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05-16-02, 05:37
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William Hauger
05-01-03, 20:13

You can find a lot of streetwalkers at the harbour, but be aware, most of them are addicts. They are there in the evening and night, every day.

The best girls you find in a newspaper called BA, under massage, or in the paper Sondag Sondag.

You can also find them on internet. Look for escorte or massage. Prices from 1400,-nk to 2000.-nk.

Streewalkers from 500-800

best regards

11-21-03, 22:36
I was in Bergen a few weeks ago. To find some action, I was told to check out the local newspaper BA. Among the advertisments, there are a lot of interesting phone number under "Helse". Here you can find ordinary massage and intimate massage.

I called one of the persons advertising, and she called herself Jeanette and offered intimate massage. She wanted 1500 Norwegian Kroner for full service, and I checked her out.

From the telephone number in her advertisement, she led me to her apartment in downtown Bergen. I visited her and got 1 hour worth of service for 2000 Norwegian Kroner included as many nuts I could make in that period of time.

Jeanette was not Norwegian, and she introduced herself as Baltic. Strange. On the phone, she told me she was Hungarian.

She was a great masseuse, but lacked some in inspiration when the great deal was concerned. It was no GFE. Among others she said kissing was out of the question. But otherwise a kind lady.

In full: An OK experience, but as Norway is an expensive country I would prefer Denmark any day and hope that my next business experience will send me there.

By the way: After my visit, I found Jeanette on www.sexdate.no . Check her pictures out if you want to.

Jamis Plumber
02-05-04, 21:50
Yep Mongers,

In down town Bergen for two weeks and will give you the action as it happens.

Today got the town map and tried to acquaint myself with the places and sources available.

In one of Bergen's daily, BA, under the advert section is "helse" and this lists massage houses and contact telephone numbers.

Called one and boy oh boy; went there and what do you think, asked for water or what? Massage prices 400-1500 crowns depending on action needed. Sorry my sick fellas, the anal connosoirs, you have to pay more!

Am told on one of the city streets along the harbour, Sundsgate, there is street action. Convenient because there are two hotels popular with tourists; Clarion and Comfort hotels. action is a few metres away or literally on the verandahs!

Two or more night hotspots for a hook up; Rick's, Metropole, Ugla and the Garage. Dont expect these blondes to be in the model body type though. They probably like their food. I learned they top in dildo use so you have to be well endowed or alternatively work an extra mile.

Jamis Plumber
02-06-04, 23:30
Filling in,

1. Ugla, one of the hotspots: Time check 0115hrs. 3 extremely fat ladies sat on a table with their eyes on this lone stranger. I wink and smile, they signal me to pull to their table. Baby steps, I oblige.

15minutes into chit chat, two leave one by one and am left with the heaviest. Great and no sweat yet, more meat or is fat, more water! Learnt a trick or two to handle the kind while working in Uganda.

Fast forward; her flat 10 minutes walk, nice place, well furnished. Starved of male organ but owns 4 different type and size dildos. cant wait, strips me and wow! She leaks like a burst water pipe. The Uganda trick is magic! Whole bed is wet, sorry i had to leave, mission complete. Cost: 0.00 Crowns in cash.

2. C. Sundsgate: Time check: 0305hrs: Not many present, only 5. two appear high, not my type.

Two good looking, one speaks only norwegian leaving me only one option but a good one.

Next to a shipyard, stumble and you drown into the fjord. Price is Kr. 1200 including anal. negotiate for straight and Bingo, Kr. 400. Kind of a quickie and i cant take more. the fat one left me weak.

During day, visit fat one from Ugla. I now agree with one of them who said that "whoever said there is no thing as free food and wine lied". Milk production from her two big boobs could could feed all those hungry kids in Somalia.

Jamis Plumber
02-10-04, 07:33
So you guys can know how I got "married" in the last seven days!

Are you aware that for everything there is always the top numbers?

If you think you are good at making use of your third, middle short leg, a few seconds at this:


Jamis Plumber
02-14-04, 20:39
Naturally the idea is for both partners to enjoy good sex. Things however become different when one party can't measure up to expectations.

If you can do it the natural way, improvise. This morning I realised I had thrown a music CD in the house garbage bin. Trying to retrieve it, I discovered half a dozen dildos thrown in the bin. Hmm.

While I wondered why such noble items had to be thrown away, I came across an article and can be viewed at the link below. Hmmm.

It looks like am staying longer than anticipated or I may have to go back home with extra cargo.


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Anton Berg
02-19-04, 00:38
Hi there,

I was wisiting the great city Oslo some weeks ago and fell over the newspaper SöndagSöndag. When I came to the middel of the paper I got very surpriced. I did not know that it was a paper with adds for sex. Surely I looked with big eyes and decided that I needed some. It took me a while before I could choose one, but finally.

