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05-16-02, 05:34
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06-05-02, 20:11
I went for my first trip in Den Haag yesterday. I would look at the RLD there and try a half club half prive whom I heard of on the web.
RLD is not interresting, not at all !!! I went in the 3 areas and I've not got a smile and the quality of the girls is ???????
But after that I went in Casa Cherda , 383 Bezuidenhoutzeweg,
Here you pay at the entrance € 60 without seeing the girls who are there and for that price, you can have 30 minutes in prive or in public (there is a bed in the room where you can make love ) with the girl of your choice and after a hand job with this same girl. You also receive a bathing wrap; so you undress completely and put on your bathing wrap, then you go in the main room where are the ladies and the men who are visiting the club.
the drinks are €2.50 and you pay them when you leave.
So every body is in the same room chatting,watching TV (there are 3), looking the girls and the guys, drinking. Cool atmosphere.
BUT !!!! what is strange and/or funny when you have chosen your favorite girl, you can kiss her, play with her body in front of all the others, and she does the same with you and your dick and when you are in good conditions, you go on the first floor and have a 30 minutes sessions with your girl.
When you are done, you can wash and return in the room with the others.
Your girl disapears and you see the other girls touched and touching their guys and their dick all very naturally.
As this scene is quite exciting after a while you are ready for a hand job and you ask to your girl to do it and when you come in her hands, she cleans you and its finished for sex session .
Now you can talk with her and with the others girls and guys as long as you want.
If you want an other session, you have to pay again.
My girl's name was Nancy, from Surinam, 24 yo very gentle, a good GFE,very cooperative and charming, rate 6/7 in my opinion. I have done all my desires with her, I mean undressed her, touched her every where, kissed her, 3 positions. There was another girl younger, brazilian, cute also, rate 7/8 and the other girls were almost Dominicain and/or african. rate 3/5.
It was a really funny experience, and I think I will return to see the young Brazilian girl.
It's funny to try that once and if you like , you return. So the afternoon cost me € 65 for all, drinks and girl,

06-16-02, 00:29
I just went to Den Haag and found only one of the 3 areas interesting. One disappointing thing was that they charge 50 euro for only 15 minutes and are serious about that time. I did however, find the woman of my dreams. She is drop dead gorgeous and gave me the fuck of a lifetime. I was almost afraid she'd break something or at least bruise it. Iwas so taken with her I tried to go back the next night from Amsterdam but lost my Den Haag map and after driving lost for 2 hours around the city I went back to my hotel to save myself for my girfriend her in San Francisco who unfortunately pales by comparison.

SL Dog
06-29-02, 18:12
I'm an American in the Den Haag area and have sampled a few of the delights that the sex industry has to offer. Have walked the upscale RLD a number of times and sampled the wares on most visits ... always with generally unfulfilling overall experience. While many of the ladies are attractive and a few border on drop dead gorgeous, with only one exception, the window girls service is mechanical and without any real attempt to show interest in anything other than getting you off ... or ... getting your money. Standard fees today are 50 euro for about 15 minutes of mechanical sucking or fucking. All in all not much better than a hand job at home.

I have tried two of the Prive Huises with much better overall experiences. At Bananas on Weteringkade 113, I've had 50% hit rate of satisfaction. The place has a small bar atmosphere and girls will hang, but generally not approach you, until you send a signal to one of them or the "madame" in the area. Rooms upstairs have jacuzzi's and standard queen size beds ... if you get an interested girl, the experience can be very nice. All in all I like Diane's Secret at Laan Van Nieuw Oost Indie 200A ... this is more of a private house experience where all of the available girls will come out to introduce themselves to you when you arrive in the living room. The cross section ranges from poorly pulled together to very young and attractive. I've had a much better overall experience here with 2 of the 3 ladies that I've sampled giving very good (and different) experiences. The third lady was young (18) and seemed to be in pain all the time...I couldn't wait for it to end. The owner of Diane's Secret is liked by all the girls I've talked to and seems to be honest and fair. If you can find a standard, appointments are recommended and the experience can get better with each visit. Expect all services to include covered BJ plus multiiple positions for sex. If you get the right one, a followup massage or multiple orgasims for each of you is possible.

Happy hunting.

07-01-02, 02:53
Hey, how ya doin'? Actually. as in most cities in Europe, it is usually best to leave the car behind but I was stuck with it. They have pretty good bus services and poor parking situations. I don't know about the proximity to the station as I did drive and very fortunate to find some easy parking to the best (for me) RLD. It may have just been lucky timing. I rated the RLD's as to the quality of the talent (subjective and relative of course). Den Haag is where I found the one I still have serious fantasies of love and marriage about. She was young, beautiful and gave me the fuck of a lifetime (for 15 minutes). She was a gorgeous, sweet looking brunette named Nadine. They are too attached to the 15 minutes for $50. My budget as well as some tightfistedness kept me from spending more for more time. As you know from other posts I like to take my time.
'Til Thailand.

07-10-02, 22:20
I'll be visiting the Hague in mid-July. I'd welcome any reports on
Geleenstraat and private houses (latest prices and services). Any
recommendations for anal?

07-11-02, 08:50
Originally posted by najene
Den Haag is where I found the one I still have serious fantasies of love and marriage about. She was young, beautiful and gave me the fuck of a lifetime (for 15 minutes). She was a gorgeous, sweet looking brunette named Nadine. They are too attached to the 15 minutes for $50. My budget as well as some tightfistedness kept me from spending more for more time.

Najene, which of the three streets is Nadine to be found on?. Geleenstraat, Doubelstraat or Poeldijkstraat?. Do you know where exactly she is located, and where she comes from?. I recall a Nadia in Den Haag RLD some time ago, but I don't think you're talking about the same girl. And with budget, Prives are definitely the way to go for longer sessions, in my opinion.

Met vriendelijke groeten

07-11-02, 09:18

Prives: - Bezuidenhout 383; Chaperone (cost 120 euros for 1 plus bath); Amber Prive (on Prins Hendrikstraat) is a very nice prive. Price is 70 euros for 30 minutes or 125 for 1 hour. Maria is a nice 20 year old spanish girl, long dark hair, and you can lick her, french kiss and she will suck without condom. Was at Amber Prive a while ago. The big newspapers like De Telegraaf and Algemeen Dagblad carry advertisements for lots of Prives and clubs.

Anal: - Amber (Doubletstraat 10 - blonde, around 30 years old).
Esmerelda (red passage in Hunzenstraat)
Maria (Geleenstraat 13, Italian blonde hair mid-20s. 1.60m or so, C cup)
Carola (Geleenstraat 110 - short black hair,some piercings)
Belgian girl (2nd window on right after the door in the passage in Geleenstraat)

It doesn't come cheap though, usually the asking price is 100 euros. I don't have personal experience with any of those though.


07-11-02, 09:49
Unfortunately I don't know the street. It was, I believe, the Easternmost RLD. About the prives, I've been hearing that now that I am back in the US. I wish I had done more research here before I went. I've just recently learned to really use WSG effectively. I've learned a lot and made some interesting acquaintances on the Thai pages. My next trip is either to Thailand or Brazil. I was planning on Thailand but I just discovered I may get to Brazil first. I love Brazilian girls. I think it's that "oiee" thing they do.

07-13-02, 11:28
I just want to say about my experiances in the Hague.

I really like going with the latin women in the Dam becsue they are cheaper, friendlier and sleazier. I found out about the doubletstraat, Poeldijkstraat and geelenstraat from the WSG and decided to check it out. It was about 45 minutes or so from the dam and another 10 minutes or so to holland spoor. The Poeldijkstraat was very easy to find as it was a short walk from the station. I had some good sex in there and there were some ok looking women. I was always asked for 20 euro for S+F and they never tried for more. I don't think you get many tourists coming to this RLD, I think it is mostly local people. I went down to doublestraat and found the women to be better looking, in the back of a walkthru area I found a really sweet dominican girl, she really took care of me. There is a website about this place at


it has some photos etc

i never went to the geelenstraat, i will have a look next time

anyway i would like some advice please. I was only in the hague during the day and when i spoke to some of the girls they said it got really busy at night. many of the windows had those signs about being back in the hour or something like that, whats it like at night?? are there lots of girls, especially in the inside walkthru areas? also i would like to stay in the hage and would like a recommendation for a cheap hotel, there are 2 on stationsweg, are they any good? are there better places to stay? maybe in the centre, how about SW action?

sorry i ask alot of questions but if anyone wants to ask me about my trip please do

07-13-02, 23:28
Dear *****seeker,

Having also read the previous messages on WSG, I visited The Hague a couple of months ago and stayed there overnight. As I got out of the train station I decided to check out the three RLDs first, get laid and then find a hotel! A man's got to get his priorities right!
I did have a problem finding a hotel as there weren't many and I hadn't done my homework. I guess you can always email the local tourist board for a list of hotels. There are some family run hotels just in front of the Hollands Spoors station in either Stationsweg or the streets parellel to it. A single room is about 60 euros for a single room.
I ended up in a large 3/4 star hotel in a central square called Buitenhof. A single room was 90 euros(weekend rate). The room was ok. Buitenhof is about ten minutes from the train station.

The three RLDs get very busy at night. Geleenstraat which you did not visit is pedestrianised with many windows and loads of guys wandering around. It seems the girls are on par with the quality in Amsterdam and are better quality than Doublestraat or Poeldijkstraat. They also charge the standard 50 euros for S&F. There is a selection of ladies from the world over; I visited an Spanish blonde and had got anal for 50 euros extra. I also visited a very tall Dutch brunette wearing glasses and stayed with her for half an hour for 100 euros because we connected straight away! The sex was almost secondary. GFE experience!

I also visited Poeldijkstraat earlier in the day and spent time with the South Americans in the covered indoor area. I picked a Cuban girl wih firm breasts and was very suprised by the warmth of her character. The rate for S&F in Poeldijkstraat seems to be 20/25 euros. It was the first time I had been with a South American girl and am hooked! Cheap sex has never been better.

I thought Doublestraat was full of absolute mingers!(British slang for down right ugly girls!)You are right in saying that there aren't tourists around just the locals and I like it that way. I just find the Amsterdam scene very intimidating. The Hague offered me the best of both worlds and with Alkmaar(which is also a tourist free haven) only an hour away I look forward to revisiting soon.

07-13-02, 23:38
Dear *****seeker,

Sorry if I got carried away, but in Galeenstraat there about three covered areas and they are full of girls. I did see one very busty fair haired girl who had stars and stripes bikini on on the middle of Galeenstraat on the junction with Hunsestraat(as you walk into Hunsestraat from the West she was in the last window on the left) who was an absolute stunner! I waited for her circuling around for half an hour and then suddenly saw one of those 'Back in a hour' signs on her window! My loss...... Opposite to the mentioned girl is a large covered area and if you carry on walking on to the junction of Galeenstraat you will see a smaller covered area in front of you with about 12 windows. The other smallest covered area is the north end of Galeenstraat(where I got anal for 50 euros. The girl was in the first window on the left).

SL Dog
07-14-02, 17:35
Ok fellows ... I made of tour of all 3 RLD streets in the interest of getting an objective comparison this afternoon (Sunday) for the aide of this group. Seems like we have lots of horny fellows interested in getting laid out there. Parked (free on Sunday) near Geleenstraat, the highest class of all the RDL in Den Haag ... about 4-5 girls that I found moderately appealling this PM ... about 60% of the windows were blank today, but then again remember that we're just entering the holiday season and it was late afternoon. Street traffic of window shoppers was lighter than usual as well. From there walked down to Poeldijkstraat ... what a dump. Didn't find a single girl that was even remotely interesting. Clientelle on the street clearly not native dutch or western european. General need for hygene correction on most men. God, why would a girl with any ability to choose fuck a fellow that smells? Overall atmosphere was dirty. I don't care if you can get a S&F here for 20 Euro ... why would you? Even in my horniest college days this wouldn't have done it for me. From there to Doublestraat ... the place was even worse than Poeldijkstraat. I guess I saw one girl that didn't turn me off totally, the rest were ridden hard and hung up wet. Many in their 30-40's and well past their prime. So from there, back to Geleenstraat ... had 100 euro in my pocket (twice the normal asking price, but for a great experience I was willing to double the normal time) that I would have willingly invested in the right opportunity ... but I came back home with that same money safe and sound. The few real lookers on the street never even looked up when most guys walked past ... little interest among this group in delivering a service this afternoon. The girls that were anxious to hussle were those in the 3-5 category. Walked the street about 2 weeks ago and found the opportunities far more attractive.
As I've posted below, if you have the money, go the Privehuis route. For about 120 euro, you can get a full hour of servicing in much cleaner, more pleasant environment. On a euro per minute basis, this is a much better deal than any of the window girls who normally give you 15 minutes door to door. Besides, the setting in the Privehuis is more like a house so you have a chance of getting a GFE experience. Look below for my experiences with two that I recommend. Then again if all you want is a quickie, the place to go is Geleenstraat.
Happy hunting.

SL Dog
07-14-02, 17:42
One last thought ... I've noticed posts that refer to the "exact" window where a particular girl is on Geleenstraat ... foreget that calibration. Seems that once the girls "rent" out a room in a part of the building, they will move around during a several hour period. Not sure whether this is a programmed or reguired rotation, or whether they move around to improve their chances of getting chosen ... but the simple message here is don't count on a "looker" to be in the same window when you go back for another treat.

SL Dog
07-14-02, 17:52
One last thought ... I've noticed posts that refer to the "exact" window where a particular girl is on Geleenstraat ... foreget that calibration. Seems that once the girls "rent" out a room in a part of the building, they will move around during a several hour period. Not sure whether this is a programmed or reguired rotation, or whether they move around to improve their chances of getting chosen ... but the simple message here is don't count on a "looker" to be in the same window when you go back for another treat.

07-14-02, 18:13
SL_Dog and Tony70

This is very useful information, thanyou. I do like the Doublestraat and Poeldijkstraat because although the women are not attractive, apart from the odd one, and of course some are really ugly, i like the sleazy feel about the place. Tony, yes the Poeldijkstraat probably has better looking women, i was only there on a couple of afternoons so its hard to make comparisons, especially as it was rather quiet. I want to hear more opinions or reports from people about the Hague RLD's. I think that it is a good place to go. Many readers here will have gone or are going to the Dam and it is only a short train journey to the hague so i hope more people come. I think i will try a privhuis some time, 120 is not much and for a full hour is cheap compared to many places

07-22-02, 22:40
I am visiting Holland next week and will be visiting The Hague RLD. I was there for a couple of days earlier this year. Has anybody to Polderdijkstraat RLD recently as it was reported the street will be closed forever this year. I had some very good experiences with the Latino's ladies and would be such a shame to see it go. Also has anyone got anything to report on prive houses (apart from Dianas Secrets which I know) in the Hague? Many thanks for any comments. I will be also visiting Alkmaar which is my favourite RLD(no tourists around!).

07-23-02, 08:21
It's news to me that Polderdijkstraat is going to close, since I don't believe that is the case. The best street of the three Den Haag RLDs is Geleenstraat, although it is generally more european girls and less of the Latino types. I was in Alkmaar RLD last month and the selection of girls has really declined in my opinion, most seem to have left or are away on holiday. I went to Amsterdam after walking round for about an hour, and the selection in the Walletjes this summer seems to be better than the previous two or three summers. Two other nice RLDs you might want to try instead are Arnhem and Leeuwarden (price is 25 Euros here).

Met vriendelijke groeten

07-23-02, 22:16
Dear Amorphous,

I am visiting Alkmaar and am a bit concerned about the comment that the selection has gone down! Please can you shed some more info about the RLDs in Arnham and Leeuwarden i'e street addresses the windows are in etc. Many Thanks Tony

07-24-02, 09:26
Tony: Arnhem is about 30-40 minutes by train from Amsterdam. The RLD is in an area called "Spijkerkwartier" and there are girls on Spijkerstraat (a long street), Karel van Gelderstraat and Driekoningendwarsstraat. There is also an area on Spijkerstraat called "Loods". There is a mix of European (Dutch, Spanish, Greek, etc.), Latinos and there seems to be several Yugoslavians. Price starts at 25 Euro up to 50 Euro.

Leeuwarden is 2 hours from Amsterdam, and is in the Friesland Province. The RLD is on a street called Weaze which is not too far from the NS Railstation (Go towards the bridge) and on this street there is a few small side streets with windows - they're called Hofje (this is like an indoor court type area, you go through a revolving door which is on the Weaze street), Walhall, Esperanza, Kwibus and Love&Joy. Standard price is 25 Euro, or 50 for half hour with everything. I got offered a threesome for 50! Again lots of South Americans and Eastern Europeans (mostly Bulgarian and Russian, with a few Czech, Lithuanian, enz.) I don't go there often because it's far from me, but if you're on a tour of RLDs I think it would be worth a visit. Utrecht is good too, though it's RLD is not so easy to visit if you are by foot.

Happy plezierlopen. :)


07-24-02, 22:06
Dear Amorphous,

Many thanks for the info on Arnhem. I will certainly try and visit its RLD. I have found that Amsterdam RLD is too intimidating with so many tourists; thats why I often ask about the RLDs in the smaller towns. I have been to Alkmaar once staying overnight and found it perfect for me, no tourists or rowdy drunken groups in sight! I'm running out of excuses to visit Alkmaar though; when I am asked why I visit this town, I reply it is for the cheese market on a Friday!

07-29-02, 17:04
Tony: I am happy to read that somone other than myself has visited Alkmaar and had fun. Please let me know of your experiences there and the girls you met. I spent several months in Holland this year but have now returned to Boston. I cannot believe that more people don't visit Alkmaar considering that there are fewer tourists, lower prices (35 Euros) and decent girls with far better attitudes than those in Amsterdam. Take care.

07-29-02, 22:33
You lucky bas***d to have spent a few months in Amsterdam. I envy you! I will definitly report back as I am spending one night in Alkmaar, the Den Hague and then use two days in Amsterdam as a base to go on day trips to Utrecht and Arnhem. Do you have any info on the boats in Utrecht? E.g prices, how to get there from the main train station, recommended girls? Many Thanks

07-30-02, 09:27
Tony: The Utrecht RLD is located on Zandpad, which runs along the Vechtdijk Canal (This is where the boats sit) under the bridge on Marnixlaan. If you look for theTexaco gas station, the turn off is between the bridge and the gas station on both sides of the street. I don't know exactly how to get to it from the NS Train Station, but it is East. It's not very close, at least a few km walk. There is a bus which takes you to near the gas station, though I don't remember the number. You can ask someone (or at the VVV) which bus takes you to Marnixlaan. Alternatively a taxi would cost no more than 10 Euros. As for girls, I've heard good things about a Morokaan girl (168-2), a dark haired Russian (146-2), blond Dutch girl called Mandy (138-6), Ilona, Russian girl (162-6), and Natalie another Russian (150-3). The first number is the boat number and the second the kamer. These have had several good reports from other Dutch guys. I don't get to visit Utrecht often though. Regarding Alkmaar, between 10pm-1am is usually the best time. Utrecht is open 24 hours.


07-31-02, 07:35
Many thanks for the further info on Utrecht. It is very helpful to know recommended girls. I will post comments when I get back.

08-01-02, 14:43
Tony, you might find this link useful


You can see the Zandpad in the middle of the screen, and Marnixlaan is the red road. The railway track is at the bottom right part of the screen, and the treinstation is East of this a bit. Obviously Zandpad is West of the station not East! :-) I think you can walk along Winterboeidreef, turn right and along Brailledreef, turn left at Loevenhoufsedijk and this should bring you near the bottom of the Zandpad.


10-13-02, 19:39
Thanks to Freeler , tony and others for the info, I plan on going back soon and this time i gonna stay in the hague . hope to go in next few weeks. if not after my trip to thailand :-))

I will ty the geelenstraat next time too and maybe a private house

I will do a few reports too

10-26-02, 14:17
Visited Paradise Sauna Club twice recently. Located about 15 minutes tram ride from either railway station. Cost Eur 50 to enter the club, gives access to bar area with adjacent pool (au naturel), sauna and steam room. When you are ready ask to see the girls, make your choice, remain downstairs and enjoy the facilities or retire upstairs. Cost is Eur 120 per hour with the girl. Alternatively – skip the entry charge (& sauna etc) and go straight to the prive for same choice of girls.

Both times I went there were five girls available: 5-7 by my standards. First occasion I chose Werna (?) from Bulgaria, dyed blonde with a full figure; was very passionate and I had an exceptional time. Second visit I picked Simone, a slim brunette from Brazil who was not so good; talked/complained a lot and did not seem interested in ensuring that I had a good time.

Generally I liked the place and will visit again.

www.paradiseclub.nl for more info.

11-11-02, 17:53
I cruised around yesterday in 2 of The Hague RLD's (Geleenstraat and Poeldijkstraat) between 10 and 11 pm.
As usual, there was plenty of rather young 8-10 beauties in Geleenstraat all asking for the standard 50E/15mn deal. With those cuties, it can be either great or either disappointing. And this time, I was more willing to have a friendly unrushed session rather than taking a risk with a perfect shapped babyface doll. So, here I go to the Poeldijkstraat. Of course, beauty of the girls there is far away from Geleenstraat. It easily goes down to 0 in a 1 to 10 scale !!! Really few of them can go up to 5 (to my standards). Those are often dominicans in their mid 20's. They ask for 20Euros F&S, sometimes 25euros.
I finally started negociation with a smiling one.
Just by her was sitting a second one rather smily too. She offered 20 and suddenly it came to my mind "why not asking for the two of them ?"...."40" she said. "ok, let's go". As I only had a 50 E bill, I gave it with no discussion. In fact, I didn't want to spoil the nice atmosphere running on and I was hoping to get a better treatment (after all it's just 10 euro !). And I got it. Yes the girls where not exactly my kind, but they really took care about me. They were very good at blowjobs (2 at a time is great !). I don't tell all details but it was also nice to have a second girls kissing you around, caressing everywhere while the first one blows or is on top.
Overall a nice experience but next time I'll take my chances with a Geleenstraat heartbreaker.

11-18-02, 14:41
Following previous report, I went this time to Geleenstraat hoping to find out a young cute heartbreaker. There were many but as I wanted more "tenderness" this time than "pro sex" and a bit more than a 15mn session, none of the one I talked to seems to offer all that together in the limit of 50E.
I finally found the PERFECT attitude with 32 yo swedish blond Karina. A semi-pro working friday, saturdays and sunday evenings. Excepted for the belly, she deserves an good 8, nice skin, tanned, very firm breast, angel face, slim legs . For the attitude....Well I will give 12 in a range of 1 to 10 !! the best so far, and I am quite experienced in these place. The session went largely over the 15mn.
She used to be an escort and that can explain her attitude, willing to please and fit your desires.
The Geleenstraat RLD makes a T; you can find here on the left side of the T.
Meet you there next weekends as I think I'll keep on that one for a while !

12-15-02, 20:22
Returned to Relaxmassage on Binckhorstlaan on Saturday last week. Only one masseuse available - Anya, an older Thai lady - who is not the best looker there but gives a good straight and erotic massage. Don't turn her down on sight. Try to avoid her starting talking about her personal circumstances.

www.relaxmassage.nl for more info


12-16-02, 21:18
Recently visited Paradise Sauna club again. This time had chance to see the bar area - theoretically where you meet & select your companion in the evenings. OK but quiet when I was there.

Chose Julia - late 20s (I guess), part Korean, tall & slim. Quite pleasant to be with but somehow a little reserved. Would choose her again but she would not be my first choice.

www.paradiseclub.nl for more info


12-25-02, 16:01
By chance I am in Holland on friday for 7 days and I want to stay in the hague for at least 1 night on either Fiday or Saturday. Can anyone tell me about any good hotels next to Holland spoor? I know about the Fabiola, Bellevue and Astoria on Stationseweg and wondered if anyone can recommend any of these or any close by to Holland spoor station.

Many thanks

12-26-02, 02:30
You can find a room at NJHC that is very close to Den Haag HS Station : http://www.njhc.nl/english/default.cfm

12-26-02, 02:33
Complements for "*****seeker":

NJHC City Hostel Den Haag

Fit for a king!
Welcome to one of the newest NJHC hostels, right in the heart of the city that serves as the Netherlands’ seat of government. The location couldn’t be better: just a few steps from the Hollands Spoor (HS) and Central Station (CS) and only a short distance from all of the city’s must-see attractions. This picturesque hostel is ideally suited to accommodate individual travellers, families, school groups and sports teams.

Walk behind the hostel and you will find a large outdoor café on the waterside. From the hostel, you will reach the beach at Scheveningen in just 20 minutes.

All rooms are spacious and feature private sanitary facilities.

