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05-16-02, 05:25
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Hans Kohl
05-26-02, 17:16
Dzesika Skaistuma Centre at Bruninieku 44, Riga Latvia (tel 7273502) just off A Caka Iela is great value at 20Lats. This place looks like a ladies beauty parlor. Ask for the stress relief massage. First time customers get great massage with HJ. Return customers get full GFE with FS and BBBJTC. Good alternative to the tourist places.

05-31-02, 10:59
can you tell more about the place?and the girls?Its the place in old town?

Hans Kohl
05-31-02, 12:31
Dzesika Skaistuma Centre has just one girl.
Bruninieku 44 is just off A Caka Iela which is not in old town.

07-07-02, 00:04
There are girls on Caka Iela, some of them will try to scam you. Do not give them money before they go to your house or hotel with you. If you give them money first, they will make the excuse that they are going to give the money to their "friend", standing nearby, they will then go to their friend, they will then get into a taxi, and drive away :) It is better and safer to telephone Escort Agencies, many will be found on the last 2 pages of the Reklama periodical.

Member #3447
08-08-02, 20:11
I was in Riga for a week and I checked out some of the info some of you guys have posted.

I verified there were major SW activity in the corner of A. Caka iela and Pernavas iela. I did a drive-by at 11:30 am and saw one off Caka iela, and about six girls at Pernavas iela. I didn't partake, maybe next time, but I can just imagine how many actually work during the night time. Some actually looked good!

I also followed up the info about the beauty salon on 44/46 Bruninieku (Dresika) and let me tell ya, there are more than one girl that works there. They usually rotate among two other massage salons: 46 Brivibas street, code:2631 (Lilami); and 10 Antonijas (Junija Aptieka).

My favorite was in the 44 Brivibas street. Any given day, there would be two to three girls you can choose from. It's 20 Lats for one hour of relaxation massage. HJ included. My favorite was this 22-year old blonde Russian party girl, Alesija. After the massage I hooked up with her that night. We went dancing at the Voodoo club at Hotel Latvia, and power fucked all through the morning. I flew back to the U.S. smiling!!! There are other cute girls that work the three salons--Vicka (35), Julia (20)--I forgot some of there names. Just be nice to them, give 'em a few Lats tip and try hooking up by asking them for a date, massage at the hotel, etc. They like tourists and don't treat them like *****s because they're not, but they're easy, I must say.

I stayed at the Park Hotel Ridzene, 5-start hotel near the center. The Voodoo club was cool and there's a ton of tourist and local girls alike in groups you can make a play on. I just didn't have time for "romance" with the regular tourists considering my short weeklong stay.

Riga, like Tallinn, rocks!! Good luck and happy hunting.

Field Commander
09-22-02, 01:14
How is a trip to Latvia at the end of October ? COLD ??? VERY COOOOLLLLD ?? TOO MUCH COLD ? :-)
Please let me know if it is still worth.
Where is possible to find amateurs ? Disco ? Bars ?
Which hotel is the best ?


09-30-02, 16:12
Me and a friend had a walk in old town of Riga last night, and got a "free entrance" card for the club ROXY from "pushers" on the street.
Went there about 2230 hours, a lot of young beautiful girls hanging out in the place. Several bars, at least 7, on three levels, with different music.
Went downstairs, looked around, and got ourselves a beer (1 Lath = less than USD2,-), sitting down. Then three young girls caught our attention, asking to sit down with us. They were 18 and 20 years old. Bought them a beer each, talking. Then another round, this time Martinis. Asked if they would join us at our hotel, which they "loved" to.
So about 2345 we left ROXY and walked back to our hotel, The REVAL HOTEL LATVIJA, a five minute walk.

When to enter the elevator, a security-guard came and asked in what room we stayed, and if we had booked double-rooms. We had not. No problem, we could change at the reception. Then he asked if the girls had any ID, since they had to register before going upstairs. THEY DID NOT BRING ANY ID, so we were stuck. NOT ALLOWED TO BRING ANYONE TO OUR ROOMS AT THAT HOUR WITHOUT ID AND REGISTRATION. It was a terrible embarrasing experience, as people on a distance could see us trying to negotiate with the security-guard. I guess he did his job only, but me and my friend who had our mind on some delicious nice young pussy that night, having a foursome in my hotelroom, had to leave the girls outside, giving them a few lath for taxi home. So we never know if this would have come through.

By the way - one of the girls asked 20 Lath for going with us. A little later, they asked 50 Lath, but I said we agreed on 20 Lath. Then one of the girls said "20 for each" - yes that is OK we replied. (20 Lath = USD. 35,-).

Visiting ROXY was a nice experience regarding an easy pick-up, but an awkward one regarding the REVAL.

Outside ROXY, a girl (about 25) came and asked us if we were out for shopping girls. She also asked 20 Laths, but she was on drugs.

I think I will change my booking today for a double room, and ask the girls I meet if they have any ID... :)

Dusty Bin
09-30-02, 20:29
the reval hotels are really cool. they know why guys are there!

the id thing is very good as it is for your protection more than anything else. i use the reval express in tallinn, they do not charge extra to let a girl in at any time, but id is a must. if they chrge extra for a double room, as they do at the central, in tallinn, they charge an extra $18 to upgrade. fair enough to me... if i use a hotel, i always book a double it saves embarrassment.

one thing for sure, your girls were just opportunists, or ****, or both.
my guess is ****.

the reason is that all pro's know that they will need id to get into the good hotels, the only ones without are ****.

if they were adult then the only reason they would not have id is because they did not know they needed it, so they were not pro's.

it may be that you were a little lucky, and /or the security guy was discreetly helping you out!

02-19-03, 09:56
Been doing a bit of digging on Riga and it sounds like
a wonderful place full of available woman both on scene
and off. Could anyone tell me of a good 4/5* plus Hotel
that has Casino/Nightclub and working girls available.
Will be planning my trip in April if anyone else will be there.

Dick Fotta
02-21-03, 15:44

Can anyone post on this forum a list of the brothels in Riga? I don't want to go in an expensive nightclub, they are all ripoff and controlled by the Russian mafia! We need to pay the girls for fuck, not the champagne, the taxi driver, the boss, the dj..

Thanks guys..

02-24-03, 20:59
Eventually booked Reval Hotel Latvija, I believe the Voodoo club is located there also, can anyone tell me what the best nights are there and also if any working girls frequent the Hotel and Club.

Be there in April if anyone is up for a beer.

Any info would be most welcome

03-13-03, 19:59
Here are some informations about Riga :


Riga is a very beautiful city (especially old town) and is really worth to be visited. About 80% of the population is Russian so if you speak their language this is very usefull (difficult to find taxi drivers who speak English for instance, and not very many girls speak English)

Girls are really beautiful there (tall and slim, with usually big and wonderfull breasts), and when you'll walk in the street or dance and the disco you'll be amazed to see there are more girls than men in the population!

You'll see a lot of groups of beautiful girls, much more than in any country, and they are not shy :)

Level of live is quite high so don't expect to pay 50$ for a night with an escort. Prices are closer to $300 - 500 for all night.


Go to Voodoo club (ask a taxi, everyone knows the place), this is the best club in town. Lots of beautiful girls, and many are escorts.

As there are few men and lots of girls, you'll be surprised to be asked to dance by girls! In one night 3 girls just talked to me and wanted to have a dance (and they were not hookers). This is the way it is there :) Girls are really looking at you (like men are looking at girls in western countries), and this is REALLY easy to find a real girlfriend. But they are usually young (18-23) and very serious so don't expect to fuck them in 2 hours in your hotel and trash them just after... You may be lucky but if you are looking for sex only, target the hookers.

They are usually sat in the first room (which is very classy) and they wait for men to invite them to dance or have a drink. The prices are between $70 to $150 per hour (without negociation). But they worth it... They are really beautiful girls, model like, and they really know how to make love. If they like you, they will kiss you passionately, do really nice massages, suck you without condom, and let you fuck all night.
One friend took a girl for $500 for all night, and she liked him cause she stayed for 3 days with him like his girlfriend for free.

You are dealing with romantic Russian girls, not cold blooded professionnal escort like in Vegas, so everything is possible :)
If you are nice with them (and if they like you), you'll have a real girlfriend in Riga.

Other cool disco with many girls : (but don't know about escorts, I just danced there)
- Nautilus (many different rooms)
- Pupu club (little and cosy)


Find a copy of "Riga this week" which is distributed in every hotels : you'll find a lot of numbers for escort agencies. I cannot really recommend one cause this is very random, but quality is usually good and if a girl is not at your taste you can send her back at no cost. Prices are about $60 / hour.

You can try, no rip off, no hassle, good girls. Escort agency really seem to be professional here.


I recommend the "Fantasy" salon, 31 Matisa street, block K2, phone 6540001 for a good erotic massage in a very clean and nice place. There is no sex, handjob finition, but you'll have a really nice massage for one hour. Price is $50.

In Fantasy, there are about 4 girls to choose from. The place is beautiful and clean (music, big beds, shower).

This is the perfect end of an afternoon after walking a long time in Riga.


It's like all strip clubs in the world : the girls dance on you (in private, just dance, no sex), and you can talk to them while paying drinks. Quite expensive, not really interesting... It depends of what you like :)

I recommand "Dolls", 22 Aspazijas bulv. Lots of girls, nice modern decoration, no hassle. It's also like a disco so you can dance. 15 min of private dance (at the best you'll touch her breasts) costs about $50. Maybe you can have more but I didn't manage to have it :)

I really love Riga, this is the best place to see beautiful and charming girls. This is a real paradise :) And if you are lucky, you may find there the perfect girlfriend.


Dick Fotta
03-22-03, 14:01
I have to go in Latvia between the 7 - 14 May,please can someone mail me or post in the forum the address of the brothels in Riga? Chase a girl on a club it's too expensive and time-wasting..
Thanks guys.

Dick Fotta
03-22-03, 14:02
If you want,email without spam at : sbusso@yahoo.it
We could share informations..

03-30-03, 19:13
Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone could let me know what is the best place in Eastern Europe to go and find a sexy girl (23-27) for a Long Term Relationship?

Ive heard good things about Riga and Vilnius. Which one is these 2 is best?

Are there any other places that are better for this, given that I can only speak English?

Thanks in advance,


04-01-03, 21:23
Originally posted by KiwiG
Ive heard good things about Riga and Vilnius. Which one is these 2 is best?

I've been in Vilnius and in Riga, and my advice is to choose Riga. There are more girls than men, so you'll have better chances, and the girls are usually very beautiful (cause they come from Russia).

They really love Romance, and it's easy to find a real girlfriend. And big money is not mandatory to seduce : Riga is not a poor country.

Good luck !


04-01-03, 21:25
Originally posted by Dick Fotta
I have to go in Latvia between the 7 - 14 May,please can someone mail me or post in the forum the address of the brothels in Riga? Chase a girl on a club it's too expensive and time-wasting..
I don't know any brothel in Riga, but if you don't want to use the escort agency and prefer to pick a girl, go to a club like Voodoo. Entrance is 10 lats (about 18 euros), and you'll find inside a lot of working girl. Just talk to the girls who are sat alone, waiting, in the first room (the classiest one).


Dick Fotta
04-03-03, 16:11
Hi friends and girlfriends,please check out this site: //travelsexguide.tv/eelat.htm and looks the links on that page..
Can anyone tell me where is the famous "Okinava Center",a bar and sauna in old center Riga?
And what about for FAO escorts? People say :" ..15 ls by hour.."
"All beauties"escort agency is a rip off?
In the Aladdin casino,how much cost the goo goo dolls(lap dance girls available..)?

Riga is expensive? Many people say that is more poor respect Tallinn and Poland..

Dick Fotta
04-10-03, 15:04
Okinava center is located on Vecpilsetas 8,old Riga,contact riga47@hotmail.com,but I never been there..
On a web site,I saw this fine brunette,email is melanija_sx@navigator.lv,and you could see her on the site www.persik.lv,that pro's cost 20-25 ls \hour..
www.bbeauties.com is a real rip off,how can you pay 200 u.s. dollars for a fuck?! It's crazy!
www.balticescort.com seems good,but what about the price?


04-12-03, 20:23

Where are the best places/bars/clubs to meet normal (non working) girls. Can many of them speak English?

Thanks, Graham

04-13-03, 14:35
KiwiG - I was succesfull with regular girls in Pupu Lounge as well as in La Rocca disco.

In Pupu Lounge, girls are 20-30 y.o., in fashion, model type, Letonian ( natives ). Higher level. Girls speaks little or good english. They had, have or are looking for foreign boiyfriends living in Riga. Entrance fee is 5 Lats dependings on evenings/nights. Drinks are +/- 3 Lats for alcohol ( whiskey/coke ). Located in Old Town.

In La Rocca, girls are younger ( 16-25 y.o. ), mostly russians but born in Letonia, some very pretty and easy going because of alcohol... Girls are speaking little or no english. Entrance fee : 5 Lats. Drinks are 2,50 Lats for alcohol ( whiskey/coke ). It's an old theatre now used as a disco, including differents bars, main dance floor with go-go dancers as well as a stage with live music ( russian bands ). Located in New Town part of Riga ( good 15 minutes walking from the Liberty monument or 5 minutes by taxi ).

My favorite play grounds are Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Tallinn and Riga where I always found very pretty girls ( working and non-working ). I'm travelling to Riga and the Baltics States since '98 and I have visited many other places ( bars, wine bars, pubs, discos, night clubs, massage salons... ) and was never desapointed.

Dick Fotta
04-15-03, 15:07
Any suggestions about the magazine called Reklama?
Looks like a Pek*ama with *= a v upside down,printed in russian and latvian,and with a lot of ads in the last section,9(personal ads-massage services..). I know that many sex-tourists buy that magazine and try to call the numbers signed on the ads,but the most part of the girls speaks only russian or latvian and no english...Big problem!
Another nice newspaper is Riga this week,which should be free in the hotels,but personally I found it only in the expensive hotels,like Hilton or Sheraton..There are several advertises and some pictures-logo of the escort agencies,and the average price could be around 30 euros\32$ for hour,basic price I mean..

A friend of mine fucked with a nice blonde some days ago,on a sexy shop called Labi(Elizabetes 22,open 12\24 except friday),the entrance is free,and you can buy only a coke in a boxmachine and look the girls dancing on the pool,you ask a private dance and offer some extra money to the girl..and of course,try to fuck!

Some people talk to me about two clubs,Temple bar(Matìsa 38) and Grand Kabarè Admiral(Blaumana 32),I never visited these places but if someone have done this please can post the experience on this page?

And no one knows some address of the budget brothels,like in Tallinn(see post..)? Mail me if you want at sbusso@yahoo.it

Field Commander
04-29-03, 03:39
See my story in the Czech (Other Areas) and Finland (Helsinki) section where the trip started and finished (for now). It's a little adventure started in Christmas and pausing now in Easter:

- Czech Republic (Znoijmo, Prague, Brno)
- Slovak Republic (Nitra)
- Poland (Warsaw)
- Latvia (Riga)
- Estonia (Tallinn)
- Finland (Helsinki)

05-07-03, 00:45
Originally posted by Dick Fotta

I say Riga has an higher level of live than say in Romania. All escorts who advertises in papers ask for 50 lats per hours (about 80 euros). You can negotiate, but I never saw a girl at 20 lats for one hours (I never tried ugly girls).
For a nice massage in clubs, the price is 30 lats for one hour.

I'll try your address (I go in Riga tomorrow) and see if I can get such a bargain.

But anyway I don't think that 50 lats for one hour is a rip off seing the beauty of the girls I had the chance to meet.

I'll keep you informed of my trip :)

06-04-03, 18:19
Hi Guys,
Could do with some current information on Riga please.
Planning a weekend end of July as a stag party and want to
know some good top class Hotels with top class girls working
there in bars, also clubs to visit.
Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance


06-07-03, 12:10
Just used one of the escort sevices in Riga. I had no problems with language as both the girl on the telephone and the escort spoke understandble english.The price for an hour was 30 lats (about 55 usd).

The best place I have found to look is in' Riga this week'found for free in big hotels with a few escort companies at the back.The girl was decent ,about a 6 but could have been a bit more adventurous, I will have to try another next time to see if there is much difference.

Good luck

Ossie Boy

06-15-03, 22:05
Originally posted by Joe1963
Could do with some current information on Riga please.
Planning a weekend end of July as a stag party and want to
know some good top class Hotels with top class girls working
there in bars, also clubs to visit.

For a stay in Riga I recommend the "Hotel de Rome"

There is a bar with some nice escorts (I never tried them so I have no more information, but they looked good)


06-19-03, 00:13
I will be in Riga on the 13th August, Wednesday with a colleague. I would like to know were best to stay, last time we were at the SAS and there was no action we are now thinking of staying at the Reval hotel were the Vodoo club is or the Riga Hotel.

Which is best on the night to pick up GOOD looking girls?
We prefer to get the girls from the hotel they work, less hasstle.

Can anyone suggest any better places?


06-30-03, 09:12
Thanks Psychonaut,
Come on guys, tell me where to visit there and at what times etc, only got 4 weeks left and havent booked the hotel yet, looking for tips on hotels with working girls, nightclubs etc

pleaseeeeeee help


07-14-03, 22:04
I was at Voodoo on a friday night recently but couldn't find anyone who wanted to speak English! I was only talking to girls over 1.83m (6') tall though. Went to Fashion afterwards but that was pretty dead. Apparently the best strip club is Dolls underneath the Hotel de Rome, (I thinK) near Mcdonalds. Met a guy who had met his girlfriend there. Appeared to be some pro action at the Roxy very late. Found it difficult to communicate and make friends with the regular girls of Riga so got a flight back home. Tallinn is more friendly than Riga though it is not such a big city. Girls are taller and bustier in Riga, more european looking than the very skinny scandanvian blonde girls of Tallinn.

07-22-03, 12:49
Joe 1963,

If you haven't left already, let me put in a couple of suggestions. I was in Riga in June. I stayed at an OK hotel, the Radi un Draugi (Relatives and Friends). It was clean, but not very much on the service and amenities end. Also, the security had major problems when I brought a couple "friends" home. But for 33Lat per night, it wasn't bad at all.

I then went to another Baltic city and returned. When I returned I stayed in an apartment. This was a great experience. I used the Patricia apartment service (www.patriciahotel.com - they also have a hotel). I got the apartment at Jana 7, number 7. It was right in the middle of the old city, was Eurorenovated, and you didn't have to worry about being hassled by security. The only downside is that it was on the fourth floor with no lift. It was about 40Lat/night. I would definitely recommend getting an apartment over a hotel if you want privacy.

In terms of girls, let me put in a pitch for Club Roxy. Go after midnight and the place starts to fill up with dozens of pros and semi-pros. The usual warnings apply with this crowd, though. The minute you are pegged as a rich foreigner, the prices you are quoted go up exponentially. The first time that I was there, I overpaid a lot (60 Lat for the night), but got a really hot Russian semipro number (a Russian 7, which is a US 9). She provided the best CBJ I've ever had. She was also really into the act, then we became special "friends" over the next few days. The second time I found someone at Roxy I paid more the going rate, 30 Lat for the night. This girl wasn't so good, it was one of her first times and wasn't into it at all. But she was OK to look at (a 6 or so) and was really nice. Overall a decent experience.

A recommendation for club/brothel girls is Okinava. It is on Vecipilsetas, number 8. I was there twice. The first time I had a decent experience with a girl in a dingy little room off the back of the bar area (the sign for Okinava says Bar Okinava, but the bar is just a cover, from what I can figure out). The girl was about a 6, and rushed me throughout. But after a while she started to get into it. And with a little extra tip, I was able to get all the services that I wanted. 20 Lat for an hour with a 10 Lat tip. The second visit the bargirl recognized me and took me to the VIP area in the basement, a nice renovated area with a Jacuzzi and sauna. There are also different (better) girls for this area. I chose Alex, a young Latvian girl who had a 6 or 7 face, but a 9 or 10 body. This girl was phenomenal. She actually gave less service than the first girl, CBJ, DATY, and sex in many positions. But she was totally into the sex and really wanted to please me. Usually I take a while to finish, but with this girl I popped twice in an hour even with some nice talking and cuddling in between sessions. She gave me her phone number on the way out, but it was my last day in Riga. It was the same 20 Lat charge for an hour, and I tipped Alex 20 Lats. I would definitely recommend Okinava, but remember to ask for the special room.

07-22-03, 18:46
Hi all,

I found some information about Riga at www.hookers.nl, a good dutch discussion board.
It seems that allnighters for a price of 50 LAT (88 $US or 78 €) are possible !
Roxy and Voodoo-club should be good places for hunting.
Hotel Laine is a nice and inexpensive hotel having its reception on the 3rd floor, which allows you to bring in your girl discreetly if your room is in a floor below. (For more hotel information check www.ricksteves.com/books/russia/balt7c.htm)

I have never been to Riga myself, but am currently doing "research" for a new mongering destination that isn't too far away from where I live and where you can get good value for your hard earned €.

cheers, scorpio

07-27-03, 06:52
I was thinking of going to Riga in December (brrr!) but saw that our Foreign Office is warning against being drugged and mugged in casinos and clubs in Latvia (I see they don't warn about this in Lith. or Est., so it's not a general warning)

Any of you out there able to assess the risk of this?

10% chance? 1%? Not likely, if you're not a drunken idiot?

Advice welcomed


Member #1005
07-28-03, 17:18
Originally posted by StevieSteve
I was thinking of going to Riga in December (brrr!) but saw that our Foreign Office is warning against being drugged and mugged in casinos and clubs in Latvia (I see they don't warn about this in Lith. or Est., so it's not a general warning)

Any of you out there able to assess the risk of this?

10% chance? 1%? Not likely, if you're not a drunken idiot?

Advice welcomed



I was surprised when I saw your e-mail and checked on the fco.gov.uk website myself and yes you are corrected it does have a warning against this! But I did some checking myself and would say that ever since the Bali bombing that the FCO have to warn against anything, no matter how minor.

In my opinion I would say that you are in no more danger in Riga than being in London. OK I would also add that you still have to be careful about flashing the cash, but this could apply to most European cities, ATMs are plentiful in Riga. Casinos are not my thing; IMHO you are at risk by only 1% but a drunkard idiot could get mugged anywhere. I feel safe walking around in Riga which is more than I can say for some dodgy parts of London – and yes I do live here.

Riga in December? I would be more concerned by the cold cold weather - enjoy yourself and look forward to your report.


07-29-03, 21:39
Thanks, Juniour, for the reassurance

If general sensibleness covers the risk then I'm happy.

I'll look forward to having the experiences that the report will be based on!



08-14-03, 10:42
Looking for local help

I will be making a big tour around Eastern Europe

planning to stay in any other town that might be worth a visit. I am looking to get in touch with some locals who can also speak English or German, who have good communicative skills trying to make some money or find a new well paid job. Please get in touch with me or perhaps you can give me a referal of someone trustworthy who might be able to help me out in some of those towns finding some young girls, uni students, semi pros etc,

Member #1005
08-21-03, 21:46
Riga Revisited

After my first visit to Riga, back in December 2001, I promised I would return within a few months, as typical with life one thing led to another and three months has effectively led to 30 months. A couple of weeks ago I didn’t plan to come over here I had some leave to use up and also some air miles and it was a toss up between Riga and Prague and guess who won? Plus, I have noticed that many guys post questions on this board and always promise to post a report later but never do so let’s all try to keep up the good work of some of the previous posts.

Anyway, I arrived in Riga on Friday and was surprised by how much the city had changed (for the better) there are now more hotels, and the women are still as stunning as ever, especially in the summer. I would have to say that Riga is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. The only negative thing about Latvia is it has one of the worst air connections to get here, with a very, limited choice of flights to reach here.

On my first day arriving at my hotel I met up with an American who is eight months into travelling around the world, his first words to me were: ”There are some beautiful women here.” I couldn’t agree more!

I had been corresponding with this Latvian girl (one of the main reasons I came here) plus I still keep in touch with some others here from my previous visit two year ago. Ivanna (the girl I had been corresponding with) wanted to meet up with me a few hours after arriving and asked if I wouldn’t mind if I brought her friend along – and why should I?

Having coffee with the girls is suddenly dawned on me, why keep all the fun to yourself – so I got in touch with me new found American friend and asked him if he wanted to join us for a meal, as Ivanna wanted to eat - naturally he agreed. The only problem we had was trying to figure out where to eat, being all to polite and civilized it was a difficult choice and in the end we settled on TG Friday. That was a great experience because it enabled us, once the girls had dropped their guard to learn more about them. After the meal Ivanna then called me said that was one of the best evening she had ever had!! One thing you should learn about Latvian girls is that they are very proud; everyone will tell you that there are 6 girls to every guy, but because of this girls like to trust guys before getting involved. Most girls have had some bad experience with the local guys as anyone with a dick who half knows how to use it can easily get a girlfriend. On the other hand my friend and her friends experience had been fairly poor when it comes to tourist, I was informed that the average tourist in a nightclub will offer to buy the girls a drink and then say: “Would you like to come back to my hotel?” Guys, if this is you, then Pleeaaasseeee stop! You have really got to change the game plan. Don’t get me wrong here its not that I am not thinking that in my head but definitely not saying it, if I am looking for a GFE then this technique will never work.

Anyway, getting back to my experience, the reason Ivanna said they really enjoyed the night was because we-actually-talked-with-them. Latvian girls are very hard work, and a lot of effort, but if you want the pros then they are just in it for the cold cash. There are pros who hand around the discos but they know how much you (a tourist) are worth and will try to extract as much as they can out of you.

I promise I will not spend too long on the theory and get down to the report here - anyway Ivanna did look after me the only bad thing was that although I was here for five days she seemed to arranged things for me to do on all of them, meaning it was difficult for me to get away on my own. A very nice and loyal girl, even one day when she was working she had arranged for her friend to take me around, and let me say that Riga is not that big that I am going to get lost.

Anyway for the mongering I tried an Escort service back at my hotel the prices was 20 Ls plus 10 Ls for the security all paid to the girl or rather the minder who brought the girl. I brought the Russian language “Buy & Sell” magazine, which is called "CM-PEK*AMA" or PEK*AMA- where the * is a V upside down and this has them all listed on the back page. If you write this down and show it to a shop assistant they will know what it is. I tried Margo Escort service:7424801 the girl that came was a 21 year old Russian named Tanya about a 6 in looks the service was a so so about a 5 but she did give me her number to get in contact again with her directly. Typical standard service with covered blow job but she was happy to stay for more than the full hour.

I also tried another agency from the same paper but don’t be put off by the fact that the adverts are all in Russian, you can basically suss out the adverts, just ask if they understand English, 7 out of ten have some passable English. Here money speaks louder than words and when they tell you someone will be there in 25 minutes they mean it.

I also tried one of the erotic massage places, that are listed in there and also found in rigathisweek.lv these range in prices from 20 Ls to 30Ls ( 34-54U$) but all take credit cards. The one I tried was called Getera: 9373099 and not a very easy place to find I had to call them to ask them exactly where they were, as some of these do not advertise outside of the building because other business are also sharing the same building and may be unaware of what is going on behind the closed doors. This was only an erotic Massage No Sex where the girls gives a massage with oil and rubs her body over you and ride you, no intercourse, but also using hand. Overall, despite the no actually sex it was a good experience, the girl was a 8 with good looks & a nice body – well worth the experience for 25 Ls. (43U$)I also visited the same place a second time but this time it was a different girl and the service was to say the least rather hit and miss and in my opinion it all depends on the girl herself.

OK I spent time with my friend Ivanna but the only down side of this was the fact that every time we went out one of her friends wanted to come along as well, plus the fact that she had planned all these activities for me to do, to keep me occupied with one of her friends. A bit of a nuisance since its been a very long time since I have been chaperoned by anyone. Latvian women are very hard work and at times very strange to figure out but the rewards are well worth it! I would suggest you first correspond with the girls before you arrive, it give you a slight advantage.

If your looking to get a long time girlfriend I would recommend you try the Mystic Café mysticcafe.com and you can use the net and buy addresses at 6 Ls (US$10), plus they are do introductions via their office but you will have to check the prices. I suggest you correspond with some girls before you arrive and ask them to show you around the city. One final tip its well worth getting or bringing your mobile phone and buying a prepared service.

Here is some information that has been posted before on the board but updated for 2003 and also for the lazy people who can’t be bothered to scroll through the old posts.

Latvia FAQ

Where is a good place to stay?

I have stayed in both the Old town and the Radisson SAS Daugava and to be honest I prefer staying in the Old Town there is much more life (& women) there.

When is the best time of year to visit?

The summer without a doubt!! The winters are dark and very very cold.

Will my credit card work there or do I need to bring cash?

Riga may be a relatively small city but it has more ATMS per head of population that any other city I have visited. Visa, MasterCard etc and all others are accepted as far as I can tell; If (like myself) you have a UK Delta, debit card or Switch you can get money out – but be warned you need to check what your bank charges you for the privilege beforehand.

I am Asian/ African-American/ Hispanic will I experience any racism?

Its no more different than for most European cities, although I did pass a group of four drunken yobbos who called out “Hey Nigger” but they were harmless and to be they could have been Polish/Russian/German/Scandinavian for all I know. Do not let this put you off from enjoying yourself.

Can I get Viagra over the counter?

Yes & no; I was informed that you require a prescription but one pharmacist said to me that they could still sell me them over the counter. So I am none the wiser on this.

Will my telephone work in Latvia?

Yes, but the best why pay home prices when you can pick up a local telephone service and get a local number and pay next to nothing for your calls. Plus some of the girls may not call you on an international number-so forget the roaming services. All you need to do is bring your GSM compatible phone and at the airport you can simply buy a prepaid service, which included a chip for around U$13, with around U$10 of calls thrown in and you can make international calls on this service. One company I can recommend located at the airport. okarte.lv you get all the instructions in English including how much credit you have on your phone. Plus, you can make and receive international calls and why pay hotel prices for calls that could cost more than purchasing this chip.



08-27-03, 10:16
I stayed in Riga in late July and visited Okinava late afternoon. Everything was fairly straightforward and it was 20 Lat for an hour, all inclusive. Unfortunately, there were only two girls to choose from but what my choice lacked in looks she made with enthusiasm.

Other possibilities that I noted included five massage salons:

Fantasy (31/2 Matisa Str)
Geisha (57/59-37 Kr. Valdemera Str)
Getera (1/203 Arhitektu Str)
Nimfa Lily (3 Sporta Str)
Siacu (50 Bruminieku Str)

And the following escorts/escort agencies:

Angels (6551142)
Janet (6300506)
Katrina (6344534)
Lika (9333477)
Model Agency (6333237)
Rebecca (6342429)
Riga (6595354)
Riga Stars (6244982)
Viola (7702938/9792845)

Overall, Riga struck me as safe, clean and cheap.

