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05-16-02, 05:28
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11-15-13, 02:05
I visited Muriel in late September.

She is in Saeul, which is near Mersch. Mersch is about 10 minutes by train from Luxembourg. I then got a taxi to Saeul. The taxi is a bit of a rip-off: it cost 29 for a ten minute journey. There is also a bus, which I got on the way back and which cost a few euros.

Muriel is a mature woman, who has a very particular look: big silicone tits, lots of make-up, tattoos (she has "salope" tattooed on her leg). It's a very trashy, porny look and I adore it! She has normally had blonde hair but when I visited her, she had short dark hair. She looked great, even if I preferred her blonde.

I arrived at her apartment, which was quite easy to find and was clean and well furnished.

She was incredibly nice and friendly, but she doesn't speak any English. So unless you speak French. And can understand a Belgian accent, for that matter. I would think that a session with her would be pretty difficult.

After a glass of champagne, a cigarette and a chat, we moved to the bedroom. She does DFK very nicely and we then had a long 69, with BBBJ, ending with cumming on her big tits. We had spent too long chatting and I had spent too long enjoying the taste of her pussy and the feel of my cock in her mouth, so my time was up by the time we'd finished. Still, it was a really enjoyable session.

It cost 150 for one hour. I think it was worth it. Muriel is a very sexy woman, who does regular gangbangs in Antwerp. A session with her is much more PSE than GFE, but she is also very friendly and puts you at ease. She is definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like slutty mature women (and I do!) , you will probably like Muriel!