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05-16-02, 05:30
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05-18-02, 14:25
Went there yesterday 5/17/02 and rate this venue about a 7. I will definitely go again soon. The price was only-35 euros f &s! This is great for me, bcuz I hate shelling over 50 or more for potentially bad sex.

Unlike the rip off artists in A'dam these girls will definitely give you at least what they advertise: F&S, 15 mins , completely bare, multiple positions. I chose a 22 yo Czech girl named "Cindy", slim, tall, tan and really nice (about a 7.5). We talked at least 10-15 mins in her booth. There was no rush like in A'dam. In fact, she never looked at the clock. There are fewer customers and the entire tourist world isn't waiting outside the minute you walk out of the booth as in A'dam. There are many Eastern European girls. The girl I chose said that many of them come from the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. And at 35 euros and no rush (15mins) it is well worth it.

Baiscally I was attracted to only 4 girls, admittedly. The rest were respectable 6s. Thet were usually either pretty but not exactly the right body type or the right body type and average faces. I like petite bodies, a firm butt (a must)!, a cute face and at least small to average size breasts(SAGGING Breasts are out of the question!). There is a really nice 8 that I will head back to see and another 7-8 that I only glimpsed at. They are some 100-150 girls in my estimation. Not exactly super models but not slop like you see in many small venues.

Directions: 8- 10 mins max. From the station turn right onto Stationweg, then make a left as the street curves and the name changes. Walk straight towards the Centrum until you past a theatre on your left ; make a left and then the first right- keep straight to Achterdam , which will be on the right. Happy hunting!

05-19-02, 08:58
Hi Blairone,

Thanks for your report. I will go in Alkmaar next month, Do you know some prive huizen in this town which have good reputation, number of girls, quality of service, quality of girl and price ?
thank you for your help.

05-23-02, 20:12
Incredible time today in Alkmaar.!!!!!!!! I was there again and must say that I had an incredible time with a beautiful 23 yo Bulgarian girl -an 8 to 10 , depending on whose judging. She was tall, tan, slim with beautiful breast and a tight bottom and perfect abs. I paid the usual 35 euros. She not only engaged in passionate intercourse, but extented the time an additional 5 mins. She massaged her self while I did the same and appeared to have an orgasm twice. She took her time and was nice and slow and very agreeable to all suggestions. She even agreed that we could both be oral for another 15 bucks, but I was a bit hesitant and decided not to follow through. This girl was so nice that I am completely shocked; by far the best sex I have ever "bought". I will never waste anymore time with those ripoff artists in A'dam again.

In Alkmaar the girls are not trying to get rich off landing a new tourist evry 10-15 mins. They are actually trying to cultivate repeat business that is reliable, and rarely care about whether the time exceeds 15 mins( within reason of course). They want to please the customer. And it works, I will go back every chance I get!

Sorry, I am unaware of private houses in Alkmaar.

05-24-02, 17:52
Any asian girls in Alkmaar?

05-24-02, 18:42
I visited Alkmaar in February this year and remembered 2-3 Asian girls. As you walk from the canal end of the Acherdam street, there were 2-3 asian girls on the right hand side. They were mabe 5-6 rated?. I must add the I very much enjoyed Alkmaar as there were no tourists around. The ladies seemed more pleasent and friendly as well! I found the Amsterdam RLD very uncomfortable as there were too many tourists. DO try Alkmaar and you will be presently suprised.

05-24-02, 21:01
I BlairOne,
Thanks for your answer. Can you give me more informations about the cute Bulgarian girl in Alkmaar (approximately, the place of her kamer). I don't know yet if I'll go in Alkmaar or in Den Hague on my next trip.Bye

05-25-02, 14:18
Cyrano, The Bulgarian girl is located in a booth on the left and almost at the end of archterdam (appoaching from the canal). Her booth is in the last alley of booths on the left. I beleive it was room 2.

Also Den Haag is probably a waste of time. I went there, wrote a long post but it failed. There are 3 areas 1) leave the train station and take a left. It will be a street on the right. ITS DISGUSTING! Unless, one likes fat women, old ladies etc ., like the alleys in Amsterdam's RLD during the day. 2) Another area is not much better. The price in both is probably 25 euros.

There is a 3rd area, where the ladies are much better and charge 50 euros, but frankly I was only partially interested in 2 maybe 3 of them and the place reeks of attitude.

I was there on 5/24 and decided to jump on the train to Alkmaar, which took abouy 1 1/2 hours. If you plan a trip, you could go to both (why not). Just look and determine which better suits you.

Finally, as tony70 suggested below, Alkmaar is enjoyable and without the tourists. Please understand that I am not saying that all the girls are knockouts( the avg is a 6 and there is usually 3-4 with higher marks), and they have few to no scrubs like in A'dam and other places.

And this is a STEAL at 35 euros and no rush, no hassles and great customer service. I rank it above A'dam, which has a lot of girls ...but really how many actually fit your personal profile (for me..maybe 2, 3 tops).

I am not sure about the Asian girls. I rarely look for them since I prerfer Eastern European girls ( no offense to Asian chics).

Well..........I'd better run. Happy hunting!

05-25-02, 21:01
thanks BlairOne, I will follow your advice. I will pass by Den Hague an then go to Alkmaar. And I will post my feelings.
As it seems, Den Hague is not enough for a warm up. But I like to experiment. Bye

06-03-02, 14:33
Wrote a detailed post on 5/30, but I am unsure what happen to it. Well, I have gone to Alkmaar on 5/30 and again on 6/1. It was great! Met a really nice Czech girl named Semona- 23yo,5’3,118- in booth 12. This chic is beautiful (9/9.5), nice and very pleasing. Had a deep tan, cute belly button pierce and a nice, tasteful, nose ring, perfect abs and firm breasts. Overall I have noticed at least 5 to 7 girls who are 7/8’s and above. I am going back today and tomorrow. Hopefully, I will try a petite Hungarian girl. But I sense a slight attitude with her. There are also 3 decent Bulgarian girls, about 5 Czech girls and some others. I did not see any Asian women. Also the girls I have met have agreed to mutual orals for another 15 euros. So far I have declined (as I should have) but I am growing increasingly weak.

06-19-02, 08:13
I like The Hague. I never have a problem finding a good looker there. The Gelenstraat, IMHO, is the only area worth visiting. I am under the impression that Den Haag has the 2nd biggest RLD in Holland. I refer to window shopping. Another intersting sight is Utrecht. The quality wasn't good when I went (during the day) but its amazing to see girls on boats. I'll be visiting Alkmaar at the end of July for the first time. Thanks to your info I have puit Alkmaar on my list of places to see.

SL Dog
02-23-03, 20:35
Up to this time, I've been a regular in the Den Haag area (see my reports on that topic). Was out for a drive this Sunday PM looking at new real estate. Wandered over to the Achterdam area of Aklmaar ... WOW! Up to this time, I thought that Geleenstraat in Den Haag was about the right balance of look, attitude, costs, etc. No more! This place is amazing. Mid afternoon, saw at least 30 girls on the block. There are lots of little "indoor" alleys so make sure you get the whole tour. I'd have to rate all at 5+ and quite a few in the 7-8-9 range. Overall setting quite acceptable without the Den Haag outdoors urinals at the end of the street (which adds to the ambiance!?!). I think the daily charge for a girl to rent a room at Achterdam is Euro 68 so these girls don't have to hussle as much for $$ as the ones elsewhere. Very laid back atmosphere.

Ended up with girl in mid/late 20's from Bulgaria. English ok by not superb. She indicated Euro 35. When asked for how long ... "Til you are satisfied" ... Now that's a first in this scene! Decided that there wasn't much to loose on this one. Back in her (very small) room (which she keeps from day to day), handed her a 50. She offered change ... I told her I'd ask for it if the session wasn't all together satisfying. We went through a mutual grope and mutual undress. Much better than the "hang your clothes on the hook" routine I've had before. Breasts were augmented nicely, and not hard or lumpy. Cleanly shaven and willing to be inspected / fingered down below. Off to bed. This lady has the classic hold the condom in her mouth and unroll it with mouth routine down pat. Boy can she suck. CBJ with deep throat a real treat. Heavy slobering. No problem with tongue lashing on balls etc. Then CFk with her on top. This lady bounced with gusto. No limitations on my venturing hands. Then doggy. Only constraint was no anal fingering... but she's great at reaching behind and rubbing balls with just the right amount of pressure. Ecstacy. Probably sucked and pounded away for 20 minutes or more. No irritation by her on the amount of time spent.

After finishing up, she indicated that she had a college degree in biochemistry from Bulgaria ... but pay was better here. I'll be back to explore this street again. Definitely worth the drive and the time.

02-23-03, 23:16

Excellent post!

You made me very curious about this place now.

What was the name of this girl? What did she look like? and at what time did you use her services?

I've tried the RLD in Amsterdam a couply of times but I always walked away heavilly disappointed. It was simply too rushed...and like you mentioned, in Amsterdam if you take longer than 10 minutes they start to complain.


SL Dog
02-25-03, 23:24
BBBJ ... Re your question below ... seem to remember her name was Antonia ... moderately long blondish hair. Pleasantly proportioned overall with tight tummy and smallish ass. Her English is limited enough that you can communicate if you work at it, but not so good that you'd engage in extended dialog and reparte. All in all, not necessarily stunning in appearance, but more than adequate and a very vigorous provider.

Time was about 3-4PM on a Sunday.

As you enter street from the non-canal end, she was within the first 100 feet on the left side. Seemed like she was trying to get a regular clientele in place, so there must have been some desire for customer satisfaction. She's worked there for about 8 months and claims to be at the same spot every day of the week. If this is a 7 day per week job ... that's a tough job. In retrospect, I'm glad I was a little generous with my 50!

