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05-16-02, 05:41
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Ken Wenchman
06-25-02, 18:36
For info on ladies in Spain & Portugal try www.geocities.com/escorts_spain_portugal

07-05-02, 20:04
going to Lisbon for a week. Can some one provide some info on cheap and safe places to hunt women?

07-18-02, 13:07
Hello, there !

Going to Lisbon soon : which are the going rates for all-nighters at "Elefante Branco".

Any other suggestion ? Are Lisbon Hotels "girl-friendly" ?



07-18-02, 19:35
The prices at the elefante branco start at 150/200 euros for a couple of hours,at least for the locals.-they usually charge more to tourists.
If you tell the girls you come to Lisbon often it´s a good idea otherwise they will try to make you pay more .

09-30-02, 05:07
I just completed a very short 5 day trip to Lisbon and wanted to relate the following thoughts. Elefante Blanco, Gallery, and the Strip Club next to the Gallery are all alive and well with acailable talent. I found the girls in Elefante to be the best, although the Romanian and Lithuanian stippers in the Stip club were wonderful as well. Prices for the standard hour were a little higher than other cities I've visited (100euro to 300euro). All depending on your bargoning skills.

The Escort service Correio da Manha (21 727 5137) speaks very good english and offer a starting price of 150 euro.

I couldn't locate the place on Rossio (Near the McDonnalds) Either they were out or I was in the wrong place.

The street action was absolutely abismal! Nothing I'd touch with a "rent-a-dick"! Old, ugly, and pretty drugged up.

Best advise: Escort Service or Elefante. Sometimes quality IS worth the price.

Big Bug
11-13-02, 12:32
Originally posted by paganslave
I just completed a very short 5 day trip to Lisbon and wanted to relate the following thoughts. Elefante Blanco, Gallery, and the Strip Club next to the Gallery are all alive and well with acailable talent. I found the girls in Elefante to be the best, although the Romanian and Lithuanian stippers in the Stip club were wonderful as well. Prices for the standard hour were a little higher than other cities I've visited (100euro to 300euro). All depending on your bargoning skills.

I found the elephante, where is the strip club & Gallery or is it the same place ?

Big Bug
11-18-02, 17:47
went on friday to the hipopotamo, just off the sheraton, same building as best western hotel. There are more girls on week end than during the week. Girls were soso. Had a drink with one, the took here out. (drink + cover = 25 euro, she wanted 100 euros). Went to my place at 01:00(hotel), good sex. She then took me dancing at 03:00 to kapital and later to Lux. back to my place at 05:00 more sex, wake by 14:00. All in all not bad for 125 euro.

next day went to passarrelle 1 (http://www.passerelle.pt/ --- Av. Óscar Monteiro Torres, nº 8 B 1000-219 Lisboa Campo Pequeno). You have to ring the bell to get in!!!. Must have been 10 girls, Jesus my teeth hurt. The girls were gorgeous. The strip show had me raving. The private dance with a tall english blonde had me going. BUT no touching, who the hell invented such a dumb rule, aghhh. Alas it seems we cant invite them out. All in all i spent 95 Euros for only a hard on this i find is a lot of money.

01-01-03, 16:54
Look at the advertisements in Correio da Manhã, the daily newspaper with the best selection of relevant 'classificados', under the heading 'convivio'. Plenty of adverts from all over the country. In this case we are looking at 'Grande Lisboa'. Everything from houses with a few girls of varying quality offering 15 minutes for €20, up to agencies whose ladies cost the earth.
I shall be reporting some experiences from the cheaper end of this market in the next week or so, with addresses which are important: my Portuguese is adequate, but the girls who answer the phone at these places frequently can't or won't speak English, frustrating for the non-Portuguese speaking gentleman.

To begin with a place which will be very handy if you are staying in Cascais or Estoril. Take the train to São João, less than 10 minutes, punctual service. When you get off, cross the level crossing towards the sea, past the taxi stand, first street on your left is Avenida Emilia. Down this residential street 200 metres, garden gate entrance to no 10 on your right (the numbering of this street makes no sense) ring the bell, they'll buzz you in.

Inside, best picks are Sandra, busty Russian blonde, 30-plus in great condition, dynamite, looks for orgasm and often achieves it, does everything and does it with relish. Her friend Fabiana, charming dusky Brazilian. Another blonde I've not tried. Half an hour for €40, service with a smile. Both girls together, for the very strong: €75. If you're staying in Cascais or Estoril you can escape from the wife and enjoy this delightful outing in only an hour or so. Recommended.

01-10-03, 22:21
street action, you ask? of course it exists, but i am unable to recommend much of it. the area across the main avenue from cais do sodre rail station is picturesque and must have had its heyday as a seedy sailors' red light quarter between, say, 1920 and 1970. nowadays it is squalid but safe by day - dark, dangerous and dirty at night. two good irish bars nearby but do not, even if you are in a desperate state, drink so much guinness as to be tempted by the hookers here. you cannot be in a more desperate state than they are...

slighty better, but another relic of past glories: avenida liberdade. there is, to be sure, a quite stimulating peep show just up from restauradores square on the left, in the street where the elevador da gloria, a tourist attraction cable car, trundles uphill. further up, there are once again the remnants of what must have been an active rld in former times. i did try a lady of the night there once, and was led up a steep street to a nice clean pensão and overcharged by a girl who was older and less attractive in the room than she had seemed on the street. classic streetwalker's trap - why fall for it, veterans?

geographically between these two drear sites is the praça da figueira. on its ne corner are a couple of streets with mostly appalling old ladies whom you would have to pay me to fuck. but once or twice i have plucked a young african beauty off this corner. since two of the city's €20 bargain apartments are nearby, these are a better bet if you are in this very central tourist area panting for a rapid discharge. a later report from the trusty murrilloa will tell of you these dependable sites.

some 700m n of the above, between metro stations martin moniz and intendente, on avenida almirante reis, on the e side of the avenue, there is a thriving sw scene. you are now right outside the tourist zone already, and deep in hard drugs territory sharing the turf with the very saddest junkheads in europe. several of these are female, and for sale - an option if you are seeking the most repulsive way to commit suicide. but... there are also young, tightbodied, clean and well groomed girls from a variety of african nations who are asking €15 for a quick one upstairs in some surprisingly acceptable rooms. i have had excellent experiences with women aged 18 to 20 here. also some sad ones with girls who seem homesick or working against their will. always leave a good tip for these sweet girls. by day the place seems, well, not safe exactly but as if the various different criminals are not going to fuck up their territory by tolerating violence and having the police boys along. but with junkheads gibbering on every corner, you are never sure. i quite relish the mild tingle of fear. but i don't enjoy shitting myself with terror, so wild horses would not drag me here during the hours of darkness. nice irony: the area is called 'anjos', portuguese for angels. like los angeles in california, this is a place the angels must have fled in horror, many eons ago.

some standard advice: never, in any of these places, or anywhere in lisbon, or anywhere in the world, allow sexual excitement to lead your penis into a vagina or (not my scene) anus without first donning 'love's rubber armor'. i hope i am preaching to the converted.

and finally in the patronising advice section - never never go to parque eduardo vii. one or two females, but mostly sickening and dangerous rent-boy action. no, not even for the curious.

my next update will bring us off the street into the warm cosy fragrance of one of lisbon's classier mansions. até já...

01-14-03, 21:35
I’lll return later to the promised survey of the cheaper end of the Lisbon market, assuring readers that research is being conducted with selfless vigor and enthusiasm…
Meanwhile, something a little pricier but still good value in worldwide terms. It’s a further option for tourists based in Cascais.

At Rua Maria do Carmo Fragoso Carmona, number 18, Cascais, there is a discreet house of pleasure. If you think the street name is a bit of a mouthful, wait until you try to find it! You can arm yourself with a map of Cascais-Estoril, sold cheaply in the kiosks, or write the address down and show it to a cab driver at the stand outside Cascais station: he’ll get you there in five minutes for less than €5 But it’s also only about ten minutes walk up the hill behind Cascais Villa shopping center and Jumbo supermarket, two major landmarks. Walk up the hill, passing two roundabouts, and you’ll eventually find this very quiet residential street. Number 18 bears a plaque that reads ‘Casa da Palmeira’. Ring the bell; they will come out to admit you.

Inside, a small selection of quality ladies asking €100 the half hour, €150 an hour. I have enjoyed Sandra, henna brunette, and Magda, blonde in boots. Both in their mid twenties, very accomplished prostitutes who gave value for money. All the girls seem to speak a little English. Viewing the selection at the start of my visits, I have noticed that the house style tends towards the fuller-breasted or even slightly plumper lady – a drawback for those of us who see petite as perfect – but perhaps that’s just been coincidence. Be warned that if you pay for half an hour, even if you are the kind of stud who unloads two shots in ten minutes, nonetheless one ‘terminacão’ is your full allowance. But with either Sandra or Magda you are more likely to be gasping with repletion at the end of one long, busy, varied and exciting mount. I spent a good twenty minutes inside Sandra the other day, to the brink and back several times. The house is quiet, clean and elegant, and offers a drink before you make your choice. I would imagine that outcalls are an expensive possibility, but did not enquire. The telephone number is 214861669 or (mobile) 963307787.

Summary: it’s tucked away in a corner of this wealthy area, to cater for the reputation-conscious local husbands and fathers – but it’s well worth setting out to find.

01-14-03, 21:38
My current set of reports is partly designed to tell foreigners what locals already know: that there is more here than the tedious Elefante Branco, Hippopotamo and other such places which have featured in many reports. As one guide book has it, these clubs are named after the pachyderms who frequent them, Unfair, no doubt, but why sit late at night in a smoky expensive bar trying to distinguish which of the dimly-visible barracudas might be worth €150 or more, and worrying about how to sneak her into your hotel? Fact is, not all of us are in a girl-friendly hotel, or any kind of hotel. We do not all have money to burn, or the time, inclination or the good excuse to be in the dullest part of Lisbon during the small hours.

In the light of the above, here’s a location with a special attraction. I have discovered that at least two of its girls spend the late afternoon and evening here before going on to circulate at the abovementioned bars. It’s a delicious irony to think of these ladies offering to visiting businessmen, at €200, the same pussy which has been served up to ten or a dozen savvy locals during the course of the afternoon for a mere €30. This is the case with Rebecca, a petite miniskirted blonde from São Paulo, aged twenty-two, who sleeps during the morning, arrives about 4pm, and indulges her appetite for good enthusiastic friendly sex until late in the evening when she goes off to eat and transform herself into a gallery girl. The cost of a quality quickie with Rebecca is €30. So you can enjoy her on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons for less than the cost of taking her once to your hotel at night. There is another lady here with the same routine, whose name I have forgotten. And yes, that’s €30 the fast service, €50 for a half hour with the chance of two entries if you’re up to it.
Address Rua Pedro Nunes, 45, 2D. How to get there: Metro to Saldanha, a modern business district. At one side of the square is a smart shopping center, Atrium Saldanha, where it’s fun to watch Lisbon’s neatest sec-exec chicks sporting their business suits and boots while they buy their sexy lingerie. With appetite thus whetted, head for Rua Pedro Nunes, two blocks off Saldanha square (map in the metro station may help) find number 45, an older apartment block, and ring for number 2D: a helpful explorer has scratched a little cross by the number on the bell outside. One warning: the earlier you arrive, the less likely you are to find top girls: indeed on my one lunch-hour visit I was greeted by a line-up of 6 very mediocre ladies, one of whom I mounted solely out of courtesy. Most of the girls are Brazilian, which means they come and go, but as the travel brochures say, ‘every effort has been made to ensure that this information is accurate at the time of writing.’

01-15-03, 20:21
Rossio part I
Everyone knows the Rossio, the central square N of the grid of streets called the ‘baixa’. Tourists come here to sip cold drinks in the cafés. The area boasts two bargain houses where rapid refreshment of a different kind is on sale for just €20.

We’ll begin with the seedy one: on the E side of the Rossio itself between the Restaurante Suiza, and M********’s cholesterol outlet, right by the metro entrance. Number 35, green door off the street, concierge slumbering on your left, tailor and hairdresser on 1st floor, climb dingy stairs to the 4th floor, number 92. You’ll find 6 or 7 women in their thirties, working mother types, in a barely-acceptable apartment often full of punters queuing and smoking. The ladies are a mixed bunch. I’ve found two or three attractive numbers here, but also, one lunchtime when no one else was available, the very ugliest woman I’ve ever attempted. Murilloa’s dedication to his chosen branch of Anthropology was put to a stern test. €20 buys covered BJ and a ride in two or three positions, then it’s "next, please", and your successor steps up to the plate. The house keeps very busy servicing, shall we delicately say, the broad base of Lisbon’s social pyramid. Recently standards seem to have declined, and I have decided not to go back for a while. Before summer I will return and do field work. Meanwhile the offer can be compared with M********’s down on the square – a rapid, convenient but unexceptional short snack, which leaves you hungry for something better a couple of hours later.

01-15-03, 20:28
Rossio part 2

Next door to Rossio is another wide square, the Praça Figueira, again known to tourists because Lisbon’s trams, both the cute oldsters and the modern brutes, trundle into a corner of the square. Leading S from that very corner is the Rua dos Fanqueiros, where bargain clothing is to be found as well as a house of sport in the first block. Number 277 on your right, next to a shoe shop. Street door is usually open by day; take the elevator to the third floor, apartment 3D. Do not be put off by the fright who opens the door, she is for sale but better options await in the TV lounge into which she ushers you. Incidentally this is no poky garret like the one above M*********’s in the Rossio. It’s a refurbished apartment with a fine view of the square and would make an appropriate urban dwelling for the kind of wealthy, cultured idler that Murilloa is going to become when he gets divorced and wins the lottery. But enough fantasy, for reality is good here. Carol and Paula are both outstanding value at €20. Carol is Asian-Indian, 35 years old and has been pleasuring men for money, she says, since she was 17. Nonetheless, her café-crème body remains lithe and slim, and her dark-furred pussy is a tight delight. She pays attention to hygiene in the impeccable bathroom, and moans with pleasure throughout the act she has performed so many thousands and thousands of times. An eccentric touch: she keeps a white poodle in her bedroom, called Margarida. This clean inoffensive canine lies in a corner watching proceedings through one eye. The tales doggie would tell us, could she but talk! Paula is a Lisbon girl, only available after 5pm as she works in a nearby bank. She enjoyed telling me how she sits demure and bespectacled behind her computer all day, then comes to 277, changes into tight skirt and high boots, and becomes a sex tigress. She’s also a thirty-something in firm, slim condition, and relishes her work. Told me that in Coimbra a few years ago she once fucked 37 horny young students from the university in twelve hours. When she asked whether that was a record, I told her about the WSG and that I would enquire of the experts. Any advance on 37, ladies and gentlemen? The only possibility in my experience might be the houses round Constitución station in Buenos Aires a few years back where the Paraguayan and Dominican girls were veritable 'máquinas de sexo'. Many working girls don’t enjoy talking this way but both these ladies offer raunchy sex and raunchy conversation. Of course you need to understand Portuguese to get the full kick out of this. As long as these two are around, Rua dos Fanquieros 277 is a recommended bargain house.

01-15-03, 20:52
January 15th.In a time of war, famine and global warming, there are events which touch the heart and restore our faith in human nature. Senior Membership has been conferred upon Murilloa. As a forty-some-year-old Brit, I have friends who hanker after the honours our absurd monarchy still awards to faithful toadies of the establishment and selfless workers in the health and education fields. The MBE, the OBE and so on. Not for me such vain ambition: it is enough to become a senior member of the WSG. Manly tears of pride are coursing down my cheeks as I write. I promise I shall endeavour to be worthy of this high commendation. Alas, my field of operations is limited to Lisbon, with the occasional business trip to London (where I save my every penny to enjoy sex with one girl and one girl only, Lori from Les Girls in Soho, oh marry me, Lori) and Madrid (where I try to break my personal endurance records in successive cheapies with the Ecuadorean girls on the calle Montera). Gone are the days when I strutted the streets of Buenos Aires like a prince. How I envy the denizens of that city: look no further than the WSG reports from that beautiful place with its gorgeous women. Not least, I envy the BA pundits their lively interchange of information. Posting these messages on the Lisbon board is a lonely exercise just now. Are there no other English-speaking gentlemen here with a strong enough sense of duty to post regularly on this board and increase the world’s store of knowledge about our charming city? I throw down this challenge, and close by thanking the powers-that-be at WSG for the enormous honour of senior membership.

01-16-03, 21:06
Hello Murilloa,

I'm Peterport from Lisbon and I would like to congratulate you for your accurate reports on my home town .
Unfortunately, I 'm very picky and don't fancy portuguese women at all.
I 'm only interested in tall, slim and stunning girls in their early twenties and it seems that I was born in the wrong country.

That´s why I have been travelling for years to Holland and lately to Eastern european countries where I hope to find my dream girl.

The Elefante Branco is the only place I go occasionaly but most girls are from Brasil and only once I met a Lithuanian girl there that matched my requirements.

However , I was really impressed by your knowledge of the portuguese sex scene.
I know this site for 5 years and never before I read such exhaustive reports about my country.

01-17-03, 10:13
I was in Lisbon on business last April and with a quick search of the net came up with a fantastic girl from kappasutra - Susy. She is from Brasil, about 20, blonde with a great body. She came to my hotel for EUR200 - not rushed.
I hope to be back in Lisbon next month, and wanted to know if anyone there had visited the kappasutra club:
Av. Estados Unidos da América, 12, 3º dir (Entrecampos)
Details from - http://lisboa.lanetro.pt (click on Eroticos)

Many thanks to murilloa for his detailed updates - I plan to follow up on his leads when in town ;-)

01-18-03, 01:32
To peterport, and poolside: many thanks for your reactions. It is good to be accompanied.

Peterport: We will never fight over the same girl! You confess your predilection for the tall blonde stunner in her 20s. I agree about the 20s, but my ideal is the cute little dark petite latina. I see so many of them on the streets of Lisbon, and especially on the train (comboio do sonho) from Cais de Sodre to Cascais. Also in FNAC in the Chiado, Colombo shopping, Atrium Saldanha etc. Beautiful, beautiful young Latin goddesses.
Sad to say, I have not found many such types for sale. More common are the older ladies and the Brazilian girls. Brazilian girls have never been my thing, even when I was based in Argentina and sometimes travelled north. As a major generalisation I would say that their bottoms are too big and their attitude to sex is too matter-of-fact. There are some Colombian girls on sale in Lisbon who are closer to the ideal.

Yet another irony. I live in Portugal but the most beautiful Portuguese girl I have ever fucked works in my home town London - cute petite Lori, an 'alentejana' who works Fridays only at Les Girls in Soho. You can see what the English boys think of her on http://www.*********.com
I visit her on business trips and back in Lisbon I'm always looking for someone just like her. Peterport: if I ever come across the kind of girl you like, I will let you (and the world) know on this board. Do me the same favour if you encounter the kind of lovely young menina portuguesa I am looking for. Boa sorte.

Poolside: Thanks for some new leads. Lanetro.pt and kappasutra seem worth following up, and I will let you (and the world) know if good things come true there. Stay alive on this board to maintain the joy of life in this beautiful city.
Tomorrow murilloa sets out early to go shopping for classical music CDs and porno DVDs in the Feria da Ladra. After lunch, he proposes a field trip, perhaps to Praça Chile, so as to stop chatting on this board and return to offering hard data. There is a house near Arroios metro that I have visited repeatedly and enjoyably but I keep forgetting the exact address and must return to make sure I get it right for this site. And of course if murilloa arrives there around lunchtime tomorrrow it will be a matter of duty to mount somebody. But for now, good night, it's Friday, nearly midnight, Lori will have fucked 20 men in London by now, and I roll into bed anticipating tomorrow's investigations. Boa noite from murilloa.

01-23-03, 19:45
My last 'report' was loquacious and uninformative, awash with booze and unrequited love.
Herewith something laconic, brisk, neat and efficient, rather like the service it describes:

Where: Rua António Pedro 68 3'D'
Metro: Arroios, green line
Near: Praça Chile
Price: €20

Street parallel to Avenida Almirante Reis, major avenue. Just before Praça Chile, on your left heading N, into Rua J. Falcon, first corner.
Antiquated lift to 3rd floor. A selection of youngish Colombian and/or Brazilian girls. Change of personnel every fortnight. €20 BJ and fuck. No stunning beauty at this price, but nor will you feel let down. I enjoy Colombianitas and visit frequently.
Short and to the point, no?
Até a próxima.

An online Lisbon map is at http://www.hot-maps.de/europe/portugal/lisbon/homees.html

02-17-03, 21:31
Very sexy petite hardbodied Brazilian girl Andreia working at the venue described in my last posting, Rua António Pedro 68 3 'D'. I enjoyed her very much this afternoon and will be back - she says she'll be there only a couple of weeks. Hurry boys, this is a bargain.

Ruca In London
02-19-03, 02:56
Originally posted by murilloa
Very sexy petite hardbodied Brazilian girl Andreia working at the venue described in my last posting, Rua António Pedro 68 3 'D'. I enjoyed her very much this afternoon and will be back - she says she'll be there only a couple of weeks. Hurry boys, this is a bargain.

is there a phone to book? Or just go there?

02-19-03, 23:52
Just go there, bazurka. No booking at a place like this - it's a 'quickie' joint, and if they tell you she's 'ocupada' just wait, she'll be no more than 15 minutes. Open from around 1100 to 2100hrs. Enjoy, and report back.

02-19-03, 23:59
Another Lisbon venue:

Avenida Republica 45, 9 'D'

150 metres up the Avenida from Praça Saldanha (previously described). I was shown 8 girls, all interesting, settled for the youngest-looking, 25 year old Laura, shy and nervous at first, loosened up, eventually an excellent experience. She told me all the girls at this establishment are Portuguese, no Brazil or Russia here. Not much English either.
OH, yes, the price: €80 half an hour, €100 the hour. As it was my first time here I took the half hour but will be back for the hour with Laura some time soon.

Boa noite

02-28-03, 21:04

I'll be in Lisbon in a few months. Any info regarding places to stay and the better clubs would be greatly appreciated. Please
message me should you require info regarding the scene in Houston, TX.

Best regards,


03-02-03, 02:19
Thanks for the punter's link. I check it out and never realized all the action in London. I have been *****mongering throughout Europe and seen alot of Brits everywhere. I assumed that they were coming because of the slow action to be had in the UK. I will be flying into Amstedam (from Canada) in April and I am starting to plan my endeavors. I usually check out the German FKK Clubs. I may also fly into London for a day or so. I would love to talk with you via email Please email me at iceman_is_your_daddy@yahoo.com

Thanks for your advice.


03-06-03, 20:04
Hi there.

I´ve been living in Lisbon from a couple of years now, so I have some hints for all of you who are thinking coming to this beuatiful place.

In Lisbon you´ll find a pretty reasonable offer of sex related activities....but if you expect to find a "latin Amsterdam" you should forget about it.

First of all, there is no RLD and action on the street is, almost everywhere, lousy!

The clubs are a good bet if you have enough money to burn. I mean the girls are gorgeous but all of them are only thinking about your wallet.

So, this bring us to the best bet in Lisbon: "casas de massagens" or, in other words, brothels.

You can look the adverts in local newspaper "Correio da Manhã", but, to all of you who haven´t been practicing portuguese, here´s the first hint:

- Cascais Eden (100€ / 1 hour or 150€ / 2 hours)

By far the best place in town with fabulous girls. It´s at Cascais (naturally) in Dona Maria do Carmo Carmona Street, 18. You can call to 21 486 16 69 for them to explain their location, but it´s near the town center.

Last couple of times i´ve been with a gorgeous slim twenty-something blue-eyed blonde named Marta.

We started with some water action in the pool-sized jaccuzzi and then BBBJ and sex with french kissing. As we seemed to be in the same frequence and the mood was begining to be somewhere close to an GFE she gave another BBBJ in the end and let me cum all over her slim body. However, she told me that this last part had been an "extra". Lucky me!

03-10-03, 03:01
Hi Punch!

In Lisbon there is a very wide number of hotels it all depends
on your budget.
If I were you I would look for a hotel near the centre- there are many categories available.

With regard to girls, the best night club in Lisbon is the famous
Elefante Branco (white elephant) in Rua Luciano Cordeiro-all taxi drivers know the place.
In this place, the girls are gorgeous - mainly from Brasil but expansive.They ask for 200 euros but it depends also on your negotiation skills and the later you go there the cheaper it gets.
Prices tend to drop after midnight.You can take the girl back to you hotel or to a nearby pensão(guest house)
You can just go there for a drink and you will see for youself.

Nearby in Avenida Duque de Loulé you can find Night & Day and
Gallery but the quality of the girls is lower and so are prices.

For apartment girls just read Murilloa's accurate reports.
I wish you a pleasant stay in my home town.

03-11-03, 13:38
Can someone give me some info on the best place to go around the airport or the Quality Inn Lisbon? I will be there only one night and need some info. I arrive Sunday and leave Monday morning. You can email your info to me at valmont1976@yahoo.com Just put Lisbon info in the subject line. I would really appreciate any help you guys can give.


03-11-03, 21:24

You are a welcome new presence on the Lisbon board. Keep us informed of your researches. I will certainly assemble €100 and return to the Cascais Eden, where I have not unloosed the veteran porker for some time, to try your Marta.

Here are two cheap and fresh young women currently plying their delightful trade in different parts of Lisbon. I have described both houses in earlier reports, where you can find directions:

At Rua Pedro Nunes, 45, 2D, just off Saldanha Square:
Isabel, aged 22, tall, robust, Portuguese. Black boots, black hair, large but firm derrière, small very hard and sensitive breasts.
She is in great demand but well worth the wait, at €30 the quickie, €50 the half hour, and then up (as it were).

At Avenida Emilia, 10, São João do Estoril, close by the rail station of that name on the Cascais - Cais do Sodre line:
Carys (or Charis, or Karys...) a truly exciting 21 year old Brazilian mulatta, with charming laughing bright eyes, soft full lips (two pairs) and a tight young body - this was a fine combination of GFE and pornomovie for me last night, for €40. I'll be back soon, and who knows but this café-crème dream may just conquer my longterm prejudice against Brazilian girls. Speaks a little English, enough to say to me, last night, at a crucial moment, "come, come, come!" Did I oblige the lady? Ohhh, you bet...

These young women are friendly, cheerful and sweet, as well as having other succulent assets. Strongly recommended. Both venues welcoming, clean and safe.

The latter venue should be a €15, fifteen minute taxi ride from your hotel, just write the address on a slip of paper thus: 'Rua Pedro Nunes, perto da Praça Saldanha' and give it to your cab driver. Alternatively if you have nocturnal time and money to spare, ask cabman to take you to 'Club Elefante Branco' - anyone driving a Lisbon cab knows the way with his eyes closed. It's similarly 15 minutes or so from where you are staying, but for my remarks on the place, see an earlier post: some love the place, me no.
I wish you luck, and hope you get satisfactorily 'fodido'. The world awaits your report.

03-18-03, 17:11
Does anyone have any experience of this outfit - www.escortlisbon.com ?

04-06-03, 13:00
A disappointment yesterday: after Saturday morning browsing in the market, made my way to a dependable €20 venue mentioned in earlier reports, Rua António Pedro 68 3'D' near Arroios metro and praça Chile... to find it closed with some kind of bureaucratic police bullshit notice stuck on the door.
I Suppose the other occupants of the block complained of this peaceful and harmless apartment where Brazilian and Colombian girls sold cheerful cut-price pleasure. It's a mad world, my masters.
They'll have moved somewhere, and the tireless Murilloa will find them and share the knowledge... but yesterday there was nothing for it but to walk all the way down Avenida Almirante Reis to Rossio, and up to the third floor of Rua dos Fanqueiros 277, where Caro was waiting: reassuring me that in times of war, hysteria and decay, some joys are permanent.

Zé Duron
04-21-03, 04:56
First of all thanx murilloa for your amazing reports, there was something missing till you showed up.

Many thanks
It is very difficult to gather up a few guys who care enough about our hunting art....to bring up this material this fellowshipness is missing...

Coming to the point... in my opinion the street scene is been going down in the past year...there are very little girtls, from which only a few are interisting enought for us to stop by.
In Artilharia Um, is a brunette, her name is Rute, she´s 27, nice body, beautiful long hair and a superb attitude. Her blow is amazing and she will let you play with her for as long as she likes it...and believe me its lonnng... amazing and its all for 25€...a lot of fun... there are a few others in this block, namely a tenny redhead...she´s hot and frindely...and she has a friend (who swings between blond and brunette) who will only do it in a room nearby who is hot as well...sometimes she wears heels...

At the Técnico...business was ruined...you can hardly see a white woman, and they are all getting in the years....
Restelo is very low right now...it´s all junkies, bad scene...

So I had to start looking somewhere... and I got myself a newspaper (Correio da Manha) and started ringing the girls...there are about 300 tel numbers everyday...

I like to go hunting after dinner, say...23 hours....and I have been noticing that the appartments are closing earlier...a lot close at 20H...a few others at 23H...what a shame...for the lonesome midnite rider...

I have visited Alameda D. Afonso Henriques number 23, there where about 4 girls, one was leaving (I llcome back to her later)...

On the phone I had asked for some specials... girl has to like foreplaying witha dildo, long nice fingernails and heels...and do anal!

A petite blond opened the door, nice face 7, ok body 6...she told me she didn t do the specials I wanted and so introduced me to the girls...a black girl late 20s...she would do anything...in fact she was naked already and grabbed my dick tru the pants...I declined she wasn t pissed....next girl was a brasilien and i had enough of them right now (just for now!!)
...next came this brunette (turning reddish, that style) she was leaving...but was willing to knock me out... but I was to stupid and said no...ending up with the blond girl...I don´t know why it just happened,...all I got was a quickie blow and a bursting fuck with her on top.......50 euros.... wasn t worth it ...but I ll give them a 2nd chance.... hoping to get some directions and on the next mail I ll give in my good experiences....

04-22-03, 13:24
Zé Duron,

Bem-vindo, newcomer. Let us know more of your excursions among the many venues listed in Correio da Manha. I have had a slack period recently but will soon return to the hunt, encouraged by the fact that there is someone else out there engaged in the same noble pursuit.

A question: what time of night does Rute go on patrol in Artilharia Um ? She sounds like my scene, although unlike you, Zé Duron, I am usually an early evening, before-dinner operator, so if this is a midnight lady I will have to arrange a special excursion. And does she only enter cars, or is the transaction consummated in a nearby Pensão? (I don't do cars).

Once you are ready for a Brazilian again, do try Charis in São João, as described below.

Happy hunting, amigo.

Zé Duron
04-23-03, 05:44
Not all that glitters is gold, but t´s worth checking as long as you don´t have to stick your fingers to deep into the mess.

But let me come back to Rute....she starts early coz she has this blablabla about only diong 3 or 4 tricks a day (night)...I don´t know!! Fact is she starts early and finishes at about 01H... she normaly stands, lonely at the corner, if you drive down from Rua Artilharia Um to Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca just at the beginning of the school (not the side to the ritz where only older womean can be seen)... She is extremly nice and talks and talks...you can really get easy with her....We did it in the car, was a rainy nite, she told me to drive close to the Muslim moshee, a smaller road up...and there we were in the middle of the city but clearly unwatched (altough there was a streetmast at about 5meters lightening up the friday....and it was raining, little, but still raining...she let me smoke a joint first.... an apetiser...showed me her nice titts, unzipped herself, pants (and panties) down...and I could take a clear look at her (as clear as u can get in a car), breast is ok, could be fuller for my apetite...legs are good, ass is very nice...as white as her skin (winter), i could see no drug marks...and a lowely face.....she did a covered bj, for 5 min...stopped just to tell me that if I wanted to finger hershe was alright with it...I had been caresing her hair and back for all that time...so I covered my finger and got down on her...she was smiling, looking strait at me from down there....I was really surprized by her attitude....then I wanted to finger her ass...and she said no way...with that condom...get a another one...and so I replaced the condom and fingered her ass, she moaned and started blowing the hell out of me...we had to stop 2 or 3 times coz I could hardly get it going for much longer....by this time i was already kissing her breast, face and neck...then she took another bit of me in that increadible mouth and looking at me made me come with such glamour....We had a cigarette or two and while we were driving back she grabbed my dick tru the pants and said..it ain´t big but it serves you just fine.... and I love when a prostitute does this to me...and thats what they are....and its great that there are honest *****s in this town....I ended up giving her a ride to Santos where I dropped her...

There is still a lot for me to write about like....
-I finally made it to the rua dos Fanqueiros
-a wonderfull brazilien I met at the Técnico
-a portuguese busty brunette in her mid twentys from Alvalade
-portuguese Maria from Estoril....a goddess for euros...
-a blond portuguese, 170cm tall, wearing all that fashionable stuff gucci-girls do (one day its designer sneakers, with white tight jeans the other day its high heel boots or sandals witha beautiful dreas.... she is a real sweat girlfriend if you can afford her...in Saldanha)

I guess its ak for taday, considering that it was all written non stop just as it came back to me....still I would like to leave a question in the air:
-Are there other streetscenes?? (It´s may voyrism...)
Where can I find ather low end price apartments

Lars Berg
04-25-03, 19:42

If you are looking for SW in Lisbon go to Rua do arsenal and rua da alfanega, about 30/40 eur for a fuck. They usually have a room nearby. Some very cute girls here, Africans, Eastern Europe and Portuguese girls.

best regards

Zé Duron
04-27-03, 03:43
I finally made it to the rua dos Fanqueiros....

Went there on one of these Lisbon days where its rainy tru out the whole morning and suddenly the weather changes to sunny afternoon and you never know what shall I wear, raincoat, just a normal jacket... It was grand, I left the job at 16 h got myself in the tube. Exited at Avenida (blue metro line) and decided to walk down to Rua dos Fanqueiros very well described on this board before. I lit a cigarret and went down Avenida da Liberdade, Praça do Rossio and ended at Praça da Figueira for a last bica (small expresso,,,grandious).

When I got to this reniewed building (Rua dos Fanqueiros 277 3º right) I didn´t even see the elevator, so I took the stairs, got to the door and got nicely greated by this tall slim but quiet ugly brunett whereing nice high heel boots and tightblue jeans, still provoking. She showed me the girls, about 5, all from South America (brown and black hair), all in their undies and wearing high heels. One was a tall brunette with big melons, sexy but not clean enough. There was a petite, quiet sexy. Unfortunetly none was of my absolute 100% tast so I left.

On the way out the tall brunett (short black hair) offered herself saying 20€ for bbbj. I declined and headed out.. I wasn´t dissapointed because the girls told me that at the end of the month new girls are arriving and they will have a blond or two which I was asking for.

So I decided to try a new place at Alvalade, and thats where I meet a Portuguese busty brunette in her mid twentys from Alvalade.

So see you boys arround and keep posting!

05-03-03, 17:33
Sorry this post is late... Around the 15th of March, I had a one night stop over in Lison. It was on a Sunday, don't remember the actual date. Anyway, maurillo I tried to find the street you told me about, but like an idiot, I forgot to write the building number down. Oh well, I went back to my room at the Quality Hotel there in Lison, and called the front desk and ask it for girl. Within an hour (sunday afternoon), I had a girl who looked mixed, black and port., she was natural body, nice tits. Nice girl. If you are staying at that hotel, call down to the front desk and they will hook you up. The price was 150 Euros.


05-15-03, 19:43
Just back from another excellent session at Rua Pedro Nunes 45, 2D near Saldanha. Isabel on top form as porno girlfriend for €30. Feel so good I'm breaking a rule against reporting on the same place twice. Summer has come to Lisbon...

Zé Duron
06-10-03, 04:54
Hi folks

A couple of days I dropped down at the Rua dos Fanqueiros, 277, 3rd right floor (downtown) to find 3 ladies waiting for some company. One colombian petit coffe skinned, semi-blond ****, she had this cheap porn movie starlett thing going, besides her I found a tall dirty molata and a brunnet from spain, named Angelica, with nice tits and round butt, not for a vegetarian guy. She was half GFE, half ****. In addition, there was this Indian tall girl who was not my type.

Later on I took a look at Benfica, street name goes like this: Beco Escola dos Vintém (close to the chuch of benfica), I forgot the house number and floor but got the phone number. They have 3 or 4 girls around, I found this Brazilian petit blond. (about 160 cm) gorgeous curves, with Beautiful fully sensitive hard medium breasts (the closest to silikon...) beautiful back and astonishing ass and she is the true Brazilian girl: horny, nasty, childish, playful, sexxxxy and she doesn´t mind her job at all, she does it all, just ask for it or play difucult. she will crouch to get you horny and she does French kissing which is hard to find around here! Ask for her at: 96 412 93 30. They also have another apartment somewhere else at Lisbons Suburbs but I found her in Benfica. This is an absolute must at 40 or 50 euros.

And to make the triology happen I got myself to Rua Dona Estefania, 156, 1 esquerdo, to find 5 girls (3 portuguese, 1 Brasilian and one russian); the brasilian girl, a brunet, about 26 had a nice smile and big tits but I was looking for a local so I had to choose between two beautiful blond petits (Patricia and Vera) They are aboth about 22 years old, and great in demand coz botha are beautiful, sexy and share a graet attitude which is the most imporatant, they do dildo games, they'll even lick your asshole, just ask. I won´t tell who I choose, you can try them both (phone number 96 665 98 60, they are open till late about 4h in the morning!!)


Ruca In London
06-24-03, 22:23
Anyone knows any websites of girls in Lisbon? I will be passing by next week and would like to have some fun. What do you recommend?

Zé Duron
06-26-03, 00:58
i know about two sites: www.aslolitas.com which is only in portuguese and shows very little, but still it is worth trying out and www.riofantasy.net where you can peak on some brazilian girls (lots of pics). i have never used it coz but i have seen there ads at the portuguese newspaper "correio da manhã"...

i will have more stuff reported in the near future... something about an apartment that offers an 3 h orgy with custumers and about 5/6 girls for only....75€ as well as other remarkable offers, but first i´ll be waiting for some more feedback and research!

07-07-03, 09:32

Can someone tell me if the action in the streets is still during the day in Monsanto and in the night near tecnico, Estadio do Restelo and also near Artilharia 1?

I will be there from 11/7/2003 until 15/7/2003 so I would like to have a info until there.

Thanks in advance

Zé Duron
07-10-03, 01:34

well first of all i think the street scene is ruined, most girls are junkies or illegal imigrants from africa / brasil, but don´t you go imagining beautiful [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) brazilian chicas! the truth is that the scene has been going down and we reached the gutter.

second, this isn´t that bad because you will find out that the apartment scene is getting better and better, and i would rather pay the 40/50 € for a nice adventure in a cozy room than risk my health on the street. i used to have a different opinion.

so read the previous reports, grab a pen, list down the places and when you get to portugal buy yourself a correio da manhã newspaper.

does anyone know about places in sintra, cacém and amadora???

thanx in advance

ps: i am hoping for new post on this board!!! come on guys!!
have a wonderful summer 2003.

editor's note: posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. to avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. thanks!

07-29-03, 09:25
As promised, recently returned to check out the bargain house in Rossio, on the fourth floor near a notorious junkfood outlet - full address in earler report. There I got persuaded into a threesome with an Indian girl and a sunburnt 'alentejana'. Both in their mid thirties. Not usually my scene, but I have to admit this was fun and raunchy riding, with both women making ribald comments to encourage each other as murilloa did his manful best. Most invigorating - and all for €30.

Bad news in São João, the mulatta goddess Chris has moved on. No doubt to another 'casa' but with so many of those in town where does one start? The online classifieds in Correio da Manha take 27 screens to scroll through, just for Greater Lisbon. Thus - echoing Zé Duron's remark - there must be plenty of choice and plenty to report on - so c'mon, fellas,

One venue to avoid - Rua A. Pereira Carrillho, 34 2E, uphill fron Praça Chile. Old, old ladies.

09-14-03, 15:58
Well sorry about my English...

In Cascais area near Lisbon, there is some nice houses for me is a place call "Cascais Eden" real nice girls are very clean but they are a beat hurry, try Cristina I called her to my hotel for an overnight (about 500 €) and she was sweat she arrived at 10 pm and was suppose to left about 8 a.m. in fact she just left at 3 p.m. French Kiss ok and a nice blowjob without condom, anal sex ok.

09-23-03, 02:29
This is my report from vsit to Lisbon in August 2003. I thought I had posted this before, but I don't see it, so here goes again:

As many here have recommended, I checked the classified ads section towards the back of the daily newspapers. If I remember correctly, the two newspapers I looked at were called "A Capital" and "Correiro de Manha".Lots of classified ads in there. Usually with a cell phone number, brief description and age. These seem to be 1 or 2 woman incall apartments.

I wrote down a few and started calling. The second one I called had the following description: "19 Oral, bla bla bla" with a tel number: 918 164 187. A woman answered the phone, was nice and spoke passable English. She told me the address and told me to take the Metro to the Campo Pequeno stop and walk from there. Pretty quick train tride with one change of train I think. Of course I got lost when I got out of the subway, so I ended up taking a taxi - only to find that I was just 2 blocks away!!

Area was pretty residential, lots of big apartment buildings, pretty low key. Found the building and went upstairs. She was definitley not 19, more like 28 or so, but cute - a Mulatta - half Portugese and half Mozambican. Pretty face, very sweet, petite build, a bit of a belly, very nice round ass and nice legs.

She offered a towel for me to clean up. When i came out of the bathroom she put on a porno video and gave me an okay BBBJ and then we fucked in a few positions. She was good in doggie but in all honesty there was a bit of a pussy odor in that position. That really didn't fit with the whole experience since she was very nice and intelligent, the place was clean and all. So I don't know if it was just a temporary thing or she really didn't know that the pussy stank. I paid 50 Euro for the 1-cum, 30 min session.

For thos eof you who don't want to go through the trouble of finding a Portugese newspaper (and buying it when you obviously can't *really* read it!) - here is the list of the rest of the phone numbers I had written down:

967 538 126
21 314 00 39 / 21 314 00 42
916 903 992
966 129 035
967 077 758

I have no cue if these would be better or worse than what I got, but there you have it. The news papers had like HUNDEDS of classified ads, so there are many more to chose from if you do some research. Some people say these newspaprs have online classifieds to. I never looked for that, but that might work too.

09-24-03, 14:35
well about on-line classified here are some links:

http://classificadoscm.xl.pt/adlist.php?step=1&CAT=3 (select Lisboa in the page)



Latin Ass
10-07-03, 19:51

I am going to lisbon on Saturday for a few nights and wanted to get some help from the locals. I am just about to book a hotel inCosta da Caparica. Is that far from the "scene"?, Do taxi drivers cost a fortune in Lisbon? How long would it take me to get into Lisbon when I feel an urgent need for a good shag with some cute latina? Can anyonre recommend a good cheap Hotel preferably with a pool closer to the action?

I have read some of the reports here and Lisbon sounds like my place, at least for a few days, hows the weather down that way right now?

If anyone has met some young beautiful latina in an appartment drop me the number, I am looking for some good times, and preferably Australia will win in the rugby on saturday.

Best Regards

Latin Ass

10-08-03, 15:27

You are a bit off the beaten track in Caparica at this time of year. In the summer, loads of fine latinas on the beach and more than a chance of free sex in the sand dunes and car parks. Here are the local numbers as given by the newspaper today.

Caparica.. Massagem... Senhora Só... Atende... Privado... 965519489

00.00H... 2 Amigas... Show... Lésbico... Exótico... Caparica... Domicilios... Festas... TM.962860937

00.00H Caparica... Mulatinha... Universitária... Lindissima... Corpo Escultural... TM.936855695

00-00H! Caparica... Novidade... Loirinha... Sensual... 24A... Tel.968377354

A Caparica- Senhora sensual e meiga. Particular. Tm.969264658

Caparica... Alta... Simpatica... Elegante... Completa... Massagem... 93-8043685

Caparica... Show... 2 Gatas... Meigas... Tm.961166743

Caparica... Peitinho 44... Lésbico... Real... Tm.961166721

00-00H "24H" Caparica Paulinha+ Novidades 20a 966196121

00-00H "2 Boazonas" 22/28a.!!! Caparica... 30 Beijinhos... 968559407

00-00H Verónica!!! Amante de Sonho!!! Caparica. 968876132

Caparica, Casal atende Cavalheiros e Casais. 969965125

00-00H... 20/25A... Indiana... Mais 4 Novidades... 20 Beijinhos... Caparica. 964813219

Travesti "Caparica"Ruiva... Lindíssima... Seios38... Autêntica Mulher!!! Tm.:967658923 (www.patty.web.pt)

Caparica... Estou... Só... 15... Beijinhos... Liga-me... Agora... 9h/20H... Todos... Dias... Tm.963763433

Caparica, duas brasileiras fogosas atendem hoteis/ domicilios 969740945/ 918770083

Caparica... Sem Pressas... 2ª Oportunidade... Tm.964100279

00-00H "Caparica" 933602126 JOana... Quarentona... Busto grande... Anca larga...

If you don't speak Portuguese you may need a friendly hotel employee or taxi driver to help you make the call or get around. Prostitutes aren't allowed to be too explicit in the classified ads, but when they say 30 beijinhos (kisses) this means a fuck for €30. You'll find latinas also mulattas and brazil babes. More expensive and varied action across the river in central Lisbon, quite a boring journey fron Caparica, €30 by taxi, which as you can see is the price of a respectable fuck. If you have cash, try Cascais, an hour's journey from where you will be. Look at the other adverts in tabloid 'Correia da Manha' and ask local advice. With a bit of effort you are bound to get very nicely laid in Lisboa. Good luck, and report back on this site, please. My previous reports give a still-accurate view of the scene in central Lisbon and along the Cascais line, but I don't cross the river to Caparica between September and March, and have never fucked for money there. Come to think of it, a friend once told me there are many horny Russians on the South bank: but you want latinas. Don't we all...

One last thing: we Europeans are HURTING for England or France to overturn the horrible southern hemisphere in the Rugby. If you need a place to watch the matches, try Hennessey's Irish Bar at Cais do Sodré, near the ferry from the south bank and the train station to Cascais.

have fun,

Latin Ass
10-10-03, 13:51

I appreciate your words and knowledge, a gut feeling (and a telephone call to the hotel in Caparica concerning the cost of a taxi), has made me re-think Portugal and I now intend to stay in Central Lisbon, the 30 euro 1 hour ride may put a damper on my shagging exploits.

I will indeed be wondering the streets of Lisbon next week in search of renegade latin sex godesses and porn queens. From reading your posts you seem to be knowlegeable concerning the lisboa porking situation and in fact your posts made me choose Lisbon as the venue for my quad- monthly sex adventure. I will report back when I get back from this trip and let the board know about experiences. Appreciate your numbers below, but if you have the number of any recent lisboa local secrets that you found entertaining, (i.e Similar to Charis below ) let me know.

PS: I will be in Hennesseys on Saturday.

Cheers Comrade

Latin Ass

10-12-03, 10:53
Aussie, I'm sure you've done the right thing moving back into town. I recommend the train ride out to Cascais, where you can stop at a mid-price place in São João, as described in one of my previous reports. Sadly Charis has moved on, but Russian bombshell Sandra has returned and she looked after me in fine style on my last visit (€40). However, you're after petite Latin goddesses, not stacked blonde babes.
I think you would probably find the right girl at the relatively expensive mansion in Cascais, at the end of the railway line - also previously described by me and other local cocksmen. €100 for half an hour, but guaranted professional service. A while since I've been there.
Strangely enough Lisbon can be a bit tantalising for the Latina fan because there is eye candy a-plenty on the street, but the pay-to-lay scene, at least at the cheaper end, is mulatta, brasileira, black chicks or Portuguese working mums. I've been less active here than usual, partly because of saving up for my trips to London and a special girl I've got there (gorgeous petite Latina, eat your heart out!). But last year I did have two or three experiences of the kind you are looking for, by ringing ads in the tabloid newspaper Correio da Manhã which have the key word 'Universitaria'.
The reason I haven't reported on these encounters is that the turnover is high: these girls are real uni students, and advertise for a month or so to raise the rent or the instalment on the car or the holiday flight to wherever.. then they vanish. This is frustrating, but in a way just as well, because last year I was in deep danger of falling in love, then the girl disappeared from view, heartache in the short term, a relief in the long. These are Portuguese girls, educated, funny, pretty and almost always with respectable high school English and an interest in foreigners. Prices €100, 150, 200...Newspapers 'Publico' and 'Diario de Noticias', more upmarket than the 'Correio', are another place to finds ads for these classier chicks - their principal market is the well-heeled married business or professional type. (Hence the legendary stories of guys who ring these ads, turn up at the apartment and find their lovely law-student daughter opening the door in bra and stockings...!)
The danger, as I said, is of getting 'enamorado': I am a presentable man in mid-40s but have no illusions, in theory, that a lovely latin 21 year old, however sweet and charming she may be, is going to be keen on a long term relationship. But try telling yourself that, when you are lying post-coitally next to all that firm beauty, chatting and teasing..
I digress. Do investigate 'universitarias', and check out 'clinique d'massage' and 'michelle e assistentes', also advertised in little box ads in the same newspaper.
And of course if you hang out in Hennessey's, or trail round the 'bairro alto' of an evening, it is not at all impossible that you may score with a foreign chick, although any locals you see there, will usually be accompanied already.
Happy hunting. May your ausssie cock be triumphant, and your aussie team defeated. I shall wonder which one you are when I next spot a crowd of Oz types in Hennessey's.

