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05-16-02, 05:29
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Dusty Bin
05-17-02, 12:52
Try this website for information on Moldova:


Fairly recent, I understand it will be updated later this year.

Dusty Bin
07-11-02, 20:27
I am off to Moldova in a couple of weeks. Is there anything new that I shoud know since last summer?

New clubs, prices etc?

I will be staying in an apartment, it should cost about $150 for the month!

10-05-02, 17:50
I plan to vist Kischinev from end of December until beginn of January. Is the Christmess there at the same time or like in Russia at 7th of January?

Dusty Bin
10-05-02, 22:51
Christmas is, if I recall correctly, the same as Russia.

10-07-02, 22:50
Hi Dusty,

are you from Moldova or do you life there? I'm 33 years old, in resonable shape and I'm German from Frankfurt am Main. Please tell me a little bit from Moldova. Is it easy to find a non pro woman there for a long term partnership?

10-09-02, 19:54
hi to all

i was in moldova in aug, i want to tell u what happen there

first in smmer no students only pro but they r you ng
and most nice the majoritynof the girls r btiful and easy pick up

prices aboutb 40 $ over night or 20$ 1 hr

i stay in lux app cost me 25$ a night i spend 10 days

in disco no pro coz no student but i heard a lot action when stdents r there

the girls r friendly smily and not push they do evry thing

jst offer 10$ if she can she do i had orgy no problem

i will b back in nov

b happy if some one have more ino.......

urs essi

10-09-02, 20:06
Hi Essi,

I will maybe visit Kischinev end of the year, could you please tell me how can I get such a Luxus-Apartment for 25 $. Have you a Address or Tel No? Can you also tell me where is a good place to chance money, go for lunch /diner, best way from airport to town (Taxi?)? What to do and what not to do?

Thank you in advance!


10-10-02, 20:23
hi dg69











10-10-02, 22:33
Hi Essi,

thank you for the Info. Don't worry I will not pay more than 10 - 20 US$ and you can be sure I will treat the Ladies as good as possible. So no reason to be worry. But, Essi if I come to Iasi I don't want to search for a Hotel or Apartment, I would prefer to book the Hotel or Apartment in advance. Could you be so kind to tell me the Tel. No from the person who you have rent your Apartment last time, or if you not more remember than please give me the No. when you are there again in November. You can also write me am Email. My address GermannD@gmx.de

Thank you very much!


Member #4369
10-13-02, 21:19
I always have a great time there, but never the legendary stuff that I hear about. I work in Romania so i have to opportunity to go a couple of times a year.

It is always frustrating because i meet great women but never quite have enough time to close...

But, i do manage to snag something each time i go.


Cruise the main drag of Chisinau, walk through the uni, go in shops, and just talk to cute girls. Have some typical lost vistor questions ready. Very friendly there. I have got many a phone # and a nice shag or two from this method. You will find your hit rate finominal compared to other euro cities. This is also a lot of fun, for me at least.

Go to this shopping mall next to hotel Cosmos, I can't remember the name. Lots of pussy shopping in there.


Disco SOHO. Just go. Lots of pussy. Talk to girls at bar.

Disco City Club. Same as above.

Disco Star "Track" not as good as the other two, but ok

Any cafe in the centre: look for girls sitting alone.


These sauna places where pros hang out. Didnt look too hard, though. Too busy chasing pussy at the uni to be bothered.

Good luck. Please post results!

10-14-02, 12:28

As you know (otr not know) I am off to Colombia in february....BUT..If i can NOT find any decent woman there as lifepartner I will seriously take into option Moldova.

One BIG advantage is mine.....My RO language skills are getting a bit rusty but if I am there they will be at 80% within 3-5 days.

I think Moldova is a great country for *****mongering. Just stay INSIDE Chisniau....;-) It is save,cheap and has the best of the slavic And latin world: Russian and Romanian women:-)
But if they are as spontaneous as "real" latins in SA I seriously doubt.

But to find a decent wife???? That's another ballgame.

First the colombian adventure,then we'll talk further.

btw...did you guys know Moldova OFFICIALY has a COMMIE government!!!!!
in 2001 the commies got 40 % (or something like that ) of the votes; now they "run" the country together with a small farmer-party.
On the east side of the Dnester river there are STILL Russian troops!!!!!!!
65% of the pop. is Romanian decendens. 27% is Russian/Ukrainian. The rest are jews,gagauz people and even some Turkish minorities....

imho the country is run by Russian/RO maffia,but that is another story;-)
The only export it has is WINE.....and (offcourse) WOMEN...;-)


Member #4369
10-14-02, 16:35

I am dying to check out Tiraspol, Trasnister. The Moldovians i meet in Chisinau say that this town has the best pussy around.

That's where they go to get beaver.

Have you ever been there?

I heard is is a real hassle, but i want to check it out this winter.

10-14-02, 16:39
thanks guys

i was happy to c ur messeges

i did try the shopping centers but it was empty and even no turist

at disco were only local girls jst forget about them

as i mention in my mssgs b4 only when the studends r from sep

till july i m not sure about cristmass time if the girls stay or myb

go back home but in the time were they study u will find them

every were go to macdonland on stephan cellmare

the main street in kishinau there is always ready fresh pussis

urs any time

10-14-02, 17:30
Hi guys,

whereas in Chisinau you can live perfectly well if you speak Romanian, you absolutely must be fluent in Russian if you go to Tiraspol. Nobody speaks a word of Romanian there. At tenin theevening they close down the city lights, cause they can't pay the electricity. It's extremely poor, but of course it has some great women. I haven't seen anycommercial pussy there, but basically if you speak Russian, are a foreigner and know to treat a woman with a bit of fun, you'll have a hell of a time over there.

t's also quite easy to get to. Just take the bus from the Chisinau central bus station, you will pass into Transnistria without any hassle like that. Just don't try to go with your car!

Tiraspol is like the deepest Russian province, a great value for somebody who likes that kind and knows how to handle the depravations.

Have fun!

10-14-02, 23:56
hi burni

thnks 4 ur report

regarding the tirasopol some local friends told me

better not to go there coz control by mafia

& if the c a turist the rip his pocket off

so better nt to look 4 trouble


Dusty Bin
10-15-02, 00:11

No I am not from Moldova, just a visitor.
I met lvely women, the place is just so poor though. I was supposed to go back this sumer, but it fell through. Got to go back in Spring though.

If you are interested this web site might be useful.


I know I keep plugging it but it has useful info.

Member #4369
10-15-02, 13:40
Burnie, Thanks for the info.

Language info: Bit of a bummer -- even the college kids don't speak Romski or English??

What about visa for US citizen?

What about accommodation?

Places to go/avoid?

How long is the bus ride?

Do you think they take Visa cards there (just a joke :) )

Thanks a lot!

10-15-02, 15:12

Romanian or English is of no use there. During my three day visit I found nobody (!) who spoke any of it. Of course you may find some if you look real hard, but if your goal is to talk up any pretty woman you see on the street, in a bar etc, Russian is the only choice.

As for visa regulations, the visa for the Republic of Moldova, tyhat you need to go to Chisinau is valid in Tiraspol as well. Bus ride takes 2,5 hr.

Places: This is a poor Russian provincial town. Don't expect that you'll need a city guide over there to get it covered. There are some bars and restaurants in the center, all with a peculiar soviet flair to it. Anyway, if you hook up with the locals, you will spend no time in public places, but will be invited over and over to their parties, which take place in private places (Attention: Lots of vodka involved!!).

Accomodation: I don't know of any hotels, so maybe you can google it up? I stayed in a private home, where I was invited. I advise you to do the same..:). Try to find a chick over the net, you'll have a place to stay.
And don't worry about the mafia stuff, this is almost always overdone. I walked the streets alone at night in many Russian/Romanian cities, I am easily invited to go to private places, and in almost ten years I've never had a single dangerous encounter (if I didn't provoke one, that is..)

Dusty Bin
10-15-02, 17:38
Language -

If you hook up with proper students, they will speak English. Almost all kids are taught English and it is almost a given at Universities. English is very highly regarded, not least as it is essential to be able to get a well paid job with a posible route to the west.

Romanian and Russian are about equally spoken. If you can speak Italian then you will inderstand what is going on around you and will be able to communicate a little.

OTOH uneducated *****s claiming to be students will not speak English.
Almost everyone speaks Russian but not everyone speaks Romanian. I hope that helps clear things up.

Yes I was there last year, living with students in student accomodation. Trust me, I know!

Dusty Bin
10-15-02, 17:45
the visa for Moldova is NOT valid for Transdniestria. If you are allowed in, and not all foreigners are! It is because the border guards decided to let you in.

The usual practice is to give you 3 hours to visit. When I went we had to give the guards a mobile phone number. They called us half an hour before our expected return to remind us!

If on the other hand you enter Moldova through Transdniestria you will not need any kind of visa. That is because the Moldavian government does not recognise the enclave and so does not ask for visas at the border. This is useful if you are a smuggler comimg and going through the Ukraine as many do. Its a big issue with the EU who are trying to sort it out.

10-15-02, 20:22
Well, I had no such touble at the transniestrian border two years ago. Also I am sure that a foreigner can easily be 'allowed in' if he gives the border guard some little bribe.....

I am also sure that you'll find English speaking students if you look for them. The idea with the university dormitories is nice! It also relieves you from looking for a hotel. Maybe I'll try that trick the next time I'll go there next spring!

But I really don't believe that half of the Tiraspol population speaks Romanian. As I wrote, I spend three days in Tiraspol and nobody spoke eiteher english or Romanian, I met about 25 people, and none of them were hookers, just normal people lioving in the usual blocks. For a Romanian-speaker, its much safer in Chisinau, where even the Rusiian population has oftentimes learned Romanian by now. So you are not limited to the universities for your hunting, but can go out to the living quarters of Chisinau too, and talk to the girls in the bars and on the streets. They are very very approachable for western guys....

Dusty Bin
10-15-02, 20:32
I apologise. I was talking about language in Moldova. Transdniestria is Russian. I had missed that you were referring to the enclave...

The visa is up and up though. You may well have been lucky. I would not have wanted to be you though if you were picked up by any uniforms...

Member #4369
10-16-02, 07:29
All this talk of Transnister is making me very curious! I think i will give it a spin and see what happens. Let me drum up a business trip to Chisinau so i can get within shooting distance.

Bernie, I will def. do the internet thing. Good idea.

Belsty (city in Moldova): I think there is a lot of nice pussy up there waiting to be liberated. I met several on the net, one of whom i met in Chisinau.

A real fox, and she told me the whole place is textile factories. This means young, females.

10-16-02, 18:42

I can second that!
I lived in Sibiu and nearby (20 km) is a small town called Talmaciu and there are several clothing factories.(also In Sibiu)
Let me tell you in that town (about 20.000 people) were MANY younger girls (16-22) from all over the Judetsul (province) of Sibiu and even further away.
There were two mayor "disco's"....hmmm more grand barns actualywith a bar inside and some lights.....but for the RO it was a "disco"...

Lots of puzz there let me tell you. Problem was at THAT time my ex-wife was with me like a Mega Jar of Superglue:-(
So I could NOT fuck something on the side:-(

LEARN SO RO and GO for it!!!!

I sure love to try out Moldova.(if things don't work out in Colombia)

Find some"pisda footashaosa" (sorry if the spelling isn't 100% correct)and stick your pulla inside;-)


10-17-02, 00:09
hi guys

i m surprise how this messeg borde increace a lot

if any one can tell me the best chat with moldanian?

so far jst try the odigo & i found 2 nice girls willing to meat

i rly to miss going again soon

cnt wait


Member #4369
10-17-02, 13:46

ICQ works great.

Just make sure you always set up the dates just for 1 hour so you can get out of there if they suck.

If you get a good one, work it hard and blow off the others.

A bird in the hand is always worth more than 2 in the bush.


10-17-02, 19:13
Hi guys,

I now I asked before but that was at a time this forum was nearly dead. I think I will visit Chisinau in the end of this year (I guess 26th of December to 6th of January), but I have no plan where I can get an accomodation. I would prefer a private appartment can someone give me a Tel. No or email address of a person who provide such appartments? Or can someone recommend me a girlfriendly and not too expensive Hotel there?
If you search non pros in advance, than you can look www.atareks.com (you can write thr girls there free of charge). IMHO the Moldavian girls there are not too pretty and they use mostly a interpreter (maybe marriage agency) but they are mostly real. Avoid the girls from Lugansk and Kasan thats definetly a marriage agency but a rip off, the girls there a mostly fakes, especially if they are pretty.

Hasta Luego


Dusty Bin
10-17-02, 20:16
Adresa B-dul Negruzzi 1, tel. (+373-2) 26 64 14/26 46 98, tel./fax (+373-2) 26 20 96. Open 09:00 - 21:00, Sat 09:00 - 18:00.

THere are links to hotels at:


I had a friend looking for places for me this summer. As soon as the landlord got the idea that a foreigner was involved prices went right up. I was looking at $400 per month, same price for less.

This agency will be able to help or google search it.

10-17-02, 22:41

Some inside info on RO/Moldovian methods in renting appartment to forreigners.
In my days in Sibiu a RO family (mostly) paid nothing to rent because most people OWNED an appartment. (one of the very few GOOD things Communism did left to the contry!)
BUT if they rent one...say hookers or businessmen they surely paid not more then 50 US $ a month...that is OUTSIDE Bucarest or Constanta in Summertime;-)Now we are NOT talking PRIME A Locations here;-) You can find a shitty 2/3 room app. for maybe 300 dollars in Bucarest. But I would prefer a hotelroom any day;-)

However IF you are a forreigner (so in RO eyes VERY RICH..LOL) you pay at least 200-300 US $ a month for a shady appartment.

In fact in Bucarest prices are even higher as in Most Western European Countries!!!!!! I know in the neighborhood of the embassies in Bucarest allready in 1997 a 3 room app. were sold for US $ 40.000,-!!! And their state was NOT spik and span;-)

So make sure you have a RO "friend" do the talking when you are out for appartment renting;-)
And even then when the landlord gets suspicious he can easely double/triple the rent when he "smells" that there is a forreigner involved!

NOw who said RO was ready to join the EU????? HAHA.
2007?? I think this better could be 2070...!!


PS: Dieter IF you do NOT speak RO I would NOT go to Moldova to find a serious lifemate.The studenst you would run into are all more or less hookers and intrested in $$$$/ÄÄÄÄ. Not to talk about the strippers/girls in the nightclubs;-)
Normal decent girls (I guess) don't speak english/German.
That is MY opinion. Dieter....don't forget to bring WARM clothing!!!!;-) It is normal in those countries that the heathing breaks off many times during wintertime...LOL.

But if you want to Plant your "flag" there....just go ahead!!!!;-)
Lots of fun...and not expensive:-)

10-17-02, 22:48

thats me again

u ask about hotel there is national hotel or cosmos hotel on

stephn celmare the price is 40$ per night

i heard that there r a new apprtmnts for 30-50 $ per night but

no details yet

another hotel 5 stars call jolly alon +-100$

somone asked me about appartmnt but i try to cll but no

answer i will try again

but what i done. i came to kishinau stayed the first night in

national ,the day after i buy the mackler its a news paper & u

need sombdy spks russion coz nt many of the landlaod spks

english & try ur luck . about end of dec its better to check first if

the student r in town if nt its waisting of time ,my own expiriens.

for cristmas the best go to angeles city in the philipines

cheap & nice girls

urs essi

10-17-02, 23:13

don't scare the hunters!!!

Come on, anybody who's not a complete dumbass doesn't get fucked anymore by the locals (it's the other way round we're here for, ain't it?)....

In Chisninau, buy the Makler (www.makler.md), get somebody to do the talking for you (for a small tip), and if you are comfortable with a two room apartment in the living quarters, you easily get sth for $100/month with basic furniture. For center think $200. Same in Bucharest, +$50. A lot of landlords rent to western guys just because they know you won't steal anything from the apartment, run away without paying the telephone bill or wreck the furniture. That's why I usually find no problems at all in imposing the price I see fit. Lots of landlords prefer a trustworthy tenant to some risky dollars more....

I agree that for maximum fun in Chisinau you should know either Romanian or Russian. And I think a one week stay is to little to really enjoy the place. Dieter, it'll be like Iasi that way, just with more pro-action. If I were you, I'd go at least 2 weeks, I'd invest a little time in language basics, and I'd prepare really well. And don't go during christmas holidays. I think too many people will just be with their families in this time!

Johan again:

Since you happened to live in Sibiu, you wouldn't know
Ossi, a huge and crazy German guy with
the face of a blond Adolf that is known all over
town....? Just a guess.....

By the way, if you or Dieter plan to check the Rep
Moldova sometime later next year, I'd be pleased to add
myself to the party!


The Jolly Alon is a small, very classy hotel, the absolute top of Moldova, a beautyfully renovated villa in the center. It's definitely worth the $100 tab!

10-18-02, 01:06

I am not scaring off anybody. I just KNOW the tricks these guys (and gals) like to play. And they are VERY GOOD at it!!!
Even some other (far more experienced) men like me got tricked by socalled "honest" RO business men...
If you LIVE there you KNOW what I mean.

IF I go to Moldova it will be in the SUMMER!!!!(June or September)
I understand/speak 80% RO...and even understand basic Russian. (allthough I do NOT speak much Russian).
And IF I go there it is ONLY Chisinau...and certainly NOT Tiraspol or whatever that shithole is called;-)

I lived in Sibiu during 1996- early 1998.....and I must admit the German consul was very "famous" in the night life....I reckon Germany did replace him and later Closed down the German branch. (so I heard).
But OSSI????? Nope...sorry never heard of the guy. Maybe if you would describe him better.
Ok...Adolf I do know.....but he's dead! (or maybe he is having a party with Elvis somewere??)

Purly regarding possibilities.....girls....action...and oppertunities I sure would prefer South-America ANY DAY over Moldova...I guess.
But then again Moldova is only 2.5 hours flight from me.(and cheaper).
But as a whole I do NOT like general attitude of the chicas down there. SA chicas are much more fun and spontaneous let me tell you. But that is a personal matter of taste.
Like I said IF things stay "stable" in Colombia I'll do that FIRST in February. I love big rund BUTTS and darker chicas.
And I gues I am not the only one here...right???;-)


Member #4369
10-18-02, 10:32
Yo Guys,

My 2 cents on today's discussions...


I ALWAYS use the firm 'Adresa' listed below. Excellent apartments, excellent service. Nicer than the commy hotels.

Johan, I agree with Burnie--it's not that bad anymore. I live in the region and get the same prices as my local friends, and I can haggle better than them.

Yeah, you're going to get a Gringo surcharge in Chisinau, but like Burnie said, look in the papers. The prices are listed.


Don't be afaid to go if you just know English. My buddies who went there did fine. It will be better if you know some Russian/Romski, but not a total blowout.

I agree with Burnie: you need at least 2 weeks or regular shorter trips. Otherwise you will only pull pros.

Maximize your visit by working ICQ

Don't go over Xmas. All girls will be home. Uni will be closed. Winters are absolutely freezing--no street pulling to be done.

Spring is great time to go.


I had a couple of dates through this in Chisinau. Complete disasters. No chemestry with the girls and they weren't as cute as their pictures were. I will avoid that. The agencies don't like to give you a whole bunch. Just 1 or 2. A lot of effort for not a lot of return


1. McDonalds, just asked if i could sit with girl
2. Street Pull, just said hello to hot girl
3. Disco SOHO, said hello
4. Disco City Club, said hello
5. Random Cafe, super-hot semi pro
6. ICQ meeting

With all the time I wasted on internet with the marriage agency, i always did better on the streets and in the discos in this town.


Anyone ever been? close to Iasi than Chisinau. I am tempted to check it out for a weekend.

I wouldn't mind meeting up with you guys either for a night of fun some time in Chisinau.


10-18-02, 15:38
hi my freinds

wish u happy weekend

i cnt blive that i done it

the moldova page was empty till a week ago

its true iashi is very good place 4 hunting almost 4 free

i will b in dec beggining with afreind if somone want to join u r most welcom


10-18-02, 19:06
Hi Folks,

it's true it seems that this forum is the most expanding Forum here.

Thank you for that Info!

Johan friend:
I'm not strictly searching a lifetime partner there, if it's happens Ok why not, but some good pro action is also fine.

Angeles is not a good place at Chrsitmas I think. I have heard at that time Angeles, Pattaya, etc. are packed with Tourists everything is douple expensive than at low season. Also, I would not fly around the half world only for one week. I was in Romania two weeks ago, end of the next week I will go to Fortaleza /Brasil for 3 weeks, in February I will go with Johan to Colombia if it's not too dangerous. On Chrismas I have one week free, therfore I will only take a journey inside Europe. Moldavia is in my mind a good choice, because the most people there are Oorthodox and they celebrate christmas two weeks later than Catholics or Protestants.
ESSI it would be great if we could meet in Chisinau if you are there in Dec.

If I like Chisinau I will visit Moldavia again maybe with Johan than I would be great if you would join us.
Makler.md I couldn't read because is written in Cyrillic and I can't find the button for switching in English, but I have written an email to the admin.

Interesting name what does it mean. My short name DG69 is my initial plus the year of birth 1969. I made the experience in Romania that the language is not a big problem, many people spoke English, some spoke German too. I had also some contact over internet (atareks,com) with Moldavian girls and they spoke English too. Do you know when they have Christmas holiday there. I know from my Russian girlfriends that Christmas wasn't a big festival in the former USSR, more popular was New Year. Also the celebrate Christmas at 6th or 7th of January I think.


10-19-02, 00:31

Forget about Russia regarding X-mas.
In RO x-mas is BIG.....very BIG!!!! Only Easter is as big (maybe even more celebrated).
Most Romanians are religeous. The Orthodox church has a LARGE Influence on politics as well.
But you are right....the orthodox christians celebrate X-mas 7 January;-)
But still it would be very cold there.....But maybe if you find a warm puzz...:-)

Go for it Dieter!

