, the price of a taxi round trip more than cover’s these driver’s fees. many of you know dominican billy provides similar services but these days billy’s got lots on his hands and i believe these two to be a better choice.

puerto plata is interesting. not the safest place in the world after dark and it reminded me quite a bit like cuba with out the police presence. there are more than a few places you can choose to go. there’s the cheer’s bar at the end of the malecon which has some cheap action for 800-1000 pesos for st. they were all dogs.. at night the action is at el boheim and cristal’s. both have some quality women. get there early and snatch up your choice quickly. i found the selection in these two clubs to be better than the selection in sosua, but a little more hardcore as well. in both places the salida is 500 pesos, don’t let them tell you it is any more. but i much prefer and would only take a girl from the cristals in which you only have to pay the salida when leaving and you pay the remainder to the girl directly. of the 20 or so mongers i was with and spoke to nearly all had a worse experience with a girl from el boheim because the money was pre paid. course there were exceptions with those chicas which were a little less hardcore.

on to sosua, eman and another brother from washington dc who we bet at blackbeards all left for sosua on the same day. he got a rental car from a place right down the street from blackbeards which i would highly recommend. the car was a piece of crap but it was $25 per day with full coverage insurance and no creditcard deposit. a few mongers used this rental agency with no negative feedback. something to look into.

driving in the dr is like taking a slow boat to hell, the countless accidents i saw on the way made me think twice about my original idea of renting a larger motorcycle for the week. from costambar you take the main highway through puerto plata, past the airport and then follow the signs and make a left into the parallel main drag. in el centro (downtown) is the main shopping area the discos and as you progress further to the east you pass more bars and then finally to the street that the palace is located on. the palace will be down a broken street on your left about a block and a half past the hotel plaza europa which will also be on your left. just past the plaza europa is the residencia which is also a hotel. i like the location of all three hotels. i stayed at the palace, eman at the residencia and dc stayed at the europa. it was interesting to compare and contrast all. john the owner of the palace is one hell of a guy and is one genuine help. his information alone would warrant a stay at the palace. i will try and be neutral here in order to give potential mongers an idea of what to expect.

the palace is a place to stay and it has a great manager. it is chica friendly there are girls who come by usually in the afternoon and all are available for fun. he runs a fairly tight ship, trying not to letting in chicas who steal or are trouble. i found the quantity and the quality (yes i saw many familiar faces from this site) slightly disappointing. no offence to anyone, but my opinion of an 8 or a 9 is not the same as many others on this board. needless to say, the rooms are fine, there are chicas available and the manager is top notch and can make recommendations to anyone regardless of taste. the penthouse was fine, the jazuzzi was the location of a great after hours orgy with eman and some friends, i just wish he stocked a minibar. john said that in the future he’s going to try and expand his bar downstairs and make it more of a latenight hangout. i think this would be a great idea since most of the action was a little earlier than i like.

at the end of the street there is the residencia and a little open air area with some plastic tables and chairs. here is some of the best cheap food in sosua. the chicken was quite nice and i ate there often. turn left and head down the street and you’ve got the supermarket and el toro the restaurant. a nice restaurant to take chicas to although without power it was slightly less than perfect. but we a party of 10 chicas and 8 mongers had one hell of a time. watch the bill though as there were a few extra beers thrown in. the residencia turned out to be the surprise of the trip. out of the three hotels in our group. (the palace, the residencia and the europa), the residencia was both chica friendly and represented the best value of the bunch. $27 per night. the rooms were quite nice, large although make sure you get one on the upper floors. the eruopa was also chica friendly, about $35 per night and has a nice restaurant for breakfast. across from the residencia is a german owned internet café with the fastest connection i found in the dr. i had lots of e-mail to check so i found this a very valuable location. they also have fairly cheap rates for phone calls to the states. lastly, they also have one of the few 8’s to 9’s that i’d seen on my trip. i won’t go into details but she’s got some of the nicest tit’s i’d ever seen, it took a lot of spanish and more dinero than i’d like to admit but let’s just say that that was one highlight of the trip. there are the two main discos in town both ask 100 pesos to get in and the drink prices go up 20% vs other bars on the strip. they are located across the street from each other (more or less). d-latino’s and clasico.. clasico has an open air bar on street level and a disco upstairs, d-latinos is upstairs and slightly across the street. d-latinos on good nights was hopping and on slow nights was dead as a doornail. both had similar quality chicas, aggressive chicas but i found d-latinos slightly more comfortable (when semi-crowded) than classico. both are worth a look. i also had some luck at the domino bar which is just across the street from the europa. honestly, i did not see much difference in the quality of the girls from place to place, mostly 5’s with a few knockouts in the discos. in fact the action was so poor one night, i wound up taking home a british airline stewardess that i chatted up while down the street at the steakhouse. actually one of the better shags on my trip and i didn’t pay a dime.

also of note, the best exchange rate with the peso is at the atm machines. i checked it it was even better than the bank rates. i only had a problem with one atm and all of the others were both safe and quick.

and as usual, i had some great luck with non-pros. here’s a little tip, go into any internet café in puerto plata and hang for a while. there will be chicas e-mailing their novias in the states, but there will also be those e-mailing their friends in santiago or santo domingo. prior to the trip i enrolled on several true dominican personals sites and met chicas from all over the dr. there were not many from puerto plata.. but the two that i did meet proved to be great catches. one worked at the university as an assistant to a professor and the other worked for a cruise line. took each of them out to dinner as they both told me their opinion of men in the dominican republic. i told them the truth, that i was simply going to be there on vacation and not going to be a novia. neither had kids, and both were trying to work their way out of the country. interesting and good experiences… one was simply a dinner date, went dancing then a kiss goodnight. the other a similar story but after a few days a very non-pro shag.

so, all in all it was an interesting trip. blackbeards was surprisingly impressive both in selection and quality if appointments. if i were to do the trip again, i’d head to sosua first and then to blackbeards to finish off the deal. i liked the palace but also was impressed with the residencia. oddly, there were some real dumb mongers at the palace. spoke with a few others and we all agreed that there was some strange mojo with some of the palace guests. don’t know if they came down together or what, but some real assholes. i’m still sticker-shocked from the prices these girls are getting. i had offers at the domino bar and 4 roses that went down to 700 pesos for all night but in my own opinion i guess i just don’t see the rational of heading to the dr for pay 4 play activities. when you are talking about $80 for long time (3000 pesos) and getting more expensive by the day as the peso rises.. i find a trip to cuba $35lt , columbia$30lt, venezuela $60lt and hell even costa rica $75lt , much, much more appealing. in my own opinion the women are far batter looking and cost half the price with a much better gfe. i’d go to the dr again possibly, the chicas are friendly, especially the new semi-pros and food and airfare quick and cheap so it does have it’s merits. some of the guys i met down there will be brothers for life and that alone made the trip great. hope this was some help to people on the board and i thank you all for making my trip better because of your information. will post photos soon.

also, had no problems with the policia in fact spoke to a few of them. john has a few policia friends also we sat and had some beers at the bar together, never seemed to mention a thing either way. they said it's the way it is. now some of the private guards are different. some at the hotels try and hastle the gorls for a propina.. but if you speak to them beforehand. no problems.. make firends with those arround you, a smile and a handshake goes a long way and they look out for you. i do believe good manners and a firm personality goes a long way.


Love Seeker
09-16-04, 12:32

You have just posted the best report that I have ever read on this board. Great Stuff.

I am going back to Blackbeards over Christmas/New Years. Anyone that will be in the DR and/or Blackbeards during this time please PM me. Much of the fun I find in mongering is the in the planning and the looking forward to the trip.

Ender your post was wonderful for helping me look forwork to my own trip in maybe the longest three months in my life.

Love Seeker

B J Lover
09-16-04, 15:50
Ender, excellent report. Just the trip I was planning, but as you mentioned Palace and then Blackbeards. Great details like this really make everyone else's planning easy. Kudos.

09-16-04, 16:33
Hurricane Jeanne's projected 5 day path.

Hopefully this will be the last one and flights in Oct will not be affected.



Dick Dawson
09-16-04, 18:00
I must agree. Excellent post Ender. I was at Blackbeards in June as well.

I took the Standard $39 room which put me in Room D-6 which as Ender said is in the Main Building so the power outages didn't affect me as much (except that the clock would reset on the TV for those few seconds between the power going out and the generator going on. I needed to use that clock on my last day so I wouldn't wake up late and miss my flight. I'll have a watch next time)

One drawback of the standard rooms is that they're VERY small. The one good thing at least with the room I stayed in is that it faced the jacuzzi outside so I was able to witness alot of action going down from my room.

I also must say that with the dollar falling against the peso that I'm a little disappoined (although not surprised) that they're still charging 1500 & 3000. It probably should be around 1200 and 2400.

Regardless, I hope to make a return trip sometime in the spring.

09-16-04, 21:28
Yes, the peso issue is quite daunting. But what do you expect? When was the last time you saw things get less expensive in a Latin Country? I'll tell you not that often. If it falls to 32 or below, it's time to get the hell out of Dodge. Christ can you imagine paying 80pesos (the cost of a beer at Cristals) i.e. $2.75 USD for a Presidente in a Latin country? Hope it goes back to 40+ exchange rate. Right now it just doesn't add up.


09-17-04, 19:45
I agree that as the peso drops the DR may not be a place to monger. The Palace girls i had were service orientated only. Short time should be a couple hours and make sure they know it before hand. The palace girls, like BB's girls are there for convienance. A true monger will search high and low for the best price and most eager service provider. In my short stay in the DR I saw a few semi pros around the Palace in the am that were picked up around town. I'm sure they didn't cost 3000dr either. But I would of paid that for they were fine. Search and conquer!

Zip Head
09-18-04, 03:31
How are things in Sosua and vicinity post hurricane Jeanne? I was planning a trip 23-27 Sep but not sure how the town prevailed during the storm. Any Mongers down there care to comment about status of hotels, electricity, restaurants, etc?? Thanks a million!!

Victor Lazlo
09-18-04, 04:35
Hey All,

I'll be arriving in November for my first time in Sosua and the DR. I have a question about hotels. A while back, someone listed these as the Chica-friendly hotels in Sosua: Europa, Sosua Palace, Blue Dolphin, Rockys, One Ocean Place, Villa Chessa, Voromar. When I look back through the posts, it seems like the only ones that ever get mentioned are Europa and the Palace.

What's up with the other places? Both Villa Chessa and Voromar look pretty good. I know they are a bit off the beaten path. How much of a hassle is that? Has anyone stayed at Villa Chessa's guest house? Not very expensive and has it's own pool.

I understand that the rooms at Rocky's are pretty basic with no A/C. How about Blue Dolphin and One Ocean Place? They look good and are right in the center of things as far as I can tell. How come no one mentions staying there?

I realize I'm asking a lot of questions here, but I've done as much research as I can on the web. Now I could use some first-hand feedback to help me decide.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Wolfy Baby
09-18-04, 05:28
Can anyone advise what the going rate (total cost for tln) at el boehm and Cristals is?

Silver Shadow
09-18-04, 05:35
Has anyone gotten a report on storm damage? Are things working again, or will they need time to shape up? I'm not due to go down until mid-November, but it sounds like they got hit pretty hard.

09-18-04, 06:23
Weather Update

Heard from my chica that there were a few trees down and some electric outages and small flooded areas like near or in Plaza Sosua, but that was about it in Sosua.

Other areas faced mud slides, floods, etc.

It's still a go for fun!


Num Nutz
09-18-04, 14:13
Electric outages?

09-18-04, 15:05
Weather Update

Heard from my chica that there were a few trees down and some electric outages and small flooded areas like near or in Plaza Sosua, but that was about it in Sosua.

Other areas faced mud slides, floods, etc.

It's still a go for fun!


09-18-04, 15:07
Weather Update #2

Heard from my chica that there were a few trees down and some electric outages and small flooded areas like near or in Plaza Sosua, but that was about it in Sosua.

Other areas faced mud slides, floods, etc.

It's still a go for fun!


Gutter Meat
09-19-04, 04:59
Well just back from a 4 night stay in Sosua from sept 14 till 18. I'm suprised I was able to get home because all the people trying to get back to New york on AA 1798 from the 16 & 17th were now trying to get on my flight since their flights were cancelled. The check in line was a fuckin mess & I'm happy to be a gold member on AA so I was able to check in on the 1st class line which still took about 25 min. I was upgraded also to buisness class since they had to make room on this very full flight. Thats about the only good thing I could say about the whole trip. Of the 5 times in Sosua this was ( due to the tropical storm) my least favorite.It rained most of the time there and when the storm came through what a mess. Trees and power lines down all over. no power except for those who had generator's. When it rains in Sosua I don't know what it is but the girls go into hibernation. High carin club closed due to some sort of fire from what they told me so I didn't even bother going there. 1st night checked out Clasico club and there couldn't be more than 15 people in there which were all tourists.Latino club was semi full but not too much of a selection of girls. It seems this place is turing into a young hip hop Dominicano sort of place.I hung out mostly at Sosua plaza Domino bar which had no power but they put the beer in ice and lit candles but the girl situation was very limited. I woke up today and it was sunny so I tried to convince my friend to stay one more night as AA was not charging to change flights but he pussed out on me.
I stayed at one Ocean place this time. Normally I stay at the palace but this is where my friend wanted to stay so I tried it out.
Good points: nice property, nice large clean pool, they allow chicas, they have AC , safe in room , hot water with good presure,satilite tv , and a generator in case the power goes out which it did for 80% of the trip.Bad points: I thought the AC wasn't cold enough. The chicas seemed to think it was "muy frio"
The other bad point is that after 11pm they close one of the enterances that's off the main strip and you have to walk all the way fuckin around but no big deal if you don't mind getting on a moto concho.The bed mattress sucks.It seems that they only check for chicas ID at night.
Anyone headed down to Sosua in the next couple of days I suggest that you put it off for a week or two as you will be disappointed. Theres a lot of cleaning up to do and in Dominican time that can be a while. If your booked on AA they will changed your flight for free.

09-19-04, 05:15

Thanks alot for the extensive report. We are all curious. By the way, what was the exchange rate?

R Ley
09-19-04, 18:50
Trip Report 5-12 September 2004

There are a few things to make clear at the start of this report. I am not the monger’s monger. I am an occasional user of working girls with a fondness for dark skinned women. Having a vacation/holiday is as important to me as the sex. Also I have little interest in negotiating prices. The cost of a full night with a women in the DR is still a fraction of the cost on an HOUR with a woman where I live in London. It is more important to me to make a connection with a woman than to feel I have got her for a few pesos less than the last guy (a number of guys I spoke to in the DR felt that some people exaggerate prices downwards on boards like this in the vain hope that this will have some kind of effect in the real world. In my view it will not).

I was surprised how few of the guys I met in the DR pay any attention to any of the sites. Most people don’t even know about them. You should have your eyes wide open when reading stuff on sites lack this (including this report!). Also I make no attempt to rate women out of ten. I stopped doing anything like that when I was about twelve years old. One man’s fat arse is another’s vision of heaven. It has been my experience that attitude and personality make a far more substantial contribution to the quality of a sexual experience than looks alone.

There are a number of sites that deal with similar topics to WSG, some of which even specialize in the DR. I have posted my report here because I found this to be the best place to get serious information before I made the trip, and there is no tolerance of off topic posting (which is a major problem on some of the other sites which end up like chat rooms for a small number of people). Send me a message if you really want to know where they are.

So my trip began with four nights at Blackbeards Resort (or Barba Negra as it is called in Spanish). This is a small inclusive resort, which is as far as I know unique within the DR, or anywhere else, in that it actually has girls on site. Lots of them. There are set prices of 1500 pesos for a short time and 3000 for the night (actually pretty similar to the kind of prices I later found in Sosua, but as I’ve already made clear I’m no negotiator).

I loved Blackbeards. The girls there were all very relaxed and had something of an amateur attitude. The resort is a well built, has nice rooms, a good bar and restaurant (the food is good and reasonably priced, although the service is a tad slow). There is fair size pool, a huge Jacuzzi and you are five minutes from a very pretty beach with several reefed areas for snorkelers. I had only one minor complaint, which was that the huge (three person) bed in my room was a little soft for those of us who are prone to suffer from backache.

The girls seem to really like hanging out there and this obviously reflects in their performance. I speak only a few words in Spanish and the girls I met generally had no English, but they were all friendly, affectionate and, best of all, enthusiastic in bed. When I arrived I met a fifty something guy who had been there for two weeks. He had a big smile on his face but his eyes seemed to be glazed over, as if he was just staring off into the distance. “I’m tired”, he grinned when I asked him how it had been for him, “real, tired”.

The first night I was jet-lagged and just had a short time with Janett, a small curvy mulatto girl with died blonde hair. She spoke a little English and was very helpful when I arrived. She ran round getting my room sorted and explaining what was what to me. She was good in bed and a really great masseur (which was just what I needed after a nine and a half hour flight from the UK). It was a pity I didn’t bump into her again until the morning I was leaving.

Next was Daxilva. A slim black girl with a wicked grin. She was part of a group I was sitting with in the restaurant. She obviously took a liking to me because every time the power went down there was a five or ten second wait for the generator to kick in and each time it happened she lent across the table and snogged me in the darkness. I spent the night with her and she proved to be very accomplished and accommodating.

There was one girl who stood out for me even on the website. She was Margarita (although it says Fatima on the website). She was a voluptuous young black woman, with a very pretty face, a deep husky voice and big, brown, far away eyes. I spent two days and nights with her, and even though she spoke not a word of English, it was bliss. She was extremely affectionate and despite the lack of language she could express a great sense of humour through sounds, gestures and pulling faces.

I’d booked the rest of my week in the DR at the Sosua Palace and it was quite difficult to pull myself away from BBs as I’d settled in so well and met so many really nice girls. The resort is professionally managed and it shows. The managers are low key and don’t join in with any of the stuff that is going down but they are always there in the background making sure things are running as they should be. If things ever do slow down a bit, or you just can’t find a girl to your liking, they have a database you can refer to (although I didn’t meet anyone who had needed this service while I was there).

So on to Sosua. You read a lot about Sosua and how many girls there are hanging out in the bars there, but as a rather shy Englishman with little experience of picking women up in bars, I was a bit nervous that I would run into trouble. How right I was!

