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05-16-02, 04:51
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05-18-02, 11:09
FKK 35

My plans were to go to Atantis but i ran short on time and opted instead tp go to FKK 35 some how i have ended up there the day before a party.

Well any way service was great as always and i left quite satified.

There were a couple of grils that could speak abit of English and the lady that lets you in seems to be able to speak a bit too.

This is smaller than alantis but they had 6 or seven grils to choose from.

One day i will make it to Alantis

one last thing i do hope more people will again post and review


05-19-02, 11:57
c, tell me about atlantis please. What have you heard, where is it located? And how would you rate the girls are Fkk 35? Also, how much is FS at Fkk 35? Thanks.


05-20-02, 10:34
I have been in both, FK35 in Frankfurt and in Atlantis.

Obviously, Atlantis is great. The setting, the number of girls and the service. I had wonderful sex with a girl from former Jugoslavia, she was realy great. The girls are not aggresively approaching you, you may make your own choice without being pushed. Overall the atmospher was a little bit over profesional, frequent visitors seemed to have recieved a better treatment

The FKK 35 was great too. i had sex with a girl of African descendence, who really tried to be a girlfriend. Big touching in the wirlepool, and up in the room it was a big party. highly recomended!!


05-20-02, 14:39
Atlantis is in a village north of Frankfurt named Altenstadt.
It is a bout 30 to 45 mn drive from downtown.
It will cost you a fortune with cab, but it is worth the trip as even including the fare, the global cost of 2 or 3 time FS will be cheaper and safer than any one time in the US .... :-)))

have fun

Atlantis has a web site that give the direction and you can find the address in archive here.

05-20-02, 20:42

I can't believe you still haven't made it to Atlantis. Next time I head there I might have to take the 40 KM detour to pick you up and make sure you finally make it there.


There is a lot of stuff written about the Atlantis in the Archive section. If I have time I will write more about it sometime.

Brief Overview:

30-70 Women (depending on Day & Time) 100% Naked walking around the main room which includes :

3 saunas a huge pool (in the summer there is an outdoor pool too), a bar, a tonne of couches, a massage guy and sometimes a grill buffet.

These women are usually 19-30 years old, from all over (Asian, Eastern European, German, Turkish, African, Latina). There is soemthing for every taste.

Entrance fee is 60€

Each 30 min session costs 50€ and includes BBBJ and sex in as many positions as you can handle. From 80% of the women you will get GF6, because 90% of there customers come at least once a month.

Anal and BJ with coming in her mouth costs extra. 2 girls are also possible 50€ each.

This is not an ad for Atlantis, because there is another club which is just as good and just as far from Frankfurt calle Oase.

The home pages are listed in the archive as well.

Hope this helps.

05-21-02, 11:56

Anybody knows some good independent girls,english speaking in the Karlsruhe area?


05-21-02, 13:04
peter, can you give me a similiar report on Oase? Thanks for your info on Atlantis.


05-21-02, 17:07
Good to see some new information on the great art of FKK. Have been to Oase several times as I get to the Frankfurt area at least 3x per year. Can you tell me where FKK 35 is? Not familiar with it, but would like to visit. Thanks,

05-22-02, 09:43
We just might have to car pool to Atlantis.lol
I do plan on getting there. I have tried good maybe it is time yo try great.


FKK 35 is close to a661 and sits right next to the main river Frankfurt Franziiusstr 35
This is not a large club the last visit there were 7 or so girls from 5 to an 9 and this was in the after noon between 1-3 or in german terms 13-1500

It sits back in an industrial area
If you use map quest you can get exact directions.
if you need more let me know

there is a lot of ino i the archive too

Hope this helps enjoy

05-22-02, 10:04
On may 9 you asked diretions to FKK
Did you ever make it ? and how was it

05-22-02, 13:32
ct1, I don't remember asking about the directions, but I have not gotten there, I will be moving the K-town area in March of 2003, so I am gathering all the info I can now, so I am prepared when I get there... any help on Oase?

05-22-02, 14:38
Hey Guys
If you look under the new topics headings FKK clubs Germany you will already see some directions. So far only F35 and Atlantis but I hope to post some more of the same similar info on all the other major clubs listed .My problem so far is that there is a time limit beween each post I am able to send and it makes my work slow and hard .
Please post your comments and review in the relevant FKK section this way it will be a lot easier for others to search and post in the future .
This current city heading should be only used for postings about Frankfurt RLD inhouse private apartment girls and the street scene

05-23-02, 23:51
Sorry Wizard, one last FKK here!

@ Valmont

Oase is basically the same as Atlantis except:

20% less women

Bigger sitting area

Porno Theatre

Older pool

Much better outdoor section

Otherwise it is a toss up between the two.

07-13-02, 23:23
Hey all, just had a day off in Frankfurt and crawled around the red-light districy since I couldn't make it to any FKK clubs.
I would recommend the red light if you're stuck by the main train station. The best apartment/brothel I found was the 39 Haus. One street over from Kaiser Str.
From there you simply look for buildings lit up with red or blue neon, and explore the floors of each. It gets tiring going up and down the stairs of 8 different buildings, but you have to see them all, right?
The 39 haus was just as advertised here. Each floor with a different breed of girl. Each building has something for everyone, but Asians were hard to find.
I guess the FKK clubs are the shit, but if you're on foot like me, this will definitely tide you over, and over, and over.
Oh, most girls are 30 Euros for full service and NO FAKE HEAD!

07-15-02, 13:56

I will be in Germany, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin for 3 weeks in October, all the information posted here is great ..... especially about FKK clubs and so on, that I have to visit !!!

But, do you guys know of places in those 3 cities, where you can meet local non-working German girls ??

Any information would be great ...... also in general, are young German women freindly to foreign travellers (Australian) ?

Thanks ....


07-15-02, 21:17
@ ozguy

you know about the rld's (which are crap), you know about the fkk's (which are great in the frankfurt area, but hardly existent around munich (except südfass) and berlin (la folie)). now let me tell you about where to find non-pro girls in frankfurt. remember germany is a country that is wealthier than australia, and the 2 of the 3 cities you are visiting are the richest in germany. these girls are not pro in any way shape or form, don't even try it. this is not a poor country.


if you speak no german and just english with that really annoying accent that you skin cancer ex-cons:) have, then hang out where the ex-pats hang out. i have to say that the ex-pats here are almost all working as stock-brockers as it guys or at the banks. that means they all earn decent coin, so it is not like amsterdam or anything.

best bar for wealthy ex-pats to meet hot chicks - studio bar above cafe real at the hauptwache.

if you want to go to a bar-restaurant where people want to meet aussies then head up the street from there to kangaroo's. the name gives it away. fosters and kangaroo meat as far as the eye can see.

other ex-pat hang-outs are all the fox&...bars, fox & hound, fox & grapes, etc.

going to a disco, you can check out divines where there are often ex-pat parties, or you can try and get into the king kamehameha klub on the hanauer landstrasse which is still the coolest club in the area.

frankfurt is a great town, and the girls are hot. but it is not like a vacation area where the girls are looking especially for foreigners. if you want sleazy girls there are a lot of other places to go. i am just telling you where the cream of the crop hang out.

munich is a town with lots of good looking non-pro's too!

i find the girls in berlin to be heinous and talk like dirty sluts, but that is just my personal feeling as someone who speaks fluent german.

when you get into germany just pick up the magazine prinz which will give you the addresses for the best clubs and bars in the area.

again, these are all non-pro facilities. if you want pro's go to rld's or fkk's. it is obvious what they are there for.

07-16-02, 07:00

Thanks for the great information .... yes, I know from reading here about the RLD around frankfurt (and to stay away!!!), as well as the great FKK clubs .....

I was just interested to know where I could meet and mix with local girls, I like German women and people in general .... so was just interested to see where would be the best, I am mainly going to Munich for Oktoberfest of course ..... I would love to be a part of that in Munich.

I also know of the economic standard of the cities I will be visiting, and put it this way ..... I personally am certainly not out of place in that regard ..... but, I know what you're saying.

anyway, what do you mean annoying accent ?? ... I don't have an accent ........ everyone else does !!! ..... ;-)

Thanks for the great info as usual Peter .......


Puff Daddy
07-18-02, 14:29

Is that you buddy?


I think the best thing you can do as Americans or Con-islanders (I know it's not) is to try out the FKK clubs. Don't waste your money in the RLD's. They will only rip you off. If you do go though, tell them you just moved here and you stay for a long time working here. Never say you are a tourist.

Ads can be found in the Happy Weekend magazine which can be bought at sex shops and some gas stations. It sells for about 12 Euros and is full of kinky stuff.
You find many club ads and individual girls most with picture in this magazine.

Certainly you can check out a lot of places on the internet for free.
Try www.ladies.de and also search for Jako's homepage with the largest German and international sex link list I ever came across so far.

In general most German girls will like English speaking guys. To them you are fascinatingly different and also the better educated ones speak English. They will be thrilled if they can get your attention.
If you travel as a tourist you might still not have the time to chat some up. Professionals working here and students should be quite o.k. though.

The German Dude, who likes the WSG

07-28-02, 18:07
The best board,like this here word wild wide,is for germany http://www.hurenforen.to
There you can catch all the information that you need.
It's mainly about frankfurt,hannover,berlin,hamburg...


08-04-02, 03:09
Going in October and have just Sunday night before business takes me away from Frankfurt. What FKK is closest to the airport and easiest to get to??

08-04-02, 15:47

FKK Chantal Chevalier is close to the airport and is easy to get to via public transportation. FKK Paradies is further away, but is also easy to get to.

Let me know if you want information on which subway lines will take you to these clubs.

08-04-02, 17:53
Hi Arnie, I will be in Frankfurt in 2 weeks, and staying at the Hilton, next to the park. Would you be kind enough to give me specific directions to one or more of the FKK's from there, using the trains, as I have never tried this, and I'm looking forward to it. I will be with people, so I can't bring anyone back to the room. Thanks for your help! thor

08-04-02, 18:58
Is the Hilton Hotel located at 4 Hochstr., near the Zeil?

If so, then FKK Chantal Chevalier is the nearest FKK. To get there:

Walk approximately 200m north-east along Hochstr. until you reach the Eschenheimer Tor underground station.

Take the U2 train north until you reach the Holzhausenstr. underground station.

Walk approximately 150m south along Eschersheimer Landstr. until you reach the FKK. The address is: Eschersheimer Landstr. 88.

08-05-02, 02:46
Hi Arnie, what train lines do you take from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to fkk chantal chevalier and fkk paradies, your info would be helpful in all travels. Thanks

08-05-02, 03:29
To FKK-Paradies:

From Hauptbahnhof, take the U4 line, direction Messe, to Bockenheimer Warte.

From Bockenehimer Warte, take the U7 line, direction Hausen, to Industriehof.
(Alternately, take the U6 line, direction Heerstr., to Industriehof.)

Exit the train, cross over the tracks, and continue north along Königsbergerstr., which will break sharply to the left.

FKK-Paradies is located at 28 Königsbergerstr.

To FKK-Chantal Chevalier:

From Haputbahnhof, take the U4 line, direction Seckbacher Landstr., to Willy Brant Platz.

From Willy Brant Platz, take the U2 line north to Holzhausenstr.

Proceed to Chantal Chevalier as indicated in the post to thor.

08-05-02, 03:44
Is there a web site for Chantel Chevier???

08-05-02, 04:56
Not that I know of.

08-05-02, 05:08
[QUOTE]Originally posted by peter
[i]@ OzGuy

You know about the RLD's (Which are crap), you know about the FKK's (Which are great in the Frankfurt area, but hardly existent around Munich (except Südfass) and Berlin (La Folie)). Now let me tell you about where to find NON-PRO Girls in Frankfurt. Remember Germany is a country that is wealthier than Australia, and the 2 of the 3 cities you are visiting are the richest in Germany. These girls are not Pro in any way shape or form, don't even try it. This is not a poor country.

Even though Germany is a rich country I have to admit that women here are nowhere near as materialistic and greedy as American and British women who take the crown for being the most expensive women to date and to have sex with on the planet. The FKK's are so inexpensive despite the fact that this is a rich society. The price has to do more with the supply of beautiful women in this country more than the demand for their services. There seems to be more than an adequate supply of beautiful women pretty much all over Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, and Scandinavia. The one girl I thought that I positively fell in love with, Chanel, was working near Cologne but left the business. She was beautiful, had nice eyes, skin, and a great smile, she was also friendly, had good humor, and was down to earth and in was not arrogant at all. I would NEVER find a woman like that in America with all those qualities. Peter, have you ever heard of this woman? She worked at Babylon in Elsdorf last year. I miss her so much....

08-05-02, 18:38
Arnie, thanks for your help. thor

08-13-02, 07:27
here is the web site for Chantel Chevier http://www.fkkcc.de/
hope this helps

happy hunting

09-17-02, 07:14
The FKK scene in/around Frankfurt is fairly well-known: Paradise and FKK35 and now Chantal's Club (all mediocre to inconsistent choices at best) fall withing central Frankfurt area, i.e. easily accessible from, say, Hauptbahnhof via public transport. Thus, for non-locals who do not have a car, they are inexpensive choices in terms of getting there.

Outside centre, Oase and Atlantis reign and Gorgenhausen is on the rise. These, most would agree, are the preferred choices in terms of quality, quantity and beauty factors, but they are too distant for easy public transport access and are best reached via self-drive car. For non-local visitors this means car hire and additional expense.

So besides the afore-mentioned fkk's in central area, what other club options are there in central Frankfurt?

There is Sudfass Oase club (5 min walk from Ostende str. S-bahn station in city centre), which can offer some nice looking women, but it is not strictly an fkk club with couch action, bbbjs are more or less taboo, and the pricing is way over the top compared to say, Atlantis or Oase, etc.

Then there is a private appartment called "Anoushka's" in Bornheim. According to a taxi driver I once spoke to, this place is full of Russian girls. I have no other info. Does anybody know about this place? Can anybody give reports about the beauty, service, and prices? Thanks.

09-18-02, 00:53
Oase you can reach easily by public transportation and short taxi ride, this topic has been answered many times on this forum,look at previous posts..

09-18-02, 02:59

I am definitely going in October. earlier you said you could help with directions from the airport. Thanks for the help - which club would you recommend? - Chantel/Parides/F35?? And how do you get there?

09-18-02, 08:01

Nearly everybody is aware that you can reach Oase by taking S-bahn to Bad Homburg, for example, and then a 15Euro taxi each way. However, the problem is that you end up paying at least 40Euro extra to/from Frankfurt centre and you have built-in time constraints because the S-bahn stops running at around mid-night, so if you want to stay at the club late night/early morning you're forced into a mega-taxi bill for your return
journey. Thus a club like Oase, whilst it can certainly be reached by public transport and taxi, is still best reached by self-drive car...

10-01-02, 19:43
Eros centers - Just a few comments on the Eros centers. I have been about 4-5 times in the last two years when traveling through to Africa from Amsterdam. In November 2001, pre euro the price was 50 DM, about 20 usd at that time. A very fair price. When I went back in April in 2002 the price was 50 Euro, now that is a little bit of inflation! In general the service is very rushed as always, but I did see some real stunners in the buildings, unfortunately these stunning tall creatures were german and as most of the readers know, these are usually the worst performances. Very business like. I did have a couple of nice experiences with an asian and a latin girl(s). So, my opinion of the Eros towers is this. First do not try to walk into every building and walk to every floor, you will be way to tired and sweaty to enjoy yourself later. Find a nice asian ( be careful of the ladyboys, which are usually to tall and have a deeper voice ) or a nice Latin girl and do not expect to much and you will have a nice time.

About 5 % are really nice looking, 10% are nice looking, but to find this small percentage you would have to walk into 5-7 centers and walk to the top of each one. Trust me , this is a lot of hot stairwells. Just grab the first cutie you see with a good personality and do not worry about what the rest of the buildings may have.

Can someone please post if the price is still 50 Euros in these 50 floors of ******.


10-04-02, 16:25
Hello Everyone,

I am going to be in Mainz next month and would like to find out about any FKK clubs, private houses, or pickup bars in the area.
Any and all info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


10-06-02, 15:47
@ Astroglide

You didn?t say if you were going to have a car or not.
In Mainz there is a Brothel right near Train Station.
Its been a while since I have been there I believe the Prices are about 30 Euro. One recommendation is stay away from the German girls the Thai seem to give better service. There is one Thai I believe on the second floor and on the middle room on the left side of the hall, which was good.

