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05-16-02, 04:41
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06-21-02, 18:22
It's a shame no one has reported anything on "Wanderful Copenhagen". I had written this brief report on another board but will post it here as well. Hopefully it can be of some help.

If you are looking for full service WO condom you should go elsewhere. Only the heroine sluts allow it and they aren't exactly sexy. BBBJ is normally not a problem for the streetwalkers. The largest part of the sex marked here is operated via 'massage clinics' advertised in daily newspaper Extra Bladet. (www.eb.dk)

There are few 'gentlemen clubs' in and around street 'Istedgade', all of which are ripoffs in my opinion. The most high class one is called 'Maxim Bar' where you have to pay for Champagne at some €133!!!! After that you are allowed to take the girl with you to your Hotel or whatever location for equally ridiculous price. The best way to get a good service is driving around Skælbekgade and Halmtorvet. In the evenings there's normally decent number of girls up and down the 1 - 10 scale. Oral + Classic normally costs around €55. Many of these girls work in the high end clubs where the action doesn't really start until midnight.

I've had quite a lot of girls there who later in the evening go to their work in the high end bars. There's no problem at all finding quiet place to park your car and the girls will guide you. Last night I had an astonishing Brazilian girl from the Maxim Bar. Unfortunately she didn't allow BBBJ but was good nevertheless. It's downtown Copenhagen of course and shouldn't be hard to find. It's a mixture of industrial and residential area. Feel free to ask me for more info.

Nota Bene:

In the 'massage clinics' the service is usually rather mechanical and BBBJ rarely permitted. Prices vary from €65 to 110 for Classic + oral

Forget about the 'Pussy Bars' in 'Istedgade' and the high end 'Maxim Bar'.

Stay with the Street scene in late afternoon. Most value for the buck there

Have fun!!!

06-21-02, 19:58
Hey man you seem to be well-informed about the sex scene in Copenhagen. I'm planning to make a one day visit to Copenhagen in July and I would like to taste a Danish beauty. DANISH, not Russian and such. I'm a student so I can't pay €150 for a girl. But I don't want an HIV infected street hooker either. So what do you think I could do there? Do the girls speak English fluently? I speak English and some Swedish and German but no Danish at all. And how are the chances that I find someone who does Greek? What would be the costs for an hour and for a night? Thanks in advance for your help!

06-21-02, 20:45
Hey Cachondito,

99.99% of the girls speak English fluently. As you speak some Swedish I'm sure you can read some Danish. Go to the homepage of Extrabladet and search for girls in their DataBase. The ling is here:


Other good links:


My favourit clinic is located at Frederiksborgvej nr. 5 or 7 2400 Kbnhvn. NV, can't remember, just know the door bell ;) They have a homepage as well, I just couldn't find it in my Bookmarks. They're in walking distance to 'Nørrebro' station and Bus nr. 16 stops right outside the door. But if you find the link their attitute is OK and better than many of the others. It's a bit hit and miss really when it comes to the clinics. The sex marked as a whole is quite alife actually. But I repeat what I said in my first post. I get most for my money in the streets.

Have fun :)

06-27-02, 13:00
Hi Dude,

You do have a great deal of info. I have a business meeting in CPH in a few weeks. Do any good escort services that you could recommend? How much do these cost in Denmark...


06-27-02, 20:43
Hi Ruf66,

I never go for escort services here as they're to expensive to use, at least on regular bases. I believe most of the links I provided offer escort as well. Last time I used escort here was some 4 years back. It was good experience but I think I payed something like €200 for one hour. Buy newspaper 'Extrabladet' on arrival. There's a big section devoted to 'Massage and Escort' and lot's of the ads refer to their web sites for more info. You can also see them in the online version (see the link below)

have fun

06-28-02, 12:55
HI Dude

Thanks for the info. Okay I don't know Copenhagen very well, and can't speak Danish. When I am Copenhagen, I will be staying in a hotel on :-Colbjørnsensgade, 1652 København V - is there anything close to this area. I won't have a car, so are there any places that don't cost the earth I could visit. It will have to be late in the evening after my meeting.

I have checked out the sites you recommended by with not speaking Danish I get a bit confused. so any help from your side would be much appreciated.


06-28-02, 14:35
If it is the hotel I'm thinking of, you might have action in the basement of the hotel... :-)

Anyway, you will live in the immediate surroundings of many possibilities so you will manage well without a car!

Good luck, and write some reports, I'm planning on a trip to CPH myself, haven't been there for some years now!

06-30-02, 21:18
If you speak English and are just a bit decent looking, you can pull a danish girl for free in most irish or scottish pups in cph

07-01-02, 17:08
Well, said I find that it is easy to meet women in Copenhagen and to click with them. Even Amsterdam with its paid scene, it is easy to find regular women to pass the time with.

07-03-02, 20:26
I've browsed this board regularly but up to now I haven't had anything worthwhile to contribute in return but a recent trip to Copenhagen enables me to pass on a few observations on the the local scene given the demand and the absence of any comprehensive reporting.

Things really didn't work out from start to finish. Firstly I had trouble obtaining a copy of "Copenhagen this Week" until finding it in the gift shop of my hotel literally in my last few hours in Denmark - there were only a few copies and they were snapped up very quickly. As previous correspondents have reported, the ads at the back provide a wealth of info in terms of addresses and phone numbers. The newpaper Ekstra Bladet on the other hand is easily obtainable from any paper shop but the ads are all in Danish though easily translatable to the English language through a bit of intelligent guesswork. What is a bit more difficult unless you are familiar with the country's geography is trying to figure out the location of the advertiser given that it is a nationally distributed publication and full postal addresses are often not provided - there is little point fixing an appointment with a lady situated on the opposite side of the country though it is apparent that all the major towns have thier own scenes.

Obviously Copenahgen would have the lion's share though I was surprised that this wasn't as substantial as I would have expected for a settlement of its magnitude. Istedgade has been prominently featured in previous postings and it is clear that this is the centre of red light activity by the density of establishment selling hard core porn though the area also contained a number of mid range hotels. I visited it over several days at all hours ranging from early morning to past midnight and singularly failed to make any sightings of working girls. I casually mentioned this to a business associate who responded by asking me whether I had visited any of the sex shops. Why? I replied when I could watch hard core porn from the comfort of my hotel room.

But his reaction intrigued me and the next day I found myself visiting one of the porn shops - situated directly next to the church advertising cinerotic - where an hour and quarter in a dirty and sleezy though private cabin equipped with an armchair and tissue with the video of your choice costs 75 krone but rooms with beds were also available for hire. I asked the assistant whether ladies were also obtainable to which he responded that I had find my own either on Istedgade or somewhere which sounded like Eskidpickle - there is a Eskidgade nearby but there was nothing to be found when I checked it out. Two ladies - neither describable as attractive - came in with clients while I was on premises but I have no idea as to where they plied their trade though it was obvious that it couldn't have been too far away.

Interestingly this establishment also possesses a bar with a topless barmaid and she was gorgeous - I reckon an 8 out of 10 and looked so wholesome that you could take her back to meet your mother. A beer was 20 kr plus a 35 kr cover charge if you hadn't already paid for the private video showing. She was quite friendly to chat to but there's a small TV behind the bar showing hard core porn for customers requiring an interlude from her delights. Most of the half of dozen customers there though had their attention focussed solely on her very ample and shapely breasts.

Outside, a medley assortment of junkies of both sexes and all age groups congregate on the forecourt of the church next door. Some were plainly using hard drugs in broad daylight including what could have been an attractive lady in her late teens with a ravaged appearance. And though I am not totally certain that there were any sex workers among them it is clear that their state of health was poor and one would need to be pretty desperate I suggest to accept their services.

A bit further up Istedgade from the station was another porn shop with a bar on the first floor but the cover charge was 50 krs. When I dropped by in mid afternoon, there were at least half a dozen Thai ladies chattering amongst themselves and no customers. Fearing a rip off situation - rightly or wrongly - I made a hasty exit before anyone noticed me and wrote the admission charge off as a long term investment.

Past midnight one evening, I noticed a couple of very presented and attractive - 8.5 on a scale of 10 - ladies in their early twenties loitering on Sonder Boulevard which more or less runs parallel to Istedgade and cars were obviously cruising round and round in a circuit. There were men hanging around loitering in doorways - pimps? Was this where the action moved to? I didn't make any enquiries so I might have been mistaken. I went back the next day in broad daylight and didn't see any evidence of red light activity though I seemed to have caught the eye of a lady in her 30s sitting in one of the sidewalk cafes but this might have been quite innocuous.

Finally I decided to visit an establishment advertising in Copenhagen this Week call Fancyplace - slogan "sex when it's best" - for no other reason than that it's the only one advertised that's within walking distance of the city centre though it was still over an half an hour walk. There was one lady in attendance - a very attractive and cleancut Danish brunette of about 19 with large breasts and totally shaven between the legs. A menu in the simple though stylishly furnished room demonstrated that prices started at 400 krs for hand relief with condom going up to 1000 for half an hour and 2000 krs for a full hour for the full service.

I elected for the short time 600 krs full service which started with her arousing me by hand then on with a condom for a very mediocre oral and then finishing with intercourse. This was marginally better than the clinical and perfunctory experience I was expecting for somewhere like Denmark. From start to fnish the experience lasted some 30 minutes though the fun side of this only accounted for half this time with the other half being wait time. What made it memorable was that on a couple of occasions the lady seemed to lose control and move towards indulging in girlfriend experience behaviour before regaining her composure and re-establishing her distance. This might have been sufficient for some guys but I have been spoilt by many excellent experiences in the United Kingdom at a lower cost to want to enthuse over it.

My conclusions from my experiences? When one is surrounded by beautiful foreign ladies, it is difficult to think rationally and it is so easy to talk oneself into trying them out to seek to determine any nationalistic differences in the hope of achieving the ultimate experience but strictly speaking in value for money terms I think I should have waited until I got home.

07-13-02, 07:10
Here's the Copenhagen scene from some that lives there (and has traveled the world as a hobbyist).

Your low rent stuff is on Skelbæksgade after dark. Some of it is pretty young, so watch out. You won't get busted for 18 and 1 day, but you will get plenty busted for 17 and 363. They have places outdoors they will do it for as low as 200 kr ($30) for blow jobs, 400 kr for sex. Depending on how demanding you are, or desperate they are, you can get it down, or get it without condom (your own risk!).

Middle rent are the clinics advertised in Ekstra Bladet. And your best bet. Cost about 600 Kr, but a nice service, though always with condom

Most girls speak English, but make clear from the start that you are a visitor. A lot of the girls don't want guys from Turkey, Pakistan, Arab countries. Lot's of racism, here, so make sure they know you are speaking English for a reason.

High rent are the escort agencies. Don't expect much here, most are very time conscious. Great looking but in and out.

Inside tip: try Club 20 or Club Looky-look on a Friday night. Club 20 is a swinger place that accepts single males (cover is 200 kr). Dress nicely and look fairly upscale and you are pretty much guaranteed sex with a wife or gf, or at least a great voyeuristic experience.

My gf and I used to go, now I go alone. Last week had sex with a good looking mid 40s woman and twice with a non-stop 24 year old. Indeed, I have never gone there without at least getting a hand job. Your mileage may differ, but hey... if it doesnt work out, you are three blocks from Skelbæksgade.

07-13-02, 15:13
DaBluesMan, you are a racist piece of shit, I have been in Copenhagen, I'm hispanic, and I could be identified as Turkish, there are a lot of people from that area that live in Copenhagen. Plus I have seen a good deal of mixed couples, not as much as in Holland or Sweden but it is there. As far as Danish people being racist that's a load of shit. I was there for over a month last year and had zero problems with the locals, Germany was yet another surprise 0 problems. I run into more racism in the USA, a lot more racism. When I went out in Copenhagen I couldn't help but noticed how no one made a big deal when there was a mixed couple in a public area like a night club or bar. You must be living in Copenhagen Texas or something. I remember taking the bus around and women would look at me and smile, is that the Danish way of expressing disgust? I don't think so.

07-14-02, 16:39
I think this stupid blonde called DaBluesMan had his girlfriend taken away by a handsome Turkish guy and now he's got some complexes about that. Or maybe he got jealous when Turkey ruled the World Cup and Denmark died early :) You're talking crap my friend. It's nobody's but your very own fault that your women don't find you attractive.

07-14-02, 17:00
I need you again OddManOut. First of all thanks A LOT for the information. The websites were very helpful to get an impression. At least now I know Danish women are more stunning than I thought. So yeah.. I checked the sites and saw some things I didn't understand. Græsk, Fransk all ok. But how about Dansk and Svensk? What does Danish sex stand for? Or Swedish sex? Maybe you should post the meanings to the administrator and have him add them to the terms & abbreviations section. I'd liket o know what they mean.

07-14-02, 20:35
Here we go, Cachondito

Svensk = Swedish = Hand job - 300 DKR
Fransk = French = Blow job, 400 DKR
Gensidig fransk : Two ways french, 600 DKK
Dansk = Danish = Intercourse, 400 DKR
Græsk = Greek = Anal intercourse, 7-800 DKR

Hope it helps

07-14-02, 23:38
I visited brothel Peter Fabersgade 42 which had STUNNING women I thought most were at least an 8 and a lot of 9/10's. The place is a bit on the pricy side if you want everything. 1 full hour of sex in a jacuzzi costs about 220 dollars at current exchange rates, they also offer straight sex for an hour for about 170 dollars, its awefully pricy compared to similar clubs in Amsterdam or Germany but its good if your in Copenhagen. They also offer basic sessions which average about 60 dollars.

07-15-02, 00:56
Cachondito and CBGB,

I'm not Danish, I live here, I would not speak a word against the Danish people in general.... I obviously wasn't clear!

There IS a certain reluctance with some of the working ladies to take on Johns from certain parts of the world. It's a fact, not a judgement. And this was a country that gave 15% of its votes to a right-wing, anti-foreigner party last year. .. that's a fact too.

As for mixed couples on the street, well, I am part of one. And CBGB is right, Denmark is a very open minded and tolerant land, overall, in that respect.

Just trying to give a full picture!

The not-blonde, football-unaware, happily-dark DaBluesMan.

07-15-02, 07:04

Club 20 is at Godsbanegade 20, Looky-look is Randersgade 49 (or thereabouts).

Friday nights are your best bet; the weeknights are dead, and Saturday night is couples only.


07-15-02, 09:36
Cheers danishspy. I needed to know what Swedish and Danish stood for and now that I know it I can take a more sophisticated look at the wenches' ads. Thanks a lot! I also need to know whether or not any kind of prostitution is legal for the buyer in Denmark?

07-15-02, 15:29

As long as the girl is at least 21 years old it is 100% legal - and it is also my experience that you can always feel 100% safe in the clinics (this does not necessary include the surrounding streets, for instance the streets next to the rail road station in Copenhagen). But you have nothing to fear from the girls or any pimps as long as you behave.

Forgot to mention that the prices I told you do not necessarily apply in all places - but they are the normal prices if you can say so.

Feel free to ask again if you need more information.


07-17-02, 10:34
At least 18, not 21.

15 is the age of consent, though not if money passes hands.

07-17-02, 14:56

I will be in Denmark near the end of October and thanks to the great posts on here, I have a pretty good idea of places to try .....

But, where do you recommend to go to meet local non-working Danish women ??

Are Danish women friendly towards foriegn travellers (Australian)?

Any advice would be great ..... thanks, and keep up the great posts ......


07-18-02, 01:12
Can you tell me where in Australia you can meet local non-working Australian women ??

Are Australian women friendly towards foriegn travellers (Danish)?

Even if I don't like to generalize I can assure you that 99% of Danish girls will throw up if you act as stupid in front of them as you do here.

07-18-02, 01:50
danishpastry .........

You moron ...... what is wrong with the question I asked ????

it is a simple question from someone who has never been to Denmark before, who wants to meet and mix with Danish girls, but that is probably too much for you to handle .... seeing you know only where to go to pay for a womans company.

If you don't have anything useful to say, stay out of the forum ....


07-18-02, 02:56
If you have just some brain activity and try to answer the questions I asked you, you'll understand.

Otherwise, let some Danish girls explain to you.

07-18-02, 04:24
OzGuy, most of the pubs in Copenhagen are great places for meeting women. Most people here speak English so communicating with the locals isn't a problem. Some advice: don't pay for sex in Copenhagen, there is plenty of chances to get it for free in this city. I learned this the hard way, I went to a brothel on my first day and almost ignored the local scene. It can be a boring place, its not London or New York so women don't have a lot of distractions which is a good thing if you want to get laid. So the best diversion is just to get laid and its easy as hell to do so in this city. Its Europe's hidden secret, just 500 miles west in Amsterdam guys are paying for it for a paltry few moments, here its like Amsterdam but you can get a whole night of hot love for free.

07-18-02, 04:25
Danishspy, I know Danish girls have an easy time getting layed because they are gorgeous but it's not so for the Danish guys. I'm sorry to say the Danish guys look a little out of place outside of Northern Europe - tall skinny and dorky looking. I don't mean that as an insult Danish guys are very cool, I'm just trying to give you a heads up when you go to Australia. Good Luck!

07-18-02, 06:15
CBGB & smartas,

Thank you guys ..... atleast there are some people who understood my simple question .... I didn't think it was such a stupid question to ask where single women hang out in Denmark, wether that be bars, clubs or cafe's, and the addresses of places, or even to ask how "Australians" were veiwed by Danish people, being Australian doesn't automatically make me liked in other parts of the world.

Again guys ... thank you .....


07-18-02, 11:39
I think it is quite depressing to see how people who travel around thew world in the 21st century believe that it is possible to describe the population of a country in a few lines.
It reminds me of how adventurers described the African continent a couple of hundred years ago.

07-19-02, 03:22
Danishspy I'm not going to be a foreigner here any more I am soon to become a permanent resident of Europe, and I am going to wave the flag of my new country high and with pride. Heck, you'll have to name me Captain Europa instead of Captain America.

07-19-02, 04:21
I reread my last posting and I saw I might have offended the Dutch so let me qualify what I said. It is true the guys from Denmark look dorky but that is only because they are usually standing next to those beautiful Danish girls (who they are so luck to be f*cking on a regular basis). And in fact all guys look dorky standing next to those girls, they are that beautiful.

Danishspy, I think you should reconsider about going to Africa and stick to your idea of going to Australia and here's why; The people of Africa are humble and nice and you will have a hard time fitting in. Also they are kind of backward when it comes to knowing English, which in some ways would work in your favor but also would make it hard to get around. I have always thought if English was good enough for Jesus, it should be good enough for them but... But if you do decide on Africa remember to wear a rubber, for in some of the countries AIDS is pretty bad.

You in Australia on the other hand should work out fine, just try to not talk so much and it will be cool. Also in and around the tourist areas they speak pretty good English but if you go out of the main cities you will have a tough time understanding them. I think English is a required language for them in school but even so, for some of them it's a little rough. Good luck, and be sure to write to us all about your adventure! SmartAs

PS Don't ask the New Zealanders what part of Australia is New Zealand in. I think it is in the northern end of a state called Yourasss, at least that's what I was told a few times...

07-19-02, 09:08
Smartas, I'm pretty sure Dutch people are from the Netherlands and not Denmark.

07-20-02, 04:40
Originally posted by CBGBConnisur
Danishspy I'm not going to be a foreigner here any more I am soon to become a permanent resident of Europe, and I am going to wave the flag of my new country high and with pride. Heck, you'll have to name me Captain Europa instead of Captain America.

I'm really sorry to post here, but I wanted to reach CBGB:
I'll be in Sweden next month and since you seem to know alot about Europe, and since there is a huge lack of posts on the Stockholm channel, could you clue me in on ANY action over there? I know it's pretty reduced, but perhaps you may know...

If you'd like to post in Stockholm I'll look for you there.

