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05-16-02, 05:40
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05-24-02, 13:40
I will be in Warsaw next weekend. Any advice on things to see or AVOID would be great. I will be in a hotel in the center of downtown.
thank you!

06-04-02, 03:32
Just got back. Went to The Club Elita, ul bednarska 23 Apt. #3 about a 3 minutes walk south of the old city. 130zlt for 1 hour with Agnescka (?) a tall blonde with a PERFECT body minus her A-cup tits. Face was about a 7 and she was off the scale in bed. She let me DATY for 50zlt more (she acted like she should have paid me for this one) and kept moaning and pushing my face into her crotch. THen a BJ w/ C. and some vigorous fucking with lots of moaning and a hot wet pussy from her. No lube needed.
Only problem, she spoke NO english or any other language but Polish. Also, she took a 5 minute phone call near the beginning of our session which was a bit of a crotch cooler. They had 2 other cute brunettes working there. If I had been there longer I would have definately gone back. Not bad for about $50 American

I walked by Studio relax Ul. Jerozolimnskie, 83 apt. 18. but about 7 guys walked to the front door as I was crossing from the Marriott across the street, so I walked on. Also, alot of places are closed on sunday


Here are some addresses from the old board by an anonymous user from september. I only walked by the 2 mentioned above

Street, no. / Bell no.
Bednarska, 23 / 3
Orla, 4 / 12
Wilcza, 32 / 102
Wilcza, 33 / 12
Nowogrodzka, 48 / 14
Farlysa, 8
Plater, 55 / 329
Bracka, 20 / 12
Grojecka, 186
Jerozolimskie, 23 / 10
Jerozolimskie, 42 / 118
Jerozolimskie, 109 / 2
Jerozolimskie, 113-115 / 4
Jerozolimskie, 121-123 / 6
Marszalkowska 27/35 / 39
Zolkiewskiego, 62
Konstytucji, 2 / 6
Jana Paska, 15
Gamerskiego, 7 / 5
Mirowski, 12 / 4
Krakowskie Przedmiescie 16-18 / 17

06-07-02, 08:28
The Club Elita does seem to be the best so far. I had a good experience. Extras were 40 pln for BBBJ and 300 pln for Greek.

I have tried Linda's three times. ul. Jerozolimski 42, apt 118, staircase V1, 5th floor. It is now called Carmens. Straight sex was 100 pln and two cans of beer were 20 pln. They have a B&D room with a special table and lots of gadgets. Don't know the cost. Yesterday night they had about 6 very attractive girls available. Other nights they have had one or two.

06-07-02, 10:35
Hi friends,

has anybody an advice about good experience in KATOWICE ?

07-08-02, 12:10
I just went to the best club yet, Villa Rosa, located just north of central Warsaw in Lomianki (addr: ul Warsawska 12, tel: 0-603-56-94-81, just off the main road to Gdansk). We went about 11 pm on a Thursday evening. There were about 20 girls in the place, two guys chatting them up, and the bar. The girls are a mixture of Polish, Ukrainian, and Belorussian. There is plenty of time to chat with all the girls to ensure you get what/who you want. They all speak English. We spent an hour talking with a couple of girls. Of course you have to buy them drinks (50 pln/$12.50 each).

Once you agree on a girl, you pay the bartender 300 pln ($75). For this you get the girl and a room for an hour. Expect to be asked to shower before and after. My buddy and I finished with our girls before the hour was up so we switched, costing us a 100 pln. It was well worth the experience and we had a great time.

We took a cab Villa Rosa and had the driver wait (about 2 hours). It costs 30 pln an hour for him to wait and is certainly better than standing in the dark waiting for a cab to come from Warsaw.

I highly recommend the place and will certainly be returning.

07-26-02, 00:32

08-13-02, 22:21
YO mongers and other Whorists....!

if things are not going to change I will be in Warsaw beginning of october for a three day WHORING trip...!!!!

heard there are lots of private house...€ 25,- per hour....!!! They can suck on my "guj"....:-)

Last time I was in Poland was 1979...!!! Since then I "did" Romania,hungary,CZ,Slowakia,Ukraine,DR,Peru,Cuba,Bulgaria and not to forget my own home area HOlland...;-)

Next year I want to try Brasil and Colombia...(although that last destination is a bit unsecure...)

Let those CURVAS warm up their pussies.....I give them hell....:-)


09-19-02, 10:31
I tried Studio Aisha last night. It has the reputation as one of the better studios in the city. For 6 pm on a cold and rainy Wednesday, I was pleasantly surprised to find 16 girls to pick from. Olivia was beautiful, great body, and spoke OK English. Cost was 140 pln (about $35) for what was suppose to be 1 hr. and 40 pln ($10) for a can of beer. Most other studios charge 100 pln for one hour and 10 pln for the beer. Room was nice and clean but Olivia was a little detatched. Session lasted about 35 minutes and that included a shower at the beginning and her scooting me out the door. I could have protested but lost interest anyway. Conclusion: Good selection of girls, price is a little higher, but good and clean location. Will go back but not for Olivia. Details: ul Chmielna 10, apartment 36, near intersection of Nowy Swiat and Faksal, www.aisha-club.lok.pl 10:00 am -- 5:00 am

09-29-02, 16:04
I tried some of the parlours listed in the local Warsaw guides, newspapers, and here. In general the standard of the surroundings and the girls was so poor that with the exception of two, I walked out. Most of the girls are from other parts of Eastern Europe, often Byelorussia or Ukraine, and speak little or no English.

The average price asked is 100 Zlotys, although in one they asked for US$100 which may have been due to poor English, or maybe just a chancer. Polish people in general are honest by the way.

I found better but more expensive girls in the bars of the better hotels (Marriott, Holiday Inn etc). they ask for up to $200 but are negotiable to about half that figure without difficulty. They will come to your room and stay for a good hour and are generally friendly and you will get your money's worth. Also in one case the girl got her gear off and I decided I didn't like the look of her and she just left without any unpleasantness.

I also chatted up, successfully, a very attractive waitress in a restaurant, who came to my hotel after she'd finished work, spent the rest of the night with me, and didn't seem to want money although she took the $50 I gave her.

Warsaw is recommendable for sex, culture, food, and friendly people. It is clean and things work well and I always enjoy this city.

10-07-02, 13:04
Hey guys,

I'm doing a few trips this November, one being to Romania, and the other here to Warsaw.

My questions to any of you local experts is this: how much do you think it would cost for a VERY good looker (Ukrainian/Belorussain/Russian girl) for an hour, who also speaks english.

In your opinions, how many people in Warsaw speak English? I know in Romania the younger people almost all speak at least some english. Is it the same in Poland?

What about the attitude of the people towards Americans or British people?

Do many places besides major hotels take VISA to pay for goods/services? What about ATM machines to take out money? Is there things like this in Warsaw?

Thanks for any info you can give me!!!!!!

10-11-02, 18:10
I don't know where you are located but you need to realise that Warsaw is pretty much like any other European capital city - it's not some primitive, run down dump. And having got that rant off my chest, you also have to realise that the proportion of good looking girls is higher in central Europe than just about anywhere else!

So yes, there are ATMs on every corner, and you can change dollars or whatever currency you have at the kantors (also on just about every corner) where the rates are generally much better than the banks. Creidt cards are as widely accepted as anywhere else.

As for good looking girls, rented by the hour, you have the choice of eat in or take out! With eat in there are loads of brothels in the city and the cost varies from 150 to 350 zloty per hour ($40 -$90), depending on how fancy the place is. But at least that way you get you choose from the girls on duty that day. With take outs, there are lots of agencies you can call but the quality is vary variable and if you don't like t he one they send it takes time to organise another! Look in Zycie Warszawa, a newspaper with loads of adverts. Even if you don't have any Polish, it isn't hard to work them out!

Enjoy Warszawa - it's a great spot and I'm just about to sample the city's delights this evening myself!

10-11-02, 18:56
Thanks for the info!

Didn't mean to sound like some crude westerner in my first post, I deserved the rant! I will be visiting Warsaw in November. I will be staying at the Marriot or Sheraton, I haven't decided yet. Any idea if either of these places will have any problems with bringing girls back to my room? I hope not, I don't want to have to pay off some security guard.

What about English? The only European cities I have been to in my life are London, Paris, and Istanbul. Is at least some English spoken by larger Hotels/Restauarants, and of course young girls?

I will find out soon enough I am sure.

I am hoping you are correct in saying that these central european women are wonderful! I saw so many beautiful Russian women in Istanbul, I wonder how Warsaw will compare????

I will post my adventure here when I get back.

10-13-02, 16:15
Both the Marriott and the Sheraton have a reputation for running a tight ship and I suspect that trying to get a girl, particularly if she is obviously not a guest in the hotel, past them to your room could be embarrassing. However, having said that the Panorama Bar on the 40th floor of the Marriott is open to the public and once there you have access to the elevators to all floors. So I guess a bit of ingenuity is all that is called for. Personally I stick to the brothels.

And you will find that in virtually all hotels and restaurants English is widely spoken and there are usually English language menus. And generally, young girls as you put it (and we're assuming over 18 here, aren't we!!) tend to have some english although many of the working girls in brothels will be poorly educated, probably from rural Poland or its neighbours and sparkling conversation can be a problem! But then, good mannered girls never speak with their mouth full, do they? The older ones that you tend to find hanging around the Sheraton bar will for sure speak reasonable English.

Have fun!

10-14-02, 18:03
i am going to warsaw towards the end of october and have heard great things about Relaks, aisha etc. does anyone know of any private rooms that one can stay in and they supply a woman like in prague? a kind of you rent a room in a private house and a woman that will do everything comes with the room!

also can anyone recomend a hotel/ apartment that has 2 bedrooms in suite/ apartment that is not a silly price.

many thanks

10-17-02, 15:21
Marriot, Radisson and Bristol will not interfere with girls going in accompanied with you. Normal for Warsaw is 200 - 300 euro for all night. Do not use lobby hookers as they want 200 per hour. Stay away from Forum (now Novotel) and all Polish chain (Orbis) hotels as they do not allow girls in to protect their own lobby hookers.
Look up www.warsawshotel.com for apartments from 60 euro per night in Old Town. They are excellent. As regards the various clubs see www.rozrywkawpolsce.com.pl/cgi-bin/kk.wynik for many. Each can be good or bad on any night depending on the girls on duty. Keep taxi foe evening and do a tour until you find best on the night.

For me best place in Warsaw is Villa Rosa (best club in Europe as far as I am concerned). 10 mins out of town, very safe, all taxi drivers know it.

10-17-02, 20:28
on the warsaw front :

1.places - if you don't want to pay for the brand, and can live in a place that is not just about showing off - then i suggest you take a look at the mdm hotel - its right in the centre of town, and has recently acquired a new boss & new chef, and it seems to be going up in the world.

2. girls in additiona to what has been posted - take a look at http://www.schadzka.com/ (click on the link kobieta szuka faceta - or sponsoring) - its all in polsih - but you can at least get to see some ho's from time time-and they seem to be pretty independent.

there's also a site http://www.sexogloszenia.pl - which has more access to photos, and e-mails without having to log on - you get here ages etc, so just choose "pani szuka pana" and get those mails off - but don't expect an immediate reply - as most do not have immediate access to a computer - so they probably browse at the i-net caf.

3. newspapers - get a local rag eg "zycie warszawy" and in their find the small ads "matrymonialne" - its a bit pot luck - but if you organise yourself well - you can surely find something good within a short space of time.

4. if you don't speak polish, then you may get a ukrainian or belorussian girl - there are plenty in warsaw (and very pretty i may add), so it may be worth to check with a friendly taxi driver about polish girls if that's what you want.

5. taxis - get one for a long-period if you can afford it. try not to use one from near the hotels / or taxi ranks near these places, but take a wander and find a rank close by in more of a residential area. the taxi drivers are also looking for long term contract, and if you negotiate well - you should get one for about 50 bucks / day - try and get a younger guy - he'smore likely to know the hotter places in town.
or get a taxi on the phone - 919- mpt / 9664 / 6464646 - grosik(my favourite) and deal with the guy that collects you. more often than not - he'll be happy to agree a price and turn off his meter - especially if its the week-end when most business types fly off to their wives ! and business is a bit slow (you must remember that in warsaw they have more taxis than they really need - so any extra client is worth its weight in gold)

6. places to go : ground zero (more students) / dekada (more up and coming) / take a look at the web-site http://www.info1.pl/rozrywka/nightclub/warszawa/ - i think it has an english listing and a map, so you should survive - my favourite places are adria - lots of girls / kokomo - same but more russians /ukrainians etc..... if you just want to party then try barbados /zanzibar - again its difficult to advise becasue i don't know what you want.

7. houses - many of them - the previous post about vila rosa is a good recommendation, but i always felt a bit uncomfortable there as it was a bit out of town, and what would happen if i got stuck here - but its clean & friendly, and the girls are nice. you could try a place on bednarska street 21 or 23 i can't recall which is near the old town, but very cultured. whatever you find just walk in and see what is there - if you don't lie - just leave - no-one will make you stay.

8. speedy gonzalez - make sure you agree up front what it is you will get for your $. in some places one-shot & that's it ! so if its for 1 hour - then make sure it is. don't pay up front - and if your satisfied with your girl then leave her a tip.

hope this input helps you a bit - enjoy your stay - and give all of feedback afterwards.

10-18-02, 18:14
many thanks for all info and advice, i am sure it will be invaluable. will endeavour to give you a full report and add to the forum in detail!!

quick query to all, what is the best currency and most popular with the ladies, polish zlotys, american dollars or euro's??

it is always best to be prepared i think.

wishing everyone all the very best and many thanks

Louis Cyphre

10-19-02, 07:56
to louiscyphre...

The best way is to have polish money... of course girls accept dollars or euros but many of those have the bad habit to make a round sum with your foreign money (10-25% for the risk exchange !!!)


10-22-02, 15:35
quick not about hotels, many thanks for tip on mdm, looking for something nice but not silly price. something around $60 mark.

any reccomendations, drop me a line.

tried old town apartments and all 2 bedroom apartments taken.

all tips will be much appreciated.


10-22-02, 17:29
At the weekends, the IBIS hotel on Solidarnosci is good value at about $65/$70 including breakfast. It's a bit out of the city centre but only 10 zloty ($2.50) in a taxi to the action! During the week the IBIS is about $95

10-23-02, 09:45
imperium night club
it's a trick
if you look at his site (www.imperiumx.pl) you can find a lot of stunning girls
all pics are a fake and real girls (same names of the pics) are a lot different from that pics
the service is overrated (they ask about 350 szloty for a full service, about 90 euro) and drinks are even more expensive
after a long and boring discussion you can make a better deal (half of what requested) but IMHO it doesn't worth it tough I've had a GFE performance thanks to my knowledgeof the spanish language (the most don't speak english and it's difficult to agree on what you want due to the language barrier)
unfortunately I couldn't check any other place because I went out late that night and I left early in the morning the day after

10-23-02, 11:52
To Louiscyphre, ask at old town apartments as they can also book you hotels at better rates than you will be offerd by hotels direct. Also, if booking a hotel ask for their Winter rates or Winter weekend rates. Initially, foreigners are always quoted top rates but if you ask for reductions they are generally given.

12-01-02, 18:30
Hi, guys.

I'm currently in Warszaw and I treid some of agencies mentioned. I don't know if I'm to picky or just had bad luck. Found only average or below, what would be maybe 6 on street but not worth 300 Zloty (70 Eur) for an hpour they requested. Has any of you got a better suggestion or a insider tip where to go. Brothels, hotel lobby, private apartments or escortsyou name it as long as it's worth the money. Just hurry up as my time here is limited.

12-02-02, 14:35
To Marionasco:

Try the Villa Rosa -- a bordello north of town. It has a good collection of girls who speak English. Cost is 300 pln for the girl (1 hour) and drinks are 50 pln each. I have enjoyed both times
I was there. The girls are pretty agreeable and you can negotiate any particular interests up front. Suggest that you take a cab and get him to wait; it is only 30 pln per hour. Villa Rosa is on ulica Warszawska (the Gdansk hwy), number 12 in Lomianki. Almost any cab driver will know the place -- expect cab to cost 75 - 150 pln including the wait, depending where you are coming from.

12-02-02, 20:46
I can concur with the comment about Villa Rosa as I had a very pleasant time there last year although it is somtimes a bit intimidating going out there on your own and finding you're the only guy there, apart from the bouncers and your taxi driver, who has a coffee while you strut your stuff. Personally I prefer not to have a driver waiting for me to reappear!

ONe place in the city centre that is on average reasonably good is the Aisha Club (828 0263). ONe girl is particular stands out - Natalia from Vilnius! She is very slim, shaven (all but a landing strip) and while her English is a bit limited, she's good fun. House rate is PLN150 for the hour and for another 150 she will do a good BBBJ (but no CIM but her finger up your arse if you want!)) and allow reverse oral which from experience is pretty tasty!

Enjoy and tell us how you fared!

12-03-02, 03:20
Thank you guys for prompt replies. I did as you suggested and all I managed was a yet another trip around agencje. I agreed fair evening price (150 Zl) with Marriot hotel taxi as the driver was fluently speaking English unlike other taxi drivers. First we went for Aisha, on my request, even if he suggested that it might not be safe. Only four girls all heavily covered with makeup and looked bored and used. The evening just started so he took me to the Rasputin, not bad but only 6-7 girls and average looking, all seamed not interested so I said lets go to Villa Rosa. I’v been there on Saturday evening already but poor choice and no success. While driving he said that the club is not what it used to be. Once there I found around 20 girls, all pretty average, but I liked one polish girl, and than she started squeezing the lemon, something about paying her a drink etc. I made it clear that I will tip her fairly in case she is kind but I would like to go to the room. She kind of hesitated or even refused and pissed me off. I mean the club was empty they were all sitting around doing nothing and I’m fairly good looking so I could not comprehend her behaviour and I left without concluding anything. Driver took me to two more clubs both worse than the previous ones and pay per view TV was my final choice. Warszaw seemed to me not the place it used to be. (I come twice a year for the last six or seven years and never ever had problems finding nice and willing girls, usually I served my self with Marriott lobby girls while they were allowed to stay. There are however few things I learned from the driver; there is a swingers club, working Saturdays only but according to him well worth a 200 Zl entrance, mixed pros and regular visitors. Another is to be opened soon. Independent working girls can be found in Barbados but only weekend or Friday. Allegedly many beautifully polish girls, students or so work only during the daytime, as they are afraid of “night shifts” police etc. I asked him to see if he can arrange nice non pro for tomorrow and in case it works I’ll give you a tip. If you are considering going to Warszaw only to have fun with “girls”, think twice.

12-03-02, 17:41
I have to agree with Digital about Aisha Club. I have tried a number of the clubs and this is one of the best (the other being Elita). Aisha is Chmielna 10, m36 near the old town, www.aisha-club.lok.pl ("m" is the apartment number). Chmielna turns into Faksal so is pretty convenient. Elita is closer to old town but hidden behind the Bristol Hotel at ul Bednarska 23 apt 3, www.elita.lok.pl

There are a number of other clubs that are just bump and grind joints (such as Studio Relax and Agencja Linda/Carman). I also have gone a couple of times to Agencja Fantazja, ul. Wspolna 35 m1, because it is next to a tolerable Chinese restaurant. Last time at Fantazja I had two beefy Ukrainian girls at the same time, 300 pln. I think that I was more amused by the situation than anything else. We must have burned through a dozen rubbers.

By the way, at Villa Rosa the first time I went with a buddy. After 45 minutes we switched girls for another 100 pln each; this gave us also another 30 minutes. I didn't walk right for a week....

12-03-02, 21:31
if anyone is in warsaw at the moment, and is "desperately seeking susan" or someone else - let me know - i'll do my best to help out pronto.

Cheers Ian.

12-03-02, 21:38
originally posted by ianjohn
if anyone is in warsaw at the moment, and is "desperately seeking susan" or someone else - let me know - i'll do my best to help out pronto.

cheers ian.

well ian i'm sure that there is more than anyone looking for some fun in warsaw. please help in case you have something special we don't know about. post phone nr. or e-mail for speed up the contact as i'll be leaving soon.

thanks mario

12-04-02, 01:22
Interested in what Marionasco has to say below. Undoubtedly the scene in Warsaw is very variable. I had hooked up with Natalia at Aisha by chance and then have tried to ensure that she is on duty before popping round. But it's a few months since I've seen her and she may not be working there anymore. As an aside, what is needed there is a club like Afrodyte in Katowice where the girls all strut their stuff round the brass pole on the dance floor so that you get to see the goods before buying. I have very fond memories of a lovely skinny little blonde......!!!!!!!!

Ianjohn, I expect to be back in Warsaw next week - any suggestions?

12-04-02, 17:40
The story Marionasco tells is familiar. I plan an evening of lust and end up going from house to house because the pickings are so poor. Other times, such as Aisha, I appear on a rainy Thursday because I have an hour to kill and there must be 20 very attractive ladies, a number of whom speak English. One of the best times was at Elita on a freezing Friday afternoon -- only two girls at work. The one I picked offered 1 hour sex for 100 pln, BBBJ for additional 50 pln, and Greek for additional 300 pln.

I also appreciate gabrielpontello's comments re Imperium. The Club advertises heavily and I was considering going; it is fairly convenient to where I work.

Have any of you tried the White House in Zoliborz (www.white-house.lok.pl) -- web site looks good but you never know. My regular cab driver never heard of it.

12-05-02, 01:18
Ewineman and Digital:

Since it seems that you know the Poland scene very well , do you know any good places to meet amateurs/students?
Did you have any experience with non-pro's in Poland?
It seems to me that people from the South and outside Warsaw tend to be nicer?Do you agree?

12-05-02, 18:27
Ah, Peterport! My days of chasing students are long gone I'm afraid. One reaches a point in ones life when, quite simply, it is far less hassle to pay for what you want that to be bothered chasing it. And apart from that, one of my rules is never punt with someone younger than your daughters! So far the rule is holding but they are getting older.........! So I can't help you with where to go looking.

I don't think you can generalise about southern girls or northern ones - by and large, Polish women are very nice but whether you 'click' with one of them is more dependent upon you than on where they come from. But perhaps more than women in western Europe, they do seem to respond to the common courtesies that seem to have got forgotten elsewhere.

