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05-16-02, 05:23
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05-18-02, 20:58
I came back to Rome today and went out for some serious punting. At first I followed Andrea's steps (see old forum), but will all respect for his hard work that didn't pay out for me. In via montaione I was lucky enough to push the right intercom button at the first try but was opened the door by a TV that was very ugly no matter the gender you want to categorize him/her. Another female was in the house but not less scaring. They mentioned a 'girl' to be there monday only. Kindly declined and left. Then went to via centogatti that is kind of an interesting place just to see a corner of a sleepy rome in that chaotic area. The girl there is definitely not Thai but likely south american, short, shabby and not very sexy. I wasted my money with her for an overpaid (€100) session. Avoid my mistake and don't go there. Now for the good part. I drove to via salaria and meet a skinny but big-breasted brunette named Gana. She asked €30 in the car and $126 (sic) in a room. I went for the room and wasn't disappointed, she was not a clock watcher. Did some positions, great eye contact with his pretty face, but still not 100% satisfied, as was limited to one shot. Now for the best part. I drove around some more and at 7 pm again in via salaria an hot skinny redhead arrives in a sexy but not slutty denim/leather outfit. Her name is Anna and she was a real deal. Very pretty, €25 in the car with touching everywhere, totally non-rushed sessions. Unfucking unbelievble - she cancelled ten years of inflation AND the famigerate Euro advent in a zap. She is sexy, super clean with a soft skin. Both the salaria girls are Romanian speaking almost perfect Italian and perhaps some English. Final note, while surfing the web I called someone from www.relazion****iali.it and was quoted €400 for 'complete' (probably anal) and 350 a long regular session. Of course I didn't go, as at street prices I can wear out my cockhead for the same amount with girls that are very nice anyway. So I guess the lesson of the day is get a car and patronize the SWs. That will improve your aggressive driving skills while hopefully making you little brother happy.

05-22-02, 22:23
Here I'am again for another update on the Rome scene. I got busy on both streets and apartments and here's the report. After this fucking spree I promised myself a pause to save for Paris and Germany later on. I'll briefly mention the SWs at the gas station in C. Colombo. One of them is a quite attractive skinny blonde Romanian but way too much smart/professional. She can tell a car is rented as soon she get inside and I think they check in/out with their cellphones. You will spend €30 for a quick fuck and suck, twice as much for a longer session with anal. I went for the first but I'm not really wanting to return.
I had a much more interesting experience driving around Stazione Termini. Whoever said that you cannot meet a fine Italian pro for little money is wrong. This (young) lady was very discretely working the street where the Roma Spa are, when we made eye contact. I brought her to a nearby hotel in Via San Martino Della Battaglia (that by the way I can reccomend for regular stays as well, for it is cheap but nice and very clean). I had a nice time with an educated, latin-looking type, very slim, nice black curly hair. Very accomodating and willing to satisfy. She looked out of place and I have to admit I think it will remain an isolated case. The whole thing set me back for a little more than €100. I think I will return.
Finally for you young hardbody ass lovers here's your treat. Set up with Valentina from the website mentioned below. She works with (at least) another provider in a finely furnished flat in a nice neighborood. You will be walked to a large bedroom with mirrors and toys. She is totally like her pictures, perhaps too tall and slim to be my drive-nuts type, but hey we're talking about model quality here. Very sweet and accomodating she will drive you crazy for a mere €150, anal ('completo') is available for an extra fee. Soft and good-smelling, you can have fun pounding her hard or just looking yourself in the mirrors. I think she can even put on some porno if you like. I didn't do that as I got my own private,real-life porno flick with these looong lengs fucking cowgirl on high-heels. But hurry up on as she told me that she will leave by end of this month.
That should be all from Rome for this round, If I can remain a good boy for a while at least.

Mr. Wet Wooly
05-25-02, 23:51
thank you for the good post.

what is the website you mention? how do you contact this apartment girl?

06-01-02, 18:00
Looking for sex in Rome (both free or pro) is a wasting of time and money and very frustrating.
Due to 2000 years of catolicism Rome is the worse place in the whole world for sex of any kind.
This is the rason why Italian man are considered the most sex obsessed.

Though italian women are quite pretty, to get your goal is VERY hard. They all pretend to be a supermodels and very silly!
I travelled the world as much as I could and I can tell I never find a place harder than rome to have love affairs or just an occasional date for a cup of coffee.

Even Malaysia or Indonesia women are more open!!! seems to be im country girls seem to be much more available. I would say that this country (especially rome) is quite sick under this aspect.
BTW I was born here and I live here.
If you come to Rome you can have a look to this beautiful city and to beautiful women.... but just a look !

07-07-02, 15:40
Happy to report that Rome's streetwalkers are active again after several months of quiet due to police crackdown. Two places you can find action which noticeably picks up after midnite are along the Cristoforo Colombo:

1. on the streets that run on the outside of the old walls to the right (towards Porto San Stefano) and the left (towards Piramade)
2. on the right side (when going to EUR) in the parking lot after Habitat and before Pza dei Navigatore
3. just beyond 2 above on the same side at the ACI/Lazio Regional Office corner

Prices were about 30€ for fuck in the car, 80€ at home. Ask if they are women and trans as latter can be difficult to spot. There are two beautiful dark skinned (but not black) woman in late 20s, early 30s in location 3 with same prices above. Highly recommended. Also very beautiful younger woman in location 1 above along right side of walls, older woman on left.

I encourage others to report and share their findings and experiences.

07-15-02, 11:36

You are asian and can't get laid in Italy! I understand what you are feeling!!

I am Italian but I live in Korea. I have been to ***** house here and rejected offen. I am handsome young also. I have no problem getting laid at bar or club, but sometimes I want hooker. I get refused..they say only korean man, or asian. Hows that for racist!

I don't understand these hookers! You have money, you should be allowed to fuck! Anyway, keep trying, you will get laid! I don't get refused everywhere here. Keep asking, one will take you.


07-16-02, 13:40

I like the information you guys are posting, keep up the good work .....

I will be in Rome early October, I know a little of the paid action in Rome from the posts here ..... but I wanted to know where the best places would be to find non-working Italian girls .......

How are foreign travellers (Australian) looked at by Italian girls ?

Any information would be great ..... thanks .....


On The Road
07-24-02, 20:18
Well. Just my two cents.
If you're a tourist in Rome, maybe you don't have a car here. The best you can do is to look at the advertising on the "Il Messaggero" Newspaper.
Yes, I know that maybe in the old forum somebody talked 'bout it, but those infos are good for someone.
You can read the "Il Messaggero" newspaper on-line at the following address: http://ilmessaggero.caltanet.it/ , daily edition every day after 12:00.
Then you have to follow the link ECONOMICI. You will have mainly three interesting categories: Centri Relax, Messaggi, Relazioni Sociali.
Centri Relax (Relax Centers): just a few advertising here, most of them are overpriced. Never checked it out.
Messaggi (Messages): In this section you find the she males advertising (grosso means big... you can understand what!), be carefull if you're not into it. I'm not into it so I can't help you on this section.
Relazioni Sociali (social relationships): The most important section for getting laid in Rome. Be carefull that every message that says ALTRUI means that the girl comes to your place, so is better if you have an appartment (I think most of the hotels are quite not guest friendly!). Expect to pay from 50€ to 100€ if you visit them, one shot. Most of the time you will find a telephone number, you have to call that number and write down the address and the opening hours an answering machine or someone will give you. Sometime you will find directly the address and the opening hours on the advertising, most of the girls works daytime. It is ok to go there, check the girl and the price and go away, if you don't like something.
Sorry for my bad english. Hope this helps.


P.S. If you do have a car, I can tell you where you can find girls all around Rome for a quick "in car" fuck.
Mainly, every important street (strade consolari) leading away from Rome should have some girls.
Main spots:
Via Salaria, from center to the G.R.A. afternoons and evenings. Eastern and black girls.
Via Tiburtina (best spot so far, IMHO) from the center to the outside of the GRA. Evenings and late nights, eastern girls.
Via Flaminia and Via Grottarossa (some eastern girls some SheMales), some afternoons and some evenings.
Via dell'acqua acetosa and near the lungotevere's bowlings (SheMales, be careful!) Evenings
Via Pinciana, near Via Veneto (most of the girls do not fuck in cars but only in near short time hotels), evenings.
Via Tiberina (from Prima Porta to Fiano Romano), afternoons, some black girls.
Via Tor di Quinto (some ugly old women).
Via Palmiro Togliatti from Via Prenestina to Via Casilina, evenings. Eastern and black girls.
Via Prenestina from Palmiro Togliatti to GRA. Sometimes Eastern and black girls.
Via Palmiro Togliatti near the Cinecittà2 Commercial Center, evenings and late nights. SheMales, be careful!
Via Aurelia near the GRA (sometimes eastern girls, evenings.
And, of course, the well known EUR and Via Cristoforo Colombo.

Hope this helps again

07-30-02, 10:12
5 new young Bulgarians in via Porta Ardeatina (via C. Colombo): check 'em out be4 they get 2 much experienced! ;-) Usual prices.

On The Road
07-31-02, 00:20
Been in Via Porta Ardeatina tonite. No new young bulgarian... just a couple of she-males around the corner.
I found the two well known girls in the gas station, good looking but I did't checked them out.
I'll try again.


08-02-02, 16:55
Originally posted by ItalyOnTheRoad
Been in Via Porta Ardeatina tonite. No new young bulgarian... just a couple of she-males around the corner.
I found the two well known girls in the gas station, good looking but I did't checked them out.
I'll try again.


Sorry ItalyOnTheRoad, maybe you were on the wrong side: you have to go towards Porta S. Sebastiano. Moreover, after midnight they move to Fiera di Roma. Or maybe they already disappeared somewhere else. Apparently this is an area to "initiate" new jung girls from Bulgaria (last year I had a wonderful one, her name was Mara), they disappear quickly...but check again in the right place before midnight or after midnight in front of Fiera di Roma. Good luck!

On The Road
08-02-02, 17:41
Never mind Leo, I'll check it out again, maybe after my trip to Thailand, the Land of Smiles, where I'll go next week... ;)

Yesterday I had a beautiful Russian Girl in Via Tiburtina, with a very good attitude. From the center drive to outside of the city, just after the GRA you'll find a narrow street on the right with a tree in the middle. A couple of russian there. Price? 25€ suck and fuck, and just 20€ for a BJ!

Have fun.

11-27-02, 21:19
met a beautiful girl from bulgaria at via flaminia and via grottarossa as recommended below called alisa 19 (looked much younger - legal? i don't know (most girls in this area look **** - one admitted to me she was 14 ). alisa was brumette, slim, small tits. agreed a price of 400 euro for night in my hotel. full service including french kissing, anal, bj (without condom) - also allowed to take photographs of her nude in various positions. definately recommend this area.

12-08-02, 13:54
Can you tell us where exactly to find those young chicks in Via Flaminia/Grottarossa. Can you explain better where to find the spots and the girls, the road is long and dark :)

Any new places on other streets ?


12-17-02, 21:24
C'mon ItalyOnTheRoad, tell us how was Thailand! ;-)))

12-24-02, 12:26
Originally posted by Jeff80066
Met a beautiful girl from Bulgaria at Via Flaminia and Via Grottarossa as recommended below called Alisa 19 (looked much younger - legal?
Where exactly ? Going outside the city or inside ? Near the Via Flaminia or near the hospital ?

Anyway: go to Via Tiburtina after the GRA (outside direction) near Esso gas station there is a blond ukranian named Sylvia. For 24€ you get S&F with a VERY beautiful girl. Don't miss it.

On The Road
12-26-02, 13:54
Leo... Thai was great, but you can read my report... well, in thai section, of course. I wrote it some month ago...

12-30-02, 15:38
Originally posted by ItalyOnTheRoad
Leo... Thai was great, but you can read my report... well, in thai section, of course. I wrote it some month ago...

Can't find it ItalyOnTheRoad, thai section is too crowded...more than 3.000 posts!!!
Anyway, I wanted to ask you something: sometime ago we were wondering about Chinese action in Rome...do you know something about that?
thanks, ciao,

12-31-02, 20:55
[QUOTE]Originally posted by tits_lover
[i]Where exactly ? Going outside the city or inside ? Near the Via Flaminia or near the hospital ?

Sorry for not replying sooner. It was definately just outside the hospital. I was there at about 4 pm on a Sunday afternoon in September. A cab driver brought me there. Threre were a number (maybe 8?) girls outside. It was like as if they all knew each other. All were bulgarian. Maybe the police have cracked down on it in the meantime because 4 at least looked really young and small - definately under 16. I had trouble in finding a legal girl even. I am not from Rome so do not know what the current situation is.

01-03-03, 12:11
I've visited an apartment yesterday and had quite a good time. The place, found on "il messagero" is in Ardea, that means you have to drive a little, but the traffic was light and I actually enjoyed cruising the winding roads, as the surrounding country is quite nice even in winter. Anyway, I drove to a single family house, friendly and cozy atmosphere with a burning fire, there were two girls and an older lady, maybe a coordinator. I choose for a Brazilian about 1.65 tall may be 55kg, a little chubby but not too much, pretty face with lively green eyes. Enhanced breasts, nicely shaped but that is is giving her some pain. She was very sweet and accomodating, we spoke little talk did a little bit of everything but all covered. As always I liked light kissing and pussy eating, and 69. She enjoyed being on the top and I suspect she snatched a one or two of these quick and quiet femal orgasms, if you know what I mean. I had her on the side for the final anal sample, I think I has semi-cummed already but she made no bid deal and just changed condom. Price paid E. 120, they recite you the menu in advance that starts at E. 50, you can also party with both girls if you like.
Again it was a nice experience, it is curious I had to drive outside of the city when I have a working lady in my same building and two more in the adiacent blocks too, but I recall these to be really ugly and hardened since years ago, and I don't think they've changed.
Also before I forget, I did a pit stop to a black girl again in the roads near Pomezia, nothing memorable but you can pay as low as E. 15. Someone said that these street girls are often ugly and rude and in fact sometime I've fighted (actually more yelling a lot) with them, but at the same time I'm always amazed by how quick they learn Italian, and in the past I've found some pearls that were beside being real black hotties were also sweet so that I kept visiting.

01-08-03, 18:28
I have been living in italy of and on for some time now. I have seen the street seen on tiburtina and i must say this is the cheapest pussy i have found in westeurope. I like white girls and there are plenty here the service is so so and you have to have you rfun in a car but for 25 euros it is still a deal. If you speak italian or you meet some one who speaks english it may be possiable to take them to a hotel and get better service but they are quite busy so I am not sure what it may cost if anyone has info post it. the clubs in rome as well as the rest of italy are a rip of most wanting you to buy girls drinks pay a entrance fee and then pay around 500 euros for all night that last as long as you can. so stay away. cant read or speak italian so i have not tried the papers.

Buster Cherry
01-10-03, 03:58
I want to come back to Roma in the spring. Last time I was there, fucking gypsies stole my pussy cash while I was on my way to the subway to get off at the Tiburtina area. . Dumbass me, I didn't have my wallet totally secured.

So, does anybody there know how Gypsies would react to a priest's collar etc? Would they still mob me? Maybe some Dracula fake fangs...Any advice?

Merlin Magician
01-26-03, 03:02
Buster, Good news is maybe forthcoming. The French have just enacted laws which will curb the gypsies and aggressive panhandlers. Stiff fines and jail for those who use children in their pickpocketing and aggressive begging. It is said that the Italian government is formulating similar laws as we speak and all the EU countries may be required to have such laws.

Maybe Italy will become safe for us punters again, (Well maybe not Naples, but...).

Merlin Magician
01-26-03, 03:04
Buster try the fangs. The Romani are deeply superstitious. Scares the shit out of them.

01-28-03, 12:50
just in front of habitat building, in via cristoforo colombo, usually at the bus stop there is a nice girl from rumenia. nice attitude, she usually asks 50eu, all covered, no anal, probably ****.
the problem is that she has some nasty guests....i have bubbles everywhere there....good luck

02-18-03, 18:07
Dunno why you guys are focusing so much on street action in a city where most of the real action is indoor. Anyway, hoping to inspire a new trend, I'll give you some alternative tips.

Websites are now also becoming a good source of information on girls here. With regards to Rome, one of the largest is www.relazion****iali.ch.

I've also tried some of the girls who are there. Therefore I'll give you some indications.

Unfortunately I've just noticed that some of them are no longer advertised in this website, therefore I can only tell you about one, Nicole. She is argentinian, very hot, also gives kisses in mouth. However, I have the impression she used to be a man, but don't worry, she hasn't got a dick!!! She is pretty cheap, I think it is around 80 E, and quick: 15 mn. What is good of this web site is that some of the girls there have low prices, dunno about escorts in the same website.

Another website where you can find a good choice of girls is www.dolcevitaroma.com.
A good selection of escorts is also in www.venere69.com/venere69_files/escort_top_class/lazio.htm

Another useful website is www.oasi2000.com/messaggi/ both under the section girls and under escort.

A girl I would definitely recommend you is Luna, her website is www.lunaroma.it she is as beautiful as she looks, Italian, around 25 yrs, she is very hot (no kisse in mouth but uncovered blow job) and for an hour you "only" pay 150 euros, half an hour 100. For tourists, it is also pretty convenient to reach her since she leaves next to the underground station Monti Tiburtini.

02-18-03, 18:28
And now some advise on those girls who are in il messaggero, rome's newspaper with the largest announcements section which can also be seen on the internet: http://ilmessaggero.caltanet.it/economic/eco.htm click on relazioni sociali. From today's advertisements I can say:

A.A.A.A.A.A. STREPITOSA messicana chiamami 06/ this one is dark, fascinating, 39 yrs old but looks younger, but doesn't even let you lick/touch her pussy, however she is very sexy and lovely, price 70-80 euros, mexican.

A.A.A.A.A. BIONDINA ventenne Eroi chiamami 338/793.20.50 this one is simply ugly, south-american with no tits and no special performance. Avoid her.
A.A. PERLA nera splendida fisico statuario tel. 06/ (Prati) this one is a transex! even though her advertisement appears in the girls' area!

DOLCISSIMA mora prosperosa Borgo SanLazzaro 9 (Clodio) ascoltami tel. 340.813.72.78 This one is pretty old and ugly, must be 40 yrs, from Venezuela and her boobs are silicon-made, however makes anal if you pay a bit more.
I girl I would recommend you (she is not on il Messaggero nor on any large website as far as I know) is Margherita, peruvian, dark hair, dark eyes, lovely body, typically Latin American girl, very hot, CIM (didn't try), anal, kisses you in the mouth, she wants around 150 for 1 hour. Her phone number is 3474893070. She is also very kind and nice. She receives you near Via Appia

03-03-03, 18:39
any women close to the train station?

03-03-03, 23:01
also does anyone know of some good hotels close to central train station that will allow some sw's in your room? I will be there on april 5th for the night. If anyone knows of any women who will stay the night send me a message on here. thanks

03-05-03, 14:54
Dear Sailor 75,

Nicole (look my report on Feb 18) is very close to the station. Also note, many girls advertised in ilmessaggero work in that area. If you have a streetfinder it shouldn't be difficult to find who they are. For instance those working in via vicenza are in that area. However most of them will probably finish around 7:30 - 8:00 pm, starting between 11 am and 12.