09-21-03, 01:03

Where do you meet ladies to corespond with ?

11-27-03, 21:42
Some experiences from Riga, and a question:

To repeat other entries: Girls are extremely beautiful in Riga. And many are very friendly, and like flirting. Here is some of my experiences from a recent trip to Riga:


Good news and bad news: I went on a Sunday. The place was crammed with beautiful, but very young people (maybe 16-25 for most part), and the atmosphere was great. But I am a young looking 33, and with the young crowd, I was suspiciously close to looking and feeling what I really where: A sex-tourist. If you are smooth, you may pull it of, otherwise go to:

Friday and Saturday the place was packed with the best looking girls I have ever seen. Most were quite young, but there were older guys/girls to. Sunday was dead there though.

I think you have to be quite smooth to pick up an escort at these places, and I didn’t succeed. The problem is this: If you don´t want to risk asking a happy Latvian girl on her night out to have sex for money (and you obviously don’t want that), it is not so easy to initiate a conversation that can lead to the desired business. Any suggestions on how to spot the working girls, and what to say? Is there a codeword?

Escorts from Baltic Beauties:

I had some bad experience with two different girls from Baltic Beauties. I chose this company because I was hoping for a GFE.

Alex (the manager) is extremely very friendly and serviceminded, and is obviously trying to run an upscale business, but towards me, the girls didn’t measure up to this at all.

First I had 24 hours with Simona. She looked good and was friendly. But the sex-part was bad. The first time, after some friendly talking, I initiated, and she looked weirdly at me, but after I asked explicitly we had sex (after baths, of course). The second time, 6 hours, and a citywalk and Sushi later, she didn’t want to at ALL. Only after saying I would call Alex, she suddenly wanted to. At night, after cinema, she was really reluctant, so I sent her home. No kissing, no BBBJ, No GFE – to say the least.

When I told this to Alex, he offered a full 24 hours retry with another lady. Truly an amazing service to offer! I would only accept 4 hours, and asked for Mona.

I had a simular experience with Mona. Long chat, and a lot of stalling; even though we both knew we had short time. After 2 hours gone I was fed up and sent her home.

To sum up: Good news is that the two Baltic Beauties-girls didn’t seem supressed or forced into things or anything like that. They just wasn’t very good at their job. They liked a nice chat, but didn’t go for the sexpart at all, which I had hoped for at upscale pricing, and from Baltic Beauties company profile. Towards me I found them as cold business as it often is in this when you are with girls you pay for.


12-01-03, 14:18
I am interested by Lundgren's posting. I go to Latvia a lot and have tried out various approaches for meeting girls. With regards to Voodoo, it used to be the case that there were many girls, often in pairs, in the vodka bar area down the stairs before you pay to enter any of the main areas. You could chat easily and if they were working they would suggest going back to your hotel. I went there last month and all the girls were in the main areas, having paid to get in or else were dancers there. There were no working girls. I think they must have been cleared out by the management as they were too blatant. I picked up 2 girls there last February and had a great time with them.

I have used many girls from Baltic Beauties and generally had a good time. I met Simona for an overnight in October. She does not kiss, but almost all the others do. She required money up front, whereas the others take it at the end. She was good in bed though, and was perfectly willing. I have not tried Mona. I recomend Linda - she will do anything, including anal, rimming, CIM and is fantasctic all round. Samantha is great too - beautiful and a great kisser. Cindy and Tina are also exceptional. They all offer BBBJ. I can also confirm that Alex offers a good service. I once had a disappointing experience with a girl and got a replacement as well as the removal of the girl from the website.

I have also used some of the agencies with mixed results - they are generally more hardened professional girls and give a more mechanical service. I have also been to The Okinava "bar" cum brothel and had a cheap and OK experience. The Clup Releks in Jurmala (near Dzintari station) was OK a year or so ago - I had a twosome there.

I usually stay at the Hotel Laine in Skolas Iela. It is good because the rooms, apart from the 3rd (reception) and 4th (security) floors are free to enter and take anyone back. Room 615 has a big bath suitable for 2!

Nick T
12-01-03, 19:32

Have you tried Miss Malinka agency? I am hoping to use them and wondered how they rate? Do you know if girls from the strip clubs are for take out?

12-03-03, 06:40
I don't want to make it sound like I know exactly what I am doing. I have been in Riga only a couple of times. But I was fairly successful both trips in getting girls, amateurs, pros, and semipro from the bars.

I used a similar strategy to the one that I used when I used to travel to Russia. I acted self-assured and let loose. In the St. Petersburg forum, somebody once said that the key to getting Russian girls was to act like "Jack Nicholson on steroids". I couldn't say it better. Russian and Lat girls both seem to respond to a cocky guy who acts as though he owns the world. In the west, we are taught to be shy and receding toward women. In my opinion, Russian and Lat women take this to be a sign of weakness.

The only "nightclub" that I went to was Roxy Club. I went there twice. Most of the working girls early in the evening congregate with their handler in the area of the couches just as you enter the club. The semipros are everywhere later at night. The key is to go later if you want to grab a semipro for the night. I went with a semipro much too early the first time I went and while she was an ATF, I dropped a bundle on drinks prior to leaving. The second time I went after a night of drinking at Pub Dickens (which is an incredible place, you have to lift a pint there). I got a semipro real new to the business. Not great sex, but a nice girl, and very cheap (I think it was 20 lats for a couple of hours).

The other success I had was right in Pub Dickens. Some of the pros from Roxy Club walked in one night, just after midnight. I had been eyeing one up my first night at Roxy, but had decided against it. But at Dickens she looked good and was accompanied by a hot friend. To make the story short, I negotiated a threesome (outside on the street, of course) for 30 lats each. It was great sex with one girl, while the other was only marginally into it. The only problem was that they made me change condoms with each switch.

I also met and had actual dates with a couple of local girls. One was just after a nice dinner, with the other I almost decided to stay in Riga and make my life there. And I had an awesome time and got a few phone numbers in Cetri Balti Krekli.

Finally, I should stress that I think that most guys can have success in Riga. You just need the right attitude. Don't go looking for girls. Put yourself in the right place, with the right attitude, and you will have a great time. Take it from a dumpy, middle-aged, slightly overweight geek.

12-09-03, 16:02
I have never used Missmalinka, but there are some reports on www.adult.lv suggesting that they are not so good. They are certainly a bit more expensive than Baltic Beauties. Generally, in my experience, dancers do not perform other services or if they do they try to charge a huge amount.

It seems that the girls who used to frequent Voodoo have migrated to the Roxy or La Rocca. I will try these places next time. I have been before but there were few girls available and in the Roxy the music is deafening.

12-14-03, 21:59
Hi Koshka,

I was thinking about using Baltic beauties during my next trip to Riga.

I was wondering if you ever tried their doubles? I was thinking about Marylin and Samantha together.

If you (or anyone else here) tried that, how was it? Were they into each other?

Have you tried Marylin at all? I really fancy that girl!


-- Lysergic

12-28-03, 11:27
Hey guys,
Been chatting to a real beauty on "kiss com" so Im going to visit her in March, would like a bit of action in the Hotel also as you never know we may never hit it off when we meet. Can you advise of a good hotel with girls working the lobby.

Happy New Year all Im of to Copenhagen on Tuesday


You Got Male
12-28-03, 13:22
Hey Joe,

I'm also talking to a girl on Kiss. I'm going two see her in May just two be sure its not the same. What's your girl's first name?

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12-29-03, 00:58
Im sure there are lots of girls in Riga on kiss com, so whats your girls name ?

You Got Male
12-29-03, 09:04

Your're right, have fun.

12-30-03, 10:38
I have not tried any duos from Baltic Beauties. I have had Samantha a couple of times on her own and she is very nice, very young and sweet.

As far as I know there are no girls working in hotel lobbies or bars in Riga, although there was talk of some in the Conventa Seta some time ago.

Dick Fotta
12-31-03, 17:23
Ok,I have found some address of the massage parlours in Riga.. I've been the first two years ago to descover Okinava sauna-brothel. I will be in Riga on the next spring,so please someone could try these address for me? Are they right? And the prices?
Forgot the agencies like baltic beauties, you risk to spend more for any valid reason.

Sports & relaxation / Massage

Aqua Villa SPA

Classic and relaxing massage, wide range of body and face care, correction and relaxing therapies (aroma therapy). Great water massage, hot stone massage etc.

Main location: 11 Tirgonu iela, 2nd floor
781 46 86
8.00 - 21.00, Sat 10.00 - 21.00
URL: www.bonitta.lv
e-mail: bonitta at delfi.lv

Dzesika (Lilami)

Ayurvedic massage, Relaxing massage, Thai massage, Infrared sauna, Antistress programme.

Main location: 44/46 Bruninieku iela
Tel. 727 35 02


Main location: 31/2 Matisa iela
Tel. 654 00 01


Main location: 1-203 Arhitektu iela
Tel. 937 30 99

Junija aptieka

Ayurvedic massage, Healing massage, Manual therapy, Hawaian massage "Lomi-Lomi", Russian massage

Main location: 10 Antonijas iela
Tel. 722 95 27
9.00 - 23.00


Relaxing massage, Tantric massage, Antistress programme, Californian massage (with application of aromatic oils), Anti-cellulite massage

Main location: 46 Brivibas iela
Tel. 724 33 22
Mob. tel. 596 95 55
9.00 - 23.00;
24 Baznicas iela
Tel. 731 15 00
Mob. tel. 622 98 66
9.00 - 23.00


Main location: 92b-3 Elizabetes iela
Tel. 922 20 29


Main location: 3 Sporta iela
Tel. 610 16 26

Royal Orchid Oriental SPA

Thai massage, aromatic oil massage, erotic massage, foot massage; cleansing and exfoliating body scrubs, body wraps and facials; steam room and orchid bath.

Main location: 14 Marstalu iela
Tel. 722 45 13
15.00 - 22.00, Sat, Sun 12.00 - 22.00


Reserve beforehand. Exotic erotic massage.

Main location: 50 Bruninieku iela, apt. 5
Tel. 800 55 77 (free number)
11.00 - 23.00

And the people could explain why there's no info available for the fine girls of Lithuania? What a pity, Vilnius is very cheaper compared Riga and Tallinn..

01-03-04, 00:48

I've been to two of these, Lilami and Royal Orchid. Service was about what you would expect, in both places the massage was good (at Lilami I would say excellent). Then came an extended handrub and a nice finish. At Lilami, the attendant scored out as a 6 in face (kinda messed up teeth but otherwise acceptable) and a 9-10 in body (if you like them petite you probably wouldn't agree, but if you like breasts and all that goes with them this girl would be for you). Added plusses here were that she let me explore most of her incredible body and that she let me finish on her spectacular breasts. She acted as though she really liked this, rubbing her breasts down with my member after the shot. Then she took her time cleaning me off with a nice warm towel. I think the charge was 30 Lat for the hour. I tipped her 10 Lat and she really seemed pleased (probably too much, but it was one of the better sessions of this type that I have had).

At Royal Orchid, the attendant was cuter in the face (say 7-8) but had a far less interesting body and was pretty distant during the whole thing. Right after my shot she pretty much threw me a towel (cold!) and bolted the room. 20 Lat but not much of a good time.

All in all, I prefer Okinava or the bar scene. But I FULLY agree with your comment about Baltic Beauties and the other escort services. These are tourist traps all the way. Nobody has to pay that kind of coin to get satisfied in Riga.

Dick Fotta
01-23-04, 18:21

Thank you for your work,but probably you choosed the worst places that I have suggested..
Please,look the addresses posted before to "Cleanshave",including the escort agencies..
Maybe you are not satisfied now because you have paied too money to the wrong person..the massage centers that you've tested,are usually used as "ONLY MASSAGE" places,in a serious way..

Try to check Okinava center,and :


Main location: 50 Bruninieku iela, apt. 5
Tel. 800 55 77 (free number)
11.00 - 23.00


Main location: 31/2 Matisa iela
Tel. 654 00 01


Main location: 1-203 Arhitektu iela
Tel. 937 30 99


Main location: 92b-3 Elizabetes iela
Tel. 922 20 29


Main location: 3 Sporta iela
Tel. 610 16 26

Try to go on : www.adult.lv, then search on the BOARD pages,and post your request,if you are lucky..



01-25-04, 05:34

I respect your Senior Member status. But perhaps you didn't read my post (or earlier ones). I myself prefer pulling from bars in Riga. And I think that Okinava is a great value and one of the girls that I had there was a great talent. But there is no shame in trying out new experiences. I will try out Shiacu and others when I am there next time (it may be in two weeks!). I consider myself a fairly sophisticated shopper and I don't think that attacking me is going to help the general situation. I'm with you, brother, not against you.

However, I agree completely with your comment about overpaying. The escort services that advertise on the web are WAY too expensive for Latvia.

I also am interested in the hinterlands. I will be in Tartu, Estonia the week after next and may have to travel to parts of eastern Latvia. I'd love a report on other areas. I'll post a query in that section, also.



Bez Bezarra
01-30-04, 04:53

How 'bout couldn't somebody try to share a lil' some-some, to let all of us out here that are wondering like me, see what the Latvian hotties look like?

Why we should all go over and fight for Baltics, when we don't ever even get to see what we're fighting for ! Am I right ?

WALK INTO A DELI AND [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) ON THE CHEESE !

Anarchy '99.

Davay, let's see some Riga Pizda!

Dick Fotta
02-02-04, 18:07

please don't fill the forum with your stupid post..
We are working hard for find nice girls,respect us..

Zadig,maybe you misunderstood me..
I don't want to attack you ..

Ok,check this site
www.adult.lv, then search on the BOARD pages,and post your request,I've found a lot of amateur girls(students and housewifes)and fucked for 15/20 lats..
Tartu is the second city in Estonia,an university-town,very nice but little.. Try the pubs or bars situation,not the expensive clubs.. All the prof.chicks are estonians,not russians as in Tallinn..
Jurmala in summer is the second option,if you don't want to pay more just because you are in the capital..
The rest of the Latvian country is very poor and rural,but my friends are searching this situation: a cute 25 y.o. blond or redhead farmer's daughter,who smile on your face not for money but only because you are an human..
The woman there are less demanding,arrogant,lier,bitchy,etc.etc. (Go in my"fine"city,Bologna,and you will find only girls who NEED a man rich,young,cool,cute,famous,etc.etc.,and if don't look so you do not exist.. Sadly but true!).

Let me know,forget my bad english,bye!

02-20-04, 23:40
Is it somebody now about some girls in riga 1 hour for 30lvl.
Its many in the old forum,but the girls is problely not working now?

03-01-04, 11:43

As you advised i put a post on adult.lv. Only 2 reponses coming from escort asking 100 euros/h. But none from students or housewifes.

Another way to catch non-pro girl?

Dick Fotta
03-15-04, 15:38
La rond,

I'm not the major of the Latvian pimps,but the website mentioned before is fine.. You know the process: via web,or in a night-disco,or in the big malls (look in the center of Riga for that). Otherwise try to catch the eyes of the young girls, without be aggressive or nasty. I haven't the magic wood for fuck all the slutty teenagers in Latvia,just look around or in the right magazines. I'll be in Riga, for help the people who wanna mongering in June.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

03-22-04, 22:29
Just a quick note, detailing a very pleasant Riga experience. Booked a 4-hour visit last week with Samantha from Baltic Beauties (you can find the website).

Alex, who runs the service, was excellent to deal with and Samantha was tremendous company. Very, very beautiful (even better than the pics), excellent english, and very pleasant to speak with.

BBBJ, reverse oral, straight sex in many positions. Not sure she's as old as the site says she is, however. I suspect she's closer to 18/19 than 21/22, and she is not one to take charge. Excellent gfe and well worth the eur200.

Two things to mention, however. She is quite "natural" down below and, contrary to the website, she smokes a lot.

Milky Boy
03-25-04, 23:08
Does this look like deliberate disinformation to anybody else, or is it just me? This guy has posted essentially this same message 8 times, the last several with the HIV scare added at the end.

I'd like to hear from some of this section's regular posters. Is this guy legitimate or full of crap?





Its better stay at home, and not go to former Eastern Countries. They are just after your money and its quite dangerous. Girls are not easy to get either, and prices are very high, for hotels resturants, bars and discos and whatever. For those who like hores can I say that they will be very dissapointed becuase prices they will pay are much higher than home for a bad quality with a girl with very bad attitude. It was different in the begining of 90, when just comunist time was over. It was completly different. you got quality for money and people were nice. It was amazing golden time. They were pure coutries and untouched.

I've visited all baltic cities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since begining of 90 and they are all same. After being there some days you will realise you can hardly find normal girls in there.

They are all defect somehow. I think its harder to get girls in there compare to Western European countries. Specially if you looking for normal girls then you are going to really wrong place.

They have unrealistic ideas of the life in the west and they have a strange attittude to men. You will see all of these when you visit those countries.

People who have done the misstake and bring these girls to west to live with them will realise after a while that they have done a big misstake.They realise too late that the most ugliest wetern girl is better than those blondies who will destroy their life later.

Let me know about your experience if you visit those states.

By the way:

Be very very careful so you dont go back home with HIV infection becuase the HIV in population is much higher than western coutries. Some reports says that the numbers are as high as some African coutries, and its growing like explosion and even European comunity is very concerned and try stop the epidemy who is growing very fast in eastern europe.

No body knows the real number of HIVs and althogh the official numbers are very high but estimated numbers of undetected HIVs are much much higher.

Good luck

Does this look like deliberate disinformation to anybody else, or is it just me? This guy has posted essentially this same message 8 times, the last several with the HIV scare added at the end.

I'd like to hear from some of this section's regular posters. Is this guy legitimate or full of crap?



03-26-04, 23:56
Which of the girls in baltic beauties do cim?
I go to riga soon
cim lover

03-27-04, 04:06
Milky boy is ridiculous. Eastern European girls are fantastic. HIV rate in Eastern Europe is comparably high... but largely confined to intravenous drug users. Real sex risks are not higher than anywhere else.

Nobody has commented on his posts because they are simply out of place and bitterly ill-toned.

03-28-04, 19:16
One more report from my recent visit to Riga. After a very positive experience with Baltic Beauties, I tried Riga Stars 624 4982 (as listed in the "Riga This Week" travel magazine). While generally sceptical about ordering "sight unseen", I was very favourably impressed.

Asked first for a thin, natural girl and had the agency send Alexandra to me. 170cm, 50kg, red-brown long hair. English speaking and maybe 20-22yr. Really, lovely. Covered bj and straight sex. Just one shot - which kind of surprised me, but to be honest I had only a few hours sleep the night before and really needed the time for an afternoon nap. Cost was LAT30, and the girl was at my hotel within an hour.

Used the agency again for a 5am encounter as well. Not english speaking, but Natasha was otherwise excellent. Very petite. Two full sessions. Again, price was 30.

I look forward to my next trip to Latvia!

Traveler Tom
03-29-04, 08:32
a bit out of date but assume any infor helps.

bad experience with allbeauties escorts. their site gives a mass of info but no sight of the girls - assume u have to e-mail them to get their url showing the range. the original site, once a password was given, produced a very average lot but the whole thing is dressed up in a sort of package (see current site). riga stars seems much more straightforward. allbeauties becomes a real effort - assume it is still run by a perfectly amaiable american but one had to put up with their nice but 'heavy-going' russian 'minder' as well! perhaps it has all eased up a bit, now. prices were completely mad - you could get 4 agency girls for the price of their one (which i did)

the agencies from the newspapers or riga this week were great and very reliable. very cute russians and lats for around 70 euros per hour (after a bit of dealing) and then it seemed to work in increments of 10 minutes which was a bit different but, i suppose, one did not waste money that way and could get a top-up from another who would be round in 15 minutes. clandestine hand-over outside hotel as delivery boy not able to access the hotel (or did not want to). sorry - lost the two key agency numbers but i expect they are all as good as each other and that telephone numbers, probably, head for one or two central dispatching operations. certainly the 'private' cell numbers that i was given seemed to go around in a circle and i think i ended up with the same people, regardless of where the girl came from. nothing new in this, however.

suggest stick to the russians - some of the lats are cute but not as relaxed.


one error - late one night in a bar - pretty girl - back to the room. vodka ran out - she went to get new supplies and i went for a [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) whilst she waited in the bedroom. next thing i new was 10 am . luckily she just took what little cash was around - not passport etc. moral: never leave them alone in the room - not only did she pick up some scotch but a little additive as well! one cannot generalise and all the rest were 100% ok but it is always the one that is not that makes you foolish. this is unlikely to happen if one deals through an agency so watch out for the straight pick-up (first time caught in many years of mongering!)


Member #1005
03-29-04, 09:19

If I can add my two cents worth here to Milky Boy’s post, even if it is a bit late to come to the party since I have been distracted elsewhere.

From my experience, Latvia is part of the Baltic States, which in now part of the European Union (EU). On the whole most of the regular girls I know there, as friends, one reason I first went there back in 2001 because my friend, whom had visited London where I met up with her complained that I would never visit Riga as I kept always promising. Four weeks later, I was on a plan and have recently visited in August last year 2003.

It’s a myth that ALL Latvian girls want to marry a foreigner just to leave the country, since most of the girls I know regularly travel widely over Europe, the only thing that restricts them in travelling, is the same thing that prevents anyone else travelling, and that is having the finance. FACT, in my experience there are many normal girls to be found in Latvia.

I think Milky Boy is confused by the fact that there is a clear distinction between native “Latvian” Latvians and that of Russian Latvians, they are the ones born there of Russian ancestry who’s grandparents were shipped there to bolster Russian numbers, whilst the descendent Latvians were shipped to Siberia. Because of the country’s independence in the 1990s there is a situation whereby those people of Russian ancestry were given the opportunity to become Latvian citizens, (take a test etc) but I will not go into the mechanics of it all, there are plenty of other websites that carry this information. So today we have the situation that there are some Russian who basically have “no status” this means that they are not Latvian because they still cling onto the Russian ancestry for whatever reason, but I know that such people cannot go back to Russian because the Russian government says that if you were born in Latvia then you are Latvian not Russian.

Therefore, these people caught in this dilemma are primarily these ones who dream of a better life in the west because; if you hold no status you cannot travel freely and for them as if they went back to Russian basically, if they have no family to look after them, they are no different to newly arrived immigrants, ie having to start at the bottom.

However, to give a balanced view there are many Russians who have taken Latvian citizenship, as there are in Estonia and Lithuanian and are positively thriving in their countries so unless you are a very big roller, of graced with the celebrity looks of Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, the average foreigner has nothing to offer such career women nor have any hope of banging these girls with just a simple promise of taking them back to your country, especially when these women travel anywhere they want, when they want. I base this information on the fact that I know people from both camps, Latvian Latvians and Russian Latvians. Most of these girls complain of the fact that some of these fashion chains opening up in Riga charge much higher prices than in London, for last season’s stock, therefore they prefer to shop in central Europe. So Milky Boy you are wrong on that, there are plenty of normal girls to be found in Latvia who are familiar with life in the west and if you know what you are doing up for grabs. For mongering it’s certainly not an expensive destination if you know what you are doing, I avoid the girls from any casinos but prices are still cheaper than central Europe but the quality, in my opinion, is higher.

On the AIDS thing I would say that its no higher than most parts of central Europe, this is not some third world country here but part of the newly enlarged EU.


03-29-04, 13:42
I would also like to state that I go to Riga perhaps 5-6 times a year, and have done for the last 4 years. I have had great experiences with the girls, and I know a number of them as friends. Latvia is becoming a normal European country and more and more people are increasingly widely travelled. the girls are amongst the most beuatiful anywhere (partly the Russian genes) but mongering is cheaper than in many places in Europe. I have a long-term on-off girlfriend there plus another girl I see regularly. I have made good use of Baltic Beauties - incidentally, Linda and Lana do cim - and also met girls in bars, used the escort agencies in Riga Tonight and one or 2 from clubs (there is - or was- one in jurmala called "Releks" where you could have a girlf for an hour for 20lvl and the room for 20lvl) and also the Okinava bar/sauna/brothel where the girls are not quite so good. Erotic massages are also nice - try Shiatsu.

For quality, variety and price in a small city there is nowhere to beat Riga.

Milky Boy
03-29-04, 17:24

No, I am sorry to say that you are very wrong in AIDS issue like many other things in your report. You are saying that AIDS is as much as in Central Europe, and it is wrong as it can be so please don't send wrong information as many other things in your report. I've discussed this issue in other places too and don't undrestand why some people want to send this wrong information around on the net while even goverments of these countries are saying this is a very very big problem and they are asking for help. Please stop saying in next report that its Russians who have HIV (dont be funny) and stop these race subject about russians and originally latvians. Its really unpleasent subject what is basicly not accepted in rest of the world and in europe. The Russian minority rights in there and some of Latvian politicians(so called nationalists) bad attitude against them is even a problem for EC who wants to accept this country as others baltics in Europe and hopefully after generations make them like civilised europe.

I am a medical doctor and I can recomend you reading united nations program on HIV/AIDS named UNAIDS and the epidemilological fact sheet in there before you just send reports and make statments on here. The direct adress to the fact sheet is: http://www.hivinsite.org/pdf/UNAIDS/Latvia_en.pdf

Its in PDF format and you see even the World health organisation in there.

If you want an easy access to numbers of infections in those countries you read the report from AIDS FOUNDATION EAST&WEST. The adress is :

There is other reports from other baltic govermental organisations you can easily find on internet. Please dont send wrong information to people.

If you should have seen AIDS patients you should take this more seriously to do everything informing people about the facts. One should be aware of risks in there. One should know what is waiting there. One should know about prices and risks and people in there. These coutries are basicly very different than western countries , baside the look of new shoping mals and peoples cloth and make upps that looks like west. You cant change mentality and certain cultural thing in 10 years. I have read some people been angry about things I wrote ,of unknown reason for me. Either they are of Ltvian heritage or they have different values. I just want to inform new guys be aware before they go there.

Remember that numbers in reports above(look the sites) are almost 3 years old and the real number of HIV people in there for HIV infected must be at leat 9,000 by now . The prevalence of HIV is higher than europe and its growing . Read the reports please. Its a good site for all former soviet countries. This is not anything that government in those coutries are hiding becuase its really very very bad situation in there, so dont try to hide information from people or sending wrong information in future.

Thank you very much.

I think you can find girls in there, but the question is if its worth it! I dont know the answer. I have been there and have had grate time too, but ive seen things changing slowly and lately getting so bad as a guy said before that in some discos the girl:boy ratio is 1:3 sometimes, and one can imagine how dissapointed one like us will be who waits something completly different.

Member #1005
03-30-04, 07:50
Milky Boy

Interesting to see your reply to my post but you are quoting things that I did not say, I was merely pointing out that the only people seeking to escape from Latvia are the “non status Russians”

Please show me in my post where I said: ” that its Russians who have HIV?”

This is Misinformation

On Aids I said: “its no higher than most parts of central Europe, this is not some third world country here but part of the newly enlarged EU”

So once again you are quoting Misinformation If you are not sure what is meant by central Europe then please look at a map.

On my visit to Riga in August the girl I spent my time with was a Russian Latvian and I have several friends who are Latvian Latvians whom I also met up with last year. I tried to see the argument from both sides and give a balanced view, something I would suggest you try before make comment on AIDS like: “the numbers are as high as some African countries, and its growing like explosion”

So no Milky Boy you are wrong, if you want people to take you seriously you should check your facts before quoting them out of context. I read some of your views in Estonia and the Lithuania thread and sorry to say you have a very misguided opinion of things in general.

Please note that this argument, on native nationals and Russian nationals, also stands in Estonia and Lithuania. There are non-status people in these countries also. This is my opinion from my experience of having spent time in Latvia and visited Estonia.

Finally, on the women to men ratios you are once again wrong on that one, I saw many well dressed beautiful women so I don't agree with your three men to every women ratio, maybe maths isn't your strong point.


Konan Grit
04-01-04, 16:18

I'm new to this forum,and this is my first report,expect alot more, as I'm a regular monger.I'll try to keep my future reports more indepth.

This was my first trip to Latvia, and I really enjoyed it,the exchange rate was about 1 Lat to 1 GBP, so prices are very easy to work out for British whorists.

Got a taxi from outside Riga airport on arrival to Forums hotel, the taxi fare was 8 Lats, probably a little over the odds, but not too much.

Forums is situated in the old town, I found it's location to be excellent,close to alot of good pubs, bars and nightclubs. We didn't book in advanced,and paid the standard rate of 37 Lats per night for a single occupancy room, I think the price for a double room is 45 Lats/night. You could probably strike a better deal for a week, but we weren't sure how long we would be staying, as it happened, we spent the whole week there. I expect it would be cheaper to book in advance over the internet, here's a link I've just found to one site that offers this hotel: http://www.riga-hotels.1bigeurope.com/detail.aspx?ID=438

Decent rooms,with satellite TV offering BBC World, CNBC, Eurosport,MTV Germany and 24 hour hardcore porn, aswell as various Russian and Latvian stations. Absolutely no problem with taking girls back, and no charge for them staying overnight. Obviously take all the normal precautions and use the safety deposit box at reception, as drugings do happen, and far more likely, you will probably be unconscious after an all-dayer on the Vodka. I don't think Latvia is worse than anywhere else in this respect.

Call girls are available from adverts in tourist

Konan Grit
04-01-04, 18:09

I'm new to this forum and this is my first report

I've recently returnded from my first trip to Latvia and spent a week in Riga. On arrival at the airport we got a taxi to Forums hotel, the taxi fare was 8 Lats. The current exchange rate is about 1 Lat - 1 GBP, so very easy for British mongers to work out prices.

We hadn't booked in advance and paid the standard rate of 37 Lat/night for a single occupancy room. Double rooms are 45 Lat/night, however I'm sure it would be cheaper to book up in advance, here's a link to one site that offers Forums hotel: http://www.riga-hotels.1bigeurope.com/detail.aspx?ID=438

The hotel is very monger friendly, no charge for bringing girls back and no questions asked, so take all the usual precautions. Use one of the hotel safety deposit boxes, as drugings are not unheard of. Far more likely is falling asleep whilst intoxicated on extreme amounts of Vodka, this is a very basic safety tip for any whorist in any country, only keep enough in your room to be able to pay the girl.

The rooms are to a decent standard, with satellite TV including 24 hard core porn, BBC World, CNBC, Eurosport and MTV Germany, aswell as several Latvian and Russian stations. Breakfast is included in the price, but isn't worth making an effort to get up for. The main benefit of this hotel is its' excellent location. It's situated in the centre of the old town near to many bars, pubs and clubs. The main bus station is only about 3 minutes walk.If you decide to visit Tallin in Estonia, the bus fare is about 10 Lat. You can also travel to Lithuania and many other countries from this bus station. The only complaint I have about this hotel is that the double beds are actually 2 single beds put together, so not so good for rough sex.