10-13-03, 22:26
Aussie Latin Ass has provoked me into looking for a really nice Latin chick in Lisbon after a while of lazy inactivity and cheap-end shooting. So I went off on research today and for the first time tried 'New Center’ advertised in ‘Correio’. This establishment is located in Rua Marques de Tomar, 33, 5 D. It is in the heart of the commercial new avenues district but quite a walk from metro stations Saldanha or São Sebastião (equidistant). If you are in a central Lisbon hotel, just give the address to a cabbie and you will be there in under 10 minutes for less than €5.

I was introduced to 4 women in their mid twenties, all Brazilian and all (in spite of that, I hear you say) worth considering. I chose Paula as slimmest and prettiest. Did not regret it for a moment. Was shown into an immaculately clean clinical little room with shower (the whole place is got up to look like a small exclusive beauty parlour) and opted for €100 for an hour rather than €80 for half hour. Of course I knew that €80 would be strictly one shot and €100 gives you a chance of two, but I am nowadays, sadly, a one-shot man so I wondered if I was wasting €20 which could be used some other day for a bargain fuck when the safety valve just desperately needs to be opened.
I needn’t have worried. Paula was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. I suppose I’d better inform perfectionists that she has a discreet caesarean scar and that her breasts have been very tactfully augmented: but she is 25 years old, with a fabulous tanned firm curvy body, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, beautiful smile, beautiful bum, beautiful ****. A Latin goddess par excellence. She’s attentive, affectionate, chatty. Drawback for some: no English or Spanish, but so warm and giving that this would likely not be a problem.

We kissed, caressed, she gave lovely covered BJ, then we eased through all the positions before I came hard and memorably. Parallel mirror helped me take the mental photograph. Then enjoyed erotic and personal conversation, with kissing and stroking. Then the part I usually find hardest, when I’ve paid for two shots. I worry whether I’ll be able to achieve, but also I’m awkward about exactly how to ask for number two, since many of even the best girls will make no move until you do, and this is even more difficult in a foreign language. Not with Paula: she sensed exactly what I needed, and with around ten minutes left of our date, she slid her hand across chest and belly down to cock, squeezed, stroked, roused, and then administered a beautiful hand job which left me gasping and spurting for the second time. A rest, a shower, a hug, and back out into the balmy Lisbon evening making plans to save up for the next time. Obrigado, Paulinha.

Zé Duron
10-14-03, 02:24
dear forum (part 1 of 2)

in this latest participation of mine to this forum, i will try to put things a bit different from what i used to do. first of all to all those that have never been to lisbon, and to all of those who only got to see a blink, lisbon is the capital of portugal also known as the city of light, you´ll get about 250 dry days and about as much as close to 3000 hours of sunlight a year. portugal has only been a democracy since 1974, so only the youngest generation has had the experience of living in a prosperous capatalist country, trying to achieve the european community standart bit by bit. it´s been a very long struggle that was only soften by the typical portuguese way of life: “laissez faire”.

in therms that matter to this board i say: prices have been climbing up, but at the same time expectations and variety have risen to a never seen standard.

we have a major influence in our ex-colonies, specially to our african brothers and sisters, as well as for their neighbours. brasilian are more and more to be found in the past years, i guess since the last crises hit south america. the same goes for people arriving from the ex-comunist block. first it was the moldavian, romanian and ukranian males, trying to get a job at a construction site, now their wifes and girls are hitting the streets and clubs.

in my opinion there is an enormous variety to choose from. i would divide the market in three parts.

the first would be the street scene which to my own sadness is going down the gutter so i would rate it 3 out of 10 possible points. the only good news is there are finally some new faces to see from romania, but still i would avoid it as much as possible.

the second market are the clubs, places as gallery bar, black tie, cave, metro-e-meio and all the other top clubs named before my review. on my last visit i paid 25 euros up front, luckily including two hard drinks! the place was packed, i got in at about 4 o´clock in the morning, this bar was open till the last customer leaves, maybe at 8 in the morning. as said it was packed and i could spot about 40/50 girls, ranging from 5 to 8 (i am as realistic as possible, so 10´s are excluded!), and the majority between 20 and 30 years old, half of the girls are from brasil our latin america, 40% are portuguese and the rest from eastern europe. very little blacks, only a few were to be seen. prices and service are dependent on your skill to bring these ladies to a reasonable speech. if they start asking for 250 €/hour, i say: forget it darling, not that stupid. most of them will start with 120/150€ and if you have the will you´ll get them down to 100€ nine times out of ten, which is reasonable enough at that late time of the night. the great part is that you can chat with the girls for hours in these clubs, drinking your skotch for 6/7€, holding their hands and making plans. order a bottle at a table, you´ll pay about75 €, but you get yourself a cosy place to sit down with your friends and girls, you can serve them drinks for free, if you want to and they will gladfully accept it, but never ever buy a fancy champagne bottle, it´ll be empty in a minute. by the way, coke, juices, soda and ice will be refilled for free if you buy a bottle. this was the best decision to do, we got ourselves a bottle of the good old gordon´s gin and had a beautiful talk for about two hours with the girls company all the time. we were three of us and we chatted to about15 girls from all over the world. altough they will be dressed sexy enough to excite you, they will look decent enough to get in any hotel in lisbon. what surprised me was the good relation between different groups of guys, no one was trying to steel this beautiful brasilian girl from me altough we were only chatting and in the end it didn´t happen with her, to pricy for me and i had the hots for a portuguese bleech blond very chique girl, a girl you would call a tia in portuguese. you can´t call cristina a girl because she´s 32 right now, but she looks sharp and has a really nice attitude, beautiful to listen two if you speak portuguese. at six we left the club and headed to a close residencial, cheap nice looking hotel, for the 100 € the room was included. as we were both smokers we started slowly and the session ended about an hour later with two cigaretts for each of us. i then took her back sat for a while with her and we shared aother gin from my table and then she left, meeting some people on another table. i left it must have been 7h30 in the morning… spend about 200 € for three and a half hours of pure exciting fun with beautiful, gorgeous and splendid women.

the third part of the market are the endless apartments strolled all over the city and also to be found in all suburbs. prices start at 20 € for cbj at rua dos fanqueiros, 277, 3rd floor, right side. (mobile tel: 96 520 97 94). they always have up to six girls, ranging from 4 to 6. but the atmosphere is really nice, you are presented to the girls who are all sitting or lying on the couch in their undies and high heels. the building, in the baixa (downtown) was redone and it looks great, down on the street you see all these people in action, getting on the tube, getting out, strolling around…
this is the cheapest with another appartment i found at avenida infante santo nº 350 r/c, they have up to 4/5 girls and you can choose two for a cbj for only 30 € and you even get to see a nice show. for 50€ you get a quickie with all 4 or 5 of them!! they are open till 20 h. half of the times i leave without action, because none of the girls suit me, but i tip the girl on the door 5 or 10 €. (i don´t know if you guys do this??). but if i choose a girl i always find these cheap chicas really nice. another address to include in this class is at alameda dom afonso henriques, nº 21a cave, (mobile tel: 968875797). they hold 5 to 6 girls ranging 5 to 7
so much for the low budget brothels.
in part two i will tell you all i know about the better places….

got up midafternoon, it was this great saturday, open sky, just took a shower, a light grey flannel shirt, grabed once for the sunglasses that were sure to be in use that afternoon.
fisrt i wanted to meet alice from avenida miguel bombarda, 129 r/c and as i got there the door was opened by this glourious brunette, solid piece of a sex-machine, no profound look just a body to die for!
unfortunetly she wasn´t for sale that day (at least she claimed so but i think that for a 100 euros she´d forget about that bullshit.
alice, who sounded superb on telephone, was rather disappointing . she´s really tall, 175/180 cm tall, slender but her face and hands didn´t seem clean enough for my standarts.
she then introduced me to each of her 6 or 7 friends. i could find everything from a forty year old lady, still in very good condition, to a few mestisas from brasil and a beautiful dark blonde very tall girl in her early twenties.
her name is beatriz and she is portuguese, a real stunner with the slendiest body one can imagine, no fat, a piercing on her tight belly, small breats and bikini marking (g-string) top and bottum, she´s got the tiniest ass you can imagine for a girl as tall as she (175cm), a real stunner with two beautiful pairs of lips. the only problem is a bit her attitude, a bit naïve, a bit cold, but still nice, i don´t know maybe it was me. i will leave her number of course so that maybe you can try out for yourself. this appartment looks nice from the outside as well as from the inside. it is placed in one of the oldest bourgois neighbourhoods of lisbon, with a lot of places to have a bica, read a paper and have a beer or a glass of wine and just let time pass, it´s saturday afternoon, nothing will happen till nine o´clock when soccer starts and the country seems to fade away in the mist of fortune, the mist of art and sweat on the green pitch. so i had just finished my first shot for 50€, and it was still just 4 o´clock (so i had only been in that appartment for about 30/35 minutes).
her phone number is 96 722 13 96. and i guess she´s there from midday till 21 h from monday to mabye saturday, maybe not working all days!

was a bit disappointed with myself, the conversation and atmosphere had´ned worked as i expected. but there was no time for worries, walked for a few blocks and found a café where i could have a cup of coffee (bica) and a beer outside in the sun. they even had a sports newspaper to read for their costumers (a very nice attitude to be found in the nice cafés, a sportspaper, or just a paper to find the newest movie or theatre in town! thanks so much, it saved me so many nights and days). you can even take a look at the advertisment part at the section “convívio –grande lisboa).

because after my mid-afternnon break, where i achieved to relax quiet well, the spot was a great choice, i knew that i had to continue, and i chose to drive to benfica and phone a few appartments.
i couldn´t at that stage dream about the superb experience i was about to go thru. i found this appartment near a fomous café in benfica called kalifa, the brasilian woman on the fone was nice and told me they started with 20 for a massage, 30 for massage and cbj, 40 for half-half and 50 € with anal sex included.

the door was opened by this bizarre indy woman in her late thirties, named dina, lady dina, she was bizar but still a nice woman. the brasilan voice turned out to be a woman in her late 40s and then i was presented iris, first told me she was 30, she was wearing black tight trousers (almost look tru) a nice black top that could barely hide the fruit and black heels, her rear was rocking and her short dark brown, reddish hair gave her a sexy look. in fact she had just woken up, she told me but the fact is she turned me on, her white skin, her brown eyes and all those curves ready to rock the next minute.

she first asked me to have a quick shower, which i did and when i returned, exoecting sex she ended up giving me a 30 min massage, getting from my head to my toes front and back! it was awsome and while she was massaging my legs i was almost falling asleep... and from one minute to the oder she said...since your such a nice guy... and she gave me an impressive bbbj, five stars experience: i came after 10 minutes of an intense caring blowjob. she really cared about her attitude. while massaging her she told me she was in fact 35 years old, which suprised me the more, she looked 30 tops... her number is 96 711 59 58 and i definetly recomend her... for 30 € its peanuts!

ps: it´s nice to have your expetations told on the board aussie, i wanne her about the trip itself later on! great luck! if you need something, post it here!

by guys... boa noite!

yours truthfull julius

10-16-03, 01:13
I thought this was interesting- anybody ever been to Braganca ???

LISBON (Reuters) - Portugal's government may suspend its advertising in Time magazine because it ran a cover story dubbing a small Portuguese town "Europe's new red light district," a government spokesman said Wednesday.

A spokesman at the deputy prime minister's office, which is overseeing the 2004 European soccer championships, said the government had planned to place a series of adverts in magazines with the slogan "In Portugal, the extra time is always the best part of the game."

"In the case of Time, because of this report, and merely for marketing reasons, we are mulling the suspension of these adverts for a week or two," the spokesman said, adding that the government has nothing against the U.S.-owned magazine.

One of the Portuguese government adverts appeared in Time's European edition this week, which looked at the impact of some 300 Brazilian (news - web sites) prostitutes in the ancient northern town of Braganca, and got considerable media coverage in Portugal.

Time cited Braganca as an example of what the $50 billion global sex trade can do to a small community.

Time Europe Editor Eric Pooley said he regretted that the Portuguese government had not been given the chance to withdraw its advert from an edition carrying a story about the country, but stood by the story itself.

"We understand why the Portuguese government is upset. We regret the fact the advertisement ran. We do have a mechanism to prevent this. It broke down in this case, and we're in discussions with them to see what happens going forward," he said.

"We have no regrets about the journalism. The global movement of sex workers is certainly not confined to Portugal," he said by telephone from London.

Latin Ass
10-18-03, 12:56
Hello All (Especially Murriloa and Ze Duron)

A fabulous time was had in Lisbon and I found it difficult to leave and head back to my home town in Belgium but alas there is a good rugby match on today and I need to get my priorities right. I arrived in Lisbon and went straight for my Hotel which was relatively cheap, central and girl friendly (VIP Eden).

First Night in Lisbon I decided to ring a number 918274097 that I had found after doing some pre-trip research i.e. http://www.escortlisbon.com/ , I was given an address
at Number 7 Rua Sousa Martinis (ring the number above for the floor the girls are scared of police), the building has full security and very up market, and Alex who answered the phone spoke good english. She said that it was 100 Euro for 1 hour (no ass). When I arrived I was sat down in plush room offered a drink and 6 girls were paraded in front of me one shook hands like a bloke , one was 19 tall, big tits, boots, 19 - There was a nice tall mulatta, and then there was Alex who spoke great english, was petite, nice bod and had nice eyes, greek. I elected for Alex picture attached, she showed me to a nice bed and gave me a blowjob without condom licking balls etc but not the top of my rod, I then fucked her in few positions and came. We sat and chatted for some time then she started on my balls again with her tounge, and jacked me off while toungue kissing my mouth...all in all money well spent and would recommend this to fellow comrades even knowledgeable locals like Murilloa and Zeduron). Alex said she had only been working 2 months and that all girls had medical certificates. I left feeling totally drained and in need of some good Port.

Next day I did the tourist thing all day and look at the great city of Portugal which I found impresssive (and cheap , especially taxis 5 euro to most places including the joint above). I then decided to search out Ze Durons brasillian in Benefica, after much searching I found her but I think that she may have been induging in copious amounts of food from a reknownd fast food outlet so I left with intercourse. I went back to the hotel and rang up what I thought was a University chick in the local rag the girl that came to my hotel for 100 euro looked ok (latina 25) but she seemed sad and lethargic as if she didnt want sex , after a shower she then took a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) which stunk and was a bit of a turn off so I gave her 5 euro for the taxi and told her to leave. That night I ate much Seafood then ended up at at a club called "Night and Day"(all taxi drivers know it), the elefante and hippo are closed on a sunday and the taxi driver said that the girls go here, 25 euro entry and two free drinks included. Inside there were about 20 girls and 3 guys, I spotted a skinny young latina who came to me, rubbed her crotch up against me and said 200 Euro (the only english she knew) within 10 minutes it was 150Euro but wanted to hold out as the law of economics governing supply and demand told me that I could get something for 100 euro, within 10 minutes this Voluptuous Big titted, round asses latina with long black hair came in she was and 8 and about 26 years old. She said 150 euros but I said 100, I bought her a drink 8 euro and then we were back at my Hotel room doing it all 8with condom) for 100 Euro this was ok but what up set me was the fact that as soon as I had blown she was into her knickers and back out the door to pick up her next sucker at the night and day, I would have liked her to stay longer but oh well.. If you want to visit night and day ask any taxi driver it is abou 4 euro in a taxi from central lisbon and there are man girls to choose from, as the night gets later the price goes down, if your lucky you can pay 80 Euro.

Next afternoon I started to look in the local paper the Corr...... I found a number 968538000, the girl who answered (Patricia) spoke good english with a slight cockny acccent, she said she was 19 and had lived in london (maybe of interest Murilloa). She gave me the address in Alameda -Dom Alfonso Henrique 21 (basement), I grabbed a taxi which was 5 euro but it is also easy to reach via the metro , get of at Almeda and it is a 50 Metre walk. When you get to the door ring the buzzer 2nd from the bottom and the the door will be openned, dont let the interior put you off just proceeed down the stairs to a big wooden door. The door openned and this light bronzed angel named Patricia openned the door, 42 inch boobs, good bod, beautiful eyes, long black hair,and a great attitude. She showed me to the room, she said they had other girls but they were cleaning but I expect some other beauties available in this place. It was 50 Euro for 30 Minutes 80 Euro for an hour and you could also arrange two girls but I forget the price. I elected for the 50 Euro option, we chatted then she turned her cute face and sleepy mouth towrads my dick and started giving me a BBBJ, all the time staring at me with those sleepy eyes, I didnt want to fuck, just wanted the BBBJ to continue, she knew what she was doing and got me to orgasm quick but then teased my cock until I exploded on her up turned tits, Wow liked it. I thanked her for the great service and conversation and left vowing to return. I rang her from m hotel that evening and invited her over for 100 Euro for another BBBJ mmmm great stuff. If you get in contact with her tell her your the Aussies friend, I said i would recommend her.

Well a great time had in Lisbon and I will return in a few months for a second trip. Murilloa, Ze Duron I impressed with your city.

Cheers Comrades

Latin Ass

Zé Duron
11-03-03, 01:21
Hi again folks,

I went down to Avenida Miguel Bombarda again, to meet the receptionist, the stunning brunette I told you about in my last report. She goes for Rebecca and I would say she is late 20s or early 30s, still in excellent shape and a beauty smile. Altough she was off last time, I rang a few days later and got her on the phone and she told me she had only put a few days off...you wonder why? Point is she is one of the nastiest girls around, nasty in a goog sense. She has beautiful hands, long nails, a few indiscrete pearcings and tatoos, all lovely... she is the best girl in this apartment. You can catch her durng the week at 967 221 396 (mobile phone).

Next I visited long time no see Filipa from Rua de Beneficência, phone nr: 966 129 035, she is a tall (170cm), busty brunette who loves to give a man a good time for 50€, but I recomend you to go for the 70/80€ hour, since you´ll get two shots and she is really worth it.

Welcome Aussie, I know that apartmenta as well as the girl described, Patricia the busty brasilian girl, great choice, have to meet her again...

Hope to hear from you folks again. This is starting to be a rough and rainy autum, so we need information on the hotest spots.

See you guys.

11-09-03, 23:06
This report is to confirm to all the report Latin Ass posted about Alexa. She is absolutely awsome. She came to my hotel in Setubal and was everything and more of what I expected. I told her I would be here for a month longer and wanted to see her at least 4 more times. She is very petite and beautiful, but she makes you feel special. Thank you Latin Ass for the info. I had called a couple local numbers in Setubal but the girls were ugly and fat. I paid Alexa 200 euro for FS and taxi, but it was money well spent. A girl of Alexa's caliber in the US would chrge $400 easily. On another subject, took a drive to Lisbon and found the "Maybe" club near Elefante Branca. Girls were friendly, mostly Estonian and very beautiful. Private dances are 40 Euro and after club action seemed available.

Thats all I have to report at this time. Fellow reprobates take care

11-13-03, 12:11
Time to get back on the forum, after a while away: work problems, and interrupted net connection. Neither one has prevented Muri from pursuing his hobby…

Latin Ass, what a pleasure to read that you enjoyed your stay in Lisbon. I trust you are still relishing the memories, and I still hope that France or England defeat your Rugby boys. Thanks for your lively post: the apartments you describe will undergo vigorous investigation. Thanks also to Zé D who has done us all a service by coming in off the rainy street and consolidating this board’s picture of the apartment scene. I have also found a new apartment, but will begin this update with a full confession of a recent mistake.

Coming down Avenida Liberdade from Marquês de Pombal after an excursion to El Corte Inglés… Muri has enjoyed the trip, not least because El Corte is full of delicious young creatures dressed in tights, boots and sweaters, shopping for more body-hugging sexy clothing to see them through the winter. All this warm fragrant purring pussy is a joy to contemplate… but Muri is resolved not, absolutely not to spend money on sex today: man cannot live on sex alone after all, although sometimes he likes to try. So Muri walks sternly and philosophically away from the Saldanha-Marquês-Avenidas district with its many opportunities, and he intends also to shun the bargain houses of Rossio. No, he will stroll down to Cais do Sodré, drink two pints at one of the Irish bars, read newspapers in English and Portuguese, and take the train to his suburban apartment for a nutritious meal and a healthgiving early night.

But…temptation stands directly in his way in the form of a dyed blonde, forty year old SW in a long woollen purple coat. She reminds him strongly of a secretary he lusted for, many years ago. And so it happens that he strikes a €30 deal and follows Madame Secretary up to a Pensão behind Praça Alegria. Ah the ironies of Lisbon! The street of drugs and drabs is called Anjos (Angels) and dank, dead, dismal Praça Alegria means Happiness Square!

Shame forbids me to describe the extra money this experienced vampire sucked out of Muri, and the perfunctory service she provided in return. Depression will result, if we dwell too long on her meagre, veteran body, or her foul-mouthed grumbling about the weather, the economy, and the state of the SW trade. Eighteen-year-old pimply students might fall into this temptation, but the great Muri? How are the mighty fallen!

All you need to know is that this woman’s name is Marina, she is always on the same beat (I have checked, with a shudder, from the window of a taxi) and that she is absolutely to be avoided. I will have better things to report in my next.

Latin Ass
11-13-03, 12:57
Hello From Barcelona.

Fellow mongers I will post about the barcelona scene in the next few days...I have to say it is even better than lisbon. I have found agem of a place with a godess who I am just going to visit..got to go.Drogue, you were absolutely correct alexa is a top girl, enjoy.

Latin ass

Latin Ass
11-14-03, 10:13

I am feeling lucky and think the aussies will produce the goods when required. I dont think the northern hemisphere can compete with the south when it comes to rugby.... Glad to see you back on the board, I thought that you had gone missing and I am glad to here your report.

If you have a long weekend you should catch a train to barcelona, i found a few top spots and a few not so good.

in barcelona try a street : San eusebio 68
Prooceed into the building and go up one flight of steps to a door with "Entreal or similar on it" from out side the building looks average..but inside this place you will find 10 different rooms with different styles/spas /arrangements I used the japanese room. The place is very upmarket a 9/10 with great style and feel/furniture. As for the girls...everyting ranging from 6- 10. I stayed with Paula a Columbian a 10 (perfection) she only works until 8PM, great girl great body(slim). She is better than alex who I would say is an 8-9..worth a short trip to barcelona, 75 Euro for 30 minutes, 95 euro for 45 minutes...(one blow). I also stayed with another columbian a 7-8 with massive Jugs (no silicon) -Claudia...but paula gave a better service and had absolutely no milage...a girl to marry..top chick.

For those that like the older more experinced woman i.e from 25 and up I would jump on the train to Villanova (40 minutes from Barcelona- ticket 1.50 euro) when you get off at villanova walk toward the beach and you will find a street called carriers de canaries look for number 40 and click the red button. This place is not as upmarket as the place above but it is very clean and you will be in for a treat.. the girls are south american ranging from 4-8 but what they lack in appeal the make up for with performance, the argentinian I picked slowly washed my knob on a beday and then when to work licking my asshole and giving me the best BBBJ I have had..she then allowed me to blow in her mouth (using towel quickly), great experience 30 minutes for 40 euro (two blows allowed). worth a visit.

I found some other places (2 more) at the lower end of the market 25 euro..but I walked out without trying as the calibre was really low.... I will also post this in the barcelona column.

Happy Mongering.

11-18-03, 15:24
barcelona sounds like fun, latin ass. trouble is, whenever i set out to travel there, i never get further than madrid, where all admirers of the latin lady should check in at some time. in other sports, your boys looked awesome against nz, while ours have only squeezed into the final. but it will be 80 minutes on the day, and england have got to have one good game in them… muri, lucky man, will be watching the game in london, and has a long encounter with lovely lori booked for the previous night.

back to portugal, muri hereby confirms that alexa is first rate. encouraged by latin ass and drogue, he made his way to this apartment on a gloomy afternoon, and although advised by a very young receptionist that the price would be €125, top of his price range, he stayed on, such was his trust in previous reports. after consuming a whisky on the house, he was presented to three girls, alexa by far the pick of them, and soon found himself in a handsome bedroom. here, the background to latin ass’s photo was clearly recognisable: so was the fine body that was revealed when alexa peeled off tight top and jeans. the lady is exotically pretty with dark hair and clear eyes. not greek, i would say, but judging by her accent and the kind of small mistakes she makes in her excellent english i would place her a little further north. alexa is petite, but with a little flesh just where it’s needed. an outstanding feature: her firm, finely shaped hands with beautiful long clean nails, which she knows how to put to work on a man’s sensitivities. no more details: suffice to say that muri was pleasured and then pleasured again, by a true expert. conversation entre-actes was a little tired and gloomy, she was feeling homesick and had been late to bed that morning after an outcall in setubal: the eager and lustful drogue, no doubt. nonetheless i enjoyed holding and stroking her until the idyll ended. a steep price, but worthwhile, and muri will be back. his next report will return down market, where very good entertainment is still to be had for €20-30.

11-18-03, 16:03
Only in Lisbon – or just perhaps in Buenos Aires – could you find an elegant 19th century building with three bordellos on consecutive floors. Such are the joys of Calçada do Garcia, number 7. The location could not be more central: go to the northeast corner of the Rossio, the corner where the taxis line up: keep walking northeast, uphill, towards the Pensão Gerês. The road winds left uphill, and there in front of you is number 7.
Muri found the place after ringing a new Rossio advert in the 'Correio'. He was neatly serviced by a plump Ecuadoreana for €30, and returned the following week only to have forgotten whether the house of sport was on the second or third floor. What to do? Press a bell at random, and risk the wrath of some bourgeois householder? Well, yes: Muri tossed a mental coin, and rang the third floor. A reassuring immediate buzz opened the door to him, and he made his way up in the elevator, to be let into an apartment which was clearly not the one he had been in the week before, and where the price was €20, not €30.
Feeling disorientated, a little like the protagonist of a Borges story, Muri nonetheless performed a vigorous sex act with a Brazilian mulatta. In the ensuing conversation, all was revealed. There is sport to be had, she informed him, on the second, third, and fourth floors of this typical central Lisbon apartment house. As if conjured by her words, the unmistakeable sound of a rocking, creaking bed suddenly began to salute her from the floor above, followed shortly by a distant cry of joy as one of the patrons of the fourth floor achieved his moment of bliss. Apparently the three establishments have different proprietors, prices and specialisms.
Muri has not yet sampled the fourth floor, but has been back three times to see a very lovely coffee coloured Angolan woman, who pays him the compliment of having real orgasms. This will become a weekly routine, for a gem at this price must be enjoyed regularly. He will tease fellow punters by encouraging them to explore this noble edifice and to guess which of the ladies is the current favourite.
In his next, to be published after a forthcoming much-anticipated trip to Lori of London, Muri will relate another weird experience, this time along the 'linha' in Paço D’Arcos.

Zé D.: Where are you? We have all enjoyed your reports, but this is no time for laziness. Tell us, for example, where in Lisbon you have found Romanian pussy, for Muri has never yet sampled the ladies of that country, and is unlikely to get a business trip to Bucharest.

Zé Duron
11-19-03, 02:06
thanx for the encoragement first of all

i am very glad that this board is working with higher frequency, new perspectives from different people makes this board a lot more interesting

so one of these days i went hunting. i had been out with a couple of fellas who i guess don´t monger that much, or maybe they don´t at all monger!

it must have been arround 3 o´clock in the morning , it was this day where it was raining cats and dogs, it was coming down like hell after this, it´s never going to rain again! i was staring (imagine it was 3 in the morning) and so i left my brothers behind and thought about getting some wild bitchy girl somewhere.

i took my car and drove around artilharia um, actually the street further down, rua rodrigo da fonseca, and found a reddish tinny blond petit in high heels, wearing tight dark blue jeans and a black jacket. she told me 20 € blow(covered) in the car and as she looked cleen i said step in babe!

it was a decent blow, she really tried and ended up taking me to the stars.

she said her name was susana and that she is working in the biz with her sister which made me dream about getting these sisters do a lesbian act, which she assured me they did and what freaked me out was how similar they looked!

well that night didn´t end here there is much to happen on my post tomorrow.

in the meanwhile check out this webpage, i have been there it´s at rua dona estefânia, 157.


they fit to the name! i tried patricia and its her on the pics, vera i think is working at another place and sindya is a brasilian with beautyful big tits. (50 euros)

bye have fun, lets see who wins the final!

11-19-03, 15:36
Hi all,

There have been lots of reports on the private houses and the SWs in Lisbon but no one has gone into detail about the clubs, so I will report on the few that I know quite well. Although I still think the private houses are the best choice in Lisbon, some good fun can be had at the clubs. I think it gives you the choice to get to know the lady a little bit before going anywhere and you have a bigger selection. The downside is obviously the price, but I also think the overall quality of the girls is better in the clubs.

Anyway it has been maybe a month or two (since I am working in Budapest right now) since I have been to the clubs, but the only thing that changed is probably some of the girls.

OK. First, to go to these places, dress sharply as the doormen look at that. All these clubs have some kind of saying that says minimum entrance fee 250 EUR or something similiar. However, this is only in case the doorman doesn't like you. I guess in Portugal they can't refuse entrance to anyone so they put up the signs to discourage you from entering when they don't want you in there. Back to the entrance, dress sharp, no sneakers. It is not necessary to wear a suit or tie or anything like that, just look casual but sharp. The doormen tend to look at you up and down before giving you the go-ahead to go in. Sometimes they charge 25 or 50 EUR to enter. This amount can be used to buy drinks inside. If you know anyone in Lisbon, it is probably best if they go with you... (when in Lisbon, I can accompany anyone if they want, just PM me).

If you want, it is possible to have dinner at these places. The food is actuallly quite good, but the price of dinner is a bit expensive considering Portuguese standards. But, if having dinner there expect a bill of 30-40 EUR per person for the dinner portion. Also if you are going for dinner, you won't have to pay to get in. Lots of Portuguese people also go there in the early night whenever there is a big futebol match on. The places have big screen TVs and you can lounge around and watch the game.

The girls have to be inside by 22:30 the latest. After that they can only enter acccompanied by a client and if she is walking in for the first time after 23:00 with a client, she can only leave with the client. Meaning that if she didn't make it in by 22:30, she won't be able to work that night, at least not in that club. Anyway, I think (I'm not sure) that the house makes no money on what the girls charge, they make money on drinks.

Drinks - If you are coming back a few times or if you have a big enough group and everyone likes to drink the same thing, I suggest getting a bottle. The prices dependinng on the club range between whiskey/gin/vodka/rum 90-110 EUR (this includes all accompanying drinks coke, oj, water) 12yr Whiskey and single malt 110-125 EUR (also includes all accompanying drinks). If you do order a bottle ask to be seated at one of the tables as it is easier to call the girls over and chat with them. There are no girl drinks in these clubs, no special cocktails or drinks of the sort. Most of the girls once they sit down will try to get you to order a bottle of champagne. STAY AWAY FROM THIS... the champagne, even though they give you Moet&Chandon the price for the small bottle is 100 EUR and the big one 200 EUR. The reason for this is that the girls make money on the champagne. Actually so does the waiter, so he might try to push it. But in general the waiters are not pushy at all. Since 95% of the girls are Brazilian, they love beer, so just ask for a regular beer with costs 5 EUR for the girl and that is fine. If you ordered a bottle, you can offer her a drink from the bottle. But before you leave with her, she has to have a drink, doesn't matter what it is, but no water... ehehehe... I reccomended the bottle because it is cheaper to get the bottle rather than individual drinks. The only problem might be at Elefante Branco, if the manager doesn't know you, he might say that bottles are only for regular customers, but I only say this happen once.

To the clubs: I have visited Elefante Branco, Gallery, Night and Day, Black Tie and Hippotamo. I don't know the exact address of these clubs but they are all close to one another and all in the Marques de Pombal area, on Av. Duque de Loulé and Rua Rodrigues Sampaio. In any case, all taxi drivers know these places and the best way to get there.

Now in any of these clubs it helps if you speak a little portuguese or are sitting with someone that does. The reason is that the prices here are very negotiable, the most expensive that I have paid is 200 EUR and the cheapest is 100 EUR. If you don't speak portuguese the girls will try to charge more because they associate tourist with money and expense accounts etc... The thing with the girls here is the time limit, her dedication and everything will depend on the conversation that you have at the club with her. I've been with a girl for 150 EUR for two days and she left because it was Sunday night and I had to work the next day. But keep in mind that prices and time is very negotiable, just don't do like a friend of mine that the first words out of his mouth were how much for the whole night... believe if the girl is enjoying herself, most likely she will not leave and be happy to stay more time with you with no price increase. but this takes some work on your part.

if you don't go out with anyone, get the girls digits and you can call them the next afternoon, or on sunday night when only one place is open. The girls all have cellular phones and will be happy to give you their numbers. The prices in the afternoon are pretty much the same, they might go down after you have been with the same girl for a few times. Also if you can wait, after 2am the prices are more negotiable as the girls want to go out with someone than staying alone and not making any money.

Elefante Branco - personally, I think this is the best club... actually the club with the best girls... the decoration is very old, with lots of mirrors and a bit too dark. the girls here are quite forward and a little eye contact is enough for them to come over and talk to you. if you need any help grabing one of the girls attention just ask a waiter to call the girl. in my opinion most of the girls here fall between the 7-9 category and then there are always some that don't do anything for me. The prices are in the high range most girls start off at 200 EUR and maybe more if they think you look like a tourist.

Gallery - this is a better place in terms of decoration. More modern, more light, a separate area for dinner and they play a lot more brasilian music which the girls love to dance, and personally, I LOVE TO WATCH THEM DANCE! Anyway the quality of girls it is a bit lower than Elefante Branco, but the girls sometime move from one club to the other so you might see the same girls in both places. The girls here start at 200 EUR also but are more willing to negotiate than in elefante. It is quite easy to bring them down to 150 EUR.

Night and day - Right next to Gallery and is the only place that is open on sunday. the place is quite old and the decoration and lighting are a bit similiar to elefante branco. the quality of girls is much lower, but you can always find one or two that are good enough. the starting price here is 100 EUR but it is difficult to negotiate down. but it is the only place to go on sunday night.

Black Tie - this is a club but deguised as a regular discoteque. The working girls only come in after 4.00 am when the other places close and the prices here are very negotiable. Law of supply and demand. However only the girls that haven't worked in the other places and the girls that are desperate for cash (to pay rent or whatever) usually come here. I haven't actually left with anyone from here, but I know it is negotiable and usually it is for the rest of the night.

Hippotamo - This place I only went once some time ago and the quality was very day. Actually worse than night and day, which suprised me. At night and day i could always find one or two, here I didn't see anything that I liked. So I don't know the prices but I assume it can't be so high as the quality was quite bad.

One final note, all these clubs are open until 4.00am except for black Tie which is open until 10.00am. The best days to go is during the week as all girls tend to be working on those days. On the weekend they usually have weekend dates arranged with clients or prefer to go out to regular discoteques and clubs with their other working friends.

If they are working at the clubs or if went out to regular clubs, the most likely place to find them is queen's club near the docas or lux club which is near the railway station santa apolonia. however, if you don't know them it would be difficult to try and pick them up here. Also on Sunday, since all but one place is closed, most of the girls go to Café da ponte (bar in the docas area) around midnight.

Hope this helps you with knowing how the clubs work in Lisbon, if you have any questions let me know. I'll writenext time about a private house that I have been to on several occasions called Adonis health Club - quite good... here is their website http://www.adonishealthclub.com/index.htm

I'll be in lisbon this weekend or the next and will try to do some more research until then.


11-20-03, 15:53

I will be in Lisboa this weekend and I will look for some female company.

My preference is for street girls so any help is more then welcome.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

I am Portuguese so the language is not a problem.



11-20-03, 16:12

I will be in Lisboa this weekend and I will look for some female company.

My preference is for street girls so any help is more then welcome.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

I am Portuguese so the language is not a problem.



Zé Duron
11-24-03, 03:47
hi folks,

i started this week-end slowly...went to the movies to see the movie swimming pool!! great movie about women, about catching the seductice move of a femme fatale thru the lense of a filmcamera. explendid movie!

was thinking about getting to avenida infante santo, nº 350 r/c just between two caféshops (traditional café) where you can get your last turn-on drink, lets say a morep001el, an aperitif.

they have a number which is working for quiet a great time: 93 940 41 16 or 96 651 49 71 and you will find an open door from 10 til 22h. you are presented to say tops 6 girls, on a weak day i guess one might only find 3 girls....looking ok, no stunners...,but it doesn´t matter because you are awarded one out of three nasty wet possibilities:

first: you can have a blow for 20/25 euros and it can be provided as well as you can ask for it! i had cim or cot for this price performed by great attitude girls

second: you can have two girls sucking you for 35/40 euros...

third: you can have half/half with all girls (one at the time) for 75 euros! this experience is a must, if you cum by the say third girl...the fourth will continue! i saw a guy do the whole dance, the girls cueing at the door all wet and gready...b-e-a-u-ti-f-u-l-!!!

but then i decide other way and said i ll do it tomorrow!
(tour starting in the heart of lisbon and ending half way to sintra!)

the next day i started the hunt at 18h (sunday) got to avenida do barsil, 116, 1º direito, phone; 96 830 21 31 and was presented to a reddish women in her 30s, nice breast but i declined and got it moving to avenida são joão de deus nº 23 a, phone number: 96 379 78 20.

this place looks like shit and after i was shown the shit they had for me to fuck i left!
got on to largo de são sebastião da pedreira nº 31, 3rd esquerda, where a full breasted brazilian (verónica) was waiting for me...she was so-so looking but had a great attitude and nice chat and told me to wait for her 2 friends to show up, which i did. as the friends weren´t that great, one skinny petit blond that wouldn´t do anal, but did bbbj and a black girl witha stunning body, but it wasn´t my thing. (96 644 99 08)

so i moved on to rua da beneficência, 229, 2º direito, were filipa approached me just to tell me she had stopped working as a call girl and was directing the place! i was dissapointed for two reasons:one she was the best looking girl out of the three present, by far and the time before i visited them she was leaving for a "despedida de solteiro" (these pics at the bottum are from their site) and couldn´t attend my needs. so this time she took me to the door as i didn´t find the other girls atractive and as i was stepping out i asked her if she didn´t want to do a number and she started melting and after 4 or 5 dialogs it was set that she would grant me a chance for 50 € and i accepted to do her will and comand. she is a lovely, quiet big chested tall brunette, always wearing high heels and long fingernaisl, which she uses with accuarracy, her butt is a tiny bit to big for my perfectionist model type of girl. bady 7, looks 8 and attitude 8 (no anal!) she is a must, twice as she is starting the managing part of the house! her phone number fellas: 96 612 90 35

i stayed there for an hour or so, had two drinkss, one before and one after and was happy as a happy man can be!

all these places were in the heart of lisbon and for the finishing i got my ass to cacém on the way out of lisbon heading to marvellous sintra. i phoned and older lady who told me she had two youger brasilians arround and so i showed up at av dos bons amigos, lote 2, 3rd esquerda (the only red bottom on the wall, phone: 91 842 12 96 and ask for angelica! she is a stunner, blond tall and increadibly busty, big natural stiff mamas and a beautyful shaking ass, her price starts at 50€ but you have to get clear what you want, i wanted a dildo show and she asked me for another 10€, anal 20 € more and so on, but she has great rythem, a real porn teen gal! she looks increadibly hot in her high heels and long nails (hands and feet), a stunner, look 8, body 9 (she got some tiny burn marks, nasty stuff, but didn´t matter to me) attitude 7 (with tendency to hit 8/9!!) i will visit her another time... those breasts were a dream, her rear, makes me crazy.

next time i will present two new places i visited in the past month!

what about a big party one of these days? a ceremony for the good odds in the hunters will!

stay in shape

11-24-03, 16:36
Hello all,

I will have the pleasure of going on a business trip to Lisbon - well the Lisbon area. I've tried to read through the many posts here and do not see anything for Estoril or Cascais. Anyone have some advice or contacts? As well, is it better to call ahead or is just showing up when the fancy hits you OK?

I'm not sure how much time I'll have actually in Lisbon so these 2 areas are within walking distance of the hotel. Also have to find my map of Lisbon as I can find some of these streets that you guys are talking about.

Great forum and I hope to be able to add to it in the near future.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of Romanian girls, it is well worth the trip to Bucharest or anywhere else in that country.

Have a great monger day!

Zé Duron
11-25-03, 03:14
Filipa from Rua da Benificencia, a charm of a sex bomb

Zé Duron
11-25-03, 03:15
And a last one from Lady Filipa.

11-25-03, 11:31
This is not the place to report on last weekend as the events took place in London, but in case Latin Ass is still visiting this site Muri will not crow but just say how delicious it was to lie in a warm hotel bed on a cold Saturday morning and watch England defeat Australia and bring the cup to the North for the first time.
This was all the more wonderful an experience because of the lingering fragrance of Lori’s perfume and her sex, for Muri was her last visitor at Les Girls in Soho on Friday night. She was a little tired by the exertions of the day, but a massage and some stroking in the right places brought her back into the mood to do what only she can do. Immense pleasure. The firmest most petite body, the prettiest face and the tightest pussy Muri has ever encountered. Not that it stops him researching elsewhere…

Back to business, this is the Lisbon board, and one’s duty is to report on Lisbon. Yesterday €20 was spent on research in the Rossio outlet above Macdonald’s which remains as far downmarket as Muri is prepared to go but still offers an efficient discharge. As does Rua dos Fanqueiros. Both addresses are in earlier reports by Muri and Zé D.

Less satisfactory was a trip to Rua Pedro Nunes 45, 2D near Saldanha. This is the home of the excellent and reliable Isabel, (€30) but she was ‘on holiday’ and Muri foolishly accepted an overweight dyed blonde 30something Brazilian. This none-too-fragrant creature, mistaking Muri’s decorous Anglo appearance for effeminacy, vigorously insisted on trying to ram a vibrator into his backside. Muri will try most things once, but to be inelegantly buggered by a condom-sheathed plastic toy in the dirty hands of a grunting Brazilian is not his predilection, and with one lithe JamesBond-like movement he flipped grunter over on to her back, gave her a savage pumping, extracted his flagging member, flicked aside the condom and delivered over her breasts. This kind of affectless cheap porno sex is not really Muri’s style and he left feeling soiled. A plate of ‘gambas’ and a bottle of ‘vinho verde’ soon restored him, and an hour later he was sauntering around the Atrium Saldanha centre appreciating the secretary chicks and fantasizing about being their lucky boyfriend. But Isabel, deusa, please return from that ‘holiday’.

Talking of Zé D – welcome back, what an excellent report. A hectic work schedule lies ahead, but pretty soon, some of Muri’s Christmas bonus will be exchanged for varied sexual acts in the apartments you have researched so industriously. Thanks also to Mutrix, for fascinating work on the clubs. Muri is not often able to be out so late, but when the opportunity arises he will know in which direction to turn his lustful footsteps.

Gentlemen… Ladies… Lisbon would not be Lisbon without you.

Latin Ass
11-25-03, 11:52
Hello Muri,

The vibrator experience sounds as bad as the loss Australia had on Saturday, a sad day in Australias rugby history, but all in all England deserved the win.

I cannot comment on Lisbon but I ventured to a place in Germany on the weekend and was severely let down. The cost was expensive, the girl nice but a barracuda. After 20 minutes of not even giving me a blowjob with a condom on, just the occasional grunt I felt like I was making luv to a blow up doll in a barbwire cage. I could not touch her ass, could kiss her. It was down rite depressing, so I got up and told her that she was pretty but I was not going to cum by simply looking at her, she then suggested additional cash for a blowjob with condom. I declined. The worst experience I have had.

Moral: never pay for sex with a swiss hooker, they are robots and shouldnt be hookers. Maybe carpark attendants would be a better profession for them.

Got to start planning my next Lisbon trip.

Latin Ass

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Zé Duron
11-26-03, 00:01
Sudden sweeping night.

I love this time of the year for it´s early sunsets and it´s lustfull early evenings.

While everybody is cleaning their desks downshuting their PC´s and rushing into their cars, thinking about all the trafficjam, trying desperatly to find that last billboard hit on your carstereo, trying even harder not to forget about all those thinks to buy at the local deli.

Thats when Duron is thinking about femals, femme fatal, high heels, shaved legs and pussies, perfumes and sex oders, flashing tits all over, thats my mind.

Remembering how terribly good it is to be hunting for the lioness, for that piece of woman that will make you go a step further in the seek of perfection.

Victória, a young beautiful brunet/mulata I posted much earlier, she had a great attitude and was a real nice girl to take out for dinner. I lost track of this beauty brazilian. She even loved feetsex, a rarity, a real gem that always looked sharp and absolutely clean (which is tremendously impoortant).

In the past year I have meet extraordinary girls as well as so-so chicks with very little turn-offs. The last one happened as I stepped into a apartment to be presented to their only girl, she was a real dwarf! 130 cm tops. Freaky. I didn't knew what to do, because I was already having a coke on the house, sitting way back in the couch, it was an unforgetable moment, as I first heard a woman approaching in high heels. As she opened the door I was stunned. LOL

So if someone is into that kind of biz I am willing to pass the contact on PM.

I was wondering if someone could help me finding a gem, that is openminded, say into feet sex and who has athe right attitude. One can not only live on the experiences of the newspaper adds. It is always great to have other peoples opinion.

Cleets you can find plenty of girls in Cascais close to the new Shopping Center da Assunção, Rua António da Silva, 127,phone: 96 935 65 71 She is a brasilian and sounded nice at the phone, but haven´t had a chance to meet her.

There is also a place or to close to the Casino. Look up at: www.correiodamanha.pt ---» classificados---» convívio---»Grande Lisboa----» Put in the words Estoril or Cascais in the search engine.

Have fun and use the PM if it helps.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid future delays, please use just one period at the end of sentences in future reports. Thanks!

11-26-03, 15:57
Latin Ass:

All the best to you aussie... give us plenty of warning before your next trip to Lisboa and we'll keep you informed of the latest offers. Maybe we'll meet for a beer and discuss Rugby... and other forms of sport...

11-26-03, 16:27

Greetings. Below, culled from this morning's classified advertisements, are the day's offerings from Estoril and Cascais. Most of this is fairly easy to understand, but if you need a hand with vocabulary, someone on this forum will no doubt oblige: Zé Duron is the real native Portuguese speaker...

Quality and price will vary, so you may need to spend some time on the phone, perhaps enlisting the help of a friendly taxi driver or hotel employee. Bear in mind that Cascais and Estoril are quite large residential areas, with high rise accommodation in all socio-economic strata back from the shore and away from the tourist area where no doubt your hotel will be. Also remember that the train from Cascais to central Lisboa takes 35 minutes and is clean and punctual so you need not miss out on the attractions of the centre. Yes, get yourself a map, and make a list of the addresses found on this board. Here are the advertisements:
· Cascais. Licenciada convive casa própria. Privado. Tm:93.4326878
· Brasileira... Desinibida... Gostosa!!! Sózinha... Cascais!!! Ligue-me!!! Tm/917348044
· Cascais... 967831317... Professora... Aerobica... Dá aulas!!! Privado!
· Cascais... Professora do prazer!!! Super sexy... Desinibida... 967482020... 916794381
· Cascais... Super sexy... Muito nível... Atende privado... Depois 13H... 918990051
· Cascais... Morena, perfeita. Um sonho!!! Sózinha... Tm/917650635
· Estou só !!! Telefone já!!! Cascais... Tm/96-6011919
· Cascais... 967527425... empresária distinta... em dificuldade... Privado!!!
· Amor!!! de... Sofia!!! Sózinha!!! Cascais!!! Tm/962759633... Tm/916102267
· Cascais Sofia!!! Meiga!!! Liga-me!!! Oral espectacular!!! Tm/962759633
· Cascais... Vulcão!!! Insaciável!!! Gulosa!!! Peito 48!!! Adoro no bumbum!!! 967521206
· Cascais Actriz... Porno!!! 21A... Completissíma!!! 24H... Tm/96.3681105...
· Cascais Amorosas... Gulosinhas... Perfeitas... Carinhosas... 24H... Tm/963954535
· Cascais... Oriente menina... Massagem convivio... Sensual... Privado. 967709978
· Cascais... Jovens!!! Meigas!!! Lindas!!! Ousadas!!! Prazer sem fim!!! 96.1144145
· Cascais... Sónia... 43a... Meiguinha!!! Carinhosa!!! Privado... Tm/968372123
· Cascais 2 amigas perfeitas!!! Para homens especiais!!! Show lésbico... Tm/918505574
· Cascais Explosão de mulher!!! Escaldante!!! Ardente!!! Fogoza!!! Completissíma... Tm/967625358
· Cascais Estrangeira loura. 11h00. 914790904 / 962941855
· 967830000. Cascais 11H Convivio, privado, estrangeira, quarentona, desinibida, meiga, experiente.
· Cascais, convivio vip, após 12h00. 962381963
· Cascais... 19a... Adora dp... Massagem... Novidade!!! Tm/967551674... 24H...
· Cascais... Loirinhas... Meiguinhas... Quentinhas... Perfeitas... 19/20a... Tm/969756913
· Cascais, disfrute bons momentos, Senhora elegante, 91-4031833
· Cascais!!! Loira!!! Quentinha!!! Gulosa!!! Peito 44!!! Bumbum arrebitado!!! Adoro atrás!!! Tm.968880780
· Cascais... Loirinha... Linda!!! Gostosa!!! Peito 46... Espanholada!!! Deliciosa... Experimente!!! 968644335
· Cascais... Morena... Deliciosa... Safadinha... Quentissima... Labios carnudos... Completissima!!! 969177007.
· Cascais 916956393 Diana... Sem pressas... Pequena lembrancinha...
· Cascais... Show de menina!!! Fresquinha!!! Corpo... Maravilhoso!!! 968825506...
· Estoril Pleasure; Luxo, Portuguesas novas, bonitas. Tm.969677871
· 214689638... Bombons... Deliciosos... Estão:... Estoril... Vem... Provar!!! 966721383
· 966721383... Três... Gatas... Deliciosas!!! Peito... Grande!!! Estoril... 214689638
· Rapaz lindissimo, meigo, potência maxima, senhoras/ meninas, casais. Estoril. Tm.96-1152479 www.swinglivre.com.br
· Estoril... Boca louca... Chupa... (20 Beijinhos...) Tm/936735334
· São João Estoril... Novidade!!! Apareça... já!!! Sigilo... Tm/969256484
· Rapaz, 23a... sexy... masculino... Apartamento discreto... Estoril... Tm/918468092
· Estoril... Brasileirinha!!! Fogosa!!! Manequim!!! Sonho de mulher!!! Tm/961044666
· Brasileira... Estoril... 24hrs... Adoro... no... bumbum... Tm:96-9448469
· Estoril... 24hrs... Novidades... Completissimas... Lingirie... 40P... Tm:96-9448469
· Estoril... Duas formusuras de mulher!!! Quentinha!!! Meiguinha!!! Carinhosa... 961050755

11-27-03, 00:37

Thanks for the info Muri.

