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05-16-02, 05:52
I got stuck in Madrid airport for several hours and decided to go and explore the city. There's a bus from the airport straight to the city centre its very reasonable 3 eurp if I remember correctly. It dops you at a central square. You catch the return bus from the other side of the square outside a big old museum / gallery or something like that

I was not looking for any action as I had not it was not planned the stopover so I had done no research and had no idea where to look. I just did not fancy sitting around and thought I could get a better meal in the centre than at the airport which I did. After I had eaten I went for a wander around the city and came across the aptly name Plaza des Angels. There were some girls clearly working the square but I did not approach or ask prices as I did not really fancy them. On a street off the square there is a very classy looking Hamman Massage place called Medina or something like that. It looked like a genuine massage place without any sort of of happy ending but by that time I was very footsore and the thought of a proper massage seemed very appealing.

Unfortunately the place ran an appointment system and had nothing available until too late so I asked if there was anywhere else locally and they directed me to a street called Gran Via which was actually very close to where the square where the airport bus had dropped me earlier. Its a long street and mainly department stores and offices. I did not see any massage parlours but I did spot I very nice looking Bulgarian girl loitering outside one of the stores. I was not sure at first but she made good eye contact so I tried my hand as she was indeed working. I guess its possible that the receptionist at the massage place had misread my original honourable intentions and had directed me to the girls rather than another massage place.

We went to her appartment which was about 10 minutes walk on aching feet but all that was forgotten when I emerged 40 minutes later feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of my journey.

If you want to go straight to Gran Via then when you get of the bus you take the first road of the square (moving anti clockwise from the busstop) its called calle alcala, you walk along this road for a couple of minutes and Gran Via is a right fork off this Road.

Its probably not the best place in Madrid but its better than 7 hours drinking stewed coffee at Madrid airport

05-24-02, 11:03
guys to bring you up to date and kick this forum off, i will give you the run down on the sexploits fo Madrid,

CAMPO DE CASA, is a large park you will find in the south of the city, in the evening the small winding roads are littered with girls, soem good some really bad, keep to the low roads i had a bad expereince in the hills with some dirty black bit, she nicked my wallet. be on your guard up here cos these kills will tuck you up as well as fuck you. if you need more info on this mail me at liquorwish@usa.com

it costs about 30 euros for a s/f, maybe a little more for those gilrs who are money hungry, most good girls are romanian, ive been thorugh there in a night and been through about 4/5 girls, most the girls are in the street half naked.

the top of town around cuzco, there are a few bars, all expensive and dont offer anything special, if you go to this bars make sure you hook up with south american women, you get better value for money.

the chelsea bar and paradise girls off granvia are mega expensive, complete rip off, dont bother unless you want to go see a striptease.

my favourite clubs and there not cheap about 200 euros is club geisha, behind the bernabeu and a club on calle nervion, both have outstanding girls and really seem to enjoy there jobs.

good slamming guys!!!!!!

05-28-02, 17:03
RE: Casa de Campo park.
Yes; before picking up a girl, first hide all your valuables in yr car's trunk. Only keep the needed cash on you. That is only normal precaution, even when mostly only the african black girl tend to steal. (That is because they cannot go home before making the necesarry cash, so.............)
These girls are desperate, so they stand even in winter fully naked alongside the roads.

Correct; the best girl are on the main roads of the park. Eastblock you girls and latin american.

Prices start at 12 € for desperate black girls to 35 € for eastblock beauties.

05-28-02, 17:11
Madrid Center city.

Try this private houses in centre of the city.

Fuencarral street, 8 (next to granvia)

Hortaleza street, 8 - 2nd floor One street away from 1st address.

Both are good, clean, secure addresses with good service and mostly a nice collection of girls.
Full service from 60 €.
details vary with each girls but I know both of then for some years already and continue to visit them.

05-28-02, 17:30
For a good collection of private houses, look at
Always up to date with pictures of all the girls.
Normal range of prices are from 60€ to 120€ for a full service.

06-02-02, 11:22
Is there a site whith pictures of the action in Campo de Casa?

06-13-02, 12:56
What do the women charge at Hortleza 8? How many women work at that location? Has anyone ever gotten any action at the Hollywood center on C/ Atocha? If so, what was the cost? Are their any other fine places to go? We have not heard from Julio lately---has any new and updated reports.

Philip Augustus
06-13-02, 15:02
Well, I’m not Julio but I have been in Madrid this spring, and have to report that either the online Relax guide to which Cupido Morboso drew our attention is not entirely reliable or else I’m dumber than I thought, for quite a few of its locations don’t appear to exist. In some cases they were there but have closed, in some the place was nearby and the street number was wrong, in other cases they seem pure fiction.

The club that he recommended on the north side of the Gran Via has been renamed – Whisky and Roses, I think. Didn’t stop, but looked fine. Couldn’t find Julio’s other recommendation on the south side. The euro conversion has upped the prices considerably, especially at Medea on General Peron, which I would no longer recommend, and the same goes for Bad Girls on the Castellana. I made a new discovery, the PARIS topless bar on San Bernardo; there was an Ecuadorian called Iris who has a particularly sweet smile, a very attractive Dominican called Frances, and many other beauties. Two nicely-furnished rooms available for half-an-hour at 100 euro.

I window-shopped the girls in the Casa de Campo, the Africans are from Sierre Leone which means they speak English. I suppose a quickie in the bushes in broad daylight is something I ought to try at least once for the sake of my education, but I kept losing my nerve…….

06-22-02, 14:07
originally posted by butthead
what do the women charge at hortleza 8? how many women work at that location? has anyone ever gotten any action at the hollywood center on c/ atocha? if so, what was the cost? are their any other fine places to go? we have not heard from julio lately---has any new and updated reports.

you could have read the prices on my earlier message. there should be around 10 girls anytime.

hollowood center on atocha street is only peep show and video cabins. no sex involved, unless perhaps if you wait until closing time..........but i doubt very much. normally the girls are going home with their boyfriends.

07-22-02, 08:19
I will be in Madrid in September.
Will four or five star hotels permit me to bring "guests" ie. providers to my room?
Any info much appreciated.

09-22-02, 01:43
To All,

I'll be in Madrid next week on business.....if anyone wants to monger together let me know (pchngro@yahoo.com)......

I'm interested in visiting the clubs posted in Julio's post (11/6/01) in the archives......

09-22-02, 02:12
Hi all. Have read the extensive archives on Madrid and am impressed. I intend to visit for a weekend in Nov. Most of my ?'s have been answered but I had a few other queries:

The Casa de Campo sounds crazy but I won't have a car and would like to take girls back to my hotel. I am quite interested in black, e. european & spanish ladies, but also specifically want anal, kissing and to give them oral (after they've washed properly after what I've heard about the hygeine situation!). ANyone tsee any probs with that? Also, if possible I would like them to be shaven/let me shave them - any probs with that?

I am expecting to go during the daytime but am interested about a metro station near there I read about - is it far from where the girls are at this time of day?

Julio suggested a couple of hotels - I take it it's ok just to ask if you can take visitors to your room at the beginning of the stay? Do they charge extra for this service? If so, do they do so per time or per day?

Julio also mentioned another area (west park I think). Is this exactly the same type of place as Casa de Campo? How far are these places from Central Madrid anyway?

I also read about more of a normal street scene - Cuzco Square I think? I presume this is central - would I be able to get the services I require there?

Finally, is there anywhere like in Barcelona where the ladies stand on the street and there are rooms in surrounding buildings to rent by the half hour with the prices being similar to Casa de Campo?I look forward to a response. Thanks,


09-24-02, 12:51
Hi to all,

I'm back on this forum. Although I did not appear for a long time, I've been advicing people through e-mail.

It's been many people that has written to me seeking for advice and I hope that all my answers have been useful for all.

Will be updating info and answering any personal enquiries through e-mail.

See you soon, take care and... enjoy!

09-24-02, 23:14
Hi Julio. Glad to see u on here. Look forward to getting more specific answers to the questions I have recently raised. Please feel free to mail me at donnylad25@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks,


09-25-02, 13:53
It's a pleasure to see that Julio is back on the forum. Several clubs I cannot find, perhaps Julio can be more specific on the exit number. I would like to know where on A-6 is the Olimpio park (club), I found Flower Park but not Olimpio. Also, Lovely's on the Burgo's road (N-I) where is this club? I need help. Thanks in advance and again Julio welcome back.

09-25-02, 15:21
Hello Julio:

I was in Madrid in 2000 and I had a great time with the girls from D' Angelo near castellana. One night I even took 2 fantastic girls from hungary to my hotel.

I wiil be in Madrid next month and I would like to know if D'angelo still has the best girls?
Can you recommend me other places with very beautiful girls?

I 'm only interested in very beautiful young girls and not from south america.

09-25-02, 15:28
Hello Julio:

I was in Madrid in 2000 and I had a great time with the girls from D' Angelo near castellana. One night I even took 2 fantastic girls from hungary to my hotel.

I wiil be in Madrid next month and I would like to know if D'angelo still has the best girls?
Can you recommend me other places with very beautiful girls?

I 'm only interested in very beautiful young girls and not from south america.


09-25-02, 17:20
Originally posted by BUTTHEAD
It's a pleasure to see that Julio is back on the forum. Several clubs I cannot find, perhaps Julio can be more specific on the exit number. I would like to know where on A-6 is the Olimpio park (club), I found Flower Park but not Olimpio. Also, Lovely's on the Burgo's road (N-I) where is this club? I need help. Thanks in advance and again Julio welcome back.

No; I'm not Julio but:

LOVELY is on the N-I highway (to Burgos). At about 29 km outside Madrid you will find Lovely Hotel just next to the road (right side in direction to Burgos)

Nice place, with always minimum of 30 girls present.
half hour 60 euro and so on.

OLIMPO haven't visited myself, but i think it is on the same highway as Flowers, but some exits further away. They have a website though, so you can trace them. www olimpocaliente com


09-26-02, 15:02
let me share this experience with you for a very nice private address in madrid city center.

girl is called ester, latina, curvy and very hot into kinky sex. she likes to play domina but she is very well in hot sex with it.
will do very good teasing game dressed up sexy with high heels and will get really hot with hard sex. very nice bj, 69 etc.
does have some toys.
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you can have i look at her and find her phone on
www palacerelax com

09-27-02, 16:54
hi everyone

Anyone knows Medea? i have been there a couple of times, but it seems to me a little expensive

By the way if anyone is alone in madrid like me and want to visit this kind of places just e-mail me



09-29-02, 19:09
Update to Madrid:

1) Lovely´s

located on N-I highway at km. 29 (when you see the marker get to the right hand lane because the small exit is comin up soon!)

The girls are all hot (Brasilian, Colombian, Romanian, Russian, 1 Moroccan, 2 Lebanese, 1 bbw Spaniard who offered natural BJ)

prices: 50 - 70 euros for half an hour, so negotiate price and time of session!

2) Baffy´s

Capitan Haya, 14....south of Hotel Melia Castilla, west of Paseo de La Castellana and north of General Yangue

went there at 2am and the place was dead.....supposed to pick up from 4am to 6am when the girls show up after other clubs/discos close down.

prices: $150 euros....way too expensive....but probably negotiable (I didn´t try since I wasn´t going to monger with the limited selected of girls).....

contact me at pchngro@yahoo.com if anyone wants to visit these or other places....

10-01-02, 12:53
hello all,

i am in madrid for a while and looking for some action here.
can someone tell me what the save areas are and the prices there. i saw something about girls in the centerroad between plaza del sol and the telefonica building. i saw some girls there but can someone tell me what the prices are and how it works. ( do you have to book a hotel in advance or..) and what is the best adress for escortservices in town ( normal priced 100-200)

Thanks for your help


10-01-02, 14:01
Originally posted by CIBO
hello all,

i am in madrid for a while and looking for some action here.
can someone tell me what the save areas are and the prices there. i saw something about girls in the centerroad between plaza del sol and the telefonica building. i saw some girls there but can someone tell me what the prices are and how it works. ( do you have to book a hotel in advance or..) and what is the best adress for escortservices in town ( normal priced 100-200)

Thanks for your help


Read my post some lower about Ester, and further look at www's

palacerelax.com prorelax.com sex-madrid.com

In these 3 sites you'll find all you need with pics to know how the girls are. prices are in the 60-120 euro range for full service.

10-01-02, 23:52
Hi all. Shame we haven't heard more from Julio. Anyway, I've sorted out my trip. Ended up staying at a place called Hostal Cruz Sol nr. Plaza Mayor. Hotel Europa ended up refusing to allow visitors when I questioned them specifically. Maybe I saod something wrong.

Anyway, this place say they will let friends visit my room during the day without any probs. I guess I will find out for sure when I try to get a girl in. The Puerta del Sol Hostal were most receptive to visitors but a little out of my budget.

Just wanted to clarify a few things I've read recently. Is it true that there is an RLD on Gran Via at the cnr with C. Montera? Also, is there a scene at Malasana district north of Gran Via? Is this the same as the reported RLD behind the Telefonica building? I take it that all these places are no-go on foot at night? If so, is there a scene at daytimes? Any of these areas have nearby rooms for short term rent and safe?

Also, is it true there is an RLD on Paseo Castellana nr. C. Capitan Haya? Julio once mentioned a scene at Park Oeste - is this similar to Casa de Campo? R there any RLD areas that I've missed?

Any of these areas particularly good for mature women?

Finally, can anyone tell me how to ask for anal sex in Spanish?


10-02-02, 10:55
donny lad, listen up, you dont need that bullshit fuelled julio, when the babbelman is in town, let me help you out.... firstly lets deal with that Anal sex translation problem you have, im pretty sure the sayin poy- yo , not spelt that way but thats how you say say it, im a fan of the choclate highway myself, if that fails, you can always use griego sexo, which translated means greek sex.

there is red light district on gran via , but it operates during the day at night it just has druggies on it, pls forgive i forget the name of the street. but if you areon gran via looking at the big mcdonalds on the corner , take the street to you left and work down , there are loads of girls leaning up against the walls. all cheap, some mingers some half decent.

in days of old , julio talked of rld behind telefonica, but his information was incoreect as was alot of his shit, a couple of years ago the police moved some sw into that area but it nver lasted, again becareful around this area more druggies. paseo de castellana, has some action up by the cuzco, in the back streets by banco santander.

nothing quire compares to casa de campo, and the authorites will keep it that way. i searched form north to south to find somthing similair, but there aint. also you inquired about crime, madrid is a capital city so be switched on, its not as harmful as other cities , but watch out for the drug dealers, and drug takers. every city in the world has them.

hope that helps ......because babelman is domination!!!!!!!

10-02-02, 19:19
hello all,

i just had a look on the site of www.prorelax.com and was wondering of somebody of you guys had any experience with girls like
Julia tamara and andrea or sonia the secretary or aida or susana are, if so tell me please...

also does anybody know if the private house Sexprive is any good and what the prices are overthere??

thanks in advance.

10-02-02, 19:25
hey babbelman..

is it safe to go with these girls from the mc D street and what type of girls can i find there?? and what are the prices? do i need a hotel in the neighbourhood or do they have something

thanks B..Mn

10-02-02, 21:38

a lot of the ads in prorelax.com look like bait & switch scams....or enticements to visit a relax location. Call the one you´re interested in, visit during the daytime, ask for closest metro station, be specific on the girl and services you´re interested in and if she´s not there leave.....

Good luck!

10-02-02, 23:36
Thanks for all your advice Babbelman! Much appreciated.

I presume the road off Gran Via u are talking about is C. Montera.
I presume that the geography u describe is if u are heading away from P. del Sol right? Forgive me as this will be my first trip to Madrid ever.

I would also like to reiterate CIBO's questions regarding this.

I am more interested in any more info about the scene nr. that Bank u mentioned. Is it the Plaza Cuzco? I don't think I've read about that place yet.

Also, what is the name of the metro stop at Casa de Campo? R the girls in the daytime anywhere nr this?

regarding translations, are there any special ways of asking for oral sex (give & receive)? Thanks,


10-03-02, 14:15

you boys are going to busy going to the places you mention lots of activity in those areas, down to the questionss

1) the girls around mcD are safe but approach with caution and go with gut instinct, most girls are south american form venzuela, and ecuador, the deal is you paY around 35 euros and they take you to a near by room not very clean but does the job. again keep your wits about you, and only pay the girls when in the room

2) donny lad your correct with your geography

10-03-02, 15:02
more answers , got side tracked.....

the girls do not hang around the metro station, they are in the park, and quite a distance in, i dont suggest you go by foot , take taxi or hire a car, do not go up into the hilly area, nothing but chicks with dix and scag heads up there the lower roads contain some real quality for 30 euros, im deperatly trying to remeber the metro staion name, but look for the zoo on any city map and your going in the right dirrection, you can actually walk from the end of granvia.

cuzco, is in the north of the city of paseo castellana , all around the the euro building, cuzco has a metro, if you look behind the bmw showroom you will see a couple girly shops, ive never got the sword out in this places, but friends have told late night is the best time to visit, and where your bargaining trousers.

hope that helps you boys out, oh and remember


10-06-02, 16:24
..don´t intend to start a flame war or anything on this board...that is NOT its purpose......rather, ít´s to advise newbies about the things to watch out for when they visit a new city:

Hence, here´s my 2 cents

1) Julio´s advise (dig up the old archives) regarding clubs in Madrid and outside the city are 100% accurate. I´ve verified them to be true.

2) Casa de Campo has no metro service right now (the whole Metro Line 10 is currently shut down due to construction). The Park itself has several access roads closed....hence there is a smaller area for the prostitutes to trade their wares.....now you have the Africans, Romanians and Latin TVs all mixed together....be careful.....prices: $20 Eur BJ, $25 Eur FS, $50 Eur BBBJ

3) I would caution everyone to be wary of approaching the street girls on Calle Montera and the Capitan Haya/Cuzco area (specially this one)....be careful.



10-06-02, 16:48
Let's see:

The metro station in Casa de Campo is called "LAGO". I don't know if the line is still under refurbishing (don't use metro) but when its open this station get's you at about 5 min walk from the lower part of the park where the best girl are (eastern europe mostly and african). Agree with other guy that up in the hills only good for trav's and also african.
Park is mostly open to traffic, but metropolitan police does do some nagging from time to time by cutting some road off.

Prorelax.com . I can state by EXperience that these ads are True!
I have done a lot of visits guided by this web and can recommend it as really one of the best and one of the few that only gives real pics!
Sure; you can find that some of the girl is off on a day that you want to go there. You know; they always work 3 weeks per month for natural reasons........................

SexPrive is a good address, with mostly the best girls from the Prorelax site. Have a good mix of girls for every taste, including very good SM girls with special dungeon room.
Place is runned by a black lady that really is the "boss" and you can be sure that the girls will do their best.
Normal full service can be around 100 euro and sm from 200 euro up.

10-06-02, 17:16
Originally posted by Donnylad
regarding translations, are there any special ways of asking for oral sex (give & receive)? Thanks,


Oral recieve = Francés (BJ)
Francés Natural (BBBJ)

Oral give to girl = No specific single word but said as
"Comer el coño" that is pronounced conio
and means "eating your c*nt"
Jackson ; sorry to be blunt but that the way it is here.

10-13-02, 07:46
Here is my experience of the hobby at night time in Madrid last September. I just staid in this city on a Wednesday nigh and a Sunday night; because the rest of the time I went to visit a friend outside of Madrid.
I did not read any of the information on this forum before going there because my friend told me the go in the Gran Via district, asking to a cab driver to take me there.

The first night (on Wednesday) I went on Gran Via. There are many guys handing out flyers for clubs/bar. I visited 4of them that night. I got drunk in the early evening before going to those places, so I don’t really remember all the name of all the places. I just remember the only one which had some pretty girls (between 6 and 8) was on 59 Gran Via. The 3 other bars were filled with out of age women (between 40 and 80!!!!) or really ugly (1 to 4’s…….).

In that bar, most of the girls are from Romania, some are from Morocco, Columbia and Africa. Entrance is free but a beer cost 10 Euros and you have to get one. The girls try to make you buy them a drink, like everywhere in the world, but you don’t have to buy them anything. There is a strip show, which stinks: the girl is not that hot.

I talked to some of the girls: they all asked for 100 Euros for 30 minutes, which was out of price for me in any case. But I talked to one of the girl who told me to come back in earlier in the week because the prices are lower.

I went back to this place on Sunday night after getting drunk again at another “traditional bar”. I talked again to a few girls before deciding to take a girl (7-8) from Romania. I don’t remember her name (I was drunk remember). She asked 100 Euros for 1 hour. There are rooms up stair which are included in the price.

She would not give bj without condom, but she was ready to receive Greek if I wanted to (I just asked to know, I did it couple of time and I am not into it that much). I have a big foot fetish and she let me lick, worship and tickle her feet before and after sex. She even at the end gave me a foot job. I had a good time. I spend 1 hour and 20 minutes with her. I came 3 times during that lapse of time.
Normally it’s one hour (60 minutes not coming once and go) but she told ma that on Sundays and Mondays customer are rare, so the pimp don’t look at their watch all the time. I did not gave any tip, because it was included in the 100 Euros: it made her look sad, but it’s already expensive enough for me.

Madrid is ok, but I would not go their for the hobby. I maybe did not staid long enough to get a clear picture of the place, but anyway I plan to come back for tourism and that time I will read the forum before going.


10-13-02, 19:02
A few notes on Madrid from recent visit October 2nd-5th, 2002...

I took a look at Casa de Campo area around 11:00 am or so during the week. Several access roads were still closed and perhaps 12-15 ladies around the "zoo" area...Most were African, only saw two Eastern Europeans on the roads...Did not partake in any business as I was on foot and just enjoying the adventure...I will say that the ladies can be aggressive but I did not feel threatened at any time.

Principe Rio is the closest metro station as Line 10 was still down at the time...easy to get to the park from Plaza Espana...fairly certain if you arent driving that bus service goes to the zoo area as well.

I went to Calle Atocha 45, 2B based on previous posts and had a truly GFE experience with one of the ladies here...quoted 70 EURO for 1/2 hour and 125 EUR for one hour....no clockwatching and well worth the visit....approx. 8 ladies to choose from...I would definitely go back here...

10-16-02, 12:54
Originally posted by dancer1
A few notes on Madrid from recent visit October 2nd-5th, 2002...

I took a look at Casa de Campo area around 11:00 am or so during the week. Principe Rio is the closest metro station as Line 10 was still down at the time...

METRO to Casa Campo will open again on next 22 october.
Best station is LAGO
That is line 10

10-18-02, 11:27
Hi guys,

I am new to this part of the world, I have been recommended a place called D'angelo near Capitan Haya, is it any good ? are there any other classy meeting clubs in the capital ?

any info will be much appreciated...

10-21-02, 14:49
Looking for massage places in Madrid with a ¨hand job¨at the end of the session.

Anyone know of any places in Madrid like this, where and how much?

Also, what´s the deal with these ¨SAUNA¨places here in Madrid? Anyone have the specifics on these?

Thanks in advance for your help!

11-22-02, 17:06
hello all,

can anybody help me with info about Bilbao? i am going there comming weekend and want to have some fun overthere,

info about, streetwlkers, clubs, privathouses etc.


11-24-02, 20:29
Originally posted by Ronnieboy
Hi guys,

I am new to this part of the world, I have been recommended a place called D'angelo near Capitan Haya, is it any good ? are there any other classy meeting clubs in the capital ?

any info will be much appreciated...

Yes, this is one of the most known clubs for picking up a classy girl and go to her appart or yr hotel.

Also in the same cathegory:

Pigmaleon , almost in front of Intercontinental Hotel.

11-24-02, 20:31
Originally posted by mcd98117
Looking for massage places in Madrid with a ¨hand job¨at the end of the session.

Anyone know of any places in Madrid like this, where and how much?

Also, what´s the deal with these ¨SAUNA¨places here in Madrid? Anyone have the specifics on these?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Yes, you can have plenty of that. Just look in the newspaper
EL MUNDO in the classified ads under "Masajes" and that's it.

11-29-02, 14:49
Originally posted by robser
Yes, this is one of the most known clubs for picking up a classy girl and go to her appart or yr hotel.

Also in the same cathegory:

Pigmaleon , almost in front of Intercontinental Hotel.

Do you mean Castellana Intercontinental Hotel?

11-30-02, 17:05
Originally posted by Excellent
Do you mean Castellana Intercontinental Hotel?

YEP , on the Castellana next to Maria de Molina.
Pigmaleon is just front of it, in the street I don't recall that goes to Maria de Molina, making it a triangle.

12-03-02, 07:18
Just got back from Madrid and have this to share:

"Bar de Copas- Models, Body, Girls" is exactly the name of this joint on Calle de Chinchilla. Much like KissMe Bar in Barcelona, only not nearly as aggressive in the bar area. I went in early, around 9PM because a dud in teh street ushered my drunk, vulnerable ass into the place. As soon as I got in, there were 8 ladies, some of them above 6-7, and I was the only guy! It was kind of funny because they were all there inside the entrance and I was the focus of all their attention. I picked one girl (thin, long dark hair) to talk to, bought her a drink for 30 euros and one for myself for 6euros.

I took her offer of a 1/2 hour in private room under the bar for 120. She was very good and attentive.


Tons of SWs along Calle de Montera (between Puerto del Sol and Gran Via), but closer to Gran Via. During the day it seems like the prettier, younger girls are available, but there are tons to choose from, mostly at night. They won't say anything (usually) unless you glance at them. The african chicks are pushy, so if you're not into them, don't hover around or look at them.

I believe the first chick I got (they all seem to share an in/out brothel they refer to as their hotel on an adjoining street) stole money out of my pants that I mistakedly left on the bed. She also got me for the most money because I wasn't prepared. (30e for service, 5 for rubber, 30 for room)...

after that experiencem the next night and thereafter I got everything for just 20, as I always simply claim that's all I have.

12-03-02, 17:59
Originally posted by GoWest
Just got back from Madrid and have this to share:

Tons of SWs along Calle de Montera (between Puerto del Sol and Gran Via), but closer to Gran Via. During the day it seems like the prettier, younger girls are available, but there are tons to choose from, mostly at night. They won't say anything (usually) unless you glance at them. The african chicks are pushy, so if you're not into them, don't hover around or look at them.

I believe the first chick I got (they all seem to share an in/out brothel they refer to as their hotel on an adjoining street) stole money out of my pants that I mistakedly left on the bed. She also got me for the most money because I wasn't prepared. (30e for service, 5 for rubber, 30 for room)...

And you were still lucky that someone not just took all your wallet with it. Or have a Gorila outside the room.
Really guys: In Madrid : avoid Montera street and Valverde street opposite behind Telefonica Building.
Only risk problems and Madrid have so much that you can get better.

12-04-02, 07:24
Actually, when I know I'm going hooker hunting, I never carry a wallet or any money above what I'm willing to spend. That first bad experience was an accident because she caught my attention on my way to my hostal.

About 7 years ago, on the west side of Manhattan, NY, I walked into a brothel, only to be mugged by a dude with a machete and a shirt over his head. He got my leather jacket, wallet, watch and a wad of dough. I've learned my lesson.

These days, I carry only my picture ID and some cash. I wear a shitty watch and coat, and never any jewelry. They've got nothing to take from me that way. This place in Madrid was so busy with incoming johns, they had towels and condoms lined up on a table to pick up as a room became available. It was like a doctor's office, with the receptionist (madam in this case) calling couples one at a time.
I don't think there was any threat at this place... they're making too much money to wanna risk getting in trouble with the police over a mugging.

