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05-16-02, 04:45
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09-16-03, 23:57
Is there anything at all going on here?

09-27-03, 23:25
Obviously not....

Has anyone been to any of the mixed sauna clubs in Toulouse? Club 72 and le Cercle are two of the bigger places.

10-06-03, 09:53
Whenever I visit Toulouse the Club 72 is part of my itinerary. It is located in Rue du Bearnais. I don't know which number but it is on the right side of the street and can be easily spotted in winter thanks to the steam coming out of the vents.

I was there three weeks ago on my way to Cap d'Agde. It was a Monday and this is usually the bi-nite.

The entrance is EUR30.00 which gets you a bathrobe, a locker and free non-alcoholic drinks.

I arrived late that night as there was a strike by the security staff at Toulouse Airport.

There were 8 couples, 2 single women, 6-8 Transvestites and 3 transsexuals.

The atmosphere there is very friendly. You are expected to chat in the main lounge area. There is usually no action there. People are usually dancing with the transgender group doing the show.

The action that night started in what is called the paradise. This is a couples only section accessible by key holders.

One of the rooms in there has holes of different sizes that give on the outside. Two TVs took positions there and started sucking whatever penises ventured through these glory holes.

Not my scene so I went to the big jacuzzi. There were two couples having sex and two singles watching. The jacuzzi can accommodate some 15 persons and is wide enough so that legs don't touch across any sides.

One of the TSs joined us in the jacuzzi and man was she beautiful. She was a post-op with beautiful vagina lips.

After the usual relaxing trio, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, I went back to the bar to have a drink and chat to people.

After that I did the usual round. One of the rooms had a guy fucking a TV. The glory holes outside the paradise section were all filled. In the paradise section, there was an orgy consisting of two couples, one TV and one single. There were also some locked doors.

Proceeded to two small rooms outside paradise. They contain small couch beds and a telly with porn. One of the single women was there watching porn. She had some nice lingerie on. I started chatting to her and then I sat next to her. Some other guy stood at the door watching us.

After some time, she asked if we were normal guys as we had no erections watching the film. She also started commenting the action on the telly.

Anyway I don't know how we got there but both of us guys had our dicks out of our robes and started masturbating. She came next to me and undressed me and then went back to her corner watching us. She then started touching herself. I gave her a helping hand and she started instructing me where and how to touch her. I ended up giving her oral sex. At this stage there were some four singles watching us. Some tried to grab her tits but she sent them away.

She had her orgasms and we started cuddling on the couch and kissing. Everyone left us. We then had a shower and went to the bar. We spoke some more and she gave me the names of good place in Cap d'Agde before she left.

I left Club 72 for the first time without having sex but overall it was a good night.

Sky Pirate
10-19-03, 22:01
Is there anyone visiting Toulouse in December that would like to share some visits to the American Bars to update the info for the Forum?

10-22-03, 16:53
Sky Pirate,

What is an American Bar?


Sky Pirate
10-27-03, 21:53
Blake - not sure why they call them American Bars (never seen any like it in the US where I have been)

Bar that opens from 1600-2000 then 2200 until late.

Usually 5-6 hostesses who you can buy drinks for at the bar or in a backroom - unlikely you will get FS but other options may be available. Not cheap; they will try to and get you to buy champagne, so it depends on your expense account or willpower - you will be expected to tip the girl as well

There are probably around 8 of these in Toulouse that I know of.

Speaking French is an advantage but not always essential.

Sometimes you may be able to arrange to take the girl for dinner during the closing hours - which is far better than eating alone and she may know the good restaurants

Darren Roberts
02-24-04, 02:16
In Toulouse last week. Many SW near railway station - also archived reports still have useful info.

I think there is a callout service. In my hotel I saw a girl arrive at abouut three am - local girl and beutiful - think she was going to visit a client. Need to get more info about such a service for next visit.

Fat Shaft
08-16-04, 08:33

I am likely to be in Toulouse in the first week of September. I think I arrive there on the 4th morning and have the weekend to myself before i attend to work from monday

I wanted to know,

what are the mongering scenes and how much does it cost. I read the forum but apart from the club 72 there was little information

Do any of the girls do outcall, i dont know which hotel i am staying in, but are the hotels girl friendly like Bangkok

I dont drink, is it ok to go to a bar and ask for a diet coke

Look forward to your help as this is my first visit to France and to toulouse

Happy mongering

Fat Shaft
08-18-04, 11:50

I expect to be in Toulouse in the 1st week of Spetember.

