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05-16-02, 04:28
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05-21-02, 23:27
If you go to Vienna go to the Babylon! WHAT A PLACE!!!!!!!


It's an extremely expensive place:

Entrance 110 Euro (gratis if you choose one of the girls); 1/2 hour with a girl 300 Euro; 1 hour 370; 1 1/2 hour 450; ...; 2 1/2 550 Euro, etc.

Drinks (exep. Champagne), food (good value), etc. are all included.

It is the best place I ever went! I got the very best service I could desire. You enter, sit down at the bar and can choose the girl you want w/o hurry (at least 20 girls always there .... and for all tastes!). If you like her you can ask for a room and there .... having a shower, .... a bath, .... what you want. It's fantastic.

The girls are true magicians: their touch is able to show you what heaven is and they are able to prolongue the pleasure as long as you (or they) want!

They do anything, the only rule they have is having safe sex (condoms) when you fuck them! For the rest deep kissing, cunilingus, BBBJ, etc. are the rule!

The main problem is that if you are with a girl you totally forget that time is going on... Last time I was there I had a nice evening with two girls both from Hungary. I spent 850 Euro but ......... I will return there every time I will go to Vienna!

Only one detail: they look at you when you enter, be discrete and polite .... and the first time you are there a nice girl will show you the place. Dress as you want (no dressing codex) but with sobriety!

06-03-02, 11:43
Last week I spent two nights in Vienna, one of which I had free. I checked www.viennasbestescort.com (tel 5223171) (see archives), before I left, picking out Vanda as my first choice. I tried to book in advance but Emails were not replied to and, over the phone, I was told to ring a few hours before I needed someone.

I also checked two other agencies I found, www.pink-escorts.at (tel. 9566742) and www.justforfun.at (tel 0664-4501000) and took with me a list of preferences. Both sites give photos and some limited information, enough to get an idea of who will be walking through your hotel door.

I arrived at my hotel at 14.00 and immediately called the agencies. Vanda was not working that day but Jasmine, another choice, (see archives) was. However, I settled on 20 year old Silvia from Just for Fun. The telephonist was very friendly and helpful, Silvia was available and booked for 21.30 for an hour. All these agencies charge E150 per hour which includes the girl's taxi-fare. She called me back at the end of the hour and asked if she had been satisfactory for me. I gave her a good rating.

Silvia was stunning, a slim, long haired blond, beautiful legs and body. She would not have looked out of place on a cat-walk. The hour went very quickly. We concentrated on the sex as she could not speak English. She was Hungarian. However, sex is a universal language and while words help they are not essential. The sex was standard, hand, mouth and several positions. Two climaxes. I think my eyes had the biggest orgasm just feasting on her beautiful body. What a pleasure, even honour, to be with someone that gorgeous.

The hour was over way too quickly. My last memory of her is me standing at my door, watching her recede down the corridor, her micro-skirted legs disappearing around the corner…..

The only thing to note is that the girls advertised do not work every day so if you use these agencies, be prepared not to get your first-choice. The web-sites are regularly updated adding new staff but they are slower to take off girls that have left. However, they are all true to their photos. Visiting hotels in Vienna is not a problem for them.

07-03-02, 22:33
I would recommend the following address in Vienna. After booking via phone, you'll be welcome by three nice blond girls dressed like for a luxuous party, in a charming appartment fitted with all kind of devices from vibro, winches to cock rings (everything you dreamed about). All kind of sessions are available according to your needs (blowjob, full sex, SM, BDSM, Bondage, CBT) for a very reasonable price.

Domina Massage, tel: 0676/65 19 881
in theresia numgasse, Vienna

Have fun

07-05-02, 07:59
gmansoif, what do you consider reasonable?

what a customer (me) and management (you) consider reasonable could be totally different things.

07-29-02, 13:24
Love Vienna, great city with loads of pretty girls.

Wanted to check out the scene, so talked a cab driver to show me around. In some part of the city, there are many clubs where chicks are hanging outside. You chat them up and they take you back to nice and clean facility that has a bar and room in the back. Shower, fuck and suck in whatever position you like, all protected for a 100 Euros for 25 minutes. Not bad, given that the chicks are Hungarian and Romanian.

After that felt like treating myself to quality so visited Babylon club and wow!!! died and gone to heaven. Amazing decoration, free drinks, girls from everywhere in the planet. You can pay 130 Euros just to hang out and drink and chat the ladies. If you engage with a lady, its 400 Euros but worth every minute.

I hooked up with a Russian chick and got bbbj, licked my nuts, anal, the whole nine yards. I accidently walked into another room as well and watched people shaggin away as I was leaving. This can be pretty steep at 400 euros/ hour.

enjoy europe guys.

08-02-02, 17:32
Leonardo, which hotel were you in? I don't think every hotel admits girls so easily, so I'd be nice to spread also the info on hotels which allow girls in Vienna...thanks!

Originally posted by leonardo
Last week I spent two nights in Vienna, one of which I had free. I checked www.viennasbestescort.com (tel 5223171) (see archives), before I left, picking out Vanda as my first choice. I tried to book in advance but Emails were not replied to and, over the phone, I was told to ring a few hours before I needed someone.

I also checked two other agencies I found, www.pink-escorts.at (tel. 9566742) and www.justforfun.at (tel 0664-4501000) and took with me a list of preferences. Both sites give photos and some limited information, enough to get an idea of who will be walking through your hotel door.

I arrived at my hotel at 14.00 and immediately called the agencies. Vanda was not working that day but Jasmine, another choice, (see archives) was. However, I settled on 20 year old Silvia from Just for Fun. The telephonist was very friendly and helpful, Silvia was available and booked for 21.30 for an hour. All these agencies charge E150 per hour which includes the girl's taxi-fare. She called me back at the end of the hour and asked if she had been satisfactory for me. I gave her a good rating.

Silvia was stunning, a slim, long haired blond, beautiful legs and body. She would not have looked out of place on a cat-walk. The hour went very quickly. We concentrated on the sex as she could not speak English. She was Hungarian. However, sex is a universal language and while words help they are not essential. The sex was standard, hand, mouth and several positions. Two climaxes. I think my eyes had the biggest orgasm just feasting on her beautiful body. What a pleasure, even honour, to be with someone that gorgeous.

The hour was over way too quickly. My last memory of her is me standing at my door, watching her recede down the corridor, her micro-skirted legs disappearing around the corner…..

The only thing to note is that the girls advertised do not work every day so if you use these agencies, be prepared not to get your first-choice. The web-sites are regularly updated adding new staff but they are slower to take off girls that have left. However, they are all true to their photos. Visiting hotels in Vienna is not a problem for them.

08-08-02, 15:20
I though that i should add this for all of us.

I am from Vienna and here my recommendation:
There are my escort companies in Vienna. Most of the girls are from Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. In my opinion the most beautiful ones are from Slovakia. Prices start from 150 Euro!
To find more information about private girls and escort agencies look through:

09-27-02, 17:15
I was in Vienna about 2 weeks ago. I stayed at the Hotel Haydn. Not only did not mind that an escort from Just For Fun had come to their hotel, they called to let me know that she was in the lobby.

Most of the escorts that I called wanted the 150€ for standard and +35€ for BBBJ and +70€ for greek.

This girl was fabulous. Young (22), black hair, tongue kisses, great BBBJ, and the tightest ass I've ever had.

My .02€

Malted Milk

10-15-02, 00:22
Traveling to Innsbruck in January. Recommendations?? Looking for the best. Price not an issue.

12-08-02, 14:05
Tried just4fun and had a nice girl for 150€ (2 pops), she is Andrea with massive fake breast but good attitude. Tried to drink my minibar ;)
Went to Babylon: what a place. Nice girls, I had Maja: 25, 180cm, ex basket player. 1 hr 400€ with BBBJ and 1 pop only (she is but slow).
Enjoy ....

12-16-02, 17:56
BTW, if you are looking for a nice hotel to have your fun, go to Hotel Orient! (http://www.hotelorient.at/)

01-08-03, 01:21
I was wondering if there is still street action in the Guertel north of Westbahnhof and some side-streets to the west (Felberstrasse, Huetteldorfer Strasse and Linzer Strasse).

The areas are the At least in the Huetteldorfer Strasse you can get sex in the car (BJ ATS 400 or 500, fuck 500)

01-20-03, 23:40
This is an update of my archive report of Dec 3, 2001 about the scene and the prices in Vienna:

The street scene is still active, although there are less girls than in earlier years. But if go the round Westbahnhof – Felberstrasse – Linzer Strasse - Ameisgasse – Huetteldorferstrasse – Guertel – Westbahnhof (about 15 minutes by car) between 11 pm and 3 am you will find 7 – 15 girls waiting. Usually you can have sex in the car or go to the girl`s club or hotel. Inside the clubs you see on that round are much more girls.
Prices are € 25 to € 40 for a BJ (no BBBJ provided, as far as I know), usually € 40 for intercourse in the car and usually € 50 for both.
If you go to her club or in a local hotel with the girl prices start at about € 65 and go up (€ 150 and more) when you take the girl for longer time.
I recommend not to invest more than € 70 in the street or club scene there, as the quality is very unsure and does not depend on price. I had wonderful blowjobs for € 25 in the car or a wonderful half hour in a local hotel für € 65 and great disappointments for a quick fuck in a club for € 70. If you want to invest more (money and time) go to a massage studio or take an escort.
Avoid the club near Ameisgasse (the girls standing at the corner Linzer Strasse – Ameisgasse): Twice been there, two total disappointments.
There is also a street scene in the prater area near the Messe.

There are many girls working in their own studios (see „Information sources“, below). Prices there start at € 50 for a BJ or short fuck, about € 80 – 100 for one hour, usually € 150 if BBBJ is provided.

Vienna has a lot of massage parlours all over the town, you do not see them from outside. Look at the newspapers (e.g. Kurier, the ads "Clubmassagen"). Prices for half hour start at € 85 with hand relief afterwards, € 110 – 120 BJ, € 140 - 150 fuck (if provided), sometimes € 200 french without.

Escort services: Usually € 150 for an hour. Sometimes more for extra service (€ 200 french without, but not always provided)

Information sources: Magazines "Erotic-Bazar" (also recommendable web site at www.bazar.at ), Newspapers "Kronenzeitung" and "Kurier" at the ads "Kontakte" and "Clubmassagen". Web site www.6fuehrer.at (recommended) with categories, but in German. On this site there is also a very active Forum (but also in German), where you can find a lot of details and experiences about many girls and locations throughout Austria. Maybe I will summarize the most important contents of that forum for the wsg later.

Some of the personal recommendations have not changed since 2001: Clarissa from the escort service Stargirls: Not so good looking, but swallows all for € 140. Tel. 0676 596 94 78. Amandine (look at www.amandine.at ): € 150 for a visit of a real whole hour, with massage and french without. Tel 0676 442 53 98.
Massage palour in Burgerspitalgasse 15 (6th district). Forgot the phone number, but look at the website www.wellnesspur.at . One hour fine massage with body massage and BBBJ (but no CIM) for € 130. Take Jasmin or Johanna, avoid Michelle.

02-15-03, 05:07
Going to have about a 5 hour layover in Vienna, anything within reasonable distance from the airport??

Mind Snatcher
03-13-03, 16:38
Vienna: the Escort business

Punters need to know that the pictures shown at websites like:


are totally fraudulent. None of the girls these agencies employ look even remotely like their pics, and if you think glamour girls with these looks need to go round the hotels and flats of Vienna to make a living you don’t know much about life. These agencies use model shots from fashion/photographic studios just to get you interested.

If you email them, you may get a reply purporting to be from the girl you are interested in. These emails are also bogus. They always claim to be available and look forward to meeting you. They usually claim to speak fluent German and English. All of this is just a pack of lies. These agencies just send out any girl who happens to be free when you phone. If you ask too many precise questions, they will simply bar you from mailing them and your posts will bounce back. That's what www.justforfun.at did to me, anyway.

The big agencies are:


The good news is that they can all get a girl to you within an hour anywhere in Vienna at any time of the day or night. The girls all charge 150.- euro per hour for a basic service. They stay for a full hour if only because they have to wait for their drivers to pick them up. They do not come by taxi, but are driven by the agency driver. (One of them spent two hours with me because her driver was late!) They all charge extra for kissing and oral. That’s where the similarities end. Over a couple of weeks, I tried 3 agencies. ‘Nicole’ from ‘Just for fun’: Hungarian, quite pleasant though nothing remotely like the image on the site. Asked me to phone the agency after the event (on her mobile) and say she was good, otherwise she might not get another booking for a week. ‘Nadine’ from ‘Pink Escorts’. Website says she’s lively and ready for fun. Turned out to be Czech, spoke very little German or English, seemed totally uninterested, and had a very large and unsightly scar on her tummy. Finally, ‘Jasmina’ from ‘Viennasbestescort’. What a girl. Again, not a bit like the photo, about 23 years, bright-eyed, lively and intelligent, chattered away about art and psychology and politics for most of the time (she's a very intense and switched-on university student) but not exactly arousing in an erotic sense, despite her good looks. Seemed to want to keep things platonic. Told me to stay away from her face as she had a virus infection; and she kept her glasses on all the time, even in bed! She only works about once a week when she feels like it, so most times if you ask for 'Jasmina' you'll get someone else.

When you phone the agency, they ask if you've seen the girl before, and if you have, they then either try to work out who it was or just say she's not on today. If you haven't, it doesn't matter who you get.

In short, what you get from the escort agencies is a complete gamble. If it's a quality experience you're after, you’re probably better off going to the Babylon club, despite the extra expense.

Mind Snatcher
04-16-03, 13:04
Update on the escort sites
'Justforfun' continues to drum up trade with outrageously fabricated images.
Their ladies are ok, but in most cases bear no resemblance whatsoever to the images shown on their website.
'Viennasbestescort' however now has a banner stating that all images are genuine. They have removed the original picture of Jasmina, and replaced it with what I can confirm is a genuine image of the lady. Her face is concealed by a hat, so you won't get the full picture till you meet her. What is less certain is (a) the ages (I would add 3 to 5 years in all cases) and (b) whether you'll actually be sent one of the depicted girls or a substitute.

05-11-03, 02:47
Hi all. I am taking a last minute break to Vienna in a couple of weekends' time. I am particularly interested in any daytime street scene (lower end of the market). Preferrably there will be nearby rooms for rent for this kind of thing that are safe and clean.

I notice in previous reports mention of girls hanging outside clubs etc. More specific info about this would also be appreciated too.

I also prefer older women if poss.

Is there any probs with language in these cases?

If so, how would I communicating wanting to give and receive oral sex? Also if I wanted anal?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

05-19-03, 08:27

Daytime streetscene is not allowed in Vienna. In spite of this there is a scene in Goldschlagstrasse near Westbahnhof. If you walk along this street by daytime you will sometimes see one or more (mostly older) women hanging around. No special outfit, so watch their behaviour.

Ask them where to go, Vienna is a safe city.

Oral sex is called "franzoesisch" (spell: fran-sosish), anal "griechisch" (spell: greekish)

Good hunt


05-20-03, 19:58
Thanks for the info Glenlivet! I still haven't been able to find the German for ''I want to eat your pussy'', however.....


06-02-03, 05:31
Just to say my trip to Vienna came and went. Couldn't find any street action on the streets mentioned at all right until 10pm on the Sat night.

Managed to find an older lady on Goldschlag at about 8pm on the Mon evening. She looked about 70 and was skinny and dirty. However, I got her to agree to 1 hr service of oral both ways (no condom) and straight and anal sex with and a facial to finish. Went to a dodgy hotel off Hutterdorfer (called the Rudolfo or something). The room was 16 euros for an hour and I paid her 20. Made sure she got a good cleaning first though. Good value as I did the whole thing twice (even came twice) and she didn't even at an eyelid or rush me. Surprised I got my cock up her tightish arse without any lube. HEr oral technique wasn't up o much though. Turned out she was French and divorced. Said she was 48. Just as well as my French is definitely better than my German - but that's not saying much!

That was pretty much about it. Definitely not a place for daytime street scene or good VFM. Oh yeah the Serb taxi driver translated and negotiated the deal. Thanks to all of u who helped me with this.

06-19-03, 02:37
If you are interested in a BBBJ for a reasonable price drive to the outer Mariahilfer Strasse. A few minutes' drive after the Westbahnhof you see cute chicks there who provide BBBJ in the car for 40 euro. With condom 25 - 30 euro, fuck 30 euro.

As far as I know, elsewhere in the street scene BBBJ is not provided (I do not speak about the grandmother's scene in Goldschlaggasse)


06-24-03, 14:14
Dear fellow members,

As you may know from some of my previous posts in different sections, I like very much a good BBBJ done by a passionate girl. It is not easy to get a good one, as most oft the girls do not prodide BJ without condom and those who do it, do it in a quite different way. I did a lot of research work in Vienna concerning this, and I want to tell you the results. This is where you can get good BBBJs for good price.

Street scene

In by far most cases BBBJ is not provided. As far as I know, there is only one street where you can get it: the outer Mariahilfer Strasse. Drive from Westbahnhof to the west between 11 pm and 3 am and after a short time you will see SW around, among them a lot of colored. I have no experience with the black ladies, but I heard they also provide BBBJs. I tried some of the white ladies and with most of them I had good experiences. Most of them (but not all) do provide BBBJ. I had Kim and Tina from Austria or Susanna from Serbia – they all do BBBJ. With e.g. Kim I had a very good BBBJ with CIM in the car, with a lot of grabbing possible on her copletely undressed tits and pantyhosed legs for EUR 40. Often there is a lot of police around – do not bother. Do not drive into the side streets – prostitution is prohibited there and driving around will be fined – stick to Mariahilfer Strasse itself. The girls I mentioned above are legal (with weekly health check), they do not vanish when Police appears (and you also haven’t to)

The flats
Two special recommendations in the Vienna flat scene concerning BBBJ: First the flat in 21, Julius-Ficker-Strasse 2c/1, Mo-Fr 2 pm – late night: Very good, never disappointed, but do not receive anyone without prevous call or mail. Their phone is 0676 660 86 52. Mail claudi @ hobbyhostess.com Especially recommended Claudia. BBBJ with CIM EUR 55, if you want to eat her pussy too, EUR 73. Really worth a try, but mail recommended one or two days before you intend to visit her.
Second, the flat in 2, Rembrandtstrasse 17/1, Mo-Fr 11 am – 7 pm. Sorry, no phone number, but between 11 and 6 you can go there straight on without call (as I always did). BBBJ with CIM EUR 75, very nice and cute girls. Recommended Linda, Julia and Natalie. Katja does no BBBJ. Also worth a try!

The Massage Parlours
In perhaps a quarter or a third of the hundreds of the MPs of Vienna BBBJ is provided – it’s mostly a hit or miss game. One MP I can recommend concerning BBBJ is in 2, Taborstrasse 27/2/34, Mo-Sun 11 am – 6 pm. Phone 214 87 52. Enter the Main entrance and at the following door on the left side ring the bell „Massage Sammer“. Everything looks very clinical and medical from outside, but the girls are not, I guarantee! EUR 130 for a really satisfying hour, EUR 180 with two girls (The best 2-girl experience I ever had). Recommended Roberta and Anita. Another recommendation is (around the corner of the first) 2, Rotensterngasse 25, ring the bell „Massage“. Almost the some price, but I was there only once.
6, Burgerspitalgasse 15, Phone 97 44 938, Mo-Sat 11 am – 8 pm. One hour fine massage with body massage and BBBJ (but no CIM) for € 130. Jasmin or Johanna recommended. Not all girls do BBBJ.

Escort services
This is mostly a hit or miss. Just two BBBJ-recommendations: Clarissa from the escort service Stargirls: I would rate her not higher than a 5 or 6, but she is a much-talking, nice girl. She swallows all for EUR 140. Tel. 0676 596 94 78. Amandine EUR 150 for a visit of a real whole hour, with massage and BBBJ (but no CIM). Tel 0676 442 53 98.

Hit or miss game
If you like that, you can buy the Newspaper „Kronen Zeitung“ and look at the ads „Kontakte“ where is written „Naturfranzosisch“ (=BBBJ). Then try it and write a report.

Have fun!


07-16-03, 19:30
For fun in a classy environment unlike most any you'll find elsewhere, I strongly suggest you check out Babylon.

Their website, which describes the scene in great detail, is www.babylon1.com.

Happy travels!

-Uncle Otto

07-18-03, 00:52
Relocated to Vienna recently and have been making my way around the last two months so it is time for a report.
Thanks as usual to all of the good advice posted here, and especially to you, Glenlivet, for the BBBJ dope, which I put to use.
Three experiences so far, all different, all fairly good.
1. Typical girl bar on the Gurtel near Lerchenfelder strasse....was feeling impatient and I know one ususally overpays in these places, but I just didn't care. About 9pm, very hot night, even hotter inside, no ventilation, typcial joint, about 20 girls, maybe 1 other customer. I go to the bar, order a beer. On first inspection a few seem to be in the 7 to 8 range, most around 5-6. After 5 min., also par for the course, am approached by a very hot (7) young, tan, pierced thing named Lisabeth. Asks for the usual picolo (small and expensive champagne). We talk a bit, her english doesn't work, my german is child-like at best, but we manage....at first I thought it would be a problem but it wasn't. She rubs my dick. I ask about what she does/doesn't do. No anal, no bbbj - only covered. I am reluctant...I don't know about you guys, but I need a little more...I am not even really interested in just fucking, I need more...so I tell her that....she laughs and seriously was going to go around and pimp me to the other girls and find me what I needed....I liked that about her and so we talk more and I actually start to like her. Did I mention she was very hot, and probably 19 or 20. So I ask her if at least she'll suck my balls, and she agrees....so off we go to a back room. 1 hr with a bottle of bad champagne for 190 euro...a bit pricey, but I didn't give shit tonight. ( I have had the same deal for 125 near the Prater in less 'obvious' joints).
Lisabeth turned out to be one of the best experiences I have had as a hobbyist. We get to the room, shower up. relax in the bed and she was so comfotable. She produces a joint, we smoke it...things just got more and more familiar from there. CBj, the mentioned ball sucking, some serious anal fingering both ways for half an hour or more.Finally she blasted me on her tits while sucking my balls and fingering my ass. She was so hot...and special.
i will go back...but Vienna has a lot to offer.