Sorry to trouble the rest of the posters in this channel!! (although I was suppose to go to Denmark on the way to Sweden, damn the airlines!)

07-21-02, 00:27
Prostitution in Sweden became illegal a few years ago, the scene has went downhill since the law was passed basically in the process, the customer gets prosecuted but not the woman. It's a real stupid law and now the trade is pretty much underground. If you want to meet women there are plenty of nightclubs in Stockholm to meet them but the prostitution scene is on very shaky ground. In Copenhagen it's much better and completely legal, there aren't any real RLD's here but there are plenty of brothels. I think Finland is quite good too especially Helsinki. Overall, though my best experiences in western Europe were in Germany, yep, Deutschland. If you go to Bonn or Cologne(spelled Koln in German) there are 100's I kid you not 100's of sex clubs where it is dirt cheap and the women are unbelievable.

07-21-02, 03:42
When you say dirt cheap how cheap do you mean?

le donk
07-23-02, 19:11

You seem to be the best man to ask about the danish sex scene. I have never tried clubs like lookylooky or club 20. How does it work?

Do I just pay the entrance fee and join the party?

How do I approach girls? Can I just walk up to them and ask if they want to have sex with me?

Are there really good looking girls at those clubs or are there just old saggy ladies there?

Do they have proffessionals working there if you don't get any "free" sex?

Can anybody watch you if you manage to have sex with a girl and are you allowed to watch others?

Can you just scribble down some info before I go...damn I'm nervous already :) but it's going to b fun!!!


/le donk

antonio s
07-24-02, 20:42
I´m going to Copenhagen next september. Is there any chance that i can find any good nightlife from sunday to wednesday, or i should definetely try to go on the weekend?. I would appreciate any advice.

08-07-02, 12:21
Hey leDonk - please share any information you get from DaBluesMan - I am also in CPH next week and was wondering the same sort of questions,



Originally posted by le donk

You seem to be the best man to ask about the danish sex scene. I have never tried clubs like lookylooky or club 20. How does it work?

Do I just pay the entrance fee and join the party?

How do I approach girls? Can I just walk up to them and ask if they want to have sex with me?

Are there really good looking girls at those clubs or are there just old saggy ladies there?

Do they have proffessionals working there if you don't get any "free" sex?

Can anybody watch you if you manage to have sex with a girl and are you allowed to watch others?

Can you just scribble down some info before I go...damn I'm nervous already :) but it's going to b fun!!!


/le donk

10-05-02, 14:22
Why are you guys dizzing Danish men? "Tall and skinny...out of place outside of N. Europe...Dorky"?. For real, do you think women prefer short and fat men? Atleast tall skinny guys have potential and most of them put on some weight when they get in their 30's. And in most cases beautiful women means a beautiful people in general. The opposite is also true, so what you're saying when you're raising Danish women to the skies is that in other words your sisters and mothers are pretty ugly just like yourselves.

Some guy suggested Australia would be a good destination to visit. Why? Who would be so stupid as to pay 12000 US dollars to go around the world to a country where people are pretty much like home? What could be more pointless? If you wanna see kangaroos and koalas you might as well go to the zoo.

11-06-02, 23:57
Hey guys,
Is Club 20 a private club? I was just at the website and it looks to be that way. Also there's an entrance fee. (about 250 DK)
Has anybody been to this place?

11-08-02, 00:57
gents - good evening,,,

Have I ever asked you guys if there is any escorts or other Ladies available in Gentofte?
If not - I am kindly asking you to share the information you may have on this suburb of Copenhagen.
I will visit soon.

11-23-02, 02:54
OK...there is a reason my name is DUMB ASS!!
I went to Club 20 tonight (friday). Got there at 10:30 left at 12:30. Unless you have not had sex or masterbated in about 15 years, DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. There were 2 gals and 19 guys. One of the girls just sat on the couch with her boyfriend and watched the flick that was showing. The other gal tried to f***, suck, and give a HJ to every guy in the joint that was ready to finally bust that nut they've saved all month. This lady was with her husband and guys just took turns sitting on the couch in the dark getting BJ's and HJ's. There were 4 other guys openly masterbating while the couch action was happening.Then they all got up and went to another room that had some curtains and she went crazy sucking d**ks in the dark and getting rammed from behind. Now before you get excited, let me also tell you she was AT LEAST 57 YEARS OLD!!!

The good part was that I only was out 150dkk. The bad part was that I was out 150dkk!! That's what I get for tring to be cheap.
If you are under 58 years old, do yourself a favor and spend the extra money for a clinic. Anybody who says they did a 26yr old or even a 40yr old at Club 20 is lying and must get a kickback to tell guys to go to this place! The name should have told me right away...Club 20...20 guys drinking coffee and beating their meat!

11-24-02, 09:18
When in Copenhagen your best bet is sexgirls or some place like it. I could not find any other brothels (I didn't really try very hard)
It is at 42 Peter Fabersgade (ring the bottom button) I went here after my REALLY bad experience at Club 20. I saw Kiki and Kimmie and they were OUTSTANDING. No rush, great attitude and nice looking gals. Far better than the street action, and for half the price of the escorts you can't lose. Sure they have the fake boobs and big hair, but they just want to make sure you have a good time. Check it out www.sexgirls.dk

Hey Copenhagen isn't Frankfurt, but then again, there's no other place like Frankfurt.

11-29-02, 15:33
Hello Dumbass.

Great report, I am often in CPH and I have already seen
some advertisements of "Peter Fabersgade 42".

Yes, they are stunning, but seem quite professional ;
I do not want to know any details from you, but I only like
to get girls who really want to please the occasional partner;
I mean, some chicks in Northern Countries do not even
let you touch her, but just out of curiosity : can you lick her
and enjoying different positions ?
How much did you pay ?

Thanks and Regards


12-03-02, 01:39
Check the website. All the prices are shown for anything you want. I only saw 2 girls, but my guess is that all the girls will do whatever is on the menu. "Cocktails" are a combination of menu services. You can also pay for 1/2 hour or 1 hour of anything goes.

I really had a blast with Kiki and Kimme. I just got basic FS (500DKK...450 without oral). They both spent time with a little teasing before getting down to business. Also I did both of them in multiple positions.


12-09-02, 13:52
Been reading the forums for a while... got time away from work visit in copenhagen, did not try hard to find a place and ended up at Sexgirls.

Its in a residential street, quiet place. Press the buzzer at the bottom, the one that says "Peregren" (I think thats what it was, anyhow buzz the bottom one).

I think it was a good service (This is the first time I've actively been looking to pay for it, so can't compare), took the 1 hour anything goes option, bit pricey at 1800 dk, the prices have gone up for the time limit things, but the cocktails are still the same. Two girls working, a new girl (italian, didn't get chance to see her), chose Sindy. Good firm body, and nice attitude not rushed, cbj, DATY, a couple of positions, but no fingering and not a GFE experience.

Next target is an FKK in Frankfurt.

01-29-03, 23:57
If you can read danish I might suggest the following links:

Ekstra Bladet (this is an excerpt of the daily ads.)

Ekstra Bladet Massage (http://ekstrabladet.dk/visartikel.iasp?templateid=4326)

Real6 (http://www.real6.dk)

Dream Girl (http://www.dream-girl.dk)

Or this one: Jubii Guide Erotik (http://guide.jubii.dk/erotik/)
It is a link guide look under the section "Escort & Klub"
There are links here to more brothels and guides where they are collected. The single brothels/escorts and working girls/boys is at this link: Sexual Service (http://www.jubii.dk/Erhverv_oekonomi/Serviceydelser/SeksuelleYdelser/)

02-04-03, 14:29

I went to Copenhagen recently and bought the newspaper called Ekstra Bladet. At the last pages I found an announcement for a girl called Camilla - webpage http://www.camillaguldborg.dk

She is a readhead with a nice body, and I wrote her a mail for an hotelvisit the next friday.

She came to the hotel i black stockings - as I like - and she had a pretty face. She speaks english very well (better than me :) , and we had a little chat before we went to bed.... I found her intelligent and welleducatet...

At her wepage her age is 23 , but I thinks she is about 25-26, but thats ok for me.

We went to bed after about half an hour, and i must say she knows how to please a man!! We even did it on the couch!! Do I have to descripe it in details?! ;)

I found Camilla very attractive - a real scandinavian girl. Okay, she is a bit expensive... 2000 Dkr/hour - so I only got her for three hours.

After about one hour of lovemaking, we took a brake and had a chat. Then we had sex again ;)

Besides her price, I can really recommend her. I am going to Copenhagen again in about two month, and I think I will see her again. Meanwhile I am in Italy, so maybe I will drop a note about the Italian girls on the board.

Have a got time


04-08-03, 12:51
Hi everybody,

I will be in Copenhagen for a short stay over the weekend. Anyone knows about the street action. Can you find street walkers and where do you usually find them ?

Thanks for the help,


04-11-03, 13:24
Anyone, please ???
Nobody knows the street scene in Copenhagen ? What am I supposed to do then next week ??? Help ???


04-11-03, 19:40
I was in Copenhagen a few years ago,
and there seemed to be some street
action around the main train station. But
be warned it looked mostly druggie types,
and it may have all changed by now.
Maybe some one with more up to date
info will respond.
Sorry I couldn't be more help.

04-12-03, 01:36
Thanks patrik,

I guess I will check things out by myself. But thanks for your reply,


04-13-03, 02:05
I believe the main street for street action is "Istedgade" only a few blocks away from the train station...porn shops, brothels, etc...

Might be better off trying some massage parlours...consult Ekstra Bladet website and/or paper for addresses..



04-17-03, 05:35
Copenhagen, and Denmark in general, are wonderful places for the hobby. I have mongered in all the Scandinavian countries and can attest that the experience in Denmark is the best. Although no Amsterdam or Brussels style red light district or brothels exist, the sex trade is widely tolerated. Since there hasn't been a comprehensive review for a while, I thought I would summarize my experiences in this report.

There are basically four options: 1)Non-professionals, 2)Street walkers, 3)Escorts, 4)"Clinics"

1) Non-professionals (Only a brief statement here, and then off to the good stuff!): In general, Danes are the nicest people in Northern Europe and very open minded. In addition, sex is not such a huge deal (in relative terms, of course). One therefore has a higher probability of scoring in a night club, bar, or disco compared to North America and the U.K. Be nice and treat people with respect, and sometime things will just fall into place!

2) Street Walkers: These ladies can be found in the "sex shop" district near the Central Railway station. Follow "Istegade" and "Helgolandsgade" after sunset, and you will see them. Prices seem to be about half of the "clinics" (see below). There are many sex shops, video stores, and massage parlors in this area. Although (compared to North American standards) this area is not terribly unsafe, it is still considered a rough neighborhood in Copenhagen. In my opinion, avoid street girls in general, since much better and safer fun can be had in this town.

3) Escorts: Get a copy of the newspaper "Ekstra Bladet" which is on sale in just about any newspaper stand. It is regular newspaper (not a sex publication) with news, advertisement, weather reports, etc... (I am saying this for the shy among us who would hesitate buying a sex publication in a foreign land). In the back section, under "Massage" or "escort" there are literally hundreds of ads for girls, massage clubs, S&M services, etc... Unfortunately, everything is in Danish, but with a little bit of patience any English speaker can figure the main Idea. See below for some key words. The ads are about 70% for sevices in Copenhagen. Simply call the number and say that you saw the ad in Ekstra Bladet. Just about anybody in Denmark speaks fluent English, so simply call! Average price for an hour of "normal" sex including French is 1600 DKK (about $225). The girls would come to your hotel room, and there is very little chance for rip-off. The quality in general is good. Since sex is nowhere as much taboo in Denmark as it is in the States or the U.K., there are many more girls doing this at some point in their lives. Therefore, the possiblity of getting a semi-amateur is very good. Treat these girls very nicely and politely, and most of the time they will return the favor.

4) The "clinics": This is my favorite! There are many, many apartments in Copenhagen where a wide variety of girls (Between 5 to even as many as 20!) girls rotate on a schedule. At any given time, there are only 1 to 2 girls available in any given one of these places, but nearly all of them have web sites with a schedule (vagtplan). The schedule tells you exactly who is going to be there at any given time, and you have the opportunity to see the pictures before you actually show up. These clinics are in residential neighborhoods which are quite safe. The rooms are clean, and the girls are generally of high quality. I will list some websites, and all these have maps, pictures of the girls, and schedules. Some are also in English! Once you find the one you want to visit, simply show up and ring the door bell. You are then buzzed in and enter the building. The majority of these clinics are on the first or ground floor, so you almost can see the door of the flat as soon as you enter the building. As before, everybody speaks near perfect English! Once in, the receptionist takes you to one of the rooms and shows you a "menu"!!!-LOL!!! (Yes, for us Americans this is pleasantly surprising!). By checking out the web site you should already know which girl is working, so all that is left is to choose a service, and tell the working girl (not the receptionist) what you want. Depending on how busy the place is, you may sometime have to wait in the room for as much as up to half an hour. The atmosphere is quite pleasant, with sex magazines, etc.. around so that you can use the time to make yourself comfortable and read the menu. Note, that the menu is written using certain keywords such as "French", "Greek", etc... I will list these words at the end of this post. You may simply ask the girl to read the menu with you. Basic prices range from 300 DKK ($45) for a hand job to 1800-2000 DKK ($250-$280) for one hour of fun (ask the girl what exactly is included, if you choose the time option). Unless you immediately develop some sort of special chemistry with the girl, I recommend that you simply choose a service rather than the time option. The girls are just about always pretty, and the attitudes range from "friendly but professional and business-like" to absolute GFE.

Here are some websites. All have the directions, the menu, the map, and the prices, so I will not repeat them:

www.sexgirls.dk (nice selection of girls, rather professional)
www.cassiopeiastars.dk My all time favorite. Twice I have been there and been asked if I mind seeing a girl who "just started today". Both times I obliged, and both were near-honeymoon experiences with multiple orgasms for the two of us. If they ask you to see a girl who just started, say YES! These girls give it their 110%! I saw "Sabrina" the last time I was there.
www.live-girls.dk (Bus 1 or 14 from town-hall square). Saw Katrine there twice, a few years apart!!! Very nice body, and good attitude, and although she is definetly a professional she went out of her way to please.
www.sexkillingerne.dk (has some interesting video on the web site)

Also the "Ekstra Bladet" magazine mentioned above is now on the web www.ekstrabladet.dk/massage You can search by criteria (e.g. all girls doing Greek, etc...)
www.real6.dk, www.side6.dk, www.dreamgirl.dk have many, many links to independent girls as well as clinics.

Sex Terminology:
You may use the glossary on http://www.side6.dk/articles/ordbog.asp to decipher the pages. Here are some basics.

Dansk=Danish=Regular sex
Gensidig fransk=mutual French="69"
Svensk=Swedish=Hand Job
Spansk=Spanish= Between the breasts
Onanishow or pigeonani= Dildo show
time= hour (as in 1/2 hour or 1 hour)
med=with (condom)
uden=without (condom- only for spansk and svensk, mind you!)
blid=soft (i.e. no Greek or BDSM)

You may find this useful when reading the schedule (vagtplan):
Mandag, Tirsdag, onsdag, Torsdag, Fredag, Lørdag, Søndag: Days of the week from Monday to Sunday, respectively.
Lige uger:Even weeks
Ulige uger: Odd weeks

Lars Berg
04-25-03, 20:26

Copenhagen is a wonderful city, much good pussy to be found.

If you are looking for SW go to skelbraekgade, nearby Halmtorvet.

All kinds of girls here all night long.


William Hauger
04-28-03, 21:42
If you are looking for sw in Copenhagen go to Halmtorvet or Skelbraekgade, western part of the city. Lots of Advertisements in Ekstrabladet(a Danish newspaper ).


06-02-03, 18:42

I'm planning a trip to Copenhagen from 12/6 to 15/6. I'd like to combine a hunt for non pro fun with some pro fun. So I have some questions for the local experts:

1) What are the best places to hook up with non pro's that would consider a one (or two :-) ) night stand? Disco's, Clubs? Names of the best places? General tips?

2) Streetworkers seem to be active primarily around the station area. What are the going rates and what are the services provided (BBBJ? Anal?) I prefer Eastern European girls. Any particular area I should be looking at? How are the hotels taking short term guest visits? Will I need a car or can I hook up on foot?

3) I'm also considering a swingers club experience (would be my first). What are the best places to consider and what is the quality of the girls/ladies that can be expected there?

Thanks for your help. I'll get a report posted here shortly after my trip.


06-12-03, 01:35
Some interesting links:

www.amagerbabes.dk (klinik på Amager i Kbh)
www.amorpigerne.dk (klinik på Nørrebro i Kbh)
www.annabellpigerne.dk (Klinik i Brønshøj)
www.angelfire.com/dc/partilsex (Amatørpar til escort og besøg)
www.angelgirls.dk (klinik i Ålborg)
www.annelouise.dk (hendes egen side)
www.agruppen.dk (Klinik på Østerbro, Kbh)
www.askepot.nu (hendes egen side)
www.babseparadis.dk (Kristinas egen side)
www.bellahoejpigerne.dk (klinik i NV i Kbh)
www.blondanett.dk (Anett`s egen side)
www.blueorchid.dk (escort på Sjælland)
www.boulevardpigerne.dk (klinik i city/Kbh)
www.camillaguldborg.dk(hendes egen side)
www.candyworld.dk (Julie`s escortside)
www.carla20.dk (escort i Østjylland)
www.cappo.dk (klinik i Skovlunde)
www.cassiopeiastars.dk (klinik på Østerbro i Kbh)
www.cela.dk (hendes egen side)
www.charlotte2000.dk (hendes egen side)
www.cherie.dk (hendes egen side og klinik i Hvidovre i Kbh)
www.citygirls.dk (klinik i Helsingør)
www.citypigerne.dk (klinik på Østerbro i Kbh)
www.classylinda.com (Linda`s egen side)
www.copenhagenenterprise.dk (Klinik på Østerbro)
www.danskescortservices.dk (Escort over hele landet)
www.dengyldnefez.dk (Pussy Galores)
www.den-varmelinie.dk (escort i hele landet)
www.eroticbabes.dk (klinik i Bagsværd)
www.escort-concorden.dk (escort i Kbh og på hele Sjælland)
www.escorten.dk (escortside for Zindy)
www.escortfantasy.dk (escort i Kbh og på hele Sjælland)
www.escortheaven.dk (Escort det meste af landet, fortrinsvis i Storkbh.)
www.escorthollywood.dk (escort i Kbh og på hele Sjælland)
www.escortjeanette.dk (escort Jylland og Fyn)
www.escortkarina.dk (escort Jylland og Fyn)
www.escortmaj.dk (escort hele landet)
www.escortpiger.dk (Thai-escort Østerbro, Kbh)
www.escort-pussycat.dk (escort i det meste af landet)
www.escort2you.dk (escort i Århus)
www.falkpigerne.dk (Klinik Frederiksberg)
www.fancyplace.dk (klinik på Nørrebro i Kbh) *Siden er stadigvæk under opbygning!*
www.fantasie.dk (klinik i Valby i Kbh)
www.fantasyhouse.dk (Klinik i Hvidovre)
http://frederikke.biz (hendes egen side)
www.girlflowers.dk (klinik i Valby)
www.guldpigerne.dk (Klinik i Søborg)
www.heidiguf.dk (Lene`s egen side)
www.hjerter6.dk (klinik i Århus)
www.h-o-l.dk (Klinik på Amager)
www.hosanja.dk (hendes egen side og klinik på Østerbro i Kbh)
www.hvidovrepigerne.dk (Klinik i Hvidovre)
http://isabella.iscute.com (escort på Sjælland)
www.jasminpigerne.dk (klinikside) (Klinik i Herning)
www.jomfruburet.dk (klinik i Varde, Esbjerg og Ikast)
www.leona.dk (Leona`s egen side)
www.live-girls.dk (klinik på Frederiksberg i Kbh)
www.lolliladys.dk (Klinik på Østerbro, kbh.)
www.lovecenter.dk (klinik i Esbjerg)
www.lovegirls.dk (4 pigers side sammen....Kbh)
www.lunaescort.dk (hendes egen side)
www.luksus-blondine.subnet.dk (escort ved Ribe)
www.madam-marlene.dk (hendes egen side)
www.magicgirls.dk (klinik i Valby i Kbh)
www.maria-kbh.dk (hendes egen side - privat besøg i Nordsjælland)
www.massagelene.dk (Lene`s side)
www.megan.dk (hendes egen side og escort i Kbh)
www.melanis.webbyen.dk (Melani`s egen escort side)
www.mialux.dk (hendes egen side - escort i Kbh)
www.miraescort.dk (hendes egen side)
www.miss-annika.dk (hendes egen side - escort)
www.msex.dk(Mette`s egen side)
www.nadiaone.dk (Nadia`s egen side)
www.nadine.dk (Nadine`s egen side)
www.nastygirls.dk (klinik 2 steder i Kbh)
www.odense.adultry.com (klinik i Odense)
www.penthousepigerne.dk (klinik på Østerbro i Kbh)
www.pleasure-house.dk (klinik i Rødovre)
www.pornobabes.co.uk (klinik i city Kbh)
www.prettygirls.dk (klinik i Helsingør)
www.punci.dk (Escort Kbh og sjælland)
www.pussy-club.dk (klinik på Vesterbro i Kbh)
www.pussygalores.dk (Klinik på Frederiksberg)
www.qsydjyll.0catch.com (hendes egen side - privat i Sydjylland)
www.retortgirls.dk (klinik i Valby i Kbh)
www.romantica.dk (klinik på Østerbro i Kbh)
www.salesgirl.dk (hendes egen side - escort i HT-området)
www.seductiongirls.dk (klinik på Nørrebro) *Klinik genåbnet i Haremmet*
www.selectaclub.dk (Klinik i City, Kbh.)
www.sexbabe.dk/escort.htm (hendes egen side)
www.sexy-babes.dk (Escort Kbh og sjælland)
www.sexdronning.dk (hendes egen side)
www.sexgirls.dk (Klinik på Nørrebro)
www.sexgudinder.dk/line.htm (Line`s egen side)
www.sexgudinder.dk/sabrina/index.htm (Sabrina`s egen side)
www.sexkillingerne.dk (Klinik i Valby)
www.sexpigerne.dk (klinik ved Vejle)
http://schatzy.homepage.dk (Cecilie`s egen side)
www.sisi.dk (hendes egen side)
www.sms-planet.dk (Klinik på Østerbro i Kbh)
www.smillie.dk (hendes egen side)
www.sophisticatz.dk (klinik i Valby i Kbh)
www.stargirls.dk (Klinik på Frederiksberg)
www.sunnygirl.dk (hendes egen side)
www.temptationgirls.dk (Kathrines egen side)
www.theonemodels.dk (Escort i Kbh.)
www.tiffany.diamond.dk (Tiffanys egen side)
www.tiffanys.dk (klinik på Frederiksberg i Kbh)
www.tinakbh.dk (hendes egen side)
www.varmq.dk (escort Jylland/Fyn)
www.vip6.dk (Diana kører escort på Sjælland)
www.vipbabes.dk (klinik på Frederiksberg i Kbh)
www.wicki.dk (Hendes egen side, besøges på Frederiksberg)
www.20950075.dk (Escort i Kbh)
www.2babes4you.dk (Natalie & Amanda`s egen side)
www.70210026.dk (Pussy Galores)
www.babesline.dk *Side med alt muligt*
www.dream-girl.dk *Logen`s egen søgeportal for Gudinder*
www.eroticguide.dk *Side med diverse over hele landet*
www.escortguiden.dk *Guide for escort*
www.fantazi.dk *guide med escort og kontakt*
www.gudesex.dk *Side med oversigt for massage og escort*
www.gudinder.dk *Lille side i stil med Logen*
www.hedomax.com *NY side på listen*
www.lovespot.dk *Side med lidt annoncer for massage, klinikker og escort*
www.lystpiger.dk/lystpiger.htm *Side med annoncer for massage, escort og klubber*
www.massageguide.dk *SCOR.DK`s side med annoncer*
www.massageguiden.dk *Side som endnu ikke er i drift*
www.realsex.dk *Behøver vist ikke en intruduktion*
www.sexgudinder.dk *Side med få links til massage*
www.sex-links.dk *Side med få links til massage*
www.side6.dk *E.B.`s liste over massage, klinikker og escort i hele landet*

All you ever will need in Denmark!

Hope this will help!

06-24-03, 20:42

Here's the report I promised. This does not seem to be a popular section of WSGF, as I did not get any response to my posting, so I had to go with the info I found here, which is still plenty to be honest.

I didn't feel like just going for pro workers. I wanted to focus primarily on one night stands or GFE, maybe would have considered semi pro...

Anyway, I hit a few dance clubs that were really great. Here are the ones I can recommend purely from a clubbing experience:

* Club Vega
* Rosie McGee's
* Club Bombay

The others I tried were Absalon and another one I forgot about.

Overall the quality of the regular girls is really amazing! I'm not a blonde lover, but I can tell you I was converted after half an hour in the first club I hit!

And yes, it is true, girls are much more inclined to make a first move here.I was hit upon several times. Not by the real stunners, but still good looking. I'm not Richard Geere,but not bad looking either.

Anyway, to make a long story short. You will need more then just a few nights in CPH to score. Didn't manage to pull that one night stand... But boy did I have fun in those Clubs. These people know how to party.

So out of frustration I picked up a SW behind the central station and went with her into one of the local sex shops that also rents small rooms. 300Kr for a quite nice looking girl. But overall it's better not to have that experience if you're sober. She wasn't really very clean and that room was disgusting. Would never do that again.

There you go. My first contribution!


06-29-03, 22:18
I was in Copenhagen recently just passing through. As I had some hours to spend before my train left the railway station, I decided to check out the nearby Istedgade. Just like I had been told, the sexshops in the streets are very much alive and there are loads of magazines and other sexstuff to be bought there. As I was walking through the street, I noticed one of the sexshops announced having a topless bar. (Sorry, but I do not remember its name.)

OK, I was thirsty and seeing some boobs were not bad while drinking some good Danish lager. After paying 50 DKK I went upstairs to the bar. A pretty looking girl with tiny tits with long nipples, who said she was Vietnamese, was serving beer at 20 DKK a pint. She was not very much into conversation, but she need not be as she was a stunner. On a big screen behind the bar a porn movie was shown, and it was also possible to see porn movies in more private stalls.

As I sat enjoying the beer and the movie, an Asian woman sat down next to me. She asked me if I wanted to buy her a beer, and of course I wanted to as the gentleman I am. At the same moment the Vietnamese came with a little piggy bank and asked for some money for herself. I gave her 20 DKK and paid the same price for the lady's beer that I had paid for my own.

She wanted to know what my name was and where I came from, and I answered her. She told me she was a Filipina, and I tried to talk to her in Spanish, but it looked as if she did not understand me. Then suddenly she touched my crotch and took my left hand onto her breasts and asked if I was interested in some massage. Well, not right now, was my answer. She whispered in my ear that for 1000 DKK she could give me a very good time. Well, I had not much time before my train left, so I declined her offer. Then she stood up and sat on my lap before she once more told me she could give me a very good time. She stood up once again, lowered her skirt and took my right hand to her pussy which looked very nice. Then she whispered in my ear that for half an hour with massage and fucking I would only pay 500 DKK and 50 DKK for a room downstairs. She was an 8, so it was a tempting offer. Still, I had not much time, so I gave her a hug and went back to the railway station hoping that the train would have a departure at last an hour later than scheduled. It did not, so the next time I am in Copenhagen I will be back to check the place out much thoroughly.

08-31-03, 16:36

This topless bar you are refering to, it is placed at the Istedgade, right?

I'm going to vistit Copenhagen very soon and would like to visit this place (I love Thai's). Is it easy to find?

09-15-03, 06:54
Greetings from Copenhagen... just arrived from Asia, and needed some much desired relaxation. WSG member recommended Cassiopea (sp?) so I used Map24 to locate the address and hopped in the car on Sunday evening.

Arrived and it took about 10 minutes to find a parking spot, so I would advise taking a taxi should you have fired a car rather than hasseling with the terrible parking situation in Copenhagen. Greeted at the door by a lovely mocha skinned babe, who was friendly and spoke perfect English. Took me to a room, where I was introduced to Linda, a beautiful 5'8 blonde/blue eyed Dane. She was exceptional as GFE, I almost forgot where I was!

Total cost for about 1 hour (paid for 45 min) 1500 kr. Definitely will go there again.

09-16-03, 08:30
I have been waiting days to share this with you guys. Had a friday night in Copenhagen last week. Had a great dinner down by Nyhavn (New Harbour) and then hit the bars. Not a lot of action to start with but some real beautiful Danish girls wondering around. How I love the summer time.

Then the guy I was with wanted to see the strip bars. Man what a waste of time and money. You have to pay to get in – nearly 10 bucks and then pay nearly the same for a small beer. The girls were nothing to look at and we finally found one place (Wonder Bar) where there was some strip. The strip was fine but then this girl tried to convince us to buy a bottle of Champagne and go to a private room for some action – but at over USD1.000 with no guarantee of anything we said politely no thank you. Man what a rip off. So after a long night back to the hotel. Bored and frustrated.

I found a copy of “Copenhagen this week” and looked in the back pages and there were loads of ads for Escorts. So I thought what the hell. The first one I phoned offered me a 35 year old and well no thanks – so tried a second. Yeap they had one who was 21 years old, blond, C-Cup – long legs etc. So Okay lets take a chance – if she was rough I could just say no thanks. So about an hour whet by and there was the knock on the door.

I opened the door and there stood this Blond Bombshell – long legs, long blond hair, great blue eyes. I thought damn I have hit the jackpot. She spoke good English and wanted dkk1.600 for an hour. I could not take my eyes off her and paid. We sat and talked a bit and then she took off her jeans and tee-shirt. Her body was better than I imagined – no fat – nice tan. Bra next and a wonderful pair of boobs – pert – light pink nipples – 100% as nature intended. So I gave her a back rub and gently started playing with her. She really got into it. Her underwear came off next and blond pubic hair – nicely trimmed. She let me go down on her and she was really wet. This was becoming a real GF experience. After a session she came and did she come. So she turned me around and gave me a really great BBBJ – slow, hard, fondling my balls – she was damn good at it.

But I was so turned on I had to stop her or I would have come. So on with the old raincoat and some really great sex. She was either a great actor or really into it. The sex was in all sorts of positions and she was nice and tight and wet. Her on top, me on top, doggy style – she wanted it all. Finally I came and she wanted me to go down on her again which I did and she really came again. We chatted a bit more and she told me she was only 20 and had been doing this for about 2 months. She was really great. I can’t wait for my next trip to Copenhagen – any excuse.

She finally left after about 1.5 hours so I gave her a tip and will call on her again.

I have called escorts out before and sometimes one just gets the girl that enjoys her work. – Other times – better with the right hand – they are so dead…..

10-04-03, 11:38
Nice report, sounds like you had good luck.
Any chance of you posting the contact information for this girl? Or emailing if you don't want it so public?

Traveler Tom
10-04-03, 15:17
Ruf 66

After years spending fortunes at clubs and bars (one never learns - always expecting the unexpected?) and then another fortune on a Russian or whatever pro to round of the evening, I learnt, some time ago, that the Bible 'Copenhagen this week' is, in fact, one of the best routes possible.

The Agencies at the back are incredibly reliable (and usually, honest) I have had A1 experiences with really nice, cute and young (and unspoilt) girls and it would have been cheaper to have had three of them with an hour's interval, than mess around in some of the clubs!

On one occasion the girl was happy to come out for a drink and a meal (she signed off from the Agency - apparently totally with their agreement) - the clock stopped ticking and the action went on afterwards - only the initial investment required for an hour's 'company'.

I am sure one can be unlucky but, by and large, this is a better line in Agencies than most and, to date, with excellent track record.

A bit boring, perhaps, in some ways but, then, what is one looking for? - I suggest a three stage operation (finances allowing!) - first thrid with the girl, second stage good meal and some drinks (less than the girl, usually!) and then final third back to the Agency (if same agency used there might be a discount). This way one is, usually, still on the right side, financially as opposed to getting sucked into one of the clubs with their various 'extraction' means, who will empty your pockets and your plastic with considerable ease!

Will be back early Nov so will post any new contacts if possible

10-04-03, 18:16

Sorry for the late answer. You are right. The place I visited is on Istedgade.

10-06-03, 09:26
Hi Guys,

You can drop me an email : ruf_66@yahoo.com

for the girls name.

But I used Copenhagen Fantasy escort.

All details on the Copehagen This Week website:


Click on afterdark

10-06-03, 09:29
Hi Tom,

I fully agree. Am gonna go for the 3 stage plan my next trip to Copenhagen - also sometime in November. Good idea to get an early start and see if the lady wants dinner (I hate eating alone).

Got to say that was one of the nicest, relaxing experiences I have had - no rush and great fun..

See ya All


10-17-03, 00:57
3 really shi*** experiences in Copenhagen :-|

Had 3 real let-downs in Copenhagen, that left me frustrated, and desperately searching, in vain, for the meaning of life. Or at least, they've put me off mongering for a while. Apologies for not having any more details here.

2 were in 2001, in the summertime. I used www.side6.dk and found 2 massage parlours, decided on 2 girls and went ahead.

The first one was from Belarus. She looked kind of cute, but her stomach was pretty badly damaged from childbirth. She almost didn't speak a word of english, and it was quite frustrating. All in all, 3/10.

The second one was a real *****. Her pupils were very dilated, and she was quite agressive ( began shouting like hell on the phone after I couldn't find the adress! ). Looked ok though, and had a pretty tight pussy too. 2/10

This summer, I tried my luck with an escort. I used Extrabladet, a danish daily with hundreds of sex-ads. There was a link to side6.dk with her picture on ( which wasn't her picture, actually ). The price quoted for 2 hours was 2200 dkr (~ 310 usd ). However, she refused and demanded "atleast 2600 dkr." even though I showed her the ad with the prices. She spent around 15 mins total shouting ( in polish! ) to her ( mafia ) taxi driver and her agency before and after the session. Also, her english was practically non-existant. For example, I asked her about the weather, and she didn't know what "weather" meant... Great. Her age was quoted as 25, but she looked 35. Her body wasn't the same as in the pics either. She had slightly ugly silicon boobs, but the rest of her body was good.

But the really bad part of it was that whenever she didn't understand what I was saying - which was most of the time - she gave me a look of utter and complete distrust, like I had just tried to lure her into a deathtrap or wanted her to star in my new snuff-movie. It was SO disturbing. Like she didn't know how to act friendly. During the sex, she never moaned or even pretended to like it once. Actually, she even watched TV while I was screwing her doggystyle!!! Without a doubt the most soulless and depressing sex I have EVER encountered. -5/10, worse than worthless, more like paying hundreds of dollars to be traumatized!

I can't even begin to desribe how hardened this woman was. It was terrible. The main reason I didn't kick her out after I met her was because she looked liable to be armed and attack or bring one of her boys over to "say hello". That, and being way too much of a nice guy. Well.. I've learnt my lession now.

So what am I trying to say here?

***Quality control***. The ads in papers and on side6.dk lie blatantly, and independent, good reviews should be a must if you're going to see a girl. Otherwise, you're liable to end up disappointed like myself.

Having only had a couple of satisfying experiences and a many really bad ones, I'm getting tired of mongering. Even though the good ones were really good, they're outweighed by the far larger amount of expensive, unsatisfying episodes. Come on guys, I need some advice&inspiration here. :-)

Traveler Tom
10-17-03, 11:15
No guarantees or product discription come backs in this business. Ads in the back of papers are really hit and miss in any country.

I still maintain that the agencies shown on the back of 'CPH this week' are more reliable than diving in elsewhere.

Do your homework first - ask for a Danish girl or whatever you want - eliminate what you do NOT want on the phone to the Agency - at least that way there is a good chance that you have narrowed down your specification. If a gorilla still turns up you have every reason to call the agency and ask what is going on - they, probably, will not send out a monster in the fisrt place if they realise that you have definite ideas - the monsters are for dumping on the unsuspecting who just order up a take-away without specifying the sauces!

I had the best experience of 'pushing my luck' last year in Calama in Chile. A city in the middle of nowhere in the Atacama desert. The one place where one would expect dictating a specification of a girl would fall on stony ground. Anyhow I spoke to the Agency madame and asked for the ridiculous on the basis of by over-specifying one might get somewhere near 'acceptable'.

An hour later the prettiest 19 year-old possible knocked on my door, spoke little English but that was completely irrelevant. The city of Antofagasta was on the coast, a few hours by car, with a University. Now and again the more enterprising students come up to Calama to earn a few bucks and this was one of them - trying to relieve the people making their money out of the Copper mining industry of their earnings.

The moral of this story is NEVER BE AFRAID OF ASKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT! When I spoke to the madame she promised me the best girl possible 'seguro, mi amor' of course I did not believe her and yet here was the real business.

Eliminate what you can at the outset!

Better luck next time!

10-22-03, 08:50

Man you have had bad luck. I have been in Copenhagen 4 times and have had great fun each time. I agree with Tom to a point about getting a Danish Girl - but the first time I was in CPH I had a Polish girl who was great fun, apart from I could not get rid of her after the job was done and she ended up staying all night - so I got my monies worth.

So as the man says - do your homework and if you don't like the choice say no and go somewhere else.


10-25-03, 22:18
Hi Ruf66 and Traveler Tom,

Thanks for taking the time to answer!


Good to hear not everyone's getting a bad deal. What really p***** me off was that I spent hours and hours trying to find the right chick, only to find that the webside I used ( side6.dk ) was full of it. Guess I should have told the girls to leave and tried to find another.

Traveler Tom,

I'll remember the CPH week papers!

Nice story about the desert. My one really good experience with the mongrissimo was a similar one. Went into one of those places in Soho London with a "Model" sign outside, ie. a private apartment with one or more girls in it. Just choosing a random place off the street i naturally expected the worst, but inside was a very attractive, young russian girl. Early 20s, slim body, nice C boobs, shaved inviting pussy and a pretty looking face, 8/10. But what really made the experience special was her attitude. She was very warm, smiling etc. and also passionate in bed. I paid for an hour ( a very reasonable 60 pounds + tips for the maid as far as I remember ), and as soon as I finished the first time, she began to give me a wonderful, professional massage, really working my body. I had just popped a blue one, so she didn't have to rub me for long, we finished the encounter with another round of half and half. Aaahhh... What a girl :-)

Nyc Expat
10-29-03, 22:08
I've been living in Copenhagen for many years and know the scene better than most.

SW can be on drugs and not always the greatest encounter.

Other SW are from e. europe temporarily. I have noticed twice in one week a oriental young SW, nicely dressed early 20's very good looking. She asked for 500 kr. for CBJ in the car.

Try the escort services mentioned in this forum earlier.

I can recommend:


Ask/look for Tiffany. She is one knockout beauty from the Carribean. She speaks english and danish. Expect to spend $100-120 on her for ½ hr. Approx. 700-800 crowns. She looks good (9) and tastes great. She has several pics on the website.

I have also visited a couple of spanish women in their early 20's. at:


Very sweet young ladies whom aim to please.

I have also tried a couple of thai MP's. Forget it.

I have nothing against danish women. They look fantastic but they are dominating bitches over their danish men. I'm not danish therefore they get my opinion when asked. You will though find many gorgeous danish girls for hire whom will treat you great as long as your wallet is fat.