I am staying at the Grand Hotel " les Capitouls".

Does anyone know where that is, or how far away is it from the swingers club - hetro - club 72 i think mentioned in one of the fr's.

Please let me know,how to get around to the places of action as i dont know any french at all.

Happy mongering,

Fat shaft

08-27-04, 22:29
Hi there,

It's funny to realize many among us have been / go to Toulouse often.

The scene is way dead, believe me, even for french speakers.

Just some hints:

i) SW near the railway station (Gare Matabiau). Walking out of the Station, go across the canal, make a right turn and walk alongside it . Number and quality unpredictable.

ii) FORGET American (Hostess) Bars. Girls way past their prime and a price tag that even the heftier Expense Accounts in the Board shall find it difficult to cope with.

iii) Some incalls in the local newspaper (go to "Soins de Beauté", or "Détente" in the classifieds section), but a VERY SLIM chance to find anything worthwile.

iv) Some Swinger Clubs usually not worth their name (except the Club Drouot, whose name has changed, maybe someone can report what the new name is).

Toulouse is no Paris, and then France is no Germany or Spain.....

If you have the time, make it to Barcelona for the week-end (nice highway, around a 4 hr drive from Toulouse, cheap accomodation and lots of fun), and then follow the very informative posts in the Barcelona section.

Good luck

Fat Shaft
09-21-04, 07:59

Here is my report on Toulouse

Toulouse must not be mistaken for "too loose". Its a lovely city famous for its eating joints and not all of them are between women's thighs.

I got in and as soon as I checked in wandered around looking for action. Was kind of disappointed since didn't even get the eye from anyone. Pity as these french girls are so sensual and beautiful.

As i was going back to the hotel, Just around the corner from the entrance was a pretty black lady,who gave me a big smile and asked me something in french.

Told her I knew no french but english and she replied back in halting english as to what i am looking for.

I told her that i am looking for company, she said she was willing and able and that it would cost me 40 Euros for a Blow job(she called it suck,didn't know the word blow job) and 50 Euros for a Fuck,both one shot each.

She said she was from Cameroon and had a girl from afrench guy who had now left her after 5 years of living together and hence she was doing this. I asked her to come to my hotel, but she declined and said we could do the deed in her room down the street.

So off we went to her spartan room,where she straight away got to giving me a blow job. I had very liitle time as I had to go for a business dineer, hence the BJ.

Nothing spectacular but I guess the idea of getting blown by a girl from Cameroon(strike another country off my list) egged me on.

She had rather small tits though.

So much for "Too Loose"

Happy Mongering

02-02-05, 00:46
I visited Club 72 and was not impressed. Save your money and go to an FKK in Germany.

There were a few couples keeping to themselves, one skinny burnout at the bar, and about 5-6 guys wandering around.

Save your money and look elsewhere.


Merlin Magician
04-26-05, 04:02
I wonder if one may find some stray pussy hanging around the Airbus plant for the first flight of the A380 on Thursday??

Sky Pirate
09-10-05, 14:01
Will be in Toulouse this week - anybody there and want to hook up for a beer and check out the bars?

09-14-05, 20:50
I was in Toulouse yesterday and I have been very disapointed with the scene there. Few years ago it was much more active.
Found a couple of Bulgarian girls working along the canal not far from the main train station (opposite side)
Negociated with one mid 20's , blondish, big boned, big breasted; 100€ for one hour in my hotel with multiple pops.
Service was ok but I had to ask her to take a shower as she was smelling a bit.
In fact as I am going to Thailand and China at the end of the month , I should have saved this money for crazy fun over there.

09-21-05, 19:46
Following the famous Kaleu's Club list of Germany, I enjoyed making the Routard's Club list for Holland, as well as for Belgium (see the Netherlands and Belgium threads).

This is the complete list of french swinger's club in Toulouse and surroundings.

Let me be very clear: there are no brothels, pick'up bars, massage parlor sauna or any other public places that offer paid sex in France. Paid sex can be offered outside with street action, in a private appartment or at your hotel with an escort, BUT NOT in a public place. If it is offered, it can only be a ripp off.

