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05-16-02, 04:42
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05-16-02, 10:35
There is lots of good info in the Old Forum about WG's and amateurs in Tallinn.

Check there first!!

05-18-02, 13:20
Name: E-Luks
Address: Humala 4
Phone: 051-989862
Price: 400 EEK / hour

Name: Rock and roll girls
Address: Tuuleveski 34
Phone: 055-991417
Price: 400 EEK / hour

Name: White House
Address: Paljassaare 43
Phone: 0-6395357
Price: 400 EEK / hour

Address: Sikupilli 17
Price: 400 EEK / hour


** BROTHELS the centre on Tallinn **

Address: Maakri 30 (apartment number 3)
Open: klo 10-22
Phone: 053-966442, 055-950306
Price: 250 EEK / half hour, 400 EEK / hour
(near Hotel Radisson SAS. Brothel works in old wooden apartment building)

Address: Lembitu 14 (apartment number 33)
Open: klo 10-22
Phone: 0-6480277
Price: 480 EEK / hour
(near Hotel Olympia. Brothel works in apartment building, just ring door bell apartment number 33)

Address: Narva mnt 16 (apartment number 2)
Open: klo 9-22
Phone: 0-6485981
Price: 300 EEK / hour
(Brothel works in apartment building, you have to call phone number to get inside)

Address: Narva mnt 2
Phone: 051-83987, 0-6601163
Price: 350 EEK / half hour, 500 EEK / hour
(Brothel works in apartment building, you have to call phone number to get inside)

Address: Narva mnt 26
Phone: 051-968741
Price: 400 EEK / hour

Address: Väike-Ameerika 7
Phone: 055-19586
Price: 400 EEK / hour (+200 EEK extra anal sex)
(Brothel works in apartment building, you have to call phone number to get inside)

You can also order girl in to your hotel room. It cost's 300 EEK / hour! (2 hours cost 500 EEK, 5 hours cost 1000 EEK)

Here you can find advertisements:

Brothels advertisements:


Brothels advertise in "Soov" paper! You can buy it from kiosk!!!!!!!


Best TAXI COMPANY in Tallinn is Silver takso
Phone: 6482 300, 6482 383



Estonia bank home page


1 EUR = 15,635 EEK

1 EUR = 15,635 EEK

05-18-02, 16:32
I will be in Tallinn for the month of July. Any ideas concerning apartment rentals? Thanks.

05-18-02, 18:26
if you want buy low price videos or DVD:s

Amor Erootikakauplus
Address: Väike-Ameerika 11, Tallinn
Phone +3726481575

Eros Video
Address: Kopli 4, Tallinn
Phone +3726440224

Erotica Center
Address: Vana-Viru 14, Tallinn
Phone +3726314188

Address: Kunderi 40, Tallinn
Phone +3726009403

Minu Rocco
Address: Kaupmehe 2, Tallinn
Phone +3726481575

Mustamäe Erootikakeskus
Address: Sõpruse pst 222, Tallinn
Phone +3726544262

Sex Box
Address: Kaupmehe 2, Tallinn
Phone +3726604098

Sexyland Shop
Address: Gonsiori 3, Tallinn
Phone +3726601283

05-18-02, 18:33
Strip club's in Tallinn:

Börsi Baar
Address: Lai 7

Address: Sakala 12

Erotica Center
Address: Vana-Viru 14

From Dusk Till Dawn
Address: Endla 15

Lasso Baar
Address: Mere pst. 6 A

Le Galaxy
Address: Müürivahe 23 A

Address: Tatari 1 A

Address: Väike-Karja 1

Mr Robinson
Address: Aia 10

Address: Kaubamaja 3

Valge Lõvi
Address: Lai 8

Address: Harju 6

05-18-02, 18:45
low price hotel rooms:

TKTK Üliõpilas hotel
Address: Nõmme tee 47
Phone: +3726552679
Price: 300 EEK (2 person room)
(very good place to order girl in your hotel room)

Dorell hotel
Áddress: Karu 39
Phone: +3726261200, +3726623580
Price: 500 EEK

05-18-02, 21:00
In Helsinki there is no visible street action. It is against local codes and is enforced. If you go out to Vantaa (Tikkurila) apparently there is some near the railway station and by the Antilla store. I figure that it is too bloody cold, I've never seen anything!

In Tallinn there is not supposed to be any but I met a girl outside Hessburger by the Viru, she was hanging around. In the old town there is a little bit going on, mainly in the summer. In the evening look on the roads going though from the port area to Narva Mnt, drivers come through here and there are often a few girls wandering around, they are not obvious, I only realised what was going on when I was walking around and kept seeing the same girls on the beat. There are often girls looking a little lonely during the day, near MacDonald's. I have been approached outside Hollywood in the Old Town.

You can usually find someone to join you if you are taking a coffee or beer in the old square in the summer.

Most action is in the clubs and bars.

Dusty Bin
05-19-02, 12:50
You can rent apartments through http://erel.ee they have places in or near the old town from 750Eek per night with discounts for longer periods. The places I have stayed in range from basic to very nice c/w sauna etc.

Old house bed and breakfast has some.

Check www.inyourpocket.com for more leads.

If you are staying for a month it may be worth asking local contacts for guidance, are you going for work, in which case there will be sombeody who knows a place... or pleasure in which case you may well have to pay the kind of money I noted above.

Prices are lower outside the old town or city centre but harder to find. Most tourists value the central location very highly. I was looking at quite nice places in decent areas for about $150 per month, although on a six month contract.

05-19-02, 14:11
Dusty, that site lists apartments at a monthly rate of about $700, which is the cheapest on site. Is it possible to find a cheaper monthly rate in Tallinn for a flat in the center?

05-19-02, 21:13
Are there any dominas in tallin?Please help me with this

Dusty Bin
05-19-02, 22:26
Erel have cheaper places not listed. They are as they told me 'not so beautiful'. The one I stayed in that was 'not so beautiful' was on Muurivahe (sp?) and was perfectly ok, clean and large but basic. It was also within 20 paces from Galaxy, itself a plus factor in my opinion. The problem is that tourists pay these prices because they are MUCH cheaper than a hotel and the length of stay that you propose is too short for a normal apartment rental... That is why if you have local contacts they may be of better help.

I can not help you here, I now live with my 'local contact' ;-)

05-20-02, 00:01
Dusty, is Tallin like Riga, I have never been to Tallin but I have spent some time in Riga as well as Vilnius, are the cites comparable in any way. From what I understand, Tallin is a more beautiful city with much more to do, and the girls are incredable as well.

Dusty Bin
05-20-02, 06:12
I have not yet been to Riga. Friends who have been tell me the place is also lovely, similar old toen, perhaps led highly restored. Apparently less P4P but still enough.

05-23-02, 12:13

There are a couple of domina's here in Tallinn that I am aware of. I haven't though tried either one so you are on your own as far as that goes. One can be contacted by email at <octobergirl@hot.ee>, she offers SM and BDSM.

The other one is located at Liivimäe 2 - 40 and is called Lady Theresa SM Service, tel 6 459 567, 6 620 300 or GSM 055 983 688.

How about posting a report for the rest of us when you try them!

05-23-02, 12:23
Here is another one of previous reports on the WG's of Tallinn. This was posted to the Old Forum just be it was archived. Thought that it would serve others with a copy here so that you don't have to go to the Old Forum.

Thought that I'd give my review of a couple of establishments. First one is located at Makri 30-3, tel. GSM 053 966 442 and 055 950 306. To find Makri street go outside the main entrance to the SAS Radisson Hotel which is in the center of the city. As soon as you step outside the front door turn right follow the building, go past the casino and the bar at the end of the building. Directly ahead of you will be a short,narrow street. This is Makri street. The 3rd or 4th building on the right is number 30. It is a normal old wooden apartment building. Go around to the back of the building, it's only 3 stories, go thru the door and up the stairs to the second floor. Knock on the door of apartment 3. Now you're in, to just a normal everyday Estonian apartment. Ask for a girl by the name of Viktoria. She's about 170 cms and 53 kgs, nice firm jugs and clean shaven. She's about a 6 or 7. She likes french kissing and is very oral and likes to ride on top. Don't know, but don't think that she'll do anal. She uses a condom for everything. She's 20 and a student at a local university. She doesn't watch the clock much, OK a little bit but she is quite enthusiastic and for 300 EEK per hour you can get your nut as many times as you want. She speaks good English and enjoys her time with you. There are generally 3 girls on per shift. Viktoria works every night after 17.00 until closing which is at 23.00. She also works every Saturday and Sunday. She is the only one that I've been with. Have met the other girls and they seem friendly enough.

There is another place located at Narva Mnt. 16-2. Tel- 6485 981 Used to be several nice providers here. They have since moved on. Went in to check out the girls last week. One about 40 years old and a sold 3, and the other one a solid 4 and 30 years old and about 75 kgs. Said no thanks and left.

Most of the local brothels, used by the locals are found in ordinary apartments. Nothing plush in any of them, but they are clean, secure and safe. You'll never see any security in them, although the madams tell me that they can be summoned within a few minutes. They are all discrete as you rarely will see any other clients there as well. They will direct traffic amongst the clients so that you won't see or be seen by another client. You will be able to shower both before and after the main event if you want. The girls are generally Russian and range from age 18 - 45, and from a solid 3 (see above), to 8's with a rare 9. Most of the 8, 9 and 10's hang out in the nightclubs and freelance out of them. There are always young girls 18 - 20 that are only working a day or two a week or for a few months to get some bills paid off. They aren't in the business for long, so you can have more of a GFE with them. Many of the best "girls" are 25+ and are not the stunning lookers, but will give you the time of your life. It is a business for them and they are catching on that satisfied customers are repeat customers. If you want a good satisfying time the local brothels are the place to go.

There are other brothels in town, Morgan Club, Lily, Infant, Tuukri and Hotel Max among others. Most of them cater more to the tourist trade, which is mostly Finnish. They'll charge 1000 EEK per hour, and the girls will generally be a little better looking than the local brothels. However, the girls will most assuredly be pressuring you to buy them a drink and will be watching the clock. Also many of them only give you one pop even though you've paid for an hour. Never have met an enthusiastic provider in any of them and have been to them all. Most of the girls there are very mechanical and are almost watching their watches over your shoulders - BORING!! One way though to save money, is to go to these brothels on your own. That means without a taxi taking you there. Lily is close to the Palace Hotel, just on the edge of Old Town for instance. If you get there by yourself, you can always go with a girl for 600 EEK per hour. I read where another poster said that the taxi driver would graciously wait for you for the hour and then take you back to where you were. Gracious, my ass! The brothel gives them a 400 EEK finders fee for bringing you in. If they can take you to several places they can make far more with the kickback fees than they can in fares. Tell the barkeep that you came on your own and ask what the rate is. All of the barmen and most of the girls are Russian. The barmen and some of the girls will speak passable English.

05-23-02, 12:33
One thing that I should have mentioned in the previous report was that MOST of the local brothels, found in ordinary apartment buildings (see previous report) have a menu that you can choose from. You can have a girl for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes etc. Also during those time frames you can have a massage (handjob), or massage + minuet (BJ), or massage + minuet + sex. Of course the massage (handjob) is cheaper than the massage + minuet which is cheaper than the massage + minuet + sex. Your choice as to what you want. The girls split the money 50 / 50 with the house.

I generally pay for a massage + minuet for an hour which costs generally around 300 EEK, the massage + minuet + sex for one hour is generally around 400 EEK. Then when I get into the room I give the girl 100 EEK which makes the hour cost me 400 EEK, but the girl is much happier because she doesn't have the split the last 100 EEK with the house. It puts a big smile on their face and gets me a nicer time. Most of the girls know me well, as I'm a regular so I get a nice time anyway.

If you happen to choose a girl that isn't with the program, cold standoffish etc. and you discover this within the first 10 minutes, do this. Just stop and tell the girl to go get the madam. The madam will either give you back your money or give you your second choice girl. You must do this in the first 5 or 10 minutes though!

Many of the girls can give a good classic massage, so if you want you can enjoy that along with you other activites. The massages here are much better than the massage parlors in the US.

In my opinion you are NOT really expected to leave any tip at one of the local houses over and above the menu price. But of course it is nice if you have a good time and will get you a warmer welcome when you return! DO NOT though, tip more than 100 EEK, as all you do is teach the girls (particularly the young ones that are just starting out or are working part time) that their ass is golden. The end result, IMHO is that you ruin the girls and their work ethic. They become more and more like American woman and expect something for nothing!

I am NOT advocating keeping the working girls down, but be realistic with the tips. The average salary in Estonia is about $330.00 USD per month, about 5600 EEK (17.00 EEK = $1.00 USD). The average Estonian secretary makes about 250 EEK per working day. Yeah, maybe a girl working on her back is worth more than a secretary -- that ought to touch off a good debate! But lets not price ourselves (us foreigners) out of the market. I assure you that the local population doesn't tip at all!! Think about it.

About the local girls. Many of girls in Tallinn are available for nice times, although they may not have sex with you immediately. In the summer, the Old Town is full of Finnish tourists -- so I'm not convinced that Old Town is a great place for the uninitiated to pick up local girls. However, the park next to Viru Hotel is generally full of locals. Have a seat on one of the many benches, make eye contact, smile and if returned start a conversation. You could also go to one of the many nightclubs and try your luck there. Another good place to meet local girls are in the Internet cafes. With summer coming on, many of them won't have access to a computer as school will be out. They'll go to the internet cafes, where you can strike a conversation with them. Turn on the charm and see what happens!

The schools teach English here and the students are required to take it. Most of the young people want to practice their English and the young girls like to try and impress foreigners with their command of the English language. Don't major that you are an American, it takes some smooth flattering talk after all to bed any woman. Just be normal, kind, nice pay attention to them, ask them about what they like. Take them to dinner etc, etc, etc. and you will probably score. Be a gentleman!!

Housing is very tight in Estonia. As a consequence most young people live with their parents until they get married. You must have a place to take the girl back to, as obviously she isn't going to take you home to the family and screw. You won't have any problems with the hotels taking someone to your room. There are NO burly security men guarding the elevators like there are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It would be helpful if you take a local girl flowers if you meet her later -- that is a big custom here and I like it! Also small inexpensive gifts go a long ways towards getting her to say yes to your advances. Enjoy the country and the girls even if you don't get laid immediately -- ENJOY LIFE GUYS!!!

05-25-02, 12:28
low price hostel:

Mahtra Hostel

Address: Mahtra 44
Phone: + 3726218828, + 3726345433
Price: single room 240 EEK, double room 300 EEK


World Traveller
06-03-02, 00:57
I am going to Tallinn this summer, is there any good places/suggestions on meeting local non-pro girls for some good times?

Dusty Bin
06-04-02, 17:01
Just got back from Tallinn, again.
Just go to Cafe Amigo in the Hotel Viru. A wide range of women, young to old, good looking and not so. Chat to what you like and have a good time. This fat 40 year old just scored with a really attractive girl. Thought she might be on the game, she was not, or at least not for me...

Treat them like ordinary women be nice and fun WILL follow. I promise.

I bumped into a couple of groups of English guys who just could not beleive what they were seeing, they were having a great time shagging FIniish and Estonian birds.

06-04-02, 21:43

What happened to the local girlfriend you were living with last month?

I assume if you were checking if the girls in the bar were on the game you are back in the hunt.

Dusty Bin
06-05-02, 11:41

When I am in Tallinn I stay with her, I'm not there all the time.

I had a night off!

She was working the other night and she does not like me to stay with her when she has work the next day. She works long hours and does not like to be tired!

I just decided to stay on a bit longer and hook up with a friend for a beer. I am glad I did.

OTOH I felt a bit guilty so maybe I'll be a good boy in future...

06-10-02, 04:40
Is Talinn easy to get to from Helsinki. They lookl close on the map and I'm spending some time in Helsinki? Also are there any SW in Tallin?

06-10-02, 07:50
So easy. there's a ferry that'll take you there. If I remember correctly, it runs at least a couple times a day, fast, cheap and nice.

Dusty Bin
06-10-02, 09:32
There are loads of ferries. In the summer the fastest takes just an hour; look for Linda Line. Cost can be as little as 30Euro round trip, the one hour ferry may be a little more expensive.

For a cheap overnighter, book a hotel package. You will be able to book a decent hotel in the centre, with ferry, transport and breakfast for about 80-115 Euros

I gave some information on SW in a previous post. I would not bother with them unless you have a fetish for them! Go to a club like Cafe Amigo, Bonny and Clyde, Terrarium or Hollywood. Be nice and score a freebie!

06-11-02, 15:25
Tallinn city best night clubs:

Address: Ahrti 10

Address: Vana-Posti 8

06-22-02, 09:35
Good brothel (new address)

Name: Club
Address: Lembitu 8 (near Olympia-hotel)
Phone: 051-914964, 0-6411160
Price: 600 EEK / hour

Web page: http://hot.ee/club12/

07-01-02, 15:04
I will be staying in Tallinn mid week during July with my girlfriend. She is keen for us to get together up with another girl (her first time..). Can anyone recommend the best potential clubs for this - B&C/Amigo!? Also how open are the 'strip clubs' to couples going in together? Again, any recomendations...

Thanks, and of course I'll feedback how we get on!

07-03-02, 23:18

You didn't mention how old you or your girlfriend is, which is somewhat important so that you will "fit in" to the club that you go to. Bonnie and Clyde is for an older crowd 35+, and Amigo is filled with mostly older drunken Finns, again 35+, as they get in free when they are staying at Viru Hotel. Amigo is located in the basement of Viru Hotel.

If you are younger, 20 - 30 and your girlfriend is quite attractive you could try Venus Club (Vana Viru 14, on the outskirts of Old Town), Hollywood Club (Vana Posti 8 , in the center of Old Town co-located with Cinema Sõprus), Decolte (Ahtri 10) or Terrarium Club (near the harbor).

Most Estonians women are not really very keen on making it with another woman, but they may be quite intrigued with the thought of a threesome, don't know for sure! Hope springs eternal though!

All of the strip clubs welcome couples and at Galaxy they are as liable to dance on her lap as they are on your lap.

08-04-02, 01:11

I was in Tallin about six nights in the second week of July. I spent two nights there last summer. I strongly agree with your impression of this town. I couldn't wait to leave last year - and this year I deliberately booked six nights before arriving to give it a fair chance. I was going to post something similar to what you said, but I've never seen anybody post impressions like ours - so I thought I had a problem and just wasn't getting this town. Glad to know I'm not alone.
I came from two and a half weeks in St. Petersburg to Tallin - and IMHO - it was a night and day experience. As a package, I think the women of Tallin rank near the bottom for Eastern European women (I've travelled to most of E. Europe in the last two years). Sure, the Nordic ice princesses can be super hot, but what about warmth, sweetness, etc. - words that a lot of guys use to describe the attraction of E. European women. I had pro and non-pro experiences in Russia, and the Russian women were great! I can't wait to go back. I haven't travelled to the other Nordic countries, but if this is the typical Nordic atmosphere, I am not in a hurry to visit these countries. And I have no interest in returning to Tallin.

08-04-02, 19:50
don't tell me that this is so, I was and still
am intending to visit Tallin in a couple of
weeks time, surely it is not all doom and
gloom, there must be good time to be
had somewhere here?

08-05-02, 16:26
Guys. I must respectfully disagree with you on the quality of the women in Tallin and the good times to be had. In short, we all sometimes perceive the same things quite differently. I had a WONDERFUL time!!! The women are knock outs. Nuff said. Getting laid is easy for many who travel there. Its even easier for those willing to spend $15-20 (1 hr f&s), the cheapest in Europe, bar none. I agree that the people are cold, but don't take this personal bcuz its cultural. I don't think I'd smile either if I were invaded by the Russians for decades and worked for less than $8 per day. Remember, that their reality is hell compared to ours. They are very friendly if you engage them and usually very interested in westerners. I have traveled to virtually every country in Europe but tip my hat to the beauties in the Baltics, naively prancing around in their see through blouses, and mini mini skirts. They exhibit all forms of natural beauty from their eyes, to long legs, pretty faces, petite bodies to just sheer innocence. In addition, the prices are dirt cheap also. I admit that there are downsides also. But all I can say is that I can't wait to go back. I'm getting a rush just thinking about it. I do however respect your opinions and perhaps its not for everyone.

08-05-02, 19:38
So I get the message about the not so
happy people of Tallin, but is it possible
to get laid, paid or unpaid? That and
some places to go for a beer would be
useful information, I mean it if it doesn't
work out I can always leave!!

08-06-02, 00:13

My intention was not to bum anybody out on Tallin. I'm sure you can get laid for pay in the brothels and maybe out of Amigo and B&C (even free if you want to work). I think guys like Freeler and me are just tuned into a more friendly atmosphere of a place. I relate to his comments of " I got tired of them real fast" and " the total absence of joy got to me in six hours and even wiped the smile off of my face". So I admit I have an attitude on the place that I just had a hard time shaking. The culture was not for me. I had a printout of the brothels that were posted back in May from this site, but I just didn't seem to give a damn in a short while.
I admit that sweetness and warmth in a woman is a major turn on for me - so I've found a lot of satisfaction in the Slavic world. (Czech girls from outside of Prague - even if they've lived in Prague for a few years but grew up in the small cities can be simply amazing.)
The situation that I am happy to have as my final memory of Tallin happened at B&C the night before I left. I approached a 6-7 girl sitting with her girlfriend. I smiled and asked her name (nothing fancy of course). She pulled her head back and looked at me as if I had just asked her if she had ever fucked her father. Then in a most unfriendly manner said "Why!" I just turned and walked. Fuck this town I thought to myself. I couldn't wait to get on the bus the next day. (I'm not a fat bastard or anything like that. I'm tall, reasonably handsome, full head of hair, work out three times a week, don't dress like a dork, have good grooming habits, educated, etc. - I just say this to be clear that I have success with a fair number of women.)
So, Patrick, good luck! I admit I had a shitty attitude that clouded over my experiences. But I know there have been plenty of posts from the past from guys that loved the town and had good success and fun. Take care!

08-06-02, 10:12
Everybody ..

I find interesting this difference in opinions. I can understand the reasons of those who complain about the sadness of this place, but as far as I'm concerned, in 1986 Hungary was not the happiest place on earth, but I really had a lot fun over there (also because at that time, in Eastern Europe paid sex was not the rule ... girls were much more innocent and easy to be made for just a small gift .. tears of nostalgy ..).

Well, back to Tallin, I'm kindly asking to those who are Estonia enthusiast to give us --who never went there-- reports and details on how they could make a successful contact with these beautiful and apparently frozen girls.
I think that would be useful to all of us.

Thanks for your contributions!

08-06-02, 11:33
I was in Tallinn 2 years ago and found the people there (including the women) to be open and friendly. The only suggestion I have is before you go up to a woman you must have her permission. Guys think it is up to us whom approaches whom but in reality it is up to the woman. If a guy doesn't get the "look" and he approaches a woman, he'd better look like Brad Pitt!

08-06-02, 15:39
Dudes, it appears that we have generated quite a bit of discussion regarding our differing views of Tallin. Jak I totally respect the way you have justified your view of Tallin and the same for Freeler.

I usually provoke conversation, with a friendly smile, and politely ask if they speak English, then ask if they know where's the nearest ATM or, newsstand, etc. Admittedly this is simple and some may say even superficial, but think about it. If a girl won't even answer a simple question like that what are the chances that she'll be receptive to a stronger come on. In other words, its just for conversation.

