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05-16-02, 05:50
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05-26-02, 16:42
anyone knows something about prices of street hoockers near Camp Nou???
Have you to fuck them into your car or its possible tant they can take you into an apartment??
Anyone knows about other zones of Barcelona or near where I can find good street hookers??


05-31-02, 09:22
Little action on the forum theese days. Anybody with uppdated info, or some tips for my Barcelona holliday in july ?

06-03-02, 07:25
Vagabond- See the archived reports (if you haven't yet) for April. There are some decent places shown there. If you go to the place on Enrique Granados and see the small Russian girl, Andrea, please post about it. I'm dying to know if she's still around.

06-03-02, 09:37
Pitbull Yes, i have read the archive, just want's as much info as possible. Where in town is the place at Enrique Granados located ? Is it far away from the Ramblas ?

06-08-02, 04:48
I was reading the achived section for Barcelona and saw one short message about bingo parlours. Can anybody confirm that it is possible to pick up amateur locals in bingo parlours? If so, is there a particular protocal or way of going about it? When is the best time to go? Are there any situations in Bclna similar to Rio, meaning, you can meet a hot girl, pay her a little money and she will treat you like her lover for as long as you care to have her around?

06-13-02, 04:52
Vagabond- I think I put the address in the Enrique Granados post - # 77? Whatever it was, it is nearly a mile from Las Ramblas. Stay away from Las Ramblas for this sort of action unless you want to get rolled by a couple of junkies. Buy the magazines, read the ads, and make some calls. Most places speak some English and can tell you the deal. Then if you find several that are clustered into an area like the Enrique Granados area, take a cab and walk around. Cabs are incredibly cheap in Barcelona.

Philip Augustus
06-13-02, 09:40
The Granados number is 66, not 77

06-16-02, 00:14
I just made a tour of several cities in Europe, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Brussels and Barcelona. Club Riviera is the lick in Barcelona in my book. It is like walking into the dream club, lots of beautiful women, all after you to fuck them. They are, however, a bit too aggressive. I found a great looking Brazilian girl who was sweet and accomodating and actually wanted to cuddle for a few minutes afterward. The price was 50 euros.

06-22-02, 14:34
Originally posted by ericp
I was reading the achived section for Barcelona and saw one short message about bingo parlours. Can anybody confirm that it is possible to pick up amateur locals in bingo parlours? If so, is there a particular protocal or way of going about it? When is the best time to go? Are there any situations in Bclna similar to Rio, meaning, you can meet a hot girl, pay her a little money and she will treat you like her lover for as long as you care to have her around?

Yes, there certainly are chances. Look in afternoon for housewifes when the stop gambling because they have spent all the money for the grocery shop in the bingo. Then it all depends on how you act. Of course; you need to speak good spanish to go into this "practice"

06-29-02, 14:13
Does anyone have up to date information on Barcelona? I will be ther late in the summer for a couple of weeks and will want to have some fun.

I was there several months ago and Club Riveria seemed to have less talent than the only other time I'd been (a couple of years ago). One of the Riveria girls told me a new place had opened and taken some of the hottest girls - but she wouldn't tell me the name of the new place!!

Does anyone have any other recommendations for Barcelona? (I have read the previous posts).


06-29-02, 15:06
Can you get Viagra easily in Spain? Do you need a prescription?

07-02-02, 09:58
Hi Guys ! Barcelona is great for fun ! You should try the apartment-brothel in small street ” Ptge. Valeri Serra 6”, this small street is closed to Plaza Catalunya/Gran Via. Once you get there, You have to ring to “Princesas” , take the lift to 2nd floor. You will be invited to come in and sit down, around 10 girls (spanish, latin americans) will be presented to you and you can choose . Prices are from 8000-20.000 Pesetas, I normally took 10.000 Pts. (around 60 USD, 45 min) Service which included massage, BJ and sex, if the girl likes you she will do a little more, but anyhow, mainly I was very satisfied after each visit and enjoyed the stay here.

Other apartment-brothels are listed in newspaper “La Vanguardia”, but best experience and safe, clean and honnest service I met in Valeri Serra !

07-03-02, 11:57

additional information - the prices seem to vary with the season (high season = high prices). I checked with the following adresses:

Ptge Valeri Serra #6
62, 92, 122 EUR for 30, 45, 60 Minutes offered
Most Latinos and African Girls yesterday

Enric Granados #66
90, 120, 150 EUR for 30, 45, 60 Minutes offered
Mixed: Spanish, Latino, very well-goomed girls

Enric Granados #107
50, 75, 100 EUR for 30, 45, 60 Minutes offered
mixed girls, also from Russia (chose Martina, very good choice, she loved it also)

Even I took a 30 min program at Enric 107, Enric 66 seemed to have the best looking girls (entered there after having had my little session)

All of them are in walking distance to each other. Recommend to use Metro Exit Diagonal for Enric's (located @ square Provenca) and Urgell for Ptge Valeria Serra.

Here a tip for finding the streets (many maps do not show the smaller streets):


It is a very detailled Street map of the city of barcelona itself.

07-05-02, 09:43
Thanks for useful info ! Leaqving for Barcelona on monday, anybody with updated info on Rivera ? Prices etc. Lastminute update about other places in Barcelona is als appreciated. Thanks.

07-07-02, 13:33
I am planning to go to Barcelona in October for the Erotic film festival. Any suggestions about some good brothels or escort services are appreciated. Send mail to: lovedove140172@yahoo.co.uk


07-15-02, 14:04

I will be in Barcelona in early October, thanks to the good posts here I have a fair idea of what to expect and where to go, for working girls ........

But, I want to know where the best places are in Barcelona to meet non-working local spanish girls ?

Also are spanish girls friendly towards foreign travellers (Australian) ?

any help would be great .... thanks .....


07-22-02, 08:13
I will be in Barcelona at the end of September.
Will four or five star hotels permit me to bring "guests" ie. providers to my room?
Any info much appreciated.

07-22-02, 17:56
Barcelona report part 1
Have now returned from a vacation in Barcelona. There is plenty action in town, best information sources is to buy Guia del ochio, or La Vangardia, here you will find a lot of adds for brothels, and also independents. Most places seems to be located up from Placa Catalunya towards the Railway station Saints. Did not try out these places, because we stayed much at the Rivera (report part 2)
I checked out the two strip clubs at the bottom of Ramblas. They are pretty expensive, kind of tourist traps. It costs 15 euro, and you get a drink at the ticket. However they both have an okay show, both strip tease, and live show. The girl in the live show at one of the clubs, not Tabu, was realy beautifull, and worth the entrance. These clubs offers private shows, and you can fuck here, but it's too expensive, they charts 30 euro for a ladies drink!
To guys that have been in Barcelona much earlier, i can mention that all the ladies bars in the stree Euscadillers now are closed, except for one, Miami, but thats no good. It's a couple of older ladies that runs it, and there is a couple of younger girls there also, but it's too expensive. Not at all, as the good old days. The topless bars on the other side of the Rambals, is also closed.
We also checked out the SW's Theres a lot hanging out, around the Tabu and the other place at the Ramblas at night, not very good quality.
During daytime you have two streets pretty close to each other. Don't remember the name of one, but i think it goes between Nou de la Rambla and St. Pau. Here there is some young girls, mainly dark ones, thy are a bit agressive, and i suspect many are on drugs. Only a couple of minutes walk away you have the Robador, on this street there are many realy old women, and many ugly. Some are on the street and many are innside the bars. Many posibilities if you are into grandmother sex.
However there is one exception: There is one bar in the middle of the street, i think the name is Tica, or something like it. This is a good bar with many okay girls, not great, but okay, about 4 to 7. The bar is also a brothel, and you can take the girls uppstairs. We did this. I payed 50 Euros for an okay Brassillena. The room was clean and hygenic and the sex was quite okay. The drinks in the bar was cheap, only 1 euro for a lady drink. I can reccomend it if you want cheap sex in a clean room in the center of town. It just 5 minutes walk from Las Ramblas. It closes early in the evning, but you don't want to be in this area after dark anyway.
Part 2 about Club Rivera will follow.

07-23-02, 12:50
Great report. Looking forward to Part 2 about Riviera!

07-23-02, 12:55
barcelona report part 2 - club rivera.
let's take the negative first. on the first night we went there, some of the girls was a bit agressive and pushy, wouldn't take no or "possible mas tarde" for an answer. this was however better the second night, when we arrived a bit later. the second negative thing was the bar prices, had to pay 12 euros for a cuba libre, way to much. (me and my friends like to have some drinks both before and after the action).
okay, so the good things. there is still a big crowd of realy beutifull girls here. this is probably the best place in the world. most girls where from eastern europa, africa and latin america. i think all is in the rank from 6 - 10. whats new from my last visit 2 years ago was a scene where they showed strip tease, and a lesbian show. but it's just a blast to walk around and look and talk to all the beutifull girls in their underwear.
first night i choosed a spanish girl maria, she was one of only 3 spanish girls there. she was probably one of the oldest with here 30 years, but very beutifull, with a great body and realy big firm natural breasts (hate silicon) and what a service she gave me...
she was very friendly and relaxed, we started with a lot of french kissing, cuddling and talking, she licked my balls and penis with a tantastic technique, after that, she did ride me til i came. after that more french kissing and small talk, then she gave me a very good massage. after the massage she asked if i could do it one more time, she then started licking again, and gave me a blowjob(with condom) til i came the second time. i guess i was there 1,5 hours, and payed 150 euros. one of my best experiences ever.
my two friends went with brasillenas. one of them with some of the most fantastic natural breasts i have ever seen. i was alowed to touch them a bit down in the bar, and wow! the other girl was small and sweet kind of [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) like. my friends was about as pleased as i was.
infact all tree of us was so satisfied. that we the second day there choosed the exactly same 3 girls. it was as good as the first day. the only difference, was that now maria gave me a blow job without condom.
i'm sure not all of the girls gives as good service, as we recived, but club rivera is still a place every hobbyist should visit. me and my friens are defenitly going back.
a tips - we only went there at weekdays, because of our experinces from last time was that the place are packed with spanish men and boys in the weekend.

Ralph Roberts
07-24-02, 13:37
Hello Vagabond,

Thank for the graet report !

Does you know if Riviera is open on Sundays ?

07-24-02, 19:06
Hello Ralph
Yes I'm pretty sure they are open every night.

07-25-02, 14:15
Originally posted by Vagabond
Hello Ralph
Yes I'm pretty sure they are open every night.

I confirm--- Open every night, mayby even on christmas ;-)

For what the pushy girls problem, as I told some time ago, just tell them you wait for a girl you already know "Espero una amiga, gracias" and they will leave. The most pushy will ask your friends name -- so for sure it could be "maria" or "patricia" or you name it........... that'l do the trick.


Ralph Roberts
07-28-02, 09:08
Thanx for the informacion robster !

I´m going to Barcelona next week for busines.

07-28-02, 14:06
Someone asked me about the Erotic Film Festival in the beginning of the coming October. Visit this site http://www.ficeb.com/ It is the festival`s official site. From some research I`ve done about the festival it seems to be good. I also downloaded some pornos being done during this festival both on stage and backstage so it seems to be wicked.

07-30-02, 15:04
hi, what a great coverage on barcelona! Compliments!
I am very curious to visit club riviera but I can't get to know when it is open. Does anyone know the working hours of riviera? There is no indication in their web site....
many thanks

07-31-02, 09:53
Yes you are right, their web site sucks. No information, just porn.
I'm sorry but i'm not quite sure when they opens in the afternoon, but they are open until 4 every night.

07-31-02, 10:55
Open daily from 17.00 (5.00 pm) until dawn
Have fun

Mr. Wet Wooly
07-31-02, 17:04
riviera can be good fun, but on average i enjoyed myself a lot more at the kiss me club, which on a good night with 7-8 girls working is definately something to see. its quite small and VERY personable! kiss me was my favourite of all the clubs in the calle majorca/urgell and avda. sarria area.

kiss me club has some dominican cuties and a few fairly pretty spanish girls with very nice NON-PUSHY attitudes. a girl named naomi was my favorite.

i thought the clubs on avda. sarria were dissapointing but there are some private apartments nearby that are a great bargain (something like 50 E full service, not rushed) and have some of the best looking girls.

buy yourself the weekly guide, guia del ocio, and hit the classifieds. be sure to check them out!

happy sucking and fucking!

08-05-02, 17:08
there appears to be some trouble brewing in catalunya -- a new law is cracking down on prostitution, sex in the bars etc will be prohibited, and there is going to be a whole set of new rules about the layout of bars, conduct in public places etc. that will be enforced. there have also been raids in la riviera and in other brothels in bcn, mainly directed at prostitution rings that smuggle girls from eastern europe. finally, the spanish tax authorities appear to toughen up their act, and have confirep001ed the credit card receipts of various clubs to validate tax figures... of course putting the names of visitors in the public domain. this is not to scare people, but catalunya itself seems to have decided that it is time to become boring and respectable. my understanding is that places such as kiss me don't have the right kind of layout to keep operating, and that suck and fuck in the bar (hmmmm) won't be allowed any more. enforcement may be loose, and there are 6 months left for compliance, but this may be the beginning of the end... despite my fond memories of naomi at kiss me...

Ralph Roberts
08-08-02, 12:05
I went to Riviera last sunday and monday. I must say that I´m very disapointed.

Both day the selection of girls was quite poor and the girls were extremely pushy ! No matter what I said, they simply would NOT go away ! In the end I (had to !) become a bit impolite and told a few girls to ´get lost´ or ´leave me alone !´ Then they would become angry at me and blame ME, because THEY were so pushy ! Great logic huh ?

I already visited the Riviera once before (about 7 months ago) and then the selection of girls was great then, many beauties from South America and Spain who like to take their time without being pushy. The sex was like girlfriend sex.

Anyway, I finally decided for a black girl named Vanessa. She was from South Africa and spoke good English. She has a nice body and beautifull breasts, The sex was good (half hour) but a bit expensive, 70 Euro.

The next day (monday) I came back and Vanessa was not there. The number of girls was even fewer then on sunday evening and they were pushy as always. I finally went with a girl named Maria. I first thought she was Spanish (name Maria, black hair, nice legs, small breasts) but she turned out to be Russian ! When we came to the room, she said "you pay", the she went into the bathroom (alone) and after 2 minutes she said "now you." Sex was like a blow up doll, very mechanical. Never again ! What a ripp off ! What a bad experience !

All in all, I think it´s fair to say that the quality has very much decreased in the Riviera ! Too many Eastern European girls and pushy Africans. It has become a ´fuck factory´ probably been taken over by the Russian Maffia. The satisfaction of the customer no longer counts. Also the girls do not look very happy and they are probably very pushy because they have to pay their pimp.

Maybe all the nice South American and Spanish girls had a day off when I was there, but I would at least avoid Riviera on sundays and mondays. It´s not the same anymore.

08-08-02, 14:45
Anyone went to Barcelona and Prague? Which one is the best for sex? I am asking as I am confused where I am going. If anyone need some help about sex in Malta just send email to lovedove140172@yahoo.co.uk

08-09-02, 10:14
Hello Ralph. Sorry to hear about your experience at the Rivera. As you can read from my previous report, both me and my friends was extremly satified. We was there on a tuesday, and thursday. Im not sure if the days are so different, but "my girl" Maria only worked from tuesday til friday. I think mainly the difference is beetwen the girls, i would stick to the latin american girls or the few spanish ones and avoid the eastern europeans.
I also reccomend to talk a bit with the girls, and try to make an impression before you go upstairs.

Ralph Roberts
08-09-02, 14:44
Thanks Vagabond.

Like I said, there was not much talk as these girls were pushy like hell to go upstairs. As for picking South American or Spanish chicas, sure, when they are available ! When I was there, there were hardly any Latinas. :( Maybe that place should be avoided on sunday and mondays !

09-17-02, 00:17
Well, I will be wandering around Spain next week, including at least a couple of days in Barcelona.

Any recent visitors have any current info about the scene to share?

Hopefully I will have interesting material to relate when I come back...

Il Cobra
09-21-02, 10:16
I went to this place last 20 of August, thanks to previous reports. At the beginning I was a little bit uncertain because the place outside is in an anonymous building and the only tip was a red color of the button of the door bell. So when I rang it the outside door was immediately open and inside I found the apartment without problems (at ground floor). I was brought to a living room from a 50 y/o woman and then she asked me, sitting on a couch, if I wanted something to drink, and if I wanted to be introduced to the girls. I chose the second option and she left me alone for five minutes; after this the girls came in, quicky, one after the other. The selection, on my standards, was not very good (I would say 6-7), but I liked at least the last girl I saw and when the woman came back I asked for her. She told me the prices, that were 50€ for half an hour / 1 service, up to 90€ for one hour / 2 services, with some other possibilities I don't remember. So I took the 50€ option and my girl came back. Her name was Vanessa and she was 19 years old from Colombia. We went in the bedroom where we undressed and then she showed me the bathroom and asked me to take a quick shower. I don't know if the people spoke english there, because I am a little spanish speaking, so for me there were no communication problems. I took my shower and she came with a towel, dryed me and started a blow-job uncovered. Then we went back to the bed and started with french kisses that was a very good surprise for me, as it is not easy to find in brothels. We fucked in two different positions and it was very nice. The day after I went again to the place. This time I went inside and asked directly for Vanessa, but she was not in service. Anyway they called her on her mobile phone and she said: OK, I will come. She came, after half an hour and I took this time the one hour option. The prices included always a drink, so at the beginning we just sat on the bed and spoke a little bit. Then the service was like the day defore and after a while I could give my second performance.

09-26-02, 14:53
Info for Barcelona kinky event:

Please note that next friday november 1st, will take place
BARNAPERVE. Should be the spanish version of Europerve for those who know that from Holland.

More info on www demask com web.

Party will take place in the "Pueblo Español" which is a kind of closed aerea where reproductions of spanish regions are rebuild. Inside that place is the Mephisto Discotheque where the happening will be.

I'm not of the organisation so cannot tell you much more then this.

Note: this is for kinky and fetish, so dress code will be at the door with at least fully black dressed.

10-01-02, 00:04
Hey guys, love this forum. I'll be going to Barcelona in October and staying for couple of nights. I realy need a good advise on the best places to get laid with reasonable price.

10-05-02, 09:47

just been in barcellona and Kiss Me is really the greatest place in town. girls are incredible.

Anyone knows the area close to border with andorra


10-06-02, 06:54
I returned this past week from a trip to Spain that included several days in Barcelona.

I stopped by to visit the Riviera night club outside of Barcelona. It's actually kind of annoying to find if you are driving yourself. Contrary to the directions on their website and previous postings (road names may have changed?), it is simplest to navigate by looking for the C-31 highway from Barcelona (which is itself a little confusing since if you follow the signs for the highway from north or south, once they finally apepar, it occasionally seems to disappear and/or merges in and out of the c-32). It is just north of Castelldefels on the southbound side of C-31 (immediately off the highway). It's really hard to miss at night once you're in the right place (giant neon sign), and there is ample parking on the neighboring residential streets.

It was packed at about 12:30-1am on a weeknight, with a male to female ratio in the downstairs club area of about 2:1 or 3:1. The girls who were downstairs were largely not to my taste, 5-7s with maybe a few 8s. (my tastes generally run to slenderer women) The girls were generally not aggressive, it took a while for one to approach me. They looked to be waiting to be approached or were going after the old guys (I'm ~30yrs old), maybe thinking they would pay for more, I had several of the 7 or 8s walk right by me when I was clearly unoccupied and talk to some old guy in a suit... The mix was some black women, some latin american ones, a handful of eastern europeans, not many if any Spaniards.

The blonde who was the first to approach me asked right off if I wanted to go upstairs. I said "not now, maybe later". She hung out for a minute
and asked "how about now?", and pressed herself to me and made humping motions. I repeated myself and she shrugged and went off in search of better game.

I finally settled on a pretty, slender 21-year old Romanian girl, about 5'3" and 110 lbs. She had been in Spain (and in this profession) for 4 months, she said. She had wonderfully soft dusky skin (Mediterranean looking) and really nice muscle tone, but despite being a bit chatty afterwards was rather business like in hurrying things along. For a half hour and a "basic" room, the cost was 70e. I didn't haggle... They take credit cards, for those wanting to run up a major bill. Her Spanish was good (similar to mine -- basic), but spoke very little English.

The room (two single beds, a full bath) was perfectly adequate, though the bed was squeaky. heh.

Before we went up to the room, I asked what she was willing to do, and she said everything (and then amended that to everything a normal person would want). My Spanish and interest weren't enough to pursue that in more detail. She provided and immediately used a condom, and did covered BJ only. No french, alas. She washed me and herself before, and showered after.

Cover is still 12e and (your) drinks are 8e.

There are several sections of Barcelona known for street-walkers, I didn't investigate any of them except the lower section of La Rambla at night, where there were a handful, mostly 2-5's. Since I wasn't interested, I didn't price.

10-07-02, 21:36
I have just returned from Barcelona. I was there for the International Film Group annual event. A lot of porn stars with whom you can take pictures. Audiance was allowed to participate in group sex with some of the pornstars on stage. It was wicked.

Well regarding the scene in Barcelona, on first night I went to Kiss me bar. There were more than 6 girls at the moment mostly latinas, spanish and also Marocans. Well I picked up a blonde spanish girl I offered a drink and she started to kiss and also let me touch her pussy in the bar. I had sex with her for 30 min in a room after the bar. Believe me she was incredible.

Next day I picked up a taxi and the driver took me to a ***** house not in the centre of Barcelona called Manfre. There were also about 6 girls mostly latinas. I picked up a spanish girl but she was very nice but she was only mechanical. Not recommended.

Third day I went to Casanova Sauna (not bar) and there were only two girls not very beautiful. So I chose nothing here.

On the fourth night (Friday) I returned to kiss me bar. There again I found the blonde spanish girl of three nights before and this time I went for one hour. I tell you the truth it was one of the best sessions I had ever had in my whole life. This girl to me was incredible.

For those of you going to Barcelona I recommend Kiss Me bar. Although quite expensive but you will get value for money (at least personally). This bar do not open on Saturdays and Sundays.

10-07-02, 23:07
tried kiss-me once again; prices are getting a bit steep, but service is still great. i paid 230 euros for 1 hour of fucking, plus very great fooling around in the bar. i got there a bit early, around 10 pm, and the place was full of woman, and i was the only customer... mostly 5-7s. ended up with marisol from puerto rico, a bit fat for my taste, but great fun. she started rubbing my dick in front of all the other girls in the bar, and they all started to comment on the various physical features... an absolute first for me, and not a bad turn-on. marisol gave a blowjob without, and rode me to oblivion. truth be told, she was a bit pushier than most girls at kiss-me; i wasn't sure whether to take her up to the room at the bar, as better-looking girls arrived, but couldn't get rid of her -- in the end, it turned out to be fine fucking anyway. enjoy while it lasts!

10-14-02, 17:29
230e for an hour for a 5-7?? Gads, that doesn't sound like a very good deal... but to each their own.

Where is kissme, how does one get to it?

10-22-02, 17:23
Originally posted by rumpus
230e for an hour for a 5-7?? Gads, that doesn't sound like a very good deal... but to each their own.

Where is kissme, how does one get to it?


I can tell that the girls in kiss me are really really ok.

the place is really close to the railway station, you can walk there in calle mallorca.