In a swinger club, once the entrance is paid, sex is offered for free. But for a single, it is hit or miss. Sex is not guaranteed. A good advice for a single is always to call before, and be smart dressed, it will be easier to enter. Avoid the afternoon's, there will be mostly singles.

50 Route des Pyrénées 65190 Bordes
Phone : 05 62 35 27 83
Homepage : www.clubprivelalcove.com
Open : Thu-Sat 11pm-till…couple only Sat
Entrance: 32€

Les Bains de Saint Aubain
5 Impasse Saint Aubain 31000 Toulouse
Phone : 05 61 62 45 46
Homepage : www.les-bains.fr
Open : Mon-Fri 12am-7pm 9pm-2am Sat 2pm-7pm 9pm-2am Sun 2pm-12pm
Entrance: 25€/couple 35€/single
Misc : Sauna hammam jacuzzi

Club 72
11 rue du Béarnais 31000 Toulouse
Phone : 05 61 23 82 12
Homepage : www.club72.net
Open : Mon-Fri 12.30am 7pm 9.15pm-2am Sat 2pm-7pm 9.15pm-2am Sun 3pm-1am
Entrance: 30€/single 40€/single week-end evening 15€/couple 25€/couple week-end evening
Misc: Sauna

32160 Tasque
Phone: 05 62 69 29 59
Homepage : www.donjonclub.com
Open : Fri-Sat
Entrance : 30€

Hot Club
Avenue de la Gare 31380 Roqueseriere
Phone : 05 61 84 99 09
Homepage : www.hotclub.fr
Open : Fri 10pm-2am couple+ single Sat 11pm-7am couple only
Entrance: 25€/couple 40€/single 40€/couple Sat

Lov Inn
9 route de Toulouse Centre Loubet 31240 L’Union
Phone : 05 61 09 69 69
Homepage : www.lov-inn.com
Open : Fri-Sat 9pm-till…Sun 11.30pm-till..couple only Sat
Entrance: 45€/couple 50€/single
Misc : restaurant

Le Manoir
40, Rue Emile Heybrard 31300 Toulouse
Phone : 05 34 60 13 13
Homepage : www.club-lemanoir.com
Open : Wed-Sat 11pm-till…
Entrance 45€/couple 50€/single

Le Taboo
1 Chemin des Etroits 31400 Toulouse
Phone : 05 61 32 92 93
Homepage : www.taboo.fr
Entrance 30€/couple 40€/single

Darren Roberts
01-19-06, 16:54
The old area next to the canal and near the train ststion on Matabiau Blvd is now cleaned out; The area has been made into a park with few trees and the sidewalk widened - so no place for girls to hide.

When I was there I saw SW on Blvd de Strasbourg end of Rue Matabiau - on other side of road - different girls at various times-three white and one arab looking.

Rue Raymond/l'orient and /St Martine there were several African girls.

Did not participate this time-weather bad-so maybe more to chose on good day.

05-17-06, 15:50
I went to Sophie Institut (www massage-toulouse com/) looking for an R&T or FS, depending on what showed up at the door.

I was greeted by a washed up, out of shape French woman, and I convinced myself that I should go for an R&T anyway. I should've turned around and left.

Then she quoted me a price of 100 for the massage, plus 100 for la bouche, 200 for la sexe, or 300 for sodomie. I should've left again, but a massage and la bouche sounded so relaxing and good that I just hoped that she'd earn her bones.

The massage was absolutely horrible. A three minute, half-hearted effort that didn't even start to relax me.

The "blowjob" that followed was just pathetic. Not only was it a CBJ, but I think she used her mouth for no more than 5% of the time. The rest was just HJ.

She then hurried me into the bathroom so she could take another client, total elapsed time: 20 minutes.

A total and complete ripoff. I would've had more fun if I'd set fire to the 200 euro.

Member #4378
06-19-06, 00:20
Along the canal (north direction) by the train station, I saw several street walkers at various places, several African girls, a couple of middle eastern type girls, and a few others on the other side of canal. The quality is quite low. African girls were relatively cheap, 50 euros for standard sex (20 - BJ) in their place and for 100 euros, they were willing to spend 2 hours in my hotel. Middle eastern type girls were asking the same for standard, but 100 euros for 1/2 hours in my place. After midnight, the prices can be lowered.