More help can be supplied if requested.

Brick M
11-03-03, 13:39
i wondered if anyone knew of any peep shows in copenhagen?(i thought this was the place they were invented??) in particular the coin operated ones, doesn't seem to be too much of this kind of thing in the red light part of town, mainly just video booths.

any suggestions?

Nyc Expat
11-03-03, 20:13
copenhagen does not have peep shows.

on istedgade accessible from the side entrance to the main central station is a club (just a few minutes walk on the right side)with a live topless and sometimes bottomless bar tender. usually she is willing to be touched or will use toys (tips accepted).

the girls rotate depending on their hours. it costs dkk 50.- to get in, about usd 8.-.

further down that street on the same side is another similar establishment. in between these two places is a thai nightclub with expensive girls.

never tried the latter two. along istedgade you might see a few sw. some are on drugs. others are foreigners from e. europe.


ps i have no interest whatsoever to the above. only trying to help follow americans.

11-04-03, 19:56
I was there in the Summer staying at the hotel Centrum, which if I am right is opposite the topless bar that you are talking about. During my stay I noticed a blonde woman outside of the bar occasionally stopping people and taking them inside if they were willing, was that for sex or is she just there to get punters off the street? One day also there was a bit of a commotion going on in the bar and then several people came running out and were chased by some others from the bar and the druggies who hang around nearby, nothing happened that I saw but it put me of going in there as I already had the feeling it was a rip of joint!!

Nyc Expat
11-04-03, 23:30

In front of this "club" you might see one or two SW looking for customers for action in this club. It costs DKK 90.- for 45 min. and DKK 120.- for 1 hr. for usage of their cabins.

The place isn't the cleanest in these rooms for sex with your girl(s) but it provides a cheap place to be with your SW and get your rocks off. If you have a hotel room nearby, more power to you.

The bar area seems ok. I've never used the bar, just those rooms as I have a girl I see weekly there. I bring my own pillow and very large bath towel to place over the mattress.

Most guys will find it disgusting as I do but it's better than the car especially in the winter months. Plenty of room for 69, positions etc.

For visitors to the city I would suggest you call an escort service or visit a "clinic" advertised in the local "ekstra bladet" daily newspaper. These clinics are clean and the women for the most treat the men well. That newspaper also has a website with ads under "massage og escort" link.

By the way, I saw the oriental girl I mentioned in my earlier post again this evening around 6 PM in front of and quite near the "Brugsen" supermarket on Soender Blvd. about 5 min. walk from Istedgade and the hotels. She is dressed nicely, seems to be healthy, non-addicted to drugs. If I didn't have my steady girl I would try her. She is slim, pretty face. Hard to say if she's Thai, Philippine or perhaps mix. She speaks English, not Danish.


Nyc Expat
11-07-03, 23:33
Copenhagen tonight Friday 7 Nov.

Lots of people in the city tonight, especially young women. 9 PM was the start of the seasonal Xmas beers release at the bars and cafés. Knockouts everywhere. The Tuborg Xmas beer has a nickname “snow beer”. So everyone was waiting for the first “snow” to fall precisely at 20:59 PM. It’s a very festive evening each yr. with the release of these beers.

Just got home from my weekly meeting with my woman. After my fantastic hour with her, went for some food and around 10 PM walked back to my car parked near Istedgade where there are many tourist hotels a few min. from the central station. On Helgolandsgade saw 3 African SW. On Istedgade saw a couple of danes. One had very long blonde hair, dressed in black with white stilleto boots. Her face was ok. Very slim.

What caught my attention tonight was there were at least 6-8 very young SW on Istedgade. I could see they weren’t danes. I spoke to one of them. They are Albanians. She speaks Italian and english. She looked early 20’s, rather nice, 7, black hair, nice eyes, nice smooth facial skin about 5’6” and a little plump in a nice way. She spoke in a polite, friendly voice asking for kr. 500.- ($77) for a cocktail plus I’d have to pay kr. 50.- for the club room around the corner. She said to expect a 15 min. session. Her name was Iris.

If I haven’t already spent twice that for my regular date, I would have tried her. Perhaps another time. By the way, I thought Iris was the prettiest of the lot. The others were just plain young girls looking to earn some money off wealthy, hungry danes.

If anyone is expected to visit the city very soon, this is what you might find. If I’m tempted to try Iris, I’ll report my encounter here.


11-12-03, 10:29

Great info. Thanks.

Well be back in CPH in a couple of weeks - so am looking forward to it.

Nyc Expat
11-12-03, 11:52
I saw the young Asian SW again yesterday (Tuesday) around 6 PM standing where she usually does and eyeing motorists as they drive by as stated in my post dated 11-04-03 22:30.

I don't think she is an addict. If I see her tonight around the same time!?

I'll also get her cellph. no. if anyone is interested and IF she's worth the price of admission.

Just a short walk (less than 2 min.) from where she waits you'll come to Skelbaekgade. Turn left and along this street the SW's look for customers. Some are addicts, some are students or welfare clients. Some nights there are just 1 or 2. Others nights,
there are several. Usually towards the end of each month, you'll see more as they need money to hold them over until the 31st. of each month when they get their "state support". It's your pick.

Please note though, there are more addicts here as compared to students.

These SW's are cheaper than escorts and a little cheaper than the advertised apt. babes you'll find in the ekstra bladet newspaper or on websites. I suggest girls in apt. which I visited many of over the years. Prices from DKK 300 and up.


Nyc Expat
11-12-03, 22:14
I mentioned in my previous reports about seeing an Asian SW several evenings around 6 PM.

Tonight at 5:50 PM I met her. I waited in my parked car near the supermarket where she patrols and suddenly she appeared. I called her and we talked about business. She asked for DKK 800.- for ½ hr. which sounded a little on the excessive side. However, she rented a hotel room nearby which was warm and of course alot more inviting than a sex club cabin on Istedgade. I was curious and agreed. Afterall, the room is better than the car and at her expense. The outdoor temp. was 5 C.-41 F.

The hotel is in the opposite direction of the tourist hotels and central station. The room was nice, clean and cosy without private bath. As suspected, she is a mix. ½ Japanese and ½ Swedish although you’d never guess since she looks Japanese. She commutes from Sweden via train from Malmo central to Copenhagen central. It takes 35 min., 5 stops about 18 miles altogether.

Linn is about 5’4”-5’5”, gorgeous smooth skin all over, not one imperfection. Nice size B breasts. Sensual lips. I didn’t ask her age. It wasn’t necessary. Linn is early 20’s. Soft spoken friendly voice with a sense of humor. Her hair is shoulder length black with dark red highlights. She is a light weight, probably no more than 110 lbs-49 kg. Well proportioned. Great for acrobatic sex positions.

We sat on the bed and chatted for a while at the same time fondling each other. We started with 69. She was very responsive and vocal to my stimulation. She is almost 100% shaved. Great for the visual part of my pleasure. However, she was mechanical on the CBJ.

Afterwards, while on top of me she was very wild and seemed to enjoy herself as I did.
The rest is history. We all know the out(cum) *S*.

I will definitely see her again for the reasons stated above and talk her through my preferences regarding BJ. We hugged and she let me kiss her near her lips on the way out the door. I hope once she gets to know me better we can be more passionate together.

If we become friends as well as business partners, I’ll ask if I can take a pic or 3,4. However, she doesn’t seem the type to allow it. Though it doesn’t hurt to ask.

11-16-03, 12:39
I would like to report on my visit to the Sexgirls klinik - www.sexgirls.dk - in Copenhagen, Peter Fabersgade 42. I went a Friday night and was introduced to Heidi, a Dane, and Helena, a Korean, both ok. I chose Heidi. Tall, blonde, nice face, boobs (although fake ones), nice body. But things went soon the wrong way: she kept herself very cold throughout the session, did not put the minimum enthusiasm or participation in what she was doing, did not care of establishing the minimum attitude, and left the room as soon as the business was done saying ... she needed to get some clothes on. I have not seen her any longer; in fact, I was escorted out by another girl, an attendant, while Heidi did not consider showing up to greet his leaving customer. This had never happened to me before.

Minutes later I came back to the door telling (politely) the attendant that their place had lost a customer for ever. They may not care, but I would like you to be aware: avoid this lady carefully, and better avoid this place at all, or you'll be ending up most likely disappointed. Such cold-fish professionals should not be around in the business. If you suspect I was the problem, I'll respect your opinion but don't think this was the case; in fact, in the last two years I've had unforgettable sessions in Germany's FKKs and in Warsaw (the best place I've ever found in terms of price/performance). I often dream of those girls, thinking of the moments we had together. But this experience was extremely disappointing and I would suggest you to put a cross on this specific place. There are so many more in Copenhagen.

Nyc Expat
11-17-03, 20:04
Breaking News

Copenhagen Monday 17 Nov.

TV news tonight reports many SW and MP women are in the city against their will due to trade in women in the sex industry. The women are predominantly from Africa and Eastern Europe. A local organization can help any woman interested to return to her home country.

Happy hunting.

Nyc Expat
11-22-03, 10:42
Copenhagen Friday night 21 Nov.

Walked Istedgade around 10 PM in the rain. Saw about 8 SW. All East Europeans. None were of interest to me. I called Linn instead and we met 30 min. later at her hotel.

Attractive, sweet, talkative young woman with a firm, tight body and nice size clit. However, it has to be fast for her. She wants payment up front. DKK 800. Will not lip kiss.

I’ll probably look elsewhere next round. Pity.

Nyc Expat
11-29-03, 12:36
Copenhagen Friday 28 Nov.

It was 9:30 PM. I went for my usual walk on Istedgade. Saw 2 BSW. One rather overweight. The second looked shapely and a nice face. However, I was on the lookout for someone else I previously reported about.

There were at least 12 E. European young SW patroling in pairs or 3’s. They are mostly dark haired though one was bleach blond, tall, slim bodied. Her face was 5-6. Finally saw 2 standing on their usual corner near a sex shop that rents small rooms. The first girl was about 5’3”, slim, very long black hair down her back set in a pony tail. Heavy, dark eye shadow. A 6+ on looks. Next to her was Iris. She remembered me from a couple of weeks ago. Still DKK 500 for 15 min. for a cocktail in the sexshop. I asked what would I get for DKK 700. A ½ hr., no rush BJ, caressing and any position(s). Why not.

I paid DKK 90 for the room. Very uninviting looking but it’s better than the car when its 7C/46F outdoors. Iris asked for payment upfront. SW usually do that here. We started to fondle each other and slowly undressed each other. Afterwhich her left knee right up to my groin and I reciprocated with my left hand up hers from behind for starters. Then it was time for DATY, CBJ for me with some tongue action which I enjoyed. She won’t do BBBJ. She was shaved and moaned during stimulation. This went on for at least 10 min., slightly more. I was also able to finger her. She has a small clit.

Part II of this encounter was she rode me rather agressively for some minutes. Position 2 was doggie with gentle fondling of my testicles. Pos. 3 was missionary to completion. She was motionless here. We chatted for a short while afterwards. She is hoping to go home to Albania for Xmas. She mentioned the city which I easily forgot. That ½ hr. went fast.

She’s a 7 on looks. If she lost 3+ kg. I’d give her an 8.
BJ and F*** was 7+. If BB and more time, I’d give an 8.
Overall, you guessed it, 7-8.

Unfortunately, SW prices here are on the high end. SW are cheaper than nightclub girls. Prices start at DKK 1000 there. Call girls on average ask DKK 1400 the first hr. I still suggest apt. girls where HJ start at about 300 for the simplest service and up after. Generally, the girls are danish, prettier and their establishments are clean. But beware, some places are ripoffs.

Seductiongirls dot dk I tried last yr. and can’t complain if you can accept ½ hr. DKK 800,-. Spanske-piger dot dk (spanish girls) I visited at least 5 times last spring for ½ hr. DKK 600.-. Young, early 20’s, friendlier, but CBJ were just up & down. F*** was with more enthusiasm.


Nyc Expat
12-05-03, 23:57
Copenhagen, Friday night 5 December.

Just got home. What a night.

No, unfortunately not with SW. The weather. Its 8C/47F. Its very windy, fine rain. Northern Scandinavia expecting tonight gale force winds. Possible gale force gusts also here in Copenhagen.

Walked Istedgade around 9.30 PM anyway to see if there’s action. As usual 3-4 Albanian SW standing at their posts trying to hold on to their umbrellas in the rain. Saw the familiar faces I reported earlier about. Didn’t see Iris from last week.

On the corner of Istedgade and Gasvaerksvej is a well known Thai restaurant. In the basement is “Thai Corner” which is a bar with KTV playing Thai videos and often one or two Thai girls singing K to the TV. First visit there since last summer.

There were 8 danish men (20-30’s) at the bar drinking beer and some drinking beer and shots. The beers cost 24 crowns pilsner and 28 crowns for the stronger types over 5% alcohol content. There were a total of 5 Thai girls. One girl sat at the bar chatting with a male guest. The other four sat at a table towards the rear of the room just under the KTV.

Thai Corner was just recently remodelled. It re-opened about 2 weeks ago. All new Thai female bartenders (2 tonight) whom speak Danish, English and of course Thai. They are quite cute in appearance. They are married to danes or divorced from danes and working to make a living the best way they know how. Smiling and flirting with the guests. I know since I spoke to a few of them earlier this year.

Around 10 PM one of the Thai girls from the table/sofa area wearing a small top showing clevage and her navel, wearing low cut, tight, black jeans started to dance to the music erotically as though she knew her moves (probably from bars in Pattaya) on a platform behind the bar. Try to imagine her back towards us, her ass swaying back and forth, you know what I mean. Big smile on her face to all the guys. Her Thai girl friends shouting to her in Thai.

After a few minutes, the song was over. Some guys clapped and she began taking a collection for herself. She wanted tips for her tequila drinks. OK. I gave her DKK 10.-. I tried to make eye contact with one of the young girls to talk to her but they weren’t the least bit interested in the men tonight. Oh wow, a Thai ladyboy just came in and started chatting with a bartender.

Around 10.30 PM I left as I had enough to drink and was driving home. Have to watch my blood alcohol as LE is on the prawl these days with Xmas party goers. DUI is a major crime here and strictly enforced. I walked back towards the central station to my car. Passed the Thai nightclub. No SW in sight. Awful night to be out.

Since Thailand is a very popular destination with many members posting their adventures, this report tonight can be of some interest to members whom like Thai girls. Especially if they can speak the language. The Thai girls will be greatly impressed. In addition, there must be at least 5 Thai restaurants within a few hundred feet on Istedgade between the station and Gasvaerksvej. Always full of guests.

To close, I pity any monger or vacationer with US dollars in their wallet. The currency dropped this past week over 2% and 28% the past 1½ yrs. 12% alone this year since Easter. When will it stop?.

The official rate today $1=DKK 6.15. The only advantage is for Europeans to visit the USA and spend money because everything is much cheaper there. Americans planning trips to Europe in 2004 will be shocked at how little their dollar is worth.

Nyc Expat
12-10-03, 14:31
received my order of silagra yesterday and had to test drive one quarter of a 100 mg. tablet.

went to spanske-piger dot dk on valby langgade 229. met at the door a nice looking spanish and a little english speaking hostess whom showed me to the room. francis, (my service provider) then came in to greet me. she doesn’t speak danish or english, unfortunately. early 20’s, about 5’3”, about 50 kg. nice, proportional body, good size b breasts and nice smile. i agreed to cbj for dkk 450,-.

it was a gentle bj with some deep throat and tongue action. she kept my dick completely in her mouth for several long seconds which i found very pleasureable. when she realized i wasn’t going to cum within a few min. she started using her hand and mouth simultaneously as most women do in this trade. still slow movements with a slight increase in pressure and speed. still no finale. she started massaging my balls in addition to her bj action. some more of the previous mentioned movements and i finally gave in to her service.

remarks: she took her time, no rush whatsoever. an 8-9 for covered.
girl: 7-8.
the room is clean.
by the way, they also do a cbj with the head covered only for dkk 600. fs if i recall correctly from the menu is 800 for ½ hr. will definitely visit francis again.

re.: silagra. read my comments in the viagra thread.


Nyc Expat
12-10-03, 14:32
Small note here.

Danish TV news reported last night that 2 men known for trading with women for the sex industry were arrested as well as 14 women were picked up for possible deportation.

Are they the Albanians I’ve recently seen patroling Istedgade. Time will tell. Perhaps Friday night.

12-10-03, 21:24
Hey Guys,
Been away a long time with work and havent posted any field reports but this time Im looking for som help.
Was planning on going to Copenhagn for New Year and was wondering if any Hotels have any action in the Lobby ?
Help would be greatly appreciated and promise field reports on return.



Swiss Tiger
12-11-03, 15:09
Joe 1963

I was in Copenhagen about 3 to 4 years ago, and there was a hotel called the Admiral Nelson, or something Maritime anyway, which had a bar tucked away in the corner, within which the girls were only professionals. It may even have been a nightclub (without floorshow).

I have to say though, the lights were turned down pretty low and even then the talent was not much to get excited about.

I took a "call in" escort instead and was 1000% more satisfied with her looks and enthusiasm despite the extra cost that I might have paid. She was a gorgeous blond from Estonia, and well worth the money.

Great top tip, there is a bar around the back of the Hotel Angleterre (down the street on the rhs as you look at the hotel), and that is normally "packed" full of gorgeous looking women in the evenings. All non professionals though so you will have to let the charm flow.

The strip clubs in Copenhagen were clip joints as far as I could tell, and even more expensive than Switzerland.

Sorry I couldn't give more info.



12-12-03, 22:49
Thanks ST.

Havent booked a hotel yet but will definitly look at your advice.

Any mor ideas guys?



Nyc Expat
12-13-03, 00:28
More ideas

I know the area very well around H. D'Angelterre. In the small, narrow streets are a few bars/cafes. One is "Cafe Victor". A high end yuppie establishment. The woman are not for purchase, but anything can happen if you're good looking, expensively dressed and your wallet matches your image. If you're lucky, you'll get a "freebie". But afterall, you spent money on drinks, food, taxi etc. There are one or two other bars around the corner catering to an older crowd.

Also nearby the hotel 1 min. away is the famous "Hviid's Vinstue" from 1700 something. Mix crowd, young and old, very smoky.

There are more bars and a night club (in "Boltens Gaard") on Gothersgade a couple of minutes walk from "Victor" and the hotel. An English Pub "Gallaghers" is on Gothersgade next to entrance of Boltens Gaard. Been there many times for their excellent draft and bottled beers from the UK, Holland etc. I've seen some attractive young women there also.These bars are frequented by young people. Again it's not woman for hire.

On the main walking st. very close to McD at the Amagertorv fountain you'll find another English Pub frequented by young people.

Across from Tivoli's main entrance between another McD and Burger K. is an English Pub. On that same side of the street are 2 more bars in the English/Irish Pub style. There's plenty of places to go here in Copenhagen.

Another street with several bars and cafes is Kompagnistraede. A walking street parellel to the main walking street. Lots of young women here. Majority are knockouts. There are at least 7 places to choose from on this st. less than 200 meters in length. I walked there tonight.

On a side street to the main walking street is "Copenhagen Jazzhouse". A night club with live music until around 11 PM afterwhich is becomes a disco. A bit expensive with drinks but I'm sure you'll like what you see. I've been there a few times.

Hotel Admiralen is what I think swiss tiger is referring to. Never been there.

I can write a book on what's available in this city. Just remember, all the bars and cafes cater to normal young people. If it's women for hire, there are a few nightclubs/strip joints f.ex. Beverly Hills, Wonderbar, Waterloo, Victoria and a couple more advertised in the newspaper I mentioned in a previous post. These places are EXPENSIVE. There's also those rip-off strip clubs on the side streets (Colbjoernsgade & Helgolandsgade) to Istedgade. I've heard the women ask from 3000-8000 crowns for the night. I don't think their looks match their price tag. Call girls are better looking.