12-06-02, 10:44
Peterport: Sounds like Digital and I are in the same boat and shop the same stores. I haven't the energy or stamina to keep up with a Polish girlfriend, nor an understanding wife. If you are lucky enough to latch on to one for a night of clubbing I am sure that you will have a good time and believe that they are generally mature enough to understand the rules of engagement. Hrenda is a bar frequented by students and those in mid-20's. You can try www.wbj.pl, go to the Warsaw Insider, click on "going out" and then "nightclubs" for reviews of different clubs. The reviews are fairly open about where to find the younger crowd. Lots of Luck!

12-07-02, 03:17
Thank you guys!

Field Commander
12-17-02, 01:24
Big doubt for next New Year's holiday:

1) in Prague in a nice club (K5) ?

2) in Germany FKK ?

3) in Poland hunting for amateurs ? I was told good things about Warsaw and Wroclaw, especially the 2nd one Any info ?

Help me I need suggestion :-)

Miami Vice (got lost and lust): too many places too many girls so few days

12-18-02, 00:38
Miami Vice -

I have not been to a German FKK, but I spent New Years in Warsaw last year, then went to Prague for the first week of January. I spent a week and a half in Prague the previous year over the New Years time. Both cities party heavy on New Years Eve. It is like the cities are being attacked for 30-40 minutes after midnight with all the fireworks. It is almost impossible to get a room in Prague if you don't make reservations ahead of time. People come in from all over. It is busier than during the summer. The downtown area is packed. Warsaw is not so bad. A lot of rooms to be found.
So, the women? I found the days around New Years to be not so good. A few days afterwards seemed better. I called girls from escort.cz, several of them mentioned they were not working for the holidays. I don't know about the clubs. I checked out the brothels in Warsaw - wasn't impressed with the quality or number of girls working (although the quality has been generally criticized no matter what time of year).
If you are looking at either of these cities for a few days around New Years, I would not be inclined to recommend it for mongering. I don't think of returning over the New Years to these cities for the women. Maybe the clubs in Prague could be good, I'm just not sure on the selection at this time. I'm giving St. Petersburg, Russia a chance this year. The Russian Christmas is around 1/7 - I don't know if this will have a different holiday effect. A lot of girls go home to their families and stuff during this time. We'll see.
Well, that's my two cents. Hope it helps in some way.

Field Commander
12-18-02, 02:29

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree with you Prague is going to be much crowded in that period. Last year I went there the second week of January and much better... Town full of snow and clubs full of girls not too many customers there. Imagine a club (Laura Club) with 7 girls and only one customer (me): heaven !!

But I think I'm getting less lazy and I seek some "adventure": I mean amateurs, I've been chatting with this 21 girl found in ICQ from Warsaw for 3 weeks and I'm seriously considering a trip there. But I don't want to risk loneliness and I want a backup too: who knows something about the Wroclaw scene ? It should be an heavy industrial town (chemical plants), but full of Polish beauties semi-pros.

Has someone been there ? How much is the price going on for an all-night ?

Miami Vice

12-30-02, 15:28
I went to the Club Kokomo the other night. The girls are absolutely gorgeous. Tall, busty, blond Ukrainians, among others. The lap dances they were doing appeared fantastic. I did not get the opportunity to enter into any discussions or negotiations with the girls. It does appear that you can negotiate a price with the girls and then take them upstairs. Anyone been to Kokomo and know the set-up? On a side note, there certainly were enough cab drivers offering to take our party to meet some girls. Didn't accept, this time.

01-03-03, 17:52
Guys, I went back to a small hole-in-the-wall brothel called Blue Eden (ul. Emilii Plater 55, apartment 329). There are two bedrooms and I was introduced to two girls. However, after agreeing price with one (100 pln/$25) and ordering 2 beers (20 pln/$5), she asked if I wanted the second girl to join us. Total cost was 200 pln for the two girls and 50 pn for the beers. Both were exceptionally sensional and devoted to the task at hand (so to speak). Names were Ania and Patricia. Neither spoke English but we still managed to spend a delicious hour together. Both work from noon to 8 pm daily.

01-07-03, 00:34
Re EWineman's query about the Kokomo, can anyone offer any experience of the availability of the girls? I'm due back in Warsaw later this month and this could be a convenient spot for me. In the meantime I'm braving the extreme cold of Tallinn (-25 degrees) and hoping to find something cute to warm me up at night!

01-07-03, 21:01
don't know about kokomo (must say that every time I have been there - the girls didn't want to know - but maybe it's changed a bit since I was there last.
However - will share with you two tidbits :
1 - is the MDM hotel - wow for the price I paid (which was around 40 USD) I got an apartment with one of the best views of the city - and in the city ! - and also really great room, where you would no doubt pay a lot more anywhere else.

2. for some fun we went to the Sofia - which turned out to be OK - really nice girls doing their stuff - except that "no touching" policy applies. However if you approach everything "correctly" - don't just say "how about a f*** !" - then you should be able to get a girl out with you.

01-23-03, 22:54
Digital: Have you made it back to our fair city? Anything to report would be appreciated!

Gents: My buddy and I have arranged the rare "extended visa" for one night late next week. We have done the routine at a couple of strip clubs, Villa Rosa, and the 100 zloty/hr. apartments. While we will have some time we don't want to kill the evening trying to talk some strippers into going out with us after their shift ends. Anyone have any suggestions for something new or different? You guys who live here, any thoughts on something unique? Dzinki!

01-24-03, 01:34
Ewineman! All is not lost, at least not yet! I return to Waw on Friday evening, but just for the weekend, and back again next Thursday night for just one overnight before heading to Tallinn. Yeah, I know, life's a *****!

In truth it is getting hard (so to speak!) to come up with something different. What we really need are some fun ladies who will provide a bit of raunchy company for a night out in the bars or wherever and then exercise the ferret for us at evening's end. I used to know a girl like tha in Riga - great fun for a night out (and in!) - but I've never found anyone similar elsewhere.

Maybe ianjohn can offer some ideas. I'm hoping to get some suggestions from him before the weekend.

You can contact me at sjdigital@yahoo.co.uk if you have any ideas.

01-26-03, 13:07
OK guys, a report on the Kokomo. Expensive - 40 PLN admission, Zywiec 14 PLN a bottle, (didn't dare ask how much the real champagne was but a glass of bubbly for the girls was 100 PLN) and 100PLN for an up close and personal lap dance. No evidence of additional services being available and a chat with an affable young bar man supported this view. However he did suggest an alternative not far away and yes, I got hit for the taxi fare and waiting time etc., but this proved to be a good investment for the future. Variously known as Club Casablanca and Club Rasputin, it's at 72 Wiertnicza in Wilanow, tel 642 0047 and 816 7499, and there were about 8 or 9 girls who all seemed reasonably enthusiastic, even at four in the morning. My personal tastes run to the skinny and shaven and I hit lucky with a lovely Siberian girl who met these requirements, and more! Cost was 300 PLN for an excellent hour - I'll be back!!!!!!!! But they apparently do take outs so I may well investigate that next week.

02-03-03, 17:08
Gents: I had a good night out last week. Just some commentary:

Kokomo -- Digital is bang on. Great lap dances but that is all you will get. My buddy and I were the only two blokes (Thurs. night at 10 pm) and there were 21 girls. Cab drivers stand at the entrance and offer to take you to meet girls. I recommend you pass on the offer.

Club Casablanca/Rasputin (see Digital Post) -- Indeed many beautiful woman. I let my self be taken advantage of, ended up buying lots of drinks and getting no action. Lined up two girls for an hour (@300 pln = 600 pln) and made the mistake of buying drinks. Over an hour later the room was still not available, I am buying drinks, and feeling like a sap. Ended up leaving because I ran out of money before I got to the room. They do take Visa and MC, but declined. I will go back since the women are gorgeous and it is convenient, but I will be more carefull.

VIP Club -- I found heaven! After fiasco above and recharging at an ATM, went to VIP Club -- ul. Slowicza 16; it is very close to the airport in a residential community. Negotiated with one girl for her and her friend (600 pln) and they asked for 150 pln extra (off the books) for a lesbian act in which I got to participate. I was a lot more careful with the drinks and the time spent was well worth the added price.

Word of advice: If you are going for a two-some or lesbian show, approach one girl and get her to set it up. If they won't go to the legths you want, they will most certainly point out one of their more willing colleagues -- generally a drink is sufficient to get this arranged. This is also a good approach if you want Greek from them. They might not do it but will know which of the other girls will.

Good luck!

03-07-03, 21:43
Warsaw is not a punter's paradise. But even so, there are some women to be had. Some random musings:

I recently was in Warsaw on business, and stayed for a couple of nights at the Hotel Europejski. It's downtown on Krakowskie Przedmescie (forgive my spelling), about six blocks from the Royal Palace. It's a run-down old place, but clean and quiet. Ask for a room facing the interior. Breakfast buffet is included in the morning, bed was comfortable. I booked through www.clickinternational.com, the rate was $60 per night. The same site can give you a room at the Marriott for about $100 a night. The Marriott is nicer, but I don't think it's $40 nicer. Maybe. Personally, so long as a place is clean and quiet and the bed is comforable, I am satisfied.

Restaurant scene in Warsaw is getting better. A place called "Soma" is a terrific brewpub and inexpensive. I also had a fun time at a tea house on the Old Town square. 30-something teas on the menu. A Mexican place called "The Mexican" was a fair rendition of Tex-Mex. Literature Cafe on Krakowskie was a fun place for a coffee and some food. A lot of decent restaurants can be found in the "In Your Pocket" guide, which is an excellent Warsaw primer and which you ought to have when you visit the city.

As for women, what I said is that the city is not a punter's paradise the way Buenos Aires is. The only action I had while there was a hotel hooker from the Europejski using the name Lilia, she was 25 or so, 5'6" slim with a b+ cup. Active, enthusiastic, and with a great ass I admired while doing her doggie-style. You'll find her in the evenings sitting somewhere in the lobby wearing something slutty. She told me she works until 2 a.m. The night I had her I was not in the mood for negotiating, so we turned her first offer of 100 Euros for an hour into 60 pounds sterling for 2. For this we slapped ass two times, was plenty for me, and I'd had enough when she said "do widzenia." Apparently she has a blonde partner who works the lobby with her. She doesn't speak much English, so I can't say anything for out-of-bed companionship, but in bed she was just what I was wanting that night, a good lay without complications.

In general, the rule for hotels is that if you want some action, just go down to the lobby, sit yourself down, and any women sitting alone or in pairs are definitely yours for a price. Don't be shy, because most of the time you have to make the first move, the hotels don't want guests bothered when they aren't looking to get laid.

I can't say anything about massage parlors or brothels, since those aren't my thing. As for internet availability, one girl is available in Warsaw on www.academygirls.co.uk. This is a reputable and good agency, but the girl wants a ridiculous 600 Euros for an overnight. This is about twice what I would settle on. Beyond that, I don't have any skinny on internet escorts.

I hope this helps somebody.

-Uncle Otto

03-25-03, 18:41
On a recent visit went to Villa Rosa. Discovered they have closed up the old building and moved into a new custom brothel right behind it. Big bar area, many sofas, two dance podiums and the bedrooms are large and clean (big beds and en suite showers). Also, big and small jacuzzi rooms. Maybe 20 girls midweek and more at weekend. Had two crackers in the large jacuzzi (bed alongside) for 1,200 zlotes.

Used to think this was a great brothel, now I believe it is one of best in Europe.

03-28-03, 15:59
jetlagged: 1200 is a LOT, even for 2 girls, now i dont know the prices there nor the service but you shouldnt pay more then 800 (and thats for a GREAT service). I would negotiate the price up front with all the do's and don'ts, that way you can be sure youre not getting ripped off. Take care!

03-28-03, 16:52
Maciorus, Should have said 1,200 zl (appx 300 euros) was for 2 hours with 2 girls in a large 6 seater jacuzzi. That is not expensive for a place of this quality in Warsaw. Am very experienced in Warsaw, sex in apts from 100 zl (25 euro) per hour, in brothels from 200 - 300 zl per hour depending on quality (meaning beauty, no of irls, age of girls). I was not ripped off. Am a regular visitor and get charged local rather than tourist rates.
Please visit this place and you can appreciate for yourself.

03-30-03, 01:06
In that case: well done !!! ;) Keep up th e good "work"!!!

04-10-03, 00:24
Visited the Club at Wiertnicza a week or so ago. Looking for my skinny Siberian but she was on days off! So settled on another young, skinny one - Inga - who was great fun, shaven and up for the triple play. Another cracker night!

Virgin Muc
04-20-03, 09:52

I need your help! Desperately!
My buddy and I travel to Warsaw tomorrow (April 21st). It´s not just a business trip :-)))

I´m now looking for a reasonable and good accomodation not too far away from entertainmant areas!

Question #2: Has anybody the really latest informations where to go and spend the evening/night?!

Thanks a lot!

A Munich virgin!!!

04-21-03, 12:23
Virgin Muc:

Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Mercure are all centrally located and respectible. Good houses in order of proximity to Marriott are:

VIP Club -- ul. Slowicza 16. My favorite. It is small, maybe 4-5 girls. 300 pln per girl per hour, 80 pln per drink. Got the triple play for an additional 100 pln, and got a lesbian show for 750 pln (two girls -- 600 + 150 for the show). It was a great shower with the three of us crammed into a little stall. Ask for Olivia.

Club Casablanca/Club Rasputin
72 Wiertnicza in Wilanow
tel 642 0047 and 816 7499
This is also a favorite. LOTS more girls and next door to a sushi bar. 300 pln per hour per girl an 50 pln per drink

Villa Rosa -- ul. Warszawska 12
This is out of town a distance. It has the most girls and the best interior. Same prices as Club Rasputin

There is a new club in Marki called Planeta Kobiet on
Ul. Kosciuszki 16. It advertises as being opened 24 hours. Haven't heard any reviews.

Alternatively, you can go to one of the studios near the Marriott and negotiate to take a girl back to your hotel room.

Let me know how the evening goes. I am trawling this Wednesday night.

Good luck

Peer Runge
04-28-03, 16:24

Field Commander
04-29-03, 03:40
See my story in the Czech (Other Areas) and Finland (Helsinki) section where the trip started and finished (for now). It's a little adventure started in Christmas and pausing now in Easter:

- Czech Republic (Znoijmo, Prague, Brno)
- Slovak Republic (Nitra)
- Poland (Warsaw)
- Latvia (Riga)
- Estonia (Tallinn)
- Finland (Helsinki)

Rain City
05-08-03, 07:48
Does anybody know any good website addresses (e.g. chat room, personals) to get acquainted with non-professional Polish girls? I am thinking about going there this summer and would like to make some connections before hitting the road.

I'd appreciate your help.

05-10-03, 08:47

Can anyone tell me about the general price range (not only for buying sex, but also in general) in Poland? I'm familiar with the prices in Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, and Turkey. So I can get a rough idea if you compare to those. Thanks in advance.

Fawn The Guyver
05-12-03, 16:40
Cachondito what do you mean in general ?

I know you can get a girl in a brothel for about 50 EUR (about 200 PZL) the girls on the street are cheeper there you can go from about 70 - 150 PZL for a street ho. the street girls are mostly students so be nice because there are clever. I took one time one a and whe was like a book I have talk with her a bit and she have know what I mean this was cool.

And what do you mean with general? Do you mean a shop?
Poland have a normal industry you cant trade in a shop only ont the market.

If you want know more then ask me

see u

06-10-03, 23:16
Hi guys,

I have supplied some info on Hungary where I live and now I'm looking for the latest info on Poland (Warsaw). I'll be there for a couple of days the week of 7 July. I'm looking for some good value action for a couple of nights, looking for action after 10 or 11 pm. Any suggestions?

Cheers, bp1

Dick Fotta
06-23-03, 17:38
Very Important!

Please check my post(Dick Fotta, 16 June 2003) on the Poland-Other Areas section of this web site.

I found the best address page for the brothels in Poland.

07-03-03, 13:07
Gents: Tried two clubs lately in Warsaw.

Imperium, ul. Radarowa 62b, www.imperiumx.prv.pl
We went late (3 AM) and found about 5 girls. Girls not overly impressive and certainly not as good as the website (big surprise, overall girls get a 6/10 rating). 200 pln per hour, drinks 40-70 pln.

Planeta Kobiet, Ul. Kosciuszki 16, Marki
They are advertising everywhere. A pain in the ass to get to, about 20 minutes from Centrum with no traffic. Went Wednesday night and called ahead. Had two very old tramps and three young girls for us to pick from. Buddy and I were completely disappointed at quality and enthusiasm of girls. Lots of whining and complaining, not living up to agreed services for price (300 pln), constantly wanting drinks, etc. Don't waste your time.

Cruise On
07-19-03, 17:08

Never been to Warsar before but looking for some hotel company. Old reports suggest various lobby's used to be the scene but curious as to where, how an dobviously how much.

What is a reasonable rate for 2 hrs and what is the best angle to achieve this?

Will obviously report back on all results.


07-24-03, 05:15
I just got back from Warsaw and was impressed by the scene. I went to Club Aiesha. They had 6 girls working at 7:00 pm. All were about 6/7. I chose Margo, a blonde Polish girl. Small breasts but a very toned body. Well tanned. She speaks no English, but we got along in German. Price was 130 zlotys for one hour. She was very friendly and really enjoyed it when I went down on her. She kept me there for longer than one hour.

Overall a very good experience!

Cruise On
08-10-03, 09:06
Also just returned from Warsaw and whilst I must say firstly, although it was the height of summer, the average totty on the street was fantastic. If blonde and blue eyes is your thing, you'll enjoy Warsaw.

I thought I'd share a positive experience at Elite (near old town behind the Bristol Hotel at ul Bednarska 23 apt 3,) which pretty much all anyone could ask. Four girls, all very nice, two of which were stunners. I went with a lovely 21 year old Ukrainian whose English was limited but she was great fun, very active and good for non sex fun between the heated moments. She seemed willing for most things, although I kept it pretty simple - she was very cute and I was happy with that.

Elite is a good place to either visit or get a girl to take back with you and you can avoid the expensive drink scenario of other places (Elite is not a bar).

Price was 140Zl for 1 hr ($35) and 240 for 2 hr etc.


08-14-03, 10:26
Looking for local help

I will be making a big tour around Eastern Europe

planning to stay in any other town that might be worth a visit. I am looking to get in touch with some locals who can also speak English or German, who have good communicative skills trying to make some money or find a new well paid job. Please get in touch with me or perhaps you can give me a referal of someone trustworthy who might be able to help me out in some of those towns finding some young girls, uni students, semi pros etc,

08-21-03, 13:08

Tried a new club on Saturday night. OAZA is near the airport (al. Krakowska 212, tel: 846-6279). Advantage is that it is in a private house with own protected parking. Bar area is nice and large. I went early, about 8 pm, so only had the pick of three girls (took 2!). There were about 10 girls when I finished an hour later. Cost was 250 pln per girl per hour. It is probably 200 pln per hour if you don't have a taxi cab driver (the clubs tip the drivers 25-50 pln).

All three girls were Ukrainian and fairly attractive (7/8 out of 10). Both performed very well and certainly worth a return trip. Drinks were relatively cheap; beer was 10 pln and mixed drink 25 pln if I recall. Best part was that the girls did not keep asking for more drinks once we were in the room (I really HATE that!) and were very enthusiastic about all positions and seeing to satisfactory out-come for all three of us.

08-24-03, 11:19
anyone have any websites where you can see the girls with telephone, prices etc? no agencies just the private ads of girls?

08-29-03, 03:29
I am planning 3-4 days to Europe in late September looking for place that is interesting during the day and has potential during the night. Warsaw is high on my list - I know a few Polish girls here in the US and they are lovely. Would anyone know whether Warsaw is nightlife is open to tall dark and handsome asian types - albeit in early 40s?

All feedback appreciated - the alternative is of course Amsterdam.


08-30-03, 00:25

<--to get here from the front page, select the Warsaw "Mazowieckie" region on the map, and then "Agencje towarzyskie," "Companionship agencies." Hope this helps. Otherwise there are always the ads in Zycie Warszawy, and the hunting can be exciting. The best places are one on Swietojanska [not listed on the web, but I think it's in the paper] and one on Chmielna.

09-17-03, 21:37
Hi guys,

I am remiss (are'nt we all!!)..I wrote back in June for info on Warsaw, and Dick Fotta kindly directed to me to his web site report in other sections. Even though my polish is very limited, I gained sufficient info to hit the town after my business colleague had retired to bed! Sorry I cannot now recall the names of the establishments, I just wanted to paint a brief picture of the 3 situations.

The first place, there was a buzzer downstairs to ring, and then I was let in and up 3 flights of stairs. On the way up I passed a girl with her boyfriend. He was looking upset. When I got to the appartment and was let in there was only one girl on display, but then the "girlfriend' I had passed on the stairs arrived. I chose her! She wa s 20 y old, about a 7 or 8, slim, nice figure.

We had an excellent one hour session. Lovely ****, reasonable price, something like $40. But, due to excess beer that night, I couldnt cum. After leaving, I thought can't let it go at this, not every day are you let off the lead!!, so I checked out another place. Much more primitive, more girls. I chose a Ukranian, good for doing what I had too.

Next night, very late, checked out another joint. 3 girls on offer. I chose one, about a 6 /7, but very pleasant , also from elsewhere in EE, cant remmember, spoke English, gave me a BJ. I had a good chat and left.

Observations: Warsaw seems to be more open about the scene than Budapest, and also more English spoken. Well worth the experience and not too pricy.


Bareback Bob
09-24-03, 20:50
Warsaw report:

Thought I'd add some of my experiences in Warsaw when I was there last year.

Stayed in the Metropol hotel in the center of Warsaw. Good balcony view over city, breakfast included, big tub, small bed, price US$60 -$80. Within walking distance is all major hotels like Marriott, Sheraton, for gambling, and all museums and cultural crap. Spent the daytimes looking around the city for hot, big-assed Polish girls to hook up with. A big round bubble ass is my absolute favorite thing and really gets my blood pumping when I see a nice big one. And Poland has got plenty of girls with these.

A good place that I killed some time was at Warsaw University, about a 15 min. walk from the hotel. I spent time trying to chat up the college girls in the library there as it was too bitter cold to do this outside. I would only chat up the girls with the biggest and roundest butts, though none of the chicks were fat - only very, very curvy. It was disappointing as the ones I chatted up spoke either none or only one or two words of english and as I speak only one or two words of polish this didn't work out well. I am very close to college age anyhow so age didn't matter, but the language barrier can be frustrating at times in Poland. Seems all the skinny girls with bony butts knew more english. Maybe the ones with the big butts were farm girls from the countryside and did not have good knowledge of english. Also, the library is good for looking at free copies of Zycie Warsawy, the local rag paper that on the last page has *****house and escort numbers and addreses.