Know little about street action in that area. I saw a girl a couple of times near Piazza Esedra or Piazza Della Repubblica, but if there are, they must be very few.

03-05-03, 19:21
Flower thanks! Where do you suggest I go to get a girl for the night?

03-10-03, 12:09
At night, most action is in the street, but you need a car because it is mostly out of town along the main roads.

Otherwise, you should contact some escorts, as they do work at night. In previous reports of mine I indicated which websites have a good choice of escorts.

I would recommend you Luna and Margherita (also see my previous reports), but dunno if they make night-long shifts!!!

Buster Cherry
03-11-03, 16:56
The main action being on the main roads out of town is true. I remember from past visits and drives to Florence and to Naples, there were many girls on the highways huddled around burning refuse barrells trying to stay warm.

This was when I figured out why the Italians call them "The Campfire Girls."

03-24-03, 21:03
Mate, I don't know where you live, whether in Rome or somewhere else, but I can tell you that Nicole is not Argentinian. Your other indications were fine, but that one is a typical sluttish-faced Venezuelan girl (but in Venezuela there are better than her!)... what a waste of money!!!!!

See ya

Originally posted by flower

Websites are now also becoming a good source of information on girls here. With regards to Rome, one of the largest is www.relazion****iali.ch.

I've also tried some of the girls who are there. Therefore I'll give you some indications.

Unfortunately I've just noticed that some of them are no longer advertised in this website, therefore I can only tell you about one, Nicole. She is argentinian, very hot, also gives kisses in mouth. However, I have the impression she used to be a man, but don't worry, she hasn't got a dick!!! She is pretty cheap, I think it is around 80 E, and quick: 15 mn. What is good of this web site is that some of the girls there have low prices, dunno about escorts in the same website.

03-25-03, 17:55
I am Italian, lonelyrider. Nicole told me she is Argentinean, I don't check IDs, normally!! Anyway, Venezuelan or Argentinean makes little difference. Nor I said that she was lovely. And it wasn't a waste of money for me. As I said she was very hot and also gave kisses in the mouth which is very uncommon for girls working at those prices. Read carefully before acting, and give tips on other girls rather than criticizing mates!!!

04-01-03, 23:46
Allright flower, nothing against yourself, I did not want to argue with you in particular. Just reporting one fact. Even from her "flat" I saw one friend of her very interesting though! I think I'll be going to investigate a bit more.

If you want to know a bit more about Argentinian girls, I would recommend you to visit http://www.platynum.com.ar/Entretenimiento/EntretenimientoSpanish.htm

Please continue with your good reports!

In fact, www.relazion****iali.ch is a very good website, I can recommend Erika and Claudia, but Claudia is a bit more "pro"


04-02-03, 15:15
A girl I recently visited is Milena, http://www.incontriitalia.com/ragazze/milly/annunci_milena.htm
pictures are true, however she has got sylicon boobs. She is Brasilian, her face is a bit ugly. She is nice and very informal but I don't know whether I would recommend her. Firs of all for the price (minimum 200 E), second because she tends to leave the mobile turned on, third because I got the impression she just does it for the money, she wanted me out after less than half an hour even though I had paid for 1 hour. But she does bare blow job, and let me come twice after I insisted I had right to remain for a full hour (at the end I was out after 50 mn). She maybe around 30/32 year old. Lives near Corso Francia/Via Flaminia

Lonely rider, thanks for the tip, could you also provide some details on the girls you review.
I agree that Claudia, the mexican girl neal piazzale clodio, is a bit pro. She is very sexy though, in my opinion. She's excellent if you want to spend little time and little money (she costs 70-80E) to spare!

04-08-03, 16:22
Hi Guys.

I am trying to choose between Bucharest and Rome for a trip in June.

Please can you tell me what it is like to find pro?s if I do not speak Italian.
Do many girls there speak any English? I shall not have a car.

I did particularly want an Italian as opposed to the other nationalities mentioned on this board.

Also, what are the chances of finding a normal non pro? From other posts it seems very difficult.

Would I be better off in Romania.

Many thanks

04-08-03, 18:12
Hi travelmen

In June, Rome (for me) is the best city in the world: best climate, best days of the year,..... Well I think you have no choice.....

In Rome you could find a pro like as elsewhere, it depends only from you and how much you want pay.
Bear in mind that overall Italian pro are rares, like the other part of Italy: this is due to the lowest prices of the foreigners, that need money for their pimps and to stay in Italy.
A lot of italian people speak a reasonable english, especially the young generation (from 18 to 30yo)
You have not a car? in Rome it is a problem as you have or you haven't. "With" is a problem for the chaotic traffic, without is a problem due to the public transports (quite missing or slow)

The gal "non pro"..... is like in every other corner of the world.
Be fascinating and try to see what she wants hear, or do what she expect that you do....
If you think to meet a girl and tell her "you're nice baby, c'mon let's go f***k" no, you're wrong, but this is like alsewhere, isn't it?

Maybe you could be luckiest in Romania, because the girls need money to eat and for survive.....

Let us know....

04-09-03, 11:48
Hi Lazzaro

Can you suggest any good sites to find Italian girls that speak English?
I tried one on this site that wanted 3000 euros!!!
Also, any good bars / clubs for picking up non-pros.

Are the bars and clubs busy in the week or just weekends?

I read that Italian women are the hardest to bed, needing days of hard work?
Would being English be a disadvantage?

04-09-03, 17:00

I really don't know what about in Rome, 'cause I live in Milan, but for job I was several times per year in Rome.

You could look for "club privè" (for swinger): as single you pay up to EUR 200 and stay from 10.30/11.00 pm till 4/5 a.m. f***king as much as you can.
Here you can find couple and have a threesome os something like else
If someone ask you 3000 euro, this "someone" takes you around.

I confirm you that italian ladies are the hardest to bed, but it depend from how free and easy you are.
Could be that after 2 hrs you go to bed, or could be that after 2 weeks you are still talking and stop.
In general: don't be shy but don't be vulgar.
Avoid the vulgarity.
I suggest some approach with phrases like "can I compliment you on how you look like? - You're nice" (and STOP: throw the bait and wait her movements)

In general, the percentage of girls under 35yo who speak english is high, but on the quality.... I don't bet!

"Also, any good bars / clubs for picking up non-pros." Discoteque, but it is not safe for a foreign.

No, being English is not a disadvantage: it's an advantage, because if you find a girl interested in you, for her is easy f**k with you, 'cause after you go back at your home without any other involvement

Hoping it's helpful


04-13-03, 19:32
Many thanks Lazzaro

How do I find this club prive? Sounds good.

Any ideas on those web sites that have English in them.

You say that Disco's are dangerous for foreigners. What do you mean by that.

Most cities tend to have bars/clubs etc where more single women go. I just need to find them. But how?

I assume you are Italian.

Thanks again.

04-14-03, 12:40

you assume right: I'm Italian. From Milan, for the precision, but I know very well Rome (I'm there for job reasons sebral times per year)

How you could find these club prive?
go to the site:

Sorry, I haven't any ideas on that web sites that have English in them.

The Disco's aren't safe for foreigners, because I know the people that goes there.
Often there are some "box match" and you mast be very on the alert becaus eif you see a girl for a few seconds more and her boyfriend see you, could born a lot of problem.
Don't forget that we're italian, and we're very jealous...

Foir the bars/clubs etc where more single women go, sorry I really don't know. You have to "follow" the "fashion" girls and where the top model are.....

I know that some bar/clubs ecc. there are in Rome, but, if it is like Milan, you must register the first time (and pay up to 30 EUR), plus up to 30 EURO for go in (first drink free). You could meet single girls, but 99% times they are pro, and for fuck with them, usually, you have to pay 130/150 EURO for the girl plus 30/50 EURO for the room.
A real Rip Off.

Try for the bar which do the "happy hour" price: you could be lucky, but only in the "happy hour" bar of the down town or in the most fashion bar....


04-15-03, 14:36
Dear travelman,

I hope I won't disappoint you but I think Rome is not the ideal city if you are looking for sex. It has many positive aspects but not for sex. I'm roman and I know my stuff. Barcelona, Amsterdam, Madrid, Frankfurt and even London are better places for sex with pros, the whole of the world is better if you want to pick up "normal" girls.
Roman girls are extremely hard to take to bed unless you are very handsome, no matter where you go and what you do. As for pros in Rome, choice and quality are much below the above mentioned cities, prices maybe a bit lower, but I would say just 25% of pros working at home are Italians while among streetwalkers there are very, very few. I don't know swingers clubs. If you look at previous reports you can have an idea of prices and descritptions of Italian pros I have visited, but you can ask more details if you like. The main source for medium-low quality indoor pros asking for medium-low prices and giving you around 10-15 minutes is Rome's daily newspaper il Messaggero (http://ilmessaggero.caltanet.it/economic/5000.htm), where Italian girls ususally state that they are so, example:
A.A.A.A.A. FIERA studentessa italiana chiamami 33XXXXX
BELLISSIMA! Italiana stupendamente sexy per momenti erotici (riservatissimo) tel 06/58XXXX
sometimes they tell you the city they are from: "romana" means she comes from Rome, "napoletana" from naples.

04-15-03, 20:04

Have you been to these swinger clubs? They sound like fun. I went to one in Paris once and some of the women were not bad looking. Would a foreigner fit in though.
But if Italian women are so hard to fuck then why do they go to swinger clubs ??? Seems strange.
These bars you mention where you pay to go in, I would not mind trying. As I always wanted an Italian the prices are not too bad for a one off. Are the women OK looking?
Many thanks again.

I checked out the page. What do all the 'A' 's mean?
I am only there for 5 days so would like to pay a bit more for a decent one.
I tried some of the links, but some had expired and a lot were in Italian. I emailed one but she wanted 3000Euros !!! Ouch
Would you know any good bars/clubs? Always worth a try when I'm there. I have dark hair and blue eyes which I am told Latins like. Is this true?

Many thanks for your reply

04-16-03, 09:55
Originally posted by travelmen

Have you been to these swinger clubs? They sound like fun. I went to one in Paris once and some of the women were not bad looking. Would a foreigner fit in though.
But if Italian women are so hard to fuck then why do they go to swinger clubs ??? Seems strange.
These bars you mention where you pay to go in, I would not mind trying. As I always wanted an Italian the prices are not too bad for a one off. Are the women OK looking?
Many thanks again.

I checked out the page. What do all the 'A' 's mean?
I am only there for 5 days so would like to pay a bit more for a decent one.
I tried some of the links, but some had expired and a lot were in Italian. I emailed one but she wanted 3000Euros !!! Ouch
Would you know any good bars/clubs? Always worth a try when I'm there. I have dark hair and blue eyes which I am told Latins like. Is this true?

Many thanks for your reply
The "A" means nothing except their add will be in the first position as it is alphabetical order.

The maxi you have to pay is 100 to 150€, more will be a rip off!!
good luck

04-16-03, 11:50
The reason why Italian women are so hard to fuck but go to these clubs is that most of those who go are probably either ugly or old. Those who are ok are possibly pros.

I repeat that there are no special places, bars where you can pick up girls. Roman girls just don't like to be picked up by unknown people unless you are a model-type. Anyway, if you want to try, go to discos, there you colud have a slight chance to pick up, your hotel porter will be able to suggest you one. I don't agree with Lazzaro, discos are not dangerous as long as you are polite, sober, and don't bother any women/men.

Otherwise, try places where they play Latin American music, if you can dance these dances then you can have a good chance because in these places women outnumber men, and few men can dance this stuff. One is in the Testaccio borrough and is called "Caruso."

If you want to pay for a decent pro, then look at the web sites we've mentioned in previous reports, there you can generally find better girls for much higher prices, though (up to 500 euros per hour). However, many are foreigners (mainly from South America). For istance in the web site http://www.relazion****iali.ch/full_roma.htm I could tell you for sure that Sonia and Caroline are Italians, because I met them, but most of the others are foreigners (for sure Erika, Melissa, Serena, Iri, Amanda, Milena, and Nicole).
I recommend you Luna for the quality/price ratio which is very high (see previous report for description/web site).

04-16-03, 12:12

I agree 100% with Denis and Flower.

But, you know, people is really strange.
If you want bed a woman and his hus see you, probably he "kills you" because he's jealous.
But....., but in the swinger club it is all the opposite of all.
No rules except the respect of the willing: a "no" is NO.
Could you find a hus. ho ask you to fuck his wife while he looks you, or simply he ask to help him to have a 3some, or.........
let's fly the fantasy!
On more: some couple are in crisis and in these clubs the found the lost enthusiasm each other.
Remember: in a swinger club, you're the object of the desire of third people. You are used, and not you use a body of a woman. Due the absence of "normal rules", are the women who fuck you and not the opposite.
And, in the end, in these clubs you could found any kind of people: from legal age of 18yo, until..........70yo and often there are more guy than gal.

All the 'A' 's mean nothing, as Flower wrote. The only one reason is for the visibility of the ad. They are in alphabetical order and more "A" have them, more on the top they are.

The "perfect" latin (stereotype / think in clichés) is dark hair with brown eyes.
If you have blue eyes, you have 50% of possibility more than some other, because is almost rare.

Try these sites:
or, in the detail:
What you see is what you get.
They are pro, but I really don't know how they work.

Ciao, good luck

04-16-03, 20:18
Thanks guys.

I did email one at venere69 but she wanted 4000 Euros for the night. (Yes 4000 not 400)

The ones at oasi2000 and netgaphono look very nice.
Any idea how much they charge?
A couple on netgaphono say they speak English but I don?t know if they are Italian.
Has any one tried them?

The ones from the news paper don?t sound that good.

I checked out lunarama. She looks hot but can?t find a contact number. Does she speak English?
You recommended her. That?s the sort I am looking for. I assume it is easier for you being Italian. Your English is superb.
Would you know any good bars/clubs for normal girls?

Could you please suggest / give more info on the swinger clubs. That does sound like fun.

Rome does sound like hard work. Perhaps I should try Bucharest instead.

Always wanted an Italian though.

As an aside, in your opinions how do they compare to other nationalities.

Thanks again

04-16-03, 21:09

Sorry I missed you last post.
Just checking out relazion...

Sonia looks hot, but could not find Luna.

How much would Sonia be? Would you recommend her?

Shall try that Caruso also. Is it busy week nights. Would I be OK speaking English.
Sorry I missed your other post.

04-17-03, 13:35

Could be.
coulbe that a girl ask you 4000 Euros for the night, they call themselves "top class escort" but in my mind the pussy is the pussy, and after this, it depend from how good she is in bed.
I repeat: If you pick up a SW, at maximu, you could pay 50/100 euro (to compare: 1 EUR=1 USD) plus the cost of the room (is she work in a hotel). I stress: NEVER in car! you could have a lot of problem with police.
If you go at home the cost is (about) 70/85 EUR up to 10/150/200 EUR
If you want that she came in to your home/room the cost is minimum EUR 400 plus the cost of taxi (for come and go)
It is difficult tell you a price, because there are not official prices to refer!!!!!

Unfortunately I can't suggest any swinger club in rome (I live in Milan) but I heard good news about the:
BABILONIA CLUB PRIVE' Via Mazzamagna 58 - Marino (ROMA) Tel. 338 66.92.042
I'm sure you'll have a fun

In my opinion, for sex it is easier (and cheapest) Bucarest, but in the other hand, I think that Rome and Venice are the most romantic/wondeful/pretty cities in the world

Pls note that for Easter, I'll go abroad for 2 weeks.
I'll be back the 5/5/2003, so I can't answer you only because I'm not in and not because I wont


04-17-03, 14:11

I didn't try Sonia, I saw her and then went away. Her face is not lovely and she looks in her late thirties, she told me she wanted 200 Euros. But the pictures on the website should be authentic, she has amazing boobs. She receives you in the heart of Rome and I have the impression that she is Roman.

Luna is in www.lunaroma.it her phone is 3397978917. I would recommend her to you, the pictures on her website are true. She always charges 150 euros for an hour and you can reach her place by underground (stop Monti Tiburtini), very convenient for a tourist!

You know why they ask you for such high prices? Because Italians, let alone Italian escorts, usually (meaninig not all of them, but most) tend to cheat foreigners. If you send an email from abroad or make a phone call speaking in English, they think that you are the typical rich tourist or businessman, ready to be spoilt: ie as soon as they understand that you are not Italian, they charge you higher prices. Ask an Italian to make these calls for you once you are there and you will have a clearer idea of the prices. If you agree the price and the length of the "meeting" beforehand --either over the phone or on the spot once you are in their place -- you could avoid major negative surprises. I won't say that they will keep their word but at least they won't make you pay twice as much for a half-the-length meeting.

The best area for clubs/bars/discos with normal girls is Testaccio. Another good concentration of cool places is Via di Libetta, close to Via Ostiense. I really don't know whether it can work with Italian "normal" girls if you only speak English, it depends on who you meet and on how handsome you are.

If your main aim is sex, go somewherelse. If you also want warm and sunny weather, breath-taking monuments and great and cheap food and wine, then come over here.

04-20-03, 16:00

Thanks for the info.
Still not decided. I may even save some days leave then do Rome and Milan.

What was Luna like?
What are the Italians like in general. Are they the hot latin types or just the cold pros who think you don't deserve them.

If the normal women are that difficult to bed I would imagine there is high demand for the pro's.

Any others from the web sites you have tried.

Thanks again

04-22-03, 15:20
Luna is as beautiful as it appears from the pictures, Italian, around 25 yrs, she is very hot (no kisses in mouth but uncovered blow job) and for an hour you "only" pay 150 euros, half an hour 100. It seems she likes fucking, doesn't seem to be with a pro, but neither with your girlfriend, there is some difference!!

Italian pro are more or less like the other pros you meet in Italy. Most of them want the money and want you to come as soon as possible, just a minority is professional and makes you feel "their man" for the agreed time.

Yes, demand for pro is high. Especially between 5 pm and 8 p.m., i.e. after the workday ends. It is much better to go between 11 and 1pm and between 3 pm and 5 pm.

There are no other Italians I know on those websites. I can recommend you Carla, however. She is Italian, in her late thirties, silicon boobs, not a lovely face but a real sex-machine, the horniest woman I've ever met. www.carlaroma.it tel 349-4480412 after 1.30 pm. Note that she is often busy, as she is very well known in Rome! She should charge you around 150 euros for an hour, and she really devotes 60 full minutes, she makes bare blow job, french kiss nad anal! If she proposes you a girlfriend of her, ask who she is, Valentina, italian blond and thin is to be avoided, Margherita, South-american is very good!

04-25-03, 17:08
Thanks flower:

I found this site. Look under Italy.

It may have some new ones.


Living High
04-30-03, 05:21
I keep using a rent a car to find SW along Tiburtina or near Christopher Colombo. Also seem to be many available along Via dei Zingari - but low quality (bring a bag).

Any recommendations for good value contacts in Rome (other than Luna & Carla noted below) ?

05-20-03, 10:24
Hi guys,
just read in "Panorama" magazine that they closed many private apartmnets ... they even closed web sites! www.romahard.com is not there anymore!!!
Hard times to have fun in Rome ... :-(

05-20-03, 12:03
I read it too. I must admit that I went to several of those apartments (there were like 30-40 listed all over Rome) and had the impression there was a huge organization behind them, since girls, all from Brasil, went from one place to the other and the prices were pretty uniform.