I didn't realise that it was only 35 minutes to downtown. With that in mind what would you recommend as the say top 5 must have experiences in the Lisbon area?

I'm on a little bit of a Christmas budget (even though I have a little set aside for me) so the 20 to 50 Euro fun sounds good but if an unforgettable experience is more then so be it.

This would be great, I appreciate the help and will let you know some of the results.


11-28-03, 09:48

For a €30 fun experience in central Lisbon go to Calçada do Garcia, number 7, second floor. Directions in a previous report of mine.

For €30 Isabel has now returned to Rua Pedro Nunes 45, 2D near Saldanha. I enjoyed her company yesterday.

Break that Christmas budget with a €100 experience and a beautiful woman at New Center (Paula and others) or in Rua Sousa Martins (Alexa and others)

Also in the €100 bracket any of the ladies at Cascais mansion, (up the hill above Cascais Villa shopping centre, directions in an earlier report) will give you a memorable time.

Enjoy, and report...

Zé Duron
12-02-03, 03:33
I was wandering if anyone on this superb boarding fact –Ministry for Real Life Hunting, knew anything about Pensões, Residenciais and other parlors that work like the buildings with 20 rooms you might find in a lot of cities in Germany, not the FKK club scene.

Is there something like that to be found in Lisbon? Like a pensão where all the rooms are taken by chicas.

I meet Filipa from Rua da Benefecencia (past reports) and although this tall brunette is getting a bit chubby, she is still quiet sexy and her big tits are wonderful to taste! Her attitude is superb, not a bit of pushing and she never looses her naughty smile. Had a nice CBJ, sex in two positions with her taking all the right moves in the right timing. She caresses and kisses a lot, permits deep DATY, but unfortunately no French kissing, still I rate her 8 for face and smile, 6 for body and 8 for attitude!

A big surprise was Monica a SW at Rua Artilharia Um, wish I had never ever seen and she gave a beautiful CBJ and anal session in the car or pensão around the corner. She is a 1,65 m tall brunette, with beautiful curly hair and a charm that is proper for a young college student, she loves sex and we had a session for 45 min in the car!!

Unfortunately I haven’t seen her again. I liked her jeans outfit, her boots, her small nice tities, her tight rear a real charm and she knew how to move in the car, doing doggy! A hell of a joint!!

Well got lucky, I guess! Face: 7, Body: 7, Attitude: 9

Today I will end with a quote, in considerations on Xmas, on our humors and our will.

Money is the first trick! And money is the last trick!
Money is in the past!
Money is the future, because that is where money is!

Have Fun

12-10-03, 23:17
I have discovered a beauty at one of my original houses of sport in São João do Estoril (Address Avenida Emilia, 10, São João do Estoril, near the São João train station, Linha de Cascais, more details in an earlier report of mine.

Name of Sofia. 29 yrs old. Slim blondish hair, shy, thin but pretty face, quite nervous. She is really Portuguese not Brazil meat, is not a born prostitute and you have to treat her with respect and delicacy. She will not be around for long as she is trying to save money after a divorce.

The two points to emphasize are:
1 she tries strenuously to give GFE
2 her pussy is just amazingly tight and busy.

I've been three times now and each time, in spite of my years of experience, I came too soon like a 16-year-old, thanks to the hot contractions of that pussy. Will I ever be able to give this lovely woman a controlled 20-minute ride? Don't know... but I do know that I will be back to try...


goodnight gentlemen,

in haste,

12-12-03, 03:01
Oi amigos,

I'm thinking about headed to Portugal next year. I hear it's beautiful there and has an active scene. Judging from this board it seems like there is not much action there. There was an article in a major magazine a few months ago that portrayed Portugal as a major hobby destination full of Brasileras.

Are there many clubs there? I see prices for lower level type places. What can one reasonably expect to pay with a top tier girl? Thanks in advance.


12-15-03, 11:55

There are several clubs in Lisbon with high-end girls, the prices are very negotiable and it all depends with the girls. my personal favourites for this is gallery and elefante branco. there are other clubs in porto but I don't know much about them. In any case, look through my club review post in this thread and if you have any questions feel free to send me a PM.


12-15-03, 20:19

It will be interesting to have you in Lisbon, we will be honoured by the presence of a senior cocksman like yourself. Mutrix and Zé Duron between them have covered the club scene very comprehensively. This is not my scene both for reasons of confidentiality and also preference: like Zé D, I enjoy private apartments, but cannot shake off the SW habit all together.

Zé D,

For example, having asked on this board where the new Romanian girls were to be found, I discovered them for myself last week. I was in the Praça Figueira, on an entirely non-hobby mission to do with Christmas shopping. But the antenna system is never switched off completely, and it detected a neat looking Latina type (but clearly not Portuguese) on a corner of the square. Muri approached, and found that the only but only Portuguese words the lady could say were 'trinta', and 'Romania'. Such are my linguistic skills, that I realised that she was not offering a cut-price flight to Bucharest, but inviting me to enjoy her pussy for thirty units of our beloved and virile common eurpoean currency. Long live the €uro, and the porous frontiers of the grand old continent which allows fresh young ladies to embark on long journeys with the sole purpose of bringing joy to the seasoned member of murilloa.
Muri followed her, assuming she would know what she was doing, and she led him to what he knew to be a 'respectable' pensão... He followed her in, wondering... and was shot out of there in five seconds by the desk clerk. At this point Muri realised that he was dealing with a real beginner, and took charge, leading her to another pensão on the square which is certainly anything but respectable. Paid €10 for 'uma visita' took her to a clean but basic room, stripped her slowly, plumper than she looked in jeans, but nice pantyhose, tight clean fragrant body, freshly shaven pussy. Got into bed - a nostalgic experience to get under sheets and blankets, for at home it's duvets and in the aprtments you don't run to such refinements - and was rewarded with a fuck that was a little like taking a virgin, nervous at first and then warmed up beautifully. Excellent entertainment in spite of the almost total language barrier.

By sign language she later convinced me to take her to the square and buy her coffee and a slice of pizza, which I did with heart in mouth for my precious reputation. What does one say to a friendly colleague who finds you drinking coffee with an obvious streetwalker 27 years one's junior, whose language one does not speak? There's nothing in the management manuals about that one... Well, luckily no such embarrassment occurred. I ended feeling sorry for her, alone in a foreign land, trading herself for the first time. But to my relief, when I passed by an hour later after making the belated Christmas purchases, she was in an adjacent street with a small but happy crowd of folk from her own country including a couple of fellow professionals and some gangster-type young men. So she's not lonesome, although I should wager that some of my €30 was turned into booze for the men friends. One of the other girls looked a beauty and Muri will have to try her next time he is in the area.

Feliz Natal from lovely Lisboa
Saint, tell us the date of your arrival when you know it,
Zé D and Mutrix keep up the rigorous research,

Zé Duron
12-16-03, 03:46
Well, it´s X-mas and by this time of the year one should either avoid the clubscene since it´s all packed with firm-parties and folks coming in in groups of like 6 to 10 people, or one should join them and stay just for the drinks and watch the gatas getting their way to easy hundreds... just sit back and enjoy your cool drink! You can´t beat a group that large, cause it really means easy money for the girls. But believe me, watching is enterteinig enough!

The streetscene is being watched by police patrols and the freezing nights aren´t helping as well. Lisbon used to have a real nice streetscene close to the Universidade Tecnica, but´it´s real rotten apples right now.

Fortunatly the appartments are growing and growing but one has to be patient everytime one is looking for a new place. Never give up buy the first knock on the door, dont give in. The search is absolutely worth it. This board has assembled a nice amount of details and addresses.

I hope to see you soon on the beautiful squares and little alleys of Lisbon.

I will make a brief pause to my hobby, X-mas is just to odd, January and Febuary are much easier, Carnaval is coming up and with all the Brasilian girls arround it´s gone be wild.

Boas Festas
and don´t forget to see a club, one of the best ways to spend two 50€ bills from the X-mas money...We deserve it, to treat ourselves as gentlemen.

Latin Ass
12-16-03, 13:51

Your linguistic and "cocksman" skills are of the highest quality, that is why I still frequent the Lisbon board, your stories make me feel that there is still some humanity left in this world.

Happy Fucking


12-16-03, 17:09
Hi all,

I was back home this weekend in Lisbon and found some time in the afternoon to visit adonis health club. http://www.adonishealthclub.com/index.htm

This place is centrally located and has excellent facilities. The address is on their website and don't be drawnback by the entrance. At first I was thinking that I had the wrong place because the place looks like a high-end health club. Anyway walk up the flight of stairs and in the recepction the woman will gladly show you that this is not the average health club.

I was shown into the room next door as the lady heard someone else coming up the stairs and privacy is important to them. I waited in a room with a sunbed, a portable sauna, a bicycle and a bathroom (I guess they take this health club facade very seriously). Anyway while I waited, the small television was showing a soft-core porn flick. 6 girls then paraded in, said their names and kissed me on the cheek (standard greeting procedure, remember the name of the one you like). The girls ranged from 6-8.5 and I was surprised to see some of the girls form Elefante and Gallery here. But this place is only open until 22.00 so I guess after this they go to the clubs.

Back to the girls. The mamasan explained that the prices were 80€ for 30 mins, 100€ for 1 hour and more time could be negotiated. I opted for the 1 hour with a brunette named Leticia from Brasil. After I choose, the girl accompanied me to the 3rd floor where the rooms are located, and since they were all empty, I choose the room with a waterbed and jacuzzi. The other rooms all had round beds, mirrors and another one had a waterbed. But the jacuzzi seemed an interesting option and went for it.

The room had a nice big waterbed, television and lots of porn tapes, the jacuzzi and a bathroom. Once we were in the room Leticia disrobed and showed me a wonderfull, almost perfect body, quite pettite, tits were not too big but were real, no silicon. The one put off was that she had a big scar on her leg that she said she got from a motorbike accident when she was younger. Anyway, as I lay on the bed she proceeded to fill the jacuzzi with warm water and while that was going on, she got some massage oil and gave me a full body massage. it was especially nice when it was body to body. After being all oiled but she proceeded to give me a BBBJ for a few minutes. At this point she brought out the protection and with her mouth covered my buddy. cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy and missionary and I blew my wad... just in time as the water from the jacuzzi had been stopped and it was starting to get cold... cleaned up hastily and jumped into the jacuzzi with her. Spent about 15-20 mins in there kissing and fondling and was ready for round two.

Got out of the jacuzzi and she toweled me dry and I returned the favor. We quickly jumped on the waterbed again and were at it again. this time she spent a lot of time in the cowgirl position (didn't feel like doing too much work) and when I felt close, switched her to doggy and finished the deed.

We stayed in bed for another 5 mins chatting and I found out that she has been in Lisbon for quite sometime (5yrs) and will be heading to fortaleza (home) for x-mas. She says that she is also at Elefante Branco most nights but the mamasan from here doesn't know. I told her that I would try to visit her at the Elefante this weekend, as I am returning home for x-mas, and she would have to make the same price as I paid here but with more time. She just said to come and visit, that I wouldn't regret it... Guess I have to go to Elefante on Friday or Saturday.

If the quality of girls maintains, the installations, the discretion make this a must visit place.

I'll report back over the next weeks as I will spend more time in Lisbon and hopefully have some time to dedicate to the hobby.

um forte abraço

12-16-03, 21:34

Not strictly a mongering question, more of a general info one. I'm flying out to Lisbon on Xmas Eve, staying till New Years Day. I'll be staying w/ my cousin and her hubby who moved out there a couple of years ago, so there is some family element involved in my trip, but on the other hand they're pretty cool, I'm 35 and single and they're in their forties with kids, and they don't expect me to stay with them all the time and know that there will be at least a couple of late nights out.

What I wanted to know is, is it dead over that period? Generally this is more a question about going to bars, clubs, etc, who knows, maybe even getting lucky for free if people are in a festive enough mood. And if it is dead for those purposes, are the "establishments" of the kind we frequent also likely to be dead, all the girls having gone home for the holidays?

Thanks in advance

12-17-03, 16:26

IMHO lisbon doesn't die down during the holidays. Some of the women from the clubs (they make more money) do fly home for the holidays, but my experience in general is that the private house scene maintains about the same.

Regarding regular clubs and bars, I am 28 and single, and for me one of the best nights in Lisbon is the 25th of December. Quite a few clubs open (a little bit later than usual) around 1.00am. In any case any club or bar doesn't get going until 2:00am or later so it is practically the same as any regular night. some clubs have specific parties but I don't know of any right now. I am traveling to Lisbon on friday and will get updated on the party scene then. In any case you should head to Av. 24 de julho in Lisbon and look around to see which club looks good. Remember to dress sharp, the doormen in the clubs are quite moody and won't let you in if they don't like the way you look.

Let me know if you have any questionsor doubts- PM me.

um abraço


12-19-03, 19:11
Latin Ass:

Thank you for your words of encouragement: they are much appreciated. I'm glad to have played my part, among with some other notable gentlemen, in making this board worth reading.

A very Merry Christmas to you, whether it finds you shivering in the misty streets of Northern Europe, or swatting the flies off your barbecue in your antipodean homeland.

Merry Christmas also to all true and constant seekers after pussy, here in Lisboa or wherever you may be...

...and of course to all the women, old and young, black, brown and white, lovely and not so lovely, who keep the life surging through our veins.

Muri closes down for Christmas: time to travel 1,000 miles north and be a good kind docile sweet generous family man in whose mouth not even brandy butter would melt. Once returned from the green and pleasant but rainswept island of his ancestors, he will roar back into action in 2004.
Feliz Natal

Zé Duron
12-20-03, 19:58
Merry Xmas and a happy new year to everyone who has added his experience to this amazing site as well as to the administrators who make this Plaza a really worthwhile meeting place. Thanks to your work all of this is happening almost real-time, great engeneering.

This year was amazing and one can only hope that quantity and quality stays put or rises in the coming year (and lets hope that prices estagnate!)

Saty safe and have some great holy days.

Zé Duron

Buy the way the site:http://www.adonishealthclub.com/index.htm stated by Mutrix looks great and I will surely pay them a visit!

12-28-03, 16:39
Hello and Happy Holidays to all.

Sorry for taking some time to report on my trip to Estoril, but it has been one hectic month.

I must apologize that I do not have much to report as I was both lucky and unlucky. After calling a few places and working through their broken English, I tried to order one of the girls in the Estoril ads - she repeated the hotel and room number but obviously got lost or a better offer.

As I was at the front desk asking if someone had come looking for me, my luck turned. There was a group of older Italian couples in the hotel and they were guided by two very lovely younger Italian women. To make a long story short they spoke a little English, but great French, fortunate for myself and the Frenchman on our conference. Chatting and a long hug and kiss on the cheek one night turned into a BBBJ in the bathroom the next night and then a night of sexy dancing in a club, almost lost it fully clothed in the club (HAHA) and then a great night, correction morning in her room.

All in all a great week - not a monger type - but great all the same.

Other than that, Lisbon and area was beautiful and I will have to visit under less restricted circumstances and enjoy a nice vacation there.

Happy New Year to all and all the best mongering.


01-02-04, 01:24
Well, just back from a week in Lisbon spending Xmas with family. Lovely place, although dirty in places. Very difficult to nip out and sample the local delights, it seemed there was a dinner at somebody's place every night. Eventually managed to grab a couple of hours on New Years Eve, tried 2 addresses. The first was the one on Alameda Dom Alfonse Henriques, mentioned in previous posts. Rang the buzzer, tried the number, no response. Don't know if that was just for the holidays, or for good. Knowing I only had 2 hours before I was to join the family and head off for a NYE party, grabbed a cab and headed to Avenida Infante Santo 350, also mentioned below.

What can I say, they were not stunners, in fact my God, they were quite heinous, I wouldn't normally have done them even for free - BUT it was New Years Eve, I was pressed for time, and I was leaving the next day. Well, they redeemed themselves with incredible service. 70 Euros for 2, 1 young girl, one old tart, no time limit. I just wanted to be blown, and I believe I could have got it cheaper, reading Ze Duron's description again - 70 Euros is for half and half - but there was a bit of a language miscommunication so i ended up paying 70 Euros and while they were taking turns giving me BBBJ they kept asking me if I was ready to fuck and I kept saying no. Both were portuguese, neither spoke english or spanish or french, I speak no portuguese, so I guess that's were the confusion came about. Still, it was NYE and they were sucking some stranger's cock, I won't begrudge them the extra 20 or 30 euros they got.
Very good, very tender blowjob, I'd been saving myself for a week so the end result nearly blew my head off. The old tart did something incredible at the end, she kept moving her mouth along the SIDE of the my knob as if she was playing a mouth organ (ha ha, no seriously) and that was enough stimulation to make me erupt! Not as good as a CIM, but close, she kept moving her mouth sideways up and down even as I was coming, definitely took pride in her work.

Anyway, they then cleaned me up, wished me "boa ano" and walked me to the door. Very pleasant, although I could have done without hearing the baby in the other room.
I'm dubious about Lisbon as a good location. Even normal girls in the street were pretty rough. Think I'll stick to Eastern Europe. Although of course maybe I can have a better time with more planning.

Zé Duron
01-06-04, 02:27
happy new year 2004…~

a year that important for portugal and for the city of lisbon, i have my concerns, maybe prices will start raising! i hope not because that would ruin the ambient.

this has been some slow weeks in terms of action, so it’s time to hit the action again. strange how i already miss it and it’s been 2 or 3 weeks since my last hunt! i want to visit rue pedro nunes in an earlier report by muri (many times in deed, so i have to check it myself).

there is also this parlour adonis reviewed by mutrix (http://www.adonishealthclub.com/index.htm) the girls and facilities look great.

i will also check out rua alves redol, nº 11, 1st floor (central in lisbon close to instituto técnico), they usually have nice girls for 1 hour sex for 100 euros. some are seen at the webpage; http://www.aslolitas.com/ . you can't see much but the pictures are real for patricia, vera and sindy.

i tried patricia, beauty teen blond and her price is 50 for half and half with great attitude, she is dear to please, you can reach her at 914159927 at rua dona estefânia, nº 155 or 157, but i don't know the floor right now, just ring her.

i also promised to avoid the street scene as it is getting creepy down the hill for the whole past year (with little exceptions, a few week-ends).

after all this writing i am starting to feel this withdrawal sintoms, quite funny. does this happen to you folks as well?

i´ll loggon again after having some new informations, hope good ones to start this amazing year right off!

01-13-04, 15:51
Part Two
And yet…now… what exactly is it about Brazilian girls? Why cannot Muri share the worldwide admiration for them? Mariana is a gorgeous woman, with slanted bright black eyes, long glossy jet hair, pouting lips and regular teeth, breasts augmented to perfection, smooth flat stomach with love’s pink rose nestling beneath a fragrant wisp of fur, above trim shapely legs and a hard perky little bottom… an eight or nine for those colleagues who employ a points system. Applying mouth to pussy, Muri (a literary gent) recalled the words of one of the first ‘discoverers’ of Brazil, who said of the Amerindian women:

"Ali andavam entre eles três ou quatro moças, bem novinhas e gentis, com cabelos muito pretos e compridos pelas costas; e suas vergonhas, tão altas e tão cerradinhas e tão limpas das cabeleiras que, de as nós muito bem olharmos, não se envergonhavam… ... uma daquelas moças era toda tingida de baixo a cima, daquela tintura e certo era tão bem feita e tão redonda, e sua vergonha tão graciosa que a muitas mulheres de nossa terra, vendo-lhe tais feições envergonhara, por não terem as suas como ela." (Pedro Vaz de Caminha, May 1500)

Murilloa’s free translation:

"There were three or four girls with them, really young and pretty, with long raven hair down to their arses. Their pussies stood out tight and hairless: we lads stared hard, but they weren’t embarrassed… …one of those chicks was made up from head to foot with that paint they have, and let me tell you she had all her curves in the right places, with a pussy to die for – most women back home would eat their hearts out to have a sexy little package like that."

For five hundred years, the descendants of Vaz de Caminha and those of the Amerindians have been joyfully fucking. The happy result can be seen on every beach in Brazil, and in the wider world wherever sex is to be had for money: pretty brown girls, who take their sex as naturally as eating, or sleeping. In fact, this may be the heart of the problem for Muri. Brazil sex seems rather matter of fact, humdrum, mechanical, and lacking in true spice. They seem to perform one of the deepest darkest mysteries of life as if it were eating breakfast or washing one’s hair. Something like the Brazilian TV soaps, so superficially full of sound and fury and intrigue and sex and violence and passion but so empty and automatic. Or more controversially, compare Brazilian football, so much-vaunted and so many times champion… but who would not really rather watch a game from the English or Argentine league?

Muri contrasts Mariana with the woman he currently visits weekly, a mother 30 years old, on sale for €40 in a suburban house, by no means eye candy like Mariana, in fact rather more sexy in her clothes than out of them; a little thin and awkward in some movements; a fairly experienced prostitute but still struggling with a sense of shame; who blushes and then laughs if you talk dirty, who removes her panties and folds them away with her back turned (in fact Muri has cured her of this habit); who shivers with mingled thrill and shock when you put her hand on your hard prick; who is at first reluctant to be kissed or eaten, and then gives way in a rush; who doesn’t often have an orgasm but when she does get there, it’s genuine and gives her surprise and joy: who seems – whether you’re her first client or her tenth – to be fully involved in the hot sweet mystery of man and woman, that complicated cocktail of delight and disgust, pleasure and pain, rather than just being a garota doing a sexy playful dance with a man in front of a mirror.

Better stop. Muri is starting to sound like DH-fuckin’-Lawrence. Let it be stressed that he has no prejudice against Brazil, on the contrary admires the place and its people. That’s why he would like to feel more of an authentic passionate jolt when he couples with one of its daughters. Perhaps a colleague can respond meaningfully on this board. Otherwise… well… if at first you don’t succeed… Muri will just have to try, try and try again, a task that is not likely to be unpleasant.

01-13-04, 15:52
Curiosity was whetted by reports on Adonis Club. Christmas dealt severely with Muri’s wallet, but by January 9th he had assembled the necessary wad. If you dislike rambling reports: Part One is information and a standard narrative, and in Part Two, for the leisured connoisseur, Muri wrestles with a great existential question: Brasileiras. (how charming: spell check wants to change that to ‘Broilers’…)

Part One
Adonis could not be more safe or central, 200 metres from Marquês de Pombal, focal point of the Metro. The discreet, easily found entrance is Rua Braancamp 22, with a pleasant café next door for refreshment ‘before and after’. Reception is on the first floor; your chosen companion takes you to the third. Service is friendly; the installations are comfortable and hygienic. Six very attractive young women were on duty at 1730 on Friday. ‘Adonis’ is exactly what a €100-an-hour brothel in the business section of a 21st century European capital city should look like. Recommended, gentlemen: though there’s no need entirely to forsake cheaper pleasures in dingier surroundings.

Confronting six fine girls in provocative clothing, Muri had difficulty making up what passes for his mind. The hostess helpfully suggested choosing two, but quite apart from the extra cost, this would be too much meat for one old dog. The decision favoured Mariana, a petite dark Brazilian of 23 years. She escorted her new friend upstairs, touched, caressed and squeezed, stripped slowly, gave oiled massage, shared a shower, masturbated while Muri dried himself, discreetly rubbered him, adopted ‘69’ to begin, then eased through the positions, offering zestful encouragement, and faking orgasm just before Muri unleashed his. Pleasant ensuing conversation was mainly about Brazil: she will shortly return after several months in Lisbon earning rather more than she did at the supermarket checkout back home. Her cheerfulness, optimism and love for her homeland were touching and appealing. A second shot is part of this deal, but Muri, already lost in thought (see below) didn’t press for it and nor did Mariana. The experience was certainly worth three figures.

Latin Ass
01-14-04, 15:11

Nice report ,happy new year to you, tell us about your trip to Uk over the festive season. I havnt drank at the trough for close to 2 months, shared a quiet christmas season at home with family and friends , but did venture into switzerland for some skiing.



Carlos Primeros
01-14-04, 21:31

A wonderful report. Parts of it can be matched with the Lusidades.

For me, the Brazilian girls in Lisboa are the spice of life. Nothing against a Portuguese girl but I prefer some "colour" e calor!

Muito obrigado por vosso contribucao!


Latin Ass
01-15-04, 09:56

Heres one too you: Have you ever thought of writing a book, memoirs of an English man in Lisbon? The trials and tribulations of a punter in Portugal?

May be a best seller.



Zé Duron
01-16-04, 02:27
To the forum and all its providers, and especially to all the people posting on the section Lusitana (Portugal) and above all, to the administrators:

Have a great start!
Have a Great 2004!

(If your about to do a trip, try Portugal and you won’t regret it!)

I started the year by visiting a place that was earlier reviewed by Mori, at Rua Pedro Nunes, Nº 45; Tel:96 788 32 36.

It´s an old Pension right in the center of Lisbon, easy to find and I was presented to three girls at that Friday early evening (I think they work from 12 to 22 hrs). Isabel a young and tall brunette was by far the best option available. She has a kind of Slavic face, reminding me of Russian women and her figure is really nice with beautiful medium very firm tits and long, long legs that point to a phenomenal ass and a clean pussy. I was sitting on the bed, and she kneeled down in her boots to give me a covered BJ.

Although I was a bit disappointed by the very brief foreplay, little petting and she wouldn’t suck in my member very deeply, I remembered that I was only paying 30 euros for this suck and fuck combination. As I asked her if she did anal, she rolled her eyes and said: “Claro,… e gosto!” (Sure…and I dig it). I asked again and she just smiled and got on the bed on all four. What an amazing view! Her butt is a real white pale beauty. She put on some lube and just let my best friend in through the backdoor. It wasn’t me pulling in, it was her pushing her ass against me! Wow! Superb experience! I rode her for ten as long as I could and even had the time to take one of her sexy boots off to caress and lick her feet and legs! She is really warm once you overcome the first barrier, so to say. She is very clean, I wouldn’t kiss a girls feet if she wasn’t absolutely clean! All in all, a great experience for 50 euros, since I upgraded for anal. Have to ride her again.

I left the place feeling really relaxed and got my way to a tiny café nearby to have my first beer (imperial). There was a soccer match on TV and I got into a small talk with another costumer and the bartender. After an hour I felt recharged and thought to myself, let’s have another round and got going to the close

Avenida 5 de Outubro, Nº 61, third floor; tel: 96 477 47 53:

This place looks really worn down but it’s really safe as it is located close to the Taxi stop and easy to find on the other side of the street of the Cinema Nimas. There were only two gals in her forties waiting to please their customers. I chose Maria, a curly brunette with nice hard legs, big melons, beautiful hands but to much belly for my taste. But hey lets try her out for 30 euros. She was offering a massage and intensive BJ for that price. I asked her to go directly to the matter and she wanted to do it without cover but I insisted to have oral sex with a condom on. Her service is five stars; she got into it like I was her son going to war tomorrow! She was taking it deep, deeper and deeper and I was sinking into Trans. I told her girls my age don’t “work” like that and she started licking my balls, caressing my torso and my asshole. I would have loved to meet her in her younger years. She is a real queen (not a stunner but still charming) and is willing to perform to her best for your approval. I can only recommend her.

Well next I am going to try to finish the round to the places I stated in earlier reports.

Have a great week-end and I wish you all the very best for 2004. Stay healthy and in shape, don't jeopardize it.

01-16-04, 23:10
Latin Ass, Carlos Primeros:

Thank you gentlemen, for your appreciation of my recent report. I also posted it on the Brazil board, expecting to cause a little mischief, but there were appreciative and thoughtful answers- one guy pointed out that it's a question of age, not nationality, so that if you have a trivial experience with a young woman, you compensate by finding a 'mulherão'. Another gave standard advice that sex isn't as exciting unless it's part of a relationship. Well, nice responses and real food for thought, but the pleasures of hunting are such that I do not see myself embarking on a steady relationship with a thirtysomething lady any time soon: that belongs to the recent past and perhaps the distant future.

Latin Ass, your suggestion that I should write a book is too kind and flattering. I would just love to do some such thing, but eventually family, friends and boss would find out and there would be hell to pay, although it would also be a kind of liberation not to be leading a double life. I guess this is how gay men used to feel about 'coming out'. Nowadays they have no such problem, in fact in some parts of London it seems pretty well obligatory to be gay: while we men who pay for sex have to experience the mixed joy and shame of being furtive. The politically correct guidebooks to European capitals (Lonely Planet etc) are typical in this respect: they inform the gay traveller of every possible cruising haunt, but if they mention heterosexual prostitution they do so in a tone of voice which would do credit to a Victorian curate. That's why this board is such a mine of information, as well as being a friendly and supportive community.

To both you gentlemen: keep coming to this board, and return soon to Portugal,

01-16-04, 23:19
Zé D.

I'm glad that you found your way to Isabel, up that street past the exotic carpet shop from Saldanha. What an excellent description of her - although she's 100% Portuguese, she does have an intriguingly 'Slavic' face with those high cheekbones and wicked eyes. And as you rightly point out, these are by no means her only fascinations. I have never especially enjoyed anal, but on my next visit to Isabel (next Wednesday if all goes well) I may give it another try as it sounds as if she knows what she's doing in that department.

Well, it's Friday night. Muri always feels tired after a long week of work, a little melancholy because it's Lori's 'day' in London and she has been pleasuring other guys and none of them was Muri... but there's also a glow of anticipation about the morrow - Sabado will find him... where? Even he does not yet know, but whatever the day brings him, he will share it on this board.
Boa noite, everyone,

Zé Duron
01-18-04, 05:18
Long live the Friday night feeling!

It was proven that in ocidental culture, as we live in, our hormones start to get tricky around thursday, get wicked on Friday and start cooling down on Saturday night or Sunday morning!

It was Friday evening and as I left the job behind around seven I started wondering what kind of tricks were expecting me and ended up ringing a crazy pal of mine. He is in his late thirties, was born in Lisbon but has developped his carrier upnorth in beautiful Porto. We used to go to college together and back in the early ninties used to hang out quiet a lot, but as you can imagine life was quiet different with those days budget. The Zero budget level, that makes you inventive as hell if you wanne get laid!

Until this Friday I had never been on the "hunt" with this guy, and to tell you the truth I thought he be perfect for the atmosphere as he is not only relaxed but also a killing laugh. But, how was I to approach him regarding the possible rejection on a long time friend?

I don´t know if I planned the situation, unconsciously, but we ended meeting at Saldanha at a café were we used to watch infernal soccer matches and drink the first 5 to 6 beers, back in those crazy early ninties.

I hadn´t seen him for a month or and we started the smal talk with a cup of coffee (Bica) and a beer. As he had had late lunch with family (lucky bastard was on vacation and I had worked my ass out that miserable day) I said I would eat later on as well and so we compromised of getting to the movies at Saldanha Residence. The place was packed and the best movies were sold out and so we moved on down the street to Cinema Monumental, one of the old-type theaters were they still have a "intervalo" in the middle of the movie! We settled for The Calender Girls, got the tickets and found ourselves a café to have another beer and smoke some special stuff just as we were hedding back to the theatre.

The movie is so-so and the only thing worthwhile remembering was the "intervalo" were we had a smoke outside at the entrance of the theatre. As you stand outside there is a club called Black Tie, mentioned on earlier reports. The first chicas were arriving as well as the first guests that I guess were having dinner in that place. Some of the girls looked beautiful in their neglige and high heels, and I couln´t avoid ckecking my mate having really long drags at his cigaret and staring with a big smile at the girls.

That is the tell, I guessed and we went back in after a few coments on the meat arsenal outside!

After the movie was over and as we hedded out I asked him: hungry? Lets have dinner, at the Black Tie and started laughing.

I knew from his life standart that we were on a 200 euros budget, tops! We got in that club at midnight and they were charging 25 euros pax as a fee. I told them we were in for dinner and so we managed to get in for free! Nice start!

We had a beef stake each and ordered a few beers (mistake, we shoul have gone straight for the bootle of vodka). As we were eating we started talking about this kind of double-life activity and each one of us knew what we were in for!

This place is lacated in the heart od the economic old quarter of the city, every cabby knows it. It´s a nice club in a basement, very confortable, whit visible signs from the late eighties. The predominant coler would be say black and silver at the entrance, brown and silver in the social area; it´s half litten, not to dark and they have about 30 to 50 girls in sexy (but descent) clothes and say up to 100 costumers (a lot of guys are just there to stare at the ckicas). As it was early there were about 20 chicas and guys around. We were approached a couple of girls and chatted with a few ones. Almost all were Brasilian chicas, with a few blondes in the vast majority of brunettes and mulatas. The decoration is what you can expect of a 80´s disco with lots of sofas and cosy corners. Waitresses and bartenders are very nice and professional.

After dinner and coffee we decided to have a bootle of the russian stuff and imediately attracted the chicas. Strange thing was there were a few ones sitting all by therselves and I was told by the bartender that they were "Reserved" for some Rich punks!

The advantages of having a bootle:
1. Costs! You get the bootle for 60 euros if you have dinner and there is no more charging you 12/15 euros for a drink. (soda and cola are free)
2. The girls love to be asked for a drink and you can give em eighter a long drink or a shot if she dares to! LOL! It gets the talk right of.
3. You are awarded a table that will be yours as long as you stay.
4. You get the best chance to have a good talk with the bartender serving you, bringing the glasses and ice. He will tell you what you can expect from a specific chica or where or what time to Tias (portuguese chicas in their 30s and 40s), Russas (Russian and Slavic chicas), Hispanicas, Universitárias and so on.

The drinks were starting to cause some effects and I got myself dancing with a brasilian blond. She was hot and we had a lot of fun for half an hour dancing to last years hits. They go crazy when they hear some brasilian music!

Got back and found my mate chatting to two portugesas and so I dismissed my brasilian girl. She took it relaxed and promised to be bak on the hook. Both the portuguese girls were nice, wearing dark tight jeans some kind of sexy top and platform shoes (to my pleisure) and looked just as any sexy pair of friends do!

After 10 minutes one ( Madalena) asked me if I could manage such a sexy gal as she was! and started plying with her hand on my chest and trousers. Man. it´s really difficult to chose between all those goddesses.

Madalena is what I would consider an 9 if she was working with me, but down here I would rank her down to a 6 or 7. The level was amazing with so many different languages been spoken, so many high heels wondering arround, blue tight jeans flashing in my directions as well as mini skirts and night dresses. It was all there, big breats, small, saggy or enormous mamas were at the list. Big Ass or tinny butt!

Madalena stated 200 euros for a full hour, which was to much as I had paid for dinner and the bottle. I gave her back to the room and to tell you the truth I was glad cause after not even 10 minutes I saw her leave the club. My pal gave his girl up and we proceeded to the dance floor.

We danced and our hands got on so many asses and breats, it was way getting out of "hands" but no one bugged us for our partying.

To make it short: I asked my pal if he was willing to fuck his brains out and he replyed "Mas claro!" and he grabbed a tall brunette and got to our table as I was checking all the meat. As I joined them she (marília) asked me why I was alone? We got into the chat and I opened myself to her about all my fantasys and turn-ons. She was a real laugh and introduced me to like six or seven friends, until I met Vanessa a curly blond argentinan goddess with big tits. My spanish isn´t the best but we managed in between vodkas and just keept the flame going on, having a tight slow dance where she whispered her demands to my ear: 200 euros one hour. I didn´t answear and as we got back to the table my friend said he had reached to terms with Marília; 100 euros but I was to take my girls as well and we would all share the room. So it was 200 euros for a foursome I asked and Marília started smiling to Vanessa; I said only if you chicas do the hottest show on earth!

To make it short: We ended leaving the place as it was past 3 o´clock in the morning and headed to a Dallas Residencial, just 3 blocks away. We got into my car where all the action started with some dirty talk by the girls saying they wanted to compare our dicks and that it was up to them to chose who to fuck! It really aroused me but I wanted them both and I wanted to reach the full hour.

At then place the girls paid the room and we all got upstairs. The facilities were poor but clean and the show started right away with the chicas eating theirselves for 15 minutes. It looked quiet pornograffic to tell you the truth. I rode my Vanessa for my round on the bed while my mate was sitting with his chica the only spare chair. After our blows we all had a smoke and me and my pal bursted out laughing with our drunkness and the strange turn this night had had! The girls found it funny that we had been hiding our hunting-bussiness from each other and the atmosphere was really chillingly friendly. Thats when Vanessa demanded me to eat her again for another 100 euros. I rejceted the offer and said another 100 and we do a real foursome, including anal sex and foot fetish.

It took me like 50 minutes to come the second time. It was the fuck of the century (for the past, say... 6 month! LOL). Oral, vaginal, footfetish masturbation and anal sex, I rode both the girls and as I fucked Marilia in the Ass she was taking my mate in the mouth while Vanessa was spreading her legs for me to continue next. Amazing.

All in all I spend a small fortune that night, but as I drove home past five I was happy as Kike.

Expenses: Café x4 = 2 euros
Imperiais (before movie) x 2 = 2 euros
Ticket for movie = 5 euros
Dinner and drinks for two= 60 euros
Vodka bootle= 60 euros
Chicas= 150 euros
Tip for my Vanessa= 20 euros

All in all say 299 euros! Was it worth it? Absolutely! But now imagine if the two weren´t that reliable and I would only have done one shot? Costing me 249euros (299 -50 euors for the extention)!

It was on the edge, but she was a real pearl. They told me that the Carnaval season is hilariant!

By and I hope I haven´t been to extensive but it was really a chilling experience!

PS: who knows of places (apartments) that are strong on Saturday or Monday

PS2: someone asked for tTias, there were a few in this club that were really that type of "mulherão", including the destinctive accent that is needed for a girl to be considered one.

PS3: Have lost track of the romanian chicas that were to be found around Rua Artilharia Um and Saldanha streets.

01-18-04, 19:25
Ze D:

Wow! A marathon evening. Most appropriate that this great night's work should be the subject of report number 100 on the Lisbon board.

No time for more than a brief airing of a problem which may become serious. Browsing through previous reports to see if I had missed anything, I suddenly realised the significance of Zé D's remark to the effect that 2004 would be a big year for Lisbon and Portugal. Of course... Euro 2004, the European soccer championship!

Question for Lisbon punters - is this good news or bad for fellow hobby fans? Maybe gentlemen from other boards can tell us what happens to the trade when a major sporting event hits town? My first reaction is to head out of Lisbon into Spain for two weeks, watch the games there on TV and avoid the crowds of boozed up soccermaniacs and the high prices. But quite possibly Spain will be denuded of all its working girls as every Brasileira, Colombiana and Russa within 1,000km of Portugal heads west to get a piece of the action. And if prices are pushed up, will they stay up, or revert to pre-competition levels?
To all wise economist-hobbyists: advice, please!

Latin Ass
01-19-04, 10:10
Muri, Ze`duron,

Thanks for the reports, it was interesting reading ZDs post, yes that extra 50 euros actually made the night 100% better.

I will tell you about my friday night ( i wont tell you were I live for security reasons), but lets say the town is in central europe ,with a lot of history, in fact the town is surrounded by some old castle walls and the old castle is a ruin now, but back in 1100AD this place would have been the centre of activities. After work I enjoyed a few quiet beers at my local with a few english chaps, we usually talk rubbish about whos better at rugby, SA, NZ or Australia or England, then have some more beers and talk more rubbish, its a dingy little pub that "proper ladies and girls" would steer away from due to the loud heavy rock and stench of smoke but i like it. Occasional some working girls frequent the place but they usually sit alone nursing a beer and their wounds.

Anyway at around 8PM and 3 pints I decided to frequent my local knocking shop, the place is ran by the russian mafia (although this is not Russia) and the girls are mainly polish and eager to please. I fork out approx 60 euros for 20 minutes, but I always choose alexa, shes a tall brunette aged around 22 who likes me and therefore provides me with fringe benefits, its kind of girlfriend sex (with a condom of course) but well worth the cost. I have done most things with her except anal, shes wild in bed sticking her toungue deep down your throat while you give her a good reaming, she even orgasms and from my experience it looks to be real with shaking and quivering etc, after sex she has sometimes asked me to go out for drink but I dont like to mix business and pleasure, and I dont want any problems being spotted by enquiring relatives, so I have to reluctantly decline.

Anyway after this jaunt it was back to the local for another two pints followed by a "special" smoke which sent me dizzy and disorientated. I then went to another bar, cant remember at what time this was but I woke up next day with a telephone number and the url to someones website in my pocket, it must have been a good smoke as I dont know who gave me these things, and I dont remember talking to anyone, as a matter of fact I dont know how I got home? Happy new year too all!


01-20-04, 19:33
Good work, Latin Ass - an intriguing report and you keep us guessing as to your location... let's see... a place in Central Europe with a medieval castle, Polish girls at work in the noblest profession, and Brits hanging out in bars... hmmm.... that gives us a couple of thousand possibilities...

Must be a pretty safe city if you can confidently get stoned and wake up with partial recollection... don't ever try that in Colombia or you will wake up feeling as if you'd taken on the whole French Rugby pack singlehanded...


01-20-04, 19:35
Serendipity: noun
Etymology: from its possession by the heroes of the Persian fairy tale 'The Three Princes of Serendip'
Date: 1754
"the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for"

Serendipity can be the gentleman’s best friend, and this week brought Muri a grand dose of it. Business took him to a locale he seldom frequents, the Praça Espanha. Lisbon has several beautiful squares: this one is just a stretch of wet grass with a pointless arch in the middle, and traffic roaring round in all directions: no sense of humanity or urbanity here. It was not a hunting day, but a time for coffee and reading, so Muri took refuge in a café, and sipping his 'bica', picked up the 'Correio', which fell open, the way it does, at the classified section and the following advertisement: (translation)

Vitória…Portuguese girl…genuine 18 years old…bust 38…pert bottom…slim waist…green eyes…nothing is taboo with me!…Praça Espanha.

A significant coincidence and a likely tonic for a depressing afternoon, thought Muri: and so it proved to be. Telephone calls to new establishments can be discouraging when some crusty old hag mumbles an incomprehensible address and puts you off the idea of taking things further. This call was answered by a bright young voice: “I’m Vitória”, she said, “you can find me at Largo São Sebastião da Pedreira, 31 3E, and my service will cost €40.” Outside the café, a passer-by provided directions, bringing fantasies of an alternative travellers’ phrase book, one with really useful sentences like “Good afternoon, please could you tell me if there is a young blonde prostitute in this area?”. Muri returned citywards up the hill. The vast Corte Inglés store loomed on his right, and merited a detour: a couple of purchases in the gourmet food section, and several sightings of appetising young creatures, returned him to hunting mode with a keen sense of anticipation stirring in his warm winter underclothing.

Largo São Sebastião da Pedreira is a mouthful, but easy to find, across the avenue from the Corte and one block back. #31 is a typical nondescript apartment block. One look at the young woman who opened the door, and Muri’s intuition suggested that he was in luck. It’s not that Vitória was extravagantly pretty, or alluringly dressed: a slim tallish girl-next-door in tight jeans, boots and a white T-shirt, with glinting studs pierced into her navel, darkish blonde hair in a ponytail, green eyes as advertised, and an appealing friendly straightforward face. This is a fairly common type in Portugal, making a nice change from plump or petite Latinas: but only very rarely do you find them for sale.
Shown straight into the bedroom, Muri paid his €40 and went to wash for the lady. When he returned she had already stripped, for Muri had forgotten to issue his usual instruction not to remove any clothing: he likes to do this, lingeringly, himself. Not to worry: he reserves that pleasure for next time, and next time cannot come soon enough, for there standing before him was a figure out of Botticelli.

Words can do no justice to the slim firm tone of this lithe body, nor to the fragrance of her hair, neck, breasts and other areas to which Muri directed exploring hands and lips. Nor to the dexterity of her hands, mouth and pussy, the vigour of her cowgirl ride, the joy of entering her from behind, thrusting up against that hard ripe bum, the loveliness of her legs when Muri turned her over on to her back, gazing long and hard at the most splendid sight a man ever sees, before returning to paradise for an overwhelming orgasm… no, .... no point trying to describe any of that.

After withdrawal, Muri caressed every sweet inch of Vitória’s exquisite body, including her clean pretty delicate feet: take note, Zé D, we know you have an eye (and a tongue) for such things. Still admiring the perfect texture of her skin, Muri traced her fading tan lines from last summer, indicating use of a tiny bikini, which must have caused many a man on the Costa to slink into the dunes and tug on his sandy erection.

Only one drawback: she was not initially forthcoming in post-game conversation, seeming intelligent, but uninterested in making more than a business contact with the latest punter in her life. Perhaps this is no bad thing, for Muri must beware of falling in L***. Anyhow, she was laughing at his jokes (or his bad Portuguese) by the time he departed, and there is no question but that he will soon return to his serendipitous discovery. That night, his last waking thought (add an 'n' before the 'k', if you must) was of running his hand gently up Vitória’s long, smooth succulent inner thigh…

Zé Duron
01-21-04, 02:22
To Mur and the Forum.

Great that you made it to Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira, I have been there 2 or 3 times in the past couple of months (as described on this forum before) and I got to knew a couple of nice girls that place. The only girl I disliked was a tall dark mulata. Altough her body looks sexy with her long meaty legs, always wearing high heels and altough she got a nice ass and big tits I was once dissapointed with her.

Why? She had opened the doors the second time I was there and she stated her therms and conditions (anything goes!) and I asked her to introduce me her friends... and you could tell she was pissed. In the end it was her loss! I hate it when the wrong chick opens the door cause the chance of she being the most motivated girl to fuck is often to be the case.

Once (at R. da Beneficiência) while I was chosing the girls by letting them offering me a beer and having one of the girls cigarettes I noticed that 4 out of 6 were giggling... In the room the chick of my choice told me they had put a bet that I would srew Felipa (the most dominant of the girls). They were making this bet while I was gazing at the six pairs of legs and tits.

This week is going to be full work so there will be little chance of mongering (snif snif).

We can´t loose our heads, or can we?

Zé Duron
01-23-04, 04:52
Plese buy any of the Tosca albums for sale.

Susuki Club
Chocolate Elvis
or Delhi Albums

Tosca is one of the worlds wost instructive elements, thet are a austrian double of musicians that do the best dubling and mixing arround onçly comparable to Mozart and Schu8bert.

Buy it and relax at home with your mistress, it´s absolutely worth it. (Tosca- Susuki club; Tosca by Delhi; Chocolate Elvis by Tosca)
Considering modern Life without them isn´t worth it! Believe it or just leave our planet! Their sound is round as libertination is the best feeling inthis world. Just try itr for 15€ and relax... get the tune in...

As I çlove to share some of my info Ihope I ain´t boring you, this stuff with the sound is truth, 100% truth. Music has always made a differance in my life! Hasn´t it ben the same with yours?

"Busenfreund" means "amigo do peito" (friend from the heart), which is a beautiful portuguese exprecion that isn´t tradable into any words!

Tosca rule! Long live the austrian brotherhood! Buy their sound! Kruder & Dorfmeister rule! Tosca forever!

