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05-16-02, 04:57
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06-14-02, 14:51
Hi Folks,
have been some around in Budapest and have to admit, I am not that happy about it. Czech & Romania seem to be much better.

However, if you OK to go with Gipsy's, you should go for Jozsef uti and the whole District/Area. Pattern are some different as opposed to other Areas, you should look into the entry Doors of Houses and actually a good time is like 2-5 in the night, when Girls (sometimes even with their Boyfriends) come home - they are looking to make some Money on the way and you COULD be happy ending up with a straight 9-10 for about 10K HUF (about 40EUR).

Been to the Clubs and don't really like them, you always end up with about 200 EUR in the end for the whole and I think that is too much.

Maybe someone else has more input,

all the best!

World Traveler
07-02-02, 08:51
Budapest and Prague remain among the un-safest capitals in Eastern Europe. No wonder tourism as declined every year. Locals try to cheat you anyway they can and when they can nit do that, they simply rob you. There are two different standard prices for the locals and ˇ®foreignersˇŻ and they try to ˇ®milkˇŻ you as much as possible without giving you any services. They act like you owe them something. That goes with the girls too. Really poor quality services no matter where you get it or how much you spent. And please stay away from GipsyˇŻs it would not be worth the (possible) risks.

If you ˇ®reallyˇŻ want to try Eastern Europe, try other cities or countries.

07-14-02, 22:24
Anyone know good/cheap girls with apartment? I'm going to Budapest in a couple of weeks.

07-17-02, 00:25
Thanks to Anoymus's review in archives 8-15-2001.
went to the yellow house at Kazinski Uta 16 in Kesketmet

Rang the buzzer, was great by 3 girls, young brunnette 19 years old, short red head about 30, and an old blond at least 40.

Price was 10,000 foirints an hour or 6,000 a half hour.

Decide on the brunette, took a shower and went into a nice clean room. The girl had a great body, nice ass, partially shaved pussy, nice sized, (BIG!) breasts.

Messed around for the 1st half hour, she wasn't really that exciting in the sack. Idea came into my head, for an extra $24. I could have one of the other girls join.

I gave the brunnette 6,000 more and soon the short red head came into the room. Things really got charged, the girl looked much better with her clothes off, great tits with real big nipples,
I imediately started to suck them and play with her pussy, while the brunnette gave me cbj.

Then the redhead started to suck her, I grabbed the brunnette and made her sit on my face. Where I played with her beatiful 19 year old pussy and a-hole. The redhed then hopped on my cock facing the brunnette. It was so exciting that I blew my cookies within a minute. Too soon I thought because I still had 20 minutes on the clock.
But within 5 minutes I was ready to go again (not bad for a 45year old, actually a tribute to the girls) I was able to come again as they took turns sucking me off.

Great bargain for $64, in the U.S., it costs 10 times as much.
The girls freaked when I told them I heard of the on the internet in U.S.


Banana Joe
07-17-02, 06:25
Anon is .... me!
Yes, Banana Joe was the anonymous Kesketmet *****monger :-)

Happy to have contributed to your great fuck!

Good hunting,
Banana Joe

07-19-02, 10:56
Between 9-12h you will find ho in the Vaci Utka sitting on the pavement or standing at the bar off the café next to a Burger King. Set yourself on a table and look to them. They will try to approach you.

Banana Joe
07-19-02, 13:55
No no no, my dear friend PlayStation1!
Vaci Utca is to avoid like the plague.

EVERY girl in this street is a scam artist, I have seen this happen with my own eyes: those girls invite you for a drink in a bar they "like" ... and you end up paying 300$ for a couple of cokes.
No jokes, 300$ if you're lucky ... I let you imagine what you end up paying if you order a bottle of champagne!

And if you don't trust me, search for "Vaci" in the old archive of WSG. You'll fill plenty of warnings about this famous street.

Happy hunting,
Banana Joe

07-21-02, 02:36
there's a lot of advise what not to do, and i'm greatful for that, but i want to know where to go if i want young cheap girls who don't scam you. any advise? going to budapest in august!

07-21-02, 13:56
Thanks Banana Joe, you are truely the man.

Have you ever gone into that one strip club in Kesketmet?

It's on the main road through town, if so whats the deal?

07-22-02, 09:58
You are partly right Joe. There are a lot of girls, mostly walking in a pair, who speak to you and try to get you to an expensive nightclub.
But on Vaci Utca there is a terrace next to Burger King, where you will find several independant girls waiting for you to take you to your hotel. I've talked with one but as she was not my type I did not ask her price. Mostly between 9 pm - 11 pm, but even during the day there was a young girl sitting next to me who was trying to seduce me with her eyes.

Banana Joe
07-22-02, 14:09
Sorry Groovedog, I have slept in Kesketmet only one night and I wasn't aware of this nightclub.

Happy hunting,
Banana Joe

08-04-02, 16:01
hi guys ;)

attention! never ever ask a taxi man for bringing you a place in budapest......2 things .......first they get paid for it and second they will bring you to an expensive night club......

never ever go to a place where you have to pay entrance ......specially when it's 5000 florint like in the most night clubs ......like ti amo, qulala and so on......there is a system called ....premium or first class night club.......they only get your money....you pay 5000 florint entry and then 15000 for the first drink!!! ...

a good tip is to go to a shop for newspaper.......and buy some sex magazine from hungary....there are special magazines with only girl in it with picture and number......they are cheap.......about 5000-10000 for an hour all inkl. .....but attention not every girl speaks english. ;) .......they are coming to your hotel or your appartment what every you want.......don't go to their place......to dangerous ......you never know....

i will go now nearly every weekend from septemer to budapest.......because of business......of course adult business ;);) ....

so i try to find out more out and give you tips ;)

enjoy your time.....

p.s. to take an appartment during your stay in budapest is also a good possibilty instead staying at the hilton at the west end ;) ......you pay for an appartment incl. everything about 10-20 dollar a night.....some are very central.....

09-27-02, 00:05
Regards from Budapest!

Went there recently on business having studied carefully all your messages. Had a lot of trouble first but hit the jackpot eventually.

I was out with the customers and it was quite late (early) when I sent them away and got to the real business : )

I tried calling the "szabadödö" partners or whatever it was in the Express. At 4 am most of them did not answer the phone and those who did either did not like to be disturbed or did not speak English and just hang up after I mentioned that I had seen their ad. Should have tried in German, but did not.

Then I walked to the Kazynski Utca 16, but could not find the house number 16. Poor numbering, nothing outside that would have indicated anything about the nature of the place.

Remembering someone having mentioned the street Josef krt I went there. All closed and quiet, no girls anywhere to be seen. There was one news agent open near the bridge and I thought that I would not loose anything by askin the guy in there. He did not seem to understand english so I shoved him the page in Express. After some desperate effort I managed to get a hint: "hotel XXXXXXXX" that was very close on the same street. The name of the hotel refers to partner exchange that some couples are into (no mentioning hotel names here).

The door to the hotel bar was open and I saw people inside. Sat at the bar and lit a cigarette looking around. Two guys and five girls, no mistake to be made, the kind of girls I was looking for. Then the bartender told me that the bar was closed and I would have to leave. I asked if I could just have a word with the girls before I go. It was not possible because it was the "boss" and his girls. He started politely showing me the door when I pulled the Express page from my pocket once again. He did not seem enthusiastic, but after a while (and after switching to the German language) he agreed to call some girl not listed in Express.

I waited 20minutes and the girl arrived in a taxi. The deal was that I could have paid 5000 florint for the taxi and leave if I wanted, but the girl turned out to be a 25 year old 9+ just like the other girls in the bar had let me to expect. I paid 25000 florint for one hour and got a hotel room (not exactly a suite) included in the price. And the girl was great. So, at $100 it was a bit more expensive than I had originally planned, but definitely worth it.

If you have the balls to try that place, you just might have a really nice experience. Just be aware that the girl told me that the guy who called him is "a big man" in Budapest. So don't go there looking like you might cause trouble. I think I was harmless to them and polite enough, so I got good service.

Keep on posting your reports. At least I read them whenever I am travelling to a new city.


10-11-02, 10:45
Guys ! Need some help ! I will be visiting Budapest next week. Can anybody recommend me a Hotel close to all the action, clean, safe , walking distant and reasonably priced etc.
Any recommendations regarding clubs, best place to find chicks etc. All info will be much appreciated !! Thanks.

10-14-02, 22:30

Advice - Do not go to Budapest. It is a rip off. Believe me I have been to nearly every European Capital at this stage and this is the worst in terms of con-artists, value for money and personal safety. Too many bad experiences to mention. The girls are exceptionally beautiful but if you want action go to neighbouring countries - Germany, Austria, Czech etc.

10-25-02, 16:57
August 2002 - Just returned again from this hot spot that I call paradise. I have read some of the posts prior and chuckle when I see the negative feedback. Budapest is totally fun and if you are looking for the most bang for your buck you could not ask for a better place.
To comment on all those saying Budapest is a ripoff and do not go there, you may want to visit the local action with someone who reads or speaks Hungarian to get view from the other side. Being lucky to know Hungarian fluently I have found the babes are in abundance and all for next to nothing in price.
Yes there are risk's there in Budapest, its easy to say you could get scammed just about anywhere in the earth if your naieve enough to be the sucker chump. So, heres the Joecaddy tip's to be keen on.
As many here have experienced, Vaci utca is expensive however not a ripoff if your willing to dump $100.00 USD for an hour with a drop dead gorgeous babe. There are some clubs there in that district which only want you to enter for the bar tab and those places should be avioded "at all costs". You can easily sum up the place just by asking up front whats inside. When the girl's say come on in and we can talk over a drink your on the way for the classic set up. By the Lanc Hid - Chain Bridge there is the hotel Intercontenental and the Hyatt. Alond the walkway on the Danube side you will find many girls there everynight waiting for the traveller. These girls are sweet but again in this area the asking price is $100.00 USD for an hour.
The best bet in town is only about 5000 to 6000 HUF, Hungarian Forint = approx $25.00 USD. The newspapers are literally one of the best places to find these girls and they are the most friendly.
I met this one babe at her flat, 22 years old stunning blonde with tan skin that I wanted to lick all over. She joined me in the shower and we washed each other in a sensual way, then proceeded to the bed for 2 hours of joy. Maybe because I can speak Hungarian I can get away with more and flirt with the girls however anyone can get simillar action with ease.
I found a nice website for those who can not find a newspaper,
Its in Hungarian, just click on the photos and you will see the details with phone numbers.
There you can find a few babes with direct phone numbers. You can also find links to the local ***** house and the action is just as grand there as well with great prices.
I tend to somewhat disagree with those who say avoid the taxi drivers, yes some clubs do kickback money to them with the traffic they bring however a taxi driver gets much exposure to many things and in times they can lead you to the best action in town.
Guy's, have fun in Budapest and tear it up. I go there three times a year minimum and look forward to going back asap. Hungary is full of fun and action in many ways remains a rich untapped hidden treasure, pleasure is waiting for those who can find it.

10-29-02, 19:14
First day in Budapest
It seems OK to me.

Looking for a girl on the street is not so easy.
Went to Strip Show, named 'marylin'

Baross Utca 4. VIII district.
tel 338 4243
Open 9pm~

No Admission
Drink : Beer 2,000FT
Girl Drink : a bottle of Shampane 7,000FT
Go to hotel with girl : 22,000FT + Taxi fee
But some girls are not going hotel (no sex)

try 'Linda'... Good Service.

11-03-02, 13:44
Hi Guys!

I stayed again two weeks in budapest for business.

Well let's say what kingkong2002 said about the marlyin is right, from the official clubs etc. its the best one....or lets say the one were its more or less fair.....made also good experience their....but still expensive to fuck from my side......

i tried also again .....twenty clubs or so.....but just shit......

but the strategy from Joecaddy is the best.........buy some magazines or check the website he recommended..i found also another one.....but have no experience their...http://www.freeweb.hu/escorts/...will update you about my experience their next few weeks..(hope is not a fake ;) don't speak hungarian.......and here is what i do who don't speak hungarian...only some words ;).....go to a taxidriver.......ask him to call the girl from the newspaper.....and u will get her in the hotel room......no language problems ;);).....or he can ask her if she speaks languages........believe it works......and u get the cuttest girls for 5000-7000 flt for h and longer...;);)....

happy huntings guys........and be clever....treat her as a woman and also with language problems ;);)

01-30-03, 21:55
Hi, this is my first message to WSG. Theres a lot to say , but since this is my first msg..I m just testing the system and will offer more later, if it is of interest and use.

i live in budapest, and so know the scene reasonably well..having just returned from turkey a year or so ago..I can tell you a few things about Antalya ..but thats a different story.

I, m of western european nationality ..not hungarian or Turkish!!!

Hungary, along with of course Romania, has some of the most beautiful, and available wowen, , lets say west of the black sea!!

In hungary its good to have at least a bit of Hungarian to be able to read the adverts in the expressz news paper. This is where you can get a one hour session for $30 all in...if you go to the clubs they"ll be looking for $100 before the drinks in the club..and thats at the reasonable places..not the rip off ones, of which there are many!!Get the Expressz newspaper. You need to go to the "SzBADIDO-PARTNER SECTION, "EROTICA" !!!! aLL OF THOSE TEL NUMBERS IN THEORY LEAD YOU TO A GOOD F****".

Ill send more shortly. Let me know your specific questions in hungary .. and I will see if i can find answers.

Cheers..and enjoy yourselves.


02-02-03, 18:56
Hello bp1

I´m going to Budapest soon. Could you tell us some adresses?


02-20-03, 00:19
[QUOTE]Originally posted by bp1
[i]Hi, this is my first message to WSG. Theres a lot to say , but since this is my first msg..I m just testing the system and will offer more later, if it is of interest and use.

I live in budapest, and so know the scene reasonably well..having just returned from turkey a year or so ago..I can tell you a few things about Antalya ..but thats a different story.

I am of western european nationality ..Not hungarian or Turkish!!!

Hungary, along with of course Romania, has some of the most beautiful, and available wowen, , lets say west of the black sea!!

In hungary its good to have at least a bit of Hungarian to be able to read the adverts in the expressz news paper. This is where you can get a one hour session for $30 all in...if you go to the clubs they"ll be looking for $100 before the drinks in the club..and thats at the reasonable places..not the rip off ones, of which there are many!! Get the Expressz newspaper. You need to go to the "SzBADIDO-PARTNER SECTION, "EROTICA" !!!! aLL OF THOSE TEL NUMBERS IN THEORY LEAD YOU TO A GOOD F****".

Ill send more shortly. Let me know your specific questions in hungary .. and I will see if i can find answers.

Cheers..and enjoy yourselves.

Hello Bp1, i am a west european men that live in Budapest, but I don t speak Magyar, so for me is very difficult contact girls from expresz... can you help me? can you give me some good adress?
thank you very much!

02-24-03, 04:33
hi i am a regular usa poster and i was wondering about hungarian or romanian brothel websites or local escort sites thanks

02-24-03, 04:58
sweetwillyp -

Check out:


02-27-03, 06:45
What's up guys? I'm a regular at the Seoul and NYC forums. I've been watching this porno series called Mikesapartment.com, which apparently takes place in Budapest. Basically, this American guy owns this condo in Budapest and places an ad to rent a room out for a short period of time. When perspective female tenets come to check the place out and negotiate, he charges an obscene amount for rent, but compromises saying he’ll give them the room for free if the chicks masturbate, fuck Mike, fuck one of his friends or fuck their boyfriend if they bring them along – “cash or ass”. Usually the chicks relent and agree to do it. Man, all I can say is that Hungarian girls are gorgeous! I’ve heard they were hot before, but never realized it until I saw this series. Maybe I should take a trip there one day!

03-10-03, 02:44

I have always looked at the board but have never given my two cents worth, Budapest is a lovely city with good looking but it is very dangerous for visitors especially if you get caught up with consumption girls they will comsume all your money.

I am a Canadian and have just returned from Budapest were I came across a person who has two females and there age are 19 and 22. They are from Moldova and they are hot I took the 22 year old one for one hour in which I got a bj without the umbrella and covered sex all for $100 at there location. They also offer longterm service if you are looking to spend more time they will even pick you up from the airport and arrange accommodations for you. This way you and the girl could explor! e Budapest together and be safe and have fun at the same time. So I highly recommend there service there email address is budapest469@yahoo.com

I will be back in april to use them again.

03-10-03, 09:25

You can get the same action for $30.00 dollars! Try the Expressz local newspaper, in the paper you will find the Szabadido Partner area, these women who advertise are all very reasonable and do exactly what you are looking for. The ages are posted there as well so selection is easy. The one's who advertise in the paper are very average to extremely good-looking, they do not ask for the $100.00 fee. It really does help to speak the language and it will help in many ways to get the most bang for your buck. Yes, Budapest does have its corruption crime and unlawful residents lurking about. However its safe to say this could be found anywhere in the globe. You have to keep your heads up and be aware of what’s going on around you literally at all times. If anyone really wants some fine looking women and a great time, Hungary is a fun place to visit.


03-28-03, 00:29
hey all,

finally there is a website that is in english to find girls. it is www.redzone.hu.

it also tells you which girls speak english :)))))

i wish it was around back when i lived in bp bc calling numbers from tutti frutti party ads was hit or miss if they spoke english.

from my experience living in bp:
easiest, cheapest way to get laid was sweet cats and blue eyes. problem is that their locations aren't discreet, they advertise on the sidewalk and balcony of the flats. both these were on main streets in bp. i was always worried abt getting caught /sighted by coworkers or female friends. i usually went undercover ;) baseball cap and sunglasses.

i advise against streetwalkers. i had many experience in the 8th district. i was usually alittle drunk and horny went i went looking. none of the girls spoke english and they were never good looking. they were very cheap but many looked like drug addicts. sometimes they'll ask for more money. the rooms they used are usually very dirty.

one time i went with the cutiest streetwalker i ever found. we went to her friends house some guy was watching tv, she asked him to leave. then she asked for an extra 3000huf to pay for the room. well then that guy came back right when we were finishing. but he came back with a tough looking guy. my hungarian was bad and they spoke no english. they wanted more money or else??? i only had a 10,000 huf bill. so i gave it to them and walked right out. they seemed to be fine with that amount probably more than they expected, but it was a very unnerving situation. i was alittle drunk, so they could have easily kicked my ass. i was lucky.

other street advents involve doing a girl and her mom, crazy, i didn't know they were related. but when i walked in the house, there were a bunch of little kids in the kitchen. really akward. the mother blew me then left and then the daughter came in and fucked me. thank god it was a quickie, it was really weird. then the mother came back in, i asked her to turn on the lights so i could find my clothes, she wanted to charge for the electricity ??? fuckin crazy experience. i don't think they were pro's, they just wanted extra money to buy their christmas presents.

another streewalker experience. i met 2 girls in 8th district. really weird make-up for my tastes. i went back with them to their place. they also turned off the lights an lit candle. i guess electricity is really expensive if you are poor too. anyway i was fucking one girl doggie style, the other girl was rubbing my back and ass. as with most the time with streetwalkers, you usually have your clothes on, just maybe pants down. anyway, i notice the second girl who was rubbing me was actually trying to steal my wallet!!!!!!!

you are warned!!stay away from streetwalkers. i have many other bad stories abt sw in bp but these make my point clear.

i only went to the sw bc someone i knew moved into the sweet cats building, and i didn't want to get caught/sited by the perso. i stopped going to blue eyes only bc it was on a main street and i often ran into people i knew in that area by west end city center. if you are only in bp for fun then try these two places.

i eventually ended up using the net and tutti frutti party. both were hit or miss in regards to english. i had abt a 15% english rate, you may do better though. i just got sick of wasting time and money(on the phne calls). that is why i am really excited abt. i was really hopping that piroslampa.net (redlight in hungarian) for bp would turn out as good as sez.cz is for prague. obviously not there yet, but it has been improving.

on a side note, for awhile piroslampa.net was using graphics on its website that they stole from sex.cz. i used to chat on icq with the guy who runs sez.cz. i told him abt the theft. he contacted the piroslampa people to ask them not to use his graphics. he asked they if they wanted do a joint venture, which would have been a great benefit to all of us. unfortantely it never evolved .

i used to go to peep, a peep show place. i have read in old reports here or on another website that you could ge a bj, or take the girl to an apartment. i am not sure if this is true. i had asked several of the guys who work there and they said no.

most strip bars are a rip off, abt a 100usd for sex, but then they charge for taxi, and then room. if this is what you want, then hallo bar is the best. i think it was free admission but must buy at least 1400huf for a drink. cheap compared to most strip clubs.

there was one strip bar that a friend and i went to. it changed its name various times while i lived in bp bc it had a bad reputation. i'll try to find out the name. they gave us a "deal" letting the 2 of us in for 5000huf. well there was a ok looking girl dancing. so we ordered a drink. the girl stopped dancing and no one go up on stage. then there were a couple hotties sitting with the mafia guy who turned out to be the owner. we were hoping that we could maybe take them home or at least talk to them. the waiter said no, that they are the owners girls. so here we were with no dancers or girls. we decide to finish the beer and leave. our bill came for 40,000 huf, abt 65usd at that time, the same as hungarian minimum wage. we asked why so much??? the waiter pointed to the small print on the menu. in tiny print on the bottom, minimum drink order 10,000 huf per person. basically if we didn't order one beer each we wouldn't have to pay anything. a typical hungarian scam.

hmmmm what else can i add?

the us embassy has a blacklist of places that scam tourists. the local english newspaper, the budapest sun, runs the blacklist in their paper in the summer. one year they even did a whole article on the ripoff scams, they found out that abt 8 of the blacklisted places (strip bars and coffee shops) were own by the same person, a suspected russian mafia boss. he and his company would not comment for the article.

sweet cats and blue eyes work together, not necessarily a bad thing. they each usually have2-4 girls working and i think they both have 3 bedrooms. i can't remember the price, between 12-14,000 with extra for bbbj or if you want to eat their pussy(daty). although i met some girls would will let daty for free. prices for hungarians is less of course in typical hungarian fashion. you might want to ask a girl what she likes to do b4 picking (you should do this b4 taking a girl at a strip club also), but this can be hard since most of the time they don't speak english.

you can also find girls at some (not all) discos, such as dock. i never got a girl there but i was propositioned several times. some girls are pro's, some are girls just trying to make a couple bucks every once in awhile.

i did get some girls from an agency advertising in the budapest sun. my friend and i just got home from a long night of partying. it was abt 6am. the 2 girls we got were sleeping when they got the call. they weren't super enthusiastic but they were both cute college girls. they came over, took a shower, hung out with us. we all drank a glass of wine. we asked they why they do this. they said they just want to support themselves and not live off of their parents money. it allowed them to afford their own apartment so they didn't have to live with their parents, unlike most students in bp. anyway, my girl was kinda good, she must not have been working as an escort long bc she wasn't great, actually she didn't seem too sexually experienced. but she was a nice person, and i regret that i didn't get her cell# so i could see her outside the agency. many girls do this type thing if they have a good experience with a guy. that way they can charge less and have regular customers.

my friend wasn't as happy with his girl. she just wanted to get it over with. she wouldn't fuck him, only gave him a bj bc "she has a boyfriend." they were done in abt 10 minutes while my girl lasted 45 minutes. he just sat in the kitchen and talked abt bp with the other girl.

i never ment this post to be this long, but thoughts are flowing.....

i never? (maybe just once) had a girl that let me cum twice. not in bp, bucharest, amsterdam, paris, or italy. only in clubs prague where 1 hour is always 1 hour, although most of the time the choice is between 30 and 45 min.
girls in bucharest usually stay the whole hour.

most of the time in bp, you are paying for one cum, and when its over, the time is over.
although i have had girls in sweet cats and hallo bar that will stay and talk. i am not sure if they always want to stay and talk or just don't want to go back to work.

i had one girl in sweet cats who wanted to stay and talk. we had abt 20 minutes left. i asked if we could do it again, she said no. but she didn't want me to leave. so i stayed for abt 15minutes with my bad hungarian and her bad english. she was pleasant and asked if i would come see her at blue eyes the next day. i told her i would try, but i wasn't in the mood the next day so i never did. i never saw her again, at either place, but she would have been my 1st choice everytime. i was just alittle pissed that i could come again. i even offered to buy another hour. not sure why she said no.

well, my brain is dead.......
i hope this helps some of you and i hope i didn't bore or [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off the rest of you

03-28-03, 21:57
Great report!!