10-19-02, 21:34
hi all

i will b nxt weekend in dusseldorf any good idea???????

at thw moment i know mettman & krefeld

any more fkk club



10-20-02, 21:11

Sorry about DŁsseldorf I don't know where you can find some good places for get laid. I was never there. If you need info about Frankfurt I can provide you with infos or I can show you where to go!

Auf wiedersehen!


10-20-02, 22:40
hi dg69

thanks 4 ur rply i will b landing in dusseldorf

so its better to stay there not to shlep over

to frankfurt if i can go to beverly or mettman

& sunday the best is krefeld

the party treff club r fantastic i injoy there very much

its good 4 expirience sometimes u can get normal girls

comming 4 fun & they fuck with all

hpe i will injoy this jurney too


10-20-02, 23:16
hello fellas

Im curios about Moldovia, and i have a whole month off in November, so i may be off to the that contry soon.

To questions:

1: Is it possible to rent a man, a guide and "lifeguard" who can be a driver, get me hotelrooms, get me girls, show me the cities/contryside in Moldovia? A man who could me "anything", just like we have in Cuba?
Things would be much easier, and the trip will get more payoff, with a local guide, i suppose.

2: I read that you guys says Moldovis is guit safe. But i am a typical "rich tourist", blond in my hair with blue eyes and so on.
Maybe me blond hair and blue eyes will give me a lot impact at the local girls. But how about the local men? Do they like that foreigners try to catch their girls. And the criminals who might be there: is it safe to walk the streets?

Do you know any man who can be a guide, please let me know.

And are you travelling in November and need travel-mate, just email me. Two are better than one when its comes to effectiv pussyhunting!


see yah

10-21-02, 17:20
If anything, you being a blond with blue eyes, seems to me will be a minus with the ladies of Moldova.
A large portion of the population their have those charactristics.
I would count on my charm and $$ if i was you.

Banana Joe
10-21-02, 21:27
From Stratfor.com

Russia's Withdrawal From Dnestr:
Implications for Moscow and the Balkans Oct 21

With the Russian army leaving the tiny but strategic Dnestr region by the end of 2002, Moscow's geopolitical leverage in the Balkans will diminish along with the defense of its southwestern flank. Leaders in Dnestr -- a de facto independent territory inside Moldova -- fear being swallowed by Romania and thus might consider inviting U.S. troops to station themselves in region sometime next year.

10-22-02, 14:48

Are many moldovans blond? Damed. I should go to Africa instead, i see.

...hehe..., what i mean is that Scandinavian-blond and other blondes in the world may be to different things. That was what i tought would be in my favour.

I have contact with some young girls down there, and they are white as hell, but with dark eyes. I like that.
But i will follw your advise, dollar and charm is the thing. *

Still not any who knows about a "guide" who can get me "everything" in Moldovia. Or in Ukraine for that matter. Makes things easier.


10-25-02, 16:10
hi all

if anyone plan to b in mid nov in kishinau

pls let me know i will b hppy 4 hunting together

pls live ur address here

urs essi

10-31-02, 23:09

It's believed that Scandinavians and North Europeans have alot of common genetics with the people around the Black sea. Travelling a bit outside the Chisinau in some small village I saw little kids that could pass for Swedish any time. They looked a bit like us Swedes looked a century ago.

If you want to make a great impact with your blonde hair and blue eyes I suggest you go to Peru. The Peruvian women are crazy for gringos rubios.

11-13-02, 15:21

as i promise i m in chishinau arrived on monday 11 nov

having great time. i meet with a few girls its very simple

here to catch, we rent an apprtmnt for 25$ a day . we had at the

first day 4 girls for me & my friend cost us 1800 lei about 130$ all

night the girls came at 8pm & left

at 11am next day we had test all of them we had a good music in

apprtmnt & alchohol so save the disco drink for 4 girls .........

we got in a coffe shop start with girls & they r very open even

last night i had a virgin girl in my bad 19 yrs economy student we

slept naked & hope tonight will celebrate her loosing cherry

lol...........as she promise. while i m in intrnet my friend is in the

apprtmnt with a doctor 31 yrs old blond & married god know

what they do there i guess yhey r in act now

so will post some more intresting news



11-14-02, 11:38

when things are NOT work out in South-America (possibly Bolivia or Argentina) in February 2003, I will visit Moldova (Chisinau)in June or in September 2003 together with my good Dutch Friend. (and possible also Dieter??Burnie??Others??)
A few advantages I have: speak/understand mostly RO. Allthough I admit my RO is getting a bit "rusty".(understand some basic Russian as well)
Know what I can expect there regarding women etc.
I mean looking for *****s is one thing....Looking for a good life partner is another!!!!!
After looking for nearly two years for a latina woman (and several trips down there)in SA I know this too is NO piece of cake. I lived for more then a year in RO and travelled many times too and in Eastern Europe. So that is more familiar too me then SA.(besides the logistics for west-Europeans are better too)
Only minus things is that EE women can NOT hold the light too Latinas regarding outer-and inner beauty,but that's personal.
I guess I have to live with that.


11-14-02, 15:16

that's exactly that what want to do from 26.12.02 to about 06.01.03. Please could you give me the address or better the Tel. No. of the owner of your Appartment. I would like to rent it for that time (26.12.02-06.01.03).

Have fun man!


11-16-02, 17:57

to dg69

i will send u the number soon but not throgh the board we will find the way 4 it

just a good advise to all the visiters when u r in moldova

carry ur passport with u all time coz many police man around & to

make thier salary the must stop u & ask 4 ur passport if u dont carry u will b taken to the station with other dronken moldavian
its not pleasant at all. i have been in this situation already.

now from my expierience around macdonalds nothing happend

i was there tdy & every day u can c many beautifull girls but nothing realy happen.

to meet girls & u wil winn every time there r a few options

1] in coffe shop there r a few on stefan cell mare {the 5th av. of moldova} u can seat & wait myb u wil sart ,if on other table sitting alone2 or 3girls its easy & dnt b shay . on the street its dificult the most students walk there u can try start if the smille to u .

2 ] disco.soho ,star trek,city, r the best . millemiumhve been was very bad i was on thursday night in disco star terk vry nice & milliones of beautiful students r waiting 4 u just b nice & smile a lot & b polite & gentle the likebuissness people so a tie &jaket & good cigar will make it .

to b in moldova u dnt need more than 300 $ a week include everything the girls dnt ask oney at all i mean students,
if u offer them the refuse u coz they r nt prostiute

i wil text again later

as i mention b4 yesterday i done it

bye all

11-18-02, 16:59

please send me the number to my Email Address.


Thank you very much!


11-19-02, 11:44


jst 4 ur info i booked 4 u the apprtmnt

so dnt warry

i will snd u my numbr here & london

u will hve fun here

to all of u there is no like here the most butfll girls & easy to get if u r forighner.


11-20-02, 07:15
Hey ESSI, But is it still easy if you know only English?

11-20-02, 12:04
hi bight dikth

4 ur ask there is no problem with young & students

up to 25 yrs old

i m in kishinev now & live tmmorow i will b back as soon i can

coz many butfull girls here & the love to go out with forghners

in disco club from wensdy is full & lots of model beuty

if u need any advise jst live a mseege here


11-24-02, 17:50
Hi Jochen,

I have tried to mail you, but it was not possible. I got the message:

"Hi. This is the qmail-send program at mx0.gmx.net.
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out."

Can you mail me again?

Ok, till bext time!


12-04-02, 21:12
Wow, long time no new post on this forum. I will be from 26th of December until 7th of January in Chisinau /Kishinev. It will be my first time and I have some questions, maybe someone will answer.
It is possible to find there ATM which accept VISA or AMEX-Card?
Do they expect Euro or is it better to pay with Dollar there?
I or better to say ESI have booked a Appartment for me in Kishinev, but he was not sure if he will be there at the same time, than I will not get this Appartment, can tell me someone where I could get than a good but not too expenive Appartment in Kishinev? I would prefer a Appartment in the inner City.
Some guys have post here a lot of good infos where to found girls, can someone give me please additional advice which bars, discos, clubs, etc are in the moment good places to find pretty girls (pros and non-pros)?
if someone will be in Kishinau at that time and want join me so please drop me a line. My email address is GermannD@gmx.de.

Dusty Bin
12-05-02, 19:53
It is possible to find there ATM which accept VISA or AMEX-Card?

Yes there are several ATM machines, on Stephan Cel Mare by the post office and opposite in the bank, Visa should not be a problem, although Visa Electron may not work. I don't know about Amex.

Do they expect Euro or is it better to pay with Dollar there?

Most places want to be paid in Lei, it is illegal to do otherwise. OTOH for 'personal services' dollars and Euro may be happily accepted but no need to pay in foreign coin.

I or better to say ESI have booked a Appartment for me in Kishinev, but he was not sure if he will be there at the same time, than I will not get this Appartment, can tell me someone where I could get than a good but not too expenive Appartment in Kishinev?

There is an agency called Adresa.
Details at www.moldovaguide.cjb.net

If you do a Google search you wil find others but they generally want a MIMIMUM month agreement. Should get stuff from about $250 per month for an OK place. No great need to be in the Centre. Chisinau is a small place. An apartment in the centre will cost about $50 per day for a decent place.

can someone give me please additional advice which bars, discos, clubs, etc are in the moment good places to find pretty girls (pros and non-pros)?

My info is about a year out of date but I understand that it still works pretty well. See the website above.

If you are going at that time of year, be prepared for a pretty quiet time and bloody cold.

12-10-02, 20:32
Hi Dusty,

thank you for the usefull info. Don't mind about cold. It's not so warm like Brazil, or Thailand, but this places are packed with ***** mongers at that time and I will only have 10 days holiday it's not enough for far away destinations.


12-27-02, 01:29

to all my friends

just came back frm kishinev it was frozen outside but very hot in my bad now i m back home and i hve a lot to tell u again
about this paradise ..
sunday will sit & send my info

urs essi

12-28-02, 12:28
Being a foreigner here in Moldova, the girls can come across pretty cold....as generally luck goes the following might help in Chisinau:

Clubs-you run the risk of being had..same as romania if the girls are intrested the will go home with you...
McDonalds:sucks! not the most ideal place for trying to hook-up
Hotels:ask the door men, i stayed at the Turist for 400 lei, you will get about a 7-8 mostly young russian speaking looks can be better, but most have tight nice bodies, and will stay for about an hour +
Mackler: Russian newspaper here has a section for indepenedent girls, most speak russian have not exp. yet

ESSI-i look forward to your report!

12-30-02, 15:46

my info 4 u my freinds

i arrived to kishinau on the 11 dec

att the airport u hve to clear at the costom how much money u hve so tell them the exect amount u dnt need more thn 500 $ a week if u r rly like to spnd.

i had an rent apprtmnt 4 25 per night so went there & start to make clls to the girl i knew frm last time & ofcorse they came & we had fun i had to b clever that every girl will think that she is the only one coz the r very jeluse girls .

the girls u can find with on odigo this is a program u downloud on the net and u can choose that u want girls frm moldova & get the cell nmbr & the rest up to u .the like smbody come 4 buissnes to moldova & hve money also i got girls in coffe shopes or frm the disco.

the r many students myb 20000 in kishinau & the seek 4 money

so the best time of the yr is sep to dec & feb -may june dnt go
frm midd of july - sep coz the town empty of pussy & from 30 dec till midd of jan the girls go hme to celebrate cristmass the do it on the 7th of jan.

its hard to get in disco in the summer coz the kishinau girls hve money so if u r good looking & atractive u get if she is intrested
but it will not b on the first night frm my expirience.

change mony no problm $ pounds euro swiss francs no prob every 100 meter they hve change money on the main street stefan cell mare .

the rate for dollar 14 lei for 1 $

the living & ur expenses will b cheap coz the salary is 60 - 100 $ a month. so if u tip the girl 100-200 lei wich is 8 - 15 $ its big money for student . food & cofee max 5-8 $ a daY . if u stay in apprtmnt so go to the market & for 100 lei u buy all u need .

dnt drink the water there only miniral

the wine there is vry good & the vodka too all first class & the price is 20-70 lei 4 good wine 5-18 yr old .

vodka is only 10-20 lei 1-2 & .

the girls smile & realy nice give them a compliment u r beutifull & so...... she will start to talk to u dnt ask her immidiet come with me to my room coz she will feel a prostitute b clever & get her slawly.she will come to ur hotel or ur app. & she give u every thing if she like u

they do sex oral & some do anal i had a 18 yrs old & she like anal the girls r very hot & sexy & betifull & the dnt like the local boys so u hve the best chance + the look 4 ur possibilty to marry u & go out if there contry most of them hate the contry coz poor & no job the go to universty but after no work.

in kishinau u hve an escort servises is well but u dnt need them ..believe me ......

i try the escort the girls avrge 7-9 most nice 7 clean the work for 3 month max & they go back hme .if smbody want pls live ur mail on this board i will snd u & the same 4 the app

now dieter is in kishinau so i will invite him to post his expirience
is well

lve u all


01-11-03, 18:07
Dieter, what's up? Where is your travel report.......?

01-11-03, 22:26
hi folks,

give me a little time. I game back tuesday night, my report is like usual very long and I not ready yet. I guess will be ready in the middle of next week.

Hasta Luego!

