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05-16-02, 04:31
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06-01-02, 21:51
i had posted the following in the old forum a short time before the forum was closed.
that's why i post it all again here in the new forum to have some kind of starting point.

street-action in liege

some street-action can be found around "rue florimont" and "rue matrognard",
also at "quai sur meuse" (car parking). eventually at the "place cockerill" (car parking).
unfortunately the street scene has been very poor during the last months, there used
to be very pretty girls last year in the summer.
prices from 30 euro (quickie in your car) up to 125 euro (1 hour in nearby hotel)
i need to observe the scenery a little bit further.

redlight district in liege

go to "rue du champion" and "rue de l'agneau" (small streets with girls sitting behind a
window) nearby the car parking at "quai sur meuse".
here are mainly young black girls, italians, russians, albanians, as well as some belgians.
there are some very very pretty and young(!) girls, but they change often ! a must see.
(prices start at 25 euro, details must always be negociated !!)

nearby the main railway station (gare des guillemins) is a street named "rue varin".
it used to be the upper class redlight district and so are the prices (from 50 euro up to ...).
there are currently major construction works around the railway station and the first part
of "rue varin" has been closed, many girls have moved to other locations like private clubs
along the n3 (liege - st. truiden)
in my opinion "rue varin" is not gonna be like it was a few years ago, sad but true.

live peepshow in liege

there is a live-peepshow with private (solo) cabins in "rue jamin-saint-roch".
the cabins are arranged around a turning table with the stripper-girl.
one minute costs 1 euro.
there are also special cabins where you are alone with the girl of your choice, the
girl is behind a window (now way to touch her), and she dances for you (fully nude)
or masturbates while you normally do the same. the girl wants about 15 euro for her
solo-performance with you and for the cabin you need a couple of coins as well.

06-02-02, 01:10
A few days ago police cracked down on illegal working girls and now some of the shopping windows located in "Rue du Champion" are empty, some are even barricaded with plywood plates.
Some of the nice russian girls seem to have gone, they probably had to leave the belgian territory.
The police should rather concentrate on the adolescent (mainly north-african islamic) immigrants because they are bullshitting and disturbing the entire redlight district.

There were two interesting looking streetworkers, but I wasn't quick enough to catch one of them, too many punters around.

06-30-02, 15:04
I went back to the mall streets on a saturday night and most of the windows were empty.
This is probably due to the (forced) departure of the easteuropean girls.
So far there were mainly black and local belgian girls, only 4 in total were looking acceptable.
It can only get better!!
A few streetwalkers were in the area, one asked 50 Euro for 40 minutes at a hotel nearby,
I declined because she acted too agressive in her approach to get a customer and then 40
minutes quickly become only 25 minutes once you have paid.

10-27-02, 12:37
Went back to Liege last night, but it hasn't changed for the better. No more Albanian or Russian girls, too many pushy black girls and ugly old ones. Still some street action, but not really worth the detour.

12-21-02, 01:09
about 15 of the "shopping windows" located in "rue de l'agneau" and "rue du champion" were closed and sealed with official police seals. the choice of girls was in consequence worse than before. it looks as if the city of liege wants to shut this redlight area down all the way.
so i went to the peepshow located "rue jamin st. roch" nearby and came straight into a police raid. everybody inside the peepshow had to give them his id and to stay inside until further notice.
they were probably checking the strippers, me and three others were allowed to leave after 30 minutes.
very bad news...especially now for christmas.


Dick Fotta
02-13-03, 16:59
Many people says: The red light district in Liege is good, second only to Bruxelles Rue d'Aschort..
No! Absolutely! I visited the place, and I found few windows open, six or seven (not more) cute young girls and a lot of old-fatty-smoker-ladies, that's no good for me!
And, of course,the usual mass of terrible arab teenagers (read:sons of the arab immigrants in Liege)who think it's funny disturb the tourist like me, and I don't talk about the black pimps(read:african immigrants), if you say "No,I'm not interested, no drugs please", they harrass you..

However, the red light district is situated close to the railway station, read precedent posts in Liege for more info.

04-12-03, 15:10
In January 2003, the town passed a new regulation: prostitution will be restricted to salons on rue du Champion et rue de l'Agneau.

04-22-03, 23:39
well folks, liege is no longer worth the detour in my humble opinion.
more than half of the shopping windows at rue du champion and rue de l'agneau are closed and in the remaining ones you may find some 5's and then probably aged 30+.
there's even a granny behind one of the windows, gotta love it or better leave it.
streetwalkers are chased by walking police patrols. first they get a warning and if they are seen a second time they risk to spend one night in jail. even the peepshow now is crap.
a better option are private-clubs in the south-limburg area (kerkrade, heerlen or lemiers in the netherlands) where you get better value for your money now.


