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05-16-02, 04:41
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05-19-02, 09:28
1 hour in brothel cost 300-400 EEK

if you order girl in to your hotel room it cost 300 EEK / 1 hour (2 hours cost 500 EKK, 5 hours cost 1000 EEK)

06-11-02, 15:20
~ 3000 prostitutes working Tallinn city area.

06-12-02, 22:33

You seem to have a lot of information about the scene in Tallinn. Why not help the rest of us out and post some reports of different brothels? Where in the world did you find the info that there are 3000 prostitutes working in Tallinn? I'm challenged to find and try more of them! What a fun fulfilling challenge! Anyone else up for the challenge? If you are then please send first-hand reports with addresses, phone numbers, prices, and a in-depth report on the girl that you saw. All of us will be grateful!

06-22-02, 09:23
Helsinki - Tallinna (fast ships)

http://www.lindaline.fi/ (BEST!!)






07-19-02, 09:52
Did a little tour around Estonia last week (middle of July) here is info that was valid as of 15 July......


Narva Mnt 26, 400/hour, not so good looking girls.....

Narva Mnt 2 ok girls, 500 hour, walk in on the back of the house, down in the basement...

Narva Mnt 16, 400 hour, only 2 girls working, terrible quality on the ladies.....


Järva 12, tel: 244 37 005, 6 girls, good looking, 700 hour

Rääma 22, tel:055 72 119 or 044 72 509, 7 girls working, 700 hour, good looking.

Mail me for any questions/discussion/info


Take Care

07-21-02, 09:57

Thanks for the up to date info about the looks of some of the working girls of Tallinn and Pärnu!

Any particular girls that you would recommend?

Keep the reports flowing in!

Member #3447
08-08-02, 18:53
I just got back from Tallinn after 13 days of fun in the old town area. I stayed at the Radisson SAS; 5-star accomodations at around $97.00 USD. I checked out a lot of juuh's tips regarding the brothels around the city center. Specifically, I liked the one located at Lembitu 14, #33. I recommend "Kcenia" (sp) a 20-year old Russian, and Galina (25) blonde. They charge around 500 EEK, but will go to your hotel if you ask them. That includes a massage, F&S for an hour--good value for your money. Last, I checked out the one at Narva mnt 16, #2. There were two ladies--one young (21), and one looked older (40). The young one was Russian, skinny, charged 200 EEKs for 30 minutes. It's cheap but I don't recommend the quality. The rest of the brothels were too far for me to walk to.

I also checked out the brothel near the Radisson: Maakri 30, #3. The entrance to this wooden apartment is at the back. I recommend a 24-year old named Natasia. The rest are older ladies. You can pay Natasia 350 EEK for half an hour. She looks good.

According to past reports there were SW activity around the park near the Viru Hotel (by Hessburger). I verified and confirmed that one night when I was approached by some lady at around 11:30 PM asking for the time. I observed her just walking around the park in cicrcles alone--obvious SW. I didn't partake because she wasn't my type. I also saw one older lady by the pedestrian lane waiting and making eye-contact as I looked at her. So, there are signe of discrete SW activity around the park near the Viru Hotel.

The Cafe Amigo Disco at the Viru Hotel is also a good place to go to pick up regular ladies (Finns and Estonians). The entrance fee during the week is 60 EEKs and it goes up to 100 EEKs during the weekend. My buddy hooked up with a nice Estonia woman in there. Just be careful with these rude and drunken finnish dudes. If you're American, you may sometimes end up fighting because a lot of these European types don't know how to say,"sorry" or "excuse me" when they are drunk and stupid. So, if you're a yankee, stay cool in some of those clubs.

02-02-03, 01:26
Hello. For communikation reasons bring in your GSM-Phone and buy a SIMPLE-prepaid-card for EEK 150 (EEK 50 for the SIM-card and EEK 100 phone time).

02-02-03, 02:59
Simpel is EMT's prepaid-card. Tele2 has their own Smart-card, which is lot cheaper inside Estonia. Major plus is that it works also in Latvia and Lithuania. You will also get 30 cents worth of bonus for every recieved minute.

Only good thing in Simpel as fas as I see is that they charge international calls per second starting from first second. Tele2 charges always full minute even call would be only 20 seconds.