01-15-03, 21:23
Hello folks,

Iím back from Chisinau and full of new impressions. First I have to say I canít confirm what some guys here have posted. Chisinau is IMHO not a City where you could easy find some hot and pretty women to have fun. Even to find pros is difficult. It was my first time in a former Soviet Republic, before I was only two times on transit in the Moscow airport. I found this airport awful, the attitude of the staff there was cold, rude and consumer unfriendly. The system how things work there was complicated and not efficient. The same I found also in Chisinau, I guess itís the same in all former Soviet Republics. In Chisinau itís maybe a little bit better because the Moldavian influence. I was landing in Chisinau at 26th of December. It was fÖing cold there but sunny weather. First the immigration, the Visa I got without a problem but need to have a pass photo and cost me 63 Euro. Thatís I would say is the entrance fee. I had to write down the name of a Moldavian person who invite me. I doesnít know a name only the names from some girls I had found by ICQ and whose I had some correspondence. So I write a fantasy name, no problem. The Staff there can all speak German, I guess also English. Than I made a failure, I pass the customs without making a declaration about my foreign exchange. No one ask my to make that. At the moment I had no problem but as I want leave the country. But that comes later.
Chance money at the airport was not a problem. The ratio at the airport exchange is ok. In the city are hundreds of places where you can easy chance money, 24 hours a day. The ratio there was between 13,95 to 14,3 Lei per Euro thatís different from Shop to Shop. At the Airport the ratio was 14,07 Lei per Euro. At night when the most money changer close the ratio of the few open Money changer goes down. So better change at daytime.
Some Taxi driver wait inside the arrival hall. There were one who follow me all the time form my way out of the custom to the money changer and out of the airport. I ask him how much he want for a Taxi trip to Chisinau. He doesnít speak any word of English, German or Spain (the languages I speak). If you find a taxi driver who understand English or German in Chisinau, you will feel like you won the jackpot of a lottery. There are not much people who understand English and not much who give an effort to try to understand what you want to say. In other countries the people try to understand you, even when you donít speak their language, only from sign language, or mimicry, not so in Chisinau. The Taxi driver want something from me and so he tried to understand. He told me he want to have 50 Euro to bring me in the City. I turn around and start to go to another taxi. He immediately lower the price to 10 Euro, I said 100 lei and he agree. My first destination was a agency called Adresa which let apartments in Chisinau. The one I had (one room apartment, with kitchen, badroom, hot water and in the city centre, just opposite of Disco Soho and grand hall) costs me 200 Lei per day. The apartment was Ok, but nothing special. I met in Chisinau a guy from Switzerland and he had rent a 4 room apartment for 60 Euro per day and that was a really luxurious apartment.
After I had a shower, change my cloths, I was eager to see the beautiful girls from Chisinau. I leave my apartment and start to work down to McDonalds. Some guy at the forum has written that that is a good place to get in contact with those Moldavian girls. On my way I change Money and got my first impressions. The girls on the street were walking very fast, donít smile, even no eye contact. Than I saw a very pretty girl who walking fast, too. There was a older man walking slowly in front of her, she gave him a rough nudge which push him out of her way. If she would do that with me I would give her a kick in her ass.
McDonalds is not a good place to get in contact with locals. Mostly couples there or arrogant upper class people. So I went back to my apartment. Had buy some food in a supermarket and on my way back I saw some young girls in front of the Disco Soho. It was just 8 oíclock and I wonder will the nightlife start so early in Chisinev. I ask the girls and we had a nice talk. They said the normal people will come at 10 or 11 Oíclock, but they make a performance later in that Disco and so they came earlier and today is the semester end party, they said. That means the students will leave the city the next day to celebrate with their families New Year and Christmas (which is here at the 7th of January). These student girls were pretty young, too young for my taste and very innocent. But it seems that they are easy to have and very interested. But they was not that what I search, but the first friendly people whose I saw there. I told them I have to go to my apartment but maybe will see them later in the Disco. At 11 oíclock I went to the Disco a lot of people wait outside to come in. The security control was more massive than in the Airport. In the Disco many beautiful girls. In the streets before I saw mostly average girls not better or worse than in other European Cities but here in the Discos (City, Star Trek and Soho) you will find all the beauties of Moldavia. There were two kinds of women. The local upper class girls (mostly Russians) whose are very cold and arrogant and the more open student girls, but as far I could discover no pros. The upper class women are more pretty than the young student girls. I met one of the girls who I had seen before at the entrance. She was very young but not so pretty (maybe a 7) our talk was very innocent before and now, but later I saw her dancing on a small platform (where usually the GoGo dancer dance). She rub her body on here school friends and suck provoking at her finger. Later she ask me when I will leave the disco. I said I doesnít know it now. She told she will go at 3 oíclock and she would like to come with me in my apartment. I wasnít interested because, I saw some 9 and 9+ looking girls and I was more interested to take such a girl. There was one girl who makes me really horny. She was dancing with her girlfriends in front of me. I got the impression that she is interested in me and so I start talking to her. She spoke not very good English and was not so enthusiastic like I had hoped. That means not that she was uninterested itís just their attitude that they expect from you that you push them a bit. Thatís not my nature and so a local guy did it. I got the impression that she more like to stay with me but I donít like such games and so I ignore her and at the end she went out with that Moldovian guy. All in all I found the situation not so easy, not much eye contact, no smile from the girls. They not even seems to be interested to getting in contact with men. So I leave the Soho club and take a taxi to Star Trek. There was the same situation, but no students and more women who could be prostitutes. Thatís the problem in that Discos, itís not so easy to see who is a prostitute and who not. Also, itís not easy to say who is interested in you and who not. Often I thought this girl is solo there and she like it when I look at her and she wait only that I talk to her but if I do so, than came her boyfriend, or she canít speak English, or she was just not interested, or she donít want be seen in the Disco with a foreigner. Ok, back to Star Trek, this Disco is not so big like Soho and not so comfortable like City and also it has a bad name under the local people. Some said too much prostitutes there and too much Arabs. The Arabs and Turkeys are not very popular in Chisinau. I saw a lot of them, mostly Students in the Disco whose try to get in contact with the girls, but mostly without any results. At may first time in Disco Star Trek came a prostitute right to me and ask me to sit down with her on a table. That was very unusual for Moldavian conditions, what I realize later, because later it happens only once again. Usually the girls donít show or show it very discreet that they are interested to get in contact. They expect that you do the first step like in the most other countries of the world, the only difference is IMHO that here itís more difficult than in the most other countries.
So this woman was a 9 or better. She had a really pretty face with black hair, was tall, look like a Model, but for my taste too skinny. She speak excellent English and had Russian ancestors. We sat on a table, she order one drink after the next, we talk about everything and nothing, but not about sex. I knew that she is a prostitute, she maybe thought that I think that she is a normal girl. I played the naÔve stranger, I want that she tell me what she want. After some hours it was late and I was tired, I end that game and ask her how much she charge. She wants to have 100 Euro for the night and 75 Euro for 3 hours. Truly said I was not so much interested in her any more, I was more interested in her girlfriend who was really that was I search. Pretty face, black hair, tall, had a small waist but an ass where you could park a bicycle and put down a class of beer. Also, I read at that forum pay not more than 30 Euro and so I thought the price is too high. I told her that and that Iím not more interested. So I leave the Disco and went home. Later I found out, that 100 Euro is quit a normal price.
Once I sat next to a local guy and we had a talk. There was a pretty GoGo girl dancing and I told him that I found that girl really pretty. He said she is expensive. I wonder will she go with men for money? He said to me yes but donít be stupid and pay 300 or 400 Euro the night for her. I asked what is the normal price for such a girl and he said pay not more than 100 Euro. That would be a normal price, even for the locals. But, of course we talk here about a 9 or 10 jet set girls.
You can get there also cheaper girl, but that is another story. First of all where could I find such girls. One tip was buy a Makler Newspaper and call the girls there. So, I did. Bad luck it was written not only in Russian, but also in Cyrillic. I could only guess that I could find such girls under the heart symbol. There was some ads with mobile numbers and normal numbers. The normal numbers I could dial with the Tel in my apartment for free. But cellular phones was not possible. So I tried all that normal numbers, no success. No one speaks English, German or Spain. Also the girls put down the receiver, right after I ask them do you speak English. They had a very rude attitude. So it doesnít work out. Disco doesnít work out, the next days was much more difficult like before. Because the Students from the countryside was not more in town and the girls whose where in the discos where pretty cold or pretty difficult. I start to talk with some girl, I got also some Tel. No, but nothing really happens. I have to say that I donít find out what is the system there.
Iím in my early thirtieths, I would say that Iím better looking, than the most Moldavian guys and I have no bad habits. So look seems not the way to success (maybe if you are Brat Pitt), age? Not too much important (but of course the older you are the more difficult it will be), money? maybe but not really (I saw a older guy who try to impress the girls with his wealth, it doesnít works the girls were just bored), charm? maybe but itís difficult if they donít understand your language, but there are girls whose understand foreign languages but than must also be the chemistry be OK. Ah, a Russian guy told me you should be like a conqueror, you should not good to a girl and say ďhere I amĒ, You should say ďhere I am!!!!!!!!!!Ē Maybe thatís the way, or a combination of look, charm, wealth, youth, chemistry and very strong self-confidential. If you have all this, than you may have good chances in Chisinau, but than I guess you donít need to go to Chisinau, because than you can have girls all over the world.
It means not that I have no contact, but more to normal girls, no prostitutes. It works in that way we spoke a little bit in the Disco and change Tel. Numbers and made a date for the next day. Sometimes I thought this girl is definite a pro and so I ask here how much she want, thatís never works. The girls was insulted or act very shy and tried to change the conversation to more innocent topic. Very frustrating, because imagine you talk with them for several hours you get the Tel. No. for the next day, but you are only interested to fuck her at that night.
Before I went to Chisinau I had some contacts to girls by ICQ. The one gave me her Tel Number but unfortunately only a Mobil Number which I couldnít dial. The other one I met at my third day in Chisianu. She is a very pretty and serious girl. We spend the afternoon together but no chemistry. I found her very cold, we was together in the cinema and I was really happy after the movie was finish. I leave her and I felt lucky that I must not more be next to her. I decide not more to meet her.
A other girl I met in the disco had serious emotional problems. She told me that she has problems with men because her last boyfriend was a big disappointment. She needs more a psychiatrist than a boyfriend, I guess. I had made a date for the next day in a restaurant, but she was not there when I arrived. I wait 10 minutes, but she doesnít came. So I went away, but next day she has call me and said she came to the restaurant some minutes to late and the staff has told her that I just have left the restaurant. So we made a second date. The people there are often too late, or come never, donít expect a excuse that itís quite normal in their society. Also, she told me if you are a pretty and young woman and want have a good job, your Boss expect that you will have sex with him. So, therefore she get not a good job and so itís very difficult for her to earn enough money for her life expenses. But, she would never work as a prostitute. I ask her why she has call me if she donít want a boyfriend (and donít want work as a pro (of course that I donít ask her))? She canít answer that question and so I leave her.
I had made some more such experience. I had also met girls who are interested in me but unfortunately I was not interested in them, because they was most not pretty girls. I met also a serious girl who was already engage, she told. We spend some afternoons had interesting talks, cook together in the kitchen, but she wants only have some friendship to foreigner no love affair.
So, itís sounds now that I had no sex at all in Chisinau, but thatís not true, at least I found a way how to find some pros. At my third day in Chisinau I want go to Disco Soho, but at that day there were a private Party. I went to a taxi but two local couples want to join that taxi, too. We had the same way and so I had no problem to take them with me. The one guy speak English the other German. The girls donít speak a foreign language. The to guys was Russians and they invite me to join them. First I was not very enthusiastic because I want find a girl and not two couples. They told me that that girls are pros and they going out to have fun. They told me if Russians celebrate a party than that is so much fun that no one from my friends will believe me when I tell them the story. Sounds good and so I said yes. First we went to a disco called ďGentlemen ClubĒ. A small tiny Disco, with not much people inside. I was dancing with the two girls, the two Russians where somewhere downstairs at the entrance. They have pay for me the entrance fee, that was not what I want, but they said Iím their guest and they would be insulted if I would pay for myself.
The two girls dance really wild and they rob their bodies on me. After a while the one guy came also to the dance floor and he ask me whether I would also like men. I was shocked, is that what Russians understand when they say they want have fun? Also they offer me a joint, I doesnít smoke but they said forget your principles have fun. Iím not a prig, but thatís not the kind of fun I search. I told them fÖ. off and I went to Disco Star Trek. They was really insulted and they tried to chance my mind, they said they will later go to a sauna and have hard sex with that girls and they will also call a girl for me. But, I really donít want to have a orgy with such kind of people and so I leave them. But, that was a good tip, Saunas could be a good place to find a pro.
Next day I went to a taxi and they brought me to a Sauna. But, as usual the taxi driver donít understand a word of English. But he found a man at the Sauna who could speak German. He gave me his Tel No and told me I should call him later. I found out that you canít find pros in the saunas. You can come with your girlfriend or a pro to a sauna pay 100 Lei for 1 hour and than have sex there with the girl you have brought. The 100 Lei are just for rent a Sauna cabin, not including is the price for the girl. No pros available at the sauna, but that guy, Slava was his name could send me some pros, not only into the Sauna, also to my apartment. The system work in that way, they send you 3 or 4 girls you choose one or more girls pay 25 Euro per hour, per girl and thatís itís. If you donít like any of that girls, they will send you new girls, costs you nothing extra. The girls from Slava was not real Stunners, between 5 and 7 I would say. Mostly young girls, when I ask them how old they are they always say they are 18 years old, even when they looks younger or older. The girls are Ok, but they are amateurs, but passionated. All this procedure needs some time, when I call Slava I have to wait maybe 1 or 2 hours in my apartment for the girls. Another difficulty is the apartment houses have mostly no door bells. That means you donít know when they arrive your house. They call you when they leave their apartment and if you are lucky when they are at the entrance. Sometimes they donít find the right house or entrance. Itís a difficult system. Later I got some other contact persons, from ESSI and that Swiss guy and they had other, little better looking girls. They costs 30 Euro per hours but they have not a problem to stay 2 hours for the price of one hour. Once I had with that Swiss guy two girls and so we had the opportunity to change the girls. So two girls for the price of one.
The girls want for the whole night 190 Euro, but 30 Euro for 1 hour. Better take only one hour.
Those pros very mostly a little bit shy at the beginning, not real sex animals. But, it was GFE and they like to fuck. No anal was possible also blow jobs without condoms they donít like all. In Romania (Brasov) I had a much better sex. Street walkers never saw any itís I guess too cold at winter, but there is a place where they could be, but I was never there. Hotel Hookers, never saw one, but I donít search for them very hard. Once I had a awful experience. I was in the disco City and there was like everyday a show contest. To couples have to strip and the couple who has stripped more cloths has win. The one of these woman was a little bit older but in good shape I thought. Later she asked me at the bar how much I would pay for here. I was surprised because at the same time she was in a chat with a Arabian guy. Obviously she want find out who pay more. I told her 50 Euro for the night. She leave the Arab and start to dance with me. It was already late 4 oíclock and now I saw her close and thought she is not so good looking and so I told her I will only a short time and I would give her 25 Euros. She told me I should wait a half a hour than she could say yes or no. I agree, at that time she went back to the Arabs and the chat again. I search also for a other pro. Saw to pretty girls alone at the table. I went there and just ask how much they want for the night. Unfortunately they said they are no pros. They asked me for me name and want start a normal chat. I was pissed off because I had enough form that game. I was horny like hell and donít want a new tel. No. and a new date for the next day. I went down and wait for the old pro. I realize that she is drunken and she always talk without a end. Mostly real BS, someone had stolen her cigarettes and she donít like Arabs and that guy told her he is Italian but she knows he is Arab and she would never sleep with a Arab and so on. This goes all the time until me apartment. I really regret that I have choose her. But now she was in my apartment almost naked and I saw no way how to get her out of my apartment. So I fucked her as fast I can and send her home. At the end she told me way I only pay her 25 Euro she is a Hotel pro and she get 50 Euro and the Hotel get also 50 Euro. So she had today a customer who payís her 100 Euro just for twenty minutes. I said I had better looking girls for two hours and they charge only 25 Euro, too. She insists that she is somehow better because she is a Hotel pro. I o usher her out of my apartment with the 25 Euro.
So all in all the pros werenít impressive and the normal girls was mostly stuck up like hell, or much too serious. Maybe if you really search a lifetime partner and you have time and you donít mind if you make some weeks there holiday without getting sex, than you could find there a good wife. Maybe if the students from the countryside are in the town than the situation could be better. Once that serious girl I spend some afternoons told me that in Chisinau life the rich upper class people from Moldavia and they are mostly Russians and as richer they are the more stuck up the be. The Moldavian people from the countryside are much more naÔve and the rich Russian people from Chisinau like to play with them. The Russians there think they are superior, than came the Ukrainians and at the very least the simple Moldavian people. She told me once she was in Russia and the people ask her where she came from and she told from Moldavia and than the people said donít you feel ashamed to tell that you come from Moldavia.
Ok, enough for this time. I will write later more if someone is interested. Maybe I will make a summary and a result for those whose donít like to read such long text.


01-15-03, 21:56
VERY, VERY nice report. One of the most serious and wellwriten reports on the board. Your the man. Keep up the good woork!

01-16-03, 00:43
wow, that was some report!! thanks for it. i'm pretty sorry off course you had such a shitty experience. i think it's pretty accurate what you say. i'm still believing that moldova is the greatest place, better than romania, and i tell you why:

first, and this was clear from the beginning, you were choosing the wrong time, i told you that before. all the students are out with their families. same in iasi: never go there in extra-curriculum times. but even with the more naive provincial chicks you would not have fared better, believe me on that one. not even in summer. second, without speaking russian or romanian, you're pretty much fucked in moldova. or rather the opposite. but that's not the important point. the important point is the russian mentality. these are extreme people. they are not nice people. they are either extremely cold (as you have seen) or extremely hot (as you have also seen). they like to have absolutely wild parties. they like to drive fast & drunk. they like to fuck the shit out of each other like animals.

the behaviour of a typical german man is just not the behaviour they know or respect. to them it's being like a nice guy, an undecided hesitating wussy or a looser. that's why the girls all treated you like someone they want to check out for a marriage to get out of the country, or like a therapeutic assistant. but in no way for somebody they want to have a fast & short hot fling with. it's not to offend you, i know you are not a shy guy, but as a german you just never learned to behave like an animal. so let me explain it to you, and see if it goes along with your impressions:

these 8+ chicks are extremely hot, and they know it. they know they can fuck every guy they want in a minute. not like a german woman who secretely thinks she can. these ones know it! get the difference? they are dancing like wild and half-naked to make sure you know it too. they can have the nice guy over there, the rich guy over there, or the handsome guy in the other corner. with one encouraging smile. now, these guys are all nice, if you look for marriage and serious longterm. but for a fuck, they want fun! remember they are extreme people, the women too! they want wild action. they don't want to have a nice talk. they want their hormones make them drunk. they want to be played with. they want to be chased like the hot animal that they are. they want to be dominated.

this is why the russian guy told you to push. to be a conqueror. and damn, that's an understatement, if ever there where one. in russia, you have to absolutely freak out, to hit on the pussy like there's no tommorrow. like you could never do in germany without getting arrested for harassment! here it is expected good behaviour. i know you are not used to it. but you know that everywhere you have to adapt to local mores. you should have tried! you don't know how much fun that is, really!!!! it took me some month in a gus-country to learn that, but once i did, boy, is that funny!!! just going after the girl like you'd be jack nicholson smelling too much pussy! never laugh while at it! play it real! and then they will play with you, let you push your game (to the extreme, off course!!), and at the end of the party, don't ask them to come along, just drag them by the belt. if you haven't fucked her on the toilet allready (what, you have let her go alone on the toilet and didn't insist !?!?) ......it's really like that. you have to take her, like her boss, not even expect anything else (least of all her opinion!), not to make her feel she's in control. then you can look like an sleazy ass, be drunk and whatever. then you will not get any pussy. you will take what's yours. and she will love you for it!!

never ask a russian woman for anything (not even for dancing, just go to her, take her by the hand, and go dance...get the point?), never negotiate, never be nice in order to soften their heart (only if you want it longterm, you can try that. but even then, she will not respect you for it. she will come only for the financial or emotional security, but she will always think you are not a man. she will think you're a weak guy who let's himself fooled because she has a pussy).

i have never been in brasil. maybe there you can easily score wild experiences just by being yourself. dunno. in russia, and in moldova: not so.

if you ever go into russia again, think of that: be the most absurdly wild asshole you can. forget every decency. when you think you must stop because otherwise she will be offended, do it, but twice as hard. never care about anything she says. it's all bullshit. just treat her as if she would be your property, and all her behaviour and all her words are just funny noises of an irresponsible child. doesn't count. do with her whatever you want. but do a lot! any wild thing you can think of! then she will stop to feel superior, stop to check you out as for your marriage potential, stop to see you as a guy who can't get what he want and is afraid of that. and then see what happens.

i still guarantee you, you will the have the fun of your life. then it's all yours.

i know it sounds weird. but that's the way it is. why didn't any of your local contacts tell you that????????

01-16-03, 03:43
hallo Dieter,

Your report was detailed and to the point. I am sorry for you that it was not so good experience.
Indeed Burnie has right.....some setbacks for you were: Language barriere,time of arrival(WINTER!) and offcourse the well-known Russian attitude.
Besides that MD is a country with a totalitair Communistic regime:-( (will they ever learn to vote NOT on a Commie candidate!)That's why the system is so complicated and the people don't know any form of SERVICE:-(

As you know I lived in RO and know a bit from them. Romanians do difference from Russians on some things. RO are latin people. Russians indeed are BEASTS. They (thye RW)are NOT used that guys threat them with respect or as equals.
They are simply there for SEX,FUN,making babies and food and clean the house!!!!!!!

Maybe you think Burnie and I are a bit crazy and eggerate. But it's true. I was like that too in 99 wehn in Ukraine with my former GF.
The Ukrainians just act nothing less then ANIMALS...sub-humans from the worst kind. They BOOZE till they DROP!!!!:-( If a woman says something which they don't like,she just get her ass kicked or WORSE!!!! Most Russians also are VERY guys:-( They'll start a fight just over nothing:-(
Sure Russian women CAN be STUNNERS......but I found out that sex with them seldemly was HOT....far from it:-(

After a while I found out she(my ex-GF from ukarine) was FLIRTING with other guys,because she thought I was doll and boring. Well you know me better then that. I am FAR from doll and boring...LOL.
I was JUST being myself...ie NOT Russian!!!

As I recall Russians don't like to be butt fucked (just like most RO girls). Ok maybe some exceptions.
Honesty bids me to say that I had the BEST BLOW JOBS from RW.....Boy I'll tell you they SUCK a golfball through a gardenhoose:-) (never had better,not even in SA). But all in all SEX does NOT only consist of BJ's!!!

For these countries you NEED (absolutely need) to speak Romanian (or Ruskie if also going to MD)...
The ones that speak decent englsh/german are mostly students or jet set hookers (which cost mucho $$$$).
To get in contact with normal attituded girls you just NEED to speak the local Language..!!!!And offcourse "know" the local rules to date ie "play" a woman..:;-) RO woman LIKE it when you KISS their ASS first.....say nice things etc.etc. OOO so typicaly latina! RW are totaly different.

As I told you before I think the sex fun and the spontanity of Latina women in South-Amerca is NOT compared with the coldness (most) Russians show.
That's the reason WHY I stopped going to Eastern-Europe.
If they have JUST a little $$$ or ÄÄÄ they become SNOBS!:-(

I am SURE the sex fun will be greater and better in Brasil.
:-)(and cheaper)Did yu check out Jose's and Spidy's reports on Fortaleza and Manaus??

take care,


01-16-03, 04:52
Johan, you're absolutely right. Just some addendums:

RW also see the guys just as toys for sex, fun, money and giving them kids and a place to live in. Don't try to be more to her, she doesn't want it !!!! For her everything more makes her feel like a girl who wants to talk about the child in you and your relation to your mother makes YOU feel.

It is absolutely normal you had only boring sex with RW, if you behave like yourself and not as Russian!!! As she said, she was bored by you, man! She fucked with a man who bored her!! So what sex do you expect? Exactly what you got.

With RW you MUST, I repeat, MUST act like Jack Nicholson on steroids. Forget all decency. Nobody is watching, and the chicks want you to behave just like that! I know that's not our style. But you MUST try that once! It is so funny! You will laugh your ass off! And you will THEN fuck with some animals on steroids too! A whole other experience.

Where else in this world can you ever let out the tiger of yourself in the worst kind, doing really everything you want and just taking it (think about the pop in the butt here) without taking ANY bullshit? And even be totally rewarded for that!!! Only in moviepictures!! No guys, these places are the ultimate reservoir for the powerhunters. Some day, get your act together, forget all decency, and go live it up. I think it's damned worth it! I can't but impatiently look forword to my next trip to Chisinau later this year. Because today I am much more BAD than the last time....

BTW: It is true, in Romania you should be more romantic. But not instead of being 'bossy'. Just on top of it. You will get your share with being nice, but if you want the real stunners, that's not enough in RO either.

Dusty Bin
01-16-03, 16:04
sorry that you had such a bad time!
Thanks for posting, I have learned a lot from you.

BTW where is Disco Soho, I think it is new? Is it near the park on Stephan Cel Mare,? City and Star Trak I know already.

I think that going at Christmas was a problem. No students, cold so no place to socialise, bummer all round.

I would go in spring or summer when you can meet people. Most of the students speak some English.

You did good on the apartment though. I posted their number, but never used them.

The other guys have a point about attitude. Sometimes you have to be direct. The girls were not with you just to waste time!

Stephan Cel Mare in summer is lovely.

A couple of folk I Know are going in the winter, but they are going to meet up with women thay already know.
Winter, eugghh!

01-16-03, 16:55
Thanks for the fantastic analysis of Russian women, guys! Really did get me thinking about how I can improve my success ratio.

Although I pretty much figured a lot of this out by myself, it took too long to do it...

As far as sex goes, I agree that RW love domination and "being taken"... also agree that most aren't into anal... but will suck the chrome off of a bumper!

Still I am so fascinated by the "Jack Nicholson on steroids" idea that I HAVE to try it out and become an extreme version of my already ridiculously confident self!

Thanks again and happy hunting!

01-16-03, 21:26
Hi Burnie, Dusty and Johan,

Itís true it was not the best holiday I ever made but it was an experience in Chisinau and I donít regret that I was there. Iím not a enthusiastic guy, like many others of the fellow mongers here. Therefore my posts sounds mostly a bit negative, thatís because Iím a often very critical and not so easy to impress. I could even imagine to go there a second time. Sure Burnie you are right in curriculum times it can be a good place. All in all I had more positive than negative experience in Chisinau. For example I had met some very nice girls but unfortunately they was a bit too serious. But Iím still in contact with them by email. Once I saw two girls whose I would give a 10 in look, at the same night in Disco Star Trek. For example Jennifer Love Hewitt I would give a 9+, Shakira I would give a 9 and I saw there two girls whose look much better. Of course no chance to get them because they was there with their rich Russian businessmen, but I can be happy, just to see real beauty. Also, Chisinau was a very safe place, never had a bad feeling. I was walking in the middle of the night, through dark streets no problem. The only bad experience in that case was with two policemen. They want see my Passport, Visa and paper from the agency in which is written where I life in Chisinau. I had all this paper with me and so the policmen were disappointed. At the end they ask me, whether I spend them a coke. I was laughing because this police in front of me was changing from a person commanding respect to a beggar in one second. I gave them each 5 Lei and said have a nice drink.
Burnie, it seems that you have some experience with RW and maybe you are right. But you donít know me good enough, so I will tell you something about me. I had also some experience with Russian Women. A few years ago I had some contact over internet by lets says 40 Russian, Ukrainian, Azeri and Kazakhstan
women. Of course mostly only change two or three emails but some I write more often some still today. Two has visit me in Germany the one girl two times.
They lived with me together some weeks in my apartment and so I know a little bit about Russian woman, too. Also, from this I know that they are not all the same. The one was really shy and nearly a virgin, the other was more like you have described it. Iím a dominant guy in bed, believe me Iím not such a softy who thinks he must treat women with respect and tenderness. I like hard sex, especially because I usualy need a long time before I can cum, and I need a little bit harder stuff. Itís true the most Russian woman likes to be hard fucked and ass spanked, like the SA women and many European Women too. The most Asian women I met donít liked it, maybe because their society is not used for aggression. Believe me I have done that too with the girls I had in Chisinau, but in normal live I like it more to be a Gentleman than being a penetrating monkey. Also, I never saw that the Russian guys in the Disco act like that. The most stood at the table like a statue and look like a dying duck in a thunderstorm. They never looked to their girlfriends whose dance at the dance floor. The only pushing and penetrating guys I saw was Arab and Turkey guy, but they wasn't sucsesful, better to say they was as popular like a plague. But, of course I could imagine that that two couples I had met in the taxi had such kind of sex you described, but definitely not the most pros I had from Slava and Tanya. They was very inexperienced and shy like hell.
Dusty, Disco Soho is very close to the Grand Hall market place on the opposite of Adresa on the Boulevard Kantemir. Dusty you has written:

ďThe other guys have a point about attitude. Sometimes you have to be direct. The girls were not with you just to waste time!Ē

I made the experience that to be direct is totally wrong. I had told several girls direct what I want, fuck them for money. They was all pissed off and even the girls who was obviously semi-pros was insulted. The said we are not such kind of girls. If I would try it slowly maybe it would works but, as I had written it need some effort.
But one thing is true you have to be hard like steel. The taxi driver
sometimes tried to rip me off. Usually a taxi fare inside the city is just 20 Lei sometimes, specially at night they want more 25 or 30 Lei. I donít argue with them, I gave them 20 and leave the Taxi, they was usually angry like hell and once I thought he will ram me with his car, but never they want to fight. Also at the Airport as I have written I have not made the declaration about my foreign exchange and so I got some problems at the departure, they donít understand what I said, that no one asked me to make such a declaration, they always said where is the declaration. After I while I was bored with that and just pass the custom officer. I expect he will shout and make me some trouble, but nothing happens.
But, I have also some tips, a very good restaurant for food is Mon Cafť, ESSI told me that itís also a good place to met girls and once I also met there a girl (obviously a pro) but she was not very pretty. But, at the most time it was relatively empty. A good time is after 4 pm. But the meat Solyanka (kind of meat soup) is very good there, also the steaks there have a good taste.
I could imagine that in the curriculum times itís a good place to go.
Is Moldavia better than Romania, from my experience I would say no. Romania was cheaper IMHO and the people much more friendly also much more sightseeing spots. Also the pro I had in Brasov was very good, very good BJ (maybe the best I ever had), more people speak English or German. But, also Chisinau had
some advantage for example in Romanian Discos are many big unbreakable groups of people and a lot of young kids (12 Ė 16). Not so in Chisinau here you could met single women in Discos very easy.