But yeah, there WERE some areas that were far less populated and prime areas for trouble.

12-05-02, 05:49
I just came from Madrid and I found calle montera by mistake. It is the same street where easyInternetCafe is located. I saw at least 20 girls lined up in the street. Most of them are either african or latinomerican and very ugly but I saw three eastern european girls that caught my eye so I decided to sample one of them. Her name was Mariana, she was from Romania and 24 years old. She had a very nice and tight body and she was an 8.

She took me to this hostal that is in front of the street and the place is a shithole. They have 4 or 5 rooms but I had to wait because all of them were busy. The service was nothing to write about but she had a nice and firm body. She allowed me to perform some oral on her and after a while I started performing. Overall it was an OK experience at a very affordable price (25 Euros = 25.5 US). Considering that in the states you have to pay at least $40 for a massage and $20 for the hand job, it was a very good deal

12-07-02, 03:21
Hi all. I was in Madrid about 3 weeks ago. I did write a long msg here but lost it and couldn't be bothered to write it all again. I noticed some posts about Montera so I couldn't resist. So, in short.....

Casa de Campo was useless as far as I could tell, but then I didn't have a car and went in the day.

I found Montera to be great in the daytime. I prefer different types of women to most guys. I found anal sex quite easy to come by and cheap (20-30 inc. room (5)). Not all the experiences were great - I found most of the Spanish women I had to be rip-off merchants. I had about 7 women there in 3 days.

I think I know the room-place that is mentioned. It is upstairs just on the cnr with Jardines right? Further down that street is a hotel with Jardines in the name in a yellow sign. The rooms are great and the owners are too.

I can safely say I never got stolen from by the girls but I was careful though. Surprised at how the scene disappeared late at night though. All in all a fantastic place in my opinion.

12-07-02, 09:05

Yeah, that's the place! I never got the idea there was anything to worry about. I just got unlucky with that one girl.

Didn't it seem weird how easy it was to pick the SWs up and walk with them? Nobody seemed to care. I wonder how much Spanish police pursue that stuff... I mean, it's right under their nose but they don't act.

fine with me!

12-07-02, 13:44
Originally posted by GoWest

Yeah, that's the place! I never got the idea there was anything to worry about. I just got unlucky with that one girl.

Didn't it seem weird how easy it was to pick the SWs up and walk with them? Nobody seemed to care. I wonder how much Spanish police pursue that stuff... I mean, it's right under their nose but they don't act.

fine with me!

GoWest and all:

Yes: I see you DO the necessary precautions when going around, so that does the trick normally. My warning was for those who don't share your experience.

Then about police: All this is legal in Spain. The only parts of it that are not legal are:
1) Pimps and all that goes with the word.
All persons are free to do themselves as one likes, including getting money for "personal services".
Not only in the streets, but even in Casa de Campo park, there is much police, but only to protect the girls (and customers). The only action undertaken is with girls that are not legally in Spain. But even then, the customer is never bothered: at most they can ask for your ID to make sure YOU are legal tourist or business visitor, but no notes will be taken.

2) Backrooms in bars (clubs) that are not officially registered as being a hotel business.
One of them just closed some weeks ago just for that reason. This clubs "HOT" was the most "in" at that time. 50-60, 7-10 range girls all days in bar with stripshows and more and rooms upstairs that where officially "back-stage dressing rooms". Bad luck: a tv candid camara show visited them and then police was forced to close it up. Just because the rooms where not legal.

There are some rumors that next year, after town hall elections, the street action could be closed down, but only because of claims by shops that the street action is killing their business, no because it should not be legal. It that case, probably the politicians will try to copy the system of some other european country (Holland-Germany). Anyway: it's normally only before the election days; afterwards thing cool down and business as usual.

12-30-02, 02:41
Can someone tell me what the euro have done to the fare, how about D'angelos in Lopez de Hoyos

01-01-03, 18:04
Hey Rand,

From what I have seen the Euro has caused an increase in prices mainly in places that cater to businessmen, tourists, wealthy locals, etc. (Pigmalion, the two D´Angelos, and brothels in the Salamanca neighborhoods or close to "select" residencial areas).
In any case in the last few years prices have gone up quite a bit in general in these places. EUR 200-250 for an hour.
But it is true that you will find a lot of very good looking chicks.

Madrid and its nearby surroundings, however, is full of places (huge bars with rooms upstairs) catering to your "average" locals, young crowd, etc. which much lower prices. Such as EUR 60 for 30 mins. Most of these places are located on the outskirts and some in the Capitan Haya street area. And there, trust me, you can find a lot of very good looking girls (Colombians, Brazilians, Eastern European) at a much better price, often less Barracudas and less "professional". Also, they tend to be younger.

On Lopez de Hoyos, the place is not called D´Angelos but MiguelAngelo. Been there once, was not too impressed.

The two D´Angelos are located more to the North.

Hope it helps.

01-02-03, 02:03
thaks for info the partial info but, what about the fares in MiguelAngelo?

01-02-03, 21:58

I only went once to MiguelAngelo and quite a while ago. My best guess is this:
Strict minimum for an hour: EUR 120
Most likely: EUR 150-180
Above that, you get to the rates of D´Angelo´s - EUR 200-250

Hope this helps.

If you do go, let us know how it was in terms of quality of women, etc.

In the same street, 1 minute by foot, you will find Rotterdam, a similar place. And Gogo´s, at the corner with Castellana. Also in the same range. So 3 places one next to the other.

And very very close, in Pinar Street, you will find Pygmalion, considered the best high scale chicas bar in Madrid.


A Toda Maquina
01-12-03, 00:14
Ya "ll seem to be tearin it up ,when I get to spain , I will not be looking for an expensive classy girl , just cheap economical puntang.,This Texan wants to tear um up.... is there any SW / flop house hotels in Madrid ?? / I will monitor the posts here , thanks ... Chango

01-12-03, 23:29
Hey Chango,

Check out these web pages and you will find what you are looking for.

1. http://www.anunciox.com. Click on Locales. And select Madrid

2. http://www.prorelax.com/

3. http://www.eroticainternacional.com/centros.htm

With these 3 you will find a wide selection of places.

Hope this helps.

01-17-03, 23:03
hello board

i am fairly new to both this board and the scene itself so please bare with my ignorance or lack of knowledge.

having spent two years in madrid and talking very much about such issues, i have a good idea of most of the best 'entertainment' madrid has to offer. listing in budget order i will try to give my account on how things work.

peep shows
at least half of madrid's many sex shops have some form of a peep show. the peep shows work very simply, you walk into a small cubicle place 1 or 2 euro's into the slot, and hence you get 2 minutes of a naked dancing. the peep shows themselves are fairly tame and straight forward, and considering that most of the girls work 10 hr plus shifts do not expect anything too energetic. i think all of the peep shows also offer a vis a vis service (one on one), but bare in mind that while the girls may masterbate and use objects on themselves this is a behind the glass performance and strictly no contact allowed and can a bit too pricey, from €20+. some of the peep shows offer live sex performances but again most of these are very half hearted considering the regularity of the performances. i must say that during one experience i was offered an "after hours" service by one of the dancers, although i did not inquire into the price.
the best two peep shows for quality are both half way down (or up) c/ atocha, and can't be missed. they are show centre, and mundo fantastico metro alonso martinez (if my memory serves me correct). there are also several such places on the back streets north of gran via, c/ desengano being one of the streets, metro callao or gran via. and another further down c/ montera. there are plenty of others to but these are all close together and probably the best ones.

street girls
there are four main areas for street girls that i know of.
the first and larget being in casa del campo. it is a very large park but the girls are well spread out. the main strip is on the north west side of the park, running for a time underneath the cable car track (disturbingly enough). it is talked about much on this board, and contrary to other reports i guarantee you there will be at least some girls in teh park at any time fo day and day of the week. during the late afternoons and evenings it goes crazy, there are 10's of girls about. during the late afternoon some of teh roads are shut down, but don't worry, the party just moves, and most of teh actions moves to the ring road which surrounds the lake, lake lago. from about middnight until 2 or 3, there are actually so many cars on the roads that traffic jams can build up, and there are no short cuts through the park and no other reasons for these cars to be there. the quality of the girls varies greatly but the prices do not. there are some very pretty eastern european girls, especially late at night and at weekends, a handful of south american girls, and a varying amount of spanish locals, and a few transsexuals are available to. there are however many black african girls, and if this is your thing you will be in paradise. the probelm for tourists is that you will really need a car for this excursion, i have heard that many taxi's will be happy to take you up there and allow you to uses their car for a little extra, and also many of teh african girls offer to take you into the bushes, especially as you move away from teh main area. if you do want to enter the car by foot there two good metro stops, lago and batan. much of the action lies between this two stops to the north, but if you wander in any direction, (especially around batan) you should find what you are looking for. i think that the prices are usually around €25 for 10 minutes of rocking the car, but i think that a few of teh more stunning girls ask for more. i have also heard that some of the more desperate girls around batan offer less if you are willing to haggle.
the other main area is c/montera which is in between metro's gran via and sol. when i last left madrid, in december, this street was quite busy, and you can rely on at least a handful of girls being in the streets at any day or time. the girls are not quite of the same quality as casa del campo, but if you like south american girls this could be your place. i think the pricing is roughly the same, but sometimes you have to pay a little extra for the rooms. many of the girls don't speak english but it isn't really a problem, just go up to the girl you like and say hola!, or vamos! (let's go), they know the drill. they will lead you to a near by building where you follow them find your new home for the next 15 minutes.
there is another area north of gran via, around teh peep shows talked of earlier. again, when i left madrid this area seemed to be building up quite a few girls, but be warned that the quality is worse still, and some of the women are in fact quite shocking.
the final are that i know of is on c/capitan de la hoya. this area is very quiet during the day, in fact i don't think anything goes on here before the evening gets going. but the girls here are actually fairly decent, and from what i can tell they are mostly spanish locals, which seperates this area from the others.
i can only guess that the prices are about the same, or maybe slightly more, but in this area you really need to pick up the girls in a car.

back street sex bars and saunas
spread all over madrid there are many sex clubs and saunas, most of which offer very reasonable looking girls at very reasonable rates. there are so many in fact and most of which are very obvious as you pass i don't think i need to make a comprehensive list.
some are covered on the following site http://www.eroticainternacional.com/centros.htm
and if you wander again around the north of c/ gran via, you will find many cheap spanish brothel bars. in fact i think there are at least five in a row on c/ barco, or one of the street near there.
the two warnings i have are that many of the cheaper sex bars don't speak english, but if you are creative you shouldn't have any problems, they know why you are there!
also, some of the bars, and especially the saunas, charge more than others, it is merely a case of asking at the door if you are worried, but i have also been told that in general the bars that charge more offer better women. take a look at the site for better info.

independant escorts
madrid has so many independant escorts that no taste should go unsatisfied if you look hard enough. again price and quality vary, but you shouldn't have to spend a great deal for what you want if you look hard enough. many of the news papers and local magazines have 'relax' columns, which are basically masses of escort ads and phone numbers. you may finsd that many girls speak little or no english which can be a problem over the phone, but again it's trial and error on that one. i have also come across some good websites which will be of good use i suspect.
http://www.sex-madrid.com/ (enter in spanish)
i'm sure you'll find what you are looking for on one of these sites.

high class sex clubs
for those with larger wallets you are also catered for well. there are also quite a few brothel clubs offering very high quality girls for your chosing. most of these places tend to be off c/ castellana, especially around cuzco, which has its own metro stop. most of the prices are not too high considering the very high quality of girl (i'd say around €200+ an hour), and many of them also offer a good choice of woman, if they are not too busy of course. some of teh clubs are not as good as others, but from what i have heard rotterdams, and d'angelo's seem to be two of the best.
as with all brothel bars in madrid you pay a small fee to enter, anything from €2 to €25 and then you are left to view the women as they pass you at the bar. the drinks can be a little more expensive than normal madrid bar prices, but not as much as you'd expect. you are free to wander around and chat with any girl that you wish, and then when you have made your choice you make your way to the check out and then on to your love palace.

final tips.
while some of the areas of madrid may look a little intimmedating madrid is actually a very safe city. if you are sensible, don't flash your money around, or cause anyone any grief you should have no problems.

remember, you are not in good old blighty, although the spanish are mighty bit more traditional and religious than the british or americans, they are also a great deal more open and liberal. you should not feel intimmedated or embarrassed about entering any sex establishment, no one will heckle you or give you a dirty look, and in fact many people will probably be heading teh same way.

the final tip is to keep you credit card reciepts. i have heard a few horro tales (mainly from the uk, but one from madrid) of establishmenst that doctor your credit card charges and take more a lot more of your money. if this situation should ever occur and you have kept your reciept your credit card company will be able to return your money without problem.

as i said i am quite young and not very experienced on the seen, but i have heard much about it and i hope my information is helpful and not too ignorant.
if you have any more questions about madrid feel free to ask here or send me an e-mail lazlo@talk21.com
also feel free to correct any of my information or inform me of alternative or batter means of madrid 'entertainment'
i must also ad that5 madrid is by no means a sleazy sex capital, and is in fact still an undiscovered gem of history and beauty.
enjoy your trip.

01-19-03, 05:40
Any place in madrid where you can find oriental girls or S&M location

01-19-03, 19:24
hey lazlo,

great post. i believe this is very accurate description of the madrid scene.

one thing regarding the peep shows, like mundo fantastico and holliwood show center, the metro station closeby is actually anton martin, as well as atocha; not alonso martinez.

and i would add the bars/hotels on the highways close to madrid, as i mentioned in a recent post on this board. places like flowers park, 20 mins from madrid taking the a6, exit number 26, close to town of las matas. it has approx. 80 girls, all nationalities, the vast majority young and good looking.
on highway 401 arriving on town of valdemoro, another 20 mins south of madrid, similar place. it has a horseshoe on top of it; people call it herradura.
i know there are more than these two, but these ones are good. high quality, low prices.

hope it helps.

01-20-03, 06:34
Is this the same as Parque del buen retiro? IF not please give me a landmard.

01-20-03, 19:29
Retiro parque is more in the center!
casa del campo is somewhere else! Ask - or look it up in you city map - where the zoo is!

But I wouldn't recommend it to you as you really need a car to go there around!

The eroticainternational-link was posted before there you surely will find something more easier!
Or just buy newspapers like "El Pais" or "El Mundo" and look up the special announcments in "RELAX" section!
If you want to try all of them anouncing just a single day you have to stay more then 1 year in Madrid! ;-)))

01-21-03, 00:19
The park 'casa del Campo' is to the west of central madrid. It is a very large park and teh street girls stretch for most of it.
There are three metro stops in teh park, Casa Del Campo / Batan / Lago, but as already said, you will probably need a car.

but if you are not from Madrid and desperate to sample this action it is very possible that you can hire a car, there are many hire car companies in Madrid. I think that you can even hire a car from www.easycar.com from around €8 a day.

And if you do manage to hire a car for your trip the park is sign posted on the south west side of the city. With a car you can also visit some of the many cheaper brothels just outside of eth city boundaries.

01-21-03, 00:41

I know little about S&M in Madrid.
This place however, Sex Privé, at Street Tres Cruces, 4, 2º-D; offers that. Check out for more info on www.prorelax.com

Hope it helps.

01-24-03, 17:35
Thanks Lazlo for the information. I will be heading to Madrid next month and all the websites are going to be useful. Gracias.

01-28-03, 21:29
Hi Guys,

I will be in Madrid Thursday for a day before heading south to Marbella and I wanted to sample the best that Madrid has to offer.

I was thinking of going to Flower Parks in the morning out side of the center, and the perhaps to D'Angelo's or Pygmalion in the evening.

Are these the very best place's if I am short on time and want super fine high class model material chicas? Also what are the attitudes like?

Is Pygmalion on Pinar Street? I found a posting with it located on another street.



01-29-03, 02:37
Hey Trent,

Flowers Park opens from 5 pm to 5 am, so you cannot go there in the morning. And it is not just off the Center, it is more in the suburbs, about 15 miles from Madrid, but very easy to get to.

For super fine high class model, indeed go to Pygmalion (yes on Pinar Street) and D´Angelos (there are 2 of them). Best one of D´Angelos is on Castellana 151 (I believe). Unsure at what time they open, but I believe around 7pm until 3am.
High Quality undeniably in these two places. Girls must be taken back to hotel as they do not have accomodations.

Also, pretty good, and very central, is Club Hot located in Plaza Colon, off Castellana, next to Wax Museum. Many Eastern European girls (mainlly Romanians), with rooms upstairs.

For day time, you have to try Brothels/houses like Sex Privé which opens at noon.

Hope this helps.

01-29-03, 15:06
Further to b69's information, I believe club Hot was recently closed down for not having teh appropriate licience.

01-29-03, 21:41
Hey Lazlo,

You are right that it was closed 6 months ago for lacking the correct licence (hotel one I think), but it re-opened !!!
We can only speculate what has happened for it to reopen (a tip maybe was given to some key people...).
In any case it definitely is open.

Hope it helps.

01-29-03, 23:53
Hi All,

Thanks, I'll give you my feedback upon my return. I leave this evening for Madrid.



04-19-03, 00:27
I'm headed to Madrid in July and am doing a little research before my business trip. This board is dead!!! Can any one give me information of bars where I can meet ladies? Is it possible to find bars or strip places that are fun and not too expensive? Maybe places where I can get some lap dances or spend time getting to know some spanish ladies? What's the scene in Madrid?


A Toda Maquina
04-20-03, 08:37
Are there any houses"dumps " in the Madrid area that have not so fine ,and maybe a little older chicas for a cheap price.... ???

Lars Berg
04-23-03, 15:59

This may be the best city in Western Europe for punters.

Lots of brothels, reasonable prices. Many SW next to Gran Via, near Gran Via metro. I spotted some range 9! At this placa, can not remember the name, you will see it if you walk along Gran Via, many SW hanging there all day and night with bars around the place.

Here you can check out escorts and brothels, spainrelax.com , prorelax.com

Good pussy!!!


William Hauger
04-28-03, 21:40
In Madrid you can find anything you like, cheap sw in Retiro park to supermodels, advertisements on the internet. Search for, escorts Madrid, using for instance the search engine google or alta vista.


Living High
04-30-03, 05:19
Visited Madrid several times - always found great selection & value in Casa de Campo using a rent a car.

Recommend a Romanian "Kristina". Can provide details of how to find her if anyones interested.

Are there any Escorts or brothel's particularly well recommended that are also really good values ?

Looking for athletic build with breasts.

05-02-03, 14:47
Living High can you give more info on Casa de Campo. I'll be in Madrid towerd the end of July. Do I definantly need to rent a car? How much do the girls cost and how long do I get to fuck? Thanks. I was supposed to go to Madrid about 3 months ago but I didn't because for one I knew I wasn't going to be there long and the weather said it was going to rain the whole time I was there. I figured Casa de Campo would have been empty. I'm trying again in June. Also give me a little info Kristina the Romanian. Thanks.

To anyone here:
Out of curiousity how much do girls at Pygmalion D´Angelos cost? I doubt I deal with the girls because I'm not rich or well off. I just wonder. I might go just to see the beautiful faces, then go somewhere cheaper to get my rocks off. Ha ha.

G Dave
05-05-03, 17:16

It is astonishing how much sw there are here in Madrid. Differently by other cities in Western Europe, Eastern European girls are very rare as SW in the center, substituted by blacks and Latinas from South American countries.

Calle de Montera, between the "metros Sol" and "Gran via", in the center of the city, is frequented by sw night and day. I've seen, in particular, a blond girl, 19 maybe, with a very short pleated skirt, 9+.

Other place is in the north of Callao, but the area is REALLY dangerous.

Naturally, the well know place to pick up girls, as noticed in this forum too, is Casa the Campo, but you need a car for it. If someone is in Madrid, can send a mail at gdavell222@hotmail.com

05-05-03, 17:58
Hey Phil,

Briefly, for Casa de Campo, you do need a car.
BJ: Around 15 Euro
Sex and BJ: Around 25 Euro
Depends on the girl, so these prices can go up or down 3 to 5 Euro.

Pygmalion and D´Angelo girls are anywhere between Euro 180 to 300. Most around Eur 240.

Read my previous posts and you will find more info and my recommendations.

05-06-03, 14:48
Does anyone have suggestions on the old in-haunt Club Hot? Where is it, how does it work, what does it cost, and (most importantly) which latino chicas should one try to fuck?

05-06-03, 19:32

Club Hot is like a supermarket. A big bar with about 60 girls in the premises. You choose the one you like. Although many will come to you, talk to you and try to convince that she is the one.

Then you take the girl upstairs (it has to be on premises).

Though there are from all nationalities, including South Americans, Romanians are abundant. Prices oscillate around Eur 120 for an hour (minimum).

Hope this helps.

05-07-03, 06:19
How about a little more about Club Hot. Is it a strip club or bar? How friendly are the girls when you are in the club? Lap dances??

I'm headed to Madrid in July and sure would like some recent info about the scene there. Thanks!

05-07-03, 18:21

Hot is not a strip joint. It is a bar with hookers willing to have sex for money. It is not the place I would go for lap dance.
The girls are more than friendly since they are trying to sell their services.

Rather, for lap dance, you could go to Oz or Showgirls, which are strip joints and where the girls do not have sex with clients.

05-08-03, 12:16
In Madrid until Sunday but have not found great action as of yet. Tried Atocha 45 and had a nice experience for the 75 Euro price tag. Tried Oz but it was dead dead, plus dances are 30 Euros. Also checked out D Angelos but disappointed how small it is. Got a nice girl's number and hopefully she will come down from the 300 Euro price quote. Also checked Rotterdam and ended up liking Nudes best, nice eye candy!

Where exactly is Showgirls, Alonson Martinez? Walked around the neighborhood but never found. Was going to try the ads in the paper but not certain where to find the REAL 18 year olds as most women seem to be 40 yet still in shape.

05-08-03, 19:11

Oz is nothing but a strip joint, so the action is limited.

Show Girls is 9 km out of Madrid on the N6. That too is only a stripjoint.

Close to Alonso Martinez is Cub Hot, going down towards Plaza Colon.

The real 18 year olds, thought they could be around 19 are in clubs such as Flower´s Park, Lovely, Javi, which are places like Hot. Full of girls and you must consume on the spot. All of these are outside of Madrid.
You can also locate 18 year olds in Casa de Campo, but you need a car for that.

Try web pages like www.prorelax.com; www.anunciox.com; www.eroticamadrid.com to find names and addresses of places.

Have a good one.

05-10-03, 13:39
I´m here in Madrid and saw a real meat market yesterday - Friday at 5 pm. Metro stop Gran Via on Calle de la Montera . . . from the McDonalds to the Metro stop Sol. At least 100 girls available in the street . . . young, old, all colors and types. I don´t know Madrid that well but I never had seen so many available girls on the street before. Some looked like high school girls with book bags . . . others were seasoned pros. Didn´t partake but it is worth a look.

Later, -P

05-11-03, 16:41

Calle Montera is full of girls. Some very young. Other older and mature ones. From everywhere, mainly South America and some Eastern Europeans. They tend to rent rooms in the area they use for short sessions.

In the area, around Gran Via, rather close to Calle Montera, there are a lot of bars with chicas (places like Chelsea), though none which really strikes me in terms of quality / quantity.


Genghis Khan
05-19-03, 13:37
Are there any good live sex shows in Madrid like Bagdad in
Barcelona preferably where you can enjoy some of the girls
by yourselves afterwards?

05-20-03, 19:06

A couple of downtown places called Chelsea and Chelsea II come to mind with live shows and available girls.

Then you have a place like Flower´s Park which also has shows with the girls who are part of the group of girls available for your consumption.


Buster Highman
05-22-03, 15:36
“Longtime lurker, first time poster”

In Madrid, I had my first-ever SP experience. I stopped by Pigmalion (at Pinar, 6, across Castellana from the hotel Intercontinental; and it’s Pig-, not Pyg-). This is a very high class establishment and the girls were all extremely attractive. They seemed to range in age from early 20s to early 30s. There is no cover charge; you can just walk in, but the drinks start at €12 (euros) for a water/soda/cerveza and about €18-30 for anything alcoholic. Pretty steep if you’re just looking.

Being shy and my first time, I was hanging back trying not to attract any attention, but eventually I made the acquaintance of a young Brazilian girl by the name of Daisy. She was young (22-23) and petite and HOT (9 or 10 in my book, easy) and I quickly went from shy, reluctant bystander to raging *****monger. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish and enough English that we could converse. I bought her a drink and we chatted for a bit. After a bit, she suggested we go to Oz (largest strip club in Europe) and then to my hotel for “a massage and maybe some…” *looks sheepishly*. I asked her if I could afford her, and she said it was €300. Ouch! But I had read that the Pigmalion girls don’t usually negotiate, so I said okay. She certainly *looked* worth it. (Since I had JUST arrived in Madrid I opted out of the partying. Also, since she probably charges by the hour, I was worried about racking up a huge tab just hanging out.)

I was conveniently staying at the Hotel Emperatriz, so I paid the bill (ouch!) and we left. She asked me to pick up the €5 tip for her coat and we walked down to the hotel which is less than 100 meters down the street. She was a bit worried about going into the hotel because she didn’t have her passport and she said “they check there.” I suggested we just try to sneak in. I held her hand and we walked in like we new each other really well. Fortunately the doormen and concierge were all engaged and no one bothered us as we entered the elevator. From the excellent previous posts I’ve read, it’s clear that some hotels charge extra for visitors, but I didn’t bother asking.

In the elevator we began nuzzling and kissing, and then went down the hallway to my room.

As a first timer, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was very friendly and very professional. After she had been to the WC, she demurely asked “for the money” which I handed over. Then she got down to business, starting in with the kissing (French) and hand roaming. After she had gotten out of her clothes, she kneeled on the bed. Perfect little body, perfect breasts, and smooth tanned skin. By this time I was very excited and I had ONE thing on my mind: DATY.

Once I got down to her belly button, she eagerly lay back on the bed, spread her legs and smiled. I dove right in. Either she is the best actress in the world, or she REALLY enjoyed it. I couldn’t get enough, but what seemed like 1-2 orgasms for her (you can never be sure, can you? And it’s hard to imagine bringing a pro to climax) she wanted Buster. She did the cover application exercise and we commenced to bump and grind, trying a few positions. She squealed happily, and made me feel like she was thoroughly enjoying it. Of course, I was wondering whether this was all and act, or whether she really was having fun, but at some point I just didn’t care, and then I came.

She left to take a shower and clean up and I figured that was it. But after she showered, she came back and spent quite a bit of time giving me a nice relaxing massage, then we chatted for a bit. She gave me her number and directed me to her website with photos. Throughout, I felt totally at ease and comfortable with her, never rushed. Afterward, I even discovered how discreetly she had disposed of the “remains.”

Later that week, I visited Pigmalion again with a friend and saw her there (but she was busy). We also went to San Jorge Go-go bar (on the corner of Pinar and Lopez de Hoyas) and D’MichelAngelo (just 50 meters up Lopez de Hoyas from the corner but those places rated 3-4 and 5-6 respectively, and the girls were too aggressive for my taste. Pigmalion was definitely 8-10s only and very relaxed. The clientele inside was also older and wealthier. I suppose you get what you pay for.

I have a few days left in Madrid and will probably take her up on the “tourist guide” offer she made.

Cheers and thanks for all the help!

05-24-03, 10:49
Hey Buster,

Glad your first experience was so good. Pigmalion is indeed considered the bar with the best (and priciest) girls, with a classy attitude to them.

Could you pass on the Brazilian girl´s web address?
I would really appreciate it.