Their sound is exotic and sentimantal appealing as well as sexy, use it to express your indulging great feeling...

Use Rebecca at Avenida Miguel Bombarda, Nº 129 R/C (botum floor) as she is the most sexy girl in Lisbon, to my honest opinion.

I have betraid my word as I have been active for this past week where I was searching only for relaxing and non-active body-checks.

I took a peak at São Sebastião da Pedreira and left to find myself just a block away at Avenida Miguel Bombarda, nº 129 R/C which means basement nin portuguese! This is in my opinion one of the best places in Lisbon (50 euros a srew, maybe 40 euros) and I am telling you nice looking chicas. A third of the girls are brailians and they won´t loose it easily! Take advantage!

If you end up at the appartmernt I just stated just ask for Rebecca, a brunette goddess and I wpn´t say more find her out for yourself. Believe me, he is worh the sun!

My next report is on her! But first I got to gather myself!

01-29-04, 15:08
Praça da Figueira’s bygone covered market is now a white expanse, with equestrian statue, stairs down to Metro and parking, flearidden skateboarders, pigeons, taxies, trams, pensões, bars, eateries like pricey ‘Suiça’ on the W, for tourists and ‘tias’, and to the E, ‘Merendinha’, for ‘leitão’ sandwiches. Southwards, Rua Fanqueiros for clothes. Northwards, Martin Moniz: Afro-Asian shopping, crack-***** country beyond. A charming intermediate zone between chic and sleazy. Two sweet new Romanians offer basic wholesome sex there, at €25.

Irina and Mariana reach Cais do Sodré at 1621 by ‘Linha Cascais’ train, ride metro to Rossio, and head for the Praça to patrol behind the Eastern side, discreet in blue jeans and leather jackets. Muri spotted them for EE girls, but with their youthful, modest air, he wasn’t sure if… …but then an approaching monger was led into a tall yellow house in Poço do Borratem, 50 metres from the Chinese grocer.
A kind-hearted gentleman cannot leave a girl lonesome. Muri graciously offered company. He enjoyed Irina, and returned for Mariana next day.

An arduous ascent, four flights, to a chaotic musty apartment. It is being refurbished, creating more rooms. Once finished, this will be a very decent brothel. It is probably preparing for Euro2004, and thousands of fans seeking inexpensive orgasms between games. Even now, business is brisk. On his second visit, all five rooms were occupied: Muri had to wait in the hall. From behind locked doors came a symphony of panting, gasping and bedcreaking, which amused Mariana, her pretty smile ‘breaking the ice’ for the expectant Mur. Inside, the rooms are basic but neat, with sink, bidet, fresh towel. Bedcovers seem to be changed frequently. The girls themselves are scrupulously hygienic, and very slightly chubby, with jet hair and pale skin. Not fat, however: Muri never purchases excess kilos. Both claim to be 22, and to have had a baby: only Mariana’s body bears such traces. Irina is short, with intelligent high forehead and serious grey eyes (but a warm smile once relaxed). Mariana is taller, with cute bright brown eyes. Both reveal pretty, pink, fully-shaven pussies. €25, CBJ, sex, no extra charge for rooms. Muri is contemplating a longer encounter, probably with Irina but the choice is hard.

They’re fun, friendly and chatty, though they won’t discuss where on the ‘linha’ they live and how they spend the rest of the day. They speak Spanish, having worked ‘in a restaurant’ (sure) in Valencia. Theirs is a precise, busy routine, pleasuring some dozen cocks before punctual departure for the 2015 train. Asked if the area’s older SWs resent them, Mariana explained that it’s a different service: the grannies do BBBJ. One shudders to think. Even with a goddess, it is plain foolish to introduce bare cock to a mouth awash with alien sperm; but with those oldsters…

Ah… age… leaving Irina, Muri saw her snapped up by a leathery old shark over seventy. He thought, ‘will he manage those fuckin’ stairs?’ and then fell into sombre mood. Aged seventy-five, will Muri still be performing? Should he now, right now, quit tobacco, reduce alcohol, eat tofu, join a gym? No, gentlemen… ‘tis practice that makes perfect, practice and more practice. Go to the Praça, enjoy some practice with these appealing Easterners: they may not be here for long.

01-31-04, 11:42
muri returned for irina, but she was busy. he waited discreetly, 100m from the entrance to the brothel...too far! she emerged and was immediately picked up by a suit-and-briefcase type. some little snot who studied economics at the catholic university, has an apartment back of oeiras with wife and two kids, wants to move to cascais, bores everyone at sunday lunch after mass, with his rightwing views and strict morality, and fucks three sws every week.

no muri, petty resentment will get you nowhere, so take a walk round the praça, have an imperial, and come back to... ah! what have we here? yet another young ee girl, in jeans and jacket...darker skinned, this one, gypsyish look, fine slender bottom in those tight jeans... c'mon then, irina will wait for another day.

a mixed experience, as follows:

up those stairs, recover from major heart attack, enter a room not previously experienced, pay, strip, wait...larissa, as she says she is called, returns and peels down those jeans. she also is romanian, but has minimal spanish / portuguese and does not live with the other two. conversation is unnecessary, however, as soon as that bare butt comes on view. another heart attack. absolutely one of the top two or three bums of a lecherous lifetime. perfect slender shape, brown firm skin... oh, we've all seen photos like this and we thought they were touched up... larissa got pretty well touched up by muri, who looked and stroked until his erection was barking at him.

and here's where it went downhill. larissa wouldn't remove her top half, offering only a glimpse of her (lovely pert brown firm) breasts. 'frio, frio' she said. she rubbered muri, who decided to forego the bj, so keen was he to enter right now, from behind. would you believe it, she refused. muri made it absolutely clear that he had no designs on her anus... still she refused. the girl with the sweetest rear in lisbon, absolutely would not be taken from behind. like owning a porsche and keeping it in the garage.

muri shrugged off his disappointment, and knelt between her thighs, but as he entered, she adopted that position. we all know it... knees raised and stiff, legs not fully parted, head bending forward... full penetration impossible, unless you thrust violently which is a, ungentlemanly, b, uncomfortable and c, makes you come too soon. so unfair on muri who is not endowed with a huge frightener and is accustomed to full penetration. when he did begin to push hard, the fuckin' bed started to creak like a volley of rifle shots. serves muri right for giggling, with mariana, at the noisy bed last week (see below). eventually he settles for a hand-driven finish which larissa accomplishes with a slight grimace.

never again, says muri descending the stairs. to make matters worse, he brushes past irina, ascending. with her this time, not an oldster or a suit, but a skinny boy aged all of 16.

on second thoughts... that butt... is it too squalid to return and just ask larissa to pose while...y'know....

advice please, gentlemen!

01-31-04, 17:35
A private message! From a youngster wanting a Cascais ‘tia’: an older lady seeking fresher meat than hubby, whose cock (and wallet) she has drained so often. Or perhaps hubby’s lost interest in wifey, and rides Brasilierinhas in Saldanha. Muri replies in public because the scarily named machiavelli, has posted no reports. One must be careful. With a secure position in the respectable (hah!) business world, Mur cannot give too much away to a stranger.

Muri hasn’t accosted a ‘tia’ in years. Not since his mad visit to Regan’s USA in 1983. It’s a generation thing. Fifty and bald, he hunts younger women. But in ‘72, (hard to believe in the bedroom mirror), there was a slim muscled sporty blond boy with soft brown eyes called Muri. He had some success, in hours of trying; especially during a year he spent in the land of his mother’s ancestors, ‘somewhere in Europe’. Sorry to be secretive, that one would really be a giveaway. But they play Rugby there, too. In those days, Queen Victoria had only just died and shopping-mall society was the future. But art galleries, cinema lobbies and bookstores were the places, as well as sidewalk cafés where contact could be gradually established. And in 1972, conversation with a ‘tia’ demanded knowledge of western culture, not a mess of half-cooked opinions about Michael Jackson or astrology.

Muri has no idea about Cascais: hardly ever goes there, lives in central Lisboa, and would be unable to identify the accent. But his nearest mall, Vasco de Gama, always has a herd of idle ‘tias’. Their heads are full of self-help books, ‘Hola’ magazine, new-age music, ‘lite’ consumer art, brand names of shoes and bags, the latest cool holiday venue… but their pussies may be busier than their brains. Amoreiras, Colombo, Corte Inglés, the same scene. Muri hardly notices them - he’s salivating over their nineteen year old daughters.

FNAC might be a good idea. Find your target listening to a CD or browsing an art book, ask her what is so fascinating, tell her you’re looking for a present for an older sister “just your age, twenty-eight”, flatter her taste, put your hand so gentle but so firm on her elbow as you steer her to the checkout. Muri even scored once in a woman’s clothing department asking a 50-year-old ‘tia’ for advice about something for his Mom. The ‘tia’ responded electrically, the salesgirl looked jealous, it ended in bed two days later. Ay, the golden age! Muri still remembers the texture of her ****, and she must be in a home or a cemetery by now. Chrissakes, she was born before anyone had heard of Hitler or Stalin… But: to repeat, such successes are rare. Young men with older woman – once in fifty. Older men approaching younger chicas: once in a thousand. Life is now too short for Muri to spend hours in FNAC sliding up to Menina and babbling, “Ah, I see you enjoy the novels of Lidia Jorge!”
The ironies of age: young men want a well-preserved experienced married woman, to suck their sexual stamina. We older bucks dream of a petite, shy ‘universitaria’. Just to take her out to dinner and the theatre, to pamper, tease and educate her, buy her books and lingerie, then fuck her slowly, at 2 in the morning, after kissing and licking her from top to gorgeous toe. The difference is that we middle-aged fuckers occasionally have the cash to purchase something resembling the dream.

This is getting long. One final warning to young wolves hunting ‘tias’. National Geographic TV reminds us that every predator needs to look out for another, hungrier beast. When you are a pretty boy prowling for ‘tias’ beware of men who are prowling… …for you.
Like this, from several episodes in Muri’s past. You’re at a sidewalk café, exchanging glances with a lovely 40. She’s two tables away, but you can smell her perfume, even her pussy… is it going to happen? Maybe yes, this time! Stomach flutters, throat tightens, urgent young cock strains and bulges. Yes, she’s interested! Then out of the blue, a fruity old queer sits straight down at your table, “Will you allow me to buy you another beer, young man?” (Which means “will you allow me to slide my saggy member up and down between your arse cheeks until it emits a thin dribble of sperm?”). “Well no, I bloody well won’t so fuck off!” But by the time bum-bandit has been sent on his way, the damage is done. Mature beauty has pursed her lips, finished her coffee, stubbed her cigarette, folded her ‘Corriere della Sera’ (oops, giveaway) and is calling the waiter. The chance has gone.

Old or young, we love our women. We love and worship them, from the princesses to the putinhas.
Happy hunting to one and all, old and young,

02-03-04, 18:14

First of all, I don't make idea why my user is "Member #1565", but that is not really important.

I'm Portuguese (for that, sorry about my bad english), living in Lisbon, aged 28 1/2, that loves hot - middle tall to tall, slim (not too slim), medium to large round firm tits, aged between the twenties and thirties - woman.

Since middle 90's, I start to taste some "Prostitutas". Lisbon is a good place to find some good quality/price ratio pussy, but you have to look for it. Thanks to this board and all users contributions, that crusade is more easy. So, here I am, looking for some good quality pussy, and post my reports trying to help you too.

My search is based mainly in "Classificados" of "Correio da Manha" news paper, with some calls and confirmation visits. (But, I will report later about the science of interpretation of posts on "Classificados")


I found this forum weeks ago, and I decided to give a shot, and taste some of the girls reported here.

1ST SHOT (thanks to Murilloa report, 01-20-04, 17:35):

I call, Vitoria, 968713913, a young and sexy voice answered the phone, she really turned me on and after the reading over here, I didn't wait any longer. When I arrived, a dark "Mulata" opened the door, telling that she was the person on the phone and that she was Vitoria, OPS, from the description in a recent report, Vitoria was blond (darkish blond), slim tallish with green eyes, or not? I asked why she lied to me and she simply answered that the blond was out. I simply left a little disappointed, but I will go back, to taste the real blond Vitoria (future report).

Girl Info:
- Price: €40
- Without test drive

Place Info:
- Where: Largo São Sebastião da Pedreira, 31 3º ESQ (near El'Corte Inglês)
- Phone: 968713913
- Classification: 5 (1 to 10), cabinet stile, apparently cleaned apartment, city cental, near transportation (metro and bus), but very hard to park during the day.

Hi #1565,

I'd be pleased to change your user name, just send me a PM.



02-03-04, 18:20
2ND SHOT (thanks to Zé Duron report, 01-16-04, 00:27):

I decided to make a visited to the very well known Isabel, from Rua Pedro Nunes 45. What I can tell? Simply go there, and taste this beautiful slim Portuguese girl, with such firm and round medium size tits, very nice ass and long legs. I started focus my attention to that wonderful breast and hard nipples, they taste so good. After that I wanted to feel that lovelly pussy, and I give her a little hand play, and I can tell, she liked, I could sense some lubri. Now it was her part, she gave me a normal bj with condom, but I was petrified by that body, I wanted to be inside her, feeling that hot and humid pussy. We started with a "girl on the top" - again, dam good tits - , passed to "all four" and finish in "father and mother" position with some small kisses in the middle. Resuming, it was a great fuck, with guarantied come back.

Girl Info:
- Name: Isabel
- Price: € 30 [Bj + fuck]
- Body (1 to 10): 8
- Face (1 to 10): 7
- Bj (1 to 10): 4 (a litter bite disappointed)
- Fuck (1 to 10): 9
- Ass (1 to 10): - (didn't ask, check Zé Duron in is report)

Place Info:
- Where: Rua Pedro Nunes, 45 2º (near "Maternidade Alfredo da Costa", "Picoas" or "Saldanha")
- Phone: 96 788 32 36.
- Classification: 7 (1 to 10), room stile (its an old pension), cleaned, city central, near transportation (metro and bus), but very hard to park during the day.

02-04-04, 08:11
Welcome 1565!

I'm glad previous reports have been useful.

We look forward to hearing more from you.

Today Muri has to visit the Corte Ingles and will try for Vitoria. Seems that pesky mulatta gets in the way.

Have you tried the Romanians?

Muri's next report will inform on a new place: that's a promise.

Até ja

02-04-04, 17:43
Hello people! Hello Muri!

I never tried a Romanian or even a EE (Eastern Europe) girl, probably I didn't found the best place or have luck in my crusade. Like the movie "man prefer the blonds", in a latin country, the latin man, normally, prefer the blonds, and I don't scape to that reality. So I would love to find and taste some blondish or dark blondish, tall, slim, with soft tits, skin colour like milk EE girls.

One time I found a post in the CM ("Correio da Manha") with a post from a Russian girl (blond, tall, slim with soft tits), but when I arrived the only Russian that I found was a Brazilian, brunette, short, over height and fake tits. I hat that fucking liars, I never returned to check the real russian.

To be sincere, one of my dream trips, is a six month journey, travelling to Belarus, Czech-Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine ... can this be possible? right now, it's impossible, so I would love to taste some of the EE blend here in Portugal.

I reed some of your (Murilloa's) reports about EE girls in "Praça da Figueira", but I didn't checked yet.

I don't know if I can do this, but recently I sign a well known site (www.hegre-archive.com), and I can tell you, it's simply a dream, check this picture of two Ukrainian sisters. For that, yes, I would pay good money.

See you "amigos"

02-06-04, 11:33
Good morning!

Today is Friday, and like some phones display in our office, today is SEX day.

SEX = SEXTA-FEIRA, first tree letters from the week day.

I was waiting for Muri report about Victoria from São Sebastião da Pedreira to give onether try to this "hot" girl, but I think I will go for myself test drive that "rapariga".

Or, if some could help me, I have a phone from Rebecca at Avenida Miguel Bombarda, Nº 129 R/C (bottom floor), 967221396, but is always goes to the answer machine, is this the correct number? I will appreciate allot your help. I would love to taste the "most sexy girl in Lisbon", according Zé Duron opinion, his report left me wanting to go there very badly.

So, if some know any thing about this babe, i would love to wear from you.

Best regards,

Spud (the old "Member #1565")

02-07-04, 00:44
A broken promise. Muri did try for a new place, a universitaria advertised in Parede, but he couldn't understand the directions very well, and anyway they seemed to come from a middle aged Brasileira, so after getting lost awhile he took the comboio right back to Cais do Sodré and fucked lovely Romanian Irina in the Praça da Figueira.

Also, as advertised, went back to Vitoria in SS da Pedreira. Her eyes on second inspection are brown not green as in the advertisement but do not be deterred, this is a truly outstanding young woman. She greeted Muri in shiny new boots, tight blue jeans and red top, all of which were slowly removed to reveal a fabulous body, ripe firm ass with tattoo above it, small firm sensitive breasts, slender neck and shoulders to kiss and stroke, sweet, neat trimmed pussy, all positions. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, the kind of Portuguesa Muri has been looking for. €40, easily worth €100.

Oh, and on another day, returned to Isabel and enjoyed enormously.

Muri's wallet now needs a short rest after paying for a fuck eight days running.

But once back in action the reports will flow like hot sperm.
Spud, welcome, stay active on this board.
Zé D, it is time you sent us another report.
in haste,

Zé Duron
02-07-04, 17:58
Hi folks.

This will be a very short report because I am drowning in work.

I know Victoria, She used to go under Beatriz at Av. Miguel Bombarda and I had a mixed feeling about her. She is in fact outstanding in terms of looks, up to the best you can get and as Muri said.

She could easily ask for 100 bucks, but and here comes the bad part, there is no anal, no dildo games, but I will give her another try on behalf of Muri, the real gentleman from who we have so much to learn from. Your recomendation on Isabel is superb, for her looks and for the ratio price/service.

To Spud, our new mate around, Rebeca is available I guess only during weektime under 96 928 54 24 and she is a bomb if your up to a 1 hour relationship with a dominant and self confident woman. As she put it to me: "I know I´m a ***** but don´t take me for stupid and don´t you go patronizing me, because I really want to be here and do this, I wanne become a real Pornstar!"

And believe my words, there was no more much chatting and still, it was beautiful! Her technique on BJ is in my honest opinion the very best I ever tasted in my short life!
Altough she is just a *****, and I am quoteing her she is in fact a Lady.

Have fun jerking arround while I am miserably "off-duty"!

02-10-04, 19:08
Hello buddies,

Finally I meet the famous Victoria (from São Sebastião da Pedreira 31 3ESQ ), and that is what I call a nice body, with firm tits and ass, great belly - I love belly piercing, and a pretty face.

She was a little cold, and nothing sexy in the beginning, you know what I'm saying, she doesn't create "that" sexy clime. And other thing, why do we have to wait almost 10 minutes in the room after the payment?

Now, the more important part, the test drive. She is really hot, very smooth skin, with medium but perfect firm tits, and (like others have stated) fucking hot ass - simply perfect, I can tell you, I didn't find yet a bottom like this in all Lisbon , better only in Brazil. If I had the possibility in this kind of occasions to have four arms, so I could touch that breasts and ass on the some time, dream boy, dream. We start with some kisses, she didn't french kiss me, offcourse I toke some lovely minutes licking that belly and tasty pussy, after that it was her time, she started with a CBJ (she told me that she doesn't make BBBJ), I was not disappointed with that, I was so entertained playing with her pussy that I didn't really matter. We went to a cowgirl position, exchange for a reverse cowgirl position - and what a view - is the best view in Lisbon. So I liked so much that reverse cowgirl position, that I had to taste the "all on four", and, is simply fantastic, grabbing that firm ass, pounding that hot pussy, yes boys it's unbelievable. I almost cumed. dam this girl is too much, I turned her around for a missionary position, tried some kisses, finally I got one, and Finnish in the moon.

Girl Info:
- Name: Victoria
- Price: € 40 [CBJ + Fuck]
- Body (1 to 10): 8
- Face (1 to 10): 7
- Bj (1 to 10): 5 (CBJ)
- Fuck (1 to 10): 8
- Anal (1 to 10): - (She doesn't do anal sex)

Place Info (updated):
- Where: Largo São Sebastião da Pedreira, 31 3º ESQ (near El'Corte Inglês)
- Phone: 968713913
- Classification: 6 (1 to 10), cabinet stile, some noise from other rooms, cleaned apartment, city cental, near transportation (metro and bus), and very hard to park during the day.

NOTE: Comparing my last two test drives, this one, and the Isabel (at Rua Pedro Nunes, 45 2º ), if I had to chose one, I will chose Isabel, the ratio price/pleasure is better with Isabel.

Best Regards,


P.S.: One question to ZD, did you see my PM?

Zé Duron
02-12-04, 04:48

I sent you a reply. hope you get it, look at your box!

Resumé: Go for Victoria, but keep 50 to 100 euros to waste with Rebecca, Her phone is 96 928 54 24, It has always worked during the week, I guess she doesn't do weekends. She is dominat! Face:7; Body:7; Attitude: 8/9 ! The best experience in a lot of time.

I'll get back to you guys when I find myself the time to hunt!

Snif, snif!

02-12-04, 06:06
This board is working well: it is gratifying to see us enjoying each other's recommendations, as with Spud's successful visit to sexy Vitoria.
Let's hope that other Lisbon gentleman who read without contributing, will step forward and share their experiences.
Commiserations to Zé D with his horrendous workload - and thanks to him for what follows:

As announced, Muri was starting a period of fiscal restraint. Then out of the blue, some good fortune. Mur had lent a guy €100 three months ago and pretty much forgotten about it, when behold, the penitent debtor makes his way to central Lisbon, enters the office full of apologies and proffers five crackly new twenty-euro notes. Verily, thought Muri, the Providence that watches over mongers hath sent me this sign, and hath told me to follow the lustful footsteps of Zé D.
Later that day, he set out on foot to find the Av. M.Bombarda. A moment of hesitation as he passed S.Sebastião and thought of Vitoria: but press on, brave Muri, variety is the spice of life.
The house of sport was easy to find, and fresh and clean inside. Muri asked for Rebecca, and after a short delay was presented to a pale longhaired goth with piercings and a brisk, rude manner, dresssed in black top, black boots and long black PVC skirt. Not my type, he thought at once, and why does she have to be so curt? Still, now we are here, let us fuck for England.
€50 were handed over, the black kit was removed, and a truly fine firm pale body, full in bum and pierced big bosoms, was revealed. Muri's reliable friend sprang to attention. Caresses - those long legs in boots and black stockings - then BJ, which Muri had to interrupt as he felt the torrent prematurely surging. Then an interlude of mutual masturbation, with heavy eye contact. Yes, indeed, a dominant woman, thought Mur as the tattooed goddess squeezed his cock, looking him boldly and coldly in the eye. For things were still somewhat emotionally icy although sexually ablaze.
It all changed when the fucking started. Muri entered from behind, a blissful beginning, then turned the lady over, and began whispering dirty little things in her ear, in English. To his joy and surprise, she responded immediately, not just by answering with a fine creative filthy tongue in the language of Shakespeare, but also by relaxing, loosening her **** muscles, and suddenly truly participating. Enough detail, suffice to say that by the end, Muri was utterly drained and totally grateful to Zé D for recommending this amazing fantasy woman.
Where did she learn such versatile and fluent English? Thus Muri wondered, as the action was followed by intelligent and sexy conversation. She says she's only 19 and has never been to England: goodness only knows what she could earn in London...
In fact, she said, she is travelling soon.. to Viseu for two weeks' work. The inhabitants of that charming city are in for a treat, and when she returns, Muri will await her. Apparently she's been into domination since she was sixteen, and enjoys enslaving men. Well, put the chain right round Muri's neck, Princess Rebecca, and don't spare the whip...

With Vitoria, Isabel, and Rebecca on sale within metres of each other, and the Romanian chicas in the Praça for a qucikie...what more does a man need?
Just more money, baby, more money...

Zé Duron
02-13-04, 04:08
Just stopped to say hi,

This forum is really improving and it's interesting how we can learn from each others experiences. I guess Rebecca, Isabel and Victoria are really kicking it into us! The strangest part is that I once got to visit Victoria, (under Beatriz there is a report of mine from that time) at Miguel Bombarda where they charge you 50 euros, ten more then where she is now! Strange for such a beautiful girl and she is in fact by far the best bride available at the apartment in São Sebastião. Maybe it´s got to do with her attitude and the thing she not doing anal. Who knows! As I last met her, I told her I remembered her from Bombarda and I asked her about Rebecca who I had seen before, but lost track of. She told me she was still there and even gave me her phone number although saying me: “We ain´t friends, there is no such thing between girls in the pro business! Quiet upset, but still she got me the number and I retributed with a smile and she smiled back, strange like encouraging me in the end! As it´s just a few blocks away I got there in a cigarette time and the rest I told you before!

Muri thanks for Isabel, a real true tall portuguesa and pricy as well.

I have been searching the web and found a few spots and hope to have some news in the near future:


And there are e few other addresses in older reports!

I will end this reports leaving some questions open. Some topics since all the great talk has been about the central region of Saldanha/ Avenidas Novas lately.

-Anyone tried any of these places? How does the net help us around in Portugal? What sites are really good?

-Where can I find Russian girls in Lisbon? Girls coming in from the east?

-What is your favorite club? What is a rip-off place?

-Places outside of the city border? Leiria or Coimbra, Sintra or Amadora, Cascais or Caparica? There is a lot of terrain to cover in such a tiny country!

Stay in shape and don´t forget the great match on TV this Sunday!

02-14-04, 13:03
Could not stop thinking about Vitoria. Zé D is right, there's something about her attitude which seems cold, but damn what an attractive woman and what a challenge to try to make her laugh, make her come.

So rake together €40, Muri, and off to S.Sebastião. But... on arrival, just like Spud the first time, Muri is told she ain't at home. Please look at the other girls...? Muri did so, angry and determined not to fuck but to wait for next time. Naturally, he ended up fucking - a dark chocolate mulatta, said she was 20, looked it, Angolan but Portugal-born, big big firm bosoms, hairy bush, great attitude, as soon as we had finished got down on Muri and made him achieve round two, all for €40. Must have fucked Mur's brains out, for he cannot remember her name...

Great stuff. But Mur is still hankering after Vitoria and there is NO money till after carnaval.

Saw the Romanians boarding the 1601 train at Carcavelos last week. So that's where they live. They looked indistinguishable from all the school and college kids crowding the platform at that hour. Who would guess that they're on their way downtown to sell ten fast fucks apiece?

Life is still good: even when there's no money at least there's football and rugby on TV. C'mon Benfica, c'mon England..

02-16-04, 17:09
Hello boys and girls (if there is one!),

A brief report from "sex day" (sexta-feira). Like you know, or start to know, Friday is the day on the week that my hormones work better. So, no matter what, I have always to taste some juice from the heaven (or hell), it depends from what fruit was taken.

It was almost 19:30, and I had a dinner at 20:00, no time for the big shots of the moment in Lisbon (Victoria, Isabel or the famous but not yet tested by Spud, Rebecca), I made a quick search in CM posts, looking for some quickie around Alvalade. The result:

"18A... Beatriz... 1.70mt... peitito 40... firme... cintura fina... oral divinal... bumbum escaldante... 30 lembrancinhas... Alvalade... Tm.93.3333901"

It looked perfect, I called, it was a nice and sexy voice, and very important, it was near from the place where I was. No problem parking the car, no problem finding the place. At the door, a nice girl, dressed with jeans and a tight t-shirt. The first look it was not bad, but only the 1,70 mt were near the description in the advertisement, so, is she the girl? That didn't matter too, she was the one available, and to add more fucking problems there was no rooms, the only alternative was the living room. The living room! do you remember when you were at your parents house, and they were sleeping at there room and you and your girlfriend were screwing in there sofa? Hum, what a flash!
So, I only had 30 minutes, lets go fuck that girls brain out, in the sofa, with the "novela" on the TV. She is in real good shape, great ass, very firm, but no tits (I always liked a nice tits to grab). It started with a fast, very fast CBJ, I think it only served to get the condom lubrified, and like my other reports I always like to start a good fuck with a good cowgirl position, she was tight and very animated, performing a great ride. Lets check that ass, no anal, simply turned the girl around, with her knees on the sofa, and lets fuck that beautiful ass, and what fucking ass, I almost cum, only by looking for that, lets move, lets go break this sofa. Changed to missionary position, and start a slow but nice fuck, asked for a kiss, and I was pleasured with a tasty and soft French kiss, great kiss, that turned me real excited. I had to finish, but first I want to taste the cowgirl again, but now, with some wet kisses (I really like French kissing, it turns me on so badly) and some smooth ass slaps. Just in the end I asked to finish her in the "all four" position. I don't know what passed in my mind, but fucking that girl on that sofa, in that position, made me remember an old Spanish girlfriend, she never let me cum inside her (I'm talking with a condom, fuck with no condom it was never allowed), she loved to feel the hot cum in there tits. So, like you imagine, I turned the girl around, toke the rubber off, and cummed all over the girl tits and belly, ohh my god, where that cum came from! Simply great Friday fuck, to start the weekend.

Girl Info:
- Name: Beatriz(?)
- Price: € 30 [CBJ + Fuck]
- Body (1 to 10): 6 (No tits, but great ass, reminds me the Brazilian kind of woman)
- Face (1 to 10): 5
- Bj (1 to 10): 3 (CBJ)
- Fuck (1 to 10): 7
- Anal (1 to 10): - (She doesn't do anal sex)

Place Info:
- Where: Av. Roma, 127 7º DTO (near Hospital Julio de Matos, Praça de Alvalade)
- Phone: 933333901
- Classification: 6 (1 to 10), didn't see the rooms, but 5 points are to the fantasy of fucking in the livingroom, not very cleaned apartment, city cental, near transportation (metro and bus).

Overall: Nice for a quikie around alvalade, but I think next time I will try other options around the area. ( Is here anyone, have tried Av. Brazil 122, 6º Dirº?)

Flower Zen
02-17-04, 21:23
Hello my friends,

This board is active and kicking thanks to you guys and that is a great thing. Now, here is another contributor – myself – as a way to say thank you. In fact, this is what this board is about.

The Lisbon scene is more and more the apartments scene. And it is funny that most of the messages are about the apartments. That is where the live action is. The truth is that the streets are dead – mostly drugs addicts and ladies as old as a grandmother. Some of the clubs are ok, but the prices are terribly expensive and the girls’ attitude is far from good. This makes the apartments the best choice for Lisbon’s sex life!

Been to Rua da Beneficiência yesterday – they announce as www.obosquelisboa.com. It is not a central location, even if it not that far. Ten minutes by taxi from the city-centre. The area is one of the ugliest parts of Lisbon. If you are in Lisbon for the first time take a day or two to before going there or your feelings for this amazing town will be confused. Five girls in the parade, although they announced seven girls (and they confirmed by phone five minutes before that seven ladies were there). It is a place for those that like big women – three were as huge as a Lisbon’s Cathedral. The other two were on the cubby side. Took Tatiana, a Brazilian girl. What can I say? It was hard from thrilling. No BBBJ, no anal, no kissing. She tried hard to make it ok, but it was not what I was expecting. Not my kind of place and not my kind of girl. It will take long before going there again.

02-18-04, 13:13
Welcome Zen,

I'm very glade to see new contributors on this forum, including the newbie Spud, to join Lisbon scene "gurus" like Muri, Zé and others.

Let's create a good knowledge base, that all of us could take advantage on this "market", finding the perfect spot, the dream girl or even the ultimate orgasm. And more important, to avoid totally money suckers, cold fucks or too bad "chicas".

In the last weeks, we put together a few good reports, that lead all of us to great sessions (with Vitoria, Isabel and others), lets keep the great work that we are doing.

Note: What about create a template report, where we give our scores or general information about the girl and place? (I found a Brazilian Forum, in Portuguese, that each topic is related to a specific girl, where you could find information like pictures, internet sites, scores from different the users and recommended/not recommended flag)

Best regards,


Zé Duron
02-22-04, 00:09
hi guys,

despite almost drowning in that much work i came to the opportunity to bring everyone good news. as one can not, or better, shall not only work, work and work i granted myself some pleasure and some time (of pleasure) away from work. it all started as a friend of mine, knowing that i was desperately trying to complete this herculaneous task, asked me if i wanted to test a this brand new canon srl digital a camera, the eos 300d to be precise. as i had tried the smaller g5 powershot before i immediately said yes and drove over to him to pick up the baby for this weekend. so it was 10 in the morning and i was already in lisbon filling this 512 mb card with sunny pictures of this beautiful town. perfect morning for shooting! instead of getting home i granted myself some great lunch at a nearby tasca in alcântara, paid 20 euros and had cheese, a martini, soup, fish, desert, white house wine and two bicas, small input & great outcome!

after a long smoke i decided to go and see isabel for the quickie for 30 euros. said and done, i met the cheapest brunette (but still a nice chick) to have my first shot. she was nice as always, courting me as she usually does and after 20 minutes i was descending from the 2nd floor in this old elevator. location: rua pedro nunes, nº 45, 2nd right floor. to get closer information please check earlier posts by muri and by myself.

i only checked her out to test my needs and mood, had a cup of coffee afterwards, took a few more shots with my own camera and …forgot to take a picture of the street of isabel ´s place. i intend to take some shots of the locations so that more people can join our club after searching this incredible board. right now we got 3 our 4 people posting regularly which has shown us some good feedback so i got myself thinking we got to grow! that´ s why i decided that in the near future (after this stressful moment is past) i will put some maps online where the apartments are spotted and to include some pictures of the streets without showing exactly the apartment, but giving away the most important news.

so after the cup of coffee i decided not to visit gorgeous victoria (former beatriz) although i even got her on the phone. i was determined to seek some new souls. at avenida antónio joão de almeida, no 38, rc (bottom floor), just to the little park in front of casa da moeda, by the arco do cego i was presented to two brasilains, a blond and a brunette had some small talk but decided to leave as the blondie was already arranged to meet a customer. i will be back here as it looked quiet nice in this apartment. they practice the same prices 50 for one shot and 100 euros for the hour service. phone: 96 282 16 17

the i dialed 96 625 96 76 and ended up cruising down the avenida da república, heading down to alameda das linhas de torres, at the end of campo grande and beginning of lumiar. just ask a cab driver to take you to the millenium bank at alameda das linhas de torres, that is the building. believe me it´s easy and… it’s worth it! the right door says block a9, 8th floor b and you made it to a tinny palace of pleasure. i had been there earlier about 3 month ago, but they only had marisa a midget girl, not my stuff although she was quite elegant (in a strange way, ok i know, still i declined the offer). this time joana opened the door, she is not a working girl just arranging everything in this apartment. by the way she is pregnant in the 6th month, expecting a boy who will be born after living his first 9 month in a brothel! wow! ain´t that little fella a lucky guy! joana presented me two girls as one was working and so i got to know a tall brunet but not my style of girl and lovely gabriela, a brunet from brasil. i was offered a martini by joana and had some small talk with gariela. she told me to be 22 years old, had long beautiful black curly hair, she’s around 165 cm tall, curvy as any coffee cream girl with the most intense look you can pay for. she was just a charm, not as sexually explicit as rebecca, who was stated so many times, but still sexy. her tities are small but nice and her legs and feet are really a turn on. the same can be said about that beauty ass of hers, a real brasilian butt, lovely. i paid 100 euros, we had a long shower, kind of half an hour, got back to the room, caressed, kissed and i felt that beauty skin of hers, what a flavor. her pussy is half shaved, a real beauty spot that you can lick and finger as well as introduce a dildo in! we had great sex she is one of these tight blowers, blowing the heck out of my head off, just the rebecca style of sucking. there are girls who don’t mind doing it and then there are some that really know how to suck the shit out of us. friction and speed. friction and speed! mind blowing, in fact almost hurting my friends head. a real burst. we did it in three positions and ended doggy, her favorite where i really let loose and forgot about courtship and really got it rambling like she was the last mama on earth. she told me afterwards that she liked my fucking style, but don´ t they always do? truth is we finished of while she was screaming of pain and pleasure! no lube was needed!

after this incredible experience i was thinking about leaving but i laid down and we started talking while she constantly caressed my chest, my arms, legs and buddy. although there was no french kissing (what a pity) we were really building up something. it must have been half an hour talking or more so the hour was in fact already passed by but she stayed put. as i asked her to do a xuxa, as bj is called in brazil, she put a condom on and sucked me so hard i had to stop her after about 15 minutes, can you believe this, non stop sucking, deeper and deeper, tighter and tighter. we did two positions and i requested her backdoor which she granted me without saying a word. the end came 10 minutes later after some really wild rocking her ass punishment. she was delighted as i was!

i had a new martini and a another shower and when i found my way to the living room i was presented to a new blond beauty called marta, early twenties a real knock out. had a smoke finished my drink and promised to be back and marta knew immediately that i meant her and smiled in such a sexy way that i) almost got a hard on. gabriela was splendid a real gem with whom you can have a decent conversation with, she loves traveling and has a real nice feeling while talking to a complete stranger. when i got down i looked at the watch and i had been at the apartment for two hours, after chatting having two showers and having fucked up a beautiful coffee cream girl from bahia.

gabriela- face: 7/10; body 7/10; attitude 8/10 (no french kissing); extras 10/10 (intensity, dildo show, chat, and high heels)

fazit: i think more and more that it is nicer to stay for a longer time, say 1 hour at least while you can have the girl for twice or even three times.

boys save up 100 euros and meet gabriela or marta. gaby told me that marta was very sexy and charming at the same time.

phone: 96 625 96 76

so this was my double session and i am back at work, even on saturday evening, have a beer on me. but i will have my revenge on monday at a crazy party where i will score for free (yes there is a world where we can have sex for free and it´s gone be a hell of a ride!)

have fun and stay fit and healthy.

always use a condom! or shouldn´t we? even for oral sex? yes we shall!

by the way muri, i checked out the romanians, while i was driving by and ot to see 3 to 5 girls on a corner and i recognized them from former times at rua artilharia um wher they used to hang out till midnite.

Carlos Primeros
02-25-04, 00:09
Ze Duron,

I was in December at Av Antonio Joao Alameida No. 38 and I had the blond Brazilian. Save your money for another girl. My experience:

No kissing
only CBJ
no anal
only Cow-Girl style or Missionary style

beauty: 8
attitude: 5

I should have taken the black girl (Mozambique??) which was there at the same time.

Carlos Primeros

03-04-04, 20:18
Not much action on this board recently: although Zé D's last report was fine, and it's good to see Carlos P. keeping an eye on us all, as he prepares his next trip to Lisbon.

Maybe everyone else had the same week as Muri:
NO LOAD of money

But the siege came to an end: the rain ceased, money came in, and a work-related trip to Estoril meant a renewal of acquaintance with Sofia at Avenida Emilia 10, São João, as described in earlier reports. Quality is always good here, but turnover is high, and Muri feared Sofia would have gone, but no, she was ready, willing and lovely. If you try her, do not be put off by initial shyness and unspectacular looks: actually Mur thinks she is beautiful, but magazine cover she ain't. The main point is, the lady truly knows how to please.
Sofia gives a superb experience: not girlfriend, not porn movie, but something like popping next door to give a quick, furtive, intense fucking to the neighbour's neglected and frustrated wife. Super tight pussy hard at work as ever: for €40 a wonderful way to end a week without sex.
Waiting for the train back home, Muri sipped an 'imperial' at the grubby station bar, and basked in a post-coital glow. As if in sympathy, the sun emerged to remind lucky Lisbon that spring is not far off. And to remind us that this part of the 'linha' is Russian territory, two sleek blonde dyevotchkas sat opposite, reading the local Russki newspaper 'Slovo', stretching their big bosoms inside their wollen sweaters. Hard-on time for Zé D....
So life improves after that drenching carnival.
However, Mur apologises to his readers for lack of fresh information. Friday-sexta-sex day's expedition will not be to new territory, but to the already much-acclaimed charms of Vitoria. Mur feels his tongue on that tattoo already.
But next week, in a spirit of rigorous and independent research, he will set out to try blonde Brazilian Marta, as discussed by Zé D. and Carlos P. Await the definitive verdict.

And the week after that, Rebecca will be returning from her mission to drain all the balls in Viseu...

And Benfica enjoyed a fuck in Scandinavia...


Flower Zen
03-05-04, 12:45
Hi guys,

Things have been pretty hectic these last few days, but you always try to get the time you need to get laid. Decided to try out a new experience – a sexy massage (for real). Saw the newspaper Público and found an interesting massage center in Avenida Duque de Ávila, right in the center of Lisbon – they offer all kinds of massages, Thai, Thantric and a hell more. The facilities are very good. Did not know exactly what should I wait for. A masseuse comes to the room. A nice looking Brazilian girl of about 25 years old; guesse the name was Rosa. Did not get a chance to choose. Asked for a Thai massage – 50 Euros for 45 minutes. Great massage. At the end of the massage my dick was so hard that it could cut diamonds. Then she started the best hand job of my life, with oil and a very slow motion. Did not know that a hand job could be that good. Left the place knowing I would be coming back again.

Zé Duron
03-07-04, 18:36
This is a quicky report:

1.Help! Rebecca is not to be found? Is she truly coming back after her trip to Viseu? How did you find out she was going there Muri? Previleged contact?

2. Help! Victoria, the slender elegant blond portuguese goddess is gone and I was told by her competitive friends she won´t be coming back? Can any of the gentlemen offer some nem hint where to find her?

3. Marta, from Alameda das Linhas de Torres is a petit slender, kind of Kylie Minogue Portuguese, she is not brasilian. The brasilian girl I met is a brunet called Gabriela.

I will come back with some more info, in the next days.

Have fun

03-09-04, 20:46
Yes, help! The situation was so promising just weeks ago!

Recently we had an intelligent idea from welcome newcomer Spud to compile a grid or spreadsheet with systematic data and ratings. But as we have just seen, the problem is that information gets so quickly out of date.

This is especially true in Lisbon: there are many houses of pleasure and the ladies change from one to another seeking better pay and conditions, sacrificing the ‘client base’ they have built up. Or sometimes they vanish precisely because a client is getting too attached, too ‘heavy’ for their liking. Then there are cases like the fine performer Fatima, who was expelled from the Rossio bargain house because she was its only sexy woman and her old, fat chain-smoking colleagues got jealous. This they told Muri, and just laughed when he begged to know where she had gone. Possibly this has happened to Vitoria.

Another typical pattern is that a pair of girls become tired of paying 30-50% to the ownership. They decide to set up on their own, a centrifugal dispersion which would fragment the scene into more and more houses with fewer and fewer girls in them – except that these independent ‘republics’ often don’t survive because the girls haven’t planned their expenses for rent, or protection – so back they go to a larger ‘monarchy’, but of course a different one.

With non-Euro babes, visas and illegal status keep them on the move. The Colombian chicas come and go across the Spanish border, doing spells in clubs on the highways outside Badajoz, Salamanca, Huelva, etc etc. The Romanians who are in Praça Figueira in ever-increasing numbers (and variable quality) have come for Euro 2004 but also because police cracked down on the SW scene in Valencia and Alicante. Talking of the noble, brave and public-spirited law enforcement boys, it can happen – as with one good apartment near Praça Chile – that the Lisbon police suppress a house, either because bribes have not been paid or after hypocritical protests from neighbours. As for our Brazilian ‘garotas’, they eventually board that Varig plane, their jewellery boxes full of gold trinkets and their mouths full of lies for mom about working as childminders or waitresses. Then there are some local ‘meninas’ who just trade for a month or two, to pay debts – although most of the women who tell you this, are spinning a story to protect their self-esteem or because they imagine you need to be reassured that you are not dealing with a hardened pro. And finally: some girls start in the business and then realise they would rather return to their ill-paid job in a shoe store than fuck seven strangers every day, while others give up because they are too unattractive or disobliging to fuck even one.

All this accounts for the volatility of our hobby. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. Last year Muri mourned a girl for whom he was developing affection. This was against his resolution never to have another monogamous relationship and despite his knowledge that the ‘Pretty Woman’ scenario does not apply to real life. It was heartbreaking when she disappeared, but in the long term, better for Mur’s mental health. And as your daddy told you when you were 16 and ‘dying’ of unrequited love for a girl at school, “there are plenty of other fish in the sea…”

The next report will tell what Muri knows specifically about Vitoria and Rebecca.

03-09-04, 20:49
Flower Zen,

Muri would love to try that ball-breaking massage at Avenida Duque de Ávila. Can you provide exact address or telephone - or is it all obvious from the advert in 'Público'?


03-09-04, 20:51
As announced, Mur was bulging with anticipation for Vitoria, planning a two-shot service for €75. At São Sebastião metro, he decided to omit the preliminary visit to El Corte Inglés, for he was already stiffening with thoughts of the boots, the bra, the jeans, the tattoo, the… well, the woman at the door, asked him if he meant the ‘loirinha’, (blondie) wanted to know if he was a ‘cliente de ela’, and when eager Muri answered yes, she said that owing to ‘problemas pessoais’ Vitoria had not come. He politely declined to see other girls, and asked if the goddess would arrive next day. Certainly, was the reply.

Back on the street, sexual hunger gnawed cruelly at Muri’s vital organs. He directed urgent steps to Av. Miguel Bombarda. Rebecca had said that she was going on a two-week contract in Viseu. Two weeks having elapsed, perhaps the firm pale young raven-haired smooth-skinned tattooed pierced English-speaking dominatrix would be back.


By now, it was imperative to fuck, and soon, so he requested the parade, which was uninspiring. He chose Tania, a plump friendly ‘Venezuelan’ (Colombian more like, but who cares, “¡viva América Latina, carajo!”). Tania was not his type but clean and sweet: she did everything she could to please, including ‘beijinhos naturais’ (BBBJ) which goes against the health code but which was accepted just this once because of roaring lust. Dressing afterwards, Mur risked a shy question about when Rebecca would return. Tania took no offence, but said she did not know. Somehow he believed her, and didn’t insist.

Only three days later could Muri try again for Vitoria – on Saturday 6th March at 1700 to be exact. After an upsetting Rugby result, consolation was necessary. A different girl asked him the same things, do you want blondie and are you her client? Confirming this, he was shown into the main bedroom. Yesssss! After a minute’s wait, he heard footsteps making toward the door. Panting with desire for the princess of sex, he knew that in a few seconds her divine form would glide into his presence, and… the same girl entered, to say that Vitoria was not there. Muri as a gentleman made a great effort to conceal his anger. With an icy voice he asked if she would be available the following week, and was told yes. He departed.

There is a happy ending, because Mur hailed a taxi and five minutes later was in Saldanha. Isabel was welcoming as ever, but just about to service a visitor. So Muri waited in the vestibule while she received an audible two-minute fucking from an elderly man, and then he was admitted to the arms and pussy of this friendly, sweet, skilful, statuesque Portuguese brunette. For €30 she spread herself on her crimson bed to ease all the frustrations of the day, and afterwards offered frank, explicit conversation about sex and the hobby from her angle. She has no false shame, she loves giving pleasure, and if we say that she is a born natural for this game, we mean no disrespect, quite the contrary. Leaving, Muri anxiously asked if she would be around for a while: “but of course”, she charmingly replied.

And Vitoria? Her advertisement is still in today’s ‘Correio’:

09/01H... Vitória... Portuguesinha... 18 aninhos (Reais)... Peitinho 38... Bundinha... Arrebitadinha... Cinturinha fina... Olhos Verdes... Comigo não existe Tabús!!! Oportunidades??? Todas!!! Sozinha... 968713913... Praça Espanha

Only half of the above is true, but Vitoria is still a goddess.
In the same newspaper are several ads from Viseu that could be Rebecca.

Let us hope that Vitoria has not vanished, but that she works only when she wants. This is good for her teammates because when the superstar is on the bench, they get to play. But they told Zé D. that she had definitively gone? Retired from the game, or bought by Real Madrid? Time will tell, but gentlemen, please, inform us if you locate this lovely, slightly melancholy young woman.
A confession. On his last successful visit to Vitoria, after a fabulous fuck Mur innocently offered the opinion that she could put her wonderful body to better-paid use than in a €40 mulatta house. She just smiled, shrugged, and uttered the all-purpose Portuguese monosyllable, “…pois…” But maybe she took the hint. Zé D. also wrote that this babe could earn €100 per cock, and that, perhaps, is exactly what she is doing. Right now as Muri furtively types on the office computer, she may be only a few streets distant, sucking some lucky wealthy bastard while we wretched slaves of global capitalism have to pretend to work for our daily bread.

The bittersweet ironies of urban life. But long live Lisbon, and long live the 21st century.

Carlos Primeros
03-09-04, 23:17
Bom noite Muri e Zé

unfortunately I did not have a chance to come to Lisboa recently to follow your steps but I was following your reports - excellent as usual. Two fellow Portuguese mongers will come this week to Nürnberg/Germany and we will check the night-scene there. It is just for a trade-fare but we should have some time in the evening.

I miss Lisboa and the lovely ladies there. Keep on reporting - you both do y good job!