04-03-03, 02:14

In many porn movies made in BudaPest, I saw a lot of georgeous ladies. Does somebody know how to "meet" some of them ? Did somebody have this kind of experience ?


marco tulio
04-04-03, 15:15
I have visited redzone.hu and piroslampa.net, now I seen that some of the girls appear in both web pages, with different names and phone numbers, so I wander wether those girls do really exist?
If they do, does any body knows their rates and if the go to hotels?
what do you do if you call one of those girls and when she shows up she is not the same as in the web? you just send her back?
I will be on Monday evening in Budpest, so if anyone wants to join forces, welcome!

marco tulio
04-04-03, 15:17
Bobro, that's a good question, does anybody knows about this?

04-04-03, 18:29
If one shows up that you did not expect, well best always to meet in the lobby, if not the same then just send her away, never had a problem in that. Met one so-called porno gal once for a 3some with her friend but it was a fairly lame experience. the hot ones can be hard to get, often they're traveling out of the country. But the gals who're pictured there, as a general rule they do exist, I've seen several. I think that in the US you get far more falsity in that regards.

Originally posted by marco tulio
I have visited redzone.hu and piroslampa.net, now I seen that some of the girls appear in both web pages, with different names and phone numbers, so I wander wether those girls do really exist?
If they do, does any body knows their rates and if the go to hotels?
what do you do if you call one of those girls and when she shows up she is not the same as in the web? you just send her back?
I will be on Monday evening in Budpest, so if anyone wants to join forces, welcome!

marco tulio
04-05-03, 02:12
Thanks Rendorseg, I have selected a few and I will try to call them on Monday when I get to Budapest, indeed I will welcome her (the selected one) in the lobby and will take her to my room only of I like her. On the other hand any hint on the rates?


04-08-03, 07:51
hey rendorseg
am i the only one that gets the joke abt your name ;)

good luck to all, enjoy those hungarian beauties for me :))))))

04-09-03, 05:15
marco tulio,

The girls on the websites literally do exist, back in January and last August 2002 I totally went through the website and wrote down the names/numbers of many before going to Budapest. It was good that I had numerous phone numbers cause either some did not pick up, or for whatever reason just not available. The girls that I did make contact with was truly the ones photographed on the website. I have actually found a few Hungarian personals websites that have many girls advertising services, they are all totally legit and frankly I have never had a bad experience with someone else showing up other then who I was expecting. Rendorseg is right with the meeting in lobby, in front of the hotel even works for me. Also note that typically visitors generally do not have access to the rooms due to security and or elevators working with card access. At the Marriott where I stay the staff make my very good female friends feel out of place when coming to visit me and more or less treat them in a disrespectful. Maybe its their job to distract the professional ladies loitering to avoid the bad image prostitution would reflect, however in front of the hotel and along the Danube they are there at night and commanding no less than $100.00.
I also understand the name rendorseg, having Hungarian blood helps!
Personally I cannot wait to return to Budapest, it’s a fun place.


04-09-03, 09:15
Well, I am glad that some of you 'get' it...
As for me I've got honorary Hunky blood.

Originally posted by Joecaddy
marco tulio,

I also understand the name rendorseg, having Hungarian blood helps!
Personally I cannot wait to return to Budapest, it’s a fun place.


marco tulio
04-10-03, 23:55
Well I have just now returned from Budapest, I had previously selected some girls from redzone.hu, many of the numbers did not work and some just the girl would either not uderstand or simply she was not the one mentioned in the web, but a couple did and I settle appointment with two of them, on separate dates, well the thing is that none of them showed up, so I was left alone!!!

04-11-03, 00:05
Hello Joecaddy,

Can you give me the URLs of these web sites : I didn't find many web sites for Budapest (there are much more in Prague).
As I already wrote, I saw in porn movies a lot of pretty women in Budapest and really hope I can meet some one day


04-11-03, 04:18

I will be happy to give you the URL's plus another which is like the piroslampa, if you e-mail me at treykind@hotmail.com. Looking at the FAQ's I am not sure if this is allowed and I don’t want any worries.


04-12-03, 14:58

When I look at Tallinn there is several good adresses. Is there anyone who can give some in Budapest. I´m going to Budapest next week and will give a report afterwards.


04-27-03, 12:14
i have returned from budapest and it is not easy to get contact if you spek english.

i visited two good adresses ráday u 54 call 46. they want you to call 06204582219 before coming. ask for barbi very nice girl.

the next is gidofalvy lajos u 9. 6 floor nr 2. to come in call 06203751472. ask for melinda, she don´t speek english so much , but she is very good.

there is several girls in these places and in ráday 54 it is different numbers to the girls. i didn´t understand the system.


05-01-03, 12:36
I'm going to be visiting Budapest in June and I'm wondering what's the average price for girls on Piroslampa. Also what's the normal service like: I like BBBJ and doggy style sex. Anal is cool but not mandatory ya know. Thanks.

Also do the houses have any websites? Thanks.

05-01-03, 18:30
Why don´t try my adresses. Price 10000 FT

Originally posted by phil
I'm going to be visiting Budapest in June and I'm wondering what's the average price for girls on Piroslampa. Also what's the normal service like: I like BBBJ and doggy style sex. Anal is cool but not mandatory ya know. Thanks.

Also do the houses have any websites? Thanks.

05-11-03, 02:52
Wow, Budapest really does rock! No doubt, it helps to speak the language, but it is possible to get by without it, after all, these are business arrangements that don't need regular formalities.

Pick up a copy of Expressz, look for the szabadido partner section, and start calling. The going rate is 5000 Ft. for a half hour, or about $22.00 gents! I never made it past one of these establishments on my recent month-long visit.

Once I called the number and got to the place, there were three lovely girls to choose from, eventually I went with all three. Started off with a clean towel, a warm, sparkling clean bathroom shower and a clean sheet. Once I laid down, they did the rest. FS all the way, surprisingly good BBBJ, light massage, these girls were not rushed. True professionals! Can't wait to go back.

05-11-03, 23:16
hi this is bp1 on the roll again.


you got it sussed man. well done you got the low down and thats what you should pay in this exciting city of bp, which like any place, if you know where the action is and your not a little"stupid", you'll get the best offers and not pay over the odds.

but whats this dave 45 up to?
850 euro for 48 hours?! you're just spoiling it for the rest of us. thats huf (hungarian forints 100.000 a day!!) thats ridiculous. the monthly legal minimum wage is 55.000 forints, 100.000 ft is like a good multinational execs net take home pay for 2 weeks. so the equivalent in the eu is like paying woman for hire 3000 to 4000 euro a day!

maybe some do, but most of us do not.

you get my point. i live here and am also married to an hungarian so i have to be a little careful. i have loads of mates here checking out the various scenes. most of you will have heard of marilyns night club. its fair, but if your just looking for sex its expensive. you'll spend from 10 to 50.000 fts on the drinks (and more), and then if you want to take a girl home for an hour or so its another 100 euro, plus taxi etc. much better to be adventurous and take the expressz route or other options, and if you are a regular you'll be very well looked after and not pay more that 8000 to 10,000 (say 40 euro a session)

peep show tiamo. i need to check the name on east side near the petofi hid (bridge) is good. they speak basic english. check out 'redzone.hu " site, under peep show (also 'callgirl;s0 for 10.000 to 15000 a session). you choose the girl in the cabin, pay 1000 ft at the counter (4 euro) then go into a cabin with a girl of your choice. depending on what you want its 5000 to 12000 forrint. some of them are gorgeous.

the options in bp are endless if you know how to access them.

good luck,


05-12-03, 20:53
hello bp1,

as you know much about budapest , do you know how can i do to meet some "porn" actresses ? (especially betty i saw in "private casting x 3" (video/dvd) , private magazine 26 and private magazine 27).

some years ago i was in budapest (i tried vainly to contact luxx studio) but found that peep-shows are often managed by threatening men, street girls were not gorgeous (i already saw some at rakoczi park) , bars were very expensive (and probably belonged to mafias ) ; well , very bad souvenirs (it's why finally i did'nt "do" anything during this trip )

is escort forbidden in hungary because i see , on the web, a lot of czech escort agencies but very few hungarian (magyar ?) escort agencies !!!


05-21-03, 00:27
I will be in Budpest next week. I am looking for recommendations for a short visit (1-2 hours) for me. I only speak English. Can I get an escort or will I have to visit someone's apartment?

Thanks, JJ

05-21-03, 08:06

I can help a bit here with your question, the escort situation in Hungary is not forbidden it’s just not in demand. With girls offering services all over “full services mind you” guys have no need to spend top dollar agencies charge. As mentioned prior in my posts the local paper has many jewels to be discovered and available for the taking.

If you can get you hands on a typical yellow pages directory escorts are listed. In the Marriott where I stay, they keep yellow pages that are somewhat hard to navigate through however I have seen advertisements. The ads posted were in English and Hungarian offering services in Budapest. Personally I have never used the escort resource, my luck has been in the local paper and elsewhere that only a local could find. : )


05-23-03, 06:49
Bp1 and all,

I too am married to a Hungarian so that does give us a bit of an edge when getting all Budapest has to offer. With a slight bit of effort at the very least you won't get ripped off, at best you will have such a good thing going in Bp that when you finally get back home you'll be wondering why you ever left.

While Hungary is an exotic place with an unusual language, anyone can learn a few words and phrases. If you can read English, you'll be able to pick up that copy of Expressz and give it a go.
Fortunately, I learned my hard lessons elsewhere so Bp was smooth sailing from the get-go. Gypsies hanging around the square are to be avoided just about anywhere in the world, as are flashy bars with pimpmobiles parked out front. These are universals. Walk a few blocks of the beaten path - and that's literally all it took me in Bp - to get the best service at the local price for FS, great food, cheap drink and even decent souvenirs!
Kaja, pia, n?! (Food, booze and babes!)

05-23-03, 23:04

1) Thanks to Joe caddy, for your answer

2) To Marco Tulio: you can find some Hungarian porn actresses in http://www.vanilla-escort.com/
2-1) they don't work in Hungary , Budapest
2-2) they are expensive
2-3) Betty (I'm looking for) is not among them


05-26-03, 23:20
Hi guys,

A new (for me) internet site thats worth checking out is http://pestilanyok.freeword.hu
lanyok = girls. I hope I got it right, if not let me know and i'll check the site.

Here you get pictures of the girls, some real beauties, descriptions in Hungarian. Don't wory too much , and the tel number. Problem is if you call few of them speak English. The key thing is you need to understand the address 'beselek angolul" = I speak English, at the same tme I'm sure most would come to your hotel, and should be able to comunicate that. Otherwise find an Hungarian mate to do call them.

The rates are good in range of 8000 to 10.000 1 hr , ie 40 euro. That should give you full sevice.

My local mate as always had a great nite down at "marilyns" Certainly the best easy going and laid back joint in town. No real pressure, reasonable drink prices, but as I said before, if you take a girl home, its minimum 25,000 forints, now about 100 euro.

I add a Turkish note, where I lived before, there is good action in Antalya, its not written about in the Turkish site, but there are plenty of opportuninites at moderate, but not cheap rates. Most girls are from East Europe, and you are competing with Turks, which is a whole differeent philosophy, reserved for another day if any one is interested. As aways and ever watch out for Aids.

Cheers and good luck,

Bp 1.

06-02-03, 08:23
Just a little note on the website redzone.hu.

It is done very well but when I was in there in May I tried most of the Phone numbers for the supposed English speaking girls and found only one and not the one I was trying for.

To cut a long story short the girl operated out of a inner suburban flat with a few other girls.She was ok about a 6 but very willing in bed and extremely nice overall 10.000 forint for the hour about 50usd.

A good experience all up,I wish I spoke Hungarian as some of the other girls there looked gorgeous 8/9's.

Just have to keep trying to find one at least who speaks English.

Ossie Boy

06-10-03, 23:38
Hi guys,

I've been out of town 10 days or so, down in my love /hate turkey.
Try the pesti lanyok web site..prices are very reasonable, there are some stunning girls , and if you have time its easy to arrange..perhaps need abit of hungarian. I've unfortunately broken up with my Romanian beauty , Vivi, whom I met and looked after in Turkey, and now , trying to behave myself, with my Hungarian wife. C'est la vie. Looking for action in Warsaw if anyone has any new tips. Let me know your needs in Budapest in exchange.


(PS if you are in Antalya Turkey, I can check out the latest scene for you. BTW any one have the latest in Glasgow? I m going in a couple of months.


Diet Coke
06-15-03, 01:00
Read in a May 11 post about publication Expressz.
I noticed it "seems" to be online.
I think the relevant part is:
but it is in Hungarian. Does anyone know if this is the rights place and if there is a website the translates Hungarian into English?

06-16-03, 23:02

You can get to the express site "www.express.hu, then go to Tarskeresses (partners) ( you will see the "heart" sign) ..from then on unless you have a reasonable level of hungarian, or an hungarian friend..it will be difficult to proceed. Best option is to get the hard copy of the paper and look at the erotika or "kalaND" WILD SECTIONS. There there are tel numbers, some english spoken.

For web site better option..including photos!, is http;//pestilanyok.freeweb.hu , here ideally you also need some hungarian, but tel numbers are listed, just call and hope they speak soime english..or another language. rates in region of 6 to 12 .000 ft per .5 to 1 hour.

When you get the address make sure you have a good Bp map handy, and ask them to spell the street name , again if you dont speak Magyarul. Another site you mite like to check out is Tutti frutti party,

Good luck.

Bp 1...

Diet Coke
06-24-03, 22:46
trying to figure out the budapest scene by reading past posts. looked at www.redzone.hu and i have some questions.
peeps: what exactly are they and what goes on and what can you get. reading a past post about tiamo it sounds similiar to sex park in prague. is that right?
saloons: same question. what is available? massage? sex?
for newbie planning budapest trip would greatly appreciate answers and if somewhat could give an overview of sex scene even better.



06-25-03, 22:10
Saw Lena from ********* earlier this week. I opted for the tantra session at E400 for 12 hours (my apologies to those who feel I have overpaid).

The massage was "normal" rather than "tantra". I am no expert but I think the latter requires more than candles and aromatic oil. That said it was a good massage and Lena did an excellent job of turning a plain hotel room into something much more relaxing.

The lady herself is older and a little plumper than my taste but I cannot fault her attitude or performance. The service from Le Fantasy (Angela & Judy) was excellent.

I will likely use ********* again but would probably choose a different lady.


06-30-03, 15:26
For those wanting language translators try this site

Translates numerouse languages and web sites

Diet Coke
07-03-03, 17:30

Thanks for the info
The address: http;//pestilanyok.freeweb.hu has not been working even after fixing the ; to :

Do you have any info on my questions on the June 24 post?



Diet Coke
07-03-03, 17:44
In reading old posts I found http://piroslampa.net/ to be the link that is working. Is that the one you meant bp1?

07-23-03, 03:31

How much time did she give you for the 660 Euro? I hope she was with you the "whole" day.


07-30-03, 10:14
Well hello,I just wanted to find out how friendly are local Hungarian girls .Are they fairly easy to pick up in clubs and so on. Also I am traveling for the first time in Budapest ,have no idea what goes on here.So if I should arrive at the airport and want to go out at night to pick up some woman where would I head to (BOTH NORMAL GIRLS AND WORKING GIRLS).I would appreciate all your input so I can make my trip pleasant.

08-02-03, 05:14

I did not see the “4h” in your post. Now looking back and reading again I see it. Took a couple of times : ) My apologies.


08-06-03, 16:08
I have been researching most of the sights I can find and by calling most of the girls listed (redzone.hu and piroslampa.net) who claim they speak English. I found that the price varies between 8000 and 15000. for instance, USD40 to 70 for one hour. Most I have stayed with do ask for 3000 for most extra services (each), such as kissing, giving them oral, anal etc.

I saw that someone said this form of girls that you go to their apartment is dangerous, the only problem I usually have is understanding them when they tell me the address.

Most apartments have between 2 and 5 girls so if you find at least one who speaks English you will still have a choice. I have had many rated between 6 and 10.

08-06-03, 17:18

any help for me i will drive to romania thrue hungary on the 20 aougust.
any tips around the lake balaton ___ i m intresting in normal girls any bar or disco to pick up girls ??????.its easy there ??? pls give info if u can .



08-07-03, 10:43
essi I am in germany and would like to drive to romania as well is it safe. I am asking you opinion.

Member #1006
08-07-03, 13:24
Essi, read my report on the Other Areas section.

Lake Balaton is well overestimated. Maybe if you are a Young Handsome German, you can try to find the German tourists.

Otherwise Lake Balaton is nothing compared to Romania and Moldova.



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08-10-03, 11:30
hi reddog

i hve no idea if its safe or not . but i hve to do it anyway....so i want to make a few stops on the way.if any guy can help me with good advise where to pick up normal girls .


i know the best is the moldavian girls they r sexy and nice *kind.

is anyone knows about iash in romania?


08-29-03, 11:32
Hello Guys,just to let you know about the success I had last weekend. I used www.redzone.hu this time as my source. I left a message on their english forum and the moderator replied back to me promptly. I was impressed with his professionalism and can recommend the site to anyone.

I tried two of the girls, one in the city area 'EMY' who allowed pretty much anything, 10,000 forint plus 3000 for Kissing or DATY. I can not remember which she charged me for. She did not seem to mind having fingers up all holes.

The second was 'ORSI' in the second district. If I had know how far away it was I would not have gone. It was a dingey little house on Buda hill that was a fair way from the city.
She again gave good service and was about 24 with a nice body.

Both girls were as their pictures pretty much advertised (though sometimes they have seemed a bit older than what it has looked like).

I have has no problem whatsoever of going to any of these girls apartments except for failing to understand the addresses over the telephone.

Good luck

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Diet Coke
08-31-03, 04:32
ossie boy,

what was the time amount with the girls? msog? was it emy or eny from redzone?

odd that the redzone site has no price info.

thanks for the reviews.


anyone have info on peep shows? what exactly are they? how do they work?

09-17-03, 18:51
Hello Diet Coke,

To answer your questions as far as I know: The girl you are talking about is Eny (I think) ,anyway she is the skinny short red head and was quite willing. The price was 10,000 forint for one hour and as I said that pretty much seems to be the going rate for most of the girls I have stayed with.

The reason that there is no prices on the site is because they are all pretty much independent from each other.You might find a couple operating out of the same apartment but essentially the are just advertising on the site.

There is nothing dodgy about it as far as I know and I was suprised when the operator of the web site even answered a query I had one time.

Good luck

09-17-03, 20:41
diet coke, a little low down on the peep shows in bp. you can find them listed in some the hu websites. tiamo near the petofi bridge on the boulevard. there is also one near blaha luzer *** , behind the currently being renovated new york coffe house.

the form is, you go in, mostly they speak some english, there's a guy at the counter. get some change, usually 100 forint coins. go into one of the booths, he may tell you which ones are operating, put in the coin, light comes on, you get to see the girl, who dances and shows off a little. idea is you are meant to choose one. some speak pigeon english, any way they know the game. she may say her name, or even have a number.

when you have chosen, go back to the guy at the counter, tell him whom, or which number , you want. you will pay a fee, around 2000 to 3000 huf ($10 or so). then he will point for a different cabin to go to. at tiamo it is better, the cabin allows the girl to come through a "window", to be with you. then discuss /negotiate with the girl. full works are possible. you should not pay more than maximum huf 9000, less for blow job. enjoy and leave.

in the other peep show i mentioned, its only a hand or blow job, as there is a cut out in the glass, so the girl cannot join you. at tiamo you can also have the girl escort you to the hotel above, but rate is silly, like huf 20.000 for the room. better to visit a girl in her apartment in that case.

if you have time, and are 'free" then its better to get a girl from the redzone, or through the express, but, for the latter you really need a bit of hungarian. i had a beauty in tiamo, timea i think was her name, spoke some italiano, but then i speak reasonabel hungarain. lovely trim figure, firm flesh tight arse, great tits, and she really enjoyed it.

good luck,

bp1, the master.

09-26-03, 22:48
Looks a bit quiet on the hungary/Bp site , so i thought I' d give an update, being a resident here.