Enjoy Madrid !

Buster Highman
05-24-03, 18:34
B69, when you hear the rest of the story, you’ll understand how reluctant I am to share, but you can contact Daisy through www.irisescort.com. Her direct address is http://www.irisescort.com/spanish/aline.htm. (Her web name is “Aline,” but her real name is definitely Daisy.) On the site, there are four pictures of her. Honestly, they are not very good photos; she is much better looking in person because she is not really smiling in any of them, and when she smiles, her face really lights up. She has a very bubbly personality and comes across as a very open and honest person. Of course, all men have different tastes, but she seems perfectly matched for me. There’s more story coming, so I feel like I’ve hit the lottery. But since it’s my first time, I’m not sure whether you’ll say, “Yea, that’s typical for a high-class escort,” or “WOW, dude, you really got lucky!”

So the first post was on a Monday. By the time Thursday rolls around, it’s clear I am really whipped. I try hard to resist, but at around 12:30 a.m., I finally say “screw it” and head down to the ATM on the corner and back up the street to Pigmalión. Pigmalión is just TOO conveniently located from the Emperatriz. I’m well off, but €300 is still a LOT of money. You can stretch out your fun by chatting for a while in the bar, but then you’re tossing back drinks at starting prices of €9, so it’s expensive either way.

I walk in the bar and cruise a round to see if she’s in there. She’s not, so I decided to buy a drink and wait a bit. I figured if she’s working, then her cycle time ought to be about an hour. What’s nice (for me) about Pigmalión is that the girls are almost shy. They are all friendly, but none of them really approach you unless you make some serious eye contact. In fact, the first time I had met Daisy (Monday), she had actually been standing next to me at the bar for a good 5-10 mintues before I worked up the nerve to talk to her. As I mentioned earlier, the girls in the other bars in the area are hyper-aggressive. On Wednesday, I had taken a risk and invited my business colleague to check out these “interesting bars” around the Hotel. Everywhere except Pigmalión, we couldn’t stand alone for more than two minutes without some girl (3-6 in looks) bothering us. I finally started telling them “we’re gay” or “no habla español/ingles/[insert any other language you’re likely to know].” When we had gone to Pigmalión, I saw Daisy, but she was working a group of guys with a few other girls, and I was eager to avoid any embarrassing confrontations like: “So, how do you and Daisy know each other?!”

Anyway, after about 30 minutes, Daisy walks in and comes over to say hello. I go from lonely hangdog bystander to witty loverboy in 2.5 seconds. I buy her a drink and we hang out for about 30 minutes. She’s just SO friendly and relaxing to be with. She’s also humorously embarrassed by her own trouble speaking English. She asks if it’s okay if she smokes, and I say, “Okay,” but already I am moving into actually caring for her and think that she ought to quit. We have quite a nice time in the bar, but eventually we are both hungry to get back to the hotel – me because I am SO horny at this point, and she because time is money, of course.

Again, we sneak into the hotel, and no one stops us, although this time I saw them looking. When she comes out of the loo, I slip the money into her bra, avoiding the awkward “pay up” scene. Being a pro, she remembers what I like and get to it pretty quickly. One the bed she points out all the wonderful places where she has shaved. “Isn’t it nice?” This time she stands on the bed and I bury my face in her “cookie” and go to town. She’s gyrating her hips and I can tell she’s actually enjoying it for real. At that angle, it is hard for me to breathe, but finally I get her to climax. No faking that one. I get her on the bed and do some more munching. For some deviant reason, I enjoy eating pussy more than actual intercourse. Maybe it’s the hot little beauty squealing and squirming underneath. Or maybe it’s the physical confirmation that she’s getting off. I dunno. One insight I did have. This is probably what defines a true GFE: that you feel so comfortable and relaxed with her, and she has treated you so well, that you CARE that she comes, not to prove your own prowess, but because you like her.

Only problem is that now my dick has been rock hard solid for almost an hour and when we finally do get to intercourse, I cannot come. We bang and bang in multiple positions until we are both sweaty, but I just couldn’t. She tried a bunch of interesting things, but I finally made her stop. She said she really wanted me to come for her (which made me feel good) but I didn’t have the energy to go on, and I knew she needed to get on to the next “assignment.” (It’s all about cycle time.) I let her go and tried to get to sleep, but my dick was so hard, I could not. After about 3 hours of fantasizing and yanking my chain, I finally broke free. I don’t normally have that problem, any doctors have ideas on WTF happened?

That's the end of this post, but not the end of the story :-)

Buster Highman
05-25-03, 04:35
Okay, just following up with the rest of the story…

Friday rolls around and I drop my colleague off at the airport, then head back to the hotel around 5:00 p.m. Since I had had a late night on Thursday (see below), I needed to crash and take a big power map. But… on a whim, I call up Daisy and suggest she let me take her up on that dinner offer she had made last night. She says, “Sure!” and suggest we meet at the Pigmalión. I counter with meeting at the hotel. I wasn’t really clear on how the “business” works, but I didn’t have any cash left to pay her, and was just looking to take her to a nice dinner. I didn’t wanna get caught up at Pigmalión in case they had some sort of “timer” that started and then I got hit with a big bill. She agrees to meet at the hotel at 9:10.

I wake up, shower and head down to meet her, in case the hotel Nazis gave her any trouble. For some reason, I was REALLY nervous, and I kept pacing around. I was worried she might quote a price for her time and then it would be a quick end to the evening. She showed up right on time and looked AMAZING. First time I had seen her in the daylight. It’s genuinely satisfying to see EVERY man and even most of the woman eyeing you and your date (even if you are paying through the nose for it). Of course, they are all thinking, “How the fuck did HE end up with HER?!”

I drove. She had made reservations at a classy restaurant nearby, La Vaca Argentina at Lopez de Hoyos, 42. I must say, it was the nicest dining experience I have had the entire time in Spain. I don’t think much of Spanish food. The only good thing I have found has been the Gambas al Ajillo (Garlic Shrimp). We had a very romantic meal, one of the nicest I have ever had. We ate the Chuleton, which requires cooking at the table. For such a petite girl, she had quite an appetite, easily eating twice as much as I did, but I had eaten a big, late lunch, and she had not eaten anything at all. It turns out she doesn’t usually wake up until 4:00 p.m. LOL. Dinner was a bout €75. I’ll definitely be back. First class service and great food. For what we got, I usually pay 50% more.

We then headed off to see her friends at Oz Teatro @ General Orgáz, 17. Billed as the “largest gentleman’s club in Europe,” I found out that they are talking square footage. The place is MAMMOTH, but at 11:30 or so there were not too many people. Daisy’s “best friend” as she calls him is one of the owners, an American named Kevin. He turns out to be my long lost twin brother! We look eerily similar and hit it off gabbing in English. For once I am the one talking really fast and Daisy is the one wondering WTH is going on. Because we were “friends” of the owner, we got some special treatment, BUT… I made the mistake of letting Daisy buy champagne for us and her friends. OUCH! €350 which I will have trouble explaining on my expense account credit card. Now all you guys are snickering about how I got taken, but in Daisy’s defense, she was not at all demanding it. She just made a passing suggestion and I acquiesced. I chided Kevin afterward, but he held up his hands. “I NEVER get the champagne,” he says. I told Daisy, “This cost more than you do!” To which Daisy replied that we had been together for 5 hours and that she was a lot more! Uh… my heart skipped a beat, but she then told me she was kidding. WHEW.

Kevin’s girlfriend is a young, petite hottie from Ecuador who goes by the name of Susie, and she was the only one I would let dance for me. I’m pretty monogamous, and so while she was dancing I was still dreaming of Daisy. Even better, I got one of Daisy’s Cuban friends to dance for her. Now this was HOT. They let Daisy touch. They didn’t let me do anything. For the time and fun we had, the tab wouldn’t have been bad but for the champagne. €448. :-( BTW, Oz has valet parking for which you do not need to tip. For my troubles, Kevin was kind enough to give me an Oz hat. Most expensive hat ever – but if you’re reading this, thanks dude! (My only question is whether Daisy gets a cut of what we spent at Oz. I would guess no, and that she’s just spreading the wealth while we have a nice time. Might as well go to her friend’s place as any other.)

Time to leave. I asked Daisy where she wanted to go: Home, or Pigmalión. She suggested hotel, but I explained she already had all my money and I couldn’t use credit card. “Credit card for restaurant and bar, cash for Daisy.” I’m sure she was disappointed, but if she was really pissed, she hid it well. Anyway, I dropped her off at Pigmalión and we kissed goodbye. “I like you,” she says. Holy cow, baby, I LOVE you!

Anyway, even without any sex, this night was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Make that ANY trip. Ever. I didn’t think that what happened was possible with such a high class escort as her. It was definitely a casual “date” and we really got to know each other. In fact, She revealed she is not perfect. She was in an auto accident and has a misshapen finger that didn’t heal correctly. To me it makes her all that more sexy.

Well, I’m leaving soon, but I’ll be coming back in 3 weeks and I am definitely bringing MORE CASH! I’m sure Daisy will be more than happy to take my money. :-) If anyone wants to join me in the mongering, I’ll be coming back around June 18. Even though I am a big-time newbie, I can facilitate introductions to Daisy and her friends.

Some parting comments and some things I learned from Daisy.

She doesn’t pay any money to Pigmalión. The place is just making a money (a LOT of money) off of the punters as they idle their time at the bar. The place is ALWAYS packed, with easily 30-40 guys and usually that many girls. Most of the guys look pretty wealthy and are buying drinks both for themselves and the girls. I only drink Coke and that was €9 each. Hard liquor drinks were €20 and €30+. The bar stays open till 4:00 a.m.

If you are tight on cash, which I am, then you can use your CC for the bar tab and then pay cash for the girls. Daisy will ask you for €5 to pay the coat check lady, so bring a little extra.

There might be some other place that she goes to afterward, because she says she usually does not get to bed until 8:00 a.m. I didn’t think about this until later, so I didn’t have a chance to ask her.

She has to pay 20% to her agency if you contact her through them. Her prices on the web start at €350 per hour. If you are interested in her, I’d highly suggest the Pigmalión route. If she gives you her cell phone number, you can then make direct arrangements with her and avoid the overhead. According to the pricing on the web, that dinner date could have cost me almost €1.000 + the tab!

She’ll gladly do a 2on1 if you are interested. I asked her whether she likes girls better than men. She likes both, but she likes men the most. She says she really likes watching a girl and a guy go at it. She asked if I wanted her to bring a friend. I said no. I am really tempted, and may take her up on that later, but any friend has a high bar to get over. Daisy is really hot and I haven’t seen too many girls that are her high quality, even at Pigmalión (or maybe I am biased). The other problem is that you can only eat one pussy at a time :-(

Saturday: Giving Daisy the night off (hehe) I walked to the Cine Ideal @ Doctor Cortezo, 6 to see the new Matrix Reloaded movie. I took the Montera route where it meets the Gran Via. There is a big McDonald’s right there on the corner. And yes, there are a LOT of SWs there, but c’mon, you’d have to be either drunk off your ass or REALLY desperate to spend any time/money down there. Those are some skanky hoes, man. I’d rather eat Ramen Noodles for 1 month to save up €300 for Daisy than let some skank get at my meat – even if it were free!

Buster Highman
05-25-03, 04:45
BTW, if I sounded pathetically whipped - it's because I am. Daisy has been the best romantic/sexual experience I've ever had, and I have had my fair share, although never with a pro.

She's probably the sweetest and nicest girl I've ever met, but because she's a working girl, she REALLY knows how to please a man. The sex has been the best ever for me, and she's gone out of her way to make it feel natural, and not like a business proposition. Just by looking around, you can see that some of the other girls have a "hard" look to them. Daisy has none of that. And speaking of natural, she is 100% Daisy!

05-25-03, 22:48

These are your first posts and your first experience. And I can tell it has meant alot. But I have to tell you that you need to toughen up a bit or you will be broke in no time. Even if you are Bill Gates, dropping $1300-1400 US to get laid twice is crazy. And more importantly these type of women will cut out your heart and leave you bleeding to death.

The fact that she took you to another strip club during a date speaks volumes. A $500 tab for drinks? Of COURSE she gets some of that money, thats how it works! And after all the money, you don´t get laid because you have no more cash to give her? Where is the "sweet"? That is cold blooded. It costs her nothing to throw a little thank you your way after all you did. It´s good business sense and high end girls do it all the time. Even massage parlour girls give freebies once you are a regular.

I know you´ll hate me for this post. I don´t want to burst your balloon. This stuff stings and beauty and sex combine to make it sting all the more. But these ladies are pros and you are not. Go slow and think or you will wind-up broken hearted and broke. Welcome to the club . . .
- P

Buster Highman
05-26-03, 06:18
Prokofiev - thanks for the warning. You're almost certainly right.

However, the way I look at it is, for a first time experience, it was painless and fun. Yea, it cost me some jack, but it's only money. On occasion, I've invested a lot more time and money in RL girls and gotten far less. And (as you can read from my comments and questions) I'm not entirely naive - my eyes have been pretty wide open. I've been looking for the hustle, and I'm just not seeing it. Could I have gotten by with spending less? Undoubtedly. Would it have been as pleasant? Who knows... If I ever become a pro-mongerer, maybe I'll look back on this week and laugh.

I guess all that matters is that in the end we both walk away happy. I'm going away happy and looking forward to coming back. :-)

Buster Highman
05-26-03, 10:21
Prokofiev - I've been rethinking your post. Any advice, tips, or tactics you might give me? I'm returning in 3 weeks, and while I'm perfectly willing to toss my Euros Daisy's way, I'm open to suggestions on how to improve my ROI.

Some constraints/comments for you:

- I'm probably not willing to switch providers - (but willing to take your advice if it might improve my negotiating position. Maybe I PRETEND to be shopping around :-)

- Money is not really a constraint (budgeting up to €3.000)

- I'll be in town approximately 15 nights starting mid June

- I'll be renting a car (primarily for work)

- I have choice in hotels (up ~€200/night)

Also, one other comment: Daisy and her friend were considering going to Marbay (sp?) on the coast over last weekend. Her friend was going to have "business" there and wanted Daisy to come along (for the drive and as chaperone I imagine). I jumped on this and suggested "I drive" them out there; I'd pay for the rooms and in return get more Daisy time, maybe even those freebies you were talking about. (Hell, I'd have just enjoyed riding in the car with her for 4-5 hours each way.) Her friend would be working, and I imagine Daisy would be working as well (prices better on the coast?). All in all, it sounded like fun, and they probably couldn't screw me over too bad cuz I could just ditch them. Daisy checked with her friend later that Friday night and she called me to tell me her friend wasn't going and so she was just going to work in town. So did I miss out on a weekend of potential bliss, or did I narrowly escape a punter horrorshow? (Relevant question since I'll have another 2 weekends in Madrid in June.)

Buster Highman
05-26-03, 10:33
Sorry, that was Marbella, not Marbay, according to my Spanish colleagues. No habla...

05-26-03, 23:18

Yes, there are lots of ploys for negociating a cheaper price . . . but that´s not your immediate problem. You are totally obsessed with a 22 yo working girl from Brazil with whom you can barely communicate due to the language barrier. And she will turn your world upside down, break your heart as well as your bank account. Saw her pix on the website. Certainly beautiful. But you want love and she provides expensive sex. You two are incompatible! I know the feeling and you are doomed. Your posts clearly indicate in incredible detail that you DO see the train wreck ahead but don´t want to admit it. You don´t say how old you are but I suspect quite a bit older than she. I think you should walk away but I KNOW you will jump into the fire. Good Luck -P

Buster Highman
05-27-03, 02:40
Prokofiev - I appreciate the concern, but I think you're making more of this than is warranted. I'm NOT looking for love, just out for a bit o' risky fun, and I've got no illusions that HER first priority is money. If I never saw her again, I might fret about it a bit, but that's it. On the other hand, she's a very nice girl, and I do genuinely care for her, in a way. Since I AM coming back, why should I walk way from all the fun to be had?

05-27-03, 08:06
Prokofiev. regarding your comments on Buster's posts, you are an insightful guy who obviously has been around the block a few times. The only thing I disagree about is where you say that Buster seems to understand that a train wreck is coming.

Buster, I rarely comment on other's posts, but it is actually a little painful to read your posts. and I hope you can avoid too hard of a fall. You seem like a nice guy. I agree with your statement that as long as you are having a good time and are ok with spending the money it should be fine. And having a great time for awhile even if you know there will be a fall is also perfectly fine. I even totally understand paying all that money at OZ, as sometimes when you are feeling good you just go with the flow. Still, it's obvious that, contrary to your assertion, you are not thinking straight.

It's a lesson we all learn, but Daisy, while she may actually like you to some extent, is just doing her job. That job is to make you feel good and she appears to be doing it very well. This is a good thing and she is a valuable provider. If the sex is good and she is fun to be around, that is worth a lot. But, trust me, one must at all times remember that this is a business arrangement. Therefore, one must always insist upon value for money paid and not become emotionally involved. If she starts having sex with you for free, then it might be safe to start developing some emotions over the situation.

You wrote "I'm not entirely naive - my eyes have been pretty wide open. I've been looking for the hustle, and I'm just not seeing it." But that is just the beauty of it, what she is doing is so convincing that you don't see it. But, anyway, it is not necessarily a "hustle." Again, from her perspective, she is just doing her job, and doing it well.

My take (admittedly a guess) on your anecdote about her and her friend going to to Marbela is that she made up the story to be away from you for a couple of days for whatever reason. When you offered to drive them, the story changed.

Friendly advice, keep seeing her when you return if you can control your emotions, but have a candid discussion with her. Tell her you like being around her, want to spend time with her, but get straight the financials and the expectations. I bet when you talk business candidly with her, you will see a slightly more calculating side of her.

Anyway, I hope you take this in the spirit it was offered. I hate to see one of us taken advantage of.

05-27-03, 18:29
Hey Buster,

First, thanks for providing me with the web page. I actually had seen Daisy about 6 months ago in another web page called Datelight. http://www.datelight.com

On your experience with her, my feelings oscillate between Irishman and Prokofiev. I agree with living the moment and I am extremely happy for you that you had a great time with her. Congratulations.
On the other hand, I also suggest you think and plan before wandering any further and taking decisions to avoid being disappointed or feeling used.

By the way I will be in Madrid in the dates you mention (mid to late June). So if you wish we can hook up at some point. Let me know.


Buster Highman
05-28-03, 02:22
Man, I can’t help thinking you sound like a bunch of Cassandras. On the other hand, since more than one of you felt strongly enough to post, maybe it’s ME who’s got his head up his ass. So yes, I appreciate all the comments and thank you guys for the reality check. Perhaps three weeks away will give me an opportunity to gain some fresh perspective. I respect your opinions and they're partly why I posted my stories and questions in the first place. (The pther part is cathartic - I can't really go back to my GF and say, "Sweets, guess who I met in Madrid!")

In the meantime, I do know good sex from bad sex (it’s been good), and I understand that this is just business. As for the financial arrangements, it’s pretty clearly €300/hr. Any time she spends with me over that, apart from drinks in the bar, I consider gravy. We’ve already had some pretty honest discussions about her work, and both of us have even made jokes on several occasions about her “time value.” Frankly, I don’t care whether she’s being nice because she REALLY likes me (doubtful) or because she’s just making a wise time investment to secure future revenue (likely, and good business sense). I just LIKE it. Irishman said it right: “If the sex is good and she is fun to be around, that is worth a lot.” When you go to a restaurant and the waitress is cute and provides good service, do you never go there again? Hell no, you leave a big tip and you recommend it to your friends. It doesn’t matter whether she was nice because she wanted that tip or because she thought you were hot.

Another aspect of this related to me: I’m not a big fan of casual sex. (That sounds pretty funny on this board!) I don’t think I could really enjoy the sex bit unless there was at least SOME emotional connection on some level. I’ve gotta be attracted to her in some manner or I’m just not gonna get it up. In clubs, my habit has been to latch on to one particular girl that I liked rather than spread my cash/time around to a bunch of indifferent girls. That’s one of the reason I can’t stand the aggressive types where they approach you in the first two minutes trying to get you to buy a drink/dance/30 minutes of time. So maybe this is just a character flaw (in addition to my many OTHER ones :-), but it’s my modus operandi.

For me, the warning sign I’d use to determine whether I’m off my rocker is if I were getting jealous of her other “clients.” Since I have cheerfully dropped her off at “work,” and recommended her here, I don’t think I have reached the danger point. Yet. FWIW, I’ll readily admit that spending that much money at Oz was a big mistake, regardless of whether I was going with the flow or not. You can rest assured that won’t happen again.

Anyway, regardless of who’s right, I know you’ve all got the best of intentions, and we’ll all find out in a few weeks when I return. When I leave Spain at the end of June, I’ll either leave rich and unhappy (no Daisy), broke and happy, or broke and unhappy. For the guys reading this board for prurient reasons (everyone?), I’ll try and deliver the goods. For the guys just seeking info, I’ll provide as much as I can.

P.S. Regarding this Marbella thing: Irishman, you may be right; I hadn’t consider that possibility, although she’s already said no to rendezvous because she was gonna be busy working. It’s not like she’s hiding the fact that she’s a hooker :-) My big fears were 1) getting stuck at some hotel that is outrageously priced or 2) having tons of unauthorized charges on the bill. I fully expected her to work all night and sleep all day, while I played golf.

P.P.S. b69 – I’ll post here when I return from the UK. I expect to arrive on or around 18 June. Maybe rendezvous at Pigmalión? Also, if you manage to hook up with Daisy, let us all know how it goes - maybe I AM CRAZY after all!

05-29-03, 03:53

Thanks for the follow up expressing your thoughts. I don't disagree with anything you said in your message. Many who post on this board are greatly concerned about anyone overpaying for service. Not me, I agree with you that if is worth it to you, you are having a good time and you can afford it, and you are not paying the money under some erroneous delusion, go for it. You owe no one an explanation for that. You sounded a lot more clear-headed and rational in your last message.

I think the reason why a few of us were moved to respond to your prior messages was because you really did sound not so clear-headed and rational and, as Prok wrote, you seemed a little obsessed. Your messages were kind of extraordinary in tone abd seemed to reflect a certain innocence.

Anyway, best of luck to you. And I hope you keep posting about your experiences with her. Now, I am hooked on the story and want to know the ending!

05-29-03, 20:13

Do let me know when you are here and about.

Better than meeting in Pygmalion, I believe the lobby of the Hotel Imperatriz, which is only one minute walk from Pygmalion, is probably a better idea (located between Gogo´s and Michael Angelo)

I don´t think I will go with Daisy in the meantime. So have no fear :-)
I am glad you have given all this some tought.

See you soon !

Buster Highman
05-29-03, 22:23
b69 - All right. (Emparatriz is fine. That's where I stayed and probably where I'll be staying again.)

06-07-03, 04:13
Spent a couple weeks in wonderful Madrid this Spring and tried several of the local fare. Madrid's convenience for this type of nightlife (and daylife for that matter) is the best I have experienced. Get off at the Gran Via metro stop and walk down Calle de la Montera towards Plaza del Sol. Within 25 feet or so you'll start seeing the girls lining both sides of the street most any time of the day.

While some of the girls were downright scary as other reviews have indicated, you should be able to find something you are interested in. Actually after I wandered by the selection a second time, I noticed Calle de Jardines, a small side street that had several girls at the corner. I decided to walk down that street just as an excuse to check out the group. After determining they did not offer the quality I wanted, I noticed a lovely long haired Latin beauty named Barbara mid way down the alley.

She turned out to be from Portugal and led me to a small bar a little further down the street. For euro 25 she covered the room and condom and led me to the back. A very relaxed experience and then her tongue started to wander and she gave me the single greatest rim job of my life. It felt like she was going for penetration with her tongue. Never had experienced anything like that before but she could tell I liked it and went at it for like 15 minutes. While I enjoyed every second, I moved her head over my cock and she finished me off with a wonderful performance. I gave her another 20 simply because I had never experienced anything like that.

Almost every day, I tried to make it back to Montera. What I did discover is that like other reports indicate most girls will not directly approach you but they will make sure you know they are available to be approached. Those girls that do jump out and directly start hitting on you are likely the last thing you want. I had one pretty thing come right up to me after I had cruised by her twice and I jumped at her offer. She offered the same 25 Euro, she then said 2 for the towels and 5 for the room once we had gone up the stairs of this dingy hotel lined with pros and their johns. She sucked and definitely not in a good way!

So I have to say that Calle de la Montera offers an abundant and pedestrian convenient opportunity to try your luck. One last note, I did try Campo de las Nationales as the other reviews suggested on a Saturday afternoon. The place was full of people enjoying the day and there were condoms visible in the dirt but I never saw one girl who seemed to be working. Maybe things get better at night but I prefer not to have to drive. I also walked Calle de Barco to the north of Gran Via and stopped into a couple of the red light bars. These were very remnicient of the Chicago and Adelitas of TJ or the Colorado of Juarez except they realy only had five girls all sitting around fully dressed and they all seemed sort of drunk or otherwise not active enough to suggest a good ride so I passed. I did not check the prices for these choices, sorry!

Madrid is not Bangkok but I will definitely remember the city with fondness. Just watch your wallet on the Metro!

06-10-03, 03:56
OGMAN, thank you for the detailed report. I will be in Madrid for the first time next month (middle two weeks of July)

thank you to everyone who posted good info here in the last month as I read them all.

Buster -- Hope you leave with nothing but good thoughts, knowing that she is Brazilian explains a lot. I spent 10 days for Carnaval in Rio and the "girlfriend" expierence is common there. The first question of all the good girls ;) is "how long are you here for" After the first couple fo nights though it became a no money until the last day situation. Things are more expensive in Europe however and that must be taken into consideration. But.... be smart Mi Mano. Any more tips for a first time in Spain are greatly appreciated. I am old to the traveling game but always open for local help. Thank you in advance.

Buster Highman
06-16-03, 16:55
b69 - I'll be in Madrid this week. Was thinking of hitting Pig. on Thursday & Friday (probably around 11:30 or 12:00 p.m.) Let me know if you're in town then and want to join me.

06-16-03, 18:39
Hello Buster,

Glad to see you are making your return.

Yes I will be in Madrid on Thursday and Friday.

Drop me a line at b69pat@hotmail.com so we can hook up.

Take care till then and see you soon.

Buster Highman
06-16-03, 23:21
Aight - I'll drop you an e-mail once my schedule firms up :-)

Buster Highman
06-21-03, 07:01
Daisy will be so jealous!

So I arrived in town again, and was all excited to see Daisy again.

I called her from the UK and we set up a tentative dinner date for the next evening. Unfortunately, Daisy has been sick with some stomach ailment and was going to have surgery the following day. As it turned out, she was getting pretty nervous about it, had to go in early to the hospital, and then she remembered she couldn't eat 12 hours before, so dinner was gonna be out anyway. She offered to set me up with her friend but I said no - "I don't want your friend; I want Daisy."

Now my evening was free, and b69 and I decided to link up for a bit of fun.

After a bit of food and drink, he asked what my intentions for the evening were. I said I was mostly browsing (since how could I cheat on Daisy?!) but who knows. I'm willing to try most anything ONCE. So we decided to head out to Flower's Park. He was kind enough to drive. As noted previously, it's located on the A-6 on the way outside Madrid, Salida 26. It's about a 10 min drive or so (15 min if b69 is driving :-)

This is a big place. It's basically a big hotel brothel with a club on the lower level. The bar is basically a big race track with a big screen tv at one end and small show stage at the other. I watched a lot of the girls doing "laps" around the bar trying to get some action.

b69 said there is normally an entrance fee (which he says gets you a free drink), but we weren't changed anything for entering
Drinks are expensive - €8,50 for a Coke.
Drinks for chicas are even more expensive - €30 or so.
Girls are €60 per half hour.
An hour seems about right, since you also have to throw down the bedding and taking a shower before/after or both is not a bad idea. Each room has shower and they provide towels.

