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05-16-02, 04:31
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05-31-02, 12:31
Aershcoten street was not so bad last night a nice collection of fresh looking women - seems to be getting better

06-03-02, 03:03
Visited Brussels for a weekend lately. My Hotel was located on Avenue Louise, the long road where there are between 10-20 women on a typical evening standing in the shadows at various points ready for business. My first plan was to bring one of these back to the hotel - but none of them looked very easy to engage in conversation, in addition, they were so indiscreetly dressed that i could never have walked back through reception and kept a straight face.

So I turned to the Internet and to www.declic.org, as mentioned by a poster on the old board. I quickly learned that just because a girl has a description on the Internet in fluent English it doesnt mean she will be able to speak English when you phone her up!

Prices of these girls ranged between 175-350 Euros per hour. Finally I looked at www.appelmoi.be , the website of the establishment on 126 Ed Machetns boulevard and decided to give them a try. Take a taxi from the city centre, its about 10 minutes. If you dont want to give the taxi driver the address, you can always tell him to just drop you in the vacinity of the football stadium, which is on the same road.

For 100 euros there, i had a good, if fairly standard service, with no rush and a nice looking belgian girl. Recommended.

06-16-02, 00:04
I just returned from a tour of Europe. I hit several cities, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Brussels and Barcelona. I wil probably leave messages on those pages also. Brussels has a pretty large RLD which you wil walk right into as you come out of the East exit of the Gare du Nord. Many of the girls are quite beautiful. I picked a gorgeous Greek girl named Aielle (I'm not sure of the spelling) She was beautiful but could speak very little English but did manage to talk me outt of an extra 20 Euro to keep going until I came. (I don't come very fast) She was energetic and very sweet though.

06-28-02, 06:53
I stayed at a Best Western hotel on Ave. Louise a few years ago. On the little sidestreet the hotel was on there were several clubs. From what I could tell the odds were good that fun could be had in those clubs. I watched the girls walking in to a few of the clubs and the quality was good. I have always wondered if our type of fun could be had there. Let us know if you get a chance to check it out. I agree with others that Rue D'Aerschot at Gare du Nord sometimes has good looking girls. I have had both good and bad times there.

09-20-02, 23:10
I decided to take a look at the action in Brussel. Somehow the city always scared me, but after going to Antwerpen one day and finding nothing I decied to find an alternative source of ladies ;) I went there one day just to check out the merchendise. I have to say I was plesantly surprised. There had to be more them 50 girls and a lot of them were very good looking. I decided to give it a try the following week. When I came back after a couple of days I was very horny and ready for action. I went from one end of Rue D'Aerschot to the other and looked at the ladies. I was very happy cuz there were a couple with whom I would like to get it on... I made my mind up and choose a nice brunnet with a body to kill for, she was EXTREMLY well-shaped, she had firm breat and dark long hair. I was so stunned by her good looks that I forgot to ask her name. She asked 40 euros for S&F, she seemed surprised that I was asking about things like if she was going to be fully naked, how much time and what positions, but I wanted to be on the safe side (rather then sorry) The bad thing was that there was no seperate room just a curtain separating us from the other girl (that was obviously having some fun with a customer) I had a nice session, it wasnt very long but quiet fun. She let me kiss her (not much of that in RLD) and play with her (no fingering though) then she sucked me (deep-throat) and I got to fuck her in 3 positions, her on top, missionary and doggy till the end. She was very nice, she cleaned me up, we both got dressed, she kissed me good-bye and off I went.

All in all I think it was a very good experiance, with a great girl... much better then the nummerous experiances that I had in Antwerpen.

C ya guys later, keep up the good work!

09-30-02, 15:02
Av. Louise is safe to meet some streetwalkers.
At the end of the week there are more girls than midweeks.
Most of them are former east-bloc girls. Some are realy 8-9, some are realy ugly dogs. One french girl is a real hottie. Her cell phone number is 0495/61.13.05.
The girls take you to a nearby hotel. The price is 28 eur.
Most of the girls ask 75 eur for 1/2 hour.
The atmosphere is more relax than in the RLD of Gare du Nord.
Rue d'Aerschot is more agressive and unsafe to my opinion.
The rooms are dirty and cold. There are no beds but only couches.
And the girls want you to get out asap.

10-28-02, 19:12
There are quite a few young pretty even gorgeous girls on the RLD near the north station.Please pay more attention on the street on weekends because the quality is the best that time.
The koning albertlaan in the nights really stand about 10-15 girls including morrocan girlsand turkish girls recently.Some are really sexy!

10-29-02, 18:32
I live in brussels.So i know some first-hand information about the RLD and the street scene on the koning albertlaan and avenue louise.If you also have some interesting information about that and some great experiences, please contact me at jfleshhunter@yahoo.com.


11-29-02, 15:24
Hi there !

My business meeting in Brussels finished earlier than expected,
so I had some hours before catching my flight.

I went to Rue D'Aerschot in the early afternoon, it takes only twenty minutes by train from the Airport ;
there were some young, good looking chicks.

I chose a slim, blonde, Belgian one : I have payed EUR 100.00
for 50 minutes of good sex.

She was so sweet and really wanted to please me, so I had
handjob, blowjob, I finger fucked her (Even in the ass!), then
I licked her pussy and she let me fuck her in several positions ;
I must say that the overall experience was great.

The only downside is that the place is not comfortable at all :
there are couches and not beds and there is just a curtain separating you from your neighbours.....

Anyway, enjoy it while in Brussels...


12-05-02, 20:04
I will be in Brussels overnight from 17 - 18 December. Staying near the Airport. This will be my first trip there. If anyone can give me a heads up on any services available within reasonable distance to the airport I would appreciate it. I'm interested in incall type places more than the street scene.



12-11-02, 00:24
If you understand French, I would recommend that you go to this forum site: www.dialogueslib.com and then go to 'guide des bonnes addresses en Belgique'. You will maybe have some news there.

There a also site in dutch called www.hotspace.be. In this site you will have possibilities for incalls. Take your time to choose your girl because you will see a lot of girls by region and with different prices.

You can also try this site: http://www.lipsticksex.net, but the quality is lower to my point of view. The good thing about it is that you can read it in English.

I know also another site with other call girls. I just can't find the name right now.

12-17-02, 00:08
great job

you have found some terrific links


I believe I do a "travel" in belgium


Dick Fotta
02-04-03, 17:35
Rue D'aschot it's the best place in Belgium. A long street close to the Gare du Nord, 40 windows\girls for days, a lot of russians and from Poland, some fine belgians, few blacks, no asian and trans.. prices start to 30 euro(only pussy) to 40-50 for a good fuck..beware of the shitty arab teenager (immigrants)who can disturb you. Most part of they are drunk and completely idiot.

Don't go to the other neighbour streets, it's unsafe and the girls(women matures..) are horrible. Before to have sex, if the girl tell you:Gimme some euro (3-5) for the madame (the lady who control the window where you could fuck)you have to reply: Non, madame!and go out. Remember: you are here for fuck the young girl, not the old pimps. Ah, it's very rare to meet a girl who make anal, and all works with the condom. Personally, I fucked 7 times, and the average of the cost was 40 euro, and all the girls except one were blond russians (Good!).

04-11-03, 19:37
parallel to rue d'aerschot, on the other side of the railway station, is boulevard du roi albert ii, where streetwalkers are. on the east side, mainly from east europe, on the western side too, with some trans at the south end. quality and quantity have seriously gone down since police raided last january to pick illegals. price still around 50 eur (with or without hotel = 13 eur). after the south end of the boulevard, crossing the busy avenue, you will find another area with streetwalkers rep001tered around, and the hotels.

04-20-03, 10:20
I was in Brussels between Christmas & New Year and visited Rue D'Aerschot. The first thing that struck me was the standard of the women was very, very consistent - of all the ~50 window girls I saw, I couldn't spot one who was much more or less attractive than the next one- they were all around 7.5/10! The result of this was that I walked up & down the several blocks to the north of Gare Du Nord before I made up my mind (on a side note, as mentioned before, there were lots of arabic kids hanging around but they didn't seem to be causing much trouble from what I saw)

In the end, I settled on a slutty looking brunette in a shared window on a corner around halfway through the RLD, her name was Angelique IIRC. This being my first time in Brussels I didn't know what to expect, I speak Swedish & English and understand French reasonably but can only speak poorly, but from my experiences with the people of Brussels I assumed this wouldn't be a problem. How wrong I was! Angelique didn't speak english apart from "suck and fuck" which she claimed was 50EUR. I agreed and we went to a curtained off cubicle with a bed. When I went to give her the 50, she then said the room was an extra 20EUR. At this point I should have left but having wasted so much time choosing I just wanted to get it on. I handed over the cash and I undressed myself & Angelique. My simple attempts at complimenting her dress & figure didn't yield much response("j'aime votre vetementes" & "vous avez une forme tres beau" admittedly isnt all that poetic but hey, I tried!). She had nice large heavy breasts with shapely nipples & although she was a maybe little flabby she did have a nice curvy figure and a pretty face.

To be fair, she gave a decent blowjob but when we were getting round to the intercourse, she then asked for a further 20EUR if I wanted 2 positions. By now I'd already paid out 70EUR for half a BJ and absolutely no rapport with the girl whatsoever, but again I paid out, I fucked her missionary & then turned her over to finish off from behind, her sexy groaning in French was arousing but unfortunately in this position I got an overpowering stench of her sweat mixed with stale semen. Somehow I still managed to finish off, I really needed some fresh air & a cigarrette, we got dressed in an embarrassed silence.

I was annoyed about spending so much for a disappointing experience, especially about my own inability to negotiate or at least build a rapport because of the language barrier. I had originally planned on having two girls that night but after this I decided against it.

Looking back on it, I should never have kept paying out, but when you're horny you sometimes (always for me) do stupid things - c'est la vie.

04-20-03, 10:25
The following night (Friday) around 23.30 I explored Avenue Louise, from the Rue De La Toisson D'Or I didn't see any working girls around Place Stephanie and only one or two as I walked down on the east side of the road towards the Abbaye de la Cambre. By the time I turned back it was around midnight and more girls had come out/back near the rondpoint, there were two girls by the park there who caught my attention, one was tall & busty although not especially pretty the other was shorter and quite cute, both were in my favourite streetwalker clothes, very short skirt, stockings and high heels and I was very tempted but my experience the night before was still playing on my mind meant I didnt. Slightly further up the road I saw one lucky guy getting sucked off in a shop doorway. Going back to my hotel, a few more sexily dressed girls were around, I was very impressed with the quality of streetwalkers I saw, most where white and there were very few old hags. When I next visit I will definitely indulge.

A few other tips, as mentioned before www.dialogueslib.com is a useful forum, even if you dont speak french, it is ok if you use a translation tool like altavista's babelfish. From here I also learned that there are lots more girls near the rondpoint on the west side of the road.

I hope this is helpful, now I have a few questions:

Ranskalainen, I wish I had known about this Boulevard du Roi Albert II on the other side of the Gare du Nord from Rue D'Aerschot, are the streetgirls up there nice too?

Is it easy for someone who only speaks English to deal with the street hookers?

When I visit, I won't have a car, is it ok to have sex with the girls in side alleys or other discreet places(I enjoy this kind of sex :D) or must you use appartments/hotels (boring but safer)?

Thanks for all the help.

04-25-03, 18:53

In the Boulevard du Roi d'Albert II there are sometimes a lot of girls, almost always non Belgian young girls from Russia, Bulgaria, Albania and other countries. Some of them speak English. Take your time to choose one, don't rush ;)

Avoid to have sex in the streets. It is not easy to find a discreet place. There are a lot of police patrols lately and you can also get robbed. I know that it happens sometimes.

It is better to go there with a car. The girl will probably propose to go to "Studio2000" located in Van Gaver street. It is not very far. I think you have to pay about 13 euro (or 15 ?) for one or two hours. By the way you can find a few girls in that street too and in the rue des commerçants. If you want to know where are located these areas check www.mappy.be.

Enjoy your trip !

05-02-03, 16:52
Thanks for the info, I hope to visit again this summer and will certainly check this area out as well as Ave. Louise. I'll also try to take your advice about taking the girls back to a hotel although once the 'little head' starts doing the thinking there are no guarantees :))

Speaking of hotels, is it normally ok to take the street girls back to your hotel room. I've never done it because I worry the hotel doorstaff/reception may cause problems (esp because my tastes are towards the more indiscretely dressed ladies!) Is it necessary to tip perhaps?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

05-09-03, 22:06
Does someone Knows Samantha ?
I visited her website :


She looks nice (although you can't see her face). I send an e-mail and she answered nicely (price from 50 € four 30 mn), she said she does FK and BJ without condom (for 25 € extra). If someone has ever been with her I'd like to know if she's as good as she looks like.

Thanks guys. Have good fuck in Belgium !

05-13-03, 18:46
To BennyHill,

The summer is the best period in Brussels. There are a lot of young girls who come and if you are lucky you can get a good one for a cheap price of 25 euros.

I remember there was one hotel where you could bring a girl in your room without problem: it is called 'Formule1'. It is not very expensive I have been told. I do not think that their policy has changed ;) The problem is that it is very far from the action. I mean (again sorry), you need a car.

A few years ago there were cheap hotels in the neighbourhood but some of them are closed. The best advice I can give you is to ask the girl you want to fuck. A few of them can be very ressourceful for such tips...

TO Karesses,

I never tried Samantha. I read good posts about her in www.dialogueslib.com. Read my previous post about it. If you understand French this will be valuable to you.

05-15-03, 22:44
Thank you Findgirls.

This website in french is very good.

I read very good reports about Samantha (she's said to perform wonderful BJ without condom).

I'll try to spare money and meet her.

05-26-03, 10:20
Dear All,

Stayed at the Hampshire Inn, a former Best Western Hotel (3*). Cost Euro 85 per night + Euro 10 for breakfast. It's five minutes walk from Gard du Nord. Square Victoria Regina (Victoria Regina Plantsoen) 9, tel. +32 2 2190661.

Visited the RLD along the Boulevard Jacqmain on the ‘other’ side of the Gard du Nord. Around 30, young, good-looking girls of several nationalities (quite a number from S America) respectfully spaced at about 20 m intervals, some in groups of 2 or 3 on corners. They are street walkers for cars but approach pedestrians as well. They charge €50 a session + €13 for a hotel room nearby. I planned to take one back to my own room for an hour as it was so close by. I was asked €80-100 for an hour by several I approached.

There were also a group of four Africans at the beginning of the Rue d’Aerschot, the street where the girls are in windows and sex is on a couch. One of them was ravishing. I agreed €100 for an hour in my room. She escorted me to the nearest money automat arm-in-arm and even stood guard as I withdrew money (it was 00.30). I assumed this would be part of the hour but I was getting to know her so I wasn’t worried. Her name was Lydia, 21 from Sierra Leone and she spoke perfect English. Slim, 1m 65 and no more than 45 kg. A beautiful slim girl.

Back at the hotel I got the impression she didn’t have such luxury in her bedroom and she delighted in constantly changing the 32 channels of the TV.

Naked, she was even more beautiful than clothed and I didn’t know where to begin. After the sex, she got very comfortable. I asked her to stay the night and she said she would. I have to say I was a bit worried that I might wake up in the morning to find all my possessions gone. At three o’clock she was awakened by a male voice urging her to get back to work. I was actually a bit relieved. My attempts to have another bout of sex before she left failed but I had been lying cuddled up for an extra hour or so holding and caressing her left tit. She asked for no extra money so I had more than a full two hours and was not complaining.

I’ll be back in two more weeks……..

05-26-03, 10:27
Dear All,

There's a lot of info here about the RLD. Do any of you have experience with Private Establishments? Those places where you get to view the available girls and go to a room on the premises.

Thanks for any tips.....

06-11-03, 11:44
I am coming to Brussels. Are there any of the following within walking distance form the Sofitel Airport Hotel?
Strip Club
Street Walkers
Good Price Action

Thanks and I would be happy to return the favor if you travel to US or China.


06-11-03, 22:25
went to Ave Louise other night. Some great looking girls, and most were very pleasant too. Was offered:

150 E for 2 girl, 30/40 mins, in a hotel
100 E 1 girl same
50 E fuck/suck in car
30 E blow in car

Could not negotiate a lower price, so I took option C with a hot Armenian chick called Anna. She was great, enthusiastic and fun.

06-14-03, 22:55

Please tell me what hotel Sofitel?
Sofitel Airport or Sofitel Toison d`or?

I live in Brussels so no problem with the info you need.

06-18-03, 18:16
I am in the airport Sofitel,
Thank you for the help!

06-19-03, 10:41
Hi blnknamecruiser

You have some clubs in Zaventem (dutch speakers) but the best is to take the BUS 12 (airport line).
You go out in brussels and you can choose to go to Av.Louise (more expensive with some nice and good girls) or try to go to rue des commerçants or Bd du Roi Albert II street girls from all europe, cheap (good for BJ's with CIM/CIF) but the quality is less that in Av.Louise.

The Sofitel Toison D'or is near Av.Louise so its easier but is with you.

I hope this helps.

06-19-03, 14:32

Sofitel ToisonD'or is better it's in the city near Av. Louise.
From Zaventem the best way is to catch Bus 12 (airport line) and go to Avenue Louise, rue des commerçants or Bd du Roi Albert II.

In Avenue Louise you have less girls but better quality. Service is provided in the car or in the small hotels or if you have luck you can have a BJ in the garden.

Rue des commerçants or Bd du Roi Albert II is more or less the same street.

Rue des commerçants is used in the day and the Bd du Roi Albert II is a street with some important companies/political affairs so the action start near 19h.

Lots of girls from all europe/africa be careful with trans.

Here the prices are lower but you can have almost everything.
BJ's with CIM or CIF is not a problem.

Good luck

06-22-03, 10:14
Thank you for the info.
I walked to Ave Louise from the Central Train Station. Then I walked the entire Ave Louise from begining to end. Then upon my return walk I finally found 1 girl. She was former Amsterdam hooker and we walked to a garage and did it there. She said her normal prices are 25 for BJ and 30 for FS.

I think I will try to look atn Rue des commerçants today.
I cannot find Bd du Roi Albert II on my map so I may skip looking for it.

Thank you for the help!

06-22-03, 10:16
Can anyone tell me if there is any action in the city Knokke at the seacoast?


06-23-03, 10:33
Dear Blnknamecruiser,

Believe me, the King Albert II street is well worth finding and visiting. On older maps it's called the Jacqmain street. Its just two blocks behind the station Brussels North (on the other side of the D'Aerschot street - the one with the girls in the windows). You can see the Belgacom and WTC buildings from the entrance.

There are usually up to 40 girls from 20-35, most at the younger end, from East Europe and South America. Far more women than punters so a good choice available at reasonable prices. Even a couple of she-males...

Happy hunting...

06-26-03, 15:02
thank you for telling me. Is this located near the North Train Station? If I am at hotel by the airport shall I take he train to north station, then exit and tell a taxi to take me to this street?
Thank you

06-26-03, 23:29

just go to www.map24.com and type in King Albert II in brussel and you wwill get a plan where the street is. Its only two blocks from the north station so no need to take a taxi.

Peter Alan
07-09-03, 08:50
Dear All,

Does anyone have any recommendations of girls who will visit hotels in Brussels? I've looked around many of the websites (and I have to admit I'm very taken by http://www.julianaescort.com) but personal advice would be appreciated


Any Lady
07-11-03, 13:49
Hi Everyone,

First contribution from a 29 yo French guy to The Forum.
I want to share with you my recent discovery, thanks to the Net, of the 'sex scene' here in Brussels.
Indeed, I discovered the regular organisation of gang bang, open to anyone as long as you register in advance, and behave as a gentleman.

I participated in two of them last 2 months and I must say it was great each time. Lots of fun, very good atmosphere...

Considering the 'participation fee' (100 euros), taking into account the - hot & active - presence of 2 to 3 women (or sometimes even more, with the possible participation of one or two couples, as it happened at my first GB) for several hours, I must say it is really worth it. That includes as well refreshments and snacks to keep up with the pace.

I would say it is even better than the FKK in Germany.

Have a look yourself at the following websites, containing very explicit pictures (I am among some of them :) ); you need to register and then understand a minimum French.


My first experience. Always in different location. Sometimes Cathy organises bisex parties. Very gentle and easy going girl, no tabous at all. Must say that pics are usually taken; up to you to inform her that you do not wish to be on them; in any case, you re made unrecognisable on them once on the website.

http://groups.msn.com/shinyCrystal (my favorite ; my second experience. Usually 3 girls, a real hot team of beauties (1 is her late twenties, one in the mid thirties and the Queen -Shiny- in her late thirties or early forthies, very well preserved. See yourself. I ll go back; next one and unfortunately the last one will take place on the 15th of july.


Any lady

Darren Roberts
07-15-03, 23:25
Rue d’Aerschot, No 154. Can have two girl sex for between 80-100 Euros. The girls moan like they are coming (probably faking) but good anyway.

One girl I like at the adress is "Eve" and I always use her. She is very nice to me-compared to the other girls in the other windows. Lets me take my time. Maybe cause I'm a regular?

I would recomend Eve - she is from Chech republic

08-04-03, 21:35
Reply to BennyHill (message posted on April 20,2003): sorry for the delay in replying.

Boulevard du Roi Albert II: are the streetgirls up there nice too?

1. At my last visit, I could just find one, I will report when I have a further chance to pay a visit to the place (I do not live in Brussels).

2. But before, they used to be the usual mix from Eastern countries; you like or you don't, but for the price, they are ok.

Is it easy for someone who only speaks English to deal with the street hookers?

Yes, many of these girls speak better English than French (OK, that's not a guarantee they speak good English...). My best experience was with a Turkish / Bulgarian who spoke neither French nor English (she's gone, I wish I knew where to).

When I visit, I won't have a car, is it ok to have sex with the girls in side alleys or other discreet places(I enjoy this kind of sex) or must you use appartments/hotels (boring but safer)?

The area is rather well lit, with few places to hide. Further, police is often around. Without a car, I would go to a nearby hotel (13EUR, that's not too much). Admittedly, I have never asked a girl if she knew a place (last time I did, it was in Paris, and she replied something like "too bad for you if you do not have a car").


08-14-03, 05:15
Hello guys,

Here’s my first contribution to WSG :-)

I was in Brussels in the last few days and tried my luck with the street scene. Sunday night, I started walking about Av. Louise at about midnight. I saw a few girls, but nothing quite interesting. It seems that the East side is populated more with Africans, and the West side with white girls. I probably saw about 5 girls in total over a good kilometre stretch of road. So, not too busy. The girls are all looking at the cars passing by, and since I didn’t have one, I didn’t attract much attention. As it started to be late, I retired for the night.

The next day I started the same tour a tad earlier. More girls where visible this time, but nothing dense (10 girls at the most). Most girls seemed a little ‘tired’ probably from having spent too many years on the job. One from Liberia hailed me up as I was passing by, and tried her luck with me. She was ok (about a 6) but I didn’t care too much, so I didn’t inquire about prices.

I then got into a cab, and was dropped close to the ‘Gare du Nord’ (about 2-3 block East from the King Albert II street and south of the station). From there I proceeded to walk towards KA II st. The whole area was very dense with action, it seemed that every street was busy. I saw at least 50 girls around of all body type, and all where either from Africa or South America. I got hailed a few times, and more than once by voices that where not too feminine so I suppose that there were quite a few she-males lurking about.

Finally I came across 2 girls talking to 2 guys. As a got closer, one of them wicked at me, so I wicked back. Immediately she dropped the guy she was talking to and went to me. The other couple left, and the guy just disappeared without looking back. Suzy was from some African country, 24y, petite, with an ok face, a nice body, and great ass (slim and bubbly). We agreed on 50E for FS and proceeded to a small pension where I had to pay the room 13.25E (no mention of time).

We got naked, started teasing, and then she asked for 50E more for the hour. So I asked what did the first 50E got me? 20-25min was the reply. Oh well, fair enough I hadn’t asked, so I paid up the rest. The rest was quite pleasant. I sweet-talked her while tit-fucking her into giving me a BBBJ (she said that she had never given one to anybody before). As for positions, she gave me the impression that she only does missionary usually, but at that point she was quite wet and let me do her doggy, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl (what a view!) and missionary. CIM was not possible, as she said she would only do it for her husband to be.

After we were done, she told me that her sister was in the hobby but retired after marrying one of her customer. To which I asked her if she planned the same for herself. With a smile she said: “wouldn’t any girls?” As she insisted on giving me her mobile number, even though I told her that I did not live in Belgium, I got the strong impression that she viewed me as a possible candidate.

It was a pretty good and friendly experience.

08-17-03, 14:43
Sorry for the question - I usually try to post experiences, but I've never been to Belgium.

Some time back when preparing for a trip to Brussels that dematerialized, I'd found references to http://www.appelmoi.be

Sounded good, but now their website is gone. Anyone know of similar clubs? Or of callgirl services with reasonable gals that won't break the bank. I'm used to mongering in Hong Kong & China at bargain prices for a westerner.

I've taken note of references to Rue d’Aerschot, Bd du Roi Albert II & Gare du Nord and will scope out accordingly. Would appreciate other advice re: clubs and callgirls.

08-19-03, 08:57
Good callgirls in Belgium are hard to find and very expensive. But you can your luck and have a look at www.declic.org

But if you're looking for just one hour of fun better you go to Rude d'Aerschot (Brussels) or Schipperskwartier (Antwerpen). But again at least it will cost you around 150 €.

08-19-03, 22:04

There a few tips you can read in this forum about clubs and callgirsl. I know an escort service in Brussels with Polish girls between 20 and 25 years, really nice bodies and they looked like girl friends. The quality is good and sometimes you can find one who does everything. They kisss, do BBBJ (few refuses), CIM (sometimes), you can fuck in different positions. If you are lucky, you can fuck a girl in the ass without extra cost. I had sex with 9 girls so far since last year and I was never really disappointed after the act. They don't speak French, only (broken) English, Polish. I met even a blonde who spoke German too. I don't. That girl was a 9 and she was smiling all the time ! I never saw her again. :(

The girls advertise in La 'Dernière Heure', a newspaper in French. Their mobile phone is 0485/995757 in Belgium/Brussels. A woman picks up the phone and tells you which girls are available and gives you a description of her. I usually speak to that women in French. I don't know if she understands English though. Watch out about their phone number it changes from time to time ! If someone reads this post after 6 month, this phone will probably not be the same anymore. Don't say I didn't warn you !