Both are available from gas stations and kiosks.

And a tip for everybody travelling from Helsinki. Copterline sells last minute flighs almost every day for 49 euros! I couldn't think better way to come to see Estonian beauty than a helicopter!

Dick Fotta
03-21-03, 12:32
Hey Maximus,I will visit Tallinn and Riga on those days: from 7 until the 13 May..I know that you are often in Tallinn for some tours into the best place for fuck,if we want to do something together mail me at : sbusso@yahoo.it . I'm not gay or a criminal,just only a great lover! I read your posts,probably you are the most important expert of Tallinn,and you can help me because I never been in Eastonia and I don't want to lose my time..
Let me know,Bye!

All that Stuff
03-24-04, 03:42
Hey Maximus. I'll also be in Tallinn May 14, myself. Tell me that there are still some young, pretty girls to be had for not too much $$$.

All Tha Stuff.

Milky Boy
03-24-04, 19:26
Does this look like deliberate disinformation to anybody else, or is it just me? This guy has posted essentially this same message 8 times, the last several with the HIV scare added at the end.

I'd like to hear from some of this section's regular posters. Is this guy legitimate or full of crap?





Its better stay at home, and not go to former Eastern Countries. They are just after your money and its quite dangerous. Girls are not easy to get either, and prices are very high, for hotels resturants, bars and discos and whatever. For those who like hores can I say that they will be very dissapointed becuase prices they will pay are much higher than home for a bad quality with a girl with very bad attitude. It was different in the begining of 90, when just comunist time was over. It was completly different. you got quality for money and people were nice. It was amazing golden time. Thy were pure coutries and untouched.

I've visited all baltic cities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since begining of 90 and they are all same. After being there some days you will realise you can hardly find normal girls in there.

They are all defect somehow. I think its harder to get girls in there compare to Western European countries. Specially if you looking for normal girls then you are going to really wrong place.

They have unrealistic ideas of the life in the west and they have a strange attittude to men. You will see all of these when you visit those countries.

People who have done the misstake and bring these girls to west to live with them will realise after a while that they have done a big misstake.They realise too late that the most ugliest wetern girl is better than those blondies who will destroy their life later.

Let me know about your experience if you visit those states.

By the way:

Be very very careful so you dont go back home with HIV infection becuase the HIV in population is much higher than western coutries. Some reports says that the numbers are as high as some African coutries, and its growing like explosion and even European comunity is very concerned and try stop the epidemy who is growing very fast in eastern europe.

No body knows the real number of HIVs and althogh the official numbers are very high but estimated numbers of undetected HIVs are much much higher.

Good luck

Milky Boy
04-08-04, 16:20

HIV spread continues at an alarming pace in the Baltic States. The total number of HIV diagnoses in Latvia has risen five-fold since 1999. Just four years ago, Estonia reported 12 new HIV cases: in 2002, 899 people were newly diagnosed with the virus. Lithuania is on a similar path. There, the 72 new HIV cases detected in 2001 increased more than five-fold in 2002.


Milky Boy,

Please re-post this in the Safe Sex section of the Forum where it can be read by those Forum Members who are specifically looking for this information.



05-16-04, 19:27
Something has happened on Prepaid-scene. Radiolinja finally has own prepaid product and all operators are offering (with some restrictions) free calls between their cards (RL only between prepaid cards, Tele2 only if loaded from Internet and EMT only between POP-cards).

Now, even more than before, taking local prepaid to keep touch with locals is smart choise :)

10-13-04, 09:17
Still hard competion with prepaids.. Lots of boys seems to choose EMT's Simpel, even it is the most expensive one. On default Caller's id is disabled and sms messages cost double compared to competing products. Tele2 is known from bad coverage, so I would suggest going for Radiolinja's Zen.

10-21-04, 14:08
Lots of up to date Tallinn info can be found from city website
http://www.tallinn.ee/ (click English flag on right side)

and from In your pocket -website:

Very nice website of Estonia:

11-10-04, 15:31
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if Viagra or Cialis is available OTS in Tallinn ?

Thanks for the info.


12-13-04, 09:38
Mongers abroad may look for girls, but rarely go mongering on an empty stomach.