Some of the girls are REALLY aggressive (e.g., just walk up and grab your cock) and some just hang back waiting. It has a kind of college town bar atmosphere, and was it was really packed the whole evening. Most of them seemed young and foreign, but there was quite a selection and ages varied. b69 found an Italian girl, a Monica Belucci look-a-like who said she was 30, but looked at most 26.

Despite my natural aversion toward agressive girls, I was immediately accosted by a girl from Turkey (Jasmine) who encouraged me to fondle her right then and there. She took similar liberties and had her hand inside my pants until we went upstairs. I had to hurry somehwere or I was gonna cum in my pants. She was close to my type of girl anyway, so I didn't mind too bad :-)

You go up from the club to the hotel portion. It's €5 for the bedding/towels and room key. You go to the room, and make the bed, then do whatever. Jasmine did some call in thing. Not sure what that was all about, maybe marking the time to the boss or something. I paid for a full hour €120 and then we commenced.

No French kissing (but she had some cold she said, so I dunno if that was the reason or she doesn't do it at all)
I didn't get all that excited about Jasmine's BJ (with) but the sex was good (and sweaty). The shower was useful. All total, I used only 40 min of my hour. She was still pretty aggressive and wanted me to buy another hour. But I claimed age infirmity and then she asked for a tip, so I relented and gave her €5.

While waiting for b69 to return, I chatted with a few local Spaniards at the bar. One guy said the club Hot was similar to this, but had slightly better girls and was slightly more expensive. All told I saw about 4 girls that I would have been content with. Given how picky I am, that was pretty good, I'd say. Although I was getting annoyed having fend off another girl every 5 minutes. I need to learn b69's technique for politely declining.

From Jasmine:
About 160 girls work there
About 100 of them actually live there it seems.

Total outlay was €168.50 - €38.50 for drinks, €5 for bedding, €120 for service and €5 for tip. So Flower's Park was a "fun" and relaxing diversion, but compared to a dinner/fun date with Daisy at about €300-400, I'd go with Daisy. The girls are all very pretty there, but it's just not very classy.

(I've been in town for 3 nights and still have not seen Daisy yet, although we've chatted on the phone quite a bit!) GET WELL SOON, GIRL!

b69 - Thanks for the fun and you need to get a date so we can double up, man!

06-23-03, 18:48
Thanks for the report on Flower's Park, BH. A question: was the price negotiable for the chica or was it a fixed price?

Flower's Park and Lovely (on the road to Burgos, around km. 30) have both started to run similarly-looking ads in the Spanish papers, which leads me to believe they are operated by the same people.

Buster Highman
06-25-03, 00:52
Novio - I am far from an expert here; b69 is a better one to answer this, however, I believe it is generally NOT negotiable. Of course, what IS negotiable is the amount of time you spend with the girl. I think they do some "reporting in" somewhere via cell phone and PIN, which tracks time (I'm guessing here) but that's what Jasmine seemed to be doing. So if they are paying some "house cut" they'll be reluctant to play for a lower price, since half the money goes to the house, and THAT doesn't change. I could be wrong, of course.

Buster Highman
06-25-03, 00:56
Okay, despite some naysayers, I am starting to think I have pretty good thing going here.

I FINALLY got to spend an evening with Daisy. I mean, here I have been in Madrid for 5 nights and didn’t get to see her the WHOLE time, although I’ve talked with her just about every day. Anyway, it turns out she was pretty sick with some gastro-intestinal virus. Bad news for her is she hasn’t worked in 10 days. “No cigarette, no drink, no working.” No money. Hard to believe a girl like her is worried about money, but anyway…

We chatted on the phone and arranged to meet at her favorite watering hole, Pigmalión. I showed up a few minutes late (on purpose – let her sweat for a change!). It was pretty dead (this was a Monday night). There were a lot of girls still, but only about 5 guys. Looked pretty lonely. I was kind of intimidated going in, because ALL the girls are eyeing you now as you walked in, whereas normally, it’s pretty crowded and your entry goes unnoticed. [Edit: Daisy says that during the summer months things are much slower. Many of the “clients” are married and spend more time with family. She says September to April is “much better business.”]

Anyway, I find her at the bar drinking her “first drink in 10 days.” She looked as sexy as ever. We chatted at the bar for a while and then we headed back to the hotel. She’s really a little sex machine. So then, we’re laying there and she gets some wild hair about shaving my head. I was like, “uh…okay, I guess” So she gets out my razor and cream and I climb into the tub and she commences to shaving my head. With a Mach 3! I’ve got pretty short hair but it still took a long time. About half way through, she says she had to go back to working. “Hah! The heck you do, you’re gonna finish it now!” Just the idea of her leaving half way through had me in stitches. I hope she was joking. The operation took about an hour. Poor girl. But she was very patient. Now she wants to take me shopping to get a “new look.” “You don’t like my clothes?” I ask. “It’s nice, but you look too American,” She says. I think she mentioned Versace in there somewhere, too. Hmmm.

Anyway, now I have a shaved head and a happy Daisy. Life is good.

Buster Highman
06-25-03, 01:28
Another night, another post. The board was down recently so I have a backlog. LOL.

I called up b69 again and we arranged to meet near the Emperatriz and walk up the street to Pigmalión. Finally someone ELSE gets to meet Daisy and let me know whether I am off my rocker. I’m sure he is a little surprised to see my shaved head, but at least he is polite enough not to laugh ;-)

Pigmalión is again pretty dead. Maybe 10 men. Still lots of girls, though. Daisy is there and gets to meet b69. Since he speaks Spanish, those two immediately start jabbering away, and all I can say is, “Sì.” He was kind enough to translate most of the conversations, however, and I felt extra witty because Daisy finally could hear some of my lame jokes and actually understand them! (More props to b69.)

We sat down and chatted a bit, and looked around for a girl suitable for him. Daisy was giving some recommendations (all her friends, of course) but eventually we found a pretty girl for him. During all this looking at other girls, Daisy was suggesting maybe we get a 2nd girl to join us. I politely declined. It’s all I can do to satisfy ONE girl. And I am not keen on shelling out 2x the cash when all I really wanna do is be with Daisy.

Some of the conversations were pretty funny. Given our mutual interest in the business, we were pumping the girls for information on stuff, e.g., the bar opens at 7:00 p.m. and the girls show up and 9:00. It closes at 3:30 a.m. Girls come and go as they please and pay nothing extra to the bar. About 80 girls frequent the place, but the mix at any given time can change. I think the place is closed on Sundays.

Daisy is hungry and I offer to get some food from room service at my hotel, so we make plans to split early. We leave b69 in the care of a sweet chica and head back to my place. (He can do his own report, but I wanna hear the details! :-) We order her a sandwich and commence to the fun stuff. We’ve really gotten into 69ing lately, which I really enjoy. She’s doing BBBJ, but not for coming it would seem. Every time we get together the sex gets better and better. She’s really amazing. I manage to finish a little faster this time, just in time for the room service to show up. She eats her sandwich on the terrace overlooking the city, wearing only one of my t-shirts. (She knows that t-shirt drives me wild.)

So we make plans to go shopping tomorrow at 5:00. I’ll have to make excuses at work to dash out early. Ahem. Since it’s her birthday next Saturday (she turns 23) she is looking for me to buy her a new outfit. I’ll probably comply – she’s earned it. The fun part will be watching her try stuff on – maybe I can get her to let me buy her some lingerie… She’s also decided that I need a new outfit. What?! She doesn’t like my $20 pants from Wal-mart?!

Buster Highman
06-25-03, 01:32
Ooops! I forgot. Daisy has ended her relationship with irisescort.com (as of tonight) so her pictures are not up on the web anymore. It turns out she had a 50% stake in the business with her friend and decided to quit it ("I like her but she crazy.") She also comfirmed she used to be on datelight.com. She now has no agency affiliation, so if you want to see Daisy, you'll need to get your booty to the Pig!

06-25-03, 01:41
Hey Novio,

The price is not really negotiable in the sense that the girls tend to all quote the same. But Your Mileage May Vary. It depends on the girl, the day, the hour, your skills, etc.

Yes, you are right that both Lovely and Flowers Park are run by the same people. Both are similar places.

Hope this helps.

06-25-03, 18:32
Fellow mongers, just to report that indeed Buster Highman and b69 hooked up and definitely had some fun.

Flowers Park was as usual, loaded up with girls. Some very good looking ones, others not so at all.

The Italian girl I went with, Rina, was very good looking indeed. A body of death even with an incredible chest. Very sensual, but the banging was Ok though and not great. EUR 120 for an hour. Oral with condomn. No anal (she has never tried it).

And then yesterday we hit Pygmalion, probably the classiest place in town, where our friend Buster hooked up with Daisy, who is indeed very charming and attractive. Very nice and bubbly.
Place was full of girls (approx 40). Many were very attractive indeed.

I met a friend of Daisy, Brasilian as well. Her name is Miriam. 23 years old. Very beautiful face. A good, tight body. Agreed for 300 Eur for approx 2 hours. Very chatty and friendly. Good BBBJ. And good sex. Though not great. Does not do anal (so she says).

More to come.

Buster Highman
06-26-03, 15:24
Just a quick note regarding Pigmalion: The girls must check in at 9:00 p.m. or they cannot work that evening. If they come late, then they get shooed away. They also need permission from the "boss" to work there at all. But it is pretty confirmed that they don't pay anything extra. It is "standard" to buy a girl at least ONE drink. Even if you are just meeting there. (I'm not sure exactly what would happen to a girl if she worked and her clients did not buy any drinks, but...)

BTW, took off work early and spent almost the entire with Daisy, shopping and stuff. Of course, she likes the expensive stuff: Gucci, Versace, Dior, Cartier. I finally found something at El Corte Ingeles (of course she said "Eeewww") We also looked at apartments and stuff. Had lunch at VIPS and dinner at one of the more priciest restaurants in town Sanceloni (sp?) in the Hisperia Hotel. €200 for a so-so dinner, although the restaurant was very classy and the presentation was flawless. The food was so "gourmet" it was funny. We were both laughing everytime yet another plate of something unknown was placed in front of us. Must of been about 8 or 9 courses. We won't going back, Daisy was unimpressed. She said it was too expensive! But dropping €350 for a pair of Gucci shoes is "Not espensive." Sheesh.

But during dinner, she told her"story." It's very sad. She was apparently a victim of the sex slave trade. When she was 18, a "friend" sent her a ticket to come work in Madrid. When she arrived, the job was as a prostitute (surprise surprise!) and she was supposed to pay back the ticket and meanwhile they took her passport. She was basically a prisoner a this place for 1 month until she managed to escape by jumping out the window and running off to Portugal. It's pretty tragic and that's only the beginning of her story. Made me wanna cry. Anyway, I wonder if places like Flower's Park are part of that.

For locals: Daisy is apartment hunting and it's difficult for a girl without "papers" or steady bank relationship to rent an apartment in Madrid. If any locals know of nice places to rent, that might be flexible, I'll pass them along to her.

06-26-03, 18:38
Wow, Buster in on a roll.
Regarding Novio´s question, I think Jasmine was just letting someone know she was busy with a client. Normally the girls only have to pay around Euro 70 a day for room and board.

Maybe Jasmine has a "protector" to let him she is busy, or she was telling a usual client she was going to be busy.

My point is that time is not monitored. And she does not normally have to report to anyone.

Hope this helps.

b69 and Buster to hook up very soon again.

Buster Highman
06-28-03, 14:52
Well, I had my first "bad" experience with Daisy, if you can call it that. It's her birthday today, so last night we went out to dinner. She's got three days of celebration lined up: her girlfriends are having a surprise party for her on Sat, her gay friends are taking her to a half-gay discotheque on Sun, so I get her on Fri. So I should consider myself lucky that she's making time for me at all.

For her birthday, I bought her a dress and some pants and she is wearing the pants. They are white silk and very sexy. She looks better than I have ever seen her. But she isn't in a very good mood. She said the moon changes and it makes her "nervous." I think she was trying to communicate PMS. At dinner she was by turns both adorable and distant, so after dinner we went our separate ways. I guess that's the drawback in having a REAL girlfriend experience: you get to spend lots of time with her for free (e.g., shopping trips, dinners) but sometimes she gets in a bad mood. As they say, you've got to take the bad with the good. The caterpillar with the butterfly.

So now I've come full circle. I'm looking for a professional to take my mind off my relationship troubles :-) No worries. b69 and I are gonna be on the prowl tonight.

Buster Highman
06-29-03, 15:44
b69 and I hooked up again for a bit of dinner, some drinks and a bit o' fun. We headed out to Lovely. I was very disappointed. Saturday night and there were not very many girls there. And the ones that were there were of average quality. So despite the long drive and the cover charge, we left after about 15-20 min.

Lovely is located on the N-1 heading out toward Burgos (a little NW of the city, I believe). Again, you can't miss it; there is a huge neon sign on the right "Lovely Hotel." Unlike Flower's Park, we had to pay a €10 cover charge to get in, although it gets you a free drink. The atmosphere was smaller and the air was noticeably smokier as well. Personally, I don't recommend it. Girls are better and more numerous at Flower's Park. Based on local recommendations, I might be trying Hot tonight, just to see how it compares.

So anyway, we found ourselves heading back to Flower's Park, as I had a hankering for Jasmine, and it was sort of on the way back into the city in case we decided to move on to Hot.

Again no cover charge, and this night it was PACKED. There were tons of guys there and it was difficult to get around. It seemed like there were about the same number of girls there, but it was diffcult to tell because many of them could have been upstairs. €8.50 for a soda. Jasmine wasted no time at all finding me, and she was as friendly as ever. Actually, she was MORE friendly. I think she likes getting her pussy eaten out. This time the sex was really good. Last time I wasn't sure if she came or not. This time she definitely did. It's always a big boost to the ego when you can really satisfy a professional. Afterward we just lay there together. She was tired (lots of fucking, she says) so I gave her a nice massage which she enjoyed. As you probably know by now, I am a sucker for girls who let you "care" for them. Again it was €5 for the room key and €120 for an hour. I used my full hour this time, but neglected to tip her, as I was planning on another session with her later.

Afterward, I came down and she went off for another customer (it was good business that night) and bumped into Rina (b69's Italian hottie). She was grinding a prospective client. When b69 showed back up from his session, she immediately dumped this guy and came over to us. b must have had an impact on her. b69 and I stood at the bar and watched the girls. It's fun watching them grind other guys while they are making eyes at you. So Rina was grinding several different guys, but kept staring at me, so I was starting to get the hots for her, even though she's not my usual type. So with her "convincing arguments" and b69's consent, I took her up for a 30-minute session, although I told her several times I didn't have the energy to do much. Two bonuses: 1) Rina gave the most enjoyable pussy eatin' session of all the girls - even better than Daisy! Grinding her hips into my tongue and pushing my head down into her snatch. Daisy squirms and squeals. Rina GRINDS and moans (in Italian!); and 2) Rina let me finger her while she did a BJ, which makes them more enjoyable for me. The other girls haven't explicitly denied me, but I haven't really tried because I got the feeling they didn't want me too. Who can blame them? We banged for a little after that, but didn't have the juices to come again, so after 25 min or so, I showered and we left. Tab was €5 for the key, and €70 for only half hour (sucker!). After I gave her a €5 tip. €80 total for nice time, even though I didn't come.

Only bad news: Jasmine was PISSED. Really PISSED. And not in the playful way many of them act - I'm not allowed to go with another girl? I had previously asked her if she'd meet outside for dinner and what not, but she said she does not do that (she knows girls who have had problems). So, I met her on my way out, and she wouldn't even talk to me, waving her finger in my face, "You lie!". Oh well. That's her loss. I really liked her, and would be willing to do her everyday, but I've already got ONE "girlfriend" relationship; I don't need another. I still give Jasmine high marks. She's not the "hottest" looking girl there but she's very friendly and sexy.

06-29-03, 17:31
Well, indeed, Buster needed some support.
So we went for a car ride.

First stop, Lovely, on the highway to Burgos. I was disappointed. There were less girls than I remember, and quality was not that great. Even though a few girls were very good looking. I was seriously attacked and groped by an amazing Russian girl (dark blonde, great body) whom I would give a 10 in looks. Impressive.

But we did not stay and returned to Flowers Park, where we had been a week before. The place was packed. Lots of girls and guys.

Usual parade of girls. I went with a 23 year old Rumanian petite girl with great tits. Very cute. Nice body. I had a very good time. She seemed little experienced. BJ with condomn. No anal either.
I would not repeat but I had a very good time. EUR 120 for an hour.

I had to resist the caresses of Rina the Italian girl who jumped at me when she saw me. She conducted some hard selling and gave it her best shot. I was tempted but I was out of bullets. So not today caro mio.

And now for Buster to tell his tale...

06-30-03, 03:19
I'm headed to Madrid and would like to know what I might see in the Calle Gran Via area. Is this where Flowers Park is?? What happens in Flowers Park?

What are some of the good choices for bars, strip clubs, etc in the area?



Buster Highman
06-30-03, 03:22
WOW. Okay, I found a girl who compares to Daisy. Her name is Deanna and she is Romanian. She JUST started working at Flower's Park. She's only been in Madrid for 3 weeks and this was her second night working. She has the HOTTEST little body I've ever seen. Perfectly firm, perky tits and a tight little butt. Tall and very slim. She wanted €70 for a half hour. We ended up spending 40 minutes so she took an extra €10. So it was €80 total.

But since I had spent an earlier session that night with Jasmine (yes, all is forgiven now) I was too tuckered out to actually bang bodies. I'm not that old, but 4 girls in the space of 24 hours is a little too much, even for me. However, I could not pass her up; she was too fine. I told her "no fucky" and we just lay there after I ate her out. I couldn't keep my hands from caressing her body. VERY HOT. I highly recommend her, even just for looking. While I had been waiting for b69 to finish, I had seen her and kept my eye on her as she moved aorund the bar. When b69 finally came down with his Italian philly, I mentioned Deanna. He encouraged me to call her over, but I'm too shy to do that stuff. No problem - that's what friends are for. So b69 calls her over for me and gets me to start talking to her. YUMMY. And she actually speaks pretty decent English.

One FYI: The room key, sheet and towel actually only costs €3. Jasmine and Rina have been keeping the change. Jasmine has been doing a good job palming the €2 coin, but I caught her this time. Deanna, being new, hasn't learned that trick yet, and she only asked me for €3.

Jasmine won't do any outside activities (yet) and I asked Deanna the same thing (nope). The no-fingering for Jasmine was confirmed tonight as well.

b69 and I have been going at it pretty heavy and my strength is flagging. I think I'm gonna need to take a break. But, I only have 3 more nights before I gotta get back to the States. Hmmm... Daisy, Jasmine, Deanna... :-)

06-30-03, 03:44
Hey b69. glad to see your still having fun even in your own backyard. With those prices however I can see why you like to get away to South America. I'll be heading back to Cali on Wednesday. Wish you were joining me but I guess you'll be sticking around Madrid to see how the Daisy saga unfolds. Take care my friend.

Buster Highman
06-30-03, 17:12
As my time here in Madrid winds down to a close, I still haven't figure out a satisfying ending to the so-called "Daisy saga." I've distilled it down to a few options but perhaps someone else might have more insight. Here are my thoughts:

1. Do I try to see her again or not? Yes. I'll probably try and see her at least ONCE before I depart. At the very least visit or dinner. Maybe even more depending on her attitude.

2. Do I wait for her to call me or do I go after her? Go after her. My forecast is that she will probably NOT call me. First of all, she has only called me when we already had plans to meet. Secondly, it's an international call for her, which is pricey. If she doesn't hear from me at all, it's conceivable she might text me to wonder where I am; she knows exactly when I am leaving. My money says she won't.

3. Do I call her first or just show up at Pigmalion? Show up. Calling makes her feel like she's in control. Showing up gives me the option to socialize with her "friends" which might make her more aware of the real situation - I have many choices. Of course, she might NOT be working (oops!), and her friends might be a little wary of being with me, which would be an interesting dynamic to explore. Part of the reason we headed back to Flower's Park last night was to watch the girls "fight" over us. That's always fun.

4. Assuming I just show up, do I play it cool and shop around (REALLY pissing her off), or do I stick with her as if everything is hunky-dory? Being the poor sap that I am, I'll probably just stick with her. After all, I really do like her, and she is a very nice girl. Once I see her again, I'll probably get lost in love and wonder what all the fuss was about.

5. When? Since tonight I am headed back out to see that amazing Romanian, it'll probably have to be Tue or Wed. We shall see. No fear, I shall keep everyone well informed. The hard part will be fending off Rina and Jasmine and still be able to see Deanna. Stupid me, I neglected to get her number (and I even carried her cell phone around for 10 mintues!)

Slick1: b69 has been gracious enough to keep up with me going to the high-class places, despite the cost. It certainly makes it more fun when there are two of you.

07-01-03, 23:48
Was reading in the paper today that mayor-elect of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon has a plan to restrict vehicular traffic in the Casa de Campo to only commute hours in an attempt to eliminate prostitution in the park. Think he said that it would take effect after the August vacations.

Also, last week, there were interesting stories about a university report that surveyed the Casa de Campo ladies as well as their patrons. Some interesting results. I will try to post the details when I have time to translate them into English.

Buster Highman
07-02-03, 09:21
Clodbuster -
I'm headed to Madrid and would like to know what I might see in the Calle Gran Via area.Gran Via is a short but main drag through the downtown area, from Plaza de España to Alcala. I can’t speak for the whole Gran Via, but on the east end, by the McDonald’s, the Gran Via intersects with Montero. Down Montero is where you’ll find a lot of SW. Just start at the golden arches and work your way down. I found them all to be pretty heinous, but all tastes are different.

Is this where Flowers Park is??No, Flower’s Park is located a good 10 min drive west of Madrid on the A-6 (highway). IIRC, it’s just off of exit 28. You really can’t miss it, it has a HUGE sign lit up with neon lights. It’s open EVERY day from 5:00 pm to 5:00 am.
What happens in Flowers Park?You meet and have sex with girls. You park your car and go inside and sidle up to the bar. Some girls will attack you and some will sit there waiting for you to approach them. After some small talk, or buying them a drink (not necessary and very expensive), you can agree to go upstairs to a room and have sex. Cost is €60-70 per half hour, depending on the girl. Read some posts below for more details.

What are some of the good choices for bars, strip clubs, etc in the area? I am EXTREMELY particular, so I tend to frequent the nicer spots. I highly recommend: Pigmalión - (Pinnar 6) across from the Castellana Intercontinental Hotel. Very classy relaxing joint with about 30 or so girls at any given time. About €300 per hour with girls there and you need to take them somewhere else. Flower’s Park – see above. Loud music and an occasional show, about 60-100 or so girls at any given time. Weeknights seem the best as there are fewer mongers and the girls work practically every night. Hot – like Flower’s Park in Plaza Colon (west side) but I have not been, although I hear it’s good from locals. For strip clubs, I recommend Oz Teatro (do a google search) - the girls there were absolutely STUNNING, but the sex option is pretty limited from what I hear. It's like €30 per lap dance and do NOT buy the champagne :-( For normal bars, the area south of Puerto del Sol was where I found the most interesting watering holes. There are TONS; just wander aroundThat’s my list, but there are plenty more to choose from. What’s nice about Madrid is that there are TONS of choices at every range in price, quality, and nationality. During my time here I have "been to" Brazil, Turkey, Italy, and Romania. The only thing I have yet to see in Madrid is a good selection of Asian girls.

Buster Highman
07-02-03, 12:05
Nice. I got promoted and didn’t even realize it.

Two updates:

1. Monday night I did a solo dash to Flower’s Park to see Diana (it sounds like dee AHH nuh), the Romanian hottie I mentioned earlier. But first I had to endure 15 minutes of Jasmine molesting me. I felt kinda bad dissing Jasmine (I really like her), but I really wanted Diana, and I have realized I cannot effectively do two girls in one night. My “line” to Jasmine was that I had waited for her on Sunday night for a second session (true), she had been with another guy for a long time (true), and so I was mad at her (not true). So while I am fending off Jasmine, I catch Diana’s eye, and she is amused by my problem. But she waits and I manage to angle my way a couple stools down from her. She waits one minute and then comes over. FINALLY! Now I get to use my new Romanian pickup lines I researched on the web earlier that afternoon.

She’s wearing the same white pantsuit outfit she did yesterday. (I noticed Jasmine wearing the same outfit for the 3rd day in a row. I hope these girls are doing their laundry everyday.) She’s not aggressive like Jasmine, but she asks forward questions like: “Are you here to see me?” and “What are we doing?” I ask her how much for 1 hour and she says €150. I politely suggest €140, since she only charges €70 for a half hour. “Okay.”

On our way up, she says happily, “Your friend is very mad now.” In the room, she didn’t do a BJ, and she didn’t want to be on top (too tired) but she did moan appreciatively while I had my way with her. She is such a sexy girl; I had quite a bit of fun regardless of how passive she is. There is definitely a difference in skill amongst the girls. Afterward, I tipped her €10 anyway, cuz I am such a sucker.

2. Tuesday night, I linked up with b69 and we headed over to Pigmalión once again. I was playing coy with Daisy, and waited for her to find me. After about 10 minutes, she came over to us. Things were quite awkward for the first 15 minutes or so. She says, “I go now” and then I have to chase her. She leaves again, and I have to send another girl to drag her back over to us.

She is apparently upset at me for 2 reasons: 1) I didn’t call her Sat, Sun, or Mon; 2) Her “friends” told her I had come into Pigmalión on Saturday night when I would have known she wasn’t working. “You go with another girl!” she says. I tell her that’s not true, and get b69 to translate to make sure she understands. Then I confront her about her attitude on Friday. It takes awhile, but I finally understand what her real problem is. Back in Brazil, part of her family’s house collapsed, and she’s upset because she has to send them lots of money to help fix it, and she cannot afford to leave here and go back to Brazil to help out. She says she didn’t want to bother me with her problems. I told her it was better to talk about it with me than let me wonder if I was the problem - since I could tell she was upset. What are friends for if you can’t talk about your problems with them. Funny line from Daisy: “I am girl. Not all the time perfect. You know?”

Anyway, we all feel better now, and had a more relaxed time from then on. Daisy gave b69 some more recommendations. One of the girls was also from Brazil and she looked EXTREMELY fine. We’ll have to hear from him how that transpired, since Daisy and I bolted soon after.

Here’s the good news: Daisy is ovulating and was very horny. So the sex was even more intense than last time. Here’s the bad news: Only, this time, because she was such a wild demon in bed, I blew my wad after 10-15 min, rather than lasting like I usually do. Oh well.

We lay there for awhile, but she was worried about falling asleep. She got a new apartment (hooray) that day and needs cash to buy a new bed. She spent €3,000 on the down payment for rent and €2,000 to her parents so she didn’t have ANY money, not even for taxi fare. So she eventually had to head back to her “office.”

So the “Daisy saga” is ending on a happy note. Now the hard part: I have plenty of fun budget left for another fling, but I only have ONE night left in Madrid. So, do I go visit the gorgeous, but languid Diana, or do I go for the pricey, but ovulating succubus, Daisy?

… or do I try for both in one night?!

Buster Highman
07-02-03, 19:18
So you can put a face to a name and see what all the fuss is about...