I'm planning to go back in the future and I'll report on whether this was a chance encounter or representative of others in this area. But I have to say that the unrushed atmosphere was a real plus ... I've sampled the Prive Huis's in Den Haag area and enjoyed them because of unrushed atmosphere there, but this block in Alkmaar, just might offer comparable balance and a much wider selection.

Happy hunting. Let us know about your sagas.

03-09-03, 20:48
Thanks for the info sl_dog,

I shared your info with a hobbyist friend of mine. He visited Alkmaar today in search of your Antonia, but unfortunately he couldn't find her.

Happy hunting!


SL Dog
03-09-03, 22:15
BBBJ ... Interesting that Antonia wasn't there this weekend ... I went back last weekend to see if my experience was typcial or special. Looked for Antonia, she wasn't there last weekend either. Strange especially after she indicated that she was there 7 days a week. Nevertheless, ended up with another girl ... moderately dark skin, dark hair, Bulgarian. She's on the right side about 50 ft in as you enter the street ... same side as the "rooms for rent" office on the corner. Had nice experience, but not nearly the free wheeling event as my first weekend on that block. This young lass had been in the business for a while. Her English was much superior to Antonia's. Somewhat limited with what she'd permit for the 50E that I offered. Normal S&F was fine. F was on top initially and then doggy to finish off. Seemed relaxed relative to time, but I know I didn't exceed the 20 minute norm. Early on tried for some digital stimulation ... was told that would cost me more money and would take a condom on my finger ... opted out of that deal. Learned that all of the girls on the block, with few exceptions, are eastern european. They apparently flock there because eastern european types are less welcome in A'dam. All in all, an acceptable performance, but not one that would bring me back for seconds. So the score in Achterdam is 1 home run/ 1 second base. I'll keep hunting.

SL Dog
04-07-03, 21:13
Just a quick update on this weekend's trip to Alkmaar ... was walking down the Achterdam street toward the canal and in the 3rd main grouping of windows on the left I see Antonia at the window again ... smiling and motioning me to come talk. (See my report in late February 2003 below) She claims she's always at the same window. Can't be more than 30 feet on the left after turning down the block. It's been almost 2 months and she remembered me from last visit. Learned that she works 7 days per week / 2PM to 2AM with time off around 4 for lunch / rest on weekdays only. This session was as enjoyable as my first so I can verify that the experience is indeed repeatable. After she stripped down she asked if I wanted to play with her pussy ... proceeded to put lubricant just north of her lips and let it drip down to the sweetest lil' pussy. No limitation on rubbing, insertions, etc. Then she proceeded to stip me down. Lots of "teenage" playing with dick. Vigorous covered blow job. Did thorough licking on balls and returned there several times. Nice. Then two position sex of my choosing. Did a pretty good examination of her breasts. Am convinced that they are enhanced, but not overly so. Moderately firm, modestly sized and very pleasant to fondle. I'd call the overall experience as active / vigorous. But activity wasn't hurried. She kept saying that she'd fuck me for free if I kept coming back. Not my objective since these girls are trying to make a living. I made sure she got a 50 euro note. All in all as enjoyable as the first time. Spent about a half hour with this lady.

Overall I'd rate this girl a 7- on looks / a 8+ on body tone / an 9 on service and attitude.

Finished up giving me a handful of candies to replace my energy. An quality committed provider. Recommended to all.

Anyone else having experiences on this block? I continue to believe that it's much better than most window streets I've found in the Netherlands.

Holland Report
07-09-03, 10:05
Alkmaar sounds just great, sl. How d'you get there from Den Haag. And how come there's such a good scene there?

SL Dog
07-10-03, 19:26
Hey Holland Report ... you are all over the boards ... Alkmaar is up the A9 from Amsterdam ... From the Den Haag area I branch off the A4 just north of the Airport ... and then DRIVE ... seems to me that it takes about 45 -50 minutes from the Den Haag area (I live just north of there). Achterdam area has a couple of web sites ... http://www.achterdam.com/ ... use Google to find other citations ... there's a map to direct you to the street on this web site: http://www.rld-info.com/Alkmaar1.htm

Nice part is that there is a car park right across the street from Achterdam and I've always been able to find parking there so that removes the hassle of the parking crisis in this country. I know that there's rail service there from Amsterdam CS too ... just don't know how long it takes.

My experience there is like the other RLDs ... becoming a regular pays. I was back a few weeks ago to see Antonia (I've written about her before) ... she's in window 3. just as you enter the street from the Car Park side. I hadn't been up there for ages ... she remembered me instantly ... we spent a pleasant half hour or so ... backrub/lots of touching/suck/fuck/suck ... talk ... and she didn't even ask for money! ... As always I handed her a 50 with thanks.

Incidentally, I cruised the block there for quite a while checking out all of the available windows ... ladies were a half step below Den Haag's Geleenstraat, but all in all pretty good on the looks side. In my non-Antonia visits, I've had hits and misses like I guess we all do ... it just pisses me off when that happens since I drove so far for a solid hit. It seems that the younger and strikingly pretty girls there are a touch mercinary and several of my events were like ordering in from a Chinese menus ... touching pussy cost money, kissing cost money, multiple positions cost money ... none of the money outrageous since the basic visit there costs 35E ... but nevertheless, a turnoff to me.

Having said all that, this is a hunters paradise for someone who's well past his prime (which ended at 50!).

Happy hunting!

Holland Report
07-10-03, 20:34
Thanks for that sl_dog! Yes, I'm so new and curious about this WSG that I'm all over the place. Alkmaar sounds nice, although I'm not sure how I'd get there, since I don't drive. Plus, to be honest, I don't have that much dedication / devotion. Much more the impulsive type. So, almost certainly will just continue jumping on the train/tram from where I live in a suburb of the Hague, either to Hollandspoor, Central Station, or maybe Amsterdam? Anyway, thanks for the interesting report! :-)

BTW, did you see that other guy in The Hague forum was interested in some kindof group sex fun. I half wondered about trying to organise something. If each person paid 100, the money would add up in no time, so it might actually be quite a tempting proposition for one of the Hague girls???? Just an idea.

Nice day!


07-12-03, 10:58
"BTW, did you see that other guy in The Hague...."
Hello guys,
Here is the other guy.
Holland Report, it has been a long time that i am willing to get to Alkmaar......most probably in early september....i can give you a ride, no pb.
And there are some other places to go, such as the showboat nearby AMS or the private adress mentionned a while ago by Leonardo in the Rotterdam area......as you said..."just ideas".

see u

Holland Report
07-12-03, 12:13
Nice one, Zeb! Thanks!

Lets keep in touch... :-)

SL Dog
07-12-03, 21:43
We saw you Zeb ... thanks for contributing to the boards ... nice that we've got something alive here again ... there are just too many folks walking around RLD to not have a pretty active board here ... independent of mother tongue ...

Keep us posted on your exploits.

Happy Hunting

10-06-03, 13:27
Hey guys,

Alkmaar's been a bit quiet recently. I'm planning a jaunt in November and will report back with details.

I've been a couple of times this year, both very productive visits. The last time I went for a Hungarian girl (cant remember her name), long black hair and gloriously large breats. Coming from the canal end, she was about 3/4 of the way up the street on the right hand side. I was her first of the day (around 7pm) and wasn't disappointed. Breast feeling and licking was permitted in addition to the multiple position riding. When you ask beforehand if you can touch and have multiple positions, the girls give you a funny look (kind of surprised that I was asking). Much cooler attitude than amsterdam girls.
The second girl was even better, fantastic attitude and super body. The girl was half brazilian half arabic. She's certainly inherited some brazilian in her performance in the sack. She was in the last indoor section on the left hand side, again coming from the canal end.

I was wondering if any of you guys have been to Arnhem? I've heard it's quite cheap about 30 euros f&s and plenty eastern euro girls.
Also, can anyone give directions from a train station in Arnhem?

I'd appreciate a comparison with Alkmaar (no of girls, quality etc) to see if it's worth a visit. Its almost 2 hours by train from alkmaar. See www.ns.nl for train times in holland - the train system in holland is very reliable.



12-05-03, 22:07

About the Hungarian girl you are talking about is non other than Ina. I had the chance to see her in August. I thought she was one of the finest girls in Alkmaar and main RLD.

She had a tatoo right over her beautiful ass right?? And in order to go to her room, you must walk through a small hallway...

what a knock out! Beautiful body, nice real breasts, and great attitude. I have to admit, this is one fine girl.

I love Ina, and cannot wait to go back to see her.

12-08-03, 23:14

You're dead right. I had to walk down a small corridor to a room at the back. Fantastic figure - lovely big breasts - most enjoyable.

I think the RLD in Alkmaar is superb - I much prefer it to Amsterdam.

I might try a trip to Arnhem next - I've heard it's similar to Alkmaar - not too expensive and plenty lovely Eastern European girls.

Have you been to any other towns/cities in Holland? If so, how do they compare to Alkmaar?



12-10-03, 22:59

I have just recently ran into Amsterdam(Holland) in the past few years. Alkmaar is the only Amsterdam non-city I have seen. I have to admit, I'm very impressed by Alkmaar.

I also hear Luweerden is nice. I have never heard of Arnhem. How far by train is that from Amsterdam.

I usually stop Amsterdam and I found Alkmaar to be very convenient (only 1/2 hour train ride from Amsterdam).

That Ina girl is still in my mind and I have to say that she is keeping my ambition pretty high for back to amsterdam in spring time.

I also had great time in Prague in August. Highly recommended!