07-30-06, 13:36
I went to Sophie Institut (www massage-toulouse com/)

I wasn't sure about the name, but the map on the website confirms that this is a place I went to maybe 10 years ago. Sounds like it has only gotten worse with time! Generally the salon scene in Toulouse was always pretty dire, but this place was far and away the worst I ever wasted good money at.

09-07-06, 20:39
There are still some SW's active in Toulouse. You can find them along the "Quais" along the river!
Mostlu on Boulevard des Minimes and on Boulevard Matabiau. Both of them are very close to the Railway Station. Go out the station, cross the river and turn to the right.
It starts between 10 and 11pm!
If you look for a hotel, take the Sofitel wich is very nearby so you can walk to the scene.
If not, you will need a car!

Good luck,

04-16-07, 21:47

I will be in Toulouse soon. I would like to get more info on escorts or ladies I can visit. Which agencies can I use and which ones should I avoid?



04-17-07, 09:49

I will be in Toulouse soon. I would like to get more info on escorts or ladies I can visit. Which agencies can I use and which ones should I avoid?



Hi Rolf,

France is a pretty difficult country to monger in...

If you have some time, Spain is a 3h drive from Toulouse, and there seems to be clubs more interesting than action in the city. If you are interested, and if you speak French, have a look on www.youppie.net



09-03-07, 14:56
Acttually the scene moved a little to following streets:

Boulevard de l'Embouchure
Boulevard de la Marquette
Rue Emile Brouardel
Allées Jean Jaurès.

For the first time, arriving at the Sofitel, I saw on Allées Jean Jaurès some action during daytime!
Mostly it starts around 10pm.

Prices still are 30 € for HJ and 50 € FS in the car!

Good luck...

Darren Roberts
06-19-08, 08:10
All along the river - st rue de metz you can find girls - same price as previous submission. near my hotel at rue pont guihemery where four girls from Bulgaria. Price was €100 for one hour in my hotel room. Leader of that little group was "Elena" and her number is +33(0)642539853. They work from 10pm to about 3 or 4 am. Elena came to my room at 4am and so I got 3 hours :-)

07-22-08, 00:31
I think that until A-holes will keep paying 100 for FS and 50 for BJ the French market will be way over priced.

Near the canal a fat ugly black ***** asked 50 for FS, I told her to go jump into the canal.

01-21-09, 17:37
The best think to do for escort when you're in France is :


Good luck

Mat from France

01-27-12, 20:32
So I just arrived from 2-days-trip from Toulouse; and here is what I have seen. :

Toulouse scene is "so-so". Let's say "very poor" and bad quality.

First I decided to go to "sensual hair", located in Rue de l'Etoile in Toulouse (closest Metro station is "Francois Verdier") , you go there, no rendez vous. 12 ou 14. 00 for opening time (depends of the days). The website of this woman, who is hairdresser, is supposed to give you "sensual massage","sensual hairdressing", in an erotic atmosphere bla bla bla. I go there at 14. 00, ring, a young woman opens the door. Mini skirt just under the ass, a shirt wide open, no bra ("this is my time", I thought.). Lady answered very rough, no kindness, no good things ("I'm busy, come back later". Me : "when?". Her : "later".). And when I said : "I come back in one hour", she answered roughly "I only make hair massage". Me : "dressed like this?". Her : "yeah yeah". I said "Treat me like an idiot, you stupid asshole", and I left. This adress is the worst ripoff of Toulouse, and maybe of France.

I've first seen a woman for a massage. 80 euros for massage and HJ. Massage was good, HJ too, but the woman (well, she was very kind, talking, asking questions, smiling) was ugly ugly ugly ugly. Fat, blonde, large breast but beurrrrrrrrrk. I've found her on Vivastreet website, on the "Erotica" part.