Pictures of Daisy (http://www.geocities.com/_out4blood/daisyfanclub.html)

07-03-03, 00:12
Hey Busta..

I just read up on the Madrid board because I plan on visiting real soon. I post alot on the Romania/Moldova boards.

I am wondering about your Daisy experience. Are you to the point where you are like her boyfriend, paying for shopping/dinners, but now the sex is "free", or does she still want money for sex?

As long as you have money and your having fun I don't see why any potential problems could arise from your relationship with her.

Well..have fun, I'll be there in August, maybe you'll see me at some of these places you're describing here!


07-03-03, 00:30
Hey Buster -

Thanks for all the good info about Madrid. This is my first time and I will have limited time - so - your descriptions help me a lot!

I am very selective too. After Madrid, I will be in Barcelona for a few nights and hoe to have a good time there too!

Thanks again.

Buster Highman
07-03-03, 04:39
I am wondering about your Daisy experience. Are you to the point where you are like her boyfriend, paying for shopping/dinners, but now the sex is "free", or does she still want money for sex?No. Not her boyfriend. Sex was always €300, but we never even discussed it after the first time and I always paid her discreetly before she even had to ask. I wasn't really looking for an ACTUAL girlfriend. I've got one. One is enough for me. Besides, as her friend, I know she needs the money a lot worse than I do.
As long as you have money and your having fun I don't see why any potential problems could arise from your relationship with her.That's what I've always been thinking.
I'll be there in August, maybe you'll see me at some of these places you're describing here!Unlikely, as it will be VERY difficult for me to get back to Spain in the near future. b69 is the man you wanna get to know - he really oughta start charging for the tour guide expertise (TGE) he provides.
I post alot on the Romania/Moldova boardsYou'll definitely want to visit Flower's Park and hook up with Diana. She's Romanian, incredibly hot, and new to working. She might be moving to a new club in the next couple months, so if/when she calls me with her new location, I'll post it. Then again, girls like Diana are probably a dime a dozen in Romania...

Buster Highman
07-03-03, 05:32
… or do I try for both in one night?!Okay, silly me! I went for both in one night. Here’s how it happened…

Since it’s my last night in town, the boys from the office wanted to take me out for some farewell activities. These are mild boys, so it was decided to go to McDonald’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and go see a movie. I called Daisy at around 7:00 p.m., but she was sleeping. Her English is no good when you wake her up, so I just said, “Go back to sleep, baby.”

Later on in the evening she calls me back. I tell her I’m gonna be out late late, but that I’ll call her when I get back to my hotel. Around 12:30 a.m. I get back and decide to dash out to Flower’s Park. I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving without one more bite of Romanian food. On the way out there, I call Diana. She was with another guy (DUDE! You should make her turn OFF her cell phone next time. But thanks! :-), even still we chatted for a bit. First time calling her, but she knew immediately it was me and was actually flabbergasted (or it was a really convincing act) that I was coming to see her. She’s only worked there 3-4 nights now, and I am pretty sure she has never worked before, so it’s possible she’s just really new at this stuff and not used to the attention. I told her to hurry. I showed up and only had to wait for about 5 minutes before she came down. We didn’t waste much time on small talk before heading upstairs. After all, I’m on a tight schedule tonight! She was finally wearing something new – a black faux leather 2 piece outfit. Frankly the white pantsuit thingy was more flattering, but she’s still a knockout.

I really enjoy just laying next to her. And after about 15 min of caressing and cuddling, I am hard as a rock. No BJ – not sure she knows what one is even, and I had to self-apply the condom. Again she’s a little sluggish, but I wrestle her “upstairs” this time, meaning I want her on top. But after a little bit of action, I figure out why she prefers the bottom, she’s a little inexperienced. I mix things up a bit, going instead for my favorite position, spooning. This enables me to feel and grind her tight little bottom while caressing her gorgeous breasts. I’m done in no time at all. Very satisfying. I clean up and we lay there for about 20 min. Best session yet with her. All in cost was €155 (5 for room, 140 for session, and 10 tip). (One clarification: the rooms cost €3, but if they get condoms with it it’s €5. So that explains some of the discrepancies in pricing I’ve been seeing.) She saw my money and was pretty aggressive in asking… nay… demanding a tip before the session. I told her only if she was a good girl – which she was. We both left happy. Me, I had to rush out quickly. Daisy was still waiting!

I drove like a demon back to Madrid. My plan all along was to catch Daisy near the end of the work night for her. Pigmalión closes at 3:30 a.m., so anytime after that she can’t “go back to office.” I drive up Castellana and call her at around 3:00 a.m. Turns out she got bored of waiting for me at the bar and went to a discotheque with her friend. Some all-black club on Gran Via at Place de Callao. Can’t miss it – lotsa Greek architecture. Anyway, I turn around and head back up there to pick her up. Damn – I had just driven by there coming in from Flower’s Park! I pick her up and we’re heading back to the hotel, when she reminds me that I promised to teach her driving. Heck, I’m in no hurry; the more time I got to recover the better. Besides, this GF time is my little fetish.

So we head up to a big parking lot I know will be empty, out by Alcobendas, and I let her take the wheel of my brand new Audi A3 rental. With a manual stick shift. I go over the basics and she takes over. She does great, on the first start, but stalls it on the incline. From there it took her a frustrating 10-15 min to get the feel of the gas/clutch relationship. Good thing it’s a rental. Avis is gonna need to replace the clutch on that car pretty soon. After awhile she got the hang of it and then the little squirt dashed out of the parking lot and onto the main roads! She zipped right through one stop sign and then headed into a residential area. She was about to zip through another stop sign when I yanked the parking brake and we did a nice power slide up to the curb. Okay. That’s enough :-)

I took over the wheel and we headed back to the hotel. Once inside, we showered and got into bed. (After the €300, of course.) She gave me a surprisingly incredible BBBJ and then the sex was the BEST ever. Her period comes tomorrow so she was really intense. Even more than last night. Having just had sex a little while ago, I was able to hang with her, so she came pretty loudly. Afterwards I cajoled her into a couple more photos (fully clothed, of course) and we headed down so I could drive her home. I made the concierge get the car out for a 3rd time (yea, I know I just had you park it an hour ago!), and I drove her to her apartment at around 5:00 a.m. We hugged and kissed and said how much we were going to miss each other. It was a nice, happy ending to the “Daisy saga.”

€455 was a pretty expensive night, but I had incredible sex with my two favorite girls. Just the way I wanted to end my very special time in Madrid.

Buster Highman
07-03-03, 05:39
Sorry to clutter the board, but I wanted to offer up my final ratings of the girls and places I did and visited.

Locations: Classiest bar – Pigmalión. Here the girls are very sharp and well-dressed. They’re good company and you’re expected to act like a gentleman
Most entertaining bar – Flower’s Park. There is heavy interaction with multiple girls. The sex is readily available and there is heavy petting going on all around
Best selection of girls – Pigmalión
Best value for the money – Flower’s Park. You can into a hot girl for a minimum outlay of €65-70. Looks: Best teeth – Daisy. None of the girls had perfect teeth, but if this is important to you, go to Pigmalión. Besides the clothes, it’s the most obvious difference between the girls
Best dressed – Daisy. It’s no contest with all that Versace and Gucci. She has yet to wear the same thing twice.
Best breasts – Diana. I prefer them exactly like she’s got ‘em. Small, firm, with large excitable nipples. Of course, b69 would pick the Italian.
Best ass – Diana. Hers is smooth and firm; which is why she wins…
Sexiest body – Diana. No contest. Absolutely perfect for my tastes. She could be a swimsuit model in SI Sex: Best kissing – Daisy. We were eagerly trading tongues on the first “date” and she’s never seemed like she was reluctant to kiss.
Best blowjob – Daisy. I don’t really dig the BJs, but the Italian girl (Rina? Rani? whatever?) gave the best one I had… up until Daisy’s mind-blowing BBBJ last night.
Best DATY – Rani. Sorry Daisy, this has to go to the Italian girl. She moaned and thrusted and kept my head firmly mashed down in there
Best intercourse – Daisy, although Jasmine comes pretty close (although not after last night)
Most positions – Daisy and Jasmine (tie)
Odds and ends: Jasmine supposedly does anal (according to Diana, so take it with a grain of salt), only Rani let me finger herValue: Best value for the money – Diana
Worst value for the money – Rani. She was sweet and expert, but it was my second go that night and I was tired. Dropped €80 for half an hour. Not to say she was bad, but the others were much better. Daisy comes in at second place here, but only because I spent a LOT of money on her, which I probably could have avoided were I not such a suckerGirlfriend potential: Best companion – Daisy. She’s the one who is most fun to pal around with and talk to
Girl to bring home to mama – Daisy, although Diana and the Italian girl are about tied for secondRankings:

07-03-03, 18:43
Hey Buster,

Wow, you took an optimized schedule for your last day!
I could not be any prouder!! Two for your last night.
Not bad.

Well, that night (Tuesday), I chose not to go with the Colombian recommended by Daisy. I did think about it quite a while. But after talking for a little while, I realized I was not really attracted to her. So I moved on, but went home, instead of staying and trying with another. So I went home alone.

Maybe I should have made a move on another girl; after all some many girls are amazingly hot in Pygmalion. Oh well. I was with 3 chicas in the lapse of 10 days, which is not bad.

Was great meeting you and sharing mongering experiences. Hope you will come back for more !!

Take care.

07-15-03, 12:51
Thanks again to the past posters here. In Madrid for the 4th day now and I may have to take a break from the action. I am a public transportation Travlr and so opted not to go out to the Pig, the stroll on Montera (Gran Via metro stop) is quite nice indeed. I know many of you described the worst of these girls as scary, but the worst of them would be average for SWs in the US. Most SWs there are addicted to Alcohol and/or crack & heroin, so there is ugliness maximus to be found on any American street looking for 20 bucks. The first two days I met and went to the rooms with five chicas in the Via/Montera area. The first was a Spanish girl named Almaveda who looked very good - slender young pretty skin and hair - BUT after we got upstairs she smiles and says 50 for uno houra, I know better but get greedy with thoughts of getting off twice or trice! After we are sin ropa she indicates a tooth ache and lays flat with her head turned away. NOT good. I condom myself and start with her looking away and not moving, not even a little - she might not have breathed for all I know. And you know what came next - the knock on the door. I asked her what about uno houra and she shrugs and leaves me there muy rapido. After that I went with three Ecudorians in 14 hours (mass migration or my taste runs that way? Hmmmm maybe I need to go to Ecudor) The next night I go with a columbian and a guyauan. No Spanish girls working the stroll or once again am I drawn to the South American look? Went wandering around the old centro theater distric and met an awesome looking Portugueese chica who took me around the corner to a decent place and we actually did stay an hour for 30. She was incredible and laughed and talked a lot (some English on her part and a little Port I learned in Rio) She was so good -CBJ, half dozen positions and 2 orgasms for me, that I gave her another 20 and she wrote down her name and phone number. I will call her after I eat and give her time to wake up today. Wandered into Chelsea´s, New Girls, and a very small club that said only TOPLESS outside. The girls in all places were very pushy about buying them the 32 Euro champagne and going to the private rooms. Did once with a muy bonita chica from Sierra Leone and had great sex in the private room for 100 + the 32 for Champagne and my 11Euro whiskey, and afterward she stayed and talked for 15 minutes or so. The nude bars are a lot of fun and the girls respect no, but be advised they will try hard and often. So far I do like Madrid - like I said before the street girls are everywhere around the Gran Via metro stop and in most of the old cantinas. The bad ones are average for American street walkers and the good ones are Escort service quality. 25 - 30 Euros is standard with 5 going to the room and they keep 20. There was a lead off story about a prostitution raid around town, it seemed they were more after the illegal immigrants however. Sorry for the long post but anyone who is coming here for the first time should be in for a treat. As you can tell I AM MUY FELIZ!!

07-15-03, 18:24
Hey Travlr,

Glad to see you are having a great time.
To answer to the question you raise, a few years ago Montera Street was full of Spanish women, but it has changed quite a bit since, and now Spanish women are practically inexistent there, and have indeed been replaced by South Americans. Starting to see some Eastern European there as well.

Keep on enjoying.

Buster Highman
07-16-03, 04:45
Woot Travlr! - I'm impressed by your virility. Good show, mate.

You're dead on about US SW. I would never monger in the US. I'd rather whack off than risk the trouble. Not to mention it's prudishly illegal!

I'd be interested in hearing WHERE exactly you found escort quality chicas on Montera. I'd been up and down that street several times (on my way elsewhere, but casually looking) and I didn't see very high quality.

b69 - take this kid over to the Pig so he can at LEAST see what he's missing! BTW, I may hook up with Carlos Perez and Porker from the Monterrey boards. Carlos says I just HAVE to see this place called Matehuela. I'll drop you a note to see how it compares. I am not expecting to find any daisies, but we'll see...

07-16-03, 23:13
I walk by Montera a lot (though I haven't sampled the goods). Very few Spanish women, lots of South Americans, and a growing posse of Eastern European women with pretty visible pimps. Some of the Eastern European women are actually pretty good looking and young. You can see them on the right hand side of Montera as you walk down the hill, near the movie theater. Check out the brunette in dreadlocks. Of course, I would be most careful with these girls, and concerned about whether I was being set up to be robbed, etc.

As a side note, I recommend you grab a bite to eat at the McDonald's at the intersection with Gran Via. Some of the girls go there pretty regularly, so you can see them "off duty."

Watch what you're doing on Montera though, it's not Disneyland. I've seen a couple of SWs get into real fist fights. And you can always count on seeing gangs of Moroccan kids sprinting off into the side streets after they've just ripped somebody off. The police seem to cruise through pretty frequently, but that doesn't seem to have any real deterrent effect.

07-16-03, 23:25

On June 25th, the Madrid papers ran stories about a new study done by the Complutense University that tried to profile SWs and their clients in the Casa de Campo. Even though it's not their goal, the stories are almost like "how-to" guides for hobbyists. Here are some of the highlights:

Average age of clients: 31-45

Average time doing the act: FIVE MINUTES, with "very few" exceeding 10 minutes.

Time of Day: Students or unemployed go during the day. Wealthier men go in the evenings. Of course that means the number of SWs double to about 250 or more in the evenings!

Vehicle: 18 percent of the clients admitted to using company cars when pursuing the hobby.

Where to do the deed: 9 out of 10 preferred the back seat of the car.

The study apparently also goes into where the various groups of girls hang out (Africans, East European, Latin American or Spanish). I would post that info but I don't know the Casa de Campo that well, nor would it make a lot of sense to others, I assume.

07-16-03, 23:28
New Club Opens in Madrid

A new club to rival the likes of Flowers Park and Lovely has opened up on the NII. It's called Hotel Avion and is around km 14 on the highway to the airport (I believe it's on the side going into Madrid). The newspapers say the place used to be a Best Western hotel, so the rooms ought to be comfy. It promises stage shows, table dances, and, of course, "room service" with the chica of your choice. Prices were to start at 60 Euros/half hour.

Anybody been yet?

Buster Highman
07-18-03, 02:58
Despite being owned by the same folks, I found Lovely to be several notches below Flower's Park, but I only went there once. Flower's Park seemed like it would be pretty hard to hard to top for a fun evening.

07-18-03, 16:32
Hey Novio,

Haven´t been to Hotel Avion, but some mongers who have been said it was so-so for now but sounded promising. Thus, a close eye must be kept on this place.


07-18-03, 20:08
A few days ago I visited the club Trebol, close to the crossing between c/ de Alcala and c/ Hermanos Garcia Noblejas.

It's a small club, with just 3-5 pussies at a time, but a safe place and relatively cheap under Madrid standards: no cover charge, one whisky is EUR 9, no need to buy drinks to the chicks and the pussy for 30 minutes is EUR 63, this includes pussy & room (no tips needed or expected).

As soon as I got in I saw a very desirable and young chick, who came over soon after I asked for my drink. She was 23 yo, but looked 19-20, and from Romania. We started kissing and cuddling for a while till I was hot enough to ask her to go to the private room for half an hour (she didn't ask for any drink at any time). You can take your drink to the room, which is what I did, and then went again to the bar when I finished with the girl. The girl continued with me till I left the bar as there were no more clients there at that time (it was very late, around 3 am, but this club is open till 5 am every single day).

The girl was around 7 in looks but around 9 in service: cuddly and sweet all the time. BJ was covered only and all positions were accepted during the fuck.

On that ocassion all girls were from Romania but I was told they rotate the chicks frequently so you don't really know what to expect till you arrive, I suppose it's a matter of going round and taking a look to see what's on offer on a specific night.

I don't remember its exact address but it's very easy to find: start on the south-west corner of the crossing between c/ de Alcala and c/ Hermanos Garcia Noblejas and go down Hermano Garcia Noblejas, then take the first to the right and you'll find the club on your right on the first corner, you'll see a lighted sign saying 'CLUB', and that's it, just open the door and get in.

A nice place for a cheap and hassle-free experience.

07-19-03, 15:51
Hey Trvr

I was in the "Topless" place the same night you were there. When you went to the back room with the Sierra Leon lady did you notice a gringo with a cude latina? I was the gringo. I enjoyed that latina from Colombia.

I visited Flower´s Park twice during this trip and really enjoyed it. Anybody who goes to Madrid must go to Flower´s Park. I can´t imagine a better situation with a very nice bar and about 50-75 gals all trying to convice you to go upstairs. Lots of free feels and teasing with the beautiful girls. I went up with a cute Bulgarian with big tits and found the rooms to be very clean and comfortable. Went back two night later and had another good time. A lttle hard to get to as it is so far out of town, but really worth it.

I´m now in Barcelona and the best - best place is Club Riviera! Same scene as Flowers Park, but many more girls. They claim to have 200 and I believe it. I´ve never groped and fondled so many tits in my life!!! You have to act like you are only a little interested and then they want you to feel the goods! HA!

Went with an Albanian girl two nights ago and she was a little gal with a "perfect" body. Last night I almost went with her again and then figured I would try another so went with a Brazilian blonde who just arrived here ten days ago. She spoke little Spanish and lots of Portugese. Not a big problem, even kind of fun. We spent two hours in the room and I only needed to pay for one!

Club Riviera is the best game in town! Again, it´s too far from town, but worth it!

I visited lots of clubs, but those two (Club Riviera in Barcelona and Flowers Park in Madrid) are the best! The biggest problem is that I have to go home tomorrow!


07-20-03, 17:44

You can add my vote for Flowers Park. I went Saturday evening around 8:30, "early" by Spanish standards. A quick financial summary:

No cover, but whiskey and soda was: 11 Euros
Room Fee: 3 Euros
BBBJ, FS, multiple shots, 45 minutes: 50 Euros (YMMV)

The bar was smaller than I expected, but definitely a lot of attractive ladies (probably around 30 - 40 during the time I was there). It wasn't too crowded with other guys, maybe 12 at most. I ordered a drink and was immediately approached by Ani, a Bulgarian girl with nice, large natural breasts. I decided to abide by the experienced hobbyists rule and decline the first offer I got. More on that later.

As you sit at the bar, the women will come up and chat with you and then do much more. Essentially, lap dances and grinding you, with some kissing you (including DFK) and guiding your hands to feel them up. I chatted with a short-haired Rumanian cutie named Karina, who was a good kisser. But I was slow to make an offer, and she got distracted by another guy -- perhaps a regular. It was like a United Nations of sex workers. In short order, I was approached by a brunette Italian, a brunette Dominicana, a tall thin blonde Brazilian, and a brunette Hungarian.

I was approached again by Ani, the Bulgarian who had met me at the door. She made a very persuasive physical sales pitch while whispering an offer in my ear: bbbj, 45 minute unrushed session, two shots. For 50 Euros, what the hell!

She led me into the hotel part of the club, which reminded me of classy Thai massage parlors with the subdued lighting but otherwise tourist class/three star facilities. The session was as promised and any limitations were only due to my part. She had wonderful breasts to suck and play with. However, an infected navel piercing was causing her pain, so that limited the range of activity. However, she did deliver on the unrushed session. I wouldn't call Ani a repeater, but she definitely wasn't a ripoff. She said that she was heading back to Bulgaria in a couple of weeks, but might be back after her visit.

Will definitely go back to try to experience more countries through their women.

07-20-03, 23:13
Clodbuster: Sorry, but I was uh... focused on what I was doing and did not notice the couple of other brothers in the place. Hope you enjoy all of Spain and keep up the posts though.

Buster: The best girls I found were North of Gran Via, too many streets to remember which, but go two blocks up Gran Via towards Plaza De Espana and turn right and start twisting through the maze of narrow streets. Found 2 escort quality Spanish Chicas there. Also I have to say that by US standards I saw at least two of that quality on Montera over the course of five days there as well.

More detailed report later, must catch the metro before it closes and SLEEP for a day or two.

Window Shopper
07-21-03, 16:54
Did the Gran Via stoll a couple of times. Unfortunately, I'm with some friends and girlfriends, so need to sneak off during the day (in Madrid up to 6 or 7) . The quality are 3s and 4s in the afternoon. Went down a side street Calle de Jardin, the first or second left heading down from the McDonalds. There´s a bar on the left side, unnumbered, just past number 11 with a bunch of SWs hanging out inside. I figured, what the hell, for 25 Euro I can experiment a little. Went with a chunky redhead Patricia upstairs behind the bar which has a half dozen rooms. Got a bad CBJ and she just lay there. I was given instructions on how to use the bidet, which as an American I had found mystifying.

I'll try to come up with some better experiences

Buster Highman
07-22-03, 05:44
Yea, I learned about bidets during my stay. Several of the girls at Flower's Park are cleanliness freaks who wash and make you wash at the bidet. I had always thought you tried to sit on it like a toilet, but I guess you're supposed to straddle it facing the wall. Whodathunkit?

07-22-03, 16:43
Well well, it seems that both Novio and Clodbuster went with Ani (or Anya) the petite Bulgarian from Flowers Park. I also went with her back when Buster Highman was in town. (Read my previous posts.) I wonder whether she truly is Bulgarian or really Romanian.

In any case, she is somewhat aggressive when it comes to chasing clients, but when she is conducting her business, she takes the time needed. And yes her tits are excellent. I had a really good time with her.
So I am glad that so did some fellow mongers.

Party on !!

07-24-03, 00:40
Hi guys,

Been away from the board for a while.

Doesn anyone have any up to date experiences of club 'HOT' off plaza Colon?

I haven't been in Madrid for some time and I heard that the place had been shut down but re-opened recently?

Is it still open?
How many girls?

Can it compare to the notorious club Hot of Barcelona?


07-24-03, 02:38

I went to "Hot" in Madrid last week. It is open and full of women. I found it to be a little pricey for me and the girls were friendly, but not casual enough for me. Prices were high and I had just enjoyed a great evening the night before at Flowers Park. For me, Flowers Park is hard to beat. The girls at Hot think Flowers Park is low class, but I thought the girls were very comparable. Hot is a little more upscale in appearance, but most of the girls were sitting on the couches, at tables, and not much action was going on. I just can't figure why someone wouldn't like Flowers Park - escept for the distance from town.

Mike Hammer
07-24-03, 08:49
To Lazlo about the club Hot in Madrid.

I have been in Madrid the weekend of 18 july. The Hot club is open but is being refurbished, so there´s construction stuff around.

The place is central (end of calle Colon) and indeed expensive. 140 Euros depending on the girl. The girls are mainly russians or from Ex-USSR republics.

It´s safe and has a lot of clientele, it also has a taxi stop in front of, but as it appeared in a web that the ATM, the cashier, of the close Barclays bank is the busiest of the whole Spain, there are a lot of curios people, staring at the entrance, and it´s les undercover.

You can find other good options at: www. prorelax.com, with phone numbers and prices, but mostly are private apartments.

Hope this would be helpful to you Lazlo.

Window Shopper
07-24-03, 09:57
HI there,

I'm going to be in Madrid on Sunday night the 27th of July. I would like to go to Flower Park, but am carless. Is there anyone out there going out that night who would like to share a ride, either in a car or cab?

Buster Highman
07-24-03, 20:32
Lazlo - yes it's still there. It's open for business. b69 and I tried to go there one Sunday night but they were closed on Sundays. I met a local Spanish guy at Flower's Park (he lives nearby) who said HOT was a little better in terms of quality, but was also more expensive. I tried to get there to confirm, but was unable. For others, it's located off the SW corner of Plaza Colon. A little hard to locate; the sign is very small.

07-25-03, 00:59
Thanks for the report Buster,

I have been to Hot sometime ago, and had a very pleasant experience with a stunning Columbian girl whos name escapes me.

I remember the price scale being around €110 for half an hour, €210 for an hour. As it was my sole experience here so I am unsure whether different girls have different pay scales.

Perhaps you could inform me on the prices of other such clubs in Madrid, Pigmallia, Rotterdam and such.

I also know very little about Flower park. From what I have read so far parhaps I would be hampered by not having a car?

Buster Highman
07-25-03, 03:03
All the info you seek is here on the board in much detail, in very recent posts; you should read up before asking. But the quick lowdown from my limited experience:

Pigmalion and Rotterdam will be very pricy: about 300 euros for an hour, maybe 2 tops. YMMV. But the girls are the finest in the city. You need to take them back to your hotel though. I HIGHLY recommend Daisy (http://www.geocities.com/_out4blood/daisyfanclub.html) at Pigmalion. She charges about the same, but you will not find a sweeter girl to spend time with. Catch her quick though, she's off to Ibiza on August 10. There are also two D'Angelo clubs that I hear are about the same, but I also hear they are not quite as good.

Flower's Park and Lovely are about 60-70 euros per half hour. However, the girls are more numerous and much better looking at Flower's Park. You do your business there. I recommend a tall dark-haired Romanian by the name of Diana. She's lazy in bed (newly turned pro), but she had the sexiest of body of any girl I met in Madrid. I have phone numbers for both Daisy and Diana.

Flower's Park is pretty far outside the city. A taxi would be about ~20 euros each way, so you can judge whether renting a car is worth it. I rented.

07-25-03, 12:10
Just did the Gran Via stroll yesterday. Not bad for street types. At around 10 pm the quality is very good and plenty available. The most obviously visible girls are just past the Mcdonalds walking in the direction of Sol. It is also full of families and locals at this time so if you are the discreet type wait until around midnight. There are not as many girls but they are more subtle at this time.

Walk around earl;ier in the evening and window shop and then go and have a bear or two. When you walk the route again they will know what you are looking for.

Going price is around 30 euros and then 10 for a room. If you want to negotiate do it on the street and confirm the arrangement so that you are not dissappointed.

Some of the rooms around the Gran Via are not that great so ask the girl to take you to a nicer place a couple of blocks away. But then watch your wallet and make sure that you have not had too many to drink because the street crowd and ready and waiting.

The quality was actually quite good a couple of really awesome Colombian girls but they dissappeared after 11 pm. Plenty of Nigerian girls in Madrid at the moment.