2. Even more expensive, but I wanted some Anal. good research on this fine site led me to www.6fuehrer.at which led me to _Vera at Gfrornergasse 13 Top1, 1060 - Wien. 300 euro for an hour... fuck her ass as long and hard as you want. sucks your dick bareback and swallows your cum and smiles at you. I was thinking this was going to be amazing, but even though she is hot and willing and the place is easy.....it was a rather mechanical and passionless affair. I almost went soft on her...I was bummed. Don't think I'll go back just yet.

3. Again after reading Glenlivet's fine bbbj report, I decided to try the girls at
Burgerspitalgasse 15,mostly because it was late saturday and was close to me....I was not sorry. This has been the best value so far, I think. The place is immaculate, Johanna is a pro, both at massage and at hot wet hand/blowjobs no condom. One of the best hand/blow combos I have had...all after an excellent, slow,long, professional massage in her sexy panties....110 euro. Highly recommened. I will go back.

Next I want to try the cheap Sexkabines, near the westbahnhof. Any information????


07-22-03, 21:44

Thank you for your report: I thought about testing Vera of Gfrornergasse one time, but now I think I will not.

About the sex cabines: I think you talk about Helga`s Kabinensex, Neubaugurtel 18. Do not throw your money away. All you get for that is a hand job through a hole in a wall. And even the BJs in the "sitting cabines" are rather hand jobs with the girl`s mouth near your dick. The upgrade services in the rooms are as expensive as in other clubs, but worse.


07-27-03, 19:32
Sandy at Hyrtlegasse 23 (I got the info off the 6news.at website -lots of info and pics. She was better looking and younger than the pictures and very friendly. Trouble was she wasn't exactly passionate about the sex - nothing to complain about but not exactly fired up. Price was 150E for 30mins - maybe it was a special expensive rate for tourists like me?. Half the 30mins we spent improving my elementary German and talking about her guinea pigs. For this money I'd expect something more memorable

07-28-03, 12:22
yes, i got the smell off of helga's the minute i walked in.....talked to some fat skank for minute and left.

regarding vera, it might be worth one trip if you can afford it...it was interesting, though just not very passionate sex. the whole atmosphere was funny with her and two others sitting around, naked or near it, in the ususal 'vorarum', watching the austrian version of jerry springer on tv, etc.. and she and i going at it in the next room....i know i am not describing it well, but i liked the casualness of the atmosphere, it almost seemed possible that one of the others could have joined in 'just because' or for the hell of it. also vera is pretty sexy to look at, and she does swallow with a smile on her face.


07-29-03, 18:36
Since it seems like you are in Vienna also, have you made any trips to Budapest? I know there is a forum for BP and this is not the place for it, so maybe you could email me or let me know if you can post tips in the BP report zone.
Let me know either way and I'll post an email address to use.

08-04-03, 13:25
A quick report on Claudi...Claudi@hobbyhostess.com...referred in an earlier post by glenlivet.
A kind of funny adventure, well worth it.
The house is a bit out of town in the suburbs. Cab 20 euro.
Address is a bit hard to find too, but there are not many houses there and just felt my way in. A funny character was hanging out on the corner smoking, and as I suspected he turned out to be a 'walk-in" that Claudi made wait outside becuase of our appointment. (Do email her and make an appointment, it's the only way.)
It's very quiet out there adn you feel like you are going to grandma's house to fuck the girl next door...which is exactly how claudi looks; young, a little fleshy, but not fat, just not developed.....did I say young? she is probably 19 or 20 by my guess. BUT she delivers, amazing BBBJ with great eyecontact, hand action, super sloppy/slippy...she knows which way the wind blows. It was heaven......then she took it up the ass, hard and long, with good responsiveness and all ,( just a bit too much lube for my taste, but heh, I understand).....back to bbbj, ball sucking and pop CIM.
A nice event, will repeat, strong reccommend.......and yet another thanks to the mighty glenlivet for this one.

ps. checked the website today and it is not responding (www.hobbyhostess.com) but try it for the future.
email her at claudi@hobbyhostess.com

Harry Bush
09-13-03, 22:15
Looked through all the Vienna reports but couldn't find any comments on City Studio at 1. Bezirk Gölsdorfgasse phone:01 / 532 10 72. Looks like a pretty nice place, anyone been there?

09-15-03, 12:12
Hey Harry,
Take the plunge and then let us all know!
I have been wondering about it too.


09-15-03, 14:01
Hi Harry,

The Citystudio in Goelsdorfgasse is quite a nice place. One of better MPs in Vienna. It is a few month since I have been there, but as far as I remember EUR 140,- for an hour massage with BJ and EUR 180,- for massage + full service. They do also BBBJ.

The best is you try and submit an actual report.


Harry Bush
09-21-03, 12:12
Thanks for the input, I may just do that as I will traveling back thru Vienna in a week or so. By the way, are the pics on the web site accurate even though you can't see faces?

Harry Bush
09-21-03, 12:17
When I recently had a long lay over in Vienna, I got a day room and was visited by Amandine. Found an earlier report on her and it was quite accurate. For 170 euros (more because I was at airport), I had a very good time. Take a look at her web site www.amandine.at, has pics and decribes her services. Would recommend seeing her. Easy to set up the appointment via email and then call when you arrive.

09-22-03, 06:02

Lot of places in Vienna to fuck. Going rate is 125-150 Euro per hour. Lot of clubs in the area surrounding St Stevens cathedral. One is called Club Velvet. Nice set-up. They call themselves private club to avoid letting riff-raf in. Otherwise everyone with money is welcome. Called Amandine (www.amandine.at) but she was busy. She suggested www.Laura4U.at. Her rate is 150 Euro/hr. She charged 400euro for about 3.5 hrs. Looks about 6. Petite. Loves to suck (all covered) and will look at your face while sucking. Will do light S&M (only on you) for no extra charge. Very smart and can discuss Newton's law of gravity with you. Real GFE. Will recommend her. Otherwise any escort service may work for you. All girls are used to hotels and are discreet. No need to worry about front desk in most hotels. Have fun.

09-29-03, 19:10
Good evening from Vienna,

finally we got the first FKK Club here, which opened last week. It is called Goldentime and has the same concept as the famous German clubs.
It is a huge club with capacity for several hundreds of guests and about 40 rooms.
But it is empty! When I went there three (!) girls were there, two Romanians and a German lady, and six or seven guests.
Very fine sauna and steam bath, nice swimming pool and fitness equipment.
I tried the two Romanians, quite passionate with kissing and BBBJ.
Ah, the prices: € 70 entry, sauna, fitness equipment and drinks free (only non-alcoholic), € 60 for a girl, half an hour. So the prices are slightly above Germany (but far less to choose from).
If you are used to these clubs from Germany, you have also one here in Vienna.
All in all, I would not yet recommend a visit. Too empty, everything seems still under construction. There are better possibilities in Vienna. Perhaps in a few months time. I will report again if it improves, and of course other reports are welcome.
Here are the data: Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1, near Geiselbergstrasse (where the motorway crosses above). Open from 4 to 4. Website www.goldentime.at

Have a good time


Harry Bush
09-30-03, 13:49
Just visited the City Studio. Located in a building marked 2 Göldorfgasse and it is number 11 on the panel. Said that since it took me a while to locate. Two girls there, neither being ones listed on the web site, but still both attrative. Only two massage rooms that I could see so don't know why more than two would be on duty. Web site gives the illusion that there are 4 or 5. Anyway 100 euros for massage and HJ; 140 for massage and BJ; & 180 for full service. Was taken care of by a blond blue eyed polish girl that spoke no english. Asked for shower and she took me to another room with tub. Asked her to join me and she indicated room was too small. Avergae massage and then great CBJ. She then had me stand and she laid on massage table. Performed a little DATY and then finsihed standing with her on the table. I probably would go back, but its better to have someone like Amandine visit your room. I was out of the place in less than 45 minutes.

10-04-03, 11:20
Thanks for the report on City Studio, sounds lukewarm at best.
You might like to try the "Fachininstitute" or " Wellness pur" massage studio at Bürgerspitalgasse 15, 1060 - Wien. Mighty Glenlivet has suggested it on this board (see previous post) and I am now a regular there and have never been disappointed, in fact continue to be surprised. All of the girls are sexy, the place is clean and very friendly. It is always 110 for erotic massage and BJ, more often than not it is a BBBJ, and 150 for full service. My favorites are Karolina (lots of body-tongue, bbbj, she gets wet and hot too) and Eva (no bbbj but excellent cbj, wild, pierced and does anal, not just does it, but loves it) and also Johanna (the most excellent erotic massage and bbbj, amazing hands and reactions) who is the owner. A very nice place, close to Mariahilfer strasse/gurtel.... and a good value.
You can see them on the web at: http://www.wellnesspur.at/

Thanks for the report on the new FKK. I'd like to take your advice and wait a bit, but I am sure soon I will give in and go check it out. If and when I do I will of course post a report.


Harry Bush
10-04-03, 13:09
May try the Wellness Pur on my next rip to Vienna. I will be staying at the Penta Vienna Hotel at Ungargasse 60. I am not very familiar with the city, is the massage studio far from there? I was also very interested in the FKK, I wonder if it will have more girls by the first part of November when I will be there.

10-05-03, 10:28
It's not too far, but not walking distance either.
Your hotel is in the 3rd district, Wellness in the 6th near the Westbahnhof.
Try this link for a map and enter in the street name (Bürgerspitalgasse) in the box on the left, then the number (15) in the box on the right, hit "start" and you will get a map.
It is very close to the Ubahn station for the Westbahnhof served by U3 which you could catch from the center of town, or U6 which you could catch by taking the U4 from Stadtpark (should be near your hotel) to Langenfeldgasse, changing to U6 to Westbahnhof.
Or what would probably be a 10 euro cab ride.

Happy hunting,

10-05-03, 10:56
A new post regarding Marina of Mirabella Escort Wien (http://www.6escort.at)
Was browsing through the "ohne service" section of 6 fuehrer (http://6fuehrer.at/6news.html) really for curiosity. It's hard to believe that there are such hot women out there who will take such risks just for the money, but nonetheless I must admit I was curious, and taken when I saw the picture of Marina on 6 fuehrer. I love a thin girl with a nice ass, what can I say, and a bbbj to top it off was what I was thinking, maybe ass to mouth???.
I called and made an appointment for the same night. It was all very easy and accomodating, also the operator spoke English well. They typically do home or hotel service, but also have a few free apartments for rendezvous' which I chose. It was in the 12th district, a 5 euro cab ride from where I was, so all in all it was very easy to organize.
Marina is advertised as 18 but is probably 20 or 21.
She was very cute, tall and thin with that sexy ass and a very comfortable way. Spoke more English than German (she is Romanian) Only slight problem were her small tities that were a little saggy, which seemed out of place because the rest of her body was almost athletic. Go figure.
She asked what I wanted, I told her bbbj & anal. Adding it up it was 200 euro, and I would say post-coital it was worth it (but I am going broke).
She was surprised I wanted to use a condom for the anal, or for fucking her at all, and had to go get one from another apartment (???) but she did without a problem.
Marina and I settled in to an almost gfe hour with dfk (though she is a smoker) and nice bbbj with ball licking. Multiple positions etc... I almost went off with her sucking me down and that nice black hair teasing my balls with that perfect ass right in my face....but I held out and then she worked the raincoat on, oiled it up a bit and asked that I fuck her ass from the missonary postion first. It was great to see her face this way, and again I almost couldn't last but did. Before the anal session I was not completely satisfied with the level of heat coming out of her, her pussy stayed dry and she was ever so slightly mechanical during the oral. But during the anal she started to heat up and really got off (or so it seemed, which is all that mattered then) rubbing her now wet pussy, moaning and groaning for more while I pounded her ass deep and hard from the front, side and back. She could take it.
I hate coming in a condom and planned for a porno pull out facial, but alas could not hold out any longer and came deep in her ass in the scumbag.
After we talked a bit, and though in no position to moralize, I (probably like hundreds or thousands of others) told her she should be careful and at least only fuck with condoms. She kindly said "I know" but I could tell she has heard this over and over and had her mind made up. She said this way she has non-stop work and can make a lot of money (Baby back home).
I think she will only be here a short time, then back to Romania with her wad of cash.
If this kind of girl and experience sounds like what you are after, I'd say get her before she is gone, it is worth it.


10-05-03, 10:58
Forgot the link for the map:

good luck


Tokyo via AA
10-06-03, 10:32
Bonvivant, you just answered the question I was about to ask... what "ohne service" is. I see it advertised on www.butterfly.at, they have three or four girls with that.
I'm pretty shocked that it would be sex without condom -- In all my travels, I've never seen this advertised (though I am not surprised it goes on).

Until your post, I had naively assumed it was just CIM (schlucken?). wow.

Thanks for the report, though!

Harry Bush
10-07-03, 15:23
The prior post is right on point with what I was going to ask. I translated that and it took me awhile to figure out what "without service" meant. I took at look at the site Bonviant mentioned, 6FÜHRER. There are a lot of interesting looking ladeis on there, but I get confused at what some of the services they provide. I now understand what service and traffic mean or at least I think I do. Also French and Greek are world wide terms, but what is some of the other stuff. I am going to include a couple lists and any definiton would be helpful.

-> Genussvolles Französisch – gerne auch beidseitig
-> Verkehr mit Stellungswechsel (vielleicht kennst du eine neue?)
-> „gerne auch mehrmals“
-> Zärtliche Entspannungsmassage
-> Vibratorspiele
-> reizvolle Dessous
-> Lack, Stiefel, Strümpfe
-> erotische Fesselspiele
-> Fußerotik

• teilrasiert
• sinnlich
• ausdauernd
• erotisch und leidenschaftlich
• Naturoberweite
• Vibratorspiele
• NS-aktiv
• Fußerotik
• Busenerotik
• Stundenservice
• Mädchenliebe

--> Langzeitservice
--> Verkehr in allen erdenkbaren Stellungen
--> Naturfranzösisch bis zur Vollendung
--> Liebe zu 3. oder 4. möchte ich auch nicht missen
--> Mädchenliebe
--> Natursektspende
--> Vibratorspiele
--> Algierfranzösisch
--> Griechisch bei Dir
--> Rollenspiele
--> Fuß und Stiefelerotik
--> Zungenküsse bei Sympathie
--> uvm.... ;-)

Any input is appreciated. Some of these came from the Hostessen category. I assume this means incall. Lastly can I feel comfortable that they will perform as advertisied. Have to watch that in the US, thats why these review forums are so important.

10-08-03, 19:17
Well, here are some translations of the "sex-ad-language":

Algierfranzösisch - licking the ass(hole)
aktiv - the girls provides it (e.g. französisch, Natursekt)
ausdauernd - enduring, long lasting
beidseitig - on both sides (man/woman)
Busenerotik - Penis between breasts
Busen - bosom, breasts
Entspannung - relaxation, also sometimes: ejaculation
Fesseln - bondage
Fesselspiele - bondage games
französisch - french (oral sex), BJ
französisch beidseitig - sixty-nine (simultaneous oral sex)
Fußerotik - licking feet and toes and such things
genussvoll - delightful
gerne - with pleasure
griechisch - greek
GV = Geschlechtsverkehr = Verkehr
Höschen - panty
Lack - latex, vinyl
Langzeitservice - long time service (more than one hour)
Leder - leather
leidenschaftlich - passionate
Liebe zu 3. oder 4. - group sex
Liebe zu dritt (3.) - sex with three
Mädchenliebe - lesbian
mehrmals - several times, multiple
(in den) Mund spritzen - CIM
Muschi - pussy
Naturoberweite - "natural" bust measurement (without silicon)
Natur - "natural" (without condom)
Natursekt - pissing
Natursektspende = Natursekt aktiv
Naturfranzösisch - BBBJ
Naturfranzösisch bis zur Vollendung - BBBJTC (with CIM)
NS = Natursekt
Oberweite - bust measurement
ohne - without (condom)
passiv - you provide it (französisch passiv - DATY)
rasiert - shaved
reizvoll - attractive
Rollenspiele - role games
schlucken - swallowing
sinnlich - sensual
spritzen - ejaculate
Stellung - position
Stellungswechsel - change of positions
Stundenservice - one whole hour
Stiefel - boot
Stiefelerotik - licking the boots
Strichmädchen - SW
Strümpfe - stockings
Strumpfhose - tights, pantyhose
bei Sympathie - if the girl likes you (not always)
teilrasiert - partly shaved
usw = und so weiter - etc
uvm = und vieles mehr - and much more
Verkehr - intercourse
Vibratorspiele - Games with vibrator
Vollendung - to the end (till ejaculation)
zart, zärtlich - tender
Zunge - tongue
Zungenküsse - french kisses

hope this helps


10-09-03, 18:24
Try this translator web site, which allows you to paste in entire phrases.
Be sure to select the from/to language to, I assume, German to English.
Kind of lame, but works in general, though for sexual slang ymmv.



Harry Bush
10-09-03, 23:57
Thanks for the input. I am using Alta Vista translator, but that leaves a lot to be desired and then when I get a translation of Algiers French I still don't know. Now I do. I am still wondering about the providers, should I concern myself with the idea that they may not provide as advertised or is 6Fuheur a good bet?

Tokyo via AA
10-14-03, 10:52
Since it seems like the escort agencies in Vienna are of variable quality and reliability, does anyone have input on Butterfly escorts (http://www.butterfly.at ), or Mirabelle Escort (http://www.6escort.at )? I am especially curious about Butterfly, as they are very explicit about what each girl does or doesn't do.

Harry Bush
10-20-03, 12:58
The one thing I think is a good sign with both of the services you mention is that they appear to be using the girls real pictures. If you look at some of the other services mentioned earlier in this message board, the girls pictures are too good to be true. I will be spending an overnight in Vienna in a few weeks and may take a shot with one of them. Will post a report if so. I am also still interested in the FKK that just opened. Hope to see an updated report before my stay.

Harry Bush
10-30-03, 11:27
During another long layover in Vienna, I had Laura come and visit me in my day room. Only booked an hour so no massage or pics were avaiable, but instead got one hour of sex. Set up the meet via email at sexplosiv@laura4you.at and then called when I arrived in Vienna. She has girl next door looks with a killer natural body. Loves to have her natural tits squeezed and sucked. All positions avaiable: cowgirl, asian cowgirl, mish, doggie. Everthing is done covered, she is real strict on that. For 150 Euros plus parking, it was well worth the money. Would recommend. She also has a web site and an ad on 6 Fuhuer. She is also avaiable via web cam if someone really wants to see what they will be renting.

10-30-03, 17:42
I absolutely recommend them. On their website they show in detail what service a girl does and what she does not.
They charge EUR 35 from the girl for each job, all the rest is the girl`s. The lady herself sets the price and decides what services she will provide - and this is published on the web. Prices and services vary from girl to girl.
Thes fire the girls when more than one customer complains about incorrect specifications on the web, so you can absolutely rely on the informations.
I had Angelina one time, very nice girl, good BBBJ, great sex. EUR 150 for one hour (130 + 20 for the taxi).

FKK Goldentime:
Is closed at the moment "because of water damage" (???).
Re-opening with big party (they say 50 girls at least) on November 21st.


11-01-03, 19:23
I don't usually frequent the escort services, but have nothing against them either. My below post on Marina came via Mirabelle escort, and I would have to say nothing could have been easier than setting it up with them. They were friendly, easy and helpful. Even sent me an SMS with the address of the meet house. The girl was the girl, provided the advertised services for the advertised price.

A further post now on the MP at Taborstrasse 27 (another great tip from GL).
I have been there twice now, and as advertised on this board, the girls are hot and well worth the 130 euro bbbj and massage.
My first session was with Roberta, tall, dirty blond, sexy from Poland (is it just me or are all the girls I meet from Poland extremely hot?)....a pro but makes you feel somehow special. She does amazing deep thoat, ball sucking, allows and encourages dfk as well as ass play...she groaned at my fingers and tounge up her ass.....only thing missing was cim, but no matter. As close to gfe as I have had in a long time. Highly recommended, and also a very good massage.
With her on my brain I had to go back, and two weeks later there I was again, but Roberta was busy when I arrived.....no matter the girl (forget the name) who answered looked even hotter, I couldn't believe my luck...if she performed like Roberta the place would be a damn goldmine......While killing a little time talking, or at least trying to with my bad German, Roberta finished up and the other guy left. So then the offer was made to me: two girls 180 euro. I couldn't resist. Now came the fun, massage with four hands, double bbbj, ball sucking etc.... BUT I have to say, even though it was pretty hot, the singel girls session is better. For the first 20 min ("massage warm up") the two of them were chit-chatting so much to each other in Polish, it was kind of a turn off. Once we did get down to the action though it was hot, but part of the fantasy to me is the lead-up...in fact, pathetic as it might be, the lead up is very important to me, I need to be convinced or tricked or faked or whatever into believing in the authenticity of these situtations....so it was not the best for me, but still kind of a hot experience. All in all I will definetly go back, but stick to one girl sessions.

11-09-03, 10:02

I will be visiting Vienna and Salzburg in December. As I will be with a group of people, escorts, or going off alone for extended periods, are not options. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could tell me if these two cities have a RLD like Amsterdam, or Eros Centers like Frnkfurt, and if so, where are they located?