Anyhow, one night a taxi brought me to Rasputin, a *****house about 20 min drive out of the city. It was located in some residential street and just had the red light bulb out by the door to distinguish it from the houses and all the snow. A mafioso guy opened the door and showed me to the living room where couches surrounded the room, with a bar, with stripping pole, and disco music playing. There were about 15 girls there, half were polish and half were ukrainian and I was the only guy - it was early probably about 11:30 pm or so. Most spoke english though, and I chatted up the one with the biggest ass there - a polish beauty with black hair, an 8 I'd say, who resembled Cleopatra sort of with her hair. Went upstairs and paid 140 Pln I believe (about US$35/$40). She said she had a surprise for me. When she took off her dress there was a huge tattoo scene on her back and she had a pierced clit as well. We hit it off good and were really into each other. I went down on her for a good 10-15 min. and worshipped that big round whopper of an ass and kissed and licked her butt crack and she in turn gave me a mind blowing bj with no condom. Then I put a rubber on and we did it in many different postions like animals for about 30 min. until I pulled out, took the rubber off and shot off a monster load that looked like clam chowder all over her chest and stomach. She was impressed at all the semen and asked when was the last time that I had sex. Fantastic experience and dirt cheap. After that I walked down the stairs, had a vodka and oj, and gave everyone a brief x-rated english lesson, and then left. Went back several times during my stay and tried different girls, including a Ukrainian who had the tightest pussy ever. Try it. Ask any taxi guy and he'll bring you there.

The other place I went to was Studio Relaks, about 30 min. drive from the city. Any taxi guy will know it. This place is pretty upscale, about 25 girls, with all the girls dressed well in cocktail dresses. This place recently moved to a bigger spot directly behind where it used to be. I went here on my last night and got two girls at once - two stunning blue-eyed polish blondes both with curvy butts and flawless skin. Both were 9s I'd say. The girls will give you bj without a condom here but it's extra money. One girl was giving me a bj while the other was licking my balls, then one would sit on my face and slide her asshole up and down on my face - all this and you could see the snow falling outside the window even. I was in absolute heaven - nothing could be better than that, two hot blondes keeping you warm on a snowy night. It ended with me doing one of them doggystyle and I filled the rubber up with a huge shot that was forcing itself down to the base of the rubber there was so much when I pulled out. We went back downstairs and had more drinks and had a good time. I think I spent 3 hours there total. Taxi, girls, drinks total were about 400 pln. Well worth it.

Check Warsaw out guys, blondes with big round asses and dirt cheap. Eastern European booty is quality stuff.

Anyone know of other countries in Eastern Europe where girls are known for having a big ass? Please post your answer as I would like to visit these places. Thanks.

10-07-03, 11:14
You should definitely head for Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine where you can meet all types of stunning girls including those with a big ass! You'll be surprised to see so many girls speaking perfect English!! Language is not a barrier at all out there anyway.

11-09-03, 07:51
Any chance that the girls at Atlas or Loch go for a quickie in the back of the club, or date outside the club?

Also, I've tried the little shacks on the other side of the river amongst the markets. Cheap service, although the girls never look quite like they do in the pix out front.

Any street action? I've gone through past reports, but there only seems to be escort or brothel action.

Tom Schilders
11-14-03, 10:48
Hi Guys,

If you walk from the Holiday Inn to the train station, and then take at the train station a left (away from the Mariott hotel), and walk for a few minutes, on the left hand side of the road there are apartment blocks with shaggy places.

The first one on the left is called Nicole (if I remember right). Go through a big door, to walk through the entrance to the apartment block. On the left hand side is a doorbell and ring the bell. The apartment is on the 2nd or 3rd floor. About 8 to 10 women to choose from, not bad for 100 Zl an hour. Place is recommended. Further on the road you can see more places (look up for the adds on the windows).


Tom Schilders
11-21-03, 13:28
Hi Guys,

Just some more detailed information on my previous report, as I visited again.
Yes, the name is Club Nicole. The directions are as I wrote, from the Holiday Inn take a right at the trainstation (if you take the walk through the underground shopping area, you don´t have to cross the road). The Club is on the left hand side of the road, walking away from the trainstation. It is the second block, right above a Pharmacy called Natura. Walk a few meters past the Pharmacy, then you see the big door I described before. Last time it was open, now not. There is a seperate bell (indicated with the name Nicole), you ring that and then a lady will say hello. Say hello as well, and they will open the big door. Go through the alley behind the door, and then on the left is the entrance to the apartment building (if the big door is open, you will also find a bell here!). On the second floor there´s a steelplated door which is Nicole. Again, 100 zloty is what you pay. You get straight BJ and fuck, but what can you expect for 100 zloty. I also tried 2 places the next nite on the next apartment blocks (you can see them clearly from the outside), but I think Nicole is the cleanest, best selection and most easy to reach!

Gunda Bunda
11-25-03, 17:26
Hi Guys,

I was in Warsaw last week satying at the Metropol hotel. I wandered round the city for housr looking for a nice clean chick to have fun with.

Failing that I asked a taxi driver to take me to the nearest **** palace. My driver took me to the Villa Rosso on the oustskirts of the city. There were lots of hot looking chicks from all over CEE but my eye fell on a cracker called Julia from BeloRussia. For 450 zloty she fucked and sucked for 3 hours and afterwards we took a shower together.

I recommend her and the Villa Rosso if you want clean and exquisite shagging.


12-08-03, 15:23
Maxim Club -- new to Warsaw and located in Mokotow district just off Pulawsa near Damian Hospital in residential community. Blast, just noticed that the calling card only has a phone number. It is 853-2050 and 840 2123. Open from 6 pm to 6 am but the girl I had said that she could come in as early as noon.

One girl for one hour straight sex was 200 pln; mixed drink was 50 pln. Got to be careful: I had my taxi driver negotiate the price and paid him for his services. I heard one guy paying 400 pln for one hour straight service -- the club paid the driver 100 pln out of this!

Lots of girls (12) on a Thursday evening and three or four spoke English. Generally girls were 8/10; some stunners who only spoke Polish (or Russian and Ukrainian) but I was in the mood for an English speaking girl. Probably will go back tonight for some more slap and tickle. I will post the address after my next visit.

By the way, an earlier post by Tom Schilders for a club named Nicol did not contain the address. It is Zolkiewskiego 62 -- www.nicol.lok.com

12-17-03, 00:35
Went to Arena...what a rip. 3 hot girls, 20 mediocre ones, and they want 50 zloty per dance. No. If there is service outside the club, be prepared to mortgage the house.

Aisha had about 10 girls, I picked the one with the biggest tits, Eva, and she was about as excited as Karen Ann Quinlan. 130 zl damage, I won't go back, at least not with her.

12-17-03, 16:11
Gents -- promised I would return with the address for Maxim. It is ul. Wolodyjowskiego 74, tel: (22)853-2050. Had two girls last night, Joanna and Monika for 400 pln total. Cost extra 200 pln tip to the girls for a very engaging (and participatory) lesbian show. Monika spoke fluent English and Joanna spoke fluent folatio. Great place with little pressure except where it counts!

12-31-03, 01:59
Can anybody give me advice on which hotels have girls working the bars or clubs in then, Marriot, Hilton etc?

Thanks for your advice

Safe Punter
01-12-04, 18:50
I would recommend going to Villa Rosa. We got a cab there from Warsaw taking about 20 mins. Agree with the taxi driver a fee for him to wait, since on the meter, the cost can get high. Our taxi driver didn't understand, so we got one of the girls to explain that we wanted to have him wait for a fee. I'm glad we did, since it was a first-class place. I ended up shagging a girl a few times, and got another girl who i had been eyeing up to join in later in the evening. It was like being in a porn movie: Slim and attractive girls, a huge bed, one girl on my cock, the other sitting on my face. I would only warn against the girls asking for extra money once in the room. However, I was so horny, I didn't care. Next time I'd be a bit more wary, but without doubt a good place to go. Try and go on a mon-wed, since I get the impression it gets busy on a thur-sat.

01-18-04, 17:25
I am visiting Poland for 8 days in the last week of March and looking for a Travel mate.

Its always better to hunt in Pairs.

Should you be interested please PM me.

01-18-04, 21:44
Hi Rean,

I stayed at the Forum Hotel in Warsaw, very nice clean Hotel. They have working girls after 10 PM in the bar. The quality is not good. They charge $100 for few hours. I went to studio Relax very cheap they have nice selection. I also been to Rusputin one day in the afternoon. So so selection, they said they have more girls working at night.

From what I heard from friends, Villa Rossa is a good place to visit. Also, it doesn't hurt if you call an escort service. They charge me $25 for 2 hours :)

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01-18-04, 23:56

I will be in Poland next week for 2 days. Is anyone knows a good pick-up bar with local girls?


01-22-04, 16:11
Hi All,

The web site http://www.odloty.pl looks very promising , has any body any experience with any of the girls from there ?

I am from the US but of Indian origin ( From India) , are polish girls filled with attitude and are they racisist ? I have a weatish complexion and have never experienced any rasicism in the US.

I would be visiting Poland for about 8-10 days for a Fun break and would be interested in teaming up with like minded friends .


01-26-04, 16:55

I have lived in Czech Republic for 2 years, and made many trips to Poland. I recently moved back to New Jersey. Now, I am caucasian, but you being Indian will not be a big problem. But, there are many Gypsies in Eastern Europe, and they originated from North West India, the Punjab area. They most likely will resemble an Indian. Gypsies have a bad rap over there, as well as all of Eastern Europe. Stay away from the Gypsies and if a Polack says something, make it clear that you are American of Indian decent and all will be fine. All Eastern or Central Europeans love to have tourists visit. It's business. You should have no problems, but if you associate with Gypsies you might have problems, like getting robbed. Make it clear your American. You don't have to worry, and visit Czech Republic while your there, I think it's more beautiful.

Good luck,


02-02-04, 16:33
Tried to get a Thursday afternoon shag. First two places, Moulin Rouge (www.for-vip.pl) and A-Studio (also called S-Studio, can't recall the web address) were disappointments. I was looking for a club with a bar so that I could have a drink and chat with the girls. These two establishments are small apartments with 2 to 3 ammonia smelling bedrooms and uninspiring women. I went over to my old stand-by, Oaza (al. Krakowska 212), and got a good shag from a very tall blond Ukrainian for 250 pln. Stick with what you know!

02-06-04, 13:52

Thanks for your info. Yeah I have heard of the gypies and I would make sure that I stay away from them. I would also try and visit Czech during my trip.

Do you suggest any particular place in Poland or/ and Czech ?

Any more info would always be helpful.


Amex Card
02-18-04, 01:23
Hi Aryan,

I´m going to Warsaw today (wednesday) and will stay until the 21:st. If you would like to meet I think we would have a great time there. Or if anyone of you other guys are here and want to have some serious fun it would be fun to meet some "brothers in the buisness". I´m a guy from Sweden going to Warsaw only for pleasure. I´m 36 years old and up for anything fun.

I've been in Prague, Tallinn, Belgrade, Thailand, Vienna and recently in Paris and checked out the "scene" there. I have found some indeed very usable tips from this site. I also have written some reviews on cz-online some while ago. I must say that this forum "bets them all".

I will post my experiences here and I will also repost some of my old reviews from cz-online in the Prague-section aswell. I'm honored to be able to contribute to all you guys who have given me so much usefull tips here.

Please send me private message if you want to meet.

After Warsaw I´m heading for Bucharest for a few days I will certainly report from that scene aswell.

Be good guys,


02-20-04, 16:29
Amex Card :)

I would be reaching Warsaw only on 14th March until 28th March. I am going there for pure fun myself . I would appreciate if you post me details about your experience there then . I wish I was there sooner. However if you decide to come back or intend to stay till march It would be great .

I am 26, I am from USA but of Indian Origin (from Bombay,India).

Best regards,


P.S. Anybody in Poland during that period? PM me

02-21-04, 09:39

I will be in Warsaw on the 12th March for a couple of days. I am more into amateur girls. Nightclubs? Discos?


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02-21-04, 11:24

I am looking for Fellow Brothers to Travel and Hunt Together in Warsaw (Poland) and Prague. During 14th -28th March.

I would be there on a Pure Monegring fun Trip,I am 26, I am from USA but of Indian Origin (from Bombay, India).

I would be Probably staying in Apartments and we can just meet up or You can hire a seperate Apartment next door :-)

Best regards,


P.S. Anybody in Prague-Poland during that period? PM me.

Steve Naive
02-27-04, 03:32
Friday, 31 Oct 2003 – Warsaw

Visited Elita with K. There were three fairly tall girls around 30+, whereas I prefer them a bit shorter and younger. One, Carinia, had a beautiful face and her body was ok. K: almost went for her, but we decided to try Aisha club instead. Price was zl 130 for an hour.

Relatively easy to find. Find the Bristol Hotel south of Old Town on Nowy Swiat (it’s on the corner of Karowa, a strange street with a loop in it that’s worth having a look). Past some government buildings (we saw two pairs of soldiers around it) is a wide sidewalk that heads to a street. Walk down the sidewalk, cross the street, and you’re on ul Bednarska. Just look for #23 on the right and press the bell for apartment 3. It’s up a dark stairway (there’s a light switch at the bottom).

At Aisha we were presented with about 10 ladies in underwear, ranging from about 4 to 6 in looks. Price was zl 130 for one hour, or zl 110 for a half hour. You are expected to take a shower before and after (by yourself).

K picked Elena, a pretty 25-yo woman who seemed new to the business and had the most sincere smile of the lot, and he got something approaching GFE which he was very happy with, though she did not speak English. She pleased him for the better part of the hour, including caresses after the big event.
I picked punky-looking Julia (she said “yoo-lia”) who had bright pinkish red hair, partly because of the strong eye contact she made with me. I think she said she was 25. A little flesh on her, but a nice enough body. She also speaks fair English

She turned out to be another woman who does not like her work. She’ll give you the hour, but will try to make the sex go as quickly as possible (get it over with). Gave decent CBJ (I’m not a connosieur), turned around for doggie (I think she prefers the position because of minimal contact), I finished in missionary. But she would not embrace me otherwise, did not allow any kissing (even of neck / ears etc), discouraged touching her. Very little contact after the big event. She wanted me to rest, I did not push for another pop. We chatted politics (she said she was bin Laden’s sister, a terrorist, a witch, but she is none of these). I gave her a good body massage which she really liked but refused to return the favor (“too tired”) and then sent me to the shower shortly after.

I would try Elena or some other woman, but not Julia again.

It’s a little hard to find, hence some detailed directions are in order. If you take bus #175 from Marriott (zl 2.40 per bus ticket), wait until the bus turns left from Al Jerozolimskie (street Marriott is on) onto Nowy Swiat (street that goes to old town), and get off right away. The first block after the turn is Chmielna. Walk down following street numbers, looking for #8 or #14 (depending on which way you’re coming). In between is a courtyard with various small businesses; this is #10. It has several entrances – 1-20, 20-34. Look for a dark alley leaving the courtyard, turn to the left, and you’ll find a keypad with digital display. Just above that is the bell for the brothel. The intercom is answered, just ask if they are open and they will buzz you in.

Steve Naive
02-27-04, 03:37
Sunday, Nov 2, Warsaw – Ewa

I took a cab to corner of Nowy Swiat and Chmielna, and went in to Aisha’s to see if Ilana (K’s honey) was available. There were four girls, none very interesting. I had a list of a dozen places on Al Jerozolimskie. The first one (#21?) had a fat old lady, at least 40-50, and she shoved the kids into a back room. She opened her robe to offer herself to me. No thanks.

The next one was Carmen’s. The young lady who answered the door was blond, curvy, not slim but not fat. She was in the lineup with four less attractive ladies. The choice was obvious to me.
Ewa (pronounced Eva) was 25 had beautiful blond hair and an attractive body; she asked 100 and did not give a particular time limit, so I assumed it was 30 minutes or one shot.

Her face was fine, but not beautiful. She was nice to me but not GFE, a little less pro, but a bit uncomfortable in doing her work. She was quite good at giving CBJ, then offered herself doggie style. I was still in that position when she turned around and started giving me head while I was kneeling. She also used her hand at the same time. I don’t often get to come in this way, but it was easy and very satisfying.

I took her phone number for a possible hotel visit the next night, but that didn't happen.

03-01-04, 14:43

I am going to Warsaw next week, and I am looking for some advice. Where could I find some amateur student girl?

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03-04-04, 00:54
Online Warsaw map: Displays streets but not searchable.(http://www.euroave.com/maps/frame1.php?xcity=warsaw)


It would be more helpful if the addresses were listed.

Hengis Pod
03-05-04, 18:38

Myself and a couple of dear friends will be visiting Warsaw this month. Can anyone point us the right way for clubs and nightlife?


Robert Munich
03-17-04, 00:12
Hi colleagues,

I have a very serious request before I go into more detailed reporting : If anybody meets a girl called JULIA ( about 1, 80m, blonde short hair, slim, 23 y. o. ) please post back where she is working. I met her 4 weeks ago, it was a great GFE, but we lost contact. She knows me under my nickname Rupert. I am grateful for any information - thanks.

Now for some recent adventures in Warsaw :

Rasputin in Wilanow is still one of my favourites with a very good selection of great girls. I met Anja, a brown haired good shaped 30-something from Northern Poland. we went to Jacuzzi, had lots of fun there and a FS afterwards - very pleasing indeed for PLN 400 plus drinks. Another club I found out just by chance is "Club 69" in ul. fabrikarska in a souhern outskirt of Warsaw. It's not so easy to find (take Pulawska towards Piasezcno until you see a Mitsubishi trader on your right. take the next road right and follow the sign) but it's worth a try. I already found two gorgeous girls there, Julia, as mentioned above, who is not working there any more and now Alexandra - or Sasha as a short form - who is a nice Ukrainian. She looks a bit like Kylie Minogue, but not so skinny. She doesn't speak so much English, but with her, it's fun to try speaking with hands and feet. After an uncovered BJ ( fantastic tongue-work! ) we had a wonderful tasty looooong sex which we both enjoyed very much. It costed me another PLN 400 plus drinks, but it was worth every Groszy.

That's all for the moment, I'll be in Warsaw again next week And wonder what will be up then.

bye for now

Idefix6Hi colleagues,

I have a very serious request before I go into more detailed reporting : If anybody meets a girl called JULIA ( about 1, 80m, blonde short hair, slim, 23 y. o. ) please post back where she is working. I met her 4 weeks ago, it was a great GFE, but we lost contact. She knows me under my nickname Rupert. I am grateful for any information - thanks.

Now for some recent adventures in Warsaw :

Rasputin in Wilanow is still one of my favourites with a very good selection of great girls. I met Anja, a brown haired good shaped 30-something from Northern Poland. we went to Jacuzzi, had lots of fun there and a FS afterwards - very pleasing indeed for PLN 400 plus drinks. Another club I found out just by chance is "Club 69" in ul. fabrikarska in a souhern outskirt of Warsaw. It's not so easy to find (take Pulawska towards Piasezcno until you see a Mitsubishi trader on your right. take the next road right and follow the sign) but it's worth a try. I already found two gorgeous girls there, Julia, as mentioned above, who is not working there any more and now Alexandra - or Sasha as a short form - who is a nice Ukrainian. She looks a bit like Kylie Minogue, but not so skinny. She doesn't speak so much English, but with her, it's fun to try speaking with hands and feet. After an uncovered BJ ( fantastic tongue-work! ) we had a wonderful tasty looooong sex which we both enjoyed very much. It costed me another PLN 400 plus drinks, but it was worth every Groszy.

That's all for the moment, I'll be in Warsaw again next week And wonder what will be up then.

bye for now


03-18-04, 11:55
I recommend A-Studio tel:0-694-518-501.

Ask for Nela - great time for PLN200!

Rene Belge
03-18-04, 19:50
You can browse trough this web site to see what warsas has to offer.


On the opening page put your mouse over the region called mazowieckie and click: a listing of 130 appartements to choose from !


03-22-04, 12:38
Club 69 is pretty good but difficult to find. Sasha is quite enjoyable and so is Lolitta. Lolitta is a very tall and thin Ukrainian with dark hair who speaks good English. Price is 300 pln if you are without taxi. I found the best time to go is late afternoon during the weekday (4-5:00 pm); last time I went was a Thursday at 5 pm. and there were 8 girls. Weekends and later in the evening (after 8 pm) tend to have less selection.

Andres Negre
03-22-04, 13:49
Villa Rosa is really down the hill, a really expensive experience in Warsaw standards, a 160 pln taxi ride, 50 pln for drinks, 300 for the girls, and the quality of the girls is not better that the 100 pln apartments.