G Dave
07-26-03, 00:24
Originally posted by Window Shopper
HI there,

I'm going to be in Madrid on Sunday night the 27th of July. I would like to go to Flower Park, but am carless. Is there anyone out there going out that night who would like to share a ride, either in a car or cab? Hello,
Write a mail to gdavell222@hotmail.com


07-26-03, 21:31
Travlr's log: final Madrid report for 2003.
I never did get out of town to Flowers Park or the Pig. There are several nude dancer bars around the center of town that had great looking women who were available for around 100 Euro on premises however. The bars that just say Topless usually did not have any girls dancing, just couches to sit on and the girls would come over and try to get you to go to the back rooms with them. Decent quality, 5 - 10 to choose from depending on time of day and how busy there were. A walk down Montera from the Gran Via metro stop always has possibilities. 25 Euro and do not go for more money for more time! This includes room, towels, and condom. (Cheaper, safer, and better quality than any SW experience in the states) If you are not the type to get spooked by less desirable nieghborhoods walk north of Gran Via and through the old theater distric (Plaza De Santa Anna) and there are more SWs and several bars where girls are working. Quality goes from scary to WOW! All in all I had an excellent mongering time in Madrid.
Side note: I also went into the sex shops on Montera and found a live sex show for 2 Euros - no tipping - and 6 or 8 channels on the videos featuring sex with dogs. The Spanish DO love their pets! All the best to everyone. ENJOY!!!!!!!

Window Shopper
07-27-03, 12:31
On Monteras saw a Rumanian named Mary. Tall, waist length black hair, nice full tits, god body. Tried to go for 30, I said I only had 25, she went for it. A real rusher, had to constantly slow her down when she was giving head. She then (on her own) went on her hands and knees and I had her doggie style, without much help from her.

A so-so experiance. I think I gotta learn the language to get the most out of this.

Rude Nick
07-27-03, 15:24
I hope this does not offend anyone, but I am looking for information on TV/TS's in Madrid.

If anyone has any information and does not wish to post it on here please feel free to e-mail me,



The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information for Men who are looking for sex with Women.

Asking about TV's does offend me, and that's why it's a violation of the Forum's Posting Policies.


Mike Hammer
07-27-03, 22:03
About Madrid street action, I have to mention that the new Major has threatened with a ban to car access to Casa de Campo and to move the pros in Calle Montera to a less centric place.

Casa de Campo has been a night (even day) paradise for those looking for cheap deals. Located in a park at the outskirts of Madrid. You just had to get there by car and wander around (on foot it is not adviceable) by his many paths, while looking for your choice and latter take the pro to your place, do it at your car or take a piece of grass as your mattress. There can be easily two hundred street pros in any given night.

Better than Montera which is located too centric and too much under the public eye. Unless you had accomodation near there.

Window Shopper
07-28-03, 09:25
My Flower Park experiance was full of ups and downs. First some logistics for taking cabs. Unfortunately, most cab drivers do not know where it is, and since I can´t speak Spanish, it gets tricky. The address is Rosa de Lima 2 in Las Matas off exit 26 of A-6. When you get off, take the traffic circle to get to an access road that parallels A-6 heading back towards Madrid, and its off to the right. It´s around 25 euro from the Plaza de Sol and around 35 euro returning since the cab is called from Madrid and has around 10 euro on the meter to start.

The place is fantastic, with plenty of girls of generally high caliber. As mentioned in previous posts, they will work you hard to close the deal. I had the first public outing of my johnson in many years when a girl whipped it out and started playing with it. I found some of the Lagos girls to be excessively aggressive, and abusive when denied. I ended up with an Italian girl Rina or Raina. Very beautiful, with that voluptuous, sun drenched, earthy kind of Italian look that was driving me crazy when I was in Italy. The sex was solid but uninspired, but I was so excited from downstairs that I didn´t last long anyway.

All in all, a great experience. Unfortunately, I´m leaving Madrid for Rome today, I would love to go back knowing what I know now. I would go early 8-9, get one of the really aggressive for a half hour, go back down, relax and recharge, and get another one.

The hunt continues.

07-28-03, 16:42
Hey gang! Anyone have an update on Atocha 45? Always wanted to go in there.

Thanks in advance.

Sinverg Wenza
07-28-03, 21:47
Hello All,

I'm a Madrid native. I'm back to the hobby after a few years away from it. Previously I made a couple of quite lengthy posts to usenet's ASP group, back in 1997, of which I have been getting feedback somewhat sparsely until as late as last year.

Because the EU economic crisis has played hard on your humble narrator, as well as certain personal circumstances, he now faces severe budget limitations. Flower Park or Rotterdam are now beyond reach. Rather, I resort to sleazier brothels set up on old buildings.

The purpose of this post is to share my findings. The first one: forget about supermodel-like girls. These ladies are just average looking -Latin American- girls next door rating from 3 to 7. However, I've found some of them with a wonderful attitude and enjoyed some really, really great sessions. The prices I paid per session are between 35 to 70 Euros, averaging at 50, and depending on the time spent, usually half an hour.

These are my experiences and -where applicable- my recommendations. The source are the ads in the newspaper.

Before I go on, a question for the forum: Should I post the houses' addresses even if they didn't put it on the ad? on one hand I'd rather protect their privacy since they didn't make it public on the first place, on the other hand if the purpose of this forum is to help people with limited Spanish language skills, they would have trouble getting the information themselves. To add insult to injury, I don't have the telephone numbers at hand (duh!). I'll post them later on.

Now on for the meat:

1. Metro: Palos de la frontera/Atocha. In a street aptly named "Paseo de las Delicias".
I arrived to the apartment and entered directly to a big living room where some of the girls were watching TV which has to be crossed to go to a bedroom. The madame asked what kind of service I wanted. I said greek then, before even letting me first see the girl, asked for the money. It was 50 Euros for half an hour. Then she called Laura who apparently was the only one available that night that would do that service. This is a very dark skinned girl from Venezuela in her late twenties. A 5 by her looks, but she has such a soft skin and such a great attitude that finally turned me on like crazy without much difficulty. She gave me a BBBJ, then she put me a condom and let me do the front, then the back and then (after a condom change) the front again. I think I overstayed the half hour. Got out exhausted.

I came back weeks later, and this time the same madam introduced me to about six girls, averaging 4 to 7 in looks, almost all wearing lingerie. Tempting, but I chose Laura again and more or less repeated the same excellent session. I've seen Laura a total of 3 times so far. Definitely recommended. Treat this lady well, please. She deserves it.

2. Metro: Canal.
An appartment. I was taken to the room and introduced to two ladies, both about the same in looks: 6. My rule of thumb to predict a good session is to choose the one that has the nicest, sincerest smile. Since both had a nice smile, I picked the one with bigger breasts: Judith. Also from Venezuela. CBJ, and then both holes. Not as good as the previous one above, but not at all bad. It cost me 40 Euros.

3. Metro: Iglesia.
Not an apartment. This place has access from the street. The door says "Club Social", I must confess that I felt a morbid attraction for a brothel with such an euphemistic "cover". Anyway, I had to ring twice before they opened the door. Then, I was led to a bedroom that was dimly illuminated by one of those ultra-violet neons that make people's teeth and white stuff glow, but it's otherwise impossible to see anything else. It was noon. There were only two girls. One was quite small and skinny. I couldn't really see much to appreciate her. The other one had a much better shilouette, taller, long haired and curvy so I picked her. None of them smiled (bummer!) This time I got myself only a 'completo', no greek. It was 50 Euros for half an hour. I reached for my wallet but I couldn't really see the notes so the madame lit an ordinary light. The girl was really pretty. I'd give her an 8, but she was completely passive. I complimented her (she had a great body) but I could hardly get her to smile. She did a CBJ and then I did my stuff. Lousy attitude. I was out in fifteen minutes. I won't be back.

4. Metro: Quevedo.
Another place accesible from the street. I was taken to a bedroom and introduced to the girls, the first one was quite pretty. The second one was not so pretty, but I liked her. She not only smiled but she asked me how I was, and my name (this is a clear indicator of marvelous attitude in bed), then a third lady, a black Latin American a little chubby. She also smiled nicely and also asked me my name. Even if the first one was the cutest, my choice was going to be one of the last two, preferrably the second one. It finally was the second one since I wanted some greek that night and she was the only one that would do it. Her name was Andrea. Now, what a terrific session! excellent attitude and excellent tecnique, really great BBBJ and really great sex. She seemed to enjoy it too. Only when I did her greek she seemed unconfortable so I took it off, changed my condom, and fucked her pussy again. One of the best sessions I had lately. I have only been once, but I'll be definitely back. Recommended. I paid 70 Euros for one hour.

5. Metro: Alvarado.
This is the exotic curiosity that is being revealed to you in this post. An all-Asian brothel in Madrid!!! (I think there are more, but they cater mainly the Chinese immigrant community and are not accessible to the general public, unless you have a Chinese connection which I'd give an arm and a leg to have). Anyway, this is also a place accessible from the street, near Cuatro Caminos, which has a photograph of a horse in the door. I came in and saw five Asian women from 20 to 40, 4-6 in looks. Not that great, really but it was the exotic appeal that took me there. (Oh, the second time, there was also a black Latin American girl, I'd have chosen her, since the cutest ones were occupied, but the nitty-gritty of the place is sex with Asians). The girls seem to be from Indonesia, most of them. and a little on the overweight side, but not really fat. I picked one called Mai-Tan for a 35 Euro, half hour session. No greek available. Pretty decent attitude, fine long BBBJ, and sex. The second time I picked Linda, a little fatter but nice and the session was quite similar. In all, not the best, but not bad at all. I recommend this place for those who, like me, had a tendency for exotic women.

This is all for tonight. My plans are to stick visiting these places, except the Iglesia one, possibly meeting other women, and to keep you updated. Any questions, I try to read this thread at least weekly.

Be good.

Sinverg Wenza

07-30-03, 01:23
Hey Window Shopper,

Glad you enjoyed Rani, the Italian. I was with her a month ago (read previous posts) and had a couple of pretty darn good sessions. Glad you enjoyed Flowers Park.

Monger on !

Buster Highman
07-30-03, 05:01
Window Shopper - Rani is definitely smoky hot. I think she looks a bit like Monica Belucci. I went with her for a 1/2 hour session, but she was my 4th girl in less than 24 hours and I just couldn't climax. But she was all right.

Sinverg Wenza - for some of the prices you're paying, Flower's Park is not out of reach. And I think you'd find some real knockouts there. I know I did. Seek out Jasmine (Turkish girl with BRIGHT red lipstick). I heard she does Greek. Maybe. Who knows?

Nice reports.

BTW, I am here in Monterrey ABSOLUTELY missing both Flower's Park and my little Daisy. It's hard finding my type of girl here, and there is not much chance of anything other than a hit and run witht he rare flowers I do find. Sigh. Some entrepreneur should come out here and open up a Flower's Park!

07-30-03, 18:07
Hola Sinverg Wenza,

I kind of agree with Buster. Places like Flowers Park, Javi, Starski, Lovely, have many beautiful women to choose from at EUR 60 for 30 minutes. So the prices are not very far from you are paying already. Think about it.


Sinverg Wenza
07-31-03, 13:41
Thank you for your comments.

I seem to have lumped Fower Park in with Rotterdam and Angelo's, which are really expensive places.

I used to object the 'American Bar' thing, hanging about with the ladies and having to buy them overpriced drinks prior to get them to bed. I recognize the advantage of a short conversation first can help select the ones with a better attitude (I value attitude over looks, it is definitely what makes the session good or bad), but I always preferred the brothel, lineup thing. I've never been to a girls bar, in fact.

However I've catched the curiosity by reading this forum and I am seriously considering a try.

Now, my reliance on public transportation puts Flower Park out of my reach again (I sold my car years ago, and moved to within walking distance from work, if you have lived in this town for a few months you understand why. My quality of life has improved considerably). Can you recommend some similarly priced alternatives, what are the addresses?

These are the phone numbers for the apartments in my previous post, as promised:

- Metro Canal: 914451982
- Metro Atocha/Palos: 915305766
- Metro Alvarado: 915543923
- Metro Quevedo: 914456159
- Metro Iglesia: 914453512

Nobody answered my question about whether I should post addresses as well. I think I will, but only if specifically requested by someone interested in visiting (and who will post his experience).


07-31-03, 23:00
Hey Sinverg,

I have a list of about 12 places similar to Flowers with the addresses. Since it is in Spanish, I do not post it here, though I would if requested by many mongers.

If you are interested, send me a mail at my hotmail address: b69pat
and I will send it to you.

By the way, in Flowers Park, Lovely, Javi, and a few more you do not have to buy the girl a drink. It is up to you.

Regarding posting the addresses of the places you went to, yes please do, this could be of interest to many mongers.


07-31-03, 23:10
I wanted to narrate a recent excellent experience I had.

This time it is an apartment with about 6 girls in total. 3 in the morning shift and 3 in the evening shift. Place closes at midnight.

The address is: Calle Ortega y Gassett 81, 2nd floor, door D
They have an ad in El Mundo newspaper as Students: "Estudiantes". Phone is : 91-401 73 67

Anyways, went there in the afternoon. 3 girls were present. Overall good level. Chose an approx 23 year old Venezuelan called Paula. About 160 cm. Big and nice breasts. A good figure overall. Rather cute. And especially very friendly and warm.
In bed she was very vicious enjoying looking at herself in the mirror. We did everything in the book. A little bit of BBBJ but mostly with condom. Many positions in bed. Very very good anal in various positions. Anulingus from her. At EUR 180 an hour. I highly recommend her, and may repeat myself.

A guy I know went in the morning and had a trio. Said one of the Spanish girls there, Elena, was one of the most beautiful "professionals" he had ever seen. Worth checking out I am sure.

The appartment they work in is pretty nice. The rooms are fine and very clean. They apparently even have a S&M room, but I did not see it, as I am not really interested in pain, just in pleasure :-)

Hope this helps.

08-01-03, 01:14
Sinverg Wenza,

I would be very grateful if you could post those addresses, in particular the house with asian ladies.

I would be very interested in recieving the list of places you have similar to Flowers park. I also have transport problems, (refusing to be ripped off again by a scallywag cab driver), and I keep hearing such wonderful tales about Flowers Park, which I insist are here only to tease me.

Buster Highman
08-01-03, 03:11
Originally posted by Sinverg Wenza
I seem to have lumped Fower Park in with Rotterdam and Angelo's, which are really expensive places. I used to object the 'American Bar' thing, hanging about with the ladies and having to buy them overpriced drinks prior to get them to bed. I recognize the advantage of a short conversation first can help select the ones with a better attitude (I value attitude over looks, it is definitely what makes the session good or bad), but I always preferred the brothel, lineup thing. Yes, Flower's Park is not all that expensive for the quality of the girls. Most of them are fairly new to the country or just there for a short time, and it is an easy place for them to get started on their new "career." Kind of like an incubator for sex workers. FP reminds me of a college town bar scene, with all the young girls hanging out, except in this case, you really can get laid! No, you don't need to buy a drink, and yes, some of the girls can be aggressive (e.g., Jasmine, Rani, the Bulgarian girl), but others are a little more relaxed. Sometimes the girls are just playfully flirtatious. While waiting for b69 to finish one night, I was at the bar next to this average-looking girl watching the strip show. She kept furtively grabbing my ass and rubbing my cock and all this "cute" stuff. We traded some gropes for a bit, but I never felt pressured to buy her a drink or take her upstairs. And there seem to be almost NO "bouncers" roaming around to intimidate you. (This was also true at the other places I visited.) It was all girls. I contrast that with Monterrey, where I find that in all the places I have been here, there are dozens of guys "encouraging" you to buy a drink or a girl or whatnot. Another nice thing about FP is that it is clean and safe. A few extra dollars is a small price to pay to reduce unnecessary risk, in my opinion.

Sinverg Wenza
08-01-03, 12:39
Here are the addresses of the places mentioned on my previous post:

- Metro Canal: 914451982 c/Lozoya, 4 1st Floor Ext. Izqda. Open 24hrs.

- Metro Atocha/Palos: 915305766 Paseo de las Delicias, 31 8th Floor C. Open 24Hrs. The bell on the front door downstairs is labeled "MAYKA". Laura seems to work the nights except sundays.

- Metro Alvarado: 915543923 c/Tenerife, 15. The Asian ladies' place. It has a picture of a horse on the door. It's Open 12:00-21:00 Mon-Sat. 35 Euros half an hour 'completo'. 65 1 hour.

- Metro Quevedo: 914456159. c/Cardenal Cisneros, 78 Green place, red doorbell. Open 24 hours. 50 Euros half hour 'completo', 70 Euros 1 hour (this may include greek, depending on the lady)

- Metro Iglesia: 914453512. c/Castillo, 11 Door labeled "Club Social". Open 24hrs. 50 Euros half an hour. I don't really recommend this place, although I have only been there once. You might have better luck.



08-01-03, 18:20

Send me an hotmail at: b69pat
and I will forward the info.


Sinverg Wenza
08-01-03, 19:04

Thanks for the review you just sent me.

I have also visited Ortega y Gasset a few months ago.

I was with a Venezuelan girl called Ana: European looking, blonde -by Spanish standards-, blue eyed, very nice, and very beautiful. A real sweetie.

I didn't mention the place before because my review would have been undeservedly negative.

The other girls were busy, and the only room left was precisely the S&M room. I'm not into that either. But since it was the only available room she proposed me to use it. The problem is it has NO BED! I accepted (Wrong! I should have waited, or left), but sex turned out to be very uncomfortable for both of us, and I couldn't finish.

The cost was 100 Euros for a 1 hr. completo. CBJ.

While the girl was nice, after such an insatisfactory experience, I left thinking that I could find better deals elsewhere.

I'm glad you enjoyed your session.


08-01-03, 21:33
For a "mainstream" newspaper, the El Mundo sure covers prostitution pretty thoroughly! Probably helps that it gives them an excuse to run photos of nearly-naked women.

In today's August 1 edition, they ran a story about the closing of the Casa de Campo to vehicular traffic since the policy started today. Along with the story, they ran about three large photos of some of the ladies working the park yesterday. Two of the ladies were topless, and it was during daylight hours. (Wonder if the photog paid them to take off their tops?) Their faces are covered up, but they definitely are Caucasian. Both of them are probably carrying a little extra weight in the waist and thighs, but one of them has a VERY nice set of tetas.

Almost makes one want to go out and try to sample the experience, car ban or no. However, I just can't help but wonder about hygiene. I don't see an abundance of running water or restrooms in the park, so I doubt that the ladies clean up really well after a transaction. Also, I just don't think it would be as comfortable in the backseat of a car. I also like to see the chica I'm with (never liked doing it in the dark) but, at Casa de Campo, if I can see the chica, chances are good that someone else can probably see my bony ass as well.

Living High
08-02-03, 03:13
In Madrid several times over the last year, the best value seems to be Casa del Campo (park with metro stop) by day or night.

By day, most of the action is over the hill to the east (toward Madrid center). I did it in the car and found someone on a motor bike trying to watch.

By night, as other reports it's about 200+ all. Taking a rental car is the best way to cruise and choose. Get one, sleep it off & get another. My favorite is Kristina from Hungary who is on the quick turn back road in the middle of the main circle. Ask for her, deep tongue action, great fucking, great tits - the whole nine yards.

Took one gal back to the hotel for 100 Euro. Wasn't worth it - when you can have 4 in the car for that price. Another said she'd meet me then didn't show up - maybe it's my poor Spanish.

I also like a gal Eva, who seems to be Albanian, but last time she had some vaginal problems, only oral, etc. Great breasts! She's located just as you turn right from the center dividing road on the main strip.

Watch out for the Africans, they are very, very agressive.

There's another gal (Monica?) just prior on the right who shows her tush to the road and knows how to use it! One of the most exciting oral & doggie stylist out there. Cost is always 25 Euro full service, and they will run & get change for you if they don't have it !

Personally, I don't like the beer bars with the nake chicks, as they seem to want a fortune and not necessarily deliver.

Two more places near Madrid, 1 on the way returning from Toledo (about 15-20 minutes outside Madrid) opens at 5 pm with a gall from Hungary that was sorry to see me leave - gave great long BBBJ, many, many positions - maybe 38 yrs old - kind of red hair, 55 Euros.

Another place is Olympo just outside Valdoid north of Madrid. Classic bar chick choice & up stairs to bang. Met a columbian gal who gave great BBBJ and full service for 35 Euro total incl. room - but only a 6 rating.

happy hunting,

Surfer 64 living high

08-02-03, 20:49
lovely trip report aug 2

in the interest of market research, i decided to try out club lovely, about 30 km out of madrid on the n-i to burgos. i got there around 7 pm on a saturday night.

same price structure as flowers park. no cover, but mixed drinks around 11 euros, room 3 euros, service 50-70 euros per half hour depending on your negotiating skills and ymmv.

i have to agree with other posters that flowers park probably has a better selection, at least from this one unscientific sample. lots of youngish romanians, some hungarians, some older brazilians, etc. have to say though that the best looking ones, and there were some incredible looking tall model types, were inside the hotel area when i had already made my choice and commited to another girl (doesn't it always seem to happen that way?), so they probably have regulars that keep them busy.

i was approached by some romanians including buxom brunette michaela and a hungarian girl who's name i forget. during our discussion, i got to feel them up a little and the hungarian gave me a nice handjob through my pants. however, she didn't have enough patience to let me finish my drink and turned off the charm really quickly if she thought i wasn't buying any time soon.

i then settled on josie, a hot mulata cubana whom i had noticed when i first entered the club but who had disappeared for a while. petite but a great figure, with breasts just the right size peeking out of a red string bikini top with "15th round" printed on it. she snuggled up against me and made her pitch. she started out at 70 and wouldn't budge from 60 until it looked like i was going to walk away. she accepted my offer finally but was visibly disappointed. i thought i had made a mistake in letting the negotiations kill the buzz and that i would have a lousy session, but i was wrong.

in the room, josie was very gfe. we did a very nice bbbj, daty, dfk, and several positions. josie has braces, but that didn't affect her performance. i unfortunately finish fairly quickly the first time i'm with a girl, so we spent the rest of the time giving each other massages. the one she gave me was very good. definitely a gem.

some other random notes. touch of class: i accidentally knocked over my drink onto the bar, even breaking the glass. the bartender came by and cleaned it up and then made me a new drink without charging me. not a touch of class: when they give you and your girl a room, they give you a set of sheets, some liquid soap, and then a roll of paper towels instead of cloth towels. as i was leaving, i saw a group of what i perceived to be foreigners going into the club (bunch of white guys in khakis and polos, and a sikh -- not many sikhs in madrid). looked to me like a boys night out for some visiting high-tech convention or something. so even though lovely is a ways out of town, it's definitely on the monger trail.

Member #1122
08-04-03, 11:24
Anyone have any info about a porn star Escortin Madrid?

El Ricardo
08-11-03, 13:24
Hi I'm planning a trip to España for late September of early October. Would appreciate locating the company of a friendly "chica". My usual haunts have been Buenos Aires and San Jose, Costa Rica, but I wanted to try something a little different. I actually like the women of BA so much that I am considering bringing one of them with me. However, there's lots of overhead in the preparation, and I'm not sure ite worth it if I can find some connections here in Spain. Do you all have any suggestions? Looking for someone who might be willing to travel with me for a few days.
thanks for the help!

Sinverg Wenza
08-12-03, 15:52
Hi ElRicardo!

AFAIK permanent companionship is available, but you'd have to expect much higher prices than those reported in BA's thread (which I've lurked a few times). I can give you no leads. Just look for what you want in the newspapers or visit some of the clubs reviewed here a few times and propose some business to the girl you want.

On the other hand, bringing your girl with you has, besides the extra cost of airfare, the disadvantage of it being more difficult to sample whatever Spain has to offer.

Anyway, Argentines may come to Spain as tourists for up to 90 days with just a valid passport. No visa needed. See http://www.mae.es/consulados/buenosaires/visados.htm for that kind of boring info.

El Ricardo
08-15-03, 00:02
Hola Sinverg Wenza!
Thanks for the response. I see from scanning these reports that the cost for the girls is not going to be like BA. However, perhaps it will be better to skip bringing someone all the way from BA since I am really trying to get aquainted with the country and this added complication could just be a distraction.

Also, as I scan these reports, it looks like there's a lot less action available here (in Spain.) Am I missing something? It looks like the hot thing to do is go to Flower Park, and that's just for short times...no?

BTW, could you enlighten me: I don't understand the FLA (five letter acronym) AFAIK...what does this mean?
Hi ElRicardo!

AFAIK permanent companionship is available, but you'd have to expect much higher prices than those reported in BA's thread (which I've lurked a few times). I can give you no leads. Just look for what you want in the newspapers or visit some of the clubs reviewed here a few times and propose some business to the girl you want.

On the other hand, bringing your girl with you has, besides the extra cost of airfare, the disadvantage of it being more difficult to sample whatever Spain has to offer.

Anyway, Argentines may come to Spain as tourists for up to 90 days with just a valid passport. No visa needed. See http://www.mae.es/consulados/buenosaires/visados.htm for that kind of boring info. [/QUOTE]

08-15-03, 08:26
[QUOTE]Originally posted by ElRicardo
BTW, could you enlighten me: I don't understand the FLA (five letter acronym) AFAIK...what does this mean?

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

I cannot compare Spain and BA (I have never been to BA), but keep in mind that there is a lot of girls from Central and Eastern Europe in Spain. They are generally very nice and a little cold, but generally does not mean always. With a bit of luck you will find some beautiful Romanian hottie.

Sinverg Wenza
08-16-03, 15:12

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

I believe that the scene is very similar to that of BA. Perhaps with Euro prices, but you it is possible to get laid for not a lot of money.

There are *LOTS* of options available. Definitely too many for the few of us who are posting here to review them exhaustively. We are exchanging our personal recommendations of tested clubs/ladies/brothels along with whatever comes from those of us who endeavor to experience new places, in our very limited time.

I believe the advice found here is a safer bet.

But you could buy any newspaper (El Pais, El Mundo or ABC) open it on classifieds and look at the section "Relax" and find about three pages of what you are looking for in any price range. Just like you would find in "Clarin", IIRC (If I Recall Correctly)

For streetwalkers: See the reviews on Casa de Campo (now being closed), or Calle Montera (generally the blocks surrounding Gran Via, around the Telefonica building). Also, by night in Calle Sor Angela de la Cruz, near Cuzco.

I don't recommend streetwalkers. They are not as safe as girls met in a club or a brothel.

Please post your experiences


Sinverg Wenza
08-16-03, 15:27
Hi All!

This being a long, slow weekend in Madrid, I decided to visit the Asian ladies brothel in c/Tenerife, 15. See details in my previous posts from a week or two ago.

I was introduced to five girls, one of them was the caribbean black woman I mentioned before.

This time I chose Rosa. A petite Thai girl in her late twenties or early thirties with a curvy body and nice, but surgically enhanced, breasts.

Lacking any air conditioned the place was *HOT* like everywhere else in the city. This surely affected the quality of the experience. This being said, the session was very good, in spite of that.

Rosa is a very enthusiastic girl. Gave me some BBBJ, then put me on a condom and continued with a CBJ for some time. Then we had sex in several positions for the rest of the 30 min. This cost me 35 Euro.

Most of the girls in that place speak a very broken Spanish. Rosa was more comfortable speaking English than Spanish. The same may be true of the other girls.


Sinverg Wenza

08-16-03, 23:05
Does anybobody have any news on Casa de Campo? Is there any action after the closure to the cars?Looked like there was a great street action.

08-17-03, 17:21
The train from principe pio train station in madrid to Las Matas is 1.65 euro and stops right across the highway from Flowers Park.

you can't miss the 20 foot tall neon sign.

trains are every 30 minutes afaik.

El Ricardo
08-18-03, 03:41
Sinverg Wenza,
Thanks for the information and recommendations. I've never been a big fan of the street walker scene. The atmosphere of the legal clubs in Buenos Aires and San Jose seems so much more relaxed and friendly.

I have a little apprehension about Spain however since it seems many of the lovelies in the clubs in Spain come from South America...so, I ask myself, why don't I just go to Buenos Aires again? Part of the answer is that when I travel like this, I like to combine the mongering with some touring and learning about the country and the culture. Perhaps this is a little naive of me but thats the way it is.