10-31-02, 15:49
Well I finally made it to Barcelona and I cant understand a thing! I´m pissed. I´m studying Spanish here in a school but after 5 years of busting my ass, I can´t have a decent conversation in Spain. Just my luck. I have 3 dates set-up for this week from YUPI.com and I´m scared shitless to meet these women. Vamos a ver . . . Just came from a porno joint on Gran Via, Exstasis. They have a private room for watching videos @ $9/ hr. Thought I would try something different and see a "dog" video - something you can´t do in the US. Not real good or bad. But halfway thru an older woman knocks on the door. I thought she needed to clean the room! - but no, it was an offer for an hour of sex for $50. Well why not? Got a spirtited BJ for $40. Decided to skip the FS. She wanted to talk about George Bush! Not highly recomended but thought I´d pass on the news . . . Later - P

11-09-02, 14:10
There are a ton of SW´s on Las Ramblas. Many more than the last time I was here in 1999. Most are Africans - Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc. Some are very cute. Depends on what you like. Prices depend on your negociation skills. Most speak English better than Spanish. $40-$50 seems typical. Haven´t tried them but I might.
My Internet project on YUPI.com is a great success. Met 3 women with a 4th tomorrow. One was a nympho - big time. Passed on her but sex was a foregone conclusion. Another is a doll. A beautiful woman with a few emocional problems - like always. The 3rd is for tonight, our big date. Both of us expect to get laid which I assume means success. I´ll see. A lot of work but if you prefer dating to pros this web site is highly recommended. I have a hell of a time understanding these ladies but they understand me fine. Language is a problem for me here. But its worth the effect. Later -P

11-10-02, 19:52
Yes; I also had to try this bar after all the forum news.
Whow; crazy experience!
First: Rather than Bar, I should call this a Minibar. At most 20 square meters all in! Just the bar with 1 meter before it and that's it, but don't worry, it doesn't matter.

Straight after entering the street door, you almost stumble onto the bar, because youre blind in the dark for some moments. Then as you come to see you'l see some other guys (as you) who are just getting a bbbj in front of the bar!

After ordering my drink some of the girls not occupied came to me and after some kissing and feeling two of them to whom I had given best looks asked me if they could stay with me. certainly!
Asked me for a drink: Giving that "starts the game"

System is:

1st drink: French Kissing, feeling you up. You touch them: pussy, tits and all you like.

2nd drink: They just open you pants and "grab it" then will go on their knees and start blowing you! Also, you can go on them. I put one of them sitting on the bar and started to lick her pussy- she was laughing away and liked to show off to anyone in the bar!

3rd drink: "to get this done seriously" one of them said!
That means, she get's you finished into her mouth and you can do what you like with her pussy.....
Mind you: All this was still in the bar, and with guys coming in from the street all time --- really kinky!

4th drink: After finishing, if you want, to tip for a perfect "service".

Girls drinks are 30 euro, each
Your drinks are 15 euro, each

The girls will ask you some times to go inside, behind the bar to fuck. I don't know how much that was, because I specially came for the kick in the bar and I didn't have mood to ask.
I think that for fucking in the backroom, you can get better in one of the plenty private addresses mentioned in the forum.

In conclusion: This is a crazy public experience, well worth trying, even if the price is somehow high for a bbbj in Barcelona standards.

11-26-02, 16:58
...Well I'm back from Barcelona. What a trip! There is sex available everywhere. 100's of SW's. Wanted to try Kiss Me and Eric Granados 66 but didn't find the time. I took another route and hooked up with two lovely women thru the Internet - dating that is. Lots of work but for me, worth it. One was average but so sweet and the other a truely beautiful woman. I alternated nights between them and screwed my brains out (theirs too). Great sex. Total GF experience . . . along with a few problems that come with the GFE. If you apreciate women and want to do it all, I highly recommend web sites like YUPI.com to meet the locals and experience the world. I could never have done this without the web. On my next trip to Mexico and Argentina I will definely do this again and have someone waiting for me upon arrival . . .

Peace , -P

11-28-02, 22:13
Originally posted by Prokofiev
...it all, I highly recommend web sites like YUPI.com to meet the locals Peace , -P

Hoping Moderator will not punish me for this perhaps Off Topic:

Proko: I have been trying to follow your path but I cannot connect in any way to YUPI.COM,
All I get is some microsofs redirection to yupimsn.com but best I get is a blank page???
Any help on that?


11-28-02, 22:46

Try //clubdelamor.yupimsn.com

Tremendous data base of latin women thru-out the world. You need to buy coupons to contact each person. I think I paid $60 for 20 contacts . . . Don't bother to pay the money necessary for women to contact you for free. Pick the location, find a few possibilities and write a letter @ $3 per woman. After the first contact all future e-mails are free. Some speak English, but only a little. If you can write a decent letter in Spanish you are in business. And make sure and spend some time thinking about each letter. I had won the hearts of two women BEFORE meeting them and WITHOUT my photo. Lots of work but worth the effort. Good luck - P

11-29-02, 14:14
anyone knows athe name of the club betweeen las eu and puigcerda?

or is anyone from the zone close to andorra?


11-30-02, 17:20
Originally posted by Prokofiev

Try //clubdelamor.yupimsn.com

Tremendous data base of latin women thru-out the world. You need to buy coupons to contact each person. I think I paid $60 for 20 contacts . . . Don't bother to pay the money necessary for women to contact you for free. Pick the location, find a few possibilities and write a letter @ $3 per woman. After the first contact all future e-mails are free. Some speak English, but only a little. If you can write a decent letter in Spanish you are in business. And make sure and spend some time thinking about each letter. I had won the hearts of two women BEFORE meeting them and WITHOUT my photo. Lots of work but worth the effort. Good luck - P

Thanks Proko, I've got inside with that url now.
Impressed on first site by mass of women out there. However, if it wasn't because of your experience I would have thought they all looked for a new marriage only.............
You certainly must be a poet. ;-))

Thanks again, I'll keep you and the forum informed about any success.

11-30-02, 17:30
Oriental massage and more.

Tried yesterday a private address with only oriental girls.
Found about 10 pretty girls from filipina to thai in range 7-9.
Nice and clean with rooms with tatami style beds.

Mamasan is a young friendly lady.

Full service for 1 hour is 125 euro.

Tried Dyan. Nice small girl. Pretty good massage with hands only, followed by nice f**ing in all kind of positions (very flexible).
However, could not touch (or more) pussy. No kissing either.

Clean address. Only problem is 1 bathroom for all rooms. So some waiting, but was cleaned between each use.

Location very discreet in office building.
Parking next door.
Calle DIPUTACION, 237, second floor, door 2.
No signs, neither at entrance nor door upstairs.

12-03-02, 06:54
I just got back from Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) -- literally just got of the plane a couple hours ago!-- and have some news to share...

I read these posts about Kiss Me Bar, so I had to go see for myself.
Wow, that place is no joke! Yes, many of the women are at least 7's in my opinion, and they know what they're doing. Although myself nor anyone else was getting blown in the bar area. When I first walked in around 9PM, the tiny place was packed, and the only 3 available women were not to my taste so I was hoping that they would leave me alone if I didn't look at them. Eventually, a small blonde spanish girl named Maria came up to me and asked for a drink (30e). I bought her a drink and that began the process. She never took her hands out of my pants from that point on. The room behind the bar was full for a while, and she offered to give me a BJ in the bar for 70e, but just as I was about to accept, the door opened and we went in, where we fucked for a half hour. She also blew me again about 10 minutes later. All said and done, it costed me 200 euros for the whole experience. I would say it was well worth it.


SWs on lower La Rambla are everywhere, mostly at night but also during the day. I was able to negotiate 20e BJs. I would NOT reccomend BBBJs, even if they wanted to. Like it was mentioned before, most of these girls are from Africa. Some really scary ones I believe are transvestites or something... I was too creeped out to get close.


I'd be happy to provide more details... just ask. I'm gonna pass out, as my body thinks it's 5 AM! I'll check in tomorrow....

12-04-02, 07:29

I know this may seem obvious, but that site you're referring to (YUPI.com) is all in Spanish, correct? Is there an area on the site that reads in English?

I ask because you mentioned that you don't speak good Spanish, so I'm wondering how you're able to navigate the site with everything being in Espanol!

I am interested in this, but not sure how far I can go knowing as little spanish as I do.


12-04-02, 07:51

Go to the site as listed below and check it out. I DO read and write Spanish well. Not all of the listings are in Spanish, but the vast majority for Spain are. And since you need to write letters to the women and eventually meet them, Spanish is a must. My language problems stem from learning Mexican Spanish and trying to talk with Catalan women! The accents and common phrases are quite different. But after the first week, all was well. For 1 month I never spoke a word of English with anyone, including my girlfriends. Some of the women list English as a strong second language. But I wouldn't count on it.

Also Robser, I may have given the wrong impression about this Website. The women ARE looking for romance and relationships. In general, it is not a sex-only site. Marry them? No. . . but I had to romance, wine and dine them prior to getting into their pants. If you are not ready or willing to do the work, I would try a diferent route . . .
Good luck . . . -P

Genghis Khan
12-04-02, 11:20
Where are the best live sexshows in Barcelona besides Bagdad
and are there any such places where you can bring the performing girls backstage for some fun of your own?

12-14-02, 17:44
hi all,

i will be visiting barcelona in a week's time, just wonder where is the reasonable place to look for local prostitute in barcelona, i am not really interested in those eastern europen and nothern african.

thanks a lot for any info.

12-14-02, 17:45
sorry to post this here, but, does anyone know if andorra has any den at all? I will be skiing there in a week's time.

thank you very much for any input.

12-15-02, 19:49
Originally posted by Genghis Khan
Where are the best live sexshows in Barcelona besides Bagdad
and are there any such places where you can bring the performing girls backstage for some fun of your own?

With hard sexshow nothing like Bagdad in Barcelona, but multiple places with strippers and tabledance with backstage f**k possible.

(Mind you : Sometimes in Bagdad; the girls invite you to perform for free on stage with them. ;-) )

Other places like:

BAILEN, 22 That's the street location and name of the place.
Aribau, 268 ? not sure about the number but just follow the street and you will find the place with neon lights

Else: take news paper "PERIODICO" and look for the ads with pics of the places all over.

12-16-02, 15:08
hi again, sorry to trouble every one here again but is there any prostitute in andorra?

thank you.

12-17-02, 16:06
Originally posted by tuakong
hi again, sorry to trouble every one here again but is there any prostitute in andorra?

thank you.

Never heard of any action there.
Best thing is just "down the mountain" just at the border with Spain in village called LA SEU. I know there are bars/clubs there, but can't give you any recent info.

Don't know if this is your first visit, but if so; don't worry about the distance. Andorra is very small and all locals go to Spain for about everything at all times. La Seu is just next door.

12-25-02, 23:45
Street action at Barcelona:::

I recommend 2 places:

- If you have the luck to have a car, you can visit the Camp Nou,s Soccer Stadium action. Near it, at the rouds sorround it, there are a lot of pros every night. Be careful, because there are also transexuals (dont confuse you :) !), and some drug addicts.....with in some zones there are lots of beatiful pussies from est europe, mainly. Some of them are 7-9 range!!

Prices...30 E for a Blow/fuck in the car. If you like the girl you can arrange it to enjoy at a hostal!!

- Take the road at side of Teatre Liceu at Ramblas, at youll arrive at a little place with some action (dont remember the name). There are less level, but some of the girls are 6-7. Mostly are mestizas from Ecuador, and some of them from east europe.

Prices...30 E (20 for the girls/10 for the hostal). its cheap and you can taste the pussie in a bed.

Ralph Roberts
12-28-02, 00:02
Any news on Riviera Club ?

01-03-03, 23:51
Any suggestions for a visitor who can't speak Spanish?

01-13-03, 00:00
Almost ALL the African girls on Las Ramblas can speak English better than Spanish. Of course if that's not your cup of tea, the other girls can always speak a little. I have been around the world and when it comes to sex, language is no barrier.

But talk to some of the black girls. Some look very cute . . .

01-18-03, 22:26
The best place in Barcelona I have been to (and in the world for that matter) is Showgirls at Bailen 22. Last time I visited (August 2002), I believe the neighborhood was condemning the place because it was to rowdy. Hopefully, it is still there.

01-23-03, 11:52
Can someone indicate the exact address of the the kiss me Bar because i'm going to go in barcelona and i'm really curios about it.
Thank you ale

01-26-03, 21:02
Originally posted by aleatreiu
Can someone indicate the exact address of the the kiss me Bar because i'm going to go in barcelona and i'm really curios about it.
Thank you ale

Corner of Mallorca and Viladomat streets.
Can't miss it.

01-26-03, 22:59
Originally posted by robser
Corner of Mallorca and Viladomat streets.
Can't miss it.

01-26-03, 23:01
Originally posted by Jaw4You

Must be a mind reader, as I was going to ask the same thing! I leave for Barcelona on Tuesday from JFK. When are you going Robser, maybe we can hook-up there? You can reach me at jaw4you@hotmail.com if you think it might work.

02-04-03, 10:41
Can someone suggest some good massage center where you can get good massage and also a hj or bj?
And could you also indicate the indicative price?
Thank you in advance bro.

02-05-03, 23:36
I am moving from CA to NY, so Spain will soon be at least as convenient to visit as Mexico, so I wanted to ask you how your Yupi luck has held up with your Spanish women? How do they compare to Mexican women? I had good luck with Mexican Yupi girls and I want to try Spain now. Any notable differences between the women? Thanks!


02-13-03, 18:56
Can someone suggest some good massage center where you can get good massage and also a hj or bj?
And could you also indicate the indicative price?
Thank you in advance bro.

02-25-03, 19:22
KISS ME bar. I've read a few conflicting reports. Do you get sucked off after 2 or 3 drinks, is it to completion at this stage? Is it always with/without condom, or dependent on girl?

And as it's a while since last report here, has anyone updated prices?

Finally dear reader, I ask you to nominate your best private/agency or parlour for me to try during my visit. Thanks all.

02-25-03, 19:24
Forgot to also ask about Club Riviera. Still open? How far is it from Barca centre? Is a taxi viable? Cheers again!

Ralph Roberts
02-28-03, 14:26
you can take the train to Casteldeffel.

From the station it´s about 20 min. walk.

* Leave the station and turn left.
* Past the first traffic light.
* Second traffic light, go LEFT again.
*You pass underneath the railway tracks.
*Keep on going straight, you pass a few round abouts and you will go UNDERNEATH a highway.
* one more round about (go straight again)
* you will see a bridge which will go OVER another highway.


* Before the brigde go left and walk parralel to the highway.
* Riveira Club is 200 m on your left.

Have fun and let us know how it was !

I´ve had mixed experiences in Riviera Club.

The last time I was there it was not so good. :(

Go for the Spanish/South American chicks ! Stay away from the East Europeans !

02-28-03, 16:30
In Pedro Almodóvar's "Todo sobre mi madre " there's a scene with cars driving in a circle around a ring of girls. I'm told this actually exists, but I can't remember where it is...

Anybody know?

And, further to Ralph's message, ALWAYS go for the SOUTH AMERICAN girls. No offence to the others but they just sem to enjoy their job more. If not too much! If they couldn't get paid they'd do it for free, for sure! (I LOVE South American girls :-)) )

03-15-03, 00:21
A couple a days ago I lost my conneting flight in barcelona so I had to rent a car. But first I make a stop at Showgirls in Bailen 22.

This place is highly recomendable if you are in a situation where money dont is a issue. They have a very god full nude stip show and proberly the best girls in Spain. But prices are high. I talked with some of the girls before deciding to go with a drop dead gorgeous Colombian girl with an amasing pair of tits and a very nice as. The price was €600/h. But hell she was worth a couple of hours and a couple of bottles of Dom Perignon!

I also stoped at Kiss me bar, but this place is not in my taste. I dont like beeing that close to other men.

On my way out of Barcelona a spotet club riviera and decided to check the place out. This place has some very hot south american girls, but most of the girls are eastern europens.

I was approched by a Cuban girl that had problems taking a no fo a no (takin into concideration the fact that she was giving me a handjob (not to completion) in the bar for only a drink) i can forgive her.

I finaly ended up with a young bulgarian girl with tits to die for. But that was the only god thing with her. She was a disaster in bed.
Will i go back. Yes. Will i do the Cuban girls. Yes.

03-17-03, 18:25
Originally posted by Ralph Roberts
you can take the train to Casteldeffel.

From the station it´s about 20 min. walk.

Don't want to bother anyone, but really: If youre going there by taxi from Barcelona it will not cost you more than about 20-25 $, so unless your really a jogger....................

03-17-03, 18:38
Originally posted by theknight
KISS ME bar. I've read a few conflicting reports. Do you get sucked off after 2 or 3 drinks, is it to completion at this stage? Is it always with/without condom, or dependent on girl?

And as it's a while since last report here, has anyone updated prices?

Finally dear reader, I ask you to nominate your best private/agency or parlour for me to try during my visit. Thanks all.

If I remember well, it's 2 drinks for "with" and 3 for "without" ;-)
All the girls will do both. Should be 20 euro per drink for the girl and 6-10 for yours now.

An address for a private agency/parlour is really very difficult to give. Realise that the local newspaper has almost 3 pages full of tiny adverts each day to choose from!!!!

03-18-03, 16:18
Originally posted by theknight
Finally dear reader, I ask you to nominate your best private/agency or parlour for me to try during my visit. Thanks all. We did some work for the owners of one agency (Sova). They seem an honest and serious couple, though I can't speak for the girls: I don't mix business & pleasure. They've got a website at http://www.contac-noprof.com/ with phone numbers and details of the girls (no photos -- apparently they're all amateurs).
Only one Colombian though :-(

But like robser says, there's no shortage of supply.

03-21-03, 01:38
Addicted and Robser, thanks for the info guys. Particularly taxi to Club Riviera, kinda guessed Taxi would be best as they're about best value cabs in western Europe. Going to Barca soon, and armed with more info than on my last visit many moons ago. I hope it lives up to the Estark club experience I had on Costa Del Sol a while back!!

Red Dick
03-29-03, 03:46
I went to The Riveira Club a couple of years ago. There was alot of good looking women from all over the globe. I counted about 80 women

Heres the process:

You pick a girl.

Take her to the head lady at the desk for payment. The lady will give you a key a room upstairs. I payed 80 USD for 40 minutes.

Give the girl some coin for a condom or 2.

She will take you up to the room.

In the room, there a mini sink what I like to call a Dick sink. She washes your dick with warm water and some soap. felt good


Leave the place.

Nice and easy. Theres a bar downstairs where all the women are at. Beers pretty cheap. I picked a mulatto brasil lady,brunette.
great attitude, great body. You cant go wrong with brunette,ever.
Esp when there competion are blondes.

Have fun.

04-15-03, 11:00
This board is getting decidedly short on new info... so here is some.

I have been back to Kiss Me, and found the experience a bit underwhelming. Suck and fuck in the bar for 3 drinks, but the girls just keep getting worse. I ended up doing a fat Cuban one on the bar stool, which was fun but not much to look at. Two other places I tried, based on info in guida del ocio -- c/industria is your average bcn *****house, cheap and nasty. the selection of girls was so lousy that I left.

Rosellon 328 is much better. I went on a Monday, and there were just 2 girls, both from the Dominican Republic, but both about 7-8. I ended up with Jessica, a mulatta with an ass to die for. She was a lot of fun, relaxed and easy like most hookers here in Spain, and turned in a pretty impressive five position all round fuck before I got to finish. I have decided that I should diversify a bit beyond kiss me, and will keep you posted. If anyone has any experience with the no professionals webpage an earlier poster mentioned, pls share it with us!

04-15-03, 18:06
Originally posted by val
a mulatta with an ass to die for.

As in "small and firm" or "large and wobbly"?!

Can you remember what she charged?

04-16-03, 11:17
As in large and firm, as much as there can be a thing like it... it was €70 for 45 minutes (or one hour, I can't remember)

Lars Berg
04-23-03, 00:31

Next time you are in Barcelona try out the brothels in C. Enric Granados 66 and 107(Princesas on the red door bell).
In no. 66 they range from 5-7, 95 EUR for 45 minutes, including BJ and several positions.Affectionate Czech opening with deep tongue kisses. Arrive early, in the evening most of the girls are on outcalls. Latinos and some Eastern European girls to choose from.

In 107 the same, price 75 EUR for 45 minutes.

Had a really wild latino girl here, willing and horny,like I was here lost lover. Both places recommended.

Best regards

04-24-03, 19:41
Originally posted by val
As in large and firm, as much as there can be a thing like it... it was €70 for 45 minutes (or one hour, I can't remember)

Thanks val!

William Hauger
04-28-03, 21:34

Spain must be one of the best countries for punters, the girls work hard for the money.
It has always been total satisfaction.

Go for the latino girls, you can t go wrong.

Lots of adds in the guia del ochio.
Sw in the lower parts of La Rambla, mostly africans


05-06-03, 14:50
I tried Flor del Caribe the other day, behind the Placa Universidad. Boy was the selection lousy. They advertise their low prices, and that is what you get! Mostly 2-4s, one 6. She gave me an o.k. blowjob, but the mere sight of her colleagues almost put me off. Definitely not recommended!

05-22-03, 01:54
I´m back in Barcelona and thought I would try Bagdad - Sex Show tonite, since it has received some good reviews here.

First the bad news. It opens a bit late, 11pm and the 1st show is at 11:30 and lasts 2 hours and then repeats itself. The cost is 60 euros which is $70 right now. A little steep for a cover charge! I asked the girl at the ticket booth if it was worth it, and she told me absolutely with a big grin. Hmmm? What would I expect her to say?

Now the good news. No tipping. No extras. You wont need to spend another cent. And the price includes a free drink and a blowjob or 2. And it´s a sure thing . . . at least tonite. Of course you MUST get your blowjob on stage in the spotlight with 50 to 100 people watching at point blank range . . .

The show is excelent and includes 8 or 9 scenes. Girl-Guy. Girl-Girl. 2 Girls- 1 Guy. 2 chicas come out with dildos and after doing each other, walk thru the crowd and give each guy a shot. A big black woman with very large tits strips and asks me to join her on stage. Hmmm? The moment of truth. Even the pro guys on stage have a hard time getting wood, so what could I do? But why not. She could get no one else to join her - to my relief, tough enough without another man up there. She lays me down on the revolving stage, undoes my pants and puts a rubber on me with her mouth. At first nothing, but 10 seconds later I have a respectable half-mast hard-on. About 25 guys were watching at this point but the toughest thing was the 5 or 6 women in the audience. This woman wasn´t really doing a great job. It was real, but she wasn´t going to let me do much. And just when I´m feeling good, she changes around and fakes intercourse on top of me and 20 seconds later sents me to my seat to a round of applause. OK it´s a show. Glad I did it. Rather unique.

But the best was yet to come. Near the end, six beautiful women are on stage stripping and playing with dildos. Unlike the black woman, these girls were incredibly beautiful. And a moment later a thin blonde grabs my hand and brings me back on stage. Standing this time, she takes my pants and shorts to my ankles and has me lift my shirt. Totally exposed. On her knees she puts the rubber on with her mouth and goes to town. This time very seriously, sucking like a porn star and giving me great eye contact. Bingo. I´m hard as a rock and forget the crowd. This woman is a doll. I look around and see that all 6 girls are on their knees, nude except for high heels, blowing men onstage. One cutie has two guys at once. Most of the guys are up there 15-20 seconds. No wood. And it looked like one guy came in 5 seconds but I couldn´t tell for sure. My blonde had me at the front of the stage and was doing all she could to get me to blow, but also performing for the crowd. Taking it out of her mouth for an instant to display my dick to the crowd and then deep-throating it all back inside. Dios Mio! Meanwhile the other girls were begging for more men. It takes guts to get up there. Anyone who wanted head could have gotten it, but only 9 or 10 out of about 60+ men would try it. I wanted so bad to come and was close, but after 5 minutes of sucking - an eternity up there - she sent me to my seat and the curtain closed. Couldn´t quite get over the hump. But a surreal experience.