If you tell which hotel you're booked in, I can perhaps suggest something nearby. It all depends on if you want to try your luck, charm, personality on normal young women or shop to you drop.

You might want to try this website: www.aok.dk
"All about Copenhagen" with suggestions for restaurants, music, film, cafes and nightlife (natteliv) and more.

If and when you arrive, get a copy of Copenhagen This Week.

By the way, No SW tonight (9-10:30 PM) in the usual area.


Nyc Expat
12-14-03, 01:34
hi pipefitter

thanks for your feedback. linn, the young ½ japanese-½ swedish sw texted me last thursday. she left denmark yesterday for a country far away she wouldn’t disclose. i suspect an asian country. something about furthering her studies.

re: east european women i’ve only seen on the streets as reported earlier. i didn’t see any last night. they could be part of the group le picked up this week for deportation. i have no knowledge of any working in mp.

re.: asian girls are in abundance here mostly in mp. i visited a thai mp apt. one month ago. she was an 8, nice body but speed was of the essence with her. dkk 400,- for cbj. it’s history.

one year ago, i visited another thai mp and paid dkk 800 for ½ hr. oil body massage, cbj and fs. the massage was ok. the rest was fast in missionary as she thrusted me vigorously. also history.

as reported, the local newspaper has hundreds of ads for mostly danish as well as african and caribbean women in mp’s. in addition, that newspaper has a column devoted entirely to thai massages. both traditional non-sexual and body massages with extra service available and negotiable on premises.

on noerdre fasanvej in the frederiksberg/noerrebro neighborhoods approx. addresses 160-271a you’ll find 4-5 mp.
these mp are visible easily from outside since they are on the ground floor or basement apt. with decorated red lighting or other eyecatching illumination. there should be at least 2-3 mp with thai girls. they are advertised in the newspaper. i have not visited.

you might want to try the website of that newspaper:

www dot ekstrabladet dot dk

click massage & escort on the left hand side link menu. on the dropdown window, find and click koebenhavn (region) then fransk (bj) dansk (fs) and eventually tender massage (blid). click soeg (search) and browse through 3-4 pages of ads. you’ll find several thai ads as well as others with internet addresses you’ll have to copy and paste for further information about location, prices, many with photos and more. it’s my understanding, the photos match the service providers. see their schedules (vagtplan). some have emails you can correspond with.

while you’re at the newspaper's website, you might like to look at the daily page 9 (side 9) nude.

at this moment, i have no knowledge of anything new. but, that’s a broad statement. there’s always someone coming and going
f. ex. linn. should something arise, it will be mentioned here.

have a good one. have many.

12-15-03, 11:18
I just came back from a wonderful weekend in Copenhagen

Didn’t do any mongering since a girlfriend was visiting me from Poland.

So I stuck to the normal things… Tivoli, dining, Theatres etc.

Nevertheless, if you want to know a bit of where to take or pick up chicks for drinks, party and meals, here are a couple of tips-

*Hard Rock Café Vesterbrogade 1
*Brygeritte Apollo Vesterbrogade 3
Copenhagen V DK, 1620

*Jensen’s Bofhus (Steaks) Gråbrødretorv 15
Copenhagen K DK, 1154
*Giovanni (Italian) Storget (Pedestrian Street)
*Mama Rosa’s Nikolaj Plads 24 ) 1-7: 11-02.

*Rosie McGee’s www.rosiemcgee.dk
*Baron and the Baronesses www.baron-baroness.dk
*Rust http://www.rust.dk/
*Streckers Axeltorv 2
Copenhagen V DK, 1609

Be aware that Copenhagen is not a cheap city.

Mr. Chencho

Nyc Expat
12-15-03, 22:02
Hi Chencho,
Glad you enjoyed Wonderful Copenhagen. I know all these places you've mentioned. If I may elaborate a bit.

Rosie Mcgee's (a pub) caters to very young 18+ early 20's crowd.
Just around the corner is another English pub entrance on Andersen's Blvd. These two establishments are connected together via passageway until approx. 11 PM when Rosie's charges admission for entrance and you have to stand in line to get in.

Hard Rock Cafe (loud music) I've been to many times with reasonable food at their prices DKK 70-150 per plate. Mixed drinks are out of this world (prices, not quality). The bar area is suitable for possible pickups. I was there briefly this past Friday night around 9:30 PM without seeing anyone of interest. Perhaps after 11 PM it's better.

The Apollo Microbrewery I never considered a meeting place but it's a brew-pub serving ok food rather upscale in price. However, their organic beer is the best tasting beer in Copenhagen IMO. Very high priced, but full flavored. Highly recommended for the taste. Also brews beer of the month. Many tourists here.

Across the street from HR Cafe and Apollo is the Scala complex with Streckers, Baron & Baroness English/Irish pubs and another Irish pub inside the complex. Here are tourists from out of country and Danish tourists. Some locals hanging out until it's time to leave for a late night disco or nightclub.

I went through Streckers Friday night and saw what I am sure was a black nightclub worker just passing through on her way to another bar or nightclub. She looked African, very young 18-22 with dreadlocks wearing yellow stilleto summer heals open to the sides, bright red winter stockings and a plaided green skirt. She looked good, walked like a million (probably cost a half) and everyone of all ages turned their heads to look because she stood out in her choice of dress. I didn't get to see where she went. I will keep my eyes better focused this coming Friday 10 PM exactly.

Cafe Rust is located in the Noerrebro quarter on Guldbergsgade close to St. Hans Square. About 3 km. from city center and Tivoli area. The square also has 2 bars serving food (Pussy Galore's Flying Circus and Cafe Sebastipol). They are mainly coffee/beer drinking, food establishments. Lots of pretty female students. Many not interested in being picked up. However, go for it if you see someone of interest. They are friendly and willing to chat.
Highly recommended during the summer months with outdoor service on the square.

Around the corner and down the street (Faelledvej) is Barcelona. A good bar with live music on the weekends. Upstairs is their restaurant with good food I tried a few times, but not this year.
3 courses for about DKK 225.

One short block from St. Hans Torv(Square) on Rygesgade is a new brew-pub microbrewery. Their restaurant section serves food prepared with beer or food suitable for beer accompaniment. The restaurant recently received 4 & 5 star reviews. Moderate prices. The beer is very good too. Usually 3-4 on tap. Strong beers 4.7, 5-7.6% alcohol content. Weiss, red amber, porter and lager. Great place to go with your friends to taste quality beer.

From my earlier hunting adventures, the place to go on Thursday and Saturday nights after 11:30 PM is Park Cafe disco located on Oesterbrogade about 5-6 km. from city center. Knockout heaven for sexy, normal women univ. students, employed women etc. If you dance, spend money, you may get lucky and take her home for the night. Sat. nights around 1 AM there are very long lines to get in. Remember also, you are competing with good looking men for the score of the night.

Hope this has been helpful.
Have a good one. Have many.

12-16-03, 08:27
Thank you Señor NYC.

I’m in the 35-40 age group, and I really appreciate that you have taken your time to share your knowledge about the city.

I owe you a beer.

I'll be back to CPH in February as I am going home for the Holidays.

Mr. Chencho.

Nyc Expat
12-16-03, 16:06
Glad to see activity on this thread.


You’re welcome to PM me if and when you get back to CPH. I’m in my mid-50’s but I look early 40’s and act & feel mid 30’s. Where is home?


Have you tried the drive from Denmark to Poland before?. You can also take an overnight ferry from Ystad, Sweden to Gdansk (I think). I’ve heard in the media a couple of years ago that German men are crossing the borders to Poland and Hungary to sample the roadside menus. There are many (and I mean many) girls lining the roads looking for customers. All shapes, sizes and looks. To me it sounds like quickies. I prefer the GFE.

When those 2 countries achieve EU status I believe this spring, I think alot of women will show up in Copenhagen since Danish men are used to paying higher prices for pleasure than their E. European brothers. Wouldn’t mind myself meeting an Hungarian knockout.

If I was to leave Denmark now in search of release, I’d head to Kiev after the posts I’ve read. Also reasonable airfare from here on CZA. Possibly this summer. Havana also sounds fantastic as well as Beijing from the posts recently.

More ideas:

If you’re on St. Hans Torv, the Italian restaurant ”Quartro Fontana” should still be good across the st. from Sebastipol. Furthermore, you’ll see another small st. closed to vehicular traffic, Elmegade. The newspapers have reported the small sandwich shops, 3 or 4 on this street are simply excellent for freshly made sandwiches and salads. There is an inexpensive Indian restaurant here and next to it, a newly opened bar/cafe ”Pink” I think where I’ve seen some young students. Further down Elmegade just before Noerrebrogade on the left is an upscale beer enthusiast bar serving many different high quality beers and ales.

Back towards St. Hans Torv on Faelledvej is ”Picnic”. An excellent, inexpensive vegetarian style eatery serving hummus, spinach/beans salad, artichoke salad and similiar dishes. They also have soup and hot dishes with lam. No alcohol. I’ve eaten there numerous times and can recommend it for inexpensive, yet filling simple meals.

To be continued. Enjoy.

12-16-03, 16:15
Hello Señor NYC.

Home? So far it is the SAS Radisson.

Jokes apart, I work 2 weeks of the month in Europe and 2 weeks back to Panama.

While in Europe it is mainly Malmo and Warsaw.

Mr. Chencho.

Nyc Expat
12-20-03, 11:57
Copenhagen Friday Night 19 Dec.

Went for my usual walk around town and on Istedgade as previously posted. It seems the Albanian SW are gone. Saw 2 BSW I never saw before and 3 worn DA Danish SW.

Went for a beer (pint of Kilkennys DKK 50) in Streckers around 10 PM. Get there before 10:15 afterwhich they charge admission. Good crowd of young, normal 20 something’s and an equal amount of guys. The majority of girls were knockouts. There were also several Asian girls. They were there to meet men. That’s quite obvious, but not for hire. I’m probably twice their age so I wouldn’t have much of a chance unless I found a young woman interested in an older experienced gentleman.

After a couple of beers, went across the street to HR Cafe. Just a couple of women and mostly guys hanging around the bar. Not an excitng evening regarding mongering, but ok to mingle among ”normals”.

Looking forward to 3 days off because of Xmas. All stores closed the 24th-26th. Cinemas and many cafes open on the 26th. TGIF. Just a few convenience stores and many ethnic stores will re-open on the 26th.

Season’s Greetings.

12-20-03, 20:47
Merry Christmas
And hopefully a Happy New Year...

Booked in at the Radisson SAS Royal for the Christmas and New Year...

Hope theres action in the lobby....send you field report on return, 2 Jan 2004......Hooooooo Harrrrrrr

Have a great one guys.


Nyc Expat
12-20-03, 21:40
Hey Joe,
Welcome to Copenhagen (Velkommen til København).

Your hotel is a couple of minutes walk from HR cafe, Streckers and the adjoining bars in the Scala building. Old English Pub also next door.

Town Hall Square will also be wild New Years at midnight. Fireworks display will be spectacular from your hotel room if you're on an upper floor.

Hope you find what you're looking for.

BTW, bring your boots. We're expecting snow Sunday night and possibly again Xmas eve. Sorry about that.

Have a good one. Have many.

Nyc Expat
12-21-03, 15:50

Women selling sex for money is not just a big city phenomenon
in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus or Aalborg. It's also found in small towns throughout the country.

Police report states approximately 6000 women are engaged in this profession.

Nyc Expat
12-31-03, 11:51
If anyone is reading this thread,


It's going to be a clear, cold night with a tremendous fireworks display. Enjoy.

01-03-04, 01:24
Happy New Year Everybody.....

I did promise a field report and here it is.......lots of apologies before I start as never met one working girl but the most wonderful people in all my travels. Copenhagen really is the best place on earth for a good time. NYC you are so correct in all your postings about the place. Never experienced a New Year like in Copenhagen. WOWWWWWWWW. Just go there and experience this place......IMHO Im thinking of going to live there its sooooo cool. Sorry got no tips about WG's guys but who needs WG's when you meet the Danes......great stuff.

All the best for 2004


Nyc Expat
01-03-04, 12:09

Glad to hear you enjoyed the Danes. For the benefit of other posters/readers on this thread, could you please elaborate on where you went, f.ex. cafes and/or clubs to meet the women.


Travel Time
01-12-04, 15:53
I'll be making a visit to Copehhahen in the near future. Can anyone advise me of an escort website that is in English? Where exactly is the RLD in Copenhagen?

Thanks in advance!

Nyc Expat
01-12-04, 21:06
The earlier posts on this thread contains some excellent information regarding websites. Click the english versions or flag.

To start you off: www dot copenhagen-escort dot dk has a brief english version. Or contact any service or MP. All of the women speak english either your call or email inquiry.

Seductiongirls dot dk is also a mix of danish and english. If you like your girl light brown, you will probably find Tiffany a good choice. She’s a knockout, friendly, fluent in english. She also has her own website.

Post your report for the benefit of other members.

Travel Time
01-15-04, 19:09

I looked at the website that you recomended. Are all of ther services for $280.00 all inclusive? Is there an RLD area where I can window shop? Most of the stuff that I have read on this site is a bit general. If you, or anyone, have some specific RLD information and location info I would love to hear it.

If I do run into a good time out there.I will certainly report back.


Nyc Expat
01-27-04, 22:59
FYI, HRC's bar area is being renovated at this time. Reopening soon with a cocktail bar. Restaurant open during renovation.

E. European SW are back on the scene usually walking in pairs.

Hoyo Lover
01-28-04, 09:44
When in Copenhagen


Look down on left side "massage"

I Recomend A-gruppen

Or try www.agruppen.dk

Good luck


Nyc Expat
01-29-04, 21:36
From the Stockholm thread, I checked out the below link for Copenhagen.


Contains nearly 90 photos of women at MP's and escort services. Plenty to choose from. I've personally tried a couple. Sandra in the white bikini (a disappointment). Tiffany Diamond a sweet heart, friendly, excellent English though rushed.

Click a pic for more info. Just give them a call. They speak English and are usually decent on the phone and reliable regarding outcalls.

Nyc Expat
02-02-04, 23:01
on victoria gade (st.) a few steps from vesterbrogade is victoria night club. haven't been there, but i have a good feeling there are possibilities for successful sessions if you have the wallet to match their requirements. happens to be next door to the victoria
hotel. how convenient. leslee night club is supposed to be also very close by.

last friday night and sunday afternoon tried a tmp. very good 45 min. massages for dkk 300. she then asked if i was interested in extras. she asked for 500 and settled for 400 fs. the girls are not particularly attractive but they can give legit back rubs with oil, then hot water wash afterwards.

friday night's therapist was overweight but hot during daty and fs. sunday's therapist was better on the massage and quite wild during fs. she is older, but had a nice figure. she was really into the fs.

i can not compare tmp to locally in thailand or better yet in china. looking forward to bj trip this summer.

Nyc Expat
02-07-04, 19:58
Just returned from my 3rd. visit to the TMP reported about in previous post. Must admit they are not over 6-7’s on looks. Mostly overweight and older. However, they can give a nice TM for almost 1 hour for DKK 300.-. Extras negotiable from DKK 200 HJ to DKK 500 FS. Quite enthusiastic with FS.

After the session, I was invited to join her for some really delicious Thai soup on premises. Nice gesture.

I think I will try another TMP costing DKK 375 next time. Those body massages can be an addiction and an expensive leisure hobby. They know how to use their hands both professionally and erotically. Haven’t met a Danish woman yet with those skills

Anton Berg
02-19-04, 00:53
Hi there.

Seen NYC Expat been at Viktoria Night Club in Viktoriagade, CPH. I was there once and I go there again soon.

A very small club, very cozy and intimate. Girls in any colour and sizes.

Prices are lower than at the other clubs. By that I mean the price for a drink, wine and champagne.

I guess it also goes for the girls. I payed dkr. 2500,- for a nice time with a very sweet and goodlooking girl. Also the room and some champagne. All in all I payed dkr. 4350,- for a very good time.

I soon go there again. Hope she is there.


Nyc Expat
02-20-04, 15:48
Hej Anton,
Penge har du nok af, hvad.
I hope the 4000+ was for all night and breakfast next morning.
More power to you.

Re.: TMP.
Just visited "Phet". A serious clinic located on Oester Farimagsgade 73. Tlf. 35422666. Call for appt. and prices.

This young attractive T woman Ginda, is a highly professional masseuse. She knows exactly where to place her hands and feet to relax your aching muscles for almost one hour. Best massage I ever experienced. No comparison to MP post dated 02-02-04.

She didn't offer extras for the one muscle needing most attention.
Maybe more than one consulation is necessary or they are serious which is just fine.

Steve Naive
02-27-04, 02:50
Wednesday, 15 September, Copenhagen - mixed (old) bag

I got Ekstra Bladet as recommended by dbhk. There are many ads just as he suggests, and they are in Danish. It helps a bit to have his translation key. In the end it looked like they cost about the same as escorts from agencies, and the agency approach seemed easier.

I decided to try an escort agency – since I have never had that experience. I found some advertisements in the back of Copenhagen This Week and shopped the pictures online. One of them, Amanda, had a really nice figure and was 29 – I thought she would be a good choice. (I had actually called the night before to see if I could get her to visit in the morning – but they said she had a day job).

Amanda showed up late. She had gone to the wrong hotel (I said “Copenhagen Plaza”, she went to “Palace”). She clearly had smoked a cigarette on the way over and smelled like it. Her face, hair, and hands suggested that she could easily be in her 40’s, but the figure seemed to be as advertised, and I let her into the room.

The agency guaranteed me an hour. We made smalltalk for awhile, then she suggested we start with a massage. I worked on her, too, thinking she might give me a bit more time. She let me kiss her but not on the lips. Went down on her some since she said she had no boyfriend but like the job because she liked the sex. I decided she smelled like she could use a bath.

She really did have a beautiful shape – especially her ass. She was a bit small in the breasts, perhaps a B (as advertised). By the time I had finished going down on her (she said it would take much longer to get her to come) I was no longer ready for action. She worked on me a bit, and I tried penetrating her, but she was fairly dry. She said she did not have lubricant. I could not get off by fucking, so she finished me with her hand.

I had thought that in paying 1800DKK (about US$276, a bit higher than other agencies) that I was getting the best escort that one could have. In the end she was too old for what I wanted, I didn’t like the way she smelled (needed a bath, plus cigarette), and got only somewhat satisified. On the other hand she was pleasant and friendly, a bit like a GFE except for no kissing on the lips. A mixed bag to be sure.

Steve Naive
02-27-04, 02:52
Thursday, 16 September, Copenhagen - nothing doing

I decided to try meeting a non-pro in one of the bars. I went out at 9:30 and there wasn’t much going on. Not many people in the bars, no single or paired women. After being to a few places, it was about 11pm and I was tired, ready to head to bed (long day’s work). The bars were much livelier by then. A better strategy would be to take a nap in the evening and head out at 11pm. I suspect finding a woman often requires waiting for the later hours.

I had considered resting in my room for a bit, and going out again, perhaps to a “health club” (the Web sites list who’s available at what time on what night) or walking particular streets to see what the SW’s were like. In the end I just went to bed and got some extra rest for the long trip home.

Nyc Expat
02-27-04, 12:01
Steve N,
Thursday nights are dead compared to Friday and Saturday. However, Park Cafe & disco has been known for many years as the best Thursday night outing in town. Remember also, Copenhagen is not any different than other major cities regarding hours. Whether it’s normal or working women, action begins after 11 PM, sometimes close to midnight depending on location.

Escort service is quite expensive. If you come another time, just visit any ”clinic” advertised in the newspaper mentioned numerous times on this thread or pick one from the paper’s website. You can save DKK 500-900 per hour depending on choice.