Call girls are available from the tourist guides which can be found in any hotel. The prices start from 30 Lats upwards, they have English speaking staff, so ordering them is not a problem. I had one girl from one of these escort agencies. Cost was about 35 Lats. I was not very impressed, slightly plump, eighteen years old and very ordinary looking, but what the fuck, I had been wanking off over hard core porn for three quarters of an hour, I'd fuck anything at this point. She got her kit off and started to suck me off with condom, whilst I watched the porn for the next ten minutes. Feeling suitable horny I moved to a 69 and was met with the most foul smell from a pussy I have ever had the bad fortune to put my nose near. This was becoming a chore, and I just wanted to get it over with. Stuck my cock up her **** and started to fuck her missionary style, she was starting to enjoy it, not having that, that porn had done it's job and my spunk shot out into the condom. I was relieved to have got that out of the way, another country invaded, but it wasn't without cost, I needed something nice to get the foul memory of that putrid pussy out of my mind. My friend got about 6 girls in this way, but my 1st had put me off,from now on I would only bring girls back who I had found myself.

There is an English Pub called Dickens not too far from Forums hotel, we made it our local for the week. Some of the girls inside are *****s, but not all. Be carefull of the street walkers outside, one of them tried to pick pocket my friend. Got to be carefull with the low life street *****s anywhere in the world. There is also an Irish pub opposite Dickens, good food in both, and both are good pick up joints for regular girls. Latvian women can be stunning, and it seems that women out number men by quite a bit. We pulled a couple of good looking regular girls from Dickens two nights into our trip, and went out clubbing with them. Some good clubs in Riga, if you know where you're going, and women are very easy to chat up. However I'm 26 and relatively good looking and in shape, so may not be so easy for hardcore sex cases to pull. By the end of the night, my friend had took his girl back and shagged her, however mine wasn't so easy,and I had to make do with walking her home and a kiss. My mate soon forgot about his and started getting his numbers up. I made the mistake of seeing my girl for the next few nights, never getting more than a grope of her tits. Goodlooking girl though, definate girlfriend material, but I get bored with the same girl after a few days, especially when no sex is involved.

Before I realised it was my last night, and I had only fucked one girl! Walked her home and then decided some hard core fucking was in order. Met my mate, and we went to a club called Roxys. Damn!!! last night and we discover this place. A disco full of freelancers, just like Marine in Pattaya, or Help in Rio. Got pissed out of our heads, and then decided to bring some ***** back to my room, she was a decent looker, nice body, and fairly young. Negotiated with her for 30 Lats. and went back to the hotel.

After large amounts of alcohol, and no sex for a few days, I was in a really dirty mood soon negotiated another 10 Lats for no condom, and then another 10 for her to stay all night. So 50 Lats in total, but it was worth it, oral, rimmed my ass, and fucking in every position you can think of. Dirty talking, hair pulling all bare back, sex how it should be, down and dirty. Woke up the next day with a terrible hangover, having to leave for the airport soon, but hey, can always make time for a wank. So put the porn on and got her to wank me off,shot my bolt then realised she had teeth like bombed out houses. Apart from that she wasn't too bad, kicked out Dresden and got a taxi to the airport, this time on the meter got charged 20 Lats!!! It was a weekday afternoon,next time I'll negotiate before hand.

To summarise, Riga is an excellent city for nightlife (I was out until 5am most nights), with a great standard of women. Very cheap compared to western Europe and the most fun I've had anywhere in Eastern Europe. It also seemed like a very nice clean and relatively safe city. Riga: Highly recommend.

Next stop Amsterdam, first trip there, and I'm sure I'll be dissapointed after Riga.

04-05-04, 08:50
Hi Konan,

Great report, your a man after my own heart. Forget all this soppy GFE nonsense, let's just fuck *****'s. I've got a weekend off later in the month and i was going to try Czech Republic.

However after reading your report, I'm now definatly going to Riga.

I'm looking for a mix of Escort, (on arrival) Club girls,and some down and dirty streetgals. Do you have any observations on the streetwalker scene. locations, Costs, etc?



04-07-04, 01:39
Rolled through Riga recently. Didn't see any street girls at all and were having trouble locating exactly where to go. All of the escort agencies that we found in Riga this week wanted to charge us 45 lats/hr. We called Janet 7587819 and they sent four girls to our apartment and we chose two, Olga and another who despite having twice, I can't remember her name. CBJ, MPFS, DATY.

Our second night, we found a cab driver who asked us what we were looking for. We told him girls! His name was Igor and his number was 9590524. He arranged to take us in his cab outside the Old City to rendezvous with two different cars that had a driver and selection of girls in it. Woody chose Helena from the first car and I chose Oxana from the second. They were both really cute blondes that spoke good English, Oxana being taller & Helena being cuter. The cost for each was 30 Lats paid to Igor and we gave him 5 lats for taking us around.

Once inside, Oxana told me that if I called her driver directly it would only cost 20 lats next time. Seems like Igor took 10 lats off the top for each girl. Oxana's driver's number is 9101521. Both girls did CBJ and MPFS and both refused DATY. Oxana did try to direct a lot of the action, but I was having none of that.

I'll be curious to know which of the escort agencies were only charging 30 Lats.

04-07-04, 20:31
I had a very enjoyable time in Riga last weekend. Definately one of the better european destinations for hobbying. Costs genrally are low, a taxi from the airport to the old town should cost no more than 6 Lat. Eating and drinking generally much cheaper than a western european city.

We paid a visit to a club called Dolls. It had some very attractive girls, but far too expensive for my tastes. 10 Lat for entry, general drinks not too bad but ladies drinks ranged from 12-20 Lat. Expensive table dances were on offer and we assume more, however, after one drink we decided to seek out the more reasonably priced options.

Minimis has already given the details of the agencies we used. Olga from the first agency was a slightly chunky girl probably no more than a 5 who gave good but no exceptional service. Helen, the 19 year old blonde from the second day was at least an 8 in looks and also gave a good enthusiastic service with kissing (albeit no DATY). She also spoke good English. Unfortunately, I have no direct number for her as when asked she said that she'd prefer to call me as cxalling her might cause problems.

I also visited a couple of massage parlours and will report on those another day.


Member #1005
04-08-04, 08:26
Hey Guys where are you getting the escorts from at 45 Lts an hour? Try the Russian language newspapers and not the escorts agencies found in Riga This Week Some of these agencies advertise in both publications but charge different rates.

Extract taken from my old post: “Anyway for the mongering I tried an Escort service back at my hotel the prices was 20 Ls plus 10 Ls for the security all paid to the girl or rather the minder who brought the girl. I brought the Russian language “Buy & Sell” magazine, which is called "CM-PEK*AMA" or PEK*AMA- where the * is a V upside down and this has them all listed on the back page. If you write this down and show it to a shop assistant they will know what it is. I tried Margo Escort service:7424801 the girl that came was a 21 year old Russian named Tanya about a 6 in looks the service was a so so about a 5 but she did give me her number to get in contact again with her directly. Typical standard service with covered blow job but she was happy to stay for more than the full hour.” But as many of these are freelancers if you take their details they are happy to meet up later for free or a fraction of the price.

Milky Boy
04-08-04, 16:18
A senior member did send me this article yesterday and he send me even the site he got information from. It says:


HIV spread continues at an alarming pace in the Baltic States. The total number of HIV diagnoses in Latvia has risen five-fold since 1999. Just four years ago, Estonia reported 12 new HIV cases: in 2002, 899 people were newly diagnosed with the virus. Lithuania is on a similar path. There, the 72 new HIV cases detected in 2001 increased more than five-fold in 2002.


Milky Boy,

Please re-post this in the Safe Sex section of the Forum where it can be read by those Forum Members who are specifically looking for this information.



04-09-04, 11:58
To Milky Boy: Thanks so much for your warnings about HIV. As Jackson says, however, they are probably more appropriate in other parts of the forum. Most of the men reading these posts practice safe mongering, or so we all hope.

As for your evaluation of Latvian women (and by the way Estonian women also), please continue to spread it around as much as possible. PLEASE tell the world that Latvian women are actually ugly dogs that don't understand men. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE convince all of the world not to go to Riga because the women there are cold beasts who are just after money. The more successful you are in this effort, the more men will avoid Riga and it will be left to the poor unfortunate souls like myself and several others on this post to be the only ones that will have to suffer the horrors of Riga - like the terrible (well, OK, 19 year old supermodel quality, funny, warm, and definitely sexually supercharged) semipro girl that I was with last time in that horrid place. Thanks for your service to this post and keep up the good work.

Milky Boy
04-09-04, 21:53
You are welcome. People will go and see whats going on there, so please dont be ironic.

04-12-04, 23:41
Hi All,

Not interested in the politics of mongering, just looking for practical help, Have three days leave. Like Anal sex, CIM,rimming & also Street action .


1, Should I choose Riga


2 Czech Republic, ie, E55

I need to book my ticket this week



Konan Grit
04-13-04, 17:47

Sorry for not replying sooner. I didn't use any street walkers in Riga, so can't comment on the cost. However, I would imagine them to be cheap. As for location, I spotted a few around the old town outside Dickens pub and the surrounding area.

Personally I prefer Riga to Prague, but I'm no expert on either. Riga seems cheaper than Prague, but there seems to be more SWs in Prague, mainly Bulgarian Gypsies, they are ok for a cheap fuck. There's also a wide variety of very nice girls working in the gogo bars. Not so cheap, but definately worth a go on.

In my opinion both places are worth going to, but Riga just edges it for me.


I can't remember the names of the escort agency which charged 30 Lat. But you get what you pay for, I was quoted different prices by all the agencies I called. I also think the prices are cheaper in the daytime, than in the evening.


Couldn't agree with you more. Hehe

04-13-04, 23:06
Hi again Konan,

Thanks for the timely response, I've just taken the plunge and booked my flight to Riga. Unfortunatly my flight does not get in untill late on sunday, My aim is to get through as many women as possible in the short time I have available, Therefore I'm wondering will I still find girls in clubs circa 1-2am on a Monday morning or should I pre- book an escort for my first night?

Would welcome your thoughts and those of other Members.



Member #1005
04-14-04, 06:30

Just to add my two cents worth, I would have opted for Prague myself, it’s a much bigger city and the sex industry is much more sophisticated.

Riga is good and has many beautiful women but you have to invest time and effort to get what you are looking for in three days and you have to know what you are doing.

Street walkers are now far and few between, here is an extract taken from my 2001 Post

“Street Action is a little dry since the government had a clamp down on the streets but there are still some girls to be had mainly on Cake Iela. The prices range from 15 to 20 Ls for one hour. One hour usually means one hour, everyone quoted in hours – no 30 minutes here, so if you can come twice, that's no problem.”

To make the most of your trip just read some of the previous posts, much of the information is still valid.

04-23-04, 13:31
Just an update on the Riga scene. I met a couple of girls I have seen before - the attached photo is of one of them. She charged 150 Euros for a night and is a real sex maniac, only just 20.

I also tried the Okinava bar/sauna/brothel where I was charged 25 lats for 1 hour in the big sauna room complex. This included a massage but not sex, which I paid the girl 10 lats extra for. This is a change since I last went last summer when the sex was included for 20 lats. The cost is therefore similar to what the escort agencies prices used to be. The girl was very nice and I had a good time with her. She was a blonde, slim, called Marina.

I also had a couple of massages, at the Lilami salon, where the girl was ropless and as she wanked me off allowed me to suck her tits and play with her ****. The second place was called getera where the girl was very young and lovely and also allowed me to play with her. These cost 25 lats for 1 hour and the massage is a professional job.

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines requiring the deletion of any photo in which the subject of the photo has requested that the photo be removed. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

05-04-04, 11:25

Had a couple of days to kill, so was weighing up between Riga and Prague for my shaggig trip. That was untill I read Konan's report, it was then Riga for me. The brief was for the maximum ammont of Anal sex, with the widest range of girls, in the shortest time. I was looking for Escorts, Club girls, and also some street action.

I'd done quite a bit of research on the boards, and also called a few agencys from the UK before setting off. By far the best of these was baltic beauties. I was extremly clear about my requirements, as i did'nt want to waste any time.

Alex the owner and I exchanged about ten e- mails clarifying my needs and arranging the meetings. The girls had to be slim, petite,under 25 and enjoy Anal, rimming & CIM. It was arranged I'd see Lynda and Rachael both of whom appear on his web site. (bbeauties.lv) I'd booked 12 hours with each girl at 300 euros a piece which in the UK would be considered a bargain.

SUNDAY NIGHT (Club girl)

Flew Air Baltic on sunday evening. Flight took only two and a half hours from Heathrow, and cost a £180

I'd wanted a good hotel that was flexible about girls, and close to the Dickens pub, and Roxy disco, Alex recommended the Hotel De Rome I got a double room with a king sized bed for £90 per night.

Flight was full, and I quickly struck up conversation with the chap next to me. Cut a long story short, he ultimatly became my guide for my first evening. We'll call him John, he's Latvian and goes home every couple of weeks. We find we have in common that we both like *****s.

Arrive on time, 25mins later John's dropped his bag and were on route from my hotel to the Roxy which is less than 100mts.

Payed I think about 5 lats entry. the club was full but not bursting.


Good club, good music, lots of very, very pretty girls but it's not like "HELP" in Rio i.e I'd say only a small proportion of the girls are out and out hookers.

Although if you want to invest the time and energy, I'd say most were available as potential girlfriends.

However my only interest was finding someone i could pay, to fuck in the arse that evening. Which is why having john with me proved invaluable. Within 30 min he had hooked up with a girl who was obviously working. He said i could have her, but i wasn't that interested. As at that stage I thought that like "HELP" that absolutly all the girl were hookers.

I was very wrong and wasted a couple of hours chatting and flirting with a couple of girls only to find sex wasn't on the menu that evening.

Back to John's girl. I asked her for"all night" including anal and she wanted a 100 lats. I said no way and let her go, an hour later she came back and said she'd do it for 100 euros.

Back to the hotel, security looked a bit funny so I explained I was paying for a double room, so they did'nt really have a leg to stand on.

By now I was bursting to get in her arse, so within minutes, she was naked and sucking my dick.

I tried to get her to rim me, but she wasn't having it. so turned her round and started lubing her arse up with some KY.

Asked her if she wanted to sniff some poppers, she wasn't sure but once I'd done it. She had a go and loved it.

I plunged my dick in up to the hilt and she howled like a stuck pig "love it" she's getting the rush from the poppers and I'm pounding away like a piston the saps risiing so pullout and whip off the condom, move round so I'm above her, and stuff my dick in mouth.

I dont think she was that keen, but I wanked my load into her anyway.


We both dozed off, I woke about an hour later, and felt well perky she was still asleep on her belly, so I slipped on a condom and made sure it was well lubed up. I slipped a couple of pillows under her and she didn't stir so I plunged into her arse again. I thought she wasn't going to like it, but she was moaning and pushing back against me, asking for more poppers.

This time I banged away until I came in her arse and fell asleep on top of her.


She left about 7 the next morning, fortunatly on the advice of one of the previous reports I'd put everything in the safe, even my watch and neck chain. which was a good thig as she stole my poppers and tube of KY which was irritating but could have been worse sorry can't even remember her name.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

05-05-04, 01:38
MONDAY MORNING (Escort girl)

So I've just woken up, and realised that matey girl has nicked my stuff, but I don't dwell on it as I've got linda from baltic beauties due at 10:30am.

She arrives bang on time. WOW what a stunner.

Now don't get me wrong, cause I'm an out and out sex addict, who'll fuck anything that's barly breathing.

Also I' think GFE's are for sad deluded wankers.

However this girl is hot. Now I don't mean hooker hot, but seriously corporate exec hot!

She turns up wearing a "chanel" suit and "gucci" coat and "Tods" boots.

I later find out that she's an assistant, to a CEO of somthing very big.

My first cynical reaction, is how can a girl who looks like this, be into all the depraved shit that I like so much.

So I sit her down and go through the menu, I've agreed with Alex.

She doesn't bat a eye lid including the licking of my arse.

However she doesn't frenh kiss which suits me fine.

As I don't know who's arse she's been licking before mine, also she can only stay untill 6pm. so we agree 200 euros for the 8 hrs.

She comes out the shower, and she's exactly according to spec.

In round one I don't waste to much time on foreplay. As I'm curios to push her boundaries.

So it's straight onto sucking my dick, after a while I crank one leg up, and gently push her head down to my crotch.

Straight away she's got her tongue up my arse and is licking and probing with gusto.
I'm getting a bit carried away and were into 69. Which i very rarly do on working girls, for obvious reasons. also i don't think we should be giving pleasure, while paying for it.
Let's face it when did a ***** last turn round to you and say "that was good" and give you some of the money back.

Anyway my tongue almost drifts towards her arse. (disgusting!)

Now for the main event, I set her out on all fours, and start to lube her up with her own baby oil that she's brought along.

Condom on and I slide in slow, and deep.

She arches her back, pressing her face into the pillows, leaving her arse proud.

I hunch up and put all my weight all on her, while gripping her by the back of the neck as she gives herself a savage fingering.

I'm now fucking her like a piston, and I can feel I'm coming.

I flip her over while ditching the condom, and empty my load in her mouth.

She licks up all the excess from around her Mouth and also some that's spilt on the pillow


I won't bore you with the rest, but I fucked her another two times up the arse, and one time vaginally.

Came in her moth every time!

Even bought her lunch, In the very chi chi restaurant, on the roof opf the hotel (she just looked so senior exec)

Didn't pay her till the end of the session, let her go at 4:30 pm.

MONDAY EVENING (streetgal R & d, Anal ageny girl)


05-05-04, 02:42
MONDAY EVENING (Streetgal R&D Anal agency girl)

Had a nap, woke about 6pm.I thought i'd do a quick recee of the "dickens" pub, nothing doing.

So I headed toward "chaka" st .which is actually "caka" st to check out some streetgal action.

Walked about mile out of town before I saw my first candidate.

Standing on a corner, about 20 pale, and thin. Not overtly sexy, but had the WG look.

Clearly working, in the hustle and bustle of commuters going home.

Went another half mile, came across a park on the right where I got hastled for change, and saw a couple of scary old hookers.

I suspect later on this would be the place to find "streetmeat".

Now I'm not in anyway timid, but i wouldn't do this area on foot at night.

However if you have a car, no probs.

This observation is based on nothing at all, just gut feel.

my office was starting to make noises about coming back so my trip might be even shorter than I thought.

Got back to the hotel and thought I'd have a quick Anal fuck before going out for the evening.

Had with me a previous report with a list of agencies called a few asked for anal. They thought I was mad. One even told me I'd never find Anal in Riga. Then called agency "rebecca"(phone number in old report about page 5) Who ultimatly supplied me with 2 girls for anal one that evening and one the next morrning. Called the agency and agreed 60 lats for anal. Girl turned up about 20 min later. asked for the money almost before she got through the door. She was young but lumpy and in bad shape. She had a shower which lasted about 20 mins came out got on the bed on all fours and showed me her arse. Just waiting for me to stick it in, which I duely did.

She was so disinterested, that I rotated her round while still inside her and gave her a good pummeling while watching her wince.

I dumped my load rolled of her and virtually threw her out the room.

She whined about money for security guard (DON'T GET TAKEN IN BY THIS TRICK) I pretended not to understand, she soon fucked off!



05-06-04, 10:28

It was now definate that I'd have to go back to london the next day. So changed flight to 4pm Tuesday, which cost only 15 lats.

Called Alex at b. beauties told him that I would'nt be having Rachael the next day, But as a overnight instead and I'd call back later to clarify the details.

It was about 9: 30pm so went back to the dickens pub to see if there was any action. one working girl chatting to an american at the bar.

Had a couple of drinks and watched some local football on TV.

Went back to the hotel via the Roxey which was quite.

Called alex to organise Rachael for the overnight

DISASTER Alex had finised for the evening, was in two minds about going to the Roxy or calling another agency, instead feel asleep in front of the TV.

Awoke about 1: 30 am showered and went back to the Roxy it was pretty quite, only the main floor being used no balcony or basement.

A few likely candidates but as I've said before, it's difficult to tell if there out and out hookers, or just good time girls

Gave one the eye and she was straight over, Her english was ok so we chatted a bit and I asked her back to the hotel "no way"

Offered her money, but she still wasn't having it.

In fact she was offended that I thought she was a "*****" her word

Asked me if I was looking for a "*****" I said yea she looked around but said there were no longer any in the club.

No point staying so left to walk back to the hotel.

About 50mts from the hotel, three girls approached me, one asked if I needed company.

We negotiated 50 lats for the whole night, which was stupid of me. I should have said 20 for a fuck and then if I liked her offered her 30 to stay on.

Cut a long story short, she was useless. Fucked her and threw her out after an hour. She whined asking for an extra 10 lats for the security guard. I told her to fuck off she threatend to call him up. Itold her to go ahead, she left. Tuesday morning.

Woke about 9am had a great breakfast, fancied a final pop, before leaving, so called agency "rebecca" again. Explained I wanted a girl for anal, but not the fat thing from yesterday, said I wanted slim and young.

She said no problem, she'd have someone there in 20 mins.

True to her word, 20 mins later knock at the door. Very attractive blond, hair right down to her arse, about 21, good english.

She showered and came to bed, very nice body

She gave me a blow job covered, then I turned her round and parted her arse cheeks.

She had no star shape but a 20mm dia hole, this girl was clearly very well used.

I entered her and she pushed back hard against me. We arse fucked for the next 25min, various positions with out me having to pull out. I finally came inside her, while we were face to face.

We showered together and she left.

Got to the airport at 3pm, flight left on time.

A good end to a good trip.


Had a great 60hour trip,

Riga is a great place for whoring and by UK standards, very good value. I'd say it's important to do your research so you don't waste time.

Also if you've got the time and it's your thing, a great place to find a Real girlfriend. The women generally are approacable and some of the most beautifull I've ever seen. and I've traveled a few places

(There's a money change bureau on the opposite corner to the Hotel, where there is a girl at the counter who's so beautiful it's almost impossible to take your eye's of her and she dosn't have a once of attitude)

Live the Life

Happy Hunting

Black Dragon
05-06-04, 21:58
Will be in Riga and Warsaw - maybe Vilnius May 12 - 23 and would like to work with some straight Ace Rackers. Please let me know if you will be there and want to hunt it down. PM since e-mail address not allowed.

05-06-04, 22:19
Hi guys,

I was recently in Riga. I did enjoy my time. I stayed one-week end. The girls were great. Although I prefer working girls (hate to break my heart and the girls), I slept with two non working girls. On Friday night, I and a friend of mine went with two aristocratic-like beautiful Russian girls about 20 years old and about 9-10 in beauty scale which my friend met in a previous visit, no score with them then no score later, due to the fact that my friend was too rushing too fool with his sexual invitations...We went in a bar/Casino on the 26th floor in Riga Hotel (the same hotel where Voodoo is). Any way in spite of the fact that my friend annoyed me with his behaving not as a gentleman, I really did enjoy that night having my arm round almost the most beautiful girl on that floor kissing here beautiful delicious neck. That bar on the 26th floor was a meeting point for the Mafia heads (not for problem but to spend time with their beautiful girls) and the businessmen. Having us sitting with these two, made all the eyes pointed on us and that was a score for me. My girl told me that her father would expect her home at 2 AM, and that is why we escorted them to the taxi and planed to meet the next day. My friend was so upset so I rang him a girl, which was in her mid thirties and 6-7. He fucked for 25 lat and slept. By the way it is very easy to order this service, just buy the Pek*ama with *= a v upside down, printed in Russian and Latvian and ring (see earlier reports). Having getting rid of my friend I went to a bar just near to MB car show room (sad that I can not recall the name). This bar seemed not attractive from outside but it has a nice basement where you can make a good hunt I mean local girls. I found a 20 years old 8-9 Latvian girl drunk and walked as a model. The most important thing here is that you should be nice calm, and polite, the Latvian girls are of high dignity. Her English was ok, we started kissing (deep French kissing) and she ended in my bed in my hotel (name, Forum). She was 165cm about 50 kg black hair, testy well rounded tits, great butt, and charming legs. It was really a GFE. I took her tel. number hopping to ring on my next visit. The next day I was meeting my friend in his apartment with the two Russian girls, he broked with his girl and did not want to meet her on Saturday night (no sex no meet). So we went to Roxy in spit of my protest, because my friend insisted and I read in WSG reports that Roxy is decreased in quality. I and to be honest with you guys enjoyed every moment there I had a dark hair big tits girl sitting on my thigh and a blond girl would eat me by her eyes, my eyes however were totally looking into a third girl with amazingly attractive figure (big things are atractive to me in a women) when I asked the girls about her they told me that she was a working girl. I thought to speak to her but the blond girl did not let me move an inch. She asked the girl on my thigh to leave us (apparently they were friends which gave me an idea that they might be after money). Any way I ended French kissing the blond one whom I knew that she was Latvian, student, broke with her boy friend lately and she was willing to come to my room…Well I am in mid thirties normal looking dark hair brown eyed what in erth she wanted? I thought she was after money or so. I was still thinking about that working girl I missed that night and I am now at 5 AM sleeping with totally another one. The blond one was not after money fortunately and I screwed her she was very tight inexperienced and I did not like the fuck. In the morning I paid for her taxi home, and went to my friends apartment and I found the police inside (he tried to ring me my mobile was shut). The poor guy was drugged by two girls, which according to him he invited them and they took his mobile, digital camera his money but not the pass. After the police were left, the owner of the apartments company came with the keys saying he found them hanged on the gate of the building, which I never saw when I came in nor did the police (see my other report on that). Bad Sunday morning, my friend is sad, his Johnson will never go up after this experience. My friend went to the police office to do his paper, so I decided to ring after a girl. I rang and asked for young and good looking, remember to insist on that while you ring, and do not mind to which agency you ring because the girls are rotating within the agencies (in a previous visit I screwed same girl twice within to nights ringing totally different places and she commented that by saying small world) Remember also to ask to bring more than two to insure that you get at least two…. I was lucky I chose a 180 cm, slim, blond fair hair, beautiful, long nice legs, nice tits, great butt, and very interesting women she told me that she was 25, but I would say little bit older. She was half German half Russian working in a restaurant outside Riga has two kids, and married (I would not screw her If I had known that at the start). She said that here husband was alcoholic and that she must make money. She never gave that expression that she was in hurry. She were clean, well dressed, I gave her Absolut Wodka and then started the action. She enjoyed every minute she did CBJ and I tried all positions. It was very nice experience I paid her 25 lat (handed to the guy who brought her) and 5 lat after the action (to her). Riga is a good place guys, just be nice, generous and calm. Do not forget to read my second report…


05-06-04, 23:37
When I was in Riga I stayed on a hotel called Forum it was very good they will never ask you about the girl you bring. My friend took an apartment from Patricia appartments these people are thieves. What they do is that they take a deposition about one night pay, and they send after you girls (usually between 17-20 yo) these girls are trained so that you would swear to God that it was you who spotted them first and you brought them to your apartments by your own self, but the opposite is true, they are trained to seduce you, and once they are in your apartment they will drug you by the drink and steal your things and if you are fool enough no drugs are needed. These girls are also used by Patricia to clean the apartments sometimes. What happened that night is that two girls were sent after my friend late night he was fooled and let them in thinking he would fuck them both, they drugged him took his digital camera, mobile his money and off course the apartment keys but not his pass or his Vissa card. You will never find the keys later by your own and that what you will say to the police, the manager will appear after the police had gone telling you that he found the keys near to the gates in a spot you have searched many time after the theft, and he insists that he must change them fearing someone has copied them. Off course he will demand the money you left as a deposition to cover the cost of the key (which he will never change in reality after you have left Riga, that is why he said he found them thrown) by the way he will said that another guest rang him when he/she saw the police coming in to your apartment. When the police came they took samples of the drink because they were expecting already drugs involved with the theft, the interpreter was a nice Latvian girl in her late twenties (good English knowledge). She told me that this scenario is repeated several times the last few months, the young girls are only after mobiles money and cameras, and the police started to suspect the company. Why not the pass or the Vissa cards? I asked, she told me that either the thieves were after easy money or the company wants you out of Latvia as soon as possible by using your pass and Vissa card, and hence you will be happy with a police report to your insurance company only. What made me suspecting the manager that he was talking security with my friend to justify not giving him back the deposition to cover the keys cost…What security I asked him I saw that the gate were always open or the other guests were blocking the gates and the doors by newspapers and rocks, beside all the codes for the doors of the other apartments are well known to the pimps who used to bring girls up to the residents every day no one will change coades everyday. It is bullshit I told him; his apartments were neither secured nor clean. I would use a hotel; at least there are receptionists all the time. I believe they do that only with the gests that are not staying to long, because most of their guests are staying months as they are working to foreign companies. I do not know how the case is with the other apartment companies.


Konan Grit
05-16-04, 05:05
Great report Anthony,

Appologies if I was mistaken on the situation in Roxies, only went there once very pissed. Did seem like they were all hookers, but obviously not. Anyway, made me laugh to hear you offering regular girls money. Sounds like you had a great time.

Just got back from my first trip to Amsterdam, don't think I'll bother with a report, been covered enough already. Suffice to say I could have had a far better time in Riga for a lot less cash. Guess I had to get that one out of the way anyway.

Well, only 4 days and I'm off mongering again to Vegas, probably won't be too good, but Tijuana, Mexico is only 400 miles away. Looking forward to practicing my hobby there.

Black Dragon,

Seems you're already on your travels, can't comment on Vilnius, but if you get to read this whilst you're away, I'd advice you to spend more time in Riga than Warsaw. Spent 8 days there a while ago, nice women, easy to pull, but I have to admit that this was a bit too long. Whilst Riga maybe smaller, I found the nightlife to be a lot better than Warsaw.


Unfortunate for your friend, always got to be careful with working girls, and apparantly druggings are not too uncommon in Riga. Totally agree with you on Forums, highly recommended.

Keep up the sick work lads, somebody's got to do it.

05-17-04, 02:58
Nice post, Konan Grit. I'm a veteran of the Amsterdam scene and try to get back there every so often. Price is 50E/15 min. in the main Amsterdam RLD (Walletjes) near the Old Church. Top-shelf babes include Nina and Sandra, both from Germany. I can relate this firsthand. Nina's sharp as a pistol and a superb conversationalist. Great overall experience. No kissing (RLD norm). She's a religious clockwatcher, as one friend aptly put it. Sandra is a scorcher in the sack. Athletic with a ballerina-like bod. Often loses track of the time. Great girl with superb technique. Only downside is that she can be emotionally fragile and tends to have lots of boyfriend problems.