Carlos Primeros

Flower Zen
03-10-04, 21:21

Do not have the paper here, but it is pretty obvious if you read Publico. They advertise a number of massages in a very discreet way and I remember the phone number starts with 21315. Been there again and liked it. You know, after a while it gets boring and you just want to fuck the masseuse. But even though it is ok. Tryed the "Body to Body massage" at 75 Euros and the normal Thai or Thantric massage at 50 Euro is better.

03-11-04, 03:58
I read Muri's comment that it may be hard to keep track of addresses and women.
However, a list - table - whatever you call it, of addresses/telephone numbers, with associated information will of immense help. Information like names and prices particularly.

It will not even be too hard to maintain.

I am hoping to visit next month. I do not know the language or the city. (I am probably not doing a very smart thing, but one has to explore new territory occasionally.) A consolidated list of sorts, however skimpy it is to begin with, will be of great help, and may make the difference between a great trip and a so-so one, or even a bad one.
If one person becomes the lead for the effort, I promise to email my opinions after the trip, or any additional information I might get.

03-11-04, 22:19
Here's what happened today.

Another attempt to reach Vitoria: Telephoned ahead to make sure she would be there.

VOICE ON PHONE: Yes, the tall blonde Vitoria is here.
MURI:I shall arrive in 20 minutes.

(20m later, door opened by new girl, nice looking petite Portuguesa, introduces herself as Nadia.)

MURI: I called earlier, to meet Vitoria.

(Nadia shows Muri to room)
(Muri is then presented to five unlovely chicas).
(Nadia returns).

MUR: I have arranged to meet Vitoria.
NADIA: She has gone for a coffee.
MUR: I shall wait.
Nadia: Well, I'm not sure if she will be back today.
MUR: I shall wait.
NADIA: I don't think she will be back.
MUR: I shall leave.
NADIA: Why not choose another girl? (with bright provocative look, suggesting 'choose me and you will not regret it')

MURI'S HORNY DICK: OK, c'mon, let's fuck Nadia, she's a tasty piece.

MURI'S OBSTINATE BRAIN: There is a principle of truth and honour involved here, we are leaving, and you, Dick are coming too.

MURI: Nadia, you are sexy and under other circumstances I would pay €40 and fuck you very joyfully, but this is not the first time this establishment has lied to me, so pardon me but I am leaving.
NADIA: Peço disculpas = I'm sorry.
(Muri departs)

It's quite clear that Vitoria has left to get the true market price for her lovely pussy elsewhere, and the other girls are exploiting her reputation and her advertisement to draw clients. It would be good if everyone who reads these lines and who speaks good Portuguese would ring 968713913 and tell whoever answers that their establishment has been placed on the Blacklist of Bad, Boycotted Bordellos by the world's most influential website.

Frustrated Mur

Zé Duron
03-14-04, 01:23
Spring is having a slow start

In my honest opinion, this year is starting really slowly, the experiences I have had in the past months show me that either I am completely off the track or that in the fact something is happening.

Example: I used to visit a few apartments that used to show me a choice of five or six girls and now these places are to be found dead or working with only two or three chicas, which automatically drops the possibility of a nice hunt.

The dead alleys

Many places are closed, like the apartment at Rua Passos Manuel (close to Avenida Almirante Reis), the one at Avenida Infante D. Henrique, nº 23 Cave (Instituto Técnico or Fonte Luminosa). They used to have lots of retail material, like 4 to say 6 or 7 girls in each of these places, half of them Brasilians, half Portuguese. They shut down and now just by occasion I find one of the girls from those times (say last summer) working in another place. The place just across the cervejaria Portugália at Avenida Almirante Reis is also closed. What a pity one could have a pint of beer, a fuck followed by another glass later on.

Places losing quality

Rua Dona Estefânia, nº 157, 1st floor, E, has lost its jewels. The Portuguese blonde I described in former reports worked there for a year or so and now she is gone, substituted by a rather mediocre Russian brunette. Her name is Caroline and she still uses the same number: 91 415 99 27. She is working with one or two girls but the place is worn down. There is no ambience at all, it looks and feels like you are fucking in Sarajevo just after the war. Not my case of fantasy!

Rua da Benefeciência, 226, 2º floor D, phone number 966129035, is still working and still has one of the best bar services in casas particulares of Lisbon. You can have beer. Martini, whiskey, juice, whatever you like, all the girls smoke and are happy to share a smoke with you, in case you forgot your pack in the car. Unfortunately the top mistress Filipa is no longer working as she manages the house now. She has to work with the available girls which are kind of 5 in a scale from 1 to 10. Some are better others are not, some prettier, other not quiet so! Usually one new girl joins the squad, mostly Brazilians. I had a beauty petit blond from Salvador, a real knock-out ass and other times I have fucked Filipa, although she is a bit overweighed she knows how to please a man! But hell, choice has to improve because the facilities are really good with the small TV, the bar and the very clean rooms.

The same goes to Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira, number 31, 3rd floor E,where the quality is dropping. The tall Liliana has been around for I would say two years or so and I have never tried her. Is she worth it? The petit Victoria, the Brazilian version is a bit to shy, the hot busty Brazilian Patricia is gone and recently there is the Portuguese version of Victoria missing. A lot of downs for a place that is very central but that doesn´t offer the best conditions for a house of dreams. No bar, no social room where the girls sit down, just rooms where the chicas drop by and show their ass to you. You have to make a decision in the minute so to say! There has been very little rotation of the girls and in my opinion the quality has slipped a point in the scale. Most of the time three girls are available, no more no less! I will consider not joining them for the next few hunts.

Places that start boring me

Isabel is to alone at the apartment at Rua Pedro Nunes, where she shares the place with ugly looking Portuguese or African girls. Most of the time only two girls are available. The facilitiea are pretty worn down, it´s this tipical low budget pension, to our safety the place is cleaned to the minimum of the acceptable.
Unfortunately Isabel will not be enough to make me stop by each week and fuck her brains out! I love her ass, although her blow stinks and sometimes she smells a bit of sweat. Still she is the queen of this church, charming and willing to please!

Avenida Miguel Bombarda, 127 R/C, phone number 96 928 54 24, the place is missing Rebecca, the dark lady of the moment. They are very slow on Saturday, as the whole business looks like and only offer two or three chicas right now. The facilities are close to the level of Rua da Benefeciência, with a small bar, a social room where I used to wait the showdown of up to 7 girls. Seven girls is a choice, not the two or three available now! Guess I will have to pass them for a season.

Stay away of this place:

Estrada de Benfica, 730, 2nd floor, E is the address of this big fatso Hungarian named Erika. Her service was ok but she is way to intimidating and looks way to ugly. This was our second encounter. The first time it was in Queluz, at a place that is now closed where I denied her service. This time, in the neighborhood of Benfica, there was no way I could deny her so she sucked me to the bone and I left frustrated as hell. The thing was, she opened the door, not revealing herself and showed me a room and told me the conditions while closing the door. I could tell that there was no way that I was getting out of this shit place without paying! So I asked for a friend of hers and she told me as directly as possible: You know as I told you on the phone there is only me and I didn’t lie about anything!
This is true, she is blond, tall, medium breast, Hungarian, but she ain´t pretty in fact she is overweighed and a bit ugly. Her suck was medium with a lot of hand helping.

Places to find out more:

Avenida António José Almeida, Number 38 R/C; phone number 918514720. Was there two times but evertime the girls where unavailable, but the door girl a mulata with locls called Paula is very nice and amusing, the place looks good, not to worn down as the part of the city is more expensive (at Casa da Moeda-Saldanha Metro Station) Services provided go from 50 for half-half to 80 for the round hour. I will go back to investigate.

Rock Steady!

The place in Lumiar that I described last time at Alameda das Linhas de Torres, in fact the street name is Rua Agostinho Neto close to the Millenium Bank. This is for now the best place that money can buy. Bar, cheap talk, bath and some two or three orgasms for 60 to 90 minutes. It is almost 1 euro for 1 miute which makes it cheaper than a lot of 50 bucks girls. The only problem is that on Saturday they only have one or two chicas!

New comer of the Moment
There is a place that I used to go to, about a year or more back, at Avenida do Barsil, Nº122, 6º Esq, phone 967872522. I met there a young brunette called Sara a 7 in looks but only a 5 in attitude if you go for the half hour service. She has two friends a blond in her early twenties that I will be introduced to this coming week and a fourtish blond that still has a very nice shaped body and is absolutely crazy about sex. The place is clean and the rooms are ok, in fact quiet warm and cosy.


Times are hard and eventually I am only having a tremendous bad luck.
What do you think, is the weekend too slow?
I need some motivation as I had a very rough start of the year, but fortunately things start to look brighter and brighter!

Last but not least:

Welcome Member #1274, Flower Zen, Carlos Primeros and Spud

This board can change things!

We should inform some establishments that we are about to ban them from the list!

03-15-04, 04:29
Thanks Ze Duron. That list should get people going, though lack of prices may be a problem for some.

Thanks anyway, that is a good beginning.

Latin Ass
03-15-04, 19:35
Ze Duron and Muri,

Still out here, and occasionally drop by to read the reports, and plan my next invasion of Lisbon. By the way how is Alameda -Dom Alfonso Henrique 21 (basement), is the hot busty patricia still their??



03-16-04, 21:59
Herewith is what I can best describe as an x-rated lonely planet synopsis of my weekend in Lisbon. I don't think it really offers much new information to what has been previously stated by the resident guru's as the talent found for the fuck filled weekend was wholly procurred from this board.

Lisboa, a world in itself. From its decrepid buildings rivalling that of Old Havana to perfectly preserved colonial era, intricate architecture which serves as a reminder of Lisbon's past as a force on the global scale when newly discovered territories were still up for grabs. Balancing the old are modern commercial buildings and newly poured roads which reminded me of my past life as a North American.

The people too are very pleasant. Not as inviting or inquisitive as those in the far reaches of Europe, such as Turkey (but the turks are an anamoly in terms of their hospitality), but much more accommodating than their Spanish neighbors. This, to me, is counter-intuitive, as in terms of both geographics and practicability of access, Spain has the upper hand when compared to Portugal. Despite this fact, I found that travelling around Lisbon was much easier than moving around Madrid with my english (yes I'm a fucking self centered foreigner).

Anyway on to the fucking . . .
First up to bat, as it were, was The Talented Ms. Isabel from Rua Pedro Nunes. Following our throws of passion, she confessed that 'Isabel' was only her stage name, but I feel a suitable name it is as she certaintly is a belle. Standing 5'7"-ish with a warm gaze, warmer touch, soft skin, firm tits and a nice plush bush, for what more can a guy ask? She told me she was studying medicine; a doctwh*re?

Although we were finished well within the 45 minutos alloted for the deed, we lay naked chatting away.
Growing up on the prairies in Canada, my father always had an expression to describe the winters. He would say that the winds were colder than a wh*re's kiss. But the deep passionate kisses we shared certaintly were not cold, nor was the conversation, the teasing nor the laughter. She even gave me her phone number and asked me to call the next day. I told her that it was a bad idea to see here twice, as I would find it too hard to extricate myself from her grasp. What can I say? To quote a fellow punter, I'm a hopeless romantic with a tender heart and shit for brains. Definite girlfriend material for this bloke (except of course for the thing about fucking other guys, a trivial detail it ain't).

Isabel's admission that she is a 3 year veteran of the trade certaintly came as a surprise. Although quite adept to the fine art of giving pleasure, she had done so in a natural way that seemed neither routine nor matter of fact.

Later that Saturday evening, after enjoying a few Kilkenny's and listening to a decent trio at an Irish pub at the south foot of Barrio Alto, I headed back to my Pensoa in the dodgy end of town; Prada de Figueira. Impressions of this area of Lisbon are not favorable as it can be characterized by predominately rough street trade surrounded by angy men and scowling drunks. The skid row of Libson no doubt, although I did bother sticking around to learn different. In any event, on my way back to the pensoa I noticed a lone street walker on the North Side of Rua Joao Regras. Always having one eye opened for opportunities, I swooped in for a closer look making sure that no traffic was coming as I almost got pasted earlier that day by a cab due to that fucking misleading fake sidewalk which separates Joao Ragras from the Prada. Walking by, both the street walker and I eyed each other then she stopped and asked for a cigarette. In any event we began chatting away. She told me she was going through school to become a teachwh*re and was doing this to help pay the bills,

Sophie was her name, half French, she displayed the arabesque features of a predominate nose, narrow face and lightly shaded complexion. The biggest detraction of her face were her teeth which were as crooked and dirty as Lisbon's streets ( actually Lisbon's streets aren't that dirty, I just thought I'd insert that for literary effect so you guys think that I am so smart, but I swear to god, her teeth were fucking crooked, they really were).

After about 10 minutes of talking I decided to take the plunge and she led me to a pensoa further up the road. As I lay naked on the bed, she undressed. What is with french women and their refusal to trim. Up until that night, I always held that to be a bit of an urban legend about french women and there 'naturalness' but really this girl was extra hairy. I mean her bush was the size of that park at the top of Avenue de Libertade, I swear to God. Despite the extra hair, I actually had a fantastic time with her as although she didn't appear nervous she was really chatty. Sophie was a farily passionate lover given a fine rendition of a bbbj (come on guys, are they really that bad?) and an unhurried session of close to 2 hours of fucking.

I am not sure what the deal is with Sophie though. Maybe you guru's can give me your opinions. She was very very skinny and had brusing all over one of her legs which she attributed to a car accident a few months back. Not that it matters but are these signs that she is a hardcore drug user? This was my first time with street trade (I'm actually considering throwing a party) and a possible drug user. She was actually a really nice girl, seems trustworthy as prior to the deed, I went to the head to take a leak, when I returned she was still there. She suggested we hang out the next day. I didn't really want to complicate shit so I declined.

So we finished around 3 AM, I headed back to my hotel and hit the sack.

Sunday, I woke up fairly early and started my trekking around town. Whenever I travel, I trek. I absolutely love it and have the blisters to show it. After doing the tourist things for the better part of Sunday, Around 6 pm I thought that it was time to get some company. I dropped some shit off at the pensoa and sort of hung around the Prada a bit to see what was on the menu. I think I saw the EE contingent written about in this forum and I almost went for one of them, but then I figured that this fucking area was so dodgy, I would be better off doing the apartment scene. I made my way back up towards the top of Avenue Libertade where those 'special' apartments seem to be congregated. First stop was Sao Sebastiao da Pedreira. I buzzed the buzzer to floor 3 and stood outside for about 10 minutes like a moron. Occassionally looking up to see if anyone would take pity on me and let me in. Finally I was chased away by an old portugesa woman from across the road who I couldn't undertand. I felt that it would be pointless to attempt to explain what I was seeking. Next stop was Avenida 5 de Outoburo where after buzzing the door, was promptly admitted to this old creepy building probably once featured in a dracula movie or something.

Just prior to coming to Lisbon I intended to print out several pages of the world sex guide forum for my personal version of a perverted tour guide book. I thought that this would be a good idea as I could study the reports as I became more familiar with the city. If you recall though, late last week the forum database seemed to be down so that guide was never published. Instead I was forced to scribble shit down late on Saturday evening, racing against the clock as the cafe I was at was about to close. So what does this have to do with Avenida 5 de Outoburo? Having only time to write down the addresses without any other information, I didn't really realize what type of girls were on offer at this address. So if I digested the fact that the women working here were like in there 40's, I definitely would have given it a miss as I am both youngish and free of any Oedipus Complex. However being entertained by the now retired Beatriz (I apparently was her last customer as she was moving to Brazil). the time, but not the money, spent here was amazing. Given the environment of the old building and older women coupled with an arsenal of sex toys on display I was praying weren't going to wind up my virgin ass, I entered this situation with a bit of trepidation. She started off with a massage, neither sensual nor clinical, but somewhere in between, we chatted and I learned she was a nurse. After about 20 minutes of this relaxing massage, on when the rubber and the most amazing bj I have ever had. It was so fucking funny though because she would be sucking away, giving me a bit of nipple play, oooing and awwing. But it was so hot. I undid her bra and slid my hands into her panties and by god, she was wet. It was surreal.Ok not surreal but pretty weird. I guess she was getting off on it. And as fast as it started, it was over in probably 2 minutes. I mean this broad got me off quicker than I could get myself off after watching 2 hours of porn. I have spent the couple days breaking out in laughter whenever I think of this session. It was sheer comedy and well worth the price of admission.

In any event, for those who are still awake through this, I salute you. I am unsure when I will visit Lisbon again but when I do you will be the first to hear of my sexventures.

Thanks guys for the info in making my trip a memorable one.

Zé Duron
03-17-04, 02:29
back in business

after my last mourning i found peace, not exactly like a buddhist monk, but as the dear hunter. great movie by michael cimiano, one of the best filmstrips ever produced. telescope on the mountain while the brotherhood is out hunting, escaping their grey, monotonous expectations in life. hunting becomes a matter of the soul, the friend proves his dedication and seriousness on every single trip, till the achievement of the ultimate rite between brothers.

my hunt has however nothing to do with that kind of procedure; it´s just plain good time; good vibes is my best ammunition. although i consider myself as a very thoughtful person there is no time left for to much dazzling around with worms in my head and so i decided that i had to get loose of this bad luck. the weather came in as a help me flee from the office for a sunny afternoon, chilling out in a early spring mid afternoon. the flood of work is starting to calm down and it won ´t be long till i manage to achieve on of this years big points! so a day out of pressure in the mid of the week was a real balsam for the soul. i escaped at lunchtime with some colleagues and grabbed a few new numbers that i had collected from some research recently.

called an add saying:
“sandra... 20a. amor de miúda, fofinha, sensual fatty modelo tipo danone, provocante, atrevida dora miss lingerie perfeita. um sonho a recordar. convivem ambiente discreto, sofisticado. estacionamento 50mts. tm.969644666/ 914512234; avenida gago coutinho, nº 56, 6º dtº (right)

50 euros meia hora ou 100 euros uma hora; tarde champagne por 200 euros com oferta de garrafa e assistente”

(edited as i put some info i got on the phone)

the person on the phone seemed very attentive and i was on my way to check out one of seven (7!) girls that where to be presented in hot lingerie and high heels or boots. i was aroused to finally have a nice voice on the other side giving me some good news. as i was having some trouble because of the traffic jam i told myself to call the place at rua agostinho neto (place i refer as to lumiar or alameda das linhas de torres, pretty much the same names for the same place)

their phone number is 96 625 96 76 and you should ask the person that takes the call that you will want to talk to joana, she is the pregnant manager, and it might be difficult to believe but this place is the most respectable place i have visited, where the girls are treated really nicely, no threats at all and the place is really top clean. joana told me that there where six girls available, all portuguese, so gabriela the brunette was not available which was a pity because she would recon me and maybe bring up a good word for me. always thinking about charming myself and the girls! the variety was very descent, one chubby, big titted chica that was nice but not my taste of flour, one dark blond petit in her late twenties that would do anal only after seeing the size of my john! she was nice and easy on the chat and i think her name is filipa. then diana came up, a tall brunette, with very good attitude but she lacks the beauty. i know maybe i am wrong, but just maybe! i´m not gone blast hundred euros for a girl that i would rate a 5 or a 6 out of 10. susana came in, busty dyed blond, very sexy but not a kylie minouge style chica as i described marta on another visit. susana would not do anal, what a pity because her ass looked tight and curvy in her blue jeans tights and boots. her top was showing a third of the best house product and she was liking the look on my face. marisa the 4.5 feet chica was there as well, greeted her quickly and the i was presented to barbara a tall slender brunette. she stated to be 20 years old which i consider an honest answear and told me that she was 171 cm tall, reaching my height on heels (medium tall sandals showing beautiful feet that looked like promoteus wings. her hair black, her beautiful white skin, slightly, but just slightly tanned and those dark brown long eyes and full lips. her figure immediately reminded me of our fantastic victoria, only her hair is darker and i don´ t remember victoria´ s eye color anymore. i thought this is her, but maybe i was just dazzled by her forms. her legs are slender, not skinny, never fat, her breast is small but has it´s movement, her face a slender beauty, pure [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) elegance and beautiful eyes.

i would rate her beauty a 8/10 and her body also a 8/10 and i am making an effort to maintain the necessary distance to the facts. i paid 100 euros and took my cold beer to the aposentos (word she used) as she brought an ashtray as i was smoking. i told her to keep her cloths on and to wear some high heels, which she did. we had sex for more than an hour, as she oddly told time as she rejoined me in the room after the usual moment where you are left alone in the room, i bet they want us start for ourselves! we had sex for half an hour, just oral, me on her, she on me and the magnificent 69 at the end. a very nice moment was added by the fact that all the lights in the apartment went off for a minute and as it happened, she stopped sucking me and i said: well i´ts great that the two of us can continue our “work” and so i came.

we then chatted about traveling cuddling for another half an hour, with some kissing and a lot of touching, she was sweet caressing my back where i told her i had a small muscular injury. it always helps, always, women instantly have the need to try to even the pain. we chatted about traveling and about restaurants to visit in lisbon. she is a very beautiful girl but lacks a bit of confidence although her sex performance is very good. as i was going down on her i could sense her pressuring not to let go, i sensed the little shivering in her legs, i honestly did and she just kept repulsing it.

the second round was quicker, or better was more the hard play where i basically got a second cbj and got to ride her in the positions i wanted. unfortunately she is the kind of girl that lets you chose all the positions, she doesn’t bring a idea up although she permits all the positions you wish. and then there was the fact that she politely asked me if she could take an incall while all the colors where flashing on the screen while we were chatting. but she was polite. i rate her attitude as a 6, because i expect more an active woman.

my opinion is that she deserves a full 7/10, and i will keep her in mind as a fantastic chica with beautiful dark brown eyes that just lack some self-assurance as it happens so often with these kind of girls.

the place is my favorite and i can only recommend it, visit it during the week on working hours till say 23 hours, they have a small dinner stop in between.

long live joana´s girls. by the way you should always be direct with joana, she is there to help you, to interpret the girls expectations and to fulfill your demands. after the first presentation, you can ask some of the girls for a private talk, to see how much they fancy you or your bucks!

by the way has anyone tried this place up north in braga:

i am seriously thinking about joining this club as it looks a lot like the german fkk clubs; i am going to ring them to get some numbers!

the sun is shining, wildly and widely over the city of light,
the smell of sex arises and takes without defense

03-17-04, 08:06

Great report. It is very gratifying to know that what we write on this board has helped a colleague enjoy his stay in Lisbon. We will continue.

Sophie sounds pretty rough, and yes probably a 'user': at that time of night the streets are for the desperate. The EE girls have good bourgeois habits and are tucked up in bed (with each other? now there's a pretty thought..) well before midnight.

Mur is seriously thinking of responding to user 1274's request for something more formal about prices. Meanwhile, get a wacky name, 1274!

Nice to see that Latin Ass still drops by...

Now, Zé D was a little melancholy about the apartments recently. Could it be that the scene is moving westwards out of the city? So many advertisements for Cascais, Estoril, even Oeiras and Parede recently. Springtime might be the moment to catch that yellow train and research these neighbourhoods in earnest.

But first, when finances allow, Mur is promising himself a tantric massage, and will report back soon.
um abrazo muito forte a todos,

Flower Zen
03-19-04, 16:52
I am pretty sure Sophie is a drug addict. As reported before, the stresets of Lisbon have been going down and down for the last few years. Muri - After having your tantric massage, tell us about it. I liked it, but it is not for everyone. Great to see that this board is alive and kicking!

Zé Duron
03-21-04, 18:08
Budget Project

On this Saturday I finished a truly sexual week. I withdrawed 150 euros and ended up spending 90 € for hunting purpose. I stopped at my personal favorite spot in Lumiar, Rua Agostinho Neto and checked out the available four beauties. Joana was very comprehensible that the choice was not to my demands and I left after a Martini in the girls company. Expense: Zero.

Called 96 862 23 56 a phone number that sticks to an apartment at Rua Pascoal de Melo, 44, 2nd floor left, and was greeted by a brasilian blond called Lara, She was fully dressed and I guess she is in her early thirties and looked quite nice and was really a nice company while she introduced me to the other women. All of them Brazilians. They offered me a drink and I rated the girls 6 out of 10 points because all were a tiny bit to chubby. Price is 50 euros for 25 minutes and 60 euros for 40 minutes, a bit strange. I picked Laura a tall, busty and sexy Brazilian because Lara was leaving. She is really sexy and exciting but wouldn’t do anal which was a pity for her butt looked sharp. I paid 60 euros which was a mistake since I was way to horny and the show was OK but I lasted only 20 minutes with a nice and strong Brazilian CBJ, followed by sex in three positions, she handles a man like an experienced woman, allowing a little cuddling and fooling around. After my less-glorious finish she massaged me for a bit and we parted knowing that this session will have to be repeated for the truth of facts to be rewritten. The girls told me that this house is exclusive for girls arriving from Brasil and that normally they have like a choice of 7 girls. They are open from noon till 04 in the morning. A nice place, with telly and bar that is easily reachable by Metro or car, it is located just in front of the glorious Beer-house «Portugalia», the oldest beer factory in Lisbon. I consider it a must for tourists as well as for local studs that want to prove themselves to a Brasilian chica.

Next I passed by the street scene at Rua Artilharia Um and Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca and picked up a Romanian girl, there were about 8 Romanian chicas available, a few looked really good and I got a CBJ in the car for 15 euros by a busty skillful sucker.

Next I moved my ass to a few bars, looking for a few friends and ended up drinking till 2 in the morning in some of the memorable establishments that Lisbon offers their noble visitors. I have been thinking about giving some information about the night scene in Lisbon, good restaurants and bars to help people that just drop by for a weekend or so, but maybe I would just be filling in some pages that are not of interest to other readers, so if you still want to have my opinion about places where to eat, drink or engage in contact with the local female population just PM me and I will try my best.

Late that night I returned to the street scene and approached a Portuguese, tall brunette that I had never seen there and she finished me in the car for 15 euros with a glorious CBJ.

Overall expenses: 60 euros+15 euros +15 euros = 90 euros

Between expending 100 euros in Lumiar or 90 euros in this mix I just have to say that it’s two completely different programs. While in the later program you get to see a lot of different women and I know that I was lucky to find some superb street scene in the first approach you get the company of a woman for an hour or even an hour and a half at your disposal.~

Have fun and visit my post at the Sexual Addiction section.

03-23-04, 05:41
Thanks for the report people, some accomplished writers here obviously.

Muri, thanks for considering my suggestion. Just in the last few days a lot of information has been posted about addresses/prices. Can we not have a simple table where this can be added? It will all be lost otherwise.

And I have asked for a change in handles, not wacky as Muri suggested, but it will do.

03-23-04, 15:39
Hello again!

Finally another report by Spud!

It was almost midnight and I was going back to home, after some coffee in the other side of the river, when I thought, why don't make a short cut, and pass by Rua Artilharia Um and Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca zone, to check the girls. I'm not a street scene guy, and in addiction I didn't have any pocket money, so it was a simple check up.

But, my eyes simply couldn't believe what they saw. In one corner a lovely and pretty Portuguese girl, and in the opposite side other great girl around the some age, a little more skinny, with a more radical style. I stop by the first one, she was a dream (boys, she was really nice, nothing like the normal street scene girls in the area), she asked me 35 euros for a complete fuck (including anal) in a nearby "pensão", I repost 25 euros without anal, she said no 3 times, and I moved to the next stage. There she is, very cool, very (in Portuguese) "drede", with a nice figure, her name Mariana. She ask me for the same as the first, and I said yes, I only could say yes. She step in the car, we stop by a "Multibanco" to get some money and we went to the pension.

The "pensão" is real near, is a 2/3 minutes drive. The only claim that I have, is from the place, it's bad, it's real bad, no next time for sure, I prefer to pay more 10 euros. But the girl was new around that zone, so she didn't knew other places to go, and me ether. One thing, the 35 euros, includes the place too.

Now, the important thing, she is really a cute girl, 19 years old, tall and slim figure, small but perfect tits and nice ass, with a small devil tattoo in the top of backs. Negative things, she is a litter bite cold, and sometimes looks like the type "lets do it, and finish quick". We started with a CBJ, nicely done, almost made me cum. Like in other reports, we moved to my favourite position, the cowgirl, it is not great to fuck and grebe the tits on the same time?, looking to that face screaming for more (I'm dreaming now). She has a real 19th pussy, you can feel your cock being squeezed when you are inside. Let's move to all four, "cansana", smack and ride that nice ass, uhh baby, almost cumming, we made a quick change to "mother and father" position, she grabbed my ass, pushing me all inside her. I asked if I could cum on her belly, she said no, so let's fill that condom inside her. And that's it, not a such great fuck, it was very "technical", but the girl (for a street scene girl) is nice.

Girl Info:
- Name: Mariana
- Price: € 35 [CBJ + Fuck + Anal + "Pensão"]
- Body (1 to 10): 7 (A real 19th year body, perfect and small tits and ass)
- Face (1 to 10): 8
- Bj (1 to 10): 8 (CBJ)
- Fuck (1 to 10): 5
- Anal (1 to 10): - (Didn't try)

Place Info:
- Where: Street Scene - Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca (near Rua Artilharia Um, Amoreiras) [see picture attached]
- Classification for the pension: 2 (1 to 10), very old, not too clean. Recommendation: Find other place on the zone (If money is no problem, you have the RITZ and the MERIDIEN, hehehe)

NOTE: I attached a map where I found Mariana.

Flower Zen
03-24-04, 20:30

Been there and believe to have seen the girls. She's in fact pretty. also, lots of foreign girls. The immigration of foreign girls to Portugal (is it the Euro 04?) may put the streets of Lisbons alive again. Let's see.

Other news - IMPERIO ROMANO was a great massage house near TECNICO. On the expensive side - 100 Euros - this was a place with great girls. Had some of the best fucks of my life in that place. About a year ago the place closed - don't know why, but it may have been because of problems with the neighbours. Now I have just read in the paper that the place is opening again, now at Avenida Almirante Reis. Let's hope they keep the quality standarts of the previous place. I may go there this week. Wait and I will keep you informed.

Maybe we could think of organizing an event with a couple of the contributors. Something like dinner and opera, or dinner and a visit to the historic places of Lisbon ... or dinner, beer, wine and girls? What do you think?

03-25-04, 06:13
A dinner and some sightseeing - or whatever the group decides - is a great idea. Even though I am not a 'regular contributor' I will attend (if invited and if I am there at the time).

As you can see I am still Member #1274. My attempt to have my handle changed failed - someone else had already claimed my new 'identity'. So it is back to the drawing board to come up with a new handle.

03-25-04, 12:53
I think the event could be good ideia, I vote for that.

Zen, the two girls that I saw in Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca were Portuguese, I didn't saw any other young girls, maybe because it was monday and was full of cops around.

Best Regards to all,


Zé Duron
03-26-04, 02:17
Count me in for dinner and maybe some désert. I guess that would drive things to a new pattern. If we can´t reach the level of Buenos Aires we can surely level the form to a much higher standard.

A place like Portugália where you can have dinner till late might be a starting point.

Have a great weekend

Carlos Primeros
03-26-04, 04:31
I will be in Lisboa this weekend. What is the best casa/boite at present time? I did not have a chance to monger in lovely Lisboa for several months. Any recommendations?

Carlos Primeros

03-26-04, 10:36

I am Portuguese but I live in Brussels but tell me when and where is the dinner and I will be there.

I will be in Lisboa from 7 till 12 April.



Zé Duron
03-27-04, 03:26
Repor on Lisbon Night Fever (LNF)

This is not New York, neither Buenos Aires but believe me there is a lot of action going on. If you are a tourist, settle down in your hotel where ever that may be and take the first night for your own. Forget about the silly phone numbers and check out the regular scene.

The night scene is divided in something like 4 major spots:

1.Bairro Alto
This is an old part od the city, it is absolutely safe and you may find a lot of restaurants, bars and a few discos that shake this beautiful neighborhood from say 9 in the evening till 3 in the morning, after that you may only find the real great spots with some local help. The atmosphere is great, a lot of students around, hip people, try to wear something casual otherwise you will look kind of a fool/geek in the middle of the street. This neighborhood used to be active for hookers because of all the night activity, like newspapers being printed, student bars etc… It´s a real beauty and leaving Lisbon without having dinner in the Bairro Alto will be like going to Havana and missing the Malecon!

2.Avenida 24 de Julho
This is a long avenue, just on the river that handles something like 100 bars and bistros on a lane of 3 km. A lot of places from Cais do Sodré at the closest point to the city of Lisbon till Alcântara, passing Santos, two neighborhoods that are really known for their bars. You can find anything like the most expensive club (Kapital) till a burger tend on that avenue. The best time to visit will be from 12 in the evening till 06 in the morning.

At th e end of the Avenue 24 de Julho you can find a neighborhood with something like the 4 most hottest bars in Lisbon. Pulsar is a Bar for hip people that will challenge the natural Portuguese chica (modern place, young audience from 20 till 30). Rockline is the bar for the Heavy Metal music Fan (the barmaids wear a bikini). Alcântara Terra/Mar the restaurant and bar for the connoisseur in his early thirties with lots of beautiful rich Portuguese chicas around (and some less rich but marvelous womenfrom 25 till 40). By the way their food is excellent, really worth a try.

4.The Docks (Docas)
This is a a dockyard where you can expect to finf something like 15 bars and restaurants. There is something for everyone around, rockmusic, barsilian tunes, hip-hop, mainstream, whatever!
The nice thing about this area is the fresh riverside, and the incredible audience that will fill up this part of the city like a pouring beer glass week after week. People that mingle here are out for the hunt and the chicas are really worth it for they wear the sexist outfits in the Lisbon Evening and most of them belong to the middle class and are their for quite easily stunned by your gentleman behaviour. Close to the riverside docks are a few discos that were build later out of stockyards also worth a visit.

If I was visiting Lisbon I would appreciate a program like this:
1.Dinner at the Bairro Alto (just Pm for a nice place of your taste of food type)
2.A walk on the Avenida 24 de Julho Between 12 and 1 in the mornig for a beer or two (and maybe you would end up staying for the rest of the evening)
3.Heading down to the docks to visit 3 bars from 1 till 3 in the morning
4.At 3 and 4 in the morning You will either get back to the hotel in good company or visit one of the Discos at the Dockside facing the inland because they will be burning on fire till 7 in the morning)

This ride would not cost you more that 15 euros, starting and ending at any hotel in the center of Lisbon. If you withdraw 100 euros you will have dinner, drinks, drinks, cab fares, drinks and entries to bars and discos and more cab fares till the last cab drops youout at your hotel at 7 in the mornig.

If you appreciate the more modern trends there is a an absolute must called: LUX, the best disco in Lisbon in terms of lightning, sound, architecture, and service, but it will only be something for someone looking for the hippest and trendiest place in Lisbon.

Lisbon is a beautiful place with beautiful people and it is absolutely worthwhile having a night out on your own and facing the population, meeting people and making some friends; people are really open minded to foreigners and believe me they will challenge you! Use this opportunity and in the next morning you can always visit the nurse at any apartment from 10 or 11 in the morning on till late night Saturday.

Have lots of fun in Lisbon

03-28-04, 19:00
Set out for a tantric massage and ended up going through the Praça Figuiera and being detained by the sight of a new and appetising Romanian, Magdalena, the best of all names for a girl in this trade, with a petite slim agile body dressed in tight white jeans. A fine fuck, repeated on the following day, leaving the tantic massage for another time. Second time, Muri went for a cheap lunch after Magdalena, and on his return saw Irina and Mariana being bundled into a cop car by the boys in blue. Just a routine check, apparently: they were back on the street next day.

03-28-04, 19:04
tantric massage

a pleasant, not ecstatic, experience at duque de avila, number 6, which is at the far end of that street and meant a long, anticipatory, healthgiving walk from saldanha.
a magnificently gloomy old apartment building with one of those iron-gated rattly lifts. a sweet but very ugly girl showed muri to the room and told him that the therapist (terapeuta) would be along in a minute. almost ten minutes later she returned to say would you please move to another room, the therapist will join you shortly.
muri almost walked out, but decided to be patient, and was soon introduced to lucianne.
she is a stout amerindian brazilian. not by any means the kind of lady muri would choose to fuck, but as we know fucking is not the game here and he suspected rightly that there would be some stimulating heft and pressure in those broad shoulders and plump thighs.
so it proved. after a slow start - the room and the massage oil were cold at first - the experience warmed up in every sense and muri's body, ravaged by stress and football, began to unloosen under the firm hands of lucianne. she did an excellent and energetic, but completely unsexy job.
then, after a pleasant half hour, she pulled muri's legs up over her shoulders, told him to breathe deep, and began slowly to masturbate him. now you can call this adolescent behaviour if you like (what's wrong with adolescence, don't we all remember those days of permanent heat?) but muri had prepared for this excursion by not having an orgasm for five previous days, and wanking himself to near completion two nights running, just so as to shoot a nice big fountain in the tantric massage.
ater all if the lady is going to see the shot rather than feel it burst inside a condom, let it be a big, proud one.
very very slowly lucianne increased the rhythm, and eventually the moment came, with a fine plume of sperm.
unforgettable look on lucianne's face - triumph and fascination - as, still gripping firmly, she saw the creamy results of her exertions. women do like to see this, a fact which justifies muri's rather childish hoarding.
as a previous correspondent has said, some of the time one is enjoying the massage, some of the time one just wants to fuck.
an experience to be repeated every three months or so, but no more.

03-28-04, 19:13
An excellent meeting with King Carlos Primero in rainy Lisbon on Saturday night. Following Zé D's directions we enjoyed an imperial in Portugalia and then tried the Brazil house in Rua Pascoal de Melo just opposite. Carlos took a very sweet tall slim young mulatta, Muri opted for Gisele, a firm petite, redhaired, small-breasted 24 year old from Belo Horizonte, who caught the eye and raised the cock in her tiny bikini.
Muri enjoyed a lovely fuck, with sensational vaginal contractions to bring him to his finish: he will be back for more of Gisele. Carlos found his beautiful mulatta rather inexperienced.
Drinks and conversation followed in a rowdy rugby-watching Irish bar (FUCK we lost to France) before Carlos departed to try his luck in the boites.
One could say a great deal about this entertaining evening, but discretion rules: so no details except to state that Carlos is a charming, educated and well travelled weltmeister who loves Lisboa and whose company on this wet, erotic evening was a pleasure.
see you again, Carlos,

Flower Zen
03-30-04, 12:25
Been to IMPERIO ROMANO, the new house in Avenida da Almirante Reis Not very exciting, although facilities are pretty good. Parade of 3 girls, none to die for. Chose Sara, a blonde Brasilian girl.

Place: Imperío Romano, Avenida Almirante Reis.
Girls: 3; picked Sara
Looks: 6
Skills: 6 (she does A without a problem, but too mechanical)
Facilities: 8

I am sure this place will get better. Opened last week and you feel that.

Flower Zen
03-30-04, 17:57
What is that Brasil House in Rua Pascoal de Melo? Never heard of it. Please tell me more.

Carlos Primeros
03-30-04, 20:50
Thanks a lot Muri for the nice company on Saturday evening and thanks a lot to Zé Duron for the good info on the "casa" across from Portugalia. We enjoyed it. The girls had been really sweet and nice.

One thing I have to remark: when the girls are young, they try to please you but they do not have the experience. Therefore I tend to opt for a girl which is let´s say around 25. They know what they do and mostly they do it very well.

Zé - we should have one time a meeting in Lisboa - similar to the honourable A.M.A. meetings which King Jax is presiding in B.A.

Finally I have to say that I had now the opportunity to meet several of the board-members in person and I was every time surprised what well-educated, discrete and joyfull gentlemen the members are. It is good that King Jackson is ruling with an iron fist and keeps this board clear of "not so desirable" members.

Carlos Primeros

Zé Duron
03-31-04, 16:17
Thanx guys,

And let me tell you I am in for a meeting in the near future, just PM me for further contact.

"A união faz a força!"

I got lots of work and there is only time for hunting on week-ends for the nearest future.

Stay in shape

Carlos Primeros
04-01-04, 04:33
Flower Zen,

we had been there on Saturday around 9.00 p.m. 6 nice girls were available, all from Brazil. Price € 70,- Worthwhile going there. I had a mulata, Glecy, 19 years old, body 8, effort 9, experience 5. Muri had another chick with better performance. I will go back and simply try another girl.


04-06-04, 12:11
Hello people,

No action in last weeks, to much work and not to much money. I want to try that new place at rua Pascoal de Melo, I simply love hot brazilian girls.

One question, I saw a post in Correio da Manha, about a Aerobic teacher at Cascais, I call her, she's great at the phone with 33 years old, does someone know something about her?

"Cascais... 967831317... Professora... Aeróbica... Sensual... Privado! Apareça!"

Thank you very much, and good hunting.

Best regards, Spud

04-06-04, 18:17
Spud, you will certainly enjoy Rua Pascoal de Melo. Let us know.
As promised, Mur decided to head out on the comboio to Cascais to check Europe's westernmost ladies. Not knowing his way round the place, the worry was getting lost in the labyrinths of new apartments back of the touristy part. But luck was on his side: first advert he phoned, 'Sofia sozinha em casa' she said 'right by the Hotel Bahia' and so it proved to be. Bang in the middle of Cascais, the bureaucrats of the municipality are only 100metres away from the small apartment of this plumpish horny blonde Portuguese chick who relieved Muri of €50 then sucked him and fucked him until he could do no more than stagger out into the sunlight and take refuge in the very nearby Irish Bar. Sofia is obviously nervous about neighbours so it would not be right to give her address, but the advert is not hard to find and although this lady will not become an all-time favourite she definitely comes with the recommendation of

Carlos Primeros
04-11-04, 05:38
Hi - I was at Imperio Romano on 8 April at 6 pm. They had 4 girls ranging from 6 -8. Took Alexandra, a Brazilian mulata. Was good, not too exciting. She did her job but sh let you feel that it is just a job.

The facilities are really nice and I think that they should get some better girls. Than this place will rock.


04-11-04, 18:33

Raunchy plans for the Easter weekend did not materialise, and instead of late night action with a fellow monger Mur opted for a morning journey, once again on the yellow train. He had his thoughts on the aerobics teacher in Cascais mentioned by Spud, but scanning the paper on the train he saw:

'Parede, Profesora, oral divina, insaciavel, 968880908'.

So off the comboio at Parede, a call answered in (comprehensible) Brazilian Portuguese told him to proceed to Avenida Gago Coutinho. Suitably named street, it commemorates a pioneer aviator who was among the first to fly the Atlantic to Brazil, in the 1920s, and one can guess that like many modern jet travellers, he arrived with a sigh of relief and eased the tension by fucking garotas for seven days solid.

We digress. Aided by a strategically placed municipal map, Muri was soon flying over the the target area, "opposite the Shell gas station, behind the video club." Further details it would be unfair to provide, but suffice to say a very discreet location. Mur crashlanded into a dark bedroom with only a faint red light. Having flown in through bright sunlight he could not see a fuckin' thing, but perceived dimly that he was in the presence of a plumpish 30something chocolate Brazilian lady, not usually his cup of tea but dammit he had bravely flown all the way to the suburbs, so he was going to fuck...

However, once divested of €50, and his clothes, our herioc aviator found that he was getting no elevation. He caressed the lady's ample thighs with one hand and set the other to work on his joystick, but still no altitude. Luckily he was in the hands of a good flight instructor. She flung him backwards on the bed, bent over him and took the sorry sagging member into her mouth. Regular readers will remember that Mur disapproves of BBBJ, but this was a time for emergency measures, like that interesting moment when the yellow plastic masks pop out and dangle in front of your face in the cabin and you see your whole life flashing back and you wish you had fucked more girls before dying... (this has happened to Muri, but he lived to tell the tale, and, shit! we are digressing again).

Teacher really knew how to suck. Within 30 seconds the flimsy little machine had turned intself into a fully loaded Jumbo, bound for São Paulo. Soon Mur was able to turn the cockpit on to automatic pilot and make a daring low dive into the lush wet rainforest, where the ground temperature was high and the risk of inflammation great, and humidity at 99%.

Well, enough metaphor, let's give the basic information:

€50 bought a fine uncovered blow job and a long, long fuck, with orgasms for both.

Post coital conversation was intelligent, the lady really is an educated person.

Afterwards, a walk through the happy, lovely suburb of Parede, drinks in two local bars, shopping in a colourful friendly market, lunch in an excellent restaurant, reminded Muri why he stays in Portugal. Parede is the kind of place that is dying in Britain and Germany, and has never existed in the US of A.
What looked like being a sad day, turned out to be a glorious one.

Zé Duron
04-22-04, 01:33
Demon is Back!

It's been a while and it really makes me wonder of how much I dig this hobby. But let me stay of these flying away thoughts and lets keep it to the essential.

First some news: Victória is back at São Sebastião da Pedreira, check out some earlier reports for more info on this gorgeous slender Portuguese chica. For me I think it has been my last visit to her since we don’t get that chemical, but maybe it’s just me, because she is still a beautiful woman.

Second think about how many times you can get DFK (Deep French kissing), BBJ and above all CIM in Portugal’s hunting resorts? This is, IMH opinion out of bounds in most of the cases. But let me tell you friends that it happened once again to Mr Zé D.

The chick, a dyed blond called Carina, about 165 cm tall, very nice figure, she is Portuguese but her body looks Brazilian with a lot of smooth curves and a nice skin. She is not as pretty as Victória but she has the right attitude and is a lot of fun. I would rate her 6 for Face, 7 for Body and 9 for attitude.

You can visit her at Avenida Gago Coutinho, Nº 37, 1rst floor left, close to Areeiro in front of the closed Alfa Cinemas or call her at 93 487 10 29!

She is worth it! A real demon in bed! So lets hear from each others again!
What about a meeting dinner?

Flower Zen
04-23-04, 11:15
Been at Avenida Marquês de Tomar - Clinique de Massage is the name of the place. About 6 girls. Chose Márcia, a 25 y.o. Brasilian. A little on the fat side but a great pair of tits. The truth is that I was feeling like party and she looked just like that. 100 Euros for one hour. Great BBBJ and after that some wild anal. BBBJ until the end and came in her mouth. Do not know what happened to my sperm, but never saw it again after my orgasm, so guess she just swallowed it. No the sexiest girl, but the girl for a wild party.

04-24-04, 12:59
What's up!

The last reports "rock", thank you guys. This month I really didn't have the opportunity to "test drive" some of the girls mentioned here, or look for new "rides". There is to much work, and simply no money at the moment (other "priority" investments). But all this work this month, will be rewarded, and next month I have a few places where I want to go.

1. (Last ZD report) the girl Carina. That is what I call, a ride. And the best, is that I can go walking to the place from my work. So I can take a break, get a good fuck, and return to my job.

2. The aerobics teacher in Cascais. She's so fucking sweat and sexy at the phone. I really love young 20s girls, but a good "tia", around 30s, are delicious.

3. Rua Pascual de Melo place, like I posted early, I simply love Brazilian girls, they are hot, sexy, and fuck like rabbits (not all, but a good part of them). So, they deserve a visit.

This is my next monger plan, I will use 2 "tests drives" from reports post here and, for pay back, I will post a one new "test drive" here.

This is the beauty of this Forum. If you want to get a satisfied to good fuck, you use the board, and I bet you will not be disappointed. If you want to search, or have the luck to find the guru of sex, you share with others, and we all be very happy.

Best regards, Spud

P.S.: I vote for that dinner. Lets organize.

04-26-04, 21:08
Muri has been absent from the board a while: he likes to provide longer reports but just now he has no time to say more than:


Zé Durón did not lie. Vitória has returned.

yours multi-orgasmically,

Flower Zen
04-28-04, 13:40
I am really geting curious about that Victoria Godess. Guess I will give her a test drive and let you know.

04-29-04, 11:02
I have been here for a few days, but mostly with a woman I had met in Rio, who is now visiting Lisbon.

However - she took ill with some allergy yesterday, which gave me the opportunity to try some of the board´s recommendations.

I called Carina, got a time from her and took a taxi over. She is a very nice person - which counts for a lot - and has a pretty good figure too. Fake blonde. She does try to hurry things along, but is not crude about it. All in all a good experience which I may repeat if I get the opportunity.

For people unfamiliar with Portugal: when you get to the address ring the doorbell that is to the left (your left) of the number 1. The door will be buzzed open. For some reason No. 1 is not on the first floor - but a few flights up. It may be best for someone to say Pssst from above and follow her. But if no one shows, walk up - you will see the Number 1 on a landing. As you face it the apartment is on the left. Carina works 11 to 7, but may make an exception if you call her early (she did for me). The price was 50.
I also tried to get to Victoria, but could not locate the building. The taxi took me to Largo Sao Sebasato Pedereira, but I could not find a building number 31. There is a building 31A, but not being sure, I decided not to start shouting Victoria at the residents. I am leaving in a couple of days and there is no time to get info from the board, but I may give it another shot.

Harry Hymes
04-29-04, 17:34
This is my first contribution to the forum, so I have to start by thanking all the esteemed colleagues for the trove of precious contributions. This is probably “the” resource on the subject, in what pertains the Lisbon region. Thank you specially Murilloa, for having put this into such a great path with your first reports back in January 2003.