I visited for the first time another TMP on Oehlenschlaegersgade 6 close to Vesterbrogade.
Boh was probably 30 something. A nice shape, b breasts. Gave an acceptable CBJ with left hand caressing my balls and anus area. With FS in missionary, she got into it finally.
For DKK 600 it was ok. Worth another shot soon. She speaks English and Danish.

Steve Naive
02-29-04, 03:08
NYC Expat,

You wrote:

"Thursday nights are dead compared to Friday and Saturday...Remember also, Copenhagen is not any different than other major cities regarding hours. Whether it’s normal or working women, action begins after 11 PM, sometimes close to midnight depending on location."

I've finally learned that. I wish it were easy to find company for the evening without having to stay up late before even getting started, but it's not the way of the world, anywhere I've been. No wonder I've never been luck in bars.

OTOH you can buy company at many times of the day in many parts of the world. I found morning company near Nana in Bangkok, which was just the thing for starting the day. But company for hire is less likely to give the GFE that I really want.

Thanks for your tips. I'll add them to my notebook for my next visit.

03-10-04, 15:15
I visited Copenhagen on Monday and stayed rather close to the main train station in Istedsgade. At 11 pm I could not sleep and decided to see if there was any decent possebillities in the nearby are, even ifi had heard that the area was a rip-off. I walked about 1 km in the opposite direction from the min staion and in one of the crossing streets on my left hand there was three small Thai massage parlors (1-3 girls)

I went for a "cocktail" on her menu (800 dkk) with some in massage at the start and CBBJ with fuck. The girl was friendly and decent but not a stunner. No hassle or begging for extras. in sum a decent experience but not anything close to the real thing in Thailand.

But at least it shows that you can get a decent experience in this area without being ripped off.


04-01-04, 14:41

I'm goingto visit Copenhagen this summer, and can I get some information about situation there?

Are there any brothels, and what kind they are?

Are they like walking thrue brothels ( Frankfurt ), or windows (Amsterdam ), or night clubs with dancing girls.

Is there any red light district, and is it prostitution legal at all?


Nyc Expat
04-02-04, 21:27
No brothels or windows. Many privates and escorts. Answers are found in previous posts.

Charlie XP
04-05-04, 11:49
Just go to this news paper:




Charlie XP

Anton Berg
04-18-04, 02:58
Hello there again,

Anton is back from travelling. Needing something I tried a massage parlor at H.C. Ørstedsvej, think it was no. 6. Anyway it says Tiffany on the doorbell. Some girls they have there. I been there for more than one time now. As far as I can see they have anything you want. Blonde, dark, long, short, slim and low fat. The prices are as I see just fine. Nothing like the 1800,- one payed for an escort service. The place is clean. The girls tastes good and have some nice scents.

I can only say: have a try. You will not regret it.

Anton Berg

Bjorn Berg
05-13-04, 09:42
A good place to get laid in Copenhagen is a Nordre Fasanvej 240, basement. I had a very nice russian chick, who gave me bj without condom for no extra charge (russians do it sometimes). Last time I visited, they had 3 polish girls and I noticed, that BBBJ was on the menu for extra price, can´t remember how much, but it was too much. The treatment was very good though and the girl was serviceminded and had great tits. Tel: [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]. PM me, if you want to know more about brothels in Cph.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to obtain this information. Thanks!

Bjorn Berg
05-14-04, 11:27
To CBGBConnisur,

Aussies are pretty hot in Danmark right now, like you probably now, but even in general it´s pretty easy to get laid in Danmark for a foreign guy. I knew an american guy, who livet here for a while and he wasn´t even good looking or anything, but boy, did he get laid. Just go for it, I´m shure you get some!


05-15-04, 07:36
I agree with Bjorn - I have been living here for years and the Danes loves foreigners especially now. Was in my local town last night and had a few nice looking girls come onto me....

So be cool and have fun in the wonderful land of the Danish beauties!!!

06-12-04, 02:56
Does anyone know what happend to agruppen?

Nyc Expat
06-19-04, 06:50
On Istedgade Friday evening 8 PM were at least 6 East European SWs. All early-mid 20's. Of the six, I'd rate one a 6-7 with dirty blond colored hair and doable. The others were 5 or less. Only DKK 400 for s & f. Inexpensive for a Copenhagen quickie.

07-09-04, 02:02
Allright guys,I need your input.I am thinking of visiting Denmark on a weeks vacation maybe.I dont know anyone there nor do I know any place where I can pick up girls.So where do I go?Should I go to Copanhagen or some other place. I understand about the pros but I am also interested in picking up some normal Danish beauties .So where do I go what bar,what clubs and do I apporach them the say way I approach girls back in the States..

07-09-04, 13:46

my two favorites are Copenhagen and Buenos Aires.

The only thing that could be called a mongering in Copenhagen are the brothels. I've posted several web links below wich you should check out.

I wouldn't touch a SW. Strippclubs and escorts are far to expensive for extensive mongering in Copenhagen.

But if you really like going on a pure mongering vacation I suggest Buenos Aires. Escorts, clubgirls and brothels are extremly inexpensive and hold a very high quality. All kinds of girls. Also the Argentine section on WSG is by far the biggest and includes enormous amount of informtion.

07-09-04, 18:29
B-A Robert,Thanks for your input.I have heard about Argentina,but unfortunately not this time.That is my next destination.I really want to to go to Denmark.I heard local girls are also easy to pick up.Do you have any idea on this. I will take up on your advice and go to Argentina probably during our winter when its summer down there

07-10-04, 15:20

Agruppen was unfortunately closed down by the police recently. One more brothel has just been closed but that was luckily one of the worst in Copenhagen anyways.

I am a native Dane living in Copenhagen so I will try and post some relevant information down below here.

Im not really sure if im allowed to put links to pages with brothels in Copenhagen here but if no links are below this paragraph then they were removed by the moderator.

One of the best brothels in Copenhagen right now is called Amor Pigerne. It is located at Noerrebro in Copenhagen and have some really nice girls. Their webaddress is: www.amorpigerne.dk

If you are in Denmark pick up the newspaper "ekstra bladet". This newspaper has tons of advertisements for brothels, escorts and stripclubs.

One of the best online resources to see brothels in Copenhagen is called real6 (www.real6.dk). This page has many brothels in their listings and you can also see which girls are in on watch on a particular day.
The page is unfortunately only in Danish, but I think that you will be able to manage anyways. To help a bit I just translated the two most important phrases used on the page.

"Piger på vagt idag" means "Girls working today"
"Massageklinikker" means "Brothels"

If it is allowed by the Admins I can post a complete list of all the webaddresses for the brothels in Denmark.

You can post links to any website EXCEPT the following:

1. Websites that charge for access.
2. Websites that sell a produce or service that you can order directly from the website.
3. Websites with forums.



07-19-04, 00:24

Iam familiar with the online resources that you mention and I think that one can never post them too many times.

I posted a million links about a year ago. I think it was 06-24-03. Scroll down to something like page 6 for the links.

You can also find updated links on

07-19-04, 00:43

Please give some update if anything happening in Gentofte. Whether SW, AMPs or any kind of not so expensive escorts.

Ha en God Dag! (Have a nice day)

07-30-04, 11:40
Hi guys,

I just got back from copenhagen. I have to say it is a very beautiful city, and people are really friendly and willing to help foreignors all the time.

For some reason, I am only be able to stay in copenhagen for a short time. Consider my financial situation (I am only a chinese student), I decided to not try any brothels because it is very costly. The normal price is between 800--1600 krowns. Instead I went to some night clubs which is especially for students, and I had a lot of fun there.
There is a club called "Vega" which is located near the city center(you can find the actual location in the city guide). In the weekend and holiday time, there are a lot of students going there, and the drinking is not that expensive compare with other place in copenhagen. Last friday night, I went there alone and had a some fun with a art student there. She is working as a hotel serives in a hotel called Sct thomas during the summer time. She has a great body 8/10 and bigger B-cup. Most importantly, her face is looking like Victoria( football star Becham's wife). I have to see it is my first time to have sex with some girl like that, and I really wonderful time with her.

Any way, surely I will be back to copenhage for other holidays, and here I say I love copenhagen!

Greetz Blonde

08-01-04, 03:32
Thank you guys for your input regarding my previous question. I enjoyed Blondes report. I am going there for mongering but I think I also want to get lucky with a local girl.What are some good hot sports to pick up some beautiful Danish woman in Copanhagen.Can you guys help me out?

Jose B
08-01-04, 21:21
I am thinking of going to Denmark and visit a clinic in Helsingor in some weeks and then go by car to Copenhagen in late afternoon, and I am not sure what to put my money on. The only thing I know is that I need to be back in Helsingor about 11.30 pm.

Are there any SW on an ordinary wednesday or tuesday on Istegade? Or in any other places? And if so, at what time do they begin to arrive? Also, is it required by me to take the first contact, or do the girls ask me if I would like to buy their company?

Another thing, should I park my car and go by foot, or should I sit in my car and drive around? I have also read on other posts that the most common thing is to take the lady to a porn store and rent a room for a few bucks, is this right?

Or, I am also thinking of visiting another clinic in Copenhagen (Spanske Piger), there should be about the same cost for a 15 min quicke, right? What do u suggest? Or are there much people in the clinics in the evening so I need to wait?


Woof Woof
08-02-04, 08:10

Thanks for the recommendation for Amor Pigerne. Some of the girls shown on the web site look smoking hot. Since I don't know any Danish, can you translate the following service menu. I think a lot of non-Danish speaking mongers on this board could also use this information. Thanks in advance!

1 time blide former



1/2 time blide former












Gensidig fransk/dansk









1/2 time dominans blid/hård


Fra 1200

1/2 time slavepige blid/hård


Fra 1200

Græsk til ham


Fra 700



Fra 600

Særlige fantasier indenfor det avancerede opfyldes

John M
08-02-04, 09:00
Hi Wolf Wolf,

I'm from Denmark and the translation is following:

1 time blide former: 1 hour with bj and fuck
Dansk : only fuck
Dansk/fransk: bj and fuck (quickie)
Fransk: only bj
Gensidig fransk/dansk: like Dansk/Fransk + u can lick her pussy
Spansk: tits fuck
Svensk: hj
1/2 time dominans blid/hård: 1/2 hour sm/dominas
1/2 time slavepige blid/hård: 1/2 hour slave girl
Græsk til ham: Anal to u
Urin: [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)
Særlige fantasier indenfor det avancerede opfyldes: Special fantasys can be requested.

Hope u have a great time in CPH...

08-02-04, 09:28

the danish words should be translated like this:

1 time blide former = 1 hour soft (=normal sex)

med = with ( = with condom)


1/2 time blide former half hour soft (=normal sex)

med = with ( = with condom)


dansk = danish (= straight sex)

med = with ( = with condom)


dansk/fransk = danish/french (= straight sex + bj)

med = with ( = with condom)


fransk = french (bj)

med = with ( = with condom)


gensidig fransk/dansk = bj both ways + straight sex

med = with ( = with condom)


spansk = spanish (tit-f**k)

uden = without (condom)


svensk = swedish (handjob)

uden = without (condom)


1/2 time dominans blid/hård = half hour dominance soft/hard

med = with ( = with condom)

fra 1200 = from 1200

1/2 time slavepige blid/hård = half hour slavegirl soft/hard

med = with ( = with condom)

fra 1200

græsk til ham = greek to him (= rimming)

med = with ( = with condom)

fra 700

urin = [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)

med = with ( = with condom)

fra 600

særlige fantasier indenfor det avancerede opfyldes = special fantasies within the advanced can be done

08-02-04, 13:46
Woof Woof!

I don't know Danish either, but seeing it in context and in the written form it is rather easy to figure out. Spoken or out of context...., well, it is a different story :).

A long time ago I posted a summary (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=80701#post80701). At the end of that post there is a "glossary" that will help you solve your puzzle.

Your list is essentially a "menu", listing the services offered, whether it is with or without condom, the time duration, and the asking price.

Happy "Klinik"'ing!

Woof Woof
08-02-04, 16:42
Dear Sexplorer,

Many thanks!


Bjorn Berg
08-04-04, 10:56
A little report: I visited a re-opened place at solitudevej in Nørrebro. They had two nice girls available and I chose 20-year old Daniela from Italy. She spoke just a little english, but was good to use her mouth in other ways. She had long black hair, pointy titties and a lovely face. An 8-9. CBJ and different positions with no hurry. She said she didn´t like from behind but let me do it anyway like a good girl. Will definitely go again. More info on PM.

Happy mongering,


Nyc Expat
08-04-04, 15:41
Remember one thing guys, mostly all Danish women either SW or in clinics speak English and many speak French in addition. Don't hesitate to contact them via email or telephone.

Someone mentioned spansk piger (spanish girls) which I reviewed earlier. They don't speak Danish or English however they are latinas so enjoy them at less cost than Danes.

The clubs, bars and discos mentioned are recommendable for normal opportunities to meet women whom are bi/trilingual. Many places were suggested in earlier posts. Go back and read.


Olio Ho
08-04-04, 20:38
Found some awesome black ladies next to the railway station last week. 800 dkr for a couple of hours.

08-04-04, 21:36
Has anyone tried citygirls in Helsingør???

Nice looking girl there Cindy - might give it a try in the morning. All alone across here now!!!

08-04-04, 21:41
Btw - I am only 30 klicks from CPH so if anyone wants to get together one night PM me and we can have a roam around - 2 beats 1 I always say......


08-04-04, 23:25

Cindy is also available at Sexgirls in Copenhagen. See www.sexgirls.dk

08-04-04, 23:31

very nice guide to mongering in denmark. There is one of the best brothels missing in your linkorama.


08-04-04, 23:38
The best to find links to danish brothels is thru www.venuslogen.dk

choose menu venuslogen
then choose Thomsens ufuldlkomne klinikliste

or try this direct link (don't know if it will work):


08-04-04, 23:42
Some years ago you could find escorts in hotel bars. Does anyone know if this is possible nowdays?

Member #2415
08-07-04, 21:18
Has anyone who reads this been to Studio6000 in Rodovre Copenhagen? Is the place worth visiting?

Rio Nut
08-08-04, 03:28
I was just wondering how many muslims live in Copenhagen? Do they make up a large % of the city?

Apparently, many tourists have been stabbed by these muslims and they are causing much trouble in the city, and I would like to avoid them as much as possible.

08-08-04, 21:12
Dude,its not muslims,Look out for Algerians.I am muslim and I am afraid.These are people who are adamant on hurting anyone not Arabs or Algerians to be specific.They are about 1% of the population however there are good ones and bad ones. I have met some very good Algerians and also been confronted by some rowdy ALgerians after getting out of a bar.They did not stab or anything ,just made trouble.I called them Sharmuta which I think means Motherfucker in Arabic and tehy got even more incensed. However they let me go.Dont worry,Copanhagen is a safe city with great people from all races.Just go and enjoy and let us know what you did

Rio Nut
08-08-04, 22:32
Is it true that there are large Arab-Pakistani ghettos in the Norrebo neighborhood, and that English spoken there is just asking for trouble?

I cannot understand why there are such large Arab populations in Denmark. I go to Denmark to see Danish people and culture, not to be in the middle of Beirut, Lebanon.

I read that 20% of Copenhagen is now Muslim. Is this true?

08-09-04, 02:26
I dont know about 20% but yeah there is a large ghetto but its mostly Arabs,I did not see hardly anY Pakistani there.Its mostly Arabs particulary ALgerians and Turks. Hope this helps,but stay away from the ghettos like I do. I mean when I go to New York I dont go to Harlem.

Rio Nut
08-09-04, 04:13
Thank you Bono. I will avoid the ghettos.

How did you find the Danish non-pros? I heard sex comes very easy for them, and the women (if they like you) will invite you for casual sex. This sounds like the perfect place.

Nyc Expat
08-09-04, 10:07
Don't worry about crime in Copenhagen. Worry about if you have enough money to spend.

The population of immigrants from the middle east percentage wise is less than other major European cities. You will NOT be mugged, stabbed or victimized in any way. There was only one incident last August 03 of a stabbing of an Itailan tourist. Even with the large muslim pop. in Nørrebro, there is no reason to be afraid to go there if you want very cheap eateries. Nørrebro also has a large Danish youth population and some of the best bars are there f.ex. on Saint Hans Torv. Istedgade has many cheap eateries, bars and there are many clinics around Istedgade you can visit. If you want to try our blondes, just come and enjoy. Read previous posts for recommendations.

08-09-04, 20:21
Nyc Expat let me ask you something.Last time I went there I only paid for a girl once and I got laid two times on a Friday and a Saturday.If I am going on a a 5-6 day tour how much money do you think I should bring that is cash. I dont care about hotels and food cause I have credit cards.How much cash should I bring just to get around.I am planning a trip during the thanksgiving weekend

Nyc Expat
08-10-04, 10:58
Daily cash can amt. to anywhere from a few hundred crowns to 2,000 if you are visiting clinics for sex. Taxis are expensive. Over 100 crowns for a short 4 km. trip. Buses cost 16-25 crowns depending on distance. Since you were already here you must have a good idea how much you spent/need.

08-10-04, 20:11
This time around I am thinking of mongering.Last time I did not. So I think I get your point though.I just wanted to be sure.Thanks for your help

08-10-04, 21:23
Well tried citygirls - Cindy - man you pay for 30 minutes and get 15 but she does give a great BJ - good technigue but if I go there again will only pay for a BJ...

Bit cold though and keep covering her clit. I prefer the thai girls myself - and wanna find a great thai girl in this area. Anyone got any idea's???

Rio Nut
08-10-04, 22:38
Is Copenhagen considered a more diverse and fun city than Stockholm?

I think I may try both places during my trip, and if I really like it, just live there for a few months and see what shakes out.

I have heard sex flows freely amongst the younger crowd.

08-10-04, 23:58
Hi Rio Nut,

I have been to both Stockholm and Copenhagen several times, mostly work related, but also for some general fun and visiting friends. I have not tried any working girls there but here are my 2 cents:

I find Stockholm girls a bit "stuck up" compared to Copenhagen. The Danish are more liberal and easy going. The Stockholm nightclub scene (as in regular nightclubs / discos) is actually quite good, but don't expect to get any action unless you invest a lot of time and money.

Hate to generalize, but still do: I would rank Danish people as one of the most easy going, fun loving, laid back folks. Swedes are however in my opinion more formal and can be a bit boring. If I were to decide where to spend a few months, Copenhagen would be my choice (hell, the Swedes go there to have fun, but you wont find many Danes going to Sweden for partying)

You will have a much easier time finding "good clean" working girls in Copenhagen if thats your thing, and don't forget that paying for sex in Sweaden is illegal.

Few bits about crimes: Some have reported worries about crimes in Copenhagen and the Norrebro area is mentioned. Do not worry. I would rank Copenhagen as one of the safest capitals in the world (I have been to quite many of them). I have walked the Norrebro area many times at all hours, and never have I gotten any trouble. Norrebro is actually great area to get cheap but good food, and there are also quite a few interesting clubs there. It is a melting pot of many nationalities, but that is what brings flavour to live in my opinion.


Rio Nut
08-11-04, 04:13
Thanks Chivaz.

It is good to see men travelling for non-pro fun and sex. It is good to not always go for hookers, that would be boring.

Do you think one can pick up and have a good time going "solo"? This works in South America. Not sure about it in Northern Europe where I have not been yet.

Also, I heard most Danish women are blondes with blue eyes and nice breasts. Is that true, and what kind of international community does Copenhagen have? Thanks.

08-11-04, 10:41
Hi Rio,

About the women: There are a lot of blonds, but not all and not even the majority. It is a mixed liberal society. In my opinion, most womens breast are nice whatever they look like ;-) no better or no worse on Danish chicks.

Most speak good English. In downtown Copenhagen, you might find more people able to speak English than Danish.