01-17-03, 00:19

as i was mailed with dieter while he was there i was vry srry 4 him
coz i had there fun i never had in my life i find this place easy to get normal girls for no $$$$$$$$$$$ & i invite him to com with me nxt time i go there i was 3 times there the first time i was there was in august was vry diffcult coz no student & i had no contact there so i can write a gig report on that trip but now i can c guys u like very detail storyis so myb nxt week i will hve more time

i had a lot of expeirience in hunting in germany brazil thailand the philipines romania & more countries

but the cheaper & easy place is moldova even i will open there bussines just to do there somthing

the girls always ask u why u come here ???? if u answer u r a bussinesman they grab on u & want to b ur g.f.

so after my first visit i came with a friend who get many tel nmbrs of girls frm odigo {i will tell u in my nxt info how to make it}.they will think u r a fucker & they want a siries relation so play there game.we start to cll them & 70% of them will say ok ,.but u hve to give them story that u did not come jst for funn. u cnt fuck them at the first night & ofcorse not to ask them how much this is complitly wrong ,coz the moldvian hve a name of pros all over the world the sell moldvian girls in romania ,slovakia & other contries they dnt want u to think bad on her .

so i promise to snd u guys a storys & details how to b succes in kishinau .but 4 sure u cnt stop girl in the street ,coz she feel she is pros. so u hve invite 4 coffe & than to disco at night 7 if u got her 90% u will hve her in ur bad nxt day in my last visit i couldnt manage with all my girl................

ok i hve now a girl frm mldva on net passport chat i will report nxy week



Dusty Bin
01-17-03, 01:34

when I talked about being direct, I did not mean offer money etc. Noooo! never!

I spend quite a bit of time with Russian women, well from quite a few countries of the FSU. I have found that you need to tell them what you want.

For example: I meet a woman in a bar, club etc. I will talk, if there is a spark you know very quickly. I then ask to do the next thing, ie meet later, have a dance, whatever.

When the time comes, be direct physically, don't grope. It looks bad, hand on shoulder, hand on hand etc. She is comfortable? kiss her.

When you want to go home, invite her to join you. If no, don't be too sad. Arrange to meet another time.

Then go back to the club and get another one! With prostitutes, I don't treat them as such. I treat them as dates. When I ask them back, of course they say yes and tell you they need money. If they ask for silly money, I will offer what I want to pay and they can choose to come. I never negotiate, they are like trains, another will be along right away!

If you had a girl in your apartment, spending time with you, she would have been expecting you to make a move on her. She would have been surprised that you did not!

Have fun next time!

01-17-03, 15:47

you right exactly. But in Russia you don't have to ask for the next thing. You'll just do it. Take her hand and dance. After the disco, don't invite her home. Put her in your car and drive to your place without asking. As if she would be your property. Always.

Off course, some will run away. So what?

All these nice occasion of Dieter! When I am alone in an apartment with a girl, and she tells me about a disappointment with men and shit, I stand up, walk up to her, take her hands and pull her up and then embrace her. Then I tell her that it's all over now. She has met me, and it will never happen again......

This almost always lightens them up and laugh, and it made our contact level physical.

From there on she's a piece of cake.

01-17-03, 20:37

please don't let fool ourself. I'm not a amateur or a complete fool. I was already in countries where you can act like Burnie discribed it. In some places in Brazil you have only to snap with your finger and the girls stand in a line and wait for you. But Chisinau is definetly not such a place. Maybe you can do that with average or ugly girls, in Moldavia too. But not with that kind of girls whose I'm looking for. Maybe you can easy find a student girl from the countryside. I have seen photos from girls who some monger here on that board had fucked and I also met girls in Chisinau who was intereted in me and I guess it would be easy to get them. But that was average or less than average looking girls. For that you don't need to fly to Moldavia. Maybe I'm too fastidious and that's my problem, but average girls I can easy have in my hometown.
Dusty of course I don't went to all girls and ask for sex for money. I just tried it once in the disco with two girls from whom I thought that the are pro. The other times I made it one the normal way, make a date for the next day chat some BS and try to conquer the fortress. But, of course they had maybe made some bad experience and so they don't fall easy and I was just not interested to meet them several days before I could fuck them.
Ah Burnie I was not in my appartment with that girl who told me about her bad experience with a man, I was with her in a restaurant and believe me or not she was hard like a coffin nail.


01-18-03, 00:57
Cheer up Dieter!!!

That is it what I was saying to all of you all along....many Eastern women are "hard as a coffin nail"....and that's what has driven me towards Latinas in South-America.

We'll have a great time in Brasil..trust me;-)

I just can see all those jungle pussies lined up in manaus...:-)


01-20-03, 19:15
Hi guys,

a fresh newbie is entering the board :-))

Let me now telling you that I travel several times a year to Moldova and so IMHO I can give some good advices.

More coming the next days....

Have a nice time ya all!


01-22-03, 18:26
hi dieter

i m srry that i couldnt snd ny report this week

i had a vry bussy week in hong kong bussy in work i mean...........

so tommorow i m flying to the philipines aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

i wait for that jorney but i prefer kishinau its upper class.

anyway as i promise to my german friends to go with them to the

philipines .i was there 3 times & had fun there but the girls r not

beutifull at all but cheap pussies ...even 1 of them

celebrete his devorse frm his wife he he he ........

we will b in angeles most of the time i m sure we will hve a few

days off to boracay or somthing like that.

ok c u guys later


01-22-03, 21:50

you are right most of the girls in Angels are small and not very pretty. But, try the Voodoo Club, there you will find tall and pretty girls with a good body, if that gogo bar still exists.

Have fun!


01-29-03, 05:04
hi dieter

thnks 4 ur rply but i know voodoo& the owner of this bar he is a

close friend but i been there & i had a nice girl frm there tall &

skiny but to tell u the true nothing compare to kishinau .....

the beuty the behaving ..... here i told u coz i promise my friend

but the girls dnt tern me on at all .........

i hve fun & more than that i meet a girl wich i cherry her {i was

her first man }...... & she want to b with me again she have a big

tits which is not regular here in the philpines & a chinese look ..

i realy miss kishinau but its freezy there so better here at the

pool i m staying at the oasis hotel 4 me is the best hotel 4-5 star

& i took a juniur suite cost me about 45$ a night its cheap cmpair

to the western world i will post my full report soon about moldova

and about angeles too in the philipnes board.

hve fun in brazil


02-05-03, 13:53
Hi guys,

following some of my experiences in Moldova.

I have to mention, that I am in that country several times a year and as a result a lot of experinces with moldovan girls are not to avoid...

IMHO it is quite easy to get in contact with normal girls and to aquire pros. is nearly not neccessary. Meanwhile I have half a dozen of fixed girl-friends there spreading from Kishinev to the northern parts of that country. So the biggest problem for me is to coordinate all the different dates with them and avoiding hassels....

Also I can confirm that girls there seem to be much more interested if you claim for business interests in their country.

Also it is correct that they expect to be dominated by the man. They will value you as a weak one, if you donīt follow that way.

Those girls do all in bed what you want because they are used to follow the man and to please him.

Till soon,


02-06-03, 23:19
O.K. guyz, some more stuff...

where to find pros in Kishinev:

the lowest class are available along the trucker streets to Tiraspol, Vada lui voda and near the vaksal. Saw them only a few time while driving there with car. In Moscow such kind of *****s are called wodka-*****s or 100g-ones - means the amount of vodka as the using fee........bad game!

As mentioned before the newspaper makler can be helpul, but a basic knowledge of russian/romanian language is more than neccessary.

Forget Mc Donalds - only the moldovan upper class can allow themselves to waste money here. But a nice spot to sit in front of it during the warmer seasons and watch the students running up and down.

As far as I know all hotels more or less work with pros. Was contacted in hotel Turist and Codru via phone. Also contact the male staff - they are eager to make some bucks.

In the afternoons I noticed willing girls around the pushkin park and along the street 31. August near the Green Hill Nistru Restaurant.
If you know the moldavians you will also notice the akquiring-talks for future pros goning abroad in the Green Hills on bvld Stefan cel Mare.

Discos? Oh well - be sure, the girls inside are from the upper class or semi-pros - and mostly nothing else.........

A small disco, but with a lot of interested girls, is the @haos disco in the street diordita. But be careful there.......!

Once took me maximum five minutes to fix a girl there for my home:-)

Well - be sure to be lucky in most of the normal pubs. And take a step away from the bvld S. cel Mare...itīs worth it:-)

despite there are some new ones, the best one and the only with real western standard is the Monte Nelle in str. Columna.

Avoid others - especially the communistic styled ones: only a bad rip-off.

Besides: during the warmer seasons some pros are to be found at hotel Cosmos, īcos then turkish guys have a rest there with (mostly) underclass pros.

As far as I understood you all know only Kishinew. The second largest city, Balti, is only worth to be visited if you have personal contacts there. Even some of my russian buddys are not eager to have a longer trip there. Prices are reasonable lower there, but only one disco and modest restaurants. Balti is mostly populated with russians/ukrainians. Former intensive industrial city, but now crashed down. A lot of criminal activty. Anyway - if you decide to have a trip there, take a marchutka for 35-40lei and two hours riding on so called streets...........

Another exotic place you can find in the south of Moldova, called Gagausia. People from turkic origin living there, but christians. Believe me - it is the poorest region of all Europe. On the other side, once I had a girl claiming to be half gagaus and half bulgarian...incredible work she done with me, but tried eventually to steal some money from me:-))

Back to pros:
be sure - the real intersting places you will only find with the advice of local friends. Pros. is a widespread business in Moldova, but it takes some time for the serious locals to talk about. So there are some "banjas" to be rent by moldovans and used also for our activities with gilrs ordered from the staff. Had an invitation last time, but unfortunately a lack of time.

So far now.
More soon.


Dick Fotta
02-13-03, 17:50
Please,can someone write a list of the brothels in Chisinau(Kishinev-Kisinau)?

Only the street, the girls report and the prices.


02-15-03, 18:00
Hi Dick Fotta,

I am sorry to given you the fact, that any kind of brothels are prohibited in Kishinev.

But there is some shadow activity. Buy the local makler-newspaper and try your luck.

Have a look on my report just recently before.


03-12-03, 15:55

this is a new german speaking Forum about Moldova!!


Viel spass.


Dusty Bin
03-13-03, 01:10
Although brothels are supposed to be illegal, I have read estimates that there are actually some 300 around the city. I guess that most would be apartments, but there are some quite nice suburbs where I would expect to find some nice houses.

03-29-03, 16:32
hi guys

i m back in kishinev already a week
the wether is better around 10 cels. the girls r beutifull as usual
having fun but i want to tell u somethiing spacial
about a month & half ago i was sighn on "odigo" {a chat }
& spke with a nice girl ola.. she is 18.5 yr old tall 1.72 & skiny so we chat 4for 2 hr after i ask her if she hve a b.f. she said to me i never had .... my blood press went up ....... she is virgin????????
wow .... i was saying to myself u not good enough to get it she gave me her mobile phone and send me her pic & i send her .

when i came to kishinev she was down on the list coz many sure to fuck in front of her on the list. after 2 days i say to myself u know what .cll her so i did and we arange to meet at sun city{vry nice mall in kishinev } when she came i was shockk very beutifull but she came with her g.f. i was very angry but didnt say a word this is virgin behavier............. we had a good chat we spke about moldva they dnt like thier contry & so on ... i told her lets meet in evening i want to go to dance with u .. she say yes ok
i was very happy but i told her first com to my app & later we will go to disco she answer.....ok ........ i was thinking what a lucky nite......... when she came she cll me downstairs & i went to bring her hme but......... i was shockkkkkkkkkk again ........i did not know to cry or to smile ???? she came with her g.f. + her sister
to go out to disco ........... i was .......... nice & diplomatic ..
gave them to drink & chockolatt & so on .. after 2 hr around 11pm i toook ola to the side & tell her i want to go only with u .... & nxt if u want to c me com alone pls so she say ok i will do so .

the nxt day she came after unvrsty at 6 pm i was sure she dnt com with friend or sister and she came alone to my app but she told me i must go early back i say to her no prblm .
............... i m srry but a girl wait 4 my dickmust go will continue later ,,,,,,,,, bye

04-03-03, 11:06
hi again

now i can continue .................
so she went back home & i hve seen she is very exited & happy to b nxt to me ......she lve but dnt know how to show it ......
when she kissed me last evening i felt is it frm heart ....
but i m 40 yr old & she is only 18.5 only so after her kiss i say to my self essi u got it .... jst need patiant

the nxt day she came alone 7 i offer her drink wine or koniack
but she say no thnks i m taking madicin.......lol .....so how i can get her ?????? i try to kiss her & tuch ....& go up & down all ok

i told her lets rest on the sofa she say no ........ after 15 minit ask her again its 11pm lets go to disco she say not in a mood ... i told her ok lets rest a little ok she answer me

after 30 minit she wasnt virgin anymore

happy nite 4 me

i hve more stories 4 u will post later


04-03-03, 18:44
ESSI, you are a lucky asshole. Do you speak any Russian? Tell us more details.

04-04-03, 15:49
Hi folks,

I have been also in Moldova a bit more than one week ago.

ESSI: maybe we saw each other and didnīt recognized :-))
Had the same experince in switching-off the virginity. She was a petite ballerina-dancer. She didnīt want to stop after :-)))

By the way, ESSI: try to avoid the newly-opened PLUSSHOW on the end of bld S. cel Mare! Only a bad rip-off!! A girl-friend of mine worked there for some weeks as a dancer. The prices there are crazy: one bottle french champagne for $500 !! Had a beer for Lei150, watched that stupid show and left that strange place :-))

Will be again in Moldova probably end of May...

More info next week!


04-06-03, 22:34

to my partners here

it is true but i dnt spk russuin only a few words i never paid nothing there only sometimes tip ........... its important to give them some money like 10-20 $$$$$ only

one day i had a real model tall 1.80 blond the nxt day she pffer me can i bring my girl friend with me? i told her ofcorse ..... but why ????? she told me i want to make sex together ....me & u ....
me & her ......lol wow i said come tommorow mrning ...it was sunday 12pm i went to store buy some wine & koniac { vry cheap about 3-5 $ for a good wine ............ & quality .

at 12.15 the knock on the door & i was surprise 2 beutifull girls like u open the vouge ..... nice body tall .nice figure ......

kissed them when they came what a lucky guy ....i couldnt believe

but it went very nice we chat a little & thw ask me to photo them
i bring with me my digital cam & the make nice photo with & with out cloth after 1 hr i told them ok lets do it ...... they say to me we wait long time to mke love me & her can we play first i said ok but i want to watch u....... with pleasure they answer

it was spacial tow beutifull girls in ur bad make love ..... my ..was very hard i dtsrt to tuch them & they day come in play with us
so i ask for possition wich i can do it frm the back like doggy style & she will lik her pussy ......mmmmmmm... we play for 3 hr & make love with both of them with many possitions the was on my dick bj one lick my balls & down ...ye down to my holl put her tank
deeply while the other girl give me a bj ..wow a real orgasma
i was up to the moon ......

after 4-5 hr she said to me i hve to go to my boy friend he doesnt know that i like girls tooo... wow i fuck a girl that she hve a boy friend its dangerous ....but she told me its my secret is well pls dnt tell anybody the both work for a model company & they r only 22-23 yr old ......they aske me pls we need ur bad again ...one of them study in universsity medicin & the other is a office manager

not pros...

but i had to leave the nxtg mrning to my country ......

later in the afternoon came another girl thet i kjnow her already 3 month she is a teacher of english 24 yr old and still nothing happen with her we had dinner in my app was close to do it but she had her days...... but she promise me nxt time u will hve it....
again she hve a boy friend ...lol...

the moldavian girls lve sex & they r very hot in bad u need to b vry gentle & diplomat with them they always ask u do u hve a girl friend here ????? u nust say u r the one & only one

i will post more soon i had in this 10 days another 4 new girls & will rell u about it later

i will b in may again


04-09-03, 22:50
Hello Guys !

Anyone knows these people ??? Are they OK ?


I want to rent a flat in Chisinau soon and that is all what I found on the net.


04-10-03, 00:18
Hey essi,

When you go to Moldova? Every week? I love your stories keep posting them.


04-22-03, 16:19
hi ivan

i go there every month or 2 month coz i hve a bussines there
jst start 2 month ago

anway the moldova best place & cheap but u hve to play with them r u brown or white coz the love dark skin.....

u hve to show up rich & clever ..........

the girls u can find modells easy
i will b there in may second week


now i chat with girl on odigo u can get nmbers of tell easy
when u come u cll ........& sky is limit

04-24-03, 00:05
Hey EssI,

I will be in Moldova next week what do you reccomend for cheap accomedations and stuff to do and whre.



04-25-03, 15:30
I am going to Romania soon, for a long time hopefully, as I hope to live there indefinitely. Since I also want to visit Chisinau for about three months, I'm thinking it would be easier for me to visit Chisinau first, before I sign a long term lease on an apartment in Romania.

Here's the thing: I'm planning to leave next month. That would put me in Chisinau for June, July and August. It's my understanding that those are the months when all the students are gone and so there's a scarcity of women.

First of all, is this assumption correct?

To complicate matters, I'm not really looking for pros, although it would be nice to have some while I'm looking for a more serious relationship. I'm in my late forties, so I'm not really looking for students either, because they're too young for a serious relationship. But their professors might be just what I'm looking for.

So, is it best for me to rearrange my schedule so that I am in Chisinau September through November, instead of June through August?

Thanks for your opinions.


04-26-03, 20:34
Hello guys !

I m in Moldova since 1 week, so I have many things to tell you about this country ...

Arlo, do you REALLY plan to stay in Chisinau for 3 MONTHS ?????
Do you know this town ? I am here since 1 week, and can tell you this has been very, very long! I don't know if I am able to stay 1 month like planned first. Here, nothing to do except hunting women, but you can't hunt / fuck all the day long!
Ask you this question: are you able to stay in your toilets 3 months? If yes, welcome in Chisinau ! ;-)

For your question about number of women in hollidays, actually this is easter in Moldova and students have 2 weeks free and go home if their parents live outside Chisinau. For example Ania is student too but she live here, so you can find Chisinau girls who are boring.

First I have to tell you that I avoid discos and bars, because simply don t like it in my country, so in Chisinau. Here every men look like mafia killers! Would you have an explication with one of this guy because the girl who you dance with is his fiancee ? :-)

I'm hunting in the parcs, this is the best way to find a woman: Just look and choose. Avoid solo girl in the street, she will run like if you were evil (very surprising at first)! If they are 2, you can speak with them (do you speak English? etc ...) but this is not a good deal, they rarely go both in your bed so you have to find a way to be alone with only 1.

The best way (I done it 2 days ago) look at solo girl in parc and ask "can I sit here ?". Now you have to "force" her to speak in English! Don't ask me why, but first nobody speaks English here, but if you are perseverant after maybe 20 min (yes!) you can chat in basic English.

You have to know that Russians schools teach English and Moldovian ones teach French. But in universities everybody can learn English so girls between 18 and 25 oftenly speak this language ...

I met a blond Russian woman called Ania. A music student (guitar). Very basic English, but a real beauty with eyes, eyes, eyes! We eat at McDo but she let me quickly, her mother was waiting for her (she is 18)! She gave me her phone number before leaving (don't hesitate to ask for it, this is not a big matter here).

Yesterday she couldn't meet me, but today we meet near the statue of Stefan Cel Mare and she came at home.

Maybe after 1 hour chatting (yeah I know, but I need to do it slowly) I managed to kiss her. I was really believing she'd like to be my girlfriend. But when I said "I want to make love whith you" she smiled, took a paper and wrote "15 $"

I was not prepared for this but after a little momment I laughed and said "OK, go for 10" and she agreed !

She has been a real submissive woman and did everything I wanted (BBBJ) but this was obvious she were not experienced like other pros I met ! Maybe her first time in pay-sex, didn't want to ask. I treated her nice and after she accepted to have lunch (pizza) with me.

A quite good experience, and very, very cheap. I'm a little surprised to give her only this money, but it seems to be a lot for her. She comes tomorrow, maybe I'll ask her how much for the month !

This week I had another experience with a real good pro ! Very expensive, but I needed a girl quickly and only found 1 escort agency on Google. Normal price is 300$ for 12h, but I said I "needed" her for 2h and didn't want to spend more than 100$. Helen accepted immediately (so maybe you can ask for 50) and sent me Karina to my appartment. Karina said she's psychology student, bisexual and member of the local gay and lesbian group (waow even in Chisinau?)!
We showered together (I like it) and she asked me: "do you know << miniett >>". Then she boiled water for tea and took cold orange juice and gave me an heavenly hot and cold blowjob! You should try once in a life, this is the best!
She has been a real sex goddess, and when I'll see her, I'll ask if I can give her private mobile phone.
Helen agency is : 0294 16 988

Monday I will meet a waitress from Andy's pizza : I asked her phone number because she was very beautiful and the only one who smiled and she gave it naturally ! Don't know if she's pro, wait and see.