Here is a link to find clubs and such Click on quick find then Chose Hesen then Wiesbaden Mainz.

If you have a car then you may be better served going to an FKK, which you can read the reports in that section. FKK 35 is a small club but nice. It is about 35-40 min.s from Mainz. Then you have Alantis Oasis ect?

If you prefer a private appt type club that will run you about 150 euro. For an hour. Let me know if you need more info

Happy hunting

10-07-02, 12:57
Hi all -

Are there any FKK clubs near Heidelberg or Walldorf? Or anything else for that matter? Thanks.

10-15-02, 00:16
I arrive on Monday, January 20, 2003 and would like to know of the best 3 Sex Clubs in all of Frankfurt for our 6 hour lay over before we fly to Austria.

10-16-02, 15:44
I would like to visit an FKK club whilst in Germany next month. I guess the FKK 35 is the only one in Frankfurt. How far is it from main station and do you pay the entrance fee still if you have a session? How are the girls at FKK 35?..thnks


10-16-02, 17:06

You still pay the entry for fkk35 even if you see a girl
the answer to the rest of your questions are answered under the fkk section

10-19-02, 11:34
I am going to staying the night in Frankfurt before departing to London and I am really interest in going either FKK 35 or Atlantis. Can anyone recommend which one is better? Also, one more question.... when I arrive at Frankfurt airport, how do i get to these places? What destination do i ask for? Is the city center far from the airport?
I would be very grateful if some could answer my questions... please feel free to email me on; justjuice1@hotmal.com

10-22-02, 00:51

No question, Atlantis is the better choice if you value girl selection: depending on which night of the week you go, Atlantis will offer a selection unparalled in Germany, perhaps in all of Europe, of between 60 -100 girls, many 8s and some 9s! The drawback (for you) will be its access for the casual tourist from Frankfurt airport. If you're serious, take a taxi. Say to a taxi driver: FKK Atlantis in Altenstadt. You're talking about a 45min drive each way using autobahns. Bite the bullet, pay your taxi money (ca. 100Euro round trip?) and go for the best!

If you're on a cheaper budget, then go to FKK35, which is more central, but lacks the selection, by far!

Another option to consider: FKK Oase in Burgholtzhausen. Take S-bahn to Bad Homburg and then taxi; much cheaper transport costs than Atlantis and the second best girl selection in Frankfurt area: still very impressive.

10-25-02, 07:48
Re buying Viagra over the counter in Deutschland: I don't know 100%, but I would be extremely surprised if you could get V without a percription. And if you think you can bring a perscription from home and use it in Germany, think again: Only doctors who are registered in EC countries can have their perscriptions honoured. Best bet is to bring it with you from home and avoid hassles. Otherwise, I think your only option is to go to a local, German doctor, pay those fees and then try to get a Viagra perscription from him, then go pay the expensive German Viagra prices...


New Subject:

Driving back from Atlantis recently, I come off the 66 Autobahn and enter Frankfurt city via Hanauer Landsrasse. There is was, illuminated in floodlights: The brand new "Napoleon's FKK Sauna Club" situated on Hanauer Landstrasse, not far from Hotel Alfa and the giant Bauhaus Home Store.

Anybody have any comments about this, apperently, new club?


10-26-02, 23:23
I am going to be in Frankfurt (with a car) next weekend and the following weekend. I'd like to take my girlfriend to a live sex show, of quality, and perhaps find a nice girl to perform oral sex on my girlfriend while I watch. i will also be in Switzerland. Can anyone recommend a place that is clean, fairly safe with ncie women and not grossly expensive?



11-06-02, 14:51
Can anyone recommend a place for seeing strip tease in franfurt?
I'll spend only one morning right there.. Thank you.. :)

Mind Snatcher
11-22-02, 00:27
FKK Oase and Atlantis: what a choice. Both rather hard to find, being in out of the way places. Oase has the better facilities. It is much larger, there are chalets in a large garden, even a tennis court. There is a decent-sized swimming pool and a cinema. The individual rooms are excellent, and you can use the outdoor chalets too. The problem is with the girls. More Russians, more hassling. And the water in the swimming pool was on the chilly side. Atlantis by contrast is smaller and more intimate. Rooms less palatial, more like a cheap hotel. There are just as many girls there if not more (upwards of fifty), and most seem really friendly, less standoffish and businesslike. The public rooms and garden may be smaller, but the pool is deliciously warm and inviting. Avoid Atlantis on Wednesday and Oase on Thursday (girls not naked on those days). Good service more or less guaranteed in both places: you talk to the girls at your leisure before committing yourself. prices idential: 60 euros admission, then 50 euros per half hour full service.

11-24-02, 21:36
Hello everyone,
I am on my last evening in Europe and visited the sex stairs (malls) near the main train center. I found a drop dead gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous, Slovak girl. She had pigtails and reminded me of the Heidi character in the movie, Courage Mountain. She started by giving me a back message then a really nice BJ with a condom. Then things turned for the worse. she would not take her pants off and told me that he had an operation on her pussy and could not have sex for 6 weeks. Why the hell was she there in the first place! Anywayz, I caughed up 110 Euros ($110) for 45 minutes and decided to make the best of it. She was extremely hot, but also an extreme dissapointment in the sack.

Well, this concludes my European Tour de Puss. I am off to Nuevo Laredo Mexico next, in December.

Happy Hunting


11-28-02, 10:20
Hello to Ibiza007,

By the way i was in frankfurt last weekend and it is still 50 euro's in the eros centers .

Peach .

Puff Daddy
11-28-02, 17:57
Well the price in the brothels of Frankfurt should be less than 50 Euros for the standard suck 'n fuck. It should be more like 25 Euros without any extras.
Also you might not want to mention that you are American and on your once in a lifetime trip to Europe. Don't ever say that you will fly back the next day or anything like that.
Depending on your preferred skin color I must warn you for there are a lot of negative reports in German on African girls. Many Latin girls - and those are often from the Carribean - offer a good service. 100 Euros should AT LEAST buy you one our.
There are also a lot of rip-off girls of other nationalities than African countries (e.g. German girls) and some houses are known for a rather good service others for a higher percentage of bad deals.
It is commonly known that with bad girls the price will differ depending if you are in front of her room negotiating or inside with your pants at your ankles and your blood in your pecker while it is needed more badly elsewhere. DON'T EVER pay more for the specified service than negotiated at the door. If the ***** wants more rather stop the action and leave - DON'T EVER throw good money after a bad girl. ALWAYS use your common sense AND IF POSSIBLE ask the locals.
If you are not cheap and want a REAL GOOD German night out fucking and laughing you should try the world famous FKK Clubs near Frankfurt. Even a little bit more expensive it will be an unforgettable experience and definitely something to write home about.
In particular as Americans don't throw around with your hard erarned greenbacks. Don't be pennywise and pound foolish.

Regards - the German dude

12-12-02, 09:47
Had a delayed flight to Asia and had to stay in the Airport Hotel. Dog tired but decided to pop down to the hotel disco on the first floor.

Bags of girlies, Asian, Black and older russian birds.

4 black girls caught my attention , 3 were 8/10 the last one couldn't fit though a door sidewides. They seemed to be fliting with every man in the place. Eventually it was my turn and of i went buying them drinks, actually a bloody good evening ended up with "Do you want to F***". Back to the room 100US for the 2 best ones. Fantastic session but rushed.

Member #4190
12-23-02, 12:51
Well JT, I hope you don't find this too distressing but you probably
had sex with a man.

He/She was probably a pre-operation or post-operation transexual who was either not well enough or not ready for vaginal penetrative sex. That is why the pants stayed on.

As someone who regularly has sex with both men and women, in that area, let me say you would get just a good a BJ in the station toilets at Franfurt Hbf for free and save your money.

Originally posted by JT.
Hello everyone,
I am on my last evening in Europe and visited the sex stairs (malls) near the main train center. I found a drop dead gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous, Slovak girl. She had pigtails and reminded me of the Heidi character in the movie, Courage Mountain. She started by giving me a back message then a really nice BJ with a condom. Then things turned for the worse. she would not take her pants off and told me that he had an operation on her pussy and could not have sex for 6 weeks. Why the hell was she there in the first place! Anywayz, I caughed up 110 Euros ($110) for 45 minutes and decided to make the best of it. She was extremely hot, but also an extreme dissapointment in the sack.

Well, this concludes my European Tour de Puss. I am off to Nuevo Laredo Mexico next, in December.

Happy Hunting


12-28-02, 02:25
Last week staying at a Frankfurt Hotel, I saw a flyer for a FKK club new to me :
Club-diskret in Hanau (close to Frankfurt)

As we all know about the excellent places in FRA area, it is always interesting to know about new places.
So question : had anybody experience about this place and what is your opinion.
Any info is welcome.

Happy new year to everybody

12-30-02, 17:26
anyone got details of a bus service from frankfurt to alenstadt

thanks ........hallmac

12-31-02, 06:24

From Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, take S-Bahn 6 (direction Friedberg) to Bad Vilbel Bahnhof.

From Bad Vilbel Bahnhof, take RKH-Bus Line 5150 to Altenstadt Alte Molkerei.

That stop is near the intersection of Vogelsbergstr. (which runs east-west) and Hanauer Str. (which runs north-south).

Get off the bus, walk about 75m west on Vogelsbergstr., and then walk south (left turn) on Hanauer Str.

Continue south on Hanauer Str. for 1.25 km. Make another left at the intersection. That street will eventually become Helmershauser Str. Follow it for about 1.2 km.

Helmershauser Str. will break to the right. That's Siemensstr.

Atlantis is located at Siemensstr. 4. The cross street is Industriestr.

Total cost:
5.90 EUR, one way

Total distance, from bus stop to club:
Approx. 3.1 km (1.9 mi.)

More info.:

www.rkh.de (RKH Bus)
www.vgf-ffm.de (Frankfurt-area public transportation)
www.kaleus-clubindex.de/kaleu/deutsch/detail.php?area=Deutschland&file_name=atlantis (Atlantis info. from Kaleu's site, with area map)

Hope this helps.

01-01-03, 20:41
Coming over in march. was planning to stay in Altenstadt, but have not been able to find any hotels. Will we have to stay in Frankfurt ?

I would appreciate any help

thanks hallmac

01-02-03, 03:07
Originally posted by hallmac
Coming over in march. was planning to stay in Altenstadt, but have not been able to find any hotels. Will we have to stay in Frankfurt ?

I would appreciate any help

thanks hallmac

If you want to stay near Atlantis, here's a suggestion:

Vogelsbergstraße 2
Tel: +49 6047-96470

It's located about 3 km north-west of the club. I've never stayed there, so I can't describe the hotel or give you any pricing information. Try searching www.google.com for the hotel's website.

One more thing -- if you're coming over in March, avoid these dates, if possible:

March 03 through 09
March 13 through 15
March 25 through 29

There are trade fairs going on during these dates, which means that the clubs will be packed and hotels may be difficult to find.

Hope this helps.

01-05-03, 13:34
Thanks for the hotel info.
Found this site for hotels in Altenstadt area if anyone
is interested.



01-06-03, 04:12
Anyone know any girl who works in the houses near the Frankfurt trainstation who swallows? If she provides a nice RIM job, all the better!!

01-11-03, 16:03
hello guys...try CATALINA..house nr. 43...room 20..she is a stunning chic from venezuela....great face...great body...no rish...30 EUROs for 40 mins.

more making love than fXXXXXX.

01-18-03, 16:05
will be in frankfurt for a very short time would like a a good masssage or escort ant help would be greatly appreciated

01-26-03, 03:21

FKK is not in the list of acronyms... any help?

01-27-03, 12:20
Nasty Boy,

FKK means Frei Koerper Kultur... literally "nude body culture". It suggests that these clubs are actually just places where nudists hang out... kind of covering up the real reason everybody is there and meaning that the working girls are "officially" not prostitutes. Everybody accepts this now though but the name has stuck.

02-02-03, 16:47
Thanks Doc,

Kind of like a massage parlor, huh?

02-03-03, 12:25
As far as legalities go, I suppose yes...except vice never comes knocking on the door.... actually as far as I know there are no legal issues with FKK clubs. I just know that the girls complain that prostitution isn't recognized as a real job, so they aren't entitled to any benefits. Strange concept for most of us, but the girls here, especially the German ones, take this issue pretty seriously. Don't know how the tax issue works...if anybody knows, it would be interesting to find out if they have to tax their income. I suppose not. In any case, do your best to give the girls all the business you can!

02-03-03, 20:36
Originally posted by doctor_skank
As far as legalities go, I suppose yes...except vice never comes knocking on the door.... actually as far as I know there are no legal issues with FKK clubs. I just know that the girls complain that prostitution isn't recognized as a real job, so they aren't entitled to any benefits. Strange concept for most of us, but the girls here, especially the German ones, take this issue pretty seriously. Don't know how the tax issue works...if anybody knows, it would be interesting to find out if they have to tax their income. I suppose not. In any case, do your best to give the girls all the business you can!

As I have been led to understand it, the only law enforcement issue with the FKK clubs is girls working illegally. As in they are in Germany on a tourist passport which does not permit them to work. I believe the Polizei make occasional sweeps to arrest and deport the girls who are working illegally. Shouldn't have any effect on the paying customers unless your favorite girl happens to one of the unfortunate ones who get caught. Then I guess you'd just have to find you another one. Variety is the spice of life anyway.


02-04-03, 17:36
Originally posted by t_bozen
hello guys...try CATALINA..house nr. 43...room 20..she is a stunning chic from venezuela....great face...great body...no rish...30 EUROs for 40 mins.

more making love than fXXXXXX.

have been at house 43 last friday but there
was no woman with the name of
catalina at room 20...her name was joy and she
didn't want to tell me more.
if anybody know a nice woman at that
area who gives gf service and maybe cim,cif
and anal letme know...i am very interested.

02-04-03, 23:28
Have one Sunday night to spend in Frankfurt this month arriving FRA at 8:30 leaving FRA at 11 next morning.
Will definitely need some time to chill at a club. Looking for resident experts best opinion to maximize my 12 hours. Can have access to a rental car if needed for transportation. Sleep isn't neccessary.
What do you say?

02-06-03, 02:21
I recommend heading to a FKK. A good one like Atlantis or Oase. You can go swimming, relax in a sauna, chill in a whirlpool, get a professional message, and oh yes, FUCK HOT AS HELL GIRLS from all over the world. They even feed you and all the nonalcoholic beverages are included. Total Relaxation at it's finest.


02-06-03, 13:26

Atlantis and Oase are open till 5 AM so you can stay there till then and then get some breakfast somewhere in the area and then head back to the airport. it is possible.

02-07-03, 10:04
Thanx Pete and JT,
That's the plan. Anyone know how many women are left at those hours and do they have any strength left :-)

02-12-03, 03:49
Doctor Skank,

I will be back in Germany to patronize my most favorite girls in the world in April....woooooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna land in Frankfurt then head down to Garmisch...do you know what the action is like in that town?

I have a week so I will definately visit the girls in Frankfurt too.

That Venezuelan babe sounded nice, but how do you find that address???


02-12-03, 08:47
How easy is it to find a taxi back to Frankfurt hotel from Atlantis or Oase in early AM. I am too lazy to navigate by train that late after hours of good fucking.

02-12-03, 10:15

Garmisch is beautiful, but never had a chance to try to find any pro-action there... southern Germany is generally not as good as Frankfurt or the Ruhr region as far as FKK goes, but maybe somebody else can help you.


t_bozen posted on the Venezuelan chica...maybe he can enlighten us on that...would be nice...she did sound nice and cheap...

02-12-03, 15:21
Originally posted by Tasty1
How easy is it to find a taxi back to Frankfurt hotel from Atlantis or Oase in early AM. I am too lazy to navigate by train that late after hours of good fucking.

Tasty, if you plan on staying at the clubs past midnight, then taxis are pretty much your only means of transportation until the trains begin running again at 4:00 or 5:00 AM.

Getting a taxi is easy -- just have the lady at the front desk call one for you.

02-14-03, 06:08



If I find it I will let you all know


Dick Boobs
02-14-03, 11:37
Was in FRA last year and booked Denise from www.agency-vip-escort.de/ 26yrs, perfect body. as i did not reserve in advance, i had to wait for an hour for her to arrive at airport hotel. but well worth the wait. She appeared to have hurried and was quite breathless and I took advantage to offer her a drink and shower. She opted for both and we enjoyed the shower with nice bj. She is 75b and was wearing the tiniest string i have ever seen, as if she was wearing nothing. her shaven pussy tasted very well and we tried a few positions after the shower. all in i came three times during the 2hrs meeting. although comparatively expensive, it was well worth. the agency was also quite friendly, recommending her and her preferences which suited me quite well. after the session they enquried how it went and offered to take care of me next time again, possibly with another lady. i woud haoever reserve in advance if possible, (a) to cut waiting time and (b) to ensure the girl I want is available.