Thanks in advance.

Swamp Rat

Tokyo via AA
11-13-03, 14:04
Recent visit to Vienna, this group was really helpful in getting me hooked up.

1) Rembrandtstrasse 17. I saw Jacqueline http://www.sexy-jacquline.at.tf/ . Claimed to be only one who spoke English (and she did, quite well really).OK but nothing special service, and only CBJ (looks like most of the other girls at this place do BBBJ, according to their website). A bit overpriced, and I didn't consider going back. It is convenient, though, five minutes walk from the U-bahn, and oddly the street they are on was very very quiet.

2) Massage place on Mariahilfer Strasse, near Museumsquartier. Can't find the link offhand. It's above the Segfreddo coffee place. 90 Euro for a good massage and hand release. Three girls at about 2 PM, it was clear I didn't really have a choice though I was offered one. Can't remember the girl's name, but she was heavy-set. At first claimed not to speak English, then turned out to speak decent English in the room. Very strange, she criticized me a few times for doing this or not doing that in Vienna, and also she told me several times "don't look!" during the massage. This seems quite weird to me - a nude massage (which costs 20E extra) but the masseuse doesn't want you to look. Wrong line of work, perhaps, esp. since CBJ and sex are both also available.

3) Butterfly.at. I called them two successive nights - Nicki and Natalie. The booking agents on the phone (both a male and a female) spoke perfect English, which was great. Also really like the fact (as glenlivet mentions) that the services are clearly identified on their website - I wasn't willing to take another gamble after two CBJ services, I wanted a BBBJdammit! Both girls delivered - wow did Natalie deliver onthat front. She is also prettier than her photos, even the new photo shoot. Not sure I'd give Nicki rave reviews, but Natalie would be worth another go.

Harry Bush
11-16-03, 14:24
Need some help on the FKK Goldentime. Have to spend an overnight in early December (based on last note it should be open) in Vienna and was wondering if there are any decent hotels in the vicinity of the FKK. If there are, I sure would appreciate names and phone numbers.

11-16-03, 23:41
Hi Harry,

sorry no hotels in the vicinity of Goldentime, you will have to take a taxi.
Depending on what kind of hotel you desire I can recommend you some:
If you just want a clean bed and a hot shower and nothing else (really nothing, check in, sleep and rush out) take the Etap Hotel, Franzosengraben 15. Fare is EUR 39 per night for a single room (47 for double). It is near the motorway A23 - not really near to the center, and the nearest to Goldentime of the three hotels I recommend. Tel. No. is +43 1 798 45 55.
A better hotel for a good price is the Ibis Hotel at Mariahilfer Gürtel 22. Quite near to the Westbahnhof (which is the main railway station of Vienna) and the Mariahilfer Strasse - the main shopping street in Vienna. 10-15 Minutes to the centre by U-Bahn. Rates are EUR 64 for a single room, 79 for a double. Tel. +43 1 599 98.
The absolute star at the moment is the five-star newly opened Le Meridien in the centre (Opernring). Opened just a few days ago and one of the top hotels in Vienna. At the moment they charge only EUR 135 for both single and double. From February 2004 on the rooms will be EUR 225/275. Tel. +43 1 588 90.
Taxi fares to Goldentime will be approx. EUR 6-8 from Etap, EUR 10-12 from Le Meridien and EUR 15-17 from Ibis.
Taxi fares from airport to one of the hotels will be EUR 25-35; but you can also take the bus to Vienna and hire a taxi there, which will be much cheaper (except for Etap, which is between the airport and the city center).
I really do not know if there will be time, but maybe it would be a possibility to do Goldentime together. If you are interested, send me a PM.


11-28-03, 19:26
Does anyone have any experience with this girl? http://www.alice.at/

I wonder if she is worth the 300 euro per hour?

Also looking for info on nikki, http://6fuehrer.6news.at/index1.html

12-01-03, 02:45

I do not think that a girl in Vienna is worth EUR 300 an hour. If you want to spend such amount of money, go to Babylon. There you get highest quality, including food etc.

Regarding that Alice, there are no details on the web site. It seems strange to me that she meets only in a certain hotel after 8 pm. You do not know what you book but it is expensive.

You get highest quality escorts who visit you at any time you want at any place in Vienna you want for EUR 150, so my advice: Careful with Alice!

Sorry, no informations about Nikki.


12-01-03, 07:15
Hi Guys

After reading this forum, I want to try butterfly Escort service. I think that will be nice.

But I have one important question! I have thought prostitute in Vienna is legal, but Glenlivet reported that there were police and prostitution is fined! (in this forum on Page3)

I want to avoid illegal matter. Is it legal or illegal?

If it's legal, I am willing to contact butterfly! But In meeting a girl, I do not use my hotel room. (because I am going to travel with my wife.) Can they prepare any hotel or room?

Harry Bush
12-01-03, 08:43

Also looked at her site because pictures look pretty good, but you can get real good service for about 150 per hour. Only you can determine if she is worth double that.

Also Glenlivet, sent you a PM, have you checked your messages?

12-01-03, 12:30
I will be traveling to Vienna in Mid Decemebr and I was wondering what good strip clubs we can visit without getting hassled by girls wanting us to buy them expensive Champaign.

Has anyone revisted Goldentime Sauna? I saw a previous post by Glenlivet but it sounds like it is pretty dead.

Any ideas?


Mind Snatcher
12-01-03, 14:47
I agree that Alice looks dubious, and that you can do very well in Vienna for half the stated price. She claims to be fluent in English and yet she writes this about herself on her website:

"In the secret one by verse, constantly spoiled Sexgirl, whose idea wealth appears to hardly exceed. Almost tabooless and absolutely not to exceed."

If her idea of wealth is hard to exceed you may have to shell out more than you bargained for! The hotel she uses after 8pm is not the best. Orient is much better than Spinne.

PS. Beware of glamour photos that never show the girl's navel. It's what I look for first.

12-02-03, 00:08
Hello friends of Vienna,

Here are some news from our town, I hope to be able to make things clear:

Goldentime is re-opened, have not been there yet, but I heard only good things recently. Up to 40 girls are reported, mainly from the East (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania) and most of them very nice. I think the time has come to visit.

Fast Ferrari: Prostitution is perfectly legal in Austria. There are only some places where street prostitution is not allowed, e.g. near schools or churches. In the side streets of Mariahilfer Strasse, where SW`s used to be, driving is not allowed by night now to get rid of the prostitution there. But you see the signs. You will not have any problems with escorts.

Butterfly has become my favourite agency by now. I had some of their girls and got really nice GFE. As you know, I am a BBBJ connaisseur and so Butterfly is a paradise for me as you can choose the girls by the service they provide. Most girls include the BBBJ service in their prices. Got top BBBJTC service every time.
I am sure they will help you preparing a hotel!

So Vienna is still developing!

Have a good time!


Member #3447
12-02-03, 01:30
Hello Vienna!!

I am considering layover overnight in Vienna in January and I am asking for hotel recommendations around an area where I can just walk to the SWs. I am interested in the BBBJs or fuck in the car-type of scene. A reasonable 3 or 4 star hotel will suffice. Thanks in advance.

12-02-03, 19:55
I was visiting FKK Goldentime on Monday and Tuesday last week, just after their reopening. There were about fifteen girls present, most of them 5-8 on my scale of looks. The facilities were very nice and clean and all the girls I talked to were behaving nice and quite eager to talk to the customers without seeming to pushy. Most of them could speak and understand basic English quite well. And a few spoke quite excellent English, whih was great for me since I have no command of German

Golden time is quite easy to locate: just by the Highway through Vienna or a few hundred meters from the U-bahn in the direction of the airport (map: http://www.goldentime.at/anfahrt.html)

Claudia from Chez Repbublic, 7/10 looks 6/10 performance, Basic English. NO BBBJ
“Nasti” (Abrv. Anastasia) from Hungary, 5/10 looks 6/10 performance, Basic English. NO BBBJ

“Bobbie” from Hungary, 7/10 looks 7/10 performance, Good English. BBBJ
Cindy from Poland, 8/10 looks 9/10 performance, Good English. BBBJ

Of these girls I must really recommend Cindy 175 cm, long platinium blond hair and large natural tits. (I tried to locate her for a second round but I guess it was to late in the evening/morning). She was friendly interesting to talk to and gave a great! BBBJ and seemed quite enthusiastic during sex. At least her act was good and she really turned me on. (She was formerly working at Atlantis in Frankfurt)

Entrance: 60€
Girls 30min.: 50€
Drinks: free (non alcoholic + Beer)

“I’ll be back”


Chef Dude
12-04-03, 00:52
Yes I do remember Vienna. I was 17 and traveling with my folks. I would sneek out after they went to bed. Well I got an offer from a nice "older" lady and took her up on it. I was hooked for life, that was 30 years ago.

Mind Snatcher
12-04-03, 22:13
FKK 'Goldentime'. Wolfram, are these details correct? My understanding is that they charge 70 euros admission and that there is a no alcohol rule (i.e. no beer). Could someone confirm/ enlighten us? Thanks.

The map they provide is pretty hopeless IMHO. They could at least tell you which UBahn line/ station to use.

Still, I'll give it a go one of these days.

12-05-03, 08:13

Thank you for your replying, I could understand the escort system.

I cannot wait to go to Vienna!

12-05-03, 18:23
Mind Snatcher

I could be wrong , maybe the entry was 70€



12-05-03, 23:00
Mind Snatcher

Forget to respond to your beer question.

Yes, you can get beer at Goldentime. I'm not able to tell wether the the beer was non/low alchol, but it seemed fine to me.

(would they serve something like that in Austria?)

It was a surprise for me too so I only had a few beers the second evening.


12-06-03, 13:33
You will appreciate the girls here, if you don't already know them :
Rotensterngasse 25, Vienna 1020
(1)961 7070
The reason for my silence of the last month or so.
More hot girls from Poland with extreme bbbj skills, but so far no cim.
Typically 130euro, massage + bbbj.


12-06-03, 22:58

thank you for the hint. Must try the girls in Rothensterngasse one time. I have been there one time a long time ago, I do not remember much.

You know, there are many new places in Vienna by now, and the scene gets better and better. The new Goldentime - no time to visit yet. The butterfly girls - I booked several girls of them during the last weeks - and had not a single disappointment!

As you seem to be also a BBBJ connaisseur: Do you know how a twenty-minute-lasting "nearly orgasm" feels, when a girl plays with her tongue and lips around your dick and you think you cannot stand it any more? And finally, after endless time, shivering all over, your shots go in and around the girls mouth! The ultimate experience. Saskia from Butterfly did it (costs for that: EUR 140). I met her several times.

Of course this is a very subjective description. Everybody feels it in another way. But for me it was the best I had for many years. And also the other girls I had were top-class. I`d like to try them all.

If you like, we can meet for lunch one time and talk a little bit. If you are interested, send me a pm.


Harry Bush
12-07-03, 10:42
During another long layover in Vienna had the pleasure of doing business with Butterfly. Set up the meet with George via email and then called after I arrived. Was visited by Tina who looks very innocent and dresses very conservatively. But when you get the clothes off, she is very hot. If you like only thin girls she is not for you, but I do enjoy a bigger girl since I am not small myself. Enjoyed sucking on her big tits in between DFK. Then she provided a good BBBJ. I reciprocated with DATY. Was a little horny at that time so on with the cover and proceeded to finish in mish. She then finished up the time by giving a soothing massage. Well woth the 155 euros, her fee 120 and airport ride 35.

Harry Bush
12-18-03, 15:01
On my latest pass through Vienna, I had the pleasure of visiting Goldentime. As far as I know, the closest we have in the US to a place like that is the legal brothels in Nevada and they are not even close. The girls are very laid back, and only come on when encouraged. I noticed this tall blond walking around nude, most of the girls had something on. Anyway when we made eye contact, she came up and sat down next to me. Her name was Sarah and she was from Belgium. She said she was over here for a few weeks and then would go back home. She said she planned on returning every few weeks. She had a great body with natural tits. Soon she was on my lap and blowing in my ear and then soon after that we were in the Cinema (room with love seats and movie size screen showing porno flicks) with me getting a BBBJ. She then slipped on a cover, staddled me and starting to ride. When she turned around and started to pound away with that beautiful ass, I had a big O. Then sat in the sauna for a while and when I came out Sarah mentioned she had a friend I should get with. She then introduced me to Sandy who was just about 6' tall with very long legs and a great ass. Her blond hair was in a pony tail and she had girl next door looks. We also ended up in the Cinema and after a BBBJ, I suggested we go to a room. There we did a little 69 and then some mish, followed by doggie and then finsihed with a HJ/BBBJ. If I am in Vienna again, will go back. Price was 70 Euros to enter and 60 Euros per girl.

12-20-03, 00:44
Tried to PM, did you receive it?
I'm not sure I did it correctly, first time for everything.

A strong recommend for anal lovers of Eva at Wellness pur, Burgerspitalgasse. See previous posts for address, etc...
She absolutely loves it up the ass as hard and long as you can stand, and she is very sexy.


Mind Snatcher
12-21-03, 13:40
Escort users in Vienna: PLEASE NOTE.

I was robbed by an escort last week. I booked an overnight service with a girl from the website of a reputable agency, having checked her reviews and emailed a couple of people who had been with her. They all said she was brilliant. Ho ho, that she was! When she arrived, she said I needed a shower. True, I had just got off a long flight. She refused to get into the shower with me and used the time to rifle through my things instead. Next morning, large amounts of cash, more than one thousand euros in total, were missing from various locations (pockets, bags, even the secret compartment of my wallet). She acted dumb. Eventually, I asked her to empty her handbag and found money hidden in the lining. She tried to pretend it was hers, but her case collapsed when I found a cache of neatly folded British 20 pound notes which were missing from the inner pocket of my wallet. She then started sobbing and said she had only done it to feed her two-year old son. This after just having netted 600 euros for the 'date'!

This girl is a practised criminal. She was operating under the name of 'Lucy', but her name and agency are irrelevant, as she will have changed both by the time you read this. Do not go near her. Here is what to look out for: She’s young, about 20 years old, Austrian bred and born, says she’s from Lienz in Tyrol. Broad cheekbones, ‘peasant’ features, slightly stubby nose. 5 ft 7 inches or 1m 68cm tall. Very short hair, currently dyed black with reddish auburn highlights. Pierced tongue. Small tits of the bee-sting variety. Three small Chinese characters tattooed vertically between her shoulder blades. The very short hair and tattoos should suffice to identify her beyond doubt. I also attach a photo. Send her away at once (mention of her recent 'date' with Mind Snatcher should suffice) and report her to the agency. She’s a hardened criminal. Do not ignore this warning. Do not feel sorry for her; everything she says is a pack of lies. Please feel free to pass these details on to other potential punters.

I'm sure she won't give up. She may lie low for a while, or may turn up somewhere like Babylon or in one of the clubs on the Gürtel. I believe she lives in Baden just south of Vienna. Take care, folks, and watch your back.

01-02-04, 21:13
About Lucy:

I don't doubt Mind Snatchers Story, but still would propose a bit of moderation in the case of Lucy. Met her as well 4 weeks ago and she was a decent date. Pretty dumb and a bit naive but recommendable. I guess she got greedy despite having a good income in her job (which she started 2 months ago). This is probably the first time in her life she got a bit of money in her hands. She is definitely not a hardened criminal nor trying to rip you off in general. Her service and recommendations where always! good before this. I would still suggest it is safe to book her if you take caution with your valuable (there is generally a safe in Hotel rooms). If you have doubts, suggest this incident to the agency when booking her. They wil set her mind right.

Mind Snatcher
01-03-04, 22:38
Thanks for your comments. I have had a few mails from people who were with Lucy during her short career, and it's obvious that she had a fan club as well as several disappointed customers. You're certainly right that she's rather dumb. Maybe she picked on me because she thought I was fair game, but I wouldn't wish on anyone what I went through with her. I must stress that she did not act on impulse. She planned the whole thing carefully. Someone who can find a small wallet in a secret pocket, and then actually pull banknotes out of a secret compartment in that wallet, all in a couple of minutes while I was in the shower, does not strike me as a naive operator. As for the sex, it was third rate. Endless delays while she had to be taken to a restaurant because she wants a three-course meal, then she insisted on going for a walk until midnight (!!), and then, well, you mustn't do this and you mustn't do that because she was in a car crash three years ago and doesn't like to be touched. Your idea of fun perhaps - but not mine. All in all, I had a rotten experience. Of course I reported what she had done to her agency, and in fact we interviewed her for about one hour in the presence of her employer. The way she responded and the lies she went on telling even after she had been cornered convinced me (and the agency) that she is *totally* unsuitable as an up-market escort. So I stick by what I said earlier. Let her walk the Gürtel for all I care. If you want a classy lady and a pleasant rather than a harrowing experience, look elsewhere; there is plenty of genuine talent in Vienna. I'm a bit surprised that anyone can think of defending this kind of behaviour in a working girl. It's certainly not acceptable where I come from.

Safe Punter
01-12-04, 19:11
I've used Pink Escorts in Vienna. I had a young student from there, called Aida. She is about 18, and has the tightest **** I have ever fucked. I also had a threesome with Gabriella and another blonde. They weren't bi, but I got on well with them. Screwing Gabriella while sucking on the blonde pussy was excellent.

I also tried a club down the main shopping street - Club 12 I think. It was downstairs, but drinks were expensive, and my collegue fucked one of the girls, but it cost about 200 Euros. I tried a another escort agency, Vienna Escorts I think, and had two excellent girls (on separate times). Another girl at lunchtime, who was not at all good - serves me right for ordering at lunctime.

The Intercontinental has one or two WGs in the bar area, but they were regulars and not that nice. Once or twice some really attractive girl will show up, but they are snapped up quite quickly.

01-26-04, 11:28
Visit last week to Vienna for two days.

Set up appointment with Claudi http://www.hobbyhostess.com/
Website is good, prices for this city good. In spite of complaints that she is chaotic and unreliable, it was easy to set up the meeting. She was efficient and friendly by email. However, during the day before the appointment she emailed cancelling (car accident, bruises etc.). I didn’t have access to email so waited in vain for her. Probably true story, at least she bothered to mail. Will have to wait for next visit.

So late in the evening I contacted Butterfly http://www.butterfly.at/
Many of the girls are not bookable after 24.00 and it was already 23.30. However, the agency was very helpful on the telephone (Lisa – v. friendly and humorous). Tried to book Saskia (only to 24.00, but agency said they would nevertheless contact her). Five minutes later they phoned back, confirming unavailability, but suggesting Kim and one other (forgotten). I remembered pictures and services of Kim, so said OK. Again they phoned back after 5 minutes confirming her arrival at hotel in 50 minutes. She took 30 mins. It was her. So the agency is a definite recommend, even at short notice.

There are better looking girls on the site than Kim, but there can be fewer friendlier. She is 22, Romanian, speaks no German, but goodish English. Always smiling, mischievous. Breasts hang somewhat, she is a couple of kilos overweight, and the red hair is blonde not well dyed. But beggars ringing late in the evening cannot be choosers. Decided on 2 hours. Cost: EUR 135 first (incl. Taxi), 90 second. Kim loves sex, which immediately became apparent. DFK, likes being touched, DATY, 69. Although the website is very useful in that they give good detail as to what the girls are prepared to do, be careful with the pricing. I understood that the price included the offered services, but Kim explained before doing it that she charged extra for BJ (EUR 20) and BBBJ (50). I told her to do BBBJ, but that I had not been expecting this. She was proficient and clearly enjoyed herself. But the whole thing takes off upon starting sex. This she is fanatical about, and is willing to try any position. She does not offer anal. Tried very hard to persuade her to do CIM, in vain. Good company for two hours. And in the end she decided not to charge for the BBBJ. In retrospect I should perhaps have grabbed a taxi and gone to

Goldentime www.goldentime.at , which I visited on both of the next two days. It is the first FKK in Austria and only been open for about three months (daily 10-4.00). So new, the taxi-drivers are not aware of it yet. Charges are higher than in Germany: EUR 70 entrance, EUR 60 the 30 mins session, CIM and anal 60 extra each. The girls can reject these. BBBJ is standard. Description of premises by Harry Bush 12.07.03 is correct. Non alcoholic beer is served. All drinks and snacks (rare) in the entrance price. Place is very clean and spacious. Apparently there were a record 160 guests (M and F) on the first day (Tuesday), but there was no crowding. At all times more girls than men, sometimes in early afternoon dramatically so. Turnover of girls (couple of 5s and 6s, but also several 9s or 10s) is high, as many come over the border from Bratislava for a few days and disappear again. So no point in describing here the choices I made. For those with German, the website forum is lively and informative. I posted on there, if you’re interested. I would mention that I took the most exotic choice available, a Kazakh girl with oriental features, an immaculate body and a great programme, who was so good I partook on both days, but how long is she staying? Not long for sure.

Member #1268
01-27-04, 13:14
I spent a week in Vienna in October 2003 and found Wien to be great. Went to the Babylon and had a few drinks and dinner no hassle. Cost me about 100 Euros. Got a complete tour of the place, very nice but expensive. One hour with a girl, many 7/8s will run you about 400 Euros as I recall. You pay when you leave so it is either the 100 or the 400 Euros.

Thanks to an earlier report I also contacted Amandine through her WEBsite and it was worth the contact. Came right over to the hotel after some email traffic. They are at least DDs. http://www.amandine.at

I was staying at one of the major hotels and the place filled up with providers around 8:00 pm and they hung around till midnight or so. After being at the Babylon (walking distance from my hotel)I met this blonde Russian women in the hotel bar and we set up a meeting fro the next evening. Went to the Mozart Concert, worth going to if you like classical / opera and then to dinner at an Italian resturant she new about (owned by a Greek) then back to the hotel. Great time and she looks more like 30 than her confessed 38. 200 Euros for the evening.


