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05-16-02, 04:47
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06-12-02, 07:29
street prostitution part one – central berlin

kurfüstenstraße, frobenstraße, bülowstraße, einemstraße, lützowplatz – berlin schöneberg. nearest u-bahn: kurfüstenstraße and bülowstraße.

cheap, average and even high priced girls, old and young, pretty and pretty ugly. all sorts can be found in the schöneberg area of berlin. the areas to go and have a look at are kurfüstenstraße, frobenstraße, bülowstraße and einemstraße/lützowplatz. these are the main streets that are very popular in this area and famous for prostitution both during the day and at night. all streets are within 10 minutes walking distant from each other and it is quite good fun just doing some window-shopping. you never know what you might find.

firstly the kurfüstenstraße starts to offer some real action from about 16:00 when a few girls will start to stand in the road looking for customers. between 16:00 and 19:00 the kind of girls found there are normally pretty dirty, foul mouthed or high on drugs. after 19:00 until maybe 03:00 you will find some very beautiful girls on the street for very good prices. the area in detail is between the lower end of kurfüstenstraße between potsdamer straße and the corner of frobenstraße (from woolworths down towards a dodgy looking car sales yard). if you see two entrances (80 metres apart) to the kurfüstenstraße u-bahn station then you are in the right place.

you will pay from 35-40 euros for a blowjob and 40-50 for blowjob and full sex. all girls who work the frobenstraße and bülowstraße will move into the kurfüstenstraße around 21:00 to get more business and to avoid the police who patrol the area mainly for **** prostitution. on top of the price you pay the girl you will have to pay for the room for 20-30 minutes in a pension. girls normally take you to the steinmetz pension, which is very seedy, and not really clean but recently i notice is being decorated but only 5 minutes walk in the direction of the bülowstraße u-bahn station. the price will be 10 euros for 20-30 minutes and if you want a drink you have to pay for one at the bar. the other pension’s are about 10-15 minutes walk away and if you are not driving you should take a taxi. the girls will normally ask that you do. the taxi ride is 4 euros there and 4 euros back. i normally suggest the walk; this allows you to get to know the girl better.

there are two pensions’ that they use which are based on eisenacherstraße, both clean, one had mirrors on each wall with neon lighting and the other has large bright rooms. the names of them are stockholm pension and the alsterhof. prices for these two will cost 12 euros for 30 minutes and again drinks can be bought from the bar.

frobenstraße has action all day long around the clock. there is a real mixture down this street and most are very young, some around 16 years old. take care of this street; most of the girls are on drugs, very dirty and smelly. sometimes you can get lucky and see some real babes. prices down here run from 30-40 euros for a blowjob and 35-50 for a blowjob and full sex. the drugs these girls are on can be heroin but mainly their pimps screw them up on crack and i know a few girls down here you are killing themselves on it due to the quality.

on the comer of frobenstraße and bülowstraße heading west there are also a few girls who stand in the road for business from 18:00 until maybe midnight. on the opposite corner you will see a 24-hour liquor shop, which is where the prostitutes and pimps hang out for coffee or to watch their girls that operate on the corner. don’t worry about them, they are harmless. get to know the woman working in the shop, she is very polite and will let the others in there know that you mean no threat.

girls can also often be found at the northern end of gethinerstraße. the girls found here are not attractive, most are old maybe 40 + and look pretty rough.

further down the road on einemstraße (nearest u-bahn nollendorfplatz) is where the real talent is for girls in this area. they will line up along einemstraße up until lützowplatz and just on the corner of einemstraße and kurfüstenstraße (this is the western end – don’t get confused – you should see an einstein café on this end of the street). prices here range from 50 - 150 euros for blowjob and full sex. the girls are dressed up with bustiers, garter belts, knee-high boots and not much else. it is quite a sight and many of them are really honestly beautiful. the girls found in the other areas i have mentioned above just dress in normal clothes, some regular and some pretty stunning. most of the girls on einemstraße will want to go the pension stockholm and the alsterhof on eisenacherstraße as explained above where the price is 12 euros. some may want to go somewhere just off the kurfürstendamm which is clean, small and romantic with music and always a drink included. i don’t remember the exact location.

the streets and areas mentioned above are very dangerous and it is common knowledge that even the police do not like going working around there. this is not due to the prostitutes but due to the problem of drugs and the high population of turkish people living here. just be sensible and if you are walking around just take the cash that you need and keep your hands in your pockets. look for a girl and do the business, don’t get into any trouble. i don’t mean to scare you, just making you aware as this area has a reputation so caution should be taken at all times.

if you come by car don’t drive around and around. the traffic in this area is already a nightmare. best to park your car and walk around. it is also easier to see the girls (window shopping) before you decide.

ignore the pimps some look threatening. don’t worry that is there job. some may even follow you by car to the pension and then take the girl back after. don’t worry this is normal. you will never have any dealing with a pimp and there is no need to be afraid of them.

as i said the girls are varied and most will always demand blowjob and sex always with a condom. some will offer a blowjob without condom and sex with and some even do both blowjob and sex without condom. whatever your choice is up to you.

there are many girls i know personally so rather than provide a really long list of each one, if you really interested in meeting some, email me and let me know what you are looking for i.e. type of girl and i can then email you back with some descriptions and tips or provide you with some descriptions of girls to find. i will email you back as quickly as i can. i travel quite a lot so be patient but i will try and help you where i can. also if you are planning a trip to berlin i can as well plan a few ideas if you are in the mood for girls and clubs. just email me and tell me what you need. of course if you feel nervous about emailing me, feel free to use a false name, this is confidential and i am just offering you information because i have the knowledge.

not all the girls speak english and even if they do, they will still speak german (principle). if you do speak german even on a basic level you will get a far better service if you do some small talk on the way to the pension and don’t be afraid to ask for their telephone number if you really like her. most will give out their mobile number. any help with translation or any requests for street sex german, again email me and i will give you some useful sentences to use.

any question or question whatsoever, email me.


07-15-02, 19:11
I am visiting Berlin and Hamburg next year and want to plan ahead. I am looking for adult book stores which sell the largest variety of European sex magazines (especially older ones). Where would I find these kinds of stores? Are there any that are obviously superior to their competition? I won't have much time when I am in those cities so knowing exactly where to go will be a big help. Thanks,

10-02-02, 12:24
Any top tips for Berlin there will 7 hungry males going to the city and we would like to know what is the best fkk or sw. are there any areas to avoid or are a MUST SEE. great forum by the way.
we are going to be there on new years eve

11-20-02, 22:02

Does being Turkish help in terms of safety in those streets you mentioned? Even if I'm a metal guy with long hair and don't resemble the average Turk in Germany? I mean I have absolutely nothing in common with those people except the language, but do they treat Turks who are not "German Turks" right? And would the girls treat me badly if I say I'm Turkish? Should I simply say I'm from Canada, which is actually where I live? I speak moderate German too, would that help anything at all? One more question, what would you say about St. Pauli? Is it worth a visit too or is Berlin just enough? I'll be visiting a German friend of mine in Berlin. And then leaving the country is what I plan on doing, so I hope Berlin is good enough.

Thanks in advance for your help...

12-20-02, 06:35
I see that the last reports on Berlin's sexkinos are from 1999, and as I have just spend a single day and night in Berlin, I can tell something about it and about the new rates (in the €uro currency).

First sexkino I entered was in KantStrasse, just a few metters away from the Ku'damm (KufursdammStrasse) in KantStrasse. It is called 'Film Studio' (or something like that). Allowance fee is 5.20 €uro. Once entered, you discover a small room with arm chairs and many men watching a porno movie. No girls. This turns out to be a gay zone. If you wait a little, some man is going to stand un and go and inspect you. As this is not my choice, I turned away.

About 200 mtrs from that, in the same street (KantStrasse, 120) is the Cascade sexkino. Just for your information: numbering in german streets is different than in other places, and 120 actually turns out to be in front of 50, so don't be dissapointed if after walking for a while you're around 50: then you're close.

Allowance fee is 60 €uro. Then you enter a bar where you are offered a drink, but don't know if it is included in the fee (I didn't take anything). I could spot two black girls, one of them gorgeous (tall, thin, beautiful), and 3 more girls. This was around 6 P.M.. Pasing throught the bar you enter the kino: screen's good, and there are about four private places to watch the screen. In a while, a girl will appear and ask if you want company.

First girl to appear was a Yugoslavian (she said) around 35 or more. She asked 15 €uro for handjob, 25 for sucking and 45 to go in a room for 20 minutes. I went on with the first one, although she asked me to keep the change (5 €uro) and do it better, and I agreed. She did well, although I didn't end (that's me, I'm difficult!). She asked again for more money, but I asked for another girl. She told me there were no germans, one thai (that was occupated, and I saw her before: normal middle-aged, not very astonishing for me), another yugoslavian and two blacks. She told me if she could present to me the other yugoslavian and I agreed. She was normal, around 30. She sat next to me and after playing for a little while (2 min) she asked what would I do, if I would invite her to a drink for 12 €uro, and I agreed. She came back with the drink and sat for a while. After, I went on again with the cheaper offer. She was a little bit repetitive asking me for 25 and a suck, but I didn't agree, or to give her 5 €uro more and show me her tits, but I wasn't plenty of money. She did it well and ended me. After that, I didn't have left money to test the only one interesting there: the gorgeous young black women, so I went out.

After all: 6+15+5+12+15 = 53 €uro, 1 handjob. Nothing important to remember.

After that I enjoyed a university party and, for a fee of 5 €uro, had some fun (no sex) dancing. Much better!.

I hope you can make something out of this experience. Cheers.

P.D.: Berlin is a beautiful city in Christmats (Weinachten) and has many places to enjoy yourself. Hope I'll be around next time, but I think not in a sexkino.

12-23-02, 08:17
Recently I have been in Berlin and I was looking for some fun. First, I found that a bit difficult, because Berlin does not have (at least to my knowledge) brothels or a redlight-district.
I bought a local tabloid and scanned the adverts for ladys or establishments offering their services. I decided to visit a place called Lucky in the eastern part of town near Lichtenberg station. It was a place with Thai girls. When I arrived (it was already 10 pm) only two were available, but it seems, that there are actually more ladys.
The looks were not extraordinary (a bit skinny), but ok.
The place was clean, the rates fair (35 Euro for 20 minutes, 50 for 30 minutes, 100 for one hour). That lady was lovely and real fun. She was completely nude, when we started the action. First she gave me a fantastic blowjob. Then we spent the rest of the time relaxing and having fun with each other.
30 minutes were really 30 minutes, and it was an enjoyable experience.

12-27-02, 13:31
Has anyone of you ever tried La Folie in Berlin? I've been there several times and have to say, that this place is really great, if you are not too shy. It is a kind of a FKK-place, where you have to get undressed before you can enter the premises. Girls are topless or completely naked as well. Sex can take place in public, allthough I've never seen it happening in this place. The private rooms available are very comfortable and of high quality. Girls come from Germany, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Some real stunners among perhaps 30 - 50 girls. They even have a web-site at http://www.la-folie.de/

Highly recommended!

04-06-03, 19:11

What you write about there being no brothels in Berlin couldn't be further from the truth. There are heaps of them too, as well as sex-kinos. What Berlin doesn't have to my knowledge is the "Laufhaus" which is familiar to those visiting the RLDs in Frankfurt and other towns in the west of Germany. Berlin is something of a paradise for paid sex because of its proximity to Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. Prices in brothels are cheaper than elsewhere in Germany. Its a classical supply/demand phenomena.

Many of the brothels advertise in the BZ or Berliner Kurier. You generally wouldn't notice them walking down the street, as they are more discreet. You can do some searching at


There are also several brothel/escort discussion boards in Germany if you can read German. For example, try www.verkehrsberichte.de

Kaiser Friedrich Strasse 40 is a well known and established brothel near the S-Bahn Charlottenburg station. Usually 4-8 girls work there. On the web: http://www.kfs40.de/
It is across the street from La Folie, which has been mentioned here in previous messages.

Other sites to visit on-line and/or in person are:


There are even a few FKK clubs, but they are much smaller and no match for Frankfurt/Cologne/Ruhr areas.

There are great escort services in Berlin, but you will probably need to speak basic German (or some eastern European language) to get what you want.

I would only caution you that the street scenes, Ku-damm, Kurfurstenstrasse, Oranienburger Strasse, and Strasse der 17. Juli are generally a rip off, and if you are not German, it is nearly certain you will be robbed.

Search and ye shall find all the ye seek!

04-06-03, 19:15
Another excellent brothel in Berlin:

Bei van Kampen
Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Mecklenburgische Str. 23a
Tel: 030 / 82 71 92 72

Mo - Fr von 10.00h bis 22.00h
Sa und So und an den Feiertagen von 12.00h bis 20.00h


You will have no trouble finding english-speaking girls here, as most of the girls are German and not Eastern European. However, for the same reason, it is slightly more expensive by Berlin standards, but on par for the rest of Germany.

04-11-03, 21:58
Hi Guys,

I couldn`t agree with Gatsby more...

There are basically 5 ways to get a girl in Berlin:

1) The Street
2) Sex Kinos
3) Massage Parlors
4) Escorts
5) Apatments

1) is pretty much your worst bet. Any girl on Kudamm, Oranienburgerstraße, Savignyplatz, or Straße des 17.Juni will be a rip off, 100%. Your only hope is Kurfürstenstraße, right at the U-bahn station of the same name. There you find girls who look like professional hookers, and girls who look like drug addicts; the former are likewise all rip offs, and the latter are all drug addicts. Some of the junkies are cute though, and if you’re very lucky, you might find a good fuck. However, the prices are high, and this is the place to come to in Berlin to contract HIV! Still, it’s fun to drop by and look, but don’t bother coming before 9 PM.

2) Is a much better bet. Most of these places are sleazy, and they mostly have relatively low class girls, but it’s cheap and you can sit in a well heated room for awhile and watch the movie. And you can get lucky and find a nice looking girl. If you’re an exhibitionist, try Braunschweigerstraße 30, near S-bahn Neukölln. The girls there will do it with you in the booths in the theatre for 27 Euros, while you subtly check out the action in the next booth. If you’re shy, they also have rooms. Admission 6 Euros. If you don’t score here, walk over to nearby Sonnenallee 203b, to try one of my favourite cheap apartments with girls from Eastern Europe- in the night time 203a houses another one, usually not as good.

3) Is a bit tricky. Many of these places only offer massages with no sex at all, others offer at the most a massage with a hand job at the end, and it’s a very expensive hand job. One exception is Dickhardtstraße 3a (love that street name!). This is currently the best Thai place of any kind in Berlin- The girls are good to excellent, sex is no problem, the rooms are pleasant, a shower is included, and prices are moderate. 60 Euros gets you a half hour of sex, and they’ll even throw in a massage if you want.

4) Do you have money to burn? No? Forget this bullshit! It’s expensive, you don’t know what you’re getting, sometimes you wait and the girl never shows up, and worst case you’ll end up in an argument with a tough Yugoslavian thug. Still, if you really must, some of these services do have websites, but don’t expect any help from me.

5) This is it! There are tons of these places around town, and you can usually find something good in any price category. The best of the best:

Van Kampen, Mecklenburgische Strasse 23a, www.lustgarten.de/VanKampen (mentioned in the previous posting): This is about as close to heaven as any of us poor sinners are ever likely to get. It`s kind of like walking into a photo shoot for lingerie ads. The girls are even better looking than they are on the website. They offer a quicky for 50 Euros but, jeez, what a waste…Go for the half hour for 80. For that price, the girls start to warm up, and some of them can get pretty damn warm!

Royal, at Bundesplatz 8, S- and U-bahn Bundesplatz.
http://www.royalhard.de/ If you can`t afford Van Kampen, try this. It’s a close second; the girls don’t quite have the drop-dead gorgeousness of the Van Kampen bunch, but they’re close behind and the service is even better on the average. 55 Euros gets you a half hour including a 69, and that’s all you’ll need.

Gina Oberlinstraße 3-4, near S-bahn Rathaus Steglitz, www.ginas-tango-rosa.de. Short of cash? Head on down to Steglitz for another of my favourites. They do a very nice quickie here for 35 Euros, and some of the girls are up in the same league with Royal.

Hindenburgdamm 76, www.Monas-Roses.de Miscount your money? Did you get all the way to Gina’s and find that you only have 30 Euros? No problem, a short walk gets you to Mona, the best 30 Euro fuck in Berlin. Most of the girls here are not as good looking as on the website, but you can usually find at least one good one. Ellen could get a job at Van Kampen no problem, but my personal fave is Vivien. She does the morning to early afternoon shift.

If you still haven’t found anything, look in the BZ newspaper, or head for an internet café and check out www.rotlichtadresse.de or www.lustgarten.de. It´s worth learning German just to read www.verkehrsberichte.de, a humungous board covering prostitution in Berlin and elsewhere.

Many people swear by Kamilla Douglas in the Blissestraße, http://www.kamilla-douglas.de/, but frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. The prices are the same as Van Kampen, and no way are the girls as pretty. Still, it`s worth a look. In Berlin, you can always go shopping at these places; if you don’t see anyone you like, just smile, thank them politely, and go (don’t get into any discussions!). There’s also a place called “Dummichen” in the Katharinenstraße right at S-bahn Halensee(no. 22, I think), which seems to be an alternative to Royal for a lot of people, though it’s not quite my cup of tea.

One final late night tip: Club Tabu in Wedding Quitzowstraße at the corner of Rathenowstraße. Pay 5 Euros admission, and you get into a largish bar full of tough looking Turkish and Arab thugs. If you can get past them without getting knifed, you will see a bunch of sometimes good looking East-European girls sitting toward the back. If they’re not there, they’re at the bar downstairs in the basement. They’ll go with you into one of the back rooms for 50 Euros, and it can be a very rewarding experience. Slumming par excellence, not for the faint of heart. Don´t bother showing up before 11 PM.

Hope to see you all at one of these places!

04-12-03, 19:56
Hi Doghead,

We're not in total agreement. Most of my best experiences have been with the escort girls. Granted, there are a few bad apples in the bunch, but you can certainly find the same quality as Van Kampen, but for 80 EUR you get an hour instead of 30 minutes! That's half the price my friend. I need an hour to get a second round in. Also, I'm a big fan of BBBJs and this is in my opinion better with the escorts than in the apartments. Finally,rarely have the apartment girls let me take some digital photos, whereas the Russian and Polish escorts often allow it (sometimes asking for an extra 10 Euro)

I've never been to the Sonnenallee 203b, but if its full of the East European girls I like so much, I'll be sure to check it out sometime soon. What sort of prices are they asking and do they do "Franzoesisch ohne?"

04-26-03, 08:51
Sonnenallee 203 is always worth a look, but be warned, the fluctuation at all of these places in Neukölln is high. At the moment they have a cute bulgarian/turkish giirl there in the daytime, but she could vanish at any time. Both 203a and 203b have eastern europeans exclusively; I have often seen good looking girls there. At these cheaper places I personally always go for the 20 minute minimum for 35 Euros, as my experience has been that the service doesn´t get much better if you pay more; however, I am almost certain that they will accomadate your bbbj wish for a few Euros more. It´s best to go to this address in the nighttime, because 203a opens around 8 or 9 PM, while 203b is also open in the daytime. If you don´t get lucky here, you can also try nearby Weserstraße 202 for East Euopeans from late afternoon until late night ( I haven´t seen any good ones here for a long time, though), or Boddinstraße 60 after 8 or 9 PM. There you will find two places specializing in east european girls. Needless to say, these are all low level places frequented by dangerous looking turkish and arab guys(who else lives in Neukölln anymore?), but sometimes the quality of the girls is surprisingly high. For the more elegant sort, you can try Royal. A good portion of the girls there are from eastern europe (including the very good looking Maria from Czechoslovakia, or Laura from Ukrania). At the better places, the service does improve when you spend more, and there is much less fluctuation among the girls. Also, I was up at the Tabu bar at Quitzowstraße at the corner Rathenowerstraße in Moabit the other day; they´re specializing in Bulgarians at the moment, and there were two good looking ones there. I booked one of them , and was treated to a very nice body, but the often encountered artificial show of sexuality that they put on; too much groaning , a little too rough with her hands, etc.

Well, its just my opinion.

05-02-03, 23:24

Can you tell me where in Berlin you can find Van Kampen or Royal?
Specifically, could you say which subway stop and which direction out of the subway, and whether its a safe neighborhood?

Thanks to you and others for the great reports on Berlin

05-03-03, 08:07

Van Kampen is at Mecklenburgischestraße 23a, in the same building as the large "Bauhaus" hardware store. It´s maybe one minute´s walk from U-bahn and S-bahn station Heidelberger Platz; when you exit the station you will see the building.

Royal is at Bundesplatz 8, similarly close to U-bahn and S-bahn station Bundesplatz(one S-bahn station over from Heidelberger Platz, very convenient...). It´s right on the platz at the southwest side, there´s a restaurant in the ground floor. Ring the bell for Royal, and they´re up two flights of stairs.

By the way, you can also try the nearby Sieglindestraße 9(-5 minutes walk from Royal; the quality is way lower, but prices start at 35 euros. They have one girl, Sandra, who is apparently very popular due to an unusual habit of forgetting to bring along a condom...Nearby at Varzinerstraße 1 (2 minutes´walk) is another one. I wouldn´t recommend it, but it´s worth a look if you`re in the neighborhood, I suppose. A couple of the Royal girls have moved on to a place at Wormserstraße 5(bei Schröder). One of them Liana, is something of a legend in the Berlin scene; she´s been around for nearly 20 years, and she´s still pleasant and good looking, and seems to actually like this job. She´s a dark skinned Italian with long hair dyed blonde, and she´s quite wild in bed; they offer a very interestng threesome program, I was just reading...she did Sado-Maso and group sex at Royal- a very talented lady!

Crazy Ami
05-04-03, 19:21
First post, but first I'd like to say, I've been reading this board since I've got to Germany and the reports written have helped me enormously and saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks a lot, guys!

And now, after three months of sampling the delights of Berlin, Dresden, and Prague, here is my report on Berlin (I'll write a report on Dresden soon, everything's pretty much been said about Prague).

As a guy with no car and living outside of Berlin, I haven't been able to try a lot of different areas, but I've sampled many places in one specific district: Charlottenburg, namely Kaiser-Friedrich and Kantstrasse.

Sex-Kinos: I've been in most of them around the train station, and walked out just as fast. These women are, for the most part, not attractive at all, 2s and 3s all around. There are, however, a few exceptions, which I will expound here.

Cascade Kino (leave Charlottenburg Station, go up to Kantstrasse, take a right, walk 2 blocks): Same low quality of girls, but will give you cheap fuck - 47 EUR for half hour, and blowjob in the kino for 25.

Tutti Frutti (look left out of Cburg station, can't miss it) - there was an older Asian lady who just jumped on me when I sat down in the club (there's a sign for "bath shows," but I've never seen them, or the sets needed to do such a thing. This woman, forgot her name, was a 5 or 6 for her age (late 30s?), and was the most forceful woman I've ever met at a club. Took her top off and pushed her tits into my face, moved her panties over and begged me to eat her out; she was crazy. After 20 minutes of this and dirty talking the whole time, I finally decided to reward her diligence; it was expensive (80 EUR for half hour), but she took me upstairs to a room that looked straight out of an old New Orleans bordello from the 1800s. Sex was good, she kept calling me Robert Redford, but she did try to hurry me at the end. I won't go back, but it was an experience.

Starlight (again, straight out of CBurg station): Hands down, my favorite Sex Kino. If you have any kind of taste for Asians at all, go here on a weekend. They have so many Asian girls from all over, and all of them are very nice and accomodating. My favorite is Jasmin, tall, slim, huge breats, from Malaysia. I've been to her 4 times now, and she knows me by sight and name. She'll do all positions you want, doesn't really worry about time, and if she knows you, she'll sit with you in the Kino, no asking for drinks or sex, and just fondle you; she did this with me one night for 2 hours, no questions asked. Just conversation. Problem - she only speaks German; no English. There's also some Bulgarian girls in there that are quite nice and flirty if you don't want the Asian girls at the time.
Prices: 60 EUR 1/2 hr., 85 1 hr. ; warning, if you say it's your first time there, they'll charge you 70. 5 EUR entry, includes free beer.
Specials: Once for 50 EUR I got a blowjob from 2 girls (Jasmin and someone else), them taking turns blowing me and me fingering and fondling them all over in the Kino. Not bad.

I strongly suggest you simply avoid all the other Kinos (Chocolate, Golden Angel, Sushi, Marco Polo). If you want a cheap(er) fuck, you can easily find a prettier girl in some of the places in the earlier posts.

But, and in this I agree with apparently most of the people on this forum, the best place in Charlottenburg is, hands down, La Folie. For the longest time I simply couldn't find it, but I just didn't walk down far enough (walk out of CBurg station on Kaiser-Friedrich-Station for 3 or 4 blocks - it'll be there on the right, sign that says "La Folie - Night Club and Bar"). Now I will be a regular.
Entry is 15 EUR, and they give you a *tiny* towel and a card for a locker. This is an FKK club, so you disrobe completely and take the key and towel into the club (Advice: If you smoke, take your cigarettes too. You'll want them.) Give the key to the bartender, and remember your locker number; that's how they keep your tab. First drink's free. Take it and *don't* sit at the bar. The bartender will sometimes try to get you to buy a drink for her (unheard of in my experience) for nothing in return, not even the chance of taking her in the back. But the lounge is better anyway. Get yourself a comfortable seat (the towel is meant to be put between you and the couches, not as a cover) and scope the crowd. I've only been in on the Easter weekend, so it was very slow, but I've been assured by 2 girls that there are usually 20-25 girls in the club at one time. When I was there, I still saw about 10-12. Most of them were 7-8s, with a few 9s. Ethnicities I've seen are black, Spanish, Russian, Indian, and German. My stories with the girls follow.
1st visit: Sat at the bar for a while, no one really comes up to you. The girls sit on the couches and bed in the middle of the lounge (someone said something about live sex show?) and talk amongst themselves or smoke and gaze idly at the pornos on the 2 small TVs. Don't get the wrong idea; they apparently don't hate their job, they just wait for people to pick them instead of them coming to you. I went up to a beatiful Russian girl, Svetlana, 25, long black hair, tatoos on her legs. Asked her to sit with me, she perked up immediately! Told me it had been incredibly boring that night, and we immediately jumped into at least an hour long conversation. She never pressured me for a drink or anything else; just a great conversation. She was rubbing me all over the entire time, and when I finally suggested the room, her eyes gleamed again, and off we went. Great time, after a nice BJ I entered her from behind on our sides, spoonlike. Various positions followed. Great time.
2nd visit: Let me tell you, this was my best experience anywhere to date. It was the next day (this was Easter weekend), so it was still sluggish. Found a *beautiful* girl laying on the bed, 9+, thought she was Indian/Pakistani from a distance, turned out she was German from strong Spanish descent. Victoria, 22, again had a great conversation with her. The sex was great, and afterwards, we had more conversation for another hour! She's the first girl I've met at a club who really deepthroated me; she really enjoyed giving me a blowjob. It was amazing. Along with the conversations, it was my first real GFE, or the closest I'll find in an hour-long sex session (with 3 hours of conversation around it!)
Prices: 70 EUR for 1/2 hour, 100 for 1 hr.
If you go anywhere in Berlin, go here. It might be a little expensive for the city, but trust me, it's worth it. Prettiest girls outside of the Czech Republic, and nowhere near as many tourists.

Hope this helps a couple of you, and happy hunting! If anyone wants to set up a night to go cruising Charlottenburg, let me know, and I'll be happy to accompany you.


05-05-03, 18:37
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the great info on the sex clubs. Now I am trying to book a hotel near all the action but for the best prices. Can someone tell me which hotel they stayed at and which hotel branch as well. I need names of several hotels in case they get booked. I am going to be in Berlin from Jun 1 to Jun 4th. I don't want to end up booking a hotel 50 miles away outside of town. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

05-05-03, 22:01
Even if you don't read much German, you should be able to navigate your way through the city of Berlin's homepage where if you find the Hotels" link on the left hand side, you will come to a screen asking you to narrow your search. If you select Charlottenburg from the pulldown menu, you will be presented with over 100 hotels in Charlottenburg alone. I lived in Berlin for a few years but usually stay with friends when I visit nowadays so can't really tell you much about most of the hotels myself. Most hotels are located close enough to Berlin's excellent transport links so getting around is never a problem.


Hotel Panorama (Lewishamstr 1, (030) 32 90 40 email: info@hotelpanoramaberlin.de) is on Adenauerplatz which is just south of S-Bahnhof Charlottenburg and walking distance to Stuttgarterplatz, La Folie, Kaiser-Friedrich 40, and the Ku'damm for the streetwalkers. Avoid the tourist traps on the Ku'damm itself and stick to what you see recommended here. Escorts visiting your room in a hotel is never a problem in business class hotels.

05-05-03, 22:14
Hey Crazy Ami,

Great Post! I'm so glad to see that this board has picked up recently. Berlin is a real gem of a city for us lads...

I wonder about one point about your post on the many establishments on Stuttgarter Platz in Charlottenburg (Stutti as its known in Berlin) about Tutti Frutti--namely, what time of evening where you there? Berlin usually doesn't get going until quite late, so maybe you were early? Anyway, at least one of the spots on Stutti does have a bath show around three times a night (if there are enough guests) The bath is hidden under the stage and is on some kind of a lift. The show can be quite riotous at times if the crowd is right. Some lucky fellow will even get called on stage and stripped and given a blow job for free and the amusement of the audience. However, like I said, it depends on the night, the crowd etc. I had a great experience with two Russian sisters in Mon Cheri (Next door to Tutti Frutti I believe). Now that my memory is working again-I'm pretty sure that its Mon Cheri that has the bath show!! Anyway, these places tend to feed off the tourist trade so YMMV. In my opinion, best for a group night out. If you find a nice looking girl here, they have rooms in the back. If not, you're just a short walk to KF40 or La Folie.

05-09-03, 01:31
Hi Crazy Ami and all,

Just came back from La Folie, and what can I tell you...this is what god ment when he thought about a bordel.

Took Crazy Ami's advise and went there at about 10 PM. There were about 20 chicks, most 8's, some 9's+. Took my seat near the bar and shoped around. put my eye on this well built dark skined boosted girl, turned to be Veronica from Romania. I don't speak any word in German and her English was very limited but had an almost an hour plesent "hand" conversation on the sofa before we went to the room.

She was really into it. Great deep throut BJ, 69 while fingering her in both holes and then few position until the explotion.

Then a shower and another 30 minutes small talk. Real good time.

If you are in Berlin, this is defently the place for you guys!



Crazy Ami
06-02-03, 17:23
Glad to see my report was well taken.. Thanks!

Darkseid - Sorry for the delay, and you're already in Berlin apparently, which means you probably have a hotel. There's any number of hotels in the city.. it's a huge frickin town (bigger in area than New York, Boston, etc.). If you want one close to the clubs, there's a good amount in Charlottenburg, as well. The Hotel Charlottenburger Hof is right out of the train station, you can't miss it (look up for all the flags). It's a 3-star hotel, I believe, so if you want classy (in proximity to the clubs) you can go there or the Best Western Kanthotel (take a right on Kantstrasse, walk a block). Don't know about the Best Western, but the C'Burger Hof is between 60-100 Eur. for a single room.

Now if you're just looking for someplace to crash after a night of drinking and girls, my personal choice is the Hotel-Pension Berolina (Stuttgarter Platz. 17 - take a left out of the station, walk past Starlight, Tutti Frutti, Chocolate Bar, and the C'Burger Hof, and you'll see a little sign). They've got single rooms with a shared bathroom (Einzelzimmer ohne Bad) for 31 EUR a night, and cable TV with CNN and BBC (for all you non-German speakers). Advice: Don't get the "breakfast buffet" for 6 EUR; you can get a much better breakfast at any Backerei or small restaurant in the city for less.

(You can look up the telephone numbers for these places by just running a search on Yahoo or Google. You can also search for "Hotels Berlin Charlottenburg" for more choices.)

Now for a small report. I was around C'Burg on a Sunday night, and La Folie was closed. Damn! What to do? Went to Starlight, had two girls at once for 120 EUR, amazing time, a Singaporean and a Malaysian, both attractive, both very willing. Still, I had been looking forward to an FKK night. There's Club 77 (Kantstrasse 77), but the entrance fee is 20 Eur and it just looks like a tourist trap to me (anyone been there? Haven't found a report for it). Heard about another place called "Bei Charlotte" in the area, decided to check it out. It's a hike from the general KFS-Kantstrasse area (Sophie-Charlotten-Strasse, take the U-Bahn to Sophie-Charlotten Platz, or if you're walking from C'Burg Bahnhof, take a left on Kantstrasse, right on Windsheidstrasse, left on Kaiserdamm, right on Sophie-Charl. Strasse, walk 2-3 blocks, it's on the left - Whew!). Got there about 12:15 or so. Place was open, but *empty*. Female bartender, THREE guys who apparently worked there, and one other customer (a third walked in a little after me). They apologized and said that there would be a couple of girls out in a minute. 20 minutes and two beers later one did show up (nice blond, very early 20s, 8+) and headed straight to the first customer - apparently a regular. So I waited another 10 minutes and finally met Carmen, 26, Russian/Spanish. It was her first night there too - she usually works out of a housecall service. We talked for a while, and I bought her a few drinks (she pressured me for Piccolos, but I don't do that - we settled for red wine). We were both learning about the system at Bei Charlotte - apparently there's a whirlpool offer which is 20 minutes in a hot tub with a girl and a bottle of champagne (but no sex) for 75 EUR. I decided on a half-hour in a room for 60 EUR. She was amazing in the room. It seemed like she really enjoyed her job. We stayed in the room until they knocked with the "time-up." I would have stayed for another go but I didn't have the paper money (they only take cash for the rooms, but you can pay your tab with credit card). All in all, a decent time, Carmen and the bartender were both very nice and friendly (but naturally all in German). My recommendation: try it if you're bored on a Sunday night and La Folie is closed, but it's rather out of the way, and it seemed like it would be a hit or miss place most of the time - I'm just glad I was lucky!

And I did have one question: I saw a place on Kantstrasse called "Treffpunkt Happy Live." Maybe I just haven't done enough research, but what is this place? a "Meeting Point" for what? It looked like a bar, but the windows were covered up, a la La Folie. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

The Crazy Ami

07-13-03, 14:48
Thanks guys for checking out various places in Berlin. The forum was a great help to me. End of June I was there only for 2 days and without even looking at other places I went straight to La Folie. Despite Monday evening the place was quite busy, but still more girls (rating 7-9) than man, which made me already happy. I had a great night. First with the only black girl there. Vanessa, long legs, beautiful little round butt and all the special moves a man can desire. Second round was with a girl from Berlin, young, beautiful but a little bit in a rush thus not as exciting as the first one.