A very jovial American ex-pat called John owns the Palace. He actually built the place himself and although it is finished in the classic Dominican “half-built” style everything is pretty much as it should be. At very least the showers are hot; the beds are soft and the air-conditioning works, which is all I really look for in a hotel room. It is small in comparison to BBs and is built in a vaguely medieval style that actually looks more like a castle rather than a palace. There is a small bar and a pool downstairs (the pool is ornamental rather than practical and is no bigger than the Jacuzzi at BBs). There are usually a number of chicas (screened by John) hanging around the bar during the afternoon. One important point to make here is that they don’t usually stay until the evening so it’s important to hook up early if you are looking for a girl for the night. I wasn’t aware of this to begin with and so ended up cruising the bars on my own looking for some action.

On my first night I met an older black woman called Alba, who came on to me in one of the many bars in the town. She was OK but really just going through the motions and I began to wonder if I had made the right decision to come to Sosua.

The second night things began to hot up – literally. I went for a walk to the beach in the afternoon and met a very statuesque black woman called Latina, who ran a bar on the beach. We went back to the Palace and had an afternoon of pretty decent sex. She mentioned that she worked at the Flamingo strip club and asked me to go and see her dance there later on. In the meantime I went bar hopping again and wound up having a quickie with a very pretty black girl (another Margarita). I went up to the Flamingo to see Latina, who I should point-out had a personality that was as large as her figure. It turned out she was the only properly trained dancer in the place and so she decided to show off her prowess on both poles to good effect for me. She had taken a bit of a shine to me and soon marched me off into a booth with a bottle of champagne and a transvestite friend of her called Madonna (who I hasten to add was just there to enjoy the champagne). Latina decided to throw her (not inconsiderable) self all over me and she ended up crushing my head between her enormous breasts and writhing across the table. I was getting a bit overwhelmed by this, so I told her that clubs weren’t really my scene and suggested we go back to the Palace. She said I didn’t have to pay her because I’d already brought her the champagne.

Everything appeared to proceed OK and we went on to have more pretty decent sex throughout the night. However, at about 4.30am I was, to my horror, awoken by the sound of someone going “pisst” through the bedroom window. It was Margarita, the girl from earlier on. She said she had left a chain behind and being half asleep I stupidly opened the door for her. Cue pandemonium! M came in to the room and proceeded to run around grabbing at anything she could get her hands on. There was some money on the floor which was the change from some cash I had earlier given Latina to buy food. M grabbed it and at this point Latina exploded from the bed and smashed a beer bottle against the wall and went for M. Several of the Palace staff who had heard the commotion and come up to the room began wrestling M to get the money back and she proceeded to put it into her mouth and swallow it. Although I managed to get the bottle off Latina the two of them began trading blows and the whole thing looked pretty ugly. Everybody was in bare feet and I was dancing around trying to pick up bits of broken glass and rather feebly imploring everyone to calm down. John has a lieutenant in the Tourist Police who stays at the Palace and when he arrived order was eventually restored. However it was a pretty vivid lesson on the realities of the DR. John was very cool about what had happened and it turned out that M was a Haitian junkie who has since been deported (although she looked for all the world as though butter wouldn’t melt).

After this I decided to stick pretty close to the Palace and the next afternoon had a double header with Jarri (a very slim young woman with bronze skin who I had bumped into in the Jacuzzi at BBs) and her friend Jacqueline, a foxy Latin type. It was Jacqueline’s first day at the Palace and I think she was keen to establish a reputation. Jarri’s performance was OK but Jacqueline really seemed to go for it. She had tooth braces, which made kissing an interesting experienced (I probably haven’t kissed a woman with braces in twenty years) and really great tits. “Ahh, chica playboy” she purred at me throughout the festivities.

After this I bumped into very decent guy from New York who had also been at BBs. He spoke Spanish and was much more experienced in the Latin scene than I was. We went for something to eat. I explained the dilemma that I wanted to find a woman for the night but I was nervous as hell about the bars because of what had happened the night before. He said he would help out. We went to one of the bigger bars on the main street, and a very cute girl called Angie came and sat next to me. I began to think she was actually a bit too cute, but with the help of a chica my friend had hooked up with we negotiated a price and off we went on a pair of motoconchos (motorbike taxis) toward the Palace. Or so I thought.

In fact Angie had told the conchos to go to another hotel, which she then wanted me to book us both into because she didn’t like the Palace. I wasn’t taking any more chances, so I just turned my concho round and went back to the bar. The girl my friend was with seemed embarrassed about how things had turned out and went off saying she was going to find me someone special. She returned with Janett, a tall and elegant coffee coloured girl who spoke a little English and had obviously been briefed to make me feel at ease, a role she fulfilled with aplomb. We went back to the Palace and had a very satisfactory time together during which she was particularly active with her tongue. She had to leave to go home to Santo Domingo. Having spent a fair part of the preceding couple of hours with her tongue stuck in my anus she told me with a completely straight face that her father, for reasons she could not understand, didn’t approve of her hanging around bars in Sosua! She gave me her mobile number before she left and asked me to call her from London because she wanted to practice her English. I have done a couple of times and she seems amazed about this (“Wow, you’re no bullshit baby!” as she keeps saying).

Finally I had a few minutes to kill in the early afternoon before my flight so I took one of the Palace girls called Mercedes up to my room just for a massage to get me ready for the flight. She was a pretty and very vivacious girl and although an adequate masseur I wish I’d had the time and energy to actually do the business with her. Just to confuse people, there are some girls at the Palace who only do massage and one of these is also called Mercedes (also a real stunner called Wendy), but the Mercedes I was with was a different one who does offer sexual services.

Overall I enjoyed my trip but I found BBs a hell of a lot easier, and I had a much better time there, than in Sosua. Everyone in Sosua seems to be a hustler and unless you really get into this for its own sake it’s best avoided. Although everyone was made welcome I found that most of the guys at BBs were younger than in Sosua where a lot of the guys you see around the bars are quite middle aged and a bit hardened (I’m 41 but I felt young there). I spent one night in the Jacuzzi at BBs with some Chicas and a group of young American guys who were shocked at how badly Dominican guys treat their women (which gave some clues as to why the girls at BBs seem to like being there so much).

There are a few points I’d pass on in conclusion:

1. Avoid girls that approach you in bars. These are always the ones that are likely to cause trouble.

2. If you want to visit Blackbeards and Sosua, go to Sosua first. That way you won’t feel under pressure to get lot’s of action in before your holiday ends. You know there will always be plenty of girls to look forward to at BBs if things don’t work out in the bars (and even the most experienced guys I met in Sosua admitted to the occasional bad night).

3. If you aren’t experienced at playing bars or don’t have much Spanish, make sure you stay at the Palace where they have girls on site and good security. Also John is a valuable source of advice and information and you will meet other guys that will be happy to help you out.

4. If you don’t speak a lot of Spanish be prepared to let the girls watch TV. Chicas all seem to love telly and it fills in the gaps in the action without laborious attempts at conversation. All the girls I met watched endless soap operas, rolling news and, oddly enough, porno.

5. Contrary to what others say, I had no problems changing Amex US dollars travelers cheques. They take them at BBs (approx 3.5% charge on exchange though) or Banco Popular in Sosua.

6. Some say the Palace is a bit off the beaten track, and whilst everyone takes motorconhos everywhere in Sosua, the beach is just a twelve and a half minute walk from the Palace (I timed it). Everything of interest in Sosua lies between the Palace and the beach.

R Ley
09-19-04, 18:52
The awesome Latina. Dances double poles at the Flamingo. Also handy with a broken bottle! See my trip report for the full heads up.

R Ley
09-19-04, 18:53
The second Margarita I met in DR. Sweet looks but started a bottle fight in my room at 4am! See trip report for full details.

R Ley
09-19-04, 18:55
Jarri and Jacqueline from the Palace. For "chica playboys" everywhere. See my trip report for further details.

R Ley
09-19-04, 18:56
One of several Mercedes from the Palace. See my trip report for full details.

09-19-04, 20:44
I'm arriving in Sosua (flying into STI) on Wed 9/22, so I emailed Europa (Diego - manager/owner?) asking if I should consider changing arrival dates (in light of possible storm-related difficulties). Here's his reply.
Hurricane Jeanne didn't do a lot of damage, except the hotel sign, which fell to the ground. Nobody got hurt and everything went already back to normal. Power was out for nearly 3 days,but that is quite normal! Our power plants covered the loss and of course we had plenty of water! The roads are perfect. Only one connection at the east (between Punta Cana and Higuey) was interrupted for some time by falling trees. All airports are open,so you shouldn't have any problems after arrival.
That's good enough for me!

By the way, this will be my first time staying at Europa (stayed at Palace last time for my initial Sosua visit), and I've been very impressed with their prompt, thorough respopnse to emails. 2.5 days and counting!!!!


09-20-04, 23:30
Spent 4 days in Sosua during 9/11 weekend. Got to meet some guys from this board and others. Thank you Jimmy for all your info. I made sure and did my research before i went. My $230 Flight from New York was on time. When searching for a flight, use a travel site that allows you to be "flexible" when searching. I used Yahoo travel. Check the box that says flexible. A calendar will pop up and let you know which days are cheaper. By me departing friday instead of thursday, I was able to save $60. When you find the cheapest price, then don't book with that site. Write down the details and go directly to that airline site and book. I also saved the little service charge that way. More money for the chicas. I arrived at the Palace with no problem. Although, Jesus (Palace taxi driver) was not there to pick me up. No problem. There are plenty of taxis at the airport for the same price( $15). Just make sure you have exact change/tip upon arrival because they don't have change in $US. Anyway, i was greeted by John's(owner) two young helpers. They checked me in, changed money and got me something to eat from the chicken shack on the corner. Just a tip; when getting money changed, make sure you get small bills. Thousands only for chica action. I was so surprized by the room and the hotel in general. You hear positive and negative things about the Palace, so i didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprized. This was the best possible situation i could have been in for the price and being a newbie. John is a wealth of info but lets face it, he can't be there 24/7 to answer your questions. No problem. I found that it was best to stay somewhere with other like person's for the comfort, knowledge and security. When I arrived and saw the other guys, I fell right in. Never did i feel lost. For $40-$50 range, the room is perfect. All the basics, ie. clean, air condition, fridge, television, night security, beers, chicas, etc. The only negative would be the lack of towels. Chicas always love to shower which is a good thing and they don't like wet, cold floors. So there goes your two towels for the day. So be creative and find a way to get extra towels. Well, i put my bags down and went to the bar to unwind, get a beer and eat my chicken. Well I must have sat down for two minutes when the unofficial Palace greeter, Mercedes comes over to watch me eat. Needless to say, I ate my chicken and she soon ate me. Welcome to Sosua! My routine was pretty basic. Breakfast and beach during the morning/afternoon. Palace chicas during the late afternoon. Both disco's during the evening with a bar or two thrown in. Word to the wise. Watch your pockets at the disco. It didn't happen to me but I saw a couple of pickpocket chicas in action. They were not successful because I noticed that the guys talked to them with a hand in their money pocket. So I did the same. No problem. It's funny, Sosua is like any other small town in dynamic. All the chicas know each other or of each other. They gossip about themselves and us gringos. Most are very young, so there is the the usual female BS. Jealousy, envy and cut throating. I witnessed chicas telling on men, bottle breaking episodes and other petty things. Nothing dangerous to us, just funny. I met full time pros, part time pros and a few non-pros. But all the chicas walk around like it's okay. Just a job. It takes a newbie a couple of days to get used to. Do not ever get attached unless it is your intention to spend your time with that one chica. Don't get attached to them and don't let them get attached to you. Remember, it is a vacation for you and business for them. Leave your emotions at home. It is not at all relaxing to try and sneak around a small town. Way to stressful. Trust me, treat the chicas nicely and with respect; but be pleasantly firm with them. I'm a nice guy at home but I had to be a nice ass in Sosua. No problems that way. Everyone was satisfied. I didn't venture off the beaten path so i haven't offered much useful info. I only experienced the basics which for a newbie with 4 days; was plenty. I enjoyed my time with Mercedes, Jahida, Esther, Merolyn, etc. Names I can remember. I paid 1500 for short time at the Palace but I was able to negotiate all weekend with off site chicas. I paid between 1000 and 1200 for short and all night. All in all, it was a great experience and for now, the price is right. $230 for tix, $40 room, 37 to 1 exchange rate and $3 chicken dinners. I will be back sooner than you think.

Silver Shadow
09-21-04, 03:29
After reading R Ley's post, and reading my Spanish guidebook carefully, what is the proper way to ask a senorita, "How would you like to suck my asshole?"

09-21-04, 04:50
Anyone know if the Western Union office made it through the storm?

Grand Pollo
09-21-04, 04:58
Gustarias chupar mi ano? (Would you like to suck my anus?)


Gustaria que chupes mi ano. (I would like you to suck my anus).

If that's your bag and you are prepared for 999 no's per 1,000 requests there you go.

Rocky Mtn Man
09-21-04, 05:06

Nice to know I only have about 175 more to ask.


09-21-04, 16:22
To psriches - Great Sosua/Sosua Palace report! Its a nice compact summary of what a newbie will experience on his first trip to the north coast. Glad you had a good time!

To FANTASY - Awesome picture!! We can all only hope that Western Union survived the storm - I have a great number of direct deposits to send out this morning. (lol) ;)

09-21-04, 16:48

The peso will be back to where we want it sonner than you think.
When the new pres. took office the initial hope of a new and improved gov, along with the positive endorsement of his presidency by key world leaders, helped to drive the peso down to nearly 30-1. Just a few weeks before he took office it was 50-1.

Reality is starting to set in. The gov is failing to make loan payments, left and right. the peso is starting to climb back, and in one month is nearly half way back. Contrary to other beliefs, i think it will be back to 40 by the end of september, and continue to climb back to where we need it. I think it will stabilze before it reachs 50, but will get close enough.

09-21-04, 21:03
Climb back? I didnt know it was doing so. It seems to be getting stronger by the day. What true indication do you have of it weakinig and are the girls adjusting there rates. 1500 should not be a price that any of us would pay right now. 11oo at most! That is unless she is someone whom you really like and are considering really spending time with.

09-21-04, 21:23
Just returned from a three city jaunt of Santo Domingo, Santiago, and POP (Sosua). Arrived in Santiago on Wed. morning Sept. 15th - took the Caribe bus tour from there to Santo Domingo. I deplaned an met an extremely attractive black girl (20's) who had a boyfriend in Santiago. She was able to get me a ride to her boyfriends home and they in turn got me a taxi (200 pesos) to the Caribe bus. (150 pesos) to Santo Domingo. (rate was 37.50 to 1, so bus ride cost all of $4 US.

Met a friendly local at the bus terminal in Santo Domingo who "called his taxi company" was only charged 100 pesos ($2.70) for the ride to the Jaragua. Typical taxi at the bus terminal would have been 300-400 pesos. (tourist, gringo rate).

Stayed two nights at the Jaragua (use hotel points, otherwise rate would have been $99 US/ night). I have stayed here before and it is one of the nicest and cleanest in the city. Great pool, food, and close to all of the Casas. (AT least 5-7). I will provide a review of them in my next report.

09-22-04, 03:35

Western Union girl in the photo doesn't look like your typical Dominican. Is she a Colombian girl?

It's a funny photo. Thank you.


09-22-04, 04:14

Yes she is. She works at the Playboy Club in Cartagena. Sorry if i confused anyone, I just got the shirt, and she was the first of many models to wear this shirt.

I got a very funny email this evening. A chica from Sosua ask me to Western Union her some money to help rebuild her mothers house which was destroyed in the storm. I told her to contact FEMA.

Xyu Na Rilo
09-22-04, 05:59
First time poster and feel like I must return the favor to the board.
I spent in the paradise (Sosua), thanks to this board, eight days (Aug-14-22).

It was my first trip to Dominican and I knew zero Spanish before I got here.

I stayed at the resort five min. walking distance from all the actions.

All in all, fourteen chicas.

Piece of advice, change your money at the airport POP as you arrive; you get the best rate. Supposedly, the best exchange rate is on Wednesday but on Sunday at the Airport I had it for 1:42; could not get anything better in town then 1:38. Expect to spend about $80-$100 a day mongering on a full scale.

Do not pay to the motokoncho more then 50 pesos locally; ask in advance and negotiate.

In fact negotiate on anything; usually 50% off the asking price is the price to pay.

About Safety:

ABSOLUTELY SAFE unless you act stupid and kaki. I walked everywhere day or night totally drunk and sober and have not encountered anything at all that suggested troubles.

I have seen a drunk European guy (out of shape) at D’Latino started a fight with a local dude and the security just come him down. That’s it!

Chicas and Price:

Mostly Black and dark Hispanic looking about 95%. All dress nice and sexy. Whenever you walk on Pedro Clesante street or sitting in the bar, most of the chicas will come to you or will stop you on the street. If you do not like them just reject them. Yes, she will look upset but we all know that they all working, so do not be sensitive otherwise other chics will not approach you. However, after first two days, I would not take chics that approach me, I rather would spot a quiet one and approach her. For the most time those were better performers, less money hungry, somewhat GFE and great Spanish teachers.

Knowing only phrases like: How much, 1000 and 1500 pessos, I have no Hotel, I had no problem communicating, well, let’s just say getting what I wanted. But towards the end of the trip a was able to carry a simple conversation, I had a knockout novia who drove me to Puerta Plata to her place and just showed me around the town.

The best places to get a girl is anywhere, but disco D’latino and Disco Clasico has many non pros or semi-pros; and that what you want.
Almost always the girls would quote me 2000 for short time and 3000 toda la noche.

I always stayed firm at 1000 and for the whole night 1300 . So, they would laugh and leave only to return latter on and say OK. Others, after a dance, few beers and cigarettes that I would buy for them, just wanted to go with me to the hotel. Being careful, I would ask how much but they would say whatever I want to give them since they were not putas and liked me. I have to say that I am fairly good looking and very athletic.