Nina, Sandra, and their windowgirl sisters are extensively reviewed at ignatzmice dot com. Highly recommend that URL for anyone with a keen interest in the Holland and FKK (Germany) scenes. More of the veteran punters are giving up on the Amsterdam windowgirls and sampling the smaller towns like Alkmaar (40 km north of 'Dam) that offer Eastern European lovelies at 35E/15 min. in their kamers. The escort scene isn't that robust in the Netherlands. Not easy to find good reviews and the looks can sometimes disappoint. Prices are probably in the 250E/hr. range for upper-tier escorts at Women of the World, based on what reliable reviewers have told me via backchannel and what www.captain69.co.uk (pay site; $10US per month. I've gotten a one-month subscription before. Even has reviews of some of the Riga gals in their international section).

What has me very interested in Riga is the value for the money. Two hours with a Amsterdam windowgirl will run 400E. Standard cartel pricing. Compare that to 400E for a full day with a gal from Baltic Beauties. Or 600E for a full 24 hours with a Miss Malinka lady. And from what I'm gleaning, the mileage is routinely superb with these Riga ladies. My favorite city for hobbying is Montreal, by the way, but steadily rising prices and a weak U.S. dollar have made it a much more expensive proposition than the 6-9 months after 9/11/01. One element of hobbying that's taken for granted is personal security and ease of getting around. Ease of speaking English with the masses also. The Netherlands is very user-friendly in that regard. Perhaps 95% English fluency there. Very easy to navigate Schipol airport, get checked into your hotel, ride the trains/trams, convert USD into Euros at the ATMs, do some touristy things, and find the RLDs. I could say the say thing about Montreal, with the kicker that elite escorts are almost always bilingual (or multilingual) while some of the middle/lower tier gals speak extremely little English. Very easy to navigate downtown Montreal and there is excellent transportation. And a ton of strip bars and outcall escorts.

My style of hobbying is to err on the side of being risk-averse. Thus I'm more inclined to try Baltic Beauties or Miss Malinka ahead of their competitors. I'm looking for top-notch beauty, performance, enthusiasm, skill, and dedication. Would like to discuss these 2 agencies via PM if anyone would be so kind to correspond. I'm more than willing to exchange detailed info on the Canada and Holland scenes.

Thanks in advance.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

Field Commander
05-20-04, 22:04

last summer I used Patricia agency to rent an apartment and they were really nice, found me a place in the center just out of old town and everything was alright. Maybe something changed in some months or your friend was imprudent. But really I don't think they could risk their name for few money. Almost 90% of their customer are foreign (ex-pats or tourists): if they do something wrong the rumours should be known in few days.


Let's go back to the main issue: Girls

Could someone suggest me where to go out with normal girls ? I mean I have some dates in the next days :-) and I don't want to go to the same places where ... we usually go searching for p4p girls. And also please give me 3 or 4 different places. I cannot go to the same place 3 consecutive nights with 3 different girls ... or should I ???? :-)

Riga is one of the best places for either p4p or normal girls, so enjoy yourself !!

Field Commander (previously known as Miami Vice)

05-20-04, 22:56

If you talk about going to a really nice restaurant I would suggest VINCENT, which I consider to be the best restaurant in Riga. French cousine. Impressive. Hard for me to give you an idea on the price-level, but it is half of what you normally pay in the Scandinavian restaurants serving similar cousine (this goes for all top-level restaurants in the Baltic countries).

It is close by the "world trade centre", and about 5 minutes taxi ride from Hotel Latvija Reval.

Best of luck with the ladies.

Member #1005
05-21-04, 08:49
Marconista & Field Commander

I am not sure if you are asking where to meet normal girls or where to take them,?However, if you are looking where to take them out I would suggest asking the girls themselves as they know the city (in theory) better than you, a tourist. You will be surprised that unlike in many other countries some of the girls have simple tastes, so you might be thinking of some upmarket French or Italian and she would rather TGIF.

One girl I hooked up with last year took me to her friend’s place where they cooked for me, but only do this if you are the adventurous type because I felt on show meeting half the neighbourhood, who dropped in to say hello.

06-13-04, 14:51
Riga Trip report: May 2004

I stayed at the Reval Hotel Latvija, which is the tallest hotel in Riga (and confused in an earlier report with its sister hotel the Reval Hotel Riga, which is across the park). Hotel Latvija has the superb club Voodoo in the basement and the Skyline Bar on the 26th floor with commanding views over Riga. The hotel is girl-friendly, the front desk will call your room should you have "ordered in". Every floor has a security door, so you will have to leave your room, walk down the hall to the lifts, and let your girl in.

Club Voodoo, in the basement, is one of the best discos in Riga. There is a mixed clientele here and not all the girls are working. Or better put, many of the girls working as go-go dancers are not always available for commercial sex. I met a girl here who turned out to be a police officer. It's a good thing she told me that before I made any indecent proposals. With some charm you can pull a freebie out of here. With some charm plus cash, you shouldbe able to pull a semi-pro or hobby-hooker.

Just next door to the hotel is a "gentlemen's club" called The Jockey Club. I visited it one night. It is a rather small club, with a stip tease show and girls that try to sell you lap dances, but it seemed overpriced and although we bought a champagne for one of the dancers and talked to her to get the scoop, the place isn't a brothel and I can't recommend it. As we were leaving the bouncer asked if we wanted some girls for sex. We said why not and in about 15 minutes a car pulled up with three Russian girls, all overly made up and looking the worse for wear so we declined at 35 LVL per hour. (1 LVL=1GBP=1.5 EUR)

Another awesome complex is located a short cabride or 15 minute walk from the hotel on 96 Brivibas iela. www.larocca.lv

La Rocca is a great disco. Absolutely huge and filled with beautiful young people. Mostly a twenty-something crowd. At the same location there is also a nightclub, casino, and sauna/pool area. The nightclub has a floorshow and every 20 minutes or so a striptease. There are dozens of beautiful women here, many of them available for a 'massage' downstairs in the saina area, but it was too expensive for my liking and unclear exactly what services were on offer. If I recall correctly 100 LVLs for use of the sauna for 2 hours and 50 LVLs to the girl for a massage and for a 'tip' I could negotiate 'extras' from the girl. Anyway, beautiful girls but too much money for Riga. We bought drinks for some girls (at not too outrageous prices) and enjoyed there company for a couple of hours as we watched the occasional show. I tried to make plans to have one come back to my hotel but she smiled and told me that she couldn't. I should point out that this was a classy establishment and that there were plenty of couples there. Continued soon..

Field Commander
06-13-04, 23:32

I confirm everything you said, but I want add something:

- Voodoo was much better last year. Now after the renovation is really good for a night out, but not for the hobby.

The go-go dancers are maybe the best in Riga. Very good dancers and they are really able to create the atmosphere for a good disco. It's a pity the night club area is changed. Not only the colors, but the way it works. No more go-go girls there. And even if they were not available they were really beautiful and nice to spend some time with.

- The Jockey Club is on the contrary one of the worst club I've ever visited. Small, normal girls, even boring.

- The best girls I've seen in Riga ... were normal girls during the day in Old Riga !!!! In my opinion Riga is one of the best place to find normal girlfriends, but not the best place for mongering. Am I right ?

Do you know how are other places in Latvia, out of Riga ?

Field Commander (previously known as Miami Vice)

06-29-04, 21:52
Just got back from Riga. My first time, but I researched well. This was a good job because the girls are putting their prices up. I guess too many tourists are agreeing to the first price they are quoted. 100 Lv for an hour was one I was asked for! I couldn't help laughing out loud, and she said "OK for the night then" (big change there eh?).

Personally I didn't like La Rocca. Nothing wrong with it, but I guess I'm too old (37) or wasn't in the mood. Got two propositions, but both worked there and wanted me to go for a lapdance only.

Jockey Club. Agreed with what else has been said here. My feet stuck to the carpet, which smelled of spilt beer and damp. There was a nice looking girl there though.

Roxys. A Russian club. Plenty of drugs. A fair bit of action, but 3 gypsy girls were there obviously trying to pull a scam. One tried to pickpocked me. Some decent lookers though. Prices (like everywhere in Riga) drop the closer dawn approaches.

Some girls working in Velvets. Some drop in the Martini Bar. Skyline bar in Hotel Reval too. Some in Voodoo, but mostly Russian girls looking for a foreign boyfriend, or out to see the floorshows and maybe get some drinks bought for her.

I got scammed in the Half Moon (?) club. I was drunk and was presented with a bar bill of 160LV, which I unfortunately paid. I had consumed only about 20Lv (at the very very most) of booze, but, like everywhere in the world, the motto is "Don't go to these places alone when shitfaced".

I was warned by one local of a club on Alexandr Caka Iela that was renowned for slipping sleeping tablets in a customers drink, then robbing him. The police are alledgedly very corrupt, so may have been paid off by the club owners. 200Lv to keep your driving licence after being caught drink driving is the going rate. A throwback to the Soviet days I imagine (plus the low pay and high cost of living. Clothes, I noticed, were London prices, if not more).

The Dickens pub is also on the working girls circuit. They just move around with their minder, looking for trade.

I've put a post about AIDS in the general board. It is on the increase apparantly. One WG I met said she hated them. While fucking her she kept trying to pull the condom off as she wanted to feel me coming inside her. We did kinda hit it off, and she wanted us to start dating, but that's not the point - how many others were there and will there be? She had also worked in various brothels across europe, so must have known the risks. I assume she either didn't care or was already infected.

I did notice a level of racism towards the few blacks and asians I saw. Locals made audible comments, and Latvians and Russians I spoke to said they weren't welcome (Surprising for the laid-back Latvians I thought). The Russian youths may get violent, so watch your backs fellas.

Oh, and don't go during the Ligo festival unless you only like Russians! The city empties of Latvians.

Member #1005
06-30-04, 22:02

Thank for your interesting post but I am surprised about what you saw considering my experience in the place over the last two years. I mean I’ve met and still keep in touch with several females who are both Latvian Latvian and Russian Latvian.

I am not going to say that you might not have seen what you saw but I doubt that since Latvia has joined the now enlarged EU back in May that they have suddenly developed xenophobic tendencies. Agreed there might be some racism against some foreigners but on the whole it’s nothing more than what you would find elsewhere in Europe, however this should not put off anyone ethnic or whatever from planning a trip there – for every idiot there - who may not like you- there are ten, if not more decent people who will welcome you with open arms.

Visitors to Latvia should know that ethnic people have been coming to the country since the 1600s and that Tobago (yes that tiny island in the Caribbean) was once a colony of that region. I would suggest that when in town you make a point of visiting the Blackhead Museum – because on my first visit I was very surprised that small region of Europe had a long tradition of black people living there and most of the residents are still proud of this fact.

On a different note, I keep in touch with quite a few girls whom I’ve met in Riga and one in particular is planning to come a visit me in the UK and stay with me for a week, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am currently sunning myself in the Caribbean, she would be there right now now.


On the no condom thing – I had this happen to me in Japan when I went to a pink saloon, this girl said she wanted to try me and instead of blowing began ridding me condom free and was going at it wild until I managed to pull out. I didn’t know what she was on, but it not a good idea to go bare back riding with someone you don’t really know.

Zizz Bang
07-04-04, 00:54
I'm finishing up my second night in Riga while my Russian visa is being processed. This place has some of the most beatiful women I've ever seen. I knew that previous reports had said that, but seeing it firsthand is quite different.

My trip thus far has been kind of a disappointment. I don't usually do pay-for-play and like to pull em the old fashioned way. The first night I went to several places, including the very cool Orange Bar (I recommend the Barzam with Black Courrant). It's kind of a sexed-up dive bar. No action there, except flirting with the bartenders (and buying them each a shot). Decided to head to the Voodoo, which was pretty fun. I met a Russian girl named Helen who was a 9 or 10. Absolutely stunning. I got the courage to ask her out and blam we were out the door. She dragged me into a cab (negotiated with the driver for 2 LVL, which is less than 4 $US) and went to a club I later learned was La Rocca. This place was really cool. Helen liked to jump up on the pole and dance like crazy -- obviously not the first time she'd been up there. Anyway, her english was adequate to talk, we made out for a while and at 6am we were out the door. No luck in getting her to my place, or any other place, and she was really drunk. Past the good kind of drunk. Some Russian.

Tonight I went to a couple of bars, including the PuPu Lounge. Again, a lot of hot women there, but no action. As soon as I asked if they could speak english, so many of them turned their noses like I had shit on the floor. So those who come thinking English is widely spoken will be a little surprised. Not up for more tonight because my jet lag is still nagging me.

By the way, back in Las Vegas, I'm considered good looking and haven't really had to work too hard to pull. It's a little humbling to get the cold shoulder. Perhaps if I weren't solo or so old (32!).

Still, this is a fun place and I'm glad I made the trip. There are a lot of tourists here, though. Maybe my luck will change in the next couple of days.

07-06-04, 17:11
Hi Junior,

It's possible I heard some unrepresentative locals sounding off. I have some Latvian friends and I asked what their attitudes to lots of things were. I think the EU is stirring things up a bit - Latvia has been told to offer unconditional citizenship to all Russians (which has wound the Lats up, and after visiting the Occupation Museum I can see why!), and the gipsies too.

re The Blackheads, I have just emailed my friends there to ask about their recent change in attitude to ethnic minorities!

The Blackheads were white: there have never been black people living there. The Blackheads were an order of foreign traders. I assume that they were part of the Hanseatic League or similar. Their PATRON SAINT was black (a Roman tribune, St.Mauricius). The order survived until 1940, when the remaining members were repatriated to Germany.

The Latvians were very sure of this - there has never been a history of black people living there: it is a very recent phenomena for them. Perhaps this is why there may be some mixed attitudes? As for a long tradition, it simply isn't true.

As for the bareback thing, I agree. It's too dodgy.

I did a google search on AIDS and Latvia. Evidently 5,000 people were HIV Positive in 2001, according to UN figures. A bit worrying considering the small population. A Russian news-site I looked at siad that herion is cheaper than vodka in many areas of the former Soviet Union. I forgot to mention that one working girl I met working the bars in the Old Town had needle marks on her hand. She said they were from her cat scratching her, but I've seen junkies scars before and know the difference. Nice try though!

Picture of Melngalvju, or Blackheads House attached.

07-06-04, 22:54
Delayed report 1 (Massage places):

Was in Riga in May. I did the whole range of services, from massage places, to pick ups with semis/amateurs, to delivery. I'll start with massage places and do reports later on the other scenes.

In a post last year, I had recommended Okinava. I visited there once this trip and was horribly disappointed. Last year I paid 20 lat plus 10 for a great FS. This time it was 25 for the girl and room alone. When I asked for FS, the girl wanted 25 and wouldn't negotiate (I know I'm a year older, but...). Oral was 20 but covered only. I let her finish me manually. And I'm not sure that I should say girl. The one I chose was early 30s. My other choices were a couple of women older than me (early 40s) plus one young and very ugly girl. To say I remove my recommendation of Okinava would be to understate by half.

I had a near miss at a place called Paradise Massage on Jana iela (Old Town). There was a pretty nice looking 21yo there (I think her name was Diana or something like that). She did something very close to tantric massage to some very erotic music. When I finally finished I went wild. Thank goodness that I had been there a couple of days before or I may have spray painted the ceiling! The only problems were that she wouldn't remove her bra/panties (though she did let me roam with my hands) and that she steadfastly refused to do anything beyond a handrub.

However, I hit the jackpot at a place called Getera (http://www.getera.lv). I fully recommend this place. I went there twice. The first time was on a Sunday afternoon when I saw Lana (I mention the day because she told me she only works weekends - she's a personal trainer during the week!!). She gave me the perfect treatment. A great bodyrub/titrub. Then we negotiated. She seemed to really want sex, but I had been pretty active, so I opted for a 15 lat BBJ. She gave the best oral that I have ever had. And to top it off, she didn't pull off as I expected. My first shot went into her mouth. Then she pulled off as I continued and took the rest on her face without even flinching. I think I asked her to marry me right after that!! The second trip was a couple of weeks later. I missed Lana but got lucky when I got Nikol, a 21yo Latvian girl. She gave a pretty good bodyrub, then for a mere 20 lat, she gave me great FS incl. a short BBJ. At the end, she got on top of me and had the most amazing muscle control. I went off like a cannon. The only downside was that she wouldn't DFK. So get ye to Getera. Oh yeah, it's the usual house fee (25 lats) and the mamachka takes good care of you if you have to wait. Lots of tea and making you feel at ease.

Bothan Spy
07-24-04, 09:16
I will be heading to Riga at the end of the summer. How would a non-European fare in this city. I am of Asian decent, and want to know if I will completely stand out or can i get some action.

On a side note, I will be staying with friends so I will need to escape in order to, ahem, partake of the culture. Is there a specific district I could head to on my own and be safe. I speak no Latvian.

Member #1891
07-25-04, 21:03

Wilbur Mills
07-27-04, 11:04

Thanks for your response; sorry for the delay in your response this was due to me occupied elsewhere. On your quote that:

The Blackheads were white: there have never been black people living there. The Blackheads were an order of foreign traders. I assume that they were part of the Hanseatic League or similar. Their PATRON SAINT was black (a Roman tribune, St.Mauricius). The order survived until 1940, when the remaining members were repatriated to Germany.

The Latvians were very sure of this - there has never been a history of black people living there: it is a very recent phenomena for them. Perhaps this is why there may be some mixed attitudes? As for a long tradition, it simply isn't true. I am afraid this is false information, as the Blackheads were not white and were black or Moors and I suggest you look up the definition of Moors who were also present in southern Spain during this period; as for this being a recent phenomena, this statement is also wrong. You are the first person who has suggested that the Moors were in-fact white.

I have visit the museum twice 2001/2003 and the official line is that the Blackhead house were foreign merchants “Moors”, who were young, unmarried tradesmen, the house is first mentioned in the city of Riga and not the country of Latvia, in 1334 and let out to the Blackheads in 1477, in 1713 the whole house became the property of the blackheads. It was destroyed during WWII and many of its artefacts were stolen by the fleeing German army; this was also one of the focal points of Riga’s 800th anniversary celebrations in 2001.

I contacted some friends in Riga, one of whom worked for the government and this is not something that visitors have imagine or made up this is information that the Latvian Government puts out: and yes in 2001 the President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga went to their former colony Tobago to see in the new year - why? If this is all false information, as you have stated, you have to ask the question why the Latvian government is investing so much money to prove they have this multicultural past? Who benefits from this all?

I looked around to find out where it is you are getting your information from and the only thing I could find was some Right-wing/nationalist/fascist website, that strangely enough had someone on there who had also posted the same question about this and was answered wrongly by someone called Aistian, who coincidentally attached the same photo you have posted and also makes the same claims you have use in your post. Unfortunately, as I have been told many times due to the post soviet era the education on Latvian history is somewhat chaotic so many people, like in many other countries do not know their proper history. It should also be noted that these types of websites also claim that the holocaust did not happen despite the wealth of documented evidence available.

It should also be noted that Estonia and Lithuanian do not claim this heritage since they were not port cities, but in St Petersburg did have a flourishing ethinc community, another port city, and its where the famous Alexander Pushkin was born in 1799, the great grandson of a Ethiopion slave.

I could go on and on but this is a sex website and not a history one and I attach a photo of the entrance of the Blackhead house where you can see that these merchants were a mixed bunch of black some Mediterranean and not white. I would recommend that rather than post a response here that when next in Riga you actually visit the Blackhead House and maybe you can understand why it is called the Blackhead house.

And on the Aids thing, I leave that to our friend Milkyboy or girl who has a lot to say on this subject.

Field Commander
08-02-04, 23:40
I'm in Tallinn in these days and I found the town really full of tourists, maybe too many. Houses are closing or are closed already.

How is the situation now in Riga ?

Or we'd rather move out of capital towns to find the great same atmosphere there was some years ago ??? :-(

Zizz Bang
08-03-04, 14:48
I was in Riga then Tallinn in early July and the difference could not be more extreme. Tallinn was terriblly overrun by tourists of every sort and the locals felt like they were under assault. I chatted up an Estonian-Canadian girl who said that all the non-pro girls are leaving Tallinn during the summer to escape.

Riga on the other hand, was a different story. I had so much fun there and my report on the amateur scene will be forthcoming. If you're thinking about Tallinn, choose Riga instead. And a little bit of knowledge of Russian pays dividends as you gain access to the Russian scene, which is a lot more rewarding.


Jerry Atrick
08-07-04, 01:51
Has anybody had any dealings with any of the girls listed on:


Prices seem reasonable although mostly only seem to speak Russian or Latvian, though the site details are in English.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, either to the forum or to me with a PM.



Jerry Atrick
08-08-04, 01:44
Can anyone please recommend a cheap to reasonable hotel or apartment in Riga? (For about five nights) I am not on an expense account so price is important. I would like it to be girl friendly as I have every intention of not being alone. I'll book a double room to help a little. Answers to the forum or with PM please.

I have found that apartments are often cheaper in Bucharest than hotels. Is this the same in Riga?


Zizz Bang
08-08-04, 14:35
I do not have the name of my apartment in Riga handy, but it was killer and the girls like it a lot. It was just a few blocks away from the old city.

Just type in riga apartments into google and you'll have several options.

Apartments in the Baltic States are much better than overpriced hotels, a truism throughout much of the ex-Soviet Eastern Europe.


08-09-04, 06:26

When in Riga, I usually stay at the Forums or Radi un Draugi. Both places are nice (in my opinion, the facilities are nicer at the Forums but the beds are better at the Radi). The Forums in my experience is more girl friendly than the Radi in the early morning hours. Security is a little greedy at the Radi.

Each will cost 30-40 lats depending on time of year. I like to be in Old Town, so don't know much about the outlying areas. But I'm under the impression that you can do well on a budget if you don't mind hitching a taxi to the action.

One piece of advice, if you'll permit. If you book the Radi try to get a room facing into west (away from the street). The rooms facing the street are nice, but they face the Pupu Lounge. Pupu is super fun and a great place to meet semi or non-pros, but the music coming out the windows and doors until early morning is likely to keep you (and hopefully your newfriend friends) awake to the wee hours even on nights you don't want to be.

08-09-04, 10:17
I have not been to Riga (yet), but when going to Tallinn in June I found following website quite helpful: www.balticsworldwide.com/tourist/

BTW Still intend to go to Riga in the next few weeks/months and am looking for a travel mate (preferably form Berlin). So if you'd like to join drop me a line.

08-09-04, 14:24
Just back from another trip to Latvia.

This time I tried one of the places advertised in the websites Ladylux and Intimserviss. The place with a telephone number 6126126 is in a flat in a yard off Valdemara Iela, opposite the art gallery. I had booked a time and found the place OK. There was one girl there alone in a nicely renovated flat. She was supposed to speak English, but really only had Russian. I was given a cup of tea and a choice of sweets. I showered and went into the bedroom. So far so good, but the sex was a let down. The girl, Olga, was very mechanical. She would not let me touch her ****, gave a poor covered blowjob and rushed the sex. Afterwards there was more tea and sweets and I left. The costs was 25 lats for an hour.

I then tried the Okinava centre again. Contrary to Zadig's reports I had a great time. The cost was 25 lats for the massage (paid up front) and 10 lats for sex (paid to the girl). I was led into a suite downstairs and a parade or girls came in. They were a mixed bag in looks, but I chose a girl in her mid 20s with curly dark hair called Vanessa. Wow, she gave me a great time. She did a nice massage and then we had a really hot sex session - she kissed passionately, enjoyed my cock rubbing her clit and came like a train. We conversed and cuddled (she spoke only Latvian and Russion so we used Russian) and then we showered together and I was ready for more but the time was up - in fact we strayed over a bit anyway.

A couple of weeks later I went back and asked for Vanessa. She was there and we went to the other suite of rooms. We started kissing straight away and I undressed her. We both went to the shower and I nearly fucked her there and then. I allowed the massage to calm me down and then we went at it again, knowing what we were both capable of. The time sped past and we showered once again. I had not paid up front at all, so at the end she charged me only 25 lats for the whole hour, massage, sex, room, the lot.

I highly recommend her, but you need Russian!

Jake Sins
08-09-04, 19:06

Could you please clarify what you mean by 'Security is a little greedy at the Radi'. Is money asked for openly by security to allow a girl to go into a room? Is this to 'protect' any of their own WGs who may work the hotel, or purely to 'make a buck' themselves? How much do they ask for, and more importantly, how much do they settle for? Does this situation also apply at FORUMS? Is ID always required by the girl to stay overnight?

I am planning a trip to Riga in a few weeks time. I have received a quote for a double room at FORUMS for 48 Lts per night inclusive of breakfast. Radi quoted 44 Lts for the same.

If you book a double room do you actually get a double bed or two single beds next to each other ?

Have you ever experienced, or are aware, of a situation of an outright refusal by security to admit a female companiion ?

All information will be appreciated.



08-10-04, 01:29
Zizz Bang,

I went to Tallinn twice last year and I was there just 3 weeks ago and I agree with you, its just overrun with tourists. It was bad enough seeing this in Prague 8 or 10 years ago, but since Tallinn is so small, you really notice it.

I am interested in seeing Riga and I notice you say that it's a completely different scene. However, given that Ryanair are now going to be flying there, don't you think this will change very quickly?

Oh and I started learning Russian a few weeks ago but its such a difficult language it will be a long time before I can actually hold a normal conversation in it. Is Riga okay with just English?

Zizz Bang
08-11-04, 00:13
Art68 et al,

My Russian consists of about 300 words and my grammar is certainly not good. Growing up speaking English and then learning German in college means I will never be able to trill the R's just right and rattle off the barrage of consonants that Slavic folks do. My Russian, in fact, is quite bad, but the attempt is what matters, just knowing certain words like "Where", "Why", "What", "This one?" really helps. Learning clumsy pick-up lines, I think, is less helpful and, frankly, stupid.

In my experience, the Russian Latvians are less experienced in English as a whole with respect to normal ex-Soviets, but in general their exposure is good. Just remember that they are being constantly being barraged by the English language and most of them have had more English by far than you have had Russian. They know that too. So when you try to speak Russian, however horribly, it is endearing.

Whether or not Riga gets spoiled by the Ryanair flights remains to be seen, although it probably is inevitable. But Riga is much bigger than Tallinn and has a greater population of ethnic Russians, which to me means more fun. I think it will be four or five years before it goes the way of Estonia. My experience, btw, is only with Riga so I cannot speak to any other city. But for my money, I think Riga has the highest density of good looking available women in all of Eastern Europe (I'm talking about amateurs here, never experienced the p4p scene here).


08-11-04, 03:59

To expound, security at the Radi hassled me for bucks a couple of times. One time they almost didn't let a girl up because she looked too young. But that time they might have been doing me a favor... I should also say that these occassions were at 2 or 3 in the morning after some heavy partying at Roxy. So if you keep more regular hours or take "delivery" you might be better off. When I was there in May a couple of girls made it to my room with no problem. In short, I've stayed at the Radi many times and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. But I will probably first try the Forums.

In both places, as far as I know a double room is two single beds.

Also, though I know it has gotten some bad press in this forum, I have stayed in apartments in the past run by the company Patricia. I had an OK experience, but often times I go to Riga on short notice and it's hard to arrange apartments in those cases. When I was staying with them I met the owner, he's from California and seems a decent guy to me. But if other members say they've had bad experiences then you should probably listen to them also.


Thanks for making me a believer in Okinava again. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have been so down on them after 1 bad experience. They did very well for me last summer. I'll definitely stop in again when I'm back.


I'm in Zizz Bang's league in terms of Russian language. Despite this, I have thoroughly enjoyed Riga over the past couple of years. The city is totally enjoyable on English, but I agree with Zizz in that if you attempt to speak Russian, most girls will enjoy the effort. But I agree with you that things are going to change. It may be 3, 4, or more years, but all of the Baltics will become Westernized. This is sad to me, and not just because of the mongering opportunities.

08-11-04, 12:51
With reference to the need for Russian, in my experience you can usually find girls with enough English. My Russian is not so bad so I have a bit of an advantage, but you do not need it in order to chat up a girl. Just approach one in a club and ask if they speak English. They might say "A little" which will usually mean quite a lot. There are so many girls and they are all so gorgeous that it is usually not a problem to find oned who speak English. They are more likely to speak English than French or German or any other language.

I agree with other postings - the girls of Riga are the best looking I have come across in any city, in terms of the proportions of drop dead gorgeous to ugly ones. I say this to people who are going and they dont' believe me and then I speak to them afterwards and they agree with me.

08-11-04, 23:36
to the 2 'z's: balshai spasiba! what you have told me is ochin harasho!

seriously i know what you mean. even though your accent and pronunciation are crap, the dyevs do break into a little smile when you say in that terribly formal way they teach you in class, "hello. my name is... what is your name...very pleased to meet you." and then: "pashlee!"

still its embarrassing that a girl from some little village in estonia, who never finished high school and has to work in a brothel, speaks better english than you will ever know russian... and while our accents in russian are probably quite comical, isn't it oh so sexy when they speak english with their accents? sigh...

(although i must say i was surprised how many words in russian are derived from latin or from english. i mean, christ, the russian word for "shock" is "shok!")

anyway, aside from that i think its best to savour these countries as much as possible now, before they become little outposts of the west. in the space of 11 months, between my first and last trip to tallinn i saw it happening and it really is frightening how quickly its changed. i mean, of course like france or spain or italy there will be small towns and villages which will feel more traditional and rustic, but the big cities - forget it. zadig, i really understand what you mean about it being a shame, and not just because of mongering. while i was in tallinn 3 weeks ago, as much as i still liked it, it had lost a lot of that untouched charm it had had a year previously. everyone is so concerned with being slick and savvy and building big skyscrapers and office blocks like they have in the west - meanwhile so many (non-mongering) tourists flock over to see their untouched old towns...

anyway, thanks for the info. i may try to get over to riga quickly before ryanair starts flying in and it goes the way of tallinn.

Jake Sins
08-12-04, 18:42

Thank you for the additional information.

Could you let me and other mongers know how much security settled for? I would not wish to overpay, make them 'greedy', and spoil it for others in the future who may wish to follow in your and my footsteps in Riga.

What is the current situation as to the requirements for ID for the girls?

How long ago was you last stay in an apartment owned or managed by Patricia?



08-15-04, 09:14
Hi all,

I have been to Riga 6 to 10 times a year since 1999.

The city is changing so fast!
First came the cafeteria then the new petrol station and supermarket. Now it is looking like any nordic city with restaurants clubs and shops.
Even the girls are not as hot as they use to be. I see more and more pants and less and less short dresses. It used to be terrible for a girl to wear trousers, it was not feminine, well this time is over.

Regarding language, it use to be russian everywhere. Nowaday you hear more latvian than russian, advertising is in latvian and some restaurant do not offer russian menu anymore. In shops, it is better to speak english then russian.