My point here is: I see so much dialog going on in the Argentina section of this board, and so little in the Spain section...why is that? You hinted at one possible answer when you said :
"... too many for the few of us who are posting here to review them exhaustively. We are exchanging our personal recommendations of tested clubs/ladies/brothels along with whatever comes from those of us who endeavor to experience new places, in our very limited time."
Can you expand on this a bit?
ps and yes....I'll post my experiences. I'm good about posting.

08-18-03, 06:01
El Ricardo -

I agree with you that there are not many people posting about Spain. When I visited Spain on a business trip this summer, I was so surprised to find such a great scene in Madrid and Barcelona because I couldn't get much information from this board in advance. I've been to Costa Rica, all over Central America, Tijuana, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and a few other places. But - I now believe in Spain - after seeing the beautiful women, comfortable settings, variety of women, clean clubs, safety, and very low prices!! For Tijuana prices, you can have a beautiful girl from anywhere in the world. Every size, shape and color. I disagree with you that most of them are from Central and South America, I found most of them to be from Europe and Eastern Europe - Romania, Albania, Poland, Hungary, Russia, - and some, as you say, from South America. I had a beautiful Bulgarian, an Albanian, and a Brazilian. I wish I had the stamina to go with about ten more - beautiful - beautiful women.

I found the customers in these places to be mostly Spanish men and I didn't meet anyone from the US. In fact when I told the women I was "de Los Estados Unidos" most of them didn't know what I was saying!!! They looked at me like I was from some unknown location. When I said "America", they understood. That tells me that they don't meet many guys from the US because I think most of us would say we were from Los Estados Unidos. These places are a little outside of town and that may be a deterrent for the tourists.

I also enjoyed Spain mongering because it is a "first world" country with good roads, clean facilities, etc. I don't have anything against other countries and really like the Blue Marlin in Costa Rica and other third world locations, but really - Spain beats them all - except for the distance. Also, I only found a few great choices - and many poor choices. Go to Flowers Park in Madrid and I hear that Lovely is similar. Also, go to Club Riviera in Barcelona and you won't be disapointed. Other locations that have been reported on are not good - "Hot" in Madrid, - many downtown bars, anfd other locations that just want to get your money.

Picture 100-200 beautiful women milling around a large bar and coming up to you to convice you they are worth spending a half hour with. Some are hard sell, but most are smart enough to know that you need to get acquainted first and they are willing to let you "feel the goods" with a sense of humor!!

You won't be disappointed if you go to the places I have recommended. When you return, let me know if you agree.


Sinverg Wenza
08-18-03, 19:25
Hi ElRicardo,

What can I say? Out of my own readings of other threads I have come to the conclusion that Spain is one of the best countries for action in Western Europe, if not the best right out, but now you come here and say that your conclusion is that Madrid (or Spain for that matter) is slow.

This may mean that maybe in the other Western Countries the scene is much better than it looks like. This is good news.

But I digress, I don't have the BA first hand experience to make comparisons, but I can guarantee that you will not be bored.

BTW, not all the ladies are Latin American, although they abound (and thank god for it!). There are also Eastern European women and there is local talent too, but tends to be on the expensive or old side.

There is so many action in Madrid that it is impossible to report about it all. There are lots of appartments, lots of clubs, and lots of independent pro's. Some of them don't always deliver what you are expecting, which is what we all expect: A quality experience with a good-looking lady with the correct attitude. Sometimes you get rushed or mechanical service that makes you feel like you've wasted your money. I guess that this is the same everywhere.

By following advice on this board, you are likely to maximize your chances of a good session. New to this board, I started reporting about a month ago on some brothels set up on appartments that I've been visiting lately and where I have found adequate service. I think this kind of brothels have been somewhat neglected in this thread. Unfortunately I have very limited time and budget for the hobby so it's difficult for me to risk and try new places. This means that when I feel like it, I'm more likely to follow the advice found here than to explore a completely unknown place. If many people do this, it would seem that Madrid is pretty much dead. This is what may have happened in this thread which has been focusing both on the major clubs and on streetwalkers for a lot of time, and we see people reporting similar experiences all the time.

But there are really lots of options: Three pages of classified ads of appartments and independent pro's on a newspaper from a major city (*). B69 provided me with a listing with about 15 of the best known clubs, but there are countless of smaller ones: One can take a walk around the surroundings of Av. Donostiarra and Parque Calero, in Barrio de la Concepcion and find an unusual concentration of small clubs (untested by me). There may be other areas.

Like I said, when it comes to mongering, you will not be bored in Madrid. And likely, you won't be bored in most other respects either.

Good luck!

(*) IMPORTANT NOTE: when checking the classified ads pages, it is useful to distinguish what are the telephone numbers:

.- Numbers starting by 90x, usually 906 or 903. Now you may find also 80x. These are sex phone numbers. The call will be outrageously expensive and you will not have sex except with Rosy Palm. Call only if you like the sex phone thing. Some of these services are known to refer customers to some brothels or clubs for actual sex. It still doesn't make sense since brothels and clubs are so easy to come across. Just go to the next ad.

.- Numbers begining by 6. These are cell phone numbers. The call will be expensive, but you will likely talk business (or even more likely, get the voice mail: the girl may be busy with another customer)

.- Numbers begining by 91. Madrid local numbers. Some of them, i.e. all the 918 and some of the 916 may be outside Madrid metropolitan area and the call may be non local, but still cheaper than a call to a cell phone.

I hope this info helps.

08-19-03, 13:05
Hola Sinverg Wenza

You're absolutely right in every single word of your last posting.

You ever tried c/Estrella 15?

08-19-03, 23:33
My limited experience with Spain is that the action is wide open. You can find working girls of all types and price ranges, from the least expensive in the Casa de Campo, moving on up to calle Montera, to the clubs on the highways, to the high-priced clubs in town. Better looking for the most part than the women in Costa Rica -- definitely more variety. The price range again can be anywhere from 20-200 Euros per session. Plus, there's great "legitimate" tourist things to do in Madrid, the food is great, and the non-pro women are some of the sexiest on the planet.

Sinverg Wenza
08-21-03, 17:50
Originally posted by Yogi-Bear

You ever tried c/Estrella 15? No. I may have come across them when calling to the newspaper's classified ads. There may be more than one apartment in c/Estrella.

Why should I have tried it anyway? is it a worthwhile place? Did you have any hopefully pleasant experience there? Maybe you just heard it's a fine place?

El Ricardo
08-23-03, 00:42
Okay...made the big decision and booked a flight leaving EEUU on 26SEP and returning on 04OCT. I would appreciate any recommendations about hotel accomodations. I would do high end if necessary, but really looking for a comfortable, convenient and "friendly" place. Can you all give me any recommendations?

I will continue to backtrack through the previous posts, but if you have any additional advice for a solo traveller, I'm listening. My Spanish was getting pretty good in Buenos Aires, San Jose, Costa Rica, and with my profesoras. I think its going to be a little more complicated in Spain with the various dialects and combined languages. Any advice on this?

I can't tell you how much I appreciate having this forum to turn to at a time like this. Thanks for your help, and thanks Jackson (I'll buy you a drink or a meal the next time we're in BA together (for me..I think it will be the end of November...Thanksgiving time.))

08-24-03, 17:21

Great decision you took !! You won´t regret it.
I totally agree with the comments of Sinverg, Clodbuster, and Co. The scene in Madrid is tremendously varied in terms of price and style, with women from all nationalities. Do realize that Spain has approx 400 000 pro girls; this is the highest of all Western Europe both in terms of quantity and also in proportion to the population.

I have mongered in BA too, twice in the last year, so I believe I know what you are referring to. In BA, the mongers meet in places like the Etoile, go mongering together, get to know each other and write lots of reports on what they have experienced. Plus, Jackson (our administrator and hero) lives in BA most of the year, so that foments even more postings. To sum up, there is a camaraderie, which we do not have here on the Madrid forum (yet).

Regarding places to stay while you are here and which are chica friendly and on the high end, you can try the Emperatriz and the Occidental Miguel Angel, as well as the Intercontinental. All three are located in an excellent area close to 4 chica clubs, including the local Blacks of BA (called Pygmalion here).

And when you are in town, keep in touch and we can hook up. I should be here. Take care.

El Ricardo
08-24-03, 20:06
Originally posted by B69

Great decision you took !! You won´t regret it.
I totally agree with the comments of Sinverg, Clodbuster, and Co. The scene in Madrid is tremendously varied in terms of price and style, with women from all nationalities. Do realize that Spain has approx 400 000 pro girls; this is the highest of all Western Europe both in terms of quantity and also in proportion to the population.

I have mongered in BA too, twice in the last year, so I believe I know what you are referring to. In BA, the mongers meet in places like the Etoile, go mongering together, get to know each other and write lots of reports on what they have experienced. Plus, Jackson (our administrator and hero) lives in BA most of the year, so that foments even more postings. To sum up, there is a camaraderie, which we do not have here on the Madrid forum (yet).

Regarding places to stay while you are here and which are chica friendly and on the high end, you can try the Emperatriz and the Occidental Miguel Angel, as well as the Intercontinental. All three are located in an excellent area close to 4 chica clubs, including the local Blacks of BA (called Pygmalion here).

And when you are in town, keep in touch and we can hook up. I should be here. Take care.

Thanks for the information. Interestingly enough, I had already begun looking at Emperatriz but was guessing they weren't chica friendly. With your information now, I'll look again! Also will look into Occidental Miguel Angel.
I'll stay in touch with you through this forum, and see if we can't hook up.

Spanish Fly
08-25-03, 15:44
[QUOTE]Originally posted by ElRicardo
[My Spanish was getting pretty good in Buenos Aires, San Jose, Costa Rica, and with my profesoras. I think its going to be a little more complicated in Spain with the various dialects and combined languages. Any advice on this?

Definitely, you shouldn't find any problem at all. Spanish (with any variety of accents) is spoken by 100% of the local population in Spain. Don't worry about "dialects" (be careful though to call "dialect" to some of the region languages as in Catalonia or Vasque Country.... :-), because everybody will speak spanish if you start speaking spanish... moreover if you don't look too "local".

On the other hand, and considering you are not staying too many days, I'd recommend to stuck to Madrid and perhaps Barcelona. Both have plenty of things to do/visit, and plenty of action to get you busy at night... Check also the appropriate Barcelona thread for further information.

If you decide not to go to Barcelona, then you can check Seville. Women are great down there, although the mongering action is not so strong like in Madrid/Barcelona or any touristic place in Costa del Sol (southern Spain-> Malaga -> Marbella etc...)

Don't hesitate to ask for more detailed information if you need to, but I am sure that you will find more than enough in the previous posts.

Good luck and don't forget to post your experiencies (good or not-so-good) back here!!!

08-26-03, 22:40
Some people have said on this board that Madrid is the best place for entertainment but there seems to be just one or two places in town and Flowers Park out of town......plus the usual apartments. However reading the reports, it does not seem to be that promising and the escort scene seems to be limited.

Sounds like Prague is a much better option.

Anyone care to comment ? Thanks.



08-27-03, 11:43
There may be more than one apartment in c/Estrella.

For this I wrote c./Estrella 15

Why should I have tried it anyway? is it a worthwhile place?

If you're looking for a real GFE ask in the evening session (starting from 22:00) for Susana a very nice Colombiana.

Sinverg Wenza
08-27-03, 12:56

Thank you , I'll try to check that. Is that place accessible from the street? Do you have the phone number of the apartment?


I think both The Castellana Intercontinental and Hotel Miguel Angel take Bancotel vouchers. This means about 100 Euros a night, which may be 50% the normal rate. They may not take them on busy season though. Check www.bancotel.es

Another interesting area besides the one suggested by B69 is the one around Cuzco. Hotel Cuzco or Melia Castilla are there and also close to several major mongering places and plenty of streetwalkers at night. The last time I attended a wedding celebration at the Melia Castilla there seemed to be several working girls at the disco and at the hall. Obviously, I couldn't check at the time, but my spider-SW detector buzzed like mad.

Sinverg Wenza
08-27-03, 13:06
Originally posted by JackDaniels
Some people have said on this board that Madrid is the best place for entertainment

However reading the reports, it does not seem to be that promising and the escort scene seems to be limited.

Sounds like Prague is a much better option.

Read my responses to ElRicardo. There's not much I can add. The bottomline is: Come here and check. You won't be disappointed.

BTW I was very careful to specify Western Europe. The scene may be somewhat better in Prague (never been there) or Moscow (been there twice, once in the Communist era, and then in 1993 the Yeltsin Era. If it kept at that pace I can imagine Moscow is a major sex capital by now).

But even if Spain comes short by a little bit, the food is way better :-)


08-27-03, 21:04
Originally posted by Sinverg Wenza
Read my responses to ElRicardo. There's not much I can add. The bottomline is: Come here and check. You won't be disappointed.

BTW I was very careful to specify Western Europe. The scene may be somewhat better in Prague (never been there) or Moscow (been there twice, once in the Communist era, and then in 1993 the Yeltsin Era. If it kept at that pace I can imagine Moscow is a major sex capital by now).

But even if Spain comes short by a little bit, the food is way better :-)


Thanks, I did read your report with interest. I was just trying to get a feel for the place and how it may compare with Rio, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, St Petersburg and London. It does sound as though the places to go to (clubs) are not that many and are dispersed around town and even out of town.

True, the food is good and I hear the regular bars are good too.


South Star
08-28-03, 01:01
Sinverg wenza:

Since you're interested on protecting the location of your places by not posting their addresses, I suggest you to send them by mail to all members who request them. Please send me the addresses, since I'm going to Madrid in two weeks.


Le Grand
08-28-03, 18:46
First time in Madrid. I took a walk down Montera from Gran Via towards Sol at around 8pm. Lots of SW even though the what seemed to be major shopping street was full of shoppers. Most of the SW looked like south americans. Mostly 5-6. Mostly small which was not of my liking. I then tried an apartment brothel between Montera and Tre Cruses as mentioned in some earlier posting. The apartment was not easy to find since the building was inside a sort of a court yard. I guessed that is quite common in Europe. The name of the brothel was not on the bank of door bells so I kind of took a chance that it was the right place. It was. I went up to the thrid floor and was greeted by a pleasant young black girl. She paraded 4 girls for me. I took a tall, bigger (but not fat) girl with nice big tits and ass for an hour for 100 Euro. She looked Spanish but turned out to be Mexican. She was very friendly. Got her to keep her bras on with her big tits hanging out. Very sexy. Gave me a good BBBJ before letting me take her from behind while standing up and bending down. I had to restrain myself from cumming at the sight of her fine big ass. Doggie, tit fuck and I was a goner shooting my load onto her fine tits (I tried, but no CIM). Relax. Chatted. Looking at my cum on her tits, got another hard on. She finished me off again with another BBBJ followed by a HJ. Tipped her 20 Euro and left with a big smile!

Sinverg Wenza
08-29-03, 07:03
Originally posted by Daguilar70
Sinverg wenza:

Since you're interested on protecting the location of your places by not posting their addresses, I suggest you to send them by mail to all members who request them. Please send me the addresses, since I'm going to Madrid in two weeks.

If you read on, you'll see my post from August 1st http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?postid=108762#post108762
where, by popular demand, I posted the addresses of reviewed sites.

If you have further questions, just ask.

I hope you'll have a pleasant stay in Madrid. Don't forget to post back!


Sinverg Wenza

08-30-03, 13:28
Does anyone have any news on Casa Del Campo?
Are the roads cloased 24/7? Is there any action left in the park?

I´ve also heard that a lot of the street action is moving away from the Gran Via area, I know there waere suggestions a while back about the govrn setting up a specific area for teh street girls but ´don´t know if this is in affect or where the street action is moving too.

Does anyone have the address or directions to club Lovely, and club starky?

Much appriciated.

08-30-03, 17:42
Hey Lazlo,

There you go.

Going to Lovely is very simple. You need a car. Take the NI, the highway heading North towards Burgos. To get to I, look for peripheral road called M30 heading North or simply drive all the way Paseo Castellana, and once you pass Plaza Castilla it will be indicated.

Drive approx 35 km. There is an exit right before Lovely. The exit number is 35. And you cannot miss Lovely as there are huge neons on place with the title of the place, Lovely. Easier impossible.

Starsky is a bit harder. Get to peripheral highway M40, general direction South East of Madrid. Pass Mercamadrid which is the huge meatmarket in Madrid. Take Vallecas exit (the first one). Very soon, you will see a rather high building with a big neon sign which says Whiskeria Estark. There is a big gasoline station next to it.

Good luck and post back !!

08-30-03, 20:52
Thanks B69, very hellpful.

I will be in Madrid most of next week and if anyone would care to share a visit to Lovely, flowers park, starky or similar pease feel free to contact me on my hotmail adresss Viclazlo at hot...

08-31-03, 04:20
I am thinking about a trip to Madrid and Costa del Sol in October. I know that Flowers Park is right on the metro line (as reported here) but I am wondering about Club Lovely. Can one get there by metro from downtown if I don't have a car? I tried to look at a map based on the excellent driving directions posted below by B69 but I could not relate it to metro map. Flowers Park was easy...get off at Las Matas (with big neon sign.) Thanks.

08-31-03, 09:55
Hello Dave,

Though there are a couple of regular trains (not a metro) that must pass close to Lovely, I do not believe any stops very close.

I include a link to the Madrid community tren network.
Line C7 or C10 are the ones which pass close to Lovely.


If any monger knows more, please do not hesitate to elaborate with more information.

Hope it helps.

Sinverg Wenza
08-31-03, 11:37

If you don't have a car and depend on public transportation IMO it doesn't make a lot of sense to try and sample all the big clubs of the surroundings. Flowers Park is OK, since it seems to be so conveniently located close to the train station (thanks for the tip, Euribor!), but keep in mind that you'll be commuting for maybe over one hour before arriving there (20-30 min Metro from wherever you are to Principe Pio train station, then wait for the train then 30 min. travel, and you have to be there early if you want to be done and catch the last train back at about 23:30) after that, whith so much to do in downtown Madrid, within easy reach of metro or even taxi (which are quite inexpensive in Spain), I wouldn't bother with Lovely and other far away places.

Just my 0.02 €

El Ricardo
08-31-03, 19:51
Sinverg Wenza, B69, Spanish Fly and others who have been sending me advice and recommendations:Thanks! As I progress with the planning, each step is made a little easier by your information and encouragement.

I've now made arrangements with the Hotel Emperetriz. I tried the Bancotel approach, but couldn't get the continuous open dates I needed. So, I have a transportation to Spain and a place to stay. What other things do I need to plan in advance?
Do I need a car, or is it crazy like Buenos Aires?

I arrive on Saturday the 27th of September, and would like to see Real Madrid play. I think they're playing in Valencia on Sunday. How difficult would it be to find some form of public transportation on Sunday morning to get there in time to see the match? Do i need to procure ticket(s) in advance? I realize this is a board for encountering and enjoying the chicas, but I've got to do something while re-charging!

Looking forward to meeting any and all of you!

Sinverg Wenza
09-01-03, 10:44
Originally posted by El Ricardo

Do I need a car, or is it crazy like Buenos Aires?
ER Crazy, I'd say.

If you're going to spend most of your time in Madrid or any other major city, a car is more a liability than an advantage.

Take it from someone who got very fed up, sold his car and moved within walking distance from work, to see his quality of life dramatically improved.

There is an efficient subway open from 6:00 to 1:30, lots of buses, and cabs are cheap in comparison to other European cities.

However, it might be a good idea to hire a car for one or two days day and visit surrounding towns, like El Escorial, Aranjuez, or Toledo at your leisure. This way, in the evening, you can visit some of the hard to reach mongering places as well.

Enjoy your stay!


09-01-03, 18:14
Sinverg and B69,

Thanks for the great advice. Yeah I did look at the Renfe web site before I posted here and noticed train schedule. I also feel that driving does not sound enjoyable in Madrid so I am leaning against renting a car except for maybe a couple of days on Costa del Sol. So if one stays at a hotel like Emperatriz like El Ricardo, it sounds like there are some chica places I should focus on near there (Pygmalion was one I remember.) How do they compare to Flowers (if I missed this info in earlier posts I apologize?)

Also having been to TJ several times, are there taxis waiting outside at the further out places like Club Lovely and Flowers Park to take the "gringos" like me back to the hotel after all public transportation has stopped for the night? Another question, if I may, it does not sound like there is as much afternoon/early evening action in these clubs (unlike TJ?)

Again thanks for your excellent advice.


09-01-03, 21:32
Hey Dave,

Pygmalion is indeed very close to Hotel Emperatriz.

Comparing with Flowers Park is easy. In Pygmalion, girls are more sophisticated and elegant. Lots of stunning lookers. Also much more expensive.

In Flowers, there are more girls. Average age is lower. They do not dress as well or look as classy, and you must consume on the spot (meaning in rooms above).

In my opinion, Flowers Park is better, since it has on average younger girls, more girls and better prices.

Please read previous posts by Buster Highman on this comparation issue.

Close to Hotel Emperatriz, within the same block, there are a couple of other places which are not that good, though you can always be lucky. These are Michelangelo and Gogo´s.


I am afraid that at the exit of Lovely or Flowers Park, there are no taxis waiting.
There are taxis waiting in the places located within Madrid, but I have never seen any in the chica bars located outside.

Hope this helps.

09-13-03, 17:55
Is there any news on Casa de Campo after the closure to car traffic.

Thank you very much

09-13-03, 17:58
Cool to have the board back,...by the way..............

09-13-03, 22:49
Casa de Campo is still going strong. After new traffic regulation, some routes have been closed to cars and the girls are now more concentrated on the fewer roads that are still open.

Let me try this new photo option with a girl from casa de campo. No clear face for privacy, of course.

09-15-03, 19:25
I have moved to Madrid! and am looking forward to checking things out here. I noticed that Club Hot is right around the corner from my school. It had a sign on the front door that said it would be reopening on September 16, or something like that. Has anyone been there since? Anyway, I'm interested in hooking up with any of you who live in Madrid to check out some clubs in the area.


El Ricardo
09-16-03, 03:00
Another question: its about dress in Madrid. There was a remark I read in a previous post (Buster Highwayman or b69). After Daisy shaved his head, she wanted to take him shopping because "...he looked too American." So the question is, what does one wear in Spain to blend in and not look too American?

Also, I will be staying at the Hotel Emperatriz between 27SEP and 04OCT. Anybody else in town and in the mood?

Sinverg Wenza
09-16-03, 09:16
Regarding dress in Madrid, I don't think it's important, really. Some classy clubs might object your dressing if you look too eccentric. Try to dress smart casual when mongering and *anything* you like the rest of the time.

I'd love to meet you and lex, but I might be out of town during those dates. I've yet to confirm. We can be in touch by mail through my netscape.net address 'sinvergwenza'.

09-17-03, 18:51
Hey El Ricardo,

Do not worry about dressing up. As Sinverg mentions, you can be smart casual for places like Pygmalion for example, and that will be enough.

I will here around those dates, so we can hook up. With pleasure. And do some in depth comparison with Buenos Aires while conducting some field study.

Drop a post when you are around and we will hook up.

Hello Lex.

Well, since we will hook up with El Ricardo, I guess you can join the party. Same for you then, let´s hook up around those dates.

C u.

09-19-03, 19:18
Well, here goes a review of some of the best places in the close proximity to Madrid.
Indeed, two mongers decided to join forces to wreck havoc in the scene: B69 and Lazlo.
A fellowship was formed and the quest lasted four nights.

The following places were reviewed, all of them located next to the highways around Madrid.
All of them sex supermarkets with a wide number of girls and with
accommodations on the spot, meaning there are rooms you go to with a big bar, around which you have a drink while the girls are there, parading and presenting their assets.
In all of them, the girls are allowed to approach you. And they certainly do. And all have a similar price structure.
These are: Flowers Park, Lovely, Mirador, Estark, Vaji

1. Flowers Park - On the N-VI, 25kms from Madrid
Unavoidable. A must. Really. I strongly believe it is the best place in Madrid in terms of quality, quantity and price.
In fact, there was a night when the quality of the talent was impressive, with approx 10 girls who were at least a 9.
These were Colombians, Brazilians, or Rumanians. Approx 90 girls in total. We went 3 nights and the quality varies a bit from one day to the next. Some girls don´t work on week ends. Some who do, don´t work on a Tuesday, etc.

(Buster, FYI, I ran into Jasmine, as friendly as ever. Lazlo actually went up with her and had a good time. And I believe he should tell the tale. By the way we also saw Diana, the Rumanian girl you, huh, fell wildly attracted to, to say the least. :-) )

I personally went with two girls during the quest. One night with
Alessandra, a Greek/Romanian girl. Short (1m59). 21 years old. Neither slim nor chubby. Long dark hair. Breasts normal. Good personality (humour, culture). A bit wild. Some very good kissing and a long passionate bareback blowjob. The sex was good and there was a bit of anal, but I did not last long, as the BBBJ got me on the orgasmic edge. EUR 140 for about 75 minutes.

The second night, I went with Diana, Hungarian. (Note: this is a different girl than the one Buster Highman experienced in the flesh). 1m60. Very attractive face, and nice fit body. Long dark hair. Rather petite shape. 21years old, looked 18. A funny and friendly girl. This time, covered BJ. No anal. Sex was ok. What was great was making love to such a lovely body. Good conversation. Mutual massages. Agreed for EUR 120 for 60 minutes.

2. Lovely - On N-I, 35kms from Madrid
Same owners than Flowers. Less girls. Approx 50 of them. Some stunning ones, like in Flowers. But as there is less quantity overall, one sees less than in Flowers. As a bar, the place is nicer than Flowers. With more space, and more light. But no strip/erotic show. I did not consume any girls, but definitely saw very attractive Brazilian, Lebanese, Martinique, and Rumanian girls. Fares are the same than Flowers Park

3. Mirador - On N-I, 44kms from Madrid
The place is not as nice as the previous two. Little light. Loud music . A bit lower scale overall. Around 70 girls. A few good looking ones, but a few is definitely something. A few good looking Brazilians and Colombians.
There is a strip show as well. I went with Estela, who was one of the dancers, but who also caters to client needs. Brazilian. 23 years old. Short, 1m54. Very cute and nice body. Great ass. So friendly. A girl friend experience. The sex was great. Passionate blowjob (bare back), deep kissing, massage, 69, anal. She was so much into it. And loving it Wow. EUR 170 for 1h45 mns.

4. Estark
Aka Whiskeria Estarky. On the M40, about 20kms SouthEast from Madrid. Right after Mercamadrid the big wholesale market of Madrid. About 35 girls. Most are Romanians. The rest are Brazilians. Though less in quantity than all the rest, the average level of the girls is pretty high. No consumption here, but if you are into Caucasian, tall blonds, slim but nicely chested, etc. Lots of those.

5. Vaji (aka Herradura, as there is a huge neon in the shape of a horseshoe)
On the N-IV, 25kms South of Madrid. About 70 girls. Very varied in terms of nationalities. Many Colombians, Dominicans, Brazilians, Romanians, Mexicans, Argentine. I went there a few months back and had a good experience with two Colombians and a great one with a Portuguese. (Prices were EUR 60 for 30 mins).
Place is being revamped. They are building a strip area and a second, smaller bar. I did not consume there though I did
meet a couple of very attractive and friendly Colombians, who sorely tempted me.