In the meanwhile, in reply to 'Living High' request, I found a new interesting girl that I think is worth describing. She is Erika, from Brasil, 30 yrs old (true age!), white (tanned) skin, black hair, 1,60 tall, big breasts but a bit spoiled by scars (possibly fake breasts), and the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen, with two huge, fleshy lips to lick for. She is very hot and fascinating, a girl with personality and charme, but at the same time very professional, all covered (including blow job, sic!), no french-kissing, and prices above average: 100 euros for a 15-20 mn session, 120 euros for half an hour. She works only until 7 pm and never during weekends. She used to be in the website www.relazion****iali.ch but she is no longer there, and I ignore whether she is on other websites. Therefore I give you her cell: 3338749267, she works in the northern part of Rome, near Corso Francia, a posh area, pretty difficult to reach if you don't have a car or a cab.

Hey guys, write reviews more often please! Even on 'bad' girls if you prefer to talk only about negative experiences, because your words can save others' time and money.

06-03-03, 10:04
For those who love bare blow job, I have a girl to suggest you. She is brasilian, 30 years old, white skinned, lovely small boobs, beatiful pussy and if you like it she gives you bare blow job at no extra price. Her minimum fee is 55 euros, for 10 minutes. She is not beautiful as a whole but a lovely girl, very classy. She works in via Rodi 31, #2, everyday except tuesday. She posts no advertisement wheresoever (she used to do it a couple of years ago on Il messaggero). She might not appear very friendly as she mostly likes to work with people she already knows, therefore be prepared to give a good impression when she asks you who you are and so on, otherwise she might make you leave the house immediately. I reviewed her because she is the only lovely indoor girl who gives you bare blow job for such a low price in Rome, as far as I know. I hope you can advise me about other girls who do it.

06-03-03, 15:25
Lazzoro, et al,

Visiting Rome next week and have a free night. Read in a previous posting re Rome swinger club BABILONIA CLUB PRIVE' Via Mazzamagna 58 - Marino (ROMA).
Any place for more information? Preferrrably in English.
Have any of you mongerers taken a bite of the apple there?

Merlin Magician
06-04-03, 02:32

Look at ads in the Il Messagiero under "relaxioni." I don't recommend trying anything in the streets.

Also, watch your cash, cards, and passport. Pickpockets are thick as a swarm of bees. Usually women with children who will virtually mug you. Usually desperate gypsies whose men stay off in the distance and will beat them severely if they fail to get your money. Try to keep your valuables in a pouch under your shirt. You can get them at the little Asian luggage shops in the Rome area.

Asshole gypsies got my pussy money last time in Rome. I didn't even get to the subway from my hotel first day out.

I hope you get lots of nice Italian "Figa."

06-04-03, 11:28
Hey Iseeu

we aren't in the third world. Don't think that all the people in Italy are looking for cheat you at any corner.
Yes there are a lot of that kind people, but (I think) like in any part of the world.
Don't be an idiot and be careful in Rome like in London or Paris, or.....

Unfortunately, I live in Milan. I went to Rome for job in the past several times per year.

Only one thing I can suggest you: Forget the SW (B or W) they are the barracuda of the barracuda because they are forced to earn at least €1000 per night otherwise they're slashed by the pimp.
So the "CLUB PRIVE' " are ok to see some action.
Bear in mind that in this kind of club (they are for swingers), none is forced to do anything, there are no pro., there are more single man than single girls, there are some couple (regula or irregular) but it depend from the day (during the w.e. they are more)
The entrance fee is about €150 if you're single man, about €50 if you're single girls (but I've never see a single girl pay), and € 50 in all if you're a couple.
Once you're in, it depend of yourself (and I think you're one of the best in this forum...) and from the chemistry.
Often is the Hu. who ask you to f**k his wife, or.....
...The fantasy take the person by the hand and drive ev'ry one in a wonder land!
I try to achieve more infos and asap I'll post here if I find something about that (or another) club



06-04-03, 14:56

here you are some address of CLUB PRIVE' in Rome:

BABILONIA CLUB PRIVE' Via Mazzamagna 58 - Marino (ROMA).

ARABA FENICE Via della Giustiniana 783 Tel: 06 - 330 75.97.12
BOITE PIGALLE Via dell' Umiltà 77 TEL 06 - 6785475
CALIFORNIA CLUB Via Lanciano 36 Tel. 329 86.18.024
CLUB ARMONY Via S. Vito Tel. 06 44.65.796
GENDER Via Faleria 9 Tel. 06
HAREM Via F. Cilea 55 Tel. 06 - 338 25.68.991
LA VILLA DI GROTTAFERRATA Via Montiglioni, 2 (Grottaferrata) Tel. 336 78.76.14
LO SCAMBIO Vicolo di S. Rufina 49/51 Tel. 06 5815.320
OLIMPO Via Aurelia Km. 33,300 (Ladispoli) Tel. 06
PLANET Via Bartolomeo Galletti 13 Tel. 339 13.38.995
VILLA "LA GIOCONDA" Grottaferrata Tel. 06
ORCHIDEA SELVAGGIA zona Cinecitta tel.067140108-76964665 -339-7865286

Unfortunately most (I think all...) of these sites are all in Italian.
Probably they don't think they could have some foreign guest....

...but all the CLUB PRIVE' (some more, some less) are the only place where you could have some action and, overall, you don't pay at all for f**k: you pay only the fee at the entrance and stop.

Some of these club have also a free drink and (sometimes) the "happy hour" where you could even eat.

Ciao and......

...good dipping!


06-08-03, 01:22
lazzaro, GRAZIE!!
Thanks for the info. Been to Rome already many times and never been ripped off so I'm not worried. I love Italians, think they're great and fun, but have some inhibitions... you know what i mean. I would never try the sw, etc. in Rome or so. Italy, for reasons mentioned here previously, which is why I was pleased to hear about Babilonia which sounds like any number of swinger clubs in various parts of the world that I've been to. I enjoy them, particularly if I manage to connect with a couple. I've found that it's always best to make friends first with hubby and wife...if it connects what follows itsmore intense an sometimes real relationships are built.
Thanks for the tips. I hope to check out babilonia this week, and I'll report from swingerland. I'll post you next time I pass through Milano.

06-08-03, 12:04

Thanks for the info I have been to Rome many times and would like to maybe next time we can hook up for a fun time to be had by all. my family lives in Verona,and also Lattina. I am planning a trip in October maybe sooner, I just love the wine, food and most of all the women. Back channel me at jim15687@yahoo.com for a possible hook up.

James 44
06-10-03, 10:08
I wanted to let you know that the girl via Rodi 31, #2 is no more there. There is a shop at that place.

I can advice 2 girls, Francesca and Gloria (via Giulio Braida 37). I found them on www.ilmessaggero.it

They are great. They are both Italian.

Francesca has 2 big silicon boobs, she's very hot. Gloria is more natural. 30+

I try first Gloria and had BJ, Reverse Oral, Fuck and Anal. She really looks like she had come and taking pleasure. I like her.

I then try Gloria with Francesca for a great sandwitch. I had reverse oral with Gloria while Francesca BJ. Fantastic.

Then I fuck Gloria doggy style having Francesca standing for a great cunnilingus.

All cover, 100 for BJ and Fuck. Anal is 50 more. Duble cost to make it with the 2 girls.

I will come back.


06-15-03, 00:16
never made it to Babbilonia - late business dinner finished at 11:30 and it was too late on a weekay night to start there. Maybe next time ( I'm in Rome about 5 times a year). Thanks anyway.

James 44
06-17-03, 16:27
I suggest everybody to have a loog at the following site where you can find what you're looking for:







Ciao a tutti.

06-19-03, 12:41
Again about the SW.
Time ago I did mention about Via Tiburtina (around the GRA). The situation there seems to be still very good. Lots of young cheeks and still the same UKR Sylvia that is offering herself at 25€ (at a gas station on the right side just outside the GRA and driving outward). She is tall, blond, great body and good attitude. She is also moaning (fakes) well enough for enjoying it :)
On Via Tiburtina there are plenty of young dolls (mostly offer at 30€) but the police is driving around often. You really need to be carefull, driving up and down to understand where the police cars are and trying to get the girl before they come. Once in the car they will drive you far enough to well hidden spots (not all of them). Enjoy ...

Other areas in Rome ? I saw also some activities in Via Salaria but the quality seems low a part few exceptions.

06-20-03, 15:26
In reply to James 44 post I would like to apologise for having provided the wrong street number for Monica, the brasilian girl who makes bare-back blow jobs. She works in via Rodi but the numer is 4 (and not 31 as I wrote), flat number 2.

For those who love bare back blow jobs at reasonable prices I would like to tell you that I recently met two different girls in Via Plotino 26 (first door, it should be A) who make it. And the reason is that they came both from Spain (where prostitutes usually give bbbj) even though they were South Americans. They were both not beautiful (a 5 and a 6, respectively) but gave me bbbj and fuck for respectively 100 and 80 euros.

Jonathan G
06-23-03, 20:54
Originally posted by tits_lover
Again about the SW.
Time ago I did mention about Via Tiburtina (around the GRA). The situation there seems to be still very good.


Other areas in Rome ? I saw also some activities in Via Salaria but the quality seems low a part few exceptions. Hey tits_lovers, are some of the Tiburtina girls doing it at customer's flat or at theirs own flat?
Some years ago I was in Rome (I'm italian) and found that very few girls along Via Cristoforo Colombo and Via Marconi were streetwalkers AND "home-workers", if you asked for.

I've asked to many of them and it seemed to me that not more than 5-6% were willing to do it at customer's home and no more than 1% had their own flat.
It was a pity, because I had nice moments with some of the few pretty girls I took to my apartment, fucking them comfortably on my bed instead of into my car (of course it was slightly more expensive, too) ...
I was under the impression that a lot of girls didn't accepted to do it at customer's home because they were scared, but that is in contrast with SW in many small cities in Northern Italy where it was a lot easier to find a SW that did it at home if asked for: about 40-50%, usually at their own flat!

I think that Rome is a more dangerous city, from a SW point of view.

I have to say that now it's no more so easy to find SW/homeworkers in Northern Italy, too, I think the chance is 30% now.

I suppose it has to do with the many police actions against prostitution we had in Italy these recent years, thanks to some bigots as Don Benzi, the Big Liar ...

Well, now Colombo-Marconi street scene is history, AFAIK: no more SW since year 2000 ...

It has been the largest "street cleaning" I've ever seen and the stupid thing is that I know that while policemen were busy to bother girls to chase away them from the main streets, there were a lot of burglary in the nearby and unguarded areas!

Do you know if the girls that were there now works into apartments?
Or they simply moved to other areas?

There were so many girls around Via Colombo it seem unlikely to me that they didn't go on in a way or another.

06-24-03, 12:43
Originally posted by Jonathan G
Do you know if the girls that were there now works into apartments?
Or they simply moved to other areas?
There were so many girls around Via Colombo it seem unlikely to me that they didn't go on in a way or another.

Hi, I agree with all you said and actually I haven't been asking if they will offer some incall service. I guess not as you stated. I guess they are simply afraid but maybe they could do it after they will know you a bit more (as a regular client).
I am also wondering where all the other girls went ? Which other area ? To me the Via Tiburtina is populating quite nicely but there were much more years ago .... anyone can add some info on this topic ?
It will be helpfull for everyone.

06-26-03, 12:00
Hello everybody!

I will visit rome from 20. July to 2. August. I have never been to Rome before, and would like to get some "beginners" guide to Rome.

Would like to visit a "strip club" or something similar, where it is possible to have some private time with the girls. Also, safety is very important, so if anyone would enlighten me, I would be happy!

I promise to write a report to this forum when I get back!

James 44
07-02-03, 14:10
In reply to flower.

I have not been lucky with Monica. The number of the flat is wrong and it corresponds to a company.

Are you sure that the adress is:

via Rodi 4 flat number 2.

Also, I tried Via Plotino 26 number A. The girl is not great but she's willing to give you a good time for 80 €

If you can, give us other spots.


07-09-03, 16:55
Again about via Tiburtina. Police is riding the place. I heard that they went with a van and toke away 12-14 girls. yesterday the street was kind of empty, few gals left (mostly from Bosnia).

Any other info ?

Jonathan G
07-10-03, 01:39
Originally posted by tits_lover
Again about via Tiburtina. Police is riding the place. I heard that they went with a van and toke away 12-14 girls. yesterday the street was kind of empty, few gals left (mostly from Bosnia).

Any other info ?
Cheers No further info, sorry.

I had to say that a week ago I saw some little activity at Cristoforo Colombo!

No more than four girls, between the crossroads with Via Laurentina and the "Fiera di Roma" (Roma Fair), after midnight.

I didn't see any girl in the side streets of Colombo.

I wasn't in the mood for fucking, so I didn't ask them anything.

I'm afraid that if Police is now operating in Rome against streetwalkers they can't last for long there.

What a stupid country Italy is with regard to prostitution!

Even the Third World countries are usually much more rational and well organized about it.

And without stupid and fascist bigotry, too.

Buster Cherry
07-27-03, 03:29
The via Tiburtina place they raided was close by my hotel where I usually stay in Roma. I was going to try it out next trip, but I guess the Bosnian gangsters running the *****s didn't pay off the right police captains.

Anyway, I feared it was more than just the prostitution issue that got them busted. It is 99% more likely to be an issue of white slavery than selling "Figa."

(Figa means pussy in Italian. So I guess Figaro translates to mean 'one who likes Figa?')

On The Road
07-27-03, 17:01
(Figa means pussy in Italian. So I guess Figaro translates to mean 'one who likes Figa?')
LOL... of course not!
By the way, figa means pussy only in the northern part of Italy. But now, most of the people use this word, that's not italian but only unpolite slang, to call a very exciting and beautiful girl.
In Roman slang, you should instead use the similar world fica.

07-29-03, 12:30
Originally posted by buster cherry
The via Tiburtina place they raided was close by my hotel where I usually stay in Roma. I was going to try it out next trip, but I guess the Bosnian gangsters running the *****s didn't pay off the right police captains.

Anyway, I feared it was more than just the prostitution issue that got them busted. It is 99% more likely to be an issue of white slavery than selling "Figa."

(Figa means pussy in Italian. So I guess Figaro translates to mean 'one who likes Figa?')

....for clear: Figaro is an older word that means "barber". The fact that figa, as a word, is part of another word is not necessarily the second word became from figa (or fica).
I think the pronuntiation is: fii-ga / fii-ka
If you want to indicate a man who like pussy, you could call him "figaiolo" (but it is not the only one word: any corner of Italy has its own word for this)
I confir that figa or fica are really unpolite and they indicate both a pussy and a really nice girl.


Buster Cherry
07-30-03, 02:10
Thanks guys for the "figa" corrections. Still funny, no?

Also another translation I know you guys will agree with is "calzone" means like "scrotum bag" in some contexts.

In Spanish, It roughly translates as "panties." I guess it could be a bag fulla butt.

07-30-03, 11:29
originally posted by buster cherry
thanks guys for the "figa" corrections. still funny, no?

also another translation i know you guys will agree with is "calzone" means like "scrotum bag" in some contexts.

in spanish, it roughly translates as "panties." i guess it could be a bag fulla butt.

absolutely no!

calzone is trousers (brit) or pants (us).
could be a particular kind of "pizza": it is a simply pizza, bended in half and with the border totally closed.....(it's a sort of vapour owen)
really a good meal/food

probably you intend "cazzone": cazzo is the "prick" (cock,.....) and is more unpolite than figa, and cazzone is not a big cock, but a total idiot.....

...what kind of speech....

be happy!

08-04-03, 22:43
Anyone tried Wild Escorts http://www.wild-escorts.co.uk/ ?
Escorts (Russian) seem to tour Rome regularly. Would be grateful for input.


08-07-03, 23:10
Good news guys!

As of last night, there were several girls and a few older women along the edges of the parks on either side of the Cristoforo Colombo between Fiera Roma and via Laurentina. They seemed to appear around 10 pm and stayed until 1 am. Only a few were out in the open while most where in the shadows or between parked cars (due to recent police activity). I was with my wife, so did not partake. She was dressed to kill and ready to display her talents on the side of the road (I dared her!). She caught the eye of several lucky guys.

Happy hols.

Mark and Stef

08-14-03, 11:52

I emailed Luna and she said she speaks English, and to call her or sms her.

She did not reply to sms and when I called she just said
"sorry I do not speak English".

Any ideas?

08-17-03, 20:19
to add something to the discussion about figa , etc:
here you have a full glossary (sorry, in italian) to define feminine genitals in italian ....... the site is:

my favourite one is "patonza", although "afflosciapertiche" is not bad .... words having a sound giving a sense of fullness .... a complete dinner....