They ask 150 euro for one hour. They can go to your hotel.

Of course, there are other callgirls from other agency in Brussels or working private. Just read the latest posts here. See also general info. You can find there other tips.

Darren Roberts
09-17-03, 08:41
Hi. I was in Brussels again last week and walked down the road next to the noth station to find my favourite girl (previous report posted).

On the way I was "accosted" by a colour girl offering sex-she seemed nice and friendly. So after I had seen my regular girl and was going back to hotel I saw this girl again and decided to try her.

I took her back to the hotel - BUT once we were in the room, she was very disenterested, bored, showed she did not like the job and was - well lets say I was happy to see her go.

So despite the "promises" and "allure" on the street from thiss black girls - be wary that they may not deliver in the room.

09-19-03, 14:21
In Brussels at the moment

Went to Rue d'Arschot yesterda afternoon approx 3pm.

There's a lot of roadworks going on outside which is rather annoying but a little further down saw Nara (sp?) at Le Berry.

Tall,nicely enhanced blonde. 40Eu + 10 for choice of positions. No hint of asking for extra and provided a very friendly service.

There are quite a few dqmn nice-looking girls down that street. Compared well with Amsterdam I thought

RM Sexy
12-26-03, 12:15

I am visiting Brussels in Jan 04. Does any one has any info on the night life in Brussels? I am not into window thing cause I had a bad experiance near North Station in Nov 03. If any one has info on private houses, please let me know.

Joe Howard
01-19-04, 17:07
I will be in Brussels soon for work and I am not as comfortable with the thought of relying on the street action - I would much rather have company come to my hotel.

There are two web sites I have found that are interesting, and would love to get some feedback (I live in Washington DC and would be happy to share info on DC in exchange!):

1. I know that Samantha has some good reviews:
if anyone has any details to share, that would be great.

2. Is anyone familiar with this agency:
Jessie and Wanti look great, but I wanted to get more info on the quality of their services.

Thanks for any help! - JH

02-06-04, 22:05
A few more details about the area "Boulevard du Roi Albert II":

- starting with the boulevard itself, you have to wait quite late before seeing any substantial amount of girls;

- walking towards the city centre, turn right: there used to be a dozen of girls waiting around the bus stops on boulevard Baudoin/boulevard d'Anvers (it has a different name on both sides); I haven't seen them lately.

- turn left at the traffic lights, this is rue de Laeken: again, some girls waiting at the bus stops.

- turn right into the second street, quai au Foin (just before a big old building presently under repair): a few girls at the corner 50 EUR (+ hotel 13 EUR): had Lorena (6) one afternoon (she told me from 12 to 5 or so), for good sex with wet kissing; Monika (7) one evening, a pregnant Polish girl, less enthusastic but also wet kissing.

- turn right again into rue Van Gaver, also a few girls in front of the hotels.

By car, it is a bit more difficult: at the end of the latter street, you must turn left, then right (sometimes the odd girl there), then right again to be back at the traffic lights mentioned above.

Good luck.

Puntang Pilot
02-07-04, 06:41
nicely documented intl report,



here is my intl report from the lovely city of brussels:

rue d'aerschot (by the gare du nord )north train station:

afternoon encounter:

after doing the mandatory stroll up this avenue next to the north train station, i spied a delightful young thing named 'krasi' from bulgaria. she was 19 yrs old and said she was just 5 days young to the scene. to describe her i would say she was petite, about 5'1"=5'2" tall, a-cup, tanned, olive skinned, wearing knee high boots and a bikini, with shoulder length black hair. she said she was bulgarian and her command of english was good. she had a tattoo on her right buttocks. if she weighed 100# dripping wet that was alot! i've been to many of the major western european cities and i must admit that the attitude alone of these brussels window girls is tremendous! i gave her a 50e note and she said she would return with change. she handed me a 10e note and we got down to business. now what struck me different about bru vs. ams and the like is the way the kamers/rooms were set up and the general attitude as well. these fine young girls work in teams and share a room. the rooms are divided by a heavy red drape in between. while i was in the back with my fine young bulgarian, her flatmate was in the window trying to draw in some business. this varies greatly from the windows in ams and it must cut down on the average daily cost of paying for such a kamer.

i've been to ams many times and in the main rld, the 1 on 1 kamer is the norm.

getting back to my own personal experiences with this fine young hardbody from bulgaria, she was incredibly cordial and friendly and came back to me with change of my 50e note. total cost was 40e and well worth it! she was the type of girl only youth or a hard workout of figure staking or the like would justify! you could bounce a coin off of this girl's ass! she started off with a cbj which was sweet, considering her tongue stud piercing, which felt like a 220 volt stud! shame about the cover bj, as this author would've thoroughly enjoyed some bbbj from this lovely young lady. there was no faking of the bj from her and after several minutes of such behavior, she suggested a position change.

we graduated to the classical missionary position. what struck this author funny was the atmosphere and music. as he was trying to concentrate on the subject at hand and the background music, he couldn't help but to get caught up in the moment and start singing to himself and he stroked along, "everybody dance now!..." what a great tune to find yourself pumping to!

they say that sexual expression is vertical movement translated into a horizontal movement!"

i must say that i thoroughly and utterly enjoyed the experience with 'krasi' at #182 rue d'aerschot. she is a kind and beautiful flower and must be treated as such. my thanks to finding such a diamond in the rough. and now to my findings by night.

#2. after dinner sweets

same street car, same desire genltemen!

rue d'aerschot after dark:

i found myself on the same exact street but a few hours later.

here are my thoughts and experiences:

round #2 afer dinner:

Puntang Pilot
02-07-04, 07:04
Round #2 continues:

I found myself in the same neigborhood as before but a few hours later. Same street/Rue (D'Aerschot):

I spied a young hardbody named Mya who hails from Athens, Greece at # 154 Rue D'Aerschot. First impressions, she is wearing the sunglasses that Bono of U2 fame or Ali G of MTV is wearing!

What a sight! Mya is this petite hardbody with these glasses on and doing her own little bee-bop dance in her window while wearing the standard bikini/boots combo! Mya is the penultimate window girl! Boots AND a bikini AND a very tight little body to boot! Plus she is incredibly flirtacious with passersby! The combo is just unstoppable! This author is compelled to stop and make time with her.

Another thing that makes its mark on this author is the differences between BRU windows vs. AMS Windows!

The quality and pricing is may better here!

AMS windows/kamers is more like a 1:1 competition whereas in BRU it is a Euro value vs. privacy issue. I saw some kamers with as may as four young hot girls per window vs. one a 1 V 1 ratio in AMS! Viva la revulucion! Change sometimes is better!

Sorry Gentlemen, but getting back to Mya, she provided a wonderful CBJ while facing this author, her skin was incredibly smooth and perfect w/o a blemish, and she finished w/ the traditional missionary position. She has a Scorpion tattoo on the small of her back ( cum pond) and she is a great sport! All I can say is that Mya is a great sport and a true gift to our forum.

My general overview of the RLD in BRU is as follows:

The area by the Gare Du Nord on Rue D-Aerschot:

Mostly by age follows: 19-25 yrs old and GOOD looking!

Some of the girls are distracted by the typical Mobile phone, cigarette, and pimp distraction. I must say that 95% of the girls were incredibly beautiful and the remaining 5% fell into the category of smokers and tapping on glass girls.

Puntang Pilot
02-07-04, 07:15
Final note,

After having travelled to BRU, AMS, and CDG and such:


I have to admit that my experiences in BRU were superb and compared with the other major European cities, believe it or not, I had the absolute time of my life in Brussels!
The RLD by the Gare du Nord is superb in my estimation.

I've been to the RLDs in AMS and other major European cities and BRU's just doesn't compare! As an American travelling in Europe, I know how and when to spend my dollars.

I can honestly say that the outlay of 40E($52US) is a reasonable price for a session with these fine young girls, personal discretion is advised.

Yours is for the taking!

02-18-04, 15:31
Hello everyone,

Thinking it is a real shame that the forum for the "Capital of Europe" is so quiet, I deciden to share an experience I had recently in Brussels.

The name of the place is Club Val D'amour, located at 11 rue de la Fourche. So, what does address it mean in English? It is quite simple: You are standing in the Grand Place, facing towards the Museum building. Walk through the narrow street on the left side of the Museum ( left when you are facing it ), then turn first left, and then either first or second narrow street on the right is Rue de La Fourche. The club is located some 20m away on the street, on the right handside.

By the way, their web site is http://www.valdamour.be, totally in French. Look at the photos to get the idea of the interior, I am not going to describe it here. All I can say is it is clean and there are beds and corners for both intimate and public view. Note that "intimate" does not mean "isolated".

How I came accross the place is totally by luck, while I was wandering around in the town after having eaten my dinner and looking for a place to find some action. Well, it wasn't bad after all what I got.

It was around 10PM on a thursday evening when I was at the door, the place had been open for about an hour then. On the door was a note reading "limited entry for the single men", so I decided to try it before they won't let any more single guys in. I rang the bell and there opened a nice looking lady, at her early 30's. The body was extremely nice, I mean it, and the face was cute. The breasts were silicon, though. Let's call her No:1. She was speaking kindly, when I asked "are you accepting single men this evening?". She replied "yes, and actually it is a special night tonight - gangbang night". I had never seen a gangbang action live before so this geve me enough kicks to enter. The price for single men is 80€ admission fee plus 20€ membership fee, all inclusive (i.e. drinks and all-you-go). Membership fee is good for one year. What bugged me a little was that she had to take my passport and put my name and passport no on a "members book". Well, anyway I am not thinking of being a politician so who cares :).

That I stepped in, where I was given a key for lockers and shown the way to upstairs where the lockers are. You are expected to come back in the room wearing only underwear. So did I. There were two men plus myself, the bartender, and No:1. The thing is that the bartender and this lady had just taken the ownership of theplace so they were very friendly and positive.

Very soon after I stepped in came a young couple. The woman was gorgeous. However she gave me the impression that she is actually a semi-pro working there. She was young, beautiful and had a nice body ( here silicons talk again also :)). Let's call her No:2.

Soon after one american couple came in their early 50's. They were actually regulars there. After them three more guys came in and that was before the actions started.

Me and the American couple were the only English speakers ( or non-French speakers ) but most everyone spoke English.

We werechatting from this and that when No:1 approached me by the bar and started caressing me. This was exciting because I was going to be the first one in the evening to start the action. I started caressing her also. She was already with underwear and after some playing she took my hand to the bed, made me sit on the bed, took off my boxers and started a CBJ. (By the way everything was covered, and both No:1 and No:2 allowed DATY.). Anyway, while she was CBJ'ing me,one guy approached her from behind and started rubbing her dick ( in underwear) to her butt. She then left me, turned around and pulled her to my side and started CBJ to both of us one by one. Then the guy started DATY while she was lying on her back, and sucking my penis.

After he made her ready, I took his place and fucked her till come. In the mean time she was moaning and giving CBJ to the guy.

It was very interesting as you see the other people watching you. My first experience.

Then some other guys did a foursome with No:2. My impression was that No:1 and No:2 were making sure that everyone gets laid at least once.

The American woman got fucked by an elderly British guy, in a more intimate bed, but I didn't watch them.

After some more of watching and drinking, the clock hit midnight. I'd like to stay longer but I was tired from the day and had to get up early the next day. So I left.

Overall it was a pleasant evening. The staff were friendly and I can say that I got much more than the €100 total I paid. All those drinks and a nice fuck won't cost cheaper anywhere else. If I had more energy I could have fucked the No:2 as well. Good deal!

Cream on Top
03-09-04, 18:54
Affirmative RDL in Brussels is Rue d'Aerschot (in French) and Aarschotstraat (in Dutch)

You have to be lucky there. Lots of rip offs possible. Price rangings are 50 € for a quick fuck. In and out in close to 20 minutes. Sometimes you will be pushed for more cash. It all depends if you are lucky in your choice of window *****.

Rue Linne (in French) and Linnestraat (in Dutch) also have another variety of window prostitutes.

But in this street those fan of BIG woman will find their choice. Most are Big and not only big of cup size, but Big everywhere.

Some of these big are worth to bang 'em. As they dont see a lot of customers they sometimes are in for this "little" more a man likes. And usually they cum quiet good as well.

Anyway this is a matter of taste. So up to you guys.

03-09-04, 20:36
I'll be visiting Brussels and Antwerp soon. I will be browsing the window areas in the two cities. I'm looking for a "porn star" experience. What are my chances of finding a large silicone-breasted porn queen lookalike who will let me come on her tits? If so, how much might this service cost me?

03-10-04, 02:08
Sounds too good to br true. Nevertheless, will give it a try.


03-18-04, 17:39
Just returned from a business trip to Brussels and just out of curiosity I stopped by the RLD by the North train station to check things out. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!! The women in this place seem to have the worst attitude of any RLD I have ever visited. Even Frankfurt is better.

All the girls I talked to were very blunt about letting me know that for 40 to 50 Euros I could have sex with them, but I definitely would not be enjoying it. When I asked one how much time I got for my 50 Euros, she told me 10 minutes!! When I asked for more time for more money she simply said "No, I only do 10 minutes for 50 Euros". Most places the girls offer you at least 15 to 20 minutes. When I asked another girl how much extra it would cost if I wanted to "enjoy" myself she stated it would cost 25 Euros extra for multiple positions, 10 extra for covered oral and for a half hour all inclusive it would cost 125. For 125 Euros I could have called an escort and not had to leave my hotel.

I did enjoy walking around window-shopping. Most of the girls very fairly attractive (7-8) but in the end I hoped back on the train and headed back to my hotel without satisfaction.


03-18-04, 20:33
Sad to hear this, Trojan. I am going to Brussels soon.

What time of day is this?

I usually go in the afternoons, if I can, to get better value for money.

I also find that the older or less glamorous ladies can give a better time, for less money!


Otter Trax
03-19-04, 01:03
Hello Trojan,

Thanks for posting the info on Gare du Nord. I am coming to Brussels next month. I was there last year. I only window shopped because there wasnt much of a selection. The girls seemed kinda skanky to me but it was early in the day.

Perhaps the lookers are out in the evening hours.

Do you converse in French or Dutch? I can t promise I will sample the providers if your depicition is accurate. Belgium has a bad rep. I will post what I observe tho.



03-22-04, 08:41

I know from my various trips to Brussels that in the RLD girls stay in the windows from 6 to 6. So if you go at 5.30 pm you can see the change: new girls are coming, entering and getting (un)dressed. It is nice and you can have an overview on almost all the girls.

It is true that most of they time they rush but if you catch one that is at the end of the day she can be a bit more friendly. I had some very good deal in this way.

Good hunt!

French Musicia
03-22-04, 16:50
Just got back from Brussels and thought I would relay my experience and thoughts of RLD at the Gare du Nord. I only visited there once and it was about 10:a.m. and was surprised to find that many ladies were at work, though not all windows were occupied, but still enough to make the walk interesting. Most were not my type but there were definitely a few real lookers that didn't have that harsh look to them. I ended up succumbing to the smiles of this cute thing from Bulgaria. She was just my type, petite, cute as hell, and perfect b cups. She didn't speak hardly any english or french which are my only two real languges i can communicate in but we of course managed to figure out the details. Oh if she had been more of a gfe type! Probably wasn't in there more than 15 minutes, cost 50 euros. kind of lacklustre covered BJ followed by two positions. Fortunately since she was so cute and had such perfect she turned me on anyways and i don't really regret the experience. I could only dream of how great it could have been with a slight attitude adjustment on her part. All I can say, that the Rld is probably worth a look and maybe you will get luckier than me!

Peter Alan
03-24-04, 14:10
Dear All, I'd like to know if anyone who lives in. or visits, Brussels has any experiences to report about:


? (I think it used to be known as fleurs de shanghai). I prefer this type of operation to the window girls, but I've had at least one bad experience in Brussels of this sort of service.

Many thanks


Darren Roberts
03-24-04, 18:39
Gare du Nord area go to 194 it is far away but the two girls (from 6pm to 6am) qre very good. Maria is particularly nice a friend of Eva (see previous reports) who has gone back to Greece.

Good bj ticling dick with tongue and moans like she is really cumming when fucking. Very sensuql massage while doing bj.

From 6 AM TO -6 pm they hqve older women there and I would avoid.

Best time to go as it is less hurried is about 3 am. At 10 pm they have to clock watch;

03-25-04, 17:55
>>>Dear All, I'd like to know if anyone who lives in. or visits, Brussels has any experiences to report >>>about:


I have never been to this place but based on the website it looks promising.

Here is a little info I was able to translate off of their website:

1. They do not accept credit cards.

2. They do not do anal.

3. They do not do CIM.

4. All sexual contact is with a condom (No BBBJ).

If anyone gets a chance to check this place out, please post a report. I have been looking for a good place to play when I visit Brussels and have been unsuccessful so far.


03-25-04, 18:10
Here is a translation of of an email I just got from SENSASIAN in response to my inquiry:

First of all thank you for your mail.

We propose a basic service of 1/2 hour including/understanding the
erotic massages (hand and stops) and the relation always intimates
with the port of the condom. We practise neither sodomy nor facial

The whole is with EUR100.

We do not accept the credit cards and the cheques.

If you wish to remain more time with one among us, it is necessary
individually to count EUR200 for 1 a.m. and EUR100 by 1/2 overtime.

We receive on our premises WITH or WITHOUT go of 9h to 20h Monday to
Friday. And up to 9 p.m. only on go. We are closed saturdays, Sunday
as well as the public holidays.

Our apartment is located at the 1066 of the roadway from Leuwen in
Brussels (Evere). It is with the fifth fires starting from the Meiser
Place towards Evere, just with some steps before the garage Mercedes

Intimacy and discretion are respected on our premises.

For displacements, we carry out them only with the hotel (minimum ***)
on Brussels 7 days a week.

This service is with EUR250 per hour (1 hour minimum)

It is necessary in this case to fix appointment by mall or
telephone at least 36 hours in advance.

I hope to have answered all your waitings. However if you wish to have
other information, do not hesitate especially to ask me your questions
by mail or telephone.

03-30-04, 19:26
I will be visiting Brussels and Antwerp next week. I am looking for ladies who I can visit in their apartment. Preferably centrally located or on the Metro line.

I want a quick S & F service, with BBBJ, 100Euros for half an hour. To get in this price range, I am happy to visit mature ladies (30 - 40) also semi-pro, housewifes.

Can anyone recommend phone numbers I can call, or listings magazines that have "low cost" housewifes and semi-pros?

Thank you all.


Peter Alan
04-07-04, 16:30
I managed to visit Sensasian last week (see question below) and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to those who are not too fond of the window scene.

The entrance to the flat is on a main road in a safe area of Brussels. It is an area, however, without many passing pedestrians, so is relatively discreet. It's a ten or fifteen minute taxi ride from the centre.

The costs are as detailed below - I paid 200 euro for an hour with Gyn Seng. I won't try to decribe the experience, mostly because you'd find my attempts at erotic writing hilarious. What stays in my mind is that, when she was with me, she managed to give the impression that I was the most important thing that had happened in her life... Of course I was more than willing to pretend this was true.

If any of the others of you visit I'd be interested to know your experiences. I'll certainly be back.


EDITOR's NOTE: This report was reformatted to remove extraneous indents and word wraps.

04-09-04, 09:40
I have just qrrived in Brussels.

I walked along Rue d Aerschot last night near the Nord station.

Most of the windows had small bars inside and drinks prices on display (champagne 75Euros).

I did not go in as I do not want a drinks scam. Anyone here been in the small bars?
Any normal "Amsterdam" type windows near the Gare du Nord with no drinks?


04-17-04, 15:57

I suspect that the existence of liquor signs on many of these places is a legal dodge so they have some sort of "legitimate" reason for being open for business. I've never heard of a champagne scam on Rue d'Aerschot.

Just negotiate carefully for what you want. The "scam" comes when they ask for more money to take off the top, turn over, et cetera.

Some of them, such as Three Mousqueteers, actually are bars in the daytime and window girl shops at night.

04-17-04, 16:12
I was wary about being stung for champagne at 75E, so I tried some less glamorous cheaper ladies on Linnenstraat.

However, as you say, I think the bar price lists and small bar areas are just put there so the place is "legal".


04-20-04, 19:02
I have just been visiting Brussels for some time and have mostly good things to say. To connect to the last couple of messages the signs for various drinks do not mean anything at all. I presume they are just there to make things look legal.

So over to the report. As I am new here I don't really know whether there are any standard ways of reporting here, so I'll do it my way.

I have been strolling down the Aerschot street a couple of times just to check out what is on offer. I think in general the girls are really nice looking. Obviously a lot of them are from EAstern Europe, but that is perfectly ok with me since they are damn good looking. Afte a while I got interested by a nice slim girl in red hair. It was in a place called "Bar Eden". I bargained a while with the girl but 50 € is apparently the cheapest you get for suck and fuck. The girl is called Marie and claims that she is from Italy, however I doubt that. She had an accent from which I concluded that she must be from Eastern European country, which one I didn't figure out yet. Once in her room she started to undress me and being really enthsiastic she started rubbing her ass against my underwear. Very nice so far! Then she took off the final things and started putting on the condom. Still standing up she fell on her knees and started sucking my dick. She gave me a very spirited blow job until pushing me onto the bed and aksing me to fuck her. She really enjoyed taking it the missionary, but I wanted something more so I turned her over to take her doggy style. She almost immediately started moaning and scratching the walls with her nails while screaming for more. I was absolutely surprised but of course anjoyed it. She loved taking it that way and started screaming for me to come inside her which of course I couldn't resist after a while. All in all a very enjoyable experience. I have since seen her a couple more times and every time it is getting better. She is very much into various positions and generally love every position which is from behind. Last time she took it standing against a chair with her knee on top of it. Very highly recommended!

I have since seen a couple of other girls, but I'll write some more about them once I have more time.

04-21-04, 07:47
I have noticed that often times in Belgium they claim to be Italian. Most of the times they are from Albania and speak quite a good Italian. They could cheat a foreigner who speaks a bit of Italian but they cannot cheat an Italian!! They are generally quite nice and friendly as well.

Oosten Wind
04-23-04, 10:20
Some advise for mongering in the region I live.

Try to avoid SW near Railway station North. A lot of illegual East European girls, and ... South American travestites. Avenue Louise is better, but even so, try out private places. A lot better, safer, cleaner and cheaper. You find my top 3 here-under.

Regarding the red-liht zone rue D'Aarschot. Quite OK, but no pleasure, business against money.

My favorite private place:

’Boite à surprises’,
Overwinningsstraat 109 , 1060 BRUSSELS
This is near ‘Porte de Halle’ South of Brussels.
± 20 minutes walking from South (Midi) railway station.
Tel +32 477 188080
Weekdays + Saturday from 10u30 till 19u00.
Price 80€ FS, 100€ for 2 girls.
Several girls, usually staying for 4-5 months.

Second best private place:

Boulevard E.Machtens 126
This is South-West area of Brussels.
Difficult to reach by public transportation.
Phone 02/4107733
Days 7/7 from 10-24h
FS + Shower 100€
Several girls, usually staying for 4-5 months.
They also provide call girl service, and I am quite sure they speak English.

If you like an older girl:

Marion, phone +32 47895 0302
± 45 yo, former model.
I will not post her adress, but located South center of Brussels.
FS 80€ expert in BJ.

04-24-04, 09:04
oost wind,

This is the kind of info we are all looking for. Unfortunately I travel to Brux mostly for work, so I do not have the time to go to your first-choice place. I think I will try teh call girls of the second place. Are they nice? can you recommend anyone (or any service) special? what are the prices?

Tot ziens

04-24-04, 09:07
I have been a few time in the area south west of Gare du Nord. It is close to the Sheraton Tower. I find it quite nice. Most of the times I just go around for a walk and have a look at what happens. Sometimes I have found very beautiful girls that gave me very good pleasures. I would encourage all of you to have a wak around there and see for yourself.

Mike Peters
04-30-04, 21:46

This is my first post on the boards.

I visiting Brussells this week walked along Rue D'Aarscot and there were some very pretty girls there.

The rate semed to be 40euro to 50 euro each.

I turned left at the south end just past the sex shops. There a lot of mature ladies here which I do like and quite a few coloured ladies.

The last time i visited one here she was a black BBW for 25 euro.
She was not very enthusiastic giving a BJ and then just lay down for FS no movement at all. So I asked her for a hand job and left she was back in the window before I left the room.

There was nothing I fancied on the night so I left it.

On the way home I walked down Albert 11 there were few tv's out and a few young black girls at the end.

So i'm on the move to see what else i can find.

Kris Kras
05-04-04, 00:05
If you visit Brussels, pass by the rue d' Aerschot near the North Station at number 172. You will find the biggest tits in town and far surroundings! The lady -Laura is the name- is an Eastern European slim girl with cup F !!!! natural ! melons. She is reckoning in her window every night, with her tits bulging out of her much too small bra. 50 euro for suck , fuck and play with her two ten pounders. Have fun.

Oosten Wind
05-05-04, 15:47
2 good websites:

In French: http://www.petitesannonces.be/

In Dutch: http://www.advalvas.be/bargains/default.asp?cc=Home&lang=nl

On both, look under contact

05-09-04, 22:37
Recently was in the area Bd Roi AlbertII for a few visits. The area is mostly deserted (compared to what it was!). At most a handful of SW, including TS. It looks like the police has cleaned the area (see my previous messages).

The same applies to the bus stops on the "small ring" next to the beginning of Bd Roi AlbertII. Hardly one or two providers waiting.

The area around Rue Van Gaver however (where two hotels are located) remains active. On my last visit, picked up a stunning (worth a 9) tall Romanian girl (actually Tzigan, she later told me, also telling me she was 19 and already divorced with a kid) after circling for more than one hour. She asked only 25 EUR (+12 for the hotel), refused to enter my car and walked to the hotel whilst I parked there. Admittedly, it was difficult to talk with her: French did not do it, neither did German, but I managed with English (and of course thanked her in Romanian). She accepted to stand whilst kissing, cuddling and caressing each other, whilst I progressively approached THE place and its neighbour. Incredible (and proving she was not a pro), she came. We finished, her on top, very active. In total a 9. She did not suck, but I have to admit that I would not have lasted long enough to penetrate (and I did not miss it).