Nevertheless it was a great night. What I liked most was that there was no real pressure to get down to business, you pick the girls and although prices went up, it was still reasonable and nobody tried to rip you off. So La Folie it is...

07-15-03, 19:59
Thanks for all the info here, gentlemen.

I was just in Berlin and because of this board proceeded directly to La Folie. I have never been to FKK club, so I didn't know what to expect. But this was a great experience!

Had to remove all clothes prior to entering. Admission is now 14 Euros. First had a nice blond Romanian named Melanie with big boobs. Extremely friendly and liked to pet outside in the bar area. Bought her a drink which cost 17 Euros. Then went to a room for 70 Euros for half hour. Service was very friendly, but no kissing on mouth and no BBBJ, but allowed DATY.

Next had another Romanian named Veronica. She was tall brunette with fantastic body. Also very friendly in the bar area. Went inside a room, same as before. No BBBJ or DFK, but allow DATY.

There were many girls there the night I was there, quite a few in the 8-10 range! I will return!

Total: Euro 14 entrance, 140 (2 x 70) for girls, 34 (2 x 17) for girls drinks, 15 (3E x 3 for beers + 3E x 2 for Coka Cola). Total 203 Euros. Great, friendly environment. No pressure. Lots of beautiful women.

07-22-03, 21:24
I would highly recommend Royal, as previously reviewed by others. There were 4 very attractive girls there during a 10am visit there recently, and Katya, a 24 year-old, offered a great GFE for total of 55 Euros. Royal also has the advantage of being directly next to U-bahn exit, also as previously described. I believe its on the orange line, Bundestag exit, in direction of Rathous Steglitz.

Also tried La Folie, but didn't like it as much. You have to walk 3 blocks from subway exit, and the area seemed just a bit dodgy. I was there at 8pm and didn't care for the "laid back" atmosphere that was present at the time. Girls were gathered in bunches talking to each other and few or none made eye contact or attempt to approach. Actually one did, but walked away when I indicated I spoke no German. Girls there were attractive, but I didn't feel like hanging out for another hour, while it was getting darker outside, waiting to be approached. Hanging out with a bunch of not-so-attractive naked guys drinking beer ain't my idea of fun. Set-up at Royal was much more to my taste.

08-23-03, 00:20
Escorts in Berlin

I usuallly prefer the escorts in Berlin to the puffs and clubs. Some notes from my latest adventures (Summer 2003):

0162 381 6306 Svetlana

Slightly overweight Russian girl, mid20s. Face ok, but a little bit too much cushion.... Paid 150 EUR for 1.5 hours, decent BBBJ (or FT as its called here = franz. total) price included unprotected sex but I declined. Definitely a sub-par experience for Berlin...

0175-7635791 Olga

2 hours = EUR 150. BBBJ. Olga (Russian or Ukrainian?) spoke very little German, but some English, and we figured out what I wanted to do...

New agency & website: http://www.girlsvisit.de
A few of the girls are indicated to speak English and offer BBBJ

Anyone have a go at Sabrina yet?

08-23-03, 00:32
Antonstrasse 25 Berlin - Wedding (U8 - Leopoldplatz)

Easy to find brothel with the advantage of being open early (10am) even on Sundays. I needed to drain myself and only had a short window of opportunity, so jumped on the nearest U-Bahn and headed to Leopoldplatz, quickly found the Antonstrasse and walked to the end of the street. Enter the building #25 (No noticeable markings outside) and ring the bell marked KOENIG inside on your left. 4 girls were presented to me, and all offered BBBJ. 30 minutes for EUR 50 which is probably a touch high for this establishment, but with my accent, they correctly figured I wouldn't haggle. I choose a young 20 something strawberry blond girl, with long hair and very fit body. She was chatty and friendly and after a quick wash of my schwanz in the sink she was ready to proceed on the bed. Her method was very slow and delicate which was perfect on this hot summer day. I had gone a few days without even a wank, so I was ready to spill. She took it all in her mouth, and after a few seconds spit it out in the sink and came back for some cuddling. Just what I needed!!

Rio Lover
08-23-03, 01:46
Royal in Berlin: At 10pm Friday 8/22, I rang the bell for the Royal brothel at Bundesplatz 8, but no one answered! Can anyone explain?

Does Royal close before 10pm on Friday? I can assure you that I waited and pushed the buzzer several times. (I even pushed the buzzer for an establishment in the same building called "Phoenix" in case Royal had closed and Phoenix were the club that had risen from its ashes, but there was no answer there either). I got back on the train, went to La Folie (reviewed earlier in this strand), and had a very good time -- so no big problem, but I'm sure I would have had a better time if I'd been able to hit Royal, then have dinner, and then spend the rest of the evening at La Folie (as I'd originally planned).

08-25-03, 05:46
Royal is open from 10am til 8pm weekdays, 12-6pm Saturdays.
By the way, the nearby Sieglindestraße 9 has a service that´s new to me- a girl in a wheelchair(is this getting a little kinky?...).She´s not on their website anymore, but apparently she still works there. They´re open from 10am til 7pm weekdays, www.dschungelsex.de.

Uman da Man
08-30-03, 18:46
Unprotected sex!
Frankly, this is the first time I’ve ever heard something like this in this hobby. I am certainly not doubting you, just a bit perplexed…bewildered.

I have noticed that may of the Berlin websites listed here mention “Verkehr mit Kondom” , which I guess it means safe sex with condoms. The very mention of it implies in a way that there is a no condom option for some girls. Am I correct on this? I am assuming that this option is every bit unsafe as any other unprotected sex anywhere else? Is there a reason why some Berlin-mongers would take the chance? How do you come across such an option?


08-31-03, 13:16
a question about one of the reports further down. One of the brothers was talking about a Thai Massage Place with some sex action what is more that HJ. Dickenhardtstr. 3a.
Does anybody know the place and has some more information? price, quality, ......
Happy hunting,

09-01-03, 01:31
You are right in most of your assumptions. Verkehr mit Kondom = safe sex with a condom, which is certainly standard practice. Some escorts, particulary from Eastern Europe, offer unsafe sex, ie, without a condom. This is usually discreetly referred to in newspaper (BZ or Berliner Kurier) adverts as "tabulos" or "pur" and usually costs 10 or 20 EUR extra. Of course not all girls offer this, but you can always ask.

Unprotected Oral sex is very common with both escorts and in the brothels in Berlin. It's referred to as Franzoesich Ohne (French without or BBBJ). Franzoesich Total means CIM.

I've risked it a few times, but stopped when I caught a (quickly curable) STD....

Originally posted by Uman da Man
Unprotected sex!
Frankly, this is the first time I’ve ever heard something like this in this hobby. I am certainly not doubting you, just a bit perplexed…bewildered.

I have noticed that may of the Berlin websites listed here mention “Verkehr mit Kondom” , which I guess it means safe sex with condoms. The very mention of it implies in a way that there is a no condom option for some girls. Am I correct on this? I am assuming that this option is every bit unsafe as any other unprotected sex anywhere else? Is there a reason why some Berlin-mongers would take the chance? How do you come across such an option?


09-01-03, 13:10
Gatsby 67, this is great news about Berlin! I had no idea bareback full service was available in Europe. Had bad luck years ago visiting there. What exactly does 'tabulos' or 'vur' mean in those ads? Just curious about euphemisms. Run accross any providing bareback anal?

09-01-03, 22:03
"Tabulos" translates into 'no taboos' and is often used as a code in newspaper advertisements by escorts offering unprotected sex. Be advised some girls will only engage in this practice if they like the looks of you.

"Pur" means pure or natural, i.e. without a condom.

Other things to look out or on German language websites are

AO = Tabulos = sex w/o condom

There is (or was recently) an excellent website in German for mongering that listed several service providers where unprotected anal sex was on offer. This is not my thing, but whatever floats your boat.

Bra Bus
09-03-03, 10:52
Hi to all the members,

I am about visiting Berlin for a day. Which place should I go? I would like to try the sex kinos but don't know which one and where? Can anybody advise me the street address and the best place to visit. Preferably somewhere close to the airport. Or, how about FKK clubs?


09-15-03, 15:46
There is an incall in Kantstrasse, next to porn arcade. You must take elevator to 3rd floor.

They have domina also beside the normal incall.

Cost several years ago DM 150 per hour.

Usual they got 4 girls. All nice and friendly and some speak good english.

10-09-03, 04:05
Crazi Ami,

Thank you for the posts. Great info! I will be in Berlin early next year, staying on Los Angeles Platz. From what I can tell, it's near Charlottenburg. From this area, how does one get to La Folie? It sounds like I should be able to find Starlight with no problems. Any other recommendations for a few days' stay in Berline?


Crazy Ami
10-14-03, 01:23

Not familiar with Los Angeles Platz, but to get to Starlight and La Folie is very easy.. On the big central S-bahn line going East-West, there is a station called "Berlin-Charlottenburg." They've been doing repairs on the line between C-Burg and Savignyplatz for a while, so you might have to catch a RE train from Zoo to Charlottenburg. Or you can just hop in a taxi and tell them "Bahnhof Charlottenburg." When you get out, you'll see Starlight, it's right there on the corner. As for La Folie, just go up the main road from the train station (Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse), past Starlight and some other bad Kinos, Monte Carlo and Sissi Bar, for two blocks. You'll pass a BP station on the left, and then you should see La Folie on the right.. It looks like a hip club/bar from the outside. But the fun that awaits within is amazing!

10-29-03, 04:11
Hey all,

A few friends will be with me when I make my trip to Berlin. These guys enjoy strip clubs where there's lots of lap dance mileage (nude, touching) and lower chances of getting rolled. Anyone have a definitive list of the "best" strip clubs in Berlin? Preferably near center.


11-01-03, 17:40
I've heard good things about the Kit Kat klub in Berlin. I'm visiting with a lady friend, and we are looking for bi-girls.

Any suggestions?

12-29-03, 23:38
My fellow punters,

Click on the following link and you will find in .PDF format, the A-Z of the Berlin mongering scene. You will find the sex ads that are listed in the BZ newspaper. Both Puffs (Brothels) and Escort Agencies (Agenturen) are listed.


The adverts with addresses listed are brothels. A good internet map/streetfinder for Germany is:


Where the box says "Ort" enter Berlin and paste the street name (for example Hobrechtstr.) in the following box. I think it is a good idea to leave of the "Str." at the end of the street name.

01-07-04, 05:51
Followed another link in an ad in the last guy's post - this may be more kept-up.


James Bong
01-08-04, 23:19
Updated Report for Berlin.

1. Streetworking

Several streets in Berlin are filled with pretty ladies like the Oranienburgerstr. or the Str. d. 17. Juni. But you better beware of these places! All ladies are looking quite good, but ALL are rip offs! Don´t waste 100s of Euros for a bad HJ!

In the area Kurfürstenstr. / Frobenstr. / Elisenstr. you can find some junkies which will join you for little money, but these girls are also to avoid! You can also find some kind of hobbygirls in this area which will give you a BJ in the car for 20-25 Euro or which will go to a hotel with you for 30 min for about 50 Euros. Sometimes there are goodtimers around, but you have to be lucky!

2. Sex cinemas

All over Berlin you can find cinemas with mostly overaged ladies. Entry fee is around 6 Euro. BJ in the Cinema is around 20-25 Euro and a quick fuck with BJ in the cinema is around 30 Euro. You have to consider that the other fellows can watch you whilst getting off, but if you don´t mind this is a quick relief! Good places are the cinema in the Braunschweiger Str. 30 and in the Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 38 aswell as the one in the Blissestr. 69

3. Escort Ladies

There are several Escort Services with young east european ladies all over berlin. Prices are around 100 Euro (sometimes less) for one hour. A good agencie with nice girls is http://www.escort-modelle.com and also http://www.modelagenturberlin.de seems to be a good one. (All pics are real on these websites). If you check the local tabloids like "BZ" you´ll find hundreds of escort ladies in there, but the service quality is not sure with them.

4. Brothels

There are several brothels allover Berlin. Prices vary very much, depending on the quality of the ladies in the spots. You can get good ladies for 100 - 150 Euros per hour in several places. A good site with links to the places is http://www.rotlichtadresse.de
My preferred brothels are http://www.monas-roses.de You have always around 5-10 ladies there and most of them are quite good looking (6-8) or for the richer ones among us http://www.kamilla-douglas.de and http://www.vankampenberlin.de (150 € per hour).

So, I hope that you´re kind of happy with all these information, and for the german speakers among you check out http://www.verkehrsberichte.de with all the latest information about the Berlin scene and reports about ladies!

01-18-04, 06:00
Just spent a few days in Berlin. Quick comments:

1. Oranienburger Strasse - as stated earlier (I didn't learn), this is a complete ripoff! There are beautiful girls lining the streets. They will tempt you, because some of them are serious eye candy. They quote 60 euro for erotic massage with BJ. Once you're inside, you learn that that price doesn't even include nakedness. My girl even turned away from me when giving head. Since there was a condom, I couldn't even tell if she was really blowing me or just using her hand again. Stay away from the street girls (but do go there to party, as it is a really fun area).

2. Kinos around Charlottenburg Bahnhof (5 euro entry). Sorry Crazy Ami, all the "girls" I saw at Starlight were Transexuals. This was partially confirmed by another patron (a brit) who told me he couldn't figure out whether they were girls or not and by the bouncer when I walked out. He had said, "beautiful THai girls". When I walked out, I said "those were NOT always girls!" He laughed heartily and, seemingly, knowingly. Other Kinos had pretty ugly girls. Night Light (next to Starlight) had 2 pretty nice looking ones, but they were occupied.

3. Strip bars around Charlottenburg Bahnhof (by the front of the station,which is currently under renovation, 5 or 10 euro entry)

- Blue bananna (5 euro entry) had nice looking girls (about 5 - 2/5 hot, 2/5 good, 1/5 dog). Here, you could get a nude dance with touching and lotion (no touching pussy) for 35 euro. Also could get FS for 75 euro. There is a pension next door for the business. I think the neighboring kinos also use this pension.

- Bon Bon (Stuttgarter platz, just up the road (visible from the front part of the station), 10 Euro entry)- This placed was packed on Saturday night. About 15 girls. Was quoted 50 Euro nude dance with touching or 100 euros for sex. Passed on this, but it had an actual strip club type atmosphere with 2 girls always dancing on the bar, getting completely nude. You can buy stripper dollars for stuffing their panties and g-strings. Overall, a fun time.

I tried to go to Royal as well (Budesplatz 8 - apartment brothel) but arrived after closing. From earlier threads, i learned it closes at 8pm most days, 6pm some days.

Crazy Ami
01-23-04, 01:51

There's of course always the chance of that in the seedier-type clubs, but you just have to watch out for it. I, for one, am sure that the girls I was with at Starlight were indeed females. I did have to avoid a few that weren't great-looking and may have been men, but I haven't made a mistake yet.

Back in the States now, but I look forward to being back in Berlin in March for some more fun! (At La Folie mostly, I think).

Berlin Life
01-23-04, 18:53
Hello to those of you who are interested in the Berlin area.

I used to be know as Berlin2626 and wrote the first report for Berlin however I have been travelling since so now after seeing that there has not been much action lately I want to start rolling the ball again.

First of all let me just update you on the street prostitution first. Next time I will cover some brothels.

The best area I would suggest is Kurfüstenstraße, Frobenstraße, Bülowstraße, Einemstraße, Lützowplatz – Berlin Schöneberg. Nearest U-Bahn: Kurfüstenstraße and Bülowstraße.

Here you have everything from young to old and pretty to ugly. There are a lot of police around here and they will often stop you and check you out. No big deal, it’s not illegal to shop for a girl but they do like to search people. In general this area is quite dangerous but if you are streetwise, you won't have a problem.

This area is well known for its drug problem. Many of the girls are on drugs - either heroin or crack. The quality is so poor that you can see the results on some of them. This area is also known as a 'Kinderstrich' - many young girls can be found although they tend to work out of hotels to avoid the police asking for their papers. It is possible to get girls as young as 11 in this area so be careful. Not only is this sad but you will also be sent down if
you ever did try with a young girl and get caught.

Kurfüstenstraße, Frobenstraße and Bülowstraße attracts allsorts at good prices. Blowjob starts at 30-40 EUR (10-13 EUR more for a hotel room for 30 minutes). Full sex and blowjob costs 40-60 EUR. Late at night some of the pretty girls who are more professional charge upwards from 90 EUR.

Sometimes you can get girls that offer everything without a condom. Fine if you like it but remember these girls often take drugs and are not clean. Einemstraße and Lützowplatz attract the more professional girls wearing bustiers and normally have implants and high heels on. Some of them are OK but don't expect the best service. If you want good service, pick up a regular girl back down on Kürfurstenstraße.

The whole area is great for window shopping. All the girls are friendly and most of them will give you their number to call next time.

Having been here over 3 years now, I have seen many changes in the area but you will usually find what you are looking for.

The Kurfüstenstraße starts to offer some real action from about 16:00 when a few girls will start to stand in the road looking for customers however there is action around here 24/7 to be honest.

After 19:00 you start to see some better looking girls on the street between the lower end of Kurfüstenstraße between Potsdamer Straße and the corner of Frobenstraße (From Woolworth’s down towards a second hand car sales yard).

There are a few hotels used. The first one which is 5 minutes walk is the Steinmetz on Steinmetzstraße near the U-Bahn bridge. 10 EUR for 30 minutes here and clean and bright. The other hotel(s) are about 15 minutes walk and on the Eisenacherstraße (Alsterhof and Stockholm Pension). These ones normally cost around 13 EUR. Mirrors on the walls and again clean and bright.

Drinks are available at all hotels.

As I mentioned before, later in the evening around 20:00 onwards further down the road you come to Einemstraße (Nearest U-Bahn Nollendorfplatz) and this is where you will find those tall blondes with implants and high heels. They start of the other end (West) of the Küfurstensraße near the Einstein cafe
and then you can turn left into Einemstraße.

Again the streets and areas mentioned above are very dangerous and it is common knowledge that even the Police do not like going working around there late at night as there is always trouble.

If you come by car don’t drive around and around. The traffic in this area is already a nightmare. Best to park your car and walk around. It is also easier to see the girls (window shopping) before you decide.

Ignore the pimps some look threatening. Don’t worry that is there job. Some may even follow you by car to the Pension and then take the girl back after. Don’t worry this is normal. You will never have any dealing with a pimp and there is no need to be afraid of them.

As I said the girls are varied and most will always demand blowjob and sex always with a condom. Some will offer a blowjob without condom and sex with and some even do both blowjob and sex without condom. Whatever your choice, it is up to you. Many even swallow.

There are many girls I know personally so rather than provide a really long list of each one, if you really interested in meeting some, email me and let me know what you are looking for i.e. type of girl and I can then email you back with some descriptions and tips or provide you with some descriptions of girls to find. I will email you back as quickly as I can. I travel quite a lot so be patient but I will try and help you where I can.

Also if you are planning a trip to Berlin I can as well plan a few ideas if you are in the mood for girls and clubs. Just email me and tell me what you need. Of course if you feel nervous about emailing me, feel free to use a false name, this is confidential and I am just offering you information because I have some knowledge.

Not all the girls speak English and even if they do, they will still speak German (principle). If you do speak German even on a basic level you will get a far better service if you do some small talk on the way to the Pension and don’t be afraid to ask for their telephone number if you really like her. Most will give out their mobile number. Any help with translation or any requests for street sex in German, again email me and I will give you some useful sentences to use.

Any question or question whatsoever feel free to contact me.

Berlin Life

02-21-04, 19:57
Thank you Berlin Life, for your update.

I wanted to contact you by email but unfortunately, the email address of your last year's postings [Email address deleted by Admin] is not valid any more. Please be so kind and idicate your new contact address.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending remove email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

02-23-04, 00:14
Antonstrasse 25, Berlin-Wedding.

This brothel has been around for years. Mostly staffed with older women, but they usually keep one or two younger ones around.

I had the good fortune to meet "Leeza" or "Lisa", an attractive blonde girl, early 20s, from Hungary.

45 minutes of BBBJ and straight sex (covered) including some lovely 69 was the highlight of my day. I paid EUR 80 for 45 minutes and 30 minutes was offered for just EUR 50. She even bravely tried to get me up for a second round but I couldn't bring myself to make it 2x in 45. I'll be back tomorrow. She told me she works from 10am to 8pm.

Highly recommended.

02-23-04, 21:39
I was in Berlin For a trade fair at the start of Feb. I arranged to meet an escort Jana Berger who I found on the net. www.janaescort.com I arranged to meet her on Feb. 2nd at 3 PM for 3 hours. The cost of the service was 300 Euros for the first 2 hours, and 100 Euros for any additional hours. Jana turned up exactly on time. She was dressed very elegantly and looked exactly like her photos on her web site. I got the financials out the way at the start of our meeting as we had agreed before hand. After sharing some wine together and slowly exploring each other, we moved onto passionate sex. She was truly a girlfriend experience. I will not go into details, but suffice to say I came 3 times, and we shared a bath together during our time in between sessions. You might want to know that when you finger her virginal area she gets very aroused.

Moonlight Bob
02-27-04, 05:38
Two days ago, I made arrangements to be in Berlin at the end of March. Then I spent last night digesting this Forum. I'm asking for help in three areas.

1. References for outcalls. Skmsteve's post below is terrific (Jana looks wonderful) but I have learned that more than one reference is a good idea.

2. Are there any recommendations for FKK-like clubs in Berlin other than La Folie.?

3. Understanding that franzishe ohne = BBBJ, does kuchen = kisssing? More to the point, how do I say the german equivalent of DFK? And even more to the point, the german equivalent of a GFE?

All help is really appreciated. FWIW, I also expect to return to Oase and FKK World, and maybe Fantasyland after leaving Berlin, and I promise to post.

02-27-04, 20:53
Check out http://www.escort-modelle.com/index.htm

It's not in English, but you should be able to figure your way around the site. My only complaint with this agency is that they charge and additional EUR 10-20 for BBBJ (Franz. ohne). So EUR 80+20=EUR 100 for an hour 2 "shot" service if you can handle it. DFK depends on the girl and your "compatibility" with her. Some girls want extra.

Victoria at 0162-892 1790 is a nice girl with long dark hair, smallish breasts and speaks decent English. If I remember correctly also EUR 80. The agency has had some decent Bulgarian escorts in the past.

Another alternative is to call 0173 138 55 44 or 0162 193 31 37

For €80 per hour you can choose from

- Susi, blonde, 170cm
- Claudia, 19yo, black hair
- Vera, 20yo, long curly black hair

I believe all offer BBBJ which doesn't cost extra here. (the way it should be!!)

02-28-04, 15:59
Can any one give advice on the best swinger clubs in Berlin, and places to pick up non pros.

Which city is best for swinger clubs and finding non pros in Germany.

I am thinking Berlin, or Franfurt at the moment.


Moonlight Bob
04-11-04, 04:46
Two weeks ago I spent several days in Berlin. My trip was cut short, and I did not make the expected detour to the large FKK clubs near Frankfurt. Given the Berlin experiences, this loss was not catastrophic.

I ended up spending two evenings at La Folie. This is bit more cordial than the Frankfurt clubs, and more dignified too (if a bunch of people sitting around in the altogether eyeing each other with a view to sex can ever be really dignified). I found it very pleasant. An inexpensive bar with no drunks, at least before midnight, helped a lot. If you should happen to pass through, Nelly, a tall slender strawberry blonde, and Nadine, a fairly tall slender part asian, were both special. Victoria and Phyllis weren't so special.

I also passed through Kamilla Douglas (Nina) and Van Kampen (Michelle). Of the two, I preferred Van Kampen for both the facilities and the attendants. I would like to return.

At Gatsby's suggestion, I tried escort-modelle. I won't try them again.

Extra special but expensive. Jana (www.janaescort.com) recommended by Skmsteve below. This woman is a dream. She is very attractive, speaks terrific english and is a lot of fun, and sexy as she can be. She uses her eyes to maximum effect, and really gets into what she's doing. I only saw her once, but had planned to repeat at least once and maybe more. If she were in my local area, I'd see her on a regular basis - discretion be damned. Jana, if you ever come to the east coast of the US, please let me know.

04-11-04, 20:37
Berlin has to be one of the ugliest, dreariest, overrated hellpits on the planet Earth.

Moonlight Bob
04-12-04, 00:36
And one of the most interesting cities the planet has ever fathered -- if you spend the time to learn about the history of the place, and the antecedents of the city we see today.

04-12-04, 21:03
@ CBGB: you must have unwittingly found yourself in some torture dungeon in Berlin for a long weekend. Hope some helmeted, jack-booted dominatrix took good care of you. ;)

@ Moonlight Bob: Agree with you -- Berlin is a fascinating city. I lived there for a couple of years and never tire of returning. Aside from the mongering, there is a nightlife in Berlin that has in my mind, no rival anywhere else in Europe.

Check out Strandbad Mitte in the summermonths. Great pick-up spot for the non-pros.

04-13-04, 05:09
The NRW is the place to go for sex in Germany, Dortmund, not Berlin is the center of the German porno industry.

04-19-04, 18:10
In the course of a recent business trip to Szczecin, Poland I also spent two nights (going and coming) in Berlin.

Berlin is emerging from the long shadow of four decades of division into East and West and is reclaiming its status as a world-class city.

Undoubtedly the best place to stay in town is the Four Seasons Hotel in Berlin, which is on Charlottenstrasse 49. Runs about 200 Euros a night, but is right in the center of the action. Especially outstanding during my stay was the selection of working girls in the lobby bar (more on this later). If you're arriving by plane (most arrive at Tegel Airport, though two smaller airports also serve the city), you can also make arrangements for accomodation through the hotel information service right in the airport. My Four Seasons reservation was made by my company in advance, so a car and driver were there waiting for me on my arrival from Frankfurt. A first class hotel in every respect.

The dining scene in Berlin is an eclectic mix of European specialties and Berliner Kniepl staples. Sidewalk cafes are greatly in abundance, with the long winter now giving way to a glorious Spring and Summer exceeded by few other cities in Europe. A couple of my favorite places to eat are Margaux, Unter den Linden 78 (modern eclectic European - pricey but worth it!) and Grossbeerenkeller ("Big Beer Cellar" - an inexpensive, traditional beer hall with outstanding take on German staples), which is at Grossbeerenstrasse 90.

Getting around in Berlin is a snap. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn systems run all over town. I particularly recommend buying a day pass or a week pass, depending on how long you stay. A real bargain. Taxis, as you might expect in a country with $5 a gallon gas, are expensive. But the taxis are all Mercedes, and they are staffed with efficient, no-nonsense German drivers who will invaribly know where your address is and will usually speak some English. On the other hand, in my home of Washington, D.C., neither of these are true of the taxi drivers!.

Girls: I'm not much into the streetwalker scene, but did notice there were some rather ugly girls clustering around the Zoo Station and nearby streets near Kufurstendamm. No idea on prices or other details.

Unlike western Germany, FKK clubs really aren't in existence in Berlin either. (Well, maybe they are, but I have no idea about them and didn't learn anything in my stay.)

In my hotel there was an assortment of Russian and Ukrainian knockouts working the hotel bar. 7s, 8s, and 9s were the norm, there were about 6 different ones. I paid 200 Euros for an hour, and she stayed closer to two hours. Only downside was a swoop into the minibar, but since this slim, big-titted blonde (not enhanced but natural from all my squeezing could find out) from Minsk had done me the favor of sucking my dry for a second nut after my first one had been deposited into her willing ass (wrapped up in my rubber, of course), I was in no mood to be cheap. "Natasha" was her name, the best hotel hooker I've ever had bar none.

On my way out of the city on my second stay, Natasha was unfortunately nowhere to be found. One of the girls later said she was on vacation (period?). But on the recommendation of a friend I located a girl from www.venusescort.com by the name of "Kassandra." The upshot - wish I hadn't! 800 Euros for two hours, extremely pricey compared to Natasha. And while she was absolutely gorgeous (9+), all services were covered and perhaps a bit cold. This is a girl who has gotten by in her life by being the most beautiful girl in the room - and knows it! Defintely gorgeous, but while Natasha was a shade less-good-looking, her services were superior for a quarter of the price.

Lesson learned: If one hotel girl was excellent, why didn't I go after another? Instead I was captivated by excellent photos and paid for the privilege.

In all, the scene in Berlin in my experience was best experienced in the hotel hooker scene. When I return next time, you can be sure I will be checking into the Four Seasons again!!!

I hope this information is useful to the next readers,


05-04-04, 19:47
Am in Berlin next week on business. Can anyone suggest a good sex club with stage show (striptease, hardcore audience participation etc) - along the lines of Bagdad in Barcelona or Cassa Rossi in Amsterdam?

Otherwise teh 4 seasons sounds like a good option!

Any help / advice gratefully received.

05-09-04, 11:51
There is no club like Baghdad or CR in Berlin. I know of a sex club with a show, but no audience participation at a place called Big Sexy Land which is about 4 blocks from the Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe- Depratment store). It is not on the same street but on a cross stret and then a couple of blocks down. They also had Seperees where you could book the women. When I went it was 400 DM. This is a little on the expensive side.

What berlin has is Sex Cinemas, which I have never been to but I hear they are interesting. There are prostitutes who work the audience while XXX films are playing.

There is a decent FKK club in Berlin called La Folie. Entrance fee is 14€ which includes one drink. There are about 20 women working there. A session including covered BJ and sex costs 70€. That would be my top suggestion for the town.


05-20-04, 21:57

My boss may send me back through Berlin soon. 70 euros is a lot cheaper than what I was paying, makes me interested! What did you find at LaFolie? Any website link you could share?


Angus Magee
05-25-04, 15:53

I can recomend La Folie highly. There is a web site to be found on google but it does not really show anything but the address. I spent several nights at this club last summer which is the best time to go as it is less busy and the girls have more time to chat it seems. The girls I met there were all smokin' (also smokers as the club is quite smokey) and very friendly. I had sveral different nationalities while there-EE, Turkish, Asian and of course German. Some of the girls there are part-timers so they do not seem jaded or worn out. They are simply young beautiful ladies making some extra cash. They often have day jobs.

Have fun

Me Idiot
05-27-04, 07:59
I visited Berlin for the first time this week. Thanks to tips on this forum, I headed to La Folie right away.

This is an excellent club. I've never experienced anything like it. I was there for two nights and had a great experience both times. Each night, I had a tall, blonde, thin, athletic, friendly model type.

Here are several observations that I have not seen pointed out on the message board:

1. If you are an English speaker, note that about only 1 out of 10 girls actually speaks English. Most clients are German. Anyway, I always started with "Sprechen Sie English?" Some pick up line, eh?

2. It is customary to shower after your session.

3. Leave your wallet in the locker; you settle your tab when you leave.

4. IMHO, 18:00-20:00 is the best time to show up for a newbie. Lots of gals and not very many boys. You don't have to compete for the girl and you can take your time.

Finally, I found the experience to be fun and totally safe.

07-06-04, 11:52
I was in Berlin last summer. I found a place called the Palms or some version of that with the word Palm or Palma in it but I can't recall exactly. I walked into the club which was empty except for the three girls who wanted my action. There was only one I would consider there and this blonde's name was Florian. She was a bit older at 25 or 26 I think she said but her body was out of this world hard and tight. I stripped down right there in the big open bar room and got in the sauna which I thought was a bit strange but I had a couple of Captain and Coke's before I went in which chilled me right out. Florian got in the tub with me and I could tell she was very attracted to me as we began deep kissing and touching under the bubbles in full view of the other girls and the staff. Afterward, we took a shower together again right on the main floor where we continued our petting and then scampered downstairs to a big private room that was all bed. We did absolutely everything together - and I do mean everything. It was a total GFE for me and for her (BFE) as far as I could tell. It was pricey but if you go to Berlin, I would strongly recommend you look up this place and ask for Florian.

07-10-04, 05:51
La Folie, Charlottenburg


Have been to this place several times. Always plenty of staff, good atmosphere, clean etc etc etc.

The regulars that I met in the club told me not to waste my time shopping around at other clubs. I took their advice and never looked back.

Most nights, 10+ girls with up to 25 cycling through over the course of the evening. Lots of girls in the 6-8 range.

The girls have a say on who they go with, some customers who were lets say long in the tooth and not much to look at had to go with the forty something elementary school teacher that was pestering me all night 3-4. Even she was dooable.

This place is two blocks from the Metro ( I'm rusty but I think it is the S-bahn) In Charlottenburg. There are other clubs there some of which offer lower price and MonCheri has a show but seemed a bit small to me. There are also some low price brothels on the street that are high volume.

There are some good outdoor cafe's next to the track just past the train station exiting to your left and past the clubs. There are also some fast food places in the area. You should verify, but the train stops running at 2am so avoid the $50 cab ride to your hotel. La Folie did not serve food when I was there, so the female bartenders let me go out to eat and come back, no big deal.

There are a lot of part timers that work the club, some of the girls I met had jobs as accounting clerks, secretaries etc.. Usually topless with underpants and flip flops. Always natural on top, may have changed since I was there last.

Some of the girls speak perfect English. If you don't speak German, use your good manners and greet the girls in English with "good evening how are you and a smile" speak slowly. If they don't speak English, they will find a girl that does that you can politely express your desires to and she will translate for you. It was never a problem, good maners always work. I had two very attractive German girls tell me everything they would do to me in detail that made me blush through a girl that was translating, one time the translater told me "go with her she wants to fuck you good" she did.

IMHO some of the best girls (freshest) are there when the club opens in the evening and are stoping off on their way home from work. As a very nice secretary told me, she stops off for a few quickies, a drink and then home for diner and bed. She works there one or two days a week when she is in town to make a little extra cash.

If you like, there is a bed in the middle of the bar area so you can have at it in public. I think the brave get a 2 for 1 if they do it on the bed.

I have seen some girls getting doggie at the bar and one riding cowgirl at a bar stool. All of them will stimulate you on the sofa, bar or standing if you like before the session starts in the room.

If you go to this place straight from work, the bartenders will give you some extra towels if you want to shower first. Several times I reserved a girl at the bar that had just reported for work that waited for me while I cleaned up, the girls made it a point to express a green light for the shower first.

The only negative in the bar is the cigarette smoke can be heavy, another reason to get there early.

A+ in my book

07-10-04, 10:21
Just some infos about La Folies pricing:

Club: LaFolie, Berlin
Entrance: 14 €
30 min: 70 €
60 min: 140 €
Drinks: Beer 3 €, Wodka-Lemon 5 €, Piccolo 17 €

Jacks 01
07-10-04, 17:11
Have recently visited Berlin and stayed at the Hilton Hotel. In the evening I was hungry for some action and therefore have checked out the local newspapers, the hotel was providing a paper called the Tagesspiegel and under Massages, there were a few adds. One was "Top-Massage & Escort 0160 - 6264501", it seemed to me promising so I called up. A nive and warm voice responded in English, however with a Russian Accent. Her name was Lilia and she offered Escort-Service. We arranged for 2 hours which she quoted with 250 euro, 150 euro the first hour, 100 for the second. This was fine for me and we set a date for 22.00.