Think the chance of picking up a non-pro is no better or no worse than generally in northern part of western europe where it is generally harder for foreigner than a local to pick up a girl. Remember that in most of W-Europe, chicks are not impressed by where you're from (wherever that is). You will have to turn on the old charm and work it. That includes perhaps to dress smart, smell nice and be able to take a step or two on the dancefloor without falling. If that does not work, you'll always have the massage section of Extrabladet where you can find a lot of ads from working girls.

Also remember to hit on girl around your own age. Most NW-Euro girls are usually not looking for financial stability in their choice of partner so they tend to pick one who is around their own age.


Nyc Expat
08-11-04, 12:49
Rio Nut
Approx. 2-3 months ago you PM’ed me a few times for info about CPH and nordic blondes. You are still seeking answers to numerous questions. Many answers to your Q’s can be found in any reputable tourist guide describing the city, neighborhoods, nightly entertainment and more. So difficult it can not be to decide.

Why don’t you just come and experience it for yourself if you are so hot on trying Danish blondes. Right NOW is perfect during the summer. Include a visit to Bellevue Strand (beach) with many topless knockouts or Islands Brygge harbour swimming facility a few min. from City Hall. Literally hundreds of women to see and chat with. Convinced? Then post your report.

Shaky YK
08-12-04, 10:39
NYC Expat,

I will be visiting Copenhagen and staying nearby central station. As you mentioned there is some nice beach to visit, Bellevue Strand and Islands Brygge. Is it far away from the city and how to get to this place?


Rio Nut
08-13-04, 04:49
How long have you lived there NYC Expat? And where do you go (nearby countries) when you are in the mood to monger with beautiful blondes who are CHEAP? I assume maybe Eastern Europe somewhere?

Nyc Expat
08-13-04, 10:07
I've been living here since 1976 (1st visit 1972) so I know much about the city.

Last night was very lively at the outdoor cafes on St. Hans Torv.
Also in Christianshavn neighborhood (10 min. walk from Parliament) along the harbour waterfront are very lively outdoor cafes for meeting potential dates. The waterfront cafe is a must during the afternoon for enjoying a cold draft, look and/or meet women, eat etc. If it's a tropical evening you'll have difficulty finding a seat but when you do you'll enjoy the sunset colors until late evening chatting with a shapely blond Dane or Swede.

Last summer, I visited Casablanca for 7 days. This year, I spent a total of 3 weeks (2 trips) in Cartagena. I lost interest in Scandic women after experiencing beautiful olive skin coloured Moroccans and hot latinas. There is no contest. I am seeing a non-nordic woman for sex regularly for over 5 yrs. now.

If you arrive within the next couple of days, be sure to visit the Malmø City Festival. Very crowded but many chances to meet women with ethnic backgrounds as well as Scandinavian.

Rio Nut
08-14-04, 01:11

Can you recommend smaller college towns in Sweden or Denmark where the woman have a reputation for one night stands and partying?

I have heard nice things about Lund and Umea in Sweden, but others have mentioned that Swedish women are harder than Danish.

What do you think about the rumors that go around which say that Danish/Swedish women "make the first move" when they like a guy? Is it true or just a lie in your opinion?


Bruce Ley
08-14-04, 02:37

It obvious depends on the woman, and also (this may be crucially ignored point here) - the looks and 'game' of the guy. If you're decent-to-good looking or have a way with the ladies (or even both), you can bet your nuts to a bunch of rottweilers that they'll hit on you. If not - well then, don't expect miracles with non-pros.


Rio Nut
08-14-04, 23:10

Thank you. How do the Danish women compare to women in the U.S.? For example, in the U.S. I know many friends who are very attractive (one of them is a male model who has appeared in Banana Republic ads) and he still does not get hit on. He has to hit on the girl, and gets rejected quite a bit in the fancy New York City nightclubs.

Are Danish women more aggressive and take initiative more than American women you think?

Bruce Ley
08-15-04, 17:04
Rio Nut,

American women don't exactly get a good reputation amongst men of all nationalities, but I honestly don't care to turn this thread into some anti-Yankee Chick forum (Ok, I'll indulge you briefly - in short, I think most American women of all races but especially white ones - are actually comparatively less attractive and physically fit to women from other European nations, but think themselves otherwise - which is perverse and ironic.).

Mind you, the animosity is quite well-deserved, but we need to stick to the topic. Try asking this question in another section.

Nyc Expat
08-16-04, 15:15
Bellevue Beach is in Klampenborg. Take S-train only 20-25 min. ride. Islands Brygge is in walking distance from your hotel. See your city map or ask at front desk.

08-27-04, 15:39
Wow Kinda quiet here. But I am back!!!

Asian Fix
09-10-04, 19:23
Are escorts or parlor type places better? I'm about to visit and want to pick a hotel near central station. Do hotels care about having escorts visit? Also, is there a hotel someone can suggest that is near central station and near a walk in parlor type place? Actually any hotel near a walk in place would be great. Any suggestions welcome.

Holger Danske
09-13-04, 09:54
Most hotels in Copenhagen have no problem with guests. Choose your hotel without second thoughts.

Very close to the hotels on and around Istedgade you will find a couple of clinics and/or SW. There is even an Amsterdam style clinic on the side st. (Reverdilsgade) parallel to Istedgade and just across the st. from the c. station where the girl sits in the window.

If looks mean more than cost, then escort is your choice. Get your copy of Copenhagen This Week for phone numbers etc.

09-14-04, 22:17
What do I expect to pay in Copenhagen? I saw signs in the massage places that showed 1hr at K400?
How about the escort service, ?

Nyc Expat
09-15-04, 06:11
Escort prices are high. Usually Kr. 1200 and up the first hour.

Asian Fix
09-17-04, 19:09
Tell me more about the clinics or massage places. How late are they usually open? Anyone have info on asian massage/clinic or escorts? I'd like to contact before I go if possible. Thanks for all the research.

Nyc Expat
09-19-04, 20:24
Some open until 11 PM. Others open all night.
See this website with some details:
www dot ekstrabladet dot dk
Then click erotik, massage etc.
Buy that tabloid when you arrive.

Earlier posts on this thread is loaded with info.

Asian Fix
09-21-04, 17:31
Whats the situation in Odense? SW, clinics, escorts? AMPs?

Nyc Expat
09-21-04, 21:23
Never tried there but supposedly the same on smaller scale. Possibly cheaper. Again, the tabloid has ads for Odense.

Nyc Expat
09-24-04, 20:13
At 7.30 PM this evening on Istedgade were at least 8 East European SW's. I'd guess between 18-21 y.o. Long, brown hair, rating 7'ish. One was an 8, shoulder length plat. blonde, cute, nice smile. They speak a little english. Asking kr. 400 for s & f.

Holger Danske
10-01-04, 19:43
5 weeks from tonight, the traditional, seasonal Christmas beers, julebyg, are released a few minutes before 21:00 hours. Thousands of people in bars, cafes and restaurants. First beer is free. Good chance to meet beautiful, regular danes girls.

Holger Danske
10-07-04, 19:45
I just came from Istedgade where I picked up one of the E. European SW. She is the only blonde among the dark haired girls. They hang out in groups of 2 or 3 walking back and forth on the street.

She is about 5'1'', about 47 kg. Nice shape. She was ok with the CBJ and sex in missionary. She asked for 400 kroner for 30 minutes. I do not remember her name.

Asian Fix
10-13-04, 18:51
Here's my weekend report

I didn't see any SW or I didn't recognize them as such. Strip clubs and the thai place of course were total rip offs, absolutely not worth it. Escorts are the way to go. Sure thing, no constant talk of money. They don't look quite like they do in the photo's though, a few kilos heavier, thats for sure. One was just perfect and also actually into it.

Member #2928
10-16-04, 10:43
My company has just opend two new divisions - one in the states and one in Scandinavia, Copenhagen. And now I have had the chance to try out the girls in both countries.

Some weeks ago I went to Copenhagen (and at the moment I am back again). It seems like a nice city, and the girls are all adorable! Blond and mostly rather slim!

I found an escort-girl called Camilla at www.copenhagen-sex-escort.dk and made an appointment with her by mail.

My company booked a hotel in the city-center and camilla and I agreed to meet there at 9 PM. Camilla showed up ten minutes later in high-heels and very sexy makeup. She is redhaired and her body is like at her photos. HOT! She also got a very beautyfull face!

After some nice chatting (she seems rather intellectual) we went to the point. I was sitting on the bed and she went down to s... my c...

It was the start of three hours of very hot sex! Afterwards we went to shower and had a little chat again. Camilla told me about the city and we have a great laugh.

The only problem about Camilla is that she is a little expensive. 2000 Dkr per hour, but I think she is worth it, and it seems to be the prices for escort in Copenhagen. Next time (maybe today)I will try another girl, but I am sure I will go back to Camilla one day!



Nyc Expat
10-17-04, 14:19
There are other escorts here in the city just as pretty as Camilla, probably just as "hot" and less expensive. She took advantage charging kr. 6000. That's $1000 for 3 hrs. tax free down her pocket, lucky lady.

I hear most women will pro-rate for multiple hours f.ex. 1/2000, 2/3500, 3/4500 etc. Some start at 1/1200. You should ask first.

Yes, the city is expensive. Basically, Danish women are honest and affectionate while you're paying and they love money.

Next time check the newspaper or some websites I suggested further back on this thread.

Havana Moon
10-17-04, 17:17
NYC Expat

"Danish women are honest and affectionate while you're paying and they love money".

Are you shure you saw any danish women in Copenhagen?

10-19-04, 10:06
Experienced users of the buisness are not going to the streetwalkers around Istedgade.

They use escort or the clinics. BBBJ can be found in some places. It is called superfrench or the like. BBBJ is quite common when escort are used – always ask.

The buisness is united – costumers & girls at this place http://www.venuslogen.dk

It is in Danish but some of the homepages are also in English

You can find Danish girls who is giving BBBJ here. http://www.escortguide.dk

One more link http://www.real6.dk

Nyc Expat
10-19-04, 14:02
Havana moon wrote:
"Are you shure you saw any danish women in Copenhagen?"

What are you referring to?.

World Tracker
10-27-04, 01:19

I would like to meet up with someone who like swingers, a good beer at a sprip bar or a gang bang at any club at the above mentioned time.

This is order to talk about common interest and share expirience.

Post me an answer.

Holger Danske
10-30-04, 06:47
Was in the city last night with friends. Went to Palace Bar in the hotel of same name for drinks. Around 11 PM arrived some nice looking women. Little older but still possible to take home as non-pros. Saw a "9+" looking Asian whom spoke Danish and quite sure she speaks English as well as most danes. Couldn't try because I was with the married guys.

Do not forget next Friday night, 5 November when the traditional Xmas beers are released. The entire city parties.

Holger Danske
10-31-04, 22:16
The media reported today there are approximately 8000 women working in the oldest profession on the street, in clinics or as escorts. The tabloid newspaper often mentioned has 500 ads each day.

Holger Danske
11-06-04, 13:49
Went last night to AMP on Fredensgade 7.

The young Thai girl gave a 30 min. back rub with a HJ (gentle) ending taking her time. She would not let me touch much of her without paying extra.

I paid 600 crowns for the 45 min. session. She is cute and friendly but she and her friend (2 in attendance) LIKE money. I was told 1 hr. for massage, BJ and FS costs 1300.00. I think to high.

Just a 15 min. FS costs 500.- which is the going rate for incall as compared to SW action. Because "Pen" was sweet, I may go back but not for 1300.- sessions.

11-09-04, 19:23
Hey All,

I am a relatively new member but love the site. Anyway the best girls in Copenhagen are to be found in a place called A-gruppen. All the girls look amazing and the service is great as well. You can check out the chicks at www.agruppen.com. Some do anal, some dont but the site actually says who does what and what time they are there. Most of them do not do escort but you have to visit their place (small apartment in Oesterbro). Take care you all

Holger Danske
11-21-04, 18:15
The media here is reporting about many young Nigerian women bought here by the alleged Nigerian mafia as sex providers. The women are terribly afraid for their lives because of Nigerian customs f.ex. the taking of a nail or some of her hair by the men. This makes the women fearful refusing to leave the men and thus performing sex against their will. They are lead to believe they owe the men thousands of dollars because the men provided them with false european work permits etc.

The women are transported to Italy where they work for a while, then transported north ending in the Scandinavian countries.

Holger Danske
12-11-04, 06:39
Friday night I picked up a Czech SW in her early 20's on Skelbaekgade. Dirty blond hair. Looked like a 7 but attitude was 2. Why?. She did not say a word except sex?, f_ _ _?, suck and the price although she spoke English she claims.

I gave her kr. 300 for CBJ which was nothing special. When I dropped her off, she said thank you. Many East Europeans in town these days.

Bjorn Berg
12-18-04, 14:45
Yesterday I went to my favourite place in Solitudevej. You can really take roundtrip in Europe here. I´ve had girls from Italy (2), Poland (2), Hungary (2), Spain and yesterday I chose a blond lithuanian girl with great body, big tits and long legs. Great attitude and she really knew how to please a man. The other two girls looked so good too that I have to go back soon. 600 dkr. for CBJ and fuck with no hurry.

12-31-04, 08:14
Yesterday I went to my favourite place in Solitudevej. You can really take roundtrip in Europe here. I´ve had girls from Italy (2), Poland (2), Hungary (2), Spain and yesterday I chose a blond lithuanian girl with great body, big tits and long legs. Great attitude and she really knew how to please a man. The other two girls looked so good too that I have to go back soon. 600 dkr. for CBJ and fuck with no hurry.

What is the name of the place?

Tom Schilders
01-30-05, 14:00
Somewhere in this forum, a real Amsterdam like window is mentioned. Well, it is really there! If you walk out the main entrance of the Main train station, turn left, and walk the first road to the left also (basicly keeping the main station building to your left), it is the second road the the right accross the street from the side of the train station. The road runs parallel to the main road with all the sex shops etc.
The window is half way the road, on the left side of the road (if you come from the train station). I looked at the girl, nodded yes, after which she opened the door to the stairs. It is basicly a normal appartment, with a red light window. The girl came from Venezuela. Not a 100% in terms of looks, but in terms of boobs and body she came close to 100%. It was 300 DKK for straight fuck and 50DKK more for also a blow job with it. I just went for the straight fuck. The girl actually became very horny, and decided to throw in the BJ for free. Whilst giving the BJ, she put my finger in her pussy and asked me to finger her.....no problem of course. All in all I stayed for about 30 minutes (normally she says it is 20 minutes), so she must have like my action. Whilst putting on my clothes, she started touching my ass and balls again, took down my pants again, and gave me a quick hand job, also on the house! I think she was just a bit lonely, didn´t have too much action the night I was there, and decided to have some extra fun. I don´t know if it is always like this, but still would recommend to give it a try!

Nyc Expat
02-03-05, 14:57
A correction concerning others whom might follow your directions. It's the SIDE entrance of the station facing Istedgade. The wide, MAIN entrance faces Vesterbrogade and a famous statue. Enjoy.

02-04-05, 22:05
Are you in DK? Time to meet?? PM if you are....

A correction concerning others whom might follow your directions. It's the SIDE entrance of the station facing Istedgade. The wide, MAIN entrance faces Vesterbrogade and a famous statue. Enjoy.

03-21-05, 20:54
A correction concerning others whom might follow your directions. It's the SIDE entrance of the station facing Istedgade. The wide, MAIN entrance faces Vesterbrogade and a famous statue. Enjoy.No, Tom is actually right. His description works if you go out from the main entrance, as described.

There is an other entrance to the train station, as you say, nearly directly to Istedgade. If you take this the walk is shorter.

But the description according to Tom is actually. Trust me I have loived in Copenhagen for a couple of years.

03-26-05, 03:55
Greetings Punters and Mongers.
Heading to Copenhagen for a short three night layover. Want to hit the city sites. Arriving 8pm on a Wednesday, leaving Saturday morning. Staying next to the train station, on the famous Istedgade. Any must hit bars, clinics or apartments within walking distance?? I have viewed a lot of the sites that were listed here and found some good info but seem to far from the hotel. If anyone wants to grab a beer and a little ass PM me. What is the current STD situation in Copenhagen??? I’ve read on this board there’s a problem with the SW. Are there any Private Apartments in the area??? I’d like to hit the Clinics, any recommendations??? Everyone seems to agree that the clubs and the pros are over priced, but are there any must stop by??? Once I get closer to departing I’ll post the hotel and other info. Thanks guys, Thanks for all the Info.


Nyc Expat
03-26-05, 04:52
I have lived in Copenhagen for over 30 years. I consider myself the utmost non-Dane authority for the P4P scene. But guys, don't PM me. All the necessary info is already posted on this thread. Do your homework.

There are 3 MAJOR entrances to the station. The main as I described earlier and 2 sides. One towards Tivoli and the other is opposite towards Istedgade.
Cross the street, turn left and the short street mentioned is on your first right.

G Dawg II
04-11-05, 16:33
Hi folks,

I just returned from a trip to Copenhagen. I stayed in a hotel not far from the central station and just around the corner from Istegade. On advice from some of the folks on the forum, I hopped on www.venuslogen.dk and searched for clinics in the area. The site is in Danish but if you are reasonably familiar with foreign languages you can figure out it says pretty easily from the context.

Anyway, the site is a very good source of accurate information. I visited several clinics and they were all exactly as advertised.

One more thing: I have seen on this forum some references to "businesslike" service at the clinics. While I did have one experience that was very abrupt and perfunctory, at all the other clinics I was treated very well and got exceptional service. I think this is because I didn't approach it like a business. I tried to smile and be kind and ask the girls their names and make some conversation. They all responded well. These girls are human beings and if you treat them right, most of the time they'll treat you right, too.

Just my .02. By the way, Copenhagen is WONDERFUL. I cannot wait to go back. What a beautiful and comfortable city.

04-14-05, 12:04
The Window Girls are located in Reverdilsgade.
In the station and with your back to the platform take the exit on your left. This exit is the only exit with stairs leading outside.

Map in the link below:


Bun Biter
04-17-05, 00:45
Hi guys,

I'm coming to Copenhagen end of May and am wondering if there's anyone who can recommend an anal provider there. Thanks in advance.



Bjorn Berg
04-27-05, 00:38
I tested the place at Enghave Plads 2, "Kimmie" on the doorbell. It's been there for years but since they told me on the telephone they had brand new girls, I thought I'd check it out. A couple of semi-looking east-european girls, and I chose a 20-year old from Poland. She was very short and spoke with a little girls voice, but her body was fully developed. She didn't complain me fingering her (danish providers won't let you do that, partly the reason I prefer east-europeans) and the performance was ok but not more than a general 7. Trying an other place next time.

Attaching a painting on wall at the place so everyone who's been there can bring back some memories.

05-01-05, 16:57
G’Day Copenhagen!!!
Hey I’m heading to Copenhagen in 3 weeks. I’m showing up on the 18th and I’ll be in town for 3 days. I have read the past post and was wondering if anyone can share a little more information. Has anyone tried any of the following clubs?? Club 34, Red Light, Pussy Club, Madame Pim’s, Bunny Bar (former Xanadu), or Kakadu???? I found these on the web but no thumbs up or thumbs down info. If you could share a little info, that would be great. I’ll be showing up on Wednesday night if anyone wants to hook up for a beer or trolling. Also has anyone tried the Thai Massage Parlors at the following locations? Oehlenslagergade, Sommerstedgade, Flensburggade, Dannebrogsgade. Which are the best? I’ll be picking up a copy of Ekstrabladet when I arrive and I have been looking at the on-line version. I’ve been try to do my reach, trying to maximize your input so I can get the most from this short trip. Thanks for all your help.

Nyc Expat
05-01-05, 21:38
Some of the clubs are very expensive for takeout. I have heard anywhere from Dkr. 2000-6000 for allnight. I have seen some of the women walk in the clubs. Many are foreigners and in my opinion not worth it.