Anyway, in Tallin I asked a knock waitress for directions, while dining. I had a map, tour guide and wanted to go somewhere lively. I asked her did she know of this certain place (can't recall it at the moment). She sighed, then hesitated for a moment and then replied, "tell you what, I'll be off around 6 and I'll take you there if you like". I was shocked beyond belief. I then said what time shall I return. She said "give me to about 6:45 to fix up, bcuz I want to look nice for you." She was not some professional or anything like that but the friendly girl next-door type (an 8.5-9). She took me all over the place. We hung out for days. Although we made out we didn't have sex. I really didn't want to take advantage of her (honestly). She was marriage material for many, maybe even me, but I'm not at that stage.

After I left her, I went to a brothel and got laid by a petite, blond 19 year old for about $15 bucks. We cuddled, chatted, listen to some cds, and then went at it again. I told her I would return the next day.

Girl 3. During the same period, I had been to a certain Internet cafe. By my second visit, the girl who worked there was smiling at me when I walked in. I was dressed really sharp to go out and wearing a truly woman-getter cologne. She then said, hi, you left your pen when you were here before. I was taken, bcuz she barely looked at me b4. She then began making conversation like where was I from., blah, blah, blah. She began pouring me free drinks and we talked for hours. We decided to go to the movies the next day, despite the fact that she had a boyfriend. She was about an 8.5 -9. Tall blond, thin, beautiful eyes and an innocent smile. Anyway, I invited her back to my HOSTEL (8-12 bucks/room). I rented her a separate room. We had sex in the communal shower on the hall floor when everyone was asleep, then against the walls of the dark hall ways headed back to our rooms and then several more times during the night. I had her meet me at my hostel for the next couple of days.

Girl 4. I was walking around after leaving Mr. Robinson's (completely drunk) at about 3 am. Bumped into a Russian girl sexy as hell!!!! and seemed drunk also. I tried to talk but she spoke little English a just giggled and kept speaking in Russian. I rubbed her cheeks and started to tongue her. We began making out. We'd walk a bit and make out some more until we stepped into an alley. I unbuttoned her blouse and sucked her breasts. We exchanged orals but no penetration (no condoms). I then walked her home. We exchanged numbers but I never saw her again.

The next day I went back to the brothel, had beers and good sex. Then I had to catch a bus to Riga to eventually get back to the real world. I left almost in tears bcuz I wanted to have some more fun and was expected get to together for a movie with the waitress and of course buff girl #2 .

08-06-02, 19:34
Thanks for all the information guys, I
am not so sure if it is a good idea or
not to go...but I had decided to, and
still will. So if I have anything to report
of any interest on my return, then I will.
Thanks again.

08-06-02, 21:40

I've got the opinion that Tallin seems like a place you have to make feeling contact with, and probaly it is just a little more difficult than other places (for many reasons in Thailand it would be much easier).

In Mexico they say "agarra la onda", meaning that wherever you are you should try to sincronize yourself with the local general mood, as you cannot expect vice versa.

Probably just one day or two are not enough, and studying the situation a little more than usually before starting action could be a good strategy in this case (understanding is often very helpful).

I'm going to Helsinki, and if I'll take a trip to Tallin I'll tell you my experience.

Thanks you all kids.

Dusty Bin
09-14-02, 13:58
Still love Tallinn...

My new favourite hotel is the 'Reval Express'. It is situated by the port so that you can there within 5 minutes from either the Lindaline Terminal or the main terminals.
Cost is just $60 per night. Unlike all other hotels that I have used there, you rent the whole room. You can specify double or single beds.

The place is modern and clean, if a little characterless.

It is very girl friendly as long as you are discreet. The other week, I was sitting with a friend outside, enjoying a beer, watching a procession of young lovlies, going in and out, singly and in pairs and all working...

After about 23:00 if you take a girl back, you will probably have to register her, there is no charge for this, she can stay for breakfast, if you want. Just make sure that she is carrying her passport! I lke this as it tends to ensure honesty.

BTW, I made some calls, the local places charge between 500 and 750 Eek for an hour to deliver a girl to your room at the hotel. Not tried any yet, not needed to.

09-17-02, 17:44
Hi Chaps I am new to the forum but have read the Mixed reports for a while.I am planning a sex trip to Tallin in October and need to know up to date info on where to find the pretty friendly local girl action..Are there any Irish pubs? Or is it all nightclubs/Massage etc...Will use them if necassary..Also might take the train to Riga to check it out!!!
Keep up the good work gentlemen..BP

Dusty Bin
09-17-02, 20:52
yes there is an Irish Pub, Molly Malones, just off the Raikoja (sp) Square in the old town. OK place. some good looking women go there. It's mainly a tourist and expat hangout. The women are looking (often) to hook up with guys from overseas, or they already work with those guys.

If you want to hook up with a civilian, then she will need to think that you will be there for a while and/or coming back soon. It's a good reason to rent an apartment. It also saves the walk of shame for the girl.

09-18-02, 07:32
Thanks dusty_bin is it possible to book these apartments on arrival ?(I am only staying in the Baltics for 4 nights.)
Is there a tourist info office/contact No. who can SPK english,in the city that will sort it for me..?
I have been to Vilnius, a couple of times I hope Tallin is livelier.I have read the mixed reports over the months and want to try it for myself..
I am researching this time with a view to returning at Xmas...for longer cheaper appartment based holiday..Is it lively here at Xmas? or does the city close down..
Also wanna see Riga if its easy to get a train from tallin...!


Dusty Bin
09-18-02, 16:37
Go to www.inyourpocket.com and look in the where to stay section. You will need to book apartments in advance. I have booked with just a day notice, but if they have to put on heating etc then you want to give them some time.

Never stayed over Christmas, but if I were a working girl, I'd wanna be with family...

Many folk probably speak English as well as you do.

Train or bus, no problem, bus may be easier.

09-18-02, 18:56
Thanks for the usefull info.I will post a report on my return, on my findings while I am out there.

09-21-02, 23:26
I have been last weekend in Tallinn, the old town is very nice. I stayed at the Rottermannii Viikinig Hotel, about 57€ and it seemed to be the cheapest to book via internet. The first dissapointment was, that the taxi driver took 175 eek from the airport there (price according internet homepage 75 eek). Avoid Tulika Taksi ! When I was looking with this taxi company for a "house of girls" the driver brought me to a private place which was not clean, the girls seemed to be drug addictives. When I refused he told me that better brothels are "a little bit outside" . he went to Piriti and the Club102 on the other side of the town, which was not bad, the girls cost 1000 eek /one hour (but 200 is for the taxi). At least the taxi cost me 660 eek !!!!! The service there was quite OK and the girls average.
In the last night I had the best idea: I went by myself on foot to diana´s escort service (Lembitu 14-33) near Reval Olümpia Hotel, there is only the number, no name on the ring ! I heared a "da,da" (russian: yes) after ringing the bell and the door unlocked, I went up to the 4th floor when a blond girl opened very friendly and gave me a joice of 4 girls, I took Diana , she offered me 30 min of finest oil massage, relaxing music and then I had turn on my backside and she started bj and a very fine fuck, all to gether a real full hour of finest service for only 500 eek (cheaper than the taxi before !!!)
Diana has a second salon: Liivamae 2-40 (phone 645 9567, the she-boss is Karina)
so be careful with taxis !

Dusty Bin
09-22-02, 13:50
I am off to Tallinn this weekend. We have a two bedroom apartment with Jacuzzi and sauna for 70Euro per night. Can't beat it! Collected from the ferry terminal and taken back when we leave. So its $70 for the weekend each!

For taxis, avoid Tulikka Taxi like the plague. Usually nice cars but hugely expensive. 660Eek, I assume that he waited whilst you chucked your muck, is really pushing it. He will have had about 400EEK as commission already! Taxi to Pirita should cost less than 100.

If you really want to save money, then get a local Phone card for your mobile. they cost just 150EEK and it means that you can call taxis to you. This is always cheaper, even with Tulikka. I would suggest that you use Viking taxis. The dispatcher can speak English and the guys have not yet ripped me off...
They charge just 4.5Eek per kilometer, some charge 11 or even more.

09-30-02, 16:20
Hi guys!

There is lots of good information about Tallinn and I would like to say it's one of the best places to spend nice time in this part of the world.

I am Finnish guy who has spend quite much time here in Tallinn in the past and now I am living here permanently. I have been organizing tours for small Finnish groups and helped them to find what there are looking for.

If someone is interested in having a guide or being part of our group I would be more than happy to help. The thing I can offer is knowledge of local places, habbits, languages and ways to avoid rip offs.

If you are interested or just want to know more about life here, you can always send email to maximus@sihteeriopisto.net.

10-03-02, 02:28
first time in this forum... i have travelled a bit around the world, not for sex but with sex. I found this site interesting because free.

So, I have just spent 3 months in Tallinn.

general infos... It is a nice town well preserved from the 12- 15 century. Not much tourist activities.. The old town is the main attraction for tourists, the rest remains quite soviet union style unless the pirita beach at the summer time.

Even though it is quite poor (average salary about 300 box a month), the finnish tourists ( 80 km) from there make a huge speculation especially in hotel rooms. They come for prostitution and shopping.

There is 2 very different population in Tallinn.. russians and estonians. 50=50. the russians are very easy to meet, less educated ( cannot go to university in there language), the estonians go out less frequently. That s not the same game to meet up these people. Russians, you can go quite straitht in a sexual way but it is after 2 or 3 meetings that you have sex. Same timing for estonians but, according the level of education, the approach needs to have a bit more subtility... So, it is very easy to have a pretty girl (and there are many beautiful), they only want to live at your foreigner standard for the duration of your stay. If you spend only a week-end, I guess it is a bad destination.

The best places to meet up girls is clearly the Venus club (almost especially done for meetings foreigners and girls). After will come the Robinson, just next, for russians girls, they can be pretty but never with a good level of education. The idea of the club is young russians who wan to meet older guys Russians with money... foreigners welcome for that here. For trying a one night stand, that is the best place.

After, this is the Hollywood, especially on Wednesday, if you are young and quite good looking. If you are about 40 and more, the cafe Amigo is the best.

About prostitution, you have few in every clubs, they are not obvious, there are girls who are dancing sexy by 2 (very sexy). Count between 500 to 1000 kr.

Outside this, the prostitution could be in 2 others way

- Houses, 1 hour 1000kr for foreigners, quality is not good according all the people I have met. I used one time... no more than ok. all the taxis bring you there. The taxi could be costly, especially if you do not like the first places... (around 200 to 600kr).

Striptease club. the private dancing is around 300 Kr, with some girls , you can have more with a tip. I have been in 5 or 6. the best is the lasso bar ( the only one where the girls are naked when dancing) and the one in Lai street. very good girl, one of them become a real friend.

In resume, it is a good country for girls if you spend some times and you are not old and ugly (eveb though you can find...). Last word, renting a flat is much better and often cheaper than hotel. I had one of the best flat available in this town (sauna...) for 12000 a month. It helps also for girls...

Basic prices

1 dollar 16 kroon

malboro 20 kr!!!!

restaurant from 80 to 500 kr

discos from 50 to 120 kr

hotel from 35 to 100 dollar ( the best cheap is named Hostel. accepting girls, nice staff, good location...)

Have a good trip

10-11-02, 22:28

You would not by any chance have the tel# or website of the apartment where you are staying, am visiting in Nov, and would prefer that rather than a hotel


Dusty Bin
10-12-02, 00:52
You can find the apartment that I stayed at through this website:

I will probably be back again in a weeks time!

11-09-02, 22:48
I'm heading to Tallinn soon and looking forward to renewing some old acquaintances (!). But always on the lookout for something new and interesting. So........ anyone got any suggestions for where to find a young lady (max, late twenties) who is slim (or even skinny), fully shaven and up for BBBJ and anal, and photo sessions. Yeah, I know I don't want much, but if you don't ask you don't get!

And what is the view of the board on the Soho club - do the girls there do tricks?

Dusty Bin
11-26-02, 17:27
Never been to the Soho Club.

The girls in the strip clubs I have been to are not generally on the game. Except 'Galaxy'. They offer escort but emphasise that it is 'companionship only' I am not too sure whether they mean it but I get the impression they do. Anyway, I am not going to pay their prices to find out how much extra the girl wants to shag me!

OTOH I have in the past had some success by just taking the girl for a 'private dance' and asking her afterwards for a date. The girls who are dancers usually consider themselves a cut above the working girls but when I have had dates, whilst money may not change hands, 'shopping' the day after is a normal part of the event. Cost, if any...? well that's really up to you and her!

11-27-02, 20:19
if you visit tallinn try narva mnt 26. go into the garden back the house, ring the bell and wait. first day i met irene, very nice girl. only 400 eek for 1 hour. next day i returned and met another good girl, olga, she was really good. most girls didn´t speek english, but these two did.

11-29-02, 18:55
have had some success with phoning numbers from the newspaper and finding numbers from soov.ee

basically, when i ask then if they speak english, they either hang up and are very helpful.

have tried two from these two numbers:
alucita (24hrs) 051949680
and laguna 053928708

both were 300eek /hr.

my question now is, what are some other good numbers to ring to get girls for an hour or two back to my apartment?

also what time do most of the little apartment places close?

from the info in previous posts I can add that
no answer from doorbell at 14-33 Lembitu
liivance 2-40 no longer exists
lembitu 8 is closed
maakri 30-3 no longer exists

narva mnt 10-19 (055950306) 400/hr
narva mnt 26 (055608741) 400-500/hr, pretty grotty place though i found
narva mnt 16-2 (06485981) have rang but not tried yet

any other apartments that are working?

so theres some info and questions for you all!

11-30-02, 18:44
Thanks Dusty Bin! I'm now in Tallinn and can confirm your thoughts about the SOHO! Too bloody cold to go out chasing this weekend so I think I'll have to resort to a home delivery service. Far better that the girl has to get dressed afterwards and go out into the cold..!

Dusty Bin
12-01-02, 22:59
Tiger: $18 seems really cheap, what were the girls like and did they do takeaway?

I have good news for the users of taxis to go to brothels.

The taxi drivers were running a cartel whereby they were charging 400Eek comission for every scalp delivered to a brothel. Most of the clubs had put their prices up to 1200Eek, Morgan had stayed at 1000Eek. In most cases the clubs split the money with the girls so the girls were getting just 400Eek per hour, Less at Morgan and they were bloody busy!

The clubs realised this was silly, all were paying the same money and so the benefit was the same to all and the girls and the house were getting in some cases less than the taxi driver, who also sits around waiting to take the punter home, meter running of course...

So a few weeks ago the clubs told the drivers that the rates were being cut. It is now 100EEK and prices in the clubs are now running at 900Eek. How long the clubs will be able to hold the line, I don't know, but these clubs do have the best looking girls, the cheaper places tend to have the woofers.

My guess is the taxi drivers will build their own stables to a greater degree than they do currently, this is in itself a good thing, girls door to door, catalogue in the car. The more enterprising girls already work the taxis and the brothels.

Dusty Bin
12-01-02, 23:02
Lembitu 8 may be closed but the is a new place just across the road.

I am not a big fan of brothels but it looks well made from the outside. Price was IIRC 750 per hour but you have to collect the girl, they don't do delivery. Not bad if you have an apartment on Kaupmehe or Lembitu... Especialy if you don't find what you want at Olumpia

12-01-02, 23:43
the quality hasn't been excellent from the places i have rung and got home delivery. but for 300 EEK, its pretty cheap if you want a bit of action. the apartments brothels are fine, again the quality is not supurb, and they tend to want to do a 30 minute massage first. further it seems that they are mostly young russian girls.

what is the place called across the road from lembitu 8. also whats lily like, how mcuh and what is the quality of the ladies?

i am also trying to find a home delivery service with really good looking ladies. anyone have any phone numbers?


12-02-02, 03:28
Been a while since I posted last, but have only met a regular (not a professional working-girl, that is, although shopping is compulsary) that come to visit me when I contact her prior my travels. BTW - it was nice to see that there has been some activity on this thread again.

However - Visited Tallinn again for a few days with a friend, and did not feel to call the the regular this time.

On wednesday, after having had dinner with some friends at Bonaparte, me and one friend was to return to the SAS Radisson about 11 PM. On our way, we stopped by Mrs. Robinson, went downstairs, had a beer, and saw two girls stipping at the pole. Beautiful girls, as always, but no takeaway.

On our way back to the hotel, we crossed the Park at Estonian Boulevard, when two girls approached us, asking if we were looking for company. Hmmm... of cause - At least I was. :)

One girl was blond, but still russian, the other dark hair, and russian. The dark haired one looked a little shy, staying in the background while the other was talking to my friend. The blond one was asking EEK.3000,- (abt USD.200) from him. I started to talk to the other girl, and asked how much for a nice time for me. She answered EEK.400,- (USD 30), and saying privately to me that she was not happy with the other girl asking so much from foreigners (how could I disagree??).
As there is problems bringing girls to some of the hotels after 11 PM, she suggested that we should rent the sauna downstairs in Narva Mount no. 2. We went there, and paid EEK 200 for the sauna for one hour, EEK 20 for some towels, and had a very good time.

The girl, Rada, was in my book a 6 in look, but a 9 in attitude. She was outspoken, easy to talk english with, and a real tight pussy, as she was 20 years old. She worked hard to give me a good time in all aspects. She had a very wet nice pussy, with a real hard clit, and hard nipples as well - and she loved me liking the nipples. However - rather small breasts.

What more can you ask from 1,5 hour of fun at a cost of EEK 620,- with a (professional?) girl. Total cost about USD.45. The lady in charge of the Sauna got angry with us, since we did not leave after only one hour.

To my regret, the phone-number Roda gave me, was not working when I tried next day, hence I was not sure if I would be successfull in seeing her again. Well - she rang my hotel, and we met in the afternoon. However - did not have time for a repeat - but will try to meet her again on my next visit.

BTW - the phone-number for Makri 3-III that was posted earlier is not working. The reply from the operator was that the numbber is not excisting. Too bad, because I was hoping to meet Victoria that our fellow hobbyist posted info about some time back. PS. I read a post below saying it is gone.
Therefore a question to jyates: What happened to Victoria that you met at Makri 3-III, as she was the girl I was hoping to meet this time.

12-02-02, 21:00
I think Tiger has hit the nail on the head. I couldn't find anything appealing for take out this weekend. None of the numbers I called seemed very helpful and I reckoned I wouldn't get what I was looking for (see my earlier post for the tech spec!) despite their assurances. So what we need here in the frozen Baltics is a reliable home delivery service. It's too bloody cold to go chasing!!!

12-03-02, 18:45
The temperature last week was not so bad, about +2, but windy.

I found this page on the net:
but the phone number under "services" (english version) was "out of radio range or switched off" when I tried to call.

I do not know if this is "home delivery" as you call it, or only on the spot service.

Maybe worth while to check out.

Please give us a feedback after testing.

PS: there is also a forum on that site, but mainly in estonian.

12-03-02, 19:35
have found a finnish forum on punting in tallinn. most of it is in finnish, but most finns speak english as well.


12-04-02, 01:12
Funnily enough I had found 'escort services' at the web site below on Sunday morning when lying in bed with nothing better to do than surf the net looking for pussy! I sent them an email as I'd read elsewhere that the phone number on the web site was out of action. I finally got an email reply today to ring another number but the guy at the other end had no idea what I was talking about!! So not looking good, this one. But thanks for the suggestion. I'm running out of time on this trip as I leave at the weekend but I'll be back in January to try again!

12-04-02, 18:45
Sent these folks at escort services another email and got the reply that the new number would be available from 8 December! But still didn't give me any details by email of what was available. So none the wiser as yet!

Dusty Bin
12-09-02, 01:21
Am I ever pissed off!
The fast boats from Helsinki were cancelled because of ice. I couldn't get a return ticket on the slow boats. Cancelled weekend away.

From now till March is a bad time to travel from Finland to Tallinn because the big boats are so slow (4.5 hrs to go 70Km plus up to an hour in customs)

12-15-02, 01:16
went to narva mnt 10/19 friday night. they had some new girls working there - 3 pretty tasty girls. The i stayed with Christina, was 18, very fit body, nice tits and was fully shaven. started off with her doing a dance which turned into a lap dance with here straddling me, while we kissed and mucked around. she let me do any thing i wanted. then onto the bed full a bj followed by her riding me. after a bit, i was done. so while i worked up the energy for round 2, she gave me another dance - same routine but even more raunchier. this then led to another session on the bed and before I realised, my time was up. but it was 500 eek well spent. would have lived to have done the other 2 girls there at next, but there were other punters waiting. will be back again this week - recommended.

looks - 8
body - 9
but i gather she is fairly new to the gig.

12-15-02, 08:24
Hey guys,

I'm looking to visit Tallin in the spring when it is not so cold. I'm thinking about staying at the SAS Radisson. Can anyone give me an idea of where an American guy who speaks only English and Spanish can have a good and safe time in Tallin, and have good luck finding pro's or non-pro's? I'm looking for any information on the hotel itself (do pro's frequent bars in the Radisson?) or its surrounding area.

What is the disposition of the locals towards westerners?

Thanks for any info guys!


Dusty Bin
12-15-02, 14:12

First, best thing, read the last few posts. You will see plenty of information about venues and girls written by and for English speakers.

You will I am sure gather that, even for worried American people, Tallinn is safe.

For information about the SAS Radisson go here:


There will be girls in the bars but you will have more fun going to other places noted within the previous posts. As to taking girls back, I assume that you will of course have booked a double room, in which case there will be no problem. If you book a single then you may well be asked to pay about 300eek for your guest.

If there are specific questions arising from your researches, please ask!

12-15-02, 19:35

You asked about Victoria working at the now closed brothel at Makri 3. She left for Germany to work in an FKK house back in July. The house has since moved to Narva 10-19. Went there about 2 months ago and nothing but old dogs working. Read in a recent post that they now have some nice younger girls working there. I may have to drop by in the next day or two and check them out! Anyway, when I was there 2 months ago the women there said that Victoria had come back from Germany and was then on holidays in Russia. Don't know where she is. I'll ask about her when I go to visit in a day or two.

BTW - I am happy that more hobbyists are reporting on brothels that are open and what they are experiencing in them. I got tired of posting my own reports about the pros and not having many others post their own reports, so I've quit posting for some time. I'm still playing the hobbyist and still living full-time in Tallinn. If others want to see some new reports on new places, then you post your experiences and I'll be encouraged and start to post up-to-date info again.

12-16-02, 02:49
Hi there jyates,,

Good to have you back on the board - long time no see.

Do hope that you will share any new developments with your fellow mongers.

Will email you.....


12-17-02, 04:16
so jyates,

where's the best place then in your opinion? also, i have only been able to find russian speaking wls, where can I find cute young estonian wls?

i'm here for a couple of months, so look forward to you reply,


Dusty Bin
12-17-02, 18:52
Most of the girls on the game are Russian background, but not all. I think its a matter of luck!

You might want to try calling a couple of the agency numbers listed and ask. You can then make separate arrnagements with the girls.

I have met a few in bars and clubs but usually they are pretty discreet as they have other jobs and stuff.

12-22-02, 02:05

I don't know if anyone can say which brothel is the best, as the girls at each brothel are constanting changing. The key factor to me seems to be the woman administrator in each place. If the administrator wants to have a quality place with her girls providing a quality time to the hobbist then she will TRY to make the girls give a good time. If the administrator is not that keen on making a quality time then the girls quickly loss interest as well and become mechanical and clock watchers.

The brothels that I recommend cost between 300 - 500 EEK. For that money you generally don't find any stunningly beautiful women. You find girls and women that are looking to make money and about half the time they also really enjoy sex. Those are the ones that I look for. I don't want the ones that don't french kiss, that don't let you touch the honey pot, that don't enjoy their work. So if you and others are looking for girls that are attractive and height and weight porportional and who enjoy and give good sex, then I can hopefully steer you in the right direction.