She called me back in the room and confirmed our date.
At 22.00 it knocked on the door, so I opened and was stunned, in front of me was a beautyfull and lovely dressed Lady of 28 years, brunette stylish hair, she has been right when I requested to describe herself, she mentioned a few details and told me I would be in for a pleasent surprise, this was certainly the case. Under the coat she was dressed in a short black mini skirt with the stockings showing through a slit, great black high boots and a net shirt, and a beautyfull smile in her face. High Class clothes & look, great manners and very charming from the beginning. A true Russian Lady of it's best. We sat down I offered a drink, she choose a water and we talked for an half hour. I could't resist to take my eyes of her, just a sexy Lady from top to bottom, with driving me crazy of her movements, I was already imagening the rest. So after the ice was melted, she asked me if I would like her to stay and if I still would like a 2 hour date, sure I wanted. I had prepared the money in an open envelope, which she took, without looking in it and asked if she could use the bathroom.
after 3 minutes she came out and it took me again the breath away. Most exclusiv black lingerie, in stockings and high heels.

I was ready for it and we started to enjoy ourselves, she begun to kiss my neck, and slowly moved down to say hello to my friend....while turning with both legs open over my face, so I could kiss sex and anus too.... she truly seemed to enjoy and so did I, she than moved herself on top und we started to make love together, I was a bit afraid because till than she had not used a condom, so I looked down and to my surprise it was put on, how it is still a question, never felt a thing... a real pro.... in all aspects, knowing it turns a men down when to much time and talk about it protection is wasted. I came after a while and changing positions, and she must have enjoyed it to, sounded and felt like it. We made love after this 2x more and again, I never felt how the condom was put on, it was like making love without.

We finally ended our date at around 01.00 am and I asked her what she was going to do with the rest of the night. She asked me to make a proposal, I said what about a drink in the Newton Bar which is located around the corner, she agreed and off we went. The bar was still busy, the eyes were on her, she had an Mai Tai and we talked for another hour very pleasently, in fact she seems well traveled, Far East, Europe, South-Africa, French Polynesia, does some cruising once a while, most likely with the right clientel.

She also recommended the Ritz Charton and Marriot Hotel, instead the Hilton, better Rooms, but the location of the Hilton for sure is better otherwise the Four Seasons is a good option too.
Well, a great evening with a lovely companion, leaving me with a feeling of having a true girlfriend in Berlin.

She left me her card, www.lilia-escort.com [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Quarter Movie
07-12-04, 19:05
Check out Mon Cherie' (sp?). Was there with my friend and the
chicks were good and cheap. I got a Russian, Bulgarian, and a Singapore chick. The rooms upstairs were clean and you can
shower too. Price is 60 Euro. They try to hit you up for drinks for the women like a picolo for 20 euro but, you can decline. I brought in a liter of Jack Daniels on the sly and just ordered a coke now and then. We finished the bottle and left it on our table when we left! Woooooo! Try this place out.

Member #4190
07-14-04, 20:07
Field Report Cascade SexKino Kantstrasse 120, berlin

Visited aforementioned SexKino today 6E to get in, 30E for CBJ. Gave 5E extra to 4-rated Thai woman. V good BJ. Cinema a bit tatty and a few onlookers.

Worth visiting

Euro RLD
07-29-04, 21:35
Hi there,

What is happening on the Berlin street scene lately. I have lived in Berlin for 4 years and moved to Dublin, Ireland in May where sex is non-existent.

Last time I was in Berlin the best area for street walkers was Frobenstraße and Kufüstenstraße. Yes there are many junkies around their however you can also find some nice, pretty clean girls.

Anyone have any update on this area or any other area good for street walkers not including Lutzowplatz or Oranienburgerstraße.

Euro RLD

Fawn The Guyver
08-05-04, 12:51
Few nice Girls are on the Strasse 17 Juni.
And few new bars are reopen again after rebuilding on the Kaiser-Friedrich Strasse on the S-Bahn Charlottenburg when you use the exit to the Stuttgarter Platz you cant miss. when you go the Stuttgarter Strasse to the left when you leave the S-Bahn you find GoGo table dance. When you go the Kaiser-Friderich down to Adenauer Platz you will finde 2 NightClubs BANGKOK NIGHTS and and CLUB NIRGERA

08-07-04, 21:11
Kamilla Douglas experience

Hi all,

After researching the Berlin scene, I laid my eyes upon Kamilla Douglas escort service. They seemed to provide very good quality, albeit for stiff fees. Since I had little time, and I didn't want to end up disappointed, KD became my choice.

First, I had her ( Kamilla ) send over Danielle, whom I had fantasized about for months before going to Germany. :) Her pics are on the KD website. She looks very good in real life, tall ( 5'10'' ), rather athletic, slim and nice to talk to. Still I was just a little disappointed with her compared to the pics, because there, she looks like a goddess. But not much.

The main problem was she didn't speak much english. Still I speak german, but I'm a bit rusty, and not so good at daily conversation as I am reading and writing. Her technique was very good, she was very persistent, great at cowgirl. Also we agreed to anal, which it seemed she liked quite well. :) After a short bj, we fucked in many positions for around an hour before I came. And some anal in between. However, we ran out of condoms ( 6 ) near the end, which was a slight downer.

The price was 250 euros for one hour, 200 for the first hour ( 160 for the next, also 160 for incall ), plus 50 for anal. I opted for one hour because I was tired from travelling. All in all, expensive, but well worth it. Still though, not a fantastic experience, only a good one.

Then before leaving, I visited KD's establishment for some more fun. I was given a room, a very nice one with Kama Sutraesque interior. All the girls there presented themselves in a smiling, taunt fashion :) The quality was a bit disappointing, I mostly like young, slim girls, but not that many of them were. But it doesn't matter what all the other girls look like if you find one you really like. And the I chose Donna, a young ( early 20s ), sexy, beautiful german blonde. I also liked Clarissa, she looked shy and cute, and the KD website lists her as only 19. In retrospect I should have gone 50/50 with the girls, 30 mins each at the same price as one for an hour.

Donna was nice and positive too, but not as friendly as Danielle. She didn't do french kisses, and refused to be fucked from behind tits on the bed and ass up like I did with Danielle. I spent a lot of time fingering her, playing gynecologist and giving her a nice shuddering orgasm, after which she had to take a break. She had a very nice looking pussy btw. I have to admire her hard working sttitude, because she was jerking me off hard for almost half an hour straight. She began getting fatigued at only 10 minutes, but then she just stopped mentioning it and kept on going. Ah, german work ethics. :) Because of Tantrik sexual techniques I can withhold ejaculation for a long time, so she had to work for the money. :)

Her body was really good, slim ( but not thin ) and sexy like a swimsuit model. Although she only had a very slight sunburn, that prevented me from massaging her tits too much. Her breasts were great, looked like C's.

After fucking and playing with eachother for an hour, I came on her tits and rushed off to catch my plane, which I almost missed.

All in all a high class experience that delivered the goods, but lacked that little bit of extra. I'll still recommend Kamilla Douglas to any quality conscious monger though.

Euro RLD
08-16-04, 22:44

Was back in Berlin last week. What a shock. I lived there for 4 years and have been away since May and the SW scene has got worse.

There used to be some decent picks but quality has dropped.

I did meet up with the infamous Jenny. The young (19), blonde, fairly slim and very white skin. Nice girl. I swear she used to be on 'H' but seems like she has stopped now.

Spent 100 EUR on her in a nearby pension for BJ and Sex, mix of condom with and without. Naturally wet and makes genuine noises.

She works days and walks along Kufürstenstraße and Frobenstraße. At the moment she is going for some Porno castings so have fun.

Euro RLD

08-28-04, 06:24
Last month i was in Berlin for 3 days and had a street walker girl named STEFFI at Monbizouplatz (near Oranienburger strasse ).
What a rip off that was . I gave her some extra cash in advance so i could get some good service, but....

She did not even take her pantys off .She told me all the girls do this for protection! Did a pretend fuck . and thats it .I had a good laughter though.

Stay away!

08-30-04, 22:02

Sorry to hear about your experience on Oranienburger Strasse. Unfortunately it is typical. It is a tourist trap, the girls that work there are generally rather attractive but interested in ripping-off tourists rather than providing any decent services.

I would generally advise to stay away from the street scene, and please everybody, be warned...Oranienburger Strasse is a great place to have a beer or a meal, but not to contact for sexual services. Best to use the escort services or the many apartment-brothels that exist in Berlin.

09-16-04, 08:21
Visited Berlin last week. Did not have a chance to get to La Folie, but did visit Kamilla Douglas and Monas Roses.

Kamilla Douglas was far better. Standard procedure is to get buzzed up to the first floor and ushered into one of the rooms (all seen on their web site). The parade of available ladies is very quick. I was impressed by the variety in the sense of "all shapes and sizes, as well as ages". The visual quality was good.

80 euro will get you a massage, CBJ and FS, other options are to be discussed individually with provider of choice. I picked a girl named Marie, petit brunette with a good attitude. You are asked to hit the shower first. The bathroom is in need of a do-over.

My time with Marie was great, especially the massage part. No clock watching at all. No rush afterwards. Makes you want to stay and ask for more.

Monas Roses is cheaper than Kamilla Douglas in every sense of the word. The room was crummy and the available quality was below expectation. The best of the bunch was Heike and she started very business like, but then seemed to soften up a bit. The massage, CBJ and FS combo is 50 euro. The massage bit was no good, the rest was so-so. I guess if you are cheap and time pressed you will find it OK, but otherwise.

Asian MP Lover
09-21-04, 06:42
As a great fan of the Asian massage scene my interest has turned to the Longma Thaimassage establishment.

Their web site looks promising, but could anyone who's been there please enlighten me? Is this a striktly traditional place with no extras, handjob only, or full-service?

09-21-04, 23:00
I was in Berlin last week Tuesday and Wednesday, I was on foot and didn't know my way around I stayed in Mitte, around the corner from Oranienburgerstrass, well you guy's were right I got ripped off for 70 euro's, what serious eye candy. they were hot and all spoke perfect english. Here's the scam:

70 euro up to a room like the ones they had at the mustang ranch, nevada years ago. she offer a drink, I refused head was included & covered. she refused to get me started, she wanted me to jerk off nor would she take off her clothes. But would if I gave her my credit card! There's the trap. So I counted my loses and regretted not following other's advise.

I called several ads out of the Kurier, when I asked if they spoke english they hung up, no pussy for sprat! But the morning I was leaving the hotel clerk hit on me

If I have time in the future I will go to those houses you guy's refer to, I just didn't have the time.

The bars and restuarants on oranienburger strasser, are great the strip joint near the jewish synagouge is where the SW took me so be wary of this place also

It didn't matter I loved the old east berlin


09-23-04, 11:43
Wsa in Berlin earlier this week and went to La Folie on M/Tu/We. After seeing and being with Marina, a young (21) East Indian/German on the first day I could´t resist going back htere. So I had sessions with her all htree days. She is 9 in looks, 9 in service (could be 10 but no kissing and no bbbj) and 10 in attitude. Her father was EI but never met him so she is essentially German in culture but EI in looks. IMHO, she is model material.

I also had sewssions with Victoria (Spanish), Julia (Romania) and Cindy(Bulgaria). Julia looks sexy but was rushing a bit and was holding to the condom during the act, a turnoff for me. Victoria was good but more limkts (no DATY). Cindy was good but does not compare to Marina.

Karl Wikman
09-25-04, 18:35
I'm planning a visit to Berlin, and I have decided that I will be visiting 'FKK La Folie' and probably the regular brothel Kamilla Douglas as well. Both seem to receive predominantly good reviews.

Now to my question to the more experienced "Berliners": Has anyone visited the establishment called 'Bei Charlotte'? The website is http://www.bei-charlotte.de/

I haven't quite been able to find out if it is a regular FKK och simply a swinger's club, and would be delighted if someony could tell me more about the place.

World Tracker
09-26-04, 20:28

I followed a recommendation on this site and went to La Folie. That was a very nice place. Highly recommendable.

09-28-04, 03:19
Why is everybody in this forum so fixated on LaFolie? www.berli-diskret.de is full of ads for other places! I am a local, and find the scene here excellent-good prices and lots of selection. Prices start at 35-40 Euros at most places, and it´s easy to find really attractive girls. Most of the locals on www.verkehrsberichte.de(and the guys posting reports there are experts) don´t give LaFolie that much attentention. So be adventurous, annd check out the rest of the city! See my previous listings for some good advice.

Euro RLD
09-28-04, 19:44

Could not agree more. The two links that were just provided will keep you active and happy for ages and the prices are well worth the trip.

Most of the clubs have nice girls but you pay through the nose and go through the drinks issue which adds up.

Euro RLD

Karl Wikman
09-29-04, 22:56
A question for the Berlin residents here on the forum:

Have you tried any of the specialized Thai-places? Petite asian girls is a major turn-on for me, and I would like to know how these joints compare to the brothels where you find German girls or east-european girls?

I don't mean the thai massage parlors, but the regular brothels. Any input, someone?

09-30-04, 19:11
You must, must, must go to Albertstraße 6 in Schöneberg, and ask for Nana.

10-02-04, 00:23
You might try here:


I haven't been there yet, but I´ll be going ASAP. Good looking Thai girls are few and far between in this town.

10-02-04, 12:06
Or how about the Nana here?


10-03-04, 19:02
I was just reading on verkehrsberichte.de that the pictures on that website are all fakes. As far as I´m concerned, it´s still worth a look, but consider yourself warned. Their Nana looks quite similar to the one at Albertstr. 6, and she´s definitely real!

10-04-04, 01:52
ZIPPY or any other Berliner!

Any chance you have the time to pick up the local paper and list the better extablishments and addresses and telephone numbers in Berlin.

Any comments you can add to the list will be greatly appreciated.

You can also list places not to go. Are there any Treff and swing clubs in Berlin worth visiting?

In my case I speak three and a half languages, unfortunately none of them help in Germany. With the exception of English of course.

La Folie is very user friendly and what you see is what you get, are there any other places that come close?

Angus Magee
10-09-04, 17:14
Great reports. Thank you to both of you for taking the time to do this.


Angus Magee
10-10-04, 00:06
Hi Zippy

>>Sternchen: Young Russians. Katja is very, very good<<

Any more info on Katja? or any of the other girls at this place?
What are the prices like and what kind of services do they offer?

My birthday is coming up and I would like to have a fun experience.

Thanks in advance


10-11-04, 19:29
I will be in Berlin this December. It seems Berlin does not have red light windows or Eros centers like other cities in Germany.

Only sex kinos, with champagne rip offs!

Where can I get 50E basic S&F in Berlin? I speak English, not much German.

House fraus are OK.

Recommendations please.


Euro RLD
10-12-04, 20:36
Hi Alfonso,

Not all places in Berlin are rip-offs. Infact it would say it is very cheap. I have over 4 years of fun there.

50 EUR would get you a good time with decent girl. Normal prices in private houses range from 30 EUR so you could be lucky and BBBJ, Sex with condom and sometimes kissing for 50 EUR.

I do know a few places especially if you like Russian Girls however have a look at: http://www.berlin-diskret.de/berlindiskret/anzeigen/index.php3?rubrik=1 and scroll through.

Adverts are basic enough so you should have some fun.

If you like street girls head of to the Kürfurstenstraße and you can pick up some pretty girls sometimes for 60-80 EUR. Not all are junkies - you can get lucky.

Euro RLD

Karl Wikman
10-12-04, 21:29
Dear Alfonso,

50 Euro suck&fuck is the common practise in most brothels in Berlin, just as elsewhere in Germany. You find many brothels in the area called Charlottenburg, specifically in the area between Kurfurstendamm and Bismarckstrasse. Follow Lewishamstrasse north from U-bahn Adenauerplatz to Stuttgarter Platz and continue on Kaiser Friedrich Strasse up to Bismarchstrasse, and you will see many brothels of good reputation.

Happy Hunting!


10-13-04, 15:18
Here´s the best place in berlin to invest €50:


Linda is their best at the moment, and speaks perfect english. She´s usually there after 4PM.

Or read my postings below for some more good advice.

Angus Magee
10-13-04, 16:59

Just scroll down a couple of reports. Zippythepinhead & Karl have just posted a full listing with recommendations.


10-13-04, 19:45
Thankyou Karl.

My hotel is in Charlottenburg, K'damm area.

Can you recommend some 50E F&S places near here?

I prefer mature big tit ladies, German or latino.

My spoken German is poor so I am afraid of getting ripped off at sex kinos/bars.


10-13-04, 20:57
I do not have the address handy, but there have been several reports in the local press that a 'laufhaus' style mega-brothel will be opening in Berlin (West) soon. It will be located near the Messe (Convention Centre) in Charlottenburg. I believe it is an old hotel that is being converted. When it has opened and there are more details, I will endeavor to report it here.

There have been some concerns on the local German boards about what effect this may have on the trade in Berlin. Berlin has been relatively cheap for this hobby compared to other German cities and there is concern that there may be an attempt to raise the level of prices to the levels prevalent in other parts of Germany.

We will wait and see.

10-14-04, 18:48

You might try this one:


It´s not too far from the Kudamm.

A bit farther afield is this one, that might appeal to your peculiar tastes:


and while you´re in the neighborhood(Neukölln), try this one:


Don´t worry, the ladies there are much more Hausfrauish than they look in the pictures.

I never cease to be amazed.

10-15-04, 19:26
>You might try this one:


It´s not too far from the Kudamm.<

This is near my hotel.

* How does F&S for 30 mins cost in such a place?
* Does the madame speak English?

Thank you,


Angus Magee
10-16-04, 12:24
Van Campen-Fabienne

After some research, both on the web and actual foot work, I found myself heading yesterday to Van Campen here in Berlin. I guess I am getting to the point with this hobby where I like little cleanliness, comfort and class, of which Van Campen has all three.

I was welcomed by the madam and promptly seated in a small room for the meet and greet. Three ladies came in and introduced themselves, Fabienne, Jill and one whose name now escapes me. Jill was quite fetching, tall, willowy, very slim and blonde. But it was the darker haired Fabienne (no pics on the web site) who caught my attention.

She is also quite tall with dark hair and nice slim but curvy figure. Definitely the type of woman who causes my head to turn on the street. The web site states she is 21 to which I would ad a couple of years but only because in our conversation she seemed more mature than 21.

Her English was good enough to communicate the basics, but I was not there to talk so off to the shower I went.

Upon my return to the room we headed for the large comfortable bed and started our session. Fabienne is a gentle and receptive lover. She is not that high milage but more than satisfied me. The kissing was kept absolutely to the minimum-neck, face, the occasional brush of lip to lip but no real mouth to mouth contact was offered. I usually enjoy kissing if I am attracted to a girl as I was Fabienne but what I found special about her was that it was not so much refused as declined. I also sensed that on subsequent visits, if we were to get to know each other a bit better, that the kissing would be more available.

As the session progressed I kissed my way down towards her nicely shaved pussy and found that daty was welcomed. Heaven. She was immaculately clean and sweet tasting and quite responsive.

She returned the attention with a good, but not great, cbj and then climbed aboard for cowgirl. We then went through several positions (doggy, spoons) and ended up with a rather vigourous missionary. Through out the session Fabienne stayed connected and did seem to enjoy herself.

When I finished she did not immediately disconnect, rather she stayed there and enjoyed the afterglow. I love it when this happens-really makes it gfe for me.

When we finally separated she continued to play with me and surprisingly I found myself responding. Out came the oil and as we switched to 69, me licking her pussy and her giving me a nice hand job. After sog#2 we lounged and made small talk for a while until it was time to clean up and go.

The session was for me great. I paid 100 euro for the 40 min. session and I never once felt in anyway rushed. I am fairly sure that i was there for longer than the 40 min. and in fact it felt closer to the hour.

Van Campen is a great establishment-well worth the higher prices they charge.

And Fabienne has my highest recommendation as a beautiful and attentive service provider.


10-17-04, 08:06

30 minutes will most likely be €50 at Jessy. As to english, I really don´t know, but this is an established place that relies on repeat business, and they will definitely not rip you off.

Two others in walking distance of Jessy are:




For my money, they are both better than Jessy, and if you have any time at all, give them a look. Prices should be about the same at all three, and there will be no ripoffs.

Euro RLD
10-17-04, 18:06
Hi Alfonso,

You won't get ripped of at either Jessy on Schillerstraße or Celine on Pestalozzistrasse as there is regular trade as Zippy has mentioned. The girls there are not that great and they don't change too often. KFS40 also does not have much to choose from.

Try Bei Mona on Kant Straße 74. It is located just on the corner of Kant Straße and Windscheidstraße. You will see a small entrance with red light next to a cafe.

Normally here you will get a good choice. Best to go after 20:00. If you are lucky you will find Alex there. Tall, slim blonde. She will do both BJ without and kissing for extra however normal F&S will be 40 EUR. I am sure you won't be disappointed with her.

Although the rest of the area is famous for its clubs, most are a ripoff. The only other one I would recommend would be Monte Carlo on Kaiserfridrichstraße nearer the station. You may not like it as it is dark, seedy and feels pretty dangerous. I know a lot of the girls here and the owner so have fun but you could try. Entrance is 5 EUR. Drinks are cheap and sex would be 50 EUR in a room or 40 EUR behind a curtain.

Euro RLD

Angus Magee
10-21-04, 21:36
Any one have any experience at


Especially interested in Lisa or Doreen

Thks in adv

Euro RLD
10-23-04, 17:39
Hi Angus,

No luck there yet. I went there a year ago but all the girls were busy. Entrance and decor is very stereotypical of a high class brothel so I would imagine prices are high.

Let us know if you do try though. Doreen looks good.

If you like Russians head over to Weserstraße 202. Bei Tina. Two blocks away. Should see some bright lights outside with the name Tina. Starts at 50 EUR. They have a whirlpool in one room. Natasha is a good choice.

Euro RLD

Angus Magee
10-25-04, 20:42
thanks for the tip euro-i will keep trying when the funds are there. just last friday i had another trip to van campen and spent a nice-but not stellar-45 min. with a brazilian girl, rafaela, not on their web site.

the girls at vc are great but it is a bit pricey.

i called the place i was asking about and was quoted 55 euro for 25 min. i think as my german is not so good and the phone lady did not seem to want to slow down her speech for me.

yes both doreen and lisa look rather tasty.

are the russian girls here in berlin usually high milage-ie. agree to bbbj and perhaps greek?

10-27-04, 20:06
I find 55€ for 25 min. a bit on the high side for that part of town. I´ve been to that establishment once or twice to look, but pretty much ran out screaming in horror without asking any questions. However, with these type of places you never know; sometimes the worst ones suddenly get in a lot of new talent and become the best ones. I hope you get an opportunity to test them and write a report. Anyway, the prices in Neukölln normally start at €35 for 20 min.

You will normally, but not always be able to get bbbj from Russians, and indeed most girls in Berlin. What is Greek?

I´ve also been to Raffaela once a few years back. She´s typical of the downside of VanKampen; the girls there can be gorgeous but somehow a bit distant and cold. My favorite there is Eva.

10-28-04, 19:54
Are there many mature latino babes in Berlin? I am going next month.
I find latinos offer great value for money.

Looking for 50E F&S and hopefully bbbj with a busty 30-something latino colombian or similar.

My hotel is near the Ku'damm.


10-29-04, 00:41
I went to a sex kino in some part of town I cannot remember once a couple of months ago. I do know that there was a Karstadt department store near there. It was in the eastern part of town somewhere between Pankow and Reineckendorf. That place was full of Latinas in the 30 plus category. Not really my thing, but I took one for the team. Set me back 30€ for a BBBJ and FS. Service was OK, but nothing to write home about.

10-29-04, 19:20
Thanks, Peter. Sounds like just the thing I am looking for.

Any other posters know the name of the kino visited by Peter?


Angus Magee
10-31-04, 21:09
thanks for the reply zippy-i'll keep you posted. i may give lisa or doreen a try tomorrow aftrenoon if time permits. at least i will make the trek out to neukoln to see how things look.

zippy-by greek i mean anal sex.

i did not mean that rafaela was a bad lay. i guess i was unfairly comparing her to fabienne who i really clicked with and enjoyed. rafaela was hot and into everything i wanted (except perhaps kissing-which i fully understand as these ladies would have to kiss so many different guys if they said yes to everyone) but there was, for me, a lack of chemistry.

my feeling with van campen is that you are paying a premium for the address and for the fairly nice room setting. on my last visit they tried to get me to do the session in the meet & greet room, which is small and quite cramped. i quickly insisted that we find a bigger room as i was paying to be there. rafaela found us a nice room instead.

another recmomendation i would make is not to show up at shift change (4:00 pm) as the girls are a bit dsitracted. i found out at the end of my session that rafaela was due to go home when i chose her. perhaps this also contriubuted to a less than stellar performance.

stay well-am

ps-is anyone else experiencing this new format as rather sluggish? for me, even on a fast line, the pages take longer to load. hope things speed up soon.

but i do like the new look.

Angus Magee
11-13-04, 22:29
Lisa-Pension Diamant- Hobrechstrasse 25, Neukolln

I tried to see Lisa several times and was disappointed each time as she was not working when I would drop by the above address. Finally, last Friday, we hooked up.

Lisa looks on the web site like a tall strapping German girl. In reality she is quite petite. I don't really know why they do this as she is, never-the-less, a very attractive girl. She spoke no English so I decided on the 40 euro/20min. option.

What can I say. She is cute but not that an inspiring girl. She started with a nice but ultimately uninspired bbbj. She used the two finger method and never really took me deep in her mouth. Lots of tongue swirling though and I managed to stay involved. I could have also had f/s but decided to just let Lisa do her thing.

I have to say that she was a trooper. I took the full 20 min to cum and she did not complain. The release was in her mouth and she was discreet in spitting it out into a towel(I would hate to do the laundry).

Ratings Looks-8

Jack B Nimble
11-26-04, 14:54
Thanks guys for helping make my Berlin visit agreeable. Got to Kamilla Douglas and Van Kampen brothels, which are pretty similar in style and in quality of girls. Love the intros -- the irls come in one at a time and shake hands -- then you choose. And the value is great at 80 euros for half-hour. At Kamilla's wnet for Kim who is half-Korean, half-German and one of the most beautiful girls ever (not on site). Right out of Playboy. 5-8, 34-D, sweet face. I don't know if you get a full GFE at these places -- everything covered and no kissing, but otherwise a great experience. Monique at Van Kampen was cute, mouysy, foxy. Similar experience, maybe a little better on service and not quite up to Kim on looks. 5-1, 95 pounds, A-cup. They do outcalls but seems like you miss the fun of the intros. If I were in Berlin I might go every day. On weekend seemed to be a limited selection - four girls at each place, so maybe weekdays are better.

12-10-04, 01:42
[QUOTE=Karl Wikman]Someone asked, and I decided to oblige.. Here is a list of erotic clubs, brothels, swinger clubs, sex theatres and private apartments in Berlin. I have only compiled this list, and wish to give full credit where credit is due.

Dear Karl, I want to thank you for such a comprehensive report. I’m going to be in Berlin In two weeks and I plan to make full use of this guide.

I was wondering if you have made a similar report on Frankfurt or any other German City.

Thanks a bunch.


12-25-04, 20:54
I am going to Berlin in a couple of days. I wish to try the following 3 options for afternoon fun in the 50E price range:

1) Sex kinos -- not rip off joints with champagne/drinks scams
2) Brothels
3) SWs -- mature, value for money pros, not druggies

Any recommendations? I will be located near the Ku'damm. Prefer big tit mature house fraus.



12-28-04, 11:32

Read my recommendations farther down.

01-03-05, 19:34
Went to Monte Carlo sex kino. 5E entrance.

I sat in the cinema part. A girl sat beside me and negotiated I 40E fun behind a nearby curtain.

She took my money and then disappeared (why do pros always do this?). I waited and waited sat on a tatty sofa.

My erection was rapidly heading south so I went back into the cinema.

When my girl reappeared she wanked and sucked me off in the cinema.

Expensive at 45E, but a new experience for me. I enjoyed it and found I had no inhibitions as other people in the cinema were getting their rocks off the same way. I will explore gang bang FKK or treff club fun in the future.

I also went to Jessy's on Schillerstrasse. 6PM. Choice of 4 women. Went with a blonde German lady in her 30s/40s who spoke excellent English. Said she used to live in South Africa. Decent 50E session.

No streetwalker action at all. I didn't check after 8PM, though, as it was getting cold.


01-08-05, 19:05
Some questions :

1st do you have to take your clothes of at la follie to get in?

2nd any info on :

1. http://www.escort-modelle.com
2. http://www.modelagenturberlin.de
3. CLUB 192 http://www.dancebar.de/bar.html
4. CoCo Tabledance Bar http://www.cocobar.net
5. adventure escort http://www.adventureescorts.com/escorts.html

01-08-05, 19:10


01-10-05, 10:24
1st do you have to take your clothes of at la follie to get in?

2nd any info on :

1. http://www.escort-modelle.com
2. http://www.modelagenturberlin.de
3. CLUB 192 http://www.dancebar.de/bar.html
4. CoCo Tabledance Bar http://www.cocobar.net
5. adventure escort http://www.adventure-escorts.com/escorts.html


penthouse http://www.escort-penthouse-berlin.de/html-english/home01.htm

Angus Magee
01-11-05, 15:45
1st do you have to take your clothes of at la follie to get in?Hi,

Not sure if you "have to" take your clothes off but it seems to be the thing to do as everyone else there (except the bar tenders) is more or less naked. Perhaps a pair of briefs would be allowed.


02-01-05, 13:43
'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'
By Clare Chapman
(Filed: 30/01/2005)

A 25-year-old waitress who turned down a job providing "sexual services'' at a brothel in Berlin faces possible cuts to her unemployment benefit under laws introduced this year.

Prostitution was legalised in Germany just over two years ago and brothel owners – who must pay tax and employee health insurance – were granted access to official databases of jobseekers.

The waitress, an unemployed information technology professional, had said that she was willing to work in a bar at night and had worked in a cafe.

She received a letter from the job centre telling her that an employer was interested in her "profile'' and that she should ring them. Only on doing so did the woman, who has not been identified for legal reasons, realise that she was calling a brothel.

Under Germany's welfare reforms, any woman under 55 who has been out of work for more than a year can be forced to take an available job – including in the sex industry – or lose her unemployment benefit. Last month German unemployment rose for the 11th consecutive month to 4.5 million, taking the number out of work to its highest since reunification in 1990.

The government had considered making brothels an exception on moral grounds, but decided that it would be too difficult to distinguish them from bars. As a result, job centres must treat employers looking for a prostitute in the same way as those looking for a dental nurse.

When the waitress looked into suing the job centre, she found out that it had not broken the law. Job centres that refuse to penalise people who turn down a job by cutting their benefits face legal action from the potential employer.

"There is now nothing in the law to stop women from being sent into the sex industry," said Merchthild Garweg, a lawyer from Hamburg who specialises in such cases. "The new regulations say that working in the sex industry is not immoral any more, and so jobs cannot be turned down without a risk to benefits."

Miss Garweg said that women who had worked in call centres had been offered jobs on telephone sex lines. At one job centre in the city of Gotha, a 23-year-old woman was told that she had to attend an interview as a "nude model", and should report back on the meeting. Employers in the sex industry can also advertise in job centres, a move that came into force this month. A job centre that refuses to accept the advertisement can be sued.

Tatiana Ulyanova, who owns a brothel in central Berlin, has been searching the online database of her local job centre for recruits.

"Why shouldn't I look for employees through the job centre when I pay my taxes just like anybody else?" said Miss Ulyanova.

Ulrich Kueperkoch wanted to open a brothel in Goerlitz, in former East Germany, but his local job centre withdrew his advertisement for 12 prostitutes, saying it would be impossible to find them.

Mr Kueperkoch said that he was confident of demand for a brothel in the area and planned to take a claim for compensation to the highest court. Prostitution was legalised in Germany in 2002 because the government believed that this would help to combat trafficking in women and cut links to organised crime.

Miss Garweg believes that pressure on job centres to meet employment targets will soon result in them using their powers to cut the benefits of women who refuse jobs providing sexual services.

"They are already prepared to push women into jobs related to sexual services, but which don't count as prostitution,'' she said.

"Now that prostitution is no longer considered by the law to be immoral, there is really nothing but the goodwill of the job centres to stop them from pushing women into jobs they don't want to do."


Angus Magee
02-21-05, 17:20
Went to this place a few weeks ago but have not been able to post.


I saw Theo, who is everything she looks like on the web site. Young (actually 22, but very passable for 19 as states the ad) and sweet. As cash was a factor(as in I was not flush) I opted for the 1/2 massage with oral.(55 euro)The massage was good-not great but well done-and the oral (covered) was very well done. Other stuff is avaiable for a price.

All in all a well run place.

I also went a few weeks before this to Herz


Again-a well run place. I saw Nina and was well pleased with the quicky I was offered. Started out with a covered bj, then sex (doggy, mish) was told no daty but upon returning to the bj her sweet little pussy was offered and sampled. Nice big juicy lips and clit,

Also at this point off came the condom for a great bbnj (ymmv) and a cim finish. Very satisfying for 40 euro

03-31-05, 09:38
Went to Berlin last week for 5 days .I stayed in Mitte.

1. Sw in Oranienburgerstrasse… there are a lot of nice girls there 5-8+. Asked 1 girl what the price is and said 70euro. Said ok and took me to a room very near.

When I gave the money she told me 70 is for the bj and if I want more I would have to pay more.

Since I saw were this is going I decided to stop it there so I got my bj and left.

(This is a kind of scam they take the first money and than ask for more and more and more ,she asked for 300 more!)

So see that you ask for everything before you go.

2. TAMIKA Dominican Republic. Light brown perfect tits hard body (very impressive ) At least 9/10.

Went to Blissestrasse 33 and rung the bell Text und Form.(its exactly on the corner to Hildegardstraße and there is a fast food stand in front.)

• U - Bahn-station Blissestraße U7• U - Bahn-station Bundesplatz U9• U - Bahn-station Heidelberger Platz U1• S - Bahn-station Heidelberger Platz S 45, S46
I was buzzed up to the 1st floor. One of the girls (Donna 9+/10) greeted me and led me to a room (clean ) . She told me to wait as there would be girls coming in for me to choose. So 3 girls came in all were 8-10 (I remember Natalie 1.80 9/10) One of the 3 girls came back to ask me if I liked anyone. So I took her to save time. Tamika 9+/10. Very nice looking talked a bit too she lives in berlin and is from Dominican Republic . Took a shower and joined her Stayd for 1 hour paid 100 euros
I can surely recommend (even though I saw only 3 girls )

3.LEONIE http://www.vankampenberlin.de/leonie.html . Agency Van kampen Berlin Wilmersdorf, Mecklenburgian STR 23a

Rung and was buzzed up by an older lady (50 ) who explained the sittiuation here (same as kamilla d).