02-14-03, 21:48
From Garmisch you should take the trouble to go to the absolute best place in the region, which is A-5071 Salzburg/Wals, Hinterfeldweg 57.
Tel +43-(0) 662-85 00 23
Montag - Samstag: 15.00 Uhr - 03.00 Uhr
Monday-Saturday: 3pm-3 am. This is near Salzburg Airport and you get a first class service, fair pricing, GFE - type sex, just much hotter. An absolute must. Check it out on www.babylon1.com.
International business-people as clientele, internationally, and local 10´s blond hair, speak all kinds of languages, educated, well: worth every penny you spend. AND: YOU CAN EVEN HAVE A FIRST CLASS DINNER ON PREMISES ....


02-19-03, 04:41
many thanks for the recommendation snark, i will definately check it out.

i can hardly wait for my vacation. i am renting an opel astra and can't wait to hit those no speed limit autobahns. today i spent $40 on road atlases.

and looking forward to some good schnitzel too.

the more i think about it, the more i have to find a permanent way to stay in deustchland.

02-22-03, 18:57
I've been to a few FKKs in Dusseldorf, but have not been to any in Frankfurt. In Dusseldorf, they have clubs where you could have 3 sessions for less than 120EU.

I was hoping more experienced Frankfurt FKKers could point me in the right direction...I'm usually staying in a hotel next to the Frankfurt airport without a car.
I was thinking of calling an agency if there aren't any FKK clubs near-by...since I'm usually on a budget while on these trips, can anyone help out with a few phone numbers of reasonably priced agencies?
My preference would definitely be a reasonably priced (3x for 150EU???) FKK clubs within a 20EU taxi ride away.

Hope someone can help a guy out...

P.S. Let me know if you guys need any info on Dusseldorf clubs/girls ;).

02-22-03, 22:50

Just some more hints on Germany and some recommendations. First of all, to have the pleasure to drive really fast, have one of the good cars just for one day, maybe going from Frankfurt to Munich. SIXT is giving excellent pricing, you can pick up mileage (Lufthansa, don´t know about UA) on the way, and you can have a Navigator. E-Class Benz would be my recommendation (with a little bit of luck and nego in the 80EUR region /w unlimited mileage, for 3000 LH-Miles call 0180-5002202 tha day you want to rent, maybe some 3 hrs in advance) . Just to get the hang of it. After that one day, a budget car is definitely ok, especially in the southern region, where there are a lot of bending curves and you can´t always really make use of the full power anyway.

Second: There is a rule that cars should keep to the right on the Autobahn, meaning people might be upset if someone from a more relaxed country like the states ("prudent driving") comes to Germany, doesn´t know this rule and expect others to pass on the right hand side, which is not allowed here :-)

There was a funny article (unintentionally) I believe in car&driver stating that people kept flashing their lights at the author in Germany, and he thought that maybe he was not allowed to eat while at the steering wheel. ROTFL! He was probably blocking the fast lane of the road for some mongers eager to see their ladies.

But anyways, if you have a car, that is good news, as some of the really nice places are best to be reached by car rather than by taxi (expensive!).

If you have the chance, see Frankfurt Taunusstrasse 39 for some latina chicas, which can be really adaptive if you give them a bit more than the 25 EUR they ask for (sic!) - compared to US prices this is ridiculous, no idea why they come here, actually..., although the scene around Kaiserstrasse is less intriguing. Thai ladys are recommended; I have seen some healthy girl in Offenbach that is willing to give BBeverything; cost 100-150 depending.

On a visit to FKK and some other places you save a lot of cash you can spend more wisely, when using a rental car instead of a taxi.

If you already know about the german peculiarity when it comes to automobile driving, please ignore my gibberish above.

02-23-03, 17:44

there are only some parts of the autobahn without speedlimits. if it says 130 then you can go as fast as you want, but if the speed limit says 120 or 100 then they mean it and you better not fly through at 170kmh or you will get a nice fat bill from your rental car company.

don't spend so much on atlases, one decent on should be plenty.

let me know when you are coming, maybe we can hook up.


02-23-03, 18:44
peter & snark,

again, thanks for the excellent advice. i see a trouble free trip ahead. great idea snark to get a mercedes for just one day...that is probably all i can afford...lol....

the last time i was in frankfurt was 1973 when i was a young. stupid, egocentric young man and had pride about paying for nookie. but i do remember that place near the bahnhof that was just an open lobby and the girls all stood around in their lingerie and the men walked around until they found what they wanted. that was great, but after 30 years, and i am sure things have changed, but i would sure like to find that place again. don't most german cities have these arrangements? i found one in stuttgart through this discussion board.

peter, i land in frankfurt on 1 april at 0800. i am usually an anxious guy so i will just pick up my car and hit the road. from what i was reading about the action at the fkk's the best days to go are thursday, friday and saturday and then i leave on sunday. we can hook up then at oases if you like. i was reading that there isn't much privacy at atlantis so i will pass on that one.

i changed my mind about munchen. if there isn't any action down there, i won't be going. i am really into studying the roman empire so i will head to trier instead. maybe i can hop a fast train to dusseldorf and see if i can't find the action lustseeker was talking about.

snark was right about the prices here in the us, but i think they are high, because it is illegal here and everyone is running huge risks. my most recent offer at a massage parlor was $300 for sex with a nice young 21 year old pretty latin girl. i usually give her $120 for an hour of her time and she wanks me off, but boy do i love her body. my favorithe club is $10 for entrance, $200 for half hour for the room and then i negotiate for the sex, anywhere between $50 to $100. obviously i don't do this that often. the girls are strippers and come in all shapes and sizes and ages. but they are usually very hot and very good at what they do.

and lol about driving in the us....where do these people come from????? we have a law on the books about passing on the right, but we have so many people from so many places who bring their bad driving habits with them that i think the highway patrol has conceded them that one. hell they are starting to concede speeding. what they eventually do is set up a speed trap and catch you then to make up for all the other times they let you go.

well, i will land on a monday, head to trier, look for the places at the bahnhofs. i am gonna go to trier, kaiserslautern, stuttgart and then back to frankfurt by the weekend and spend the rest of my time at oases. no mountains, but lots of girls.....wooohooo!!!

thanks guys.

02-23-03, 22:38
NastyBoy, I know it´s off-topic here, but when in Trier and you are interested in the roman empire, don´t let the chance flipt to try the roman cuisine (true!).

You´ll find the restaurant ZUM DOMSTEIN right in the middle of Trier, and downstairs the have an exhibit of roman glasses and stuff that was dug out from underneath (no imitations, the real thing).

They serve food from a cookbook written by the peronal cook of caesar Apicius, of course updated a little bit to fit with modern palates. You get Mulsum, an Aperitf made from local white wine with Anisette and very tasty other stuff I can highly recommend.

They use spices that are very uncommon nowadays but absolutely delicious and cook it well. They really put pride in it, I don´t think its profitable but excellent.

Upstairs you find regular regional cuisine, also nice but far from the roman stuff. It is only open in the evening starting 6.00 pm if I remember right (upstairs also during daytime).

Sorry to be off-topic, but we are in a hedonistic space her, aren´t we?


02-23-03, 22:54

The Bahnhof Area still exists in Frankfurt, it is probably bigger than 30 years ago. If you want to go look at 100's of women in doorways in their lingerei then it is great. Most people aren't as happy with the service or the atmosphere, but it still is a sight to behold.

In almost every state in america passing on the right on a multi-lane (3 or more in each direction) highway is absolutely LEGAL. this is not the case in Germany.

There are no real privacy issues with atlantis. In the last while I have not been so happy with the choice of girls at OASE. There are more different ethnicities avaialable at Atlantis.

If I were you I would go to both atlantis and Oase, and if you head out to Trier then you might want to go to my personal favourite feel good club go to Fantasyland in Gorgeshausen and book a session with Lucy or Leila.

Just check out kaleu's site for directions to each place.

You've got enough time to do some research and plan your trip well, I like Fantasyland, Planet Happy Garden, Atlantis, Oase, in the Frankfurt to Köln area, but others might suggest other places.


02-23-03, 22:59
Going to be in Hannover for the Cebit in March, from all I have read Hannover is NOT the place to have fun.

I need some help here.......I will eventually end up in Munich, would I be better to take a day or 2 by train to Frankfort from Hannover or from Munich?

I speak only english, so this will make things a bit more difficult for me I am sure.

I am really wanting to visit Atlantis and maybe Oase, help me figure out the best way to do it...

Thanks in advance!

02-24-03, 04:43

FantasyLand has a great website. Can't wait to meet Lucy and Leila.

Also good to hear about the action at the bahnhof. Yeah, I like to see lots of girls in their underwear. It's gonna be a party!!! Meet you at one of those.


02-24-03, 09:16
Nasty, the open lobby with girls lounging around was
named crazy sexys ... it was pretty much the only good
spot around back in the early 70's for a horny GI to get laid.
It was about 2 or 3 blocks straight from the bahnhoff...then
turn left ..go about one more block. I'm sure it's still there,but
probably another name.

02-24-03, 13:09
Been reading up on all the posts - quite informative indeed. I was wondering how the Bahnhoff train station area is these days in terms of the Eros Centers; are there still any cute Asian girls in the big centers ? I was reading some other posts from a while back that said they were gone. Also, I am Chinese and I only know how to speak English, not a word of German- will I have a problem communicating with the girls, and are Asian customers accepted in the Eros centers, or will I be getting some stares ?

In terms of the FKKs, they seem a little too open for me, but I was wondering if there are still some "worthwhile"girls in the Eros Centers that do a good job and dont try to rip customers off. Will I have a problem since I only know English ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, wheres a good place to meet girls - hotel bars perhaps? Im not about to venture off into clubs late at night by myself since I dont know a word of German.

02-24-03, 20:21

No problem as an asian. The only racism that I have noticed is that each floor is divided by nationality and the darker the girls the lower the going price. However this is not as apparent as it is in asia. Most of the asian girls there are Thai, but watch out there are some ladyboys.

The chances of getting ripped off in the Erso Centers is still very large. Especially if you don't speak a word of German and tell the girls you are just a tourist here for a week. Try telling the girls that you have just moved to frankfurt and will be living here for a year or two. If she asks you what part of town, name Sachsenhausen (that is where a lot of ex-pats live). This way she might think that you might become a regular and then you might get some decent service.

Since going to FKK's I haven't been to RLD's in a long time. If you don't want to go way out of town to Atlantis or Oase (the best commercial sex locations worldwide) then do yourself a favour and at least head to FKK35 in Frankfurt. The atmosphere is totally different and the chances of getting ripped off are much smaller.


02-24-03, 23:58

You're right!!! What a memory...Crazy Sexys....Yeah it does ring a bell....Thanks for the directions.

02-25-03, 00:27

I never knew about the Roman Cuisine...Thanks...that is definately an insiders tip. Looking forward to it.

I also can't wait to get a good schnitzel and wurst.


02-25-03, 09:09
I took train last Cebit from Hannover to Dusseldorf area.
No problems, German train system is easily accessible. Munich is probably closer to Frankfurt than Hannover is so I would expect better time and connections.
Better alternative in my book is to rent a car for 2 days - it may be more expensive but definitely is more convenient and in any case you will need transportation from the train station to clubs that you plan on visiting. Less of a hassle in my opinion. I've done both.

02-28-03, 10:39
Frankfurt’s station redlight area (there is another one called Breite Gasse). I thought I’d give it a try for a couple of hours for a change from Atlantis. A big mistake. First I checked some German forums (hard work as I don’t understand much German!) to get some warnings and see what the rip-offs were.

There are about a fifteen four to five storey buildings with about six rooms on each floor.

First I tried a Thai worker in Taunus str.. She said 30E for a short time and 50 for longer. I chose the 30 option. She was very good-looking and friendly but even so the time was up before I could come – it’s about 15 minutes including changing, negotiating and action.

Second I tried a worker in Elbestrasse. She said 30E, once inside she asked for 50E, but I refused and when I hadn’t come within literally three minutes she was exasperated and the session stopped.

Third I tried a German in Elbestrasse ( the building with “Leierkasten” over the glass doors just inside the entrance). This building has a reputation for rip-offs and being the only one with German workers. I’d never had any trouble with Germans before so I thought I’d try. Anyway – 30E was the price on the door (I knew this was too cheap for Leierkasten), so I checked if she undressed for that and if it was for blasen und ficken. Yes came the answer. Once inside she started by asking if I wanted to pay more. I said no thank you. She then tried to make me come with her hand – I concentrated on not doing so and asked to fuck. First she said she had to get me hard (she obviously couldn’t see in front of her face) – this gave her more time to try to make me come so she could then say I had come too soon. She said that cost 50 extra! I asked if she took all her clothes off. She said yes. I agreed (bad negotiator) and she turned away to pretend to fuck by holding me between her hand and pussy. She said if I paid more I could see her pussy! All I wanted to see was outside the room again. She then said I was taking too long so I let her finish me off with her hand.

In conclusion, unless you enjoy negotiating it’s cheaper in an FKK and the workers stick to the deals e.g. 30mins (or longer if they enjoy talking with you about their lives etc.) and often genuinely enjoy their work. The workers in the redlight area seem to, mostly, dislike their work. It must be dismal for them to see the world as a cheapskate battle.

Not all is lost – When I get a chance I’m going to do reports on a couple of private premises which were top-rate.

02-28-03, 22:03
Anna at Offenbach – virtually part of Frankfurt - deserves her good reputation. You can find her via the http://www.freiclub.de website (a cheap pay site but worth it) or by her own site http://www.fly-the-unicorn.de. She speaks English on the phone (she is taking lessons)
I wouldn’t normally choose someone with her figure – not fat but stocky, but she has a good reputation and provides unusual services. She looks better in life than in the photos. She has a very attractive face when she’s being fucked
For 250e you can do anal fist – well I only managed four fingers and thumb but not to wrist. Then she asked me if I wanted to anal fuck her. I said yes and she immediately turned doggy position and took me as deep as was possible, reddening neck and breathing told me she had come. So I withdrew and she decided to suck me until I came – and she swallowed it all.
She said she works because she enjoys it. I would thoroughly recommend her. There’s no pretence with her.

03-09-03, 00:44
If you are looking for links to german girls and discussionboards visit my site at http://www.jako.tk

It ist written in German but it is easy to navigate.

I think its one of the biggest german link collection that you will find at the internet.


03-09-03, 00:54
Originally posted by smacker111
will I have a problem communicating with the girls, and are Asian customers accepted in the Eros centers, or will I be getting some stares ?....
You won't have a problem. The girls and the customers are both very internationnal.

It's useful to speak German, English, Thai or Spanish.

If you walk through the Houses, don't go to the German girls they will rip you off.

If you like german girls then go to an Apartment, there in most cases you will get a good service.


03-11-03, 08:01
I do have a word of advice for you mongers who are new to Frankfurt. DO NOT go to the Red Light District located near the main bahn hof (train station) downtown.
Every single time I went there, I had a bad experience.

Once a Turkish chick tried to force her ugly ass friend on me for a threesome (at my expense of course). I told her that I wasn't interested and she blew up! She started screaming insulting nationalistic remarks about America, kept my money and kicked me out of her room!

Another time, I had a hot ass Slovak chick who would not let me screw her (and this was after I paid). She kept saying that she only gives hand jobs. I didn't even get a BJ! That really sucked.

Another time, A German chick invited me into her room and then she asked if I was a "JEW"! I am not Jewish, but I was still insulted at her racist remarks! Arrogant Witch!

Never go into a club where there is a man or a woman outside trying to "pull in customers". These clubs are a total rip off! I am talking about 40-80 Euro drinks! These "clubs" are usually located on a corner in the RLD.

Hell, even the pizza place on the corner charged me 12 Euros for a shot of cheap scotch!

Well, I can go on and on.

Guys, this does NOT happen in Oase and Atlantis! Trust me, you will have a much better experience if you avoided this horrible RLD.

03-11-03, 17:14
i am very interested in anna from offenbach. have seen
her web site as well.
can you give me more info about her prices.??
is there any time limit.?? how long you could stay with her
for 250 euro.??
how about bbbj and eat her pussy.??