12-11-03, 20:59

I think Arnhem is about 90 mins from Amsterdam by train. A bit further than Alkmaar.
Check out www.ns.nl for train times throughout Holland. Sounds like Ina has given you some food for thought!!


12-11-03, 21:33

Luweerden? I take it you mean Leeuwarden. The RLD is still near the MacDonalds in the city centre, 400m from the station. Better ask directions to the burgerboys than the boomboomgirls, right?
You've never heard of Arnhem:(? The RLD is slightly under attack from the city council, but I don't know what the status is now. The RLD is close to Arnhem-Velperpoort station. There are 3-4 trains per hour from Amsterdam CS and Duivendrecht stations to Arnhem, they take 60-70 minutes.
For Velperpoort change trains at Arnhem CS. Or walk about 1 km.

12-14-03, 11:50
Going back a few years ago the quality of the women here were far better then Amsterdams tourist RLD.

The women are far more time for you. What I hated most about the Amsterdams RLD are the drunken loud mouthed tourists especially the Brits who can never seem to keep there mouths shut for 5 secs (I am a brit and am ashamed of being one sometimes)

Otter Trax
12-15-03, 03:34
I think Arnhem is a working man's RLD. Alkmaar is working man's Deluxe RLD. Beats Amsterdam any day for lookers and value. All great selection in a concentrated area. Arnhem is spread out and gives excellent strolls but it kaamers seem to be low budget. I guess the people who rent kaamers do an excellent job at Alkmaar. Also I thought the canal boats at Utrecht were above average in selection and bargain. Nothing like banging and have the boat rocking and creaking to the motion. Its a must have Dutch experience. Not easy for the uninitiated to solve navigationally with public transportation but definitely 24/7. I was there Easter Sunday in the afternoon. Less crowded. I ll be back for sure.


Late Night
12-16-03, 23:29
Hey Donny,

Here is something to drive you a little crazier!


01-11-04, 22:05
What time does the action get going in Alkmaar on a Saturday?

I've a stopover in Amsterdam Saturday, and on a previous visit had an excellent time in Alkmaar, certainly superior to Amsterdam. This time I'll need to be away by 4-5pm

SL Dog
01-12-04, 19:50
I've cruised Alkmaar RLD during the winter last year in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. (See my previous reports.) Plenty of choices available then. I'd say that you have a more than acceptable set of options and still be ok with your required departure time. Don't know if you are headed to Schiphol from there via car, but be prepared for unpredictable traffic. Seems like I've gotten to the airport area in a little as 30 minutes and as long as 60+.

Happy hunting ...

01-13-04, 10:24
Using the (so far) reliable NL rail system. Best so far is 65 mins from trousers up Amsterdam RLD to take off. Is this a record?

02-25-04, 20:00

Can anyone give me a street name or intersection reference for the RLD in Alkmaar?

I am going to visit next week since the past couple trips to AMS were rushed and mechanical. It would be nice to avoid all of the other insanity in AMS as well.

I have a map of Alkmaar and know where the rail station is. ANy directions from that point, street name or intersection that would put me in the middle of he RLD would be most apprecaited.

Thank You


PS: If there is anything else worth noting in Alkmaar mention this as well. I like to drop a few Euros in other places than just the RLDs.

02-25-04, 20:38
In Alkmaar, the RLD is located on a street called the Achterdam. It is located 100m or so behind an open square called Waagplein, along one of the flanks of which stands the landmark building KaasMuseum (Cheese Museum). It is an easy 15min walk from the train station. I usually approach via a pedestrian shopping street called Langstraat. There are signs pointing the way to the KaasMusuem. Once you locate the KaasMuseum, walk across to the opposite side of the square, find a canal, and the RLD is off the canal on one side. Use your wits, and you shall find it okay. It is only a 5Euro taxi ride from the station, so you can always just pay the cabbie to show you the way.

Late Night
02-25-04, 20:57
Ortos thanks for bringing the good old memories back.

I think going to the Achterdam is worth walking from the train station and taking the cab back to meet the 11:00 pm (or 1:00 an I don't remember..) train deadline to Amsterdam.

the walk is very enjoyable. It gives you the chance to explore the little charming town. You will be mostly walking on residential areas which were so charming to me.

02-25-04, 22:16
If you walk down the streets to the Achterdam you get the window scene, just with families sitting having dinner or watching the TV. I have always wanted to knock on the door and ask them for a "family Session" for 35E :-)

Nikola, Alexa, Sisi, Anna, Micky, Nadine/Nadia, are all top shelf Eastern European women, Romanian and Czech. The Romanian girls (Anna and Micky) will do a threesome for E280 pr hour, recommended!

If anyone needs specifics feel free to PM, I have a map of the Achterdam with accompanying names and locations of the top girls. I have been to Alkmaar at least 20 times, just recently over New Years and have a local friend that updates new arrivals as well as ladies that have left. Much better scene than Amsterdam.

One last comment, make sure and take the Intercity Train (Sneltrein) from Amsterdam Central,, runs every 30 minutes at :18 and :48 past the hour, only 20 minutes. If you take the stoptrein, it will take about 45 minutes. Last non-stop Sneltrein is about 23:15, last non-change train is around midnight, last train with changes is around 1:00

I will be there again in three weeks after a tour de Prague, and the FKK clubs of Frankfurt (Atlantis, Oase, K-5, PHG,)

Have fun

02-25-04, 22:52
Hi guys,

Is it still really cheap for a basic nude S&F in Alkmaar? I was wondering what the price would be, generally during the day, as that is when I plan to go when I visit at the end of March. It seems that the Achterdam is a bit of a gem. I take it the place isn't as tourist heavy as A'Dam?

Late Night
02-26-04, 20:01

The going rate for F and S is 35 Euros. Most of the girls here will go over the 15 minute deadline. You just gotta interview the girls and see which one is worth a session.

There are so many good looking girls there that you might have to experience them all. The positives are that there far less tourists there and the girls are much warmer/nicer.

Good luck and dont forget to report!

02-29-04, 19:09
Thanks Late Night,

I'm a budget traveller and I have an urge to travel around beyond the confines of Amsterdam this year, so places like Alkmaar are ideal for me.

Having sampled a variety of girls from several ethnic origins last year, I fancy the prospect of some lovely, shapely Eastern European babes in the Achterdam. It seems quite a common phenomenon that a short step out of any capital city and you start getting real bargains.



03-13-04, 21:24
To any Achterdam veterans,

As my trip to the Netherlands gets closer, I was wondering about taking a few photos and putting them on this board. Is photography as big a no-no in Alkmaar's Achterdam as it is in the Amsterdam RLD's?

Main Man
03-14-04, 10:22
In Aalkmar there are video cameras. Also, some on the side streets in Amsterdam. So, I doubt any of the girls will murder you for taking photos, but it isn't advisable.

If I were going to do it, I'd try De Wallen over Aalkmar which is smaller and won't be as easy to blend in with the crowd. De Wallen gets so god damn crowded on weekend nights that it's hard to discern one person from another or even get to a person.

In general, I think it's dumb to take photos of the RLDs. I fail to see the point and you know the girls don't want you to doit. Businessmen and religious idols may also dislike photographs floating about the net.

03-14-04, 15:32

Sometimes, very rarely, a girl allows photography in the room.

NEVER even show a camera when you're outside.
That is a bigger no-no than walking on Dam square with your dick hanging out, so to speak:).

03-14-04, 21:32
OK fellas, point taken. I wasn't really intending close-ups of the girls anyway, more sort of general distance shots, street scenes and the like. It can't hurt just to ask a girl once the business is done though. I might you all with a couple of sexy pics. I'll take my camera along anyway and hope it doesn't end up at the bottom of a canal.

03-21-04, 10:28

Does anyone know of any alkmaar girls who provide extras such as DFK or cum on tits?


03-27-04, 19:31
have just got back from my long-anticipated trip to the netherlands. i made it over to alkmaar on the 25th (thursday), taking the sneltrain over from amsterdam centraal to arrive there early in the afternoon. i found the achterdam after a shortish walk and was pleased to find a number of girls working there at the relatively early time of day. it was certainly a contrast with amsterdam at the same time of day, as the capital seems to boast a plethora of mature ladies early on, most of them pretty rough around the edges.

i was pretty impressed with the quality of girls on offer and relieved to know the information i’d received on this forum was pretty spot-on. although not a massive amount of girls were working, the ones that were there had me a little spoilt for choice. i picked an auburn-haired girl in an indoor gallery area, numbered 16a. i’ve forgotten her name but it sounded like terzhenia, she was bulgarian (from sofia) was about 5’ 6” and waifish, wearing a cream string bikini. very tasty. i’d give her a 7. her command of english was quite good and she informed me that a s&f was 35 euros. another relief to have the price confirmed on the ground, so to speak. i paid her a 50 euro note and asked her to remove her top, which she did. she seemed mildly surprised that i’d been to bulgaria and i told her where i’d been etc, trying to get some kind of rapport going. i’ve found on this trip that it’s been quite fruitful to establish some sort of common ground with the girls.

i paid her the cash and undressed and she proceeded with the cbj. not bad but not great either. by this stage i should say that i was quite tired from walking everywhere, lack of sleep in my hotel in a’dam and ill from a cold, so i was slightly worried that the old chap was going to remain flaccid. she managed to get me nice and hard though with a sort of light tongue-touching technique. we proceeded to the doggy, which i’d specifically requested. i never had the impression that this was going to be a multi-positioned affair though. she asked me to be careful as she didn’t like men to be too strong. this was ok with me and i proceeded to pump away at her whilst she had her arse in the air and her head on the pillow. i never quite got comfy though, she was either too far away or too close, perhaps in an effort not to get hurt. i tried to get her to remedy this but it never worked quite well enough to make me cum. after a while i pulled out and she wanked me off, with one hand on my balls, which i like. finished off nicely, but not after some light tapping at the window.