3 ladys again came in all very nice 9 /10 I chose Leonie 19 yo very very sweet girl smiling all the time and nice body .

I took a shower and joined her. (many clean towels (same as Kamilas) .Had (40+40) 1h:20min session 160 euros.

I can also surely recommend (even though I saw only 3 girls again ) Never come across with other clients as they are very cautious(same as Kamillas)

4. Katja http://www.escortmodelle-berlin.de/seite2.htm

Outcall to my hotel

Phoned from the afternoon and asked price and situation from a guy answering the phone (russin I think).

He quoted 100euros 1 hour . So I called at night and told him too send me a girl but I forgot to tell him I want speaking English. So when she came I was in for a unpleasant surprise. 1st the language and 2nd the price she asked was 300 euros so I had to phone him to straiten out . (he thought that since on the phone I didn’t ask for price he would take advantage.) but I remind that price was quoted this afternoon. Katja was not bad looking as you can see in pics (not as nice as pics) and cept laughing all the time. I like laughter but this was getting on my nerve. She laughted for no reason very stupid I was not into her at all and the language was very frustrating as we spend a lot of time trying to communicate.

All was a very medium experience .If I had to do it again I would shut her mouth with tape and just fuck her. Also the 100-300 euro thing was not nice either.

5. SILVANA Hotel Rascona, Münstersche Str. 11, Berlin – Wilmersdorf is a Bar with girls you can talk to with buying drinks (70euro)

Or take upstairs for 200 per hour (I think) girls were 3 -10 /10

Had a round with silvana from Rumania perfect 10 best attitude nice everything (a bit expensive but couldn’t resist)

Saw also ANNA Chinese girl seemed nice looking nice bod.

6. Also went to:

PLAYGIRLS BERLIN http://www.playgirls-berlin.de/playgirls/index.htm Rung bell no answer, it was 19:00!

La-Folie still closed at 19:30!

CELINE: Pestalozzi Strasse 69 Berlin-Charlottenburg

I rang bell no answer, it was 20:00.

All this was the same day and was frustrating (after that I went to KAMILLA D)

7. TABU Table dance only basement was working (nobig deal)

8. GOLD CLUB Table dance. I didn’t understand If something more can happen there (I think not)

04-01-05, 21:39
Berlin Is One Of The Best Cities I Have Been To .
Is There Nothing From Anyone Here ??where Are The Posts???

04-05-05, 02:43
Great post Percent, thanks alot.

You mentioned language problems with the girl from the outcall service girl (Katja). Did you have any language problems at any of the other places you went? How do you begin when the door is answered if you don't speak German? Did you run into any problems with any of the girls? Thanks in advance.

04-05-05, 04:39
All places I went people spoke English.

04-24-05, 11:16
Thai girls/club?

Can somebody reccomend a good club?

Or a club with eastern euro girls.

06-04-05, 08:14
Fellow Mongerers,
I am planning a short visit to your beautiful city in early July, and I am just tickled at the possibilities. I am hoping for some advise, and of course I will reciprocate with full postings of my experiences. I have read all the postings in this thread (downloaded them into a MS Word document that was 100 pages long!) - thanks to everyone who has provided such a welath of information. I will be in Berlin for four nights, and on the first three days and nights I plan to visit the following establishments:
- La Folie FKK (KFS 63)
- van Kampen (Mecklenburgischestrasse 23a)
- Kamilla Dee (Blissestrasse 33)
- Royal (Bundesplatz 8)

I don't have anything scheduled for the fourth day and the night, so I was hoping for some suggestions. Based upon reviews in this forum, I am thinking of the following establishments:
- Gina Tango Rosa (Oberlinstrasse 4)
- Playgirls (Hektorstrasse 13)
- Bei Mona (Kantstrasse 74)

If no one has any advise, I will just pick based upon geography. Also, does anyone have any information on any of the following?

Sauna Palma Berlin
(no information on this thread that I can find)

Lietzenburger Strasse 22
(Zippythepinhead said some decent things about this place back in October, I'm wondering if anyone has any more detailed information).

Feel free to PM me or post directly, thanks in advance, and of course I will be sure to post my experiences once I return.

Cliff Tindale
06-16-05, 03:07
This place is also good.


Very classy.

This site has a wealth of info


Below is useful to get your bearings


The FKK you mention is good, but small, 10 or twelve girls. kamilla is also good.

Have a good time, Berlin is a great city.

06-17-05, 23:11
Thanks Cliff.

Any details on Duemichen would be appreciated, like cost (not available on their website), line up, comparison to van Kampen or Kamilla Dee's, etc.

Cliff Tindale
06-20-05, 09:50
Kamila and Dumchen are probably the two most classy places in berlin. It's reflected in the prices which are pretty much the same.

I imagine lineups change; there were always stunners at both when I was there in Oct. last year.

This place is also good. It's cheaper too. A bit tricky to find. Girls not quite as good looking but I had great sex there; more is on offer too.


06-21-05, 01:16
There's talk on other boards of another FKK opening in the Charlottenburg area. Does anyone know anything about this? Any Berliners ready to search it out and report back on where it is, how big it is, the entrance fees, etc.?

I will post this same message in the FKK section, under 'Other FKKS.'

Costo Vici
06-21-05, 15:23
In Berlin for a flying visit next week. Second night I hope to make Kamilla Douglas before it closes; report will follow visit.

The first night though I arrive late, and tips for late night action? Massage would be OK, I am just looking for a good safe place reasonably central still opne at midnight. I am not interested in SW or visiting escorts.

Thanks in advance for any help.

06-21-05, 21:16

It opens at 6pm every day, and will stay open up to 6am depending on how many guests. It is an interesting experience, and the best i have experienced in Berlin. If you don't like it entrance was only 14€, so what do you have to lose?

And if you go to the "angebot" section they have a pole dancing video of one of the hottest girls I have seen in a club in a long time.

Berlin has a lot of pretty women, and a lot of the girls in this clubs are locals just earning a little on the side.

Ocean Explorer
06-26-05, 08:16
My first time back in Berlin in about 20+ years so based on this site I went to La Folie the evening I arrived to check it out. I got there about 900PM. Here is how it works. You buzz your way in and pay 14 euros. They give you a card and a key for a locker where you undress and put your clothes. They give you a town that doesn't really wrap around without you holding it, so its useless to be modest. Everyone else is in the same state. You put the card in a slot inside the door so you can take the key out.

Inside there were about 8 girls and 4-5 guys. The guys were having drinks at the bar and girls were mostly talking to each other. One named Melanie from Romania approached me knowing that I mostly spoke English. We talked but I wanted to finish my scotch and check out the activities first. Melanie went back to talk with her friends on the matress.

My then some guys were talking with girls so I went back to talk with Melanie. I decided she was as good a bet as any. I generally have had unsatisfactory experience with Romanian girls and this turned out to be in that mode as well. We sat on the couch and talked and I bought her a drink. As I had only arrived today and knew I would be tired I suggested we move to a room. The rooms have big beds and mirrors. But Melanie turned out to not kiss, didn't do DATY or bbbj. So there were so many restrictions that I was so distracted that even though I was 99% there I could never cum. Pissed (frustrated) about that I left. You pay on the way out. Euros only. I didn't ask about visa. There is no negeotiating price with the girls as the price is 75 euro for 30 min. But as well all know you should agree that certain activities are allowed before you go to the room. I must have been with her longer as my total bill was 173 euro including drinks.

But I would try again. This was not a typical night having a 9 hour jet lag and the stupidity to pick a Romainain girl.


06-26-05, 13:38
I would say that in belin the best way to go is with escorts. I have no expearace. But I did some reasearch latly and there are 100's of escorts and most start around 75-90 euros and charge for extras 10 for kissing bbbj and so on then most have less rates for the next hour and you pay or the extras only once. so maybe you pay 90-110 for the first full hour and then 75 for the next. some even offer privet servce adn they start at 20 for a massage hj and some have happy hours 30 quicky. liek i said no real expearacne but i would say that this is the way to go

06-27-05, 15:41
I visited La-Folie in May 2004 and posted the following report. I am just curious to know if Marina, one of ATF is still there. I had great time with her and wish could be there again:

"Was in Berlin earlier this week and went to La Folie on M/Tu/We. After seeing and being with Marina, a young (21) East Indian/German on the first day I could´t resist going back htere. So I had sessions with her all htree days. She is 9 in looks, 9 in service (could be 10 but no kissing and no bbbj) and 10 in attitude. Her father was EI but never met him so she is essentially German in culture but EI in looks. IMHO, she is model material.

I also had sewssions with Victoria (Spanish), Julia (Romania) and Cindy(Bulgaria). Julia looks sexy but was rushing a bit and was holding to the condom during the act, a turnoff for me. Victoria was good but more limkts (no DATY). Cindy was good but does not compare to Marina."

Daniel Man
06-28-05, 13:28
Hey all,

Several months ago, around mid February (2005) I visited Berlin. I had come slightly prepared with the name of a brothel in Berlin called Club Mona, which I had found on the WSG forums. When I got there I was pleasantly suprised. Approximately 8 women available (who weren't busy) several of which looked high quality (blond, polish, and very attractive). I took a blond polish girl and then the next time I took a german girl. I believe it cost only 40 euros each time (20 minutes) which is cheap for european standards, and if you were a local or could speak german it would only cost 30 euros. I recommend going there, but use these prices as a guideline and don't pay any more. Enjoy!

Ocean Explorer
07-01-05, 21:18
On my way back from a meeting and staying at the Holiday Inn Garden Court on Bliebtreustrasse near Kurfurstendamm.

I had visited La Folie on the trip in so decided to try van Kampen on the way out.

Nice walk down to van Kampen at Mecklenburgische Str 23. Its easy to find.
Buzzed in to the 1st floor and escorted to a bedroom for the introductions of Anna, Lilly and Charlotte. Selected Lilly but she was picked by someone else in the interval. So went for Anna. Turned out to be a good choice.

You pay up front, 100 euro for 40 min.

Anna was schooled in East Germany so she only spoke some english, but enough. We talked and I gave her some massage that she enjoyed then DATY that really seemed to work for her. She was awfully turned on or was a very good actress. Probably the later considering that I was only part of her work that day. But, I was hooked. She gave me a cbj then we finished.

A 10 for attitude.

Berlin is a great time with a variety of choices.


07-02-05, 21:23
Was last week in Berlin and had just one free evening. Elected to go for the place that has the best reports: La Folie. S-Bahn to Charlottenburg, and a small walk. Funny (for me): the houses are numbered continuously (not the even numbers on one side, the odd numbers on the other). Walk on the right hand side from S-Bahn, and you reach La Folie after 5 minutes. Ring the bell, and the door opens. You are in a small hall, with a counter (through which you can see the inside!). 14 EUR later, you have a magnetic card and a towel, the entrance to the (un)dressing room is behind you, undress, insert the card and lock your clothes. At the bar, hand your key (remember your number!) and order your drink (the first one is included).

The towel is indeed very small, and I could not get it to hold around my waist. Most men had the same problem (but the girls mostly wore something...). Despite the late hour (11pm), there was no competition for the girls: plenty of them. There was however competition for a stool at the bar.

It took me some time to find a girl to my liking, amongst the few with small breasts. Finally settled for R, a North-African girl. She was delighted to meet someone speaking French. I sat next to her on the big bed in the middle. We cuddled a lot, while she drank her ladies' drink (30 EUR). At some point, I kissed her tits, and she kindly told me that this was beyond what is allowed (logical deduction: no sex in public). However, she use her hands on my erection. To move into a room, your girl has to report to the bar, it's 30 min for 70 EUR (rather strictly enforced). Usual stuff in the room, a nice GFE experience.

I chose to head back to bed (as I had to get up early). Getting the key back from the bar, dressing and reporting to pay the 100 EUR bill. All in all, a place I would also recommend. R is an 8 but deserves a 9 for the GFE.

07-03-05, 12:28
Be advised La Folie is not open on Sundays.


It opens at 6pm every day, and will stay open up to 6am depending on how many guests. It is an interesting experience, and the best i have experienced in Berlin. If you don't like it entrance was only 14€, so what do you have to lose?

And if you go to the "angebot" section they have a pole dancing video of one of the hottest girls I have seen in a club in a long time.

Berlin has a lot of pretty women, and a lot of the girls in this clubs are locals just earning a little on the side.

One Eyed Man
07-16-05, 23:10
The week before last, I spent a few days in Berlin and hit the following locales:

1.Venus-Club Berlin, Kastanienallee 39
There was only one girl available when I was there, Gabi, but she was cute, so I agreed to a session. She was surprised when I wanted an hour, with kissing and französisch total for €150. (I think most of the Germans come for 30-min. quickies.) She gave excellent service: the aforesaid französisch, a nice massage with lotion including a foot massage, and one additional pop. The place is located closer to E-Eberswalder Str. than Rosenthaler Pl. and is just a normal residential bldg.

2. Van Kampen, Mecklenburgische Str. 23a
It's close to the S-Bahn but a little tricky to find--it's in the middle of an automobile dealership. Had to go because of the reports of the high beauty content. Chose Sam (no longer on the website), €150 for the hour. This girl was like 5'11", and although everything is covered, and no kissing, I had a great time. I ended up going down on her, and she gave me a lot of instruction plus some semi-dirty talk. She was great!

3. Dümichen, Katharinen Str. 27
This place is way at the end of the Ku'Damm--take the S-Bahn, else it's a long walk from Adenauerpl. Pay close attention to the girls' names! After they all introduce themselves, the madame stops by and asks you what services you want, and not every girl offers everything, so you really have to have a good recall of the girls' faces. The girl I chose didn't offer the services I wanted, so I ended up just naming a name I remembered to save face (since I wanted französich total), and ended up with a tiny Swedish blonde with breast implants. Not my type, but super service, and a good time. I'd go back.

I've also seen Isa from haushotelberlin.de. This girl is like 5'11" with shining blue eyes. Ad says she speaks German (not!) and English (just a bit), so be ready for a language barrier. I also asked for französisch pur, but this apparently wasn't transmitted to Isa. Service was about €100 for an hour, one pop, but the girl is so striking I'd see her again.

Angus Magee
07-19-05, 21:44
Last week I dropped by Royal in the afternoon with the intention of seeing Jolina (pictures on the web site http://www.royalgirl.de/flash/start.php )
if she looked as good as she does in the pictures. She does so I stayed. As money was no object I took her for an hour with the extra bbbj.cim option. This cost 130+50. Kind of expensive but she was well worth it.

Jolina is probably a wee bit older than the stated 22-perhaps 25-26. She also mentioned (proudly)that she is the mother of two children. That being said, she has a fantastic slim body and a hard, hard ass.

Her bj skills are top notch and she was in no rush to finish me off. We cuddled and she was very responive to daty-with a sweet, very clean pussy that loved to be licked.

The cum shot went straight into her mouth, and while she did not swollow, neither did she run to spit it out. It was a very "porn movie" style finish with her seemingly relishing the load before she wiped her mouth with paper towels. I was well pleased.

After a bit of a chat she helped with a masturbation show (very hot) while I brough my self to a second orgasm. As I came, she dove to take the cum in her mouth again without having to be asked.

This girls gets very high marks all around from Angus Magee. She also does anal which I hope to sample on the next visit as her ass looks very sweet & tight.


07-20-05, 02:04
Hey One-Eyed,
great report (especially the useful tips on directions). Is haushotelberlin.de a straight escort service? I can't tell from the webapge, but this seems the most likely possibility.

Say you could go back to Berlin and visit just one of these establishments again, of the four you reviewed (Venus Club, van Kampen, Dümichen and haushotelberlin.de ), which would most likely visit again? I ask because van Kampen gets a lot of positive attention on this board, but your reviews of the others suggest that they may be as good, if not better (e.g., Dümichen sounds pretty good from your review).

07-20-05, 15:55
It allways depents on what you`re looking for!

Incall, bar, club or whatever?

If you speak german try:

www.verkehrsberichte.de (you have to join) or
www.adressen-berlin.de/auswahl.html !


Grudgi (from Berlin)

07-27-05, 20:29
I was in berlin last week for 5 days and:
Went to Van Kampen http://www.vankampenberlin.de again ,but since I was looking for something as good as I had 6 months ego I passed ( the 3 girls I saw were 5-7/10 )
Liberty Lietzenburger Strasse 22 1ST floor right Liberty www.libertyberlin.de 60E/30MIN 80E/40M 120e /hour 1st time there and 3 girls were shown to me 4-7/10-passed.
Kamilla Douglas : http://www.kamilla-dee.com/english/frames_e.htm 30 MIN= 80 EUR 40 MIN =100 1H =160
i couldn’t believe this. Strike three also 3 girls shown 5-7/10 passed. Where did the model looking girls I saw 6 months ego dissapear to?

Lamano www.club-lamano.de I was the only one there 24:00 on a sunday night . 4 girls very nise danced 12Euro and 24 I think for ladys drink .Its ok if you like this kind of place.

GOLD CLUB Table dance. http://www.tabledance-berlin.com/ entrance is 10 $ and they give you a dollar for the girls . drink is 6.5$ for beer . same girl I saw at Lamano last night was here.

Hotel Rascona club Münstersche Str. 11 (Wilmersdorf) expensive and not so good place 5-6 girls 5-8/10 but it was my last chance(it was 03:30 ) so I had a thai girl Ana 7.5/10 nymfomaniac and very wide down there . 185euro for 30 min (ouch )
And my drink was 10€

Called Kamilla Douglas to ask for escorts available and she said she will call me back to tell me .When she did she only had 1 girl(Romy) who wasn’t on the list i had made with at least 10 beutifull looking girls from their web site .(i thought she would quote me 3-4 girls and i would pick ) but no such luck so I passed as i didn’t want to risk it . she got really mad and said she wasted time for this and should be paid and “she wasnt going to use me again!!! “ well guess what honey : how are you going to know its me when i call again???
I also called at least 10-15 call girl agencys but no English from anyone!!!!!

CoCo tabledance club on a Sunday night 0100 it was closed.

Bon Bon Bar Stuttgarter Platz 7 Berlin-Charlottenburg 15$ entrance and 1 drink free It was ok.
Cafe Pssst! http://www.cafepssst.de Small bar with girls saw about 10 girls 8 guys . Was hit by Marina a Russian very aggressive 35 yo (my judjment) 7/10 looks 9/10 service .My beer was 2.5€ They have another place next door togo when you agree to thr prices : 1 hour 125, € (the room rent of 30 is contained in the price) Whirlpool 35, € extra

Bruce Ley
07-28-05, 18:05

Bruce Ley
07-30-05, 05:26
A new development in Berlin, in preparation for the World Cup 2006 Germany:


07-30-05, 05:31
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German company is looking to cash in on an expected boom in the sex trade during next year's soccer World Cup with a 60-room brothel a walk away from Berlin's Olympic Stadium, German media reported on Friday.

Named after the virgin huntress of Greek mythology, the "Artemis" complex is due to open for business in September with whirlpool, sauna, cinema, buffet restaurant and a staff of 100 prostitutes, mass circulation daily Bild reported.

"This is no flash rip-off joint where clients are taken for a ride," a spokesman for the Artemis GmbH investment company behind the project, told the newspaper.

Prostitution is legal in Germany in designated areas. Dortmund, one of 11 other cities to host World Cup matches, has said it will install drive-in wooden "sex garages" in time for the tournament in a bid to keep the trade off the streets.

But the Artemis project does not enjoy the backing of Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit. "We have no need for that," he told Bild.

Musta Pekka
07-31-05, 10:21
Visited Van Kampen last week due to positive reports on this site.

It was very easy to find by taking the U-Bahn or S-Bahn to Heidelberger Platz.

I opted for the 40 minutes session for € 100 which included massage, BJ and MSOG (two shots allowed).

Three girls were presented, and I chose Jenny.

Very nice looking girl with a great body (actually better looking in real life than on Van Kampen's web pages). Session was relaxed and not rushed at all.

Jenny had great attitude and was very open minded and friendly - a true GFE !

Bruce Ley
08-01-05, 00:11
Musta Pekka,

What kind of options were available at Van Kampen? BBBJ? CIM? CIF? DFK? Or is everything covered?

08-04-05, 10:19
Do you enjoy paying 20€ for admission and a beer, for the priveledge of spending some quality time with an old, ugly transgender?

Then Berlin is for you, baby.

Or how about going to seedy apartments with 90% 2s and 3s, just to fuck the occasional 6, mechanically for 20 minutes for 35€?

Perhaps your preference is a more exclusive club, where you can buy a 40 year old Thai Ladyboy, disguised as a woman a 120€ bottle of champaigne for the priveledge of talking to her/it. And then enjoy a wonderful fuck for another 300€ for 45 minutes.

Ahhhh, wonderful Berlin!

Maybe you want to visit a saggy-assed mid 30s domimatrix who will jam a broomstick up your ass for 130€. And then pick up a few diseases from her slave friend for another 130€.

And we all enjoy spending a couple hundred Euros on taxis to take us on this wild-goose-chase, right?

And he will gladly deliver you to brightly lit clubs which have one or two butt ugly girls, just waiting to pounce on you if you pay the 10€ entrance fee.

Why waste your time in places like Brazil, Thailand, Argentina or Peru where for the same 50€ that will buy you 2 solid hours of GFE with a young beauty, you can enjoy a 40 year old cold-assed hausfraü, for 15 minutes?

Welcome to Berlin. The same place that brought you Adölf Hitler and friends. You can now enjoy real European hospitality, classy babes, and the joy of knowing that you are experiencing a most unique experience. Making lifetime memories. Welcome to Berlin. Your mongering paradise.

08-04-05, 11:01
Nice report, who tried the broom handle?

Just a quick point, Adolf is actually from Vienna, and got his power base in Munich...Berlin was just the capital city of the time....Berliners actually despised & loathed him. Although I do agree on the Berliner talent rating. I'd suggest you hire a car and head across the border to Poland - where the average girl walking around is 7-9. Hiring cars in Germany, especially with GPS, is 10x better than taxis and usually cheaper.

Do you enjoy paying 20€ for admission and a beer, for the priveledge of spending some quality time with an old, ugly transgender?

Then Berlin is for you, baby.

Or how about going to seedy apartments with 90% 2s and 3s, just to fuck the occasional 6, mechanically for 20 minutes for 35€?

Perhaps your preference is a more exclusive club, where you can buy a 40 year old Thai Ladyboy, disguised as a woman a 120€ bottle of champaigne for the priveledge of talking to her/it. And then enjoy a wonderful fuck for another 300€ for 45 minutes.

Ahhhh, wonderful Berlin!

Maybe you want to visit a saggy-assed mid 30s domimatrix who will jam a broomstick up your ass for 130€. And then pick up a few diseases from her slave friend for another 130€.

And we all enjoy spending a couple hundred Euros on taxis to take us on this wild-goose-chase, right?

And he will gladly deliver you to brightly lit clubs which have one or two butt ugly girls, just waiting to pounce on you if you pay the 10€ entrance fee.

Why waste your time in places like Brazil, Thailand, Argentina or Peru where for the same 50€ that will buy you 2 solid hours of GFE with a young beauty, you can enjoy a 40 year old cold-assed hausfraü, for 15 minutes?

Welcome to Berlin. The same place that brought you Adölf Hitler and friends. You can now enjoy real European hospitality, classy babes, and the joy of knowing that you are experiencing a most unique experience. Making lifetime memories. Welcome to Berlin. Your mongering paradise.

Musta Pekka
08-04-05, 22:05
The options you are referring to have to be agreed beforehand and paid extra. E.g. DFK was € 20 in addition, anal was € 50 and so on. I was told that any special request from my side could be arranged.

On arrival I was told the services and the option list with prices by a housekeeper before I saw the ladies. Standard services are always covered.

Most likely you will not get all the details explained if you do not speak german. My experience from many european countries is that the english skills in general are not the best.

Musta Pekka,

What kind of options were available at Van Kampen? BBBJ? CIM? CIF? DFK? Or is everything covered?

08-04-05, 23:04
I doubt you have ever been to Berlin. Certainly doesn't sound like it from your report.

As opposed to those other "paradises" you are talking about, Germany is developed and safe country. There also is a thing called ethnic diversity in the mongering scene in germany.

Berlin has some excellent and pretty providers. I have been to La Folie, Van Kampen, and a couple of years ago at some place near Big Sexyland. There are lots of 18-25 year old providers, who have bodies as tight as a Girls Gone Wild video. Tonnes of them.

You really don't know what you are talking about on the Europeans scene. You have tonnes of Brazil Posts, some other South American, and the odd eastern Europe post.

coming on this thread and denegrating the entire scene really is a giant waste of time.

My best frind shares a homonym of your name (spelled more elegantly with a "ph"), but as opposed to you he is a brilliant guy.

08-04-05, 23:39
Steven - I'm sorry you had such a bad time, but I think something must have gone wrong. By the way, how did you get a broomstick into your experience unless you asked for it?

I haven't been to Berlin for about three years but did make several trips there. And yes, there were rip-off joints and horrendous "puffs". But with only a modicum of research and common sense I avoided all this and had some really good experiences at good prices (considering it's in Europe). I had excellent service - some stunning women and lots of unhurried sessions.

Perhaps we can leave foul politicians out of it? Chile gave us Pinochet, US gave us Bush, Iraq gave us Hussein, Russia Stalin (no, I'm not ranking Bush with the others) Oddly enough I don't think Germany as such has provided the world with a dictator - anyway , I'm going to keep off my favourite subject - politics.

As for the cross border talent - as Vitoriabitter says the Polish and Czech girls are great - but what i noticed was that the ones just walking around far surpassed the working girls on the highways on the borders. And the service is very variable. If you had trouble sorting out Berlin then I think the border areas are even more risky since they are used to fleecing rich German visitors with prices higher than in Germany itself

08-05-05, 06:12
I just returned from five days in Berlin. This was my first trip ever to Berlin, and my overall impression (contrary to some recent posts) was extremely favorable. I will give a short summary of the trip here, and then over the next few days I will post more detailed reports on each encounter.

Arrived Monday, departed Saturday early morning, leaving 5 full days of fun. I had to work on several of these days, so it was not completely care-free, but overall I had plenty of time and money to enjoy myself. I had a total of seven encounters with five different girls, having visited seven establishments.

Monday night: La Folie, Maya, total (including entry, sex and drinks) 100 Euros.
Tuesday night: La Folie, Maya, total 200 Euros.
Wed lunch: Royal, Laura, total (45 minute session) 90+10 tip = 100 Euros
Wed night: Kamilla Dee, Laura (not the same), total (45 minute session) 120+15 tip = 135 Euros
Thursday lunch: Brigitta Duemichen, seven girl line-up, passed.
Thursday night: van Kampen, one girl line-up, passed. Returned an hour later: no one available. Went to Kamilla Dee, seven girl line-up, picked Cheyenne, total (45 minute session) 120+15 tip = 135 Euros.
Friday lunch: Royal, Laura (same as Wed), total 90+10 = 100 Euros.
Friday afternoon: bei Tiffany, three girl line-up, passed.
Friday evening: Venus Club Berlin, one girl line-up, Anyeshka, total (half hour) 60 Euros.

Impressions on these establishments:
- La Folie: a little weird at first, but once you get the hang of things, this is a great place.
- van Kampen: from some of the reviews here and elsewhere, you might assume this is the hands-down winner in Berlin. I certainly do not think so. It seems like a very good place, but overall I would say it is on-par with Kamilla Dee. As my reviews will show, I think neither of these establishments are the best in Berlin.
- Kamilla Dee: an excellent establishment that is certainly worth your time. You are guaranteed to get at least a 5 girl line-up each time (unlike many other places in Berlin).
- Royal: this is my favorite place in Berlin, without any doubt whatsoever. The girls are as beautiful (if not more) than KD or VK, the prices are lower, and the establishement is in much better condition. This is just my opinion and reflects my own experiences: YMMV.
- Brigitta Duemichen: another excellent establishment. Despite the fact that I struck out here, I would highly recommend this place.
- Tiffany: a definite step down in the quality department. The location is seedier than the previously mentioned places, the girls are definitely a step lower than the other places, and this is reflected in the costs. I would personally not receommend this place, but again, YMMV. See my up-coming report for more details on why I say this.
- Venus Club Berlin: better than Tiffany in quality and neighbourhood, but still it is closer to Tiffany in quality than Royal or KD or VK. I would not recommend this place either, but this again is a matter of taste.

As I said, more details will be posted in the next few days as I have time to write them up. The reason for the delay is because each write up is going to be very detailed, so hopefully it will be worth the time.

08-05-05, 06:45
Looking forward to your reports Kumbu!

Angus Magee
08-05-05, 07:13
Thanks in advance Kumbu for taking the time to report in such detail. Sounds like you had a great time.

I could not agree less with Steven about the scene in Berlin. With this hobby you so often get what you look for ie. with an attitude like that no wonder he finds all the "broomsticks" and gets screwed.

My experiences in Berlin have been, in general, positive. It is true that one needs to sometimes bail on an adventure, if the line-up is not to your liking. But this had always been no problem for me and I have never been hasseled for doing so by the establishment.

It is good to see the Berlin board with some activity.


08-06-05, 06:32
I am currently writing this from the lobby of my hotel, Peter, on Kurfürstendamm, in Berlin. (By the way, I know a guy whose name is a synonym of your name, Dick, and you are one). It sounds like yöu have not been to Berlin for a while, and/or dont know what yöu are talking aboüt.

You want to talk about safety, Go to Thailand and see the smiles...go to Perü and enjoy the humanity of its peöple and their long, distinguished history (I´m sorry if I offended any Hitler lovers with my reference in my earlier post, as politics do not belong on the forum).´ You want to talk about ethnic diversity, go to Brazil, where the colors range from jet black to pure white, and everything in between....all offering you solid GFE for long hours.

Shiatsu, my examples were from visiting the sites listed on the other Berlin strand. No, I did not avail the offer of a broomstick up the ass, nor did I fuck any Thai ladyboys, or granny haüsfraüs, or diseased slaves, or sleezbags. I had a mechanical 15 minute fuck from a beautiful (albeit fake titted) Polish girl (€35), another from a "large boned" German girl. The one good experience was with a call-in service. For $100 plus €5 they brought me a sweet thing (although they promised me a thin blond, I got a slightly thick redhead). I took her anyway, after negotiating the price down from €100, and it was a nice 1 hour GFE experience.

My advice, stay away from Berlin for mongering purposes. It is an interesting and important city otherwise, with friendly people. If you do go to Berlin, dont ride taxis to the places´on the other Berlin Clubs strand. They all exist, but are exactly as I have described them. If your thing is the bizarre and the perverted, learn the subway system, and visit the ladyboys etc. that way.

08-06-05, 21:00
As a preface to my first report, let me say that while I respect Steven’s recent postings as reflective of his experiences, I have had entirely different (and much more positive) experiences in Berlin. I would HIGHLY recommend this city for mongering purposes, but it will require some careful preparation and research (see below). Steven was unlucky, and that happens just about anywhere. I, on the other hand, was very, very lucky, and I can’t wait for my next trip back to Berlin (whenever that may be). One thing Steven is entirely correct about: don’t use the taxis in Berlin. The U-/S-Bahn system coupled with the bus system are entirely adequate to get around anywhere you want, and it is really quite reasonable.

So this is the first detailed report in a series chronicling the five days of debauchery I was blessed to enjoy. I'm breaking this up into two separate posts: this one details some background and arrival information, and the next one is a report on my experiences the first time I visited La Folie.

My goal for this trip was to do two things. First, I wanted to sample a large variety of different women. Because I have not had sex with many white women, I wanted to focus on tall, blonde, white women. I don’t really have a thing for white blondes, but it’s just a simple matter of wanting to try what you have not had before. Second, in terms of actual experiences, all I wanted was to do a whole lot of doggie sex. I mean, literally, all I was interested in was perfecting my doggie technique. You see, I can handle sex with a woman in almost any position, but I am a real Ass Man, and so doggie always gets me off in a matter of seconds. From conversations with other women, this seems to be typical of many men – The Dog does it for many men. But I suppose it is particularly true of Ass Men such as myself – I live, breathe and dream female asses, and this results in a serious weakness on my part.

So this is my reasoning. I get off so quickly in doggie (and no other position) because of its sheer visual brilliance: a spread set of cheeks, an arched back, a head pushed into the pillows, visual confirmation of entry into the woman, a beautiful winking asshole staring you in the face, etc., etc., etc. This visual beauty results in quick orgasm, which results in a strengthening of the association between doggie style sex and orgasm. This then leads to subsequent quick orgasms in this position, and you are in the proverbial vicious cycle. So in order to break this vicious cycle, my logic is that if I concentrate just on doggie, then perhaps I could focus on lengthening the time before orgasm, thus dulling the urge to orgasm, and this would result in a much better sexual experience (more time spent in that beautiful doggie position).

Furthermore, I have always been a super careful mongerer in that I very rarely engage in DFK, DATY or BBBJ. Any of these activities involve sharing of liquids with a woman whose sexual history is not even a question of debate. This therefore means that DFK, DATY and BBBJ involve sharing of liquids (and harmful agents therein) with dozens, if not hundreds of other men, most of whom are not as meticulous about hygiene as I am. No offense, but you guys are great as comrades of discussion, but I’d rather not catch your cooties, if you know what I mean. So the upshot of all of this is that I focused exclusively on obtaining a quality doggie experience, without the additional complications or distractions of negotiating for DATY or Greek or BBBJ or any other nonsense.

Overall, my trip was an absolutely smashing success in every possible way. The reasons for this are twofold. First, the wealth and quality of information provided by users of this venerable forum was absolutely invaluable. I had no problem whatsoever deciding where I wanted to go, how to get there, and knowing what to expect. Second, I prepared for this like an obsessed maniac. I must have spent over a hundred hours reading, mapping, plotting, calculating, and visualizing every little detail of my intended escapades. I read all the back-posts on this board (every single one), ranked the various establishments ahead of time, studied their websites, found their addresses, and mapped them using various online map sites. Then I summarized all the relevant information (e.g., address, notable land marks, nearest U-Bahn / S-Bahn stations, entrance procedures, price structure, possible girls, possible services offered at each establishment, etc.) and put it onto a small index card. I did this in 5-point font so that I could squeeze 17 establishments onto the card (front and back). I then laminated this card and took it with me everywhere I went. I’m sure this sound slike overkill, but it was the best thing I could have done because I must have referred to that card a hundred times over the five days in Berlin. I also printed close-up maps onto similar sized index cards of my top-ten establishments and took these with me as well. So I had a pack of about 8 index cards that I walked around with in my shirt pocket, making reference extremely easy and inconspicuous. Just for your curiosity, my top ten establishments prior to going to Berlin (based on reviews on this board) were the following: 1. La Folie, 2. van Kampen, 3. Kamilla Dee, 4. Royal, 5. Brigitta Duemichen, 6. Tiffany, 7. Venus Club Berlin, 8. Herz, 9. Gina’s Tango-Rosa, 10. Bei Mona. This means nothing really, but just in case you were wondering. My impression of many of these establishments has now changed, but I will get to that in a later post.