“Precious” is one of the more appropriate terms I can think of. “God-send” would be another. The SW scene is really in the gutters in Lisbon, the CG are priced out of my reality (I did once pay 200 euros for a CG; she was indeed stunning and offered a decent, if one-pop-only, fuck; but 200? 200!! I still cringe at the thought of that hard won money changing hands that night…) and the likelihood will always be that most of the casas will be a disappointment.

So, this one forum is the way to share the information on the few golden pieces in the proverbial haystacks. Indeed important.

Following the heartily recommendation by ZD, I had the opportunity to enjoy Carina. BBBJ, FK, half and half, no CIM though – she was certainly worth the 50 euros. Nice girl, right attitude all in all. For 100 euros it would be possible to enjoy her and her friend simultaneously. I may still be tempted.

My first recommendation: Vanda, 916 240 702. Strictly outcall, I call her, pick her up somewhere, take her to a pensão (Mendes or Veneza, usually). BBBJ if desired, half and half, reverse half and half, CIM possible I think. Other things possible… Anyway, from 50 euros for an one-pop session, depending on one’s requirements. Late twenties, petite, recent mother, Portuguese, lovely. Some piercings. Shaved. Wonderful attitude, IMO.

She allowed me to take some photos (I told her about this posting and she agreed), they were uploaded to the right place.

Explore her. For the foreseeable future, I have other places in which to, ahem, dig.

Green Banana
04-29-04, 21:08
Thank you for all the information you provide here, which I find very well documented and useful.

I come to Lisbon every single month. 3 weeks ago I was at Elefante Branco. Good option there is to buy you a bottle of gin or whatever for 150 € : you got a seat, as many soft drinks as you want, you can offer your favorite drink to some nice girl, plus some respect-ish from the old and efficient waiters. Drinks at the bar are now 15 € which isn’t cheap. Avoid by any means to order champagne - as anywhere else.

I met with a very tall blond short hair menina with big boobs (recently enhanced, ‘made in Brasil’) called Ruth. She didn’t look brasilian at all, but she was, from Curitiba indeed. Very impressive body, nice face, good conversation – in portuguese.
In bed my best souvenir is her very long/developed second pair of lips, scenic and sexy, very memorable DATY ! But service was rather so-so for a stupid 200 € : CBJ, straight fuck, quick leaving after one pop.

To sum-up: one you can proudly exhibit to your buddies, but not to die for. I’ll make another trial, there were 80 girls that Wednesday night.


04-30-04, 17:11
my welcome to the new people,

i didn't "yet" visit carina, but i'm already excited. the last reports about her were amazing, and the opportunity for a test drive is arriving, maybe today (30 april).

other thing, about the well known elefante branco. i never been there, but i really believe that some of the girls are very good 8's and 9's, but one thing, how many positive reports you have here about this girls. they are beautiful, but when it comes to get the job done, they really sucks, it's very mechanical, nothing or very small girlfriend attitude, and clock in full speed. and guys, 200 euros? not 200, you need to go the in the bar, 100 or 150 for the drinks, that is a total of 350 euros minimum. in lisbon, and around, for 350 euros, you can have 7 really good "fucks" with really nice girls (6's and 7's, and some 8's). if i was a football player, 350 euros are peanuts, i would take to my house 2 of that girls for an all night event. but, i'm not, and 350 euros in girls have to last approximal 3 months.

but people, i'm not against going to that kind of places, if i could, i would go there for sure. this post is only to relief some stress, sorry about that.

one more thing, with 350 euros you almost could by a ticket to brazil, and with more 350 euros you could fuck like a rabbit some really great girls , for a interrely week. and with more 350 euros, you can fuck a tv star. ;)

best regards, spud

p.s.: i'm going call carina, and test drive this girl for real. (i will post a report after that [current time 17:10])

04-30-04, 18:47
Back for a super fresh report (test drive),

One word, superb! High recommendation! Visit Carina (check for good details in ZD and Sidhartha reports), very good attitude, really nice figure (nice , not to small, round tits, hard nipples, soft skin, great belly, superb ass). She is very sweet and very much "simpatica". In term of comparation, sorry about other Victoria fans (I'm included in the group), Carina offers a better quality job then Vitoria, the 10 € difference are deserved (I don't know if Vitoria keep the 40 euro value). If I have to chose one, I will select Carina, if I have to chose again, I probably select Carina again. Finally, the place is really nice, very clean and safe.

So I'm in a big dilemma, do I go visit de Aerobics ("tia") teacher at Cascais, there is no report about her, but she sounds really nice, very sweet and sexy, or do I visit the lovely Carina again, and for sure the all time with her will be superb (I could visit her again, right now, she can be a all night fuck for sure).

Great weekend for all, Benfica for second, Spud

Zé Duron
05-02-04, 02:26
hunting in the afternoon:

first of all: welcome green banana, harry hymes and sidhartha.

hi to muri, flower zen, spud and carlos primeros

“i miss some good hunting on a saturday afternoon!”

well as i stated a few days ago, i felt that i had to clear my sight and regain some practice on sharp shooting! as it was a holyday i guessed that a lot of places were having a long weekend off but still i managed to call some new places and made it to check out for some new deer in the bush! well to tell you the truths the places were ok but the chicas weren’t that thrilling, either a bit to full, a bit to uninterested or simply not to the point. i strongly considered adonis at the rua braamcamp as stated earlier by a mate from the forum but i didn´t have the number with me. as i am still in a lot of work and there won’t be that many chances in the next weeks (one never knows) i decided to head down to lumiar and check out joana´s babies! she is now pregnant in the 8th month and i still consider her a charm of her own! she is carrying a boy, believe it or not i told her that, that boy had been growing in a deluxe environment! as usually she made sure i was comfortable and introduced me to marisa and diana, assistants that i already had seen on former visits and to two girls i hadn´t seen yet. one was a brazilian petit blond (dyed) in her early twenties who just got of the ship last week, you could tell. i passed as she did not appeal to my wishes and i was introduced to beatriz a real tall and elegant morena. she is about 1,70m has a very slender figure and she really has all the ingredients to be a cliché andalusia beauty girl. her eyes are dark and almost oriental with a lovely slender pair of lips that make out to a very beautiful smile and even deadlier nasty look in the proper ambience. her skin is naturally dark but absolutely white, not mulatta. she wears her hair dark and long. she looked great in tight jeans and her medium high heels! her facial beauty is only recognizable on a closer look, especially the combination of smile and eyes stretching close to oriental or south american chicas.

after some small talk with her we made it to the impeccable room where i was offered a second martini on the rocks. she got me an ashtray and carried on the talk in the room for a while. she was still dressed as i like it, hate it when the girls take off for a 5 or 10 minute break and drop by full naked, where is the teasing. we undressed and got to have a shower in an also impeccable bathroom. in the room i asked for a massage which was the best start off as she really made it as a show half therapeutically and half sexy teasing me. she really knows how to move around, a real beauty how she mover her beaver while i was on my back! she is clearly a dominant woman who will accept a role-play if you treat her distinctively. to make it short: i stayed for a long time, as just before we were engaging to the second stronger and heavier battle she told me: “oops that was the hour warning signal!” it must have been some clock outside the room so that the girls know the what time it is, but i clearly overheard it as i did in visits before as i always stay for a lot longer then the paid hour. she maintained her coolness and we got down to business in the smoothest tranquility. we had fabulous sex, getting down on each other which she told me that a lot of guys don´t do, especially after the first round. well i contradicted her and got down twice, made a great 69 were she was really hysterically sucking me while i chugged on her clean but moistly beaver till we were one messy, sexy and wild creature. sex was possible in all the positions one can imagine as i told her that i wanted to be on top she just answered “well try to control me from there!” we switched and switched and i ended up getting a heroic ending with her legs around my torso and her feet around my neck. after the session we chilled out for another drink and shared two smokes while dressing up and while she made the bed for the next possible customer.

summary: outstanding girl. long live beatriz! we had the right chemistry going and once more joana hit the bull’s eye with this chica. while i was leaving she told me at the door that the girls were giggling in the room as we had stayed for 1h45min in which time i had two showers with her and two intercourse session with her. for 100 euros i had found myself a gorgeous girl and had 3 martinis brought to me.

address: rua agostinho neto, lote 9, 8ºb
location: lumiar,easy to find once you get there! lol!
girls available: 06/10
number of girls: 4 (three brunets and one blond)
apartment and services: 10/10
security and privacy: 10/10

would like to know if anyone else has tried this place?

05-02-04, 17:36
To add further to my posting of a few days ago: I did see some SW on Av. Liberdade, just south of Praca da Alegria, on the west side of the street (near the car showroom). One actually approached me when I glanced at her and asked if I wanted to 'make love'. I saw them on two separate occasions quite early on - 9 - 9:30 in the evening. Two were so-so, one was a no. But I suppose the fact that they are there means some exceptional ones may show up too. One can hope!

05-04-04, 00:41

Since you are so ecstatic about Carina, it may interest you to know that she agreed to come to my hotel. For no extra charge, except perhaps taxi fare. (I could not schedule it because of my girlfriend. Of course if she had agreed to a threesome it would have been interesting!) So if you are reeeaaal nice to Carina she may visit you some place for an even better experience (she strikes me as someone who will respond to good treatment, not just to money). Good luck!

Zé Duron
05-05-04, 00:06
Where the heck is this section's guru, Muri?

Hope that some great reports will follow as expectations are always enormous to your writing and describing talent!

Stay in shape my friends

Carlos Primeros
05-07-04, 14:53
Hallo Ze,

unfortunately (or fortunately) I was for 10 days in Rio and did not have time to check the Forum. But you are right - where is Muri? I am missing his weekly colume. It is always fun to read.


05-07-04, 18:36
Hello again!

One more report about Carina, she is simply a knockout. Superb fuck with French kissing, start with a fabulous 69 (BBBJ), next a cowgirl position, moved to her favorite position, doggystyle, super missionary, other missionary version (don't no the name), and finish in allfour. Superb, so fucking good, dame hot girl, what a stress killer. She no 8 or 7, but is a good 6 and half, but for her attitude she deserve a 9, the place is great, lots of space to park or good transportation near bye (Metro - Areeiro station, or 4 or 5 bus routes pass next to the door). She makes me wanting to come back again, and again. But next time I'm heading to Cascais.

Best regards to all, nice weekend, good hunting, Spud.

Attention: I starting a debate over here, do you prefer 2 fucks for 50 € (single shot, no more then 30 minutes) or 1 one hour fuck for 100 € (you are the limit). Like you know you can find similar girls in both places, so take for example the some kind of girl in two situations.

Zé Duron
05-10-04, 01:35
Debate: Two chicas for 50 each or more than a full hour for 100 € with one girl?

I find it that I apreciate it more to stay for a longer period having some chill out time, doing games and having my break to contemplate the woman for a full hour better than the hotter, quick show for 20 min or half an hour. Altough it always depends on the girls attitude but I never stayed with a girl for the full hour that wasn´t worth it. If you stay the full hour you can chose in a calmer way, the girl will approach you in na different way. Once, at Avenida do Barsil Nº 122 as posted in earlier reports I had a brunet that was a real quick finish pro if you took the 1/2 hour. If you wanted the full hour her attitude changed completely, which was nice but absolutely fabricated, but isn´t it always? For a longer time she would do anal, but not for half an hour!

Maybe it´s just us that feel better paying more? It doesn´t seem to make sense at first but give it a thought.

Well after some good experiences last week I had my down times grantingsome second chances to some appartments that didn´t deserve them like Rua da Beneficiência as posted in earlier reports. This place is having some trouble keeping the quality levels that gentlemen like ourselves are used to. The same goes to Largo São Sebastião da Pedreira, besides Victoria the girls are not above average.

I guess that I need some new hints.

Zé Duron
05-10-04, 01:39
This is a repost since I never found it in the forum after I thought I had posted it, so it is a bit out of time in the sequence of my postings (two weeks)

Hi Folks,

This forum is boosting with the help of new posters and posters that found their way back to the Lisbon Section - A Cidade da Luz Branca!

Spring is beautiful in this beautiful riverside city.

The Artilharia Um Street scene is undergoing a very nice moment resently, between 22 and 02h there is some interesting market to be found.

As some of you have visited Carina I would only like to underline something: She isn´t the most beautiful chica, I rate her 6 on Face, 7.5 on Body and 9 on attitude with a lot of kissing!

Coming back to another place of my favorites: Lumiar

"Long live Joana´s girls. By the way you should always be direct with Joana, she is there to help you, to interpret the girls expectations and to fulfill your demands. After the first presentation, you can ask some of the girls for a private talk, to see how much they fancy you or your bucks!"

I stated this on a former post and let me tell you that I found myself in between 4 girls on one of this week´s afternoon´ having a hard time choosing one! Joana helped me in the most formidable and forthcoming way.:

"O que é que o Júlio quer? Uma mulher mais calma, mais fogosa, mais dadas a brincadeiras ousadas? Olha tem a Susana que tem um peitinho grande e se tiver calminha faz anal com o Zé! Tenho a certeza, deseja beber alguma coisa? Fique à vontade!"

(If a translation is needed I will provide it! FIVE STARS!

I have done little hunting in the past month really saved myself some descent amount of money by focusing on work for most of the time.

05-17-04, 19:35

Apologies for long absence, and thank you for remembering me. The fact is, that Muri has abandoned the apartments and streets of Lisbon, as he has discovered Jesus. What joy to be born again, to walk once more in the paths of holiness and righteousness, and to depart from ever from the shores of Babylon and the company of harlots, whom I now renounce for ever to follow in the footsteps of the...

Just kidding.

It was only a depression, of mind and wallet. Sometimes there are low moments, and culture, booze, food and fucking, even administered simultaneously, will not help. You just have to hang in there and wait for the Black Dog to go [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) on someone else's tree. Muri did attempt to fuck his way out of this melancholy, with Romanian action, but sweet and pretty as (some of) these girls are, they were not the cure. For those who have given up on the SW scene, however, they are well worth a look. Poço do Borratem, behind Praça Figueira. Good girls, far from home, treat 'em well.

Emerging from his down week with a lighter heart and a fuller wallet, Muri made his way to Areeiro to see what all this Carina fuss was about.

What a find, boys - another justification for the existence of this board, if any more were needed. A great, great ride.

Physically she has already been well described by distinguished colleagues, except to Muri's taste she is facially prettier than some have suggested: he likes the dyed hair, the lively eyes, the pert mouth. He more than likes the kissing and the attitude. And he has a soft spot (well actually a great big hard spot) for the thick untrimmed dark bush she carries between her smooth shapely legs, not to mention the hot treasure within. And this lady is going to be the one who converts Muri to the BBBJ. Now THAT'S what it means to be 'born again'...

Definitely one to repeat, a fine start to the summer. Also a genuinely pleasant, intelligent, 'together' young woman, it seemed, although she spoke too fast for Muri's Portuguese to achieve 100% comprehension. Thanks for the recommendation, gentlemen: we will all be returning to this sweet expert in the orgasmic arts.

Now... c'mon... which of us is going to be the first to sample the Cascais aerobics teacher? Are we scared or what?

Yours in pleasure,

05-18-04, 01:13
Welcome back guru Muri,

So is that girl (Carina) a piece of "art", in the sex matter, or what? She is fucking lovelly, superb fuck.

About the aerobic teacher, I had some savings for that test drive, but some bad investements make this a bad month for that round. But next month, I will try to pass over the temptation to visit Carina, and visite this "tia".

About the Romanian girls, behind Praça Figueira, I have passed over there several times, they look young, very young indeed (between 18 and 20), never had the opportunity to stop and chat, next time maybe. Big Muri taste is well known from everybody, so let try some semi-pro young fresh foreign pussy.

Good luck too all, for me this month "test drives" are finnished, I will wait for next round(month), but always keeping posting.

Best regards, Spud

Zé Duron
05-19-04, 02:23
Well first of all I am absolutely glad that I introduced Carina to you!

That's why this board is so important. Let me get a few weeks back:

As I was glancing my eyes through the paper I decided to call a number about a blondie giving full head and more for 50 €. I called and got the chance to get a nice talk from a girl that was introduced as Carina, mid twenties blond and willing to give sexy awsome head on the phone. Well I got into my car thinking: "Is this just another add?" I picked the place and talked to the Mamasan and decided right away for the only twentish chica around: Carina!

We had a marvelous session with a real sexy GFE, I mean real powerful and sexy GFE!

Next I decided to "offer" this secret to this marvellous male-bonding ring and as it looks right now everyone had a piece of the pie.

An excellent part of the full cake I would say, because that is why this board is so important!

Remember this and contribute honestly because is absolutely worth it!

After Carina there is a new chica that I have to tell you about, but first I have to get her photos, (Yes that is right! Pictures of her (dressed) showing a nice GFE available in Benfica). Her name is Claudia and she is a dyed blond in her early twenties and she is the next GFE I had the luck of dropping by!

Wait and see! And contribute honestly as always!

Carlos Primeros
05-19-04, 05:10
Muri - welcome back to the real world.


Flower Zen
05-20-04, 11:48

Welcome back! Do not have much time. Just want to report that I have been at Avenida Miguel Bombarda (corner of Defensores de Chaves). Great parade of about 7 girls. Some are amazing. Been with Paula, a Brasilian girls with a brand new pair of tits. Good but not fantastic. Euro 100 for the hour. The truth is that with this weather it is easy to find a free fuck so why spend your money? I am saving for Winter ...

05-29-04, 11:03
Like other correspondents recently, Murilloa does not have much time. Nor money after a trip to London and a wild party there. (see the relevant section of our noble community) Parties are the latest thing in London, typically a luxury apartment and four hours action for 15 guys and 4 girls, with refreshments 'on the house' Not everyone's taste, perhaps, and certainly not for every day, but Mur hopes that some Lisboa entrepreneur might set up this kind of activity in our lovely city. There is certainly no shortage of girls just now.

Indeed we are spoiled for choice, 'embarras de richesse' as our brave French allies say, and Muri had an attack of 'paralysis syndrome', in the Baixa on Thursday. He had an imperial, a copy of Correio da Manhã, €50 to spare and a free hour. So many advertisements, it was impossible to decide on the next move: and he's sitting in Rossio, at the Suiça, with the Romanians only 200 metres away...

Recent visitors to this board will not be surprised to hear that after a ten minute period of numb-minded brain-dead indecision, Muri disappeared into the Metro as if compelled by some demonic force, lured by some Erlkönig of the underworld. He had just enough consciousness to offer 65 cents to the dark gods of the nether regions: and after ten minutes in an infernal machine, he emerged, a blinking zombie, into the bright sunlight at Areeiro.

Yes, Carina again, to get greeted like a long lost friend and laid like a prince. If all the world's working girls were like this, we guys would either be reduced to whimpering blobs of jelly after a week, or die of starvation while sitting in bars in Rossio wondering who to do next.

Best moment: Carina thought Mur was about to explode in missionary position - she froze him and said "mas agora minha posição preferida - não vou perdoar!" (apologies for Mur's bad written Portuguese) "Now for my favourite position, I'm not going to let you off..."

And that blissful position is doggy style, as many of you contented colleagues know.

Muri was a very happy hound. First yapping, then barking, then howling with pleasure. Must have been heard alll the way to the horrible 'Rock in Rio' arena at Bela Vista.

However, next week he will try to be resolute and strong. Instead of going back to Carina or Victoria, or snatching quickies in Poço do Borratem (which has just been officially declared a new independent Eastern European country), he will make every effort to report on something new. After all, this board is supposed to be an escape from routine and monogamy.

Also, with Euro2004 just days away, Muri plans to take his good friend David Beckham to Poço do B. and introduce him to Krisztina, from Romania, whose slim, lithe, darkhaired twenty-year-old body with tight, tight shaven pussy can be enjoyed for a starting price of €25.

This means that every time Becks touches the ball, even when he totally fucks life up for 40 million Englishmen as he did against B****L in one world cup and Argentina in the previous one, he makes enough money to have her 1,000 times. Instead, the blond dimwit gets himself crucified in the gutter press for mounting his gold-digging personal assistant, who then sells the story for £850,000.

Is anyone out there willing to pay Murilloa £850,000 for a full account of his sex games? No, he shares it gratis, with his trusty comrades on the board...

keep up the reporting, gentlemen

05-31-04, 11:06
Hey Muri,

I'll be in Lisbon at the end of June. Listen, where can I find this Romanian girl, price and her description sound very right!

Do you have her info?

Carlos Primeros
05-31-04, 23:55
Lisbon Meat Market

with the upcomming European Football Championship the meat-market is full and the providers are dreaming to raise their prices. Yesterday there was an interesting article in the Correiro de Manha:

An estimated 30.000 w***es are at present time working in Lisboa, approx. 2,5 billion Euro is spent on "services"/year - therefore this is an important part of the Portuguese economy. Now Lisboa is geared up to welcome all the football-fans and the night clubs and establishments are waiting for the customers. Surprisingly there is a buyers-market and not - as the prividers like to make you thing - a suppliers market. There is a large over-supply and stiff competition. Therefore do not pay more than 50 - max. 100 € even for a genuine "10" for short-term. The girls in Elefante and Gallery are asking 200 - 300 € for a TLN which is a no-go. You get this for 100 .- 200 with an excellent performance.
Brothers - beware and keep your money thight in your fist!!!!


06-01-04, 16:08
Lisbon is definitely rocking and after some time away from this board, I am single and ready to start partying again!

I will definitely look into Carina as everyone speaks wonders of this lady, but from my previous reports (a while ago) you probably know that I like more the club scene. And yes this last week I went to visit both Gallery and Elefante Branco. Saw lots of new faces, but then again I haven't been there in a few months, so it is normal. But the thing that impressed me more was the number of girls at both places. It was always normal to see many girls, but this time in both clubs there were more women than men. And as Carlos said competition is very stiff!

Negotiation, negotiation, negotiation! You gotta be able to negotiate and negotiate exactly what you want. For the first time I left with a girl called Bianca from Elefante for 100 EUR... Unthinkable a few months back, now because of the competition, prices are very, very negotiable. Not the 50 EUR in some of the places mentioned in this forum, but definetely more acceptable than the 200 EUR that they used to ask for.

Plus I think the advantage in the clubs is you get to look and choose who you want, and believe me the choice superb, it is actually quite hard to pick just one.

Now that I am back in the game, gotta start checking out all these places that have been reported, but I will defintely be going by the clubs at night!!!

Tchau and happy hunting,


06-01-04, 22:10


Muri is not sure which Romanian girl you are talking about, the star of this board recently has been Carina, a superb lady who gives it all for €50, she is totally and triumphantly Portuguese, and is to be found at Areeiro on the green metro line.

The Romanian girls operate downtown, also green metro to Rossio. They are in their early 20s and are mostly very fresh and pretty but they are by no means GFE types, they offer the 'fast food' option and some of them are almost comically unresponsive, others get involved nicely.

For more information read carefully through the posts by Mur and his excellent colleagues, but also do not hesitate to ask again on this forum. All residents of Portugal, whether Portuguese like Zé D or estrangeiros like Muri, are determined to help make Euro2004 a success.

After all, only one team can win... but every single fan, from every single country, can get laid. And with particular reference to the fans from my country, if they are busy fucking like gentlemen, there's less chance that they will be misbehaving like hooligans.

'should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to make your inquiries through the appropriate channels'


06-02-04, 02:38
Hello Muri,

Very good reply man. Especially where you talk about the success of the Euro 2004. So I say, hail Portugal!

I know that it's a newbe question, and apologise for this but, where exactly Poço do Borratem is, and out of curiosity what does it mean if translated to English?

By the way, I was able to mark down the metro stations on the map that you have indicated with regards to Carina and the romanian chicks.



06-03-04, 16:12

Poço de Borratem is a street in the 'baixa' or downtown of Lisboa, behind the East side of Praça da Figueira, where there is an entrance to 'Rossio' Metro. This is a very old part of the city dating back to Roman times. Muslim Moors succeeded the Romans here, and after the siege of 1147 the Christians ousted the Muslims from the castle area and took over the waterfront and river-facing hillside.

Those Moors who were not slaughtered were allowed to dwell on the inland slope of castle hill and the area became known as the Mouraria, the Moorish district. It still bears that name. Total destruction came in 1755 with the earthquake, and the buildings of Poço do Borratem, Rua Madalena (southwards) and most of the rest of the 'baixa' date from after that. Further destruction came in recent years when the city fathers, like city fathers everywhere, tore down most of the lower Mouraria because it contained insalubrious bars and brothels. They replaced it with a faceless square, 'Martin Moniz'. North of Martin Moniz, in the 'Intendente' area, there are now plenty of... insalubrious bars and brothels. The Municipality has a grand plan to clean the area up... and life's sleazy pleasures will, of course, migrate once more.

Since time immemorial, there was a well here, and 'poço', like 'pozo' in Spanish, means a well or a spring. The well survived the earthquake, and continued to supply water to the district during the time when the neighbouring Praça had a covered marketplace.

Lisbon water, tourists will be glad to hear, no longer comes from such wells - but this one is still in existence, and you can see it in the downstairs lobby of the neat three-star Hotel Lisbon Tejo, on the corner of Poço do B. and Rua Condes de Monsanto.

On the very same corner, Larissa, Georgina, Krisztina, Lore, Mada, Irina and other young Romanians are waiting to take Stecino for a €25 quickie at a pensão 50 metres away.

Muri likes to imagine a Roman puta 2,000 years ago, or a Muslim slave girl, just 1,000 years ago, hanging out by the well, hoping for a willing client, exactly where the tight-jeans Romanian girls are selling pussy today. It is, after all, the 'world's oldest profession'.

If historical curiosity tempts you to go see the well - and it is cute and interesting - don't take one of the girls along because the hotel is respectable and you will be slung out of there like shit off a shovel. And do not attempt Georgina: although Mur has not yet been driven to the desperation of fucking an inflatable doll, Georgina gave him a good impression of what that must be like.

And 'Borratem'? No idea, not a modern Portuguese word, probably the name of a long dead and forgotten monger.

Horny dreams to you in your long sleep, comrade Borratem!
Happy hunting to you, Stecino!

06-04-04, 07:29
Thank you Muri,

Once again you have been very helpfull, be it the historical facts concerning that specific area of Lisbon and also the info on the chicas and their roaming areas.

Listen, I hope I'm not boring you with all this questions.

Do you know the area of Rua de Dona Estefania? On the map it's between the Instituto Superior Technico and Hospital Dona Estefania. If you happened to know, is it a good area?



06-04-04, 20:20

This time you have Muri beaten, both for whoring and for history. The area around Instituto Técnico has been mentioned as an SW enclave, and so has the Rua Artillheria I. But these are late night haunts, and Murilloa seeks his pleasures between 1700 and 2100 before retiring to bed to be fresh for work in the morning, like a good, willing slave of global capitalism. So the late night SW scenes, as well as the famous clubs, need to be described by other specialists - and indeed there are some excellent reports, especially about the clubs, on this board.

I'm sure Zé D. is just about to come out of hiding to give you a hand, Stercino. But keep asking the questions and we will do what we can. Make sure to leave just a little time between fucks for watching football during Euro2004. Which is your team?


06-05-04, 03:09

Muri you crack me up man. You have very good scence of humor.

I didn't mean to ask you such a challenging question, it just happens to be the street that I'll be staying on, when I visit Portugal. I just wanted to know, what kind of area that is. When you say clubs, what kind of clubs are you refering to? Disco or chica? :)

Oh no fucking during the game. Unless the match is boring as hell, maybe like when the Germans play. As to my team, that would be Italia. Tight shirts, tight shorts, long hairdue and every complaining. One will ask, why the hell do you cheer for them, Roberto Baggio isn't playing for them anymore. In that case maybe Holland or France I would say.

Who is your team? Portugal?

06-06-04, 12:05

You are well placed there. If you got a map of Lisbon and drew a circle centred on Dona Estefania and extending to the limits of a ten-minute walk or a five minute taxi ride, almost all the houses of sport and recreation, clubs and SW markets mentioned on this board would fall within the circle. The clubs are very close by: again Mur is not the expert here, but others know this scene (hey, wake up club men, and give our prospective guest Stecino a hand!).

The only exceptions are the venues in Benfica mentioned by Zé D., and Mur's escapades on the Cascais railway line: Muri was out to São João again on Tuesday: lovely Sofia has gone, but he enjoyed plumpish blonde MILF Rita who is not physically his cup of tea as he likes slim young latinas. However, this lady's enthusiasm was all-conquering: recommended for those who like ample maturity.

Muri's team is England, then Portugal, then Italy. Romania haven't qualified this time, otherwise he'd be 'backing' them. If the boring Germans or the arrogant French win the trophy, Murilloa intends to commit suicide by having unprotected anal sex with every Brasileira in town.

Nothing more to report as this weekend has been a sexual washout for the frustrated

06-07-04, 15:16

At the request of the guru Muri, I am ready to answer any and all your questions regarding the clubs (both the chicas and regular discos).

I posted a lengthy report on the chica clubs in Lisbon a while back so if you look for it you will find all the necessary information. All of the information is still very real, and the only things that have changed is that there are a lot more girls in the clubs (because of the EURO I think). The direct consequence of this is that competition among them is much tighter, which in turn gives you a lot more negotiating power.

Like I said in previous reports, negotiate everything including how much time you will be together, how many times ect... or else they will leave as soon as you are done. But the most important advice is be nice to them, if you are nice and treat them well, they will enjoy themselves more and make it a better experience.

As to my team, definitely Portugal. I am Portuguese so I have to root for them, even though I don't think they stand a chance. But it will be fun going to the games and the whole atmosphere around Portugal will make it a very fun and exciting month.

During this month I will not be roaming the chica clubs or any of the houses as I have a bet to win with some friends. We are playing our own EURO cup and during the first rounds we have to try to get with a Greek chick, a Spanish and a Russian. And the bet continues until Portugal gets eliminated... So I am concentrating all my efforts on this for the next month.

If you have any questions that I can help you with, just PM or post a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

Happy hunting,


Harry Hymes
06-08-04, 02:14
Hi guys,

I have just come from Zé Duron’s much recommended Lumiar haunt.

There were 2 girls, one called Marisa (short, fatty, nice smile) and the other Bruna (higher, better body). I went with Marisa.

The price, be advised, is 100 euros. That got me 2 pops, some caressing, CBJ (as CBJ go, these were probably the best I experienced), sex in a few positions, including a nice reverse CG, and some pounding anal, which the girl took in her stride. And a somewhat competent massage lovely delivered that was a nice touch.

Contrary to Muri, I am all for OWO, as they say in his country. Rodney Moore, who makes a living with facial cumshots, has a good article in AVN (go to Google and search for “rodney moore avn anal creampie”, without the quotes, it will appear in first place) which pretty much sums up what I believe in (the adult movie business in California is going through some well deserved dire straights right now for pushing the envelope stupidly).

I have been enjoying BBBJs from a diverse spectrum of girls for the last 18 years and never had a single health problem related to it. Maybe I am just lucky, but I don’t buy that. Luck and me are not related. (btw, I cover for everything else.)

Well, I don’t think I’m returning there, but the place is indeed a classy joint and the girl was extremely nice, with a sweet smile. The price for going with 2 for one hour would have been 150. Recommended if you can dish the money.

Zé Duron
06-08-04, 02:55
It´s been quite a while since my last report and a lot has happened since.

Late spring brings out the best in me, hoping and expecting to find a beautiful woman on every corner of this city. June has started in it´s best condition with a few parties on weekends some sun bathing on the beach and a lot of checking out for the freebies! I have recollected a few people in the past month as workis slowing down and I always felt it to be sinful as the devil to work hard for most of the summer! This is the time of the year I try harder to fish for the "free sardine" around the city of Santo António. The beachside is just getting hotter from weekend to weekend from Lisbon down to Albufeira going tru Vila Nova de Milfontes, Zambujeira do Mar the sea is packed with girls that are just waiting for the right approach expecting a mixture of gentleman and sexgod! After training all winter with the pros I feel quite sure about my sexual technics. SO long it´s been a great line of victories, a new beaver every week or at least some develish foreplay. God don´t abandon me for this summer!

So fortunatly I have had some time off from our sweet hobby.

I still mmanaged to seek for a new low budget appartment where you may encounter 3 portuguese chicas. Their contact is:93 320 31 81

I took Bruna a slender petit brunet with some blood and atitude from India, she was spicy. Hot slender body, elegant legs wearing high heels and a black negligé, sexy with her small breats and her beautiful tinny ass. She gave good head and we had a short 25 minute show for 30 euros were you gat a CBJ and sex in positions to your request but no anal.

That same day I tried the Imperio Romano, here is their add:

Império Romano. Somos a sua Tentação. Combata o Stress. Relaxe connosco, somos lindíissimas. Visite-nos sem compromisso. Experimente nossos banhos espuma. Jacuzzi, banho turco, hidromassagem. Bar, ar condicionado. Música ambiente. Tel.218482255- 218482258. Tm.914953233- 967920779. PS: Parque Alameda a 150metros

I also tried these other two:

Centro do Prazer... No Coração Lisboa... Belissimas Assistentes... Combata... Stress... Relaxando... Connosco... Portuguesas... Angolana... Brasileiras... Indiana... Espanhola... Venha Conhecer-nos. Aberto das 10/22H, Segunda a Domingo... 91.814.89.02 96.847.09.20

Andreia E Assistentes. centro Lisboa- 10 Beldades Convidam-no a Experimentar Os Nossos Banhos De Espuma, Jacuzzi, Hidromassagem, Bar, Música Ambiente, Tv e Dvd C/filmes. Seg a Sáb Das 10h às 22h. visite-nos. 969219976- 919342654- 932214696.

I was looking for a real brothel not just a nice apartment as the one in Lumiar I love to atend to. I was looking for porn style women and I was quite surprised with the outcome.

Imperio Romano is a basement at Avenida Almirante Reis, the building doesn´t look that nice from the outside but the interior has had a pornish refurnishment, all the rooms have a jacussi, there is a tinny bar etc... Tha woman that atended the door. a very nice looking sexy Brasilian woman in her early forties showed me around and told me that only 2 girls were available on that saturday. One of the girls, a dark blonde, had implanted medium big bubbies something I have never tried and I regret not having taken her back on that day. The other girl I recognized from another apartment. This place is worth ckecking out for 80€ 40 min-session or 120 euros 75 min session with several pop ups!

The other places were also visited by your fellow monger poster and in the first I met4 girls ranging from 5 to 7 and in the second I managed to get introduced to 8 out of 10 girls ranging from 5 to 8 almost all brasilian.

I ended up not taking any part of the cake as I intended to meet a friend and check out this place in Alcântara he had been talking about: Rua Amadeu de Sousa, Nº 51? Tel: 96 711 81 41
We found two chicas a blond and a brunet both a 7,5 to 8 I took Nicole a tall elegant brunet, 6,5 face, 8 body, and a real tender but pornish experience. For 50 euros you get one shot in 45 minutes and for 70/80 a full hour and believe me they are worth it. The girls and the place that belongs to a brasilain nice mamasan are top clean and safe and the girls wear nice expensive clothes, negliges and great taste high heels!Drinks are for free and parking around that very nice area of Alcântara was easy. Incredible nice place and they are open 24 hours and I can only hope that in the future I might find more chicas around.

Coming to the next topic: Street scene

The street scene was really improving but out of nothing the police started to patrol the areas cracking down the ambiance, it got to scary for me because I don´t wanne go showing my papers with a romanian or portuguese street girl in my car. Or with my pants down, just imagine it: "Mr officer I was just...!"

What a pity but fortunatly the free sessions are rolling and the month of June is just begining!

PS: I found this on the net
Has anyone tried this site?

What about a meeting in late June?

Cadillac Lover
06-08-04, 10:12

I will be in Lisbon In July (10-16) and am looking for info. My apologies, but this particular forum is a bit hard to follow for a newbie.

I see many post about Carina. All positive so may be worth a visit. What is the cost involved here and how might I arrange a visit? Is she strictly in-call or can I arrange a hotel visit?

Also, I am looking particularly for BBBJ with CIM. Suggestions?

I prefer LT at my hotel, but the Euro to Dollar exchange is killing me so this may not be possible. Suggestions?

BTW: Most likely hotel is the Sheraton Lisboa.

As always, all advice and suggestions are welcome. If anyone is in town over the same period, maybe a party is in order.

06-08-04, 21:00

A tip of the hat to the most honorable posters on this board. You guys have a vibrant discussion going here, fantastic stuff!

I too (like Former Lurker) will be in beautiful Lisboa just after Euro 2004 (too bad) and so I am diligently doing my homework. I have read through all the posts back to October 2003. That took a really long time, but some of you guys are such fantastic writers, it was a downright pleasure (I wont name names, as I fear I may leave someone out, but everyone knows who the real leaders are here)! Most of what has been posted is very useful and extremely detailed, but I have a few questions that I was hoping someone might be able to help with.

First: Modesty aside, I consider myself a man of the world, having traveled extensively and speaking several languages fluently. Sadly, however, I speak not a single word of Portuguese. The other languages that I speak will not be of help either (Japanese, Korean, a little German, some Russian, etc.). So my question is this: how difficult is it if you don't speak Portuguese? Obviously I plan to brush up on some essential vocabulary, but beyond basics like obrigado and por favor, I don't think I will have the time to learn anything substantial. Has anyone out there tried their hand at the game in Lisboa without speaking any Portuguese? If so, perhaps you can recount your experiences.

Second: the apartments. Is it necessary to call before you go, or can you just show up? This is related to my first question, since not knowing the language makes a telephone call a little awkward.

Finally, given the language concerns, does anyone have any suggestions to get past this? Are there perhaps some venues that are easier to navigate without offering offense?

Much appreciated for any and all information, and I am very much looking forward to sampling what seems like a world-class scene in Lisboa!

06-08-04, 21:47
Zé D

Always great to see you back. Mur hopes summer brings you more freebies. He kind of loses hope of them himself but then he's older than you and speaks only 'estrangeiro' Portuguese.

Will try to follow your recommendations.

Don't be shy of the Romanian chicas: Park your car and the police boys won't worry you. Go bravely on foot down Poço do B. and let them take you upstairs. Irina and Mariana were great favourites of Mur but they have moved on. Maybe they've gone back to Romania, maybe they are now in Soho, london, maybe they just married the Prince of Spain.

New Romania girl Lore you can't miss her, fake blonde curls but terrific body, responds to good treatment, pay her 40 instead of the basic 25 and watch her respond. Aviod Georgina, you are better off hoisting a sack of rotten potatoes into your bed and thrusting at it.

Since initiation into the party scene in London two weeks ago mur can't wait to see something similar in Lisbon. A challenge for all of us.
In haste

Zé Duron
06-10-04, 03:07
Life is Beautiful!

Well I got back sooner than I initially thought.
After a marvelous dinner with some colleagues I decided that it was time for a real screw. It was past one in the morning when I decided to call the apartment in Alcântara I posted about last time:

Alcântara, Rua Amadeu de Sousa, Nº 53, 1st floor, Tel: 96 711 81 41

The brunet tall Brazilian girl is out for a month back in Brasil but a new chica has arrived as a substitute. She is also quite tall and elegant but I didn’t fancy her enough and in fact I even forgot her name. So I was again presented to Regina, a dark blond, a real charm of a woman in her early 30s, very talk active with medium very beautiful and firm tits, a beautiful rear where you can´t even spot a single hair and a very tasty blond bush. She has a very elegant face but her body lacks a bit of workout but the essential parts are clean and really firm. I had a short session, that is 40 min for 50 euros (as one can get 1h for 80 euros). I had a shower, in the room I was offered a special cup of Brazilian Ice tea and had a smoke. Service started with a 20 minute massage which wasn´t to great for she has long fingernails (beautiful hands) followed by DFK, followed by me uncovering all the secret treasures she was eager to show me. I took my time undressing her negligee which she quite liked. I caressed this beautiful soul going down on her and making her ecstatic and lustful, I ate her by grabbing her legs and tossing them up so that I ended up supporting her back while her ass and pussy were savagely eaten by the mongering brother of yours, a dream really over my expectations. The taste of her was the taste of soft silky skin, a very pleasant moisture for every gentleman. Next she got on all fours and offered me a condom so that I could finger her pussy and ass which I gladly did (I am not gone tell you how many fingers went down that beauty piece of ass!) She gasped and moaned grabbing my dick and ordering me to continue. I was really amazed with this mixture of porn show and GFE with a lot of kissing. She gave it all back to me by BBBJobbing me and as I was reaching the climax which took about 20 minutes of sucking I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth and face her dirty she just said: “Maluco!” –taking it all in her mouth and letting it slip out of her tender lips down her kin, wetting her tits and laughing.

For 50 euros I got a real pornish GFE! A must and I promised to make her famous on this awesome Message Board!
A real MUST!

Nice firm tits and ass, not so good legs.
Face 6.5, Body 6.5, Attitude 9, Companionship 9
Name: Regina, look up contact above!
Have a nice holyday!

06-12-04, 21:54
Horrible game!

Portugese showed that they can't play soccer. I hope, that at least beautiful chicas will win our hearts.

Latin Ass
06-15-04, 15:40
I'm still lurking out here in TV land and would like to say hello to Muri if he is still frequenting the board...and I would also like to remind him of the major loss that England had on the weekend in the Rugby..a thourough thrashing by the All blacks.

My annual trip to Lisbon is planned for around October this year and I am looking forward to some good hunting. The fresh bosom that I need is the Universitea variety, have any Knowledgeable punters been feasting on this breed lately, whats her name and number. As always I prefer the brunnettes , ligtly tanned, slim , or with full breast. Drop a name and number here and I will do a review.


06-16-04, 10:58
maybe this is a little off-topic as it is not a report about a house or a club or sws but it should be interesting to this forum.

i visited a "strip club" on monday night called maybe superclub that has a very interesting philosophy. it looks like a regular strip club with two floors, girls dancing and prancing around in minimal clothing. the first floor of the club is where the customers sit and have drinks and also where the girls dance. downstairs are the booths for the private dances.

first off the most interesting thing is the prices that are practiced here. compared to other strip clubs in lisbon, this club is on sale. so a table dance costs 10 eur and a private dance 20 eur. most of the clubs in lisbon charge 30 eur for a table dance and 50 eur for a private dance. so the prices in this place where a great advantage.

the second advantage is that most of the girls here are free-lancers, so they pay nothing to the house and you can pay the girls directly in cash for private and table dances. now since the house makes no money from them, it is up to them to decide how long they stay in the private dance with you and what exactly they do. and believe me you can negotiate practically anything with some of the girls.

the girls - on monday night there were about 10-15 girls lots of them from eastern europe and russia, a few brasilians and some from other rep001tered nationalities. the best option is to go for the russians and the girls from eastern europe. on monday sweden beat bulgaria so the place was full with swedish guys and downstairs in the privates, anything goes!!!!

i went to have a private with a russian girl and we had to wait 15 minutes until a booth was available. this gave a good chance to talk to the girl downstairs and negotiate what was going to happen or what i wanted. so i negotiated a cbj (seems like most of the russian girls have condoms in their mini pursues) for 35 eur - 15 minutes. this was a new experience because strippers have fabulous bodies and usually all they do is dance for customers. but it seems that the case is different at this club, the girls can do what they want as the house is not making money on them.

more info - the club is located near marquês de pombal, very close to gallery and elefante branco (dois clubs which i already reported on). it seems they are open at 17h00 so people can come and watch the games, they have a big screen tv. and they are open until 5h00am. i went there at 11h30 and the place was already packed.

i will definitely go back and try some other girl and see how receptive the other girls are to negotiations. my friend went with a portuguese girl for a private but all he got was a private dance where his hands could roam freely all over the girls body. but then again he only paid 20 eur. so all in all i got a cbj for 35 eur from a beautiful woman (8 of 10 imho) and i paid for 1 drink. the cover charge is 1 drink minimum if you get there before 1h00am and 2 drinks after 1h00am.

have fun and enjoy the euro 2004 - lets hope that portugal will win today and the qualification chances are still open!


06-16-04, 21:43
Well, Portugal came back with a good win against the Russians. That's good news for the hosts.

I wanted to thank all those who responded to my English-only question via PM. Here is a summary of responses I received.

The gist of everyone's messages was that knowing no Portuguese was not a fatal problem, but it does limit the options a little. Some thought that it could actually help, making the ladies more attentive. Regarding the apartments, everyone said that the usual practise is to call ahead, but this is just to make sure that there is someone there who will match your taste. They all thought that you oculd just show up at an apartment and see what is available, and if there's no one that you fancy, you can move on to the next establishment.

I will be in Lisbon in mid-July, after which I promise to post on all my experiences. Thanks again.

06-17-04, 14:47
Big hello, to all sex and soccer fans,

Finally, following a suggestion from big Muri, I made a test drive, with the young Romanians near Praça da Figueira. I spoke with several of them, very difficult to communicate, and, decided Muri recommendation, Lore. She asked me for € 25, including room, I offer € 30, hoping for a small increase of sympathy.

She guide me to the "Pensão", 3rd floor of a building with no elevator, the place looked clean, the room, too. But the bed looked like shite. But the decision was made, I would fuck this girl, and it would be on that bed.

Lore body is not bad, probably a 5, tall and slime, very small tits, small but firm ass. For the face I give a 4/5. For the communication between us, I give a 3. Started with no BJ, tried a cowgirl position, no success, she only want a regular missionary position ... and no afford to please me. It was like fucking a dead girl. Try to change position, no way, she only want "mother-and-dady" position. So, last effort, in all four ("canzana" in portuguese), to finish, with allot of complains, she changed the position, and i finish fucking this bag, sorry girl, from behind.

Body: 5
Face: 4/5
Fuck: 2, to bad to report.
Attitude: 1, no simpaty at all.
Recomended: Huge no, only if you want to empty your balls in a young blond girl.

Conclusion, not recommended, for € 25/30 euros, you can find a super fuck in Lisbon, like Isabel (test drive in other reports), with much better body, face and attitude. Muri's recomendations are the best in this forum, but this romanians gils are not really my type.

Best Regards to all, good luck to Muri's and other folks England, other contry suporters, fair-play and ofcourse ... "Vamos lá cambada ... força Portugal".

06-17-04, 19:30
Yes, football is taking up time and money that an intelligent man would devote to the purchase of sexual intercourse.

Muri paid real €€ to watch beloved England lose to France, he paid to watch Sweden spunk on Bulgaria, he paid to see Portugal grope past Russia, and there are other games in store. Each ticket costs more than a great fuck. There should be a section on the board entitled 'football addiction'. A long, slow session with Carina would have been better than any of the games.

Checked out Poço do B. three hours ahead of the England-France game. Rossio was full of drunken English wankers, Praça da Figueira had a more civilised crowd of mixed, friendly Brits and French, but in Borratem, the hookers had, amazingly, taken the day off. There were quite a few horny looking males in White England shirts or Blue France shirts, cruising for a fuck, maybe attracted to the area by recent posts on this illustrious board, but nothing doing. It's a pity because if Zidane had been offered a cheap Romanian blowjob before the game, maybe he woudn't have been able to fuck our England team up the arse later on.

Muri has enjoyed mature Rita again recently, São João Estoril , details in earler posts, and has had another functional workout at the Brazil house in Parede. Otherwise, nothing to report except football and high temperatures.

Kumbu I have sent you a belated PM

Latin Ass, good to hear from you in spite of the Rugby news, PM me when you get to Lisbon and we will arrange a fixture Australia against the combined teams of Portugal, Brazil, Romania and Russia.

Mutrix, great post, Muri is heading for that club just as soon as he can create an evening opening.

Harry Hymes, keep posting, stay in touch

Stecino, when exactly are you here?

and Zé D I fear your team is about to fail against Spain, but dominate your disappointment, convert it in to LIBIDO and take it out on the ladies, and report back to us in your great great style.

there are enough of us now to create a GOOD party sometime...


joshua xxx
06-18-04, 20:57
Hi guys!

I'm very dissapointed with the Portos forum because of the lack of reports.

Since I'm from porto i will give my contribution in Lisboa forum for all of you who are planning to go to Porto.

My last report I described a house with awasome girls but I forgot to give the name of that house, sorry.

Here it goes:

Tel.: 225 094 788

You can get a overview of that house in http://www.massagens.net/acompanhantes/Porto/antas/paginas/house.htm

I hope I give you an general idea of the material.

Best Regards


06-25-04, 21:42

Sorry about your disappointment with Lore. As an excuse, it might have been claimed that the Romanian girls in general act passively and uncooperatively for €25, and fuck like goddesses for €40. But no, there is no general rule. Mur paid Georgina €40 and had a comically ridiculous fuck, the worst of his life. He paid Lore €40, and had a glorious ride. Then a week later, he pays Lore the same sum, she does her 'violated corpse' act. The same with all of them, although usually €40 ensures that they get at least a little bit animated.

However, this may be an irrelevant post, for the Portuguese police have played an anti-social trick by removing the Romanians, at least the pretty ones, from the streets.

Or have they found a more lucrative outlet for their talents in some blow-job club for football fans?

Time will tell.. meanwhile the shadow of 2,000 years of bought sex still hangs fascinatingly over Poço do Borratem.