03-12-03, 13:23
Can anyone tell me what these stand for? Obviously, being from the US and having just arrived in the K-town area, I haven't gotten used tothe German way of describing things....

FF bis übers Handgelenk, AV, NS, NK auch beidseitig mit Einreiben,
GB, RS, EL, franz. total,
Std. 2 - 3 x, ZK

Thanks, fellas.


03-12-03, 20:29
FF bis übers Handgelenk

FistFXXX beyond the wrist


Anal Sex (the V always stands for Verkehr which means sex)


Natursekt - Champagne ([CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)), this is often also listed as Aktiv (which means she will P on you) or Passiv (U P on her)

NK auch beidseitig mit Einreiben,

NaturKaviar - Kaviar. This chick is into some really sick stuff (or her customers) because the addenda is that you can also rub it over each other.


Gesichtsbesammung - Coming on her face


Rollen Spiele - Roll Playing (Dress Up)


Eierlecken - Ball Licking

franz. total

Cum in Mouth, if she says Optimal instead of Total then it is CIM with swallowing!

Std. 2 - 3 x,

Pay for an hour come 2-3 times


Zungenkuss - French Kissing

This girl sounds like a real down home girl next door type:)

There are some real f****d up guys out there!


03-14-03, 01:30
jako, you are brilliant. Must have taken a lot of time/fun to gather all that stuff.

I´m flabbergasted.


03-14-03, 15:19
Frankfurt 40

Just seen your question

BBBJ is definitely on.

The 250e was including the (sort of) fistfuck. Without that I think she quoted something like 150e. She doesn't time it exactly - I was there for about 45 mins but I was in a hurry to go off to Atlantis.

I don't know about eating pussy - she does what she enjoys and that may well be included. I didn't try - (not sure why but it just didn't turn out like that)

She is very definitely very keen on deep analfucking.

She also has some SM equipment (whips, benches etc) but I never asked if that was for her as active or passive.

I liked her

Good luck

03-17-03, 13:41
The RLD near to the railwaystation is very good for a cheap fuck 20 to 35 Euro.

But!!!: Don't go to the Leierkasten at Elbe 53, don't go to german girls. If you go to Latinas or thaigirls, you will find a good service for that cheap price.

If you don't have any experiance and more money got to Atlantis this ist the best club near to Frankfurt. You have to spend eaven more money for a fuck 60 Euro entrance and 50 for a fuck.


03-24-03, 21:44
Hi Guys, I don't speak German. Do these people in Frankfurt at least speak English as a second language like the Dutch? I am trying to learn German but have very little success and I'm afraid that my German won't be adequate for them. I don't have a knack for the slavic languages and I learn the Latin or Romantic languages like Portugese or Spanish better.

03-27-03, 16:01
I just got back from 2 weeks in Germany, I don't speak any, except for a few numbers and thanks. I got along fine. The main thing I did was just asked if they spoke english, some would wince and say just a little bit, I would say, thats enough for me, with hand gestures and some figuring, I had no problems whatsoever. I had a bit more trouble in Italy, however I do know some spanish and it is "similar" to Italian.

A word to the wise........when dealing with any of the ones in the RLD or the Strip bars, tell them you are going to be living there on a work contract for several years, you don't speak german NOW, but you will be living there.......you most likely will get ripped off less. If you are a tourist, they know they will never see you again.

I went to a strip bar and they kept wanting me to buy drinks for a lady, the prices were outrageous, basically the higher the price of the bottle of champagne, the more action you got in this little dark booth in the back. I told them their prices were too high and I would not be coming back to this bar, they asked how long I was in Germany, I told them for 2 years for work, a different price list came out, they then said that they thought I had said 2 weeks. Funny how things work....lol

I will have more reports in the FKK Club Section.....All I can say is....Germany is a wonderful country with many beautiful women that work.

03-29-03, 12:53
Recently I was at Reillys Irish pub across from the main train station and I noticed about 6 Thai girls chatting up guys and having a generally good time...one by one they all disappeared with older business guys, mostly Italian and English. I ended up chatting with a couple of the girls as well and one of the English guys and he confirmed my suspicions on the girls' real motivation...

250€ all night and 100€ for massage (handjob).

Besides the fact that these were "silly prices", the girls were nothing special...some of them even fat. Can you imagine a fat Thai girl? Must be the sausage and beer in Germany...

Was surprised to see girls so obviously working a bar.... didn't think that this was common in Germany, or is it just Frankfurt?

03-29-03, 20:33
Had some pretty good experiences in the Breite Gasse 1 recently. One was a presumably Cuban, the other one claiming to be from Colombia. Asked for 25, I gave 40 to boost the servicelevel. All in all, the place is superior to the RLD near train station, but still near enough to the cities center to have only a little walk to be back in the cities rush.

Nevertheless, I am not overwhelmed like a year ago, when a Thai lady offered plainly everything incl. BB anal whithout me even asking.

happy hunting,


P.S.: and thanks to jako for his "foot"-work :-)

03-30-03, 01:04
BB Anal??? wow, u r brave...

03-30-03, 15:48
Originally posted by NastyBoy
BB Anal??? wow, u r brave...

was a bit of a surprise for me as well. She just guided me into the right orifice. I tested negative afterwards. No other problems apart from the smell of my private parts afterwards (Thai cuisine) :-)

Anyway, I stopped getting BBs, what with all the risk...


03-30-03, 16:16
LOL ... Thai cuisine... LMAO

not only brave but lucky too....

I'm gonna sample that anal in a couple of days...but the soldier will definately be wearing his raincoat.


03-31-03, 20:15
That´s the right spirit; you never know what (or whom) youre meeting in there.

snark :-)

04-06-03, 16:58

Breite Gasse 1 have some really nice antiquities on display today. If you´re set for necro, that is.



04-17-03, 18:09

anybody here had experiences with some moroccan ladies, presumably in the area of Elbestrasse?

I wonder if it´s worth the effort actually finding them...

04-17-03, 18:13
snark hunter,
Try FKK Atlantis in Altenstadt (you can take a train from the main Frankfurt train station via Bad Vilbel which takes about 30-45 minutes, then take a cab there for about 6 Euro). There is a really attractive Morroccan there. I don´t remember her name, but she is absolutely stunning. She looks like a princess (long black hair, gorgeours face and hard body). She sucks like a champ and even swallows!

I have been to Breite Gasse in November and had a blast with Thai and South American Girls.


04-18-03, 14:55
Thanks for the tip. I found moroccans to be valued highly in Dubai - personally I never found any there - and probably wouldn´t have wanted to accept the price tag of around 1.000 US$ that were mentioned in the rumours.

Here in germany, I would love to try it, rather in F than some other place (can´t spend too much time because of other arrangements making my free time really a valuable resource :-)

I´ve read there were some in Elbestrasse, getting good marks, has anybody actually experienced them?


04-18-03, 19:23
I had a nice trip to Prague, thx greatly to WSG for info.

My next hunt is Germany, are there any cheap hotels near atlantis, after going through the report, my first stop will be there, I'm from asia, are there any racial indifference there,
@ worldtraveller @ darksied, I too had the same problem of language, right up from airport to taxi, to finding directions, and for the deals, I got always the second best, however, lately, I have found a device which translates the German language by itself, you type in or speak to the device, and the device automatically translates back to english and vice-versa, its real handy for the situation we are in :). you can familiarize with the device http://www.ectaco.com/index.php3?refid=2155

hope it helps you,

04-18-03, 21:56
There are 2 or 3 moroccan ladys working at the Leierkasten in the Elbestr. 53 at the Hinterhaus. They are doing a good Job. Sofia is well known. Some years ago I visited her and she's done a good job.

You will find the ladys at the rooms C40/EG to C43/EG at the groundflour


There are many good reports at the german disicussionboard http://www.hurenforen.to But be carful with the other ladies in that house, there are many that will rip you off.


04-18-03, 22:04
Not a lot of action today. In Taunusstrasse 39 just one lady. Was ok, though. Very open for all positions, took her time and was quite friendly and talkative. Good. Spanish from Malaga - unusual, normally there are mainly latinas.


04-20-03, 01:31
I'll be in Frankfurt for about 36 hours later this month. I've never been there and speak no German. I've heard a lot about this city and would love to get the most bang for my buck/time. I'd be very happy to hear some suggestions and recommendations; everything from where to stay and how to get around. All recommendations would be appreciated.

04-20-03, 11:25

Go to Oase or Atlantis, preferably both if you have time. You don't go to Frankfurt and miss those clubs. That's just not done. Directions on how to get to either club via public transportation or rental car are in the Germany FKK Clubs thread.

04-20-03, 19:56
hi, testing again Breite Gasse 1. The lady from Cuba seems to be more Clolombian, judging from what little I know of the different flavours of spanish.

She was _very_ nice, did not hurry at all, took her time for the BJ (which I thoroughly enjoy, when it´s done profesionally); she is the sort that changes the way often, so it never gets boring.

After a while, she made all the right moves sitting on my lap (something I rater don´t do, because it can be painful at times) but she was really considerate.

Missionary, the doggy, she is brilliant, with a mulata _ type of skin plus perfect, natural firm breasts and slim body.

So much fun for so little money, so I left a good tip afterwards. I now have her cellular number as well, so I can check in with her before wasting my time elsewhere.

Satisfied, snark

04-21-03, 17:08

Got anymore info on your itinerary? Definately need to rent a car and head to Atlantis...that is more than enough for 36 hours...also depends on your cash flows. You get the most bang for your buck at Atlantis. Otherwise, I would spend some time at Dietzenbach.


04-22-03, 15:22
can you give me directions to
find the cuban lady.??
which room no.?? want to share
her mobil no.??
does she allow cim/cif???

04-22-03, 23:54
Hi, the allegedly cuban, but probably colombian lady is located on 1st floor of Breite Gasse 1 (1 above ground level) coming out of the staircase turn left, last door on the left. She has eyes that just have a little bit of an asian style and a nice body. As I don´t ask for BBs, can´t answer on the other one. Will post her number if she agrees. Fair?

Bill R
04-26-03, 05:10
I was recently in Franfurt. I stayed at the Hotel Liebig on Justus v. Liebig Str. Walked down to the Eros Zones near Mosel Str.

Tryed 3 different Thai girls who were OK but got lucky and found a smokin hot Italian girl. She was very accomodating and friendly. Unusual as the whole Eros Zone thing seems rather mechanical and rushed. She let me stay for ~1.5 and served up two cups. Man, wanted to bring her back to Chicago. Don't remember which one she was in but I do recall it wasn't one of the main ones.

04-26-03, 22:55

I am heading for Frankfurt 9-11 may and I am going to visit Oase and Atlantis, but it would be nice to have a independent girl spending the night with me in my hotelroom.

How do I easiest get a beautiful girl to do that? And what do I pay for that?

Thanks for a great forum!

04-27-03, 10:16
Overnights aren't really popular in Germany, and from what I hear it will cost at least 500€. I would head to atlantis or Oase and stay there till closing at 5AM. Then you can have 10 different ladies for the night.


04-27-03, 12:48
Overnight in Germany is expensive if you try the normal way.

It would be cheaper, if you try to ask some Ladies at the houses at the Railwaystation. Especially the Thais or the Latinas. Some of them will do it for a low rate at their room. It isn't really comfortable but OK. The rate are very different an range between 0 (if she likes you) and 300 €

The other solotion would be an Escortservice. You con find the links at www.jako.tk at "Links zu Hruen" and there at Frankfurt Hessen. try every link where ist included "escort".

there you will find a lot of girls, they will visit you at your hotel. But it will be expensive.

Hope I could help.


04-30-03, 19:49
Frankfurt40: She wouldn´t have me publish her number (can understand it). My suggestion is: go there and ask for it; dont worry, she´ll give it if you are nice :-)

When I told her about me writing about her here she was lol, but liked it.


05-02-03, 07:56
Hello snark hunter

it would be helpfull if you give us the room number, because in that house evan every girl is a latin girl.

please look at http://people.freenet.de/jakos-world/lgp-bg1.htm at www.jako.tk and give us the roomnumber. Otherwise your report is useless because we can't find the lady.


05-04-03, 09:37
Originally posted by jako
Hello snark hunter

it would be helpfull if you give us the room number, because in that house evan every girl is a latin girl.

please look at http://people.freenet.de/jakos-world/lgp-bg1.htm at www.jako.tk and give us the roomnumber. Otherwise your report is useless because we can't find the lady.


Ok, you´re absolutely right, so here we go again: According to your well designed plan, it´s 1OG/E, first floor, take left from stairs, last door on left side DON´T go to the room at the end of the corridor, except if you are really into the old ladies thing... :-)

Name´s Mellissa (for whatever that´s worth, it´s probably an artists name anyway).

El snarko

05-09-03, 04:34
Dietzenbach FKK SAUNA CLUB - GREAT value for money
I had an unplanned 5 hour stopover in frankfurt and no rental car ordered.
I made an amazing discovery for all of you mongerers in the same predicament. You can get to Dietzenbach for Eur 3.20 by bus directly from FRA airport. I've always driven or taken a cab. Across the street from the arrivals hall you'll find 2 possibilities:
1) Bus 900 to Dietzenbach, rathaus stop. switch to 961 (you use the same ticket) - get off about 5 stops later on max Planck str. - the club is around the corner down the block on the lefthand side
2) Bus 61 to SudBahnhof - walk through terminal to the other side and take the 961

Both ways take about an hour. So I was back and forth with 3 pops and 3 drinks for Eur 135.40. Amazing!
About 15 women ranging from 5-8. about 15 men. Not the eye candy of the big clubs, but good attitude, good, clean facilities and good m/f ratio.
Sofia from Nigeria - GREAT. good english,Long conversation on the couch before and after,nice porportioned bod, fun fabulous sex in multiple positions which extended into a double session.
Looks 8. Service 9+
Jen from Thailand - God, how I love THai women. Small, petite, fair English, amazing in bed. she came loudly and just before it was my turn she pulled me out and finished me by with amazing hand action.
Showered, kissed my goodbyes, walked the block to the busstop and an hour an 15 minutes later I was sitting in my seat on the plane.
Dietzenbach- still top of my list for FRA are 2nd tier clubs.

Member #3453
05-20-03, 15:54
Hey Guys,

I’m looking for some opinions…

I will be making my first visit to Germany in the not too distant future, and I only have two days to spend in Frankfurt. I don’t speak any German, and I don’t have any international travel experience.

1. For a first-time visitor, is it better to stay at a hotel closer to the Frankfurt airport, or would you recommend that I make my way to a hotel that is closer to Atlantis and Oase? Or is it better to stay kind of centrally located between the airport and the FKK’s?
2. As a first-timer, should I rent a car or just use a taxi to get to the hotel and FKK’s?
3. Based on your answer to question #1 and #2, please recommend a hotel that is moderately priced, clean, etc…and preferably one where a little English is spoken. Please advise how I can book a reservation from the USA (ie: internet site, phone number, fax number, etc…).

Thanks! Your contributions are very reassuring to a first-timer!

05-20-03, 20:08

1)What do you want to do for those 2 days? Do you want to see the sites of Frankfurt, go shopping in the town and see how germans live in a normal setting? Or do you want to spend all day in FKK's? If you want to do the second then you might as well stay in a hotel near Atlantis or Oase.

2) Taxi will cost the same as a rental, maybe more. With a rental you are more flexible though. If you only stick to one club and a hotel nearby it might be best to get there via public transit (listed in the Atlantis and Oase sections) and save that money.

3) I'm not a travel agent, but I think there are some moderately priced hotels listed in the Atlantis or Oase sections.


PS. I don't like to answer questions that require research. The answers have to be off the top of my head. That is why I don't bother looking these things up. Maybe someone else will be more thorough.

Member #3453
05-21-03, 03:59
Hi Peter,

I would love to spend all day at the FKK's, but it would probably kill me :) !!!

Your points are well taken, and I'm sure I would enjoy seeing some of the sites in Frankfurt. So, maybe it would be better to locate nearer to Frankfurt rather than staying close to the FKK's.

Thanks for the input...

05-21-03, 08:03

I offer you this link:


Here, you can see when the Frankfurt trade fairs are, book a hotel room (good luck finding one during a trade fair), and learn about things you can do while you're not in the clubs.

If you decide to rent a car, get one with an on-board GPS that will guide you with an electronic voice. Many of those clubs aren't terribly easy to find.

That is all.

Hope this helps.