I find that often times the real stunners think that they are somehow special and that their ass is golden. They generally have an attitude and are the ones that watch the clock and have all the rules! JMHO

I can recommend a place at Parnu Mnt 48 -19. I have been going there for well over a year and have had a consistently good time. I recomend Aljona, about 25 somewhat sagging due to having a child a few years ago, but still attractive with a GREAT attitude. She loves to french kiss, and loves to give rimjobs for extended periods. Last time she gave me a BBBJ - but I think that this is NOT a normal thing that she does. Also recomended is Jaana, about 21. Again loves to french kiss and also gave me a BBBJ the one time that I saw her. They both like to kiss and cuddle and are touching you all the time with nothing mechanical about their technique. They are both up for almost anything that you want.

You asked about finding some ethnic Estonian working girls. All the brothels are run by the Russian mafia. Because of cultural and economic reasons almost all of the girls will be ethnic Russians.

You will be able to find ethnic Estonian amateurs at nightclubs. Dusty Bin and others have posted of their experiences at them, you may want to read their posts.

It just depends on what you want and how much time, effort and money that you want to put into the hobby. Many of the hobbists that travel to Tallinn are here on business. They have told me that they don't have the time or inclination to troll in the nightclubs and see who they end up with at 2 am. They prefer to go to the brothel and have good sex without wasting all the time that goes into picking up an amateur at the nightclubs. Again just depends on you!

Marconista -

Victoria is back at Narva 10 -19. Saw her two nights ago. It was her first night back at work since June.

Dusty Bin
12-25-02, 01:56
This a repost of a response to another post in the Russian section about finding girls for a couple of days.

Ah well there is a difference for you! I don't like brothels and I like to scout my own...

So the answer to your question is that I can not help you much...

If you want advance information on specific girls then I would be looking at Baltic Beauties or Le Fantasy (Google the names and they will be there). But they are bloody expensive. For the money, I would go to Tallinn and hit Olumpia (Bonny and Clyde) at about 23:00. Talk to the girls there, you should find something very nice and may be surprised on cost. There is also a woman often there with a string of very attractive girls. I think that she has them lined up for specific guys. Never bothered checking. SHe is short and chubby acting as mother hen to maybe six girls. They are always young and beautiful. I think she could sort you out.

Escort services seem to be running at about $300 for the night when prearranged. The girls will usually be model quality but will want to be discreet. Often will not go to restaurants and clubs but will keep you busy in the hotel room...

No contact information here as my friend has not given me the contact info, I will ask!

On the whole, I would go to Olumpia, see what you want and ask fairly directly, just make sure she is not with a boyfriend! RIght hand end of the bar is a good start8ing point, or the stool tables on the narrow section of the walkway round the front of the dancefloor before the bar.
It has been very good for me.

12-29-02, 16:55
2 girls in Tallin?

Does anyone know of a good place in Tallin where they have girls with good experience in working in "teams". Especially if they are open to "working" on each other as well!

My past experiences shows that its great if the girls know their stuff. If not, its often quite disapointing.

Any clubs or brothels that specialize in this?


01-01-03, 21:13
I stayed at a hotel near the port in Tallinn,
and there was a night club at the top with
many girls there on a weekend. Can you
help me as I have forgotton the name of
the hotel and on-top club. I didn't visit the
club that time, but I may go there again
and give it a shot!!

01-02-03, 00:11

I think that you are referring to the Metropol Hotel located at Mere Pst. 8b. The nightclub is called the Panoraam. You are right, there are sometimes a nice variety of young girls hanging out there! Good Hunting and please post a report!!

Dusty Bin
01-02-03, 00:31
Panoraam is it!

Not a bad place at all.

Lots of Finns there. Profile is middle aged with lots of guys with white socks.

THere are usually quite a few girls there. I met a lovely one, Kristiina, 20 years old, $80 for the night. Don't just concentrate on the dancefloor and bar, look at the tables and banquettes in the raised area around the edge of the room.

Lots of civilians there also. It is a favourite weekend break spot for mr and mrs Pekka Suomi, so you should be polite. You may hit lucky and score a freeby off a visitor or local!

01-02-03, 20:49
Thanks for that the Metropol it was, I will
post a report on anything when I get to
return later this year.

01-04-03, 15:02

I appreciate your posts. Let me know if you are aware of any Estonian websites, where I may post a personal ad. I had a blast in Tallin last year ( see previous posts) and I am headed back in March and want to try the bars, personal ads and the brothels again. Do you ever travel down to Riga or Vilnius. I was there last year and found Riga fairly good despite the very pronounced presence of the Russian Mafia. I only got a hold on Vilnius my last day there, but look forward to going back.


01-06-03, 01:13
Sorry guys, but I gave the wrong address in my post of 22 December. The correct address is Parnu mnt. 48 - 25. I gave the wrong flat number previously. Sorry if anyone tried to find it!

Dusty Bin
01-06-03, 01:55

I bet the neighbours were well chuffed with all the guys knocking on the door looking all sheepish.... 'Is Irina there? Do you have any young girls?'

Dusty Bin
01-06-03, 01:58
Nthing on the personal ads side, well there is some stuff in Estonian, but its bloody impossible to navigate unless you speak or read estonian. Try googling. IIRC www.uno.ee has some stuff, good luck.

Never been to Riga, maybe one day.

01-08-03, 17:11
do you have a phone number for parna mnt 48/25?

01-08-03, 23:50
Hi guys,

anyone tried baltic beauties? Was the service good?
They offer a two girls option, if anyone tried that
I'd like to know their opinion, were the girls into each other, that kind of stuf...


-- LG

01-09-03, 20:08
Hey, guys.

This is my first post, and hopefully there will be many more to come...

Spent a week in Tallin three months ago, and had a great time. I was there with some friends, drinking, and having a great time. After a night salivating over the gorgeous girls at Hollywood we asked a cab driver to take us to a place with "bad girls". He laughed, and said he knew just the place. We asked for the best-looking "bad girls" in Tallin.

We drove out of the city into the woods to a nice neighborhood with large secluded houses, with gates and high walls. Stopped at a large house, I think it was called Club 102. Nice place, about 8-10 girls upstairs. Two were exceptionally beautiful, but they were doing strip-teases that night, so I got the impression they were not available for fun at that time... The rest of the girls were 7 to 9 in looks. Really beautiful, hot girls. Aged 18 to 21 max. They were nice and relaxed, let us take our time and choose.

One girl, about 19, blond, 5'2", great smile, tits etc., gave me an instant boner, so after a while I asked if we could go to a room. Duh! Paid 900 EEK at the bar, got some wolf-whistles from my friends and went to the room. Large room with a huge bed, and nice bathroom. The girl was a real beauty and had a great attitude. We giggled a lot, undressed, and showered together. She washed me good, and almost made me explode then and there. Moved onto the bed, and had great sex. BJ first, then several positions fucking, before I had to give up and blew my stuff. About 40 minutes of great sex. I was a happy man. Then she gave me a body-to-body massage and got me hot again, but sadly somebody knocked at the door after the hour was up, so we had to get dressed. Tipped her well, and went out to join the others. An excellent night.

The next night I went alone to another bordello in the same area. Nice house, nice girls, but not as nice as at Club 102. Chose a girl of 18, 5'5", dark hair, large breasts. She was not as into it, seemed fairly new, but I was drunk and did not care. Had so-so sex, good BJ. Then went back to the hotel and left Tallinn the next morning. Kicking myself for not having gotten laid every night I was there.

01-11-03, 01:08
Hey Everyone,

I been thinking of visiting Tallin for a while now, and was wondering what was the average airfair from California, and rooming costs. Also does anyone know what the temperature will be like in late feburary and early march.


01-11-03, 12:29
The temperature this week has varied between minus 28 and around minus 1 or 2! I suspect by late Feb or early March it could still be much the same. Certainly chillier than California!

For hotel accommodation have a look at www.hotelscentral.com. I use their services in other countries and find them very efficient and reliable. In Tallinn I prefer to stay in an apartment. Some very nice apartments are available at around $55-65 per day if you are staying for a week or so. Have a look at www.erel.ee.

And check out www.inyourpocket.com for a useful guide to Tallinn covering hotels, apartments, restaurants, entertainment, etc.


01-12-03, 16:25
A question for those who know Tallinn well.

In the Venus club the other night there was a gorgeous young blonde dancing on a small stage for the delight and edification of the patrons! She looked particularly fetching in her (extremely) tight gold catsuit which she then upzipped to the waist displaying her cute little breasts as she danced. I doubt if she is available (at least not for us older guys!) but my question is why did she need to have a minder with her who escorted her to and from the small stage, and never let her out of his sight, even when she had finished her show and was just dancing on the dance floor withh her friend. And the minder was an enormous guy - definitely not to be tangled with! Who is she I wonder?

01-12-03, 18:41
Hello everybody,
going to Tallinn next week and look for a escort-lady for the first day (convenient to get everything shown by a native girl). Any Tip?

Dusty Bin
01-12-03, 20:27
Which night was the girl dancing?

I have not seen girls there have miders before either. That said, security is never far away there. Those guys can FLY through a crowd to the centre of any trouble.

01-12-03, 20:45
Dusty_bin, the blonde cutie was dancing in Venus last night, Saturday. And this guy was not your usual youngish 'heavy' but an older guy of serious girth who didn't look like he could run too fast, but god help you if he caught you!

01-18-03, 13:35
Hello. Yesterday 3rd birthday with a little celebration at midnight in Venus Club. Very crowded, many pretty girls. Later one girl in a golden overall was dancing (GoGo). You talk about her?
Hollywood was almost empty at 22:30 so i left.
Before I have been to X-Club. The Club itself is very nice furnished, everything looks new and clean. The girls were very nice but you can't get more than a private dance for 350 EEK. Girls Drinks are the real ripp-off: 160 EEK. All in all nice to visit but thats all.

01-18-03, 13:43
Originally posted by vin

...Club 102. ...

Well, would be nice if You can give some more information about this club - I couldn't find any match yet.

Dusty Bin
01-18-03, 14:29
I took a look at the Venus's programme. Saw nothing special. Not a superstar of any kind.

Maybe just a random bird on a short leash?

Dusty Bin
01-18-03, 14:33
X-club is very nice but I have never seen it busy.

If you want to see attractive girls strip, then go to Borsi Bar on Lai. Very attractive girls, comfortable atmosphere. Some of the girls at X-club work at Borsi also.

Cost of a private is 300eek. No sex but if you get on well with the girl, you can get quite high mileage.
The girls are not on the game but have been known to make dates as civilians. High maintenance though (I know!)

01-18-03, 16:05
"High maintenance though (I know!)"

how high?

Dusty Bin
01-19-03, 04:03
Well there have been three, one was and is high maintenance emotionally, but costs me very little money; another, well, lets just say she could eat a menu from start to finish and the third, suggested that we should go shopping to the Bally shop next to my apartment. She had a bad attitude to my money... saw her for a few months though!

01-19-03, 18:14
Hey, Frog.

Club 102 is a brothel, so you won't find information about it other than asking cab drivers etc. Probably run by the russian mafia. Most of the girls were russian too. Some scary looking 'guards' there, but very polite and welcoming. The second floor of the house has a bar (expensive), a lounging area, and a small stage for the dancers.

Anything in particular you wanted to know?

01-19-03, 18:18
I was at the X-Club for a few hours with my pals, and had a great time. Fell completely for this Perfect 10-stripper. Her name was Natasha, and I think she was russian. Frustrating though, cause you can't touch the girls. Though one of my friends claimes to have been propositioned during a private dance...

No such luck for me. Would have spent a fortune to have an hour of fun with Natasha.

Dusty Bin
01-20-03, 03:26
If she was called 'Natasha' the chances that she is NOT Russian are about ZIP!
Most of the girls will be Russian.

Most of the girls who dance are not on the game. Especially at a place like X-CLub. But if you were genuinely well off, she might be interested in some sex and shopping, hence my mention of the Bally shop.

Most of the girls have a pretty low opinion of the guys, they do tend to see us at our worst after all!

01-20-03, 14:16
Originally posted by vin
Club 102

Well, thank you for your comment. Meanwhile I've found that "Club" - looking for an Escort I was redirected to them... Spend 2 days with two of their girls in my appartement (approx. USD 1100).

01-20-03, 14:19
Originally posted by dusty_bin
... 'Natasha' ... X-CLub

Well, Natasha told me she's Estonian; and "officially" you can't get more than a private dance in X-Club.

01-20-03, 15:48
I don't think Natasha was in the game, but a girl my friend took for a private strip definitely was. This girl was also much more provocative in her dancing in the main room. Blonde, young... Maybe you know who I'm talking about...

Anyway, my friend declined as he was a newlywed... Poor sucker.

I spent some time chatting with Natasha, and she said she was a student at the university. Accounting, I think. I remember having ridiculous thoughts of sweeping her off her feet and bringing her home. Heheh.

01-21-03, 14:24
dusty_bin, thanks for your research on the blonde cutie in the gold jumpsuit at Venus - as you say, maybe she was just on a short leash! It would seem that, to quote Ewiseman on the Warsaw board, that you and I shop the same shops as I ended that particular night in the Borsi.....!!!! In general I find that the girls in the clubs are not on the game but are probably more disposed to "getting physical" just by the very nature of their choice of profession. Sex and shopping just about sums it up! But as you say, since the girls see most guys at their worst in the club environment, a little bit of courtesy can go a surprisingly long way! I must try harder on my next visit to Tallinn but in rural Poland at the moment where the opportunities are somewhat limited!

01-29-03, 14:03
Brothels in Tallinn

Hi guys!

I have had chance to visit most of the borthels in Tallinn during the last few months. These "clubs" are so called elite houses, where the price is around 1000 krones and the taxi driver gets nice share of it. Until the new year price was 900 krones (about 60 euros) but since it has been increased to 1100 (about 70 euros) and it's always for full hour.

Most of the girls speak at least some English, some very well. Older ones sometimes speak Finnish and almost everybody has Russian origin. I have had chance to talk with few girls from Ukraine and Latvia, altought most of them come from Narva or Kohtla-Jarve (those two big cities in Easter Estonia where 99% of people speak only Russian).

When it comes to sex it's basicly oral and normal intercourse in different positions with condom. Anal is very rare and requires an additional payment in most cases (to the girl directly). Some girls are shy and don't want to talk about these things in front of their friends but I think it's better to ask first than be disapointed.

Most of the houses charge entrance fee of 50 krones (3 euros), but in most cases it can be avoided with little negotiation. Drinks are very expensive (from 50 to 250 krones, 3 to 15 euros) and I recommend not to buy anything to the girls. It's just wasting your money without getting anything extra.

There are stripper in every club. They will take their upper part of their costume away but leave their pants on. Standard tip is 25 krones (1,5 euros), never give more. It will just make them creed. If the girl doesn't come to your lap, it's not worth of tip.

I have never had any problems but I wouldn't recommed going to any club alone totally drunk. Go with your friend if you want to drink like locals.

And to the houses. My personal favourites are Max, Leesika and Club 16.

Northern Tallinn, Pirita district

Club 102, Vabaõhukooli tee 102

One of the most well known places in Tallinn. Behind a motorized iron gate, friendly staff and usually high quality girls.

Club 16, Kõivu tee 16

Most days I find the largest collection of girls here, from 16 to 20. Has same owner than Club 102 and Club 4.

Club 4, Männimäe tee 4

Almost like the two others, hidden in the forrest and usually not so many girls.

Lepiku tee 34b

Quite standard place close to Club 4. Nice new house but sometimes rude service. Lots of girls.

City center

Koidu 68

Newest house in Tallinn. Many girls but sometimes rude service.

Tuukri 26

Very nice location close to harbour and city center. Very rude service.

Southern Tallinn, Nõmme, Mustamäe and õismäe districts

Max, Varese 30

One of my favorite places. Free entrance and beer with our club card. Usually nice girls but sometimes disappointments too.

Tedre 41

Has same owner than Max. Sometimes nice girls, altought I think that Max is owners nr. 1.

Sõlme 3

Nice new house in very quiet neighbourhood. Lots of locals.

Leesika 21

Quite resently renovered house, nice interior, nice girls. Sometimes real beauties from Latvia. Nice young Estonian girls which are hard to find from other places. Unfortunately old junks too. Fair service.

Infant, Järve 40

Maybe finest house in Tallinn but also the worst service. Very expensive drinks but sometimes can show the best girls in Tallinn too.

Tanuma 29

Place for locals altought they once didn't let us at the first when they thought we are Estonians. Nice service but rarely beautiful girls.

Kätki 6

Almost like Tanuma. Has old women but sometimes very nice young Estonians. Friend of mine took once three of them to my home for the night..

If you want to see some places and avoid taxi charges, please don't hesitate to email me (maximus@sihteeriopisto.net). Almost every weekend we have some kind of tournee with my Finnish friends.

01-30-03, 12:29
Nice work, maximus!

I'm itching to go back now...

01-31-03, 01:27

GREAT report!!! A few places that I haven't tried so thanks for the tips. The ones that I have tried you were right on in your comments and observations.

Keep em comin!!

01-31-03, 12:40
Budget places in Tallinn

Along with the high quality brothels there are quite nice number of so called budget places in Tallinn. Price for one hour is between 300 and 500 krones (20 to 35 euros). Girls are usually not good looking than in more expensive places, but beautiful ones can be found.

Most of these places are already been reported in this forum, but I hope there is few new ones too.

Narva mnt 2

Just few hundrer meters from Viru Hotel. Quite nice girls, price 500 krones per hour. You have to call first, they will open the door then. Numbers are +372 51 83987 and +372 660 1163.

Narva mnt 10, apartment 19 (old Maakri 30, apartment 3)

Newest location on Narva mnt. 500 krones per hour. Someone has said that there is beautiful 18-years old Krista..

Narva mnt 16, apartment 2

Old and steady. Sometime two younger and good looking ones (incl. Eva), others old junks. Just 300 krones per hour.

Lembitu 7, apartment 21

Nice big apartment on first floor, sometimes very nice girls. Raded sometime ago by the police. 500 krones per hour.

Lembitu 14, apartment 33

On the 4th floor, usually from two to three girls. Price 450 krones per hour.

Pärnu mnt 48, huoneisto 25

Has same owner than Lembitu 7. Old junks, price 400 krones per hour.

Pärnu mnt 123, apartment 32

Same owner than Narva 16. Nothing special when it comes to girls. Price 300 krones.

Lõime 22, apartment 20

Close to hotel Stroomi. Quolity varies. Price 400 kroner per hour and two girls for 600 krones! You have to call first +372 52 50019.

Sikupilli 17, house

Old house close to Sikupilli's shopping centre. Stripper, few girls and quite reasonably priced bar. 500 krones per hour.

Paljassaare 43, house, White House

Long way from centrum in Paljassaare harbour area. Nothing special. 500 krones per hour.

Dusty Bin
02-01-03, 11:23
Originally posted by vin
Nice work, maximus!

I'm itching to go back now...

Just remember to wear the snotty bag or you will really be itching!

02-05-03, 00:26
well yjates - checked out parnu mnt 48/25 - and spent an hour with jaana - she is absolutely fantastic! very touchy feeling - was a bit sore so quite enjoyed the massage first - which turned into one of the most erotic massages i have had - complete with oilly body slide - she knows how to send a shiver up your spine with her fingernails. moved into move body slides on the front - french kissing, titty fucking (again oilly breasts - i was quite hard to control myself) so I got her to lie down and dinned at the Y. Funnyiest thing in retrospect - it spelt great. got her moving to the rhythum very quickly, a very juicy pussy. more kissing and cuddling then her on top and me finishing the deed of missionary. after everything was cleaned up - had another nice little massage, more kissing and cuddling. thoroughly enjoyed her company - an absolute pleasure - it seems like she really wanted to please - a change in attitude from other russian workers i have met. not sure about the quality of the other chicks there - but yaana gets my thumbs up - will be back for sure. btw - cost me 500 for the hr - this prices differs with the one below, so not sure what happened there.


02-07-03, 00:17

Jaana is rather special isn't she -- glad that you liked her!! Many of the pros that are working the houses now are quite mechanical and don't seem to enjoy their work -- to bad for them and for us!

About 3 weeks or so ago that house did away with the menu based pricing. Now it is 300 EEK per half hour or 500 EEK for a full hour, doesn't matter what you want to do. Although anal is NOT available for that price. Most of the girls do NOT provide that service and those that do, will want extra for it.

Thanks for the report. I saw Jaana a few nights ago, she was busy so I spend the hour with Alona (see my review of her on a previous post). I am planning on seeing Jaana again soon, she was looking hot the other night.

Happy hunting and keep those reports coming in!

02-25-03, 14:03
Hi guys,

Have read all your posts with interest. Things seem to move pretty quickly in Tallinn, where I'm off for the first time pretty shortly. Only there for a couple of days, so don't want to waste time. Any advice gratefully received. Is X-club crap? What about Borsi? Which discos/bars are best to try to pick up local talent - perhaps Hollywood or Panoraam?

Is everything open 7 days, or is it very quiet earlier in the week?

And so many privates are reviewed here, can anyone offer their definitive best quality/price ratio? Thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to respond - promise I will review upon return!!

02-26-03, 06:08
I just got back from BA Argentina. I had a great time. I am thinking of going to Tallin in May. Can you guys give me some advice where
to go for the good, how much is a good price to pay, are there GFE girls?


Tommy NYC

Dusty Bin
02-26-03, 10:36
X-club and Borsi are strip clubs. Dont expect to be findng to many hookers there.
I prefer Borsi to Xclub, although if you are feeling flush, the surroundongs in Xclub are very nice. Borsi is smaller and friendlier as well as less expensive. Some of the girls work both places.

When you say local talent do you mean civilians? How old are you, can you pull or do you normally need to pay?

Sunday and Monday are pretty quiet. The bars are open but the clubs are closed. Amigo is open every night but V. quiet on a Sunday.

Don't know about the apartments and stuff, not really interested. When you arrive, pick up a copy of the 'In your Pocket' guide. Cost is little, full of info including some escort, massage etc that seem to offer good value. THe places are generally the up market ones.

02-26-03, 11:51
Thanks DB. I'm hoping to pull without paying - young enough for it to succeed quite often!! Any tips?

Dusty Bin
02-26-03, 22:49
That's a whole big book!

If I were you I would do two things.
1. Stay in an apartment. www.erel.ee is in my opinion the best.
2. Have a story that you are either staying for a while, or returning soon to work. If people think that you are going to be around for a while then they will treat you differently

If you try to pull a girl on a one nighter, how does her self esteem feel when she knows that you just came to Tallinn to shag younger, more pretty girls than you could manage back home? If she thinks that there is a relationship in it then things change a lot!

But then, what do I know!

Dusty Bin
02-28-03, 23:42
Best advice is to read a few posts. Spend 30 mintues reading and know more than me! If then you have some specific questions, please ask!

03-20-03, 23:22
any been to lily's? any recommendations, and whats the cost?

thanks tiger.

03-21-03, 18:12
I liked Lily's. It was right across from my Hotel, so it was easy to get to. There were about 8 girls there the night I was there, all russian and Latvian, but 4 that I found fabulous. Prices were 800EKR for an hour in the room. There are some posts in this forum about it, use the search function, or just read all the pages.


04-08-03, 00:22
i believe that narva mnt 10/19 has moved to pronski 7/11 (keep walked up narva mnt away from the old town from narva 10 - first intersection turn right - pronski 7/11 is 50 metres down the road on the left hand side.

also, i girl i saw there, her name was victoria early 20's, with dark hard, great body and cute face - is she the same one who used to work at maakri?


04-08-03, 23:12

You are right about the place at Narva 10 moving about 200 metres onto Pronski. I just discovered that it had moved on Friday, 5.04. Don't know if the Victoria that you saw was the saw one that I reviewed last summer -- but it certainly sounds like her.