Also, watch your money; I kept what I needed for the bar in the pockets and the money for potential chiks in my shoe. Nothing happened to me but I saw guys getting out of the hotels checking their pockets and start swearing like crazy.

p.s. All pussies were totally clean, shaven and not smelly at all as some members have claimed.
Hotels as places to fuck:

I was staying at the resort, so I used the Palace at first. Meet John, a nice guy, knowing that I just need a room to bring a girl, he would let me have the room for $20. Palace chicas would not take anything less then 1500 for the short time and some are very good looking. I had Yahaida couple of times; great body and attitude and was very willing.
Then, for the short time, I used few times this shithole Calisto hotel for 300 pessos.

The rest of the times I used girl’s work place and girl’s house.
Although, I have not tried it, but Rockies seems to be OK for $15 a night and Europa for $28.

All in all great time. Loved the people and the culture. And please, do not overpay the chicks. Average Dominican makes 3000-4000 pesos a month.

Xyu Na Rilo
09-22-04, 06:12
A semi-pro from D'latino disco.

Love Seeker
09-23-04, 12:17
I agree with Fantasy that the exchange rate should become more in our favor. Alan Greenspan just raised American interest rates for the third time which will attract more foreign investors to US markets and strengthen the dollar against all other currencies.

Working against us though is all of the US government spending. I support our troops and the war in Iraq, but it is costing a lot of money. Also domestic government spending is just crazy. Bush will be the first President in over 100 years not to have used the veto. The hurricane relief bills going through congress are being laden with pork. What has assisting diary farmers with their heating bills have to do with hurricane relief?

American government spending is the worst in the world except for everyone else. No matter how irresponsible our government is with our tax money, corrupt governments like that in the Dominican Republic make us look like pikers. So with any luck when I am back in the DR over the Christmas/New Year holiday the dollar will be back up to around 45 to 50

09-23-04, 22:21
Are all the girls dark skin Hatian looking in Sousa, POP? Can I find any rubias? I like dark meat but want a change too.

09-24-04, 01:11
Next time try to break down an extensive report into paragraphs!

Carlos Primeros
09-24-04, 04:25
There are a lot of good reports about the Palace but I read now the first comprehensive report about Blackbeard´s, can somebody advise? I plan to go to the DR in October for a week or 10 days.


09-24-04, 06:41

Planning a trip to Sosua from Oct. 20th for about 10 days. If any forum guys are in town around the same time and wanna meet for some beers and mongering, let me know. Any locals like to get together volunteering to share some tricks/local secrets, much appreciated.

One thing for sure. I promise to post the best informative report ever on Sosua when I am back, sore of like "mongering in sosua 101".


Member #2128
09-24-04, 09:50
Cubanito writes:

<<<Are all the girls dark skin Hatian looking in Sousa, POP? Can I find any rubias? I like dark meat but want a change too.>>>

Of course the girls aren't all Haitian or moreno in Sosua or POP. There's all shades, including the popular, lighter, cafe con latte. However, I have noticed that in Sosua-POP there are a lot of Haitian girls, which is what I like and why I go---because I like my coffee black.

On the other hand, in Santo Domingo in the "casas" that all the taxi drivers know, where there are usually a dozen or so very attractive, young, tight girls standing around smiling, waiting for you to pick them up for the smooth ride to your hotel and the bumpy ride after that, the tone is much lighter. These girls are almost always lighter skinned Dominican girls. I was hunting, but almost never saw a darker Haitian in these Ho-houses. I usually had to look to the streets for what I wanted.

But as far as rubias (natural blondes?) go, I don't really remember seeing ANY working girls who were naturally fair skinned and blonde, like you might find in Cuba or Columbia. Or like in Sweden!! In the DR what you usually get is a nicely balanced blend of brown booty in a lucious tone located somewhere between the Latin and African heritage. And how sweet is that?

Love Life,


Zip Head
09-24-04, 15:02
Arrived in POP yesterday and moved into the Voramar Hotel. Things are fine is Sosua, no visible storm damage but occasional power outages and no hot water in my shower! I am told this is due to no propane in the city and many hotels similarly affected, although I cannot verify this story.

Linked up with my chica that I met in March on my last trip and had a VERY nice afternoon and evening.

Scuba diving is out due to low visibility from the recent storms and heavy seas. The beach at Sosua looked like the north shore of Hawaii during the winter!! (i.e. surging waves and a strong undertow).

Lots of beautiful chicas out last night; I will sample some this afternoon!

More to follow in coming days, plus some photos.

Xyu Na Rilo
09-26-04, 05:26
From D'Latino to Calisto (motel suks; it is a shit hole 250 pesos. but she sucked for real 1300. )

09-26-04, 08:56

I’ve just completed my 2-week sexpedition to the North coast. I was based all the time in the holy city of Sosua but I made occasional incursions into Cabarete and Puerto Plata. It was my first time in the DR though it wasn’t my first sexpedition.

It is quite clear that the North coast hasn’t reached yet the level of the world top sex Meccas, such as Brazil and Thailand, but having said this I must admit that Sosua is a holy place, a town where the fun is guaranteed.

Regarding the quality of the girls, it is more difficult to find very beautiful girls (7+) here than it is in other countries – if you are used to Brazilian cuties, for instance, you definitely have to lower your expectations when you visit Sosua, but you can still find a lot of girls in the 5-7 region and the rare 7+, who will be most probably already taken. I am quite picky too: I have been spoiled by Rio de Janeiro’s finest and by the best looking and youngest (but legal) babe faced Thai sweeties, so what I consider a 7 might be a 8 or even a 9 for others who haven’t been spoiled yet.

I have enjoyed my sexpedition to the DR more than the sexpedition that I made to Cuba a couple of years ago: the DR is just a better place than Cuba for mongering. Cuba has beautiful girls and it is a gorgeous island too but there is currently a monger-unfriendly policy in place and the police is a pain in the ass, frightening girls all the time. Cuba has a lot of potential, but at the moment the police hassle is too high in my opinion.

Over the last few days the police has also arrested a few girls who were walking the streets of Sosua at night, apparently they do this on a regular basis to keep the number of hookers under control. Obviously this is bad news for us and I really hope they don’t get used to it. I spoke to some girls in Charamicos and they said they had stopped going out at night in the Pedro Clisante area because they are afraid of being arrested. Other girls in Cabarete told me exactly the same story, they don’t go to Sosua any more and prefer to stay in Cabarete to avoid the police.

I liked the laid-back atmosphere of the town: it is small, quiet, safe and there are always some hookers on the horizon both by day and by night and regardless of where you are. It is a carnal environment and sex is in the air. Pros, semipros, non-pros, mongers, locals and all-inclusive tourists live all in harmony in the holy city.

During the day the action seemed to be limited to SW’s, beach walkers and pussies that hang out in a handful of bars. At night, from 11 pm onwards the discos open and disco-pussies start to turn up. There were 2 discos open: D’Latino and D’Classico and also worth mentioning is the Merengue bar, below D’Classico. D’Latino stayed open till later and usually closed at around 5-5.30 am each day of the week.


It was around 3 pm when I first arrived in POP and as soon as I saw the airport I started to get excited. From my trips I have realised that there is a correlation between the quality of the airport and the availability and price of pussies: the more basic the airport is the more pussies at cheap prices there are, and POP airport looked quite basic…

I took a taxi to the hotel, left the luggage in the room and went out straightaway to check out the town. Walking along Pedro Clisante I first came across Domino and Four Roses bars, there were a few hookers there, I scanned them all at a glance but none of them attracted my attention so I kept walking slowly all the way down to the beach, taking in the scene.

I love it when I visit a place for the first time, there are always new details to absorb, new landscapes and new hookers.

The beach was gorgeous, but it was already a bit late. On the way back to the hotel I stopped at Fun Centre for a couple of beers, it was hot and I was starting to get thirsty.

The chick who served the beer looked very friendly, she started to talk to me in broken English and she seemed very happy when I told her we could talk in Spanish. She was a 6 on the Richter scale of beauty, early twenties and, apparently, a non-pro. She insisted so that I stayed as long as possible, we talked for a long time and her body language suggested that she might be interested in visiting my bedroom so I invited her for a drink in the disco when her shift finished at 4 am and she accepted with no hesitation.

I was surprised that I had got a date with the first chick that I talked to, I thought that getting some non-pro action would be easy but not so easy! Anyway, it was just a date, she wasn’t on my bed yet.

I left Fun Centre and went to have some dinner, take a shower and get ready for my first night in Sosua.

I hung around the hookers’ bars having some drinks and chatting up the pros, they were friendly but too hardcore to my taste. I also visited Flamingo, there were only 3 girls that I liked, the rest were average or below average types. Two of the good-looking girls, one black and the other light-skinned mulatta, were already taken so I talked to the 3rd option – let’s call her Deep Throat for reasons that I will explain later. Deep Throat was a hardcore too but friendly and fun. I asked for the price for 1 hour and she said 2,000 pesos plus 500 salida, but I negotiated a bit and that came down soon to 1,000 pesos plus 500 salida. She wouldn’t go lower than 1,000 pesos.

I considered taking her to my room, but decided to hit the discos first to see what other options were available before making any decision. On the other hand I still had the date with the non-pro at 4 am.

I got into D’Classico at around 2 am and it was packed not only with pros and mongers but also with all-inclusive tourists, female sex tourists and sanky pankies (sic).

I scanned the landscape and ended up talking to a cute Haitian, let’s call her Miss BBBJ for reasons that I will explain later too. Miss BBBJ was really cute, her bum was correctly shaped and hard and she had a flat stomach and a slim figure. She wasn’t hardcore at all, she showed a sweet nature, there was kind of innocence in the way she spoke and in her eyes. I really liked her. She spoke no English and very basic Spanish, but it was enough. She said she went every day to D’Classico, I got her phone number and then visited D’Latino.

D’Latino was packed with pussy too, it was around 3 am, I had drunk a lot of Presidentes and Brugal anejo so the pussies looked probably even more attractive than they usually do – alcohol is the best beauty treatment for women.

Finally I left D’Latino and went to Fun Centre to pick up the non-pro. The plan was to attack the non-pro quickly and if she didn’t fuck I would go to Flamingo and take Deep Throat to my room.

When I got to Fun Centre at around 3.45 am the non-pro was there and she told me that she was tired and she’d rather go out with me the following day, she said she hadn’t even brought proper clothes to go to the disco and would have to go in her uniform. I thought: ‘Shit! What a fucking time-waster!’ But I told her that I understood her and that it was perfectly fine for me to meet her the next day. I like to keep options open, even with time-wasters.

She said that I could go to the disco with her friend if I wanted, and she introduced me a street rat. I shook hands with the street rat and gave her a quick look: she was a 4 in my book, so I told the non-pro that I’d prefer to go to the disco by myself as I was only interested in going out with her and not her friend and after all I just wanted to have a drink and listen to some music. She warned me that there were many putas in the disco, but I said that I wasn’t interested in putas, but only in decent girls like her and kissed her on the cheek before I left.

Then I took a motoconcho to Flamingo to look for Deep Throat, she wasn’t there but the cute black chick that I saw before was now available, I asked how much and she said she would tell me later, I replied I needed to know in advance and she said to wait downstairs as Flamingo was already closing and she would be out in 5 minutes.

I waited for a few minutes and the outlines of the black cutie appeared in the darkness of the Domino bar area, which was already closed.

I asked again how much, she took out her mobile and said she would type in the amount as she didn’t want anyone to hear how much she charged. This chick should be recruited by the CIA, MI5 or something: I’ve never seen any other girl taking such precautionary measures against possible external surveillance. She typed in the amount and showed me the mobile phone screen, which was tiny, and considering that my brain was flooded with Presidente and Brugal anejo I could hardly see the figures but I made an effort and I read 2,500.

When I saw that quote I told her that was too much, and in any case, was that for short time or for all night? ‘What do you think?’, she replied. I said I thought 2,500 pesos would be for all night and even so it was too expensive. She asked how much I was willing to give. I replied 1,000 maximum for 1 hour, non-negotiable, take it or leave it (it was almost 5 am and I couldn’t afford to waste my time negotiating). She said no way, she said, with bad manners, she had a friend who was working in Europe and she knew how much we pay in Europe. That made me laugh and I reminded her that we were not in Europe but in the DR, if she wanted to charge European rates she should go to Europe but as long as she stayed in the DR she should be realistic and not to price herself out of the market.

Pussy is not oil, its price is not set internationally, there is no OPEC for pussy, so the price of pussy in one country has nothing to do with its price in other countries, but some chicks seem to be still unaware of this fact.

I didn’t like the way she had behaved through the negotiations, she had showed me her hardcore side, she had showed me she was all business and I don’t like business women, I like sweeties. The purpose of negotiating prices is not only to save money but to test the girls’ attitudes, during the negotiating process you can see how hardcore, how cold or how sweet they are. This chick had failed the attitude test, so I said it was fine, I’d go to D’Latino to get another chick for 1,000 pesos for 1 hour and I took a motoconcho.

When I was on the motoconcho she asked me if she could go with me as she was taking the shared taxi back to Puerto Plata and had to go in that direction anyway, I told her it was OK.

On the way to D’Latino, she told me that I hadn’t been patient enough, she said that we could reach an agreement after all. That obviously meant that she was willing to go with me for 1,000 pesos, and I found it funny: she was now on a weak negotiating position: I was about to hit a disco where I could find pussies for the price I wanted, she was about to go home empty handed.

The motoconcho stopped in front of D’Latino, she said she would come with me, but I told her I had already decided to take another girl, I didn’t like her attitude and kissed her goodbye.

I got into D’Latino and, after some reconnaissance, hunted down a cute Haitian chick, 18 yo, slim and hard body, beautiful face, but she didn’t have ID (she had just a paper saying she’d lost her ID recently) so she couldn’t get into my hotel and we had to go to Calipso for a short-time sex session for 1,000 pesos. We stayed almost 2 hours there, she didn’t mind the time, she happened to be an excellent fuck, 100% GFE, she said she loved sex and I believed her, I was impressed with her performance and her attitude. She was really the star of my trip, I met her around 5-6 times during my 2-week sexpedition and she always overperformed. Let’s call her the Haitian Princess.

The Haitian Princess in fact was born in the DR and, according to her, she’s never been to Haiti. I believe her since unlike all other Haitian girls that I met she spoke perfect Spanish with DR accent.

When we left Calipso it was already light, almost 8 am, I was still drunk but sexually satisfied: the Haitian Princess had fulfilled all my desires.

When I got back to my hotel and laid on the bed I closed my eyes and thought of my first day in the holy city.

It had been a fantastic day.

09-26-04, 15:59

Thanx for the great report.

"The purpose of negotiating prices is not only to save money but to test the girls’ attitudes, during the negotiating process you can see how hardcore, how cold or how sweet they are."

If only more guys would learn this.

09-26-04, 17:19
Great report Gladiator,

I'm going down for New Years 2005 and that report answered alot of questions i had.

I like your negotiating skills as i am the same way. I still need to know where I can find a hotel/motel by the hour? As I am staying in an all inclusive in POP? Need a pad to shag. Anyone?

09-26-04, 20:54
My first report: Budget Mongering

As a virgin to this board, mongering and traveling, I cannot claim to have the game figured out yet - but thanks to this board and advice from seasoned travelers, I believe you (newbies especially) will find this info helpful, and hopefully, you veterans can confirm its legitimacy.

My first flight into DR was to Santiago. I had read on the board that I could take the Caribe bus to Sousua for $10 or so and the ride would be 1.5 hours. After being slightly overcharged by the cabbie at the airport to go to the bus station, I found the bus ride took closer to 4 hours and was a bit sickening. I'm not usuallly affected by motion sickness, but damn! Since I was expecting a 1.5 hour ride, nervousness began to set in at the 2hr mark. To add to the confusion the bus driver spoke Spanish only and I never heard him mention Sosua. Thankfully, a Dominican fella with some English made sure I got off on the right stop. My advice: pay 1500-2000 pesos for a cab through the mountains.

When I stepped of the bus there were several motoconcho drivers waiting. The only thing I knew to say was "The Palace" on Pedro Clisante. The next thing I heard "Jump on, my friend - I know where you go!" I had heard of the dangerous motoconcho drivers, but I felt uncommonly safe with mine even if we did pass/cut off a car while making a left and get slightly bumped. The trip on the bike took around 6 minutes and this bastard tried to charge me 200 pesos! Having no idea what to pay anyway I thought I'd try my hand at haggling. BTW, I hate negotiating. I talked him down to 150 and I was happy; only to find out later it should have cost 20 pesos. Once bitten . .

As soon as I walk into the Palace, a heavy gentleman motioned a honey to help with my two bags. He told me she was going to 'help me' and it was on him. I had a good idea of what he meant but was blown away on how openly he was speaking and how willing she was to oblige. Bags down, pants off, jimmy blown, CIM!! I forgot about being overcharged by the cabbie, the moto driver, the motion sickness and getting hit by a car, all in one nut (and it was free!). I was officially at home.

I hit up all of the heavily mentioned spots on the board. Europa for breakfast, Dominos/Four Roses for drinks, Rocky's and Mora Maui for dinner, Classico and D'Latinos for clubs, etc. I soon found out this shit was getting expensive.
If money is a concern for you, eat at the food stand across the street from Domino Bar. You can get chicken, rice, beans and veggies for 70 pesos! Or you can eat at the chicken stand on the same street as the palace. The chicken is so savory with sweet red onions and some plantanos that have the texture of a potato (90 pesos). The food is good and it beats paying 500-1000 pesos. AMF, I only had stomach problems after I ate Pizza at the White Horse and Pasta Alfredo at Mora Maui.

Sipping at the bars can get expensive, too. It is not uncommon for me to buy whoever is around and chatting a drink, as they do for me. Not to mention the bartenders will ask for a drink (and then pocket the 50 pesos). Solution: Go to Super Super, which is a few steps down the road, get at least a six pack from there and bottle or two of Barcelo Anejo (cheap, but high quality rum) or your favorite spirit.

Now, my 2 cent on p4p. I don't negotiate trying to meet or beat market rates. I haggle out of circumstance, that which I can afford. I cannot pay 2000 or 1500 pesos "short term" or "un rato". Short term doesn't mean an hour or two; it means until you nut (which may mean 45 minutes or less).

So, don't look for short term or toda la noche, get what you want: mamar/suckie 500 pesos or singar/phuckie 1000 pesos or both for 1200. I know the math doesn't add up. It's like just ordering the big mac for 1.99 or the combo for 2.99. I haven't had the pleasure of a GFE, so I don't know how that pay system works.