08-04-03, 21:44
Confirming Scorpio's report. The streetwalkers are mostly drug addicts, none that I'd want to kiss. Sometimes though, you may find one who does not appear addicted: recently found Laura. She was afraid of police, and nearly avoided me. In an unusual move, she had arrived after midnight (she does not live in Liege); I was about to leave. Her rate: 25 S, 50 F&S (not rushed). She is picky and does not hesitate to refuse if she does not like the guy.

05-09-04, 16:17
Nearly one year since the last report was posted.

The surroundings of the RLD in the centre (known as rue Cathédrale) had long been infested with druggies. Poice has recently started harassing the girls (they pick them for the night and release them too late for them to work; carrying condoms is sufficient). As a result, the number of providers has seriously dropped, and as a side avantage, so have the rates.

You can still be lucky. Recently noticed a girl walking (she later told me she keeps walking fast, mainly around place St Jean, circling in the neighbouring streets including rue Cathédrale) but she did not stop. A few minutes later, she was walking towards me, stepped in my car when I stopped, telling me "let's move, I'll tell you while you circle". She is a jobless single mother, mixed race, and only asked 25 EUR. She accepted to go to a hotel, but we went to one of the three in the quartier des Vennes (25 EUR, but extra clean, vs 18 EUR for the one pl St Jean). She washed most of her body before starting. Couldn't believe my luck: wet kisses, cuddling, fingering, licking (at her request: "put your tongue there"), orgasm (hers!), all I like! She did nt offer to suck me, but I don't think I would have resisted enough for the penetration.

Now to the possible downside for others: she is maybe a 7, with A- breasts. For me, the experience made her a virtual 9, and I like small breasts (especially when the girl enjoys sucking).

10-31-04, 15:47
I was in the centre of Liège (around Rue Cathedrale) yesterday evening, around 10.30 pm, normally the best time in the night. However, police keeps touring the place, even catching girls who were not doing anything to get hooked. As a result, the offer has gone down, and one needs a lot of luck to find a decent girl.

At the same time, most of the windows in the two red light streets are now closed. For the moment, Seraing looks like a better choice for window girls.

05-19-05, 21:05
Find hereafter the Belgian Club Index for the province of Liège. For the complete Club list, go to the thread “Other Areas”.

Chez Lore
Rue du Fort 16 4450 Juprelle Liège
Phone : 0494 04 47 93
Homepage : www.shinelore.com
Open : Mon-Fri 10am-9pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 60€/30min 100€/60min
Misc : Expect 2-5 girls

Le Centre Evasion
Rue des Franchimontois 21 Liège Liège
Phone : 0495 331 569
Homepage : www.evasion.be.tf
Open : Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 100/30 min
Misc: expect 3 girls

Les Iles Laurence
Rue des Franchimontois 21 Liège Liège
Phone : 04 227 60 23
Homepage : www.lesileslaurence.be
Open : Mon-Fri 11am-9pm Sat 11am-8pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 130€/30 min 180€/60min
Misc : expect 3 girls

Rue sous l’eau Liège Liège
Phone : 04 3491069
Misc : expect 3 girls

Boulevard Douai 27 Liège Liège
Phone: 04 3424754
Homepage: www.morgane-forever.be
Open : Mon-Fri 11am-9pm
Entrance : 0€
Price : 60€/30min

La Maison de Lore
Rue de la Barge 136 4000 Sclessin Liège
Phone : 0497 26 43 31
Entrance: 0€
Price: 60€/30min, 100€/60min
Misc : expect 3-6 girls

10-03-05, 19:52
What is the RLD window scene like in Liege nowadays?
Also, are there windows/RLD in nearby town Seraing?


10-29-06, 15:04
Unfortunately the area is still not attractive even if I go there once a month.
I am used to go to the rue du Champion to a girl called Christine, at the beginning of the street on the left side coming from rue Cathedrale. She is around 35-40, big real tits!, a bit fat but is very keen to achieve the job. Price starts at 25€, doesnt BBJ but takes her time and is not ripp off oriented. Very kind and clean. She works during the day only (13 - 18). She takes her time and willing to discuss about everything.
Another one I discovered is rue de l'Agneau (end of street on left side coming from rue Cathedrale), Antonella, Italian. Price starts at 25€ (like all place there) and is also working during day time. She worked before in the area during the night and finally got a day window. Same service than Christine. Also a bit fat but nice face.
Both are 6-7 looking, 7-8 for the job.