here you have the full copy of the content of the site:

i sinonimi di lei

afflosciapertiche benigni
amichetta da una storia d'amore
anonima sequestri benigni
antro tetro benigni
azzittapreti benigni
badubaia pordenone ??
bagerda bassa pavese
baia dei porci dal vernacoliere
balusa romagna
barbiciola lodi
barbisa lecco; il nome deriva dal fatto che la zona è in genere molto pelosa e ricorda la barba.
baretta verona
bartòca dal maschile bartòk (dialetto bolognese) cappello floscio in uso nella prima metà del 1900
barza ticino, svizzera
barzìgola ticino, svizzera
basagna romagna
bernarda benigni
bigioia segnalazione monegasca
bistecca col pelo
boatta napoli
bresaola, bresaolona da bergamo e dal canton ticino
bricia zona di arezzo e ,in genere, della valdichiana.
brisca casale
brodosa dal sonetto del belli
brögna o brigna termine lombardo piemontese per prugna o susina
buco dal sonetto del belli
budello toscana
bug d'la piscia carpegna (ps)
canappa usato alle porte di roma , localita' civitacastellana , sacrofano e dintorni
cancello di giada dal kamasutra
cappello russo pisa
casa delle delizie
cecca napoli
cella dal sonetto del belli
centro dell'universo
cestunia (letteralmente, nel napoletano antico "tartaruga"). questo vocabolo è stato assimilato alla vagina poichè quest'ultima è anche detta "chella ca guarda 'nterra" [it:quella che guarda a terra], nella terminologia della tombola e del lotto. dall'attitudine della testuggine a guardare a terra...,il passo è breve
chiavica dal sonetto del belli
chitarrina dal sonetto del belli
ciabatta dal sonetto del belli
ciacchera voce forse onomatopeica, intraducibile derivante, a parere di chi l'ha segnalata, dal rumore provocato dalla collisione fra un oggetto solido e uno, come la nostra, umido e ricoperto di sostanza mucosa e vischiosa vezzeggiativo: ciaccarella
cianno foggia
cicala segnalazione monegasca
ciccia spaccata
cicedda bagnoli irpino
ciceta veneto
cicito usato nel paese di bosa (nu)
ciola basilicata
cionna irpinia, ma anche porto santo stefano (gr)
ciorciola trentino alto adige
ciprea la ciprea e' una conchiglia dei mari caldi, la cui apertura a fessura zigrinata ha uno spiccato aspetto di vulva; la conchiglia e' oggetto di culto presso le popolazioni tropicali. il nome deriva dall'isola di cipro, dove sarebbe nata la dea afrodite.
ciscia dal sonetto del belli
ciuccia chieti
ciuetta marche, in particolare ascoli piceno
ciufeca dal sonetto del belli
ciunna ciociaria
cocchia ancona, numana, sirolo, camerano
coca o cocona venezia, sestiere di cannaregio
concheddu sardegna: probabilmente derivante da conca o piccola conca
conno dal latino "cunnus"
conto in banca benigni
cosa pelosa
coteca co lo pilo marche, con riferimento all'aspetto della cotica di maiale.
cozza per la spiccata somiglianza con il mollusco interno alla conchiglia, e anche per il gioco di parole: "cazzo" maschile e "cozza" femminile.
cozzapesca forma di una cozza, pelle di una pesca (brescia)
crepaccia benigni
crosara in dialetto veronese: incrocio a 4 strade con riferimento all'incrocio degli arti principali.
culina molto usato da francesca
cunna dal sonetto del belli
cunnu sardegna
curciu lecce
delta di venere figurativo: il "triangolo" pubico che copre il monte di venere; (vedi il noto romanzo di anais nin: il delta di venere)
dove che te pissi veneto: dove pisci
effetto serra benigni
farsora veneto: padella che serve per friggere
favo di miele
ferita benigni
fessa dal sonetto del belli
fessura dal sonetto del belli
fia livorno e pisa: dove la "c" non è aspirata ma proprio mangiata
fica dal sonetto del belli
ficussècca anacapri: fico secco
fidec bergamo
figa dal sonetto del belli
figa smaneda san marino: letteralmente "figa manomessa, disordinata, ecc." insomma una che "si è data da fare". e' usato anche, in tono scherzoso, nei confronti di una ragazzina un po' ruffiana che vuole ottenere qualcosa dai genitori o dai nonni.
filettina benigni
finestrella dal sonetto del belli
fiocca cremona
fiora verona: fiore al femminile, con significato figurato di fiore che sboccia pregno di rugiadosa freschezza.
fiore poetico: vedi anche film: "il fiore di carne"
fiore purpureo
fisarmonica benigni
fischiarola dal sonetto del belli
foca eufemismo per "fica"; film "viva la foca, che dio la benedoca! (e.fenech)"
fodero dal sonetto del belli
folpa veneto: "femena, smudàndate che te aro a folpa"
forno in quanto luogo chiuso ben caldo in cui si "inforna" lui a cuocere...; anche, con il parto: "sfornare un bambino".
fortuna detto proverbiale: "la donna si siede sulla sua fortuna..."
fracoscio dal sonetto del belli
fregna dal sonetto del belli
fresca romanesco; eufemismo per "fregna"
frittella dal sonetto del belli
fritola o frittola trentino alto adige: termine dialettale per frittella
frize friuli
fru fru (da brescia)
fufina bassa pavese
fuinera dialettale milanese dalle canzoni delle osterie di nanni svampa ..."slunghi la man per tuca' la fuinera..o porcu can , la tra' gio' la dentera!!!"
gabbia del pipino dal sonetto del belli
el garage del me piciu
gata mora veneto: gatta mora
gattaiuola dal sonetto del belli
gattina benigni
gioia per la gioia che porta; si dice anche: una "bella gioia".
gioiello poetico, specie orientale; vedi anche: diderot, i gioielli indiscreti
gnacchera benigni
gneise emilia
gnocca benigni
grotta dal sonetto del belli
guersa entroterra ligure, letteralmente "guercia", come se si trattasse di un occhio ormai definitivamente chiuso... anche nel vezzeggiativo "guersetta" detto di bambina un po' maliziosa che furbamente vuole ottenere qualcosa dai parenti.
il davanti
inferno dal decamerone: terza giornata, decima novella
ingresso principale eufemismo, per contrasto con l'ingresso secondario
intimità l'intimita' della donna per eccellenza
iummenta foggia
la fammela vedere benigni
l'amica che gira in pelliccia anche in pieno agosto
le ragazze sinonimo presidenziale: da un'intervista a gennifer flowers ex amante di clinton: 'non credo poi che bill e monica abbiano mai dato nomi alle loro parti del corpo come abbiamo fatto noi. lui mi chiamava al telefono per chiedermi, ad esempio, come andavano «le ragazze» e io rispondevo chiedendogli come andavano «i ragazzi»'.
loscia quella che la mamma tiene mmiezz'a la coscia (bagnoli irpino)
luccio passetto curioso e antico modo di dire: e' cosi' chiamata per il suo odore, che per natura dev'essere simile al pesce un po' passato.
lumachella dal sonetto del belli
machineta da un canto popolare del vercellese, cantato dalle mondine durante le lavorazioni in risaia.
madre di tutte le battaglie
marianna la va in campagna benigni
'mboffa o ' mmoffa reggio calabria
monna dal sonetto del belli
mozza antico termine abruzzese tuttora in uso sul litorale teramano
musina in dialetto veronese: salvadanaio o posto ove si custodisce il danaro e, in genere, le cose preziose.
mussa genovese popolare, da pronunciarsi con una u non proprio padana (iu) ma leggermente calcata. la voce deriva probabilmente dal banale e abusato accostamento fica-gatta, pelosa e sorniona.
muzza usato nell'isola de la maddalena (ss)
natura dal sonetto del belli
n'doddi sanluri (sardegna)
nicchio calabria
nocca la nocca è, nella lingua napoletana (che non è un dialetto!), il fiocco. quello del grembiule o quello che adornava i capelli tempo fa. l'accostamento alla vagina è probabilmente dovuto alla grazia e all'eleganza della nostra. questo termine indica un'idea della vagina lontana dal volgare pecoreccio dei maschi ed è, infatti, di uso tipicamente femminile.
orchidea per l'aspetto carnoso e membranoso del fiore; film "orchidea selvaggia"
occhio che più piange quanto più è felice una metafora usata da shakespeare
pacca san marco in lamis (fg)
pacchio sicilia, alcuni detti:
u pacchiu è bellu e a' minchia fa buddellu
u pacchiu e' duci e a minchia jetta vuci (il pacchio e' dolce e la minchia grida)
u pacchiu e' ghiautu e a minchia jetta 'n sautu (il pacchio e' alto e la minchia fa un salto)
paccioccio sassari
pacianca pisa
pantaschella dialetto anacaprese. le pantasche sono i pezzi di muschio che si raccolgono per fare il presepe ed hanno qualcosa in comune con i peli pubici femminili.
parpaglia langhirano (pr): "a ghè dla parpaja chi?"
parpagnacca di origine non meglio specificata, ma quantomai esplicativo. se lei producesse dei suoni lo si potrebbe definire onomatopeico.
parrucca dal sonetto del belli
dal sonetto del belli
(a roma la considerano santa e le hanno dedicato una via......)


patacca dal sonetto del belli
patana o patanella napoli: patata o patatina
patonza benigni
pecchia ciociaria
pecora cannara (pg)
pelliccione "scuotere il pelliccione"
pennica dalla musicassetta 'tocca l'albicocca' degli squallor
pepella avellino
pèrzeca anacapri: l'albicocca matura da mangiare subito
perzechèlla anacapri: albicocca acerba o appena colta.
pesecchia dialetto arcaico napoletano
petera provincia di carrara e massa
picchia benigni
piccione taranto
piciocca addolcimento per il troppo volgare pucchiacca
pillittu sardegna: perché densa di peli
pilusera sicilia
pisciacchia monte flavio
pisciòccla quella che piscia (bagnoli irpino)
pitaci croce pietro (re)
poscia utilizzato a montecalvo irpino
potta dal sonetto del belli
prica dalla musicassetta 'tocca l'albicocca' degli squallor
primo canale eufemismo, per contrasto con il "secondo canale" e il "terzo canale". il modo di dire scherzoso fa riferimento ovviamente ai canali rai tv!
proso sassari
ptocca basilicata
pucchiacca, purchiacca napoli
pussi pussi
purtusu, puttusu sicilia:
pacchio e' pacchio, puttusu e' puttusu, cu s'arricacca e' figghi'i jarrusu, ma se u pacchiu e' fitusu cu sarricacca e' spacchiusu
(il pacchio e' il pacchio, il buco e' il buco, chi si tira indietro e un figlio di frocio, ma se il pacchio e' sporco chi si tira indietro fa bene)
putela cremona: con la "u" che richiama il verso delle scimmie
putturina bagnoli irpino
quel fatto dal sonetto del belli
quella che guarda in terra dalla terminologia della tombola e del lotto
quella che non vede mai il sole dalla terminologia della tombola e del lotto
quella cosa dal sonetto del belli
quella cosa là
sacco a pelo
salata, salatina
sancta sanctorum
sartacena basilicata
sbarzifula italianizzazione del termine derivante da un dialetto ossolano
sbrodéinna bologna (la 'i' quasi non si pronuncia): letteralmente sarebbe "sbrodolosina" cioè che emette brodo, che si sporca di brodo...
rep001ola nera riferito proprio all'aggeggio misterioso che registra le operazioni di volo sugli aerei. dal film " è arrivato mio fratello" di pozzetto : "....io son quasi arrivato con la mano sulla rep001ola nera, e tu dove sei?"
scavurla goliardica: "che' quando lo prende, urla!!!"
scedduattla pipistrella (bagnoli irpino)
schiocca è abbastanza usato scherzosamente sull'isola di capri; esempio: à schiocca 'e soreta (la lei di tua sorella).
seccacetrioli benigni
selega vicenza
sepoltura dal sonetto del belli
seppia con pelo
sfesa veneto: fessura
sgnaula italianizzazione del termine derivante da un dialetto ossolano
sorca dal sonetto del belli
sorriso verticale
spaccazza bagnoli irpino
spacchiu calabria e sicilia
spacco dal sonetto del belli
sporta dal sonetto del belli
sterea dalla "parlesia". la parlesia è da quasi un secolo, con le dovute e prevedibili evoluzioni, il gergo segreto dei musicisti napoletani ed è ancora oggi utilizzato. il segnalatore ha quindi commesso un piccolo tradimento nei confronti della categoria...
sticchiu sicilia
straccapipoli sicilia
susina per l'aspetto del frutto, che presenta un solco simile a labbra
tabbacchera basilicata
tabernacolo benigni
tacchina benigni
tagliola dal sonetto del belli
tavola imbandita
tegame usatissima espressione del dialetto livornese che significa "donna di facili costumi", non nel senso di prostituta, ma piuttosto di una a cui piace darla senza eccessive difficoltà (come un tegame da cucina nel quale puoi cucinare tante pietanze diverse).
tesoro "le mie ragazze non sanno su quale tesoro stanno sedute" -- madame cocon
topa e' un termine di origine livornese poi diffusosi a macchia d'olio anche ad altre aree toscane. addirittura il termine a livorno e' utilizzato anche come sinonimo di colbacco
toppa benigni
tragica ferita
tre centesimi da "tocaia grande" di jorge amado
trifola campagne lodigiane di inizio secolo: trattasi della "fragranza" che proveniva dalle sottane delle neomamme che erano completamente depilate per il recente parto, soprattutto durante il periodo estivo in cui non si portavano i mutandoni.
udda sardegna
urinale dal sonetto del belli
vagina dal sonetto del belli
vagia da strada: "viva la vagia e chi la sbarbagia!!"
valle delle rose da letteratura classica giapponese
valpelosa val pelosa: dal sonetto del belli
vaschetta dal sonetto del belli
vaso specie nel linguaggio religioso antico: il credente deve porre il suo seme "in vaso debito", ovvero in vagina; (e non disperderlo "in vaso indebito", ovvero altrove...)
venessia veneto: "sera e gambe che se vede venessia" (si dice alle bambine che non si siedono composte)
vergogna dal sonetto del belli
vulva dal sonetto del belli
zampiffera da "la soldatessa alle grandi manovre" edwige fenech - alvaro vitali
zergnapola in veronese letteralmente pipistrello femmina; se s'impiglia nei capelli non li lascia più (con significato di oggetto del desiderio).
zunno o zunnu tempio (ss)

Merlin Magician
08-23-03, 15:58

The Italians have more words for pussy than anybody in the whole world!

I knew there was some reason why I love Italians!

(And...About the meaning of calzone: some of my Italian friends by way of Beirut, tell me it means scrotum. The Mexican Spanish word for panties is "calsones.")

08-23-03, 16:41
Definitely true Mark!
I was there last night. They seemed to be new and really young.
Thanks God someone decided to start again to feed us! ;-)
BTW Mark, I wouldn't mind meeting you and Stef...;-)))
ciao, Leo

Originally posted by markstef2002
Good news guys!

As of last night, there were several girls and a few older women along the edges of the parks on either side of the Cristoforo Colombo between Fiera Roma and via Laurentina. They seemed to appear around 10 pm and stayed until 1 am. Only a few were out in the open while most where in the shadows or between parked cars (due to recent police activity). I was with my wife, so did not partake. She was dressed to kill and ready to display her talents on the side of the road (I dared her!). She caught the eye of several lucky guys.

Happy hols.

Mark and Stef

Member #3447
08-28-03, 00:38
I need advice.

My associates and I will be in Rome on an overnight layover and I want to know of any 4-star hotels near the center that is also near (walking distance) to where all the streetwalkers hang out at.

I won't have a rental car, so I'll be walking to the area. Thanks in advance.

08-29-03, 22:57
This is a non-report, that is, it's about the non-existant sex scene in Rome. The availability of paid sex is becoming smaller everyday, prices stays high, and in short, if you come to this city and want to repeat the good times that you had in the past, forget about it. On usual consular roads there only few ugly east-european girls, they ask for euro 30 and if you want to spend less, maybe for a BJ only, they'll laugh at you. They're in a position to do so because there's large demand but little offer. The africans, once so abundant are all gone thanks to strict enforcement of immigration laws. The few remaining ones are extremely rude and hardened, stay away. The apartment scene is not much better. The 'messagero' dedicated section has only 70 or so classified ads. I sampled some of them and got scared most of the time. Last time, the girl was so cold and distant that made a strange face when I wanted to shake hands or give her an hug as salutation. Of course I rushed out of the door. Asking price will be a minimum of euro 150. Don't think you'll have better luck in a massage place. In a place where I went, the management has now introduced disposable paper panties to cover your goods and remove any clue of sexual content. Of course they're are the same people that pays for the classified every day, hinting to a paradise of pleasures. Most of the masseuses will be willing to give you an hand job but I don't think that after having spent euro 70 you will be in mood of getting an expensive jack-off from a chubby girl, at least not me. Also checked some website, same story, little selection and ones that 'look' sexy, you probably want to avoid them anyway because bad attitude, rushed service and impossible prices. Remember, when once in a while an upper-class prostitution ring gets busted in Italy, quoted prices are about euro 1000 or more, and the among the customer are invariably present soccer players, high-income professional, and celebrities. I can only assume that girls are truly beautiful and good a what they do. but that's not what _you_ will met.
Conclusion, if you live in Rome and want good sex, save your money toward a trip somewhere else, you will be quickly paid off.

09-02-03, 03:10

Actually I do not entirely agree with Stoly. Ok Rome is no Amsterdam, Prague or Budapest but no wonder considering Christian democratic hypocrisy, the Pope etc. The panorama is depressing and getting worse with Police raids (much easier raiding a john having fun in a parked car than a bank robber on the run or a heroin pusher that may be armed and willing to shoot). There are exceptions. Simona available at www.lunaroma.it is a charming gal. The only problem with her is her flat just under the roof building. It's very hot and her fan sometimes is not enough. She is Italian and permanent. Yesterday I had fun with a temporary, a Brazilian girl (got her cellphone from "Il Messaggero" commercials - relazioni sociali). Her flat is Via Francesco Crispi n°?? I guess is 96, anyway is on the left hand side going up, after a shop. On the door press the bell labelled "VENETO". She is hot and not because of the weather. I had a nice BJ and various positions for 100,00 EUROS (a kind a standard "honest" price in Rome). She told me she will be back to Brazil in 2 weeks. On the Messaggero you can find everyting from ugly bags with the enthusiasm of a corpse to the GFE. I remember a mytical Brazilian blonde of German origins who was a sexual tornado. The SW scene is highly unpredictable. The Cristoforo Colombo area used to be a sex amusement park now is rarely populated. The Tiburtina after the Grande Raccordo Anulare is more reliable. Girls from the Eastern bloc with a different attitudes: I experienced girlfriend sex with a chubby Ukrainian and total depression with a Russian rompicoglioni who thought she had the only **** on the planet. Anybody who experienced Margherita, a blonde & gentle girl from northern Poland who used to hang out near the Gentilini biscuits (v. good, by the way) factory is bound to have good memories. Last time I found her there was more than 2 yrs ago and told me she was moving to Antwerpen to work behind a window (although Polish she suffered for the cold, I gave her a Polartec shirt as a Xmas present) . I think she could justify a trip to Belgium.

Well like Galileo used to say "provare e riprovare" and after many "disgusting, never again" you find the "wow, I'll come back".


09-02-03, 23:55
Mariolo, I think you described well the situation and we may agree more than it seems. Let me give some clarifications:
First, about having girls in your car. I'm the first to admit that I had tons of fun doing that in the past, but if you think about it, even if the service was cheap and cheap (and we've almost concluded, nowadays isn't anymore), it's always quite unconvenient! Simply put, a car it's not the best place to have sex! Maybe you don't drive a car, or you don't know the city,, or you want to have real sex, multiple rounds, not just a quickie, always risking to get the shiftstick up in your ass when returning to driver's seat, not to mention the idiocy of standing in a line of cars just to ask a price that you know already!
I come to the conclusion, this car thing, it's mainly a stupid italian tradition! Maybe I was spoiled by going to so many countries where you go to a club, drink or dance or kill time _and_ talk to the girls, get to know them a little, before bringing them to _YOUR_ place, and then having from decent to great sex, and sometime a pleasant company that extends for days. Not to mention that it's almost always bare blowjobs.
I mean once you tried that sometime, all the rest just sucks. Myself, being fallible, maybe will have paid sex in a car again, but I'm really trying to avoid it, and believe me, the knowledge of the unsatisfactory feeling you get after it helps a lot.
One thing about visiting the apartments. As you said, there are exceptions, but the galileo try-and-try approach isn't free! Not only because of the money spent, but mainly because I come to an age where I can't stand negative attitude anymore. I don't want to stay close to a girl that, as you said, thinks she's the only ****, not even for five minutes - period. Problem is, in Rome today (but I think in all italy and most of Europe), before finding one that is not like that, you have to go throught tens of bitchy, cold, hardened professionals. And after your favorite is gone (we know that they don't last long) you're back to square one.
Now, we can blame the law, moral, the pope, economics or all what you want for this , the bottom line is that I don't think the situation will improve in the future, simply because no government will ever again allow (openly or tolerating) immigration of girls from developing countries for the purpose of prostitution, while they are exactly what it's needed for 'us'.
A final rough calculation, let's say you're an average horny punter. you go with a 100 euros girl once a week (I kept the figure low, assuming you try both streets and apartments girls). In three monts you got laid 12-14 times, and spent 1400 euros. You 'satisfaction' level is probably quite low, considering all what we said so far. The alternative, buy a ticket, up to 800 euros depending on the destination, spend maybe 25 bucks a days for stay and meals for a week, you still have 400-500 euros left for sex. And believe me, 500 goes a long way in many countries where girls are available, sexy, and fun to be with. I'm not even advocating a country above another, everyone has his own preferences, the only way to discovers yours... is getting tickets!
Oh, well, you may ask what I'll do in the three months minus a week when I'm not travelling? Hmmm write reports, and make money for next trip!