Don't look for her, she was going back a few days later :-(

She gave me a phone number, but it is a Belgian mobile number. Thus, either I misunderstood and she is staying, or it will not work in Romania (where I am soon travelling to). Anyway, I had long missed such incredible experience. (See however Liège, where it repeated a few days later ...) No need to tell that I tipped her generously.

05-12-04, 23:04
Dear All,

I have finally found time to go to Sensasia (www.sensasia.be) and visit Gyn Seng. I have to say that I've seen better and I've seen worse. You can see her video clip and pictures on the web site. I'd give her 8 for her look. Although I paid for 30 minutes, the total massage and relaxing! time was only 15 minutes or so. I think she was only doing her job and she didn't have any pleasure at all.

She gives a massage with body oil and then she lets you to give her a small massage, do some flirting and lick her pussy. She does not kiss at all. Total BJ was no more than 10 seconds.

The total treatment is 100 Euro's.

I checked out the RLD this week, and around 6pm, there was no one really attractive around. After the expansion of European Union I was expecting more Eastern European girls in RLD, but apparantly they haven't arrived yet :)

Darren Roberts
05-21-04, 08:26
Visited 194 only to finfd Maria had left and the other girls did not appeal to me. Found another girl in the window and as it was 3am I had an unhurried time for €50. It seems that as there are not many customers at that time they are more relaxed and generous with their time.

Ave St.Louis also had girls. Charge €100/hour in hotel - €500 all night. Also picked up a girl that had NOT been allowed into the bar next door to Hilton. They would allow me in, but afeter I tried to get the girl in I was persona non-gratui. I suspect the girl is a known prostitute and I became tainted by association. She wanted €500 for all night - but I went to North Station instead.

I think many girls go to this bar to pick up clients.

05-25-04, 16:22

Can you tell me where exactly is the action around avenue Louise and at what time? Is there a place over there where you can stay with the girls (hotel or other) or do you need to bring them by you?

I have been some times to the other place (close to the Sheraton tower) and from time to time you can find quite good girls. I have heard that some can be as cheap as 30€ (room included). Generally is 40 + 13 for the room.


05-26-04, 08:04

Check Rue de Stassart by Place Stephanie & the street next to Rue de Stassart. Amd of course Ave Louise around there.

Oosten Wind
05-26-04, 16:52
arrival in brussels:

airport: mainly zaventem (brussels).

access to city by taxi, or much cheaper by train. access at –1 floor. by ticket before taking train. same ticket-fare for brussels allows you to travel until the 3 brussels railway stations.

http://www.b-rail.be/, under timetable, fill in zaventem (airport), and the city you aim for.

all trains leaving from zaventem go trough brussels: starting brussels-north (at the back side of which is located the red light zone district rue d’aerschot). following stop is brussels-center, and last stop is brussels south (midi in french).

as brussels railway stations are connected in ± 10 minutes from north to south by train, further access to brussels by underground at brussels-center or more convenient at brussels south.

for plan of brussels + underground (=metro) please refer to http://www.mivb.irisnet.be, unfortunately only in dutch and french.

railway: thalys and eurostar high speed trains coming from london, frankfurt, paris, amsterdam stop at brussels-south (midi). further access to brussels by underground.

car: brussels has a circling high way (r0) and a ¾ circle inner road from brussels-south to the basilic of koekelberg (north west of brussels). if you buy a good map, and avoid driving at critical hours (week 07.30 – 09.00, 16.00 – 18.30) you should worry more about finding parking place than driving. don’t loose time and go into paying parking lot.

sleeping in brussels.

you will find lots of hotels. if you have a car, and look for cheap lodging:
± 40€ at formule 1, south west of brussels in ruisbroek. see http://www.hotelformule1.com

a bit more expensive, but in same area is highway motel. see under ruisbroek http://www.ac-nl.com/?lang=en. ± 65€. for the mongerors, direct room access from outside, so you can call for or bring along any girl(s).

eating in brussels.

you will not die of hunger. look on http://www.resto.be/default.cfm?langue=uk&searchtarget=restaurant

you can select city, price range, type of food, ect.

action in brussels:

1. red light zone district, rue d’aerschot near railway station north. 7d/7 24h/24 action. nice to walk, to look and eventually to try something out. but usually deceiving in service. prices starting at 25€ for quick f. with black lady. and of course end at a rip off. if you like black or older white, some red-light bars are also located 2/3 streets parallel to rue d’aerschot (e.g. rue verte). they are the less expensive.

2. sw. you will find those in mainly 2 areas:

- avenue louise (10 pm – 2am). mostly eastern girls. prices ± 80€ + 20€ for hotel. to do correct ‘prospecting’ you need a car, as the girls are rep001tered on both sides of the avenue on some 3 km.

- area west of place rogier and boulevard roi albert ii. on avenue albert i mostly tv. cost ± 40€ for bj in your car to ± 80€ + 13€ for fs in hotel. on rue des commerçants/ rue de laeken / rue van gaver / quai au foin you will find mainly eastern and black girls wandering around or waiting at bus station. ± 80€ + 13€ for fs in hotel .

3. private houses or call girls

i strongly advise private houses, because usually safer and cheaper.

you will find them by internet

in french: http://www.petitesannonces.be/

in dutch: http://www.advalvas.be/bargains/default.asp?cc=home&lang=nl

on both, look under contact

or in french newspaper ‘vlan’ and ‘la dernière heure’, or ‘het laatste nieuws’ in dutch.

my personal top favorite is:

’boite à surprises’,
rue de la victoire 109 , 1060 brussels
take underground porte de hal or parvis de st gilles. some 600m walking.
use www.mappy.com to get small map.
tel +32 477 188080
weekdays + saturday from 10u30 till 19u00.
price 80€ fs, 100€ for 2 girls.
several girls, usually staying for 4-5 months.

if you have a car, another place i like:
boulevard e.machtens 126
this is southwest area of brussels.
phone 02/4107733
days 7/7 from 10-24h
fs + shower 100€
several girls, usually staying for 4-5 months.

they also provide call girl service, and i am quite sure they speak english.

06-05-04, 12:35
Stick to Gare Du Nord's rue d’Aerschot. Great looking chicks that deliver amazing performance if you pay a premium.

Ave. Louise had some provider, most old and jaded and plainly dressed as well.

As for Rue des commerçants/ Rue de Laeken / Rue van Gaver / Quai au Foin, dead except for ungly old African ladies and some TVs.

I've paid 70 and got hald an hour of bliss in rue d'Aerschot.

06-08-04, 20:50
right, i think it's about time i wrote my first post in this forum ( hopefully first of many ). considering this is the forum for brussels, it seems to be a little under-represented, however i'll try and post as much as i can in the future. also i think we need to do something about the photo situation, so if anyone has a digital camra or one on their phone then give it a try ( i will when i get one ).

for my first post i'm going to tell you all about my first experience in brussels. it was a thursday afternoon my balls were aching and i decided to take some time out and relieve the stress of a really horrible week. i arrived at the gare du nord around 1600 hrs. i followed the signs to the rue d'arschoet, where you will find all the window girls. the road is fairly busy and there are a lot of arabs and north africans around as they tend to live in this area.

i started at the south end of the street where the peep show/sex shops are. i decided to walk north in order to check out the talent. the first window girl i saw was a nice brunette about 7 out of 10. my standards are quite high and i was generally surprised at the high standard on offer at this time of day, don't get me wrong, there were some skanky women but you could probably count them on one hand. i walked quite briskly to the end of the street taking it all in. i then walked round to the street behind and went back to the beginning. looking at my watch i thought that i really didn't have that much time to be choosey. i decided that i would find a girl and just get a cbj in order to save time. i walked up the street again looking for something that turned me on. about 3 quarters of the way up i saw a blonde in a corner window. she was dressed in white lingerie and was smoking a cigarette.i got her attention and she held up 4 fingers indicating 40 euro's for a suck and a fuck. i nodded and she came over and let me in. i asked her how much for just a bj and she said 40 euro's. she was hot about 8.5/10 although her face was a little disapointing. i agreed to s/f, and she led me to a cubicle at the back made up of curtains. next door i could hear someone else getting their rocks off but that didn't bother me, and was over before i even started. she asked for the cash and i gave it to her, she then asked me for money for the madam ( 3 euro's to be exact ). i wasn't going to argue so i gave her a 5 euro note and said take 3 euro out of that. she went away and brought me back the change. whilst she was away i'd stripped off. she was a really nice girl, very relaxed and told me a little about herself. she was a 25 year old russian who'd been living in belgium for about a year.

the deal was only for a cbj and fucking in the missionary position as well as her keeping her bra on. this didn't bother me as i didn't have alot of time and i only wanted to empty my sack. she knelt in front of me and started to massage my member. when i was hard she put the condom on and started to get to work. in between she complemented me on my body and asked me if i worked out, which all added to my ego. her technique was good but no deep throat. i asked her to lick my balls but she refused,instead using her hand to massage them. after a while i had had enough and indicated i wanted to fuck. she pulled her underwear off and lay on the sofa. i got on top a little awkwardly (i'm big with an average sized dick ). meanwhile she lubed herself up. i started slowly and awkwardly but once i found my pornstar style technique i managed to get some nice long strokes in. her pussy was nicely shaved and tight. she started to moan but i don't know if it was real or not ( frankly i didn't really care, it was all about me ). as she got to a crescendo i felt i was ready to cum. eventually i shot my load but carried on until every drop had been drained.

she gave me some paper towels and a disinfectant wipe to clean myself with, whilst cleaning up her own hole. as i got dressed she gave me a kisss on the cheek and left. when i came out she stopped talking to her friends and led me out to the door where she gave me another kiss.

all in all it was a good experience for a first time. for my next mongering trip i'm hoping to find a good looking black girl and maybe spend a little more money, but we'll just have to wait and see next month.

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06-15-04, 03:31
Brussels is a heaven compared to other places in Europe. I spent there a couple of weeks recently (on a business trip) and was quite satisfied with the scene. As many posters noticed, the street d'Aerschot has quite a selection any time of a given day day. The street is right next to the Gare du Nord, and I went there several times. Not always I was so lucky as to find someone to my likings though. At night, the lights the girl use are quite deceiving. A few times I went in, took a closer look at a girl and realized that the cosmetics and lighting shaved off quite a few years and concealed the imperfections of the skin. But luckily the girls didn't mind my lame excuses about a wallet left in the car. There are some words of advice I can offer: be friendly with the girls and you will get more, carry anti-ceptic wipes as some girls only have baby wipes. Their condoms sometimes are not of good quality, so you might bring your own. Don't go there during the rush hours, the selection is poorer and you might easily end up sharing bodily fluids with a few previous customers' still left on girl's body. I went there several times during the daytime both on weekdays and weekend. The natural light allows to see girls better, and they are more willing to spend more time with you. One of my best encounter was with the girl named Katrine, who was from one of the Eastern countries I believe. I came at about 5pm and she was just starting her day. She was quite young, no more than 23, sort of innocently looking, blond hair, with amazingly hard and slim body, with tits, legs and ass to die for. She spoke a good English and we laughed and behaved silly enjoying ourselves for almost an hour, during which I came twice. (All for the single price of E50 plus 5 for mamasan - I gave her a E20 tip when I was leaving.) When we were playing and joking she became very very wet naturally and were tremendously enjoying my caressing whilst sucking my willie. I banged her hard in doggie style and her tight firm tiny waist was a heaven to grip and control the fastening gyrations. She was growling with pleasure and begging for more. Second time after I caught my breath (which only took a few minutes - given how lovely the gal was) we did it in the missionary position just moving slowly like a couple of long-time lovers. I only paid for one shot but she was more than willing to do me again (no lubricant, again, was required). I looked into her most beautiful eyes and explored with my externals all the cavities and depths of her fantastic body. She was definitely one of the most mindblowing worker I ever had my business to do pleasure with. I tried to find her again, on several occasions afterwards, but to no avail. Maybe I just dreamed her up (nah, of course I didn't). To be continued.

06-15-04, 09:28
O.K, I'm back with the latest installment from the Rue d'aershot. Let me just say that the adventure I had getting there this time was bad enough. After a sweaty 6km walk to my local train station to get to Brussels, you can imagine the thrill of the hunt was the only thing keeping me going. I guess for us mongers, those neon lights and the certainty of getting laid is enough to pass through any barrier.

Arrived in Brussels at about 21.30pm. From previous posts I was led to believe that at this time there would be a really good selection. Well, it was a Monday night maybe things were going slow because the selection was dissapointing.

After a quick recce of the street I only saw about 3 or 4 w/g's that caught my eye. Mind you, by this stage I was pretty tired from all the walking. On the way back I saw 3 women In one of the windows ( 2 blondes and 1 with black hair ). I pointed at the dark haired chica and did the sign language thing to find out the price. They put up 4 fingers to indicate 40 euro's. I entered.

Once inside

06-15-04, 10:07
O.K, I'm back with the latest installment from the Rue d'aershot. Let me just say that the adventure I had getting there this time was bad enough. After a sweaty 6km walk to my local train station to get to Brussels, you can imagine the thrill of the hunt was the only thing keeping me going. I guess for us mongers, those neon lights and the certainty of getting laid is enough to pass through any barrier.
Arrived in Brussels at about 21.30pm. From previous posts I was led to believe that at this time there would be a really good selection. Well, it was a Monday night maybe things were going slow because the selection was dissapointing.

After a quick recce of the street I only saw about 3 or 4 w/g's that caught my eye. Mind you, by this stage I was pretty tired from all the walking. On the way back I saw 3 women In one of the windows ( 2 blondes and 1 with black hair ). I pointed at the dark haired chica and did the sign language thing to find out the price. They put up 4 fingers to indicate 40 euro's. I entered.

Once inside I discovered that the woman I'd picked didn't speak any French or English ( problem ). Through her collegues I managed to get my message through that I wanted oral and intercourse in two positions. 50 euro's they said. O.K, I agreed, too damned tired to disagree. She led me to the back to one of the cubicles. If you've seen one then you've seen them all ( check my last post for a description ). I gave her the cash and 2 euro for the madam. Whilst she was away I stripped off and waited and waited ( damned b!@£%&'s stop talking ).

When she finally got back I got her stripped off and we got down to business. Out of 10 I'd give her 7. I don't know why I picked her as her friends were more attractive. I found out her name was Tanya and that she came from Bulgaria ( as the Bulgarian national soccer team was getting thrashed by Sweden at the same time, I decided to tell her I was Swedish ). I had to help her put the condom on which should have told me she wasn't very experienced ( I didn't notice ). She started to yank my plank and suck my bell end and this is when I realised she wasn't very experienced. I got her to remove her hand and suck with just her mouth and occasionally lick the underside of my dick. With her technique improved I started to relax and started to pump her mouth. After a little while more of this I decided it was time to explore that pussy. It was a nicely shaved camels hoof. I aly back and got her to climb on top. After she'd lubed up it was still a little difficult for her to get me in. Her pussy was nice and comfortable and she started to move up and down slowly.Well, I guess this is where I made my big mistake. After a little while, thinking I was Rocco Siffredi ( I really need to cut down on the amout of porn I watch ), I started slamming that hole. Ahhh, it was great, I think I made her come 2 or 3 times. So, just as I was thinking about switching to doggy, you can guess what happened.

Well, you guessed right. I shot my load in her. Comparing myself to Rocco had been a bad idea and now I'd paid the price ( premature ejaculation! at my age? ). Anyway I had a last grope of her tits before my face turned red in embarassment and anger. Anyway I cleaned myself up and got my shit together and left with her giving me a kiss on the cheek on my way out the door.

In general, I'd just like to say that if you're nice to these women and you treat them with a bit of respect and dignity, then they will be nice to you and perform better for you.

Well as Mr Spock said " All you mongers out there, live long and prosper and be safe", well something like that.

06-22-04, 10:44
I would just like to inform you that on one of my visits, I saw a man unbuttoning his pants on the other side of the stret and shoving the contents into the window of the car parked next to him. Obviously I didn't hang around to see what happened ( not my scene ). Be warned, there are homosexuals on the Rue D'Aerschot!

06-23-04, 18:32
Went to the rue d'aerschot again looking to check out what was going on in the morning. Arrived at around 11.00am, and proceeded to walk up the street to see what was on offer. This must be the time of day that the girls change round for the day shift because there were a few empty windows.They seemed, however, to be filled by the time I left.

After walking a short distance I saw a nice mousy blonde who was about an 8.5. I decided if I didn't find anything else this would be the one. I carried on up the street, there were a few other nice girls, even the Russian girl I reported on in a previous post. Towards the end of the street, there were a couple of black girls trying to get the attention of every man walking past. I looked up and the nicer one invited me in ( she was in her mid to late 20's ).

She told me it would be 30 euro for f/s. She was about a 7 with nice natural tits so I agreed ( never been with a black woman ). I gave her 30 euro and proceeded to strip off in the cubicle. When she came back I found out her name was Anna and she came from Ghana

We started off with the customary cbj. She was pretty good, groping my balls just how I like. She was a pretty nice girl with a good attitude and let me suck her tits and play with her pussy whilst she was sucking me off. After a while disaster struck again ( read my last post ). I shot my load. This has never happened to me until recently but I was kind of embarrased about it. Like I said though Anna was a good girl and since I was still hard she recovered my tool and we went for a little bit of in and out. Being a taller man, missionary is a little uncomfortable for me and I don't like it much but I persevered. Her pussy was nice and comfortable and I got into my groove and pounded it well. After a while I made her cum and I could feel her pussy tightening around my dick. I kept going but my own orgasm wasn't forthcumming. I pulled off and whacked off for a couple of minutes and then re-entered. Whilst I was fucking her she kept squeezing my balls which I don't think helped. I still couldn't finish so I pulled out again and we partook in some mutual masturbation until we had success.

Normally popping twice is not on the cards with these women ( which she kept telling me ), but I think because she liked me and wanted me to return it was o.k.

Anyway if you are not fussy about shagging black girls then I would recommend them. Two pop shots for 30 euro is more than reasonable. This girl had a good attitude, was nice to talk to and provided a good service.

Mike Peters
06-28-04, 21:47
A little on the club scene.

There are a few clubs in Brussels one I visited was The Empire on Circus a side street off Jacmain. There are lads at the end of the street trying to get you to try the bars out.

It’s 10 Euro to enter, which includes a free drink bar prices are 8 – 10 Euro after that.

I’ve been invited into a few in the past for a free look but they all seem pretty quiet this is the only one with any punters in and this has a non stop strip show only down to panties though. But a few of the girls are 8 - 9’s and good movers.

In the other bars in the street the girls are a bit more aggressive to get you to stay when you have your free look, never hung around in any of them to find out what the dances are like or what was on offer. Maybe someone else has tried them I’d like to know.

After you sit down, a girl will approach you to talk eventually asking you to buy her a drink (Champagne of course). It’s 50 Euro for a glass at the table, 180 Euro if you go to a quiet corner and a private dance or 280 Euro to go upstairs for an hour and a private dance. I did asked but there is no sex available.

After each strip the girls come around the room and offer an air dance for 5 Euro that was the most I went for.

All in all worth a look but too expensive for the average punter.

Mike Peters
06-28-04, 21:50

I did find a couple of bars just off Rue d’aerschott (never sure of the spelling of that) around gare du nord as you come out of the station turn right one block over and turn left up the hill.

The local black girls occupy them now and come over and chat, you buy them a drink be careful some drinks alone are 15 Euro it’s lucky she ordered it then I asked how much before it was served so she went for a 5 Euro drink instead.

I had an offer of 200 Euro to stay the night in her apartment but turned her down, then she went down to 100 for a hotel and then 50 for half an hour. Due to the poor reports on the girls on this board I declined and visited one of the window ladies on the back streets she was in her 40’s maybe touching 50 but she looked hot and willing.

She was blonde good looking had a good body for her age and was quite firm but disappointment followed short cbj and straight on top for sex she did offer any position and rode me till I cum very mechanical not much enthusiasm. The older ladies I have been with in the past are usually more willing to please but not this one. Maybe she had a busy night and it was 2.30 in the morning.

I’ll have another look around tonight and see what I can get to report.

Mike Peters
06-30-04, 20:19
Had another walk down Gare Du Nord last night it was a bit quiet went into the bar as before and there were a few girls in there.

One came over for a chat and offered going into a nearby block of flats for 50 Euro for suck fuck front or back anything i wanted, as i was standing by the bar she was quite happy to stand there rubbing my cock through my trousers and i was stroking her ass.

She kept saying she wanted to "fuck me crazy", it's her favourite line.

I'm still not sure of these black girls due to the bad reports on these pages but they can't worse than some of the window girls has anyone had a good time with any of these girls i might try and see later and let you know.

Also had a couple of offers at the end of Jacmain from some of these blak girls 50 Euro plus 13 Hotel and one 50 Euro including hotel.

07-05-04, 09:55
Hello to everyone,

I've been to "la boite a surprises" on rue de la Victoire and I got my "surprise" indeed.

There were only three ladies and the "best" one scored a mere 5, the other two were literally "un-fuckable", I was really in need for a treatment so I went for it anyway.

Good treatment, nice covered bj and nice fuck too, clean and quite place.

The only thing missing are decent girls!

Good hunting,


07-06-04, 06:55
Hi everyone,

Just like Mike, I've been to the Empire lately. This is quite a nice striptease bar where you pay 10 Euros for the entrance.

I'd suggest you to go there on a week-end as there is more crowd and this allows you to watch the show in peace. Otherwise, one girl after another asks you to order her a glass of champagne. Please note that you are not obliged to order drinks so make sure that you can say NO before you enter.

Just a small correction to Mike's post, girls get totally nude but not in every dance. From time to time, when there is slow music, they strip totally.

5 Euro lap-dances are my favorites although it is short.

I think the quality of the girls are really high. The last time I was there, there was an hungarian girl 8/10 overall and 10/10 for the breasts. I think Empire's girl average is 8.

Darren Roberts
07-07-04, 02:20
Found this place called Lagoon (All the Taxi drivers know it) it is one street behind ave Louise running parralel to it.

Lagoon cost €16 to enter for a Sauna, or free if its just drinking. For the €16 you get a key and locker and towel. All drinks are charged to key number to pay when you leave.

Drink prices, €2 for a coke, €3 for a beer, €7 for an alchaholic drink. The girls there all drink the alchahol kind (but compare to the rip-off price in other bars). If you buy a girl a drink shee will touch you, masturbate you gently, caress you. The girls take about 15 minutes to finish there drink,

Meanwhile you can wander down to the sauna/steam room and two Jacuzzi's where you may find some couples.

Want to rent a girl? Easy it cost €150 for an hour and she will take you to Jacuzzi/Sauna/up stairs for a fuck.

I chose Jenifer from Brazil and she was amazing, kissed (french or is it Belgium style), jaccuzi and showerr together, massage and fuck with me cumming over her breasts at the end.

So there are good places in Brussels after all.

Mike Peters
07-07-04, 22:59
OK Clapt,

I'll have to have another look in the Empire next time i'm in Brussels to check out when thongs come come.

There were a couple of Hungarians there the night i was there, One was blonde very smart had to give her a 10 and one with dark hair if i remember right but when her bra came off she had the most delightful pair of nips i have ever seen "they were huge" she said she gets embaressed when they stick through her top when she out.

The 5 Euro lapdance with her was well worth it just to get a close up look.

I must check out av Louise again next time the lagoon sounds good Darren. when i went down there a couple of nights ago the drink had taken over and i got lost and never found anything at all.

Sultan of Swing
07-08-04, 04:59
The posting by Oosten wind is on the money. All the advice is accurate. My favorite incall is

Boulevard E.Machtens 126
This is Southwest area of Brussels.
Phone 02/4107733
Days 7/7 from 10-24h
FS + Shower 100€
Several girls, usually staying for 4-5 months.

Which he posted. The apartment is very nice and the girls I have seen there are very accomplished in the arts of sensual sexuality. Katherine as a dark blonde who would do about anything you wanted and make you feel like a king.

By the way, you can get there by bus, fairly easily. I have done it at least three times.

Sultan of Swing (American)

07-13-04, 14:32
Hi Darren,

Lagoon seems like a perfect place to go! Do you have the address? You said it costs 150 Euro an hour. I know a lot of massage parlors where they say you get an hour service, but whenever you unload your bullets, they kick you out. Is it the smae here? Can you restart all over again when you're done with the first lot?


Mango Head
07-17-04, 18:17
Hi All,

My first post and it's a question, not a report. I promise future posts will share the discoveries..

I too am interested in the address of Lagoon.

I will be in BRU this week. Am considering checking out Cathy at:


Anyone have any experiences there?


Darren Roberts
07-19-04, 23:16
Hi Lads,

I do not have the address of the Lagoon, but know how to find it again - I will get a good map and let you know-or make a note of it next time I am in Brussels. I think the taxi drivers will know it. Beware of other bars in the area - rip off bars - rumour has it that they "spike" your drinks.

In the Lagoon I was with the girl for about an hour-sauna-jacuzy-bedroom before I finally came - so do not know if its an hour or first cum that sets the limit. However the girl did not through me out after I came, we both went down and had a shower together in the jacuzzi area and she washed me down and I likewise her. Then dry -off - me with a towl she put her "nightress" on-back to bar-she gave me a kiss and then she went back to finding another man while I went and got changed.


07-23-04, 09:15
I just visited Brussels for the first time and thanks to members I was able to do a spot of mongering.

On Jacqmain there were no girls outside but a few girly clubs where Cirque/Circus crosses.

I walked up to Rue d'Aeroschot near Gare Du Nord for a spot of window shopping.After a walk from the station end I stopped at the far end, went into the convenince store and bought a bottle of water to wash my 'Bluey' down.

I never counted the girls in the windows, I guess around 50 and it was very busy Tuesday at is was national holiday next day.

Probably about 2 or 3 windows from the far end there were 3 Black girls in a unit, one came onto me quite strongly and her body was in good condition.

30 Euros for CBJ plus I inserted my finger up her arse as well which she seemed to enjoy, she was quite vigorous with her BJ and marked my Bell end. This deterred me from going the next night as I was concerned what the girls may think looking at some red marks on my cock.