Then, the first night, I went near the Canal du Midi, face to the Matabiau station to see how were the SW. Well I should have committed suicide, I would have had more pleasure and joy! Face to Matabiau Station, there's Bayard Street, where I saw a hooker, whose name was "Vicki". Serbian. Seemed like 35/40 years, nice face, nice breast, wearing jeans. She accepts to go to my hotel; hotel staff refuses her. She takes me to the stairs down the Canal; it's a catastrophy : place dark, full of cans, rubbish, and I don't know what else; she proposed 30 euros for CBJ I said ok. When we arrived in dirty place, I said "ok, go", she says "no, not here, I can't bend over" or I don't know what. When I said (all this in French) : "give me my money back", she answered "no, you touched my tits" (LOL). So I shouted on her, and I said once more "give me back my money", she gave and got away.

After I went to the avenue face to Matabiau Station, after the bridge, on the right, I walked 2/3 minutes after "Pizza Hut" restaurant and at a corner, I found 3 ladies. Not speaking french. Seemed like speaking Hungarian, or Romanian; one very old, so ugly, very fat, she seemed like a "boss" or a "lady pimp". No way going with her, one seemed ok but very very afraid, I spoke to the last one, young, pretty, dressed very casual (jeans, shirt.) I asked price. 30 euros BJ. 50 euros for FS."Where?"."Parking! Parking!"."I don't have car"."Outside! Outside!". I left away without saying goodbye.

On the second day, I went to see a massage girl once more. On Boulevard de Strasbourg, found on Vivastreet. Be careful about pictures (LOL). There was no cheating, regarding her, but pictures were "well made". I said "ok what do you propose?". Her "what do you want?". Me : "a good massage, with a happy ending"."Ok, how much money do you have?". Me : "100 euros"."Ok so, for 100 euros, on normal times, I make a good massage, with a HJ". And added 2 seconds later "and it's more expensive for BJ, but for you I'll make a BJ for 100, for the price of a HJ"."Ok! Great!". I go to the bathroom, I wash, I go back to the room. She's blonde. 40's minimum. Breast ok (cup be, I would say) ; legs normal, not an ugly woman, but not top too. She says "lay down on the massage table", she makes a good massage, but 10 minutes, then she says "turn around", I do. She puts me a condom on, she puts some massage oil. She begins to masturbate me. I say "and the BJ?"."no no no, I put oil."."Ok, but you said you would do BJ"."ok but no I will not do". Ok. 5 minutes HJ, then I finished. I kissed her, said thank you and left.

I think I have a good contact with an interesting escort just near Toulouse, but I didn't see her this time. You can see that,"in total", it was not very good. If other people have good adresses or have tried "Sensual hair", comment please!

10-03-12, 21:00
Found Boulevard de Suisse, accepted the pictures (rare)

Rohan Cid
10-27-12, 19:12
I don't know how many of you will understand this one but I will write this anyway. How louse (loose) is Toulouse? Warned you.

08-02-14, 09:35
Hy Guys,

That kind of massage is provided in a Massage Center in Minimes Area.

Basically, the masseuse and yourself are naked.

I dunno if there are extra on the menu.

I went there for one hour Chinese massage, ambiance was the same as some parlours in Dubai where you actually get extras, but nothing was proposed.

Masseuses are Chinese and all wearing short skirts, I think it's possible.

Adamite massage will cost you 120 EUR.

Chinese massage was 50 EUR and average.

I'll report here if I try the adamite.


09-16-14, 21:32
Hy Guys,

That kind of massage is provided in a Massage Center in Minimes Area.

Basically, the masseuse and yourself are naked.

I dunno if there are extra on the menu.

I went there for one hour Chinese massage, ambiance was the same as some parlours in Dubai where you actually get extras, but nothing was proposed.

Masseuses are Chinese and all wearing short skirts, I think it's possible..Just an update. Tried the adamite massage few days after my first visit. Got a young girl provided.

She took me to the room, asked me to undress then she joined totally naked.

Bit chubby but nice tits and hairy pussy which I like.

The massage was very sensual, I could feel her tits / pussy rubbing on my backside.

On the flip, junior was awake and she asked if I wanted a massage there. I agreed and she told me that I should give a something for that. No negotiation was made on that.

Very nice HJ with full access.

Overall pricey but nice experience.

Damage 120 for 1 h massage + 30 Tip.


10-18-14, 07:33
Found Boulevard de Suisse, accepted the pictures (rare)Street action seemed to be almost dead the last days. Or am I looking at the wrong places? Saw significant LE at boulevard Suisse. Any alternatives?

12-02-14, 22:08
New laws and regulations have made the trade even more difficult.