Member #3447
01-27-04, 17:06
Hello Vienna Board,

I will be staying at the Best Western Hotel at Parkring for an overnight layover. Can anybody recommend an address nearby (walking distance) for a massage and BBBJ service? I am not familiar with Vienna, and greatly appreciate any assistance. I am also planning to contact Butterfly Escorts, but want some MP action afterwards. Thanks in advance.

Mind Snatcher
01-27-04, 22:13
The other place worth considering is Babylon in Liebenberggasse 2, near the Parkring, Stubenring areas. It's no more than two minutes' walk from the Stadtpark Metro station.

It proudly calls itself ONE OF THE MOST EXCLUSIVE NIGHTCLUBS OF THE WORLD, and you even have to pay 20 euros to look at the girls on their website.

You pay 110 euros admission (but they only charge you if you leave without seeing a girl). Inside you get free drinks all night and there is a sort of restaurant (not a buffet) serving quite good food. The bar area is cramped and if you want to go downstairs to the other bar (the 'champagne bar') it costs extra. To spend an hour in one of the excessively ornate bedrooms costs an outrageous 400 euros. A second hour with the same girl is much cheaper, but if you start again with a different girl, it's another 400 (although the first 400 ostensibly included your 110 euro admission charge). Most rooms have a jacuzzi, but they take 30 minutes to fill up and you need to check that they are clean (wipe surface with tissue before attempting to fill). The girls, incidentally, get to keep only 50% of their takings. Their services vary. There is plenty of choice and most are very attractive. I spent about 90 minutes with an extremely pretty and friendly lady from Moldova. Services were covered, but we had fun nonetheless. Total cost was 400, and that included a meal and about six G&Ts.

02-06-04, 22:32
Mind Snatcher, Toscana,

I will be visiting Vienna in a couple of weeks and want a couple of recommendations for a couple of nights, and also in Germany. Would appreciate recos to include good quality at moderate budget. Please PM me if you can. You can see my posts on US boards - NY, Stamford (connecticut), and DC. Do they have any places that are strip clubs offering FS - ultimate fanatsy coming from the US. Thanks bros!

Member #3447
02-08-04, 02:13
My Vienna Report:

Well, here's my contribution to your excellent forum. Stayed at the Best Western at Parkring for an overnight layover in Vienna. I checked out the MP at Rotensterg. 25 at about 2:00 in the afternoon and there were two girls working that flat: Vanessa and Susana (if I remember correctly). I never saw Vanessa as she was busy, so I went with 20-year old blonde Susana. She said she's Polish, but was born in Vienna...hey, I consider that Austrian, instead of Polish, but WTF.

Susana asked for 150 Euros for a massage plus FS (no anal). She also gave me a rim job to my surprise, but didn't do a direct BBBJ. She didn't allow DATY, nor did she allow any kissing. She allowed multiple positions and I finished doing the doggie on her. All in all, I was satisfied with her service, and the flat was clean, but would have wished she gave a classic BBBJ.

After a few hours to recharge, I contacted Butterfly Escorts trying to get Natalie for 10 PM session, but she was not available until Monday, so I had to choose between 32-year old Saskia (who is highly recommended by Glenlivet, et al.), and 25-year old Jasmin. I took my chances with Jasmin and I was very satisfied. She's got decent size tits and has a pierced tongue. She also does BBBJ, deep kissing, and allowed me to eat her pussy until she came! In fact, she even requested that I finger her pussy while I was eating her out...I was eventually paying her so she can have an orgasm, LOL. Jasmin may not look as good as Natalie, but she provided good service and is highly recommended.

I am grateful for all the excellent information in the Vienna Board. My short stay in Vienna was satisfying because of all the great and accurate information that I got in this board. Keep up the good work.

Ho_Chaser out.

Member #3447
02-08-04, 02:18
Here's another photo of Jasmin. BTW, she's really a blonde, but dyed her hair. She's also very tall...about 6 feet (don't know how to convert to meters, sorry).

Good personality. She charges 145 Euros (including taxi) for an hour, plus another 75 more for anal.

Bone is Hard
02-08-04, 20:24
Vienna Escorts

Does anyone have previous experience with this agency. Checked thru all the active post and archives but did not see them discussed. They are asking for a down payment for services unrendered to advance book. Their website looks legit, and they have a real picture guarentee. Girls look good at a good price. I have never used an escort agency in Austria, just wondering if this down payment requirement is par for the course.


02-09-04, 19:00
@bone is hard

Being a Vienna local, I do not recommend this agency for the following reasons:

It is not usual to make a down payment in advance.

I found no discussions & reviews about this agency in the local boards (this is suspect for me)

You do not know what you get - you write there is a real picture guarantee - are you sure? Do you know which kind of service you will receive?

Last but not least: The fees are quite high, and if the girls is not what you expected, you loose. Let us compare the fee to the girl Jasmin, recommended in the previous posting:
Guess you meet the girl at 7 pm, go to a restaurant and maybe to a bar for three hours, take her to your room for another three hours till 1 am.

With a girl of "vienna-escorts.net" you pay about EUR 500 plus EUR 50 for transport; Makes 550 for a blind evening.

With e.g. Jasmin you pay EUR 180 for three hours companionship (3x60), 130 for the first hour in the hotel, 160 for the other two hours (2x80) and 25 for transportation. Alltogether EUR 495 for the same six hours, but you know exactly what you get. And if the girl does not meet your expectations, you send her home after one hour and book another girl.

If you are an adventurer and still want to book the agency you requested - please report in this board, I am curious.


02-10-04, 05:12
Hi Does anyone understand German?

What NF means? It was used in the ad of Cindy in Butterfly

This is the sentence.

"Cindy ist eines jener Mädchen die man selten findet die es wirklich mögen einen Mann ganz intensiv und "natur" zu spüren! Im Ohne- Service welches Cindy für einen Aufpreis anbietet ist dann auch NF mit Vollendung inkludiert!!!"

02-10-04, 10:34
Hi Ferrari,

NF = BBBJ ("Naturfranzösisch")

The translation: "Cindy is one of the seldom girls, who really like to feel a man in an intense and "natural" way (this means: w/o condom). This service (w/o condom), which Cindy offers for a surcharge, includes BBBJ to completition (CIM)"


Member #3447
02-10-04, 15:59
Bone is Hard,

Instead of taking the risk on that escort agency, just call Butterfly Escorts instead; it is a sure thing and highly recommended in this board. Also check-out the MPs that were recommended by Glenlivet, i.e., Taborstrasse 27 and Rotensterng. 25 located in the 2nd district.

Here's what the outside looks like for the Rotensterng. 25 address.

Member #3447
02-10-04, 15:59
Here's what their ringer looks like at the entrance. Flat number 10.

Member #3447
02-10-04, 16:05
Bone is hard,

If you decide to check out the MP at Taborstrasse 27 instead, here's a picture of their door ringer.

I hope this helps you out as it did me greatly. Have fun!

02-10-04, 19:09
For bone
check eliagency.com and compare the girls with vienna-escorts.net. They are the same!!!!

Infact vienna-escort is a Slovak based agency and the lay-out of the site is like the older one of Eli, the prices are the same. So it could be simple to suppose that the agency is the same :-)))))

I guess that any report, positive or not, about Eli is good also for vienna-escort.

Hope to be helpful

Bone is Hard
02-11-04, 01:08
Vienna Escorts aka Eli Agency

Thanks everyone for the info. I already have a "Butterfly" lined up for one night that I'm in Vienna but wanted to try something new. So I'm gonna bite the bullet and take one for the rest of us. Wish me luck and I'll let the board know what this agency is like.

HC, love the pictures!!! Your either crazy or just eat up with pussy.


02-17-04, 13:53
Glenlivet and others.
Any experience with Royal Escort in Vienna?
There is a girl there I want to try, but do not want a body double showing up at the door.


Capt Fred
02-18-04, 23:04
Long Layover In Vienna (PLEASE HELP!)

I have a long layover in Vienna Airport (Almost 12 hours).

I am traveling on budget, so places like Babylon are out of the question!!!

1. Can you kindly recommend hotels close to the airport that I can get day rate?

2. Which FKK Club is close to the airport?

3. I have read about Goldentime FKK Club and Butterfly Escort on this site. Is Goldentime close to the airport? What is the transportation charge for Butterfly?

4. And, finally, I am "anal" sex connoisseur. Which FKK would be the best for this?

Thank you all for your time and your assistance,


02-19-04, 12:28

Sorry, can't help on the hotel. I am interested myself. Please post if you find something suitable.

FKK Goldentime is the only FKK in Vienna. The first. It is on the right side of Vienna for the airport. If I remember, it is about 20 mins by taxi. But make sure you have the address, because the taxi drivers do not know it, and it is really hard to find. Public transport probably out of the question, unless anyone from Vienna can help here.

You will have to negotiate anal with the FKK girls individually. The anal option is on the price list (EUR 120 extra, if I remember, but check the posts or the site), but the girls decide if they offer it. I have the impression that only about 10% are willing.

The Butterfly girls charge EUR 25 extra into the first hour for taxi. Good idea to book a girl in advance. Maybe Butterfly can help you with the accommodation. Apparently they have an apartment(s), which they can rent out short term for a meeting. Don't know where.

Hope that helps,


02-19-04, 13:56
Capt. Fred,
Listen to what others might post, but my recommendation would be to call the massage parlor at Burgerspittal gasse (see previous posts) and try to hook up with Eva. She is an anal maniac, is sexy, sweet and nasty and will also give you a good massage. If you are turned off by piercings though, don't go. It will take you 30 min by cab and cost 35 euro one way to get there from the airport. It is also possible by train and ubahn. Eva will cost 150. If she is there it is a sure thing.
I am not familiar with Goldentime, but from my reading on this board (I am a regular here) it is the only FKK here in Vienna, and no guarantees at all for anal.
Another way I would recommend is to get a day room at the hotel by the airport, or a few hours at the Hotel Orient in town (again a 30 min/ 35 euro cab ride), and then check the website: http://www.6fuehrer.at/
Click on the button on the left that says "6fuehrer", then click on the section that says "greichisch" (means greek in german), now choose your lady, set up a meet.

Capt Fred
02-19-04, 20:50
Toscana & Bonvivant:

Gentlemen, thank you so much for your help and valuable information.


With regard to the Hotel by the airport, one of our members at WSG, sent me a PM. I believe the Hotel's name is NH Hotels and the phone number is 43-1-701-510. It is very close to the terminal. I will contact them next week, and will let you know of all details. BTW, Waylander says hello!


I have never been to a massage parlors! Who knows, I may try your suggestion! Thanks for the information on the web site. I have also found Butterfly Escort (from WSG!) with several of the Ladies offering anal sex as part of their menu, and included in their price. The additional price for anal at Goldentime is not really worth it!


Capt Fred
02-27-04, 20:25
Long Overlays in Vienna Airport

Gentlemen, if you have a long layover in Vienna and you are traveling with Austrian Airlines or Lufthansa, they may pay for your hotel.

I have a long layover, and Austrian Airlines has given me a free room at a hotel near the airport. I just have to stop by their hospitality desk in Vienna, and pick up my itinerary for the hotel.

And, for escort service to the hotels, you may want to try Butterfly (www.butterfly.at), which charges 40 Euro for transportation to airport, and Mirabelle Escort (www.6escort.at), which charges 170 Euro for first hour, including transportation to the airport.

I will be there in April, and will post about all the fun!!!


Ben Focker
02-28-04, 05:47
I'll be in Vienna 3/11ish. Was wondering what are the best places to get laid for free easily. I am Indian male, 20s, I suppose better than average looking, American upbringing.

If I don't get any then I guess I'll hit the escort agencies. Not much into sex clubs, SW scene.

Checked out butterfly websites. None of the girls are that good, at least not much more than USA.

Bone is Hard
03-23-04, 01:10
Vienna Escorts

Please refer to posting made on Feb 8, 2004 for origination of string

Well, I am happy to report that this is a legit escort business.

I originally booked a girl named Shakira for 12 hours, paid the required 200 Euro downpayment and waited for the appointment. Having read the posts following mine, I began to wonder. About a week before my appointment, I received an email from them saying that due to health reasons, Shakira is no longer associated with the agency. This really turned my thinking cap on. I was asked to select another girl, list provided, for a substitute. Choosing another girl was tough as they all look very good. I chose Valeria. The day before my appointment, I received a email from the agency asking if I would like for them to send a photo of the girl as she was dressed for our date about an hour before the appointment. I emailed back saying sure.

An hour before, I got an email from the agency with a photograph of Valeria dressed in short black skirt and pink top. This girl in the phooto was the same girl in the website. An hour later, the girl in the emailed photo came thru the front door of the hotel about 10 minutes early. Things were looking up.

Valeria is from Slovokia and had traveled 5 hours for this 12 hour appointment. (Should I send the photo the agency sent me?) She was absolutely perfect. We went to dinner, her choice of cuisine, and got back to my room about 9:00. We sat around for about 1/2 hour continuing to talk and she excused herself to the toilet. She came out wearing nothing and said, "I'm ready for bed, would you like to join me" as she pulled my shirt off and my pants down. How could I refuse.

She immediately began kissing me as if she hadnt had any dick in 6 months. Followed this up with a tremendous BBBJ showing me her cutte little beaver tail which I soon had my hand, fingers and tongue on and in. I wasnt in a great hurry since I had another 8 hours to go so we tried position after position until honestly, there was no dry spot on the king size bed. Valaria is the type girl that ejaculates when she cums and that she did about 6-8 times before I finally popped the cork. What a hot little number she is.

Resting up for a while, we continued and concluded round 2 and 3 which lasted till the wee hours of the morning. She awoke early and as I was completely drained, allowed her to take a shower and return to where ever she went. She put in her 12 hours and a little more.

A day after the appointment, the agency emailed me asking if all went as planned. I continue to get follow-up email with specials on different girls. I only wish I lived in Austria so I could take them up on some of thier offers. Now, as a previous client, I do not have to make a downpayment on services unrendered.

The next time I get to Austria I will return to Vienna Escort's website and gladly book again. If I'm anywhere close in a country where it may be difficult and or expensive to have an escort, I may book thru them. There extended hours rates are very reasonable. There's several girls on their page that I'd love to try but I'll definately have Valeria again.

I am sure glad that I have a good report on this agency but I would have reported both outcomes for the good of the board.

Bone is Hard

04-17-04, 12:00
I found "Ohne Service" in the butterfly.at

I think it is "without condom"

Does it mean sex without condom? Or oral without condom?

If it includes sex without condom, can I cum inside her? or stop sex before cumming?

04-18-04, 05:43
I'll be in Vienna from Tuesday the 20th until the 23rd. If anyone wants to get together for a drink and share some pooning stories. I'll be staying at the Hotel Admiral, will post the room number when I get there.

Also you can message me with your phone number and I can give you a call.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

04-26-04, 18:55

Sex without condom / cum inside her. (Kathi/Cindy)

However, I consider it a bit risky......


05-02-04, 13:20
Glenlivet, glad to see your name popping up again.
From my side nothing new really to report on this site other than one girl from Butterfly, who was fantastic, but forgot her name, and two days later she was gone from the site. A short haired blond, not super young, but very fine nonetheless, tattoo on left shoulder.....I liked her a lot, she did bbbj, anal, was uncomplicated..... and now, poof.....into the ether.
If this rings any bells with you let me know.

For the board in general: anyone have an experience with "Alice" http://www.liebhaberin.net/
I admit curiosity.

Be bad in good Vienna,


05-03-04, 08:26

Your butterfly-girl sounds like Sophie. Well, she's gone.

If you liked her, Mona and Jasmin are strongly recommended.


05-03-04, 13:41
Glenlivet, yes, thanks, that was her name.
Thanks also for the new references.


05-07-04, 12:27
Its been a couple weeks since I was in vienna, but most of these girls are still available. Some Reviews, of girls I saw from miralbella, www. 6escort. at First day I saw Nina and Nicole, Nina is very good looking, but pretty much a dead lay, also she tried cutting the session short before I even came, and I had to get a little angry at her in order for her to continue. Deep french kissing is possible with her as well as BBBJ and BBFS. As for Nicole, well she isn't so pretty, nor does she like to kiss, BBBJ and BBFS possible. Next day, I slept most of the day and got one girl later in the evening. Stephania, well I would probably say she was the best I had in vienna in terms of, looks, service, and attitude. DFK is on the menu, as well as BBBJ and BBFS. Next day I got Claudia, who is actually on the 6cats. at site, which is some affiliate of mirabella, she was decent in the looks department, kinda wham bam thank you man, when it comes to her service though. Also DFK and BBBJ and BBFS on the menu, and last but not least was Anastasia, well this girl was definetly the most beautiful, really big eyes and a really inocent look to her. BFK and BBBJ on the menu, but no BBFS. A nice lay, would definetly see her again, if chance made available.

Also Bonvivant, wanted some info on alice, of www.alice.at, well I saw her during my last stay in vienna, definatley openminded and anything goes kinda girl, seemed much older then her pics depicted, more likely to be close to 30, 300 euro probably a little too high, but she might be worth at least one visit.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

05-12-04, 22:17
Sunday slim-pickings, decided to try out the massage studio at http://www.aromastudio.at/.
Although not the youngest or hotest around (did I mention it was Sunday?), with an obvious nipple-lift, Barbara nonetheless held her own.
She did give an amazing bbbj, with tounge action from behind and in front following after an excellent classic erotic massage.
Barbara did not rush, sucking cock, balls and even tounging a bit of ass, and in the end took my load in her mouth, though later spit.
I'd recommend her , drawbacks as mentioned, though have to also mention she has a really annoying dumb laugh, and also stopped twice to answer the phone, both of which probably would not keep me from going back, at least not on a Sunday.


05-13-04, 15:24
Recently I had a date with Verena from Butterfly.

She does not look like a model (see her pictures at the Butterfly-website), but with her I had one of the best GFE ever had.

Very nice girl, no rush at all, DFK and a wonderful BBBJTC. BBBJ-conaisseurs, that's your girl! One hour was EUR 145 alltogether including taxi.
Strongly recommended!


Member #1006
06-04-04, 13:08
Been to Vienna last week for business for a few hours.

As soon as the meeting finished, I wanted some time of relax before leaving, but had no idea of how to do it. I didn't look at the WSG before leaving, my fault. :-(

But instead it was fairly easy: took a taxy and asked straight to the driver (ask before jumping in: two drivers had no clue....).

He took me to his favourite place, where there was a selection of three hungarian stunners between 19 and 26.

80 Euros for one hour, bbj and regular sex + relaxing massage in the end.

A positive experience, but next time I'll check the board before leaving.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Angus Magee
06-27-04, 18:32
Sunday in Vienna-went looking for a massage. Not much available as this is Europe and most places are closed on Sunday. I eventually came across a place called Aroma Studio near Westbahnhof. I called but the woman who answered the phone spoke no English. Decided to give it a try anyway.

When I arrived there was one girl available-Maria, a very beautiful South American girl perhaps 25 yrs. old. She spoke no English but we managed to negotiate a massage plus cbj for 100 euro. Not a great price but she was so beautiful I went for it. The massage was good but could have been longer. She had stripped off and when I turned over I was stunned by her beautiful body. Her breasts were absolutely perfect, (34A?), and stood up with no hint of gravity. I suspect they may be man-made but what a job if they are.

The front massage centred around the genitals and she was soon bending over giving my sac a good going over with her tongue. As things progressed I spread my legs and she went further and further back but stopped short before a rim job, shucks. As all this was going on my hands were exploring her ass, breasts and outer pussy (completely shaved) with no resistance from her.

Time for the condom and I indicated that she could get on the table. Up she jumped and there was her beautiful pussy inches from my tongue. As she went to work, so did I. Fantastic technique and she seemed to enjoy very much what I was doing. She was very clean and tasted terrific. Not a hint of stubble so I suspect she waxes her pubic area.

She was open to a full exploration with tongue and digits, only pulling away once as I started to enter too deep in her ass with my finger. Fair enough. For her part, she was very enthusiastic and her technique was excellent. The finish was great with her grinding her pussy against my face while she took me deep in her mouth.

After as we cleaned up she stayed with me and continued caressing and gently kissing me. All in all a wonderful experience.

She is available for bbbj and also full service though the set up was not good for this as far as I could see. I think the prices for bbbj and fs respectively are 130 and 150. There is a web site (www.aromastudio.at) with a picture but it does not do her justice.

Four thumbs up out of five.

City Pan
06-28-04, 23:45
Last Wendsday I was in Goldentime-club. Entrance 70€. It calls itself FKK-club, but the girls were not completely nacked as in German FKK. Also the area was not so great. There were about 15-20 girls and the same number of men. I took some gratis drinks at the bar and observed the events. Girls were not aggressive, seemed quite disinteressed, but responded to contact. The average beauty was 6-7 in a scale from 0 to 10. I was making my choice for a young hungarian girl, when I heared this girl calling an other Linda. So I remembered this name from other reports in the goldentime-forum and invited her to sit with me. She was very open and friendly and sayed to enjoy very much sex. She was blond, not so tall, slim with nice little titts and with an umbelical piercing and a tattoo around it.
After chatting 15-20 minutes (she is from Hungary and lives in Vienna), we went to a room and made good sex. BBBJ, not so much DFK, GFE anf FS. She was very active and partecipative.

The second girl I tried in this evenig was Sophie from Bulgaria. A nice yuong body, but not so effective. Only to remember for not repeating the experience.

In conclusion Goldentime was a good experience. The price for the girls (30') is 60€.

06-30-04, 00:23
Hello Community!

I herewith am abandoning my old policy of senaking in here as a "Read Only" visitor.

Greetings especially to "Mr. Mindsnatcher" whom I am thankful for many a good advice and quite some fun.