I saw Natalja, a Russian who speaks some English. She is about 23, cute, about 170 cms and 55 kgs. She has had a child so her breasts sag a bit. Anyway, paid for an hour. She gave a great blowjob, turned that into a good screwing and then I dumped my load when she went back to blowing me. We talked some, she gave me a nice massage, then ended the hour with another vigorous screw. She is enthusiastic and is into her work and I highly recommend her. She is NOT a clock watcher and seems to enjoy being on top. The rate is 500 EEK.

04-09-03, 20:43
Do chicks in Tallin usually do BBBJ?


04-09-03, 23:45

Depends on the chicks that you want. In my experience almost none of the brothel workers do BBBJ. You can read my posts and find out the ones that do. Most of the amateurs do though!

Any thoughts from you, Dusty Bin?

04-10-03, 00:20
Decided to try Lily's this evening for the first time. There's always something of a thrill about trying a new place for the first time. The choice wasn't brilliant but then a nice youngish cutie appeared so decided to go for it. 1000 EEK for a nice room with shower and sauna (800 EEK for a basic room) for one hour. Oksana (for that was her name!) was slim and shaven but wouldn't go for the triple play despite having a most inviting posterior. But two out of three ain't bad I suppose! Total cost was around 1500-1600 EEK including a vodka or two for the young lady, admission, etc. Say €100 - not bad value methinks!

Dusty Bin
04-10-03, 09:57
I don't know too much about the brothels, but in the few I have taken girls from, then a rubber wa always used.

WIth other women, civilian or professional it has been a case of some do and some don't. I ask, but never push the point. I always figure that she is looking out for herself and has to be there long after I am gone. Always her choice...

For some reason if you get to know a girl then the close combat socks often get forgotten about.

04-14-03, 16:32
Girls back to Hotels?

Hi, I have some general questions that I would be most grateful if someone could help me out with.

- Is it any problems bring back girls to Hotel rooms in the nomarl hotels? (any extra fee or complications?)

- Is there any good area where the stripclubs and brothels are within walking distance?

- What is the normal closing times for these places?

- Which 4 star hotel is located in that area?

- Is there any laid back bars with pool tables around that area?

Any info would be great!!

Best Regards


04-14-03, 19:09
DB.....if I go to Tallinn one evening on my next trip what do you recommend for Hotel and places....similar to Mikado to visit ?


Dusty Bin
04-14-03, 21:10
If you want a single night whotel and hore package then go for:

1) Hotel Olumpia (Reval Group) and their associated club, Bonnie and Clyde.

2) Hotel Viru and their club Amigo.

3) The eternal Finnish favourite: Hotel Metropol and Panoraam, so called because of its 8th floor view of the city and harbour, a perfect place to discuss business in the fresh air.

they are listed in order of my preference. You should avoid Sunday and Monday night as the place are either graveyard quiet or closed.

None of these places are like Mikado in as much as a large number of the female clientele are civilians, but if you ca not find a bedwarmer in one of these places then you need your wallet examining!

For each of these establishments, I would book a single room package from one of the ferry companies and then pay the 'extra bed' fee of 300EEK.
When I was last at the Viru, I just asked for an additional key card when I registered, they gave me one, no charge. If the girl is good looking, keep her until breakfast to make the other diners jealous...

04-14-03, 22:06
Originally posted by dusty_bin
If you want a single night whotel and hore package then go for:

1) Hotel Olumpia (Reval Group) and their associated club, Bonnie and Clyde.

2) Hotel Viru and their club Amigo.

3) The eternal Finnish favourite: Hotel Metropol and Panoraam, so called because of its 8th floor view of the city and harbour, a perfect place to discuss business in the fresh air.

they are listed in order of my preference. You should avoid Sunday and Monday night as the place are either graveyard quiet or closed.

When I was last at the Viru, I just asked for an additional key card when I registered, they gave me one, no charge. ...

You are absolutely right on the money with what you are saying dusty_bin.
However - must correct you on Amigo - it is open on mondays, and a lot of people since B&C is closed mondays.

A very good idea to ask for an additional key-card. I will do that next time also. But guess you have to make sure that the right lady walk to your room, not a hustler or a thug (?)

04-23-03, 17:25
Dusty bin you are a god!, A few of us travel 4-5 times a year to Tallinn, and your comments on Bonnie and Clyde and Cafe Amigo are spot on, it is quite impossible to leave there without a fit 22 year old on your arm, and since your post a year ago we always rent an apartment through www.erel.ee, used to stay at the Scandic Palace, but the prices there were going up on a weekly basis!. Now we get a three bedroom apartment for 100 euros a night right in the old town center, which is for nothing when 3 of us visit. Keep up the good work!.

04-24-03, 11:50
Hi guys,

Couple of questions just before I depart for Tallinn - what are your votes for the no.1 strip club. Full strip essential, Number of dancers and dances, good lookers, and possibility of touching her &/or wanking off in a private dance?

Haven't managed to find any reports on Baltic Beauties. Prices seem very good for overnighters and there are a couple of horny girls' pics on their website (esp Mona). Has anyone used the service - are they reliable, do the girls perform well, OWO available etc?

Await my reports with interest!!

Dusty Bin
04-24-03, 13:27
My favourite strip club is Borsi on Lai street in the old town. It is small and comfortable. The girls dance and sit with you. They leave on their G-string, usually.

A decent tip is 25-30 Eek per dance.

For 300Eek you can have a private dance upstairs. They do not fuck and I don't think I could bring myself to w@nk in front of one of them, although it does happen.
The amount of touching and feeling depends upon you and the girl. Some are very big fun, others are just ordinary fun.

In the afternoon, I sometimes find my way to Galaxy, on Muurivahe street. Never been at night, girls are younger than Borsi and tend to be too skinny for me, but many love them. Their girls often appear at late night shows in clubs.

For a more mixed event, then try Robinson. They have sauna and pool upstairs, bar/disco on the ground floor and strip bar (L'Atlantide) in the basement after about 23:00, separate admission. Nice friendly girls, private dances. They wil join you for a chat and a drink but do not hustle you over much, just nice and friendly.

The manager or garderobe guy at Robinson might offer a girl and sauna. It will NOT be one of the angels from downstairs. I did it once with a friend. Two skanky girls who looked as happy to see us as we were to see them turned out to 'empty the pipes'. Cost was IIRC 500Eek for the sauna and two girls for the hour. Some things are expensive even when free...

Girls from Borsi and Atlantide have been known to go on dates...
The girls usually work 3 days on and two days off so they need entertaining on their off nights!

Other places:
X-CLub, nice ambience: attractive girls, expensive - some of the girls at this place work at Borsi also.

Lassoo, never been: tourist trap for Finns.

Soho: Newish place, never been has a decent rep.

There is a place next to Terrarium, in the port, again for Finns, a girl who works there told me it was cold and boring. Can't remember the name, but it is right next to Terrarium.

Most of the brothels have a stripper or two to encourage the punters. Not worth a trip though and they want 50Eek to get up and look bored.

Field Commander
04-29-03, 03:37
See my story in the Czech (Other Areas) and Finland (Helsinki) section where the trip started and finished (for now). It's a little adventure started in Christmas and pausing now in Easter:

- Czech Republic (Znoijmo, Prague, Brno)
- Slovak Republic (Nitra)
- Poland (Warsaw)
- Latvia (Riga)
- Estonia (Tallinn)
- Finland (Helsinki)

04-30-03, 14:40
Address: Humala 4
Price: 400 / hour
Phone: 051-989862

Address: Lembitu 7 / 21
Price: 500 / hour
Phone: 0-6607401

Address: Lembitu 14 / 33
Price: 450 / hour
Phone: 0-6480277

Address: Narva MNT 14 / ??
Price: 600 / hour
Phone: 051-969097

Address: Narva MNT 16 / 2
Price: 300 / hour
Phone: 0-6485981

Address: Narva MNT 2 / ??
Price: 500 / hour
Phone: 051-83987

Address: Pronksi 7 / 11
Price: 500 / hour
Phone: 051-925534

Address: Pärnu MNT 123a / 32
Price: 300 / hour

Address: Pärnu MNT 48 / 25
Price: 400 / hour
Phone: 055-76680

Address: Sakala 14
Price: 600 / hour

Address: Sikupilli 17
Price: 500 / hour

Address: Tihase 29a
Price: 600 / hour

Address: Tuukri 26
Price: 600 / hour
Phone: 0-6605213

Address: Väike Amerika 7
Price: 400 / hour
Phone: 055-19586

05-01-03, 09:28
Thank You juuh!

It is always good to have some adresses with price.


05-03-03, 01:15
just a note, lembitu 14/33 is no longer - there is some man living in the apartment now (who, btw, kindly offered to take to somewhere else).

Jerry Atrick
05-04-03, 01:29
I am booked into The Old House Hotel for a few days next month. Can anybody tell me anything about the place? Is it okay to take a girl back to your room? Should you pay or tip anybody if you do?
If you have any information please post here.

Jerry Atrick
05-04-03, 01:47
I have just looked at the website for "weekend.ee/entertainment under escort services and notice that every site listed has "Harju maakond" just before the telephone number. I originally thought that this was an address but they all 28 of them cannot be in the same place. I looked it up in an Estonian/English dictionary without success. Can anybody enlighten me?

05-04-03, 20:04
jerry - i gather you are staying at the old house in Uus st. if so, its a fairly small hotel - i think like only 8 rooms or something - maybe not quite the amount of discretion needed if you were to bring a girl back. in terms of tipping someone, the people who operate the desk late at night are early twenty year olds - so may be not be approriate. you could try - but imho not the best place to take girls back.


Dusty Bin
05-04-03, 21:04

The Old House is NOT a good choice!

They close the door at about 23:00 and as Tiger said, there are a couple of youngsters who man the desk at night. The place is a guest house rather than a proper hotel. I think that there would be a fair bit of embarrassment if you traipsed back with your 'belle du nuit' at 04:00!

Old House does have some apartments though. I have used a couple of them. There is a very nice one on Vene (66) IIRC, obviously there is no problem with a place like that and the girls will love it!

Dusty Bin
05-04-03, 21:10
Harju Maakond means Harju County.
Tallinn is in the county of Harju.

Jerry Atrick
05-05-03, 02:19
Thanks Dusty Bin for your answers. You certainly know your way round Tallinn! Thanks also for the "Harju Maakond " translation. That explains things. I will probably only stay at The Old House for one night in view of yours and Tiger's remarks. Have you any suggestions for a reasonably priced hotel (aroud 400-500 per night for a single) and preferably near the cetntre or near where all the action is? I have never been to Tallinn before so do not know my way around. Thanks for all your help so far

05-05-03, 14:29
a cheaper hotel near the centre:
Hotell G9
Just a five-minute walk from Old Town, this small hotel on the third floor of an office building is a good pick for location and quality. Rooms are modern and spotless. extra bed 150kr

16 Singles: 500 kr 16 Doubles: 600 kr
16 Triples: 750 kr

or just check out http://www.inyourpocket.com/estonia/tallinn/en/category?cid=996


Jerry Atrick
05-05-03, 18:08
Thanks Tiger for information on G9 hotel. I have booked in there for three nights. Back to my earlier questions: Would there be any problems taking a girl back to my room? Should I pay anybody at the hotel or tip them?

05-05-03, 21:43

Hotell Dorell
Address: Karu 39
Phone +372 626 1200

Hostel G9
Address: Gonsiori 9
Phone +372 626 7100

Hostel Tehnika
Address: Tehnika 16
Phone +372 653 3173

Address: Uus 26
Phone +372 641 1281

Hostel OldHouse Guesthouse
Address: Uus 22
Phone +372 641 1464

Hotell Kristiine
Address: Luha 16
Phone +372 646 4600

Hostel Vana Tom
Address: Väike-Karja 1
Phone +372 631 3252

Dusty Bin
05-06-03, 04:40
Juuh has provided a useful list of hotels.

Don't forget that in most cases that you will be expected to pay extra for any accompanying guests after 23:30. I don't stay at the hotels on the list as I think you will find that once you add the cost of a guest to the liklihood that the bed in a single room will be tiny, you will be better of in a better place...

Many of the cheaper hotels will be much as we described the Old House situation, it is a part of being cheap...

When I stay in an hotel, I prefer the Reval Express hotel by the ferry terminal. Cost is $60 per night (I get a 20% discount on that though!), per room, including breakfast. All beds are doubles and although guests may be asked to register, a good thing IMHO, there is no extra charge.

The Express is only a few years old, very central and pretty comfortable, if basic. With some places, what you save in hotel cost, you pay in taxi fares. (For some reason, ladies of the night do not seem to be able to walk more than 100m!)

If you are coming over from Helsinki by ferry, you might want to look at a hotel package deal with a ferry company, they can be very good value for money.

05-06-03, 18:33
But as dusty_bin has said before, an apartment is also a good option, with Erel (www.erel.ee) a good start. And no, I've no connection with them other than as a satisfied customer! For around 60 euro you get decent accommodation and facilities and a sauna as well. 'Nuff said!

05-06-03, 19:14
Just back from Tallinn. Great time.
In brief here are the tips I pass on and will remember myself for my return:

1) It'll cost a lot more than you budget for! Yes drinks are fairly cheap but when you're drinking or entertaining all day it just drains out of your wallet!
2) Strip bars - much of a muchness. I liked Atlantide, but that was probably because the gorgeous Kata (Kate she says to the Brits) was there. A perfect 10 without any quibble. Atlantide's privates were less adventurous than some, but the sight of Kata naked was a great start to proceedings. She gave me her number too, while naked!! Some strip bars charge 300 for private then extra 200 for "hardcore" show, and they try to get another 200 for touching or wanking, but you can probably skip that with some persuading! Allegedly!
3) Try the local talent early in the evening. Pretty good success rate with flirting which can easily progress if you're lucky.
4) Cafe Amigo appears to be ok, especially when other places are quiet early in the week. However, I was told many girls were working when I thought they were just out with mates! I was warned off one local girl seconds after my tongue was down her throat and my hand on her nipple - her "friend", older, harsher woman effectively told me she could get me a good girl at her club....
5) Trust WSG - take the print out with you! Pronski 7/11 is the best. 500/hr for a gorgeous sweet 20 yo woman. Natalya or Natasha she calls herself. Very slim, short dark hair, everything goes. Started with condom, but after some nice treatment she soon discarded it and was intent on sucking me dry. And my mate had the same experience too! Speaks no English though!
5) On leaving Amigo got talking to another girl. About 25, a translator so excellent English. Smouldering eyes, jet black hair, very slim, but sadly a chain smoker. I assumed she was working but started chatting. Another mate of mine swears she wasn't working. Anyway we went back to my room and I gave her a nice present if she wasn;t working!! Think she probably dabbles if she likes the look of you. She didn't have any condoms so that may have been the major clue!
Didn't need rubber for oral (CIM) again! This star did everything - didn't go for A but as she was rimming for Estonia I assume that was available too. Seemed genuinely disappointed when I flaked out after 4th round. Sleep then she was gone in a puff of morning smoke!
6) Book a double room with only one name before you arrive. It seemed to help when I tried to get above girl past reception. She registered, but no charge despite the sign in the welcome pack in all the rooms that an evening guest costs extra 250. My double was a special found on internet, 4*, with brekky and cost less than those apartments, so it can be done!

And that's all I can remember at the moment - I may add more as it comes back to me!!

06-07-03, 11:10
I'm travelling to EE countries on monthly basis. I'm starting to post reviews on my favourite places. Tallinn :

Tallinn is a very enjoyable small city during the spring and summer time. Small streets in the Old Town - medieval style - with many cafe's, bars and restaurants with many outdor sitting place.

Native Estonian girls are easy to meet, most of them are speaking english. There are friendly, smilling and not affraid to accept a drink and chat with you. If you like pretty young blondes Tallinn is your place...

* Bars :

There are now many bars in Old town Tallinn where you can find locals, expats and tourists.

I recommend you Nimeta Bar ( No Name bar - Suur Karja street 4/6 - tel. + 372 641 15 15 ) and Nimega bar ( Name bar - Suur Karja street 13 - tel. + 372 620 92 99 ) . Probably the best ones to meet regular estonian girls. It's quiet easy to meet girls speaking english in these bars. I was succesfull there at differents occasions. Girls are pretty and well dressed - from 18 to 30 y.o.

I found another interesting bar near Old Town Square - always plenty of nice estonian girls ( students, young girls ). It's called Avenuu bar ( Suur-Karja 10 - tel : + 372 644 10 19 ). It's open non-stop - everybody knows it.

Molly Malones ( Mundi street 2 - tel. + 372 631 30 16 ) is also well known by expats and local girls looking for contacts with foreigners.

In Beer House - a micro brewery - you can find group of mixed students and young estonians. Dunkri street 5 - tel. + 372 627 65 20.

* Discos / Dance clubs :

Another way to meet regular girls in Tallinn is to go to disco. Of course you can be asked by amateurs/semi-pro's or pro's too.

Bonnie & Clyde ( Olumpia hotel, Liivaia street 33 - tel. + 372 631 58 93 ) and Cafe Amigo ( Viru hotel, Viru Valjak 4 - tel. + 372 630 13 11 ) are located in hotels. When I went to these 2 dance clubs, I found little clients. Most of them where older. I was approached by some pro's. Not very attractive and expensive ( like in every hotels ).

Best club was probably Venus Club ( Vana Viru street 14 -tel. + 372 641 81 84 ). A lot of pretty young girls 18-25 - well dressed. Try also Hollywood club ( Vana Posti street 8 - tel. + 372 627 47 70 ) and Mr Robinson ( Aia street 10 - tel. + 372 627 36 00 ). Most of the girls who will follow you to your hotel will give free sex. Just buy them drinks :-) Paid girls will make you understanding that they are working before leaving the club to your hotel. You can negociate price. I had always very good sex withn both regular and working girls I picked-up.

* Strip clubs :

In strip clubs can be found more than a private dance :-) Be carrefull with lady's drinks ! Your bill can be pretty high :-)

X- club ( Harju street 6 - tel. + 372 631 05 75 ) is the most luxury and most expensive one. Check my post on WSA.

Borsi bar ( Lai street 7 - tel. + 372 641 19 59 ), Lasso bar ( Mere pst. 6a - tel. + 372 661 61 99 ) are cheaper. Also Soho bar ( Kaubamaja street 3 - tel. + 372 681 46 16 ). All these strip bars are offering private dances at expensive prices, go directly to the main menu and be sure to check what is included with the girl before paying ( some girls will provide only lap dance, some girls only HJ and/or BJ, some girls full sex ).

I found also the following addresses but had no opportunity to visit them : From dusk till dawn II ( Rataskaevu street 18/20- tel + 372 56 155 373 ) and Glaxy Cabaret ( Muurivahe street 23 A - tel . + 372 631 43 36 ), From dusk till dawn I ( Endla street 15 - + 372 662 02 09 ), Star Salong ( Roosikrantsi street 15 - tel. + 372 644 27 11 ).

* Private flats / massage salon :

Many russian girls are operating from a flat/apartment. Sometimes alone, sometimes in small groups of 3 to 5 girls. Check always the address and appartment number by phone before going there. Language can be a problem as they speak bad or no english...

Club 29, Adamsoni street 29 - tel + 372 53 916 795

Erotic massage - tel . + 372 51 989 308

Erotic massage Victoria - tel + 372 53 991 538

Erotic massage - tel. + 372 55 980 833

Erotic massage Teresa - tel. + 372 55 983 688

Erotic club - tel. + 372 660 74 01

Amore club - tel. + 372 664 78 53

Relax for men - tel. + 372 55 957 018

Erotic massage - + 372 53 918 287

Check also local newspapers for ads and phone numbers. You can also ask taxi drivers but keep in mind that they will drive you to the club giving him the best commission ( of course charged to your bill ). Taxis are not expensive in Tallinn but some taxi drivers can try to overcharge your bill as foreigner/ first timer. Hotel receptionists have usually their own contacts for escort services.

For information, many hotels have now internet connections for their guests. Otherwise, you can find internet cafes in Tallinn downtown. I used the ones in the department store located behind the Viru hotel ( Gonseiori street 2 ). It's on the upper floor ( 5th ? ). Or the one located in the Stokmann department store ( Liivalaia street ). It's on the 2nd floor.

* Restaurants :

Many restaurants in down town offering differents types of cuisines : medieval/Estonian cuisine but also russian, Caucasian ( Georgian, Armenian ), international, French, italian, Tex-Mex...

- Medieval/estonian : Old Hansa ( Vana Turg 1 - tel : + 372 627 9020 ) or Kuldse Notsu Korts ( Dunkri 8 - tel : + 372 628 65 67 ).

- French : Cathedral ( Lossiplats 2/Toom-Kooli 1 - tel: + 372 644 35 48 ).

- Russian : Troika (Raekoja plats 15 - Tel : + 372 627 62 45 ).

- World cuisine : Pegasus ( Harju 1 - tel : + 372 631 48 10 ).

- Classic luxury restaurant : Stenhus ( Puhavaimu 13/15 - tel : + 372 699 77 80 ) ( in Schlosse hotel ).

* Hotels :

I usually stay at the Radisson SAS hotel or Reval hotel Central located near the Old Town ( max 10 minutes walk ). Staffs are friendly, professional and speaking well english.

If you're looking for a luxury hotel with atmosphere ( Radisson SAS and Reval hotels are more business hotels ), choose St. Petersburg hotel or Schlosse hotel lovated in Old Town.

Last time my travel agent told me about a new hotel called Vana Viru also located in Old Town. He sent me pictures by e-mail but I never stayed there yet.

Feel free to contact him for more informations at hobbytravel@hotmail.com - BTW both managers are hobbyists themselves.

06-07-03, 16:24
Tallinn is crazy!
Im here now - actually been here just one day - and i have already fucked my first estonian, a non-pro girl i met at a disco last night.
And i have already an appointment for meeting another girl this night, for dancing, drinking and hopefully some fun later.

And some boys have already tried to mug me!

All this in one day.

This town IS crazy!

I'll give you my report when im home - IF i go home.


06-10-03, 22:48
Hello Hrchrister!

Thank for your report, and please keep us updated with more information.

I have a couple of qustions, that you or someone else maybe can answer.

1) What is the dress-code over there? I realize it is different code from one place to another, but what do you think is appropriate in places like cafe amigo, bar nimegga and hollywood nightclub.

I rather not want to show up in bar nimegga in the wrong dress - looking like a complete fool! I guess the pro's really dont care, but I had also a certain hope to make acquaintance to some locals.

2) What happend when the boys tried to mug you? Is that common?

Will soon arrive Tallin myself! So all Mothers in Tallin - watch out for you daughters, lol

06-19-03, 00:16
I will be in Tallin for the first time in August.

I would like suggestions for hotels, cost no problem where you can find good looking women, or failing that where you have no problems getting them in.

Given y request above, where can you find girls that you easily pick up.

Thanks for your help,


06-19-03, 13:58
Originally posted by Waper
Hello Hrchrister!

1) What is the dress-code over there? I realize it is different code from one place to another, but what do you think is appropriate in places like cafe amigo, bar nimegga and hollywood nightclub.

I rather not want to show up in bar nimegga in the wrong dress - looking like a complete fool! I guess the pro's really dont care, but I had also a certain hope to make acquaintance to some locals.

First: take it easy :)
Nimega is mostly a bar for young people, croudy, small area for dancing, music and couple of bars. I wouldn't go there with suit and tie, you might be the only one :) From fashion jeans to smart dressed.
Free entrance

Hollywood is a place for more classy people (entrance is 100 EEK :) ) and maybe more elegant ones.

Amigo is the night club of Viru hotel where you can find pro (but not only). Something in between the previous ones. Suit is fine. There is a large dancing floor, 3 bars (if I remember correctly). You have to pay for enter but I don't recall the amount, could be at least 100EEK as well.