during cleaning up t__ said “do you mind if i speak to someone outside?” and opened the door whilst i was standing there tackle-out in the corner trying to pull my threads on. some guy was there handing t__ a bag full of bananas. she closed the door and seemed satisfied when she peeled one off. she told me all she eats between getting up and 5pm was fruit, with regular food after that time. when i asked her why, she replied that she was beginning to bodybuild, and that she was attempting to lose fat. she then pinched her waste and showed me a tiny amount of fat there, which was certainly not very visible and impossible to see on her at any time during the proceedings. god knows what she thought of me with my spare tyre hanging over the front of my jeans. it can amuse and please me sometimes about the variety of subjects that can come up in the post-coital moments, most of them banal and mundane, but all entertaining and very human in their own way.

overall then i thought t__ was ok. not a great lay but definitely a pleasant person which counts for a lot with me. no pushy sales technique or attempt to rip me off. the only downer was having some guy in the doorway as i was bare-arsed. i was left quite unhurried throughout my time in there too. perhaps this was due to the time of day, i don’t know. i do know that i’d love to return to alkmaar on an evening and really see what the achterdam has to offer. unfortunately this was impossible this trip, but judging by my fleeting daytime visit there are a load of bargain lays possible with beautiful women. i seem to have come away with an injury this time, having got back to my hotel in a’dam i noticed i’d developed a blister on the head of my dick, which alarmed me at first because i’ve never had one there before. with the tiredness, illness and sporting injury i felt ready to go home. i’m definitely going to check out alkmaar again though as i’m seriously tired of the gawping, drunken tourist treadmill in the walletjes.

04-08-04, 21:17
I managed to locate Alkmaar with help from the group so I have to give back a story of my experience.

I took the snelltrain from A'Dam centraal around 1900 and arrived around 40 mins later. The trip seemed a little longer than I had read in previous postings. I arrived in Alkmaar and started the walk to Achterdam, which is shorter than it looked on the map. I stopped in a funky little coffee shop near the train station which was a nice start to the adventure.

I arrived at Achterdam and I must say it was nice. Small, uncrowded, pretty girls in the windows all seeming to have good attitudes. Best thing is that it is one small street. Not like A'Dam where there are dozens of blocks and alleys. If you can't find someone you like at Achterdam you will know in just a few minutes and a hundred steps.

I walked up and down Achterdam and in and out of the few kammer alcoves in the middle of the block. As I looked I saw many nice ones but nothing that *struck* me. I passed one kammer on the street, near the middle of the block and pushed back near a drainage area. This girl loked at me and smiled and it was like I got hit by a stun grenade.

I walked up she opened the door and I just walked in, I didn't care what the cost or the deal would be. This girl has long, straight brunette hair with a thin, feline body and the most amazing eyes and smile. She is Romanian and her name is "Micki". Turns out she is gypsy and if I didn't know any better she put the "whammy" on me.

It was 35E plus 10E tip and the best hobby experience I have ever had. Multiple positions, nude, a long back massage afterwards, we talked about many subjects and she was sweeter than sugar. I swear I didn't want to leave.

Time with her runined me for the rest of my time in the Netherlands. It was never that good again and I doubt it could ever be.

If you decide to find this girl be the nicest gentleman you can be as she certainly deserves it. I know it sounds a bit silly to speak in this manner about a provider but this girl is a gem and should be treated as such.

If you are fortunate enough to meet her, tell her the guy with whom she had the gypsy conversation from California says hello.


Rain City
04-09-04, 11:59
I took a train from Amsterdam to Alkmaar. It took about 20 min. via the fast train (the second stop from Amsterdam Centraal). I hit the district on foot and it was great. Unlike AMS, no tourists. Everyone there was a hobbist. Most of girls I talked were from Romania, Poland, etc. They all seemed very nice. The session was 35 euro and that included everything. Nice. One negative thing, though. Most of girls were 6 - 8 range, and I did not spot 9 and 10 I spotted in AMS. But still it was great.

04-10-04, 01:13
Tired Driver,

I have been with Micky from Romania,, she is in the center of the street between the Office and the Bridge. She lives with another girl named Anna, down towards the Bridge. Toghether they make one hell of a threesome. It is the Micky and Minnie Mouse Club on the Ignatzmice site.

I travel to Amsterdam a few times a year, used to hang around the Walllen until I found out about Alkmaar. I like the vibe in this small Dutch town, the Bars and Pubs on the Wagplein are nice, the Coffeeshops (High Time, Any Time, and De Brug) are all nice spots to hang out inbetween sessions. Next time make sure and take the Intercity Train or Snelltrain, only 20 minutes, leaves at 49 and 19 after the hour from Central Station. I usually stay out in Alkmaar at Te Laat or Stat en land. Nice to wake up and stroll around the town or take a bus to the North Sea Beaches. The girls hang out there in the summer, topless.



Late Night
04-11-04, 03:38
From what I hear from the xxxgats site, the curvy Hungarian goddess by the name of Ina no longer works in Alkmaar. Hopefully this is not true cause this one was gem knockout!

Can someone confirm this?

This one was one of the finnest, curviest, sexiest, skilled and most important THACK!

I love you Ina!

She will be missed:(

04-11-04, 19:04

Quite a few Eastern European countries will be joining the EU this year (effective within next month or so I think).

This may result in an exodus from Alkmaar since the girls will have living and working rights in more Euro countries / cities.

Will be interesting to see how Alkmaar changes over next few months - not too much hopefully!

Good Luck


04-12-04, 18:42
Lanrac (or anyone else for that matter)

Do you know of any pictures that exist of Mickey? I never take a camera into the RLD because it is frowned upon and 99.99% of the time I haven't the desire to take a picture.

In hindsight I'd love a picture of Mickey. If you know of any online or someone who has one that is not posted let me know.


04-13-04, 15:54
Doggus, all,

"This may result in an exodus from Alkmaar since the girls will have living and working rights in more Euro countries / cities."

I don't think so!
Working girls in Holland must have EU citizenship to work for more than three months.
With the addition to the EU of ten poor Eastern European countries effective May1, 2004, the pool of available women will grow.
Trust me when I state that no woman wants to change the certainties - social benefits/healthcare et cetera - of being a prostitute in the Netherlands for the uncertainties of Latvian or Czeck brothels.

04-15-04, 07:38
Hi Freeler,

Perhaps I'm wrong (I'm no expert) but my understanding was that Holland has different rules across it's regions.

Non-EU girls can't work in Amsterdam but they can and have worked in Alkmaar for some time (perhaps for up to 3 months per visit to NL).

Do you not think the admission of these countries to the EU will see many Alkmaar girls move to Amsterdam/London - where they can make more money?

I know from talking to many of them that they find Alkmaar boring and would prefer the glitzy lifestyle in Amsterdam.

I guess time will tell.


04-15-04, 19:32

The law states that citycouncils can issue permits to start legal brothels. The easiest thing for (would be) owners to do is to hjire girls with EU passports. Girls from outside the EU need workpermits. In order to get a workpermit as a non EU citizen you must have outstanding qualities or skills.
How is a ho going to proof she has outstanding skills, better than EU girls? Hell, I know a few ways to do that, but it won't happen!

Girls with EU citizenship who have a legal job in prostituition in Holland won't trade that for an illegal job with all the risks involved. Perhaps they do move to Amsterdam or privehuizen when the new influx from the East starts and the new arrivals head for Alkmaar.

04-16-04, 02:06
Thanks Lanrac.

I just returned from my 1st trip to Alkmaar, and I easily found the city with the help of Lanrac and other WSG members. This was my first trip to Alkmaar, so I went during the day to avoid getting lost at night (because Netherlands streets are not laid-out in a rectangular grid). Past WSG reports recommended taking the “Sneltrein”, but I found that the “Intercity” train is actually faster due to fewer stops (about a 30-minute ride from A’Dam Central Station). Once in Alkmaar, I took a taxi to the Kaas Museum (Cheese Museum), rather than trusting my “sense-of-smell” to lead me to the sweet-smelling pussy.

Unfortunately, I left my Alkmaar map in the hotel (over confident with my “sense-of-smell”), and when the taxi passed Achterstraat Street on the way to the Kaas Museum, my “little head” started thinking for the “big head”, which caused me to lose my concentration, and I wasted a few minutes of serious mongering on the wrong street. Remember you are looking for Achterdam (not Achterstraat), and Achterdam is across the canal from the Kaas Museum (the taxi hasn’t taken you far enough). Don’t let your second brain mis-lead you, like I did.

I prefer day-time action (vs. night-time) and unfortunately Alkmaar is relatively quiet during the day. Of the 20-25 available girls (most of them Eastern European), I was only attracted to 3 or 4 girls. However, in a 2-3 hour period, I managed to “Bang-a-Bulgarian” and “Hump-a-Hungarian” between a few beers. Both girls were young and pretty, and the Hungarian (Mary) gave an excellent CBJ. I bet she could suck a golf-ball through a garden-hose. Neither of them were clock-watchers and both stripped-down and gave excellent service (35-Euro vs. 50-Euro in A’Dam).

For those of you who haven’t been to Alkmaar, the entire RLD is only a block long with windows along the street and three (3) indoor “shopping-mall areas” similar to the covered area in Sexy Land (A’Dam RLD). I was told that 150 girls work at night, but I only saw 20-25 girls working during the day. Overall, it’s a very good value (compared to A’Dam), but I still enjoy the variety-of-selection and the excitement of the hunt (rhymes with ****) in A’Dam.