09-14-03, 14:45
one positive report, one extremely negative report.

in the "messaggero" ads i found a "19 yrs old, stunning beauty, etc". the address was near piazzale clodio, circonvallazione clodia 176, first floor. the girl was a short, blonde, polish and flat chested as an ironing board. nevertheless i decided to try her and payed 100,00 euro. she displayed the worst attitude i ever found in a girl working in "social relations". she started complaining that i was dirty. indeed i do take a shower every morning but at after a few hours in the hot climate of rome i admit i'm subject to perspiration. after a long tirade about the necessity of showering immediately before going to see her (i had previously asked if i could take a shower at her place and she answered "no way") she proceeded to a 30'' bj and suddenly stopped and decided that it was time for a doggie style quickie. after one minute miss speedy gonzales stopped again to complain that i was hurting her and that i did not know how to take her. she went on cursing and protesting for 10 minutes. as you can imagine my pecker had gone totally soft so i asked her to give me a hand job. total disaster: she started trying to yank it from its place. i left disgusted by the absolute lack of skill and passion for the job she had voluntarily chosen (she did not look at all a poor victim of ruthless pimps). so if you run across a blonde polish ironing board (she wore a padded bra to hide her mini tits) avoid her like pest, she is just a 100,00 e cheat.

now the positive note. same "messaggero", same price but a totally different gal. patricia (in the ad swiss, more probably russian) hosts you in a short term rental flat in via del corso. she is blonde 21 yrs old and gifted with decent boobs but above all she displays a decent attitude. unlike the polish colleague she clearly appreciates a job where you earn in a day what mcdonald crews earn in 2/3 weeks.

happy hunting


09-14-03, 20:07
Yes, sad but true it seems Rome has taken another recent nosedive and there is very little available on the streets around C Columbo again. Maybe it will pick up again but the weather is cooling off and that is not a good sign.

Has anyone tried any of the girls you see occassionally on the Pontina down towards Latina? They hang out under the overpasses usually in the afternoon. Some look cute fine, that is zooming by at 130 kph!

To Big Leo 69, pls write us at markstef@hotmail.com for more details.

All the best, Mark and Stef

09-15-03, 20:57
I wanted to check the apartment in via F.Crispi so after a little bit of searching found it on the 'upper' side toward via Veneto. While looking for the name on the intercom I met one of the girls working there, a brazilian brunette, quite attracting, good italian and nice to talk to. We went upstair and she introduced me a fat blonde with a very plain face. I told the brunette I was interested in her and negotiated 130 E. I proceded to take a shower, I was trying to dry myself (there was only one dirty towel) when the fat blonde comes in and escorts me to a spacious elegant bedroom. She tells me someone come for the brunette and I had to wait if I wanted to see her. I excused myself and went for my clothes to leave, she bitched something about me going there for a shower and nothing else. So I agreed to see a third woman that was (of course) talking on his phone. This one also turned out to be quite ugly, short black hair wearing cheap lingerie. At that point I left the house without anybody paying attention to me. Going downstair I've also exchanged few words with another brazilian, nothing special anyway, she doesn't work even work there. So, just to prove again my point, I've been treated just like a wallet in line to extract money, not even the attempt of fake courtesy, and this is exactly the attitude I was referring to in my previous post. I was happy anyway as I brought home my money unharmed, at least that.

09-18-03, 21:01
Happy to be able to add a positive report. The situation is not as bad as it looks. Another "Messaggero" girl. Russian, mid 20s early 30s. Long hair. 7/10. Address side street of Via Arenula. Via S.Bartolomeo dei Vaccinari. Tel.340-2520764. Extremely good attitude, almost girlfriendlish. 80,00 E for an unhurried session of good fun. Must be new in the profession because she appears still so naive. Definitely I recommend her. On the contrary the infamous Polish ironing board of my previous post now advertises herself as Hungarian 19 y.o. The address is still Circonvallazione Clodia so beware.

09-23-03, 09:22

I wrote to you at markstef@hotmail.com, but no reply...


09-24-03, 08:36
Here is a report from an experience two years ago. Kind of late, sorry, but I didn't know about the board at that time.

I was staying in a little hotel towards the south of Rome, not too far from the bigger streets on which cute (or not so cute) girls wait for customers in the evening. I didn't have a car, but I decided to just walk by and see what happens. When I first walked by I didn't look at any girl in particular and none of them reacted either. When I came back, the cutest of them was already gone, so I went for second best. She was a tall well-built (at first sight, later I found out that her boobs were only held in shape by her bra) black. She asked for 50.000 Lira for a quick suck and fuck behind the bushes. I thought this was a phantasy full-filled, nasty, naughty outdoors sex. But actually it was more like a disaster. She put a condom on me, gave me a rather disinterested blow job and turned around and asked me to fuck her from behing, as soon as I was hard. She was not wet at all, so it was rather difficult to get it in. When I finally managed to squeeze it in, she immediately started a very fake moaning and wanted me to come. I took my time, grabbed her soft wobbly tits and tried to enjoy it, but didn't really. After five minutes she took me out and checked the condom. After she put me back in, I quickly shot my load and had to face another unpleasant surprise: the condom had ripped! She wasn't pleased about this either and almost started to insult me. I pulled my pants up and left. And was very relieved when an AIDS test that I took a few months later turned out negative!

James 44
09-24-03, 15:03
Hi guys,

Let me advice you a place with lots of reports on Italian business including Rome:


You need to register for free and then you have access to messages every day and files with list of trials made by italians.

Only default, it is written in italian, use http://world.altavista.com/ to translate but lots of things are obvious.



also in italian.



09-24-03, 21:07

I wrote you yesterday - check your hotmail.


09-25-03, 02:00
I want to second Mariolo about the place he reported below, it's worth a visit. The maindoor is right in front the grocery shop, you can show up anytime after 2pm, but better to call first. Two girls shares the flat, blond and brunette to accomodate your tastes, both baby fat types. I had the vivacious and accodatating brunette while the blonde waited in bathroom in a pretense of respect of intimacy, not a bad experience but she gets tired easily. I guess having a threesome party is no problem. I don't think they're naive at all, rather smart girls that know how to handle customers. You can have 30min for E. 80 or one hour for 150, that basically translates to one or two pops, still a bargain compared to the going prices.

James 44
09-25-03, 09:01
A positive report on Claudia, a brasilian blond girl with 2 great tits. She asked for 150 and she's doing some incredible BJ as a starter and then use very well of all her holes to satisfy your need. She's hot and sexy and likes it. She's value for money and worth a try. Her number is 333 92.28.040 and Her photos are on: http://www.relazion****iali.ch/roma/claudia/index.htm

09-27-03, 20:48
Hi Stoly,

I went again to Via S.Bartolomeo dei Vaccinari/Via Arenula. This time I found both girls so I tried a threesome. The price making was a bit confused, starting with "80,00 E for one girl, 160,00 for two" but then adding "if you want to make love with the blond is 180 E". The blonde babe was dressed in a soft SM style wich doesn't excite me at all, nevertheless I tried her and IMHO the brunette is much better and more friendly. I agreewith you that in general it's good value for money if you compare with almost necrophilic experiences I had with other providers. I think that business is going quite well for the two Russian babes: when I was there they had just run out of condoms at 4.00 PM!!!

10-03-03, 17:38

Does Claudia do BBBJ?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid future delays, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. in future reports. Thanks!

10-06-03, 23:58
I am from America and was wondering if there were any live sex clubs in Italy, especially Rome, Florence, or Venice? I have always heard how wild the Italians were, so I'm hoping on my next trip to find some wild spots to visit. Are there any clubs where you can sit and watch a sex performance, or anything close to that?

Thanks for the help everyone!


10-09-03, 16:03
Hello bonkers,

just wanted to share my last experience. After reading so much in different boards, I had to go and check Claudia in Rome. Easy to find apartment (not far from the famous Via Veneto), own private entrance so it is very discrete. I did call her on the fixed phone where you can hear her voice explaining basic stuff then called her mobile and agreed on time. She doesn't talk many details over the phone. In flash ske looked a bit older that her pics but she is a nice looking girl, would say in her 30s .... but looks good and young. Nice full boobs, wonderful butt (bit large) but as all the brasilian she knows how to use it ;)
About prices: she quote that she start at 100€ (I guess it is only one time suck and fuck), I got a S&F + anal for 150€ (one time and rushed) ... she told me that normally she charges 200€ for that services (and probably then not so rushed). I wanted to go for a double pops but she clearly said that it is only available for 1hr session that she quoted at 400€ !!! Quite steep !!
So, we agreed on 150€ with anal. No GFE at all, bit mechanical but she can provide quite good PSE. ASked me to undress and lay on the bed (TV was running with news), many dildos on display. She started some boring nipples licking on me (don't like it in general), then some balls licking (room is small and full mirrored so you can see her from many directions). I wanted her (and knew couldn't last long for the first pop) so she rolled the condom with her mouth and started a nice CBJ. I played with her mellons, very nice. Soon wanted to bonk her and she sat on me facing away .... didn't like that position very much and she then asked if I wanted the backdoor ... of course .... she applied some lube and then on her fours she toke it inside .... very nice ass and view. I started to pump hard, slow and fast. She started to moan, she loves it ..... I pumped harder and harder and she told me I am going to break her ass. That's what I wanted ... anyway I wanted to much to cum so I did ..... she did clean me and waited I got dressed. I was in and out in 20 min but felt longer !!! She gave me her personal biz card with a private mobile number, telling me "Ciao brutto" (ciao uggly) .... I felt she likes me (I am good looking early 30s).
What can I say ? Nice body, tight ass .... I would suggest to try her if that is what you are after. Pics are on the web and she looks good in flesh as well. Bit rashed but it was ok for me. She said she will stay there until December.

About SW: I am trying to find a young polish girl suggest in an other board. She works in Via Appia near Arco di travertino. Her name is Vanya, any info on her ? In the I did found a polish girl but named Evelina (or something like that) who provides good service and an albanian cutie (tall and slim, very nice looking) that was a bit dead meat ..... her name is Anna.

Have anice day.

10-09-03, 19:53
Jaas, yes there are few clubs. check out one at olimpoclub.com
Never been there but I was told of some wild fun in partouze. The owner is gay and sometimes likes to tag around. I understand the entry fee for a single can be eur 50 or more.

10-12-03, 21:58
Has any one tried any of these swingers clubs in Rome.

I shall be there for a week in November.

Any info would be great.

Also, are there any good tips on which clubs are best for picking up normal Italians.

I read that Piper club is supposed to be good.

10-12-03, 22:16
travelmen, the club I've mentioned below is for swinger and singles. Piper is a disco for teens up to 25 yrs maybe. You can make friends but if you stay only a week the chances of getting laid are, honestly, quite slim.

10-12-03, 23:10
New report. South American girl in Via Napoli (near the Flann o'Brien pub in via Nazionale) found on the "Messaggero". 7/10 for her looks and 8/10 for her performance. Unhurried S&F for 80,00 EURO. Nothing exceptional but definitely a relaxing experience and good value for money.

10-13-03, 15:46

Thanks for the reply.
Have you tried any of these swinger clubs?
The one you mention seems a bit out of town.

Woulld still like to try and get laid though. No harm in trying.
Could you perhaps suggest the best bars/clubs on which days?

I am 28.

Is it a problem not speaking Italian in the swinger clubs?

10-13-03, 18:55
I was trying to check out the link to the swing club below, but I don't speak Italian. Is there some easy way to translate that webpage into English?

Thanks for the help and if anyone else has any ideas for a good club to visit, please chime in!


10-14-03, 18:28

If you have the Google tool bar installed, right click on the Italian page and select 'Translate page'

Otherwise copy and paste it to the google translate page.

This does a pretty good job, and at least gives you the jist of the page.

10-17-03, 10:52
My friends dragged me to the club mentioned below (ok, I didn't opposed much resistence) and, all in all, it was not the disaster I tought, if not good sex at leat I had fun and seen something new. You need a car to get there, it's a 20 min easy drive outside Rome. You pay eur 30 (membership card) + 40 (admission), ID semi-required that is they will let even without one. Included in the price are some drinks. Ask for condoms at the box office if you don't bring your owns. We got there around 1am and some kind of strip show had just ended. It was clear right away that it was a slow night, there where like 30 guys, aged from 20 to 50 - altought most of them were young, and to my dismay only 4 or 5 women. The place is clean, spacious with lot of the bedrooms and it would be the perfect location if packed with working girls, but that's not the case, there is no paid sex happening there.
Anyway, I hooked with a young and pretty black Cuban, danced and chatted a little. There was quite a bit of pressure build around the ladies already, still you could play your chances approaching whoever you like. An occasional blowjob was going on already on the dance floor. Then, the Cuban girl was called outside and never returned, possibly a management decision, not sure. My pray gone away, I visualized my 70 bucks down the drain but that was not the case, as one hot brunette took the stairs up to the rooms, tailgated by a bunch of guys behind her round ass. I tagged too and we were like 8 guys in a room where she sucked as many she could, giving enough time to each one. But she had a partner that somewhat drew the line to not go beyond that, and he was the only one allowed to figer her pussy. She had a very pretty face with great black hair, that I like a lot, so despite being too many in the room I had my little piece of fun. I have to say there is some fair play between guys, no aggressivness, so I guess the name of the game is try to be at the right place at the right time, don't let the next guys step over you, wait a little, and you'll get your share. Having had enough 'fun' the couple left and I tought all was to end there. Just as I was to leave my friends called me back for a last scan of the rooms and we found this blonde chick getting busy with the ones that had patiently waited until then. That was the most fun, we exchanged a funny vernacular lines amost to loose focus. This gal wasn't up to par with the other in looks but on the other hand what do you expect. The place was closing about 3am and we left. A new experience for the records but I won't reapeat, it simply doesn't excite me.

10-17-03, 13:19

Good review. I don't think it is worth the hassle going. As I only have a week.
Did you go on a weekday?

If so, maybe it is busier at weekends?

I made contact with a pro at:


Any ideas?

Could you please suggest some good hunting ground normal bars/clubs?
I heard the 'Drunken ship' is worth a go.

10-17-03, 14:31
Yes, for sure friday and saturday are 'better' days at the Olimpo. But I don't think the male-to-female ratio will ever be better than scanty.
Read below for the escorts in Rome. I suggest you talk with the girl before paying and getting busy so you can kind of sense her attitude and ask directly about the rules. If these are too many, just walk out. I'm not going at all for escorts in Rome, the average level it's kind of discouraging.
The Drunken Ship is a bar oriented to teens and twenties in the beatiful Campo de Fiori. Lot of English spoken as people comes from a lot of different places, live dj sets. Another popular place is the Trinity College, altough they become selective at the entrance. For cheaper drinking go to Black and White behind Campo de Fiori. But these are just hang-out venues, I mentioned them just for the sake of discussion. People generally goes there in groups, girls from Rome aren't known to be easy, plus they close at 1.30am. All that suggest you keep your expectations low so anything that comes out will be a welcome surprise. Good luck.

10-18-03, 18:51
Thanks Stoly

My hopes are pretty low now. I think I'll miss the swinger clubs.

I shall try the bars you mentioned.

This Peters club was mentioned as a pick up place.
Can you suggest any clubs that maybe have a slightly older crowd.
I heard that Testaccio is good. But you can't tell from these guide books.
I don't want to find a not so good club, and then it's too late to get in some where else.

I suppose week days are pretty quite.
If that all fails I read some drunken American women go the Drunken ship. Worth a try I suppose.

Any good bar/club list would be great.

James 44
10-20-03, 16:13
Escort in Rome

Price is 50€; The girl is very nice with big tits and beautifull ass, she's really cute and suck very well. Nice appartment clean.

Her address is via trionfale 125 int. 1b (near piazza clodio)

Enjoy her.

10-23-03, 09:39

I met Sonia once, but went away immediately after seeing her. Not because she is ugly but because she asked for a price which is too high for me -- 200 euros -- especially since she didn't want to commit to a minimum time performance. That made me suspicious and decided to leave. She has stunning boobs(but she wasn't naked when I went there), must be in late thirties-early forties, tipically Roman woman. A bit aggressive, I wouldn't bet on a GFE but I can understand that you are attracted by such a woman. She receives in downtown Rome, neal Largo Argentina in an independent place (pretty small as far as I remember).

That's all I can say. good luck and enjoy yourself

10-27-03, 15:42

Thanks for the info.

I have got a few emails from her and she appears friendly so far.
I think I shall give her a go any how.

I called Luna and she just said 'sorry I don't speak English' and hung up.

Think I might try Claudia, the Brazilian that James44 suggested.

Also, Carla was good from what you said. She seems fairly ugly though.

I arrive next Tuesday, can't wait.

10-28-03, 01:31
Travelmen, once in Rome if you want to see a girl that doesn't speak english on the phone, enable pm in profile, drop a message here and someone may be able to help you. If the girls in Casalazzara are still there that could be another place (barely) worth to go. Look it up in Il Messaggero.

10-28-03, 16:09

Carla is not a beauty, but she is not ugly either. She is pretty tall, nice legs and feet, sexy bottom, big silicon boobs and a weird face, pretty ugly. But on the whole, she is pretty good-looking. Sonia did not look to me better than her.

And now, since I understand that you don't speak Italian, I think you seriously run the risk to be at least partly cheated since pros often try to cheat Italians, let alone foreigners. And therefore I think you should more rely on advise coming from people telling you that a girl is 'professional' and tested than on your istinct to go with the best looking girl.

Carla is serious and I went several times to her place (there works another girl who is the best I had in Rome, Margherita) which is nice and secure.

Furthermore, Carla is the horniest ever woman I had been with in my life, therefore if you like these type of women, don't miss her.

Roman Guy
10-29-03, 19:48
In spite of the very heavy repression of the Police in this last 2 years there are still some girls operating on street.

A good chance you can find in the night untill 3 - 4 a.m. in via dell'Acqua Fredda (off via Boccea) by an Agip fill station.

Girls are Nigerians and two of them are Regina and Stella,the nicest.

As Nigerians is English spoken.

Performance is in the car for about 15 - 20 euro.

The last visitor might have the honor to drop them to their houses: this favour will always be "appreciated".

Roman Guy
10-29-03, 20:03
For lovers of exotic situation, for people with no racial prejudgment, I suggest a disco in Roma run and attended by Nigerians.

Club is open Thu and Sat after midnight.

Girls are the same you can see working on street and,in spite to be in free time,they don't say "no" if someone is proposing them a biz.

But remember,this club is just a disco,not at all a brothel or smtg alike.It is just a place where it is possible to pick up a girl who will never tell you:"I would like to know you better before!".

Club is in via Torre Spaccata corner with via di Torre Maura, off via Casilina.

10-31-03, 11:20

Is Margherita the Peruvian you mentioned before? How old is she?
Would you say she was the best, better than Carla?

I shall take your kind advice, but might try Sonia last if I have time (and money).

You mentioned Claudia, a Mexican before, but I assume she is not the same as
www.relazion****iali.ch/roma/claudia/index.htm , who James44 gave a good review.

I shall try and call Luna again, she looks hot and you did recommend her.

When you say the pros cheat Italians, what do they do if you have agreed a price?
Surely if they do this they never get repeat customers.
Sonia told me 200 in her email.

Thanks again for your help.

PS. Where is the best place in Rome for authentic pizza?

Has any one heard of club GOA? Is it a good place?