Regarding the girls, very few girls with latvian passport work in the business, most if them are born from russian parents (unless you like older woman, then they are russian!) and they hold an alien citizen passort wich actually in like wearing a yellow jewish star during ww2. The only difference is that if they decide to forget russian language and learn latvian language instead and if they forget about all they learned at school and decide to learn the new official history of Lavtia then they will get Latvian nationality and real passport.

As of today the easiest to meet girls is just to walk in old Riga or stop for a drink at one the many open space bars. Look for russian looking girls (they are easy to spot as they are the sexiest) and then make eyes contact. Usually the girl will come to you and start talking with her 25 words english vacabulary. Do not worry those include every word then need to make you beleive you are very special to them.

One word of advise, heroine in Latvia is cheaper then vodka, so check their eyes in dark place. Under heroine the black of the eye get very very small and do not react to darkness. You could check there hands and harm also for injection marks.

It is not that heroine is such a big problem, it is just that usually heroine girls will rob anything they can sell.

Regarding taxi girl and russian escort agencies, it works that way. A girl want to work to earn a little money. Then the escort agency or taxi will offer her some vitamins and spedd so she do not sleep and can work longer. Then when she is very tired and need sleep they will offer heroin so she can calm down from the other drugs. after a week working like that the girl will be addicted and will work for the taxi or agency giving all her earning to buy heroine.

Like it or not it is the way russian prostitue business is working in Latvia.

So better stay with girls you meet in bars and clubs.


08-19-04, 14:40
Few comments for aqerty´s text:

"Regarding language, it use to be russian everywhere. Nowaday you hear more latvian than russian, advertising is in latvian and some restaurant do not offer russian menu anymore. In shops, it is better to speak english then russian."

This one I disagree. Nevertheless that Latvian language is the only official language in Latvia, Russian language is widely spoken because of the fact, that over 50% of Riga´s approx. 900 000 inhabitants are Russians. In Riga it is still more likely to become understood by using Russian than English language, that´s a fact.

The fact is also, that most of the alien passport holders don´t even want to become Latvian citizens due to several reasons (for example military service for males). In matter of fact Latvian naturalization is not even diffucult if you really want to became citizen. Nobody asks local Russians to forget their own language, but authorities requires them to study Latvian language and history before giving them Latvian citizenship. Do you think that it´s strange that you have to know country´s own language before getting citizenship, I don´t.
And which one you believe is more correct, country´s "new official history" like you wrote or history by Soviet Union, which they have been studying earlier in schools?

08-19-04, 20:02

We will be in Riga from September 9 to 18 and are looking for a nice, modern, western standard aparment with two bedrooms in the city center. Who can recommend a website or an agency? Should some folks also be there during that period drop me a line please. It's our first time and I would be thankful for any insider tip. ;-)

09-03-04, 16:15
I stayed in Riga from 24/08 to 03/09 and here are my impressions about the changes I saw.

First time I went here was three years ago, and I can really say the city changed. European accession really created a tourist invasion, and in the week end it is really packed with English and Italian people.
The girls are still hot, and always well dressed and sexy. It is still easy to get some smiles. But now, it is quite impossible to get a girlfriend in the normal (non paying) way. In disco or in the streets, the girls are so annoyed by stupid heavy guys hitting on everything, that as soon as the girls see you are a stranger they just walk their way.
I look like russian or latvian, so I often get eye contact, but when I speak English, bye bye! Before it was not like that. On the benefit of the girls, I really understand them... Imagine 20 or 30 guys in a night trying to offer you a drink, just because they want to fuck you and fly back to their home country the next morning.
They are not stupid :)

Anyway, partying in Riga is still good, and you can enjoy the view of extremely hot and sexy girls dancing around you. But getting laid became in my opinion a very difficult sport.

About the adult scene, let's say it became really lousy... The mass of tourists create the market of scam, and all striptease clubs only think about taking the maximum money they can (without any service).
I strongly discourage anyone to go in "Cleopatra" strip club, where they charge 25 LAT per drink for the girls, without really your knowledge (and they have heavy security guys).
In a general way, you will get nothing from striptease clubs. Private dance are lame, massage are not even erotic, and everything is extremely expensive (100 LAT for 15 min in Cleopatra).
The only place which I recommend is DOLLS, located near the National Opera (Old Center). The show are good, and the girls are really the top. You'll see there many 10s. Private dance is 40LAT for 15 min, where you can't really touch ; but at least you have a dance from a model.
Jockey club is a lousy place, but at 5AM when you are devastated and drunkm just go there and talk to the door guy. Ask for girls and he will show you directly some working girls waiting in a car. Expect 4 to 5 looks, but hey you are drunk. 40 LAT for FS in your hotel or appartement (one hour).
You can also order girls on LADYLUX.LV or INTIMSERVIS.LV but they don't all speak English, are available usually in the day only, and from what my friends tested, very bad service (girl ok but service awful).
What is left is Massage Saloom, where you can get an erotic massage for 25 to 30 LAT (one hour). They are usually open 24h. Some people said here you can have FS with 10 LAT more but all the girls I tried in all the saloon declined, even for more money (only in Okinava I could get laid, but girls are old and ugly).
In disco, Roxy or Voodoo, it is said you can find working girls. we never found! Maybe we were out of luck, but impossible to talk to girls there (fear of tourist syndrome).
About Voodoo, the gogo dancers are still here, and are the same. They are not available, but very sexy and it is nice to watch them.

In conclusion, adult scene in Riga is extremely bad, and the mass of tourists kill the fun in the discos. As a girl said, "half of Italia is in Riga now".

Riga is defenitely not anymore the place for mongers... (it never was really, but still before there was some good points)


09-04-04, 15:52

Excellent report you posted. But I have to wonder whether you've sampled the outcall escorts in Riga. That seems to be the best venue for mongers in Riga from what trusted reviewers tell me. I don't have firsthand experience in Riga (I'm seriously considering travelling there) but know the Amsterdam and Montreal scenes well.

The rate for Baltic Beauties outcall (see bbeauties.com) is 400E for 24 hours. The girls at mmalinka.com are more expensive than bbeauties.com but purportedly compete well on looks/service. And there's now a baltichostess.com that's even pricier than Malinka. The value for the money (VFM) with the top-notch GFE escorts sure beats the prices of contact dances, no-touch dances, or rushed F&S in the back room of a club.

I think you're going to encounter a fair amount of disappointment in strip club or bar scenes in certain countries. The strip clubs in downtown Montreal have some superb lookers but they're often money hungry. Off the island, there are clubs offering F&S in either broom closets or small cabins (cabin costs an extra $20CDN typically). Some of the Quebecoise gals can be world-class lookers. But the going rates for F&S are $120-160CDN for about 10-15 minutes (generally 3 songs) and the experience is often rushed; the outcall rate starts at $140CDN per hour at most of the Montreal mid-tier outcall agencies, plus you have the advantage of the safety/security of your hotel room. Some guys are keen on eyeing the girl before buying, but outcalls are such nowadays that online pictures plus strong word of mouth (public/backchannel posts) raise the probability that you'll have a satisfying rendezvous and not pay for overpriced/mediocre service. I'd hope you'd give the outcall scene a try on your next trip to Riga. Best of luck.



09-06-04, 18:49

I am going to Riga the end of September and I am staying in the old town. Could anybody reccomend a place where action could be found? or phone numbers

09-08-04, 15:50

Try the following intimservis.lv and ladylux.lv the sites include photos/prices/reviews/phone# of the girls. You can also find pretty nice action at the massage places (check older reoprts..). You can also pick up the magazine "In your pocket" at your hotel and you will find alot of escort ads there.

Happy hunting!

09-11-04, 14:20
Hello Amigos.
I will be staying in Riga the weekend from 15th to 18th of October.
Probably at the same hotel where the Vodoo Club is
If anyone wants to hook up for a beer and to explore the scene, drop me a PM.

Merlin Magician
09-16-04, 02:05
Hey guys! Ryan Air is now flying into Riga from STansted London. I'm gonna go try it out!

Jake Sins
09-16-04, 19:58
I arrived in Riga after my escapade in Tallinn (See Tallinn board for details). Unfortunately my Estonian colleague who was driving me from Tallinn to Riga thought he was qualifying for a Grand Prix and did not believe in using the brake pedal. This is all good and well until the car hits a pothole and then a slow moving small delivery truck. To cut a long story short instead of arriving in Riga at around 14:00 hrs I finally reached my hotel at 17:00.

I was staying in the Radi in VecRiga - the old town. I followed the advice posted on the board and managed to secure a double room away from the nightclub opposite the front of the hotel. I made some excuse to the receptionist that my girlfriend had been delayed in Tallinn and would try to catch up with me, when she asked where the other person was. Luckily for me my Estonian colleague was in another hotel, so no awkward questions from that quarter. He was in a hotel outside the old town which had free parking. Driving in the old town costs 5 Lats (7.50Euro) per hour - I kid you not ! The receptionist said she would deduct the cost of one breakfast since my girlfriend was not with me on that first night. My kind of hotel. The cost of the room was 44 Lts for double occupancy and 41 Lts for single. The room was on the 5th floor. It was clean, warm, had a good size double bed, not 2 singles placed next to each other, and also had a small fridge. The wardrobe had a room safe contained within it. The key had to be obtained from reception after leaving a 5 Lts deposit.

I quickly unpacked and had a hurried shower and shave due to a business meeting between myself, my Estonian colleague and some locals. The next 6 hours was just boring work and dinner.

I got a Taxi back to the old town after midnight, but it appeared dead on a wet monday night. As the Dickens pub was still open I went inside for a beer. About 20 minutes later the bar staff started to close up and the customers were asked to drink up and be on their way. I said to myself this is shit. My first night in Riga and no way will I be in my bed at 01:00hrs. There were 3 Irish guys sitting in the bar next to me and I think they must have had the same thoughts, because we both asked the bar man if there was anywhere we could still get a drink . He had a think, said a lot of places would be closed on a monday, but suggested a bar called the black cat, which was open all night, so off the 4 of us went. I had heard a few bad reports about the black cat and I mentioned this to the others, namely drinks being spiked and people being robbed. They had also heard the same from other Irish Ex-Pats, but we decided to give it a go as the call of beer and a chance of pussy was too much.

There was about 25 people inside the bar having a drink, playing various games (pin ball etc) and 1 of the pool tables was in use. The clientele were either a few guys in groups or a few couples paired up. No girls/women on their own or in groups. We grabbed some beers and started to have a game of pool ourselves, doubles. Security wandered around every 15 minutes or so, but I still could not loose the thought about drinks being spiked and security possibly being involved. We made sure that our drinks were visible and watched at all times to be sure.
After about a hour I noticed a WG arrived. She was at the bar having a drink by herself and looking around. She was about 40+ , brunette, carrying a little bit extra weight (about 4.5). She had the appearance of being very hard. Nothing about her appealed to me.

We carried on playing pool. About 1 hour later a couple of girls came into the place grabbed some beers and started to play on the table next to us. One girl was blonde the other light brunette. They were about 20 years old. They were very attractive (8 and 7 respectively). 2 of the Irish guys started gradually talking to the girls. I should add they were only a few years older than the girls. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about me, as I am closer to being double their ages.

The 3rd Irish guy was not happy the other 2 guys seemed to be getting on so well with the girls and he was feeling left out. I had a quiet word with him and explained that all was not as his friends were thinking and hoping. I asked him to look at the facts: 2 girls in a bar playing pool at 03:30 hrs on a wet working night. They had already said they were not students but worked. The blonde had even said she did some modelling. He was still having difficulty joining the dots so I was a little bit more blatant - Wgs. This brought a huge smile to his face. Apparently both his friends had no idea, they thought it was their charm working its magic. One had boasted previously he had never paid for a women in the past and never would. At about 03:45 I decided to get back to the hotel for some sleep and said my goodbyes to the Irish lads and wished them every success. I had a smile on my face as I headed to the door thinking they would be in for a shock when the girls asked for cash.

The WG was facing away from me as I went out the door but must have seen me out of the corner of her eye as I left, because I could not have taken more than 2 or 3 steps when I heard the clatter of heels and a shout of ‘Hey ’. This was a first I had ever had a ***** chase me. I turned round and said ‘hello’. She came towards me and smiled. As I mentioned earlier she ‘did not do it for me’, so I said ‘Goodnight. Time for bed’, and left her standing outside the bar with her mouth open and a look of shock on her face.

I headed back the hotel whilst still on the lookout for any SWs that may be around, but nothing. My first night in Riga was a complete loss. Had to put it down to experience.

Day 2 was a heavy duty work day. Managed to get back to the hotel about 18:00. I was feeling horny as hell. I had checked out some numbers and details from the intimservis.lv and ladylux.lv sites. I telephone a few, but some did not answer, some did not speak English, even when the site said they did. Finally got through to Adelaida, listed on the intimservis site. She quoted 40Lts for 1 hour. Which was more than on the site, but I thought so what. She said she would be over in an hour, so I gave her the hotel details.

I showered and generally got prepared. 19:00 hrs came and went. 19:30 came and went. 20:00 came and went. Nothing. I was really pissed off by now. 20:15 my cell phone rang. Before I had a chance to say I now wished to cancel, a voice at the other end said she was on her way up. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. I looked through the eyepiece and saw this horrible bright pink hair. This cannot be right I thought to myself. It must be a trick of the light, so I opened the door. It wasn’t a trick of the light. In front of me was this ‘Thing’ with bright pink hair and looking nothing like the photo of the girl on the site I had ordered.

She came in dumped her coat on the chair,. looked around the room and said it was OK. She went into the bathroom. As I knew she would have to be paid something, I decided to see through the task in hand. She came out and started to undress. Her body was not too bad. She was tall, slim but had a nice big rack - a D cup. BJ was very ordinary and not helped by the fact her cell phone went off. Sex was initially doggie and finished off in mish . All in all a shit session - one of the worst. I gave her the money and got rid of her within 35 mins of her arriving. At this time I was reminiscing of the delights of Tallinn and wishing I was back there.

I had another shower and went to Dickens for a drink as it was round the corner from the hotel. I had a couple of beers and a steak. Both more than acceptable. 2 Wgs were in the place looking for business. They were both about 40+ and blonde. Not very attractive. One looked a bit like a heavier version of Princess Anne. She almost put me off my food! The 2 were joined by another girl who’s face I did not get a chance to have a good look at, but she did appear younger than the other 2. They all left a few minutes later. I went to an Irish bar called De Lacys for a few drinks, and then generally wandered around, but there did not appear to be much action. I headed back to the hotel at around 01:30. 2 nights in Riga and the only thing to show for it was one absolutely crap fuck. I hoped the rest of the time would be better.

(more to follow)

Roger Mellie
09-16-04, 20:33
Merlin - fabulous news. 31st October is first flight

09-17-04, 09:00
For those based on the Continent, Ryanair is also flying in from Frankfurt/Hahn

Jake Sins
09-18-04, 11:56
In addition to Ryanair, Easyjet also fly to Riga from Berlin.


09-19-04, 11:46
I am in Riga till the end on November. If some fellow monger in town would like to hook up for a night ride, send me a message.


Jake Sins
09-19-04, 22:18
i managed to make breakfast on the morning of my third day. the rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent working. i arrived back at the hotel at about 17:30 after a quick beer in the dickens and had a quick nap. i showered and planned the rest of the evening. i was meeting up with a lithuanian friend later in the night, so had a few hours spare. i phoned the baltic beauties escort agency. i had e-mailed the agency prior to my trip to the baltics for information and a discussion of my possible carnal requirements. alex was the person i e-mailed and he was very, very helpful. the agency can supply girls for appointments all over the three baltic states and beyond, with adequate notice. i explained to alex that i was pressed for time and was looking for a short time appointment of about 2 hours. he explained that a 2 hour appointment was possible, but unfortunately would cost the same as 4, due to their fee structure. i could not manage to squeeze in a 4 hour for that particular evening, so i politely declined.

after speaking to alex and remembering the photos of some of the girls on the bb site the sap had risen. i needed a fuck. i consulted my copy of ‘riga this week’ and spread a local city map on the bed. the ad for okinava caught my eye. i remembered the name from the riga board. the venue was only about 3 - 4 minutes away from the hotel . i telephoned the number in the ad (+371 9663018) and spoke to a lady in english. she said the cost was 25 lts for the massage and another 10 lts for the girl. i decided to give the place a go. i left the hotel and went to the atm opposite for cash. just a small note of information to all. both riga and tallinn have large numbers of atms so there is no requirement to carry large amounts of cash around. just draw it out as you need it. okinava is in vecpilsetas street. it is next to the italian restraint called pomodoro underneath an arch leading to a courtyard. the door was open so i walked in.

a lady in her late 30s or early 40s appeared behind the bar. i ordered a local beer. she asked if i was interested in having some female company. i said that rather depended on the girl. she called the girls out. there were 3. all were wearing white t-shirts. one was slim, late 20s, frizzy dark blonde hair, smallish rack with her nipples prominent through her shirt. the second was also late 20s, jet black hair, fuller figure with a huge rack. the third was slightly hidden behind the other 2 in the doorway and i did not get a good look at her figure, but she looked to be in her mid 20s, blonde hair and with a nice smile. all 3 were about 5s. i chose the big breasted black haired girl, katrina, katya for short. i followed her outside the building and downstairs.

the room i was lead into was very large. it had a seating area with a couch and armchairs, a sauna, a shower up the stairs and two cubicles where a massage couch and a bed were visible. after a few minutes very basic and polite chat, we went into the cubicle with the bed. katya was from belyorussia and had been on a tour (working ?) around europe for the summer. she was heading back home 3 days later. we both got undressed. me naked and katya to her thong. she had a good body with very big breasts (40dd) and nice upstanding nipples. unfortunately she also has a large number of tattoos on her upper arms, a couple on her shoulder and her back - not my taste. the massage was very ordinary. katya’s attitude was very indifferent. she didn’t appear to be bothered. after about 7 or 8 minutes of massaging my back she asked if i required other services. i said french and f/s. she said that was an additional 15 lts. i told her i was informed that only another 10 lts was required. she insisted on 15. i said ok. the bj was ok, but i have had much better and much worse. katya did not like her breasts being fondled or sucked too much. i was getting a bit pissed with this, as her breasts were the reason i picked her and not the others. sex followed in doggie and mish. - she would not do cowgirl. after ‘shooting my bolt’ i had a quick shower to get rid of the oil used in the massage. i paid katya 40lts, 25 for the room and 15 for her - no tip.

the facilities at okinava were good, but the girl i had was rubbish. this could be just due to picking the wrong one. only future visits will determine whether my experience of service is the norm, or ‘just a one off’.

i went back to the hotel to change. i met up with my lithuanian friend ,v. we has a few beers in de lacys and dickens and had dinner in a café/restraint nearby, amsterdam ?. v was only in the city for one night as he was travelling to helsinki the next day for a job interview. we decided to visit the pupu lounge. we arrived at about 00:15. it was not very busy. the bar contained pictures of breasts plastered all over the wall. the barmaid was an absolute looker. she was early 20s, long frizzy brunette hair, clear complexion, attractive face, slim build, but nice full breasts. she was the best feature of the place by far ! i bought some drinks and was a little shocked at the price- 5lts each for a gin and tonic. yes the drinks appeared large, but 5 lts was a bit steep. i then recalled something the 3 irish guys had told me in the black cat a few nights previously. the had been charged double for drinks in a nearby bar in comparison to the locals because they were foreign. we finished the drinks and decided to go to the roxy

entrance for the roxy was 5 lts. v had been to the venue before, when it was known as pepsi forums about 3 years previously. the roxy is on 3 levels. there is a dance floor on the entrance level with a bar. the floor above contains tables and couches for people to view the dance floor below. the basement contains a number of rooms and bars. the club was very busy with most of the people being around the late teens and early 20s. this was due to that day being the start of the academic year. the club had more than its fair share of italian guys trying to pick up the local girls, who did not appear to be remotely interested. the guys were crowding the girls and were making no discernable effort in preliminaries. this is fine if you are sure the girl is a wg, but it just causes offence to the semipros and amateurs. i noticed a number of instances were the girls just picked up there drinks and stormed off.

v and myself had a few drinks whilst we wandered around the club. downstairs one of the rooms was playing solely russian music and was the liveliest part of the club. some very nice girls were dancing and drinking, but they were generally ‘paired up’. a number of very ‘shady’ characters were also holding ‘court’ - local mafia v told me. there was one obvious wg sitting at a table very close to the bar in the entrance level dance floor. she was late 20s, dark hair, all dressed in black, with an expression on her face which indicated she may have been sucking lemons - very sour faced ! after a few circuits around the club i did not see anything which would appear to be a likely target. i generally do not go for young girls these days, but prefer women of mid 20s +. v finished his drink said goodbye and headed back to his hotel. i had another bacardi and coke and then decided to leave myself as it was after 03:00.

i kept my eyes open for sws. i was approached by one, but i had seen her talking to a guy out of the corner of my eye as i was walking down the street, who was still lurking nearby. i suspected the guy was her boyfriend/pimp. the hairs on the back of my neck were giving me danger signals even though i was drunk. i just said no thanks and walked on.

i surfaced out of my bed sometime after 09:00. i had free time available until a meeting in the mid afternoon and decided to do some sightseeing. had a late breakfast/brunch.

i arrived back at the hotel just after 17:15. i telephoned alex at baltic beauties and asked for a girl be sent over as soon as possible for a 4 hour booking (cost 200euro 130 lts). she needed to be slim, have a good rack (are you getting the picture of my preferences by now ?) provide dfk, owo, cim, f/s and a. he said he would make a few calls and ring me back. 10 mins later he phoned and said i had the choice of marilyn or mona. as i could not recall from memory exactly who was who, i left the decision to him. he would send mona over for 18:00. i had a shower and then waited for mona to arrive. alex phoned at 18:00 and said mona was caught up in the rush hour traffic and was delayed by 15 mins. at 18:15 i received a phone call on the hotel phone. it was reception asking if i expecting a visitor. i said yes and he said ok. mona knocked on the door a few minutes later. she was dressed in a 2 piece suit, with her hair tied back looking very business like.

mona explained the problem at reception. as she was walking through the reception area she was asked who she was visiting. mona only had the room number given to her by alex not the name of the room booking. this could have turned into a disaster, but mona kept her cool and the receptionist did not kick up a fuss.

mona was as per my request made to alex. the photo on the bb site does not do her justice. i offered her a drink which she accepted. the choice was vodka, vodka, vodka or vodka. she choose vodka, but there was a problem - nothing to mix the vodka with. she settled for vodka with mineral water on the side. we has a chat and a drink. she had a cigarette and then a shower.

she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and looked good enough to eat. the towel did not stay on too long as i put my arms round her and proceed to start the action. we fell onto the bed and in between deep french kissing my clothes were thrown on the floor. we rolled around the bed with my lips licking and gently biting her nipples to arousal. she rolled me onto my back and started to bite my nipples before moving her tongue down my stomach and taking my cock between her beautiful lips. her oral action was superb. the tempo was altered between a fast rough action and a slower gentle rhythm, when she felt i may be approaching climax. she used her tongue to great effect on the head of my cock by licking and running the tip just below the rim of the head - sheer bliss. my balls were not left out as they were licked and fondled as well. i gently pulled her up as too much more of her oral attention would have ended round 1 very quickly. i gave her breasts and nipples the appropriate attention they disserved. mona was gently pressing and moving against the shaft and base of my rock hard cock. i could feel her wetness. she was emitting sighs of pleasure and her breathing altered. she reached over and put an overcoat on my cock and started to ride me cowgirl style. we went at this for a good 10 mins before i came to a shuddering climax. it was a real toe curling finish one of the best i had experienced to date. we stayed as we were for a few minutes with mona sitting on my still partially erect tool. a thought appeared in my mind. i hoped she might have come as well. i was so wrapped up in my receiving pleasure that i was not sure about her, but there again i was paying her, so her satisfaction was less of an issue.

mona went to the bathroom for a quick visit. upon her return she had a couple of cigarettes and some more vodka lying on the bed next to me. we talked about a number of things, whilst getting ready for round 2. she confirmed the number of tourists visiting riga had started to increase significantly and the obvious ‘sex’ tourist would find it increasingly difficult to link up with non wgs. she was very rep001hing about the large number of italian men in riga this summer, their ’bad manners’ and general ‘unwillingness to spend money’. these are her words not mine i hasten to add, before the e-mails start flying.

my hands started to play with her breasts while her hand drifted towards the direction of my groin. a few minutes of foreplay had the usual effect of ‘springing the man attention’. mona was lying on the bed and i started to dfk her. i then moved the kissing, nuzzling and licking to her ears, to her neck, her breasts, her belly and finally arrived at her groin. her pussy was not quite fully shaven but it was very short and neat and tidy. i daty for a good 20 mins. this time there was no doubt as to whether she came. she did, like niagara falls. on with another overcoat and i was banging her away in mish. this i altered slightly by placing her legs over her head and against my shoulders. this position was continued for a good few minutes before mona was turned around and placed on all fours. i entered her from behind with slow and deep strokes which i, and she, appeared to enjoy. after a few minutes of doggie i told her it was time for the big a. she could not find her lubrication, so we tried it without, but it was too awkward and painful for her. she apologised and said she was at her friends when she received the call from alex and had to rush home to get ready. she asked if i had anything which could be used for lubrication, but alas i did not. round 2 was brought to a finish with a long further session of doggie.

mona lit up another couple of cigarettes and she had some more vodka. by this time i was out of mineral water and she had to make do with tap water. i had stopped drinking by now as i had to meet a colleague later at his hotel. it was now about 20:45. we were laying on the bed. me on my front, with mona gently rubbing her hands over my back not unlike a massage. she eventually moved her hands down over my arse to my legs heading towards my feet. when she reached my knees, she changed direction and put her hands on my inner thighs and reached between my legs and proceeded to play with my balls and my cock. this slowly had the intended effect and the ‘old man’ woke up. i turned over and mona put her mouth over the head of my tool and she blew, she licked, she sucked, she teased and she gently bit. i was in heaven. a good 20 mins of this followed. round 3 came to an end in her lovely mouth. she swallowed the contents, had a drink of vodka and gave me a kiss before heading for the bathroom. what a girl !! i new it would take a lot to get the ‘old man’ to stand to attention again that night - certainly not in the remaining time left, so i told mona it was time for both her and me to leave. we both showered and got dressed. my cell phone went off as i was paying her. the money was already counted. she gave me a kiss and said she hoped we would meet again when i was next in riga and left. it was a few minutes after i had answered the phone call that i realised i had not given her a tip. shit !!! she certainly deserved one for her excellent service.

i left the hotel and realised i had not eaten. i went to de lacys for a guinness and a steak. after quickly eating i got a taxi to the reval hotel latvija, home of the famous voodoo club. i needed to drop off some contracts and presentations to the regional manager of our sister company, who was staying in the hotel. as i was passing through the lobby i notice a couple of wgs in the ground level hotel bar. one was a blonde stunner a 9 in anyone’s book. i met the manager and give him the material. he surprisingly invited me to have a drink upstairs in the bar on 26th floor. i bought 2 bacardi and cokes. these were finished in 10 mins. he said he was tired and disappeared to bed without getting me a drink. the miserable prick.

as i was drinking my second b&c, into the bar came a party of scotsmen. yes they were scots as half of them were wearing kilts. i said to one of the guys i expected to see a lot of different things in latvia but not kilts. the guy i was talking to, bruce, said they had just arrived in riga for a 4 days stag trip. there were 17 of them in the party and he was the best man. the guys asked about places to drink, clubs to visit and general questions about the city. i explained i had been in the city for 4 days and this was my last night. they immediately invited me to join them. i accepted their invitation. we finished our drinks and then i lead them, by foot, to the old town. i pointed out a few features along the way. we walked passed the freedom monument, mcdonalds, the roxy, martini up to de lacys. they wanted to know the precise location of a good irish pub.

we headed back towards the roxy, but decided to stop in martini for a drink or 2. a very nice girl was dancing on the stage. the bar staff were not expecting a party of 18 to arrive ‘on mass’ after midnight and had difficulty coping with the rounds of drinks of 18 beers and 18 black balsams.

after about 45 mins everyone went to the roxy. the club was quieter than the night before. the sight of scotsmen in kilts certainly caused a stir. the same wg from the night before was sitting at the same table, wearing the same clothes with the same sour expression on her face. an hour was spent in the roxy before some of the guys made it plain they were anxious to see some naked flesh. they wanted to visit the strip club kleopatra. i did try to convince them i had heard it was a ’rip off’ but it was close to their hotel and they were insistent.

9 people piled into a strectch cadillac which was available outside the roxy for hire (20lts) the others caught taxis. the driver of the cadillac made the slowest journey i have every been on for the distance concerned. i worked out why eventually. the guys were drinking from the on board bar and i am sure he was hoping more than one bottle would be opened. we finally arrived at the club. the driver escorted us into the club where he was in discussion with the manager/owner. one of the guys was going to give him a large tip, but i said there was no need as he was arranging his ‘delivery fee‘ /‘kick back‘ for bringing us to the venue. we were charged 10lts for admission. i cannot remember the exact cost for a beer but it was not unreasonable.

there were only a couple of girls in the bar when we arrived, but the number suddenly increased soon after our arrival. the girls were fairly ordinary 4s to 5s with a couple of exceptions, a brunette who was a 7.0, and a blonde 6.5. every 10-15 mins one of the girls danced on stage. the dancing was not very good or imaginative apart from the brunette and blonde mentioned previously. a couple of the guys went upstairs for a private dance. cost 20lts each. verdict rubbish. very little contact allowed - a little on the body but nothing on the breasts or down below. i was approached by one of the 4.5s. she stared to chat. when asked if she was local, she said no like most of the others in the club. she was from belorussia. she asked me to buy her a drink. i offered to buy her what a i was drinking, namely a beer, but this was refused. she said the girls only drank ‘ladies drinks’ i.e. cocktails. the cost 20lts. i just shook my head and said no. she got up and went to find another prospective mug. i stayed for a couple of more dances and then decided to head back to my hotel. i wished the groom well in his future marriage and said my goodbyes to the others. i asked the boss for a taxi number. he spoke to one of the girls who made the call. the taxi arrived a few minutes later and cost me the extortionate sum of almost 5lts - it only cost 8 lts from my hotel to the airport !

i arrived back in the hotel and that was the end of my mongering session in riga. i caught a flight back home the same morning. i will return again to riga sooner rather than later.

what have i learned after my visit ? the city is full of very, very attractive women:-
1. the amateur scene - is extremely difficult for someone on a short visit to tap into. you will have to do the research and establish contacts prior to arrival. repeat visits along with local in depth knowledge may help you unlock the key and succeed with amateurs. if your intended tastes and targets are towards the younger end of the market you will also probably need to be younger than me, far younger!
2. the semipro - a lot of points in 1 will apply. in addition you will need to be in the right place at the right time.
3. p4p i.e. wgs - ultimately ‘money talks’. during the next few years as more and more tourists come over to latvia and the equilibrium between supply and demand changes to an excess of demand, i can only see prices rising at a steep level. the increase in prices has already become evident over the last 12 months or so.

personally i suggest avoiding the intimservis.lv and ladylux.lv sites as much as possible. they are a complete rip off. this is not only from first hand myself. but also experiences from other posters to this board, and from other ex-pats i spoke to during my visit. my visit to okinava was very disappointing, but this may well just be to my wrong choice in girl. other members of the site, who have posted on this board, have previously obtained an excellent service from this establishment. i will try them again. baltic beauties i found were extremely professional, not just in the quality of the lady provided, but the general service e.g. e-mail enquiries answered promptly prior to arrival, telephone manner and general attitude. yes, i gather they are towards the more pricier end of the spectrum, but i have no problems with paying for good service and quality, especially when i have a limited time frame for mongering. finally i would have no hesitation in booking mona again again.

i am sorry my reports both on this board, and the tallinn board, have been so long and detailed, but i found when doing my research prior to my visits, the details provided by fellow mongers the most usefull. the more details posted the less need for stupid questions to be posted or asked. i do not have the best typing skills in the world, far from it, so sorry for the delay in posting the reports. if any of my posts provide any assistance to other fellow mongers, the hours spent on my keyborad have not beem wasted.

happy mongering,


ps. you never know i might even get promoted to a senior member.