I arrived early morning on Monday at Tegel airport. The airport is small and easy to navigate, with plenty of helpful people located strategically in the middle of the airport. I bought a 72 hour Travel Pass for the transportation system (it cost just over 18E). I walked out to the bus stop and took bus 109 (departs every 10 minutes). This took me straight to my hotel (located on the Kufürstendamm). By the way, this bus goes down Kaiser-Friedrich Strasse right past La Folie. It was such a rush to see it within half an hour of arriving in Berlin – I knew this was going to be a great trip.

It was too early to check in, so I left my luggage at the hotel and went walk-about. Because it was still early, I decided to do some scouting of the various places on my list. I spent the next four or five hours trying to find the relevant places: Tiffany, van Kampen, Kamilla Dee, Royal, La Folie, Brigitta Duemichen, Bei Mona, Playgirls, etc. All were very easy to find, based on information provided on this forum, so I will not repeat any of that info. I had to attend to some work-related things in the afternoon and evening, but I was done by 8pm, so I decided to hit La Folie first.

08-06-05, 21:32
After a shower at the hotel, I took the 109 bus to Charlottenburg stop (there are two stops on this route called Charlottenburg, get off on the second stop), and arrived at around 9pm. The place itself is really easy to see – it takes almost a half city block with signs all the way down. I buzzed and the door opened. There is a curtain in front of you and a curtain to your left, and a small window on the right. The window looks into the bar, and immediately behind the bar is the interior of the club, so what you see through the window is a bunch of butt naked white guys sitting around the bar drinking beer. Given that I am not white, and I don’t often see dozens of naked white men sitting together, I must admit that when I saw this I thought it was a little weird. But WTF, how often will I be in Berlin?

I speak not a single word of German, not even yah or nein. I tried to learn some basic German before I went, but in the heat of the moment of conversation, all that came out of my mouth was Spanish or Italian…don’t ask me why. Anyway, when I stuck my head through the window, the woman at the cash register asked me something in German. I stuttered ‘Mi dispiace, umm, bitte, spreche kein Deutsche.’ She turned to another woman, who asked me if I had been here before. I lied, and told her that I had been here once before. So she told me entrance was 14 E, which I paid. I received my magnet card, walked backward into the changing room, and disrobed.

I walked through the curtain butt naked into a room of naked drunk people, and for some reason all eyes seemed to be on me. I mean, people were looking as if to say ‘who the fuck is this newbie?’ It reminded me of a previous post on this board in which the poster said that the atmosphere in La Folie was just weird. I must admit that it was thoroughly unnerving, and so I quickly took a seat at the corner of the bar near the entrance. This was not a good move – this corner is tucked away from all the action, and all you can do from here is drink. So I ordered a drink, enjoyed it as best I could, and tried to conjure up some courage.

After about ten minutes of doubting myself and wondering what kind of chicken-shit freek I have become, I finally managed to get up and walk into the room. This is what I saw:

There is a big bed-like structure dominating the middle of the room. It actually isn’t a bed, it is more like a huge couch without any backrests. This is right in the middle of the room, and to the left is a series of three couches, all facing each other (like three edges of a square, the fourth edge being open). Also on the left is a single lounge chair, and on the right is another lounge chair. In the middle of the room (next to the huge bed-like couch) is a striptease pole, which much to my delight is used fairly often by some of the girls.

The girls were spread throughout the room. Some were at the bar by themselves, some were talking to guys at the bar, some were on the couches to the left, but most were on the big couch in the middle of the room. Before I rate any girls, let me clarify what my scale of rating is. I use a scale from 1-10, and the breakdown is roughly as follows:

1-2 Not fuckable under any circumstances
3-4 Fuckable when desperate
5-6 Fuckable, but not a priority
7-8 Serious lookers, I must try hard to get one of these girls
9 Ohmygod, out-rank 90% of the other girls on the room, worth paying a premium for.
10 Model-quality, out of this world, thank you for existing, will remember on my deathbed.

There were two groups of girls: group 1 was sitting on the left and consisted of three blonde girls in their mid-twenties. These girls were large breasted and somewhat on the chubby side, but I would still rate them as 6-7. Group 2 were lying on the bed on the right side, and this consisted on 3 girls doing what I absolutely love about La Folie: they were lying face down on the couch looking at themselves in the mirror on the wall and chatting to each other. What I love about this is each girl had their asses bare. Now imagine this: three sets of beautiful, long legs with three gorgeous, round asses bared to you, lying one next to the other as you approach the bed – it is a sight I will remember for as long as I live. This group consisted of three girls of somewhat darker complexion. Each girl was a brunette, each was relatively slim and fit, and each was a beauty in her own right. The one of the left had the lightest complexion of the three, she had strong legs and small, pert boobs. Her face was cute, but devilish at the same time, in a very appealing way. I learned later that her name was Chuki (or something like that), and I would rate her 7.5. On her right was a beauty with long dark hair down to her ass. She had nice legs, large, natural boobs that were pierced. She had eyes that could kill from across the room. I later discovered that her name is Natalie, and she is part German and part Spanish. Gorgeous woman, and I later found that she is a very nice person too. I would rate her as 8.5. Last in this group was a girl that just killed me. She was of darker complexion, with curly black hair. She had the most magnificent breasts of any of the girls in the room – perfect size relative to her body (perhaps a little more than a full handful), and perfectly shaped. The nipples were small, tight and perfectly symmetrical. But more importantly, she had an ass like I have never seen in my life – a perfect, round set of cheeks that cried out for attention. And she knew it too – she was baring that ass as she lay there on her stomach chatting with Natalie. Plus she had a very attractive face with large beautiful eyes. Phew, just thinking about her makes me anxious. Anyway, I learned later that her name is Maya, and given that I am an ass man, I would rate her a 9.5 (which is truly exceptional).

There were several other girls bumbling around, including a slim, pretty girl of Arabic decent (I never interacted with her, so I can’t say too much). There were several older ladies around, none of which interested me at all. Overall I would say that there were about 12 men or so, and about 15 women (of which 10 or so would rate over 6 on my scale). Anyway, I sat down on the lounge chair on the right side of the room and basically sat there for a while. I sat and watched, and it was all very strange. The girls were sitting by themselves on the bed and the couches, and the guys were sitting at the bar drinking beer. Some guys and girls were interacting together on the three couches that face each other, but other than that it was basically a bunch of naked people minding their own business. I discovered later that the couches are a staging area from which people move into the rooms to do the real thing.

So I sat and watched, trying to make eye contact with various girls, but they would look over and look away. This happened for about half an hour, at which point this drop-dead gorgeous blonde girl got up and started doing this phenomenal striptease on the pole. The chair I was on was situated very strategically, as it was right at the base of the pole, so I had a prime view. This girl was H-O-T hot, with a face to die for, a perfect set of boobs, slim, tight mid-section, and a nice round ass. She was blonde, and as I found out later, she has a serious princess attitude. While she was doing her striptease, this German guy comes up to me and shouts in English ‘Hey, that’s MY seat!’ I thought he was serious, and so I started to move, but it turns out he was just kidding. Anyway, he sits on the side-arm to my chair and starts to talk to me. He was a very friendly guy, and gave me some tips on how things work. First he was telling me about the girl doing the strip-tease – she had a perfect figure, but her mind was fucked up (his words, not mine). He said that she only danced, and rarely went to the room with anyone. And when she did, it was always full of restrictions and difficulties. So he suggested one of the other girls. He started to rate the various girls around the room, but I soon realized that he was totally drunk, and nothing he said made any sense. For example, at first he rated Natalie very highly, but the second time he came around the room, he rated her as a princess *****. After a while (once the girl stripping was done), he got up and went to the bar to get some more beer. I never saw him again.

So I sat there for another half hour, feeling very weird and out of place. The awkward thing is that I speak no German. If I spoke German I think I could have gone up to girls and hit up a conversation, but with that barrier, I kind of had to wait for someone to come and talk to me. Plus this was the very first time I had been in here, so I was still trying to figure out how things work. Finally a red-head who I had seen earlier running around very energetically came up and started talking in German (I rate her a solid 6). I fumbled my best ‘Ich spreche kein Deutch’ impression, and she said ‘oh, sorry, no English, only German.’ Ok, well, too bad. I started to make eye contact with Chuki on the bed – she kept looking over at me, and we’d make looksie-looksie, and then she would go back to talking with her girlfriend. In the meantime, there was this Asian girl looking my way (I would rate her a 6 or so), but I was not interested.

At around 10:15 I started to think that this had been a mistake – I was getting no real vibes from anyone (this thing with Chuki was not going anywhere) and I was just sitting there looking very awkward. The only consolation was that I was very close to where Maya and Natalie were lying, so I was constantly looking over at that fabulous ass on Maya. Occasionally she would turn over and I could check out her phenomenal breasts, the perfection of which I just could not fathom. But both girls were really quite disinterested in anything going on in the room – they were talking to each other as if the rest of the world did not matter. They would occasionally glance in my direction, but there really was no interest there at all. So I figured this was just eye candy, and I would have to aim at a girl somewhat lower than Maya or Natalie.

At around 10:30 I started to plan my exit. I figured it had been a strike out tonight, and maybe I would stop by KFS 40 on the way back to the hotel. I was already planning on how I would slam La Folie on this board, when out of no where, Maya gets up and starts talking to me in German. I fumble, and manage to say something that indicated that I speak no German, and she switched to English. This was a huge relief. We started talking, and pretty soon I realized that I was in!

She’s Bulgarian, 23 yrs old, speaks fluent German, good English (not fantastic, but certainly enough), some Russian, some Italian and some Serbo-Croatian. She is good friends with Natalie and Maria (the slim Arabic girl). I have read mixed things on this board about Bulgarian girls (some say they are willing to do anything, others say that Bulgarians are overly restrictive), but I think Maya did not fit any of these moulds. We talked about various stupid little things, until I finally offered her a drink. She said she drinks champagne (I thought this was going to be a rip-off), so we ordered a bottle of champagne – it is small, and contains about a glass and a half of liquid, and it costs 30E. She told me to move from the lounge chair over to one of the couches so we could sit and drink properly. When I got up to move I realized I had a massive erection already (just from talking to her). I tried to cover up with the tiny little towel they give you, but it was kind of ridiculous. Anyway, I managed to get over to the couch, and she joined me a minute later with the champagne. We shared the bottle, and in the meantime we talked.

As we talked, the touching slowly grew in frequency and intensity. First, she moved a little closer so that our thighs were touching. Then she would touch my shoulder with her fingers. Then she put her hand in my hand and started to squeeze it. Then I put my arm around her shoulder, and began caressing her shoulder. Then she moved one of her legs and put it over my legs. Finally I reached down and started to kiss her neck, slowly, gently, purposefully. I breathed in her scent, enjoying the sheer giddiness it gave me, all the while slowly kissing up and down her delicate neck and shoulders. I was vaguely aware that there were people all around us, some watching us, some doing their own thing, but my hormones were raging to the point that it did not really matter. We did this for a full 10 minutes, and I was dripping wet by the end of it. Finally she asked what I wanted to do now. I said that it would be nice if we could move into a room, and she got up to get the required towels and to notify the bar.

Note that this is the kind of experience that you really don’t get at an apartment or a massage parlor or with a call girl. This conversation, drinking and touching must have lasted a good half hour, which is all off-the-clock, so to speak, and is thoroughly pleasurable. And it is for this reason that I would highly recommend La Folie. It is worth the initial awkwardness because I think if you are patient, you are pretty much guaranteed a good experience here.

Ok, so she returned a minute later and took me by the hand and led me downstairs to the room. As we walked, I was looking at her ass and legs, and I just could not believe that this was happening. This was, in my opinion, the absolutely most beautiful woman in that entire room, and here I was about to have my wildest fantasies fulfilled with her. Her beautiful ass and breasts were swinging in just the right way, and all of that was going to be in my hands and mouth in a matter of minutes. Life is good.

We got to the room, where she spread the towel on the bed, and all her clothes came off. Oh…my…GOD. Maya is an absolute perfect specimen of a woman. I started off by giving her a massage – my top priority was to man-handle that ass for a while. So I gave her a quick rub-down of her shoulders and neck, and went straight down to her round, firm, fleshy ass. Phew, I squeezed and rubbed for a good 10 minutes, making myself wetter than ever. As I rubbed, I started to kiss her back slowly, moving down to her ass. While I was doing this, we were holding a decent conversation. At one point I asked her why she had decided to talk to me, and she said that she had been scoping me out the whole time I was sitting there. She looks for certain basic things in a man: not drunk, clean looking, and not overly aggressive. She said that most men who came treated the women like *****s, and she wanted to avoid such men. Apparently this is how most women operate in La Folie – if you are basically decent, you will find someone who approaches you. I have to say that Maya does have more rules than most men on this board would like (e.g., very little DFK, no DATY, no Greek, no BBBJ), but as I mentioned earlier, I never do any of those things anyway. She appreciated that I was not interested in any of the more dangerous stuff, and so I think she loosened up overall and let me have a little more than she would normally.

Once the ass-kissing had built up sufficient pressure in my loins, we started in missionary position. We went at this for about 10 minutes, after which we switched into cowgirl. This was great because I focused on her gorgeous breasts that were hanging in my face. A word about her breasts: they are large enough to provide enough to hold onto, and they are completely natural. The most amazing thing is that when she stands or sits up, they look so incredibly firm and upright, and once you get your face into them they are soft and luscious. I just could not get enough of her breasts – nuzzling, sucking, squeezing, stretching, groping. This too lasted a full ten minutes, before we switched into the position of choice: doggie. As she turned over and assumed the position, I knew that my doom was near: there was no way in hell that I was going to be able to hold on for any decent length of time, so in order to try to stave off the inevitable, I played with her ass for a while with my hands. But eventually I just had to have it, and I slowly entered her from behind. A pathetic few strokes later and the explosion arrived, leaving us in a sweaty, breathless, delirious pile of human flesh. What a fantastic fuck.

We lay there for a few more minutes, softly kissing (no tongue). She cleaned me off, and we went to the shower together (even then, seeing her shower next to me was a blast!). We went upstairs, and seeing as it was late (and I had an early morning ahead of me at work), I kissed her goodbye, ducked out and left. I got my key from the bar, went to the changing room and dressed. On the way out I stopped at the little window to pay my bill, and the total came to 100E (70 for the half hour with Maya and 30 for the champagne). I left thinking that it was worth every single cent, and much, much more.

It was now about 1am, and buses were rare to come by. Rather than take a taxi, I decided to walk the 20 minutes to my hotel. While I was walking, I pondered the dilemma that I now faced. Recall that I had two prime directives on this trip: 1. Maximize variety, and 2. Perfect doggie technique. My wonderful experience with Maya was a step towards satisfying directive #1, but I failed miserably in directive #2. So my dilemma was this: on the next day, do I go in search of another establishment so as to adhere to directive #1? Or do I return to Maya and try to work on directive #2? Both seemed like good options. Ultimately I decided that the next night I would return to Maya and try to get some serious doggie time out of her. I could not imagine a more beautiful, alluring person to attempt this with, and given the quality of her ass, if I could manage a decent amount of time on her ass, I could do it on any ass in the world. I still had three other nights during which I could work on the variety of women I encounter. So my next post will be on Maya part 2. As a teaser, let me say that this second installment was considerably better than the first, partly because the awkwardness of being a first-timer in La Folie was gone, and partly because I spent more than a full hour getting it on with Maya.

Angus Magee
08-07-05, 10:02
Great reading Kumbu. Thanks for taking the time to do this style of report. I enjoy hearing the details & also about how you are feeling during the evening.

Makes me want to head on over to La Folie for an evening.


08-09-05, 16:49
Great series of reports! I look forward to reading the rest. I agree - Berlin is a great destination and I wish I could have 5 days there like you did.
Welcome on board.

08-10-05, 00:22
Thanks to all those who appreciate my reports - hopefully they will be of help. Below is the second report on La Folie. After this, I will report on a phenomenal visit I had to Royal on Wednesday lunchtime, as well as a visit to Kamilla Dee on that same Wednesday evening. But for now, let's finish up with La Folie.

All day Tuesday I was at work attending various meetings. Throughout the day I was thinking of Maya and her subtle, sexy way: the smell of her neck, the feel of her soft skin against mine, her large, sexy eyes. Oh who am I kidding? It was her ass, oh my, that ass, slowly swaying left and right behind my eyelids every time I closed my eyes for a moment of solace.

I was still debating whether I should return or not (I craved variety as well as the beauty of Maya), but in the end Maya’s allure won out. This time it was a little later than the night before (I arrived at around 10:30pm) and it was much more crowded. When I was buzzed in, the bar keeper remembered my name and told me to pay my 14E later when I left. So I rushed into the changing room and started disrobing feverishly like a high school kid about to lose his virginity.

I walked into the main room, and this time I did not feel as awkward as the night before. Eyes did swing my way, but this time I was not that threatened. I walked into the main area looking for one person and one person alone: Maya. To my dismay she was not around. I figured some lucky fucker was embedded in those phenomenal breasts at that very moment, and I felt a pang of longing. For about a second I contemplated trying to hook up with another girl, but decided against it almost immediately.

I sat on a stool at the bar right next to the stripping pole and ordered my beer. I watched the ladies for about 2 minutes when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Maya – her strong legs and round ass set my radar off immediately. Rather than run to her like a puppy dog, I decided to pretend not to notice her and see whether she would come to me. I waited a few seconds for her to turn around, and when she saw me she walked over immediately. Kumbu smiled inside.

We sat at the bar for about half an hour talking about various things. Another blonde beautiful girl started stripping at the pole and we watched together while I sipped my beer and she sipped her champagne. We intertwined our limbs and started some soft petting, but nothing really serious. Nonetheless I was rock hard and dripping everywhere. It is for this reason that the etiquette at La Folie is to put your towel on the seat before you sit down, otherwise whenever you sit down you will be sitting on thousands of previous guys’ pre-cum juices – not a pleasant thought. So my towel was beneath me, and the little remnant sticking out from beneath me was used to cover up eager Kumbu.

We finally decided to move to the couch, where we started the hand holding, shoulder caressing, soft kissing, neck nuzzling, etc. Oh, my senses were overloading, this was a pleasure like no other. About twenty minutes later she got up without a word, went to the bar, gave her notice to the keeper, grabbed a couple of towels and walked back to me. She motioned with her eyes ‘let’s go big boy’, and off we went.

Again, the walk to the room was equally as pleasurable as what happened inside the room – her ass, swinging from side to side, each butt cheek clenching ever so slightly in turn, oooh you pretty little things you. We got in and we started by her giving me a massage. This was really not what I wanted, but what the hell. After about 4 minutes of this I offered to switch, and she agreed. I gave her a half-hearted massage again, and then started with the kissing. I started with soft kisses around the back of her neck and slowly worked my way down, being careful to kiss once every inch or so. I worked from the neck leftward to the left shoulder, one kiss per inch. Then I worked across her back to the right shoulder. Then down one inch, and back leftward to her left side. Then down one inch and back rightward to her right shoulder bone. I did this slowly, rhythmically, one kiss every second or so, slowly descending down her back towards the final prize.

When I reached the small of her back, I got into that slight peach fuzz that most women have there, and I slowly bristled against this with my lips (very nice), moving on through to the flesh that I so craved. Finally, lips met butt flesh, and it was so sweet and succulent that I wished for nothing else. Here I slowed my progression downwards so as to maximize this moment. I worked the flesh of one cheek with my lips, while my hand massaged and squeezed the other cheek. I kissed leftwards, rightwards, over the crack, into the crack (not too deep), down the crease at the bottom of the cheeks and back up again. I must have spent 15 minutes kissing her butt – what else can a man ask for??

While this flesh-worshiping was taking place, we were talking about various things. At some point she warned me that if I continue at this slow, measured pace, the establishment would charge me for more than just the half hour. It was quite considerate of her to say this – she was simply making sure I knew the rules and that I would not get a nasty surprise when I left. I told her that an hour was not enough time, so maybe we would go for longer (we ended up going for an hour and fifteen minutes, but I was only charged an hour).

So once I got passed her ass, I kissed down her legs (I am an ass man, but I do adore a pair of well-shaped legs). I kissed all the way down to her feet, and then turned her over onto her back and kissed upwards. I kissed up to her shaved pussy (no entry), slowly kissing the hairline, and then moving on to her belly and on to the second course of the night: breasts. An ass man usually appreciates a good pair of tits, but Maya has a set on her that made me wonder whether I am really an ass man or a breast man. I kissed and sucked those beautiful things for perhaps another 15 minutes, all the while she put in an excellent performance: no complaints, no rushing, no managing of my actions, very compliant and willing. When I wanted to scrunch my face into her boobs, she would help as best she could, and when I wanted to suck an individual nipple, she positioned herself to make it easy for me, and when I wanted to try to suck both nipples at the same time, she would move so as to maximize the possibilities for this. This is great customer service!

We finally moved to some serious action, with her donning the cover and going at my boy with a full head of steam. This worked for 5 or 6 minutes after which I decided it was time to work on my prime directive #2: doggie sex. We skipped all the preliminary positions and moved directly to doggie. She put her face sideways on the bed, arched her back nicely for me and showed me her beautiful underside. I marveled for a second, slowly caressed her soft, pliable pussy, touched her asshole ever so slightly, grabbed throbbing Kumbu with my right hand and plunged in. I put the head into her pussy and started to rock. I was determined to make this last, but I could feel the inevitable urge to cum within a minute or so. I fought the urge using all of the age-old techniques known to man: I slowed the rhythm down, tried to change angles, thought of Martha Stewart, tried to breathe deeply, relaxed my muscles, etc. and all of this eased the urge temporarily. Boy, prime directive #2 was proving to be more of a challenge than I thought. In any case, we went at it for significantly longer than the previous night, but after a mere 6 or 7 minutes I succumbed to the powers of The Dog.

Later, as I pondered and lamented the pathetic powers I possess, I consoled myself by reminding myself of the long, fantastic build-up that preceded the actual sex. No human man can withstand that level of fore-play – the human testicles are like little pressure balls that, as stimulation increases, get more and more ready to explode. So once I got into the act of copulation, sheer physiology was working against me – I had no hope of prevailing. Nonetheless, I still had three full days and a relatively full wallet to work with.

We cleaned up, soft pillow talk for a few minutes, shower. In the shower, Nathalie was there cleaning herself and she was talking to me through Maya. What we talked about I could not tell you if my life depended on it, but I can say, after having seen Nathalie in the brightness of those lights cleaning every hole and crevice on her body, that she too is a very well built woman. She doesn’t hold a match to Maya, but she is certainly worth a trip to La Folie.

Afterwards, I did not flee like the night before. We went back to the bar where she left me for a second to go and apply some body cream. While I was waiting for her, the most odd thing happened. I was sitting on the lounge chair minding my own business, and this woman in her 50s comes up to me and opens her eyes WIDE and says,’Ich bin eine grosse frau’ and jumps onto me. She literally jumped onto me like a monkey and started licking my face! That tongue went onto my eyelids, into my ear, and was heading for my mouth before I could fight her off. I almost threw her to the ground before she finally decided I was not worth the fight. I got up and went to the shower to clean that stuff off my face. When I got back, Maya was there and I asked her about the crazy woman. She said that she WAS a crazy woman, and to not mind her. It turns out she is Russian, and later that evening I saw some other German guys abusing her verbally (kind of felt sorry for her). I suppose she does get some business, otherwise why would she hang around?

So Maya and I sat at the bar enjoying some more beer and champagne for about an hour before I decided I really had to leave. Kissed her goodbye, knowing that I would not see her again, and left with a heart that was both heavy and elated at the same time. The bill came to 214 Euros (two champagnes at 30 each, one full hour with Maya at 70 per half hour, and 14 entry), and again, I think this was WELL worth the kind of experience I had.

So, in conclusion, I would highly recommend La Folie. It is very weird the first time you go there. I saw several newbies while I was there, and it is so obvious the discomfort they are feeling. But one great fuck later, and you just don’t give a damn. While some may not be able to handle this social discomfort, the quality of girls available is fantastic, and the cost can’t be beat. I was there on a Monday and Tuesday evening, and the ratio of girls to men was decent throughout. In fact, at the busiest time (around 11-midnight), the girls were complaining that there were not enough men around. If I am ever back in Berlin, I am sure that I will return to La Folie.

Now, that was Monday and Tuesday. I still had three more days and a list of 16 other establishments that I wanted to visit. So my next few days were filled with hops from one place to the next. In my next report I will report on what I think is the best place in all of Berlin. Granted, I have not visited all the places, but based upon my thorough review of the reports here, and the places that I did visit, I am convinced that Royal is the best apartment in the city. At least for my particular needs.

Angus Magee
08-10-05, 08:50

Again, thanks for the great & descriptive report. Maya sounds lovely.

One thing to know about the man/girl ratio at La Folie is that Berlin is fairly empty at this time of year. Many Germans take their holiday in July (when I assume that you were visiting) and so the bars, clubs etc. tend to be quiet.

Things do get busier at other times of the year.

Looking forward to your 'Royal' report as I also had a great session there earlier last month (with Joline??). See my earlier report.


08-10-05, 09:14
Thank you for your reports, Kumbu. You are writing well, but also with stacks of relevant information. Very much appreciated.

"I fought the urge using all of the age-old techniques known to man: I slowed the rhythm down, tried to change angles, thought of Martha Stewart, tried to breathe deeply, relaxed my muscles, etc. and all of this eased the urge temporarily."

Haven't tried the Martha Stewart line yet, I must admit :-) . Over the years I have found that thinking intensely about the rear-end of an old 70s VW-bus worked wonders for me. Nothing remotely sexual in that.

But I don't wish to set off a big discussion on this. To each his needs. Keep up the great description of your trail around Berlin.

08-10-05, 09:51
Thanks Kumbu for very well written and interesting reports. I look forward to the following ones.


08-10-05, 19:52
www.fkk-artemis.de (german only)

Have fun,


08-11-05, 04:45
novize, this looks like the fkk that everyone has been talking about for the last few weeks. too bad it was not open when i was there a couple of weeks ago.

angus, i am aware of your earlier post on jolina, and it was in part because of your high marks that i decided to visit royal. my experiences, while not with jolina, were of equally high quality.

royal is in bundesplatz in the easiest possible location to find. the u-bahn is closer than the s-bahn – you come out right in the platz. the s-bahn station is about 100meters away, so neither are a real problem. however you get there, when you exit the station, head for restaurante roma. the door is a big dark wooden door right next to roma’s outdoor seating area, you really can’t miss it. the building is an elegant, white-washed building with angels on the 3rd floor or so. the entire platz is filled with a certain tranquility that, despite the traffic and hustle and bustle, i found quite relaxing. perhaps it was all in my mind, given what i was about to embark upon.

i pressed the doorbell marked ‘royal’ at precisely 11:45am on wednesday, and when i was buzzed in i walked up to the second floor. upon reaching the landing, the door opened, and greeting me was a slight, pretty brunette with milky brown eyes. she was wearing a black bikini with a see-through shawl over her shoulders – very elegant. this first impression, as sophisticated as it was, was reflective of everything that was to come.

we walked into a room, and she did a little curtsy and introduced herself as maria. i guess she went back to the madam and told her that i don’t speak german, so the madam came in next and explained the rules. the price structure is as reported elsewhere (i *think* half an hour is 60e, and one hour is 120e, but i took the 40 min option for 90e). fine, she left, and she was followed by two girls, one after the other, making a full line-up of only three. this might sound disappointing, but the quality of girls was really out of this world.

maria, the one who let me in, was perhaps 5ft 3inches or so, and very slight and delicate. while she was not my type, i would rate her a 7 or so – quite fetching, in a juvenile kind of way. the second girl was an absolute stunner: laura. her pictures are on the website, and they are quite representative of what she really looks like. i would say, however, that her butt is a little wider than the pictures reveal, and that’s a-ok with me. she is a tall (perhaps 5ft 10inches tall), sexy blonde with long, elegant, sexy legs. her breasts are perhaps a b cup, but very nice and pert. she is taught and very, very fit and strikes me as an athlete of some sort. but the centerpiece of her beauty is undoubtedly her ass. it is wide and round and really a work of art to be admired and talked about. this is the kind of sculpture that would hold audiences in awe for hours at a time. those of you who have been reading my recent posts will guess that her ass certainly grabbed my attention. plus she was wearing a multi-colored string bikini which absolutely did a number for her figure – absolutely exquisite. additionally, i found her face to be superbly attractive. she reminded me in many ways of rebecca romijn-stamos in that she had that liquid, penetrating gaze, with sharp, artful cheeks and nose. i picked her – it was a no brainer. the third girl was, i must admit, a very attractive girl too. her name was leonie, and she too was a tall blonde with grayish-blue eyes. she was perhaps a couple of years older than laura, but nonetheless very fit and attractive. but on this day, she had been trumped by laura.

the madam came in and i blurted out “laura please. can i have laura? can i? can i?” she left, and a minute later laura walked in, took me by the hand and walked down the hallway to the room. we negotiated, and settled on 40 minutes for 90e. i contemplated asking for anal, given where her beauty tends to gravitate to, but decided against it. anal is my next great ambition – right now, i have to focus on doggie. trying to perfect anal before perfecting doggie is like trying to run before you can crawl. so first thing’s first (very disciplined of me, i must say).

she asked me for payment (90e for 40 minutes, i gave her 100 not expecting change), what i would like to drink (water), and whether i would like to shower (yes please), so she tells me to remove my clothing down to my boxers. she leaves to makes sure the shower is available, and when she returns she guides me to the shower. at each turn, she peeks around corners to make sure no one is coming – this is discretion at its best.

i showered, and when i opened the door to return she was waiting for me. a man could get used to service like this. when we returned, there was my water, with a small sweet (i suppose to freshen the breath), and 10e change from my 100! i left that as a tip, although i should have left more given how well the session went. anyway, she had ducked out for some other reason, and when she returned, she asked what i wanted to do. i said ‘everything please!’, and rather than getting a smile or a chuckle, i got a puzzled look. i now discovered that her english was not so good, so this was the only downside to the whole thing. communication was hampered a bit, but given how sweet her personality is, this was not a problem at all. we managed to get passed this with a few expressions and hand gestures, and then we were off to the races.

she removed all of clothes. it is this moment in each experience that i think i savor the most. the most beautiful woman of your dreams has just removed every shred of clothing, and is climbing onto the bed getting ready to be your play thing for the next half hour. this is the reason that i engage in this hobby – moments like this. it doesn’t always work out this way (as in the case of many of my subsequent visits to other establishments in berlin), but when it does, it is pure magic.

so we started by me man-handling her body for about 10 minutes. i groped, touched, caressed, etc. while we lightly kissed (no tongue). i kissed her body, obviously focusing on her butt cheeks. they were large, voluminous and very fleshy, just the way i like them. they were more wide than round, but don’t get the impression that she is overweight or anything – far, far from it. she is very slim and tight, it’s just that her ass is larger than one would expect given her frame. plus she had the most amazing all-over tan – there were no tan lines at all, and later i jokingly asked her which nudist beach she goes to, and she was so embarrassed that i would say that. i couldn’t believe how shy she was! anyway, it turns out she goes to a tanning salon every once in a while and that is how she gets that perfect, all-over golden glow about her – gorgeous.

10 minutes of this and i was ready to blow my load, but i told myself, “kumbu, be a man. focus, you are on a mission, this is a test, you must not fail yet again.” so she capped little kumbu and started sucking. she did an awesome job. she sucked all the way up and down the shaft in a way that i am not used to. i have a longer-than-average penis, which popular culture insists is a badge of honor. however, i have found that length is usually a very bad thing, especially when it is excessive as in my case. i often cause pain in ladies when i try to penetrate all the way, and i have been told that the pain this causes is exactly like a kick to the balls for a man. so i can very rarely enter a woman all the way. that is the main reason that i go for tall women – i figure there is more space in her garage for my stretch limo. also, i am often refused certain services, e.g., anal. the sight of the length of my boy causes most ladies to refuse such a delicate service (this happened on thursday night at kamilla dee, see my later post). so anyway, her going down all the way on me was a delight that i don’t often get, and it stuck in my memory.

after several sensuous minutes of this, we moved on to the main course. she lay down very cooperatively and spread those long, athletic legs for me. she is shaved and the odor was clean and fresh (although, given my principled objections to daty, i never sampled her directly). i entered her, and oh man was it tight. it never ceases to amaze me how tight some of these girls are, given the amount of traffic they must endure. nonetheless, it was magnificent. she started this moaning thing which i could have done without, but it was not too much of a distraction.

six or seven minutes later i got bored of missionary (which i could do indefinitely, should the occasion call for it), and we switched into cg. again, the sight of her long, lean body undulating and writhing on top of me was visual brilliance of the highest order – my hands grabbed and squeezed all the right places, my face bobbed up and down as necessary whenever i felt the urge to suckle her breasts (i now recall that her nipples were pink, small and hard – a real treat for the mouth).

ok, we all know where this is heading. all this cbj, missionary and cg bullshit is all a façade. it’s basically window dressing designed to give the impression that i am a normal human male who does not have a doggie fetish. but just between me and you (however many readers of this forum there may be), we all know that’s bullshit. so i took a deep breath, and patted her on the hip to indicate a shift of position. she knew exactly what i wanted, and this must have been her most practiced position. she positioned herself in a way that showed her expertise and her understanding of the male psyche. she first stood up over me (mama!), and as i re-positioned myself, she turned away from me so that i got a good clear look at her full, naked, beautiful back side (standing up). she then bent at the hips (keeping her legs straight) and grabbed her ankles, and she paused there for just a second. as she paused, her cheeks parted at my face-level, her legs stretching downward, i looked in at what must undoubtedly be a slice of heaven. i’m afraid words do that sight no justice, you will just have to imagine the intensity of visual stimuli my brain was receiving – so much so that i think it has been burned into my mind for all of eternity. when i die and i get to heaven’s door, i will ask st. peter for directions to laura’s butt cheeks. if no such landmark exists in heaven, i will kick the old geyser in the nuts and ask to be sent to hell.

ok, from there, she bent her knees, stretched her hands in front of her, and got down onto all fours. this really was an excellent beginning to the main course. so she arched her back oh so well, and spread her cheeks wide and clear. she did not turn her head to the side (like most girls do), nor did she put her forehead on the bed (like the remainder of girls do). instead, she looked straight forward, with her chin down on the bed. unusual technique, and at first i found it kind of odd. but later, as i was pumping away behind her enjoying the sight of...everything, i realized that this actually had some marked benefits. what it did was it created a nice, solid, unbroken curve between her butt crack (at the top, nearest to me), running down the length of her spine, which was arched, tense and taught, and up her curved neck. for some sick, weird, reason, this visual stimulus (the nice curve across her entire upper body) was very appealing to me.

anyway, i got down onto my knees (this is almost religious to me), and in my excitement i fumbled a little. she reached around and helped me in, and then the neurons started to explode. i grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed as hard as i could, and she did not even flinch at all. i pumped slightly, slowly, evenly, trying my best to endure this most challenging of tests. she smelled so good, she looked even better, and boy, she felt fantastic.

at this point, amazing as it is, i had the presence of mind to compare her to maya, from the previous two nights. maya was fantastic, and it was a real pleasure to have had those two night with her. but given my preference for doggie, and the fact that laura’s particular body structure seems tailor-made for doggie, i regretted spending two full nights (out of my allocated five nights) with maya. that was then. looking back now, after having experienced all five nights, i don’t think it was such a bad decision (i made worse ones), especially because i eventually returned on friday to royal and saw laura one more time.

anyway, how did my test go? not so well, sadly. it lasted a mere five or six minutes. i have to say that it was waaay more than i thought it would be, but not nearly as much as i would have preferred. the reason i ended so early was because after about five minutes of careful, timid pumping, i got bold. i put my hands deep into her butt-crack and spread those cheeks out as wide as i could take them, showing me all her machinery in all of its glory. her asshole seemed a little waxed, or something – i think she accepts anal, and it must be a remnant of the enema. but the whole sight was just so delicious that my boys decided they had had enough.

afterwards, she cleaned me up and we talked for a good ten minutes. she is a very sweet, well-natured girl who gives a true gfe. she was without a doubt the best girl i visited in berlin in my five days. for those of you who don’t like blondes or tall women or big-butted girls, royal has plenty of other girls (my second visit on friday provided a larger line up).

after our pillow talk, i showered, and returned to the room to dress. she came into the room, kissed me goodbye on the lips, and told me that the madam would let me out. on the way out, i was given a ‘have a nice day’, and i walked out into the glorious sunshine-drenched budesplatz at precisely 12:45pm.

i had lunch at roma (i had an arrabiata that was a little too meaty, but not bad to 6e, espresso for 1.80e), and left for my afternoon business.

before i left for berlin, i went to my doctor and gave him some bullshit story of how i sometimes wake up in the mornings these days without an erection, and how i sometimes can’t get it up when required. he prescribed some levitra for me, and this was the first time i was testing it out. later that evening, i took half a pill and made my way over to kamilla dee. my next report will detail this wonderful little establishment, an dhow the magic of levitra helped me through it.