Scheepmakersstraat 27
2515 VA Den Haag

tel: +31 (0)70 - 315 78 88
fax: +31 (0)70 - 315 78 77

SL Dog
02-23-03, 09:59
New data has been fairly lacking recently in the Den Haag section, so I thought I’d check in with a status report. Saturday night around 9:30 PM, nice weather (for winter) … not much to do so decided to take a walk around the RLD to see what was happening. Hit Poeldijkstraat first. Probably a hundred men window-shopping. I’d guess about 40 girls. Merchandise ranged from –5 to 4 on a 0-10 scale. Most girls appear to be non-dutch and at the end of their usable professional career. Most windows don’t open there so negotiations takes place with hand signals and shooting. Looked like the going rate was Euro 25 for full service. God knows what happens when you go inside though. Heard distinct tendency toward Spanish in the negotiations. Wasn’t the least bit interested in what I saw and was generally turned off. Next headed over to Geleenstraat which proved to be a real upgrade in the merchandise. Easily 5-10 girls that I found quit interesting. Most dutch. A few asian. Negotiated with a few to see how friendly they were. Going rate on the street is Euro 50 for 15 minutes. And each 15 minute slice is another 50. Finally settled on a 2 girl duo. Their advertising line was “4 hands, 4 breasts, 2 pussies”. Couldn’t resist. Each wanted 50. I had an extra pair of 20’s in my pocket so I gave each 70. Had a very relaxed half hour or so. Both girls young (20 and 22) and firm. Both shaved smooth. Both with small tatoos. No visible piercings. Vigorous CBJ. Acceptable Fk with younger one on top and older one rubbing non-erogenous areas. Able to finger younger one who actually got quite wet. Older one limited to breast fondling. Unhurried. Nice chat afterwards. Girls complained that business was off and had been that way for a long time. They say street action continues ‘til around 1AM. Hope that helps the tourists.

As an aside, heard that Doublestraat is closed. Not a loss given the miserable setting there last time I strolled the block.

SL Dog
04-07-03, 21:29
After trolling around for a while in Alkmaar and RLD in Den Haag, returned to one of my favorite prive huis' in Den Haag ... Diane's Secret ... 200 Van Laan Niew Oost Indie (or something like that). Have been there many times. Girls are an interesting mix from heavily enhanced hooker looks to girl next door. Have always been partial to a 40yr old from Russia who has been living in NL for an extended period of time. Has two kids, but you'd never know it from the body. Short blonde hair. Round face. Pretty smile. Gentle. Pleasant to talk to. Have visited her half dozen times in the past 8-9 months. Intensely sexual. Can start off a session stroking, kissing, rubbing, probbing for a full 10 minutes ... quite erotic. Off to bed ... she loves being stroked. Pussy rubbing / clit rubbing drives her crazy and she's both verbal and expressive with the manual stimulation. Have always enjoyed her CBJs ... nice, gentle. Don't look for heavy slobbering or deep throating. Will do ball licking if you are cleaned / shaven. Have tried all positions I know to fuck with her. Never had any hesitation / resistance. She'll come 2 out of 3 times we're together. The atmosphere in these Prive Huis' is far superior to anything in the RLD ... time is on your side. Atmosphere is superior. A moderate chance that you can get a GFE experience. I know for a fact that it's possible to talk girls there into dinner, all night stay at the house. Most seem to be there because they want the money and because they love the sex. Not a bad combo if you can get a GFE mixed in! Happy hunting.

04-08-03, 10:46

How much did you have to pay for the service at Diane's Secret?

SL Dog
04-09-03, 20:36
Diane's Secret has pretty much standard charge ... pay the house for the room. That's 50 per hour for a standard room / 70 for the VIP with whirlpool tub and lot's of space. Normal room is basically a king size bed with comfortable surroundings. Nothing spartan about the place.

With room payment, you go to designated room and pay the girl at 35 per half hour / 70 per hour. I've always paid at the end of the session which is rather nice since it seems to disconnect the event from the money. Much better than "pay me now ... ok strip". Tipping or generosity helps if you intend to return. I've built up a following of interested young ladies there that are more than willing to make my time with them very pleasant Incidentally, I've always sought out straight sex ... covered BJ and multiposition sex so I don't know what charges are for greek or other fetishes. I have seen some sessions with two girls in the room with a fellow. They have a "price list" in the waiting area, but I don't read Dutch so I'm lost on the details.

I've had sessions of 1/2 hour all the way up to 1-1/2 hours. Prices just prorate up / down. For example with these rates a full hour in normal room is 120. Compare this cost to the (lack of) time and care at the RLD ... you are lucky to get 15 minutes for 50 there. More normal time in Den Haag is 10-12 minutes with your clothes off.

I know that they take PIN card, but I've always done cash. Don't count on credit card.

BTW - English works just fine there ... never met a lady that didn't have moderate to extremely good English skills.

04-10-03, 10:38

Many thanks for the info. I think next time I will test this place.

04-11-03, 00:13
Hello ,

What I don't like in Diane Secrets is that the "chaperonne" is a bit insisting (when you don't choose any lady).

I prefer "Chaperonne" and "Maison Prive" (you can leave easily without choosing any lady) but they are indeed not really close to RLD , train stations (CS or HS).

SL Dog
04-11-03, 22:55
bobo.fr ... re your comment on pressure to "buy" at Diane's Secret ... I've never felt it. I have seen fellows come in, meet the girls, decide that none of the available ones whet his whistle and then leave with no apparent pressure. I have noted that there is some rotation in the "chaperones", as you put them, but have found most to be quite pleasant and conversational. I'm convinced that some of them have been working girls themselves. So, while I note your comment, I've never experienced it.

04-13-03, 00:00
Hello sl_dog,

So , you are luckier than me.
I was just once in Diane Secrets and "dare" not to come back because of the "chaperonne" !!!

Do you know Nancy (with piercing) from Amterdam ? Does she still work there ?


SL Dog
04-15-03, 07:11
bobo.fr ... I don't think I've ever run into Nancy at Diane's Secret since I don't remember anyone with piercings other than an early 30ish girl by the name of Tamara ... she is wild ... had vibrating eggs that she used on me and herself. When she'd go to work on herself with that egg while we were fucking, it seemed like her entire pussy would be pulsing. And boy oh boy could she get a screaming orgasm - so much so that the girl in the neighboring room banged on the wall to see if she was ok. If you like doggie style, then this lady might be for you since that's about the only position that she really seems to dig. This lady was the first one I met at Diane's that seemed unsatiated with a first cum and actually wanted a second one with me ... and ... courtesy of the egg she had her second screaming orgasm. She was really too much for me since I was looking for more of a GFE! ... Ultimately found one with a late 30ish girl (originally from Russia) and an early 30ish girl (originally from Lithuania). Since I've moved on, she's yours, if you'd like!!

Happy hunting!

Grosses Wantz
04-27-03, 00:29
As a freqeunt punter of the RLD s in Den Haag I would like to say that you will not find better *****s in the whole of Europe than in Geleenstraat/ Hunsestraat
I will be giving regular reports very soon, just in time for all you Yanks to come to Europe and Spend Loadsofmoney


SL Dog
05-13-03, 19:43
Thought a scouting report might be in order since this board has been awfully quiet recently. Took a stroll to Poeldijkstraat at about 7PM to check out the situation. Dismal! Half the windows have been boarded up since my last stroll down that street. Those that were open were pretty disappointing. Most ladies well past their prime, overweight, and visually unappealing. Lots of window knocking by them indicating that things must be pretty tight there. Whole setting unimproved from any visit I've made there. Not the least bit motivated to invest my money there. Generally blue collar clientele walking the street, but not all that many actually buying services.

Headed over to the the much, much better Geleenstraat about 4-6 blocks away. About 40% of the window had girls in them. Unusually large number of Asian ladies on this particular night. Also a standard mix of "dutchy" young ladies ... most moderately to quite attractive. Ages seem to range from just barely legal (with baby fat still apparent) to a norm in the mid to late twenties. Several girls there have been around a this block 12 months or so, indicating that they are making out well enough to justify continuing the window rent. By far and away, the better of the two RLD blocks to visit.

But having said that, I wasn't motivated to "buy" despite a wad of cash in my pocket. I'm sure that at least one of those lasses would have been a good ride, but just couldn't get motivated to change my past good luck elsewhere. My best experiences continue to be at the Prive Huis' and I think I continue to make my investments there.

Happy hunting.

Cambodia Pro
05-14-03, 04:20

Originally posted by sl_dog
New data has been fairly lacking recently in the Den Haag section, so I thought I’d check in with a status report. Saturday night around 9:30 PM, nice weather (for winter) … not much to do so decided to take a walk around the RLD to see what was happening. Hit Poeldijkstraat first. Probably a hundred men window-shopping. I’d guess about 40 girls. Merchandise ranged from –5 to 4 on a 0-10 scale.

Girls complained that business was off and had been that way for a long time. They say street action continues ‘til around 1AM. Hope that helps the tourists.

As an aside, heard that Doublestraat is closed. Not a loss given the miserable setting there last time I strolled the block.

The Hague was overtaken by Prague, and Russia as the land of beauties almost 8 years ago in Europe. The Hague is no more. Long live the Hague where the ladies that don't retire live their Autum years.

06-28-03, 06:36
I'll be visiting the Hague again in mid-July. I'd welcome an update on action in Geleenstraat and also recommended private houses (latest prices and services). In particular, I'd welcome any
recommendations for anal.

SL Dog
06-29-03, 08:53
SHA47 ... look at my various reports in this section on Den Haag action. Things change slowly here so I'd say that my data of the last few reports remains valid. There's only one RLD area that's worth visiting ... Geleenstraat ... skip the others ... pretty scuzzy. Going rate is 50E for suck/fuck. Time is about 15 - 20 minute depending on the girl. Ladies here range from 4-8 with an occassional 9 mixed in.

My preference has been the Prive Huis route. I'm fond of Diane's Secret. Have also been to Bananas. Rates in these places tend to be more or less the same. For a full hour, pay the house 50-70E depending on whether you get VIP room. Pay the girl 70E for same period. Cut the rates in half for half hour. Only problem here is that total count of girls in these houses will naturally be less than the count of girls on a RLD block. If you are too chosey you'll be disappointed. But if you hit with one that connects with you the event can by dynamite. Time spend is much more enjoyable than RLD ... unhurried. Can become a GFE event if you are really lucky...but that's rare for a one time visitor. All sex of any kind is covered. Your personal hygene and your personal behavior has LOTS to do with your personal experience.

With regard to anal ... I've never had it offered. My gut tells me that you might find it in the lower end RLD but have never had the guts to do any negotiating in these low end spots since they are a turn off to me.

Happy hunting.

Holland Report
07-08-03, 15:45

I'm a new member, based in Den Haag. Don't worry, the Haag scene is alive and well. I visit the Polderdijkstraat and Geleenstraat once or twice a week, most weeks, so have a fair bit to report. I'll post some long messages reporting what I get up to over next weeks and months. But just a quick message now to wet the appettie. Cumming in mouth, deep throat, cumming on face, face fucking, anal and all kinds of pervy sex can be had, quite cheap in the Polderdijstraat. (The women are not all that good looking, but they make up for it in how much they'll do, for very little money. (25 euros for face fucking and cumming in mouth, without condom) For some really gorgeous pussie with young good lucking Dutch women the Geleenstraat is the place. But you have to pay more- 50 for straight suck and fuck, 100 for anal or cumming without condom.

Will come back with more, once I see that this is working and my first message is posted.... :-)

SL Dog
07-09-03, 06:08
Hey there Holland Report ... good to have some action on this board from another dedicated participant. We'll all be looking for some new stuff here ... I've posted semi-regularly here and in Alkmaar, but there seems to be little else to learn from others. Can't wait for some of your experiences.

Holland Report
07-09-03, 09:25
hi there, sl_dog! nice to have a kindred spirit here in den haag. i've been at this a while, so i'll try and just sortof some general stuff i've learned into one posting, and then maybe post some more detail if you're interested. let me know! :-)

personally, i think there's too much emphasis on the high class prostitute/ private house scene. of course, the girls are much better looking, but i find i always end up paying quite a bit for really mediocre sex. anyway, if you're into some really good value pervy sex, here are some tips that have worked for me:

firstly, there's a really nice latino woman who calls herself 'tanja' in the geleenstraat. (she sais she's from europe, but i'm sure she's from costa rica or some place). anyway, she's really nice. quite pretty face, small nice tits, nice pussie. phone number 0625312829. her room is at the back of the central alcove, kindof at the junction of the 't'- you know the gelenstraat is t shaped. so come up the short alley from the spui, straight ahead is a little alcove. back, right hand window is 'tanja'. the best thing about her is she's very warm and nice and doesn't rush you, especially if you're nice to her. her prices aren't that cheap, but i don't mind, because i quite like her! she does anal and 'leakage' (ie cumming on face, etc), but you have to pay for it!

check out some 'fresh' and enthusiastic (ie inexperienced pussie) young pussie. i'm not talking about **** or anything illegal. but, in my experience, if you hunt around for young (i guess 18 year old??) dutch girls, who're obviously new to this and just kindof 'testing' the scene, you can get a lot back. the hague seems to have quite a high turnover of these young girls, new to prostitution, who aren't as hard and mean as their older colleagues. again, scout around the geleenstraat and you'll find about three or four of thes young/fresh faced girls. problem is they change, give up on prostitution and/or move onto amsterdam quite quicly, so you don't get chance to build up a good relationship with them (which, of course, is the way to get really great sex! :-) )

finally, don't write off the polderdijkestraat or doublestraat. sure, it's kindof 'seedy' and most of the women are dogs, but if i'm feeling horny and in the mood to cum in a woman's mouth i know that if i head down there i can get a proper cumming blowjob. i've also built up a kindof good relationship with a few women who'll let me do some really pervy stuff- face fucking, deep throat, spitting and cumming on face, hard anal. so, if you're in the mood for any of that, the polderdijkestraat is the place.

ok, this is just something to be going along with sl_dog. let me know if you want more. by the way when my friend from england came over, we found a woman who let us do face/ass fucking, the both of us. we had to pay, but it was worth it! also, there are occassionally ganbangs and stuff in the hague, but you have to look out for them. anyway, maybe we can get together for some 'shared' enjoyment. just an idea! :-)

Mad Frax
07-09-03, 14:35
Hi guys,

I don't understand which of the 3 The Hague Red Light Districts have closed. Is it Doubletstraat or Polderdijkstraat?

Personally, I know the web site www.doubletstraat.com is still active.

Thanks for info!

Stay cool,

Mad Frax

07-10-03, 10:37
Hi HollandReport and Sl-dog,
I am based in DH as well....and also a regular customer of the Geleenstraat RLD with some very good and of course some not so good experiences. I totally agree with you, the turnover is definitly too high and it's a shame that some girls you would like to see again don't stay. I have been cruising around the Polderdijkstraat a few times and basically had pretty nice experiences there (attitude speaking). Tell me if i am wrong, I have the feeling that this street is closing down and that the girls are moving to Doublestraat...?....
Other things, I am into the gang bang stuff and when you write :"Anyway, maybe we can get together for some 'shared' enjoyment. Just an idea! :-)". I would be glad to join as well or just share my experience....hetero only of course :-)....).
see you,

NB : nobody ever mentions the pick-up zone in the Megastore area....it's not so bad for the customer, but I still feel bad for the pimped girls.

Holland Report
07-10-03, 12:34
Hi Zeb,

I get the feeling that BOTH the p.dijk and doublestraats are really low on customers, which, I guess, explains the amazing value you get these days, in both those streets. To be honest, I usually walk round both, once, before deciding where I'm going to end up. I don't have a car, so I'm guessing that's an obstacle on the Megastore scene?

Anyway, I'm planning a trip downtown this weekend, so I'll post a report Sunday or Monday and let you know how I get on.

Will also let you know if I come upon any gangbang parties (usually c/o Roxy sexclub). They seem a bit irregular these days, so maybe the contributors to this list can get together and arrange something with one of the Haag girls, if all else fails?

Nice weekend!

Holland Report (aka: Mike)

Mad Frax
07-10-03, 13:07
Hi guys,

I don't understand which of the 3 The Hague Red Light Districts have closed. Is it Polderdijkstraat or Doubletstraat?

Thanks for info!

Stay cool,

Mad Frax

Holland Report
07-11-03, 17:09
I don't think any of them have closed. I went and got my cock sucked last night, after NSJ Jazz Heats the Hague, and everything seemed to be up and running and alive in all three streets. But maybe that was just because of North Sea Jazz?

Seriously, though, there do seem to be quite a few people reading this list, so I wonder about arranging a Haag gangbang party. See if we can get at least ten people interested, each pays a hundred, that'd be 1,000 for the girl. For that we could hire a really nice gelenstraat girl for the night and get ass/face fucking, cumming on face, sandwich, etc, etc, I'm sure. What d'you all think??? If you're interested, post something here, and then if we get enough names I'll try and organise something. Over to you guys...


SL Dog
07-12-03, 08:20
Hey Mad-Frax ... I'm sure that I read somewhere in a Dutch newspaper (over the last 12 months) that Doublestraat was being closed ... I have't walked there for about a year since it's a little remote compared to the other two and it looked dreadful on my last visit with boarded up windows, etc. Rather like a ghetto back then. But if you track the info in recent posts, it looks like it's still around. Geleenstraat is the only one that doesn't look like it's dying and it's the highest class of the ones in Den Haag ... But the nice part is that all 3 "blocks" are within about a 10 minute walk of each other and all are close to Hollandspoor station. So get your bod out there, get a map or directions and get to testing the waters.

Happy hunting ... let us hear of your conquests.

07-12-03, 11:09
Hello sl_dog, Hi Mad-Frax
Sorry to disagree, I really think they are doing something with the Polderdijkstraat (many of the windows have recently been replaced by bricks) and the covered area is closed.
On the opposite, the Doublestraat was fully loaded with girls and customers last thursday evening (unfortunately, the quality range in look remains in a -5 to 5 in a 0-10 scale). Moreover, one of the covered area has just been completly reshapped (same design as old one in Polderdijkstraat by the way).

As to the Geleenstraat, the variety/quality/quantity of girls has dropped a little lately according to my standards........I suppose this is due to the summer holidays.....or maybe a wrong time for my visit.
see u,

07-12-03, 11:13
Hello again Holland Report, and sl+mad
Looks like a kind of "DH community" has just started here !!!
Holland Report, I don't know the Roxy club you mention, could you give some details please ?

Holland Report
07-12-03, 12:23
Hi Zeb,

Yes, and I'm sure there are heaps of other just reading these posts. So, if we can tempt them out of the woodwork, maybe we can arrange some kind of shared fun! :-)

In the meantime, here's the address for roxy:


Plus, just search 'sex clubs holland' on google for more.

Good luck!

SL Dog
07-12-03, 21:40
I've got to agree with Zebulon's observations on Polderdijkstraat ... windows were boarded up and bricked up a few weeks ago ... looked like it was on the verge of closing then and all of this is counter to the info that I thought I'd read about Doublestraat ... but then again my data on Doublestraat is old so I guess I need to do a refresh ... but if the rating is -5 to 5 on a 0-10, that's pretty gruesome ... sounds like a 2 bagger or a 3 bagger event! Will wander over there in the next day or so to see if anything moves me ...

With regard to Roxy ... it's a totally new name to me ... can anyone help out with experiences from within?

Happy hunting

Holland Report
07-13-03, 08:48
Hi Guys,

I'm really confused about which street is closing down. Maybe I have the two cheaper street names confused. Anyway, after NSJ, the shorter street, nearer centre of town was quite alive, and had a quick look at the longer, really dirty/smelly lowlife street near HS, and the same story there. But it was quite late and a happening event day. So not sure what the story is on more normal evenings, or during the day.

On the Roxy, in addition to the standard web address:


follow the link to the specialist gangbang event site:


... then you just enter your email address and they send you regular emails keeping you informed about events. I couldn't understand the Dutch, but I think there's some kindof world record breaking type event coming up. Will keep you posted!

Hope this helps!

As for this weekend, the weather's too nice and it's too hot for any pussie fun for me, so I'll be heading to the park/beach. Have a good one!


SL Dog
07-13-03, 20:12
For the benefit of all of our readers, I did an independent scouting run over to Doublestraat this afternoon ... you guys are right, it appears to be alive and (sorta) well ... but the ladies available this afternoon were downright dismal. I strolled through the windows and passageways twice contemplating who I could possibly want to have sex with ... there wasn't even a tempation. I couldn't get the slightest arousal with any of them even if they were paying me! I saw two ladies (late 30's) that might do after a long stay on a desert island ... but the rest of the 20 or so there didn't even come close to passable.

So my conclusion is that this place is open alrighty, but the merchandise was a tad bit picked over on the Sunday afternoon shift.

I might add that the window shoppers didn't look all that much better than the ladies either.

It might get better in the evening ... gosh I sure hope so ... 'cuz there's no way this place will stay in business with this selection.

Holland Report
07-14-03, 08:20
Thanks for that sl_dog. In spite of your name, I think you're probably a higher life form than me. To be honest, I head down to those two lowlife streets really only because I know I can get the sorts of sex my girlfriend won't let me do, at a price I can afford. However, just to prove I'm not a TOTAL lowlife, I wondered if anyone during their travels has come upon a genuine redhead, who hasn't shaved her pussie. A practically impossible request, I know, but I live in hope! :-)

Also, I'll be heading to Amsterdam in a week or two, so I wondered if you guys had any tips. Apart from the O.Z. Voorburgwaal and N.Z. Voorburgwaal areas, is there anywhere else I should check out??? Also suggestions for nice women particularly welcomed!

Nice week! :-)

07-15-03, 23:09

For those who come to Den Haag (The Hague) for the first time, I recommend private houses.

In private houses , you pay to spend an amount of time with the ladies : in the street (Geleenstraat ), when you already came , the ladies will leave the bed and dress herself which means that you have to leave ; if you don't "come" quickly, often the ladies ask you "to come" (yes, it's true !!!) ... by the way, we can notice that there is no clock in the different rooms.

In private houses , in general, you have a drink and can take a shower (or bath) before and after : another atmosphere.

Well , parivate houses are "restaurants" while street-rooms are "Mc Donald" !!!

The problem with private houses is that you can see the ladies ONLY after coming in (but you can leave if nobody interests you).

Holland Report
07-16-03, 18:27
Apart from the .fr suffix, you just HAVE to be French, Bobo, by your whole 'bon viveur' attitude! I guess people are different, but personally I quite like the red light streets. The trick is to be really friendly and nice at the window, make some chatty, chatty on the way to the room and then be courteous and nice when you're there. Then the woman (who is just a human being like the rest of us) forgets about the time and thinks, well this seems to be a human being like me, I'll be nice to him. And you get WAY more back sexually! At least that works for me! :-)

Seriously, though. Check out Tanja, who's phone number I posted a few postings ago. Very warm and nice and friendly.

BTW, how much do the prive houses cost???? And have you been to the one on Laan Van N.O.I.???


SL Dog
07-16-03, 19:07
I've got to agree with bobo.fr on the Prive Huis route ... while I've wandered the RLD in Den Haag and Alkmaar with some moderate level of satisfaction (and had a wonderful time with selected ladies), I've had some great experiences in all the Prive Huis' I've visited. That's not to say that each time is a home run, but as bobo.fr correctly highlights, if you don't like the ladies available ... just tell them "not today" ... I've only had one downright disappointing experience (I picked one too young for me and she couldn't handle my ability to hold back on cumming for 20 minutes or more) and all the rest ranged from heaven to darn right enjoyable ... the benefit is the time and the atmosphere ... buy a half hour, you got a half hour ... buy an hour, you got an hour.

Happy hunting ...

Otter Trax
07-18-03, 12:37
Holland Report and S_L dog, I would like to offer my personal thanks for your useful info. I am living in Anchorage, Alaska and I have been coming to NL for 4 years. I like to get the more local experience while I am there. I find its more desirable to stay outside Amsterdam to fully appreciate the beauty of the land. My previous trip proved to me that 50 Euro for 15 minutes of cold mechanical sex with a semi-model is pretty much the norm. I feel that's a bit overpriced esp with the weakness of the dollar. Even the ugly ones think they can ask 50 euro which I found is strange in an era where the customers are window shopping but not buying. I was there in April. I found the Geelenstraat to be above what I was looking for. Doublestraat too scary. On a morning expedition I found a 20 euro H&H on Polderdijkstraat with a Panamanian woman who gave me a GFE including breast play. My preference is busty blonde Dutch women which I was unable to pick out during my stay. I found most of the latin american girls were offering better bargains and thats where my euro went. I was extremely please that in Alkmaar offered more a local experience. Also Arnhem was very impressive in size and selection. I also enjoyed the canal boats in Utrecht but it took me three visits there to trace them down by public transportation.

I think have proved my competence in Netherlands navigation for a simple rural non-dutch speaking tourist.

All the best to you and keep us currently informed.


Otter Trax

Holland Report
07-18-03, 17:42
How do these 'Prive Houses' work? What puts me off is (a) I quite like being able to see first and then chat and act on impulse, and (b) the cost. Plus I think I'd just find it a bit weird heading into this brothel type setup. I actually quite like the anonymity and freedom that 'window shopping' gives you. I am tempted by the sound of that place on L.v N. O. I. though. Any additional info, like price, how to go about it, etc, etc, gratefully received. It's supposed to be sunny this weekend, so it'll be the park/beach for me. But maybe next week!