09-26-04, 20:40
Just got back from another brief visit to Riga and can report that there are plenty of semi-pro opportunities in the Old Town bars and clubs if you're looking for it.

I met a delightfully cute, slim, young (18) and local girl in Pupu Lounge and it didn't take long to work out what her game was. A few drinks, some very sexy dancing and then back to the hotel.

10 lats for the night porter and a full range of activities back in my room - DATY, AR and FS doggie style. A real GFE with lots of kissing and hugging. 100 lats seems a bit on the expensive side but was money well spent in my view.

Been in touch with her since I got home and will hopefully see her again next time I'm in Riga. Have a couple of photos but they exceed the maximum size and I haven't worked out how to reduce them.


10-07-04, 17:09
couple years ago, visit to riga for (12 days) some tourism business reason. stayed one of the big hotel building latvija hotel, i guess it was 4* hotel in thera like a skycraper. per nite paid $140.00 usd a sng room. there was casino club/bar on the hotel's basement floor. each chick cost me per nite $100.00 usd just for 3 - 4 hours. bellboys arranging the girls to you, even they call you in your room evenings. they have great girls list to choose one of them. those was nice days for me.

zagor t

Sun Rise
10-09-04, 14:39
Hi Zagor,

The hotel you are talking about is the Reval Hotel Latvija this Hotel is not far from the Old Town. This Hotel is very girl friendly but today the Bellboy wont arrange you any meting with girls or the girl wont call you in your room (like is the case in China). Nowadays for a nice girl you will have to pay more than 100$. But like many of the report here will tell if you have patience and time you can pick up nice girls form the Pupu or the Roxy (I haven’t try the Voodoo) If you don’t have time look in Riga this week in the lat page you will find good escort agency and Salon the massage erotic.

Hello Patata Chips, I do not know for germane FKK but it’s true that Riga is not cheap like Thailand but the girls in Riga (working and semi-pro) are so beautiful that the trip is worth the trip.

Chattel Lver

10-12-04, 01:26
I spent a few months in Riga in 2002, and trust me the very best option for working girls is the following :

Note : Brothels and sex clubs are rare in Riga, and most action takes place in your hotel room/appartment. Many of the massage parlours advertised in the toursit magazines only provide nude massage and hand jobs.

1. Avoid any tourist sex attractions, they are all a big rip off. USE the services that the locals use. I found most Hotel/disco Working girls to be way over priced and many will try to rob you, by offering to spend the night, then when you fall asleep they will take anything they can.

2. Go to any newsagents and buy the local classifieds paper, the name of which i cant remember, but if you have more than 2 brain cells you will work it out. In the back of the paper there are adds for escorts and working girls. These escort agencies are aimed purely ar the local market and are way cheaper than baltic beauties and all that rubbish. Most of these women are Russian as apposed to Latvian and most are in the 6-8 range, slim and small breasted.

3. Many of the Escort agencies and Working girls have little or no English so find a translater, I often used the girls in the tourist office to make my calls and make sure you have a mobile phone - both for your translator to make the calls and more importantly for the escort service to call you when they arrive.

4. The usual method is that after you make your appointment with the Escort Agency they will send a car to your hotel/appartment complete with a selection of 4/5 girls. When the driver arrives he will call you and then go out onto the street to meet him, and he will get the girls to all line up in front of you and you then make your choice, and then the driver will ask you how long you want her for.

5. when you bring the girl to your room you pay her the standard rate of 25 lats per hour, which gets a basic service of sex, covered BJ, and licking pussy. The girl gets 10 lats out of the 25, and they dont have set fees for extras, but if you wave another 10 lats around , you should be able to get the girl to do anything you want i.e. BBJ , kissing , anal.

6 Enjoy

10-23-04, 22:37
I'm planning a return visit to Riga next week and will hopefully hook up with the lovely young girl I met last time. I've since found out she works in a club called Banana Moon. From what I've found out about it from the web it looks like a basic strip club. Has anyone visited - what can I expect?


Sun Rise
10-25-04, 13:28

The Banana Moon club is on Arhitektu n.1 street it’s a small street next to the university and very near of the old town it’s in front of the Opera House. The Club offers almost everything you dream off massage, escort and striptease here it’s there web site www.bananamoonclub.com. You will find in the same street a place call Getera n.2 www.getera.lv it’s a massage place it’s on the second floor of the building no advertise but you will find a ring bell at this place YMMV normally at best you can have only a HJ but some time more. The Banana it’s ok club not to expensive if compare it to Dolls and at Banana club some girls will go with you for more than only a striptease at your table what is not the case for the Dolls.

Have fun and tell me if you find your 18 old beauty


10-25-04, 13:42
This is about the only way to contact local cheap escort services in Riga, remember these services are aimed more at the locals than the tourists, but of course we still use their services :) And they dont charge tourists more than locals.

The going rate when i was there 2 years ago was 25 latts per hour with these escorts , compared to 50-150 for the tourist crap.

The newspaper you need is called "CM-PEK*AMA" - it's in Russian, and sold in all newsagents there. The words on the newspaper's front page look just like I spelled it above, but instead "*" you should see a cyrillics letter which looks like latin "V", but turned upside-down. The name of the newspaper is pronounced "SM-REKLAMA" and it means SM-advertising, where SM is the name of some publishing company. The newspaper costs about 0.40 Ls and is veeeery thick - over 100 pages; it conains only advertisments (both private and from companies). So take it and look at last pages - section "sex services" is the last. There you will see one or sometimes two pages full of advertisments from prostitutes. There will be also phone-sex advertisements, you can distinguish them by international phone numbers. OK now. When you found the page you need, pick an advertisement and call the number, or get a translator.


10-27-04, 20:06
Thanks Chatte. If she doesn't show, I'll be back at Pupu to meet another lovely young Latvian. I have a 100% record there so far (2 from 2).

All the best.

11-10-04, 11:59
Took advantage of the new Ryanair flights between Frankfurt/Hahn and Riga to fly this independent in last week:


She arrived on the flight from Riga at about 23.30, we went to a hotel right by the airport and she returned on the 18.30 the next day. I booked everything on the internet website. All worked out efficiently. I paid for 24 hours of her time.

Cleopatra is a Russian Latvian aged mid-twenties. We spoke German (her preference), which like her English is perfectly adequate. She says she speaks Italian as well. What struck me on the site, and was confirmed in the email correspondence and meeting, is that the girl has a fine attitude. She was keen to find out what I wanted, had no problem with doing it and when we met proceeded to give it to me. She knew why she was there and played no games, e.g. time-wasting, refusal of promised services, constant smoking pauses, mobile interruptions etc. Simply wanted to give VFM.

Her pictures rather flatter her. While tall, well-built and good-looking (good enough to turn the heads of the local yokel night staff at the airport for sure) she is not a real beauty. She has had children and this has left its slight marks. Services included excellent DFK, proficient OWO, good, if not inspired sex. Very responsive to DATY, a real highlight for everyone in the hotel……. CIM (no swallowing) was more of a problem and was more on the lines of CIMFHPHBJMLS (Come in Mouth, Face, Hair, Pillow and Headboard, Just Missing the Lamp Shade). Oh well, we had a good laugh about that. Everything as often as you wanted. The real test is when you wake them up in the middle of the night for another round, and, yes, she passed that one with flying colours.

I would say this experiment was a qualified success, considering the great options available at the FKKs in the Frankfurt region. But Cleopatra is a cheaper overnight than the agency shipments from Riga I have found on the net, and if you want to exhaust yourself unashamedly with a girl with a great attitude and who enjoys herself as well, this is one perhaps to consider. I will certainly look her up when in Riga next year.

If anyone has any other suggestions for Latvian girls to bring in on these cheap flights, I would be interested to read them here or to receive a PM.

Field Commander
11-11-04, 00:15
Toscana I think the lady is nice, but a bit overpriced. Better go to Riga yourself and look around.

But I repeat the photos are nice so it could be OK just to try once.


11-15-04, 15:44
Well, now that I have been here for a two weeks, wanted to share a few of my experiences. I agree with a post earlier that for 25-30 Lats the best option is to uses to the "Peklama" newspaper. You will get only a few who answer that speak english. But persistence is the key. And be very specific as to your requirements.

Since I spoke english I have also been quoted prices of 40 LVLs......no way I was buying into that. One quoted me 35, and I challenged her right there and then, and she came down to 20 plus 5 for taxi. The quality really varies, sorry to admit but most of them are young mothers. Imagine this, I met a 20 year old who had a 4 year old son....!!! From other magazines like Riga this week etc the quality is a bit better, but the attitude a bit stuck up. Prices quoted for extra services at one occassion was 30 LVL for OWO, take it or leave it. She surely is going to remember the slamming I gave her for trying to be a bit too arrogant.

A little gentleman's behaviour does go a long way. Most of them will give their direct mobile and are available by shutting the agency out. Was also able to pop a 21 year old's anal cherry, could tell by the pain on her face. She admitted is being the first time as well, boy was it a picture worth taking. Seeing another one for OWO, anal, CIM no swallow, deep french, rimming for only 30 LVL a pop.

Now about hanging around clubs, it is far too time consuming but can be fruitfull as well. After two excursions to Roxy I was finally able to get a 19 year old's phone number. Wasn't sure she would call the next day, but my charm worked along with buying several drinks and a taxi back home as well. Its worth spending the intial investment, cuz if you strike it, then the fruits are for the picking. So, she calls me the next day and says that would only meet along with her sister, cuz she dosen't know me etc etc. I was a bit reluctant, but boy did am I glad I agreed to it. The sister, as I am told 18 was a bomb, blond, dressed all sexy and really outgoing and crazy. So we hung around for a while, and really beginning to take more interest in the yonger sister but all the while not to let the other off the hook either. I had to do quite a bit of persuasion to get them back to my apartment just to hang out and eat the cheese burgers we got from McDonalds. Turns out the sister is learning to be a professional dancer. So, that gave me an idea, pumped up some music, dimmed the lights and started dancing right there in my living room. Wow......grinding up against both of them, kissing and feeling them up as well. Had to be carful though, not to offend the older one. Will have to put some more capital in this investment, but the returns look prosperous.

All I can say, that it is not going to be the case of getting into the pants the first night with non-pros. If you got a little time on your hand then its fun.

Will post a follow-up as well.

11-17-04, 01:50
Hello Guys,

Does anyone have upto date information on prices in riga , and the best places to visit. arranging a trip and would be great to get the current low down. also anyone visiting london , i pride myself on being a specialist , so happy to assist with any quieries.


11-18-04, 21:54
Here is the webpages where all the girls advertise. They are all asking 15-25 Lats per hour. Don't overpay! There is no need to as plenty of local girls are in the business here. 15-25 Lats TOPS for an hour (and you can usually get a girl for the whole night from 30-50 Lats, in other words two hours worth).





Despite what has been said here, I've always had a great time at OKINAWA.


I've never had anything but excellent full service there. Hot girls that give GFE but I've only been there twice so maybe I got lucky twice. I'd say give it a shot. 25 Ls per hour, do not overpay though!

11-22-04, 23:40
Good report Cornelius,

I had a couple of good shags from Non pros when i was there 2 years ago, but got used by many too, it went like this :

Meet her in a club. Buy loads of drinks. Get a kiss and a feel. Meet her and her friend next day, Buy them lunch. Bring them to the pub. Get them drunk, and try to get them back to the appartment. Then about 50% would come back to the appartment and out of them, about 50 % would fuck.

So it worked for about 1 in 4 for me, but i knew a very good looking swedish guy who got 3 in every 4.

Oh to be tall, blonde and goodlooking....... :)

11-23-04, 00:08
Excellent Job Suggsy,

Look at all the time and effort you have saved many men. Im planning a trip back to Riga in the New year, and now for once I can be some way prepared.

30-50 lats for all nighter is an out and out bargain.

50 lats = €75 at the moment.

I'm sure that has to be the cheapest in any part of Europe.


11-23-04, 23:08
Has anyone used the services of Ladylux?
http://www.ladylux.lv/index.php?m=&lang=en in the last 6 months. I will be in Riga over New Year and I'm hoping for some hot company to warm me up.


11-24-04, 05:18
I come form a BA background and i have seen many places in the ex USSR. My advice is that today Latvia (i live here) is one of the worst places for mongering. 2AM and there is no chance of calling a home delivery. On the about 20 numbers you find on intimservice or rigathisweek you just always speak with the same person. Avoid riga, i am not milky man, it is just like prague but much more worst. I guess ryanair started the destruction, but today is really better to get a 50£ hand job in a stratford parlour, more honest and relaxed at least

Dutch Boy
11-24-04, 23:28
Hi guys,

I need to be in Riga for my work on New Years Eve and I was wondering what the cheapest option for flying out there would be? I am from Amsterdam but could travel up to Germany (if its not from Berlin) to fly out of there. Can anyone give me their advice, lowest price? What I found so far was around 130 euro's, or is that already dead cheap?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

11-26-04, 15:22
Hello Gentlemen,

Can I just thank Suggsy for detail in his post, most helpful! Also can I get a second on Marco Mans report although not to disrespect his comments he seems to think Riga is not the place to go. Intersted if any one else feels this strongly. Lady Lux looks full of quality so suprised to here such a negative post.

Your thoughts!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

11-26-04, 16:21
Been here for 4 weeks now, and I must flat out admit it is really tough reeling in the non-pros. I think most have them have experienced at least once the foreign guy luring them with money trick. I mean this girl I worked on for three weeks, even cried (real tears) with sad lame stories such as I need food for my dogs, to pay back loan on my computer etc etc. I was having none of that bull shit. Told her yeah I am willing to help if you help me. But wham, just like that she gets pious, oh no you are only friend, I am russian girl, I do not like this etc etc. Yeah right, you are a drama queen but no booty to give, I guess its a fair trade. I even tried the wanna be your boyfriend story, and get a reply of I wait 3 months before I make with you boyfriend. What the hell??? All in all its a good experience and that the chances of one bagging a non-pro during are slim, they are far too experienced nowadays. And yeah, even now in winter, far far too many tourists with that booty hunter look on the faces.

Just ain't helpin.

Good luck to all you out there.

Sun Rise
11-28-04, 10:45
HI Guys if are looking for non-pros or GFE Riga is not the place to go. For beautiful pros, escort agency or Ladaylux is a good alternative.

Have fun

Bez Bezarra
11-28-04, 23:16
Hey Cornballs-

Guarranteed that local wise guys had their eye and their hands on her well before you passed through.

11-30-04, 07:27

Anyone help a first timer with some tips on the riga scene.I seen previous posts which were helpful but only in town for few days and not really an escort guy more of a club scene.


Dave London

11-30-04, 21:59
Looking for some advice guys as was hoping to get to Riga for New Year celebration. Can anyone help as what its like there on New Years Eve, clubs to go, hotel to stay (pref 5* with girls working the lobby). Looking to celebrate in style this year so no expense to be spared

Would really appreciatte your help



12-08-04, 00:00
Can somebody tell me how ladylux work?Have ladylux any adresse or is it only escort service?How you now what time the girls working?

12-10-04, 18:47
The Ladylux site is just a place where lots of escorts place their ads, also some agencies (look for the ones where the same phone number appears several times). You can see where they might speak English and what services they offer. Its almost the same, with the same girls as Intimservis. My experience is that these girls don't come up to what they promise - rather mechanical service.

At New Year the place is one big party town. There will be a lot of stuff in the Dom Square but it could be very cold. The bars and clubs will also be doing business of course. There are loads of hotels but few if any have bar girls - its not a thing in Latvia. New Year's eve is not necessariy a good time to get any action because everyone is wanting to be with friends and so on, but the atmosphere will be good.

12-11-04, 20:55
Have the girls in ladylux some place you can go to?or must girls come to your hotel?

12-13-04, 12:09
Many if not most of the girls who advertise have places - on the site it says whether it is in or outcall. I visited one place which was a flat where the girl was waiting for me.

12-15-04, 17:00
Yes....guys, finally the endeavours paid off. I kind of go by the motto for the non-pros out there...."Spend a few bucks and show your intentions intially and let her go, if she comes back sex is guaranteed if she dosen't the ocean is full of fishes".

So, my stint here in Latvia comes to end and I was able to bag two non-pros. I admit with one had to spend a few dinners and a present or two but in the end its every cent worth the tight twat one gets to poke.

The 19 years one (I wrote of previously) I let go after she was being all to pious on me. And after a week I get an SMS with some crap like I need money or will be thrown out of the house etc etc. That was the opening, I went straight to the point about sex and later that evening it was dfk, owo, cim, ball licking and u name it all. If only she had come to her senses a bit earlier, well can't win them all.

To sum it up, non-pros will require time and bit of money. If you don't have the time get straight to the point.

Good luck to all of you.

01-03-05, 14:45
My previous post was maybe too negative, but these are real fact you must know about internet based escort services in Riga.

It is not easy to get an appointement: on average during day time only 60% of the numbers work. After 10 in the night, the percentage falls to 10/20.

Many of the girls share the same number/agency. It is normal that, after you finally manage to speak with a girl you like, she will tell you she is not the one in the picture. If you are unlucky, the agency can decice to send a different one even without telling you first.

Prices: even if they are clearly indicated on the websites, they always go up of about 10/15 LVL per hr. I tried many time to ask explanations during my negotiations; the answer is always the same: you are a foreigner.

The majority of time service is mechanical, cold and unpleaseant. They all ask money in advance. The tipical session is: they try to keep you talking untill you almost force them to the bedroom. Forget GFE and BBBJ. You possibly can get some back doors, but only with very few of them and doubling the fee.

Of course there are exceptions. In 4 months I managed to find a cople of nice girls I could recomend.

IMHO, is not worth waisting time with the above serices if you are in Riga only a few days.

If you have more money, the agencies advertising on Riga This Week are a better bet. The ongoing price has reached the unthinkable (for Latvia) fee of 60 LVL per hr. At least they normally send you a selection of girls and, at least in my experience, the level of service is normally better.

01-03-05, 17:48
Having just returned from New Year in Riga I can (once again) recommend Pupu and Roxy as easy places to meet local (Latvian and Russian) girls, both pro & non-pro. I also hooked up with a cute girl I met on Faceparty who, while charging 100 lats (about £100) for the night was an amazing GFE and just what I was looking for. I'm very glad I avoided Ladylux etc. despite being sorely tempted by the pictures.

Although Riga is rapidly following Tallinn as a stag-nightmare destination, with wary local girls unimpressed by tourists, I have found that with some persistence, charm and by not being in a group, you can "party" with some of the best looking girls in Europe. I've also found it helps to be English.


01-10-05, 17:10
Just came back from Riga, had a great time. But guys, watch out, this is what happened to a friend of mine two nights in a row at the popular disco Roxy: two of the security apes walked up to my friend at the entrance of the restrooms and accused him of dealing with drugs, they insisted that he let his pockets be searched. He has never touched drugs in his life, this was only a false pretense so that they would have a chance to take away most of his cash. None of us other guys had any problems in Roxy, they probably picked him, because he is a young, harmless looking student, but you never know. He didn`t tell us until afterwards, so there really was nothing we could do about it. Best thing to do would have been to count the bills out loud in front of these guys or insist that they call the local police.

Dutch Boy
01-17-05, 04:37
Hi guys,

Like I told ya'all I went to Riga for my work during New Years Eve and 10 days beyond! Here are all the findings that I did during my stay there!

Overall impression is that its a nice city, people are relatively friendly but sometimes the english language posed a big problem for them, although usually I managed between, english, german and ermm sign language (haha)!

OK, and now onto the main bit, girls. Well I stayed in a youthhostel (I know, not my idea.. was booked via work) anyway this posed a big problem because the gates of it closed between 12.00 and 06.00, and during the day there was always someone at the door, and I did not feel like explaining why I had a girl coming for 1 hr dressed in knee high boots, if you know what I mean!

So I had 2 search my fun outside the house, which proved to be a bit trickier than I expected.

Ok lets go by them one by one:

1. Streetwalkers: I saw a few cuties walking the street a few times late at night with their pimp, looked very attractive, but as I could not bring any back, didn't do it.

2. Hotel Ijatvia: I saw one time a group of them sitting in the lounge clearly waiting for company, but this is not advised cos its a very classy place(well at least the lobby)and if you don't want the waiters looking at you all week kinda funny then avoid.

I checked out the top floor bar, skybar but I found it very hard to make out the hookers from girls just having a good time.

3. Massage parlours such as Getera: I went there and payed 35 lats (overpriced I know) for a poor massage and handjob by a less then interested girl named Sascha. Avoid this girl if you can! I think only thing that could ever excite this girl if she ever found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Regular clubs such as Nautulis, La Rocca, Essential, Depo: Again one by one I will post reviews:

Nautulis: I found this a very nice place 2 dance and hang out during my stay, some really talented dj's there but its not really the place for picking up chicks easly, its like a club back say in England, all the pretty people gather there tho!

La Rocca: I would have to say that this is the worst club with the shittiest people and the worst mucic I ever been to (if you like your feet to be stepped on all night by large agressive russian guys, then go ahead). I did not have any fun and left after 30 min! In back tho there is a cute little club called Club 69, full off rich people and hookers, nice atmosphere and great pp, love 2 hang out there more! (swanky would be the word).

Essential: I did not go there.

Depo: I liked this alot. I went there on a Tuesday, but you goto be fairly young to be able to get away with this, did a fair bit of flirting in there and almost pulled one girl, untill she got away*(dammit)! I will def go back there next time.

Pupu Lounge: I liked what I saw, been in there for a bit, no action but alot of nice conversations explaining why latvian people hate Itallian people, and that is because when they come they grope the girls, so if this is you, please some respect ok, not all Latvian girls are hookers and golddiggers. Just be normal person!

And this brings me to the end: brothels. I could only found one in Riga and that was via one of the members on the board, thanx for the good referrel to this one. It is a club / brothel called Okinava. It is on Vecipilsetas, number 8.

I was there quite early, around 13.00, and they where all still waking up, looked like they had some big party'ing the night before. Anyway I chose a nice dark haired girl around 27 years old, she had something nice about her and that is why I chose her. She led me into the underground massage, sauna, bigbed area and after a nice massage followed a full service including loads a kissing but only after we talked first for a bit. I made here comftable and also provided her a massage which was very welcomed. This session was a nice non-rushed gfe session, also got her phone number but was last day in Riga, will defintely return there!

Overali I did not even try the internet agencies because one time I called the number of a girl I liked. I was informed that non such girl worked there, in my eyes a complete rip-off.

I would reccomend going there in summer but beware of heavy compition from the rest off all off Italy who also got that idea, I don't think riga is a good place for mongering at all, not reccomended.

Also it really helps if you can make friends before going there or during your stay, this will help you out alot. Another advice is to make contact with Latvian girls via the internet and meet them there. Very good way!

6* out of 10 only because of last day experience!

03-22-05, 16:16
I like Riga!

My experiences in Riga's massage joints have been pretty good overall. In December 04, I had a cracking massage at the Getera massage parlour (Arhitektu Street). Tall blond girl with fantastic tits. A bit steep at 30Lv, but a pretty good massage and a most pleasing finish over those aforementioned twin peaks.

In January, I tried an escort agancy called Reflex. They delivered a young lady directly to my hotel door. I asked for young, slim girl with dark hair...and thats exactly what I got (the girl was called Marina). The "massage" was predictably rubbish, but the rest of the service was OK'ish, if a little mechanical, but nevertheless good value at 30Lv for an hour. Most things on offer except A. [Tel: 6131979]

In February, I tried another massage place called Lilami on Brivibas Street. Was offered a "four-hands massage" but as I only have one penis, I opted for the two-hand alternative with a beautiful model-like girl called Tamara. She was a bit stand-offish to start with, but soon warmed up when I started to speak to her in my awful Russian. In fact she turned out to be absolutely charing. Unfortunately, she declined my offer of marriage. The massage was very good - professional quality, followed by the usual hand-job. An excellent way to spend an hour and at a cost of 25Lv. [Tel: 7243322]

Another escort agency I've found to be good and fairly reasonably priced at around 25 - 35 Lv: Riga Stars [tel: 624 4982]

Having said all of this, IMHO, freebies are the way to go in Latvia. The girls are beautiful, sexy, humourous and very intelligent. Great girlfriend material, but useless if you're just looking for a quick shag before you jump on the plane.

If you speak Russian, you might like to buy the local paper called "CM-Peklama" - lots of ads and not silly tourist prices.

04-01-05, 14:50
Dear friends,

Hi to everybody.

I'll going to Riga at the end of April but I read that the situation is a little bit difficult.

Well, I bought a Ryan Air ticket in november and I'm thinking "to or not to go...."

I'm afraid that can be a loose of time, reading the posts.

Anyway, we wil see.

In the meanwhile, some question:

1) Are there confortable and convenient flats to rent a week?
2) Can I bring girl in my hotel room?

Dutch boy and Durbsman,

Good report, but it seem to be bad situation, high prices.

Dutch boy,

You wrote: "Also it really helps if you can make friends before going there or during your stay, this will help you out alot. Another advice is to make contact with Latvian girls via the internet and meet them there. Very good way!"

Can you suggest some particular site?


You wrote: "Having said all of this, IMHO, freebies are the way to go in Latvia. The girls are beautiful, sexy, humourous and very intelligent. Great girlfriend material, but useless if you're just looking for a quick shag before you jump on the plane"

Can you suggest some particular place or bar or disco to meet regular girl?

Ok, thanks in advance to everybody can answer some questions and give suggestion.

best regards

04-01-05, 23:19

For apartments to rent instead of hotels use this link: http://www.apartments-riga.com/

You can take girls in many hotels. I use the Laine where you do not have to go past reception to get to most rooms. www.laine.lv

There is a lot in these posts about ways of getting girls p4p. The cheaper sources tend to be more mechanical and the more expensive give a better service - like anywhere.

It is getting more difficult to pick up girls because the cheap flights now dump loads of stag party men into Riga at weekends and the local girls are fed up with them. Also, standards of living are rising and costs are going up.

To meet girls beforehand try www.4u.lv I have made contact with some nice women on this site.

Zizz Bang
04-02-05, 00:49
I was in Riga last summer and had a blast. I am very glad that I got to experience it before the RyanAir planeloads have a chance to spoil it (no offense).

For freebies, go to where the Russians like to party (they are the minority in Latvia but are, in my opinion, way more fun). You may have to ask someone, which is itself a great conversation starter, as I get the feeling that the cool Russian hangouts move around. I met a black-haired Ruska uberbabe in, of all places, the casino next to Voodoo (because it was easier to talk in there). I asked if she wanted to hang out a bit (actually, I was too timid to use my fledgling Russian and I asked her bilingual friend to translate.) She took me by the hand, whisked us to a taxi and we hit LaRocca. Pretty amazing time with her and the place was also great two nights later.

Pu Pu Lounge, down in the old town, can be good for women but don't bet on it. Fashion Club is better, I think, and definitely stay out of the expat haunts unless you're looking to pay. In general, stay out of the Old Town at night for freebies but, during the day, you can strike up a great conversation with the absolutely beautiful girls who work the stores there.

One thing about Latvian girls is that they work hard and really like to cut loose.

Zizz Bang
04-02-05, 00:51
I have found that the absolute best guide, for Latvia and several other Eastern European cities, is the In Your Pocket Guide. Especially for things to do inbetween.

The print version is very extensive, but the free online versions at inyourpocket.com are also indispensable.

04-02-05, 17:32
Zizz Bang,

What you say is pretty true, but in any part of Eastern Europe including Latvia (I spent 5 months there in 2002) you can meet "Freebies", but in reality they are not free cos the guy has to pay for everything , food, drinks, disco entrances , etc etc .

I scored with 5 or 6 "Freebies" when i was there, but i also wasted money on plenty of women i got no sex from. I also knew some very goodlooking guys who certainly got more free sex than me, but again didnt score all of the time.

One thing is certain in Latvia :

To get sex you will need to spend some money. To get a "freebie" into bed will require atleast buying some drinks even if you look like Brad Pitt.

Roger Nebel
04-03-05, 00:58
Well, my first post in this forum; thanks Jackson for setting it up. I used it already quite often as a good inspiration.

I'm an expat living in Riga. Much of what I'll tell has been mentionned before, still I won't get through the whole forum to see whether I might be repeating something. If so, take it as a summary.


www.ladylux.lv - Good source. Pictures are mostly real as far as I can tell. However, some agencies use the page to advertise their services, and in such case they might just send you another girl. I personally prefer to call girls with phone numbers that appear only once on the page (use your browser's search function) - that's not a 100% guarantee, of course. Girls mostly speak a little English. Services vary, naturally. The comments-function in the girls' profiles is useful, but I can't help having the impression that some of the posts appear to come from the agencies or the girls themselves. Prices are mentioned in those pages, and based on my experience are correct.

www.intimservis.lv - Similar as Lady Lux, mostly the same girls.

www.sexriga.lv - Again a similar overview page, with partly the same girls as Lady Lux, but quite a nice amount of other ones. In Latvian/Russian only.

www.intimmeitene.lv - Not very much going on there, usually a small selection of girls that are also included in the other pages. In Latvian/Russian only.

www.escortlady.lv - Page of one "agency". Never tried them.

http://ss.lv - A page with classified ads, funnily with the categories being in English, the ads mostly in Latvian and Russian. Some of the same girls you'll find on Lady Lux advertise here, but also others - check the category Entertainment > Sex Contacts.