I made the phonecall to the girl and got surpriced again. A danish girl. She looked so nice in the paper and she was very nice talking to.

I went to her hotel and surprice again. She was delicius. Eatable. Good looking and sweet with the nicest body ending in the nicest brown eyes. I was sold.

We agreed about the services and the price, wich I found very reasonable. ½ hour nkr. 1200,- and 1 hour nkr. 1900,-. Ekstras was anal, light domination, roleplay.

I choose one full hour with shower, massage, french for me and her, wich she enjoyed in full, and intercource in different positions.

It is sure that I will pay TESS a visit next time I am in Oslo. Hopefully is she available.
TESS is just, how do I put it, just TESS.

Hope others will enjoy her as much as I did.


Jamis Plumber
03-10-04, 18:58
Action about to hit roof top:

The snow is melting down, temperatures are no more chilly as a new season sets in along with all the beauties it carries.

Rising temperatures, rising hormones, shedding of clothes for a good body tan. Call it optical nutrition at first but goes beyond that if you join the fray.

Super babes flow in from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania not to mention Norwegian beauties getting out of the houses to have fun.

Beer, sex and cigar are synonymous here and never in short supply. Hotels are in top business as are the mongers' massage parlours.

Getting afew pills of V, C or L though is not something to think about while in Norway. Should you have intentions to monger around, carry enough on your trip here. Almost all medicine(drugs) here cant be got over the counter. Visiting a doctor for a prescription will cost you a leg and a tooth.

What am I doing now? Giving a shot at their funny language but will get you around Scandnavia, for what, silly, mongering of course. Conquest and more conquest.

01-03-05, 20:47
Was in Bergen after Christmas. Headed down to Nykirken around 6.30pm, and after one walk around Nykirken I was flagged down by an attractive sw. She quoted 1000NOK, but after a very long discussion I talked her down to 600 plus a cab ride to her flat in Laksevåg (=100NOK). It was a run down place, but not too bad. I certainly felt it was safer than her suggestion, doing it in the shadowy areas around on church grounds (which the people in the neighbouring block of flats have a great view of). Got to her place, very relaxed and pleasant covered bj, followed by some hot doggy style action. It was fun, and would recommend the same brunette in her early 40's again (sorry, don't remember name).

03-12-05, 15:29
SW in Bergen can be found in G.Sunds gate. But the qualety are not good.
I use the newspaper SøndagSøndag to finde girls. normaly ther are 8-10 girls with apartment in Bergen. The rest are in other plases in Norway. Most of the girls are from other contry . Normal price are 1200-1500 NOK pr houer. All included.

Tor Odd
12-10-07, 14:13
I was a little bit horny when I voke up this morning.

So I had a look i the internet pages from Club contakt.

Found a girl called April, 25-30 years old and caaled her. Nice voise anwerd
she wanted 1500kr. She sent me a SMS with her adress.

She is a God looking girl, nice firm size b boobs with suckable nippels.

Started with massage then cowgirl,FR,missionar and hand job witout in the end.


Add pic from net

Edward M
12-11-07, 03:17
I was a little bit horny when I voke up this morning.

So I had a look i the internet pages from Club contakt.

Found a girl called April, 25-30 years old and caaled her. Nice voise anwerd
she wanted 1500kr. She sent me a SMS with her adress.

She is a God looking girl, nice firm size b boobs with suckable nippels.

Started with massage then cowgirl,FR,missionar and hand job witout in the end.


Add pic from netIs that girl Norwegian?

Tor Odd
12-21-07, 00:21
Hello I'm sorry I coud'nt reply earlier due to workload.

No the girl April is not a Norwegian she is Thai. She only speaks english.

As far as I know she will be in Bergen till 31 des, she is nortmaly works in Oslo.

Ican also reckomend another Thai girl Working moustly in Bergen Her name is Hony.

Also Web Photos from Escortdate.com

01-15-08, 00:34
Tor Odd is a fake user, as I belive most users here understand. No norwegian writes english that bad, seems more like a thai writing english. Strange hu.

This girl has many nicks, she is known as Viza, Tullipan, Gin, Honey etc etc.

In the norwegian forum she gets poor feedback from the users of her services, like: "waste of money", "not worthy 5 cents" etc (check out the Honey link at the Norwegian forum).

01-20-08, 17:11
I have visited April, the girl on the pictures many times some time ago.

She then gave an exelent service.

I visited her in Oslo where she usualy lives.