Yesterday I was fed up about the area then went to Maastricht (25 minutes driving from Liege) to the www.maastrichtprive.nl
Price is:
for the bedroom: 25€ - 20 minutes, 35€ - 30 min, 50€ - 60 min (with bath).
Then you have to pay the girl.
I was welcome by a waitress, explaining me the rules and prices.
20 min - 35€, 30 min - 45€, 45 min - 70€, 75 min - 90€ (with bath).
Not covered BJ is extra 25€ but not all girls do.
Drinks are included.
3 girls came down the bar:
one black girl around 25 years old, well shaped.
one Asian around 35, not very attractive.
one Dutch lady, around 45-48, but nice smiling.
I said I want french kiss, BBJ, bath, and the black one left the room.
As the asian wasnt attracting me then I choosed the Dutch (Chloe).
We spent first some time in bath, kissing, touching, drinking then moved to bed. Good BBJ, good kissing but not deep. She was kind, like caresses and even expressed some pleasure. She doesnt cross limits like others (drug or alcool), is clean and I enjoyed licking her. I came quite quicly when entering her and I decided to stop sex and just talk for the time left (15 min). We spoke about her life there, why and when, also about life. I may go back there with her because I felt at ease even if she is not high rate looking.
Cost: 170€, a bit expensive but at least clean and comfortable time.

11-14-07, 22:28

I'm off to liege next week and am looking for some fun. I will most probably have a car or atleast can get a taxi so anything in and around liege would be greatly appreciated. Not too expensive but a good service. Clean girl. Can anyone help, please?


Romano V
03-18-08, 20:53
This is a prostitute , she does BBJ, she is a russian good worker and looks like a teen. Her name in Liege is Jenny.

03-19-08, 00:44
This is a prostitute , she does BBJ, she is a russian good worker and looks like a teen. Her name in Liege is Jenny.Could you let me know where in Liege i can find Jolene and Jenny, because i like BBBJ very much.

Thx in advance

Joe Bond
03-19-08, 07:55
This is a prostitute , she does BBJ, she is a russian good worker and looks like a teen. Her name in Liege is Jenny.Makes you want to come to Liege.

07-10-08, 12:23
Could you please tell me where I can find Jenny in Liege?

Thanks a lot

07-10-08, 12:27
Makes you want to come to Liege.Could you please tell me where I can find Jenny in Liege?

Thanks a lot

07-10-08, 12:34
Could you please tell me where I can find Jenny in Liege?

Thanks a lot

07-11-08, 05:52
Could you please tell me where I can find Jenny in Liege?

Thanks a lotIt was widely suspected elsewhere that Romano V was making stuff up. I think it was a Brussels thread or the photo thread.

01-21-09, 17:13
It was widely suspected elsewhere that Romano V was making stuff up. I think it was a Brussels thread or the photo thread.I agree, and even it was real, probably she already quits.

01-18-11, 11:20
There hasn't been any reports in 2 years in Liege. Is there any action to be found? Is the city all dried up from the police or what?

01-21-11, 18:48
There hasn't been any reports in 2 years in Liege. Is there any action to be found? Is the city all dried up from the police or what?No worries. There's still lots of action going on, most of it is along rue Varin. That's the local RLD, with view over the brand new and insanely expensive train station. Designed by Calatrava.

There is also a smaller RLD located on the rue de l'Agneau and rue du Champion. (see google-maps / google-earth for exact locations)

As for the few reports about this city, it's good to know the locals have a very limited knowledge of the English language, and will post their reports on local / french-ISG-wannabee-sites.


Param Ahmad
01-22-11, 10:13
No worries. There's still lots of action going on, most of it is along rue Varin. That's the local RLD, with view over the brand new and insanely expensive train station. . . .

MDo you mean Guillemins railway station?

01-24-11, 18:48
Do you mean Guillemins railway station?That's the one, indeed. Not his best work IMHO. And when I said insanely expensive, well, everything is relative : the latest Airbus costs even more. And there's no RLD in those!

08-07-11, 11:33
Problem in that area is that a lott of girls only talking French. And not English. So that's I little bit difficult.

01-06-13, 14:52
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08-14-18, 10:37
There are several exotic massage, just look for them in google maps, some nice girls others not, it hit or miss, then you can move to the next one, they charge around 80 to 120 euro.

08-29-19, 18:46

I tried a couple of times Estelle (or Christelle) in Verviers.


Only erotic massage, no full service.

Very nice moment, very relaxing. Impressive natural breasts.

Different options available, just need to discuss them beforehand.

Very nice social time, will definitely visit her again.

Very difficult to reach.