This morning felt like a good shag and had an opportunity so took it. Called some tel numbers from the redzone site (mentioned in previous reports)...most of the girls were not free till after midday.

Again as always for this service you need some hungarian, however there is one site ..forget its name but its a few reports back , that identifies those girls that speak a foreign languge...

Anyway , found eniko on the redzone, it said free from 9 to 19 .00 hrs, so went for it. She is at Lajmajosi utca 14 , A, which is not far from the Gellert hotel in 11 th district of budapest.. The usual Bp system of a bell or buzzer , at the entrance ..under the name "Varga" . press the buzzer , and probably the door will open. Go up the stairs to the first floor , flat number 4. Ring the bell. Eniko claims to be 26 . She certainly has the body, but her face suggests to me 32 or so..but "nem by"" (doesnt matter in hungarian).

She was relaxed and unhurried. Offerd me a drink..i took water!!.

Agreed half hour session..thats Huf 6000 , $26, ( 1 hour is $39).. I had a shower , we lay down on the bed, she started with a BBBJ , offered if I wanted to suck her (69) which i did, she slowed down..very pleasant, relaxed , easy going. Eventually, when I asked, put the old condom on , had her doggy style first , then misionary , came when i was ready..very pleasant...really for this price , no complaints, left at my own time , promised to return. Struck me that there were other buzzers in the same building probably also offering service..will check it out some time and let you know.

This is an easy going city , where you can either pay for it , or if you play your cards right, and have the time and freedom.,can access a great scene!!

good hunting,
Bp 1

Diet Coke
10-03-03, 14:49
checked at peep scene a bit. pretty sleazy. thanks for the previous help from previous posters. went to tiamo peep, oddly next to hotel swing, easily available from tram 4 or 6. paid the hundred ft 3 times to see the girls available. decided to first check out the peep down the street, one tram stop toward centrum, pipi. picked a girl, paid 1000ft for cabin and then discovered this was just thru the window. so took one for team and returned to tiamo. chose one, paid 1000 ft for cabin for 15 minutes and then girl said 10,000 for blow so i said too much and she suggested 6000ft, almost no english. she climbed thru window and joined me, no problem touching breasts or digits.

ok but definitely sleazy.


Diet Coke
10-05-03, 09:22
Tried Tiamo again, BTW Pipi is 2 stops toward Centrum area. Chose very attractive girl, but session was poor. Again spoke almost no English and would not allow to touch anything but breasts and she would only touch me by way of the condom. More hand jobs than oral, I got bored with mechanics and left without my cup of coffee.

10-07-03, 15:34
The redzone website is pretty good for hunting down independents with at least a rudimentary grasp of English. Saw Melinda (35-40, red hair, very willing) for 10,000 ft for two pops in 90 minutes and left well satisfied.

10-08-03, 15:41
I maybe repeating myself because I don't know if I sent the message, I'm new to the wsg and using a strange computer.

I need info on a clean safe hotel near the train station or easy to get there by taxi.
Oh yea what's the story on the price of taxis and changing money?

I will be in Bp Tue. 16 oct. and intend to follow the advice of the members of this board concerning the redzone. I will file a report after my experiences.

Thanks guys for all the info.


10-12-03, 03:39
Which Train station - The Hilton West End (great hotel) is just accross from Nygputi (I think) station.

10-13-03, 15:12
Tea cup,

MZ ticket sazs Praha Hlamne Nadrayi ==Budapest= Keleti PU

This is probably futil since I leave in á hours and may not be able to check back. But thanks for the suggestion. I will look for it.

10-14-03, 21:15
Looks like you are SOL. No decent hotels real close to Keleti, but then again you could do it in about 10 minutes in a cab to someplace decent.

10-16-03, 11:01
TC et al,

I found the Baross hotel, very nice, I haven't tried bring any girls up though so don't know if it will work for guys who want house calls. $54/ nite ritght accross from the train station.

I checked out Eny off the redzone and was well pleased. $74/ hour bbbj, twice intercourse and nice thin body, and very good english. Easy to find off the Octogon metro, nice area to hang out too. Her hours are 9-1900 which works for me since I am not a night hawk.

11-12-03, 01:48
I'll be in Budapest at the end of this month and I'd be very grateful if someone would supply me with info about the scene there. The privats and stuff in Prague are superbly advertised , does one need any information before one hits Budapest or is it a case of when in Rome , do as the Romans do, but go to Rome first

11-12-03, 12:33
Visited Eny from www.redzone.hu in the end of October. Her apartment is quite easy to find and is relatively close to the city center.

The price was 10,000 HUF for 30 minute session and 12,000 HUF for a one hour session. She does everything else but charges and extra amount for these.

Opted for the 1 hour session with 2 shots. It was very good, not GFE but very close, no rush whatsoever... one thing is that she is a bit older than she appears on the fotos in the site, other than that the fotos are very realistic.

Defintely reccomend her to anyone. but on my next trip I will look to try another girl... Wanda seems quite interesting, does anyone have any information on her?



11-14-03, 01:27
I was in Budapest for four days in middle of Oct. and have this to report:

I used information from Redzone.hu to find indies.

The first and only one I checked out was Eny (Annie) 06 30 607 85 83 her place was easy to find, close to the Octagon metro station. She speaks good english, not rushed and fairly responsive. She's 5'5' thin, dark hair. She likes to talk about her child. It was all covered except me going down on her. $77/hr/

I tried another indie Gitta, 36 30 265 5696 but when I got there the 8 in the photo was out in the hotels and the madam trotted out a small elephant which I politely declined and went back to Eny, who was not busy and happy to have me again.

I called many other numbers from the redzone, but either got no answer, or was hung up on, probably because I spoke english, who knows.

Great city, lots of excitement, art and culture. I only did one club, which had a strip show after the disco shut down at midnight. Forget the name of the place, but the manager offered to find me girls. I didn't follow up, I'll leave it to you young bucks, I go to bed at midnight.

11-16-03, 17:02
Vsited two different strip tease clubs last night, and have this report:

Hallo Club - I don't know the address but it is mentioned on most tourist magazines. They have a free entry policy, which is quite rare in Budapest. I think most clubs charge 5000 HUF to get in with no drinks. Lots of girls at this place, it is quite big and had about 12-15 girls. One or two 9s a few 6-8s and about 2-3 girls in the bellow 6 range. But this is my opinion and possibly somebody else will have a different opinion. Anyway sat down and immediately two girls came to join, both were very friendly and touchy. They didn't ask for drinks but the waiter was quick to come by and ask if I wanted to buy the girls drinks. I asked how much and the waiter replied 30,000 HUF. I told him to forget about it. After about 5 mins of negotiating with the waiter, the prices for the drinks for the ladies had dropped to 5,000 HUF for two drinks. So I guess drinks are very negotiable. Anyway got the two drinks and chatted with the ladies. All of a sudden instead of the regular striptease show, there was a live sex show on stage, the girls told me that she worked in the place and was married to the guy.

Anyway asked about the conditions on leaving the place and they said 30,000 HUF for one hour with one girl to be paid in the club. I was able to negotiate it down to 25,000 HUF, didn't make much of a difference, but just wanted to know if the prices were negotiable. They tried to talk me into a two girl show for 45,000 HUF but the minute I declined, they were a bit unhappy. After that their attitude changed and I decided to leave. The bill came out to 6800 HUF for two ladies drinks and my scotch.

They had also private dances and table dances but wasn't interested in that so didn't even ask for the prices. The waiters here are very pushy and come by every 5 minutes asking if you want to buy the ladies another drink. Simply say no and they will leave, but will be back soon.

Mambo Club - After the Hallo Club decided to go the Mambo Club, as I drive by it everyday when going to work. Sorry don't know the address of this one either but it is on the Buda sid of the city about 500 meters after crossing one of the bridges.

At the Mambo club paid 5,000 HUF for entry fee with no drinks or anything. The club is small and has maybe 10-12 tables. About 8 girls and two were absolutely gorgeous. However one of them was sitting at another table drinking a bottle of champange so I wasn't sure she would be leaving that table anytime soon.

Two girls came to sit with me and the other gorgeous one came to sit on my lap. We chatted for a bit and now they were asking for champange at 15,000 HUF for a small bottle or 25,000 HUF for a big bottle. I told them I would not be buying them champagne and they were about to leave. I called back the one sitting on my lap and negotiated a lady drink for 5,000 HUF. Asked her about going back to my hotel and she said that tonight she couldn't for some reason I didn't understand. She did give me her phone number and asked that I call tonight. So I will try to call her tonight or tommorrow and see what happens. I'll report back on this later.

Last but not least, got extremely pissed when I left the Mambo club and asked for the bill. They charged me 5,000 HUF for the lady drink and 6,000 HUF for my scotch!!! So it turns out my whiskey was more expensive than the lady drink. Asked to see the menu and I was told that the menu only contains the prices for cocktails. They realised that I was not a happy camper and gave me a VIP card, which allows free entry and a 20% discount on drinks on my next visit. Although I don't think I will be visiting the place again.

Anyway this was my visit to two clubs in Budapest and I will report back on Budapest after I give the girl from Mambo a call. In Mambo she toold me that to leave with a client it would be 35,000 HUF for one hour. I told her that I would call her on her day off and we would talk about the price then, this way she wouldn't have to pay anything to the house. I'll let you know how it turns out.


11-18-03, 11:46
This is a continuation of my last report:

Called Bridgitta on Sunday to arrange an afternoon rendevous. We met at the shopping mall and had some coffee to get the introductions and beaurocracy out of the way. She seemed very friendly and very touchy which was a continuation of the previous night's behavior. We agreeded on 20,000 HUF for one hour which seemed alright and proceeded to my hotel.

In the room we first showered together and had some fun in the shower. She started to give me a BBBJ in the shower (great skills) which took me to completion. Got out of the shower and went to bed to a little bit and talked.

Pretty soon I was ready to go again and we experimented in several positions, she even taught me some new ones. We continued in bed, she wanted cuddle time. She then took a shower and left my room.

All in all she stayed for about 2 hours and didn't once mention money. In fact she was about to leave when I remembered that I had to pay her and it was an embarassing moment for both of us, at least for me it was. Definite GFE experience and an afternoon very well spent. It is a shame I will be leaving Hungary soon and won't have time to visit with her again.

However, the one lesson that I learned is that even though the Mambo club, which is where I met her, was a rip-off, I'm gald I went there and met her.

I don't know where my next work assignment is going to take me, but I'll report from there, wherever that is.



11-18-03, 22:55
Hi there,

I'm going to Bp for the weekend, it's my first time there. I've been going through the good reports listed here and I have realized that there's no mention about clubs, bars or discos where it is possible to find freelancers, or where it is easy to pick-up non-working girls. Any suggestions?

I'm planning to go by car, it is reasonably safe over there?


01-07-04, 13:32
Wow this thread has been dead for a while.

I am going back to Budapest next week and will be there for two weeks.

If anyone has some updated information, please post. If not then I'll just try to find something from the www.redzone.hu website.

Thanks in advance,


01-31-04, 08:26
hi guys,

i have to say i'm pretty disappointed with that eny from redzone tip. frankly, she's an old lady. there are some others on the site that look pretty righteous though. jenny just looks like the perfect gorgeous brunette, and mellory ... would you look at the front on that girl. love to hear from someone who samples one of these chicks, and i'll let you know if i do.

my personal preference is for young chicks (18 - 25) with perfect bodies and peachy asses. i'm not too experienced in this town but i've only had luck with them for around 20 000. all the ones i've had in the 10 000 - 15 000 range have been pretty hit and miss - in both attitude and looks. i'm sure with minimal effort you can find what youre looking for this price. i've had a couple of elephants delivered to the door and then they give you supreme attitude and a couple harassing phone calls when you tell them to take a hike. some of these girls are literally like human bowling balls; why the hell should i pay for the cab? they shouldn't even be in the business.

finally, i'd just like to mildly repremand those of you who are coming here (and elsewere in eastern europe) and paying western prices. seriously dudes, you're ruining a good thing. i'm sure prices will be out of hand here soon enough, why speed up the process? this is also terrible for the girls' work ethic. i'm not really into the hole gfe thing, but i like my *****s to be *****s - not robots. do a little research before you come, and god bless.

02-07-04, 23:56
Stayed in Budapest at Hotel Korona recently. Nice hotel on Pest side, if I have that straight. Within walking distance of some nice sightseeing.

Called Anita from Redzone. Was looking for outcall to my hotel, rather than stepping out to one of the girls apartments. Couldn't make contact with any other "English speaking" listings. Had tried to set up meetings with Eny or Miriam and Miriam's co-workers, Vica, Eveline, and some others. Great email dialogue with all, but my travel plans changed and we could not work it out. Anita showed up promptly. Pics on site do her justice. She even showed up in the same see-through top. Cost 20K HUF +3K "tip" for taxis and hotel security. Probably did not need to tip, but why be stingy with $15 USD. Total $115 USD.

Face is attractive, but not model pretty. you would not give her face a second glance on the street, but you would her body! Body is incredible. Very, very tight. Flawless skin except for scar on left knee. Also a scar below belly button she pointed out that I did not see. Both were from a car accident. No tattoos or piercings, other than ears. English was difficult, but we were able to communicate. Light kissing, CBJ, any position I wanted. Shaved and very clean. Non-stop service for full hour. Did not ask for or try greek. Would repeat.

Probably my biggest complaint about the listings on Redzone is that the listed hours of service end so early. Based on the phone calls that went unanswered, the hours of service claims are no exageration. If they say they stop at 8 PM. they stop. I was "hungry" at 10PM! What's a monger to do?

02-13-04, 02:46
My first WSG report:

Have not read anything on here about netscortagency.com. Have spent incall with Ivett from the site on two occassions, and both times very happy.

Thin and attractive, excellent english, full gfe, and exceptional oral. A very strong recommend and a very pleasant person to speak with.

A bit irritating that their website still quotes USD and EUR prices as identical, though when you arrange, the USD price is actually much higher thanks to euro strength.

Does anyone have any other experiences with this agency?

Have considered some of the girls on redzone.hu, but fear that it might end more like my ealier Prague experiences (far from GFE, no english, one shot and gone...)

World Traveler
02-18-04, 04:43
This is just a repeat of some messages given in earlier reports for those who may not take their time to read them all.

Budapest is not the best city for hobbying. How many ˇ®victimsˇŻ need to report before it would sink in? My rule of thumb is two. If I read a couple of negative reports for a destination within six months period, that destination falls off my list.

Prague and Bucharest are not much better. Sofia is better and Warsaw is the best of all in this bloc. There are much better destinations where your business is appreciated but these cities are not among them. When it comes to Eastern Europe, target those border cities with western European countries. ..... What is a report with no price quote?

02-18-04, 23:06
I do not understand how the World Traveler can claim that Warsaw is better than Prague. True Warsaw is cheaper, but I have never had the kind of girlfriend sex in Warsaw as in Prague (not to mention Brno in the Czech Republic). Some of the women in Warsaw are nice, but I have never been able to do DATY in Warsaw and I have never kissed women there. In the Czech Republic you can still find women, who are just as passoinate as any girlfriend. The Polish women are much more reserved. Some of the Ukrainians and Russians in Warsaw are better, but still nothing compared to Prague. Also the women in Warsaw at the privates are often not very good looking. I find it much harder to find really attractive women in Warsaw than in Prague. Furthermore, the clubs are all very far from the center, so I have never been to them, but they do not receive very good reports in the various forums. So my advise is that Warsaw is the best place if you are only interested in prices, but the Czech Republic is where you get the most for your money.

02-20-04, 05:10

I have also used Netescort and found them to be O.K. - Not great. I did an all-nighter with Nessa and was told that she did BBBJ, CIM and greek. Well, she did none of these! Nice enough girl (wonderful boobs) but not quite as presented. Message here is to be very explicit! By the way, the English language skills of Nicole (who appears to run the agency) are great, and the pricing is pretty good compared to some other Budapest options.

Tampa Cutie
03-24-04, 06:13
I have been watching the Budapest section for some time now and I agree it has been a bit dead.

I was watching a show on TV tonight about police patrols overseas (a bit like "top cops") and it showed a bit of the street scene in Budapest. In that period, it seemed like the streets were loaded with good-looking *****s after 11PM.

A few guys have commented on the escort agencies and brothels in the city, but does anyone have anything to add about what you can find on the streets and RLD's / going rates? Paying 100 Euros for a session is a bit high for me and I'm sure the locals don't go for that.

Greatly Appreciated!

03-25-04, 19:49
it has been a while but when i was last a regular in BP there is planty of street action. just drive around the city centre at night and you will find planty of free lancers standing on corners. i seem to remember several on the main road in to the centre from the airport. another good place is in your hotel bar (my favourite).

Have a look back through the report and archieves for my reports


04-09-04, 11:44
Hi everybody,

I was browsing this section and my impression was.
- nightclubs, stripbars, etc seem rather risky or sure ripoff
- privates (redzone.hu) seem ok if you manage the contact

My question is if anyone of you knows about a local newspaper where those girls usually advertise. In Prague (where I mostly spend my time) there is one called "annonce". Surely in Budapest I would have the language problem but in general internet sites are more likely to be outdated than daily newspapers.

Next question: anyone who has a recommendation for reliable apartment accomodation? I always hated the discussion with stubborn receptionists and prefer this "freedom". Besides that I am willing to invest money on nice company rather than on some overpriced hotel. My definition of room service ;o)

Thank you for your help

04-12-04, 08:23
For Waylander64,

I lived in BP for awhile. I never checked out the newspapers. But there are several small magazines that have pics and phone #'s of pros. I am not sure if they carry them at all newstands, but many and all porn shops.

One that i remember by name is "Tutti Frutti Party." Just ask for Tutti frutti and they will know what you are talking about. This magazine is a small magazine with stories, some professional pics, swingers adds (which i think is a pay system) and the last 20 pages are picture ads with phone #s for the working women.

As far as cheap apartments, if you come by train it is much easier than by plane (Also airport taxis are a ripoff, take the airport minibus and pay 1/5 of a private taxi). I really don't know of any since i always had my own place. If you meet someone at the train staion and they offer you a private flat, ask if it has a private enterance. Most people don't care if you are going to bring back girls, as long as they get paid. Maybe old grandmas care but most people don't.

Don't forget that there are blatantly advertised incall apartments. which are a safe bet, but alot of the time one hour means one shot. Hungarian girls can be greedy like that, unlike the Czech ladies.

Avoid street girls, bc you can really get yourself in a mess. Never go with a girl that you meet on Vaci Ucta, they all work for the mob and you will get ripped off between hundreds and thousands of dollars and there is nothing that the police can do aout it.

PS, read the fine print on any menu in a strip bar, sometimes they have a minium drink order of 10,000 huf.

I met some american college kids, outside Dolce Vita, i was coming from an english language book store, nearby. I told them not to go in there, half of them did, and the rest chatted with me for 1/2 hour asking about the sites to visit and decent strip bars and disco pubs. Within that 1/2 hour, the 3 that went into dolce vita, came out, spent over 300usd in there and had nothing to show for it.

I steered them into the right direction. away from ripoff places.

Many strip bars get renamed after they get a bad reputation and blacklisted from the US and UK embassies. The bars are renamed but keep that bad mafia business practices, as well as locations. If you give me an address of a bar, I can probably tell you if it is a good or bad one. I lived 1 block away from 3 mafia strip bars for over a year near Blaha.

Enjoy Budapest, it is a beautiful city. Don't forget to go to Margerat Island, it is great in the spring.

One of my favorite party places, not pick-up places is Rom Kert, a great beer garden.

The US embassy keeps a list (blacklist) of all the known ripoff bars. But those are only ones that americans came forward to complain about.

04-16-04, 17:13
Hi guys,

I was again in the Marlyin, and frankly I have to say the girls get worser, I speak now quite good Hungarian.

About the Marlyn, this time I saw the girls are getting fatter and fetter, so personally, its out for me, I'm sad about that because they are correct, which is seldom to find up here.

Well night clubs: I was recently in one, was everything okay just as you know the first drink is quite expensive, depending on club between 10000-16000forint, and the girls depending if you have VIP card, the range for an 1h is like 25-35000 forint and recently is more and more crap.

About redzone.hu

I don't know its kind of low quality girls too, you really have to search the good girls like an idiot, most girls have old photos or look quite different or are on the pics ugly.

I'm open, I'm kind of bombshell type, I prefer no fuck then to fuck a real hottie, the rest I have at home too, so I really looking for the perls and this you wont find on redzone.hu or only if you search like an idiot and spend quite few money to check like 5 apartments or so and the atmosphere I don't like at all too, but thats just me.

There are 2 ways I can recommend if you really are this kind of bombshell type.

If you say price is the matter (!), then stop to read here, well I'm quite young ;), so disco is working out easily, just go to the Mammut in the Cuba Libre (every cab driver know), they are always flying hostess, (dont know how you call them, their are normal girls, trying to catch costumers, but on their own without mafia etc, be careful Russian girls is always mafia behind it, but the girls pay usually flat rate so their is no problem with this girl or the russians).

Same you find in the bed club, fever (rare), Dok Cafe, its the place where the younger people go but dont worry, just go their.

Thats really the ultimate GF feeling I can recommend, no stress etc, but no garantee of course. But the girls are very pushy, so if you are shy dont worry, they will bring you to paradies ;).

NOTE: Don't ever try the Vaci Utca or other street action, just on your own risk, first only shity girls and second rip off danger, this clubs mentioned aren't sex clubs etc, this are normal discos for party.

My 2 tip (more expensive), what im always doing is I book over escort agency 1-2 times a month.

To be honest, I can't recommend netescort. Well, I can't say a word about them, I just dont like this kind of low quality girls, I prefer bombshells.

I booked all my last bookings over www.escort-member.com. I had Melanie (she told me that she works as a fly hostess on her own too) and Jasmine recently.

I can highly recommend them, but this is just for people who dont mind to spend for 2h 460 euro, and so on.

Both provided kissing with tongue and oral without, booking works simple over phone or by mail. Melanie is very active in the bed, she is really like a super babe in the bed. Jasmine is excellent too, hope I dont get addicted

Then fellows as soon as I have a new story I gonna let you know.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

04-20-04, 00:05
I have looked in redzone.hu and yes you get some attractive ladies and I read that some of them speak English too.

I am planning to visit Budapest early next year so it should be fun.

Take care.