I might go to Tallinn today for a few days :)

06-20-03, 14:49
Don't mean to butt in, but from my experience in the eastern block, dress is really important.

You don't have to wear a suit. Just dress nice. This is pretty much a rule everywhere you go. It is definitely a class society and you want to show everybody which class you are in. If you dress down, dress "cool" down. That works too...but it still should look expensive! You want to set yourself apart from the local guys with no money to speak of wearing knock-off cheap clothes or old fashions. Generally speaking, eastern european girls will spend almost all of their spare change on clothes and holidays, so they expect their suitors to be someone they can be seen with...

It is of course possible to dress down and still look sexy or cool, still girls do expect you to show taste. Sometimes I like to dress down too, but in eastern europe I have learned to dress more European and even if dressing down, in hip hop style or grunge style or just ultra casual or whatever, it should be done with flair. There is a market for everything, you just have to find that perfect mix of looking like you didn't care how you looked and still ended up looking great...

To be safe going into clubs you don't know, don't wear jeans or sneakers. Jeans are appropriate in a lot of places, but not everywhere. Sneakers are only appropriate in really casual places with an Irish pub atmosphere or in certain hip hop or techno clubs.

Everybody has their own taste, these are just my observations.

06-23-03, 17:01
this board has been a bit quiet of late - anyone have any good reviews or recommendations?

for my 2 cents - i found a nice chick from one of the home delivery numbers - 053928708 - russian bird out from st petersburg for a month - doesn't know how to stop! fully shaven and a lovely person - with enourmous energy. not bad for 400 eeks.

anyway, lets hear what everyone thinks - where is the best place to find:
1. quality,
2. pse,
3. gfe,
4. value for money?


06-24-03, 07:07
Hi Tiger,

can you describe her a bit ?
I tried Viktoria / Anzelika(http://www.sihteeriopisto.net/sivut/aikuisviihde_naisoppilaat_nayta_viro.php?name=viktoria).
Red hair, quite small, large butt and C-cup saggy tits. Good service and attitude but nothing to remember (50€). She can do anal.

06-28-03, 12:00
After a meeting in Helsinki on a Friday I decided to spend the weekend in Tallinn. So I choose the Nordic Jet Line because their Terminal is central in Helsinki. The girl at the counter advised me to book the Hotel for Tallinn already there since it is a weekend. So I paid about 140 Euro for a round trip including one night in a reasonable priced Hotel.
The trip takes almost 2 hours and after immigration I proceeded to the Hotel Metropol. It is easy to find (walking distance). But when I arrived there, the girl at the counter told me, that there is no reservation for me and that all rooms are booked. So she called Nordic Jet Line and they arranged another room for me in higher priced Hotel. The lobby at the new Hotel was very small and I was already afraid that I would prefer to stay in Metropol. But coming to the room I was very surprised: a really to floor apartment, brand new made in old factory hall.
Following the advises in WSG Forum, I went then to Pronski 7/11. A 24 year old girl with black hair opened and I took her for one hour (500 EEK). She offered a towel and guided me to the shower. She then asked me, if I want a massage, which I accepted. After about 10 min I turned to my back and the massage became more sexual. She unwrapped her towel and started a BJ (covered only at this place). I moved her to 69 position and came within a few minutes. After some tender massage, she put her attention again to my cock, who showed a nice reaction. The following sex in all positions was great and she did everything to please me. So after about 50 of the 60 minutes I came again, when she was riding me. With a smile on my face I left the place and headed to old city.
I just roamed around and after about half an hour my eyes crossed young blonde girl who was also waling alone. We smiled at each other and I approached her and asked if she knows english. She has even studied english and agreed immediately to have a drink with me. What followed now, made my trip to Tallinn really unforgettable. This 23 year old girl spend the next 2 days with me, guided me to the city and restaurants – and fall in love to me (I am 46). When it came to sleep, she wanted to spend the first night at her home, which I accepted (I had already my 2 shots this evening). The following morning she came to my Hotel and we headed straight to my room. Too bad she had right during this weekend her menstruation, so the whole thing was a bit messy. She had had only once sex before and so she didn’t have much experience. But I guided her hands and her mouth to my most sensitive parts. She was a fast learner and provided a wonderful BBBJ. After some massage in the shower we proceeded to do some sightseeing in the old city.

Since this girl had to go back at work on Monday morning and there was not much action during the night due to her menstruation, I went on Monday morning again to Pronski 7/11. This time Anastasia opened. She came right out of the shower and was wrapped only with her towel. She is an about 23 year old blond Estonian and does a perfect BJ, really deep. In between the actions she massaged me with her perfect massage technique. They seem to have 24 hour service in most of the apartments, at least in Pronski they do. The problem there is just, that I have mostly 2 (good looking and young) girls, but only one room available.

After a good haircut for EEK 130 done by a Russian lady I proceeded to the ferry with a big smile on my face. Tallinn really rocks!

07-13-03, 21:56

I´m going to Tallinn 25/7. Have anybody visited some good adresses resently?


07-14-03, 21:55
There was some action in the 24 hour bar, the Avenue, on my last visit, very late, 5am. Just beckon them over if they don't approach you, you are in the FSU and they like their men strong! Pulled a semi pro for 400 krone. Money wasn't mentioned until before the deed and then I just gave her what I had. Communication was a bit of a problem as I don't speak Estonian and she didn't speak English. A pro in the Avenue wanted a gift of 1000 krone but I just laughed and walked away. I approached girls in Cafe Amigo but they were all just regular Estonian girls on a Friday night and the charm failed!

07-21-03, 08:48
To Dusty_Bin and all Tallinn Experts

I'll be in Tallinn soon and I need some advices from you fellow mongers :
is Domina City Hotel a good location for hobbying ?
It must be, at least, "girlfriendly".
Do you think, I'd better stay at "Hotel Viru"?

Then let's see if I did my homework right, before getting there ;

"Places of interest" :

-Apartments : Pronski 7/11. Any other ?
-Clubs (Free-Lancers/Regulars) : Venus Club, Cafe Amigo, Hollywood (?),
Mr. Robinson. Any indication of prices ?
-Bars/Pick-up joints : Nimeta Bar, Nimega Bar,
Molly Malone's(Early in the evening).
-Strip Clubs : Borsi Bar. Worth a trip. I'll eventually try to arrange a date with one of the girs.

Thanks a lot to all of you guys and I'll keep you posted !


07-21-03, 13:09
What is the best option during the day? Between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM? When I was in Tallin like four years ago I think I remember seeing girls sitting down at the main square. Anybody know what they run for? Or am I better off finding an apartment/brothel.

Thanks, and Happy Hunting!

07-22-03, 23:15
mro -

other apartments of interest:
Pärnu mnt 48, apartment 25
Lembitu 7, apartment 21

both 500eek/hr.

Field Commander
07-23-03, 00:20
In my opinion Tallinn is wonderful in these days. I have only some suggestion: try to find a balance between apartment girls and no-pro girls. Both have pro & cons. It's up to you.

I have a suggestion: try the internet cafè in the afternoon...

Miami Vice

07-24-03, 03:48
yes the non pro girls are fantastic - but it takes a bit of nuturing... but well worth it in the long run (if you are staying longer than a weekend/week)


07-29-03, 07:36
To Tiger88888

Dea Tiger,

thanks a lot for your reply regarding a couple of private apartments.

Do I have to call before getting there ?

Just to avoid they keep me waiting...


07-30-03, 16:15
pressing the doorbell is enough - but its handy to have a phone and their phone number in case no one answers the door. but those 3 places i mentioned below are pretty responsive (to the doorbell buzzer)

J Gabin
08-05-03, 13:57
Hi all and thank you for all your reports (and to Jackson for his work)

I have been to Tallinn a few times but for short time (till one week). I am wondering if it's easier to pick up regular girls when you are alone or when you are with a friend?

I just noticed that most of the girls go out to discos or pubs in groups (usually 2 or 3 girls).

My next trip to Tallinn will be current August.

What do "Tallin experts" think about that?


Dusty Bin
08-07-03, 20:16
Unexpected trip to Tallinn!

If anyone will be in town this Friday afternoon the 8th to Sunday afternoon. please drop me a line to:


Yes it is a real email address!

08-14-03, 10:49
Looking for local help

I will be making a big tour around Eastern Europe

planning to stay in any other town that might be worth a visit. I am looking to get in touch with some locals who can also speak English or German, who have good communicative skills trying to make some money or find a new well paid job. Please get in touch with me or perhaps you can give me a referal of someone trustworthy who might be able to help me out in some of those towns finding some young girls, uni students, semi pros etc,

Dusty Bin
08-17-03, 15:54
This is not about sex, per se, but important none the less...

When in Tallinn, DO NOT use the Monex group of money exchange offices. They have some sneaky little tricks to fleece the unsuspecting!

1) They advertise that there is no commission and offer, for small transactions a poor exchange rate.
- I can live with this, they have to make money after all!

2) The exchange rate is VERY POOR!

3) They provide the client with a plastic wallet for the money. I noticed that on the exchange rate sign the wallet was advertised as 'sold for 25eek'. When I checked my money and receipt there was no mention of this item, but the cash proffered was 25eek light.
I told the staff that I did not want to buy the wallet and was told that it was 'commission' and no refund would be offered.

You will get a better rate at your hotel than from these shysters, whose normal customers are drunken visitors, who seem not to notice the rip off. Normally I use plastic and one of the ubiquitous ATM machines, with no problems.

So do not use MONEX, easily recognisable by the blue lettering and yellow backgrounds of their signs.

08-18-03, 15:41
Hi guys!

Summer holidays are over for most of the Finns, time to get back to work.. :)

There was quite nice article about brothels and their owners in local news paper one week ago, I try to get some kind of translation of it here too.

Orginal article can be found from here:


Quite funny detail: comments from "a Finnish specialist", queted in the article are from my post to Sihteeriopisto.net (which was translated to this site too). At least we know now how Estonian newspapers take their material..

Brothels-thing requires one update, prices are now basicly 1200 kr (80 e) now for full hour. Guys at Sihteeriopisto have arranged free ride to most of them, ask for it from kanslisti@sihteeriopisto.net - at least you can save some 500 kr which would go to taxi otherwise.

08-18-03, 20:42
3) They provide the client with a plastic wallet for the money. I noticed that on the exchange rate sign the wallet was advertised as 'sold for 25eek'. When I checked my money and receipt there was no mention of this item, but the cash proffered was 25eek light.
I told the staff that I did not want to buy the wallet and was told that it was 'commission' and no refund would be offered.

yeah i was talking to the guy who runs monex a while back. he was telling me that they make 5000 Euro a day during summer from the 'sales' of these plastic wallets. quite amazing really. its just unfortunate that its not the classic mcdonalds upsell, "would you like fries with that", rather, "lets make some money off the unsuspecting tourist"

anyway, shit happens i suppose.


08-28-03, 20:50
I will be in Tallin for a weekend in 2 weeks. Any advise about nice centraly hotels. Any recomendations (location / girls to the room)?

Radisson SAS
Park Consul Schlössle
St Petersbourg

Thanks, posting about my trip will follow.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

08-30-03, 08:47
There is a surpsingly unknown, cosy, little hotel right in the centre of Tallinn. They do not advertise much, they are not listed in any travel agency brochures. It is my favourite:


Hotel G9
Gonsiori Street 9

You can easily find this street in any Tallinn map. It is situated 100 m from what is understood to be the centre of Tallinn: Viru square. The hotel has only 16 rooms. The rates you can find in the webpages. For example single room EEK 500,- / night = EUR 33,-. A bargain !

Reservation by email is convenient and reliable. When you arrive and register yourself you will get a plastic magnetic card to get through the main and dividing doors in the building. Plus of course the key to you own room. Most of the rooms are so situated that when you step in to the hotel floor ( 3rd floor) you do not even have to pass the clerk.

I have several times brough lady visitors for a nice few hours of sex in my room. Girls I know from before, or girls who I order through Tallinns various escort agencies.
No questions asked, most times no one from the hotel staff has even noticed my businesses.
Act like a gentleman, and you are treated as a gentleman.
If you step in singing songs and with a bottle in your hand - and with an unregistered lady in your arms you will be asked questions.

09-14-03, 20:52

I have some general questions that I would be most grateful if someone could help me out with.

- Is it any problems bring back girls to Hotel rooms in the normal hotels? (any extra fee or complications?)

- Is there any good areas where the stripclubs and brothels are within walking distance?

- Is there any places the is good for taking 2 girls?

- What is the normal opening & closing times for these places?

- Which 4 star hotel is located in that area?

- Is there any laid back bars with pool tables around that area?

- Is there any good spa and relax clubs where they also have "normal" massage?

- Is it possible to have good action every day in Tallinn or is it closed some days?

Any info would be great!!

Best Regards


Noah Chapin
09-16-03, 07:09
Hey fella's I had a great experience with one of the hottest women I have ever found in Estonia. She is an independent. I can tell you first hand that she is everything she is cracked up to be. Her name is Katja and she is from Talinn.

Hi Noah Chapin,

Please post your email address so these other guys can contact you regarding this chick's contact info.



09-16-03, 13:50
Hello Noah Chapin.
Very nice picture, could you please send me contact information for my next visit in Tallinn.


I deleted the email address in the above report. The Forum policy regarding the posting of email address is that if a member has information to share with other members, then that forum member must post their email address and invite the interested persons to send an email directly to them.

This policy is necessary because otherwise the Forum will experience a flood of one line "reports" that are nothing more than additional requests for the information along with an email address, all of which do nothing to enhance the value of the Forum. By asking the provider of the information to post their email address, then everyone who is interested in receiving the information can contact the provider of the information without cluttering up the Forum.



Dusty Bin
09-16-03, 14:21
I confess, I would not mind making her acquaintance. She looks to be 'not young' but certainly very nice. Can you let me know how to contact her her please?


I deleted the email address in the above report. The Forum policy regarding the posting of email address is that if a member has information to share with other members, then that forum member must post their email address and invite the interested persons to send an email directly to them.

This policy is necessary because otherwise the Forum will experience a flood of one line "reports" that are nothing more than additional requests for the information along with an email address, all of which do nothing to enhance the value of the Forum. By asking the provider of the information to post their email address, then everyone who is interested in receiving the information can contact the provider of the information without cluttering up the Forum.



09-16-03, 16:47
Noah Chapin,

Please send the contact information. Thanks very much.


I deleted the email address in the above report. The Forum policy regarding the posting of email address is that if a member has information to share with other members, then that forum member must post their email address and invite the interested persons to send an email directly to them.

This policy is necessary because otherwise the Forum will experience a flood of one line "reports" that are nothing more than additional requests for the information along with an email address, all of which do nothing to enhance the value of the Forum. By asking the provider of the information to post their email address, then everyone who is interested in receiving the information can contact the provider of the information without cluttering up the Forum.



09-17-03, 19:08

Anybody who knows where the girls from Lembitu 14, apartment 33 is now.
I hoped to see a girl Ksenia there, but it was closed. If you know where to find her please tell me.


Noah Chapin
09-18-03, 08:54
I have some bad news fella's! I e-mailed Katja and received a response today from her boyfriend evidently. He threatened me not to call or e-mail her any longer. It looks like this girl is being forced out of the buisness. Evidently he must monitor her e-mail? I called her today and she hung up on me! This is a terrible tragedy. This woman performed the best bbbj I have ever had! I came so hard I was weak in the knee's! What a treasure that girl was. One of the hottest I have ever been with! Well the search will never end! There is something always better out there some where!

09-18-03, 09:06
Noah, How did you find Katjusha?

Noah Chapin
09-20-03, 05:32
I found her throug a friend of mine who goes there 4 or 5 times a year for buisness. He knows the escort scene real well. I went out there with a Russian friend of mine and looked her up. What a real treat! I am glad I got a chance to at least experience her once!

J Gabin
09-20-03, 11:32
I will be in Tallinn from september 27th, for 2 weeks or less. If someone is there at that time and would like to spend some time trying to pick up regular local girls or semi-pros, I would be glad to join him if he contacts me. I am in my 30's and have already been there a few times. I will rent a furnished apartment. My email is jgabin1@hotmail.com

Have fun !

Malter Man
09-25-03, 11:29
J Gabin,

I will be in Talinn between 3rd Oct and 10th. We're 4 of us, with the same plan as yours. Regulars as well as pros are our mission. However, since we're first timers to Estonia, we would like your advice. We're thinking of getting a couple apartments in the old city. Shall we book beforehand? Is it easy to get willing girls for us mongers in our mid 20's?

J Gabin
09-28-03, 17:21
Hi Malter Man

I am not a Tallinn "expert" as some members of this forum are...

You will have some good advices if you browse the reports. I am currently in Tallinn and it's cold here. Had to buy wool gloves! But women are beautiful here whatever the weather.

I think you will find easily some apartments, since there is very few tourists now in Tallinn. Try www.erel.ee

If you are 4, you will have some fun, and you can focus on semi-pros and pros since you are not going to stay for a long time.

Have fun

10-01-03, 23:44
1st time in tallin, here is my report:

Business was earlier finished than expected, took Chopterline to Tallin, great deal for 39EUR.

I reserved a room in the G9 hotel. I am traveling often for business reason, for me, the hotel is too poor. Great for taking a girl to the room, with the key gard and you can get to your room without passing the lobby. but the standard is low, cheap, thin blanket, no shower gel, etc. location is good, 10 min walk to old town, 5 min to Pronski 7 11, 5-10 minutes to Stockman.

I went out for dinner, was in the Old Estonian, great food, reasonable prices for the quality and service. then during the next couple of hours I checked several places

Molly Malones, only 2 couples and men, no single women, was about 21:00.

Nimega bar, great atmosphere, had several drinks, there were good live music, many young people, serveral girls, but no chance to chat with them. no single girls, most of them in groups of 3 and more. great club, but no luck picking up girls around 23:00.

Nimeta bar, arrived about midnight. I was definitely to old. I am 35 and the average age of the guest were about 20. Really cute, great girls, but most of them knew each other, had a great time of watching them dancing.

Venus club: I arrived about 1am. Great atmosphere, huge disco club, had 2 drinks, a lot of cute young people, specially the girls were sexy dressed, could not find any pros, and it was to loud to chat with the girls. and I am not a disco king, so I left.

Arrived at 2am in the night club of the viru hotel, named Amigo? There I hanged around until 3:30, talked to serval girls, unfortunatly my favourite left with her friends. She was not interessted to meet me again or after the club. For me it was to much, the cute girls were there with there boyfriends, some pros had already their company, so I had my drinks, watching the people, mostly drunken Finnish guys, to bad. Finaly found a nice girl, chatted about 30 min with her, she asked if she can spend the night with me, I agreed, but she was really expensive. puh, 200 EUR for the night, non negotiable. I guess I showed to much interest, but she was the only single girl in the night club, so I decided to take her to the hotel. She was a little surprised about the standard of the G9, I guess normaly she meet men in the Radisson, Schloessle, etc.

In the hotel we took a shower togehter, and had good sex, including kisses, french kiss, covered blow job and sex, sex, sex. after a few hours sleep, she waked me with a kiss, started kissing again, it! I told her that I am to tired, but she continued with a great (covered) blow job and we had sex again.

I slept again a few hours, went shopping, had lunch, and checked the internet cafes in the old town.

Pitstop at Mundi: To small, not good for chatting.

Corner Vene/viru some girls drinking coffee.

Vaera Viru, 2nd floor of bookstore, no girls there.

Vana Viru, coffee shop in the 2nd floor, there were all the time young cuties using the internet, talked to them, but they were not interessted.

Then decided to check apartment. Pronski 7/11 is not far from G9. For you 1st timers, this doesn't meen Pronski 7 and Pronski 11. There is nothing at Pronski 11, just walk to Pronski 7 and ring the bell number 11. There is no name tag, just ring the bell. I went to the appartment and there were 3 girls there. One with blond short hair, curvy, then a cutie with long dark hairs, looking really young, and an little bit older lady. After a short discussion I took 2 girls for 1 hour for 1000 EEK. 1 hour is fine, because it's enough time for sex and a good massage. Do NOT take 2 girls, since they will talk all the time together, instead of focussing to you. the young girl, she mentioned she's 22, long dark hair, real cute was excellent. covered blow job, sex in several positions, and a good massage. The blond girl did only blow job, and fucking was only possible in one position. it was nice to get a blowjob from 2 girls, but I recomend to go to the room with only 1 girl (long dark! hair) for 1 hr and relax.

Then I decided to return to Helsinki and took the last ferry to Helsinki. This was the right decision, since I had the best gfe ever. but see Helsinki topic for more details.

Conclusion: There are a lot of young beautiful women in Tallin, but do not expect to take one to your room. most of the girls are in groups of 2 or more, so it is not easy as a single man. if you don't know anyone, and if you're there only for one or two nights it's hard to find the profs and they are as expensive as in Helsinki.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Malter Man
10-11-03, 23:55
Just back from a week in Tallinn.

First of all its pretty quiet at this time of the year. Nightlife is mainly limited to Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays is like a cemetry and Mondays to Wednesdays are little better. Tried Venus, Mr Robinson, and Cafe Amigo at Viru Hotel. Nimega and Nimeta were empty, didn't even go in. Locals suggested Terranium during the week. They said it's near the port but didn't manage to find it. Venus was cool.

Plenty of beautiful chicks in Estonia, it's the land of wonder women. But no luck with one-night stands. In fact it's not that easy to take regulars to bed. I feel that they need some time to get to know you well first.

Semi-pros and pros in night-clubs are not evident and I didn't find any. Street walkers are limited to the park beside Viru Hotel and the young ones demanded 1000EEK for the hour, 2000EEK for the night (too expensive). There were a couple of old ones too (no idea about price).

Finally I stumbled apon Tuukri 26. Kind of decent style brothel. 50EEK entrance fee, 600EEK for the hour. However girl at reception can be pretty hostile. She asked a couple of Norwegian 50yr olds for 2000EEK for the hour and refused to put down the price. At he end they left with 50EEK entrance fee less in their wallet. Beautiful girls, service depends on individual girl. Nice rooms with TV and ensuite. I recommend a girl who calls herself Marina. Will post her photo later in the photo section. Voluptous boobs, beautiful legs, and nice blue eyes. Great in bed too. Kissed all the time, bbj w/o condom and rode me like crazy. Seemed to enjoy it and asked me to come back the day after. The girls will try to take you to the bar first, but evade that. They will take a champagne which will cost you a further steep 600EEK.

I even tried Parnu Mnt 48/25. Go to building 48 on Parnu Manta and ring doorbell no 25. A woman's voice will answer (the mamasan). You needn't answer back, she will just open the main door from upstairs. Go up to door 25 and she will open the door for you. Warm woman, the mamasan, she will invite you into the sitting room and available girls will come so that you make your choice. Usually young russian girls, who barely speak english. Chances are that there will be one or two girls only. Room is quite simple, with double mattress on the floor, but neatly and romantically decorated and soft music. Tried a skinny girl with the name of Katya for one hour. Great service. After I came she started all over again. Kissed, bbj with cover on and fs in different positions. Price is 350EEK for half hour, 500EEK for the hour.

Finally got a couple of dates with regulars. Warm friendly people but one week is too short to take a girl to bed in Tallinn. Some girls in nightclubs are not so nice and are after drinks.

Now I must make some recommendations for places to eat. Baar Tallinn on Narva Mnt, is a cosy place, good food and reasonable prices. Service is friendly and had a date with one of the waitresses.

The only place to find food early in the morning - after 2am is a kiosk on Tuukri str, 100m away from Tuukri Nightclub/hostel (brothel). The girls working the kiosk are far from friendly, and the quality of food leaves much to be desired, considering it is not cheap at all, but it's the only place where you can find anything to eat at that time.