05-21-03, 08:09

I didn't mean to say that you should necessarily do normal tourism. I was not being judgemental.

It is entirely possible to spend 2 full days in FKK's, I wouldn'T want to spend a week there. there is no sex minimum. You can go in the club, pay the entrance fee and just hang out all day and not have any sex. Call it a wellness day. That is why 2 days need not kill you, you can wait 3 or 4 hours between sessions.

If you do rent a car then I would suggest you stay in a hotel near a club (I am told there is a cheap one righ across the street from atlantis (but atlantis is getting so/so reviews at the moment)) and if you want to head into town then do that for a day. The hotels out of town are much cheaper.

Otherwise I must commend Arnie, he is proving to be a better source of info than me:(

Member #3453
05-22-03, 04:38
Hi Arnie,
Hey, thanks for the website referral. Your suggestion about the on-board GPS is an excellent one. I will definitely go that route if I choose to rent a car. The more I look at Mapquest, the braver I’m getting about renting a car. Renting a car would certainly give me more flexibility.

Hi Peter,
No problem, your suggestions are always welcome. I was just making an attempt at humor regarding the time spent at the FKK’s :). Thanks for the referral on the hotel across from Atlantis. I did locate a website from a recommendation I found on WSG, or some other forum, www.hrs.de , and it’s available in English, so that will be most helpful in making a hotel reservation.

My most difficult challenge is not knowing any German, which makes researching the hotel, rental car, and other transportation options on the internet considerably more difficult.

Thanks again!

05-22-03, 07:11

No worries. Glad to be of service.

You're less hampered by your lack of German language ability than you think.

The website I sent you to has an English version, so nothing there should be a mystery. The hotel reservation feature will allow you to conduct searches in English and specify an English-speaking hotel as part of your search criteria. As for renting a car, surf on over to good old www.hertz.com or www.budget.com and make your reservations that way.

When you get to Frankfurt, you'll find that the language barrier is only about knee-high when it comes to getting the goods and services you want. Remember, you'll be in the city that houses the financial capital of Germany and the largest airport in Europe. You can't get much more cosmopolitan than that.

Most counter personnel at car rental agencies and hotels will speak excellent English, so you shouldn't have any problems with understanding or being understood.

One last bit of advice: avoid going over there during a trade fair. Hotel managers take advantage of them to jack up the prices of their rooms. Expect to pay triple for a room that normally goes for 60 Euros per night -- if you can find one. Also, Atlantis and Oase will be jam-packed with guys during the evening hours.

Hope this helps.

Peter: Thanks for the commendation. A better source of info. than you? Naah, I wouldn't say that. :)

05-25-03, 01:17

A very cheap rental car at www.alamo.com. I am going to Frankfurt in July, and I am renting from them. Awesome price.

Take care

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

NC Hunter
05-26-03, 22:35
Speaking of language barriers and rental cars. I was stationed in Germany in the 80's and rented a car. Turned it in a bit late and was charged an extra day. I raised a bit of cane and was tersely told by the female agent that it was written on the English drawn contract that any lateness would result in an extra days tariff. I said where, and she showed me here, in German. The only German on the contract.

I became the ugly American and called them Nazis and told them that was BS. She said you are in Germany and should read German. I hit 'em up true John Wayne style and said, what the fuck. but we won the war.

Needless to say I was ushered out by the Polezei and did not have to pay the extra day. But the women in the red light district were hot. Girls from around the world. Can't wait to get back.

06-02-03, 12:49
travelling through frankfurt this weekend. anything interesting around the bahnhof? Looking for some quick fun between trains....

06-03-03, 06:54
When leaving the bahnhof you will walk directly down the main
street in front of you,go two blocks and turn left...you will now
be entering the red light district.There are a number of 5 story
buildings[ eros centers] with many girls. BEWARE! The German
girls do not provide the best service. Thai and spanish girls might
be your best bet.

06-03-03, 06:57
thanx lolligager.

if i have enogh time between trains for a stroll that way, i will report.

are prices similar to, say, hannover?


06-03-03, 22:21
Originally posted by foss
thanx lolligager.

if i have enogh time between trains for a stroll that way, i will report.

are prices similar to, say, hannover?


Quite similar, most of the places start at 25 Euro. Have a look at the excellent site of jako.tk; very recommendable if you have some knowledge of german.

Offers vary, I tend to pick latinas at Taunusstrasse 39; usually give some 40 E without asking any extras; that is good for a friendly service. The level of attraction in the Steintor - areas is lower than most of the Frankfurt girl´s.

To go there, you step out of the station, take the left (not the Kaiserstrasse) walk past some shops, an its entrance is just after a crossing of another street.

If you don´t take that place, take any.... doesn´t really make a difference. Service is good, friendliness likewise. The only exception are German girls. Avoid them.

Good hunting


06-07-03, 20:03
Had a mediocre experience today in Breite Gasse 1; a girl in 2nd floor (room 204) performed a rip-off type of service. Starting was fine, she started a BJ before I even was near teh bed, but obviously it took too long for her, and she didnt´t want to be penetrated more than 3 minutes. Did the typical hand thing that kept me actually out of her orifice, so I changed postions, then she wouldn´t open her legs (I hate doggy with closed legs, it just don´t work). Finished without being happy.

Spilled milk.

Went to Darmstadt, met with a Thai, who quickly sensed what I needed. Excellent BJ plus anal massage (didn´t ask for it; she just started doing it in a very nice way). Finished off without intercourse and was happy.

The Thai lady in DA is not exceedingly beautiful, but skilled. Mai Tai, Bleichstrasse if I am not mistaken.

**/report end/**


T Dick
06-10-03, 22:04
Friends, I will be visiting Frankfurt and around for 3 days. Looking for inexpensive places for orgies and other good F*** times. My first trip - so, please advise on some risk-free places, prices and directions.


Member #4190
06-24-03, 13:26
T Dick

Frankfurt has good FKK places for sex with 1-person either in private or in public.

Sex with multiple people at the same time is found in partytreff and/or swingers clubs. There are a few in Frankfurt Region. I use Funhouse Gourmet in Walldorf-Moerfelden (15 Euro taxi ride from Airport)

All these are covered in the section FKK and Partytreff in the German Clubs area of the board

06-25-03, 01:40

Just a quick question. I will be in Frankfurt for very short time (less than one day). What is the chance of finding girls in bahnhof area around noon time?



06-26-03, 18:21
Hey Cosmin--The bluelight district is directly across the street from the Hbf on and off of Taunusstraße. The other streets listed are cross streets of Taunusstraße. The big "sex mall" is on the left side of the street and is hard to miss. I'd only recommend this area if you're short of time or money--otherwise go to Oase or Atlantis. If you don't have the time to go to either of them, Paradies is even closer and will be much better in my opinion than the Hbf area--good luck

Moselstraße 36 (Blech Inn)
Elbestraße 47
Taunusstraße 39
Elbestraße 53 ( Leierkasten )
Elbestraße 55
Taunusstraße 36
Moselstraße 42
Taunusstraße 34
Taunusstraße 26 ( Annabella )
Elbestraße 43
Taunusstraße 32 ( AO Haus)
Elbestraße 45
Elbestraße 44

06-27-03, 17:49
Having lived in Fankfurt for a couple of years so it is very dear to my heart, there doesnt seem much mention on this site about Sudfass....... is it a secret or do other people think its to Germanic to mention ?

06-29-03, 21:17
Adding a report for BG 7-9.

First time I went to Breite Gasse 7-9; wen BG1 wasn´t offering anything decent, well, sunday afternoon...

Ok, I checked out some ladies, finally ended up with a rather more generously padded girl than I usually prefer, but what the heck, she had a really nice smile.

At the door the answer to französisch ohne was no, but inside, she told me, that with all the girls listening she couldn´t say yes.

I gave her 40 instead of 25, what made her happy, obviously, because she cuddled with me for quite a while, very nicely, we went on platicando, when she found out that I could talk her tongue at least a little bit.

She said, she would want to come together with me, and she´d do BBBJ but fucking and anal only with, which is fine for me. Normally, I would have been quite excited about the anal option, it happens not so often, that a girl actually proposes it to you, but I felt a bit drowsy in the crotch section, so I enjoyed her tongue doing a nice one downstairs whil I could watch her actions in the mirror.

i nearly entered her without, when she reminded me, there was something missing, and she wasn´t pissed at all, just happened in the heat of the moment.

She indeed did a good show of having an orgasm, I doubt it was real, anyway, but fit in with my interests. Better still than having someone just waiting you out.

I felt really at home insider her, and really didn´t want to retreat, so we just stayed like that for quite a while, and felt each other, with the nice little movements that accompany this phase.

I didn´t even change positions, I just missionaried her. The talking was really nice, no hurry, sympathetic behaviour, I definitely will check her out again.


Next time I´ll give you the exact whereabouts using jako.tk s brilliant page as a reference, this time I jus forgot to check the location.

Hey, where´s Mellissa of BG1?

06-29-03, 23:49
... By the way: anybody present ever had any experiences with online private dating services like adultfriendfinder.com to get into serious action in FFM?


07-09-03, 19:19
Thanks Fats,

I was in Frankfurt for a few hours between flights, and I really enjoyed the stopover. I took a cab to Taunusstraße, and I started to climb up and down the stairs... Since it was around 11am there were not too many girls working (or maybe they were busy), but plenty of "tourists" climbing the stairs with me.

There was a strange feeling searching for a nice girl. They sit on a chair in front of an open door (around 10 doors on a floor, around 2 girls working at the time on each floor). They all smile and try to make you "buy" them, it felt like in the market.

Well, anyways, after couple of buildings and many stairs, I found a Thai (that I was looking for in the first place) in Taunusstraße 36. She was really cute and clean. She said euro 25, and I gave her euro 30. She quickly undressed, and she helped me undress as well. She washed my thingie in the sink, really cute girl.

She got right to the business, giving me a CBJ. I asked for BBJ, and she said yes, but only for a short time.

I should have negociated everything before, as all I asked was costing more. She was doing anal, but for more money (didn't ask, as I am not really into it).
She also offered 2-girls show and massage for euro 20 more, but I was not curious either. Her acting was rather poor, as she was moaning all the time. I didn't really enjoy the fucking, so I asked for BJ finish.

She got mad when I got on top of her, trying to get the condom off and finish on her face. I was not part of the plan, so I had to finish on her small tits.

Overall, Frankfurt is a nice place to be searching for quickies, but I wouldn't recommend Taunus area, unless you are for short time in town, or if you want to pick from a lot of girls (pretty or not). I look forward to try a FKK club next time.


07-11-03, 04:06
snark, what is the Darmstadt. Is it in Breitgasse or is there another RDL I dont know about?

07-11-03, 08:22
Darmstadt is a town about 50 KM south of Frankfurt!


07-11-03, 17:23
Originally posted by jimbehr2000
snark, what is the Darmstadt. Is it in Breitgasse or is there another RDL I dont know about?

Yes, it´s a city just 20 minutes down the A5, direction Basel. Not really recommended for mongering, though. Pursue the hobby either in one of the FKK or BG or around the main station. Most of the people here don´t have a car as they are just passing through, so going there is a waste of time.


07-15-03, 03:32
Thanks for the info. I have always thought Frankfurt was underrated as a destination for our type of activities. I have never had a problem finding someone attractive in the main RLD. Lots of girls from all over the worldf. Of course you get in and out of there in a hurry-but sometimes that works fine with me. If you want a longer lasting relationship the FKKs are an easy drive.

Exec Talent
07-16-03, 19:03
In the Eros Centers most of the German girls do not do real sex and tend to charge more. As for the Asians, be aware that many are really "girl boys", i.e., post op TVs. Very well done, but TVs nonetheless. That is why they prefer anal.

In my opinion, they should make going up and down all those stairs an olympic event. I know I have done at least a mile in a night!

These girls are generally not treated very well, so if you are nice to them, you will be the exception and might get some special treatment yourself. Also, it doesn't hurt to give them a little more than what they ask for. Having a reputation as a generous, nice guy pays off. Having a great looking girl invite you to a get together with one of her friends is just one of the ways.

07-20-03, 21:18
Originally posted by Exec Talent
As for the Asians, be aware that many are really "girl boys", i.e., post op TVs. Very well done, but TVs nonetheless. That is why they prefer anal.

Ooops, where exctly did you find the Katoais? I´ve done only one, and that was in Hannover quite a while ago...


Exec Talent
07-20-03, 22:25
You can find the girl-boys or I guess more properly called lady-boys in many of the Eros Centers. They usually are on the middle floors.

07-21-03, 21:56
Originally posted by Exec Talent
You can find the girl-boys or I guess more properly called lady-boys in many of the Eros Centers. They usually are on the middle floors.

Hi there,

in order to save a lot of olympic-discipline-staircase -climbing in search of the wonder-beast, could you by any means be a little more specific? Are you referring to the RLD near mainstation or another place, Which EC do you refer to then? As some of them lack the luxury of a numbering scheme, www.jako.tk gives a good advice on floor layouts.

That would be helpful (at least to those that can access these places). If you´re already back home in, say, Gillymahoo, Iowa: forget the question :-)


07-22-03, 07:37
I spent 2 days in may hitting every eros center in frankfurt,
not once did I see anyone who looked like they might have
a dick.

07-24-03, 00:08
Originally posted by lolligagger
I spent 2 days in may hitting every eros center in frankfurt,
not once did I see anyone who looked like they might have
a dick.

Well, everybody on the stairs have one or they wouldn´t be there :-))) Those post-op Katoais shouldn´t have one either. Nevertheless, I can only agree with you, haven´t seen any in Frankfurt.


07-24-03, 03:05

One of the big FKKs used to have a woman who was over six feet tall, very muscular, and to be blunt, looked like a man (I can't remember her name). I asked another woman if all the women there were originally women and she didn't say yes but smiled and asked me whom I had in mind. She said the woman I thought was a post-op was in fact a woman. She was from East Germany and they decided she would be an Olympic swimmer and started pumping her full of drugs at age five. However, that was not the end of the story. Turns out there has been a post-op who worked there for a while and was asked not to come back after someone found out---if the operation is done well and they take hormones, they can be very hard to spot. I asked if he/she was the only one and again she didn't say yes but smiled and shrugged her shoulders saying she wasn't sure. Well, I wasn't sure either--so I asked another woman if the swimmer was a woman. She said yes and I asked if she was sure and she said yes that she (the swimmer) had periods. She added however that she was not so sure about some others. I asked if there had ever been any post-ops there and she told me the same thing about one being asked not to come back. So two women told me the same story---one post-op was fired and they weren't sure about some of their other current co-workers. If I have the slightest inkling that something isn't right, I just go with someone else--they are out there and apparently some aren't very forthcoming about their past appendages.

Dick Boobs
07-25-03, 08:06
Last time in Frankfurt and having received my bonus, I wanted to enjoy high class service. Opted fro an escort agency, http://www.venusecort.com . Very friendly and helpful in identifying the right girl for you, i.e. GF experience or better hardcore? Anyway, after going through the options and knowing the looks of the ladies from the webpage (very nice photos, some even showing the face), I opted for Janine.
She was georgeous and came to my hotel room right on time. We first went downstairs to chat, eat something and have some champagne. This sets the right atmosphere for later on.
Back on my room, we opted for a nice bath and I could not believe how georgeous she looked without her cloths.

Anyway, after the bath, we went straight into bed. A lot of kuddling, kissing, stroking the right parts and then a beautiful BJ (I insisted on covered), followed by very good sex with her on top, riding me to heaven.

Overall, compartatively expensive, I think it was some EUR1,000 for 4 hours, but very well worth the service. I will definetly try out some other girls from the same agency, there a lot of stunners on ther webpage (and none of them is a professional in the sense that they all have day-time jobs with some being more flexible to arrange for a daytime service comapred to others). OSme actually have very good reviews on http://www.captain69.com.

07-27-03, 14:17

"I spent 2 days in may hitting every eros center in Frankfurt,
not once did I see anyone who looked like they might have
a dick. "

One of the bigger eros-centers has a floor full of mainly khatoeys, lady-boys. They might not have dicks, nor do they look like they ever did, but trust me that they once had dicks!

Most guys can't tell. But if you ever hear them speak when they don't think any "customers" are around they have deep voices, many of them have fairly large hands as well.

Anyone out there who dares admit they banged one of these Thai girl-boys and didn't realise it was a guy?