Nice weekend! :-)

Sky Ryder
07-18-03, 18:27
I enjoyed my first visit to Den Hagge on Tuesday, great "sights" on the beach. I will admit that whle the variety in Amsterdam is better the scenery in Hagge is spectacular.

The only RLD I even found a couple of ladies that interested me was Geleenstraat. It was the middle of the afternoon when I was looking though so timing could have made a difference. I saw a couple of real lookers, but by the time I tried to show interest, someone else walked up to the window and off they went.
What I did discover is La Chaperone. WOW (Groot Hertoginnelann 63, Phone 070-345-6416)

A gentleman named Alan led me into a small sitting room and the the three ladies introduced themselves. He said if I didn't see anyone I was interested in to try later when there were more ladies available.

I choose a petite Asian lady, her name was Angie (not my usual desire) and as it turned out she was quite a fun interlude. She would BBBJTIC for an extra fee, but it wasn't pushed at all, just offered. I got the 30 min session for E60, as it was my first visit. I highly recommend this place, not much more expensive that the RLD and less rushed feeling.

As I was leaving this statuesque, spectacular blonde in heels and a short skirt walked out of the office. I would have loved to have an hour enjoying her company. She was Phyne! Said she would be back Friday, but alas I had to leave on Wed.

I really liked this place, the thing about the clubs in Amsterdam (Ria's is my favorite) is they offer the opportunity to sit and have a drink and chat up the ladies before and after if you desire and this place did not have the facilities for that.

Well off to Brazil next week and then hope to meet the legend Jackson in B.A a few days later!

SL Dog
07-19-03, 12:51
Hey, hey ... we've got some action going here ... finally! Holland Report, you asked for a little more on the Prive's and how they worked ... I've written about them a few times in this section, so you just might want to search my write-ups for fuller details ... here's the basics ... Go to the house ... get escorted up to a main sitting room ... generally no other men there (or at most one) since they try not to let you bump into too many other lurkers ... available girls come out in fairly quick succession, introduce themselves and leave ... it's a little fast for me, but I've learned to sit in a chair where I can see them coming from where they wait, so I actually get a quick impression before they do their actual intros. When they do intro, I try to slow them down a little bit by holding their hand for 5 seconds or so, make solid eye contact, introduce myself too and see if there is any vibration that starts ... I've been pretty successful at this approach.

If you really want to "talk up" a girl, you probably want a "club" rather than a prive ... theres one about 2-3 blocks from Geleenstraat that's easily walkable ... called Club 113 ... I'm not in NL right now so I don't have the address right at hand (seem to recall it's 113 Weteringade or something like that ... if you go to Geleenstraat, go to the end of the street that's at the opposite end from the outdoor latrine ... turn left ... walk about 3 or so blocks, cross to the other side, you'll find 113 on the corner on the other side ... push buzzer on door ... let yourself in ... go to bar/lounge on first floor). In this setting you go to bar / lounge area where all available girls are hanging out ... you can either walk up to them to start a conversation or tell the hostess that you'd like to start a conversation with one of them ... I find it a little more awkward doing this than the club since I'm generally working in English when the rest of the room is having fun in Dutch. No matter... I've had a few good experiences in Club 113 up to the point where I had a girl join me at my house from there for an extended, evening-long romp.

Punch line here ... at the Prives and Clubs there is a cross section of girls that will see you outside of the club, typically at pretty reasonable prices .

Pricing in the huis / club is about the same in most settings i've sampled. You can plan that an hour worth of private activity will cost you about 125 euro (plus or minus) ... on an hourly basis it's better than the RLD since things are priced by time / not by cum event ... if you go for VIP rooms the rate may go up to 150 or so because the rooms are really big and plush ... but you don't need that the first time you experiment. I was studying the menu card at Diane's on V.L N Oust Indie the other day when I was there ... it lists greek, two girl events, etc. So there are at least some ladies in these houses that will cater to our more purient interests. In fact, the lady I was with proceeded to give me a BBBJ after we'd had our first cum and a round in the jaccuzzi. This isn't all that unusual in the houses for me ... I've had a number of times when my partner worked really hard to get me to cum a second time ... a little difficulty for me since I don't have 20 year old hormones running thru the veins any more. There's a universal rule here ... if you are charming, the experience has a good chance of being superior.

The only downside of this approach? You may have to walk out if you don't like the selection of girls available at that moment. But remember, it's constantly changing since some girls are always in rooms working.

Hope that helps .... keep us posted and please don't get pissed if you try it and the first time out isn't primo.

Happy hunting ...

Holland Report
07-19-03, 15:14
Thanks for that sl! And for taking time out (from wherever you are and whatever you're doing) to write in such helpfull detail. Nice one! :-)

It's actually BAKING HOT this weekend. 35 degrees and humid with it, so any kindof physical exertion is the last thing on my mind at the moment. But forecast to rain next week, so I might see if I can pluck up the courage to check out one of the places. Probably the one on L.vN.O.I. I'll let you know how I get on!

Thanks again and nice weekend! :-)

07-20-03, 14:10
I have been lurking on the board for a while and feel it's time I made another contribution. I was last in the Hague in April and I stayed for two days. I booked a budget hotel on Stationsweg at 50 euro a night for a room with cable tv and en-suite. It was only a stones through from Holland Spoor station. I sampled all 3 streets. I had never been to Geleenstraat on my previous 2 visits so this time I tried there first. I settled on a real stunner at 50 euro for S+F. Despite her drop dead gorgeous looks she was still pretty mechanical and I never got a great deal of enjoyment out of it.

I then prowled the Poeldijksestraat and Doublestraat. I know most of the girls here can be real pigs at times but there are many that are average, and surprisingly the odd good looking one if you look around. I get a real hard on from latin women and when I am walking through the covered area of the Poeldijksestraat and hear the latin music and see them standing at their doors with their big arses and sex lingerie I get really hard. I know that many will give me bbbj, anal and more if I want. I visited the same girl from Doublestraat 3 times in April, she gave me a mind blowing uncovered bj and put her tongue right down my throat in a very unrushed and pleasent encounter on each visit. I gave her 25 euro, an extra 5 for the good service. She said she was from the Dominican Republic. She was about a 5.5-6 out of 10 in my book.

I will be heading back to The Hague again in a couple of weeks and will do another report then. In the meantime I am interested in any information about the Tipplezone which I read was located near the Megastore behind Holland Spoor. What street is it on? How close is it to HS station? Can I pick up a streetwalker there if I am on foot, or is a car mandatory?

Holland Report
07-20-03, 17:26
I agree with *****seeker. You definitely get more for less at the two lower end, mainly latino streets. I just can't get any kindof 'leakage' at the Geleenstraat, although I have had some quite nice sex with nice women. Again, the secret is just to be nice and friendly at the window, and then even the Gelenstraat ice queens warm up a bit and give something back. As for that other cruising zone by the superstores, I suspect that you need a car for that. I also suspect that you won't find anything you can't get in the regular red light streets. But I might be wrong about that. So I'll leave it for one of the other regulars to give you the definitive word about that. BTW, check out Tanja at the Geleenstraat . tel 0625312829 Very warm and giving and into kinky sex too.

Enjoy your trip!

SL Dog
07-20-03, 22:50
Hey *****seeker ... in reference to your question about the tippelzone ... have never been, but I understand it is literally behind HS station. That's a pretty rough area and I don't think I'd want to be caught walking there late at night ... and ... besides if you picked up a lady where the hell would you take her if you didn't have a car?

I'd like to volunteer to help out the board with a little research, but I think this is just too many steps down for me to oblige. Any others out there have any experience?

Happy Hunting...

07-22-03, 10:46
Hello guys ! (hr, sl, bobo,...etc...etc),
Anyone interested by a common trip there in parksauna-wildenrath
Check this out :


Holland Report
07-24-03, 18:44
Hi Zeb,

In England we have this saying '[sending] coals to Newcastle'. Which means, why on earth would you go in search of something (coal/sex) elsewhere, when it's so abundandtly available close at hand (Newcastle/ Den Haag). Seriously, you seem like a nice guy into 'the brotherhood' as some of the people on this website call this thing. So, if you have any suggestions for excursions, etc, INSIDE OF HOLLAND THE SEX EPICENTRE OF THE WORLD, I, for one, would be interested! :-)

'Nuf respect! :-)

07-26-03, 00:20
Hello Holland Report,

Sorry to answer too late but I was told recently that an escort forum existed in French (www.escortfr.net) so , these last days, I spent a lot of my time to read and write on it (including to give "advices" about Holland/Den Haag). (By the way, Hi Zeb !! )

Yes, I'm French citizen, I live in France , I like wine and cheese ... but I'm Asian born !!

About prices in Private houses , sl_dog gave you already an idea.

Among these houses I know ,

1) "La chaperonne" (www.sex-world.nl) proposes the most interesting rates (30 minutes : 60 Euros; 60 minutes : 120E ;45 minutes : 80 but recently increases into 90 which is more coherent with the other rates) : in other words, 2 Euros per minute with a minimum of 30 minutes.
Furthermore , the rooms are very good , confortable and functionnal; there are a lot of ladies who work there but a lot of "turn over" and the ratio (Good looking / Total working ladies) is not very high ; but "Good looking" is , I know, very subjective

2) "Maison Prive" (www.maison-prive.nl ; very close to "La Chaperonne") is a bit more expensive (30m/70E; 45m/100E; 60m/125E). Pay attention : since I know the house in 2001 , the boss Sandra doesn't work anymore !!!!!

3) "Diana's Secret" (LvNoi ??) ; I don't remember well but I'm sure the prices were a bit higher than "La Chaperonne", they are certainly in "Maison Prive" range.

4) "Paradise" (Thomsonlaan) is more expensive : if I remember well , 45 minutes cost 110 Euros; I don't remember exactly the other rates.

I believe that the experience you described is really an exception.

I remember a lady (Daniella; she doesn't work anymore, at least in Den Haag) who asked me "to come" and as I wanted to stay a bit more "inside" her , I proposed "half of an hour" (50 Euros more) but of course , after two or three minutes later , as I came , I had to get out of the bed to leave because the "act" was finished : 100 Euros for certainly around 20 minutes without a cup of tea (with a biscuit) , without a shower ....

Another lady I know for years asks me systematically an extra of 25 Euros for the Amazon (cowgirl ?) position or "from behind" (not Anal , just from behind) position : 75 Euros for , I think, 20 minutes without tea and shower (in Private houses I know, I never have to pay extra for these positions !!!) . In spite of that, nearly every time I meet her , I spend "a good time" (and 75 Euros) with her.

It's why , in my report I wrote "For those who come to Den Haag (The Hague) for the first time, I recommend private houses" because for me who already knowed RLD , it's ... "too late" : even if I've just got out from a private house , often , I had to visit "my ladies" Natalia/Natasha (a very professionnal tall (1m80, black long hair) Russian in Hunzestraat (4 ?) who is really a "bargain" (sorry , for the use of this word) whose tongue is used with great efficiencies) and Sharon (with extra for positions other than missionnary).

I can't forget Brigitte , a 1m80 blond student (studying in Amsterdam but living in Den Haag) in Law from Aruba, who ,in a way fortunately (for me) stopped working in 2000 or 2001 (before the use of Euro). "Fortunately for me", because her price was double of the other ladies' prices (200 NLG instead of 100 NLG). Even now, everytime I'm in Den Haag , I visit RLD with the unreasonable and crazy hope to be able to, by chance, meet (and , of course , have sex with) her again !!!

I remember Alexandra, this nice Ukranian (living in Amsterdam) I met , for the first time , on a special night : the night that a client (not hers) was DEAD in 110 Geleenstraat (it's said that he used to much "poppers" , is it true ? I don't know) !!!!! I felt so good in her companionship that at the end , I saw her as a friend , so I was not interested in having sex with her anymore but I just paid (she accepted 50 NLG for S or F) her to have massage (but really just to be and chat with her) !! And , yes , with her I think I spent more time than the normal time but I can not say that she "forgot about time" ("Holland Report") because she was conscious (so she did'nt forget) of the time she could give me.

"Memories ....the way we were ...." (Barbra Streisand)

Ghost Daddy
07-26-03, 10:24
I have a question for regulars of Den Haag. Outside of the established window streets and streetwalker areas, are there any good dive bars in the area to meet people?

Holland Report
07-28-03, 08:16
Hi Bobo (a couple of postings below),

Sorry this will come a bit out of order too. I really enjoyed reading your posting- written with real Gallic passion and 'gusto'!

I still haven't checked out the prive houses, so I'm not really qualified to say anything at all except about that. Except thanks to you and sl_dog for recommending them and when I can pluck up courage and have time and money I'll go and check them out for myself! :-)

On the regular RLD kamers, I STILL want to defend them. Sure, the women try wherever possible to get as much money as possible for doing very little. But I guess the appropriate analogy is going to a street market. Maybe you have to watch out not to be cheated, but also you can get a real bargain. And that's part of the charm of it. And, in fact, I end up liking the women more for it. I guess most of them are just struggling to cover the 150 euro room charge, make enough to live on these days, since business seems bad! ANYWAY, in spite of that, like you said in your posting, I always seem to end up kindof 'friends' with the women. Which is not very good in terms of having lots of pervy sex, but does mean one comes away with a 'warm glow', most times. Anyway, just to end where I started. DON'T WRITE OFF THE RLD streets. You can have a really good time there if you know what to expect and don't get put off by the bargaining, etc, etc.

I'll leave it to one of the other regulars to answer the more recent posting about lowlife 'dives' in The Hague. If there are any, I'm too afraid to go in! :-)

Bon chance!

08-05-03, 22:10

Here's is another VERY good address in Den Haag/The Hague:


SL Dog
08-08-03, 06:11
Hey there Bobo.fr ... I noted your post of the FoxyLadies URL with some interest. Can you provide us some additional information? Have you been there? Can you describe the experience? How about the ladies ... in terms of looks, services, attitude, etc?

These small, out of the way places have some potential for some very personal and GFE service. I'm interested in learning more. The only problem I see with them is their very limited work windows ... but otherwise, it's a candidate for exploration and reporting from the "dog".

Happy hunting ...

08-08-03, 20:32

Since November (2002) when they became "free lance", everytime I come to Den Haag I tried (and sometimes failed) to meet them.

I met them many times and everytime I'm very satisfied : lot of kisses (with tongue) , caresses.

Furthermore , they discuss friendly too well, very great moments!

Say hello if you meet them.

By the way , you can see other reports (written in Dutch) at www.hookers.nl


SL Dog
08-09-03, 19:29
I'm back in action after a 3 week hiatus of traveling in the states and across Europe. Decided to try out some of the other Prive Huis' in the Den Haag area today ... but low and behold ... saturday is not a good day for Prives ... all but 2 that I know of are closed. So if you are a newcomer to town and interested in lurking around the Prives on Saturdays, you have only two options that I know of ... Bananas (AKA as Club 113) And Diane's Secret. And Bananas closes at 1700 so that limits your options down to one.

So I went back to Diane's again, this time without reservation and knowing that my old standbys were out for the day ... but the gods were good and I found another top notch lady by the name of Cindy. But before I go into details, my observations of the selections available today ...

The place was pretty busy, all but one of the upstairs rooms were full which means that at least 4 girls weren't available to examine during the intros (see my comments in earlier reports on how to handle the intros) ... had 5 girls come out for intros though - 3 seemed reasonably young (no more than early 20's) and somewhat uncomfortable with my more senior looks, another was a mid 20's asian and the last was a mid 30's Dutch/German girl (Cindy). I'd say that the 3 young ones were of average looks and average body, say 5-7 on my rating scale. Any would have done in a pinch, but why compromise when you don't have to? The asian lady was in the 6-8 range and was my mental choice before Cindy appeared from around the corner. When I was leaving I saw another 2 or 3 relatively young (early 20's) lasses all in the 6-7 range.

Cindy is average height, short blond hair, pretty smile, and pretty face (but stained teeth showing evidence of smoking). Without clothes she has the body of a 25 year old ... slim all around and unusually smooth. Modest, pert, firm, natural breasts and unshaved, but neatly trimmed pussy.

Since this was my first time with her, preliminaries included somewhat standard washdown of the privates and gentle towel dry.

Off to bed ... lots of gentle caressing on both sides. She has a gentle touch and indicated that she wasn't into rough stuff ... just fine with me. Then on to CBJ ... whatever she did was pretty darn effective since I had to stop her to avoid from cumming too fast ... quite unusual for me.

So I turned the tables on her, laid her back and began my gentle form of caressing, kissing, exploring ... I'm sure that I could have eaten her pussy quite willingly, since I was licking and probing all around there ... but since she's an unknown to me, that's not part of my early routine. Went on for heavy manual stimution of her pussy / clit ... and sent her hands down south to help out ... this lady was very hot and into autoerotics in a big way ... lots of heavy breathing and moaning from her during this time ... nice.

Insertion was wonderful and I found the tightest pussy that I've had since coming to the Den Haag area. She was very active in trying to please me and herself and cumming wasn't all that hard. Having said that, there was absolutely no pressure to cum fast and depart. Finished with her cleaning me up and giving me a nice (but unspectacular) backrub. She's pleasantly talkative, happy with herself and the world and a real pleasure to spend time with. I'll definitely put her high on my list of "very good" providers.

Anyone interested in looking her up needs to go there during the day shift (ends around 5PM) on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays. She doesn't normally work on Saturdays.

By the way, cost for one hour was the standard 50Euro to the house / 70 Euro to Cindy plus 10 Euro tip since I wanted her to remember me the next time. Generosity does count here ... trust me.

So folks that's it for today's report. Keep the information flowing to all of us so we can get the best of the best known to the world.

Happy Hunting ...

Holland Report
08-11-03, 15:46
Welcome back 'dog'. And thanks for the excellent report. I STILL haven't checked out the prive houses, partly because of apathy/laziness, and partly because of the heat. I don't know what it's been like Stateside, but it's been DAMN HOT this end. So, for me, it's been a bit of a battle between my libido and the heat. But actually, I haven't done too badly, in spite.

My hot weather routine, this past couple of weeks has been to try and get through the week and then catch a train down to Hollandspoor Sunday afternoon, walk VERY slowly to the Polderdijkstraat, and then a few windows down on the right is 'Maria'. Not old, not fat and actually quite nice looking! And will suck your cock, without condom, let you cum in her mouth AND SWALLOW all for fifty euros. An amazing bargain, really. So I feel like I can't believe my luck. I've been down there three times now, and yesterday was by far the best. (The usual story of the more she know you, the nicer it is) In fact, I felt a little bit bad conscience because I shot about a week's load of cum into her mouth, which she really TRIED, but struggled to swallow and made her gag a little. (Sorry always to lower the tone!) But, even then she was really nice and wanted to keep sucking on my cock, 'til she had really 'milked' it dry. AMAZING BLOW JOB EXPERIENCE!

When things cool down a little, weather wise, I've been planning for MONTHS now to visit this total floozey Dutch woman who sits in the first room that just faces you as you come into the right hand-side alcove, on the vertical bit of the T of the Gelenstraat. I mean come of the Spui, take a right, head into the alcove/corridor thing and right in front of you is this AMAZING looking woman in stars and stripes bikini, legs open giving you the most outrageous cum-on/fuck me eyes. That woman just OOZES 'come and fuck me' vibes, and I am just dieing to fuck her! I'm really looking forward to seeing if the actual experience is as good as my anticipation of it is. Probably Wednesday or THursday, so I'll let you know how I get on! :-)

BTW, I wonder if Zeb and maybe some of the rest of you are still interesting in arranging some 'group' fun!???

That's all for now!

H :-)

SL Dog
08-11-03, 19:10
Hey there Holland ... in the previous report you make reference to the "Spui" on Geleenstraat ... I'm not familiar with that terminology ... can you help out? You got my blood boiling with your description of the lass in stars and stripes ... gotta take a look!

Happy hunting ...

SL Dog
08-11-03, 19:17
By the way Holland ... why aren't you a senior member? You've got quality content for the board ... go to whereever you go to nominate yourself for senior membership and I'll send in an endorsement.

08-12-03, 02:42
Sl-dog is right,

The problem with prive-huis (and the "foxyladies") is that most of them are closed during week-ends.

I'm afraid that all houses are closed on sunday (but RLD is opened , and some ladies begin to work only since sunday afternoon because they sed to say that on friday and saturday there were many people who just visited the RLD "to have a look") .

On saturday, some houses are opened (but not the "foxyladies") , Sl_dog gave some already . I'm just adding "La Chaperonne" (close to "Maison Prive" and "Foxyladies") that is opened from 12:00 to 21:00 on saturday (since 2001 if I remember well) even if on its webpage (which is not updated) we can still read only (www.sex-world.nl) :
Monday to Friday: 11:00 - 23:00 "

By the way , "The Paradise" is opened on Saturday too (but not the sauna)

Good luck

Holland Report
08-12-03, 09:29
Thanks for the compliment, 'dog'. I don't think I'm old enough/long enough in the tooth to be a 'senior' member. And, more seriously, I'm relocating to the land of absolutely NO vice, Sweden, in September. So my happy Holland days of fun will soon be over. (I'll keep reading this board to get some 'vicarious' enjoyment, though :-) ). Anyway, thanks for the offer! Very decent! :-)

As for the most brazen stars and stripes bikini floosie ever, I've been fantasising about doing the deed with her for weeks now, and just waiting for the weather to cool down a bit. (I suspect the kindof fucking that happens there is of the wham, bam, thank you maam, variety! :-) ) But, actually, there are at least half a dozen GORGEOUS babes at the Geleenstraat these days. And, since business is quite bad, all quite pleasant/friendly.

On the 'Spui', I might have the wrong name. I mean the BIG road running south from the centre of town???? As opposed to 'spuit', as in 'spuit mijne kut vol sperma' ;-)

H :-)

SL Dog
08-12-03, 19:14
Holland ... We're going to be sorry to see you leave the area. You've been a source of good information that's readable and current. And you've livened up a board that felt pretty dead a few months ago.

With regard to the Spui ... now I'm calibrated ... the road name is different when it gets that far south but as best as I can tell, you are referring to the road that is immediately adjacent to the canal. So I'm suspecting that our stars and stripes lass down the very short part of the "T" and is in that alcove with about 10 rooms immediately on the right hand as you walk toward Geleenstraat itself ... will try to check her out later in the week. I do think I've seen her before ... if it's the same one she is seductive looking.

I'm sure hoping that you'll drain your wallet (and whatever) just one more time before you check out of here ...

Happy hunting in the land of the midnight sun ...

Holland Report
08-13-03, 08:28
Exactly, that's the place. First room that faces you as you enter. (ie on the left side of passage as you walk in coming slightly from the right! :-) ) You'll recognise her, because she just hits you in the face with her brazeness. Planning to head down there, myself, possibly tonight or tomorrow, so maybe I'll bump into you??? Either way, I'll be sure and post a full report how I get on! :-)

In fact, 'dog' I'm planning to make best use of my remaining time in Den Haag, empty my wallet (and whatever), so I should have lots to report on, before I head off.... :-)

BTW, I still think it would be a great idea to hire one of the nicer Geleneestrat ladies for some 'group' fun, but I sense that interest is a bit half-hearted on this one. Probably people prefer to 'play' on their own????

HR :-)

SL Dog
08-14-03, 06:01
Good to hear from you Holland ... re your "group play" offer ... while there's a certain perverted sexiness to the thought, I'm a "play on my own" guy ... rather keep my ID incognito, you know.

Happy hunting ...

SL Dog
08-17-03, 12:00
Hey Holland Report ... welcome to senior member status!! I'm sure you earned it yourself, but I did put in a good word for you ...

Went hunting on the RLD last night ... Saturday 2100-2300 time frame ... started at Geleenstraat ... found it moderately active but more than half the windows were vacant presumably because we're at the end of holiday season. Window shoppers were a random mix of guys, many that looked like they were from middle eastern persuasion with a few Western Europeans mixed in. More later. My first and many stops were the famous alcove where our stars and stripes lass was suppose to hang out ... never found her there or anywhere else.

Then headed over to Doublestraat ... about 8-10 block walk ... the place was absolutely hopping with shoppers. Most windows were full, generally with girls in the 3-5 rating range. A very few might have gotten up into the 6-7 range... approached a few of the better looking ones with the hopes of seeing where their limits were with regard to CIM, CIF, Anal, etc. Didn't get any takers or interest so I have to conclude that the more extreme sex is tied to the 3-5 range ladies. Given the overall activity level on Doublestraat, I have to withdraw my previous feedback that "it's dead" and recommend that all lurkers give it a look, even if you don't buy. The price ranges quoted last night were in the 25-35 euro range. Given the number of women and men, the laws of probabilty make the right combination possible if you are looking for either cheap or for extreme.