And research reveals that the word 'Borratem' is derived from the Arabic word for a fig, which makes sense because next door Praça da Figueira means in Portuguese 'Fig-Tree Square', and the fig has always been a literary symbol of the ripe deliciousness of the vagina, and..

shut the fuck up, Muri

06-25-04, 22:10
Immense disappointment when England went out last night. They have a self destruct tendency. And they had a legal winning goal disallowed. But the better team won on the day, (sim, Portugal, caralho) and England fans are as stoical about penalty defeat as a hardened hooker taking her 30th cock of the day: just close your eyes and think about the next drink.

or in Muri's case, the next fuck. He had a mid-day visit to Cascais on the day after the defeat, and made his way via São João. (Avenida Emilia, see earlier reports)

Mature Rita had left. This place really turns over quite quickly, but there is always something new and interesting, and attentive mama-san Sara has changed from her stock of 'lite' Brazilians to fine Portuguese ladies in their 30s.

Such as Paula, who Muri fucked with great pleasure today. 32 years old, short, ample firm bum, fake blonde hair, real blue eyes, all-over tan from the nudist stretch of Caparica beach, very hard, conditioned, muscular body, tight lively pussy, deep kissing. €40.

After discovering Mur was English, she made a few obligatory (and justified) remarks about the extraordinary small size and permanent flaccidity of Beckham's penis.

Then she went to work on Muri's own organ, which was soon rising to the occasion, then thrusting, and finally spurting with joy.

Afterwards, conversation in good English (the lady has worked, as a waitress she said, in horrible, horrible Luton). Now of course regular readers know that Muri's feminine ideal is a petite latina in her early twenties. But he has to recommend the company, conversation, and **** of Paula, the kind of woman you could take home for a weekend and enjoy the talking that goes between the fucking. And then the fucking that goes between the talking.

Good woman. Recommended.

Now for the long, hot, post-football summer...

who will take the lead and organise a Jackson-style party for Lisbon mongers? Mur is inclined to ask Isabel if she would agree to coming to a hotel room in the downtown some time to be gangbanged by six guys. She would be ready for it, one suspects. Say €100 per monger, for a football-style 90 minutes? She would walk away with €600 minus the cost of the room, and we would walk away happy.

Which is more than can be said for England, or Germany, or Italy or (latest news) France.

Zé D: Mutrix:

England surrenders to Portugal, and hopes that you will go on to victory.

If not, fuck your way out of the depression as Muri did today.

Boa noite gentlemen


Zé Duron
06-27-04, 05:51
Crazy week!

What a crazy week I just had. First the battlefield victory against England in the Euro 2004, sorry Mur but the Portuguese people deserved to win after 120 minutes charging on the English goal, although there was a strange goal disallowed a goal that would have made the English go through. As a consequence of this emblematic match there was a lot of freebie action on that evening. My God the city of Lisbon is just packed with goddesses from Greek, Holland, England, France, Italy and of course packed with beautiful native morenas wearing flip flops or high platforms, showing their elegant legs, tipping up and down the streets from one bar to the other, showing off their tops with their national colors, pointing their proud asses in front of my eyes, the city is on the edge of hysteria, my God will I miss this atmosphere once it is all over. That night I ended up squeezing this beautiful butt down at the Jamaica Club in Cais do Sodré, a regular club where one can always expect to find some horny meat. My God am I sexist!

Enough of this freebie action and lets get down to this boards issues:

On the day after I was so kicked by the events of the night before that I could only work for something like four hours, it must have been the less productive day of my career! In the mid-afternoon I decided to visit Vera at Avenida Oscar Monteiro Torres, nº 59, 3rd floor left side, where I was presented to a mulata, a bit to heavy and to Vera a blond in her end thirties. I ended up leaving as none of the girls was up to my standards. I headed down to Rossio to see if the British people had already evacuated their newest colony: Praça do Rossio. Just after having a beer and cheering up some Brits I decided to go to the famous Calçada do Garcia, Nº 7, 3rd flour, just after the big Theater Dona Maria. The place is ok, a lift takes you up and you are seated on the single chair of the waiting room. It was late afternoon and I was presented to 5 girls, two Portuguese, two Brazilians and one Colombian. I would rate the girls from 5 to 7 and the place is in nice conditions, although there is no luxury. Service starts at 30 euros and as I was informed the girls get half of the money. One of the cheapest places to get a CBJ and sex in one position, regular sex in different positions costs 40, anal and specials start at 50. I decided for a Portuguese brunet, her name was Catarina and she looked like a 7, body 6,5 a bit like the famous Carina but her attitude was poor, and I ended up feeling sorry not to have gone for the petit short haired Brasilian, with a real killer ass! Catarina, is good looking and her body is better than average but there is no going down on her and the CBJ was really not satisfying, but maybe it was just me!

To get over the frustration I ended up looking up the number of the famous and nice apartment from Rua dos Fanqueiros, introduced by the great Mur, but no one answered the phone! Are they still there?

As an alternative I visited Bruna, the morena from Alvalade, Rua Reinaldo dos Santos, Nº 44 R/C Esquerdo, Tel: 96 601 78 21. Got a decent CBJ from this petit tanned Indian look-alike chica and headed home afterwards.

As the reservoir was not empty I decided to visit the Maybe Superstrip Club as described by Mutrix. I paid an entrance fee of 16 euros, the price for two beers which was absolutely OK for me as I intended to have some drinks to look around. To tell you the truth it looks like Black Tie, only there is always a girl stripping, dancing you dizzy! I just stood there at the bar for 20 minutes to see how the atmosphere progressed as I counted something like 10 girls and about 20 guys. There was this beauty brunet sitting down at the table and so I approached her and found out she was called Catarina, black long hair, nice beautiful brown eyes, nice medium/big tits and nice legs with a big tattoo on her left leg. She was Portuguese and real friendly which got me horny and interested. She didn´t ask for a drink and gave me the terms for some table (15/20 euros) or private dance (20/40). And that was it! No extras, no can touch or anything. I was stunned as I remembered Mutrix´s report. Next I approached some British redhead called Anna, a really nice gal and again, no can do extras as an answer for all my questions. Next back on the bar I was approached by a Russian blond called Erika, she told me I could touch her…on her arms and legs during a 10 minute private dance! Next some tall Russian brunet gave me the same conditions, then I got the same answer from a petit Moldavian chica, a blond princess that allowed no touching at all.

Mutrix, how on earth did you make it in there? The place was neat but there is no sex in that box my friends! You can´t even take a princess dancing outside of the club! This needs some explanations!

To get off my frustration I headed to Alcântara and met a pornish dark blond Brazilian that sucked my dick dry for half an hour while she was dumping some huge vibrator up and down her marvelous pussy, as I intended to come in her mouth instead of fucking her. As usual a great porn style experience in this apartment. Here is their number: 96 711 81 41, open 24 hours and presenting two to three girls, that look between 5 and 7 but that give a full porn show that I rate as a 8/9 atmosphere. Just Ask for a fetish and they will handle it, not like Maybe Super Stupid Mega disaster Club.

Well this was it and I hope next week things to improve even more!

Lets have a dinner folks!

06-27-04, 22:51

Yes, why can't we have a Euro 2004 every year? Maybe after 1,000 years England would win.

More to the point of this board, Mur scored a totally unexpected and frenetic free shot from a fat, ugly but very enthusiastic Czech lady on Friday night. He enjoyed revisiting the world of the classsic one-night stand after such a long time. Great, great weird sex, so Karolina; Mur will not support your wonderful team because he is behind Portugal now, but thanks for a drunken, sweaty, memorable football fuck in your hot pensão.

Next day, Saturday, a windfall. Mur could not give a shit about the Holland vs Sweden game, outside Lisbon, but he happens to have a ticket and he sells it for €220! Now, what to do with a suddenly acquired sum like that? Well, Muri is a noble generous man, in fact a saint, so first, he telephones to a couple of English compatriots (they know nothing of his monger hobby) who are poorly paid and also, of course, in a state of distress about the traumatic defeat against Portugal. He treats them in the Avenida Almirante Reis to a lunch of mariscos and vinho verde. Soon morale is restored. Muri's friends learn to live with defeat and go home to fuck. He restrains himself from asking to join them: this would be an interesting sight, but taboo is taboo.

Mur has spent only half of his bonus on this lunch. He walks to Rua Braancamp and invests €100 in an hour of sex with Lorena, a copper-coloured Brasileira. After a shower, Lorena does a lovely slow strip tease at his request, then mutual kissing and stroking, on with the rubber and a reverse cowgirl which words cannot describe.

Mur pulls out just in time, and controls the rest of the fuck in missionary position until a shattering climax. Then a superb oily massage by a real pro. The lady is 30something, petite, mulatta, very muscular body, her face not pretty but certainly simpatica.
After a massage which left Muri's body totally realxed and free from football-defeat-related stress, Lorena stuck a well-lubricated finger up his arse, and with her other hand, expertly jerked him off. Weak-kneed, he staggered home.

One does not always have €100 to hand, but putting yourself in Lorena's hands is a good investment.

Still a week of Euro2004 to go, let's see Portugal win it and let's see Muri again next week enjoying one free fuck and one expensive one...

06-28-04, 11:49
Hi all,

Zé is right, after reading Zé's report, I went back to Maybe stripclub and spoke to Alexandre. Alexandre is the manager/waiter and asked him some questions about what happened with some of the other friendlier girls. What he told me was that they caught a girl having sex with a client downstairs and they had to kick her out, along with two of her russian friends that where doing the same thing. He told me that they are controlled by the police and are regularly visited to check on the girls IDs and that they have to be very careful about what happens downstairs, as they can lose their license if they get caught.

Regarding the contact dances, you defintely have to go with the non-portuguese women. The portuguese women say that contact dance is a private dance where they can touch you but you can't touch. Then some of the girls (mostly brazilian, and other nationalities except the australians) say that contact dance is you can touch anything you want. Since the girls are freelancers they can do as much or as little as they want with you. They make the rules.

This said, this time I sat with Mona, a girl from Holland, that was very friendly. She proposed a private dance with all types of contact and I accepted her suggestion for 40 EUR. It was a normal private dance with my free roaming hands but when I asked about extra services she said that wasn't possible in the club. After the private dance she sat we me for another 30 mins and a 10 EUR cocktail and I asked her if she would like to go out sometime to a disco or something. She said she would love to but that only after work, which means that only after 4.30am when the club closes. This happens to be a bit too late for me and she said she would call me sometime in the afternoon to go to the beach or something.

So in summary, Zé is right, no type of sexual activites occur in this club anymore, but compared to other strip clubs it is a cheaper option for dances. Also the girls seem to be friendly, although a bit pushy, and seem free to to things afterhours with clients they like. I don't know if Mona will call me or not, but if she does, I will let you guys know... In any case sorry for the misinformation in the last report but things changed recently or better yet the russian girls there that were performing the services were not the normal for a strip club.

I also tried this private house in Rua do Salitre that I will report on next time, as I have to get some work done, or at least pretende that I am working hard.




This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



06-28-04, 17:01
I was in Lisbon for three days. I went down to Rossio but did not find anything that I liked. Call me picky.

So decided to go to this place I have been told, by the Marques Pombal. It is the first street to the right when you are heading to Praca do Saldanha. Anyways, first I went into this place called Day and Night Club. Paid like 25 euros for enterance. That includes two drinks. A lot of brazilian gilrs and some portugese. Some 8 and 9s, but alot of 6 and 7s. Anyways they were asking for 200 to come to my room, for full service, that includes anal.

I thought it was a ripoff. So I left the place, and decided to check out the Tamalia Club next door. Paid 30 euros, and got in. Met this hot chica called Helena. She wanted 200 for one pop, no anal. It was too much to ask for. I was getting ready to leave, when this girl pulls from my arm. Angela was Brasilian. She offered me to sit next to her friend, who was very beautiful and young. We talked, and agreed to have threesome for 200. I found it to be very good deal.

So I toolk them to my room. They were very inthusiastic. They immidiately took their clothes off, and I got down to the business. I called it a choo choo train. It was me fucking Angelas friend and she was eating Angleas pussy. Then we switched positions, now I was being sucked by angela, while I was fooling around with her firend. All and all, 2 pops with each girl, 3 positions with each girl, amounted to 2 and half hours of sucky and fucky, looool.

So if you like what you read, go check them out. Maybe I paid little bit too much, but then fuck it. I am here for a vacation.


Ever Ready
06-28-04, 18:41

Nice report, but 2 shoots with each girl = 4 shoots in just 2 and a half hours. Are you kidding??? Even when I was a youngster with raging hormones I cant recall being that fast at reloading. Well if it's true, you're a lucky guy!


06-30-04, 14:59
Hi EverReady,

Yes the 4 pops is correct. I'm still a young buck. But I guess sooner or later you have to pay for the actions. As a result, I returned with sore throat and a flu from Lisbon. Call it over partying or popping, I don't know.

07-01-04, 04:38
Hi guys,

Thinking of travelling to Lisbon to get away from London for a while. I usually go to Brazil so thought Lisbon would be a nice alternative for a short break.

Wonder if anyone can recommend a good 3 star or 4 star hotel in nice area as am not familiar with the town at all. Near action would be cool ;) Like the sound of this Superclub place!

Would also be cool to hook up for a drink or 10 and to go hunting. Will return the compliment if anyone is in London. PM me if anyone is in town. I aim to be there for 9th of July for 1 week.



Green Banana
07-01-04, 20:16

I may recommend you an excellent option, very chic and affordable - bargain to get the 102 euros corporate price, and you will get a nice room close to a well described square. Hotel is called Real Palacio, Sao Sebastiao da Pedreira.

Between 55 and 70 euros, Hotel Rex (close to Sofitel), rua Castilho, on the Park, is an excellent option. Ask for a room with a balcony, an excellent option for activity in fresh air. SW options around.

Finally, the Hotel Eduardo VII, which used to be a Best Western, has possible rooms if a bit tatty, 55-70 euros as well. Close to Hippopotamo, old pick-up joint.

All hotels in Portugal are girl friendly as soon as you are discrete.
Have fun.

07-06-04, 10:31
So it all ended in tears.. but credit to the Portuguese fans. They were in a frenzy of anticipation, then the Greeks shat on their party. They took it with great dignity and generosity. If this had happened to a third world nation like England, or Argentina, the sounds of screams, sirens and breaking glass would have echoed all night long. Viva Portugal!

Free action during the Euro made Muri wonder whether he should try harder to strike lucky more often. No chance that a 19 year old slim Latina is going to look at Muri and leap into his arms shouting "here comes my next orgasm!" - but the older, hungrier, less-favoured-by nature ladies have their needs too, as we all knew when we were younger. And heaven knows, we mongers have now and then paid good money for fat old ugly ladies...

Five factors are at work:
1. Lack of confidence - as above, the feeling that middle age has arrived and the ladies won't be interested.

2. Laziness - it's just so easy to relieve the urge for €25, or enjoy a fine supercharged fuck with Carina for €50, or get memorably double-drained at the Adonis Club for €100.

3. Boredom - the hours hunting for freebies could be spent in more profitable ways, like walking on the beach, eating four-course meals, enjoying classical music and literature, or writing a report for WSG on your latest visit to tasty 30-year-old Paula, whose fine firm butt is on sale in São João Estoril.

4. Money: The so-called freebie may be gratifying, but it's seldom 'gratis'. Drinks, a meal, a taxi and a pensão may bring the real price close to the €50 you need for Carina (and Vitoria, for prices went up at São Sebastião da Pedreira, the only place to pull this trick for the Euro2004).

5. Involvement. How many mongers have found that a seemingly casual coupling ends up sniffing round the home or the workplace? Hence the joy of last week's fuck with a woman who was definitely going back to her country as soon as her team got beat.

Enough philosophy. As indicated, Mur has revisited old haunts recently.

One new lady to reveal. Filipa is a twenty-three-year-old dental student who plies the noble trade at Avenida Almirante Reis, 172, 5th floor. Well-built Portuguese morena, charming if not beautiful face, big breasts, nice shaven pussy. She is fairly new, and was uninvolved at first. To be fair, Mur had invested only €30 for the minimum option. €50 buys half an hour and, one suspects, a very good peformance.

Muri will endeavour to report on more novelties when finances permit. A bittersweet Tuesday today, gloriously free of work, but with little money. Ah, well, off to Estoril beach on this lovely sunny day, and we shall see what we shall see..

No more football till late August, gentlemen. There is no excuse not to be fucking, and reporting, during the summer.

La Napoule
07-06-04, 18:22
Obligado (thank you in potuguese) wsg.

I have tried Carina, and it was very good fuck for 50 euros. I have been 3 times and the last time after one shot, she has smoked my dick, no condom and she has eaten my cum.

Do you want something more?

So GO !

Zé Duron
07-07-04, 01:28
Black Tie “Arrangements”

The past three weeks were just delightful, lots of people in the streets till late 4 o´clock in the morning, partying from Monday to Sunday, from dusk till dawn, or was it from dawn till dusk?

After a matchday I found myself feeling horny as the devil and thinking where to plant the bad seeds. The Superstrip Club didn´t deliver the right feeling and so I drove the Artilharia Um up and down, watching some nice Portuguese and Romanian chicas. Unfortunately I ended up losing my first preference then the second and so on. To kill the frustration and end the thirst I was starting to feel I ended up driving back to the Marques de Pombal and up Avenida Suque de Loulé, where a lot of high end clubs are sited.

I ended up parking the car and realized that I was closer to the Black Tie club than any other of the clubs.

The guys at the door asked 50 euros to a couple of germans but let me in for 20 and I ended up tipping them 5 euros just to make myself familiar (they thanked!) Inside the place was half full, maybe 50 mongers and 25 girls, it was quite busy but this place can house the double as a disco night fever Saturday. Half of thye girls are Brazilians, the rest is either Portuguese, Russian, African South American or Romanian. The girls were playing hard deals at 200 euro the quick pop at a noble Residencial or cheap but clean Hotel. A few guys hit the road with a girl in their arm, a big mistake in my opinion. I ordered a pack of cigarettes and a hard drink and got around in the place, (it´s just a dark noble wanna be basement, but quite nice for the porpose!)

There was a girl asking for 400 euros to take her and a busty blond friend for a double ride! They looked like porn actresses, huge silicon breasts and really high heels!

After talking to kind of 10 girls I noticed the place was packing up rather quickly which meant even more new women to hide for! I reckoned a Portuguese blond beauty, a really sexy woman in her early 30s with a hell of a rack in white pants and high heel sandals but she was quickly taken up front on the dance floor! To bad and so I turned looking for some other hottie and discovered a Brasilan brunet with long black hair a real beauty in her early twenties. Her name is Joana and she is about 165 cm tall, with big beautiful breast, a very slender body, her eyes are dark and she has a beautiful smile. She asked for 150 I turned her down and rasked her for a dance she said 100 and I said but lets dance first. So it started and after two songs she wanted to move over to the hotel and so we did. The sex was ok, she provided only CBJ but was a good deal not the best blower but still good. She would not let me down on her which annoyed me but sex was good in three or four positions. In all she looked 7,5/10 and her attitude was 6/10. Total expenses: 25 club entrance with drinks, 10 euros for two taxidrives, 25 room for 1 hour and 100 for one long pop (about 40 min).

Well that was the expensive drill, but it was worth it for the entire atmosphere and as there had been a few freebies why not make the whole picturer bigger?

Marc Of
07-07-04, 15:04

I am new to this forum and I am going to Lisbon next week.
Since I do neither speak portuguese nor spanish, I would like to
know whre to find girls that do speak at least some english.



07-09-04, 05:15
Fellow Mongers,

The Lisbon page continues in great style (Thanks, MURI!) and with wonderful detail.

iI will arive in Lisbon on a Sunday morning and am wondering what will be possible, as it seems Adonis and other establishments do not open on Sunday. Is this true and is there anyplace open then in the afternoon? Any houses that operate then?

Happy hunting.

07-09-04, 10:36
Marc Of:

Filipa of Almirante Reis; Carina of Areeiro; Isabel of Saldanha.

(written like this it makes them sound like medieval princesses)

These three have enough basic English for you to communicate your needs, if you are too shy to adopt the 'universal language' tactic of pulling a big boner out of your pants, and waving it around in the air till the lady gets the message.

Paula of São João Estoril is fluent and colloquial, having acquired the language of Shakespeare in idyllic Luton. When she whispers "fuck me" in your ear, you can imagine you are on holiday in the Midlands of England, a horrible thought which will prevent you from experiencing premature ejaculation.

In earlier reports from various cavaliers, you will find good directions to reach the castles of these princesses. They are not guarded by serpents or dragons, although sometimes a kindly old witch opens the castle gate.

You will also see that other gentlemen of irreproachable taste have reported favourably on their charms. Carina is probably the hottest chica in Lisboa just now.

Otherwise you will have to telephone to one of the agencies in the classified section of Correio da Manhã (red-top newspaper) who claim to 'speak English', but these are more expensive being aimed at tourists, some of them 'outcalls only': you may expect to be asked €200 for a lady to come to your hotel and you may not like her when she gets there.

Whereas, to enjoy the favours of the abovementioned princesses, all you require is knightly courage and courtesy, a trusty warhorse (*****horse?) shining armour, helmet, shield, lance and €50.

Go forth and win the fair lady, bold Sir Marc !


07-13-04, 03:21
well, i just returned from four days in beautiful lisboa, and i had one hell of a time. in this post i will describe my initial failures, as there was definitely a learning curve associated with how things are done in lisboa. i assume there are others who are in my position (knowing very little portuguese), and my intention is that this message will prevent others from wasting their time the way i did.

first off, i was rather disappointed with how hard it was to get access to the 'apartments' without speaking portuguese. i tried several numbers, and was disappointed each time. either i didn't get through (in which case i got this recording saying something in portuguese that i didn't understand) or the girl at the other end didn't speak english and that was the end of that. the situation was compunded by the fact that i was either using a public payphone or a hotel phone, neither of which allow easy call-back. it's best if you have your own mobile phone or a direct phone number in a hotel room. that being said, frantic and horny as i was, i was not to be denied.

i wasted an entire day trying to track down the famous isabella and other apartment dwellers. i had read all posts on this forum back to december 2003 and i had studiously noted phone numbers, addresses, names, prices, advise, etc. i spent the first morning playing phone-tag with various people, and when it became apparent that i was wasting my time, i decided to just visit the apartments myself (without calling). i figured this would get around the language problem, because once i get into one of these places then the stupid grin on my face would clearly communicate what i wanted, and the rest could be done using hand gestures and body language.

the first place i went to was rua pedro nunes, 45. according to reports on this wonderful forum, the place is on the 3rd floor, esq. i found out that in portugal, when you see 'esq' in an address, it means on the left side, dto means on the right side, and r/c means ground floor. these turn out to be very important in finding an apartment. anyway, i found the place ok - it's very close to the saldanha metro station at a point where avenida 5 de outubro appears to split. there's a mechanic shop next door and a couple of pastelarias across the street. i went into one of the pastelarias and bought myself a few tasty portuguese pastries and i watched through the window to see what kind of activity there is in the building. i saw a guy hang up on his cell phone, approach the door and press the button. he was buzzed in and he entered. well, i thought to myself 'that looks easy enough', so i scoffed down the rest of the puff pastry and walked over. i pressed the button corresponding to the 3rd floor, and i was buzzed in.

once inside the building things started to get a little dicey. it's dark and quiet, so i crept up the stairs. as i climbed i was counting the floors and when i got to the third floor, i suddenly remembered a post on this forum where someone said something like 'the third floor is actually the fourth floor that you get to', or something like that. whatever the case may be, i felt uneasy about rapping on the wrong door, without the luxury of enough portuguese to make a graceful exit if needed, and saying something stupid like:

'desculpe...(flipping through my berlitz phrase book)...dar-me...sexo'.

(note: for those who do not speak portuguese, this is not what you should be saying. even i know that much.)

so i decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and i crept back down the stairs with my tail between my legs. thinking back, it was the right decision, as i ended up enjoying myself thoroughly by other means. at this point i thought it was just this apartment so i decided to try the same thing with another apartment. i checked my notes and i saw that largo sao sebastiao da pedreira was close by. i walked about 15 minutes down a sloped, cobbled road (not that that's unique in lisboa, by any means!) and found myself at a large, well-treated cedar door. i pressed the button and no answer came. i pressed again and waited a few more minutes, and again, no answer. the door was open so i walked in, and i walked up the three floors and stood at the door on the left. there was a hole in the door through which i could see a few feet into the apartment and when i peered in all i saw was packing material and bits of wood. i figured this place was either the wrong place or it was closed now, so i turned and left. all in all, i found this sort of activity very wearing on me, so i decided no more with the apartment visits. i walked over to el corte ingles (a huge shopping complex) and sat sipping a cafe watching the gorgeous portuguesas as they strolled by.

[next post to come soon - including the fantastic visit to adonis]

07-13-04, 18:24
Great report Kumbu, sorry about your disappointments, it's a pity one of us wasn't on hand to help: but you have described them in most entertaining style and now don't tease us but let us have your account of day 2...

Muri is in haste - why does every other person in Lisbon seem to be on holiday?
But when he gets a space he will tell the world about sweet Laura...

07-14-04, 03:07
[Part Two]

So this is part two of my report. In the previous report I described my initial failures, and in this report I will describe one fantastic success – my visit to Adonis. In the next report I will describe to you my experience with the Romanian SWs (to anticipate – STAY AWAY FROM YONELLA).

As an introduction, I must say that Adonis has been described as one of the more expensive options in Lisboa, but this is clearly a relative measure. I mean, I defy anyone to have the kind of experience I describe below in either a North American establishment or with a North American SW for 100 Euros (about $120). In fact, I have been with several $300 escorts in various places in the US and only one of them came close to what I experienced in Adonis. Ok, on to part 2 of the report.

After my disappointments with the apartment scene on the first day of my trip to Lisboa, and the lateness of the hour that night, I decided to have dinner and hit the clubs. I went downtown and had dinner at a wonderful little restaurant in the Restauradores district. For those who don’t know, Portuguese food is excellent – well prepared, tasty and very affordable too. After that I visited the Maybe Superclub, described earlier by Mutrix and Ze Duron. I was in there basically for the eye candy, so I didn’t have any expectations for anything on the side. I did enquire about additionals, but I was met with stiff resistance at each turn. As for the club itself, it’s not a bad strip club, as strip clubs go. There is always someone on the floor dancing, and the girls are certainly worth watching. I had a couple of drinks while enjoying the beauty on display, and then I went downstairs with a gem of a girl named Clara. I got a couple of private dances, during which time I gently tried to get her to agree to a little more than just a dance. No way, no time, no how. And she said that this was now a firm policy at the club. So afterwards I went back up, had another drink, and seeing as I had an early morning, I went back to my hotel, frustrated and anxious.

I spent the whole of the next day doing what I came to Lisboa to do – work. But all day I was thinking about the possibilities. What should I do? Check out the Romanian SWs? Or maybe try one of the ads in the Correio da Manhã? Several WSF members privately suggested this as an option to me, so it was high on my list. However, I decided that night to go to Adonis Health Club. After all, the venerable guru of this forum Murilloa lavished praise upon the establishment, as did the honorable Zé Duron and Mutrix (amongst others), so how could I go wrong?

Directions: I took the metro to the Marques de Pombal station and exited out the side that is marked Rua Braancamp. The club itself is very easy to find. Walk about 100m up the hill on Rua Braancamp past the bus stops and Adonis is just between some kind of herbal medicinal place and a nice little café (number 22). It’s a silver door with frosted glass and the name of the club is embossed in the glass – you can’t miss it. I pressed the button at exactly 18:01 (there’s a digital clock outside next to the bus stop, so I know the exact time) for the first floor and I was buzzed in. I climbed the first floor steps and was met by a pleasant middle-aged lady who greeted me with a smile and ‘bom dia’ (I thought one is supposed to say boa noite, but I suppose bom dia can be used as a general greeting. Portuguese friends, please forgive my linguistic ignorance). So I repeated back to her the phrase that I had been practicing many times since arriving in Lisboa – ‘Desculpe, falla Ingles?’ (Excuse me, do you speak English?) She smiled and called someone from behind the door, presumably asking her if she wants to deal with this idiot with the big grin on his face. I heard the girl behind the door jump up excitedly and say “Suuuure!” and she rushed to greet me. She was a young girl in her early twenties, obviously a provider, and because of her language abilities she was the designated English-speaking mama-san. This was an excellent arrangement because she was animated, excited, eager and very easy to understand. It was at this point that I realized that I was finally to taste some of Lisboa's finer pleasures.

I was whisked into a side room that can only be described as miniscule. It was big enough for perhaps four people to stand at the same time. It had three chairs in it, plus a small wash basin in a divided area. My English-speaking madam asked if I had been there before and I said no (I regretted that as soon as it left my lips, but it turns out it was a good decision to be truthful). She then said:

“Oh great, let me explain how things work here. The cost is 100 Euros, and it is FULL (she emphasizes full) service, except if you want…(she smiles and seems embarrassed)…the back…(and she pats her full, shapely bottom a couple of times and giggles a little), in which case it is 125 Euros. I will now go away, and send in six girls for you to choose from, and then afterwards you can tell me who you want, ok?”

And my response to this was “Yah-huh, ok.” So then the parade began, and all I can say is that I thought that heaven itself had descended upon my happy, throbbing member. I don’t remember all their names obviously, but I can describe each of them to you in detail. They each walked in (usually smiling), kissed me on the cheek, said their name, and then walked out, trying on the way to show you their most precious of assets.

The first was definitely a Portuguesa, and this I can tell from facial features and skin color. She was perhaps 5’5” (sorry, no conversions to metric), weighing something like 130 pounds. So she was a slightly heavy girl, with large breasts and thick legs. Her hair was blonde, and she looked to be in her late twenties or so. It’s hard to assign a score to her because her body type is not really what I look for in a woman, but there was a certain warmth about her that one cannot deny. So I would say she was something like a 6. The second girl was shorter, perhaps 5’2”, and she must have weighed 120 pounds. Her skin was significantly darker, so much so that I couldn’t tell if she was Brazilian or perhaps African of some sort. She had an extremely attractive face (kind of baby like, in a very pleasant way), dark hair, large breasts, skinny legs and a full, round ass. Her body type too is not what I first look for, but her smile and attitude shone through in the few seconds I had her in my vision. I’d put her at a 6 as well. Third was the girl that I eventually selected: she was tall, perhaps 5’8”, and she had skin that was dark but she certainly was not black. She seemed to be in her late twenties ( I found out later that she is 29), her hair was short and extremely stylish, and her face had the most elegant bone structure. She was slender with small-medium sized breasts, but the real clincher was her ass. She was wearing long , black pants, and the material clung to her ass revealing its shape and size perfectly. Overall she was an elegant, beautiful, sexy looking woman who I knew would be the one I would choose. When she said her name I didn’t hear it and I asked her to repeat it. It sounded like Rafaella, but when I said it to my English-speaking mama san, she corrected me and told me it was Hafaella. I suspect this is because of the way the ‘r’ is pronounced in Portuguese, but I cannot be sure of that. In any case, I will continue to refer to her as Hafaella.

Fourth was a large woman of dubious descent (not intended as an insult, I just can’t categorize her ethnicity). She was perhaps 5’8” weighing in at well over 150 pounds, perhaps closer to 200 pounds. She huffed and puffed her way in, put her clammy hand on my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. Ordinarily I don’t mind plus-sized ladies, but she was simply out of shape. She did have a very pleasant face, and she did seem to be meticulously groomed (which goes a long way, especially in this sort of activity; see my next report on the Romanian SW scene). I’d rather not assign a score to her. The fifth girl was (I think, given the size and dimensions of her back-side) Brazilian. She was about 5’5”, 120 pounds, dark skin, long straightened hair, and skinny legs. Her face was rather ordinary. I would rate her as a 6.5-7, and in the absence of Hafaella I would have probably chosen her. The last girl was non-distinct in many ways, of average height, large breasts but not overly large, an ass that looked a little on the heavy side, and skinny legs. I would rate her a 6 as well.

Each of these girls were attractive in their own way, and I am certain that any one of you would find someone to your taste there. Hafaella was the choice for me, and as I shall now describe in painful and exquisitely pleasurable detail, she was the best choice. After I told the mama san who I had selected, she asked me to pay up–front, at which point I suppose I could have given her 125 for the backside experience, but I chose to go the traditional route (why I did not choose the full experience I will never know). She went out and a few seconds later Hafaella came in, took me by the hand and walked me out the front door into the stair well. We walked slowly up the stairs, with her in front of me, slowly swinging her ass from left to right as she climbed the stairs, with my nose about an inch from her ass. Left...pause...right...pause...left...pause...etc. And as she was doing this, she was looking coyly over her shoulder at me, with this devilish little smile. Phew.

As delightful as this was, it was a little awkward, so in order to break the ice I asked her if she speaks English (‘Falla Ingles?’, all the time gazing at her beautiful ass swinging past my face) and she said ‘Naaaaaaao’, as if to say ‘what country do you think this is?’. And then she said ‘e tu, falla Portugues?’, and I responded ‘Naaaaao.’ We both laughed, and we started to converse in broken Porto-Ingles. Anyway, we got into a room that had a weird animal motif about it. The bedspread and curtains had a leopard print, and there was a small television mounted high in the air (while I was in the shower she put some porn on). She explained that I should go take a shower while she prepared the room (alas, I gathered that there was no option for showering together). So I went and lathered up, fumbling with everything along the way. When I came out, she was standing in front of the shower door stark naked, in all her glory. We exchanged places and she showered while I eagerly watched on.

As she stepped out of the shower and dried herself, I watched and contemplated my debt to fate. How lucky we are to be able to enjoy such pleasures in life, pleasures that seem so natural but also have such profound effects on us. These are the kinds of events in ones life that last forever. I am certain that the details of this evening will remain with me until the day I pass, perhaps beyond that. The details of her beautiful body have been burned into my memory for time immemorial. Enough of the philosophy, let’s get down to the exact details of this pleasure: She had a slim, sexy neck, going down to her breasts, which were small (perhaps a B cup), and frankly a little weathered. While this was disappointing and not what I expected, it was not the reason I had found her so attractive. That reason lay squarely to the back of her, if you know what I mean. Below her breasts was the most perfect belly and waist-line – slim, hard, muscular (but not too much so), leading to round, wide hips.

She walked through the door into the bedroom, and lay down pliantly on the bed. No, no, this would not do, so I held out my hand and helped her to her feet. She sprang up like a gazelle, at which point I began by lightly kissing her neck, both sides, her chin, and then down to her chest. I lingered in that area between her neck and the top of her breasts, kissing the soft, smooth skin and enjoying the flavour. I then went down on her breasts, rubbing her dark nipples and gently squeezing each breast in turn. My lips slowly made their way down to her taught belly and then on down to her pubic region. Her pussy was partially shaven, and what hair was remaining was short and coarse. I enjoyed her earthy aroma for a few minutes before I went further down to her thighs.

Ah yes, the thighs. The thighs are an area that I feel never receive the appropriate level of attention. The standard question is: Are you a breasts, legs or ass guy? How are we expected to place ourselves into these neat little categories when we all know that we like it all. In the famous words of Macolm X: it’s ALL good! Besides, how are you to know when the ass ends and the legs begin? Is it simply the crease at the bottom of the cheeks that delineates the ass from the legs? Well clearly not. Case in point: thighs are a beautiful blend of both legs and ass. The smoothest portion of a woman’s external body is that simply delectable area between the legs. It’s the area on the inside of the thigh, just below where the ass-cheeks end and the region that rubs together when she walks. Spending time enjoying the quality of the flesh, the pleasure of the aroma, and the beautiful view of the pubic region you get is fantastic. The view gets even better if you can do this while she is standing up, with her legs slightly spread open, a position that I had cunningly maneuvered for myself into. So this is what I did, and I spent altogether too much time down there, but it certainly was worth the time.

I then turned her around and began work on that gorgeous backside of hers. It was a fleshy, firm, perfectly round backside that was in super-ordinary condition. I grabbed it with both hands, working the flesh like a baker works his dough. I squeezed, pressed, poked, rubbed, spanked (softly), and eventually bit into her beautiful, round firm cheeks. I opened her ass cheeks and gazed in longingly as she arched her sleek back and pushed her ass into my face. I kissed, licked and devoured her from behind, with the entire world dead to me. It was a true zen moment, for my concentration was complete, yet non-existent at the same time. I felt the ass, I devoured the ass, I WAS the ass!

After perhaps a full 5 minutes of this (which, think about it lads, is an eternity in sex-time), I eventually moved my way up her tight, well-toned back to her neck again, at which point she did something incredible. She took my rock-hard, now-dripping-wet member and put it flatly between her ass cheeks (not into her ass, but pointing upwards so that only the base and the top of the scrotum were between her ass cheeks – the head of my dick was against the small of her back). She started to rhythmically clench her ass cheeks around my dick and release it, all the while slowly moving her ass left and right and slowly extending up and down. This was absolutely incredible – I had never had that done to me ever, and it was a delight. I’ve heard of a BJ, a HJ, even a boob job, but never as Ass Job. I couldn’t take too much more of this, so I pulled away.

She sat down on the bed, pulled out a condom and applied it to my member using her mouth. We went at this for about 4-5 minutes, me standing while she sucked back and forth. Here I was with this gorgeous, exotic woman, sucking like an absolute goddess, with an ass that could launch a thousand wars. And there I was looking down helplessly as I exploded in a torrent of pleasure and regret. Pleasure because that was perhaps one of the best releases I have ever had (especially given the frustrations of the previous day, see my earlier report). Regret because it was all over in under 20 minutes.

She cleaned me up, and we sat on the bed talking as best we could. Actually we did a lot of conversing, and I discovered the usual details. One thing that thoroughly surprised me was that she is Angolan. While her skin is certainly darker than indigenous Portuguese, it certainly was not African black. And her facial features are downright European, far from African. Not that there is anything wrogn with African features - on the contrary, some of the very best sex I have ever had has been with sisters from the dark continent. But she just didn't strike me as haling from Africa. In any case, I didn’t have the language skills to probe further. She also has a 9 year old daughter (and that explains the weathered breasts). She said she works in Adonis from 11am-8pm M-F.

About 10 minutes of the small talk, and we were back at it. I climbed quickly onto her and went into my routine. Allow me to explain. Most guys have inadequacies when it comes to lasting a long time in sex. I do too, but I have recognized my vulnerabilities. First, I simply cannot handle doggy style – like most guys, this will get me off in just a few strokes. For that reason, I always like to end in that position. Second, I am a little more immune to cowgirl (although reverse cowgirl is harder to resist), so I use that as my staging point to transition into doggy. However, my forte is missionary – I can literally go forever in missionary if I play my cards right. That is, if I remain cerebral and pay attention to my level of arousal, I can slow down the motion as need be, change the direction of the motion, or even retract substantially so as to maximize my staying power. I like to do lots and lots of this, as it gives me a false sense of virility. I know it’s just a game I am playing with myself, but hey, this is my routine.

So I started in missionary and Hafaella did all the right things: she used her finger nails just right, she produced the appropriate oohs and aahs at the appropriate times, and she never rushed me or expressed impatience. She was not the tightest I have ever had, but quite frankly that is even better. If the girl is too tight then it either hurts or it is far too easy to finish earlier than you expect. So we went at this for quite a long time, perhaps 10 minutes (again, in sex time, that is eons. I don’t mean to brag, there’s no point on an anonymous forum such as this one, I mention this simply to say that she was agreeable and willing through all of this). We switched to cowgirl, and we went at this for a minute or two before she did the change-up and went into reverse cow-girl. Mmmm, as I’m sure you all know by now, I am an ass-leg-thigh guy, and so the sight of her ass, the feel of her legs around me, it was very heady stuff. So I had to change positions quickly. But thanks to all of that missionary work, my little Kilauea was ready to blow his top, so now for the coup de grace: doggy style.

She got onto all fours, lowered her head slightly so as to lift her ass up for the taking, and bared it all for me. This, my friends, is the culmination of all my hard work. All the hours of reading the WSF, all the thousands of dollars spent flying to Lisboa, all the frustration I spent the day before searching for apartments, all of it was made worthwhile in that fraction of a moment when I sat there on the bed, sheathed dick in hand, looking down at Hafaella’s beautiful ass laid bare before me waiting for my arrival. This is what it is all about gentlemen, much more so than booze or drugs or gambling or anything else. It’s a pleasure that is subtle, but definite. And it requires a little getting-in-touch-with-yourself in order to truly appreciate it. I wont cheapen the experience with a crass, explicit description of the geography of her orifices – that one will remain with me.

So what happened next? After a few seconds of philosophical contemplation and introspective bliss, I sat up, slid my swollen, near-purple penis into her pussy and started to rock back and forth. I was trying to stay as long as I could, but after just a few strokes I knew it was hopeless. So I went for it all – I started to bang that beautiful creature as hard and as fast as I could. I fucked her as if it was my last fuck ever, the fervor of the moment overcame me and I screamed out in agony and lustful pleasure as I spent my load. I collapsed onto her and she collapsed slightly under my weight. At this point she did the most tender thing I have ever experienced with a prostitute: she reached over and held my head with her left hand while supporting herself with her right. There we stayed for several minutes as I whimpered like a baby, regaling myself with my triumphs and regretting that it was over.

She cleaned me up, I showered, and then she led me into the stairwell and we said goodbye. A warm moment, but not overly so. I walked down the stairs and out the door, and I looked at the digital clock outside and it said 19:10. So assuming that the selection process had taken about 5-6 minutes, and the initial showering had been another 5 minutes, Hafaella spent a full hour with me.

As a conclusion, allow me to say the following. YMMV. Never has this been more true than in this case. My particular experience with Hafaella was unique and unusual. I have never had quite so fulfilling an experience with any other provider, but as you read my description you must have sensed that at least part of the reason for this was the state of my mind at the time. I was primed and ready for an experience, and it seems my own state of mind helped make that already good experience even better. So if you go in there expecting to be "serviced", you will probably be disappointed. If you go in there and mistreat the provider or are discourteous, then you are not going to enjoy yourself a lot. But if you go in there and respect her, treat her like a lady, be funny, imagine that you are on a date and that she is not obligated to you, then you might just get a little more than you bargained for. And who knows, once in a while, you might be rewarded by a gem like Hafaella – the kind of experience that will stay with you for years to come.

Ok boys, that’s my story for this evening. In my next installment I will recount to you how this wonderful exhilaration that I had with Hafaella was crapped away just two hours later with the crazy ass Romanian street ho called Yonella.

07-14-04, 18:38
Hi there ppl,

Just back to Portugal aftter a 3 month away on work in London ( Sugest that you check out the party's cene in London :) ), well comming back i was fealing in the mude og being with a tipical Portuguese Girl.

So I resolved to checkout the www.ishtaragency.com, nice place, girls from 5 to 8, but my freind after you pay theres the problem.

You can't kiss, they are looking to the watch evry 5 minutes, an as soon as you pop they stand up a push you out.

07-14-04, 21:16
Tan lines 2

Muri is aware that Laura, subject of this glowing report, would not attract the average monger on this board (if there is such a person). It’s one reason why he does not believe in these ratings out of ten, because one man’s princess is another man’s slag. And some of what follows has to do with Mur’s obsession with Lori of London - nobody on the board wants to hear much more about that.

So on to facts. Laura works at Avenida da Republica, 45, 9 ‘D’. Five minutes' walk from Saldanha. Muri had a business lunch at the sexy Atrium, and initially thought of paying a standard visit to Isabel, but being in a rare state of financial opulence he researched a house called ‘Emmanuelle’ and made his way to the above address.

An apartment block with all the architectural vices of the 1960s. Number 9 ‘D’ makes things worse, with seventies interior décor. But the place is clean, and no fewer than eight women were presented, all of whom Muri would happily have ravished. But his eye was drawn immediately by Laura, and at the risk of repetition, he doubts whether many mongers would have automatically made her first choice. She’s short, slight, petite, a bit hesitant and awkward, avoids eye contact, and dresses in nondescript top and skimpy skirt. The other ladies mostly tried to be saucy, or radiant, or provocative. The similarity of body and shyness to Lori of London was so striking that Mur was instantly intrigued and attracted, and he settled immediately for Laura, one hour, €100.

And was not disappointed. A lovely little body, tanned into a deep, rich red-copper-brown colour, except for an amazingly small area of breast and pussy. One would say bum, but to the rear, the tan lines are pencil-thin. That is one minuscule bikini. Mur asked her if the guys look at her on the beach, she replied “I don’t notice things like that, and anyway I go to the beach with a girlfriend who is much more beautiful” “Bring that girlfriend here NOW", inner Muri growled.

But he was soon lost and spellbound tracing the tan lines with his tongue. Laura reacted in astonishing style like a girl who has hardly ever been stimulated by a man (In fact, she is 27, has had a long term boyfriend, and for the last two years has alternated between making a pittance as a shop assistant and making a decent living out of, well, erm… prostitution). She’s not confident about her body, thinks she’s too short and not pretty, and she’s half ashamed and half excited by the job she does. A combination that stimulated Muri enormously. Having paid for two shots, he enjoyed the first, doggy then mish, and preferred to spend the second half hour just stroking every inch of Laura’s fascinating body. “What, YOU are going to massage ME?” she exclaimed, before submitting. Mur massaged as if his life depended on it and this lovely young woman relaxed and purred as he relished the beautiful texture of her skin and the contrasting colour tones of the bikini lines. Some modest foot worship also came into the game.

Yes, all the symptoms of falling in L*** were there. Powerful, compelling sex. ‘envolvente’ as they say in Portuguese, again proving that the ‘automatic’ approach of the Brasilieras cannot compete with the authenticity of fucking a Portuguese girl, a woman who really could be the university student who lives next door, or the sexy creature whom you eye up behind the counter at the shopping centre.

Hard to recommend to fellow mongers because they may wonder what all the fuss was about. And hard to decide whether to go back because … no, not hard at all. Muri will be back, to see how those tan lines are coming along…

07-14-04, 21:17
Bruna’s place is ‘Mirage’. 967292270. Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 30A, 5th ‘D’. It’s opposite the Hotel Britannia. The street runs parallel to Avenida Liberdade to the E., handy for several hotels and for anyone touristing around Restauradores. Our upmarket brothels (Adonis is another) tend to ‘front’ as beauty spas, and Mirage does a full job. A mama-san dressed in white presides over a spotless foyer with a counter display of cosmetics and perfumes. The room where Muri enjoyed Bruna was impeccable, with the latest shower equipment, a massage table, and all the paraphernalia of expensive feelgood treatment. Expensive feelgood treatment (specialised) was just what Mur was seeking on a blazing hot afternoon, but after good clear direction on the phone he was disappointed to find that only one chica was free (though mama-san herself, with a friendly, ugly face, and big butt in tight trousers, looked fuckable…). Mur waited apprehensively. With the others chosen by hungry predecessors, would this one turn out to be the ‘house reject’? And if so, what to do? Turning her down might hurt her, and a gentleman does not willingly upset a lady. And walking out means descending to the burning streets in search of somewhere else to obey the body’s imperative.

No need to worry. After two minutes’ anxious delay, a lithe, bright-eyed sexy young woman announces herself as Bruna, and it is no sacrifice to accept her company.

She is one of those Brazilian mulattas whose skin is almost deep orange in colour. Her hair is a lion’s mane - fragrant ginger-blonde corkscrew curls down to the small of her straight back. Her eyes are clear amber, almost feline yellow. Ready smile, perfect teeth. Natural breasts, hard as unripe mangoes, with pink sensitive buds that stiffen under the tongue. Her arms, shoulders, thighs and calves are shapely, packed with firm muscle to stroke and knead. Yes, yes, this talk of firmness and muscle will make readers suspect that Muri is a latent homosexual, but there was nothing latent about his erection as he responded to Bruna’s taut body with some rigidity of his own. And those tan lines – a piquant delineation of the Empire of Venus. Muri feasted with eyes, hands and tongue, then managed to retain control in cowgirl, never easy for him – then eased into long slow lingering missionary and a joyful explosion.

A splendid young woman, twenty-three years of bliss. She did try to hurry along, because of two basic errors from your correspondent. First, he chose the €70 half-hour rather than the hour at €100. He wasn’t sure if he could come twice after lunch on a hot day; but it’s always worth buying 60 minutes at classy places, so as not to look like a rapid-fire cheapskate, and usually the lady is skilled enough to get you back up and thrusting even if it’s 40 degrees in the shade and you are 89 years old and have just consumed a bottle of Jack Daniels. Bruna would certainly have restored Muri for round two. Well, even veterans make mistakes, just ask shit-fer-brains Beckham if he’s taken a penalty recently.

Second error was not to stress the fact of permanent residence in Lisboa. Bruna flattered Muri’s adequate Portuguese, but he somehow forgot to respond, “sure, I live here.” Even if you are only in town for 8 hours, ALWAYS inform her that you are here for a while - she will certainly invest more effort. (OK, this is not true of the Romanians, but they are seriously weird) Readers who worry about telling a little white lie to a lady should exit this forum immediately and find a born-again Christian site.