Member #3447
08-04-03, 02:36
Hello All,
I will be staying at the city centre, ArabellaSheraton Grand Hotel at Konrad Adenauer Strasse 7, for one night and I am interested to know where I can pursue some action by foot. I have no car, and prefer to just walk to the area.

I am particularly interested in the Eros centers and any FKK clubs that are nearby this Sheraton. Also, is the RLD nearby also?

I appreciate everyone's info. Please provide directions also. It's my frst time in Germany. Thanks in advance and keep up the excellent exchanges of information in this Frankfurt board.

08-04-03, 17:22
i dont know if i am allowed to post here but...

www.ryanair.co.uk have got flight to frankfurt for only £47 return from the uk!

that seems to be half of what others are charging!

lol no lots of peeps are going to be in atalntis and oase!

editor's note: posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. to avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. thanks!

08-04-03, 20:49

Although I am adamantly against Eros Centers and In-town FKK's here is my advice:

From the Arabella Sheraton you are about 500 Yards away from the eros Centers on the breite Gasse. Go out the main entrance turn right walk 60 yards to Zeil (Konstabler Wache), cross the street (to the C&A) wal about another 140 yards, then on your right hand side is the Brite Gasse and there are about 4 or 5 Eros Centers. Never been to one of those, but read mixed reviews, if you like Latinas and Thai's you should do fine.

The much larger RLD is around the train station. From where you are it is about a 25 minute walk, but from the Konstabler Wache you can take almost any train to Hauptbahnhof (takes about 4 minutes), and from there there are literally hundreds of girls in the various Eros Centers.

Tips to Eros Centers is be very specific about what you want and what you will pay before entering the room. Make sure you say, " yout take all your clothes off and I wil take all my clothes off and I expect BBBJ followed by sex in multiple positions and I can touch you everywhere and so and so..." and we agree to a price of 50€ for 30 minutes or until I am finished. Here it is also important to mention that you expect BBBJ without using her hands and where you can see her face.

I feel that RLD's are major rip off places, but if you are clear about what will happen before you enter the room then you can often get what you are looking for. Just don't be shy, and don't expect anything that was not discussed before entering the room.

I haven't been to any of the FKK's in Frankfurt except F35. But there is Chantal Chevalier and a couple of others, best bet is check out Kaleu's site for the addresses.

F35 is down by the river, too far to walk, but probably a 10€ taxi drive.

If you have enough time I would advise heading out to Oase or Atlantis, using public transit (you can find info about that in their sections). The experience is much better than RLD's, the ladies are hotter and it is much cleaner and nicer, somewhat more expensive though. The RLD's are good for walking around and taking a look at a lot of different ladies.


Member #3447
08-04-03, 23:17
Thanks Peter for the prompt reply. BTW, what's 'C&A' and how do you identify the Eros Centers? Are there signs and what not? Red Lights? Sorry for the ignorance.

Unfortunately, as much as I want to check out Atlantis and Oase, I am just in Frankfurt on an overnight layover; I am on my way to the Middle East and then to Malta for a few weeks. I also do some heavy mongering in Malta...Russian girls!! Then into Amsterdam's RLD for another layover on the way back to the States.

Again, thanks for the quick reply, Peter. Keep up the excellent work in this board. Guest mongers like me surely appreciate it.

08-05-03, 17:30
originally posted by speedy
i dont know if i am allowed to post here but...

www.ryanair.co.uk have got flight to frankfurt for only £47 return from the uk!

that seems to be half of what others are charging!

lol no lots of peeps are going to be in atalntis and oase!

editor's note: posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. to avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. thanks!

just to let everyone know about ryan air; what they claim is "frankfurt" is actually the old hahn air base which is a good two-hour drive from frankfurt.

i have also heard stories of them using a scam where if you do not check in for your flight the required time before hand (30 - 45 minutes), they will not let you on the plane, even though it has not left the gate. they then refuse to refund your money or allow you to change to a later flight. they are also very picky about what forms of id they will accept and will use this as an excuse to refuse to serve you but still keep your money. i have never heard anything good about ryan air.


08-05-03, 23:39
C&A is a large chain of department stores with stores in most major European cities.
I agree with my revered colleague Peter - Forget the RLD - you'll be in the FKK capital of the world - why settle for a pinto when you can be in the driver's seat of a BMW for a little more effort. An overnight stay is perfect. Oase closes at 5; Atl at 4.
Best option is to rent a car or take public transport to either. Easy to do and the directions are elsewhere on this board. If not take public transport (2 buses from central station or airport or bus + taxi) to FKK Dietzenbach, a suburb of FRA, which is the best 2nd tier club in the area. See mine and others postig elsehwere on this board. Least preferred option is to one of the FKK's in the city proper. FKK35 is probably the best of the lot. But none in the city come even close to OASe, ATL or even Dietzenbach.

08-06-03, 17:49
Im in Frankfurt this weekend for a "jolly boys outing" having lived there for two years a year ago, Sudfass was the place that holds the fondest memories. Can anyone tell me what time it closes as we got no hotel booked and was hoping to grab some sleep on the sun loungers until our first flight back to UK on Sunday morning. Also whats the totty count like these days, will send field report back on Sunday if you guys can help. We thought about FKK but decided on Sudfass.

Appreciate comments back please


PS: If anyones up for it lets meet in Sachsenhausen...more the merrier.

08-06-03, 20:42

i don't really know anybody that heads to sudfass anymore. why don't you give them a call and ask about the number of girls. i find most clubs tell the truth. i advise strongly in favour of real fkk's especially atlantis, oase or world.


that would also be my advise for ho-chaser. cancel the hotel booking, book a rental car for that money, head straight to one of the above mentioned fkk (would currently recommend atlantis for number and quality of girls) spend a bunch of time there until 5 in the morning, head back to the airport, sleep in the lounge and on the plane to the middle east. you really won't regret the lack of the comfortable room and a couple of hours sleep. not that much difference between rld amsterdam and frankfurt, maybe a couple more girls in frankfurt, couple less brits and us students though. the eros centres are easy to see because of the large red hearts above the door. it is in no way hidden and there is action most of the day and night.

but if you know a'dam then you should get to know something unequalled worldwide and that is the fkk's, and go to a good one


ryan air lies and is a bad deal.

hahn airport is so far from frankfurt that you will easily pay any money you save in transport to and from the city. the real frankfurt airport is big enough and has enough flights going there that you can always get a good deal with a real airline. from that airport you are a simple 15 minute train rde from downtown (3€), from hahn it is 2 hours by 32 trains and 2 busses. don't save that money, unless you rent a car and want to see a lot of german highways.

that's my 2 cents worth.


08-10-03, 15:35
field report as promised :-

firstly, thanks for views/comments/advice but here is my weekend.

arrived on saturday 3pm, took train from airport to hauptbahnhoff (3.2 euros) and walked down the road to the "big house" the top eros centre in my opinion. within one hour of landing i nailed a girl from poland, anja.....she was a cutie and couldnt resist.
boy was it a hot day there yesterday.......phew....that circuit training on stairs had everyone flagging...lol.
walked thro to sachsenhausen and headed for our favourite greek restuarant, damn thing was shut until end of august so opted for second choice, thai restuarant, pwandee.....boy was that waitress a cutie also and she lit up my cigarettes for me...sure she was gaggin for it.....but probably a wish more than reality...lol....that got the old boy ready for action again...lol.....
so as we where so close to the "thro the legs" as we call it eros centre we thought we may as well have a little peek.....not one girl was working.....lol.....never mind, went back into sachsenhausen and had a few.........yeah right.....lol....cocktails from the brazillian bar next to anglo irish. our plans was to hit sudfass around midnight but come 10:30 we thought.....bollocks to it lets go there now, have a cold shower and a few beers. arrived shortly before 11pm and asked lady how many girls was working, she apologised and said a mere 14 as it was holiday season for both the girls and the punter so we thought.....14...hmmm sounds good so went in.
cold shower, on with the flip flops and went downstairs. in my opinion, and im fussy...3 where mooses, 1 looked like your friends mother, 3 where 7/8, 4 where 8/9 and 3 where 9/10, would say one was 10plus. within half an hour we both had our 9/10s (oops forot to mention its 30 euros to get in and they now have a chicken that lays an egg for you and you win a prise, we won a free drink...whoopy doo...lol, 1/2 hr is 25 to reception 50 to lady, 1 hr is 50 to reception and 110 to lady, also forgot to mention that there was only 14 ladys in there there was only two men....us. so put that on a usual night of 40 ladys and 15 men i think we had the right ratio.....and.......they where all fresh as a daisy) my first was a lady from greece, tits like mount everest..second was from madrid, went for the hour on this babe and it was a real girl friend experience, couple more beers and couple more getting recovery back went for the 10plus for final punt, she was probably the worst as she hated it there and had no personality, got kicked out at 5:10am and went into eros next door but one, few girls working but all mooses, walked to hauptbahnhoff for train back to airport, big house was closed but we got a doner and beer amongst all the scary characters that are hanging arond there, train back to airport, on the plane and back in uk at 11:30 am.....whole trip cost me say 500 euros and what a memory...

hope you find this report of some use, i know its a bit mixed up but you try going for the full 24 hour session of beer and sex with no sleep, me...im off to bed with sweet thoughts of the girl from madrid who treated me like a king.


08-10-03, 22:55
Peter is correct ryan air does land at least an hr from Frankfurt by car. But in many cases they do offer a reasonable buss fair to the city usually 10 euros each way i have used them to go to paris ie somewere in no mans land ... 10 euros got be to the train sation in paris. Ask if they have a bus all the way to frankfurrt.
hope that helps a bit

08-11-03, 17:16
The only Sudfass I have every heard of before on this board and others is in Munich. Can someone please post the pertinent details for the one in Frankfurt mentioned below by Joe1963.



08-12-03, 11:33
I know of Oase Sudfass, located on Oskar von Miller, just pover the river from Sachsenhausen. It is a great place to go and have your pick of many women from many lands. Costs about 120E per hour, credit cards gladly accepted.

08-12-03, 18:25
You are right, it is Oase Sudfass, and yes its over the bridge in Sachsenhausen on Oscar Miller Strasse

08-12-03, 22:29
Important to emphasise that Oase Sudfass on Oscar von Muller strasse is an "Sauna Club" not a proper FKK club. BBBJ is generally not offered and "couch action", per se as well as nudity of the girls is non-existent. No DFK as well.

1hr costs 152E + 30E entry fee.

Can be reached by S-bahn (Direction: Frankfurt Sud) to Ostende Strasse. Exit this S-bahn station and you are virtually around the corner from the club. 5-minute walk.

An interesting note: If you drive to Atlantis from Central Frankfurt, you may well pass Sudfass on your way in/out of the city...

08-13-03, 22:22
Originally posted by ManOnTheRun

One of the bigger eros-centers has a floor full of mainly khatoeys, lady-boys. They might not have dicks, nor do they look like they ever did, but trust me that they once had dicks!

Most guys can't tell. But if you ever hear them speak when they don't think any "customers" are around they have deep voices, many of them have fairly large hands as well.

Anyone out there who dares admit they banged one of these Thai girl-boys and didn't realise it was a guy?Did it once. Not in FFM, but in Hannover. Easy to spot: check right and left of "vagina" for ball-like thicknesses. And balls they are. Second: "Vagina" is quite short (this doesn´t mean tight or smallish, but just short). Therefore, anal is preferred. In my case (s)he wanted to discuss iit during the act, which I particularly dislike. Also, (s)he wanted my watch (????) as a present, because I "hurt" her with my prick. Neither of this happened, not the watch, not the hurting, not the "upgrade".

Anyway, I´d still like the address of the EC mentioned, if it´s not a fairy tale.

yours truly

08-21-03, 04:16
Looks like my Sept trip has been extended to 2 weeks (heidelberg and Mannheim). So whats around in the Mannheim area? Anything worth having a look? I will go to Atlantis since I now have a weekend in the trip.

Any info (other than Oase, FKK35, Atlantis,etc) about Mannheim would be appreciated.

08-28-03, 20:58
nice girl.... BG 1, topmost floor, don´t ask for bbbj outside.

08-28-03, 20:59
how´s your head? Haven´t had any complaints yet...

08-31-03, 12:34

"Anyway, I´d still like the address of the EC mentioned, if it´s not a fairy tale. "

Sorry, I don't have the address, but I can assure you its not a fairy tale. Its actually the largest EC, close to the Hauptbahnhof. On the bottom-floor there are statues, an ATM etc. I'm sure this place is mentioned elsewhere on this board.

Member #3447
09-01-03, 14:00
Well, I can finally say, "Been there, than that"! I checked out the EC at Breite Gasse where it was a mere 4-5-minute walk from the Arabella Sheraton. Decided on 33 y.o. Brazilian named Suzanna and started out with a BBBJ then finished it off with a fuck for 30 Euros. She's located on the Haus NR 1.

After a quick nap due to jet lag, I then went to Haus 7-9 and got me a much-needed thai massage for 50 Euros to include a BBBJ with Gigi a 25 y.o. Thai on the 4th floor. I then decided for a bang and tipped her another 20 Euros for the deed. Nice looking girl.

I decided not to pursue the FKK clubs because mainly of budget considerations. I am scheduled to be out for a month and there's still a lot of mongering to do in Malta (2 weeks), Rome and finally, Amsterdam. So, I am pacing myself financially and not blow it all in Frankfurt.

The ECs at Breite Gasse provide good cheap value for your money, especially when you are jet lagged from a long trans-Atlantic flight and has only an overnight layover in Frankfurt. I highly recommend them to the budget-minded monger, especially if you're staying at the Arabella Sheraton.

Next over-nighter in Frankfurt, I'll have to check out the FKK's. Thanks everyone for their valuable information.

Ho_Chaser out.

09-01-03, 23:35
Originally posted by ManOnTheRun
Sorry, I don't have the address, but I can assure you its not a fairy tale. Its actually the largest EC, close to the Hauptbahnhof. On the bottom-floor there are statues, an ATM etc. I'm sure this place is mentioned elsewhere on this board.

I do think I know which one you mean. Thanks, I am going to check it out...


Carlos Primeros
09-02-03, 04:32
Tarl - in Mannheim/Heidelberg you have a lot of working girls in the apartments. Look them up in the "Mannheimer Morgen"or "Rheinpfalz". These are local newspapers. There is also a bordello-street in Mannheim which is called "19" (Neunzehn). But it is sad and bad.

Carlos Primeros

Carlos Primeros
09-02-03, 04:38
Tarl - in Mannheim/Heidelberg you have a lot of working girls in the apartments. Look them up in the "Mannheimer Morgen"or "Rheinpfalz". These are local newspapers. There is also a bordello-street in Mannheim which is called "19" (Neunzehn). But it is sad and bad.

Carlos Primeros

09-02-03, 15:31
If you're into large women and a nice GFE, but covered FS, then I"ve got the girl for you. Peggy, from Oppenheim, large tits, uncovered suck but just for openers. I'm sure she'd DATY if you wanted (didn't ask). She "came" to the hotel - 200 Euros, over an hour. Hey, I had a great time and her English is quite good. Can email the mobile number if any regular or senior members want it. She works between 18oo-2300. Had her in June but forgot to report!

Exec Talent
09-02-03, 17:30

Mine was the original post about the Lady-Boys and ManOnTheRun is correct, it is the major EC with the statutes and ATM. The Asians are on the middle floors.

09-04-03, 16:58
It seems most of the discussions on the FFM scene are found on German sites, my German isn't very good, so I thought I might ask if anyone have been to FFM recently, and if anyone has any experiences from the redlight area around the main trainstation they might want to share.

09-14-03, 23:10

The walking street in Mannheim is called Lupinenstr. it is located in the Neckarstadt Area at Mannheim. But be careful most of the girls especially the blck ones will ripp You off.

Try to get the "Wochenblatt" a free Newspaper of Ludwigshafen. There are many of Ads 4 appartments. Ludwigsshafen is eaven more interessting for appartments than Mannheim. There are many good girls working.

Try the House at the Carl Wurtser Platz 2 in Ludwigshafen. Go to the upper levels. There are some girls standing in the doors, mostly thais.

check out tis url: http://www.jako.tk

you can find the local urls at "links zu huren" an then look for "Rhein-Neckar/Karlsruhe/Koblenz "

there are many many links to the girls working in that area

jako, hope i could help

09-18-03, 00:42
Okay here is my report so far on this 3rd trip to Germany. I thought I would try ISEEU recommendtation so took the trip to Deisenbach and check out the FKK Deisenbach located on Volkabstrasse 4.