Photos and Video. I took over 200 photos and 2 hours of video while in the DR and would like to share the love. However, I don't want to go back there and hear from the ladies "you put my picture on the internet". Although I posted no pictures, that was what I heard while on my second trip. It makes the girls very reluctant to take photos and can potentially ruin a person's visit, especially if the girls jealous 'boyfriend' is in town. Even sadder, I met a monger in Sosua who swore he saw my photo on another site. It's a small world, gents, so let's be mindful of each other's privacy.

Finally, my last bit of advice. If you pick up a honey on the street, bar or club; once you get her in your habitacion, don't let her get out of your sight. Here's why: I set up my video cam in the room before I smashed (she didn't know). After the session I paid her in full and she asked for a cup of water. Since I knew I did some serious damage (thanks to liquor dick and viagra), I gladly fixed her a cup. Soon after that, she left. When I watched the video footage, I clearly see her going through my pockets taking my last 50 pesos. I took me less than 30 seconds to get water and robbed simultaneously and I didn't find out until days later. I'm glad that I carried around just enough money for the day, because had I not, well, I think you can figure out the rest. Carry enough for the day, lock up the rest.

If you are flying out of POP on the red-eye flight (jetblue), get there very early and try to get to Casablanca. It's a night club ten minutes from the airport with rooms on site. Get a cabbie to take you there and wait for you until you leave. The girls are fine and it's a different flavor from the Sosua honeys.

I visited Sosua twice this summer. Every expectation that I had was far exceeded with added bonuses in the form of 'free' pussy, photos, video and new amigos. Generally speaking, the people there, both native and tourist are humble, friendly and approachable, which makes for a safe, home-like feel. If you speak spanish, as I do, things will fall into your lap.

09-27-04, 01:45
Hey Gladiator,

Thanks for your report. I am Rio monger myself and have been considering DR. I took a friend down this year who kept telling me about DR and that I really should go. Funny thing is, since our trip he has been back to Rio twice and doesn't even talk about DR anymore.

Love your comment "Pussy is not oil, its price is not set internationally, there is no OPEC for pussy, so the price of pussy in one country has nothing to do with its price in other countries, but some chicks seem to be still unaware of this fact." LOL, you got that right!


Zip Head
09-28-04, 15:48
Trip Report Sep 23-27.

I flew from Newark to Puerto Plata on Continental on a stand-by pass, about $168 round trip. I'm an airline employee so that option is available to me. Last time I bought a confirmed ticket for about $400+ round trip. What I DIDN'T realize is that the confirmed ticket includes the departure tax, and my stand-by ticket DID NOT. $64.00 U.S. at the airport to get out of Puerto Plata!!! Hope the government of DR uses it to fix the electrical grid.

I had a good time overall, this was my second trip to Sosua in a year, so a bit more experienced this time. I stayed at the hotel Voramar, and not sure if I would do it again. All the mongering hotels were suffering from intermittent power and air conditioning, but the Voramar didn't even have HOT WATER the entire time I was there!!! The cold showers didn't really bother me, more like luke-warm, but the chicas absolutely HOWLED once they got in!! pretty funny, actually, since I doubt if many of them have hot water in their own places. The Voramar staff claimed they had no propane, which could be true, there are shortages all over the country.

I called two chicas I had met on previous trips and one was great and one was so-so, didn't seem to remember me and not very enthusiastic. I picked up one bar girl who was nice in the bar and a bit surly in the room, and had one erotic massage from a chica at La Passions (1000 RD for an hour, with a BBBJ finish). Prices for everyone are the usual as reported here by many others....all the chicas start at around "dos mil", i.e. 2000 RD, which is hilarious for short time. They must be forming a union and trying to establish standard prices!! I usually countered with one mil (1000 RD) and some took that offer and some required slightly more negotiating to the 1500 RD range.

I went on a fresh water cave/cavern dive since the ocean visibility was so poor; required an 80 km ride to the site, kind of an all day affair, but interesting if you're a diver and want to try something different. I went with Merlin dive shop, a good bunch run by a bunch of Germans and Brits.

Ate Food at the usual spots, La Roca and a place right next to PJ's, can't remember the name, but good fine and wine, also.

Also visited a place in Cabarete called Jose O'Shay's, an Irish pub run by a Father/Son team from Philadelphi...great place, food and drinks and a bit expensive for the area but lots of TV's and a direct TV link so ALL the Sunday football games available. Worth the trip over there. Taxi each way about $10 or you can ride the public taxi for around 15 RD.

The Chicas I had were all good for the usual, I try to select for DFK...if they don't kiss me in the bar it's a no-go. Generally excellent BBBJs and all the other positions. I always bring my own lube and condoms, although I saw at the Farmacias a good selection of condoms, but no lube. The chicas really like the lube and always want me to give them the tube, which I do at the end of my trip. Viagra was more expensive this trip, 4x100 mg pack for 1400 RD, about $40 US. I cut the pills in two with a special cutter and use the 50 mg dose, same effect without the headache.

Sosua is great even with intermittent power, cold showers, etc. Still lots of chicas to choose from and the town was a bit empty I think due to recent hurricane activity, or maybe just between tourist seasons. A buyer's market, I think. I am not a great negotiator and have limited Spanish skills, but I seem to do OK with the chicas I select.

I will post some photos within a day in the pictures gallery.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



09-28-04, 17:28

Nice report. Did we meet in Sosua? I think we may have. I agree with everything in the report save one issue. I agree that anyone who has been to Brazil or Columbia (or anywhere else for that matter) will be slightly dissapointed with the quality of the chicas in the DR. But.. you said that you prefered it to Cuba, and that's where you and I would have to split slightly.

Yes, Cuba is now a pain in the ass. Everything has to be done on the DL, and it's getting harder to find Casa Particulars that won't mind you and a chica. So, if you prefer the Terma style/ chicas are all located in one place that you can hang out in, then possibly the DR is the better of the two places. HOWEVER, Cuban girls blow the Chicas in the DR out of the water, no if ands or buts about it. They're 100X hotter, more of a GFE and cheaper to boot.

Thus I think it's important to let people on the board know that if you can speak a fair bit of Spanish. I'd take Cuba anyday even if it is a shadow of itself.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

09-28-04, 19:33
Here are some photos from the trip. Just before leaving I decided to purchase a cheap 1mp camera. I should have checked it first. Sorry for the shitty quality, it was OK in the day but horrible at night. But I think you'll all get a taste anyway. Seeing that I will not be returning to the DR anytime soon, I bid you all a farewell. And Eman if you are out there and see this PM me!

Blackbeard's Jacuzzi, It's awesome about 5 feet deep and large enough for 20 yes 20 people.

09-28-04, 19:34
Blackbeards Bar, with one of the finest chicas (THE OWNERS DAUGHTER) I saw on my whole trip. Off limits but did hear rumors that if you're young good looking and staying a while, you can have her too.

09-28-04, 19:35
My personal Jacuzzi in the Jacuzzi Suite room, well worth the extra $$.

09-28-04, 19:36
The large main pool.

09-28-04, 19:37
Mr. DC's negrita.

09-28-04, 19:38
Cute smile but a total non GFE.

09-28-04, 19:39
Tons of fun!

09-28-04, 19:40
Eman and a chica.

09-28-04, 19:41
Highlight of the trip. Trust me she's much hotter than these photos. Great in every way.

09-28-04, 19:43
Another bad shot of the "Highlight" I shit you not, this girl was a hottie and the only one that I'd give over a 6 in both looks and attitude.

09-28-04, 19:43
Brugal is a flowin. Blackbeards late night.

09-28-04, 19:45
My "Highlight", again sorry for the bad quality, but this girl was smokin.

09-28-04, 19:47
This was possibly one of the hottest chicas I saw in the DR. She's married, loyal to her man (who lives in Costambar) and even lets him take chica's on the side. It costs him, but it IS possible for an old not too rich gringo to retire to the DR and get a piece of ass like this with no children attached!

09-28-04, 19:50
The Penthouse at the Palace.

09-28-04, 19:51
View from the Palace rooftop.

09-28-04, 19:52
My GFE for the trip.

09-28-04, 19:53
A tiger in the sack.

09-28-04, 19:53
My threesome at Blackbeards.

09-29-04, 00:41
Ender, thanks for the good pics.

We may have met at some point, Sosua is not that big.

I agree with you that Cuban chicks are very hot and there is more variety too: plenty of white girls. They are definitely cheaper, I gave 20 usd to some of the 18 yo's that I hunted for TLN and they were very happy, and this was in Havana, the most expensive place to monger over there. Of course, I also met the hardcores who demanded 100 usd but I laughed at them. Why pay 100 usd for a hardcore when I could find sweeties for 20-30 usd?

I enjoyed my trip to Cuba and I'll go back, that's for sure. I only meant in my report that I've enjoyed more my recent trip to the North Coast that the one I did to Cuba. The police in Cuba was a real pain in the ass, I saw how they took away some girls away from mongers on some occasions. Can you imagine? You spend a few hours looking for a girl that you really like and these bastards come and take her away from you.

Fortunately it didn't happened to me, but I knew I might happen and I didn't feel confortable. As you know, the policemen in Havana are everywhere, you can't avoid them. Nothing will happen to you but they can fuck up your night steeling your girl.

At least in the DR you know no policeman will come to rob you of your hired pussy and you can stay in a proper hotel with different sheets and towels every day, and buy whatever you want in the supermarket, etc.

As a monger expereience, I'd rather go to the DR though I admit Cuba is great too.

09-29-04, 00:47
(This is the next chapter of my trip report. It is a long post, so if you don't like long posts skip it.)


Someone knocking on the door woke me up, I listened to a female voice, she was the chambermaid. I didn’t reply but just laid on my bed, inert, as if I was still sleeping. ‘Who knows? Maybe she was cute and I would fuck her later on during my trip’, I thought.

She saw I was still in and left, I stayed there resting for some time and then looked at the time: it was around 2 pm.

When I glanced at myself in the mirror I noticed I had a big mark on my neck, it was one of the bites from the Haitian Princess, I remembered that I had felt some bites in the middle of her wild performance. I would have to put some ice on it to make it disappear earlier –ice is the best treatment for girls’ bites- but even so it wouldn’t take less than 3-4 days.

I hate bites. I mean, I like feeling them in the heat of a passionate fuck but I definitely don’t like it when the mark stays on my neck.

I put on my swimming-trunks and walked to that gorgeous beach that I had seen the day before to have a swim and to take some beer for breakfast. The day was bright, the sky blue and the sea calm and warm.

On the beach some girls found me and chatted me up, they were fun to talk to. During our conversations I did some intelligence gathering, asking them about Sosua, about the scene. It doesn’t matter how many posts or how many internet sites you have researched: you always learn new stuff once you get to a sex paradise that you are not familiar with.

Time went by quickly, as it usually does in Sosua, and it was already dark when I left the beach.

Life looked smooth in this little town: excellent weather and beach, good beer, cheap prices and there were girls galore. Given that we can’t fuck 30 or 40 times a day we have to let most of the girls go, we have to be selective, we have to release our energy through only one, two or three of them each day. This is, in fact, the only problem that a monger has to face during a stay in a sex paradise: which girl to choose.

I knew Flamingo would open at 10 pm and I had already taken the decision that Deep Throat would be my first fuck of the day. I got there at about 10:30 pm and there was a show: a dog dancing between 2 poles.

I was going to call Deep Throat when I saw the light-skinned mulatta I had spotted the night before was there by herself, bored, she was the best-looking girl in that shithole so I chatted her up. I didn’t like her attitude, she was cold, unenthusiastic and distant, so I let her go and approached Deep Throat. She thanked me for going again and was as sweet as the previous night.

I asked her if the 1,000 pesos for one hour offer was still on, she smiled with her sluttish face and said it was. I paid the 500 pesos for the salida and we walked the long way from Flamingo up to the hotel Europa.

It was around 3-4 minutes into the BBBJ when I realised that Deep Throat was the natural name for that chick: she had that rare virtue of swallowing as deep as she could, she set targets for herself and she met them. I was falling in love with her, or to be more precise, with her prodigious mouth. She happened to be a great fuck too, so I enjoyed the hour. Her skin was smooth and slippery with sweat when we finished. I gave her 1,000 pesos and she left.

It was around midnight, I needed to eat something so went for some dinner, then on to the discos and at 3:30 am I made it to Fun Centre to give the second and last chance to the non-pro.

In sex paradises we really can’t afford to waste our time courting chicks, in sex paradises pussies are next to free, so if we decide to chase a non-pro is just to experience a cheap thrill, in a sense it is a favour that we are doing them so that they can dream for a while of getting a foreign boyfriend.

The Fun Centre non-pro was dressed to kill: tight jeans and nice shirt (i.e. good cleavage). However, she looked a bit serious and worried.

She asked me if I had enjoyed the night before, I replied I certainly had. I said I basically went for some drinks, some dancing and then to bed to sleep as I was a bit jetlagged because of the 9-hour flight – while I was talking to her I was facing her with my left side since on the right side of my neck was the bite, which appeared slightly above the collar of my shirt.

The non-pro said her friend (the street rat) told her that she had seen me the night before first with a black girl on a motoconcho, and later on with a different black girl on another motoconcho.

‘Fucking *****!’, I thought. I tried to talk my way out, explaining that the first one just was going in my direction, which was the truth, and regarding the second one I was sure her friend had seen someone else and she thought it was me. After all, last night the streets where in the dark more often than not, how could the street rat be sure that it was me? Has the rat got eagle’s eyesight? Not even eagles can see properly in the streets of Sosua at night.

The non-pro listened eagerly to me, but she looked unconvinced, she seemed to trust the rat’s version. She said she’d come to the disco with me and with her friend too, one of the other Fun Centre waitresses, which was proof that she was protecting herself against me.

We went to D’Latino and, as expected, she didn’t give up to my advances: she ran away from my pressure. I didn’t exercise a high-pressure swift attack but just a slow and hardly perceptible corporal progress till I came across the Chinese wall that she started to raise against my attempts. There was no doubt: she wasn’t into it, or at least she wasn’t into it that night, but that night was her last chance: she was wasting her last chance, maybe unaware of it. I had to let her go.

When she left I tried my luck with a couple of the pros in the disco, but I didn’t quite like their attitude, they seemed fully certified hardcores, potential starfish or even trouble makers. I drank the night away and went to sleep.

The following day before leaving the beach -it was getting dark again- I went to have a beer to one of the stalls that was still open. There were a few black Haitian girls around a table, but I couldn’t see them properly because it was dark, as dark as themselves. One of them came and sat on my lap, she said ‘hola’. I recognised the sweet voice of the Haitian Princess. I asked her: ‘Do you have ID today’. She said: ‘No, but I can borrow my friend’s today’.

She borrowed it and we spent the night together in my love nest. She left the next day at around 3 pm – she would have stayed as long as I wanted. I gave her 1,500 pesos and she put them in her purse without even checking how much it was. I knew I would meet her again.

In the afternoon I went past Fun Centre and the non-pro was there, she called me and said we should meet at some point again. I said: ‘Yes, sure’, just to be diplomatic, and she gave me her mobile phone number. I told her I’d phone her the next day, she said that would be great, that way we could talk. I didn’t phone her, I just took the decision to forget her: she was a time-waster.

Later on that day I recruited a 21 yo black girl for 1 hour in D’Latino for 1,000 pesos. She was cute and a good lay, but nothing special, only an average good lay.

The following day was business as usual: I hunted down a 19 yo schoolgirl, she said that she was studying at a secondary school in Cabarete, that she had lost 2 years of her studies because she married a 50-ish German expat when she was 17 yo, but now he had left her and she returned to her studies. I checked her ID and it wass true she was 19 yo, I am not sure if the rest of the story was true or just BS. Not that I care, anyway.

The schoolgirl was light-skinned, a bit chubby, but was doable and had that fresh look in her face, a sweet attitude and an immaculate skin: no scars, no stretch marks, firm and big natural tits. She was good value too: 1,000 pesos for almost 2 hours, after negotiations.

I let the schoolgirl go and it was already around 2 am, a good time to hit D’Latino, which was going strong at that time. I took a strategic position and started to scan the pussy landscape. There were several options but I finally decided to play safe and recruited again the Haitian Princess for a meaningful all night long relationship, which lasted till the afternoon of the following day as this chick never seemed to be in a hurry to leave.

At this stage of my trip I was already reaching a supreme state of happiness, I wasn’t a human being any more: I had become an omnipotent sex God who could choose who to fuck and when to fuck at my pleasure. I had no limitations.

I had already enjoyed a few pussies, I had got the phone numbers of quite a few more and I talked daily to some other new ones who appeared on the horizon.

In Sosua there was always the chance of new pussies turning up at any moment, from any direction, and I liked that feeling. It was a feeling of being overwhelmed by your surroundings, a feeling of anxiety to some extent, it was like a kind of Stendhal’s syndrome but caused not by the beauty of Florence’s works of art, but by the continuous presence of easy lays.

This was the fourth time that I experienced the Stendhal’s syndrome in a sex paradise. The first time was in Pattaya, the second in Phuket and the third in Rio. Sosua was starting to get into the list of holy places where your soul can fly free from mundane worries.

However, my sexpedition was only starting. The best was still to come.

And the worst was still to come too.

09-29-04, 01:02
Stendhal's syndrome (sten.DAWLZ sin.drum, -drohm) n. Dizziness, panic, paranoia, or madness caused by viewing certain artistic or historical artifacts or by trying to see too many such artifacts in too short a time. Also: Stendhal syndrome.


09-29-04, 01:03
Great trip reports Gladiator

And I loved the Stendhal's syndrome analogy.

Very apropos.


Silver Shadow
09-29-04, 03:29
Meeting a girl on the beach, on the street how do you get across
'no salidar:. I would like the $ to go to the girl, not to the bar. The bar may be a great place to meet chicas, but i would like to find the less-pro types. I'm okay for the massages, where it is all programmed, but I don't want to negotiate for the short-timers. Any advice?

09-29-04, 03:47
Silver Shadow wrote:

Meeting a girl on the beach, on the street how do you get across
'no salidar:. I would like the $ to go to the girl, not to the bar. The bar may be a great place to meet chicas, but i would like to find the less-pro types. I'm okay for the massages, where it is all programmed, but I don't want to negotiate for the short-timers. Any advice?