Especially to him but also to all of you who occasionally enjoy

As far as I remember, Mindsnatcher a few month ago has been reporting a very unpleasant experience regarding a theft by a butterfly-girl (forgot the name, but beliefe it to have been "Lucy"?)
Also according to my memory I think to remember that said girl
subsequently was fired immediately by Butterfly which most certainly is an applaudable and unusual reaction by any escort agency. (I must admit I myslef am having quite frequent, always very pleasant experiences with Butterfly girls, - said agency seems to really try harder.)


I also believe to remember correctly that Mr. Mindsnatcher wanted to be informed if this "thiev" would resurface somewhere else:

As it so happens she obviously just did, using the Name: "Sonja" and working for the new agency "6angels.at"

Pending confirmation (i.e. by Butterfly or Mr. Mindsnatcher) I would suggest to all of us applying extreme caution when dealing with said agency and/or with the girl in question.

Regards, and please, all of you: Keep up the fabulous communication in this forum! (Paul)

07-02-04, 10:26
Once again ref. Lucy/Butterfly & Mindsnatcher's Theft-Report.

In various Austrian plattforms it by now has been confirmed by the agency 6angels themselves, that their "Sonja" indeed is the same person we got to know as "Lucy".

Not to bother you with details from the fierce dispute between clients and the management of 6angels who are defending "Lucy/Sonja" alternatively claiming that the whole story is a lie and/or that said girls deserves "a second chance", this is just to confirm the suspicions at hand, and to maybe state that it might be a good idea to be carefull when dealing with this new agency.


07-02-04, 11:08
me once again, with a way more pleasant subject!

at my recently trip to vienna the charming telephonist of butterfly suggested to try their new vip-package at butterfly.at;

despite it beeing at € 1,000.00 a somewhat costly suggestion i went for it, and most certainly did not come to regret this decission.

i chose "charly" from the butterfly website to be my company for the evening and was expectantly waiting at the agreed upon meeting point infront of a 5***** vienna hotel.

right on time not only charly pulls up but she sure did that in style! a very polite driver opend the door of an elegant rolls royce limousine for me to join charly on the backseat.

we then where driven around the center of vienna an charly gave me some tourguide information which i not only did know already anyway but it did not matter because of the way how she was leaning close to me, made me smell her fresh scent, let me feel the occasional touch. heavenly!

after cruising the streets of vienna at night we were dropped off at a quaint italian restaurant where we were met by what seemed to be the owner and ushered like royalty to a very private corner-table. a very charming, mellow conversation found its reflection in a fabulous meal, and when my searching hand found stockings and garters under the elegant dress of charly and my inquisitve glance was met with a promising smile it was..... well..... how can i possibly discribe this?

when it was time to pick up the check i learned that everything has been taken care of! (i at this time had still not been asked to pay anything! i was truly amazed by the amount of trust i found invested into me!)

we took a short stroll through the romantic streets of old vienna and before we ended up at a nice little cocktail-bar i couldn't hold it any longer and pulled charly into the dark entrance of a house. my longing lipps were met with as hot kisses and suddenly i found my "best little friend" being pulled out anc charly lowering to pay it some attention. unfortunately i have to admit that at this point i did chicken out but somehow my mind drifted off and i think everything in my body was as hard as it can possibly get, if you know what i mean?!

during taking a drink at that cocktailbar i was almost unable to listen to charlies voice any longer which she seems to have sensed so we left rather quickly again. upon leaving yet again the rolls royce appeared from out of nowhere and we got in. i was ready to get it "over with" right there and then but charly managed to keep me at arms length while covering me with even more, promising and hot kisses. i was actually surprised i didn't come with my pants up!

we were droped off at some center of the city address where charly took me up to an elegantly furnished roof-top apartement with an amazing view at st.stephans which at that time i had little mind to pay attention to. a bottle of champain (the real stuff!) and many lit candles where expecting us together with some romantic music.

once the door was closed i couldnt hold back any longer and very soon our clothes where marking our path through the hallway. charly came on to me with virtually no hesitation and the only way i could compare what followed was as if she would have been my girl friend, whom i had not seen in ages and who was more than just hungry for it!

as much as i would like to be able to give you a reflection of what happened then in detail, i have to admit i wouldn't be able to. it all happened in one big, flowing motion somehow similiar to what i remember from my first experiences in that field when i was young. not for a second i felt the age i am, it again was sex as i remember it from the best of my days! while writing this i still can feel charly's lips all over my body, her gentle touch, her scent, the long hair of hers flying around her, occasionally touching my skin.

afterwards i had no recollection of how much time had passed and we stayed together for quite some while longer. laying in bed, hugging, kissing, and i can still hear that exceptional voice ringing in my ears. we gave it a second go, this time slower, more gentle and i got the opportunity to explore charly's body myself. she ssemed to know what i had in mind even before i myself was aware of it, and evetually i came once again in a way i can't remember ever experiencing before!

after taking a shower and getting dressed again we were still sitting together on the terrasse, wraped together into a cozy blanket, looking at the moon, the stars and the city from above. finishing the bottle of champaign the evening came to an end. i was asked if i requested the driver to bring me home, but after that evening i really needed to take a walk to bring myself back to reality.

to sum things up: € 1,000.00 at first seems to be a lot of money, but given the datails, the free ride in the rolls, the royal treetment in the restaurant, the fabulous food, the drinks in the bar, the use of the appartement, the environment there and the champaign but without any doubt most of all charly's unrushed company and the kind of service i received was woth way more than any onehundred other dates i had elsewhere before taken together! viewed out of this point of view, it was not only the best experience but also the cheapest i ever had! (paul)

Mind Snatcher
07-06-04, 08:24
I am glad some people are managing to have a better time with their escorts than I did!
Thanks for posting the information about Lucy, now working at 6angels.at under the name of Sonja and apparently doing well there.
She has also responded on 6forum.at to charges that she was/is a professional pickpocket. She claims to be a reformed character while at the same time playing down the whole event and re-writing history.
Folks, you must decide whom to believe. Lucy stole around 800-1000 euros, also around 100 pounds from me while I was in the shower and in bed, searching inside pockets with evidently practised fingers. She now says it was 'only' 200 euros!! Well, I found more than double that on her when I searched her bag in the morning. She knows that.
Besides, she was rubbish as an escort.
I met her at 8 pm for an overnight (8 to 8). She said nothing doing until I took a shower. Then she said nothing doing until I took her out to an expensive restaurant. She lingered for two hours over her meal. She refused to sit next to me in the taxi. Then, at 11-12 pm, she insisted on going for a walk so as to look at Schonbrunn in the moonlight!!! Back in the room her technique was pathetic. She kept complaining that I was too hot or two heavy (I'm only 72 kg) and would I keep away from her. She smoked constantly, even tho I asked her not to (even in bed). All this in addition to the theft, and I have to say it was the worst punting experience of my life.
So 6angels is welcome to her.
Take care, MS

07-07-04, 00:16
Hi fellows,

I'd like to share a nice experience I had with a girl called Mercedes. She ran an ad at www.kontaktbazar.at where I got hooked by her nice big tits. On www.sexnews.at you can get her details and see a few pics. They also used to have a forum there where she had a bunch of good reviews. Unfortunately they had to close it down. Some providers had used the forum for flame wars and that led to a lawsuit. Oh well. But back to Mercedes: I emailed her and she didn't reply. (She told me later that she hardly ever checks her account.) Then I tried to phone her really often, since I did not want to leave a number for obvious reasons. Finally got through to her, talked business (half hour: 110,- full hour 180,-, BBBJ and FS available, greek depends on size) and made an appointment.

Nice little studio in the center of town, just next door to the Hotel Orient, an old fashioned "Stundenhotel" where you can book decadent, plushy rooms for three hours.

She opened the door in a gown, and offered me a drink. She's definitely not 25, rather 35 and maybe a little more chubby than on the photos. (Quite ok for me - I don't like them too thin.) Her tits were nice and firm and real. Isn't it always a disappointment if you see great tits and then grab them just to feel silicone?

She asked me what I was up for, I said I wanted half an hour with a nice long BBBJ and then we'd go from there. She asked me to shower refused to join me in the shower, because it really was too small for 2 and then led me to the bed where we became friendly with each other. Then she gave me a nice, slow and long BBBJ alternating between licking and sucking, not forgetting my balls. Great technique, and all the time she positioned herself in a way so that I could play with her tits and her shaved pussy.

When I felt I needed a break I asked her to play with herself. She responded immediately, started with her fingers and then got a big vibrator out of a drawer and really went for it. After I had enjoyed the show for a while I moved up to her head in a kneeling position. She got the hint immediately and started to suck me again, while I grabbed her tits. After some minutes of that I shot my load over her tits.

After resting we chatted a while, I had another shower and left. All the time she was very relaxed and friendly. When I looked at my watch outside I had spent about 45 minutes with her, but she did not ask for more money or rush me - great service.

So even if she's not a "Mercedes" by her looks (maybe 7/10) the service was first class and I'd especially recommend her for first-timers.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



07-07-04, 18:10
Hi Jackson,

Thanks for your polite and patient comment. I am one of those smart guys who read the posting guidelines only AFTER posting their first message.

I do agree with you regarding the readability and I think I can manange to do 2 CRs next time. :-)


07-07-04, 19:26
there is a bunch of peep shows in vienna that i'll rate on 3 criteria on a 1-10 scale:

distance to stage (from very close to far away)
quality of girls (looks and motivation)
facilities (cleanliness, smell, space)

1. erotic center - peep tempel | rechte wienzeile 21, 1040 - wien

distance: 3
quality: 2
facilities: 5
(not my favourite)

2. live-peep-show | raaber-bahn-gasse 20, 1100 - wien

distance: 8
quality: 8 (nice girls, who seem to have fun)
facilities: 2 (rather greasy place, small solos with thin walls)
(not too bad overall)

3. peep show burggasse 1070 - wien
distance: 1 (definitely too far away to get the real feeling)
quality: 6
facilities: 5
(have not been there often)

4. ml revue erotic show

hernalser hauptstraße 12, 1170 - wien
mariahilfergürtel 23-27, 1150 - wien
lerchenfelder gürtel 12, 1070 - wien
distance: 2
quality: 5
facilities: 8
probably the cleanest joints on the block, maybe even a little too sterile, (have not been there for a while)

5. peep 69

davidgasse 20, 1100 - wien/favoriten
nordwestbahnstraße 3, 1020 - wien/leopoldstadt
distance: 9 (your nose is right on the money)
quality: 7
facilities: 3

6. erotic-peepshow

lerchenfelder gürtel 31/ecke menzelgasse, a-1160 wien/ottakring
distance: 7
quality: 9
facilities: 7
(my current favourite)

all of those peep shows offer "solo cabins" where a girl performs for you alone behind a glass wall. in some of them - as i happen to know from first hand/mouth experience - this glass wall is removable and the former "dancer" becomes a full service provider, if she likes the looks of your face and your d..k. i tried that in (5) and (6) - both got a reasonably comfortable vip cabin with a glass door (rather than just a window). reports will follow.

compared to an incall at a brothel/studio there is a few ups and downs:

ups: you really can take a good look before selecting a girl, easy way to get at her (push a button in the solo cabin)

downs: no shower, place not as comfy as a bed, girls often try to rush you, maybe more expensive, probably the girls are not registered with the health authorities->no compulsory medical exams

executive summary: great for the occasional quickie and for the guy who is not sure how far he wants to go. (i mean, somtimes watching is just fine, don't you think so?)

07-16-04, 14:52
Hi Guys!

Last tuesday i was on a business trip in austria and i had stopover at the vienna airport ! My business was very succesfull, so i said to me, lets spent the night togehter with a nice lady !

At the local hotelguide i found an agency called Centuriongirls ( www.centurion.cc ) First of all i was a little bit shocked to have a men on their hotline ( +43 /1/ 5263626 ), but he spoke fluent english and we had very nice, openly and seroius conversation about the matter !

He recommended me a girl, named Doville, a law student, and i booked her for overnight, the rate seemed to be high ( 1200.-- Euros) but after Doville arrived at time in my hotel, i was positiv surprised about her beauty ! She looked really great, like the younger sister of Julia Roberts and she was dressed very stylish and sexy !

Communication with her was not the problem, she speaks english really fluent. ! I had the immpresion, that she was a very open minded girl with a very warm and sensetiv character !

We went into the city to place called Sky bar, to have some drinks together ! It was really funny to enter the bar with Doville, because every men there looked at us, with a face like: What a superb companion he has ! We had some drinks and the time passed much to fast with Doville !

After the bar we returned with an free of charge centurion driver back to the airport hotel and after so much positive impressions, i thought that what can follow ?

Guys, i can tell you, never in my life before, and i am a mid 50ties with a lot of experience worldwide, i had such a night ! Her body and skin was very soft, but much more i was impressed about her service ! Really it seemed to me that she likes what she is doing !
On a scale from 1 to 10, she was 11 !

The only "negative" result was, that i missed my morning plane, beeing so much impressed of her, i extanted her stay for annother 6 hours !

I am still thinking about this night, and i am sure, when i am back in vienna, i will book her again !



07-18-04, 00:58
VOP, (or Roby) WHATEVER,

This is the worst ad I have read in a very long time. Next time try not to be too excited on your first post.

So Mr. 55 year old (yeah right!), good luck

(next time sign your log-name)


07-18-04, 09:57

Interesting Advertisment.

There is no one on this board stupid enough to pay prices like those. If you are on this board you are wll informed and you know how unnecessary too expensive mongering is.

The only thing that interests me on that site is trying to find out in what countries edition of Playboy Angelika is Playmate of the Year 2003. I have checked USA and Germany, and she is not the winner in either of those.

I would never pay 10,000€ or more, and have definitely screwed more attractive girls for less than 100€.

But if someone knows which Playboy she is from it would be interesting.


Harry Bush
07-21-04, 19:32
Hi all,

I have seen some reports on a Vienna-Escorts.net, but how about viennaescort.at? Also some massage studio suggestions near Vienna city center besides City Studio would be appreciated. Will be there Friday for a long layover and maybe looking for some action.


07-22-04, 04:52
Peter, m02040608,

If you think that Vop20 is putting it on thick, then check out the post by Legal1 about 10 post below.

Both could be ads, but perhaps neither one is. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Austria is of course more expensive than Germany. But according to the web site Doville can also be booked for an hour. Next time I am in Vienna, I will give her a try. 190 euro for an hour does seem worth the risk.

I'll let you know what I find out.


07-22-04, 16:13
Hi Harry,

The information I can give you, is from a friend in Vienna!

This vienna-escorts.net was never a vienna based agency ! This HP and many other like, Budapest-escorts.net, Paris-escorts.net, etc. etc., were part of the fraudulent ELI Agency System ! All of them get arrested some weeks ago !

Slovaks, Czechs Bust Global Prostitution Ring


Slovaks bust prostitution ring

Police go after trafficking gang bosses

The came with very cheap prices ( 1000.-- Euro for 2 days) on the european market and cheated all the girls !

But be carefull they are back in business under new names, like

If you want real vienna agencies go to www.kontaktbazar.at , there you have the best overview !

My last, very positive experience, was with centurion agency www.centurion.cc



07-25-04, 04:20
Eli Agency was not bad from a client perspective. They were very expenisve, but the girls I saw from there were very beautiful, very nice and spoke perfect english. I am sorry to see them go from this perspective, but there is another side the agency. I was told by one of the girls that I saw that the agency sent the girls into dangerous situations, and they took no safeguards at all in regards to the girls safety. After hearing this I was much less enthusiastic to spend money with them. She said that a known bad client who spent a lot of money was sent new girls even after being violent with a girl. This kind of disregard for the women's safety really makes me feel no compassion for them now that they are busted.

I spoke to one of the girls that used to work there the other day she said the reason they were busted was actually because of Tax evasion, not really the prostitution or other stuff.

Here is a sample photo of one of the girls that used to work for the agency. The girls that worked there were so good looking it was outrageous. Czech women are the most beautiful in the world.

07-25-04, 09:04
Gentlemen, PLEASE!:

I have turned away from almost all German/Austrian BB's because they literally have turned into battle grounds between agencies posing as clients. And I have been tremendously enjoying the informational value of the articulate posts in this forum.

It would be a tremendous loss if this forum now too would get abused in that way. (Including accusations of satisfied clients posting accordingly to actually be members of that industry)

I have been a "read only" visitor to this forum for quite some time, but never felt the need to communicate my experiences since where ever you turn, where ever you book it always seems that one does get dished out the same old routine, the same type of more or less bored service.

Ehat would be the benefit of reporting over and over again the kind of experiences all of us most probably know from more than one occasion?

The only reason why I eventually did post my experiences of that one particular evening was BECAUSE it turned out to be so exceptional.

I could post my impressions with half a dozen Viennese agencies, but they really were not much to communicate about and usually ended leaving me with the feeling of regreting having spent good money on at best average service.

If I have offended or bored anybody with my post, I'd like to appologise and will refrain from future posts. But in either case I would like to urge the visitors and Mr. Jackson alike to PLEASE take every effort to prevent this forum of becoming a "blood soaked battle ground" like the majority of Austrian BB's!

Have a nice day, and again my appologies.


07-31-04, 18:56
Hello Vienna Mongermen,

I will be spending one night in Vienna en Route from Budapest to
Frankfurt (FKK Land) in November. I will be staying as close as possible to the main Vienna Train Station. My question is
what are the best Cenrtrally located Clubs and/or Privat's.

My time in Vienna is going to be geared more towards Touristy things so any suggestions on a good walking tour would be appreciated as well. I visit one or two Cities for Historical purposes during every Euro mongering trip. Always start in Amsterdam and then branch out to places like Prague, Nice, Barcelona, Rome, etc. Budapest and Vienna are this trips stops before I indulge myself at the German FKK Clubs in Frankfurt like
World, The Palace, PHG, and Golden Time.

Thanks in advance,

Lanrac aka Carnal1

08-02-04, 18:32
Hi Lanrac,

On your route you'll get acquainted with the 2 major train stations in Vienna: You'll come in at the Südbahnhof and you'll leave at The Westbahnhof.

There are a few decent hotels really close to the Westbahnhof, e.g. the Dorint Hotel or the hotel Westbahn.

A short ride on the subway U3 takes you right to the center of town at Stephansplatz. If you start your sight seeing from there you can't go wrong.

In front of the Westbahnhof there is a big road called Gürtel. Nroth from Westbahnhof on the Gürtel you'll find the biggest red light district of Vienna (on both sides of the Gürtel) with a lot of clubs. I've never used those clubs, so I can't really make a recommendation.

The nicest club in Vienna is supposed to be the Babylon (http://www.babylon.at) in the center of town where you get an all-inclusive for 400,- Euro so it's quite pricey.

If you want to contact a freelancer or an escort instead you can get an overview at www.kontakbazar.at.

Let us know, how your stay worked out for you!


08-02-04, 20:12
Hi all,

There is a couple of "love hotels" in Vienna, where you can book rooms for a few hours. I just stumbled over an article from an Austrian newspaper that is describing and rating those hotels. It's in German only, but it's excellent so I'd like to share it here anyway: http://derstandard.at/?url=/?id=1467101

BTW: I'll test the "Hotel Orient" tomorrow - of course only for purely scientific reasons. :-)


08-04-04, 14:23

Thanks for the information ! I was alittle miffed about the train stations thou ! I checked my connection from Budapest and both
incoming and out going trains go from the same Vienna Station.
I have had my experiences with going to the wrong station in Paris, not alot of fun ecspecially if you don't speak French.

I will be reporting back during my trip, still have a few months to go !



08-04-04, 15:07

don't forget there's also an FKK in Vienna. Check out

It's not as big as the large German ones, but it's quite a nice establishment. Haven't been there for 6 months, so cannot say much on present quality. At any rate a good fail-safe in case clubs, privats, escorts serve you up a disasater on the night. And we all know that feeling. Note the address, because the taxi drivers may not all know it yet. It's not too far from the centre.

For escorts who turn up punctually at your hotel and do not get switched you might consider
which has a good reputation locally.

08-04-04, 22:02

sorry for the wrong information regarding trains. The Südbahnhof is the standard destination for trains from Budapest, but obviously they are now redirecting a few trains to Westbahnhof which I was not aware of.

If you need to check connections, times etc. you can do that at www.oebb.at.



08-06-04, 15:25
Thanks to all for the information. I checked out the Goldentime
FKK club site, looks like a good place to hang out. Too bad I could not read one word but a picture is a "thousand words".

There is a FKK Goldentime just across the Dutch/German Border, close to PHG in Oedt. Have to check that place out as well !

Thanks again,,


08-06-04, 19:50
Hi guys,

I just had the chance to spend an hour with Amandine (www.amandine.at) at the Hotel Orient (http://www.pink-escorts.at/hotels/wien/hotel-orient/hotel-orient.htm) and can give an absolute recommendation for the girl and a conditional one for the hotel.

The hotel is probably Vienna’s most luxurious “love-hotel” with prices ranging from 52,- € to 72,- € for 3 hours. Prices depend on the size of the room and whirlpool or not.
The reservation is very discrete, you just call at 01/533 73 07 and book a room on any name, no credit card necessary. When you show up at the time of your reservation you pay up front and get the key for the room - so very informal.
What’s not so nice is that they are quite secretive about their rooms. They don’t really tell you what the themes are and you can’t have a look at them and pick one.

I took the “Kaisersuite” which someone had recommended to me: A big room, very much fin-de-siècle, with heavy curtains and old velvet wallpaper, everything in dark red, various little reddish lights, a big bed, a sofa, an armchair, a chair and two tables and various cupboards that you really don’t need for 3 hours. The room was clean enough, but very stuffy and a bit run down, with holes in the painting on the wall and the chairs' covers, and all the furniture showing heavy use. (Unfortunately I did not take my camera, a few photos would give you a better idea.)