Before I post about mongering, a few comments about staying in Tallinn. I have just returned from a 4-day business trip there.

I stayed in a rented apartment in the Old Town. Very good value (€66 a night) for a very spacious, well-furnished flat in the heart of the city (very convenient also for receiving ladies without bothering about the receptionist). Visit www.redgroup.ee for more info, prices and pictures.

Food-wise, as a Frenchman, I did not miss the opportunity to visit a few restaurants. I have particularly liked two of them (they in fact share the same cook and kitchen, apparently) : Revalia and Old Estonia on the Rekoja square (Twon Hall). Sit by the bay window, look at the Xmas crowd and the old buildings, enjoy the good food and wine, and think of your mongering plans while gazing at the Baltic beauties walking by. These restaurantrs are just next to Molly Mallone's, the expats' pub where you can enjoy a few pints while watching football on Sky TV.

Gosh ! What a country ! I have rarely seen such a concentration of model-type girls...

12-26-04, 09:47
Confirm, apartment is a good solution. I also have quite many apartments to offer, price range from 50 to 100 euros per night, feel free to ask. Can also give up-to-date info on the scene while giving out the keys.

Bez Bezarra
12-28-04, 03:54
Nice lady holding her breasts

Dusty Bin
12-28-04, 18:55
What were the scars caused by?

Bez Bezarra
12-29-04, 04:24
Aw Dustbuster!

Dusty Bin
12-29-04, 11:29
That is sad. Sorry to read that.
I hope that she did enjoy her time with you, even if commercially.

Dusty Bin
05-07-05, 11:16
Sorry for the late reply, but I am sure that as the travel season is now upon us, this question is going to get asked over and over again! ;)
Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitran are not available OTC from pharmacies here. If you obtain a script then of course, but that requires seeing a doctor here (foreign scripts are not accepted) or knowing someone to get you a script. Getting a script from a contact in a hospital will cost as little as 6 Euro. Costs for the pills are the same as any other pharmacy in the world...

If you go to a brothel then you may be offered a pill of some kind for about 10 Euro. God knows what the stuff might be, but of course only any good if you are in a brothel environment. Better, I think, to order before you go, from a decent online pharmacy such as www.rx-mex.com (www.rx-mex-online.com) who deliver worldwide, or one of the other outlets recommended by other guys in the same position as us... (BTW, I recommend 'em coz I use 'em!)

Perry Mason #1
05-31-05, 07:30
Estonia has plenty of beautiful and available women who are more than willing to get naked with a foreigner for free.

I think it helps to let the local ladies think that you're in the process of relocating to the beautiful old town rather than just passing through. But then again who wouldn't want a "rich" boyfriend from the West. Perhaps you're in the middle of opening a new shop, taking an adjunct teaching post at Concordia university, or just a slick trust fund baby who fell in love with the city.

So before you drop the big bucks for a pro, try your hand at the local free market.

05-31-05, 20:15
Perry Mason,

I think that Kookie has been spinning you yarns and you need to listen to what Della Street would say! (only those of us over a certain age will understand this!)

But seriously, while it's been a couple of years since I was in Tallinn I'd have to say that I think you've got the wrong attitude. By all means, try and get lucky with the local talent (and boy, oh boy is the local talent impressive!), but don't kid yourself that they are all hanging around breathlessly waiting for some foreigner to come and rescue them. This is wishful thinking on the part of so many foreigners who come to central Europe - they seem to think that all they have to do is flash their cash and the girls will come running.

Think about this - I was chatting to a couple of very pretty young girls in Bar 8 (I think it's called) in Tallinn a couple of years ago and they were complaining they they were fed up that they couldn't go out for the evening without finding themselves having to speak English. Frankly, they were pissed off with being surrounded by foreign guys speaking English to them (including me!).

I suspect that, like girls everywhere, Estonian girls are open to the idea of being chatted up a a decent bloke who looks half respectable and treats them nicely. But he can be Estonian, just as easily as a foreigner, and, if anything, you have an uphill battle as a foreigner as while you may have the cash, you don't speak the language, you don't know the culture and you run the risk of appearing like a prat!

So don't pretend you're something you're not - be yourself and see how it goes! Who knows, you might find the woman of your dreams...!