04-27-03, 16:51
Thanks for your report Sicarius, I'm also a foreigner living in this country called Moldova and I can realte about the scene, it's basically russia. I am out of the country but will return May 10. Maybe we can meet and trade info :) I have a lady number I can give you, not an agency.

if intrested e-mail: sws_16@yahoo.com

Happy hunting!

04-28-03, 16:15
hi my friends
jst to tell u that dnt go to mldva june july aug the town empty of pussies now they hve holiday & pussies come back nxt monday thats why i come nxt week .........lol...

jst remind u my friends

to the guy who is now there i will b in kishinau nxt week will u b there?

wait ur reply here

i will give u my mail add or give me urs on this board

good luck to u ............i miss kishinau.....

beutifull girls aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

bye essi

04-28-03, 16:59
Hello Hessi !

I'm in Moldova untill May 16th, maybe more, depends on the business.

My mail is : facefinder@voila.fr

I'll give you my mobile phone number if you want to meet me.
It seems that you know Moldova better than me, so I have some questions ! A waitress gave me her phone number 2 days ago, asking to call today.

I called her at 2 PM and she said she was busy. I asked when I can call you ? She answered please don't call me !

I don't understand at all ! In my country when you have a phone number the woman is ready at less to have a drink.

But have an other date tonight, so life isn't too bad ! ;-)

See you soon.


04-29-03, 16:50
Thanks for the report, Sicarius!

Come on, and there is a lot of things you can do:

Learn Russian
Learn Russian Cuisine (excellent fish choice available!!)
Learn to play an instrument
There's a parachuting school in Chisinau
Take a trip to Tiraspol
Go to a trip through the wine cellars

and so on and so on........

The funny thing is, you can combine each of these things with hunting pussy perfectly. Let some nice chick show you how she cooks the salmon naked.....

Don't waste your time just by sitting in cafes..........

Dusty Bin
04-29-03, 18:29
I don't know if this will help you guys...
This is a slightly updated version of a website, not finished yet.
My personal guide to Moldova, particularly Chisinau.

If you have any information to add, Iwould be happy to include it.

I will be back again in early September. Last time Iwas there was in July. Lovely weather but many of the girls were gone.


04-30-03, 17:35
hi sicarius

thats ok i will wmail u with my nmber my moldvian .

u can still call her back coz myb her b.f was nxt to her ...........

any way never give up try ....she wo'nt kill u .....myb her b.f. will do......lol.......

i was with girls that they r borring with thier b.f.

but remeber u need a good mouth spk with them play with them tell her how beutifull she is .....nmber 111111111111

never c an elegant girl like u give her tippppppp present .

show them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the love it

i had my virgin girl i cherry her .{open her } & will buy her a mobile phone gave her 1000 lie {65 $} nothing is free

play & play the love it

i think that i saw u last time i was in march at mon caffe
possible .u look french.....

any way now the town is empty coz of 1 may & the eastern .

to bernie

it look that u know moldva .......... i was in trasopol was nice

u can get girls in the market easy.

but pls to all

dnt pay much pls dnt kill this market coz i will not write here anymore pls b nice with the girl coz they r nice to us .

forget about 100$ for a night............

no 50$ 1 hour .....anymore

all free in moldva they r hot $ ready for us just behave nice $ gentle ..........u need only to know how to get them

this is not a story i can show it to every body there ......

i hve a models ..4 free...........

now i hve a new virgin model 17 .5 y.o.
play with her will try to get her

will send u news frm there


04-30-03, 20:08
ESSI, do you speak Romanian/Moldavian to the girls or is English ok to get by?

What are the best places to pick up girls? (And pls don't tell me the classical 'everywhere'.)

Is September a good month to visit Chisinau? Are the chicks already back in town by then?

Thanks a lot

05-01-03, 16:56

Hey guys !? Why everyone speak from Tiraspol like paradise? Why should the girls be more beautiful here than in Chisinau? Did one day God said "Here the girls will be more beautiful" ? ;-)

Burnie, I don't like salmon and I cook very well! - lol -
I'm thinking about russian lessons because it would be a great help here ! And maybe dance lessons, I live just near Godreanka (it seems to be a very famous dance school).
And please, tell me why Tiraspol!?

Essi, I try to keep low profile everywhere I go and if you recognized me (didn't understand you're English very well) I would really be pissed off !!! - lol -
(If you speak like you wright, we'll have serious problems to communicate ;-)

I don't see interest to show dollars. Here the simple fact to be foreigner means that you are minimum 20 times richer than the average Moldovian, and for me it's a bit boring to be with a very beautiful girl who "works" with you. I had many prostitutes, but know I'm looking for more than sex. Maybe what you call "GFE".

I found a girl, very warm, interessant to speak with.
Now she have her "woman's days" as she says, but happy to give me blowjob each time I need !
Just to see, I went to the bank with her and ask 3000 lei (she have to work 5 months for this). I put in my wallet and we slept together. When I waked up she was not here (because of her job) but my lei were still in my wallet.
And I didn't bought her a mobile phone or anything else. Yesterday, I had to insist to eat out, she had been very impressed cose one day before I cooked for her (and it was not very tasty)! She said that I was the first man she saw cooking!

If you look Moldovians men behaviour, you understand why girls look for western men: We are gentlemen, they are porcs!
My girl say me maybe 10 times a day that I'm very tender, and I behave naturally. Maybe she's thinking long term with me, why not ?! She's more interesting than many French girls I met and she's the best at blowjobs!

This evening I meet KGBIST. I don't know what we're going to do, but if intresting will post a report !


05-02-03, 08:57
hi giaditor

i wrote that the best place is to chat first on odigo & get the nmbers & hve coffe with them the rest is up to u how u look & spk to them...........its not difficoult at all.......

the girls come in sep back to unvrsty but the hve some money so the dnt need us......... but after 1 month the money gone & the moldvian girls spend very qwick ..........so she need some $$$$.

there is also possible if u know a guy or girl the can arange 4 u & frm this contact u continue.........

but remember dnt pay more than 10-15 $ 4 tip

i m now in kishinev & will hve fun


05-05-03, 08:58

Honestly said I dislike your reports or comments more and more.

Sure, money rules the world and this includes Moldova. I was and I am often enough in Moldova to know this very good. I am doing business there for more than 2 years.

I can shake only my head reading about using odigo to get in contact with girls. I f you are symphatic and normal-looking this game is absolutely not necessary. You write that the girls in September (coming back to University) have enough money, so the wonīt need "us" : totally bullshit! The students have to pay their annual university fee in advance in september and have to struggle hard to have the $600,-.
It seems, you donīt know this.

Further: I can only laugh to read about the "problem" not to find girls over christmas or summer season. There are enough girls there, but it also depends on the male attitude to find girls in this time and not only because of dollars.

I never paid to my girls any dollars. They would feel like pros. Those who accept dollars are at least semi-pros and you will never have the same big sexual event as with girls liking you, because of your character.

Once I was with my girl-friend in an restaurant. Next to our desk a foreigner with a girl was talking in a very loud way and tried to fix my girl with his eyes. She felt uncomfortable with it and I had a look to this man. He continued to behave in a loud way, tried to dance on grussinian music in a more than stupid way. Then I recognized, that he was speaking partly in german language to his girl. I am also german and my girl-friend understood the kind of language that guy used. I felt myself more than blamed and ashamed about the behaviour of that kind of guy, who showed himself like a king in that poor country.

It is not a part of science to have a nice life in Moldova as a foreigner. It seems to me, that Sicarius understands the character of moldovan girls much better than you, Essi. It is not problematic to buy poor students for dollars, but hopefully they will have dollars also in future, and then they will laugh about your way of girls-hunting and kick you in your ass.

Thatīs my opinion.


05-05-03, 17:14

Si on a nul charme, il faut payer.....that's not even sth bad. So many things that can attract a woman, why just rely on one....

Tiraspol isn't necessarily better than Chisinau. I found it harder for girls, because there you won't find many English speakers, and even Romanian is not spoken there.

But an adventure it is. When I was there - 3 years ago - they shut down all lights in the city at 10 pm. There's no entertainment to speak of. But the people handle the calamity just fantastic, and they were incredibly inviting and funny.

And the markets were incredible. I have never seen markets with so many fresh produce anywhere. Everything was homemade. There were lots of chinese offering strange salads on the fly.

Real Russian cuisine is the only cuisine that can hold the candle to the French one.

I enjoyed my stay in Tiraspol a lot. But I was invited there, I don't know if I had the nerve to go there on my own without speaking Russian.

05-05-03, 22:28
Originally posted by Larsca1304

Honestly said I dislike your reports or comments more and more.

Sure, money rules the world and this includes Moldova. I was and I am often enough in Moldova to know this very good. I am doing business there for more than 2 years.

I can shake only my head reading about using odigo to get in contact with girls. I f you are symphatic and normal-looking this game is absolutely not necessary. You write that the girls in September (coming back to University) have enough money, so the wonīt need "us" : totally bullshit! The students have to pay their annual university fee in advance in september and have to struggle hard to have the $600,-.
It seems, you donīt know this.

Further: I can only laugh to read about the "problem" not to find girls over christmas or summer season. There are enough girls there, but it also depends on the male attitude to find girls in this time and not only because of dollars.

I never paid to my girls any dollars. They would feel like pros. Those who accept dollars are at least semi-pros and you will never have the same big sexual event as with girls liking you, because of your character.

Once I was with my girl-friend in an restaurant. Next to our desk a foreigner with a girl was talking in a very loud way and tried to fix my girl with his eyes. She felt uncomfortable with it and I had a look to this man. He continued to behave in a loud way, tried to dance on grussinian music in a more than stupid way. Then I recognized, that he was speaking partly in german language to his girl. I am also german and my girl-friend understood the kind of language that guy used. I felt myself more than blamed and ashamed about the behaviour of that kind of guy, who showed himself like a king in that poor country.

It is not a part of science to have a nice life in Moldova as a foreigner. It seems to me, that Sicarius understands the character of moldovan girls much better than you, Essi. It is not problematic to buy poor students for dollars, but hopefully they will have dollars also in future, and then they will laugh about your way of girls-hunting and kick you in your ass.

Thatīs my opinion.


What is the purpose of posting an entire quote from another message?

Emprio Swan
05-06-03, 16:39
Dear Firends,

I have been reading the posts so far, yes there are some useful informations but I realized that nobody shares his information about the pros !! Wouldnt it be just great if we do this ??

I had some nice ladies so far and I am ready to share contact numbers..she is blonde 1 75cm , and great body and ass !!!
I am an ass fetish and I like small tight asses, so she was so great. So if you are interested please send me private message and I reply. I hope this would be the begining of swapping numbers.


05-06-03, 17:04
hi larsca

i realy surprise that u did not get me right ..

it is true that in july august the students not in town make the chance very low .the locals u can get them easly & not to pay them i had many girls that i did not pay them .but tke time..

BUT BUT if u want an easy hunting same night sex immidietly u hve to help them show them that u r ready 4 that .... if not they will ask u the next day for help not all but some will do.


but believe me i hve a lot off expierience here. it a lot of easy thaN other places .

normal girls u can get but they think immidietly that u want sex so the play with u.to marry u & they want u as an option to get out of this contry. which they all wish.

i m here with ivan & sicarius they found it not easy at all but i hve here many girls which i sopport them in a way ........i m happy to do it .......if i hve why not to help?????????????TRUE?????????.

i m not young .I M over 40 & the girls 17-23 goin out with me discos bars & coffe .. the rely on it for them 200 leys make them go to bad if they like u if not they dnt do it ..

thats what i mean in my report

the local kishinev girls u can get but its hard to get same night sex do u agree???????? it took me 2-3 days sometimes more

i was last night meet with a girl frm odigo very beutiful 19 yr
ivan was with me she came & we start do hve a nice conversation we had a bottle of wine ...she was so nice & cute
at 11 pm we went together to my app with ivan had some koniac & we diside to go disco we went 3 of us she dance like crazy so sexy .......ishe start to tell me her problms i dnt know why i m telling u she said to me but u look so good & kind person & i dnt want nothing frm u u dnt hve to help i m jst dronk so i told u ...
i asked her how can i b kind to u ..........she told me my drean to hve ......driving class ..........i told her u got it but this is not bcoz i want to make love with her i jst love to help this what i mean show them $$$$$$$$$$$$$.be kind % nice dnt b grabber dnt b cheap charly ...........b generous..........

so dnt get me wrong my dear.........

so at 2.30 am ivan was tired he lft the disco & i tryed to help him but he was not in a mood 4 that
we left at 3am immidiet to my app & we had a great sex wow........... this was a real love she jst like me frm we start to chat on odigo jst 4 1 month & i can say i could get her 4 nothing but will not b the same nite ...........the girls feel pros if they do it on the first nite

i will post u my friends a report about the sex party i will hve on thursday whem my german friend comming .we wil hve 3-4 models ..real beuty girls..........



05-06-03, 20:08

There are more things than money to attract a girl. But money is one of the things that attract them!! A lot. Let'a all not get fooled about that. And there is no need for us men to apologize if we take full advantage of everything we have to get what we want.

If you were Brad Pitt, there would always be people that critisize that you are using your beauty and have only superficial relations. If you were Casanova or Jack Nicholson, they would say that you are manipulating women, just for empty sex. Of course, if you use money, you will be critisized for that, too.

But who cares?

The pussy is in your bed, you have your fun. Keep it that way, whatever method you use.

05-06-03, 20:33
hi guys

i jst post my reports 4 some who like to read my report & can b usefull 4 them

if somebody dnt like it i m sorry for them......... just dnt read it.... there r others' report to read .................

i jst had a girl in my bad jst left now [the virgin one ] and she ask for some cosmetic ......so its up to me to say ye or no ............

but they know ur possibilty u r western .....u r rich .........so tell her no & myb she come back or no up to her & this is a normal girl not pro........

i jst want to say here that the money can help here .i m sure that ivan & sicario will post soon & u will read the same story..........its known here every thing is 4 sell here even the priminister .........all go with money here if u pay u get if not u wont get it .

again srry 4 the people who have to c my report .pls ..........go to the nxt one

u must play if u hve 20 girls in 12 days u cnt manage ............
i had unpleasant time yesterday when i had my camera with me& make some fotos with a girl her & i start to show her the pic ........by mistake i push 1 more pic & it was a naked girl that i fuck 1 hr b4 & she ask me show me show me ..who is she ??????? she took her bag & say goodbye to me & she is the most beutifull girl i had here ....lol it was a very big mistke a bad game...........play..........this what i mean to play with them .this is a real story.

u must show them that there r no more girls in ur life coz they r jelus......


urs essi

05-06-03, 23:18
Yeah ESSI, you're a damn fool!

A year ago it happened to me, too. I had a girl at my place, we were making out on the couch, and with her feet she shiftet the carpet away......and there it was, an empty package of a condom that had fallen down 2 days before. I tried to tell her, that I had a friend in my apartmant blablabla, but to no avail, it was good-bye.

You can ask every woman: they all have stories like taht to tell.

It seems, that we guys are pretty dumb when it comes to cleaning up our adventures.....

05-06-03, 23:25
Hello everybody!
I am sorry for my mistake of yesterday! I just wanted to say that this forum is truly exceptional !
Even if members often disagree I think that the level of reflexion is great on the psychologie of slavian girls. I have been living 18 months in Belarus and the girls there of often incredibly beautiful. I wish i had discover this forum earlier. I would have had much more success in Minsk!

I apologise for my english ( I am french...)

See you soon my friends!

05-07-03, 01:57
ESSI, it's really hard to read your "English".

05-07-03, 09:13
hi superstomca

i know that is not a pefect english i m not born in this contries but i m trying my best & will try more to write correct i can speak better than write.


to sicario

how was ur last nite ???????? its look that u injoey urself very much........lol u sound on the phone like the happiest man in the world i m happy &proud of u............. my man .....

bye essi

05-07-03, 17:59
ye burnie

from now i download the pic immidiet after the girl left to my laptop & eraase all pic on the memory but somtimes when we talk with so many girls it happen that u dnt remember what did u said to her before..........so she found u lie her ......

anyway we r injoey very much & have fun tmmorow my friend frm germany come ............

hope not to fool damm again


05-07-03, 18:22
Hey Traveller22, Tell me about Belarus - Cost for an apartment, food etc. Also what do the women look like? Tall? Short? Blonde? Thin? Fat? Big tits? small tits? I will be going there and want something to look forward too!

05-07-03, 19:45
ESSI, no big deal man. From you guys posts, Moldova is cheap place for pussy hunting. Do you know any college offer Russian class for half or a year?

05-07-03, 20:16
Hello BigthDikth!

In short I could tell you that they are by far the most beautiful and sexiest girls i have ever seen in my life. Many look like top models. Very tall, thin with long legs. But to my point of you they are not that easy to get. You must be open, speak at least some russian and above all not expecting having sex the same night. One night stands are just with the *****s you can meet at the yubilenia hotel in downtown Minsk. I tried once. It will cost you around 30 $ for one night ( But it was in the winter!). The girls were 7-8 not more. I have heard that you can meet first class hookers on the mains discos ( especially the Shaiba) but it will be much more expensive. Overall the best deal is trying to seduce girls in the bars or even directly in the street if you are not shy ( with lost tourist questions type: very, very effective...). Of course you must have your own flat to close the deal ( count 250$ for one month in the center). I would advise you to stay at least 2-3 weeks if you want to score with the best looking girls. May-june are by far the best months to meet girls in Minsk. So don't loose your time my friend : Go know!

05-08-03, 13:54
Hey everyone,

I can only say this for now essi know very well what he says and beleive me he has the girls and they are cute. HE got skills, he knows how to talk to themand the quickly show them the money. So take some notes for the man in Moldova. Well but the girl who say the pictures I didn't like very much but the one withthe driving class you better beleive it she looks awesome (young and cute.)

Ok I will post later on about some interesting pro experience that me and sacarius had yesterday.


05-08-03, 20:33
hi my friends

let me share with u some great moments here in the moldova PARADISE.......

as i told u my germen friend cameAT LUNCH TIME...and took him to the app in the centre & immidiely he want to go hunting ...........lol

i told him ok ....but he did not know about my surprise for him........... we went there & he saw such a beutfull girls on the street ...... the main road here is stefan cell mare is like 5th avenu or bond street in london in moldvian style .u can c here like a juornal girls ,blond. tall, skiny & what ever u wish ..not all but some do .u cant hunting on the street but u can look....... & injoey ..i got 2-3 girls on the street but normaly is diffcoult .

after 1.5 hr i told my german friend lets go rest .we hve a long night .......let rest a little.

at 5.30 pm we had a knock on the door & i told him to open the door pls ....... so he did & he was .......... 3 beutifull girls by the door
students .......18-19-20-yr old, we let them inn & i put the music some drinkes & the end u can guess.........
a real orgy party all of us in a bed ......after 3 hr we send them back to study.........lol. TIPP THEM OFCOURSE.......

later tonight i arange 4 ivan & sicario 2 girls & we go out to disco i will b with my virgin g.f. [not anymore virgin......] she is the one to arange all this girls ...& we will go to hve fun hpe that all of us will hve them in bad.. but is not easy at all coz this is the rulles here, girl dnt come to ur app on the first night ,but if u r pushing & u realy very good looking u can do it ...& the girl drink much......lol

in 1 hr will meet them will post tommorow ... about it..

if anybody need a help he can ask




05-09-03, 04:30
'A ESSI, lotz of gud info but ur riting es hart 2 reed...

05-09-03, 09:04
To Traveller22, I note you commentrs here on Minsk. I have a query on Minsk, put up on the Belarus board. Appreciate any assistance.

05-10-03, 16:26
Can anyone recommend a Viagra provider that would deliver to Moldova? Or can you buy Viagra in Moldova?

05-17-03, 12:34
Hey Essi, Sacarius and Kgbist!!

What happened? Are you guys in Moldavian jail or something.
Are are you too busy to write a report ;-)

05-18-03, 15:48
hi rogger

i m srry we r ok i jstleft moldva last thursday i hv'nt heard frm sicarios & kgbist b4 i left i did try t call them but mybe they r bussy as usual.........i will hve more time to post my report during this week we had a lovely time there with them & my german friend .anyway i try to fix my english jst for u my travelers ..

all the best

ur always essi

05-20-03, 11:30
Ahhh, Spring in Moldova,

I met a girl Natasha (how convient) in the park close to the university w/big lake. Anyway, 21, blond very busty, natural, slim body. After some talking she does not know English, but I know Romanian, so I asked if she would like to get a drink. It took a while, but I asked if she would like to goto to a hotel. She hesitated for a while, but after a while, she olbliged, and WOW! I am glad to did talk to her, when her top came off, I almost fell to the floor. She gave a great BBJ and after a few minutes of hard riding on time, I could'nt last.

I will hope to see her on a regular basis.

Happy hunting

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

05-22-03, 15:39
Hi guys !

Still in Moldova, but the past weeks were so full that had no time to post !!!

First you have to know that ESSI is maybe not the best english writer of all times, but believe me, he's the king of Moldova (say thank you :-) !
He has so many girls, that he must give them a number ! While he was there I met maybe 3 or 4 of his 5 Natali ... he told me that he has 27 girls and I was suspicious first, but after seeing him every day with a different girl I think it's possible ...

Someone asked me what's the better way to find girls in Moldova. My answer : follow ESSI !
But believe me, if you don't care about true relationship, this is really easy to meet women in Moldova.

Odigo is a good way, but check first the city where they're living (it happened to me : me:"let's meet" - her:"OK, but I'm in Transnistria!") and ask for photos !!! No photo, no meeting !

If you prefer "real" : go to "Robin Pub" this is a bar for foreigners, and the girls are waiting to meet ... prefer the evening, more girls.