My advice? Yes it´s worth the 60 euros. Come early and sit in the front row. All seats are VERY close to the stage. And I don´t doubt that anyone who wants to get up there, could do it. Also, don´t worry about hygene. It all seems very safe. They are not going to do ANYTHING bareback and no one from the audience was allowed to fuck on stage. In fact ALL the sex, including with the 3 pro guys in the show, was done in a safe but erotic manner. Most of the girls are beautiful. Some incredible. And if you can´t get it up, so what? A one of a kind experience . . . - P

05-23-03, 07:00
Checked out the ladies on Robador Street in El Raval. From 11am on you will find a huge assortment of mostly older Spanish women or younger African girls. Numerous bars and upstairs rooms. Found a very pretty girl from Nambia, 23 and a body to die for. Went back to my apartment for an hour and a half. Paid 38 euro. Turned out to be so-so, but worth the money just to watch her walk around naked.

This street looks a little shady . . . and probable is, but it is not as dangerous as it looks. And is always a sure bet for SW´s. But play safe with these girls. No BB anything . . .

Also there are several XXX Cines where you can watch the pornos and get a BJ, usually from an older (like 45-60!) Spanish woman for 20 euro. Not highly recommended but Plaza Urquinaona and Ronda Universitat-Private both have resident BJ women who work every afternoon. Yesterday, one of them had removed ALL her clothes and was receiving head from an older gentleman - for a good 15 min or so. A bit strange, but whatever . . .

Mango Boy - 600 euros an hour?? You MUST be kidding . . .

Also La Rambla still has SW action after 11pm but has cooled off quite a bit. Was a raid last Tue. Why? Don´t know. Guess it happens from time to time.

Maximus #2
05-24-03, 06:38
Hey guys,

I read in this forum a few months back that freelancers can be found in the Barcelona bingo halls. Is this right, and if so are there any in particular where most of the "available" girls go. I have a week in Barca in July.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

thanx, aussie max

Maximus #2
05-24-03, 06:44
Hey Prokofiev,

Thanks for the info. How far is Robodor St from La Ramlas?

Aussie Max

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

05-24-03, 08:58
Went to KissMe for the first time yesterday. Easy to find at night with a neon sign with pink lips. Tiny front bar. 4 gentlemen and at least 9 ladies last nite at 12:30-1 am. Very nice talent . . . and friendly. The drinks are now 12 euro, and 32 for them. That´s $37 for each ladies drink! Offered me 30 min in a back room for 100 euros more, not a terrible deal considering these are very cute girls but still alot. I passed since I was tired, a quart low and the place was 100+ degrees last nite. But may go back and try it. Well see.

By the way, the word for "come" here in Spain is either "release" in English or "correrse" in Spanish. "Voy a correrme" = I´m gonna come and "Me corro, me corro" = I´m coming! I say this because my Mexican friends (and I) had no idea what correrse meant. In Mexico it´s "venirse". So last fall when my YUPI.com date first told me Voy a correrme! it sounded like "I´ve got to run. I´m leaving!" Can lead to some funny moments . . . Hey, I´m just here to help


05-25-03, 19:39
Mamimus. This street is only about 3-4 blocks from La Rambla - very close. But use a map. So easy to get lost there.

Went back to the Robador- Sant Ramon area in El Raval just to watch. This place is an incredible meat market. I would estimate no less than 200 women in the street and many more in the bars or upstairs working. Wait a bit and something interesting will come along. All types except beautiful. But most are 20 euro and some are 15. If you are a bargain shopper with low end tastes you will be in heaven.

I took the bait with a 40(?) yo woman from Morrocco. She looked like someone I knew as a kid which gave me a weird sexy vibe. Typical housewife with glasses look. Would never clock her as a pro. Nearly all the upstairs apartments on this street are used as flop houses, and she took me to her favorite - a 4th floor place for 7 euro that´s run by a 70 yo drag queen. Right out of a Fellini movie. The experience alone was worth 27 euro. We had to wait in the parlor for one of the 3 bedrooms to open up. We were couple #8 in line. Unreal. 18 people crowded into the front room all waiting for sex. I started cracking jokes and slowly, reluctantly people started laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Surprisingly, they follow very good safe-sex protocol. Condoms only. Disinfectant and soap in each room. My woman was very nice. Didn´t want to screw her. Only a CBJ with her glasses on. Spent 27 total. The experience - priceless (or worthless?)

This may not be your cup of tea. But as scary as this scene first looks - and believe me, it can look bad, I don´t think you have to worry. Just pick a spot, lean up against the wall and watch this amazing show. Sunday´s seem to be the most popular, but its jumping every day. I´m just trying to help . . . -P

Maximus #2
05-26-03, 07:24

Thanks very much for the info. What time do the girls in this area start working? It sounds like an interesting place to visit.
Also, can you help me with my question about the bingo halls? Do you know of any where women freelance?

Thanks for your help,
Aussie Max.

05-26-03, 23:31
Not exactly sure of the times but several woman told me they work 1pm-9pm or 11am-8 pm. Not a late night scene. Best to come during the afternoon just for the show. First time I saw it back in 1999 it gave me the creeps. Lots of guys hanging around alot of SW´s. But maybe I´m getting jaded. Of course watch your back and your wallet but not as bad as it looks IMHO.

The SW´s along La Rambla usually are out after 11pm. Used to be during the day as well but things have cleaned up considerably there.

As to bingo parlours, I would bet that this is VERY hit and miss and requires excellent Spanish skills and a way with the ladies. But I could be wrong.

As you might have noticed, I´m more interested in the unique experience than in getting laid. The sex experience is between a 0 and 1. But I find it all fascinating and you wont find this stuff back in Kansas . . . then again I haven´t been to Kansas.

Good Luck -P

05-28-03, 00:15
Prokofief, excellent reports, and thanks. Any advice regarding locations farther down the coast ... Sitges, Vilanova?

05-31-03, 16:41
Went back to Sant Ramon several times. Like anything, once you are familiar with the situation it all seems so normal. The rooms for rent in this area are 7 euros and are suprisingly nice, some very large and well appointed. You would never guess that from the outside. Went back with my Morroccan friend for a 20€ lunch hour. Also saw a young Romanian girl with a cute baby face. She was very nervious and we didn´t hook-up. But did take a 23 yo Czech girl from Prague up for a spin. Slim, blonde and fairly cute she promised a "great BJ" for 20€. I told her I wanted a sweet GFE and boy did she deliver. Took me by surprise and I had to fight her off. Somehow, I can´t get into DFrench Kissing with street girls. But she was as playful as any woman I have ever been with. Very strange for this kind of scene. Great experience.

In short, I recommend you take a long look at this area. Don´t rush or let the African girls scare you off. It is MUCH nicer than it first appears. And after a while you will see something that appeals to you. There are a few hidden gems here, although not many. 80% are foreigners just in Barcelona a few months, trying to survive without work permits. And these girls are more scared than you are. More worried about AIDS and probably cleaner too! I DO treat them as though they are radio-active. NO BB anything. In fact I only accepted CBJ although screwing is always available. Probably an overreaction. The guys hanging around are not pimps or gangsters, just guys waiting to get laid. And the selection is unreal, usually 50 to 300 women to choose from, almost all from 15-25€. The bars are also stocked with ladies but with time they all circulate onto the street. From 11am on, this could be one of the best deals around for the low end monger . . . and you wont find anything like this in the US.


05-31-03, 22:10
Ok Prokovief!!

So, you have discovered this pussy paradise :)
I had recomend this zone in another message of this forum...its a cheap place, near the center of the city, and you can take a walk from nearby Ramblas to see the scene. I'm from Barcelona, and sometimes I go to this place to find cheap action. The little place crowded of pros and customers its incredible, like a Fellini,s movie!! Ugly girls near young cute girls, of all the countries...and sorrounded of old men watching or trying to find a cheap fuck of las time!!
Last day I went I tried a cute latina from Ecuador (I adore latin pussy), 30 E all include!! Cool The good thing is that the girls are different from time to time (you have said it...most are illegal), so sometimes you can find some incredible cute girl, an another time only ugly girls....it depends on the luck!
If someone go for the first time, avoid african girls!!! They arent good in bed (mechanical and with hurry).

06-01-03, 23:04
I will be studying in Barcelona in Sep through Dec.

Can anyone refer me to a steady provider, or clubs to visit?


06-02-03, 14:13
Back in the US after a month in Barcelona. Want to sum up what a GREAT destination this city is. Have been there many times and I'm always delighted. Forgot to say that I went to the apts Enric Granados #66 and #107 but could not tell what doorbell to use. These buildings - and several others, are totally without any sign or indication as to where things are. No RED doorbell. Nothing. And with so many different doorbells, I decided to go to KissME instead. I'm sure if you call them, they will tell you what to do, but it was a little confusing. If you are thinking about going to Barcelona, don't hesitate. Unbelieveable action. Strip clubs, sex shows, swingers clubs, SW's. KissME, the apartments and a few REAL girlfriends for me as well thru the internet. A fantasy. Good Luck to all . . . -P

06-02-03, 15:05
For those who want, there's a good online Barcelona map at http://www.bcn.es/guia/welcomec.htm (or in mostly English at http://www.bcn.es/guia/welcomea.htm)

Enter a street name at the bottom and click on stuff on the right to add little icons for transport etc.

Maximus #2
06-03-03, 10:48

Let me say you are a great source of info, thanks alot. I'll be in Barca in a few weeks so i'll let you know how it goes. Any strip/lap dancing clubs in particular?

Thanks mate,

Aussie Max

Genghis Khan
06-03-03, 16:00
Does anyone know of good swingers clubs in Barcelona where single men are accepted and have a chance of finding some good looking women or couples?

06-04-03, 17:16

There are several swing clubs / couples bars / liberal pubs with action. Look in Guia de Ocio - the excelent guide to what's happening in Barcelona. The ads say single men allowed "according to appearance" during the week. Haven't tried it myself. Also these places mention "pasillo frances" which is a variation of the gay "Glory Holes". According to a friend, the men stand in booths with holes for their dicks. The ladies stroll down these dimly lit corridors checking out the merchandise and doing what they please. Allows for completely anonymous sex for the women. Not sure I'd like that . . .

Maximus #2

Didn't go to a strip club, only Bagdad. I've heard they are relatively expensive and not really any different than in the US. KissMe Bar can provide a similar experience and much more. But why spend 20 euro for a lap dance when you can rent a woman for 30 min and get a room for 27? Depends what you like of course. But for me the strip club noise, smoke and hustle is too much.

One other point. Barcelona is quite warm and humid in the summer. I left June 1 and the last week was pretty hot. Some of the bars, restaurants and upstairs rooms are NOT air-conditioned. In particular, my session with the sweet Czech girl was very hot and sweaty. Enjoy . . . -P

06-08-03, 16:28
Could anyone tell me of a massage parlor with a good selection of girls. (Asian, East European is a plus). A tel number as well as address and prices will be great.


Greek Guy
06-15-03, 21:23
I've just returned from a crazy weekend in Barcelona. I've used this forum as my primary source of info before going. However, once I got there, the best source was probably La Vanguardia newspaper. Towards the end, there are loads of classified ads. Most of the girls though, don't speak English, just like their ads. Others in the forum have suggested using the Guia del Ocio and the Periodico, but I didn't find them (whereas my hotel had a copy of La Vanguardia).

Anyway, I wanted to see what I could find first, so I walked La Rambla (or Las Ramblas, depending the language) and did find some very hot looking young black girls near the Columbus monument, before you reach the sea. But, a taxi driver dissuaded me, saying that some of them are dangerous. But he did say that prices start at 30 euro, which is probably the cheapest fuck you can get. According to some in the forum, it is also the worst, most mechanical fuck. So there. I noticed the girls there after 11 pm, but they might have been there earlier too.

On my first night, I went to Cristal. I didn't know the place, but the taxi driver did. I wanted to go to Show Girls, but he told me that it would soon close. Obviously not true, because it was only 2 am, but I thought I'd try his recommendation. The address of the place is Tarragona 177. It is an office building, you wouldn't know what's going on inside if you were not clued in. The taxi driver took us inside through the back door, a parking lot and made sure we were welcomed (so as to pocket his commission).

May I add at that point that it is hard to find a taxi at night and you need strong negotiation skills to not get ripped off by the drivers. It helps if you want to go to a "chicas club" (girls club) to which they're affiliated because obviously they have added incentive.

Anyway, back to Cristal. Cristal is what they call a Sauna in Spain. A brothel. Many are situated in office buildings or flat and operate from there. They tend to be clean, from what I hear. Cristal certainly was. I and a friend went in, had a drink at the bar at 15 euro each and selected a girl. The girls wanted a drink first in order "to get to know each other", but we were having none of that. Their English was as lousy as our Spanish, so there was no point really. The rate is 100 euro per half-hour (Friday night; may vary during the week).

There was a good variety of girls, so we went for the ones we liked best. I went for a girl from Santo Domingo who said her name was Cassandra (afterwards, she told me that was not her real name and she told me what her real name was, but I didn't care enough to remember). I paid the lady overlooking the bar (credit cards are accepted for a small extra charge). We went in one of the rooms nearby, she washed my dick with water and soap and then proceeded to have sex. I expected the quality of service to be worse than it actually was, I must say. BJs are probably standard wherever you go. My friend's experience was not as satisfying, he said. Obviously, it comes down to every girl doing the job right.

On the second night, we went to Show Girls. The address for that is Bailen 22 (just tell the cabbie to take you to "Bailen venti-dos, por favor"). Very nice strip club. Entrace fee is 22 euro for Saturday night. The girls were all pretty. Around 30 girls at 11 pm, all 8s, 9s and 10s. I am not into getting them drinks (it's a waste of money AND time, trust me), so I just asked her for her price for the hotel, since the barman kindly informed me that all arrangements are made with the girls directly. She smiled, she only understood the word "hotel" from what I had asked, but she replied that her price was 360 euro for one hour. Much too much for me, but she was a Cameron Diaz look-alike. Absolutely gorgeous, blone with big light-blue eyes and a pair of tits that were big, firm and looked natural. So I accepted.

As it became obvious though, it was only her first night at the club and I was her first client. She didn't know where the hotel was (1 minute walk from the club), or if I could have her for 30 minutes for less (no, unfortunately). Well, anyway, we went to the club with this gorgeous 24-year old Cameron Diaz from Lithuania whose name is Maria (or Mary). She was pretty friendly, but her English was a barrier. The "hotel" is a just a building with apartments, where everybody gets a nice-decorated room (which costs you another 30 euro, by the way). She had me wash my dick (don't get offended, you get to do it before and after sex, just as a precaution).

Sex was not as divine as I expected it to be, but she really looked like Cameron Diaz, so that was good. But, she didn't tongue-kiss. Anyway, it was great. After that, I went out to the clubs and was really phazed out. I had just fucked the prettiest girl in Barcelona! ;-)

Now, enough with my stories, here are the names to some other clubs and some remarks from what I've heard:

* KissMe Club: Expensive, but with great girls and great show.
* Bagdad: 60 euros to get in and have a drink and watch a porn show on stage (theatre-like). Not worth it.
* Riviera: 150 girls. Can go as low as 80 euro for 40 minutes.
* Casanova: Heard it was good, but don't remember much.

Finally, there's a street of smaller chicas clubs. I don't remember the name of the street, but one of the clubs was Las Vegas. If you are on that street, avoid these clubs. They're a rip-off.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going back to my 120 clubs in Athens, Greece.

06-19-03, 18:25
Greek Guy,

You think KissMe is expensive but spent 412 euros total for a girl from ShowGirls??? That's almost $500 US . . . and it wasn't a great experience? Ouuch! Any girl at KissMe can be taken to the back room for 100 euros complete. But if price is no object . . .

Peace -P

06-20-03, 00:12

At the north end of Robador, on the Carrer d'Hospital, there's an inexpensive hotel that looks tolerable and interesting:

You've been there, is that part of the neighborhood reasonably safe? Your colorful description of Robador gives me pause.
:-) Dare I stay there?

In general, I've found European so-called "bad neighborhoods" to be perfectly safe, but I have no experience with Spain.

You also might find this interesting:

06-22-03, 01:32

Safe is in the eye of the beholder. I would stay there and I know several friends with apts in that area. But it is considered one of the less safe areas of the city and the street action on Robador looks bad . . . but is not IMHO. Just watch your wallet and use common street sense . . .

Also remember that of about 200 women in the street, perhaps 10 are attractive. You have to look hard to find the gems, but when you do you will be getting a 20 euro bargain . . . not a 200-400 euro draining of your bank account. Maybe I'm just cheap but I cannot pay that kind of money for ANYONE. And I can afford it . . . just don't want to feel like a chump.

Good Luck, -P

07-03-03, 04:12
Can anyone give a quick comparison of the paid and regular pussy in Barcelona, Prague and Athens? Also, other than German FKK clubs, where is the best paid pussy scene in Europe?

Thanks for the info.


07-03-03, 22:06
In May I was in Barcelona and visited the Robador and Sant Ramon area (as usual), because it is my preferred area.

I am visiting this area for the last 10 years when I am on vacation, but the quality of the women is going down every year.

Some of them, which I knew very well after all these years, even don't work there anymore.

I have talked with one of the woman about the situation and she said next year all bars in Carrer Robador will be closed.
As some of you will know they are building a new 4 star hotel in this area, and I can imagine the owners of the hotel don't like these prostitutes in their neighbourhood.

I also saw this year the police was much more present in the area and was controlling thoroughly the (non -spanish) women.

Now my question to members who either live in Barcelona, or who know about the situation : has the government of Barcelona the intention to make this area (Sant Ramon-Robador) "prostitution free"?

It would be a pity because I have had always good sex there for a reasonable price, and I enjoyed the "atmosphere" in the area.

07-05-03, 13:27
Originally posted by putana
I also saw this year the police was much more present in the area and was controlling thoroughly the (non -spanish) women.
Quite a bit of police traffic when I was in the area. The african women vanished while they were in the neighborhood. I noticed some checking of passports of men on the street throughout El Raval as well.

There were many girls inside the Coyote bar on Robador, but they seemed more interested in begging euros so they could try to win prizes from a little crane machine (like you see in carnivals) than engaging in honest work. :-)

Street scene on Ramon, which is just a block away, was better ... no African women grabbing pedestrians, etc. Quality was highly mixed in both looks and personality but there were some nice ones.

Prices 20-35 Euro, room 7, plus tip for the lady, etc.

07-07-03, 21:44
Earlier I asked about opportunities elsewhere in the region. Let me answer my own question. In most of the towns along the seashore, at least, there are plenty of listings in the local newspapers, and some walk-in opportunities (good for travelers). Prices advertised are in the 20 to 40 Euro range for half an hour. So if you get outside of Barcelona..

07-07-03, 23:17
Yes, I too noticed a police presence in the area, but I didn't see them bothering anyone. The African girls generally do not have work permits and may have overstayed their visas, so they are the most vulnerable to any police crackdown. And there does seem to be a division of black and white women between the two streets, with Africans on Robador and Europeans/ Middle East on Sant Ramon.

By the way, for those of you who appreciate black women, the Robador area has a great diversity of African girls. Nambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola . . . and each have rather distinctive features. After a while, I would tell an approaching SW what country she was from and I would usually be right. But having a GFE with them is very tough, especially if you are white. They are very wary - and for good reason. Happy hunting.


07-12-03, 13:47
People will be thankful for this update. No more wasting money at Riviera! In tha trade show area (Parallel, turn right coming from Plaza de España where the parking is, drop your car and cross the street at nr 1 of the alley) there is an absolute gem.

It´s caled Sandra and advertises on La Vanguardia, eight to ten masseuses are available, one Brasilian, one Cuban, a few Colombians - more from South America and a couple of blond tall local girls. Ages 22-32 I would say, A/C rooms with indipendent showers-bathtubs, tried most of them with exactly the same routine. For 90 Euros girls come to your room, you choose one who comes back in a short while She gets naked and start french kissing you, helps you to get rid of your clothes and steps in the shower with you. Toroughly washes both, starting some BBBJ, then onto the bed. Face down, you receive a naked body oil massage with some pleasant surprises (anal rimming, balls licking...) then turn for serious bbbj, cunnilinguus, fingering, kissing till you can´t stand it any longer. Only at this stage (if you haven´t come in mouth, which raises no objections) a condom appears and on to sex...
180 € buys you the hour and two shots, basically the same as above starting again when finished.
I forgot to mention attention for privacy (small waiting room to avoid crossing path woth other visitors) and a free alcoholic drink of your choice.

In exchange for tghis report I would like to hear about Isla del Masaje (unknown address), which advertises a lot but haven´t heard about in this or other forums.

Have fun and thank me.

Genghis Khan
07-14-03, 11:17
Have anyone any experience with the Barcelona sex fare?
This year it is from October 1st - 5th. Is it worth checking out
and what are the scene elsewere in Barcelona during the fare.
Will many of the shows move from their regular locations like
Bagdad and Bailen 22 to this fare and thereby closing their
regular locations?

Genghis Khan
07-14-03, 11:41
Does anyone know of hotels near Las Ramblas where girls are
allowed into the room?

07-27-03, 01:29
I am going to Barcelona for a few days in early August.

Is Club Riviera still open? (I haven't heard much about it here recently). Is Bailen 22 still full of pretty girls who want to charge EUR300 per hour? That place was good last year for eye candy, but not for takeout. Are there any new places opened in the last year or so?

Thanks for your help!

Spanish Fly
07-30-03, 22:39
as you can guess from my nick, i'm a local although not really a regular of mongering. however, i guess i can add my two cents to the barcelona scene.

i've only been once to one of the many locals in c/ (street, or carrer in catalan, local language) aribau. show girls was closed (it was like 3:30am maybe later) and me and a friend stepped into some lookalike place 30 mts. away. sorry, don't remember the name (two much alcohol). they place was definitely not my taste, just a few girls (maybe it was too late after all), 3-5's some with maybe one 6. we only stayed there 2 mins.

got a car (thanks got he was driving that night :-), and went to club riviera. that was the first of a number of times there.

great place, easygoing, some cover entrance (don't remember exactly how much, could be something around 15-18€), but includes an alcoholic drink. the selection is awesome. so many different girls, from so many different places. i am fluent in english and italian, and found some girls who had problems with their spanish but did speak pretty decent english, so you english-speakers shouldn't have major problems there. (actually, being barcelona so turist crowded, especially during the summer, you shouldn't have problems at all, as the chicas are very used to this).

just a hint. unless is definitely your taste, avoid africans. far too agressive and not so good in bed (too mechanical and rushy). other than that, take your time, get a confortable spot in the bar, and enjoy your drink for a while (i would recommend at least 5-10 minutes) before you even allow one girl to stay with you. during those 5-10 minutes you will be approched by a number of girls (all shapes, colours and nationalities), but remember. the most agressives are usually the ones that you don't want, or at least the less attractive/friendly ones. i insist, take your time, look around, and after you have seen (and checked) the market, make eye contact with the one you like most. (a lot to chose from, if you don't find something of your taste there, you need a lot more than viagra!!!). again, don't rush. take your time with the girl, "feel her up", and be sure that she is what you want. (you can always change your mind). you don't need to get her a drink, as long as she doesn't get anything (or very little) from those drinks, so i've found little or no interest in the girls about getting drinks every 15 min. like i've seen in other places.

negotiate a fare, plaese, don't overpay. yes, you can (and you must) negotiate with the girl. this is the way it goes in these places. it's like a huge "hotel" for girls. they pay for the room dayle to the management, and they do whatever they want after that.
therefore, the girls take all the money, no commision "for the house" (there is a small fee if i remember for clean sheets and key, around 5€) so the fare with the girl can be seriously get down (especially after 4:00am or later when it's probably that you are going to be her last client for the day. fares? the girl will probably ask you between 50-80 for 30 min. or 80-150 for one hour. i am not the best negotiatior in the world, and in my three times there i've made as follows:
-nice romanian girl, 20y.o., brunette (as 90% of romanian girls) slender, nice tits, full-service, cbj, 90€+10tip 1 hour. no rush, very friendly attitude. i'll give her 7 in looks, 8 attitude, 6 performance.