World Traveler
04-02-04, 09:50
in my opinion, among all eastern bloc capital cities, warsaw offers the best buy. i did my homework and collected most of my information from this site before getting there. i also searched other websites but was not able to either find anything else or add to what i had already gathered (except a map). from earlier reports and because of my experiences from other nearby countries, i concentrated on flats and private apartments only. if there is any room left at the end of this report, i will cover other options as well. all prices are in polish zloty and keep in mind that i am a budget traveler and .... cannot communicate one word of polish.

i didn¡¯t stay at hotels because (i imagined) they were expensive. i stayed at small rooming boards but of course, you cannot take anyone to your room with you but i knew i wouldn¡¯t need to. it is easy and cheap to get by around the city by taking public transit (don¡¯t forget to punch your ticket as you walk on). i also did a lot of walking. taxi rates go up in the evening and weekend. the city itself does not have much to offer! the first time i entered the city i remembered one of the earlier reports where the poster described warsaw as being a city in midwest of usa. i would say probably like indianapolis. if you learn where and how to pay local prices; it could be very reasonable in cost and expenses.

there are plenty of earlier reports that provide useful information, so i am not going to cover those again. however, i was not able to locate the following addresses: jerozolimskie, 113-115/4, jerozolimskie 121-123/6, jana paska, 15, gamerskigo 7/5, (no answer at bednarska 23/3, tried two different days), grojecka 186, plater 55/329, krakowskie przemiescie 16-18/17. those are the addresses that i found on this website but was not able to find the physical locations. if anyone has any correction to this list, please share with the rest of us.

the price is 90-100 for one hour, two pops (that¡¯s right jackson you read it here), including (covered) oral. i was able to negotiate that everywhere up front. sometimes, the reaction was like it was understood but i wouldn¡¯t take a chance. the exception was club aiesha, chmielna 10, m36. the price was 130 for one hour, one shot only, b**chy staff, i left. at mirowski 12/4, the price was 110 for one hour, two shots, + oral and the rest were all 90-100 (including oral) as mentioned above. half hour sessions are 20 cheaper. you have to pay up front. that¡¯s why you have to do all your negotiation up front. make sure it is understood what you want, how many times, etc. do not fall for peer pressure to make a quick decision. if you want, take your time. actually, now that i think about it, all prices included half and half. i am not into gfe stuff and i like to ¡®select¡¯ so, i didn¡¯t have any problem enjoying myself. the good thing is that the girls line up in their underwear and you could see their whole bodies. you get what you see. i had a feast of tall, busty eastern european women during my stay in warsaw. i had never done so many busty women during such a short time before.

there are several earlier posts here giving very useful information for those interested. jackson has one under general information, read it. it is still up-to-date. here are some additional tips: you will be better off on passing the girl in the lineup that is most smiling and friendly. she will give the worse service. go with your instinct. if you feel any negative energy, eyes rolling, or any other sign, drop it and move on. as long as you have not handed over the money yet, you could do that. don¡¯t get hung up into long conversation between the rounds if you take one-hour session. they may engage you into talking and before you know it, the time is up. if you want you could go non-stop if you chose to. as mentioned in earlier posts, you have a choice of taking a shower or not, i usually took one after each round. as soon as she takes the money from you, the clock is ticking. i didn¡¯t like it when one of them took the money and said she was going to take a shower and came back fifteen minutes later with no wetness on her and the same stinky odor. don¡¯t get intimidated by the language barrier before, during, and after. sometimes, i even wanted to know which room she was in before taking her. at most houses, there was a lineup of at least two girls, sometimes up to six. for every five woman in the lineup one was 19-22, three between mid twenties to early thirties and one older. a couple of times i smelled liquor on them and they most liked to smoke. a couple of them said they were married! you could probably sample from all eastern europe in warsaw: russian, ukrainian, polish, and estonian, from belarus and many more.

for every five girls (in my standards) one was 4 or less in rating, three from 5 to 7, and one in 8 or 9 category. never saw a stunner. if you have a good experience at one place then, stick to it. there is good rotation of girls as well. their shift is something like 6:00 in the morning and 5, 6:00 in the afternoon. the girls who work during the week are off on weekend.

i visited jerozolimskie 23/10 a couple of times; i liked the service and selection, they always had a couple of polish girls in the lineup. at mirowski 12/4, ukrainian girls (students), i enjoyed one with really pretty face, nice firm, soft body. i went there for a second time hoping to date the other girl; tall, young, and very busty but couldn¡¯t communicate with her on details and left. jerozolimskie 42/109 is hard to find (it is on the other side of the building! see map on other websites) but it is worth the try.

if you can, avoid jerozolimskie 109/2. the b**ch wouldn¡¯t let me use my own brand of condom over her skimpy one. of course, that was after i paid and i ended up dealing with her tug! i left without any service. keep a low profile and it should be okay but don¡¯t let be cheated.

i had reports of some other nightclubs and bars but i didn¡¯t bother. i had everything i wanted within (long) walking distance from center of the city. when i finished at one place, i would just start on the next destination and by the time i found it i was ready for another round. i didn¡¯t see any street actions, and i was out late many nights. so, the street actions as mentioned in earlier posts were not verified. i wouldn¡¯t have wanted to try it anyway. the peep shows could be fun after the first visit. if it cannot be kinky then, there is nothing special about it and it wouldn¡¯t be any cheaper than regular house service.

i also tried a couple of local bars and taverns. i picked up the addresses from an english website in town catered toward tourists and visitors. they had their own rating of events and places. that website warned of some bars that were hangouts of college students. i guess the attitude was like ¡®..... love you as long as you¡¯re buying me drinks¡¯. it would be possible to score but you need some knowledge of the polish language and other setups that are hard to arrange just for a few days of visit. was it my imagination or polish women acted like they were god¡¯s given gift to us men? where does that come from?

i know there are many more flats and apartments in warsaw than what i had in my list and sampled. it would be much appreciated if someone could add any more addresses to the list. good luck hunting.

04-06-04, 21:23
I just got back from Warsaw and have a couple comments to World Traveler's report.

First, it is true that Warsaw is the cheapest place I know of. However, my experience is that it is much easier to get a girlfriend sex experience in Prague. You should also remember that in Warsaw, the price is lower than in Prague, but a lady at a private sees about 5-6 customers per day, while a lady at a Czech club sees maybe 1-2. This means that the Czech women are more passionate, since they concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Second, even though it is cheaper but more mechanical in Warsaw, for the first time I was able to perform oral on a woman in Warsaw by paying 100 zloty extra. It was worth it, because it was still cheaper than in Prague and giving her an orgasm made her much more passionate with me. After seeing her twice, I arranged a private meeting with her for 6 hours (it became 7) for 400 Zloty (I tipped her an extra 100) and we had really GREAT sex. I was her only customer that day, so again there is the quality over quantity aspect. (Another advantage is that she spoke decent English and was Polish rather than Ukranian. I am not predjudice against Ukranians, but I think that when I am in Poland I want to meet Poles!)

Concernig the addresses, Jerozolimskie, 113-115/4 is not that hard to find. You go down that street and find the number in the front of the building. Then you must climb up stairs outside of the building that take you behind the building but on the second floor. Then you figure out which of the doors must be for nr 4. You must then press the button for nr 4. In contrast to the other two privates along this back balcony, this particular private does not have its own buzzer. However, my experience was that the two privates there with their own buzzers had MUCH more attractive women, so you did not miss anything. (One was at 113 and the other at 117).

Krakowskie Przemiescie 16-18/17 is near the one of the university bookstores. You must go in the courtyard. However, there is no longer any private bordell there.

Concerning the condom issue: I would not have gotton so upset. Remember: having a reliable condom is a life or death issue for these women. If they do not trust an unfamiliar brand, why make them nervous? You should show some appreciation for the health risks they take and the stress they face having sex with 5-6 unknown men every day.

Rob Me
04-23-04, 15:51
Hello everyone,

I am going to Warsaw very soon. Could anybody tell me about hotel girls. I mean, do girls wait in the lobby/reception/bar area for clients? If they do, then probably in the 3* hotels and above, am I right?

Also an update on flats/appartments/clubs in Warsaw would be useful for me.

Thanks a lot.

04-30-04, 21:51
I am more into room service after I pick one out, what are best places to pick one and bring back to hotel for a few hours?

World Traveler
05-01-04, 05:24
Yes, there are escort services at some major hotels. I know of at least a couple of (fancy) hotels opposite of the main train station. I am not sure Hilton, Sheraton, or both. Check out the tall Russian waitresses. If I wanted to do that, I would want to check the entire scene for at least one or two nights and make a move later. I did not have the luxury of time to that. So, I made the best of what I could have had. Don¡¯t let the Mafia scene to intimidate you. You just need to be alert. Carry only what you need. I carry only some cash on me. No wallet, no credit card no nothing. Except some cash, condom, extra tissue, and keep some lubrication with me for emergency. I think I am going to look for a small carry bag for the basic necessities from now on during travailing. Because, a lot of times, I am on my mission and nothing else. If you are serious, read all the previous posts first, get a map and route your way. Just like the way Jackson explained it in his post.

05-01-04, 14:07

I have read in old postings in some forums that one can fine high-class escorts at the top level of the Mariot Hotel. In the beginning of the month I stayed there for 3 nights and I checked every night, but I did not find anyone, who remoately seemed like an escort. However, last year twice I saw women, who looked like they could be. But I am not certain. Once I even saw two older men with three very young and beautiful women. Later when I came back, one of the old men had disappeared with one of the women, so I assumed they were escorts. I wanted to approach them, since there were two women and one man, so perhaps, I could get one of them. I came up to them and expected some reaction, but did not get it, so I asked if they spoke English. They replied, "yes," and I asked whether they could recommend a drink. Anyway, the whole situation was embarrassing, because they did nothing to indicate they wanted me to join them and I felt like a fool. So I think it is better to visit the privates, find a lady who appeals to you. Try her out at the private. At the private talk about the possibility of coming back to you the next night. Do this BEFORE having sex. If they lady knows you might return and book her for a long period, then you are likely to get much better service.

Bez Bezarra
05-01-04, 16:54
World Traveler.

Terrific reports, you provide VERY useful & helpful info. Our tastes differ a bit on GFE, etc., but that's what makes the world go round. My preference is to avoid hotels and their hardened pro's, but I don't know that I would ever just scout around for 2 nights WITHOUT moving on something. Any day that I don't/can't arrange at least 2 opportunities is a day I feel like I came up short. And that's only because I've slowed down, I don't have the energy I used to when I felt like anything less than 3 in a day was coming up short!

From your reports, I get it that the houses are the best source of talent in Warsaw. Would you say that situation is unique to Warsaw ? From your world travelling, can you tell me is there a "house" type circuit or system in some other main cities, for example places like Kiev or Minsk, or other non-capital cities of over a million population like Kharkov or Odessa or Nizhny Nov.

Another question, I think you said you're not fluent in foreign language, so what's your experience, if any, in using the local gazettas for finding opportunities. Also, what about taxi drivers, how's it worked out in using them to help find talent, or what about hotel security or disco managers ? I'm asking about those because those are all ways I've had some luck, though hit and miss, in hooking up. Of course my best sources have been madames, really female pimps to be more exact. Occasionally I'll find my preference via other opportunities, but madames for me are the most reliable way to hook up with 19-21 y.o. amatuer horny GFE university student types, the 8's and 9's, and rare 10. Of course, the trick is to find and establish a relationship with the madame, so she'll hook you up twice a day! Any experience/advice on finding/developing/ and mastering that?

I'm also real curious how, if you don't speak polish, how do you just walk in waltz in without speaking the language, and automatically and instantly get local rather than tourist prices? That's really hard to believe, that they don't try to insist on tourist price when you speak zero polish. I don't know how you do that, I don't imagaine that happens with anyone else, otherwise there wouldn't be the second level pricing to begin with. Without polish, how the hell can you even argue?

05-01-04, 21:57
Mangus Man,

About Warsaw the following.

I have been in Warsaw about fifty times and did a lot of visits to the other (former) east european countries like Prague, kiev etc.

In Warsaw the best advise is: buy the Daily Newspaper "zycie Warszawy" (life of warsaw)
It is all polish but the least pages are adds.One or two pages full of adds with "private houses".

You can't miss it, a lot of "photo's" of girls are on this page.

Prices are 100 - 180 zloty's an hour.(4/5 zlotys is 1us$)

At the premises or for take out.Same price.

If you call, start asking if they speak english.

Wait some time and one of the girls that speaks english will come to the phone and answer your questions.

The only (small) problem is finding the address.

The east european system is the following.

Every address consists of two numbers.The first being the number of the building (mieskanie), the second is the housenumber, or better, the number of the apartment. So for instance ... street 26/10.

The number of the building you can find walking at the street. Big plates at the front of the building.

Often you have to enter via a hall or a innersquare and then just look around.

You will see a lot of entrances. Each entrance has written or a plate with the housenumbers, for instance 24-34.

Next to the entrancedoor there will be a pushbutton with all the numbers.

Just push the number of the house and somebody will answer.

Just say "hello" and the push the button to open the frontdoor.

Walk in, take the stairway and find the number of the appartment.

I advise you to take your mobile with you so if you get lost, just phone and ask again.

About the girls in the hotels the following.

In a lot of the, especilally former polish hotels you find, after 21.00 hrs, girls sitting in the bar, waiting for customers.

They are definately more expensive (100us$)

The best you can do is, find a girl in one of the adds and if you like her, take her to the hotel.

Just walk in with the girl.

Never encountered a problem BUT I always booked a room for two. Mostly the same price as for one.

Have fun

Member #1944
05-04-04, 16:23
Has anyone had any experience with the odloty.pl website? I will be in Warsaw and Cracow in June. I am debating in flying someone in for a night or two or choosing someone local. I am not really into hunting all over the city trying to find someone - I'd rather know up front what they look like.


05-04-04, 20:44

To answer #1944, Odloty has only one address for Krakow. I went to that address (an old building) and could not find any buzzers at all that indicated that there was any kind of club there, so Odloty was a waiste of time. Concerning Warsaw, I do not know how acurate it is, since it was much easier to buy the local newspaper and try the privates that were nearby my hotel.

World Traveler
05-05-04, 04:48
I am not a believer of off-topic materials but I am adding this much to make my reports more genuine. My experience with Eastern Europe started before this board was created (or available), that¡¯s why you don¡¯t see any report from me in the Czech section.

During my very first trip to Czech Republic and Hungary, I met few local beauties and I came back home with a pile of names, phone numbers, and addresses, which kept me busy for next few years. I ended up traveling all over these countries chasing girls. It was really harsh, especially the diet, but very rewarding. I ended up in long-distance relationships with two girls from Czech Republic for a couple of years. And then with a Hungarian who lived in Romania for a year or so. I used to travel three, four, five times a year to Eastern Europe hooking up with these girls. All outside the capital cities, from Olomoc (spelling) to Tabor, Pisek, and Brno in Czech Republic to Cegled, Abony, and more in Hungary, and I don¡¯t even remember the cities in Romania anymore. Each time I stayed in a room at private houses arranged by my (then) girlfriend or her family. I am just going this far for you guys to know that I have had well interactions with locals during all my trips except in Bulgaria.

The only time and opportunity I had to hobby then were during stop-over or traveling between cities. Night club scene, take home or ..... was not an option for me. You guys are so lucky you have the benefit of this board now, at that time, I have to admit I had to befriend a couple of locals to help me out with the newspaper ads to phone and write down addresses and directions. Don¡¯t like to ask directions looking for p**sy. And I only did that in capital cities. In Brno I tried a club. I paid an inflated price of 100 US for model looking tall Czech gal on the premises. I remember a couple of years ago I was watching a program on on-topic sceneries in Eastern Europe and I discovered that for example Tabor was a major hub for going through Czech Republic. What they showed was the background of where I used to hang out with my (then) Czech girlfriend. I was that close to it and I didn¡¯t even know it.

I always got a map, took public transportation, got lost a couple of times, and learned how to navigate using the transportation system. But even before my first trip, I knew about taxi scams in Prague and Budapest and never took one alone. When I took it with locals, it was very reasonable. In Romania, the gal would call for it ahead and would tell me how much I would need to pay. I believe the taxi scam became so bad in Prague at one time that it started to affect the tourism industry before the locals (or government) stepped in to put some control over it. My advice is that do not take taxies alone in Prague. Budapest, or Bucharest, period. In Warsaw, I took taxies alone late at night (after punting) but I knew my way by then. At night, their meter starts up (I think) at 8 Zloty so, don¡¯t freak out. A short ride is about 12-14 Zloty.

On the negotiation skills, I have always been lucky in all places I have visited. Believe me, it is really not to save a buck or two (when converted) but more as a duty to maintain the original setting as much as possible. Did I mention that tipping is not required (at all)? On a personal note, I don¡¯t go for a free feel when the girls come around. I don¡¯t fall apart when I see (my) stunner. Been there, done it. Without a good service, it is nothing. For me, I am always prepared to back down and walk away and I know the next hobbyist may appreciate my effort. For your information, when the local guys go to these flats they sit down, chill, have a cigarette or two, maybe a drink, and they like to talk (that¡¯s their foreplay) etc. If they go with other guys, which happens a lot, they take their time and (it appears) they discuss each girl and comment on and so forth, before making a decision. So, for you and I to spend a few minutes to convey what we are looking for is not much time. There is nothing special about my approach and I know it is not my personal charm. It sounds like I just do my homework ahead of time; always check out the archives as well. If you notice I had no question, no announcement, no nothing before my trip and I came back just with my posts. If you are not too bored yet, please continue in the Budapest section

Black Dragon
05-06-04, 21:58
Will be in Riga and Warsaw - maybe Vilnius May 12 - 23 and would like to work with some straight Ace Rackers. Please let me know if you will be there and want to hunt it down. PM since e-mail address not allowed.

Cruise On
05-12-04, 23:18
A quick update from my Warsaw hotel room.

Firstly The Elite agency which I had previously found quite reliable in central Warsaw is now closed. Thought I had lost my bearings until I saw the place desserted and a Police sticker on the wall nearby. Obviously busted in a raid of sorts.

However I used the post of Rene Belge (18/04 - many thanks) using the website and his directions as follows:


On the opening page put your mouse over the region called mazowieckie and click: a listing of 130 appartements to choose from"

In the end I rang Dobra Agency which is about a 10mins walk from the Bristol Hotel on Ul Dobra 3/8. Although I didn't go there the receptionist spoke good English and gave me a variety of options. Slightly sceptically I chose the young, skinny Polsih 20 year old blonde who spoke no English over the tall, skinny 28 year old who did. Imagine my smile when a 9 (Christina) rolls up to my hotel, gorgous figure, small firm tits and tiny shaved pussy and after managing the language barrier all was just fine. There followed three very long sessions, in every position I could think of over 2 hours and a shower & bath to break thing up. Including paying her taxi fare (requested before hand) and a small tip total setback was 300zl. I was requested to walk her out to avoid any hotel security issues which of course I did - even the request to do this strangely mad me feel more comfortable.

Very efficient and no trekking around town.

05-19-04, 03:20
Hi All:
Any news on Warsaw? I was wondering if there are any "lobby girls" or such. Any hopes of hooking up with girls in clubs or bars? Any new informaiton would be appreciated.

Mike Peters
05-24-04, 18:30

I'm planning a trip to Poland next month and looking for the latest news on the club scene also.

I'll be looking for one with a massage, jacuzzi bj and fs is this still around 300pln?

Does anyone know any good websites with this info on like the for prague (escort.cz) that has good info, I have tried mlask but there are no links to english websites only polish.

If you get there before me aht169 let me know the score especially if you see any oriental ladies there.


05-25-04, 18:22
Hey Mike:
will do, let me know if you hear of anything either.

05-25-04, 23:15

This is not nearly as good as escort.cz but it is the best English site I have found. Try http://www.escorts-poland.com/ It does seem to be getting better all the time.

Sorry I don’t have names and address but I remember the clubs my friends have taken me to in Warsaw being more like 180 – 200 Zloty / hour but that was almost a year ago now so maybe things have changed.

Robert Munich
05-28-04, 15:29

Here are som e of the informations you require, collected on my 3 days trip just completed:

1 Clubs:

The clubs are still around 300 pln per hour at leat the well known and recommended ones (_Rasputin, Club 69, Villa Rosa , ... )Also, the selection of the girls is probably the best, most of them are at least a 6 if not more. But -_this is the most expensive way to have fun in WAW.

2 "private" clubs:

There are a lot of them in central WAW_advertising mostly with the small flyers, which they put behind the wipes of parking cars. I visited some of them ( Aiesha, ul.Chmielna 32, A.Jerosilimskoye, ... ) but although you can have an hour there starting from 100 PLN, the selection is much inferior then in the clubs mentioned above. I saw Agata in Studio Relax (Jerosilimskoye, corner to Jana Pawla ) for 100 PLN per hour plus another 100 for a BBBJ (otherwise only covered ). Not really great sex I must say too lazy and mechanical.

3. Prywatniye:

In my opinion, this is the best way to enjoy the spare time of a business trip. I looked into www.odloty.pl and browsed the advertisements for Warsaw there (about 50 ). Then, I_made my selection and started phoning around. 50% of my calls were not answered or ended in a mailbox, but the rest was pretty promising. Sometimes it is difficult to arrange appointments since some of these ladies seem to be very busy. Also the reviews on this site may help. This way, I_got a good contact, saw her twice, had absolut superb sex with her at 150 PLN for every 2 hours. It ended up as a real GFE with lots of kisses and hugs - what else can you ask for?


Steve Naive
05-31-04, 22:25
If you speak only English, there are a few options for getting laid in Warsaw.
1. You can go to one of the sex clubs listed on wsgforum.
2. You can get a copy of Zycie Warzawa newspaper (means "Warsaw Life"), find the ads that have addresses, and go there and maybe find someone available who looks good.
3. You can use www.odloty.pl, find the ones that say the speak English, and arrange a visit at their flat or at your hotel.
4. You can look for an agency that speaks English to arrange a hotel visit, for example by looking at the site Cruise On suggested: http://www.mlask.home.pl/wyb_region.php?from=lokal_lista.php&roz=4, or just go to one that has an address.
5. You can try your luck at regular clubs and discos, if you have the time, patience, looks or charm, and find someone who can speak a language you know or falls for you without talking.

I treat women well, and hope for GFE. On my last trip I tried private flats. One was cute, one was ok, ervice was only fair in both cases.

This time I tried the Zycie Warzawa nespaper ads and called telephone numbers – out of eight calls, none spoke English. I don’t require English for the session, but arranging the session requires some communication of details. So that didn’t work. The paper also gives addresses of flats in other ads, but I was aiming for service in my hotel room this time.

I studied odloty.pl and made a shortlist of English-speakers. The second one, Sylwia, answered the phone, we set a time, she told me to call a half hour before the appointment for the full address. I did, no answer. Called 15 minutes later. She answered, but after talking just a bit we were disconnected. Did she hang up, or was it a mobile phone fault? I called back – a man answered with “Hello” in English. I took that to mean it wasn’t going to happen. Too bad, she sounds and looks hot.

Sylwia asks 200PLN for in-call, but to come to my hotel she wanted 500PLN. That's why I decided to try to visit her at her flat instead.

Odloty.pl lists languages spoken, and finding women who say they speak English makes it useful compared to newspaper ads with phone numbers only. I suspect some of the pictures and stats are actually real, but don't assume it. I think it's hilarious that they have a shopping cart. It conjures up quite a picture... But somehow my shopping cart just lost all the girls but one, so I may have to start over.

Odloty.pl encourages you to file a report if you had a good experience. They review each report before it gets posted. Does this mean they won’t post my “1” (low score) for the woman who made a date she didn’t keep? I’ll follow-up in a week or two with what I learn. If they only post positive reviews, then I think you can’t trust the review information. The 5-star reviews could be "friends".

Taking note of a report from Cruise On, I called Dobra Agency (022)625-7900 where the coordinator speaks English. I asked to set something up with Christina (the lady Cruise On reported on; BTW agencies and phonenumbers are available by searching as Cruise On suggested). The price was 120PLN at the flat, 150PLN in my hotel; we agreed on the latter.