I recommend all these places. In all, there are good looking girls. In terms of quantity of good looking girls, Flowers Park is the place, simply because it has the widest offer. In terms of quality of the bar, and the layout of the place, Lovely is the best. But in all, I saw girls I liked.
So, feel free to go to all of these.
Lazlo, I know for a fact, had a fantastic experience with a Colombian in Flowers Park. So he has to post !!!

Monger on!

09-20-03, 04:03

Thanks for the great report on Madrid. Sounds like my kind of place!

My only hesitation in reference to Madrid is language. Basically, can a monger get by in Madrid and function at these places without Spanish? Could you or anyone else tell me if language is a barrier there? For example, is English spoken in the hotels and restaurants? Is English spoken extensively and the clubs you mentioned? Thanks.

09-20-03, 04:20
To accompany the post of B69.

Indeed, two mongers did decided to join forces and take on the Chicas of Madrid, during an unforgettable four days.

My Memory seems to be Kaputznic these days, so for accurate directions refer to B69's post. I will do my best to review the places we visited and the girls that I spent time with.

The 'Supermarket' clubs/hotels;
For anyone seriously thinking of 'Mongering' in and around Madrid, I think it would be a mistake not to at least visit the 'Supermarket' style clubs/hotels. Yes, you can probably find street workers who offer a much cheaper service, and yes you can probably find similarly priced saunas or brothels, but the whole experience of the 'Supermarket' clubs cannot be beaten (In my opinion).

Why choose these clubs?;
Firstly, the rates are a standard €50 - 70 per half hour, at this price it is recommend to take at least one hour to enjoy a relaxed session, at times you may feel the need to stretch this to two hours, or indeed with the right girl you may want more (It is not unheard of for guys to take a girl upstairs for five or six hours plus). The girls vary in quality but rarely fall below 5, with the average girls being high 7s and 8s. I have also seen with my own eyes a fair few girls in the region of 9+. Most of the girls are in their early 20's, generally the girls stretched from 18 to 28. The quantity of girls is very high, with an average of 80/90 girls working at Flowers (Being the biggest we saw), and perhaps 50 at Estark (The smallest).
But the greatest thing about these clubs are the way in which they work...

How they work;
The entrance is generally free, although at times if they think you are visiting for the first time, or look like a tourist, they will ask you to pay a small cover charge of around €12, which is roughly the price of one drink and entitles you to one free drink (Everyone's a winner). Once you enter the club the atmosphere is friendly (but breath taking). Every club is set up like a large bar full with seductively dressed females, around which the men are free to roam. The girls lean up against the bar, against the walls, sit in corners, walk around circling the bar, everywhere you look there is a girl.
Once you enter the club it is advised to take a deep breath, remember that it is indeed real, and then take a relaxing stroll around the bar, get a feel for the place, see who is about. After completing your opening lap of the bar you will no doubt lean up against your favourite drink as a dozen or more stunning chicas batter their eye lids at you. Some girls will approach you the moment they see you, some may even go straight for your trouser snake. B69 made it a general rule not to go up with these girls and I would agree with him. The fact is that you are probably in a situation that will never be repeated, you are in a room with 50 or more beautiful young girls and you can have sex with any one you wish, don't let them take that choice (Power), away from you. The best option is to gently sip away at your rum and coke, waiting as long as you can before making your selection. Remember, when you enter the club some girls will be busy in the rooms upstairs, so it is always a good idea to wait at least an hour so that you get to seem more of what the club has to offer. Some girls will seem very timid and will not approach you unless you call them over or approach them. I discovered that this was neither a good sign or a bad sign and didn't reflect on the performance of the girl, it is simply their preferred method of working that night. Once you have selected a girl, talk to her! For as long as you wish. Remember this is your night, the girls may try to get you upstairs as fast as they can but if you show them you are interested they will wait, you have the power. Talk to them until you are sure that this is the girl for you. If you talk to a girl for one hour and then decide she is not the girl for you tell her! She may not like it but she will not cause a scene. I would actually recommend that you talk to at least 2 or 3 girls before you make a decision, even if the girl you finally choose is the first girl you spoke too. The only problem that this can cause is that if you choose a girl and loose track of her she may have been taken upstairs, and then it is up to you whether to wait.
Once you have made your selection your new friend will gladly take you by the hand through to the hotel reception where the business side of things are taken care off. the girl will then be given your key to happiness and lead you to the room. Once you enter the room and the door is closed the party really begins.

Tip. For those who speak limited or no Spanish do not be afraid. Some girls will speak very good English, some will speak enough to let them know what you want. Some will speak no English but they still know what you want and will be more than happy to communicate through international body language.
If you are seriously worried about the language barrier the best option is to approach the Eastern European girls as most of them seem to speak good English.

One final thing. For those of you more adventurous and not short of pocket. Many girls will be happy to suggest a friend to join you in a threesome. This was, unfortunately, untested during our visits, but in every club we visited the service seemed to be available. Don't be afraid to ask, if the girl you ask is not in to other girls she will more than likely point you in the right direction. Some girls will also be more than happy to be shared by two men. This was not something that B69 or myself enquired about but it was offered to us on more than one occasion. Basically, anything you want just ask, they can only say no.

The Clubs;

1. Flowers Park
Without doubt the best club we visited. In fact so good that we visited it three time during a busy schedule.
The quantity of girls is unbeatable, with an average of 90+ girls working most nights, sometimes more. The quality again is highly competitive. But the selling point for me was the variety of girls. they really do seem to be selling a united Europe, almost every nation seemed to be present, in a way it resembles a Miss World contest, where you are the judge and the judge gets to roger the winner.
I am feeling incredibly guilty now because I am struggling to remember names.
the first girl I went with was Jasmine. Very ealry 20's, maybe 20/21. Very friendly. Happy to talk for half an hour or so at the bar, but seem to prefer putting my hands down my trousers and tongue down my throat. Despite approaching me very early B69 spoke highly of her and I took her upstairs. In the room Jasmine was quick to rip her clothes off and then tore away mine. Lots of kissing and foreplay. I started by going down on her, knowing that this was my secret weapon I put my techniques to work. At first she was panting and moaning so hard I was sure that she was faking, but when she finally orgasmed I was proved wrong. She took a two minutes to recover and I watched on with a smile. After this a BBBJ and then on to numerous positions. It seemed to be one of those days where I was totally in control of myself. A few times I was close to exploding but my Margaret Thatcher technique kept me in shape (Picture Margaret Thatcher naked - It works). The hour was almost up although I could have gone for it I decide to opt for another hour of entertainment. The second hour was more of the same, in fact Jasmine was more than happy to shower once again. (Tip. Nearly all of the girls will shower, or at least wash themselves before the event. If the girl does not wash as thoroughly as you had hoped tell her). Again, I went down on her until she orgasmed (Put the work in lads and you'll get the rewards), she went down on me, and then another long session of position after position. No anal, although I didn't feel the need and never tried my luck.

My second girl was Cindy. Slightly older, about 26. Argentinian. Amazing body and skin. Long Blonde Hair. Big tits (fake - but I'm not complaining). Don't waste your time talking to her, she is simply amazing in bed. I could have spent the entire hour standing looking at her naked body, but that would be stupid. She acts very innocent in the bar and at times very quiet, but once upstairs she was an animal. She hurried my clothes off, and then no sooner had a placed my things to one side she was lying on the bed naked liking her lips and touching herself. again I jumped straight in and went down on her. She loved it (Technique, technique, technique), and I was rewarded with a BBBJ to die for. the sounds of her moaning and squirming as I brought her to orgasm took me very close, during the BJ I had my eyes closed thinking of Maggie singing the theme tune to Dad's Army, and by the time she had slipped on my protection and was riding me like a cowgirl I lasted no longer than 15 minutes. Wow. Highly Recommended.

The third girl I went with, her name has completely escaped me, perhaps B69 can recall.
She was Colombian. Tallish. Nice and slim body. Small to average breast. Pale skin but very smooth. She was dressed in a pleated skit and a lifter white blouse. This is not the look I normally go for but she looked like Britney Speares in the video where she wears a school uniform and that really did it for me. I was not disappointed. The moment we entered the room she showered and re-entered wearing her clothes so that I could watch her get undressed (This girl knows men very well). after she had finally striped down I made her get dressed again while I showered and then when I re-entered I undressed her with my teeth. Having such sensitive skin she went crazy as I went down on her. She orgasmed very hard. So, much in fact that after she took a short break she asked me to do the same again which I was happy to do so. After a second orgasm she went for a covered BJ and then we went on to have sex in several positions. I would say that Jasmine was the most lively girl and a we had a lot of fun talking and messing around like kids. Cindy was a real woman with the best body and seductive smile. But hands down the Colombian (Who's name is on the tip of my tongue), was the best. I will be back.

2. Lovely
Lovely is simply a smaller version of flowers. The bar is slightly smaller, there are less girls, around 50+ a night, the quality is about the same maybe slightly weaker (maybe), and the variety is good. I did not choose any girls, but I could have done so easily. We actually spent several hours in Lovely talking with a number of girls, all of whom were nice, but for this particular night we had other plans.

The good thing about Lovely is that it is very close to Mirador. So you can easily drive between the two and make your selections.

3. Mirador
About the same amount of girls as Lovely. Same size bar. The variety was OK, but I would say the quality was certainly lower. strangely, while the quality of the girls was much lower there seemed to be several girls around 8+.
I had a few major concerns about Mirador. Firstly we found out for a fact some of the girls were using cocaine and showed in their appearance. We were also informed that some of the girls sell the drug or offer it as part of the experience. The men at the club also seemed to be of a lower standard. While there is very little dress code, the gentlemen at flowers and Lovely were generally around 40+ yrs of age and dressed smartly (Although age is also not a problem as long as you are over 18). At Mirador there seemed to be a lot of drunken young men, and much older men (60+) wearing stained sweaters and grubby jeans.

Finding myself talking to one of the 8+s I decided to take her to a room. again the name escapes me (sorry). She was Brazilian, quite tall, perfect skin with that all year round Brazilian tan. Amazin gtits (Real). Long dark hair. I decided not to go down on her as no sooner had I unzipped my trousers she was attempting a BBBJ. This eventually became a covered BJ which lead to an enjoyable 69. The sex was frantic, she was a real animal. This girl like to change position often. I'm not sure how many we got through but she seemed to know them all. The strange thing was that when it was finally over we were both exhausted, and what seemed like over an hour was nearer 30 minutes and so she only asked for €50. Now I maybe young but I know a bargain when I see one, and this was it. Certainly not as good an experience as the Colombian girl, but highly recommended.

4. Estark
We didn't spend a great deal of time at Estark, perhaps an hour. There are slightly less girls than at the other places, around 40. the thing about this place is that it was full of Eastern Europeans. B69 claimed to have seen some Brazilians. We did manage to talk with two groups of girls who seemed very nice, but again we had other plans for the evening. If you are in to Eastern European girls, tall slim bodies, medium to small sized breasts, long blonde hair, think Anna Kornakova (Spelling?), then this is heaven for you. Most of the girls here were around 7, some 8+, but not being solely in to this look this was not the place for me.

Tip. The entrance to Estark seems less inviting than the other clubs. Don't be afraid, grab the handle, yank it open, you won't regret it.

5. Vaji (aka Herradura or the horseshoe)
Perhaps bigger than Lovely, but not as big as flowers. As B69 stated, the clubs was undergoing some refurbishment and extension so the club should grow in size and quality shortly.
The quality of the girls was good, slightly lower than Flowers and Lovely, but there were 8+s to be found. The variety was quite good but the majority of girls seemed to be of South American origin, on that night at least.
We were very tempted, very very tempted, but again we left without consuming.

The main reason we left any of the above clubs without consuming was simply because we couldn't stop thinking about Flowers, and returned there to cap the night. Some people may beg to differ, but great minds think a like, and both myself and B69 rated Flowers the best by far. This is not to say that I recommended you spend all of you time at flowers, with enough time I think it would be a good idea to visit all of the clubs mentioned and post your findings here.

When you drive around the Autopistas of Madrid you will certainly see other such clubs, but take caution before entering. B69 and myself selected the clubs we visited though well respected and informed boards. Some of the similar clubs you may see were either not recommended or simply untried. This is not to say that they will offer a negative experience, simply that you will be entering uncharted territory. If anyone does / or has, visited any other such clubs, please feel free to post the experience on the board.

Happy Hounding,

09-20-03, 04:34
Something we failed to mention but which has been mentioned previously; Due to the location of these clubs you really do need a car. There was some talk weeks earlier about a possible train route that stops close to Flowers, but this idea sounds silly because of the time it would take to get their and the fact the you would have to leave early in order to make the last train back.
There is the option of taking a taxi. given the correct address the driver will be able to find these places and while the fair shouldn't be too expensive it would not be cheap. You will also have to call a taxi to pick you up as there are never any taxis in the area.
The easiest option for those who do not have a car is to hire one. I know for a fact that car hire in Madrid can be very cheap if you choose the right company. and if you book early you can get cars for as little as €10 a day.

You best bet is with

(Although they seem to have raised the insurance premium for those under 26)




The Language barrier is not severe. virtaully all hotels and restaurants and other tourist facilities in Madrid cater for the English speaking market (perhaps more so than the Spanish speaking market), and anyone under 30 who went to school in Spain will have studied at least 4 years of English.
Within the clubs we have mentioned you are sure to find a number of girls who speak good English (mainly Eastern European), a large number of girls who speak very basic English (Enough to tell them what you want), and the girls who don't speak English at all will still be happy to show you what they've got and you'l find their is no such thing as a language barrier in such places.

Happy Hounding

Sinverg Wenza
09-20-03, 14:32
Great post and great tips, Lazlo.

Thank you very much!

El Ricardo
09-20-03, 20:57
I'll be staying at the Empretriz Hotel for one week beginning on 27SEP. I will have just arrived so will probably not want to venture too far the first night, but was thinking of Pigmallion on Saturday evening. Anyone interested in hooking up? Speaking of which: I don't have an address for this place. Can anyone help? Sunday, I'm planning on Valencia for a day and then spend the rest of the time back in Madrid (Monday to Saturday.)
Who's interested? Where would we meet?

09-21-03, 04:48

Thanks for the extensive report and the information on the language barrier. My basic Spanish plus their English should be enough. Am already planning my trip to Madrid.

Thanks again!

09-21-03, 07:17

I like Madrid and I'm glad to see you are planning a trip there. But IMHO, Barcelona is better. A better sex scene, better architecture, food and music. Good art, but Madrid is better with it's 3 great art museums. Of course it all depends what you are looking for and what you like to do. Just my 2 cents . . .


09-21-03, 12:49
El Ricardo,

Getting to Pygmalion is so easy from your hotel!
Just exit the lobby, cross the street, go around the fenced building in front of you, heading to your left first and then, a few steps after, to your right, and you have Pinar Street. And on number 6, you have Pygmalion. Basically, you are less than 2 minutes by foot from Hotel Emperatriz.
On Saturdays, girls arrive around 11pm to Pygmalion. So no need for you to get there earlier.

I do not recommend much the other two places which are right next to your hotel, Gogo´s and Michelangelo, on the same sidewalk, but if you have some spare time, do take a look at them. Sometimes, there are some very attractive girls there.

Close to Pygmalion, you may encounter some PR guys who will want to take you to other places. Like Geisha or Sombras. These are appartments/houses with a small amount of girls (approx 10), though of high quality, but pricey (around EUR 250 an hour). It can be a hit or a miss.

On Saturday, I won´t be able to hook up, normally. But during the week, yes.

We may also be joined by Sinverg if in town and Lex.

El Ricardo
09-21-03, 13:48
Dear All,
I forget my manners! Yes, those reports (by Lazlo and B69) are just great! I could visualize myself as being there, and got so excited that I forgot to say THANK YOU! Great effort! I know that without this board I would be stumbling around blindly and would succomb to PR guys (like the ones in front of Pygmalion, or not find the place until my final day there. I appreciate the efforts of all who have taken the time to enter extensive posts that help us all avoid a lot of the traps.

I'm looking foreward to my trip this coming weekend, and hope to meet up with some of you as well. I also think that it'll take more than one trip to this country to experience the diversity of culture and mongering opportunities (I can't figure out how to squeeze Barcelona in during this trip! Prokofiev...you've piqued my interest (did you ever try Emily or Wendy in BA?))

Anxiously anticipating the weekend and hope to see you all there!

09-21-03, 20:24

Thanks for the advice. I have followed the reports on Barcelona from time-to-time and your views are certainly consistent with what I've read. I've got to do more reading I guess.

You make a very good point in that a guy should look at a city for its cultural offerings in addition to the sex scene. Architecture, museums and the general ambience of the place are very important. I found that out when I was in Manchester. The sex scene was world class but the city was sort of dreadful.

So, is it Madrid or Barcelona for me??? Hmm... Actually, I've been contemplating moving to Ireland where I can then take short plane flights to cities all over Europe.

09-21-03, 23:13
Just a note on the Madrid Vs Barcelona debate.

I would say that Madrid is a truely fantstic city (Even without its great sex scene)

Barcelona perhaps has the better Architecture. As for food and Music, I would say Madrid has as much to offer as Barcelona, with both being extremely exciting cities for restaurants and music venues / clubs. For culture, again both are very similar although slightly different, due to their history. And of course Madrid has some of the best museums in Spain.

As to whether the sex scene is better in Madrid or Barcelona, I think this is something that would need further debate, but I'm sure a fantastic experience can be found in both.

To conclude, you could spend weeks on vacation in Madrid and with so many day trips available the problem would be fitting everything in. But Spain itself is (In my opinion), the most exciting place to visit in Europe right now, and it would be a grave mistake not to visit both Madrid and Barcelona (amongst several over cities), and allow yourself enough time to do so.

09-23-03, 11:07

I will be coming to Madrid for two nights from Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd.

My problem is that I wouldn't like to rent a car, but getting to places like Flowers park seem to need a car...

Could someone suggest an area where would be best to look for a hotel? B69 noted that Emperatriz Hotel is close to Pigmallion. What are the prices at Pigmallion?

Also anyone interested to join for two nights joy looking around the places?

My email is jouraelo3@jetable.com


09-23-03, 22:56
Just got back after a weekend in Madrid. It is a good destination for the hobby. Though not cheap by global standards, it is certainly OK by European standards. A friend and I arrived late on Friday but we did check out Pygmalion. We got into the club at about 2.30 in the morning - very late indeed but there were still a few chicas to be had. We gathered that the prize ones were probably picked up early one but we thought there was a still a fair few chicas to be had. Nevertheless, none really got our attention fixated so we left at closing time (3.00). I did try to close a deal with one (can't remember the details) but she confirmed the going rate at 300 euros with just one shot at goal. Well the deal was not consummated and we left. Outside the Emperatriz, we met the second PR guy of the night offering us to take us to good place with good girls and he was certainly not negotiable on the price or duration. We decided to be adventurous and went with him to a place called Geishas. Very impressive large apartment type place with many rooms. There were no other customers and all the girls were paraded for us, together, separately and together again. My friend chose a Columbian and I chose a half Spanish. half Finnish blonde and we disappeared into quite nice jacuzzi fitted bedrooms. A 45 minute session cost 250 euros, which was very enjoyable but everything is covered despite the guy's agreement that BBBJs are OK. The mirrored ceiling was a nice touch. Very nice to lie back and see the back of a bobbing blonde head performing a BJ. Returned to hotel exhausted.

We had agreed to meet B69 on Saturday he came to meet us at the hotel. We first went to Pigamlion but the the bar had hardly started to function at 10.00. We understood that things start a little later on Saturdays. We headed off to Flowers Park. We got a good briefing on how things work in FP from B69 who was a most excellent host to us that evening and we enjoyed meeting him. It really made a great difference. Thanks B69, we enjoyed your company a great deal.

FP is about 20-30 minutes drive from town and is set just off a highway. We got in at about 10.30 and the place was not quiet but was not rocking either at that time but it got more and more lively with time. A Bulgarian called Claudia wrapped herself around me within a few minutes of walking in. She was attractive and would probably have given me a good time but I found the hard sell a little too hard. My friend was soon befriended by an attractive Russian with whom he went after about 30 minutes of conversation. Soon we had a girl called Rani next to us (whom B69 had previously been with). As nearly an hour had elapsed since we arrived, I thought I should get going with some action. I agreed an hour with Rani for 140 euros with BBBJ and DFK. I should trusted my instincts - there was no connection between this girl and myself. When we got into the room, I found that no DFK and BBBJ was on offer and I quickly lost interest and I got her to give me a massage. After 40 minutes, I called matters to a halt and got back downstairs. I had seen another dark haired Romanian called Diana (also previously serviced by B69 as he was to confirm later) and I approached her and very soon I agreed and received DFK and BBBJ from this very attractive girl. Really dark hair, pretty face and a fabulous trim, petite body. So the night was saved by this experience. From about 2.00 am, we started to spot more and more stunning chicas, some of whom appraoched us. However we were all drained by earlier experiences and so did not partake. B69 had also gone for a session with one of his favourites. So we stood admiring and admiring this parade of chicas, at least 10 of whom I would have liked to have had.

My conclusion is that FP is one of the best places I have been to. Some of the chicas can try on the hard sell for a bit too long but as long as you can handle the sales pressure, you will be alright. Just let them know you are not going to go for them and they will move on. The bar is circular and many of the chicas do the rounds, so you can always find one that you like. Despite the fact that a lot of guys rolled into the bar at about 2.00, you still have a fair selection. The rates are about 60 or 70 euros for 30 minutes and double that for an hour. Definitely recommended and I will certainly be going there again.


09-23-03, 23:32
Hey JD,

You are most welcome. Though brief, I definitely had a good time with your friend and yourself. Now you understand the Lazlo syndrome :-) , which consists of hanging in Flowers Park even after consuming, while all these charming girls just parade around you. In fact, Lazlo and I actually "closed" Flowers Park a couple of nights, waiting till 5:30am, talking to the girls, which is when we met Tatiana, the Russian girl who went with your friend.

Regarding Rani and Diana, it goes to show your mileage may vary. Both Buster Highman and myself had a pretty good time with her back in June/July. However, when I went with Diana about 2 weeks ago, I had an Ok time but not great, unlike you. I guess she digged you better or simply was having a bad day when I went with her.

Anyways, hope to see you soon around this neck of the woods for a repeat of the Spanish version of Help Disco !!

09-24-03, 16:36
Jack D and others,

You paid $250 euros = almost $300US for 45 min? And Pygmalion is 300 euros = $350US for one-shot? These are not reasonable prices anywhere on earth, much less Spain. Maybe I'm spoiled having just come from Buenos Aires and spending time in Mexico. But I've been to Madrid and Barcelona many times and can't imagine dropping that much cash. Perhaps you guys have high-end tastes, but everything is negociable - both price and duration. Try to hold the line a little bit to help us all out.

Peace, -P

09-25-03, 00:28
Hey Elricardo,

Send me a warm mail at b69pat so we can establish communication for you soon arrival.


Read my posts and you will see that the usual rate with a good looking girl is EUR 120 an hour in a good place with a good looking girl. One needn´t go to a place where girls are that expensive.

Hope this helps.

El Ricardo
09-25-03, 03:09
Hola B69,
I haven't a warm mail account yet. Went to the site and started to establish an account, but haven't really read through anything about it yet so I'll wait. How about if we pick a place (like the lobby of th Hotel Emperatriz) and go out for dinner. I will be getting in on Saturday late morning. We could either meet for dinner on Saturday or Monday (I'm still trying to go to Valencia on Sunday (returning Monday morning.)

I'm anxious to meet up with you (and anybody else who's going to be in town.) What's a good time for dinner?

09-25-03, 06:53
El Ricardo,

I've been mailing with B69 to join you guys on Tuesday & Wednesday if you are going to check places like Flowers Park then.

I'll propably be staying at same hotel as you since it's almost next to my customer. I'll email my contact details to B69 once I have things confirmed.

You can send me an email at jouraelo3@jetable.com if needed. It's a disposable email, but will work still for 5 days...


09-25-03, 18:52
El Ricardo,

At this point I still do not know whether I can meet on Saturday.
Monday should be fine and Wednesday as well (not Tuesday).
For Saturday, try to send me your data by mail so we can be in touch on that day.

Diner time is 9pm not before in Spain.

See you soon.

09-25-03, 21:48

Yes, it ain't cheap in Pigmalion and Geishas. We knew that when we went but we just wanted a taste of the high end on our first day. These places are expensive but not necessarily the best. If you want really good surroundings, then these are the places to go to.

Having said that, I thought the quality of talent is as good or even better at Flowers Park. The rooms at FP are just about acceptable and there is no take out. At FP, the bar is good, the music is good and the show is good. FP is out of town and Pigamalion is just a few minutes walk from Emperatriz. Pigmalion shuts at 3.00 while FP is rocking at that time. The choice is yours.

In my view, FP is much cheaper and I prefer it on all counts. Getting a taxi there and back is definitely worth the effort over walking to Pigmalion.


El Ricardo
09-28-03, 12:44
arrived Madrid yesterday morning, and took a taxi (19€) to Hotel Emrepatriz. Decided to stay close to the hotel the first day, but my urges were overwhelming, so I bought an El Pais, and glanced through the Relax ads. I found Palas Atena located at Juan Bravo 62 (about a 10 block walk from the hotel.) Brothel type atmosphere, with a madam named Beatriz, who coincidntly looked much like the Beatriz at Escort Baires in Buenos Aires.) Beatriz told me she is from BA, and still has a home in Recoleta. Enough chit-chat.

She asked me what type of girl I was looking for (Spanish, Russian, Brasilian, or?) I told here spanish, but we did the parade thing anyway. I must admit, there were three fairly hot looking ladies¨: Tatania from Russia, Sarah from brazil, and Saida from Argentina.

I wound up with Saida (because a like black hair and the other two were blond.) But, as I´´ve heard so many times before on this Forum: trust your instincts! Saida was a bit unsure of herself, and the service reflected it...it was mediocre at best (but then I was not at my best either , so that plays a role as well. It was 130€ for 1 hour. Included masage, sauna and pool if i wanted, CBJ (BBBJ for more money!) and FS that turned out to be quite nice. On the whole, I´d go back, but probably try Tatania or Sarah. I suspect I won´t go back because there are lots of choices here, and I like the hunt!

09-28-03, 16:55
El Ricardo -

Get out to Flowers Park soon. It is an incredible place and you will find many girls that will suit you.

If you have time, go to Barcelona and visit Club Riviera. Both Flowers Park and Club Riviera are unbelievable.

Just my recommendation!

Have a great time.


El Ricardo
09-29-03, 15:03
An interesting Sunday in Madrid. Found the Prado for a while, watched a great bike race along the Paseo de Castellano, hit another brothel, and ended the evening by watching a great football match between Atletico and Barcelona.

I've been waiting for the arrival of a couple of other mongers, so am saving Flowers and Pigmalion for an outing with them. So, I went to the newspapers one more time, and found an ad entitled Patricia (Calle Princessa 3 Bis, Planta 10, Departamanto 1012). Upon arrival, there was a display of the talent one at a time, and the selection was mediocre for my preferences. There was one who worked out, Victoria...and wouldn't you know: she was from ARGENTINA!!! Why did I come here to meet Argentine women? The hourly price for a FS experience was 125€, 100€ for 45 minutes, and 80€ for 30 minutes. I opted for the 45 minutes and there was no trouble with overstaying my time. Victoria was a little reluctant about BBBJ, but after a little DATY, she wouldn't stop! Tried several positions to complete the FS stage. Enjoyable!

Afterwards, we chatted for a while, and she gave me a few travel leads which I have since checked out a bit, and she was pretty accurate
Stay tuned,