I thought the standard of the girls was quite good although one or two didn't seem to smile much, definitely a 'Must Do'

Mango Head
07-23-04, 19:39
Had two stabs in the dark in Brussels this week.

First went to see Cathy at Le Must For You (see link below). This was outstanding. very slow and passionate, a nice warm massage, very tender, followed by back and forth oral and 69 before finishing all the way. After it was over we lingered and chatted in my rudimentary french. Not rushed. This place is very service-oriented and worth the bit of extra for the session (160 plus I tipped 50). She has a lovely face to match the body you can check out on the site.

Next day went to Rue d Ascheot and after window shopping for several hours went for covered BJ with a lovely lady hailing from Antwerp. Slow and nice for 40 eur. Forgot her name but she works two days per week and is near the exit of Gare du Nord. Sandy blond shoulder length hair.

Did not make it to the Lagoon. Maybe next time...Sounds charming

Overall, quality and service seem first rate in Brussels. Was never rushed and enjoyed it completely.

Der Mango

07-24-04, 07:42
I thought I'd just set the details straight regarding the so-called Lagoon: the real name of this club is Le Lagon Bleu ("The Blue Lagoon"). It is located on 88, rue de Livourne, which is, as someone already wrote, a parallel street just to the south of Avenue Louise. I have only been therre once, but I agree with earlier posters: it is stunningly good value for money.

07-24-04, 15:12
I visited the window area near Gare du Nord lately and walkes several times to check out the windows. There are a lot of 7-8's around so I gave it a shot. The girl was a slime darkhaired Italian with a good set of boobs. After I paid and got undressed she came als behind the curtains and undressed. She started to give me a good BJ and touching was allowed, but not inside.

After a while we agreed to get on with it, but after a few strokes I became suspicious. I had not penetrated her she was holding my willy with her hand. We sterted to argue and finaliy she got out some lube and went on with the job. It did not feel good but I shagged her as an idiot to get off.

07-24-04, 17:27
passed through brussels today, and thought i'd do a bit of window shopping. arrived around 14.30, and did my usual recce up the street. for a saturday afternoon the talent on offer was pretty good. i was on the look-out for a blonde today, and i saw one with big ol titties just a few yards into my journey. if i didn't find anything better then this was the one. i decided to go for a beer in one of the bars on the street behind in order to get some fluid into myself(hot day today).

when i returned, the chick i'd decided on wasn't there (damn). i wasn't going to hang around (sloppy seconds isn't my thing). i went back up the road looking for another blond (there weren't many). by this time alot of the windows were empty, and i started to panick a little. on the way back down again i saw a blonde that i had noticed before and decided she was worth a shot. after she'd let me in, i could see why she had been hiding at the side of the window, as she had a bit of a belly on her. when she turned around however, i saw one of the best asses i'd ever seen. judging by her ass and her face i think she'd just scrape in as a 6.5/7 (if she ever starts going to the gym she'll be an 8). i told her i wanted to fuck her doggy-style, and that i wanted her to be naked. she said o.k, and guided me to the cubicle.

once inside i was wondering why she was standing there looking at me, oops i forgot to give her the money. well, i gave her the 40 euro, and she told me to strip whilst she counted and then hid the money. she asked me to sit down on the sofa next to her and started to stroke my knob to get it hard. by this point i'd found out that her name was anna and that she came from greece. i didn't ask her age but she looked like she was in her mid 30's. some of you know i've been having some problems with my staying powers lately, so i proceeded to "enharden myself". when i was ready she stretched the condom over my man and proceeded to suck some dick. i intentionally put my hand at the base of my cock so that all she could do was use her mouth. her technique was good but i was to worried about shooting my load too early that after a couple of minutes i motioned that i wanted to pound her pussy. she got on all fours and guided my member into her (why do women always think that we can't find our own way?) anyway, i started pounding her muff. she was a comfortable fit and i enjoyed fucking her very much. some of you may know that my hero is rocco siffredi, and today i didn't disapoint. i slammed her good and proper. after several minutes, i finally gave her the shot of love, she was good and let me pump her until every drop was drained.

well, gentlemen i'm back. the mini crisis is over. the experience was a good one and recommended for all. just remember you're never going to find a gfe here, just experienced pro's who know how to take my money and yours!

07-26-04, 20:55
Guys, I just thought I'd add a few pieces of information about the "seedier" part of Brussel's nightlife: this part of the forum seems to focus exclusively on Rue Aerschot and assorted massage parlours in town. Let me therefore offer the following tidbits:

1) At the Gare du Midi (South Railway Station) there are a few "American" bars where working girls hang out together with bona fide clients. These are generally found on the Avenue Fonsny - and beware, urban renewal is likely to ruin this part of town some time soon. King among them is the Zottegem straight in front of the railway station; other bars of this general orientation is St Raphael half a block away, plus Charlemagne (very dilapidated) and Jonction (music at night!) between the two. The girls are mostly Bulgarian (or from somewhere else in the Balkans...) and they charge 40-50 Euros for a quick one in rooms they rent upstairs. Generally, the girls at Zottergem are very pushy whereas at Raphael it's done on a friend-of-the-house basis. Most bars close between 8 and 10 p.m; some girls go on to discoteques/music bars in the nearby rue Merode.

2) In the Rue des Commercants - not too far to the south east of Gare du Nord - and its side street Rue van Gaven (or something like that...) you can pick up SWs for a standard 40-50 Euros and take them to a nearby hotel. The ST hotels in the neighbourhood are actually great: they have special rooms with good sexy beds for people who come with those things in mind. Girls are, Slavs, Gypsies and old broads. Beware of druggies late at night and trannies around the clock.

3) Illegal immigrant girls from Nigeria stand just south of the Gare du Nord starting from 10 p.m. They charge standard rates, but you are in a heaven/and/hell situation if you pick them up: they are willing to come to your hotel, your appartment or anywhere else (their backdrop option is the aforementioned hotels in R.d.Commercants) and in theory do anything you like. But... in actual practice they try to trick you as much as they can

4) In the hinterland to Aerschot ("up the hill" as another poster has already said - anyway it's parallel with Aerschot, but further south) Rue Linne offers ageing caucasian women and African pros of all ages. The neighbouring Rue de Plantes is less lively, but there's some action all the same.

Euro RLD
07-29-04, 21:28
Hi everyone,

Looks like Brussels is starting to pick up on here. In honesty it is a great city for a cheap break with some nice action.

I was there last Friday for 3 days so just wanted to share some information with you all.

First of all for anyone on a budget or wants to save some money for the girls check out Hotel Frederiksborg, Avenue Broustin 118, 1083 Brussels or their website at: http://www.frederiksborg.be/mainuk.htm

By train it is 20 minutes to Rue d'aershot opposite Gare du Nord or 10 minutes by car. 50 EUR for a clean single room in a nice hotel and a decent part of town.

Personally I am into streetwalkers however I would skip that in Brussels. Avenue Louise has nothing special and around Gare du Nord you will get ripped of. Stick to the strip of windows.

I checked out the area from 12 midday until around 02:00. Best times for decent girls is around 21:30 until 01:00. Ignore the bars as they try to get you into buying drinks or giving 5 EUR to the Madame. Service in those places is rushed and not great. Also avoid the top end of the Rue d'aershot walking away from the city. To pushy and they hammer on the windows like Amsterdam.

I saw a few girls who would score an 8 or 9 so there is certainly some talent on the street.

My personal recommendation would be a tall girl from Lithuania called Martina. Short dark hair, very soft skin and clean as you can get. A real natural who seems to enjoy her job and would never think of rushing.

First of all I went there on the Friday and I had a major headache. Went in and met Martina. Only speaks French so be aware. I gave her 100 EUR and that included BJ with condom, sex, oral sex on her and kissing (not french but on the lips). As I said I had a headache and... well nothing was going to happen. The shame. She was so nice she said I could cum over her tits if that helped. I admitted that I felt so sick with my headache I would come back. I got a kiss and an aspirin where she sat with me for 20 minutes. Not many places do that.

Saturday I was back around 21:00, went in to see Martina paid 50 EUR. Very intimate and very much girlfriend experience style. Lots of kissing etc. She is A+ with BJ's and especially deep throat. Sex was also good. She started on top, she came, swapped to missionary and then from behind. Hell of a time and very enjoyable.

Sunday again I arrived a bit later around midnight. Had a chat and cigarette and same scenario and after some fun she let me come over her tits.

After telling her I was flying back she mentioned she was going back to Lithuania for 6 weeks from early August. She said she would be back. Yes I forgot to get her mobile no. so if anyone gets it please pass it on.

All in she was a beautiful girl. The kind you begin to wonder why she does this job and then think well like she has a choice. One worth fighting for actually.

Anyway you will find her at the entrance to the left of 112 Rue d'aershot. It has the common text in white of 'I am beautiful' and an 'Italia' Flag inside to the left. There are normally two girls and she will be the tall girl with dark hair on the righthand side.

Well worth it I promise you - just get her number if you meet with her and as I said she may be leaving next week for 6 weeks so get their quick.

If anyone else knows of any other street walker areas please share.

Euro RLD

Member #2375
07-30-04, 16:17

I'm new in town, and I'd like to hear from tips regarding BBW.
I'm essentially seeking big-breasted/plump women. Any clues?


This Anna girl seems promising. Remember her exact address?


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07-31-04, 10:24
Member #2375,

If your in Brussels head to the Rue d'Arschoet. You will always find something close to what you want. If you want older women, big girls or coloured women then they are all there for the taking. Granted, there are not that many but what's on offer should be pretty good.

If you want BBW's, then head towards the top end of the street. Personally, I'm not into big girls but I have been told that these women charge a bit less and will give a better service as they're not so much in demand.

All I can say is, go there with an idea in your mind about what you want and then make sure you tell the girl exactly what you want to do. Don't be indecisive or a soft target or they'll rip you off (they are all pro's after all).

Happy hunting

08-01-04, 14:32
Member #2375,

Ludovico's advice is faily right, but if you are looking for big or older women, the first choice is not rue d'Aerschot, even though you might find one to your liking there. The girls in that street are the younger ones (mostly in their twenties but some are in their forties) and not that many are tall or big.

I would rather recommend you go a couple streets east (uphill) and have a look at rue Linné, rue de la Prairie, rue de la Rivière ou rue des Plantes. There are the older women, and there are a few who are very big (breasts and everything else) Also they are usually somewhat cheaper than in the rue d'Aerschot.

08-02-04, 07:43
Member #2375,

I know a place: go to rue Angleterre in the afternoon. Close to the corner with Avenue Fonsny, vis-a-vis the entry/exit to the metro station, you have a small seedy bar (forgotten its name). In this bar 4-6 working girls hang out; I'd consider them as rather ugly, but, there you go, they are definitely BBWs. Only, no one is quite young. I'd say they range from mummies to grannies.

Member #2375
08-12-04, 14:03
Well guys, sorry to say that ain't found yet what I am looking for.
I went to rue de Linne as recommended and also rue d'Aerschot, but
found nothing to my liking. Mostly black girls (that don't turn me on)
and some skinny grannies. Also, the area is completely run-down and
seedy. Many Arab-type folks roaming around, which is something that makes
me uncomfortable.

So still frustrated. I'd like to hear, though, of specific tips about
BBW girls.



08-14-04, 11:48

Well, if the surroundings make you uncomfortable, which I can understand, the other option is to go and search in one of the many "salons" you can find in Brussels. The starting price is somewhat higher, but if you want to spend a full hour, it is usually cheaper than the windows. And you get the chance to have a shower before and after the action in a nice room.

As far as I can remember, the biggest breasts I have seen belong to a lady called Sylvie. She works (or at least worked since I haven't heard from her since about a year) on the avenue Louise. She was running an ad in various newspapers and her phone number is 02.648.21.81 She is rather tall, blonde, displays a natural 100D and gives one of the best (covered) blowjobs you can experience. She is not the skinny type and should be in her forties.


08-14-04, 17:32
Well, I passed through Brussels again this afternoon and had to stop for a little bit of action. I arrived at the Rue d'Aershot just after 14.00. I must say that I was surprised by the amount of empty windows, but by 15.00, I think the next shift had started.

I decided upon a black haired beauty, who I think had just started work. Her name is Violetta and she is a 20 year old from Bulgaria. On my scale this girl is a definate 8.5 in looks and her attitude was good as well.

I told her from the start that I wanted her naked and that I wanted to take her doggystyle. She smiled, and just said fine. She led me into a cubicle where I proceeded to pay her. I couldn't believe it, this cubicle actually had a bed!

When she returned she stuffed something into my mouth, which I just didn't know what was. She said "eat", and I realised it was a chocolate (how stupid did I feel?).

After she'd taken her clothes off, I realised I was in for a treat. She had a perfect body with beautiful firm tits. She did ,however, have some kind of burn or scar under her right breast and when I asked her about it, she got a bit "womany".

Anyway, I lay down on the bed and she put a condom on my dick. Then she climbed ontop of me and slid down my body until she got into a good position to start giving me head. Her technique was good but could use a little work. After a little while of this I told her that I wanted to fuck her and proceeded to get behind her ready to take her from behind. I asked her if I could touch her nicely shaved pussy and she said "yes". I played with her for a little bit, and even stuck a finger inside her. After I 'd had my fun I started to fuck her and after a little while I shot my load deep inside her. She let me carry on until every drop was drained.

Whilst getting dressed we chatted and when I was finished she kissed me on the cheek.

This certainly wasn't the best experience that I have ever had, but this girl kind of got to me. My golden rule is that I never go to the same girl twice, but I just might have to see this girl again. It's never happened to me before but this girl got to me.

08-16-04, 14:32
Hi Ludovico,

Is there a specific reason that you don't go to the same girl twice? It seems to me like after couple of times with the same girl, you get a fantastic service as she knows you better. That's why I tend to find the same girl if the girl pleases me at the first time.


08-16-04, 15:38

The reason that I don't go for the same girl every time is that I always want to try something new. I'm one of those people, who, when they've seen a new movie, don't watch it again for a very long time unless it is really awesome, and it's the same for women (especially p4p).

You are correct, however, about the "discounts", you can have when you become a regular, and I do know of people who have profited in this way.

I for one, see myself as a sexual explorer, gathering the info that you all seek and to make sure you don't get ripped off.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I also passed by Rue Linne on Saturday, hoping to find a bargain. What a waste of time! There were 2 old, fat hags and 3 big black women working. IMHO, stay away unless you're into this kind of thing

08-17-04, 14:11
Well, I got the day off today, so I thought I'd partake in a little window shopping. Arrived at the Rue d'Aarschot just after midday. Immediately I spotted a nice blonde I liked the look of, but thought I'd carry on to see the rest. I must admit pickings were pretty poor today. Apart from the blonde there were probably about another 2 or 3 doable women. For those of you who like BBW's, there were quite a few.

When I got to the end of the street, I decided to go back and try the blonde. When I got there, however, someone had just beaten me to the punch. I saw another blonde next door, so I went in. She told me I could only have s&f, for 50 euro, or sex only for 40. I declined her offer and left. Like I said pickings were sparse, so I decided if worst got to worst I'd take one of the black girls at the end of the street. On my way there, however, I spotted a dark haired woman with huge titties and decided to go for her instead. The window number was 140 someting.

She wanted 40 euro for s&f, but she'd keep her bra on. I said that I wanted her naked and she said fine but sex only. Tired of walking up and down I agreed and we went to a cubicle. Again this was a nice cubicle with a bed and a selection of mirrors.

This girl was called Mira and she told me she came from Germany (Yeah right, more like Bulgaria, judging by the music in the background). Anyway I got undressed and paid her. When she took her things off I could tell immediately that her tits were fake, but that doesn't really bother me. She started to give me a hand job, and when I was standing to attention she rolled the condom on. After giving me a few more strokes, I told her that I wanted to fuck her. I made her face the mirror and started to do her doggystyle. I loved looking at myself in the mirror and seeing her face from time to time. A little while later I finished inside her and continued until I was fully drained.

To be honest this was not a great experience, and I can't really recommend her. There's better value for money on this street, you just need to find it.

08-17-04, 14:22
Tip of the day!

When you visit the ladies on Rue d'Aarschot, you will generally be asked to pay the Madam of the establishment I don't like it, but you kind of have to, just like you'd do a toilet attendant. This can usually cost between 3 and 5 euro.

Before you go, put the exact amount of money that you are going to need in your wallet and remove all your change except a few cents.

When you come to pay the girl, open your wallet and give her the money and when she asks for money for the madam open the change holder and tell her that is all that you have. As something is better than nothing they'll take it and you'll save a couple of euro's that you can put forward for your next challenge.

Darren Roberts
08-20-04, 14:17
Was in Brussels last night and went to Le Lagon Bleu ("The Blue Lagoon"). It is located on 86 (not 88 as in previous report), rue de Livourne, not knowing if this was one of the two nights a week when it is a "men only" club. Well it didn't matter because it was closed for summer holidays (no business men around with expence accounts I guess). A noe said closed 2nd August till 2nd September.

So went to Rue d'Aarschot and ended up outside the window of my favourite place (see a previous report)and was pleased to se that Maria had returned (she said she went back to Grece for a 2 mnth vcation). So I went with her, she gave me a fantastical sensual massage, a blow job, licking the sensitive parts of my dick with her tonge, tickling it, and ten rode me and finaly let me finish inside her (with condom) missionary style.

The price is 40 Euro's for ten minutes, 50 for an hour and then it goes up in increments of 50 for each additional 15 minutes.

As usual I got there after 12 pm (1.30 am) and received an unhurried service (well a few more minutes were added for free). It is near the far end of the road where the girl give a better service as they rely and more regulalrs, the casual people mainly going to girls further near the town.

09-08-04, 12:32
Hi All,

Been lurking for ages, so thought I would contribute now. I was in Rue d'Aarschot 2 nights ago at the "live show" at station end of the street. Whilst looking at the pics of the girls and movies being shown a very attractive young black girl beckoned me into a video booth ! THe way she did it was out of sight from the money booth so the guy working there could not see, but the result was for €20 she gave me a CBJ and then played with herself in that small booth.

Something different, made a cheap change, amazing thing was she was asking to be shagged there and then in the booth for €20 more, maybe next time,


09-11-04, 22:44
So, it's been a while but seeing as my birthday's coming up, I decided to take on a double bill today on the Rue d'Arschoet. Yes, that's right, instead of taking one lucky young lady to heaven and back, I did two.

By the way, I scouted around Roi Albert 11, Rue Linne and Rue des Plantes as well, but there was nothing of note available. This was just after 14.00pm.

First up, I decided to take on one of the black girls at the top end of the street. In total there were 4 of them working today and none of them were stunners. After making my customary sweep of the street, I decided to take one of the black girls in the last window on the street. I think the number was 200 or something. There were two of them in this upstairs window and after they let me in one of them took me into the back room.

Her name was Simone, I think, and she told me she came from Cameroon. She looked to be in her mid 20's, but you never can tell with black people. I paid her 30 euro and proceeded to strip off. When she came back I told her that I wanted her to do the same and that I wanted to take her from behind, which was no problem.

She put a condom on my my dick and proceeded to give me one of the better cbj's I've had on the street. :-)
After a little while of good ol' sucking I told her I was ready for a bit of in and out and she duely got on all fours and shoved that ass in the air. I took a couple of seconds to rub her muff and went as far as to stick a finger inside her. This she didn't like and told me to stick the real Mckoy in her. After a little while of fucking her from behind, with the occasional break to play with her titties, she told me she wanted to change position so I could make her cum. She switched round to missionary and I put a pillow under her ass and proceeded to drill her. A little while later She told me she had cum and then I finally did as well. After cleaning up the one eyed snake it was time for beer and a rest before part two of my adventure.

All in all I can highly recommend the black chicks on the street. For the price of 30 euro you get a good value for your money. Although this one was only a 6 out of 10, we still managed to have a laugh. Judging by the full waste-basket I guess they are pretty popular though.

So, after a couple of beers in one of the bars on the street behind Rue d'Arschoet, it was time for part deux. This time I really wanted to do a blonde, however pickings today were scarce. After a lot of soul searching, I decided to on a dark blonde in window 154 (about a 7.5). Her name was Jenny and she came from Bulgaria. She told me that she'd been in Belgium for a couple of months and that she liked it. She looked to be in her early twenties and for 40 euro she agreed to have sex doggy style without her underwear.

She gave a reasonable cbj (not as good as before), and after a little while I told her to bend over and prepare for the second cumming. I made her face the mirror so that I could look at myself and proceeded to drill her. Her pussy was a bit like a Welington boot so I guess business had been good today. She had a great rack and I made sure to take the time to have a good feel once in a while. Her ass was pretty nice as well and her chocolate starfish was begging to be taken advantage off by someone who had the correct change. Anyway, after taking a leaf out of Rocco Siffredi's book I eventually came inside her. She was great and she backed up right into my stomach (which felt great) until every drop was drained.

All in all, what a treat I had today. For the total of 70 euro, I had two great experiences that I can highly recommend. It's not every city in western Europe where you can pay 35 euro a peice for a good time. Well that's all folks, stay tuned for the next installment,


09-14-04, 08:21

In my experience the black girls on the street don't have madam's, so there are no extra costs involved.

With the white girls, however, there is more often than not a madam there. They will not ask you for money themselves but the girls will, when they take your money. In some cases they will ask for as much as 5 euro. Personally, I don't mind paying something, although I don't like it (about 50 cents), as I've seen that the madam's are the ones who clean up after us and generally look after the girls if anything goes wrong.

Check out my tip below on how to avoid paying too much.

09-15-04, 08:10

through the quality of girls on offer on the rue d'aerschot and having the time, 15 or 20 visits wouldn't take that long at all.

The fact is most of the money that is made on the street goes to the people who own the windows. It has been estimated that these people are raking in over 40 million euro's a year and they get away with it by employing women from outside of the EU, who do not have proper work permits etc. The less of your money that goes to these people the better.

In an ideal world, the money should go straight to the women, but it never seems to work like that.

C'est la vie!

Out for Flesh
09-18-04, 22:30
The Blue Lagoon,

Went there a couple of days ago, following the advice of some fellow monger. It is basically as it was described: officially a sauna where one gets a towel to cover with. All men were wearing that towel in the the bar at the basement. The bar itself (and the rooms) were in an aging condition, as they had been built with very cheap materials and never refurbished. Charm: 0.

The people there was however very polite and they put up with my quite limited French (it was like 18 years without speaking French!). I ended up talking to a black girl from the former Belgium Congo, named Maggie, with a delightlful childish face. I invited her to drink something and she did a good work caressing me outside and inside the towel. We arranged for a massage followed by you know what. Price: 150E (Ok, you could say I had been ripped, but it was my personal decision at that moment...).

Massage was OK, but nothing to write home about. Same with the rest of the session, which included DFK and CBJ.

In general, fair impression, but I'd probably taste some other place in Brussels before returning. If anyone of you wants to give it a try, it is actually Rue de Livourne (and the taxi driver did indee know it), but I could not see the name outside. It has, however, a blue neon light in the outside, shaped as arches, which makes it easy to locate it.

Out for Flesh
09-18-04, 22:47
The Blue Lagoon,

Went there a couple of days ago, following the advice of some fellow monger. It is basically as it was described: officially a sauna where one gets a towel to cover with. All men were wearing that towel in the the bar at the basement. The bar itself (and the rooms) were in an aging condition, as they had been built with very cheap materials and never refurbished. Charm: 0.

The people there was however very polite and they put up with my quite limited French (it was like 18 years without speaking French!). I ended up talking to a black girl from the former Belgium Congo, named Maggie, with a delightlful childish face. I invited her to drink something and she did a good work caressing me outside and inside the towel. We arranged for a massage followed by you know what. Price: 150E (Ok, you could say I had been ripped, but it was my personal decision at that moment...).

Massage was OK, but nothing to write home about. Same with the rest of the session, which included DFK and CBJ.

In general, fair impression, but I'd probably taste some other place in Brussels before returning. If anyone of you wants to give it a try, it is actually Rue de Livourne (and the taxi driver did indee know it), but I could not see the name outside. It has, however, a blue neon light in the outside, shaped as arches, which makes it easy to locate it.

09-22-04, 02:22
There is a great club in Brussels called “Le Bermude” that I haven’t seen mentioned in this or any other forum. This club is a swingers club that admits single guys and they also have some independent working girls present through out the day. The best thing about this club is that you can often have free sex there.

Le Bermude is located on 86 Rue Mercelis, just off Avenue Louise. Tel : +32 (0) 2644 6606 Website www.lebermude.com . I have visited the club about 6 times over the last 2 years, and have had some excellent experiences there.

When you enter the club you pay a 20 euro entry fee, and you are given 2 towels and a locker key, you then change in the mixed changing area, which is located on the ground floor along with the reasonably priced bar – 2.50 euro for a bottle of local beer. There is also a Jacuzzi in the bar area. In the basement there are showers, a steam room and a sauna. On the first floor there is a lounge showing porn movies and second and third floors there are various “fucking” rooms.

Three types of women are present in this club:

1. In House Independent Working Girls

There are about 4-5 working girls there the afternoons only, which vary from 2 to 8 on the ole 1-10 scale. These ladies arrive around noon and often leave by 6 or 7 pm.

You will know them straight away because they all wear sexy dress etc, and any other women there will be wearing white towels or robes. They charge a standard 125 euro for one hour, which includes French kissing, BBBJ, Licking Pussy, and Cum as many times in the hour. The session starts with a shower, and then a BBBJ in the steam room in view of everyone else for about 15 minutes – often other guys may feel her ass and tits while she’s blowing you – and then you go to a private room. Now you can skip the whole steam room bit if you want, and just go straight to the private room after the shower. If it is quiet you can also negotiate a short 20 minute session for 50-60 euro, which is either a BBBJ or Fuck but not both.

The line up of women that were there in June 04 were as follows:

A) Sasha : Russian , Blonde, 172 cm, slim, silicone tits , 25 years, 8/10 looks, 10/10 performance, little English, great attitude and loves having Pussy licked.
B) Helen : Belgian, Blonde , 174 cm, voluptuous but not Fat, Big Ass,30 years , 5/10 looks, 9/10 performance, Good English , good attitude
C) Little Greek girl : 160 cm, slim , 22 years, small natural tits, 7/10 looks, 8/10 performance, Good English , good attitude
D) some old Belgian hag of about 50 who I just avoided.