Hopefully this report will help future mongers in their search-for-sex. I would be interested in hearing how the Alkmaar action is at night, after shift change. Good hunting and keep your powder dry.

04-16-04, 15:36
Glad to see that you made it to Alkmaar Bendover. Too bad you missed the evening shift. There have never been 150 girls working in the Achterdam at one time, its too small, even in the evening. The selection at night is just as good as the wallen without the Asain influence, don't know why, but the Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech, and Hungarian Girls sure make up for the lack of Asian Girls and for the same price the Asians charge in the Wallen.

Part of the vibe in Alkmaar is walking around the city, down Langestraat, Laat, and the small streets from the Train Station to the Achterdam. Walking down these small streets in the evening is quite interesting. The homes all have a large picture window
in front that open your eyes to the common Dutch household.

Its like walking in the Wallen, by the window girls but the families are sitting inside toghether having dinner, one after another. You feel like you want to stop and ask if you can join them for 35 Euro for 15 minutes of people watching. The bars next to the Cheese Museum are great intra session hangouts, as is De Brug Coffeeshop which is located about 100 meters from the Achterdam entrance.

If you must taxi to the Achterdam, tell the driver to drop you at this Coffeeshop which is located on Herenstraat. This is the main street that parrallels the Canal and only costs about 5 Euros. Most drivers will take you around the town and back up Laat straat to the Wagplein. If you go into the Bar across from De Brug, the bartenders love Americans and they all remember me.

It is called the Cafe Muizenvreugd, sister shop to De Brug which is directly across the street.

If you get a chance, rent a bike at the rental shop outside of the Train station. Great little Dutch Village to see by bicycle. You can also take a bus from the Train station to the North Sea Villages, what a site.. A great day trip for any of you that get tired of the
Bullshit in Wallen,


Lanrac aka Carnal1 aka James

05-15-04, 07:16
I am planning to visit Alkmaar soon. Are there any private houses you would recommend? Do any girls in the RLD do anal? If so, how much etc?

Late Night
06-06-04, 03:20
Alkmaar RLD.

Late Night
06-06-04, 03:22
End of Achterdam.

07-27-04, 20:07
Does anyone have an update on the pricing situation on the Achterdam?

I'm coming for a brief visit to Alkmaar at the end of September and having read that the street is in a state of flux, I'd like to know whether it's worth making the trip out there from the Dam if the price is going to be 50E for a F&S like the Walletjes.

07-28-04, 14:59
According to Wim and Chairman, some Alkmaar girls are trying to get away with the higher 50E rate, no more 35E F&S signs in the windows. I would take that as a sign of inflated pricing. The main reason I head to Alkmaar has been the atmosphere and lack of street Bullshit like you get in the Wallen. The 35 E price structure has some benefits as well,, I usually end up going at least 30 minutes so the savings of 30E per session does help.

08-30-04, 21:00
I just had a look at hookers.nl web site, however I do not read or speak dutch.

In the Alkmaar section reviews have for a girl 1p g3 k6 what do these mean, address?

I saw thai massage, something like Wiman Hobbleman 30 so I guess that the massage is called Wiman and the address is Hobelman 30.

Any tips welcome as I shall make my first visit to Alkmaar on tuesday 7th september, in the meantime I will be checking out as much info as possible.


08-31-04, 20:53

From Hookers.nl:
The mp is called Wimaan Thai and is situated at Hobbemalaan 30.
For a Thai massage, it seems that Nut and Rome can do the job.
Note: there is just 1 small shower and one poster complained about having to shower alone.
Again, this is from Hookers.nl, I have no info on this mp!

1p g3 k6 is the room address at Achterdam RLD. What the p stands for I really wouldn't know but it could be passage (main entrance), but the g is obviously 'gang' (hallway) and k means 'kamer' (room) for sure.

Check this site out too:

Here is a map of the Achterdam:

The attachment (photograph - link below) shows Alkmaar's city centre. The railwaystation is just off the map's top-LEFT(!!!edited!!!) corner.
Achterdam is close to the Waagplein. If you ask for 'the Waag' or 'Cheesemarket' no-one will suspect you're a ho-seeker:D!

PS Thanks for your kind pm.

09-01-04, 05:21

I edited the message below to get rid of a very stupid and irritating mistake!

09-01-04, 09:16

You have been a great help, especially the Achterdam map, well done.

As a matter of interest is there any difference in performance between the girls who are on the main Achterdam and those that are stuck away at the rear of the passages?

I just thought that maybe the girls at the front become very busy and a bit mechanical where the girls at the back are not so busy and therefore put in a better performance.

09-02-04, 09:38
OK Gents, I have my plans already for next Tuesday.

I will arrive by train around lunchtime and either turn right and go to Wimaan thai massage or go to Kapelsteeg near to Achterdam Ruen Thai massage.

That should relieve some of my tensions, then I can have a spot of lunch and a beer before heading into Achterdam for a spot of fun.

Any tips on the best thai massage would be welcome.


09-09-04, 09:30
Well I arrived in the beautiful town of Alkmaar at lunchtime on Tuesday.

Around 1430hrs I found Ruen Thai this is located on Kapelsteeg at the Laat end, not too far from Achterdam. The girl told me that Wimaan massage "now closed".

Although the sign outside says Traditional it is "Erotic Massage" as the TG calls it, 2 girls sitting around both 6/7. One hour is 65 Euros, the proper massage was OK but not Waht Po standards, the body to body was quite nice.

She then said "You want Boom Boom?, 60 euros" When you are in that Hard On position it is difficult to say No, but I got it for 50E, DATY extra 20 which I declined.

All in all, not cheap, 115 Euros for one hour massage plus CBJ and FS and assisted shower. Not sure as I would visit again, it left me with No Power to visit Achterdam following my previous sessions in Singel, more about them on AMS board.

Member #2744
09-30-04, 21:21
Alkmaar is as good as ever. Had a surprisingly bunch of three all very young ladies. Two 18y olds, one 22y. Alkmaar typical it is all covered. BJ, FS.

To describe how to find them. A lady from Riga in the first alley to the right first left door. Small, tall, and passionate. DATY was very fresh.

A Greek lady in the middle section also to the right, blond, nice cups, a good handful and extremely passionate. A third one she was probably a bit tired that day.

Price is 35 Euro as ever for 15min. somestimes they allow a little overrun.

I like the place, because it is one of th best in Western Europe.

Late Night
10-05-04, 21:58
Can anyone here let us know if the Hungarian beauty Ina still working? Big nice round tits, nice ass, all around a spectacular fuck!

This babe had so many curves on her body, you would get dizzy!

Ina was probably one of the fines pussies I have fucked in my fucking career!

I love you Ina!

Member #2744
10-07-04, 19:30
Late Night, I checked the list of girls currently in Alkmaar for you and there is no Ina mentioned. Do you remember in what room she offered her service?

You can use www.hookers.nl. and then

Black Adder
10-09-04, 15:59
Just want to say that Alkmaar is back on the "mongers map".

After the large cleanup in may it became an uninteresting place. But very recent visits made me a happy monger again.

Good looking, friendly girls, all asked 35 euro's and did not beg for more. WIndowshopping in Alkmaar is HOT again !

Please take your money in 5 of 10 euro banknotes. If you come in with 50's they will try to have your 15 e change. I really hate the begging for money so pay the exact price.

(If the ATM is giving me again the 50 banknote . . There is a mac drive in Alkmaar where I always order one hamburger and pay with this 50 banknote. Giving me the right change and a burger as well).

So enjoy Alkmaar and ignore the north africans who are absolutely NOT dangerous but just spoiling all the fun by hanging around and insulting the girls.

Alkmar Punter
10-14-04, 21:12
Hi Guys,

I'm a regular Alkmaar Punter - glad you discovered that Alkmaar is still on the map since May 1. As you know, many Romanian and Bulgarian (and Russian) girls had to pack their little suitcases, leaving the Achterdam in disrupt. There are some of them who, I honestly mean it, do miss.

Still they have their interest looked after by their attorny, trying to get, afterall, legislated to work in Alkmaar. At least they are legislated by (members of ) the Alkmaar Chamber of Commerce. In Januari 2007 Romania and Bulgaria will enter the European Union, and that is for sure.

In the meantime there are many new girls, many ins and outs, many Czechies.

Last Tuesday evening I had a nice session with 20 y/o blonde Martina, a Czechie cutie - only three days in Alkmaar and "unspoiled" - "What's your name " I asked, "Prague" she answered, okay okay.
Wandering around and chatting with fellow-punters, watching the show, she seduced me (us) with some really nice up-skirt work and I eventually entered.

Unspoiled means direct from CZ: full touch, relaxed B2B, DATY, fingering, CBJ, fuck in two positions. Say 20 minutes alltogether. Standard at 35 Euro's up front.

I don't want to say all the girls are like that - but there are many cuties - in the back of third passage is a schoolclass of Czechies.

Cheers from Alkmaar Punter (My first post on the board!)

Chrome F
10-16-04, 11:11
Alkmaar RLD is still amusing, but after my last visit (more than 1 year ago), things really changed a lot.

I was there last evening, and I had a walk before dine. I was almost shocked: the average age sky rocketed, and the quality went down even more. But it was early, and few girls were already there.
I came back after dinner, and it was definitely better, but cannot be compared to a year before (less girls, less beauties).

At least the price is still the same (35), and, suprisingly, the service is still good (probably because there are lots of newbies, as pointed out in the previous message).

Her name is Marina from Latvia, she is in the main street, few windows on the right side going to the parking at the end of the road (or on the left side going to the canal).