04-21-04, 06:39
Mr. Italopower

I agree with much that you said. I have been to Dokk serveral times. I saw both students willing to do it for free and also working girls, both students and much older, up to late 30's

When I lived in BP, Marlyn bar was just a place to look. cheap entrance and cheap beers, and most girls were available to take home. It is the place to go with guys if you are all married or have girlfriends. Just for looking for cheap.

I have to disagree with other things though.

"Well night clubs: I was recently in one, was everything okay just as you know the first drink is quite expensive, depending on club between 10000-16000forint,"

I have to disagree. If you think that 10000-16000 forint is ok, for entrance and the first drink then you are crazy.

I will agree, that the bombshells that you are looking for are at the more expensive clubs.

But the expensive clubs serve one purpose, to take your money. If everybody would stop going to these places then they would lower their prices. There are some many tourists that over pay the mafia.

If you beszel magyarul, you can do sooo much better.

Like free students, although that it much easier in Czech, Slovakia, and Romania.

I guess that there are many of us looking for different things and we all have the choice to pursue our own ideal ladies.

I respect you looking for bombsells. After my time in BP, there are only 2 ways to get your bombshells.

1 Stay awhile (which isn't realistic for most people) and work on a college girl.

2 Pay alot for a foxy lady

I agree, the cheap girls aren't always the prettiest, but they are much more GFE then the models that service high rollers everynight.

Like a friend told me "Nobody loves a fat girl, but how a fat girl loves"

Sure, you can pay 10 Euro for a street girl or 300 for 2 hours (600 if you use lefantisy) for a beauty.

I tried many different girls in BP, the 10 euro street girl, the 30 euro incall (sweet cats and Blue Eyes) and the 120 euro for a nice 19 student.

Which was the best?

The 30 euro incall. I went back several times to several places.

I can't know from all experiences but the incall girls were much more friendly, and less rushed.

Beautiful girls know that they are beautiful, so they are more arrogant and snobby.

I am a decent looking guy in my 20's like you so I could get free student girls manys times. but if I just wanted to fuck without any effort persuing a girl, cheap incall was the way to go.

Just my opinion, I never went to the expensive bars (twice accidently and got ripped off) because they cost more to enter than to fuck an incall girl.

Just my insight, I would appreciate to hear more of you experinces.

Lets share with everyone.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

World Traveler
05-05-04, 06:25
I started this post in the Warsaw section but continued here because some useful information for all Eastern Bloc fans. I encourage you to go back and start from the first half.

My experience with Eastern Bloc is limited to Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland. CanˇŻt help you out with Ukraine or Estonia. From what IˇŻve read in those sections, Ukraine is already gone (read the posts). It looks like some travelers have already turned it to their own personal playground. I donˇŻt think it could be salvaged. I was seriously considering Estonia, but I couldnˇŻt find enough encouraging posts to initiate it. But I am working on another scene in Bulgaria J. I would need to obtain more info and research websites beyond this board to see if I could pull it off. With their long cold winter season, there is only a small window of opportunity to make it happened and I know it wonˇŻt be this year. Plus other destinations have priority.

The reports that I read in the Sofia section, which by the way, I take credit for the very post, do not reflect the scenes available for enjoying. There are a lot more potential opportunities, which seem to be still untapped. You guys should explore the downtown monument/park area better. You donˇŻt expect to be spoon-fed, are you?

Your comments on the Madam service sounded vaguely familiar. I think I heard (or read) of it at the end of my traveling fever to Eastern Europe and I lost interest when I turned to other parts of the world. If you have any more information on that please share with the rest of us. Where could it be started? Would you need a contact (local) party to approach one? I agree with you on not holding off for a couple of days while evaluating your options. Too much time to be wasted. ThatˇŻs why those of you who are hung up on night clubs, websites, and escort services, should utilize the addresses as snacks while you are working on the main meal. Except, I am not much of eater, I prefer to have snacks than a whole meal.

Using the local Gazettas for finding opportunities is a very good idea. Of course, we all know by now that it is available in almost every country and even cities sometimes. Just like th eprevious post reported The problem is to communicate on the phone to get the address, the rest is easy. Try not to turn to the local English Speaking newspapers right away. I remember their escort classified catered toward the upper-class services.

I have one more (very) small post coming up on Lublin, Poland. As soon as I could find my notes, IˇŻll put it together. For those of you guys who think could take more of my posts in the Warsaw section, I could post a couple of more observations I had.

05-08-04, 08:23
World Traveller-

Thanks for the tips.

I didn't look very hard in Prague, but I really enjoyed Poland.

Hope to make it to Budapest before it gets too hot or too cold this year and will probably stop in Krakow.

Dr. Beat
05-09-04, 22:53
My first report on Budapest.

I know Budapest well as I have lived here and tried various approaches to satisfy my baser desires!

I fully attest to the views expressed in this forum that unless you have the time and patience to cultivate regular girls in bars and discos, redzone or tuuti frutti party magazine are your best bets. Even these are sometimes hit and miss and you really have to hold on to some 'regulars' if you are lucky enough to discover through these channels.

I myself have tried several times and have only recently become regular with just a couple of them. Drop me an email if you are interested in knowing the contact details.

05-10-04, 18:13
I am in town on Wednesday for a few days and hope the scene is better than it sounds from this board. I usually start off in the Irish bar in a new town to meet the expats and any girls wanting to practice their English. Any disco recommendations for mid week? Got a one way ticket on the new easyjet service from Luton for 80 pounds. Does anyone know my chances of getting a Ukranian visa quickly? Where is the embassy ow would a travel agent be better?

05-13-04, 20:00
Was quiet on Wednesday night on the main street in Pest but got talking to some local girls outside the English pub who ended up taking me to the outside disco one bridge down from the main white suspension bridge on the Buda side. Free entry and danced under the stars to a great dj. I think it was called zoo. Had two different dance floors and about five bars. Went across the road to Rio which was also free entry and was a bit more upmarket. Less girls here and got blown out a few times. Went to Club Mambo which is just a few metres from my hotel and got talking to a very cute stripper about 4:00am. Hope to see her again tommorrow night. The outside discos are excellent and free and highly reccomended. Expect them to be even busier on the weekend.

05-15-04, 08:12
To Goldfinger,

I think that the second outdoor bar was called Zold Pardon or something like that that means Green Garden or Park.

I am not sure abt Mambo bar, but if it is on the big Korut between Oktogon, and West End City center, on the riverside of the Korut, then that is one of the Mafia Bars that ripped us off, if you don't buy enough drinks or take a girl home. Did you find any fine print on their menu's?

On another note, (sorry of the spellings, i don't have a street map by me), are "Sweet Cats" on Rackozi or "Blue Eyes" on the Korut by the train station (west end), still around? could you check these out for us?

Which Irish Bar did you go too? Becketts? I once saw a super hot Romanian girl pick up an older guy their. I remember her putting her pussy and ass in my face at Marilyns less than a week b4, but she told me she wasn't available for service. i was alittle disappointed since she gave me her # because she wanted me to find her pot.

Becketts is a straight forward place, with never working girls, except that night i saw it go down.

I did meet 2 nice German girls there once. They were college students just visiting and staying in a hostel. But i talked to them for awhile and spent the next 2 days with them. They happened to be in town for my birthday. and we partied hard ;)

05-16-04, 21:22
Greetings gentlemen,

I worked in Budapest in the mid to late 90s, and it was great then ! Model-type ladies could be had in any of the then famous sex clubs (Caligula, Ti Amo, Dolce Vita, Aphrodite, ...)

Non-pro girls were very approachable too, and GFE was to be had with minimal effort.

Now it seems that all of that is gone and that there is little a decent monger can treat himself with without getting into mob-managed ripoffs.

To be fair, the scene had declined quite a lot already by 2000, and apparently went downhill even further later on.

My best bet, I found, was to get an incall to my hotel room, using one of the agencies advertising in an English-language newspaper.

Are things really that sad nowadays in Budapest ?

05-21-04, 20:58
My visit was cut short just as it was getting interesting. The pub on the main drag was called Pete's Place. The Hungarian girls then took me to an Irish bar that was full of men, before the outdoor discos. It was at the end of the main drag by the central market and then about a block to the left. Club mambo is across the main suspension bridge and up the hill. The strippers come and talk to you after their dance and this hard faced women tries to get you to buy them a drink but I just refused which led to the bill arriving. Expensive but the girls were cute. There is a smaller outside disco bar to the left as you go across the main white suspension bridge to Buda. Tried to talk to the hot girls there but the boyfriends were very protective. Budapest is an interesting town, architecture is like Paris or Vienna but black from smog and crumbling. The Basilica has been renovated and looks new. /I is avery impressive cahederal. Couldn't believe how bad it looked before the renovation. The natives are friendly, enjoyed the town more than Riga but Tallinn remains Eastern Europes top destination.

05-26-04, 04:19
If anyone has any suggestions on apartments in Prague, a friend is on his way there and can use any suggestions.

I do recall some earlier posts, but a lot of type of info changes.

PM me or public post is fine.

05-31-04, 23:06
Anyone in New York looking for a travel partner, I plan to go for the first time. Please pm me.


06-18-04, 17:32
I've just met a hungarian girl and was hoping someone on this thread could give me some advice on how to pursue it (what do they look for in guys, what do they like to hear and are they traditional or open minded etc.). She's a little bunny rabbit with a great rack, and any advice would be much appreciated.

Bone is Hard
06-28-04, 22:17
This trip to Europe started out as one of those "not meant to be" and my short time in Hungary did nothing to change the preceding days. Maybe if I had started earlier, it may have been successful.
This website, I would be wary of. http://www.piroslampa.net/girls.php?lang=en
I made an appointment with the blonde Petra for 7:00 for two hours. It was a ***** finding the apartment as she gave me the wrong address and I had to have a taxi driver to call the number and get the correct info. When I arrived at the correct building, I was buzzed in and somehow found the apartment. I was greeted by a dark haired girl, slightly plump, and a drugged out young blonde with dark circles under her eyes. They both took me to the room and the druggy blonde stood and watched the dark haired girl getting undressed. I said "hold on now, where is Petra?"
"Oh, she will be here tomorrow." replied the plump dark haired girl.
"But I made an appointment with Petra, not you, I want Petra."
"She'll be here tomorrow"
So I left, leaving the druggy blonde girl with circles under her eyes looking very puzzled and the plump dark haired girl very mad.
The old bait and switch. Again, be leery of this site: http://www.piroslampa.net/girls.php?lang=en.

I got back to the hotel with a hard on so demanding that I would have fucked the maid if she came in to turn down the sheets. I called an escort agency (http://www.escort-member.com/bodymain-overview.html) and all of the girls were being used already or were on holiday. Must be nice to be on holiday, probably code for on the rag. So I went down on the river and looked for something to take home. Wound up drinking and eating so much that I wasnt fit for anything so I went home only to be stopped by an ugly german girl and her friend wanting to go to a pub with me. Sorry I said, chances were I would probably get stuck with the fat ugly girl.

Better planning would have paid dividends had I done so. Not discouraged with BUD at all. I will return.


07-15-04, 11:22
Be careful of an agency called Fortuna (http://www.fortunescort.com/) it is a completely faked agency, after echanging emails for 5 days they are giving you appointments at the other side of Budapest to a place which does not exist.

Champagne Boy
07-18-04, 13:34
Has anybody checked out www.ladybutterfly.hu ?

It seems nice, but then again.

Mud Bug
07-18-04, 19:47

Don't know how you went wrong, but Fortuna is probably one of the BEST services in Budapest with excellent women. I have been using them almost exclusively since last October and have always had great experiences. There is a good turnover of women and the new ones are usually very fresh. Perhaps you might want to try calling them if eMailing isn't working so well for you.

Feel free to PM me if you want further information.

Mud Bug

Lost In Hamburg
07-28-04, 19:46
Well, it would seem that Budapest is a bit of a mixed bag.

I will be there early September and do not want to waste to much time chasing down bad linksetc. I appreciate some of the posts her for directing me away from some dodgy sites.

Is there a 'Red Light' district, Brothels or particlar bars etc that are recomended to visit as I am there only for a weekend?

Thanks in advance.

07-31-04, 10:50
Just a word of warning for the summer months. Everyone is on holiday - and that includes the girls!

Was there three weeks ago and tried for a Saturday meeting. Must have tried 10 from redzone.hu and not a single one was available. Either no answer, or at Lake Balaton.


So best make sure you book ahead, even for short-time, if you are looking for anyone specific.

08-03-04, 07:36
I will be in Hungary during the week of the Formula 1 race of Aug 10-17th. Will anyone from experience, please tell me if this is a good time to go to Hungary, or will it just be overcrowded, and full of guys?

Thanks for the info.


08-07-04, 01:49
For your information Viper10,Budapest will be absolutely packed out with tourists around that time. I was there last year and it is the busiest time but most of the Hungarians still seem to be on holiday and have gone to the Balaton or Croatia for a vacation.

You can still find girls but just need to look a little bit harder as there will be a lot of competition.

Good luck anyway, it is a beautiful town

Tiger Trunk
08-09-04, 06:02
Looking forward to visiting budapest in two weeks. Read the board, seems like most girls are in vacation. For all your vetariens, do I better off to find an agent? is 22 Wildacts or fortunescort any good?


08-10-04, 12:09
Spent a couple of weeks in this lovely city and saw a few other parts of Hungary. This is not the place to write about its beauty and cultural interest, so I'll confine myself to saying that by any criteria this is a great place for a business or holiday trip.

I tried buying a couple of the contact magazines but they are all in Hungarian and most of the girls don't speak any other language, so unless you can beszel Magyar, dead loss.

The 'what's on' type of magazines carry adverts for escort agencies and this is probably the easiest source.

I was dissapointed with the sex scene. The girls are beautiful and many have bodies that they can justifiably be proud of displaying, as they do. However unless you are there for a while and looking for the dreaded 'LTR' then the paid sex scene is full of rip offs or just poor value.

I found a place near the Nyugati Station called Blue Eyes, where I was greeted by a fat blonde in her 40's with a nice smile, and a sullen sexy slim dark haired girl of about 20 with a great bod. Of course I went for her and she immediately when we got upstairs demanded money for 'extras' (oral) in addition to the 16,000 forints I'd already paid. She took her gear off and spent 10 minutes showering, then lay down on the bed and expected me to get on with it with no foreplay or anything. Kind of hard (or not hard, if you see what I mean!) and as she wouldn't touch me I had to indulge in a bit of manual stimulation to move things along. It got better when she responded by doing the same which of course is a great turn on and I flipped her over and did her doggy style.

A wank would have been more enjoyable and I could have done that in the cleaner and more pleasant surroundings of my own hotel room. Points out of 10 : 2

I went to a recommended bar one night and took one of the dancers home, for €120 (be very careful of this scene unless you nkow the bar is OK as most of them are a rip off. This one was recommended by a business associate). She was quite attractive but the whole experience was mechanical and rated perhaps 5 out of 10!

On my last night I bumped into a couple of guys from home, and we spotted two likely lasses walking along Vaci Utca and homed in. They had dinner with us (ordinary place) having made it clear that they were available for €120 hour for a 'strip show' back at one of our hotels. Mine was lovely, not quite a GFE as she was keen to get going after the deed was done but I had a good hour with her and she offered everything except anal. 7/10

Be very wary of rip offs in Budapest - the usual things, touts for bars, etc.

08-16-04, 06:02
Will be in Budapest from 9/6/04 to 9/9/04. If anyone wants to get together, send me a message at "PM" peronal message. Also woiuld like to know hourly rates for usual escort (outcall) services.

Gentle Guy
08-18-04, 00:37
Hey Guys,

Wow, this forum is amazing, I just discovered it.

I have been in Hungary a few times before and it is one of the few places in the world where the women walking down the street just drive me crazy regardless of the season, but especially in the summer. Consequently, I always have to find relief for my upset hormone balance in the form of an escort or two.

I've had some bad experience as well as some good. The worst part is that there's no reliable net search capability, although redzone was a good discovery for me last Winter, still not good enough, cause few women speak English there and don't respond to the forum or emails.

My last experience had a mixed start but a good end result. I was in dilemma about Fortuna Escort because of the mixed reviews, but in this case it turns out they are not fake so my worry was unfounded.

I visited the lady named Ramona, who speaks poor English and fluent German (which I speak very poorly) so we struggled. But boy, does she make up for it! It was the best GFE I've had so far within a service like this, even with the language barrier.

Overall the good thing about Ramona is the GFE, the bad is the language capability, though some of the other girls at fortunescort.com apparantely speak better English, but those were all on holiday. I set my appointment by email and they were quite prompt.

Next time I would like to visit a bar (i.e. night club) for some entertainment intertwined with sex, but I've been too afraid to just walk into one of them. Anyone have any ideas?

take care of yourselves now,

09-01-04, 13:44
Hi guys,

For what it's worth, my own experience in Budapest so far.

As others have mentioned, the websites redzone.hu and piroslampa.net are a hit or miss affair. some of my experiences have been good, other pretty terrible.

If I want to go to a club I always go to Zuglo, bonyhadi ut 141. It's a bit outside the city center and always many chinese guys (which the girls do not like) but very nice girls and no rip-off/maffia crap. T + 36 1 2210002. Prices (if I remember correctly) HFT 50.000 p/h.

However my favorite is aphroditehostess.hu. The women in charge is called Viktoria and will make sure that you get what you ask for (age, language, hair colour etc). I always call 1 day in advance though as she needs time to get it organised. I had two experiences with them and both were very very GFE, even though not the cheapest (euro 300 overnight), but they meet you at 20.00 hrs, have a nice dinner or dance and than to the hotel.

For some other contacts you can also try:


Happy hunting, and have...


Tiger Trunk
09-06-04, 17:33
Add my 2 cents,

Thanks for the recommendation from gentle guy's post, I emailed Ramona at fortunescort before i arrive, booked a two hour session with her. she showed up at my hotel exactly at the time of our appointment, very pretty, kind of like girl next door type. But has a very smooth and firm body and beautiful breast. Her smile and soft kisses put me into heaven. Two hours pasted very fast, it was the best gfe i ever had. I liked her so much, once is not enough. later, I had her for dinner and overnight, It was even better, definitly worth the price.

This forum is great!

Dr. Beat
09-07-04, 21:16
Hi guys!

Does anyone know of a good erotic/sex massage place in Budapest? Any thoughts on the massage advert on http://www.kellemesest.hu/index.php#lanyok

Please let me know through the forum or PM if you know of a worthwhile erotic massage place.


Gentle Guy
09-09-04, 18:43

If you're into massages the most complete place is www.masszazsinfo.hu (click on <masszőzök> on top of the page). My buddy is into massages a lot, that's why I know.

Some of the regular providers I checked on kellemesest.hu did not prove to be very reliable.

Good luck

09-11-04, 13:21
Budapest Report:

Visited the city for four nights. Almost all individual girls on Redzone.hu are privat girls who do not do escorts unless they know you. Ones I tried had more than one girl, available by rotation. Thus at the phone number you may or may not get the girl with picture on the Redzone. Thus one may or may not speak English, even if site says "I speak English."

I tried "Claudia" and met girl named Vikki. 10,000 Fl (US$ 50) for full hour including kissing and DATY. BBBJ was 3,000 Fl extra. Located very close to Centrum area. Clean apartment. Spoke English well. Works only in night time, but other girls at same number in daytime.

I tried girl named "Barbie." Same as in picture. Great body and sweet smelling pussy. Does not allow BBBJ but DATY included. Charged 18,000 Fl (about US$ 90) for an hour. Nice clean apartment and very close to Liberty (Franz Joseph) bridge. Works only at daytime with other girl(s) covering night.

Fortuna Escort - Booked Amina for onernight. Very good with e-mail. Was to meet me in hotel lobby at 7:00PM. Talked to her at 3:00PM to reconfirm. At 7:10 hotel reception says "Ami called to tell you she won't be here, she is sick." Sat with hard-on and nothing to do. Wasted evening. Two days later got a long apology e-mail from manager - Miriam stating Amina came down with her period, and they handled it poorly. She should have called me directly or come to hotel to tell me about her predicament. Miraim offered reduced rate for future booking.

Amina also sent me an e-mail offering apology. Obviously she could not help with her period but I think she should have tried to arrange Ramona or another friend. When I called Ramona next day to see her availablity, she was not able to come to phone (busy with a forum member!) so another wasted evening. I really wanted overnight with Amina and Ramona each night, but as it turned out, my bad luck and they lost close to $1,000.

Final thought: Budapest is no Prague. (see my Prague report). Any question, send me PM. When calling mobile numbers to privats from hotel be aware that phone charges are about US$2.50 per minute.

09-11-04, 23:15
I agree with Tasty: Budapest is not Prague!

In a way, Sex in BudaPest looks like Sex in Paris : you may spend a lot of money for nothing!

It's really a pity because Hungarian ladies are, in general beautiful but Czech and Slovakian ladies too!

09-24-04, 15:40
Hi guys,

An update from this weeks' travel in budapest.

Had a wonderful evening with a girl from aphroditehostess.hu. I always book through them, good service, good girls no crap. I always book for the night and pay Euro 300 (from say 20.00 until the next morning), gives a good opportunity for dinner and dance as well. I have been with several girls from them in the past and always a good experience.

I also went over to Marilyn bar. For budapest a good choice. Drinks are reasonable and absolutely no hidden costs or other typical budapest crap.

One hours service is HUF 22.000 in the hotel and when I was there, there were about 15-20 girls, so choice enough I would say.

From some good jazz or latin live bands go to Fat Mo's, good lively atmosphere, generally good music and ok food. No pro's there, but a good place to have a drink.

Have fun


Dew Drop
09-25-04, 01:16
Greetings to members of the forum.

I had the opportunity to spend a week in Hungary, one day in Budapest (Pest), five days in Pecs, and one day in Budapest (Buda). I will report on my first day in Budapest.

Budapest is an outstanding location with great eating and drinking venues. The first stop I stayed in Pest at the Traverna Hotel. It is rated as four stars, but think in any other country it would be three at most. The hotel is located on Vaci Utca, a shopping and strolling mecca.

I experienced significant street action, especially in front of the new Meridian Hotel. I was approached by an extremely beautiful blond, 22ish, tall, and thin with an excellent athletic figure (picture beach vollyball at the olympics). Her name was Anica and was from the Ukrane. Asked for 20,000 FUR (approx. $95.00). Countered with 10,000. was not interested, but said things were slow so would accept 15,000. She was hot, so I said OK!!!