These girls are independent and the Boss lets them come to the club free of charge, and the numbers of girls change all of the time, back in March there were all different girls.

2. Outside hookers

Then there are many Guys who bring in “outside” hookers with them. Most of these guys either want an audience to watch them fuck, or they want to Gang Bang these girls with whoever else is around. These guys are usually very generous with the hookers they bring in, and it is often very easy to get one of these girls for sloppy seconds FOR FREE all by yourself. In a typical afternoon in this club 2 or 3 guys might arrive with paid girls.

3. Regular Swingers - Another Free Option.
Also throughout the day, some couples will come in looking for guys or gangbang action. Now as long as you are not too hideous, you should have a good chance of scoring some of these women as well, at least in a gang bang situation.

I usually go there around 2 pm during the week, and stay for about 6 hours. I always do an in house hooker first , and then I relax for an hour or two, in the Jacuzzi or having a few beers at the bar. Then more often than not some free options arise in the evening time. Of the 6 times I was there, only once did I not manage to find some free sex. This really is great club to spend a day.

09-29-04, 19:57
Regarding Le Bermude,

I went there on a Tuesday from 8PM to 10PM; There were no women, only 3 other guys all waiting. I guess the afternoons must be best. Does anyone have any evening options?

10-01-04, 03:24
Afternoons in Le Bermude are best, working girls generally leave by 6 or 7 pm, and the swinging action is also busier in the afternoons.

10-02-04, 00:41
For those of you who know the Cafe Zottegem in front of Gare du Midi (South Railway Station), another one opened in the North of Brussels, at the corner of Rue de Laeken and Rue du Foin. It appeared to operate in the same way, namely the girls stay inside, or close to the cafe that offers a refuge place in case of police intervention.

At the same time, I noticed that the city has changed the one-way signs: it is no longer needed to make such a long tour. Nowadays, starting e.g. rue de Laeken, turn right into rue du Foin, then twice again right, and the road ends where you started.

The same evening, I saw some (7 or 8) SW on Bd du Roi Albert, including trannies.



10-02-04, 18:24
Decided at the last moment to take a trip up to the north station today and take on another double header. I didn't have as much time today as last time, so I had to pick and choose quite quick.

First up, I decided to take on one of the black girls at the end of the street again. I chose Florence from Nigeria who told me she's been living in Belgium for about 18 months. She had a nice body with medium to small tits. She quted me 30 euro, however this girl was a pro and it took some convincing to get her to take her clothes off. We started off with a nice cbj. Her technique was good, but nothing to write home about. After a little while I got her to stand up and had a good look at what was to come. When we got down to the main event, she would only do missionary (not my favourite but I'm not complaining). Once we got started I kind of got into it, and a while later I finished up inside her.

I'll go as far as to recommend this girl, however if you're going to use her then make sure you're swithched on, othwerwise you could be out of pocket. Overall 6/10

For part deux, I decided to go for a fetching brunette at the beginning of the street (nr.60?). She was a young looking Bulgarian girl, who looked better from outside than in. This girl was called Nina and she had a tatoo of a cobra on the small of her back. She didn't speak French and only a little bit of English. All I wanted was to do her doggy-style without her clothes on for 40 euro. The haggling must have got to her as the next thing she says is, "two positions and no clothes for 40 euro". Not wanting to argue I agreed and off we went to the cubicle. I paid her and donated my remaing change to the madam (about 45 cents in coppers).

She started with another cbj. Her technique was not very good. She concentrated on sucking my glans and pulling my shaft with her hand. To me, a bj should be all mouth. After a little while I got fed up with her sloppiness and motioned that I wanted to penetrate her. I got her to ride me cow-girl, and wow did she like to ride. At one point I thought I was going to go through the bed. If my dick hadn't slipped out and got crushed by her I would have enjoyed it for longer. So, finally we got round to a bit of doggy. She really enjoyed this and was backing into me along with my thrusts. As I felt myself coming to a climax, she was approaching one as well. So just to be an evil bastard I pulled out and wanked myself off to completion before she had a big O.

This was a nice girl and guessing by the lack of language skills quite new to the street. I definantly recommend her, at least until she becomes hardened to the lifestyle. Overall 8/10.

10-05-04, 21:36
Yes... On my way to Madrid from Amsterdam, I arrived really early to the Zaventem, so I decide to make a quick visit to Gare du noord.

So, from the airport round trip, on the same day is 5,20 Euros, every 20 minutes you have a train there.

So I arrived, and start looking, Really there were some nice ladies. I was temtep by a dark lady, on the upper side of the street. She was like upstairs, and she offered a nice deal 25 Eu. So why not??

The experience was normal nothing to write home about. However for 25 Eu I think it was a fair deal. I think her name is Simona, but not sure, she was wearing a yellow swimming-suit.

So, next stop Madrid, really on of the best places on Europe for Sanukking.

See you in the Madrid forum then!



10-06-04, 16:39
Not much going on in Europes capital, just a short update on the street scene near Metro Izer.

As stated in a report before, the one-way regulation changed, but be careful! It is also only allowed as an inhabitant to go through. The police is checking regularly and it will cost you 40 Euro. So instead of saying it is easier now, I would say it is more complicated.

After a police raid a couple of weeks ago nothing much apart from old and ugly belgium housewives was going on.

Since a couple of days the Bulgarian girls are coming back, not very attractive in general, but if you have some time looking around you can find a good one.

Tariffs as used : 40 or 50 euro plus 12 for the hotel, standard is suck and fuck, sometimes you might be able to find one doing BBBJ. I cannot recommend a special one, but for Brussels still the cheapest and most reliable way to get what was promised.

Have fun,


Jim Quince
10-07-04, 15:26
Here some update URL's from the better massage parlors in Brussels. Not the usual window girls, but the more sophisticated. There are few among them who don't offer "massage complete" = (no sex), but most of them do :


Price ranges from 80-120€ for 30 min. to 150-200€ for 60 min. All have good to very good massage girls and the places are very clean and in safe areas. Definitly more expensive than the window girls, but imo more relax. Some offer escort service as well.

10-07-04, 17:14
It was 2001 April season, Visited to brothel in Brussel. Get a cap from my hotel and we drove the brothells Street (the place was like a small RLS in Ams, but very small place. I forgat this places address. May be there are maximum 20 girls/Houses. Places and rooms are very dirty unlike Dam's Houses (RLS) in.

I do not know now what countries girls working in the brothels rooms. on the time all cabin was fully with Poland fresh girls.

Just curiosity.


11-06-04, 20:53
Well gang, due to the lack of activitiy on this thread I thought it was about time I contributed something.

So, I went down to the Rue d'Aerschot this afternoon looking for a bit of action. As well as getting a bit of action I was also able to get some photo's with my mobile phone camara, so check out the photo section later.

Anyway, onto the action. There seemed to be a few new girls on the street today, however there weren't many stunners. In fact it took me a while to make my first pick. I went for a blonde bulgarian named Paulina at window number 114 (I think). She had a good body and agreed to take her clothes off and take it from behind for 40 euro. Service on this occassion was rushed, and all in all I wouldn't recommend her.

Not feeling satisfied, I decided to go for a second round. This time I chose Lina at number 76, who I reported on in my last report. At first I didn't recognise her, but once inside I knew it was her. She was wearing a cowboy hat and I was hoping she'd wear it for our session however she took it off. As I said in my last report she doesn't speak French and only a little English. This however doesn't matter as she more than makes up for it. Once again for the price of 40 euro, I banged her missionary and doggy. Her blow job was good too once I told her to stop using her hand. All in all a much better experience and worth your money.

Well troops, lets get this thread moving again and get some more info posted, on this, the capital of Europe:-)

Darren Roberts
11-10-04, 18:50
Stayed at my hoteland saw a couple of working African girls in the bar. One was very pretty but in convesation said she wanted 250 Euro for an hours fuck in the room.

Went to Blue Lagoon again and met a girl from Brazil called Jenny. We showered together, went to a room and she gave ne a BBBJ while i fingered inside her pussy, ticklish erotic massage, french kissing, loving eyes, hugs and a complete gfe. Eventually she let me cum onto her pussy and then gave me a back massage and carresed my head as i held her hand.

After an hour we finsihed, went downstairs for a shower, kissed, changed, kissed and I left. This cost 150 euro and i really enjoyed myself.

11-14-04, 10:26
I visited Brussels yesterday, and I have to say that, for the "Capital of Europe" this city is surprisingly provincial. (But, then again, that also applies to Washington DC...) People turn off the light and go home to the family Friday afternoon, so not much is going on during the weekend. In response to earlier posters, a bit of useful information to save fellow hobbyists from wasting their time:

* The Blue Lagoon in Rue de Livourne operates as a gay club on Wednesday and during the weekend. The below postings relate to events that must have taken place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

* Le Bermude opens at 2 p.m. on weekdays, but only at 8 p.m. during the weekend. As far as I could judge on Saturday and Sunday evenings it operates largely as a conventional swinger club.

* The new version of Zottegem (it's called "Zottegem Junior", no less...) on the corner of rue du Laeken and rue du Foin is closed on Saturday afternoon - or at least was closed on this particular Saturday.

OK, I shouldn't get too negative. I spent some "quality time" with a busty Lithuanian girl from St. Raphael (front of the Gare du Midi). In my experience, the girls who operate in the railway bars (as opposed to the multi-bangers in the rue d'Aerschot) don't get that many clients per day. If you offer them a generous tip they will be willing to perform a lot of premium services for you - without a rush.

Finally, I have a hot tip about a club that I haven't seen mentioned on this forum before. On the narrow rue de Terre Neuve (it's about two blocks east of the Gare du Midi and runs parallel with the railway line) there is a small pub called Le Coin. It looks like a typical "grandad cafe" from the outside and is so dimly lit that you'll probably wonder if it's open. Inside you'll find anywhere between four and ten girls of mixed age and nationality. (OK, young Slavs and older Belgians are the rule - though I came across a delectable young Brazilian once....) They have nice clean rooms upstairs and, no doubt because it's a small close-knit circle, the service is usually good. A few months back I even had a Gypsy-looking Bulgarian girl there who took great pains, and seemed to have all the time in the world, to maximise my pleasure. (I'm sure most of you know, this is NOT the usual state of affairs.)

Living High
11-15-04, 04:31
As someone used to the "multi-banger" street, thanks for your detailed posting.

What exactly do you mean "in front of Gare Midi" ? which entrance? Was she on the street or in a bar across the street ?

Thanks for more details on the Lithuanian.

Darren Roberts
11-17-04, 02:52
I tried looking for Le coin, but the street, which exists, is more to the centre of the city and not really two streets parralel to the railway line and to the east of it.

Can you give a better description



11-20-04, 06:21
Living high,

Around the back entrance of Gare du Midi, on the Avenue Fonsny, you have quite a bit of activity. It is concentrated in and around the bars between Rue de Hollande and Rue de l'Angleterre. In all of the bars women of all ages (Belgian, Balkans, ex-USSR and a few Africans) hang out, looking for someone to spend half an hour upstairs with. I suspect the girls who end here are the ones not pretty enough to hawk in the windows of Rue d'Aerschot. When I was there last week the main "attraction" was a small group of new arrivals from Lithuania, all of whom were definitely 10-15 kilos overweight... but then, I like chubby girls. You pay 10-20 euros for the room and 30-50 euros for the girl. The service is unrushed and rather friendly compared with RdA.


Sorry, I got my compass confused. I am talking about the lower part of Rue Terre-Neuve (where it DOES in fact run parallel with the railway tracks). Le Coin is on the corner (!) with Rue Basse - less than 100 metres from the Boulevard du Midi.

11-20-04, 23:53
just back from a pretty good and economical three-day trip to brussels. it is my third trip to brussels this year. prague is better for working girls, but in brussels there are some good swinging opportunities, along with some interesting paid options.

i usually go on a mongering trip every 6 to 8 weeks to one of the better sex cities in europe, so i really try to keep all non-sex costs to bare minimum, also i try to keep the total cost of each trip under €1000.

day 1 – tues 16th nov

arrived in brussels at 6 pm, bought a 3-day metro ticket for €9, and then headed to my budget accommodation, the sleepwell hostel, rue du damier 23. www.sleepwell.be . the great thing about this hostel is that it is more like a budget hotel than a hostel, and it is located in the city centre, about 500 meters from the rld. i booked a single room for 2 nights at €26.50 per night. the rooms are very basic, but they are clean, and you must bring your own towels. i think this is the cheapest accommodation i’ve ever had in any part of europe, prague included. i didn’t try it, but i’m sure you could bring a lady back to these rooms, assuming you wouldn’t be embarrassed about your accommodation. downside is that you must leave the room between 11am and 3pm daily, while they clean.

headed into the city and had a delicious pepperoni pizza in a cheap italian restaurant - $6.50 for the pizza, and €3 for a pint of beer. i then went for a look around the rld at rue d’aerschot opposite gare du nord. i won’t bother describing this rld, because it is covered in detail in many of the other brussels posts. after an hour of window-shopping i was feeling horny and decided to go to le bermude - www.lebermude.com , for some swinging action. i caught the metro from rogier station to louise station, 4 or 5 stops on the same line, le bermude is about 1 km away.

arrived in bermude at 9.30 ish and was told by the manager that the place was pretty busy, there were about 5 couples present, and 8 – 10 single guys. paid the €20 entry fee, and put my clothes in the locker. i head down to the basement for a shower, and saw the door to the steam room had been left open. i peered in and there was a gang bang in progress. so quick shower and into the steam room, there were 2 couples present, and 3 single guys. the women were in their early forties but still in decent shape. as i walked in one lady was sitting down giving head to a guy standing in front of her, and wanking a guy sitting beside here, the other lady was standing bent over the seat and being fucked doggy style, and 2 guys were just standing back, watching the action while jerking off. i got down on my knees and moved in and licked the pussy of the woman that was giving head, which she enjoyed very much. after a while it got very hot, and one of the guys moved the party out into the shower and then up stairs to a big fucking room, complete with many joining mattresses. upstairs some more guys joined in, and more guys just stood jerking off. i only got to fuck one of the women, but licked both pussies, and got one bbbj. two cums in total.

after that session, i failed to hook up with any other more women. not all of the couples there gang bang, some are just exhibitionists. i did get to watch a guy fuck his lovely 22-year-old girlfriend near the end of the night, which was a bit of a bonus i suppose. that was a good night in the bermude, and it only cost me €30 inclding 4 beers, i left at 2 am got a taxi back to the hostel.

day 2 – wednesday

stayed in bed until 11 am, then headed into the city for breakfast, and then strolled around the shops. at 2 pm i went to the bermude again to see could i manage some more swinging/gang banging. afternoons there can be good, and some guys bring wgs in from the street and it is possible to have some fun with them as well. there was a steady stream of couples and guys with hookers throughout the afternoon, but alas i didn’t get to join in anywhere, with only one scottish guy letting me in to watch him do a black wg in a private room. she was hot and had a massive pair of tits. during the afternoon there were 2 in-house wg’s, and neither of these were great, although they only charge €50 for 30 minutes, and that includes a bbbj and kissing. i took the better of the 2 ladies at around 5 pm, stephanie – 35 years old, blonde, and ill be generous and give her a 5, although she is very sympathetic. in the evening there i saw a little action but didn’t manage any more swinging or gang banging, i stayed on in the bermude until 10 pm, until hunger got the better of me.

i got the metro back to the center and had a bite, before going to the rld. i was approached by some black sw while walking into the rld, all were offering 30 minutes of s/f in a nearby hotel for €50. although some were pretty hot, i declined because i know you can get a similar deal from the black window girls. after an hour of walking around, i decided on a big fat black girl, she had huge tits down to her waist, and gave an ok 30 minute service for €50. i then headed into the city centre for a few pints before hitting the sack.

day 3 – thursday.

i planned to check out some new places today that i only heard about on this great forum in the last couple of months - the bars around avenue fonsny, and the blue lagoon club.

checked out of the hostel at 12pm and took the metro down to the midi station, to store my bag in a locker, so i could spend my last afternoon mongering without the hassle of a bag. av fonsny is at one end of the station, and the famous café zottegem is opposite the station, along with another similar bar called “le jonction”.
these bars are in very old rundown buildings, and i wouldn’t say they will be around much longer, as there is much evidence of development in the area, with many new office blocks etc. i believe from the posts on this forum that there are more of these bars in the streets around the area, but because it was lashing rain i didn’t get a chance to explore.

café zottegem is a medium sized bar, as i walked in i saw 7 wgs were sitting together beside the window, and there were about 10 girls present that day. i walked to the bar, and before i could order a drink a plumpish russian blonde girl came over offering her services. she was a 6 and had little english, but could muster enough to tell me that the price was €50 for 30 minutes of suck and fuck. i was tempted but declined because i wanted to wait to check out the chics in the blue lagoon. i stayed about 10 minutes in zottegem, and had 1 beer. the bar was full of a degenerate cliental, and all of the girls had a sort of dirty, “smelly pussy” look about them, although 4 or 5 of younger ones were sexy enough to do. most were dressed in very normal clothes and ranged in age from 20 to mid 40’s. i left and had a look in le jonction, much worse selection of women here. only 4 women present, and out of that only 1 was young and doable. the other 3 were over 50 and hideous.

the last club i visited was the blue lagoon - http://www.lelagon.be/. despite some bad reviews on this forum i was impressed. this club is only about 300 meters from le bermude, and is also a swingers club that has working girls present. it is 18-euro entry, and in the basement there are two jacuzzis, a steam room, and a sauna. on the ground floor is a bar, and then on the next few floors are various fucking room, complete with peep holes. i arrived at 3.30 pm and there were 4 wg’s present. there was one 8, one 7, and two 5s. the 8 is a belgian girl called gina, she 32 and has a slimish tanned body, with decent size tits and arse. the 7 is a plumpish black girl with big tits and obviously a big ass. i like bigger women btw. they charge 150 for the hour and 100 for 30 mins. i took gina for ½ hour, and had a decent shag. no bbbj, but kissing and daty included. i spent 2 ½ hours in the club, and only saw one couple in the club. one of the regular guys told me that friday night after midnight is great for swinging and gang banging. gina told me that about 15 wgs visit the club at different times throughout the week. the biggest downside of this club is the price of the girls, 150 per hour is a little steep.

note : this club operates as a gay club on wednesdays, saturdays and sundays.

i think brussels has a good scene, with a good array of options. the swinging can be great if you have the patience to wait for it.


12-04-04, 18:51
Well gang, I went for a bit of pre Christmas window shopping today even though I was freezing my balls off. Too be honest I really wasn't in the mood for it today but I did it anyway. After checking out what was on offer, I decided on a black haired beauty in nr76. Like I said I wasn't in the mood but I just couldn't resist.

Her name is Diane/Deanne and is a 20 year old Bulgarian girl. I went for a 40 euro standard suck and fuck and for the first time she forgot to ask for money for the madam (I wasn't going to remind her). To cut to the chase, she gave me a really good cbj, and her tight shaved pussy was a pleasure to take from behind. After I came inside her we talked a little and she sounded like a really nice girl. She told me she works on the street every day.

Overall I'd give her a 7 in looks, 9 for technique and hospitality (recommended)

Afterwards I went to the South station to try and find the "Studio Le Coin", that Priamos mentioned. I could not find it, but I didn't have a lot of time to look. Cafe Zottegem looked pretty packed however most of them were men. Like I said I wasn't really in the mood to explore today, so next time I'll try and get some better info for you all.

Happy hunting


12-04-04, 21:26
Hi Guys,

Was looking at the news on the belgian channel, and they show some images, of a short street with some SW working on it.

Do anybody has an idea where it could be? BTW, I am pretty sure it was not Louizalaan at all.

Thanks for the help,


Mike Peters
12-07-04, 02:18
Hi Diovatelli

This may help you or may not its not easy i cant remember al the street names.

If you know where Roi de Albert is it's a long street with a lot of sw's and tv's on not far from Garre de Nord.

If you stand on the busy road facing down Roi De Albert and walk to your left you come to a station which is the end of one of the metro lines again to the left of that area there are a few back streets where there are more sw's and a few bars that they hang around in.

There is more info on this area in the forum already it was posted earlier this year.

I Luv Massage
12-07-04, 09:25

I found a good way to be discreet . I rented an apartment from www.easyliving.be . The apartments is on Ave Louise while the office is 3 blocks away . So you can pick a girl from the Ave. and take her to your room with no lobby to worry about .

Good Luck

12-07-04, 10:32
Hi friends,
Today, I have called Feline (http://www.00-sexe.com/feline.php) to get some more information on her services and tariff. Although she looks very pretty on her website, she was extremely aggressive and rude on telephone. So, I cannot imagine someone having relaxed time next to her. Her tariff was: 100€ (1/2h) 125€ (3/4h) 150€(1h). I would say, avoid her.

Oosten Wind
12-09-04, 14:58
I went to bar on corder Avenue Fonsny - Rue de l'Angleterre at 13.30 hr.
3 Bulgerian ladies sitting.
Sat table next to them, drunk a coffee. Girl asked me 'faire l'amour' for 50 EURO. Score 6 ... but I was in need.
3-4 men sitting and staring around, I did not want to bargain. Paid 15 EURO fo room and went upstairs.
Room well heated and not dirty. Undressed, washed, and started to kiss. Gave me a covered BJ and came over me to finish.
Experience not too bad. When walking away, saw some 7-8 gilrs siting in café Zottegem. Next time, I'll try.

12-09-04, 19:47

The cafe you went to must have been St. Raphael. To tell you the truth, I'd recommend you stick to that one: There are normally more girls "on display" at Zottegem, but in my limited experience they are trickier and the rooms are shabbier. Many of the Z girls are Romas (or Gypsies, or whatever...) with dark skin, gold teeth and a money obsession. Last time I went with one of those she interrupted the act once every four minutes with a call for extra cash. (I didn't pay extra, of course. I had already tipped her handsomely for a "premium service".) This is not intended as a criticism of Z - indeed some of these girls also show up in the other bars of Av. Fonsny as well - but... my advice would be, stick to S-R and pick a fair-skinned girl.

Kris Kras
12-09-04, 22:24
Diovatelli, the street(s) you saw on television are the rue Van Gaever and rue des Commercants near the porte d'Anvers. Police actions going on against the (illegal immigrant) girls, not against the johns.Most girls do BBBJ in a nice hotel of these streets. Be carefull, some girls even offer F without.

12-11-04, 20:57
Hey Gang,

visited Rue d'Aerschot again today as I was interested in banging Diana again at nr76. I liked this girl last week and I wanted some more of that 20 year old pussy. Today, I went for a 60 euro 20 minute session ( a little bit of a rip off, but I liked her so it didn't bother me). I started by fondling her breasts and rubbing her pussy a little. After a little while of this and some talking she put a condom on his lordship and proceeded to start a cbj. After a little while of this I made her stop and I went back to sucking her nipples and playing with her pussy. She didn't like me sticking my fingers in her so I just played with her clit and bit her nipples. After I'd had enough I took her in missionary, as I'm a tall guy I don't like this position much (especially when with short girls), so after a short while I changed to a bit of spooning (good position if you like to fondle breasts and nipples) and eventually I finished inside her after she had ridden me cowgirl style.

I still recommend this girl and I urge you to hurry on up there to try her out before she leaves for Bulgaria at the end of the month.

12-11-04, 21:27
After my session at the North Station I decided to explore around the South Station. I visited 4 bars.

Studio Le Coin:
This was the first bar I went to. Just follow Priamoses directions and maybe a map (if you're not familiar with the area). This place is a lot smaller than you would think (I'll post a crappy picture later). Inside the place was full with no seats available. Pretty much all the men in there were North African/Arab. There were 5 women in there 4 of whom would register a score below zero with me. The 5th was a platinum blonde who just didn't interest me. I had 2 cokes at the bar and after about 10-15 minutes I left. I was disappointed with this place as I'd heard a lot of good things about it, however maybe 17.30pm is just not a good time to go.

St Raphael:
I visited this place on the way back to the station. This place was bigger and just as packed (mostly North African/Arab men). The women in here where were either fat or Romany/Gypsy. I had one beer and left.

Cafe Le Zottegem:
Another place I'd heard a lot about that left me just as dissapointed. The place was farily packed when I arrived however during the course of drinking a beer it emptied out (I really don't smell that bad). After I sat down at one of the tables one of the grousome foursome sitting at a window table got my attention and suggested going upstairs for a suck and fuck. She was a Gypsy/North African that I had no intent of fucking. Once again I finished my beer and left.

L'Orient Express:
I had walked past this place earlier and I had noticed a nice looking bar maid, so I decided to see what was on offer. Inside the place was pretty empty. There were 2 girls behind the bar (the nice one I'd seen earlier and a blonde). I got a beer and sat down at a table opposite. I observed that these girls weren't Belgian (most likely Baltic) however I didn't have the balls to go and ask them if they were working girls. When I finished my beer I left and went back to the station to catch my train.

All in all I was dissapointed with this area. Maybe I just picked the wrong time to visit these places. Anyway, if you are just interested in a quick bang with a good looking girl then just stick to the area around the North Station otherwise be prepared to wait it out. Well, I'm interested to know what the rest of you think (especially about the Orient Express).

Happy hunting


12-12-04, 12:54
I've heard there is aplace called Boite a surprises on Rue de la Victoire. Has anyone recent experience of it? I'm wondering whether its worth a visit (instead of rue Aeroshot). Advice welcome.

Oosten Wind
12-12-04, 20:00
Hi Sha47,

I go frequently.

Mostly 4 to 5 girls, score 5 to 7.
I like very much a black one, being regular she gives me GFE.

It's safe, clean and cheap. But if you are looking for young models, don't go there.

I copy paste part of a post of mine dated end May 2004.

’Boite à surprises’,
Rue de la Victoire 109 , 1060 BRUSSELS
Take underground Porte de Hal or Parvis de St Gilles. Some 600m walking.
Use www.mappy.com to get small map.
Tel +32 477 188080
Weekdays + Saturday from 10u30 till 19u00.
Price 80€ FS, 100€ for 2 girls.
Several girls, usually staying for 4-5 months.

Good luck and keep us informed.