The bathroom was spacious as well and provided soap, clean towels and even 2 bathrobes.
They also provide room service with drinks and some snacks, but at quite high prices.

Conclusion: A great place, if you are in for something very Viennese with the look (and smell) of the old monarchy and don’t expect Hilton or Marriott standards.

Amandine responded quickly to my email and showed up perfectly on time - I can confirm everything that has been posted here before: gorgeous girl (looks like her photographs on the website), great attitude, staid a full hour for 150,- €. Her body is great with a firm ass, a nicely shaven snatch and those huge real DDs (I find it always quite disappointing to feel silicone under the skin - it looks good, but it just does not feel right.).

After we shared a glass of Champagne (that I had brought along) she gave me a short strip tease - unfortunately she did not wear a lot with the hot Vienna weather. :-) Then we started with some nice FK and she started to undress me and give me a great BBBJ, taking good care of my balls as well. I had a hard time to decide if I preferred to watch her or to DATY, but I got quite a bit of both. After putting on a condom we had a short ride in a cowgirl position and then I finished off between her voluptuous tits while she sucked my balls. Wow!
We took a shower and then we had some more champagne and a short chat before she left. Definite recommendation and before some of you guys ask: no, she does not work for me, although I like the idea. :-)


08-08-04, 00:51
Has anyone any knowldge or experience of "Showgirls" agency (www.showgirls.at)? Their girls look exceptional, and I wonder if they are too good to be true (i.e. fake pics) before I book and part with my money.

A search of this forum revealed nothing. Worth looking at the site anyway guys!!

08-08-04, 13:49

Yes, you are right, most of them are too good to be true. From my own Experience and some friends showgirls is not a good agency, some problems with service, sending a wrong girl and so on. You can be lucky and get a good experience, but the chance is not so good. Jecki

Sorry for the bad english, but I hope you understand.

08-08-04, 22:59
Hi Knight,

I haven't heard or read anything about the showgirls so far. They sure look great, although some of the photos look like they're coming out of photoshop rather than directly out of a camera. If you give them a ring please let us know the prices.


08-09-04, 16:08
I will be in Vienna in September and am looking for a place where I can get a naked massage that ends with a handjob. See, my needs are easy. I've been looking at the Vienna posts on this board, and went to some of the massage parlor websites, but my deutsch is not every good. Does anybody have any recommendations, and save me a lot of investigative work.

Thanks in advance.

08-11-04, 19:48

Nothing is easier than this.
Once when you are in Vienna just buy one of the daily newspapers like "Kurier" or "Kronen Zeitung" and you will find there under "Clubmassagen" a lot of possibilities.

The service there is more or less the same.

I guess that you are more interested in the real massage and the handjob is the "goodie", so it isn't easy to recommend a specific place as girls are changing or on the day you're in Vienna probably not available.

08-11-04, 22:31
Well, I had no response from Showgirls despite emailing twice and trying to call. I think it's probably only just starting as an agency and the site is probably full of fakes at the moment.

I also emailed various other agencies like "touchme", divas, vienna escort. All these emailed back with general info, but follow-up service to my specific questions and demands were not good.

In the end the most helpful was Emil at eurohostess agency (based in Slovakia). He sent through a whole host of pics of his girls. The ones I fancied most, Mima and Katka were not available for my visit and I didn't really lust after any of the others.

Nonetheless Emil was very attentive and persuasive. He sent me through various reports and recommendations for Ema. I took his word that she was more attractive in flesh, and booked 4 hour session. Price was very negotiable!!

I wanted a guarantee of OWO/CIM before booking, which I received. Ema arrived only a few minutes late, and really did look quite cute, and much better than her pics which was a good start. However, she clearly does not like the job, and virtually refused to give owo. She would only delicately lick the top of my dick and accompany this with vigorous hand wanking. I explained I don't like hands being used during oral, but she continued in much the same way. Never once did my whole glans enter her mouth, and I kept pretty quiet close to cumming, hoping at least to shoot right down her throat. I managed to shoot into her face before she leapt away, which kind of ruined the orgasm.

As I had plenty of time with her I thought I would treat her to a massage and spent ages going down on her, and she really warmed up. The taste in her pussy changed to that lovely sweet taste when her juices were really flowing and she had a thundering climax. I thought Ema would now be much more attentive, but alas no. She refused to give me any more owo when I requested more oral, and to be frank she wasn't very good with the rubber on. There was no DFK, so for a Slovakian escort at an agency which promises TOTAL GFE, she's one to be avoided.

Sex was ok, and I took her in a variety of positions. She is quite a nice girl, and as she was tired I let her stay in my hotel bed once our 4-hours had elapsed, as we both collapsed into sleep.
However her heart is certainly not in this business. She's good looking, tall, slender with lovely boobs, but she simply hates the business and it's very impersonal, and indeed misleading from the agency. Do not be fooled, I am almost obsessive about cleanliness, and she admitted I'm a lot younger than most men she sees, and she said right at the start she was very pleased about that, so she had no legitimate excuse for not offering what had been guaranteed by the agency. I am about to email Emil, and I will post his comments if I get a reply.

08-12-04, 10:45
Here is response from Emil at Eurohostess, which seems quite genuine. You take your choice about whether to use them, I'm just distributing the information!

Thanks very much for your feedback.
To be honest we have never had one bad word about Ema. We can send you several reviews on her to prove it. In fact, there are some clients who keep booking her on a regular basis. It is just unbelievable.

We are awfully sorry about the inconvenience and we apologize to you for the problem occured. You will get a nice discount on your next booking.

08-12-04, 13:07
Hello my fellow mongers,

Here is a Situation Report about Street Scene in Vienna Prater area.

The "Stuwerviertel" is said to be dead - thats true. The scene has moved. Now you can find twice as much SW round the "Messegelände" - most of them black asylum seekers from Africa. (The exact locations are "Südportalstrasse" and around the parking-houses on the west side of the Messegelände).

I talked with two of the girls there for a while, the were both registred with the public health authorities and have valid papers. So they don't fear police or control and are relaxed. The going rate there is € 30,- for on-site CBJ, € 50,- for on site intercourse.

I had both of them (Jenifer, 21 and Julia, 23 years old from Ghana) for an hour in my apartment for together € 100,- and taxi-costs. But service was average and below (no FK, no DATY, no BBBJ) - but there was nothing more to expect for that price.

Overall there were about 50-60 SW in the area, approx. 80% of then African girls and women.

I can give you Jenifers cell phone numer, if you PM me.


Harry Bush
08-20-04, 13:14
Had another Goldentime last weekend. In fact, on all of my overnights I make it a point to visit. Wish we had FKK's in the US. The girls were plentiful and attractive. Had the great opportunity to hook up with Bernadette from Hungary and Janette from Bulgaria. Completely different looking girls, Benadette like a schoolteacher and Janette like a stripper. Both gave toe curling BBBJ and seemed to enjoy the sex. Prices still the same, 70E to enter and 60E to tip the girls.

08-24-04, 16:42
I want to meet butterfly girl in the Hotel Orient.

How can I do that?

What should I do first?

I am just a traveler, so I do not have any phones. Can I call butterfly from Oritent or public phone?

Where can I meet her? can she come to my room in the Orient?

Thank you in advance

08-24-04, 18:36
hi guys,

here's a fr on a nice experience i've had some time ago in one of the peep-show solo cabins. as i've described in an earlier post, most of those solo cabins' windows are actually doors that the girl can open from the inside if she likes your looks and the negotiations are successfull.

i did a solo in one of the peep69 places (www.peep69.at) with a girl called patricia (see some great pics and her working schedule at www.patriciatime.beep.de). although the place itself looks quite run down the vip solo cabin is quite nice and spatious. to enter you have to get a "peepcard" at the register and load it with euros at a machine. while your in the cabin having fun 0,80 euro/minute are withdrawn from the card. calling the girl costs you 8,- euro in first place but also buys you the first 10 minutes. so think before you push her button!
prices for the girls' services seem to be pretty much standardized: 30,- euro for hj, 60,- for cbj with touching her, 90,- for fs, 110,- for cbj+fs.

in the solo cabins they've got signs with disclaimers saying that it is not permitted to request any personal services from the girls. when i asked patricia how this was handled she said: "well technically it does not say that i cannot offer you some services." which she did.

patricia is probably around 30, looks great (the pics are not deceiving) and is very friendly and very relaxed.
we talked a few minutes, agreed on a cbj and then i undressed and climbed up into her part of the cabin. i fondled her breasts for a while (enhanced, i.e. great for the eye, not so great for touching) and her thighs. then i laid down on my back and she started with what turned out to be one of my nicest bjs ever.

her technique was just great: licking my glans, sucking my balls, taking it in deep, massaging my perineum, it really was close to perfect. she also responded well to my demands and stopped a few times when i was close to coming rather than trying to finish me off asap. in between she found the time to look deep into my eyes which added even more to my turn on! i came after 20 minutes or so having a very loud and intense orgasm. when i became quiet again she almost seemed concerned that i'd had a heart attack or something. :-)

it was a great experience, the only downsides were the silicone and the fact that i did not get a chance to play with her pussy during the session. (she also mentions on her site that she does not want that, i don't know how she handles that in a fs session.)

looks: 9
technique: 9
will go again.

08-27-04, 20:25
Hi everybody!

Am "reporting back" from my vacation, family trip so no news I could post anywhere here. :-(

Never the less, maybe I can contribute to some of the subjects of the recent past.

showgirls: they are part of a chain of "trap-doors" of the notorious "Just for Fun" agency. Notorious because they are the worst of those luring you into booking with fake and outdated pictures.

To my knowledge at least the following agencies really are all but one: JustForFun = showgirls = love-escort = f1-escort = Erotic Taxi = Citygirls = Diamond Escort .

Best advice is to avoid them alltogether unless you are the gambling type. I like to know upfront what to expect, so I fell for them twice, quite long ago, and sure will never again. Everybody in Vienna knows they are fakes and I just dont have a clue how they were able to stay in business that long.

A few girls are, or at least have at some point in time been "real". Telltale signs are pictures with a beige couch w/red cushions and those taken on an office chair. But even so chances are that they'll send whomever they have available wether or not she has anything in common with the one you choose.

The knight: Possible reason for you not getting satisfactory answers via e-mail is, that escort in austria is only legal for keeping you company, not for providing any sexual services. consequently most agencies pretend accordingly on their websites and would never write anything explicit into their mails for fear that you could be a cop. Call and they will be much more forthcoming with their information.

Fast Ferrari: My best advice is to call them. To my experience they are extremely and unusually honest to the point where theyd rather tell you to look elsewhere than to send you just someone. I'm sure theyd be very helpfull in providing whatever information or assistance you might need. Also, as posted previously they do sport their own hide-a-way in the very center of the city which I'd preffer over Orient at any time.

All: I will be out hunting again soon, and share whatever comes from it with you right here!


08-27-04, 23:58

It has been listed as one of the top night clubs in Erope.

Well, my vote is in the world.

If money is not an object of concern or you have enough recreational $ then this is the club for you.

It does warrant also being a once in a lifetime.

The entrance was 100 EU. I heard it was going up. If you show up unannounced, not referred by a local business or hotel then chances are they won't let you in. However, if you are dressed in a suit or sport coat they might let you in.

The entrance looks like the front of either a lush New York, Park Ave. apartment building or a Hi-Tech office building with out windows. Just chrome and Marble.

The door persons have tailored black suits and I believe also act as bouncers.

Once in side the finish is just as plush. Drinks are on the expensive side but not over the wall.

The main issue is the girls. Here is where all the top girls from
Austria, Germany, Prague, Slovakia, Russia, Australia, England and South America. However, you have to be a real stunner for Babylon to let you work there.

There is a little back scene feeling of the influence of Eastern European control but does not influence the greatness of this club.

The hourly rent for the talent there starts at 500 per hour. I have heard it bargained down to 350 per hour but that was not first hand knowledge.I know from first hand that it goes up to 1500. per hour with a few of the classics there.

As I said it is an expensive club but lacks for nothing.

08-28-04, 02:29
Tried a club near the train station, Te-A-Te.

Run by a great guy named Andy.

There are about 25 girls here and range from 6-10 and 19-25.

Each girl takes her turn dancing on a little stage by the bar. It is only about one foot higher than the normal floor so if people are walking around you view is limited.
The girls dance three songs and remove their limited clothes as the songs are played. She dances the third song topless and then about the last 15 seconds of the song removes her bottoms.

They then change back to their sales clothes and work whoever is there. Not a real hard sell just a little eye contact and blown kisses.

If you decide to take a girl to one of the rooms they have three room choices. Prices are around 200 Euro - 400 euro.
I am not sure of the exact cost since I was a guest of a local businessman who knew Andy.

The owner of the club told Andy to give us a couple bottles of Champagne. I am not sure who took care of the girls. But they knew I had the choice on the House.

They all not only were doing their dances but were all parading around trying to get my attention. Andy suggested the rocket Romanian girl who looked like a 100M sprinter about 5'10".

She danced and used the pole on the little stage and had more muscles in her toes then I did in my arms.

I was torn because there was this real cute blond with big blues eyes just smiling every time I looked in her direction. She was cute, had a nice body but hadn't danced yet and I couldn't get a feel on how she would be in bed.

So I took the brunette rocket. We went back to the middle size room which had an elevated queen size bed, a shower and a Jacuzzi tub. We both showered and she took real good care of me. Yes, she knew how to use her muscles but it was a little cold and mechanical. Although it did include bbbj and cfs.

We showered again and went back out to the club. Had another drink and hit the road.

I was thanking Andy and noticed the Blond being hugged by some guy but was mouthing something to me as I was leaving.

She did it several times but not loud so the guy wouldn't hear.

Since my German is limited, I asked Andy what she was saying. He went over and quietly asked her. He walks back to as I am going out the door and he says she was telling me I F**KED UP.

She knew if I had picked her instead I would have had a great time and probably wouldn't be leaving.

I must admit her face is ironed in my brain. It is like the one that got away. I do not remember any of the 30-40+ girls I've seen in Vienna but just her.

Te-A-Te is a great friendly place to sample Vienna's female companions.

08-29-04, 23:58
It looks like that you have never entered the Babylon Club.

Most of the things you're posting are completly wrong. You're right that Babylon isn't a cheap place but it is useless to discuss about that issue.
It's their way of running the club and it's up to everyone to show there up or not.

Fact is that the entrance fee is EUR 110.-, for all guys, locals or tourists.

This fee is only to be paid, if you're NOT going with a girl on a room.
For this EUR 110.- you have all drinks and food included and if you want you can stay the whole night drinking there without any extra costs.
I've seen several guys acting like that and having fun dancing, kissing and talking with the girls.
No one from the stuff will urge you to do more.

I never tried the food but other guests reported me that it tastes very good. And comparing to other bars where you have to pay for your drinks quite a lot of money these EUR 110.- doesn't seem soooooo expensive for me.

I have to correct you as well concerning the room prices;
half an hour costs EUR 350.- and 1 hour 420.-

Not one girl will ask you for more, as you neither pay the girls directly but before leaving at the receptionist desk.

Finally I just want to point out that I have no personal motivation to suport the Babylon's team, just to correct for all other guys here the wrong info you gave.

08-30-04, 10:09
I used to follow a forum on FKK Goldentime in Vienna, run not by the club, but by one of the first customers. It was a source of good information.

I cannot get back on to the forum now, as my URL seems to be redundant. Can anyone help out with a link? Either by post or PM. Thanks in advance.

08-30-04, 22:48
Toscana, may I lend you a helping link:


As an advanced visitor of Babylon, definitely the best club in Vienna, I totally agree to the report of Yogi-Bear. That's the way it runs there and nothing else.

09-03-04, 17:01
Hallo Toscana,

The link is:


And the main info of the fkk is:


At the beginning of the fkk-club and the forum, the girl-descriptions were current.

Anytime some writers began to grumble and to argue. So the forummaster decided to stop his work or work only in the background. Its a pity. He did his work very good.

09-03-04, 17:05

At this moment I have seen, that the messages in the named forum are collapsed.

I dont know the reason.

09-05-04, 16:11
Short report on escort-service:

Few days ago, I contacted an escort-service via a mobile-number I found in "Kronenzeitung".

45 minutes later a 19 year old Austrian girl "Linda" appeared at my appartment on time. She is approx. 1,75m, 55 kg, blond hair.

For € 100,- plus € 20,- for taxi she stayed 1 hour and did: FK, DATY, BBBJCIM, Intercourse with condom only, anal to be paid extra (do not know how much).

All in all a good experience. Sex was close to GFE. Looks 7/10, Attitude 9/10. Linda is nice to talk with and likes chatting.

What I liked best was the combination of BBBJ and Linda's tongue-piercing.

PM me for contact number.


09-15-04, 20:31
I will spent a week end in Vienna from September 24 to 26th. It seems that the TOP 2 there is Babylon and Goldentime, isn'it?

About Babylon, does the cost of the girls allows everything, I mean also anal, for example or this is an extra ?

Concerning Goldentime, I had some difficulties understanding information on their site, which is not in English. Does someone visited it recently and can confirm me this is a place to go? And is it easy to get a taxi from there ?

And apart these two places, what could you recommend to me?


Harry Bush
09-16-04, 17:13
Never been to Babylon, but would defintely recommend Goldentime especially if have never been to a FKK before. You can spend the afternoon, relax in a Saunna or in the lounge area, be surrounded by naked or near naked foxy ladies, and have sex with your choice. You may also want to try www.butterfly.at or www.6escort.at.

09-17-04, 09:17
Visited Mühller girls in Tübingen on Tuesday last week. Nothing special about this special about this place. (But then again I had been visiting FKK World two days before, see separate report 

I was offered threee options
SF 50€
SF witht BBBJ 80 €
½ hour with massage110
I want for a half an hour with a girl from Heidelberg. (Sorry I cant remember her name, getting old?

No GFE but ok sex. And a relaxing massage. All in all Mühler is an alternative if you are south of Stuttgart and don’t want to try the city center clubs


09-17-04, 17:19
thanks hb!

i had a look to the escort sites you mentionned and unfortunatly, i don't speek a word of german.

anyway i think i will try the goldentime, hoping some girls speak english, or better for me french. is it easy to go there by taxi (the question is mainly for going back to the city center where my hotel is).

and do the hotel accept without problem if i call for an escort and bring her in my room? i will be in the marc aurel hotel, may be someone know about it ?

thanks, :-)

09-17-04, 18:54
M Bonnet

Do not be afraid.

a) Most of the girls will speak English (French, I think only the kisses will be the french way)

b) You will get a taxi directly in front of the GT. There is also a casino in the area. Taxis are waiting there the whole day. On the other hand, the staff will call for a taxi if you ask for it.

c) I don´t know your hotel. But, if you have booked a double bedroom, most of the hotels will not make problems. Please ask the reception.

Best wishes!

09-17-04, 23:17

you should definitely write down the address of Goldentime. It is a very small street, hard to find even for the taxi drivers, and mayn have not heard of it. But they have maps.

I would say English is OK with many of the girls.

09-30-04, 14:58
Goldentime rocks!

Being a Viennese ex-pat living in the US, I had the chance to check it out on the occasion of a visit back home. I went on a Monday afteroon, which is great since you as the guest are outnumbered 20:1 by the chics ; )...I thought I had died and gone to heaven...!

Drinks are free (albeit non-alcoholic), and you get to hang out and sit in the sauna, watch a porn flic in the in-house theater or lay out in the sun. Generally, the girls are not too pushy, but may come up to you occasionally and start talking. I made contact with a few Eastern Europenas (Slovakia, Romania) before settling on a little exotic treat from Nigeria.

All in all a great experience, especially for those of us living in a country like the US where this type of establishment is not a very common thing.

Happy mongering!


10-07-04, 19:09
Servus Connaisseur,

Thanks for the news on goldentime. What services do the girls offer? Is a-level, BBBJ or DFK available? What of those is an extra and how much would they charge for it?


10-07-04, 21:26
quick report on peep 69 - had a 1 day business trip in vienna and wanted to blow off some steam on my way out of town, so i stopped by peep 69 at davidgasse 20 in a-1100, note that davidgasse doesn't go all the way through, it is broken by a park just to the west of peep 69, so you need to take quellenplatz north or south, and turn east on davidgasse.

looks like a typical peep show when you come in, they have video cabins, but if you want action, you want a private cabin. you need to buy a small card and put credits on it like a prepaid phone card. it was eur 20 for 30 minutes. then you can see a billboard with all the girls who are working that day with a number for each. you pick a girl, go into the private cabin, enter the card, and push her numbered button. the cabin looks like a standard peep show with a glass window between you and her, but when she arrives, she's able to open the window and then the fun starts. the only problem is there is no bed or chair in the "sex" part of the room, so you have to do it standing up - the things we do for women!

i picked a really cute little brunette from slovakia, can't remember her name, but it was worth it. for eur 50, she offered cbj, another eur 10 to fondle her, for eur 80, classic, and for eur 140 both. i opted for the cbj and fondling, and she proceeded to drop my drawers and her dress, and go at me. very nice, even if covered, and she left me satisfied.

not the greatest experience you can find, but reasonable price for vienna, very clean location, very hot girl, and a good quick way to relax.

you can check out their website at www.eveg.at/peep69/peep69.html

10-08-04, 17:44
I am looking for some current information regarding the Babylon Club?? Any info would be appreciated. I will be in Vienna late in November and hope to check it out along with Goldentime.

Thanks in advance,

Carnal 1

10-11-04, 15:35
Stiff6 -

The girls offer pretty much anything during your EUR 60 half-hour (standard rate no matter which girl you choose); mine actually began with BBBJ, but I told her I wanted some coverage (you never know...), and later we continued with CG and mish. I am not sure if anything else is available, but wouldn't rule it out ; ). One thing I was offered was two or even three girls at a time, but that of course would have cost me 3 x the EUR 60, and - let's face it, how many hotties can a guy handle at once...LOL!