-argentinian. blonde, petite. around 22y.o. new in town. second week or so. great body, perfect tits (probably not natural, but who cares), with an incredible [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)-like best friend (i was too tempted to go up with both, like she suggested, but that night just didn't have the energy.). turned out to be a great session. had to inisist to have bbj, but after a little promise of a good tip, she accepted. great performance, very friendly, 90% or better gfe. she even did anal without even discussing it before or asking for more money. looks: 8-8,5 attitude: 9. performance: 9. oh yes, fare: she asked for 110€ for 1 hour. we stayed there a little less than an hour for 80 + a very well earned 20€ tip.

my best treat so far. a couple of weeks ago. got late very late without even been aware of it. 4:40am or something. got spotted by a colombian girl, great body, around 25.yo. she asks quickly (hey, the place is closing down at 5am, as well as the rooms upstairs...), for 75€ for a quickie. i say that i would like two girls (i was still mad at me for net getting the offer from the cute argentinian girl above :-), and she says ok, she will find a girlfriend but we will need to go to my apartment because the place is closing. we agreed 200€ both for a couple of hours in my place. i waited for her outside the club for 10min. and she introduces me a cute little brazilian girl with and olive skin and blue eyes. so perfect. we got to my place, did it so many times in so many positions... they got really into it, bbj, lesbian, etc... a night to remember. of course they wanted a tip, and i gave her 30€ more for both of them. the party ended in my apartment at 11:00am (a little more than 2 hours) after a lot of alcohol. maybe it wasn't so smart to bring two strangers to my place, and i had the constant feeling that they wanted to get me drunk for some reason. they didn't get it, although i always kept an eye on them and my personals (just in case). in general, a great night at a very decent price. maybe i just got lucky, maybe it was the hour... i don't know. but i really enjoyed and willing to repeat. the brazilian girl was amazing. so much, that i am planning a trip to brazil next oct-nov to taste a little more of the brazilian style.

keep it up guys!

08-02-03, 00:57
Thanks for the information Spanish Fly!

Good to know Riviera is still a worthwhile visit! I will have to keep my eyes open for the Brazilian girl or the Argentinian. Do you remember either of their names?

Spanish Fly
08-04-03, 15:48

Sorry, no names. It's being a constant in my life. I am SO bad at names. I took the Argentinian like 2 months ago, and the two girls (Colombian and Brazilian) 2 weeks ago. As long as I have no names, I'll try to give you a couple of hints in case you decide to give it shot.

Argentinian: Blonde (actually "platinium blonde", I am not sure if that's a proper description in english, I am talking about this very light blond, so typical in Iceland or Sweden). Not very tall, like 1,65, maybe less, perfect tits, actually, perfect figure. Very sweet face with big eyes (the kind I like).

Brazilian: Cutest petite girl. Olive skin. Not even mulata. Just like a white but tanned girl. Curly hair, not too long, gorgeous, sweete and kind of naughty smile and some incredible light-blue eyes. Nice figure, all the right curves on the right places, as they say.

Sorry, this is the best I can do. Next time I'll try to catch up those names for the future generations... :-)

Any other questions, just let me know.

08-05-03, 23:36
Thanks Spanish Fly. I am the same with names! But I will keep my eyes open when I am at Riviera this weekend.

08-13-03, 11:32
Had another session at Kiss Me, on a Thursday night. The girls are much more aggressive now than they used to be; I had to send one away (Marisol), because i didn't like her looks. I did fuck her on a previous occasion, and she was rather good, but that night I was looking for something else. There is a French girl of Maroccan descent, by the name of Aida; she has a great attitude and was just the ticket. I had done her a while back; she is petite, with smallish breasts and slightly too chubby legs; after the normal petting in the bar (finger in her pussy, stroking my dick), i paid (180€ for 1 h) and we went to the small apartment they have nearby. the normal wash and fondle, and then a truly outstanding BBJ. She got very wet as we fucked in 4 different positions, and I finally came doing her doggy-style. An absolutely AAA job.

08-13-03, 23:11
Can anyone recommend good guest friendly hotels in the Ramblas - 3 or 4 stars ?

Sounds like the Riviera is the place to go for fun. Can anyone provide any other alternatives ?


08-15-03, 14:08
Fabulous, absolutely fabulous Romanian girls on C. Ramon this season. The prices seemed to have dropped to 20euro for the girl and 10euro for the room. I recommend the thin, but shapely, girl with the shoulder lenght bright red hair, nice smallish tits, and the tattoo on her right shoulder. She was a little business-like but a lot of fun -damned Romanian hottie.

Next on the Eastern-bloc list, we have the serious looking, tallish young woman with short, tied-back sandy-blond hair, delightfuly small breasts, and a navel that just begs for your tounge. She bloody fucked my lights out, mate! And, she seemed to have a bleeding good time doing it. I felt like I was a damned star is a pornographic film; with lots of oral sex, strange and convoluted entanglements of flesh and furniture, deep penetration, and wild unabashed slamming of skin against skin, against walls, floors and plumbing fixtures, it was a study in the Khama Sutra of the sex-maniac.

Manuelo, Stud Manuelo!

I like it when they start whining and crying-out in that strange Caucaus dialect and take you in all the way to the their gristlely little girl nubbies. I must say, the sandy blond with the belly button gave me the best shagging I've had all week. Then, of course, it's off to 'Paki Ramblas,' one street over, for some wonderfuly spicey cooking.

Manuelo, Lucky Manuelo

Barrio Ramon, Barcelona

08-30-03, 14:23
Vilanove i la Geltru report

I was in the Mediterranean beach community of Vilanova, which is about 40 minutes south of Barcelona by train, just past Sitges. Trains along the coastline are very cheap; I think the ride from Barcelona was something like 1.50 Euros. And the train is very nice -- not at all like the Barcelona metro.

It was midafternoon. I hung out at the Ribes Roges beach for awhile checking out the topless women. Some were really hot and others were grandmothers; it averaged out! Then I stopped in a local cafe and picked up a copy of El Punt to "read" (I don't really read the local languages, but I muddle through as best I can). There was a fairly large classified ad for a local "massajes" operation.

It's on the avenue of the Canaries. I think the number is 42.

Av. des Canaries is parallel to and about three blocks north of the Ramblas Principal. From the Ribes Roges beach area you just walk north past the row of seafood restaurants, then turn left on Canaries. Go about three blocks. The place you're looking for is on your left. If you see a little park on your right, you've gone too far.

It's a bit hard to find because there is absolutely no sign. On a nondescript apartment building with a metal door, there are three or four doorbell buttons -- and one of them is red. That's the one.

I rang the bell and got buzzed in, where I stood in the stairwell until I heard a voice calling from the apartment one floor up.

There I found a very nice apartment with several bedrooms, where I was greeted by a middle-aged woman. I asked, "cinco chicas?" (the newspaper ad had promised five girls).

She showed me to a large, comfortable bedroom with a king-size bed, and had me wait a few minutes. She returned with one girl, who introduced herself by name, then left. Then another appeared. Same process was repeated until I had met four girls -- one was occupied. All seemed very shy. As for looks, they ranged from "OK" to "very nice" in my book.

I selected a real babe, apparently mulatto, who turned out to be from the Dominican Republic. She was hot. Great tits, big dark eyes. Price was 40 Euros for 30 minutes, or 80 for 60. I chose half an hour.

She had me squat over the bidet and washed my cock with soap (very enjoyable). Then we adjourned to the bed for an enthusiastic BBBJ, followed by equally enthusiastic fucking (with condom) in a variety of positions, followed by more BBBJ. I finished by jacking off into her mouth (carefully removing and using a towel at the right moment).

Superb quality and value. America should be like this!

Warning: Even though these beach towns seem to party all night, the masaje parlor closes at something like 9. Come early, as they say.

09-13-03, 18:18

I'm looking for a nice, cost effective place (chica friendly hotel) to stay for one week only: near the city centre, in the Eixample are if possible. Certainly within a short distance of the Paseo de Gracia & Plaza Cataluña. Any suggestions would be most appreciated and the compliment returned with my report.

Regards, Havanaman

09-15-03, 07:43
Hey Guys -

I really enjoyed my trip to Spain this summer and was wondering if the winter months are as good as the summer. I visited Club Riviera and was amazed at the incredible girls, prices, quality, etc. My question is - does this situation change at all in the winter?? I could return to Spain this winter - around Christmas time and wondered if the action is still as good. Do the girls take a break in the winter?? Are there just as many girls through the winter???


Spanish Fly
09-15-03, 12:00

Glad to hear that you had a great time in my city. This was the hottest summer in history (as well as in most parts of Europe, I'm sure), but the weather during Christmas, while not like California, is still pretty nice, with many many sunny days.

I've visited the Riviera Club quite a few times during the last 2 years and I haven't found any difference regarding the season of the year. Moreover, many girls go to Ibiza or Mallorca for the summer time (so much work there for them, I suppose), so my guess is that during the winter, the selection of girls should mantain if not grow.

Don't forget to post your experiences here, it will be of great help to the rest of the visitors....!! (Name of the girl, attitude, price, all the juicy details... :-)


Spanish Fly.

Member #1251
09-19-03, 00:11
I will be travelling to Barcelona for the period 2nd October through 5th October. I am aware that the 11th International Erotic Film Festival will be on in Barcelona at that time and I wonder whether anyone has previously attended this event and what advice they would offer about whether and at what time of the day to go.

Any tips about this event or descriptions of previous years would be appreciated.

Genghis Khan
09-19-03, 10:37
Could someone who knows Spanish help me make out what the text on Bagdads webpages mean.

It describes something about a room with angles from all sides to the show. Does this mean a private room?

Also something about a special Bagadad Goodbye is mentioned. Does anyone know what this means?

09-19-03, 22:21
Hey Spanish Fly,

Please help a fellow monger with your city.

I'm still looking for a place to stay in the Eixample are if possible. close to the Paseo de Gracia & Plaza Cataluña. I thinking about coming over in mid October. Any suggestions?



Genghis Khan
09-22-03, 14:19
Is Club Riviera close by court order?

I found this text on a webpage:

"The past 21 of May of 2003 the Court of Contentious Administrative number 14 of Barcelona dictated a sentence by which it condemned the City council of Castelldefels to decree to the immediate cease of the activity of club with rooms in the building of the Club the Riviera located in number 94 of the Avenue of Castelldefels in Castelldefels and to review the license granted to the other building (number 92 of the referred Avda. de Castelldefels), so that the surface is reduced that is dedicated to club is the east premises to a maximum of 400 square meters. The sentence also orders the City council to that it orders the demolition of the footbridge that both unites buildings and that incoe the corresponding sanctioning files by infraction of the city-planning legality. This Sentencia, that can entail the economic inviavilidad of the premises, was dictated within the framework of anContencioso-Administrativo resource interposed by diverse neighbors of the Riviera, with the support of the ASSOCIATION OF NEIGHBORS Granvi'a-sea of Castelldefels and under the direction of the society of lawyers of Barcelona Legal Study Perez Almansa. The ASSOCIATION OF NEIGHBORS Granvi'a-sea that has been coming fighting for four years against the City council of Castelldefels by the concession to the Club the Riviera of the license of Club with Rooms in a described zone as Residential 20/a10. would thank for the publication of the previous note. Castelldefels to 27 of May of 2003 Fdo. Mª. Of The Pillar War PRESIDENT OF THE A.VV. Granvia-sea C/. Tarrasa, 5 08860 CASTELLDEFELS (Barcelona) "

This is a Babelfish translation of the original text which is like

"El pasado 21 de mayo de 2003 el Juzgado de lo Contencioso Administrativo número 14 de Barcelona dictó una sentencia por la que condenó al Ayuntamiento de Castelldefels a decretar el cese inmediato de la actividad de club con habitaciones en el edificio del Club Riviera situado en el número 94 de la Avenida de Castelldefels en Castelldefels y a revisar la licencia concedida al otro edificio (número 92 de la referida Avda. de Castelldefels), de modo que se reduzca la superficie que se dedica a club es este local a un máximo de 400 metros cuadrados. La sentencia ordena también al Ayuntamiento a que ordene la demolición de la pasarela que une los dos edificios y que incoe los correspondientes expedientes sancionadores por infracción de la legalidad urbanística. Esta Sentencia, que puede conllevar la inviavilidad económica del local, fue dictada en el marco de un recurso Contencioso-Administrativo interpuesto por diversos vecinos del Riviera, con el apoyo de la ASOCIACIÓN DE VECINOS GRANVÍA-MAR de Castelldefels y bajo la dirección de la sociedad de abogados de Barcelona Estudio Jurídico Pérez Almansa.

La ASOCIACIÓN DE VECINOS GRANVÍA-MAR que ha venido luchando desde hace cuatro años contra el Ayuntamiento de Castelldefels por la concesión al Club Riviera de la licencia de Club con Habitaciones en una zona calificada como Residencial 20/a10. agradecería la publicación de la nota anterior.

Castelldefels a 27 de mayo de 2003

Fdo. Mª. Del Pilar Guerra


C/. Tarrasa, 5 08860 CASTELLDEFELS (Barcelona)"

I found the text on this page:

Can somebody confirm this?

09-23-03, 01:57

Is it true? Club Riviera was the best club I've ever been in! I hope it's not closed. I have some memories that I will never forget that happened in that club. Somebody confirm what the truth is.


Spanish Fly
09-23-03, 19:59
Genghis Khan.

That webpage you got that information from is likely from some neighbour of Riviera, upset with the constant flowing of people in and out of their neighborhood. (I really don't understand why, because the place is incredibly conveniently located right on the freeway with direct access in and out of that freeway (Autopista de Castelldefels). Anyway, the facts mentioned there are probably true, but that is just the first court sentence. Then the club owners will apply, and so on and on and on.

A couple of hints about that. Prostitution is 100% legal in Spain. What means that any woman has the right to do whatever she wants what her body, including sell it away. However, pimps are illegal, taking adventage of prostitutes (modern ways of slavery, forcing women into prostitution by taken away their passports, threating them etc... and some other horror stories like that, some of them sadly true), but the nice good old thing is, again, 100% legal.

Places like Riviera has found a quite profitable way of making tons of money, not charging for sex services but acting like "hotels" for the girls. The girls "rent" a room there and pay some fee to the house. After that, you negotiate with the girl directly, and every dime you give to her is FOR her, not for the house. Some of the girls just live there (very few), most of them have nice apartments in the surroundings, or even downtown. Probably without anybody knowing that they are prostitutes at all. Of course, the house also gets money out of drinks, like any "normal" disco, which is what it would look like if most of the girls weren't walking around almost naked.

More facts, I was there a couple of weeks ago, and the place was as lively and crowded as usual. Again, the neighbourgs have been trying to close the place down for some time (at least the 2 years that I've been in Barcelona so far), and I can't say if they will succeed or not, but up today, not yet.

I am not really an expert in the mongering scene in Barcelona (or anyplace else) only been to a few places, but certainly, Riviera is one of my faves. (See my previous reports about it)

If you need any more information, don't hesitate to ask.

Regards and happy hunting!

Spanish Fly.

Spanish Fly
09-23-03, 20:22

I'd love to help but there is a couple of clues that I would need.

What do you consider "cost efective" ?? (Be specific, pls), and how far from Paseo de Gracia/Plaza Catalunya are you willing to stay?. Hotels are quite expensive in Barcelona (not as much as in London or Milano, but much more than Valencia or the rest of Spain, maybe except Madrid). Before getting an apartment here, I was living 2 months in two different hotels close to my office, and well in the area you want. But remember that Eixample is a quite big area. There is a nice 20-25 minutes walk to Paseo de Gracia from Plza. Francesc Macia (for example) which is in the Eixample area. About chica-friendly, that's another stuff. I remember to bring girls to my rooms in both hotels I've been to and there were absolutely no problems.

You have to understand that in Spain, not like Italy, where I've spent much time also, single rooms are not very popular. The standar business deal is "Doble de uso individual", something like "Double room, just for one", and in those cases, very few hotels will have any problem with you bringing some girl to your room. Could be your girlfriend, your cousin, your lover, or anything in the middle. They don't even need to register (in Spain, only one person-per-room registration is mandatory). I would like to ask the forum if anybody has had problems with girls and hotels. I've never had. If they look moderately "normal" (not impossible mini-skirts, typical cheap hooker type), everything should be ok.

Hotel Covadonga (less than 100€ / night) (Av. Diagonal with Francesc Macia)

Hotel Derby or Grand Derby (C/ Loreto, don't remember the number). +120€

But there are plenty of other options. If you give me some details I will try to suggest you some more.

Another important hint is to book in advance. Barcelona has a busy schedulle with Fairs, Symposiums and other corporate events, so I would book as in advance as possible.
I've had problems (more than once) to book a room to the chairman of my company in ANY "decent" hotel downtown at ANY rate. There are several weeks of the year (the ones with the most important fairs, of course), when the occupation is 100% in any 3* and above hotel. Be careful if you don't want to be stuck in some small hotel 30km. out of town.

Sorry for the delayed answer, but I've been out of town and not able to check the forum.


Spanish Fly.

Spanish Fly
09-23-03, 20:43
Genghis Khan, regarding text in Bagdad webpage, I would need some more info. I've given a look to the page and haven't been able to find anything about "a room with angles ". It's probably there, but I'm not looking at the right page.

Anyway, Bagdad, while neve been there, it's pretty famous because of wide cover from the media. It's like a giant Porn Cabaret with live shows, interaction with the audience (yes, if you are not shy, you can get a nice CBJ from a nice girl right there on the stage!!).

Regularly, there are some couples in the audience as well, is not a 100% male place.

Hope this helps. (Although, I know, not much)

Happy huntin'

Spanish Fly.

09-23-03, 23:39

At Bagdad, the main room surrounds the stage, giving a good viewing angle from all the seats. I don't believe there is a private room on the premises. But you can negociate to take out the "disco girls" who are dancing between scenes. Rather expensive, I believe. An Englishman was desperate to get 300 euros to leave with a cute morena when I was there. They would not accept his credit card and he was pissed.

As to the show, I wrote a complete description back in May. I believe the farewell present is the group BJ scene, where anyone who wants to and is able to, can get a CBJ on stage. Look up the report. I thought it was worth it . . .


09-24-03, 18:29
Fellow Mongers

Can somebody give more info on the budget Ramon area?

Where exactly are it's boundaries?

How is the action at around midnight.

Also in the area where is the best bar to pop in for a breather?

Happy hunting!

09-25-03, 21:04

From Las Ramblas, walk into La Raval down Carrer de Sant Pau for 3 blocks. Carrer Robador will be to your right. Many African women on this street along with some older (very old!) Spanish ladies. One half block ahead and to you left is Carrer de Sant Ramon. Many different european women of all ages. The whole area is approximately 3 blocks long.

This is mostly a day time scene. Very little late night action and is less safe then. Most of the girls tell me they work 11am to about 8 pm. Late night SW's can be found along the lower end of Las Ramblas.

Good Luck, -P

10-04-03, 18:00
Spanish Fly

I note the hotels that you have mentioned. Would you (or any one else) recommend any good and chica friendly hotels in the Ramblas area for about 100 euros a night ?

Many thanks.

Genghis Khan
10-08-03, 11:17
I would like to share my experiences from trip in Barcelona during the period 01.October - 06.October.

First of all I would highly recommend Bagdad. This is as reported on earlier really a sex show club. It is really full on Saturdays. They have three shows each night from 11 - 01, 01 - 03 and from 03 - 05. On saturdays you normally have to leave after the show you have paid to see is over to let other customers have a chance to get a seat. The price for a show is 60 Euros. On other nights however, you can stay as long as you like. On
saturdays the girls performing in the show is usually not available as they have to concentrate on the show. The other nights however, the girls are free for sharing drinks with you and for private shows in private rooms on the premises. A private show typicly lasts half an hour and includes a bottle of champagne. The private rooms are equipped with monitors to see the show and with condoms. So you are able to have sexual contact with the girls from the show in private rooms on the premises. Like Prokofiev has told earlier participation in the show on stage is possible. What he didn`t write however is that she show is broadcasted live on the internet. So if you participate you will not only be performing for the audience at Bagdad, but to all others watching on the internet. I wasn`t aware of this until I came off stage on my first evening there.

During my stay in Barcelona I always started the evening at Badad as a kind of forerplay if you like and then moved on to other places. During my stay I also visited Kiss Me, Club Rivieira and Showgirls at Bailèn 22. Club Rivieira is at least at the moment
not closed, but a sign outside told the visitors to kindly respect that there are neighbours close by. I found Club Rivieira a bit seedy and the girls too pushy. Showgirls on the other hand was just my cup of tea and the girls here were much more beautiful.
Try the Brazilian girl Cleo. She is amazing and will give you a BBBJ you have never experienced before. But as with all other things in life quality costs more. So an all-nighter with a girl from Showgirls costs about 5 times as much as a private enconter with a girl of your choice on the premises at Club Rivieira. Having said that, I am now hooked on Showgirls and find it comparable to Cafè Photo in Sao Paolo when it comes to the pure talent and beauty of the girls. Kiss Me has been reported on here quite frequently and I will not elaborate much on that except to say that it is worth visiting once to have experienced it and if you are on a tight budget, this gives high quality for a low amount of cash.

I also visited the erotic film festival during two mornings/ afternoons and thought it wasn`t worth bothering. The only shows worth watching was with performers from Bagdad. There were big time porns stars stripping on stage also, but this was not worth the trouble of going out to La Farga for in my mind.
Finally I would like to recommend the hotel Catalunia Berna near
Plaza Catalunia as a very nice girl friendly hotel.

10-08-03, 16:18

Didin't know about the internet (!) or that there are private rooms at Bagdad. Do you know how much it costs for 30 minutes in a room? Did you actually do it? Also how much was the girl from Showgirls? Can you have sex on the premises or is it take out only?

Genghis Khan
10-08-03, 18:35

The private rooms at Bagdad are not equipped with beds. At least the one I entered only had a sofa, a table and a monitor. I did order a private show at Bagdad and got a CBJ from the black girl called India. She performs in the show with two other guys. Half an hour private show costs 300,- EUR. The girls services is extra. They will likely ask you if you want a strip tease first and when the 30 minutes are up ask if you want another 30 minutes explaining that you will be able to have sex. I had the 30 minutes and a CBJ. It cost me 250,- EUR. Making it 550,- EUR all together. You will also be able to have more than one girl. What the price is I don`t know. I think the English man you wrote about wanting 300,- Euros to take a girl home actually wanted a private show.

Showgirls have several options. You can either enter a private cabin on the premises on the right side of the bar with the girl of your choice. These cabins only have a curtain hanging in front of you seperating you from the other activities in the club. I saw bartenders running in and out of these cabines with bottles of champagne, so it is likley the most expensive way of having some fun with your girl. I assume that in order to get a cabin you must buy a bottle of champagne and that she will only stay in there as long as you have any champagne left or buy a new bottle.

Another option is to follow the girl to a small hotel nearby where they regurlarly take their customers. I am not sure how much the hotel is or what this service is charged by the girls.

The last option is to take the girl to your hotel. This was what I opted for. You then negotiate a price with the girl for the time you want with her. I chose an all nighter. You then pay the girl and a fee to the club for taking the girl home. I tried to negotiate the price with Cleo, but she was reluctant to negotiate her price. So we ended up with 1.000,- EUR for the evening and a fee of 115,- EUR to the bar for taking her with me. She did stay the whole night and we had sex several times during this period. She also wanted me to go down on her after I had come. I can not think of any other reason for this than that she enjoyed it too.