She has red died short hairs, no more than a B cup sized breast, thin but not skinny, no tatoos (which I dislike), and very warm. She started just two weeks ago, and the effort she put into pleasing me was really great. The ride she gave me was one of the best I ever had: I could really feel her, if you understand what I mean!

I will explore the area today too, and report any interesting discovery.


10-17-04, 11:29
Gus 69, I Tthink it's crazy to have a massage for 115 euros. I was in The Hague (see my posting in Hague section)and had a massage from a chinese girl at one of the hair dressing salons. It cost me only 30 euros plus 20(for the hand job) tip to the girl. But they have no showers.

Crap Game
11-18-04, 01:38

I have a flight lay-over @ Schipol around the 28th of December from around 6:30AM to 4:30PM. Is it worth it to make the trip up to Alkmaar and make a day of it? Do the ladies work during the day? I figure it's only about an hour from the Airport to Alkmaar by train, which would leave me quite a few hours to savor the sights. Or should I just stick to the infamous RLD in Amsterdam and/or maybe a Privehuis or two (like Park 118).


Thanks guys.


Member #2744
11-20-04, 21:23
Crap Game, with getting into Alkmaar around 7:30 to 8 in the morning with a train from Shiphol, I wonder what you'll get?

The night-shift has probably gone to bed and I guess you may find only a few doors open.

Those doors are likely not to be the good one's, as the main hours are from 19:00 to 04:00 or so.

On the other hand you can't lose so much, if you do it, walk a hour around in a really nice small town, and then you go back to arrive back in RLD Ams at 11am, just left with enough time to shoot there. (train cost some 10$, use www.ns.nl for train services and connections)

Please do not forget this is Christmas, and at least some of the Christian girls are back in their home countries, and with orthodox Christmas early January it will be quite quiet generally.

Where are you heading, maybe we have a good recommendation for your destination.

Crap Game
11-21-04, 21:06
Member #2744

Thanks for the heads up on Alkmaar. I appreciate your info. As for where I'm heading, methinks there is not much possibility there. I'm going to Kuwait for Christmas to be with family who are stationed there.

I am planning on checking with the airline on my flight back to the states to see if I can be bumped to the next day. That way I get a hotel room for the night courtesy of the airline and a entire evening to check out Alkmaar.

Lets hope the flight is overbooked! :)


Crap Game.

11-23-04, 04:45
I've been to Netherlands twice now, and Alkmaar is great. I've done Bangkok, Pattaya CR, DR, Honduras, TJ, and Amsterdam all more than once, hundreds? of escorts etc. As an experienced monger I have never been more disgusted than my night in RLD of Amsterdam. 50Euros a pop, two condoms, panties around ankles, extra to touch my breasts, extra to do doggie, extra for blow-job, hurry up, get the fuck out. Five minutes to fifteen tops. That's your basic Amsterdam experience. Now Alkmaar is quite a train ride from Schipol, but well worth it. Its a clean, safe european city, no looking over your shoulder for muggers, and I would say, one of the safest mongering experiences, especially for those of you who may be trying a first time. I'll give you some pointers.

Getting there and back: I got a $199 RT ticket from Houston to Berlin, with two long layovers in Schipol. I also went to the Berlin Film festival. I wanted to find FKK clubs, but I was exhaused by then. You need about two hours there, and one back. Go directly from the train station under Schipol. Pay for a Round trip ticket, so you can spend all your time whoring and not be rushing to pay for a ticket. On my second visit, I discovered there is an EXPRESS train on the way back which hauls ASS! I think it was like 1hr 15 but it was february.

When you arrive in Alkmaar, exit the train station and look to your left. its a boulevard along a river. To get to the whoring center, take a bus or taxi or walk. About a mile or mile and a half its on the Right. Just ask people where the "Beer Museum" is if you're embarassed. From there, you are a block away. Its a safe brick paved alleyway with guys traipsing back and forth the 60 yards or so, checking our the windows of russians and east euros. Price is 35 Euro, fixed. This is for suck and fuck, lots of sexy bulgarians. Many asked me "how about doggy" after a while. I really enjoyed it as opposed to Amsterdam. The RLD is REAL close to the town center with a church and lots of beer bars. I spend about four hours, fuck have a beer, repeat. Five girls in four hours and back on the train to Schipol for my connection.

01-03-05, 04:15
I'll be in Amsterdam this Febuary and March. I've given up on the RLD in Amsterdam because of the low quality of experience and poor value. Back in 1998 it was way better there but its gone downhill (and I'm also kind of spoiled after 6 years of German FKK visits, but of course they are not really an option when in Holland). Anyway, I'm considering taking a side trip to Alkmaar to hang out for an evening (choose a few window girls and maybe hang out in a coffeeshop in between).

From reading the posts its hard to tell if Alkmaar is whorthwhile NOW or not (seems like the situation changes there depending on certain factors).

Has anyone been there lately? How big is the RLD there (how many kramers or windows to choose from)? And is there a coffeeshop (ganja-type) in the area?

Member #2744
01-03-05, 21:43
Alkmaar will not easily change quickly, because most girls stay there for quite a long time, up to three years. All is legal in NL.

Most recently the number of Non-European Unions girls like the Bulgarians, Rumanians etc. decreased while the re-fill from the ie Poland, the Baltic states, could not fully replace the loss.

As a result there are a lot of rooms for rent, or in other words a smaller number of girls and an even smaller number of good girls. Last time I went there I had a mixed result for the first time. A good girl from Riga and a good dutch girl but two other's which were really not worth the 35€.

Just to refresh, Alkmaar is safe, but offers only CBJ, CFS, not CIM. DATY is possible if you find a girl that agrees to it.

I would recommend to go there if you are in the area, but to travel a long way, well I doubt whether it is worth?

BTW, Travel 100, why didn't you go to Slubice, just an hour away from Berlin? Great place for our hobby.

Black Adder
01-29-05, 18:21
As a respond to travel100 . . Amsterdam is a good place because all you need is in the center. But I agree it is all business and in Alkmaar things are often more relaxed. And with prices from 35 euro .. it is worth a try.

Things have changed recently. It looks to me as the girls behind the windows change more often. But after a few bad months the number of good looking girs have increased. Okay, it is not the high quality you find in Amsterdam but you won't get disappointed.

Of course there girls with good and bad service. But from my experience if you are nice to them they will ignore the clock often. This is different from Amsterdam, where you get what you paid for, and nothing more !

And exept from this, Alkmaar is a nice city, with lots of restaurants and pubs around the corner. Go there and enjoy !

03-11-05, 22:32
Similar to the Kaleu's German Club Index, find hereafter the Routard's Dutch club Index for Alkmaar. For the complete Club Index go to the Thread other areas.

Club 26
Bergerweg 26 Alkmaar Noord Holland
Entrance: 0€
Price: 70€/30min, 115€/60min
Misc: Bar Expect 2-7 girls Eastern European

Member #2744
03-19-05, 11:46
Alkmaar, Achterdam, after been raided for Non-Eu non registered girls last year, they never fully recovered from this. It lost most of the previous attractiveness to me.

However, yesterday I did a thorough walk.

1. I guess during a Friday evening you would exept all girls to work. There I conclude there is only a 60% room occupancy rate.

2. The few attractice Baltics I have seen 4 weeks ago, had left, and were partially replaced by Hungarian girls.

3. There was hardly any new talent there, execept those Hungarians, who I thought were in the 5-6 ratings. Either small, fat, flat, all of them.

4. A few blonds in their early 30s with different looks might
offer reasonable service, but some definately are for the very quick run. Rooms closed and reopen within less than 10mins, and guys not looking very satisfied.

5. I had two of the new Hungarians, both a 6, both very average service, both very time concerned.

All in all I would not travel there at present, but pass by if you are in area. As soon as the situation (hopefully) will improve, I'll let you know.

Member #2744
04-30-05, 19:03
Back to the scene, and the Hungarians are still the majority of the newer talents. The good thing is, they speak no dutch, so it is even playing fields for all of us.

For a long time I missed a BBBJ there so I was pleasently surprised when it was offered for 40 € (instead of the usual 35 €). The girl was a from South Hungary, some 25J. black hair, B-cups and a 6 at most. As the street rules forbid the girls to offer BBBJ I cannot give you the room number.

Reasonable blow, a little bit too teethy at the beginning, but better after I interfered.

Again, price for value can be good and was good, but I still miss the selection of the glorious times when the EU-border was lifted for the Baltics.

04-30-05, 23:30
Hey, I thought Baltic lands such as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were now full-fledged members of the EU, just like Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc. One gets the impression that Hungarians are given preffential treatment over Baltic girls? How can that be the case legally if both have equal EU status?

Btw: I can tell you where to get great bbbj just south of the Dutch border, but within NL itself it is rare. You lucked out to find it in Alkmaar no doubt. Wise and considerate not to reveal the kamer no.

Member #2744
05-01-05, 17:14
Ortos, Alkmaar is generally full of new EU-country talents, but the Baltics are currently very rare. This was somehow different in the first weeks when the border was lifted.

There is no preferential treatment only such that the Baltics girls seem no longer to show up in the same quantities anymore.

It is a free circulation and their decision. Therefore one has to take what is there. I guess they have simply found better areas with higher going rates and where money making is easier.

BTW it was not my first BBBJ in Alkmaar but as you rightly stated it is very rare in NL

Leandro daSilva
05-10-05, 08:51
Recently I have visited the "Achterdam", the famous street in Alkmaar. And I must say that the qualitiy of the girls has become a little better. Price is still 35 Euro for 10-15min. At night it is quiet and then there are only clients (most Turkish) looking for a girl. Once in a month I visit this place. To my opinion the scene and the quality is average. My favorites are The Hague (-Geleenstraat-) and Amsterdam. So Alkmaar is a good option if you want to try something else or if you want girls from Eastern-Europe.