Well my experiences in Sosua never involved paying the "exit fee" I have pulled chicas out of the discos and off of the beaches. If you really have to have one of the "Bar" chicas but do not want to pay the fees...talk to the chica and tell her what you are trying to do.,

Ask her if she will meet you at your hotel room later.

I have had some leave the bar and come meet me at the Europa.

But in all honest the salida is not that expensive when you compare it to NYC prices for poon.

Hope this helps.


China Monger
09-29-04, 04:21
I plan to fly to POP this weekend. I think I'll arrive friday afternoon about 2:00pm. I have never been there before but based on the reports I'm thinking about staying at the Palace in Sosua. I would appreciate any suggestions for other places to stay. Also PM me if your interested in getting together for a beer/rum and some local mongering.

Member #2128
09-29-04, 07:32
Gladiator writes:

<<<At this stage of my trip I was already reaching a supreme state of happiness, I wasn’t a human being any more: I had become an omnipotent sex God who could choose who to fuck and when to fuck at my pleasure. I had no limitations.>>>

Monger Nirvana!

Gladiator, where were you staying in Sosua? Did I miss that?


China Monger
09-29-04, 18:28
When people are referring to the "Palace" hotel, is actually the "Pier Giorgio Palace Hotel" ? I don't want to make reservations to the wrong place. Does anyone recommend any hotel over that in Sosua?

Thanks for the help.


Init Ass 4
09-29-04, 18:30
Ender, that's a nice pic of Darlynis aka "Sosua Hottie."


09-29-04, 19:00
re China
No those places has absoulutely nothing in common. The Piergiorgio place is a very expensive upscale hotel that don't allow any chicas.

The Jayman
09-30-04, 01:54
(Big-Time "Thank You" to Cheese, Franklin Tank, and El Drunko for many of the pictures used in this report as well as the camaraderie on this most historic trip)

On the phone all week and GLUED to the Weather Channel we just keep clicking that mouse and hoping. Up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and head straight for the computer. Flight is ON TIME so to the airport we go. Check in is quick and the flight is ON TIME!

Sitting on board we can’t believe our luck. Flights were canceled the last 2 days and we are sure we will get cancelled or at least a nice fat delay, but push-back is only about 15 minutes late and into the skies we go.

It takes them longer then usual to head down the isle with the beverage cart but I get my Jack and coke and settle in for the 3 and a half hour flight. A decent breakfast sandwich is served and a shitty movie on board but the JD is flying out of my carry-on and I’m feeling fine.

Off the plane and I used some words of wisdom that I got from you guys and skip filling out the card and head straight to the counter with my 10 bucks. They have cards for us and give it and our passports a quick stamp and to the baggage carousel we go.

I grab my suitcase, and with another 10 spot in hand, head for the shortest line and get the obligatory “10 bucks – no problemo” line. Jesus is waiting outside and I chain smoke 2 or 3 cigs waiting for my buddy X-ray. 10 or 15 quick minutes and we stop at Judy’s for some pesos.

37.20 DR to 1 US.

Next Stop? Paradise. We get to the Palace about 1:45 and the regular crew is here. Soroangi and Mercedes 1, Elizabeth and Mercedes 2, Wendy and a couple of others but where in the hell is Marilyn?

That’s ok cause me and X-ray have got a lot of work to do before El Drunko gets here. I open up the rooms (El Drunko’s too) and start to set up the bar and the sex swing. I have people running all over town. Need OJ, Coke and ice. Hey get some ice for my room too. Put a half dozen water bottles in all 3 rooms and don’t forget a case of El Presidentes! Pepsi and snacks. Anybody need chickens?

The chicas are in and out of our rooms and they spy the 1.75 liter of Bailies and the dollar store crap that we brought. “Sure, you can have as much as ya want so long as you take your tops off”

I fill a small cooler with Presidentes and ice and send Jesus back to the airport for El Drunko.

We finish up our work and I want to take a walk up to the Blue Dolphin to find my friends that flew down a couple of days ago. Big surprise – they’re in La Passions Bar – HOLA!

A couple of drinks but it’s hotter then hell so back to the Palace and into the pool we go. The chicas follow us in and it’s me, X-ray and 4 chicas in various stages of undress floating in paradise. We had a ball playing with their tits and drinking some cocktails.

HEY WAIT A MINUTE – HAPPY HOUR! It’s my first so I figure I better grab a couple of pros and decide on Mercedes 1 and Sorongi. Very Fun ! !

El Drunko’s later then hell but he rolls in about 5 or 5:30 and has 2 friends in tow. BIG HOLA OUT TO CHEESE AND FRANKLIN TANK! (a couple of long term lurkers who are a friggin BLAST to hang with!)

Things get a little foggy here but we just hang around drinking and messin with the chicas.

We end up back at La Passions and I get a tour of the facilities. 1000 pesos for a back rub? Sure, why not? She does a pretty good job but I flip over quick and get a VERY NICE BBBJ. A nice little back rub after but I'm in a rush, I gotta go and find my friends.

Back to the Palace and more cocktails. Guys are in and out. Mi amigo ••••••••• is there, Blanco Wayne and Negro Wayne, jd_mine stops by and yells at us for not heading to the beach to find him. Lou flew in with El Drunko so we knew the Shark bar was closed so no beach for us. Sorry man !

Come and check out our bar. El Drunko’s mixing drinks for EVERYONE!

Well I don’t know how, but I end up in the sack with Wendy and pop for the third time. Damn Jayman, you a stud or sumthin? Yeah sumthin.

I kick Wendy out and take a little nap and when I reemerge at the Palace Bar there’s Marilyn! Hola, Mi Amor! Ok back to the Bedroom and it’s Boom Boom time again.

I’ve got no chance at busting a nut but had a blast for and hour and a half. Somehow we all end up out at El Toro’s for dinner.

Get the shrimp! It’s outstanding. El Drunko wanders in at the end of the meal and we bound back towards the Palace.

I have no idea of the time now but we somehow end up at the Flamingo.

Now keep in mind that I HATE the Flamingo but we had a friggin ball!

It’s like anywhere in Sosua. It’s a dump unless you are with a GREAT group of guys, which I WAS!

WHAT A GREAT CREW WE HAD FOR THIS RUN! I have never laughed so hard.

Drinks are flowing and FRANKLIN TANK ends up on stage doing a strip show for us


(My kinda guy - Hey Tropic Bob, You'd love him !)

I spy a cutie I want and grab her Toda le noche. We head back to the Palace and El Drunko is still working the Bar so he pours me a stiff one and I head for the pool with my cutie. El Drunko looks a little lonely so I use my best Spanish and tell my chica that “Mi amigo necesita a chica por favor!” She grabs her cell phone and 5 minutes later 2 chicas come rolling into the Palace. We all hop in the pool and eventually end up in my room and me and El Drunko play a nice game of “Round Robin” with the 3 chicas taking turns blow'n us.

Boom-Boom Time and I need some sleep! What a day ! What a Country!

Init Ass 4
09-30-04, 11:49

This is my GFE.

Init Ass 4
09-30-04, 11:53

Here is another one of my GFE or should I say, NOVIA.


Init Ass 4
09-30-04, 11:55

One more for the GFE.

09-30-04, 17:54
It was most recently in the 34-35 range.

Keep in mind that even though prices have doubled since the peso hit a 54 range high earlier this year and now it is back down to where it was over a year ago, history should repeat itself.

We should see a climb by year end.


10-01-04, 00:39
Member #2128, I stayed at the Europa.

China Monger
10-01-04, 02:56
I'm having some trouble finding the contact info for the Residencia in Sosua. I'm planing on leaving in the morning. I would appreciate it if anyone could give the the phone number. Thanks


Norm Paperman
10-01-04, 13:51

You are way off on your exchange rates, as of Oct 1, 1USD gets 34 pesos, very low rate, I will be going down in Nov, my fourth trip this year and proabaly my last. The exchange rates will have to go back up, or a lot of guys will be going to other places.

China Monger
10-01-04, 15:38
About 5:00a this morning as I was getting ready to leave for the airport to fly to Puerto Plata, my buddy called and said he was sick and couldn't go. I think he was just scared of flying in a small plane from Florida to the Dominican Republic. So I didn't end up going this time. After reading many reports and receiving several helpful pm’s I was really looking forward to spending a few days in Sosua.

I’ll plan another trip soon, if anyone (who isn’t afraid of flying in a private plane) would like to make a trip pm me. I fly out of central Florida. Any of the mongering destinations in the Caribbean would be possible trips.


10-01-04, 20:03
Norm Paperman wrote:
Mister, You are way off on your exchange rates, as of Oct 1, 1USD gets 34 pesos, very low rate, I will be going down in Nov, my fourth trip this year and proabaly my last. The exchange rates will have to go back up, or a lot of guys will be going to other places.

............Norm, I'm beginning to think that I was right in the "sweet spot" when I was down in the DR in July!

Somedays, I was getting 53 to 1 from an exchange house in Santo Domingo, and I'm not so sure we'll being seeing that again anytime soon. If the restaurants, grocery stores (and chicas) don't start adjusting their prices to reflect the effect of the soaring peso you are correct, things are going to be getting real pricey - real fast!

You'll be doing better getting a meal in the Cayman Islands! (lol) :)

...... and for those of you (and you know who you are) that help your chicas stock up on groceries when you arrive or before you leave - those little trips to the supermercado are going to start to cost you more than pocket change!


Grand Pollo
10-01-04, 23:26
Speaking of being way off it is around 29-31 right now.

Truly amazing for a country with a negative trade balance and unmanageable US denominated debt up the hoop at about a million percent interest.

Rumours abound of hoarding dollars while selling overpriced (and perhaps borrowed) pesos at 29 then when the fall happens and it is 55 to one there is nearly 100% profit to be made buying pesos for US$ again.

Some cambios are only buying US$, e.g. selling RD$ and not selling US$ right now and the last time that went on it was 55:1 after a while.

The DR1 dot com website (non-competing with this one here so relax your sphincters) has near daily posts of residents exchange rates and generally pretty good info about travel and so on, interspersed with way too much stupid sankie talk and AI report types but it is a good real time source of actual rates (vs. Oanda or Yahoo for example).

10-02-04, 07:08
(This is the next part of my trip report.)


National Hurricane Centre, Miami:

'A Hurricane Warning remains in effect for the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic from Cabrera southward to Isla Saona. A Tropical Storm Warning and a Hurricane Watch remain in effect along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic west of Cabrera to Puerto Plata and along the southern coast of the Dominican Republic from Isla Saona westward to Santo Domingo.

Maximum sustained winds are near 70 mph, 110 km/hr, with higher gusts. Some strengthening is possible once the center of Jeanne reaches the Atlantic and it could become a hurricane later tonight or Thursday. Storm surge flooding of 1 to 3 feet above normal tide levels along with large and dangerous battering waves can be expected near and to the right of where the center makes landfall. Rainfall accumulations of 8 to 12 inches with isolated higher amounts can be expected near the path of Jeanne. These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.'

The Haitian Princess left the room, I was 1,500 pesos poorer, I opened a can of Presidente and looked through the window: the weather was crappy, it was raining heavily.

It rained on and off all day, going to the beach was out of the question.

I couldn’t believe it was already Wednesday, 5 nights had already passed since I arrived and I hadn’t even realised of it. I hadn’t been aware of the time factor: I had been trapped in the present, there had been no space for the past or the future in my mind over the last 5 days. Now, for the first time, I started to think about the future: I thought about Jeanne.

At night I did the routine round through the bars and discos, ending up as usual at D’Latino.

The Haitian Princess was there and came to say hello, I spoke to her briefly and told her I needed some new pussy that night and she was understanding.

I had my radar turned on, I took a position where I could easily see the door so that I couldn’t miss any new pussy entering the place: I was scanning the existing pussies and at the same time fully concentrated on any new developments at the door.

In the night sea I could see sharks, piranhas, jellyfish and even a couple of whales, but I was looking for a dolphin.

The door opened and two new chicks appeared in the scene, they were good-looking and I had never seen them before. They made their way to the other side of the disco and I chased them like a predator watching the movements of potential preys.

I chatted them up. They were from Puerto Plata and said they visited Sosua from time to time. Both of them looked nice, one was 20 yo and the other 22 yo and they said they were sisters. I chose the 20 yo and asked her for the price for 1-2 hours.

The opening price was 1,500 pesos, so I had to start negotiations and after a while we reached an agreement at 1,000 pesos. We went out of the disco and the motoconcho guys surrounded us like flies, we took one of them and went to the hotel.

She turned out to be a cold fish, so it wasn’t a memorable experience, it was a mere physical release.

In the night sea of all sex Meccas there are always cold fish in addition to the other species. I try to avoid them, I try to set up a tight net and let in just dolphins, but somehow occasionally cold fish and other undesirable specimens manage to make their way through. No net is perfect.

National Hurricane Centre, Miami:

'A Hurricane Warning remains in effect in the Dominican Republic from Puerto Plata to Isla Saona. A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect along the north coast of Hispaniola from le mole St Nicholas to west of Puerto Plata and from Isla Saona to Santo Domingo. A Hurricane Watch remains in effect along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic from west of Puerto Plata westward to Monte Cristi and along the southern coast of the Dominican Republic from Isla Saona westward to Santo Domingo.

Maximum sustained winds are near 75 mph, 120 km/hr, with higher gusts. Jeanne is expected to weaken to a tropical storm later today as a result of its encounter with Hispaniola. Storm surge flooding of 1 to 3 feet above normal tide levels along with large and dangerous battering waves can be expected along the north coast of the Dominican Republic today. Rainfall accumulations of 9 to 13 inches with isolated higher amounts can be expected over the Dominican Republic. These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mud slides.

Isolated tornadoes are possible over Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic today.'

The sound of heavy rain woke me up, it really was pouring, but I stayed in bed for some more time.

Later in the day the rain stopped and there was even some sunshine, I decided to go for a swim in the late afternoon but when I was on the beach some dark clouds covered the sky and it started to rain again.

I had to run to one of the stalls that was still open and busy to avoid the downpour. There were several girls at the stall, but all of them were already taken. Some Dominican music was playing in the background and the atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed.

The downpour was more and more intense and strong winds were also developing, blowing over some of the sun beds. Mongers and girls laughed at it and I found it funny too.

For a moment I thought an unstable stall by the sea was possibly the worst place to be during a hurricane, but on the other hand Jeanne wasn’t supposed to reach its peak over Sosua till the early morning hours, and it was still around 6 pm so I didn’t feel any real threat.

The rain stopped after some time and I took a motoconcho to the hotel.

When I did the compulsory inspection in the hookers’ bars and discos that night I noticed there were fewer girls than usual, the scene had been affected by the imminent arrival of Jeanne, though there were still a number of options available.

In D’Latino I spotted a girl that I really liked, a real Superpussy, a solid 8 on the Richter scale of beauty, I attacked her as soon as she appeared in my field of vision. She was 19 yo, shortish peroxide blond hair and a beautiful face and petite body. But she was a hardcore, she tried all the tricks in the trade: ‘I have the period and can’t fuck tonight’, ‘I need 5,000 pesos to buy a cell phone’, ‘I have flu and can’t suck either because I cough frequently’, etc.

I was disappointed, she was really cute but her attitude was utter shit, so I had to drop her of my target list. I am not sure what her agenda was, other mongers tried their luck with her too and ended up letting her go. I guess she was already getting some Western Union income from a few suckers and was now just trying to find new unsuspecting idiots who would be willing to give her some money without penetrating any of her sacred holes.

I had wasted over half an hour with her, fondling her sculptural bum and tits, and I was extremely horny but it was already around 5 am, there weren’t many options left apart from the usual hardcores. I decided to call it a night and went back to the hotel.

On my way back in the motoconcho I noticed it was raining slightly and it was windy.

Once in my room I got the bottle of Brugal anejo and started to evaluate the situation: it had been my first pussyless day in Sosua, something had gone wrong. I analysed my movements during the day and realised that it had been a shit day, there had been definitely fewer pussies around, the number of options had been indeed limited. It wasn’t my fault, it was Jeanne’s fault.

Anyway, having a day off during a 14-night sex odyssey is not a major tragedy, it helps you to recover energy, recharge and be able to face the following days with more stamina.

The following morning the loud rain prevented me from sleeping again, it looked even noisier, and the winds were really strong: Jeanne was at last here.

At some point in the afternoon it stopped raining and I went out for a walk. It was the day of devastation: some trees and branches were down, windows had been broken and pieces of glass were in the streets and, worst of all, ATM’s were down too.

I checked the 3 or 4 ATM’s around the hotel Europa and they were out of service and the banks were closed too. Fortunately, I had taken some traveller checks as a backup, so I had to resort to them to keep going.

The scene was still *****less, except for the handful of hardcores at Domino and similar bars.

It was pouring almost all the time. I had dinner at the Europa while listening to the rain, I didn’t even want to venture out of the hotel. I did a quick head count and there were around 20 flies on the table, the dinner was good though. I noticed a fly was swimming within my bottle of Presidente and asked the waiter for another bottle.

I phoned a couple of pussies from the hotel with no success, apparently the phone lines were down too because of the hurricane.

This was a terrible situation, if the last night had been bad tonight would be even worse in terms of pussies per square metre.

At midnight it was still raining, there wasn’t even any motoconcho in front of Domino, I started to walk with my umbrella towards the discos. It was completely dark and there were a lot of fallen branches on the pavement. I walked slowly, so that I could feel on my feet if there was something on my way, I couldn’t see anything at all. I hadn’t walked this way since I was in the army around 10 years ago and had to do some night training.

There were some deep pools of water on the pavement too and I went through them, my feet were soaked. I got first to D’Classico but it was closed, D’Latino was open so I got in.

The place was dead. To my surprise there were quite a few mongers there but only 3 free pussies. One of them was the rat that had revealed my night activities to the Fun Centre non-pro, I wouldn’t fuck that rat even if I got paid for it. She was with 2 friends, who were quite uninspiring too.

I couldn’t believe it: it was a pussyless landscape. The night went on and no doable pussy turned up. There was even a fight between some guys later in the night, but they were kicked out by the security staff.