Caka street and the old town are the main places; and of course the hotels (mainly Reval Hotel Latvija, the big glass tower in the centre).

Good old Caka Street is still alive (that's one of the main axes through the centre, going from the railway station outwards). Actual street action is quite rare though; you'll have better luck in the cafés along the street. Some few of them are designated meeting places. It's a good idea to be a little bit cautious when walking around in this area; it's not very dangerous, but you should watch out.

The old town is necessarily more crowded and touristic, and prices are higher (and girls better, usually).

In Reval Hotel Latvija, you'll easily meet pros in the downstairs nightclub, Voodoo. Prices are ridiculous, but at the same time the girls are usually great, and if you're good at bargaining, you'll get down to some 50 Lats for the hour. The bar on the 26th floor is a nice place to watch the sunset, and also you can meet some pros there. Same for the bar downstairs near the reception, just without the sunset.

Old Town:
- The main street in the old town, Kalku iela, is another place for street action. Another kind of girls there, more expensive (between 30 and 40 Lats is normal; if you're a foreigner they'll start with asking you for 50 to 100 - which you really shouldn't pay). It might be a bit hard in the beginning to spot which girls are on duty, but you will figure out when you see them walking by for the third time. Usually, they walk down Kalku street from the little square next to McDonald's into the old town; often they turn right towards the Dome Square and then turn back; or they turn left and pass Velvets (bar/restaurant) and then turn back. Best times for hunting are after midnight, ideally even after 2am (less people on the street, "last chance" mood, girls coming out of the nearby clubs and bars).

- Roxy Club is a place to meet pros and semi-pros. It's a relatively big nightclub. However, not all the girls in there are into the business, please keep that in mind. I've seen many idiots in there talking to regular girls in a certainly annoying way - and there's not really any reason to spoil some girls' disco night out with stupid approaches, is there.

Anyway, the place itself has a bad reputation, and there are good reasons for that. Don't trust people you meet in there too easily; there's plenty of dealing going on, on one hand. And besides that - while we go there for the girls, there are people who go there because they know they'll meet foreigners who are after girls, and who have well-filled wallets.

- Other pick-up places in the old town are Velvets (not as easy as Roxy); Pu-Pu lounge (rather for semi-pros or freebies, students and the like); Dickens pub; and Amsterdam pub. You can find all information on the places from www.inyourpocket.com.

Back to Caka street:

- Street action is mostly in the area of Caka street numbers 60 and higher. As said, there's not much. You can also walk around in the side-streets. Chances are high especially in the area of Pernavas iela / Caka iela crossings, Tallinas iela (in direction Pernavas), J. Asara iela, and in the smaller streets inside of the triangle those make. Don't expect too much though - action is mostly on weekends, and often there's not very much going on even then. Prices on the street are pretty much the same as from Lady Lux (15 to 25 Lats for an hour, 1 Lat equals about 1.50 Euro or 1.80 USD), sometimes you'll even meet the same girls.

- There's a sex shop approximately at Caka 66 - 74 (short after the crossing with Matisa street, if coming from the railway station side; you can't miss it). They sell videos and all that stuff, but there's also a tiny bar inside, where usually a few girls are sitting. Sometimes, girls are standing in front of the shop on the street (and often they're waiting for a taxi to bring them to some client).

- Last summer, another sex shop opened in the area of Caka 51, approximately, somewhere between the crossings with Lacplesa and Stabu. I haven't been there.

- Around Caka 51 to 61 is Maxims, a cellar bar, you'll find it when seeing the big red M letter. Often very nasty girls there, but some pearls once in a while. I find the place rather amusing, met some friendly and fun people there. Girls I picked up from there I picked up when they were standing near the entrance on the street, though - simply because I never felt like having a closer look into that "Sauna, Massage" room. What I could see through the half-opened door was disgusting enough.

- Around Caka 91 - 101 (odd number site of the street), there's a place whose name I can't remember, but they have a well-visible sign "00 - 24" outside. Usually there are some 2 or 3 girls inside. If you want to avoid paying them some (quite cheap, but still overpriced) drinks, just have a cigarette outside and wait a few minutes until they come out to stand around for some time (they always go in, come out, go in, come out... just as it should be).

- Around Caka 113, right after the crossing of Caka and Artilerijas, there's a café called Mara. There's almost always some action. People are generally friendly, but sometimes very drunk. Get yourself a table, and if you look around and smile, you'll soon get some company. If you don't want any company, or if you don't like the girls around, that's no problem, just have a drink. Sometimes after a while, other girls are arriving. The quality is very varied indeed, and the place offers plenty of surprises (as an example, I once got a BJ for some 5 Lats in the kitchen of that place; the girl refused to classic penetration cause she had her menstruation, but offered to give me a BJ instead, right away back in the kitchen... if I hadn't closed the serving hatch myself, she would have left it open for anyone ordering a beer to watch...). Generally, girls will go with you to a hotel or apartment, but you need to agree with her first - some of them refuse to go anywhere else than into some back room.

Please note:

a) The ladies in those cafés and on the streets on Caka street are sometimes great nice girls, but mostly rather old and... well, over-experienced. I myself am more into the nice-and-young-style, so in 8 out of 10 visits to those places, I just have my beer and then go home.

b) Be careful in the area. It's not that it's very dangerous around there; but in those bars, especially in Mara, you usually walk into a bunch of drunk people from the district. They won't be hostile to you in most cases; anyway it's good if you know how to behave around seriously drunk people, and particularly if you know how to handle drunk Russians (a majority of guests are Russians). If you are confident and friendly and a treat them in some non-arrogant, fun buddie-style, you might even end up having great parties with them (I had loads). If you're insecure or behaving in a way they find strange, you probably won't get into serious trouble, but you also won't feel too comfortable in there.

b2) When walking on Caka street, you're pretty safe. But be extra-careful when entering the side streets, especially if they're empty and dark. There are quite many cases of robbery in this part of town, various of my friends got beaten and their stuff stolen, too.

c) I would rather recommend to take any girls, from any of those places, to your apartment or hotel. It's usually a better choice than some girls' apartment, especially if you don't know the city well. It's never difficult to get a taxi in Riga, just stand at the street side and wave, most bigger streets are full of taxis. Most taxi drivers ask way too much; generally a ride inside the city centre shouldn't cost more than 3 Lats.

When taking a girl home, especially girls you met in Roxy Club, just be a little bit careful, too. Don't let cash or valuables lay around on tables. And if you decide to have a shower, make sure before that the door is locked from inside and the keys are with you. Believe me, I know why I'm telling this - especially in Roxy, you easily get to know girls who have slightly different plans than you. They will come with you, and they will do whatever you pay for and agreed on; but if they see a chance to get away with whatever they found in your room and without delivering any service, many of them won't hesitate to go for it. Especially when you're having two girls with, and one takes much of your attention, try to be sure you know where the other one is (well, in fact she should be in the same bed anyway, shouldn't she).

If you need to know more details (addresses and whatever), if you have any questions regarding accommodation and nightlife besides that, just post your question or PM me. If you are in Riga, I can also take you to some of those places if you want, or we can have a drink - just send me a PM.

04-06-05, 16:11
Dear friends,

Thanks a lot for information to everybody: Roger Nebel, Fred Mercury, Zizz Bang, Koshka.

Now I have to study it,hoping to transform your friendly suggestion in useful and concrete information.

Anyway, I understand that will not be easy.

Yes Zizz Bang, you are right about Ryan flight, of course that more a place is easier to reach and more the hunt become difficult.

Anyway I suspect that the situation started to become worse when visa was not anymore required to enter in Latvia, so that many people could easily reached it, especially italian guys.

I don't want to offend anybody, but I know that girls become spoiler when italians arrive.

In Italy the women situation is very difficult, women are very spoiled, so that theese pover italian men have to do thousand of km to hunt!

But they are very naives buying this and buying that, paying dinner on the left and on the right, buying tables and bottles for everybody at the discos, sending money every month.

The funny thing is that, girls are thinking that italians are everybody very rich men and italy is the promise land where money grow on the three, and you only have to take it by hand.

So, of course they want to come to Italy to live, the promise land.
But, the funnier thing is that theese italian guys earn, most of all, no more than 1000 euros each month...

Well, dear friends, sorry for the vent, and , if someone of you is Italian, well, sorry, does not have to be taken offense for what I have written: I'm Italian too , but this is the truth

What a hard job is becoming to hunt chicks.

04-10-05, 20:23
Can someone who has travelled in this region let me know if Latvia, Estonia, or Lithuania is the best place to go for girls? I'm tempted to hit this area. I've been to Czech, Slovakia and Hungary but have no idea about this strip, Poland, Scandanavia, etc.

I'd like to visit Riga sometime in the next few months, and would like to know some English speaking people who has some idea of where to go there or what to do. Maybe we can even go hunting together. It'll be either pro, or picking up chicks. Drop me a PM :)

Charles XV
04-15-05, 20:03
Hi all,

I'll be in Riga next week for a weeks holiday 22nd April to 1st May. If anyone would like to meet up for a beer, just drop me a line on [Email Address deleted by Admin].

Be good to meet!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

04-17-05, 15:29
I am Italian but I must agree with you. I can only add that your statement about 1000 EU average salary is not very accurate; and that unfortunately Italians are not the only ones destroying Riga.

Is about 1 year that i live here and I can assure you that after Ryanair and company, you almost listen only to english, italian and german in Old Town during the weekend. Italians are possibly the most subtle and the ones doing more damage, but english and germans have their own good merits as well.

If you stay here for just a few days, getting a freebie is very hard. Girls now know the story very well: imagine if every week you have to deal with a new foreigner promising true love, wealth and and a comfortable life..and flying away on sunday night. In their own way, girls here are very clever and they already understood how to play this game. If you live here the situation is a bit better, but still Riga is becoming every day an harder place to score.

On the pro scene.
All clubs are absolutely a rip off. To give you an idea, a massage with hand job, 30 mins, is around 60LVL. You can get a better one, 1 hour, for 25LVL in a massage saloon like Fantasy or Getera
I never took a girl out of a club, but the average is 250LVL including all the due club drinks. At these prices you can get a stunner almost everywere, and you will save hotel and fly costs.
Ladylux: dont care about the other websites because they offer a subset of Ladylux choice. Here you can get lucky, there are a small number of girls offering excellent service for an almost ridicoulos price. Unfortunally they are a tiny percentage; you have to be lucky. All the rest are consumed pro, with all the relevant bad habits: mechanical sex, time watchers, no BBBJ, many times not even friendly.
Roxy and girls from clubs. Here again is a matter of luck, but chances are you wont be satisfied. I have heard so many bad experiences and had a few myself. I personally avoid picking up in clubs. My advice, if you want to play it safe, is to get the girl number and call her next day.

It is sad, Riga was a mongering jewel till a couple of years ago. Now is just the shadow of its former glory. Rest assured that after this summer, after the hordes of europeans turists, also the shadow will fade away.

04-27-05, 01:41
came back from riga in nov, and was there again in march, seen a few changes in that small time, i was also there a few years ago and ive seen a lot change. i wont go on about italians and stag dos etc, sharing of sex info is the name of the game. first of all forget about hotels if you want any privacy at all, apartments win hands down, we stayed at the konventa seta in old town, the hotel was great, but the security was always on the case asking the girl who just left for 10lats, bearing in mind i had only paid 25lats 35 in some cases, i put a stop to that by confronting them.get an apartment, i know the agent well and she always sorts me out and sends a taxi to the airport, pm me for any info. the ladylux website is a good bet, there are some gems there, they normally work from an apartment where there can be 4-5 girls, if you go there it will be cheaper, if they come to you you can add on 5-10lats for the taxi etc, expect a lot of phones to be turned off after 11, to avoid disappointment get on the case early, on ladylux if it says area VEF all these girls are 25lats for the hour, if price is not stated they will quote you 45lats, and you normally have to go to them. sometimes you can get stunners out of the centre, dont be put off, taxis are very cheap and you can do a deal with the driver get the drivers number and he will pick you up when your finished. if you find that its getting late and phones are not being answered, 2am 3am, try the numbers in the back of the "riga now "guide, call any number out of there and get a "line up" at your apartment in 20mins, a driver will bring 2 3 or 4 girls for you to choose from, you negociate with the lady on the telephone, 30-35 lats will do it, its a lucky dip scenario, but again you get gems in there. always remember you have booked them for 1 hour, you can come twice in this hour, they never refuse, they dont want you complaining to the "boss" i once made a complaint to a taxi driver in estonia who had taken me to a club, he stopped the car and phoned the mafia guy and was giving it six nothing, i was told to be ready in the morning and he was going to "sort me out" he done that allright with a free hour with an 18 year old ukranian.also if you get on well with the girl, get her mobile number, she will only recieve 10-12lats out of the 35 you give her, the rest goes to the driver and the agency so they are always keen to do a private deal.

04-27-05, 01:48
Cn anyone tell me how to put some photos on here? I' got a few naughty pics of a couple of wild 19year olds to share with you, just need to make sure there are no footprints left on my computer.

PM meif anyone can help, or throw it open.

05-04-05, 09:28
I know i am posting this info with not much notice, but I just managed to ascertain the situation. Bush is coming on visit here during Friday and Saturday.
Old Town (centre of the action) will be totally closed except for residents. This include restaurants, clubs, and so on: everything closed.
I suggest avoid coming during next week end.

05-11-05, 16:22
Bargain Doctor,

Just a quick note: having traveled all the baltic States, I suggest you for pro-hunting to go to Latvia and Estonia. Lithuania is wonderfull, but it is not easy to punter there..

MarcoMan and Assimil: I agree with you.. unfortunally in the last years, WE, italian, have taken a lot of "problem" to to east puntering scene.. now east girls are cleaver; and Pro-girls have understood that they can ask more money to Italian people (we use to pay a lot here in Italy!!)

Many of them have also understood that a "tour" in Italy, with rates of 250 Euro/hour is better than one working month in Baltic States..

I use to travel for work, and I have understood that nowadays in some Counrty it is better to choose a professional escort-agency.. probably more expensive, but the service is always top-rank..

I hope that some more-east country will continue to be so far and so bad connected to Italy to let the situation beeing as today: a wonderfull paradise!


05-14-05, 08:13
Being prepared, knowing I would be busy this trip without the possibility to check out any clubs, I had downloaded the ad’s from www.ladylux.lv. I contacted a few at about 1800 hours. One hang up on me, some asking for 40 lats, so moved on, and called SINTIA quoting 25 lats/1hour (abt usd.60). This is a switchboard asking you what you look for, your room number, and they sent a lady to my hotel(room) within 30 minutes.
The girl (called herself Lana) asked for 25 + 10 lats for taxi both ways (total usd.82). Accepted, as the girl was 23, russian, nice looking. When she arrived, she called the agency to confirm she was with me, and also called them before she left, confirming mission completed. Good one hour, although not totally GFE (but very friendly), more of a PSE. All covered. Not so tight. Accepted DATY.

Would I repeat? No, not this trip, as I am a butterfly. I like to test the various spices life has to offer. I asked how many girls working with the same agency, but she would not say. Only thing she told was that she paid a fee of 5 lats for each client to the agency.

She asked me to walk her down (out of hotel), to avoid paying the security 5 to 10 lats. I did. Before leaving she asked if Iwould call the agency again. I confirmed, and she reminded me of her name. I just told her that with all the beauties in Riga I prefer to be with different ladies. She turned to me with a big grin on her face, like she understood what I was saying (regretfully I did not get the chance to monger more this trip).

I have to admit it is very convenient to use ladylux, avoiding spending time hunting or looking around.

05-16-05, 07:49
...called SINTIA quoting 25 lats/1hour (abt usd.60).
The girl (called herself Lana) asked for 25 + 10 lats for taxi both ways (total usd.82).
Marconista, your exchange rate for Latvian Lats is not correct.

1 EUR = 0,703 LVL, 1 USD = 0,55 LVL (16.5.2005).
25 LVL = 35,50 EUR / 45,50 USD
35 LVL = 50,00 EUR / 64,00 USD

More info www.bank.lv

05-18-05, 14:43
I'm heading here with a friend in mid June. If anyone in the city is up for meeting drop me a PM or email.

Is the old town or city centre better place to stay? We'll be looking for 2 separate bedrooms in our own self catered apartment, but if it's cheaper to share a room together, we will. More important is for it to be close to the action ,safe and secure.

Look forward to it.

05-18-05, 16:05
Thank you Paroni, for the recalculation.

I am very happy that the encounter became less expensive than what I first calculated. :) I shall try to be more accurate in the future. I used the usd exchange rate that I "thought" I saw at the airport when arriving.

Marconista, your exchange rate for Latvian Lats is not correct.

1 EUR = 0,703 LVL, 1 USD = 0,55 LVL (16.5.2005).
25 LVL = 35,50 EUR / 45,50 USD
35 LVL = 50,00 EUR / 64,00 USD

More info www.bank.lv

05-18-05, 23:30
Bargain Doctor,

Yes, Old Town is the place to stay, you can get a nice comfortable apartment for 50-60 euro a day. I have a good agency I use every time I go to Riga. PM me and I will give you the number of the girl who runs it. They have good apartments, right in among the action, and June will be a great time to go.


05-22-05, 22:14
Is BBBJ usually provided by the girls in the ladylux website or is it normally all covered?

Also, do you really get the girls on the photos?


05-23-05, 13:42

BBBJ is not normally provided, but I always invest a bit of time and effort into the girl, ie, take control and have a nice touch and spend 15-20mins with foreplay as you would with your girlfriend, then there is a good chance she will return your endeavours with a BBBJ, she is almost obliged after your efforts. Its not always the case but I would say 6 out of 10, some of these girls are so turned on a lot of them are almost wanting you bare inside of them. I've had them trying to pull you into them, so just be careful, some of them are semi pro and just enjoy the sex, and of course get paid for it. The ladylux site is good, but I've had a few shocks of girls not looking as good as there photos, but just send them back, pay te taxi and they are not offended.

If you go to there apartment then you can make an excuse easily and leave if you dont like the look of her. I often you get there and there are 3 or 4 girls there and you can like a different one, so it can work out ok, but try to get them to your hotel or your apartment. They always seem to be more relaxed out of there own environment, and you get a better service, enjoy, and lets hear of your trip.

05-23-05, 13:57
In my experience 1 in 5 will give you a BBJJ, and often only after paying an additional 10/15 lats. if you meet her more than once chances might increase. As a general rule, the more beautiful and the more young the girl is, the more difficult a BBBJ will be.

As for photos, many of them are retouched (especially girls from agencies). Independent girls tend to have more genuine ones. To spot agencies, just look for repeated phone numbers.

Hope this help.

05-23-05, 15:55
Here is my belated November report that I promised I would submit, and in case your wondering how there is a glut of my exploits its because I spent a full year trying to post a report before I realised I needed to be a regular member to post, so read on.

There were 12 of us went to Riga and we were all staying at the Konventa Seta, we all had booked and paid for double rooms so that we could bring the action back, we got into riga late so went out for food and then went for a few drinks, few of the guys went back to the hotel, and a few were on the case with women in bars, I called an agency for a lineup at the hotel in 40 mins, they were sending 5 girls id negotiated 30 lats for the hour, we went back to the hotel and waited in reception, the girls arrived and they were lining up, they were a varied bunch and bearing in mind it was november and freezing, these girls were well covered up for winter so I couldnt see what was good, or bad, behind these girls was a young slim girl I enquired about her and she said she was was not a working girl but just along with her friends, her friend spoke to her in russian, and I got the idea her friend had told her that I wanted her, my friends were choosing girls and I wanted this girl, after some encouragment from her friend who asked me to be gentle with her we went back to my room, I gave her 25lats, when she nervously took her clothes off she was perfect, about 174 - 52-54 kilo and very sexy, we had wine chatted then this girl gave me some fantastic uncovered head and I licked her dripping pussy, and fucked her hard she loved it and was moaning loud, after a while I took the condom off and she sucked it again, I blew in her mouth and in her face, we lay around for a while then she got dressed and gave me her mobile number, I went to sleep thinking id done ok there for 25lats and that she wasnt even a working girl. the next day she sent me a few texts and said how she enjoyed herself, my phone rang that night I was in a bar called velvet in old town, she asked if she and her friend could join me, they came over, my friends had left at this point, we had drinks and time went on, her friend was like her young blonde nice body and they were both flirting with me I said I was tired and was going back to the hotel, she, sabina, asked could they come back I knew here I was on for something, but I wasnt bothered as I like a girl one to one, as you have to be careful in case you get robbed etc, I was stopped by the desk clerk and security on the way in, I told them both to fuck off as id paid for a double room, see the photo of this guy, he is a total jobsworth, thats why I always stay in apartments now, anyway we gets in have some drinks, they are giggling, asked if they can stay as they live 20 kilometers away, I told sabina, no problem but I'm not paying any money, she said no, no she would be offended, at this point the friend was just sitting with not much to say but was giving me plenty of eye contact, we went for a shower at there request and there they started caressing each other and I joined them, what a pair of dirty bitches, we moved from the shower to the bed and I took them both in turn sabina tried to have me inside of her bare back and I can tell you I was fucking tempted, I was licking sabina while her friend sucked me, then we switched over, both girls were licking each other and moaning, I had a drink of wine at one point and left them at it, and sat back to watch, and they were not putting a show on, they were they were really engrossed in it, I came behind her friend and entered her from behind, sabina was licking my balls and arse, her friend just let out a loud scream and came in gushes, sabina pushed me down and got on top cowgirl within seconds she came all over my hard cock, while her pal just looked on, now it was my turn, who was going to get it? fucking padrooga, the pal, she was as tight as a chauffers glove, and that where I wanted to blow into, I turned her round doggy style and pumped her hard, she showed signs of a second climax, but I wasnt bothered about that, I was tired, just before I was about to blow I pulled out and shot it all over her arse, it shot halfway up her back, and I just stayed behind her and watched as it trickled down the middle of her back, fucking great, we all 3 just lay back exhausted and I remember falling asleep with these 2 thinking what if when I wake up all my stuff money, credit cards etc were gone? I just thought I couldnt care less, id gone to heaven, when I did wake up, it was with sabinas lips around my cock, she very quietly brought me to finish again, the 2 girls got dressed early in the morning, said goodbye and left, and thats that, see the photos of the 2 girls and of sabina in the photo gallery, the quality is not very good, also see the shot of the jobsworth desk clerk, I nearly got him the sack, when I went back home me and sabina exchanged texts on occasion and kept in touch, then her number went dead, when I was in riga just in may, I seen a girl who knew sabina, and I enquired if she had seen her, she told me that sabina had gone to work in london, working as what I don't know, check out her photo, if any members see her in a soho walkup, or whatever pm me, I hope she is not as she is a sweet young girl who I wouldnt like to see on the london scene doing 10- 15 punters a day.

Steve Naive
05-26-05, 19:24
Summary: good-looking and young - nice face, very nice body, reasonably friendly - but poor service: she left me entirely unsatisfied. If you like a lazy lover who will lay there while you pump her and come in five minutes, she might be just the one for you, though she's not even very good at just lying there. She has little experience in pleasing a man, and little inclination to try. If you like two ladies at once, she has a friend that she brought along (without asking).

Details: Early afternoon, I called an ad listed as "Christine", asked if it was "Christine" ("yes"), arranged a meeting for 6:30pm at my hotel for 25 lats plus taxi fare both ways, which was said to be about 5 lats. Called again at 6:40pm to find out if she was going to be a no-show - she said she was in the taxi now.

Finally around 7:30pm there's a knock, two ladies at the door. Neither looked like the Web pictures for "Christine", nor did they sound like the person on the phone. (The Christina who showed up was actually a lot better looking than on the site.) They both came in, but I didn't care for her friend (Eva, who is also listed on the site), and I was only interested in one lady, so I sent Eva away.

Christina then tried to renegotiate the price. "How much am I worth?" I told her that I'd give her the arranged price now and a tip if I was happy with the service. She insisted on 12 lats for the taxi (both ways), and I didn't quibble with that. She said the agency takes a big fee. Yes, we know.

Christina was lazy (her word!), did little to arouse me (though its true I was responding slowly). She would only do things her way - no BBBJ or even licking, poor use of hand (didn't want to touch me). After a few minutes of missionary I asked to enter her from behind (not anal). She could not, she said, because of an injured knee (which I believe), so all that was available was missionary, and even that she wasn't making very convenient.

She left with the money and without giving me a pop. I told her I was disappointed and a bit angry about paying the money with no satisfaction. She said she was just tired or something, and offered to come back for a free session on Saturday, and gave me her number (and wrote her name "Christina"). On the site she's "Christine" and has a different (agency?) number. I probably won't call... she'll still be the same, and I think she's a waste of time, even if it's free.

Diceman suggested that a way to separate the agency girls from the independents is to search on the page for the phone number. If it appears more than once, it's an agency. In this case the listed number appears only for her ad, but she's still from an agency, and her phone number is different from the listed one, so this trick doesn't always work.

I'm not one to force a woman to get my way. Many of them will do what's asked within reason, and I don't ask for more than some foreplay and a few positions. If you're happy with a pretty girl who just lies there while you satisfy yourself, or if you're willing to force things your way, this might work for you, but not me.

05-27-05, 00:49
This girl Christine is a waste of time. She was just like described by Steve Naive, there are 2 christines on the vef ladylux site, im assuming she is the one with the blue costme on hiding her face? Described as the "model type and the envy of all women" yes she is attractive and when i done her in november she was new at the game, very awkward in missionary wriggling around, couldnt get any depth, and doggy style was a joke, she was going on about illness and problems "down there" I said to her if you cant do sex properly you shouldnt be working, i told her she was fucking pathetic I called the agency and complained, they knocked 10 lats off my next target, latvian girls are not normally like this it will be an isolated situation, steve naive, pm me and I will give you a phone number of a very sexy girl who is a total independant and will come to your hotel it will be 30lat, and head will be covered, it usually is in latvia, unless you put a bit of time in, see my reports,anyway dont put up with that bollocks get a complaint in, the agents there are very eager to please and dont want bad reports about there girls, as competition is everywhere, they want repeat business, and want you to tell your friends about them.

Steve Naive
05-27-05, 07:57
The woman I had came from an ad on www.ladylux.lv that says "Very young, nice and lovely girl like mouse, like a small kitten in bed, are waiting for guests. 24 h." and her name is spelled "Christine".

But there is another listing for a "Kristine" whose ad says "REAL TOP-MODEL. DREAM FOR MEN AND ENVY FOR WOMAN." From the pictures I am sure this is the same woman, but a different telephone number... maybe a different agency?

When she gave me her direct phone number she wrote the name in a third form: "Christina".

My experience was just as Diceman says - she gave excuses (injured knee; she was "tired" (at 6:30pm?)), to which I also told her that if she couldn't work properly she shouldn't be working. As Diceman says she was awkward in missionary, she made even that difficult, and she refused doggy style.

06-12-05, 23:40
Arriving here for 1st time in a couple of weeks! psyched. Can anyone suggest a cheap good place for 2 to stay? Ideally an apartment of some sort where it's central to everything and easy to take girls back to.

Also do they have clubs hwere you can pick girls like they ahve in the EE. Or are those sites the best bets?

I don't know if any experts on this region are here. I hope someone can help.

Member #1005
06-13-05, 08:33
Dr Luv 2

With the greatest of respect here I would suggest you first try RTFF before posting a question; first, spend some time reading the posts and you will find much of the information you need.

Second, Riga is only a small city compared to many others in Europe, it is not Paris or London. Third, I am not sure what you mean by “cheap” accommodation, but suggest you try looking on this link to Riga This Week which has a section on accommodation. www.rigathisweek.lv

06-14-05, 00:51
Hi Junior,

Fair enough, but I have been reading this thread for weeks now. I've been through a good chunk of the posts, and so far the only thing that's picked up are maybe 2 websites worth exploring. Nothing else really on the city, and the guides to cities go back to the 1990s. I still couldn't find anythign on accomodation recommendations except areas to stay. Which is why I ask, and also to say we will be in the area if anyone is up for a drink or coffee. But thanks anyway.

Steve Naive
06-14-05, 03:47
Riga seems to have been "discovered" - I had trouble getting a hotel room to extend my trip. I hear it is being marketed as "the new Prague" and has become a popular destination since Latvia joined EU. Prime season will be end of May to early August, or thereabouts (i.e. after the cold spring, but before the rains start).

The travel agency near the "blackheads" hall has contacts with apartment owners. I was offered one for about E50/night. Spartan, not fancy, reasonably secure, no telephone (aside from your mobile), no Internet, but it was located in the center of old town, which would make it handy for punters.

Ladylux.lv seems to filter comments. My negative report on Christine has yet to appear on the site. As an experiment I tried again today (using my WSG name). The closest I saw to a negative comment on Christine was someone who said "I have had better sex, though."

Member #1005
06-14-05, 23:32
Riga seems to have been "discovered" - I had trouble getting a hotel room to extend my trip. I hear it is being marketed as "the new Prague" and has become a popular destination since Latvia joined EU. Prime season will be end of May to early August, or thereabouts (i.e. after the cold spring, but before the rains start).

To be fair Steve the situation concerning the room availability has been on-going since 2000, Riga simply does not have enough rooms for the people that want to visit at peak times. I can say this with some authority because my long-term friend who is Latvian Latvian (ie not of Russian descent) worked for the tourism dept and said this was the biggest complaint was that the hotels were booked up months ahead in some cases and yet here they were trying to encourage more people to visit. She was one of these people who travelled the world at Travel shows/exhibitions in National Latvian dress trying to encourage people to come to Latvia, “The new Prague” (and yes I still have the guide). Fortunately, they have been very successful as people who visit Latvia are, still running at more than two to one, who visit Lithuania.

August is a terrible month in Riga since the Italians have long since discovered the country and simply invade it, en mass, I actually prefer the winter months although you don’t see scantily dressed women, but they are still around.

Its hard to imagine that there are any good looking Latvian women left in Riga as many have headed to work in mainland Europe, since joining the EU, but two weeks ago a girl I met in 2001, again in 2003 in Riga was visiting the UK to see her friend who picks potatoes or something in the west country and stayed with me for a couple of days, the only thing was which genius at RyanAir thought up the brilliant idea to have flights leaving Riga at 10.50pm and it was after 1am by time she got from Stansted to my home on a work night? :(

06-14-05, 23:58
Will just tell you guys about my few experiences with the Latvian ***market.

