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05-16-02, 05:27
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Bumz Rush
01-25-09, 12:02
There is NO life in LUX.

Joking apart, there are one or two ladies, (Eastern) that hang around the airport hotels.

Thats all I have to offer, I even turned a job down in LUX, as it closes on Friday night, and never reopened.

04-13-14, 15:38
Since I'm on mobile this will be brief report, longer more detailed versions to follow.

Decided since it was Sunday to try out treff188. Taxi 25e each way from HBF area. Driver could not find had to call club while meter ran up addition 8e, but whatever I'm there. Thus club is very basic, but VERY relaxed. There was 9 girls there. 4 average 4 ugly and one above aberage about FKK average quality. The girls are relaxed, patrons relaxed, and it's easy. I liked that about this place. Paid 99e for all sex I want. Got in three sessions in three hours. All sessions started with very good BBBJ and moved to fucking in multiple positions. Basic service but for price was a bargain. Girls are friendly and laid back, there is absolutely no mention of up selling, some will allow CIM anal, etc, but you need to ask before going to room. Beers cost 3e extra, other non alcohol drinks free. Food was so-so. Manager was on site and very friendly lady. Checks to make sure you are happy etc.

First girl I took was small petite, playful type. 5.5-6 looks, gave great oral and enjoyed sex, but kinda kept me from going in deep. Second girl was 4 in looks, plumper body, blonde, but she has a face and mouth that screamed BBBJ to me. So when she sat with me on couch and completed my erection and said she likes giving head, I was sold. She proved right. Could not finish as only 15 minutes had passed since first session, but I was still pleased and considered it a teaser for final session. Relaxed for about 90 minutes, then another petite Romanian that I swear looked Hispanic. Went to room and she too gave great BBBJ as long as I wanted and then we fucked two positions. Her puddly was TIGHT and she got me done.

All in all not bad for 150e total with taxis. I probably will go back again. Friendly easy going, simple straight forward place, but you will NOT find model types here. Average women.