And sometimes you have nothing to do ! Yesterday I was sitting in a park, waiting for my next date with Olea (thank you ESSI) and a girl gave me a publicity paper in russian. I spoke english to say no, and another girl who were sitting near me started to look at me. I decided not to speak to her, my date was in 10 min ... but after 2 min she started "do you smoke ..." etc ... so I missed my date with Olea, we spoke for 2 hrs and I meet her tomorrow ! Maybe she said 20 times the word "money" while speaking. This country is tiring ! :-)
But don't forget that the girls are nice with you because you have money and a NZ passport ...

Oh and I forgott to talk about Tania's agency ... I tried 2 times. First the girl wasn't beautiful and spoke no english but did everything I wanted : she licked my ass, just have to say "pajalouista" (please in russian) 1 or 2 times and she did ! She was "gagaouse" a Turkish community from south of Moldova. She drank all my vodka, and was drunk to take the taxi :-) can't remember her name ...

The sec time was with IVAN, he asked Tania 2 "krassiva" girls (beautiful). She sent 3 and we chose 2 who were good looking. It was a good experience for IVAN, but not for me. She didn't want to suck without, and I was so mad about her that I quicly fuck her and send her to the kitchen. But when IVAN pays, he wants for his money ! Tania said 4 hours, and he stayed with his girl for 3h30 in my living-room. Hopefully Tania called to send the girls to other clients, I was boring in my room waiting for IVAN !!! I don't know what they did, but I think he had for his 500 lei !!! And he called Tania to say her that he hadn't have his 4 hours, can you believe this ??? She hanged on him, I was laughing :-)

I have to go know, I will post other experiences later. Bye.

Hey SWARM ! don't buy VIAGRA here !!! Lot of copies so it could be dangerous !!! IVAN told me that even the mineral water is fake ...

05-24-03, 23:54
Thanks for the good report, Sicarius, I see you're having a good time!

What's the address of Robin Pub? Do you know any other places to meet real pussies? -I don't usually have the time (nor the patience) to chat with cyber-pussies via odigo.

I'm thinking of doing a trip to Chisinau on the other side of the summer, maybe September or October, but it'd be a quick one, just 4 o 5 nights, to check out the scene over there for the first time.

The semipros that ESSI mentioned look interesting and I'd give them a try, but according to ESSI it may take up to 1 or 2 days to score with them: you have to arrange a date, talk about bullshit, show them you're a good guy, etc. This sounds a bit time-consuming for a short trip, and I'm not the type who likes to waste time during my sex trips, so I'd like to get more info about fully certified pros, who won't make me waste my valuable and limited time.

You already mentioned Tania's agency, what's the phone number and the rates for short-time/all-night service? Are there more agencies/clubs/apartments offering pros? Any specific paper or website (in English) where I can look?

Thanks in advance.

05-25-03, 17:52

thank u so much for ur compliments .i hope u still have fun there.
as u know i m back to my place, but i miss kishinau very much .The beauty of the girls kill me .

how is ivan doing ? any success.....?

i want to tell u another story what happen to me on my last day,i date with olea .............. my olea not urs ......lol [ my olea & his olea r good friends] btw did u had ....... with her ?????????.

so i meet with her in sun city at the coffe house & she want to say nice good bye to mebefore my depart , after we went outside i kised her for goodbye , i took a texi back to my app. it was myb 3-4 hours befor my flight .[coz i had had another girl waiting for my final visit in moldova... another natali ...lol ] while i was in the texi a call from nataly ... [the driving school] who is the girl who was with u in sun city??? i saw u there .... & hang up . wow. i was shocked ,nataly is so sexy & hot i dont want to loose her .i said to her nothing happen she is just working for me as a agent to search for me appartments .pls dont call me ..... again . i tried to call her from the airport but she said no need i saw u kisses. but i will try her again next time . or will call her soon

it was very good with nataly ,,,,,,

mybe ivan knows about it ,coz he has her mobile phone .

to gladiator

pls write t me on this board before u go to moldova i will give u some good numbers for very beauty girls. if u want for 50 $ i can arange for u a real model for short time [2-3 hors].a girl told me that she is working for the goverment........ i asked her what u mean?????????
she told me when a minister form other cuntries come to moldva they hire her services...........lol

injoey sicarius


05-26-03, 12:53
Hi Guys!

Very quick: I have to go in TRANSNISTRIA in 2 days, and everybody (even the French ambassy) tell me: DON'T GO THERE, can be dangerous. True?

Anyone who ever went there? I want real infos, no bullshit!

The girl is very beautiful (I met her yesterday and she invited me) so if I just have to give a tipp at the border it's not a problem ... but I don't want to risk my life for her beautiful eyes!

Thank you very much for any useful infos!

I will post a report if I go there.

05-26-03, 15:22
I had a similair problem like ESSI, Chisinau can be a small town and women tend to frequent the same places i.e-Sun City, SoHo, City Club, etc. Be attentive where you take some girl because you might just see the girl you were with yesterday at the same place...for anyone staying a while, bring a mobile phone and you can pay $20 and get connected with Voxtel or Moldcell, it is a great way to keep all the numbers you might get and the women here love mobile phones?!

Hey ESSI, is there a place you girls like to frequent (outside of your apartment of course) i.e.-SoHo, Suncity, etc?

05-26-03, 21:36
That's great, ESSI, I'll let you know on this board before I go so that you can pass me the phone numbers of a few cuties.

Thanks for your help!

05-26-03, 23:44
Unfortunately (esi and swarm , and others) I cannot add a new report from experience, I knew 2 Moldovan girls in Turkey, and there I had a beautiful Romanian girl whom I helped to get back to , home.

Its fine to say the MOLDAVIAN GIRLS LOVE MOBILES..HOW SURPRISING!!!..and do you think that when you are paying them, that they care (at all ) whether you were there before with another girl? Of course not, they don't have any feeling or cares for you (why should they)? It is only a business, a way of making ends meet, of surviving. If you really cared for them and looked after them, then, they might. If you were right "go with you"..but have no illusions, you are their bread and butter..you are in a false and artificial relationship. Unless you really show you care and love them, and then they have a choice. Just don't kid yourself that you have to worry if you were with another girl there the night before and the "new girl, realises that. Its only busniess, and its business becoz its necessity. Nothing else mate, so stop pretending or decieving yourself. At the end of the day sorry to say, you (and we , and all who partake) are exploiting a situation, like it or not, and in the case, currently of Moldova, exploitng the poorest country in Europe, with more than 10% of its young population (ie 1.000.000 peolpe living outside the borders to find a living and employment.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Dusty Bin
05-27-03, 09:06
Originally posted by Sicarius
Hi Guys!

Very quick: I have to go in TRANSNISTRIA in 2 days, and everybody (even the French ambassy) tell me: DON'T GO THERE, can be dangerous. True?

Anyone who ever went there? I want real infos, no bullshit!

I have been there, but usually, you will be given permission to visit for only THREE hours! It looks as though you are planning something a little longer.

If you are going to go for longer, then there are two ways to proceed; firstly, go on a bus along with other Moldavians and hope that your bus is not stopped and thoroughly checked. If it is, you will be identified and given a 3 hour permit. It will not be pleasant to overstay. On my visit, we had to give our mobile phone number and we got a phone call after about 2.5 hours, reminding us to return!

The other method might be to go in a car and ask at the border for permission to remain longer. This will cost you money and is not guaranteed.

Don't forget, as a foreigner in Tiraspol, you will stand out like a sore thumb. (Transdnistrians go to Moldova where the people are rich ;) ) You will not be able to keep a low profile and in any event, the local 'security' will be keeping tabs on you.

If I were you, I would bring the woman from over there, to you, it will be easier and after all, how much poverty to you want to share?

05-27-03, 18:28
Sicarius, Dusty Bin

I've been in Tiraspol three years ago, exactly the same setup, to visit a girl at her home. Went with the bus as Dusty wrote, which leaves from the central bus station behind the central market. At the border there was a militiaman giving our bus a check, but without passport control. I had no problem whatsoever!!

I stayed three days, I wandered the city alone a night, in complete darkness, because they shut down the city lights at 10 pm, again, without any kind of problem.

I mixed with the local population on an outdoor party (it was easter period), I have not been agressed in any way. And I don't speak much Russian at all. Of course, I did not provoke havoc by showing off either.

From my point of view, this place is just as safe as Chisinau, and probably a lot safer than the wrong end of London.

I really liked the whole adventure, and I will return this year.

I heard these stories about places being dangerous when I first went to Riga in 92, Chisinau 95 and Tiraspol, too. I never had any hassles in any of these places.

05-27-03, 20:05
hi sicarius

i went in march to tiraspol i was there for 2 days but i went for business with a local driver from tiraspol but it wasnt so easy at all.... i was with my partner & ofcorse with a girl . we stoped a few times by the police & by the border took us an half an hour
even the local driver which he pass there a few times a week hve problems there .

i personaly will not go there common u dnt find enough girls in chishinau ?????

if u want to go alone mybe u will b stopted by the police for a few hours ,u never no. it is safe there if u keep law profile but still its not kishinau... its 50 years behind.

stay in chishinau & try again in the pubes & the bars go to green hilles magic coffe house its neer the city disco i saw there many beautiful girls looking for turistes try u luck there .if the girl want realy, she will come to u pls dnt take a risk .its can be un pleasant

this is my personal advise to u .



05-29-03, 21:59
Hi !

GLADIATOR infos for you downstairs !

Back from Transnistria (Bendery) and it was so easy that I was schocked ! French ambassy told me bullshit !!!

I took maxitaxi with Natasha (not yours ESSI :-) and we stop at the border. The guy asked for my passport, said to take an immigration paper, but the driver of maxitaxi just gave him 2 bottles of mineral water and drive away without caring about my paper !!! He said give 5 lei (0.30 cents !!!) when you will be back and it's ok ... cops are cheap here !

So we visited Bendery the afternoon (what a silence, they are all dead ???) and the evening I was invited (they didn't let me choice) to eat with Natasha and her mother. They gave me local wine, and after the 5th glass I was drunk ... after we went to walk with Nat and started to kiss in the dark. We were waiting for the lift, I was touching her butt, and maybe we could fucked here if the neighbour didn't open the door and looked at us suspiciously (he was right) ... So we just came back to the appartment and couldn't do anything cause of the mother watching at us !
But she come in Kishinev in 3 days ... without the mother !!! :-)

To get out this "country" she was looking for me a maxitaxi, and a man proposed to drive me with his car and 3 other girls. He said 20 lei, but Nat explained that I was "illegally" there, so he said that for 20 lei more he knew a way to avoid problems with customs ... it was true : they stopped the car, just check the back (don't know the word for this :-) but didn't ask for passports (and believe me, I kept my mouth shut !).

So maybe I'm lucky, because Transnistria wasn't the hell everybody described me ... and Essi you asked why I go so far : Nat is speaking French !!!

GLADIATOR : I don't remember the name of the Robin Pub's street but I'll look for you (it's close to the main church).

If you want pros, maybe you can call my ex-local-girlfriend : she is a pros and has habit to look girls for foreigners. If you want I can ask her, and give you her phone number. I'm not a pimp, we are good friends now and I know she needs money so tell me if you are interested.

06-01-03, 14:29
Hey All,

I have not been to the board for a long time and it took me time to read all the new posts. First of all what do ESSI mean by me having Natashas phone number?

My brother? What are you trying to say? I have her phone number becasue I wanted to hook up with Irina and we have been seeing alot of each other! LAst day I didn't even know where you or natasha where the last day you where here! Your are the King of MOldova but what is this about me having her phone number?

Anyway I should be mad at you because you said you would hook up and orgy for me and SACARIUS the last day and what happend... no orgy and no models!

Anyway I am back from ODESSA which is a lovely city with a different kind of naturally beutiful girls... Blond !! Ukrainain girls are the best beleive me and moldovian are second.

Tiraspol is a big problem a 4 hr jorney back to moldova took 8 hours becasue of customs which I had to bribe so be careful and it is much better to take train then bus. Less problems!

About the pros with SACARIUS we where owed 5 fucken hours and they left at 4 and 20 min!!! but the girl was good and the second time I had like 3 orgasms and nothing come it was like nothing I have ever had unfuckenbeleivable. Great experience but I was mad because I was about to smack the one the SACARIUS send to the kitchen and then they were taken away !!! made me mad.

Trying to fix things with IRina so gots to go but happy hunting!


06-01-03, 16:55
Sicarius, thanks for your help.

Yes, it'd be great if you could pass me that phone number, if you don't want to post it publicly let me know and I'll give you my e-mail. But remember that most probably I'll go in September or October, so if your ex-girlfriend is the type who changes phone number every month there's no point in giving it to me.

I'll also ask ESSI for some contact numbers before I go, so I'm sure I'll be busy from the moment I arrive and no time will be wasted.

One more question, regarding the local bars and pubs to pick up semi-pros, are they busy on weekdays too or is it just on the weekends? What's the best time to hit these bars?

Thank you

06-02-03, 18:01


dnt warry jst tell u u can if u want contact her coz she is free now . she is great in bad sexy & bbj she do all but no anal .
i m not jellus , thats what i mean u hve her tell nmber ,

i m the king & i will keep my promise to u about THE ORGY
i will b back 23 june will u b there ?? sicaruse ???

i m srry last time i was with my german friend & he wanted a privet ORGY but u know if i promise i keep my word & i will .

pleas can u info us about ODESSA r the girls easy to get ??
how u get them pls send some info about it ...

hpe to c u there

i realy miss kishinev very much cnt wait for my pussies even i hve here as much i want. but the moldavian are the best ... mybe i will try ODESSA its 3 hour fronm kishinev?

sicarius pls send more stories about ur time there i injoey to read them ... u r the prince of moldova

B T W did u got olea ? in bad ?

anway injoey



i will send u all details i know & nmbers .

but how old r u? & how do u look? & from where ?


06-02-03, 18:10
hi swarm

r u in kisinev ? pls send us some more info about your huntinig there .

pls if anyone are in kishinev & read my mssege pls send info .where to pick up girls and so on . any info will help our guys ,
or any nice stories .

wish u all , good luck


06-03-03, 15:26
Actually i am in Balti...I come to Chisinau almost everyweekend and longer...ESSI drop me an e-mail:


Sicarius..I would like to meet your friend, tell her no pressure, we can go get something to eat and if there is a connection good, if not, she gets a free dinner.

If anyone comes to Balti: the girls are the same here as in Chisinau, but this is predomiantely Russian speaking and finding English speaking girls is possible but more difficult, I don't venture out ai night in Balti, it is a little scary at times, i will post something longer Thursday or Friday.

06-03-03, 20:36
ESSI, I prefer not to post private info in public, I'll reply your questions via e-mail when/if I finally decide to visit Kishinev, most probably after the summer.

In the meantime, I'll continue checking this board for new updates.

Thanks for your help.

06-07-03, 08:57
The school semester is about to come to an end, I will have to see what is left here in the summer. For now, I have had pretty good luck at SoHo, for me, I am in my 30s but look much younger, so I think this helps. I don't even bother speaking anything but English to a girl in the clubs, but you do have to be careful. I have not had much luck with 1 night stands, you do have to wine them and dine them a little...talking to girls on the streets is pretty tough, the run away from you most of the time...ESSI when you return to Chisinau we will have to meet up....in general I never talk dollars or euros to the girls, I speak in only LEI...another good bar/disco to try is STar Trek, it is in the Riscani area...I have been to the strip club "Tornado" the girls are pretty goodlooking 7-9s 1 girl told me for 300 lei we can go into a private room, I really did'nt feel comfortable at this place in general...there is also another strip club above SoHO called Caligula, i have not been there yet...if so I will report.

06-09-03, 22:55


as i said long time ago its almost not possible in the street to start with girls, but i had 2 girls' & one was very beauyfull..... model... .in general even in disco will take u time ....2-3 days to get the girls' in bad.when u get the phone number its mean that u r on the waywith her .its the same all over the world .but here in moldva if u r american or english or europian its easy to get them. but u hve to push to get the pussy faster .dnt play elegant coz u can wait months.i have girl that i know her 6 months .no sex yet .coz she said i m not ready.... but i hve time.at the meantime i fuck others.
i pushed her very much but wasn't succes yet ,hpe next time will get her pussy as she promise to me on the phgone last week .

SWARM with pleasure we will meet on my next trip to kishinev. i will b there in 2 weeks time pls give me ur email add. & i will send u my phone number ok.....

SOHO is very nice disco but be carefull there coz i hve seen there some mafia guys.. i always go there with girls' never pick up there .star trak its more easy .but in the summer there ARE NO strudents so hard to get pussy but its possible ......
there are pros. always .i was there 1 night & the star trak was closed i was with kgbist & my girl i think its navy bar i saw there very pretty girls .its on the ground floor .try there

r u still in kishinev swarm???

SICARIUS was succes in the park . so this is another possibility
i never try it .

i am not sure if we can go hunting together coz i hve still girls' on my waiting list to go out with them [from ODIGO ofcourse].

injoey there & mybe i will come to balti with u ,coz i hve 2 pussies to c there .

love to u all



06-11-03, 17:43
Hi everyone,

I have travelled Romania very much but have never had the courage to try visiting Moldova. I WANT TO GO SO MUCH because the women in Romania I like most are from the Moldovian region (Onesti, Bacau).

I have been using Odigo to chat with some girls from Moldova and I have alot of them lined up wanting to meet.

Can you fly into Chisniau or do you have to fly to another country then drive in? What is the visa process for an American?

I must tell you Odigo is great and some of the women I meet on there are total stunners. Is there any "high" class hotels in Moldova? I am used to staying in the Mariott in Bucharest when I goto Romania and that is very nice. Is there anything like this in Moldova?

I'm not looking for pro's I hope that some of these contacts from Odigo work out and I can start having the kind of fun like ESSI tells us about on this board.

Also, a little about Romanian girls, there seems to be 2 types that I have noticed: One type it can take months to finally get them to trust you to have sex with, and the other type maybe only 1 or 2 days. I noticed the ones from the poorer families are surprisingly the ones who take the longest to put out (at least from my experience). Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

I'll be going for the first time in August, hopefully it will be fun. I have 5 ladies lined up just from Odigo so far, you guys should all try it!

06-11-03, 18:59
hi masta

i was in romania ones & it was enough for me .i did not like the girls coz if u want to hve a good sex u have to pay & a lot of money ..
i was in brashov i try to catch some girls on the street but nothing. i was just for 5 days & run away .i had some nice pros from small town near brashov( i forget the name) ...its cost me 140 $ for 2 girls for 24 hr the girls was nice & sexy but too expensive for me .( idnt like to pay ...if i can get cheaper in kishinau)

to FLY to kishinev u can from viena .budapest,amsterdam .istanbul ,bucarest ,tel aviv,rome (not sure)direct flights.
visa u can do on ur arrival cost 60-70 $ bring with u the exect money & dnt give them 100$ note coz they will tell u srry no change ..... & they still ur change .( it happen to me ..)

HOTEL the best is jolly alon cost 120$for normal room but this is too much .another nice hotel just opened DADMAN. ALSO SAME PRICE the other hotels are lower class old & komonist style ...old fashion.
i dnt spend for hotel coz u can get a very nice appartment in the centre for 20-40 $ with 2-3 bedrooms .so dnt spend money on it better use ur money for ur pussies from odigo..( the girls seeking for it beleive me ).

YE ODIGO is the best option to meet with girls , but ask them for picture first .if she is preety go for it .i always ask .& send them my picture .

if u need more info. pls send them here .

hve fun


06-14-03, 12:01
ESSI: sws_16@yahoo.com

Swarm, got to go!

06-14-03, 14:40
To masta,

The hotel Jolly Alon is definitly NOT the best one in Kishinew. Try better the hotel MONTE NELLE in str. columna - smaller but with much higher quality.

Also the name of the new opened one is NOT DADMAN - to be correct, the name is DEDEMAN. Turkish ownership. Quite good.

But donīt expect any Marriot-Style quality in Moldova.

My greetings to the King of Moldova - famous in the skills of buying the services of poor girls, lol!

They laugh and shit on you īcos you wasnīt able to convince them with your personality, but with your money.


06-14-03, 14:40
To Masta,

The hotel Jolly Alon is definitly NOT the best one in Kishinew. Try better the hotel MONTE NELLE in str. columna - smaller but with much higher quality.

Also the name of the new opened one is NOT DADMAN - to be correct, the name is DEDEMAN. Turkish ownership. Quite good.

But don't expect any Marriot-Style quality in Moldova.

[Deleted by Admin]


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06-14-03, 17:22
Hi guys,

I told you about Robin bar, a place to meet girls who are looking for foreigners.

Here is the adress : str A. Diordita (say Diorditssa) It's a little street behind the main church.

Prefer go there in evening at 9 and bring them to disco after.

06-17-03, 14:18
hi sicarius

r u still there next week if ye pls call me on monday i we will meet . i hve some spacial information to u .

i hve been in tuch with a very nice girl & she is beutyfull girl & with many friends .they will finish there exams this week & will b free to go every where with us.

pls b in tuch

where is kgbist??????
i wait for his report from odessa.



06-18-03, 08:30
Hi Essi,

I will be in Chisinau June 27 for 1 week.

Please email me at hchan28@hotmail.com as to how I can contact you (phone #, etc)

On what date do the Uni students leave town?

06-21-03, 07:52
Hey Masta,

I saw your posts on the Romania forum and I've been meaning to reply there.

Anyway, about Moldova. I had the same curiousity as you while I was staying in ro-ro land. If you're going from Bucuresti, you don't have to take the plane necessarily. The overnight train isn't too bad (and the Gara de Nord isn't too bad these days since they started charging for entry :). but, just have to warn you, don't expect that most places in Eastern Europe are similar. In fact, Moldova is quite different from Romaina when it comes to looking for girls. The process is a little different (and more difficult) than Romania.