She arrived 15 minutes late (that's ok). "Christina" can’t be the one Cruise On was talking about: she’s “29” (euphemism for 30-something) and about a 7 in appearance. Nice slim firm body, pretty enough face, no complaints on how she looked, but the woman is totally joyless, not friendly, and avoided any possible connection. I didn’t expect her to speak English (and she didn’t) but she rejected any attempt on my part to be friendly. Her rules: no kissing, I can’t touch her pussy, she mostly has her back to me. Somehow I managed to pop despite the lack of inspiration. She was immediately off the bed, in the bathroom with her clothes, and ready to leave 5 minutes later, only a half hour, but I was SO ready for her to leave.

"Christina" gets a 3 on service. I managed to pop, but didn’t have fun getting there.

I admit I’m really spoiled by recent experiences in Beijing (a Wuhan woman who really seemed glad to see me a second time and spent 5 hours with two pops and lots of cuddling for the basic price) and NE Thailand (a Vietnamese sex-tiger who blew my mind in 30 minutes). Neither spoke English, both were focused on pleasing me. Neither was more than a 6 in looks, both scored 10 on service. I returned to both for another session (and wish I could go back for more).

For me it’s service first, and looks second. I have not found a way to predict quality of service. If you arrange for a woman to come to your hotel, you can only choose stay or go (and pay her taxi); you can’t know what the service will be when you choose. You can probably get a very rough idea by how friendly she is - but would you send her away if she looks good but doesn't seem friendly at first?

Yes, I'm disappointed, but it's the luck of the draw. I may try again tomorrow anyway.

05-31-04, 23:19
I am going to be visiting Warsaw shortly but it will be a business trip. I have RTFF, but would welcome recommendations on the most convenient way of getting good quality girls into my bed :).

As time will be limited, I would like to go somewhere where the selection will be both good quality and easy to select. If I was there on a private visit, I would like to be more adventurous but I think I will have to be a fast operator on this trip.

So I would like to leave the hotel at about 10.00 and be able to go somewhere and return within the hour.

Any suggestions ?


Steve Naive
06-01-04, 06:57
JackDaniels: if you stay at Bristol or Victoria, there are definitely privates within a 10-minute walk. There are many in town and I think there would be some as near your hotel. See my posting below for where to look, get a map, get help from concierge. Or ask her to come to your room for an hour, at a higher price for your convenience.

06-01-04, 08:36
Dear Steve Naive,

When I was last in Warsaw, I simply visited the addresses listed in Zycie Warzawa. After visiting a few places, I found a woman, whom I liked. Before starting I asked her about how much it costs for a whole night with me. That is a very good strategy, because if the lady thinks you will come back for a long session, you are likely to get much better service, since she wants to keep you as a customer. With this one person, I really hit it off. I visted her once more at the normal address. Then we were able to arrange it so that she called in sick to her agency, which meant she could keep the entire amount of money. We had a nice date together, went to town together and then came back to my hotel. She was dressed like a "regular" woman, so there were no suspicians at the hotel and we had a great time. We still have contact. I think this is a much better method than having somebody sent to you, whom you have never met. I have even in the Czech Republic used escort agencies, who sent more highly educated women, but my experience with this woman from a normal Polish bordell on Jeruzelum street was MUCH better.

Cruise On
06-02-04, 19:36

I definitely think we shared different Christina's as there was no doubt about the 21 y/o status and whilst taking awhile to warm up, we got there. Perhaps at any of these places it is best to ask what/who they have available rather than ask for names which can always be inter-changable.

Did you in or outcall? If the latter how was the place?

I too have shared the lure of local Chinese girls, oh I miss Asia.


Hot Diggidy Dog
06-04-04, 07:10
The easiest option for getting laid in Warsaw is to go to an agency. There are a few things about the agencies that I don't believe have ever been mentioned on this forum.

Things to know: A few of the girls live in the agencies, more do not. You will see different girls at different times of day. Lots of the agencies advertise that they have girls who speak English, French, German, etc. They probably do, but most of the girls will speak only Polish, or Russian and a little Polish. But you don't need to speak a word of anything to get laid at an agency.

If you've got an address, go there. Ring the bell. If there's not a special bell, or separate intercom, the one for the agency will be painted red. If someone calls down, say "hello." They'll generally buzz you in without asking. If they do ask anything, it's probably answerable with the word "Pro-shay." If not, try "Yed-no (means 'one', sometimes they check to see how many guys are with you).

When you knock on the door of the apartment, you'll be let in and led to a room where a lineup will form for you in a few minutes. If you don't know how much to pay, or how to ask, take out a piece of paper and a pen and say "Zwah-tee?" They'll laugh, and one will write down the price for the time. It seems they always quote the price in local currency.

A few places offer 15-minute service. This means oral only.

Usually you get a choice of half hour or hour. Half hour translates as not much other than quick shower, a few minutes of covered oral, and then straight sex. An hour may be two pops, some oral without, depends on the girl and the agency.

If you find someone who speaks some English, you haven't totally gotten things straight. In Poland, "Full Service" means anal. Straight sex is taken for granted.

All agencies have some better girls and some worse. They do tend to have different typical types. If you go to an agency and they are mostly older than you like, or mostly taller, or all heavy smokers, it won't be different if you go back a day or a week later. The girls may change, but the styles don't change much.

Hot Diggidy Dog
06-06-04, 22:25
Some agencies in Warsaw stay at one location, some move. Felicja has been in the same place for some years. It's advertised as across the street from La Luna cinema on Marszalkowska 27/35/39. You go to Marszalkowska (there's a tram stop on that corner) and finding the cinema is easy. It won't appear that the address you're looking for is there, as there's a half-block long building across the street with no apartment entrance.

You need to walk to the end of the building away from the corner (that's North from the corner) and there's a little alley with some stores on it. Go down that alley to the third entrance, the second that has a multi-apartment buzzer. Buzz there for entrance.

Most of the girls are older than 25, some over 25. They tend to be solid rather than slender, and not too exciting to look at, but it's a place where BBBJ's are offered without request.

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Hot Diggidy Dog
06-07-04, 08:23
Wilcza street is small and mostly one-way, but a good street for mongering. Again, some agencies come and go, but others are well established. Monic at 51 Wilcza is iffy, and quality of the girls changes greatly from month to month. I've walked out several times as there wasn't anyone there worth doing, and also seen real beauties. From Marszlkowska it's easiest to find by going west on Piekna then right on Lwowska, and north to Wilcza.
Left on Wilcza, the building on your left go into the first entryway, and walk to the courtyard. Monic is at apartment 56, buzz the red button and they let you in. On a bad day, though, the lineup can be pretty gruesome. If you find someone you like, though, you can negotiate extras pretty easily. 100 zl per hour, 2 pops.

If there's nothing interesting, go back to Wilcza and travel east to the other side of Marszalkowska, on the left side of the street, you'll find and entry to a courtyard at #32. Go past the first door for apartments, and the second door on the right will often be open. Go to the second floor, and knock on the metal-covered door number 102.

They have a higher than typical level of girl, mostly under 25, some who speak fair english, and they wear nicer underwear for the lineup. Some will go for two pops for an "hour", but other rush you out after one. Their heating in the cold snaps in winter is pretty bad, though. You may have to create heat with friction.

If you still haven't found what you want, cross the street to number 33, again into the courtyard, this time on the right, and number 12. This spot is pretty reliable in the afternoon, though I ran into a bit of a rip-off artist there once in the evening. They do outcalls. Very reliably offer 2 pops for 100 zl.

Cadillac Lover
06-07-04, 14:24

Looking for some advice. I plan on hitting the Dobra Agency this evening. My plan is to return once or twice more this week for in-call service, and strike an amiable relationship with a young lady on this trip, then see if I can see her at my hotel (and outside the auspices of the agency) on my next trip to Warsaw next month.


1) Is this a good plan?
2) Is there a better one?
3) Does anyone know how much of the z120 the girl actually recieves?
4) Is tipping required/expected in Poland?

Of course, any and all other advice is greatly appreciated, and a report is sure to follow.

06-08-04, 01:33
Will be visiting Warsaw later in the summer and I am doing some advance planning. With all of the addresses listed here, can anyone tell me where I might find a good street map of Warsaw on the Internet? I know that in some German cities, a street map can be found in a telephone book. Yeah, I'm the guy who tore it out and took it with me to an FKK.

Hot Diggidy Dog
06-08-04, 06:58

Mapquest.com is good for a map if you search Warsaw, Warszawa PL. There's a visitor's guide available at most hotels and newstands with a foldout map of the center of the city in it.

http://www.warszawa.com.pl/mapa/ lets you search by street names.

Steve Naive
06-08-04, 16:52
Traveler0099: Here's a map of Warsaw: http://www.euroave.com/maps/frame1.php?xcity=warsaw. Click on Full Map, then click on sector of interest for a more detailed map of that area. It's pretty good, but printed maps (from hotel, or purchased online) are usually easier to use.

Former Lurker: Tipping seems not to be expected in Warsaw, from my few experiences. I gave a nice tip for good service last November and she seemed very surprised.

Hot Diggity Dog: Thanks very much for excellent detailed information, especially tips on using Polish language at agencies.

Followup on odloty.pl: A week after posting a one-star review on Sylwia (see my previous report) it is not posted, and I suspect it never will be. I did find a two-star review for another girl on the site. In general I think that reviews on odloty.pl are suspect.

06-08-04, 19:00
To Steve Naive & others : It seems that odloty.pl is not only suspect in terms getting a rating posted, but also in finding the girls that are there too.

Poland seems to be a long-way off from "on-line services".

Cheers Ian.

06-13-04, 14:09

Depends a bit how much money and time you can spend. There is probably no single city in Europe with the density of clubs and girls like BA, but its pretty common for americans to take a tour. E.g. Frankfurt FFK CLubs, Prague, Warsaw and St. Petersburg.

Member #1944
06-14-04, 19:23

I can can confirm that odloty.pl is difficult to use. I called many listings and was only able to make contact with:

Klaudia 0693 476 255 (no english)
Beata 0604 850 464 (good english)
Sexi Lady 0508 799 713 (voice mail)
Ola 0698 775 659

Unfortunately I was unable to meet Beata at her place, so I arranged with Ola to meet me at my hotel. Ola was advertised a 25 year blond and what showed up at my door was a 40 year old blond asking for 230 zl.


Visited 32 & 33 Wilcza & Marszalkowka (see post below) by chance and was presented with an unimpressive line-up. Chose Monica a 23 year old blond with nice body but huge sagging tits (later I find out she had a baby a month ago). Two pops as advertised for 110 zl. I would rate her a 5 and the performance a 6.

The best deal in town in my opinion is at Aisha Club at ul. Chmiela 10m 36. By far the cleanest, nicest apartment I had seen in Poland. Chose Alla from a decent line-up. She was tall with long black hair, tight body and A-cup. Enjoyed an enthusiastic session of DATY after which she jumped on top and rode me for 30 minutes. I would rate her an 8 and performance was 8. Price was 130 zl.


Poland provides a great bang for your buck if you are willing to shop at the multitude of apartments; however, I think you will have a hard time finding GFE's.

The real opportunity is for the person who is able to capitalize on this by organizing these girls on the internet and truly making this a destination place. I would certainly be interested in investing this opportunity if someone has any ideas.

Robert Munich
06-18-04, 11:22
Warsaw news:

Odloty: It's true thart contact is sometimes difficult and you have to dial a lot of numbers until you get a real contact. However, my experiences have not been too bad (see my previous report )
This time, I tried Klaudia, which is not really a priv)ate but an appartment with 3 working girls.

Upon my call, I got someone speaking english who explained me the adress (ul. Grzybowska 39 / 1210 on the 12th floor ).

The lineup were two girls, a fairly looking 25yo-something and a stunning 21yo blonde with a perfect body, cute face and fine b-cup breasts.

We agreed on PLN 150 for 60 min incl. showers. However, if the look was 9 -10, the service was just about 7 no DATY, very distant handling of everything, only one position. But her p***y was the tightest, I ever experienced !

So, a fair servioce but not fully satisfying.

Next day, I_discovered Ag. Dobra That was real fun! I met Martyna, gorgeous body, although her younger years are gone (she must be about 34yo). She spoke very good English and we really laughed a lot. Sex with her was really good, Including DATY, two positions, hugging and caressing. Price was PLN 220 plus drinks. In my opinion a good value for money ratio.

So long,


Hot Diggidy Dog
06-18-04, 18:06
As the last posting shows, YMMV. Wanted to name a few more places that depending on your interest you can cross off the list or put at the top.

Electoralna 17, apt. 18. My first visit the girls were like big cows. Slow moving, vacant stares. I didn't take anyone. Second visit, the 'regular' room was free and I was taken to an S&M dungeon.

Same girls in the lineup, but now they were pretty lively.

Venus on Marshalkowska 84, apt. 38. Older, larger women for the most part.

Lady, Nowolipki 23. Went there twice, both times got oral from
biters. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but I won't go back.

Exclusive, Bracka 20/12 -- another place for the over-30 pro. The service is good, though, I always received enthusiastic oral and anal is available for 100 extra (most girls).

More Polish tips -- be polite, even when asking for sex. Use
the word "mozliwy" (mozh-livy) and then use the word for what you want -- for example, for two girls say mozh-livy due-ety, for greek, say mozh-livy AA-nal-knee and so on. Before you agree to anything, make sure you know the price -- ask Ill-ee toe cost-u-yee.

In Poland they react in a businesslike way -- quote the price, and write it down if you don't understand.

Rob Me
06-20-04, 16:55
Hello, I will be in Warsaw from next Saturday night (the 26th). Whats the latest news?

Anyone fancy meeting up there?



Hot Diggidy Dog
06-22-04, 00:06
Another slightly odd place to visit, but some good experiences --
Ewa, at 41 Hoza, apt. 22. This one has a CCTV camera at the front door, and is decorated like it was used as an office. The door to the bathroom doesn't close too well, so you've got to take your shower wondering if someone's going to accidentally walk in on you. Also, once when I was there I drew a room with a broken bed -- the frame was there, but the mattress was inside the frame on the floor. Girls about 50/50 Polish and from points east.

Plac Konstytucji 6, Apt. #29. Not so good experiences, all the girls seem to be older, heavy smokers, and a little lazy -- not recommended.

Hot Diggidy Dog
06-22-04, 23:58
Continuing northward, on shaky knees. Julia and Eliza, on Marszalkowska 140, apartment 10. Found some of the prettier younger Polish girls here. The other characteristic I found is they aren't too skilled. (Maybe they feel they don't have to be.) The first time I went there during the obligatory shower the handle for the shower fell off in my hand. Nearly a year later I went back; same thing happened. The high point here is the lineup, with several 7/8's.

Studio Relaks II -- Marszalkowska 140, apartment 68. This was one of the hidden gems of my stay in Warsaw. The lineup is mixed, about half in the 5/6 range, and half in the 7/8. I found the reception they give you is extremely good, though, with no tendency to rush you out, and the attitude that two pops is just about right. One Slovene girl there checked her watch after two, and announced that there was time for one more, and went overtime to make it come true. A Belorusian sweetie, while escorting me out after a noontime quicked grabbed me by my little friend in the hallway and dragged me back to the room for seconds. Few places have really consistent service, but this comes close.

Note these two houses are in the same building, which covers a full block -- you find the building, which is just north of the McDonalds, and walk through one of the archways to the courtyard. To your right, at the last entry, is Julia and Eliza. If you turn left, and walk along a bit, you'll soon see the entry for Studio Relaks II (it has a separate intercom).

(For those who are keeping track, there is also a Studio Relaks on Jerozolimskie 83, apartment 18. Other mongers report girls at the 8/9 level there. I never found more than a 7 there, and several times nothing doable. If you're into sturdy peasant women with wide hips, though, it could be the place for you.)

Member #2039
06-23-04, 15:29
Hi all,

I'll be tomorrow in Warsaw, so i'd like to have some informations... I've red that the IMPERIUM is a very good place where having fun without paying a lot... can anyone confirm that? can anyboby suggest me any place (or girl)?



PS: please, answer as soon as possible!


Hot Diggidy Dog
06-24-04, 20:22
A place with highly variable experiences --

Aisha Club, 10 Chmielnia, apartment 36, which is in the pedestrian area north of Jerozolimskie, off Nowy Swiat. There's a passage in a sort of mini-courtyard on the north side of the street, go through the passage and turn left, the entry-way for the apartments on your left is your goal. The button is painted red, as usual.

The price is usually 110 and hour, but sometimes it's 130. Take change, some girls don't return it. The jacuzzi is extra, but the quoted price for it varies. Many girls will try to cut out after one pop.

My only solution there was to sit through the lineup, point at the one I wanted, and then wait for the others to leave. I confirm the price, and then that it's for twice -- even girls who've walked after once agree to the second.

Then on to the obligatory shower. One time a girl gave me a towel so short I didn't know how to get out of the bathroom and down the hallway to the room holding my clothes. My little friend was eager and not wanting to get re-dressed on a hot day I hung the towel (hardly bigger than a washcloth) and marched back. The girls were in the kitchen and a few saw me and sent my girl out with some laughs to take care of me. She gave me a good time, and showed unusual muscular control.

I liked her enough to ask for outcall, and she agreed. I don't know if this is normal, but I paid before taking her out and back to my hotel room. At the hotel, she agreed to anal, which she didn't at the apartment. After, she dragged me into the shower, where we cleaned up and she climbed on for a wet one.

I've also had the usual boring, uninterested, women there. I didn't find the usual theme (like some places are largely university girls, others all under 25 but all mothers, etc.) Above average looks, though.

Para Sur
06-25-04, 09:08
Hi there guys,

I will be in Warsaw in 2 weeks time and I will be staying at the Marriott hotel. I'll be arriving late Thursday evening and will be at my hotel at 11.00 pm. Can anybody suggest where I can get a girl to take back to my hotel. Obviously, I've done the research on the site bit it will be my first time in Warsaw and I arrive late in the evening. So can anybody help me where with a place close to the marriott.

Thanks and much appreciated.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

06-25-04, 16:59
Hi, Alessandro,

I was at Imperium in September. Had a dark haired 24 year old called Weronika. Very nice looking and great body. Looked very bored and uninterested in the bar but once we were in the room she was very friendly and freat fun. Met her the next day in my apartment and she was amazing.

Be friendly, treat her with respect and she'll go out of her wayfor you.

Hot Diggidy Dog
06-26-04, 01:09
To leave p4p behind for a while. Warsaw is a delight for nonpros if you have time to work on them and if you don't demand young hardbodies. The reason is before marriage Polish girls dress slutty, but don't come across readily unless they are pretty sure you're interested in marriage. Marriage means a kid or two right away for most girls, and things get pretty boring at home pretty fast.

I'd been in Warsaw about two weeks and had to go to a wedding for a local girl in my company. At the reception I sat with an aunt of hers, 37, two kids, bad marriage. The kids were with her husband that weekend. I let her talk, told her that her english was fine, and acted like I was listening. She asked for a ride home, offered me a cup of tea, and started talking about how hard her life was. After about 20 minutes she said if it was too late to drive back I could stay over and I could take a shower.

She walked into the bathroom with me, and kept talking while I undressed. It was freaky, as we hadn't touched but you can't take a shower with your clothes on. When I got in the shower, she undressed, and joined me. when we were both soapy it was clear what she was after.

She told me I could do whatever I liked but "not go inside." After a few minutes it was clear she meant coming, not going. Turned out she was taking no birth control, and so was very willing orally. Came in her mouth, between her tits, and once on her face. Tried to explain to her several times what a vasectomy was, but she couldn't get the idea.

She talked my ear off as long as I let her, but she stopped as soon as I started up. The next week I met her for lunch & she picked a dark Japanese restaurant off Nowy Swiat -- sat next to me in a booth, and unzipped me as soon as we ordered. When
lunch arrived she slipped under the table and sucked me off.

I can't say she had great technique, but there was enthusiasm.
Made it with her a few more times and I even got her to let me greek her once after she had a few drinks. Also finally found a page on the internet describing a vasectomy in Polish and gave it to her to read. Had to talk for another hour or so to get her to believe that I had it, but from then on she let me come in her pussy.

We got together every few weeks until I left Warsaw.

Mr Jack
06-26-04, 02:48
I am looking for some help.

I will be in Warsaw for a couple of days. Can someone suggest which area of the city would be best to stay in i.e. old historical part, near airport etc. Any specific hotel suggestion would also be welcome.

06-27-04, 09:39
Hello brothers,

Is there any photos of girls from Poland? What is the best City to go to for what we do? I need prices and hotels and good night spots. I am thinking about going in September. I need all the help I can get.

Thank you for the help brothers,


06-27-04, 14:33
Try http://www.warsaw-apartments.net/index.htm

I stayed in two places. One on Chmielna just off Nowy Swiat and and one on Bugay just below the Old Town by the river. Both excellent spots and well furnished (although Chmielna one - ladislav the short - only had single bed - had a great time in it though!).

Prices very reasonable - particularly if you can get a late bookiing with 20% off.

Dew Drop
06-29-04, 01:31
This is my first report. I first want to thank all the members for your advice and information. Over the past two years I have enjoyed outstanding sex in China, Israel, Poland, Italy and the USA due to the information provided on this forum.

I now have the confidence to contribute. I just returned from a business trip to Poland. I was in both Warsaw and Wroclaw, and will post in both cities. I stayed in the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. The hotel is girl friendly, however only select agencies are allowed to have their girls enter the hotel lobby. One night I used "Girl's Club" 628-0186 for outcall. One (1) hour cost 150 PZ, plus 20PZ for taxi and an additional 100PZ for BBBJ. The agency was very efficient, the person answering the phone spoke excellent English and the girl arrived in 45 minutes. The only problem was that this agency was not approved to enter the lobby of the hotel, so I had to meet the taxi in the driveway and bring the girl in as my guest, which was no great problem.

I was greated by a 25 year old blond from the Russia who spoke very little English, but was full of fun. I would rate her a 7 out of ten. In the room she was very friendly (playful), though it was very obvious that she was a heavy smoker. My room was no
on-smoking and she was somewhat put-off that I did not want her to smoke. She took a shower and the jumped into the kingsize bed. Though playful and making funny-faces, she did not have the greatest of technique. The BBBJ was OK at best and she had a difficult time taking my penis into her throat without gaging. We had sex in two positions and then played with each other for a while. I would rate the experience as a 6 out of 10.