James 44
10-31-03, 12:04
Let me give you another advice:

Angela Devil in Rome (area EUR), she's a croate blond very nice. 23 year old, she has a nice and clean appartment and she is very pleasant. Only 100 euro BBJ, sex and anal.

She also has site with some great photos:

you can reach het at 339.21.13.755

Good value for money.

10-31-03, 16:02
Yes travelmen,

Margherita is the Peruvian I mentioned some months ago. She must be in her early thirty, she looks younger than Carla and definitely younger than Sonia. I found her better than Carla because her body is natural and she looks more feminine. She is also very hot. My best experience in Rome.

I would give up with Luna. If she doesn't want foreign-languages speaker and you insist she might think she can ask you for a sky-rocketing price, and anyway if you are looking for an Italian-like girl she is not the right one as she is blond with green eyes.

I meant that pros often try to cheat Italians. Even if you agree a price they can change all the rest, such as the time or the performance. Therefore, watch out.

Goa is a trendish disco, with international/ethnic music and dee-jays from all over the world but they might not let you in unless you are there with a girl. Possibly the most international disco in Rome, i.e. the least typical Italian place to go.

With regards to pizza, if you like it thick (as the orginal pizza is) I suggest you these places:

Pizzare', in via Oslavia; or Pizzare', in via di Ripetta
Pizza Ciro, in Via della Mercede
Gaudi, in via Giovannelli --I highly recommend the fritto Gaudi there, full of excellent fried stuff --

If you want to try it the Roman way (very thin), go to Monte Carlo, in the middle of Corso Vittorio Emanuele Er Poeta, Vicolo del Bologna, in the Trastevere borrough.

10-31-03, 16:07

The claudia I was writing about is here:


She is a lovely, mature person you could spend some time with even out of the bed. She is Mexican.

11-02-03, 06:57
Thanks Flower

I may try her.

Still wanted a typical Italian though. So might risk Sonia then report back.

If Goa is not a good bet, any other ideas. Caruso was mentioned.


Angela looks good, and very cheap.

Was she better than Claudia. Claudia looks hotter.

Roman Guy
11-02-03, 18:10
For Travelmen,

About clubbing in Rome,read what I have posted on Oct, 29th-2003.(If you like blacks of course!).

11-03-03, 12:56

Picking-up Italian women is extremely difficult for a foreigner not speaking Italian unless he is Brad Pitt-looking. However I can confirm you that Caruso is one of the few clubs where women outnumber men as they have a room with only Latina American dance and this is the sort of stuff which women like more than men. If you are a good dancer of these Latin American stuff then you have a chance to know some girls inviting them to dance with you, but many girls in this place are foreign tourists.

James 44's advise seems to me very interesting.

Travelmen, a typical Italian doesn't work as pro and non-pro are very difficult to pick-up. Try to get the best Rome can offer you without focussing too much on the nationality. good luck!

PS Margherita looks Italian. She is whiteskinned with dark eyes and hair, and pretty short as most Italian women are.

Roman Guy
11-04-03, 20:54
For lovers of the plain air love.

When in Rome drive in direction Poli along via Prenestina.

This place is around 20 km from Rome and in the day time girls just hang on the edge of the road asking and yelding for a "lift".

They hide in the bushes for the shoot, someone has still a small bed under the trees.
One shot can cost 10 - 20 euro.

In the pic: ebony beauty in the wood of Poli!

11-07-03, 22:11

Just back from seeing Sonia.

Over all a good experience. She is very hot and really gets wet.

Seems fairly honest and friendly too. I tried the others but they all said sorry no English.
She is older than the photos show though. I would say early fourties.

For clubs she suggested Club Golden Prive.

The pizza was great too.
Im off to try Jackie os now.

Merlin Magician
11-08-03, 01:54
Roman Guy,
First time I went to Roma about 20 years ago, There were lots of girls in that area then. Also, on the road from Ciampino Airport to town. Usually, in the colder weather, they would light fires in the rubbish barrels to keep warm.

Hence the old nicname, "Campfire Girls."

James 44
11-10-03, 10:48
A real Thailandese girl in Rome: Singu

On the messaggero ads:

NUOVISSIMA thaylandese (20enne) bellissima completissima tel. 06/ (Piazzale degli Eroi)

Via Fiore Ruggero, 50. intern number given on the answering machine or talking with her.

Nice and clean appartement down the stairs white doors.

A nice massage with a beautiful girl. small tits as expected but great body.
Then a CBJ slowly done and then good sex.

Not very hot and not very active. Globally good.

80 euros after a bargain from 100 euros.

140 for anal but depends on dimension. She says no to me.

Roman Guy
11-10-03, 17:29
Merlin Magician,

With this new governement (Berlusconi) we have less and less girls on roads and the repression is extremely heavy against blacks.

Girls from Easthern Europe are still tollerate somewhere.

In case you are coming to Rome again send me a Private Message

Mickey Mouse
11-11-03, 04:21
Had a night in Rome and decided to try Silvia. I had seen her site (Silviaforyou.com) and thought a full evening of wining, dining etc was in order.

A passionate woman (looks - 7, performance 8) who loves a good looking gal too. She definitely has a wild side and seems to be up for anything you can think of. Just so you know, she is a smoker.

Roman Guy
11-12-03, 20:39
Night report Tue.Nov.11th 2003 round midnite.

Junction Torrenova Prenestina no one.(They go close to the carwash) but they were not present.

Via F.Fiorentini only two or three blacks.One is Gloria near junc.Tiburtina direction A24: Nigerian on 15 euro.Dont give her more.
Via Prenestina after the bridge on GRA near the fill station: one black.
Via Tiburtina a lot of whites mostly from easthern europe.
Via Longoni no one

Who knows about situation in via Acqua Fredda near the Agip fill station in this period?

Lets begin to report daily what we recognize during our nightcrawl!!!

Any news from Ferentino in the nite (industrial zone)?

Merlin Magician
11-13-03, 02:07
Roman Guy, the closest I will come to Roma again in the near future is Alghero in Sardegna.

I gather from Berlusconi, he may be pretty racist.

Last time in, I was aware of a lot of pressure on Black people and the many Afghani who wander about Roma.

Viva bellisimo figa en Italia!

Roman Guy
11-14-03, 14:05
Merlin Magician,

Are you spending holidays in Sardinia in Alghero?Alghero-Roma is 1 hour fly or one nite ship.

Anyway it is like this now here.

We have now a new law for drugs too: Everything forbidden!

It was nice untill 3 years ago when Italy was the Mecca of girls from all Africa coming here to work.

Roman Guy
11-14-03, 14:09
Nite Report Thu,Nov.13th 2003

Where are the all?

Streets of desolation.

No one, completly det!

Merlin Magician
11-15-03, 02:56
Alghero is my favorite place. Besides I like the local girls there. No hustle like in Roma. I just never report on it out of respect to my relatives there.

Alghero next week, then Paphos in Cyprus (plenty of nice Lebanese pussy there), then Palma de Majorca.

Lots of good pussy in Majorca too.

Roman Guy
11-15-03, 17:03
Day report Sat.Nov 15th 2003 at 1:00 pm

4 gals in via dell'Acqua Vergine.

They dont stand on the edge but for security they hang in the bushes, not easly visible from road.

All are Nigerians.

11-15-03, 23:15
Roman Guy,

You should have around on Via Tormarancia and via Accademia Peloritana, via dell'Accademia Aldina, via Mario Musco, via Tito and via Cristoforo Colombo just around those street above.

Good luck

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Roman Guy
11-16-03, 17:48

Do you mean also in this period, after the Berlusconi's repression?
Are they whites or blax?

What about Ostia in the nite?

11-18-03, 11:50
Roman guy,

I had a round just yesterday. You can find 2 of them in via Accademia Peloritana. I suggest you the blonde one, her name is Olga.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Roman Guy
11-21-03, 21:37

Thanx for the suggestion.

Mime is to have a look in via Acqua Fredda at the Agip self-service in tghe night (1 am).You will always find Stella and Regina:Not on Thursday and just if you like black beauties.I will tell you my name privately.

Have you ever been behind the Cinecittà studios? There is always a group of Nigerians near a garden,excepted on Thu.

Other chance near the factory Birra Peroni in via Birolli (Tor Sapienza).

Roman Guy
11-27-03, 15:32
Night Report Nov.27th,2003 at 0:30 am
Zone Ferentino (FR)

In the industrial area down Ferentino Stazione around 15 Km. from Frosinone along the "Asse Attrezzato" about 4 girls.Only one white.They are supposed to close by 4 am.
I suggest you a black called Valentina, she stands near the small snack bar van open throughout the night.

Price 20 euro for a joint in the car.

Reach this place easly driving out via Casilina at junc.Ferentino Stazione and direct yourself to the factory Henkel, then follow the sign "Le Sorgenti" wich is a great supermatket.

James 44
12-04-03, 15:39
I would like to recommand Nicole of www.relazion****iali.ch.

She's from argentina.

She is receiving between 2pm and 10pm near Termini station in Rome (via Millazo 1 angle with via Marsala).

She does FK,BBBJ, 69 and A-Level for 100 € with no limit of time.

She has a great attitude and try to please you, she has a beautiful body with silicon breast.

Her appartment is clean and well decorated even if it is underground floor. The entrance is independant.

She's horny and she likes sex, she likes everything.

She works with a friend but she's ugly, don't go with her. Go with Nicole alias Diana.

Vote 9/10

Roman Guy
12-09-03, 14:12
Night Report on Sunday Dec. 7th at 11 pm

Zone:via Tiburtina out of Gran Raccordo Anulare (Belt).

Great choise of blondies.No black at all.

Maybe the governativ program of cleaning roads doesn't touch white girls but only blacks!

Price around 20 Euro in the car.

Roman Guy
12-12-03, 09:31
Hallo Folk!
No more report?
Do you all go to sleep by 7pm?
Or maybe you are spending all the money and time for Christmas shopping?
Or maybe there is a general conversion into football or tv fiction interests?

Anyway: does anyone know about the today's situation in the Castelfusano Pinewood (=Pineta di Castelfusano) during day time?

I need fresh tips!

Wake up,stand up!

12-16-03, 13:15
A few rows just to confirm that the activity in the streets I specified on my previous report is fully operative. Many many girls around that area. I noticed 2 new entries on the street where was the Teatro tenda, 2 nice girls one of the 2 doesn't look like a hooker, very well dressed like to go to a party and speaks perfect Italian, may be she is Ttalian.

Olga now works on Piazzale del Caravaggio on the corner of the round there.

Happy Christmas

12-19-03, 23:52
Yes James, I've been with the ugly one, Venezuelan if I'm not wrong, although an ugly one. It deserves to be said that Venezuela is a place where any punter will be proud to be at... well, life is life, isn't it?

Any hints to get on with her? it is just matter of giving her a ring and sort out an appointment or they simply swap clients and you get pissed off if Nicole is "busy" or else?

I look forward to see her since I'll be in Rome on Jan 2004.

Cheers mate, and I wish everyone a fantastic Christmas season!

Lone Ranger

Florida Monger
12-25-03, 04:46
I walked the Via Veneto and found several WSW there - across from some larger hotels. The girls were technically OFF the Via Veneto - by a few meters in the shadows. They could be easily missed if in a car and not on foot. 120E for FS in my hotel. She was 35ish, from Holland, slim, real tits and real nice ones at that. No head games. Here's the remainder of my story:

I've visited some of these 'clubs' before in Rome. I was strong-armed on the way out after I had two drinks and bought a girl an over-priced drink. This time I decided to walk, look, listen and learn. So I did... I met a man, Spaniard so he said, 50-55 years old. He claimed to be an architcect on holiday. He chain smokes cigarettes. Near perfect English and Italian with a Spanish accent. He struck up a conversation while I walked. He suggested that we visit a club to find some hookers. I told him of my last and bad experience there. he claimed that this one club is different. I suspected him of working for the club. He denied that he works for them. I was correct. He does! When I met some hookers, I asked them. They all knew him and told me the truth - that he gets tourists into the clubs, orders one drink, and leaves. The victim-tourist is then stuck to deal with the bar employees. This fact also allowed me to meet and chat with many of the girls. THat opened the door to what we really wanted and easily spoke of. BEWARE of this man!

Steven from Florida

Roman Guy
12-26-03, 17:54
Florida Monger,

Yes it is like this. The so called "Night Club" are in Italy (and mostly in Rome) bars where normaly someone introduce you.When inside, a girl will approach you and invite you to offer her a drink. All drinks are overpriced (+200% minimum) and rarely you are allowed to go out with the girl.When allowed, it is overpriced too.

Do not trust any hustler on the street specially in the area via Veneto of Roma.

Different concept of Night Club you can find in the province where to go out with the girl, is always allowed. Here are prices of drinks and shots also very very high.

Better not to experience the Night Clubs in Rome and Italy.

As you can read on leatest posts you can pick up a girl working in the street (if you have a car) or read the newspaper "Il Messaggero",announcements,"Relazioni Sociali" or "Massaggi Centri Antistress" where in the typical Announcement-Slang (Italian) you can find how to invest your 100 euro.

Roman Guy
01-03-04, 23:04
Night report Jan. 4th 1:00 am

Via Tiburtina out of G.R.A. (Belt) left road-side leaving Rome. Near a business compound almost dark in the night two Nigerian girls are operating: Belinda and Stella.

They direct customers to the compound dark streets demanding for a car quicky 20 euro. Sometime they demand for 30 but please refuse to give them such an ammount: they don't deserve it for their stupidity.

Have with you just 15 euro ready and bargain for this price: it is appropriate! They close by 4 a.m. (5 on Saturday night). They need a lift on the way home.Bargain the lift for a free shot!

01-06-04, 04:08
Does anyone have any advise on woman who have incall services that are clean and beautiful? I will be in Italy at the end of March. I will fly into Rome, and will be with my girlfriend. I want to do this on the sly without her knowing. Thats why I am planning ahead. She will go shopping while I do my thing quick. I think italian women are hot. Are there any brothels in Italy? What are the typical prices? I am new to this.

Please help.

01-14-04, 13:29
Will be in Rome next week.

Is there any information on blacks girls working in the streets or apartments?

Thank you

James 44
01-14-04, 17:22
Giulia di Roma (look www.relazion****iali.ch).

38 years old correspond to the photo on the web site. Very good experience.

Clean appartement in ground floor in Monteverde area. Nice woman welcome you. We speak a bit and start to touch each other. She starts a BBJ with CIM. (no FK). Then some rest, 69 and fuck.

100 euros.

Good deal quality versus price.

01-23-04, 08:38

I live in Rome and always in search for nice girls. Can we share knowledge on girls in apartments?


Roman Guy
01-25-04, 15:32
Night report (Jan 23rd,2004 Friday)

Area:via Tiburtina out of G.R.A. (Belt)

On an dark alleyway on the left (coming from the citycentre) via Sambuci about 7 gals (3 Nigerians and the rest white).They are invisible from via Tiburtina so you have to enter the alleyway.

Area:via Tiburtina Before G.R.A.(Belt)

In a Q8 fill station 5 Nigerians pretending to help customers to fill the car. (The fill station is on the left coming from the centre almost in front of McDonald's at corner with via Anticoli Corrado).

Area:via Tiburtina General

Along the road from Metro Station Rebibbia to the junction of Setteville plenty of East European girls operating till 3 or 4 am in spite of the low temperature.

01-26-04, 17:44
I have just visited a girl from Il Messaggero. Let me tell you.

FIERA.ROMA novità! caldissimi preliminari doppia emozione chiamami 347/64.73.728 (riservatezza)

It is in Via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi 119. Scala B call B3.

There are two nice girls from South America. One is blond and not very nice, the other is dark haired and I went with her. She wants 80 for a relaxed S&F. 180 for A-Level. I bargained for 50 and eventually she said ok but for S&F very quick. She had a pretty face (7/10) a very nice body (8/10), firm and curveous. 22 yrs old but looking younger. She made me lay and sat on my brest. She started to shake my dick while I was looking at her beautiful ass. when she was leaning down I coul see her pussy. She sucked me for a little while and then I could F**k her doggy style. I have been very quick and she appreciated it.

She promised to be relaxed and spend time next time if I pay her 80. It could be worth, she is really beautiful!

01-27-04, 11:09
Here's another report from Il Messaggero.

A.A. EUR.MONTAGNOLA biondina naturale anche tardi chiama 340/900.24.26
The girl is a small blond, green eyes, 19yrs, skinni, tiny tits, nice body. Quite beautiful (7/10). She asked for 70 but very ready to go down to 50 euros. She did not want to take her bra off (she said she is still milking a baby but her body is almost perfect and could not see any sign of recent birth, also her brest was quite flat and did not look like one that is giving milk.

She was nice and welcoming, she was very talented in sucking. She used her teeth to make me feel more her going up and down. In the meanwhile she let me caress her bottom, touch her clit and stick a finger in her pussy. I then decided to f**k her in the normal position. It took me quite a while and I had the impression taht she was becoming wet, but when I tested with a finger I thought I was wrong (I am still not very sure). She did not want to kiss me but all in all she was very pleasant, I liked it.


01-31-04, 01:56
Does anyone have any recommendations of hotels to stay at in Rome? I don't want a dive, but don't want anything too expensive.

02-05-04, 15:11
Nicole (Termini St. area)

Yes, I have to admit that James was right, the lady likes sex: No rush, she starts with a bbbj, then raincoat followed by sex in all the positions you/she wants. Very horny, lots of kissing/licking/rubbing/etc's...

She's not so young, I guess she'll be very late 30's to mid 40's but she's got a terrific body (to die for, to be honest). To whoever who speak Spanish there's the advantage of getting closer her since she's very sweet too!

So, take your chances, lads!


Lone Rider

02-11-04, 09:22
In Via Mario Musco there is a brunette who does bbbj for 40 Euros. She initially asks for 50 but she is happy to do it for 40. Do you know of any other?

02-14-04, 23:34

Could you tell us if the brunette works in house or on the road?

If she works in House, please tell us her exact address (with number) or phone number.


Roman Guy
02-19-04, 10:24
Afternoon Report Feb.15th 2004 (Sunday)

Area via Polense.

Along this road during the day time several white girls operating, pretending to wait for the bus at the COTRAL bus stops.

They are easy to be recognized as sexual operators because of their way of smiling to male drivers and for the time of waiting (the whole day).They never board any bus!

Area via Prenestina.

Under the bridge of the new railway Roma-Napoli and under the one of the Autosole a group of 3 or 4 Nigerians. They don't hang on the edge of road but for security they stand on the grass.

Reason: the police persecutes blacks more than whites!(Is it new?).

Night Report same date.

Area via Tiburtina

Plenty of whites after and before the junction with GRA (Ring).

A group of Nigerians after the junction with GRA in via Sambuci (dark alleyway on the left if you come from the city).

See picture. (A girl in via Tiburtina).

02-20-04, 00:20
Report on a "Messaggero" girl, near Piazzale degli Eroi, Metro "CIPRO".

In the ad she describes herself as Venetian.

Young, long black hair and slim. She's quite relaxed and good at her job. Cuddling, nipple kissing then covered BJ then a couple of position unhurried for 150,00 €. Not bad considering that at the same price sometimes you get a very lousy performance by a older/uglyer girl.