The level of hotels isn't the same. I strongly recommend to rent an apartment while there. The hotel rates in Chisinau aren't worth it!
Also, just want to add my two cents, that while I was staying in the hotel ahh, shit! I can't remember the name of it, it's the big one nearest the train station, yes there are even girls hanging out in the lobby. I don't know if this was just the weekend or what but I had my chance. didn't stop by to talk. just wanted to get back to Romania. :) :)

Also, if you are coming from USA, just get the visa from the Moldovan embassy in NYC by mail. It's fairly easy to do over postal mail let me tell you Moldova is one f'ed up place! I just saw the result of the recent election a few weeks ago: communists winning over 50% of the vote. and still using that damn red hammer and sickle logo. Sigh, I'm never going back to that place. Next stop: Ucrain! :)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

06-23-03, 12:52
Hi Essi !

I left Kishinev Monday 16th : my visa was expired.

Can you ask to your Olea what happened with my Olea ? I gave her 200 lei and she disappeared! I tryed to call her but she never answered. I can't think that she ran with 200 lei, this is nothing! So if you have news about her.

By the way, I found other girls, but I was focused on Natasha, my Transnistrian shooter instructress.

About Ivan, I just know he was leaving Sunday 22th. He was with a very beautiful blond girl last time I met him, but don't know what happened between them. He's so picky that he is able to say that this girl wasn't beautiful enough for him !!! ;-)

I will be back there in 2 or 3 months, I will tell you the exact dates.

06-28-03, 16:19
hi sicarius

it was good to hear from you. i m here in kishinev this week ,but was very bussy at work ,so not much time for hunting . i did meet new girls but no time to manage for sex .i m not in tuch with my olea coz we had a problem .but i spoke to other friend of olea the blond girl [u remember that she was sitting next to my german friend in the disco city] i go out with her now but she told me that she think every thing is ok & she is not upsent with u .try to text her .


i had a very nice girl 27 year old that i knew her from odigo 8 months ago & suddenly she email me 2 weeks ago ....i want to c u ..... so i told her i will try......... & realy coz i was so bussy did not meet with her all week . on friday i went outside kishinev to see an investment project and its was a nice day , the guywho took me to c the project have a big boat on nistru river [ its a very nice river in moldva]. so i called her at 9am & ask her will u join me to this trip. she answer yes ........with pleasure , i was very happy .so she came after 1 hour & we where in the car . befor we left kishinev my friends stop at the market to buy some drinks wine ,koniac, vodka & some meat & fish for the boat .they left us alone in the car .we where kissing.. .i was very horney & she was is well .after few minutes i open the zipper of my pents & she took my ...... & start to give me a bbbj ...wow.... in the middle of town ......even one girl was watching us from far & she was smile to me .my gril didnt see her coz she was down to give me bbbj...wow in 5 minutes i comm while she was swallow my sperm .2 minutes later the guys came back from the market & we start to drive [i was a lucky man] .when we arrived there the boat was ready for us & the drinks was on the table & we had a lovley time. talking busines & hve fun with her .she was telling me if we where alone she would love to make sex on the boat... with me
after few hours we went back to kishinev .on the way back we seat at the back of the car & she was on me ofcourse i put my hands in her wet pussy & put my fingers deep in her pussy & ass is well ,just to c how she like anal.....lol........

after 40 minutes we arrive to my appartments we had few hours of hot sex she was very hot & very sexy. i had anal & all. this was my great day this trip. at 10 pm i told her i must go to party ...another birthday party to a girl friend ..lol & another girl for the night....lol .she just left now . [thats why i hve time now to seat & write to you my friends .in 1 hour a girl will come to my appartments . god knows what will b happend .

god bless moldovian girls


07-02-03, 10:00
About Robin Pub in str. Diorditsa:

Was an interesting spot to meet 2 years before. Had a touch of insider quality. Unfortunately Vlad, a very talented barkeeper, left that Pub around half a year ago.
In the beginning you could see there a bunch of interesting girls there. Meanwhile too known to ex-pats and the girls to see there seem to me as more or less professional ones.

Not really worth to have a look there actually.

Spent some days recently in the north of Moldova not far away from the border to Ucraina in the Soroca and Edinet rayon. The girls there are an optical pleasure. Mixed ones of Moldovan, Ucrainian, Hungarian and Polish roots.

By the way: if you have time and not afraid of damaged streets then try a trip to the cities of Birlat and Adjut in the southern part of the moldovan region in Romania. A lot of fantastic girls to be seen there.


07-09-03, 11:02
hello guys,

planning my first trip to moldova for second half of July. Is it a bad time ? Is everyone away on vacation ? (I am planning to go to Kishinve). Any advice or better suggestion ?

07-13-03, 14:07
hi tits lover

i think its not the great time to go.but u can try .....

go to the park its on stephan cel mare & to discos "soho" or "startek" or "city" .every texi driver will take u there for 20 lei its about 1.5 dollar.try to smile to the girls & meet them the nxt day or if u lucky u will hve them the same night. if she is pro .try at the day time at green hills nistro on s.c. mare.or magic green hills its on 31 aougust i think........

its hard to start with girls on the street but try.

be friendly & show them that u want sereuis relation.

in general the students not in town so its make it hard.


07-13-03, 16:12
Originally posted by Essi
hi tits lover

i think its not the great time to go.but u can try .....

go to the park its on stephan cel mare & to discos "soho" or "startek" or "city" .every texi driver will take u there for 20 lei its about 1.5 dollar.try to smile to the girls & meet them the nxt day or if u lucky u will hve them the same night. if she is pro .try at the day time at green hills nistro on s.c. mare.or magic green hills its on 31 aougust i think........

its hard to start with girls on the street but try.

be friendly & show them that u want sereuis relation.

in general the students not in town so its make it hard.

Thank you Essi. I did guess it's not the best time but I can't to otherwise :( I did manage to get some good contacts via Odigo (pics and numbers) and it was very easy.
One girl offered me to find a place on s.c.mare for $40/night (lux apartment). Let's see ....
I hope the city will not be empty ;)
I should have also some contact visiting me from RO (found on AFF) and willng to meet me in Kishinev.

I will follow you advices. Anyway from here is visiting there ?


07-18-03, 19:03
Hey Essi and the rest, why don't you start posting the posts about Chisinau in the Chisinau section? I think it'd be much better.

08-10-03, 11:39
Hi Gladiator & the rest,

I have to drive from Italy with a car to Kishinev.

Anyone can tip me for good hunting on the way there? I've to cross Hungary, Slovenia, Romania (Oradia, Kluz Napoka, Suchava, then Yash before enter to Moldva.)

Any great tips my partners?

Yours always


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08-11-03, 17:12

I would be happy if you could let us know also about visa policy, how safe it is to go by car, to Chishinev, I'm planing to do so too (starting from Italy)
look forward - thanks

08-14-03, 15:05
Hi Oetziboy,

Yes it is very safe to go there, the only problem that you need to carry with you the registration wich your hotel will do it for you or the owner of the appartment that you rent will do it for you. I never had and I've been there many times.

About visa, I know only if you come by plane you can do it at the airport. The price is 60 $ aprox. Maybe by the border from Romania is the same.

BTW, can you tell me the best way from Milano to Kishinev?

As I know is Milano - Udine - Vien - Budapest - Oradia - Kluz Napoka - Suchava - Iash in Romania and border in Ungene to Kishinev in Moldova. Do you know better way?

I really dont know how the way, but thrue the map thats what I found.

Sorry about my delay. I'm on holiday not much look at the internet.

Wen do you plan to go?

Yurs always


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08-15-03, 07:16
Hi Oetziboy,

I guess you also speak German?

Used the direction to Moldova touching Budapest, Arad, Sibiu, Adjut and crossed the border at Albitza/Leuseni.

You can choose Iasi for entering the border, but at this place sometimes it takes a very long time to have success.

Calculation for crossing the border includes 1-3 hours. You will have the entertainment of a desinfection of your car (for costs), you will have to pay a fee for using the perfect moldovan streets and so on :-)))

Be prepared to have the first police checking some few kilometres after the border. They only want some money - donīt be stupid and pay any coin to them!!
Visa is available here also - identical fee with $60,-

Do not expect any good street in Romania. You will have to drive through 1000 villages. An other kind of adventure:-)))


09-21-03, 06:52
To all hi & good morning,

I will ask my dear friends who visit the Kishinev Paradise can you please post here & give info & stories? For our readers, please, please, please

I will try to post pictures a heve a lot with or without cloth.

Wish you my dear partners a great weekend.

It been few weeks that I was busy, back to work.

I was last week in Kishinev & have a very special story for you thats can happen only in Moldva. How 2 young girls knock on your door by mistake and they were very happy for this mistake and me to. How they kill me. We just love to make fun they said to me. 17 years old. high school students.

I will post later today.


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09-22-03, 13:48
Hello Essy, can you help me with some practicall info ?

I will come to Chisinau in September/October 4 one week, my program is to hunt at evening, sleep in the morning, and work in the afternoon!

I'm working in fashion and I need an interpreter to accompany me in the afternoon, do you have anybody who is speaking good English and is avaiable in the afternoon (I'm thinking about a student).

Can you suggest me an hotel or appartament in the city, what is the best considering both the activities?

Do you know about any gym where I can go to do some sport in the city?

Can you suggest me a cheap flight from Milan ?

Any advice is welcome and if you have any phone numbers for good contacts in Chisinau please tell me.

Bye and ciao,


Hot Gianni
10-01-03, 09:22
I need to recharge my batteries!

Can anybody provide me information on how to obtain Viagra in Chisinau?. Is the pill freely available in the pharmacies?

Thank you


11-18-03, 02:10
Hi Gianni,

I'm not sure if you can get real viagra in Kishinev. Its better to bring it from home.

In fact even the other things like cloth or fashion like Lee or Versace or any other brand names I will not buy there.

Only the pussy's are real .lol.

I agree with you Moldova is a good place to recharge your batteries.

Injoey and have fun.


11-18-03, 19:28
Hi All,

I will be in Kishinev in December if anyone want to join hunting?

Its cold there on that time but the girls will warm you up.

Please live your messege on this board. I can arange appartment for rent for 35-45 $ per night.

Don't forget to bring Crismas presents to the girls.


Member #1006
11-19-03, 16:46
Hi Essi,

I'm interested in you idea.

I was thinking of a one week holiday in Moldova on New Year's Eve, from the 30th December to 6th of January approx.

When are you planning to go? We might plan it together, if you want.

You can write here, or please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

We spoke altready in the past via mail, but I lost your address.


11-21-03, 08:44
Hi 1006

I will be there around the New Year Eve. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service. Please give details about you.

But you have to know that I have many girls there and I don't need hunting there. We can meet and I can help you with advices how and where to get girls. You can start to get some contacts from ICQ or ODIGO.



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Member #1006
11-24-03, 11:29
Essi, I tried to write you through PM but it doesn't work.

I've found your email (we wrote to each other some months ago), and I'll write you this evening.

I will be coming with some friends on New Year, for one week.

I'll need to find an apartment, or hotel, and soome good advice on how to hunt girls.

I'll write you soon


11-24-03, 18:29
Hi 1006,

Thats ok I will find you an appartment. Please tell me how many appartments you need. Do you want 2 bedrooms?

From my experience the best is each one an appartment so the girls' will feel free.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because" in future reports. Thanks!

Member #1006
11-27-03, 21:18

I sent you a private message.

With my friends, we decided we will come in 4 people. I'll reserve the flight as soon as possible.

If you can help me finding apartments, you'll be of great help.

I think that two apartments with two rooms each one will be fine, but if you think there's a better solution, please advice me.

As soon as I find the plane and have all the details, I'll write you again, and post it here in the board, so if someone else wants to join us on New Year's Eve, is welcome.


12-01-03, 09:42
Hi 1006,

I hope you and your friends will injoey in Kishinev.

Are you comming with any contact phone numbers for girls?

Try to arange it from your country by odigo or any other kind of chatting rooms.

I will wait for your final reservation. I will arrive to kishinev soon. My "virgin girl" is waiting for me.


12-01-03, 21:56

I would be very grateful if you can reccomend a reliable travel agency in Chishinev, I want to bring my girl to have Christmas in Budapest (incl. Visa and arifare they requested her some Ä 400+ which seems me to be quiete expensive..) I'll be very pleased for your advise - thanks a lot

12-04-03, 18:49
Hi Oetziboy

I am not in Kishinev now but I asked my office about the prices. Its sound ok. The visa alone cost 100$ + the ticket + high season prices make it very expensive.

I hope she worth the ticket, Is it blind date? or u know her already?

Good luck to you OETZIBOY.



12-04-03, 22:57
Hello Essi,

I arranged to be free after Cristmass for at least one week, I also know that 1006 is coming, can you find a room for me too ?

I hope not to bother you too much, if you can't I can arrange something by myself in the hotel or by agency, you posted many info on the board !



12-05-03, 21:41
its a blind date, we had many phone calls and I believe she is a real nice girl, anyway I booked one of the 4 star Htl, for the few (2) days, you're right its dammend expensive but we're working that hard that sometime we have to hide from our daily habitat too, so I'll let you know, go ahead with your reports and informations (W)Essi, we're all grateful for the great job you do, and I'm pretty sure we all like to immagine ourselfs to be you...........

12-06-03, 17:23
Hi Latin,

How are you? I am happy that you comming to Kishinev I am sure you will injoey and have fun.

I just need to know how many appartments you need .Are you comming with 1006 ?

I hope you will come with some phone numbers and you can easy go with girls. In moldova you need words , money and passport and the sky is the limit.

Good luck


Thanks for your compliments I am happy that some of the guys like my reports.


12-06-03, 18:58
Hi Oetziboy,

As a conclusion from Essiīs kinda of reports I am far away to have the desire to be like him.

Working on "odigo"? If the King of Moldova has so many girls, he should have no need anylonger desperately to find victims there, right?

So please be polite enough to exclude me out of the overwhelming mass :-))

By the way: I absolutely donīt understand why the other folks don't order appartements directly via e-mail from company "adresa". It is more than simple.

Have fun


12-07-03, 05:17
Can someone help with hotel or apartment info? I will be in Chiseanu on Monday. I plan to get the transit visa as I am heading into Ukraine. My understanding is $30 / 72 hours. Correct?

Can anymore make a quick hitlist of places / people to see?

Where can I stay?


12-07-03, 18:02
I see that some of you guys are heading to Moldova over the new year holidays... There were past reports telling that this is not a very goof idea since most girls will be with their families... I hope you'll enjoy yourself despite this fact.

Even though Essi, has reported a great deal about his personal experiences, collectively there is really not much factual information about Moldova in this board.

I hope it will get better in the future.

12-07-03, 19:53

i agree with you that there is not enough factual information on this board. hopefully, we can improve this situation. chisinau is definately a place worth visiting, and deserves some serious, factual reporting, beyond the anecdotal personal experience.

there seems to be a misconception that all the dyevooshki in chisinau come from somewhere else, and that they all rep001ter, like a flock of quail, during the holidays. this may be true of the students, but there are still more than enough who live permanently in chisinau all year and are not going anywhere. many are orthodox, and the orthodox christmas is different from the western christmas. it comes on the 7th of january, followed by the old new year, on the 14th. most people in chisinau will celebrate the modern new year, on the 1st of january. so, basically, the first 2 weeks of january are holiday time, and yes they may spend a lot of time with their families, but they will also want to go out and have a good time as well. ;-)


12-08-03, 12:22
I'm yust back from Chishinev, (I stay at Dedemann - expensive but since I knew it before......) anyhow, the girl is (was) fine, as you stated,... take your time.....be polite.......and you'll have success.
Visa is (as of saturday dec.13th) Ä 55.- I confirm that customs office will laike to make out a monkey business if you will not have (or not declare correctly) your currency......I had the strong feeling they yust wait for it, so by entering as by exiting they like me to show and count in front of them.......my extendet smile show them - no monkey business with me.
It was pretty cold so we stayed where it is warm and confortable......lots of real beuties around......hope my "little" contribute would be useful to preserve you guy's from beiing f...up before (or after) having fun there. (Carpatair is Ok so for service as for the planes which come apparently all from Crossair/Swissair but anything else than cheep......)

12-08-03, 22:20
I thought I had read in past reports you could get transit visa - good for 4 days - on train. NOT THE CASE.

I visited consulat in Romania - got info


I paid for transit visa, must show visa for Ukraine. Got the paper. FYI - Moldova consulate makes paperwork in morning and then you come back in the afternoon to pick up your visa/passport.

They werent so busy, lol, and did mine in an hour. I had to go to a bank, pay $30 and get photo made.

OK, so now I am off with a stop in Moldovia - 1 night, 2 nights or 3 before going to Ukraine. If there is action, I will stay and report. If dead, I'm off to Ukraine.

If anyone has hot spots or contacts - please let me know ASAP!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid future delays, please use just one period followed by a space at the end of sentences in future reports. Thanks!

12-10-03, 16:09
Hi my dear friends

I'm now in Kishinev but very busy in bussines. But of course free at nights.

I spoke with my agent and he offer me a few appartments for 35-45$ but we have to make a quick booking so if some one want pls contact me here by private messege.

At your service


Member #1006
12-11-03, 10:16

My frienda and I had some problems with our trip.

I doubt very much that we are coming for New Year's Eve.

I will definitely come sooner or later to Chisinau.

Hope to see you at the time.

12-11-03, 18:08

What's the big secret? The purpose of the personal message system is not to keep information off the board.

Why don't you share the name of the apartment agent that you are working with? That way, other people can use that information if you are busy or unavailable.


12-13-03, 10:14
Hi Essy,

I also had troubles and I'm not shure about coming to Moldova, please do not make any agreement for my room and sorry for any inconvenience, I hope to come later, I can immagine in spring is also better.



12-13-03, 16:42

What's the big secret? The purpose of the personal message system is not to keep information off the board.

Why don't you share the name of the apartment agent that you are working with? That way, other people can use that information if you are busy or unavailable.


A very good point!

Essi, if you have a good agent for apartments, please share it with the board!

-Uncle Otto

12-14-03, 14:05
Hi Stravinsky and Uncle Otto and My Dear Readers

The only reason I did not post her phone number because she speaks only Russian.

So her name is ivon her number is 0037379548510. If you can speak Russian you are welcome to call to her. Even her appartment is not availbale, she can send you to her friends appartment . The only piont I wanted to help the guys who dont speak russian to use my girl to speak to her and via her you get lower price 30-35 $ not more (normaly she charge 35 euro). The appartment is in a very good location, europien standart with the best service like cleaning every day even cook for you.

I read here that it's possible to rent appartment for 20$, my answer is NO WAY. Maybe a very cheap appartment in ruskana or bukana, far from centre with soviet style. Not sure if they have hot water.

Also the price for taxi from centre town to the airport is 50-60 lie. Call from your phone 972 or 971 and book a taxi they will come after 5 minites. No need to be at the airport more than 40 - 50 minites before depart.

The only problem here that you can't find here a good escort service. I have few numbers to give but not on this board. You can get it on my private messge. I gave it already but this girls are pros.

Again thanks' guys for your support and simpaticeto me by private messeges. Dont worry I will continue to send my reports as usual and will try with more details as I can.

At your service alaways


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods at the ends of the sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one space after commas and after the period at the end of a sentence. Thanks!

12-15-03, 10:12

How you act in Moldova - this is up to you. I can agree with it or not. Anyway.

But I at least dislike it, if you doubt on my words! If I wrote here, that I NEVER paid more than $20,- for an apartement, you should simply believe it. Also that flats are not in Buiucani or Riscani (you should know, how to write those parts of Chisinau in correct way), they are directly in the centre of the capital in the Negruzzi area. Everytime I had hot water, by the way.

Another view: some days ago I was offered from my clerk a 3-room apartement in centre stretching to telecentre. Independent heating system and taxi waiting only few meters away. Daily costs: $ 15,

It is your choice, to pay overprized bills in any restaurants or accept overprized rents for flats.


12-15-03, 19:33
Fellows, I for one will not lay awake at night worrying about whether I paid $35 or $20 for an apartment rental. The difference is too small to discuss.

-Uncle Otto

12-15-03, 20:03

Thanks for posting the info on your apartment agent. I'm curious about the phone number. Normally, the telephone code for Chisinau is 373 (Moldova) 2 (Chisinau). I'm not familiar with the 79 code. Is that in Chisinau?

I understand about the agent speaking Russian. Many people may not be able to communicate with her, but there may be some people, like myself, who do speak Russian and can use her services. At least if the info is posted on the board we have that option.

I'm not clear on the prices you are quoting. You use the dollar sign "$", but you say Euros. Since there is about a 20% difference between the two right now, that could be a significant difference for someone coming from the U.S.

Also, we should all try to keep posts specifically about Chisinau within the Chisinau category. The General Info section should be reserved for, well, general info. It will make it easier to find later on in a search.


12-22-03, 16:20
Hi guys,

Remember that christmas for Moldovan Orthodox is on the 7th January. So no students in town.

If anyone plan to be in Kishinev for the New Year evening he will find lots' of beautyful local girls in discos'.

I will offer you guys to visit the MILITARY CLUB it is on the firstfloor of STARTREC disco.(any taxi will take you there).There are the most beautyful girls i have seen in kishinev ,even better than SOHO.


The lady number its not an agent ,she is an owner of one or two appartments. The price in eouro coz just rcently went up but she will be happy with 30 eoru or 35 $ .This is include cleaning everyday and even wash for you cloth,beleive me she is a verygood taking care.


I will have some phone numbers of agent for girls. The prices are 100$ for 2-3 hours or 200$ for all night. All girls speaks english and beautyful.

I never try them but my friend told me the girls are 8/9.

Its possible cheaper but no english and the girls are7+.

Have a very good year.


12-24-03, 11:55
Hi guys,

Anyone plan to visit Moldova for the new year?.

Please let us know.


12-26-03, 19:51
Hy Essi,

I'll be in Moldova next week, in particular I'll be in Ungheni and I would ask you some good information for this city.