Began walking back to the hotel, as we reached the front door, she stoped and asked for 5,000 before we enter. I am not stupid, so I refuse. She begins to sulk, and then tells me to go in by myself and she will meet me at my room (I now had to give her my room number). So what can I loose?

I was in my room for five minutes and there is a knock on the door, Open and there is Anica with a story of how she had to pay the person at the front desk 5,000 FUR to get into the hotel, thus if I give her 15,000 she will be working for 10,000 an amount she told me she would not agree to. What is a man looking at a member of the beach vollyball team supposed to say?

I told her that if she was outstanding, I would give her the 5,000 as a special reward. After a trying to get me to promise the 5,000 she agreed to show me how hot she was.

A quick shower for me, and then she did a striptese, was OK, ended up in thong and bra. Wanted to get into a BBBJ, I said no, TAKE A SHOWER. Anica agreed, and then took a 15 minute shower. Back in bed got back into the BBBJ for about three minutes and asked if I was ready? Ready for what? Ready to finish. As you can imagine, not a great experience. I finished to her hand, said thank you and gave her the $15,000.

Anica asked about her tip. I said maybe when I return in a week. All in all not a very memerable experience.

More to follow

Bimbo Boy
10-02-04, 22:15
Hi guys,

Had Eny at Redzone.

Old, but very professionnal, sweet, nice attitude, and the best OWO in my life!

Good english too.


Bimbo Boy
10-02-04, 22:17

Had Aliz at szex-partner.

Young, sweet and very beautiful. 10/10.

She's better for a short session than a longer one though.


10-10-04, 18:22
Anyone know anz good places near the Corinthia Grand Hotel. Will be here breifly on business next week and will be in the market for a few hours of service.


Small But Hard
10-11-04, 17:50

I was in budapest last week.

I usually go in a "house" called "Old and Rich". in Bajcsy Zsilinszky Ut., right in front of the metro station arany j, next to a pub (forgot the number).

Nice girls there, one of the girls from Redzone, DIA, works there.
When I first went, Dia was just a beginner, not very good service, but nice body. Maybe she has become more EXPERT now!

I also tried a nice blond with long and curly hair, very good and expert, great massage. Typical hungarian girl I must say.

This week I visited a house in FOVAM square n°4, the square is just in front of Szabadsag hid.

2 girls, crystal and another I don't remember.

Crystal was dark hair and tanned.

Big boobs but her belly was not smooth. I think she had a baby very recently.

She was full of strange scars, didn't feel like asking.

Price: 10.000 ft for 1 hour.

Adder 4.000 ft BJ no condom.

Adder 6.000 ft anal.

I paid 14.000 ft and then wanted to try anal but she said please no, I don't do it.

Not good BJ, she used her hands to much. I wouldn't try HER again, maybe the other girl. The other was taller, blond, but a worst face. If I go in Budapest at least the face must be good, that's why I chose the dark one!

Up to now Redzone.hu has always given me very good results, faces have been correspondant if I specified the name of the girl.

I suggest to go to Bajcsy Z. , excellent to my taste.

Good luck.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



10-12-04, 14:30
I am visiting Budapest next month,, staying at the Hilton Budapest on the Danube. I wil be staying for two days and do not plan on visiting remote Privats or Apartments. What is the action like around that Hotel ? I here that it is one of the finer establishments in the City. Do the newer hotels have more street action? I am not really keen on street action but enjoy the
scene. What "Good" clubs are within walking distance of the
Centrum ? Is it even worth the effort considering ?I will be in Frankfurt's FKK scene for the following 4 nights after I depart Budapest.

Thanks in advance,


Big Green Frog
10-18-04, 23:32
My experience, the action around there is not too great. If I were spending a couple of days at the Hilton Buda, followed by some Frankfurt FKK, I'd spend the time in Budapest looking at the scenery (you are in the right place to do it - both the architecture and the female form) and then when you get to Frankfurt renew the study of the female form in more detail - unless you speak Magyar.

It's by no means compulsory to speak Magyar to join in our hobby in Budapest, but it would help - particularly if you want to do it without breaking the bank.

Enjoy - I love this city.

10-20-04, 15:29
Thanks for the info, I typically enjoy a good stroll around the City Centers before I delve into the hobby. Prague, Amsterdam, etc.. all nice scenery in both the women and Cultural aspects.


Carnal 1

Max Candy
10-28-04, 11:16
Have you got tel number/URL/address on them?

I am back living in Budapest and that sounds like its 5 minutes from where i live.

Max Candy


10-31-04, 21:04
Hi guy's,

I've recently had to cancel a proposed trip to Kiev, however I may get time for a short mongering trip to Budapest in late November. I was just wondering if someone could recommend someplace where I could rent a cheap apartment for about 4 nights?

Also, where is the best area to be in order to be close to the best mongering action?

Thanks for any help,


Member #4643
11-10-04, 12:56
I am planning to visit Budapest on business, but cannot distinguish between the recommendations for regulars (who speak the language) and those of us with more limitted language skills. For example, some people recommend Redzone, some disparage the site. The same can be said for www.piroslampa.net, which looks great to me.

How does one hook up with an escort if you truly do not speak the language. The escorts say they speak English- is this simply untrue? Do the girls at Redzone truly ignore you if you are not already a regular? Or is it simply a matter of calling alot of phone numbers until you find a girl who can communicate and is willing?

Are there any hooker bars/clubs where the English speaking gentleman can find some company without being ripped off? Or are these locations just for the locals?

Some advice for the true Budapest novice would be greatly appreciated.

Gentle Guy
11-13-04, 04:47
I finally made it back to Budapest. I didn't really feel like visiting the Night Club / Strip Joint scene, even though I've been wanting to, I still feel underinformed to find decent places on that front. Instead, I looked around on the net for escorts.

I first tried my luck with Aphrodite hostess agency but their prices are funny: you have to pay for a membership if you want the better deals and my top two choices for the night "happened" not to be available anyway.

To my delight, however, I spotted a new girl named Sandra on the Fortuna Escort site, I think her web page is www.sandra.fortunescort.com. When I first inquired a couple of weeks ago they said that she is just an "associate" there, whatever that means, and sent me a couple of photos by email, but now she appears to be a full member.

Her English was okay, she showed up in a nice costume, it looked very conservative actually. Underneath she wore stockings though...

She is fun to hang out with, no rocket scientist, yet intelligent, but in bed, boy, she drove me wild. It really blew me away that she appeared to be enjoying every minute of it and took the initiative quite a lot. It actually felt strange that I had to pay at the end. "What for?" I figured, when she had at least as much fun as I did? Well, either she is an excellent actress or a nymphomaniac, but in any case, she sold it well.

People wanting the firm body of an 18 year old should be warned though that hers is a little soft to the touch, including her breasts. The pictures posted are real, just thought I'd mention that she really does have the body of a 25 year old, not a teenager.

At the end I received the best deep throat BBBJTC in my life, which she actually requested that I let her do! Must say it was frenetic.

Oh by the way, she does anal as well, but apparently only in certain cases, like with returning customers. Somehow I got lucky though and by the second intercourse I was a returning customer...

All of this cost me 300 euros for three hours, all inclusive, but I could have had her for 12 hours for 400 euros had I not had to be at a meeting at 8 am the next morning. I actually walked to the meeting with sore muscles and a big smile :-)))

Guy #2
11-14-04, 02:37
I contacted Aphrodite Hostess as you guys advised me by email and by telephone. When you ask for a specific girl, Vicki does not call you back. I think they use a switch and bait method. As long you ask for a girl in general, they will help you. But if you ask for a specific, good looking (not the uglier) girls on the site, they do not even respond to you or they tell you call back. Why? Duh, the girl probably doesn't exist and never worked there.

Has anyone else had this problem with Vicki ir Aphrodite Hostess.

I thought a hostess was an escort? Did I miss anything guys? Thanks.

11-16-04, 22:07
Here's is a reliable (a bit expensive) agency : http://www.incognitopartyservice.com/frame.php

I met Kitty a few days ago. What I really appreciate is that she has a safe-sex behavior : everything with condom.

I hope one day I may see her again (but ... I have to save money)

11-17-04, 15:51
I want to give a plug here to www.incognitopartyservice.com. The lady owner was quite helpful and worked on my booking in a professional manner. While the quality of the punt was not the most exceptional one I've had, it did the job necessary.

Not cheap - 400 Euros for 2+ hours, but when you have to have it, you have to have it. Photos were dead-on accurate, as well.

Uncle Otto

11-17-04, 16:07
My weakness for things Hungarian is not confined only to women, but also to its cuisine. A trip to Budapest for me is as much about fine dining as it is for fine drilling. :)

A few recommendations from my most recent trip to town (I actually ate at all these places in the last week, and had a great meal in each):

Cafe Pierrot
Fortuna u. 14.
Phone: 175-69-71
Terrific Hungarian-Continental fusion cuisine. The place was recently renovated, excellent service (ask for Istvan to wait on you). On Castle Hill, you might need reservations since it can get busy.

XIV. Állatkerti út 2 (in City Park, next to the zoo)
The best place in town, period. Jacket and tie recommended for gentleman. Good place to take a good woman prior to a night of wild drilling - believe me, I've been there, done that. :)

Same info as Gundel, it sits next door
Sister restaurant to Gundel, a bit less expensive and less formal for sure. Terrific for lunch.

I've also eaten at these places in the last couple of years, and recommend them too:

Náncsi Néni Vendéglöje
(Better in summer, when you can sit outside, but perfectly acceptable in winter, too.)

Marquis de Salade

Uncle Otto

Big Al II
11-22-04, 17:59
It seems that most of the Hungarian sites do not list prices. Unfortunate, since most of the Czech and Slovak sites do.

I am planning a March poonfest: Prague to Budapest. Please include more pricing info in your posts.



11-23-04, 15:39
Hi guy #2

I am surprised by your negative experience with Aphrodite. I have used them a number of times and always good service. They might take some time before replying, so I normally send an email some days before with the girl of choice and I have never had a problem.

I am going back to BUD next week and will use them again.


Guy #2
11-25-04, 06:55
I emailed them 5-7 times and when I asked about specific girls, they never responded. I called Vicki and she told me to call back. I never heard from her. I am doing some investigative work because I am not going to get on plane to a country where I have no contacts and where most people here say is a complete waste of time. Their website also seems to good to be true. The women are very hot looking and for 300 a day, it seemed like something is wrong. Also, what is a hostess anyway? There are a lot of escort service in the US that are actually jackoff shops. They do not tell you that until after you hand over $400 for full service.

(1) Based on this thread, we all know there is no action in Hungry like Russia, etc.

(2) 300 a day for a beautiful hot woman just seems so hard to believe. You are also calling a cell phone.

(3) You are the only one who has cited to Aphrodite. Why hasn't anyone else heard of it?

(4) Can you imagine spending $2000 to fly over there and book a hotel room to find out it is a scam?

(5) If Vicky is so responsive, why would she blow off her potential customers when she knows that he has 2000-3000 to spend and needs her services?

(6) No one else besides you have come to the defense of aphrodite.

(7) I have contacted a lot of agencies abroad. The legitamate ones respond. The scams do not. If they do provide girls, it is probably switch and bait.

(8) You probaby ended up with one of the uglier girls and are just happy to get a piece of ass. I am looking for something hot. It makes no sense to leave your home country to get a piece of ass ina foreign land where the natives cost the same and are no better looking. The whole purpose of this is to find beautiful woman at low prices with great service, right? It is no different than getting sneakers from Thailand, a Toyota from Japan, a shirt from China, a piece of ass from Russia. It's all economics. Fuck HUngary.

Guy #2
11-25-04, 07:01
I have sent emails all over the world for prices and the legitamate places respond. I know some asshole will say how do you know they aree legitamate? Because they are the same places or girls usually posted by other guys. If they do not send you their prices, why would you spend the time and money going there. I contacted agencies in Czech, they wanted 600-800 EUR a day. I know, fucking ripoff but at least they responded with prices. I contacted ROmania which we know does not have a lot of action. They responded. Dude, why would you trust any agency that does not even respond to your email. If some little brown monkey in South America has an email and can respond, why would a little white monkey in Hungary not respond. These people live on 300-400 a month (even if you say 1000 a month), and they do not want to give you prices? That is bullshit. It means it is a scam. You might say well maybe there is a language barrier. Dude, if you are already having a bad experience from them getting prices, how do you think things will go when you get there and the girls shows uip late oir ***** and moan about extras.

1. Ask for prices.

2. If they are not responsive, move on to another agency or girl. Or better yet, just move onto a neighboring country.

3. Chasing women globally is like watching the value of dollar. Some day it is cheaper to get a Ukrainain than a Hungarian.

Guy #2
11-25-04, 07:04
Yes, I know about incognito. They send you this secret password link so you can get their secret prices list. Big fucking deal. Reminds me of the bouncer who creates an artifical line so you can wait in the cold to get in and pay for overprice beer and no chicks. If you are stupid enough to pay $1000 for icognito then go for it. Why even leave the country? That's how much beautiful women go for in Western Europe anyway.

As far as restaurants, who really gives a shit about food. I am looking for a piece of ass.

11-28-04, 10:24
In response to "guy #2"

"(1) Based on this thread, we all know there is no action in Hungry like Russia, etc."

Was this sarcasism or for real?

No action in Russia? That is one of the top 2 biggest threads in the Europe forum.

If you can't find action in Budapest:

1. You are too busy working to leave an office or hotel room...(but there are usually working girls in and outside most major hotels.

2. You are uglier than the elephant man (i doubt it.)

3. You only try to use agencies and have had bad luck, (most likely the situation.)

Budapest may not be as good or open as Prague, but it is better than Romania.

You can get it anytime of day for between 20-500 an hour. If you can't find it you haven't read the forum and don't know where to look, Do your research and it will pay off.


Guy #2
11-30-04, 07:53
I said no action in Budapest, not Hungary. [Deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of Personal Attacks in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post Personal Attacks in the Forum. Thanks!

Guy #2
11-30-04, 07:58
Be careful of an agency called Fortuna (http://www.fortunescort.com/) it is a completely faked agency, after echanging emails for 5 days they are giving you appointments at the other side of Budapest to a place which does not exist.Yeah, I read the posts. Did you?

12-03-04, 13:10
Guy #2, Why do you have such venom in your posts ? Surely you can express yourself without all the negative connotations and slams against
differnent ethic backgrounds ? I am hardly the moderator BUT was quite offended by your peristant derrogatory statements and [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) poor attititude towards quite a few different issues. You make some good points BUT why add such nastiness to your posts ?

Budpest is no Prague, nor is it Amsterdam or FKK land, all which I visit on a regular basis. This City has a History that has evolved for many years, as will their pay for play scenes. I walked the streets of Pest and Buda for the last week and agree that finding reasonable venues is quite difficult. I did not concentrate much on the Mongering aspect since Budapest is quite a challenge in that area. I am not big on street walkers and Escorts so the effort to find a good session while in town was minimal. I am used to the FKK environment, K-5 in Prague, and the Private Houses of Holland so any additional effort beyond the establishment version of mongering is too much.
The nice thing is that is my opinion,, nice and simple eh ?

Take it easy man, your ATTITUDE will get you more shitty sessions than any Scams will,

Peace, Sex, Drugs and rock n roll,


12-04-04, 01:36
1) Bravo Carnal1 for your post.

2) The website http://www.incognitopartyservice.com/ does NOT work anymore.

I don't know if the agency still works however.

As I said , the rates are a bit expensive but the agency was reliable and the staff worked professionnally with courtesy (at least until mid-November 2004).
I don't think that , as Guy said, it's necessary stupid to be their client.

(Is it necessary stupid to go to restaurants that are more expensive than Mc Donald, KFC, Burger King?)

Simply The Best
12-04-04, 02:09
GUY #2,

What's the hell with you.

Carnal is right, I have been the last years often at hungary.

My experience is now:

All the nice cute girl's have gone earlier to suisse, germany, austria or else where, because they can earn more money there>>>round about € 150 ore more per hour.
It's the same in slovakia>>>forget it.

I have to work in hungaria most time outside of budapest. It's terrible, no girl is speaking a foreign language, you have to pay € 80 per hour and the hour is like a parking meter, after sixty minutes all actions are finished.

So I'm going now the other way: Working in hungaria and to have really much fun with nice girls, go to praha, thailand or south america (as I have done and relevant will do). It has more fun, is a lot cheaper and makes me more happy.

Have Fun


Forget budapest

Rio Nut
12-04-04, 02:44
How is Budapest for the non-pro action? Do the girls here speak English?

G Schyman
12-07-04, 12:00
Rio Nut,

I go mongering a lot in Europe and agree with previous posts that pro-sex in Hungary is expensive, often the quality is low. I was speaking to an hungarian lady at FKK Oase in Germany and she said that when working in Hungarian Clubs they usually "don't have to have sex" with the clients. But....

Budapest is great for non-pro sex. I usually do not like to waste a perfectlly nice evening with talk, more talk, dinner etc to get to bed. I get enough of that with my wife. But in Budapest you will find very open minded ladies that also like to have sex. I usually go to their place. It greatly helps if you at least try to be interested in their country and culture. Hungarians are a very pround people and if you respect that yourchances of scoring is rather high. I come from a Scandinavian country myself and I find getting non-pro sex is much easier in Hungary than here and here it is easy comparedf with the states etc.

I enclose a picture from my latest trip to Budapest two months ago. Sorry for the quality but the lightning was dim.

12-07-04, 14:54
Hi all,

I have been visiting Budapest for quite some time now and have "seen it all"; the scams, the low-end joints, the top-end places etc etc. Last week in Budapest I called my favorite girl Viktoria and had a wonderful 3 days. Great food, dancing, sex, the lot. I will be back in January and I can not wait for another encounter with this lovely flower.

To Guy #2, as mentioned by somebody else already, your tone of voice is agressive and uncalled for. We all have different experiences and mine have been more than excellent with aphroditehostess. I still use them and will in the future. I have met over the last years some 6/7 girls from their webiste and always WYSIWYG, no scams, no bait and switch, good service at the prices they mention, Euro 300 for overnight.

However some other suggestions would be to go to the Marylin bar in the city center. There you can choose the girl you like and take her to your hotel (as far as I know they have no rooms in the club itself). Or try Zuglove Club in the Zuglo district. Very nice girls, small club, with rooms in the club, or you can take them to the hotel as well.

Budapest is not Monger heaven but it's not too diffficult to find some good sex and the hungarian women are friendly and great to be with.

Have fun.


12-07-04, 17:51
Here are a few pics of my recent trip to Budapest

Rio Nut
12-09-04, 01:15

Which Scandinavian country are you in, and what language do you communicate with the non-pros in? I assume you pick them up at clubs or bars?

I am curious if you being Scandinavian (tall blonde?) is considered a status symbol in Hungary?

G Schyman
12-20-04, 16:51
Hi Rio Nut,

I am from Sweden. I speak either English or German with the girls. I try to speak a few phrases Hungarian but it is a very difficult language. I only go for non-pros if I do not find a suitable pro. I am tall and blond but I do not think that has any effect on the girls. It is as I stated before very important to at least try to be interested in their country and way of life.

I do not like going to discos so I do not meet anybody there. Best of luck is to try to go to a café were locals hang out.

01-05-05, 21:48
I am a regular in BP, although i live far away. I go on business every month or so. I am hungarian, although i havent lived there in 15 yrs. My question for people who live in Budapest- is there ANY street scene anymore? Until a few years ago, the Blaha Luiza / Joszef Korut / Jozef utca were PACKED with sw's . Not anymore . I walk around there and there is nothing. not a female other than the locals who live there. I know street walking is now illegal- but that doesnt seem to stop sw's in other parts of the world. Does anyone know where they are? i would love to get a detailed report, as i am headed back soon. Thanks in advance

01-27-05, 22:38
is there ANY street scene anymore?

Sidewalks around Intercontinental were crawling with Gypsy/Roma ladies, so aggressive they would come right up to restaurant/bar window and solicit.

01-27-05, 22:50
Utilized Redzone (www.redzone.hu) to try to find some companionship while in Budapest - difficult hit-or-miss process. I focused on the girls who indicated they spoke English, but found that generally to be an exaggeration. Ended up calling until I just found someone I could communicate with. Intention was to find outcall, but that was just not to be. Since I was not going to get delivery, I decided to settle for a visit to a girl who could at least tell me the street address in understandable English. I happened on something really extraordinary.

I found the “Business Sauna Club” (www.szaunaclub.com). Address is 1074, Csengery u. 26 (or 26 Csengery St., District VII, Budapest, Postal Code 1074, Hungary). On the Pest side. Tel: +36-20-9999-516 (English), +36-20-9999-545 (Deutsch). Recently opened, maybe 9 months ago, as Budapest’s answer to an FKK and bad/expensive service otherwise available in the city (according to the manager). Facility was easy to find by taxi, given the address. Very clean and opulently decorated. Locker room, shower, sauna, Jacuzzi, several play rooms, and a nice lounge.

Please note that the pricing on the website was not in effect, so be sure to make the pricing clear by phone before you go and verify at arrival before you agree to anything. Website/brochure pricing is much higher than any deal I was offered, but they seemed to be having a "January special." Actual scheme was this - 12K HUF for one girl for one hour, plus extras. Extras were 4K HUF per extra, per girl. Lots of petting, caressing, cuddling, CBJ and straight intercourse are included in base price. A la carte extras include kissing (very thorough and sensual DFK), BBBJ, bodyshots, lesbian show, anal, CIM, etc. I was offered a special “package” deal that I just could not pass up, although it was rather expensive. I was offered a “membership” for 50K HUF for 2 hours (no real tight clockwatching going on though) of absolutely full access to everything and everybody, plus extras. Only constraint was that I had to take at least 2 girls, as two hours would just plain wear 1 girl out. Five girls were present, and any combination was available so long as one girl remained available to answer the phone and at least 2 were with me. Oh my god, it was incredible. Given limited ready hard currency in my wallet, I negotiated a package deal of extras +13.5K HUF for kissing any/all of the girls. I would have dearly loved to include BBBJTCIM, but how to single out any particular girl ahead of time without prior knowledge of skill? So, I settled, but it was just fine, trust me.