01-02-05, 17:06
day 1:

arrived at sleepwell , rue du damier 23 at 6.30 pm. i went for one of their star rooms this time, 35 euro per night in a tidy little room complete with ensuite bathroom and tv. went out for dinner in a cheap italian restaurant, and then decided to first explore the area around rue de laeken and rue de commercants. started at the bottom of rue de lacken at the first sw girls i encountered were standing outside zottegem junior near the top of the road. the café it self was very empty and there were four girls standing outside, all in their early 20’s. three of them had a dark complexion, and were a little plump. the other was a russian blonde, and pretty skinny. they all looked a little unhealthy and a little unwashed. the russian blonde was a little sarcastic to say the least.

“hi, do you speak english?” i said.
“shit, i don’t speak french” then with big hand movements and slow speech “how much is sex?”
“40 euro and 13 euro for the hotel”
“hold on, i thought you don’t speak english”
“i don’t!!!!” she said smartly.
“ha ha ha, ok do you do bbbj and kissing?”
“for 50 euro i will do anything you want for half hour”
“hmmm ill think about it”

i then turned left and walked down rue de commercants, it’s a longish street and i saw around 30 sws in total. they were all ages, nationalities, shapes and sizes. some were definitely trannies, and of the actual women there, most were very hideous. id say most are also druggies. i only saw 2 or 3 doable women, and i am not fussy.

the women in this area are not at pushy, which is a surprise.

decided to go to le bermude swingers club and see could i score there ( see my other reports in this section for details about le bermude). place was reasonably busy when i arrived at 9.30 pm, and there were some swinging couples about, and a dozen single guys. there were two working girls there, jennifer who’s been there for years, and a cute new 24 year old brazilian chic called anna ( see photos). i decided to see if i could move in or some of the swinging chics first, so down to the steam room and there were one couple in there. as i walked in they were fondling each other, so i went over and sat beside the woman, an attractive blond of around 30. after a few mins they went out for a shower, and then they came back in to the steam room and she started sucking his cock, while kneeling on the bench beside him, and sticking her ass up in the air. as soon as she did this the 4 single guys all stood up and moved in a for a closer look, i also moved in closer, and placed my big face against her big ass, and started licking her pussy and anus while jerking myself. she was into it, and we carried on that way for about 5 minutes when here guy came, and as soon as he was finished, he took her away from me- the bastard. she at least apologized. i was then left sitting with a hard on, and went looking for more swining action but couldn’t find anymore.

i then bumped into anna on the stairs, and she offered me some choices with her limited english. i could have an hour of everything, bbbj, licking pussy, kissing for 100 euro, or ½ hour of everything for 50 euro. i decided to go for the half hour, we went to a private room and lauched straight into a 69, after 10 mins i was near ready to cum so i told her to bag me up, and she climbed on me and finished me. we then we downstairs for a shower and i took her into the steam room cos i was still very horny, i lay down and she gave me an excellent bbbj/hand job combo, and i shot another big load after 10 mins or so. she then suggested we go to the bar for a drink, we sat at the bar and had 2 drinks, and then we hoped in the jacuzzi for ½ hour or so.

i had spent an hour and a half with her at this stage, i then asked her to come upstairs again, so she asked for another 50 euro. we had a nice long fuck that lasted nearly an hour, and then back to the jacuzzi for another half hour and then some drinks. i spent a total of 3 ½ hours with this girl for a 100 euro, and four drinks. i headed back to the hotel at around 3.00am. excellent night.

day 2:

got up around 1 pm and went for breakfast, then headed back to the rue de commercants area to see what the daylight action would be like, and man the quality was even worse than the night before, way more trannies around, and some old baggage’s in their 70’s offering themselves to the world !! spent an hour walking around getting quotes and checking them all out, then i saw this pretty looking bulgarian girl in her early 20’s, she was a little fat, but had a nice big ass and huge tits. i like fattish women so i went for it, we negotiated 1/2 hour of everything for 40 euro and 13 euro for the hotel. she took me to this little hotel off rue de commercants, where i payed 13 euro to an old madam.

the room was very basic, and only had 2 chairs, a bed and a sink. we both stripped off, and when she took off her white knickers, i noticed they completely filthy with a large skidmark and plenty of yellow mucus in the crotch area. i felt myself starting to get a little turned off, and decided there was no way i was going to lick that crotch. but in no time she turned me on again, when she sat on the bed and i stood in front of her, and she proceeded to give me a fantastic bbbj, while i felt her huge tits, she has massive big brown nipples almost the size of the actual breasts. the chic had one of the most amazing pairs of tits i have ever seen. i was nearing ejaculation after 15 minutes or so, and sensing this she put a condom, lay back on the bed and lead me into her very hairy pussy. as i thrust in, a foul smell came wafting out. the dreaded smell of a yeast infection or thrush perhaps. i did my best to block it out of my mind and fucked her as fast as i could until i shot my load. as i withdrew from her foul pussy i nearly pucked when i saw the state of the condom. it was covered in a thick yellow, disgusting mucus, and i can clearly smell it as i write this.

i encountered a women this problem in indonesia in 1997 and it put me off sex for a week. i gave my cock a very good wash, and was thankful for the heavy latex of the condom for keeping that filth off my cock. i got dressed and told the girl to get herself to a doctor and to sort herself out, and all she did was laugh at me and gave me the finger. after that i decided to take a break from sex for the rest of the afternoon.

i went to the cinema and saw oceans 12. it was ok but strangely the cinema only sold sweet popcorn and had no salted. after 2 hours of watching the lovely catherine zeta jones on the silver screen i felt horny again.

i went for dinner in chinese restaurant and then headed to gare du nord area for a look around. there are some really beautiful girls in the area, but like all window girls in the world, they are just a rip off. for me 10 minutes just isn’t enough. still looking at window girls is a great way to pass time. it is also great exercise; you can walk miles going around a rld. i then went back to le bermude for the remainder of the evening, and did anna again for 50 euro. the swinging was slow, and i only got to watch some. but hey, watching is a bonus. left at 3 am.

day 3:

decided to dedicate my final afternoon to the women and bars around avenue fonsny. i checked out of the hotel at 2 pm, went for breakfast, and put my bag in a locker in the gare du midi station at 3pm. i headed across the road and looked in the windows of café zottegem and st raphael ( see photos). 5 women in zottegem, most were not appealing, 15 women in st raphael, with 3 or 4 doable ones. went for a walk around the whole area for an hour, and saw 3 or 4 sws. this is a rough area and in the afternoon there i saw very few white people, the majority living in this area are of north african origin.i found the famous “le coin” bar, and i went in for a look and it was very disappointing, there were 3 women all over 40, and all totally hideous.

i didn’t stay and then went to st raphael. as i walked in the door i spotted this serious hottie, linda (see photos). i went to talk to her, and she had no english at all, she explained it was 50 euro for 30 minutes with sign language. she indicated that she was from albania, and is 23 years old. id rate this girl as 8 and id give 7 for performance. i tried to ask her if she did bbbj or daty, but she didn’t understand or at least pretended that she didn’t understand.

i got linda up to the room, which was basic but had a bidet, which we both used to wash our genitals, and she has a beautiful body with big natural tits and completely shaved pussy. when i saw that pussy i had to have on my face. but she wanted 20 more for the 69, and to be honest i could get it out of my pocket quick enough. we did a 69 for the whole half hour and i saved my cum right till the end. her bbbj was ok but not fantastic, her **** tasted lovely though. i stayed on in st raphael for a few beers, and then went to café zottegem for a few. both places have a real old world charm about them, and despite the tough cliental the athmosphere is very relaxed. you can also entertain yourself with the various hawkers that come in selling fake watches, clothes, mobile phones etc through the day.

to conclude, id say st raphael has the best selection of women, or at least it did that day. also in st raphael you pay a total of 50 euro for both girl and room, and that is for basic fuck and suck with condom. in zottegem you pay 13 for the room, and 40 or 50 for the girl. some of the girls in zottegem told me they would include a bbbj and daty for 40 euro, depends on the girl i suppose.

01-04-05, 18:56
Fred my boy, what a compelling and gripping narretive you have contributed :) I saw for myself, before Christmas that the bars around Gare du Midi were pretty sparse and I have read likewise on dialogueslib. It is thought that most of the wg's go home to their own countries around this time of year, especially the East European ones as they take Christmas quite seriously.

I'm heading up to Brussels tomorrow and I had been thinking about doing the Rue des Commercents, however after your research into potential biological weapons I think I'll be giving it a miss. This kind of thing is why I tend to stay around the Gare du Nord. O.K it might be more expensive but you get better looking women who look after themselves. Anyway 40 euro for a suck and fuck is about the same as you paid it all depends on how long you last :D

Anyway, great pics. I took some myself of the Av. Fosney but it was dark and they turned out shitty. I'll try and get some more around the Gare du Nord tomorrow afternoon.

01-04-05, 23:22
I am traveling to Brussels for my first time and will be staying at the Novotel near Gar du Midi. Can someone tell me which areas/streets/clubs for mongering are within safe walking distance of this area?

01-05-05, 04:44
Guys, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I would like to add a word of caution regarding the much acclaimed Le Bermude club. Let it be said, though, that I have only visited it twice, in both cases between 2 and 5 p.m., so my experiences are perhaps not representative. All the same, following the upbeat reports on this forum I was mightily disappointed by the club.

Le Bermude has a nice sauna and hamam, a small jacuzzi and a rather well stocked bar. - All of which wonderful, not least on a cold Brussels winter afternoon. But then there are the hostesses. I simply have not met one single woman there who was either younger than 40 or good looking (to say nothing of combining the two...). During my last visit, on Monday, I sat down in the the bar and was joined by a woman whose brown hair had grey roots, who began to purr at me on top of her tobacco-hoarse voice while pressing her spare tyre against my hip. Needless to say, I left the place after five minutes. OK, maybe I have just been unlucky, but... I'm in my thirties and (still) relatively slim, and I go for pros who are younger and slimmer than I. So far Le Bermude has failed to deliver.

Oosten Wind
01-05-05, 11:37
Hello AsianLover

With all respect, if you read post from Ludovico in this section (december 11th) or one of my old posts (may or june) in this section, you will find all the info you need.

Have a great time.

01-05-05, 16:38

I never said Bermude was great for working girls, but from time to time certain independent girls will work there for a few months, either in the evenings or the afternoons. Anna the hot Latina i had last week only arrives after 8 pm, but she may finsihed working there now, who knows?. A regular punter told me that Sasha, a blonde russian hottie, who was working in Lebermude earlier last year has moved across to the the Blue Lagoon. I would have went to the Blue Lagoon except it was closed for holidays last week.

Also i clearly indicated that the swinging action is hit and miss, and usually one has to wait it out for a couple of hours to see or partake in the swinging activities.

01-06-05, 09:46
First of all AsianLover, around the Gare du Midi there are numerous bars where you can find w/g's, however at the moment the standard seems to be very poor. I don't know what your taste in women is like however I would recommend that you jump on a train from the Gare du Midi heading to the Gare du Nord (you don't need to buy a ticket) or take a taxi to the Rue d'Aerschot and check out the window girls. It's not very far away from where you will be and there is action available 24hrs a day (don't be embarassed to jump in a window everyone else is there for the same reason as you :D ). If you're into Asian girls then I would try and find some escort sites before you arrive, I have seen sites that offer Thai girls, however this is a little bit more expensive.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Rue d'Aerschot to check out if I could find any bargains in the January sales! After having a good scout around the Rue de la Prairie and Rue Linne, I decided to go for one of the black girls on Rue d'Aerschot. Only go to Rue Linne and Rue de la Prairie if you're into fat, black and older women! (I'm not but I like to look anyway in-case I miss a bargain).

I first went to Jenny/Jeanie, a tall black girl with braided hair from Africa in nr.204. If I'm going to do more than one girl then I like to dump my first load in one of the black girls on the street for the small price of 30 euro. This was my first lay in nearly 3 weeks and my balls hadn't been emptied in that time! I had the standard suck and fuck, however I wasn't that impressed with her.
Looks-6.5 Performance-6

For the main event I had wanted a busty blonde however my luck was so bad that every girl I settled on was either taken or had gone home. Eventually after many trips up and down I decided on a shortlist of three. A silicone enhanced blonde, a busty dark haired girl and a tight young hottie. I went for the tight young hottie (I do like girls with tight natural bodies)

Her name was Annie (or something similar) and was a 21 year old from Bulgaria. She told me she had been in Belgium for 6 months and intended to stay for another 2. Her face wasn't great (7) but her body was smokin'. Again I went for the 40 euro s/f, however this time the experience was completely different. Her cbj was really good and her pussy was a wonder to behold (o.k maybe a little over-stated)
Looks-8 Performance-8
(If more time and money is invested then this girl could be a GFE)

Happy New Year to you all and Happy Hunting :D

02-08-05, 09:47
February 2nd 2005

Went for a visit to the Rue d'Aerschot today in order to get rid rid of some of those winter blues :tongue . I arrived just after mid-day, however I would recommend that if you are considering coming here at that time then get here for after 13.30pm, as there are not many girls because of the shift change and there are lots of people going to and from the train station.

I was determined to find at least one good looking blonde and in the end I managed to get two :) . Both the girls I sampled, as always, were Bulgarian (I never seem to be able to find another nationality these days).

First up was Pauline/Poline at #154. I have seen this girl before and decided it was time to test the goods. She is about 20/21 years old and was dressed in light blue lingerie. I took her for the standard 40 euro suck and fuck. She had quite a nice body with her natural breasts being the highlight. Her blowjob technique was good but nothing to write home about. After a little while it was time to penetrate that pussy. I fucked her in missionary which ended up being quite a workout.
Looks: 7
Performance: 6.5 (with more money exchanging hands this could change)

Second up was Veronica at #202. I picked her because of her huge silicone rack :D . I spent 60 euro's on this one. We began with some light kissing and touching (those tits were amazing even though they were silicone). In order to get me hard she ran the tips of her fingers over my body which turned me on big time. This was followed by an amazing cbj (one of the best I've had). I really wanted to fuck her by this time so I told her to get into doggy. As well as doggy, we fucked in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. During the last position she started getting concerned about time and proceeded to get off and masturbate me by hand. I really wanted to cum inside her so this was a huge disappointment.
Looks: 7
Performance: 6 (If she wasn't a clock watcher then this would be higher)

To conclude, there were no stunning performances however they're not always guaranteed. Two decent lays that might get better with more investment :D .

02-21-05, 18:09
Having some free time to myself I decided to explore the Stairway to Heaven (or should that be the Highway to Hell) last Saturday :) As you all know by now the Rue d'Aerschot is my preferred venue of choice in Brussels. The bars around Gare du Midi from what I have seen just don't provide the quality I'm after, and reading about Fred Mercury's biological weapons research on the Rue des Commercents just plain scares me!

So I arrived just after 14.00 hrs, the weather was shitty, however there were a number of girls available.

My first target was Tanya at #210. She was a Russian blonde about 160 165 cms tall with a huge rack. I've turned into a bit of a big tit man recently, but I don't think it will last. She was a little chubby but not fat. Her fuck chamber was not very nice and judging by her overflowing bin she had been a busy girl. She started to tell me her tariffs, 40 euro = suck and fuck, 50 euro = suck and 2 positons, 70 euro suck fuck and pussy licking and 100 euro anal. There were deals for 150 and 200 euro's as well but I can't remember (sorry). I was tempted by the anal, but opted instead for the 50 euro deal. I must say she was a really nice girl to talk with and she speaks both English and French. After getting undressed she covered my dick and started to suck. At first it was just good/average but after a little while she started to deep throat me (this is the first time on the street that this has happened to me), which felt awesome. Eventually I decided I wanted to fuck her so I sat up. She mounted me cowgirl style and really fucked me good, eventually we switched to doggy and I slammed her till I came(I guess someone had already taken the anal option because her asshole was stretched when I spread her ass cheeks). Later she told me she's been in Belgium for just over a year and that she's heading back to Moscow in about 1 months time.

Looks - 7 Performance - 8

After taking a quick break I decided to go for round 2. This time I chose Veronica at #202 again. This time I went for a 100 euro option. She is a nice girl but doesn't do anal. For this price it was meant to be sex in multiplle positions and a massage for 30 mins. To cut a long story short, she gave me a really nice cbj (one of the best on the street/ no deep throat though but I didn't need to tell her anything). I banged her in lots of positions, however I just couldn't cum. Eventually she finished me off by hand ( really good arm workout for her. I think she was determined to suceed :) ). This woman is a clock watcher and the madam shouts out to her when time is up, therefore no massage, but I don't really care I banged her pussy real nice!

Looks - 7 Performance - 7,5 (I think this girl is a good 40 - 50 euro option)

After this I'd had enough and ran to the train station to catch my train (what a workout!)

02-28-05, 13:35
Had a few days in Brussels and did my research on this board before I left. Thanks fellas! Got off the train at Rued' Nord and did some window shopping. Man! Some stunners here! Got a nice Belgian sweety for 30 Es. The place is well situated and it was unrushed. I will definetly go again.
Be safe!

03-05-05, 20:20
Well fella's, I went to the Erotica festival at the pyramid at the Place d'Rogier yesterday. Spent a few hours checking everything out and having a good time. I met some nice Hungarian pornstars and watched some of the French ones do some pretty hot shows on the main stage. Thuroughly recommended on the first weekend of March every year :D .

On the way home, I drove past the Rue d'Aerschot. It was about 21.00 hrs, wasn't very busy but there were lots of very fine looking women ;) . Just be careful going there at night there are lots of junkies and people with guns around!

03-06-05, 17:05
Good man Ludovico

You are keeping the Belgian side of the forum alive!! Keep up the good work.
I went to one of those erotica shows in Prague a few years ago, spent about 6 hours there, and jerked off 5 times that night !!! Those shows are good.


03-06-05, 22:00

Anyone visited this swingers club. I have been in Brussels June 04 and I spotted this club, but didn't enter as it was already 2 am.

Any reviews about it?.

Anyway, as i'm posting i'll give a small review.

I'm an amateur monger, so not big one. I visited Rue d'Aerschot and spotted a very cute greek gurl, she is in early 20's, little busty, amazing body, and attitude. we agreed on 50 Euros 2 poisitions and cbj. well, as a not experienced monger i blowed my load early and it was one of the fastest 50 Euro's i spent. I prefer the "cum more than once" german attitude.

I'm looking for my first swinger club experience.

Thanks all

03-07-05, 14:20
Yoksha here is a review a guy posted here on 18 Feb 04 :

"Hello everyone,

Thinking it is a real shame that the forum for the "Capital of Europe" is so quiet, I deciden to share an experience I had recently in Brussels.

The name of the place is Club Val D'amour, located at 11 rue de la Fourche. So, what does address it mean in English? It is quite simple: You are standing in the Grand Place, facing towards the Museum building. Walk through the narrow street on the left side of the Museum ( left when you are facing it ), then turn first left, and then either first or second narrow street on the right is Rue de La Fourche. The club is located some 20m away on the street, on the right handside.

By the way, their web site is http://www.valdamour.be, totally in French. Look at the photos to get the idea of the interior, I am not going to describe it here. All I can say is it is clean and there are beds and corners for both intimate and public view. Note that "intimate" does not mean "isolated".

How I came accross the place is totally by luck, while I was wandering around in the town after having eaten my dinner and looking for a place to find some action. Well, it wasn't bad after all what I got.

It was around 10PM on a thursday evening when I was at the door, the place had been open for about an hour then. On the door was a note reading "limited entry for the single men", so I decided to try it before they won't let any more single guys in. I rang the bell and there opened a nice looking lady, at her early 30's. The body was extremely nice, I mean it, and the face was cute. The breasts were silicon, though. Let's call her No:1. She was speaking kindly, when I asked "are you accepting single men this evening?". She replied "yes, and actually it is a special night tonight - gangbang night". I had never seen a gangbang action live before so this geve me enough kicks to enter. The price for single men is 80€ admission fee plus 20€ membership fee, all inclusive (i.e. drinks and all-you-go). Membership fee is good for one year. What bugged me a little was that she had to take my passport and put my name and passport no on a "members book". Well, anyway I am not thinking of being a politician so who cares .

That I stepped in, where I was given a key for lockers and shown the way to upstairs where the lockers are. You are expected to come back in the room wearing only underwear. So did I. There were two men plus myself, the bartender, and No:1. The thing is that the bartender and this lady had just taken the ownership of theplace so they were very friendly and positive.

Very soon after I stepped in came a young couple. The woman was gorgeous. However she gave me the impression that she is actually a semi-pro working there. She was young, beautiful and had a nice body ( here silicons talk again also ). Let's call her No:2.

Soon after one american couple came in their early 50's. They were actually regulars there. After them three more guys came in and that was before the actions started.

Me and the American couple were the only English speakers ( or non-French speakers ) but most everyone spoke English.

We werechatting from this and that when No:1 approached me by the bar and started caressing me. This was exciting because I was going to be the first one in the evening to start the action. I started caressing her also. She was already with underwear and after some playing she took my hand to the bed, made me sit on the bed, took off my boxers and started a CBJ. (By the way everything was covered, and both No:1 and No:2 allowed DATY.). Anyway, while she was CBJ'ing me,one guy approached her from behind and started rubbing her dick ( in underwear) to her butt. She then left me, turned around and pulled her to my side and started CBJ to both of us one by one. Then the guy started DATY while she was lying on her back, and sucking my penis.

After he made her ready, I took his place and fucked her till come. In the mean time she was moaning and giving CBJ to the guy.

It was very interesting as you see the other people watching you. My first experience.

Then some other guys did a foursome with No:2. My impression was that No:1 and No:2 were making sure that everyone gets laid at least once.

The American woman got fucked by an elderly British guy, in a more intimate bed, but I didn't watch them.

After some more of watching and drinking, the clock hit midnight. I'd like to stay longer but I was tired from the day and had to get up early the next day. So I left.

Overall it was a pleasant evening. The staff were friendly and I can say that I got much more than the €100 total I paid. All those drinks and a nice fuck won't cost cheaper anywhere else. If I had more energy I could have fucked the No:2 as well. Good deal!"

03-07-05, 23:12
Brussels Midi: I walked past some bars opposite Midi station.

Anyone tried these? I am worried of frequenting such bars because of "champagne scams".

There seemed to be some mature ladies in there who might give me good value for money. Do they use nearby hotels?

Brussels Nord: The window girls on Aerschot all have drinks prices in the windows. Do you have to buy the lady a drink? Again, I am worried about falling for the classic "champagne scam". The lady asks you to buy her a drink. On the way out a heavy presents you with a hefty bill for champagne!


03-08-05, 13:51

if you read through all of the previous reports you will see that there are extensive reports on these bars, and no they are not champagne scams :)

03-14-05, 02:30

It's safe to go punting. The morocan boys can be irritating but not dangerous. It seems like a poor area and it probably is, but police presence is felt, so no problems.

I would recomend to pay 50, since that gurantees better service and negotiate everything before you part with your money. English will do well, although i find your english not up to par as well :)

Member #2375
03-17-05, 23:34

Does anyone know of a swinger club in Bxl with pro's? Perhaps it's the best option for the sort of women I'm looking for (wifey types).



03-18-05, 09:15
Just RTFF ;)

03-26-05, 13:38

Can anyone recommend a high calss escort to accompany me to a swinger club.


03-26-05, 22:31
Well everyone it’s been a while since my last report however today I finally managed to get some free time to explore the jewels of the Rue d’Aerschot :) . To be perfectly honest I wasn’t really in the mood to monger today however the temptation of finding a stunner drove me on ;) . I arrived on the street at about 14.15pm. My plan was to find a little hottie to share a 40 euro moment and then to find Tania who I have reported on previously for a bit of anal action. I was quite surprised at the lack of quality displayed today, however you guys that are into BBW’s wouldn’t mind.

First up I went for a 21 year old Bulgarian girl named Jennie/Jeannie at #154. She told me she had been in Belgium for a week however she had worked here before some months ago. I must have been a bit spaced out today because I forgot that I had already railroaded her before. It wasn’t until I left that it occurred to me (she had forgotten as well so what the hell!). For those of you interested in my previous post on her go to :-

previous post (http://www.*************.info/forum/showthread.php?p=284531#post284531)

As before I went for a 40 euro standard suck and fuck with no clothes on! Her cbj wasn’t great, she used her hand way too much and her technique was poor :( . She had a pretty nice body and I enjoyed playing with her C cup tits. I fucked her missionary until completion and as always in #154 enjoyed watching myself do it in the mirror. This girl is definitely a seasoned veteran at such a young age unfortunately for us :( .

Looks-7 Performance- 6.5

For round 2 I was hoping to get Tania at 210/212. When I arrived she just appeared at the window and a guy left. Not wanting to go for sloppy seconds I declined her and went looking for something else. As I mentioned pickings were scarce today and I was running out of time. Eventually I ended up picking a young looking brunette at the tunnel.

Again she was another Bulgarian called Monica. She told me she was 22 but looked younger. She was really thin but had nice round tits. I took her for a 50 euro option. Her blowjob was poor with a lot of teeth. First position was her on top in cowgirl which was nice. After a little while we switched to doggy and I pumped her till I came. To be honest this girl just wasn’t interested and after I got dressed I had to see myself out without even a goodbye :( .

Looks-6.5 Performance-6

Today ended up being a little disappointing however as every monger should know days like this happen. The fact is next time things can be a lot better or heavan forbid worse.

Marlboro Red
04-01-05, 00:19

What is the deal with some of the bars along the main strip near Rogier? I noticed that there are clearly some bars just of the main road that do not look like there are targeted for punters.

Is it just a scam or are there working girls who work in the bars?

Beau Bob
04-01-05, 09:26
I am not actually sure of what place and which bars you really mean.

But if they are the same as I mean, my advice would be to avoid them, as they are more champagne bars and you are risking a ripp-off. And in case you would nevertheless get some pussy, it will be a really expensive one.

Could you perhaps provide more precision on these bars (e.g. name, or at least street name).

David Burne
04-03-05, 18:54
I would avoid the Bars around Rogier, I think they are Rip Off Joints.
I have just returned from Brussels and found the Rue de Aerschot and Rue de Linne quite good.

Day 1 met Nickki (Rue de Aerschot) French Blonde, Mature.

She was very friendly quoted me €40 for S/F I paid and extra €10 and got a great service from her, very enthusiastic CBJ and Sex Mish Position.