Dusty Bin
06-01-05, 14:53
Digital is right. I live here and I have in the past suggested that one will do better if one can let it be known that one is not here just for a weekend. I still would, but, times have changed.

Tallinn is now full of guys on the hunt, spinning all sorts of stories and frankly, unless you can back up your claims, then it is not easy. Of course some, like Jake Sins, will strike lucky but, in most cases, it will take work and the chances of playing the 'great white god' game are reduced. So, if you don't mind wining and dining and waiting a day or two then you will do fine. I am happy to make that investment, I WILL be here next week. Also, don't forget, if you are going to offer up stories about old town apartments etc, then you have to live up to the game... Don't expect to make such claims and then baulk at buying the nice shoes from the Bally shop!

06-01-05, 16:55
Ah...the Bally shop, Dusty Bin!! I guess you must have a loyalty card there by now!

And I was hoping you'd weigh on this thread as I felt pretty sure you'd agree with my position. Reminds me of the old joke of the bloke sitting at the bar and trying to chat up the young blonde - "I'm not really this tall. I'm just sitting on my wallet"!!!

I do miss Tallinn, though.....

Dusty Bin
06-02-05, 12:03
I confess, I have not been past the place in an age. There is no real need to be dealing with the ones who 'need' such support and, frankly, as a local, I can't afford it. But there is a class of girls, as I think I have written about before, who are both prey and hunter of certain types of guy. It can be fun, but one has to be willing to make the investment i nboth time and money. Most girls are pretty good at divining the truth about a man with just a couple of well chosen questions. (or a look at his shoes!)

Jake Sins
06-05-05, 18:44
Dusty Bin and Digital are both spot on the money as regards people should not be thinking they are going to get a freebie in Tallinn or elsewhere in any Central or Eastern European Country just because they are a foreigner.

I have just come back from a visit to Tallinn last month. I had not regarded this trip to Tallinn as a mongering campaign and therefore I had not done any proper or meaningfull ground work or preparation for it. The objectives were some work and some time away from all the shit that had impacted in my life in the previous 6 months. A few days to recharge my batteries in a lovely city seeing some friends and having a good time.

For a first night which had started so badly with the Irina fiasco it had ended superbly well (See my report in the Tallinn section). I had not gone out to the Amigo on the hunt, or in the expectation or inclination that I would get laid. I am sure my body language conveyed this. In fact I think this probably worked to my advantage. When the opportunity arose with BW I realised I had to work and develop an angle which she would find different, interesting, and non threatening - so I played the concerned gentleman. She took me for a David Niven rather than the Terry Thomas who I really was !!!! The days when being a foreigner, rich or not, was enough to get the girls crawling over you are long gone. The situation has changed once and for all. It is now no different in Tallinn than in our respective home countries. You will need to do some work and put in some investment to get laid for free. That is if there is such a thing as a free lay ???? I will be the first to admit I was lucky in this opportunity presenting itself, but there again I did have to judge, develop and work the situation to bring it to a successful conclusion. I am certain the fact I was a foreigner played no part in me geting a freebie. The facts are:

a. I am not a one time visitor to the city/country - this was my 5th visit in total in just over a year - work, vacation and mongering.

b. she soon became aware and could see I was not a weekend warrior trying to bullshit my way in getting as much sex as I could in the time frame

c. I do have some knowledge of the city/country its people and its history - previous research and preperation

d. she could see I was was not desperate to get laid and I was not therefore sniffing and chasing everything in Amigo who was female and had a pulse !!!

e. and most importantly I treated the woman with respect - I was not aggresive, rude or drunk - well actually I was a little of the later, but not so much that it became evident !

My realistic expection was only to get her phone number in order to meet up with her at some future date. Perhaps a few days later or on a subsequent visit. But I am not one to 'look a gift horse in the mouth' when an opportunity presents itself.

01-22-07, 07:48
There is an forum http://www.foorum69.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=93 where they comment girls in English as well but if you are looking for contacts only then there is pleanty of them in Estonian as well.

05-12-10, 18:19
Estonia Is set to join the €urozone In 2011, no doubt prices will be rounded up and not down. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/eu-recommends-estonia-eurozone-entry-on-jan-12011-afp-c3154b2868d8.html