I saw Jennifer (age 34 by own admission, listed as much younger on site. Looks maybe 26-28 Tight body, small tits, nice big tight ass, hence named after JLo. Good CBJ. Long brunette hair and a piercing in her lower lip), Clarissa (young, tight body, excellent cowgirl/reverse cg, great English, great smile, very pretty brunette, tiny diamond in nose and pierced belly button, said she was a Roma/Gypsy), Gina (young, another Roma/Gypsy, beautiful, sight does not do her justice – looks like a young Sophia Loren and is an absolutely incredible kisser with fantastic D-cup cans, chin-length light brown hair. Only flaw is a broken incisor on upper left), Zsani (older blonde, but very sweet, nice tits and extremely good CBJ. Tattoo on right shoulder and pierced upper lip. Not a young hardbody but very nice.) & Anita (21 yo, beautiful, firm perky tits as nice as Gina’s and almost as big, pretty good English. Looks startlingly like actress Jennifer Connelly face on. Pierced bellybutton and an appendix scar that seemed to bother her – said she was no longer perfect. Trust me, she was.). Two hours of undivided attention with 8 hands, 4 sets of lips, 4 pairs of breasts, and 4 sets of genitalia engaged and accessible at all times. Romping in a Jacuzzi, crowded on a bed, you name it. My own private bacchanalia! The girls all decided I looked a lot like a particular American celebrity, who shall remain nameless to protect my innocence since it is true. Unfortunately, not a “Brad Pitt” type heartthrob celebrity. I started deciding which of them looked like which celebrities – the Connelly & Loren comparisons are spot on, I swear. They claimed there was another girl who worked there who looked like Julia Roberts. Sat chatting up manager for a while and let them all know about WSG. They were pleased I wanted to write a positive review, with their permission. They want to drum up business – which could probably best be done by moderating house price a bit and bundling extras. The manager should take an investigative field trip to a German FKK (I'd suggest FKK-Haus near Stuttgart, see other post).

Total Damage, 63.5K HUF (about $340USD) for two hours with 5 charming and willing Hungarian beauties, plus all the beer/soft drinks I cared to consume. Girls undressed me, led me about by the hand, bathed me, had their way with me, and clothed me for my return to the real world. Excellent service, will repeat and would heartily recommend. In comparison, last year in Budapest I spent about 30-35K HUF for another Redzone Anita to come to my hotel room for 1 hour. Last year’s Anita was OK, but not of the caliber of the Sauna Club in either appearance or service. Check out my other reviews to verify I am not a shill/tout, since I know this review sounds a bit over the top.

Went back twice more during my stay in Budapest. 2nd visit saw Clarissa & Gina for a 1-hour lesbian show plus kissing and BBBJ, not CIM though. Nice visit, but the girl-on-girl action was too faked. 12K+12K HUF for each girl for kissing, lesbian show and BBBJ. Final visit was with Anita – the one girl I had not seen enough of in 1st visit. She manned the phones when I negotiated my package of extras, so was not covered. I decided I had to see her to finish the total experience, and was very glad I did. She was incredibly sweet and beautiful, and an exquisite experience. 12K+12K HUF for kissing, BBBJ & DATY. Nothing against the other girls who were all great, but Anita ended up being my favorite.

They also had other girls there during my later visits. Saw the "Julia Roberts" lookalike - she goes by Petra. Pretty good resemblance.

One final note – street girls were very aggressive and aggravating. Almost knocking on the window to get your attention as you sat in a hotel bar. It became a cruel game just to see how long I could make them stand in one place in the cold merely by glancing their way as I ate a nice meal. Mostly Gypsies, and apparently there have been many problems not only with bad service from them, but also criminal activity. Overall, Budapest is not a mongering bargain, but you can have one hell of a good time.

01-29-05, 02:09
2) The website http://www.incognitopartyservice.com/ does NOT work anymore.

This Web site is OK now

Small But Hard
02-10-05, 13:44

I was in Budapest this week.

I wanted to try this great szaunaclub.

I was really excited by Ebauche post.

I called but they wanted 90.000 HUF for 2 hours and although i was tempted, I couldn't afford it (no special "february" offer I'm afraid.

Started looking on Redzone.hu and Piroslampa.net.

Decided to point on Brigi or Fruszi or Csilla.

I chose Fruszi because she was in the nearest place to my hotel.

I callled but Fruszi was not speaking any language, so a girl spoke to me in italian (she speaks italian well).

I arrived to Boraros *** 7/1 (just after Petofi bridge next to the macdonalds)

Well, believe it or not, I was more than happy to go with Cristina (italian speaking) instead of Fruszi (if she exists).

Cristina was 1.80 (around).

PERFECT silicone breast.

Perfect Body, stunning.

I paid for 1 hour 25.000ft which includes 2 "extras".

I chose BBJ and Greek.

She wore a very sexy lingery wich fit perfectly on her 10 body.

She started with a great massage. To feel her breast against my back was really good.

I never had a girl with silicon breast before.

They are really firm and tight but feel a bit unnatural.

However, I cannot coplain!

After massage she gave me BBJ, put my penis between her breasts and I already felt crazy!

But, strangely enough, resisted.

She put a blu condom on me and it worked somehow like viagra!!

We done missonary, then I asked her DATY, very good sweet taste, I do not know if she was faking or not but she was very present.

Then She went over me in cowboy stile, so I had the chance to enjoy touching, sucking, liking everypart of my new toy!

Then she asked me 5 minutes brake because she was really tired.

I said that we could finish quickly if I did greek. She refused and really didn't want to do it, pleading me not to.

OK, she was so nice I didn't, but I pounded her in doggy stile at least for 10 minutes continuously non stop.

Then again missionary and finally I put her legs on my shoulders, pushing them tight and pressing her a lot, and finally I came.

Wow, great experience for 25.000 HUF (100 Euro).

She is probably the most beautiful girl I ever went with.

Just one more remark: at the end she was very fast to send me away and stopped being kind like at the beginning.

Well, down to reality I suppose.

I have two cell numbers for cristina if you are interested, just MP me.

Bayou Redneck
02-14-05, 12:07
Thanks for that post, Small but Hard. I appreciate the location posting.

To everone else:

When I was last in Budapest, several years ago, I picked up a mini "sex magazine" at an adult bookstore that had pictures and numbers for girls in it, and I just randomly called numbers (none of those pictures are real) until someone spoke English. I remember finding a brothel of sorts. A private apartment with 3-4 girls at a time working. One of them spoke English and while she was not exactly my type, she was able to translate for the others and negotiate for me. As I recall, short-time (20 mins or so) straight sex with brief CBJ from a girl in her early 20's, 7 or 8 looks, ran 5000 forints. Anybody know of a similar operation running today? Last time it took literally hours to go through that book until I found it. The other problem I found was trying to understand the broken English enough to get the address and name to push on the bell. If you happen to know of such a place, with address / name, would you please post it? If we all contribute toward the common good it will save us so much repetitive work! Thanks in advance!

02-23-05, 12:24
Dear All,

Can anybody give me the names of bars/clubs in Budapest which are good to pick up non-pro's ?

I know the pro scene in budapest quite well and onc you know what to avoid, there is a lot to do.

However I do not know good bars etc where hunting for non-pro's has a fair chance.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. if anybody travels to warsaw often, pm me I know some places there.



Mojito Cool
02-26-05, 16:39

I must find a appartment to rent in september in Budapest. Were do you advise me to go?

In reading the forum I have the felling, that a few love Budapest for mongering, but a lot say it's not so good. Can people of experience tell me wath they think of it?



Member #2992
02-28-05, 12:06
Hi there, a few good pick-up places of non-pro's: dance-café Szoda in Pest, some cosy bars at Ferenciek Tere, disco at Mamut in Buda; lot's of girls to take with ya :)

A good club (with pro's !) the last time I visited Budapest was the Diamond Club in Pest; good service, a lot of available girls and the prices were ok, no rip-off like sometimes; you should always ask if the girls go with you to have sex at the owner before you start drinking with them.


03-01-05, 08:43
Dear Member 2992,

Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know how things have gone when I am back.



Mike 777
03-05-05, 13:15

This is my first post. I want to thank Jackson for this forum and all active members ...
I have been in Budapest for 3 days.

I have had adresses from redzone.hu and piromaplas on Internet.

Language is difficult there when you phone girls : especially for street name.

A lot of telephone numbers are not valid or not available.

Anyway I managed to have Eny from Redzone : she is sweet and professionnal : if you do not have time to search call her (good english too)

Mike 777

03-13-05, 15:26
I'm in BP later this week and tried the forums in Redzone but had no response.
Any suggestions?


Member #2992
03-14-05, 12:12
Yeah, try www.sexindex.hu; lots of possibilities :)


03-22-05, 23:10
Hi guys,

I'm in BP in a couple of weeks for the first time. From reading the reports it seems a bit hit and miss. There seems to be a lot of scams going on, which I suppose happens in all large cities.

I have been to Prague and enjoyed the club scene there. K5 (upmarket) Atlas (cheap & cheerful). What clubs, if any could you recommend in BP which would compare to these two?

I am limited to English and about half a dozen words of German.

I am staying in Hotel Kempinski, so what is the action like around there?

Thanks in advance.

03-24-05, 00:37
I've just got back and followed the advice of Bayou Redneck and bought a magazine called Tutti Frutti Party at a newsagent in the metro.

There are lots of pictures with phone numbers and I had no problem hooking up for 10k HUF for 1 hour.

I never tried any clubs but reading back I hear Marylins seems safest.

Have fun

03-24-05, 10:39


This is a good index to start from, listing both individual girls' sites and other escort sites.

Keep in mind that several Hungarian websites are programmed to keep out foreign IP addresses, in order to conserve bandwith, avoid spam, and avoid webcrawlers / spiders.

An example: Most freeweb.hu accounts.

johndoe.freeweb.hu will get you to the correct website if you are using a computer in Hungary, if you are outside Hungary, you will get an error.

Solution 99% of the time:

Type: www.freeweb.hu/johndoe/index.html

Tutti Frutti Party is alot better now than it used to be. I remember the days when they never avertised language skills, although nowadays you can't be sure until after you call.

"I never tried any clubs but reading back I hear Marylins seems safest."

I know some people can get girls from there but don't expect it. Marlylin's is like an (honest) American strip bar. Entrance is cheap, beer is cheap (compared to other strip bars in BP) costing similar to a normal bar in BP. You can sit at the stage, drink cheap and tip the girls what you like. Or you can get a table, drink cheap beer and pay a girl extra to strip nude on a mini stage. It is hard to describe because I have never seen anything similar in Europe.

In my experience, there has never been much pressure, none of that "buy expensive champange" shit. Alot of the clientel are Hungarians that just want to see tits and ass, and pay aliitle more to see pussy.

This is a stripbar that your women/wives/girlfriends aren't worried that you visit, and might even enjoy going to with you. It is very unEastern-European.

You can spend more on entrance to some clubs than you will on beers and stage dance all night in Marlyin

I don't work for them..i just learned my lessons well, and met many people who got ripped off.

If you want sex, go to a private or a decent club. Don't go to Dolce Vita or Palace or etc... They are all ripoffs and are only in businees because alot of people don't do research and read sites like this.

Many clubs change their name but stay in their same location. You can always look up the US Embassy's Blacklist of ripoff clubs on their website.

If any of you go to Flashdance (maybe a new name after being blacklisted for several years) on Vaci Utca, call me instead. I'll punch your face, take all of your money, then kick you in you balls. It will be cheaper and less painful than going back to the money machine all night, paying the mafia. :P

Hotel Kempinski:

They won't bother your girl, but if you don't have a girl...their taxis will take you to the most expensive places in the city.

If you can afford that hotel, then you can afford those overpriced girls, but if you do your research, you can have great girls for the whole weekend for much less than one night with the girls that they recommend.

"Language is difficult there when you phone girls : especially for street name."
Always ask for the district first (like Paris), then a major intersection (tram, bus, trolleybus) then street. Go get a free map from the tourist center.


Most are a total ripoff, I can't believe that they are still in business, but if 2 or 3 blokes pay 500Euro each night, for a bottle of Champange, they will never go out of business. People, always ask for prices first or the Hungarian Police can't help you.

My 2 cents:

Most of Budapest is a ripoff like most of Eastern Europe. In relation to our ideas' of night life. I know where to get 10 euro (or less) blowjobs on the back streets but I don't recommend it to 99% of you, it's not that safe if you don't know any Hungarian.

More to come.

Member #2992
03-27-05, 10:50
Two months ago I went with some friends in several clubs in Budapest; most of the clubs were indeed show and no go clubs. Always ask to the clubowner if some of the girls are available for extra services afterwards. I do this always. One correct club was the Diamond Club in Pest; we were with 3 guys + 3 girls off course; the drinking bill was around 250 euro for the whole table after some sparkling wine, gin-tonic and beers; moderate prices. After some bargaining, the extra service price was 100 euro/1 hour. The service was quite good, considering the whole crew went into my hotel room. And indeed; always ask the price of the drinks; prevention is better than healing.

Sometimes I order a high-class escort in Budapest, quite expensive but worth it (250 euro/h); no cruising around and loosing valuable time :)

Take care

03-28-05, 03:21
Thanks for your advice guys. It seems that BP is not worth the hassle.

Stupid commie bastards!

03-29-05, 13:24
Hi Guys,

Two weeks ago I spend some more time in BUD. Went to Marylin, picked up two girls and went to a small hotel called SWINGERS which they suggested. Cost HUF 10.000 per hr for the room, simple but more or less clean, shower, toilet etc. The girls were HUF 25.000 per girl per hour and they were great. I checked before if they were really in the girl-girl thing and faked or not I had a great time.

If you want/can pay E 300 for an allnighter call aphroditehosstess.hu, Vicky, the manager, is nice but you need to give her some time to get things arranged. Call 1/2 days before your trip and you should be fine. I have had several of the girls and have so far not been dissapointed.

Another place is called SUGLOVE in the SUGLO district, a taxi driver will know. It's a bit our of the center (20 min), but no mafia crap and nice girls. I's a small club, but the times I have been there were always 5-8 girls there.

Have fun


Mr Bleu
04-01-05, 14:15
Keep in mind that several Hungarian websites are programmed to keep out foreign IP addresses, in order to conserve bandwith, avoid spam, and avoid webcrawlers / spiders.

An example: Most freeweb.hu accounts.

johndoe.freeweb.hu will get you to the correct website if you are using a computer in Hungary, if you are outside Hungary, you will get an error.

Solution 99% of the time:

Type: www.freeweb.hu/johndoe/index.html


I have found that if you put the url of any site that blocks foreign IP adresses into Google.co.hu then they will open without any trouble.

Mr B

Felix Nordic
04-04-05, 01:51
Budapest February 2005;

I mainly go to Budapest for the beauty of the city, wine and food, and not for girls since I know about the common scams. In fact I get approached several times by girls in vaci ucta and they ask the same stupid questions each time; Hello, do you want a drink with us - Me giving the reply - Ok, lets go to the bar in my apartment for some drinks! And they says... no, we know a good place... and I say Bye bye! Never ever go with these girls!

I went to Budapest because I had invited my Romanian girlfreind for the nice romantic weekend I have promised her. First night I couldnt meet her and I decided that I really needed some action. I got the advice here to go to "Business Sauna Club". Its what it seems like. I called them and asked. It was ok, and I didnt need any membership. Once Inside I was greeted by a sweet brunette and was showed to the locker room. I slipped into the bathrobe. Down with the girl to the bar and the menue. The menue consisted of 5 girls. I started with a bottle of cold Tokaji Wine for only 10 euro. Each girl got a glas and I was observing them to choose the sexiest.

There are several options. The most costly; all 5 girls in a special deal for two hours including massage for approx 350 euros. To expensive for my wallet. One girl was 80 Euro for one hour. Extras was 20 Euro per thing, like uncovered, do oral to her anal etc. Ofcourse only the not so good looking girl did anal! Grrr... So I asked which of them who did uncovered blowjobs and they all did. So I choose the slim blonde girl! I would rate her an 8, maybe 8,5 for the nice slim body and nice ass. Im a great fan of the female but! I couldnt do her ass but atleast I could do some nice ass kissing;)

I had a great session with her and we started with jaccuzi. she was quite friendly and a even showed some GFE. She did quite well uncovered oral to me also. And not all girls can do that... not even pros...

It was a bit costly but the place is recommended. There is no pressure and the guys owning the place are friendly and are no shady characters. Cheap drinks and several girls that are nice enough to have sex with. I do like hot baths too! And the blonde is a sexy babe.

But I got better sex from my Romanian girlfriend the second day after! This was the first time I had sex with my Romanian girlfriend and she turned out to be talanted after some argueing and sweet-talking and she even accepted CIM.

I go elsewhere for the pay girls! But if youre in BP and you have to... Business Sauna Club is a safe offer.



P.s. Dont forget to try the thermal baths when youre in BP!

04-14-05, 03:04
BUDAPEST (Reuters) - The Hungarian Interior Ministry looks set to allow prostitutes to tout for business in shopping malls, local media reported Tuesday.

The ministry is thinking of allowing dedicated shopping centers where prostitutes could strike deals for sex as long as they move to a place of their own to carry out the transaction, the daily Nepszabadsag said.

"There is nothing intrinsically wrong legally with an entertainment center without gratification," the newspaper quoted from a letter the ministry sent to the businessman who proposed to set up an "all-in-one" sex plaza.

Hungary allows local governments to set so-called "zones of patience" for the country's up to 20,000 prostitutes, but no municipality has done so yet.

Member #4643
05-03-05, 01:58
I am off to Hungary in a few weeks for a conference. I would love to have the names of some escorts or other sexworkers whom you guys think are worth my time/money. I am willing to go high end or low end, as long as the performance is there.

Please post a message for specific recommendations or PM me if you know of a girl or a brothel/bas that you think are really worthwhile. Budapest is obviously a difficult city for the outsider to crack, and I feel I am in need of help.


05-04-05, 01:26
Forgive me for saying so, but I can't believe you would pay a girl 250 euro for a session. Is this for all night or an hour? Its people like yourself who is putting our hobby beyond some peoples pockets. The girls expect to much, I myself can afford this but no way would I pay it. No girl, my friend, is worth paying this much.

Cohiba Guy
05-04-05, 09:17
Hello forum!

I will be in Budapest soon for a few days of business. I will be staying at Le Meridien.

I have contacted incognitopartyservice.com to arrange an escort for an evening. I was responded quite rapidly within a couple of ours via email. Unfortunately my first choice became unavailable in a second e-mail I got. So I chose another and we'll see what happens with that.

Happy hunting


05-07-05, 14:37

I have been viewing this forum for some time and I think it is great. Thanks to Jackson for providing us with the opportunity to share exsperiences and provide advice.

I am from the UK and have lived in Budapest for many years. I have experienced many of the delights on offer here ( most good, a few bad ). So by way of showing my appreciation for this forum I am happy to answer any questions fellow members might have. I have gone upmarket and downmarket so I think I have the full range of experiences. Also I know basic Hungarian so can I know how to communicate my needs to non English speaking ladies.

How was your visit Cohiba Guy?

Feel free to take up my offer if you need info or advice!

The Voice
05-09-05, 12:30

I have been viewing this forum for some time and I think it is great. Thanks to Jackson for providing us with the opportunity to share exsperiences and provide advice.

I am from the UK and have lived in Budapest for many years. I have experienced many of the delights on offer here ( most good, a few bad ). So by way of showing my appreciation for this forum I am happy to answer any questions fellow members might have. I have gone upmarket and downmarket so I think I have the full range of experiences. Also I know basic Hungarian so can I know how to communicate my needs to non English speaking ladies.

How was your visit Cohiba Guy?

Feel free to take up my offer if you need info or advice!Hi Treborth

I was in Budapest 2 years ago and will be visiting the fine city again in October. Last time I was there I used an escort from an agency (don't remember the name) that was one of the many that advertised in a tourist map. The price was 30,000 HUF for the hour (which the lady from the agency immediately reduced to $25,000 without any haggling on my part). I saw two girls (on separate occasions) from this agency and both were sensational. They were Uni students (one was 18 and the other 23), good looking, great bodies and allowed DATY. I was quite satisfied and am tempted to go down that route again.

My question for you Treborth, is that a reasonable price for an escort of this standard in Budapest? Are there any other agencies or in-house services in Budpaest that you can recommend of similar quality?

Thank you in advance.


Ps - let me know if you ever need advice on Australia (particularly Perth).

Cohiba Guy
05-10-05, 14:51
Hi again,

I was in Budapest and everything went well with incognitopartyservice.com. Netti sent an sms 1 hour before arrival and asked me to meet her at the entrance to the hotel. I have to say was pretty cold that night! She was punctual.

Netti arrived, exactly as in the pics. Tall and slim. Very sweet voice. Did it twice. Natural breasts, shaved pussy. No CIM allowed, so so BBBJ.

Was quite happy with overall performance though not mind boggling. paid her 400 Euros.

Happy mongering


05-10-05, 20:12
Glad you had a good trip Cohiba Guy!

For The Voice-- Prices have gone up a bit since 2 years ago. I just phoned two advertisements in the tourist maps and was quoted 35.000Ft. for one hour, 60.000Ft. for 2 hours. Exchange rate is 250Ft. to 1 euro.

For 60.000Ft. it's possible to spend 3-4 hours with a quality girl with many extras included through one of the mid-range priced agencies.

I would categorise the market at 3 levels. The local internet girls who charge 10.000Ft plus extras ( anal,bbbj,cim ) per hour. Because most do not speak English it is difficult to arrange. Also quality varies enormously. I don't like to take the risk these days.

The mid-range agencies who charge about 250euros for 3-4 hours.

The top end agencies who charge 400euros+ for 2 hours ( such as incogitopartyservice ).

Personally I go for the mid-range agencied these days as I feel 400+ is alot for this market. For example I would agree with Pleasure02 below about Viki at www.aphroditehostess.hu She knows many university type girls who do not want to appear on any website. If you give her one or two days notice and specify your "exact" requirements in relation to the type of girl and sex service you want, she will deliver. She will send you photos by email in advance. She charges 250euro for up to 4 hours ( with no extra charges). I have learnt not to be shy and have asked to make sure that I will get what I want.