05-21-09, 16:00
i went to bergen 3 weeks ago, and drove past the hooker street c. sundst gate. it was six o'clock in the evening so i didnt expect much action. the last times i have been in bergen after we became criminals, there have only been the regular fat ugly nigerian women on the streets. usually 5-6 of them, sometimes also the regular 3 half-old balkan women. but today i was lucky. i saw a blond woman in the beginning of the area on the parking lot. seemingly just strolling around with her hand bag. i did a detour, went in to the parking lot, we looked at each other, and i parked at the end of the parking lot. she slowly came over, and asked me if i wanted a trip. she was norwegian, fake blond, light eyes, about 26 years , with a slight junkie look. pretty nice. i asked for the price, she said 800,- she jumped in. i asked her about the police, but she had had no problem, and didnt know about any other whom had had problems either. but she told me she usually went there early to avoid problems. this has also been my experience back in the days to; norwegian girls come early to the streets, maybe from seven or eight and stays until like eleven. i remember if you where real lucky you could find a 18 year old amateur, whom did one of her first trips, usually with a friend, but these where picked up real fast (1-3 cars usually is stand by in the parking lot just waiting) and only did like 1 or 2 trips an evening. back to the action: i asked if she knew about a secure place, she mentioned 2 but seemed abit uncertain, so i suggested to go to my place. i have an rented apartment downtown. she said ok, but said she then wanted 1000,-, for 2 pops i said ok. she undress quickly in my bedroom. small girl about 158cm, well built - muscles on the upper body and arms - she has probably done jail time. also had some homemade looking tatooes on her arm. very small pointy tits, nice shaved pussy and a firm ass. she asked if she was going to suck me i said yes. and she started sucking, uncovered with great speed. deep throat also. i think she needed money for her next fix, beacuse i have never seen such a speed and dedication. i came in no time, asked if i could cum on her face, but she said preferably not, so i squirted my goo on her tits. she then said something surprising, that i could fuck her without condom!! she was 100% clean she said - and also did'nt seem like she was lying. i hesitated, but came to my sences and said i should find a condom. fucked her missionary and doggy. she didnt get much into it, didnt make a sound. she did some more sucking and jerking off (fastest hand in bergen) and i popped on her ass. paid her. exchanged phone numbers and she left.

face - 6
body - 8
sex - 7

i have visited her one more time after this, in the basement of her parents house (so she told me)!! nice blowjobs, but its like fucking a hole in the wall and she dont wanna do anal.

i have seen less police in the hooker streets now than before the ban. some evenings it can be all empty, even the nigerians are gone. so i think they have some raids, but i dont think any mongers in bergen has been fined - at least so the newspapers tells me. i think the biggest risk you take are if you go someplace where someone can tip you of; like a hotel receptionist, taxi driver if you take a taxi, nosy neighbour or something like that.

take care, look out, report and happy mongering.

ps: also see my report in the oslo tread.

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06-05-09, 10:23
Even though this post is 2 years old, I was totally surprised to see these pictures of April. She was my first mongering experience a while back! Wow! Interesting find. Is she still in Bergen?

I was a little bit horny when I voke up this morning.

So I had a look i the internet pages from Club contakt.

Found a girl called April, 25-30 years old and caaled her. Nice voise anwerd
she wanted 1500kr. She sent me a SMS with her adress.

She is a God looking girl, nice firm size b boobs with suckable nippels.

Started with massage then cowgirl,FR,missionar and hand job witout in the end.


Add pic from net

12-22-09, 23:42
I was in Bergen last week and went through the city centre. I was not looking for P4P this evening, but on my walk from the wharf to Torgallmenning I was stopped by an African girl in her early twenties.

She could offer fun in her apartment for 1500 NOK for an hour with multiple pops. I turn her down, and then she asked for 30 NOK for a cup of coffee to warm herself with in the cold and snowy weather.

I also asked her about the police. She said they were no problem even though it is illegal to buy sex in Norway. The fines are supposed to be big. About 2000 GBP/20000 NOK.

03-05-11, 01:22
Sorry if this sounds racist, but it feels as if the Nigerians have taken control of Bergen. I had a walk through the city centre this weekend, and I was stopped all the time by beggars and sex workers. Ok, I can feel it is neccessary that the local sellers of the national version of The Big Issue stop me, but if sex workers and gipsy beggars are everywhere they feel like menaces. I like a sexy girl, but Bergen feels like a big hooker supermarket these days and it is all in your face. That is strange, as buying sex is outlawed in Norway.

05-22-15, 18:30
Going to Bergen in 2 weeks time and I need to get a feel for the lay of the land.

Can I bring ladies to my room without problems?

How do I go about getting ladies.

08-15-16, 22:45

Hope you all are having a nice day!

I have a question that somebody might be able to help me with:

I know an older man who has a muscular condition making it hard for him to move. The medication he takes increases his libido greatly, but he is not able to do anything about it. It would be wonderful for him if it was possible to find someone who could give him "help" with this.

As he is not able to move easily, the arrangement would have to be somewhere safe and easily accessible.

If anyone can give any tips or help with this, please send a personal msg.

Thank you.

John McClane
08-25-16, 06:57
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