Cleo has worked around in both Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro before among other places at Cafè Photo. At least this is what she claims. She is from Brasilia and seems a little shy until you approach her and start talking to her. If you do go and see her tell her hi from the big guy from Norway and tell her I will be back looking for her in January.

There were other girls equally beautiful as Cleo too. Most were black or latin girls. I actually didn`t see any blondes.

Genghis Khan
10-08-03, 18:47
I would also like to add that on my first night at Badad a couple entered the stage all three times it was time for the audience participation act. The girl from this couple BBBJ her man in the middle of the stage while the Bagdad performers where handling audience participants around them. I found this quite amusing.

10-11-03, 18:05
Genghis Khan,

That Brazilian you saw at Showgirls, Cleo, does she also go by the name [Name deleted at author's request]? If so does she have a nose piercing and a navel piercing? Speak a little English? Have a tatoo on her lower back? Incredibly slim stomach? And only been in Barcelona since mid-September? If so I can recommend her for her BBBJ when I saw her in Rio de Janeiro last summer. She mentioned going to Barcelona to make $1000 euro a night there. Do you think that is possible for her? She was making maybe USD$ 200-250 per night in Brazil from the famous club HELP. If she gave her E-mail address could you pass it along to me at [Email address deleted by Admin]? Or maybe her phone #. I thought her sincere smile was to die for also.

I would really appreciate it.

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

10-12-03, 02:14
Barcelona in the Winter???

I'm considering a trip to Spain around Christmas time and wondered about the weather in Barcelona. How cold does it get? Is it comfortable to visit and walk on the streets, or is it too cold?

Also, do the girls in the main clubs still work during the Christmas season?

I just loved my trip this summer and my time in Club Riviera. It would be great to duplicate that experience!



10-12-03, 06:04

Oouch . . . Just reading those prices gives me a nose bleed. And if you've got it . . . more power to you. But if you are willing to spend that much money, you really should think about a visit to Buenos Aires. Or perhaps you have already been there. The most beautiful women in town cost 40-75 euros for several hours or all night. Yes, it is a long trip, but you could go there for a week and not spend what you did in a single night at Show Girls. And it sounds as if you like Brazilians and S American women. You are probably right about the fellow who desperately needed 300 euros at Bagdad. I had no idea that services were available on the premises. And when I was there, I noticed several couples in the audience (5 or 6) but none that took the stage. Again for those thinking of a visit, Bagdad is worth 60 euros since you get a 2+ hour sex show, a drink and a CBJ on stage.


I was in Barcelona last November and will return Nov 20-Dec 3. The weather is pretty good in Barcelona itself, but gets very cold as you go inland only a few miles. I went to Rubi and Terrassa (suburbs) and it was near freezing while Barcelona was almost 50. Cold at night, but relatively nice during the day. After all, it is on the ocean.

10-12-03, 06:32
A tadly bit "home"sick, are we, PK?? If in Barcelona, cheaper sex can be had in the Barrio Xine. Best times are right after dark, like 7-9 PM at this time of year. The women who are just kinda standing in the doorways of the apartment buildings are often hookers. But, often they are not so be careful. 40-50 Euros is about right.

10-12-03, 07:09
Yes, Homesick for my sweetheart in Barcelona. To me, the best sex is free sex. But if I have to pay for it, well BA is tough to beat right now. The exchange rate on the AR and Mex peso is good and with the Euro it's bad . . . very bad. But Barcelona is my favorite city, so back I go.

Just be careful DH. I may return to BA and buy-out Maria for a month or so. Would be easy to do and just think, it would cost LESS than a 1000 euro for the whole month . . . and thereby keep her out of your dirty little hands.

Cheers, - P

10-12-03, 07:27
She'd still see me on the side. You'd be paying and I'd be playing. Barcelona is my favorite city too, IF you throw price out of the equation. Best public transportation I have found. The women age there quite well, they have great fashion sense, and a lot of spunk and class. The food is awesome, way better than BA. But I can't afford it. Also, there's too many he/shes on La Rambla.

A good place to pick up free lancers is the Irish pub near the Hilton. I can't remember the streets but if you walk right out the front door it is like two blocks forward.

10-12-03, 22:05
Transportation to Club Riviera:

Hey guys, when I visited Barcelona last summer I really enjoyed Club Riviera. The only problem is transportation from Barcelona to the club which is in Castelldefels, about 20 miles south of downtown. It's expensive by cab, and the metro doesn't go that far. Are there any other choices for public transportation to the club?

I could rent a car, but prefer to use public transportation. Any ideas??



10-13-03, 07:58
There is a train connection to Castelldefels from Barcelona Sants about every 30 minutes.The train is only running till around midnight.

There is a posting about the way to follow at page 6 (02-28-03)

There is also a "nightbus" between Barcelona and Castelldefels (you can find information about that on www.bcn.es)

If you don't like walking that far, I think the combination train or bus and cab to Riviera will not be so expensive.

Genghis Khan
10-13-03, 08:58
Member #1314,

Your description and the facts about your Cleonice makes me believe that this indeed is the same girl and she did in fact introduce herself as Cleonice to me too. She also told me that she used to work at Help and that she had only been in Barcelona for three weeks, so I guess there is no doubt.

Unfortunatly I don`t have a phone number or an e-mail address, but you will find her at Showgirls. The address is Bailèn 22.

I was in Help several times back in July, but didn`t see her then. I believe she told that she worked in Sao Paolo after she left Rio de Janeiro and before she moved to Barcelona. So maybe she was in Sao Paolo when I was in Rio de Janeiro the last week in

I didn`t bring home any other girls than Cleo from Showgirls, so I don`t have any references to compare prices with, but other reports on this site tells that a fairly standard rate at Showgirls is 300 Euros an hour. So a 1000 Euros a night doesn`t seem all that bad to me compared to the hourly rate.

Having said that Cleo was a available one hour before closing time all three nights I was there, so this might be because she was charging a higher price than the others. I would also like to add that she was not spectacularly better looking than the other girls. A handful was even more beautiful than her, but they were all occupied when I arrived. Cleo was not willing to move from her fixed price in any way, so I guess she thinks it
should be possible to charge this price.

One aspect of your description is not entirly correct. She does speak English quite well now, so I guess she has probably learned this while in Barcelona. She also mentioned that she had another job as a cook/chef, preparing food for some officials for the government.

Genghis Khan
10-13-03, 09:11

I have four places I like to travel for this kind of activity. These are Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Barceona and Amsterdam.

Praha is also on my shortlist now. Especially the brazillian places are like paradise to me. I usually go on only one or two trips a year, so when I go I will be able to have a bigger budget than if I went more often. I have never been to Buenos Aires. I am usually not a big spender like on this trip to Barceleona, but I don`t like the feeling of missing out on something because I can`t afford it when I really can afford it. I thought this trip to Barcelona was a bit special and because I really connected with a couple of the girls and found that all in all it was worth the money.

Member #3412
10-20-03, 07:36
Dear guys,

I would be coming to Barcelona and staying at Fira hotel sometime in Mid Jan 04.
Need to find out :

1) Weather/ Temperature
2) Any good places near where I would be staying?
3) Rates

Thanks for all your help.

10-21-03, 14:29
Just two words on the Kiss Me bar often mentioned in previous posts. Confirmed that 3 drinks entitle you to CIM directly at the bar. No traces of condom. Adding your drink(s) this will cost you 100+ Euro. There is a bedroom available for those who are more into privacy. I was quoted 154 (?!) for that. Found it overpriced. The girls were nothing to write home about, say 5-6´s. I was serviced by a girl from Venezuela, considering what unbelievable beauties that country is full of, mine was almost ugly ;-) I could have taken her home as well, this was quoted "a little more" than the bedroom (didn´t even investigate the right figure since I was not interested)
I´ll add that some Spanish skills may be desirable if you want to be able to chat with the girl attending you.
I don´t know how reasonable it is to spend 100+ Euro for a quick BJ at a bar, since the local newspaper La Vanguardia is full of classified ads that will enable you to make love for 20 Euro, or get 2 chicks to your room for 60 ... but who knows about the quality of the girl(s) then

10-22-03, 17:26
Gengis Kahn,

Can one assume the Brazilian, Cleo, was making around 300 euros an hour on premisis (in the rooms with only a curtain separating the couple from the rest) say 2 or 3 times a night, as well as 1000 euro for all night ? For a total of around 1600 euros per day? This seems extremely high. Also, how many black or mullattas were there in proportion to the total number of girls at Showgirls?


Genghis Khan
11-03-03, 10:21
Member #1314,

It seemed to me that Cleo was not looking for the one hour on the premesis encounter, but preferred the all-nigher. I assume she will spend the evening looking for a take out and jump once the chance is there. I was at Showgirls two nights and both nights I arrived about one - one and a half hour before closing time. Cleo was available both times and she was easily among the the top ten girls left. There were about 70 - 80 girls available.

Since I arrived so late in the evening on both occations I am not sure what the ratio of blacks/mullattas compared to the total number of girls were. Almost all the cabins on the premises had the curtains drawn. I assume this means they were occupied.

I also assume many girls were pulled out by other mongers before I arrived. Of the girls that were left, I would say 75% were black or mullattas. I saw not a single blond although there are reports in the archives of mongers bringing blondes back to the hotel from Showgirls.



11-05-03, 00:50
What's the status of the Robador hotel project? Has it shut down the little bars where the hot Romanian girls hang out?

Genghis Khan
11-07-03, 09:37
Member #1314,

Why are you so interested in how much she makes?

Pattaya Bound
11-08-03, 13:15
Hello all,

I am in Barcelona for a week starting 16th Nov. Any tips on the best places to pick up girls addresses etc as I have never been before. I am on a limited budget. I like the sound of Romanian girls near Radabo. All info welcome. I am staying in Barceloneta.

Thanks in advance

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11-09-03, 21:59
Went to Barca for a weekend with a friend. Both of us wanted to monger on the Friday night but we set off a little too late from the hotel and found the Ramblas area not very inspiring. There were some African girls towards the marina but they seemed rather aggressive and not very appealing. We thought of going to Riviera but we could not even hail a cab on the street - they were all busy.

On Saturday night we headed off to Riviera by cab (cost about 30 euros) and the place was filled. Many girls there but we hung back waiting to see a good one. Quite a few of the girls were pitching for business in an overt manner. I finally found a slim, beautiful, elegantly dressed Lebanese (I kid you not). Our eyes met and she discreetly offered her hand. Mmmmm, my kinda girl ! We talked a while and managed to communicate with my very limited French. We had a drink and I found that she was very nice to talk to. As we were at the bar in a corner I managed to get a feel of her slender and firm body through the material of her long dress. It wasn't long before we agreed 150 euros to go upstairs. She had a little CD player with her so we had some good music to listen to. She got freshened up in the bathroom and came out topless and wrapped herself around me. Great GFE with DFK for a while and she slid down and commenced a BBBJ. She was quite light and I was able to pick her up and change positions without withdrawal which was great for continuity. She moaned loudly in French thoughout and this sounded just wonderful. The entire experience felt very GFE. I think we did click at a certain level as far as that could be possible in such an environment. She finished me with a BBBJTC which was just wonderful. Absolutely amazing experience. I don't recall her name, but I certainly hope to find her again on my next trip.

I think it is always worth holding back to find a gem and I certainly found it. My modus operandi from now on will be just that; I won't go with a girl that I don't get a spark for.

While I was upstairs, my friend had also been with a girl - I did not see her so cannot comment.

Riviera is a very good place and is run very much like Flowers Park in Madrid.

We walked past Bailen 22 (during the day time) which we understood to be the location of Showgirls from reports on this board but did not see anything resembling a club.

Otherwise, Barcelona is little dull out of season. I will definitely be back during the summer season to experience it.


11-10-03, 16:43
Street Action in Barcelona.

If you have on the cheap side: here is the basics for street action in Barcelona.

Price = 20 Euros for the girl + 10 Euros for the room

(you can go up to 40 Euros if the girl is above average)

3 Categories:

Romanians girls: Cute but (I do not know why) they refuse to suck even for extra.

Black girls: rushy service and quite unfriendly

Ecuador and Latan: decent service bj+f

Please comment on this.


Genghis Khan
11-11-03, 11:35
During daytime, the slide down a grey metal door in front of Showgirls at Bailen 22. It is not possible to see that it is a club. During the evening it also quite discrete. Just a double glass door with female figures painted on the front.

11-12-03, 18:39
Genghis Khan,

[Name deleted at author's request] was bragging alot in Rio over the summer about how she can make $1000 euros a night in Barcelona. I guess she was right.

Also, other Brazilians have said the same thing.

By the way, what are the drink prices at Showgirls and how much does the girl keep? She said if a guy buys her four drinks she will make $200 Euros. Could that be right?

Member #1314

Latin Ass
11-14-03, 10:26
Hello Mongers,

Some tips on Barcelona. If you are tired of the nightclub rip-off scene, why pay those prices in a nightclub when you can have the same girls at the place below. I discoverd the place below a 7 euro ride out of Central Barcelona and I went back many times. It's worth a visit.

In Barcelona try a street : San eusebio 68
Proceed into the building and go up one flight of steps to a door with "Entreal or similar on it" from out side the building looks average, but inside this place you will find 10 different rooms with different styles/spas /arrangements I used the japanese room. The place is very upmarket a 9/10 with great style and feel/furniture. As for the girls, everyting ranging from 6- 10. I stayed with Paula a Columbian a 10 (perfection) she only works until 8PM, great girl great body (slim). She is better than Alex (Lisbon) who I would say is an 8-9..worth a short trip to barcelona, 75 Euro for 30 minutes, 95 euro for 45 minutes...(one blow). I also stayed with another columbian a 7-8 with massive Jugs (no silicon) -Claudia, but Paula gave a better service and had absolutely no mileage, a girl to marry, top chick.

For those that like the older more experinced woman i.e from 25 and up I would jump on the train to Villanova (40 minutes from Barcelona- ticket 1.50 euro) when you get off at villanova walk toward the beach and you will find a street called carriers de canaries look for number 40 and click the red button. This place is not as upmarket as the place above but it is very clean and you will be in for a treat. The girls are South American ranging from 4-8 but what they lack in appeal the make up for with performance. The Argentinian I picked slowly washed my knob on a beday and then when to work licking my asshole and giving me the best BBBJ I have had. She then allowed me to blow in her mouth (using towel quickly), great experience 30 minutes for 40 euro (two blows allowed). worth a visit.

I found some other places (2 more) at the lower end of the market 25 euro..but I walked out without trying as the calibre was really low. I will also post this in the Barcelona column.

Happy Mongering.

Genghis Khan
11-14-03, 10:51
Member #1314

I am not sure about the drinks as I didn't buy any drinks for me or for any of the girls while inside Showgirls.

I looked around the place before sitting down by the bar. Then I tried to get the attention of Cleonice. Once contact was established, we chatted for a couple of minutes before leaving. I was inside max. 30 minutes on both nights before leaving.

Cleo was bragging a lot about Rio when she was with me. She told me she was the best looking girl in Help and that she constantly got the highest prices of the girls at Help. She also claimed she had worked at the best casas in Sao Paolo like Café Photo and Romanza. Even though she was bragging a bit, she comes highly recommended in my book. She was very sweet and affectionate. The sex was top notch and she is easy to talk to.

I am not sure what of this was true or not.


11-15-03, 00:34
I want to echo what Latin Ass said about Vilanova and add some detail.

The easiest way to find C. des Canaries is to exit the railway station from the back instead of the front. From the railway platforms, go down the stairways that lead to the tunnel, and turn left instead of right. There's an unmanned turnstile at the end of the tunnel. You'll exit in a residential area. Turn left, then Canaries is the first street (turn right, obviously, otherwise you just hit the railway fence!)

No. 40 is a block or so down the street on your right. It is poorly marked. It's just a doorway to some apartments; No. 40's buzzer happens to be painted red.

Generally they have five girls. The one I enjoyed (really enjoyed) was not South American, but Dominican.

If you get lost, wander your way to the beach. Canaries is one of the little streets at the north end of the fish restaurant area, opposite the marina.

Note: Vilanova parties all night, but 40 Canaries closes early (around 9), so be on time.

Pattaya Bound
11-19-03, 13:51
Hello all,

I have been in Barca 3 days now. A lot of the info on these pages is very helpful. Carrer Robador, Sant Ramon are still quiet active.

I will give a detailed report on my return, I have been also to a couple of MPS not bad,
also I had a girl come over to my appartment from advert in LA VANGUARDIA, she was top notch even if a little pricy.

Also I saw an advert for Moscovita Masajes in the paper and I am going to give that a bash.

Thank you for all the info. I have a map of Barcelona but I cannot find Carrer Bailen where showgirls is supposed to be. I have found out that it is near nou Camp Barcelona football stadium. I have information that suggests it is between Avenue Diagonal and Les Corts. Is this correct or can anyone give exact directions from Atenea Hotel or Maria Christina metro? Or should I just get a taxi? I hope someone can help will post a full review next week some time.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid future delays, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. in future reports.Thanks!

Genghis Khan
11-21-03, 10:21
Pattaya Bound,

DIRECTIONS TO Carrer de Bailén.

From Placa de Catalunya:
Start walking down Passeig de Gracia until you reach the intersection with Gran via de les Corts Catalanes and take right. Carrer de Bailén will be the fifth street on your left, just before you reach Placa de Tetuan. There is a metro station at Placa de Tetuan.

From Maria Christana metro station:
This is a long walk, so I would prefer a taxi. However here is the directions of you want
to drive yourself or walk.

Follow Av. Diagonal til the end at Placa de les Glories Catalanes and then take a right
along Gran via de les Corts Catalanes. Carrer de Bailén will be the tenth street to your right just passed Placa de Tetuan.


Follow Av. Diagonal until you reach the intersection with Carrer de Numancia. Then take a left down Carrer de Numancia and follow this to the end at the RENFE Barcelona Central Station. Then keep on following the same road down Carrer de Tarragona and go down this street until then end at Placa d´Espanya. Then take a left down Gran via de les Corts Catalanes. Carrer de Bailén will be the 20th street on your left.


Hello all,

I have been in Barca 3 days now. A lot of the info on these pages is very helpful. Carrer Robador, Sant Ramon are still quiet active.

I will give a detailed report on my return, I have been also to a couple of MPS not bad,
also I had a girl come over to my appartment from advert in LA VANGUARDIA, she was top notch even if a little pricy.

Also I saw an advert for Moscovita Masajes in the paper and I am going to give that a bash.

Thank you for all the info. I have a map of Barcelona but I cannot find Carrer Bailen where showgirls is supposed to be. I have found out that it is near nou Camp Barcelona football stadium. I have information that suggests it is between Avenue Diagonal and Les Corts. Is this correct or can anyone give exact directions from Atenea Hotel or Maria Christina metro? Or should I just get a taxi? I hope someone can help will post a full review next week some time.

11-21-03, 14:42
Update about Kiss me bar-club.
A break of two years since my last visit to the place makes it worth to post again.
First it was a pleasure to meet again Aïda and beside the hundreds of guys that she has met in 24 months. And this was true as she told my first name immediatly...
I don't feel as I am the guy you remember beside I have a rule to always be friendly with the girls and not just leave done, but buy an "after"drink like debriefing lol... This is maybe enough to get recorded as good remember...
About her, she has taken a lot weight after quiting smoking , but not dramatic as she was skinny and now just a little more "comfortable"... :-)))
Of course, no need to say that after this start, she did give me a great GFE session at the bar. Excellent performance, no rush and as I know the rules (3 drinks) she never asked any, I just bought them according my time table, so that we did spend close to 45 minutes and was it a personal like welcome back bonus, as she was doing so a great job , she got me to cum (CIM) between 2 and 3 and so she gave me the extra ball in 3 and of course earned the extra drink she didn't ask for but rewarding great attitude is a must...
As we were in the darker back part of the bar, she even proposed to make the extra ball as fucking her but I didn't take the offer BBBJ is OK, bar penetration even with GFE is russian roulette with 5 1/2 bullets ;-)))
I cannot garantee you same experience as I stated the past connection, but I would say that if you are very friendly with her she is more then paying back the attention.
In addition, in the past, I had her in the studio that Kiss me owns in close building and where you can go with two girls or if you get there with a buddy, we can have a 4 party with full swapping.
She used to give an hour or more (late in night when bar is slower) for the standard 30 minutes and never asked more than the normal 30 mn rate. Of course, under this circumstancies, I automatically gave her an extra tip outside the bar, on the way back from studio... (Hey maybe this helped also to remember me ;-))) )
This time, place was busy, so after the great time we had, I told her : it is business time baby and this is your rush hours, so business is business so go for next customer if you want. She showed appreciation with a great DFK like even GF won't do better.
Well, that was also time to check about new meat. Aïda recommended me to try a not so good looking but quite nice smiling venezuelian girl. (Isn't Aïda a real friend...).
This girl Suzanna is quite short and well has a little, just a little over weight. In painting you would say Boucher style model...
Here is a point that I want to state. Very often here guys are telling that they target only 7 and over.
Best can be worse and not worth.
Meaning look doesn't make always great sex experience. I had a stunning model typ at Yab Yum in Amsterdam... and this was the poorest sex I got from a paid escort. Not a rip off, no, she was just not gifted , you wished you could gift her end of the game (or better before :-))) ) the book "How to make it in 99 lessons".
A post here previously about Kiss me was saying : poor looking girls and is it worth to pay 100 E for BBBJ.
My answer to this is that :
first in many countries ... US for instance, you get close to nothing for 100... or you are checking SW with the fear of LE undercover...
second, you need to take the places for what they are, taking advantage of strength points.
Kiss me is the most exciting place for people liking to have the special plus of a little of exhibition. All happens in public, in the bar. And when you say all, it is all.
Girls strips total. They give you DFK, BBBJ and almost all you want in the bar area in front of everybody.
This is a real kick... beside you are shy...
And final a rush BJ or BBBJ is not to compare to 30 to 40 minutes session...
Well maybe the guy posting here was rabbit style and done in 5 minutes, then I can understand why he thought what's the bonus lol...
Back to the Venezuelian girl.
I need to say that I am not speaking spanish... and she is only... see the problem. As a matter of fact, there was none. We turned it into a game and had great fun and laugh...
She did give me another 45 minutes of heaven with incredible deep throat action. She also proposed to get into her without and again I dropped friendly the offer but she miraculously made appear a condom (looks to be a very rare piece at KM) and so I had my bonus standing at the bar... what a fun unique experience.
To make it short... don't laugh... to me it was a 10+ three hours fun (with some break and also chatting with Aïda). I spent a total of 256 Euros with my drinks and to me for this and 3 hours, it is worth any cent of it.

MK Boy
11-21-03, 23:48
I’ve been to Barcelona a few times this year for work, but only for work. After reading the postings here and having done nothing like this before I decided the next time I’d have a go.

First night went to Bagdad Club. I had a great start. The 60 E entrance fee is worth every penny, the women look gorgeous and the audience participation is fun. There was a group of middle aged women in, a pair of old couples a pair of younger couples and an assortment of single blokes, but at audience participation time managed to get a BJ off a lovely looking blond on stage, but the best bit was a girl from the audience was tempted on stage by one of the girls and stripped. A superb body, face and shaven. She got a very generous round of applause from the girls and the audience.

The night went down hill from here. About 1.30am I went to Showgirls at Bailen22. Very lively place and most of the girls looked good. Eventually got talking to a tall Hungarian girl (can’t remember her name, I’m really bad at names, surprised when I can remember my own). We seemed to hit it off, but did not want to do anything in those ‘tents’ they have so arranged to go back to my hotel. The price should have put me off 480 E for 1.5 hours, but I was not thinking with my head (brain). She was lively and talkative in the taxi, but when in the room everything was so rushed, she claimed I’d had my time, even though it was only about 40 mins, she asked for even more money. At this point I lost all interest and felt a complete idiot, knowing I’d been taken for a ride. Said I’d had enough and we should finish. She looked a little stunned and said we could meet at her place at 1pm and we’d finish, free of charge. I'd learn't my lesson and I wasn’t going to be made a fool of twice. As I say can’t remember her name, but had the looks of Lucy Lawless, but in the light could see a front tooth was slightly discoloured – sounds attractive now I come to write it!