Then to Poeldijksestraat about 4-6 block walk from Doublestraat ... ugh ... this place was dead and rotting ... less then 20% of the windows open ... almost no shoppers ... most all girls in the -5 to +4 scale with perhaps 2 or 3 pushing up to a 5. Negotiated with a few ... all in the same vein as Doublestraat ... no takers on my offers / interest. So back to Geleenstraat

Cruised Geleenstraat trying to zero in on prey for the evening ... seemed to be an interesting ratio of Asian providers last night. Looked for the proverbial Tanja ... no where to be found. Concluded that easily 6-8 ladies met my requirements for maturity (can't stand teeny boppers), looks, sex appeal, chemistry, etc. Eventually hooked up with 30ish Chilean girl who normally works out of A'dam RLD ... will give the evening mixed, but clearly a "change of pace" review. Quite a body ... pleaseant looks, good english, also reasonably good attitude ... aggressive at undressing me (generally a good sign and much better than 'hang your clothes on the hook" routine) good CBJ, good covered doggy but when I pulled out of her for a few seconds it was clear that there was a hygene problem in her working parts ... probably an infection ... became a turn off and never could get totally hard enough to want to fuck her again. Thank god for who ever created condoms .. they were made for the infected pussy! We decided to finish with oral and pretty darned erotic anal probbing (on me) ... found it pretty easy to cum when someone's working a dildo up your ass and pushing on your prostate.

So how do I rank the evening? All in all, it still doesn't measure up to the Prive Huis' in my mind ... but if you want your ass probed by a pretty good looking hooker then I think you'll have to look for it just about the way I did via the RLD windows ... having said that, I keep telling myself to stick with the Prive Huis route ... all things considered this evening continues to reinforce that they are the right route for me.

Happy hunting ...

Holland Report
08-17-03, 17:23
Hi 'dog'!

Thanks for the recommendation. This senior membership is great! And, actually, by a stroke of luck, I'll be visiting The Hague, regularly, from September onwards. So plenty of chance to continue 'playing', posting reports and continueing with this exchange of experiences. So, good news all round, for me! :-)

Yes, I think the Hague kamer/window scene is really in a state of flux. I've found a few REALLY nice women in the Geleenstraat, and then next time I go there, they're gone. (Replaced by other nice women, but still frustrating, because you can't build up a good 'rapor' and relationship with them!) Tanja, I've seen quite a few times. Best thing is to phone the number I gave further down on the list first. Normally she works evenings, though. Sounds like you've been heading down during the day???? SOME girls work the two shifts, but most just one, and change over at six. Mrs Stars and Stripes has been there the last two times I headed down to the Geleenstraat after six. This last week, though, I've actually been having regular sex with my girlfriend, so haven't actually been to check her out. (After sleeping with prostitutes, most of whom have shaved pussies, I start to crave something a bit more hairy, which my girlfriend is! Variety is the spice of life, and all that!) I MIGHT head down to the Geleenstraat later this PM, in search of Mrs Stars and Stripes, though. So will report back if I find her! :-)

And YES, I think you've got it about right on the Doublestraat/Poelderdijk straats. The latter really is lowlife. But, by the same token, that's where you can get some really pervie no condom sex. BUT BE CAREFUL! I think herpes is a real possibility if you go down that route. If you're afraid of that, but are just into something kinky, you can pay to fuck or suck (with condom) and then cum on the woman's face without for about fifty euros. But, like you said, you can usually only get that from the not at all good looking latino women. Be persistent, though, and you'll get lucky. I have! :-)

On the anal probing, check out 'Carla' from the Amsterdam discussion. I posted something on her a while back. REALLY nice and good looking woman. And will use a strap on/dildo on your ass, if that's your thing. :-)

Last but not least, if you read Dutch, check out that excellent website that bobo posted the address for. MUCH more detailed, active and girl-specific information. And the prive clubs are covered in full. Really worth a look!

Thanks again for the recommendation and happy hunting!

H :-)

Holland Report
08-21-03, 18:03
Hello, again, dog,

I just read this from the senior membership application bit:

Senior Membership approved 08-16-03.

Hey there Jackson ... I've been very impressed with the caliber of some of the reports from HOLLAND REPORT ... Suggest you consider him for Senior Member status since he's been a real addition to The Hague board in the Netherlands.



Nice one! Thanks very much!

Give and take...

... I have something to report on Mrs Stars and Stripes. In fact, she doesn't always wear the same bikini, and I headed down there yesterday and she was there, legs open, totally brazen look in her eye in room 25 of the Hunsenestraat (have I spelt this correctly??) which is the short road leading up to the Geleenestraat proper. Anyway, I've built it up in my mind so long, I couldn't resist. To be honest, she's not really all that nice. But, for me, that makes it a bit easier to enjoy the sex. Like Bobo, if I like the woman too much, I just end up chatting, etc, etc. So, yes, I gave Mrs Stars and Stripes a good fucking, and, to be honest, enjoyed it. And then I went on my way, and I'm sure we'll both forget about the experience. At least I won't go back to her, I think, when there are other much nicer women about. BUT, I'm still a BIG fan of the geleenestraat/ Haag kamer scene, so please don't write it off, prematurely, please and thank you! :-)

Thanks again for the senior member good word!


H :-)

SL Dog
08-21-03, 19:52
Hey Holland ... glad you finally scored and reported on Miss Stars and Stipes. Isn't that the way it always is though? You build up an event in your mind to be bigger than life and when you finally score, it's mediocre. I've had that happen so many times, including in the RLD, and what a let down it is. Almost as if you need to go find another fantasy to feed to keep you alive until you get a chance to test that one out in real life too!

Thanks for the nudge back to the RLD ... I might be up for another return this weekend. A girl that I'd been seeing at one of the Prive's gave me a brush off the other night on the phone ... and now I'm back on the hunt again for a very reliable old standby that gives predictable GFE service. I know that my old fling is looking for a solid long term relationship a lit' bit younger than me ... and ... every time she gets close to one, I prove to be a goner. You'd think I'd learn after all these years, but I've had pretty darned good luck in the prives meeting my needs ... RLD is just fine however when all I'm looking for is a fling.

School's back in session here so I'm expecting that the lasses out on holiday are back in action. If you are here, please keep the board active.

Happy hunting ...

08-29-03, 16:44
SL, HR, Bobo : Hello Guys,
I am back in business after long good well deserved holidays ;-).

HR : you wrote "BTW, I wonder if Zeb and maybe some of the rest of you are still interesting in arranging some 'group' fun!???
" ......Yes, as to me, I am still interested. We just have to define how we can arrange something that would fit with erevyone's fantasy. For a start, I suggest we can just share beer or so in a bar near the Geleenstraat....any takers ?

Holland Report
09-13-03, 19:00
Hi Guys,

Sorry about the long silence. I've been busy with work, and then the last few days WSG hasn't allowed new messages to be posted. Anyway, all up and running again. Dog, yes I know what you mean about fantasies not living up to expectations. BUT, in fact, one of the things I live best about visiting the RLD is the anticipation (which, amazingly, I can share with my girlfriend) and then the reminiscing (which I share with her too!!!) And mostly I seem to get pretty lucky, which is great!

Zeb, I'd LOVE to get together for some kindof group fun. But I'm heading up to Sweden on Wednesday, for at least a month, before heading back to the Hague to visit. So I guess I'll have to let you guys start without me. For what it's worth, I've tried a threesome (two guys and one woman) with my girlfriend and really enjoyed it. And I MIGHT even be able to persuade her to agree to that again, if you're clean and nice people (which you seem to be). The advantage of that is that she likes to give a blow job without a condom, swallows and is generally pretty kinky. On the group fun in the RLD I was thinking about hiring a good looking woman from the Geleenestraat and paying her properly to allow for some porno type gangbang fun. Anal, face fucking, sanwich, cumming on face, that kindof thing. At least, that's what I have built up in my fantasy. So if you or Bobo or Dog were up for that, I'd be game.

I'll keep checking this board in Sweden and let you know when I'm around so maybe we can fix something up!

Keep it up, guys!

HR :-)

09-13-03, 21:55
Hello HR,
Hey !!! What an offer !!! where do I sign up ?

Anyway, nice to see you again. I was starting to feel alone around here.
Went to Geleenstraat tonight. Girls there were ok this time (compared to other unsuccessful visit during the week). I made my mind with a cute blond Dutch named Angelica, 25 years old, short, thin and small breast. I have seen her many times in the past, everytime she was giving nice and smily eye contact....I finally responded to her invitation. I didn't regret. She is sweet and patient. She definitly wants to have an happy customer (good bj, multiple positions, no clock in the head).
At the end, after I had come in her (me on top), as I was still staying between her legs, I gave her some sweet caress on the breast and body.....she seemed to appreciate as she close her eyes and stayed there long minutes, just enjoying the situation. Definitly a moment of tenderness that is not very common.
She told me later that normally she tries to have her brain/spirit far away during the act but that this time she just let herself lay back and enjoy.

Angelica was wearing black and white top, a bit like a French maid. She is located one the left side of the right Branch of the T shaped RLD. There is another one who is close to her and who looks the same, but this other one is younger, less smily and always wearing a bikini.....I went with this one last year....not recommanded.


HR, have a good trip and see you soon.

Holland Report
09-15-03, 08:15
Thanks for that, Zeb! That's a nice story. Actually, more and more I find that it really matters to me that the women I go with are 'nice'. Or that they like me. Not just because you get much better sex, all round, and feel that it's a relaxed and nice experience. But also, when you cum, I just HATE that feeling where you then have to get up and head out, like Bobo said, as if you've just eaten a McDonald's or something. So your story is kindof nice. Actually, my own last few times in the Geleenestraat have been really nice. Lots of nice chat before, no rush, lots of different positions, cumming and then no hurry and lots of chat while the women put their bikini on, made themselves look nice and I recovered. (Mostly chatting about the English, which I am, and all the usual stereotypes- Mr Bean, etc, etc ;-) ) I had a REALLY nice experience a while back with a youngish looking girl, around the place you seem to be describing with an Ajax tattoo on her thigh. I didn't ask, but I guess she was around twenty, very thin, nice tits and pussie. In the end we ended up doing 69, with her sitting on my face and giving me an EXCELLENT blowjob. When I came, it really did feel like 'the little death'. But she was very nice, and I was already lieing on my back, so I just lay there recovering and chatting with her as she got ready. :-)

Guys, I don't know if there's some way to make this Geleenestraat description a bit easier. For what it's worth, the short little street which is like the vertical (or the stem) of the 'T' is actually called the Hunsenestraat or something similar. The Geleenestraat proper is the longer bit that is like the flat top bit of the T. So, unless someone can think of a better way to describe it, how about we say, left branch of Geleenestraat (ie up towards centre of the Hague), right branch of Geleenestraat (ie south towards the big main road) and Hunsenestraat??? Clear as mud???? Actually, the rooms ARE numbered, kindof clockwise, starting from the left branch, but I can't see that working, somehow, especially after a few beers! :-)

OK, keep posting the reports guys, I'll keep reading this board in Sweden and look forward to coming back for some more fun in October. Keep it up in the meantime... :-)

HR :-)

SL Dog
09-18-03, 20:25
Hey guys ... it's been a pretty busy few weeks with travel around Europe and in the States. With the board outage I got out of the habit of posting but I've been in action a few times since my last post. All have been at Diane's Secret prive ...

Spent a very nice time with very curly hair (dark), short (height), extemely well assembled, dutch girl several weeks ago. The most distinguishing feature of this lass is her very curly (almost frizzy) hair. She's a smoker so you might get a hint of cigarette smoke when she introduces herself, but she'd used mouthwash by the time we went up to the room. I'd visited with her once about 4-5 months ago and she remembered me immediately ... wanted to know why I hadn't come back to visit with her again ... very friendly ... interested in open mouth kissing right away. Did mutual undress ... pretty erotic ... then lots of time in bed with mutual manual stimulation for warm up. She warms up fast and gets very wet fast. I am absolutely convinced she had 3 orgasms by hand (mine) before shifting over to oral (her on me) ... nice mouth technique ... then low and behold right in the midst of cbj I hear a condom being opened up and next thing I feel is a finger up the ass ... deep prostate massage ... mind blowing ... and ball blowing! So after she cleaned me up we started stroking again and damn if this girl doesn't have another big O! That gets me hard again so she climbs on top for a cowgirl ride. Several minutes of that and she goes back to cbj ... and other finger up the ass! What a session! I'd go back to her in a second, but need to reserve the finger up the ass for a second cum ... not the first!

Next trip I hooked up with a 35 year old from Hungary ... bleached blonde ... moderate looks ... reasonable bod but not as good as lass above. Her distinguishing feature was long, pointed toe boots. Up to the room ... she immediately strips and suggests I do the same ... not exactly my cup of tea but not a total turn off. She asks me to wash myself and then we retire to bed. Her english is limited ... enough for basic discussion, but a little difficult for anything particularly deep. She's obviously accustomed to jumping right into sex act which wasn't my desire ... so I took control with my "patented" manual stimulation technique ... damn she got wet and excited. Probably her best parts are nice tits (must have been enhanced) but I couldn't tell from the feel which she loves to have sucked and she loves to rub all over your bod. Seemed interested in offering Russian tit job on me but I delayed coming. I got her to cum once and then she wanted to start cbj and doggie ... this lass came within 3-4 minutes she was so hot ... we switched around and moved over to cowgirl ... probably the best ride I've ever had from a girl ... deep, rotating hips, lots of rubbing of her clit against me ... and WET. Pow... she comes again this time along with me. From there we moved over to mutual manual stimulation again which went over to cbj then to 69 with her on top and then me on top and eventually lots of ass-hole fingering. This lady appears to like her ass being probed but never got to actual anal with her. That's a next time try.

I'm finding the girls in the prive's really do respond to being seduced. They also say that having a "clean", recently bathed partner is a nice change from most of the guys that visit them. So come on fellows ... think about hygene first.

Bottom line of all is that I'm on a real roll right now with those lasses I can find available in the prive's when I come in. Have dropped the need / desire for a "regular" and am following HRs spontaneous approach to picking.

Sex is great in Den Haag, isn't it?

Happy hunting to all.

09-19-03, 23:05
Hi everybody,

Thanks HR for your suggestion but as I told to Zeb in the French forum , since this year I don't have much opportunities to go to Den Haag and, when I go there it's just for some hours (arrived in the morning and being back by the last Thalys train at 7:36 PM).

Of course , if ever "my" Brigitte (1m80 talled blond student in law in Amsterdam but living in Den Haag) is back I'll try to take days off to see her!

Dog is luckier than me with Diane's secret where I've never been again even if I like its oriental and relaxing decoration (don't forget that I'm Asian born)

Did somebody visit La Chaperonne and Maison Prive these last months (I saw on www.maisonprive.nl that there were some new ladies working there) ? In my last visit in La Chaperonne (July 2003) I met Victoria (from Skopje/Macedonia) who used to work in Hunzestraat.

And in Hunzestraat (4 ?, the only "house" on your left when you go towards Geleenstraat ), I suppose that Natalia/Natasha (1m80 talled Russian with long black hair) doesn't come back yet (if I remember well , she'll be back only in November) ?

Good luck, lucky guys!

09-25-03, 00:34
Hello HR,

I put on "photo gallery" a "macro" map of RLD Geleenstraat/Hunsestraat I found.

So , you can use it in your report.

For everybody :

1) "My" Brigitte (1m80 talled with blond long hair student in Law) was at the "house" 6 (where at least one SM big room is proposed)

2) "My" Natalia/Natasha (1m80 talled with black long hair Russian) should be at the house 27/28. If she's not there yet, I think she'll be back in November.

3) Victoria (Skopje/Macedonia) used to work at the house 23 ; she works now (I met her in July) in the Private house "La chaperonne" (63 Groot Herti....)

4) Sharon comes from Amsterdam and works every NIGHT inside the gallery , in the block in the center of the gallery, side 26 , at the corner.

Good hunt, lucky guys

09-25-03, 23:25
Following great map given by Bobo, I also indicate where I've met "my" latest girls :

Angelica (see previous report) : area 14 . Ranked 8 in the Zebumeter.

Two new reports after Angelica :

Sammy : area 20
22 yo from Germany with a latin attitude. Brown and curley hair. Not always working.
Smiles and laughs a lot. Perfect breast and legs on plateform heels, silk skin very well tanned, perfectly shaved. For standard 50E, multiple positions, body kissing, fully naked, nice foreplay before bj (talented kissing on the body and caressing with her nails (mmmmm)), allows breast kissing and sucking (which is great cause she really has a top class breast), can move her legs on your shoulder. recommanded. Ranked 8,5 in Zebumeter.

Nataly : area 17
First time I see her since 1,5 years ago (in area 15).
23 yo, brown hair, very small (maybe less than 1.45 m high) with a body of a 15 yo girl.
Born in Columbia. For standard 50E, short foreplay, bj (did not really felt it as I was busy in 69), multiple positions, and.......allows pussy licking !!!! My previous encounter with her was better; she seemed to be a bit tired/bored this time even though she has been nice. She was not faking very well. Still recommanded because of the fantasy to be with such a "young" body and of course for the pussy licking (very rare in this rld)
ranked 7 for performance and 9 for the fantasy in Zebumeter.

waiting to see Bobo's Brigitte or Natalia/Natasha......

SL Dog
09-27-03, 22:55
Hey folks ... another update from Diane's Secret. Visited on Saturday shortly after lunch hour and ended up selecting a Greek lady that I've never seen before. She goes by the name Gina ... very Greek features - dark skin, dark long hair, full featured with large breasts, probably in early 30's, VERY limited English skills, but a passionate lady. Body and appearance are ok, but it would be impossible to call her beautiful. The host at Diane's winked and told me I was in for a treat with her ... he was right. When I left he asked me if I had any energy left ... Gina must have a reputation for satisfaction that preceeds me.

Headed up to the room for a one hour interlude ... from the minute we were in the room started with open mouth kissing which quickly moved into DFK ... manual groping on my behalf revealed a very wet lady ... she did a very erotic undressing of me including very seductive removal of trousers / underwear. She drops to the floor and begins licking all over ... balls, ass, stomach, etc.

Off to bed with lots of continued kissing. Conversation is stiilted because of my inability to communicate in Dutch and her inability to do English ... but it didn't hold us back from action.

Found her to be very orgasmic and got her to come at least 3-4 times with manual stimulation, both pussy and ass.

(It seems to me that getting one of these ladies hot and bothered before looking for any attention toward my physical wants pays big dividends. It's a formula that's working for me consistently ... so my guidance is to try to get your lady to cum, and I mean really cum, before looking for any attention yourself. I think it does help to get to them early in their "shift" so that they aren't "fucked out" before you get to them ... I always try for a 12:30-1PM window ... works for me.)

After her 3 (or so) orgasms she turned the tables on me ... started licking her way down my bod ... ending up with very thorough attention to balls and ass. A very good ball sucker. Actually worked her tongue up inside me and then headed over to BBBJ ... damn, I'd foregotten what BBBJ was like after all these sessions of CBJ ... wasn't all that long before we had a CIM episode ... she seemed to be fine with the whole event and after a short visit to the sink to remove my gift to her, we switched over to a very, very nice back rub. Erotic, with just the right amount of attention to by buttocks and balls along with proper backrub treatment of shoulders, back, buttocks, legs, feet, etc. Very, very nice.

Then she told me to flip over and proceeded to do a BBBJ all over again ... this time with finger up the ass. She kept saying that she really WANTED to make it come again. That moved on to Covered Fuck ... multiple positions ... she kept moaning Lekker (which means "good") ... eventually phone call from host trying to free up the room for another customer shut the whole thing down.

Whole event was mind blowing ... I'm finding that the more mature ladies (that aren't necessarily spectacular in looks) are far better partners in bed in the Prive's compared to the younger lasses.

Gina is higly recommended to all. She normally works on Tues / Thursdays at Diane's ... if you have a chance with her ... go for it.

Happy hunting to all.

Holland Report
09-29-03, 19:09
Hi Guys,

You've really been busy while I've been away. Excellent!

I'm reading this in Stockholm, where there are MASSES of good looking women, but absolutely zero action when it comes to the hobby, which is highly illegal (and so a bit too riskey) this end. Anyway, I'm planning a trip to Holland for end Oct, early Nov, so I wondered whether Zeb and maybe some of the other guys want to go ahead with a threesome or moresome.... ? :-)

Zeb, why don't you ask your Angelique??? I'm blonde, pretty good looking, clean, circumcised, a little bit kinky but basically kind/decent and would pay about a hundred for a threesome. Maybe a sandwich, maybe face/ass. That kindof thing. Extra for cumming on face, etc, etc. So, if you were the same, that'd be 200 or more for Angelique. What d'you think, Zeb??? Let me know.

I'll keep reading this board in Sweden, although not so regularly!

Keep up the good work fellows!


H :-)

10-01-03, 10:16
Hi HR,
Sorry but I would not do what you describe with Angelica (too sweet for that) and nor with any of the payed girls. Even if they accept it, I am pretty sure they don't like it.
I consider that these kind of things are to be done with ladies willing to do it and enjoying it (such as girls/women in swingers club).
As well for the same reasons, I am not into the threesome stuff with a paid girl although I don't mind doing it in private or in swinger club.

Reminding you about a previous note "For a start, I suggest we can just share beer or so in a bar near the Geleenstraat....any takers ?". It's still valid.
See you,

Holland Report
10-10-03, 20:19
OK, fair enough, Zeb! You sound like a decent fellow and good luck to you! :-)

In fact, my stay in Sweden is prolonged until January, so probably academic from my point of view. So I'll just say, good luck to you and stay decent/nice! :-)

10-15-03, 11:05
Fine HR, I am glad to read that we agree on that.
See you again when you are back from Sweden.

Texas 11
10-23-03, 17:25
SL Dog, that was a great report on Dianes Secret, I will be in Amsterdam in Feb., and will make the trip there to check it out. Can I get the address of Dianes, so I can look it up? Thanks for your help, and any other places you might reccommend I check out.


Texas 11

10-27-03, 00:43
Diane's Secret

Laan van N.O. Indië 200a
2593 CC The Hague
tel. 070 - 347 63 18

Opening time: From Monday untill Saturday from 11:00 - 23:00
Sunday we are closed.

SL Dog
10-28-03, 21:43
Hey there Texas 11 ... Bobo.Fr pretty much detailed it for you. If you are willing, post your email and I'll provide private guidance on my trips there. I've continued to go to Diane's for my entire time here ... probably had about 10 different girls, many multiple times. The place just works for me, even if all the girls aren't drop dead gorgeous. In fact I've found that many of the "plainish" ones are the best in the sack. Basically I've been looking for more of a "totally involved" girl than a playboy model. I've hit almost everytime I "swing" at Dianes. So if that's your interest and you have the 120 euro for an hour, let me know how I can help.

Happy hunting.

10-28-03, 23:32
Be aware about using email: in the past, Diane's Secrets and Chaperonne didn't answer to my email!

I suggest you to use the telephone rather than email.

Texas 11
10-29-03, 16:35
Thanks Bobo.fr for the address.

SL Dog, you and I are on the same page, as far as what we like. I have been to Amsterdam 5-6 times in the last 3 years, I find it still exciting, but this time I want to experience some other things, as I have 6 days in Febuary. I enjoy the RLD, but on my last trip I discovered Park 118 in Amsterdam, and enjoyed it very much. I have seen your posts about Den Haag and am going to make the 1 hour train ride to check it out. I have also been reading about Alkmaar, and am thinking of going there. Do you know if a train goes from Amsterdam to Alkmaar?

Sorry for all the questions, but you seem like you are the expert!

Thanks again for responding.

SL Dog
10-31-03, 23:02
Hey Texas 11 ... same page huh? Perhaps we come from the same area in the lone star state!

With regard to your question, I'm pretty sure that there's a train from Central Station up to Alkmaar. Seems like there is a direct train going in most directions out of Amsterdam Central Station ... Almaar isn't all that far northwest of the city and there is a rail line running through it. You'll find a map of the Alkmaar centrum area on the internet on one of the web sites ... as i recall, it's a modest walk from train station to RLD. From the train station, look for the town square and the old WEG and head west. Achterdam is 4 or 5 blocks and intersects a canal.

If you are taking a train down to Den Haag and Daine's Secret location, Central Station or Hollandspoor in Den Haag will connect you to Amsterdam Central, but I think that there are probably more trains to Hollandspoor. From there I think I'd take a taxi to Diane's ... too far to hoof it and probably too inconvenient to work the trams. Springing for a taxi shouldn't run more than 15 Euro ... small in comparison to the money you'll spend ... hell, I frequently tip that much.

Happy hunting ...

11-01-03, 07:05
Yes, there are regular trains to Alkmaar from CS. Snelltreins (fast trains) two times per hour. The Achterdam is about a 15 minute walk from the Alkmaar train station. Set your sites on the Waagplein where the Kaas Museum (Cheese Museum) is and you are more or less there. Or take a taxi to Achterdam for about 5 or 6 Euros. Enjoy.

11-02-03, 10:02
Hey guys,

For train times and details, check out www.ns.nl

For non-dutch speakers you can click on 'English' for all the info you want - times, platform numbers covering all of Holland. You can plan and print your itineraries in advance.