Have visited Okinawa three times so far and have been able top find girls who do BBBJ and kissing and actually whatever you ask for. Unfortunately I only remember one girls name. She was called Ilse, 20 years old and from Liepaja but worked 5 days a week in Okinawa. Very attractive and talkative girl that, after warming up the sauna, gave a true GFE experience for 60 lats for 2 hours. Have tried it with 2 other girls thre as well, but do not remember their names.

06-26-05, 22:45
I am an experienced mongerer, but this is the first report I have posted on this site.

I went to Riga for a week in May of this year. I used the ladylux website for contacts and regularly had sex for 20 lats per hour (sometimes 30) with a selection of different girls in different locations. I went back one month later (i.e 3 weeks ago) took more numbers off the site, rang around, and was disappointed to be told that all the prices are now 40 Lats per hour. BTW, the layout of the website had changed slightly.

I telephoned on a Sunday night around 11.30 pm. Can someone explain to me what is going on?

Also, I will be going back to Riga for the first week of July and would be keen on meeting any fellow mongerers. I know this is my first post on this site, so you should be distrustful of me, but I am sure we can work out a safe way of meeting up.

06-27-05, 06:48
Im off to Riga for three days next week staying at Reval Hotel Latvia. Whats Voodoo like these days and does anyone know if there are problems taking ladies back to the rooms. Do ladies work in the lobbys or casino there. Any reports on the ladies from lux. All help appreciatted guys and will post eport when I return.



06-27-05, 16:26
Im off to Riga for three days next week staying at Reval Hotel Latvia. Whats Voodoo like these days and does anyone know if there are problems taking ladies back to the rooms. Do ladies work in the lobbys or casino there. Any reports on the ladies from lux. All help appreciatted guys and will post eport when I return.



You need to pay for the extra person (they will charge it to your room), unless you book a doubleroom.
The lady has to register at the check-in, with ID

The security in the hotel is strict on this if it is after 2200 or 2300 hours!

06-27-05, 17:18
You need to pay for the extra person (they will charge it to your room), unless you book a doubleroom.
The lady has to register at the check-in, with ID

The security in the hotel is strict on this if it is after 2200 or 2300 hours!

Cheers Marconista, I have booked a double room, any girls working in there or at the casino that you know off?


06-27-05, 17:36
Cheers Marconista, I have booked a double room, any girls working in there or at the casino that you know off?


Sorry, cant help you.
To me, the ladies there looked in the midle of their thirties (or more), so none to my liking. I never asked any of them for a quotation.

One time, I was stopped by security since the lady I brought did not bring any ID (and I failed to ask her in advance), and we were discussing with the security at the elevator. I took two minutes, then several of the hotels' WG's came to watch, smiling, giving me their "best smiles", for me to take one of them when I escorted my lady out of the hotel. But how could I ever go for a 35 yo, after being hot on the 21 yo I originally tried to bring upstairs (I met her at Roxy). I slept alone that night!

I am learning from this forum, and last time I used ladylux, since I did not have time to check out the town for ladies (see my earlier report. May?)

06-29-05, 14:42
Does anybody listen to any advice on this Riga post? Don't bother with girls at voodoo waste of money waste of time, and if at all possible book an apartment, hotels are a waste of time, security always want there bit. as for the guy who was talking about ladylux prices going up, its true but there are still a lot of top girls in the 25lat bracket, look for the area VEF centre its an agency and allthere girls are 25lat, and they arrive to your apartment with no extras ie taxi fares. If anyone isnt sure just check back on some of the reports there is loads of info, its all still applicable.

06-29-05, 17:47
Thnks for the advice, however it all depends if you have the money or not. As for me Im looking for high class ladies with least effort and dont mind paying top prices at expensive Hotels as I can afford it. Why would I want an apartment when I expect luxury. Its my Birthday on Monday so Im going to enjoy myself with as many beautiful ladies as possible, you only live once and you cant take it with you.

On another note what is Okinawa (not sure if thats how its spelt) is it like a sauna club where you sit around drinking beer with half naked ladies chatting to you as I had similar experience in Frankfurt at the Sudfass (my little heavan on earth place)

What is Pupu like, would appreciatte as many replies as possible guys so I can share with you my 3 days in sunny Riga



06-30-05, 14:55
Ok Joe, point taken. Indeed if you want luxury go to a top hotel, but even having a few quid does not mean it will be hassle free, ive stayed at a few top hotels in riga, ive a few quid myself, but you can be taking a stunning girl back to your room and get security hassle you, and hassle the girl on the way out, and if you girl looks quite young they can demand her id. thats why i advised apartments ok, there idea of luxury is not the same as ours and a luxury apartment there can be disappointing to westerners. there is a very modern hotel called bergs, they have junior suites available and you have a private entrance, its very good, for top girls try www.balticbeauties they have excellant girls, but dont rule out girls on the ladylux website, or www.sexriga.lv on the ladylux one a girl called simona is stunning, she is the only one on there 180 cm tall read her reviews, ok happy birthday enjoy, and let us read your report in detail.

07-01-05, 15:46
Thanks Diceman

It wasnt meant to be patronising although did read a bit that way when I read back. Thanks for advice and will share with you all on Thursday.



Jake Sins
07-08-05, 18:42

Can anyone recommend any apartment rental companies which they have used themselves and found to be satisfactory. I am heading out to Riga again shortly. During my previous visits I have used hotels but I am now looking for an apartment in the old town.



07-09-05, 03:40
I have to say that I have really bad experiences with apartment rentals (maybe i had bad luck?.. or something) but atleast a while a go it was impossible to get a confirmation for an apartment for a weekend?? (..i tried many...6-7), so I am sorry but I have to recomend getting a room, my recomendations would be: Hotel Bergs, Hotel Centra, Hotel Ridzene, Radisson Sas.. They are all nice and girl friendly hotels.

But , please if anybody knows a good and reliable rental agencie, please us know.

Nice places for massage and FS are Nimfa, Getera
Nice places and you pay 40-80 lats for full service..

For cheaper action during the day or evening you can try:
20 lats /h ->

And of course you should not forget the freebies that you can can find anywhere.

07-09-05, 10:47
The agency I use to rent apartments is called Patricia and the website is www.rigalatvia.net The telephone number is +371 728 4868. They also have British and US phone numbers to save your phone bill, but I don't know what they are off hand.

The agency is run by an American guy who is helpful and nice. I would guess the cheapest price you could pay would be 35 Lats per day, but in the summer you need to book early.

DICEMAN Thanks for the tip about paying 25 Lats per hour to some Ladylux girls in the VEF part of Riga - I just wish I had read your report when I arrived and not now! BTW, I telephoned two numbers just now and the price was 25 Lats plus taxi (not including), and both girls spoke good english. I just wonder how long these prices will last as the price of everything is rising fast in this country.

07-09-05, 14:29

Can anyone recommend any apartment rental companies?

JakeHi Jake,

I can recommend www.rentriga.lv. I have used this company before and it's quite okay. You must contact a certain Liga at anserina@delfi.lv
This time I have booked a one room apartment through www.lilarealty.lv for 45 EUR per night in the Old Town. When will you be in Riga?

07-09-05, 17:19

Look on www.lilarealty.lv I always use their apartments. Speak with Alyona. Her mobile number is 9485165. She speaks good english. Have a look on their site. They have a lot of good quality apartments in Old Riga. You may be lucky to get something now as Old Riga is fully booked up, it will be difficult. Best of luck anyway.

I will be there on July 23rd till 31st.

07-10-05, 23:29
From a mongers view................Its honest one.....Riga has the most beautiful ladies in the world, but the arent monger type. Class.....wowwwwwwww total class. Went to Voodoo on mon and Tuesday and loads of beauties...............haqd a great time, only monger I did do was from line up...............lol............I never believed line ups existed until Riga. Just enjoy the City, its best in Europe..............but...........Im going to Frankfurt and Sudfass on Tuesday and its heavan on earth........IMHO


07-11-05, 01:54
Sorry joe, I can't agree with you there, can't see what your complaint is the girls are cheap and plentiful, and great looking, what more could you want? Ok, its not like Amsterdam or Hamburg where its in your face, you have to look for it at times, but is that not part of the charm of Riga? Its a beautiful place you wouldnt want to see neon lights and strip bars all over the place, where else you gonna get an attractive girl to come to your apartment and give you a gfe for 1 hour for a pittance of £25? Nowhere my friend, on the ladylux site alone there are over 106 girls, and there are several other sites, thats before you get to the agencys in the "Riga now" monthly free magazine, all you nee in riga is a mobile phone and access to the net log on choose the girl and make the call, it couldnt be easier, and you can have a girl call at 4am if you want no problem, if you had of been doing your homework 2 month ago I put a post in here about "line ups" nothing new there, so your on your way to frankfurt? The place is bollocks imho, give riga another year maybe 2 and it will be like Prague, fucking overun, at least you enjoyed the city.

07-11-05, 02:46
And obviously you are are touting somenthing that doesnt exist. I've been there guys.
I said it was beautiful city, with ladies that turn your head at every second but its not a mongering city.

07-11-05, 02:52
I learned the hard way, check all comments before you visit guys...............................A very disappointed JOE

Member #1005
07-11-05, 08:15
I learned the hard way, check all comments before you visit guys...............................A very disappointed JOE

Yes, guys I am with Joe1963 on this one, I suggest you strike Riga off your mongering lists don’t go there and head for Amsterdam, Estonia and Prague instead.

Because after all if Joe1963 cannot get any putang, in Riga, what chance is there for anyone else?? :D

Zizz Bang
07-12-05, 08:40
I was in Riga exactly one year ago and am there now again. I cannot even believe what one year of EU membership has done to this place. The women are still drop dead gorgeous, I mean really it is painful to walk around the Old Town *and* the outskirts.

But they are no longer curious to someone speaking English, a bit standoffish towards men in general. Of course this is likely an overgeneralization but the difference is stark. I think the Ryanair and Easyjet planeloads have really killed this place, I have to say. Caveat: I have been suffering from severe jetlag so my mojo is not working yet, but the sheer number of austrian/british/italian men here, looking to pillage the foals of Riga, is off-putting.

That said, the city is still charming and it's really comfortable here, though the prices are 30% higher this year than last, even with the fall of the euro. Perhaps once the pound comes back to earth and the euro skids deeper, things will return to "normal". Doubtful, though.

I'm headed to Liepaja to scout things out there, will report back.


07-13-05, 00:44
Joe reckons Riga is not a mongering city? It has over 1,500 girls working there but none for poor Joe. Tell you what Joe, you haven't got a clue what your on about. I had a bit of a scan at your profile and out of the 40 odd posts you have filed you have 37 posts of you wanting some info, zero photos, and 3 or 4 attempted "field reports" that were nothing short of pathetic, rambling on about "hey guys im off to Finland can anyone help? Anyone know a good 4-5 star hotel" or "guys I'm of to Copenhagen, I promise to give a full field report", or "do the girls hang out in the lobby there" and every other word is LOLl this or LOL that.

Out of the 2 or 3 field reports you done it was all "the cutie was lighting my cigarettes" and beers and cold showers, "been away a long time and havent posted any field reports"for fucks sake, what have you contributed? no phone numbers, no hotel contacts, no photos, not even 1 story of how you got your dick into something. Nothing Joe, zero, zilch, from what I can see and anyone else if they care to check since 2003 or whatever, all you have done is ask the forum for help about this country, or that country or that hotel. We are supposed to be sharing info here, not just begging for info. I thought it best to get you exposed for the lazy selfish fraud you are son, not the fucking "I've got a few quid and its my birthday shite, and "why shouldnt I have the best" my advice to you is, get out on the streets, put in some real graft, try out the girls visit the salons, let the forum hear about it, even if your just doing them in your hotel from down in the lobby, lets fucking hear about it. Either that, or hang up your boots, maybe its best you resign from the forum as you have been well and truly exposed.

07-13-05, 01:00
Junior, as for you, "if Joe can't get any putang" whats that bollocks? He must be on your buddy list if you hold him in such high esteem, I think you want to cut the nonsense out of your reports and start getting down to the nitty gritty. I would normally have a bit of respect for a man of 300 odd reports, but if your in bed with Joe there, who I just exposed for what he is, then you could be next for an expose. For fucks sake, with your reputation how can you get behind the man? Its all about sharing info, and you have had a go at a few people who have moaned on or brought nothing to the table.

Member #1005
07-13-05, 08:20
Junior, as for you, "if Joe can't get any putang" whats that bollocks? He must be on your buddy list if you hold him in such high esteem, .


Take a deep breath, relax and go back and re-read my post, (slowly) then tell me again, if you think I was actually supporting Joe1963?


08-05-05, 01:35
Just wondered if anyone has heard of Poor joes whereabouts?

I gave him a bit of a slating and he seems to have gone to ground.

08-05-05, 13:33
Well Diceman,

It was a fantastic slating you gave him. After a slating like that he probably chopped his balls off, and took up fishing or golf as a hobby !!!!

08-06-05, 01:18
Yes Freddy, I gave him a good slating. Now your a man who has been knee deep in it, out there in the trenches doing your bit, I'm pleased to hear from you, I enjoy your stuff. As for Joe, he was excess baggage.

Willie Large
08-09-05, 01:25
I'm heading to Latvia soon, just wondering if anyone has tried these ladies and if so, how did they compare to description in ad?


Anyone tried "Anna"???

Age: 18 Height: 168 Weight: 50
Bust: 2 Clothes size: 36
Services: massage, family couple, classic, oral, group...
Price: per 1 hour - 25 Ls, per 3 hours - 75 Ls,
per night - 150 Ls
Phone: 9948886



Age: 32 Height: 166 Weight: 56
Bust: 3 Clothes size: 34
Services: classic, , ,
Price: per 1 hour - 25 Ls, per 3 hours - 60 Ls,
per night - 100 Ls
Phone: 9836182

Field Commander
08-12-05, 13:11
she seems disapperead :-) anyway please note that all these girls are working ****ncy so a lot of times you will not have the girl you asked ... small problem the average is nice and worth trying for that price.

hope that helps.

Willie Large
08-12-05, 22:42
thanks, would really like to meet a few like anna!

she seems disapperead :-) anyway please note that all these girls are working ****ncy so a lot of times you will not have the girl you asked ... small problem the average is nice and worth trying for that price.

hope that helps.


Field Commander
08-13-05, 11:03
Thanks, would really like to meet a few like Anna!

You will have a series of "hangover" :-) after walking around Old Town especially if it's not raining.

But in my opinion Riga is still better for non-pros, more difficult than in the past (too many tourists now, till 3 years ago ... WOW WOW WOW) but still possible and more intriguing !

Good luck.

Matteo 77
08-13-05, 11:10
Hello 'll arrive in riga Mon night (stop)
report to follow (stop)
if u've news to share (stop)
PM me (stop)

08-13-05, 17:27
For those of you who have never been to Riga,

Bring a skate board, cos when you walk around the old town you will need it for your tongue to keep it from dragging on the ground. The chicks are that amazing.

Field Commander I agree with you about the Non Pros, although its 3 years since i have been there.

The non pros are tricky though. Prepare to buy loads of drinks and meals, 99.9999% of women will have some financial goal in mind. Also if you take a girl on a date, be prepared to be joined by her friend- this is common. Although the upside of that you might manage a 3 some. Many of the women there are Bi, and they also feel more comfortable bringing a friend back to your flat. A 3 some only happened to me once there.

I scored with 5 non pros in the 4 months I was there, and those women actually didnt extract that much money from me, but the following are 3 incidents of where i didnt score and just had the [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) taken:

I meet this amazing blonde called Victorija in a club one night, and we arranged a date for following night. So i met her in a bar and then her friend turned up, then we went for dinner and they conversed in Russian most of the time. But the real pisstake came when we went to a club. They were drinking Whiskey and coke, and downing them fast. Then 2 local guys joined us - probably their boyfriends - and Victorija says
"Vill you buy these guys shome drinks??"
"Well actually fucking Victorija no i fucking wont" I snapped back.
So what did the cheeky bitches do???, they started sharing the drinks i was buying them with the guys. At that point i just walked away.

Another night i was out with a girl i had met, and her mother turned up for some free grub!!! She claimed it was her sister,ya right !! Mum was 50 and girl was 20. Again no pussy there either.(not even off the mother !!)

The worst though was this Russian c*nt, who I met in a shop one day. We arranged to go on a date, and she said we should meet at 4 pm and have some drinks, then dinner, then a movie, then a club. Ok I said. So we met in the old town at 4pm and after 2 drinks, she says "Come across the street I vant to show you somethingk ", and she took me a shoe shop, and showed me these 200 euro designer shoes. Then she says
" Vould you like to buy me this little present??".
"Not today, maybe later" I said
NOW at that point i should have walked away, but being the Idiot i was back then , I continued. So for a bit of revenge, she took me to one of the most expensive fish restaurants in Riga, the meal cost well over 100 euro - it was tasty though. I then had to endure some crappy chick flick, and then we went clubbing where she had to have the most expensive cocktails on the menu.
After we left the club she walked to a cab, and she said "ok lets go back to my place" Now I wasnt getting sex vibes from her, but my little head said "Could be some pussy here". When we got into the car, I started snogging her, and she didnt refuse. But at the end of a very long cab ride, she just jumped out of the car, and would not invite me into here house.
SO i said " i thought you were inviting me in to your house"
"No I said for you to take me back to my place, I didnt say you could come in"
Fucking conned again, and the bloody cab cost me around 50 euro.

SO you live , you learn. Next time I visit Riga I wont be conned so easy.

To sum up, the non pros are tricky, and I met many very good looking foreign guys there who didnt score with every chick either. Id say if you are goodlooking, under 40, and very generous you might get 50% of the non pros you try into bed.

I also bet that by now the women are so cheeky, they probably bring their whole familes along for dates !!

08-13-05, 22:21
5 non-pro in 4 months? i will give you my statistic: +-60 in about 11 month (I have a 9/17 job here). I really do not want to start a pointless debate, but you are providing some seriously wrong information on wsg: I agree about many things on your post, but 4 in 5 months is simply unbelievable. It is a lot, lot, easier in Riga then in any other country i have been. I am a serious, experienced monger,I love P4P: last time i called a delivery service was tonight, after about 2 months of freebies! But I cant believe you are not trying to put off people from Riga.

Back to the original reason of this post: Lady Lux really sucks. I just called a girl:
- cash before hand
- she did not even take a shower, she was smelling
- robot like attitude
- i could not even touch her breast/pussy (extra charge +20lvl) (original price 30)
- i kicked her out after: "if you want to finish you do what i want, and you dont touch me"

There is a reviewing system on LL, but they publish only positive feedback. I will try to post on wsg as much as i can, in the meantime i will create a mirror copy of LL, with real comments etc.

I hope the hobby in Riga could become more flourishing in the future, at the moment I really miss the London scene (this is to give you an idea on the situation here).

Having said that, this is one of the last paradises for freebies.

Tonight delusion:
Ines Phone: 9171742

From previous exp, to avoid:
and all the 4+ girls with this phone numer: 9110006

08-14-05, 13:04
Marcoman, 60 Freebies in 11 months, well you must be a big stud. Im not trying to put people off going to Riga, Im just sharing my experiences, and those were the bad experiences. I also think Riga is better than anywhere else for Non Pros.

Funny enough , In your post from 04-17-05 you did not sound as confident as you do now

If you stay here for just a few days, getting a freebie is very hard. Girls now know the story very well: imagine if every week you have to deal with a new foreigner promising true love, wealth and and a comfortable life..and flying away on sunday night. In their own way, girls here are very clever and they already understood how to play this game. If you live here the situation is a bit better, but still Riga is becoming every day an harder place to score.

When i was there, I tried about 15 - 20 non pros in that time, and had sex with 5, and I think that is a good result for an average looking guy. I also had sex with dozens of Pros. I was working on a very time consuming project there alone, and didnt have that much time to chase the Non Pros, and found it easier and more efficient to just pay the Pros. Also because I was working alone I was only meeting women in bars/clubs etc.

So Marcoman where did you meet all those women ???

Bez Bezarra
08-14-05, 16:40
Think that any reader realizes your info/experience greatly
outweighs, at a rate of ten to one postwise, for believablity.

Besides, 60 scores = zero photos, is also an equation that
lacks credibility

Willie Large
08-15-05, 23:08
Was very interested in people's experiences using ladylux!

I'd be very interested to hear from others who used them, what was the experience like? The girls seem to change so regularly!!

I'd sooner just book pros as I couldn't be bothered wasting so much time looking for freebies although should any come along I wouldn't be adverse to a freebie!! I'd probably try a few girls and see what happens but am not going to spend all evening wining and dining them in hope of getting pussy!!

Apart from Ladylux, Escortpictures and Intimservis, are there any other good websites giving info, pics/rates??

How does Intimservis compare to Ladylux?? A lot of girls seem to be on all, quoting different prices.

How many of the girls on Ladylux are independents??

Would love to get direct answers to the above questions before going to Riga!!

Willie Large
08-15-05, 23:25
Can anyone clarify the following rates?

Regarding Apartments; Are these the girl's Apartments that are used?

Apartments Calls
- 20 Ls Hour - 30Ls Hour
- 90Ls /night - 120 Ls /night

I'm presuming Calls are what they charge for call-outs!!

Is this right or wrong?

A direct explanation would be welcome.

08-15-05, 23:35
Got to agree with Fred and Bez here. It just dosen't add up what you said. I also read your April report and you said then it was hard to score with none pros. Now you done 60 in 11 month? As Bez says, no photos? Come on Marco Son, whats the script here? Also you say about the Ladylux girl was smelly and wouldn't go in the shower? And wouldn't let you touch her pussy? You should have made her get a shower,you should never let a pro dictate to you. In any part of the world, always take control. especially in your own hotel or apartment. Its your domain ,so dictate the pace and the situation. You tell them to get in the shower or its no deal. If you are unsure about what you can and cannot do, iron out the dos and donts before you hand money over. Usually in Riga, fingers in the pussy and sex in all positions is normal service. A finger up the arse is optional as is kissing, some do some dont. If a girl tells you she wont let you put fingers in her pussy because of bacteria, but will let you do it for extra money is just a money grabbing *****. I never wear that sort of nonsense. Prices have gone up a little, attitudes have changed, you have to shop around. Its a very competative market, but there are bargains out there, check out the photo of the 20lat streetwalker I posted this month. She is good quality and spoke excellant english.

Willie Large
08-16-05, 02:17
It's all very well posting comments about ladylux, but is the site for an agency or are there any independents there and if so how do we know which are independents?

What are we looking out for? Because they all have different phone numbers!!!

A bit of direction for my erection!!!!!!!

08-16-05, 16:54
Willie Large,

If i were you i would do the following. Wait till you arrive in Latvia, then

Buy a classified adds newspaper called "CM-PEK*AMA" . In the back pages are loads of ads for local escort services that are aimed at local guys, but obviously tourists can use them. When you call they will send a car to your flat/hotel with 4 or 5 girls, and the prices are 20-30 lats an hour. But if you dont like any of the women, you dont have to buy. Then go back and ring another agency, youll surely find something you like out of every 10 women or so. Also quiz them about their services before you buy. Some of the women wont have much english, but if you quiz the whole group including the driver you should work it out.

Personally i would avoid any service aimed at exclusively at tourists.

Also there used to be a Russian bar beside Hollywood disco, cant think of the name of it but there used to be alot of hookers there at night and some during the day. Many were mingers but some were fit. In my time there in 2002 I picked up 3 hookers from that place, and they were sexy and gave good service. I remember i had to haggle with all of them and got them down from 50 lats to about 35 for the hour, after buying a drink or two.

One memorable one was this blonde i met there at around 2 am one night. She was in her early 30's but very still very hot. She dropped her price quickly, and said she was happy to do anything I wanted , with or without condoms. I was making up my mind and went for a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140), There was only one toilet in the place, and while in there she started knocking on the door and asked if i was finished. I opened the door and she came in, then i didnt leave and she pulled up skirt, pulled down her thong, making sure I had a good look at her shaved pussy. She then went for a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) while talking to me, and i had a serious woodie while looking at her. When she finished pissing she was giggling at me, and then I asked her If i could clean her pussy with my mouth, and she said ok. I then bent her over the sink and spent about 5 minutes licking her pussy and anus. I then stood up, pulled my cock out and attempted to fuck her , but she said:
" if you vant to fuck me, ve must go to your place, and you must pay me 35 lats now"
Man I could not get my wallet out quicker. We grabbed a cab back to my flat, and once in the door I stripped her, threw her on the bed and fucked her twice hard, once in the pussy and once in the asshole. I met again for another session about a week later, but after that she dissapeared. All action with her was condomless which was VERY VERY STUPID. But as i said in my last post in the photos section, I gave up dangerous sex in Latvia, and have used condoms with Working girls ever since.

I wonder is that bar still there, and what is the name of it?

Fred - willie small !!! (well average)

08-17-05, 02:06

I think the russian bar you mean just a few doors from Hollywood is a restaurant bar affair and its called Nostalgia. Very good food there and you can sit at your table and watch all the action. A few pros go in there to "use the toilet", does this sound like the place? willie large, there are a few independants on lux, but its hard to sift them out, you often get 4 girls will rent an apartment and set up a base there, then have one girl who speaks good english answering the phone, don't be afraid of calling them and getting them to come to your hotel or apartment, and yes they usually add on 5 lat for taxi. Try what freddy says with that newspaper, but be prepared for a lot of girls hanging the phone up on you as a lot don't speak english, what I always do is print off all the ladylux stuff, then I'm armed with all the info, I call up the ones I fancy doing and get there address and write it opposite there photos and details, I get about 6 addresses then I get on the bus and head up Elizabetes, or Valderama, there is no need for a taxi as they all seem to be in the same streets, what I do is is go in to see the girl or girls, then I say ok an offer them my credit card to which they are always surprised and of course don't take, I act surprised then say I will be back with cash later, then I go and do the same at the other addresses until I've seenn a few, at least this way your not disappointed, and you get to see abit of the local area, also they don't feel you have messed them around and its a good excuse to get out the door if they are a bit rough, also this way you build up a bit of a portfolio, make a few notes on the file etc, there are a lot of gems out there I can tell you, I done a beautiful none pro this way who was just visiting her friend as I was leaving, this beauty walked in said to me in the doorway "hello" "bye" I got into conversation with her and she said she would do it as long as I was gentle, I couldnt believe it, bearing in mind I had just pulled my credit card scenario to her average looking friend, I then had to pretend to go to a bank, good experience and I still see that same girl now when I go, and she is still a none working girl, so you boys don't bother asking for her number, do the job willie and lets hear about it, and by the way if your english, change your money when you arrive you will get a better rate, and get yourself a latvian sim card, as its my guess you will go back, and it will save you a fortune.

Jake Sins
08-17-05, 14:13

I agree with you about getting a Local SIM card. I bought one on my last visit and it saved me a fortune. Is there much difference between taking pounds out with you and exchanging locally as compared to using an ATM ? What exchange rste were you getting £1 = 1 Lat ?

I have tried to PM you a couple of times but it appears you do not seem to be getting my messages. I would like to take up the generous offer you made to me in your PM - regarding the number of the taxi driver and the other numbers.



08-17-05, 15:05
One great thing about Latvia, is every night i went out there I always had a tinge of excitement in my belly. Unlike say a night out in amsterdam where you know the only pussy youre sure to get is either behind a window or in a rip off brothel, but in Riga there are plenty of possibilites. Ok most of the time i ended up with hookers, but the sessions were usually exciting with loads of bbbjs and Daty.

Also even if you dont lay a non pro, you might be able to feel her bottom on the dance floor in Hollywood. I groped alot of women there, and never once got a slap or anything like that, infact alot of them giggled at it, even If I didnt get any further with most of them. Try that in Western Europe and you would end up in court!!

Another horny rendezvous I had one day was when I was sitting outside TGI Fridays having lunch one Sunday just after it had just opened. I was sitting there eating and reading my book, when I heard this female voice.
"Hey guy, vould you like some company vith me?"
I looked around and this hot young brunette was leaning over my table, and she had big tits, a really low cut top and no bra. I WAS SOLD right there. I told her to join me, and she told me she wanted 30 Lats for an hour of whatever i wanted, and only insisted on condoms for the sex. I bought her a coke and dessert and she was totally thrilled. When we got back to the flat, she asked for a coffee and said she was not in hurry. After the coffee I fucked her twice, and she then asked if she could take a bath. I said "sure". She spent an hour in bathroom, then we had more coffee and she
watched TV for a while. She actually stayed around 3 hours,although the sex only lasted around an hour. Julia was her name, and she seemed like an OK girl. Never saw her again. That was a nice Sunday afternoon.

08-18-05, 01:45
Yes freddy I totally agree with you, about the amsterdam-riga thing, you always have a feeling of anticipation in riga, I've had a few encounters similar to yours, one young girl asked if she could "hang out" with me so she could improve her english, it was also in the afternoon, she wasn't particuarly attractive but she was only 19 you wouldnt say no, i was waiting for the "how much will you give me" but it never came, a couple of hours later i was fucking her brains out and she went happily on her way the only english she learnt was a bit of oral,when i go to amsterdam after 2 nights shagging and what have you im ready to come home,in riga I never feel like that, as there is plenty to do, at the cafes or walking about, and the food is great and cheap, and i love the laid back nightlife

Willie Large
08-18-05, 02:17
Anyone even bother reading this??

Was very interested in people's experiences using ladylux!

I'd be very interested to hear from others who used them, what was the experience like? The girls seem to change so regularly!!

I'd sooner just book pros as I couldn't be bothered wasting so much time looking for freebies although should any come along I wouldn't be adverse to a freebie!! I'd probably try a few girls and see what happens but am not going to spend all evening wining and dining them in hope of getting pussy!!

Apart from Ladylux, Escortpictures and Intimservis, are there any other good websites giving info, pics/rates??

How does Intimservis compare to Ladylux?? A lot of girls seem to be on all, quoting different prices.

How many of the girls on Ladylux are independents??

Would love to get direct answers to the above questions before going to Riga!!

Willie Large
08-18-05, 02:21
If I book one of these girls for the night and they are quoting "Apartments; 90Ls/night is it at their apartment??

Can anyone clarify the following rates?

Regarding Apartments; Are these the girl's Apartments that are used?

Apartments Calls
- 20 Ls Hour - 30Ls Hour
- 90Ls /night - 120 Ls /night

I'm presuming Calls are what they charge for call-outs!!

Is this right or wrong?

A direct explanation would be welcome.

Willie Large
08-18-05, 02:28
Thanks guys for your responses and advice, which I'll probably take up, but does anyone have the answers to my previous postings?

There is no point in doing printout from ladylux etc at present as the girls change so much, will probably send myself an email with all the up-to-date website info and that way I can just check them from internet cafe in Riga.

Will try some of the bars anyway as I'm not going to be in bed all the time but would like to know what's what before calling them.

08-18-05, 11:07

are u currently in Riga ??