Second night made up for the first, after reports on this site I went to the Kiss Me Bar. About 8pm, 5 girls in and I thought all looked good 7-9, but as my Spanish is no existent I hooked up with a girl from Morocco who spoke good English (obviously, can’t remember her name, couldn’t even pronounce it). As other reports up to 4 drinks and we were fucking (covered), but frankly I couldn't get comfortable so settled for BBBJ. Brilliant, but suddenly felt a little odd when close to cumming, so didn’t, couldn’t quite explain this to her, but she was very affectionate the whole time I was there, better than some girls friends I've had. A gem at 135 Euro for about an hour. Next time I think I’ll take the room.

I know I'm due back in Barcelona at the end of March and would like to try the Riviera, but not sure about how easy it is to get a taxi back afterwards? Do you find language a problem, I’m trying to learn Spanish because of the job but feel it’ll be ages before I could hold a decent conversation?

If any of you guys will be there the last week of March I’d love to meet.

11-23-03, 16:20
"but not sure about how easy it is to get a taxi back afterwards?"

Don't worry: You'll find taxi's waiting in front of the Riviera, to go back to city center.

11-25-03, 11:53
MK boy
at kiss me the morrocan girl is Aïda I was talking about in my post...
Happy to see that she is like I said.
A great place anyway.
Keep in mind, they also have a studio next door, much more comfortable than the back room.
Have all fun

11-25-03, 17:57
Back in Barcelona this week. Went to Robador and Sant Ramon area this afternoon. Things have changed a bit since May. First there were fewer ladies out today - maybe 50 total in the street and probably the same number working at any given time. That´s about a third of what I saw in May and last November. Not sure why or if this is always true. Today is a Tuesday.

The going price is now 20 euro + 10 for a room. Every woman had the exact same price. Tried to go back to my apartment with several. They either said no or quoted 100 euro for a hour. Again everyone had the same number, 100 euros. Is there a union now? What ever happened to bargaining? I find a 100 just too much, but some of you who are used to dropping 300 to 500 a pop may find it a bargain.

Now the good news. While there are still a large number of ancient, dirty and/or overweight women looking to make some coin, the overall average has improved considerably. There are now a large number of Romanian girls working the street. I talked with 10! different one´s today. And I do mean girls. It´s getting hard for me to tell the difference between a 16,18 and 20 yo, but some of these girls look very,very young. And some are very cute. A little hard looking, but quite attractive. Dress them up a bit and they would be 1st class club girls earning big money - if they had a work permit that is. But beware. The cute Romanians refuse to give a blowjob. Covered or not. Struck me a bit strange and I passed. Took the plunge with a 24 yo from Ecuador named Gabriela who said, Puedo chupar muy bien, and was telling the truth. Nice CBJ that lasted all of 10 minutes. There was a line of customers and things were rushed. Usually I spend 20-30 minutes in these rent-a-rooms. Still worth it.

Also note that the African girls have all but disappeared. Saw only 1 black woman all day. They are being replaced it seems by the eastern europeans. Enjoy.

Cheers, -P

11-26-03, 01:26
Check that bit about the African women. They were out in force tonight along both sides of the lower Ramblas. Were at least 30, which is more than I remembered from before. Guess they switched to the night shift.

Pattaya Bound
11-28-03, 19:36

I have returned from Barcelona, and here is my update of the scene.

Street action Sant Ramon was busy, loads of old guys hanging about, young Romanian girls are the best on offer, cheap and not very cheerful, christ it was like doing a sack of potatoes, and the're better than doing the blacks, so I avoided any contact with them.
I did not do my lot in the time alloted about 15 minutes I guess, hardly surprising, still you get what you pay for!

Also I failed to negotiate time with the girl very important to do this. Also like Amsterdam, any extras, more money. The girl did not even get her tits out, all in all a shit experience.

However not to say that with abit more guile, negotiate everything time exact services it will probably take about five minutes and some hard bargaining, but it can be done paid 40 euros for one girl and had a decent shag and came on her body, the session lasted for about half an hour.

Also every girl I asked back to the appartment said it was to dangerous for the girl, I must strike fear in to girls, never mind, the rooms you go to are shitholes, no other description for them.

Bagdad is a cool show and worth the money, however I lacked the bottle to participate, can't help feeling I missed out.

Tasty birds performing great fun for an evening, reccomended Showgirls is very pricy but was the best experience I had. I had some Brazillian come back to my apartment for two hours for 500 Euros, oh but boy did she please. First off I got her to dress up in my favourite lingerie, which she was very happy to do and said I had good taste, down to business we had a frantic snog and groping session. Boy that was a great blow job, she got down on her knees and licked and sucked my balls very skillfully, then she ran her tounge up my dick and she gave some proper deep throat for ages, nice and hard I really had to fight not to cum. I'm not to keen on going down on working girls, so I fiddled around for a bit until she guided me to her spot, I gave her a good fingering she seemed hot so I moved to her clit, I flicked her bean for her and within seconds she was howling and cumming so I chained her to the bed with my love cuffs.

I thought this may be a problem, but no she was very willing it was great fun watching her legs tense up and shake, by now uncontrollably, there was a sizeable wet patch.
So I got ready for a shag and she insisted on sliding my jhonny on with her mouth, I scooped her legs over my shoulders and banged away unchained her and turned her round I stopped just short of cumming, grabbed her by the hair and jerked off in her face. MARVELLOUS!

I had a cigarette and a massage and did it all again. Fucking wonderfull pricy but worth it
Massage parlour on carrer Granados I think off Mallorca Street got the address out of La Vanguardia, 66 there are two 66`s, but go to the plain white door open into a small lobby. Bang on the door there I was greeted by a small but sexy Russian bird in a bikini. Poor massage and blow job but decent shag she liked to be thrown around and taken advantage off, shagged her again in the shower 120 euros for the hour. Reccomended.

I must go, will finish later.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple, idiotic writing errors. In fact, this report was so bad that I can only assume that just don't give a damn if you create extra work for me. To avoid future delays, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Thanks!

Bad Boy #3
11-30-03, 15:57
I am a bit confused about Robador street. I took a glimpse from Hospital street down to a street I think is Robador. Only saw an empty, really narrow street, blocked by a van. It was about noon. Aren't some girls expected to be on the street? Are they "hidden" at pubs?

Anyway, the street seemed to me to much narrow for the kind of activities described on this site.

11-30-03, 18:08
Bad Boy,

From the Hospital, the first 75 yards are just a narrow alley. That's to heighten the effect. Spooky, isn't it?

After that the street opens up; on your right is the construction site for the new hotel complex, and on the left are several bars, at least one of which will be occupied by twentysomething Romanian girls, and at least one other bar full of fortysomething locals.

African girls will be standing on both sides of the street and calling you "my friend."

The real street action is one block away, on Carrer de Sant Ramon. From Robador you turn right, then left.

There are rooms on the second floor of both streets that are rented by 30-minute time blocks.

12-01-03, 20:25
Pattaya Bound,

Was that Brazilian you had at Showgirls named Cleo or [Name deleted at Author's request], with a nose piercing, belly button piercing, tattoo on her lower back, and spoke English pretty well? If so, I think she is world famous for her BBBJ. Did she have a very slim stomach and waistline with no fat?

Member #1314

12-04-03, 02:10
I just returned from Barcelona and have some similar things to report that I've read here, but also some differences. First, I agree about San Ramon, $20 + 10 for room. I got a gal named Isabel and she was a gem. She is Spanish and I would rate her a 7 in looks. The rooms are the pits that was already reported. I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time there. Isabel stripped nude, started kissing my chest and worked down to my wang. Good bbbj. She had perfect small tits and a great bod. I went to several massage places. The first was listed as topless massage in LaVanguardia (under erotic massage section). It was not good, but for $30 euros what do you expect. There was another listed under the ligit massage section near Sagrada Familia. It was $36 euros and the girl let me play with her pussy and tits. It was worth the money. Saving the best for last. All of these places I found in Laguardia paper. On Diputacion, I think #237 on 2nd floor, door #2 (no signs) was a massage listed as oriental massage in paper. They have the girls come in and kiss you on both cheeks (the ones on your face). I chose Lilli. She licked me from top to bottom (emphasis on bottom) She is from Shanghi and only speaks a little Spanish, and absolutely no English. She is really a keeper. This was for $100 and I saw Lilli twice. But the best bargain in town (IMHO) was a massage place on Gran Via, literally just one block south of the oriental massage place. It's #593 in the Pral floor (pral is abbv of principal)I believe it was 1a but not absolutely certain. The same drill as above. Girls come in and a kiss on both cheeks. These were all 8-10's. I chose Angela. Tall, dark hair. Tiny titties that stood straight out with pointy nipples. She gave a good massage and then started a bbbj. After awhile, she covered Mr. Happy and started again. The only negative about this place is that they use these narrow massage tables so there is just so much room to operate. Angela climbed on top of me and gave me a great cowgirl ride. This was great to watch. There is also a mirror beside the table so you can watch from the mirror and the view in front. The cost for this was $75 euros. Considering the class of the girls this was great. I've never had a bargain this good in a 1st world country (ok Amsterdam is similar but the service is not as good). Barcelona is a great spot. It's a beautiful city with great looking babes.

12-04-03, 19:00

I would not get too excited about the massage girls kissing you twice - on each check. This is a Spanish custom of long standing and you do it when introduced to a stranger the first time . . . and usually every time. Ditto for your aunt, uncle and probably your best drinking buddies.

The important thing is being kissed 4 times . . . one on each cheek.

Cheers, -P

Member #3412
12-27-03, 05:07

I will be in Barcelona next 2 weeks. Would love to check out the scene at Robador, St Ramon.

Is there any other places of such interest that I can check it out.

Will be here for a week and have plenty of time to pay a visit.

Btw, what's the damages like nowadays for an hour in Barcelona and for a night back at the hotel? Is it permissible to bring a WL back to the hotel?

Member #3412
01-03-04, 18:17
Hi again,

I guess the Barcelona guys are asleep over the X'mas, New Year weekend. Not much help from you guys. Anyhow, would be coming to Barca on 10th Jan. Any adv for a first timer in Barca?

If you need any assistance for the Far East, you can contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

01-05-04, 07:52
Everything I know, I have reported. Read the last 2 years worth of posts and ask about anything you don't understand for more specific advice . . .

Genghis Khan
01-20-04, 15:07
I have made big plans for a trip in March. I will do roundtrip of
my favorite hunting spots. The schedule is as follows:

27.february - Amsterdam
I plan to visit the Red Light District and Club Elegance.

28.february - Barcelona
I plan to visit the show bar Bagdad and Showgirls.

01-march - 04.march and
08.march - 11.march - Sao Paolo
I plan to visit several clubs among them
W, Cafe Foto, Jardim America, W Unico,
Bahamas and Millenium.

05.march - 07.march and
12.march - 13.march - Rio de Janeiro
I plan to visit several clubs and thermas among them
Centaurus, 4x4, Solarium, Help and Barbarela. Will also
try to do a little tourist business like visiting Sugarloaf
and Corcovado.

If anyone wants to meet, send me a PM.


Hoyo Lover
01-28-04, 09:50
Does anyone know any place in Figueres where to meet some lovley ladys ?

03-04-04, 12:38
Following chukichz suggestion, I tried Gran Via, the place is called Guarz. The range of chicas was pretty good. Six to chose from, blonde and brunette, slim and slightly larger. 6-8 in my estimation. Prices are 70 for 45 min or something like that. Chukichz obviously didn't figure this out, there are double beds, you need to ask. The default is the massage table. I chose Sami, a 22-year old slender girl from Ecuador. We took a shower together, with a bit of foreplay. She massaged me a bit, then started to suck (with a condom), and after what was just a few minutes, stuffed my dick into her pussy, riding me. This was ok, but given how small she is, it wasn't very impressive. She wasn't that tight. I did her doggy-style, and blew my load. An o.k. experience, but BCN offers better, like BBJ, a bit of dirty talk, some energetic action, etc.

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03-05-04, 19:23
Can anyone advise me on the best place to go in Barcelona for some daytime action?

What time does Club Riviera open?


Termas Time
03-08-04, 04:17
Hi everyone,

This is my first post ever on this forum, but I have been actively monitoring this website for almost two years now. I have used the info on this site for my vacations to Brazil, Argentina, Panama, and most recently Spain. After seeing the lack of information on Seville, I felt compelled to sign up and contribute.

I just came back from vacationing in Spain a week ago. I visited Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville with Barcelona by far being my favorite city. The city has alot to offer outside of mongering activities, but I won't spend time on that since you can read about it in Lonely Planet.

Now, before I arrived, I had a list of places recommended by this forum such as Club Riviera, Bagdad, Club Showgirls, Kiss Me Bar, and I had planned on trying to visit as many of these clubs as possible. I was also hoping to find new locations as well.

Anyway, my first night in Barcelona, I followed the suggestion of the receptionist. He preferred two clubs in Barcelona "Bailen 22" and "New Aribau". I chose to visit the later. It is on Aribau and Corsega more or less. "Bailen 22" seems to be rather popular as well so it may be worth a visit. I imagine the setups of these clubs will be similar. The entrance of "New Aribau" was around 20 Euros or so and included your 1st drink. There were about 30-40 girls, the majority of which were from South America (Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, etc.). There were also the standard eastern Europeans (Romanians, Czechs, etc.) but only 1 or 2 Spanish chicks. The club itself was rather laid back and just ok in my opinion. There was the occasional strip show. The prices were 120 Euros for 30 min and I believe 150-160 Euros for 1 hr. Rather expensive for my taste since I am used to Latin American prices. Therefore, I declined for the evening.

I want to fast forward for a second. On my last night, I went out to find Club Showgirls. To my disappointment most of the cab drivers didn't know what or where this was. Most of them wanted to just take me to "Bailen 22". Eventually, I got directed to a showgirl club a couple of blocks from Kiss Me. If this is the club, that people on this board have been discussing, I am highly disappointed. I had the vision of a larger more American style strip club with high prices for sex. I just poked my head inside for a second and found a club very similar in size and style to "New Aribau". For those who have visited this club, please advise myself and the rest if this is right club. I believe it is close to Calle Viladomat.

Anyways, my last two nights were devoted to Club Riviera. For those unaware, this club is in Castelldefels which outside the city limits. I took the metro and train out there both times. Months ago, someone posted pretty accurate directions out there from the Renfe train station. I will repost those directions below at the end. For the user who posted below, this place opens at around 5:00 pm and is open to 4:00 am or so. When I walked in I saw women just about everywhere. On a typical night, expect to see 60-70+ women working here. Anyways, since everyone knew I was new, I was quickly trapped by a couple of Romanians who thought they could convince me to make a quick decision to take them upstairs. As you can tell by the name, I am a veteran of the Rio Termas system so there is not much you can do to me that hasn't been tried before. With that said, the girls here can almost be as aggressive as the girls in Rio since just about every girl felt it was their right to fondle me while they introduced themselves. Good stuff. For the composition of the club, over half seem to be Romanian, with sizable populations of Columbians and Brazilians as well. Spain was my first experience with Romanian women, and I must say this club included some of the prettiest. The prices for sex at this club seemed to be more reasonable with 70 Euros being the norm for 30 min.

Pretty much, I wanted to meet all the different girls my first night before making a decision. And I must say there were plenty to choose from. Alot of the Brazilians were doing the samba since it was Carnival time and they were showing Rio on the big screen. As you can tell, I am big on Brazialians so I decided to take a girl upstairs from Sao Paulo. Sex was pretty good since she seemed to start an intense orgaism just seconds before I made my deposit.

My second night in the back of mind I had big plans ahead. The night before I made pretty good friends with these two Romanian girls who seem to be girl friends from what they say. One was 20 (Rachael) and cute in a young girl way. The other was 22 (Nicole) and sexy in an experienced woman. They were alot of fun to be around. Rachael for two nights would hang around me in a girl friend type way without ever really putting pressure on me to take upstairs. Telling others I would be her novio and holding my hand and little things like that. Nicole on the other hand was very smart and could speak English quite well. She would talk to me as if she were more like my best friend and we would just talk alot of shit together and kick it in a less romantic/more friendly type way. Plus, she kind of knew I was digging her girlfriend. Well, you know where this is leading. I had never done a threesome before in my life but had been offered on a couple occasions. Nicole sold the deal. She said her and Rachael both liked me very much so DFK would definately be involved. So upstairs we went. I was personally proud of myself for it to be my first time. I was able to keep them both pretty occupied. And both got pounded pretty good. I can still hear Nicole cheering me on when I was on Rachael saying "American boy, you are fucking her good". Ahh, a good memory. Anyways, after destroying that little bedroom. I pretty much had to leave to make it back to Barcelona.

Well, that's it for my trip to Barcelona. I will also try to post info on Seville and Madrid as well.

The directions for Club Riviera are below. From the Casteldeffel station it´s about 20 min. walk.

* Leave the station and turn left.
* Past the first traffic light.
* Second traffic light, go LEFT again.
* You pass underneath the railway tracks.
* Keep on going straight, you pass a few round abouts and you will go UNDERNEATH a highway.
* one more round about (go straight again)
* you will see a bridge which will go OVER another highway.


* Before the brigde go left and walk parallel to the highway.
* Riveira Club is 200 m on your left.

Termas Time

03-15-04, 07:31
I just got back from Barcelona and I'm sorry to say it was a huge bust for me.
First, the SW action: I cruised by San Ramon around 10:00 on a weeknight and saw only about a dozen girls, mostly very young, and all of them looking pissed off and unfriendly. Yikes! I left without engaging any of them. Also I wasn't looking for action when I was strolling around Las Ramblas at 5 AM (I couldn't sleep!- I was too angry from the experience described below) but SW's were out in droves: Almost all black, and very aggressive. Again, I wasn't interested.

Now for the meat of my story: I'd planned to try out some of the no-doubt excellent recommendations made here, but I thought I'd branch out and explore new territory. Big mistake! The place was a cabaret called Mister Dollar, and it's called that for a reason because they will take you for every penny. I think there are three locations throughout the city, I went to the one on Josep Taradellas near Diagonal. My first clue should've been when I learned the cover was 25 euros. Okay, I figured, they probably have a Bagdad-like sex act inside. Nope. At 1:00 AM on a weeknight the place was almost completely empty...only one bored slightly chubby dancer onstage who danced for just few minutes and then left the stage, which remained empty for the rest of my visit there! Several dancers were sitting around the bar, bored, mostly attractive but nothing to write home about. When they found out I spoke only English, they sent over I guess the only two English-speaking dancers to keep me company. Forget their names, one was Spanish, the other Peruvian, both ranked as strong 7s or weak 8s. It wasn't long before they asked me to buy them drinks. I asked them if anything came with the drinks- Nothing did, but I guess I have a hard time saying no and bought them drinks. The cost: 60 euros! Short time later they asked me if I wanted a private session with them both, one hour for 300 euros. This was way more than I wanted to spend (I'd actually visited the place just to watch and planned only to act in the unlikely event I got a bargain) But I don't do this too often, and I figured, when else am I going to get the chance for two at once for 300 euros? I asked them if I could pop twice and they said sure, so I agreed. We went upstairs and they took my money. There was some groping both ways, which was nice, and then a lousy massage with lotion that lingered around the nether regions only very briefly. Then they performed a lesbian striptease for me while they encouraged me to pleasure myself. Throughout the session, they had an annoying habit of the girls taking turns leaving the room (I paid for two!) and also zippering up and putting back on garments that had been unzipped or removed. Also they kept talking back and forth in Spanish, no doubt plotting how they are going to sucker me. Only about 20-25 minutes into the session they began asking for another 300 euros for another hour. I said no of course and pointed out that I'd already paid them 300 euros, but they wouldn't let it go. They also suggested that more services would come with the additional money but they wouldn't explicitly say it and after seeing what I got for my first 300 euros I was skeptical another 300 would do much good. That and I flat out couldn't afford it. They kept whining and nagging for more money and not doing what I'd already paid them to do...and when it became clear to me that a self-administered HJ was the best I would get, at last I got fed up and ended the session early. I was furious...even just a HJ I could've lived with, but for me to have to administer my own HJ after spending 300 euros (plus 60 for drinks) struck me as outrageous...one girl or two. Even as I was putting on my clothes they kept nagging me for more money. Didn't they see they'd pushed my patience past the breaking point? When I asked them where was the rest of my service, they said "It's complicated." Complicated?! It wasn't complicated before they took my money, now that they had it, it's "complicated." I left in disgust and I told the management what I thought of the service on the way out. I'm still very angry...all told the night cost me 385 euros. I've never been burned that badly...maybe to some of you who are accustomed to dropping 300 euros or more on a session it's not such a big deal but for me, money doesn't grow on trees. And I know that for the money I spent I could've had an incredible time at Bagdad or Riviera, places I'd planned to avoid precisely because they're too rich for my blood. Anyway, I wanted to check out Guarz and maybe Villanova, but after that experience at Mister Dollar, I was too disgusted (and yes, broke) to try it. Maybe next time. I don't doubt that Barcelona has great delights for the discerning monger, but I sure didn't enjoy them. Whatever you do, for the love of God, steer clear of Mister Dollar!

Genghis Khan
03-15-04, 17:14
Termas Time,

Club Showgirls is Bailen 22. Bailen 22 is the address of Showgirls.


03-22-04, 20:55

I'm new to this Forum and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place for this, but does any one have any information on the scene in LLORET DE MAR north of Barcalona on the costa? I will be visiting there soon.



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03-23-04, 09:12
Can anyone give some information regarding Bagdad.

I see that they have recently opened the rooms at the back for more private dances / sessions. Has anyone experienced this, and if so, what is the cost, and what is the service. Also are all the girls available or only a few (ie the girls who provide the BJs at the end of teh stage show?

Having been there many times, I think that the action at the front of the house (teh stage show) is pretty amazing. For anyone who hasn't gone, it is the best sex show I have ever seen (much better than Amsterdam IMHO.

04-02-04, 20:42

See our previous discussion - Genghis on 10-08-2003.

Sounds expensive to me . . .


That is one sad story. For 30 euros you could have at least gotten laid on Robador. Live and learn . . .

04-16-04, 10:06

Thanks for sharing your story, a healthy warning indeed. Yet why would anyone who browsed this forum ever go there? you know that bcn offers so much more for so much less if you read any postings. And the whole point is to provide the info to avoid the rip-offs.

04-20-04, 23:47
Hey Val,

I'm as glad to share the experience as I can be, given the circumstances!
As to why I did it, ironically enough it was the WSG Forum that inspired me to do it. I guess I wanted to expand the body of public knowledge by going off the beaten track. Never again!

There seems to be a lot of attractive options in Barcelona. I look forward to checking some of them out next time.

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04-23-04, 13:14
Back in Barcelona this past week . . .

Stopped by San Ramon twice and was surprised by an increase in quality. Lots of Romanian and Bulgarian chicas, some very nice looking.
First trip I took Estrella - a 19 yo Chinese girl wearing a pink outfit with a little plastic backpack with cartoon characters on it. I usually like them older, but this girl was just too damn cute. 20 euros and 10 to the house. Nice friendly attitude but she had performance problems. Tiny mouth and gave up on CBJ after a minute or two. Tiny pussy and didn´t want to let me in all the way. Still, cute as they come and worth the experience.