To get there from the south area - i.e. Mannheim I used map24.de, which was a complete fuck up. That thing is only good to getting you in the general area, but for the detail I ended up using good ol' Avis map. On the way back i took a completely different route which is much easier:

1. From the south use A5 north to Darmstadt.

2. Just after Darmstadt take the local hwy 44 east to local HWY 3

3. Go North on 3 until you run into the Deisenbach(sign points to "Desinbach") throughfare, then turn right.

4. Stay on that road, enter Deisenbach, keep going straight until you see the Burger King on the right.

5. Turn right on Justus-von-Leibig-Strasse (the BK), stay on the road for about .5 mile Volkabstrasse #4 is on the right, can't miss it.

Anyway my report:

First of all a little clarification on "cost". I was led to believe that there was no entry fee. There is and it cost $40 euros. So right of the bat I'm down money that I wasn't counting on spending. Went in and was greated by the madam, who spoke good English. Paid the 40 E and took a seat in the lobby after changing into the towel number. There appeared to be about 10-12 girls working.

I chatted a little with a few - who were German - but they didn't really want to hang around since I spoke very little German. That cements my experience in these places, YMMV depending on your language skills. Anyway I don't like German FKK women anyway so I sorted out who was from a east bloc country.

I found a damn good "9", blond 5'10" nice ass and nips named Angela - from Lithuania. She used to work at Atlantis, but had sinced moved over. BTW I called Atlantis and they said they had 80 girls working and 100 guys hanging around, is the place that big?

Anyway the standard is 30E for a 15 min suck\fk - so I had to negotiate for the"Tarl" special - which is- a fuck, facial, 2 fingers while I'm DATY for 1/2 hour. She had a great time and creamed all over my fingers. But she is a cell phone clock watcher - that is the only complaint.

This set me back 120E. So total I'm down $160. Don't get me wrong is was great - she was the best on board. There must of been ~ 4-5 E. Bloc girls, 1 big titted nigerean and the rest German.

So after a rest, I found "Sarah" from Czech. Now this type is probably what ISEEU was referring to. She was ~ 6.5, cute butt and she BBJ cum on tits for 30E. Did not watch the clock, etc. Plus I got DATY. So I could have done 3 different BBJ's, probably DATY, and cum on tits for a total of 90E.

Oh yea NONE did anal. The ol' "I think 1 girl does it" blah, blah...
(Angela said at Atlantis that's an extra $150E!! OUCH!)

Some tidbits about this place:

1. Cash only - they don't even have a ATM, so get your funds before hand - and don't forget to add-on the 40E entrance. Forget Visa as well - no CC'ds.

2. Your "room" will have actually 2 huge beds, so some other dude will be getting it on across the room from you - a little distracting.

3. Stick with the East Bloc - "Zee-Germans" (Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels - great movie) are not at all friendly - and won't hang around if you can't speak the lingo -typical FKK bullshit.

4. Dudes were getting BBJ and fucking just about anywhere so if this is an issue for you....

5. They nickel and dime you for everything, 3E for coffee etc.

So all up it cost me $193E(don't forget the coffee) for a "Tarl" special and a standard BBBJ w/cum on tits. You veterans can probably squeeze a better combination than me, but after driving an hour I couldn't be bothered.

I'll probably check out the Atlantis this Friday just for my own comparision. Angela said that there are now so many girls, the competition for our money is fierce so you can probably get the "Tarl" special for ~ 80E's - those of you can rebutt and give actual costs would be great.

Overall recommendation: If you are like ISSEU said, looking to just quickly blow you wad - then okay. If you are here for any lenght of time FKK35 is better and of course the general post about Atlantis,etc. Keep in mind from the airport by train is at least 1 hour, plus there is walking involved as I didn't see any close train station (dark so maybe I missed it). If you drive from the airport more like 20 minutes.

Jjako thanks for the info, I might have a look tomorrow for a quick BBBJ.

FYI - The best FKK type of deal is in Australia (Thailand, PI doesn't count - totally different game). If you ever get down under to Melbourne:

1. They all speak english
2. They have menus
3. No entrance fee (Except the Daily Planet and a very few other high class places- but that is used towards your booking - lose it if you don't stay)
4. Facials, Anal galore
5. Run by the goverment, taxed, licensed and legal. Mandatory health checks.
6. Nationality runs from white, greeks, asian(just pick a country), europe, aussies.

FYi #2 Went to Luxeomborg on Saturday - had a great meal bu that's about it.

09-18-03, 22:59
A couple of comments.
1- The pricing scheme must have changed - Used to be (In late June) 60 for 1, 99 for 2 and 120 for 3 with no additional entry fee and 3 per drink. I once did return trip to airport, 3 sessions and 3 drinks for 135.40 EUR and made my next flight.
2- I've used buses to get to Dietzenbach and found it very convenient from airport arrival directly to bus stop on the corner of the club. If I have a car I drive to Oase or ATL
3- The big breasted Nigerian is Sophia - a great fuck!
4- "BTW I called Atlantis and they said they had 80 girls working and 100 guys hanging around.." No way in their dreams. Maybe 30 women and maybe 40 guys.
5- " is the place that big?" It's big but Oase is bigger and has IMHO a better selection of women at the moment and for you lots of E. European women.
6- Fri. nite is probably the busiest nite of the week at all of these clubs - be prepared for a meat auction and quicker turnaround times.
7- With a car Oase is easy to get to (see previous posts). The Tarl special should be priced at 100 EUR.
8- Next time I'm in Melbourne, I expect the royal tour. Sounds great! :-)

09-29-03, 01:24
My first attempt at travel to Frankfurt, so I was hoping to have some information before finlaizing the flights:

I'll have a 2-3 day stopover in Frankfurt from 12/31-1/2.
Is New year's Eve and Day a good time to viist Frankfurt?

How does the activity change in general and especially at the FKK clubs aroung that time?

Am I better off planning for another time?

Thanks for your help.

10-08-03, 20:37
Man this thread is dead or what?
Is no one fucking in Frankfurt?

I have a couple of days in Frankfurt including New Year's eve:

Where should one go for lots of fun and pussy? FKKs?

Which hotel should I book that can give me access to some local action and reltively easy access to Atlantis or Oase?

I have read about renting a car, but It's my first trip ever to Germany, I'm not sure about driving.

Is any one out there who can respond to both of my posts?
Your help is needed urgently!

10-08-03, 23:03
Badass - Cant help you on New Year's Eve action - too busy getting smashed at home then - don't usually travel that time of year.
Of Course - FKK's with Oase and Atlantis at top of list.
Read previous posts at those sites for hotel info. I usually stay in FRA and drive to both. Easy to navigate on german highways even for an American. See my previous posts on this. And rental car is definitely cheaper than taxis.
It's also easy to get to Oase by train+cab - see previous posts.

10-17-03, 22:48

Here's the deal: I've never gotten a girl in Frankfurt but I've never tried. I do know where to go though. In Frankfurt there are two main areas to go for Amsterdam type action (i.e. girls in windows in rooms they rent per day/week).

1. Bahnhoffsviertel (Main Train Station)(picture 1):
Most action on Elbestraße and Taunusstraße.

2. Zeil (Downtown Shopping Street) (picture 2) :
The action is on the infamous Breite Gasse.

There is a third Eros Center, by itself, directly above the northern banks of the Main River. It is right next to the bridge that goes to Sachsenhausen (I know there's two, I forgot which one though). You can't miss it because there is a statue of a women wearing a short red dress that is about 5 m. tall and it says Eros Center really big. I will try to get more info on that one.

I will be in Frankfurt around that time. I don't know what my transportation status will be like, but I will be staying just outside of Frankfurt. I would probably be willing to meet up one day. Hell, I'll even offer translation service if you buy me a few rounds! LOL


10-22-03, 00:52
Thanks Iseeu and Coahuila,

I was not really looking for sex in Frankfurt proper, but wouldn't mind checking out the Eros centers you mentioned.
I will be at a downtown hotel and I think that one of these is nearby.

I am mostly planning on hitting Atlantis, Oase and may be World (one a day, may be). Haven't decided how to travel there.

Few rounds? You got it! Hopefully we can meet up.

10-23-03, 13:38
If you could go anywhere in Germany for a few days in November, where would it be, and why?

I have been to Frankfurt, but only to FKK 35 while there.

Thanks for any help,

10-31-03, 03:21
Hey guys,

I just noticed the Bahnhoffsviertel photo didn't show up, so I attached it to this post. The little numbers are different eros centers.



Kelly Jops
11-04-03, 03:17
I remember about 10 years ago visiting Taunusstrasse several times. It runs parralell to Kaiserstrasse, right across from the Main Train Station.

The best cheap f/s I've ever had! All nations, all ages, all looks, and all CHEAP! At that time I paid no more than $30.00 for f/s, some of them even did FFK and BBFS!

I love that town, wish I could live there. Of course I couldn't afford rent, cause I'd be spending it on all the ncie girls!

Kelly Jops
11-04-03, 15:20

Just get a Hotel somewhere downtown, close to the main train station. You should be able to catch the train right from the airport taking you to the Hauptbahnhof.

Right across from the train station is Kaiserstrasse, but there is really more action on the streets running paralell to it.

You will find all kinds of women, fairly affordable ($50.00 and less, sometimes much less). I loved that place!

11-04-03, 20:02

I've got something to tell you; I hope it does not shock and depress you.

Remember that first girl you had sex with, say ten or twenty years ago? Remember how good she looked? Now she aint such a beauty. Age does that. It changes the look and feel of people and places.

It's the same thing with the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel RLD. It has aged and isn't so innocent anymore. It just got...well...alot more sleazey than it used to be, and more rip-off prone. I, and most serious hobbiests, give this place a miss now. There is alot better action in/around Frankfurt. Why waste your time in this RLD?

Just an opinion...


Kelly Jops
11-04-03, 21:46

Thanks for the heads up. I was kind of thiking that I should go back over there sometime. I visit Germany about once every 2 years or so, but haven't been to Frankfurt in a long time, see below. Back then it was kind of how I would imagine Thailand. Everybody pretty cool, free spirited and just plain nice.

May be I need to hop on over to Thailand sometime instead, huh?

11-05-03, 20:32
To WSG members.

I just purchased roundtrip tickets from San Francisco to Frankfurt, Germany by Hotwire for $ 377.

I select the dates after purchase Hotwire tells me the time and airline.

There is a 4 hour stop over in New York.

The date I selected are the last week of Feb 2004 .

I am planning on visiting the FKK clubs Oase and Atlantis and a possible side trip to Kosice, Slovakia, check out JT report on Kosice.sex clubs.

The exchange rate is $ US 1= around 30.

If anyone is interested in meeting up in the FKK clubs in FEB/March, please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

11-17-03, 15:38
Hi buddies,

It's been several weeks since last post I did here, but but checking the recent mail, I have a comment about a post that is incorrect.


The name of the city is wrong: it is Dietzenbach.

The street name is wrong: it is Voltastrasse.

There is no entrance fee and you can check even now on their answering machine describing service cost and direction.

Capt Fred
11-17-03, 19:29

I will be traveling to Prague in December with a 6-8 hour stop-over in Frankfurt.

I have never tried escort in Frankfurt. Are there any FKK or escort services around the airport?

What type of services are provided in FKK?


11-18-03, 00:51
Another poster on th german FKK club thread has also recemtly reported a change of pricing at Dietzenbach: Eur 60 entry, Eur 40 per bang. I haven't been awhile so i can't confirm. Maybe next week ...It's a shame because this was a real value under previous pricing scheme

11-18-03, 10:43
Capt Fred

Frankfurt is swimming in escort services - price seems to be 180- 200 for an hour (altho' there are many much cheaper)

I suggest that you look at the ladies.de website and search choosing Hessen ( The website address seeeems to keep changing so you may need a bit of perseverance

Two recommendations - Mira 23 from Sandra escort (180+ inc anal). or Linda Fox - about 200 for 2 hours (slim 23) e-mail linda-fox at gmx.de (she is private not an agency).

11-19-03, 05:34

Kaleu's web site
is reporting the following prices for FKK Dietzenbach as of 02-Nov-2003:

Entrance: 40 EUR
Prices: 1x30, 2x60 EUR, non-alcoholic drinks 3 EUR

I plan to visit FKK Dietzenbach next week when I am in Frankfurt, and I will report back.

By the way, I found a good web site for public transportation in and around Frankfurt. You can even find the suggested method of getting to FKK Dietzenbach (I entered "Max Planck Str., Dietzenbach") from locations in Frankfurt.

Good hunting,

11-20-03, 17:24
I am going to be travelling throught Frankfurt in about a week. I have a five hour layover at the airport. Is there anything close to the airport that I could go to and take care of business. I am really looking for a good looking enthusiastic black woman. Any suggestions as to where to go and some times it would take to get there or how much a cab ride there and back would cost. Also how much is the service probably going to be?


11-23-03, 00:59
Trav 55 - see previous posts here including travel instructions to Dietzenbach where there is a very enthusiastic Nigerian named Sophia.. Enjoy

11-25-03, 23:45

Not to start any flames or anything when I was typing directions I was doing from memory, as was getting on a plane - and didn't have my notes. Was going to redo the directions but totally forgot. I still stand my statment that using the web to get to that place does not show you the detail in a broad overview - and for me at least - using the avis map worked better.

As to your other comments:

1. The point about "english" was that (and I'm sure others can vouch) if you don't speak German - your choices are limited. The girls - and I've been told this by other working girls - do not want to be in a position to where you and they are not clearly understood as to what you are looking for - so they really don't want to date non-german speaking people. Also in my many trips to Germany the numbers speak for themselves - in my case- on German vs. non german women. I do find them cold - as do others - but that's just me.

2. I am not from Australia - actually Seattle. I used to live in OZ. Travel there quite often.

3. I do not expect being in a foreign country to "only speak english". That is stupid thing to say. Just pointing out that if you speak the local "lingo" you have an edge over someone who doesn't. As a side note - English is supposed to be the international language - but go figure.

4. As for the cost. I stand by my statment that they collected a door prize of $60EUR - lady behind the bar. Maybe you speak German - so you didn't get charge - I don't know. But I didn't make that up.

All in all (as I said) I had a good time. My only complaints are - as you found - are finding the place if you don't have a car, the $60Eur fee, and **in my experience** the cold German women who do not want to go with you because you don't speak German.

Finally if you ever go to London - check out this agency


I had Patricia - very fine GFE. I have not seen any bad reports on the London board about this place and all the ladies are fine. Cost is $150GBS for 1 hour in-call.

Member #3447
11-26-03, 19:48
What is a recommended 3 -4 star hotel near the area (walking distance) of the main train station...walking distance to the Eros Centers? Thanks.

11-27-03, 15:17

I will be in Frankfurt for Saturday night, and I will stay at Premier Hotel, on Ludwigstrasse 27, blocks from Hbf action zone, recommended by Orbitz.com. The cost is 59 EUR, incl. breakfast. The hotel is rated 3 stars, but will see.

I look forward to go to Xtreff instead of Hbf, so if anyone is interested to join in, post or PM.


12-09-03, 01:25
In #7 Breite Gasse, topmost floor, middle door, there is a very nice, motivated lady that was giving me a really GF-like service, although we kept the rubber on, took a lot of time for me, as I could maintain the one eyed snake arisen for quite a while with her, BJ for an eternity of pleasure, and she kept these leather overknees boots on all the time. Wow! recommendable. She is about 1.60, long curled hair, butt nicely shaped, shaven in between with a nice landing strip, and very lucious lips..... Ahh... I have had a very good time with her, recommendable.

12-11-03, 11:09
Hey guys,
Any mongers in Frankfur around New year.
Would love to get together and hit a few neigboring FKKs or some local action.
PM me if you are available.

Don River
12-18-03, 22:43

I don't know what your standards are, but the last time I was in the area around the main train station I saw two sets of needle junkies shooting up on the street. That certainly is not the type of area I want to be in or look for women.

I spent several weeks in Frankfurt two years ago. I took business clients to Sud Fass and they were always satisfied.

It had an interesting motif: a sauna. I do 't know if it is still open or not. They had attractive girls and were reasonably priced.


12-19-03, 18:29

Badass mentions FKK's which are a significant step up from Sudfass, and significantly cheaper too.

Südfass is still open, but I don't know anyone who still goes there.


12-20-03, 10:30
Fellow mongers,

I will be having change of flights in Frankfurt on next monday and having free time from 10am to 7pm. So, this could allow me a nice early christmas enjoyment for myself... ;=))

Which place would you suggest during a day on monday, some FKK or places near railway station?