10-11-04, 16:42

How many girls were on the evening shift at Goldentime during your visit? I will make that one of my stops next month and hope to get some more info on the Babylon Club as well. From what I here, Babylon is alittle pricey but the ambience and venue make up for the extra cost. I hardly go places (mongering) for the venue but with the newer FKK clubs opening in the Frankfurt area the emphasis is on upscale venues.



10-11-04, 18:49
I went to Vienna some weeks ago and spent my week end there. I had in mind to go to Babylon. But I couldn’t find it ! No indication of the Babylon in Liebenberggasse 2. Only a Club, “Eden Park” if I remember correctly, but nothing to see with what I dreamed of for time. Being back from my trip in Austria, I send an e-mail to the Club to ask for information. No answer…

Very disappointed, I visited the Club “Chez Josephine” in Sonnenfelsgasse. I had a very nice time there with Margarita, an Ukrainian cutie, 38 y.o with a beautiful body. One hour sex, with fun and with half a bottle Champaign for 275 Euros. It made me forgive my disappointment with Babylon.

The day after, I decided to test some Massage Parlour I red from the Forum. I decided for the one in Taborstrasse 27. At first, I was a bit surprised because there was only one girl, but it was on Sunday. Roberta, a polish girl, brown hairs, 32 y.o. She provided me with a delightful massage, BJ and sex for 150 Euros, in one hour.

I recommend both places!

Anyway I one of you has some notice about Babylon, let me know.
I had no time to visit Goldentime, but I will visit it next time !

10-12-04, 16:53
Re: Carnal1/Goldentime

I was there in the early afternoon, and there were maybe 15-20 girls lounging around, chit-chatting, chilling...and most of them were hot & naked!!! My god, I get enthusiastic just thinking about the whole scenario...LOL

Really, for someone residing in the U.S. the relaxed "normality" inherent to the girls Goldetime is quite a sight.

10-12-04, 18:44

thanks for the details on Goldentime! I'll have to check it out soon!

M Bonnet

Is it possible that you got the streets wrong? There is an EDEN BAR at Liliengasse 2 as opposed to the BABYLON at Liebenberggasse 2. I haven't been in the area lately, but about two months ago the Babylon was clearly there. Their website at www.babylon.at does not indicate anything else either.


10-14-04, 20:08

I fear you are wright ! I'm not at my ease with german language at all.

Anyway, next time, I won't make the mistake and hopefully will discover this magic place.

10-18-04, 14:33
I got a reply from the Babylon Club in Vienna. 110 E entry includes Drinks and Food. The hourly Rate is 400E for one girl, 200E to the House, 200E to the Girl. The entry fee is included with the hourly rate. This is a bit pricey but I think the this club is alittle above average in the Venue. Good service is good service, whether its $20 or 400 Euro. How do I justify spending that kind of money when I will be in FKK World within a day, where the hourly rate is 100E for a stunning selection of Eastern Euro Babes. Choices choices,, choices.. Such is life!

The search continues,


10-19-04, 14:42
Well this is a long overdue report but thaught I should share the info for people visiting Vienna in the future. Just a foot note, this visit was back in July (1st till 7th of 2004). Having done some research on the net, and from past experiences I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of swing clubs that allowed Single guys to enter. My first visit was on a Thursday to a club called Traumland "Dreamland" which is about 10 mins away by cab frm city center. Now this club I have been to like 8 years ago an not a lot had changed since then. I was greeted upon entry by a very lovely hostess where I paid 55 Euros for entery and all you can eat / drink / fuck. In the club was another single guy, a couple and a single lady "she was east european". The couple where like an exhibitionist type. Anyhow action at the club did not heat up. I decided to take off and head to another club that I read good news about called Favioli "hope spelling is correct". While getting ready to leave, the single east european lady decided to take off also, so I started chatting with her and asked her if she would like to join me at the other club I opted to go for the "all expenses paid" so she would agree!!!. She agreed and we took off by cab. This was like another 10 min away. Boy was Favioli a nice club. I paid like 40 Euros for myslef and the lady. now having been to a number of swing clubs in Europe, and the states, I could easily say this is one of the best clubs I have ever been to. There where so many good looking women there, not street type. And guess what?? sex was all you can have and free of charge!. So this was my new entertainment joint for the next 6 nights. Just to let you know, Favioli opens up from 10 am every day except on sundays, and closes at like 2 or 3 Am. All nights they allow single men excpet for Saturdays - where you have to be a couple. Entry fees are like 60Euros for all you can Fuck, eat, and drink. The quality of women there is 5 stars! or from 8 to 10. The people running the club are super nice and friendly. Anyhow back to the seen there, I must have gotten laid there on avarage 2 to 3 times per visit, with different women. It was one hell of an experience that I would love to repeat soon. Food there was excellent with a free open bar poilcy. I would love to hear about other clubs in Austria, especialy in places like Salzburg, Linz, where people hardly speak english and are country type folks!

10-24-04, 17:28
For our friend trying to find Babylon ... it is indeed at Liebenberggasse 2, which is right off of the Parkring. If you go to the Marriott Hotel on Parkring, and then head north (towards the river, the Statpark will be on your right and the Marriott will be on your left as you go along the sidewalk), you will go up a few blocks, and Liebenberggasse will be a side street to your left. Go down Liebenberggasse, and Babylon is going to be on the second block (you will cross a street called Coburg Bastei) on the left hand side. It is a very unassuming building, but there is a brass plaque and a very big door that you buzz to enter. If you come to a T in the road at Seilerstatte, you've gone about 100 feet too far. As others have commented, it is pricey (110 EUR to walk in, 400 EUR inclusive of the 110 cover for 1 hour) but the girls are amazing and you'll definitely have some great sex!

10-26-04, 00:33

interesting report about the swingers club in vienna, I think this might be the website http://www.frivoli.at/ ?

are the women there paid or are they there having sex for fun?

Id be interested in a trip there soon for sure. I have had some good swinging experiences over the years as well.


ps here is a listing of swingers clubs in Europe, many accept single men http://www.couplesbifm.com/clubs_europe.htm

Dick Rambone
10-27-04, 10:40
Just got back from Vienna and had enough time to go to Goldentime. Thanks to all you guys for the information. I had a six hour layover in Vienna so I took the City Airport Train (CAT) 16 Euro R/T to the city, then grabbed the U3 subway line to Engplatz station. From there I took a taxi for 5 Euro to Goldentime. The place is great. Well kept clean with lots of sauna, showers, and NAKED GIRLS!!!! All over the place. The entrance fee is 70Euro and the Girl is 60Euro. I took service from a Brazilian and a Romanian. Both gave me a bbbj and service in all different positions. Wow! I was in heaven. The only problem I had was the damn towel I had to wrap around me kept falling! So I got my two sessions and had to rush back to the Airport to grab my connection to Sarajevo.

On my return from Sarajevo I also had one night layover in Vienna again, and decided to call www.butterfly.at and talked to Lisa. She speaks english well. I asked for Natalie and she was on time. Her service was as I expected. BBBJ and GFE. The damage was 160Euro for an hour. But all worth it. I can't wait to come back again as the its a fun place to spend some time.


10-28-04, 11:36
Well Fred the women there and as a matter of fact at almost all swing clubs in W Europe go there for fun, meaning they are not paid. I think the only club where they have "some" paid women are at Beverly Club in Germany.

I have been to the following clubs: paradise in Amsterdam, blue lagoon in Duren - pardise Vougel in hamburg - Germany, Adams in paris france also two other clubs there (cant recall the names), Palto in Maimi Flordia, Hedo 2 in Jamica, Traumland and favioli in Austria, 2 clubs in bracelona spain. Now from this long list of clubs i could certainly say all where fun - each had adifferent flavor, though I did enjoy Favioli in austria cause of the amount of available women, the ambiance, and the clubs overall quality.


interesting report about the swingers club in vienna, I think this might be the website http://www.frivoli.at/ ?

are the women there paid or are they there having sex for fun?

Id be interested in a trip there soon for sure. I have had some good swinging experiences over the years as well.


ps here is a listing of swingers clubs in Europe, many accept single men http://www.couplesbifm.com/clubs_europe.htm

Harry Bush
10-31-04, 10:29
Will be in Vienna this week for an overnight and have read with interest the post about the swingers clubs. Am a usual visitor to Goldentime, but may try one of the clubs. I assume one could go to these places and totally strike out due to a whole lot of reasons. Would appreciate if someone with expierence give some more details. I also noticed at 6Fuehrer on their list of swingers clubs an Adonis Sauna which is very close to Frivoli. What are the Sauna's like. What confuses me is how all the other places stay open if someone can go to these places, pay a nominal entrance fee and have all the food, drink and sex that they want.

11-25-04, 13:56
In Salzburg forum, Ranskalainen reported, prostitution is now illeagal from 2003. Is it correct information?

If it is true, meeting butterfly at girl is illeagal?

11-27-04, 10:51
Well I am sure it is not illegal and if I had nice experience with girls from Butterfly last week!

11-27-04, 11:48
Had my first chance to visit Goldentime, after having read some of the other reports here, and I can only add my enthusiastic recommendations. The price is up a bit from some earlier posts, EUR 70 entrance fee, and the girls are charging EUR 60 for a half hour, but well worth it. Very widely varying quality of girls working the night I visited, but I quickly met an incredibly beautiful, tall, thin blonde Hungarian girl named Timea, and had a fantastic time. We started in the movie theater, where she proceeded to kiss and fondle me, then started off with a BBBJ. After that, we moved to a room where she continued the BBBJ to CIM finish (for an extra EUR 60) and she milked me for every last bit. After that, we hung out in the steam room and relaxed for a while before going back for round #2. All in all, an incredible experience and a fantastic girl, can't wait to go back again!

11-30-04, 16:20
Has anyone been to Frivoli lately? I checked out their website following some favourable reports here. The info on there suggests that as a single visiting male you'd at best run a chance of hooking up with another couple/female with male company. Skyway's report on WSG, however, indicates otherwise.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!


12-02-04, 16:10
I found some news about prostitution in Salzburg.

I cannot read German. So would you translate into English?

12-04-04, 19:26
Sorry! The web address slips out!!

I write again.

The first web which appears when you search "Prostitution: neues Gesetz" in google. I think it is a Salzburg city site.

12-06-04, 21:41
Hi FF,

I won't translate the whole article, but it says that the authority that controls brothels has changed and that the local authorities that are in charge now are reinforcing checks of brothels to see if they meet all the requirements.

What is illegal (according to this article) is streetworkers and providers in private appartements.

In the end it says that brothels are regarded as businesses and taxed like any other business.


12-07-04, 20:31
Fellow Viennamongers, I chanced upon a website for a service I was almost going for on the occasion of my last visit, but then didn't find time to check it out: http://www.shivamassage.com/
Has anyone been there? Do we believe the hype? I think I am going to take it for a spin later this month!


12-12-04, 19:32
Hi Conn.,

if you do not want more than a hand job, Shivamassage is perfect for you. Very erotic massage, probably the best, but no BJ or other things like that. But try them! The hand job is also very good.

Another tip, similar good and only hand job, is "Der Tempel" in Moedling, a few km south of Vienna. www.dertempel.at

If you like more, I can really recommend a new massage parlour in the very center of Vienna, called Citycats. It is associated to the escort-agency Butterfly. Their Tel.Nr. is 535 34 17 in Vienna, no website yet. It is worth a try, I can assure you.


12-25-04, 12:16
Hello, I'm thinking of visiting your fine city for New Year's Eve celebration and wondered if any of you might know a good place to stay and enjoy a party? This will be a non-mongering trip as I have to entertain some friends. I may be able to disappear for a few hours, but my plan is to go to some good clubs and meat some non-pros. Time is short, please respond here or by PM when you can! Thanks! Tschüss...

01-06-05, 22:12
On a recent visit to Vienna, I went and tried Shiva. I have to admit it was a one-of-a-kind experience. Ended up with Nora (blonde, Polish origin, perhaps a 6 on the scale from 1-10).
Excellent massage techniques (went for the body massage), I wish those Asian providers at various AMPs would adopt some of that knowledge...!
Finished with HJ that went beyond any other HJ action ever conceived...worth the $$, IMHO.
I didn't get to try out any other establishments this time around, but I did find a website (www.kontaktbazar.com) that lists several new options and, for the germanophiles among us, provides scores of additional intel.

Happy Mongering!


The Voice
02-01-05, 14:16

I will be travelling through Vienna soon and was wondering if someone could advise me about the escort situation over there. There are some internet sites of escort agencies (eg Divas of Vienna) where the ladies look nice and the prices quite reasonable (150 euro per hour). Someone told me though that this price would only include delivery of the lady to your hotel and that you would have to negoatiate a further amount with the lady for sex. Sounds wierd to me so is this true? If it is true what is the going rate (all up) and what do you need to be careful off?

Thank you


02-02-05, 18:15
Will be in Vienna a couple of days. Staying at Hilton or Marriott.

Heard Babylon is nearby. Entrance 400euros? What does that include?

Is Goldentime nearby too? Is it better value?

I am Asian and speak english..no german etc.. do they accept us?


02-05-05, 10:56
Blurrso Tong:

Yes, Babylon is very near Marriott (nearly around the corner), a bit farther from Hilton but still walkable (try www.maporama.com). 400EUR is everything for one hour with a truly beautiful girl. Goldentime is a bit of a drive, you'd need to take a taxi, but for my money you get a lot more. The girls are probably not as hot (or, there are fewer really hot girls), but you get a whole lot more action, and EUR 400 would get you several hours of great sex at Goldentime.

Will be in Vienna a couple of days. Staying at Hilton or Marriott.

Heard Babylon is nearby. Entrance 400euros? What does that include?

Is Goldentime nearby too? Is it better value?

I am Asian and speak english..no german etc.. do they accept us?


02-10-05, 11:42

I will be travelling through Vienna soon and was wondering if someone could advise me about the escort situation over there. There are some internet sites of escort agencies (eg Divas of Vienna) where the ladies look nice and the prices quite reasonable (150 euro per hour). Someone told me though that this price would only include delivery of the lady to your hotel and that you would have to negoatiate a further amount with the lady for sex. Sounds wierd to me so is this true? If it is true what is the going rate (all up) and what do you need to be careful off?

Thank you


Hello Voice,

I am a Vienna local with some experience in the escort scene here. There are more than 100 agencies, most of which can be forgotten.

In most agencies the price includes a "basic" package (BJ, sex) but there may be an extra charge for eg BBBJ or anal (if provided). Also there may be extra costs for taxi, EUR 20-25. But that depends on the agency. Unfortunately some agencies here do not send you the girl you chose, there are many fake girls on the net.

My best experiences are butterfly.at and (then) pink-escorts.at. Good agencies. You choose the girl on the net, THIS girl will come. Both have websites, see their girls there. By the way, Butterfly ist the only agency in Vienna where regular health checks for the girls are compulsary.

The prices for butterfly girls depends on the girl (120 - 135 for the first hour, 80 - 100 from the 2nd hour onwards) and include kissing, BBBJ and sex (this of course always WITH condom). Some girls even provide BBBJTC, some swallow, without extra charge. Anal is with extra charge with some girls, with some not. Ask on the phone. Always add 25 EUR for taxi.

I especially recommend Angie (scottish girl!), Verena (feel her BBBJ, wow!), Santina, Charly! With all of them I have best experiences.


The Voice
02-11-05, 11:56
Hello Voice,

I am a Vienna local with some experience in the escort scene here. There are more than 100 agencies, most of which can be forgotten.

In most agencies the price includes a "basic" package (BJ, sex) but there may be an extra charge for eg BBBJ or anal (if provided). Also there may be extra costs for taxi, EUR 20-25. But that depends on the agency. Unfortunately some agencies here do not send you the girl you chose, there are many fake girls on the net.

My best experiences are butterfly.at and (then) pink-escorts.at. Good agencies. You choose the girl on the net, THIS girl will come. Both have websites, see their girls there. By the way, Butterfly ist the only agency in Vienna where regular health checks for the girls are compulsary.

The prices for butterfly girls depends on the girl (120 - 135 for the first hour, 80 - 100 from the 2nd hour onwards) and include kissing, BBBJ and sex (this of course always WITH condom). Some girls even provide BBBJTC, some swallow, without extra charge. Anal is with extra charge with some girls, with some not. Ask on the phone. Always add 25 EUR for taxi.

I especially recommend Angie (scottish girl!), Verena (feel her BBBJ, wow!), Santina, Charly! With all of them I have best experiences.

GlenlivetThank you for the information Glenlivet. I was thinking of using the butterfly agency and now I think I will.



02-26-05, 13:27
I plan on having a long layover in Wien next week and would like some info on some naturmodel girls at www.6escort.at

In particular:

Demi , Betty , Carmen , Miranda, and Gia.

Also, do any new girls not listed as naturmodels provide Ohneservice?

Or if anyone knows of any other "ohneservice" providers, contact info would be appreciated!


Harry Bush
02-27-05, 14:01
I have considered trying the 6escort service myself but always end up at Goldentime. If I remember right there have been positive comments about it in the past. The is a section at www.6fuehrer.at where providers that offer Ohneservice can post ads.

02-27-05, 18:27
@ WooDog

You can visit the site:

There you will find a "Suche"-function.
Choose the "Kategorie" "Sexführer".
Insert "wien" in the field "Suchen nach",
and there you will find ads from girls providing "Ohne Service"

Much luck!
And keep well and fit!


02-28-05, 12:50
Hi out there,

i´ll be coming to Vienna around 21st of march. I´ll stay in a friends apartment, and would like to spend a nice time with a beautiful young escort.

What I read it´s recommended butterfly or special escort or ?.

Would be pleased to get a hint from your sides out of experience, just a short info about a girl and which escort service.

Thank you a lot,


02-28-05, 17:12
@ WooDog

The site has moved to:


The search-function and the result is the same.

Same site - another name!


03-06-05, 18:26
I can recommend butterfly.at if you want GFS. They might not have the youngest stunners around but the girls their are generally nice and reliable.

All other escorts are a gamble. Lots of young stuff from the east but you will need to try half a dozen before you find one that gives a decent GFS experience.

As for girls at butterfly, well my taste is towards the chubby ones where Vanessa and Verena are just great in bed. Verena does actually want to have fun herself. In particular on the longer sessions. Won't give you any time to relax. Vanessa is more the sweetheart type. If you ever want to try a really chubby girl go for her.

Hi out there,

i´ll be coming to Vienna around 21st of march. I´ll stay in a friends apartment, and would like to spend a nice time with a beautiful young escort.

What I read it´s recommended butterfly or special escort or ?.

Would be pleased to get a hint from your sides out of experience, just a short info about a girl and which escort service.

Thank you a lot,


Ralph T
03-10-05, 23:29
I agree, butterfly.at is a good source, last week I had Charly, she was even nicer than her pictures on the site, nice girl with real GFE.

Rene Belge
03-13-05, 17:09
I had the pleasure of visiting vienna a few days ago beginning of march.
Not wanting to ask for escort services, I did a bit of research and visited 2 adresses.
1st one is massage parlor on Burgerspitalgasse 15 already mentionned here. I visited at 6 pm during week and payed 120 euro for 1 hour of massage, a blow job and daty with Veronika. I really had a good time. She has a nice face and a nice figure. All the reports already mentionned here were verified.

2nd place is a private place 6studio on raaberbahngasse 9A (www.6studio.at). I visited there at 1am on a week day and there were 3 girls present. I took Nikita (see website) for 1 hour an payed 100 euro. It was a fairly standard performance but she was doing her best: cbj and fuck in different positions

03-16-05, 23:55
For people who speak German there is another excellent forum for Germany, Switzerland and Austria out there.


15 EUR fee for a lifetime membership. Tons of info though...

03-27-05, 23:04
15 EUR fee for a lifetime membership. Tons of info though...

I do not agree. Not worth the 15 EUR.
Tons of info in free forums, condensed good info also in THIS forum.


Mind Snatcher
04-05-05, 18:46
Will be in Vienna a couple of days. Staying at Hilton or Marriott.

Heard Babylon is nearby. Entrance 400euros? What does that include?

Is Goldentime nearby too? Is it better value?

I am Asian and speak english..no german etc.. do they accept us?


Babylon is really great if you are feeling lazy and have plenty of cash to spend. You get a meal (good standard) and free alcoholic drinks till you drop. No worries languagewise. Many girls speak English; some are from the caribbean, most from east Europe, even a few English/Irish girls work here. But it's pricey, especially if you want to see a second girl - they charge you another 400 Euros! It's also a bit cramped and smoke-filled. Goldentime is reachable by public transport and more spacious. And for the price of one shot at Babylon you get three at Goldentime!

04-15-05, 11:02
Thanks for the tip.

If I am at Stradpark. Marriot Hotel.

How do I get to Goldentime via public transport?

Is there a direct train/underground tube line there?

Or is the best still the taxi?

Thanks again

Harry Bush
04-22-05, 21:13
Was in Goldentime this week and found the entrance fee is now 80 Euros since they serve breakfast from 9 to 12 and then have a buffet all the rest of the day and night. Had not seen this posted before. Was in there on a Tuesday and met a hot little 22 year old Slovakian girl who was there for a couple of days. Never really had a bad time since I started going to Goldentime in December 2003.

04-22-05, 22:45
If you really want to go on public transport to the GT it will be a dreadful journey. take a taxi is my adwise. but ask the driver before if he knows the place, because GT is very hidden!