You might find a couple of Blacks, Romanians here and there and the service will happen either outdoor or in your car.

France, your best bet is to spend a couples of hours on different escorts websites and to secure a plan.

Prices range between 80 and 200/1 HR, 100 to 150 being the most common.

03-29-18, 11:12
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04-12-19, 10:35
Hello punters,

I will be in Toulouse in the end of May. I will be looking for 2 options: 1) some escort who could visit my hotel room for an hour or two (have fetish for dusky girls, so pure french is not necessary); 2) body to body massage with some action happening at the end.

I tried searching online, but my poor french skills seem to be a hindrance. Any leads that enable me getting laid are welcome. If anyone is willing to share their personal contacts, do let me know and I will re-activate my membership.


07-17-19, 14:16
Have done some research but can't find much info on Toulouse. Anything on massage parlour or more would be welcomes. TIA.

10-18-19, 09:23
Hello punters,

I will be in Toulouse in the end of May. I will be looking for 2 options: 1) some escort who could visit my hotel room for an hour or two (have fetish for dusky girls, so pure french is not necessary); 2) body to body massage with some action happening at the end.

I tried searching online, but my poor french skills seem to be a hindrance. Any leads that enable me getting laid are welcome. If anyone is willing to share their personal contacts, do let me know and I will re-activate my membership.


Can you detail how it went?

I'm finding the same problem here as when searching online there is scarce information for Toulose. Only info co-related is with some agency talking about having some french ladies looking like coming for a porno francais (https://www.mvideoporno.xxx/francais/) video.

Would love to hear some more tips as I'm travelling there in December for a weekend with my friends.

02-12-20, 00:35

Would love to hear some more tips as I'm travelling there in December for a weekend with my friends.When visiting Toulouse, I usually use sexemodel website. WGs usually indicate spoken languages and google translate could help non-french speaker. Many outcall escorts are speaking English -at least to understand the most important.

But I've never found an AMP as in other cities.

07-06-20, 10:45

I will visit Toulouse soon, can you advise where to look for a good night out naughty?

I recently liked very much https://sugargirls.es/ in Barcelona, I wonder if there is something similar in Toulouse.



10-22-22, 20:36
During my last visit to Toulouse in the end of summer, I met this asian lady:


The young lady looks a lot like the pictures.

The first text messages were reassuring. Usual services and usual rate for the city 100/150 for 30/60.

I get confirmation that my 1 hour rate is for 2 shots.

Car parking was not easy but I was on time.

When I get closer to the address she gave me, I see what looks a lot like a "colleague" with his smartphone waiting for the door to open.

As you can guess: she texted to warn me that the previous guest has taken an extension of time.

So she seems to use overbooking.

She suggests that I wait another 30 minutes.

I hesitated a little but having no backup plan be and my control center having moved a few centimeters under the belly. I accepted.

It allowed me to admire the people of Toulouse for a few minutes in the middle of a Sunday stroll.

In short, at T time, the tower authorizes the approach.

I meet the previous guest with a very large smile.

It reassures me!

Once done the formalities of access, nothing of what was promised was done.

It starts with the common shower. Miss has supposedly already done the right thing. Mmmm! The speedy shower.

The sequence seemed to be going well. That BJ was very pleasant. Not to much teeth feeling.

I even embarked on a somewhat adventurous 69. No particularly unpleasant smelling. The miss did not seem sensitive to my licks. Ok, let's go into "my pleasure first" mode.

Once jack covered, the access was pleasant and even with my XS size, I had a good feeling.

End of the 1st round. At the break I control the timer, 30 minutes, we are on schedule.

And there, the rookie mistake! I gave her the control.

A pseudo massage that provides neither pleasure nor inconvenience.

Tired after a while, I suggest reversing the roles.

And again, I lacked vigilance. The miss embarked on a kind-of ST despite the language difficulties.

And as I was presenting, time flew and at one point she threw herself on her phone to tell me "Game Over!

Barely put my underwear back, she was already dressed as at the beginning. So no shower.

She was already responding to what appears to be the following.

As a conclusion: the lady has a beautiful body and her art is pleasant. On the other hand, we are with a pro. She is there to make revenue. It pleasantly relieved me of a few centiliters of semen. But I could have avoided spending the extra 50 for not much.