Thank You

12-27-03, 20:35
Hi avatar

I m happy that you comming to Moldova. I hope you will enjoy.

Sorry, I've never been in Ungehni. I had one girl from there she study in Kishinev and she was nice.

I wish you well.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

01-24-04, 19:41
Hi all,

I can give you another vry nice appartment for rent. The appartment just recently renovated, all in earopien standard. Located in the centre of kishinev near sun city.

You can call Yana on 00373 69297414. She speaks very good english and very good service. The price is 40-45 $ on daily fare.

Good luck to you all.


Mulligan Stew
02-13-04, 03:01
Does aynone know if there is an english version of www.Makler.md? I have absolutely no luck getting translate.ru (prompt) to tanslate the site. It loads and loads with no result. In the upper left corner of the makler site there appreas to be a button to make the site readable in "eng" but I can not figure out how to switch it over. Any ideas?


MS Fun
02-19-04, 07:04
Since I am reading here a lot, I should also contribute to this board. So here my trip report for Moldova.

I planned and prepared the trip with the help of ESSI. He knows the place and the girls well, and has lots of tips, offers and contacts.

Before the trip I did lots of chatting on Odigo, to prepare dates. This is the best way to get in contact, since just about 20% of the girls there speak decent English, and therefore itís kind of a hassle to contact girls in the streets, cafes or discos. The key to get in contact with the girls beside the internet is that you have to look foreign. But obviously foreign looking means to look Arabian, Turkish or Mediterranean. Average north western European guys are just considered to be Russian and that does not give you any credit. Another possibility is that you look old and visit a disco, because that also looks foreign. Only in these cases girls that are interested in foreigners will approach you, or just give you a hint to approach them. Forget about that they can figure out how rich you are looking at your clothes, they have no idea about clothes, latest style or expensive brands. So everyone who is dreaming to go there, because itís supposed to be pussy-dreamland should do a self assessment before.

The best key to the pussies is to look like a rich foreign businessman like ESSI, but since we not all look like him, everyone has to do his own experiences, how available the pussies are to oneself.

Furthermore the girls there are not considered attractive and beautiful by everyone in the same way. Most of them are not my type. I never touched that much hair on arms and legs before. The noses are very long in average and itís hard to find cute faces in my sense. So have a look at the Romanian girls and decide for yourself if they match your dreams. For some guys these girls are the most beautiful in the world and for others they are not really attractive. There is no overall rule here.

About meeting the girls there can be said that itís nothing like barfine in Asia. Some will try to play with u and some are stupid enough so you can play with them. Basically all will tell you they study. In Moldova about 50% of the people study nowadays. But actually no country has so much smart people. So donít compare it with students in Western Europe. The dates with the girls can go anywhere. Sometimes you will fuck their brains out after a few hours, and sometimes you will go home alone. Basically the longer you stay there, the better your results will get. But donít forget the lubrications, the pussies there are mostly dry from my experience. No fuck was working without lubrication.

Another thing about dates is that the girls donít have much time. They study and they have jobs. Days in Chisinau can be really boring. There is not much to do, then to wait for the evenings and nights. The girls are furthermore not really reliable. That makes it difficult to schedule them. Itís really difficult to line up the girls, to have backups. Sometimes you juggle with 3 girls and then u sleep alone.

A warning about city disco should be done here too. There are some girls that are there about 4 nights a week. I think that they get commission on the drinks. They will approach you and ask you for drinks. Then they order the most expensive cocktails, drink fast, get pissed and will tell u later that they have to go to university in the morning at 7am. I had one of them in bed and it was nice fun, but itís a rip off. So if a girl wants ďbrown cowĒ forget her.

The nightlife in Chisinau is much better than I expected. Every night except Tuesday night the discos fill up around midnight. Nothing happen before 11pm in that town, and Wednesday is also kind of a slow evening. But Tuesday is the real problem. You need to have a girl that u can call over on Tuesday, because there are very limited possibilities for pick up.

02-21-04, 12:36
Hi Muligan,

As far as I know the Makler is in Russian only.

Are you looking for any info I can help?


To all,

I'm now in Angeles City in the Philipines. Lot of fun here. I will post later more stories about it.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

02-25-04, 12:39
Hi MS Fun,

Good to read your report here.

In some facts I can agree with you, in others not fully.

For a first time traveller you really can have problems to cover your time over day. Most intersting issues start in late afternoon. But it is the same question as in every other country: if you know whatīs going on, you will find your match even over daytime.

About cheating girls in disco city I heard the first time. I never watched this before in that location, but as in Moldova all is possible I wonīt exclude this procedure.

In opposite to your opinion I can say, that girls are amazingly well informed about the newest moda in clothes. As they mostly cannot afford such stuff they are eager to collect informations about and dream of it. You can buy tons of all elite labeled cloth in Moldova, but for sure cheap imitates. But they are eager to own such stuff.

Everytime and everywhere I was recognized as a non-moldovan, looking more to the northern style. Your personal style makes it quite easy for them to differ you from locals.
And be sure in one thing: Most moldovan girls dislike any kind of turkish or oriental looking guys. There are several reasons for it. I was often told this fact from local girls.

Russian or Ukrainian girls have sometimes really "problematic" noses :-))) A portion too big and to thick, not really straight and fine. And they have often less bosom than their Moldovan / Romanian counterparts. But it is good, that there are other places on female bodies, which can let forget about :-))

Lubrication? Never needed in Moldova. Come on, it is up to us to get them wet :-))

Have fun


03-01-04, 10:33
Moldovan girls are unique in their appearence both in the face and body cause they have a mixed race of Romanians and Russians,but they are far better than both races.Especially the beauties of Tiraspol are remarkable.
Obviously if you're from a country in the south like the Maditerranien countries,you have a much greater chance of success,just like the case in Belarus or Ukraine.
Remember that you have to look different in some way or another and this can be the only reason for a girl to approach you.

03-01-04, 18:32
Hi Vegamars,

I agree with you that the beauty of the Moldovian girls is great but I think the Russian beuty is greater. In Moldova you can find a nature russian girls especialy from Sibiria who moved to Moldova with their parents. Also you can find mix girls that the father is Russian and mother Moldovian or Romanian or with Turkish backround like Gagauzian girls (in south of the country) from Comrat. The Russian girls think that they are higher class than the Moldovan girls and more clever. But both of them look great for me.

The girls and students in Moldova like dark skin guys and a clever successful businessman it is a dream for them just to go out from Moldova with you.

I found it very easy to get on and fall in love with them. The girls are kind and easy if they like your personality and you look different especialy if you look rich you can get them on your first night.

I have been in Moldova 10 times in the last 2 years so I have lots of stories about themas you can see in my reports.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

MS Fun
03-08-04, 12:47
Hi Larsca,

I guess everyone has different experiences there, so we will never agree all. But some additions here.

Regarding the clothes, I wear mostly Italian and German labels. They are real and for people that know the brands they know its expensive. My point was basically that still people guessed I am Russian. I was addressed in Russian and only when they had the wierd games in the disco the girls seen I don't understand anything and that helped that girls came over to me. They only figured out that I was not russian becaise I did not understand anything.

And I agree that most girls dislike oriental looking guys. They have some bad reputation, but they also have a reputation to have more money as local. So you still get more attention in this case and especially from the real easy girls, because you look obviously like a running wallet.

I guess I still look too young and not enough like a business man. I just wanted to give a little warning to the guys, because we don't stick out there as much as in Asia. And that might make initial contact more complicated that we are used to.

So all of you, get pleasure there. I am currently mongering in a different area of the world.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

03-29-04, 18:56
Hi Guys

Anyone going to visit Moldova soon?.

Now the wether is fine about 15 degree sunny and nice.

The girls are hot for sex now.. go and have fun.


03-31-04, 09:49

Just coming back from Moldova. Temperature was indeed for real spring above the 20thīs and short skirts washed away the winter coats.

Actually temperature dropped down again, but girls are hot at every temperature.

Will give a report the next days. First I have to sleep some days:-)

Have fun,


04-01-04, 16:33

Looking forward to your report. . .

Merlin Magician
04-07-04, 01:51
just looked at the photo gallery and all i see is bunch of bs talk and some pics of buildings with crumbly assed russian concrete porches and peeling paint.

i wanna see the ladies of moldova. maybe someday...

Bez Bezarra
04-07-04, 03:31
Hey MM.

Watch out or some highly sensitive-type real man's mongers might get touchy or offended now!

Examples, Latvia/Lithu/Eston/Belar/Ukrai/Pol/ etc etc etc.


Uber MM.

Bez Bezarra
04-07-04, 06:11
Oh pardon moi!

I plum fergut what I came here fer!

It was ho's, wasn't it ?

Kanyeshna !!!

Here's Alla, a budding dominatrix who can crack her whip with the best of them.
Just picture her with her heel in your eye, yeah, that's hot.

Bez Bezarra
04-07-04, 06:15
Fuck it, I'm on a roll.

No not beaners, post post.

Just do it.

Jelly beans.

Bez Bezarra
04-07-04, 06:17
What the hell.

Looks like its spankin' time.

Bez Bezarra
04-07-04, 06:37
Save the best for last, what else ?

Bon appetite.

Sweet to eat, even better to fill in the holes a, b, and c.

A bit hairy for some of you perhaps,
but like the saying goes, no muff's too tuff,
in this case soft and clean, like a clean hot dirty dream.

Just shut up and eat.

04-07-04, 15:04
Mangus Man,


I am glad that you send some pictures, but we want quality pictures please.

The picture with the naked girl is nice, please send more of them.

My pictures will be send soon.


05-04-04, 07:17
Hi guys,

I want to thank you all for your compliments and encouragement here on this board and by sending me private messeges.

I will continue to help and bring correct information for anyone need it.

Unfortuneley Mr. LARSCA choose an undemocracy way to try to avoid or dislike any one messsege.

We disagree to deny the possibility of anyone to post here even if Mr LARSCA dnt like his style.

Mr LARSCA this is a public area and a democraticy site.

I hope you will not continue with your destruction way.

We all looking for nice girls and have fun in Moldova or anywere else around the globe.

If we all try to assit we do and achieve our goal.

As an example take our friend on this board BIGTH DIKTH he solve out his problem on this section he don't read my posts.

Ok I have no problem with that as I suggest you long time ago. just dont read and please let the others to do it with pleasure.

Mr LARSCA please upgrade you tolerance and be gentleman as i think you are.

Essi promise to continue trying injoy and have fun on this baord.


05-04-04, 09:31

Some clear words:

This board is for exchanging of useful informations about mongering in Moldova.

Useful informations means not the offering of any business intentions with probably making some money from us.

Useful informations also mean CORRECT and REAL informations. I simply dislike it, if you telling us here prices, which are in common much to high.

From time to time, starting from renting appartments till offering your socalled VIP-service, everytime it is nothing else, than your overprized system.

Overprized means, that at least firsttimers, coming to Moldova, pay much more than necessary, because they believe in your kind of information.

Understand me right:

Sure, your kind of searching and treating girls is different to mine. People are different, so it is o.k.

I do not critisize your reports, I only critisize your wrong and false informations.

If this is not democratic in your eyes, than we have a different understanding of democracy.

By the way: I also got some PMs, where members of this forum here report, that shortly after they cancelled their interest coming to Moldova and doing together with you, you stopped immadiately the contact and not answering any longer. Maybe, īcos you missed some business?


05-04-04, 16:28

I think you protest too much, for such a trivial matter. You have already made your statement, what is the need to make it again?

Let's get back to talking about women in Moldova.

BTW, thanks for all the excellent photos!


05-04-04, 21:27

In oppsite to your SOME unCLEAR and lies.

1.The appartments where I stay are offering by ADRESA for 50 euro. I offered our guys for cheaper price.

2 If i said that I have been in ADRESA and they told me no appartment for 20 $ WHO ARE YOU to tell us that this is not CORRECT infomation.

You are the one who give here lies and nonsence.

Girls for 10-15 $ for an hour? Ok give numbers!

Anyone can pick up the phone and realize who is right.

There are appartments for 14 -20 dollars but very low standart.

This appartments are suit your STYLE, but some other guys like higher standard so give them the liberalization to choose.

This is DEMOCRACY. give and let other style of guys who are different to you.

The VIP which I use I can just offer to t who interest for this kind of service.

They can say yes or no, this is democracy.

This is the price of an agent did I force anyone to use them?

Its only LARSCA with his sickly brain as you improve us on this boardwho dn't know what democracy mean.

3 You wrote here that you feel nasty to answer me.

If you answer mean that you are.

4 You wrote that this baord is for exchaning info about mongering in moldova.

Thats exactly what I was trying to express to the guys like you who try to give stories about their own life.

This is what your LITTLE BRAIN as you witness on urself couldnt understand.

5 In your messege from today on Kishinev baord you start with IN OPPOSIT TO...

I will advise you to see some doctor who specialize in persuit sickness.

Do you must mention my name?

Please STOP your nasty and arogance way and give your CLEAR and CIVILIZED BEHAVIER messeges.

In opposite to your thoughts I am not even trying to make any money or to sell anything here and please don't even try to deliver your nasty lies and sickness on this board.

We all are compassion for your way of representing yourself here.

Again please STOP and start to send your information without assault no one.

Just be concentrate in what you want to assist the other friends on this board.

No need to mix your hostility in your CORRECT and REAL information.

I will keep my promise to make this board calm peacefuly and intresting without any hassele.

6 As I guess I wasn't sure if you will understand, UNFORTUNTLY I was right.


PS I am sorry guys but we have to get rid of this trouble maker"

05-04-04, 21:56

you are most welcome and injoy the pictures.

Maybe its trivial for you but for the other board readers its disturbing them.

Its seem that LARSCA have a mental disturbance.

I hope and wish for better days.

I will not pause till LARSCA will educate himself to behave as an adult.


05-05-04, 16:47
Hi guys,

I just spoke to ADRESA and they apologize for their misunderstaing.

They do have appartments for 15 -18 euro for Moldavian standrat, they clean and change towels every 3 days.

The appartments are in the centre near the train staion.

If you want a normal appartment you have to pay 28-80 euro depent on your style.

Believe me guys its better to pay 10 euro more. (if u can afford it) than to stay in this cheap third world style appartments.

I am sorry for my misunderstaning. (they meaned that no app. availble for 20 $)

If you like a high class appartments (like a suit) and can pay 35-50 euro I can suggest you great deals.

I have no commision or any kind of payment.


05-05-04, 20:05
Essi & Larsca,

The two of you are the only regular source of reliable, accurate and current information about Moldova that we have. You each have different styles of mongering and reporting. Both are valuable. It serves no purpose to waste your time by trading personal insults with each other.

The only way to stop. . . is to stop.

Essi, I'm sure you understand that no one has the right to "get rid of" another member. Only Jackson can do that.


05-06-04, 00:52

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding women for sex.

Please refrain from posting personal attacks, or from engaging in discussions of subjects such as race, religion, politics, etc. except as it may specifically and directly apply to the subject of this Forum.

If you have any questions, please review the Forum's SPAM Policy at http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1794.

If you should observe reports that constitute or include a personal attack, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE POSTER, even if you are the subject of the attack. All you will be doing when you respond to a personal attack is ensuring that your carefully typed response will be deleted along with the original report.

Instead, simply use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of the report to send me an email alerting me of the problem, and I will take the appropriate action, which usually means that I will remove the entire report as I have so obviously done here.

Thank You,


05-06-04, 06:42
Dear Jackson,

Thank you very much.

I hope and wish that we reach our goal.

We want to be in peace with no attacks.

Its help everybody to feel free to post here with no fear of any attacks.



05-06-04, 09:09
Hi Guys,

Please read the first post.

On page 6 from the 14 of june 2003.



Its My Life
05-08-04, 01:21
Hi Guys,

I am planning to pay a visit to Chisinau in Aug, but I received over $2000 air ticket from Yahoo search. ( coming from San Francisco, California). Does anyone know any travel agent has a better price. Any info would be much appreciated :o)


05-09-04, 00:33
Hi Its my Life,

I will offer you to find cheap flight to London.

Maybe you can find for 500-700 $.

From London you can buy on the internet ticket to Kishinev for 300 pounds.( 540$)

The best connection is with malev via budapest.

Try www.lastminute.com

Wish you lots of success.


05-09-04, 15:44

The maximum price for SF/Chisinau should be $1,000. Try Transaero Tours, they are a Moldovan travel agency in Chisinau. You can find them at http://www.transaero.md. If you buy the tickets from them, they can send them to you here in the US by DHL.

Remember, this is not United Airlines. You will have to send them an email through their website and conduct the business through that method, unless you speak some Russian, and then you can telepone them directly.


Its My Life
05-09-04, 19:53
Thanks for Stravinsky and ESSI info.

I will give it a try next week. If I am lucky enough touch down at Chisinau, I would love to meet up with you guys for a dozen of cold beer. Once again thank you for all the helps:o)


06-02-04, 15:12
A word of warning. Carry your ID with you in disco's in Chisinau. The swat police have been raiding discos and checking IDs. They recently burst into City Club at 1:00 am, full machine guns, told all girls toleave and started checking only men, some foreigners did not have there passports, etc. and they had to leave for the station, however a few foreigners did return after paying a small bribe, but this is unpleasent exp.

06-03-04, 07:00

Thanks for your important INFO.

Its better to carry with you passport and registratio anytime.

It happen to me ones and had to go with the police station for 3 hours.

Money can always help 30-50 LIE( 2-5 $ ) iS good enough.


06-14-04, 16:32

As you can see this is Moldova board not Russian board.

There is a big different between Moscow to Kishinev.

The escort servise here is not develop as in Moscow, They are expensive here(I think in Moscow too) like 250 euro all night or 100 euro for 2-4 hours.

Some of the girls have a Russian beuty and even more beauty.

Have fun


06-16-04, 00:12

You'll have to explain a lot more to Tucker than where Moldova is. He has annoyingly cross-posted his message to at least 15 other boards. I tried to politely point this out to him, but he didn't take it to well and we've had an unpleasant exchange of PMs so I'm not inclined to help him.

Keep up the good work. Enjoy reading your reports.


Sinanju Master
06-16-04, 02:34
I rarely post to the Moldova section (that doesn't mean in the least that I don't want to go there and take in the natural beauty with Essi's guidance before I go) but I also saw Tucker's post plastered across MANY other boards, and while I sympathise with a guy wanting to blow off some steam after leaving combat (if he truly IS a soldier) the guy either has NO idea of basic geography (how can you NOT have some idea of ANY geography if you've traveled across the "Pond"), or he posted those messages just to be annoying. I considered pointing this out to Jackson, but I decided to wait and see if my opinion WASN'T the only one of its kind regarding Tucker. Apparently not...

Member #1006
06-16-04, 09:41
Well, he also posted his email, and Jackson didn't seem to notice.


I can't read every one of the more then 500 reports that are posted in the Forum on a daily basis, so of course I didn't notice that he had posted the same report (actually a request for info) multiple times, or that he had posted his email address until somebody reported it to me, upon which I deleted all of his reports and change his membership status to Regular Member.

That's how the system works.



06-16-04, 11:32
Hi Sinanju, Gatsby67

My reply to him was as a polite one.

His post didn't look sireus to me at all (actualy thought he was drunk when he post it) and I havn't seen his other posts in other boards, thats why I just gave him a short messege.

A guy who sireusly want INFO about MOLDOVA can read the messeges on board.


PS thanks Gatsby67 for your compliments and encouragement.

Member #1006
06-17-04, 13:18

I can't read every one of the more then 500 reports that are posted in the Forum on a daily basis, so of course I didn't notice that he had posted the same report (actually a request for info) multiple times, or that he had posted his email address until somebody reported it to me, upon which I deleted all of his reports and change his membership status to Regular Member.

That's how the system works.



Jackson, I didn't mean to say you are not doing your job, and I'm sorry if I "offended" you in any way.

You're doing a great job with the WSG.

I was actually the one who reported to you the fact that an email was mentioned in a post, in the unique attempt to help you, since I imagine how impossible it it to read every post.

Sorry once again and please continue with your priceless support to the Forum.


11-05-04, 06:53

What a good site to hook up w/ non-pro before coming to Moldova? In past post, Essi recommend Odigo, is there others? Something like a match or amigos site?


11-15-04, 19:29

I think Essi has a lot of luck with ICQ. I would also try any of the numerous websites that advertise Russian brides. They will always have girls from Moldova. You don't HAVE to marry them.



11-16-04, 10:25

I have installed recently ICQ. One can surely find a lot of contacts, in general, not speaking only of Moldova.

Usually they are rather sophisticated girls, owning a pc at home or working in an office (hoping their boss doesn't see them...).

Has somebody an experience of a contact by ICQ with a representative of an agency or something similar?

Thank you,


Member #2916
12-30-04, 12:02
I'll be in chisinau from 14/01/2005 for 4 to 6 days. If there is anyone there who is interesting to meet just message me.

Best wishes to all.

06-07-05, 12:41
Hello mongers

The best season to come for hunting dyvocycas is mid april may and june.

In july and august the students are away and less chances for one night sex.

Good luck guys


06-23-05, 09:36
I understand that US citizens require a visa to enter Moldova and have examined a few webistes in this regard, as well as done a forum search here. Still not clear on one issue... I realize that it is a stretch and perhaps just wishful thinking, but is there any possibility to get an instant visa on the Ukrainian border, around Tiraspol? Or is it wise or necessary to arrange a visa beforehand?

06-23-05, 16:25

U.S. citizens do require a visa to enter Moldova. My experience has been that the visa can be obtained upon entry, but, then again, I have always entered the country through the airport at Chisinau (Kishinev).

Tiraspol considers itself to be a kind of separate nation, so it's hard to say what they will require. Some of the other guys who have travelled through that way may be able to help you.

Are you planning a trip to Moldova?