Day 2 met Elisabeth (Rue de Linne) young Black Girl, paid €50 got a great CBJ, then sex Mishionary and Doggie to Finish. She has a great sense of humour.

Day 3 Juliette (Rue de Linne) Blonde Belgian Mature lady once again €50 this lady gave the best service as close to GFE as you get. Started with Striptease, Then Massage, CBJ and some really vocal sex to finish in the Mishionary position. She was quite good looking with a great figure.

I felt she didn`t want it to finish as I was leaving she was still stroking my cock and telling me to come back again later most girls just want you out as soon as they`ve got your money.

I did get an offer from a Black Girl (Rue de Linne) she said €25 for everything I thought this sounds a bit cheap and thoughts of a possible transexual entered my head. I just made my excuses and left.

All of these Girls were Window Girls.


04-11-05, 15:50
Attn Fred Mercury,

Thanks for the info on the gang bang at val d'amour.

I am planning to go there asap, I saw that they also have afternoon sessions on Tuesdays.

Question: how many girls were activly joining in on that gb ? was it just these two, or many more?

Question: anyone has experience with the afternoon GB's there?


04-12-05, 06:50
Hi Tom3148,

I guess I was the guy who posted that report about val d'amour.

Anyway, it was a gang bang night when I visited the place and if you read throught that post once again, there were two women working there plus one guest who came with her man. The working ladies were quite impressing, I'd say 7 in the face and 9 in the body. They both had silicon breasts, which I don't mind in a woman unless I'll marry her :) They had good enough skills to manage two-three man at tha same time also :).

This was an experience I had more than a year ago, so things might have gone better or worse. Please try the place and let us get enlightened with your report.


04-12-05, 17:03

I reposted some other guys post, it wasnt me who went there,



04-15-05, 16:00
Sitting at home all horny on Tuesday night I decided to take the day off on Wednesday and explore the offerings on the Rue d'Aerschot. After calling in sick and covering my ass the best I could, I headed off to the most popular street in Brussels :D . I arrived at the Gare Du Nord just after mid-day. At this time of day there is a shift change so I decided to see what was on offer (a couple of nice looking girls but a lot of the windows were empty). I decided I would wait until after 1 o'clock for my first piece of ass, so I went and explored the sex shops. Don't buy anything in those shops they are so expensive!!

Well, my first pick of the day was a blonde at #119. She was a 24 year old girl (maybe older) from Yugoslavia called Veronica who had been working in Brussels for 2 years. I went for the standard 40 euro package (suck + fuck with bra on). She was a nice sweet girl with a great smile. She was a little bit fat (just on the front of the belly) but it wasn't enough to put me off. She led me into the first cubicle where I proceeded to pay her. At once I noticed that the the curtains weren't a great quality and you could see onto the street (if I could see them then maybe they could see me ). To be honest for me that was a little bit exciting as I like to show off. When she got back I layed down on my back and she started to give me a cbj. Her technique was good but used her teeth too much. After a little while I told her I was ready to fuck. She got on her back and spread her legs for missionary. Her pussy was a nice fit and she was quite responsive. After a little while I blew my load and the deed was done.

Looks - 6.5 Performance - 7 (I think more investment will bring greater results)

After having some lunch and some light refreshment I was back on the beat. This time I went for a dark haired beauty around #140 (sorry I didn't get the #). Her name was Maya and she was from Bulgaria. I gave her 50 euro's for cbj and two positions. Her cbj technique was pretty good and she licked the end of my dick just the way I like it. Eventually I motioned to her that I wanted to fuck her. I lay on my back and she climbed on top. She was obviously very good in this position and her pussy fit real nice. Her tits were pretty big but a little saggy but she looked great riding me. However after a couple of minutes riding me I felt my dick twitch and I came. I don't know who was more surprised her or me. Anyway I was pretty embarassed to say the least and I cleaned up and got my clothes back on pretty quick. She tried to confort me ut I just wanted to go :( .

Looks - 7 Performance - 7 (maybe she was too hot for me)

Pissed off at myself I was waiting at the train station when I said to myself my day isn't going to end like this! I went back on to the street and walked up top a window where I had seen a pretty girl earlier. When she got to the door I noticed it was Nina who I reported on in December. She looked pretty good however she has had a boob job which I thought was a shame because she had such perky nice tits. Anyway I went for a 50 euro option again but she wanted me to give her 3 euro's for the madam. I showed her my empty wallet and eventually she accepted that I had no more cash. The cbj this time wasn't the same as the other two but was still enough to get me up. For the first position I took her doggy. She is great at it and she pushes back onto you real good. Next we moved onto cowgirl again. She really worked hard and I think she managed to cum :) . This time my trooper didn't want to cum and she was riding me really fast to try to encourage me. Eventually I finally came but not after she had warned me that time was nearly up! She doesn't speak much English or French but I don't think that matters :)

Looks - 7 Performance - 7.5

All in all the day turned out pretty good in the end. I would have hated to have left on such a sour note but Nina sure made up for it. I know I have had a good time when my dick hurts and it did on Wednesdady afternoon :D

Until next time

au revoir

04-16-05, 07:44
Hi Folks,

I decided to try eveheaven few weeks ago. Went twice so far.

The place is very nice and confortable. The rooms are very clean and towels over beds are changed before each encounter.

Prices are quite expensive : 150 Euros for massage with hand relief and a bit more for a full service.

Normally 4-5 ladies turning. You can see pictures on their website. They make you confortable all the time. Shower is compulsory before, reccomended after.

All in all a good experience for unloading pressure and get relaxed.

Highly reccommended.

04-25-05, 20:36
Hi Everyone,

Just went to the red light district in Brussels for the first time. Arrive at the Nord Station at about 21:00hr on a Sunday night. I must of walked the strip about 20 times up and down. After finally narrowing down, I decided to drop in a yugoslavian girl named anna. Her window is closest towards the end of strip passing the corner store, towards the one window with the black girls. She was taller than I expected when i entered, her face wasn't pretty at all but she had some nice big titts that i couldn't resist and for 30 euro, I had a good time with her. She started out kissing me on the chest than slowly titty fucking my dick, after she proceeded to give me CBJ. After the CBJ, I put my tube stick in her K1 jelly lubricated vagina and we proceeded to fucking missonary style. After about 10min of fucking i asked for a second position and to my suprise she was cool with it, so I fucked her doggie style and blew a big load in the condom. I felt nasty afterwards but "Oh Well" I'm going back next week to blow another load in a cute bulgarian girl.

04-27-05, 02:09
Hi Folks,

I decided to try eveheaven few weeks ago. Went twice so far.

The place is very nice and confortable. The rooms are very clean and towels over beds are changed before each encounter.

Prices are quite expensive : 150 Euros for massage with hand relief and a bit more for a full service.


How did you manage to have full service in eveheaven? Do the girls need to hear a specific key-word or something else? The last time that I visited eveheaven (one year ago) full service was not possible accordint to Eve and her girls.

04-27-05, 20:59
Hello Datum,

I did not ask, I got offered. But only on my second visit. Maybe they want to "test" your fidelity before suggesting.

Wish you better luck next time.


Member #3414
04-30-05, 07:11
Well, thanks guys for all of the information on Brussels, which made for an interesting afternoon last week!

Started with a lunchtime stroll around rue d’Aerschot. I’d had trouble finding it on maps, so was pleasantly surprised by quite how easy it is to find when you get there. As others have said, it’s one of the main exits from Gare du Nord, and is signed really clearly from all over the station. So within about two minutes of the train arriving from the airport, I was wandering along the street window-shopping.

At that time of day, there’s a reasonable enough range – from a few 7s downwards (way, way downwards to a couple of elderly ladies who should probably have been drawing their pension). But certainly some pleasant lookers. Mainly Eastern European, I’d guess, all wearing fairly skimpy underwear and way too much makeup.

Also took a stroll around the back-streets near Aeroschot – quality here is pretty ropey, although each to their own. And then to complete my familiarisation, across by tram to Gare du Midi. Again, the cafes that have been mentioned on the board are incredibly easy to find. However, at this time of day (2pm) I was far from impressed – the cafes looked quite intimidating and unwelcoming, and the ladies were only in the 2 – 4 range.

So back over to the Gare du Nord. Now I’d noticed earlier that most of the windows have cards showing what shifts the girls work – typically from 10am through to 6pm, with a shift change at 6pm. So I wandered around at shift-change time, which was very cool if you like to see the girls in their street clothes as well as their underwear (they tend to change into work wear in the windows, and of course the ones just finishing emerge onto the street). And it does give the advantage of presumably being the girl’s first client for the day.

I picked out a very cute dark-haired girl, from a window about half way along Aerschot. Bulgarian, early 20s, very cute slim pale body, not bad face. Simple procedure – knock on the door, ask the price (they spoke English), the girl shows you into a cubicle with a sofa bed, takes the money out to the maid. And then down to the business – a pretty decent covered BJ, then sex in two postions (of the client’s choice). All for 40 euros plus a 3 euros tip for the maid. There was one other girl working in the same establishment at the time, so there’d be risk of bumping into another client, but frankly who cares…!

All in all, a good experience, Sorry for a quite long note, but thought other newbies to the area might enjoy a low-down.

05-01-05, 15:37
Right, I was able to spend a couple of hours in Brussels on Saturday and I decided to get a little bit of action in whilst I was there. I didn’t have a long time so my plan was to find someone I had been with before and just go for a simple 40 euro suck and fuck :) .

I arrived at the Rue d’Aerschot at 17.45pm. This was a bad time to arrive as all the shifts were changing. As I made my way up the street most of the windows were empty and the girls were leaving.

As I was getting towards the end of the street I was getting a bit frustrated by the lack of quality on offer :( . However, as I came up to #212, I saw Tania, the Russian girl I have reported on before :-


She spotted me and I motioned that I wanted her. She was dressed in a red pvc bra and panties and looked pretty good. When I came in there was another guy just leaving so I think she had been busy. Anyway she told me I was lucky because she was just about to finish. Later on she told me she normally works everyday from 06.00am to 18.00pm.

After all the chit chat, she asked me what I wanted and started going through her tariffs. As soon as she said anal I was interested and pulled out my wallet. Anal is normally a standard 100 euro, but I only had 89 euro. She said because it was me and that it was her last client it was O.K. So I stripped off whilst she went and hid the money away :D .

She did ask me how big my dick was, which leads me to believe if you are especially well endowed that you won’t get this service. After I stripped off she came back and I was able to start admiring her voluptuous curves. She has silicone implants but they are fantastic. Her ass is beautifully round and to be honest the only down side for me is that she has a little bit of fat on her (not much to worry about though).

She began by sitting next to me and put a condom on my already hard cock. She started to give me a cbj. I said before that this girl has to be one of the best on the street, and she really is. The fact that she deep throats is worth the money alone. After a little while I could feel my balls stirring and thought it would be wise to get down to business. She wanted doggy style which was fine with me. After getting behind her I placed my dick at her hole and gently started to push it in. It slid in quite easily, and before long I was getting some long strokes in. She felt real good, and the accompanying moaning was great even though it might have been for my benefit ;) . After a little while I got myself into a better position, and quickened my strokes. A little while longer and I shot my load inside her.

Tania is a great girl and the closest thing to a GFE, I have had on the street. I recommend her :D

Looks: 7 Performance: 8.5

05-07-05, 14:42
I bet all the women in the bars around Avenue Fonsny are wearing short little skirts right now. Damn id love to check it out.

Any guys looking for cheap thrills might get them there over the summer !!!

05-10-05, 09:45
I finally found myself on Rue d’Aerschot Sunday night and was pleasantly surprised. Every woman I saw was extremely attractive. Not a single woman over 30 or a fat one in the bunch. Compared to Amsterdam, where I would say only 50% or less are "doable", I consider Aerschot to be a candy store. Now I am easily impressed and like most women, but I cant imagine being here and not finding someone to your liking. It really is that good. Gets the Prokofiev stamp of approval.

Sunday night, I saw no Africans or Asians in the windows, only Europeans, mostly from Romania, Russia, Bulgaria. I prefer a slightly older model, but everyone appeared quite young - 18 to 29. I went with Tania, a 27 yo Bulgarian with one kid and a husband at home. I know this to be true because Tania would NEVER lie to me. HaHa. Anyway she has very short black hair, slender dark body and a great attitude. Full service was qouted at 40-50 euro depending on options. I asked for oral only and she asked for 30. I accepted and she gave me 15-20 minutes of great head. She would only do CBJ, but gives great eye contact, multiple positions - on her knees, bending over you, 69 position. I really liked this girl and thought about switching to full service to finish, but didnt. All in all a good experience. Great head/ deep throat, no rushing and very friendly. She works 6pm to 6 am at #154. She does have an ethnic look that some would not prefer. Perfect for me but probably not for you. Different strokes ...

I must say that Brussels is a bit difficult to find your way around. No maps in the subway stations or bus stops. A maze of streets. But the red light district is right next to the railway station -North Station and is hard to miss. A perfect location for the customers and for the neighbors as well. We need this in the USA ... please!!!!!!


05-11-05, 08:12
I returned to the RLD yesterday at noon to see what the day shift looks like. I was a little less impressed with the line-up. Perhaps it was the sunlight, but while there were still many fine ladies, I did notice several older women, a chubby girl and a few less than attractive workers. Oh well. There were still plenty to choose from. Took DiDi, 24 yo Bulgarian with blondish hair and glasses. # 76 I think. Sweet girl. Excellent service.

During the day, the glare from the windows makes it more difficult to check out the merchandise. Viewing is much better at night. And perhaps they look better at night due to the lighting. Either way, I will be back and would recommend this experience to all Brussels travelers.

Cheers, -P

05-12-05, 09:08
After reading a report about more windows along Linnesstrat, I decided to investigate late last night. This street is definitely a major step down from d'Aerschot yet only 2 blocks away. There is street construction going on and it is a little spooky at night, much more so than the main stroll. Fewer girls. Several black, several older, none really attractive. But I was in the mood for an African woman so I went in just to talk. Gina= Afea is a 29 yo black woman from Jamaica (so much for Africa) who offered me FS including anal for 25 euro. I was skeptical but went along with the program. Not really good service. Kept asking for 10 or 25 more. Never got the promised anal, which didnt surprise me.All in all a sub-par experience. If you need to save money, this street may appeal to you. I never gave her more than the 25. But for 10 to 20 euro more you can find a truly beautiful woman on d'Aerschot. But different strokes.

The woman did warn me about her street as being dangerous at night with several muggings, so be careful.

Peace, -P

Otter Trax
05-13-05, 01:37
i had the pleasure of visiting the capitol of europe the week of april 11th.
first i would like to compliment ludovico for his reports and information that he so intelligently presents. i cant do better descriptions but will offer my personal experience on my trip.

me being a humble monger with modest requirements, i was intimidated by the gare du nord rld. besides i was looking for a 25 euro f & s which i had no trouble finding before. perusing the rue d' aerschot, i found major attitude with many of the courteseans of caliber and beauty. from previously what i have experienced in holland and antwerpen, this rdl is basically the gold standard in my opinion. i swear i saw a christina aguilera look a like. i did a double take. she was stunning to say the least and gave me thoughts that maybe the superstar was moonlighting in brussels.

my first night, i only needed a quickie and tried some white girls on the ghetto
streets. i figured that business was slow and a sure promise of an easy 25 euros would get me laid with a skank that wasnt getting the mongers on the main drag. so i offerred and to my shock was turned down. they wanted 30! sorry for that amount these providers couldnt get me erect so i was forced to up the ante to 40 euro for one of the girls so well described so adequately by ludovico in his haunts.

i generally look for service appeal and not stunning good looks. i prefer cleavage. a brunette who fit my desires, damn i got sniped and was forced to move on. i found a pudgy looking bulgarian girl who looked like she wasnt entertaining much business, a 5 in looks out of 10. i pointed to her as there were other colleagues in the window. in my best french introduced myself and asked the price and if she could speak english. of course she didnt speak much english but that was no matter. she seemed to be a newby and had maybe been in the country 2 months. in my negociations i attempted to ask what the price was and if i had to tip the old lady in the rocker. she told me the old lady was not on offer to fuck and i wouldnt have to pay her.
then when i got to the room she wanted a 3 euro for the old lady which i had to remind her that i had negociated no tip for the old lady. this surprised
her and i am sure she had some explaining to do. so for my 40 euro the bulgarian which didnt speak enough english to give me her name wouldnt take off her top which was the main reason i chose her. she was young and could not have been more than 22 years. service was nothing to write home about. i chalked it up to her inexperience to the game. needless to say since i wasnt being catered to i was motivated for a rough and violent pounding that maybe she wasnt expecting and then aburptly finished without
peep. so then in perfect english she goes "is that all?" like she could have stood another 15 minutes which i wasnt going to be paying for.

it couldnt have taken her more than 30 seconds to get her bikini back on and get out to the window again. i was desserted to dress by myself. i left without much affection being shown to "cum again".

my next session with another young better looking bulgarian in an adjacent window named sandra went much better the next night. sandra was on the second floor near the end of the street. she had no babushka looking after her to tip and she was more flirty in the window. so much so that i had trouble summoning her attention. she was a little bit flat chested but had a very small bikini on and it looked as tho she was familiar with some of the passerby's. to me as an outsider, the trick is to find what the locals are chasing after and then set the sights on a tried and true service. there is a reason that some providers are getting ignored. i use this as a successful strategy and havent been disappointed sandra was blonde straight hair below the shoulders with an ample figure but not fat. her english speaking skills surpassed my french speaking skills. she was attractive and at least a
7 of 10. she asked for 30 with her top on and 40 for top off and multiple positions. she was hungry for business so she performed really well and to my satisfaction for having paid the 40. she wasnt a clock watcher. did i say she was young? low 20's though i didnt get her exact age. mongering in bulgaria must be heaven.

my final comment is that brussels is 10 euro cheaper than amsterdam wallen even tho i didnt price the top shelf lookers. one definitely needs time to become familiar with what that street has to offer.

i did try the gare du midi but it was late afternoon. i saw some really ugly skanks but nothing worth pursuing in the aforementioned taverns. not much choice at that time. i think i needed to give it more time for reconnaisonce that i didnt have time to give. it is a seedier area. the gare du nord didnt seem to scare me much as a lone pedestrian. the police seem to have a visible presence. i wasnt bothered and i do stand out as an outsider.

05-14-05, 14:33
Unfortunately this report was dated 19/04/2005. (one month ago) 6:00 PM at Gare du Nord - Rue D'aerschot.

Nice shot with a blonde girl at "La licorne" (#170). 40 Euro, suck and 2 positions, cow and doggy style. 8/10 for attitude and 7/10 for aspect.

She started the session dancing with her ass near my penis. (the music was as usual ,the terrible arabic sound at too high volume)

After I report an excellent shoot. The girls was a young blonde bulgarian (#130). very softly blow job and only one position (cow).

8/10 attitude 8.5/10 aspect. 40 Euro.

(# is the building number.)

05-15-05, 22:54
What is the Cow position? It would seem that cows and dogs pretty much use the same position. Inquiring minds need to know . . .

05-16-05, 18:59
Hehehe, I think he means cow girl :D

05-16-05, 19:58
Jackal seems to have had big fun for 40E.

This bodes well for my forthcoming visit to Brussels, Antwerp and Gent, where I have a strict budget of 50E for sex.

The rest of my money will be spent on fine Belgian beer!


05-17-05, 16:35
With cow I mean "with the lady on top"... :)

Is it correct in English?

With doggy position I mean: "The female is on all fours as the male penetrates her from the rear". But I think that is sure.

I think this link will be good ... :)



05-18-05, 01:04
Ludovico had it right as in Cow Girl or Reverse Cow Girl. Which is the female equivalent of Cowboy = riding a horse.

Cow just sounds very strange, but I should have figured it out.

But those links are HOT. Not so much the animated pictures but the sound! Gave me wood . . .

Cheers, -P

05-19-05, 21:00
Find hereafter the Belgian Club Index for the province of Brabant. For the complete Club list, go to the thread “Other Areas”.

Prive Aphrodite
Oude baan 50 1790 Affligem Brabant
Phone: 0479 23 47 27
Homepage: www.priveaphrodite.be
Open: 11am-8pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 90€/30min 140€/60min
Misc: Expect 2-3 girls

Bar Cactus
Staatsbaan Bekkevoort Brabant
Entrance: 0€
Price: 150€/30min, 250€/60min
Entrance: 0€
Price: 150€/ 30min 250€/60min
Expect 4 girls

Bar Venus
Leuvensesteenweg Bekkevoort Brabant
Entrance: 0€
Price: 150€/30min
Misc: Expect 2-3 girls

El Patio
Staatsbaan 87 3460 Diest Bekkevoort Brabant
Phone: 013 52 39 35
Open: Mon-Fri 12am-2am Sat 7pm-2am
Homepage: www.el-patio-be
Entrance: 0€
Price: 150€/ 30min 200€/60min with Jacuzzi
Misc: Expect 4-6 girls

Leuvensesteenweg Bekkevoort Brabant
Entrance: 0€
Price: 125€/30min
Misc: Expect 2 girls

Love Planet
Rue des combattants 43 1082 Berchem St Agathe Brabant
Phone : 0479 52 5333
Homepage : www.love-planet.be
Open: Mon-Fri 10.30am-8pm Sat 12am-8pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 100€/30min
Misc: expect 3-4 girls

5th Avenue
Place de l’YSere Bruxelles Brabant
Entrance: 0€
Price: 50€/30min+25€/room
Misc : expect 9 girls

Avenue Louise 181 Bruxelles Brabant
Open : 11am-9pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 100€/30min
Misc : expect 1-3 girls

Avenue de l’Oree 30 1050 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 0479 292891
Homepage: www.salonalize.be
Entrance: 0€
Price: 90€/30min 140€/60min
Open: Mon-Fri 11am-12pm Sat 12am-7pm
Misc : expect 3-5 girls

Rue des Patriotes 9 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 0479 302012
Homepage: www.pinkpagesbelgium.com/searchpro/prive_129axl
Open : Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 2pm-6pm
Misc: expect 2 girls

Le Bermude
Rue Mercelis 86 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone: 02 644 66 06
Entrance: 20€
Price: 100€/45min
Homepage: www.lebermude.com
Misc: Sauna, hammam, jacuzi, expect 2-3 girls

Boite à surprises
Rue de la Victoire 109 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone: 0477 18 80 80
Homepage: www.laboiteasurprises.be
Open: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm Sat 1pm-8pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 80€/30min
Misc : expect 4-5 girls

Avenue de la Liberté 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 0497 17 15 70
Misc : expect 4 girls

Dusquenoy Bar
Dusquenoystraat 12 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 02 5023883
Misc : expect 4 girls

Les Gazelles
Rue Defacqz 15 1050 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 02 538 18 30
Homepage: www.lesgazelles.be
Open: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Entrance: 0
Price: 10€/60min
Misc : expect 5 girls

Le Lagon bleu
88 Rue de Livourne 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Entrance: 16€
Price: 150€/60min
Misc : sauna expect 4-6 girls

Le Mai Maiti
Boulevard de Waterloo 8 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 02 514 4737
Misc : expect 6 girls

Le Must for you
Baselieklaan 46 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 02 4258605
Homepage: www.must-for-you.com
Open : Mon-Fri 10.30am-1am Sat-Sun 11am-7pm
Entrance: 20€
Price: 80€/20min, 110€/30min, 160€/60min
Misc : expect 5 girls

Le Nirvana
Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 0473 294 293
Homepage : www.nirvanabxl.com
Open : Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Sat 11am-6pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 80€/30min, 110€/60min
Misc : expect 2 girls

La Perle
Rue du Sonnet 8 1080 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone : 0477 67 82 27
Homepage: www.salonlaperle.site.tc
Open: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm Sat 12am-6pm
Misc : expect 4 girls

Le Sensuality
Rue de Florence 47 Bruxelles Brabant
Entrance: 0€
Price: 125€/30min
Misc : expect 2 girls

Boulevard Edmond Machtenslaan 126 1080 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone: 02 410 77 33
Open: 24H/24H
Entrance: 0€
Price: 100€/30min
Homepage : www.pinkpagesbelgium.com/searchpro/prive_116webstars1_welkom.htm
Open : Mon-Sun 10am-12.30pm
Misc: expect 2-4 girls

Le Jardin d’Eden
Tuinbouw 34 1140 Evere Bruxelles Brabant
Entrance: 0€
Price: 150€/60min
Misc: expect 1-3 girls

Leuvensesteenweg 1066 Evere Bruxelles Brabant
Phone: 04 7777 8888
Homepage: www.sensasian.be
Entrance: 0€
Price: 100€/30min
Misc: Massage with FS, expect 4 Asian girls age 20-30

Leuvensesteenweg Kampenhout Brabant

Frou Frou
Rue Jules Besme 88 Koekelberg Brabant
Entrance: 0€
Price : 100€/30min
Misc: expect 3 girls

Le Must For You
Basilieklaan 46 Koekelberg Brabant
Phone: 02.425.86.05
Homepage: http://www.must-for-you.com/index3.nl.html
Open: Mon-Fri 10.30am-1am Sat-Sun 11am-7pm
Entrance: 0€
Price : 100€/30min 160€/60min
Misc: Expect 4-8 girls

Jessy’s Dreamhouse
Blouwehoek 106-1 1840 Londerzeel Brabant
Homepage: www.jessydreamhouse.be
Phone: 0474 400684
Open: Mon-Fri 12am-11pm Sat Sun 1am-11pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 75€/30min
Misc: expect 1-2 girls

All In
Rozenlaan 10 1870 Melsbroek Brabant
Phone: 0474 228.431
Homepage: http://users.belgacom.net/all-in
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-10pm Sat 11am-6pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 50€/30min
Misc: Expect 2-7 girls

Boulevard Mettewie 312 10820 Molenbeek Brabant
Phone: 02 414 19 43

La Perle
Sonnetstraat 8 Molenbeek Brabant
Phone: 0477 678 227
Homepage: www.salonlaperle.site.tc/
Open: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm Sat 1pm-7pm
Misc: expect 3 girls

Ninoofsesteenweg 577 9402 Ninove Brabant
Phone: 054 558008
Misc: expect 4 girls

Leuvensesteenweg 751 1930 Nossengem Brabant
Phone: 0472 487564
Misc: expect 3 girls

Malay Relax
Beringenbaan Schaffen Brabant
Misc: expect 1-2 girls

Kerselarenlaan 37 1030 Schaarbeek Brabant
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 125€/60min

Maalsesteenweg 1080 Sint Jan Molenbeek Brabant
Phone: 02 414 86 06
Misc: expect 2 girls

Leuvensesteenweg 299 Sint Stevens-Woluwe Brabant
Phone : 0495 646.212.
Open: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 80€/30min 130€/60min
Misc: Expect 2-3 girls

Le Mirage
Openstraat 16 Tervuren Brabant
Phone: 02 767 89 84
Misc: expect 6 girls

Club Versatiel
ST Truidensestenenweg Tienen Brabant
Entrance: 0€
Price: 150€/60min

Franklin Rooseveltlaan 36 8490 Vilvorde Brabant
Phone: 0477 67 22 33
Misc: expect 2 girls

Grote Steenweg 27 2550 Waarloos Brabant
Homepage: http://www.clapa.be

Expo Club
Romeinsesteenweg 758 1780 Wemmel Brussel Brabant
Phone: 02 582 22 25
Misc: expect 3 girls

VIP Girls
Romeinsesteenweg 868b 1780 Wemmel Brussel Brabant
Phone: 0476 935 799
Homepage: www.pinkpagebelgium.com/searchpro/prive_124vip_girls.html
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-3am
Entrance: 0€
Price: 100€/30min 160€/60min
Misc: expect 7 girls

63 avenue de Mars Woluwe St Lambert Brabant
Phone : 0476 975 120
Entrance: 0€
Price: 75€/30min, 100€/45min 125€/60min
Misc : expect 2 girls

Rue Louis Thys 58 1150 Woluwe St Lambert Brabant
Phone : 0472 91 69 65
Open : 10am-8pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 75€/30min
Misc : expect 5 girls

Le Rêve
Chaussee de Louvain 407 1930 Zaventem Brabant
Phone: 02 725 83 65
Open: 10am-10pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 150€/30min 200€/60min
Homepage: www.lereve.be.tf
Misc : expect 6 girls

Darren Roberts
05-21-05, 19:59
Wow, Thanks for this list. My favourite girl at the Bleu Lagoon has gone back to Brazil, so going to new places will be good.