Tom Schilders
11-14-03, 16:22
Hi Lads,

A good escort number in The Hague and surroundings is Yuni Whu (email yuniwhu@ilse.nl) GSM 0612366380. She has permanently working 2 young Indonesian girsl. Last time I called was a bit ago (I only just got online as a posting member!), but I had a great time. I called the number, the old madamme (I think she is old) gave me the address of an apartment in The Hague. Off I went. I was warmly welcomed by the Indonesian girl. We had a drink and then she slowly started undressing me. French kissing was part of the game, also BJ without. I also fingered here quite extensively, but did not taste the box (I don´t do that with public ladies). The fuck was also great, and after I shot my load she ended up with a massage. All for I think 85 or 95 euros. They do both escorts and have an address where you can go (it is different from the apartment where I went last time).

All the best!


Capt Fred
11-25-03, 23:27
Tom Schilders:

About Yuni Whu, do any of the Ladies offer anal sex? That is not a bad price for everything!


Otter Trax
12-18-03, 10:21
I am curious about learning if the RLD in Delft is still active. I have only read that its very small in the archives. I am not sure if its only frequented by locals and may not be able to compete with the RLD in Den Haag.

I will be traveling this April to Holland. Any info would be appreciated regarding the windows in Delft.



01-08-04, 14:37
Hey guys,

I'm planning a trip to Den Haag next month and was wondering if anyone has been to Diane's Secret recently. I'd really appreciate an update on quality the girls available. I'm ideally looking for a good looking slim busty girl under 30.

Any update on the RLDs would also be useful.



SL Dog
01-10-04, 20:49
It's been a while since I've been on-line with a report. Started out this PM to do an update on Diane's Secret for Doggus, but got there and they were closed this weekend. Looked like some major refurbishing work going on. Sign (in dutch) said they'd be open on Monday so not to worry ... the place does look like it's still in business.

Headed over to Bananas on Weteringkade 113 not too far from the Geleenstraat RLD. Hadn't been to Bananas for ages which might have been a mistake. They have a web site that you can access with a google search but it's all in Dutch and pretty minimal in terms of content except for pics of the rooms (kramers). This place is both a classic prive (girls come in to a private room introduce themselves and you don't really see anyone else) and a sex club (bar / pickup setting). Six girls working this afternoon. Only 4 not engaged when I got there. Of the 4, 2 were pickable. One a 43 year old red head (see below) and the other mid 30's and dressed with a most provocative leather outfit. Others looked old, used up, scary.

Ended up with Linda (house name) / Annaya (real name). She's 43, quite attractive face, very slightly overweight, big breasted (natural), red haired, shaved and oversexed! I'd rate bust size as 36 D but gravity had set in on her. She's not a knockout but actually pretty darned sensual for a 43 yr old. She's 100% Dutch thoroughbred. Got past the preliminaries fairly fast and moved into the normal washdown that most girls do for their gents. This lady washed, rubbed, caressed, rubbed, etc for several minutes. It proved to be more of a preliminary to the main course than a cleaning effort.

She's been in the business for a while and about the only thing that she said she wasn't into was anal fucking at work (reserves that for close personal relationships) ... she's got a tongue that flicks like a lizard ... happy to do DFKissing without limitations. Maybe one of the best blow jobs I've had in a long time ... no hesitation to go bare back. Lots of ball sucking. Ass fingering including insertion and tonguing. No problem with DATY or ass fingering and insertion by me on her. I've always been a gentle stroker ... she loves her pussy stroked. Very responsive to clitoral manipulation. Also a real moaner with 2-3 finger internal g-spot pressure.

One attribute of this girl is that she gets WET and she gets WET fast. Clearly she enjoys the experience. When we went on to fucking, she put another towel on the bed ... claims that she's a squirter when she comes. I can vouch for it ... this was a very well lubricated experience.

After 30 or more minutes of BBBJ, kissing, fingering, etc. moved over to cowgirl with her on top. Gosh, she's got this deep rocking motion with her pussy that is to die for. All the time felt an amazing warmth and wetness coming from her. This girl got excited ... red / flush / sweating after about 5-10 mintues. She begged for a position change. Went to missionary with her legs up under my arms. This time I was doing all the work, but damn was she hot still ... that classic flush of a really excited woman. With all of the looks and sounds of extascy coming from her. She came once in that position ... gusher! We rolled on our sides and I finished up with a good solid cum. She came second time as well. And we both collapsed ... Damn she looked good lying a few inches from me.

Got a gently cleanup with kleenex by her, some small talk and more than an hour was over. No time pressures from her. I'd definitely go back. While looks are in the 6-7 range (age), attitude was a 10, service was a 10. There's something about getting service from a woman that's been around for a while and still enjoys sex. Much better than the perfect 10 body of a 20 year old. They just don't have the experience or comfort with their bods to make it with me.

Price for one hour is 125 euro up front. Room equipped with a bar and drinks are free in the room.

Highly recommended experience at Bananas.

On to Maison Prive ... went there shortly before Thanksgiving. Beautiful place, but the girls were really young and came across as pretty adolescent in terms of behavior / attitude / service. In fact as they came in to introduce themselves, they were giggling and laughing ... expected to hear an "egads" and cracking chewing gum from most of them. Ended up with a young black girl from Africa who spoke flawless english. Very nice and hard bod with natural breasts that I'd say were 34-35 C's. Shaved. Clean smelling. All in all quite attractive. Probably around 23-24 years old.

We undressed each other, but it felt clinical. Willing to kiss lightly but not DFK. Some mutual groping which got her wet for a few moments, but it didn't last.

Over to CBJ ... adequately done but clinical feeling. When I suggested that we switch over to cowgirl fuck she headed to the sink to rinse her mouth out ... guess she didn't like condom taste. God knows we hadn't kissed enough for her to need to gargle at ths point! Cowgirl was ok. When I told her I was close to coming she hopped off and decided to finish me off via BJ ... an ok finish but just not what I was looking for. Whole episode of concentrated sex was less than 15-20 minutes. Not my normal style or expectation.

That left a lot of time remaining in my hour so I asked for backrub ... she tried, but it's obvious that she's not a pro at backrubbing or making her clients feel really special. (By the way, the best backrubber I've had is Nicole at Diane's Secret.) She's a talker though ... almost a nervous talker ... like she's trying to fill the time with conversation rather than passion.

I'd probably skip her if the option came up again. Looks were 8+, attitude a 6-7, service a 5-6. Price was 125 Euro per hour. An extra 30 or 35 Euro gets you BBBJ but I didn't invest in that (luckily).

So my first experience at Maison Prive wasn't all that I had hoped for. But then again I violated my formula. I went early evening (versus at the beginning of a shift) and I picked a young hard body as opposed to a more experienced lass.

Happy hunting.

01-31-04, 17:46
Warie Thai
Weimarstraat 363 • 2562 HL • Den Haag • 070 - 4279809

A diversion from my usual haunts took me to Warie Thai in Den Haag, last week. What I really wanted was a "classic" soapy massage but it was not available here. I had tried to check that by phone first, and I thought the answer was "yes" but this turned out to be wrong - I think for language reasons.

When I got there, around 5pm, only one girl - Joyce - was available so I chose her as the weather outside did not encourage me to go hunting elsewhere. Joyce is older & rounder than my taste. Her massage was soft & relaxing but she kept breaking off to fetch tea, ask for music to be put on, etc. Although the mama-san said no "intiem" Joyce offered it for E120 but I declined. Overall a bit disappointing.

Incidentally, this girl remembered me from a visit to a Thai FS establishment in Rotterdam over a year ago. I thought all farangs looked the same!

E50 for 45 mins.

I would visit this place again - but it is not my first choice.
I would chose this lady again - but she is not my first choice.

Happy hunting, B61

Incidentally - does anyone know where to get a soapy in ZH or NH?

01-31-04, 18:07
Getting to Diane's Secret
The closest station to Diane's Secret in Den Haag is "Den Haag Laan van NOI". From Amsterdam the best way to get there is either
a) "intercity" or "snel" (fast) train to Leiden then change to a "stop" train heading for Den Haag Centraal or Rotterdam. From the station it is a few minutes walk to Diane's Secret. Or,
b) "intercity" or "snel" (fast) train to Den Haag Centraal and then take tram #2 from the tram platforms above the train platforms. Alternatively, take a stop train back towards Leiden - 1 stop only -this might just give you problems with the ticket inspectors in which case playing "ignorant foreigner" should be enough.

As Doggus said www.ns.nl is a good site for planning rail travel in English. However, www.9292ov.nl can be used to plan complete journies on train/bus/tram. Unfortunately it is only in dutch but with good guesswork it is easy enough (it's how I learnt to use it).


SL Dog
01-31-04, 23:00
Diane's Secret update ... journeyed over to DS this past Thursday evening around 1900. Found 3 girls available. Others were working so they didn't present themselves. I did learn later that Gina was in that evening (I've written about her in earlier posts). Picked Anna for the first time ever. She's 25, fairly tall, dark moderate length hair, Romanian descent, quite busty and has good english skills. Pleasant eastern european looks with high cheekbones. Wore micromini skirt which is what won me over on picking her.

Spent a pleasant hour with the lady engaged in straight sex. DFK was on the menu as was CBJ and CFuck. She proved to be multiorgasmic with the right type of manual stimulation. She was fine with deep fingering of her pussy which was rather attractive. No anal contact allowed at all. A good kisser and willing to use her mouth to good advantage. Her BJ was vigorous and pleasing.

She has full natural breasts, very soft and a little saggy.

Claims she's been in the business for about 5 years and was very comfortable with herself and her job. Worked in Spain, Italy and now Holland. Appears to have a solid command of spanish and italian languages. Says that Spanish fellows are the best lovers in her book. And that Americans are the cleanest.

Would pick again without question, but have had more exciting experiences here and at Club 113.

Other girls that were available looked to be about same age. One was Asian, with pleasant, but not stunning looks. Other appeared to be full figured Dutch girl with longish dark hair. She was a close second on my list.

Happy hunting.

02-03-04, 21:04
I live near The Hague and it is a fairly good city for "window shopping". The girls are mostly from the Dom. Republic, Nigeria or Ghana. Prices are US$ 20-25. The best street to go to is the Doubletstraat. If you need any more info or advice, drop me a line.

02-03-04, 22:02
Hey guys,

Thanks for the update SL Dog.

Does anyone have directions on how to get to Doubletstraat from Hollands Spoor Station?


02-04-04, 12:41
Hi guys,
I have had the pleasure to meet Bobo this week at around 2pm during one of his Den Haag expedition. It was nice to walk around the Geleenstraat RLD and share our experience/recommandation. Unfortunately, as the turnover is too important , we didn't see our respective favorites this time.
Nevertheless, after a calm period, it is to be noted that the RLD was quite crowdy, both in term of girls and clients. I saw a couple of very cute girls who make me want to come back for more !

Doggus :
To get to Doublestraat from HS :
As you get out of HS via the main entrance (the one with all the tram lines), walk straight forward (perpendicular to the station, street called Station Weg) for about 500m until you reach a canal. At this canal, turn left and walk along the right side of the canal (street call Dunne Bierkade). After about 250m, you arrive at a brigde crossing the canal, turn right and after about 20m, Doublestraat is on you left (street is parallele to the canal).
Beware that at Doublestraat, as the price are twice lower, the quality of the girls and the kamers is also twice lower. However, once may get lucky and find one or two gems.
Good Luck,


02-04-04, 21:35
About the Doublerstraat:

There are some very high quality girls there in the evening that charge 20 or 25 Euro's. Lots of dark girls, Dominican or African. The quality of the rooms is good, they meet Dutch legal standards.

02-05-04, 09:09
Ok Dutchie,
I must admit I have only been there at day time....I will give it a try then in the evening.
Sorry If I was wrong.

Otter Trax
02-06-04, 03:33
Question to SL Dog, Dutchie, or any local to Den Haag:

I know that Delft has a local RLD district smallish, maybe comparable to Utrecht (reportedly near the train station, quaint but viable, catering to the pensioner looking for a thrill). Can you tell me if it's been closed and made obsolete?

With the window scene in Amsterdam in decline, it is obvious that the local haunts give the best value. Please wont you help.

I'm pleading.


02-06-04, 10:42
......following yesterday message.....
So I gave the Doublestraat a try at night time.
I got there at around 23h45.
Level of action was quite similar to what I have seen daytime. Unfortunately, quality of girls (I should say women or grandma's in many cases) is not any better than day time. Among all selection present, I only saw a couple of prettier than average that could have attracted me.
Obsiously, I don't have the same taste as Dutchie525....what's the hell after all. We are all different and no doubt that some of the mongers prefer the "doublestraat kind of" RLD.

Happy hunting.

SL Dog
02-07-04, 10:53
Otter Trax ... my source of info on dutch RLDs is the following web site ... http://www.ignatzmice.com/Adam/framed.htm ... on the left side are 2 pull down menus. Go to second one down and scroll to NL RLDs. There's nothing mentioned for Delft. My expereince so far is that this site is pretty good, so if it's not listed, I'm presuming that it's no longer there.

Sorry 'bout that.

Happy hunting.

02-07-04, 13:41

You are right. There are quite a few ma's and grandma's in the Doubletstraat. But there are some knocker's too. The thing is, they are always busy, so you have to wait for them to show up again and go in with 1 of them right away. It doesn't take longer then a minute for them to get another customer for 20 or 25 Euro's. I know where the pretty ones usually are. If you are in The Hague, anyone, contact me.

02-07-04, 15:43
Den Haag has had mixed reviews on the ignatamice site,, I am a regular poster on the message board,, great intel. If you pull up the new message board, one of my buddies from London just posted a very detailed post on the RLD scene in The Hague.

My personal recommondation is to go to Alkmaar, a short 30 minute 10E RT train fair from Central Station. Sessions are 35E. Much better selection and service then the Windows in Amsterdam. The Wallen scene has been drastically effected by the Euro, I have been there 13 times in the last three years, before and after the Euro.

The Girls in Alkmaar, and other smaller Dutch RLD's cater more towards the local repeat businessl, so ripofffs are much less prevelant, not to mention the lack of street junkies, bridge trolls, broken bottles, vommitt, etc.

Even better is Planet Happy Garden, about a 3 hr drive south, across the German border near Oedt. 50E entrance fee for as much free German Spatten and food as you can handle, not to mention the 30-40 stunning girls that will do just about anything you want for only 50E for 30 minutes, extensions are 25 E per half hour after that, do the math! BBBJTCCIM is standard fair, 25 E extra.



Texas 11
02-22-04, 17:27
Hey SL Dog,

Enjoyed reading your posts as always! I am finally making the trip to Adam next Sun., and plan on taking the train to the Haig on Tues. ( 3/2 ). I can hardly wait to get to Dianes and try out a couple of your favorites, especially a dark Greek woman with big breats from you earlier posts! With your newest posts you make it hard to decide, so I may have to try them all! Thanks for the info and I look forward to helping others out with my trip report. Any last things I should not miss while I am there?

SL Dog
02-24-04, 20:02
Texas 11 - Good luck on the trip over. We will be interested in any of your impressions, both good or bad. It's this board that keeps the information flowing among us that are into this hobby for sport and our collective G2 makes it both more interesting and more efficieint for those that follow in our footsteps.

I don't really have any new updates that aren't on the board already. I've continued to treat back over ground that I've written about over the last few months, with continued good results. Overall, I've had very good experiences in Diane's Secret, Bananas (aka Club 113) and (to a lesser extent) Maison Prive. I've never looked to the most beautiful lass in each of these locations but have generally picked based on attitude during introductions, eye contact, chemistry and energy level. For me, I've been able to get this down to a formula that works most all of the time. As always, your mileage will vary based on your girl, the chemistry you create, your behavior and your stamina. But we all know that if we're into this as a hobby.

Incidentally, I'm on an extended leave from this area so I won't have any updates on this board for for a while. Someone else will have to keep up the traffic in terms of updates and info. I'll be reading from afar and will check out the "new" items on my occassional trips back.

Happy hunting.

Sex Sommelier
03-14-04, 22:03
It looks like everything has been said already about the usual places in the Hague, so I thought it would be good for completeness to report on Maison Monty in Rijswijk (adjacent to the Hague). It is about a 10 minute Tram ride from the Den Haag HS train station, so it is not much further than Diane's Secret for example.

Maison Monty is tucked away in a residential neighborhood on Caan van Necklaan 73. Best to check www.locatienet.nl for the exact location and www.htm.nl for public transportation options.

The place is a brick stone walk-up building (like every other place I suppose). Upon ringing the bell, the door will open automatically (RHS bell) and you then proceed to walk up a flight of stairs. The nice feature is that the hostess then takes you to a private waiting area where the girls will come to you to introduce themselves. This is great if you value discretion and prefer not to interact with other horny punters.

The selection of girls varies, but generally there are no real stunners. However, there are some cute ones good for GFE type experiences. I have been there twice. Once I had a friendly Moroccan lady and another time I went for an energetic Thai lady (Lin???). The costs are €70 for 1/2 hour, €95 for 3/4, and €120 for an hour. They also have a menu with additional services but I did not make use of these and it will depend on the lady I suppose.

I will not report on each of the individual visit but rather give a general impression. Both girls kissed lavishly. BBJ used to be standard but on my last visit a condom went on so perhaps it varies by girl. In both instances, the effort and service was excellent. Plenty of energy and very intimate a la GFE. I suspect that the hostess takes quality control very seriously. The Thai girl also massages very well. In both cases they did their very best to make sure I came multiple times. Once time is up, they immediately jump in the shower to clean themselves so hygiene is also good (not the case at some other places). The hostess then comes to ask you if everything was alright and also gives you a loyalty card (once you collect six cards or something you get a free 1/2 hour on the house).

To conclude, the prices and selection of women are not any better than that at other places, but the service level seems to be good across the board. Again, I suspect that the girls are instructed to take their job seriously and underperformance is not tolerated. Therefore, I think it might a worthwhile visit if you have been to Diane's or other places too often and looking for a change of scene.

Be aware that there is another place right next door. This one is not that good. The women were all older and not very attractive. I tried one women but got grossed out because I could still smell the saliva from the previous punter on her tits.

Happy punting.

Sex Sommelier
03-30-04, 15:19
To continue my reporting on lesser known places near The Hague, I’ll quickly jot down a few lines on Rijswijk Relax on the Kerklaan 40. It should be about a 10 minute tram ride from the Den Haag HS train station (tram 1, for example). It is in the same area as Maison Monty (see previous post). It is located on a quiet old town Dutch style shopping street. Okay, it is not the most discreet entrance but I think that most by passers do not know what is going in there. Once inside, you are introduced to the available girls. The selection varies but no grandmas or undoable girls as far as I could tell. The place closes at 5.30pm and is not open on the weekends. It must therefore serve the lunch crowd or something. I would not go too late towards closing time.

The costs are 30 euros for 15 minutes, 60 euros for ˝ hour, and 120 euros for the hour. What is offered depends very much on the lady. Some offer extra services like Greek but it must be discussed with the girl herself and probably depends on her mood.

The first time I went, which was a month ago, I choose a blond girl in her 20s. She was fit and tanned. She had plenty of energy and was definitely up for a raunchy time. Kissing, reverse oral, CBJ, and sex were all on the cards. The overall experience was worth the ˝ hour but did feel a bit too professional.

The second time, I choose a mature Brazilian woman, Danny. She had a decent body but she was not skinny or firm by any means. I opted for 15 minutes. She started with BBBJ (no extra costs), but did not allow CIM. We finished with straight sex. She made the effort to ensure that I had a good time and was quite friendly. I think that as she gets to know you, the experience will get better and better. She mentioned that she enjoyed working at this place since the owners were friendly.

To cum it up, the place is decent and homely. It feels more like an apartment that is shared by a few WGs than like a business. I think that the 15 minute offer is a good deal if you are not sure. Most other places force you to stay at least ˝ hour. If you like the girl you can simply extend the time at the same rate anyway. The only drawback I think is the uncertainty as to who will be available. I went there three times, once nobody was free and the other two times there were different girls present. Hence, it could be a hit and miss but I don’t think one can be disappointed. At worst, the experience will be average. Comparing this place the Diane’s, the benchmark, I think that the selection in terms of looks is not as good at Rijswijk Relax, but the place and the women are friendlier and therefore less likely to disappoint with poor service or attitude.

Happy punting.

04-13-04, 18:54
Sex Sommelier / SL Dog / Carnal1:

Do any of you have an update on the Casa Cherda at 383 Bezuidenhoutseweg in Den Haag? We used to hang out there, after our long, trans-Atlantic flights to AMS, ordering in pizza and Chinese food. It was great value for money, at E60 for two pops [F/S and BBHJ]. The quality of the women was never greater than a 6/10. Any updates on the current crew would be much appreciated.



04-14-04, 19:54

I was there in January this year. There were a few average looking older women and one that was fairly good looking. The hostess was really friendly and I had a nice unhurried service from a Brazilian lady. Prices are still E60 for half an hour. They have a website at http://members.lycos.nl/casacherida/ and you can find more up to date reports at a the Dutch forum www.hookers.nl under the Den Haag section. If you don't speak Dutch then you can get a half decent translation at http://www.freetranslation.com

04-28-04, 21:52
Oi Chicago!

Today (April 28th) I went to Casa Cerda (internal best-known as BZH 383).
Not much changed. Just 1 new girl, east-european type. Looked as an 7 to me. Nice brown hair, big eyes, nice ass 'n boobs AND FORGOT HER NAME (as usual (big grin)).

Maybe there are more new girl, as I was visiting BZH early and some seems to work later on.

Went upstairs with Laize, a brazilian women aged 33 or so.

If I was in Fortaleza, I would not have spend time (and money!) on her, but hey, I am not in Fortaleza (yet).

Sex with her was good. Nothing unusual.

BTW, that link to the site is an old one. The owner has not meet any arguments to renew the site.

Your dearest dutch fellow monger Sumimazen (excuse my bad english).

07-24-04, 14:53
I was a regular at BZH 383, but the girls working there just went older and older, hardly ever a new girl came to join the scene.

When you come late afternoon all the Hispanic's are wathing soaps and the sound of the TV is very loud.

So I suggest skip the place.

09-22-04, 13:49
visited the RLD wed sept. 15th, I found about 25/30 girls working there (easy to be reached from the main station)
standard rate is 50euro's for a 30 min. s&f
the level was low and I came back a little disappointed after a couple of ordinary sessions

10-03-04, 16:31
Arrived at Geleenstraat around 12:30. I took the Sneltrain to Den Haag Central so had about a 10-15 minute walk around to Hollands-Spoor station to get to the right place.

The scene was quite impressive, with a decent turn out (approximately 20 girls) from the girls for what was early afternoon lunchtime trade time. I’d love to see this place at night. There seem to be windows on the first floor of many of the buildings. I found a nice French girl called Anais in the first enclosed area on the right as you’re heading north down the street. (from the main road/station end).

Anais was very attractive. A nice figure, curvy with nice tits and long dark wavy hair. She had a really sexy French accent too. Her English was conversant but not fluent. Fee was 50 Euro for the standard F&S. I was expecting only one position, but this changed, pleasantly so, during the session. It didn’t occur to me for some reason to ask for anything special or what I got for my money. Anais’English was not great and my French is virtually non-existent, so I didn’t go in to detail about what I wanted, as I’m sure it would have led to confusion.
She did an average CBJ, not the best and I needed a good one to stiffen the Old Chap. I was a little tense so it took a while to get going. Anais went on top for a cowgirl. Her lovely tits swung in my face and her hair cascaded all around me. She also made the right moaning noises without overdoing it. I suggested she finish me off by hand, which she misunderstood and said “OK, you want doggy?” and got on all fours. An unexpected bonus. That doesn’t really happen in the Walletjes. I opted for mish though, and then got her to finish me off with a hand job. I had a problem keeping stiff when we were screwing and only got 100% rigid when I was wanked off. I must be too used to my own company. Anais let me massage her tits when she was wanking me, which was nice. It seems that you get more for your 50 Euro in Den Haag than the Walletjes.

I didn’t go and check out Doublestraat. I was pretty contented with my one shot with Anais and didn’t fancy trawling around more windows. I go to Museums and stuff like that so wanted to do more of that. I’ll save Doublestraat for another time.

Anyone going to Geleenstraat would be advised to give Anais a whirl. Seemed like a nice girl. She's been working in the Hague for 5 months.

10-04-04, 17:52

Nice report, specially the "I must be too used to my own company." bit. LOL!

You said you took the sneltrain. From Amsterdam I guess. If you take a Vlissingen bound train you pass HollandsSpoor, and it takes out the rather uneventful walk from CS to HS.

You didn't check out the 'ghetto'? The very small RLD closest to HS? One of the few women left there went all the way to please me too much for € 20 plus a well deserved tip about a month ago. It may not be your area of interest though if you go for 'L:(:( KS'.

10-04-04, 21:40

By "The Ghetto" do you mean an area I've got marked on my map just to the south of Hollands-Spoor station? It's labelled as"Waterloop" and coloured in red. I'd never heard of it before so I ignored it, making a beeline for Geleenstraat. That's where I expected the best girls. Looks are important to me, but given my increasing insolvency perhaps The Ghetto might be my next stop.

10-05-04, 19:58

What I call the Ghetto is in fact just South of HS and then to your right (West), marked RLD2 on this map:

Is your map a paper version or on the web (easier to compare...)?