The next night I went to Anabell Agency 621-5403 which is located at 61 Jerozlimskie apt. 51 (third floor). This building is across the side street you face as you exit the lobby of the Marriott hotel. You enter a three bedroom apartment and are asked to sit in one of the rooms. I was presented with a three girl line-up. One of the girls was a 9/10 blond and polish. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! We went to the room, which was very clean, and I had one hour of unrushed GFE that was wonderful. The cost 150 PZ. It was worth every cent or PZ.

I will report on other agencies later.

Member #1998
06-30-04, 17:04
I've been in Warsaw 3 or 4 times. The first time was in 2001 and quite all the girls were OK. The other times I went in the same places and except for Aisha Club the girls were not as good as the first time. The turn over is very important and they expected to finish as soon as possible.

I discovered on the net the web site of A-Studio (www.a-studio.pl). The girls on that site look great.

Does anyone tried this agency ? Are the girls the same as we can see on the web site ?

If some one can give me some information on that agency. I will try to go at Warsaw in a few weeks.

I will post a report as I'll be back.

Dew Drop
06-30-04, 22:31
As promised, I will report on the apartments I visited during my stay in Warsaw.

The Warsaw Marriott is in the business/financial area of Warsaw. It is great for business, but if you are interested in the historic section of the city, I would suggest the Bristol Hotel on the edge of the Old Town. The Marriott is located on Jerozlimskie Street, a very broad and busy street. The Hotel is across from the Central Train Station. There are many, many "apartments" around the Marriott. You could visit two a day for a month and just scratch the surface. If you stand in from of the Marriott facing the Train Station, street numbers go down if you turn right and go up if you turn left. The odd numbers are on the Marriot side and even numbers are on the Station side.

Aozowa Piqtko Agency, 23 Jerozlimskie Street, apt 10, 629-3051. I visited at 9:30 pm. The apartment is on the fourth floor and is reached via a narrow steep stairway, There may be an elevator, but I did not see one. Clean apartment with four girls ranging from 4/10 to 7/10. Price 150 PZ for one hour. I picked Magda from the Ukrane. Knew a few words of English, very nice face, a little on the heavy side, but not fat. I would say she was 6/10. Had shower, which was at the end of the hall and had to walk to her room.

Had an unrushed hour, spent the first few minutes trying to communicate to her that I thought she was beautiful. This is something that I find seems to make experience to follow a little better. Performed CBJ, tried to get her to do a BBBJ, but the language was just too much of a barrier. She was willing to move into a couple of positions communicated via hand signals. All in all a nice experience. When I left the apartment the sun had set and the stairway was in total darkness. It was a long four flights down. I would not have gone up to the apartment if I had arrived when it was dark. There is no reson to take a chance, when you have no idea who might be in the stairwell.

Club Nicole, 109 Jerozlimskie, apt 2 (second floor) 629-6263. Instruction on how to get into the apartment have been posted a couple of times in the past. Nicole is a very nice club, with four girls working when I arriver at appoximately 6:30 pm. I believe I was the only customer there. There was a range of quality with 5/10 to 8/10. I ususally do not pick the best looking girl, but here I did and was not sorry that I did. Price was 150 PZ for one hour or one pop. I do not remember her name, but she spoke english, was blond, 110 to 115 lbs, small boobs with beautiful and responsive nipples. The negative was that she like most people I met in Poland smokes. I don't but what can you do? She also wanted to smoke in the room. We had a nice time at first laying on the bed an just touching each other and talking. She was very interested in what she could earn if she moved to the USA.

We agreed on a BBBJ for an additional 100PZ, was excellent, took her time and had great technique. Skillfully applied a condom and had sex cowgirl, doggy and missionary. Finished with more BBBJ and shot a load on her perky nipples. The whole thing lasted for about forty-five minutes. Although, she did not jump right out of bed, it was clear the session was over. Took a quick shower, and said good-by. I found that the girls do not expect a tip.

I also had a couple of bad experience, which I will report on at another time.

Hot Diggidy Dog
07-03-04, 00:21
Dew Drop,

Info for next time.

Will you give me a BBBJ? -- Fran-sue-ski bez mozh-itch?
(actual translation, french without possible?)

Usually, for without condom just say what you want and "bez".

They get the message.

Champagne Boy
07-03-04, 13:58
Member #1998,

I visited a-studio in December last year and May this year, I can confirm that the girls are real. I met Ola, Ada and Dona. Need-less to say I'm a boob-fan hehe...

All three of them were very unrushed and gave me an unforgettable experience. I will go back in August and maybe try a new flawour =)

Godd luck!

Member #1998
07-05-04, 06:59
Thanks a lot Champagne Boy.

I hope to be in Warsaw the end of July.

I will write a report as soon I'll be back. Regards

07-05-04, 15:43
Hello everyone,

I'll spend (unfortunately) only one night at the Jan III Sobieski hotel next wednesday, and presumably I'll have no time to explore all those beautiful places mentioned in your postings! Does anyone have experience of how things work in that hotel (i.e. prieces and how to approach the ladies)? Or if there are clubs within walking distance and easy to find?

Thanks in advance!


p.s. it's my first visit to Poland!

Champagne Boy
07-06-04, 16:28
Drago and others,

Here you find some of the nicest girls in Poland: http://www.odloty.pl/

Otherwise, walk around in the citycenter, on the cars parked there are flyers for different clubs.

07-06-04, 18:33
Hello Drago,

Sobieski Hotel is O.K. if you booked a room for 2 person.

But, a few years ago they had a problem with a girl coming in with a costumor and she stabbed him.

But just walk in, say good buye to the doorman en the people at the frontdesk.

They will notice you because the lifts are in front of that desk.

There are a lot of clubs near this hotel.Clubs is not the right name.

In principle this are apartments with girls that line up and you are asked to make a choice.

If you don.t like one, jsut say"thank you" and walk away.

Prices: 100 - 150 zloty per hour.

Look at my contibution some months ago about how to find this apartments.

Enjoy life in Warsaw.

07-07-04, 19:52
Can anyone report on Studio Relax 2000. I'm on my way to Warsaw and they've got a great photo on the website of a girl named Laura, but they don't respond to the emails I've sent.

Any word on this place?

Member #1998
07-09-04, 15:31
Hello Lupin,

I've been there one time about 2 years ago. The girls were more beautiful than the average club. The price was also "beautiful" (very high). There were around 4 girls.

This day I decided not to spend my money here.

If my souvenirs are good, it is not in the center and you need to take a cab.

Be carefull, it's changing very fast in Warsaw.

Enjoy your time.

07-10-04, 15:06
Hi all,

I am going to Warsaw for the first time here in the end of July and I have read all the posts in here with great interest.

I have been browsing the web for interesting subjects and found one girl in particular, who I find very appealing. Sexi Lady is her name and I found her on various pages such as Odloty and Sexit. She also have her own webpage (anka.xx.pl) in case you want to see who I'm talking about.

Now my question is if any of you have any first hand experiences with this beutifull woman. If so I would be very interested in hearing any information you can offer.

Also I'm staying at the SAS Radisson hotel. Any good places you can recommend in walking distance from that hotel? Any girls in the bar at that hotel and also any problems you know of in regards to bringing girls to your room at that place?

I will naturally post my experiences here when I get back and since I'm Danish I will also put some posts in that country's forum with some nice info.

Thanks in advance guys.

Member #1998
07-10-04, 18:28
To Heppa,

You have a fex reviews on Odloty web site at this address :


They are in polish so you can use a translator at that address :


Waiting for your post because I'm also probabaly going in Warsaw that summer.


Member #1998
07-10-04, 18:32
Sexi Lady has another personnal web site:


07-10-04, 19:11

No problem bringing girls into the Radisson.

There will also be lobby hookers in there from 10.00 onwards, but as usual with lobby girls their prices are out of step with the rest of Warsaw.

The Radisson taxis are twice the price of ordinary taxis but the drivers speak English. Tell them what you want and they will look after you. Typically - an apartment girl, A go go club (striptease only) or a nightclub aka agency club (brothel as distinct from a disco). Terminology is theirs not mine.

My preference is somewhere like Villa Rosa for on site shag or take one back to the hotel for all night (at about same price as one hour with lobby girl).

Plenty of places in walking distence as Radisson is fairly central. Get a copy of "In Warsaw" and similar from the counter in the hotel.

07-13-04, 15:20
I need all the info I can get on the seen in Poland, PM me.



Diet Coke
07-14-04, 05:29
You request all the info on the "scene" and PM you.
First, have you read all the previous posts?
Second, the main purpose here is sharing info and if anyone cares to respond to your request it would me best to post here not with a PM.
Third, most members are relucant to PM info to members with few posts.

Rene Belge
07-14-04, 17:55
i was in warsaw for 3 days last week and stay at the marriott on jerozolymskie, got a room there from (www.discover-poland.pl) for €200 for the 3 nights including breakfast.

it seems that july might be a bit slow since i got no answer from several appartment (maybe close for summer ?). not responding apartements were marszalkowska 140m10 and 140m68 at 8 pm weekday and also dobra 3m8 at 1 pm saturday.

i also call a few girls from odloty:
- sylwia (www.sylwiax.republika.pl/galeria2-2.htm) answering machine.
- kamila (red hair girl from ul. batorego) picked up the phone but no english spoken.

i visited the peep show places located on jana pawla ii just north of solidarnosci. it is basically 15 or 20 zl for a 5 minutes dance. extras can be offered by the girl: 30 zl to have a feel, 50 for hand job and 100 for covered blow job. not the best value for money but girls can be quite nice. try the first one going north called manhatan.

coming onto private apartement now, i visited agencja livia on pulawska 67m24. this is quite easy to find but a bit out of the center (need taxi or tram). quite a nice line up of 9 girls at 1 pm on a week day. price is 100 zl for 1 hour and 100 extra for bbbj. shower before and after is possible and a few girls were speaking english.
i also visited jerozolymskie 23m10 also very easy to find and the buzzer is inside the courtyard so discreetly away from the busy jerozolymskie.

on a more general subject, the situation might be changing in poland due to eu accession. it is more difficult for girls from belorussia or ukraine to get visa. in my opinion the eu will also ask poland to clarify its situation vis a vis prostitution: the all town is a brothel with more than 100 appartements in 5 km².

for the one that are interested in street walkers, i noticed that there is some activity just at the back of the marriot on nowogradzka between emilii plater and chalubinskiego, about 10 girls at 10 pm


Mr Magoo
07-15-04, 01:12
Why would you be reluctant to PM a guy with few posts? I have posted questions in a couple of other threads, and I was quickly PM'D some helpful responses.

07-15-04, 22:50
i think that diet coke was not saying that it is impossiable to get a answer but this is a form and it is helpful for everyone to give some info and if everyone came and just said pm me some info for where ever i am going this forum would die quite fast.

Hot Diggidy Dog
07-17-04, 21:46

Poland is a country of 38 million people and 120,000 sq mi with quite a bit of variation between the Baltic Coast, the border with Belarus and Ukraine, and the one with Germany.

A PM on 'the scene' just isn't possible. The poster should RTFF.

07-18-04, 22:33
Going to Warszaw in a couple of weeks.

Anybody knows about some kind of "special" club, like swingers, or gang bang, or party-treff or so? somewhere good for a single man to score.

Any suggestion highly appreciated, I'm looking for something little different and naughtier than normal apartments or clubs.



07-20-04, 00:01
Hi All (and in particular Champagne Boy),

Going to Warsaw first time mid-August. I've read all the posts here, but still have some questions:

Studio A web site looks great. What do they include in their posted price? Does one have to negotiate everything in advance (oral/no oral, with/without) and all that?

The same question for other places, in particular clubs such as villa rosa, rasputin, etc. - I found some places on the web, but no comments posted here.

Any experience with: Zmyslowe http: //www. laski. tib. pl Linda http: //www. linda. internet. pl/ Top Sekret

How safe is talking taxis around, does one have to be (extremely) careful?

If somebody wants to shear a taxi ride to one of more distant places, let me know.

07-20-04, 08:34
I am going to Warsaw on July 29 to Aug 2.

I am looking specifically info on Amateurs and student types. I have read the posts and do not see much on this scene. Any help on this would be great.

Also if anyone is interested in hunting in a pack let me know.


Mr Magoo
07-21-04, 01:47
Hot Diggity,

I was informed of the reasons for the response to Tucker privately. It is a "unique" situation, so no need to belabor the point. I was just making sure that this stays a helpful place, and was assured that it is.

OK, back to the Warsaw scene! Villa Rossa...can girls accompany you from there to your hotel? Is it much like K5 and similar places in Prague?

07-22-04, 00:13
I was in Warsaw recently and tried to visit Marszalkowska 140m68 at 1600 on a Monday afternoon, but no one responded after I rang the buzzer several times.

I then visited Aisha at Chemelina 10 on 3 occassions over a two week period. I was happy with the services there. I had 2 sessions with an attractive blonde who's name I've forgotten. She allowed DATY and gave me a non-stop hour for 130Zl each time. I picked Julia for one session and she was only up for one round. Both women were in the mid-20s and attactive. Aisha is clean, secure and just a few paces off the pedestrian-only Ul. Chemelina.

I hope to return to Warsaw next year.

Hot Diggidy Dog
07-22-04, 23:51

OK, my bad. I didn't know about the off-post reply. I have never done Villa Rosa, and can't tell you about that.


I haven't been there for over two months, but it's not rare to get moments when people don't reply. Sometimes it's that they've got problems and have closed temporarily or permanently. Other times it's that everyone's on their backs with their toes pointing to the ceiling, and if you come back half an hour later you'll get an answer. It's also possible that there's been LE interference, but the law in Poland is such that these apartments are in a quasi-legal category, there's no soliciting, so there's no crime. Consequently there's usually no interference, but if something else is going on there, LE may be interested. I've heard of busts for immigration violations.

Dew Drop
07-23-04, 19:35

From my experience in Poland, I believe it is next to impossible to connect with a non-pro college student, unless you are going to be in Warsaw for an extended stay, and have the time to build a relationship. I have found Polish women to be very proud and independent. They are happy living in Poland and are not looking for a "ticket out".

I suggest that you stick with the apartment and club opportunities. I have not felt in danger at any time in Poland, however I acknowledge that you have to keep your eyes open and always use good judgement. The other thing I found is that as long as you are polite and respectful there is no problem in deciding to leave an agency if you do not see a girl you are truly interested in. I have done this on several occasions, and have not experienced any problems, and ususally find the girl I am looking for at another agency.

Enjoy Warsaw. You will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful women in Europe.

Hot Diggidy Dog
07-26-04, 07:32
Dew Drop,

My experience is like yours regarding college girls in Poland. The odds are better, but only slightly so, in Krakow than in Warsaw.

Unmarried college graduates are, in my experience, the worst of all. They dress and make up slutty enough, and like to go out dining and dancing and all, and they lead you on but they save it for marriage.

I find the best non-pro hunting in Warsaw among married women. Their husbands don't take care of them, they're as horny as goats, they're not saving anything (like the college girls), and the local culture is moderately tolerant of affairs. They don't dress so well, they're likely to be demanding about when and where they see you, but they can be hot little numbers.

They are also very willing to lie to their husbands, so if you think one is showing an interest, get her alone and tell her you want to go to Gdansk or some place and ask her if she wants to come along "to show you around." I tried that and got pleasantly dehydrated.

07-27-04, 12:53
Magoo -- Villa Rosa is a pretty good place and I have been there a number of times. Usually lots of girls and many speak English. With most of these clubs you can negotiate for the girl (or girls!) to make a hotel visit but I don't know with VR for sure. I know for sure that Maxim will send girls on a take-away.

Regarding Maxim, a couple of buddies have used their credit cards at Maxim and got charged a couple of extra times; I recommend sticking to cash at least at Maxim.

I don't know about the rest of you natives and Warsaw regulars, but have the summer months (and EU membership) brought slim pickings to Warsaw? I have been fairly disappointed at a number of my regular watering holes during the last couple of months. The hunt continues!

07-28-04, 01:54
When visiting Warshaw with my collegue he always want to go to the Arena. This is the lab-dance club in the center of Warshaw.

In this club you can have dinner, drinks and enjoy some private lab-dance from one of the 50 girls around. Most of the girls are very entertaining and speak good English or German, their origin is either Belarus, Ukrain or Russian. Only sometimes a lost Polish girl is around.
In the labdance touching is alowed, but they do not want to come over to the hotel with you.

Every hour or so a parade is planned inside the center of the club, the Arena and all the girls have to show treirselves.

There are also some ver ugly looking ones around, they are preforming in a wrestling contest in the Arena.

Going to the Arena is big fun and is a good start for a nice evening in Warshaw.

Hot Diggidy Dog
07-28-04, 07:00

You don't get so many of the college girls during the summer. I think you get as many of the girls from the former Soviet Union, though.

Most of the pro shops are cyclical. They get a new batch of girls and get excited about things, the place is hopping for a month or two, then it slacks off and loses focus, then they're short of girls, then they get their act together and it gets lively again. Newly opened places are usually near-peak, too.

John Y
08-05-04, 19:14
Hi everybody,

I saw post about street action in warsaw. I'm wondering if anybody got experience with that? Wheter you know more places withg street action?

I know it sound a bit strange because girls in the club are better, but street action is all about exitement.

I'm planning to visit warsaw end this month.

Any response is appriated.


Hot Diggidy Dog
08-09-04, 21:47
I saw some action down in Wilanow one time. Approached the sweetie, who informed me that I had to call in to her pimp and then she would deal with me. Didn't have my cell with me, so I passed.

Poland is like the UK -- prostitution is quasi-legal; solicitation is vigorously prosecuted. In that environment, I think it's sensible to just apppreciate the slack that you get from the nice attitude that Polish authorities have about these things. If they can't see it, they don't care. If you need excitement, go hang-gliding.

Dew Drop
08-11-04, 00:58
John Y,

You will find some of the most beautiful women in the world in Poland. They are not all from Poland (very few are from Poland), yet, they are still very beautiful and many provide excellnt service.

I agree with Hot Diggidy Dog, do not set your sites on any street action. I have been to Warsaw over 10 times, and have not seen any major "street action" in the city. Once I saw some activity on the street behind the Marriott, but I am not 100 percent sure that it was for real. If street action is what you really want, I suggest you consider China or Mexico as a possible destination rather than Poland.

There are many good apartments to visit (see HDD June 7, 2004 post). In addition check out the local newspaper Zycie Warzawa which has a section with many interesting advertisements. Club Nicole is also a place where you can usually ebjoy a quality hour.

Enjoy your visit and be safe.

Hot Diggidy Dog
08-12-04, 10:35
Most of the places I've posted about before have been in the center. There's plenty of action in other areas but you can't generally walk from place to place like you can downtown.

A few places worth considering:

Private-Lux - Pulawska 43 apt. 1. This is a little south of the city center, in the Mokotow area. Some nice girls, the apartment is a little better than most in the center. It has two baths, so you don't run into another monger without his pants on quite so often. Pricing is good (just 90 zloty to start), but some girls like to pile on extras (a covered bj should be included in the price, but they may ask for an extra 20 zloty or so). One downer -- two of the girls I had there had decidedly saggy tits. The third had tiny, perky, hard ones.

Mixed experiences at Livia -- Pu³awska 67, a few blocks down from Private-Lux. I dont remember the apartment. After my mandatory shower (nice bathroom) the girl disappeared for about 15 minutes. She rushed me following that on my hour, and as soon as I popped made a cell phone call. Then she said time was up, so no second pop, not even a tease. Maybe a bad day for her, maybe it's always like that -- maybe it's because I violated my usual rule and took a girl named "Kinga" but there's enough good service in Warsaw you don't have to settle. (What's the deal with the name Kinga? I don't know, but it seems to mean "self-centered b====")

One thing that I find really funny is Polish pros rarely agree to do anal, but their Belarussian and Ukrainian sisters generally will. Polish non-pros are actually more likely (in my experience) to be open to a greeking. They will also talk about it. and about other sexual activites, while waiting for a movie to start, or over dinner in a nice restaurant. Polish men are averse to contraception so anal is baby-avoidance for a married Polish woman. Polish men are also troubled by religious teachings about their habits, and don't like to talk about it to their wives. With every additional trip to Poland I get remnded that the best sex there is with Russian-speaking pros and married Polish women.

Hot Diggidy Dog
08-12-04, 22:07
Dew Drop,

That street behind the Marriot is interesting because between the Marriot and Marshalkowska there're a couple of clubs and restaurants. I've never known pros there, but there is a Turkish restaurant on the south side of the street where I once dropped in for an early dinner & found it quite crowded; tried to get a conversation with a couple of women also waiting going, no luck at the time but when we were seated we were close -- the waitress didn't speak English and when my Polish wasn't good enough to get what I wanted they helped out. I offered to thank them with a drink after; we went to a bar and after a couple one of them left for her family and I took the other to my hotel.

She was married also so she didn't stay long; but we crammed alot into a few hours. Her body was a tad sloppy (maybe 15 lbs. overweight), but her ass was firm and really wanted a vigorous bang.

There's also a vaguely Mexican place somewhere near there where I've seen some interesting women late at night. Again, didn't appear to be pros.

Robert Munich
08-14-04, 18:02

having been in WAW more than 15 times, I got only one experience with SW. It was exactly in the street behind the Mariott, two really old ladies about 50yo plus, approaching me in polish.

As alredy posted before, my preference are privates, which I contact through websites.

As for the clubs, I really can recommend the one in Wilcza 8 m 8 where I had a great time with some of the girls. Most of the, are under 25yo, slim and good looking which makes mongering fun. prices are reasonable which means abt. 150 PLN for FS and BBJ.

08-16-04, 20:12
Here is a short report about my first experiences in warsaw. First, as pointed out before I have a bit of a feeling that the girls in apartment are rather unmotivated. still need to figure out what actually works with them - problem being that one has to pay everything in advance and than they don't' really care.

Saw Monica (blond white-russian) at Nicole (Jerozolimskie 109/2) - well, she was the first one so it was great: ) but it was Sunday afternoon and she was the only one available. Then next door to Studio A at Jeroz. 99 - two bored girls there, I said djekue (or whatever is the spelling for polish thankyou) and left.

A bit better luck at Studio Relaks (one at Jeroz. 83). Plenty of girls there, and some kind of playfull atmosphere which I liked. Saw tall Ukrainian whose name escapes me now (A.). She was fun although communication was difficult. All the places had same price of 100 zloti per hour what included covered oral, 50 additional for uncovered oral, and extra 50 for 'do konca'.