I think the best of the local internet market is www.rosszlanyok.hu ( bad girls ). You can try your luck there if you want a cheaper price. However I never go for any of the girls with blanked out faces as I had one or two pretty bad experiences in my early days here. )If you want more down market recommendations, let me know.

Hope this helps!

Member #4643
06-07-05, 12:32
Anyone have experience with these two:


It strikes me as a "must do" for the discerning businessman who passes through Budapest.

Cohiba Guy
06-07-05, 21:28
Hi again,

I thought a lot about geting to know them but it was my first time with the agency so I skipped them. Also the idea of walking with them to the elevator at my hotel lobby kinda freaked me out :)

But as I wrote before my experience with the service was great and may choose them next time I am there.

Should we assume that they get on with eah other as well?


Member #4643
06-08-05, 14:44
I have tried calling a girl to set up an appointment for an upcoming trip, but the Hungarian phone system has me beaten for now. The number is: 06-70-596-8662.

I am calling from the USA. The international access code is 011; the country code is 36 and the city code for Budapest is 1. When I dial 011 36 1 06-70-596-8662, all I get is an error message. Does anyone know how to do this?


Member #4643
06-08-05, 14:47
i wrote the agency about the twins. they want 750 euros for two hours. i doubt they have sex with each other (as i am not keen on [CodeWord128] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord128), i would not encourage this behavior). they do not do cim or anal, but they do everything else.

on the other hand monika, who is smoking hot, is only 400 for the same service; 500 with cim.

i intend to start with an internet girl and if i get bored, thee twins will take my hard eaned cash.

Member #4643
06-08-05, 14:49
I just re read the email from the agency. They will do lesbian, so I guess that means you can watch one twin eat out the other while you fuck her from behind.

That would definitely be strange. Hmmm...

06-08-05, 19:18
I have tried calling a girl to set up an appointment for an upcoming trip, but the Hungarian phone system has me beaten for now. The number is: 06-70-596-8662.

I am calling from the USA. The international access code is 011; the country code is 36 and the city code for Budapest is 1. When I dial 011 36 1 06-70-596-8662, all I get is an error message. Does anyone know how to do this?

ThanksForest, you have been given a mobile telephone number. Dial your international access and then 36-70-596-8662.

Have fun.

Homer Simpson
06-09-05, 07:29

Thanks for the advice. I used the above site to find Petra. Her partner Dori answered the phone, I had to call serveral girls before I got an answer. Also I had trouble using the hotel phone but by cell worked fine by using the following +36 30 329 9307. Anyway Dori's English was OK but definitely not enough to get me their flat by myself. However, she recommended that I just get a cab, dial her number, and give the phone to the driver so she could give him the directions. This worked great to get me close then I called again and she basically walked out to the street and talked me in.

Petra was very cute 9/10 face and body. Service was also excellent although not quite GFE - no DFK. Started with 69, then to CG, to mish, back to CBJ, to mish, and finished from behind. Lots of energy and no rush. The price was only 20,000 HUF. The only down side was a weak massage and very limited english. Dori also was good looking but not quite as nice as Petra.

Felix Nordic
06-09-05, 21:02
Please tell me you dont spend 400-500 Euro for a girl for 2 hours.

Why dont you fellows change mongering country if its that expensive?

I payed 80 Euro for one hour with a girl in a club in BP, and 20 E extra for BBBJ. She was atleast an 8. Body close to 9.

I get a modelgirl in Bucharest for 80 E for the hour. Thats when she comes to my apartment.

In Ukraine I pay $ 100 for a night with a girl rating 7 or 8.

Be carefull with the dough! I actually think you will find better prices in Germany or Czech rep than you seem to pay in BP.



06-10-05, 08:39
Homer Simpson,

Many thanks for the feedback. Glad things worked out with rosszlanyok. For the local Hungarian escort sites you often have to perservere like you did. I think your taxi technique was very good.

Now for all you guys out there I have a top class recommendation. I met a girl call Eva. She is a really beautiful blond, 22, speaks perfect English. She is currently studying law at university. I have been with her twice. She has a lovely personality and she loves escorting with polite and friendly guys. She kisses beautifully, gives blowjob without condom, does a pretty good deepthroat, no come in mouth though. She has a nice tight pussy. She won't do anal. She is always interested in learning something new sexually, like roleplays. She tries hard to please.

She needs funds to complete her studies, So i agreed to write this. Actually I have mixed feelings about this as I wanted to keep her a secret. She really is beautiful.

Ask Viki at www.aphroditehostess.hu to send her photographs as she doesn't appear on her website. Her charge is 250euros for 2 hours. I know this opportunity at this price will not last long. Trust me on this one.

Would appreciate feedback from any of you have been with her. One request, treat her correctly, she really is nice.

Member #4643
06-13-05, 04:17
Having spent a few hours reading this site and having corresponded with three agencies and a few indpendents, I can saythat the price range in Budapest is amazing. One can spend <$100 USA for an hour, or up to $600 for a two hour session from the high end agencies.

I have been reminded that there are a great many porn stars from Budapest, and that many are available (at a premium). I will be there 4 days this week, and intend to try an escort agency girl for my first night as an overnight expreince (about $500 US), an independent for the next night (about $100 US), go to a men's club (recommended by Felx Nordic on a post he did a while back) for about 80 euros an hour for the third night, and (I hope) do a porn star my last night at whatever rediculous price porn stars charge.

In this way, I take the sting out of having to travel so many miles to do business. :-))

06-13-05, 19:13

Wow, what a project. On behalf of all the members here I can say that we are really looking forward to your feedback. Hope all goes well!

06-14-05, 15:53

Its sound crazy prices I beleive you can get the beatyful girls as the porn star look in the local disco's. And even for free ;-)

Unless the "spending money" is the part of your fun...


06-14-05, 15:58
Please tell me you dont spend 400-500 Euro for a girl for 2 hours.

Why dont you fellows change mongering country if its that expensive?

I payed 80 Euro for one hour with a girl in a club in BP, and 20 E extra for BBBJ. She was atleast an 8. Body close to 9.

I get a modelgirl in Bucharest for 80 E for the hour. Thats when she comes to my apartment.

In Ukraine I pay $ 100 for a night with a girl rating 7 or 8.

Be carefull with the dough! I actually think you will find better prices in Germany or Czech rep than you seem to pay in BP.





You can mention Kishinev as a cheap hunting place too.

It is possible to find a model girl for 100 $ for 2-3 hours.

And the Moldovan girls are realy beautyful.


Member #4643
06-15-05, 00:35
first, let me say that the reputable agencies here deliver a great product at an expensive, but not horribly expensive price. its 200-250 euros for a 2 hour session from aphrodite or fortunescort. the girls are great; gfe, pretty, open to virtually eveything i wanted to do (eg, bbbj to completion; i do not do anal, but this is on the menu for a small fee).

then there are the street girls. i am at the merdien hotel. there is an area by the river with fancy stores like marks and spencer and no traffic. there are guys hawking strip joints, and one of them offered girls take out for 80 euros. i did not check out these places because of the stories i have heard of outrageous drinking charges. also, i forgot my wallet in my room! the girls of course, did not beleive this- at first. (the one girl who did believe it said, "no money, no honey." oddly i heard that phrase several more times that evening).

so two gorgeous girls stopped me and told me we should have a drink and then go to my hotel for a threesome. i thought about this for a minute- i am at the meridien which costs about $250 us per night- and decided i would choose one of the two girls after my drink. we went to a bar, and the girls ordered three sparkling wines and three shots of some type of grappa. i kept reminding them i had no money and that my wallet was in my hotel, but they said not to worry. when the drinks arrived, i asked the waitress how much for a glass of wine. she said, "17,000 huf" or about $80 us. i instantly made the proper synaptic connections (god only knows why it took so long), and realized the girls had no intention of coming up to my hotel room. this was a set-up, pain and simple. they figured i would come up with the money, despite my protestations that i had no cash. so, i told the waitress that i had not actually ordered anything, and i was leaving. fortunately, no large man appeared and i got out the door unrep001hed. neither of the two beauties tried to stop me, or follow me. i am quite certain that they work for the bar.

interestingly, after i returned to the street, the approximately 20 girls, whom i assumed were street girls, all lost interest in me. on my first pass down the street, i was leonardo dicaprio. they were all inviting me to a bar for a drink. now, i got treated like a leper. all of the girls, incidentally, travel in pairs. a few pairs had not already seen me and been rejected in their efforts to get me to take them to a bar. they only wanted to go to a bar with me, not back to my hotel (i made it very clear that i would pay them to come back to the hotel for the night).

incidentally, there were a few girls who were available. every one of them was alone- not walking with another girl. they all charged 100 euros for a "massage, blow job/no condom and sex with condom". they were not nearly as pretty as the girls whose job it was to get me into a bar to buy 17,000 huf drinks.

one more note: i have called some of the girls who advertise on the net as independents. they charge 15-20,000 huf for massage, blow job/no condom, sex with condom (this appears to be the working girls mantra in budapest). obviously, this is a good way to get excellent affordable sex here; many of these girls are beautiful. but, if you are only here for a short time, like i am, you are likely to get 50% "hard-core-to-the-hilt" pros. if i hit upon one that strikes me as good sex, pretty and nice, i will report her name.

i think i will call an agency now! its 1:30 am (7:30 pm back home), and i am beginning to feel the urge.

Member #4643
06-16-05, 00:29
After failing to contact the agency of my choice, I called a few internet girls. most of them had their cell phones turned off, but I finally got Solya (http://redzone.hu/belso.php?kod=1445Solya), whose body looked very nice. I called her, and her English skills were poor, but she made it to my hotel nevertheless. Fortunately, I have no business colleagues at this hotel, so I could take her through the lobby. Girls are not allowed in alone, and there is no sign in system like Brazil. This would have been a problem if discretion had been necessary (The Meridien is a true 5 star hotel, but keep this in mind if you decide to stay here and there are half a dozen other colleagues in rooms with their wives). Solya showed up; body was still excellent , but face was hard with long nose.

Solya was terrible. I ended up kicking her out after 30 minutes of sex/BBBJ; she complained about everything, and kept telling me she was not there for an hour, but only until I popped. She barely moved, and refused anything that resembled GFE service.

Tonight, I phoned up Sandra (http://redzone.hu/belso.php?kod=1674Sandra), who was quite pretty. She charges 10000 HUF for sex, 3000 for BBBJ, 6000 for 69 and 5000 for kissing. Her oral skills were admirable, but there was little GFE despite having paid for the entire package. Her English was terrible.

Bottom line: I will not have sex with a girl whom I cannot talk to ever again. I cannot determine if a girl will live up to expectations ahead of time unless I can talk to her.

On the way home, my cab driver took me to Eden Club, a strip place with about 20 girls ranging from not-so-pretty to very pretty but not starlets. Certainly there were many i would have been pleased to have ssex with, and a few of them spoke excellent English. Its on Andrassy Street, and should not be hard to find. Cost=100 euros (25000 HUF) for one hour, either at the hotel associated with the bar (extra 5000 HUF for a hotel room) or in your hotel. No mandatory drinks, although you get one free drink. WARNING: if you drink with a girl, she will order a small bottle of Mum (25000 HUF); I was told this by the manager. Actually, despite the repulsiveness of fleecing guys this way, I liked the idea that the manager was upfront about their system.

I think I will be back at Eden or the Business Sauna Club (which is the same approximate set up) tomorrow; see Felix Nordic's report on this one.

In summary, Budapest appears to be a 100 euro an hour town, whether the sex is GFE or not. The agencies seem to offer GFE (I would rate Kinga at Aphrodite as one of the true GFEs I have ever done); the independents have the possiblity of being cheap, as long as your plans are for a quick fuck withoput kissing/BBBJ (possibly CBJ)/talking etc. But as soon as you try and enhance the experience, the price seems to level out.

Of course, there are the porn stars. These are 600 euros for three hours from Szuzana's escort agency. 1000 euros for overnight. Or, the twins from incognito!

Irish Lad
06-16-05, 00:40

I had 6 hours to kill 2 weeks ago in Budapest so I went for some lunch in Becketts Irish bar ( where else). They called me a taxi to bring me to Veci square to have a look. Cost 650 ( about 3 euro).

On my way back a taxi tried to charge me 2,950 (about 13 euro) for a 3 or 4 minute ride. The meter showed this. I gave him 700 and said this was the price. I pointed up to a building and told him that I lived there and I knew the real price. He gave me back my 700 and called me " a cheat".

So be aware, you can spoil a holiday with this sort of thing.

06-17-05, 15:21
Irish Lad,

You are absolutely right. There are many " independent " ripoff taxi drivers, sometimes charging 5 to 10 times the fare depending on how confused the foreigner/külföldi ( as translated into Hungarian) appears to be.

By far the most efficient, cheap and honest taxi firm is Citytaxi. Beckitt's only call Citytaxi and that is the taxi you used in your first trip. Their number, if using an international mobile is +36 1 211 1111. Their operators speak perfect English.

Whilst writing about ripoffs, there are 2 golden rules in Hungary. Do not buy girls drinks in topless bars, ( in fact I would advise staying clear of most of them, accept Marylins, which is more American style with regular prices ) and do not be persuaded by any girls on Vaci utca, the main walking street, to go with them to a bar. This is a scam and there are many accounts of foreign men being charged between $500 - $1000 for drinks with these ladies. When arguing over the bill " security arrives " to accompany you to a cash machine. This warning has been written about many times. ( Forest, because of your worldlywise experience, you had a lucky escape ). Check out this advice from the US Embassy in Budapest, in case you think I am exaggerating.


Budapest is generally safe and you can have a good time and you can find really great and sexy girls. Just follow the above basic rules.

The best sex to be had is with girls you are able to pull yourself or from the reputable Escort Agencies, Forest has mentioned two of the best in my opinion ( for value and service ).

Forest, I really appreciate your reports. I look forward to your final installment!!

Member #4643
06-17-05, 17:35
Went to Eden bar. They immediately descended on me (the management, not the girls). The girls had an odd attitude. It was kind of hard to engage them. Culturally, I did not fit in.

I found a nice girl named Gabriella, although in the end we had a falling out because I got pissed over all the extgras I was charged. In retrospect, it was not her fault.

They wanted 30,000 for one hour sex plus 17,000 for champagne. I finally had them down to 30,000 for sex and champagne, but I sent the champagne back because I didn't want to drink it, and neither did the girl. In retrospect, I should have bargained for 20,000 for an hour. Then, I got into a cab that charged me 5000 for a ride to my hotel- easily worth less than 1700. That resulted in some discussion.

The girl was nice. She had to go before I was done, which got me even more annoyed. They really want you to hurry and fuck, so the girls can get back to the bar. I suspect she would have been fined if she had stayed longer.

Not a great expereince, but on a repeat, I could certainly improve the outcome. I still think the agency girls are the best deal. They may be 10,000 more than the internet girls, but there is no bs about kissing, bbbj, etc. Once you add money for the extras, the prices are equivalent.

Tonight I see Cathy from Fortuna escorts, and I leave tomorrow.

Certainly not Rio by any means, but I am certain that on my next visit, things will go smoother.

Member #4643
06-19-05, 16:02
I returned to Eden the night before last. Went out again with Gabriella- not an easy girl! Very emotional, and like most Hungarians I met, was willing to make conclusions over things I said that she clearly misinterpreted (this is a recurrent theme in Hungary. Not many people speak English, and the ones that do have poor skills. But unlike most places, they seem to beleive they understand what you are saying, and never ask you to repeat yourself or simply say, "I do not understand". )

Nevertheless, in the end, I got a first class BBBJCIM and some very passionate sex. This time I bargained for 50,000 HUF for 2 1/2 hours, we walked to my hotel and I refused all offers of alcohol. Not the best deal in Hungary, but acceptable.

I am certain that GFE can be found at a reasonable price in Hungary, but it takes work. The porn agency, incidentally, never returned my emails to set up an appointment with their girl, so I never got to experience the high end.

Mr Bleu
06-23-05, 15:56
I have tried calling a girl to set up an appointment for an upcoming trip, but the Hungarian phone system has me beaten for now. The number is: 06-70-596-8662.

I am calling from the USA. The international access code is 011; the country code is 36 and the city code for Budapest is 1. When I dial 011 36 1 06-70-596-8662, all I get is an error message. Does anyone know how to do this?

ThanksDidn't spot an answer to this one, perhaps I can help.

Just dial 06705968662 inside budapest, just checked my mobile for City Taxi, had the same problem as you a while ago, BTW they are one of the few honest cab companies, would recommend highly - 0612111111

There are three mobile phone providers in Hungary. Mobile phone numbers have 11 digits, always prefixed with 06 30 (T-Mobile), 06 60 (T-Mobile) or 06 20 (Pannon) and 06 70 (Vodafone).


G Schyman
06-29-05, 15:00
For me calling from Europe to Hungary we drop the 06 prefix. Jast dial the international country number (+36) and then the mobile number with out the 06 prefix. This works from all European countries I have tried, (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic).

Good luck

07-09-05, 12:21
Homer Simpson,

Now for all you guys out there I have a top class recommendation. I met a girl call Eva. She is a really beautiful blond, 22, speaks perfect English. She is currently studying law at university. I have been with her twice. She has a lovely personality and she loves escorting with polite and friendly guys. She kisses beautifully, gives blowjob without condom, does a pretty good deepthroat, no come in mouth though. She has a nice tight pussy. She won't do anal. She is always interested in learning something new sexually, like roleplays. She tries hard to please.

She needs funds to complete her studies, So i agreed to write this. Actually I have mixed feelings about this as I wanted to keep her a secret. She really is beautiful.

Ask Viki at www.aphroditehostess.hu to send her photographs as she doesn't appear on her website. Her charge is 250euros for 2 hours. I know this opportunity at this price will not last long. Trust me on this one.

Would appreciate feedback from any of you have been with her. One request, treat her correctly, she really is nice.Was in Budapest last week. Called Viki for photos of Eva. She sent them to me. She really looks beautiful but Viki said she was in Paris with one of her international clients. Viki recommended Kinga instead, a nice looking dark haired girl on her site. She showed up at my hotel and really looked attractive, better than the photos. She has an overall tan, nice slim figure and her English was quite good. Most important of all was her smiling and friendly attitude. She gave a really good BBBJ but no CIM available. Everything else was on the menu but was a bit hesitant about A levels so I didn't push it. She gave me some nice rimming though. Sex was good, but not frantic. Not a clockwatcher, stayed longer than the 2 hours that was agreed with Viki. Good value at 250Euros IMHO.

She says she likes foreigners and has travelled to London to be with clients.
Tip; say you like her hair, got a DFK in response.

Dr. Beat
07-27-05, 20:57
Those of you interested in erotic massage - www.masszazsinfo.hu has a wealth of information and I have had reasonable amount of success following leads from this website..........send me a pm for more information.....Enjoy!!

Raptor 09
07-29-05, 18:31
Last month I had another nice encounter in Budapest.

Actually I was looking for a girl for 2h in my Hotel, but many of the girls listed in www.redzone.hu were not ready to visit me or spoke almost no English.

I finally got a contact based on some pictures of Orsi. However, Orsi was not available that evening but I got some nice recommendations from the english speaking operator. I had the choice of Viki or Evelyn (Long blond, 85-90, Nice, Brown eyes, Not skinny, 20).

As I like more slim girls, I went for Viki for 2 h at HUF 30000 plus taxi plus extras (HUF 5000 each). Viki showed up on time, but I head some problems with the reception and to pay the cab driver. They finally came up to my room and I payed the cab driver in front of it. Very annoying. I thought that Viki would take care of him and I would give the money back to her later. Next time I will wait for the girl in front of the hotel.

Actually Viki speaks very good English and even better German. She has worked in Austria for some time and it really shows. She is a blond hair lady, rather small but very nice. She agreed on shower and massage. Her service includes BBJ, CIF, Photos (but no face) and Kissing. No Anal.

Very nice BJ with almost no teeth involvement. We spent very nice 2 hours of hot action and she left me really satisfied with my choice.

GFE: 7
Look: 8
Sex: 8

Trust me on this one. The number of the agency is +36 (70) 6060841.


The Voice
07-30-05, 05:59
Hello Dr Beat,

I have had a look at that site but unfortunately I cannot read the language, but I can read telephone numbers - do the girls speak English? What do you get in a massage and what does it cost? Do any of the girls offer more than a massage (eg DATY)?


The Voice

08-03-05, 20:11
Hi everyone

It's been a while since i had a budapest post. looking at all of the posts about the 'Girls on Vaci utca' has bought a smile to my face as i posted several posts about in the old Forum and even the forum before that one!!

Here are the facts plain and simple. the girls on Vaci Utca
(the padestrian street with western style shops that runs parallel to the danude on the Pest (flat) side, if you cross the elizibeth bridge (English Translation) this is the big white suspention bridge from the bottom of gellert hill (the cliff with the citidella on top) across to the pest side. Take the first left and this is Vaci, it also runs to the right but this part of the street is very quiet at night).

Anyway, back to the topic

These Vaci girls will not have sex with you or go back to your hotel or suck you off in a nearby alley way. All they will do is chat you up, agree with anything you suggest and try and make you believe that you have puilled a stunner. They will insist that you take them for a drink first and then you will recieve a bill for several hundred euros. They get a commision for this, it is the way that they make their living. if you dont pay then the heavy boys appear, take you to a cash machine or kick the shite out of you.

i have spent many night looking for the street action scene. never found one. Asked many locals and especially taxi drivers, all say none exist. the only possible execptions are:

Once when arriving in BP late at night i saw several, maybe 2-4 tarty looking women stood near a bus stop on the main road from the airport to the city centre. this was out in the suberbs. i have tried to find them again a few times since but never could. On the right hand vaci utca, i have at times seen a couple of tarty looking ladies sat on a few of the benches, i think these are pros due to the fact that they were on their own and did not use the usual bullshit chat up line that the "take me for a drink girls" do.

these are the chat up lines that i can remember from the drink girls-
Do you have a map?
do you have a cigerette?
Something in Hungarian, i reply 'i only speak english', they reply with someyhing like 'really i thought you were local.........Etc'

i once stayed in a hotel in Buda, there was a tart stood outside, took here in and had a session, full story in one of the old forums. 25 euros, bargain

Larger expensive hotels always have tarts in the bar (i call them lounge lizards) or disco if you have one in the hotel. quality varies a lot and may be expensive as the hotel takes a commission.

recently stayed in a new hotel called the Hotel Corinthian Royal (do not confuse with corinthian royal spa). Expensive 100 to 250 euro a night. but the best lounge lizards i have ever seen. One was a stunner, in her mid thirties in a long black evening dress.