I'm still hoping for a map section for every country!

10-12-04, 20:31
Do any of you know that in the china town in the hague you can get a massage for 30euros plus a handjob for 15-20 euros? I forget the name of the streets but they are hairdressing salons and they have a sign massage for 30 euros for an hour.

10-13-04, 15:17
Hello Lokayatra,
Could you be a more precise on the location. Where is the "china town" you mentionned ?
If you have forgotten the name of the street, maybe you could tell us to what is close or what is in the neighbourhoud ?

10-14-04, 04:55

Google for 'Chinatown Den Haag'.
(Sorry, don't have time for more...)

10-14-04, 11:26
I was in the Hague for just a day. I saw the sign welcome to China town. I think it's going further north in front of the department store Bijenkorp(or something like that). When next time I go to the Hague I'll post the exact address. The girls are quite good looking chinese. But I don't think they do anything more than hand job. Apparentlly they do it quite often as they asked me to take off all my clothes and she was massaging my head and chest first. Normally they start with the back massage. Also very friendly. They wouldn't do DFK, but just normal kissing. I have her phone number,if you're interested then PM me.Otherwise wait till my next visit to the Hague, maybe after a week or ten days.

10-20-04, 09:41
Thanks for your answers,
"China town", haaaa ok, you were refering to the name of a massage salon. I thought that you were reffering to the chinatown part of Den Haag (I don't know any by the way), this was my missunderstanding.

Will give it a try some of these days.
Have fun,

10-29-04, 03:33
Thu. 28 oktober 2004

It was more than a month now, since I came home from Pussyland (Thailand, story will follow. trouble with mem.card- Yes, I made some pictures).

My "mini-me" requested strongly for another session, so I went off to BZH 383. I opted for the "club", paid 30 euro and got into my bathing wrap (not that I would that a bath!) and sat down on one of the big seats. The place was quite crowded with lots of women and customers.

As I speak a little spanish, I had a nice chat with Cindy and Maria. But i was looking for an other girl. So she came in, her name was Fabiola from Bolivia(?).

Unquestionably a latina, nice face with horny eyes. Big boobs and wide hips. She was not fat, but well shaped which I like, because Real Women Have Curves, guys!!!

Then Fabiola asked if I would like a trio along with Cindy. Well...I really was horny, so why not!

CBJ was so so. But both pussy where good. Cindy is a little bit err.."bigger", but also equipped with some nice rack. So lots of titty play was in the game.

Went downstairs after, to watch some shitty spanish soap wtih two ladies fight in their undies..(LOL).
Got a goodbye present from Fabby and Cindy; A good handjob with lots of oil.
Damage? 60 euro, 30 for each girl.

I as facing a busy time at work now, so hopefully this was good enough for Mini-me..


11-17-04, 22:56
Was in DH last Monday, and visited Doublet twice.

Around noon, most windows were occupied, but I couldn't find better than a 5. 25 EUR, decent service, I needed it.

Before leaving, visited again and selected Cristina, a petite Mexican in one of the windows of 8/8A. A 7-8, medium black hair, small breasts (I like) a little sagging, quite friendly, speaks good English. She does French kiss (after mouth bath, medium) and provides gfe experience once she understands you are willing to pay for it. 50 EUR for half an hour. I recommend her. (Note she will go home for Xmas, from early December till some time in January)

01-04-05, 02:19
I'll be in Amsterdam for 10 days. I don't like the RLD in Amsterdam anymore. Was thinking about a trip to Den Hague to check out Club Casa Cherda. The quality of the girls seems to vary. Has anybody been there lately? Anybody that's been there, do you think its worth a trip from Amsterdam for some cheap pussy? How does it work? You pay 30/euros to get in then another 30/euros for F/S with a girl and get a HJ from the same girl later on? How long do you get with the girl? Do the girls get into the sex? Can you finger them, etc. during the HJ? Any Info. on this club would be appreciated.

Thanks, Travel

01-05-05, 02:03
Originally Posted by Sumimazen:

Oi Travel,

Bzh 383 mainly got ladies from S-America, while few are from E-Europe. Some are looker, most don't.

How does it works? Well, as you enter, they will ask you what you want; Club or Private. Private means that the ladies will introduces themselfs to you and it's up to you to make the decision to the the lady of your choice directly to the room.

If you're not too shy, I suggest you opt for Club, because you can chat with the ladies. Play with their boobs and so on. There is no time limit also.
Club closes at 22.00 hours (10 pm).

Damage? 30 euro for club and than 30 euro for each lady you take upstairs. Private is same as RLD Amsterdam or where-ever (which means pay for 30 min., fucked off in 10 minutes).

I go to BZH 383 if "Mini-me" gets annoying, otherwise I save my money to go to Thailand.

Ask for Fabiola or Laize, both are very horny!!

Good luck,


02-24-05, 03:50
Continued from Amsterdam section :

Arrived at 2 pm in the Hague HS station. I wont go into detail about how to find these RLDs because there is enough info in this forum already about them. 2 of them have mainly black and Hispanic women that charge a standard 25 euro, most are below 5. the other place has finer women that charge 50 euro. I was tempted in both places but decided to save my juice for the Casa Cherda.

Casa Cherda at 383 Bezuidenhoutseweg http://members.lycos.nl/casacherida/

How to get there : Very simple – take a train to Hague CS and then wak out of the station and turn right onto Bezuidenhoutseweg, walk for about 2 km and its on the right.

I arrived at 5 pm and was greeting by a very attractive young madam aged around 20. Unfortunately she doesn’t put out. I payed her my 30 euro and headed to the lockers in the back. After changing I noticed that many of the same women were there from my last visit 2 years ago, and that many of the younger women that were there before were now absent, and had not been replaced either. There were 3 white women present , and 4 Hispanics – all of these are over 40. There was only 1 young black girl. Two of the Hispanic women I found very sexy in their short black dresses, with their big asses and tits.

I did both of those women and spent no less than 5 hours in the club, which I found very relaxing. The first woman gave me the included had job. None would do a BBBJ but both allowed DATY and kissing. I had 6 bottles of Heineken at 2.50 per bottle.

Verdict : My total spend in the club was 115 euro. 30 euro entry, 30 for each women, tip 10, and 15 for the bar. I think the place is great value for money and the women while mature and not very beautiful give a great relaxed service.

03-11-05, 22:30
Similar to the Kaleu's German Club Index, find hereafter the Routard's Dutch club Index for The Hague. For the complete Club Index go to the Thread other areas.

Casa Cherda
Bezuidenhoutsewg 383, 2594AS s Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3893944
Homepage: www.members.lycos.nl/casacherida/
Open: Mon-Fri 1am-10.30pm Sat 11am-5pm
Misc : Swingersclub with pro’s

Chaperonne, La
Groot Hertoginnenlaan 63 Den Haag Zuid Holland
Entrance: 0€
Price: 60€/30min, 120€/60min
Misc: Expect 6-10 girls

Club Loosduinsekade 284
Loosduinsekade 284 Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3602494

Diane’s Secret
Laan van Nieuw Oost-indie 201 Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3476318
Open: Mon-Thu 11am-11pm Fri-Sat 11am-12pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 65€/30min 65€/45min, 130€/60min
Misc: Expect 7-12 girls

Maison Prive
Valeriuusstraat 18A Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3463219
Homepage: www.maisonprive.nl
Open: Mon-Fri 12am-11pm
Entrance: 0€
Price: 75€/30min, 105€/45min, 130€/60min
Misc: Expect 4 girls

Elandstraat Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3607996
Homepage: www.mayfair.nl
Open: Mon-Sat 8pm
Entrance: 50€
Price: 200€/60min
Misc: Champagne Club

Orchidee Privé
Stevinstr 56a, 2587EM Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3548706
Open: Daily 11am-11pm
Homepage: www.orchideeprive.nl
Entrance: 60€/30min

Paradise Club
Thomsonlaan 107, 2565HZ Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3602642
Open: Mon-Fri 6p-1am
Homepage: www.paradiseclub.nl
Misc: Sauna, Swimming pool, Bar, Live webcam, Telegirls

President, De
Pr Hendrikstr 167, 2518HP Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3451908
Open: Mon- Thu 12am-12pm Fri 12am-1am
Homepage: www.depresident-denhaag.nl
Entrance: 0€
Price: 70€/30min
VennerHouse Club
Helmstraat 3 2584 AR Den Haag Zuid Holland
Phone: 070-3555580

Il Cobra
04-25-05, 09:00
I went some days ago to both Den Haag (Saturday) and Amsterdam (Sunday) main RLDs. I think the quality in Den Haag is clearly superior, even if the choice is maybe not so big as in Amsterdam. I was in both cases there in the middle of the afternoon, the situation could be different in the evening; but in Den Haag I saw at least three girls one could say "9" or "10" and in Amsterdam none, at that time. I know things were different some years ago.

Leandro daSilva
05-11-05, 09:23
The Hague is my favorite place for visting window-girls. Since the year 1994 I have visited this place at least twice a week, sometimes even 5 times in one week. I live close to this city so it's easy for me when my little friend needs some attention. And "the Geleenstraat" has the best price/quality rate here in the Netherlands. The girls/women look healthy and are healthy, they have good flesh and take their job serious. Here there are quite a number of girls who offer CBJ or intercourse (1-2 postions) for just 30Euros. In fact I seldom pay more than 30 Euros, because most of the times I go for a straight CBJ or straight doggy (15 minutes). I have some girls who I visit regulary.

Most of the other girls ask 50 Euro, but then I prefer to spend my 50 Euro on the models of the Amsterdam RLD, rather than the girls from The Hague.

Some very popular and good looking girls in Geleenstraat :

French Jacqueline : offers a tongue massage, a very good BLS and CBJ or intercourse for just 30Euro. If you want BBBJ you have to pay 50Euro and CIM is included in this small price. She has a lot of clients and is often occupied. Location: Geleenstreet "passage 110"-room 1 (at you left hand when you look into the passage).

Dutch Anna : she gives also very much for just 30Euro, she warms you up very slowly, then follows BBBJ and BLS and then intercourse in 2-3 positions.
She keeps you inside the room 45 minutes no matter how much you pay. For 50 euro BBBJ with CIM. With me she even did BBBJTCWS 3 times. It is an incredible experience to be drunk by a woman, and this lady me me experience this. I never asked for it, she just did it one day. She is located at Geleenstraat 110-room1 just next to the passage.

Polish Anna : a slim relaxed Polish blonde with a very good body and very tight pussy. My condom is always full after sex with this girl, her pussy really is pulling every drop out of my body. I visit her 2-3times a week. She is located around 20-25 metres before the passage of Geleenstraat 110. She also possess some SM-attributes in her window (-she also does SM for those who want it-).

And there are a lot of other girls here. The girls start working at 10AM and they quit at 24PM, in the weekend at 01AM. Parking in the streets nearby is paid until 17PM.

Apart from "The Geleenstreet" there is another street in The Hague, called "The Doubletstreet". I seldom visit this street, because the girls here are to my opinion of lower quality, they don't look healthy and their flesh also do not feel healthy. But they offer CBJ and intercourse with postions for just 25 Euros. I prefer to spend my money on the Geleensteet.

Mr Hubby
05-19-05, 16:58
I just had a walk through the RLD areas of Hague. The standard Bus & Tram map doesnt show all the roads, so please find the Hague map on this forum (under Rotterdam...). I didnt find the cheapest RLD . That was probaly not so bad anyway. After some walking around i found Doubletstraat. The quality there is quite varying and the scene isn't so nice with all the pimps around smoking weed(?). But you can find some fairly good looking girls - up to 7/10 - to an affordable price. I found prices as low as 20 euro S&F also including anal. But more normal is 25 for S&F.

Geleenstraat is some better. Pimps are still there, but the girls looks better - up to 9/10. Be aware - not all girls are real girls... Prices seems to start on 50 euro for S&F. Not all the girls speak Dutch/English very well, so take your time to ask so she understands you if you have any special requests.

Happy hunting ;-)

Leandro daSilva
05-24-05, 09:32
I want to add the following information about The Hague :

If you want to have a detailed map (- with room numbers-) of the Geleenstreet you should look at the following link :


This is a detailed map of the Geleenstreet and the Hunsestreet.

If you visit a girl and want to post a review, you could make use of this map to locate the window/roomnumber where she is working.

I found this link at the following site : http://www.hookers.nl
This is a Dutch site with a lot of reviews in Dutch about the working girls. The reviews are organized for each city, for example Den Haag (-the Hague-), Rotterdam, Amsterdam and so on.

06-10-05, 10:57
Some very popular and good looking girls in Geleenstraat :
Dutch Anna : she gives also very much for just 30Euro, she warms you up very slowly, then follows BBBJ and BLS and then intercourse in 2-3 positions.
She keeps you inside the room 45 minutes no matter how much you pay. For 50 euro BBBJ with CIM. With me she even did BBBJTCWS 3 times. It is an incredible experience to be drunk by a woman, and this lady me me experience this. I never asked for it, she just did it one day. She is located at Geleenstraat 110-room1 just next to the passage.

Leandro's comments were very tempting. So I went to Dutch Anna, and I confirm 100% all the comments made on her.
I got one of my best ever BBJ (with CIM) and stayed at least 45 mn. After "completion", she even re-BBJ me quite nicely. All for 50E.
This lady as an "escort attitude" for a windows price.

A few remarks : She won't BBJ or CIM you if she doesn't feel it (for hygiene matters for example). She is blond, thin, blue eyed, closer to 40 than to 30 but still with a good body and a pretty face.

Thanks for the tip Leandro.
I am willing to meet Polish Anna next time !!!

06-12-05, 20:57
I haven't posted for a long time. To busy hunting. Anyway, back from the fort. (if your goin to Brazi? Forget Rio. The fort is the very best. (price and quality) stopped in Pattaya (Thailand) to fun (best adult Disneyland in the world).

I'm in San Diego now gearing up to go to Amsteram in August. I am a true hunter so all I realy need is athe most central spot to stay in (not expensive). I really don't like the houses or and girls rooms. I like to bring them back to where I'm at. I hunt the parks, the malls, streets ect. someone mentioned sexpark? So anyone know any good clean central hotels or apt. I can rent for a month or so? If so, e-me at [Email Address deleted by Admin].

I would apperaicate it alot.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Leandro daSilva
06-25-05, 20:07
Last monday I visited this girl for the firts time, in spite of the fact that I have seen her many times before when I was hunting in the Geleenstreet.

Most of the times I could not visit her, because she never stands long before her window. Always very much occupied. At the Dutch forum only positive comments. She is a nice small Colombian girl with bright eyes like pearls and an strong small body with nice B-C-cup tits. She has been living in Holland since her childhood. And she always has a good temper.

For 35 Euro CBJ of fuck with positions, for 50Euro both. I paid 35Euro for fuck.
First she licked my nipples, then body-massaged my breast and my dick and balls with her tits, followed bij rubbing her pussy against my balls and dick.

Then she put the condom, fucked me and then I fucked her. Very enthousiastic girl and very active. A good price/quality ratio. Will go back.

Leandro daSilva
06-28-05, 17:31
Last Saturday I visited one of my old favorites : Blond Russian Natascha.

I have visited her over 10 times, last was in february, thereafter she disappeared, but now she's back. She had taken a long holiday so she told me. This girl is a very mysterious blond quiet Russian blonde with mysterious grey eyes who lives in the Netherlands for a long time. when these eyes catch you, it is difficult to resist. She also works in The Hague for several years.

The past recent months I have visited The Hague almost every week to search for her and finally I losed hope. But last weekend I saw her again.

Fucking this girl is like heaven. The way she fucks is very much different from all other girls I have ever met before in my life. She is very horny and always become wet during the sex, also playing with herself. This time it was the same heaven experience again. For just 30Euro she played with my dick and carressed me. Then came on top of me and almost fucked to death, I thought my dick would broke. I have never in my life seen a wife going so much crazy on top of my dick, a magnificent experience. She seemed to be out of sex control and let herself go all the way. So I told her that I wanted to fuck her. And damn, the fuck was so good. She is one my favorites together with Polish Anna, Dutch Anna and French Jacqueline.

She works only at Staurday and Sunday from 15 or 17PM till 23PM.

A very good price/quality ratio.

Leandro daSilva
06-28-05, 17:38
For those who want to visit the girl with the tightest pussy of the Geleenstreet, Polish Anna works at Geleenstreet nr 86-room4 (see map of The hague below). For just 30 euro a straight but good fuck. I always feel healthy and energetic when I have visited her. She has a strong but nice body and is also very much occupied. For those who likes it, she also practice SM.

07-26-05, 10:21
Bro Lok,

At last I was able to experience a massage in Den Haag. In between my trips I went to the city center of The Hague. On my way to the salon you mentioned, I saw a new Chinese massage parlour, called Red Peach. I decided to give it a try because it is common in SE-Asia that you can more than a rub in those places.
At the reception I was asked, what kind of massage I want: legs, arms or the whole body. I opted for the last one. Before I could ask if it was possible to choose a girl, one came out and she was to treat me.
She's about 30 years old but has a nice face. We entered the massage room and I started to undress. Remembering your words, I also took off my underpants. She didn't look surprised at all but started by covering my butt with a towel.
It was a good massage, starting at my back. Although I prefer a firmer rub. After finishing my back she asked me to turn around. Without bothering to cover my pelvis, she started to rub my chest. At this point I started to get an erection. She noticed this and asked if I wanted a massage down there. I said yes and she started a good HJ. Something she did was new to me. While jerking she pressed a spot at the base of my p.. Somehow it feels nice. She would change this pressing with rubbing my pereneum. All the time I was allowed to touch her breasts, inside her bra. She even allowed me to take them out and play with her nipples. Touching her **** was only allowed from the outside. But I have the impression that it is only a matter of time before she gives in.
After I came, she continued to give me a massage, to complte the hour I booked.

The costs of the hour massage was 30 euro's. I tipped her 20 euro's.

09-13-05, 22:33
When I lived in Asia I was a frequent visitor to Chinese style "health centres" where you could get a good massage followed by extras, sometimes only HJ and sometimes more. So, I was keen to try Red Peach described by Bro Menteng in his report below.

I was greeted in English by the receptionist and opted for the 1 hour full body massage for €30. Although there were several ladies sitting around in the waiting area one immediately stepped forward and ushered me away. I assume there is some sort of priority system working (either seniority or whoever's turn it is). She had a pretty face and appeared in good shape, my guess is that she was in her mid-30s; I have seen a lot worse.

The massage room was small, in reasonable condition and with a proper massage table. I stripped off completely which did not seem to bother the masseuse; no towel was applied.

The massage was pretty good although a little strong on the chop-chop action. As I was clearly interested in more, a HJ was offered for €15, which I accepted without negotiation. That too was good but without the action described by Bro Menteng which, with the absence of towel, makes me think that I had a different lady. I made no attempt to explore the lady herself.

One possible issue is language. The masseuse spoke no English and only a few words of Dutch, I half-expected Cantonese but it seems that she is from Beijing and speaks Mandarin. This could make more complex negotiations difficult. Of course, other ladies may be communicative.

The menu listed a two hour option and I think there were more massage rooms upstairs . My guess is that this might be the key for those want additonal services.

More Information:
I paid another visit yesterday. This time only one lady available, this time one who speaks both english and dutch. From her I learnt that the boss insists all girls offer HJ but not FS, although she acknowledged that it might happen. Most of the customers are westerners. Another good massage.

Red Peach is located at Amsterdamse Veerkade (#25 I think) which is on the left side about half way between the Spui and Wagenstraat, next to the #18 bus stop. About 10 minutes walk from both Centraal and HS stations. Alternatively, the nearest tramstop is Bierkade which is served by many trams from both stations. Nearest landmark is the Hotel Mercure on the other side of the Spui at the junction with Amsterdamse Veerkade.

09-14-05, 12:32
Oi mates,

A new report from Holland. I went to BZH383 lately on a saturday! Not much going on in the club, untill I saw an asian woman. Her name is Mimi, a Japanse/Chinese mix. Not really a looker, but a better choice than the others (40+).

Mimi does BBBJ and seems to like having sex!! She allowed DATY and kissing. A very clean pussy!! The intercourse was short (due to the strong, but very good BBJ), but ended explosive!! I wanted a facial, but she said belly or breast. So I squirted my load on her breast (B-cup??). Nice fuck for the hard times. She will meet me again soon.

Total damage. 30 euro for the Club, had 1 drink 2.50 euro. 45 euro for Mimi.

Oh yeah, Mimi only works on saturday!!!

(ps. excuse my English in advance)

09-16-05, 09:06
Nice looking, pleasant face, long blond dyed hair, with attractive voluptuous body, big natural breasts. She told me she is Italian from Milano and 31 yrs, she speaks Italian, Spanish and German. She charged 25 Euro for fellatio and coitus. And that is exactly what she did, nothing more. No kuddling, not allowing me touching her breasts or genitals, She was friendly but very businesslike. During intercourse she kept her hand on her vagina. Sexy body but unsexy behaviour. She smelled nice and loooked clean, but did not wash herself nor me before or after the encounter. Overall it was a sufficient service, but I would not go back.

09-18-05, 13:00
on my most recent trip down to doubletstraat i noticed 2 of the main buildings were closed with an official notice from what i assumed was the mayor's office or something. shame because these 2 buildings had lots of rooms inside although i've never found them more than half full even on a weekend. i noticed a few more lookers than usual but i tend to go for the older latina women as i get off with them better and they give me a bbbj without fuss.

i also had a peek in poeldijksestraat, which is all but demolished apart from a row of about 10 or so windows at the bottom right side if you are coming from the station end.

09-18-05, 21:15
Hey guys,

Just went there tonight after getting the address from banana's post. Not too bad at all. For EUR30 I got a fantastic massage for an hour and then opted to get my single barrelled yoghurt rifle polished (for 15 extra). The girl then went back to continue the full body massage afterwards so you really do get a full hour - good value for money.

On my way there I passes a hair salon with a sign outside saying massage 1 hour for 15 euro but there may not be extras on offer.

Also recently went to Doublestraat (which is just around the corner from Red Peach). The quality of chics is far from ideal. I recently went to alkmaar and there's no comparison. The kamers in Doubletstraat are very run down and the 2 largest indoor sections contain some very questionable aromas. Perhaps one or two of the ageing grandmas have been eating a few too many beans!

In short, alkmaar is top notch - fresh clean kamers and some absolutely stunning chics - most eastern european but the service was excellent. Doubletstraat does have a handful of do'able girls but the attitude is on display is often not the best - perhaps the attitude is better with the fat horrors. I won't be finding out!


09-21-05, 11:55
Passing through Rijswijk, a suburb of The Hague, I visited Lila Prive on Kerklaan 40
There were two ladies to choose from: Celina a Latina and Alexandra a Philippina. I choose Alexandra, a fair faced 45 year old tiny lady with small but firm breasts. She was a little overweight around her middle but had a very nice bottom. She looks more like 35 than 45 and has a smooth skin.

The deal was 30 euros for 15 minutes and she started by massaging my belly and penis with her breasts which I liked a lot. Then we cohabitated in doggy and missionary style.

She was friendly and made the effort to please me. She speaks English and Spanish.
She did not wash herself or me before or after the encounter, but she made a very clean impression.

09-27-05, 15:13
The other day I visited Brenda around 11 AM. She is a small lady from the Dominican Republic around 35 years old with brown hair and brown eyes and a fair face. She has natural cup B breasts which are not to firm anymore but pleasant to stroke. She offered cunnilingus and coitus for 20 Euros and gave reasonable value for money in a friendly athmosphere. She speaks very little English, but fluent Spanish and reasonable Dutch.

Leandro daSilva
10-09-05, 18:31
I have visited Suzanne several times. She is a friendly blonde from a city in the north of Holland (-Leeuwarden-). She used to work in Amsterdam, but know she has found a new working place here in the Hague. When you see her from the outside, she might look a bit ugly or strange. But I can assure you that this is not true. She has a very good and hot body with tight Dutch flesh. Also very friendly and service-minded. Told me that she also enjoys this work, because that is necessary for her to being able to work.

And here is the deal : for just 30Euros she sucks (CBJ) you quite a time, then fucking in different positions. And in the end I used to spill my cum at her tits. In The Hague (-Geleenstraat/Hunsestraat) this is a unique deal for this price. Will defintely keep on visiting this girl.

Leandro daSilva
10-09-05, 18:34
Addition: Suzanne works daily from 12-16.30PM from Monday-Friday

Leandro daSilva
10-09-05, 18:46
Sabine is a good-looking nice, friendly Dutch blond girl. She has been working for quite a time in The Hague. She works every day from monday till thursday from 10-16.30PM. Friday she does not work. Saturday and Sunday she may also be working. She has a very good body, is 25 years of age, grey eyes, long blond hair, nice ass and tits. For just 30Euros you get a good fuck or suck. I usually choose for the fuck-option. Will definitely keep on visiting this horny Dutch girl.