Internet cafes are a rare sight in Tallinn.

Dusty Bin
10-12-03, 11:59
I am sorry that some guys seem to have been missing something...

There are loads of women, it is true to say that it can be difficult to separate the civulians and professionals in the clubs, but that is why I treat them all the same and see where it goes.
I am not into brothels at all.

I have never pulled from Venus, but it is a good place to go with a friend, male or female. Amigo and Bonnie and Clyde have many women available, but you have to approach them. As is always the case, the ones that approach you will be hard core and expensive. I treat it as dating, the Russians call it IIRC 'assisted dating' and it is not expensive.

On my last trip over I met up with a very lovely girl who I will be seeing again. She is a dancer, we had no opportunity to get it on as I was riding shotgun of several other guys on their first visit. Best thing is to give the impression that you are staying for some time, or coming back regularly, that way the ordinary girls and the part-timers will give you a good time. They know that Pekka Suomalainen comes at the weekend for a shag and goes home on Sunday afternoon, they dont want to give it up for that kind of relationship, they might as well charge as give it away free...
Treat em nice and have a great time!

10-13-03, 08:01
Malter Man wrote at the end of his posting: "Internet cafes are a rare sight in Tallinn". May be so but there are a few. I have 2 hints for those interested:

Kaubamaja department store in the very center of the city, opposite Viru hotel. On the top floor there is a quiet internet café. About 8 terminals, seldom have I seen all being occupied. Kaubamaja is open Mon-Sat 09.00 – 21.00 Sun 10.00. – 19.00.

Coca Cola Plaza, bottom floor, game hall. Walk downstairs behind the cinema ticket counters. All terminals can be used for game or internet purposes. Number of terminals about 30. Far better computers and much more ergonomical in use than those at Kaubamaja. Open every day 10.00 – 22.45. My favourite.

Price level? If my memory serves me correctly 1 hour at CC Plaza Game Plaza costs EEK 30. Very reasonable for western tourists in any case.

Dusty Bin
10-14-03, 00:24
Actually there are quite a few, I should have chimed in...
So, also:
Apollo bookshop at the bottom of Viru Street
F1 Cafe, next to Molly Malones
Viru Hotel and Express hotel, in fact most decent hotels have computers for their guests.

Outside of the old town there is one near the National library, essentially for locals and all in Estonian/Russian, good becasue I cant remember the address for that one either.

There is one around the corner from Robinson, can't remember the address. Usually they are not huge places, but sufficient.

10-14-03, 08:04
Hey guys,

Have been reading the Tallinn posts with some interest. I'm interested in going for a few days (a few months as the girls will be advised).

I'm quite keen to go when there are plenty scandanavian girls (Finns and Swedes) there on vacation.

Can anyone advise when the best time to go would be - May 04?

Does anyone have any info on how easy to score with the scandy girls?


Malter Man
10-17-03, 09:31

I havn't met any Scandy girls on vacation this october in Tallinn. But I beleive there will be lots in the summer months. I was told by locals that the areas around the beaches are full of life in summer.

This leads me to a question? Has anyone ever stumbled on a certain "Terranium" nightclub or disco close to Sadam Port? Lots of locals mentioned it, but I never had any luck in finding it.

J Gabin
10-19-03, 10:42
Malter Man,

I didn't try Terrarium (not Terranium) Night Club, since it's not located very close of the Old Town where I stay when I go there.

I was told by locals that it's a new one (about 2 years old).

You can check its web site at www.terrarium.ee. It's in Estonian, but you can find easily the map and...some cuties' pictures (don't know if indeed, they will be there when you go next time to the Club ;-) )


I don't really understand why you are interested in scandy girls in Tallinn ? You know, most of estonian girls look exactly like them. Estonian people would explain you that they are scandinavian indeed.

10-29-03, 15:05
In these Tallinn and other WSG city pages positive paid sex experiences have quite rightly got the main attention of most writers and readers. Not to forget the darker side let me tell you of 2 negative experiences of mine.

Nurga Bar, situated in the corner of the streets Liivalaia and Tartu Maantie in the centre of Tallinn. If you stand in front of the department store Stockmann main entrance on Liivalaia and look left to the opposite side of the street you cannot see the bar itself yet but you can see the sign leading there. The bar is very near from there, 50 meters or so. There have been reports in WSG Forum about this place, dating back months ago.

This is a small bar/pub plus they have a sauna with a dressing room available. I visited the place in September 2002. I knew the sauna department's main purpose: for clients to have sex with a lady. The bar staff will order the girl. The staff speak best Russian, a little English too. They will phone to one of Tallinn’s many escort agencies to order a girl, all this very swift and efficient. Delivery in less than 30 minutes most times. Cost to the client: EEK 600,- or EEK 700,- per hour. EEK 600,- is the normal one – the extra applies if the client does not know the price level and does not argue Fair business. I do not think the price has gone up since then. As regular Tallinn sex holiday makers know the escort agency debiting at the moment is EEK 300,- / hour for any client. A mere USD 23,- which many of my friends have hard to believe. So the difference EEK 300,- or 400,- is the bar's profit. By the way: towels are given for extra charge only.

I paid the EEK 600,- , ordered a beer and sat down to wait. After 20 minutes an agency chauffor and the girl walked in. Okey, fine, I offered the lady a drink, she accepted lemonade and into the sauna compartment we went. I could see that the girl had a terrible hangover which she admitted. She did not look too bad. She said she is 23, looked to me at least 28, not a surprising thing in this business. When she had first walked in the bar she had looked a bit expressionless but not showing a bad mood. This she did show me in the sauna compartment where we sat down to talk and get ready for the action. We had one hour time, I could see that she tried to minimize the sex part time of it. Talking this and that, vainly asking me questions. How very humiliating: she took hold of my penis like of a piece of sausage, not looking at, just pulling back and forth, with a fed up expression on her face. She all this time did not look me in the eye.

I was like a dead object to her... I felt like a fool the whole time , there was no joy, no pleasure there. Anyhow I miraculously did get an erection, did have an intercourse with her. As well I could have told her: sorry, something is not right, let´s stop and put our clothes back on and just talk the rest of the time. I felt sorry for myself, I felt sorry for the girl.

This July I was staying in a hotel in Tallinn and decided to order a girl to be chauffored to me for 2 hours. I chose a number that has been mentioned earlier in these pages too: +372 53 928708.

I think they advertise themselves as "Laguna" in the sex journal Maaja. All was very simple: I phoned the number in my mobil phone, talked to the lady in Russian which I moderately command. She said yes, they have girls available at the moment. Is it OK after 45 minutes at my hotel ? I said yes but please bring several girls for me to choose from. She said OK, will do.

The lady phoned back at the appointed time and said they are 10 minutes late. No problem about that. I met the car in front of the hotel. A small passenger car, male driver who does the money collecting and 4 girls. They sat expressionless in the car while I made my choice. No stunners, no monsters. I made a quick choice: a girl with strangely white coloured hair, with a bit hoarse voice. Age ? My guess was 28 but she actually was 21. Sveta was the name, short for Svetlana. Not a good choice. She turned out to be shy of her body. If you readers have been with her this must sound familiar: she does not want to be naked in a lighted room. As it was summer afternoon she insisted on putting a blanket to cover the window... Okay, that gave some kind of darkness but she was all the more shy. She did not have a good body, she was not good to have sex with.

A previous customer had fucked her too hard she said, I was not allowed to move as freely as I would have liked. You know what I mean: I was definitely not having a good time. And she told me something I did not necessarily need to know: she is doing this job against her own will. Earlier she had fallen in love with a boy and tried to get out of this all. But no: she would have had to pay an enormous fine to her boss to do that. So she is forced to continue. Was she making this up ? Trying to get some extra money from me ? I think she was telling me the truth. I felt like shit after this sad encounter.

10-31-03, 06:24

What you describe is the dark side of our "hobby." The global sex trade is enormously profitable and the women are ferociously exploited.

Want more? See ...


It ain't pretty.

Dusty Bin
10-31-03, 15:43
Terrarium is perhaps 10 minutes walk, at most from the centre of the old town, it takes less time to get there than going to Bonnie and Clyde and only a couple of minutes longer than Amigo.

You should go. If you take a taxi, you should not pay more than 35EEk to get there from the edge of the old town, or the rest of the centre. Taxis in the old town are more expensive, they need a special permit to be there.

I have wriiten before about the seamy side of prostitution in Estonia. It plays, I think, only a very small part. I am not entirely sure I believe the girl's story, but perhaps it is true. I am sure though that it is a very small minority. The reason is that it is too easy for a girl who wants to rent herself out to do so, safely and easily. In all honesty, the girls most likely to be under any kind of pressure are likley to be those who are unnatractive, but who still want to work, those who have to settle for a bad deal to do what they want to do. I seriously doubt that any 'pressed labour' would be a local girl.
WHy do I say this?

In Estonia, there is no need to have a pimp, the girls in the bars such as B&C, Amigo, generally work on their own. There are some men and women who have a stable, I have seen at least one such in B&C. The girls keep at least half the money they make, plus any tips. In return they get physical security and introductions to relatively wealthy men. Not a bad deal frankly! The brothels, generally are clean and safe and again the girls get about half of the money after taxi drivers commissions, again not a bad deal. The girls working with taxi drivers and delivery services are often students or similar, they work the hours they want and seem free to make 'private' appointments. The girls doing this, relish the discretion and ease of the business.

There is only one bar, which I still work to get to the bottom of, that is a little different. Mr Robinson. Here it seems to me, many of the girls are working, but not in the bar. They are waiting for calls to go to work with the taxi drivers etc. These girls have pimps, but do not work with the club. The club gas its won contacts for this. I do not understand the separation but that seems to be how it is.

So. on the whole things are not too bad. I would always avoid the lowest price places, these are where you are likely to find the 'pressed labour', not from the girls charging sensible money.

Dusty Bin
10-31-03, 15:51
Musketeer, I am sorry to hear of your bad experiences. You exemplify why I choose not to use brothels and especially not cheap ones. I think that you were unlucky with girls who did not want to work.

I know that in Saint Pete the forced labour with pimps forcing girls to pay for future earnings happens. It is one reason why girls go to Finland from SPb. I have never heard of it in Estonia.

If you want attractive, willing girls just go to Leesika, Club Max or Morgan. There are others, but I know these places and/or girls who work there. The girls may dislike the work, because it is boring fucking fat guys who are drunk, but usually they are able to convince the client that theyare having a good time. I guess they might given that they are earning from one client in one hour about 10-15% of the average monthly wage, excluding tips and drinks...

Not bad money for many!

On the other hand, if you brush up your relationship skills, pulling a nice looking girl for a few drinks and a bit of chat is both easy and fun. For me, the rental option is only ever used if all else fails...

10-31-03, 18:04

once i went to mr. robinson, this summer. the ugly men who takes the coats insisted to show me some girls working in the sauna. i wasn't interested because there was much more available and for free in the dance floor. eventually the third time he asked i agreed to have a look at them. he said they were busy at that moment and that in 20 minutes everything would be ready for me. after a while he came to pick me up in the dance floor (i was really ashamed since everybody understood what was going on...) and upstair we went. in a small room there were 3 (probably) **** girls, small and bad dressed, smoking and tired. i cannot even rate them. i spoke to the man and said i was disgusted and not interested. he said that there would not be another round of girls, that i had to choose from them... of course i explained him that he should not even try to speak to me in that way and went downstairs. he then tried to take from me some money for their taxi (fool man!). the day after i saw two of the girls in a pub close to nimega, with two young english guys, when they saw me they avoided any eye contact and soon went out of the pub. i think they are semi pro or something like that, maybe they work really seldom, when they run out of money. they shouldn't be always available or linked with an agency.

Dusty Bin
11-02-03, 03:16
A friend of mine appears to have got the best of the system at Robinson. The first time, he tipped the guy a couple of dollars and specified that the girl should be young, tall and blonde and that he would not be proceeding unless she was as specified. A few minutes of waiting in the sauna lounge and a girl exactly as specified was produced. He stumped up for the sauna, 400EEK and scarpered for three hours with the girl in his apartment for 300EEEK per hour. When I was with him more recently, he managed a similar feat, althugh this time the combo, whilst legal was a little more outre, but similarly inexpensive, this time I saw the result and aprove! It seems that approached carefully, Robinson may provide unexpected value, particularly if the deliverer is handled with discretion. Still no good to me as I prefer hunting in the wild to tethered game!

12-10-03, 00:40
Tere guys!

I signed up months ago but had problems posting so this is a little delayed. This site is an incredible find! Based partly on this and partly on hearing from friends / tv / travel guides that Tallinn was a great place to go, I decided to slope off there over the August Bank Holiday, via Finland (I used Air Miles but they didn't fly to Estonia so I took this route - good fun ferrying it across the Baltic with the Finns). Rented an apartment right in the old town, then hit the streets.

Man, the girls here are fit! They're either Estonian birds, with that blond haired blue eyed Scandinavian look, or they have that dark haired, green-eyed smouldering look that Russian babes tend to have. I go regularly to France and Spain, have been to Prague, went to college in the States - but I have to say I have never seen such a concentration of babes in such a small area.

I would really love to try and pull (a normal girl) in this town and I think it is possible - the Estonians, guys or girls, are generally quite friendly, I found. However, as many posters here have noted, I think you do have to be here a while, you can't just breeze into town and expect a shag; they've had Finns coming over for a decade so they've wised up to what weekend visitors are after.

Anyway, met a couple of Brits in the pub, went out with them Friday and Saturday night, did promise myself I would leave the obligatory visit to the brothel till the end, after having exhausted all other possibilities. There was a barmaid in one of the Irish bars who was flirting, but she did have a boyfriend; maybe if I had more time.

Basically, got hammered with these guys, chatted with Estonians (who speak bloody good English) chatted with some Russians (oddly enough, in Spanish, they didn't speak any English - is Spanish a popular second language among Russians?). The gist of it was that Sunday came, the Brits I'd met went home, and Sunday in Tallinn is dead. The only place I was recommended to go was Amigos, in hotel Viru. All the reports are true, it was heaving! Met some Italian guy, chatted and started talking to a couple of Russian/Estonian girls who seemed quite normal, they weren't dressed slutty or anything. So it was a surprise after an hour and some drinks that they turned around and said, "So, guys, what happens now?" I said something about coming back to the apartment, and she came out with "That will be 100 Euros for an hour". I was floored! Of course I've seen hookers before, but these girls looked so normal, so... I don't know, wholesome.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I thought 100 Euros is a little high, this is still Eastern Europe although it's changing rapidly, and while they were pretty they weren't of a standard I haven't pulled before (maybe not often, but occasionally). Thinking about it later, I realised that there were so many of these businessman types in the place who would pay a 100 Euro w/o blinking, it made sense. So, yeah, guys, don't go spoiling them, it does affect prices for future customers. Anway, we gave it a miss, and proceeded to drink till closing.

After the Italian guy and I said bye, I suddenly realised it was 4 in the morning and it was my third night in Tallinn and I hadn't got shagged. WTF to do? Grabbed a cab and explained, "I want nice girls". No problem! Took me off to Morgans. Once inside, they had to wake up one of the girls, and she came out looking sulky. Had a couple of drinks with her - this is one thing I quite like, you can relax with the girl, decide if you want to do the deed with her. She was from Rostov in Russia, so were her friends, they get visas to come over, make some money, and then head back to their "normal" lives. Anyway, she was 25, tall - well, my height, I'm a short-arse for a guy. Good English, had good fun chatting with her and her friend. The burly Russian bouncer just stood at the bar and glowered, but I reckon these places are fine if you've got the money and you cause no problems.

Anyway, when it was time to go to the room, she talked me into taking 4 hours instead of 1. This is about 80 Euros X 4 = 320. Expensive, right? Fair enough, but this was my third night, I was on holiday and I still had a lot of unspent money burning a hole in my pocket; and it meant I could have a few sessions without worrying about the time. Best of all, in Morgans, if you pay for 4 hours - you get 10!!! I've looked through all the posts and I found nothing about this. Info, guys, info, I'm a newbie and already I'm contributing!

Anyway, went to the room, and because we had 10 hours, there was no rush, listened to music ("RRRah-dio Russka"), drank wine, chatted. Eventually got to the shag. I was pretty drunk, but i do remember we progressed to it slowly, more naturally than the girl putting her hands on her hips and barking, "So, we fuck now?" It was great. I sweettalked her into a BBBJ - I think the fact that I had been buying her drinks and that I had taken her for 10 hours helped a lot. Nice blowjob, kept running my hands through her long dark hair, feeling that fucking lovely body. Lunched under the yew tree (thought I'd come up with a new euphemism). Finally, time to put on the condom, shagged her in various positions before climbing off. Asked her if she would let me CIM. She refused. Bit hazy what I said, but finally she agreed, on condition of "buy me present". So, lay back, she stripped off the condom and proceeded to quite a sweet gentle blowjob, until finally I came in her mouth. She didn't swallow, but did keep my dick in her mouth, before scrambling off the bed to the sink and grabbing some tissue. Fuck her, girls have done that to me for free and LIKED it.

Anyway, fell into a drunken sleep, woke up on the Monday morning, had another couple of shags. Weird to be in a *****house in the morning, hearing the cleaner vacuuming outside. Fucked her once with the condom, and then after a bit more of a snooze another fuck, again finishing with BBBJ and CIM.

Then it was time to go for her present. We both had showers together, she soaped me down, lent me some toothpaste - fucking surreal! brushing my teeth with my fingers in the toilet of a *****house. As we were dressing we chatted and I think I got an inkling why I got pretty good treatment. She said things like "You are nice, you are clean..." She remarked (and guys, this is what SHE said, no offence intended from me) on how many Finns were tight with the money, and that Italians were even worse, counting out the pennies. So, I think all in all, screwing and blowing a reasonably okay looking thirty-five year old, not sweaty and drunken, clean and with a good attitude, was not the worst thing in the world for her. When she started saying things like "You are sexy" I took it with a grain of salt, though (but it still gives me a hard-on thinking about hearing in with that sexy Russian accent).

Anyway, we went to lunch, jesus the girl could eat for someone so slim - I still felt groggy from the night before and couldn't even finish. After that, took her to Stockmann, bought her a pair of shoes (Fuck, Stockmann is not cheap is it!) Spoiling her? Maybe, but I had had a really nice time with her, she was intelligent and funny, she spoke excellent English, and she had BBBJ'd me and let me come in her mouth twice. I've had entire relationships where that never happened.

After the shoes, we went and had coffee, and then i thought, fuck it, told her I would go back with her for another session. She was really pleased, went back, had another hour, another BBBJ, CIM, finishing up with a shower. At the end as I was leaving, I gave her 500 EEK tip, and her face just lit up like a child's and she jumped on me to hug me, going "you are nice, you are nice". (Okay, okay, I'm a mug, but if a working girl treats me nice, I'll treat her nice, there's enough cold fish out there we're sure to encounter).
Anyway, we exchanged e-mails, then I left, toured the town a bit; went out drinking that night some, but being Monday night, everything was quiet (even Amigos).

Next day I had till 4 for my ferry so, more out of curiosity than anything else, found the infamous Pronski 7-11 - now it's with this kind of establishment that WSG really proves its worth, no cab driver is ever going to take you to places like this.

Boy, it's a dodgy looking block of flats, really grotty. I walked up and down a few times, went into a bar and had a drink, before I got the nerve to ring the bell. Kept thinking some old lady would answer in Estonian. Instead, got buzzed in, and headed upstairs. 3 girls, okay quality, 2 of them just leaving. One of the ones leaving was quite do-able - not beautiful, but something dirty and cheap about her. Only 1 girl left, but WTF, for about 30 Euros on a Monday afternoon, what can you expect. She was an Estonian Russian student, going to University (did you know 1 year's fees in Estonia is equal to a year's fees in the UK? Christ that's harsh, considering their average wage!). Anyway, BJ with condom, shag for a while, but continuous drinking and fucking with the other girl had done me in, not much happening. Tried for a BBBJ but she was having none of it. Finished me off with a decent covered blowjob, gave her a couple of hundred EEK I still had on me as I wouldn't bother changing it back in Finland - plus I have a soft spot for working students, even if they're whoring - I used to wait tables at an all night diner when I was in Uni.

Interesting thing, she didn't seemed surprised that I had found the place. Apparently she was aware that the place was well known on the "In-tar-net". These places OWE the WSG!!

After a quick shower, back to the apartment, grabbed my stuff and off to the ports with very fond memories of Talinn. Such great memories that I returned a couple of months later with a mate, but that's another story!

12-10-03, 21:47

Great Report, learned a lot about Tallin, learned a new Euphamism (which I will never ever use), and found out that you have yummy cum:^)

But seriously the report is great to read, I think the price you paid at Morgans was high compared to what I remember paying in tallin, but it seems you had your fun.


12-11-03, 01:42
Actually, I think that what I paid at Morgan's was the going rate; the second time I went to Tallinn I went to Club 102 and it was around the same. YES, you can get it cheaper - places like Pronski 7/11 prove that, but there is less of a conveyer belt quality in places like Morgans. Actually, I just got off the phone with the girl from Morgans before I logged in. She'd given me her no. in Russia and after staggering home from an office Xmas party, thought I'd give her a call. The booze talking again! She was pleasantly surprised to hear from me. Trying to talk her into another trip to Tallinn, would be nice to spend a weekend there with a nice dyevushka at your beck and call. She sounded very doubtful (she's helping her mum out financially, etc - i think we often forget what a tough background a lot of these girls come from).

As far as price, I think the trick is finding your optimum level - yes, for 10 or 20 quid you can find a straight, mechanical shag, or for 40 or 50 you can find a nice fuck with a lovely girl - and bear in mind the same experience in London would be at least twice that. Having said that, Peter, if you have some tips for a cheaper time just as nice, I'm all ears!

12-11-03, 22:17

Check out the German FKK section. In my opinion there is no comparable place in terms of price quality and comfort within europe tio the German FKK scen. There are some cheap flights from London to either Frankfurt or Düsseldorf, and a bunch of very nice clubs. I had been to Lily's in Tallin and remember paying 800 EEK's for an hour there, don't remember the exchange rate, but I think it was well under 50€.

In Germany 50€ for half an hour with DFK, BBBJ and covered sex is the normal price range, and that in as civilized and clean a place as germany.


12-12-03, 01:22

I've read a lot of posts about the FKK clubs on these boards and i must say I am curious. I know it's quite cheap to go to Frankfurt, I got a Ryanair flight there a few years ago for £1 + tax! But it seems a lot of these clubs are quite a bit out of town and tricky to find. Is it quite expensive to take taxis to these places?

The thing is, I also go to Tallinn because I can go drinking and eat lovely food at cheap prices. You can't spend 24 hours shagging nonstop! And I believe Germany is comparable in price to the UK, so outside of the FKK clubs it seems like costs could quickly pile up!

When I was in Frankfurt, I found some building near the train station where you walked in and there was different levels with rooms, each with a hooker inside, you went in and paid something like 20 Euros and got 20 minutes. Had a really crap experience with some South American girl who started screaming in anger because I didn't come in 5 minutes. In the end I just rolled off and left, I can't function under that pressure. But seeing how men were going in and out of the building nonstop as if it were a factory, I can understand how soul-destroying it must be, to have a different stranger come in every 20 minutes and use you like a piece of meat, so I don't really think of that girl with anger. I prefer the Morgans/Club 102 scenario where you can at least relax and establish a bit of human contact with the girls before going straight to the sex. It's more relaxing for you and I think it makes the girls a little bit more relaxed about their job, less like a piece of meat. They are human beings too!



12-16-03, 22:15
OK, about my 2nd trip to Tallinn.