Any recommended FKK's near airport (to maximize enjoyment time..)



12-23-03, 15:39
A brief report from seeing Nadja at Meisengasse 7a in Frankfurt in November. I booked in by e-mail – reply from Lady Lara who speaks English. She met me on arrival and was extremely lovely and pleasant. Nadja quoted me a price 20% higher than the e-mail quote but accepted the originally agreed amount.
She then did everything which I had requested (including fisting her, whipping and fucking) with a noisy enthusiasm which somehow didn’t turn me on. I guess it’s a matter of taste and I’m not really a SM “top”
In the middle of the session she left for 15 minutes to see a client who obviously had just called on spec – I could hear the noisy enthusiasm through the wall. After this I was pleased when the time came to leave.
I guess I can’t recommend for or against Meisengasse – many German reviews give it high marks. If you’re looking for something a bit different this place might be worth a try (it has a website)

01-05-04, 10:16
I will be travelling to Frankfurt from 13th to 17th. Does anyone know which is the best area to go to for locating sex shops? For toys/movies, etc.

Thanx in advance.

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01-05-04, 18:01

There are many Sex shops and Video stores located in the Red light district near the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station). You can find directions to the RLD in previous posts on this page or you can find a map at http://www.rotes-haus.com.


01-05-04, 18:47
I'm Travelling to Germany at end of February and will stall 3 ays in Frankfurt. Can you please tell me how it work the place Sudfass, because I have read all the reports here but I think im more confuse than at the beginning.


01-06-04, 10:13

Many thanx for your reply. Another piece of curiousity, what is the situation in Frankfurt like for ladyboys / shemales / transsexuals? I have not seen much info about this here.

Thank You


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01-06-04, 10:18
Howdy Folks,

I will also be travelling in Europe over the next three weeks and plan to visit Frankfurt on the dates mentioned in my earlier post (13th night to 17th evening). Anyone want me to look into particular things, or areas, or clubs, etc, for information or general area knowledge.

Let me know.


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Jaimito Cartero
01-09-04, 19:53
I'm coming to Frankfurt at the end of this month for 5 days or so. From what I've read, I'll probably be checking out the FKK club. This will be the first time I'll be in Germany and I'm looking for some other touristy things to do, that won't cost a ton of money.

I don't think I'll be renting a car, so will need to have a hotel located near the action. Any help is appreciated. In the next week I'll be reading all the Frankfurt and FKK sections to get a list of "to do" girls and such.

01-10-04, 04:34
Hey, Rojasf1:

Aboout Sudfass -- do yourself a favor and avoid it. If I were you and had some time to kill in Frankfurt, I'd visit Oase, Atlantis, or FKK 35. Sudfass is not worth your time.

01-10-04, 04:36
Hey, Kaje96:

Want sex shops? Frankfurt International Airport has two. They're called Beate Uhse.

01-10-04, 18:55

On my recent Frankfurt trip I stayed at the Hotel Miramar. Good, central location at a decent price. I booked through the Frankfurt Tourism site: http://www.frankfurt-tourismus.de/

Be sure to look at the FKK boards. FKK 35 is easy to get to by streetcar from central Frankfurt.

There are tourist things to do near Römer, and there are 3 brewpubs in town if you are into brewpub beer.


Jaimito Cartero
01-10-04, 23:33
Thanks for the info. Any German hotel booking sites with English? I can figure out about 75% of the German, but I'm not quite confident that I'll have a good room. :) What type of price did you pay for the room?

I've read some of the FKK forums. Atlantis is also in the area, correct?

01-11-04, 00:06
I had booked Le Meridien through Priceline. The hotel is near the main train station and the main red light district. Plenty of sex shops and lots of buildings with neon signs showing number of the building.

My plan was to go to th FKK clubs the next day and had rented a car from Sixt website. Got upgraded to auto with navigation system (with a little bit of convincing required).

Clubs were closed on the 31st, and I had to attend a party, so had no real plans on mongerign that evening. Having had been to Pattaya, BKK and Dubai during this trip, I noticed my desire to fuck had diminished quite a bit.
Strange feeling, this not wanting to fuck!

Anyway, just wanted to visit the red light area, just out of curiosity. I wanna make it clear that the whole street scene or the red light district or incall are not my scene. I have never mongered at any of these.

As I walked up and down those streets across from the main train station (Kaiserstrasse etc.), noticed some men/boys going in and out of these buildings, many of which had a number on the outside. So I started doign the same. Lots of small rooms on each floor. Lots of stairs to climb! I mean I was tired after my 6th building. I hadn't worked out like this in 3 months.

Very few rooms were open. Few girls I saw but nothing special. They would blurt out 25 Euro,, and I'll move on. As I was heading back to the hotel, with no desire at all to fuck, I saw this building with no number on it. A couple of men came out, and I don't kno why, but I went in and headed up to second floor. Most rooms were closed as in other buildings. Then I noticed the first room on the right just open the door. I saw a slim asian girl, but moved onto the third floor. Nothing, fuck it.

Walked by that 1st room on the 2nd floor again, and saw that beautiful, dark-haired, Thai girl, in a silk robe laying opn her belly. She had the best looking ass I had seen in a long time. I felt a tingle in my loins. Hmmm! Mr. Happy was waking up. Room was kinda dark, with reddish light.
A little seedy!

Walked in to talk to this Thai girl. One of the best looking Thais I had seen, includign those from BKK and Pattaya. Plus she had a great, shapely ass :) (an assett not found in many Thai girls, IMHO). Well proportioned inplants, flat, toned belly, no stretch marks or c-section scars:)

She goes home to BKK but does not 'work' there. IN BKK, she has men that book her for several days at a time.

Agreed to Euro 25 for standard BBBJ (reluctant at first, but good) and FS. We both washed before hand and used a mouth wash (I liked that).
Half way through, I popped the question! No, not a marriage proposal, but whether she would do anal.:)

She said 50 extra (As opposed to 25 for many others in the area). OK, I said and paid her upfront.
I enjoyed great anal, alternating with full service (changed condoms). Asked her if she did CIM, but she refused even for another 50. That is reserved for her boyfriend! She said she enjoyed being creamed on her tits, so I obliged!

One of the best $100 I spent. However, I can't recommend that whole scene in general. The girls were not good looking. Although, on another day, there may be a lot better selection.
I think the building is on the first left from Kaiserstrasse (entering from train station end), no number , on the right hand.
Sorry NO camera, no pics. Was not prepared.

Jaimito Cartero
01-11-04, 00:44
What kind of pricing for this hotel, and did you just shoot in the dark for it? I'm always a bit hesitant to use Priceline since you might be stuck with a dog, and no chance of getting your money back.

01-11-04, 01:17
LeMeridien is one of the 4-star hotels on priceline.
It came to about $85/night, including all of the taxes. Nice, small hotel!

Gianni Versace
01-26-04, 17:30
Hello fellow mongerers!

Just got back from Franfurt and thought that I would make a quick post. First of all, let me say that the women in germany are ice cold. What I mean by that is that the sex scene is alive and well but the women here are worst than the window girls you see in amsterdam!

Stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt because the RLD was only a hop and a skip away. In germany women rent rooms in huge buildings. These buildings are refered to as Eros. Essentially it is one big ***** house. You walk in to these complexes and mind you that there are about 10 of these complexes in the surrounding area. Each one of these has like 50 women! IT is out of control, from Thai ladies to the local germans. The best part about this is that for a fuck and suck it can range from 25 Euros to 35 euros. Which is cheaper than Amsterdams $50 fuck and suck.

Anyways my advice for the fellow punters in Frankfurt is to save up the money and go to Thailand.

01-27-04, 10:07
This may not be much help to anyone! but you never know. I like the FKKs because you can try a girl out for 50e and then if it goes well book for longer, Whereas with escorts you pay a lot up front and have no idea what will turn up. However I spent a lot of time contacting women advertising on kontact websites and eventually one replied in English to my elementary primitive German. She had a full-time job and just did a little of this "escort" work
When we met I discovered that she was not quite as in the pic (pix always focus on the best bits) but she had a bag full of tricks - including dildos, strap-ons and latex gloves. She did anal, deepthroat, cum in mouth, massage, prostate massge and all sorts of (safe sex) things in line with her very assertive personality.
And on top of that she had a brain which I had trouble keeping up with, a spiritual interest, and a business drive I can only wonder at.
So I write this report just to indicate that with a lot of work and luck you can sometimes find someone very remarkable and get more for your money than you might ever expect.

By the way - for hotel bookings I always use hrs.de which has an English language option. I have often cross-checked its prices with other agencies and always found them cheapest

01-28-04, 23:24
I'm in FRA, Feb 2nd and again Feb 15th, making my rounds. Anyone else in town those days, PM me if you want to hook up.

01-29-04, 03:42
Forgive posting this in the Frankfurt section but I thought more people might be in the know in this section.

Interesting situation. I find myself in Nuremberg next weekend visiting an (girl)friend. I may be able to sneak off a few hours one day. Is that club Sylt still open? Are most of the girls German? I heard that the Frankfurt FKK clubs have girls from all over the world. Is this the case at Sylt? Any advice greatly appreciated. Anyone know any other clubs in Nuremberg?


Vitamin V Boy
01-29-04, 21:12

I went to Priceline but it looks like the areas that they have available are marked Frankfurt South, East and West. Which area did you bid on since it does not look like any of the areas on their maps are near the train station and what price did you bid?

Thanks in advance

Normally I stay at the IBIS or the Youth Hostel but a nicer hotel closer to the RLD would be great.

01-29-04, 22:53
Will answer in Nurenburg Section

01-31-04, 00:15
I was in FRA recently on business, and didn't have transportation, nor the time to invest in spending hours on end at a FKK, so I confined myself to the Eros Centers. Here's my trip report that is pretty positive on the whole. Hard to beat the value for money in Western Europe.

Thanks to some earlier postings on this board, I found the Eros Centers on Taunusstrasse and Elberstrasse pretty easily. The area was only a couple of blocks from the European Central Bank and one of the trendiest bars in town, Living. At least two U-bahn stops within easy walking distance. The area is urban, but probably fine if you exercise street smarts. Strolled through a couple of the ECs on Elberstrasse. They are lit up with neon lights at night, so they are hard to miss. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t as seamy and unsavory as I was led to believe. Lots of the girls lived in their rooms; the places looked reasonably clean and well-lit. There were elevators, but only for the residents with key cards to operate them it appeared. There was enough foot traffic with guys of all classes, ages, and races, climbing up and down the stairs that you felt as if you were in mid-town traffic.

I tried to strike up a couple of conversations with some of the girls I found interesting, but the lack of German was a handicap. Also, most of the girls were definitely very business-like: “If you vant come in, 50 Euros for fuck unt suck” was a typical opening remark.

Anyway, I made a newbie mistake and succumbed to the eye candy and wasn’t explicit in my negotiations. On the first floor of EC 51, saw Tina – German, young, pretty, blonde, big tits, nice long legs, great body. Like a lot of others on her floor, her room was also decked out with all types of S/M wear and sex toys. Tina spoke English, and said that “30 Euros for everything; suck, fuck.” What she really meant was that it was 30 Euros for suck, 30 Euros for fuck, 30 Euros to take her clothes off, 30 Euros to touch, etc., etc.! Basically, a marginal ROB. It was the first time a girl had ever insisted that I keep my socks on during the act!

She had me undress and then lay down on the bed. Still dressed in her bra and thong, she put a rubber on me and started the CBJ, facing away from me so that I didn’t get to see her face, nor would she let me touch her pussy. The CBJ was OK, but then I asked her to slow down and she said, “You came here to have orgasm, yes?” When I said that I wanted to wait until the FS before coming, that’s when she said that it was going to be another 30 for FS. I told her that I only had another 20, and she insisted that I show it to her and go through my pockets! She decided to take the offer and climbed on RCG, pulling her thong to one side. We rocked for a while and then I finished. Afterwards, she said that touching hurt her, and she poked at my groin to make her point! While it wasn't a rip-off, it definitely was too business-like and whiney for me to want to repeat with her even though she looked like a Playboy model.

My second night at the ECs, I got a Stairmaster workout going up and down the stairs of just about all the ECs on Elberstrasse since I was having a hard time finding a girl that piqued my interest. I ran into Tina again, this time wearing a black, Cleopatra-style wig. On the upper floors of her EC, the flash one with the fountains and sculptures and ATM machine, there were a whole bunch of Thai lady boys. So buyer beware.

Finally, almost giving up, I went into the last EC on the block, near the strip club. On the very top floor, saw a flamboyant mulatta who spoke Spanish to her floormate, but was goodnaturedly cussing out an old German guy. Intrigued, I decided to wait and go back to see what she was like. A good decision.

Her name was Katya, a cubana, probably about 30. Lots of curls, glasses, big smile, generous, lush tits, nice ass, not the thinnest waist but not the thickest either. Even in the hallway, she had only a bra on but no panties. I spoke to her in Spanish. It was clear that she really lived in her apartment, down to the stationary bike near the window. She quoted me 25 Euros for CBJ, FS, multiple positions, and nude. She also was good about hygiene, having me wash my hands first. When we undressed, I started to suck on her tits and she got a phone call. She began describing to her caller (later she said it was her brother-in-law) what I was doing and I could hear him laughing. I asked Katya how I was doing sucking her tits, and she said "riquisimo!".

She then moved onto a very nice CBJ, leisurely, and let me play with her pussy while doing so. We then moved into missionary for a while, and she started to act a little with the moans and groans. We then moved into doggy style, as she said “follame!” She urged me to pound her harder, obviously so that I would come more quickly. I played with her asshole with a finger and pushed it in a little. She had a nice ass, set off by a tattoo. When I came, she remarked that I hadn’t yelled or grunted, and seemed surprised that I wasn't a grunter. We joked some more, cleaned up, and she gave me a nice kiss goodbye. Definitely a repeater. (If anyone runs into her, say "El Cuarenta y Uno" says hello. It's a private joke that she'll probably remember.)

My last night. I decided to go out with a bang literally. Was prepared to get another Stairmaster workout, or to go back to Katya, since she was probably as close to a GFE one might find in an EC. However, I decided to try one of the ECs on Taunusstrasse itself that I hadn’t reconnoitered the nights before. At number 27 (?), I was on one of the upper floors and saw a cute blue-eyed blonde, tan, wearing a black bikini and black boots. She smiled and then was kind enough to tell me that the upper floors were closed.

Based on that, I decided to at least query her. She said her name was Tanya (I think), Polish, 23 years old. She quoted me 30 Euros for “fuck, suck, touch.” I thought about it and agreed. I hadn’t been with a Polish girl before, and wanted to add that to my resume. Her only down side physically was that she had the type of thicker legs that aren’t unattractive on a young girl, but would let her down as she got older. The experience was good, but rushed. We undressed, and she let me suck her nipples for a while. She then covered me and started with a quick CBJ that showed a good use of tongue. We then started in missionary for a couple of minutes before moving on to doggy style. We had barely gotten going, when she asked me whether I had already come. The first time I'm with a new girl, I am far from the marathon man, so it was a little strange to have her hurry me so soon. She was very good at grinding her butt against me though, so I was ready soon. When I was finished, she taught me a couple of words of Polish (already forgotten), complimented me on my pronunciation, and then gave me a nice kiss goodbye.

Some day, I'll try the FKKs, but I kind of like having the variety and one-stop shopping option of the ECs.

02-01-04, 18:49

have a look here:

Kaleu has done a marvellous job gathering info.

I also checked the website of Sylt:


where you find portraits of the girls. They offer to tell you in advance which girls will be available when you arrive. Their number is: 0911-306116 from Germany, +49-306116 when dialling from outside. They lok like averagish to me, if I may say ao, but try it anyway.

Opening times: 12-04.00 h.

May I recommend the Frankfurt area instead? Here there are some gems that jkust want to be discovered. Ahhh! Rosa (Taunus 39) ...... Melissa (BG 1).....

and so on.

have fun anyway!

02-02-04, 11:07
Hi Snark,

You posted below about these girls: Rosa (Taunus 39) and Melissa (BG 1)

Is there a website for these girls or other escorts?

I only ever seem to find sites with Incall escorts In munich like http://www.eroticguide-munich.de

Anything simular for Frankgurt?


02-05-04, 15:16
try www.ladies.de for a start.

02-05-04, 17:03
also try adultscout.de - fewer pix than ladies.de but a few different ones.