Leandro daSilva
05-24-05, 09:50

Member #2744
06-05-05, 12:46
Just a quick update on Alkmaar.
Room fill rate is approximately 70% now, a lot better than in previous months.
Quality is very mixed indeed, anything from the good old experienced hookers in their 30ies up to joung starters.

Expect the full show from 20:00 to 24:00.

I had further to my previous hungarians more of them with some better results.

Expect S.ck and f.ck for 35 € (15mins), and expect to extend the time if you are satisfied. All with, hardly no BBBJ. DATY maybe agreeable, just ask.

Again, if you have an Amsterdam stoppover and some time free in the evening it may be a choice. During daytime it can be very slow, and only those girls available who cannot make their living in the evening.

Member #2744
07-25-05, 21:51
Fill rate down to 60%, more hungarians, quality is down, not really worth the travel there if you are not in the neighborhood anyway.

However I had one passionate one, reasonable good CBJ, FS in three positions, good 15 mins for 35 €, not too bad.

Girl was 22yr, started 4 days ago, had her dreams still, wonder how long she will stay.

Have fun.

08-18-05, 23:28
I have been to Alkmaar before and found it to be a nice relaxing place compared to the crazyness in Amsterdam. I will be going to Amsterdam again in a few weeks and am planing to spend a couple of days in Alkmaar to relax.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a reasonable clean place to stay? I am not worried about being near the RLD because Alkmaar is not that big. That said, it would be nice if the RLD were within reasonable walking distance. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much in advance.

(Atlanta, Georgia USA forum)

Member #2744
08-19-05, 16:01
You may use this link to book...


then select Noord Holland, Alkmaar

If you are not happy, use the rate as indication and give the hotel a ring to negotiate a single room at a lower rate.
English language is no issue in NL.

08-31-05, 11:10
Thank you very much for the suggestion. I did exactly what you recommended. I have a booking at the Amrath Hotel Alkmaar. The Web price was 100 Euros, but when I spoke with them, they gave me a room for 80 Euros. I will post a report when I get back.


09-02-05, 17:13
I wish I could remember her name, but there's a fabulous Italian woman in the 3rd passage, room 22. She looks a little like she could be scowling if lit the wrong way - after all it is the last corner in the back - but she's very good, very passionate and highly recommended. Anyone know the name of this woman and if she's back from vacation?

Alkmar Punter
09-16-05, 18:53
Hi Woofiee,

The Italian girl in 3rd passage (think she's Romanian) must be Maria, late twenties, black hair, good boobs, one of the few regulars. Alkmaar Achterdam looks good but girls are tooo fast circulating.

See you next time in Cafe Muizenvreugd.

Member #2744
09-17-05, 10:27
Cafe Muizenvreugd. I am in Alkmaar next week but never came across that place??

What is the current occupancy rate, I mean how many of the 120 rooms are busy?

09-20-05, 17:32
Maria sounds correct, thanks. I was sorely tempted to come up and see if she's still around.

(hey - have we had a drink together there?)

Hi Woofiee,

The Italian girl in 3rd passage (think she's Romanian) must be Maria, late twenties, black hair, good boobs, one of the few regulars. Alkmaar Achterdam looks good but girls are tooo fast circulating.

See you next time in Cafe Muizenvreugd.

Member #2744
10-04-05, 18:29
Been recently to the Achterdam and scored with Niki, Passage 1, entrance street no 6, room 5, a Hungarian again. Full briested, guess a good C, not too strong and firm though, nice firm body otherwise.

No time pressure within the usual 35 € s..k and f..k, both covered. Good BJ and I kept her hands and it felt nice and warm. FS in different position until a georgious come.

Then I met a Bulgarian in passage 2, room G4, body slightly nicer, a good 6, but very passionate too.

All in all quality has further detoriated, but price value is still outstanding. I would not travel a great deal to get there, but if you pass by don't miss it.

Best time is from 21:00 to 24:00, other times reduced offer.

11-27-05, 16:24
All in all quality has further detoriated, but price value is still outstanding. I would not travel a great deal to get there, but if you pass by don't miss it.

Best time is from 21:00 to 24:00, other times reduced offer.I decided to take a trip up to Alkmaar in search of the fabled 35 euros hotties. It was a refreshing change from my average Wallen experience of drugs dealers, tourists, stag-dos and girls continuously tapping on windows. I found the area to have a nice laid-back atmosphere, even on a Saturday night. Although I did think that the overall quality was lower than the Wallen, with nothing more than a 8 ˝ out of 10, but value for money was excellent.

Overall, the 45 min trip up to Alkmaar was well worth it and would probably do it again if I had the time.

12-17-05, 17:11
I hear that there's alot of new eastern europe hotties there now - and that there are whispers of "frans zonder", the famed bbbj, floating down the Achterdam nowadays.

Any new reports? Anyone see/experience anything new on the 'dam?

01-03-06, 01:02
I hear that there's alot of new eastern europe hotties there now - and that there are whispers of "frans zonder", the famed bbbj, floating down the Achterdam nowadays.

Any new reports? Anyone see/experience anything new on the 'dam?"frans zonder", Yes, I can confirm that. "Frans zonder" is really popular there acoording to the dutch website www.hookers.nl I won't dwell on venerial risks here. The Achterdam is a lot better, and indeed than the RLD in Amsterdam as I found out last week. A lot cheaper as well: 35 euro per 30 minutes is normal if the girl likes you.

Many russian, ukrainan and bulgarian girls there lately, be nice to them and most of them will give you a very good time.

01-28-06, 14:20
Does anyone have any names/addresses of massage places in alkmaar and details of the services provided etc?


Mike De H
02-04-06, 21:01
I hear that there's alot of new eastern europe hotties there now - and that there are whispers of "frans zonder", the famed bbbj, floating down the Achterdam nowadays. ?Forget the BBBJ, I want KISSING!!

Nice to see you here woof! I am feeling very Alkmaarish right now. Maybe if I can get a trip up soon then some Alkmaar action would be good. I will call Wim and let him know.

Speak later,


Member #2744
06-29-06, 20:41
I have been there last week and had sex but no fun with five girls. I couldn't believe that there is no good girl anymore and tried one after the other without a better result.

They still look nice, are still mainly from Hungary or Bulgaria, with some exceptional Slowaks or Czechs, and a few Baltics.

The attitude is to take 35 € or more for 10 mins, max 15 min.and to offer almost nothing for it. Ok they put clothes off, they do a robot like covered BJ and they offer even one or two positions for sex if they not decide the time is over!

But that is nuts, nothing in addition that makes you feel comfortable or ignated.

And there is a only a short time window when they all
work, between 8pm and 12pm.

I will not do the travel up there again but will try my luck next time in Amsterdam or better in Clubs in Germany.

Alkmar Punter
07-01-06, 08:50
Well, it's true, the magic of 3 years ago is over, for whatever reason, the lookers are good, there are some good finds though, some regulars of old days like Nadia (Hungarian), Alexa (Estonian, now Eva), Nikola (Czech) , Maria (Bulgarian) , Camelia (Romanian) , Sisi (Bulgarian) now operate in the Amsterdam Wallen. Where I'm often around.

07-01-06, 13:25
I have been there last week and had sex but no fun with five girls. I couldn't believe that there is no good girl anymore and tried one after the other without a better result.
The attitude is to take 35 € or more for 10 mins, max 15 min.and to offer almost nothing for it. Ok they put clothes off, they do a robot like covered BJ and they offer even one or two positions for sex if they not decide the time is over!
I will not do the travel up there again but will try my luck next time in Amsterdam or better in Clubs in Germany.I concur — I was in Alkmaar last night, and GoldenTime on tuesday evening, and even with the 2 hour drive back and forth and the chance of spending faaaar too much money, I'll take GT anytime. Far better experience for my money - the Alkmaar girls are getting far too big for their britches (my dad's line but it fits, in any ways). I don't need the bum's rush from someone I'm giving my hard-earned money to, no matter what the contract is.

It's NRW all the way now. Maybe we'll see you back there sometime soon Mike?

Alkmar Punter
07-03-06, 08:31
I have been there last week and had sex but no fun with five girls. I couldn't believe that there is no good girl anymore and tried one after the other without a better result.Still it's quite remarkable that you do 5 girls in a row and next say it's nothing , you have no names or details , that should be a part of interest in the girls as for what they are or think, what you don't give you don't get in return. If you boldly have done your thing with all the girls - it still is a big score.

I was in GoldenTime yes, yesterday , yes it's good, the girls are initially not THAT different with any other girl though, they are not all big laughers either, they do their thing. The day cost me alltogether 200 at two girls , that is with maximum yield , - the other 200 is for the girls in Amsterdam and Alkmaar, during this week.

Member #2744
07-05-06, 22:08
A.P I have no plan with me. so I start from the side of the car park. On the left after the first three rooms is a small alley with four girls. I had the first one-mea in the first room to the street. I think she was from Latvia or Lituannia and she has a really nice face. The has three children and her breasts are the worst I have seen. Nevertheless she is a fucking machine who gave me a 10 min CBJ and another almost 10 min doggy. not only the breast turned me off also the smell from some other previous fellows, maybe her. Damage 35€.

The next one was opposite in room 5, Bulgarian, her older sister works opposite next door to left. Offered a BJ and sex for 50€. Her blow stile was very hektik, like you drink a pint of beer with 100 zips instead of 15. although we found a common langange and I could explain that to her, she only could do it that way. Apart from that she was very time-concious. On the positve side was her nice body, almost a 8 in my scale.

I did the five not all in one night as I was a couple of days in Alkmaar.