05-04-05, 13:34
visited Vienna on a short notice and accompanied by many associates. Went to the 8th district and checked some of the bars with the red light. Pretty expensive at 260 Euro an hour although 130/ half was available as well. Yet service is pretty mechanical, no kissing, no bbj. also you get a buy expensive drinks.

checked out babylon, amazing. 22 hotties, Just amazing but 400 Euros is pretty steep but the girls are out of this world, and from all races; elegantly dressed as well. No holes barred on any of the hotties. and bbj is a guranteed as well.

checked out goldentime after midnight in on Monday. Not impressed by the quality of the 15 girls, or the dress code (no high heels or cool attire). entrance was 80 and 60/ shot. not bad but nothing to write home about.

05-11-05, 21:56
I'll keep this short since I'm too lazy to write a detailed report. However, let me thank all you guys for the intel regarding the scene here, it was very beneficial.

Here's my contribution:

1. visited Babylon and the price was just too expensive. 400 euro. I normally would splurge but didn't find that one girl worth the 400.

2. Goldentime - I don't particulary like the FKK scene since I have to be half naked in front of everyone but this place was ok. I'd go again and there were some hot girls here. Go to the website to get the address because cab drivers won't know it by name.

3. Escort scene - quality is pretty good. In my opinion better or equal to girls at Babylon. For some reason, I kept primarily getting Romanian girls. They were hot nonetheless. Go to www.kontaktbazar.at and select escorts on the right hand side; you can't go wrong.

05-12-05, 18:40
I do not agree. Not worth the 15 EUR.
Tons of info in free forums, condensed good info also in THIS forum.

GLHow about a couple of links to the quality free forums Glenlivet? One thing we should set straight: THIS forum has not even 0.1 % of the posts of lusthaus.com, as far as Austria and Germany is concerned.

Graz had its last posting in April last year. The last posting in the Linz thread here was in September 2003 [sic]. You can't seriously compare this with lusthaus.com (also not Vienna) because this is just ridiculous.

05-13-05, 11:38
Hi there

Will be going to Vienna is June and staying at Marriott.
Just hoping to get some tips and advice on places around Marriott within walking distance.

I know that Babylon is in the next block and intend to check it out most definitely...
Any other places or recommendations around the hotel will be most welcomed!
Am also considering incall service since Rogers here gave a great website at www.kontakbazar.at.

I don't speak German and hence am afraid may get lost if the place is too far out, hence may give Goldentime a miss.

Thanks all

Harry Bush
05-14-05, 13:24
Blursoo, most people in Vienna speak at least a little English, so that is not a big problem there. You may want to consider a number of the massage parlors that are in the City Center. Don't know how far you want to walk but there are many within a mile or so of the Marriott. Use the web site you cited or the listings at www.6fuehrer.at.

05-15-05, 10:33
How about a couple of links to the quality free forums Glenlivet? One thing we should set straight: THIS forum has not even 0.1 % of the posts of lusthaus.com, as far as Austria and Germany is concerned.

Graz had its last posting in April last year. The last posting in the Linz thread here was in September 2003 [sic]. You can't seriously compare this with lusthaus.com (also not Vienna) because this is just ridiculous.

Well, the best free forum, over 17.000 entries, is www.6forum.at
The forum is in German.
There are many other small forums as well, but are not very active or not complete (exclude some providers)

There is nothing new in Austria you can find in lusthaus.com, if you read the forum mentioned above. So why spend money?


05-15-05, 10:56
Am also considering incall service since Rogers here gave a great website at www.kontakbazar.at.

If you consider incall services I recommend you also www.butterfly.at
They are not in Kontaktbazar site as they don't do advertising (because they have only regular clients). Look also at the older postings in this forum.
Charly, Danielle, Verena are especially recommended.


05-17-05, 09:40
Because of the difficultness in Prague on Saturday afternoon, and the soon departure I drove to Vienna yesterday (Whit Monday / Pfingstmontag).
There I have been by the most recommended Emmy from the

Emmy is a reals sweet, cute and tender girl. She gives a service, you cannot find very often.

This service I know only from her,
Dani in the Schönbrunnerstrasse (Vienna),
Sara in the Lucemburska (Prague),
Linda in the Machova (Prague).

Anyway the value is optimal!


06-04-05, 14:57
Forget about Babylon, it is very expensive and quality is low. There are much better options - at least during the day - like Sauna Royal in Mariahilfer Street 31 or the massage parlour in Millergasse, where Maria provides decent service. BBBJ, anal, no CIM. And a brasilian girl with pierced tongue is very recommendable too. All for under 200€.

06-07-05, 13:32
Hi Plotpoint

Yes, I agree that Babylon is pretty expensive.

They have a new website up and the rates are there.

But the reports in general have been favourable in that the girls are really good looking and service good.

What have been your experience in Babylon? Could you care to share?

BTW, what good places would you recommend and do they have websites that I can have a look at?

This is my first visit to Vienna and hence, going around unfamiliar places would be a problem for me. Hence, I was looking for places near the Marriott where I am staying.

Thanks for all your advice.

06-08-05, 09:11
In my experiences babylon has a few really good looking girls who are heavily frequented. Even if you manage to get one of them the experience is quite ordinary: BBBJ and covered sex, one hour for 560€ including dinner.

For me, Babylon is quite a cold and business-like place. Dinner with friends was often more fun than going to a room. I have no problem spending money for a nice experience but I get one when it is not worth a third of it.

You will find equally good looking girls in many clubs, f.e. Josephine in Sonnenfelsgasse, near Babylon. Still it is trial and error. My best experience in Vienna was with a really nice girl, Marie, from Sauna Royal: I liked her looks very much, I liked her sex, she liked me, it was fun and I left with a warm feeling of sympathy. That´s what counts for me: to have sex with someone you like and who touches you, even if it lasts only an hour. Much better than 100 hours of mechanical screwing in plush surroundings.

06-14-05, 15:49
Gents, 1st time in Austria for me.

I have therefore spent some time going through the interesting post of this thread, and once again I thank you all the mongers.

I was thinking to go to Goldentime but will rather go for an escort, since I am picky... I need a black hair (not a blonde for sure... and do not want to take the risk at Goldentime to have 15 russian blondes...) or an Asian woman (or sometimes some ex-CCCP ladies have an asian touch, which I like a lot).

Anyway going through the post I see that only a few escort website are recommended. Then when I check http://www.kontaktbazar.at/index1.htm I see so many sites... (as usuall in all countries).
Do you have any advice regarding the other websites ? Do they speak English if I want to book a lady ?
I see prices range from 98€ to 150€ per hour.. this one being cheap: http://www.fantasy-escort.at/girls.htm

thanks guys.

Toby Gru
06-15-05, 16:45
Hi everybody,

I was in Vienna in may and after a lot of research I decided to permit myself a special treat. Instead of browsing the Vienna services, I browsed the slovak ones (Bratislava is just 40 miles away). I found Suzanne from www.22wildcats.com. She is a dark haired beauty with a lot of curves. All made by mother nature. (The fotos on the website are completely accurate)

I arranged with the agency guy Nico about a week before and everything worked out really smooth, any email was responded within two hours. Suzanne arrived punctually at my hotel, decently dressed and changed into vinyl and high heels when she was in my room.

Naturally, I was intrigued by Suzanne's looks and the ample services promoted on the website (french kiss, owo, cim, swallow and anal sex, whow!). Now, I can confirm that everything on the menue is happily provided and without extra charge. She confirmed that she really loves anal sex and it showed.

She is a very intelligent person and it would have been pleasure spend the three hours only talking. (I chose the 3-hour special this agency offers for Vienna, Budapest and Prague: 400 Euro plus 30 for transportation).

Suzanne usually does longer meetings, but she did not show any reluctance in this short encounter. I will definitely try to see her again.



06-20-05, 16:56

Will be in Vienna soon and this forum has been great source of info for me.

Found out about this agency http://www.justforfun.at/

Anyone with any experience or info with regards to them?

Reliable? Are the girls real?

THanks greatly for any info.

Toby Gru
06-21-05, 14:17

I would not book with an agency that obviously uses fake pictures. Half of the staff is fake. On local forums this agency never gets a good word.

Agencies with quite good reputation are www.butterfly.at, www.pink-escort.at (which has now a collaboration with butterfly). These two agencies clearly mention the lady's services. All the other escortservices don't tell you what the lady will or will not do. That means that any special (if availiable) like OWO, kissing, etc will have an extra price.

On c69 I just read a recent very positive posting about cindy from www.viennaescort.at. this lady is on my personal list for my next vienna visit.

Hope that helps


06-24-05, 19:28
Looked up the info section in this forum and found this link:


Went through the list and found this agency: http://www.society-models.at/html/index.php

Emailed them and got a very prompt reply.

No deposit needed.. pay direct to girls when they arrive at your room. 2 hours 300euros.

Can telephone to book when I get to Vienna. Lead time at least 1 hour

Very good looking girls on the site.

Impressed with their prompt response. May just try them out when I get in.

Anyone here has any experience with them?

R The Man
06-29-05, 15:39
Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice on this forum. I visited Goldentime during my visit to Vienna, and it was as good as everyone said. Really nice surroundings, lots of pretty topless girls to ogle, and great service in the back rooms.

The cost now is 100 Euro entry, but you get a voucher that makes a repeat visit only 10 Euro, so it is cheaper in the long run than the previous noted 80 Euro entry fee. Girls are still 60 Euro per half hour. There was a good selection, and while they do not generally approach you directly, they certainly will do so if you make eye contact and smile.

The first girl I tried was Nora, a black haired slim beauty from Bulgaria. Her BBBJ wasn't that great, but seeing her lovely ass in doggie was terrific. Even better all around was the second girl, Alexi from Slovakia. She had milky white skin, really nice tits, and was magnificent with the BBBJ, eventually finishing me with a CIM (and discreet spitting into a towel afterwards). Her attitude was all about service and sweetness, so I would give her the edge over Nora. Alexi had only worked there 2 days, so perhaps that's why she's still so sweet.

Anyway, the service personnel were all terrific. Even though it was my first time at an FKK, and I am Asian, it was very comfortable lounging around with a towel wrapped around your waist, even with other guys around.

I heartily recommend Goldentime. I'll go back again (hopefully tomorrow night!).


06-29-05, 16:48
Blurrso Tong,

no good news about the agency "Society Models": it is the same agency as "Just for Fun". It IS "Just for Fun".

This agency has at least the following names, all at the same address:
Just for Fun
Society Models
F1 Escort
Erotic taxi
Love Escort

You will be disappointed. Other girls than chosen come, by far not as pretty as on their site. Bad reputation in the local forums. The photos on their site have nothing to do with the girls they send. Forget them.


Looked up the info section in this forum and found this link:


Went through the list and found this agency: http://www.society-models.at/html/index.php

Emailed them and got a very prompt reply.

No deposit needed.. pay direct to girls when they arrive at your room. 2 hours 300euros.

Can telephone to book when I get to Vienna. Lead time at least 1 hour

Very good looking girls on the site.

Impressed with their prompt response. May just try them out when I get in.

Anyone here has any experience with them?

06-29-05, 17:48
Thanks Glenlivet.

After combing through the entire forum both for Austria and Slovakia, have decided that if I were to book someone to come to my hotel, I would probably get one from pink-escorts. Saw some girls there that look great ie Dominique, Melanie, Denise, Vicky and Simona. Would be my choices depending who is available. Any recommendations from pink-escorts?

Another site I might try is from 6escort.at. Some favorable reports about them too.

Otherwise, have found out that there are some other places near Stradpark..
relax-enjoy, Josefine.. Also, there is this place just a walk from Marriott called VIP Vienna (www.vip-vienna.at). Seems it may be a partner of Goldentime. Would try to drop in for a drink there to check it out.

Will post back once I get back. Hope to enjoy my trip to Vienna.

R The Man
06-30-05, 23:58
Hey guys,

Sorry, but I just went through my stuff and realized that I didn't get a "voucher" for Goldentime with the first cover fee of 100 Euros. I got a plastic card that looks like a membership card and another card for a VIP Club in the downtown area that is obviously a sister club. There is a link on the web site at www.goldentime.at but it is only in German so I don't know if it is a strip club or some other type of club.

However, now I am not sure if I heard correctly that there is a discount on the second visit to Goldentime. I heard that the second visit was only 10 Euro, but that doesn't sound right. Mmaybe the 10 Euro was the cover for the VIP Club? Or a 10 Euro discount on the next Goldentime cover? Anyway, I'm not sure, and unfortunately I won't be able to get back there for a visit before I leave Vienna to check it out.

There was definitely a sign on the counter saying that the cover was now 100 Euro, so I don't think I got ripped off by the staff, but that is considerably higher than the previous posts, all of which said the cover was 80 Euro. Maybe someone else can clarify this for all of you.

Again, it was a fabulous experience, and I think worth the 100 Euro cover (at least for me, but I am used to paying that rate for good SP encounters) with the 60 Euro/half hour girl fee, but you may want to find out if there is indeed a discount for second and subsequent visits.

Man I.

07-01-05, 13:21
Scouring other forums it seems that in June visitors paid EUR 100 entry, and were given a free voucher for the next visit. This voucher has to be used by end of August. However, EUR 10 has to be paid for the drinks, buffet etc.

Whether the voucher is still being handed out in July I do not know. Clearly this is an offer to sweeten the fact that the price has gone up.

The facilities at GT are no better really than those at a EUR 65 Frankfurt FKK. (Nor are the EUR 60/30mins girls any better than their EUR 50 sisters). Now that they are also running a VIP nightclub as well, and siphoning some of the (apparently better) GT girls off to work there, you begin to wonder whether this club is worth visiting any more. Especially in a city where you can still get an escort for a pretty good price.

07-05-05, 17:17
Tried out www.Butterfly.at.

Nice person on the line..spoke good english and made me feel very comfortable.
Also gave good advice and recommendations.

Got Conny to come to hotel. She is new to Butterfly. About 21years of age.

Nice personality, above average looks, friendly and real GFE.

Nice bod. Had some wine and small talk.

Took a shower together.. hmm nice feeling.

Covered BJ and FJ. I thot I should be safe too and did not ask for BBBJ.

Stayed for 1 hour. Total cost 165euros. Would rate it 7/10.

Hotel just 5 min from Babylon. I think the front facade is new and has changed from previous posted pic. Now has Babylon clearly shown on door.

Have not tried it yet. Prices seem to have risen.

Joined their membership to have a look at the girls.. must say they look stunning but not sure if it is worth 430euros for just 1 hour and another 430 if you want another girl for another hour!

Will write another FR if I get another one.

07-06-05, 10:20
The entry fee to Goldentime has risen to EUR 100 by 1st of July, and also the "girl fee" to 70,- for 30min. No voucher for the next visit like in June.

Many regular visitors from Vienna boycott Goldentime now, trying to force the management to reduce the prices again. As Toscana wrote, the facilities are not better than in Frankfurt Clubs, but much more expensive. (Though in Vienna the prices in this business are generally lower)


Scouring other forums it seems that in June visitors paid EUR 100 entry, and were given a free voucher for the next visit. This voucher has to be used by end of August. However, EUR 10 has to be paid for the drinks, buffet etc.

Whether the voucher is still being handed out in July I do not know. Clearly this is an offer to sweeten the fact that the price has gone up.

The facilities at GT are no better really than those at a EUR 65 Frankfurt FKK. (Nor are the EUR 60/30mins girls any better than their EUR 50 sisters). Now that they are also running a VIP nightclub as well, and siphoning some of the (apparently better) GT girls off to work there, you begin to wonder whether this club is worth visiting any more. Especially in a city where you can still get an escort for a pretty good price.

07-07-05, 00:01
Thanks to Glenlivet and friends here. The info has been great.

This time, tried out Pink escorts. New girl Aaliya. Wow! in my eyes!

Excellent body and looks, really friendly and I could have chatted with her the whole night through with a real GFE. The mood was great.

Great tingling massage with sucking, covered BG (my request), I was gonna blow with just this but managed to hold it to missionary. A great relief I got!

Total for 1 hour 150+25 transport. Would have wanted longer but had to wake up real early for meeting next day. Would not mind getting her again next time.

Would rate it 8.5/10.

07-12-05, 15:54
can somebody recomend a good night club like babylon?

furthermore, did anybody try to clubs in vienna 8 where girls wait outside and lure customers in???

please advise

07-14-05, 10:47
Hi friends,

As I've planned to come to Vienna in the end of July, I would be very pleased if someone could recommend me a nice escort girl to come to my hotel. I would prefer a slim tall girl with o good GFS service incl. BBJ and maybe even ANAL service possible. Visit should last 1,5 - 2 h.

Would be very nice to get a recommendation and info how much it would cost.

Will post afterwards my experience.

Greetings Gianni

07-15-05, 17:28
Hi friends,

As I've planned to come to Vienna in the end of July, I would be very pleased if someone could recommend me a nice escort girl to come to my hotel.

Will post afterwards my experience.

Greetings Gianni

Hi, Gianni,

how was your experience in March here in Vienna? You did ask and you did get some tips. If you have not been in Vienna: The tips are still valid.


07-19-05, 11:18
I coludn´t come to Vienna in March, so I cannot share my experience with you.
Concerning the answers I got in march and knowing that the escort business is a very fluctuating one I wanted to ask you to see if there are some news or special recommendations.


08-13-05, 21:16
Hello Viennese people and the rest of the world.

I will be in Vienna soon (I know boys, nobody cares!)

Is there any update regarding FKK Goldentime or Escort service, please?

Thanks in advance,


08-25-05, 15:23
Dear sirs,

I will be in Vienna soon, and Iwould like to meet Verena from Butterfly Escorts, http://www.butterfly.at/index2.html , does anyone have met her before? Can you give me some information?


08-25-05, 15:24
Dear sirs,

I will be in Vienna soon, and Iwould like to meet Verena from Butterfly Escorts, http://www.butterfly.at/index2.html , does anyone have met her before? Can you give me some information?


08-25-05, 15:37
Dear Sirs,

I will be soon in Vienna and I would like to meet Verena from Butterfly escorts, http://www.butterfly.at/index2.html , does anyone have met her and have some information?


08-25-05, 20:55
Any budget action (50E) in Vienna.

Looking for mature SWs, window girls or prives/parlours.



08-26-05, 08:43
In my experience http://www.6escort.at/ is the best and most reliable escort service in Vienna.

Booked there many times and have allways been happy with it.

Prices are € 120 an hour plus € 20 for the taxi. (+ € 30 for BBJ, * € 30 for taking pictures). At happy hour (after 01:00 pm) there is no taxi fee.

Kissing is usually included, but depends on the girl - some do not kiss. Better ask before, which service is provided by which girl.

All time favorites:

Joy, Kay, Loretta, Samatha, Denise

Have fun in Vienna


08-28-05, 04:46
I've heard a lot of chatter about babylon and their price structure. No question, they are expensive (400 euros). That said, no one ventures into that establishment without prior knowledge and lets face it, they have a lot of beautiful women providing top rate service.

I've been fortunate to visit Babylon about 4-5 times per year (live in Canada) and always enjoy my visits. I frequently bump into a number of regulars that I have become quite friendly with and they laugh at the fact that I seem to frequently travel overseas and always end up at "The Bab".

Yes, its expensive, but its a haven for like minded individuals who enjoy the company of fine women in a setting that is akin to an upscale lounge / restaurant. Might not be for everyone, but for those of us who get to Vienna only every 3-4 months, its become home base.


08-29-05, 21:33
Beachlover, I cannot follow you.

When I booked this agency, I got mostly young chicks with no experience, and often with a lack of enthusiasm.

I know Joy and Kay: The service of Joy is ok, if she is in a good mood. But Kay? No BBBJ (but sex without condom???), no kissing, etc. Moreover, it is very hard to talk with them, they know only very few English words (and very few German words, too!)

6escort is a trial and error game.


In my experience http://www.6escort.at/ is the best and most reliable escort service in Vienna.

Booked there many times and have allways been happy with it.

Prices are € 120 an hour plus € 20 for the taxi. (+ € 30 for BBJ, * € 30 for taking pictures). At happy hour (after 01:00 pm) there is no taxi fee.

Kissing is usually included, but depends on the girl - some do not kiss. Better ask before, which service is provided by which girl.

All time favorites:

Joy, Kay, Loretta, Samatha, Denise

Have fun in Vienna


08-31-05, 01:04
Hello Viennese people and the rest of the world,

I visited beautiful Vienna last week and this is the result of my paid sex experiences:

- Called Butterfly escorts for an urgent 2h meeting in my hotel room, asking for Sarah or Conny but the only options were Charly, Verena or Petra so I politely declined the offer. The contact was good so I will try again next time.

- Visited FKK Goldentime once. The choice of girls is not as good as it used to be not so long ago and food is disgusting. Have been approched by a young Hungarian redhead with glasses (do not remember her name) and it turned to be one of my worst experience ever. Found a nice small Bulgarian called Angela (Angie) and she was really fun and sweet. She likes to kiss/suck/fuck and would recommend her without any hesitation.

- Went to http://www.wellnesstower.at/, blond Russian Elena (big girl/big tits/big fun) is not there anymore so I chose Nicole for 1h massage with BBJ + fuck. Very bad choice as she does not even know how to massage. She should go back to the street where she probably come from. Needless to say I will not go back. Any news from Elena ?

- Picked up a SW around Westbanhof for a CIM in my hotel room. Now I know why I do not go for SW anymore...

08-31-05, 09:27
Hello Anarkypg,

I have met Verena several times and I recommend her very much.
She is intelligent, skilled in many languages, it is fun even talking with her. When it comes to action, it is unbelievable. She is one of the very few girls who can feel what you'd like to do or receive even before youself know that. Great. She is very enthusiastic, the BBBJ is superb.

Try and have fun


Dear sirs,

I will be in Vienna soon, and Iwould like to meet Verena from Butterfly Escorts, http://www.butterfly.at/index2.html , does anyone have met her before? Can you give me some information?