Today I tried to set up something with Klaudyna from odloty but she was on vacation. Instead I got Daria who answered the phone and spoke good english. It was a bit of shot in the dark but it worked just fine. Daria is a bit skiny but cute and very good natured, polish but not very polish looking girl (can see her add at kochanka. pl). We had some quite good time! Extremely nice tongue action.

200 per hour including uncovered oral, 50 additional for BBBJTC.

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08-19-04, 09:48
Here are some updates regarding some of the places mentioned earlier in this forum.

Monic at Wilcza 32 - the front door was closed around 2pm, and there wasn't any obvious way of opening them. Perhaps the place start operating later in the day.

Wilcza 32/102 - I think the previous instructions were a bit confusing - the entrance is to to the right - first right after entering the courtyard. Don't repeat my mistake of walking deaper in the courtyard, it looks like a bomb just fell. the place itself, or at least the ladies don't look much better - I left quickly.

Wilcza 33/12. Another locked door. Based on these locked door experiences, it may be better bet to just go to the places advertised in the flyers all over the place.

Next to Jerol. 23/10 which had a decent lineup of 6-7 girls, few of them acceptable. I had an hour of fun with cute friendly blond ukrainian whose name I don't remember any more.

Yesterday I tried Aisha on Chimielna 10/36 - well, I should have followed the earlier advise about 'bitchy girls'. That was exactly my experience with an unpleasent overall atmosphere, arrogant girls and bad, overpriced service. I made a mistake of not leaving immediately. In any case, I recommend avoiding this place. Spent my evening in Arena - it's a first clase place and girls are beatiful. However, don't go before 11pm or so since the girls can get a bit agressive if there is no enough pray around. Such as trying to push you to get them a bottle of champaigne of 220 zloti and similar nonsense. Otherwise, they have continuous 2-girls striptease, reasonably priced beer and nude lapdances which were, I was told, 50 zlotes. It could be tourist price though.

08-21-04, 15:42
Here are few more experiences worth mentioning. I went to Club Maxim Thursday eve around 10pm. Said looking place with bored girls. I was glad that the taxi driver waited (btw, they are apparently glad to wait without any fee since they want to get paid for a ride back to the center). Btw, he told me that the rate in Maxim is 300/hour, contrary to earlier posted 200. I haven't checked that though since I spend total of 2 min in there.

Next to Club Rasputin. A bit better luck there - had to choose between pretty but overweight blond talkative polish girl with bad english and tall very good looking (9) dark hair girl with worse english. Went for the second - probably mistake. She apparently thought that she was so pretty that there was no need to do anything. What amazed me is that she dared to ask for a tip at the end. 300 regular hour with covered oral, 400 with jacuzzi, 500 with swim. pool, drinks are 50 for girls, beer is 20 for customers. The pretty girl (Anya) wouldn't do uncovered oral even for additional zlotas, first experience of this sort in Warsaw.

Friday I tried Dobra agency (mentioned earlier). They promissed 25 years old polish girl. The one which arrived was 25 some years back but it was fun anyway. 120 per hour plus taxi.

Today (Saturday) I found plenty of close doors in Marszalkowska 140 (both Studio Relaks II and Julia and Eliza) - actually I'm not sure these places exist since there was no special sign next to the buzzer. Elita in Bednarska 23 - another closed door. So I retreated to Studio Relax I on Jeroliz. 83/18 and had another, this time very nice session with Alina, the toll ukrainian I mentioned before.

Amazing - my idea for this week in Warsaw was finding a good looking, young, english speaking polish blond, and instead I have had best time with 30 years old ukrainian redhead without any english to speak of, and rate of 100 zl per hour.

08-22-04, 12:20
Here is a couple of practical comments which may be useful.

First, the girls in Rasputin turn out to be willing to negotiate - yesterday I arranged for a double for 500/hour with two extremely nice looking girls (Olivia and Viki, I think). High 9's.

Bad service though. Girls become impatient if one takes more than 10 min.

Today I visited Anabell, Jerol. 61/51. Much better experience than what I expected with Kalina (or some approximation of that name). Nice looking girl, friendly attitude, one could almost say best for the last.

Btw - Anabell - there is no special sign at the intercom. It's a bit confusing, but type 51 at the main door, and then do the same at the first insight door to the right. That is before you enter the open courtyard.

Mike Peters
08-25-04, 22:55
Had a walk down Jerozolimskie last week.

I was looking for linda's at no 42 or 41 I didn't find it there was scaffolding one side of the street and the bus stops on the oppisite side so started talking to a SW called eva she was not the best looking old and rough but I fancied it like that.

The price was 100z I asked how long for and she as long as it takes. She did ask if I wanted her friend too.

She took me into a private flat in a courtyard next to where she was standing it's close to a small shop. The flat belonged to a girl who seemed to be woken up it was 2.30.

Started off by stripping her and having a feel. I lay on the bed and she was straight on with the condom and started sucking, I motioned to turn around she was happy and got into the sixty nine position I just fingered her she got very wet, I didn't fancy daty just kissed and licked around a bit.

First entered her in the missionary position she was very responsive her pussy tightened around my cock and she came, turned her around then and with one leg standing and the other on the bed I went for round two I gave her ass a little tap and no moaning so I gave her couple more and she seemed to like that too.

Next I went to get on the bed once again she gave me a couple of smacks back and she got on top and rode me till i come.

All in all a very good time she said she was 47 looked a little older but no rush and plenty of what you want, she did ask for a tip as she needed to leave 20 z for the girl whose room it was I gave her 15 as I had no more change.

I had a long walk back to the hotel and my legs had gone after that session.

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08-26-04, 22:50
I'm a local who travels around Europe. Warsaw has a really nice scene. My favourite places are:

A studio - PLN 150

Wersal Joanny - PLN 350 Monika is great

Avoid places on Al. Jerozolimskie. Too sleazy for me.

Mark SOS
08-27-04, 06:17
Hi everybody

Any good suggestion for outcall to the hotel? I will be in Warsaw middle of September.



Member #1998
09-04-04, 14:45
I've been in Warsaw last week.

The lap dance club Arena has moved.

The new address is : The Arena (Restaurant Sofia)
pl Powstancow 1/3 (Phone : 22 827 16 93)
Entrance : 35 PLN.
50 PNL the dance.

The new location is really great with many girls.

But only for lap dance. Impossible to go farther with the girls.


Member #1998
09-04-04, 14:49
Arena has a web site : www.arena.waw.pl/

A part is in English.

09-05-04, 06:52
A friend of mine is about to visit Warsaw in the very near future.

He is interested only in high class ladies to come to his hotel.

Could you please help in providing recommendations on agencies.

Great many thanks in advance.

09-16-04, 14:44
I picked up the same SW, Ewa, that Mike Peters had. Unfortunately I also took her friend site unseen. The friend was older, uglier and very drunk but horny. Worst part, when she dropped her drawers she smelled like she had been rolling in a dead animal. I left after being overwhelmed by the vapors!

Maxim was 200 pln last week; I got my cab driver to negotiate. Still got full one hour service and very enjoyable. Maybe price is lower during the week?

I did slam odloty several posts back. The site has improved a great deal since then. In the Warsaw section it has dumped all the crappy little studios and advertises just girls. I still don't like that you can't post negative reviews but that is life. I have made contacts with a number of girls from the site. The best I have had was Kamila: she did bbbj, straight sex all positions, and anal for 200 pln/hr. Nice girl and speaks good English. Her apartment is near corner of Jerozolimski at KFC.

Para Sur
09-16-04, 15:39

I was in Warsaw 2 weeks ago just for the weekend. I couldn't monger because I have a polish girlfriend, but I did find a flyer from an escort service. The number is 0888357899, I called just out of curiosity and the person that answered spoke english very well. The price was 100 pln per hour and they would come to your hotel. Like I said I couldn't try it but I sounded pretty good. Perhaps its of interest to some of you.

Happy mongering!

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09-16-04, 16:02

Does anybody have an info about Imperium close to the airport ?
Any recommendations or comments to some action near the airport?


09-17-04, 11:06

I hit Imperium a couple of times, most recently last summer ('(03). At the time the girls were 200 pln and drinks 50-80 pln. As I recall, they were not anything special, about 6-7 out of 10, and most of the time they kept asking for tips and drinks. Last time there I got so pissed off at the girl who kept begging for drinks that I did not finish the hour.

Nearby are two clubs that are pretty good. Oaza at Krakowska 212 is right around the corner. This has always been a lucky spot for me. A couple of times I got the larger room with jacuzzi. I also used to regularly haunt the VIP Club at 16 Slowicza. VIP had a good selection of girls. Both Oaza and VIP Club are 300 pln per hour and all are within 10 minute walk of each other.

09-17-04, 13:46
I have been to the two places mentioned earlier on Pulawska. I prefer Livia at #67, apartment 24. It is a small apartment with two bedrooms and a studio that is curtained off when needed. Cost there is 100 pln per hour for straight sex and covered BJ. I have been lucky that the girls have been good looking and pleasant; none spoke English however so coversation was pretty short. They have cold beer for 10 pln per can -- the girls appreciate when I buy them one.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at Private at #43, apartment #1. I love the place only because it has a laminated menus posted in each room! Four good looking girls greated me. I picked Alla; didn't speak English but got one hour for 90 pln; ordered anal off the menu for an additional 100 pln. Sure got my money's worth! This place has a lot less character to it than Livia and the girls are more geared to get em in and get em out.

Rene Belge
09-17-04, 21:57

is the last one you mentionned 43m1 located directly on pulawska or is it a bit far from the street.

I have never been able to find that one as number suddenly disappeared from 35 to about 51.


Rene Belge

09-21-04, 15:32

43m1 is tough to find. First time it took me 15 minutes. On Pulawska you will see a building with the number 43 on the right corner. If you face the building, at the right hand corner facing Pulawska is a model shop. Go around the right corner from the model shop and you will see another door to the model shop and then a steel door; these doors face the park. The intercom for this entrance is on the left door jam and you can't see the intercom unless you are right in front of it. There is a seperate buzzer for Private. You would think that it being apartment #1 it is the first apartment. Well it isn't! You need to go up a flight of stairs and the studio door will be on your right. Good luck!

Local Expert
09-21-04, 18:23
I will go to Gdansk in mid-october for a longer weekend. As I won't have the opportunity to hang out in bars or actively search for providers, I would like to have the "pizza" delivered to my hotelroom.

When doing some research on the internet, I came accross this site:


Does anyone of you have reliabºe information about the girls on this site and especially about the chicks in the "Gdansk" section ?

The prices seem to be very fair. Are they real offers or bargaining start-points ?

What would an entire night cost me with a chick in Gdansk ?

Dew Drop
09-23-04, 02:46
Local Expert,

I am supprised that as a senior member you did not look back and see that odplay has been discussed many times over the past four months.

I believe that it would be correct to say that this web-site is focused more on individuals with a good understaning of Polish, though there are a few outstanding English speakers that you only find by making many calls.

I have been in Warsaw many times and have been very satisfied by the apartments identified in prior postings and by ads in the local newspaper.

I wish you the best of pleasure in a beautiful city. Be safe.


09-30-04, 22:28
Well, guys, I've finally made it back to Warszawa after somewhat of an absence and plan to try and catch up on things before the winter sets in. But as an aside, I treated myself to a fancy new digital camera and thought I'd see if I could find some suitably adventurous young ladies to do some modelling for me. Post-photo nookie would be good as well but isn't essential. So any ideas guys for where to go in Warsaw to find pretty girls willing to get their kit off and spread themselves for the camera?

10-03-04, 00:23
I am headed to Warsaw. I hope someone will post some current hotspots for any streetwalkers. Escorts aren't bad but sometimes a little pricey.

10-03-04, 07:31
One quick question guys.

I had a wonderful time in "Villa Rosa" a couple of years ago. Is the place still in action and how would you quote it? Rates, girls, service quality?

Local Expert
10-04-04, 13:25
Dew Drop,

yeah, you are right. I actually wrote my question first, then started looking up the reports.... sorry mate; I actually hate these guys in our "Turkey Section" as well :-)))))

As I will be in G'dansk and no answer has been written to my question in that section at all, I dont think I will succeed during the days I am over there.

Anyway, thanks for your comment.

10-04-04, 16:32
After reading some tips from the board, I looked around behind the Mariott, and saw nothing, every single time I looked. No SW action to be forund.

Kasia from odlaty did in fact speak very good English. Her "all inclusive" fee does not cover anal. (or covered anal...)

Saw Ania at Aisha. Tall, russian, big boobs, bottle blonde. Somewhat enthusiastic. 150 gets you in, an additional 200 for anal. Big, thick, polish condoms ensure that you'll be there for a long time. I also think that the anal lube she uses has some kind of numbing agent, even though I was wearing the raincoat.

I'd see her again, maybe. There were more at Aisha that I'd like to try.

10-05-04, 20:27
As ever, EWineman knows how to find 'em! Private Lux at Pulawska 43 m1 is an excellent spot for a little light relaxation after work (it's very close to my office). A Polish cutie, very slim and fully shaven (just the way I like 'em) attended to my every need and I had an excellent triple play for 240 PLN all in (literally!) And while Ed found them a little business like, in fairness to the girl I was with (Zuzia) she made a pretty decent effort to look and sound as though she was enjoying it and generally gave good value. They have a web site with pictures of the girls (and the ones of Zuzia are definitely real) accessed through www.wenera.pl which is itself a good source of info for Poland as a whole.

Good to be back!!!

10-07-04, 21:44
Here is a brief report from my first trip to Warsaw. I should first emphasize that I had no more than 3 full days to explore the scene. Before leaving I did some quite serious research on this board, noted apartment addresses, clubs, etc.

My summary report is: This was very disappointing. I visited about 5 apartments, and did not see a single girl I wanted to spend an hour with (my standards a fairly high, but I don't think excessively so). I ordered in from two agencies, in both cases a failure. Went to Villa Rosa, a failure.

My only decent (and by that I mean nothing better than "OK") experience was Rasputin. It had some decent looking girls, one of which I took home and spend the night with. But even that wasn't really great.

Basically the problem is this: The girls are not very attractive, they wear a lot of make-up, they have dyed hair, they speak no English. Most importantly: they cultivate an impression of complete disinterest in and distain for their job. To some extent this is true of all working girls, but more so in Warsaw than any other scene I've been to.

Reamer Well
10-08-04, 05:23
I visited Warsaw 4 times in the last year. The first trip I stayed at the Sobeski hotel. Didn't know a soul, so I let the cab driver take me out to Rasputin. Hooked up with a 18 year from Minsk. She started out cold But once we got into the room she was all over me. Sucked my balls so hard it hurt!

The next night I went to GroundZero, a regular club with college students, I'm 6'4 and I wear $$$ italian designer wear, It didn't take long before I was surrounded by hot girls trying to catch my eye. I ended up with a 25 year old Banker. We went back to her place for a freebie. The next night I checked out Club Asia on Chemela. I got there around 10pm. I had a pick of about 8 girls, so I did 5 of them one at a time. They ranged from 7's to 9's there was one 10 a blonde. She looked jaded so I passed.

10-08-04, 21:41
While I'd agree with Fedora that, on average, there aren't all that many working girls in Warsaw (or anywhere else for that matter) that I'd necessarily want to spend an entire hour with, never mind a whole night, surely the object of the exercise is just to have a bit of fun. Personally, I never found the lack of English speaking girls a barrier to having fun - it's nookie we're after, not an intellectual conversation, and anyway, well bred girls never speak with their mouths full!!!! And of course they have dyed hair and wear lots of make up - they're hookers, not choir girls! And I don't mean that in a perjorative way, I'm just trying to make a point.

And come to think of it, why on earth should they speak English? This is Poland, for goodness sake, a country of 40 million people. and the vast majority of these girls provide a local service for local guys. I've found over many years that a friendly attitude, and a few words of Polish, will nearly always encourage a smile (or a laugh!) and once you get that far, then things are generally reasonably OK from then on. So Fedora, I think you just need to lighten up a bit and try and enjoy yourself and not worry too much about meeting your own high standards. In this business, don't let the best be the enemy of the reasonably decent, never mind the good. Most of my mates would say that I am quite unreasonably 'picky' in the type of girl I want (skinny, shaven, small tits, etc.) , but that still hasn't stopped me having some great laughs and some pretty decent sex here.

And as for Reamer Well (he must be such a stud, mustn't he, with a moniker like that!), I don't know whether to be mightily impressed by his prowess and his expensive clothes, sorry $$$ ITALIAN designer wear, or just have a laugh at him. On balance I think the latter.

Reamer Well
10-09-04, 02:09
Dude, Why the Burn? I'm 24 and upper middle class. I have no problem meeting and taking girls from regular clubs. I like this because no attachments, and I can have as many as I want, when I want. Simple as that.

10-09-04, 06:24
Which hotels are the best to stay at that allow you to bring girls into the room. Also, which hotels are closets to the clubs?

Reamer Well
10-10-04, 01:29
I've stayed in The Jan Sobeski,(twice) The Raddison, and The Mercure, they're all near or directly in the center, since these places on avg cost over $100 a night, the clerks never said anything to me about girls going up with me. I had a Girlfriend after the First trip, So getting dirt done on the side without getting caught was my biggest chore. After the first week. Between her, the freebies, and The P4P. I was really sore and hurting. I stay on Avg of 3 weeks at a time.

10-10-04, 16:44
Reamer Well, apologies, I hadn't realised that weren't an ordinary Joe like the rest of us but were upper middle class, no less. That fully explains your previous (and current) post and I am suitable chastened....... ;-)

10-10-04, 17:23

I arrived yesterday from Warsaw and had overall a good experience. I strongly recommend Edyta Sliska 10 appartment 17, great body, blond, does everything except anal and is located behind the Holiday Inn.

My first report , thanks to Jackson.


I experienced that agencies move around quickly and sometimes you do not locate the girls if the report are more than 1 month old.

Reamer Well
10-11-04, 09:02
No wonder I was a lurker for so long, I'm only trying to provide information for others to use from my experiences.

Since the way you Look, dress and carry yourself has a lot to do with scoring, I was letting you know from what vantage point.

If you're wearing $400 Prada shoes and A $2000 Jil Sander suit In a night club like Organza, believe me, the Quality and Quanity of Women trying to get your attention is 10 fold over a Guy in a tracksuit.

Member #1998
10-15-04, 18:59
To Studly77

I've been at Sofitel Victoria Warsaw (tel :(+48)22/6578011) ul. Krolewska 11. You can enter which any girl who like.

I've also tryed the Mercure Hotel. It's OK.

But I think that it's better to enter with her.

I had the appointment outside the hotel and we entered without any question.


Member #2025
10-16-04, 22:05
Does somebody have experience with
http://www.discover-poland.pl/ for making reservation of rooms. They have really good offers, but you have to pay by credit card and get something like a "voucher". I do not know if they are serious or not.

Thanks in advance for every information

10-19-04, 06:51
I will be staying at the Metropol on my visit. How far is this from the Marriott? I heard it was across the street. How is the hotel for bringing any girls into the rooms?

Does warsaw have a red light district with streetwalkers? I read somewhere that there is one street where they all hang out.

Rene Belge
10-19-04, 21:19
I have used this website discover-poland.pl on 2 occasions, one this summer and one in 2003 to book the grand and the Marriott.

I also used "click-international to book hotel in sofia"

First time out I was a bit apprehensive but no problem, I printed out the voucher send to my e-mail adress and went. I showed the voucher at the front desk at the grand and no problem. Both time breakfast was included.
Nothing funny appeared on my CC afterwards except the normal charge

It is the best rate I have found for Warsaw

Rene Belge

10-19-04, 22:34
Member 2025,

I haven't used that particular site, but www.hotelspoland.com use a similar system with prepay by credit card over the internet and they simply email you a confirmation that you bring with you to the hotel. I've used it many times without any problems whatsoever and I suspect that the site you are referring to is also OK.

Enjoy Warsaw!

10-19-04, 22:38
Looking at the menu of services on offer at Pulawska 43, they offer something called "Chiński Deszczyk" for 20 zł. I suspect that I shouldn't ask my secretary to translate it for me so can anyone enlighten me as to what this is?? If not, I guess I'll just have to go back and try it for myself and find out!!

My Own Again
10-20-04, 07:55
"Chinese rain"

10-20-04, 10:42
chiński deszczyk = [CodeWord103] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord103) ... :d
but it makes one wonder: how would you secretairy translate it? lol that would be something.
cheers mate.

Local Expert
10-28-04, 08:33
I stayed in W. for just one night and did not do any mongering, as I was pretty tired. Just allow me to give you two infos which might be helpful for "newbies" as I was (and surely still am) one:

1) When you arrive at the airport, ONLY take taxies with a 4-digit telephone number on top. DO NOT follow guys in the exit hall that shout "taxi - taxi". The fare to the center of W. is between 30 and 50 Sloty, that makes between 8 to 12 Euros. The cab fares change according to the taxi company. They charge between 1,2 to 2 Sloty per km and state their fare on a sticker at the right back window. I think the drivers feel a bit insulted when you ask for the price from "A to B" in advance, as they all have meters inside. I never felt fucked by any cab driver during my 5 dyas in W. and Gdansk.

2) I stayed in the 3-star hotel "Gromada" (www.hotele.gromada.pl/hotele.php?id_hotel=17) for 40 Euros the night. This place is in the center of the city, pretty clean and not that expensive. They have a small bar and I saw one chick in there, but she seemed to be pretty old, so I didnt do anything.

W. has a beautifully restored center and appeared to be a nice city from what I saw when wandering around a bit in the dark. The beer (in normal bars) is very cheap with 6 Sloty (1,5 Euros).

Polish people seem to be very proud, so I did not feel like being "hunted" by the girls. W. is definitely not Minsk or Kiev.

10-28-04, 19:15
i will be in Warsaw next thursday night (4th) and was wondering if anyone fancied meeting up for a beer and trying to pull some non-pro's

reply here or send a message.


10-28-04, 19:19
Oh yeah, will be staying in the Mercure, anyone got any info on girls in the bar or local street action (as in outside hotel?)


10-29-04, 21:18
In the hotels you will find the most expensive but not the best girls!

Don't invite this grils.

In Warsaw there is almost no street action.

The way to find a girl is simple.
Buy a (polish) newspaper like the "warszawa zycie"and look at the ads.You can not miss it. It is a page full of small ads often with a picture of girls( not THE real picture) and adresses plus phone number.