I had to call it a night again and left for the hotel. There were no motoconchos outside so I had to walk all my way back, in the dark, in the middle of the rain and slightly drunk. The way back was still worse than when I came to the disco. I didn’t see a single soul, just the outlines of a few stray dogs.

The power cut caused by the incessant rain had also affected the hotel Europa, the generator was down and I had to walk in the dark too through the swimming-pool area and into my room, where I lit some candles, before starting my nightly meeting with Mr Brugal Anejo – I always take candles in my trips as I love having sex under their light.

I re-evaluated the situation: this was definitely a major disaster: 2 pussyless days in a row! This had never happened to me in any of my past sex odysseys! This was a fucking shit! Jeanne was really fucking up the scene!

I thought it was true I had spotted some girls: the Domino hardcores, etc, but they were crap, not that I was looking for supermodels but I definitely wasn’t willing to pay for having sex with girls that I wouldn’t normally fuck for free in my hometown. Some guys seemed very happy picking them up, though.

Jeanne was fucking up my sexpedition, a major disaster had already taken place and I was sad. I started to think that maybe Sosua wasn’t really a holy place, this sort of shit would never happen in Thailand, or at least it had never happened to me. Thailand had regular and relatively stable weather patterns, no hurricanes.

I also admitted that I had underestimated Jeanne, I should have recruited a reliable pussy as soon as Jeanne appeared on the horizon, and keep her all the way through -she would have been my insurance policy. That’s what I’ll do next time. This was my first hurricane during a sexpedition, so I miscalculated, I made a mistake and thought it would be business as usual, but it wasn’t. I took note, learnt the lesson and accepted the losses.

When I went out the following day there was a blue sky, it was bright and there seemed to be more pussies than ever on the streets. Jeanne was gone. I could hunt at my pleasure now. The worst had already passed.

Life started to smile at me again.

10-02-04, 16:48
Grand Pollo wrote:
......Truly amazing for a country with a negative trade balance and unmanageable US denominated debt up the hoop at about a million percent interest.

........ Grand Pollo you are correct. If you have good sources that suggest that the exchange rate is around 29RDP to 1 USD right now, then this has got to be one of the most overpriced currencies on the planet!

This is clearly a case of unrealistic enthusiasm for the newly elected Fernandez administration. Given the economic instability of the country, at 29 to 1 the peso should be set to "crater" soon.


10-02-04, 21:44
Exchange rates...

When talking about FX, you have to consider what you get on the street and what you get in the market.

The peso is about 31.50 to 1 USD on the street (local banks in DR, exchange houses, etc.) and in the FX market, it is around 28 to 1.

It's simple...the local DR places are taking advantage of the low official market rate by offering better prices for the dollar to attract more.


10-03-04, 01:30

I will be planing a trip to the DR in the next couple of weeks. I have seen many www sites such as listed on the forum www site for online ticket booking and have even been to priceline to look for cheap tickets.

My only problem is that all of the carriers seem to land in SDQ not PP making me trip to Sosua a bit longer as I would have to take a bus from what I understand.

Can anyone recomend another www site that seems to be the norm for travel to PP.



10-03-04, 06:38
(Next chapter of my trip report)


While I was walking on the beach I came across the Haitian Princess. The sunlight made her black skin look even more beautiful and attractive. I had to fuck her again. I told her I was going to visit a non-pro that worked in one of the stalls and I would meet her in one hour, at 3 pm.

I had met the beach non-pro a few days back, before the Jeanne nightmare, and I was now in the process of finding out if she was really interested in visiting my bedroom. She was very beautiful, 19 yo and somehow mysterious.

I wasn’t really sure of her status: in principle I had classified her as a non-pro as that’s what she claimed to be, but I had observed in previous days that many beach pussies said they were non-pros when in fact they were fully certified pros and even hardcores. Others were more straightforward and revealed their true status.

In any case, in third world sex paradises there is always a thin line between pros and non-pros.

One thing was clear: the beach non-pro wasn’t the Virgin Mary, by the way she dealt with male customers I could see that she had some mileage under her belt.

I told her we should meet one day for a drink, she said that would be fine but she would prefer that I went to her house first to meet her family, she invited me for dinner with her parents and sisters. I didn’t like the idea very much but she insisted that she wouldn’t go out with me till I met her family. I thought that might end up being just another waste of time with a difficult non-pro or, still worse, some sort of scam. Anyway, I told her I would go and meet her parents at some time within the following days. I just left the option open.

The Haitian Princess was on time in our meeting point and we went straight to my room for a wild sex session. I badly needed it. Jeanne had kept me on a diet for 2 days and now I was in my room with my favourite girl. She was there, on the bed, looking straight at my eyes, smiling and with her legs slightly open. I thought I was at last back on track.

Sex with the Haitian Princess was as fulfilling as usual. She was shortish, slim and light, easy to handle, smooth skin and an ever-smiling fresh and beautiful face. Most importantly, she was into it and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. We had a long and exhausting session.

I told her I wanted to stay all night with her and she was happy to hear that.

She asked me about the beach non-pro. I explained to her that I had met this chick a few days back but it was taking time to fuck her because she said she didn’t normally go out with tourists: she wasn’t a ‘puta’, she was a decent girl.

The Haitian Princess laughed and replied that was BS, she said all girls in Sosua went out with tourists one way or another, there were no exceptions.

This reminded me of some notes that I had in the DR dossier that I had compiled during my preliminary research before my trip. These notes contained some remarks written by the eminent professor *******, the top authority on the subject of ‘Puterio Dominicano’.

According to professor *******, every single girl that you see in Sosua is a girl that you can eventually fuck if you take the appropriate approach. Professor *******, after his extensive research programme, theorized that you can fuck any girl you want in Sosua, you only need to guess what the best method is to get her into your bedroom: a simple economic offer would suffice for most of them but a more subtle methodology could be necessary for the self-proclaimed non-pros, and you might have to be patient enough to chase them for 1 or 2 days before fucking them. This was the Theory of Zero Resistance.

The Theory of Zero Resistance was now being confirmed by the Haitian Princess, who was convinced, after living for some time in Sosua, that all girls in this town were up for grabs.

The Haitian Princess went on and explained to me that the self-proclaimed non-pros were eventually the most expensive hookers in the town for the unsuspecting tourists: their mothers tended to get sick, their sons had a delicate health too, some outstanding hospital bills would arise and their tourist-boyfriends would have to pay up in the end.

Thanks God we live in a high-tech world, so the non-pros would be able to keep in contact with their array of tourist-boyfriends by email and Western Union.

The Haitian Princess stated in a sad tone: ‘There is no love here, it’s all just about sex and money’.

I was impressed with her sincerity. Not that this was news to me, but I had never heard it before in such clear terms from a pro.

I told her that I was aware of the game, that I knew the non-pros trap, that I acted as if I was a potential victim with non-pros, I made them believe I was a sucker, I eventually fucked them and I finally left them.

The non-pros game is an easy (and cheap) game if you know how to play it. I had played it before in Thailand and I was now having a go at it again in Sosua, but due to its small size Sosua was maybe a more difficult environment as the non-pros could easily find out that you sleep around and get suspicious about your motives.

The Haitian Princess started to laugh out laud, she was very happy to hear that there were some bastards around like me deceiving the non-pros and outsmarting them. After all, the non-pros were indirect competition for her so any damage that they suffered was welcome.

She confessed that she also tried the usual tricks whenever she met a sucker. She said she was currently getting money from 2 suckers. One of them sent her 2,000 US$ a few weeks ago. She couldn’t believe it when she saw the amount. By the emotional way in which she spoke I believe it’s true.

She said that one is the most stupid bloke she’s ever met: he believes everything she tells her, he thinks she’s not fucking around any more. ‘How could I live without having sex?’, she said.

I loved the Haitian Princess. Not only was she an excellent fuck but she was also honest with me and fun.

Later in the night we went out to party. We danced the night away. One of her friends joined us. I enjoyed dancing with two pussies around, they were both hot. I thought about recruiting her friend too, but finally preferred to concentrate only on one pussy on that night.

We got back to the hotel at around 6 am, quite drunk and tired. We just slumped down onto the bed and fell asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later: we were both there, still with our clothes on, next to each other. I got up, took off my clothes and went back to the bed to continue sleeping. A while after that I heard the Haitian Princess was taking her clothes off too. She came next to me and started to kiss my neck while she was falling asleep again.

When we woke up in the afternoon we had sex again and she left at around 3 pm. She had been with me for about 24 hours. It had been fantastic. I gave her the usual 1,500 pesos and she left. There was no doubt: she was one of those rare gems that you occasionally come across.

I started to sip some Presidente while looking through the window, it was a gorgeous day again.

The holy city was brightened up by sunshine, it was Sunday and the atmosphere looked more relaxed than usual.

By taking the Haitian Princess for one complete day I had saved myself some work, I hadn’t done any hunting in the last 24 hours, but it was now time to resume my activities. It was time to venture out and hunt new specimens, to conquer new territory, to find out what else the DR had to offer.

10-03-04, 23:48
(next chapter of my trip report)

5th part: the sinner

i visited the beach non-pro, she was wearing some tight jeans, her bum was first-class. she was cheerful and flirty and i decided to launch an all-out attack, i couldn’t afford to waste any more time with this non-pro.

i told her i was going that night to cabarete and i wanted her to come with me. as expected she came up with the fucking introduction to her parents before we could go out, i replied i’d meet her parents the following day but tonight we should meet and go to cabarete. she left for the kitchen as she had some work to do.

she came back after a while and said she’d like to come with me but she was feeling unwell because of flu, so wouldn’t be able to make it, and suddenly started to cough, a clearly fake cough like the one that a few days ago superpussy had suffered too in d’latino. apparently flu and cough is the standard excuse for some of sosua’s worst timewasters. i guess that she may have been already booked for that night with another tourist.

i said there would be no problem, we would meet another day. but i didn’t speak to her any more, i had only 5 nights left in paradise and couldn’t afford to play games.

at around midnight i went round to the taxis parked opposite the petrol station and asked the first driver i met for the price to cabarete. he quoted 150 pesos, it looked reasonable to me so i accepted the quote and we left.

i had spent 9 days without going out of sosua and now, for the first time, i was about to extend my field of action, i was heading beyond the limits of the known universe.

the road was in a dreadful condition, the driver liked speeding up, no one seemed to follow the most basic traffic rules, the car didn’t have safety-belt (the driver said it wasn’t necessary for taxis). some guys by the road were picking up the leftovers of a car that seemed to have suffered a head-on collision. the trip was thrilling but surprisingly i got to cabarete in one piece. it looked to me as if i had been born again: i was a survivor.

i paid the driver and got into las brisas. the place wasn’t busy, there were very few girls, and not too appealing. i spotted one that might be fine and struck up a conversation. she was sweet, non-hardcore and looked ok, not a stunner but just ok, she could fit the job. we went out of las brisas into the beach, near the sea. it was a wonderful night with a clear sky. it looked like paradise. i started to stroke her hair and bum, which was shapely and firm. i loved feeling that good bum under the stars.

then we got back to las brisas, it was still dead. i told her it was my first time in cabarete so i wanted to look around to check out the other bars on the beach. she said she’d come with me, but i replied i’d prefer to go by myself, i’d go back to las brisas later. i just wanted to see if there was a better pussy around and left her as an option in case there wasn’t any.

i checked all the other beach bars, bambu disco and also chiringuito but all were dead. it was sunday night, not the busiest day of the week.

i went back to las brisas girl and asked her the price for one hour, she quoted 1,500 pesos plus taxi back from sosua. i started to negotiate but it was tough to bring that down, she said cabarete girls charged usually more than their sosua counterparts and wouldn’t accept anything less than that. from what i saw she’d rather go home empty-handed than lowering her price. she wasn’t very happy about having to go to sosua either.

despite the toughness of the negotiations she was sweet and cool all the way through, which showed me she was most probably a good girl, a girl with good attitude who wouldn’t disappoint me in the bedroom. we finally reached an agreement at 1,500 pesos for one hour and she would pay the taxi back from her 1,500 pesos.

we took one of the shared taxis towards sosua that was passing along the road when we left the disco. we got in at the back, there were 7 people in the taxi, 3 at the front and 4 at the back. around 5 minutes later it stopped and one more person got in the front, that is, 8 people in total in the taxi, which was a smallish car. it was good value, though, at just 20 pesos per person.

once in the room i started to undress her and when i took off her bra i noticed a small piece of paper fell onto the bed, i took it and saw there was something written on it. i was surprised and started to unfold it while asking her what it was. she said it was a prayer to the blessed virgin mary. i read a bit and it was actually a prayer. i couldn’t help laughing.

it doesn’t matter how many countries you’ve visited or how many times you have mongered: you will always find new and surprising situations. a prayer to the blessed virgin mary within the bra of a hooker was the last thing that i expected to find on that night.

she said she was a practising christian and always kept the prayer with her as a protection against the possible dangers of the night. her husband had died recently and she had had to resort to the oldest profession to support her child. she knew what she was doing was morally wrong but prayed regularly for forgiveness.

before she started to get too emotional i directed her thoughts towards what had taken us to my bedroom, and she was responsive and behaved well between the sheets. a fantastic oral session followed by a great fuck.

there was no doubt: she was a sinner. i don’t think she’ll ever make her way to heaven if she keeps sucking dicks so masterfully. only the doors of hell are open to the best cock-suckers.

i paid her and she left. i hoped the prayer in her tits would at least serve to get her back to cabarete in one piece.

it was about 3 am, the night was still young so i hit d’latino to have a few glasses of brugal anejo, listen to some music and check out the pussies. none of them appealed particularly to me so after a serious drinking session i returned to my room.

it had been a fruitful day: i woke up with my favourite girl, i sunbathed and swam in the sea, i attacked the beach non-pro and ruled her out and, finally, i fucked a christian from cabarete.

the holy city was getting deeper and deeper within my heart, i was falling in love with this place, with its sunshine and its smell, which was the smell of sex.

10-04-04, 07:12

Was wondering if anyone knows where to get cheap flights from the west coast to the DR..SDQ. I have looked at the flights to PP but they are way to high price for me.

I have checked most of the www sites like priceline but still around 500 looking for cheaper so SDQ. Also would like to land in PP if possible, any advice?



10-04-04, 12:32

Great reports. Your style is excellent, not many can write that way.

"This was the fourth time that I experienced the Stendhal’s syndrome in a sex paradise. The first time was in Pattaya, the second in Phuket and the third in Rio. Sosua was starting to get into the list of holy places where your soul can fly free from mundane worries."

2 questions:

1) Please explain shortly the original Stendhal's Syndrome

2) All the 4 places compared: With your experience: can you list the plus and minus of each town, e.g. regarding non-pro behaviour, cost, atmosphere.

Much work (I know), but you know: Capabilities create responsibilities! ;-))

Have fun

Robert, Vienna

10-04-04, 22:37

Any places to run or work out in Sosua?

Silver Shadow
10-05-04, 02:35

I looked up "swallow" in my Spanish-American dictionary, and got "golondrina" , the definition for our evening bird.

If I said "golondrina" at a crucial moment, she would probably say, "Donde?"

Anyone know the correct term?

10-05-04, 04:54
Use some slang with the chica and say something like trago after you bust in her mouth or toma mamita...

They will get the jist of what you are trying to accomplish.

However I fail to see the fascination with making these chicas swallow your cum...I am happy if they catch it in their mouths they don't have to swallow it afterwards.

But to each their own...


10-05-04, 09:19

Is it you doing the flying or do you hire someone, or is it a Private Airline company. Honestly, I think folks are a little afraid of the small private airlines because of "SAFETY ISSUES", and whether they have any, like the big airlines. Remember what happened to the Star Singer Aelia. She died in a plane crash because they plane was over loaded, since the Record company did not want to hired two planes.

NOW that is a Major Star, so then how will we "UNKNOWS" fair.

Besides we as American always need someone to "SUE". IT IS THE MONEY FACTOR .... AND WHO WILL PROVIDE FOR THE FAMILY AFTER "I/WE" Are GONE !!!! I think flying out of Flordia on a private plane is a great idea, but I would be scared TOO !!!!

I have on Major Airlines, Prop Link planes, especially to upper Michigan, and those Sky King type planes scsare me. They are like an Amusement Park ride. Your friend has a GooD Point.

ALSO, your PM is full, and bounces pm's back.

10-05-04, 13:23
Silver Shadow since you asked:

- the verb "to swallow" is tragar.

- the command "swallow it!" is



Carlos Primeros
10-05-04, 16:21
Can somebody give me please the e-mail address of the Palace in Sosua. I need to book a room, Blackbeards did not answer my request for a booking.

Thank you


10-05-04, 18:43
[Email Address deleted by Admin]

Have fun! One or 2 chicas will escort you to your room and show you the ropes. (bbbj and more)!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

B J Lover
10-05-04, 18:48
Email John at:


David at Blackbeards usually responds in 24 hours - no fail. I've always had responses from him, so give him a day.

10-05-04, 19:46
China Monger,

I am interested in a trip, tried to PM you but your box is full.

Let me know when you clear it out. Thanks!

10-06-04, 01:17
Who will be around in the next 2 weeks? What are your dates? Where are you staying at?


10-06-04, 02:18
(Next chapter of my trip report)


In the afternoon I was still sleeping on my bed, partially covered by a sheet. My mind began to move toward consciousness slowly, till I finally became aware that it was a new day.

Waking up in the holy city was always a smooth transition, like getting out of a dream and immersing yourself into another.

I sat on the beach as the sun beamed down and then went for a swim. From the sea I could see the palms, the mountains and the sun-god in the middle of a blue sky.

There was magic in the air.

During the day I spoke to some girls here and there, but didn’t find the flower that I was looking for.

Like a Thai butterfly, I flew at random from one place to the next in search of the tastiest nectar.

Time went by quickly and it was around midnight when I got out of the hotel again to start my night out. I didn’t walk much and visited first the Haligali bar.

I had been at this bar before and had spoken to some of the girls, they looked young, fun and deserved some attention. The chick I liked most wasn’t there, but there were 3 others, although one of them was already taken.

The available girls were Big Tits and the Angel. I’d had a chat already with them on several occasions other days, in the same way as I had chatted dozens of other girls, but I hadn’t had the pleasure to fully enjoy them yet: they were on my waiting list.