But first I must get this Thai girl I met in Bangkok out of my head

05-23-05, 20:00
I bet all the women in the bars around Avenue Fonsny are wearing short little skirts right now. Damn id love to check it out.

Any guys looking for cheap thrills might get them there over the summer!I am going to Brussels, Antwerp & Gent in a few days. Hot weather is predicted!

I will visit the bars near Midi station for cheap thrills.


05-28-05, 22:46
Excellent session today with young Bulgarian girl in Brussels.

Behind the Gare Du Nord.

House number 144

Her working name was Janett and she gave great service.

Usually works from 6pm to 6am.

Normall pricing but great attitude and customer relations (LOL)

Sorry guys no pic, but she was tall busty and attractive.

06-01-05, 16:58

Is the girl you are talking about the blond rather tall one with big breasts?

06-04-05, 00:07
I visited the Mary Hash massage place (http://www.maryhash.com). I can confirm that I received the best tantric massage that I have ever received. I would definitely support that it is an experience! Full service is also possible.

06-06-05, 14:17
Can you give some more details about her service, such as cost, how far from centraal station, and which girl or girls do you recommend or does she work alone.

06-06-05, 22:52
Can you give some more details about her service, such as cost, how far from centraal station, and which girl or girls do you recommend or does she work alone.Well, the cost for the massage is 150 Euro. Then for the extra you negotiate with the girl (it costed me an extra 100 for FS). You go there by taking tram 3 or 23 (direction Churchill), you stop to station BERKENDAEL end then it is a 1 minute walk. I do not remember the name of the girl that I had but expect 3 to 4 girls. The girl that I had, spoke no english but it was really fantastic. One of the best BJ (covered) and very very sensual caresing all over my body. She was also liked fingering!. She was one with small tits (my favorite) and a nice ass. I took a look at the web site and maybe (I am not really sure) it was the girl named Paige.

06-06-05, 23:16
Can you give some more details about her service, such as cost, how far from centraal station, and which girl or girls do you recommend or does she work alone.Tantric Massage seems very fashionable in Brussels at the moment.

I tried Mary Hash, very good indeed (Shauna, 150 EUR for 1 hour plus showers), warm oil massage on futon with candles, finishishing in HJ.

Avenue Albert.

And M-Art-ssage, a divine massage by Solenn, 125 EUR, 1 hour plus showers, very erotic. Delicious oily HJ.

Avenue Massenet.

Neither is at walking distance from the central station.

Latitude Cruz
06-20-05, 01:42
Based on positive reports on St.Raphael's I decided to stop by the other night.
It was surprisingly easy to find (directly across the street as you get off the train at Midi).
Unfortunately, I arrived at midnight and they were closed.
This surprised me since a lot of other bars seemed to be open. What time does this place usually close?

06-20-05, 02:39
Hi All,

Just a quick report on the street scene in Brussels close to Izer.

Obviously the police is taking more and more care of this area since the Theater is getting closer to be refubished. Nevertheless I picked up a Bulgarian lady recently, 21 yo, black hair, killer body, short skirt who was ofering a BBBJ for 50Euro plus Hotel. It is pure luck to go there and find something nice, they change so often, get sent home or whatever happens to them, but sometimes it is really good to go there. I prefer it to Gare du Noord Area bcs you at least have a chance to get a BBBJ.

Happy hunting,


Beau Bob
06-21-05, 12:18
Based on positive reports on St.Raphael's I decided to stop by the other night.

It was surprisingly easy to find (directly across the street as you get off the train at Midi).

Unfortunately, I arrived at midnight and they were closed.

This surprised me since a lot of other bars seemed to be open. What time does this place usually close?According to some informtion I got on a Belgian website, it seems that the owner of the St. Raphaël has been put in jail, wich could explain that the bar is closed.

06-21-05, 19:08
Wow thats amazing!! Im not suprised though. He was there when I visited last xmas, and he was this tough looking guy in his mid 50's , with a dark complexion, and he wearing an open neck bright red shirt complete with big gold medalion- soo macho. He looked a bit like a thinner version of Tony Soprano.

I reckon that I was only guy in the bar that day who didnt have a criminal record!

Latitude Cruz
06-22-05, 05:20
I reckon that I was only guy in the bar that day who didnt have a criminal record!

Don't give up yet, you still have time to work on that!

Just kiddning, I'm a virgin too!
(at least in that respect)

06-22-05, 20:41
Linnenstraat (and other back streets) are one block up from Gare du Nord / Aerschot, up the hill.

No beauty queens here, but I had a good session here with a mature French lady with massive enhanced tits. I think she's got some light S&M gear in the window. End of the street, next to a building site.

After fucking a while, she ripped the condom off, stuck her tits in my face and gave me a good hard HJ while I sucked and licked her massive knockers.

That took a little cleaning up when I was finished!

Cost 30 Euro.

I've also had poor service in these back streets, but you also find the odd pearl.


07-15-05, 22:26
Few weeks ago went to visit m-art-ssage.

Building looks a bit dodgy from the outside and the hallway is in a mess but once inside the apartment everything is tied and clean.

4 girls working there.

Had a wonderful session with Kim.

I will definitely visit again soon.

Member #3414
07-16-05, 19:26
Really great punting experiencein the RLD last night with a 20-year-old Macedonian girl, Asdra (not sure of spelling) who’s been in Brussels for ten days. (She’d been in Italy for four years previously, which makes for rather scary math). I wandered round a few times during the evening, and each time she was standing in Rue des Commercants (Koopledenstraat), between Rue de Laeken and Rue van Gavetsr, on the south side of the street – although the first two times I saw her, I was beaten to it by guys in cars.

She’s petite, about five feet two, very slim, with size A/B breasts, unshaven, and a very nice firm body (although she has a few scars on one arm from an old accident with a chip fryer). An excellent hour back in my hotel room in the nearby Sheraton (no problem whatsoever bringing her in), with nice massages, covered BJ (nice deep throating technique) and sex in various positions, then lots of chatting about Brussels, her family back home, and cuddling. As close to a GFE as one is likely to get from the RLD. Decent English, speaks some French too. Works until about midnight or 1am each day, or so she told me.

150 euros, and given the standard of the other options in the RLD, I really wasn’t going to negotiate. There were a couple of quite nice ones walking up and down Quai du Commerce, but other than that you had a choice between TVs, older ladies and not especially attractive women. I’d been quoted 100 earlier by a reasonable enough looking woman, but Asdra was in a different league. (Even she was complaining that most of the other girls were on drugs).

A nice, decent, likeable girl, as well as being sexy. Recommended.

07-16-05, 22:00
Recently , I was initiated to tantric massage by Rachel ( http://www.rachel-escort.be.tf ).

It's a great experience : relaxing and sometimes exciting ("full contact" massage)!

I hope I may have another session soon.

07-17-05, 13:51
OK guys,

Does amyone know of any strip clubs in the Brussels region that aren't a scam?

Mighty Spearsman
07-28-05, 18:05
I visited the Mary Hash massage place (http://www.maryhash.com). I can confirm that I received the best tantric massage that I have ever received. I would definitely support that it is an experience! Full service is also possible.
Would like to recommend that you guys click on the web site for this place (but turn the sound down on your computer's speakers first). After a flashy intro, you'll get a home page with lots of text. Click on the box on the top for "Massage" and you'll get to watch an amazing and fairly explicit 5-minute video of a guy receiving a tantric massage from an attractive naked blonde.

At 150 Euro for the massage plus another 100 Euro tip for the girl, this place ends up a little pricy (that's around US $300). But based on what I saw in the video, I may try it when I'm in Belgium in early September.

07-30-05, 17:25
A couple of weeks ago I visited the rue d'aerschot. I tried Anna at number 200 and something who said she was from Greece. You'll recognise her from her huge sillicone rack and fake lips (E cups I think she said). Anyway I took the 50 euro option. I fucked her missionary and doggy, nothing to write home about. Her cbj was pretty good however and she did let me stick my fingers in her pussy.

Looks - 6.5 (because of the alterations) Performance - 7

08-27-05, 09:48
Visited Rue Aerschot a couple of weeks ago. After a couple of strolls up and down the street I finally decided to go for this dark haired Bulgarian girl called "Maya" in a place at the beginning of the street which I believe is called something like "La Cigalle". About 1.75 tall, dark eyes, dark not too long hair. Very nice girl, doesn't speak too much English, but after all that is not the reason for being here!
I went for the 50 Euro deal (no tip required for the madame) after which the girl started undressing, which I love, since it makes everything feel a bit more natural. After this she asked me to sit down and started a very good CBJ. once this was finished she asked which position I prefer and I decided to go for her riding me. This she did very well, even though she only lasted a couple of minutes before asking if I wouldn't like to try taking her doggy style instead. And boy did I! Beautiful ass, and tight pussy, so it didn't take me too long to finish inside her!

Absolutely recommended!

08-28-05, 16:13
Hi All,

Last Friday, I drove to Brussels, and got some time from the hobby. Besides that was a good test for my new GPS. So first I decided to go to the most famous brussels' street rue d'aerschot, I saw some nice gals there, some brunettes, and some very nice Mulata, not black girls, near the 80. I drank a beer in Den Bureau, and then continue my trip. At the end I was not enough tempted so I decide to continue.

My next stop was Avenue Fonsny, from the three bars there, there was only one that showed some movement, Jonction, so I entered, and ordered a beer, 3 Eu. A couple of young lads were there but then again was not tempted.

BTW could anybody tell me the price of a session there?

Then my third an final step Rue de Laeken and Rue de Commercants, I can report more or less three acceptable lads there.

At the end I did nothing. However was not for tha lack of quality, but for the lack of energy.

Hope it helps.


08-29-05, 10:43

The word Lads means young men, the word you should have used is "Ladies" which means young women.

08-30-05, 08:34

The word Lads means young men, the word you should have used is "Ladies" which means young women.Hi Fred,

Sorry about that, my intention was to refer to young ladies!



09-06-05, 20:43
A couple of weeks ago I visited the Rue d'Aerschot again. I didn't have a lot of time, so after a quick scan of the street I decided to nail a dark haired Bulgarian at number 190 or something. The choice was betweebn her and the Russian girl Tanya I have nailed before. When I came back for Tanya, she was gone so I had to go for the Bulgarian girl. I took her for a standard 40 euro deal and told her it was only if she was fully naked. This girl got me with a nice smile, but once I was inside she was very cold. Her name was Maggie by the way. She only pulled her bra up, which was annoying. She had a nice body and I wanted to see it. Anyway her performance was satisfactory, but to be honest there are better pickings on the street.

Looks - 6.5 Performance - 6

By the way, I have noticed a lot of these Bulgarian hookers have a snake tattoed somewhere on their bodies. Does this mean they are part of some mafia ring or just a coincidence.

Lucy Gnolo
09-08-05, 15:13
As BBBJ seeker finally I'have been able to find it. The web site is [url]http://www.extravagirls.com. The beauty is Anne-Sophie. The price as advertised plus 25 for cif 1/2 hour 125..but it worth.

Since the others girls working there are hugly. The only disappoint is to gently refuse their services cause Anne-Sophie is quite often engaged, and they try to convince you to buy a multi pass (several girl with the same price), waiting for Anne Sophie ending with previous customer or just 'cause they don't make a cent.

Anyone have infos on Le bermude club?? (price, services ecc).

Any experiences on topic in the title are welcome!


09-09-05, 15:00
Dear friends,

I need some help. Is there anyone who speaks both English and French and lives in Belgium? Please send me a PM.


09-11-05, 22:00

The girls around the place St-Lazare usually work in the building on the same square, all using the same appartement. It's owned by a junkie that goes by the name of 'DAVID'. AVOID THE PLACE! It's often entered by the cops and hygene conditions are absolutely disgusting! So be warned and very carefull about what you decide to do in that area, if you don't want to be a police-statistic!

09-22-05, 17:39
I will be staying at the Novotel Brussels Centre, Rue de la Vierge Noir, in a couple of weeks time. Please could someone advise the closest place to get a good massage & HJ (FS not essential).

Thanks, B61

09-22-05, 21:26
You will find streetgirls after 10pm in the Avenue Louise on both sides.

They can do HJ and FS for 30 - 50 €.

Otherwise try the local newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" and look at the contacts under "Zone 02" (is for Brussels). You find a lot of ads, mostly they

Speaks english and give you from HJ to FS.

Prices around 70 - 100 €.

Have a nice stay in Brussels!

Lucy Gnolo
09-23-05, 13:39
I will be staying at the Novotel Brussels Centre, Rue de la Vierge Noir, in a couple of weeks time. Please could someone advise the closest place to get a good massage & HJ (FS not essential).

Thanks, B61There are no place within walking distance from your hotel (with the exception of gare du nord scene that's not exactly "good massage, HJ")The closest place (reachable by metro) could be MaiMaiti Boulevard de Waterloo,8 - 1000 Bruxelles GSM +32 (0)476 579.146 Téléphone +32 (0)2 514.47.37 (you could also take a look to their web site). The place seems o be cool, the models are great but I have no idea of the rates.

I can share my experience about eveheaven (150E great tantric HJ finishing or 250 complete) but is not approachable on foot or by public transportation.

If you decide to call Maimaiti I really appreciate your feedback on prices.


Lucy Gnolo
09-23-05, 13:57
There are no place within walking distance from your hotel (with the exception of gare du nord scene that's not exactly "good massage, HJ")The closest place (reachable by metro) could be MaiMaiti Boulevard de Waterloo,8 - 1000 Bruxelles GSM +32 (0)476 579.146 Téléphone +32 (0)2 514.47.37 (you could also take a look to their web site). The place seems o be cool, the models are great but I have no idea of the rates.

I can share my experience about eveheaven (150E great tantric HJ finishing or 250 complete) but is not approachable on foot or by public transportation.
If you decide to call Maimaiti I really appreciate your feedback on prices.



Jim Quince
09-24-05, 18:29
If you decide to call Maimaiti I really appreciate your feedback on prices.Concerning prices at Mai Maiti they start at 120€/30min & 180€/1hour. These are basic prices, depends on what kind of room you take, or what kind of service you want. But for 180€/1hour you will have already "service complet".

It's a very nice and trendy place, very friendly, super clean. On appointment only.
If you are into black girls, Anita is just georgous (see pictures on the website) and very recomended, but she speaks french only.

09-24-05, 23:08
Indeed the maimaiti-site and girls look great! But they have asked to be removed from the ' dialogueslib' - forum. And that can only be for a good (or as far as we're concerned bad! reason ) So be sure to check with someone who has actually been there before making an appointment.

Jim Quince
09-25-05, 11:17
Indeed the maimaiti-site and girls look great! But they have asked to be removed from the ' dialogueslib' - forum. And that can only be for a good (or as far as we're concerned bad! reason ) So be sure to check with someone who has actually been there before making an appointment.Well Meteko I have actually been there (only twice) and there service was correct whatsoever. Same as anywhere else.

The reason why they asked to be removed is because they pursue a policy of discretion ( you can still read their post on dialogueslib where they give the reason why they want to be removed, so I feel your insunation is a little bit overdone here). It might be one of the more expensive ones but it has to be said that it is by far the most stylish. I too regret their request a little bit as I like to read more comments about them, but I don't believe they have a hidden agenda. They just seem to aim for the more upper-class customers and therefore their wish for discretion.

Personally I take the "dialogueslib"-forum with a big grain of salt. As it is mainly concentrated on the Brussels area, I have a feeling that a lot of massage parlors,call-girls,private-girls,etc....use that forum to their own benefits (hidden advertising), and sometimes, something intangible gives me the impression that the moderators over their go along for the ride now and then. One rarely read a negative experience on that forum wich raises to me a lot of question marks.

Observation : the best you can do is get behind the wheel yourself : you can't find all data on a forum. I've been to several massage parlors (brothels) in Brussels several times and my conclusion is there has to be a certain "click" with a girl, and yes unfortunately many times the "click" is not there and the experience is a little less. But that's not the fault of the massage parlor itself.

All of the well-known parlors in Brussels pursue a honest policy and will not rip you off, just go there and if you don't like what you see, just walk.

09-25-05, 12:53
Thanks for the advice guys.

I actually visited Mai Maiti earlier this year; thought I had written a review but I can't find it, sorry. So from my rather poor memory, here goes: made the appointment by phone at short notice, place was reasonably easy to find and pretty much as Jim says. I saw a black girl but I don't recall her name, it may have been Anita as she did only speak french. Price was €180 for FS.

Not sure that I will be able to shake off my colleagues when I visit but if I do I promise to post a report.

09-26-05, 00:32
No idea about clubs etc, but some interesting (high end) street action at the following time and place : on Av louise, from 10 pm till 4-5 am, between rue lesbroussart and rue du beau site (check exact location on maporama.com). I drive there regularly and usually see 2-5 girls, 20-23 yo, romanian I think, speak some English & very little French. 7-8/10 in looks. Charge 100+. Never tried (don't like to hunt on my home turf) but probably less of a rip-off than most clubs etc.

Rue d'Aerschot along Gare du Nord (this is the right spelling) you'll find a sting of bars, a bit like in Amsterdam (but not that many of course) with many east-europeans etc. Beware of arabs & albanian youth in the area, can be dangerous at times if you arent' street-wise.

Usually a few SW on Bvd Albert II, both lanes. There used to be lots of them,blacks (nigerians) and south american shemales, with some east europeans in neighbouring rue du commerce (very close to Place Rogier), with many cars stopping by and picking them up, but haven't checked in a while. I have read the police have been pretty active in harrassing them, as most were illegals brought over by pimps who bring them from place to place. Still plenty of possibilities though, esp if you have a car. Rates 50+.

09-29-05, 04:01
I saw those "bars" behind gare du Nord. There is always a working girl and another person there. Seems like that is the trick to be legal?

Xavier Yves
10-04-05, 15:17
For your info:

Rozita: 172 Bulgaria 6h30 to 17h30
Dominique: 138 work in the morning
Sylvia: 74 Russia 18h to 6h next morning
Anetta: 78 Poland 24hto12h
Anastasia: the first window in the street named paradise Greece
Guerguena: 206 Bulgaria 18h to 6h next morning

10-07-05, 13:54
After reading all this lovely stuff, I think it's about time to contribute to this lovely forum and like to share the experience I had with a lovely black girl. (I'm quite sure some of you already know /read about her.

Her name is Delphine and she works in the RLD is Brussels (Weidestraat). She's black, not slim but certainly not chubby, loverly tits and ass, but most of all, great attitude. (and most of you know how hard it is to find black ckicks with good attitude.)

Went in and asked for BJ, which she does perfectly without condom. She takes her time to clean the engine (which is perfect for me), then a good, perfectly controlled BBBJ, not forgetting the balls. And then the final: CIM.

All this for 50 euros. I believe it will be harder to find better in the RLD of Brussels.

10-07-05, 13:57
Just wrote a report but as it is/was my first, I do not know it all went right.
To make sure, just a little summary

Delphine, black, nice body, excellent attitude, BBBJ and CIM for 50 euro.

Grrr, want to go back asap.

10-08-05, 18:10
Hi folks,

Just came to live in Brussels a few weeks ago. Apart from the RLD & pros, can anyone give me some advice on where are the best hotspots to 'pick up & get laid', especially on weekends? I'm 33, no Brad Pitt, but not bad-looking either. Thanks and look forward to enriching this fantastic 'camaraderie'.

Lucy Gnolo
10-10-05, 13:44
Hi guys,

Just to share my experience in above mentioned place.

Up to now maybe the best price/quality ratio..120Euros 45min massage complete.
I has been welcomed by Sara, 20, perfect gym sculpted body, next door girs looking, really not recognisable from the web site..she definitely pushed my buttons and I choose her before looking other girls. She agreed gently explaining she was forced to show me all the masseurs available before to go, and show starded. Each one hottest than previous..but I keep my point and my choice was not disappointed.
We stayed for more than one hour, exchanging massages and sex, laughing and chatting (with my basic french and her good availability). Believe me or not, she came twice. All intercourses are covered but still good.


10-18-05, 15:42
Two clubs in Brussels that have not been mentioned for a while on the Brussels thread are LeBermude and LeLagon. Both are swingers/sauna clubs that have some working girls there. They do offer an experience a little like an FKK club, in that you can stay all day and take sauna/whirlpool etc. you also get some towels and put your clothes in a locker.

Both clubs are only about 300 meters apart and are located near AV Louise. LeLagon has a better selection of women, but they charge 100 for 30 mins and 150 for 60 mins. The girls in Lebermude are not very hot but only charge 50 euro for 30 mins. NOTE Lelagon operates as a gay club on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Food is not available in either club. If you are stuck in Brussels for a few hours on a cold wintery day, you could do alot worse than spending time in either of these clubs. Some swinging couples also frequent both clubs looking for single guys to pleasure the women.

Le Bermude
Rue Mercelis 86 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Phone: 02 644 66 06
Entrance: 20€
Price: 100€/45min
Homepage: www.lebermude.com
Misc: Sauna, hammam, jacuzi, expect 2-3 girls

Le Lagon bleu
88 Rue de Livourne 1000 Bruxelles Brabant
Entrance: 16€
Price: 150€/60min
Misc : sauna expect 4-6 girls

Here are some detailed reports i posted before :



Also i think this girl still works in Lebermude, she does a hell of alot for 50 euro.http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=332313&postcount=7

P Cla
10-18-05, 16:47
I will be staying at the Hilton, in Boulevard de Waterloo. Any tip on someplace nearby to go to? Thanks


10-23-05, 20:21
Had a really annoying experience there the other night. Not many girls there (only 2 that I saw) now, as I think the cops scared many off. Was looking for nice long fuck in a hotel instead the little rooms of Gare Du Nord. Anyhow. Went with a Romanian girl, 100E for 30 mins. She had no interest and no f***ing lube either. Very annoying, and even worse the damn condom broke, she freaked out and ran off. Fine way to lose 100E fast. Plus I now have to get a test. At least I noticed pretty fast and pulled out very quickly.

Later went to Ru d'A and had good time with a hot Bulgarian girl for 40 E.

Don't waste your time with Lousie any more.

Beau Bob
10-24-05, 12:07
I will be staying at the Hilton, in Boulevard de Waterloo. Any tip on someplace nearby to go to? Thanks

P_claWhen at the Hilton, you are not far at all from the Avenue Louise. However, avenue Louise is populated mainly by streetwalkers and is a quite long street. This means that if you have no car at your disposal while in Brussels you incur the risk to have to walk several kilometers without having the certaintity to actually find what you are looking for.

Moreover, do not expect to have action before 10 p.m.

The other option is to go to a massage parlor in the neighborhood. In that way, the closed to the Hilton must be the MaiMaiti, bd de Waterloo, 8. Hight class but quite expensive, as far I know (I never went to MaiMaiti): http://www.maimaiti.be/home.htm

There are other clubs/private hostesses in the neighbourhood, even if you will probably need a taxi to reach them. Here is two more websites where you could find what you are looking for:

Furthermore, do not forget that from the Hilton you are at walking distance of the two club mentioned by Fred Mercury in his post of 18 october 2005 (see below).

10-24-05, 20:53
My advice to all mongers is to forget Brussels. Invest some money in a train or plane ticket and go elsewhere : Germany, Holland or whatever. The mongering scene, especially in the RLD (just look at the photos on this board!) is like Brussels itself : dirty, over-priced, little or no idea of service, sad and ugly people. A small-minded scene for a small-minded country and people.

Beau Bob
10-25-05, 12:01
My advice to all mongers is to forget Brussels. Invest some money in a train or plane ticket and go elsewhere : Germany, Holland or whatever. The mongering scene, especially in the RLD (just look at the photos on this board!) is like Brussels itself : dirty, over-priced, little or no idea of service, sad and ugly people. A small-minded scene for a small-minded country and people.Did you get a problem with your tax Inspector?

10-25-05, 18:52
Dear Spurter,you now nothing of Brussels or Belgium. There is more fun in Brussels than in Paris. If you look at the RLD its the same all over the world.

I know some nice brothels in Belgium and i won't tel you. I am a small minded
Belgian.You have to show your money !