08-11-05, 07:15
- van Kampen: from some of the reviews here and elsewhere, you might assume this is the hands-down winner in Berlin. I certainly do not think so. It seems like a very good place, but overall I would say it is on-par with Kamilla Dee. As my reviews will show, I think neither of these establishments are the best in Berlin.
- Kamilla Dee: an excellent establishment that is certainly worth your time. You are guaranteed to get at least a 5 girl line-up each time (unlike many other places in Berlin).
The point is that since I have been t both and 2 times each and all 4 times I was presented 3 girls.
First time I went all girls were 9+ . I mean model type In both places .But the second time all was diffrent . 6-7 ...
So this means that its a matter of timing .The fact remains as my opinion that these 2 establishments have more than 30 girls you can run into but some girls work 1-2 times a week . so its difficult to find the same girl twice.Also they have a lot of buissiness so its also possible some girls are buissy.
I would go again as Kumbu said Kamilla is an excellent establishment and van Kampen I have seen the good side of it and its just as good if not beter .Most of the girls they have are real good looking .You just have to have a litle luck when you go. Dont be shy ,if you want to leave and come later do so.

Angus Magee
08-11-05, 08:29

Once again, cheers for the report. Your style of writing is one of the best I have seen on any review board. I love the details you include. For instance, in the latest report (Laura) you give details of how the Platz looks and feels to you as you exit the U-bahn. This somehow ads to the report in a way that is difficult to quantify.

In one way, it could be said, it does not have anything to do with the discussion at hand-pooning. However, you, as I do, seem to appreciate the whole experience of pooning, not just the 'sticking it in' part. So these details are evocative to me of how I experience an adventure. I look forward to more material and am curious about Kamilla Dee, as I have never been there to experience their charms.

I am wondering about your self judgement in the area of 'being able to last a long time'. Sometimes I think men are watching too much porno when I hear someone say that he does not last long enough. There are certainly tantric techniques that can easily be learned and employed for this end. However, I am not sure if this is very useful when going with professional lassies. 5-6 min in doggy, especially with such a serious doggy fetish, seems like plenty long enough to me.

With a pro, if the whole experience lasts half an hour, I am usually satisfied. That is my perspective on the topic.


08-11-05, 21:50
I've thought about the timing issue myself, and wondered what it would take to satisfy me (10 minutes? 20 minutes?). I think it has less to do with the actual number of minutes, and more to do with control. I have tried tantric techniques, and they work fantastically in all other positions. But as you can glean from my posts, it just doens't work in doggie position. So my aim really is to reach a plateau of control in doggie position where I can regulate my orgasm, and not be a slave to it. Sounds weird, sounds obsessive, but hey, it sure is a hell of a lot of fun pursuing this goal! And the good news is that I think (*think*) I accomplished this on the last day in Berlin (with Laura of Royal, no less!).

As for the possibility that the details I include are not pertinent to pooning, I think many would agree with you. But like you, I prefer to read such detailed reports - it gives me a much better sense of what to expect, and it allows me to prepare better. And so I write reports with such details. Speaking of which, I will post my Kamilla Dee report in a couple of hours - stay tuned.

And thanks for your compliments - they are high praise indeed.

08-16-05, 00:48
Here is the next installment in the escapades of Kumbu in Berlin.

After my lunch-time interlude with Laura at Royal, I had to go back to work and I was not done until 7:30pm. I was getting pretty tired, given the constant running back and forth between work and the various houses of ill-repute, but I had told myself before I came to Berlin that fatigue was my enemy. The real enemy was thoughts like ‘well, you are so tired, why don’t you give it a rest tonight and then you will really enjoy yourself tomorrow.’ Folly – every night was crucial, given all the time, preparation and money that went into this trip.

So at 7:30, I stumbled over to Kamilla Dees, feeling very lethargic and drained. On the way I downed a half-pill of Levitra (20mg), thinking that I would need it. I also had some doner kebab on the way there at some U-Bahn station, followed a couple of shots of espresso. Nevertheless, I was still dog-tired, and thinking more than ever about calling it quits.

The closest U-Bahn station to KDs is Berliner Strasse, and it is a short 5 min walk from there. KDs is on a very nice, pleasant corner of the city, with a doner shack right in front, some other restaurant behind that, a Mexican restaurant down the street a little, and a tanning salon right next to the door. Be careful: there are two white doors that appear to be the entrance, but the correct door is, as you face the building, the door on the left (between the tanning place and the restaurant). Anyway, the bell is marked ‘Text and Form’.

I was buzzed in at exactly 7:55pm on a Wed evening, and walked up the stairs. I was greeted by the Lady of the House, and after I asked her if she speaks English she indicated just a little. So we walked into a room and she explained the rules (the usual). The price structure was as reported previously: 80 euros for 30 mins, 120 for 45 mins, 150 for 60 mins. She left and the parade began. There were a total of 7 or 8 girls in the line up, which is good selection. However, I have to say that given how tired I was, after each girl I was thinking that I would bail and go home and sleep. Each girl that came out was no more than a 5, perhaps a 6 or so. One after the other, they kept coming. Some were old (in their 40s), some were overly endowed in places that I prefer a little less endowment, some were decidedly unendowed in the crucial regions, and some were really just plain. But amongst those uninspiring ladies, one just stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Her name (coincidentally) was Laura: 5ft 7inches or so, jet-black hair, wonderfully golden, tanned skin, and killer blue eyes. This combination of jet-black hair and the grey-blue piercing eyes was really very striking, and it caught my eye immediately. She was wearing a tight T-shirt that went down to just above her navel, and jeans that started a little below the top of her hips, exposing the all-important midriff. Hers was delectable, and it sealed the deal for me. I was partly excited, and partly dismayed that I now had to perform and I could not just go home and sleep. But ultimately it turned out to be the very best choice. Later I checked out their website to see if she was on there, and they have some pictures of her. I would say that she is actually a little more attractive than the pictures indicate, although the one showing her from the back is very representative (http://www.kamilla-dee.com/english/sexy_girls/laura/laura-7.htm).

She speaks very little English. She spoke in German (using lots of hand gestures and facial expressions), and I spoke back in English (being equally expressive), and that way we managed. She asked how long I wished to stay, and I chose the 45 minute option. She indicated that it was 120E, and I pulled out a wad of notes (I must have had around 300E with me, mostly in 10s and 20s, although I did have three 50s). I dug through these notes and plucked out the three 50s. She saw that I in fact did have correct change, and she asked if I could give her the smaller notes so she would not have to bring back the change. But I explained to her that the remaining 30 was for her, and this turned out to be the best move I could have made. So total was 150E for 45 minutes.

She showed me to the shower (very well appointed, lots of towels, etc.), and then back to the bed. By the way, the rooms in KD are extremely well done. I was in a room that had this Indonesian motif – it had a four-post rattan bed with an Indonesian-theme bedspread, Indonesian batiks on the wall, a fake palm tree in the corner – it was very tasteful and pleasing. Once I returned we stripped and there she stood in all her glory. She had B cup breasts, and to my great delight, her ass was an absolute charm to set my eyes on. She was really very fit, slim and shapely (B cup breasts are not monstrous by any stretch of the imagination), but her ass was truly bubble-like. It was almost fake, I mean, I thought she might have some sort of butt-implant to make it so perfectly spherical and shapely. Phew, the 150E had been earned back before I even sank my hands into that flesh!

So I do my regular routine: offered her a lecherous fake-massage so as to fulfill my real motive of planting my hands all over her body. This routine works very well for me because it breaks the ice, and it allows me to do what my pleasures dictate – give her a good feel up before getting into the action. But she took me seriously and went over to the cabinet and pulled out some massage cream. Crap, I suppose a real massage is in order. Before I started I asked her if she likes her massage soft and sexy or hard, and she blurted out ‘HARD!’ Well, that’s a great answer. So I worked some of her neck-knots out really well and massaged all the way down her back, spending particular time on the small of the back (where many women carry tension), but I ultimately worked my way to the voluminous, round, fleshy ass of hers. I pressed it and rubbed it, noticing that it was basically fatty tissue with some underlying muscle. That really surprised me because there was no wobbling when she walked and almost no cellulite or cottage cheese effects.

But here is the biggest point of this experience: I spread her butt cheeks wide open to take a look at her asshole, and ohmygod – she had the most perfect, symmetrical, corn-holio I have ever seen in my entire life. Guys, I read such things all the time on this board (e.g., “she gave great head, best I have ever had”, or “Her technique was the best I have ever experienced”, etc.). One tends to dismiss such claims as either being hyperbolic or impossible to evaluate (perhaps this was the writer’s first time ever to receive head, and thus it was obviously the best he ever had). However, please accept my honest, sincere, evaluation of this ass hole as the most beautiful, artistically pleasing anal orifices that humanity has ever produced. I think I do have a certain amount of credibility here, given my previously documented fetish for doggie. In doggie position, one gets to gaze down at the asshole. And given my penchant for this position, I have a very good evaluation system for assholes. Each asshole is evaluated according to a series of criteria:
- shape (round, oval, irregular, etc.),
- size (monstrous (perhaps the size of a half-dollar), moderate sized (perhaps the size of a nickel), or too small (dime sized)),
- crinkling (flat with no crinkling, moderate crinkling, mad-house crinkling, irregular crinkling, etc.),
- moisture (overly moist is not good, and overly dry is not good either),
- hairiness (many assholes are hairier than other parts of a woman),
- skin color and clarity (this is relative to the rest of her body, not an absolute measure),
- smell (if one gets close enough to evaluate this)
- any other identifying marks such as moles.

So you can see that I have a rigorous methodology in place here, and this woman had one of the best, if not THE finest assholes I have ever seen. It was clean, smelled great, it was almost a perfect circle, but it was slightly oval, with the sides being pushed in a little, it was the size of a nickel (of this I am sure), and it was ever so slightly damp (not wet though). But the best things about her asshole were the color (a nice, shiny pink) and the crinkliness: the hole was surrounded by absolute perfect, evenly spaced, thin, delicate crinkles that are just ever so rare. Most of you guys will be reading this thinking ‘what a fucking nut job’, but some of you will be thinking ‘damn, I’ve got to get down to KDs and find Laura!’

Ok, so I get a good ogle of her butt hole, so what, right? Read on my friends. After about 6 or 7 minutes of this, she flips over (without me asking) and grabs a condom and starts to apply it, and she asks something in German that I did not understand. She struggled a little, and then said something like: ‘you want we suck together?’ All I heard was ‘you want…suck?’ and so, of course, I nodded like a child being asked if he wants more chocolate cake. She bends down and sticks my guy into her mouth, and to my surprise/excitement/horror/depraved curiosity, she twists around and sits squarely on my face! Now I realized what she meant by ‘suck together’.

Careful readers of my previous posts will recall that I have a principled objection to DATY. The objections is this: While I find this area of the woman unfathomably delectable, I KNOW this part of the lady has had, well, lots and lots of attention. Other men, equally as curious, and perhaps not equally as concerned with hygiene and health, have not only gazed upon these beautiful shores, but they have trodden, sodden, salivated, ejaculated, and masturbated all over them. The thought of placing my lips squarely on this most well-used piece of real estate, while intriguing and exciting, is nonetheless repulsive to me.

So here I was, faced (literally) with quite a dilemma. She was squatting right on my face, pussy lips perhaps 3mm from my lips, while her lips (the other lips) were doing their duty down below on my nether regions. What do I do? Do I succumb to my desire to enjoy this beautiful woman in all possible ways, tasting her deepest and most sacred of places, putting it right into my mouth? Or do I reject her, causing a potentially awkward situation, but keeping my principles intact?

Do my principles win out? In short: hell no. I lay there for perhaps 10 seconds, looking and thinking, trying to work out my decision. And without really making a decision, I found my tongue slowly, carefully poking and investigating. What does it feel like? Mmm, nice. What does it smell like? Oh, surprisingly fresh and clean. What does it taste like? Wow, not anything like what I have had with other women. This pussy was very recently cleaned, I was very sure of it. Not only that, I suspect she had douched before the session, as there was a very mild, clean smelling, liquid coming from her pussy. This could NOT have been her own natural secretions because I have had several DATY Sessions (with non-working girls) and they have all had some degree of odor. So this was actually very, very enjoyable. I knew in the back of my mind that I was exposing myself to all sorts of potential hazards, but goddam Kumbu, give it a rest and enjoy yourself.

And then I let her rip. My tongue started to dance and wriggle and penetrate. At some point my tongue was in her as deep as it would go, my lips locked around the edges of her pussy. Later I opened her pussy lips wide, puckered my lips and stuck both my lips into her. It was exhilarating, a pleasure that was unparalleled, probably because I know it is a forbidden pleasure that I should not be indulging in. When one lets go of their inhibitions, it tends to create a very memorable experience indeed. After just a few minutes of this, I worked my way up to inspect that perfect little asshole, and boy I could not restrain myself. I consciously thought to myself, “You have already placed your lips inside this woman, what difference does it make whether your lips touch butt-flesh or not?” And in I went. I kissed it, licked it, poked it, stretched it and basically just went wild. I kid you not – it was depravity at it’s fucking best!

As this was happening, she was sucking a good suck herself, and it was bringing me to climax, so I reached down and pulled my dick out of her mouth. She understood, but kept writhing and humping my face for a good four or five more minutes. As she embedded my face between her butt cheeks, there were moments where I could not breathe, but I couldn’t have cared less. Suddenly she pulled off me and indicated that it was time to begin the main course. I lay there for a second trying to regain my composure. I wiped the pond of liquid that had accumulated all over my face, sat up and smiled like an idiot.

She lay down and spread her legs wide open. I mean, she didn’t just open them, she spread-eagled fully open, and with her fingers she spread her pussy lips. With her other hand she pointed to throbbing Kumbu and indicated that the highway was now open for traffic. I climbed on and started pumping. Entrance was easy and well lubed, and her pussy was not terribly tight. But hey, I am not complaining at all – this girl was working for her money. We did this for a few minutes, and then she rolled over onto her side and I humped her hips for a few minutes. This is an interesting position because you get some ass in your hands as well as breasts in your hands, and you don’t have to worry about being face-to-face with the girl. Anyway, after maybe 60 seconds of this, I indicated that she should flip over and she began getting into doggie position.

As readers of my previous posts know, I watch, analyze and criticize every tiny little action related to the doggie position. I watch how she transitions into the position, how she positions herself during the act, whether she arches her back sufficiently, what she does with her head, how her hands are positioned, the size, shape and texture of her butt cheeks in this position, etc. Laura transitioned relatively elegantly, arching her back into a tight, perfect curve. In fact, the arch was so tight, that her ass ended up essentially completely horizontal. What I mean is, her asshole was facing directly upwards, and her ass cheeks fell away from the asshole naturally. Boy what a sight. I entered her eagerly, and I immediately knew that the end was nigh. Looking down at her crinkly asshole, feeling the weight of her ass cheeks in my hands, and thrusting myself into her pussy was just unbelievably good. So as I reached climax, I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed as hard as I could, squashing that flesh like it was dough on a baker’s board. She did not complain one bit, and took it all in stride. I came in a huge, massive burst of pleasure that was just fantastic. I think the long, sustained build-up, the intensity of the DATY, and the wonder of her ass just got my motor running really well. Afterwards, I released her cheeks from my death grip and I saw my hand prints left on the skin. I must admit, I felt a little guilty for that, but she did not seem to mind.

A few seconds of recovery time, and she sprang up to clean me off. We talked for a few minutes (given her poor English, this was not so easy), during which time she revealed that she is actually a natural blonde, and that her jet-black hair is coloring. I asked her why she did this, and she said that the black color lasts a lot longer than any other color, and so it is easier to maintain. But I have to say that it worked for her – black hair against blue eyes, a very nice combination indeed. And then it was off to the shower for me. When I returned, she was dressed, she kissed me goodbye, and the madam showed me out. I walked out into the warm summer night at precisely 9pm. As I walked towards the Berliner St U-Bahn station I walked passed this nice Mexican restaurant where diners were eating in an out-door patio area. As I walked passed them this blonde woman (maybe in her late twenties) looked up at me, and I thought to myself, “you have no idea where my lips were just half an hour ago lady”. I smiled at that thought, and for a second, the woman smiled back. And then she went back to her dinner with her friend.

Ok, my overall impressions. Laura is a phenomenally built woman with excellent skills and physical traits that are mind-boggling. I did feel as if I was on a strict, regimented time-table because she was very quick and abrupt in switching from activity to activity. It all seemed rushed, even though I did get my full time and more than my money’s worth. Overall, I would highly recommend Laura. As for Kamilla Dee’s, I would also rate this establishment highly. I returned here the next night (Thursday night), so I will report back on that in my next post. After my final Berlin post, I will re-evaluate all the establishments that I visited and rate them against each other, so stay tuned for that.

On the subject of DATY, I have to say it was absolutely great. I do not regret it one bit, since as of today, I have no ill-effects from that experience (this is now almost three weeks after the experience). Having said that, I maintain my opposition to all uncovered activities, and so I will not actively seek out DATY. This was the first (and last) time that I enjoyed the pleasures of DATY, but I certainly understand why those who consistently engage in DATY do so.

Finally, my apologies for how long this is taking to get out – these reports, as you can tell, are very detailed and take a long time to write. But rather than skimp on the detail, I would rather take a longer time to get them out. I hope you understand.

08-29-05, 05:32
Hi Kumbu,

Great reports. Extremely enjoy reading. I too am an ass man and hence I kind of know where you are coming from when you describe your excitement when confronted with gorgeous assholes. Not much of a DATY person neither but prefer performing asian if the lady's butt is totally nice and clean. I just hope you have time to finish writing up the rest of your escapades before I head out to Berlin in early to mid September.

Looking forward to reading about your 2nd encounter with Laura of Royal and also details on Cheyenne.


09-10-05, 02:56
Hi All:
Any info on Sauna Paloma? I will be in Berlin in a couple of weeks and at first glance this place promising. Any info would be appreciated.

Also was wondering if anyone knows if any of the most recommended places, La Folie, Kamilla, etc take Credit Cards?


Member #2245
09-13-05, 10:38
I am traveling to Berlin at the end of the month, & am seeking some advice on FKKs. I have been to Amsterdam, & am familiar with the prives system, but have no experience in Berlin (or Germany for that matter). Can someone provide me with some advice on where to go in Berlin, & how to get there. Also, what the costs of service are.

Thank you in advance for the advice.

09-15-05, 01:50
I believe that all the major establishments take credit cards, although I only know for *sure* that Kamilla Dee does accept credit cards. You can check their websites (all of which can be found on previous posts in this forum).

Member 2245,
all the info thatyou are requesting has been provided by previous posts. There are many, many really great places to go, some FKK, some apartments, some other kinds of places, and a great variety of prices. Previous posters have done a really good job in providing the correct details, so I would suggest you read old posts. After that, if you have any questions, PM me.

Apologies for leaving my reports mid-stream, I have just been trying to catch up at work for the last month since returning from Berlin. I will start work on the last few reports and post them within a week.

09-18-05, 19:35
I've cross-posted this here in the Berlin section too in reponse to member 2245.

The new FKK Artemis will be opening on September 26th in Berlin. The website is http://fkk-artemis.de

You can click on the British/American flag to get the info in English. It's a high-tech website with virtual tours.
Apparently their will be 70 girls working there and the focus seems to be on wellness/fitness. I understand no alcohol will be allowed to be consumed on premises.

I'll be in Berlin in November so I'll get a chance to report on it by then at the latest. Hopefully someone else can post a report before then.

I am traveling to Berlin at the end of the month, & am seeking some advice on FKKs. I have been to Amsterdam, & am familiar with the prives system, but have no experience in Berlin (or Germany for that matter). Can someone provide me with some advice on where to go in Berlin, & how to get there. Also, what the costs of service are.

Thank you in advance for the advice.

09-20-05, 02:56
My deepest apologies for the long break between postings – the boss has been working me over because of all the time I took off last month. In any case, I now continue reports from my week in Berlin during the last week of July, first week of August. Recall that on Monday and Tuesday I went to La Folie (had a great time with Maya), on Wednesday I had a lunch-time encounter with Laura at Royal, followed by an evening encounter with Laura (different girl) at Kamilla Dee’s. I now report on my Thursday encounters. For those who wonder about the veracity of my memory, fear not – after each encounter I took notes and e-mailed them to myself. It is with the aid of those notes that I am now recounting the experience.

I was dog-tired. Before coming to Berlin I had spent two days in the RLD in Amsterdam, so all in all by Thursday I had had lots and lots of fun. But all this fun comes at a cost – sex is a very draining experience (in more ways than one), and when it comes in terrifically intense experiences as with the Lauras, it just saps you of all your energy. Additionally, I was in Berlin for work, and I was due to give a presentation to a group of clients that afternoon, so the pressure was on. Nonetheless, my priorities were straight – I had to experience Berlin in all its glory, so I skipped out of a meeting at around 11:30 and made my way over to Brigitta Duemichen.

The establishment itself is on Katharinen Strasse 27 and is very easy to find. I walked from Adenaur platz, but it was a good 15 minute walk. I would suggest that you take the S-Bahn to Halensee, which is no more than a 5 minute walk away. The door is near the Ku-Damm, across from a Lancia dealership.

I rang the bell at exactly 12:05pm and was buzzed in. As I climbed the stairs, I felt a little dizzy, a sign of my fatigue. I wondered whether I should just take a break for a while, but given that I had trekked all the way here, I plowed on. When I got to the door I was greeted by a diminutive brunette with large, beautiful eyes. We walked into a very well-appointed room and I gave her my ‘sprechen zie Englishe’ routine. She walked out and in came a larger lady who could speak English. She explained the rules (standard line up), and then the parade started. I got a total of perhaps 6 or 7 girls, ranging in quality from 3 to 7. Several of the girls were really not my type at all, and I would rate them below 5 (which is basically not fuckable by my standards). A few were worth some time and effort: one girl walked in butt naked, absolutely bare and buff, with all her brilliant bounties on beautiful display. All she was wearing was a cowboy hat, and she covered her little fuzz patch with her tiny hand. I would rate her a 7, because she walked in, shook my hand (with the hand not covering her jewels), and turned around and walked out. As she walked out (remember, bare-butted), she walked with an exaggerated hip-swing, and that looked…fabulous, showing off her ripe, round booty. Boy, if I had any energy left in me, I would have grabbed her with both hands, but unfortunately I was just so depleted, I ended up passing. I am very ashamed to say this, but I informed the madam that I was not ready to select, and she gave me a grumpy face but without another word she showed me politely to the door. I left feeling like a bum, but retrospectively I am glad I passed. I was just so tired that it would not have been a good experience. I went back to work and did the presentation that I was in Berlin to do, and after that was done, my mind was free to enjoy the remaining days in Berlin.

Before I move on to a description of the next establishment later that evening, let me sum up for Brigitta Duemichen. Overall it is a very, very nice establishment. The quality of the apartment probably rivals Royal, although the prices are a little higher. Additionally, I have to say that quality of the girls is not quite as high as at either Royal or Kamilla Dee, but remember that this was but a single sample – talent may fluctuate from day to day, or from hour to hour. Overall, if I were to return to Berlin in the future, I am pretty sure I would visit BD to take some beauty for a real test drive.

09-20-05, 03:24
After my presentation at work, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders, and with that, I felt a surge of energy through my veins, and especially into my dick. I was kicking myself for having walked out of Brigitta Duemichen empty handed and limp-dicked, but hey, I still had two days in Berlin, and I was determined to make the most of it. I swallowed a half-pill of Levitra as I left work at 6:30, and I made my way over to the famed van Kampen. I had read so much about this place, I was very excited to finally be going there. My strategy had been to test all of the others, and then save van Kampen for Thursday. By saving the best place for the day before my last day in Berlin, I was building up to the crescendo. It also gave me an extra day to either re-visit one of the previous establishments, or to revisit van Kampen on Friday.

In any case, I made my way over to van Kampen at 7:30pm. This place is extremely easy to find – right next to a car dealership on a busy street right outside the Heidelbergerplatz S-Bahn station. Additionally, there is a gold plaque visible from the street with ‘Van Kampen’ proudly emblazoned on it. I love Berlin! So I was buzzed in, and as I walked up the stairs I felt the familiar flutter of butterflies in my stomach, as well as the tingling of anticipation in my dick. The Levitra was kicking in, and I was all raging and ready to go, boy this was going to be good.

I was greeted by a middle-aged woman who spoke some English (not a lot). She showed me into a room and asked me to wait. The room was small, dark, slightly dirty, noisy from the street noise and very, very hot. That week in Berlin temperatures were in the mid-30s, and this building did not have any A/C. It was not the most comfortable of rooms. I also kept comparing it to the serene, sophisticated ambience of Royal, and unfortunately there simply is no comparison. In any case, I was ready to explode, so I did not really care too much.

The parade began, much to my delight, with a tall, strongly-built girl. She was wearing a short, plaid skirt and a school blouse (mmmphphp). She was certainly a beautiful woman, but not my type at all. I thought she introduced herself as Sheila, but looking now at their website I can say for sure that this was not Sheila. Rather, she looks more like the girl on the website named Ela, and so I think it is very likely that I mis-heard her name.

And to my dismay, that was the end of the parade! The mama-san walked in and apologized, saying that it was very busy, and that was all that they had at that time. Hell, my boy was ready to explode, but I sure as hell was not going to blow my wad on someone I did not find attractive. I kept thinking that if worse comes to worse, I could save my Euros for Laura at Royal. So I told her that I would return soon, and she agreed. She told me to return in half an hour to an hour.

So I left, and walked around for a while. I found this nice little restaurant a few blocks down and had a small, simple dinner. I followed that up with a double espresso, and rushed back to van Kampen. As I approached the door on the street, I saw this guy in a brand new Porsche pull up the curb, and I figured he was on his way in too. So I rushed the last few steps so as to beat the rich fucker to the door. I was buzzed in and Porsche-man was still getting out of his car, so I scampered up the steps to be met by glum mama-san, who had a very distressed look on her face. She explained that this time there were absolutely no girls available at all (by now it was 8:20pm). Phew, that was a downer. So I turned around and plodded down the stairs. I passed the rich guy on the way down, and I saw the smile of anticipation on his face. Poor sod. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard mama san telling the guy that there were no women available, and the guy was getting angry and began shouting. What is she supposed to do? I remember thinking that he was being a dick, but then it occurred to me that maybe he had made an appointment to see a particular girl. Anyway, that was his problem, I had my own problem (in the form of a Levitra-fed dick that was throbbing and screaming for attention).

What to do? For about a half a second, my fatigue and laziness combined to allow me to consider going back to the hotel and whacking off to some porno flick. But I looked out at the setting sun, felt the warmth of the evening air on my skin, and realized that were I to do suc a thing it would be a monumental failure of my manhood. I absolutely would never live this down. It was now past 8pm (which is when Royal closes), so I decided to walk to Kamilla Dee’s. It is only 5-10 minutes away from van Kampen, so it made for a nice walk.

So overall, let me say that the actual facilities at van Kampen did not match up to either Royal or Brigitta Duemichen. Additionally, the girls that I walked passed while inside the establishment looked good, butnot significantly better than KD or Royal. Were I to return to Berlin, I would definitley visit van Kampen again, but the idea that it is far-and-away the best place in Berlin does not hold true for me any more. Of course, YMMV.

09-20-05, 04:26
I walked into KDs at around 9pm, and was shown to a really large room with a huge bed and large mirrors on two walls. The parade consisted of 6 girls (much better than van Kampen, twenty minutes earlier), of which two were of quality greater than 7. I selected Cheyenne – a cute, voluptuous blonde with a fantastic smile and a nice, large ass. We did the normals – she asked how long, I told her 45 minutes, I paid, undressed, showered, returned to the room and waited for her to enter.

She was wearing tight jeans that revealed her large ass, as well as a black bikini top. She has dirty-blonde hair, an oval shaped face with a very pretty smile. I remember her from the webpage, and it said that she does anal. While I am intrigued by anal, I am not quite ready for that, but I thought it would be nice to have that as an option, in case I feel the need to experiment.

She began undressing, and holy fuck, I nearly passed out. Cheyenne is what you would call a voluptuous or well-endowed woman. She is not really *fat*, but she is certainly on the large side. All the girls that I had sampled in Berlin up until that point had been very slim girls, and Cheyenne was a departure from that mould, but let me just say right now that it was a fabulous experience. I think it was so good because she has a ridiculously beautiful body, as well as an absolutely gem-like personality. S1o she stripped out of her clothes and stood there before me in all her glory. I was standing too, and suddenly (I mean in a matter of seconds), little kumbu stood straight up. She laughed at the sudden standing-to-attention, and I was a little flustered by it myself. I figured it was the effect of the Levitra.

So she lay down on her stomach and I started my ass-grabbing routine. Like I said, she is a large lady, which made the meat-handling all the more fun. Her ass was large, wide, fleshy and yet very, very firm. She is a young girl, perhaps 21 or 22, and she has that youthful verve. As she was showing me the shower earlier, she was running though the corridors like a young 9 year old, shouting at people to get out of the way, making faces at me, etc. She has that child-like quality that you almost never find in a place like this, and it was just a charm to be around.

She told me that she used to be an athlete when she was in school, and I could definitely tell. Her legs were slightly large, but very, very shapely and firm. Her shoulders were wide and strong, and her back was taught like a flat ironing-board. Her belly was slightly round, and her ass was wonderfully round. And finally her breasts were large, soft and oh so very tasty. Her skin was soft and a golden-orange tone. It smelled of some scented skin oil, and felt as smooth as soft butter.

So I plowed my hands into her ass flesh for about 10 minutes, and then I flipped her around and started suckling her beautiful breasts, all the while holding a great little conversation with her. At one point she notices the difference in size between her breasts and my puny little hands and she grabs her breasts and says ‘Mammmmmma!’ This was in reference to how large and womanly her breasts are. She complained about being over-weight, and I tried to tell her how phenomenally great her body was. She said that while SHE agreed, she also recognized that her beauty was not for every man. I thought that was a very mature attitude. On another topic, I asked her how many girls work at KDs, and she said something like 40-50. I was surprised by this, but she said that rarely do they have more than 12 working at any one time. The idea is to be able to have a parade of at least 5-6 girls, even at the busiest of times. And given my experience that night with van Kampen, this is a business practice that I very much endorse.

Anyway, after the breast-munching (which lasted no more than 5 minutes, cut short by my choice), she slapped on a cover and started felatting my boy. I noticed immediately that she has a stud in her tongue, which she uses to great effect. This lasted a few minutes, and then we stitched into missionary position, followed by cowgirl. I grabbed her ass and her hips and she rocked back and forth on me, and I must say it was a really wonderful ending to my long and tiring day. I felt the urge coming on, and I did not want to end it in this position, so I indicated to switch to doggie position, and she obliged. As she rolled off me, my eyes fixated on her ass and followed it like a hunter’s scope on a deer. She got on all fours and before she actually set herself in the position, she looked over at me and smiled. What was she thinking? Why did she do this? This little act really is indicative of Cheyenne herself – she is just so full of life, enjoying every moment, I truly got the rare feeling that she was having a great time.

I was on the opposite side of the bed to her, and so I moved slowly over towards her up-raised ass. As I moved forward, I lowered my head and planted my lips squarely on the left cheek of her ass while both my hands grabbed her hips, and then I kissed her right cheek, signifying the beginning of the real experience. She laughed. I then straightened out my frame and looked down at her spread ass cheeks. They were wide open, revealing an asshole of rather nondescript features. What I mean by this is that it was neither a perfect little corn hole, nor a bulbous asshole, but it was kind of a boring old asshole with few distinctive features. I bent down a little closer to take a better look, and I realized that the reason for this was that it was all waxed up. Ah-ha, now I figured it out – she was all ready for anal. So I took the plunge – I asked her if we could do anal. She paused, and then she flipped over and started to explain. She said that normally she does allow it, for an extra fee, but that because little kumbu was a little too long, she did not think she could do it. I told her that I would not use all of the little guy, but she still felt uncomfortable. I guess this is understandable. And given that I am not really that much of a fan of anal sex, I conceded and moved on to regular old doggie style sex. But if you ask ahead of time, I suspect Cheyenne would be willing to do this for you.