Happy hunting


James 44
02-20-04, 19:23
Review on Rea found on www.relazion****iali.ch

She received with a girl friend in a nice appartement :

Rampa Antonio Ceriani 13 (San Pietro Area)

150 euros for the 2 girls (hungarian)

250 euros for the 2 girls with show lesbos.

I negociate 100 for 2 girls but I was disapointed, very quick CBJ and quick sex (les than 5 minutes)

They are quite cute and they know it but they are not good for sex at all and not participative. They want to make quick money.

I suggest to all of you to avoid unless you want to loose your money.

02-21-04, 20:36
Hi and sorry,

The brunette works on the street!

M Campo
03-04-04, 07:03
Hey everyone,

I am going to rome in the beginning of May and looking for some guidance. I have been reading these threadds and it seems like finding girls in Rome is not an easy proposition. I am used to clubs like the grand pris in Montreal or Escada in Prague. Are there eny type of establishments like this in rome? If not, the internet is not too friendly for these types of searches about Rome, and when I do find one it is in Italian.
I am not too keen on picking up street walkers and do not mind the in call or out call program, but unfortunately for me I like high quality. I do not mind paying a decent sum, but at the same time I do not want to get bent over a barrel. I would appreciate anyone's advice on where I should look in rome for quality girls. I also extremely enjoy asian women although I doubt I will find any in rome. Any help, guidance, or help will be greatly appreciated.

M Campo

03-19-04, 18:38
Anyone know of cheap car rental? What are typical prices?

Does anyone have exact locations of any good looking european street walkers? Where I should start to look and the times I can find some of these woman? I would also like information on where to find european/italian road workers? Where can you find these woman in the day?

G Dave
03-22-04, 01:46
To ReconScout19:

Car rental: You can rent a car in many places here in Rome. Surely it is easy in the Termini Railways station area (central station). I think the price is 60 euro average / day, but it is possible that since some months price is higher.

03-22-04, 08:36

Anyone knows of any gangbang organised in Rome or in the vicinity?


Roman Guy
03-24-04, 09:26
Ashawo Bus Stop.

In pidgin English (the english language spoken in West Africa) 'ashawo' means *****.

The so called 'Ashawo Bus Stop' is the bus and train stop Torrenova in via Casilina out of GRA (Ring Road).

Why this name?

Many Nigerians live in that area and use this bus stop to change bus from the city centre to the outskirts by local busses.

Passing there anytime during the day you will always see a queue of men waiting in their own cars.

Why and who are they waiting for?

Nigerian girls are used to ask for a lift in the while they are waiting for the local bus and during the trip they compensate the driver as they better can do,try to guess how!
It is not so easy to get something from them during the day but if it happens in the night or evening and the offered lift is long ... the 'payment' is for sure!

At least it is possible to get her telephone number and fix an appointment later.

Best time to go to the Ashawo Bus Stop is 8 - 9:30 p.m.

Warning:There are some usual 'Drivers' who are very jealous of this place and this activity.

They might react aggressively with new people but they don't do more then an oral not dangerous almost ridicule attack to the new entry.

Roman Guy
03-25-04, 15:16
Sorry, but in my last posted report I have used a word which has not been accepted by the moderator.

It was about the meaning of the pidgin expression "Ashawo".

Just to use a clean word, it means 'a woman having intercourses with several men for money'.

The Shaft
03-31-04, 21:42
Hello all,

I'm considering taking a trip to Italy, but the ticket prices out of Southern California now are over $1000 USD. What's the climate like in September, later in the year? I'd hate to go during a rainy season. What are the prices that girls usually go for?

04-01-04, 12:08
Hi Itness,

Regarding yuor trip to Italy I can tell you tickets I think are not so expensive. The Milan-New York often is promoted at less than 300 euro. and obout wheter it's very good from May to September included and ponoramas and girls are the top but about ***** action this is the worst you can find in europe I think.

Until 2 years ago a lot of street action and cheap sometime only 10 euro for quick sex with African, Albanian and East Europe girls decent in looking often. But now no street action for police, and club are really big ripp off. Very nice quality but only strippin and talking together and nothing more and every drink 15 euro and you can in a nite there easly to pay 300 euro for only to talk cause prostitution is illegal and if you go later when they finich at home with them ask you sometime also 300 or more euro if you do not have firends in the club.

Other option are girls of apartment form 50 (in south italy) to 150 euro in Milan for a easy sex of 1 hour. No the top. For sex with *****s better Germany or Spain in European Union.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

04-01-04, 12:14
Hi Tness54321

I'm not from Rome (I'm from Milan), but I could ensure you that sept. and oct. are really wonderful days....
These are the well known (in Italy) days of the "ottobrate romane" (untranslatable. It sound like: Octobers of Rome) where the sun is still warm but not hot and rarely it rains.
For the prices, some guy of Rome could assist you better than me


Boob Magnet
04-02-04, 16:34
i went out in rome thursday night but since it is my first time i guess i was doing something wrong. i cruised via tiburtina around the gra and saw a bunch of girls standing around. i stopped by one but since i don't know much italian i didn't know what to say. i asked her how much (cuanto costi) and she just ignored me.

i then went downtown looking for a strip bar that a friend told me about called "no limits". i parked at termini sta. which was free since it was about midnight and asked some cab drivers to take me to it. none knew where it was but i finally got one cab driver to take me to the area of the strip clubs (via veneto) and he dropped me off at club 94 (i think) but it was bad because there were no strippers, just "by me drinkee" girls. they wanted 200 euro to buy a bottle of champagne to take the girl to a room but she wouldn't say what would happen in the room, (language barrier again) just that she would keep me company. i would have paid it if sex was for sure but i doubted that it was. i left there and a guy outside asked me what i was looking for and i told him about "no limits" and he said he knew it and took me to the club "diva futura" on via sardenga which i assumed it was renamed to. it was good strip club, the girls were really hot but the place wanted 35 for a drink and 80 for a private dance. after i said no to a couple of girls they left me alone so i could watch the dancers and if you are in front the dancers climb all aver you and you can grab whatever you want which is just as good as a private dance (and much better than in america).

the place closed around 4 a.m. and i went back out to via tiburtina since the dancers had me worked up and there were still a couple of girls rep001tered around. i stopped by 2 of them standing together but they told me they were done (fine) and i decided to just go home since it was a 2 hour drive and i was striking out. what am i supposed to say to them? i've been here in italy for about 4 months and i only know a few words of italian. i have a couple more weeks that my wife is out of town and i have the freedom to go up to rome. thanks for the advice so far, i might try one of the girls in the messagerio tonight.

also, this is an awesome website and i wish i would have known about it a long time ago. i'm in the navy and going to different places and having sex with foreign women is one of the biggest benefits of it. it brings back good memories to read about places that i have been such as singapore and dubai. i'll definitely be checking here when i go to a new place. and share any info i find out on my own.

Roman Guy
04-04-04, 10:11
Sea Traveler,

Sorry but there are some nights or some days when everything looks to be negative.
That night was for you one of that.

Why did the via Tiburtina Street Walkers have refused you? Maybe you resemble someone they disliked or maybe something has happened before and we don't know what.

Anyway:the No Limits is in via Montebello corner with via Castelfidardo just in front of a pub attended by Ethiopians.

Avoid the area via Veneto with its so called Night Clubs.

If you have time go back to the Tiburtina and try to be more decided,don't warry about the language:girls are also not-Italians.

Check your mailbox: You will find a private message for you.

04-05-04, 08:38
sea traveler, welcome in the worst place to monger...
please avoid night clubs, are totally rip offs

street sex workers also are bull s****tters
30 euro for an annoying s+f doesn't worth

unfortunately we have nothing better to suggest you

you might just try to look for an escort on a web site

have a good *uck

04-06-04, 12:05
Dear All,

I am new to this forum (Italy) however i have written in other sections.

I am currently in Rome, on a study trip. I managed to book my flight through my local Maltese travel agency and it was very cheap. Approximatley 100 euros.

Living with other students means that the costs are shared equally making it easier for me to go out and monger around.

As regards street action, I have never found any in the historical centre, altough on the outskirts of rome, next to Campeggio Flaminia, and on via Flaminia itself I have found numerous street action, mainly consisting of afrikan women who charge around 20 euros for a f/s, all covered.

However the situation all in all is pretty bleak, the best option being that of going out to night clubs and picking up local girls who are in the mood. They will obviously be non-pros. To tell you the truth, being a young male (23y/o) does help. I have even picked up an awesome 40 y/o woman one night!

There are also escort ads placed in the newspapers, however i have never tried them and my italian friends told me that most of the women are ober 35 and are very ugly, usually lonely housewives.

Most Italians do not speak a word of english so it helps to learn a few words.

All in all, Rome is not the place were to hunt for pros.

James 44
04-06-04, 14:24
Melissa 30, very good experience.

We start some FK with a nice body contact. She's cute (7/10)

She have good technics (8/10) and she likes to give you a good time (GFE).

BBJ and A-level are available.

I will go back.

You can find her details on http://www.relazion****iali.ch/roma/melissa/index.htm

Member #3447
04-10-04, 16:11
I just got done doing a one-night layover in Rome and stayed at the Baglioni Hotel in Via Veneto. I chose this area because I didn't have a rental car and will be walking or taking the taxi. Also, I chose this area based on past recommendations since I'll be walking to the action. I walked around the side streets and about 10:15 PM a tall girl from Yougoslavia (Belgrade) started talking to me about some service.

Sylvana is a 29 y.o. political refugee who is working the streets around Via Veneto. Initially, she asked for 200ˆ, but I brought it down to 100ˆ. It was a no rush service and even gave me a BBBJ with no CIM. I didn't ask for anal, but she let me switched to multiple positions. Good service. She only does outcalls to your hotel around the Via Veneto area, and I got her permission to post this on line for you punters. Lastly, although Baglioni is girl-friendly, they sure charged me a surcharge for bringing in a guest....ouch!

Sylvana's cellular number: 333 22 95 373.


Member #3447
04-10-04, 16:16
Here's another picture of the Yugoslavian provider in Rome. I'll post the rest of the photos in the Italian photo gallery.

Roman Guy
04-10-04, 19:00
Ho _Chaser,

Thank you for sharing your pleasure with us because of your meeting with Sylvana but please stop posting pictures!

Change subject!

Member #3447
04-11-04, 12:58
Roman Guy,

I've been sharing information and pictures in these forums for quite some time now...special thanks to Jackson for creating this wonderful forum and allowing us to share all our experiences in cyber space. First thing: you're the FIRST member of this forum who ever told me to stop posting pictures and "change subject". My question is: who made you god and the moderator of the Rome forum?

Second, if you do not like my pictures, then do not click on the picture link, and move your b!tchy and whiney ass on to the next post; quite simple...it is a no-brainer.

I apologize to everyone in the Rome board for posting my reply...should have resorted to PM, but I feel that I worked very diligently to post accurate and detailed info on my experiences (plus the pictures) only to have one member publicly tell me to "change subject" and to stop posting the pictures that I am sharing with the rest of you. I say what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

Anyway, I am done and will move on. Stay safe out there and keep on having fun. Happy Easter to all.

Ho_Chaser out.

Roman Guy
04-11-04, 17:35

No problem my friend. This is a free forum and it is ok like this. Have a happy Easter Day and Monday too.

Thanx for infos.

04-15-04, 21:45
Two reviews of girls from "Il Messaggero" ads. Ther first one is a Portugese girl, Amalia, 21 y.o., in Via Ostiense 8/2, just left of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank. Amalia is very good value for money: for the standard 100,00 € offers excellent service, unhurried and quite hot. The second is about an Italian duo in their 30s. Their address is Via Merulana 53/6. For 200,00 € they both gave BBBJ, plus lesbian show plus lovemaking (changing condom when switching parter). They also allowed me to lick their shaven pussies. They were less hot than Amalia but nonetheless it was a great service especially if compared with the bored and mechanical performances of some girls from Eastern Europe. They're blonde but sometimes it's their only quality.

Happy hunting.

04-19-04, 08:47
I have recently been to “A.A.A.A. TESTACCIO bellissima preliminari particolarissimi (senza veli) chiamami 338/68.25.040”. The place is in Lungotevere in the Testaccio area, you have to go down one floor.

The lady is quite beautiful, about 24 yo, tall, large breast but a bit soft, quite a nice body. Blue eyes and skin a bit dark, she does not look Slovenian as she claims to be. Quite a strange nose but all in all a beautiful girl. She was very relaxed and welcoming. Not aggressive at all and very friendly.

She did not want to go down 80 euros. She asked me to wash in the toilet and then we laid in bed. She started caressing me and letting me caress her. Then the promised BBBJ (senza veli) that was very soft and unhurried. Very good. Than covered sex. All in all ok. I think I will not go back, mainly for the price, and for the strange nose, but I am happy I tried her.

04-20-04, 07:39
Any info on the various "altrui" from Il Messaggero? I have met a few in the past but they are no more there.

04-21-04, 14:16
Hi! My first new!

Just to say that the old and dear Cristoforo Colombo (and the close Marconi...) seems the same wonderful street of some years ago.

Capisci a me!

See you a tutti i brothers!


04-22-04, 14:30

Any hints for daytime? Yesterday I went out along the Pontina and between the Laurentina and Cristoforo Colombo close to the GRA and there were a few...nothing special. None would do BBBJ.

What about Ostia? Other areas?


Roman Guy
04-22-04, 18:09
Night report April 21th,2004

Area viale Palmiro Togliatti at 11 p.m.

Maybe beacuse of the nice weather and warm gentle breeze I have notized an increase of presences on that road.

From via Casilina to via Collatina both sides many white girls from Easthern Europe.They look young but too slim for my personal taste.

An interesting spot is a kind of public garden on the side of Centocelle near a church and a school.

It is supposed girls act in the dark garden with the customers (open air).

High concentration also near Mattatoio but many of them are transexuals.

04-23-04, 18:07
Nothing special in Ostia, some days ago I found a very pretty girl (her name was Maria but I'm not sure). She was 50% russian and 50% Spanish, blonde hair and very nine tits. Unfortunatelly I did'nt find her again. In the same place now you can find other street walkers but are not pretty.

I hope that the summer season will carry new girls.

Roman Guy
04-25-04, 14:30
Night report April 24th 2004 at 10 pm

Area Via Tiburtina

In spite of the early time many white street walkerafter and before GRA (ring road).

No black seen,maybe later.

High concentration near McDonald's.

Roman Guy
04-29-04, 08:36
Jackal 03,

Where have you seen the 50%Russian and 50%Spanish blondine in Ostia?

Night or Day?

04-29-04, 21:42
Via Salaria, near GRA. 06:00 PM

More than 20 white (East Europe) street walkers.

Boob Magnet
05-01-04, 10:50
Thanks for the info guys. I had a couple of girls on Via Tiburtina on Friday night. I finally figured out the right words since I only know a little bit of italian. There were many out that night spread out from outside the GRA all the way in near the metro station. Intead of trying to ask what they would do, I just asked "cuanto?" and they both said 30. To the first one I said "bene" but she just stood there for a little bit waiting and I didn't know what to say then. She then said "andiamo?" (let's go?) and when I said "si" she hopped in the car and we were off to a secluded area.

It was the first time I did it in the car I have now and I was glad it is a big car and easy to do stuff in the front seat (I expected difficulty). The girl had average looks but a good body and the sex was mechanical but for 30 euro it was worth the price. I realized though that GFE is important to me and didn't intend to go back for a repeat.

I went to the strip club FuturaDiva after that and watched some hotties get naked. A real stunner sat down to talk to (work) me, and I broke down and bought her a drink for 35 (I know it was a waste). She suggested we could go to a hotel room for an hour, but when we started talking about the price I almost laughed at her. They wanted 300 just for a bar fee and a 100 for the room and the girl got at least another 300. I can be pretty stupid with money sometimes but that is just ridiculous, it's almost my rent for a month. That is too much even for a whole night.

I left there earlier than I have before and went back along Tiburtina to see what was there and because the strippers had gotten me worked up again. I was pleased to see that there was still a large selection even at 3:30 a.m. and I noticed that they were spread out farther in towards town than other nights I had been there before. I found a cute dark haired girl and had a better experience than the one earlier that night.

Another good thing about Via Tiburtina is that there is a good restaurant/bar there that is open all night to get a couple cappucinos for the hour and a half drive home.

Sorry about the long post for the guys who just look here for information but I like to share stories of experiences. Good luck all.

05-01-04, 22:05
Roman Guy,

In the evening, about 22:00. But I never see she again.

Roman Guy
05-02-04, 11:52
Night report May 2nd,2004 at 00:30

Area: junction via Torrenova / via Prenestina

4 Nigerian girls operating.

They drive men behind the carwash.

G Dave
05-07-04, 22:35
I was Tuesday night on Tiburtina with a friend of mine: near GRA counted 10 misses (almost all slavic girls)

Roman Guy
05-16-04, 14:30
Night Report May 16th,2004 at 4:30a.m.

Area via Prenestina junction via Torrenova

near the carwash 5 Nigerians girl under controll by a Carabinieri patrol. 15 min. later only one girl was there. Where were the other 4?

Area via Prenestina near GRA (=ring road)

2 Nigerians near the fill station.

Area "Mattatoio" (=slaughterhouse) viale Palmiro Togliatti / Collatina

Plenty of street walkers but attention: they are men, transex!

05-21-04, 18:56
Why nobody is posting pics here?

05-23-04, 18:09
I have returned from short trip to Rome, I was not planning on any hunting and didn't read this section...but a mix of alcohol and a desire for some Italian pussy got the better of me - it ended in a very expensive diasaster !

I tend to prefer this type of activity in Istanbul, were i am more familiar with the scene.

I wound up one night, a bit drunk (cardinal sin when hunting) in a place called Paris Club on Via Melia (sp?) with one of two spaniards i met in a bar next to my hotel.

To cut a long story short, i ended up with a bar bill for € 760 ! I chatted to three girls (two ordered champagne and caviar and i bought one round of beers for myself and the spaniard). I chatted to a not so hot Russian who was pushy and a very hot blonde Romanian who would not go home with me - perhaps she was bait to lure in customer ? She was seated by the entrance door. A bar bill of € 100 or so i could live with (given i was in Rome - but € 760 nearly gave me a heart-attack !

To make matters worse, my credit card was declined by my bank, i was angry at the bill and that was made worse by me not being able to pay the said bill. Anyway, waiter asked me how much cash i had, i had about €250 in cash, i gave him €200 and he asked me to accompany him to a cash point outside - this was odd, he was an old guy and i didn't see any big meaty types that were ready pounce on me. So i explained to the spaniard what was going on (he had picked a dark romanesque girl and was ready to take her home) and i walked outside with this old guy who walked with me to a cash point with an umbrella because of the rain - very odd, he was very civil, i got €450 out of the cash point with the same credit card (this was the only bit of plastic on my person, I only ever carry one card when out of the Hotel room) and paid him.

I protested at the size of the bill again, but he calmly explained that this was Rome and that all their customers are happy with the sort of bill - i wonder ?!?! We walked back to the club but the spaniard had left. I asked him were i could get a cab - he was still very civil, calling me 'sir' and said he would take me out to get a cab.

I know about these type of joints in Soho in London, but i would never have guessed that it could happen to me in Rome - but it did !

So again we went out under the umbrella he was carrying, as we approached the taxi rank i saw an SW outside a hotel and asked him if that was indeed an SW, he said said and i asked him how much they cost, he said he'd ask... we approached her and he spoke to her and she said €100, i took a long hard look at her and there was something odd about her, i declined, we (the old guy) walked around the corner and i asked him if that was a man ? He said yes and burst into laugther.