For the exact location please take a look at:


Member #3055
10-09-05, 21:47
after reading the positive comments at hookers.nl, i decided to have a quicky with ana. she is not the most beautifull woman in the world, but more important: she really likes her job. she is into anything. immediately after she washed my dick she started to suck my dick without condom. we were even not on the bed yet. after junping on the bed i was allowed to lick her everywhere, while she continued sucking. i asked her to [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134), which she did in my mouth. as mentioned: no limits. i came fast while she was sucking me. cost: 20 euro.

conclusion: if you wanna have dirty sex and you don't care to much about the hygienic situation, than ana must be your choice.

10-19-05, 18:32
Decided to try my luck in Chinatown. Walking down St. Jacobsstraat (off the Spui, parallel to Amsterdamse Veerkade) I spotted a chinese hairdresser (approx #15) offering massage so walked in. No choice of masseuse so got a slightly overweight lady in her 30s. Was shown into a side room with two massage tables separated by curtains. Opted for 60 min for E30. Lady proceeded with a good "hard" massage.

Notice in room stating no sexual massage at risk of the masseuse's job was not promising. Worse still another customer arrived in the room, though hidden by the curtain. Settled down to enjoy the massage however at an appropriate moment the masseuse indicated that a HJ was possible, after negotiations by sign language I settled at E30 (too much really) and she proceeded to my satisfaction. What I wasn't very impressed by was that I was expected to take the used tissues with me! Clearly the management are serious about that notice.

In short, good massage and HJ but circumstances are less than ideal. Will not return.

11-06-05, 13:55
Massage :
A few weeks ago, I went to massage parlor Mysthique thai thai on Rijswijkseweg 574. See also http://www.studio-mystique.nl/THAI.htm
Body to Body massage was a long ago fantasm not yet accomplished. Well it is now, and Mystique was quite a good place to get it. I went with Mew (?), a 23 yo very thin and sweet thai. This little cuttie was very dedicated to her duty, she was great all the time. BtB included manual completion and some daty.
Total damage : 60E for an hour.

It's not often that I write a report on the Geleenstraat rld (they tend to quickly obsolete due to the turnover). But this time, the young lady concerned is very often present, and always at the same spot.
So, here goes Jacqueline from Morocco in the covered area right in the middle of the street (first kamer on the left).
She is definitly not the prettiest one in the street (but no ugly either, I would rate a 5-6 on the nodulometer), but many good comments in another forum decided me to go for a try. Which ended to be a wise move. She rates the usual 50E for S&F but this is not why she is famous for. Her speciality is the blow job. For 25E, you get a standard (in fact much better than standard) BJ. And for 50E, you get BBJ. I choose the 25E (as a first try, I can always come back in case the lady is great) and added a 5E to be allowed to come on her breast. As contrary to many other, she didn't start directly with the blowing...No no no, this yound lady (between 25 and 30 yo I would say) takes her time and start first to play with you. She is really attentive to your pleasure. Body kissing and ball sucking started the menu. For the blowing itself, she also really takes her time. She doesn't try to make you cum as fast as possible (like some others). Fake BJ by overuse of her hand is not her way of working either. In fact, with me, she used only her mouth. The only hand-job was on my request when she finished me over her breast.

A happy man recommanding you these two addresses.

11-10-05, 17:18
I had a nice enough farewell session with a beautiful young "Indian" gal an hour before departure for Dubai. Turned out she was Bulgarian, but sure as hell looked like one of those beautiful dancing gals in the Bollywood movies.

She is in one of the Kamers at the top end of the lane, right hand side, near the busy road (that's the best I can do for directions, but it's a small set-up so you should easily find her if interested in Indianesque gals).

We finished the session with a wild bbbj (it was taking me a while to finish, as I'd had a lot of sex the past 10 days). Despite offering different positions when I first chatted with her, she wouldn't allow doggy, saying I was too big. Nonsense - I'm about average size, and to be honest, I wasn't fully hard. She was being lazy. We finished the session with a wild bbbj then hand job over her yummy breasts, with porn-star theatrics on her part.

(By now, I was really looking forward to returning to Dubai, where service really is service - anything goes with most gals, for about 70-80 Euros all night and longer).

She became more enthusiastic during the session when I mentioned I was just about to head home to Dubai. She later said she wanted to come to Dubai for a holiday, and asked for lots of info about the place, and for my email address. The "Dubai effect" also happened with a couple of the non-working gals I went out with in Amsterdam in the past few days. Makes a guy attractive.

And I thought they liked me for my mind. ;) Dubai seems to be the hot city of the moment. Good to be back.



Leandro daSilva
11-11-05, 18:57
Recently I have visited this girl again. I have now visited her for 7 times and is always a good fuck. She is a nice young good-looking Dutch blonde with big titis, a small waist and a tattoo at het ass/back.
Talks a lot, but I don't hear iti. While talking pulling my dick. She can pull your dick very well, has a good CBJ. But most of the times I visit her for a fuck. She has a very tight pussy, maybe more tight than that of Polish Anna.
Price : 35Euro for fuck or suck. 50Euro for both. She never asks for more.
She works every day (from 18-24PM), except for wednesday and friday.
I visit this girl regularly just like my other favorites : Dutch Anna, Polish Anna, French Jacqueline, Dutch Suzanne and Dutch Sabine. All good girls, for small prices. All of them working at the Hunse/Geleenstreet area.\

For the exact location please take a look at :


Ross Da Boss
11-15-05, 09:25
Saw Dutch Anna, room K1, 110 Geleenstraat (see previous post for URL to map) during a recent visit to Den Haag, which is a short walk from the HS (Holland Spoor) train station.

She is beyond comparison: easily the best I have ever experienced.

She is petite and demure looking at first impression. As she says, she "likes the cock". Her oral skills are beyond comparison. She had a few special, unique surprises in this area that I will not soon forget. The lasting impression is that now I have some idea what it may have been like to be with a young "Marilyn Chambers".

If you survive long enough to take her from behind, you will be treated to an amazingly nasty (and quite funny, actually) tattoo, as well as other memorable sights and sounds.

She clearly enjoys her profession, lets time go by lightly, and is a "must see" if you are checking out the Den Haag RLD scene.

Also, she is very conscientious about hygenie (you will wash first, no matter what), which I very much appreciate "all things considered".

Thanks to others on this board for pointing her out. I told her of this board, so she will hopefully be reading this and other reviews.

Leandro daSilva
12-04-05, 22:51
Recently I visited a nice, friendly, tall and good-looking Dutch blonde of 19years old. Her name is Chantal. She works for almost two years now in the Hague, mostly at Sunday and Thursday. She is often occupied, because she is not expensive and gives a good service. She has a paper with "XXX" in front of her window. I have now visited for the second time. For 30Euro I choosed to fuck. First the normal position and then doggy. While fucking she keeps on looking at you with her nice and beautiful eyes. Good flesh, good pussy, nice tits, beautiful face, calm girl, good price/quality ratio. I will visit her again when I have the chance.

For the exact location please take a look at :

Leandro daSilva
12-04-05, 23:03
Some weeks ago I visited a long white-skinned Greek girl with long black curled hair. She always looks and stands in a very attractive position before her window. She works here for almost two years now. Almost every day and evening. Good service : 30Euro for suck or fuck with two positions. Takes her time to please you. Good price/quality ratio.

For the exact location please take a look at :

12-16-05, 03:12
If you are curious about Den Haage, don't be. It is one block big, loads of security cameras and not that many girls as compared to AMS. Then again, I'm already spoiled by Asia and I found Poland to be a much better place.

Just my two cents.

Leandro daSilva
12-18-05, 12:22
Yesterday I visited one of my favorites, French Jacqueline. I have now been visiting for alsmost 3 years and every time I get a good service with a smile.
She is one of hardcore-hookers whose destiny truly lies here in this profession. She lives for her work and her clients. Has no children of friend. Only her, herself and her clients. No matter how much you pay, everyone is treated well. She has been working here at this location now for some years and she told me she will be doing this also for the next 20 or 30 years, if fate will allow this. She is a moderate-good looking brunette from the South of France, with nice almond brown seed-asking eyes and long brown hair. Strong body, strong mouth, soft and wet tongue, nice tits, good ass and hands who can pull very well and most important of all : a good and open-minded personality/character. She works every day (from the afternoon till 23PM), except for 5 days in each month ( in week 3 or 4), when she is in her period. If the room is busy/occupied, look for her "Goldprince"-sigarettes of Marlboro. If these are present, then you know that she is present also (but occupied for the moment). Price : 30 Euro for Fuck or Suck with condom.
For 50 Euro you can get Suck with condom+Fuck in 2-3 positions, OR (-if you are a regular client-) you can get Suck without condom with CIM for 50Euro.
You are treated well and things are not rushed. For these above prices you get sex for 15minutes, time of washing/(un)dressing not included. For 30minutes sex you pay 100Euro. Every service start with licking and sucking your balls,body,nipples and neck. And then followes the other services.
Very good price/quality ratio.

Conclusion : a very special person with a very special service

01-26-06, 15:25
Hello guys,
A new young 21yo blond gem from Italy not to be missed has just arrived in the Geleenstraat in room 4 k2 (she is sometimes in k1 or k3).
I visited Valerie yesterday afternoon and I can tell you, she gives great value for money. If you want to live again what is a "true" GFE experience as you had in your early teen or young man life, you can go with her. Which was great by the way after a terrible experience I prefer to forget 2 weeks ago in the Doublestraat rld.
Back to Valerie, she has been working only since 5 days in the Geleenstraat (after 1 year in the streets in Roma, "too dangerous" she said) and will be leaving in 3 or 4 months. That can explain why her attitude is so different from the windows standards.
In her relatively poor but smily english, she announces her fees : 30E for Suck or Fuck (15mn) or 50E for both (20mn) which I chose.
In fact you get more than that. First her attitude is nice, sweet and smiley all way long. You do have the feeling to be with a girl friend who never seems bothered to make love with you. Well, in fact "make love" may be the right term for her. You have the feeling to make love.
During negociation, I asked if I could kiss her (on the breast was my initial intention). And her reaction was like "what a silly question, of course we can kiss (everywhere she meant)".
She doesn't "over-fake" and keep doing deep French kissing and body caress about all the time. First, liying along your body (like a Girlfriend, I will never repeat it enhough), she does some foreplay before real action. Daty in a fresh (good taste, no bad smell) and half shaved pussy is also part of the program. Limitation in the number of position doesn't seem to exist. By the way, we finished in the "Lotus" position (me seating on the bed and her seating on me facing me, so kissing is still fine) for which she can be still very active. She definitly has the energy of her young age. She also allowed me to come on her body.
Blowjob remains covered but she didn't mind to perform some balls licking. Her technique in that field is rather good with lots of "oustide" tongue play, eyes to eyes, or "inside" work in a warm and sweet mouth.
Physically she is reasonably tall, and has a rather pretty face and body (not thin and not fat). I would give her a good 7 in the nodulometer. Bottom line, her teeth are not perfect but remain fine and her legs could deserve a better shaver (although it's not really so bad). Beside these two small details, I highly recommend her.
Another info, she said to be working about everyday from 12 to midnight.

your trully,

Leandro daSilva
02-09-06, 21:35
The last two months I have visited the Doubeltstreet several times.
You can find good looking girls from Letland,Russia or Bulgaria. Also some Dutch girls, but most of the girls/women are from the Dominican Republic or Colombia. Price 25Euro for suck and fuck. Good price/quality ratio. There is a lot of activity in the evening/night and it can be fun, the girls can also laugh, which is a good thing. Because in Geleenstreet the girls are serious.
But personally I don't like this place. Every time when I have visited this street I got some bad luck in my life, maybe it's just coincidence, but I will stay away in the future. For me the Geleenstreet is better.

Leandro daSilva
03-08-06, 20:13
Recently I have visited this nice, friendly, sensual and sexy girl from Serbia- Yugoslavia. She has been working here know for 1.5 years and speaks good english and als reasonable dutch. Good service, takes her time, make you feel comfortable, knows how to use her sensuality and her femaleness.
Price 35 Euro for suck or fuck and 50 Euro for both. I choosed for the 35Euro option. She was lying asid me,she pulled mij dick, caressed mij balls and I could kiss and lick her breasts and nipples for some time. Then the normal position and thereafter doggy. She has a very nice ass which can be seen and felt good in the doggy position. Horny also. Becomes wet without KY. And asked and begged me to fuck her good. Will definetely go back.
Very good price/quality ratio. She is also much occupied.
Most of the times she works in the evening. She has the looks of a Turkish or Greek girl.

P.S. : For the exact location please take a look at www.geocities.com/hunsegeleen

Leandro daSilva
03-08-06, 20:28
Yesterday evening around 22.20 PM I visited this private house. In the past I used to visit it several times to see a nice and horny girls called Dutch Lia from Amsterdam. But Lia is not working here anymore. I thought that maybe it's a good idea to check out the scene there for new and talented women.
There were plenty of girls/women, maybe because all the Dutch men were looking European-Cup soccer at television. The guest-lady welcomed me very friendly. The house and living room looks fresh. Price 65Euro for half an hour and 130Euro for an hour,included kissing,suck,fuck,positions, pussy-licking,relaxing. Rooms are good, except for a very small one downstairs backwards. Girls are, taken overall, serviceminded and horny.
I choosed for the 30minutes option with Kyra, a Dutch blonde from Den Bosch (-South of Holland-). She was very horny and wet. And she made me fuck her so hard and good. What a bless of God this fuck was for me. Normally I don't visit this house, because I visit the houses in Rotterdam (-I live in Rotterdam-), but I will definetely go back to check out the other girls.
Good price/quality ratio.

03-10-06, 09:35
Fellow mongers,

I read an article about the street workers scene behind the HS station closing down. Any idea where these girls and TS moved to?

03-12-06, 19:55
Troef Kapsel Centrum, Wagenstraat 140, Tel: 070-3655375

Looking for a massage last month I picked this place on a whim. Usual rates: €30/hour. No choice of masseuse offered. Clean tidy room. Good hard massage, however the lady was a bit slow - partly because we were talking too much - and with 10 minutes to go there was a lot of me un-massaged so asked if I wanted to extend, which I did. HJ available for extra €20; I got the impression that extras were non-standard.

Last week I tried the place again. Saw a different masseuse whose massage was not so good, but finished on schedule ;-). No hesitation about giving HJ so I think my earlier impression must have been wrong.

03-18-06, 11:17
A-Hao massage, Wagenstraat 131; €30/hour.

Deployed my poor dutch to read through the massage forum on www.hookers.nl; on the basis of which I adventured into A-Hao on Wagenstraat yesterday. Typical hairdresser in the front, massage rooms behind arrangement. No choice of ladies offered; was shown to fairly basic room by a young woman, say mid 20s. I stripped off and it quickly became clear that she had no real idea what she was doing: although towels were available she did not think to spread one on the bed, massage was without oil/powder/whatever, technique was largely absent and she had no idea how to pace the massage to fit the time so ended up by returning to previously massaged areas. Situation was worsened by her complete lack of dutch or english - she's recently arrived from Italy - so our only common language was a few words of cantonese and mandarin (and "nice massage" was not appropriate). I was hopeful that there would at least be a happy ending but she worked around my erection with such evident embarrasment that I didn't ask the question and she didn't offer.

I should say that reports on hookers suggest extras are normally available so I have probably struck unlucky but I will probably go elsewhere in future.

The "hit" in the title? a quick half hour massage at Red Peach (see below), which is not far away, that solved any lingering frustration.

03-21-06, 21:20

Thanks for the info - I'm always interested to hear about massage places in the Hague.

I went to Red Peach a couple weeks ago - pretty good service and most masseuses have good massage technique. Most girls allow you to unclip their bras and have a breast fondle during the grand finale.

Having been a few times now, I get a bit of a smirk from the receptionist whenever I walk in - guess that happens all the time with regulars.
When I'm walking out the door afterwards, its also funny to note the other girls look at my masseuse - I speak no mandarin but I know what the look means - did you get your 15 euro from him? LOL

04-08-06, 15:44
A-Hao, Wagenstraat 131

Despite my previous experience I decided to try A-Hao again. Imagine my dismay when the only girl lounging on the sofa was the one I met on my previous visit, see below. I turned around and started to leave but the receptionist said that there was another girl available, when she appeared from the back of the shop I saw probably the most attractive masseuse I have yet seen in the MPs of Den Haag. I stayed.

The massage which followed was very good: firm and strong and using some techniques I have only experienced previously in Singapore. Extras were offered - at a premium rate of €30 - and I was promised something very special which I agreed to having reached the "not really thinking" stage. The girl took up an unusual position between my legs from where she massaged all around my cock, balls and perineum down to my arse. Very enjoyable and worth the extra.

04-11-06, 19:28
Was wandering around Chinatown on the look out for a massage place the other day and came across one on St Jacobstraat (parallel to Amsterdamse Verkade) but one block further up (away from the canal). It's basically in the same location as Red Peach but one block further away. The usual barbour shop offering massage service.

Was allocated a masseuse called spelt phonetically (Ayoon). The technique was absolutely first class - even better than Red Peach IMO.

Had kinda written off being offered any extras as about 50 mins had passed and experience has taught me that extras are normally offered after the 30-40 minute mark. But low and behold the offer came in after some strategic scrotum stroking (by her I might add). When I enquired about price, I was swiftly told 10 euros so I asked her what she was waiting for.

Great technique again and she kept going after the bell went (as my single barrelled mayo rifle had not yet opened fire).

Highly recommended and i will return.

04-13-06, 14:24
I am going to the Haag the next weekend.

Are there many girls who offer deep kiss, COF or COB?

First of all, I want to try Italian Valerie in 4 k2 who was introduced some weeks ago.

04-13-06, 17:57
I am going to the Haag the next weekend.

Are there many girls who offer deep kiss, COF or COB?

First of all, I want to try Italian Valerie in 4 k2 who was introduced some weeks ago.

Are you sure you want to deep kiss these girls considering where there tongues and lips have been??

Whatever floats your boat I guess.

It may be wise however to use antiseptic mouthwash after kissing them to prevent catching any colds or other oral infections.


05-19-06, 17:48
Last week I decided to visit Troef in search of a good massage. When I arrived there were a couple of guys waiting and the receptionist offered me a seat and asked me to wait a few minutes. The other guys disappeared quite quickly and then my masseuse arrived - through the front door - whereupon the receptionist explained that they had no girls free but a nearby parlour did and asked me to accompany the young lady for a short walk. I have heard of this happening in brothels in Singapore but it's the first time I have encountered it myself.

Following an unknown person to an unknown venue has some obvious risks but here I would have then tried the nearby places anyway and I decided there was no problem doing so in broad daylight; I could always keep walking if the venue was unacceptable. We headed off towards the town: past the turning to Red Peach, past A-Hao, past Lucky, at each stage my heart sinking as St Jacobstraat - scene of a major disappointment (see below) - became the increasingly likely destination. Remembering Doggus' recent experience I decided to stay if we were headed to the back room. To my relief, we were.

From this point things proceeded as normal: I stripped, the girl gave me a massage (OK, but could have been a bit harder). At the critical moment she pointed to my penis and indicated a hand job, with a "sshh" and a point to the door she asked, very quietly, how much? We settled on E20 and she delivered a very good HJ. I was allowed a little grope of clothed breast but I suspect regular customers would get more. Compared to my previous experience, with a damp cloth, the clean-up was much better and I was not expected to dispose of any tissues.

In conclusion, I would try St.J again but only if the back room was available, and preferably the same masseuse.


05-19-06, 19:31
She is one of hardcore-hookers whose destiny truly lies here in this profession. She lives for her work and her clients. Has no children of friend. Only her, herself and her clients. No matter how much you pay, everyone is treated well. She has been working here at this location now for some years and she told me she will be doing this also for the next 20 or 30 years, if fate will allow this. She is a moderate-good looking brunette from the South of France, with nice almond brown seed-asking eyes and long brown hair. Strong body, strong mouth, soft and wet tongue, nice tits, good ass and hands who can pull very well and most important of all : a good and open-minded personality/character.

what a great piece of writing !!!

09-01-06, 19:25
A few visits to report:

1) a couple of trips to Red Peach yielded disappointing results. There's lots of building work going on at the present which is not conducive to a relaxing time. Also, on both occasions I was allocated a polish masseuse, both gave good massages but neither gave any indication that extras were on offer, I gather that management - Singapore chinese - is unchanged so the change in staffing is a little surprising. Also unwelcome was notice stating that costs will rise this month to €35/hour.

2) a very satisfying hour at Troef for €35, the extra being for the room with the shower. The only downside was that heavy rain had caused some flooding in the basement. I don't think I have had a bad massage here.

3) a speculative trip to A-Hao where results have been mixed in the past. Was allocated a young chinese girl from Shanghai who delivered an excellent massage and HJ. €30/hour + €20 for the extras.

4) looking for a change I headed off to Warunee Thai at Weimarstraat 106. It's a long time since I have been here and there has been a much needed refurbishment during that time, it's now a pleasant place to visit. The other consequence is that prices are now €65/hour for massage (I assume including HJ) however I opted for €110/hour including FS. The lady was mid-late 30s but still in reasonable shape.


The Greek
09-22-06, 14:45
The last two months I have visited the Doubeltstreet several times.

You can find good looking girls from Letland,Russia or Bulgaria. Also some Dutch girls, but most of the girls/women are from the Dominican Republic or Colombia. Price 25Euro for suck and fuck. Good price/quality ratio. There is a lot of activity in the evening/night and it can be fun, the girls can also laugh, which is a good thing. Because in Geleenstreet the girls are serious.

But personally I don't like this place. Every time when I have visited this street I got some bad luck in my life, maybe it's just coincidence, but I will stay away in the future. For me the Geleenstreet is better.Hi,

Without trying to offend anyone, been a legular there for quite a while, the prices are: 15 Euros F+S or 69, or BBCIM, 20 for BBCIM if very good looking, 15-20 her on top having started witj uncovered BJ or uncovered Bj and cumming in tits), 15-20 for facial, 30-50 for real anal (most of them say anal and then it is just doggie style), 35-100 (that is really luck + negotiation skills) for BB BJ and BB anal (think of aids).

Hope that helps.


10-06-06, 20:11

Without trying to offend anyone, been a legular there for quite a while, the prices are: 15 Euros F+S or 69, or BBCIM, 20 for BBCIM if very good looking, 15-20 her on top having started witj uncovered BJ or uncovered Bj and cumming in tits), 15-20 for facial, 30-50 for real anal (most of them say anal and then it is just doggie style), 35-100 (that is really luck + negotiation skills) for BB BJ and BB anal (think of aids).

Hope that helps.


Anyone saying that you can pay less then 25 Euro's is a lying. Go to the Philippines for that.

10-23-06, 00:40
I visited the RLD in The Hague tonight and was very disappointed. I left the area without openning my wallet. Not much on offer.

I am homping to try a Maison Prive later this week.

Will keep you posted.


10-26-06, 01:16
I called by the MAISON PRIVE The Hague. Nice location not far from the center of the city. I walked there but a taxi may be a good idea. Nice comfortable setting with unhurried attention. Check out the details at www.maisonprive.nl


10-26-06, 01:26

Revisited the RLD and was pleasantly surprised to find a jewel in the rough. Chantal is a truelly genuine GFE that really enjoys he work. It is $50 all in for everything and well worth it.

I visited twice while in The hague and hope to get back again before I leave. Chantel is in high demand so you may have to circle a few times until she is free. She is available Monday - Friday from 7.00pm to 1.00am and is in the K5 unit of the enclosed section on the right marked p37 (Rose-P)


12-10-06, 13:04
I walked past Poeldijksestraat the other day and took a photo with my phone. As you can see most of it has been knocked down and the few windows remaining have been boarded up.

I was in the Doubbie aswell and 2 of the main passages were closed - one of them hasn't been open in more than a year I think. Few of the windows were occupied and the pick available was old latinas or the odd Dutch granny.

The Greek
12-11-06, 01:59
Anyone saying that you can pay less then 25 Euro's is a lying. Go to the Philippines for that.I am glad to see open mindness. This is my experience and I hope to help people establish a price base line with my posting.

Thank you for your insult (echt mooi gedaan)

The Greek.

Leandro daSilva
12-11-06, 19:33
Ana, a half Dominican/half Spanish blonde with good body and nice character.
I visit her weekly. For 30Euro she sucks me, she fucks me and then I fuck her in doggy. Very good price/quality ratio. She works in one of the windows of passage nr 110 (see the map-link in my previous reports). Much occupied.

Leandro daSilva
12-11-06, 19:37
I have visited Ching twice. Took complete body massage for 30Euro/hour.
She massaged very good, especially the anogenital area and the anus. If you want an anus massage, you should visit her. She did it without me asking for it. Afterwards I was so horny that she pulled me off and I came at her hands.
For the pulling she asks 20Euro extra, but she is worth it.

12-12-06, 19:45
I walked past Poeldijksestraat the other day and took a photo with my phone. As you can see most of it has been knocked down and the few windows remaining have been boarded up.