Buy a map of Warsaw and look where in town the apartments with the girls are.

Most of them are in the centre so you can walk.W is not a dangerous place in the evening. Then visit this places and find your girl.Take a cab with the girl to your hotel.
It is as easy as that. Prices: 100-150 Zloty an hour, that is $20-$30 us.

Just one warning: the polish adresses have double numbers like:

..... street 4/ 218.This means: building 4, apartment 218.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find the correct apartment.

Often a block has an entrance to a small square and at that square are the entrances of a group of apartments. So you have to look around.

It is almost impossible to ask somebody where that apartment is. If you have the guts to ask.Nobody speaks english. So easier is to flag down a cab and ask him (all taxidrivers are men) to help you to find the right apartment.

At the entrance there is a small panel with numbers, 1 to 9).Sorry, I don't know the english word for it.If you have found the right apartment, key the numbers, somebody will answer in polish, will not understand english so just say hello and wait.
Then you hear a buzz and you can push and open the door.

You enter a, often dark, staircase.Go up and find the right apartment.

Don't use escort agencies. A lot of polish, more often ukrainian girls, will not be conform your expectations so: see before buying.

Find your way. It is that easy.


10-31-04, 20:06
Maciorius, and 'myownagain',

Thanks for your translations. Just as well I didn't get my secy to translate, eh???


The area round the Mercure doesn't have much action that I am aware of, but there are plenty of decent bars where you will find lots of gorgeous Polish girls. It's up to you how successful you are with them, but you might try the Paparazzi bar on ul. Mazowiecki. The talent there seems pretty awesome, but how approachable they are I couldn't say - I was there with my good lady!!!!

But if you have a look at Reamer Well's posts, you'll find some good advice (snigger, snigger!).

Actually, you'll find Polish girls are just like girls anywhere else in the world, except that they do seem to be, on average, astonishing good looking. But no doubt if you're presentable, with a decent line in chat, you'll do as well here as anywhere.

But the main thing is - enjoy!

11-01-04, 09:07
Dear All

Spend last week in WAW and had a great evening at the Villa Rosa. As the experienced WAW travellers know, it is a bit far fromthe city center (20-30 min) and by normal taxi should cost approx. PLN 40-50 each way. Normally the taxi driver who brought you waits and brings you back. These guys have an agreement that for every 3 customers they bring they get a free ride! How about that for a corporate perk.

In any case, met two nice girls and had a threesome in a huge jacuzzi (girls names were Agnieska, Polish and Ochanka (?), Ukranian). Great experience at a cost of PLN 1000 per hr. You can also take the girls out, min 3 hr for PLN 300/hr, same rate I think per hour if you stay in the club.

Villa Rosa is safe and the times I have been approx 8/15 girls there.

Have fun,


11-20-04, 20:45
I have been to WAW a few days in november. I had the pleasure of visiting several privates and brothel/clubs in the center area. By my openion I must admire that it is much better value for the "business" to try the privates. It is mostly cheaper at the end than the clubs/brothels, and you will experience I think the girls are not so worn out as in clubs etc. This may be not in every case but for the mostly. I had an bad experience in club a-studio at Jarozelemskie. The girl were very careless. Sorry cant remember her name. But on the contrary i visited Livia and a girl by name Sonia was giving a good experience for 150 zl. Two privates in the same area were a pleasure to mention. Weronika and Magda on Batorego street gave a first class service for 200 zl an hour. You find them in sexatlas and odloty pages on net.

Besides of that not too much has been changed the past 3 - 4 years by my humble openion. Much for your hard earned $$ if you have luck with the service girls specially in the privates.

11-20-04, 23:12
OK Guys,

here's the lowdown -- was in Warsaw for 3 days last weekend and looked around for punting.

First day did what I had read here -- went around looking at the privates. But many of the apts were closed, and some were just in scary lookin areas (dark, deserted alleys etc.) That includes Club Aisha on Chimelna -- was tough to find and kinda scary place at night. And the girls were just horrible lookin.

Other privates too did not have good lookin girls (the max i could find was maybe a 7 out of 10, and many in the 2-5 range. All in all, I think the privates are not for those seeking good lookin women.

Then I finallly went to Private Lux on Pulawska. This was good -- took 2 honies -- one 18yo, one 23yo for a 3some. This was the 18yo's first day on the job, so I had to get her to relax and loosen up a bit. She had great tits.

But they would not do anal -- all the girls were Polish and Poles seem to have something against anal. Only one girl would do anal, and i didn't quite fancy her. But it was a good way to end my search after drivin around with the taxi driver for 2 hours visiting all these other apts, I finally had a good enough ending to the day. They charged 90zlt per girl per hour. And an additional 100 for them to be active together (i.e. lez). Then another 20zlt each for suckin without condom which was well worth it. Then they asked for another 50zlt to lemme come in their mouth, which I declined. They were both around 7-8 outa 10 in looks and also performance. The 23yo had been doing this for 2-3months and also spoke english so she took charge. Overall a pretty decent GFE, they kissed and cuddled with me. After it was finished and I was waiting for my cab, the 18yo was lying at my feet and she let me play footsie with her nice titties which was a nice way to end it.

If you need to go Private -- definitely go with Private Lux -- good bargain and girls that know about customer service.

I'll write later about my other 2 days there.


Jack B Nimble
11-22-04, 07:29
First, thanks to all the guys who contribute here and helped me find some interesting possibilities in Warsaw. Decided to try Kamilla http://www.odloty.pl/cd/cgallery.php/cID/176/page/4
based on some reviews on odloty. She speaks very good English, has a great body, face is OK, and she provided very good service (BBBJTC) went for a second cup (but I couldn't). She was qutie reliable and friendly, called when she was going to be late and then called again to make sure I was there. Did not get to the studios, but she was a very good value (even if she charged me 50 zl more than posted - 250 zl, which is about $80 US

Robert Munich
11-23-04, 23:01
Tonight, I visited Villa Rosa.

I have been there already abt. one year ago, but was frustrated, since there were only blondes ( I need brown/´black ones since I am blonde myself ).

this time, I was really impressed by the huge selection - there were 10 girls, all of them young and nice, mostly speaking english and very friendly. very soon i decided to hook up with Elena, a black beauty from Belarus, about 27yo, tall and slim. After some warm-up at the bar with a serious discussion about her homeland, we went upstairs.

We headed for the Jacuzzi first for some relaxation and to get the feeling for each other. Soon, we started massaging, caressing and licking each other, so that we needed to go for the bed to continue. She allowed DATY which she enjoyed so much that she climaxed. that made my missionary sex even better after this preparation. I finished very satisfied.

Then, we continued to talk until it was time to leave. Not my cheapest encounter in Warsaw ( total PLN 800 incl. several drinks ), but that girl is really great.

Have fun - Idefix

11-27-04, 20:12
On my second day, I just decided to go to Arena/Sofia (the 2 clubs are now together as one big club.) The entrace was 35 zlt +5zlt for checking your coat in. Some of the girls were really hot and charged 50zlt for lapdance on 2 songs, with touching allowed. Beers were 12zlt each. It was a good place to relax and ogle, but the girls apparently dont go back to your hotel room. Maybe things change if you wait till 4am when they close, but I left at 1am.

Since I was really horny after watchin those hotties, decided to go to some clubs where I could hump some tight honies. Called up Villa Rossa, but they said they had only 3 girls at that time. They said that earlier they had 20, but now they were all busy with customers. Then went to Club VIP which had 5-6 girls, a couple of them were 8's, but their attitude was bad. They said they would 300zlt + an extra 200zlt for BBBJ and no anal. And they really spoke quite arrogantly which made it clear it was not going to be an enjoyable experience. So I declined and then the cab driver took me to Club Oasa which was close by. There were no good looking girls there. so i just gave up and went back to the hotel and called it a night.

On my 3rd day (Sunday) I called up a few clubs to find out which ones have the most selection, and which ones have younger ones (typically I like 18-19yo the best). Apparently Sunday is not a good day to Monger -- a lot of girls take the day off apparently. So even Villa Rosa which had 20 girls the night before now had only 6. Other clubs responded similarly. The only exception was Club Eden which told me that there were 20 girls and 5-6 of them were 18-19yo. So I went there.

This was about15-20 minute drive out of the city center. The house did not have any sign saying Club Eden outside and they seemed to have a tight security system -- someone had to come out to open the locked gate, they had this ferocious bulldog chained in the back of the lawn. And the girl selection was only 6-7, not 20 as reported. And I didn't like most of them. Luckily at the last minute this really pretty and hot 18yo comes in. She was a 9 and definitely my type, with a thin body, dashboard stomach, with medium sized titties. And they were charging only 200 zlt per hour.

So I took her up. She said she was just doing this for a week to make ends meet. I really took to her so I showed her a lot of affection and she responded very favorably. Lots of kissing, hugging, feeling each other -- just the way i like it. She let me undress her, and I almost did DATY since she had the perfect skin and the perfect shaven pussy, but decided not to since I'm not a huge fan of DATY anyway. She told me she wouldn't do suck without condom though. Then I gave her an extra 100zlt and she happily agreed and even played with my precum.

She was so damn hot, looking at me with her pretty blue eyes, while licking strands of precum from my dick. And she licked my balls and just about anywhere I asked her to. I really got into this and let her give me oral in many positions -- with her lying down and me bringing my dick to her mouth and rubbing it on her titties back and forth. The smooth skin of her chest felt sooo good on my balls. Then also did oral with me standing, with me sitting at the edge of the bed. Lots of different position. And that was it, I enjoyed it so much, we didn't fuck. And she let me cum in her mouth, and played with the cum, and kept licking/sucking for a couple of minutes after the cum. And all this from a sweet young hot thing like her -- it was amazing. I could have gotten used to it and would definitely have repeated if I was staying longer. But since I was leaving the next day, and she also said she was going back to her hometown the next day (after a week of this kind of work), alas, it wasn't going to repeat. But I got great memories. In real life, I could have fallen really hard for this girl -- so soft, sweet, and pretty. She spoke great English too -- said she had 2 years of English in school.

So I would suggest you try out Club Eden -- maybe you'll luck out and find someone else like her there.


Cruise On
11-28-04, 11:59
Maybe I am getting fussy but I tend o prefer avoiding the search the streets for a random apartment, club etc and all the additional problems of transport this brings with it.

I have been luck in Warsaw and recently struck another service which I believe to be good. If anyone has had contrary I stand corrected.

For around 200Zl for first hour then reducing accordingly A-studio found on http://a-studio.pl provided me with a good one off service. The website shows some gems which turned out pretty accurate in my case and whilst I met the lady involved outside my hotel (Bristol) she was on-time. I paid her driver then we were away.

Took awhile to warm up but the rest was ideal. There is a lack on English speakers on the web site but shouldn't really matter, especially as the general number is handled and organised well in English. For a real treat it may be worth visiting their premises (there are two) but as mentioned earlier I opt against this.

Anyway I though it was pretty good.

12-01-04, 21:46
A few weeks ago i asked for info about Warsaw and if anyone was in town and wanted to meet.
i was originaly there in warsaw for 3 nights but this changed slightly as the people that i went to visit wanted me to stay local so they could take me out to dinner.

Well here is what i got up to

First of all i will tell you my thing- when travelling my first option is to pull a local (amateur) in a bar/disco, i have been quite succesful at this but if nothing happens then back to the hotel hoping there are some working girls in the hotel bar. One thing with pulling a local is that this only works in pairs, as walking in to a disco on your own and standing at the bar alone drinking has dick-head written all over it. So first thing to do is find a partner, hence my request on this site.

second option is go to well known ex-pat bars chat to an english speaker who is like-minded and off you go hunting.

no luck

so after walking around warsaw on what turned out to be my only night there I can only say that after travelling around many countries in eastern europe poland certainly has more than its fair share of top quality snatch. i will be going again soon and will hopfully be with a colleage.


Whilst on my hunt i was walking down a street in the city centre when a nice girl, early-twenties walks up to me and starts talking in polish, i look confused and she asks if i speak english. she then goes on to tell me that she has no money, has been evicted and needs money as she can no longer sleep on the streets and that she has not had a shower for ages and is desperate for one, she will do anything!!. i gave her my standard reply to beggers and said i have no cash as i only use credit cards etc and walk away.

after about 10 paces the penny drops, sleep on the street, need a shower, will do anything - i have a nice big bed and a shower on the hotel.......SHIT

too late she was nowhere to be seen

What a dick Head


12-01-04, 22:01

I think I know the girl you are referring to. She was hanging around Nowy Swiat/Swietokrzyska last summer, with a large dog as I recall! She was quite pretty too, but a bit flakey and I'd be wary of bringing someone like that back to a hotel. If she wasn't as nice as she seemed she could give you all sorts of grief.

I share your sentiment about 'dick head' written all over you when on your own. There was a guy a few weeks ago in the Paparazzi bar trying to chat up the girls and making a complete arse of himself. Quite funny really!!

If you want to PM me when you're coming back to Warsaw we might be able to meet and compare notes :-)

Bimbo Boy
12-08-04, 21:37
dear fellow mongers.

i must respectfully disagree with the opinion of some of you on this board: poland is not a bad place for the hobby. on the contrary, i think that it is a fantastic place. there are great girls at cheap prices, and the business is quite well organized. some working girls are of the magazine model type.

i was well prepared thanks to internet research. forget about avocado, warsaw escorts or warsaw beauties: they are rip-offs in the czech style. their prices are in euros instead of in zloties and it makes a huge difference. you will find everything you want at the local prices on sites such as odloty, sexatlas or kochanka. speaking polish helps: learn some. the translation site poltran is very useful.

the normal price for pussy in warsaw is 150 zl (about 37 euros) for 1 hour. if you are willing to get out of the center of town in some less confortable places, it's easy to get 100zl and even less. many of the english speaking girls in the center of warsaw ask for 200 and sometimes 300zl.

you can have owo, but anal is never accepted, even when it is mentioned on the girl's website. i was astonished at the percentage of girls that are really hot and enjoy fucking. .

a good hotel for bringing a girl in your room is the mariott. forget about the bristol as you are too much under the scrutiny of staff in the lobby. the bristol doesn't have high speed internet access. the mariott has, but makes you pay 30 dollars a day for it! i agree that it can be a good idea to hire a taxi for the day that can wait for you when you end up in far from the center.

i went to 3 privates mentioned on this board and they did not exist anymore. people were surprized and not happy when i rang their bell. finally i arrived at private lux (puławska 43m1), well recommended on this board. this private is a dump place with a big fat mamasan at the entrance. i was shown 2 girls and preferred gosia over a beautiful skinny blonde that unfortunately had terrible teeth. gosia is a beautiful 28 years old and a slim brunette. nice but doesn't kiss and oral with condom. when i told her that i was frustrated because i found her too mechanical, she was concerned and became then quite friendly and tried to do better. she explained to me that she was married! a good time, but nothing exceptional and i will not come back. when i left, there was this 80 year old guy, touching the girls while discussing with the mamasan. price 90zl (i gave 100).

i then tried an independent girl. oh my friends, i hit gold! she was a genuine love goddess! 19 years old, blonde tall and slim. perfect breasts. beautiful smile. an air of elegance. she moves with grace as if she glides on air. passionate sex, dfk, owo. i felt that she was making love to me, and not just doing sex. it was a pure joy to caress her perfect body. i felt like a king. nothing exceptional in terms of technique, but classical things done with passion and fun. it was like i was 17 again. i came several times. we played sex games and danced on the music. next time i am in poland, i will reserve her for 3 days and check her with me in the hotel. a word of caution however. this girl makes love to you, not sex. but don't fall in love. when the time is up, then it's over. she would be a world class courtisane if only she had a little more conversation. the lack of a higher education shows. but what a sweet sweet girl! cost 150zl. at the end of my stay, i saw her a second time. i paid then 200 because she deserved it.

i will give love goddess's contact details only to honourable members of this board that have provided good stuff to the forum (pm me). please treat her well, as this angel deserves it. i am putting a couple of pictures of her in the gallery.

my third girl, laura, was also an independent. she accomodates clients in her own flat that she shares with a girlfriend (novolipski 22, tel 889 179 088). she is a sweet 22 years old brunette, with average looks. a little more weight around the hips than in the pictures. she looks much younger, and i had the impression of fucking my 16 years old girlfriend in her family apartment while mom and dad are away. dfk, owo. nice, but passive. she did not put her heart into it. cost 150 zl. i will not come back.

after all this young flesh, i got the fancy of fucking a spicy 40 years-old hoe. so, i made an appointment with brigida. her private is at elektoralna 15, tel 660 310 373. a comfortable and clean place in a nice district. i was welcomed at the entrance by a gorgeous and pneumatic blonde called marta. 21 years old. classy, generous breasts, beautiful face and smile. and what a great ass! round, firm and curvy. her superb ass and hourglass hips can only be compared to the finest brazilian "bundas". a real head turner. if you take her to a restaurant or a disco, then everyone will envy you! marta told me that brigitta was now too old and had retired from the business. she could not do a line-up because her colleague (a beautiful, tall, slim but angry looking girl) was with another client. she asked me if it was ok if i went with her. of course i said yes!

as i entered the bedroom, i saw the customer of the other girl exiting his shower, naked with a towel around the hips. he excused himself in german. boy! i knew then why the other girl looked so pissed off. this guy was very fat with a huge beer belly. he could barely pass the doorframe. three like me could not fit in his pants! i felt sorry for the other girl that i fancied fucking myself.

marta seemed overjoyed of having picked the right number (i am not a model, but relatively handsome and fit). she immediately jumped on me, and did a superb owo on her knees as i was standing and dancing on the music. i procedeed with a passionate daty because her pussy was good, healthy looking, clean shaven and smelled nice. i banged her wildly in all possible positions as she was kissing me with passion. it was quite athletic and we ended up drenched in sweat. this girl likes sex! cost 200 zl. it was worth every penny. i would like to see her again but there is so much fine pussy in poland!

the fifth girl iza was also an independent. she stays at niepodlejlosci 245, tel 503 504 647. she was only 21, but looked like a hardened 30 year old pro. nice, clean and cosy room. dark black hair that gives her the looks of a gipsy. firm, toned and slender body. good professional sex. owo but no kissing. no anal even though the website mentioned it. i was too shy to ask for it when i made the reservation, and this is a mistake. the girl is an intelligent university student and speaks 3 languages. smalltalk was interesting. she is tough and strong willed. i think that, contrary to the other poor girls, that she will have a successful business career. she probably will not have any problem about sleeping with her boss in order to get a promotion! paid 200zl upfront. i enjoyed her because she is smart and i may come back.

on a local polish internet site, i saw an ad for a pair of girls. they were skinny (my preference) and cheap: 150zl for the two of them. in brazil i had seen many promotions for pairs ("duplas") but never tried it. so, l decided to go. fortunately the girls spoke some german. i could not understand the polish street names, so i asked them to send them to me by sms. very convenient, and easy to show to the taxi driver. they are at 41 wspolna, tel 696 699 617.

majelna and kosha are 19 and 21 years old. average looking faces but good bodies. majelna is a petite blonde with very small tits (and self-conscious about it). very sweet and a great kisser. kosha is taller, darker. much bigger tits. she's hot and hungrier for sex.

both did owo and dfk. owo was 50zl extra. no problem. i fucked majelna cowgirl and missionary as kosha was caressing her friend's breasts and licking my balls. i then fucked kosha from behind as majelna was caressing me and stroking my balls. then she glued to my back as we fucked kosha in rythm. they wanted me to change my condom every time i switched girls. kosha was enjoying herself and was slowly reaching her climax when i started to realize that her anus did not smell good at all. this really put me off, so i gently asked her to leave, and told her that i would prefer to finish majelna alone. she was not insulted and left the room gracefully. i then had a great finish with majelna: a gfe type moment. super! total cost: 250 zl (with a 50zl tip for majelna). i will not repeat because they are not beautiful enough.

finally i went back to see love goddess again. what a gorgeous and sumptuous chick! after our passionate session the day before i was aghast when she asked me in a businesslike fashion: ''is it my friend that you want, or is it me?''. hey, she is a working girl, not a girfriend! it's business! it was a great but short fuck since i was tired. my dick went soft as i do not use the chemical pills like viagra or cialis. 7 fucks in 48 hours, i needed some rest.

regards to you all.

12-08-04, 22:50
Hello Tommysnap

I will be in Warsawfrom the 15-19 December and wondering if you would like to meet up for some Mongering. Of course the drinks are on me in exchange for some help on were to find the best broads.

Write to me via this board if we can make it happen.


I think I know the girl you are referring to. She was hanging around Nowy Swiat/Swietokrzyska last summer, with a large dog as I recall! She was quite pretty too, but a bit flakey and I'd be wary of bringing someone like that back to a hotel. If she wasn't as nice as she seemed she could give you all sorts of grief.

I share your sentiment about 'dick head' written all over you when on your own. There was a guy a few weeks ago in the Paparazzi bar trying to chat up the girls and making a complete arse of himself. Quite funny really!!

If you want to PM me when you're coming back to Warsaw we might be able to meet and compare notes :-)

12-14-04, 16:35
Hi Guys,

I will be back in WAW from 10th to 14th Jan. Anybody up for a beer and a good hunt ? PM me and see if we can get something good organised.

Have Fun !


Member #1998
12-18-04, 15:13
Does anyone knows Kamila ? She looks great on the web site, is she really.

The link with her site :


Thanks to all.

Member #1998
12-18-04, 18:07
Hello Guys,

I've been in Warsaw some weeks ago. I wanted to experiment spending on night with a girl (one hour seems also too long or too short). I called a girl called Weronika. I have seen some picture on her web site (http://www.sexatlas.pl/vera) and we have exchange some mails. You can find her phone number on her page.

She speaks English not very fluently but enough for want I expected. She asked me to wait for her outside the hotel so she can enter easily. We had no problem entering, it was the Sofitel Victoria hotel.

She looked very closed to her pictures on the web. She was not very active but accepted every position even anal and CIM (not swallowing). She was quite shy. We spent 2 hours enjoying our time. Then we had dinner before finish our night in the bed. She left at 6 am. That cost me 850 PNL (800 PLN plus 50 PLN for the taxi). The only thing she refused is to take a shower together (I don't know why).

Enjoy your time in Warsaw and share your experiences.

12-20-04, 15:43
kamila was great. She did oral, straight and anal. All for 200 pln. Good looking girl and nice apartment (but she does have a big dog) in the centrum. Pictures are realistic. I have steered a number of buddies to her welcoming environs.