So in goes kumbu, nice and tight, spreading her pussy like Moses through the red sea. And as I spread her pussy, I notice that her asshole convulses slightly (?). So I thrust ever so slowly inwards, and she gasps some breath, and I pull out ever so slowly, and she releases her breath. I thrust in very slowly, and she moans, and I pull back slowly, and she purrs. I thrust in, she growls, I pull out, she Ooooohs. This was the most well-choreographed doggie-style experience I had ever had, and it was just fabulous! We were situated right in front of a large wall-mirror and I could see myself full-on as I fucked her. Just about every other woman that I have been with in this situation has been fixated on her own face – they lie there and look into their eyes as you do your own business. But as I fucked her and grabbed her ass and enjoyed the very real experience of doggie with her, I noticed that she was looking at me in the mirror smiling and licking her lips. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?

Levitra has the effect of causing unending swelling in the nether regions, but it also diminishes sensitivity a little, and this makes for a longer experience. So I pumped her for a good 5-6 minutes before finally exploding and collapsing a broken man on her beautiful, soft hips. She giggled and whispered things to me for a good five more minutes before cleaning me up and snuggling in my arms. I was falling asleep, so I decided I had better get out of there. We got up, I went to shower, and when I was done she was waiting for me in the room. She kissed me goodbye, and off I went, a happy idiot walking into the Berlin night. Later that night, as I lay my head on my hotel pillow and closed my eyes, I dreamt of Cheyenne's ass. Actually, I dreamt of her lying face-down on the bed with me running my hands over her entire back, from neck to ankles. If any of you guys have the pleasure of Cheyenne's company in the near future, do me a favor and run your hands from her neck down to her ankles (making sure to sample everything in between). And if you could PM me when you do it and share with me the delight it brought to you, I would very much appreciate it.

So this was my second experience with KDs in as many nights, and both times it was excellent. I thought Laura was perhaps the fitter of the girls, and the face-sitting was a very unexpected delight, but Cheyenne was easily the more pleasant and charming girl, and her voluptuous figure was a very tasty departure from the norm. I would highly, highly recommend Cheyenne to anyone who is not on the prowl for a pencil-thin girl.

My next report will be on my last day in beautiful Berlin, where I have the pleasure of an encore visit with Laura of Royal, as well as a disastrous trip to Venus girls.

Angus Magee
09-20-05, 14:33
Thanks for the report Kumbu-entertaining and informative as usual. I was starting to dispair that you had given up as it was such a long time between posts.

Thanks for taking the time to make the Berlin board active.

I do have a question regarding KD's. How much was the donation for your time with Chyenne (45mins. I believe) and had Greek been on the menu, would it have cost extra.

I have had my eye on this lady for some time now and your report may have tipped the scales in her favor. Also, how accurate would you say are the pictures of Chyenne on the KD web site. She does not look as large as your report seems to suggest.

Keep it up,


09-20-05, 21:30
I went to Berlin recently and I have called KD escort service. the girl on the phone spoke decent english so she understood what I was looking for and then she call me back with some (to be honest just 2) proposal

We agreed with 1 hour service at my hotel for 200€ with a busty little blond.

I have to say that the meeting was really satisfactory , 200E worth!

09-20-05, 21:58
I paid 120 Euros for 45 minutes with Cheyenne, and I tipped an additional 20 Euros (up front), totalling 140 Euros. Absolutely worth every euro. I'm afraid I did not ask how much the extra for anal would have been, but I really doubt it would be too much more, perhaps another 30 Euros?

As for the pictures, I just looked at them, and I would say that the pictures are a little misleading. In the pictures she looks rather slim and lanky, with long legs. I think her legs are certainly long and sexy, but not quite as lanky as the pictures suggest. But please remember that she is still one hell of a sexy lady. I generaly prefer slim women, and while Cheyenne was a little bigger than I would normally look for, she is most definitely worth your time and money. Let me put it this way: if I were to return to KD and Cheyenne was in the line-up, I would probably pick her again.

One piece of advise is for you to ask for the anal ahead of time. For whatever reason, I just cannot do such things while fully clothed - I just feel like such a degenerate ("I'd like to stick my dick up your ass, how much for that?"). But if you do want to do that, put your shame aside and go for it. As I have been told before, these ladies have seen and heard everything before.

09-22-05, 23:07
ok, so this was my last day in berlin, and as i intimated in my previous posts, i was getting pretty fatigued from all this fucking. i decided to ditch all the work-related activities that were set up for me in favor of a full days worth of mongering. here is a summary of what happened. details will follow.

- saw laura at royal for the second time, had the most sublime mongering experience of my life.
- went over to tiffany later in the afternoon, ditched without seeing anyone
- made the error of trekking across town to venus girls, saw anyeshka. no good, would not recommend.

i woke up late that morning and had a large, slow, gentle, relaxed breakfast at the hotel. i sipped the coffee, munched on some pastries, ate an apple, all the while pondering the day of devastating debauchery that lay ahead of me. it’s quite a sublime feeling. overnight i had thought about the various places i had visited over the last week: la folie, royal, kamilla dee’s, and the two duds van kampen and brigitta duemichen. i was very tempted to try the last two again today, because i had read fantastic reviews of these places on this forum, as well as the fact that the establishments themselves gave me a pretty good vibe when i visited them. i knew my bad experiences were down purely to luck, so they deserved another shot.

but there were two other things playing in my mind. first, laura from royal had told me that she works on m-w-f, and today was friday. my first experience with her was so good, and yes there was the danger that i would spoil a good thing, but i didn’t care: i just had to take her for a second spin. second, there were ten additional establishments on my list that i had painstakingly detailed on my little cheat-sheet. i had spent hours upon hours reading, researching, judging, etc. 15 different establishments, and i really wanted to check out at least a couple more of these places. so i decided that my plan of attack would be to go to royal first, and then check out tiffany on the zobeltitz, and then if stamina allowed, venus girls on kastanienalee.

i wandered out of my hotel at around 10 am and did some sight-seeing around the zoo area for a while. i then took the u-bahn to bundesplatz. by the time i got there it was a little early (around 11:30am), and given that the temperature that day was something like 36 degrees, i decided to look for some place to buy some water. i found a little convenience store right around the corner and got some cold sparkling water and went into the platz and sat sipping my water for about half an hour. i sat watching from a place that offered me a full view of the door to royal (i was sitting diagonally across the platz from the door), and i felt like some sort of stalker watching to see if any obvious mongerers go into the place. i was kind of hoping to see laura go in – i was wondering what she looked like in street clothes. i saw a couple of people go in and out, but given that the building is a perfectly respectable place, i couldn’t really tell if they were there for legitimate reasons, or to get freeky with some beautiful girl from royal. as i wondered about that, i realized that time was wasting, and that laura was just sitting up there on her pretty ass – get to it man!

i rang the bell at exactly 12:15, and this time i was greeted by the madam of the establishment (a blonde woman in her late 40’s perhaps, who was obviously a stunner in her day) and led into the same small holding room where apparently they conduct all the line-ups. she asked if i knew the rules, and i nodded anxiously, and so the parade began. laura was second in the line-up, and she came over and introduced herself. i said ‘nice to see you again’, and she was confused – she obviously did not remember me. i was a little hurt by this – wasn’t it as good for you as it was for me?? didn’t i make the same indelible mark on you as you did on me?? am i not the only one that you have had sex with in the last 3 days?? anyway, that lasted about half a second before i realized i am not a chick, and as she walked away (showing off that once-in-a-life-time ass in an orange string bikini) i realized there were more girls in the line up. the last time i came here was on wed at around the same time, and the line-up consisted of three girls (see previous report). this time the line up consisted of six girls, of which four were very attractive (on my scale, they were all 7s or more), and the other two were maybe 5-6. there was one girl (i don’t remember her name, sorry) who looked really stunning – blonde, sweet smile, maybe in her late 20’s, but she must have been a full six feet tall with legs like you wont believe. she was wearing six-inch stiletto heals and a one-piece swim suite with a sheer wrap around her waist. as she walked in, a chorus in my mind began chanting one repetitive word “legs! legs! legs!” – they were strong, toned, perfectly shaped and as long as you can imagine. a man could get lost in those legs for hours at a time. so when the parade was over i had a decision to make: laura with the delicious, plump, firm ass, the wonderful smile and soft, sweet personality…or legs?

a touch decision, but i went with laura – and i have absolutely no regrets. so she came in, took my hand and walked me down to a different room from the one i was in on wednesday. it was a larger room than the last one, with a large four-post bed with a silk cloth draped over the top of it. this made for a very sexy and elegant atmosphere. there was a large leather couch in the room, as well as a beautiful large mirror on the wall. soft, rhythmic music was being piped in from somewhere, and the whole thing makes for a very surreal experience. she asked me what i wanted, and i said ‘the same as last time’, and she crinkled her nose and tilted her head to the side quizzically. i waited to see if she would remember (we all have a little bit of chick in us), and a second later her eyes light up in recognition. she laughed and i laughed and she tried to explain why she had not remembered me and i jokingly waived her off. let’s just get to business, shall we?

i paid her 100 euros (the cost is 90 euros for 45 minutes), and she showed me to the shower. afterwards she was waiting for me outside the door. we walked back to the room, my eyes fixed on her rump, and when we got into the room it began. she took off her bikini top and slipped out of the bikini bottom. i was particularly interested in this second piece of clothing – i watched with an eagle eye as she hooked her thumbs on the strap, slipped it off her wide hips, and it stretched to get past the flesh of her ass, and once that was done it shriveled and rolled as it was pushed down her long, silky legs. phew, god, if you exist and are listening, thank you.

so she lay down on her stomach and waited for me to start my massage (she remembered what my routine was, and that satisfied the estrogen in me). so i got my hands onto her shoulders and started rubbing and stroking. we were talking about various things like where she lives (in a village outside berlin), what she did between wed and fri (went sailing, hence her deeper tan), what she does outside of this place (a student, although at that time she was on summer vacation), etc. but as i massaged her shoulders and upper back, and as we talked, my eyes were fixated squarely on her ass. my eyes moved over her lower back, stroked down the round, perfect arch of her back, counting the little spinal ridges along the way. i imagined rubbing my closed lips in the little blonde fluff at the base of her spine. i caressed the butt crack with my eyes from top to bottom, aching to put my lips into that flesh. i noticed the slight irregularity at the top of her butt crack, ever so slight, which gave her ass even more character than it already had. i traced the creases at the bottom of her cheeks from left to right, and back again. as i massaged her neck and moved from left side to right side, i noticed that her ass would wobble in response to my pressure. so i started to alternate pressure from her left shoulder to her right shoulder, watching her ass wobble back and forth – it was mesmerizing, hypnotic, sheer sensual decadence on my part. needless to say i was very distracted and i was giving her a pretty shitty massage, but i think she was enjoying the quiet, relaxed atmosphere.

this lasted longer than i anticipated, something like 5-6 minutes. but as i moved my massage down her lower back, i decided to waste no more time and i started to kiss her back. i started between the shoulder blades and i moved methodically across her back, down a couple of inches, and back across to the other side. i made my way down her back until i reached that blonde fluff that i had been eyeing. and i closed my lips and rubbed them against the fluff. it was soft, but coarse at the same time, and really very, very sexy.

a few seconds of this and i had to move on to more interesting things: her ass. i started by slowly kissing the very top of the ass, moving from left to right, tracing the ridge of her hips. i kissed all the way across to the very side of her ass, moved down an inch, and came back across. on my second pass i came across that little irregularity and realized it is just her tail bone, so i put it into my mouth and suckled it for a second – mmm, delicious, she giggled and squirmed. on my third pass, my lips began to enter the very top of her ass crack, and this was really getting me going. but even beyond the crack, ass kissing is an activity that every ass-man can testify about – it is an essential part of any experience with a woman who is so phenomenally well-endowed. as i passed over the butt cheek proper, my lips were sinking deep into her plentiful ass flesh, and it was just an absolute delight to have my face half-disappear into the fleshy cheeks. and as i was busy with my mouth on her ass cheeks, my hands were not sitting idle either – they were groping and massaging the beautiful things constantly. on my next pass, by which time i was down to the middle of the ass, i used my hands to pry open her cheeks to reveal the round eye of her asshole. i stopped all of my activity and lay there for about 10 seconds, looking, gazing into the eye of heaven, again mesmerized by the sight of it.

the sight of a bared female asshole, especially one this close-up and this gorgeous, is one of the most primal, visceral experiences i could ever imagine having (needless to say, this has absolutely no gay connotations here). i watched and admired for 10 full seconds, which in the heat of the moment is quite a long time. she must have been wondering what happened all of a sudden, so she began to move to look to see if i was ok. before she could change positions, i hastened to start up again. remember, i had each ass cheek in a hand, spread open wide, my face very close and ready to pounce. i kissed the apex of the right ass cheek, slowly descending into the butt crack towards the asshole. i increased the intensity of my treatment now, kissing every half inch, now taking the flesh into my mouth and sucking it ever so slightly, twirling the tip of my tongue on each suckle, tasting the flesh, cherishing it, burning it into my memory. as i descended towards the asshole she began to stir more and more, perhaps indicating discomfort with me going there, perhaps indicating sensitivity. in any case, i had no intention of putting lips to asshole – i had done that once already this week, and i was not going there again. and honestly i am not sure she would have allowed it – while she was a wonderful, obliging woman, she, as all women, has preferences and dispreferences, and this *may* have been something she did not allow. but i came very, very close. i got down to the outer circle around the asshole, and my lips just skirted that circle, making one semi-circle around the top of the circle. i then popped my tongue out and traced back around the top to the other side again, and i continued down towards the pussy. at this point i was in total darkness because the mass of her ass cheeks were weighing down on the top of my face and obscuring the light – i was literally inside her ass cheeks! and what’s more, i was completely aware of my position, loving every second of it! there i was, on my knees, my hands on her butt cheeks, my head squarely in between those ass cheeks, and my dick absolutely dripping wet and throbbing like a son of a *****! i think if someone walked in at that moment and wondered what i was doing, the most obvious conclusion they would come to is that i was in the midst of an elaborate religious ceremony, and this woman’s ass was my alter of worship. not far from the truth really.

after about 20 seconds of digging like a ferret down there, i began to get short of breath – i couldn’t breath at all. so i pulled out and took a gasp of air, finally ending this display of shameless, utterly degenerate, ass-worship. all told, i think the ass kissing lasted an ungodly 15 minutes – i have never done anything quite like that before, and i now vow to make this a regular part of my routine. she took this as a signal and turned over, donned the cap for the red, bulging mini-kumbu, and we went straight into the sex (no bj). we started with her on her side facing me, with her legs bent up to her chest, and me entering from behind. this was great because her wide hips were readily apparent, and it was quite a visual feast. we then switched into a very, very nice position that i have never tried before (for some unfathomable reason): her flat on her stomach, her legs wide apart, and me penetrating her pussy from behind. this is different from doggie because she is laid out flat (she had her head flat on the bed, arms spread wide), and the pussy is not presented to you as neatly and obviously, but her ass cheeks are right there, round and ripe. this was getting me off a little too quickly, so i slowed down and quickly switched into missionary position. as i have said before, i can basically go on forever in this position – it’s a great holding position while i regain my composure.

a few minutes later, i had regained my composure, so i indicated for her to flip over. she very willingly turned over, popped her ass high up into the air, arched her back like a good little girl, and looked back at me with a smile indicating it is safe to proceed. i looked into her backside and inspected once again, just because i like looking, and then i got to my knees very aware that this could be the highlight of my mongering career. but here is where things took a turn, and it was a turn for the better. she was kind of close to the edge of the bed, so i had to make her move or else i would be half off the bed – not a comfortable position to do anything, let alone fuck the brains out of this beautiful woman. i was about to ask her to move further into the bed when i had a brain wave – i asked her to move closer to the edge, and i stood up to do her from a standing position.

i’ve done doggie from a standing position before – the last time had been earlier that week in amsterdam with a very lovely lady called lisa in the rld. standing doggie position means the woman is standing and i am standing pumping her pussy from behind. i very much enjoy standing-doggie, although there are subtle differences between this and the normal variety of doggie. in both positions you get to grab the ass, hips, waist, lower back, shoulders, etc. but in normal doggie, you also get the visual feast of a very arched, taught back, and because of this arching, the pussy is served to you in a more up-right position. whereas in standing doggie, the woman has a straight back, which causes you to crouch down to get a good angle of entry, and it causes a little bit of discomfort. however, the advantage of standing doggie is that you get this additional tension in the woman’s back and legs which feels great in the hands.

the brilliance of my current situation was this: laura was on the bed, and so she was arching her back like crazy, presenting her pussy to me like a gift from heaven. meanwhile i was standing up, and what this did was it changed the angle of attack – and this proved crucial. so i slowly entered her, putting just the head in, feeling the warmth, and waiting for the initial surge of excitement to pass. i then pushed deeper, exploring with my dick, pushing a little left and a little right, figuring out the exact dimensions of her passageway. given the length of ass kissing that i had just allowed myself to indulge in, my boy was on the edge, so i had to be extra careful. but surprisingly, i was holding up pretty well – there was no sudden urge to cum, which usually accompanies doggie. and here i figured out the importance of geometry.

as we all know, the most sensitive part of the human penis is the underside, just short of the head. more contact and friction with this part of the penis will cause quicker ejaculation, and contact and friction with other parts of the penis, while capable of causing ejaculation, will do so in a longer period of time. i have a preference for tall women – i usually select women that are at least 5ft 8inches in height, sometimes taller than that (laura is something like 5ft 10-11 inches). this means that when in normal doggie position, because the woman is tall, her legs are long, and so the pussy is presented to you relatively high. unless you are significantly taller than the woman, the penis will enter the pussy from below, which means the greatest amount of friction is going to be on the bottom of the penis. in my current position, however, the angles are different. because the bed was relatively low to the ground, and i was standing up, laura’s pussy was actually at exactly the same height as my dick. that meant that my dick entered her pussy exactly horizontal to the ground and exactly in line with her pussy lips. and that makes all the difference – i was able to pump in and out with almost no danger of ejaculation. after years of pursuing the perfect doggie experience, of failing to attain it, of questioning what was wrong with my own abilities, it was the most liberating feeling to finally be in a situation in which *i* was in control.

and a very welcome bonus was that the view from this vantage point was absolutely unparalleled! laura was doing such a fabulous job of arching her back, and the weight of her butt cheeks was such that they fell naturally away from her pussy revealing her pussy absolutely perfectly. the result was that as i pushed into her, i saw her pussy lips retract inwards from the pressure of my dick, and as i pulled out, i saw her pussy lips stretch back outwards being pulled by my dick. it was such a fantastic sight, it was right out of a high quality porn movie - something i have never seen so closely and with such clarity before.

so i pumped for quite a while, watching the orchestral movements of her pussy and my dick, i don’t know exactly how long. it must have been a good 8-10 minutes (quite a feat, given my previous record) before i consciously let go and exploded in one hell of an orgasm. she cleaned me up, and we lay there for a while talking about this and that. i looked into her grey/blue eyes and marveled at her jaw line, thinking once again that she looks remarkably like rebecca romijn-stamos. i was aware of the fact that i had stayed beyond my 45 minutes, but she was not particularly anxious to get me out. after a while the talking got a little awkward (i mentioned in my previous post that her english is not all that good), so i volunteered to shower and leave. on the way out she gave me a little kiss on the lips and a small pat on the bum.

i walked out into the humid warmth of the berlin afternoon a very, very happy man. i considered having lunch at restaurante roma, but across the street from there is a mexican restaurant called alcatraz. they had a sign for a lunch special – chicken fajitas for 7.50 euros. i would recommend this place over roma, even though it is a little more pricy. i sat on their covered terrace and watched the beautiful women of germany walk by, ate fajitas that were really quite good, and wondered what i had done in previous lives to deserve such pleasures. life is good.

Carlo Huberty
09-23-05, 08:52
english www.berlinintim.com
german: www.bordelle-berlin.de

09-23-05, 09:12
I think if someone walked in at that moment and wondered what I was doing, the most obvious conclusion they would come to is that I was in the midst of an elaborate religious ceremony, and this woman’s ass was my alter of worship.

LOL. Kumbu, you excel yourself. If only we could get you into an FKK in the near future. I need a shower.

09-23-05, 12:36
Hi Kumbu,

What a great set of reports. After reading your Berlin reports, I actually search for the rest of you reports and read about your adventures in Portugal and I must say those reports are just as good.

The next step in your journey should be Frankfurt, visiting the big 3 FKK clubs. It's just a natural progression of your quest.


Angus Magee
09-24-05, 16:28
www.fkk-artemis.de (german only)

Have fun,

NovizeLooks interesting. Here is an article about the upcoming opening.


I did not get from the article what sort of place this is to be. Looks like an FKK. The admission price stated on the web site is 70 euros. Kind of pricey unless the girls are spectacular.


09-26-05, 23:25
Hi Kumbu,

The next step in your journey should be Frankfurt, visiting the big 3 FKK clubs. It's just a natural progression of your quest.

Chivaz and Toscana, I completely agree - FKK land awaits me. It's just a question of getting my ass back across the Atlantic sometime soon...

And yes, Portugal is another great mongering destination (although, in my opinion, not quite up to the quality of Berlin).

09-28-05, 10:43
So, another city, another report. I spent a few days in the capital of Germany and really enjoyed myself. The weather was absolutely perfect--highs in the mid 20s and lows in the high teens and plenty of sun. Berlin is quite an enormous city, but with S- and U-bahns everywhere, it is quite accessible and for only €5.60 per day. I would like to have seen the Reichstag, but alas, the line to get in was very long. It would have been interesting to see Merkel and Schoeder going at it. Wouldn't that be a great way to decide a government? Just have them fight it out, 2 men enter, one man leave. It would certainly be more interesting than talk of traffic light coalitions or Jamaica coalitions but I digress...

Based upon Kimbu's extensive reporting here, I decided to visit what his top club was. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was a bit tired from sightseeing and U-bahn hopping so I took U9 to Bundesplatz. What a great idea that was! Royal is right next to the U-bahn ausgang and easy to find. I was greeted by a hot blonde in her 20s but she turned out to be the receptionist--what a shame! She led me into the living room and would introduce me to the girls. I was very impressed with the apartment. The decor and furnishings showed they had an interest in making the clients feel comfortable and making a good impression. The theme was reminiscent of Roman times, but tastefully done and certainly it gave the impression of an upscale operation.

The girls came in and introduced themselves, both smiling from ear-to-ear and making it a difficult choice. Out of the two girls available, I picked Silva (I can't remember the other girl's name) and she led me back to the bed room. Again, I could tell they spent a bit of money as the room was very nicely done and very comfortable (I wish their decorator would give my flat an extreme makeover!). She gave me the run down: €70 for 30 minutes, €130 for the hour. Kissing and BBBJ were €15 extra each. After seeing all those beautiful women walking around all day, I knew 30 minutes would be enough for me. I topped it off with kissing since she said she "enjoyed" it. After taking a much-needed shower, she asked if I wanted a massage, but I turned it down. She was very tender from the start, grabbing me from behind and gently kissing and stroking my body while we were standing at the foot of the bed. This was a bit of a change as I've become accustomed to the girls going right for the blow job, but it was welcome and it helped us to connect and turn--if not both of us, at least me--on.

She led me to the bed where we continued to kiss and caress each other before she slipped on a cover and started working on the little guy. She had a real good technique so I had to stop her to give myself a break. This 20 year old blonde student does not have a very big set of breasts, but her ass is a sight to behold. It's not big or fat, but just right, with the right amount of curves and flesh to make grabbing it worthwhile. On the other side, her pussy is also very nice. No gaping hole here, it was a very nice specimen, the outer lips forming a very nice gateway to the altar of our desire. Indeed, if she wears a bikini, she would not doubt have a very nice camel toe. Well, obviously, at this point I could not help DATY and she seemed to enjoy the attention, her body quivering with delight. We started with mish, but I had to switch to the cowboy. If done right, cowboy can be my favorite position: she does all the work, at the pace and position that feels good to her as well as me, I get full view of everything at work, but can still hold on to all the important parts, and finally, a good slap always adds to the fun. Of course, as we're doing this I'm thinking what Kimbu knows all too well--doggie is where it's at. I have only read 1 or 2 of his posts, but we're in agreement--a good doggie with a nice ass and hole winking at you is just too much to handle. By this point in the session, I've managed all I could do, and Silva is sweating and seemingly enjoying it as well. But just when I think she can't do anything else, she changes position ever so slightly, moving her knees toward me and leaning forward and arching her back. Wow that's a nice ass! This lasts for maybe 30 seconds more before I simply explode.

We both collapse to the bed, she resting in my arms and basking in the After blow. We lay there, caressing and enjoying each other's company for the rest of the session. In the small talk afterwards, I find out that, indeed, she is a student and she was only 4 years old when the wall fell! But boy, she was really talented and fun to be with. She's a music major and I've been singing her song for many days now...

Angus Magee
09-28-05, 12:18
Thanks 22acacia for your Royal Report. My B-day is coming up and I have had my eye on this new Royal Girl since she appeared on the web site a while back. You may have tipped the scales in her favor.

I will most certainly give a full report.


10-04-05, 00:03
So has anyone tested Artemis?? I am going later this week and I am curious to know it......

10-05-05, 10:52

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I was wondering if anyone has experience of the above web site - sounds too good to be true! €75/hr callout and they advertise a 'Happy Hour' twice weekly for €45/hr!

10-10-05, 23:40
I went there on Sunday night at 12.30. Easy to reach with S-bahn. At 300 meters from the S-bahn station, is a brand new venue. Kitsch funiture. Very kind personnel. When I went in there were 10-12 clients and 12-15 girls. Half of them were below 6. Noone deserved an 8. I went with the one I considered more appealing, but it was a disappointment. She is moroccan, her name is Shila. Short, thin, long black curvy hair. Small tits with big nipples. She only spekas German and Arabic. Doesn't do DFK, makes bbbj only at the begininning then makes it covered. Doesn't like her job. Avoid her. Everything stops at 3.30 am in reality, some girls leave at around 2 am. It gives the impressiono of an empty place even though is not big if compared with other most famous FKKs like Oase and World.

10-15-05, 11:17

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I was wondering if anyone has experience of the above web site - sounds too good to be true! €75/hr callout and they advertise a 'Happy Hour' twice weekly for €45/hr!

I have called Besuch24 a few times. I have had both good and mediocre experiences. You can imagine that the EUR45 offer is very popular and thus hard to take advantage of. Additionally, it is only offered for one girl, usually not their best, and only during the daytime, when people like me have to work...

Nonetheless, even the EUR 75 price is fair in my opinion, a touch below most other outcall agencies I use which tend to be around EUR 90.

Angus Magee
10-15-05, 15:47
I am usually a strictly in-call hobbyist here in Berlin as I have roommates. While I am fairly open about my participation in the hobby it is still beyond me to say to them-I'm having a pro over this evening, I hope you don't mind...

This weekend I found that I had the apartment to myself and so took advantage of this for my first outcall experience in Berlin. I checked out several sites, many of them with ridiculous prices, and finally settled on one called Love Angels.


While the selection on Love Angels is not huge, I found each and every girl to be attractive-at least according to their pictures. I also note that their regular service was, again according to the web site, fairly high milage. All the girls reportedly do bbbj at no extra cost and many do tc (to completion) as well.

With this in mind I called at around 11:00 pm to see who was available. The fellow who answered the phone was friendly, informative and easy to talk to. Unfortunately, my first two choices (Jacky or Lena) were unavailable. As this was a one night opportunity for me I decided to go with the one girl whose picture was not yet up on the site-Mia. She was described to me as a cross between Lena and Sarah.

Arrangements were easy and Mia arrived 10 mins. early at 11:50. My first
impression was that I was a little disappointed. Mia is an attractive lady but not a stunner. And I would doubt her stated age of 21 is accurate. I would guess that she is closer to mid-20s.

She came in and we started to get aquatinted. I started feeling happier as, while no young stunner, she is a good looking and sexy woman. I found out that she is from Romania(not Estonia as the website states) and this was her first night in Berlin. We had a smoke on the balcony and then moved inside to the bedroom.

When Mia's clothes came off I was happy with her body. Small, compact and sexy would describe her. Her skin was smooth, nice breasts and a shaved kitty. I kissed her and she kissed back but i could tell that she was not over enthusiastic about kissing so I let that go.

We lay on the bed and she went straight to the bj. Very nice. She has a nice way, using many different mouth techniques and keeping eye contact through out. This girl has watched some porn as she even did the tongue/dick slapping thing that they do in pornos.

She did not seem in a rush at all with the bj. I went down on her a bit but was not so into this tonight. As this is an outcall I was very aware that Mia may not have showered fully since her last client. I just kissed he mound a bit and played with the outer lips with my fingers.

After 15-20 mins of this she reached for a condom. Covered, i entered her in Missionary. Now I could tell that her pussy did not like this so much. It was not welcoming and the sex began to get a bit stagnant for me here. So after just a few mins. I withdrew and took off the condom. I asked her to play with her self while I watched.

This is where is really started to get hot. She seemed happy with what was happening and really got into giving me a show. She fingered herself hard, twisting and turning into every position that i could imagine. I slowly played with myself as I watched, constantly telling her how good she looked.

After about 15 mins. of this she had herself a thigh clenching 'O' and then relaxed. My dick was hard and ready to explode so I positioned it near her mouth. Taking the hint she began oral again and quickly brought me overt the top. I kind of expected her to push it away as I came but no, she took all I had in a very nice porn-style facial.

After a clean up we chatted for a while and then it was time to go. I had kind of hoped for a second round but we were nearly out of time.

All in all I would say that this experience was not as hot as I had hoped, but the facial finish really was satisfying somehow. She took it like a trooper and actually seemed to enjoy it. I thanked her for that and she said that she does not mind as long as none gets in her hair-fair enough!

This experience cost me 90 euros-a fair price I'd say.


Angus Magee
10-15-05, 15:50
Additionally, it is only offered for one girl, usually not their best, and only during the daytime, when people like me have to work....

Geesh-Imagine the poor girl who gets to be the 45 euro special girl for the day. That can't be a job that is highly sought after in the agency...

Angus Magee
10-17-05, 20:07
I have called Besuch24 a few times. I have had both good and mediocre experiences. You can imagine that the EUR45 offer is very popular and thus hard to take advantage of. Additionally, it is only offered for one girl, usually not their best, and only during the daytime, when people like me have to work...

Nonetheless, even the EUR 75 price is fair in my opinion, a touch below most other outcall agencies I use which tend to be around EUR 90.

Hi Gatsby,

Do you have any input on the ladies from Besuch24? There seem to be a couple of cuties on that site.


11-02-05, 20:39

Does anybody know what has happened to Model Agentur Berlin? ( http://www.modelagenturberlin.de ).

I've received excellent service from them in the past. Will be going to Berlin soon and want to use them again. Unfortunately their site has been down for many months.

Did they change their name (and website address) perhaps?


11-03-05, 14:43

Does anybody know what has happened to Model Agentur Berlin? ( http://www.modelagenturberlin.de ).

I've received excellent service from them in the past. Will be going to Berlin soon and want to use them again. Unfortunately their site has been down for many months.

Did they change their name (and website address) perhaps?

BBBJThey just don`t exist anymore!

try: http://www.playgirls-berlin.de/ or http://www.escort-modelle.com/

As another possibility!

11-06-05, 07:25
Hi all,

Just enquiring if Playgirls Berlin is just outcall service or do they also provide incall and if so where would the location be and how to get there. If anyone could help me out, I would be greatly appreciative. There are a couple of hotties that I would like to bonk there and I'll be heading out to Berlin soon.


Ocean Explorer
11-06-05, 23:54
After from a long flight from the US, my hotel wasn't ready until 2PM so took the U-9 down to Royal at Bundesplatz. Needed to follow up on Kumbu's recent great recommendations. Got off at the right exit but had to wonder around before I found the address on the east side of the intersection north of highway 100.

Up the stairs and greeted by a real looker who was the hostess. I was sat where I could shake hands with a three candidates but the stand out was clearly blond Sabrine in her pink bikini. I heartedly recommend her for future visitors. She has a day job as a secretary so I don't think she works most days. Unfortunately she doesn't kiss - but that is pretty common.


Ocean Explorer
11-07-05, 09:02
For my second day I decided to go to Kamilla Dees as Royal is closed on Sunday and I'd been to von Kampen last trip. So again an underground trip on the U-9 to Bundesplatz and a short walk on Hildegard to 33 Blisse str. The door bell to ring says "text and form".

You are graciously admitted and meet the choices with a handshake. This time about 5. The first two were the best (Maya and Vicky). I was in the mood for a more mature look and attitude so I took Vicky. Tall and voluptious. Just what I needed as I was feeling jet lagged and wanted some long and slow massage and attention. Took an hour at 160 euro with no special options.

I got just what I wanted (except DFK which I find to be rarely available). Her English was limited but we got by with a mix of English and German.


Angus Magee
11-10-05, 17:54
Anyone have any experience with this agency:


A couple of the girls look promising and I am thinking about booking one of them for Sat. eve.

11-11-05, 16:28
Anyone have any experience with this agency:


A couple of the girls look promising and I am thinking about booking one of them for Sat. eve.Sara is a bomb!

Angus Magee
11-11-05, 18:16
Sara is a bomb!

Thanks-Sara is my first choice on that site. I'll get back with a report...

Angus Magee
11-12-05, 01:33
Sara is a bomb!


I just finished a two hour session with Sara, accurately described by Grudgi as 'a bomb'

Sara is not very polished as an escort but she has a youthful enthusiasm that is hard to resist. She arrived on time and at first really did remind me of the 'girl next door'.

I decided upon the 2 hr. 200 euro special that was to include all her services:

"Französisch pur, französisch total, Anal, Softsklavia, Rollenspiele, spanisch, Fußerotik,Natursekt u.v.m."

Things were a bit awkward at first but she spoke very good english (not mentioned on the site) so we chatted a bit to get started.

Sara is a young lassie that seems to like to take instruction and orders. Still sitting in our chairs I told her to strip which she did slowly and with some teasing. She then played with her pussy while I watched, then falling to my knee to lick her puss.

When it was time for the bj she took my cock in her mouth and went to work. As I mentioned, she likes to have some instruction and was willing to try to deep throat even though it seemed unnatural for her. I actually enjoyed this part and got reasonably forceful with her-to the point of her gagging a bit.

Things progressed slowly at my pace and anything I asked for, I got. She was very willing and eager to please.

The only thing that did not work was the anal. She is very tight and my cock tends to lose its edge when the condom comes on. This was a bit disappointing but Sara was very willing and tried her best to accommodate me.

I would most definitely recommend Sara and would also repeat with her. She is very sweet.


11-15-05, 23:44
I'm back from Berlin where I visited only Kamilla Dee.
Kamilla is a "private" in a building. I was in two apartments . In the "usual" apartment , I knew three rooms with oriental decoration ; these rooms are well heated but ... as a normal apartment , we have to get out of the room to go to the bathroom .