He then asked me why i didn't take the girl i was talking to in his bar, the one from Rome. (The first girl was not pretty she was Russian, the second was pretty a Romanian, but she would come home with me and the third one that i spoke to briefly was from Rome but not pretty and her first offer to me was €3000, perhaps i didn't her her properly, so i asked her more than once €3000 ?, perhaps she ment €300, then the Romanina spoke to her and she dropped to €250, but she was not nice and i declined - just before being presented with that hidious bill).

We waited a while but no cabs, so he walked with me over to another cab rank and there was a parked cab there, he opened the door for me, told the driver the name of my hotel and walked back to the club.

I went back to my room, €650 poorer and still hadn't got laid ! I was staying on Via Nazionale.

When i got back to the UK, the credit card company had called me and left messages for me, there was 3 attempts to take a payment on my card and they blocked purchases on it because they thought that was unusual, large amounts, foreign city, 4 am. I am glad it was declined because that saved me some cash.

I put it down to experince now.

I was in Rome for a genuine longweekend, and met a few American girls in the University district, on my first night in town. We hung out most of the time and the city is really nice, Italian girls are so hot (my first trip to Italy, but not the last).

One night, we went to a Club in Testtacio (sp?) - the nightlife was amazing, so many bars clubs....etc.

I will be in Barcelona next month, this time i will read that section and go prepared... just in case i feel the urge when there. It was a shame i didn't get the chance to get the Spaniards cell phone number, obviously he knew the Barcelona scene very well.


05-24-04, 18:02
I have since read the Rome board again having been alerted by a fellow writer.

There is a posting in the archive dated 25th Dec 2003 by Florida Monger. He describes meeting a Spaniard too. The Spaniard he met told him that he was an Architect on holiday. Oh dear, so did the Spaniard that i met. I guess i was 'stitched up like a kipper'.

I stayed at International Palace Hotel on Via Nazionale. When you exit the hotel, if you take a right turn and walk for about 15 - 20 metres you will come to the bar that i met him in. The bar is more like an modern English Pub, small serving food and situated on the corner.

The 'Spaniard' is in his late 40's early 50's. Was wearing a grey colourd suit and had short black hair, roughly cut (but that's the fashion here in the UK now). He does look spanish, perhaps he really is. Says he is an Architect and said he went to City University in London. He also told me that Testtacio was crap for nightlife (wrong it is my sort of scene, brilliant if you like regular clubs too !)

As i entered the Pub were I met him, he was exiting with another guy, who also looked spanish. The 2nd guy was younger, say late thirties with short black hair. The 'Spaniard' approched me as i was walking in and they walking out. We had a chat in the door way basically. The Spaniard said his 'friend' was tired and wanted to go home, but he was still aching for some action. We talked for a while about Paris Club, then i agreed to go with him.

He flagged the Cab and we went in, he paid the cab fare and brought one round of drinks in the club. He drank Jack Daniels and Coke - and had disappeared when i returned from ATM Machine.

(I also want to add that one night when i returned back to my hotel, the asked the night receptionist (a guy) if he could arrange some action for me. He said he know one girls, a South American, saying because of the late hour, around 4.00 am, he may not be able to get in touch with her. He said she'd cost a few hundred euros. I said fine, he he could get a hold of her, to send her to my room. When in my room, quite quickly i fell asleep, no knock on the door to wake me - i guess he didn't get a hold of her)


Rome is nice, love the Italian Girls. I made a number of errors, i wasn't planning on hunting so i never did read the board (learn the names, places, scams...etc), I NEVER drink when out hunting - but this time I was a little drunk - i guess i was punished for my errors/sins !

So the 'Spaniard' is still active. He maybe now working with a partner (if the 2nd guy wasn't a failed attempt by him to lure some other punter).


05-25-04, 16:56
Bunny hopper,

Sorry for your sad experience in Rome. As a Roman I need to say that it is not easy to find good experiences hunting. Street action is poor and escort are even worst. In the apartments there are many old women from South America who are often aggressive and most of the times ugly. Sometimes they even pretend to be Russian (thinking we cannot hear their strong Spanish accent!!!).

Some of the stree workers can also come to your apartment but you will need a car.

If you find Romanian or Bulgarian they are very nice. I can reccomend a couple of girls who could come to your place (one is Jessica 3400832787 I do not have the number of Julia with me but you can ask her) for 100 € plus taxi to come over to you.

I would NEVER enter a bar or a club looking for pros. I know I will be cheated!!

Next time try and get some hints and ... when in Rome, ask Romans!!!

On The Road
05-25-04, 20:46
I think that there are so many "Spaniards" all around Rome, looking for unexperienced rich tourists.
In Rome you have to run away from any club, expecially from clubs in the "Via Veneto" area. Those clubs are truly rip-off places, sometimes you can read on a newspaper about some Japanese tourists asked 2-3000€ for a couple of spaghetti dishes and a bottle of wine!
Don't trust any "too friendly" guy offering to help you getting laid, or something like that. In almost any case they are only swindlers!

Testaccio is maybe the best nightlife scene all around Rome, but only for regular clubs. Don't even think to find pros, there!

One love

Roman Guy
05-30-04, 09:56
Italian Miracle.

Night report on May 30th, 2004 at 00:30

Via Tiburtina: NO ONE
Via Prenestina: NO ONE
Via Collatina: NO ONE

Roads are clean now,families and children save!

What's happened

On The Road
05-30-04, 21:13
No problem on C. Colombo, yesterday night.

Roman Guy
06-01-04, 08:43

Do anyone know a one (black) operating after midnight on via Fiorentini close to the junction via Tiburtina?

She's a pretty girl and ask for a lift to her working place standing in via Torenova at 23:30.

06-01-04, 23:59

Arianna is back to work! She is the only beautiful girl I've ever seen working in a Roman flat. She is brasilian, around 25 years old, tall, busty, white-skinned, with brown hair, a beautiful pussy. Offers a very professional service, meaning it is not GFE at all! If you want beauty in a flat, well in Rome I never had anyone more gorgeous than her. If you are looking for GFE experience, though, she is not the right girl for you: no tongue kisses, onlycovered blow job and no anal rimming.
She now asks 100 euros for a 10-15 minute session but I think you can go down to 80 euros. last week she advertised on il Messaggero and was working in Circonvallazione Clodia 86, flat #5. She said I could also give you her private cell. which is 339-5385743.

06-02-04, 04:07
The trade is alive and well in Rome. Head to Viale Palmiro Togliatti near Centocelle. Pass under the aquaduct heading toward Prenestina and you will find them on both side of the road. All Eastern European and ranging from full size to petite.

25-30 Euro's gets you an oral warm up and then La Figa in your car. Decent service for the money and the cops seem to spend their time chatting with the girls but don't bother the trade.

James 44
06-03-04, 15:22
Arianna is visible at http://www.relazion****iali.ch/roma/arianna/arianna.htm

06-11-04, 16:12

Qualcuno che vuole andare in due in appartamento? Contattatemi!


06-17-04, 23:09
I met Veronica in a flat in Vicolo del Bologna 73, entryphone "Rossi", found her on il Messaggero( her classified said: Trastevere, nera cubana). She is a black Cuban. Not beautiful, short, ugly tits, but she convinced me as she was willing to do anal rimming, french kiss and bbbj for 1 hour at 150 euros.

It ended up being a 40 minute session but I can't complain as she really turned me on and I couldn't resist a whole hour. She is very good at making sex and her uncovered blow job was really great, one of the best I ever had. Not a real GFE but close to it as she is a sex machine.

Before visiting her I had gone to see how Carolina (see her on http://www.carolinasexy.com) was. She is lovely indeed, her face, which is not shown in the web site's pictures is lovely, and she is slim and young (must be 25). However she said she wanted 150 euros for a 30-minute session without anal rimming, bbbj, nor french kiss, therefore I hesitated and then went away, thinking she would be cold once in bed. However, I was really puzzled 'cause she was attractive, young, and also looked nice. Maybe I 'll have a try with her.

Roman Guy
06-22-04, 12:32
Night report June 20th,2004 at 03:00

Area Flaminia Saxa Rubra

Many groups of girls with a look from Easthern Europe operating at the several junctions for U-turn.

They are active till sunrise.

They price around 20 euro (they demand 30, bargain) for a bang in the car (or behind the bush,standing).

Area Tiburtina

Same situation and prices.

06-24-04, 11:09
There is a new club in Roma, called "L'altra notte" http://www.laltranotte.com/index.htm

Did anybody go there? I cant understand if is possible to stay alone with the girl. If you undertand what I mean.


Roman Guy
06-24-04, 13:57
day report: june 24th,2004 at 2:00 p.m.

area:via tuscolana near the little city artena (out of roma,zone castelli romani).

just reach frarep001i from roma along via tuscolana. continue via tuscolana after frarep001i, reach the plateau altopiani del vivaro, and go ahead in direction artena. when the road goes across a thick wood (circa km 30) you will see ebony beauties hanging on the edge of the road, calling you, yelding you, praying you to stop.

some girls dont stand on the road but hide themselves in the wood, because of fear of police.

the trade begins around 10 a.m. and finishes before the sunset.
in spite of their demand of 40 euro, the fair price is not more then 20.
the act happens in your car,hidden in the several alleyways but now in the summer they will direct you directly in the wood for a plein-air shot standing behind a bush.

alike situation if you divert on the left before reaching the wood at the junction to carchitti.

06-24-04, 20:58
Had several nice experience with girls I met through Il Messaggero. But sometime a "Cinesina" is a girl from South America so...

If you have a car, I recommend you the Club Prive Emozioni, some 14 km from the GRA, going to Mentana, via Campea. For some 130 Euro, you may fuck some mid-age women but also sometime very cute angels.

Recommend also Blue Moon, in Via Quattro Cantoni, for lap dance and strip tease.

Very few places with street prostitution, except in the area piazza dei Zingari.

But does someone knows where to find nice asian girls and other clubs?


James 44
06-25-04, 14:19
Veronica fotos: http://www.puntorosso.net/pagine/112737/674.jpg

06-25-04, 17:49
James 44,
if you look at http://www.puntorosso.net/pagine/112737/676.jpg she does look ugly, and also not black??

06-27-04, 12:36
The Veronica I was talking about is really black, she is not the one in the pictures you mentioned. In that building there are two flats (possibly with the same entryphone) where pros work, that's probably why there was this misunderstanding.

06-28-04, 08:47
M Bonnet, I knew that sometimes a Cinesina is actually from Colombia or Ecuador. Could you please let us know what Cinesina ads in 'Il Messaggero' are FAKE so that we can avoid wasting our time with them?



06-29-04, 14:32
Via Salaria, from 0800pm to 2400 pm more than 50 white streetworkers!


Saxa Rubra, where exactly?

Roman Guy
06-30-04, 08:31
Italian Stupidity.

You will find this board on the roads leading to Gallicano (RM).

For not-Italians I try to translate:
Province of Roma
Municipal Police Commando

On the territory of this community it is forbidden demanding and offering sexual performances under payment on public soil.

Mayor's decree n° 43/98 on the March 14th,1998.

Fine from Lire 800.000 to 1.000.000
Oblation in short way Lire 330.000

It means that if you prove that the sexual act was offered for free they cannot fine you!

James 44
06-30-04, 10:31
There is a young brasilian (19) that I found on il messaggero as
Daniela in the Parioli Area.

She is very nice and cute with beautiful tits and great bottom.

Her offers with sex is 100, with A for 150.

She is very active and is willing to give a good time although she does not do FK but like 69.

She is a friendly one with a beautiful smile when she receives you.

On The Road
07-01-04, 00:38
Roman Guy

Just a matter of money, nothing else.
Now I'm waiting for a Euro update!

07-01-04, 19:10
I finally had a GFE again and not for an excessive price: 150 euros for a full hour.

She is Susanna, look at www.relazion****iali.ch/roma/susanna/index.htm. She is short, not a lovely face, fake boobs, her place in Via Courmayeur is pretty small and very hot, but she is a real sex machine and provided real french kiss, anal rimming and bare back blow job for a full hour. I only have a negative suspicion: she had a round wound on her foot, which made me think that she injects heroine in her foot but this is just a thought, nothing more, I am not a surgeon, it could have been a casual wound. She is brasilian, and must be in her thirties.

G Dave
07-04-04, 22:34
At 11,30 PM

In Termini area, at the corner Via Cernaia-Via Volturno, 2 sw, eastern european type. One seems experienced.

From 11,45-12-45

Via Cristoforo Colombo, no more than 10-15 sw. Colombo is yet dead.


Roman Guy
07-05-04, 08:31
G Dave,

Yes. I have notized them too.

What about a slim girl, short red haired, standing in the day time in via Terme Diocleziano (Termini) near the bus stop direction piazza Venezia, pretending to wait for a never arrive bus?
She doesn't look street walker at all but I know she is.

Same area in the night 2 or 3 girls are sitting on the fountine in piazza della Repubblica.They look like tourist but are on duty. From Sarajevo.

G Dave
07-06-04, 00:17
Roman Guy,

Having read your post, at 11,20-11,30 PM, I was there, and I've seen the girl that you noticed. Undoubtely she is working (30 euro in car, 100 euro in hotel), but the area, in fact, is not so interesting. 3-4 old women too, tonight.


Roman Guy
07-06-04, 08:35
G Dave

Other side of the Termini Station.

In via Gioberti, near the tram bend or at the junction with via Principe Amedeo there is always a group of Camerounian women after 11:00 pm.

One girl of the group,Anita,22 years old is almost attractive but comes rarely to that spot.She directs men to her apartement in via Pr. Eugenio (500 m. far away).

07-06-04, 17:20
Fab (and also others),

You can avoid to visit:

A. FURIO.CAMILLO nuovissima fotomodella cinese completissima 20enne chiamami 339/71.54.973

She is not at all a cinese girl !

James 44
07-07-04, 15:03
I recommand the following site: http://www.escort-today.com
The girls (Bianca in attach) are wonderful and they are doing tour in Rome on request.

So if you are interested, email [Email Address deleted by Admin] so that they organize a tour in Rome for all of us.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

07-08-04, 14:35
I was in Rome last week and decided to check the scene in via Salaria.
I went in the afternoon and could not see anyone, in fact from the GRA I exited at via Salaria but went direction Rieti and not Rome.
The action is from the GRA direction Rome.
I found many many girls mainly from Romania and Albania. I choose a pretty and young and had FS in the car for 30€.
I went back in the evening and asked if any of the girls will come to my hotel for few hours, most said yes but for 250 to 300€ , no way!
Finally and found a mid 20 brunette from Romania with big tits, I offered 100€ and had to negociate hard as my hotel was in Via Pontina (Four Points) Great service but no anal and all covered.

07-11-04, 18:26
I was on tiburtina this saturday. at least 50 girls. paid 30

Roman Guy
07-12-04, 08:29
Bay Massage.(Wet or Dry!)

On the well known nudist beach of Capocotta (Km 35 from Roma),several chinese women offer a chinese massage for 15 euro.
Massage is executed on the beach using oil,almost professional.
Man can remain nacked.

Some (but just some) of those chinese women complete the massage on demand with an "oily" handjob with an extra charge of other 15 euro.In this case they lead the patient behind the bushes.

Someone told me to have received for the same price a blow job.
Better to ask in advance if she agrees with this final HJ or BJ.
It is also possible to get her number for an incall/outcall date.

07-14-04, 09:58
I had a round yesterday night and I have seen many young hookers on the following streets:

via dell'accademia peloritana
via dell'accademia aldina
via mario musco
via aristide leonori
viale delle accademie
via tito on the back of parco della FAO


Lollo Frollo
07-16-04, 18:43
Roman Guy,

I want to thank you for your report about the “comune di Gallicano”.


I suggest everyone to check that out.


Roman Guy
07-20-04, 13:08
Afternoon Report July 19th, 2004 at 5:30 pm.

Area: historical center

Just taking a walk in the wonderful historical center of our city I have notized a "moviment" of suspected girls at the small junction via Santa Maria Maggiore with via Urbana.

They were sitting on the yellow railing approaching the men passing there.

I have seen they lead the clients to small studios in the nearby via dei Capocci where they remain for ca 20 min.

In the same street (via dei Capocci) there are other girls in front of the studios doors. Also they call the people directly.

One has told me that the trade goes on 50 euro,room included.

Nationality of the most is Romania.

Same moviment in via Urbana where also a chinese massage saloon is. What will happen there?

07-21-04, 08:42
roman guy

is this a place right near termini off of via cavour.


07-21-04, 17:29
You will find girls in the area Via dei Capocci/via panisperna when reaching via Cavour, from begining of the afternoon and till night. But do not expect beauties, except one you usually find in piazze dei zingari.

Since one or two month there is also a strip bar "chanel club" which has opened in via Urbana but I didn't try it yet. Anyone tried ?
But once again, provided you have a car, my best experience is the Club Prive "Piano Forte", in Via Campea, Mentana (14 km from the GRA), where for 110 E (130 the first time) you will fuck as often as you can with girls (most of them "professional"), some of them quite old (but anyway nice) and sometime two or three veru cute ones. In my opinion the best price/quality ratio I have tested in the area.
Armony club, in the center of Rome is a bit disapointing (except when organising gang bang partie, as they do tonight !!!).

Good luck!

Roman Guy
07-22-04, 16:45
No Comment

It is a poster anywhere visible in Rome.

See Pic.

07-24-04, 16:37
i have been in the via urbana area no girls seen walked to the via dei cappci and found one extreamly large chica tring to talk to me i guess she was working i just walked on. walked back via urbana say the massaage parlor no movement out side will check back later to see if the action will be there

Roman Guy
07-26-04, 08:47
For Red Dog:

Maybe wrong time or exceptional day.

When I was there it was on Tuesday at 6:00 pm.

As I wrote before, a group of girls (4 whites and 1 black) were hanging in via Santa Maria Maggiore at the junction with via Capocci.

Others were upper,near the newspaper kiosk at the corner with via Cavour.

I have even notized near Termini Station some girl pick up customers to lead to the studios in via dei Capocci.

07-27-04, 22:25
rome guy

This is possiable! I did see what i thought was a working girl cause i thought i saw here with a Indian guy walking down via santa MM but she came back alone and then walked up to via cavor and walked down twards the cavour stop. I saw the black girl and a huge white girl working the corner of SMM and dei cappori

I went tot the massage parlor. I can not recomend it. 50 euros gets you a HJ the girls spoke no english.(not that i cared) the girls were maybe 5's but i thought i would take one for the team. i cant recommend. It may be better if you can speak better italian and make your wishes known.

The Italian who left when i arrived seemed pleased.

what about the crazy guy shooting people in termini on saturday? a little off topic but still maybe worth talking about not that i am really worried it is still the first think like that i heard about.


Roman Guy
07-28-04, 08:40
Red Dog,

What you have payed for the chinese massage is a market price:massages with HJ in a parlor cost always 50 Euro.

On the beach (see my report on the July 12th) it is traded for 30.
It can be disappointing if the job is bad made (rush,rude,dirty,...) or the girl is ugly.

Do they give more than a HJ on demand?

About language, Chinese speak only their own language and a little Italian.For this reason I prefer the Nigerians because they speak English.