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05-16-02, 05:26
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07-01-02, 18:53
1. Can anyone send me a list of the internet addresses of sites which include picture galleries and email addresses of Lithuanian girls for dating? Can you add to the list below?


2. Does anyone know the internet address of the dating firm in Kaunas which has the name of Nalcva or Narsva?? I have heard they have a lot of galleries of pretty girls for dating.

Please send to gmort20@hotmail.com

PS: A lot of the information posted on Kaunas in the archives is not correct anymore. We need more up to date reports.

Milky Boy
03-24-04, 00:00
Does this look like deliberate disinformation to anybody else, or is it just me? This guy has posted essentially this same message 8 times, the last several with the HIV scare added at the end.

I'd like to hear from some of this section's regular posters. Is this guy legitimate or full of crap?





Its better stay at home, and not go to former Eastern Countries. They are just after your money and its quite dangerous. Girls are not easy to get either, and prices are very high, for hotels resturants, bars and discos and whatever. For those who like hores can I say that they will be dissapointment becuase prices they will pay are much higher than home. It was different in the begining of 90, when just comunist time was over.

I've visited all baltic cities from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and they are all same. After being there some days you will realise you can hardly find normal girls in there.
They are all defect somehow. I think its harder to get girls in there than other Western European countries . Specially if you looking for normal girls then you are going to wrong place.

They have unrealistic ideas of the life in the west and they have a strange attittude to men. You will see all of these when you visit those countries.

People who have done the misstake and bring these girls to west to live with them will realise after a while that they have done a big misstake.

Let me know about your experience if you visit those states.

Be very very careful so you dont go back home with HIV infection becuase the HIV in population is much higher than other western coutries.

Good luck