Had such a great time convinced a mate to go along. This time, flew directly to Tallinn on a Friday night. For any Europeans who are familiar with Easy Jet and its owner Stelios, the Easy Jet desk was next to Estonian Air, and Stelios, the owner himself, was checking in for a flight to Athens, just like a normal bloke! The stag party ahead of us in the check-in queue heckled him goodnaturedly, and the mood of everyone in the Tallinn queue was good.

After 2 and a half hour flight, arrived in Tallin. Airport's okay, although small. It's only 3 km from town though, which is a plus.

Again, rented a flat in the Old Town from the same company. (Red Group, they're called, and they have a website, can't remember exactly but if you google Red Group Tallinn you should be ok. Good rates, nice flats. If you go through Virtual Tourist.com, there's an ad for Red Group which includes a 10% off coupon).

Anyway, we hit the ground running. Arriving at the flat by midnight, we straight away went out to the bars and clubs. I enjoyed it a lot more cos I've been here before and Tallinn is so small it quickly becomes familiar. My friend basically kept staring with awe at 1 girl after another, but unfortunately, he also hammered back 1 double JD and coke after another. Problem is, the guy works 70 hrs a week, including weekends, so when he goes on holiday, he larges it to the point he's sliding off barstools. Which is exactly what happened, by 3 I had to get in a cab with him and get him back to the flat. When the cab door opened he fell out onto the street like a sack of shit! It was a hell of a job getting him back up the 6 floors, even with a fully operational lift.

So he's passed out on the sofa and I'm pissed off because it's only 3, but I don't fancy clubbing alone at this time of night. So - downstairs, hailed a cab, and off to Club 102, which I was curious about after reading various descriptions from posters here. Boy, this place is really out in the boondocks, isn't it? Driving into the woods at night like that, you think you're in Stephen King country. I said that to the cab driver, who laughed and said in his thick accent that in fact he had a Stephen King novel in his glove compartment. "Toh-me-nokers!"

Club 102 is in a house with this big gate, very innocuous out there in suburbia. You go in and as somebody else here said, you're met by big Russian types who look menacing but are perfectly cordial. You hang out at the bar, have a few drinks, there's girls milling around, some dancing topless on a stage set up for that purpose. This was a Friday night and there were maybe 10 to 15 girls. Better selection than Morgans; most of the girls looked quite young, as opposed to hardened hookers. Sat with 3, buying drinks and having a laugh for a while - I really love this aspect of the establishments in Estonia, that you can just hang out with the girls, no rush.

The girls were Estonian Russians, as opposed to Morgans where the girls were actually from the Motherland. One thing I have to say about russian SWs, they're either natural hostesses, or they're incredibly easy going. Even taking the sex out of the equation, I had a really cool relaxing time drinking with them. We had quite a lot of laughs. One of the girls had studied spanish so we were talking our Spanish-as-a-second-language to each other. I had already picked a 19 year old blonde, but as the spanish-speaking one left to dance, she said to me in spanish something about liking me and hoping we could have a good time some time. Wish I'd picked her first, but what the hell. She was dark-haired and last time I was in Est. that's what I'd had. This time I wanted a blond-haired blue eyed girl.

The cost, by the way, was about the same as Morgans, about 1200 EEK for an hour, I think about 70 Euro? Whatever, it sounds less in Pounds (50)!

She had a lovely body, this girl, and we had sex in various positions, but everything w/ condom. I did try to get a blowjob without the condom, but she was having none of it. She had mentioned a boyfriend, I get the feeling she would fuck and do whatever, but doing anything without the rubber was in her mind truly cheating. I don't know, I'm only speculating, but she seemed pretty resolute, but it could be purely on health grounds.

Unfortunately, my friend was not the only one who had drunk too much and I to my chagrin, suffered whisky dick, ie as hard as I was, I just couldn't get to that orgasm point. Maybe the disappointment of not getting BBBJ did it, I don't know. Anyway, no problem, zipped up. Gave her 100 EEK, she didn't seem to be pissed off. I thought it was fair, I hadn't come, no BBBJ, and I HAD bought a few drinks for them earlier. She was nice, she sat with me while I waited for the cab the manager called.

Went home and crashed like a dead man, got up around 2 on Saturday afternoon ready for another round...

12-17-03, 01:03

The Eros Centers around the rain stations are horrible places and I hardly know anyone who has ever had a decent experience there. I say FKK's specifically because the atmosphere there is very good. At most there is food and drink included int eh entry price. Interpersonal relations have never been a problem there for me either. Depending on where in the UK you are from the cost of food and drink in Germany might be the same or lower. If you are from London the costs are definitely lower. Not like Tallin, though.

Tallin is quite nice, I really like the time I spent there. Jsut that the whole pay for play set up in Germany is better than in Tallin, and based on the country standards quite reasonable.


Dusty Bin
12-19-03, 14:18
Art, I can vouch for the effectiveness of the interent anfd WSG.

A friend of mine used to work at Morgan. I wrote on this board, singing her praises. She did not know I had done it; later I told her and she told me that after my mention on this site, business at Morgan had gone up significantly. During this period, she managed her business record... Seven guys in one night!

(Any wonder that I prefer to find girls in clubs!)

BTW for $320 I am not surprised she liked you, she would have taken out about $160 for that and probably not bothered to go back to work for a couple of days. OTOH you could have had a Goddess for the night for less. If you go back, try Bonny and Clyde and look for the best looking girls and play it large!

12-28-03, 19:42
OK, gents... for starters, I would like to reprint my report on Tallinn I had posted on WSA earlier.

In general, I DO NOT recommend Tallinn. It does not possess premium talent, and neither does it have girls with a good attitude. It is possible I have become another victim of the world-famous calena bug, you know what they say - the only cure for a calena is another calena. Curacao has ruined almost every European location for me. So, here goes, read and weep.

Tallinn Update by Tbird or ¿Dónde están las chicas colombianas?

I just returned from Estonia, and would like to give everyone an update. I realize that I myself have posted a number of good reviews about Tallinn in the past, yet was noticing changes for the worse in some of the later postings. Unfortuantely, the place has deteriorated a lot, and I can no longer recommend it as a prime monger spot - not even a good value spot.

It is possible that I have been hopelessly spoiled by the Colombian chicas on Curacao. Maybe I have set up my standards too high.This
time around my main irritant was the girls' attitude.

Even in the more expensive clubs, such as Morgan, Max, and Golden (and prices have gone up to 1200 ...1500 EEK) the girls do not even try to suppress their general disgust at their line of business. At Golden Club I was amazed to see a dozen girls sitting on the couch, staring blankly into space, and not even trying to attract a client.

Most of the girls do not speak English. Or any other foreign language except for a smattering of Finnish. I speak Russian so it is not a problem for me, but it is a problem for the girls. How many clients do they lose? Not everyone is a drunk Finn who just wants to blow his wad and continue getting even drunker.

Overall the quality of the girls has gone down, down, down. I did not see ONE really beautiful girl. Very few girls would even qualify as cute. Most of them are just plain average.

I did have a positive experience, though. On my first day the cabbie took me to Morgan. This is the most conveniently located club since you do not really need a taxi to get there, it is 15 minutes walk from downtown at Virmalise 28/30. I was there on a Thursday night and there were perhaps 6 girls. No 9s or 10s, one girl possibly an 8. Turned out she was just the stripper, and did not provide any services.

I started talking to this girl named Tanya, and we went to a room. The cost for the hour was 1500 EEK. It was pleasant enough. After i got dressed I went back into the main area, and realized there was nobody there I wanted to talk to. The girls were busily discussing all kinds of everyday problems, heating bills, children's grades at school, etc. Now, I am not saying I was immediately ready for round , but they did not even make an attempt to attract my attention.

I am not an ugly guy, I treat the girls with respect, do not argue over a couple of dollars, and was really astonished by such attitude. So I sat down, got myself a Scotch, and Tanya reappeared. We started talking again, and decided that round 2 was in order.

In fact, it turned out to be round 2, and 3, and 4. I suggested that she relax, not worry about the time, and try to enjoy herself. She was very surprised by this, and twice asked me if I really wanted this. I assured her I did. So, after some heavy 4-play we settled into a spooning position, and she played with her clit while I slowly moved into her. It took a while but she did climax. That was a great feeling.

On Friday I met with Jupiter7 and we went to the club again. The club was full of drunk Finns.Some of them were so drunk they were asleep. The cycle would repeat itself throughout the evening: the Finns would roll in, get drunk, and leave. Again, the girls were very apathetic.I had another session with Tanya, and then we decided to call it quits for the night.

We had also visited a strip bar. I generally suggest to everyone that strip joints in Tallinn are not worth it. The girls do not do much, just swirl around the pole a couple of times, and then come around bugging you for tips and trying to get you to buy a private show. I was told there is very little difference between the strip joints.

Next day I met up with Jupiter7 and we ran out to Max and Golden. Club Max was virtually empty, and the girls were unattractive. There were maybe 4 of them, one kinda looked like a semi-cute freshman at a college stateside, the others were just ugly. We had a drink, and left. The taxi driver took us to Golden, which is generally in the middle of nowhere, a rather big house in a wooded area in the suburbs.

There I decided to play the role of "Un gringo muy estupido" and did not reveal that I understood Russian, I witnessed a scene where a Finnish man was obviously too drunk to actually ask a girl to go upstairs with him, and kept staring at her. She finally got up and yelled at him in Russian" What;s wrong with you, you m....f? If you want to f... just say so. Don't stand there like an idiot". The Finn understood absolutely nothing, the other girls laughed...

The next day I asked a guy who runs a strip club about the changes in the sex business. He told me that generally the more attractive girls had moved on to work abroad, in Finland or Germany or wherever else they could find better paid employment.

In conclusion, would I go back? Definitely not. It has become overpriced, the attitude sucks, the quality is down... if that's what you want why even leave the USA?

In my opinion, the FKK clubs in Germany, or clubs like the Sakura in Zurich represent a better value. Or better yet, go to Curacao. Or Colombia.

Hopefully my short report will save some fellow mongers a few hard-earned dollars, euros, pounds or whatever you carry.

01-02-04, 01:37
To Dusty Bin:

You are probably right, for that amount of money I could have had better, but she was a pretty girl, she spoke good English, she was fun to hang out with, and I love the CIMs she does, progessing from grabbing a tissue the first couple of times back in August, to swallowing on the second visit in October. I guess I was going for the known quantity. I quite liked her dry humour, I told her I had had some work done on my house and would be throwing a party, and she responded in that dry Russian accent, "For this, people in your country have party?". It cracked me up.

Also, both times I have ended up in Morgans it's been at the end of the night, so the number of drinks consumed at that point is inversely proportional to your sensibleness.
But I will take your advice on board and head for B&C next time, heard and read a lot about it, but somehow never got the chance to go both times I visited.

01-02-04, 01:48
Sorry, just realised reading my last post I mentioned the girl I got in August and October. Yes, on my second trip I did go back to Morgans and the same girl was there, and I did pick her, again for the night, again for the same price, and I know I was a sucker, but the fucks were even better, and this time when she did BBBJ and CIM, she swallowed and kept going, which I absolutely love. Strange how these girls follow the same patterns as "normal" girls, if they know you and are comfortable with you they will progress to doing the "special things".

I took my mate this time and I wasn't expecting to see this girl, thinking she had gone back to russia, but as it happened she had just renewed her visa and was there at the time I turned up. She and another girl who I had met 2 months previously waved to me and my mate cracked up, "We go into a *****house and they KNOW you!!! You dirty bastard!" For some reason people assume I'm quite a clean-living person and are shocked when they discover otherwise.

I'm quite surprised by what Tbird is saying, because generally most of the girls I've met in Tallinn spoke English to an acceptable degree and I usually had good fun with them, but then maybe I've been lucky.

Just came back from Portugal and had good service, but from a couple of absolute HOWLERS, I'm still shuddering at my lack of self-respect. It's in the Lisbon section, but I will say, compared to how low-key it was there, I think Tallinn's an absolute paradise.

Dusty Bin
01-08-04, 15:02
Just for the record...

Security at Bonny and Clyde appears to have changed with the result that some of the old faces have gone...

OTOH it is still a great visit, perhaps better as the women there are more likely to be receptive civilians. At least that's what I have found...

01-08-04, 16:30
Hi all,

I'll be traveling to Estonia the first couple weeks in February. I'm looking to sample some sights and sounds in Tallinn but only have two nights to do so. So far on my list of stops is Bonnie & Clyde, Mr. Robinson, Pronski 7/11, and Terrarium. Should I drop something from this list, or are there places that I should add? I've also become intrigued by a place called the Elite Club. Anything on that place?

Also, sorry to be annoying, but I will be in Tartu the rest of the visit. I'll post a request in the Other section, but does anybody know anything hot there? I was there last summer and had a really bad time, mongerwise. Thanks for anything you can provide. Hopefully I'll have good reports when I return.


01-09-04, 23:01

I have not been to B+C or Terrarium, but another place that is basically a pickup joint for paid action is Amigo's in Hotel Viru. As far as Pronski 7/11, it's good value for money, but you get what you pay for. It's sort of the McDonalds of mongering in Tallinn. I would suggest you leave it till the end and if no luck with the other locations, head down there on your last day.

If no luck with the other places, ask a cabbie for Morgans or (my preference) Club 102.
Been to Tallinn twice in the last year, would like to go again soon. Hope you can post your adventures with these locales when you get back.


Mat Gus
01-28-04, 11:36

planning to visit Tallinn this coming or maybe the fllowing weekend. Anyone has any good tips on where to finds girls.


Dusty Bin
01-29-04, 12:51
Why not read the previous posts...
There is plenty of good advice already available and it will take you less time to read than it would for anyone else to rewrite it for you.

Tell us how you get on!

01-29-04, 14:32
Mr. dusty_bin,

Even if I am emphatic with your point (read previous posts), I think the same thing could have been said in a more polite way.

We are all here for the same thing, information, tomorrow it could be you asking the same thing.

No need to be aggressive.

Mr. Chencho

Dusty Bin
01-31-04, 02:23
True, but we can all read and I don't see anyone sitting down and rewriting anything jsut yet. Do you?
At least the poster now has an idea as to why he has no response...

02-18-04, 19:19
It is so easy to find non-pro students to go out with you in Tallinn. I was there last year, and I met a 21yo girl in a disco, a pretty nice one called Hollywood right in front of Domina City hotel. She was a hot one, with amazing ass. We met next day at a nice bar/restaurant called Pegasus(they are many beautiful young girls there hanging out everynight) we fucked all night long. I didn't think it was gonna be that easy, so I tried talking to some more girls in a disco again. I ended up going back to my room with a gorgeous blonde who loved to ride on top facing away with her long long legs, they were long enough I could suck on her toes while she was pleasuring us with her grind. She was 19. For the last night there, I really wanted to have a quiet night, so I went to an Irish pub in old town and decided to chill. No way, I ended up talking to 3 college girls there. One of them siad she has a sauna in her house, so we all went completely wasted. We were in there for a while 2 of those girls were topless in there. I mentioned that I really wanted to touch them,...... there were not any sexual tension there. They do go to sauna all the time after clubbing there. But it was a great experience going to sauna with three 20yo girls with thongs and no bra, and we sweat. We decided to drink some more vodka. one of them started touching me a little, she was so drank and horny from the sauna, I am sure because I was in my boxer shorts and had a hard on for the whole time in there. She asked me to take a cab home, so she could get dropped off on the way. Well, she never got out, my hotel wasn't that far. We fucked for good 2 hours in the bath tub and on the bed in front of a huge mirror. She was so hot.

One observation from 4 local non-pro regular girls I slept with in Tallinn->>> They all swallowed it all. Maybe it is what local men trained girls to do, I don't care but it was awsome. They all swallowed till the last drop was out. I can't stop picturing their faces doing it.

02-20-04, 14:39
I didn't find it that easy, you must have good game! Be careful of the Scots I nearly got stabbed by one. From the Guardian today.

Rave heart

The handful of Scots who stayed on after a mid-90s football match have grown into a powerful, hard-partying economic force in Estonia, writes Ben Aris

Friday February 20, 2004

Western Europe wants to slap a ban on immigrants from the new eastern Europe states entering the EU in a few months, but in Estonia, the problem is not their people leaving the country, but all the Scots coming in.

It all started with a football friendly in 1993 between the two national sides. A group of Scottish supporters had been saving up to follow their team abroad, but could only afford one trip. Most plumped for games in more glamorous climes, but 40 brave hearts decided to follow the national team to the icy venue of Estonia, just inside the Arctic Circle. Only 20 came back. By the time the next friendly was played about 18 months later, 700 came for the game and only 400 returned.

Tiny Estonia has a population of 1.5m, the size of a small city, and is one of the 10 accession countries due to join in May. But its secret is slowly slipping out.

The gabled houses and cobbled streets of this Hansa League (an medieval trading guild that traded goods like furs and honey between Russia and the rest of Europe) town are beautiful and the Estonians have much more in common with their Finnish neighbours across the water than the Soviets.

But it is not the picturesque streets or the historical economic bonds with Britain (one of the main trade partners) that persuaded two dozen Scots to abandon their homes after two nights out in Tallinn. It was, not to put too fine a point on it, the Estonian girls.

It is St Valentine's Day in Tallinn and the Hell Hunt (White Wol), Tallinn's first pub, is filling up with punters for post-dinner drinks. Yelena Coates walks into the bar to be greeted with kisses and hugs by many of the regulars. She is the epitome of the eastern European beauty: blonde hair, a wide smile under strong cheekbones, dressed down but still sexy, and that air of coquettishness that eastern girls seem to master at birth.

Yelena is an ethnic Russian, as are half the city¹s population, but now lives most of the year in Edinburgh with her Scottish husband and six-year-old daughter, only returning occasionally to visit friends. The image of the typical Estonian diva is given a sharp jolt when she starts to speak English with a broad Scottish accent mixing in the guttural tones of her mother tongue. "It is nice to be in Scotland, but I miss my friends," she says. "I don't come back that often."

Plenty of Scots have gone native in Tallinn though. Hell Hunt manager Paul Gunn appears behind the bar in a bright green kilt and sporran, shouting at friends and dishing out drinks, surrounded by his team of Estonian barkeepers.

"The mid-90s was a mad time," he says in his broad accent. "It was a non-stop party with non-stop everything, all thrown at you at once."

Gunn, who after six years in Estonia still doesn't speak more than a few words of the impossibly difficult language (even the Finns, who are in the same language group, struggle with it), was a cofounder of Nimeta Baar, or Bar With No Name, which became the focus of party life for young Estonians.

"It all ran a bit out of control after a while. My partner was out in the casinos every night. It got to the point where the managers were coming to see me _ everyone knows everyone in this town _ and saying he is loosing too much. $10,000 a night. Now he is driving a cab in Edinburgh," says Gunn.

After Nimeta Baar, Gunn and his partner set up Nimega Baar (Bar With A Name) that even more than Nimeta, became the hub for Tallinn¹s in-crowd. But as the partying span out of control, they eventually lost control of it.

However, others were waiting in the wings to step into their shoes. Our swelling group has been joined by one of the "three Johns" _ all Scots - that now own both Nimega and Nimeta, as well as several other drinking holes in the tiny city centre.

It may have started as a wild weekend away, but the Scots have established themselves as a leading force in the growing economy.

You can walk across the old town in about 15 minutes, but it is chockful of bars and restaurants catering to the millions of Finnish visits a year from Helsinki and a growing number of stag weekenders flying in from Britain on budget deals as Tallinn's party reputation spreads its net wider.

Tallinn's bloke-centric nightlife, beautiful local girls hanging on the arms of rich men, may sound very un-PC to the western ear, but then Tallinn, was behind the iron curtain when the rest of the world went through the sexual revolution in the 1960s. For western men reared to treat women as equals, the first reaction to the brash sexuality of eastern women is one of shock, quickly followed by enrapturement.

As the evening wears on, the ranks grow. John's drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend Tanya, the dark mirror image of Yelena's blonde good looks, throws her arms around her friend, and they bury themselves in catching up. Another Tanya (a ethnic Russian, but Latvian passport holder) arrives with her British husband. Three large Scots, who own between them the country's largest sawmill, a furniture outlet and a dairy farm, chat with Gunn. (Arctic farms may be cold, they explain, but farming overheads in Estonia are so cheap, it's highly profitable.) And there's Dougal, the Irish location manager for the making of Mel Gibson's Braveheart, who comes to Tallinn whenever he can get away.

"Of course there is a lot of fun to be had here," says Gunn, gesturing at the girls, "But it is more than that. This place is alive with opportunity. It is all new. Nothing stays the same for long. All you need is energy."

02-20-04, 22:08

I have no idea how you achieved this. There are a lot of nice looking non-pro girls but everytime I saw somebody trying to chat them up, they would react with disgust, sort of as if insulted that the guy was thinking they were easy or a prozzie. I think the girls are friendly enough, sure, but I got the impression, as many people have said on this board, that you needed to be there a while and know them a little bit before you got lucky. That you got a few pulls this quickly is astonishing. And I'm not talking as someone who never pulls - even in London where the women can be pretty cold, I've managed occasionally to meet a decent-looking girl and be in bed with her a few hours later.

Still your tip about their tendency to swallow has reawakened my interest! I was planning to spend a few weeks between jobs this summer in Tallinn, maybe taking some Russian lessons (the reasons for THAT are pretty clear :-) ) so I may see if I can get something going with the non-pros.

03-14-04, 00:05
No post for three weeks, must be winter! Tip for spotting pro in Tallinn/FSU. Apparently they tuck the strap of their handbag under their elbow, keeping it taut over their shoulder. I picked this tip up on a Russian woman marraige forum. (non competing, Jackson)


Robert Munich
03-17-04, 00:48
Hi Goldfinger and others,

After having made reasonable research on all these pages before my trip, I thought I could easily get what I was looking for ( a great Estonian just like the one who works in the FKK in Dietzenbach / Germany - I forgot about her name) but hell, it wasn't that simple. First I went to the famous Pronski 7/11, but nobody opened - are they closed some days? Then, in the same house, I tried app. 1, but uuuuuh, what a monster-show : two women, one abt. 50yo, whose good times are long ago, the other had close to the double of my weight. I escaped as fast as I could.

Finally, I called at Pärnu mnt. 48/25, and a friendly voice told me about three girls available. When I yarrived, there was only one but reception said, there is another ne coming in 5 minutes. They offered me a coffee, and we talked while waiting. At the end, I had the choice between a blonde, handsome 25yo and a dark-haired 30-something, slim with reasonable english - which I choose. Although Veronika was maybe a 7/10 only, we had a very relaxing and sensual hour together, recommendable to any guy who likes it smooth. My value-for-money ( EEK 500) ratio is a 9/10.

QUESTION: is there nothing like a *****-house / brothel in Tallinn? Action only in private flats or clubs like Amigo?



Dusty Bin
03-17-04, 21:38
Idefix, there are loads.

Morgan has closed but lets see, club max, leesika, Tukri. Just ask a taxi driver

Often the best grils are inth eclubs, some doit that way for privacy the apartments are cheap and for locals

There are loads of names in the archives they are long term propositions, i dont use em as I prefer something more real though.

Milky Boy
03-24-04, 00:01
Does this look like deliberate disinformation to anybody else, or is it just me? This guy has posted essentially this same message 8 times, the last several with the HIV scare added at the end.

I'd like to hear from some of this section's regular posters. Is this guy legitimate or full of crap?





Its better stay at home, and not go to former Eastern Countries. They are just after your money and its quite dangerous. Girls are not easy to get either, and prices are very high, for hotels resturants, bars and discos and whatever. For those who like hores can I say that they will be dissapointment becuase prices they will pay are much higher than home. It was different in the begining of 90, when just comunist time was over.