I am fed up with texting all these as none of the other three really gave me both, a good feeling and good fun.

Good luck for your hunting.

Alkmar Punter
07-09-06, 00:41
Hi Member,

That girl you did first is Maria from Lithuania , she collected quite a good reputation in only a few weeks in Achterdam , her verbal qualities are limited.

The Bulgarian sisters probably are Kiki and Gina (the older one) You did Kiki , the best looker, she's very thin.

What is your next goal ?

Member #2744
07-09-06, 08:52
A.P. yes that were the first two girls, the other's are a bit more complicated to describe the room without a plan, and even worse I didn't notify the room number. If they would be good, I'd certainly would make a detailed report here.

Anyway there are a few specialists here in this forum who know the current girls anyway, and for the rest of the readers a general view is problably want they can use, before making a 45min trip from Amsterdam to get there.

Shit that the English posts in the hooker.nl have declined so much. So a good source too.

If you have your favorite or any new good arrival just post here.

Alkmar Punter
07-09-06, 18:49

Yes , the English posts in Hookers were from the days that Alkmaar was a must -
there is a good map available though:


You were in Nieuwe Passage, that is the housenumbers 3 and 5 , kamer 1 (on the street) , Maria.

09-09-06, 16:27
Does anyone have any experience with private clubs in Alkmaar? I am thinking this might be better than the RLD. Does anyone know anything about this?

Thank you,

Fightin Windmill
09-12-06, 17:12

Yes , the English posts in Hookers were from the days that Alkmaar was a must -
there is a good map available though:


You were in Nieuwe Passage, that is the housenumbers 3 and 5 , kamer 1 (on the street) , Maria.Thank you I feel honoured.

04-19-08, 04:38
This section gets no traffic since 2006? Does that mean Alkmaar's RLD is closed up?

Anyone know if Mickey is still in the biz? Is she still in Alkmaar? I havent seen her in a few years but I'd love to be fortunate enough to see her again.


04-24-08, 10:22
I recently moved to Noord Holland and can report that Alkmaar is still up and running. I didn't have much time yet to do anything more than stroll through there, but that will hopefully change soon.

Tvr 1974
06-04-08, 18:34
This section gets no traffic since 2006? Does that mean Alkmaar's RLD is closed up?

Anyone know if Mickey is still in the biz? Is she still in Alkmaar? I havent seen her in a few years but I'd love to be fortunate enough to see her again.

TDShe moved to Amsterdam, wallen district.

06-23-08, 16:59
It's already been a few weeks since I saw her, but I don't wanna keep this to myself. Especially since it is very quiet in here. It was an early Monday night (around 9pm) when I found myself looking at what the Achterdam had to offer. I'd say about 50-75% of the 120 (according to the website) kamers were occupied, mostly with Eastern European Girls. The quality obviously does not compare to the Wallen, but I dare to say that everyone should be able to find what he is looking for. As long as it is not Barbie-type Supermodel.

Anyway, I found what I was looking for in the Nieuwe Passage, Kamer 4 (see below posted maps). Nicoletta, early 20ies, about 1. 60m with A cups, black hair, brown eyes. Her looks almost fooled me into believing she had latin heritage (something rare in A'dam & Alkmaar, IMO), but she turned out to be Hungarian. She quoted 35 Eur for 20 minutes S&F, position, . And I agreed.

She didn't try to upsell or pull any bullshit and definitely shows enthusiasm at what she does. Her oral skills are above average and she follows directions.

Unfortunately, once we got to the fucking part, she used too much lube making it hard to finish, so I asked her for another blowjob with a new condom which she didn't deny. Another small negative point for me is that she hardly made any eye contact.

So overall, if you're looking for a good window girl experience, I'd say go for it. If you prefer a GFE with eye contact, cuddling etc. Better don't.

07-10-09, 14:57
Hi All. Does anybody has news about private club in Alkmaar?

I found out a thai club (ww.thaiclub.nl) and club26.

Does anybody has info? Exp. on the first one, i'd like to understand if it is just massages or smthing else.

Thanx all.

07-11-09, 01:06
Word on the street is that as of September 1, 2009.

All windows in Alkmaar will close.

A sad day


07-23-09, 10:30
Word on the street is that as of September 1, 2009.

All windows in Alkmaar will close.

A sad day

SmulerThis is indeed very sad news that they have finalised a date. I have had over the last 7 years some good punts there. I won't bother going back there in December when I return to NL.

Gringo Safado
09-13-09, 23:52
Are there any luxury *****houses in Alkmaar (like the german FKKs or like Babylon in Austria) or is it all just windows?


10-05-09, 23:33
This is indeed very sad news that they have finalised a date. I have had over the last 7 years some good punts there. I won't bother going back there in December when I return to NL.I'm going to Amsterdam in two weeks and as far as I understand it, business in Alkmaar is still as usual. I plan to make a trip out there to see what it's like. I have never been to Alkmaar so I'm looking forward to it! Maybe it will still be activity there in December, when you are coming to the Netherlands, Heartless?

03-03-10, 10:42
Select "Add New Message" to post a message.Mm.. I have trouble finding the above button.

Anyways, there have been talks in recent months about closing the RLD in Alkmaar due to criminal connections of the owners.

At this moment in time it is still open and the court decided the evidence was not enough.

If anything happens, I will keep you updated.

03-04-10, 22:41
Mm.. I have trouble finding the above button.

Anyways, there have been talks in recent months about closing the RLD in Alkmaar due to criminal connections of the owners.

At this moment in time it is still open and the court decided the evidence was not enough.

If anything happens, I will keep you updated.This has been talked about for over a year now

It's not going to happen

Best Regards


07-29-10, 22:33
Hi all,

been a while since i posted.

But a few weeks ago went Alkmaar with a buddy.
Alkmaar is his favourite. Despite prior experience he assured me..gorgeous gals.

To be honest alkmaar impressed me. Alot of choice and varies from 4s to 8s. Something for everyone. The feeling was also this place was filled with more european(eastern) white girls, than girls from 3rd world countries compared to other RLD like utrecht and amsterdam.( Thats why my friend prefers this place.. and i have to agree there)
It's basically just 1 relatively short walking street...but from this street you gain entrance to the buildings where there are more ladies/rooms are available.

The area felt very safe and not seedy at all. With a parkinglot just meters from this place and the city center quite close by.
The first time i was here...i was actually buying a TV from a nearby electronics store. Saw the redlights(what else) and went exploring. even for an afternoon stroll it was impressive.(be warned though...not sure if i got the ugly bunch than..or that they can hide less in teh sun. But the gals than was max 7 to me.
But the whole place is very good situated RLD with some nice facilities.

Pricing seems very reasonable....but these are starting prices. when they get the money from you...they want to get you off asap and kick you out the door. Ofcourse...more money means more time. Always negotiate first.
Level of service is of course dependable on girls.

TBH this time I didnt get a chance to sample one of the girls.
My buddy seemed to get the wrong girl.(Piece of advice...if a girl is hardselling...don't go for it)
She basically got him all hot and bothered...but once in side...she went all rough and businesslike. To make it worse she was not very hygienic and smelled like ass.
heheh had a laugh than. Dont think i can get it up if things smell like shit to me.

Anyway for people visiting amsterdam and looking to sample a RLD thats relatively safe and easy to get to. Give it a try.
Alkmaar is a pretty picturesque city to visit by it self.

09-13-11, 22:41

Black Adder
04-03-12, 19:27
Yes. A lot of windows are closed, but also a lot of them are still open.

Mostly eastern europe girls. It is still a single street, but don't be fooled. It is worth a visit or two.

Service between 35-50 euro's. Everything is more relaxed than the Amsterdam scene. More possible to.

Have fun!

08-18-12, 18:50
Yes. A lot of windows are closed, but also a lot of them are still open.

Mostly eastern europe girls. It is still a single street, but don't be fooled. It is worth a visit or two.

Service between 35-50 euro's. Everything is more relaxed than the Amsterdam scene. More possible to.

Have fun!I always enjoyed taking the train from Amsterdam to Alkmaar. I believe it was only a 20 or 30 minute ride. Sad to hear that most of the windows have closed. Anyone have any updates on the RLD street that's still open? I'll be heading back over to the Netherlands in October.

Member #4594
08-19-12, 22:43
I always enjoyed taking the train from Amsterdam to Alkmaar. I believe it was only a 20 or 30 minute ride. Sad to hear that most of the windows have closed. Anyone have any updates on the RLD street that's still open? I'll be heading back over to the Netherlands in October.It is working.

Visited yesterday and had a contact with two girls, one from Bulgaria another from Rumania.

The first girl was amazing.

The second girl was frozen girl with silicon tits.

08-29-15, 19:37
Is there still an RLD here? Haven't been for quite awhile. Used to have a great time.

08-30-15, 18:17
Is there still an RLD here? Haven't been for quite awhile. Used to have a great time.Yes.

Not what it used to be, but its something.

Still 35 E.

Best regards.


09-02-15, 13:08

Not what it used to be, but its something.

Still 35 E.

Best regards.

SmulerThanks for the response. I think I'll check it out sometime.

11-28-15, 06:37
Was here last month. Still a pretty good spot even though I'm guessing at least half or more of the windows are closed. Pretty shocking considering what it was once like. Met some nice Romanians but the hottest was a Hungarian. Sure like the EE girls, and the local RLDs like this. Very quiet and low key and also a good value at 35 euros.

Plan to visit again.

11-13-17, 18:20
Had the pleasure of testing out 4 excellent sessions for the excellent price of 35 euros. So nice that there were not the crowded like in Amsterdam. Very cool town and good looking laid back girls who were all a pleasure. My favorite was Carmen, not sure about the room numbers.