I was in the Doubbie aswell and 2 of the main passages were closed - one of them hasn't been open in more than a year I think. Few of the windows were occupied and the pick available was old latinas or the odd Dutch granny.Thanks for the picture. Brought back a lot of memories. Haven't been there in 5 years. I was there when the street had a good number of Eastern Europeans and Brazilians. They provided a high level of service, and the prices were low: 25-35 guilders ($10-15 then).

What does Doubbie look like now? It was even cheaper there: 25 guilders tops ($10). Quality was usually lower though.

12-26-06, 18:07
Visited on of the earlier mentioned Chinese hairdressers that also offers massage (PM me for the name of the hairdresser). A very sweet girl, around 20-25 took me down in the basement and after 1 hour was agreed, she gave a very relaxing massage. During the massage she touched ALL the "right" places and when I finally was about to reach climax, she then offered me a BBBJ with CIM. At that moment I was not able to resist an offer like that, and after 50 Euro's was handed over, she gave me a fantastic BBBJ and also with the promised CIM. Total damage: 30 for the massage and another 50 for the extra service. And it was worth avery euro!

Diane Secret
02-06-07, 20:52
I'm an American in the Den Haag area and have sampled a few of the delights that the sex industry has to offer. Have walked the upscale RLD a number of times and sampled the wares on most visits ... always with generally unfulfilling overall experience. While many of the ladies are attractive and a few border on drop dead gorgeous, with only one exception, the window girls service is mechanical and without any real attempt to show interest in anything other than getting you off ... or ... getting your money. Standard fees today are 50 euro for about 15 minutes of mechanical sucking or fucking. All in all not much better than a hand job at home.

I have tried two of the Prive Huises with much better overall experiences. At Bananas on Weteringkade 113, I've had 50% hit rate of satisfaction. The place has a small bar atmosphere and girls will hang, but generally not approach you, until you send a signal to one of them or the "madame" in the area. Rooms upstairs have jacuzzi's and standard queen size beds ... if you get an interested girl, the experience can be very nice. All in all I like Diane's Secret at Laan Van Nieuw Oost Indie 200A ... this is more of a private house experience where all of the available girls will come out to introduce themselves to you when you arrive in the living room. The cross section ranges from poorly pulled together to very young and attractive. I've had a much better overall experience here with 2 of the 3 ladies that I've sampled giving very good (and different) experiences. The third lady was young (18) and seemed to be in pain all the time...I couldn't wait for it to end. The owner of Diane's Secret is liked by all the girls I've talked to and seems to be honest and fair. If you can find a standard, appointments are recommended and the experience can get better with each visit. Expect all services to include covered BJ plus multiiple positions for sex. If you get the right one, a followup massage or multiple orgasims for each of you is possible.

Happy hunting.Lia, the blond beauty from dianessecret is now bilderdijkstraat106 the hague because were rebuilding Laan Van Nieuw Oost Indie 200a All the girls also cleo are now at Bilderdijkstr 106 The Hague. Phone: 070-4041678

This year in May we're back in Laan Van Nieuw Oost Indie

Diane Secret
02-07-07, 22:27
I'm an American in the Den Haag area and have sampled a few of the delights that the sex industry has to offer. Have walked the upscale RLD a number of times and sampled the wares on most visits ... always with generally unfulfilling overall experience. While many of the ladies are attractive and a few border on drop dead gorgeous, with only one exception, the window girls service is mechanical and without any real attempt to show interest in anything other than getting you off ... or ... getting your money. Standard fees today are 50 euro for about 15 minutes of mechanical sucking or fucking. All in all not much better than a hand job at home.

I have tried two of the Prive Huises with much better overall experiences. At Bananas on Weteringkade 113, I've had 50% hit rate of satisfaction. The place has a small bar atmosphere and girls will hang, but generally not approach you, until you send a signal to one of them or the "madame" in the area. Rooms upstairs have jacuzzi's and standard queen size beds ... if you get an interested girl, the experience can be very nice. All in all I like Diane's Secret at Laan Van Nieuw Oost Indie 200A ... this is more of a private house experience where all of the available girls will come out to introduce themselves to you when you arrive in the living room. The cross section ranges from poorly pulled together to very young and attractive. I've had a much better overall experience here with 2 of the 3 ladies that I've sampled giving very good (and different) experiences. The third lady was young (18) and seemed to be in pain all the time...I couldn't wait for it to end. The owner of Diane's Secret is liked by all the girls I've talked to and seems to be honest and fair. If you can find a standard, appointments are recommended and the experience can get better with each visit. Expect all services to include covered BJ plus multiiple positions for sex. If you get the right one, a followup massage or multiple orgasims for each of you is possible.

Happy hunting.Dianessecret is rebuilding their place.

All the ladies are now till may on bilderdijkstraat 106 den haag

or 070-4041678

Monday till friday from 11-20 uur

Price from 65e allin hope to see you soon guys
kisses www.dianessecret.nl

Full Throttle
02-08-07, 20:09
Hi Jutus,

Probably too late, but just was assigned this trip (am a pilot). Do you have the address for the Chinese hairdresser? I'll be in town early tomorrow, but will leave the next day (Saturday).



Full Throttle
02-14-07, 17:19
The hotel provides bikes, so I took advantage of some time away from obligations by arming myself with a promotional hotel map and the world's cheapest bicycle. After a couple of hours of traipsing around, checking out the beach area, cruising through neighborhoods and parks, I got serious about finding Chinatown.

I found it. Not exactly San Francisco, but it's there.

I quickly realized that locating the various businesses would not be particularly challenging. Bright signs matching the names on the posts, and barber spirals in front of half of the non-restaurant businesses on the street. There must not be a shaggy head in all of Den Haig.

I settled on a lively place to have a pre-massage beer where I sat down and unfolded my ISG printout. I soon determined that I was enjoying my first drug-tolerant bar. That's great, but I'm subject to random testing and was wondering how many poppy seed muffins I could claim to have consumed. Bottled beer was 1.50, so I stayed for a couple.

Since the place on Jacobstrasse has only been reviewed once or twice, I decided to try that. Also, the last poster only paid 10 for extras, so I was hoping to get out cheap my first time.

The facility is so-so. The massage area is on the side behind a door where there are three beds separated by curtains. There was only one masseuse-- a (very) early 20's girl, fairly cute, sweet, and typically flat-chested. I hung up my clothes and climbed on to the substantial massage table. That's the nice thing about Holland-- everyone is so tall that most sitting and laying apparatus’' are designed with space to spare.

This experience is vastly different to those found in my ordinary stomping grounds in Brazil and Argentina. In those locales, much of the experience is 50-50. The events are script less for the most part, and the quality of the experience is largely dependent upon your ability to take the lead in the experience. For the poster who expressed wariness at the idea of kissing a working girl, you’re definitely hobbying in the right place and should avoid the Great South.

Anyway, the massage was quite wonderful. 25 minutes of hard work while on my front that included a fairly overt sensual component. Then, the flip. The massage continued with a considerable amount of “incidental” touching. Of course, it was difficult to avoid me, as my enthusiasm was obvious.

Finally, she asked if I wanted her to do more. I replied affirmatively and she asked for 20 euros more. A very nice HJ ensued complete with warmed cream and a sensitive touch. There was no hint that more was available and she was quite concerned about any extraneous noises emanating from me.

Once finished, she cleaned me up fairly thoroughly, then resumed the massage for the last 7 or 8 minutes of my hour. Upon departure, she handed me my souvenir—a wadded ball of tissue.

All in all, a very nice, predictable experience. When in the mood for such a thing, I will certainly return to Chinatown. I may try the brothel experience the next time to see if there is any comparison to South or Central America.

Thanks to the posters who helped me find these opportunities! Please visit my posts on Rio, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and other areas.


03-25-07, 16:00
Hi all, an update on visits to various massage parlours in DH over the last few months.

1) my usual haunt, De Troef, operates a "cab-rank" system in that you normally get the lady who has been waiting longest for a customer. I like this because you can try different providers without upsetting favourites who are also in the queue, although I think you can choose one if you wish. On a recent visit I was allocated a very sexy looking young lady, working in first cabin on the left, who proceeded with a very soft, sensual massage: lots of attention in important areas even whilst I was face down. After the flip negotiations commenced, I thought we had done deal at €15 and all proceeded satisfactorily to a very happy ending.

However, when I offered €20 I was shown a piece of paper with €50 written on it. Now my dutch isn't very good, nor is hers, but at the time I thought 15 was low so double checked and am fairly sure it was confirmed. I chose not to make a fuss and paid up, but be warned of this possible scam/wicked overcharge.

2) on another visit to De Troef, I found the cab rank to be empty with a half hour wait. I decided not to so headed home; the route took me past Red Peach, recently refurbished, and a place where my last visit had been fruitless. Despite previous failure I decided to try again.

The refurbishment is clearly part of an attempt to move upmarket: various massage and fancy treatments on offer. My masseuse was Thai and I saw two other Chinese women there, no sign of the Poles who were there on my last visit. The massage was very good, strong although not full Thai body stretching type. Despite my obvious interest no extras were offered and I opted not to ask.

I retreated to De Troef once more where one of my favourites, who works downstairs, delivered a quick massage and happy ending.

3) Back to De Troef again. This time a new young lady, also working upstairs. Very good massage followed by a happy ending for €20.

Diane Secret
04-07-07, 14:31
This year in May we're back in Laan Van Nieuw Oost Indie 200A

Diane Secret
04-07-07, 14:35
IN MAY DS is back [Non-English text deleted by Admin]

Everbody welcome

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove text not in English. While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English. Thanks!

Otter Trax
04-09-07, 09:50
Hi Laura,

I am coming before May from America. Damn those photos make her look expensive! Show us where mommies feed their babies. Make me smile.



Diane Secret
04-10-07, 15:30
Hi Laura,

I am coming before May from America. Damn those photos make her look expensive! Show us where mommies feed their babies. Make me smile.


OtterHi Otter,

My adress half mei is laan van nieuw oost indie 200A the hague


Lots of kisses laura from dianessecret


advertorial dianessecret more photos

04-24-07, 18:46
Visited on of the earlier mentioned Chinese hairdressers that also offers massage (PM me for the name of the hairdresser). A very sweet girl, around 20-25 took me down in the basement and after 1 hour was agreed, she gave a very relaxing massage. During the massage she touched ALL the "right" places and when I finally was about to reach climax, she then offered me a BBBJ with CIM. At that moment I was not able to resist an offer like that, and after 50 Euro's was handed over, she gave me a fantastic BBBJ and also with the promised CIM. Total damage: 30 for the massage and another 50 for the extra service. And it was worth avery euro!

Tried to send you a PM, but did not succeed. Can you please mention the name of the place and maybe that of the girl?

Konin Mari
05-11-07, 22:03
Oke, it's not everybody's piece of cake, but if you like open sex and if you like mature Latinas this is your place: Casa Cherda, Bezuidenhoutseweg 383, I'm more or less a regular, and in all those years I have seldom been disappointed. Fixed prices, so you don't have to worry about nasty surprises: entrance 30 euro, 30 minutes with a girl 30 euro, 1 hour 60 euro, all drinks 2. 50. The first floor is a bar where the girls are waiting.compared to most sexclubs in Holland the atmosphere is very relaxed: if you sit at the bar for an hour, don't see any girls you like, you just leave and only pay for your drinks. But that's not likely. If you are not turned on by the videos (standard stuff) you will certainly be by the action around you: unless you visit on a night when one of the Dutch soccer teams plays an important match you are sure to see some hot action. If you like to participate with one or two of the girls (and if it turns you on if other men are watching) you can do whatever you like in het bar (there are some couches and even a bed). If that's bit too much, you can go with the girl of your choice to one of the rooms upstairs. As I said: they are not young Playboy-style types, most of them are 35+, but they are hornier than many photomodels who charge you ten times as much. And for the boobs-fans: see and believe. The place is open 11-11, closed on Sundays.

05-14-07, 11:45
Does anybody know a website with pictures/information on the girls that work in this house?

05-14-07, 12:51
Are there any websites with pictures/information on the girls that work here?

05-14-07, 21:41
Are there any websites with pictures/information on the girls that work here?

SL Dog
05-17-07, 03:20
Folks, I've been monitoring the photos and repair of the fire damage to my favorite playground from afar since I've long returned to the states. BUT I do plan on being back in Den Haag in the next few weeks. Can anyone update us on the lastest estimate for a grand opening for DS and what, if any of the girls will be returning?

Diane Secret
06-26-07, 18:03
EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because appeared to be a commercial message and/or it contained links to a commercial website. Please post reports consisting primarily of a commercial nature and/or reports with a link or links to commercial websites in the Classified Advertisement section of the Forum. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

07-07-07, 07:13
I will be in the Hague at the end of the week. Are there any up to date recommendations for ladies who do anal and/or rimming? Many thanks

07-10-07, 11:40
The Hague private Petra

Recently I found Petra’s ad on kinky.nl http://www.kinky.nl/06/adver.asp?id=75019

I also found positive reviews on hookers.nl:


So I visited Petra who received me very friendly in a private house. She is a sweet little lady with a pleasant face, blond hair green eyes and a nice body, although her breasts are not so firm anymore. I estimate her between 40 and 45 years old, but her skin is still soft and without wrinkles. She charged me 75 euros for a full hour of very good sex: kissing, massaging me with her soft breasts, uncovered fellatio, cunnilingus and covered coitus. She seemed to enjoy cunnilingus as much as I enjoyed her fellatio. The first time I came between her breasts and the 2nd time in missionary position, it was great. She was trying to please me all the time and although her English is not too good, the communication was fluid as I do understand some Dutch. Petra offers good value service for reasonable money.

07-29-07, 16:20
In the past I've been to the foxy ladies a nice bit and to my surprise i have noticed from their website (http://www.foxyladies.nl) that they have a new name now. I'm gonna check it out soon but it looks promising to say the least.

08-07-07, 09:50
In the past I've been to the foxy ladies a nice bit and to my surprise i have noticed from their website (http://www.foxyladies.nl) that they have a new name now. I'm gonna check it out soon but it looks promising to say the least.Unfortunately. The "promise" is to say the most. Been there 2X, including the big opening festival. 4 very tired, plain colleagues, terribly hot, smokey (windows had to be kept closed on a warm night so noise would not disturb the neighbors), lots of girls "on the way", infinitely delayed, etc. Even the website does not work properly-links broken, annoying double clicks needed for everything, no colleagues' pictures, etc. This used to be a really good place and one can only hope the new management gets its feet on the ground. But until the A team returns, presumably from summer holidays, beware or be square. Call first, ask a lot of questions about who is really there, what they are like, etc. Stout, downtown is for the moment far better.

Monger Jim
08-23-07, 18:20
Special thanks to monger, Leandro daSilva, for posts #164 and #213, among others.

I went to window #110 and Jill asked for 2Euro, but negotiated down to 1Euro for both CBJCIM and CFS (2 pops with 35 minute time limit). All services delivered as promised, but as other posts note, especially for Windows, no touch, no kiss unless negotiated and paid -- fine with me as I felt more comfortable with latex between me and Jill at all times.

Easiest way to get to this location, IMHO, from Holland Spoor train station (HS), take trolley #17 East to 2nd stop and cross street to well-lit windows arcade. This trolley distance is only approx. 300 meters, so the ride not necessary, but it facilitates navigation for first time visitor here. (Five minute walk and trolleys run every 10-15 minutes after 9PM.)

Monger Jim
08-23-07, 18:34
First, thanks to Konin Mavi post #227, which helped me locate this establishment.

Located over 1 mile East of Den Haag Centraal station, I recommend taking the bus to the 3 stop, which is right at Bezuidenhoutsewg 383. I opted to walk, but with high humidity, returned by bus only 5 minutes to station.

Get the address right, as there is no sign. Don't bother to knock, just push the door open and the hostess greets you with private and public room options.

I went with the public room experience and was previewed with 8 girls, after getting undressed and into my robe (robe and locker provided.- just keep your key and enough $$ for your fun.) TV's with porn, along with one showing Dr. Phil, were entertaining until I noticed all the sex taking place.- hot action. If you sit next to a girl and have a drink, you will get a BBBJ to get you warmed-up. Once at attention, you go to a room for 60Euro for one hour. (it was, as earlier posted, 30Euro for the big room and 2. 5euro per drink. If you but the girl a "picillo" it will cost you 11 euro, but not forced on you.)

I had Lita, who, when I asked if she spoke Englis, replied, "I know Suck and Fuck" and made very bizarre and obscene gestures. And I was sold.

After a session in the room with offered BBFS, I stayed with CFS and later returned to the room for another beer and HJ while watching several guys get swarmed by big, dark sweaty "ladies. " all as promised (or warned in previous posts.)

Another thank you to Rontard post #160 for helping me to located this and other Den Haag establishments.

08-24-07, 01:00
Jimeboy good reports,

is Lita an older lady in her 50's, small with long black curly hair??

Last time I was there was in 2003, and same crew had been there since it used to be called the 109 club, it was located in a different part of the city near HS station until about 2000. I first visited in about 95, and it had a much more erotic flavour in the old building, really dark athmosphere...

08-26-07, 03:18
First, thanks to Konin Mavi post #227, which helped me locate this establishment.

Another thank you to Rontard post #160 for helping me to located this and other Den Haag establishments.
Are the women mostly black and latina and fuglies? How is Doublestraat these days? Thanks.

Monger Jim
08-26-07, 04:04
Didn't try Doublestraat yet, but, I'm confirming that all earlier posts were spot-on, and except for rate (.3 for 30 minutes not offered, nor possible for me) -- in other words: this place is not for everybody, except for depraved, addicted mongers (lol) or someone venturing into the bizarre world of old, dark, latinas, who definitely want to do the act, although didn't experience nor see any who would have qualified for USDA BBW size. It was a first for me (since the 60's) to be in a room with so many guys getting bj's, except maybe for strip clubs in Markam, Ontario (near Toronto) ... but that is the subject of another thread.

Oh, and Wan King, that exactly describes this Lita ... and her bizarre behaviour drew me away from the meerly fat and ugly girls ... not exactly a GFE, but certainly unforgettable!

Are the women mostly black and latina and fuglies? How is Doublestraat these days? Thanks.

08-28-07, 11:42
Guys I live in Holland and the Doubletstraat is my favourite mongering option. Yes there are a few old ugly latinas, but most of them are young, fresh and beautiful. The price of 25 Euro's can't be beaten in this country. There are also East European girls available. They tend to charge 30 Euro's.

My favourite chica is a Dominicana called Daniela. Great ass, wonderfull figure, beautiful fresh face and a sweet peronaliy. She usually works every evening at Doubletstraat 75. Inside the passage you have to climb the stairs and go to room 13. Sometimes she works at daytime as well. She will give you a great BJ, will ride you and then she will want you to take her doggy style. Works for me fine.

Have fun..........

08-28-07, 12:06
Fellow mongers, I haved tried this place as I heard of a gorgeous Thai girl named Joy working there. First of all, she is the only looker there, so she is popular and much occupied.
For an hour massage you pay 60 Euro's to the mamasan. Joy will immediately offer you the extra package. I paid her 80 Euro's extra for steamy sex inluding anal. Believe me, she is a wild animal.....she won't stop!

She told me she works on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 13 till 23 h.

This is the address:

Ruen Kaew Thai Massage
Prins Hendrikstraat 167
2518 HP Den Haag

I suggest you call them first to "reserve" Joy as she is occupied almost all the time: 070-3451908.

Their website is in Dutch only: http://www.ruenkaew.nl/

08-29-07, 00:36
Guys I live in Holland and the Doubletstraat is my favourite mongering option. Yes there are a few old ugly latinas, but most of them are young, fresh and beautiful. The price of 25 Euro's can't be beaten in this country. There are also East European girls available. They tend to charge 30 Euro's.

My favourite chica is a Dominicana called Daniela. Great ass, wonderfull figure, beautiful fresh face and a sweet peronaliy. She usually works every evening at Doubletstraat 75. Inside the passage you have to climb the stairs and go to room 13. Sometimes she works at daytime as well. She will give you a great BJ, will ride you and then she will want you to take her doggy style. Works for me fine.

Have fun..........
I used to have a lot of fun going back and forth between P-straat and Doublestraat (1994-2000). Great to hear that Doublestraat is still alive and rockin. Is it still dead during the day? Clearly, nighttime is infinitely better. Can anyone take a photo of how it is, nowadays -- a blast from the past will greatly appreciated.

Monger Jim
09-11-07, 08:21
Thanks, Dutchie, for the tip on Doubletstraat. I visited at 5PM on 10-Sept-07 and #13 was vacant.- no evidence of any belongings, at all, although more than 50% of the Doubletstraat windows were occupied, although I do not know how early they started. If anyone knows, please post as I frequently arrive on red-eye from the US and have a one-day pass to "acclimate" with the new timezone.

Browsed Doubletstraat and went inside #33 and found Anna.- rounded Latina with friendly face but Dom decor. She knows how to run a window, though! She has a poster with pictures of many different sex acts, from mild to kinky to downright gross. On my visit she pointed to the poster and said, "any three for 20 Euro each. " I was in. And out. And in. And

She kept all promises and I had a good time, and used some of my limited spanish, while she spoke BBBJ French, Asian. However, when she asked for more Euro for taking soooo long, I "no comprendo" and we both laughed.- she didn't insist and continued until all agreed services pleasantly rendered and gladly received.

Later strolled Chinatown (Wagonstraat and Jacobstraat) looking for AMP sites from other posts. And noticed this trend: When mongering in NL, watch for the blue/white round signs that show the adult holding the hand of the child. No, this does not indicate you are near a Catholic church, it is a very polite way of telling parents, "Don't let you kids run loose through this RLD! " When you are leaving a neighborhood with an RLD, there will be another round sign, with the "NO" circle/diagonal slash symbol, which I discovered means, "Turn around! You passed the RLD zone. "

Came so hard with Anna that my head hurt and decided that the AMP would wait for a day or two (well, I do have a job to do here), but I know that it is an easy 5 minute walk, directly north of Holland Spoor.

Guys I live in Holland and the Doubletstraat is my favourite mongering option. Yes there are a few old ugly latinas, but most of them are young, fresh and beautiful. The price of 25 Euro's can't be beaten in this country. There are also East European girls available. They tend to charge 30 Euro's.

My favourite chica is a Dominicana called Daniela. Great ass, wonderfull figure, beautiful fresh face and a sweet peronaliy. She usually works every evening at Doubletstraat 75. Inside the passage you have to climb the stairs and go to room 13. Sometimes she works at daytime as well. She will give you a great BJ, will ride you and then she will want you to take her doggy style. Works for me fine.

Have fun.

09-18-07, 14:35
Is this place a prive huis? In other words do all the women offer sex? Are there any other reviews? I haven't been able to find any on hookers.nl (although my Dutch is very poor).

I'm in the Hague in a few weeks time so any advice would be welcome.

09-21-07, 18:10
Is this place a prive huis? In other words do all the women offer sex? Are there any other reviews? I haven't been able to find any on hookers.nl (although my Dutch is very poor).

I'm in the Hague in a few weeks time so any advice would be welcome.

Yes it is some sort of private house, though you can choose only to have a massage. There are reports on hookers.nl but they are primarily about Joy.

Jimeboy, there is action in Doubletstraat in the afternoon, but there is more during the evening. Daniela at the passage nr 75 room 13 might not have started yet at 5pm when you were there. Or she might have been on vacation or having her period...who knows???

09-23-07, 14:00
Yesterday Daniela was not working (passage at nr. 75 room 13). My guess is she is on vacation. You might want to check out rooms 9 and 10 upstairs (Dominicans) and 3 downstairs (Venezuelan). All great asses, good performance. I know...I did them all...

Also I noticed Yvonne is back at Doubletstraat 29. She has been away for quite a while. She is a gorgeous black girl from Equatorial Guinee and she has a body to die for.

Another favourite of mine is a Colombian girl at Doubletstraat 5 (second window from the right).

All these cuties usually work in the evening though there might be exceptions. All charge Euro 25. Have fun.....

10-03-07, 23:00
Well, apparently "Rogue Remover" can slow down WinAntiSpyware's activities in my computer, I can now make a short report about my visits on last September :

1) I began with Pleasure Palace (ex-foxyladies) at Scheveningen (www.foxyladies.nl) :
Priscilla (mentionned in www.hookers.nl) was there ... but stopped working, only two working ladies were there : Nina who was busy for ... around two hours and Mona.
I left the Place.

2) La Chaperonne ... was in work. I don't know if it will still be a private house.

3) Maison Prive (www.maisonprive.nl) : I spent one hour to "make love" with Alex from Slovakia.

4) RLD Geleenstraat : I looked for Sharon in Hunsestraat passage but she was not there; her friend Jay (Hunsestraat) told me that wednesday was Sharon's day off so I spent a session with Jay. Of course, there was just sex even if I knew Jay before : I definitively prefer the Private houses.

10-07-07, 14:23
Daniela (nr 75 passage upstairs room 13) is back. As I thought she has taken a break for 2 weeks in Spain. The Colombian girl I talked about earlier is not there at the moment.
Took a new girl yesterday at the passage nr. 75, room 6. Her name is Jessica, is older than the other girls I talked about. But she is beautiful, black and extremely horny. Check it out!