If I remember correctly the Danneborgsgade clinic has a transvestite working there and a not very pretty woman when I dropped in last Jan. Oehlenslagergade has more than one club. I tried one twice and was OK. The other clubs are hit and miss.

Try the Thai cellar clinic on Ndr. Fasanvej 200-212 something, right hand side northbound on the corner. One block further north on left side in the yard is a clinic with danes. I heard they are attractive.

With many years experience in the city, I think your best bet is finding a dane through the ads in the newspaper or internet.

Be sure to post your report afterwards.

Bacardi Blast
05-12-05, 15:39
I was there in march2005. the clubs are very expensive. I went in one opposite kakadu, inorder to take a girl out you have to buy two bottles of champagne. They also demanded 2000 for ST and 3500 for LT. There were one girl from Estonia, one Checz several thai girls some of them ladyboys,couple of african girls also.

05-13-05, 09:13
I can give you some info.

Club34 is a porncinema with a bar and maybe 6 girls working.

In my opinion not worth a visit.The room are very small with no shower.

The service is rushed and and the thaigirls working there are over 30.

Expect to pay 100 euro for half an hour including entrance fee.

In general most thaigirls are old in Denmark.

One exception is madam pim . They have young thaigirls working but everything is expencive. Expect to pay 400 euro for everything (entrance , champagne and 1 hour with girl).

The other clubs you mention is in the same price range as madam pim but the girls are from Eastern Europe or Africa.

About thai-massage most of the places have have heavy rotation of girls so you never know who is working.

Sommerstedgade 26 is no longer a thai place, they have some girls from africa working there.

Your best bet is www.eb.dk/massage

Call some numbers, most girls speak english.

05-15-05, 21:51
After a meeting I was feeling, really horny and i decided to call for a girl, i looked on the danish webpage real6.dk and i found a girl i like, I called for Cassandra. Which I didnt, she starting playing with my member and then sucking it, then i gave her DATY, and sex in different positions and then finally i came in doggy, Now the best thing about Cassandra is her huuuge natural breasts, they must be the best breasts I ever have laid my hand on.

Age: mid twenties
height: 170 cm
weight: ca 55 cm
Breasts: DD
hair: Short brown - Halle Berry lookalike hair
Phone number:
tattoos: One over her ass and really kinky tattoo just above the main target
Telephone nr: 26564918

05-16-05, 03:58
WOOOO…WE, Three days gentlemen, and I’ll be in your beautiful city. I’m looking forward to roaming. I am planning on hitting a few of the AMPs, one sex club, and I might pick up a SW, not sure, have never partaken in this activity. Back in the states it was just easier to hook-up with an incall girl. I’ll be staying on Istedgade across from the train station. Thank you all for the info that you presented here I’ve been doing some research and I can’t wait to get back to civilizations and have a little fun. Take care guys. I’ll report each night I’m there.

Bjorn Berg
05-20-05, 23:56
When I go mongering in Copenhagen I usually choose places with non-danish girls, don't know why. This place on Solitudevej has been closed for a while I think, but when I called their old number, there was an answer and I went straight away. Beautiful polish girl, 21 year old and great service. The place is not fancy but the girls have never let me down there. Good they have open again!

Nyc Expat
05-30-05, 23:03
It's very disappointing to help guys publicly here or via PM whom promise to report and never do.

06-01-05, 08:25
I agree with NYC. This site is to share and report.

I have been working north of CPH and found a great little place in Helsingor. Bit difficult to find without a GPS system but only 500dkk for BJ and full service. I have really been looking at what Helsingor is about - loads of places - citygirls and prettygirls but both are a bit too proffessional. Wish I could find a nice Thai girl who is under 30. Most uphere are old.

So come on guys report....

Blue Swede
06-01-05, 19:06

I visited Asianbeauty in Helsingør, they are at Belvederevej in the cellar.
I got the choice of sex of massage first, I choosed sex and the a relaxxing massage. Cost I think was 800 DKR.

The girl was 25-30 years old, shy and reasonable pretty. (5-6)

This was about 2 years ago, som things might have been changed, but it worth a try if you seek asian girls.

You can find their advert under the massage section of www.ekstrabladet.dk

Good luck, Blue

Blue Swede
06-01-05, 19:08
I found another asian place, advertising in Extrabladet at Strandgade 39 in Helsingor.


06-03-05, 07:09
Hi Blue Swede.

I know both places you are talking about. Unfortunately both places are now run by kinda oldish thai's. Strandgade is perhaps the worst.

So still hunting......

Thanks anyway for the input.


06-04-05, 18:08

I'm danish & know the scene fairly well, but have been non resident for several years now.

Well I had a friday night visit recently & as it often goes after a long night out on the town I end up drunk & horny!

So I wander the brothels of vesterbro(istedgade & side streets) & as usual many unattractive/old working this (tourist) RLD area, but I ended up as usual at oehlenschlagergade,which has several parlours incl. 3-4 thai ones.

The ones advertising as trad. masage are far more than that & the 'samui' one tends to often have a few nice gals. I ended up on one of the others nearby though this time even initially they had just the old mamasan types on duty & average prices (300-400-700-1000). when inquired on young girls they eventually send one in the bedroom who looked quite nice although in 'sleeping clothes' LOL!

Maybe mid twenties & big tits & not too fat! BBBJ, bit of kissing, massage & then a lengthy fuck session where she really got into it so I got even more horny & ende dup fucking her a second time for the 700kr discounted 1/2h session ;) I bet peaking a bit of danish, thai & being nice helped :-)

Dont bother looking her up though she was bound to returnto bangkok the next day so just her final fucks in DK.

06-12-05, 08:33
I found a Thai Massage place called Star Massage on jyllingevej in Vanløse. 350dkr for a great 1 hour thai massage - she then offered me a handjob: I aksed if there was any extra service and she called in a couple of girls. One was tall and looked about 25. Hassled about the price but got her down to 700 dkr for 30 minutes. She started with a great BJ - man could she suck and did not forget the jewels. Then missionary, doggie and her on top. She felt very tight but had a tendancy to really bite hard on my nipples. A bit too hard for my taste. Finished finally in missionary.

The one thing I always like about the thais is that they really make an effort and clean you up afterwards. She was a bit cold to start with but warmed up through the session. Will try there again soon. The massage was great.

07-08-05, 12:57
I visited Swingers No. 1 during my last trip to CPH this last June.

It is a place quite outside the centre. The cab ride cost DKK95.00 from Central Station. I also paid DKK300.00 to go in. This gave me a locker and two towels.

It was Swinger Night. There were 3 couples and two single men when I arrived. I was a bit lost so I sat in the main living room when I got there watching “Joey” on the television. I then went upstairs where most of the action takes place. Two couples where in the couple area where singles can watch but should not cross into.

One other couple was on a big mat with the woman giving a BJ to the man. I started watching as I am both a voyeur but also an exhibitionist. Some time later the woman looked at me and with her finger ordered me to the mat. She started giving me a BJ while the man was having her doggy style. We then changed position and went missionary with her man watching (as well as everyone else). After finishing the deed we showered and went back downstairs. I served them some drinks from the self-service bar. They introduced me to another couple. The man was smoking a pipe which was a bit annoying. We had some long political chats before all of us went upstairs to the couple area. After some moment, the sexy manageress on duty came and started exchanging some words the couples in Danish. I was told later that she was putting them off for having me in the couple’s area. Anyway the action continued and it was great.

I did go down afterwards to apologise to the manageress. Even though I will probably never see her again, I do believe that as singles we have to be doubly courteous. She said that is OK and she gave me a kiss.

I made it a point to stay till closing which was midnight. I wanted to try doing something with the manageress who is a sexy 24 y.o. blond. She turned out to be a biology student and she has a boyfriend. She has stopped her swinging lifestyle since this boyfriend. So nothing came out of that except showering next to her. The overall night was action packed.

Swingers No. 1 has a sister club called Adam og Eva. Both clubs organise Gangbang afternoons. Check out their site: http://www.adam-og-eva.dk/ .

08-28-05, 12:57
I suppose it is Istergade which is about one block behind the main railwaystation. There are a lot of smaller massageparlours, often with just one or two girls working, on the side-streets. Most of these girls seem to be Thai and they are generally very unattractive. I tried to visit all the massageparlours I could find which was about 10 or so all in all and in 8 of them there were ugly Thai chicks, in one there was an average Estonian chick and the best one was a place called "Red Light District" or something which is on a side-street almost at the beginning of istergade. There was a rather cute blond Danish woman working there.

There was hardly any street-action at all around 9:30 on a Saturday night. All I saw was two gypsy girls, a Slavic chick and a really old and fat woman standing.

I've been to the Kakadua club and the one opposite as well (forgot it's name) and they are complete rip-offs. Very expensive, boring and ugly girls and the strip-tease is so lackluster you will fall asleep watching it.

The prices are in general between 400-500 DKK for straight sex for 15-20 min. Kind of expensive for such a short while if you ask me.

09-08-05, 17:17
Anyone have some suggestions for those times when I want to try my luck on the open market. What are the popular bars with the ladies?

09-13-05, 09:31
Being a resident of this city, here comes my advice:

First of all, don't expect Denmark and Copenhagen to be something like a European hotspot - places like Germany, Italy and the Netherlands are arguably much hotter. Today, the same parties that legalized pornography 35 ago and made Denmark known for liberal sexual attitudes throughout the world are now working for making prostitution illegal as they already have done in Sweden.

As for the time being, you still find good places in Copenhagen, though.

A kind of sexforum is www.venuslogen.dk. On entering the site, click on "Jeg accepterer, luk mig ind". You are then directed to the main page, and although it is in Danish, it should be possible to find around.

Avoid the bars and massage clubs in the city center - the few you find would mostly be tourist traps. All of the good places lie in the surrounding neighborhoods, a few minutes away from downtown.

Also avoid Thai places, or at least be prepared, that the quality of the working Thai girls in Denmark is miles away of what you find south of the German-Danish border.

My favourite clubs in town include:


Some of the above sites are both in Danish and English - compare both versions to learn your vocabulary!

Prices are at these places are similar and quite steep: 600 DKK/80EUR/100USD for a ST, and that is without extras!

Short-timer in Denmark is 15 minutes - and - very annoying - expect knocking on your door after 10-12 minutes. A really bad habit, which for me means, I really have to be very, very hot to perform under this time pressure.

The good thing are the girls themselves: As most of them are well-integrated Danish middleclass girls, one often runs across the "neighbor's daughter"-type. They are self-confident and easy to talk to - and most of them reasonably accomodating.

So if you are ready to pay the bill, you might have some good time in Denmark.

Bjorn Berg
09-19-05, 14:38
Just had a wonderful girl from Hungary. The place is in Brønshøj which is just outside the city. She was the most beautiful girl I've had this year. 21 years, model-like face and a petite body with firm, pointy b-cups and the best ass I've ever seen. She'll be in the country only for 2 weeks.

Tel: 2642 2781

Add: Bjernedevej 17, Brønshøj.

10-02-05, 23:22
I need help!

I will be in Copenhagen in the middle of October for about 4 days and I want to have some fun with sexy girls.

How can I find sexy Girls in Copenhagen?

Where are (Sex-)Clubs or other Locations to find sexy Girls for Fun?

How much is it to get this service?

I need some locations neer

1601 Copenhagen V, Vester Farmagsgade (Mercure Hotel Richmond).

Can anybody help me? I'm from Germany and was never before in Copenhagen.

In Germany are many good Clubs (FKK-Clubs, Sauna-Clubs,...) with very good Service.

Where can I find a good location in Copenhagen?

Are there some guys from denmark, who can help me?

Ciao maxxxxx

PS: Sorry my english isn't very good. I hope you can understand my problem!

Mr Z
10-14-05, 14:25
I need help!

I will be in Copenhagen in the middle of October for about 4 days and I want to have some fun with sexy girls.

How can I find sexy Girls in Copenhagen?

Where are (Sex-)Clubs or other Locations to find sexy Girls for Fun?

How much is it to get this service?

I need some locations neer

1601 Copenhagen V, Vester Farmagsgade (Mercure Hotel Richmond).

Can anybody help me? I'm from Germany and was never before in Copenhagen.

In Germany are many good Clubs (FKK-Clubs, Sauna-Clubs,...) with very good Service.

Where can I find a good location in Copenhagen?

Are there some guys from denmark, who can help me?

Ciao maxxxxx

PS: Sorry my english isn't very good. I hope you can understand my problem!Hi Max,

You should have a look at the links below. In and around the area of your hotel towards the central station there are alot places like strip bars and what not. You just have to take a 10 min walk to the right as you step outside your door. Good luck!

02-06-06, 11:53
Hi every body,

Have sex in Copenhagen is not so easy. I was located near the train station area where you can find many Sex shop and American Bar. But they all look like in France. I mean you will pay a lot, like one or two bottle of champagne for having sex with a not so beautiful girl.

Other way to have sex there s a couple of street walker in this area mainly African girl. They ask about 1000 DKK (75 €) for one hour in your hotel. Problem they don't look pretty and I have walked a lot in the street to find just ugly girl.

So Denmark is not the place for having fun in this way. Maybe You could be luckier if you try to cruise a girl during friday night in party, club, disco or what ever.

Good luck,


Bjorn Berg
02-16-06, 03:54
The brothel in solitudevej has given me both some of my best and so far absolutely worst experience. Last time a 19-year old, cute hungarian brunette gave me a really bad experience. She was obviously unwilling, told me all the time I was fucking her too hard and showed no signs of willingness to please a customer. Don't choose "Vicky" if you're ever near the place!

Asian Fix
02-27-06, 18:55
Anyone try escortdate.com? There's lots of girls listed. It's like $20 to see extra pics but the phone number seem to be on each page.

BH Bound
03-02-06, 12:08
Hey I PMed this to NYC expat, but I just read that he doesn't like PM's so here goes.

I'm an economics student, but I also love to travel. I was thinking about attending grad. school abroad. High on my list are schools in Scandanavia and Australia. I'm thinking about studying a year in Australia during undergrad and doing my grad. studies in Copenhagen. However, I'm asian-american and I was wondering how asian men from America are recieved by the danish women. I'd hate to be living there and void of pussy for 2 years. I love the look of Scandanavian women...sexy, tall and slim, but still with curves in the right places. Thanks and looking forward to your response.

Nyc Expat
03-04-06, 02:04
hey bh, provide us the info or quote where you read NYC expat does not like PMs.

When you can NOT, publicly apologize here. Furthermore, try to post informative reports instead of just comments regarding other member's reports.

In the 2 yrs. you have been a member, you have 7 comments and nil contributions to the purpose of this forum. Be more informative when, where, and how much so others can benefit from your experience and not just criticism of a city you dislike.

R The Man
03-04-06, 02:40
Hey NYCE, play nice. bh didn't make any critical comments about you, and he asked a pretty innocuous question without expressing any dislike of the city, so let's take it easy on him.

Meanwhile, I haven't had the chance to do extensive mongering in Copenhagen, but hope to have more fun when I am there this summer. Previously I had only used an escort, Katrina, who is no longer working. I had a great time for a reasonable fee, but that was early in my mongering career so perhaps I am more discriminating now. Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone could comment on reliable escort agencies in Copenhagen.

Regards, MI.

hey bh, provide us the info or quote where you read NYC expat does not like PMs.

When you can NOT, publicly apologize here. Furthermore, try to post informative reports instead of just comments regarding other member's reports.

In the 2 yrs. you have been a member, you have 7 comments and nil contributions to the purpose of this forum. Be more informative when, where, and how much so others can benefit from your experience and not just criticism of a city you dislike.

BH Bound
03-04-06, 10:29
Well it says not to PM you because all the info is already here. Its post number 212 on page 3. Why are you so angry?

BH Bound
03-04-06, 10:31
Also, why would I study in a city I dislike? I'm seriously interested in studying in Copenhagen because I only hear good things about it. But however, as an asian-american, I experience a lot of prejudice here (in the US) just for being asian. I guess I'm extra cautious about that issue. I'm sorry if I offended you, but I don't think that my post was offensive at all.

Nyc Expat
03-04-06, 22:12
I am not angry but extremely diappointed that my knowledge of Copenhagen has helped a countless amount of members PMing me for help or advice about the city. I kindly replied and for my time and effort, I suggested they reply via PM or preferably post a report. You know what, none of the members except one or two asking for help posted or PMed their experience.

When I posted no. 212 it was after many PMs without feedback plus another member asking a PM Q already answered a few times by others here in this thread. Many FAQ answers are here already if members use their time and energy to read the posts. I forgot about post 212.

I was referring to your Curitiba post. I am currently PMing back and forth with someone concerning a city in the "other cities" thread in a S. American country.

BTW, non-Scandinavian men are just as attracted to Scandic women as local men. It all depends on the individual and his ability to communicate in the language or other form of interest to her. Young Danish women are beautiful but they have become "Americanized" if you know what I mean. Many will dominate the relationship and materialism plays a big part.

Copenhagen is very expensive to live in. 3rd or 5th most expensive in the world. 25% sales tax on everything. 40-65% federal income taxes. 180% excise tax on new automobiles. Denmark has a high divorce rate.

Finally, after many years in Copenhagen, I departed for another city. I am concentrating my energy in South America now with my S.A. finacee and our soon to be born son.
I hope this explains some posts.

Well it says not to PM you because all the info is already here. Its post number 212 on page 3. Why are you so angry?

BH Bound
03-05-06, 01:29
AHHHH now I get you post. Yeah, I disliked Curitiba, and on another board, it seemed that another member had a similar experience as I had. I was just warning other members. The whole south of Brazil isn't like that, but even Curitibanos have told me that they are more closed-off than other people of Brazil...in general of course. But anyway, like everything else, YMMV. By the way, thanks for explaining NYCE.

Nyc Expat
03-06-06, 04:30
You mentioned Curitiba. Have you visited Joinville? We were there one month ago. Very different from other Paranese cities because they have outdoor EUROPEAN cafes so popular among young people. The Biergarten had a great looking assortment of light hair colored women I have not seen elsewhere in Parana. No more on that subject. Tchau, hej-hej

03-10-06, 14:39
I recently visited the Danish capital and the red light district there. It is located conveniently behind the train station. As my back badly needed a massage I went to a place on Ohlenschlagergade 48. A middle aged Thai opened the door and showed me the "menu" (Yes, they have such just like in a restaurant). I didn´t really fancy the girl and couldn´t communicate with her as her English was really poor, and so was her Danish. When I was almost out of the door another girl came to the rescue. She was slim, had long hair and spoke perfect English.

I decided for a massage + f...

She was quite good at giving back rubs with oil, but soon she wanted me to turn over so that she could rub other parts of my body. I soon was hard and she continued with a bj. Then we had a go at other positions. she was very good at the doggystyle. Total damage 700 Danish crowns

Member #3401
03-22-06, 23:25
Not much discussion on Street Workers in Copenhagen. I went for a visit this week and decided to check out the Street Worker Scene. Went down Istedgade where about 10 to 15 girls were on the street. Two or three of them really good looking. However I was after really cheap and nasty today. It was about 10 pm. Only one or two on Halmtorvet. On the street connecting Halmtorvet to Fisketorvet there were about 20 girls working. Settled on a little eastern european model (black, white, yellow any thing was on offer). She wanted 400 kr for BJ and FS in car. I said not interested and she then offered 300 kr for same. Ok reasonable service and reasonable tight count. only drawback was no BBBJ.

04-09-06, 01:07
Has anyone had any experience with escorthollywood.dk ? Also, can someone please explain to me the differernce between "intercourse" and "luxus intercourse"?

Thanks in advance for your help.

04-09-06, 08:40
Hi Punter411,

I've only used Escorthollywood once, and although it was the girl on the pictures, the service was a little lacklustre. Probably because, as she told me after 15 min that she just came back to "work" after having pneumonia!

Luxury intercourse are intercourse several positions, while intercourse are the missionary postion.