Today went with Judy - her real name!, a 24 yo morena from Equador. Not nearly as pretty but gave professional-grade head with lots of eye contact. After 10 minutes, no mas. She could make a dead man come. All in all, the best bargain around.

For you cheapskates, this is the area for you . . .

Cheers, -Prokofiev

05-11-04, 18:41
Hi all,

As a Barcelona Citizen maybe I should drop some advice here, as far as my bad english allows. My scene is private apartments. They are easy to access on public transportation, not expensive and very discreet.

Favourite of mine is located on Calle Vilaroel 15, Entresuelo D (The very first floor) Telf 93 426 08 75) Metro: Sant Antoni (Violet Line) I really don't know if they speak english but I guess the madams know some (A cute youngster and a nice middle aged lady). I think they have the best quality/price offer as far as I know

Open Mon-Fri: 10 AM to 10 PM. Saturday until 20:00 PM.

Routine as normal. You call on the electronic door bell, then again (this building is completly normal but features two door bells) and then you go upstairs to the "Entresuelo D" ring the bell and they welcome you inside. The take you to a room where they introduce you to the girls and explain price policy.

Prices: 72 Euros 1/2 hour and 120 Euros 1 hr, with CBJ and regular fuck. You can ask for some extras like BBBJ and Anal BBBJ is 100 1/2 (means Fuck plus oral with CIF or CIM, named ("Frances Natural")) and "Griego" (Anal) is 120 half hour.

Place is full of extremely well conditioned rooms with each is own jacuzzy (extra to use it with lady) and WC. All incredibly clean, new and very well furnished. Thematic rooms (arabic,. Japanese, etc) They invite you to a drink.

The quality of the girls is quite irregular, Some spanish some brazilians and Dominican Republican. Some of them stunners some of them not so much. Main problem is that they change very often. In reality there is like a circuit in Barcelona, bacause I have met the same girl in differente privates flats in last 2 years (when I beguan hobbying)

I warmly recommend a Blonde brazilian stunner, named Graciela. Pettite but with a well shaped Playboy style body with fake breasts, light skin, pierced belly and discreets tattoos. Her face is great, sweet beauty. Good oral skills, variable moods but nice attitude in general You can book her in advance by phone. She agrees to Anal ("if the size is right") and CIF, but there's a good trick. Just ask to the madam for the Anal, get into the room and later negotiate the CIF with her for an extra 40 - 50 Euro. She will demmand secrecy on this and not to shoot the load on her hair, but for that ammount she should agree. If you aske for this to the madam it would be and extra 100 Euros (strange price policy in which each extra is paid as a complete service, I know, but there's this way to skip the overpricing)

My best bang with her was a half hour anal. I began riding her ass slowly and managed to get her from being in her fours to have her completely lying on her belly with all my weight on her. When I was anal riding her I asked to come in her face and started the bargain (really exciting thing to do) as I fucked her and she agred.

Then I asked her to tell me to stop if it hurt her in the ass, but when she did I said "just wait a little more " and kept banging harder and deeper. She them started begging for the CIF like she was happy to recieve the load, but obviously it was only to avoid the pain, but I kept myslef commited to it, fast sometimes, very slow and hard others just to make sure she felt each bang as a unpleasent surprise.

And them I stopped and asked her to turn around but I made sure to have her lying back and not standig up, so as to have the complete security of choosing the target. Both eyes closed I shot there, then on her closed mouth. Nice facial decoration in the end, I was loaded and she got a big sticky load. When I finished she asked for the kleeneex. I knew where they where but I made a fool of myself for a while, as I looked at her puzzled and stained face for some time, proud of my great work. The kind of slight humillation we sometimes enjoy, I think, after earning our money with more effort that them. Then I handled her the tissues, she cleans herself and goes to shower.

As you see for not much if you're choosy you can get some bargains. And I tell you this because if you go to this website www.madamecloe.com and look at "Kelly" one of the girls. IS Graciela but you would have to pay lots more (500 Euros for the anal 1/hr, no less) for the same girls. That's why I think privates are better. You go there and if you don't like what you see say bye. Choose the ones with big adverts in La Vanguardia. They're usually the best.

In my favourte here's also a Spanish girl that agrees to the same things. Called Montse, skinny and athletic, dark short hair, nice face. Her ass is tremendous, really narrow, makes if difficult not to come fast.

There are other privates I would comment. But I advise you to hurry up and try the current material of this place. Right now is great.

05-14-04, 18:08
Hi people,

Today’s lesson is about the Camp Nou SW’s scene. Maybe the biggest area of SW in Spain if we forget about Madrid’s Casa de Campo. Just as Casa Campo this is a Car oriented scene, it’s not for walking but fo picking up and take to hotel or for a quickie in the car. In fact is for a quickie in the car.

It works more or less everyday of the week, but you there are more girls on Fri Sat, but also many more drivers, so it would be harder to pick the good ones. The scene starts to get interest from 00:00 Hours from then on until maybe 3-4 AM.

Prices for quickies on cars: 20 CBJ (“Francés”), 30 Fuck (“Completo”). About the take away scene is more based on negotiation skills, but I would say a regular service would be around 120 Euros/Hour.

I would say that the take away scene is not worth it if you compare with the Riviera stuff and Private Flats. But the quickies are not the ultimate GFE for sure, but maybe a way to relax in case of a lazy night without good TV and not much money.

The scene is located from Princesa Sofia Hotel (Is a tall building located in Avenida Diagonal, in the opposite direction of the sea, intersection with Av. Pedralbes), Plaça Pio XII. Is a vast area, kind like a thematic park, that goes from the street that leads from the Hotel to Camp Nou (Barça’s Stadium) and beyond. And it’s good to take a series of runarounds checking the stuff. Sometimes you lose sight of a girl you fancy, but if you wait a little while most surely she will be back in a matter of minutes after some turbo fuck or suck in a car. They know the places where you can take the park and proceed. It’s a money up-front scene.

You stop, you ask (maybe some better looking girl would ask 40 euro for the fuck, but never pay more), and you pick the girl. They agree to go to your hotel and also they know of some to take you there. Don’t ask those fees, I dunno, never have done nothing besides the quickies.

The big caution is that this is full of TS and Shemales. Some of them quite misleading. But there are two ways not to get fooled. First TS stand mostly on one side of the circuit while real girls on the other. Second: the on first sight best looking ones, with big plastic breasts, Playboy silluettes, really aggressive demanding and walking nearly naked on the cold night are the TS Shemales. The sad looking girls with miniskirts and tall boots and not so good looking are the girls.

Stuff: mostly Eatern European girls. Mostly Albanian, and Romanians. Some of them don’t agree to any kind of oral action. Dunno why. Some of them bad skilled. Also some Latino girls, mostly Colombians and Ecuador. Difficult to get anal action besides the TS. If you get one could be something like 60 Euros on the car.

Quality is variable, but I would say quite mediocre, with some exceptions.

Also some old and ugly Spanish workers.

And the second caution sign: Don’t drink and drive there. Some Police lurking in the shadows waiting for the drunk happy man that in the middle of a party night goes to get his rocks off after failing miserably trying to get some pussy for free. So dudes, get there on a sober mind. Drinking and driving regulations beguin to get heavy here.

And the morality issue. I would say from what I've seen and read that for certain this scene is run mostly by mobsters and pimps, Eastern Mafia scum (lots of Albanian) that brings the girls here and takes profits exploiting them. There are some indies also, but I would say they are the exception. If this is a problem for you, them it's not for you.

05-26-04, 10:41
La Vie en Rose. Rector Ubach 46, ground floor

I have been in this salon last sunday night. There were about 7 girls, all white, mostly from Brazil. Two of them I would rate them 9 and the rest 6 to 8. Price is €135.- for 45 min. or € 175.- for an hour of course for full services. I took Luna a nice tall and thin Brazilian blond with a beautifull body for 45 min.. Superb normal tits, small ass, sweet pussy. After a shower, we had great sex including bbj and all possible positions. She was exagerating a little her pleasure. She could also very good English. It is a clean place I would recommand.

05-27-04, 10:49
is there any action around the airport at 5:00 a.m. in the morning?
please advise.

05-29-04, 21:37
Club Riviera - is not as it once was. Many of the girls are very aggressive so no change there but the standard does not seem as good and there is a lot of ripping off. Promising anything and then not delivering. I went with one girl (claimed to be Polish but admitted in the room she was from Romania -seems a lot of guys will not go with Romanians). Promised anal but didn't want to in the room - but I had only given her €50 in advance and she wasn't getting the rest without delivering! So she did! Seemed a sweet girl in the end. Then two Czheck girls promised a twosome, you name it, whatever I wanted, hot swapping, anal whatever. 140 the pair, 30 mins. In the room, nothing. Should have tried Showgirls or Baghdad or something.

Guillermo David
05-31-04, 13:01
Here is a quick note about the Riviera Club. I was in Barcelona last week on business with co-workers with a 4 hour window on a Saturday night to go sample the scene en solo, and I was staying at the airport in the Tryp Hotel. I did my research here on the WSG Forum (thanks guys) and decided on a quick sprint by cab (12 Euros) to the Riviera. I walked in on a Saturday night at 9PM without being asked for a cover. I looked at the scene in terms of numbers and quality and decided to eat a Cialis. There were about 60 girls and 30 clients. Looks ranged from 4-9 on my scale (it’s all personal). The girls were mostly Romanians, some Brazilians, and some other eastern Europeans (also a few Africans). I estimated average age was 22, skewed to the younger ones, but including a couple of 40 y.o.’s. I few cases of ugly nolkt-ons were also visible. I managed to sample 4 girls in succession over the course of 4 hours. I spent 30 minutes with each using the on-site rooms, and then retreated for 30 minutes to the bar to regroup between sessions. Each girl charged me 75 Euros. I did not have a single negative experience with the girls I chose. I did get chewed out by a girl who thought she deserved my time after she massaged my balls at the bar, though.

Overall, I can recommend the place. It was convenient and cheap, and the quality was definitely there. It is a sex mill in this respect: some of the more attractive girls churn out 10 or more guys a night. However I am glad I went. If I had had more time on my hands, I would have gone to Showgirls instead based on the reviews here, but I was limited. I hope to return to Barcelona with more free time. The eye candy in the city center (Catalunya Square) was great during the daytime. I can only imagine what it is like late at night.

06-13-04, 03:24
went to C. Enric Granados 66 and 107 the other night. went up to 107 first. from old reports it says "(Princesas on the red door bell)."

i looked but could only find normal door bell buttons (all white) and nothing indicating any action. does anyone have any idea which apartment number or which doorbell to press?

cruised down to 66 and found the small white doorway. was there about 1am and only 2 chicas available - unfortunately not so good looking (both from venezuala). stayed with one - about a 5 (95Euro for 45mins). full massage, cbj and a couple of positions. nothing exciting unfortunately. she suggested that i should come back in the mid afternoon when there would be 5-6 chicas working.

will do this - but also want to check out 107 at some stage so any help on finding the right doorbell would be apprecitated!


Member #1268
06-14-04, 15:32
Just back from Batrcelona.

Here is my take:

Best Club by far is La Vie en Rose. Rector Ubach 46, ground floor

Best Show Girls I found was 64 Carrier de Arbau

If you want a good Spainsh women I suggest a Club on Carrier de Entenca. It is the third Club on the right as you head down Carrier de Entenca from Avinguda de Josep Tarradellas. She works in afternoons, until 8:00 pm and her name is Irene, pronounced (e re nay).

06-15-04, 12:35
BCN punters,

Yes, as tiger88888 said there is no Granados 107. I've tried that flat some months ago but found just as he said.

But in Granados 66 I went on 2002, 2003 and during this year and on the afternoons there's an Ucranian bird... very good indeed. The place is a bit pricey but the girls are not clockwatchers and definitely the rooms are better than what you could find for the same price in other places in Europe.


Lone Rider

Chick Feeder
06-15-04, 15:00

Found an absolute gem today in an appartment on Carrer del Consell del Centre 185 on the first floor (name on the bell is a give away, cant miss it) Anyway, Irene is Romanian, 19, almost 6 feet tall, blonde, perfect 10 body with a 36d bust. Absolute stunner, had to have her, not the best in the sack but she is pretty new to this game and very pleasant so no complaints. 30 minutes for Eur 60 a real bargain. She could easily earn 10 times this an hour as an escort. Highly recommended. Was tempted to pay for a further 30 minutes but this city has so many options and as I was still horny I decided to try another appartment on Villaroel, number 68 black bell. 8 chicas here, picked Laura a very tall Spaniard very slim waist and wide hips, around 22. Eur 60 for 40 minutes, started with OWO followed by sex in various positions and finished with very nice OWO CIM....nice!

Crazy Castel
06-21-04, 13:34
Hello Mongers,

This is my first report in this forum, but I have been visiting WSG for a long time.

To make the story as short as possible.

I am an expat leaving in BCN for a year, after studying the options for the places to live, I decided for Castelldefels, so my apartment is a 15 minuts block away from the infamous Riviera!.

The mood in Riviera has been changing to a gloomy scene recently, mainly because of the competition from the Aribau and other night clubs in downtown BCN.

However, still Riviera is the place to get the quickest, dirtiest action in town. As you have read in other reports you can screw four chicks in one night for around 200bucks, and still some gems are available.

I have been specially "concentrated" in a romanian so called "Janine" very slim, nice breats, great ass, big beautiful green eyes.

Have anyone else tried her?, does she had been more "pleasant" than with me with some of you dirty fellows??

So far not been able to get a BBJ from her as most eastern europeans like to do everything covered (well if I had to suck 10 dicks a night, I would surely do it covered).

There is also a Russian chick with a awasome body, but she is cold as fridge. I do not recall her name but she looks like the girl from CIS Miami.

If you have any recommendations about other girls at Riviera it will be my pleasure to hit the trail at anytime during evenings and follow your instructions.

By the way Riviera does not charge a cover anymore, so you can save some bucks, but it also means that you will have to share the action with truck drivers, some german tourists staying in the camps near Castelldefels (with no "deodorant" culture), but the place is still a good deal and has a nice "menu a la Carte".

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jackson thanks a lot for upgrading my membership I will try to keep the level as high as of other mongers in this forum.

All the best from CostadelSex,


Chick Feeder
06-22-04, 15:13
Arizala Sauna

Situauted between Nou Camp and Av Madrid on Arizala. Visited here last sunday afternoon and was presented to around 8 chicas and I must say the quality of all was extremely high. I chose Sonia, a petite 21 year old from Nigeria mainly because she seemed the most enthusiastic. She was wearing a very tight red dress that did not even cover fully her gorgeous pert round bum. I paid Eur 50 for 30 minutes and in the room after both washing, got straight in to some 69 action and boy did she have a tasty pussy and yes she certainly was enthusiastic, enjoying it as much as me. On to sex in a variety of positions until I could hang on no more. She then persuaded me to part with a further Eur50 for another 30 minutes and I'm sure glad I did, it was some of the best sex I've had with a lot more 69, she claimed to have come 3 times, I don't know about that but I do know she was enjoying herself as much as I was, in fact after the hour was up, she was wanting to know when I was going to see her again! Top marks for attitude and I might just see her again as I have her number but there are so many other options in this city.

06-23-04, 00:47
I will be in Barcelona over the weekend, would anybody care to recommend an itinery of places to visit or any useful telephone numbers ?

I speak no Spanish, only English - will I enounter problems ?

I will be staying in a Hotel on the Ramblas.

I will post some FR's on my return.


06-23-04, 01:45
the best place i went to when in barcelona was at San eusebio 68

75 euro for 30 mins / 95 for 45mins - a lot of chicas and the far majority 7-8 - great establisment - great girlss and excellent service.


06-23-04, 12:09
Update on Sauna Modelos: Tried it for the first time, and went with Jenny, a dark Catalan beauty, big smile. Her attitude in the room, however, was horrible, no touching, no talking, just a totally mechanical, uninspired screw. A surprisingly bad deal, given how highly some people think of it.

06-23-04, 22:28
Perhaps a silly question, but do any of these clubs have a dress code ?

Can i wander in wearing jeans, trainers and t-shirt or do i need to wear collar and trousers ?

Is it easy to get a cab back from Riviera to the Ramblas late at night - what is that likely to cost ?


Crazy Castel
06-23-04, 22:38
Hello Bunny,

My experience is that it is better not to go in a too informal or too formal style to these places.

If you look too informal nicest girls will not approach since they look for guys that look with a bit more of cash in the pockets.

If you look too formal you will have to negotiate a lot to lower the price tags.

Jeans a shirt(not t-shirt) works ok and you will look like another spanish guy around.

Good luck and happy hunting.


Crazy Castel
06-24-04, 19:20
Hello Bunny,

About a cab from and to The Riviera you can expect a cost of around 40 to 50 bucks (oouch it is almost 30 minutes with a girl at Riviera).

Frankly speaking, if you are really a bunny Riviera is a good place to get several bangs a night, but if you prefer one good laid, maybe to stick to downtown clubs is a better alternative and you can move around walking or 5 euros cabs. Aribau and showgirls are the places to go in my opinion, expect a damage of around 200 in total including drinks entrance fee and one shot.

There are plenty of cabs outside Riviera all night so there is no problem in finding one but they will surely try to increase the rprice of the ride back to your hotel, specially if you look wasted.

Take care.


07-06-04, 22:25
I was in Barcelona over last weekend - first time there (and certainly not the last)

Day1: Flight was £44 including taxes from from UK with MyTravelLite. I took a cab from the airport to the Ramblas, my hotel was directly on the Ramblas. Cab meter read €15.00 but as soon as we pulled over, the cab driver push a button on the meter and it went up €5.00 to €20.00 !!

5 minutes after checking in, i was out and about looking for San Ramon and Carrer Robador - my hotel was very close to the area -perhaps 5 mins walk. I did one complete circuit of the roads before returning to Robador area. There is a small bar outside which many girls were hanging about, so i stopped went in and had a beer looking at the girls in and around the bar. Maybe 15 - 20 girls about, mainly latin and african. Didn't see any i fancied so i went to San Ramon road. Here mainly Romanian girls, some latin too.

The scene was amazing, 20 - 25 girls all standing around, a few bars open and girls going in and out. Many guy (tourists, asian guys, black guys and locals) just hanging around looking at the girls. Police drove past a few times and did nothing. Felt very safe, the area is open full of activity. The girls were all 18 - 25 i'd say. Some with great slim bodies, other were more curvy latin types. Something for everyone !

I waked over to a Blonde Romanian girl, very pretty, standing by herself, rather quite. I asked if she spoke English, she said yes and i said how much. She said €30 - i asked do you "suck" ? "No. fuck only" was her reply. I questioned the price and she said €20 for her and €10 for the room. I agreed and we walked into one of the many rent by the hour places near by.

I paid an old women, €10 for the room and went in. My girl, washed her privates in the sink that was in the room and then lay back waiting for me. Sex was OK, she had a nice body, but was a little dry down below and didn't respond much. But for €20 i could complain. We stay about 30 mins in Total.

At night was drinking on the Ramblas. Many african girls walking about but nothing that took my fancy and i didn't talk to any. I am sure i also saw some trannies standing on the corner of Ramblas and Carrer Nou De La Rambla.

Day 2: Left my hotel around midday, nursing my hangover from all the drinking the night before. Did another circuit before stopping on Sant Ramon. Picked another blonde Romanian. Amazing slim body, great smile and spoke English too. Same price €20 for girl and €10 for room, 30 mins.

In the evening i wanted to try the Riviera Club. So i asked concierge at hotel if he know of some place - i said he sent a guest to Sauna Casanova and the guest said it was OK. I asked him about the Riviera Club and he said he had heard of it but, it was far and still early but he could arrange a cab there and back - time now about 9:00 pm. So i said i would go out for a drink and return to him later. At 10:30 i was fed and watered and returned to my hotel. They called a cab and the concierge asked my what time i would like to return i said 2:00 am. He spoke with the cab driver and the driver agreed to collect my at 2:00 am. Cab fare to Riviera from Ramblas was €25

Club is not so isolated as i imagined. It is on a main road, i think with residential apartments, not much other neon lighting about. €12 to get in (does that include 1 drink ? i don't know what was printed on the ticket) WOW ! This place is amazing. About 40 girls in there then and maybe 15 guys. All the girsl walking around in lingerie or bikinis or thongs...etc So many amazing girls. I wore blue jeans, black shoes and short sleeved shirt. Girls from many countries Brazil, Russia, Romania, Ecuador and Columbia - strange but i didn't encounter and Spanish girls all weekend. Cola was €8, stood chatting to many girls, didn't by any of them drinks. The black girls are very pushy and tried to give me guilt trip "You don't like black people ?" I had to try hard to get rid of them, i just didn't fancy any of them. The other girls won't walk upto you unless you catch their eye.

I picked dark skinned black haired Brazilian girl, she had a great smile, nice body and i had these vision of amazing Brazilian sex in my minds eye ! She asked for €70 for 1 shot/half hour. All the girls quoted this and so i assumed it was the going rate - did i over pay ?

She took me toward the back room and we went to a counter that reminid me of a cinema ticket booth. €5 for the room and towels - no queue for the rooms. Rooms are attached to the club. Went up stairs passed uniformed security and into the room - which was a twin with bathroom. We washed using the bidget and then hit the bed. She was good, nice deep CBJ and sex in many positions. Can still hear her sounds in my head and picture that brazilian butt shaking about as i did her doggy style.
We washed and i went downstairs.

About mid-night now and i wanted to have another turn before my cab came. So i looked around for a blonde that does anal.... before long i found one. She said she was from Russia - nice curvy figure, big boobs, blue eyes and an ass i could eat all night long. I told her i was short of time but i wanted a quickie, she said €70 for 1 shot/half hour - i agreed. SHIT ! there was now a big queue for the room. We paid €5 for the room and towels and waited some 30mins in the lobby with other couples until they called our number. In the lobby surrounded by other couple, i let my hands and index finger wander a little. She was wearing just a white bikini. Shaved wet pussy as my fingers will testify.

In the room she was like a wild cat, after we washed she did BBBJ and we fucked for a while in miss position. Then i wanted to try anal but she made a shy look on her face, knew then she wasn't game. But i got my tool half way up her butt a few times before giving up on that, boy was she tight. Finished off in miss position, she was so wet and it felt like i was with a girlfriend - she was kissing me all over and nibbling my ears...etc. Shame about the anal. But i shot my load over her - wanted to come on her face but she protected her face as i came and so i aimed at her boobs instead. Washed and was halfway down the corrider out, when i remembered i hadn't paid her yet - can't believe she would have forgot, but she didn't ask for the cash first. I paid her in the corrider on our way out.

I got outside and it was past 2:00 am. I looked for my cab but he wasn't there, i was some 20 mins or so late. But there were 5 or 6 other cabs there (plus a flash red Ferrari parked outisde !)and i got into one back to the Ramblas. The return fare was €33. Hit some bars on the Ramblas got drunk, looked at the African girls and trannies and then to my bed !

Day 3: I bought a copy of Vanguardia the day before and trawlled the ads looking for something that caught my eye. Saw an ad for La Belle, they advertised as speaking English. It was now midday. I called them and in a mix of broken english i got the address and metro station to use. Just 1 mins walk from Sant Antoni station, number 15 Carrer de Villaroel - bell D, first floor first door. As i entered the building the door to the sauna opened and a woman smiled at me.

Went in and was shown into a small, well decorated room. The women in broken english said she would send the girls in one by one. So i sat waiting and one by one they did come. Some amazingly pretty girls. They all came in, kissed me twice, introduced themselves and then the next entered. Them the madam returned (nice friendly lady) and brought in a laminated price list. for me to pick from. I point to the word griego and she said only one girl would do that, said her name but i didn't famncy her. I picked 1 hour 1 serive and picked a girls from columbia. Black hair, light skin, perfect figure, amazing smile and mesmerising eyes. Was then shown into a bedroom by the columbian and offered a drink - had lemonade ! - not had that for years. I washed and we then hit the bed. Good CBJ and sex in many positions. She didn't let me do doggy for too long, said it hurt her stomach. Had a nice play with her South American butt. Sex was good, long and energetic, but she was not as GFE as could have been - overall 7 / 10 for the experience. Can't remember how much i paid, round €120 or € 150 i think.