Bruna’s ‘naked bikini’, the dark flesh and stark white tan lines, are worth a visit, gentlemen.
Bear in mind that (Bruna told me afterwards) because the girls of ‘Mirage’ worked non-stop during Euro2004 and since trade slows down in the summer, they are closing for the two middle weeks of August. But her delectable tan lines will last until November...

07-14-04, 21:18
Tan lines

Each season offers its own fetish to those who worship the subtle intimacies of the female.

Winter is the erotic striptease of overcoat, cashmere sweater, clinging heavy skirt, shiny boots, bra, pantyhose or woollen tights, at last revealing the hot scented flesh.

Springtime sees pretty little feet back in sight, nipples pushing at t-shirts, skimpy trousers with visible mini-panties, and midriffs exposed with tantalising tattoos or piercings.

Summer? Surrendering their gorgeous bodies to the sun as to a dominant male, our goddesses acquire tan lines, the shape of tiny bikinis sketched upon beautiful breasts and bums.

It hasn’t all been football and fucking for the working girls of Lisbon this summer. Two of them, at least, have enjoyed Sundays and 'feriados' on the beaches at Caparica or Carcavelos, cooking those turn-on tan lines, just so that Muri may trace them with fingers, lips and tongue…

The ladies deserve separate reports, and we begin with Bruna.

07-14-04, 21:41

A fan-fuckin-tastic report on your trip to Rafaela of Adonis.

(Brazilians do 'h' intead of 'r', and your interpreter is a young lady from Belo Horizonte).

Muri is proud to have been one of the contributors who put you on the happy path to Rua Braancamp, and his curiosity is aroused to sample this Angolan jewel some time soon. Angolans are not always deep black, there is another tasty coffee-coloured Angolana , Carina (not to be confused with hot Carina of Areeiro) who goes for €30 at Calçada Garcia.

Mur now feels apprehensive about your forthcoming report on Romania. Perhaps he has been too effusive about this scene, which has certainly declined since the police cruelly deported Mariana, Irina and Larissa just before Euro2004.

Mur has never been with Yonella; tell us the ghastly truth and do not spare our feelings. Maybe she is the same girl as, or the close companion of, the inert Georgina. A surreal experience for Muri about a month ago, so bad and so disgusting that afterwards he sat in the Restaurante Suiça with a double whisky just shaking with helpless laughter while the English, Swedish and Croatian football fans stared at him pityingly.

Once again - congratulations on a report which really gives us the full texture of a memorable encounter.

If only you dwelt permanently among us to help do justice to the sex and savour of this city...

Come back soon,


07-15-04, 00:11
Ah you guys do bring back great memories of mine. Back in the mid 70's, yes I'm an old guy, I visited Angola and Mozambique love the women. I can remember just the type you mention at t Adonis.

I'm an American and speak Portuguese hope to visit Portugal in Sept.

07-15-04, 03:38
[part 3]

this is part 3 of my four part report. the first part detailed a day of frustration and depression in which i searched in vain for the pleasures of this beautiful city, as described by you, the maestros of the fabulous wsf. the second part describes a success beyond successes at the delectable hands of rafaella (thanks muri for the note on portuguese pronunciation) of adonis. here, i will describe to you how from even the most elevated of plateaus, one may fall from grace with a single stroke of the dick.

i include a lot of details, which some people like and others dislike. i go into this level of detail because i feel it is a way to give back to the wsf. i have received a great amount of information and entertainment from you guys over the last few months, i would like to hereby return the favor. if this is not your cup of tea, my apologies. but i think some people may benefit from reading these details. and in the mean time, i hope that you can laugh and cry along with me as i recount my experiences.

rafaella had me on a high, and as i left rua braancamp and entered the metro at marques de pombal, i felt as if the world was my plaything. i was relaxed, happy, and back in that taoistic mind-set that i always strive for. that foolish grin of the horny monkey had been replaced by a peaceful, enlightened smile. what can one do after an experience of such significance? there can be only one answer: have a meal the likes of which even the gods would be envious. and i was in just the city to do that! so i took the metro downtown to baixa and found this fantastic little restaurant that served all kinds of wonderful portuguese delectables. it was expensive, mind you, but it was certainly worth it. i forget what it is called in portuguese, but what i ate was basically a beef steak that was more tender than i had ever had, with tasty potatoes and lots of garlic and onion. wonderful.

afterwards, as i sat in my chair contemplating what i had done in my previous lives to deserve such utter bliss, my mind started to wander. a note to aspiring sages: this is usually the first sign that something is wrong. when you are in a moment such as the moment i describe here, your mind should not be wandering – it should be reveling in that very moment. so i started to plan my next escapade in lisboa, and i started to recall the notes from this forum. after a moment of thought, i realized that i was just a few minutes from praça da figueira, a spot that has been famously described as harboring romanian lovelies.

one thing that i had failed to mention in my previous reports was that on my first day, as part of my frustrations, i had passed by these avenues in search of a romanian sighting, but alas i saw nothing (just adding to my frustration of that day). so on this day, it being of a later hour, i thought it might be useful to simply scope out the area in case i feel the need on one of my remaining days. so i whipped out my notes and found a fantastically detailed description by murilloa which stated that the romanians can be found on the corner of poço do borratem and rua condes de monsanto. next, i opened my hotel-issued tourist map and located poço do borratem, but there was no mention whatsoever of rua condes de monsanto. no problem, i figured it would be a nice walk in any case.

so i strolled down the hill with my belly full and my dick still tingling ever so slightly, feeling smug and happy with myself. the night was pleasant and the traffic was light, which made for an even better atmosphere. i walked down the south side of the praça and luckily glanced over and saw the name of the street which juts out of the south-east side of the praça - rua condes de monsanto! so this is such a small street that it does not appear on the tourist maps. i walked a further 20 yards and behold, the infamous romanian corner!

exactly as muri had described and in exactly the correct location, this was indeed the sw scene. i was quite resolute that no further humping was to be had this evening, and so i felt quite comfortable walking the gauntlet of sws. i took a deep breath and began my tour. a few paces in i was propositioned from the other side of the street by a big, black sw (aged in her early thirties perhaps) with too much make-up wearing a fur coat and black stockings. she pursed her lips and made that kissing sound to me. while this may be a serious turn-on for some guys, i myself find it immensely crass and off-putting. not that i was in the market for a sw, but this just made the decision, as my american friends say, a no-brainer. i walked on, leaving kissy to her own devices, still firm in my confidence and refusing to consider anything further tonight. about 20 paces down the street there was yet another fur-wearing sw, but this time of a decidedly more east european persuasion and significantly younger in age (perhaps early twenties). she had lovely blonde curled locks cascading down her shoulders, with a fair amount of make-up and a rather strong expression on her face. as i approached my will began to weaken and i felt a stirring in my loins. i approached as casually as i could and i suddenly realized that were i to proposition this lady (not that i was of course, remember, i had already had mine tonight) what would i say? as you know by now, the virility i showed (in my mind at least) with rafaella belies the linguistic impotence that lies at the heart of my problems in lisboa. so that was it, the last straw, i decided that i would walk through this street, straight to the metro and back to my hotel room. as i passed her she suddenly shouted something out at me which i did not understand. i think it was ‘puta!’, which i later looked up in my berlitz dictionary and found to mean wh*re. that makes sense.

the aggressiveness of her bark coupled with my newly made resolution to return to my hotel room resulted in me just walking on through, like a perfectly enlightened guru drifting past all the troubles in the world. as i walked away i took a few short breaths and felt considerably better, as if a load had been lifted from my shoulders. but i was not out of the woods yet. as if fate sensed my weakness, about 20 paces down from the golden-locked puta, i spied a jewel in the rough standing quite innocently at a corner (this was not a street corner, just a little jut in the road that caused a small corner for her to stand at. it’s hard to explain). there she was, standing like a young, elegant statue, looking across the street so that i had the perfect profile view of her. i wasn’t sure she was a sw, as she was far too carefully presented and seemed a little young (she looked like she was in her late teens). she had red hair, neatly and tightly tied behind her head; porcelain skin the kind you find in vista alegre stores dotted throughout portugal; she had a jean jacket on and a knee-length skirt. as i approached she turned to me and an ever-so-slight smile crept to her face. foolishly, i mistook this for something that it wasn’t - i later found out the smile was because she had just identified another mark.

as taken as i was with her appearance, i still felt the need to walk away, so to my credit i continued past her. but she called after me in a small, alluring voice (nothing like puta), and being the stooge that i am, i turned. she rattled something off in portuguese, and all i caught were a few words: ….pensão…sexo… cinquenta…

now i was confused. i distinctly recall muri’s description of the romanian sw deal as involving simple fs in exchange for 25 of europe’s finest. if i understood correctly, this soft-spoken red-head temptress was asking for twice that amount. if true, i attributed this to the euro 2004 effect. however, i was not sure that she had asked for 50 euros - as those of you who have had the experience of learning a foreign language can attest, the numbers are not easy to master, especially the 40s-90s. without my trusty berlitz pocket guide to help me, i didn’t want to agree to any sort of deal, especially if it involved being over charged by two times the regular rate. so out came my most well-practiced phrase: “falla ingles?” response: “huh?” so i thought back to my days on the los angeles bus system, and recalling some spanish i said “quanto?” and she repeated “cinquenta” so i ran through the numbers in my head (tres, quarto, cinco, seis…wow, wow, that’s too much), and so, recalling that in italian 20 is venti, i said “nao, venti” and held up two fingers.

she scoffed, turned her head around, and her pony tail whipped around (an effect i rather find pleasant). she then went on in portuguese (although it could have been romanian, i don’t know) about pensão, sexo, and some other things. as she talked, i looked straight at her face and watched the way her hands moved. she was chewing gum, not a great turn on, but it allowed me to see the movement and texture of her lips. such close inspection allowed me to also notice that she had these small red freckles dotting her cheeks and neck. i also noticed the fine texture of her hands, and how well groomed they were. a gum-chewer often has bitten-down nails (nervous energy), but her nails were well-groomed and carefully tended. as i have said before, that goes a long way in this business. i felt the all-too-familiar stir in my pants, and i felt shame. what in the name of all that is holy are you getting all worked up over? you just had the most magnificent fuck with an exotic, gorgeous angolan beauty in adonis, why do you want to go and spoil that? no, just walk away, go home and you will sleep very well tonight. you are king right now, don’t [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) that away.

i said “ok, ok, venti cinco”, and she countered with “trenta”, and i said “vamos”. notice how easily and quickly my resolution to return to my hotel disappeared. in fact, i didn’t even realize that my mind had changed until we started trudging back down the street towards the pensao. as i walked behind her back towards punta and kissy, i realized that i was walking behind a sw with the whole world to see. it was excruciatingly obvious, and that walk lasted a life time. i’m not a particularly shy person, but this really was a little too sordid. also, as we walked, i noticed the way she walked, and it wasn’t all that pretty. she walked on her toes, but she kind of fell forward and stopped her fall with her stride. it made for a terribly inelegant gait, which was the first sign of things to come. as we crossed the street she yells out at the top of her lungs to puta something in some language, which could very well have translated to “hey puta, i’ve got myself a right ******* here, i’m going to fleece him of his cash and i’ll be right down to split that filhós with you.” perhaps most off-putting about this turn of events was that the quiet, demure girl that i thought i had propositioned had turned into a loping, loud-mouthed, street urchin.

the pensão was right there in the middle of the street, the door perhaps 20 meters from the corner of poço do borratem and rua condes de monsanto. she pressed the button and screamed her name “yonella!!!” the buzz couldn’t come soon enough, after which we were climbing the rickety wooden stairs. they were exactly as muri had described them: steep, dirty, dark. as we climbed i checked out her ass. the jean jacket came down to cover half her ass, so i couldn’t see all that much. but it looked fit and definitely acceptable. when we reached the top of the stairs, a young guy came out of the door with a sheepish look on his face. here was an awkward moment. he and i were face to face for a second, both trying to avoid eye contact, but i could see that he was definitely ashamed of being there. thinking back now, perhaps it wasn’t simply a case of moral shame, i think it was more than that. i think this guy had just gone through what i was about to go through, and he was ashamed that he had stooped so low. but at the time i didn’t know that of course, and i felt sorry for the guy. i hope this guy was none of the most esteemed readers of this forum, and if so, my deepest apologies.

so we walk in and turn right and then left into the first room. it’s a large spacious room with an open window (i know, i wanted that window closed, but there didn’t appear to be any chance of being seen). there was a large bed in the middle of the room covered with a dirty green cover. to the right next to the entrance was a small wash basin and a bidet. the floors were hard wood and extremely dusty and dirty. i followed her in, but she promptly turned around and screamed at the top of her lungs something i couldn’t understand. for a second i thought she had gone completely mad and was screaming at me. perhaps she was schizophrenic and was having an episode or something. but then i heard a man’s voice from some other room shouting back at her. she stormed out of the room and i peered around the corner to see a brute of a man hand her a couple of “towels”. i could probably take el bruto, if i had four or five big friends.

she closed the door and held out her hand for the money. i would ordinarily argue with her that i would pay her afterwards, but i was already suspecting this was a lost cause, so i handed over the 30 euros. she started to take off her clothes and grunted at me to take off my clothes. so i crossed the room to where there was a small chair, and started to disrobe. as i disrobed i watched her take off her clothes. as she revealed her body, i must say that i was pleasantly surprised. she had exquisite skin, perfectly smooth and pale, with just that tinge of reddish-pink that comes with red-heads. she removed her blouse to reveal two large, ripe, round breasts. as the bra came off i couldn’t help admiring the small, pink nipples – quite extraordinary. as she moved about the business of disrobing, i watched the way the breasts moved and i decided they were obvious implants. that got me to thinking: implants cost money, and how does a poor ee teenager afford such an investment. anyway, below her beautiful breasts was a tight midsection that was certainly worth further investigation, should the opportunity ever arise.

but as she took off her skirt, i saw something that literally made me recoil – she revealed her feet, which were dirty beyond belief. her toe-nails had not been cut in months, and there was dirt (at least i hope it was dirt) under her toe nails. i thought this to be a little unfair. after all, i had agreed to the deal under the (false) impression that she was a well-manicured, carefully groomed individual (recall references to her nails and hair earlier). now she was showing her true self, and it was not very pleasant. i considered asking for my money back, but then i thought about the difficulties involved in this (both of the linguistic sort as well as the el bruto sort) and decided against it.

so she takes one of the “towels” and walks over to the bidet and cleans herself very thoroughly (almost too thoroughly, i thought she was going to hurt herself). as she was doing this her feet were straining and stretching, and i just couldn’t imagine that i was about to be intimate with her. but at the same time i was watching those magnificent breasts bounce and swing, and i was getting an erection. how screwed up am i? she grunts at me and motions for me to clean myself with the “towel”. so i cross the room to the sink and pick up the remaining “towel”. this was a rag of pink cloth that looked absolutely vile. it looked like it had been rubbed against every euro 2004 fan’s penis and asshole several times over, and was now being handed to me for me to nicely wipe all over my most precious possession. i would have flat-out rejected such a notion, except when i picked it up it actually felt clean. it clearly had been washed and had in fact been neatly folded. this was a shocker. so i duly cleaned myself.

she had in the meantime mounted herself on the bed, sitting on her ass with her head propped on the headboard and her legs bent, as if she was getting ready to give birth. it wasn’t the most appealing position because it put her feet in a very prominent position. she grunted to me and motioned that i should start my business. now those of you who have read my reports carefully will recognize that while i am not the most romantic of individuals, i am somewhat sensitive to the niceties of courtship. i like the pleasantries, i like the foreplay and i like the social aspects of this activity that we all indulge in. this was just a little too direct for me. “come…fuck me…be done with it…i have filhós to share with puta…”

no. i paid a good 30 euros, i will have it my way. so i walked over to her and before i could say anything she whipped out a condom, ripped it open and slapped it into my hand, grunting that i should put it on. ok, so i put it on. then i turned to her and asked her “quanto anos?” and she replied “dezenove”. this continued for a few minutes, during which time i found out that she was indeed romanian, she had been here for one year, and no, she will not spit out that fricking gum that she is chewing. so if she is going to give me this attitude, i just decided to have some fun. i was still standing besides her while she was in the pregnancy position, and i grabbed her boobs and started to roughly play with them, and holy crap! they were real! i couldn’t believe it, these perfectly spherical, perfectly firm, perfectly beautiful creations were in fact a creation, nay, a marvel of nature itself! they were not only perfectly round and firm, they were huge! i put both my hands around one of them and they did not fill my two hands together. recall from my earlier report what i did with rafaellas bottom, i tried to replicate here with yonella’s breasts: i squeezed, slapped, pinched, rubbed, kneaded, spread, squished and flat out molested them. this in itself was almost worth the cost of admission (not quite).

she tolerated this for about 60 seconds, after which she grunted for me to mount her and be done with it. my member was raging at this point, not more than two hours since finishing with rafaella, ready for another round. i told her to flip over, because of my well-documented penchant for rear-ends. she refused. she gave me some bs about something to do with her digestive system (indicated by her patting her belly), which i didn’t understand (although it did sound familiar from a post on the wsf). i insisted that she should flip over, and she protested again. i insisted once more (man, this was not good), and she gave me the old belly-rub again. so i cocked my head and gave her the universal sign for “what’s the deal man?”, after which she reluctantly agreed. she flipped over and revealed her ass. and whoa, no, that was not the site i had been expecting! it looked dirty and not well tended at all – certainly not the kind of thing i would enjoy looking at (or smelling) while trying to satisfy nature’s prime directive. so i changed my mind immediately. i told her to flip back over, for which she was very happy, and i hastily jumped onto the bed. i inspected her pubic region which was partially shaven, although i think her pubic hair was sparse to begin with. her pussy was a bright red color, the color of ripe pomegranate seeds. in fact, it looked as if it was bleeding, and i thought “oh crap, is it her period?” but no, on closer inspection i realized that is just her color, as evidenced by her hair and her skin. so i slid into her pussy and started to pump. as i did that i looked down and (damn it!) i just couldn’t get the sight of her feet out of my line of vision. they were right next to me, as she sat there with her legs bent and knees pointing up. so i pulled out and i said “nada”. she grunted, indicating “what?” and i pointed down and said “nada”. so she started chattering in some language and grabbed my limp dick and started to rub and squeeze and, yes, even slap. this was not what i would call a hand job, it was more like mechanical stimulation designed to force blood into the penis and allow me to then penetrate.

needless to say this was not doing anything for me, so i decided to go for the only thing that would work for me at this point: her beautiful boobs. so i went to work, and after a while i became hard from the sight of her boobs being squeezed and massaged, and she slipped me into her. i fucked and squeezed for a good 10 minutes, making her very impatient, but who the hell cares. i fucked and squeezed, carefully averting my eyes from her feet and instead fixing my gaze on what i was doing to her tits. meanwhile she sat there chewing her gum and looking entirely disinterested. as i fucked her, i was vaguely aware of the fact that my balls were rubbing against the bed-spread, and given that this was clearly her position of choice, i tried not to think about all the other hundreds of men whose balls had rubbed exactly on that same spot. yah, i know.

after what seemed like an eternity, i finally came. it was an ejaculation of relief in the sense that i could now get the fuck out of this place. but that was the only satisfaction that came from this experience, and the shame was already all around me. i was sickened to the stomach for how low i had sunk – why the hell did i do it?? i had just had a beautiful experience with a goddess in adonis, why would i demean myself with this cheap, sordid, dirty, unsatisfying, uninspired, despicable act?

i cleaned up, and as we left the room yonella went to find el bruto and slipped him some cash. we walked down the stairs and as we approached the door i asked her how much she had given him. she said cinco, but she may have been lying. the door opened, and she walked away from me without looking back or acknowledging me again. she walked straight over to puta and kissy and it looked like they were discussing where to get their filhós from.

i, on the other hand, made haste for the metro, went directly to my hotel room and went straight into the shower. i literally scalded myself with hot water as i scrubbed and re-scrubbed myself for almost forty five minutes in the shower trying to rid myself of the memory that was yonella. out damn’d spot! out i say.

so, here’s my final assessment of this dreadful event. first, the romanian sws are easy to find and i suspect a great deal of fun. however, as this report shows, ymmv. muri himself has reported on some fantastic experiences, and at the same time, some god-awful experiences. i think i just got some bad luck after i had expended it all in adonis. additionally, this happened just hours after rafaella, and so the juxtaposition perhaps added to my disappointment. my suggestion to those visiting lisboa (and i guess to locals as well, although i wouldn’t presume to advise you) would be to give the sws a shot, but be careful. first of all, avoid yonella at all costs. she survives on false impressions, as you can see from how easily i was duped. and she does absolutely nothing during the act, except incessantly chew her gum. and second, don’t expect too much from this. you will get a simple fuck and nothing more. if you are looking for a place to dump your sperm then this will do it for you. but if you are looking for an inspiring, memorable life-time event, don’t bother.

in my next (and final) installment i will describe to you my last day in this wonderful, beautiful city you all take for granted. it includes a visit to rua rodrigo da fonseca / rua artilharia, and a second (less successful) visit to adonis.

adeus until then.

Ruca In London
07-15-04, 11:23
Some nice sites of ladies in Lisbon:

Leviana.web.pt: http://casal.alojamentos.org/relax/id40.htm

Portal Privado: http://www.portalprivado.com/index1.htm

Has anyone tried any of the ladies?

07-15-04, 15:44
Hi all,

I've been out of town for a while and haven't been roaming the clubs or houses for sometime now. Anyway I went to Black Tie to check it out and can confirm everything that Zé Duron says.

Black Tie is a club located near the other clubs (Gallery and Elefante Branco). The door policy is similiar to the other clubs and if the doormen don't recognize you as a usual customer they will request money at the door which can later be used to purchase drinks. When you walk in you have to go down quite a few flights of stairs until you reach the club. The decoration is pretty old and it is quite dark in there. There are tables around the dance floor but these are for customers with bottles and regulars that come in everyday, I think. The club is open until the early hours of the morning but I found out that most of the girls start arriving here after 4.00am when the other big clubs close. The routine is the same and as in the other clubs negotiation is the key. Prices vary depending on those negotiation skills and also on how much the girl is willing to go out with a customer. But I figure that these girls come here after the clubs because they didn't work before and need to by the end of the night. The other possibility is that they need the extra cash or that they just love their work!

That said, I met a blonde girl that usually works at Gallery named Eduarda. She is about 1,70mts, nice C size cups and a perfect, firm round ass. As has been mentioned before by Mur, the tan lines on her body are extremely sexy and very enticing... We chatted for a while, she had a beer and I had my traditional Johhnie Walker. After about half an hour we agreed on 125 EUR (she started at 200 EUR) and left. A little more expensive then the houses but she was a club girl and 125 EUR to me at the time was very good. She took me to a pensão near Av. Liberdade called Sereia, which is where I guess most of the girls go. The room was 30 EUR, it was nice and clean, fresh sheets, TV with porn if required, music and AC. Not a bad deal for 30 EUR.

In the room Eduarda was very friendly and allowed lots of kissing and touching. She did a little striptease number, a little more kissing and took me to the shower. We showered together and had some more wet fun in the shower and then moved on to the bed for the main course. She started with a BBBJ and I returned as we got in the 69 position for a few minutes. Then the standard positions, cowgirl, miss and doggie for the final. We lay on the bed for quite a while talking and chatting. I think that if I had wanted I coulda gone for the second pop, but it was already 6.00am and I was tired. In any case the guy that rents the room started knocking on the door saying that the hour had passed. When we left, the waiting room had 2 more couples waiting for rooms, so I guess that was the reason the man was knocking at the door. All in all it was a good experience and I can reccomend Eduarda to anyone. I have her phone number if anyone would like to meet her in the afternoon, just PM me.

Also, a friend of mine went to a house near IC19 (the road that goes from Lisbon to Sintra) that has a website and he liked it very much. http://www.piriguetis.com/ I plan on visiting this place soon and reporting back on it. But according to my friend this is a must visit house.

Tchau e um abraço,


Zé Duron
07-16-04, 01:54
Official Thank You letter for Kumbo,

A great Guest to share our streets with

First of all: Be welcomed!

Reading tru your reports I couldnt stop thinking about how good your writing skills are, the detail is very good, not beeing tiering at all.

In fact getting the reader from tracking you down as a shadow to making him stumble across filosophic thinking is a great mix that turn these reports memorable.

The rerferals to culture and gastronomic feasting are brilliant and show that the reader is true gentleman, a modern man that knows that the essential pleasures don´t die off after leaving the brothel.

Your writing is realistic, but also envolving, creating a great atmosphere, closing the gap between fiction and the real view from an experimented deer hunter.

I can only thank you for first sharing your experienace and second doing it in such a great way!

After our great Muri, the house Connoseur we have had the privilege to share our streets with a

07-16-04, 10:22
Tried to go to http://www.piriguetis.com/ last evening and this is a place worth SKIPPING!!! The way they conduct business is awful, the trouble to get there is incredible and last the girls they advertise are never in.

Lets try to detail the situation. I started chatting with one of the girls using MSN messenger as they advertise their username. She told me the place was in Oeiras, near Tagus Park, that there were 4 girls there and she said the names of the girls from the website. From the pics on the website, some of the girls seem very interesting and the 50 EUR half hour option seemed very intersting. From the chat on MSN she the girl said to call 10 minutes before arrival and she would give me further details on how to get to the place.

So when I was on the highway to Cascais, I give them a call and say that I'm 10 mins away and ask how to proceed. A girl named Ana (there is no Ana on the website) answers the phone and asks where I am. When I reply that I am on the highway, she says that I should go to the MickeyD near Tagus Park and call her back. I'm already thinking that this is too much hassle and too many phone calls, but decide that I should try it as the girls in the website are really nice.

Anyway as I arrive at the MickeyD, I call back and a guy answers the phone this time saying that he is almost getting to the place and is coming with 4 girls!!! I ask him if I had the right number, because I had just spoken to a girl that was in a house that was supposed to give me directions!!! His answer is that it is the correct number and that he is driving the 4 girls to the house, that he is on the highway and is 5 minutes away. This is starting to get very freaky and wierd... how do these people plan on doing business if they expect their customers to wait so long???

But again I decide to wait and see the girls, because at 50 EUR these girls are very hot. So once again I call back past 15 minutes and finally I get directions. I was told to go to São Marcos (an area very close by with lots of apartment buildings) stop by the Banco Totta and call them back... All these call backs and paranoia on their part is extremely strange, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and start thinking that Pamela (girl from the site that was supposed to be there) will make all this hassle worthwhile.

So there I am parked in front of the Bank, calling on my cell phone. The new instructions are to park look for number 33 and the apartment number is 5-B. Finally I have a final destination and in a short time I shall be with the perfect bodied Pamela. The whole area is comprised to relatively new buildings and it seems to be a safe area. So I ring the buzzer and go inside. Up to the fifth floor and ring the doorbell. Strange thing when the door opened as the girl that opened the door was hiding behind the door so it seemed like the door was opening by itself.

When I walk in there is a overweight, short girl inside (she opened the door) with big breasts. I quickly look around the house and see 4 closed doors which I assume are the bedrooms and I was led into a small living room with a computer and webcam. At this point I thought the girl that greeted me was going to call in the girls so they could introduce themselves (SOP) and I would then pick who I liked. But how WRONG I was!!! She said that she was the only girl available at that time but that in about 30 mins another girl would be available.

I told her that I had just spoken to a guy that said he was coming with 4 girls and they were the girls on the website. She responded that they had come, 2 left right away to be with other customers, and that they had a customer waiting downstairs that had just taken a girl. So she was the only available one. First off this girl was not in my particular taste and wasn't on the website. Supposedly they knew I was coming (from all the phone call we exchanged) would it have hurt them to wait for a few minutes so as I could meet some of the girls, if they exist? Lot of bad things happened during this whole ordeal and I think that I have learned a few things for my next experiences.

Anyway false advertising is not the way to go, as I firmly believe that the girl I met is probably the only one that works there. Also they need to get in touch with their customers... and like I learned in business school, it is more expensive to get a new customer than to maintain an existing customer. I will never go back there again, and the first thing I did this morning was write this review here on the board so I could pass this information to all hobbyists. So this is one of those places to avoid.

Finally, the idiot that was answering the calls, called me back 1h30 mins later and said that they now had 2 girls available, one of which I had already met. I told him to forget about it and put real pictures of the girls on the website to see how many more customers they get...

Tchau e um abraço,


Marc Of
07-16-04, 12:02
Hi Folks,

So I have just retuned from my trip to Lisboa and wanted to share
my experiences with you.

Some of you have recommended Carina to me and after a number
of fruitless calls I finally managed to meet her. Her attitude is indeed great. However, she was VERY rushed when I met her. Maybe I came at an inconvenient time, I don't know. All throughout or meeting she kept disappearing. Moreover, I had to take a cold shower since their heating was broken.

Well, in the short time, she gave me a nice BBBJ after which she started riding me. She then did some more sucking, until I came in her mouth.

All in all, it could have been much nicer I she hadn't been that rushed.

During my stay, I also tried some of the girls on the streets in the center, however, that was a waste of money. The two girls I tried were cheap (40 and 25 EUR), but one in the room they lost any interest in pleasing you. They did not bother to fully undress and one of them was lying on the bad like a corpse. She was looking out of the window and yawning. Clearly, this was not what one considers a turn-on, so after about 5 minutes I walked out on her.

I will be back in Portugal in a couple of weeks and see if I can make use of the recent recomendations.

07-17-04, 01:08
[Part 4]

Dear WSG Forum members,
This is the last in my four part story of my escapades in the beautiful city of Lisboa. This installment will be significantly shorter than the previous three, since many of the details have already been described earlier. I thank you for your patience. And I hope some of you may have benefited from the details provided earlier. Should anyone require additional details about this report (or any other), please feel free to PM me.

One note, before I get into the report. I must say that writing these reports is extremely time-consuming. I have been inspired by the regular contributors to this forum, most notably the English gentleman Mur, the Portuguese warrior Zé Duron, and others such as Mutrix and Spud. It was your dedicated, entertaining, and informative reports that helped me enjoy the bounties of your city, and I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Additionally, the kind words that you have all lavished upon me are far, far too kind (e.g., posts from Mur and Zé Duron). As I say above, it was in fact YOU gentlemen who inspired me to report in the length and detail that I did, and so it is you who should be congratulated. Through your continued and consistent reports over (at least) the last year, you have allowed countless WSG forum readers to partake in the pleasures of your city. And for that we are indebted to you. May we all find the pleasures we so diligently seek out.

On my third day I had to spend the entire day doing official business. In the evening I had to go to dinner with a group of colleagues, and we went to this huge mall called the Columbo shopping center (at the Colégio Militar metro stop on the blue line). We ate at a restaurant that was “Madeira style”, which means that they serve huge spits of meat at your table. It was quite delicious, as our group shared several different styles of meat. Afterwards I left my group and walked around the mall a little, belly full, dick quite limp. I considered some night activity at places like Black Tie, Gallery, or Elefante Branco, but after a full day at work I was beat, so I went back to the hotel and slept like a baby.

The next day was a Saturday, and this is the chain of events: all morning I was touristing around. I visited the castle on the hill (Castelo de São Jorge), the Rossio, I carefully avoided the Romanian corner for fear of running into either of the three SWs described in my previous report. I then went to El Corte Ingles to do some shopping (they had a sale on some touristy items like Portuguese decorative tiles, some curios, some porcelain) and I had lunch there. After lunch I pulled out my WSG notes and constructed my plan of attack. I decided to do the following. First, I would walk down the hill to Adonis and see what the action was like. Given that it was Saturday, I expected a slow evening. If that didn’t work out I would walk up the hill to Rua Artilharia Um and Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca. It looked fairly close on the map, so I figured I could walk it.

The walk down to Rua Braamcamp was about 15 minutes downhill so it was not a problem. When I go to Adonis it was about 3pm, and the same English speaking provider was there to act as interpreter. She explained that on Saturday it is very slow so there are only two other girls plus her. Let this be a warning to those visiting Lisboa – if you must make one day your primary day for such activities, avoid Saturday. So she called each of them in. The first was a very ordinary looking girl, perhaps in her early thirties, medium height and build, large breasts and a very heavy ass. Not my type. Next was, believe it or not, Rafaela! Ok, so you’re thinking – great! But no. See, I had already had my experience with her, and quite frankly I was not inclined to spoil it by going for a second round. I wanted to savor my memory of her as I had experienced it. If I repeat, there was an excellent chance that all of that would be shattered. You have to recognize a good thing when it comes, and more importantly, never take too much of a good thing. So when my interpreter came back in, I asked her to explain to Rafaela that it was not her, it was me, blah blah blah. She understood perfectly fine, and gave me a business card for the next time that I wanted to visit so that I could call ahead. This is what it says:

Adónis Health Club
Medicina Natural
Emagrecimento e Manutencão
Jacuzzi e Banho Turco
Ginástica passive e de esforco
Espaco Relaxante

Rua Braamcamp, 22 - 1º- 1250-050 Lisboa
Telef: 21 386 76 38 – www.adonishealthclub.com

So I walked out, down the hill and made for Rua Artilha Um. When approaching the Marques de Pombal, according to my map Rua Artilha Um is to the left up the hill. Man, it is quite a walk up the hill to that area. You walk past the Meridian hotel and the Ritz (there was all sorst of construction going on, making it dusty, noisy and not very pleasant) and then you get into this quiet residential neighborhood. I walked around a little, waiting for the sun to descend a little. I walked to the very end of those streets (until it hit Rua Marques da Fronteira, I think that’s the name of the street) and saw a group of people congregated outside this huge installation. I had no idea what it was so I walked over for a look. I noticed that the people in the crowd were mostly black, although there were some Portuguese looking people too. Most of them were women, children and very old people, which was odd. As I approached I realized the huge installation that they were waiting to gain access to was a prison! That made sense, that the wives, children and parents of the criminals were waiting to get in and visit on a Saturday afternoon. So I about-turned and came back.

I walked all over that area and found no SWs at all. I figured it was too early, so I stopped in a small café and had a coffee and pastry (man, you people in Portugal know how to enjoy life. The coffee is fantastic and the variety and quality of pastries is just superb. I usually don’t like such tasties, but I couldn’t resist). I hung around for about an hour and a half, and then went out and did another run around the streets.

I finally spotted a couple of SWs on Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca almost exactly where Spud had found them (he posted a small photo of a map that shows this area very well). I found them a little closer to the corner of Rua Padre Antonio Vieira. There were two of them, both EE looking. One of them had short bleached-blonde hair, very clean looking. She appeared to have brown eyes (I think), and she was wearing tight leather pants. What a give away. The other was wearing jeans and a white blouse. She had light brown hair that was tied in a pony tail with a pink scrungee. As I approached they both started to talk in Portuguese (even to my non-native ear it did sound broken), and I asked them if they spoke English (Não). So they started to negotiate, starting at cinquenta. I think it must be the English thing – they figure they can start high. I said no, 20. At this, they laughed loud and heartily, slapping their knees joyfully at the sheer absurdity. In any case, we negotiated for a while, all the time I was looking very carefully at their finger nails, teeth and most importantly their feet. The blonde had closed-toe shoes, so she was out of the running immediately. The other had sexy black high heels on, and her toes looked clean and well-tended (pink toe-polish on in fact). So we negotiated for almost 3 minutes, during which time the price fell from 50 euros to 30 euros, back up to 65 euros for both of them at the same time, then down to 50 euros for one of them with anal, and then up to 100 euros for both of them with anal. I was delighted with the offer of anal, as this is a rare pleasure these days. I thought very carefully about the last option, as I have never had the pleasure of a double bang, especially a double anal bang. But one thing that I am not, my friends, is greedy, and I know my limits, so I decided on a single anal entry from the cleaner of the two.

We walked not more than 2 minutes, trying our best to talk along the way (incidentally, on the way to the pensão I noticed a more Portuguesa-looking SW, perhaps in her mid-thirties, but very shapely). In discussions with my selected SW, I discovered that her name is Yana (her friend’s name is Stella), she’s been here for 3 months, she’s 25 years old from Romania. She came for Euro 2004, and she’s going back soon. This walk was significantly less uncomfortable than the walk I took with Yonella because there were very few people around (the entire neighborhood is very quiet). We walked to a pensão that looked like it should have been condemned about 20 years ago. The door was almost falling off the hinges, the stairs were old and rickety, and the cement was cracking and breaking in places. We stopped in a second floor room, that was surprisingly open and breezy. There was a separate bathroom and a pile of clean towels. We undressed, and I inspected her body with a careful eye before she went into the bathroom to clean herself. A few minutes later she emerged and I went in and cleaned myself, to return to a beautiful vision of her in all her splendor.

She was about 5’5” with a slim, tight body. She had brown freckles all over her body (which were fine), small breasts (maybe an A cup), and what looked like thick, strong bones. She certainly looked like an athlete of some sort, perhaps a middle distance runner. She had slightly heavy thighs, but they were clearly muscular and not flabby. But most importantly for me, she had an ass that was very easy on the eyes. It was not quite as voluptuous as Rafaela’s, but it was shapely and looked much harder and tighter. Things were looking up, figuratively and literally.

She walked over to me and presented her naked body to me. I put my hands on her cheeks (face), and slowly rubbed my hands down her face, around her neck, onto her flat chest and large, brown nipples, past her athlete’s midsection and onto her hips, where I lingered as I knelt besides her pussy. I was tempted to kiss, but I am scrupulous with my health when it comes to SWs. My mouth will not touch skin – I’m not sure why that is, but I just can’t do it. Even with Yonella’s beautiful breasts, as tempted as I was to sink teeth into the plentiful, firm flesh, I would not do it for fear of who else has salivated on that spot. I turned her around and inspected her ass - as I had thought, tight, firm and very pleasing. I noticed those small, fine hairs that some girls have on their asses (as opposed to the coarse, long hairs that men have on their butts), and it was kind of a turn on.

She turned back around, knelt as I stood, and took my penis into her mouth. That rascal had had a condom in her mouth this whole time waiting to apply it to me! So she did her rather uninspired BJ for a few minutes, and then lay down on the bed for me to mount her. I worked the mish for a few minutes and then got impatient – I was here for one thing and one thing only, and that was the back door. So she reaches over into her purse and takes out some lube and lubes up my penis, and then flips over into doggy position and applies plenty of lube to her ass, and indicates to me that the road is open to traffic, but proceed with caution. I slowly entered her ass, and it was like fireworks on the 4th of July. Tight was the feeling, but more than that the vision of her ass being spread by my member was really just too much to bear. I pulled out for fear of exploding after a mere three strokes! What am I, a teenager again? She showed some annoyance at this, quite understandably, so I tried once more. This time I only entered as far as the head and I pumped very slowly and carefully. But who was I kidding, this was not going to last very long, so I decided to open up and have some fun. So I slowly entered her all the way (which I think hurt her a little, but she took it like a trooper) and pulled out all the way, and I did this four more rhythmic times, each time getting more and more forceful, and mercifully this resulted in the desired result – satisfaction of the first order.

We cleaned up, I paid her the 50 euros, and I walked out a free man. I walked past the prison on my way to El Corte Ingles and shuddered at the thought of what other sorts of ass-sex is going on in there. At the Corte I had a tasty coffee at a café in the basement before heading back to my hotel one final time.

I left the next morning (the bastard taxi driver tried to charge me 15 euros for a 5 minute trip to the airport. He claimed that my two carry-on pieces of luggage (which went into the back seat with me) were an additional 4 euros each. I paid the dick wad 7 euros and walked off). As I sat in the window seat of the Continental Airlines airplane looking down at the city of Lisboa as the plane lifted up into the clouds, the stranger next to me handed me a tissue as a tear crept down my cheek (I’m just kidding, but I was sad). The next time I return I will be armed with better control of the language, as well as contact information not only of the beautiful ladies of the night, but the refined gentlemen who ply their beds with frequency and skill (read: Mur, Zé Duron, and others).

This brings us to the end of my story, one which I dedicate to the fantastic permanent members of the Lisbon section of the WSG Forum. Thanks gentlemen. I envy you your city, and I wish you all the best of luck in your impending activities. If ever you plan to fly westward to the land of Evangelical Christians and fanatical Republicans, be prepared for a rude awakening – you will not find the sorts of pleasures you have become accustomed to, but you could still have a good time. Be sure to PM me if you are in my area and we will make sure you have the best possible time.


Harry Hymes
07-17-04, 13:11

Yesterday I had to deliver a letter from a veteran to the Governador Militar de Lisboa. The old guy who asked me the favour gave me an adress near Xabregas. There were indeed army quarters in the address he gave me, but they instructed me that the right place was actually near "El Corte Inglés". To get there, I was not able to do another core, which I had to postpone until Monday. So, here I was, at 4.50 pm in a Lisbon square with the Governo Militar de Lisboa on my back, when I noticed a plaque in a building stating "Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira". That clicked something. My next appointment was at 6.00 pm, so I had more or less 40 minutes of available time. The car parking was covered for one hour and I had some 5 notes of 20 euros in the pockect. I took my notepad out and checked an address that I got from this forum. I was practically in front of it.

As I see it, I was driven there in circumstances I didn't control. Superior forces placed me in that spot in those particulars. So I just had to ring that bell, or certainly some divine wrath would be upon me. We must be very carefull with clear and present signs from above! So I did what I had to do.

I was attended by a not so atractive Brazilian woman who gave the name of Susana, if I remember well. I had to wait a bit before someone left and I was presented to 4 or 5 other girls, Portuguese, Brazilian and Angolan, in several shades between white and chocolate. They were all creditable tributes to the female of the species.

One of them was Vitoria, of course. I thought to myself that this is a hell of a beautiful girl. I was proposed 50 euros for one of the girls or 75 euros for a session with two. I chose this latter option, which seemed good business, and ended paying 80 euros for Vitoria and said Susana.

It was a 100% safe sex operation (the girls used 4 condoms, changing it everytime I went from one to the other). And there was no anal. Well, Susana was not so bad in bed, but Vitoria was just great. The girl was not only beautiful, she was attentive, caring, not hurried at all (something I cannot say of Carina, for instance; I'll have to give her another try one of these days). She was nice and sweet and smiling throughout. I did not expect this. Was it because there was another girl on that bed or is she always like that? I definitely have to check it out again.

From the basis of this experience, I'd say that this girl should be on the top three or the top five of the sex tour of Lisbon (bearing in mind that the experience will be just CBJ and a straight fuck, or so I suppose; but as it goes, it was bliss).

I have this one to thank ZD and Mur, of course.

My latest sex forays before this were another session with Vanda and a BBBJTC with an Angolan SW called Vanessa, which was quite good.

07-17-04, 23:18

I suppose you have signed off, for a while, after your fourth brilliant posting on our lovely city.

Just another word of thanks for your reports, which are everything they should be, not only giving useful information to present and future mongers but also offering us a taste of real life in Lisbon, a genuine feel for the big highs and deep lows of the mongering hobby, and some philosophy as well.

This should have been a private message but I'm sure I speak for all Lisbon mongers in thanking you and wishing you well.

And as you have correctly indicated, we Lisbon boys should not take our beautiful city for granted. Even after a horrible Yonella-style experience, we must look up at the summer sky and the silhouette of the castle, and tell ourselves that life is sweet.

For all the other gentlemen, allow Muri to take a day's rest before reminding you of Paula of São João. Just as a foretaste: this is a lady who goes to the nudist beach, so instead of the fetish tan lines, we are talking about a smooth, dark, all over bronzing. And an overwhelming fuck, of course.

Harry Hymes
07-19-04, 20:33
Rua Amadeu de Sousa Cardoso (Alcântara).

The full address and phone number are on some other post.

Nice, tall Brazilian mulata (with braces), I don't remember the name, making money to buy a house in Belo Horizonte. CBJ, vaginal, anal. 50 euros gives 50 minutes and supposedly a 2nd chance.

I found it honest service and pleasant company. Value for money.

Zé Duron
07-20-04, 03:02
What a wonderful Life!

Lisbon is at the fullest of it´s charms and the Euro 2004 withdrawal symptoms aren´t that hard anymore. The first week was really quite a long and heavy hangover!

Unfortunately I was not able to pay a visit to Mr Former Lurker. I guess we should have exchanged E-mail addresses and hope that you managed to do the best in lovely Lisboa.

I for myself had a fabulous time visiting two new places, at least new to me and familiar to a few of the present or absent members. First a little note to one of my all time favorite apartments in Lisbon: The place I keep writing about in Lumiar. The pregnant mamas an, lovely and helpful Joana has had the baby and is not showing her face around for the next couple of months but the place is still running and the girls, during the week up to 6, weekends down to 3 are still there and usually the chicas stay for a few month but during the last month there has been a new girl every second week, turning the curiosity on! Good management! The hour still goes for 100 euros but it´s ok to stay for another half an hour for free. It´s by far the chilliest environment that I had the pleasure to get to know. And I only say that because of one of the new places I have been in the latest.

It was a glorious afternoon and since I was in the heart of the Baixa I had reminiscence about the apartment down at Rua dos Fanqueiros, Nº 297 or so on the 3rd floor! Is it still working? Anyone has any lights on this because the phone number I had is not working anymore! I wonder.

So I made my way up to the the Rossio to challenge the girls at Calçada do Garcia, number 7, 3rd floor, phone number: 968635907.
On the way had a nice hot coffee and an ice cold beer at a esplanade in the nearby Rua de Santo Antão, pedestrian roadway in the back of the big Dona Maria Theatre. A lot of tourists in shorts as well as local girls in their high heel sandals got me horny really fast. This summer´s new footwear trend is great to my fetish, love sandals, flip-flops etc…

To get to the apartment I had to face something like 50 African illegal emigrants standing in the way up the road, no harm just a lot of strange and foreign languages mixing up in the hot Lisbon air, optimism lays everywhere, as well as in me, at least the prospective to find a nice chica to srew. I shared the elevator with two distinctive African´s that as I pressed the button to the third floor started giggling in their own universe like: “Ohh this lucky fellow is going to screw one of our special neighbours!” And the other went like: “Oh lucky prick, I envy him!”.

The door to the castle was opened by a Portuguese ex-working woman in her early 50´s and she is quite educated. She got me to n empty room with onlt two chairs and called the girls in. You could find like 5 or 6 girls, one African, three Brazilians and two Portuguese chicas between 25 and 35 I guess. The list starts at 30 euros for quick half and half and end at 80 euros for a full hour of heavy sex. I tried Catarina a Portuguese girl in her 20s, brown hair and clean but extremely pornish attitude, quite stiupid girl not to be compared to goddess Rebecca from last winter at Av. Miguel Bombarda and now disappeared. Catrina is just a horny business lady, nice curves with nice boobs and nice rear but short legs. She is the typical slutty morena from the suburbs, like Almada. I paid her 30 and just asked for a good long and deep blow. She does it covered and it was OK, nothing extraordinary but she turns me on. She asks for money for every extra, like 5 euros to go down on her, 20 for anal and so on. I said: “Just suck!”

As i got back to the street I looked for a newspaper quiosk and bought myself the daily news just to have a great laugh with our new “Self-imposed” government. I had to have some alcohol to get my laughing in control and chill out to the greatness of the moment. Lisbon at it´s best with Lisboners escaping the city in search of a packed beach at the Algarve. Live even more meat for the city summer slickers.

At about 7 in the afternoon I called the Apartment down at Avenida Almirante Reis, Nº 158 Cave esquerda (left basement apartment known as CV ESQ). The green door to the building is always opened, on the right you will find a creepy photo shop I guess. Just get in and down the stairs and ring at the door to your left. The door was opened by a tanned, false blond twentish Portuguese girl. She was on her way out but still showed me to the bar, a tinny room about 8 square meters at maximum where I was to wait on the white coach for the 8 (eight!!) girls available. I don´t know what to say but I had a hard time to decide between about 4 girls that clearly looked really sharp. The place itself is really an horny environment with the black and white floor tiles driving you insane. Every room has a Jacuzzi with ambient sound and everything include, Use it! You will also find a small bed and a marquees (uma marquesa!?). The girls show up in clean, sexy wrappings and wearing high heels, trying the best to impress you. I ended up making the choice easy by choosing instantly not on the best looking or hottest but going for the girl that showed the most calm and honest look, something between shame and pride, she was proud to say hello to me but looked a bit shy or lets say ashamed to do it at such a place. I won´t go into details but let me tell you it was one of the greatest and friendliest stay I had ever and I mean it, ever. The girl was wonderful, just an elegant princess that stayed one hour filling me with her libido, making me reach for stars that cost 100 euros! I had a drink, a tasty Bailey’s that she tasted in my mouth and the only disappointment was that after one hour there was o knock on the door, after two minutes another and then another. What a shame, the greatest atmosphere was killed, something that would never happen at Lumiar, never. Besides this counterpoint the place is superb. As I was leaving for a last Jacuzzi shower the girl asked me about the other girls and I told her there was a very pornish blond Brazilian lady in her mid thirties that looked great with boobs that look like artificially extended. Something I have never tried but will in the near future. So she just got out and called her friend in as I showered. She helped me with the drying and getting my pants back on! Altough it was clear that I could not do a move on her without paying it was a nice finisher and I promised to be back really soon.

I will post their phone number later as well as a few censored pictures on this board.

Pay them a visit and report back, this is a place that offers up to 12 girls during the week!