I've visited all baltic cities from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and they are all same. After being there some days you will realise you can hardly find normal girls in there.
They are all defect somehow. I think its harder to get girls in there than other Western European countries . Specially if you looking for normal girls then you are going to wrong place.

They have unrealistic ideas of the life in the west and they have a strange attittude to men. You will see all of these when you visit those countries.

People who have done the misstake and bring these girls to west to live with them will realise after a while that they have done a big misstake.

Let me know about your experience if you visit those states.

Be very very careful so you dont go back home with HIV infection becuase the HIV in population is much higher than other western coutries.

Good luck

All that Stuff
03-24-04, 03:40
I'm going to Estonia in May. Anyone got any rcommendations? I'm looking for younger girls, late teens, early 20s.

All Tha Stuff.

World Traveler
03-24-04, 08:42
Didn¡¯t you just read the previous report? And the post before that .... and earlier reports? Some of us will never learn.

Bez Bezarra
03-25-04, 13:29
Very hard to believe any true monger that takes the postion
that western prices are not the highest in the world
and that western attitude is not the worst in the world.

Sure, of course some EE girls are greedy and cold as ice,
but after tasting and testing the GFE factor in North, South, and
Central America, and Asia, and East & West Europe, I can
say hands down that EE girls are 1000 times better.

However, its really a matter of personal taste. When you have time
and opportunity to get to the real true source of raw quality, like a
guy like Cronin in China, or that Moroccan guy, or Jackson's BA crew,
comparisons don't really apply anymore, because they have gone beyond
the "traveller's" realm. 1, 2 or even 3 weeks travelling only gives me a tiny taste of what's possible. Expat's who are lucky enough to get paid to live & work
in these places have moved to the next dimension that us travellers
never experience.

Rotting away inside the grinding race of rodents,


(but counting down only 8 psychotic weeks left until its UKR-PSY time :-) !!

Milky Boy
03-25-04, 23:11
Does this look like deliberate disinformation to anybody else, or is it just me? This guy has posted essentially this same message 8 times, the last several with the HIV scare added at the end.

I'd like to hear from some of this section's regular posters. Is this guy legitimate or full of crap?





Its better stay at home, and not go to former Eastern Countries. They are just after your money and its quite dangerous. Girls are not easy to get either, and prices are very high, for hotels resturants, bars and discos and whatever. For those who like hores can I say that they will be very dissapointed becuase prices they will pay are much higher than home for a bad quality with a girl with very bad attitude. It was different in the begining of 90, when just comunist time was over. It was completly different. you got quality for money and people were nice. It was amazing golden time. They were pure coutries and untouched.

I've visited all baltic cities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since begining of 90 and they are all same. After being there some days you will realise you can hardly find normal girls in there.

They are all defect somehow. I think its harder to get girls in there compare to Western European countries. Specially if you looking for normal girls then you are going to really wrong place.

They have unrealistic ideas of the life in the west and they have a strange attittude to men. You will see all of these when you visit those countries.

People who have done the misstake and bring these girls to west to live with them will realise after a while that they have done a big misstake.They realise too late that the most ugliest wetern girl is better than those blondies who will destroy their life later.

Let me know about your experience if you visit those states.

By the way:

Be very very careful so you dont go back home with HIV infection becuase the HIV in population is much higher than western coutries. Some reports says that the numbers are as high as some African coutries, and its growing like explosion and even European comunity is very concerned and try stop the epidemy who is growing very fast in eastern europe.

No body knows the real number of HIVs and althogh the official numbers are very high but estimated numbers of undetected HIVs are much much higher.

Good luck

Does this look like deliberate disinformation to anybody else, or is it just me? This guy has posted essentially this same message 8 times, the last several with the HIV scare added at the end.

I'd like to hear from some of this section's regular posters. Is this guy legitimate or full of crap?



03-26-04, 18:14
I was in Tallinn two years ago (things might have changed) and the MOST BEAUSTIFUL GIRLS WERE THROWING THEMSELVES AT ME!!!!! They would try to talk English and keep me in their shop as long as possible. They would want to meet me for breakfast, lunch or dinner to try to get to know me better. And when they saw I was not going to marry them and get them a green card they wanted to take me out to show me off to all their friends. I was arm candy!!!!

This all is changing fast in these three little countries. Estonia is going to be apart of the EU So there might be some truth to what this guy is saying but some guys are so negative and unpleasant to be around that no matter what they offer a girl, it’s going to be a no go.

Traveler Tom
03-26-04, 18:54

i reckon that there is a small degree of truth in this - not sure about the hiv scaremongering but the picture has changed but it does everywhere once places become open to more people - eastern europe is a classic - suddenly more travellers with more ready-cash. i was touring around the eastern bloc countries in the early 60s in one of the first 230sls and my god was that heaven!!

i somehow feel that our friend may have had a bad experience and is a little bitter about something - perhaps losing his touch or too much competition around now with lots of other people having a different line to sell?

nylon stockings have been replaced with the possibility of a eu passport or us greencard - that is progress and a change of opportunities - it was easier to bring some stockings than offer a trip back to meet the folks years ago.

do not think that there is too much to be read into this but there does seem to be a taste of sour grapes somewhere along the line - perhaps causing some overreaction or he has been seriously taken for a ride?!


03-26-04, 19:21

There is absolutely some facts in what he is telling. Many of the great girls with Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian passports are not working in their countries anymore. They have moved on to the scandianvian and other EU countries. So the remaining WG's are mainly hardened russians asking higher prices than what was normal in the late 90'ties. This is the situation in most hotel-bars. I have not yet used the brothels, so can not give info about them.

The HIV issue is absolutely something to be aware of. From what I have read, some doctors are afraid that they have only seen the tip of the iceberg so far. However, I guess at this stage it is more accurate for the eastern part of the baltic countries, close to Russia. But for sure, we will experience an escalation of the HIV-problem elsewhere in the Baltic.

Although eating in good restaurants in Tallinn has become more expensive also, the cost is still half of what you pay in similar places in scandinavian countries. And some of the places should have a star in the Michellin Guide.

Me, I still have my regular Estonian girl that come running when I call her. Now asking EEK 1000 for the evening, which is about usd.75. Not PRETTY, so I call her only when in a rush, ie busy with the purpose of going there, business.

Have tried to hook up with a friend here in the forum working in Tallinn, but we seem never to get the chance to be free at the same time. We had a plan to share a hot lady one night. Shall get back to this forum when sucessful.

Milky Boy
03-26-04, 23:38

I have no anger and I'm not unpleasent. Someone must tell little facts. People will be dissapointed if they go there after reading your reports! Try give facts and not what you have experienced there. I think the one who is angry is you. I just tried give some information to other people so they dont expect a heaven and suddenly see something completly different.

I agree the matter about prices in there is not truthe all over, but i still tell you there is many new places that give you high prices as west with worse quality. They think they just charge the high prises as west becuase they have a fancy place.

I wrote what I think is true and I don't care at all if you still want go there every weekend. Its your life and your money.

Bye the way I have personaly no bad experience but what I wrote is what I believe are facts.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Ham Bloke
03-27-04, 01:45

Milky Boy is exaggerating a bit, but his overall post does have merit. I was in Estonia back in 2000, and the attitude of the girls in general was very enthusiastic. I visited last summer (2003), and there was a day and night difference. First off, there were hordes of foreign guys in town. I mean, hordes. Especially Italians. A lot of them were 18-22 year old frat boy types trying to hit on every girl in sight on the sidewalks. One night in club Hollywood, the guy/gal ratio was about 4-5 guys to 1 girl.

When you have a lot more demand than supply, the price skyrockets. Simple economics. As a result, the standards of the girls has gone way up. Like someone mentioned before, normal girls on the street scoff if one tries to approach them. Because they know it's just another foreigner who has come to their town thinking he can easily get laid.

Btw, this Kava guy below is full of it. He's making that stuff up.

Bez Bezarra
03-27-04, 04:57
As far as the change in the wind, I'll agree with the previous 3 posts.
In a place like Kiev, 4 years has brought a real movement of money coming in.
Each year from 2000 to 2003, I see more and more new high rise apartment construction, so a middle class is emerging slowly but surely, to get out of the projects. You know, the old run down soviet style buildings where life is about surviving squeezed into those tiny flats. You'll never get a true feel until you visit your girlfriend's family in one of those places. The bathrooms are about 1 inch wider than the toilet.

But things have and continue changing. In 2000, on school graduation day, the last Thursday in May, there was wild partying going on. Everybody getting hammered on countless very strong 35 cent large beers in the center and the connecting streets. Girls getting thrown into the fountains, totally drunk all night.

But go there now, there's a big ultra modern very expensive underground shopping mall where the fountains used to be. Super stuck up hotties strut around who wouldn't give James Bond the time of day. Basically identical to west Europe. In that respect, the wild old times are only a memory now.

But think how many more are still stuck trying to get out of those old projects.
The fun's not over, but everyone's right when they say its not what it was.

The trickle of reports from places like Irkutsk, Samara, Rostov, and Tahkent, don't really talk about things changing as fast, which makes me think that if you just get far enough away from the west, you can stay ahead of that wind. But to go to those place on non-business trips if you're russian language skills are poor, takes a big set of balls I think. So then for the mongers with the biggest balls to get the sweetest cherry pies is only fitting, let the little balled mongers pay up the nose for high mileage in comfy Prague.

03-27-04, 10:24
I think part of the problem for many of the more experienced members of the forum who have been going to Eastern Bloc countries for a few years is that they have a completely different frame of reference to newer travellers. Unfortunately these people will "suffer" more than most, as they can remember the halycon days. The growth in the economy in these countries (at least in the bigger cities) and the increased number of tourists and businessmen is always going to make the situation worse and inflate prices at an exponential rate.

I don't think you can be too critical of the girls in these countries - if they ask, and more importantly get, $300 for the same service that they used to charge $100 for, that makes financial sense. The problem is the person who pays this money, not the girls for asking it in the first place. I'd do the same in their position!

In Kiev last year, a friend of mine was there at the same time as me and flush with cash. He had 3 overnighters at the Hotel Dnipro at $400 a pop, which is around £250. He's from London where this is a not uncommon rate for an hour. From his perspective he had a great time with beautiful girls at a great price. Being oblivious to the fact that he was overpaying he was delighted. The more this happens, and the more girls in these countries come aware that they can get this sort of money, the worse it will get. If you hark back to 2000 all the time, you're just going to get more and more depressed!

I'm a fairly new traveller to the Eastern Bloc and I love it there. As far as I can tell, there are more than enough beautiful women available with a great attitude and at a reasonable price. I'm not doubting it's not as much fun as it was, but I'll take Kiev over London in a heartbeat. I would still recommend Russia and Ukraine to any novice, you just need to go with realistic expectations.

The problem with HIV in these countries is very real though, as it is in parts of Africa and China. The problem is not so much that it has recently got worse, but that the genuine scale of the problem is now becoming apparant through more accurate reporting; it's no worse than in 2000, we are just beginning to know about it now. HIV awareness, testing and education is only just beginning in earnest in many of these countries (especially outside the larger cities) and I think when truely accurate figures start coming out the scale of the problem may be quite shocking.

Dusty Bin
03-27-04, 15:45
There is some basis for the opinion that things are changing here.

It is getting harder to be ugly, unpleasant and rude.

One needs to be able to socialise and yes, prices are going up; in all areas of life.

If on the other hand, one can bother to be sociable, one can bother to look as though one cares about appearance and one is not a member of the travelling poor, then Estonia is still a great place to be. I know, I now live here!

Living here is very cheap compared to most developed countires and Estonia is certainly a developed country. If I want to pay for sex, then I need pay no more than €30 for the night. I f I so choose I can pay as much as €500. (possibly more)

As to the AIDS issue, that is really a crock.

There are about 1500 cases (IIRC, but of that order of magnitude) Most of these cases were uncovered about 2 years ago as the result of external funding for awareness and testing facilities. Since that initial surge of diagnosis, the rate of increase (the important figure) has dropped to insignificant levels. What was/is portrayed as a huge rate of infection and rapid spread of the disease is more accurately characterised as an uncovering of the pool of ten years of uder diagnosis and underreporting. Ten years worth of cases were uncovered in just one year, of course this looks catastrophic. (Imagine what the appearance of, for example, a price change over ten years would look like if reported as happening overnight.... prices double, catatrophe!) The AIDS industry has made great play of that surge, without truthfuly reporting the context. The similar situation applies in most areas of the Baltics and Russia.

How do I know?

I had access to the primary data sources. I have seen the numbers at first hand. If you want to know what goes on in the REAL world of HIV/Aids, look at the blood transfusion system, the answers are al there!

Milky Boy
03-27-04, 20:26
The reports you are refering are not correct! I dont know where you pick up these numbers! I am a medical doctor and i can recomend you reading united nations program on HIV/AID named UNAIDS and the epidemilological fact sheet in there. The direct adress to the fact sheet is: http://www.hivinsite.org/pdf/UNAIDS/Estonia_en.pdf

Its in PDF format and you see even the World health organisation in there. I dont know where you got those numbers that there is only 1500 with HIV. Iam sorry to say that in Estonia the number is 7700 in the end of 2001.

If you want an easy access to numbers of infections in those countries you read the report from AIDS FOUNDATION EAST&WEST. The adress is : http://www.afew.org/english/countries/estonia.php

There is other reports from other baltic govermental organisations you can easily find on internet. Please dont send wrong information to people.

If you should have seen AIDS patients you should take this more seriously to do everything informing people about the facts. One should be aware of risks in there. One should know what is waiting there. One should know about prices and risks and people in there. These coutries are basicly very different than western countries , baside the look of new shoping mals and peoples cloth and make upps that look like west. You cant change mentality and certain cultural thing in 10 years. I have read a lot of people been angry about things I wrote , but i just want to inform new guys be aware before they go there.

Remember that numbers in reports above are almost 3 years old and the real number of HIV people in there for HIV infected must be at leat 10,000 by now and not 1500 as you said . The prevalence of HIV is 1% in population only for 2001. Read the reports. Its a good site for all former soviet countries. This is not anything that government in those coutries are hiding becuase its really very very bad situation in there.

I love girls and I love fuck as much as all others but it doesent stopp me telling as much as I can about risks, in there.

I think you can find girls in there, but the question is if its worth it! I dont know the answer. I have been there and have had grate time too. but ive seen things changing slowly and lately getting so bad as a guy said before that in some discos the girl:boy ratio is 1:4 sometimes, and one can imagine how dissapointed one like us will be who waits something completly different.

Dusty Bin
03-29-04, 19:35
Ok I know why you are wrong, I read the report!

You claimed that there were over 7000 cases of Aids, even the shoddy report does not say that, it claims that these are ESTIMATES, also there is a world of difference between carrying HIV and developing AIDS as a doctor you are of course aware of this, but perhaps forgot. Doctors have much to remember.

These figures are ESTIMATES based upon the figures that I gave you already. What they did, in very basic terms, was to extrapolate forward the figures from the previous year as though such a rate of diagnosis would occur all the time and had done so in the past. This, as far as I am concerned, fraudulent and was a part of the problem I discussed in my previous post. The DIAGNOSED infection rate is about 1 per 1000, giving a current number of diagnosed cases of 1500 or thereabouts. The rate of diagnosis has fallen now that the Aids population has been 'flushed out'

The important factor is the rate of increase, as a doctor, even you should know that and I can tell, because I have seen the graphs on the walls in the Verekesukus that the rate of new infections is indeed negligable. It basically follows the curve that would have led from about 1992 to today.

About the only part of the UNAids report that can be relied upon is the information about who is being infected becasue that is based upon the diagnosed cases directly.

Statistics can do many things, they can illuminate, or cast shade. In the murky world of Aids and Aids funding, shade is unfortunately the dominant mode. HELL, even the Estonian Government is in on the game. They get money for every case of HIV/Aids, to help with care; they are happy to receive it as it improves hospital facilities for all... (A similar situation appears to happen in most aid recieving countries, there is a lot of money and good wages in Aids!)
The game will be up very shortly in Estonia though because the rate of increase figures will be published shortly for 2002/3 and they will show what I have already told you!

I can not comment upon any other countries in this matter because I have no direct evidence, although any report employing the methodology and wording used by the UNAids writers would, I think be suspect. As you are probably aware, UNAids is an organisation pretty much discredited anyway.

Are you SURE you are a Doctor?
I for one would be concerned to see such a confusion on the part of any medical practitioner dealing with me! ;)

As you said and I will reuse...
sic 'Please dont send wrong information to people'.

Milky Boy
03-29-04, 21:22
I will not discuss with you anymore. I noticed that even reading the reports of well known and most respecteble organisations in the world couldent help you understand the situation in there or you dont want to undrestand. You understand everything wrong. Sorry to say but you probably read it but you couldent get in much of the information in there. I let people read it and i think most of people are smarter than you and will undrestand it. Actually its not so hard to undrestand if you [Deleted by Admin]. But you didnt understand it. We stop talking about AIDS in Estonia.

Anyway I did my point and smart people will read those websites in my previous reports and will see whats going on there, and fortunetly they dont need you to explain for them whats wroten there. Just keep writing about things you are good at and dont involve in things you dont know about.

And beside stop joking about these organisations who try helping people and dont even call it for AIDS industri. Its a very reality and without any profits for people working in this field. There is no AIDS industri. Its a AIDS tragedy going on and its growing fast in eastern and specially in baltic countries. You try saying the roports noone knows about. You saying new reports will show that the epidemi in there has slow down. I never before read it and its a joke you are saying. I dont know where you get these wrong information from ,but nobody even talk about slow down. Nothing indicates untill now that new coming reports in future will show slow down or not fast increasing compare with 2001(7000 HIVs between 15-49 years old, prevalence 1%).

You are saying coming reports will show slow down and the fast increasing number has stopped! Why you believe that when all experts say differently and its real big problem with fast increasing numbers of HIVs in baltic and specially in Estonia. you have no proof or scientific fact sheet but just talking. Stop it and let people find out by themselves.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

03-29-04, 22:15

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex in Tallin.

If you want to discuss Safe Sex, then please contrinue your conversation in the Safe Sex section of the Forum.

Let's get back to the subject of finding Women for Sex in Tallin.

Thank You,


03-31-04, 01:54
Hey you guys,

I DON'T WANNA SEE YOU GUYS ARGUE HERE, please go ahead and do it somewhere else. I hope everyone understands we are on this section to talk about fucking!

04-08-04, 11:25
Jackson asks =

I'd like to hear from some of this section's regular posters. Is this guy [ Milky Boy ] legitimate or full of crap?

Compare MB's description of the Action in Eastern Europe with those written by World Traveler =

WT makes East Europe sound like a Caucasian LOS; while MB apparently only meets amateur women who try to con him into getting them out of there

As for the HIV stuff =

East Europe is experiencing an Explosion in new cases of HIV Infection
[ http://www.avert.org/aroundworld.htm]

But because the pandemic is in very early stages there, currently the Prevelance Rate is not significantly different from North America's = http://www.avert.org/worldstats.htm

Milky Boy
04-08-04, 16:25
You can just read the article is thos sites you are refering to:)

Is it crap? read the articles you refer to:) and you have the answer for your question! You should read it first before posting it body:)

Read even the articles I did posted before.

In one page about Baltics in the site you posted it says:

HIV spread continues at an alarming pace in the Baltic States. At 2,300 in 2002, the total number of HIV diagnoses in Latvia has risen five-fold since 1999. Just four years ago, Estonia reported 12 new HIV cases: in 2002, 899 people were newly diagnosed with the virus.

So is it something else I said in my post before?

Milky Boy,

Please re-post this in the Safe Sex section of the Forum where it can be read by those Forum Members who are specifically looking for this information.



04-28-04, 10:56
Hi Tallin forum,
I have just spent my first night in the city (Hotel Sokos Viru) quite a good hotel with an almost respectable breakfast better than other Scandinavian offerings. I booked a return trip Helsinki-Tallin-Helsinki 1 nights hotel including breakfast for 100 Euro with Lindaline quite a good package the advertised price is 72 Euro but this is without the single supplement.

Anyway here’s how it went, first stop tried the famous Pronski 7/11 but no answer so tried to find Robinson’s the time was about 20:00hrs so it was too early for Amigos or Bonnie and Clyde no success in the search as I was on foot and the hotel map I had didn’t give much detail. Still a little cold this time of year so I decided to take a taxi BIG MISTAKE! I know we have all done it before and vow not to get caught again but I allowed him to talk me into a place he recommended, he took me to a nightclub at Teasje 29a basically a converted bungalow in the suburbs, the alarm bells were already ringing Rip off approaching but I am easily led and had popped some vitamin V.

When we arrived he insisted on coming in with me (obviously for cut) I paid him before we got out of the cab 100ekk which was high for the distance. I was the only punter in the place and was charged 50ekk for hanging my coat, sat down had a beer 60ekk, after about 2 mins a girl danced around the pole for 1 record then came and sat on my knee asking for a tip she was disappointed with the 100 I gave her which I thought was too much as she was poor. By this time I should have walked and left my taxi driver who was still waiting but the vitamin V was kicking in and there was 1 girl who had an encouraging smile the charge was 1200ekk for 1 hour not cheap but not too expensive.

The service in the room was terrible she stripped off quickly and launched into a cbj without any conversation totally mechanical and cold. I managed about 20mins before I forced myself to unload I had to ask for a shower and a towel which seemed to surprise, got dressed and decided to leave. My taxi driver was still waiting and insisted on taking me back to town even though I wanted to walk when I got in the cab the meter was still running from when I got out but I hadn’t asked him to wait, it was up to 266ekk I had paid 100 already any way when he dropped me off he pointed to the meter which was on 380 but no way was I going to pay so I gave 100 and got out.

In conclusion I had read the previous reports stating prices were on the up and it wasn’t the place it used to be but what really wound me up everybody was taking the [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) even in the hotel Amigos bar which was quiet only 1 oldie there, when I went to hang my coat up the cloakroom guy said I had to tip him he said 100 was normal, fuck off, I took my coat up to my room. Maybe I have been very unlucky on my first visit and got caught with all the rip off merchants but I doubt it, I am well travelled and have mongered in South America many times where you need eyes in your arse. I cannot recommend Tallin as a place good for women yes the are some good lookers but that is normal any big city I suspect also with them entering the Euro and the close proximity to Finland prices will align themselves with Scandinavia as opposed to other European destinations.

May the force be with you.

04-28-04, 14:41
Guys, this a post i just made in the Kiev section as i planing a six weeks August/September trip on what appears to be the best spots of EE, Tallin included. Thanks in advance for any answer :

I'd like to jump in with a few questions, beside the infos about pros spots which have been well reported ; excuse me for it, and thanks in advance for any answer ;

What are the current best cafes, happy-hours, outdoors terraces, bars, discos to meet regulars girls ?

Is there a kind of after-hour disco where both regulars, semi pros and pros come to late-party ?

Is there a kind of Country Club with swimming pool for sunlounging or some city beaches (with girlies to meet should be better !)

Could it be easy and at what price to reach by direct flight (on some good companies) Kiev from Tallin or Riga?

Once more, sorry to jump in the thread with questions, but Tallin will be totally new for me and i need some advices from the WSG fraternity ...


04-28-04, 15:40

There is a 24 hour bar, the avenue, that gets busy after the clubs close.

Pirita beach, about 1km from the old town, Tallinn has a bar, gym, nightclub complex in the middle. Was built for the 1980 olympic rowing and sailing.

Airbaltic is a web based low cost airline that flys riga-kiev. Estonian air also fly Tallinn-Kiev but you have to book two weeks in advance to get the cheap seats unlike airbaltic.
Read the thread from the beginning all the info is here.

04-29-04, 09:17
Goldfinger, thanks for this clear info.