Later in the afternoon after a short nap, went to Sant ramon again. This time picked an 18 year old girl from Ecuador. Amazing latin butt, pretty face and tight body, hips and waist. €20 to girl and €10 for room. Great sex in doggy style, loved watching the ripples along her butt which had my thum stuck up it ! . She was energetic when she mounted me cowgirl and CBJ was OK.

At night went to Baja Beach Club, got drunk, met some tourists, got some free love !

Day 4: Had the same girl from Ecuador again in the afternoon and a brunette from Romania in the morning - this Romanian had nice body ! Not too slim and not quite voluptous - in the middle. No BJ.

In the evening took cab from Ramblas and went to Sauna Casanova at around 11:00 PM. It was sunday and place was dry. Only 5 or 6 girls in there, nothing that caught my eye. The place in a bar in the front with sofas...etc and rooms at the back. Cola cost €12, i drank half and left. But a girl did explain that i came on a bad night, Sunday night and that was the reason it was so dry - i have no reason to doubt her. The place has a uniformed security guard outside. Felt very safe. As i walked around outside looking for a cab, i virtually walked back to the Ramblas, luckily walking in th eright direction.

Overall, SW scene is very safe, cheap and sooooo easy. As is written here already, when you've done it once, it all seems so natural. Riviera was amazing, i should have spent more time there and gone more often. The parlours (or saunas as they are called) are also surprisingly good and easy. And don't forget the hoards of foreign tourists if you are after some free sex !

I regret not going to a show - i've never seen one, perhaps next summer !!!

I didn't explore any other areas, did i miss anything or over pay anywhere ????

Enjoy !

07-06-04, 22:34
The picture shows the area around Sant Ramon.

Low resolution, but you can just about see the girls standing around in the middle of the picture and guys going about their hobby standing around by themselves.

07-07-04, 01:01
There seems to be a Romanian thing about not giving BJ's. Almost all of the other ladies - Latinas, Africans, Arabs, Spanish, Chinese will gladly blow you. Make sure you ask in advance or you may be disappointed. Live and learn . . .

07-07-04, 04:38
Bunny Hopper,

Great report! You brought back many memories for me! I also loved Riveira and couldn't see any reason to try other places.



07-07-04, 15:11
Hi Bunny Hopper and all:

The place that Bunny describes is the one I advised you about, La Belle. I think you must have paid like 120 Euros, which is the right price for 1 hour normal service. If you or the others go back there, I think maybe you should book Graciela or Montse on advance if you want some anal action (120 Euros Half an hour),. Idescribed them before, and if they are avalaible and haven't left the house they are great for the "griego". Montse (dark haired slim Spaniard) is more a GFE and quite enthusiastic. Graciela (blonde light skinned brazilian) more a stunner and little more cold. But she screams some when you work her butt and is quite exciting.

Bunny, overall hasn't overpaid at all. But advise is not to go on Sundays night (slowest night of the week for this hobby) and not go to Riviera on Saturday night. As far as I know this place is so popular and for a good reason, than those queues for the rooms are quite common. And maybe on Thursday night you can avoid. Also you can rent a car in Barcelona for some 80 euros for a weekend and can be of good use both for Riviera and for some strolling on Camp Nou's SW scene.

All of you welcome to Barcelona. A great mongering city

07-08-04, 03:41
Bunny, great report. I`ve been to Madrid and the streewalker scene was rough. No Africans. I like a little changeof pace.

Round the World
07-09-04, 16:25
Anyone interested in meeting up at Riviera this saturday night (July 10)?

07-09-04, 22:32
Hi all,

Back from a couple of days in Barcelona. Only able to indulge in daytime fun.

Went to San Ramon first evening at 8.15, but everything was shutting down, just a couple of mature Spanish ladies around. Went back next day at 2.30 and it was much better. About 4 black girls at the one end, just before it narrowed, then about 8 mature women then the Romanians.

There were about a dozen Romanians aged up to 30 I would say. I took a cute Brunette with a gorgeous ass. As described, cost is €20 + €10 for the room. The room was in one of the buildings on the left after the alley got narrower. Went up to first floor and paid a guy (another Romanian I think) for the room. Sheet had seem action already! Service was ok, no oral, but you get what you pay for.

I took 2 photos, which I will post when I work out how to reduce the size so I can upload (any tips?) She would let me post nude no face. I wanted clothed (the ass in jeans!) but not allowed.

Have fun!

07-12-04, 05:41
You are right that the action in St Ramon tends to close down at about 8 p.m.

One word of warning: I speak French and English, but was strongly warned against speaking English on the street with the girls because of resentment against Americans among the arab community in Spain. Remember what they did to the train in Madrid!

This was from a couple of Romanian girls who I had been with and given a bit extra for the excellent service, so they had no reason to lie, they just wanted to keep me safe to continue spending!

Round the World
07-13-04, 01:26
Just returned from my first visit to Barcelona. I've had some experience in the Madrid scene, so I wanted to see a new city and compare and contrast.

First night, wandered down Las Ramblas until I found Sant Ramon around midnight. Amazing looking girls just on La Ramblas, tourists, locals, etc. Unfortunately no action left on Sant Ramon at that time of night.

I remembered reading about some privates on Enric Granados. I checked 66 and 107, but there we no red door bells or ringers marked Princesa, so I suspect these may have shutdown. So I went back to my hotel empty handed, but with a full wallet.

It turns out ath Kiss Me was only five blocks away from my hotel, but I didn't realize this until the next morning. And the next day was Saturday, and I believe Kiss me is closed on Sat/Sun.

Anyhow, next day, I was a little wiser from having done more research on the forum and planned to check the scene on Sant Ramon and head to Riviera later that evening. I hit sant Ramon around 3pm and the scene was in full swing. At the Romanian end of the street there were about 20 girls. About 5 that I would consider doing. I talked with a few (Michaela, Dana, and the tall curly haired brunette) most got into the "let's go fuck" spiel within about 2 sentences after starting a conversation.

Michaela was the nicest, but I had eyes for Dana. She doesn't speak English, but she had standout looks for a SW. Big beautiful blue eyes, good tan, sandy blond hair streaked by the sun, wearing a pink and yellow sun dress. Loooked too good to be true.

My strategy was to see if I could talk one of them into coming back to my hotel (Gran Derby - v. nice hotel but out of the way location). Call me picky, I preferred the luxury of my hotel to the squalor of Sant Ramon. Additionally I wanted to see if I could talk one into an overnight.

Well, as reported here, the Romanians seem to have a few consistent rules. First, 20+10 will get you FS. Second, no BJ at any price. Third, no visiting your hotel. Fourth, no overnighters. Pretty consistent with all girls I talked to.

So I figured, what the hell, I'm gonna sample Dana no matter what. So went to the squalid little room behind a curtain, paid my 10+20 then Dana removed her skirt and panties and washed her nethers. I stripped and hopped on the bed. She climbed on and we went thru some enjoyable mish, modified CG, and fnished with some doggy. She wouldn't take her top off, but otherwise she had a great body (nice ass and legs) to complement her beautiful face. Overall fantastic deal for $30. Afterward, she washed up and left pretty quickly. I got dressed and went downstairs. Not much of a goodbye, but this wasn't exactly Pigmalion either.

Back on the street, I stopped in that bar on the corner and had a drink while watching the scene unfold a little more. That Saturday there was some crazy guy in a soccer jersey who seemed to be picking fights with immigrant guys until the cops hauled him away. Then I saw a platinum blonde in capri pants emerge onto the street. Very eye-catching.

I finished my drink and approached her. Her name was Florin and her English was pretty good. Very friendly. She spotted something on my eye lash and tried to wipe it off, nearly taking out my contact lense in the process. But we had a laugh about that. I proposed going back to my hotel and she seemed to consider it. Then I proposed overnight and she offered it for $200 starting from when the street finishes around 9:30 until 10am until the next morning. I countered with $150 plus a nice dinner for her. She agreed and we made plans to meet back on Sant Ramon at 9:30.

At the appointed time we met on the street, then headed up Las Ramblas in search of a restaurant. I paid her "friend" $100 up front and promised the remainder the next day. BTW her "friend was female and not the scary pimp I was expecting. We had dinner at the Basque chain restaurant, Euskeba? I didn't know any better and she didn't seem familiar with the restaurants on the street. It was a little funny having dinner with a pro while sitting next to families with kids. Luckily she was dressed in a fairly normal outfit for western tourist, tank top and capri pants. Had some light conversation during dinner and found out about her life. No sob story, but just trying to earn money outside of a home country where there isn't much of it to go around.

Back to the hotel and took a shower together. She had a nice 23 year old body. Small breast but pert. Great legs. Then out to the bed and I gave her a long massage. We had agreed earlier that there was still no BJ (amazing huh?) But things got going from there. Unfortunately she wasn't much into positions other than mish. But she had great muscle control and her kisses progressively got deeper and deeper as we got into it. First session lasted about 45 minutes. She curled herself around me and fell fast asleep. Pretty good experience, it was my first overnighter.

In morning had a second round, much like the same but shorter. She was more reluctant this time, I think perhaps because she was still sleepy at 8am. After a shower, I sent her off at 9:30 with the remaining $50 plus $20 for cab fare/tip. So overall I was pretty happy having had an overnight experience (at Moscow prices), while in a beautiful city like Barca. Never did make to Riviera, but I suppose there is always next time.


Out for Flesh
07-13-04, 01:51
I have read in this forum section that Romanians are reluctant to give BJ. Not to my experience with several Romanians (in Madrid). I once picked up a Romanian SW in Barcelona and she did not even winkle when I asked her for a BJ. That seemed to be part of the pack. Maybe it depends which part of Romania they come from? (Just guessing...)

Crazy Castel
07-14-04, 11:35

About Romanians giving BJ, I can only say that I have received the best BJs of my life by Romanians at the Riviera.

But usually first time they do not do it but if you becomne their regular they will do whatever you want to keep you happy and coming back.

Its a matter of having some patience, eastern european girls like to go down slowly, if you can control your nerves you may end up asking them to stop!


07-14-04, 20:57
the romanian bj situation is true, but in no way applies to all romanian women. just this relatively small pack of young girls who hang together in the robador. i have never been able to separate just one of them from 2 or 3 of her girlfriends for a conversation. and if you ask one if she gives bjs, the others will say no for her - as if this is a group rule and it is enforced by peer pressure. perhaps when alone with her you can change her mind, but remember these girls are not fluent in either spanish or english. i have found this same situation in morelia mexico. group peer pressure enforces a no bj rule with most of the young sw's. but it surely does n't apply to mexican women in general.

as far as leaving the st ramon/robador area with a sw to take back to your hotel, this is possible but more expensive. usually 100 euro minimum or 5 times the local price. they are worried about safety and the hassle of being away from their work area. plus very few are capable of providing a gfe, so better to pay 30e for a 30 min quickie. last year i took home 2 different african women and despite my best efforts, i could not get them to loosen up. and we ended up argueing about money. she wanted 100, i paid 40.


Lover Boy #2
07-14-04, 21:19
Romanians at Riviera are providing excellent BBBJ. Believe me!

Luv Big Tetas
07-15-04, 14:12
Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting anywhere in the WSG forum, while I have been to TJ, LA, NY, Paris, Vancouver, London, and Mexico's prosititution meccas, it´s Barcelona that prompted me to write. I went to Las Ramblas after reading fellow posts although few left specifics, it was pretty standard €20 for her and €10 for the room. The first time i ended up going with a girl from ecuador, I forgot her name anyhow she took me to a 3 room house, waited for the others to finish.. it was nice. Then i tried a Romanian girl, she was really cold and as soon as I went inside her she was making faces like it hurt.. I forget her name she is a brunette, big tits, looks latin. However by far the platinum blonde that recently started working there, I was in barcelona for a few days then came back 3 weeks later. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever mongered with. For 20€ she was friendly and nice and did not complain about time or rush me and for once actually looked into my eyes when I fucked her, that is rare. I actually didn´t know what to think. I am going back to barcelona in a few days and i will try to spend a night with her. Hopefully she´ll oblige.

By the way INSIDERS TIP the best house is the one next to the farmacy and pollo (something). They dont have as many mongers that go there so you dont feel as rushed. I would stay away from the hotel in the middle of the street where the girls convey.. that one is always rushing or where the romanians go. That one is also packed even thought the spanish lady is nice.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Crazy Castel
07-16-04, 14:59
Hey Lover Boy #2,

You are absolutely right, maybe we can make a list of Romanians giving good BJ for our fellow lads.

The ones I have received premoum BJ at Riviera and are Romanians are the following,

Marcella: Tall black hair usually wearing very small pants
Monica: Blond usually wearing a bikini
Andrea: Brunette, big tits, nice round ass

But so far I have not meet again an Angel I was frequently using in the past, her name was something like Jeni or Jani, or something similar she used to give the best bbj I have ever found in my life.

If you can share some names of other rumanians giving good BJ we could create a ranking system!.

Enjoy life,


Member #2375
08-12-04, 14:49
Hello folks,

I am basically into BBW, curvy, vuloptuos, XL girls. Age doesn't matter, but they have to be chubby.

Any suggestion in Barcelona?

I will be there soon and promise to post a full report.

Have gun, I mean, fun :)))


Proud John
08-17-04, 23:01
On a recent trip to Barcelona I had two hours free to mongrelize. Checked the famous Sant Ramon - slim pickins - probably too early - like 2 PM. Time was growing short (and the general was growing long) so I popped into an internet café to consult my WSG bro’s. Took a chance on Chick Feeder’s Villaroel, 68.

At the door there were a bunch of buzzer buttons. (I forgot which he suggested). Tried several but they all seemed like private residences. Undeterred, I followed an old lady (who must have lived there) in. Literally walked up the stairs buzzing every flat f/ top to bottom – no luck. Was about to quit. Bottom suite, door opens, god smiles on me and lets me into heaven. Pretty mulato named Estevia (?) offered me a drink and sat me down in a little, dimly lit parlour. She then paraded 8 girls for me to peruse. Each greeted me with a sweet little kiss and a 20 second advertisement about why I should pick her. I don’t know why but even though they all were +6 (a couple 7 and 8’s) I got greedy and held out for a solid 9’er. 5 minutes later she walked in. Her name was Caroline and her intro left me hyperventilating. About 19, 5’ 5”, beautiful Halle Berry (how the fuck do you spell her name anyhow!) face, Honey colored long hair, and GFE ‘tude.

T’is a sad tale tho – immediately after she left I regained my cool, followed and signaled to Estevia that I found my madonna. She said good, explained the payment deal – kinda like $70 US for a half hour and like $120 for an hour. I told her 1 hour please. She left for one minute and returned with bad news – Caroline had just received a call from a regular and was not available at that time – if I would wait then maybe she will be free after.

I looked at my watch – no time to do it right – without having to invent a risky alibi.

But I will return. Hope its still there. Kudos to Chick Feeder & WSG.

08-18-04, 07:31
Member 2375,

You do have a thing about BBWs! This is your second petition in only three postings. But fine, in the case of Barcelona it is not very complicated: just look at the postings further down on the thread. The narrow sliver of a street called Robador (its south of the Rambla, a side street to Hospital) has plenty of chubby young African girls. On the other main mongering street, San Ramon, the action is dominated by young(ish) girls from the Balkans and Latin America; there's not much action for people with your fetish.

08-18-04, 11:19
Member 2375,

I suggest you also take a look at the Ronda Sant Antoni and Carrer De Joaquin Costa(near the Plaza de la Universitat).

Many of the Spanish women, working at the Robador before, are now working in that area.
You certainly will find there what you are looking for.

Price 30 euro + room(10 euro in appartment or 20 euro in hotel).


08-24-04, 17:02
This report gives some indications about the place I visited during my stay there in August 2004.

RIVIERA CLUB (all taxi know the way)
This club is located approximately 20 min from the city center, which is around 25 euros taxi fare. This place is a sort of cheap hotel reconverted in brothel. This is defenitely not a fancy place! The "lounge bar" is overcrowded and without any athmosphere. Cheap disco like, with a lot of girls (more than 80 I guess) who are often very aggressive.
This is a "fuck only" place. I mean don't expect to come here and relax while watching girls dancing... No place to seat, very loud music, very little social aspect. Girls will grab your crotch, and even try to get some tip just because you talk to them. Of course, tell them to get lost, even if they threaten to call security.
Despite the bad global atmosphere, many girls are quite pretty (I saw some nice 8). A lot of Romanian! Prices are 140 euros for one hour in the common room, but expect to wait cause there is a lot of activity! If you are in a hurry, you can pay double and have a jacuzzi room with a bottle of champagne. Of course, you can negotiate the price ; around the closing you can even get down to 100 or 50 euros.
In the room, you can turn on the television set to have some music. Have a 2 euros coin on you, for one hour usage.
I went there two times, everything covered, nothing special. It’s a huge fuck factory so don’t expect any GFE.
In a nutshell, good pretty girls, trying to please, but very shitty and factory atmosphere. Go there only if you want only to have sex, not if you want to enjoy nice time in a bar before. All girls we spoke had a good English level. No cover charge.

BAILEN 22 - SHOWGIRLS (address is Bailen 22)
A large bar, with girl dancing on poles, and around 30 girls waiting. Nice and relaxed atmosphere, not very fancy, but good enough to enjoy some drinks while watching the girl dancing and make a choice. You can pick the girl you want, or if you are a little shy they will come to speak to you on some kind of rotation basis. You can have many options : 60€ for 30 min in a couch where she'll drink with you and make some lap dance (you can touch everything). 180€ for 30 min in some kind of tent near the bar when you can have sex (F&S). 360€ for one hour in a jacuzzi room. 270€ for one hour outcall (in your hotel), or 550€ for the entire night. It seems the prices are varying with the girls (except for the drinks). You can negociate.
Many beautiful brazilian girls here. I took one for a 30 min "lap dance" session, not very interesting... After I took another one for a 30 min sex session in the tent. The girl was very good (a beautiful brazilian brunette with great tits). She didn't spoke a word of English, but this was not really a problem.
Drinks on the bar are 15€ for a cocktail, plus a 20€ cover charge for entrance. A very nice place, where you can have a drink and relax! I guess it's a good club to start, have some action, and maybe after go in RIVIERA for cheaper but also good sex.
When we left Showgirl, a cab took us and drove us free to another place (don't remember the name). Some kind of taxi scam but we were in adventurous mood. The cab dropped us in a nice looking bar, but the girls where awful (90€ for one hour), so we left immediately, without hassle. Strange scam :)
We went many time to this place during our stay, and it was very enjoyable. We even met some brazilian girls from the club in Port Olympic, and they came with us on our boat to party until 8AM (for free, but was just a party, no sex).
In Bailen 22, ask for Gaston, one of the bartender. He is very nice and you’ll have good time chatting and joking with him. Furthermore he knows the style of the girls and can help you for selection.

BAGDAD CLUB (Paralelo 58)
This is a show club, with some kind of live porn action on stage. Entrance fee is 60 euros, including one drink. There are also 10 girls in the bar with whom you can have a drink or have sex (300 euros).
The show is quite boring ; the « actors » are really looking like they want to be in another place… This is too bad cause there are some good ideas, like the Matrix part. With more energy and fun from the performers, it could be nice. Show time is 2 hours, and there is some public participation (like getting a blowjob in front of everyone).
We didn’t sample the girls so I don’t know much about the brothel part. But girls were quite beautiful there. Young and nice bodies. So I guess if you are not too short on money this could be a place to visit.

OTHER PLACE (non tested)
Kiss me bar club (Mallorca / Viladomat) : blow job bar
Joys (Rocafort 231) : bar with some kind of show
La vie en rose (Rector Ubach 46) : brothel

To have good time dancing in a young atmosphere, go on Port Olympic. Around 15 discos are there.
The CDLC is a lounge club not very far from the Port Olympic, near the big two towers. Excellent place to go with a date to have diner or enjoy the lounge with house music.

On Friday and Saturday, it is very difficult to find taxis after midnight. This can really be a problem, so try to go early in the place you have selected so you don’t stay stucked in the street.

You’ll find there a lot of information for independant girls or agency in Barcelona

Happy hunting !


Out for Flesh
08-25-04, 12:05
OTHER PLACE (non tested)
Kiss me bar club (Mallorca / Viladomat) : blow job bar

I' ve been there once. It is a small bar (maybe 7 square meters?) with some girls. The point is that you can have BJ (usually covered, I guess) or a FS directly in the bar (although they have an apartment, too, if you prefer that). I' ve been told that it gets quite crowded at some hours - not surprising, given its small size!

The way it works in the bar is that you buy the girl champaign glasses. When you' ve bought her three of them (at 30 euros each, I think), you are entitled for the full service, or BJ, or whatever. As you buy her drinks, she' ll perform more things on you - and you on her.

Not a high class place, but I had a pleasant experience with a girl there.

09-01-04, 23:48
Where can I have sex in Barcellona?

I don't have the car.



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Crazy Castel
09-06-04, 11:14

On a bed.

On the floor.

On a couch.

In a forest, standing up.


09-06-04, 11:48
Hercio is too laconic I think. He doesn't even tell if he wants to pay for sex, and if so, how much?

If he doesn't have a car he can have his way mighty well in Barcelona. He just have to read the goddamn messages of previous posts. Mine are full of details.

I suggest no one answers to people this lazy and egoistical.

Kind Regards

09-07-04, 13:44
Hi all,

Well I will provide some extra information. But also I would need some help if someone knows.

I have always talked about a privat here: Villaroel 15 Entresol D (Subway: Sant Antoni) Their quality/price is top, luxury atmosphere and some stunners. I used to recommend a white brazilian, anal allowing, but she’s not working there anymore. As I said on previous posts girls on apartments move a lot, so all of you should try things when advised. Right now there’s a good thing in there: Solange, beautiful Brazilian with great body, fake breasts, beautiful child-like face. For 100 Euros she should perform a great BBBJ allowing some abstract painting on her face afterwards. Pity she is not willing to please with her butt. Truth is level of the girls is great.

Also there’s a similar place, whose main point it’s that it works until late night. San Eusebi 68 Entresol (Corner of Aribau Street) There’s no subway there, but from Diagonal Subway station a 6 Euros cab ride is enough. Price policy it’s the same starting on 75 Euros for half an hour and then upwards. Using Jacuzzi is more expensive. I think quality of girls is bellow the other one, but some gems there. I recommend a Spanish blonde, Blanca, that works from 20:00 PM. She allows some anal “if the size is right” and it’s good to have your way on her narrow backside, while she moans with discomfort. Good shaped figure.

There’s one private with a website you can trust: www.sensacionesbarcelona.com

Girls are the same than in the photos. Nicol, a nice Russian but a bit cold allows also some creative display of man juice’s on her nice face, but no buttplug. Anyway there’s good service there.

Basically what I am after is knowing whether the house on Angel Guimerá street is working as this anymore. Used to go there but they changed phone number. Maybe it’s just they have changed to new people running business, maybe they are not working like this anymore. I would appreciate some information.

Also want some information regarding President Palace on Bonanova Street. Their high prices kind of put me off, but it’s very famous for it’s quality. So I would like to know some experience there to she if it’s really worth it.

Kind regards and happy hunting

09-08-04, 02:32

Good post with useful info.

Thanks, Proko

09-11-04, 20:11

I'll be a couple of days in Barcelona next week, with a tight budget. Suggestions? I like them slim and experts on bbbj, allowing cim.