They had been on my waiting list for days and now they were there, next to me, telling me funny stories, having a laugh, flirting. Big Tits came out of the bar and sat next to me while the Angel was talking from the other side of the bar. I liked them both, they were unspoiled and cheerful, my sixth sense told me they had good attitude.

They said they were leaving the following morning for Jarabacoa, their hometown, to spend 2 or 3 days and see their family. They asked me if I’d like to go with them. For a moment I considered their proposal, but then I refused. I only travel with a girl (or more) if I know her very well, if I have fucked her many times and am sure that she always responds well. Otherwise it is too risky: chicks can change their mood overnight, start to let you down and even become bitchy. I didn’t know them well yet, though I did have the impression that they were good girls.

Big Tits had gained a competitive advantage by sitting next to me and she had another big –and natural- competitive advantage. She was also the youngest, only 18 yo, so I chose her. Big Tits won this battle against the Angel.

Immediately after deciding that I would choose Big Tits I felt some regret: I loved the Angel too, she was so sweet and cute… But I didn’t want to take them both, at least not on this first occasion. It’s painful having to take a decision in such situations.

I invited Big Tits to my room and she accepted straightaway. I asked her how much I would have to give her for her company and she replied: ‘How much would you like to give me?’

Wasn’t she sweet? I love that reply, I had heard it many times before in other countries, it seldom comes from hardcores, this question turns the negotiating process to your advantage outright.

Telling her just an amount would be a mistake, it would leave room for bargaining. Against such a question we can’t afford to leave any room for a counteroffer, we have to sentence the deal, so I answered what I had already answered many times before whenever I had heard that question: I explained gently to her that over the past few days I had been paying, in all cases, 1,000 pesos for1-2 hours or 1,500 pesos for TLN with several beautiful girls that I had met before in Sosua, so I had got the feeling that that was the right payment for the company of beautiful girls, and as a result I never, under no circumstances, would pay any higher rates than those. I also told her I met these other girls regularly as I like to repeat when I find girls I really fancy. Then I told her I liked her very much too and asked her if that was OK for her.

My reply went on for a few minutes while I stroked her leg with one hand, and her hair with the other - I was on octopus mode.

She replied: ‘Yes, that’s fine, I’ll go with you’. So I paid the 300 pesos salida at the bar and we left.

As I had already imagined, her body was smooth like velvet and her tits were really natural and tasty. After some fondling on the bed I touched her pussy and it was very humid. Humid and warm: she was into it. I liked this chick and she happened to have great oral skills for an 18 yo. Big Tits was an excellent specimen. My first Jarabacoa trophy, as far as I know.

After reaching the highest summits of happiness we were both laying on the bed, sweating, looking at the fan. It was over 2 am and I started to think what to do next.

Basically there were only 2 options: continuing with Big Tits all night long or letting her go and go out to hunt another pussy.

Big Tits seemed to be quite comfortable on my bed, she was sweet, not a high volume girl, she wanted to stay TLN, but she was leaving early for Jarabacoa, she would wake me up early in the morning and I would have to fuck her goodbye, that would be a serious inconvenience since I like to sleep in.

On the other hand, the idea of bringing a second pussy into my bed that night appealed to me, so I explained the situation to Big Tits, paid her 1,000 pesos and let her go, then I took a motoconcho to D’Latino.

I ended up recruiting the Haitian Princess again, I couldn’t resist her magic smile nor her hard, slim and firm 18 yo body. She was like a drug.

Once in the room we had wild sex again and then we talked about sex, drugs, prostitution, discos and suckers. She got her wallet and took out a picture of the guy who had sent her recently 2,000 US$, she said she brought it to show it to me as I had found it very funny when she first told me the story. She passed me a passport size photo and I looked at his face: it was a sucker’s face. We both laughed out loud at him again.

The following day the Haitian Princess left at around 2-3 pm as usual after another memorable sex session and I hit the beach and bars again.

The dream of life went on.

At this point the Stendhal’s syndrome had been overcome, but I still felt some kind of anxiety, new pussies kept appearing on the stage of life, but I had only 3 nights left.

That night I got into D’Classico at around 1 am and, after a while, I met the black chick that I had met on my first night in Sosua: Miss BBBJ.

I remembered her in spite of the fact that we only spoke for a short time, she remembered me too. She was beautiful and her bum was as hard and appealing as it was the first night – I remembered the feel of her bum even better than the look of her face or the tone of her voice.

I knew it was now her turn. She had been on my waiting list for too long. I had dreamt about her bum some times in my lonely nights while Jeanne was hitting the town, and she was now there within my reach. Another dream was about to become a reality.

When I asked her for the price for 1 or 2 hours she told me: ‘How much will you give me?’

I replied to her and she said: ‘Fine, that’s all right’. We left for the hotel and Miss BBBJ gained soon her well-deserved title. Definitely the best BBBJ on this trip and a serious candidate for the all-time best. Her pussy was also magnificent: it had the right size, the right elasticity, the right lubrication. And she was so sweet with her soft voice and amateurish approach…

At 23 yo, she was at the upper limit of the age range that I usually target, but her looks, skills and attitude made up for it.

I gave her the 1,000 pesos and we left together in a motoconcho, which stopped in front of D’Latino, at around 3 am. I kissed Miss BBBJ goodbye and she carried on to Charamicos.

D’Latino was still busy and playing the same songs that they play every single night: ‘La Gasolina’, ‘Pobre Diabla’, ‘Papi Chulo’, etc. I think that they even play them in the same order but I am not sure of this point.

Plenty of pussies around. I spotted the Schoolgirl that I had fucked at the beginning of my trip, the Cabarete student, she was with a friend. Her friend was cute, another specimen with big tits and firm bum, I spoke to her briefly and she was fine.

She said she was 19 yo, and lived by herself in Sosua. She said she lived before with her twin sister but her sister was living now with her aunt in a different house, somewhere near Sosua, so she was now living alone.

Suddenly I woke up, I had heard the magic words: her twin sister! She said it as if it was something irrelevant, just small talk, but those words impacted on my mind like a missile: fucking 2 twin sisters had been one of my pipedreams for years, it was one of those things that I could only fantasize about, one of those priceless objectives in my life, and now she was there: the Half Twin.

She was there, next to me, and I knew that it was in her hands to fulfil one of my impossible dreams.

The schoolgirl spoke to her briefly and they told me they had to leave. Shit! I couldn’t leave her go, I couldn’t leave my old dream go, but she said she was very tired and just wanted to get some sleep. She really looked tired, so I asked her for her cell phone number, but she didn’t have any. She told me where she used to go when she went out and the times, I memorized it as if my life depended on it and then kissed her goodbye. Despite her leaving early, I knew she was a good girl, she hadn’t shown any of the typical hardcore body language signs, and she had a twin sister!

I was extremely excited after that encounter with the Half Twin, one of the missing pieces in the puzzle of my monger career, I couldn’t think of anything else, so I just tried to drown my excitement in Brugal Anejo till D’Latino closed and then went back to sleep.

While I was on my bed, drunk, looking at the fan and feeling its cool air, I began to reflect on the latest events.

New developments had taken place in the holy city, I had found some wonderful flowers, it wasn’t just the Haitian Princess, I had enjoyed lately (and wanted to repeat with) Big Tits, Miss BBBJ and still pending was the Angel, among others, but, above all, the twins.

The pussy network was growing exponentially, it was simply going out of control. I felt as if at last the right connections had occurred and I was now witnessing the emergence of a web of reliable and highly satisfying pussies. It was the emergence of a solid base on which I could work, while, at the same time, exploring new and unknown territories.

The Thai butterfly wouldn’t have to fly erratically any more, the Thai butterfly had already found some of the best flowers in the land.

The Thai butterfly wanted to taste the nectar of the best flowers once and again, and he knew where to find them: they were in the Secret Garden.

I knew I could cruise the scene in search of new flowers, but I also knew that if I didn’t spot any special flower I could fly back to my Secret Garden.

In my Secret Garden I could always find what I was looking for.

10-06-04, 04:39

You are a gifted writer. When I red this I remembered the good times I had in Sosua, and changed my mind about not going there anymore, since I got a bit jaded last time (aug) I was there.

Anyway I'm off to LOS next month to do the butterfly.


Black Ghost
10-06-04, 22:07
Who has the better rooms, Palace or Veroma?

10-07-04, 02:01
I had the pleasure of visiting Sosua for the third time on Oct. 1 until the 5th. I was in the presence of a lovely dark goddess by the name of Esmerelda. Looking for information in contacting this beauty during my next trip. If anyone has any information please submit.

China Monger
10-07-04, 22:03
Word Up

No, this is not a small airline. Im a private pilot with a 4 seat plane so I Fly all over the Islands. But its not for everyone. Either you love it or you hate it. But it is my prefered way to travel.


Lazy Horse
10-07-04, 22:36

Just brilliant. You should write a book It was great reading the first half.

Great report,

Lazy Horse

10-08-04, 10:43
I will be going to Sosua sometime in mid Novmber. I'm just waiting for my new passport to show up in the mail to make the arrangements. Thanks to you guys I know what to expect and what not to expect. I am currently leaning towards staying at the Palace due to your reviews and my inexperience. Hope to see you guys there. Any advice for a first-timer? I'm a low-key guy meaning that I probably won't aggresively chase after Chicas. I'm hoping that won't be a problem. Please let me know any advice would be appreciated.

10-08-04, 15:52

You will be the one being chased. Just hang with the guys at the Palace they will show you the ropes. John will brief you when you arrive to get you started.

Have fun

10-08-04, 15:57
Hey Passabe,

You will have a great time. I recommend the palace and sosua for a first trip. I would advise you to keep your money in a safe when you have "company" You don't have to approach any women to get laid, they will come after you or should I say your dinero!
Only screw the chicas that you really want...they all can be had, even the ones you see in town...just depends on your skill level.
Definitely check out puerta plata and cabarete. You can get a tour from a guy name Manny if he is still around. He usually hangs around the palace and makes himself available as a nightlife tourguide. Don't be afraid to say no. Some of the palace girls can be damn pushy. Most will even grab your balls to try to get you on the bone. If she is not what you want, say no. You will be surprised how quickly your money can dissappear if you sample EVERYONE. Have fun and give us a report when you get back.


10-09-04, 03:32
(Next part of my trip report)


The sun-god rose again and started to light up the holy city, which came to life gradually.

This time I got up earlier than usual, at around midday, and decided to visit Puerto Plata, just to walk around the town a bit and check out the landscape, so I went to the petrol station and took one of the shared taxis for 20 pesos. There were 7 of us in the taxi and it was blazing in there.

On the way I spotted some chicks by the road, waiting for a taxi with some space available, and some of them were cute. I wondered about the true scale of the Dominican pussy universe: there were many cities, towns and small villages full of pussies, connected by roads on which pussies could be found too. I thought the scale was impressive, I got the feeling that I had just seen the tip of the iceberg.

The taxi left me by the hospital and from there I walked all the way down to the Malecon, and then went on till I got to the Fortaleza de San Felipe. The sea was rough and it was windy. I saw a few girls along the Malecon, maybe 6 or 7 but none of them appealed particularly to me – one of them was frightening: a hardened and dirty street rat with a big scar on her face, she attacked me aggressively but I got rid of her straightaway.

I walked around the town for some more time, but finally took a motoconcho back to the hospital and from there a shared taxi back to the holy city. I had been cruising the streets of Puerto Plata in the afternoon, at about 2-3 pm, and it looked very quiet; it was hot so I guess that not many locals enjoy going out at the peak of the heat and walk around in the sun. I was sure most pussies would be in their houses at that time, in the shade, sitting by the fan – let’s not forget that pussies are lazy by nature.

That wasn’t the best time to look for action from what I saw, so I decided to come back later in the night, at least to check the hot spots, to get a better idea of Puerto Plata vice scene. I wasn’t going to become an expert with only one visit, I just wanted to get a first impression of the clubs.

I found it funny when I thought that I had been walking in such a hot and sunny day for so long, but I knew it was due to the monger instinct. The monger instinct has taken me to the most unlikely scenarios: from the heat of Puerto Plata to the blazing heat of Bangkok during the hot season, which is just one step below Hell; from the torrential downpours of Sosua or Rio to the freezing winter of Eastern Europe. The monger instinct somehow makes me insensitive to the fury of the elements.

Many mongers to some extent are like epic heroes: they set off in quest for pussy whatever the circumstances.

Once in Sosua I went to the beach to see if I could find the Half Twin in one of the bars where she told me she used to hang out. The twins had been in my mind since the moment I woke up, I simply couldn’t believe that one of my oldest dreams was now within reach, it was too good to be true.

I couldn’t find her so just sat and had a beer. I liked listening to the sound of the waves breaking over the shore, it was a rhythmic sound, relaxing, almost musical, it was the sound of nature.

When I finished my Presidente I did another round and this time I spotted the Half Twin. I got excited the moment she appeared on the scene, but she was only half my dream… I took a seat and we started to talk. She looked like a nice girl to me again. I asked her for her sister and she said she was at home.

I couldn’t avoid daydreaming for a few minutes about doing a three-some with those twin sisters. I dreamt about having one on each side, about French kissing them both at once, about having those two identical faces working on a wonderful BBBJ and finally about fucking them both, one after another, as if I were fucking only a single girl. That wouldn’t be a normal three-some, that would be an extraordinary experience, a life changing experience maybe. I felt my heart beating fast.

And my half dream was there: I told her I wanted to go out that night with her and with her sister. She looked surprised, so I said that it was in principle only for a drink, that I just wanted to see another girl as beautiful as herself, that we could go to the disco, etc.

She said her sister was busy that night and wouldn’t be able to come, she had to look after a child that evening till late. I didn’t like that reply, I insisted on it but there was no way to change the situation. Then I said we could meet the following day, I wanted to go to the beach in Cabarete so they could come with me. She thought about it and said that would be fine, she would tell her sister though she wasn’t sure if she would want to come. I asked her to try hard to bring her sister, and we arranged a date at 1 pm the following day at the entrance of my hotel.

Apparently the Half Twin was a pro but the other Half Twin was a non-pro, so I was aware this was going to be a difficult operation. In any case, I already had a date with both the next day.

The idea of fucking the Half Twin that evening crossed my mind, but on the other hand I wanted to check out Puerto Plata by night. And anyway my target in this operation was the twins, both of them, not the Half Twin by herself. I wasn’t going to miss a trip to explore the night seedy atmosphere of Puerto Plata just because of the Half Twin.

At around 9 pm I took a motoconcho to the taxis opposite the petrol station, then I negotiated with one of the drivers a trip to Puerto Plata, I wanted to go from 10 pm till 2 am, he asked for 1,000 pesos, I counter offered with 800 pesos and he accepted. I suppose I should have offered a lower amount but it didn’t really matter, it was good value and he happened to be a great guy.

I took the motoconcho back to Domino, I had still one hour before leaving and it wouldn’t take me more than half an hour to have a shower and get ready for the night, so there was time for a beer.

I sat at Domino and began to soak up the atmosphere. I loved Domino for people watching, it was a seedy environment: high-mileage pros, mongers, a couple of expats… and Dominican music at all times. I enjoyed especially watching the Domino hardcores, I didn’t like them for a fuck because they looked too hardened, but they were fun to talk to, they were simple human beings, from their gestures and rough manners it was obvious that they hadn’t been educated in a posh Swiss school, they were hot-blooded females, uncomplicated minds who had been probably brought up among chickens, but somehow they conveyed kind of sincerity because they hadn’t been properly trained by society to hide their true emotions, they weren’t sophisticated enough, unlike most first world bitches.

At 10 pm the taxi picked me up and we headed towards Puerto Plata.

I handed my hit list to the driver, which included, in this order, Mountain View, El Bohem, Galactic and Cristal.

I got into Mountain View and at first I thought there had been a power cut as usual, but it seems it is always like that in there, very dark. Plenty of girls around but I couldn’t see them. Even the one that sat next to me was hardly visible. What’s more, there was one of those dim blue lights that makes girls look attractive, regardless of their beauty. This girl that was sitting beside me looked gorgeous, but with that lighting even her grandmother would look gorgeous to me. It wasn’t a proper environment for hunting, I hate hunting in the dark, you can get nasty surprises when you see your prey in the light of your room.

The lighting at El Bohem was better, but not much better. I knew they would charge premium rates so I expected to find the cream of Dominican hookers there but I was disappointed. There were around 15-20 girls available but they were average types in my opinion, most of them even had the omnipresent pot belly that you so often find in the DR. I wasn’t going to pay premium rates for an average type so I finished my drink quickly and left.

The next one was Galactic: as dark as Mountain View and low quality girls, they even looked ugly in the dark. On an average night at D’Latino or D’Classico the quality is much better than at Galactic from what I saw.

Finally I got into Cristal, the last hot spot in my hit list. After what I had seen before I entered the place with low expectations but I was impressed when I looked at the pussy landscape: this was clearly the place to be, it was light, you could easily see, evaluate and analyse the pussies and many of them were gorgeous. I couldn’t believe it! This is the place where the real talents were: I spotted several solid 8’s and some candidates for the 9+ region. And the club itself was much better: spacious, well lit, with shows, it was great. Real good-lookers were available, but at a price.

I spoke to one of them and quoted 1,200 pesos for the room (they have rooms there) for 1 hour plus 3,000 for her. I just laughed and said that 3,000 was ridiculous and she said: ‘Well, OK, 2,000’.

2,000 was a better figure to start negotiating, she’d have probably come down to 1,500 with some work but she looked too hardcore and professional for my liking, though she really was beautiful and young, I didn’t even bother to keep negotiating.

I finally decided to leave and go back to the holy city, I had found the best hot spot in Puerto Plata, I’d be back in my next trip to study it in more detail, but it was now time to go back to my secret garden and enjoy one of my favourite flowers.

Miss BBBJ was wearing a mini-skirt that night, showing her long and beautiful black legs, I saw her as soon as I entered D’Clasico but didn’t approach her, I just went to the bar and asked for a Brugal Anejo, took a seat and looked at her. A few minutes later she came to me, she knew what I was there for.