Far and above the best and easiest place to find sex is in the normal pubs. you need to find one that the locals use as well as visitors. so stay out of the Vaci street area and tourist areas. try fat mo's, Port side pub, Becketts (at the weekend i am told) and best of all the old man pub, there are always tarts in there and they nearly all speak English. They will spot a foreigner a mile away and will make eye contact with you, no problem.

i would be interested in hearing any stories about anyone who has picked up a slapper in these places as i am tempted.

if you want to try and pull freebies on your looks and charm alone, for those of you under 30 try the disco's like guzgas (under the economics university, to the right of the red-brick indoor market at the end of right hand Vaci Utca. right next to the next bridge down river from elizibeth bridge, pest side)

In the summer Budapest is a different place with huge out door disco's, again for the under 35's, the best by far is Cafe Rio, it's unbelievable, there is another one across the road too. these are both on the Buda side two bridges down from elizibeth (i think, could be the third)

Anyway if you cant be bothered to find these places check in to the Royal corinthia. They give you a number, wherever you are they will send a taxi for you to go to wherever you want and charge it to your room, you do not give the driver any cash. you can also use this service from the hotel. Great, appears on your bill when checking out, easy expences claim!!!

Oh year, once stagering into the Corinthia at about 11.30 PM, Merc parked outside with two fit blandes inside. Called me over in english and said i could take them both up to my room for a threesome. turned them down as i new they would ask for some stupid price like 500 Euros (i never pay over 50) and only when i have failed all attempts at freebies.

Once again anyone used one of the pub-Girls pleassde let me know


08-03-05, 20:16
This goes with my report below

when you go to pubs or discos dont bother turning up until at least 11.30pm on any day of the week. they are all open until 3-4 or even 5 am all week. many people have told me that the bars, pubs and discos in BP are shite, but then i learn that they arrived at 7.30 and were shit-faced by 10pm and had to leave.

It aint pretty old England where all of the pubs shut at 11.30 sharp. get back from your meeting at six and have a sleep for 3-4 hours first, you will need the rest because these places are banging all night long.


08-03-05, 20:40
it's all coming back to me now...LOL

another place to find street action is in the countryside

on the outskirts of the smaller towns and in some of the main roads running trough the outer housing areas of these small towns you will find tarts standing in laybys, small paking areas and entrances to small farm tracks. Once drove past an entrance to an unused quarry and there were about 10 slappers stood in the entrance.
once when drving down a country road in the middle of nowhere saw two tarts stood on the side of the road. they are usaully gypsies.

also heards that they hang around the service sation on the motorways but have never seen any in these places

let me know if you have experiences with these types of working girls.


08-17-05, 09:26
After a positive recommendation from "User 2992" who said: "One correct club was the Diamond Club in Pest;" Big Nana and I decided we would see what a Budapest Strip club was like. I truly believe that USER 2992 must be a shill for the Diamond Club, or have his head so far up his ass that he is licking his own prostate, because here is what happened.

Outside was a big sign which said "FREE ENTRY". There was a posted menu showing beer for the equivalent of $10 (2000 florin), and Water for $5 (1000 florin). There were no other prices on the menu or disclaimers. It was OK, because there was a strip show going on inside. So we went in, ordered a beer and a water.

Immediately we were hit upon to buy lady drinks, but politely refused, saying we were just there for the show. The girls were persistent, but funny, but we were also equally persistent about no ladydrinks.

A couple of topless dancers later, when the girls were getting annoying, I asked for the check. It showed 58,000 florin ($280 US). That seemed a bit excessive for a beer and a water. We said 'No Way' and headed toward the door. You know what happened then. Two huge goons appeared, muscular, tall, heavy, bald headed, and dressed in black. They blocked the door, keeping us captive within.

A scary eyed hag of a bartendriss approached us, showing us the menu which said "50,000 florin minimum bill"; (the old classic menu switch). She was screaming at us to pay our bill. We refused, although I did hand her the 3000 florin we expected to pay. The thugs had the door completely blocked, and when we probed toward the door, they strengthened their resistance. The woman kept screaming, trying every ruse to break our stony resolve not to be ripped off. We just waited, standing by the door, smiling, occasionally telling them to let us go, occasionally probing the resistance of the goons. Another woman approached, tried to crack us by insulting our physiques, ethnicity and any other road to get our emotions to take over.

Actually, after about an hour of this, I could see the women becomming emotionally distraught as we stood there by the door, smiling and asking to leave. I could also sense a quiet respect growing with the goons, and the dancer girls, who were absorbed by the whole scene. There was no dancing going on, and Big Nana and I noticed that no customers were entering. He told the woman that we could stay here all night if necessary, but would not give in to their extortion demands. She told us that she was staying till 6AM anyway, but we could sense that it was going on a bit too long for her, and that they were missing out on other potential customers (victims).

An hour and a half into it, a third goon, who was fresh, arrived on to the scene. We continued to patiently ask to be let out, smile, probe the defenses and deflect the women's attempts to make us lose our mental equilibrium.

Finally she lost her emotional wits, spat at Big Nana's face (hey guys, he took one for the team), and in the commotion that ensued, he was able to crack the door open. Seeing this as our best chance of escape, he forced his way through, with me helping by pushing him out, and then I slid through as well. We scurried away to the next bar, where Big Nana washed his face and we asked them to call a cab for us; our adventure was over.

There was just no way in hell we were going to let them rip us off.

In the debriefing we had afterward with each other, we realized a couple of things. First, it didnt seem that they were going to hurt us. They could have beaten and robbed us at any time. Probably they are allowed by the cops to shake down customers as long as they don't beat the crap out of them. With that as a given, our strategy of being patient, unemotional, unwavering won in the long run. Even though they said that they had all the time in the world, it was we who had more time than them to wait it out. However, had we laid a hand on them, to get out, the result would have probably been broken bones and empty pockets for us. Non-violence confuses those bastards.

All our other experiences in Hungary were great. Use the Tutti Fruity Party magazine and call the ads.

Peace out.

Member #2744
08-17-05, 20:40
Steven, I wonder what would have happened if you would be without your wingman? Two guys is always better than one alone!!

The bad news is that one better forget the bars at all in Budapest and as you suggested go for ads and flats.

It seems that the bars are lost in their vicious circle now. Cams, customer don't come back, girls do not earn anything, only new tourist preferably those from far away feeding the business is just is not sustainable. And to run a place in Budapst is not cheap for the owner.

The only good news is that in the neighboring countries still offer good value.

08-19-05, 07:43
After a positive recommendation from "User 2992" who said: "One correct club was the Diamond Club in Pest;"For future reference, there are other sources of available: The US Embassy lists some known scam gaffs


The list today reads

Városközpont (accessible by outside elevator)
Budapest V district, Váci utca 16.

La Dolce Vita
Budapest V district, Október 6. utca 8.

Nirvana Night Club
Budapest V district, Szent István krt.13.

Ti'Amo Bar
Budapest IX district, Ferenc körút 19-21.

Diamond Club
Budapest II district, Bimbó út 3.

Pigalle Night Club
Budapest VIII district, Kiss József utca 1-3.

Member #2744
08-19-05, 15:51
There are more warnings on European forums.

The scam always work the same way. Outside the club they promise you a cheap drink and a hot show.

Afterwards they confront you with a minimum consumption charge of say 150 -200 USD, just a number you will finally accept to get out again.

BTW the girls are obviously quite happy with that job as long as enough stupid customers roll in. None of those girls will ever open their legs for you whatever they tell you in the bar.

08-22-05, 09:32
Hi Guys,

I am a regular traveller to Budapest and have had a number of experiences (good and bad). I tend to stay with 1 or 2 girls I know through either aphroditehostess or furtunescort (try Vicky, she is on both websites and very sweet if treated well, wonderful sex, GFE all the way).

However I am getting a bit fed up paying for it and are looking for places where women can be picked up. I am early 40's so the disco's are out (too young for my taste and I am too old for their taste).

Does anybody know where the over 30's - 35's go out in Budapest ? I go to Fat Mo regularly (for the music), but the crowd is mainly there in couples or groups, plus you can not really dance there to break the ice a bit.

In warsaw I know where to go to, but in Budapest I have had no luck finding a place.

Your help will be greatly appreciated and if you need some advice on Warsaw, pm me.



08-23-05, 16:49
i am in warsaw today (23 Aug) for one night only. If you read this within the next few hours then please post your freebie places in warsaw.

The best place that i know in Budapest is 'the old mans music pub'
mixed age and some hookers if you luck out.

Port side Pub is also good at times.

Becketts is good for chicks who want to score with a foreigner but this place is dead during the week.


08-23-05, 20:15
This might be too late before it is posted and you read it. I have posted a message yesterday in the warsaw thread.

Depending on your age, Paparazzi for the young, Dekada for the over 30's. Tonight in Dekada is Polish night, normally many women there. Vacation time now so I have no idea.

Hope you read this in time.


09-02-05, 23:24

I know BP pretty well. The places recommended are OK but if you wanna goa bit more classy with nicer more english-speaking-likely girls (not necessarily easier though..) try Oscars' in the Buda side of the city or Negro in front of the Basilica. Both are very nice central bars for a drink, fairly small and cosy, you ll meet people.

Happy hunting,


Hi Guys,

I am a regular traveller to Budapest and have had a number of experiences (good and bad). I tend to stay with 1 or 2 girls I know through either aphroditehostess or furtunescort (try Vicky, she is on both websites and very sweet if treated well, wonderful sex, GFE all the way).

However I am getting a bit fed up paying for it and are looking for places where women can be picked up. I am early 40's so the disco's are out (too young for my taste and I am too old for their taste).

Does anybody know where the over 30's - 35's go out in Budapest ? I go to Fat Mo regularly (for the music), but the crowd is mainly there in couples or groups, plus you can not really dance there to break the ice a bit.

In warsaw I know where to go to, but in Budapest I have had no luck finding a place.

Your help will be greatly appreciated and if you need some advice on Warsaw, pm me.



09-06-05, 15:46

Thanks for the tip. I will check them out next time I am in BP.

Greatly appreciated!


PS I'll post my success or failure after my next visit.

09-06-05, 20:58
I am thinking of taking a trip to Budapest at the end of September to go and see the big erotica festival and meet a few young ladies ;) I have never been before so I was wondering if anyone could recommend an apartment service or some decent but cheap hotels in the right areas. Thanks in advance L.

London Guy
09-14-05, 14:00
Anybody tried this agency?


09-14-05, 14:14
I am thinking of taking a trip to Budapest at the end of September to go and see the big erotica festival and meet a few young ladies ;) I have never been before so I was wondering if anyone could recommend an apartment service or some decent but cheap hotels in the right areas. Thanks in advance L.Hi!

I think the best/cheap hotel is the Hotel Fortuna. It is a boat on the Danube, 5 minutes walk from city center. Small, but clean rooms.


09-14-05, 14:22

If you are looking for good and cheap street actions in Budapest than you have to go to the Szabadkai street. There are 15-20 girls every nigth from sundown til 4-5am.
You can find there young, cute girls or there is a few older but very experienced ladies.

I tell you my best suckings were there for just a 10-12 euros.

Most of the girls there are ready to deepthroating. Some of them are ready to do the oral things without condome and you can 'spritz' directly to ther mouth. I found there a girl who do the blowjob like a porno queen. I don't know her name (I always forget it:)) , she is around 160cm high, 45 kilogramms, and very attractive high heel fetish shoes, small tanga and a tight upskirt is only her wears.
I hope you will find her:))

This place is safe. But leave your cash and others at the hotel, just bring 10-12000 forints maximum.

Some girls are ready to a hotel. The price is around 50 euros for an hour.



09-14-05, 14:26
Does anybody know where the over 30's - 35's go out in Budapest ? I go to Fat Mo regularly (for the music), but the crowd is mainly there in couples or groups, plus you can not really dance there to break the ice a bit.


You must try Club7, Old Man's, or check Dokk at the 'hajogyari sziget' at the dock are hundreds of beautiful, model look 25-30 ages, who are looking for rich foreginers.

09-14-05, 14:35
it's all coming back to me now...LOL

another place to find street action is in the countryside

on the outskirts of the smaller towns and in some of the main roads running trough the outer housing areas of these small towns you will find tarts standing in laybys, small paking areas and entrances to small farm tracks. Once drove past an entrance to an unused quarry and there were about 10 slappers stood in the entrance.
once when drving down a country road in the middle of nowhere saw two tarts stood on the side of the road. they are usaully gypsies.

also heards that they hang around the service sation on the motorways but have never seen any in these places

let me know if you have experiences with these types of working girls.


It is a 50-50 chanc, but you can't lose just a few bucks.

The problem is the gypsies is they are WORKERS. they dont like what they do. They will suck you, you can fuck her. But you will feel she is a machine.

In the gypsie culture the women is the second after the man, they job is to become pregnant, their dns don't like the sex... I hope you understand my poor english:)

Look for caucasians, they are much better.

09-17-05, 16:44
Hi Budapest

Wich part of the city is this street in?

Are you a local?



If you are looking for good and cheap street actions in Budapest than you have to go to the Szabadkai street. There are 15-20 girls every nigth from sundown til 4-5am.
You can find there young, cute girls or there is a few older but very experienced ladies.

I tell you my best suckings were there for just a 10-12 euros.

Most of the girls there are ready to deepthroating. Some of them are ready to do the oral things without condome and you can 'spritz' directly to ther mouth. I found there a girl who do the blowjob like a porno queen. I don't know her name (I always forget it:)) , she is around 160cm high, 45 kilogramms, and very attractive high heel fetish shoes, small tanga and a tight upskirt is only her wears.
I hope you will find her:))

This place is safe. But leave your cash and others at the hotel, just bring 10-12000 forints maximum.

Some girls are ready to a hotel. The price is around 50 euros for an hour.



09-18-05, 19:46

Thanks for the advice. I will check it out and let you know my "findings".



09-19-05, 10:36
Hi Budapest

Wich part of the city is this street in?

Are you a local?

TomYes, I'm a local citizen well experienced in street girls. At this time I have my steady girl I don't 'fight' on the streets but in the past;)

Szabadkai street is in the old industrie zone at the 9th district.

Bobby Ewing
09-21-05, 20:05
First of all I want to thank all of you fellow mongers for your excellent reports who have helped me and my friends on our sex-tours in Europe in the past. So it is time for me to give something back and here's my first report and it is for Budapest in Hungary.

I were a bit worried after all the negative reports here on the forum that I couldn't find any good sex, but it went ok after all, read on!

First we went to Marilyn since this seemed as the only place in Budapest that was decent with fair pricing and good manners. It is free entrence but maybe you have to buy a drink. I did it anyway and it was priced OK (gin and tonic for ca HUF 3000 I think). It is open between 21-05.

They have a scene where there always are two girls dancing but not stripping so it was not all that exciting. The girls started to come over to our table and wanted to sell table dance, right there in the bar, for HUF 5000 or a private show with lap dance with touching and kissing for HUF 10000. Both were 10-15mins. I didn't want any of these since I only get frustrated with a boner and not be able to fuck her. So I started to ask the girls if I could take them back to the hotel. Some girls said it was OK (maybe 20-30% of them) at HUF 22-25000 for one hour but none of the ones I wanted, so after an hour we left unsatisfied.

The next day I found out we had two places just around the corner from our hotel so I googled about them to see if they were legit or not and found some good reports on one of them, the Hallo bar. http://www.hallobar.hu/
It opens at 21 and we went there at 23 to check it out. Free entry, but must buy one drink, but thats not a problem since it is very reasonable prices. For example a beer or a 4cl Johnny walker red label for HUF 1700. Also if you print out the coupon on their webpage the second drink is free! http://www.hallobar.hu/index.phtml?static=freedrink

This bar is like Marilyn, ie only a stripteasebar with the option of a private show lap dance for HUF 10000. I talked to a girl who was very fun and easy to talk to and I tried to take her to the hotel but she refused and told me no girls there would do that, so I decided to take a private show with her anyway. Ofcourse I got horny and wanted to fuck her but she still refused after the lapdance. So I went back to my buddy who sat with another girl and he said he was on the way back to the hotel with this one! I was a bit upset that my girl had lied to me about this but I took it like a man. It would cost him HUF 30000 and an extra HUF 7000 to our hotel to let her in. It's a bit high but he went anyway. Apparently the sex was OK but not earth shaking. And the hour was up when he shot his first load and not when the clock said it had been one hour.

The next day I was getting really horny since I hadn't dipped my little friend in a pussy for a while so I thought I had to try the privates. I surfed on http://www.redzone.hu and http://www.piroslampa.net for a hot girl to stick my big Wurst into and found this beauty: http://www.piroslampa.net/piros.php?lang=en&pg=girls&action=show&girl=865
I called her and she could talk some basic english and she said I was welcome to some address I didn't understand where, so I called her back from the cab and gave the phone to the driver who got the address and then drove me there. I got into the apartment and was met by a blonde girl with a fabulous body but not too beautiful in the face. The apartment was not an ordinary home for a girl but looked like a brothel with 4-5 different rooms with action going on. I asked for Kriszti who I was supposed to meet but she was not there and I soon realized I had been a victim for the old bait and switch scheeme.

I had to choose between the blonde and a brunette who I didn't like that much so I decided to go for the blonde. I wanted to fuck and it was cheap so I didn't mind that much I was set up. The rate was HUF 10000 for one hour normal sex and then I could have some extras with that for instance BBBJ, DATY for around HUF 5000 extra. I wanted to do the 69 and it cost me HUF 3000 extra. I wanted to take photos during the sex but she refused at all costs.

The sex was ok, but she didn't enjoy it at all, so it was a bit boring. I was done very quickly and then of course the session was over, I had at least 40mins left but it was not happening one more time.

In the evening I went back to Hallo bar again to see if I could find the girl of my dreams and take her back to the hotel. I really wanted the girl on the last picture (#20) on http://www.hallobar.hu/index.phtml?static=lanyok. She's smoking hot to me but she refused to go back to the hotel. So I went with the one right next to my dreamgirl in the pictures (#19). I think her name is Erika. She's really hot also, 21 years old, very short, thin and small and just my type. She was very friendly at the bar and I decided she was worth the HUF 37000 in total, so we went to my hotel and did the bad thing. She also offered to go to her hotel for HUF 5000 plus HUF 1000 for taxi, but I wanted to go to my hotel. She was very GFE and really wanted me to have a good time. The problem was me who had a little to many drinks with the problems it brings. She was a little upset for me being drunk but never gave up and gave me a good time anyway. Well after almost one whole hour of fucking I was done and then she let me take some pictures of her with her clothes on for no extra charge. Very nice girl and I recommend her and Hallo bar!

Thats all from my Budapest experience, hope it will be useful for some of you.


Tiki Boom
09-22-05, 09:31
I will be in Budapest for 8 days, with a lay over in Frankfurt. I will be hitting the Palace FKK during that time in Germany. Does anyone wanna do some mongering from sept. 26 til oct. 2. in Hungary. Also has anyone ever traveled to Slovakia, from hungary. I've read about the beauty's over there, but which border town is closest to Hungary? bus or train? does anyone recommend it? last question, what about renting a cell phones while your their, is there any feedback on that.

Thank you

09-22-05, 22:29
Tikki Boom,

Send Lukasek a private message regaurding Slovakia, he has spent some time there and can help you. I am sure he will be happy to.

I will be in Budapest for the 1st time at the end of Oct. I am looking forward to hearing about your 8 day experience.

Happy mongering,


Rain City
09-24-05, 06:43
I am going to visit Budapest in a few months. It's my first time and I wonder if you guys have stayed at an apartment instead of a hotel. I prefer an apartment over a hotel, especially in eastern Europe. Thank you in advance for your help.

09-28-05, 13:25
Hi guys,

It's the first time for me on your Hungary forum, is there any one here really knowledgable about lap dance clubs and lap dancers in Budapest?

I need some help, if there is someone who knows his way really good around budapest lap dance clubs please pm me.


The hunter

10-04-05, 23:36

I am going to Budapest (maybe soon), feeling a bit lazy.

Does anyone know any good hotels that offer a good massage service (with extras?)

And how much it costs?

Thanks in advance for your help

10-06-05, 14:45
Hi Guys,

Spend a few days in Budapest this week. Called aphroditehostess.hu (good efficient service from viktoria as ever !) and organised Kinga to come to my hotel. Very sweet, nice girl, absolute GFE. Booked her for two hours and had a wonderful time. I have mentioned this before, some people on the forum had not so good experiences with aphrodite, mine were always very good, but you need to give Viktoria (the manager) 1 or 2 days notice so she can get the right girl organised for you.

My regulars were not available so the second night I ended up in the Marilyn club. This is my place of last resort when I go to BUD. At least you do not get ripped off, you can talk to the girls to see if there is some "connection", but still a dreadful place (unless you like big fat women, than it's heaven). Some nice ones as well, but still ended up going back to the hotel solo.

Have fun!


10-18-05, 14:20
redzone.hu provides links to several swinger places in Budapest. Dreamland swinger club has a website in English. I am thinking about visiting - they accept single men on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Does anyone have any experience with swinger scene in Budapest? Is it worth investing 15k forints to go to the club without being sure what to find there? Any single women in the club or only couples looking for couples?

Any advice welcome!

10-21-05, 14:02
Hi again,

Is it possible that on this board there is absolutely no member ready to help a fellow monger with a little bit of guidance???

I need help from someone who knows really well the lap dance/strip clubs around budapest? Any help will be highly appreciated.

I am no cop or anything like that, I am a 100% honest senior member.

the hunter

Big Al II
10-21-05, 19:51

I was in Budapest for a week last February. I had been in the Czechi, so the difference was startling. They charge you a fortune to enter, a fortune for a beer, a fortune to talk, a fortune to look, then, worst of all, they charge and absolutely outrageous amount for private time, when the lady won't touch you.

I tried the Palace club, and one other - both very bad.

On the other hand, there is a fine little club in Gyor that is as good as a Czech club. Budapest is all about being ripped off, restaurants, hotels, stores and clubs. Hungary seems to be better, outside of Budapest.

But I'm not bitter! Really!