First day : I hesitated between Luna and Penelope. I thought that I would try to meet both of them . I began with Luna (big breast, beautiful bosoms) and I was so tired that I had to end the meeting after 30 minutes . So, no Penelope !!!

Second day : I expected to meet Vicky but she could not meet me for more than 30 minutes . So , I preferred to meet Romy : I began with 30 minutes and we ended after 90 minutes (we made love , took time to exchange deep kisses , cuddles ... etc .. and she gave me deep throat !! I told her that she did not have to provide that if she felt unconfortable but she answered that there was no problem (may be my penis is short enough ??) ).

Third day : it was not Paula's day but I already booked her so she came to meet me at the "privat". About the rates : the first hour (minimal meeting) was considered as an outcall ("escort") meeting and charged 200 Euros; for the extensions , the normal rates will be applied (80 Euros for 30 minutes) ; personally , I find that this method of calculations is fair , not abusive. I spent a tender moment with her and she agreed to give me indications to make her feel good .( Personnally , I rarely met ladies who gave such indications , I don't know exactly why ? may be they don't know that themselves ? may be it's considered as an important "commitment" ? ).

11-28-05, 20:50
Coming to a foreign country always makes me curious about the native girls, their behaviour, their special taste. I have seen dozens of countries, where it was easy to get access to those girls, exept two: the US and Germany (my home country).

Since I am German I want to recommend you a real German woman, charming, but also self confidend with a "Berliner Schnauze" (she knows how to express what she is thinking). Her name in JESSY, working in Berlin; she's like 20 years old with signs of former pregnancies, but with a kind of ercotic you will hardly find again with a German girl this often. She is a master of seduction and ever finds the most pleasable way to bring you to the climax.

Just click on http://www.call-girls-berlin.de/html.html and go for JESSY to get more information. She can be nasty and greek is no problem. She's self-willed, so be prepared that she may not work here and then. But if you get her, you will be happy.

11-29-05, 17:16
so what is the price??

11-29-05, 21:01
For CGB the price is 90 € for regular sex 1 hour (incl. BBBJ) and 120 € incl. greek (both for 1 hour at your hotel, incl. transportation) for those girls who offer this.

The link to JESSY doesn't work today, I don't know why.

Alternativley I recommend VICKY. I think she is rushian (the homepage tells you a different story). She's a big lady with a firm and strong body. She doesn't have the charme like Jessy, but her BBBJ is excellent nearly like a deep throat. She definitly is a strong recommendation - but not a German girl.

Angus Magee
11-30-05, 16:14
I just noticed that 'Artemis' has announced a special admission price for the month of Dec.


Looks like a chance to check the place out at a more reasonable entry fee.

Angus Magee
12-03-05, 18:43
I just returned from a session with Kathrin at Feurigstr. 19 in Schöneberg.

I had seen this place before but their website was never very attractive to me. Today when I checked it out it had been redone and had an attractive line up of girls.


I was feeling like something and as this place is right around the corner from where I live I decided to give it a try.

No English was spoken so I was left to communicate in my broken German. Of the two girls available Kathrin caught my eye. She is not a great beauty, but there is something about her.

I chose to have the 45 min. Königsmassage (70 euro) and paid the extra 10 euro to have the girl naked. I found this a bit strange but when in Rome...

A shower was offered and taken then on to the massage. The massage was not the best, but competent. My only complaint was that Kathrin hardly broke a smile through out the massage. She seemed very distant and not really that involved.

Her body did make up for this somewhat. I do think that she is the stated 18 yrs old. While she did have a bit of a belly, it was taught and did not sag at all. She still had what is usually called "baby-fat". And her breast were heavenly, with small, very erect nipples.

When it came time to turn over I started to touch her all over with out complaint. The hand job was nice and within the last 10 min she seemed to start to arrive and for the first time smiled. My hands wandered down to her pussy and I was allowed entry up to a point. So light fingering was on the menu.

We finished at exactly the 45 min. mark and I was offered and took a second shower. Then, off into the cold Berlin night and home to write this report.

So all in all it was a good experience but I do not think I would go back for a second, unless I found a big stash of cash with which to buy extras, which I am sure are available. Though for the money, one is probably better off sticking with Vancampen or Royal. And the same session could be had in Neuköln for 20 euros less.

Angus Magee
12-14-05, 20:41
I had a session with Melissa this afternoon at Royal. Melissa (not on the website) is a very beautiful young lady. She is very slim and about 5'6"-5'7" (167cm-170cm). Her body can best be described as "coltish"-small breasts (Acup), very slim hips, long legs and sexy hips. She would look great in a pair of low-rider jeans. Also her face is very pretty-almost model like IMO.

I took the 45 min. (90 euro) session. We started off with a short massage (her massaging me) and then switched to me massaging her. I could not help but concentrate on her...butt. Very beautiful and tight. The massage quickly turned into DATY as she has one of the nicest fully shaved pussies that I have seen in a long time. And she is very clean & tasty.

When it was her turn to do french on me we covered up. Her BJ technique was a bit weak at first-nice but a bit uninspired. I asked her to turn around so that I could lick her at the same time. With this the BJ improved as she started to get more into it. Soon I had to slow her down a bit.

When it was time for full service I had her straddle me. She has a very sweet & tight pussy. Her hip action ensure that I would not last to long in her tight snatch.

So all in all it was a good session. Would I repeat-yes-but not right away as there are some other ladies that I would try first.

12-19-05, 00:34
Hi, Will be visiting Berlin over the NYE.

If there is any recent advice on some naughty treats, please PM me.

Might check out Artemis. Are there any other FKK's in nearby worth checking out?

All advice greatly appreciated.


12-20-05, 20:37
Fellow mongerers:

The city of Berlin is in my experience one of the better destinations in Europe when considering price/quality ratio, although it undoubtedly makes a difference if you can speak German. As I hate having to search for Internet addresses when I read other interesting reports, I will include these when possible.

One year ago I visited Berlin on a whirlwind tour and only managed to meet with Helena, apparently the manager of a private massage studio at Bleibtreustrasse 12 near Kurfuerstendamm (private-affair.de).

She is probably at least 10 years older than the pictures, but a stunner nonetheless and her measures seem to be correct. Terrific tits, must have been tuned, but still quite a turn-on.

Services available included GFS, DFK, CBJ, FS and HJ. Price in August 2004: 120 Euro/hr.
Face 8/10
Breasts 10/10
Body 9/10
Service 9/10
She was very friendly and seemed to enjoy herself, stating that her studio closes at 8 pm. There is an escort service attached to it, but I had the impression she no longer participates in that part. Otherwise there are 8 or 9 girls listed on the site.

Repeat danger factor: 90%

Last week I had a bit more time so decided to try to visit several places, most of which have been reported on before.

1) Tiffany, recently moved to:
Ritterstrasse 11
10969 Berlin/Kreuzberg
Unfortunately I arrived very late, at 6.15 (the place closes at 7 pm!). I had been tempted by Monika (big tits, nice body shape) based on her website pictures, but she didn’t look as good in the flesh. I was introduced to 5 other girls, rated 5 to 7.
By contrast, there was a very pretty slim platinum blonde Steffi (not reported on the website), about 170 cm, shoulderlength ponytail, nice blue eyes, dangling small tits, enjoyed the positions we tried. She claims she is there only sometimes, as she also has a part-time job in the real world.
Offered DFK, CBJ, GFS, HJ, gave real satisfaction. Damage was 70 Euro for 40 minutes.
Face 9/10
Breasts 6/10
Body 9/10
Service 9/10
Repeat danger factor: 80% (I liked those perky tits).

2) Pestalozzistrasse 65
The head office apparently is in Wisbyer strasse 73 in Prenzlauer Berg, open till 10 pm called Beatrice massage, but as this was rather out of my way, on the spur of the moment I decided to have a look at their other place in Charlottenburg. Too bad I hadn’t written it down; none of the doorbells (some 25 in that block) inspired me to ring and ask out of the blue if this was the right address!

3) Pestalozzistrasse 69
As backup to nr 2, wanted to visit Celine (celine69.de). Unfortunately had not taken any notes with me, therefore thought the address was nr 79. Called a taxi to find more fertile hunting grounds.

4) Royal
Bundesplatz 8
10715 Berlin Wilmersdorf
Very good reputation judging by other reports plus German forum info. Five girls were present, several of them catwalk model shapes, mostly very young. I finally settled for Liana (?), extremely young, 177 cm, very small tits, but perfect ass and legs that go on forever when admired from behind. Primary reason: she was the only one offering DFK. Cost was 85 Euro for 30 minutes. Unfortunately she was shy and not very responsive, so it was limited to some FS mostly in doggy. Moreover I was worrying ever more about her age. Could she really be 18 already? She told me she has arrived recently from Regensburg area in Bavaria.
Face 7/10
Breasts 6/10
Body 9/10
Service 7/10

Repeat danger factor: 10%, depending on which other girls will be present at my next visit.

5) Playgirls (playgirls-berlin.de; Affiliated with escort service

Hektorstrasse 13 on the 5th floor

When I arrived, there was only one girl present, Annabelle. The office manager claimed that there was another girl busy for another hour, and 2 more had not come.

The premises seemed very luxurious, pictures of several of the escort girls decorated the lobby, but when I asked if one of those girls could be mobilised, this woman declined. Left for better playing fields.

5)Ahornstrasse 3a


I went there for 2 reasons: it is close to the hotel Berlin I was staying in, and they advertised Ines,a Polish girl. This girl also advertises on call-girls-berlin.de, but I figured the cost should be lower in a brothel. While Ines wasn’t there (I just found out by accident she is apparently now active in Budapest!), 6 other girls were introduced. Most were 4 to 6 out of 10, except:

Vanessa (174 cm, small tits, long black hair that used to be red, piercing blue eyes, aerobics teacher legs that go on forever). 50 Euro/30 minutes + 20 Euro extra for DFK. Enthusiastic performance, included GFS, DFK, covered BJ, FS in several positions. Too bad she is so sensitive to oral sex, otherwise it would have been even more fun.

Repeat danger factor: 99% (I loved her commitment)

Finally, when walking back to the hotel from Ahornstrasse, I noticed some SW in the neighbouring block. I just missed a stunning blonde being whisked away in a car and ran into 2 other girls (I spotted 2 more a bit further down the road). Each one claimed that the action goes on until the early morning; you can come with them to their car, go to a cheap hotel 2 minutes away, or even take them to your own room. However, 1 girl asked 50 Euro/30 minutes in her hotel room, the other one wanted 125 Euro. Both stated they would need to change clothes to be able to get into my hotel lobby; the first one wanted 125 Euro for 1 hour, the second demanded 200 Euro!

I walked away to sleep contentedly after my fun with Vanessa.

Angus Magee
12-23-05, 21:09
I had a quickie session with Eva of La Dolce Vita this afternoon as a break from shopping (I was in the neighborhood).


I arrived early. The website says that they open at 9:00 am. I rang the door at around 1:00pm and was ushered into a waiting room for the parade. The girls seemed as if they had all just arrived and were rushing to put on their clothes. I found the experience sort of charming.

I saw 4 girls and picked Eva. She has a nice body with enhanced breasts. I asked for 'Französich total' for 40 euros.

Eva washed me and then onto the bed.

The oral was great. She really got into it and turned her pussy so that I could also pleasure her. We were in 69 for about 5-8 min. an then she moved down to concentrate on me.

Another 5 min and I was finished with a very nice orgasm, Eva taking my cum in her mouth.

After this she asked if I wanted a massage and used up the rest of our time with this. This impressed me as so many women, once you cum, they are out the door.

All in all it was a very good experience and I most certainly would repeat with Eva.

12-26-05, 16:19
Or for Germany for that matter. I speak no German. I will have limited time and will be relying on public transportation or taxis. I will also have limited time, mainly later in the evening.

I am not sure why, but the FFK clubs don't seem to thrill me. What other venues might a novice like me try?

The eros centers sound a little more my style. Is there a central listing of those?

Thanks for any and all advice.

Angus Magee
12-26-05, 23:47
Or for Germany for that matter. I speak no German. I will have limited time and will be relying on public transportation or taxis. I will also have limited time, mainly later in the evening.

I am not sure why, but the FFK clubs don't seem to thrill me. What other venues might a novice like me try?

The eros centers sound a little more my style. Is there a central listing of those?

Thanks for any and all advice.

There are no eros centers in Berlin at the moment though I have heard rumors that one will open in time for the soccer championship to be held here next year.

I suggest Vancampen or Kamila Dee's. They usually have a few English speakers available and the Mama San will speak English most likely.

Here is a web site with most of the Berlin bordellos.




K D's


The last address has an English option on the site

12-30-05, 16:49
Does any one know if the any of the girls at La Folie can be contacted for a private session at a hotel?

One Eyed Man
01-02-06, 07:26
I was back in Berlin this Thanksgiving, and planned to revisit the places from my previous July report (and catch some new ones), but a financial snafu somewhat limited my activities. I visited:

1. Venus-Club-Berlin

Unfortunately, Gabi, the girl I had seen the time before, was gone and the website hadn’t been updated. My choices were a skinny blonde girl with very perky breasts and a nice, stocky blonde Polish girl (hard to make out either one on updated website). I made the wrong choice, choosing the skinny one, and she turned out to be very thin, with a Wonderbra hiding a set of deflated breasts. Service was okay, nothing special, but only afterwards I realized I had made the inferior choice. I might be back, depending on pictures and services on website.

2. Longma Thai Massage

A typical AMP, which was near my hotel. Massage price is about €50 per hour; towards the end, the girl asks for a tip for extra services. I offered €30, and got a HJ with groping allowed.

3. Dümichen

This time, there was a different madame there—a heavy-set German lady, who really hounded me about who I had seen last time. (I think she was trying to be a good businessperson, trying to get feedback on her employees.) Since I had chosen someone else, I said I couldn’t remember, so not to get the girl into trouble, but it was Angela, a petite, blonde Swede with breast implants (not my type) who gave great service (so good that I extended another half hour.) Fortunately, Angela wasn’t present that evening. I would say the lineup wasn’t as good as the time before, but I like tall girls, and chose Anita (she’s on the website without a picture.) Anita is a 5’10” Polish lady with big breasts (again propped up by a Wonderbra) and dyed red hair. The chemistry and session were great, and I’d look her up again.

4. Bei Linda

This was the most interesting session and the one I had most eagerly anticipated. The house is located in Köpenick, at the far Eastern end of Berlin, and the website (http://www.kietzmodelle.de/) is decorated with Russian and Soviet symbols, suggesting that the shop has a lot of Russians. I had a lot of trouble finding the place, since it’s a ways from the Köpenick S-Bahn station and not on my big Berlin map. (There is a tram stop right in front.) When I got there, there were 5-6 girls in the lineup, and they were mostly unattractive, but for one tall girl the madame called Schwjeta. She’s called Swetlana on the website, and she’s a lovely, 19 year-old sweetie from Latvia. I think only CBJ is offered at Linda’s, and when faced with just a CBJ, I just go down on the girl instead! Swetlana and I had great chemistry, but she seemed to hate her job, and said the was planning to go back to Latvia. I’d go back there again for the exotic factor, but I’m going to call for directions first. I was on a tight schedule, and asked the madame to call me a cab, which never came. When I told madame my cab hadn't arrived, her first reply was, “That’s not my problem,” but I asked her to call the cab company again, and she even came outside to look for it. Ultimately, I was lucky and hailed one off the street.

A couple of questions to locals / readers of the forum: there must be more independents (or in German, Hobbyhuren) in Berlin than you can find on www.rotlichtadresse.de. Can anybody recommend a good website to find them? The age verification mechanisms on some websites never seem to let me in with data from my US passport.

Has anyone tried Noblesse Escort? The girls at this agency are just gorgeous.

Angus Magee
01-04-06, 17:53
A couple of questions to locals / readers of the forum: there must be more independents (or in German, Hobbyhuren) in Berlin than you can find on www.rotlichtadresse.de. Can anybody recommend a good website to find them? The age verification mechanisms on some websites never seem to let me in with data from my US passport.

I have been in Berlin for a year and a half and never been able to find very many (any) inde's. I suspect that you have to be able to speak German and to look in the papers. Even there I think that you will run into many agencies in disguise. There are some inde's that advertise on the rotlichtadresse site you mention, but there are kind of scary looking hausfrau types.

You could give lafolie a try and then make an outside arrangement with a girl. I have never done this, but if you are a nice guy, I'm sure it would be possible.

01-05-06, 20:58
I just came back from Berlin. Yeah I think the Inde scene is probably non existent.

Basically, the industry is professional in Germany and the girls receive health benefits etc...and also pay tax...

That being said, the clubs and agencies are all clean and above board. The girls have fun and make u come.

I would guess the inde girls are those on the streets, or are illegal immigrants, or have drug/health problems....all of which are best to avoid.

Berlin is still terrific value - circa €50 for 20-30 mins with a girl rating 7-10.

I had terrific gang bang with 2 girls who were 8/10 & 9/10 young, german and amazing. Sex was 8/10 and was <€100...

I have been in Berlin for a year and a half and never been able to find very many (any) inde's. I suspect that you have to be able to speak German and to look in the papers. Even there I think that you will run into many agencies in disguise. There are some inde's that advertise on the rotlichtadresse site you mention, but there are kind of scary looking hausfrau types.

You could give lafolie a try and then make an outside arrangement with a girl. I have never done this, but if you are a nice guy, I'm sure it would be possible.

01-05-06, 21:54
Went to http://www.sauna-palma.de/

was the most filthy disgsting place have laid eyes on. We thought there would be a party treff there and I took one of my girls they charged her entry of €20 for entry + €20 for me.

Place made our skin crawl. Was totally foul. My girl who is 8/10 was getting 10 times more attention than the workinggirls.

Bar maid tried to get us to buy tiny bottle of champagene for €90...


01-10-06, 16:57
Berlin is still terrific value - circa €50 for 20-30 mins with a girl rating 7-10.

I had terrific gang bang with 2 girls who were 8/10 & 9/10 young, german and amazing. Sex was 8/10 and was <€100...And where was this at? I am headed to Berlin soon.

Angus Magee
01-11-06, 05:14
And where was this at? I am headed to Berlin soon.

Yes, I was wondering the same thing myself. Care to share?

01-12-06, 00:51
I have read that streetwalkers are to be avoided in Berlin. However, I was in Orainienburger Str. and was approached by a stunningly beautiful girl who offered BJ and massage for 70 Euros for 45 minutes in her room. She was stunning.

Unfortunately, I had alreay had an encounter and was not up for it.

What was wrong with this picture? I noticed that there were a few girls out on that street. This one was particularly amazing. She could have been a runway model.
Was it too good to be true?

Angus Magee
01-14-06, 07:13
I have read that streetwalkers are to be avoided in Berlin. However, I was in Orainienburger Str. and was approached by a stunningly beautiful girl who offered BJ and massage for 70 Euros for 45 minutes in her room. She was stunning.

Unfortunately, I had alreay had an encounter and was not up for it.

What was wrong with this picture? I noticed that there were a few girls out on that street. This one was particularly amazing. She could have been a runway model.
Was it too good to be true?

Yes it is TGTBT. The street girls are hustlers. I am sure that you would find out in the room that the substandard Massage & CBJ would be fully clothed (her) & no touching-not even the titties. That would be extra. You, being male, horny & thinking with the small head, would start forking over more euros for *extras*. Before you know it you are spending 150-180 euros for service from a girl who is totally cold and uninvolved except with your wallet.

For that cash you could have a very satisfactory session at Royal or VanCampen, with a stunning & friendly girl in a nice clean setting. And not worry about getting ripped off.

Always use caution & think twice before going with a street lady. They are pros to the max.

01-14-06, 11:21
Thanks for the information Angus. Using your previous advice, I made my way to VanCampen and had a wonderful session with Luna. She is very beautiful and very accomodating. She definately wanted to make sure I was happy. It was 100 euro well spent. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I had first tried to go to Kamilla Dee's. Only took the address. When I got there, their name was not on the buzzer list, so I did not know which apartment to ring. No phone number in hand, so I went onto VanCampen. Was happy I did.

Angus Magee
01-14-06, 18:29
Thanks for the information Angus. Using your previous advice, I made my way to VanCampen and had a wonderful session with Luna. She is very beautiful and very accomodating. She definately wanted to make sure I was happy. It was 100 euro well spent. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I had first tried to go to Kamilla Dee's. Only took the address. When I got there, their name was not on the buzzer list, so I did not know which apartment to ring. No phone number in hand, so I went onto VanCampen. Was happy I did.

Glad that you had a good time. I feel that you really can not go wrong with VanCampen as long as you can find a girl there that tickels your fancy. The girls always, in my experience, give great service.

Luna looks lovely on the web site. I also can recommend Lilly. She is very sweet. Too bad that VC no longer has a time table for when the girls work. You just have to go now and see who is available.

01-18-06, 21:10
Hi fellows, planning for a trip to Berlin in feb I'm particular interested in the 30+ area of provideres (above being my daughters age :-). Browsing this thread, "rotlichten" etc I see some here and there, however the houses focus younger hence the probability to find some mileage exactly at my time will be reduced accordingly. I prefer houses or similar based on too much effort to hunt around in private appartments for single providers whith unvalidated pictures and sleezy locations.
Any guidance for mutiple mileage selection would be much apprechiated. Thanks in advance.
(never been in B before.)

01-18-06, 22:52
I had first tried to go to Kamilla Dee's. Only took the address. When I got there, their name was not on the buzzer list, so I did not know which apartment to ring. .....
Text und Form (published on the website)

Angus Magee
01-19-06, 03:12
Hi fellows, planning for a trip to Berlin in feb I'm particular interested in the 30+ area of provideres (above being my daughters age :-). Browsing this thread, "rotlichten" etc I see some here and there, however the houses focus younger hence the probability to find some mileage exactly at my time will be reduced accordingly. I prefer houses or similar based on too much effort to hunt around in private appartments for single providers whith unvalidated pictures and sleezy locations.
Any guidance for mutiple mileage selection would be much apprechiated. Thanks in advance.
(never been in B before.)

Try Tiffany's. I have not been there myself so I can not give it a personal recomendation. However, from looking at their web site they seem very professional. And there are some nice looking older ladies on the site. Here is a link.


Have fun in Berlin-I came here a year and a half ago and I'm still here.

01-19-06, 22:10
thanks angus I will :-) searching the rotenlicht I also see a number of bars strip clubs etc. Is it easy to find unload assistance in these places as well, (like in e.g. spain) or are they mainly rip off joints?

Angus Magee
01-19-06, 23:02
thanks angus I will :-) searching the rotenlicht I also see a number of bars strip clubs etc. Is it easy to find unload assistance in these places as well, (like in e.g. spain) or are they mainly rip off joints?

The bars & strip joints are rip offs with the exception of La Folie (in my experience). La Folie has been written about extensively in this Berlin Forum. Check the club listing thread for address & web site. The web site is not very good for pictures and is of use mainly for directions to get there. La Folie come with my highest recomendation. I would be there weekly if I had the cash.

Angus Magee
01-26-06, 03:04
I had a session with Lilly at Van Campen last night.


Lilly is a very beautiful woman as the pictures on the web site show. They are entirely accurate and she is also facially very attractive.

I took her for 40 mins. @ 100 euros. The session was good, but there was no chemistry. After the first sog we chatted for a while until Lilly reminded me that we had 10 min. left. Did I want a massage she asked? or another round. I opted for the later.

On came the condom and Lilly proceeded to do a fast but very competent cbj.

I was satisfied, but not blown away (well-just blown then). I would repeat with Lilly, but only if there was no one else at VanC that I was attracted to and I do recommend her to others. She is a sweetie and very attentive to your needs, as are all the girls that I have been with at VanC. It is a top rate bordello.

Angus Magee
01-31-06, 19:21
I decided to try a new place as the girls on their web site looked nice.


The Candy Shop is well named. It is a bit out of the way, close to the end of U-6 in the south of Berlin. The place itself is clean and looks to be well run. A nice touch, they bring you a drink on a tray with several candies. I like this.

When I visited, Tuesday just after 17:00, there was a line up of 4 girls. I would have chosen 3 of them. Nicky, a dark haired German, Sherien, a black girl and Emilie (who I chose) another darker skinned girl of mixed race.

I chose Emilie as she is petite and has a wonderfully tight ass. I decided upon a half hour french (covered) and 'traffic' for 60 euros. Emilie was quite responsive from the start and she moaned in a very appealing way. The french was reciprocal and she had an absolutely clean, tasty pussy.

The full service was also nice as her pussy is very snug. After some time I asked if we could finish in 69 and she was agreeable to that.

Her french was great as she paid quite some attention to the balls as well as having a strong & deep technique.

After she gave me a nice massage to finish our time together and we had a fun chat to with lots of laughter. My German is slowly getting better and I can now converse a bit with the girls who speak no English

All in all it was a very good session and I would most certainly repeat with Emilie.

Cheers-keep posting guys.


Angus Magee
02-03-06, 22:50
This may be my last review for a little while as I have a busy month ahead of me.

I decided on an afternoon visit to LDV I today. I dropped by at 1:00 pm and there was nobody really to my taste so I left. This was OK with the house mistress but she did seem a bit surprised. I guess most guys just take what is there.

I did not really plan on a return this day, but later (3:30 pm) I found myself just a couple of Ubahn stops away and thought, what the hell, I'll give it another shot.

This time I found Lea:

http://www.pinup-modelle.de/index2.html 2nd girl, top row

She is a very nice German girl. Slim, but not bony if you know what I mean. She has a nice set of puffy breasts and a very cute (very slight) belly. She is also pierced top (nipple), middle (belly button) and below...
She has a pretty girl-next-door look.

I went the 20 mins. Franzosish Total route at 40 euros. Did I mention the pierced tongue?

Lea washed me and then had me sit on the bed while she started the French. Lots of eye contact was made as she swirled her tongue and got me hard. I then indicated that I would like to taste her and we worked on each other for a few mins. She was moderately responsive and really started to get into it when my fingers started to explore her pussy.

But time in a twenty min. session is short. Soon she went back to her knees to finish me off. She did this with hand strokes, all the while using her tongue on my cock head. Nice technique for a 20 min. BJ.

As promised, the finish went right into her mouth and she continued to stroke my cock for some time, milking all the cum out...

Then she quietly went to the sink and let my boys go to the Spree...

She finished (we had about 5 mins. left) with a gentle back rub which became a front rub after 1 min. so that I could stroke her nipples and soft tummy. Kind of a nice ending.

A quick clean up and I was on my way home.

I would (and will) repeat with Lea next month I think. She is a nice girl with a sexy body and does a decent BJ.

One word of warning about La Dolce Vita I. It seems to be a busy place, at least on a Friday afternoon. While I did not actually run into another customer while there, it was close. The door bell was ringing often, and I am sure that the air traffic control gets haywire in there as it is not a big space, like VanCampen or Royal.

And, it is very easy to run into a fellow pooner on the front doorstep, as I did the first time I was there today.

This is not an issue for me, but if you are shy, or worried about your reputation, be warned and turn up your collar.


Love Asian Girl
02-03-06, 23:20

Maybe I'll come in the next weeks to Berlin, what is the price level?



This may be my last review for a little while as I have a busy month ahead of me.

I decided on an afternoon visit to LDV I today. I dropped by at 1:00 pm and there was nobody really to my taste so I left. This was OK with the house mistress but she did seem a bit surprised. I guess most guys just take what is there.

I did not really plan on a return this day, but later (3:30 pm) I found myself just a couple of Ubahn stops away and thought, what the hell, I'll give it another shot.

This time I found Lea:

http://www.pinup-modelle.de/index2.html 2nd girl, top row

She is a very nice German girl. Slim, but not bony if you know what I mean. She has a nice set of puffy breasts and a very cute (very slight) belly. She is also pierced top (nipple), middle (belly button) and below...
She has a pretty girl-next-door look.

I went the 20 mins. Franzosish Total route. Did I mention the pierced tongue?

Lea washed me and then had me sit on the bed while she started the French. Lots of eye contact was made as she swirled her tongue and got me hard. I then indicated that I would like to taste her and we worked on each other for a few mins. She was moderately responsive and really started to get into it when my fingers started to explore her pussy.

But time in a twenty min. session is short. Soon she went back to her knees to finish me off. She did this with hand strokes, all the while using her tongue on my cock head. Nice technique for a 20 min. BJ.

As promised, the finish went right into her mouth and she continued to stroke my cock for some time, milking all the cum out...

Then she quietly went to the sink and let my boys go to the Spree...

She finished (we had about 5 mins. left) with a gentle back rub which became a front rub after 1 min. so that I could stroke her nipples and soft tummy. Kind of a nice ending.

A quick clean up and I was on my way home.

I would (and will) repeat with Lea next month I think. She is a nice girl with a sexy body and does a decent BJ.

One word of warning about La Dolce Vita I. It seems to be a busy place, at least on a Friday afternoon. While I did not actually run into another customer while there, it was close. The door bell was ringing often, and I am sure that the air traffic control gets haywire in there as it is not a big space, like VanCampen or Royal.

And, it is very easy to run into a fellow pooner on the front doorstep, as I did the first time I was there today.

This is not an issue for me, but if you are shy, or worried about your reputation, be warned and turn up your collar.


Angus Magee
02-04-06, 00:26

Maybe I'll come in the next weeks to Berlin, what is the price level?


Hi LAG-Sorry I forgot to add the price. I just edited my post to say that the 20 min. French Total (ohne gummie-no condom) was 40 euros. I think that 'traffic' is also available with this price but in 20 mins. I prefer just to have a nice BJ. Putting the condom on for full service just seems to take to much time so I am content with the mouth.

In Berlin you can pay from 25 euros for a sleazy BJ (covered) to a couple of hundred of euros per hour. And I am sure, even higher.

You can have a really good session with a very hot girl for 80-130 euros per hour. This will usually include covered french, reciprocal french (you lick her) and fucking. Anal will be extra and not always available from every girl.

Read some of the great back posts for more details. Here is a good website to find the girls. Babelfish or G-trans works wonders for most sites.



Luv Nooke
02-13-06, 21:54
I visited Van Kampen Saturday night and saw Sara, which she pronounces "Zara." My other two choices were Charlotte and Jasmine. Sara was the hands down winner. Took 30 minutes for 80 EUR. All activities covered and safe. Had wonderful, very playful conversation. This girl could charm a snake out of its skin! Light foreplay led to DATY, and then some CBJ followed by an absolutely terrific main event. I couldn't recommend her more!

02-22-06, 20:07
Fellow Berliners! I am gonna travel to berlin in the next few weeks and would like information about best swinger clubs in the city. I highly appreciate any good advise.

02-28-06, 07:32
Researching KD, van Kampen, Folie and a few other places, i came across an interesting special at Royal.

i see they do a gangbang thing on Tuesday nights. that is unlike anything offered here in the states. does anyone know anything about that service at Royal? Or do you know if any other places offer it? I am very curious.

Using an web translating engine (i speak little german), here's what Royal says about this special:

Sex - as often as you can - Gangbang "Royal"

Here we would like to tie to our cultige man surplus party. But naturally with some improvements and highlights. A Royalgirl loads each Tuesday at 19 o'clock to a erotischen hour with Prosecco in. With a hot Strip it will bring your blood in Wallung around itself you completely in addition give they likes it if it on this day by several men at the same time or successively is then taken. It will float from a high point on the other hand. She will cry before desire whether will watch or will take part in Sex - so often you can. All the same which technology you selects completely tenderly or somewhat harder, it will thank it you with large desire. You should honor the erotische hour with 75, - euro.

Thanks again for the help.

03-01-06, 14:05
Hello people!
On march 8 I will be arriving in Berlin, and I know nothing of the scene.
Do you have Laufhauser that are recommendable?
I dont think that I will have time for extensive FKK, but anything else fast would do the trick.

thanks in advance

03-01-06, 21:04
Berlin is full of high quality, reasonably priced establishments that cater to the decadent as well as those in search of a quickie. You need to decide what price range you are interested in, and once you have figured that out, you can narrow your choices down.

If price is not an issue, I would begin by searching this thread for the following establishments (which I can personally vouch for):
Royal (http://www.royalgirl.de/flash/start.php)
van Kampen (http://www.vankampenberlin.de/)
Kamilla la Dee (http://www.kamilla-dee.com/english/frames_e.htm)

All are easy to find, there is plenty of info on them in this thread, and are all very, very high quality.

If these do not suit your needs, you might figure out why they are not to your taste, and post another query. You could also PM me and I'd be happy to offer whatever assistance I can.


Just to follow up on Seattleduo's query: anyone out there have any info on the Royal gangbang offer? I'm trying to organize another expedition to Berlin later this year, and if possible, I will sample the Royal gangbang thing. And of course, I promise to report back all the glorious details. but I first want to see what others out there know before I waste my time.

03-02-06, 16:51
Three weeks ago I was in Berlin and had the occasion to visit Barbara's massagestudio at Wisbyerstrasse 73. Although there is a website, the women portrayed there are not around. (www. Barbara. Rotlichtmodelle. De) However, I was in luck as there was a 20something beautiful tall (175 cm) slim blonde called Bella from Latvia (or Lithuania). Massage + FS for 60 Euro for 30 minutes, she did not watch the clock, she was good at the massage and obviously rather new for the FS as I could tell her pussy was too narrow in the beginning, but she ended up liking the action a lot! Too bad her breasts are nearly non-existent or I would go back every single occasion.

Angus Magee
03-04-06, 10:56
Just to follow up on Seattleduo's query: anyone out there have any info on the Royal gangbang offer? I'm trying to organize another expedition to Berlin later this year, and if possible, I will sample the Royal gangbang thing. And of course, I promise to report back all the glorious details. but I first want to see what others out there know before I waste my time.

I do not quite get the attraction of the GB scene. It is not much cheaper than a session and you have to "share" the lady with ? many other horny guys. What is the pull here? Just curious.

03-05-06, 03:15
I do not quite get the attraction of the GB scene. It is not much cheaper than a session and you have to "share" the lady with ? many other horny guys. What is the pull here? Just curious.

I agree Angus, it's a little dodgy. I am generally very careful with my hygiene, and so this isn't something I would just do without any research (hence my seconding of seattleduo's question). But if your goal is to experience things you have never done before, then this is one way to do that. At the base of it, I'm just a curious boy really.

Having said that, curiosity has its limits. I can imagine that it all depends on who else is in on the act. I imagine the only way I would do this is if I could control who the other fellows are, so that I would at least have a little piece of security there. If your going to share a woman with some slob with a green dick and fleas flying our of his ass, well, you can forget that. But if the other guys are people you know (and hopefully trust), then I think it's a different question entirely.

So that's why I want to know about the Royal scene. In my experience, Royal is a class act, and so perhaps Mr. green-dick would not be allowed in. But if I can select who the other participants are, then hey, maybe old Kumbu will report back on a gang bang one of these days.