The BBBJ skills of Miss BBBJ were second to none, it looked as if she had 3 tongues and no teeth, it was pure magic. Her eyes were extremely beautiful but she didn’t look straight at me all the time through the BBBJ, as I like it, but just occasionally, as if she wanted to check my state of happiness.

Eventually the time came when I tried to put my condom on, but Miss BBBJ didn’t pay any attention to the fact that I was ready with my condom, she was sucking as if it was her last time, she was focussed on execution, isolated from the external world. I had to slightly push her head to be able to put the condom on and start fucking her.

Her pussy was welcoming and warm and while I fucked her she started to bite her lower lip. That is my favourite body language sign: a girl biting her lower lip as you fuck her. This is possibly the most reliable sign I’ve ever seen that a girl is really enjoying, it is usually an unconscious gesture, but a revealing one. I really get extremely excited whenever I see it.

I started to fuck her hard, with a changing rhythm, but hitting her as hard as I could and she seemed to enjoy it: she liked roughness.

It was getting longer because of the excess of alcohol, but I knew I would reach the summit eventually. The sound of the fuck was almost musical too, just like the waves hitting Sosua beach shore, there was harmony in that sound, it was like a percussion composition, it was also the sound of nature.

I like sex. It is a mystical experience. During the sex act our minds go up to the highest levels of pleasure ever imagined, but at the same time we go down to our most primitive instinct: the instinct for reproduction and survival. It is like going back to our origins, to the wilderness of the animal behaviour, to the basic impulse to perpetuate the species. Sex is an ancestral way to infinite pleasure embedded in our bodies and minds.

As mongers we only follow the call of nature, the call of that ancestral need.

Mongers are the ultimate slaves of their instincts.

10-09-04, 04:26
Damn good Galdiator. Stay of the weed tough. lol

10-10-04, 09:23
(This is the next and final part of my trip report)


At around midday I gave Miss BBBJ 1,500 pesos, kissed her goodbye and she left. She was a great girl, a real GFE, I really regretted not having enjoyed her from the first time we met when I had just arrived in the holy city.

It was 5 minutes before 1 pm when I got to the hotel reception and sat down on one of the sofas to wait for the twins. I thought they might not turn up after all, or maybe just one of them would turn up.

Miss BBBJ had swept over my dick like a hurricane and I was now in the aftermath.

Finally, at 1.10 pm the Half Twin arrived, but her sister didn’t. She said her sister was busy and couldn’t make it, she had a couple of things to do at home today. I thought my dream was gone… well, almost gone, I still had one night left in paradise, there was still a last chance.

We took a taxi to Cabarete and had a few drinks in several beachside bars. It was a bit windy but the scenery was wonderful: a marvellous blue sea, a fantastic beach and some palms coming out of the sand.

I enjoyed the company of this 19 yo mulatta, she was fun to talk to, relatively new to the scene and unspoiled. Her hands were smooth, as smooth as life in the holy city, and her eyes were sincere and innocent.

Stroking her hands I felt as if I was stroking the surroundings of a sexual organ. In fact, I conceive women as walking sexual organs, there are hot spots in their geography, but the whole surface of their bodies are actually a source of sensual and sexual pleasure.

We talked about DR politics, economics, travelling, mongering, Sosua and the conversation started to circle her like a shark till she was finally bitten.

She said she hadn’t brought her ID, so I suggested going to a cabana. I had never been to a cabana before but, on my first night in Cabarete, I remembered the Sinner had told me there were cabanas nearby.

We took a motoconcho and the cabana happened to be around 3-4 km away. I was surprised when I first saw it: it was a quiet and discreet setting, especially designed for sex and infidelity.

I liked the place, and the price, as far as I can remember, was about 300-400 pesos for 4 hours, which seemed to be the minimum duration that you could book.

I took off her clothes and started to taste her tits, I noticed her pussy was getting wet, she was into it. I enjoyed the session, I didn’t even complain when she spat all the cum on the sheets, I wanted to look like a good guy: a good and innocent guy.

But finally, in the post-orgasm period I confessed to her what my dream was, I told her I had never been with two twins.

She said her sister never went out with tourists, she said she didn’t want her to do what she did as she was aware that there were some risks involved, she wanted her to stay away from the Sosua vice scene, she wouldn’t like to see her sister falling into the spiral of Sosua’s nightlife. She gave money to her sister regularly to avoid it and to keep her at a distance.

I replied to her that they might consider this as a one-off, she already knew I was no hazard, and for a moment she seemed to be considering it, but she finally declined. I had to accept that my dream was gone.

I thought about making an offer that she couldn’t refuse, about putting on the negotiating table a serious amount of money, but on second thoughts I realized her sister – and even her – might be a bit inhibited during the threesome given that it was their first time, and that’s not what I was looking for. My dream was definitely gone.

We went out of the cabana into the main road and took a shared taxi to Sosua. We got to the holy city, I gave her 1,000 pesos, kissed her goodbye and told her I liked her very much, which was true. She had a kind heart.

Sosua beach was still sunny though the sea was a bit rough to swim, so I got a Presidente and sat down. This would be the last time I would feel the strokes of the sun-god, the following day at this time I’d be flying over the Atlantic Ocean and my sex odyssey would have already come to an end. I started to feel the pressure of time.

But I had still one night left.

On that night I did the routine check around the bars and discos of the holy city, but it had a different feel, it was as if the hot spots of the holy city were already starting to say goodbye to me, there was already some nostalgia in the air.

I looked for Miss BBBJ and I found her. When she saw me she came round and cuddled me as if she was a long time girlfriend. We had a drink and then headed for the hotel.

It was another great session. Communication with Miss BBBJ wasn’t easy because of her lack of English and Spanish language skills, but we were both fluent in the universal language of sex.

There are basically two types of pros: those who do it just for money and those who do it for money and pleasure. We must not delude ourselves: the primary motive is always money, but having said this we must also admit that there is a selected group, a handful of sex goddesses, who enjoy their work, who get involved in it and go beyond the call of duty, not only to please us but also to please themselves. Miss BBBJ was a member of that selected group.

It was over 3 am when I decided to let Miss BBBJ go. I didn’t tell her it was my last night, I just told her we’d meet again at some point. I opened the door and she gave me a last flirty look before disappearing.

I poured some Brugal Anejo and looked through the window. It was dark, quiet and silent. I thought it was my last night in paradise. In fact, my hours were numbered.

I got a motoconcho and hit D’Latino. I was already sexually satisfied but wanted to taste the scene for the last time.

Girls danced following the rhythm of music. Their bodies were pure art, I just sat down and contemplated them.

Girls are like drugs: they are diabolic beings but at the same time they are heavenly creatures. Life wouldn’t make sense without them.

D’Latino closed and I went back to sleep a few hours before making my way to the airport. I got to my room and poured the last Brugal Anejo of the trip, the bottle was still unfinished but I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it from the start, I would have to leave some Brugal Anejo in the bottle in the same way as I was leaving many girls that I hadn’t had the time to fuck; after all, this was only an initiation trip, this had been like a pussy-tasting session, there had been no time to venture beyond the tip of the iceberg.

In the morning I got a wake-up call, packed my bags quickly and left for the airport.

When I showed my passport to the first guy before the immigration control he asked me if I had enjoyed my trip, I replied I certainly had, then he asked me if I had a present for him and I politely told him I hadn’t got any on this occasion, I went through and made my way to the departure lounge.

I felt sad and miserable.

This is the problem with sex paradise airports: when you arrive you go through them and become and instant and omnipotent sex God, but on your way back you are downgraded with the same severity. When I was in the departure lounge I was again Mr Average, girls didn’t stare at me any more.

I drank my last Presidentes, boarded the plane and took a seat. During the take-off I closed my eyes, I felt still sleepy and started to fall into that region near the frontier with dreams.

I started to dream about my 14 days in the holy city: the sunshine, the blue sea, the wonderful beach, the flower gardens under starry skies and the nectar of some of the flowers; I thought about my secret garden and about the musical sound of nature.

It all looked like a beautiful dream.


Love Seeker
10-10-04, 15:28

I very much enjoyed reading about your adventures in the Dominican Republic. I was waiting for this last report to see if you got the twins. If you had said that you had, I would have been convinced that you were a bull shit artist. Don’t get me wrong, I often don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. There is nothing wrong with an entertaining bull shit artist. Often an exaggerated story is much better than just the facts.

My request Gladiator, is that you make one more post. Tell us you’re story of the twins like you would have hoped it would be. Give us your “beautiful dream” with the twins. Post your report with total disregard for the truth.


Love Seeker

10-10-04, 20:18

I have enjoyed all 8 parts of your trip. It was very interesting reading while I was here at work..I looked forward to hearing about your time in paradise.

The way you refer to pussies is AWESOME dude I like that.

I am glad that you has fun and I hope I have just as much fun when I go I will take your advice and read your reports before I go.

Thanks from all the guys at the forum.

Silver Shadow
10-10-04, 23:46

My trip to Sosua is booked for mid-November, and I am booked at the Europa, for at least a few days.

I've read with interest the reports about Blackbeards, which sounds very good. I'm totally into BBBJ - is that a likely option at Blackbeards?

I'm also a beer drinker. How much should a Presidente cost?

My Spanish is pretty basic - it gets me by in Mexico and Guatemala, but I think Gladiator's "universal language" also makes sense.

I'm working on numbers (and watching the dollar fall). Still, it's still a lot better than New York prices. Wish me well!

Member #2682
10-11-04, 01:55
Anybody know the Voramar Hotel & Apartments?

Dick Dawson
10-11-04, 02:53

BBBJ is the norm at Blackbeards. However you MAY (as I did) come across one that won't. If you're not sure, ask the girl before you go with her.

B J Lover
10-11-04, 17:39
Come on...look at my name! That is the standard at Blackbeards and generally everywhere else in DR. If she doesn't please kick her out immediately so she reconsiders her unwise decision.

Otherwise, what's the point?!!!

10-11-04, 21:56
Voramar is excellent. Chica friendly, good food and bar, good friends from around the world, and great staff. I stayed there 3 times.

10-12-04, 08:18
I agree with bj lover on this issue. BBBJ is the norm. At Blackbeards I've encountered some girls who said that they did not do it. Sometimes when you walk away they change their minds. I've even encountered some saying they do not but once in bed they do. The norm is that most of the time they do. You can ask the girl and they'll tell you but my advice is get to talk to the other guys who are staying there like you are to find out about the girls before you do them. I've always found that talking to the other guys at Blackbeards and sharing experiences at Blackbeards always avoids certain problems with the girls. If the girl says that she does BBBJ but once in bed does not do so just complain to management. There have been complaints of this nature before and the girls have changed their ways. Better this than to be penalized by the Blackbeard management. At Blackbeards you are the paying client so the management there tends to side with you over the chica. Most of the time the client is right.

Member #2128
10-12-04, 09:14
Great Reporting Gladiator.

As you already know, you do seem to have the soul of a poet.

Thanks for sharing your poetic gifts in the interest of mongering.

I'm sure many of us feel some of the feelings you felt, like being a "sex god" in "the holy city", I know I did, but you have the ability to put the feelings and thoughts into glorious writing and we don't.

Some see the DR and maybe even Sosua as a third world slum----you see it as a "holy city" and a "secret garden". I like your way better.

Again, thanks for taking the time and making the effort in the interest of communication!


Andy S
10-12-04, 15:49
Member 2682

About Voramar
Really good hotel, but there is some "minuses" also:
1. A little far from everywhere. So you need to use a motoconcho to go to the beach/bars/disco etc.

2. They dont have a fridges in rooms. And if you would to drink something cold you should go to the hotel bar and to buy there. You know the difference btw bar prices and supermercado



Black Ghost
10-13-04, 02:04
What about the Hotel Paraiso de Colon. Please anyone with feedback? Chica friendly?

10-14-04, 04:10
I have received alot of messages from new mongers about my dates this year at the Palace in Sosua. I thought i would answer all of them by posting. I will be there from Oct 26th until early 2005. You can find me in the "Presidente Suite". I am always happy to show a new monger around.

Hope to see all of you guys during the Holidays "down south".

For reservations go to www.sosuapalace.com

10-14-04, 04:12
See whats under the new sheets at the Palace.

10-14-04, 04:14
Palace Electrical Inspector

10-14-04, 13:18
Any info about hotel Sosua By the Sea ?? Is there any problems to get girl in to your room etc. ?? I will be checking Sosua for the first time between 8.11 - 22.11 and all info is very welcome. Also company of other travellers would be o.k.

10-14-04, 18:17
Hey Gladiator:

Is this to be your last post?

And would it be possible to get at least one chica photo mixed in with the flowery prose.



10-15-04, 00:51
Hi Guys,

I'm getting ready to head down to DR North Coast in a couple of weeks.

I have not yet booked a hotel reservation.

I have not seen any recent info posted on the Blue Dolphin. Can anyone update me about its status, operation, quality of girls etc...?



Silver Shadow
10-15-04, 02:01
I can relate to Gladiator's fantasy of having the twins work him over. I think it is every man's fantasy, from time to time, about having a threesome with two ladies.

Let's face it though, unless the ladies are into each other, and put on a show for a guy while he recovers, there's a bit of lost time.

My WORST threesome was in Guatemala, with two outstanding lookers (a brunette and a blonde), but when doing the switching around, the blonde would wipe the saliva or **** juice of the other before taking it in her mouth. Pretty disconcerting.

I made arrangements for the brunette to come back a couple of days later, and we did it all. Including her asshole.

I haven't read anyone on this board talking about a threesome involving two males and a female. It seems this might be cost-efficient and a good show. Anybody have experience with this? One guy could recharge while the other worked. A guy doesn't have to be gay to share a chick (she's probably done a few before she arrived, and would hope to score a few more after she left).

This won't appeal to the Western Union guys who send their girls $ to keep them honest (guffaw), but has anyone else had this experience?

It's countdown time for me. About a month from now, I'll be in Gladiator's holy city.

Member #2682
10-15-04, 03:20
Anyone in Sosua from around Nov 3 to Nov 7? I am making my first vist and still have not booked a hotel but would be interested in meeting up for a beer. My experience so far has been in the far east only.

10-15-04, 21:57
WSJ3, that was the last chapter, so the trip report is over...

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures - I never do, I travel light, no cameras.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the report.

#2128 mentioned the poetic view, and he is right: I like to see the monger experience as a whole, it's not only sex what makes you happy, there are other factors like the exotic surroundings, the beach, the discos, the beers & rums, etc. Sex is the main ingredient of the monger experience but not the only one.

Love Seeker also asked me to write an additional, fictional chapter about my (imaginary) sex encounter with the twins, but I think that's not the purpose of this forum and, on the other hand, I'd rather wait and write it when it finally happens, because one day somewhere I'll have to find 2 fucking twins! So please, be patient and wait till then.

Lastly, Morpheus was asking for some comparisons between Sosua-Pattaya-Patong-Rio in terms of prices, girls, atmosphere, etc. This sounds interesting and I think it'd be useful to do it, I'm not a Sosua expert at all, this was my first trip and I have been there just 14 days, but I got an idea about what the scene is like so I can do a comparative analysis - as soon as I have the time I'll do it and post it.

10-15-04, 23:33
Sorry to hear that this was your last post Gladiator...

I did enjoy reading every one.

I look forward to your next trip.


10-16-04, 06:44
I agree with Silver Shadow, the threesome thing (two girls one guy, never tried the alternative) is invariably a disappointment. The girls rarely get it on together and when they do they never seem genuine. What most bugs me though is the talking they do, no surprise I suppose that's what women do, but it can be offputting. One is working on your cock and stops to chat to her friend, and you just know she's saying something like; 'tastes awful, you might want to get some Listerine' or ' gee, surprisingly small for a big guy isn't it?'. No now I just stick to one at a time.

One other thing I really enjoyed my stay at the palace last June. Big mistake on my part to go to Santo Domingo, John's a great fellow and I loved the penthouse, but I was told that it was only three years old, that can't be right can it?

10-16-04, 23:11
A guide for Sosua.

I have thought about visiting the Dominican Republic for sometime. I was looking at around Christmas. Would anyone know of a service that could take me around the area, give advice on hotels, escort services, etc. Ive never been there before and know nothing about it. My Spanish is fair at best but I do speak some.

Thanks to all!

10-17-04, 00:13
Fantasy, Ill be staying at the Sosua Palace from Oct 30 - Nov 2. This will be my first time in Sosua, so Im probably going to need a "new monger" tour. I'm fluent in Spanish, I shouldn't have too much trouble getting around.

If any other of you guys are going to be there during these dates, we can meet up for a beer and for "chica" hunting.

10-17-04, 05:07

For the best 3-somes try Rio’s termas, they’ll eat you out, both at once, without wasting a single second, they won’t talk.

I’ll never forget the heavenly feeling of having 2 or 3 beautiful mouths working on my dick, at the same time, till the final volcanic eruption.

Black Ghost
10-17-04, 06:35

Where You hiding Ana? ;)

Who is thhe Sexy Lady Pic Of way back in the photo post the one who is being scolded?

10-17-04, 14:49

Sounds good, no problem with the quick tour.

10-17-04, 14:53

Sosua by the sea is a nice property, if you are bringing your wife. They are not guest friendly as a rule. But i have heard of a few costly exceptions.

I will be at the palace www.sosuapalace.com. Godd luck!

Carlos Primeros
10-17-04, 15:49
Hi Folks,

I am staying at present time at the Blackbeards. It is quite nice, David - the owner - is a very good host.

The girls here are 5 - 7 on the Richter scale, nothing really exciting but willing and funny. I went out with a group of Americans and we really had a lot of fun. Fishing / eating and drinking.

Three days ago I went to Sosua and decided that this is more a hazzle which I do not want. If you want to have a easy life, not running around in discotecs and paying 500 Peso salida, stay at the BB. It is like a pizza service - delivered to your door-step hazzle-free.

The DR is defintely no compasion to Rio but it is in convenient reach to the US. Also the chicas can not compete with the beautyful girls of Rio. Brazil is simply unbeatable but you get in the DR your money's worth.

I really recommend BB for a relaxed week.


Carlos Primeros
10-19-04, 12:18
One important thing I have forgotten: When you come to the DR bring your mosquito-repellent with you. Whereever you go "they are THERE". They eat you alive.


Black Ghost
10-20-04, 01:32
Any Malaria down there?